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Seema Bhabhi Getting Fucked By Horny Monty - I

Hello readers, My name is Seema, I am fair and good looking female in my early thirties; married from last 6-7 years but yet not have any child and my sex experience is about me having sex with younger brother of my husband Monty. Physically I am short in height with petite body and balanced flesh all over but my breasts are quite heavy in proportion of my elfin structure.

I live in one of the newly build region of specific Delhi NCR; mainly with my father in law as from last one and a half year my husband is living in Dubai to earn. To begin I would say it all started when after around 2 years of my marriage, one day suddenly Vishal;

my husband lost his job and after sitting idle at home for two months he opted to take a contract of canteen in one reputed school of NCR. For an year or bit more things ran like that and on one fine day Vishal got very lucrative job offer from Dubai and he decide to go for that.

As now canteen was also fetching good money, within week’s time my father-in-law took charge of that canteen and after few more days to that Vishal flew out of India to earn money. Now Monty ; my husband’s younger brother who is at present doing his post graduation lives in hostel in Punjab and usually come home for a day or two.

As such I don’t have much to write about my relation with Monty except this that Monty was studying in 10th standard when I got married to Vishal. I have always considered her my own brother but he never took me as his sister as many times I have seen him starring at my body with lustful intentions.

As it is a natural phenomenon of a growing boy I never bothered about his way of staring and things just went on going like this for few years until few days back when he came home by the end of the year and that is for around 15 days.

By now he was 22 years of age, grown up to a complete man, tall and good looking with good health but anyhow I could think that in any circumstances I will be confronting with him. Anyway it was second weekend of December, dinner was over, time was bit past to 10 PM, Monty was watching television in living room,

my father in law was gone to sleep and as per my usual routine after winding the kitchen I came to my bedroom and changed into a long nighty. Lack of sex, lack of good company; my life was getting monotones with every passing day and from last one year I was somewhat regular in masturbating and watching porn over small screen of my room and it was purely my bad luck

that day I thought about watching some porn but forgot to lock the door of my bedroom from inside. It was a Massage room Movie, recently downloaded by me and fucking was just started when suddenly Monty entered in the room to ask me if I can give him anything to eat.

I was lying over my belly under the blanket and rubbing my cunt and as he entered, he saw the screen and his eyes got glued to that. I groped and switched off the TV as soon as I could but by then it was too late and in questioning tone he boldly spoke I was watching porn “Bahbhi aap Porn movie dekh rahe ho…?” “Nahin…! wo galti se play ho gayi thi…”

I fumbled a bit but next instant reflected reluctance and saying “tu jaa yahan se…” told him to go from there and in reply he asked me to give him something to eat and I told him that there are certain fruits in the refrigerator. Eventually he went off and I locked the door from inside but did not felt like playing movie again.

Initially while at the beginning of movie I was aroused but later with the mess just happened I lost my mind state and slept. Next day was first working day of the week and before Monty would have got up my FIL was gone to the work.

As such no talking and I served Monty breakfast and facing away in the kitchen I was working when he came to me after eating and spoke that he really like me “Bhabhi mujhe aap bahut achhe lagte ho…”. That was surprising but I stayed silent and unaffected and as he repeated same again this time I asked him “so what?”

in flat and rough tone and he shamelessly came out saying as there is nobody at home let’s do it once “Ghar pe koi nahin nahin hai…chalo ek baar kar lete hain….” Though I knew that he look at me with hell of lust but anyhow I could not imagine that he could speak her dirty intentions so brazenly and as I heard that I turned to see him and reacted rude “what….? kya bol raha hai…?”

and no hesitation, no shame he spoke out his filthy desire more clearly by saying “I want to fuck you…”. I was stunned and no dilemma I moved ahead and slapped him hard over his face. Next Monty went off from their and soon without saying a word went out of the house after getting ready. I was angry and really did not bother to ask him where is going and when will he come back.

Throughout the day I was very restless and really did not want to see him again but I decided to avoid telling all this to my husband. Later in the evening my Father in Law came back and after few hours, somewhere around 7 Monty also came.

I did not spoke to him much, just whatever was required and just like last night and as per daily routine I was free from dinner before 10 and this time I did not forgot to lock my door from inside. Thought I did watch any porn that night but because I was mentally tired I was bit edgy for some sexual pleasure and decide to lay lethargic and rub my opening for a while.

It was good, light was off and lifting my nighty up and pulling my panty down, under the blanket I was enjoying within myself when suddenly my door got knocked. Like last night Monty was watching TV outside and I was expecting he is once again seeking something to eat while sitting in front of the TV but as opened the door looking at my screen he straightaway asked me if I was watching Porn movie,

“blue film dekh rahe ho….?” “nahi…tu Jaa yahan se…” and saying no in furious tone as I told him to go from there he moved further into the bedroom and spoke out that he wants to see “Mujhe dekhni hai….” and as I once again screamed over him saying “get out…” unexpectedly this time he attacked over me by holding my face between his hands and kissing my lips aggressively.

I pushed him hard with all my strength but it was not enough for a powerful male like him and next instant he clutched my both the breasts and squeezed them hard and in the end threw me on the bed and ran out of the room. I was shocked and could not believe what he just did and now anyhow I could not think of not complaining about all this to my husband.

By now Time was somewhat 11 here and it was my mistake that I did not called or massaged my husband just then and waited for his call to speak to him about all this and unfortunately that night Vishal did not called me.

As I was restless for whole night, next morning I got up little late and somehow managed to send my father in law for work on time and I was still standing in the kitchen when Monty came out of the room and said sorry to me while standing few feet away from me at my back.

“Bhabhi I am sorry…” he spoke and without looking at him I asked him to go from there in reluctant tone and told him that I will tell everything to his brother. He remained silent for few seconds, I too did not turned to see him and he once again said sorry. I stayed firm over my mood and told him to go from there and next instant Monty gave me another shock of my life.

Moving ahead rapidly he lifted my nighty till my waist and held me half naked with all this strength. “Monty....leave me…you bastard” I was exposed over my lower half with just a panty over my ass. Screaming over him in utter shock I tried my best to released myself but Monty was too strong for me and while moving his hand over my ass over the thin cloth of my panty

he came out saying that if ultimately I am going to complain his brother then he should do what all he wants to do “agar aap Bhaiya ko complaint karne hi waale ho…to mujhe jo karna hai kar leta hun”.

Hearing that I once screamed over him and fluttered with all my strength and pushing me against kitchen slab Monty bent me hard and before I would have believed what is he doing he pulled my panty down to my feet.

“My God….” I yelled, my ass was completely exposed to his eyes and screaming in anger and shock as I once again pushed him hard I this time somewhat succeeded in loosening his grip over my waist. I tried pulling down my nighty also tried to sit down to cover my bare body but Monty did not gave me much time to rescue and before I would sat down and covered myself

holding my nighty he once again started trying lifting it and just few seconds of struggle and it was completely out of my arms. Just a bra over my upper half and rest almost everything was exposed to Monty and next instant squeezing my legs inwards I sat down on the floor while crying in agony and giving me no time to think moving ahead Monty started trying taking off my bra too.

I screamed over him, also pushed him but he was gone mad and pushing me flat on the floor he continued molesting me and struggling between holding my bra and hiding my cunt from his eyes I continued screaming while abusing him but in the end I lost the battle. He Tore hooks of my bra and while throwing it away told me to complain his brother that he has stripped me completely

“Bhiaya ko batta dena ki maine aapko Poora Nanga kar diya tha”. Hiding my breasts with my arms and fuckhole by squeezing my legs inwards, sitting on the floor I was angry, also very scared with a thought that next he is going to fuck me but after seeing me sitting like that for a minute or bit less he rushed out of the house.

Certainly after Monty I too rushed to my room and wore my clothes but anyhow I cannot describe the mental state I was going through, I was somewhat traumatized with whatever happened and in that shock I really failed to call my husband to tell him everything. I did not cried but I stayed collapsed on bed for hours, until it was lunch time and I was hungry.

Later, after tiny meal I massaged my husband, asked him to call me with a thought of telling him everything happened with me but he massaged me back saying that he will call me later. Few more hours passed and laying over bed over my belly, for me it was a matter of surprise that along with feeling angry over what all Monty did with me I was feeling bit aroused for sexual pleasure.

I don’t know exactly what was it but it was a very weird, after going through real assaulting I was somewhat visualizing what would have happened if Monty would have attempted fuck over me. Certainly if he would have tried fucking me, there is a possibility he would have succeeded and in that case I would be in very different mind state but as that time I was left just after getting stripped

I was going through strange sensation of getting completely naked in front a male other than my husband. In a way Monty was replica of his brother, tall 5’10” same as Vishal with better health and while being on bed and wide awake I was really failing to imagine me getting fucked by Monty on the floor of the kitchen.

It was sinful and very shameful but it is true that I was getting aroused over whatever happened with me. I don’t know if I am nymphomaniac, but I was starved for sex from somewhat one and half year and that moment I was so helpless that I really failed to resist myself to fist my cunt fantasizing me getting fucked by Monty forcibly.

Though in the end, after discharge I was feeling guilty for masturbating but truly speaking it was very satisfying as it really calmed down passion. Later; after 5, more or less as per his daily schedule my father in law came back home and casually asked me about Monty, that where is he gone and I didn’t had any answer for his question.

He called him in front of me and my problem started when he told me that his phone is off since morning. I was not bothered about Monty, I knew why his phone is off; I was hesitant in replying my Father in law’s query, that when he went out of the house and why I did not asked him where is he going.

Couple of hours passed and it went dark outside, what all happened was a matter of 10 or bit more in the morning and now it was 7 of the evening but yet there was no clue about Monty and in the mean the mean time my husband called me and before I would have gone aside to talk to him about the morning incident my father in law asked me to let him speak and told him about all this

that stressed Vishal too and saying that he is massaging few of Monty ’s friends numbers he told me to call all of them one after another to know about Monty. Anyway ultimately Monty came back home well passed to 10 and got badly scolded by his father and brother but ultimately I really failed to reveal my story to Vishal in this mess.

To Be Continued...

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Posted by Jerry
on: April 18, 2017 7:20 AM | Reply

Story is very erotic n practical. It is about the heat of the moment and i loved it.

Posted by Hema
on: June 18, 2017 6:59 AM | Reply

Please ...Give me your body measurements and describe it completely

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