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Horny Guy Fucking Sexy Saali Mansi - I

I believe there is no male on this planet who is not sexually attracted; before marriage to his Bhabhi and after marriage to his Sali but I am one of those lucky bustards who has fucked his Bhabhi as well as Sali.

Though I am an only child of my parents and female whom I use to address Bhabhi was actually my cousin brother’s wife who was living alone here and Bhaiya was gone abroad from more than a year. That time I was 21-22, doing 2nd year of my graduation and I was somewhat seduced by my 28 years old Bhabhi.

Anyway it was happened long time back and I will try writing that too but right now sex experience I am penning down is about fucking my Sali. Mansi is my wife’s elder sister, nearly six years elder to my wife and around three years to me. Truly speaking friends for me Fucking Mansi was actually a dream come true.

After having beautiful sex relation with my Bhabhi for around two years I was turned into a horny male and after around five years from my last sex with my Bhabhi when I got fixed for marriage and I saw and met Mansi for the first time I got madly attracted to her.

Mansi is a mysterious female with reserved nature and has some sort of magnetism in her over all gesture that since I was married to Chetna (my wife), I wanted to get close to her but she always tried maintaining distance with me and it was sheer luck that ultimately I succeeded in making all that happen.

While talking about Mansi's personal life I would say initially, when I got married to my wife apparently everything was ok but barely after an year of my marriage one day suddenly Mansi left her husband's house and started living with her mom (Dad already expired). That time her marriage was nearly seven years old but no child.

Initially my wife tried avoided talking to me about her personal life but later disclosed the fact that almost from the beginning of her marriage Mansi was going through domestic violence. Her husband was not only cruel drunkard but also very greedy and use to ask her to get money from her mom on regular intervals.

Many times they fought with each other and compromised too and since then Mansi was trying adjusting with that man because she did not wanted to put her mom in mental stress but after an extent when she could not take it anymore leaving that man for once and for all she came back home.

Now if I will talk about Mansi’s facial and physical appearance I won’t say she is fair and extremely beautiful, rather she is little dusky and average looking female but in my perspective she has a very seductive body. She is short and not at all slender but she is not fat either, Yes she has a belly with lot of flesh over her arms and thighs,

her ass is ample and protruding out of her body erotically which make me stare at her bottom again and again. Her milks are extra ordinarily big in proportion of her body which including mine takes instant attention of every male coming across her. I must mention that for me most appealing factor in Mansi is her reserved nature, she speaks very less and has a mysterious gesture;

from her expressions you cannot judge what is she thinking and that is why I was always keen to get friendlier with her. Anyway whatever happened with Mansi was awful but it started subsiding as she started working and living freely and I too came in better touch with her as compared to past.

I can say it is my filthy mind that to arouse myself I often assume things regarding females coming across me in aspect of sex; fucking them in imaginary situations and the day Mansi got separated from her husband and got bit more connected with me I started fantasizing that I am fucking her in different circumstances;

like me and she are alone at home and she is asking me to fuck her and putting her on her four I am fucking her hard from behind. Well initially it was just a dream and I never gave thought about trying making it real but since she was separated from her husband I always tried my best to remain connected to her,

many times I abruptly planned movies for three of us and always tried to make her laugh with my witty jokes whenever we met live. Slowly Mansi started talking to me bit freely and I believe she started considering me her friend. I was happy with the gradual change in her attitude for me and this enhancement of freeness from her side worsened my restlessness to fuck her

and instead of my day dreams I started thinking about fucking her in real life. Many times I thought about giving her some indirect hint but ultimately I failed to dare. As she was a mysterious female and I could not guess what would be her reaction and it could break my marriage.

Gradually little more than year passed in dreams and desires and my attraction for Mansi did not seemed ending, whenever I met her either I ended my day by masturbating on her name or I fucked my wife fantasizing Mansi. Eventually god listened to my prayers and a day came when my restless ended and we fucked and we fucked till we did not collapse because of weakness.

It was end of winters and summers were yet not up, weather was pleasant and we all; me, my wife, my mother in law and Mansi were suppose to attend one marriage in nearby town. Mansi and my MIL were here at my place a night before, so that we can leave early in the morning by road and late night unexpectedly my mother in law denied going.

As she was BP and Diabetes patient suddenly she started suffering from anxiety and we took her to nearby doctor. Matter was not serious and apart from adding one more tablet to her regular medicine Doctor prescribed her to sleep sound and restricted to travel.

For an instant we thought about cancelling the travel but my MIL disagreed and insisted me and my wife to go and visit the marriage. My wife was nevertheless stubborn and she was not ready to leave her mom in this state even for a minute and next my mother in law asked me how if I and Mansi would go and feeling eternal pleasure I said yes to it if it is accepted everyone.

Eventually our program got fixed and next morning everything ran according to plan and I and Mansi left the house somewhere around 6 in the morning with a hope of reaching back home somewhat passed to mid night.

Now here I would like to write down some portions of my conversation with Mansi which might bore some readers but whatever happened between me and Mansi it happened over our talk on the way and anyhow without giving this detail I cannot go ahead. So finally we started from home and I drove consistently and for little less than an hour we didn’t had much talk,

by now leaving main city behind I was reached to the highway and car was running smooth and to begin I requested her to talk to me or I will sleep “Please kuch baat karo…nahi to main sow jaaunga” and our chitchat started. My job, her job, Hindi Movies, classical music, Ghazal, Hindi Poetry, in next one hour or may be more there was nothing which was left to discuss and I took a break from driving.

Since we were started somewhere deep inside I wanted to use this rare opportunity of being alone with her for so long, at least I wanted to express my eternal feelings to her; that I like her but I was scared, no other reason that it might disturb my marriage “kahin Saali ke chakkar mein gharwali bhi haath se na chali jaaye”.

Anyway we had tea and breakfast and throughout that span Mansi was more or less silent and in the end while starting again after breakfast I thought about exploring her emotions casually and opened by saying "Please don't mind …but even after a year you always look sad…please let the past go!" and Mansi looked at me with surprise,

may be because he was not expecting me speaking that and with a sarcastic smile she came out saying "ab jo hai wo hai...I can't do anything..." and I started making platform to express my feelings and came out saying that I wish I could do something to make her happy forever "I wish main kuch aisa kar pata jis se aap hamesha khush rahte..."

"Nobody can do that...moreover ab to mujhe depress rahna achha lagta hai" she said she likes feeling depress. That was very negative attitude and I took a way on road with car as well as on trying winning Mansi with words and came out saying "you know khush rahna easy bhI hai aur better bhi hai..." means Being happy is easy as well good.

Saying that as such I was not expecting anything special from Mansi but she had something to say which delighted me and gave me direction to fetch her emotions “Certainly agar mujhe bhi aapke jaisa husband milta to main bhi Khush rahti…per kya karun….meri Kismat hi kharab hai”

she looked at me while saying that with a tiny sarcastic smile and after a pause spoke that she is happy for her sister and I came out with bit of humor “Aap mujhe chane ke jhaad per chada rahe ho…” I used an idiom in Hindi ; praising someone and making him or her feel pompous and with a tiny smile Mansi came up saying that she is serious

“no! I am serious…I believe Chetna is one of the luckiest females of this world” and to continue my casual humor I spoke out weird “Aap bolo to main Chetna ko divorce dekar aapse shaadi kar leta hun” and like I knew my words shook her head and she looked at me with strange expression “Just joking…main bus aapko hasaane ki koshish kar raha tha”

thankfully she digested that kinky joke casually, she smiled but suddenly got emotional “…Aap to hamesha mujhe hasane ki koshish karte rahte ho…” she was already moved a bit with my concerned talk and after saying that I always try to make her laugh her eyes got mildly dewed.

She was getting emotional and it was good for me, even I was also bit poignant but more than that I was feeling aroused and for an instant I thought about saying straight forward that sex is a only way out of her loneliness but I failed to gather courage and ultimately came out with a long and touching statement about my feelings for her

“You know…the day I saw you first time I was attracted to you…I don’t know what! but you have something…which keeps me emotionally involved with you and I always want to see you happy…” with that virtually I was almost done with whatever I ultimately wanted to say and in the end just to be on safe side requested her not to take my words in wrong sense

“Please don’t take it otherwise” and she smiled, knobbed her head in no and ultimately while blushing came out with a low voiced thank you. Apparently I was fine deep inside I was jumping in delight, that she has absorbed this fact that I am attracted to her and I continued and came out with another uncanny statement

“Certainly agar uss time mere pass option hota to... saying NO to Chetna I would have proposed YOU for the marriage”. For an instant my words surprised her but ultimately she digested that too and repeated my idiom “Ab aap mujhe chane ke jhaad per chada rahe ho…” and this time I said that I am serious “No I am serious….” and with that we both looked into each other’s eyes.

I smiled but Mansi got uneasy over her expressions and turned her face and started looking out of the window. “I am Sorry…” to be safe I apologized and turning her she looked back to say something; may be just “it’s OK” but she failed to resist herself from getting dewed over her eyes and once again turned her face away to hide her tears.

Hardly 15 Km, by now we were reached close to the destination and sensing her delicate state I did not spoke anything afterwards, I just drove and drove and entered in the city after bit of search ultimately reached to the destination.

As such I don’t have much to write over what happened next until after attending the function we started again to go back home in the night still I would say because I hardly knew anybody among relatives most of the time I was sitting alone and Mansi was coming to me on regular intervals to ask me; if I need this or I need that and because of her changed attire;

decent Lehenga Choli, sexually I was getting more and more aroused. Lost in my imaginary world throughout the time I looked at Mansi moving around and as she had a lovely ass; thick and erotically spread, doggy style was the only posture I wanted to imagine with her.

Anyway finally somewhere around 10 in the night we once again started from there and to begin right after reaching to the highway I gave her compliment that she is looking beautiful in this attire. Mansi thanked me but over her expressions I saw that she is trying to avoid looking at me.

Mentally prepared by now I had many things to say to reveal my feelings but I could not decide how to begin to make it safe. Above that I was realizing that after my statement that if I will be having option instead of her sister I would have married her, Mansi was gone silent and in this confusion whether I should say something or not, with music I covered half the distance.

Apparently we both were fine but deep inside we were going through shuffle; at least me and finally I broke the silence and asked her if we can take a break for a cup of tea and Mansi said yes to it with a formal smile. I stopped the car outside small Dhaba and instead of getting down and sitting in the shade I ordered tea in the car.

It was yet not midnight and in next 15-20 minutes we were up with having tea and just before starting again cursing myself I sarcastically came up saying that instead of cheering her up I have ended up in increasing her depression “Main aapko khush karna chahta tha per maine aapko aur bhi jyada depress kar diya” and knobbing her head Mansi disagreed

“Nahin…aesi koi baat nahin hai…aapne kuch nahin kiya…I told you… I really like being depressed" “But want to see you Happy…” I spoke and tried looking into her eyes continuously. For an instant Mansi blushed while moving her vision down but don't know how next instant she reverted back with a stare into my eyes,

maybe she was trying reading my mindset and I believe it was hardly five seconds of just looking into each other’s eyes and her eyes once again got dewed. Unconsciously by now I was also reached to the edge where I could not suppress my lust and I really don’t know how it came in my mind and I came up saying that she can do my complaint to Chetna

“Aap chaho to Chetna se meri shikayat kar dena…” and before Mansi would have understood what does that mean or why I said that I moved ahead and kissed over her lips lightly. That was shocking; not just for Mansi but for me too. I don't know how I did that, it was just a moment, I dared and I did it without thinking about its consequence.

After touching her lips with mine next I did not looked at Mansi again and giving a start to the car came to the highway and looking straight continued driving. Many times Mansi looked sideways to see me but eyes on road I retained my face straight. I was feeling delighted over what I did but somewhere I was scared too. What will happen if she will tell all this to my wife?

And what will happen if she will not? And lost in assumptions I just drove and drove and finally entered in the city and also reached home without speaking even a word. I stopped the car in front of the gate of my house and looked around and there was nobody, not even watchman and looking at Mansi I requested her to tell me first if she is going to complain Chetna

"Agar aap Chetna ko meri shikayat karne wale ho to please mujhe pahle batta do". Looking down Mansi did not replied for few seconds and in the end without saying a word moved her head no. I already knew that; in last few hours of silent driving, sensing Mansi's emotional mind state I had strong intuition that Mansi will not say anything to my wife in this concern and now

I was thinking what to next and lifting her chin tenderly I made her look up; into my eyes and asked her why she is not complaining "aap kyun..nahi kar rahe meri shikayat..." and once again she moved her vision away and replied back with "I don't know".

Lust or emotions; whatever it was, unintentionally with Mansi I was also flowing in that and once again lifting her chin and making Mansi look up into my eyes spoke out "aapko nahin patta... per mujhe patta hai" means you don't know but I know and after a pause told her exact reason why she is not complaining my wife for what I did "because you love me".

Hearing that this time Mansi did not moved her sight away, for few seconds she looked into my eyes and in a low timid voice came out saying "this is wrong...I can't do that" "but I don't care..." I replied back and next giving her no time to think, not even a moment I moved over her again and holding her face in my hands kissed her again.

This time I did not touched her lips with mine, rather I sucked them nicely and Mansi went through significant shiver down to her spine. She did not responded back to my kiss, also she pushed me to stop me but I did not stopped, I just continued eating her lips softly and finally Mansi lost control over her and kissed me back timidly.

She was soft and very delicious and her tiny timorous response drove me high and I kissed her fanatically. For few seconds Mansi responded to my passionate kiss nicely but soon she realized her mistake and pushed me hard and broke the kiss.

"This is wrong..." looking into my eyes her voice was firm but it barely effected me and next instant I kissed her entire face and once again before she would have reacted over that locked her lips with mine and kissed her deep.

Certainly initially Mansi tried stopping me but apart from pushing me she was also kissing me back and I just went on going and in a minute or may be less she stopped protesting and wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed and we kissed like we never kissed our wedded partners, deep and long,

leaving our saliva in each other’s mouth we sucked each other’s tongue like crazy lovers and in the end stopped when my phone rang. It was none other than my wife, fortunately she did not came to balcony unless she would have seen us kissing clearly. Anyway I told her that we have just reached and in a minute we will be in the house.

To Be Continued...

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Posted by Shiv
on: January 8, 2017 9:17 PM | Reply

Awesome story brother.can u post 2nd part now.

Posted by Manish V
on: January 9, 2017 7:25 AM | Reply

Wow...madly waiting to know what happened next

Posted by Jeet
on: January 9, 2017 5:01 PM | Reply

This is a very ld story I have read it here on Human digest.This is just a copy paste

Posted by Kevin
on: January 10, 2017 7:12 AM | Reply

Awesome !! Wonderful experience you have shared, after a long long time I have really enjoyed reading this one,

Now, this is what I call one true (s)experience, waiting for the next part eagerly !!

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