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Amul Getting Sex From Neighbourhood Lady - II

Previously: Amul Getting Sex From Neighbourhood Lady - I

I was only watching her with all lust in my eyes. I never thought I was missing such a beautiful sight of women in my neighbourhood. All this actions and lust made my cock grow and I didn’t notice it. Shraddha saw me watching her body and gave me a naughty smile. She was happy to see my cock grow. And I can see that in her eyes.

“Are you feeling better?” she asked hiding her smile. “yes aunty,” I replied back with heavy breath. It was the first time to face such an encounter in my whole life. Being 19 I didn’t have such bad intentions on any girl or women until today. But Shraddha aunty made my mind go in a different direction.

She was watching my cock with all the lust in her eyes hiding her emotions. She intentionally treating my wound very slowly. I understood that and gave it a try by pressing her shoulder by shouting as I was in pain. Actually, I was acting. This made her breath heavy and she jerked off a little with excitement.

Again I pressed her shoulder, as she was leaning she lost her balance and caught my crotch and pressed it for support. I was in heaven, my dick was hard. I was in the towel so she did feel my hard cock. She was hiding her sight to see me and my cock. But she is failing as she found it so attractive.

She tied the bandage very quickly now asked me to stand up just to check she tied it well or not. I was unable to stand so she helped me. My hand was still on her shoulder. As I stood up my towel fell down. She was stunned by my cock size which was inside my underwear.

She opened her mouth and shut it so fast avoiding me. I now took the situation into a full advantage and hugged her from the front. She put her hands on her boobs to avoid the contact of my bare chest and her boobs. I then started kissing her on the lips she resisted at first and then cooperating me and within a minute she was outpacing me.

Now she removed her hands from between us and moved her hands to my cock. I was feeling in heaven. Now she broke the kiss and she started pulling off my underwear. Now my 6-inch cock was out. She saw it and have a naughty smile to it. I was watching her. She started kissing my chest and slowly moving downwards and kneeling down.

She took a full view of my cock and touched it with her bare hands. This is the first time someone touched my cock. She now made my foreskin back and smelled my cock. The current was passing through my body. I was watching her huge cleavage. She now inserted her fingers in her mouth to bring down the saliva.

She now spat the saliva in her right hand and started stroking my cock up and down. She looks like an expert on how to please a man. She was smelling my cock and stroking it hard. I was about to cum and she understood it as I was breathing heavily. She then put the cock in her mouth as soon as she put my cock in her mouth ejaculated in her.

She didn’t miss any drop of my cum and she swallowed it. “It is a warm and little bit salty,” she told with very lust in her voice and her eyes. I nodded to her giving a satisfactory smile. She gave me a big smile and went back to the bathroom.

I sat on the sofa naked. She came back and cleaned my cock with her mouth and asked me how did I feel. I said it is amazing and wrapped my towel and went back to my house and slept.

The End.

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Amul Getting Sex From Neighbourhood Lady - I

Hi Human Digest, my name is Amul. I’m 21 years old. I am 5.9″ tall and has 6 inches cock and I’m not joking. This story is about me and my neighbour aunty. Her name is Shraddha. She is 5.5″ coming to her body measurements she has 36C 30 38. Well, this is absolutely a good measurement someone can have.

Coming to the story, this happened when I was 19 years old. My family consists of my dad, my mom, a brother who is elder than me. My dad works in mnc and my mom is a housewife my brother also works in mnc in another city. Hope their ages are not required for now. Basically, I’m from Hyderabad.

I play a lot of cricket and it was Sunday. Mom told me she is going to some relatives house and comes back late at night. Dad is also out of station for 3 days so she made lunch just for me and gave a little money to eat outside. I nodded her and collected my cricket kit and went to play.

After an hour I came back with injury on my right knee. I was unable to walk. My friend dropped me at the house and I have to take the lift on my own. I was waiting for the lift and their comes my neighbour aunty. She is one of the beautiful women I saw. Her age is 36 and she doesn’t look like that. She has a perfect body that every man dreams for enjoying.

I don’t have any bad intensions towards her. I wished her good afternoon with a smile. We were in lift now and she noticed me walking lamely. “What happened Amul?” She asked me. “Nothing aunty just an injury while playing cricket,” I said. “Beta I think you need first aid, see you have blood marks on your track,” she said.

“Yes, aunty the first aid will be good. Mom gave u keys?” I asked. Yes, Amul they are in my house. Your mom went out an hour ago giving me keys. She told. I followed to her house for the house keys. She told me to sit and relax and gave a glass of water and keys. I told her thanks and came to my house and made a straight way to my room.

I took off my pants and t-shirt struggling with pain and went on hunting the first aid box on my underwear itself as there was nobody in the house. I was in the hall and forgot to lock the main door. Shraddha aunty suddenly entered my house with cricket kit which I forgot in her house. She saw me in my underwear with wide eyes.

I noticed her after half a minute she came in and was shocked to see her. I immediately went to my room and wrapped a towel around me and came back to her with a shy smile on my face and a little bit of nervousness added to it. She smiled me back and said she came to give me the cricket kit which you forgot at her house.

I thanked her back and she told me sorry for not ringing the doorbell. I said it's ok and pushed my kit aside. “What are you searching for?” She asked me watching my bare chest. “Nothing aunty I'm unable to find the first aid kit,” I said in hesitation. “Come with me I will give you the first aid or else the wound will grow a lot worse,” she said.

I locked the door and went with her to her house. There was nobody in the house except us both. She went inside her bedroom and bought the first aid box. And I'm still sitting on the sofa half naked. She came to me and I headed my hand to the box and she told me don't give your hand give your leg, I will apply the lotion.

I was afraid what she's talking and told her it's ok aunty I will manage. She insisted me and at last, I have to listen to her words. She told me to put on my leg on the table which was in front of the sofa and I did it. She came near me leaning forward sat beside me on sofa and my God her perfume smell was so fantastic.

She saw my growing chest and smiled as I was breathing her smell. She now lifted my towel up to my thighs and started cleaning the wound with cotton applied some medicine to it. As she put the Cotton on the wound I started shouting due to the pain. She saw my face and blew air from her mouth and the current started passing my body.

I could feel her air it was so cool and she continued dabbing the cotton ball and then blowing air on my wound. The heat started growing between us and there was all sweat on my body and face. As I was suffocating she was busy treating my wound. I asked her to switch on the fan which she agreed and got up to switchboard to on the fan and returned back to her business.

The fan made me live again and I relaxing by leaning my head to the sofa closing my eyes. A mosquito started disturbing me which led to making my eyes getting open. The mosquito now landed on aunty’s shoulder then aunty slapped herself on the shoulder and her saree pallu fell down. That was the mesmerizing sight I have ever seen in my entire life.

Aunty wore a blue saree with a deep neck. Her boobs were milky white. The deep blouse saree made her cleavage look so good which added more when she bent to keep medicine and the blouse was so tight that her boobs were fighting come out. That made my mind change towards her. Her belly looks so soft and the saree she was wearing below her navel.

To Be Continued...

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Hot Sex Day With Young Lady Friend

Hi Human Digest readers. About myself, I am semi-built gym built with 5.6ft height, fair and good looking.I don’t brag about my penis as it is 5.5-inch size enough to satisfy any woman.The story is about a lady I met in a company and how I satisfied her.

The lady I met is 33 years old (I came to know later) who is fair about my height with good body, I don’t know the measurements but she looks exactly like tv actress mouni Roy. She came to Vizag to handle a situation as the required target was not met. (my friend who is working over there.)

One day I just went to see how the company works and all.At that time I saw her the first time and was mesmerized by her beauty. I was dumbstruck looking at her and was following her all day long. Finally, after many times pleading my friend, he introduced me to her…I told her about me and what I am working on and exchanged our details.

She seemed interested in me and kept talking.As days passed we exchanged our numbers and began to chat on WhatsApp. Finally, the problem was solved and company organized a small party in the guest house.We reached there by evening and was enjoying the party. Everyone was busy in drinking and few were passed out within some time.

She was talking and I was looking at her ass without her noticing.She is dressed in the red mini skirt which came up to knee length. Due to alcohol effect, I was already a bit horny…Seeing her made things more complicated and my junior formed a small tent. After few hours hardly few people left.She came up to me and asked for a dance. I immediately agreed.

There was classical music going on and I am holding her waist.A few minutes later I took courage and placed my hand on her ass.She began to smile naughtily and was holding me close enough that there is only a few inches gap.There was a spark in her eyes which is lustful and I know that I am going to get laid with her.

Her breathing began to increase and she was breathing near my ears. My dick is about to burst in my undies due to her act.Suddenly she came forward and pressed herself into me fully.I was in heaven. Imagine a cold weather with a beautiful lady..I was thanking my stars.

Suddenly she looked around us and seen if anyone is watching there were hardly 10 members left. Well, no one is least bothered and some already passed off in their own world.She looked directly into my eyes with a lustful expression and bite her lower lip.My heart began to beat fast and with a second she placed her lips on mine and we were smooching like anything.

I was pressing her all over body.Her ass.Her boos..Waist..She is giving small moans. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh then she put her hands back and removed both her bl bra and panty. Only her skirt is there. Slowly I began to feel her bare ass and it was like a sponge. I moved my hands from thee to her boobs and began pressing them.

Her nipples were erect and I began folding them.Slowly looking in her eyes I broke my kiss and began sucking her nipples.She is moaning like hell…Ummmmm…..Ahhhhh…And was pressing my head….I slowly took my hand down and began gently stroking her pussy. First I kept rubbing her cilotris with my finger.First, she didn’t allow me saying that she cannot control.

But later her grip loosened and I began to moan more. I finally inserted my finger into her and began searching for her g- spot.Finally, I got it and began rubbing there within 10 minutes she cummed over my head.She collapsed on me for some time she regained her sense and saw my bulge. She opened the pant zip and pulled down the underwear.

My cock sprung to life and hit her face.She guided me to a room which has a bed and pushed me on the bed. She removed her skirt and became fully nude.Slowly she came on top of me and began kissing me all over my face and moved to lips and began chewing me. She removed my t-shirt and kept chewing my nipples and slowly moved down to my penis.

She took off my jean along with underwear and throw them on the ground.She first began to kiss my balls and bit them.I was in pain and also enjoying…Later she came and took the tip of my dick and slowly moved up and down.When I was about to cum she would slow down not allowing me to cum…

Finally, I pleaded her to let me cum she smiled and started licking my ears and biting my nipples doing hand job..Within minutes I cummed in her hand and lay there like dead meat. I never cummed that much in my life.I felt all my juices were flushed out…It was an amazing feeling. I was grasping for breadth.

After few minutes we began cuddling and kissing each other..I was rubbing my dick on her pussy and my duck began to grow.It was time for intercourse.I carried a condom in the case for this purpose so I took it out wearing it and slowly began to insert in her pussy.

Her pussy was damn tight..I was surprised and kept fingering her to loosen her but only two fingers are going in and out.She pleaded me not to tease her more and ask her to fuck me.We positioned in missionary and slowly I inserted my tip of cock into her…It went only till head part that too with great difficulty.

She began crying to take it out but I was too horny..Swiftly I gave another push and the whole cock went in.She opened her eyes wide and let out a huge cry and began breathing fast.. I stay still.After some time I began moving two and fro and was fucking her…She began to enjoy and was raising her hips…

Thap thap thap sound of me banging her was all in the room along with her moans.She closed her eyes…After continues fuck, she came on top of me and began to ride me…I began to chew her nipples.

Then I came to doggy position and was fucking her brains out she cannot control and cummed..But I was not done yet…I shifted to missionary again..Held her legs high in the air and began banging deeply. She began to arose again and began
shouting…Aaaahhh……Yeah…..Yeah……Fuck me….Tear my pussy….Make me your whore

And finally, I am nearing my climax….She too was cumming again and bit my chest upper part..I cummed inside the condom and lay still.Rolled over sometime. That day we had 2-3 more sessions and slept…

Later we didn’t get a chance only small kisses,smooching or me rubbing her ass or pussy.Later I became busy and forgot about her…After 2 months I just remembered her and saw her WhatsApp was company no and someone else operating.I asked my friend he said he don’t know anything about her…I miss her still….Hope u liked my story…

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Massage Leading To Sex With MILF Lady

This encounter happened a week ago in Chennai. Husband out for work and I begin my work. Let me go to the story. I usually go for jogging in the morning around 6 in my neighbourhood. I see so many middle aged men and women walking at that time. There is this lady, Jasleen (name changed) whom I see every morning walking alone.

I cross her everyday and every time I cross her I look at her and go. She had noticed that several times but never made any face. By the way, she has an amazing ass and coconut type boobs. It was mind blowing.

After a week, I decided to talk to her. Next morning I went for a jog as usual and found her. Again while crossing her, I looked at her and smiled. She saw me and just moved on. She didn’t smile back. I felt weird and went home. Next day, as usual, I went for a jog. Again while crossing her, I just looked at her. But surprisingly she gave a naughty-cute smile. I was shocked and I stopped.

I went behind her and said “Hi”. She: hi. Me: I see you every day. She(smiling): hmm Then we introduced ourselves and continued talking for some time. Me: Bye, See you tomorrow. She (smiling): Sure I was so happy with an adrenaline rush in my body. I was eagerly waiting for next day.

For next few days, we reduced walking and did more of talking. Then she told about her family and where she lives. She has a daughter who is in 4th std. Likewise, I told her about me. I also told I do massage and I touched her shoulder. She was shocked and slightly moved away. I was scared and there was a silence. We then said bye and went back home. I was feeling nervous.

Next day she came and spoke like everything is alright. While talking I accidentally touched her ass but she didn’t say anything. So I thought I’ll do it again because it was so lovely touching her ass. I again touched but she did not say a thing. I moved my hand over her ass. She then looked at me.

She: You were telling something yesterday. Me: What? She: You said you do massage and all. Me: oh yeah. I like doing it. She(naughty smile): How good are you? Me: I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me one day. She was blushing. We then exchanged numbers and chatted regularly. One day she asked me to come home at 9:30. It was a Monday.

So I was sure that her hubby and child would be not at home. I got condoms and went to her home. She opened the door and invited me in. We sat and there was a silence. Me: How come you called me home? I’m surprised. She: Just simply. Don’t you like it? Me: I’m glad you called. So what shall we do? She: I want to comment on your massaging skills.

I was like cloud nine hearing this. She smiled and took me to the bedroom. Me: I can’t massage with the clothes on. She: I know. and she removed her salvar in front of me. I could see her whole body. Immediately I got a spike and she saw it. She was fully naked and was looking gorgeous with her features. She laid on her back and I started massaging her feet.

When I reached her thigh, her breath got heavier and she held my hand. She turned and started taking off my clothes. I could see the passion and hunger for sex in her eyes. She started kissing me passionately and my hands completely on her body. I then touched her vagina and she bit my lips. My fingers were playing with her vaginal lips. She kissing got intense.

She then started licking my lips. I took my middle finger and inserted into her vagina. She moaned with a “AAHHH” and whispered “I want more. do it”. I fingered her and she was enjoying. She was moaning with a heavy breath “AHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHH”. She then fell on the bed and pressed her boobs. I said it’s mine and started licking her boobs.

Her nipples were firm. I sucked it hard. She then got up and removed my underwear. she took my penis and started sucking it hard. It was my time to moan and I was enjoying it. She was very good at it. She licked and sucked for few minutes and I was holding her hair. I pulled her hair and made her lie. I went down on her and licked her vagina.

I was doing it more on her clitoris and she was shouting in pleasure like “ohhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. I got aroused hearing her moan. She was curving her body like anything, moving and arching her back in amazement. Again she moaned “AAHHHHHHHHHHH” with her breath getting heavier and heavier in each moment.

She tightened her thighs and locked my head with her vagina. There was no way out. I kept on licking her clitoris. She laid back and kept moaning and moaning. After a few mins, she CUM. She was so happy. She told me DO IT. I took my penis and glided on her vagina. I went in smoothly and we went for a ride. Her moaning sound and her boobs bouncing were so amazing.

We did for some time and I cum inside her. We cuddled for some time and lay in bed. I told her that I had brought condoms and forgot to take it out. She told she is happy that I didn’t use condoms. She said she liked it Raw. After that, we met often and had a lot of sex. Hope you like my experience.

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Guy Enjoying Sex With Classmate

Hi everyone my name is anonymous and I’m relating to you a personal sex experience between me and my schoolmate, now to the story this happened when I was in 12 the standard. First, of let me describe her, she is a desi girl who wears traditional dress all the time and although she is well above age her body is small and petite.

Our school campus is a 21-acre campus and is having lots of secret places. So let’s begin…This happened 1 month into my 12th….One day when I was sitting in my class along with raida and a few others about 4-5 other kids as the others were all absent…

And I was the only boy among them we were playing truth or dare and as we were playing a girl gave raida a dare to sit on my lap and kiss me…She looked towards me naughtily and smiled….I agreed….She got up shaking her ass and came towards me and sat on my lap….Nd placed her lips on mine and kissed me …Oh, that feeling was amazing…

I got an instant boner which started poking into her ass…..She understood my horniness and placed her hand on my dick without the others noticing…And within a minute she was back in her place …..We played for a while and after that, the bell rang for a lunch break and everyone left but I stayed back hoping to shag off in the school bathroom after everyone left…

When I was alone lying on my bench and imagining about fucking raida in all her holes …Suddenly someone tapped on my shoulders……I have jolted awake and stood up right.Showing my boner.

It was raida nd she smiled looking at my boner. She said “I had a good time” and I said “me too your a good kisser,” she said “thanks ” and came and sat in my laps again with a twinkle in her eye and she started kissing me….Our tongues rolled against each other saliva passing among them…And then I slowly placed my hand on her small boobs and started pressing them…

She moaned slowly “hmmm…Yeah” and I was turned on completely…..I said “here it’s not safe let’s go somewhere else,” she said “anything you say honey” and I grabbed her hands and we went to a corner room of the school where the old furniture was stored and where no one ever came… As we were going I picked up a bottle of water… Cause I knew what’s gonna happen…

While walking towards the room I was watching her ass swaying left to right and vice versa. She asked me “ what are you looking at?” I said “ your cute little ass,” she said “ wait for a few minutes … Then it’s all yours” hearing this I couldn’t control I just grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips while squeezing her butt she started moaning.

Later when we reached the room she asked “we only have 10 mins … It’s not enough to have a good kiss” I said “well. Let’s skip the next two periods!” she asked,“why you wanna do two periods just for kissing?” I just smiled at this and grabbed her waist and pulled towards me and started kidding her wildly…

She also stated kidding back wildly we kissed for what felt like hours…I pressed her boobs….Squeezed her ass…..She rubbed my dick above my pant …..And then I slowly tried to put my hands in her pant she asked “what are you doing ” I said “I want you” she said, “I’m not sure about this please!”

I said “don’t worry … It’s all right … I’ll take care of you baby and besides everyone at our age does all this is normal” she said “ok … But please be careful… Do you have a condom??” I said “ no but don’t worry you won’t become pregnant” she freaked out she said “how??!! Please don’t do this ” I said “don’t worry trust me” and smiled she said “ok”.

We started kissing again and I slowly started undressing her…. First I removed her school overcoat and slowly started kissing her neck and then removed her shirt and then I kissed her cleavage and then lifted her up and put her on top of an old desk and removed her shoe and socks and kissed her barefoot… Finger by finger and she was mesmerized by the feel.

And as she was in heaven I slowly unbuckled her pants then unzipped her pants and it away and now she was standing in front of me wearing her black bra and black panties…. She asked, “aren’t you gonna remove your clothes?” I said, “do it for me.”..She came closer and unbuttoned my shirt and then bent down and removed my pants… Now her face was opposite my huge bulge.

She looked at it and was surprised she said: “that’s huge it’s never gonna fit in my vagina” I looked at the bottle of water and smiled down at her. She stood up and we started kissing while just wearing our under garments……She was wild just then she asked: “shouldn’t I remove my hijab?” I said “no, you look prior like this,” she said “anything you like” and smiled.

I suddenly got an idea I said “babe, why don’t you twerk for me” she gave a very naughty smile and said sure why not and got off the table and came near me while I was sitting on an old couch and brought her ass near my face and started twerking …Oh, what a lovely sight it was I moved front held her ass in my hand and have it a kiss… She gave out a sigh of relief.

I picked her up to put her on the couch and started kissing her head to toe. She also did the same to me….We rolled on the couch in each other’s arms kidding each other wildly…..I removed her bra and panty … She removed my underwear…We were completely nude in each other’s arms now…..I started kissing her nipples…

And they became rock hard and I started to suck on them I sucked for 10 mins while she moaned like a whore… After that I said “now, return my favour ” and pulled her down and pushed my 8″ long monster towards her face she said horrified “ I have never sucked a dick…And this is too big” I said “ you are my slut now just do what I say”

fully confident that the sky inside her wanted to be dominated by me she said “ok… I’ll try” she slowly to the head of my cock into her mouth…I was in heaven… Her mouth was so warm and full of saliva it didn’t even go through fully…

And then I gave a sudden jerk and pushed the entire thing in her eyes bulging …And I slowly withdrew it and started doing the same thing with a steady rhythm and she also assisted to it I said “ from today onwards you are my white and I’ll fuck you whenever I want” she took my dick out of her mouth and said

“I’ll do anything you want, master” my dick free fully hard at this and I picked her up and put her on the table placing the top of my huge monster at the entrance of her love hole …She said nervously “please be gentle …Your cock is too big for my pussy” I said “you are a slut you can take it well” and trust the top of my cock into her pussy she screamed “immachii!!!” meaning “oh my god!!”

and continued gasped for breath and with another stroke I enters my full length into her pussy she was about to scream when I caught her face and kissed her while I moved my cock in and out of her…

As I was doing I noticed little blood and her cum along with it….I came to know then that she was a virgin… Which excited me more ……I continued humping her for half hour while sucking her boobs and pressing her ass… After a while I took my dick out and said “honey since you don’t want to get pregnant, the is only one way” she asked curiously “what way?” I said her

“I’ll have to fuck your asshole and leave my love juice there” she said “But it won’t fit and I have never been fucked there ” I said ” “Dint worry about that and went and picked up the bottle I bought and poured a little water on her asshole and started licking her asshole …She was mesmerized…. She said “oh baby that feels so good, keep doing that ” after a while,

I took placed the tip of my cock at her asshole entrance and pushed in a little. She screamed ”baby it’s too big please take it out” I said ”shut up, bitch” entered my entire dick in her ass she was gasping for breath and after a while started screaming I started giving slow and steady strokes while she screamed ”baby I can’t take it ill die !!” I said ”baby just hold on”

after a while she started moaning and the pain turned to the pleasure she moaned ” oh baby that feels so right, u fucking me in my tight little asshole…Oh yeah …..Baby, I’m your whore…Do whatever u want to me” I took her hijab clad face in my hand while my dick was penetrating her asshole and kissed her and started increasing my pace violently

and she started moaning even more and I finally exploded rivers of cum into her ass as she cried ” give it to me baby!! All of it” I cummed even more hearing this and took my dick out of her ass and saw her asshole was overflowing she stuck a finger in her ass took some cum and started licking her finger and said “from now on I’m you personal dirty whore”

hearing this I spanked her and fucked her once more and then we dressed up and went to class.. Please give me a feedback in the comments below if you want the next part.

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Vikram Enjoying Sex With Delhi Lady Apsara

Hello everyone of Human Digest, hope you all are doing good. So let’s go into the story, boys and girls get ready with your tools in hands. As usual, after my story publishing, I got a mail from a woman named Apsara. I was just a casual chat in hangouts which turned to personal in hangouts within 3 days.

She was comfortable with me and we exchanged our pics with each other. I should really tell you fellas about her beauty, I was frozen for a minute. She is really not like a married one having two kids. She is looking just like 24 or so. Chubby cheeks and a dimple when she smiles are the additional beauty feature of her.

Coming to her stats OMG!!! What to say they are 34-30-38 just amazing and her face adds her more beauty and of all. She on the 5th day of our conversation asked me that if I’m free this Saturday. I was on cloud9 and said I’m free. She told that her hubby will go for a business tour and will manage kids.

So that we can meet. I was very anxious in meeting her so readily accepted her proposal. I was eagerly waiting for Saturday which will come only after 3 days. My blood is rushing through veins waiting for her and my adrenaline is pumping high as I came close to Saturday.

Finally, I got a message from her of the address and time to come. So I got to freshen up myself and purchased safety and chocolates for her and her kids. Reached the destination and called her. She invited me inside with a huge smile and a tight hug. I was literally shocked she was wearing a short and Bra to welcome me.

In that push-up bra, her boobs are bursting to come out into my mouth and hands. She was really a BOMB shell and everyman’s desire on the earth. Thank god! I’m the luckiest. Liplocked her and squeezing her in my arms. Removed her bra strap and wow! Those melons are hanging for me to reduce my hunger.

Kissing her and taken her by lifting her in my arms hugging tightly and her legs around my waist. Jumped onto the bed, where we broke our passionate kiss. She came on top and removed my T-Shirt and started kissing each other passionately.

She already told me that she wants to dominate me during our conversation, so I’m letting her do as she wishes as she has to satisfied my by at the end of the day. She started kissing and sucking my nipples and biting them hard. I was very indulged in pain but not to ruin her happiness, just stayed away from expressing it. She is giving lots of love bites all along my chest.

Finally, she moved down and pulled my pants and now my boy is hard in my jockey. She squeezed on it and freed it from jockey, started kissed it and its balls and taken into the mouth. She was really a pro in sucking the tool, sucking hard and rolling her tongue around it which made me to ready for cum.

Same I informed her and started mouth fucking her going into deep throat. She was feeling difficult to breathe and panting. I continued with my strokes getting harder and harder and finally cummed a long shot in her mouth, which she drank without wasting a single drop and thanked me for filling her mouthful.

Now it’s my turn and overturned her. Started kissing her neck and ears, her nails are going deep into my back. Her pussy was already wet and started licking her armpits. Moved to the hanging melons taken one mouthful and started sucking it hard and biting its nipple and chewing it. Mean while another hand is busy in crushing the other melon, squeezing it harder.

Started giving love bites on her boobs and my other hand started rubbing her clean shaved pussy. Moved down to pussy by kissing each rib and her belly button. Removed her short and panty, started kissing her pussy spluuurr splluurr are the sounds coming…. She is moaning loudly aaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssssssss.

Started finger fucking her Pussy with one finger and with my fingers spreading it. Started licking and sucking it with my tongue and making deep moves inside it and around the walls. Kissing her thighs and making her hornier. The tongue is going deep and deep inside. She was enjoying the moves and cummed all over my face. Now both are ready for the real action.

She overturned me and asked for riding me which I obliged. Cock is inviting her and she placed herself and jumped on it in one go. It all went with bit difficulty but was all inside. While she riding me WOW!! Her boobs are dancing and what a view just mindboggling. She enjoyed herself riding me more and thanked me again where she cummed again.

Changed into Doggy Style and banged her to the core, she moaned loudly but can’t help her moans as I’m banging faster that her moans and cummed in her pussy hole. Next moved to the washroom and fucked her against the wall and in the shower and in the bathtub.

Fucked her entire Sunday in different positions and all over her home and the fuck on the dining table and couch are the most memorable for us. She thanked me a lot and asked me to give a mark on her body as a token of my love.

I gave a long love bite on her thigh near pussy which is the weird as I never did to anyone. But It was a great feeling for me as another woman want my mark as forever for her.

Please do comment and give your valuable comments below.

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Rahul Enjoying Sex With Deepti On Dream Date

Hello, everyone !!! I have been reading Human Digest for a long time from now. Now I have gathered the courage to tell my story. I will give a brief about myself first which includes my studies and my life and then I will tell you about my story which happened recently.

My name is Sanjay and I’m 21 years old. I have a height of 5’10. I look above average and I’ve very good communication skills when it comes to girls, I’ve slim body but very good stamina and dick of 6 inches. I have always managed to score well in my career and I was in my final year of engineering. I had a backlog with no mistake of my own so I was very sad at the time.

I had two girl friends before this happened but I never had sex with them. I had kissed just one of them. This time it was going to the next level.I’ve always been romantic with girls. Now coming to the story. I met a girl once through one of my friends. It was at a birthday party. I was wearing a sweatshirt and a denim and I was looking pretty well.

This girl Deepti was pretty impressed after looking at me. She didn’t speak with me that day but she asked my friend about me and she got my phone number. She started texting me and since I was single even I started texting her. We became friends and then became really close to each other.

We started to open up to each other and she proposed me. I accepted the proposal and soon we started dating each other. We used to chat a lot and she used to tell me about her fantasies and her dream guy. We didn’t meet each other very often because she was very good at dancing and she had to balance her studies as well.

One day we decided to meet after her exam and I took my car to meet her. We met at a mall and we went to catch a movie. We watched the movie and we had lunch at a restaurant. We didn’t know what to do after that so I asked if she wanted to come to my house as no one was at my house that day. This plan came to my mind all of a sudden and we headed to my house unexpectedly.

On the way, she asked me to stop my car and I stopped it. We went home after buying some drinks and chips. We watched a movie on my laptop together and we were chilling. Suddenly there came a moment when we came very close to each other and then we started kissing each other intensely. We kissed passionately with our tongue for about half an hour.

We were deeply involved with each other and I didn’t know if I should proceed further. However I gathered courage and I started touching her breasts I slowly removed her bra and I started to touch her breasts and started sucking her nipples, she liked it and said ‘Oh yeah, sanjay’. She was rubbing me all over her body and I felt the tenderness of her boobs.

They were very soft and I liked touching them. I was kissing all over her body and then she saw my large penis and she took off my pant and started sucking it. That was a worldly pleasure. She stroked it and the cum came out, she wiped it with her kerchief and she took out a condom which even I didn’t have. That is when I came to know why she had stopped the car.

I took off her pant and started licking her pussy it was clean and shaven. She loved it and started moaning she said ‘Sanjay don’t stop ………don’t stop Sanjay‘ I got a bit more excited and started doing it more quickly she loved it and became very much wet.

I then took my penis and took it in her wet vagina but she was a virgin so her pussy was very tight. I was a virgin too so it hurt me initially but I loved that pain. She said that it hurt her but I inserted it very slowly, we were trying the missionary position so I inserted my large penis very slowly and she started moaning

‘Sanjay slowly yeah …….. Oh yeah aaaaa Aaaaa slowly ‘ by rubbing her vagina. I then licked her pussy and made it wet and started the cow boy position, she loved every minute of it and started moaning still loudly and she was on top on me riding my dick and shouting ‘don’t stop as no one else was home and we have a large house she shouted very loudly.

We tried the missionary position as well when I used to insert my dick and then remove it slowly but I increased my speed and she loved it as well. I made sure that I put my whole dick deep inside her. It was passionate fucking. We tried different positions but didn’t try anal sex as both of us were tired.

We kissed for a long time after this. I tried the sideways position too but that did not make much comfort and I was about to cum. I cummed on her breasts and she wiped it again and then she sucked my dick again and then we took a bath together and then I dropped her home after taking a nap.

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Yash Talking About Oral Sex - II

Previously: Yash Talking About Oral Sex - I

Be constantly aware of her body language. If she lets out a little cry when you first stimulate her clitoris, it’s not necessarily a good sign. It can be a cry of pain. What’s your tongue doing? Really strong licking with a tensed tongue feels bloody awful. Some women like their clitoris sucked, like they do in porn movies, but most hate it! Give it up and try a gentler technique.

While the clitoris is definitely the star of the show, don’t focus exclusively on it, to begin with. Try stiffening your tongue and pushing it inside her like a pretend penis or swirling it in circles just a little way in (most of the nerves are in the first inch anyway).

Take a break to move up and lick her breasts, biting her neck, stroke and lick her thighs, the area between her anus and vagina, or try rimming (licking around her anus). Then get back to work on the little man in the boat, trying any or all of the following: long licks with the flat of your tongue, a fluttering side-to-side motion, circles, and zig-zags.

Mix it up by using combinations of fast, slow, soft, and firmer (note I said “firmer” not hard) techniques. Lick, don’t flick. You’ll probably find she likes licking more than flicking. “I hate it when they flick it” was one of the most common responses I got when asking girls which oral techniques they did and didn’t like.

A really simple way to find her hottest spot is to trace a figure-eight with your tongue or lick all the letters of the alphabet (lower case is better because the letters are curlier). Both techniques stop any one part of the clitoris from being overstimulated. It’s also great tongue-training. Practice on your palm—bet your tongue hurts before you get to mmmmm.

Just like with intercourse, most women end up settling on two or three favorite strokes, with one as the guaranteed-to-get-me-there. The time to find this out is at the beginning, change techniques as she’s about to come and she’ll never, ever (ever) forgive you.

When you know her favorite place to be licked, tease her in another session by going close to it but not quite there. Occasionally move your tongue to where she wants it. It’s cruel—and she’ll get annoyed if you do it too long—but also hot as hell if you want to get her to begging point. (Or want to get out of doing the dishes.)

Starting to wonder if it’s ever going to happen … and it’s only been five minutes? Dear, oh dear, did they teach you nothing in school? (Sorry, I forgot—they don’t! Most countries have an appalling sex education system.) It’s probably going to take a lot longer than that, my lovely, so settle in.

While you might take an average of four minutes to orgasm, she can do the same if she’s super turned-on but might also take up to 15–20 minutes. Help her get there faster by …Adding fingers. Either thrust your fingers inside her or make a “V” with your index and middle finger and slide them back and forth with the clitoris in between, as you continue licking.

Or get her to put her fingers inside herself while you lick. Reach up and squeeze her breasts. Resist the urge to go faster in an attempt to get her to orgasm quicker. If anything, slow down. The gentler and slower and more consistent you are, the quicker she’ll get there. (Though it’s not a race to get to the finish line even if that is where the “intercourse” flag tantalizingly waves.)

If she’s not even close but you’re so tired you’re losing the will to live, do one of two things. Either reach down and grab the small vibe you’ve put beside the bed for that purpose and hold it close to the clitoris as you continue to lick (or kiss her instead and just let the vibe do its stuff). Or simply ask her if she wants to stop and/or move on to something else.

If she seems close but your attention is wavering and your tongue’s tired, the advice is completely different. I don’t care what it takes but do NOT stop! Imagine you’ll win a million dollars if you just keep going that little bit longer. Imagine you’re having a threesome with Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, and the hot girl you see on the train every morning.

Or the hot guy. Do whatever it takes to eke that final little bit more out of that weary, weary tongue. And if you honestly can’t keep moving it, just press it firmly and let her move against you for a few seconds, licking again the second you recover. (Don’t change techniques, go straight back to what you were doing.)

Continue throughout her orgasm (perhaps upping the speed and pressure a little just before it) and— crucially—do not stop until she pushes you away. Her orgasm lasts way, way longer than yours does. Some women love you to immediately penetrate the second it’s over, while they’re still riding the waves.

If you do, you can set off a further set of scrumptious contractions. Others need time to recuperate and want to lie there panting for a bit. The good news is, she won’t do what you do and roll over and go to sleep.

Her body doesn’t release the sleep hormone yours does, to get her ready for another round. Most of us can keep going without a recharge. Though chocolate and a glass of bubbly wouldn’t go amiss in the breaks.

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Yash Talking About Oral Sex - I

Hi, folks. This is Yash again. I am 23 and live in Pune. I am a software engineer by profession. I have a lot of interest and experience in sex. I have been doing sex since I was 18. I also read a lot about sex in my free time. As a result, I have gathered a lot of knowledge about sex, what to do, what not to and how to do everything well.

So, I am starting an informative series on Human Digest. It will have many parts and I will publish them at regular intervals. Don’t worry, it will not be boring, save the story and read it when you are going to have sex. Knowing about proper sex can really improve your sex life. Let’s start with oral sex. How to give a girl oral sex.

Oral sex is up there with life’s greatest pleasures. The secret to making it really good is simple—you have to enjoy both the giving and receiving. Let’s start with the basics: It’s a treat, not a chore. Treat oral sex like it’s a huge favor and the experience will be awful, no matter how practiced your tongue techniques.

Giving your partner pleasure should be almost as fulfilling for you as for them. The best oral sessions are offered enthusiastically, not asked for and delivered begrudgingly. Ignore what they do in porn films. It’s totally misleading. In porn movies, they pull back when he’s giving her oral so you can see what’s going on.

In real life, you can’t normally see what’s happening because his face is pressed against you, and it feels better like that. And in porn movies girls deep-throat everyone—you don’t have to in real life, and guys suck hard on clitorises, pulling them out like they’re made of chewing gum. Do that in real life and you’ll never see her genitals up close and personal again (or her, for that matter).

Give each other guidance. I think a good “let’s learn about each other” session works well about the fifth or sixth time you’ve slept together because you’ve got over that initial shyness. Start by talking about what you like, then demonstrate. He can suck her finger to show what he likes, she can lick his palm to do the same. Then try it out on your actual bits.

Do it with the lights on or in daylight—he, especially, needs to see what he’s doing. Instruct, don’t order, and be tactful. “That feels great,” or “I liked the other way better,” works better than, “Stop now. I hate it.” It’s about connection. Everyone is individual and to be the best your partner ever had, you’ve got to be constantly on the alert for their reaction to whatever you’re trying.

It’s good to use different techniques but the main aim is to give that particular person pleasure. Timing is crucial as well. It’s got to be reciprocal. I’m not saying you both have to do each other in the same session but I am saying it should even up over time. If your partner wants you to do it to them but won’t ever reciprocate, refuse. It’s selfish, unfair, and totally unacceptable.

Giving her oral Pick your position She takes ages. Try her seated, slouched forward in a chair, or sitting on the kitchen worktop. Get her to slide forward, so her crotch is on the edge of the chair or surface. Put pillows under your knees for comfort and to get the height right. This makes it easier on your neck, means you can use your fingers, and see exactly what you’re doing.

Get her to put her feet on your shoulders or something else close by (though preferably not the dinner you’ve just cooked). She’s fussy or you’re unsure what she really wants. Get her to straddle your face. You’re lying on your back, she then climbs on board, facing in both direction (depending on whether you’re a breast or bottom man!)

and balances by putting her hands on the wall or bedhead. She’s got control over everything in this position because she can lift or lower to position herself just so. There’s something fabulously filthy about it as well. Put a pillow under your neck and it’s quite relaxed, though some guys feel a bit suffocated in this position.

If she crouches too low, it can be the female equivalent of you pushing the back of her head. She’s self-conscious. Stick to the traditional pose of her lying on her back, while you lie between her legs. It’s relaxing for her, she doesn’t feel exposed, and she can do whatever it takes to get there—concentrate/ fantasize/recite the alphabet.

To make things comfy, put a pillow under her ass and one under your chest. She’s begging for it. She stands, you kneel in front of her. This is perfect for urgent sex plus it appeals to alpha females who like seeing you shamelessly submissive in front of them. If she goes weak at the knees, literally, and can’t stand any longer—or can’t orgasm standing up (some can’t)—

get her to lean against a wall or pull her to the floor to continue. Another good position for confident girls: get her on all fours on the bed, then simply slide in underneath, putting your head on pillows so you can reach. Take her to heaven Don’t just rip her panties off and bury your face. Instead, lick through her panties. Long, wet, teasing licks.

Then push them to one side, get really close— and simply breathe on her for a second or two, followed by one single, deliciously debilitating lick. Tease further by pushing them back into place and continuing to lick through the fabric. – Peel her knickers off totally and take a moment to just look at her.

Look back at her face, say “God, you’re gorgeous,” and then kiss your way down from her tummy to her thighs. Assuming you’ve done lots of finger foreplay she should be open. If her labia lips are closed, use your nose to do the job. It also lets her know you aren’t put off by her smell or secretions.

Consciously relax your tongue, and your neck and facial muscles. It will stop you getting stiff and will feel better her end. Don’t tense your tongue and make it pointy, relax it so it’s wide and soft and can cover a larger area.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of saliva in your mouth so your tongue’s slippery rather than sandpapery, then lay it flat in between the lips of her labia, swishing it ever-so-gently to provide soft but pulsating pressure. The whole of your mouth will be against her (remember what I said about forgetting what you’ve seen in the porn movies?).

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Rajat Enjoying Hot Sex With HR Professional

Hi, I am Rajat 52years old from Delhi, a professional pharmaceutical executive traveling around India and had many encounters and recently got introduced to Human Digest and now sharing my latest real experience with a gorgeous HR professional from Bangalore. Her name is Ragini 31years old vital stats 36d-32-36 fair widow having a 6year old boy.

On my recent trip to Hyderabad, after completing my meetings for the day came back to my hotel being tired hit the bar to have drinks and relax. Was sitting at the bar counter and saw two ladies Ragini and Neha walked in and sat behind on sofas and were having business discussions.

Ragini was wearing Blue saree and was looking hot and ravishing and her figure was inviting to be explored and Neha(later on Ragini told her name) was a lean and short lady in her business attire wearing shirt and pant.

After finishing their discussions Ragini walked to the bar counter and ordered and Bacardi and sat next to me. After few minutes I initiated conversation and introduced myself and Ragini responded and we both exchanged information regarding our professional life and later on conversation led to discussing personal life and then Ragini informed that she is a widow

as her husband died two years back in a road accident and she has a four-year-old son and she lives in Bangalore with her parents. We sat for an hour but all the time was feasting myself with the beauty and assets.

Almost after an hour we were heading towards our rooms Ragini invited to join for Dinner as she was also alone and so was myself to which I heartily agreed. We returned from our rooms after getting fresh and was excited to see Ragini as she was wearing a tight knee length skirt and T-shirt exposing her curves which made me horny and had immediate hard on.

We headed to the restaurant and had dinners and were cracking jokes and in less than two hours were like buddies. We had another round of drinks with our dinner and came out on the road for an after meal stroll and I started smoking and on our return to the hotel, Ragini said she also felt like smoking but since her room was the non-smoking room I invited her to my room and she immediately agreed.

We went to our room and Ragini was relaxing on the sofa and I offered her Cigarette and asked if she wish to have one more round of drink as normally I carry whisky with me for emergency to which she agreed and requested to have without soda/water.

We started having our after meal liquor and smoke and were sitting on the same sofa as in room it was the only sofa and cracking porn jokes and unknowingly she was laughing and placed her hand on my thighs.

I also gathered courage and placed my hand on her thighs and started massaging her Ragini was enjoying and closed her eyes and enjoying her smoke than suddenly she moved towards me and planted a kiss on my lips and were lip locked for almost ten minutes.

I started exploring her body and moved my hands to her breasts and started pressing her boobs and teasing her hard nipples which were clearly visible from her T shirt and Ragini also started moving her hands on my chest and started removing my shirt and whispered that she has not sex winch her husband died and wanted to enjoy the night.

I started moving my hands to her breasts and lifted her T shirt and removed in one go and unhooked her bra and her melons were hanging ready to be squeezed and molested. Moved to her nipples and started playing with tongue and she started moaning pushing me to eat her melons hard started saying kha jao inhe bahut tung karte hain and my hands moving her skirt up

and reached her panties and started playing with her cunt and realized that panties were completely wet. I started moving my tongue to her bally button started pushing her skirt down and removed her skirt and panties in one go. Her choot was shining and warm juices were flowing.

Moved my tongue to her choot and licking the lips of the choot and parted the lips and started lip fucking her choot. She was on fire moving her hips and pushing her choot in my mouth. and suddenly got up and pulled down my pants and underwear and just started sucking like a hungry tigress and I exploded in her mouth.

She drank all of it and just lied on the bed and was making naughty gestures and asked for her drink and finished in one shot and asked to switch on music loudly and started dancing to which I realized later that dancing is her passion.

Ragini was nude and dancing seductively and than moved towards me and held my lund and started licking and I was back in action and than she pushed me to the bed and started riding on my lund. It was amazing as her boobs were swaying and ragini was in full control of me and bending on me to suck her melons and after about 10 minutes we both had orgasm

and she just lied on me with my lund inside. After about half hour she went to sofa and sat with legs wide open and started smoking and I also joined her between her legs and started playing with her choot and was smoking and licking her choot simultaneously. Ragini was enjoying and wanted to have another round of whiskey and wanted to share the same glass.

We both were enjoying whiskey and suddenly she poured whiskey on her Tits and asked me to lick her tits to which I happily started licking her nipples and sucking her melons and my lund started to rise again and she was playing with my lund with her feet.

Then we moved to a bed in 69position and started sucking each other and I started playing with her ass hole to which she was enjoying. Ragini said she likes to be fucked from behind and assumed doggy position and I positioned my lund and started humping started vigorously and suddenly moved out lund and started pushing in her gaand and she was in pain and asked to

move in slowly but did not pay attention to her request just pushed in two shorts and started fucking her ass and after few strokes she started enjoying and after 15min both had orgasms. Since we both were tired we slept nude cuddling each other.

Around 4 am I realized that Ragini was licking my Lund and wanted me to fuck her in missionary position and we again had another round filled with fun and slept again. We both woke with a phone call from her home around 8 am and she talked to her and son since he was ready to go to kindergarten. We both had another round in the shower and bid goodbye to each other.

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