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Mathews Enjoying Sex With Anonymous Friend

Hi, Friends! This is Korn Mathews once again with another sex story. This is about the affair with me and an anonymous friend. Actually, our introduction happened here only. With one of my stories, she sent an email. We slowly started chatting on email.

Exchanged our numbers. Started chatting on WhatsApp. She was sending adult jokes, lover especially if I create jokes on her. She enjoys it a lot. Slowly we started calling each other and enjoy voice sex also.

We decided to meet. She is from Chennai. I went to Chennai and she came to meet me. She is married, so she managed at her home and came there. Maaaaan! She is gorgeous. She is 34-32-36.

We both went to a distant place Pondicherry. Took a 3-star hotel rented. We entered the hotel by evening. After reaching, I took bath and came out. She went inside and took bath too and came out on a towel, a black bra inside and her towel covering till her thighs. I just went out turned the board “do not disturb”, came back.

She was just removing the towel and I hugged her from the back. She gave a deep sigh! aaaah! She said we have all night. I said it just started. And started french kissing her. We exchanged salivas for some time.

Then I started licking her earlobes, neck and slowly moved onto boobs. She fell there on the bed. I started licking her navel and moved up and started licking lower boobs by pressing the other one alternatively. She started moaning umm. I removed her bra and started licking her boobs passionately. She is moaning loud. It was around 8 pm.

Room boy rang the bell. I covered her inside bed sheet and went to order some food. He saw her and gave a little smile and went away. As soon as he went. I jumped on her. started licking her pussy passionately. She is moaning loud. I think he came back and hearing her. Just felt like that. Then I licked her the whole body.

Didn’t leave a cum literally. Then started fucking her pussy. I guess we went there during the odd time, so the hotel was not that filled. She was moaning aaah Mathews common darling fuckkkk me fucccck ur aunty as ur bitch. I started fucking her deeply aaah aahaahh we were sweating a lot. We came up both together and fell apart.

Then the bell rang. This time I winked at her. She understood and went there towel wrapped again but wore her bra but not panty. She opened the door and went in front of the mirror and rinsing her hair. He saw her. I think he got excited. I asked him to close the door and I was on a towel and on the bed too.

He said sorry for disturbing sir. I said it’s ok. This may be common here. He just laughed. I said sweetheart give him a tip. I just went inside washroom to wash and clean up again. She came near him and took his hand and kept on her waist. Held him tight and gave him a kiss. He got aroused and they were kissing each other and he removed her towel.

No panty…His eyes were glowing. He immediately went down and started licking her pussy. She was enjoying that. I entered the room. I shouted what’s going on??? He was puzzled. We threatened him and he tried to convince but we didn’t listen. He said, sir, I’ll call my wife. You can enjoy her for doing this but pls don’t complain or else I’ll lose my job.

I asked his job would stay only if I liked her wife. He called her. We were having dinner and she came. She was a typical village girl but with good shapes. So I dragged her to me and kissed her, she started responding. The room boy and my affair were enjoying. We separated our beds. I started licking his wife’s navel and pussy vigorously. Her legs were shaking.

She started saying Fuck me, sir, pls fuck me. her husband was shocked listening to this. He was fucking more vigorously my aunt and I was fucking his wife’s ass. Wow! I was in seventh heaven. I and his wife went into the bathroom and started taking bath.

I was pissing on her. She was enjoying that. I started ramming her ass and had a fucking session. I came out. Room boy was sleeping on my aunt’s pussy. Seeing us, he woke up. Then they both dressed up and I gave some tip to her wife. The went away. I laughed and my aunty also winked. Aunty asked, did you like her? I said her ass was awesome.

She said to check out my ass. She started rubbing her ass on my dick. My dick aroused within no time. I was fucking her ass then. She was saying, “come on come on aaaahh Matthew”. Such a great dick fucked that bitch Now me. Is it a dick or iron rod. Fuck me darling fuck me. ahahhhha aaahhhhh ahhahhhhhh.

I kept of fucking her. I turned her and let her jump on me. Started sucking her boobs and fucking her ass. Her boobs are jumping and I feeling the depth of her hole. I slowly. removed my dick and place in her pussy. She started don’t make me sleep this night. Please, Mathy… macha fuck macha fuck macha she is moaning.

After some time. I was cumming. She said cum in my mouth. I removed condom then and came in her mouth. Wow, such a sexy bitch she is. Swallowed with one single gulp. Of course, that was my third time and didn’t come much. Then we slept for some time and woke up at 3 am. She started licking my dick slowly and started dancing nude like pole dancers.

Then my dick started coming up. suddenly a thought came to my mind and I called the room boy’s wife. She came. I started stripping the girl’s clothes and aunty is sucking my cock. The girl’s breast is in my mouth. I just went on that girl and started fucking her pussy.

Aunty went and brought honey and poured over her breast. I started licking them and then she poured some honey on her asshole. She stepped over her and bent and kept her ass hole in front of me. I was fucking the girl and licking aunty’s ass.

Aunty’s boobs are hanging down, so the girl is licking aunty’s boobs and aunty is pressing the girl’s boobs. Then the position’s changed. I slept and Aunty is rubbing her pussy on my face. Girls are sucking my cock in reverse direction.

Aunty is also opposite directed. So when the girl bent to suck my cock her ass is faced towards aunt, so aunty is licking her ass and I are downsides licking her pussy. Like this, we had threesome till 5 am. We fucked for some time and fell asleep.

Those nights I stayed there, the room boy’s wife used to come whenever I call and I used to enjoy both my aunt and her. We had threesomes. While leaving. I said thank you, aunty. I had memorable days of my life. We are still in touch.

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Horny Guy Fucking Bosnian Girlfriend In The UK

This sex story is about when I was in the UK, and how I managed to fuck a girl from Bosnia she was older to me by about 4 years. So without further ado let us jump into the sex story. I had reached the UK a couple of weeks back and my classes had started in full swing, though there was a lot of studies I still managed to find time to socialize and party.

I had taken the university accommodation in a studio apartment and since the building was a non-smoking one I had to go out to smoke due to this I would meet quite a few people while smoking and this way my social circle grew, in fact, we had a small group on WhatsApp which was for our smoke meetings there were about 7 of us there 5 girls and two guys including me,

we all had become close friends and we used to go out for parties and all. During this time I got close to one girl her room was on the same floor as mine and somewhat opposite, while I was studying finance she was studying Psychology.

We were quite good friends she was very much fascinated by the way I used to do maths and I used to irritate her by saying that Psychology is for Psychos. To describe her she was really slim and tall she had blonde hair, though she was not naturally blonde, she had perky breasts and an ass to die for.

So after a couple of months, I had to travel to Spain for a week as part of my course. On our return journey, the flight was delayed thanks to the snow so by the time I reached back home it was already 1 am. I badly needed a smoke and I was out of stock so just before reaching my studio I shot off a message in the group,

that I required borrowing a smoke she immediately replied back saying call me once you’re here. Once I reached I called her from down itself it was very cold outside so it took her some time to get dressed and come down, she came and hugged me and welcomed me back and asked me how the trip was,

I was explaining to her what all we did in Spain and how amazing the weather was etc. after smoking we decided to go back up as it was really cold and our hands were freezing on the way she asked me if I was tired I replied no, she then said that she was not feeling sleepy and she wants to hear all about my experience in Spain.

I agreed told her that I would come to her room in 15 minutes after a shower. After my shower, I changed into my pajamas and went to her room she too had shed all her big jackets and sweaters and was in her pajamas with a spaghetti top. She went on talking and I kept on replying to her she was always fascinated by different countries, their cultures, and everything.

It was already 2 but we were nowhere near sleepy so she suggested we watch a movie on her laptop, she put on a movie I can’t remember which movie it was we were sitting on the bed and watching the movie after a little while she put her head on my shoulders and started watching, I too put my hand around her.

We were in a cuddle position by the time the movie got over I removed my hand from around her and started stretching. I was about to announce that its time we should go to bed as it was already 3:30 when she pulled me in and planted a kiss on my lips.

I was a bit taken aback for a few seconds but then started responding back, in the meantime she was getting really passionate and wild her hands were already inside my t-shirt and was rubbing it all over my naked chest and back. When we broke the kiss her eyes were red and so was her whole face.

I pulled her close and took one of her straps of her shoulders and started kissing her neck and shoulders. She closed her eyes and started to moan slightly she was trying to get rid of my t-shirt which I let her, and in that gap, I also took off her top and pressed my chest against her body.

Her body was smooth as silk and warm we kept kissing each other in the meantime I started rubbing her pussy over her pyjamas, she was trying to pull my hand away from there which took me by surprise and I broke the kiss she then took hold of my hand and inserted it into her pyjamas and said this way is better with a smile.

Now I too was fingering her and she was also giving me a handjob, after a while, she got up took her pajamas and mine to and we got into 69 positions. She was furiously gulping my cock and I was licking her out, it was -8° outside but we were sweating here. We were in that position for about 10 – 15 minutes,

she then got off and positioned my cock at her pussy opening and started riding me she was slow initially as she was telling me it’s hurting. She was incredibly tight and slowly she increased her speed we changed position and was I missionary I was kissing her while fucking her and we continued like this for another 15 – 20 minutes and we both came.

That’s when we realized that we actually had fucked with no protection and I had cum in her, I got a bit nervous she came near me hugged me and said that it was an unplanned encounter and said not to worry that she would get a pill tomorrow.

We slept off in a cuddling position and when I woke up the next day she was huddled up very close to my chest I gave her a kiss on her forehead and proceeded to wake her up with a long morning kiss. We had one more session in the morning and then for the next one year we were like a complete couple, we had even started sharing a room together and after our studies,

we had got our own place, while we were working and were living like a married couple. Unfortunately, all things end so did this, when her visa expired she was unable to get a renewal and was made to leave the country we kept in touch for a while but it was getting more difficult for both of us to keep the relationship going and hence mutually we decided to end it.

I saw her a couple of years later when she came visiting London and we had a full week of fun, in fact, one day was completely nude the whole day and we did everything together. I haven’t met her after that encounter but we still keep in touch with good friends on facebook. Thanks for reading my sex story.

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Sandy Enjoying Sex Foreplay With Stranger On Chennai Express

Hi this is sandy from Chennai am doing my pg course am submitting here kindly give nice feedback am a fan of HumanDigest for two years kindly bare my grammatical mistakes. I am submitting a Story, which happened a few months back when I was returning to Chennai from Madurai in Train.

This time also I went to Madurai and returning to Chennai in a unreserved compartment as I didn’t get any Berth, due to unplanned travel. The Train compartment is almost empty and on the opposite seat of mine there was a Mother (45) and daughter (20), they are also traveling from Madurai to Chennai. I had a laptop bag with me, I didn’t keep it on the luggage stand.

I kept the bag on my lap and I started to sleep by keeping my head in the bag. Suddenly I woke up as I was feeling some disturbance on my feet. The time has crossed Twelve in the night, Train is going on its way and the girl who sat on the opposite seat of mine was sleeping on the floor covering her with a Bedspread. Her mother is sleeping on the opposite seat.

Nobody else was there in that cabin except us. The girl’s feet is touching on my feet, I thought she is in deep sleep. Till now I didn’t have any wrong intentions about her in my mind. So I adjusted myself and started to sleep again. But after about 10 minutes she kept her foot on mine and started to rub, now I understood her intention.

I maintained the silence and I pretend like sleeping. After some time she raised one of her foot to some level and continued raising my trouser, rubbing on my bare leg. Now my dick started to erect. I thought of starting my actions. I slowly stretched my legs, by seeing my movement she had taken back her legs to normal state and pretend like sleeping.

But I stretched my legs till it reaches her leg and I touched her leg over the Bedspread. I haven’t stopped there, She is sleeping on her back, so I have sudden my leg inside the Bedspread till it reaches her thigh. I kept it there for some time by touching her outer thigh and I started to caress her outer thigh using my leg fingers.

Then slowly I inserted my leg fingers below her bums inside. Suddenly she kept one leg above other in crossing position, so I got some space to insert my leg. I inserted my leg till it reaches her anus and started to tickle using my thumb finger of the leg. She started to act for my tickling, she is jerking her body slowly.

Now I bent downwards, took my right hand and inserted into her bed spread. She was wearing a Churidhar, I kept my hand over her thigh and started to caress slowly. Now I progressed my hand towards her inner thigh and slowly I touched the warm triangular area of her and continued my fondling.

Chennai and Tamilnadu mature ladies and young girls who are willing for chatting hangouts phone sex straight performance and advice. Now my leg’s thumb finger is tickling her anus under her bums and my hand’s fingers are fondling her pussy area over the churidar pant.

I could feel her movement now, she is moving her hips up and down slowly and enjoying the activity which I am doing. I continued this for some time, then slowly I inserted my hand inside her churidar top and touched her bare belly.

I progressed my hand upwards and reached her boobs over the bra. I caught her left side boob and started massaging slowly over the bra. Suddenly I pulled the bra downwards and started to squeeze her bare boobs and pinched her nipples one by one. She adjusted herself so as that I can easily put my hand inside her churidar top to squeeze her boobs.

I did this for some time, then again I brought my hand down to her belly and massaged there. I slid my hand inside her panty on the top and squeezed her bare pussy. Now I can feel her pussy hole with my fingers. It was wet, I inserted two of my fingers and started to finger fuck her. She started to move her hip up and down again.

All these time, she is closing her eyes. Now the time is almost 4 AM, I could hear some talking sounds on the next cabins. I squeezed her pussy again, took my hand to her boobs again, squeezed them. And took my hand out before somebody comes and came back to my original position.

All these time, my leg’s finger was continuously tickling her anus. When everybody got up, she also got up and sat on the opposite seat of mine next to her mother and smiled at me. When we reached the Junction I went on my way and she went with her mother.

We hope you got really turned on by reading this story, kindly let us and the author know what you think in the comments section below.

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Bisexual Crossdresser Fucked By Roommate - II

Previously: Bisexual Crossdresser Fucked By Roommate - I

I had convinced myself to confront him and tell him about my fantasies and persuade him to treat me like his sex slave, a whore. The tremendous power and his passionate kisses made me think like a whore and give up the control to Raj. After two days, he came back to home from his trip. But I was afraid of him and decided not to tell anything.

Maybe this could be a bit of an awkward situation for both of us. Hence, I decided not to tell anything to him about that night. As far as I don’t want to think about to the situation the more I end up thinking that night of that passionate kisses. Then the terrific idea born in my mind. I made a plan to do all the thing I was fantasizing about all this year.

Raj has the habit of not remembering anything happened last night because of his drinking problem. I made a plan to take advantage of his habit. I planned that whenever he came back home next time late in the evening totally drunk situation I would recreate the same situation as of that night and again he will think about his girlfriend and try to overpower upon me.

Then I can satisfy all my fantasies as I want and next day he will not remember anything about that night. I can make him hit me, love me or even fuck me as hard as he wants. Later that evening he was going out with his college friends for drinks. That evening I have decided to prepare myself for the exciting night I am going to have with Raj.

I was preparing to be like his girlfriend which was not that difficult as anyways he will be going to think me as his girlfriend, Nisha. I decided to attached my penis and my balls to my stomach so that his not going to find out any loopholes in his imaginary girlfriend he will about to fuck later in that night.

I had also made some soft boobs with cotton and attached it to my chest to fake it like real boobs. I had attached my long hair wig to my original hair with pins so that even the force of him will not make it lose and pulling of my hair by him make the real effects on my head. I wore the one of my other sexy nighty which I like the most and wear it only on special occasions of happiness.

This one is the sluttiest one. Then I slip over my black pantyhose which my legs even sexier than ever. I was desperately waiting for the Raj to come home and made me his slave. I was looking a complete whore in that nighty. The thoughts running through my mind like what if someone else came instead of Raj. Obviously, no one could leave the hot meat in front of him.

Even a sober man also take my full advantage in that situation. The time is passed and then he came back to home. I was hiding behind my room door to make sure that the person is Raj only. So that if anyone else was there then I can save myself from any other issues. The door opens and there he was. Here was Raj in his usual condition, totally drunk.

I came out of my room and run to him. I said “Raj, are you okay?? Don’t worry Baby I am here. I am not going anywhere. I never left you again.” And I hugged him as if I was Nisha. He holds me and starts crying seeing his girlfriend is back. He started kissing me more passionately than before on that day.

And the night begins as I was fantasizing about. He started kissing my lips and biting my lips. He has put his tongue deep inside my mouth. I was also passionately kissing him. While kissing, he has both his hand on my butt and started squeezing them. It was one of my excited movement where he uses his strong hands on my hand.

This makes me hornier and I was started kissing him more passionately like I was going to fucked by him last time. He then started using his hands on my fake boobs. He crushing them like hell. It was fake but I have to make them real so I started moaning with his each crushing like they were my real boobs.

He was now kissing my neck and my stomach area above my nighty. It feels so good when he kissing my neck and throwing his warm breath on my sensitive area. I was moaning in the pleasure. He was so much drunk that he was not in the mood of more foreplay.

Hence, he stopped and started again kissing me while holding my hands with his great force behind my back. His domination just killing me in the pleasure. He wants to fuck me as soon as possible and as hard as he can. He took me to the bed and throw me on the bed like I am some animal.

He then started undressing. He was completely naked and I can see his penis hanging out there. It was 8” inches long in very thick. It was solid hard which about to fuck my ass. He then came to me on the bed and pull my hair towards him. He pushed his penis into my mouth and start trying to deep fucking it. I was in a hell as this was my first time I was giving blowjob to someone.

Certainly, I didn’t see this one is coming. He pushed harder it in my mouth. It was good but very stinking because of the entire day’s smell of his pissing. I was choked to death by him. He was using his all power to push it hard. I was also enjoying my first blowjob. After some time, the smell of the piss and the sperm makes me hornier.

This was gone about 15-20 minutes when he finally cum into my mouth. I enjoying each drop of it and swallow it. After my mouth fuck, it was the time to intense intercourse. As he was thinking me as if his girlfriend I told him to fuck me today in the asshole as I was on my period and also not to touch my pussy. He totally bought my made up the story.

He has now turned me around and asks me to lay on my back. I asked him to punish me for whatever I did to him by spanking me harder on my butt. He also agreed and take his belt and start hitting me on my butt. He spanked me harder and harder relieving his frustration. Each stroke made me cry.

I was screaming in pain. It was my fantasy to serve my master in whatever way he wants and feel the pain he wants to give me. This pain gives me pleasure. Hence, with each stroke of hell, I was feeling the pain and enjoying the pleasure from it. Those were about 30 strokes. Finally, he stopped and started licking my asshole. He was playing with his tongue on my asshole.

This feels like heaven when he was licking my ass. I enjoyed the entire movement and wished it to never end. Now the real session was about to start. Raj has big and thick 8’ inches penis. I was known that my tiny asshole would never bear the pain of the drunken man’s penis. I lubricated by an asshole and his penis with the lubricant.

I had also bought a penis ring from the online seller. This can be placed around a penis, usually at the base, primarily to slow the flow of blood and thus maintaining an erection for a much longer period of time. This will slow down the erection of Raj. I place it in the right area as describe in the manual.

The real fucking was started. He has placed his penis in the opening of the hole and started stroking into my ass in one go. This man was totally drunk and not in a sense of what was hurtful to the other person. He started pushing it so harder into my ass that I almost screamed. The pain was hell. He has grabbed me in such a way that I could not be able to move.

He pushed it harder. When I resisted in the pain he holds my hands behind my back. Now I was not even protesting the pain. I was screaming in the pain. After some time, this pain becomes bearable and I feel some sort of pleasure. I was moaning in the pain and enjoying each stroke into my ass.

My ass was on fire but the same is giving me the excellent pleasure I never had in my life. Because of the penis ring, the fucking session was a bit longer than I was expected. The drunken man making my life fucking miserable with each stroke. Finally, he cum into my asshole. With the last stroke, he fell upon me and I was carrying his entire weight on me.

He probably slept after the exhausted session. I have enjoyed it thoroughly as I was the only one who was in his sense while such incredible movement. I was started cleaning the mess around it and put him to his bed properly so that in the morning he cannot realize that something has happened that night.

I took my clothes and move to my room and then I take a hot shower thinking about the sex. In the morning, as usual, Raj didn’t remember anything. I was also acted like nothing ever happened. Then after occasionally I enjoying being Nisha, Raj’s girlfriends. This was my first bisexual experience with Raj.

Thank you, guys, for reading my story. If you enjoyed it please give your comments.

The End.

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Bisexual Crossdresser Fucked By Roommate - I

Hello, people. I am Sahil. I am currently living in Mumbai in a shared apartment with my roommate Raj. We both doing our engineering from different colleges in Mumbai. This story is based on my and my roommate’s real life experience. Which is how I am engaged in a sexual relationship with Raj. Let us start with the introduction.

Introduction: Sahil. The author of the story. I am 24 years old. Since I was at 14 I have a very strange fantasy of Crossdressing as a beautiful girl. Whenever I was alone at my home, I used to wear my sister’s lingerie, clothes. I am not much-socialized person hence I was not attending functions of relatives and rather preferring to stay at home alone.

Those are my golden days to explore my fantasies of cross-dressing. I used to wear my sister’s bra, panty, pantyhose, saree etc. I also wear makeup and put long hair wig. I have learned to wear sarees from the Youtube videos and makeups. Those days I wore it whole day and night pretending to be a beautiful girl in the house.

When I got the admission in one of college in Mumbai, I was shifted here with Raj as a roommate. As I was shifted Mumbai, now I have no privilege to use my sister’s clothes. Hence, initially, I have purchased my own bra, panties etc from the online sellers. Gradually I have purchased my own set of ladies’ items like hair wig, lipstick, bangles, saree, nighty etc.

I use the same to become a girl in my apartment whenever Raj is not at home or whenever he is visiting his Hometown. Raj doesn’t know about all stuff I have since I moved in. Raj: Raj is 26 and living in Mumbai since a year ago when I moved in. He has an athlete and strong body. He is kind of Intimidating. The only habit Raj has is he is a bit alcoholic.

He has a group of college friends who are rich and having late night parties. Raj also involved in this group and become alcoholic. But Raj could not be able to handle alcohol much and ended up throwing up it usually.

Also since this much consumption of alcohol daily basis, he would not be able to remember anything on next day that what was happened last night or where was he or where were they go for such parties. He came home late in the same situation and after having some dramatic conversation with me slept the whole night and forgot everything in the morning even the talk we had.

The other reason why he becomes so much alcoholic was his bad break up with his girlfriend. Sometimes, after coming home he tends to imagine me as a girlfriend and starts arguing with me about his issues with her. Many times, in the frustration he even hit me also.

Main Part of the story: I was always fascinated about reading crossdressing stories at such time and read the experience of the people involved in such fantasies. Apart from the fantasy of being a beautiful girl, I also have other fantasy of being a slave to other person and completely obey their orders. I like to be the cross-dresser for such person and give up my control to him.

It is fascinating to allow him to use me as his sex slave and give me all the pain he wants. Once, when Raj is gone with his group for the whole day I have a chance to become a girl for a whole day and explore my feminine side. I can be like a girl and do the normal stuff a girl can do for the whole day. Hence, I was going to prepare for such time.

That day I had taken a hot bath and remove my body hair even on the genital area. After such removal, my whole body become smooth like a girl. I have started with the clothes which I have bought and wear all those clothes one by one. Firstly, I put my bra and panty. The silk of the bra and panty made excited. Then I put on blouse and saree and become a beautiful girl.

Then I did my makeup and put my long hair wig. The smell of the hair made me crazy. My dick becomes rock-hard with its smell. I also wore lipstick, the red one to suite it with my other ornaments. I had spent my entire evening in my feminine avatar. On that day, I have done the stuff like cleaning house, making dinner for myself etc. which usually girls are doing.

I then had my dinner watching Saas-Bahu serials. At the time around 9:30 p.m. I became exhausted with the weight of that Saree and other ornaments, hence I decided to put on my Sexy nighty which I have purchased from online. It feels like I was some kind of whore who came to that apartment to please the man.

As Raj never ever came before 1 O’clock as per his regular schedule, I have plenty of time to remain in my feminine avatar. At around 10:15 p.m., when I was watching the TV, someone has entered the apartment keys and suddenly enters in the room. He was Raj. I was terrified and I was not even being able to think what was going on.

Raj came in the room in his usual situation, totally drunk, having no idea whether it is his apartment or someone else. But that day, he had seen me in my nighty half naked as the night was covering only up to my hips. I was totally in the shock. Raj was staring at me like a wild animal who has not eaten for like a month and searching for the meat desperately.

I was so much ashamed in front of him and feel shy. I was about to cry and suddenly he said: “Nisha, you are back?”. Nisha was ex- girlfriend. Looking at me in a sexy nighty and hallucinating about his girlfriend, he seems happy and trying to hug me and kiss me. “Nisha, I love you. I can’t believe you back. Please don’t leave me. I so sorry. Please don’t leave me” he said.

I was in a shock and bit of confused on the situation. He continuously trying to kiss me but I resisted and push him back. I said, “I am not Nisha, please leave me.” But my efforts were meaningless. He was a quite huge and three times stronger than me. I could not be able to defend myself. He forcefully kissed my lips.

In the situation where there was a smooth skin girl in a sexy nighty showing her assets can’t be resisted by a sober person also and yet he was totally drunk. He throws me towards the wall and again forcefully trying to bite my lips and inserting his tongue in my mouth. I can smell the alcohol through his mouth.

He has held my hands with a great grip behind my back so that I can’t move. One can imagine the situation where the love of their life come back to them and they don’t want to lose them again. Those feel of Raj has trapped me in his arms. I was terrified with the gesture of Raj and his continuous mouth fucking with his lips.

Then he started to remove my panty or else I could say almost tore it. Sensing the situation, I had made my strong defense to push him away and made myself free from his arms. I punched him in his face and ran to my room as fast as I could. He fell down on the chair beside him and might be lost his conscious, though not because of my smooth handed punch but because of the alcohol.

Next morning, I was not in a situation to confront him or tell him about my whole cross-dressing fantasy. I was in the room the whole day thinking about the humiliation I was gone through. Of course, I have a fantasy of being control by the other person in bed in with my crossdressing but that night is a horrifying experience for me.

I have not plan to face him for next few days but suddenly my door knocked by him asking me to come out to talk with him. I was afraid to face him that I have to. I open the door and came outside. My eyes not even looking to him in the feel of ashamed of myself.

I was about to say him sorry and suddenly he said he has some assignment to do with their college friends and for that he has to go out of town for 2 days. Listening to this I was confused why he was acting like this like nothing happened. He said, “Are you Okay, Sahil??” I said “Yeah, everything is fine. You go. Don’t worry”. He then leaves with his bags probably his clothes in it.

I was shocked and confused. But then I realized that he never remembered whatever happened last night because of his drinking habits. Now I felt relaxed. He didn’t remember the last night. Next two days, I was thinking about the night. His forceful kisses on my lips and that biting on my lips. His tongue in my mouth.

I was thinking the whole time about his domination upon me and to do all the things he wanted to with his girlfriend. Truly the whole experience is terrifying but this is the same fantasy I was a dream about since I was 14.

Maybe the situation made me not to do such things and defend myself from his strong grip. I was a dream about it all day or night. It also made me excited and I couldn’t resist myself to masturbate.

To Be Continued...

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Dheeran Enjoying Sex Foreplay In Bus With Mallu Girl

Hello, HumanDigest readers; this is my first story. I’m dheeran from Coimbatore. Now working in Chennai, I’m 22 years old. Comeing to the story…This happened a month before. (few years before) I was in love with a girl. Who is 2 years elder to me. Her name is priya, she is white..Chubby cute and one of the top beautiful girls in our college.

We were in love for more than 2 years. And later we broke up due to some misunderstanding. Darshini was her bestfriend..We became friends..When I was with priya. She has helped me in many ways for my love. After the course completed, we all went behind our personal duties.

Now priya was not in touch with me..But darshini was still in touch and she is working in it company in chennai…And then I joined as Asst editor in chennai. Sorry guys for the lengthy story…Now let’s move on to the beautiful incident. Some must have been guessed.. Darshini is the heroine here.. She is a malayalli from kochin.

She had a beautiful white skintone and big boobs…She resembles like pornstar Mia khalifa… I used to admire her beauty..But I had no bad intention till then. This was a weekend.. Monthly once friday I will go to my native place.. Usually me and my friend will be going.. I booked tickets in orange travels sleeper.

On that day..My friend was unable to come..Because of some office work. So…I was searching for some one to join… Darshini told she will come with me. I told this is 2seat sleeper is it ok?..And she was ok with that.. Friday night 10.0 clock bus…I went to her hostel at 9 and picked her, went to koyambedu, parked my bike in the stand and we went in to the bus.

We were talking casually about our jobs and was also sharing our personal things, bus started at 10.15pm. We were sitting opposite to each other and talking.. It was like.. Vtv movie ossana scene.. Her foot was touching my legs …She was in tshirt and jean…And I was in track and tshirt…Ac was very cold…While moveing her leg…Touched my thighs..I saw her foot.

Touched and slowly moved aside..And moved my eyes upward…Her boobs were hanging and cleavage was visible… Saw her face…Pink lips and that mallu eyes were killing me…I was seeing into her eyes…She too responded by seeing without blinking…My stomach was freezing cold.And suddenly driver switched off the lights.As it is already 11.0 clock.

Then, she said lets sleep.. It sounded like double meaning… While we was moving to keep the bags in the corner…Bus gave a huge jerk..In which she fell on me and I touched her boobs for almost 5 to 10 sec..She did not say anything…And tried to move…Were her boobs pressed my hand even harder.

She smiled and took my hand from her boobs and saw me…It was very cute.. And it was like a green signal.. Then we were lying and talking. When she was talking…I was seeing her eyes.Lips and admiring her beauty…For which she said..R yu listening or ??? What?.? I smiled and said..I was admireing your beauty and placed my hand on her forehead and came closer…

She did not say anything… I came more closer …She closed her eyes.. Our lips were very very closer but I did not kiss her…Despite I was loveing to watch her reactions and slightly touched her lips with my lips…Still she was closeing her eyes. Then she too moved her lips and responded …We were kissing deeply..

And my hands were around her waist and playing with her hip curves. She was hugging me tightly…And now the journey began…While kissing…I moved my hand inside her t-shirt…And started fondling her stomach and she was enjoying the moment…And were smooching for some time.

Later she too started to move her hand inside my tshirt and fondle..That made me more arouseing..And I touched her boobs and pressed slowly…It was so soft and sema experience…For which she…Touched by manhood above the track and was playing with that..I removed her bra and slip…Not the tshirt..As we were in bus…

And started to press hard and lick and bite her boobs..Her nipple were in light pink colour..And with other hand I touched her pussy….She was enjoying and looking deep into my eyes…I started to insert my middle finger…It was very tight…And sure she must have felt the pain.

So kissed her deep on her lips and started to move to and fro in her …She was making some sound…Even though I was kissing. Later she climbed on me, kissed and hugged tightly …And we were rolling and playing for sometime and smooching, licking…Playing with the tongue and then I lowered her jean and licked her pussy…Which was clean shaved.

After sometime…She said ‘I need yours in my mouth..’ and lowerd my tracks and she started to play and rub my brother. And she licked first in my balls …I could not express the feelings…It was like that.. And gave a awesome blowjob …Mixed with the handjob…Till that time…I was pressing her hip…Back and boobs then I too started to insert my finger in her glory hole…She was enjoying…

Then…After some time I was about to cum…She said ‘ I want to drink that’ and she covered my manhood with her mouth and she drank completely…Later I ejaculated for her…Then I saw the time, it was 2.20 a.M. We both slept hugging each other..And then bus reached Coimbatore at 6.O clock…We got down, booked cab…While going in cab.She asked me ‘ are you virgin???'”

I said yes…For which she smiled and said i’ll get some time to take yours…I asked the same question to her…She said no. We reached near her home and dropped her in front of the street and I went back to my home…We had another romance…While going back to chennai.

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Abhi Fucking Cute Senior Mansi

Hi all. This is abhi here. I am posting here for the first time. I am 25, stay here in bangalore, 5ft 10 inches tall, fair complexioned with a good physique. I don’t stick to one girl rather I make only temporary girlfriends for a few months and switch to another after enjoying the girl fully. I am like that only and choose girls of that type only.

I even target the girlfriends of my friends, my juniors as well as my seniors. Today I am going to share with you all about one senior of mine mansi, how I noticed her, got close and finally fucked her several times. Mansi is one year senior to me in college. I have first noticed her many times in college but didnt ogle at her.

I always target hot girls with sexy figure like big boobs, curvy ass and types. Mansi was not the hottie type rather the cute type. I noticed her figure and assessed she has small boobs and ass but she is fair and is very cute havin a height of around 5feet 4 or 5 inches.

But on college day cultural night I saw her fist time wearing a saree and she was looking so sexy that there only I decided I have to fuck her one day. Her boobs were perfect shaped actually which I couldnt make out while she wore loose t shirts and tops. Her blouse gave me the actually shape. Those were 32 but still perfect. Her ass curves were perfect enough to give instant boner.

She tied the saree low enough to give us full view of her fair litte chubby belly. Though not from front but but the side view I saw her navel for the first time. It was lovely and attractive. I went for a formal conversation and complimented her and all. That night I went back home and I masturbated twice thinking of her.

Days passed and gradually got close to her asking for help in studies and in between got to know more about her. She had a breakup with her boyfriend a year back as she caught him cheating on her. We exchanged numbers and got more closer. 2 months later was my birthday. We had became close by now so I invited her to my house.

She refused as my home was far from her hostel(she is not from bangalore). I told her that I will pick her and drop her back too. I have enjoyed from the start of my bday at midnight to morning with my friends. I told her only close ones will be there in the evening. So I picked her at 6 pm and took her to my home. She was wearing a white sleeveless top and blue jeans.

I could see the view of her armpits and from the side, glimpse of her bra too. I got boner and I planned I have to fuck her. After the party got over it was close to 10 pm. The hostel allows entry till 9 pm only after that if she wish to enter she will have to write an application mentioning reasons for the delay. This was the opportunity I was waiting for.

My mom and dad are both working as doctors and they had taken leave during the day to spend some time together and choosed to do night duty to compensate. After they left, my close friends also left and by 11 pm.It was only me, mansi and my elder sister in the house.

Since it was very late, I asked mansi to stay in my house and thag I will drop her back in the morning to which my sister also agreed. She hesitated but finally agreed to stay. We 3 started to chit chat and in between I suggested that lets get drunk. Mansi refused but I told her its was my bday so she has to listen.

My sister brought the vodka bottle she had kept in her closet and we started to drink. My sister anita was taking neat shot like tequila. Me and mansi just took few pegs by then when anita got high. I knew she will pass out soon so I asked mansi to help me carry her to her room.

Mansi and me made her lie on her bed, covered her with a bedsheet and switched off the lights and came back to my room. We took another couple of shots and this time mansi was little high so was I. She started to share some random facts about life and all. I just told her ‘I like you mansi, you are the most cutest and lovable and caring girl I have ever met”.

She paused and looked at me for second and kept staring. I dont know who leaned but I just felt my lips on hers. I kept kissing her soft lips for sometime and she also reciprocated well. She broke the kiss and went back. I asked what happened mansi? She said, “This is not right, we shouldnt do all these”.

I convinced her somehow and before she could start telling anything I went and kissed her again. I pressed her waist and slowly lifted her top and I removed it completed. She was wearing a white halter neck bra. She was feeling very shy and covered her boobs with hand. I hugged her and I pulled the strings of her halter neck bikini bra and freed her cute little boobs.

She has pink nipples. I pressed her boobs and squeezed her nipples gently. It became hard and erect. I knew she was still not comfortable but I decided I wont let her go and will fulfill my desire of fucking her. I started to suck her boobs madly. I did bite her nipples.

She screamed “Ouchhh…Aaahhh..Itsss hurting me”…I didn’t stop and I sucked her boobs for some more time and then I went down to belly. I kissed her belly and her cute navel and then I unhooked the button of her jeans and slowly pulled it down. I removed my t-shirt and I started to finger her pussy. She was already wet. I pulled her panty down and I parted her pussy lips.

She has amazing pink pussy which was clean shaved. I licked her pussy and she was like ‘ummm…Aahhh.Mmmmmm…Ummmmm”.. I went on top of her and started to kiss her lips again. Her cute boobs were getting crushed on my chest. My dick was full erect and was desparately waiting to go inside her hole. I slowly pushed it in and she moaned.

She was not virgin but maybe she was having sex after a long time. I fucked her with gentle strokes for sometime and when I felt I was about to explode I took my dick out and took it near her mouth. I pushed it in her lips and she took it inside her mouth. I mouth fucked her and I released my cum inside her after about 2 mins.

I took it out and sprayed the remaining stock on her face. She drank all and then I wiped her face with a towel. I asked her to give a blow job once more and she did. I cummed again but not like the first time. She cleaned my cock. We took a break and this time I fucked her with condom on. I enjoyed her fully. I fucked her hard this time.

She exploded this time and all her juice came out from her pussy. I asked her that I wanted to try the doggy style. She agreed and I fucked her in doggy style and pressed her boobs too while fucking. I asked her for anal to which she refused saying she dont like anal. But I somehow managed to convince her and I fucked her ass too.

She screamed so loud…But I continued for sometime and then took out my dick and turned her and I sprayed my cum over her milky sexy belly. I cleaned it later and finally we were too exhausted to try anything else. We slept in each other’s arms. Next morning she woke up early and took a shower in the adjacent bathroom and got dressed up.

I woke up and got dressed. We had breakfast together but we avoided eye contact. My sister sensed what all happened last night, she just gave a naughty smile to both of us and winked at me. She only advised to drop mansi back soon as mom and dad might return anytime. I drove her back to hostel.

I told her on the way, “It was the best gift. Thanks mansi”. She didnt say anything but her eyes told everythng. She was happy too. So this is how I finally fucked the cutest girl I ever met. After that, I fucked her a few more times.

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Sameer Having Sexy Fun With Sisters Friend Shikha

Hi, guys and lovely girls, this is sameer here. I’m a big indian sex stories fan & now I thought of sharing an incident with you all. Enjoy !!! I was a mechanical engineer in a company. It was a Saturday and I had some important work to finish. So I was working in the office. By noon, my sister called me.

She said her friend Shikha has met with an accident and she needed a mechanic to fix her car immediately. I told her that it was a Saturday and there was no mechanic available. She pleaded me to arrange something as she wanted to help her close friend. I tried to call up some mechanic from my office but nobody was ready to work on a holiday even for extra money.

By this time, my sister had given my number to her friend Shikha. Now Shikha called me. She said it was her parents’ car and they were out of town. She wanted to get the car fixed before her parents’ return, which was two days from now. When enquired how the accident happened, she said she was little drunk and was supposed to meet her boyfriend.

While she was taking out the car from the garage and turn over, she hit the curve and the car lights and body got damaged. On force, I decided to go and check myself. I reached her place. She was waiting near her wrecked car. She was wearing pink tight top and tight jeans short which just ended below her delightful ass. She wore a white shoe with a pink shoelace.

She was wearing all fancy accessories like pink beads necklace, wristband, and a tattoo on her arms, nose ring and stuff. In other words, she was looking cute and hot. I checked the damage and told her it would cost 10000 bucks to fix it up and it will take at least 3 days.

She again pleaded that her parents would be back within two days and wanted it fixed before that and she can’t tell them about the damage. I agreed to fix it within two days. So I started to un wrap my toolkit and I asked her to pay the advance amount of 5000. She said she had only 3000 with her and nothing more.

I stopped working and told her to get the money from atm or somewhere. She said she spent all her money on her parties and drinks and she was only left with 3000. I told her to ask her boyfriend some money for which she said she won’t ask money from him. I said this is not my job.

I’m not a mechanic, I’m a mechanical engineer and I’m here to only help you since you are my sister’s friend. And I’m working on a holiday; I should ask you extra money for that. Alright, I bring it down to 8000. You pay 8000 or else I will leave. I started to pack my toolkit. Suddenly she held my hand and asked me not to leave and please help her.

She asked me to please come in while she checks out if she can find some money in her room. She held my hand and took me in. It was a huge mansion and it was all messed up with last night’s party. She took me to her bedroom straight away. I stopped and asked her where she is taking me to.

She said I keep money in my bedroom and she dragged me inside. Her bedroom was all pinkish. Paint, bed, bed sheet, pillow, her teddy bear, and door are all pinkish. She checked out her purse, wardrobe and everywhere. All she could find was another 500 bucks. She said she only has this much. I said I can’t work for this much and I was about to leave.

She caught my hand again and pulled me towards her. “no. Please wait. We could work things out, you know…” she said in a sexy voice and naughty look. She started to touch my chest and was coming on to me. I stopped her and said this is not what I want. What if somebody catches us here? “my parents are out and won’t be back till two days.

My boyfriend is too drunk to wake up till late evening. Nobody would come and I’m ready to offer you. Why don’t you take me instead of money”, she requested. She was dizzy with all the booze too and I knew she was not completely in her senses. I told her it was wrong and I can’t do that. Next thing I know, her hand was trying to catch my dick over my pants.

Of course, I was little turned on by then but I tried to move back. She thrust herself onto me and started kissing me. She took my hand and kept on her huge cleavage which was teasing me right from the beginning. I couldn’t take my hands off from those gorgeous and soft boobs. Now her hands were free to access my dick. Without knowledge, I was responding to her smooch.

She unzipped my pant and took my dick out. I again stopped her and asked what if her boyfriend comes to know about this. “oh don’t worry baby. That bloody fucker also would be in bed with a couple of girls by now”. Her response wickedly encouraged me and I took her top off.

She pulled off my pant along with my underwear. “your dick is so big. It’s almost double than that of my boyfriend”, she said surprisingly. She held her forearm against my dick and measured the length of my dick. It was almost the size of her forearm. She was delighted as she started to kiss the tip of my dick. She licked all the pre-cum that was oozing out.

She circled her tongue on my dick head. That was the best feeling and I moaned, as she continued to do that by kneeling down in front of me. She looked at me from down there as she licked the entire length of my penis on either side. She sucked and played with my balls. She took the entire cock in her mouth. I fucked her mouth for a while.

She made sure not to waste any of my pre-cum. Then I took her and threw her on the bed. We got completely naked. Her tits were so big that her under-boobs were visible from below her bra. As soon as we got naked, I jumped on her, groped her tits and started eating them. I sucked, licked and bit them all over. Her nipples were erect and I circled my tongue around it.

Her right nipple was pierced. A gorgeous ring was hanging onto her brown sexy nipple. I played enough with her big tits and went down to her belly. The sexy bitch had her belly pierced too. She got immense pleasure as I inserted my tongue in her deep belly and licked all her waist area. I went down to her pussy. As you might expect, her clit was pierced too.

I asked her where did you get them. She replied, “I’m a London bitch, honey. Please lick me. Lick my burning pussy”, she pleaded. I played with her clit with my fingers and expanded her pussy lips to explore her pink hole. I put my finger inside and she started moaning. I finger fucked her for a while and sucked her clit. She was in heaven.

Her ass rose up in pleasure as she was closing to orgasm. I put my tongue in her hole now and I twisted and turned it all across the corners of her pussy. She pushed my head deep inside by wrapping her legs around my neck. My nose was pressed against her ring on the clit. Quickly, she had an intense orgasm as she squirted all her cum on my mouth and face.

She held my hair, lifted her ass up, breathing and moaning heavily and she squirted her cum on my face. It lasted for around 15 seconds. My full face and half of her bed were wet with her cum. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. She was trying to get back to her senses from what she described as the best orgasm ever.

She was still breathing heavily and her body was all heated up and sweating. She opened her eyes and found me in the bathroom. She ran towards me, smooched me so passionately that she didn’t let me breathe for few seconds. Her tongue was sucking all over my lips and my mouth. While continuously kissing, she took me to the room and made me lie on the bed.

I slept on the wet bed. She said “I have slept with 17 guys till now and they were no match for you”, and she spit on my cock and sucked it, made it wet and ready. Her pussy juice was still flowing out down her milky thighs. She slept over beside me, lifted her legs up and wide and asked me to please do the needful. I got up and came on her. I trusted my hard dick inside her.

“oh my god!” she screamed. She said she never had such a big cock before and asked me to go slow. I pushed again slowly and gradually increased the speed. With every thrust, she was saying “oh my god!”. “ah…ooohh..Aaaahhhh…” sounds covered the room. She was in pain.

Tears rolled from her eyes and she was trying to decrease my speed by putting her feet on my chest. But when I slowed down, she pulled my ass towards her. So it was a pleasurable pain. I fucked her for a while and I was about to cum. “bath me with your cum darling” she said. I shagged my tool just above her pussy as she watched my dick curiously.

With a big grunt, I ejaculated my jets of streams of cum. The first stream fell on her belly and the second stream jumped onto her breasts. The third one was much nastier, it sprung over to touch her chin and fell on her neck. The remaining ones dropped on her pussy. I had to admit that was the best fuck I ever had.

She asked me to sleep with her. I slept with her and rubbed our bodies against each other. Cum was gluing us together and it was so sexy. We smooched again. I was about to get back to work. Shikha stopped me again. “I thank god for giving your sister as my friend. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have experienced this in my life”, she said happily. I smiled and kissed her.

“I have slept with 33 girls and they were no match for you either”, I smiled and said. She gave a naughty smile and hugged me. I was about to get up and she pulled me onto the bed. “where are you going, mister? I have paid you only 4000 till now. I need to pay the remaining 6000 to you”, she said in a sexy voice and a wink. It wasn’t over yet.

She licked the leftover cum on my dick and sucked it again to get me turned on again. She sat between my legs and took my dick between her tits and gave me a nice tit fuck. I could feel my dick grow between her big boobs and she licked it with her tongue. Again I was ready. She climbed up and took the cowgirl position.

She took my dick into her love hole and started moving up and down. Again the moans covered up the room. She raised her arms up and held her hair while she jumped on my cock faster. Her juggling tits and compressing abs while hopping and her pink beaded necklace jumping was a delight to watch. I could feel her pussy water flowing down my balls.

She often leaned forward to kiss me and kiss on my chest and nipples. Then she took out a pack of cigarette and lighted up as she continued to fuck me. For some reason, I find smoking girls extremely hot. She held the cigarette to her lips and took support by placing her hands on my chest and shoulders. I fucked her by lifting my ass up and down. She had an orgasm again.

My dick was all drenched with her cum. I was close to orgasm again. She wanted to taste my hot cum. She knelt down before me, sucked my cock and shagged me pointing it towards her mouth. Quickly I squirted in her mouth. She swallowed quickly every time I ejaculated. She didn’t waste a single drop of it. She squeezed and sucked my penis until she tasted the last drop of it.

Her body was all sweaty and red. I fixed her car during the next two days. We fucked 2 more times in her house during these days.Now that I shifted, I hope I will meet her soon and have some real fun.

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Santosh Fucking And Having Hot Sex With Neighbour

Hi, guys. This is Santosh and I’m back with another hot encounter of mine. This is a story of priya aunty and me. So coming to the story her name is Priya 28, 5’6 inches and have a sexy silky skin, very fair complexion. Her size is 34 32 34 isn’t it nice. Her husband is working in Canada. Recently we have shifted into a new apartment where there are 14 flats.

I don’t have any friends in the new place so I always stayed in the home. We are on the second floor where there is my Priya aunty house just opposite to my house. My mom and Priya aunty have became good friends. I always wondered how beautiful she is and how she is maintaining her structure like an actress.

One day she came to my house to visit my mom that day Priya aunty was looking like an angel in her black saree with cut blouse. My mom introduced me that she is Priya. She smiled at me and said hi Santosh and I said hello aunty. I went back to my room and closed the door and started jerking mine thinking of her. I released a huge cum.

The very next day we got a call from my native that my cousin sister gave birth. So my parents went to my native.As it was my last semester exams going, they leave me and went to native. My mom told me to eat breakfast and dinner in Priya aunty home. When I heard that I was very happy. So many thoughts are running inside my mind.

The very next day morning I went to Priya aunty home and rang the bell. She opened the door and welcomed me with a cute smile. Then She was wearing red nighty with a low neck.I could able to see her cleavage.I am enjoying that moment. She prepared dosa for me. We both ate breakfast.

Me: thank you for the breakfast. Priya: no need of thanks and all (with a smile), you have to eat for 2more days here make yourself comfortable. Me: ok Priya aunty am leaving now, I’ll come for dinner. Priya: don’t call me aunty just call me priya.I’m only 28. Me: I thought you were 26. But how can I call Priya to outside? Priya: she laughed at me and asked am I looking like 26?

Me: I said yes, you look like below 26 and you are looking beautiful and gorgeous. Priya: she blushed and asked do you have gf ? Me: no I got breakup and how about your marriage life? She: she makes her face sad and said it going. Am feeling very lonely here. Me: don’t worry, we will be there for you.How often will uncle be here?

She: six months once he will come and he stayed here for 1 month. Me: I got some courage and said that if I get a wife like you, I’ll never go to any place. Priya: she asked me, ‘am I that beautiful’? Me: yes you are gorgeous, any men will die for you. Even I have a crush on you. Priya: she reacted nothing and said ok.She asked for my number and said come for dinner.

I was confused about her acting. By 7 pm I got a message from her ‘come for dinner after 8’. I replied nothing. I went to her place at 7.10pm, she opened the door. Omg, what I was seeing, just now she took her bath and only wearing nighty and she invited me inside. I went inside a good aroma is came from her. I couldn’t control myself and said Me: can I come later?

She: why Santosh? Me: I couldn’t control me. I love you so much.I hugged her, she resisted and said it is not good. Again I hugged and kissed on her lips. This time she gave up and Priya aunty also responded. We lip locked for hardly 5minutes and broke the kiss. She said I love you too Santosh from the first.

As I heard that word from her. I remove her nighty she didn’t wear anything inside. My Priya aunty is naked in front of me.I pressed her boobs it was silky soft. She whispered in my ears ‘ am all yours’. I sucked her boobs very hard, her nipples become erect. I sucked so hard. She stripped me and I also was naked. I asked for a blowjob.

She took my dick in her mouth gave me a blowjob, I was on cloud nine. A lady giving blowjob for the first time.I said that am going to cum.She took all my cum in her mouth, she drank as well
I kissed her navel and went down her pussy is clean shaved and waxed. It is pinkish on seeing this I kissed her juicy pussy. As she is already wet. I licked her pussy.

Then I got an idea of applying Nutella in it.I applied some Nutella on her pussy. I licked so hard for at least 10 to 15 mins, she cummed in my face I drank all juices, it was so tasty. Then I said its time for the fuck.I took my dick and try to insert into her pussy. It was so tight initially, then we make it. I fully inserted my dick inside her pussy. She was screaming like ahaaa.

I didn’t care about that, I started increasing my speed. We fucked about 15 mins I came inside her. That night we fucked 3 times, she reached orgasm 4 times. After that we had no time to fuck, she went to Canada.This is my first sex story, I need feedback about my story.

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Naveen Enjoying Chocolate Sex With Sangeeta Aunty

Hi. This is my first ever story on Indian sex story. I have been reading is from past 4 years. Today narrating my first fictional story. I am Naveen (name changed). I am from Belgaum. I am ‘5” and a 5’ tool. Let me introduce to my neighbor aunt. She is Sangeeta (name changed). She is tall about, 5’6” slim and size 30,28,32.

She doesn’t have big boobs, she is a bit dark in color which is the most attractive thing in her. She looks beautiful. She lost her husband a few years back. She has a son and a daughter, both married. They live next to our home.

Our’s and aunt’s home are attached as these are old homes with the common wall on one side. We have a well which is shared by both of us. One can easily peek into others home easily and can easily enter their home easily. I always had a lust for that aunt, the day she came to the home. We normally talk with each other, and she has seen me many times checking her.

But never had the chance to experience her. Now coming to the sex story. The son stays with her. On one Saturday, he had to visit his wife place which is situated in Mumbai. For some reason, my lovely aunt could not go with him. He left on Friday night and my parents too were not in the home as they had gone to visit my sister.

On Saturday evening, the aunt called me for some help in dumping some old materials in dump yard situated just backside of their home. I helped in lifting and dumping materials. After all work, she asked to stay and said she will make tea and drink it and go. So she brought tea and while receiving the cup, I purposely touched her hand. She looked at me and smiled.

Then we chatted, she told that her son has gone to meet his wife and will be returning on Monday. I got a chance to seduce her and have sex with her. But I didn’t know how to seduce her. After her husband’s death, she was also alone. So I made a plan to seduce her. She finished her tea and went to the kitchen and then after I finish my tea,

I went to give the teacup and purposely fell on her back. I hold her back, her skin was so soft. And a little of tea spilled on her back. I said sorry and said I will clean it give me a cloth. She said its ok, I will clean it. But I made her and said it’s my mistake and I will clean it. She agreed. Maybe even she loved the touch of my hand on her back.

Then I took the towel and started to clean her back slowly by pouring a little cold water on her back. The cold water made her shiver. And after I cleaned it with a towel, I started to rub her back with my bare hand. The touch and wetness in my palm made her shiver again. She moaned a little. And taking an advantage I started to rub her back slowly all over.

She liked it. I got a bulge in my pant. I went a bit closer and touched my manhood on her ass. Along with it, I started to rub her back and slowly put her hand inside her blouse from the back. As I could go further, she got back to her senses. As the door was open and anyone could come in. I tried to go closer but she resisted. Even I didn’t force her.

Then she whispered in my ear that I have been waiting to hear from her from a long time. She said,”All ur wishes will come true today night”. She said to come at 11 in the night after everyone sleeps. As our homes are attached, the house backside was common and can be easily entered to her home. Then I nodded and went back to home.

Then I soon remembered and went and brought 2 packets of chocolate flavored condoms. I was eagerly waiting for 11 and continuously looking at the clock. I finished my dinner, and it was 10 in the night. At 11, I closed our home’s front door from inside and went o aunts home from the back. I slowly knocked her door and she came to open it.

I entered inside, she was looking fresh. I asked her and she said she had a bath. I closed the door latch and went close to her. There was just around five inches gap in between my and her lips. I said to her I really like you and always wanted to have sex with u. As she had seen me many times checking her, she came to know about my intentions.

With no time, I brought my lips closer to her and kissed them. My first ever kiss to a lady. Ii started to kiss her upper lip and our juices were exchanging. The sound of the kiss made me hotter and I grabbed her tightly and my bulge pressed against her pussy. Then I kissed her lower lip and went on to kiss her for 3 minutes. Then I came down a bit and started to kiss her neck.

She raised her neck to give more room for me. She was also new to these styles and enjoyed it. I was propagating from left side of the neck to right side and my saliva on her neck made her hotter. She had already made all arrangement and prepared the bed. Then I opened her pallu, her cleavage was visible and I started to kiss there. She moaned.

I turned her and started to kiss her back and went down and kiss her waist. Then I removed her blouse hooks and she was in bra in front of me. I too remove all clothes and was in boxer only. Then I came down and kissed her navel. It was round in shape and a bit big and she had a bit mass at her waist. That chubbiness made me hot and started to lick and bite her waist.

I played with her navel. Now I removed her saree and now she was only on her inner wears. Now even she got aroused and put me on the bed. Now I am lying on the bed and she came started to kiss me. Then she bit and licked my nipples which were an awesome feeling and pressed her to suck more of it. She then went down and licked my tummy.

She then removed my boxer and saw my bulge. Then she held it in hand and started to jerk it slowly. I loved it, first time ever. Then I said her to suck it, at first she didn’t know about it. Then I took her head and said to open her mouth and made her suck it.

At first, she didn’t like and but slowly with each suck, she started enjoying. The smell of the bulge made her hot and she started jerking fast. I know that I am about to cum and hold her head and came in her mouth. She suddenly retrieved back and spit out the cum. Then I told about the cumshot to her.

It was my turn now. I made her lie on the bed and removed her bra and panty. Her nipples were dark black, love them. Then I started to suck her nipples she started to moan. I had brought some chocolate and due to exposing to the atmosphere they had melted. Then I applied the chocolate on her boobs and started to suck them.

The taste of the blended chocolate and her skin was awesome. I sucked like mad and she moaned loudly. With the chocolate in my mouth all over I kissed her lips and made her taste it. Then I slowly moved down to her tummy and kissed her navel and tummy. I poured a bit home in her navel and started to suck and drink it from the navel.

While pouring the honey, she moaned and that reaction of her made me hot. I started to pour and continuously started to lick and drink honey from her navel and waist. She held my head and moaned hard as she was also experiencing it for the first time. She had a bit thick pubic hair and I asked her whether can I trim the hair. She said yes.

I looked around and found a use and through shaving blade. I applied a bit foam and trimmed all her pubic hair. It was looking hot and even she was seeing her pussy so cleaned for the first time. I started to care her pussy clips with the hand she likes it. Then I inserted two fingers into the pussy. As she did not have sex for a long time they were a bit tight.

Then I applied a bit honey to the two fingers and inserted into the pussy. She moaned slowly, I started to and fro motion of the fingers into her pussy. She started to moan loudly and started to press her and boobs and as well hold tight to her pillow. As the pussy was cleaned I poured the honey into her pussy a bit and started to lick it.

I inserted my tongue into her pussy and with a bit pressure inserted it deeply. And licked all over her pussy. I took my tongue out and inserted my fingers again and started to stroke. With continuous moaning, she ejaculated for the first time. She was shivering and couldn’t stand properly. The I turned her on the bed and now her back is in front of me.

I licked all over and started to lick her ass checks. I spit saliva all over and went on licking. I made her to a position in doggy style. I put some saliva on my fingers and slowly started to insert in her asshole. She first rejected the act, but I made her horny by caressing her on ass checks and in the time I inserted one finger into her asshole.

She shouted a bit and with my fingering action, she started to enjoy it. Then I put on condoms and went to her pussy. She rejected the insertion idea but I convinced her that with condoms on nothing will happen. Then I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. She moaned slowly. I started to jerk my dick in her pussy and increased the momentum. She started to moan loud.

And then we both came. I kissed her and caressed her for a while and again my dick was ready. Now I told her to take my dick and I said I wanted you to drink the cum. She took my dick and started to suck it. Within no time I came and held her head so that so cannot spit it. She drank all of it and liked it. She then cleaned all the cum on my dick by sucking it.

We both were exhausted. It was already 1 am. And then we enjoyed several times that night and slept naked. I got up early in the morning at 5, kissed her and sucked her boobs and went to my home. Hope you liked the sex story.

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