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Peeping Girl Lekha Fucked By Brother-In-Law

To Lekha the lovemaking scenes of her brother in law, Raghu and sister were at first irritating. They never bothered about the presence of other people but went on hugging and sometimes even running the hand at unwanted places and even kissing in public.

Her brother in law had come from gulf after six months after his marriage to her sister and he is said to be on leave for fifteen days and again it will be absence for another six months or may be a year. They both were busy taking advantage of every minute they spent together. Lekha was just 18 and doing her degree and her sister Rekha was 20 and had completed her degree before marriage.

She could not go along with her husband because he could not secure a family visa. It may take some more time he said. He was very handsome and lovable. Rekha fell in love with him at the first sight and all her friends acclaimed that she was lucky to have such a handsome husband. He was a B.Tech, tall and well built, besides very handsome.

Unfortunately he could spend only fifteen days with his newly wedded wife, but during the fifteen days they had to travel a lot to meet relatives, hers and his and hence could not spend time much in love making. Lekha learnt lot of things about sex from her college mates and she imagined how Rekha and husband will be spending their nights together in their bedroom.

Both the sisters were very beautiful and intelligent. They were very close like friends but Rekha did not tell anything about her first night experience to Lekha and Lekha was afraid or shy of asking Rekha.Lekha was not at all jealous of her sisterfor all the sex she enjoys. She thought she should atleast one day see what they do which generates so much noise.

Her parents fucked, her uncle fucked. It is that which evokes so much of laughter in her. Lekha reconciled that each is one's private affair and they are free to do as they please. One after studying for quite a long time, Lekha felt like taking some water to soothen her nerves, She thought she will go to the kitchen and drink some water from the fridge and then to go bed.

While going to the kitchen she had to pass though the bedroom of her sister Rekha.As an instinct Lekha turned and looked through the gap in the door. Their bedroom was brightly lit, Both naked were fucking lying in the bed. Small moaning sounds could be heard. Lekha stopped to take a peak at the fucking couple.

Rekha lying in the bed with her naked legs wide apart and her husband lyin on her and fucking her though it was hidden, one could make out that his cock was moving up and down in the pussy of Rekha. Though Rekhas has heard so much about fucking, it is first time she was winessing the actual scene. The action was going on vigorously and there was no let up in the tempo.

Lekha thought she will watch how they end the gave and whether they will start another game. She squatted on the floor, keeping her eyes sealed on the gap in the door. The action was in full swing. Suddenly brother in law increased the speed and then he just lied on Rekha may be to pump his fluids into her.

Lekha was in worse condition, her panties leaked and drenched and the fluid running down her thighs. Suddenly she thought her brother in law approaching the door to open it. Lekha suddenly felt alert as to what to do and how to manage the situation. In a jiffy he was there right in front of her, standing stark naked and his huge cock in limp condition dangling in front of her.

She could not hide herself. He saw her. He bent low and took hold of her by her elbow and took her along with him to the kitchen. There he asked her what were you doing at the door. She was shy and said she was standing just to watch. Her BIL just laughed and asked her to come inside so that she can have a clearer view of the fucking.

She freed herself from his grip and ran away to her room and locked herself. Her running attracted the attention of Rekha. Rekha asked her husband what was the matter. He told her that Lekha was in the kitchen drinking water and her seeing him suddenly in naked condition scared the girl and she ran away.

Rakha scolded her husband for having moved around the house in naked condition. They continued their business for the rest of the night and then slept. Next day as usual, Lekha confronted her BIL and there was no mention of the incidents of the previous night. Next day was a working day. Lekha's parents and Rekha had to go to attend a marriage of a relative.

Which they could not avoid. Lekha and her BIL alone were left in the house. Lekha had no college and she was to sit at home. Her mother had prepared food for both of them and hence there was no problem. She had a leisurely bath and went back to her room to groom herself and to get dressed up. Suddenly she heard the sound of her door being openen. Raghu entered.

Lekha got guarded and was cautious. Raghu said, Lekha, for how long you have been standing at the door or your sister's room and what all you have seen.Lekhas was shy and did not reply. Raghu said if you tell me what all you have seen we are going to do all now. If you want more tell me, we will do. Lekha looked up at the face of Raghu.

He hugged her in such a way that her boobs were pressed against his chest. Raghu was bare chested and Lekha was in her chemise. Raghu lifted her chemise over her head and her boobs were exposed. Large globes with erect nipples were a grand sight. Raghu lowered his face and licked around the nipples. Lekha was getting hot.

She did not resist but gave him the other boob for licking. Keeping his left hand at her back to balance her, Raghu while licking and sucking her nipples, pulled down her panty with his right hand. It got stuck at the bulge of her ass. Lekha with both of her hand pulled down her panty and she was totally naked. Raghu pushed her to the bed and made her lie down.

He opened her legs wide and buried his face in her pussy. His tongue was licking the cunt lips and the mont. Lekha was moaning and she had heard about the pleasures of pussy licking and it was much more than she had imagined. Raghu's tongue ticked at her clitoris, a tiny bean shaped projection.

Lekha gave out a cry of pleasure and she opened her legs wider to give more area for Raghu. Her honey started to flow from her fuck hole which Raghu licked and swallowed. It was a virgin pussy and Raghu wanted to do everything slow so that he and she can enjoy to the maximum. He got up and squeezed her boobs well. and again went to the pussy and started to lick.

Lekha extended her hand and wanted to grab the cock of Raghu. Raghu pushed her flat on the bed and pushed himself to a 69 position so that she can suck his cock while he licked her cunt. The tongue of Raghu rolled into a cylingdrical shape and entered her fuck hole. Lekha was jumping with pleasure. She could not utter any sound since her mouth was full of his cock.

After some time Raghu turned his body and positioned on her so that his cock was at the opening of her cunt. He adjusted the tip of his cock at the entrance of her fuck hole and started to push it in. Lekha asked him to go slow and told him not to cause any pain. He said there will be some pain but it will be short and momentary.

He slowly pushed his cock inside her hole and there appeared to be some obstruction, but he pushed it forefully and made his cock go deep inside. In the meantime he kissed her on her cheeks, on her boobs and on her nipples. He saw tears were rolling down from the eyes of Lekha. But some how managed and asked him to fuck slow.

Raghu fucked her slow and them gradually increased the speed. Lekha was enjoying and she reached her orgasm first with a man's cock. Raghu was going on pumping speedily and when he was about to reach his orgasm, he pulled out his cock and threw his fluids on the floor.

Lekhas hugged and kissed him on his cheeks and thanked him for giving her so much of pleasure. Thereafter whenever Regha goes out of the house, Raghu made it point to fuck Lekha.

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