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Ashwin Getting Sex Lessons From Shahana - II

Previously: Ashwin Getting Sex Lessons From Shahana - I

She hugged me and started kissing passionately. I didn’t know what to do. I slowly opened my mouth and respond to her kiss. It came natural to me. Her tongue started exploring mine. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warm feeling. I could feel her breath becoming faster. Then I moved my tongue to her mouth and started exploring it. I was becoming breathless.

We suddenly broke the kiss. I was panting like a dog. My heart was beating like hell. I looked at her. She had a stunning smile on her face. We looked into each other’s eyes and in no time our lips met again. This time, I got a certain rhythm and did it more peacefully. She then took my hand and placed on her neck. I slowly started caressing and started moving hand down.

I placed my hand on her boobs. Wow! I have fantasized this a thousand times. But this was better than every single one of my imaginations. I slowly rubbed and caressed her boobs with the rhythm of our kiss. She started moaning in low volume. “Mmmm… Mm… Mmmmm”. I then kissed her cheek, then below her jaw, neck. I started pressing her boobs more hard.

She gave me a small slap on my hand and said “Da, don’t be too hard. You are trying to please a person. Not killing them”. She then placed my hand on her stomach. I started kissing the starting point of her boobs below the neck. I tried to pull down the t shirt and explore her boobs a bit more. She again stopped me and put my hands inside her t shirt on her belly.

So I kept kissing her neck, rubbed her belly button and started to lift the T shirt. She helped me by lifting her hand I removed it over her head. She then pulled my head and placed on her boobs. Her bra was sky blue in color. I was smooth and silky. I’d never seen anything like that. Most of the lingerie I’d seen so far was normal black or white ones.

I started kissing her boobs above her bra. I began to kiss her nipples through the bra. She then asked me to slide my hand inside the other one. I took my hand and slid inside her bra. I felt the erect nipple and started rubbing it while kissing the other one. She unhooked the bra and it came off. There it was. Beautiful wheatish colored breasts with erect pink-purplish color nipples.

I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Has to be the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen in my life. She immediately hugged me. I then started playing with her boobs. I kissed all over them. She asked me to circle her nipple with my tongue. I started doing that. Then I started sucking her nipple and boobs. She kept her hands on my head and started playing with my hair.

I looked at her face. Her eyes was closed. She had a very erotic expression on her face. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and hugged me. Our bare bodies touched for the first time. The feel of her nipple touching my chest was amazing. Then she kissed my chest and started rubbing my stomach. Her hands started moving downwards. She touched my guy.

A current passed through me. I was shivering with pleasure. She removed my pants and underwear. Then held my boy in her hand. Slowly moved the foreskin to back. The head was filled with pre cum. She slowly touched the pink head and started rubbing it. I closed my eyes with pleasure. Then she started stroking it.

Ohhhh… My breath became heavier and started moaning a bit. She stroked my penis with one hand and started playing with my balls with the other. It was heaven indeed. Then she did something very unexpected. She kissed the pink head, opened her mouth and took it in her mouth. I never thought Indian women did that. I thought it was just a foreign thing.

I said that to her and she laughed. She said “You are one innocent kid. There is plenty for you to learn” and again took it in her mouth. Her lips moved on it in different ways. I was almost crying with pleasure. She started moving up and down. She licked it like a lollipop, sucked it, her hands stroked it occasionally. I closed my eyes in pleasure. Finally pressure started building inside me.

I said I gonna cum now. She suddenly took it out of her mouth and started stroking it faster. I couldn’t hold it much longer. It exploded. I never came this much in my life ever. Then I asked her… “Do you like to drink this?” “No. I am not like these pornstars. I really hate the taste. Go to the bathroom, clean and come back. You have plenty of other things to do” and smiled.

I cleaned myself and came back. She was waiting for me topless in the bed. She asked me to sit on the floor. I sat and she stood near me. I kissed her belly button. She then took my hand and placed it on her ass cheeks. I slowly started to caress it and continued kissing her belly. I slowly untied the knot of her track pants. I slid it down and she helped to take it off by lifting her legs.

What remained in her beautiful body was a matching sky blue panties. She held my head and guided it to her thighs. I started kissing them. I also started to move my hands upwards to her panty. She took my hand and placed near the elastic. I stood up, immediately kissed her juicy lips. My hands slowly touched her tender, dripping love flower through her panty.

My first time feeling the most amazing thing on the planet..! It felt magical. I slowly started to rub the lips. She adjusted my hands and guided me with the movements. With her training, I started to do it better. She broke the lip kiss and started to kiss my eyes, neck and cheeks… With her hand, she also slid down her panty. She then placed my hand on her fully exposed, clean shaved love flower..!

I started rubbing it and the free flow of love juice made me crazier by minute. She then asked me to stand on my knees and take a look. I obeyed her. She guided my hands and showed every part of it. The different holes and the amazing center of pleasure - clitoris… She even gave me a small lecture about the huge number of neural receptors in that part which causes all these pleasure…

Then she guided my finger to her love hole and instructed me to finger her. I started to insert my finger and pulling it out. I then increased the speed, I could feel her breath becoming faster, I found a certain rhythm and sensitive spots based on her reactions. She instructed me to insert one more finger. I used my point and middle fingers to please her. She stopped my after a while.

We kissed again. She then laid on the bed and spread her legs. “Kiss me there now” she said. I was very reluctant at first. I had a belief that it is a dirty thing to do. But I had to return the favor. I slowly kissed her belly button and came down with each small peck. Finally I kissed on her lower lips. The smell and the taste of her love juice felt strange at first.

I even felt a bit yucky to be honest. But she was responding well to those. Then she said. “It is very important to master the art of going down on a girl. Everyone loves to get oral from their partner. You can satisfy a girl to the fullest if you can master using your tongue well”. I opened my mouth and slowly touched her pussy with my tongue… She made a “shhhh…” sound.

I then somehow overcame the yucky feeling and slowly licked her flower from down to the top. I could sense from the moan that she liked it. I started to explore the nooks and corners of her pussy using my tongue. I could find some special sensitive spots. I gave special care to those spots and licked her. I sucked the pussy using my tongue and lips.

I smooched her pussy like a giving a juicy french kiss, using the full glory of my lips and tongue. With the flow of her love juices, my amazement started to increase. I started enjoying doing this. She kept her hands on my hair. She brushed my hair and guided me sometimes by moving my head.

We stopped after a while. She got up and announced. “It’s time to lose your cherry, Ashwin”. I couldn’t hide the excitement. My little boy was throbbing in lust. She took a pillow and kept it under her hips. She signaled me to climb on her top with her hands. I climbed on top. She adjusted herself and me.

She took my penis in her hand, moved the foreskin upward, and kept in near her pussy. Suddenly a thought flashed in mind. I asked, “Do you have condoms? You will get pregnant if we do this without it right?”. She laughed and said, “Kiddo, now you need a lesson on safe periods. Just understand that there are some days in which we don’t need condoms to stop pregnancy.

And since you are also a virgin, I don't have fear of STDs. Doing it with condom is no fun. Let your first time be amazing.” She held my cock again and guided to her pussy. I closed my eyes and dissolved in the feeling of my penis touching the warm depths of a women hood for the first time. I slowly started to move my hips. The feeling was amazing.

She also moved her hips to help me. We found a sweet point and fucked in a moderate pace. Both of us were moaning with pleasure. She whispered “faster” in my ear. I increased the pace. I couldn’t hold any longer. Pressure was building up in me and I whispered “I’m gonna cum”. She said “it's ok. Do it inside me”... I sped up, and climaxed inside her.

I hugged her for a while and we kissed. She said “Since this is your first time, I knew you were not gonna last very long. It's OK. Everyone’s first time is like this. Now get up and help me reach my climax.” I got up and started fingering her. She started moaning. I inserted 3 fingers and increased the pace. Her moaning became louder, breathing became faster.

She suddenly stopped me. She asked me to lie down and climbed on me. Started rubbing her pussy on my penis. It became erect in no time. She then slid it inside her puss. She started jumping and her boobs was moving up and down in front of my eyes. I still can see that beautiful frame in my mind. Pressure started building up again. She increased the pace yet again.

My penis was hitting deeper territories with each movement.. She suddenly clenched her hands on my back and moaned. Her love juices flowed like crazy. She kissed me and whispered “I came...” and smiled. That smile of satisfaction!. I felt really good that I could make her happy. She then held my penis, stroked it to the climax. We hugged each other are lied down there for a while.

She got up after a while a lit a cigarette. Also offered me one. I said I never smoked in life. She smiled, came near me and gave me a kiss on my lips. She was smoking a Marlboro cigarette. I could feel the strange taste and smell. Even after all these years, those cigarettes always makes me think of her. She finished the cigarette and we lied down again for some time.

She then asked me to go and take a shower. I took a shower and came back. We got dressed. I copied all the porn and installed some software in her PC. While doing that, she was sitting on my lap. I was kissing the neck and smelling her hair. We held hands. It was getting late. I had to reach my home. She made me promise not to tell this to anyone. And I kept it.

I still don’t know why she trusted me. She gave me her phone number and asked me never to call since it might became a big issue if someone saw. She was a progressive person in a very conservative family. She said she would text or call when she can. I left her home. I waited for her call days after days.

She called me after two weeks. She was in her hostel. We talked for a while about our life and she gave me tips about my exam. We also talked about our sex… She teased me for not knowing what safe period was :)... I was slowly falling in love with her… She hung up after a while. Even though I started studying, thoughts about her would distract me sometimes.

I felt a warm feeling inside my heart whenever I thought about her. I somehow wrote my exam and scored an above average mark. I kept waiting for her call. She called after a month. With a beating heart, I proposed her. She was silent for a while. Then she started talking. She said I was a teenager and this is just an infatuation.

She didn’t have any feelings for me in that way etc. I was heartbroken… But she convinced me that it was a bad idea to love her… I cried a lot that day. But I somehow got over her. I never attempted to call her back. But she called me after a week or so. We started talking again as friends. I really loved her as a friend and respected her. She was like a mentor to me.

She taught me not to judge people based on their dress or color or sexuality. She taught me the challenges women face in today's world and what can I do to make it better for the women around me. She taught me that there is no such thing as a slut and every human love to have sex. Never judge a person based on their like to have sex. Taught me how to be a gentleman.

I shared everything with her. She called every two weeks or so. We occasionally also shared some sex fantasies and adventures… I always respected her “not-call-me” rule seriously. Thanks to her, I never behaved creepy to any other girl again. We never got a chance to meet after that from our hometown.

After two years, I visited her college and got a chance to have an amazing night with her.. Then she graduated and started working in a private hospital in Bangalore. Our lives got busy. We kept in touch. She gifted me my first set of formal cloths for the placement season (selected from an e commerce site, and delivered to my hosted address).

She called once in every month or so. Then she found her true love. The frequencies of calls got low. After a while, I also found my true love. We started having sex. I explored the various possibilities of sex with my partner. Then one day Shahana called me and said her marriage is fixed with her guy. We talked for a while. I wished her all the success.

But I couldn’t attend her marriage due to a university exam. I never tried to contact her again because never wanted to interfere in her family life. I wanted her to lead a happy life. I can tell one thing for sure. I can never forget her.

She was one of the most influential person in my life. Every now and then, the smell of Marlboro cigarettes kept reminding me of her. Thank you Shahana. You are the best person I ever know… Wish you all the happiness in the world. Be happy wherever you are.

The End.

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Posted by raj
on: January 7, 2017 3:28 PM | Reply

Wow! What an experience bro. You have written it very well. It was reminding me of my own experience with my girlfriend. It has also happened in kerala. Hats off.

Posted by Male
on: January 7, 2017 6:55 PM | Reply

Clippings for the beautiful expressions and delicate sensual story. After a very long time your narration made me smile and horny. Thank you for the story

Posted by debkumar
on: January 7, 2017 11:09 PM | Reply

one of the best I've read. Keep posting if possible.

Posted by SJ
on: January 8, 2017 2:03 AM | Reply

Very well written buddy ! Passing a very good message, which I rarely see in this site. It is nothing but giving a due respect to women :) !

Posted by Indian chief
on: January 8, 2017 2:50 AM | Reply

The last part was beautiful

Posted by Yogesh
on: January 8, 2017 7:21 AM | Reply

Nice story frd if it is true then your r Lucky fellow.....

Posted by Ik
on: January 8, 2017 9:49 AM | Reply

Loved every part of the story...

Posted by Male
on: January 8, 2017 5:23 PM | Reply

What a lovely naration. After a long time a story that did justice. great reading

Good one close to reality.i like your narration part after the sex scene

Posted by Dhitang
on: January 9, 2017 5:13 PM | Reply

Lovely story bro real romantic fuck fest.

Posted by Adonis916
on: January 9, 2017 6:48 PM | Reply

Wow superb awesome story.. leaking on my pants while reading

Posted by Anky
on: January 11, 2017 4:26 AM | Reply

It's one of the most beautiful story ion HD I have ever read

Posted by Ray
on: January 17, 2017 11:03 PM | Reply

This is the best work i've ever read in Indian erotica

Posted by S
on: January 22, 2017 7:41 PM | Reply

Instead of getting aroused i cried.one of the best stories I've ever read on this site till now.

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