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Horny Guy Fucking Sexy Saali Mansi - II

Previously: Horny Guy Fucking Sexy Saali Mansi - I

Eventually we entered in the house and right after that Mansi just disappeared from my sight. As such I don’t have anything special to write what all happened in the night except this that throughout the night I was restless and awake till 5 in the morning.

I was with my wife and Mansi in the other bedroom with her mom and I continued coming out to the living room on regular intervals with a hope of finding her in solitude but Mansi did not came out and I just ended up with masturbation on her name.

Finally night ended and next day started and it was a week day. As per original plan last night while coming back I was suppose to drop my MIL and Mansi at their place but because of her mom's illness things were changed a bit and now Mansi was suppose to go to work directly from here and in the evening me and my wife had a plan to drop Mom home.

By the time I got ready to move out to go to my work, wearing simple Kurta with tight leggings more or less Mansi was also ready to go and I told her that I will drop her on metro station. Just a stare of two seconds with zero expressions and Mansi accepted with a tiny low voiced Ok.

Eventually we started from home and once again I had many things to say but just in few seconds of sitting in car Mansi was madly nervous. Looking at facial expressions for an instant I too got conscious and instinctively ended up asking her metro route from here till her work place and Mansi revealed the fact that first she has to go home to pick her laptop and after that she will to the office.

That was good; something instantly came in my mind and I told her that I will drop her home. Mansi tried avoiding that formally but because for me it was diversion of hardly 3 km from my way I easily won the argument. Mansi went silent and moved her face away and from me and while driving I started preparing myself for what I ultimately wanted to do with Mansi.

Just we two at her home, I just have to get myself invited for a coffee and I can fuck her. It was a golden opportunity and all the way I was preparing myself behaving shameless to ask her for the coffee. What if making some excuse she will say No? I cannot force her! I think I should wait for the right moment!

Eventually we reached to the destination and because throughout the way Mansi was nervous and reluctant even at looking at me, I changed my mind hardly one minute before reaching and decided to quit for the time being. Finally applying breaks at the edge of her street with a casual smile wished her bye and Mansi looked at me,

smiled very lightly and I think she was about say bye but gathering courage at the last moment she invited me upstairs. Fire was lit inside her body as well; I sensed that in her eyes when she asked me to come to the house and as I confirmed with "Sure?" and Mansi did not replied to my question and instantly moved her sight away from my face.

Next she was about to say something but before that I straight forward opened my intentions "I want to kiss you". Hearing that for an instant Mansi went nervous, her heart started pounding; I could clearly see that over her expressions and I was expecting that she will say no to it but she said "Ok" in barely audible voice. "Ok...I am coming" I replied and she went down.

Next I moved bit ahead to park the car at appropriate place and Mansi walked into the street. "Finally I did it!" as now nothing could stop me from fucking her I exclaimed I delight within me and as I saw her waiting for me at the entrance of stairs my cock reached to the height of being hard.

Mansi offered me to move ahead over the stairs but I insisted her to go first and looking at her lovely ass rising in front of my eyes for two floors by the time I entered in the house I was gone so crazy that I did not waited for her even to close the door.

Unlocking the door Mansi entered first and barely two steps and wrapping one arm around her waist from behind I turned her face and planted my lips over wet and soft lips. "ammm...pleassse... darwaza band karne do" Mansi pushed me hard and told me to let her close the door and as she closed the door I once again grabbed her from behind

and hard and rough this time my both the hands were over her luscious melons. They were huge and very soft and I squeezed them with all my passion and Mansi whimpered in delight. "Ohhh...mmm..Jija Ji kya kar rahen hain...please leave me" I have always insisted her to address me with my name but Mansi never did that and that instant hearing Jija Ji drove me

further crazy and kissing and licking nape of her neck I gasped in delight and unknowingly from her breasts my hands moved down to her belly and eventually landed over her pussy over the cloth.

"Ohhhh....Jija Ji...please... leave me..." she was burning over her crotch and with a touch of my hand over her pussy Mansi tried sitting down but holding her hard in my embrace I exclaimed in passion "Nooo....I want to fuck you". My cock hard against her ass and my hand over her pussy and next I rubbed my fingers over her cunt over the cloth and Mansi started fluttering erotically.

She was heavily aroused; since last night and in a moment of rubbing her fuckhole I felt her thighs shivering, as if she might cum and I release her. Mansi turned around, puffing and gasping with bit of sweat over her face and she looked at me with weird expressions "I am sorry...!"

I apologized instantly for my rough behavior and barely one second of looking at my face and moving ahead she hugged me hard. I realized my mistake and wrapping my arms around her back once again said sorry to her and finally kissed her deep and long.

"I want to fuck you" looking into her eyes I spoke out in low voice after breaking the kiss and moving her head in yes Mansi hummed to say yes. Next holding her wrist I took her to the bedroom and soon we both were on the bed. Crushing her under my massive weight l laid over Mansi and I kissed her like her true lover.

Wow finally she was laying under me, it was a dream come true in real sense and slowly I moved down to her neck and licked her smooth skin and Mansi started moaning in pleasure. Once again I squeezed her heavy melons bit roughly and this time Mansi enjoyed my hands over her soft mounds.

Slowly I moved further down to her waist and caressed her fleshy thighs and holding bed sheet in her fist Mansi groaned sexily. She was wearing tight leggings and next instant reaching to its elastic, slowly I took it out from her legs and laying straight with closed eyes Mansi started breathing heavy.

Pink in color with tiny flowers printed, her Panty was wet over her fuckhole and going close to her pussy with my hands but without touching her there I caressed her thick thighs sensually and kissed her knee and Mansi gasped loud while folding her legs inwards.

Next I got up and took off all my clothes while looking at her with a smile and seeing my hard cock Mansi went more nervous. Looking at her expressions for an instant I thought she is feeling that she has made a mistake by getting so liberal with me but it was too late now as after getting naked, in a moment I reached to her and started taking off her clothes.

Kurta, Bra and in the end Panty too and finally Mansi was also stark naked. Sagging freely her breast was amazingly huge and looking away she was trying hiding her hairy love hole from me. Next moving into her arms I caressed her soft mounds nicely and started sucking her long erect nipples and Mansi's breasts seemed getting heavier in excitement.

Initially she looked little uneasy but soon with low voiced moans Mansi was enjoying feeding me and pushing her on her back gradually I was once again laying over her top. I sucked her nipples like a hungry child and moaning and panting in pleasure she wrapped her arms around and started caressing my hairs.

After ample sucking of her both the melons I once again kissed her and this time Mansi responded to my kiss very well. Till then while I was kissing her she was just sucking my lips lightly but this time as I invaded her mouth with my tongue she did same and releasing our saliva we explored each other's mouth deeply.

"I really love you" I spoke while looking into her eyes closely and feeling shy Mansi closed her eyes. Mentally she was ready to get fucked, I was also hard like never before and lifting my lower body bit up I widened her thighs with my knees and Mansi opened her eyes.

Looking into her eyes with a smile I caressed her cheek tenderly and adjusted my crotch over her groin and she once again clenched her eyes. Next holding my hard cock I rubbed her pussy to locate her exact opening and Mansi went restless.

"Mansi I love you...I love you...I Love..." my cock tip was moving over her love opening and with a rising passion in my voice I plunged her hard with rapid thrust. “Ahhh…." I moaned in delight with a silent hummm...Mansi just swallowed her saliva while feeling real pleasure of being a woman.

Wow ! anyhow I can’t write that pleasurable moment in any language, Mansi was too hot and wet at her fuckhole and burring my entire length in her damp fuckhole I stayed unmoved for a few seconds, just to feel the heat of her womb and suddenly with a silent puff her belly shuddered erotically.

"Mansi look at me...." her eyes were still closed and I told her to look at me and she did that "You are mine...tum meri ho..." and saying that I started fucking her with deep screwing thrusts and with an erotic gasp Mansi grabbed me harder. I lunged deep, stroking quickly in and out of her pleasure hole,

making her whole body jerk and snap with my thrusts and her melons started jiggling with my fucking strokes. Wow; eyes shut, mouth open Mansi was looking beautiful while enjoying getting fucked and I further leaned over her and holding one of her fleshy milks tried to suck her hard nipples and with a soft moan Mansi started digging her fingers into my shoulders.

I sucked her melons, kissed her, licked her face and entire neck while fucking her and Mansi went on getting crazier with every passing moment. I was nevertheless excited, why not? She was dream fuck and looking her facial expressions with every thrust in her fuck hole,

I felt a new sensation running through my body and just in few minutes that sensation made me lose my control over myself and I began pumping her rapidly and Mansi went further bizarre with that change in pace. Her low delightful moans turned into desperate gasps and within few more seconds I went further out of my control and increased the pace further high,

going faster and faster I started fucking her with deep screwing thrusts and for an instant stood still, possibly with a thought of trying delaying my climax but Mansi went mad with that pause; by now she was reached to the point of no returned and she held me hard in her arms and thighs while gasping and murmured “ahhh….karo karo karo…tez karo” and I started again.

Banging myself against her with all my passion I ram fucked Mansi for few more seconds and Mansi went through violent orgasm. Clenching her hot fuckhole against my crotch she somewhat crushed me in her arms and thighs and next instant with an intense gasp her entire body trembled erotically.

By now my own climax was gone irrepressible and I screamed and exploded with a shudder and squeezing my ass spewed out my white sticky cum deep inside her pleasure hole. Tired and completely exhausted tied in each other's arms we were sweating heavily and for next two three minutes we just remained like that.

Eventually I slipped out of her pussy and moved aside and looked at her and her eyes were still closed. Next I got up over my elbow and touched her face tenderly and she looked at me with strange expressions. “I love you…” I spoke and she replied back with same but in very low and timid voice.

I knew she was guilty and I told her to relax as we have not done anything wrong “Relax….humne kuch galat nahi kiya hai…” “I have cheated my real sister…aur aap kah rah ho ki humne kuch galat nahi kiya?” she replied back bit sarcastic and unconsciously I was prepared for that

“Yess… we have not done anything wrong ….we both love each other and sex is a only way we can express that love…” I replied and before Mansi would have countered to my words I came up saying that I love her sister too “main Chetna se bhi pyar karta hun….” and right after that to end the discussion I asked her if she will have coffee “Coffee piyoge?”

It was her house and she said she will prepare “Main bana ke lati hun...” and I denied and said that I will make and requested her that by the time I make coffee she remove her pussy hairs “Nahin main banaunga...aur jab tak main coffee lekar aata hun aap ye hairs clean kar low”

and Mansi tried a lot to hide her smile but ultimately failed and I grabbed that opportunity to stir her emotionally with my words and came out saying that I want to see her smiling like this “bus mujhe aise ho aapko hanste hue dekna hai”.

Well that’s how it all started and readers can easily guess what would have happened next, it was nothing except sex. Still if try briefing my rest of day with Mansi I would say more or less by the time I came back to the bedroom with coffee Mansi was clean shaven over her fuckhole and as she was feeling uneasy in being naked while having coffee I told her to wear my shirt.

Panty and no bra and she were looking so sexy in my shirt that before I would have ended up my coffee I was hard again. Next right after having Coffee I curdled her into my arms and had few words with her to convince her she should look forward to live happy and sex is a basic need of being happy.

Bit more; what we are doing is wrong in Society’s perspective but I don’t care about this society and I love both; she and her sister. In the end I won’t say Mansi was convinced with whatever I said but this is sure that she was in desperate need of sex since long and for the time being suppressing her emotions and ethics she had best time of her life with me.

Once again I started with a kiss and while exploring her mouth unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing. After bit of breast sucking I moved down to her crotch for the purpose I got her clean shaved and licking her entire body on the way as I dived down into her cunt Mansi jumped in ecstasy and tried stopping me from doing that nasty act

“Jija Ji…please….. kya kar rahe ho…please don’t do that…I don’t like all this”. But I did not stopped and sucked her hard for really long; till I saw her rising to her climax and eventually asked her to turn around to get on her four. By now Mansi was turned on and facing away in doggy posture she herself brought my Cock to her opening and in the end impaled her big ass over my crotch.

“Ahhh…..” “Hmm…” I slipped inside her and we both moaned in intense pleasure. Wow she was amazing from behind too and in a moment holding her waist I started pulling her back and forward over my crotch and soon Mansi coordinated and impaled herself to get me deeper we both started grunting in pleasure in good volume.

Gradually excitement rose higher and digging my fingers into soft flesh of her ass I started rocking her back and forward faster and went crazy over hot clamp of her fuckhole. "Mm... you're mine, Mansi, all mine…tum meri ho bus meri…!” I murmured in rising excitement and my words aroused her,

she turned to see me fucking her from behind and got fascinated and moaned bit louder in enormous pleasure. Wow…it was pure bliss, although the posture in which I was fucking her was not easy to retain, Mansi was very fleshy over her ass and my knees were bit bent while invading her fuckhole,

not only that my back was also aching a bit but I was enjoying and holding her thick waist I continued screwing Mansi with thrilling control and Mansi also continued moaning in delight. Eventually dam inside me seemed breaking and my fucking pace went higher,

soon I stood up on my feet and started screwing her hard and fast with my enhanced pace Mansi too went crazy and just in few seconds her entire body started shivering weirdly. Her ass, her thighs, her waist; suddenly her entire body went through electrifying jerks and she collapsed on the bed.

I was riding over her fast and I too fell over her but luckily somehow I remained inside her and managed to plunge her 2-3 more times and Mansi pinnacled fascinatingly. She was flat over her belly with wide open legs, me too flat over her with my cock in her and her fuckhole spammed over my cock and clenching bed sheet in her fist Mansi cried in real ecstasy.

I too banged my climax and once again released my seed inside her womb. That was second fuck with in hour’s span and by now we didn’t had any strength to go to our work and we both called at our work place for the day off. After that we spent some quality time with each other and later had lunch together.

After lunch we had short nap while watching TV and later somewhere around 4 we once again fucked and this I took Mansi over my top and back and forward, up and down, she rode over me until we both climaxed. Finally we were so dead that we could not think of fucking again and somewhere around 5 we once again had coffee,

but outside and later I met her again in the night and had dinner together when I came back to her place to leave her Mom. At present we are trying to get Mansi divorced from her husband but it seems it will take long.

Mom is looking forward for her second marriage obviously after her divorce but Mansi is not intended for that. We are fucking regularly, almost once a week and every time after having sex Mansi feel guilty but later after 7-8 days sometimes after 10 days say yes for the sex.

The End.

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Posted by rahul
on: January 9, 2017 5:43 PM | Reply

mast story... cock raising

Posted by Jigs
on: January 9, 2017 7:15 PM | Reply

Really very erotic

Posted by Deepak
on: January 9, 2017 9:40 PM | Reply

Man will b man
And woman will always be confused good story keep it up
Waiting for your bhabi wali story

Posted, in reply to Deepak's comment, by Rohan
on: January 10, 2017 12:58 PM | Reply

I agree...
Also waiting to read ur Bhabhi fucking with you...

Posted by Kevin
on: January 10, 2017 1:29 PM | Reply

You have really written wonderfully, it was a pleasure reading your encounter with your sister in law..

I feel jealous of you, as you got a very good opportunity to have sex with both your wife and your saali...

Keep on giving her the pleasure, she deserves it, and practice safe sex ...

I am giving u a little preaching at the end, from now onwards always use a condom.

Waiting to hear from you again over here.

Posted by raaja
on: January 15, 2017 3:06 AM | Reply

Good one dude keep giving her orgasms...

Posted, in reply to Deepak's comment, by yummy
on: January 16, 2017 8:45 AM | Reply

hy do u knw how to post own story over here?

Editors reply: Hi Friend, thanks for writing in.

You can send in your story in plain text format and NOT in MS Word format to debonairblog @ gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

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