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Saritha Bhabhi Fucked By Devar

When my brother went to US for his postdoctoral research, his wife, that is my bhabi was left alone at their house. Her mother could not come because of her daughter had come home for confinement. My mother herself was not in good health and hence she too could not come. My brother asked whether I can be of help to her.

I was doing my PG and I may have to spend my nights in the house of my brother. His wife, my bhabi, Saritha was an asst Prof. in a college and hence she could not accompany her husband. My bhabiji asked me how I am going to manage. I told that I will discuss with my parents and move in shortly. My parents also urged me to stay with her.

During day time she goes to the college and I too go to the college. My main problem was my sleeping habits which are not known to anybody. I want minimum or no clothes when I sleep. In the winter I may wrap my body with a comforter, but will be nude underneath. This was the first time I am asked to stay away from home and I have to be very careful.

It was the biggining of summer and the temparature was soaring high. To have a body wash before sleep will be pleasant. She asked me to occupy the second bedroom. It was self contained and hence there was no problem. I placed my laptop, books, on the table and the bag containing my clothes in the cupboard. Just as I was relaxing there was a knock on door.

Bhabiji called me for he prayers. We are all a god loving family and evening bhajan, aarthi and chanting of god's names are are regular practices. I dont avoid such family get togethers. But I never thought bhabi will be doing it. I went to her pooja room. She had finished the puja and it was time for the aarthi and parshad.

She did aarthi and I prostrated before the god, and she gave me the prasaad which I took with all reverance and bent low to touch her feet. She too bent and lifted me up and hugged me. In doing so her face came close to my face and my lips brushed against her cheeks. She was thrilled and did not release me, but asked me why I did that. I just laughed and she too laughed and left.

I was worried, howshe has taken the incident. Has she taken it seriousy. After supper she retired to bed. I went to my room studied for a while and then lied in the bed and slept. I did not bolt the door from inside. I as usual was sleeping totally naked and when I sleep I have deep sleep.

I woke up in the morning and I had my customery bath, had breakfast with Bhabi and she went her way and I mine. We did not talk much. In the evening as usual I was in the room. the prayer time came and I went to the puja room, same routine. she did aarthi and parshad was distributed.

I bowed to touch her feet, She bent low to lift me up and as I raised, I saw her face ready to receive my kiss and I Planted my kiss on both her cheeks. She knew it is coming and it seemed that she was waiting for it. Day time went on as usual and in the next day evening again puja, chanting, aarthi, parshad, touching the feet, and as I get up her standing near me expecting the kiss.

I hugged her with my hands around her and my hands then moved to her ass mounds and squeezed them as I was kissing her cheeks. She seemed to be waiting for itand never uttered a word against it.One word of objection I would have stopped the practice. I thought she is enjoying it and I continued. Climate was very hot.

Next day she called me to move to her bedroom where an a/c is installed in her room. I politely declined the offer and said I am quite happy in the present room. She said ok, you occupy that room but I am asking you to come to my bedroom for sleeping, because it is too hot and in the coming days it is going to be hotter.

She repeated said this and I have no escape and most reluctantly I went to her bedroom. It was a big room and a huge cot and king sized bed, I may have to sleep in one side of the bed, and get up in the morning and go away to my room. But I tried to avoid getting naked during sleep, but it was my habit, First I will remove my t shirt and then my undergarments and then I will have only a lungi.

As I go deep into sleep my boner will be stiff standing like a flagpole. Once I go to the bathroom and pass urine, the fellow may be tamed, but I dont get up unless it is that urgent. So far I was never in any company, except now. Next day Bhabi asked me why dont you change your sleeping habits, this is horrible. I did not understand what she is referring to.

Devarji, put some clothes on your body, it will protect you from cold. In the evening she gave me a white sheet for wrapping my body. Again in the middle of the night when she woke to go to the bathroom she saw me in my naked condition. She started to observe my tool, a full 7 incher, thick in the bottom, fair coloured with the fore skin slightly pulled back exposing the red interior.

She had not seen her hown husband's cock so much in detail. She was wearing a think nighty with her undergarments. She tried to wake me up, shaking me. She moved closer to me keeping her hand over my shoulder tried to shake me. I opened my eyes and saw her just near me asking me to cover myself up. I did not understand what she says.

I thought she is asking for a kiss. I put my hands around her and pulled her closer to me and planted a kiss on her chubby cheek. Though she did not resist, went on complaining what are you doing, no, no, not this, I said cover your body, you dont have any clothes underneath. I took her hand and placed it over my erect cock.

The moment her hand touched my cock her objections stopped and her face was buried in my chest. I pulled her closer, and kissed on her both cheeks and lips and neck. She said, wait wait, no you should not go further, I am your bhabi, your brother's wife. Ok,Ok, tell me what I can do, what are the permissible acts, She said you may just kiss me, thats all nothing more than that.

Ok, where to kiss, I will decide, I said. She looked at me with a smile, thought a while and said ok, ok. You have agreed, now you should not change your word. She smiled and asked where you want to kiss. I said I may kiss you on you cheeks, neck, below ear lobes, on your back, on your ass mounds, on your calf muscles, on your ankles and ever so many other places.

But Devarji, I am elder to you just my one year. We are more or less of the same age. We have to be careful. We shold not get deeply involved. No sexual intercourse. If you are confident you may proceed, otherwise it is better we stop now. Bhabiji, what you said is correct. I will be within my limits.

I promise. But when you sleep in the same bed, we take some liberties with each other for mutual pleasure. Thats all. Bhabi said, ok, ok. I just want to kiss your boob, just bare it for me. She removed her nighty, unhooked her bra, and her boobs were out open with pink nipple and pink areola. She was nude except for her panty.

I moved closer to her with my erect cock, placed my mouth on her nipple, keeping the nipple in my mouth kissed the boob. The sound SSSSSSSS came from her mouth and she seemed to enjoy it. After kissing I started to suck her nipple rotating the nipple with my tongue. Bhabi opened her mouth and gave out a sound hahahahahaaa.

I repeated the same to the second boob, while holding the first one with my hand. Bhahi was aroused and she put her hand on my head and her fingers were kneading through my hair. Then I put my hand on her ass mounds. They were round and hard and well elivated. Bhabi liked my touching them, But it was covered with her panty. I lowered my head and kissed her ass and licked.

They were so smooth and nice. But the only obstrucle was her blue colored silk panty. I asked her shall I remove it, she said no, dont it hides my nakedness. Ok, Ok, I kissed, down below her thighs, lifting her leg, I kissed her inner thigh which are very sensitive. Her panty was wet with her cunt juice.

I turned her and made her to lie on her back and with her legs wide apart, I went on top of her and sucked her boobs again. My hands went down to her navel and then to her panty, I placed my hand on her pussy and could locate her clitoris. Over her panty I gripped her clitoris and massaged it.

Bhabi was restless and moved her knee up and down and she pulled her panty down so that I may handle her pussy. My mouth came down to her pussy, licked the clean shaven hairless pussy, dug my tongue deep into her fuckhole, and circled around her clitoris and then took it in the mouth and softly sucked it.

Bhabi was in seventh heaven, So many incoherant sounds came out of her mouth, she pressed my head buried deep inside her pussy and from her pulsating cunt muscles I could understand that she has had a massive orgasm. Flow of fluids from her cunt and I licked them all and drank, I asked bhabi how was it. Oh, devarji, you have shown me heaven.

Your brother has as big a tool as yours but he does not know how to give pleasure to me. He fucks dischanges his semen, pulls out and sleeps, but never asked whethr I enjoyed. After marriage this is the first time I had so much of sex. I will keep watch over my safe days, please give me deep sex, I will buy some condoms and ipills. Your oral sex was fantastic.

You see Devarji, after my husband left, many of my colleagues offered to keep company with me so that I will not be alone in the house. But wanted tohave sex with me. I refused. I preferred you to stay with me, because, you are my devar and even if I have sex with you it is better than having sex with an outsider. But you are fantastic.

When you said you will only kiss me, I was disappointed. You kiss on my body parts took me to heaven. Oh, devarji, you are my hero, dont put on any clothes while sleeping. Oh, I forget, You have not reached your orgasm. Come on fuck me and get your fluids out. Fuck me, fuck me deep and fast.

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Posted by fake
on: March 5, 2017 4:02 PM | Reply

fake story...doing pooja and kissing do not mix well

Posted by Fake
on: March 7, 2017 6:53 PM | Reply

Saala chutia

Posted by Family guy
on: March 15, 2017 11:03 AM | Reply

Go fuck urself saale

Posted by satish chandra
on: March 31, 2017 3:54 AM | Reply

It clearly looks as imaginary story fantasizing your bhabhi. Doing pooja and kissing do not mix well.However the narration is good.

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