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Rasheeda Enjoying Sex With Brother-In-Law And Sister-In-Law

I have been reading HD for a long time and it was a good collection of experiences of people. It gives us besides entertainment, lessons for leading a safe life. I learnt a lot of things reading various accounts of people whether real of fantasy. Let me tell you my story. For the purpose of this recount I am mentioning my name as Rasheeda.

I got married at a young age of 16 when I was in the tenth standard. My sexual experiences on the first two three days were very painful. But other ladies consoled me that it will be enjoyable afterwards. Just as I was getting enjoyment, my husband left for his job in gulf. He was rich and sent me plenty of money and asked me to continue my studies.

But my inlaws were not happy that I go to school or college when they work in the kitchen. I moved to my own house, but my parents told me tactfully that as a married girl I have to stay in my husbands place and not in her own house with her parents. Of course casual visits are ok. but shifting residence permanently was not favoured by them.

I told this to my husband he was quite understanding. He said I can move to a flat in the city, a luxury flat, fully furnished. He made arrangements to buy a flat and the flat was bought in my name. My in laws were not happy. My husband instead of repairing and making his own house modern, had gone to buy a flat for his wife. This was a talking matter in the household circles.

My husband told me not to worry, just pick up your articles and move into the new flat. He asked his brother and sister who were college going also to go with me and stay in the flat. They were all of my age, I was happy that if they come I will have company. My husband asked me to engage a house keeper who will keep the house clean and cook food for all of us.

We had three a/c bedrooms and we three occupied these three bedrooms. I also joined the school to continue my studies. My husband's brother, Kadar, elder to me by one year, was in the college. We used to sit in the study room along with his sister, Rasia. to study. He had a laptop, gifted to him by my husband.

Since he was in the degree class he needed it to do his projects and to write reports etc. He finished his studies and used to watch films in his laptop. If it is a good film, he used to call Rasia and me to watch along with him. Rasia was a beautiful girl, with good features.

Though she too was of my age her marriage is agreed to take place but was delayed because the boy in Kuwait could not get leave. She used to come and sit with me and talk in my bedroom and many times the subject used to be sex. Rasia told me that she lost her virginity about a year back. I asked her who took her virginity, she was shy and said she will tell later.

She told me it was painful initially but she enjoyed later. I asked her for how long she enjoyed sex. She said she will tell later. I thought I will information from her bit by bit. After a few months, Rasia and me came out of the school and we were getting ready to enter college. Kadar, kept minimum contact with me except while taking food or while watching video in is laptop.

One day, I think it was on a Friday night, the following two days were holidays, we sat in the study room to watch his laptop film. While scanning over various channels his finger touched a channel which was a pornographic channel. Rasia urged Kader not to change it and but allow it to continue so that we may watch.

I had not watched such channels before and hence I was inquisitive. It was an English channel and what I saw was shocking. But Kader and Rasia were enjoying passing occasional comments. I was surprised that brother and sister were watching a porno channel together and they way they talked,

I got an impression that they have been watching such channels together in the past. Because I did not have sex for a long time, my heartbeet increased and my breathing became faster. Suddenly Rasia got up and went to her brother, unzipped his pant, took out his cock and kneeled on the floor and started to kiss the cock and took it in her mouth.

It seemed neither Kader or Rasia bothered about my presence in the room. Rasia removed the t shirt of Kader and pulled his pant down and made him nude while sucking his cock. Kader slowly undressed Rasia, removed her blouse, and the skirt. She was in her bra and panty.

He removed her bra and her boobs were exposed. I had the scene in the computer monitor to watch and then the real drama taking place in front of me. Both the hands of Kader were playing with the boobs of Rasia. They were well shaped and the nipple was erect and swollen. We had two bright LED lights in the room and they knew that I am watching whatever they were doing.

May be they are trying to make me also to participate so that all three will play the game of sex. Rasia removed her panty and her clean shaven pussy was wet and gleaming. Kader pulled back his cock from her mouth and made her to stand with one leg raised and placed on the chair. He sat on the floor and buried his face in her pussy and his tongue was searching for her clitoris.

Rasia looked at me and smiled. She then signalled me to undress and come closer. I was highly provoked. I could see that Rasia and Kadar are enjoying the act. I slowly undressed and stood in my bra and panty. Rasia hold Kader something and Kader just turned back and saw me standing in my bra and panty.

He left Rasia and came back smiling and unhooked my bra and took my nipples in his mouth. I could not resist. I saw how much Rasia was enjoying the acts of Kadar on her. Kader was squeezing my one boob and sucking the nipple of the other boob. His cock long and stout was standing erect. Kadar took my hand and placed it on his cock.

Rasia, closed the laptop, asked us to follow her and we all three moved into her bedroom. I saw the cock of Kadar moving up and down like a spring action. Kader was holding both my boobs and we both walked slowly. All three of us were naked and were not shy of each other, all of us were very much aroused. Rasia lied in the bed and asked Kader to fuck her.

She asked me to sit on her face, facing him so that she may lick my cunt, and Kader while keeping his cock in her pussy may continue to press my boobs. The plan of Rasia was wonderful, but I was wondering how it can be executed. I told Rasia to have her share of sex fully and then I will join till then I will just watch.

Rasia opened her legs for her brother and he lied on her and holding his cock in one hand he rubbed it tip on her cunt opening and drew it bottom to top two or three times. He located her fuck hole and then placed his cock at the entrance and pressed it in. Kader could make his cock enter her cunt slowly because the hole was very tight. He pulled back and again pressed it in.

Rasia winced in pain, but slowly relief appeared in her face and when the cock was fully in she was happy and Kader kept it for a moment before he started to fuck. I had not seen a fucking scene so much in detail and after this I thought Kader will come to me and my chance will come. Suddenly I remembered about safe days and unsafe days etc.

I made my own calculations and concluded I am in safe period. Hence if he fucks without any precaution, there is nothing to worry about pregnancy. Kader was a good fucker. After some time, he pulled back and asked Rasia to stand on her fours. He inserted his cock from behind her buttocks and it was a doggy style. Rasia was moaning out of pleasure.

Her ample boobs were hanging and moving forward and backwards with each push by Kadar. I had free flow of juice from my pussy. I remembered I had removed my public hair about a week back. There is no time now. Kader again changed the pose he lied in the bed and made Rasia to sit on him. She took his cock and inserted into her cunt and sat on it.

It went comfortably in and she was happy fucking him from top. She moved so many movements, up and down, circulatory, and she was in control, she seemed to be enjoying the whole thing immensely. A brother and sister fucking infront of me, most pleasantly and fearlessly. They were not bothered about my watching them fucking.

Perhaps they wanted me see in what all ways sex can be made enjoyable. I was eager now to get fucked in all the poses now Rasia got fucked. Perhaps she too may join and make me enjoy more. The both reached orgasm. They gave our some gurgling sound from their throat and waiting for the entire process of squiting to be complete.

Happily Razia got up from the top of Kader and they both went to the attached bathroom and washed themselves up and dried their private parts with a towel and came back. Kader sat in a chair looking at me with his cock mellowed down but not smaller in size. Rasia went to kitchen and brought three glasses of some drink and gave us.

May be it will boost the energy of they both. She also sat to talk to me. She told me that it was Kader who broke her seal and was fucking her regularly, but of course with proper precaution. They wanted to tell me and invite me to their show but were not sure whether I will agree. Time was already 10 pm. Rasia asked me whether I am in a mood to sex. She said we will just enjoy.

She may get married and go away. But Kadar will be here to give you maximum pleasure till your husband comes. Kader was just watching the talk of Rasia. Then Kadar came and took my hand and lead me to the bed. After I lied down in the bed, he put his hand on my pussy and told me whether he may shave my pussy. He said he will do it in five minutes. I said ok.

He went to the bathroom, brought his shaving set, and a mugful of water and started to apply lather on my pussy. Rasia told me that it was he who shaved her regularly. Between them they do it in the privacy of their room even in the day time. She said youth is to be enjoyed. She said it was difficult in a joint family. But here were enjoying it to the maximum. I was envy of her.

I lost many days and weeks without sex. Kader asked me to go and wash my pussy of the soap buds etc. I saw he had done a clean job. When I came back, he made me to lie down andapplied some after shave lotion and it was pleasant smelling. He opened the cunt lips and with his tongue he dug deep into my fuck hole and then touched my clitoris.

An electric shock wave seemed to have passed through my body. His tongue played with my clitoris which was bulging and protruding forward. He could hold it with his lips and pull. I was so happy that I shuddered in pleasure. He fucked me with his tongue. His stiffened tongue went deep into my hole.

I was more than six months back that I had sex with my husband, now his brother is giving me the pleasure which I had lost all these days. He lied on me, supported by his elbos kissed me on my cheeks, on my boobs and then he kissed on my navel, on my pussy, on my mount, on my thighs. I was fully aroused and wanted his cock in my hole.

I turned my head and saw Rasia watching the porn movie in the laptop. I asked Kader to give me his cock for tasting. He smiled and gave me his cock. It was very stout and long and I could not take it in my mouth. I just kissed its head. and asked him to put it in my hole. I asked him to fuck me.

He made me open my legs wide and sat between my legs and took the flowing juice from my cunt and applied it on his cock and put the cock tip at the entrance of the hole and slowly pushed it in. My hole was so much stretched that it pained. He pulled his cock back, and put his two fingers in the hole and rotated so that the hole may get loosened.

His three fingers could go in easily. He put his cock and half of it went in easily. Then he pushed in and finally his entire cock was in. Tears were flowing down my eyes because of the intense pain. Rasia saw this came running, wiped the tears and kissed me on my cheeks and told me that the painwill be over soon. Kader slowly started fucking me.

He pulled back and slowly inserted,watching my face, again pulled back and pushed it in and gradually increased his speed. I started to feel the pleasure. My hand automatically went to my clitoris and rubbed it. Kader increased his speed and then pulled his cock back. he asked me to stand in doggy style and he fucked from behind.

The sound of his body hitting against my ass, pat pat resounded in the room. Rasia saw my boobs hanging. She came below me and tried to take my nipples in her mouth. I raised my body to a slanting position so that she may suck my nipples, while Kader fucked vigorously. The came my turn to ride him. He lied in the bed and I sat on him with my legs on his either side.

Rasia helped me to insert his cock into my cunt. She bent low and sucked my clitoris when his cock was fully inserted in my hole. She guided me to get maximum pleasure in this pose. She sat on the face of her brother and he sucked her clitoris. I made all movements so that his cock is pulled back and went deep into me.

I enjoyed every minute since it was just pleasure and nothing else. Finally it came like a bang. I mean my orgasm. The spasm gripped my vaginal muscles and I cried loudly. Kader also pumped his juices into me abundantly and I lied on him pressing my boobs on his chest. Rasia lied on me and rubbed her cunt on my ass.

Kader embraced both of us and we lied like that for a long time. It took time for the orgasmic spasms to die down. Rasia got up and then I got up and then Kader got up and we all three went to the bathroom. The juices of Rasia were flooding it covered my entire body. My own fluids and the fluids of Kader were on him.

We all took bath in naked condition and rubbed each other. We wiped each other with a dry towel and we three came out and put on our clothes. We planned our session for Saturday and Sunday in day and night. We went to our respective rooms and slept.

Do you want me to write about our holiday sessions and how Rasia got married and went with her husband. How my husband fucked me during his short holidays when he came for the marriage. After his going back how Kader and I lived in sex.

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Posted by Ravindra nikam
on: January 10, 2017 1:53 PM | Reply

Great !!!! awaiting for another story

Posted by Scorpio
on: January 10, 2017 8:15 PM | Reply

Nice story, make next one's more interesting

Posted by Naga
on: January 10, 2017 9:27 PM | Reply

I am ready to satisfy you, pls contact me.

Be more expressive during writing intercourse part

Posted by SSG
on: January 12, 2017 11:31 AM | Reply

A Very Hot and Awesome narration of your Sex experience . Please keep on Posting your other Stories / Sex Adventures of your Life .

Posted by Rahul
on: January 12, 2017 3:25 PM | Reply

More narrative please next time.waitng ur post

Posted by mcford
on: January 12, 2017 5:53 PM | Reply

It sound good and sexy.

Posted by ash
on: January 14, 2017 4:03 PM | Reply

hot really very hot

Posted by tiger5757
on: January 14, 2017 4:57 PM | Reply

Avery erotic story.i am a squirting expert in this using YOGA I can make any women squirt and definitely she will cry with pleasure and the cunt juices will make the towel wet,enjoy will be heavenly.

Posted by xxxx
on: January 15, 2017 11:59 AM | Reply

u are real bitch as is ur story be realistic u think wat ever u write we belive bullshit
. dont post such faltu stories

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