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Aki Firsttime Making Out With Niharika

Hi.. Every one.. Friends call me Aki.. I'm a guy who is slightly unconventional. I have been reading blogs on this page since 2009. And I admire everyone for sharing their experiences. And would also thank them cos I have used their ways in my escapades. Coming to the point, the year was 2009. I was in high school in Mumbai.

Land of good helpful people and of course beautiful..women. the most pleasant memory is of seeing her in school at that time. Yes niharika( name changed). One year junior to me but she was what we call a totally independent and confident girl and gutsy of course. Before moving forward I would like to add that in high school I was very shy types.

Had never got drunk or smoked up. So when I saw her, I got attracted at the very first moment but didn't had the guts to approach her. Periods proceed and after school closing time I saw her.. Yes.. There she was surrounded by boys from most classes. She was an easy going girl to talk with. I on my usual self continued home.

Thinking simultaneously about my further day routine and niharika. For the whole day I had tuitions. Well what all can a 12th standard guy have. During the evening I saw her in my locality and was actually delighted to see her. It was like getting something for which I have been waiting for ages. Just a sight of her made my day. The monotonous routine turned pleasurable.

Enjoyable.. Fun what ever said. Slowly slowly I was adjusting to the fast paced life of Mumbai. One day the cupid cards played the luck game and I got to interact with her. First time I saw her closely. Her hair slightly curly... Eyes.. Black and deep.. Skin dusky.. Height around 5'4". She had an aura around her and I enjoyed stealing glances.

And while doing that the words that came from her surprised me. Why are you always trying to check me out?? I was caught out of the blue. I couldn't reply to her.. In fact I didn't knew.. How to project myself as a decent guy. And before I could have noticed things around me.. She laughed and went away.

I was In deep thoughts.. And she met me again. I remember that meeting for ever. She told me never stare a girl cos they get to know and second was that she hadn't come across a guy like me.. Who is always into himself. With later conversations with her I realized that being to much into myself people considered me as an attitude guy.

But nevertheless the only thing I have never changed in myself till date is that I can't go and approach a girl. Now say it as fate or my thought process. I have never been able to approach a girl. Looks wise what I was in 2009 and what I'm now.. Are very different. I will only say I keep my appearance smart.

Things proceeded with normal hi.. Hello and staying in same locality made it easier to meet. Time passed we became good friends.. Actually wait.. I basically don't remember when we were past the friendship base. We weren't exactly a couple but new everything about one another. We became close.

I was enjoying all this.. Having a girl to talk with.. Specially a girl who adores you.. Cares for you. I held her hand for the first time when she was worried about her mother. Her mom had got her hand fractured. I wanted to console her. We as humans react to a situation in different ways at that time I did things exactly to her.. What I saw in movies.i held her hand.

Squeezed it a little and hugged her. She knew what I'm doing And somehow didn't mind. Time was passing my boards were nearing and do were her school exams. We decided to meet after the farewell party. She was looking damn cute and I was enjoying staring at her. She gave me two.. Three serious glances but I think later she decided to ignore.

After the farewell party.. I met her at her homes terrace. She was slightly drunk.. She hugged me the moment she met me and kept hugging me. She thanked me for all lovely times. I realized its because I might be going from Mumbai to some other places. So I told her that we will meet.. Keep in touch through orkut.. Facebook. For the first time I realized that I'm important to her.

She still clapsed me.. Unwilling to go. I was feeling awesome at that time. I had never thought a girl would be so much into me. We hugged each other and I gave her small pecks on her cheeks. I did that again and again. And I slowly inserted my hand at back of her dress. Though I had seen lots of porn but I was still new in practical version.

I rubbed her back and felt her bra straps. We looked at each other and kissed. Our lips locked. The first kiss of my life. I don't know till how long we sucked each other.. But it was like a different feeling.. The exchange of saliva.. The lipstick taste and the ever on feeling of going like that.

Bit the truth is that oxygen also plays an important role and we disengaged only to start it again. It was awesome... I can't forget that very first kiss. It was not like in movies but for me I enjoyed it and remember it always... Before we could move further her phone buzzed and it was her mother.. She had to go but before going... We again kissed.. Smooched.. Sucked..

I would continue with my escapades.. Enjoy reading and enjoy posting...

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Prakash Fucking Friends Wife Aarti On Date

Hi everyone...I wish a great journey to Human Digest and wish to post more stories...I actually see a different world by reading stories related to strange encounters which leads to beautiful sexual experiences.

I had a great encounters with my colleague which is still running we often get together and enjoy the day but as per society we are always a different breed and who talk about sex we are called perverts and we dont have freedom to express whats there in our way interms of sex and our desires.

This is about a couple Aarti & Anjan and his friend Prakash.. It was sunday suddenly Prakash receives call from Anjan asking him to meet him around 12noon at the coffee shop located near to Anjan residence after several requests Prakash accepts and got freshen up and started heading towards the meeting place.

Just before he reaching the place Prakash called Anjan...Prakash: Anjan I am there at the coffee shop in ten minutes...Anjan: Sorry Bhai I just came out on urgent work..Prakash: R u gone crazy then why did u ask me come I just spoiled my sunday and came to u...Anjan: Really sorry please wait will come asap...

Prakash: Kitna time lagega....Anjan: May be two hours...Prakash: No bhai I cant wait so long in coffee shop I will go back home...Anjan: Please wait I have something really urgent to be discussed....please bhai please....Prakash: After thinking for sometime ok but I will go to your house n have lunch is

Aarti bhabi at home...Anjan: Ha hai u can actually go...Prakash: Tek hai bhai come asap and disconnects his call. Prakash reached Anjan house and Knocked the door...Aarti: Hi Prakash how r u?? how r u here?? Anjan not at home...Prakash: Ha bhabi I know he is not at home but he was the reason for me to come here and he went on some urgent and expected back in couple of hours...

Aarti: ok ok...kya loge app tea coffee...Prakash: Nahi bhabi bahut bukhlagahahai will have lunch at your place...Aarti: sure give me ten minutes will arrange the meal on table..Meal was arranged at the table..Aarti invited Prakash and served him.. Conversation started between them...Aarti: Prakash when r u getting married and what kind of a girl u looking which is way taking too long.

Prakash: Ha bhabi but I looking for a women like you who is beautiful and smart enough to handle things...Aarti was little uncomfortable and bent her head down...Prakash: Bhabi is everything fine with your married life according to me Anjan is a very good person and loves u a lot and when ever he talks about you he makes you a very good person and praise you to high...

Aarti: I know Anjan loves me a lot but it was only for initial days of our married life later everything changed with his weird behavior...Prakash: After loosing job he started business and I hope is doing well...Aarti: I am not talking about his business but its about our personal relationships and started crying...Prakash: Please tell me bhabi if anything so serious will talk to Anjan...

Aarti didn't respond to his words and moved to bedroom and started crying sleeping on the bed. Prakash Moved to the bedroom and made sit her opposite to him and asked does he is not satisfying you these days...Aarti: Mein bol gaya last kab humlog pyaar kiyethe...Prakash was holding Aarti and started kissing on her lips,

immediately she withdrew him but again Prakash pulled her towards him and started kissing her forcibly this time she started to respond him in return....slowly he pulled her chunni and was seeing her cleavage and her boobs pounding because of excitement...further he made her to sleep on the bed started kissing all over her face neck and slowly removed her top n bra

and started sucking her nipples and playing with her other boob..She was on cloud nine experiencing this kind of feeling after long time and was asking him to fuck her immediately....she was searching for his cock... Prakash lowered his pants and she immediately jumped and pulled briefs and started sucking his cock like there is no tomorrow...

Prakash made her nude and they moved onto 69 position and started playing with each other private parts...Aarti and Prakash came into each other mouths and exhausted on bed...suddenly Aarti started sucking his cock and begging him to fuck her Prakash cock was big and straight he inserted in one go and Aarti screamed at once for the pressure applied by Prakash slowly he

increased the pace and was fucking her brains out finally he discharged his semen his her pussy and fell on her. After some time Aarti got up from the bed and started wearing her dress she was able to see him from glass Prakash got up and smoking...Aarti: Anjan eh kab thak aisa chelaga I am your wife and how can u fuck me like this making someones spouse...

I am going mad with your weird behavior saying that she left the place...Guys this is a real story happened...Anjan was fucking Aarti like this for almost three years by taking different names and different relations...After three years Aarti gave divorce to him and moved on...Anjan died because of over alcoholic loosing his spouse for his behaviour.

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Married Guy Having Sex With Yoga Batchmate

I was a silent follower of this site for a long time. I’m 42 years of age married with one kid, but never been in any relationship until this incident happened. And this is the first and last relationship till now. She is also 42 years of age married with one kid. Let her call as KS.

For yoga class, both men and women are used to come. Our yoga teacher was irregular in conducting the classes, so everyone asked to create a WhatsApp group to update the teacher availability in the group. So the teacher created a group with all the members. KS is from the evening batch of yoga.

Evening batch is especially for ladies and I used to go for morning batch in yoga, so we never see each other. In that Yoga group, KS used to share nice articles and messages every day. So I casually appreciated her personally, not in the group. But I did not get any response till one month. Even I did not bother much, as I just appreciated her.

After one month she sends me a thanks message. Even after that, I did not respond to her thanks. And I was busy with my office work and in the mean time I got a US opportunity, so I left for the US. I used to follow the Yoga groups posting regularly. One day KS pinged in the group saying today after a very long gap it is heavily raining.

So I pinged in the group saying that “I’m missing it”. Then she immediately pinged in my personal chat as “Y?”. I told her I’m in the US and missing the rains. She told that she also likes rain and wanted to go for a long drive when it was having heavy rains. So like that our personal chat started from friendly chat to personal information to sex talks.

During our chat, we came to know that our apartments are very close by, so that we are really very happy that our residents also close. Like that our conversation become very close and we used to have a video chat and show her assets and I used to play with the tool in that video, she is used enjoy and sometimes she used to call me and talk for hours together on WhatsApp voice call.

In December 2016, all of sudden I need to travel to India for a family emergency for one week. So she was very happy that I’m coming to India. For first few days I was very busy with my family, then one night she called me and wanted to see in person to come to her apartment gate, so I went, she saw me in person and told “Hi” and immediately she left to her flat.

Then she called me and asked how am I looking. Really, friends, she looks more beautiful than in the video, she does not look like 42 years, she looks very younger. Her all assets are in proper place and well-shaped at that age. I complemented and she was very happy.

Just before flying back to US, one-day morning she asked to meet in person for a dating. For both of us, it’s a strange feeling. So we met in one of the penthouses which were vacant, initially, she was bit hesitant and I took her hand in my hands and assured her and make her comfortable.

Then I hugged her very tightly, she also cooperated with her tight grip in hugging me. We stand up in the hugging style and moved to the bedroom, in that process, I squeezed her ass, she moaned very sexily and I liked that way she moaned. We both kissed for some time then I started squeezing her boobs then she opened her blouse and I sucked her both boobs

and she was moaning very sexily and she lifted her saree to her waist and I saw her clean shaven pussy, I sucked her pussy for some time, it was wet and tasty too. For the first time in my life, I have tasted the pussy, it was yummy. Then it’s her turn, so lowered my trouser and she started giving me the blowjob,

oh man it was so sexy that I started moaning and she did a very good blowjob. After that, we fucked in a missionary style and she immediately got up and left that place. I and KS liked our first dating very much and thanks, each other.

Then I left for the US and as the family situation was not good, so I was back to India for good in February 2017. After reaching India, we had one session in my house in the March 2017 where my wife and parents were not there. In this session, she has very limited time, so I sucked her pussy and just fucked her.

My goodness her moaning was really sexy and it was very tempting, but don’t have time for the blowjob. I missed the blowjob so much. The issue is my wife never allows me to suck her pussy and she will not suck my pennies. So I was more fascinated by those things than sex. That is the last session between us.

Then she told that she got caught with another relationship to her relatives, so she stopped completely contacting me and blocked all my contact numbers. I’m also respecting her privacy, stopped contacting her. But it was the best feeling I had during those two sessions and I miss her friendly chat. She is very good in chatting.

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Lady Fucked By Pervert Landlord - II

Previously: Lady Fucked By Pervert Landlord - I

He held me close and murmured in my ear begging me ‘please Neeta don’t be angry with me.’ He also said ‘You know Neeta; I have not touch a woman since my wife died.’ ‘Since you and your husband moved here; I feel alive again.’ He turned me to face him and almost in tears he said, ‘you are not only kind but you are so beautiful too and I love you so much,’ he said.

Then he held me with one hand and with the other he lovingly caress my cheek and hold my chin he said, ‘look at me and listen’ and he continued ‘since you came to my life; I had not slept a single night without thinking about you, please Neeta do not torture me anymore.’ I did not say a word but continue to release myself from his clutch but he was much- much stronger than me.

Holding my chin with his right hand; he moved his face closer to kiss me, but I turn to the side to avoid him. ‘Kiss me Neeta just once, kiss me’ he said with deep voice and I said ‘i can’t Ravi’. He then held me tight with both his hand kissed my neck instead.

I said ‘please Ravi don’t do it’ and tried to move him away from me but with his right hand he held both my hands on my back and I cannot do anything with my hands anymore. ‘I want you now Neeta’ he said almost crying.

He then hold me close and tight and put his head on my shoulder with tears rolling down his cheek he asked, ‘can you feel my heartbeat?’ then he released me from his clutch and move away and said ‘look Neeta, I don’t want to force myself on you and if you don’t want me I will walk away.’ ‘I just want you to know that I love you so much, I want you so much and I can’t live without you.’

I was standing there half-naked and dumbfounded and don’t know what to do. Then noticing my bewilderment, he again moved towards me and held me from the back. He put his nose on the back of my head and said ‘Neeta you are so beautiful and you smell so good baby.’

He kissed the back of my neck while his hands move towards my boobs and because I was not wearing a bra, he hit the jackpot immediately. ‘This is wrong Ravi,’ I said but he kept kissing me and replied ‘no it isn’t; if it feels good.’

He continued to kiss my neck and then move his hand to grab my whitish fleshy ass and I was standing there like a rock. ‘Baby your round tight ass is as so beautiful’ and grabbed and pinch both side and move his hand caressing my thigh.

I stand there without responding while he continued to kiss and caress my breast till he pinched my nipples. It was when he pressed my nipples that I was awake from being bowled over. Like a bolt from the blue I realize that I was with a man other than my husband and his hands were pressing my boobs as well as playing with my nipples.

‘Let me love you Neeta just once. I want you now’ I know it is wrong but then the pleasure from being caressed pinched has just started building and I mourned aahh, aahh ssshhh as I bit my lips. He then moved one of his hands to my cunt and slowly and delicately started to play with my clitoris. ‘Ravi stop, stop please’ I beg him but he continue to love me.’

The sensation started to overwhelm me and I want him to play more. Then he made me sit on the dining table and put his head between my legs and started to eat my cunt, he lick my clit and then fucked me with his tongue. ‘A beautiful woman like you should be cherished’ he said. I was over the moon.

Grabbing the hair on the back of his head; I pulled him closer to me while he fucked me with his tongue and with his finger. He then kissed me and let me taste myself and without wasting anytime he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, lowered his under wear and pushed his hard cock inside me.

He fucked me for some time at the same time kissed me and grabbed my boobs and then discharge inside me. He then removed his rod from my cunt, pull his pants and sat on the chair while I collected my cloth and went to the bedroom to change to proper clothing. When I came back to the kitchen he told me ‘Neeta; now I am ready for a cup of tea.’

After we had our tea, he again started to kiss me but this time it is slow and steady and there is no more rush. ‘Neeta I am not young anymore’ he said ‘come let us do it properly in bed baby.’ Without waiting for my consent; he then carried me to the bedroom (it is his house he knows where the bedroom is)

made me lie on the bed and started to kiss and caress my breast from over my t-shirt. We removed each other cloth till we are naked and kissed each other faces and bodies and lips. Then I get down and started to suck his penis. I started by kissing the pink bulge and teased the tip which oozes clear pre-cum with my tongue.

I kissed the pink knob while he begged me ‘suck me deeper Neeta, go deeper baby’. Then I deep throat him till he can’t hold it anymore; he soon made me lie on the bed and started to enter his cock inside my already wet cunt and fucked me for some time. ‘you are so wet, I like it baby he said.’

I then pushed him over and told him that I want to fuck him sitting on his lap. I like this position because it gives me control over the movement and I enjoyed it very much. I told him ‘this is my favourite sex position’ and added ‘pity my husband can’t take it.’ I said and continue ‘He do not last long as he come very soon whenever we fuck in this position.’

I told him ‘let see Mr Ravi if you can last longer than my husband in this position.’ After few minutes I realised Ravi is much better than my husband and last much longer. ‘I hold him tight and kiss him while he played and suck my boobs. After I had fucked him sitting on his lap till I satisfy, he then asked me to turn my back to him as he penetrate and fucked me doggy style.

I was already wet so he can easily enter me; finally we lie as he fucked me in the missionary position and he fucked me hard and fast and finally; he ejaculate and I orgasm at the same time. For me the climax is only when we come together at the same time.

We lay together for some time and when we chance to look at the clock on the wall, we realize that it already 3 o’clock and my husband will return from work in about two hours time. We kiss each other got up immediately.

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Lady Fucked By Pervert Landlord - I

My husband was transferred to another city and since both our kids are studying outside the state, I moved with him to the new house till summer when it is time for the kids to come home again. In the new city we rent part of the house which was owned by man who was widowed for many years and stayed with his only daughter till recently when she married and moved with her husband.

Of course there is a helper coming trice a week, but that’s it. On knowing that we moved to the apartment; his daughter called me and expressed her happiness that at least her dad will have company and will not be alone anymore.

Since the landlord lived all by himself; my husband took pity of him and asked me to help him by preparing a meal for three instead of two; an extra to share with him every time I cook a meal. We have been staying in his property for more than three months and in the two storey building; he occupy the ground floor and we took the next floor.

During the day when my husband was at work; he used to visit our apartment every now and then and I use to serve him launch too. That is how we got acquainted. One day while returning from shopping, I saw the door to his apartment was open; I called his name ‘Mr Ravi, Mr Ravi,’ but there was no answer.

I thought maybe he was not well, so I entered the apartment and call his name again yet; there was no answer. Then I saw the door to his bedroom was kept ajar and I walked on that direction and enter the room. I thought he was sick but what I saw in the room was a great shock. It was a shocked of a lifetime as I have never seen such unpleasant incident.

He was standing in front of the mirror half-naked with his pants and underpants on the floor around his ankle. On his bed I saw a bra which looks familiar and on his right hand he was holding again a familiar panty which he placed on the tip of his hard cock while he used his left hand to move up and down his penis to masturbate.

Using the mirror; the moment he saw me entering the room; he ejaculated on the panty and I ran helter-skelter from the place. I opened the door and hurriedly locked it and threw the stuff from the market on the floor. I don’t know what I was doing, and sat on the couch unable to comprehend what I had just saw.

Then I remembered I put my cloth on the line to dry and went to see whether my bra and panty were still there. My worst fear was confirmed; the bra and the panty he used to masturbate were the one I changed after I took a bath this morning. I put them to dry; but they were not on the line anymore.

I was in shock and don’t know what to do, I had never had an inkling that he had a feeling for me. That day, although I was able to finish my chore but I don’t know how the day went. I was not able to think properly because what I saw; keep coming to my mind on and on.

Late in the afternoon before it is dark, I went to the top floor where we dry our cloth and saw my undergarment, I immediately collected all the cloth and rushed to the apartment. Inside the house I initially hesitated to touch my under wear but slowly I took my panty and put it on my nose to smell it,

then I saw a small crispy white flake caked on the panty fabric and I don’t know how and why but I took the panty close to my mouth and lick it with my tongue. The next morning after my husband has left for office; I took bath and while I was about to finish; I heard a doorbell rang. I thought it was the delivery boy, because I ordered a skirt online.

I immediately put a t-shirt and wrapped a towel round my waist and walk to the door. Before I opened the door I looked through a peephole and saw Mr. Ravi the landlord in front of the door, I initially hesitated to open the door, but then I saw he was carrying an empty bowl in his hand. I opened the door and he said that he was about to take tea and found that he had run out of sugar.

I don’t want him to stand outside, so I asked him to enter. I asked him to sit on the chair in the dining room while I prepare tea for him. I took the kettle and poor some water in it and put in on and lid the gas stove. In the mean time I went to get a cup and put some sugar into it. While I was preparing the tea I was turning my back to him not saying any words to him.

He started the conversation first and hesitantly he said ‘I am sorry about yesterday’ and I kept mum. Then he continued and said that he fell in love with me the first time he saw me. He also said that he was madly in love with me and thinks of me every time and he used to masturbate regularly using under garment.

Because I remain silent, he took the courage and stood up from his chair and said ‘you look so sexy with your wet hair.’ He moved slowly to where I was standing and reach close enough where he can smell me and said ‘Oh baby you look so fresh,’ then added ‘you smell so nice’. And I continue to remain silent.

I tried to walk away from the kitchen but he grabbed my hand and then put both his hand around my waist and holds me close to his chest. I struggled to remove his hands from my waist but he was too strong for me. I tried run and request him to leave me alone, but he did not relent and in the scuffle the towel I wrapped around my waist fell to the ground.

I was stark naked half down because I did not have the time to wear my panty before I answer the door. I tried to pick the towel but he was fast and took it with him. I then tried to cover my womanhood with my hand but now he move closer to me.

He again grabbed me from behind and whisper on my ear, ‘baby you are a lame duck, it looks like you are ready for me.’ I covered my cunt with one hand and tried to remove his hand with the other but it is all futile exercise.

To Be Continued...

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Guy Losing Virginity To Experienced Girlfriend

Hi all, here I am with my second story. This one is about my first encounter where I lost my virginity. This story is over 10 years old in Bangalore when I had recently started to work. With money in hand I was curious to try out new stuff all the time. I started to go to pubs.

One of the days I met an old friend from college days. She was my junior and was staying with her boyfriend. We exchanged numbers and left after couple of drinks. Though we were not very close in college days we somehow liked each other company now as good friends.

We used to talk all sort of things and since I was virgin she told me that she will introduce me to one of her friend and I can try my luck on her. One day she introduced me to one of her friend Anita. My friend asked me to try out on her as she was alone and wanted to make new friends in the city.

I offered her to come out with me for a movie which she accepted after some hesitation. We met for a movie and had good time together. During the movie I tried holding her hands but she was little hesitant about it. I too did not force. Later we had food and I offered her to drop in my bike. While riding I purposely applied sudden brake so that she can come little closer to me.

It actually worked and she sat very close to me holding me from behind. Now I felt her easiness with me. Finally we reached her PG and she got down. While going she just gave me a light hug and left.

Same night we were chatting and somehow I bought the topic of sex in between. She told me that she recently broke up with her ex and they did have sex few times. I was least interested in the reason and also did not wanted to dig into her past. She asked me whether I was virgin; I told her till date have just kissed a girl and nothing more.

She said doesn’t believe me but I informed her that I never got the opportunity to fuck a girl as I stay with my family. She responded with “so sad” and a wink. Like this we continued to meet and chat but as usual I was not getting the right opportunity to do something.

Finally one day I got to knw that my family is leaving out of station for few days and I managed to stay back alone saying I did not have enough leave to go out of station. Once they left I was eagerly waiting for weekend when I could meet Anita.

On Saturday I met her outside and asked her if she would like to come to my house, she asked about my family and told her that no one is at home. She gave me a wicked smile and accepted to come. During afternoon we somehow sneaked in the house avoiding any of the neighbors noticing us.

Once I got into the house I offered her juice and we sat on sofa. She said she will cook for both of us and I showed her the kitchen. I was helping her in cooking only with the intension to touch her again and again.

Lunch was almost ready and I was still building courage to take the bold step but was nervous about it. Somehow I managed to build some confidence as I did not wanted to loose the chance. While she was cooking I went from behind and hugged her tight.

She was little surprised and turned back and asked me what am I doing, I said I want to hug you she pushed me back with a naughty smile and said don’t disturb me, I am cooking. I felt bad and came back in living room. After some time she also came and sat next to me and said I am feeling hot after cooking. She removed her shirt and I was amaze to see her in just a spaghetti.

She looked dam hot in just a spaghetti and tight jeans. Looking at her cleavage I had bulge which she noticed and came closer to me and hugged me tight. I was on cloud nine. Feeling her boobs pressing on my chest and her hands moving on my shoulder and back.

Then she asked me If I love her, I had no clue but I told her that I want to kiss. She said she will kiss me only when I say the three words to her. I understood she is of those type who keeps one man at a time and want to be cuddled with some soft words. I responded her by saying I love you and she too responded with a kiss on my chick.

I don’t waste time and gave her a hard smooch for few minutes. Then I moved my hand on her shoulder and neck. She started to moan a bit with my hand touching her neck and my fingers moving near her cleavage. She started to kiss me harder and harder. Then slowly I moved my hand towards her back and slid my hand inside her top to reach her Bra strap.

She gave me a naughty look once again and removed her top. I was jaw struck looking the beauty in just a Bra. It was well fitted red color lacy bra. I just couldn’t control shoved my face in her boobs. My hands reached out to bra hook and released it. The melons were out and free inviting me to suck them.

I gave her a small kiss and moved back to melons sucking them one by one. I love the aroma of her perfume and started chewing and sucking her nipple. She cried out loud with the pleasure and pain. She asked me to go harder and harder. I squeezed her boobs and sucked them again and again.

Then she reached out to my jeans and within seconds I was naked in front oh her and my Dick saluting her in standing position. Without wasting any time she took it in her mouth and gave me the best blow job I have had till date. She was so good in it that I cummed inside her mouth.

She dint like it though but laughed at me as it was my first time. I felt embarrassed and thought of teaching her a lesson. After that we freshened up and had food without any cloths. During lunch we cuddled, kissed and fondled each other. After lunch we went to my bedroom this time she came on tip of me and was kissing me all over.

Once again she went down and took my dick in. Within no time it was again in position and she guided it her pussy. Just when it was about to go in I stopped her and came on top. Now she was eagerly waiting for me to insert and I was teasing her by just touching my dick to her pussy. She pleaded me to insert but I kept teasing her, she realized her mistake and said sorry.

Then I moved my dick inside her and the whole thing was wet. I could feel the ocean inside. I started to give slow stroke and increased the pace after few minutes of playing inside. She was moaning loud with pleasure and I was on heaven. After about 5-7 minutes I lied down and she came on top of me. She started to jump and while I was fondling with her boobs.

Since, this was my second shot I could resist more and more. After some time I sat down and she sat on me hugging me tight. Some how we managed to fuck each other in sitting position. Trust me guys this is one of the best position. Sitting and enjoying each other is pure love making.

My dick was slowly moving inside her and she jump slowly to get the rhythm. We continued for few more minutes before I pulled out and shot my cum on her boobs. We lied down and slept together for few hours and got up and night for another session. Hope you all like the narration on true incidents.

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Raju Photographing Sex

The habits and the likes and dislikes of people are funny. But when you are involved in it professionally, you cannot help. After graduation, I was searching for some opening. I am Raju, 21 and did my graduation in science. My friend, Bhaskar was starting a photo studio and wanted me join him as working partner.

I told him that I can invest some money and he ok, you buy a professional camera. It was just a studio for taking portrait photos. It was easy to do. With the help of computers we could do it easy. Then somebody called to take photographs of functions in the marriage, We both went took photos from different angles, There was a photo session,

hundreds of guests wanted to get photographed with the bride and bridegroom. Then when the crowd thinned, they wanted a seperate photosession in their bedroom in different poses, The groom who was working in gulf wanted some intimate photos with his wife and him. He told me not to tell this to anybody and the photo to be put in a CD and given to him.

He was very friendly and talked to his wife who she too reluctantly agreed. Because this is the new experience, I do not know whether such request comes come from other married couple. When I asked Bhaskar, he said dont worry, just do as they please. take more pictures than they ask for and then we will edit them in the computer.

You be careful not to reveal information about such assignments to anybody. Baskar asked me to ask the groom whether he too can join in taking photos. Groom consulted the bride and thought over and said ok. The demands of the groom were strange. I thought he may ask me to take some action photos of the scenes of his honey moon.

They were planning their honey moon in a hill station. There was a resort where the room had a magnificent view of the hills, rooms were also good and food and liquor was also available. Kabir, the groom was very wealthy and had a luxurious car and he drove it himself. He had pack his car with plenty of liquor imported canned eatables etc.

Bride Mariya was in her late teens and was vey attractive. Kabir did not want his people to know about the photosession he planned, he asked us to wait at our studio with dress for two or three days stay. One fine morning Kabir with his young bride in the front seat drove his car and stopped in front our studio and we two got in with our bags and cameras.

Baskar and I got into the back seat and the car moved towards the resort. It was a two hour drive and we reached the hill resort on the top. The view of the valley was magnificent. We just looked around to familiarise with the places, in the meantime Kabir and his bride went inside their prime apartment and the watchman lifted their luggage from the dick and placed in the room.

Our bags were on our shoulders. We went to our room slightly separated from their bedroom, we left our bag and sat planning how to go about as this was our first assignment of this sort. He said he consulted his wife and they decided that they will have two sessions in one day besides the night session for two days.

We have to take close up shots of their action from as many angles as possible and then leave them to themselves. Similarly in the afternoon. He asked for our suggestion for better pose and better angle. He said the whole episore is totally confidential and he said he relied on our professional ethics. News should not be leaked out, neither any photos should be leaked out.

He wanted back all the photos, negatives, prints, copies etc. We agreed. But we were surprised at his ignorance of the latest technology that the moment we click a photo it gets loaded automatically in our website. We did not explain to him much about the technology, We were eager to see their action. Both bride groom removed his dress and asked his wife to join him.

She shyly lied near him and he removed her clothes one by one. Though she agreed to our taking photograph of her bedroom scenes, she was shy and told her husband to ask us to go out. Maria had a magnificent body, with big boobs, narrow waist, big ass, thighs and fair colour, cleanly shaven cunt.

Kabir was a seven footer, with a healthy body, broad shoulders, his tool hung at 8" and every thing about him was perfect. Both husband and wife finally compromised and asked us to go into their bedroom for discussion. Basker asked Kabir to tell us what scenes are to be photographed. I too joined in the discussion. Kabir said he wants stills and videos of all action in the bedroom.

He wanted the detailed video of the body of his wife, in minute details. And then the fucking action in all angles. Maria was staring at us and did not object to any of our conversation. Baskar asked her to lie with her hands raised up and photographed her from head to foot and the asked her to open her legs and took detailed photograph of her cunt which was by then leading.

She was cooperating and did as was told to her. Kabir with a good erection was watching. After our recording the first scene, we moved aside behind a curtain and watched Kabir and Maria embracing and their foreplay. With zoom lens we took photographs of their kissing and his squeezing her boobs and the nipples.

We were sure that this is not the first time they were indulging in fucking after their marriage Maria, a very hot type, started to moan and urged Kabir to fuck her. But Kabir wanted to indulge in orals. He licked her navel and went down to the cunt and licked the cunt lips. Maria was moaning loudly and opened her legs widely.

Basker and I got busy to take photograph from different angles. Her clit was bulged and emerged for him to take in his lips. He played with it with the tip of his tongue. Maria arched her back to receive the obslaughts of Kabir on her cunt. Her moans were louder and turned into a cry to indicate that she had a orgasm.

Immediately, Kabit took his dick and inserted itin her cunt in one shove and it went in fully and started to fuck her in full speed. The lingering orgasm of Maria came a violent conclusion with the strokes of Kabir and she kissed him and wound her beautiful legs around his waise. Both Kabir and Maria made lot of noice and it all went in the recording.

Friends you may think it is a made up story, but professional photography has gone to the bedrooms long back and there was an incident a girl wanting to marry his son, asker his father a sitting MLA to have intercourse with her and she got it filmed by a professional photographer. Of course her plan did not succeed, but there was a lot of bad publicity.

Some husbands who work in gulf countries and who cannot take their wife with them, take these phtos for their rememberance. We were taken into confidence and assured of a decent remuneration and that was why we agreed. But Bhasker and I were young and these happening in our presence gave us a painful erection and we had to relieve ourselves many time a day.

On the second day, Kabir got a phone can from his employer and he had rush to the city and told us that he will come back within just two hours. As soon as Kabir left Maria called us and wanted to see the photos taken by us. We were asked to sit on her bed and show the videos and the photos in slide show. We had uploaded all in our laptop and it was easy for us to show us all.

Seeing this she was horny and she put her hand on the bulge of Bhasker and unzipped and pulled out his cock. Without uttering a word she put it in her mouth and she unzipped me also. She asked both of us to fuckher quickly and Bhasker fucked her and then it was my turn. Maria enjoyed the entire sex and wanted more.

We were afraid that Kabir will come back soon and hence we moved out. Maria got dressed up right. After some time Ka bir came and told us that his boss had asked him to come back in advance as there was some urgent work. He told Maria that his boss and promised a family visa for him and he will be able to take her within two months.

We loaded the video and the photographs in two DVDs and gave to Kabir. He paid us a handsome remuneration and asked us to delete the entire visuals. We all packed and got into his car and left for town. Maria took our telephone numbers and gave us hers. Next day Kabir left to his workplace.

Maria telephoned and asked us to give her a copy of the videos and the photos. Next day she asked me to go to her place as she wanted some more photos taken. Her parents were not there and she was alone in the house. She asked me to come to her bedroom and asked me to take photograph of her in the nude.

Afterwards she wanted me to lick her cunt and she took photo with my mobile camera. She did it cleverly without showing my face but my tongue licking her cunt and clitoris. Later we fucked and took detailed photograph of each inch of penetration.

Maria was very horny and we took time to finish our two fucks. Next day she called Bhaskar and did the same with him. But Kabir took her away after three months with a family visa. We lost a golden opportunity for good sex.

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Rahul Enjoying Sex in Hospital - II

Previously: Rahul Enjoying Sex in Hospital - I

A special room was not immediately available and hence they waited, The head nurse informed there is such a special room at the rear of the building, but is being cleaned and sterilised before being allotted to the patient for occupation. Finally the room was ready and the patient was to be moved. Time was 3 am. The cleaners reported that the room was ready.

The duty doctor went and checked and everything is ok. They disconnected all the life lines and the cot of the patient was moved to the new room. Maria carried the infusion bottle and hung it in the new stand. The duty doctor having come checked his vitals and found everything normal and he went out leaving Maria and the patient in the room.

Normally Maria has to clean his genitals and the would in the early morning to prevent any possible infection. But still there was time. Rahul opened his eyes and looked aroud and saw the nurse and asked for a glass of water and said that he wanted to urinate. Usually there is a urine can which can receive urine directly from the sourse.

Maria brought the can and the penis has to taken and put at the nozzle of the can. Rahul was shouting come on mine is urgent, otherwise I may wet the bed. Maria took the cock and placed it in the can and hot urine poured inside the can to fill it almost three forth.

When he said it is over, he carried the can to the urinal and poured it in the commode and let the can there for the cleaner to clean. When she came back, the patient was rubbing the tip of the oenis on a towel. Rahul called her and asked her what is her name. She said Maria.He asked her whether there is any possibility of any doctor visiting the room.

She said no, nobody will come for the time being. He then called her and asked her to give him her cunt for licking. She was shocked, what she shouted. He said dont shout. I saw you taking my cock in your mouth and sucking, or you complete the action. Maria was shy and said she felt like that then, but now she cannot since she has work to do.

He told her, I was unconscious then, But now I want it come on suck. Maria saw the cock standing in full erection. She wiped it with wet cotton all around and wipe the ball pouch and all the surrounding area. Dont go near the injured leg, it pains horribly, better turn your back this side, remove your panty,

put your leg across and see that your pussy is positioned against my face so thatwhen you suck my cock I can like your pussy and clitoris in my mouth for sucking. Maria removed her panty and wiped her crotch with a wet towel and put her leg acros Rahul and positioned her pussy to come near his face and his cock was fully available for her to swallow.

Anyhow this posture was convenient and both of them can enjoy. Cunt juices were flowing into his face and he licked and liked its taste. Maria had waxed her pussy and there was no hair in her pussy. Licking all over the pussy, Rahus gave her immense pleasure. She muffled her shouts.

The cock was Rahul was immensely long and stout and it was not easy to take the whole of it in her mouth. She did some tricks with her tongue that it pleased him very much. Rahul sucked her clitoris with all force and inserted his rolled up tongue into her fuckhole, and from the spasm it generated he could know that she got her orgasm.

The girl was playing tricks with his cock that Rahul threw his gun shots of cum into her mouth. which the girl has choice but to swallow. She wanted to get up, but Rahul held her fast and he wanted another session. Maria wanted to go to the toilet urgently and she just pulled herself up and ran to the toilet and urinated.

Came back to Rahul and asked him whether he enjoyed the whole process. He said he enjoyed the whole process, why she ran away, she could have stayed for some more time so that they would have had one more session. Maria took a towel and wiped his cock and all the surrounding area so theywould not leave behind any tell tale evidence of their first adventure.

Maria was happy because she was sthe first girl to enjoy with Rahul, although many girls planned to do so. At 5 am the doctor came and checked his vital records, and noted in the pad that he is progressing well. Maria gave the patient a kissing farewell and went out as her duty is over.

Rahul made a call in his mobile and called his brother who were staying in the nearby hotel and asked them to bring his breakfast. He wanted something heavy like pizza or burger or sandwitches and tea. The new nurse who is posted this room was Maya, a beautiful short statured girl. She brought his tooth brush and paste and a jug full of water and a can for spitting.

Rahul did his oblutions. Maria cleaned his entire body and his genitals.Handling her cock made her moisten her panty. She looked at his face. Come near me, let me touch you said he. She went closer to his face. He lifted her garments and looking into her eyes he said he wanted to kiss her and touch her boobs. She bent low to reach his face and planted a kiss on his cheeks.

She too was wanting to get touched by him. In the meantime she saw that he had an erection. He lifted her shirt and the bra and realeased her boobs. With both of his hands he was squeezing her boobs, when she was holding his erect cock and pressing it. Taking her lips in his mouth, Rahul sucked it whereas Maya was enjoying his hand squeezing her boobs.

Doctor had told Rahul that he should not move his injured leg at all. Any movement will cause severe pain. Maya and Rahul knew this and hence he was careful not to move his leg and Maya also was careful to see that he does not move his leg. Both of them are so much aroused that they wanted sex urgently.

Rahul asked her to get on top of his somehow so that they can continue their game. But Maya said no, I cannot do anything to get on top of you, but I can give you a blowjob. She bent low and took his cock into her mouth. Only half of it could go into her mouth. Gesturing him not to move and that she will do the action, she moved her head vigorously and made him cum into her mouth.

Thus Rahul had sex with two girls that night. Maria was adventurous, because she get on top of him and fuck him, whereas Maya was not bold. But she enjoyed oral sex. Next day when the doctor came, he was dozing and on examining doctor found that he was progressing were and be there in strict supervision.

Maya and Maria were surrounded by their friends and were inquiring what they did during night duty. They exagerated whatever happened and told they both had full sex with the patient, Rahul. This caused jalousy in the mind of other girls. It was the turn of Latha to be in the room in the night. She was assisted by Rosy. Rosy was a married girl and her husband was in gulf.

She knew how to enjoy sex and she told Maya that they both will work together and show her how to do it. Latha was a young girl and she did not have much experience in sex. She was worried where her small cunt take in this large cock of Rahul.

Teaching each other new technic, these nurses took advantage of the body of Rahul to get their own sexual satisfaction to the much thrill of Rahul. In the meantime the destiny decided otherwise. It cured Rahul fast. Doctors found his bones joined perfectly and he should able to walk in the corridor.

Putting his hands acros the shoulders of two nurses, they made him to walk in the corridor. Naughty Rahul was squeezing the boobs of the nurses who was supporting him to walk. The hospital prepared the bill for his discharge and informed the parents of Rahul to pay off the hospital bill and by evening Rahul was discharged.

There were tearful scenes when Rahus collected his things. Packets of condom from among his belonging surprised the doctors and his parents. Nurses ran away from the scene. Rahul moved without support to his car with his parents waving his hands he drove off to the chagrin of all.

The End.

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Rahul Enjoying Sex in Hospital - I

It was evening 5 pm. and traffic along the road was heavy. All the four wheelers and two wheelers were hurrying allong at breakneck speed. Suddenly there was an accident. A two wheeler, Bullet, skidded and fell down by the side of the road. The rider applied the break in time otherwise it would have been run over by some heavy vehicle.

The ride a young looking handsome man was crying out of severe pain because he was pinned down his own bike. From his position he could not lift the bike and release himself. He was shouting for help and people who came did not help him Finally another young man came and lifted the bike and get him released and helped him to stand up but he could not.

Obviously this leg bone was fractured and he was having severe pain. Somebody called for an ambulence and the police and the the ambulence came within 10 minutes. But the bike rider who could not stand up lied in the road and fainted. The police jeep came immediately and searched the pockets of the rider for his identification etc.

The helpers in the ambulence brought a stretcher and took him inside the vehicle. One police constrable got into the ambulence and the ambulence speeded to the nearby hospital. In the meantime, the policeman could pull out the purse of the victim which contained his driving licence, some currency notes and his credit and debit cards etc.

He was taken to the emergency ward and the doctors immediately called the ortho surgeon and the victim was taken to the x ray room. The x ray showed the thigh bone to have been crushed and needed immediate medical attention.

They found out from his papers that his name was Rahul and from the telephone numbers found in his purse they could contact his family and informed them about the accident and wanted them to give permission for going some surgery. In the meantime Rahul gained his consciousness and was shouting out of pain.

Two nurses were asked to prepare him for the surgery and the doctors who formed a team to conduct the surgery were consulting about how to proceed. Rahul was wearing a jeans and a t shirt. The could not remove the jeans without cutting it across. The nurse Latha brought out a pair of scissors and cut the pant from waist downwards at the side. Nurse Mala was helping her.

The cut on both sides and tried to put the pieces of the jeans from the bottom of his body. They have to cut and remove his underwear and shave all the public hair and hair on his legs. When Latha cut the side of his underwear, his long and stout cock was lying in semi erect condition.

This was not a new sight for the girls but, Rahul was very fair and handsome and his cock was also fair and very large in size and was pulsating. Rahul knew that two beautiful girls are handling his underwear the cock stiffened and was pulsating. There was nobody in the room. They went and requested the head nurse that the rest of the work may be done by some male nurse.

The head nurse who was also a young nurse came inside the room and saw what the girls said was right and her panty was getting damp. She asked a male nurse to go and do the rest of the preparation. The male nurse, an youngster, came inside with a smile and he deftly cut the underwear and pulled it out and applied water on the public hair and started to shave with the razor.

Rahul opened his eyes and saw that a male nurse is removing his public hair, asked him to do it without causing pain. Rahul turned his head and searched for the girls. The male nurse removed all the waste hair and cleaned the sheet, and covered Rahul's mid body with a sheet and went out and reported to the head nurse that he has done the work.

In the meantime there was a crowd of nurses around, Mala and Latha and they were discussing in hush hush voice the features of Rahul. They dont usually get such handsome accident victims and all the girls were envy of Latha and Mala who had handled the case thus far.

The doctors were informed that the preparations are over and they wanted the patient to be shifted to the surgery room. Rahul was subjected to anesthesia, and he lost consciousness. The doctors started to mend his bones and put the pieces together and whole process took more than two hours and the two nurses, Latha and Mala were there throughout the operation.

In the meantime Police prepared the FIR and took possession of the bike and his mobile phone which thrown to a distance by the impact. Within an hour relatives of Rahul started to pour in. His brothers, sisters, parents and they were talking to the doctors and signed whatever papers are needed and requested the doctor to allot him a special air conditioned room

so that somebody from the family may stay with him. But doctors agreed to allot the room, but family members staying with him was refused. Initially he will be put in the ICU and later when the conditions are normalised, he may be shifted to a private room.

Since he has to be in a sterilized atmosphere only nurses will stay with him and the relative may visit for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Rahul who was still unconscious was shifted to the ICU and put on glucose saline. The nurse in the ICU, Maria went to Latha and Mala and asked what was wrong with the patient.

They gave her detailed version of the injury and needs to be cleaned everyday. All the three went inside the ICU and removed the sheet on his body and found that his cock is totally shrunk and limp, but yet it was large. Maria just lifted the cock and saw his balls pouch and fair and lovely. The patient was still under anesthesia.

Maria just pulled skin back and found the red head of the cock. She just opened her mouth and wanted to take the head in her mouth. The other two girls pulled Maria back and removed her hand and covered the cock with the cock and came out of ICU and Maria followed them. All the three girls were laughing and running to the rear of the building.

How beautiful it is, I just could not resist taking it in my mouth, said Maria. Latha said dont be smart, we could have taken it in our mouth when he was unconscious, because so many doctors were there, we could not do. Mala also said I agree. Anyhow, I will suck him before my duty is over, whether he is conscious or not, said Maria. How nice it is like a ripe plantain fruit.

Tomorrow while cleaning him, with soap water, I will pull his skin back and if he is conscious, will give him a hand job. And if he so desires I will give him a blowjob, said Maria. Latha and Maria said we will tell the matron that we will opt for ICU duty in the day and night.

Both Maria and Latha laughed loudly and the head nurse shouted at them to keep quiet. The parents of the patient wanted a special airconditioned roomfor their son Rahul and whatever the cost they were prepared to bear.

To Be Continued...

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Tuition Teacher Resina Enjoying Sex With Students

It was early days, you should not have any evil thoughts in your mind. Should spend most of the time in praying. I am Bhasheer, 20 staying in my uncle's house and studying for my degree. The plan is that as soon as I finish degree I have to proceed to a professional course and and to go and join my parents in the gulf.

Uncle and aunty took good care of me as I am the son of the elder brother of the uncle. They had no children and hence they showed all love and affection on me. For Maths I had totake some tuition and it was really tough. In the last two exams, I scored single digit marks and if it goes like this I am sure I wll fail. In my neighborhood my classmate cicily was there.

She asked me what I am going to do to cope up for the final exam. Do I arrange any tuition. She said her cousin who is a PG in maths has come from gulf and she is very rich and does not want to start a tuition centre. If you are interested we both can go to her. If I ask her she will agree to me. I say ok.

Next day my friend Cicily came and told me that her coursin is in bad mood and she was at a quarrel with her husband that may be the reason, we will try one again. Finally the cousin, whose name was Resina agreed, but she wanted us both to come separately. not together. Cicily agreed. She went in the morning. Because she was her cousin they each other for granted.

Tuition went on for two hours. Resina asked Cicily to ask me to go in the after noon at 3. I went there and saw Resina. Young and beautiful, she had a very serious face and asked questions to know the level of knowledge I had in the subject. She asked me to do certain sums and wanted to measure my standards. In the meantime Resina went in and changed her attire.

She looked morose. Since the day was warm, she removed her excess clothes and came in a nighty and asked me how may sums I did. All the sums I did were correct and she was satisfied and she asked me to come on the next day. Next day Cicily told me that Resina picked up a quarrel with her husband and they are almost broke their relationship.

Why we bother about her personal life. Let us concentrate on our studies. I went next day and every day. She retained me for two hours initially and then she gave me work for three hours. She will lie and read and ask me to do my home work. When the servant brings tea, she will ask two cups to be brought one for me and her. She did not ask me any personal question, nor did I.

She had a magnificent body, but I did not want to give her an impression that I notice her. She may be 24 or 25 and very beautiful. One day she suddenly said, Basheer, you know the subject, maths. Had you worked hard, you could have scored very high marks. What happened.

Did you get involved in some love affair. I wonder why you scored so low in the last exam. If up want a good atmosphere to study, you study here, in this room and all your doubts in any subjects I can clear and see that you get high rank. But tell me what actually distracted you.

Resina aunty took good care of me. She asked me to sit on her bed and she will teach me all the subjects, English, Maths, and all other subjects. Since I was sitting very close to me her body odor and her perfume odor hit me. I sometimes take snacks and even dinner with her. She was wearing a thin nighty when she is lying in the bed near me to teach me.

I could see her bra and panty underneath. Once I asked her why she came back from gulf. She could have taken up a job and settled down there. She said no he was unfaithful and hence I left him. If he apologized and calls me back I may go back to him. Resina madam, may I ask you, permission just touch your hand.

It is more than three months I have this desire, how will I ask, that was the problem. They are so beautiful and dainty. You are also beautiful and fresh as a flower. But when you were serious, I was afraid of even looking at your face. Resina smiled. Suddenly she got up and gave a hug to Rasheed. Rasheed put both of her hands around her and gave her a tight squeeze.

They remained in that condition for about five minutes. She took his hand and placed it on her boob. It was all happening preplanned. Rashed gave her boob a slight squeeze. Rasheed wanted to withdraw, he thought he is going beyond the limit. But Resina caught him tight and put her hand on his crotch and found his erect cock. Basheer was in high pedestral.

She wanted him unzip and pull down his jeans, which he did. He was removing her nighty and unhooked her bra. Suddenly she got up and ran to the door and bolted it from inside. Basheer by then had removed his shirt and the vest. Resina kneeled on the floor near the bed, pulled down his jockey and saw his cock in full erection. She opened her mouth and took it deep inside.

Basheet requested her to come on top of her so that he could lick her cunt. She came on top of him and her wide open pussy was on his face. His tongue went deep in her cunt and was searching for her clitoris. Both of them were highly aroused and were madly in love with each other. His cock went deep inside her mouth and touched her throat.

He opened her cunt lips further licked her cunt from bottom to top. He took her clit between his lips and squeezed it. She was giving out sounds of joy. Suddenly he shot his cum into her mouth and she swallowed the whole thing. She too reached climax and her fluids sprayed into his face.

They remained like that for some time and got up and went to the bathroom and washed their faces and mouth etc. When they returned from the bathroom Resina hugged Rasheed and kissed his on his cheeks, fore head and all over his face. She said this it the first time she had so much of sex in one day. Basheer came everyday. He studied a little and fucked more.

He took his dinner with Resina. It was exam time they fucked less and studied more. Days went on. In the meantime the husband of Resina came on compromise and promised not to entertain any other lady in his life. Resina was happy and bade good bye to Basheer and gifted to him a laptop. Basheer joined for law and decided to take up law as his future career.

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