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Seema Bhabhi Getting Fucked By Horny Monty - II

Previously: Seema Bhabhi Getting Fucked By Horny Monty - I

Next time was bit passed to mid night, leaking in my panties with same sinful thoughts of getting madly fucked by Monty I was wide awake when like last two nights once again my door got knocked. I did not open the door and even when I knew it is Monty I asked who is it and Monty requested me to open the door.

I denied and told him to go from there and saying that he wants to say sorry he started pleading me to open the door and forgive him. I did not wanted to open the door but the way and with the volume he was knocking and speaking I was scared that his father will get up because of the noise and I opened the door.

To my good fortune this time Monty did not tried anything weird, rather as I opened the door he fell over my feet and continued pleading for forgiveness. Anyhow I could not forgive him for what he did to me in the morning but for the time being I told him to go and sleep by saying that we will speak about all this in the morning.

Eventually Monty went off and I came to my bed without forgetting my door to lock from inside and I would say that for me and Monty too it was a narrow escape that soon after his go back once again my door got knocked and this time it was my father in law standing outside.

He asked me about the noise which coming and avoided telling him the truth by reflecting doubt that it would have been Monty watching television. Actually Papa was not here only to know about the noise, as weather was very cold he was feverish and he needed warm to take medicine and next he asked me for that. He went back to his room and I gave him water on his bed.

As he was little unwell for an instant he asked me to sleep with him and it was my first mistake that I said no to that. I could sleep there; with my father in law, certainly it would have been good for me but because I wanted to masturbate I gave him excuse that I fail to sleep anywhere else except my bed and accepting that next Papa requested me not to lock my door from inside so

that he can reach to me easily for any need in the night and I said yes to that. Seeing Monty ’s expressions of grief and regret over his deed I was not much worried about him now and that was my second mistake.

Anyway after sitting with Papa for around 15-20 minutes, till he started falling asleep I came back to my room and just close my door and did not lock it. I stayed awake for another hour and it was just fucking which was dwelling in my mind and none except Monty who doing it to me in my fantasy.

Truly speaking friends I don’t know what was happened to me, deep inside I did not wanted to fantasize all that but I was helpless, anyhow I could not forget what all was happened with me in the morning and also what all could happen if Monty would have tried going further.

Certainly it was lack of sex in my life otherwise fuck is nightmare for every female and I was feeling so aroused with a thought of getting fucked and laying over my belly in a warm blanket I rubbed my cunt tenderly for really long while imagining Monty fucking me rudely and me asking Monty for mercy.

It was weird and immoral, but surprisingly it was very satisfying and as my excitement rose high, like a real pervert I fisted myself badly with low voice murmuring of crying as if I am getting fucked by Monty and finally reached to my climax.

Eventually I too fell asleep and as far as I feel it was a sound sleep until I felt something over my waist. I was lying sideways, facing away from the door and as I felt something heavy over my waist and I turned I was shocked to see Monty lying behind me under the same blanket. “Monty …!!!”

Room was dark but there was sufficient light coming from living room and seeing his face next to me I screamed but in very controlled voice and he asked me to let him fuck once in weird words “Bhabhi please ek baar Chodne Do….” and before I would have got up and reacted over that he climbed over me and started kissing me over neck.

“Monty …chhod mujhe…leave me…” I pushed him again and again while saying that and realized that he was naked, not only from his upper half but entirely. As under the blanket my nighty was drifted up until my thighs I could feel his bare thighs touching mine and also I could sense his heavy balls and thick Cock over my belly.

As I said earlier Monty is a tall guy with good health he was too heavy for me to get away easily and after kissing my neck and face repeatedly for a minute or bit more he lip locked me. I did not responded to his kiss, anyhow I could not do that but he did not stop sucking my lips until I started pulling his hairs.

“Bhabhi…aapse request kar raha hun…bus ek baar Chodne do…pyar se karwa low…nahin to mujhe aapko fuck karna padega….” He got up over his elbow and released his hairs from my fist and spoke that in lustful aggression and as it was evident in his eyes that he really mean what he is saying, instead of getting angry over him I requested him to leave me

“please Monty…mujhe chhod de….” “Bhabhi main aapse bahut pyar karta hun….aur main aapko achhe se satisfy kar dunga…please ek baar karne do” looking into my eyes he spoke that shamelessly and next instant his hands reached to my lower body, certainly to take my panty off.

My nighty was already moved up to my waist and as hands touched my thighs I fluttered again and tried to push him hard and to stop my movement Monty once again crushed me under his massive weight and locking my wrists, to prevent me pulling his hairs tried kissing me and unfortunately this time he managed to find a way into my mouth.

His thick tongue wiggled into my mouth aggressively, anyhow I could think of responding to his kiss but moving all around he started sucking my tongue nicely. I won’t say I was losing control over myself but certainly I was very edgy; even after masturbating once sexually I was still bit over-sensitive before getting into sleep. Why not?

After one and a half year of complete absence of physical love suddenly I was staggered by someone so badly that undue desire of having real sex was rose high in me and lying under Monty with his hard Cock over my thighs and while getting kissed deeply, somewhere at one corner of my mind I was thinking about let the things happen.

I don’t know if I am a nymphomaniac or a pervert or a slut but it is a fact that as compared to my husband I have a high sex drive and in past one and a half year; since I was left alone by him many times I have felt like crying after masturbation. Moreover from last few months I was feeling that my body I was going beyond the satisfaction of self fisting, until 2 days back;

until Monty did weird with me and I believe that was the reason, soon after when Monty was really trying to fuck me I was feeling strange pulsation over my fuck opening. Though I was struggling consistently to get away from him while trying my best hold my desire but somewhere I was feeling myself getting weak and wanted to get fucked on the name of getting fucked.

Anyway Monty kissed me deep and long and after that looking into my eyes he once again requested me to let him do it lovingly while saying that it will be fun for both of us “Bhabhi…please pyar se karne do….aapko bhi mazza aayega aur mujhe bhi…”

and no words from my side and looking into his I just continued breathing heavy in fever of saying Ok but really failed to dare accept his demand and once again requested him to leave me. Anyhow there was no chance that Monty could leave me now, I could clearly see the animal in his eyes, moreover he was laying over me naked,

more or less ready to plunge me and next instant throwing the blanket away he once again got up to try taking off my Panty. “Monty please matt kar….” I continued flurrying my legs while trying pushing him and requesting him for not doing all this but somehow Monty overcame my efforts and reaching to my waist and holding elastic of my panty as he moved my Panty down to my thighs

I opened my thighs to not let it go down so easily and held it hard in my fists. Monty tried to take off my Panty and in that struggle suddenly his fingers touched my bare cunt and that really shivered me erotically. I was wet; I didn’t knew that and seeing my reaction of getting touched over my cunt Monty found a way to weaken me and he started rubbing my opening bit roughly with his fingers.

“Ohhh…God…” closing my eyes I moaned in pleasure and just in few seconds felt as if I will cum and using my delicate state Monty pulled my panty out my legs. He was already naked and now I was also bare from my lower half and next instant opening my legs Monty once again touched my cunt with his fingers and as I tried to push him he fisted my fuckhole rapidly.

I cried again and over my expressions it was evident that I am in pleasure and leaning over me to kiss Monty once again told me to let him do “Bhabhi kyun nakhre kar rahi ho…? Chudwa low…! mazza aa jaayega tumko bhi” and closing my eyes I just continued enjoying his fingers exploring my cunt.

He kissed me and along with exploring my cunt explored my mouth too and that was the moment I started losing the battle. Gradually my protest subsided and wasting no time Monty opened my legs wide and came in the middle and finally plunged me hard with sudden jerk.

OH My god, it was too good to feel it after so many days and finally with an intense gasp of clenched lips I released myself to let him fuck me and Monty started vibrating inside me with deep screwing strokes. I can’t say he was big or thick as compared to my husband but certainly he was very powerful and just in few seconds of consistent fucking I was totally lost and holding

him hard in my arms I started enjoying me getting fucked by younger brother of my husband. “Ohhhh…Bhabhi…I will fuck you….I will fuck you….” “Main tumhen bahut Chodunga…aur roz Chodunga….” “tum meri ho…sirf meri….” Passion, aggression, power and everything;

being an experienced and sex starved female I would say the way Mooni was invading my cunt he was simply amazing in all aspects. He was rapid, yet in control and holding me hard from my shoulders he just continued fucking me while saying something or other and his words drove me further into all this with my consent.

Finally I clenched his shoulders, then his waist and then his pumping ass, I wanted Monty to stop fucking me, no other reason except I was reaching to my climax but no use and gritting my teeth and gasping and panting he drove me to wild orgasm.

For an instant I skipped my heart beat and next felt my cunt convulsing frantically on his vibrating Cock and just then Monty too groaned and grinding his cock deep into me may be three more times with a shuddering cry, he buried his entire length in my fuckhole and released his seed in my womb.

I exploded, mewing and panting and crying out in husky voice and Monty just clenched my mouth to control my voice, I shivered head to toe, throughout my release while feeling heat of his cock filled inside my cunt and by the end leaving his entire weight Monty collapsed over me like a dead body.

I was fucked now and anyhow I could not write the feeling I was going through while being buried under him lifeless. “Bhabhi I am sorry…main apne aap ko bahut control kiya…par kya karun….main aapse bahut pyar karta hun…” Monty spoke and reacting reluctant as I tried to push him away from my top he held my wrists and once again started kissing me.

I did not responded to his kiss but he explored my mouth like a lover. I was feeling very week and did not felt like fighting with him at the moment and as he stopped kissing me I asked him to get away and Monty got aside.

Next I moved into the washroom and by the time I came out Monty was gone. I don’t remember exactly what was running in my mind but I was traumatized with what all happened in last half an hour or bit less and eliminating any chance of all this happening again I picked up my blanket and reached beside my Father in law.

Anger and agony along with lot of guilty, I really failed to sleep for rest of the night and went through lot of feelings at the same time but it is a matter of fact that after having real sex I was feeling very light too.

Friends; this is what all I had to share over this blog, after that I never had sex with Monty again, although he tried a lot but he was never so aggressive that I could not resist him. Whenever he tried to touch me or spoke anything weird I smacked him but this is also true that somewhere deep inside I wanted him to continue attempting all this over me and fuck me so forcefully that which could not prevent.

I believe that was the only reason I did not complaint about his deed to his brother and after another 10 days Monty went back to his hostel. Till now almost one month is passed, still no hope of my husband’s come back in near future and I am always occupied with same sinful thoughts of getting fucked by Monty on his next visit. Readers please post comments if possible.

The End.

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Comments (10)

Posted by Well wisher
on: April 18, 2017 3:24 AM | Reply

It's safe to masturbate rather than getting Monty. What happened was rape and you don't have to hide it. Reach out to your man and enjoy it unlimited.

Posted by Subhash
on: April 21, 2017 5:42 AM | Reply

You made excellent narration but it could have been more enjoyable had you not mentioned your struggle with morality. People read to enjoy not to judge right or wrong. Your firm NO was enough but you allowed it to drift you were equally indulged but pulling morality along don't know why???

Posted by Rahul
on: April 22, 2017 12:46 PM | Reply

excellent narration, usually we just read sex in stories published here but the way you have described your mind set, it is simply amazing...

Posted by Raghav
on: May 2, 2017 9:49 PM | Reply

Dear Moderators,
By such stories, you are putting that thought into the mind of young guys that it's ok to keep trying even after a woman says NO.
You don't have to promote Rape.

This story is not enjoyable.

Posted by dmm
on: May 3, 2017 6:12 PM | Reply

Seema, don't u worry that was a phase, in corner of ur mind u were also sex starved and u enjoyed the unavoidable moment.
Don't be stupid enough to disclose and don't even live with any guilt.
I respect ur emotions and feelings..
There is one saying: When Rape is Inevitable, Lye down and enjoy the Fuck.
Just take care and enjoy.

Posted by SR
on: May 12, 2017 1:52 PM | Reply

Excellent narration. It was rape. Go back to your man and enjoy with him.

Posted by Hridik
on: May 14, 2017 9:10 PM | Reply

Seema.. good one..!
Staying hungry is like staying foolish..
enjoy your meal..

Posted by Dr. jyotsna
on: June 13, 2017 6:52 AM | Reply

a lady really loves hard sex
A man should be a man

Posted by rcmurli
on: June 15, 2017 7:52 PM | Reply

Its true when lady sex starved do like this. I dont think its sin. God created this for men and women , he should have prevented but it should not be a pain to other party if so then its a sin

Posted by Hema
on: June 18, 2017 6:51 AM | Reply

Please .... Describe again how he fucked you ....And describe your measurements....And ass size ...Breast size and nipple size if possible

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