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Bengali MILF Aparna Seducing Milkman

Hi Human Digest readers, you will find me a very sexy young married Bengali housewife. To satisfy my great sex hunger, I planned with my husband to seduce our milkman. We were living in ground floor of a house in salt lake, having 2 rooms, kitchen cum dining space, 1 toilet. Our main entrance was on road side and an entry on the back.

Landlord’s stay was in upper floor and entrance was a main gate at side of house and through this gate the back side door of our portion could be accessed. On entering from back door, a small passage with toilet door on left, then dining space with our main bed room door on right and after crossing the dining space, a door leading to the other room with exit gate on main road.

Our housemaid, milkman everyone entered through the back gate. Housemaid finished work by 8 am and milkman arrived at about 9 am. He was about 21/22 years, well built and healthy, I won’t say he was handsome but was well behaved which I liked.

When we decided to use this man for my sexual purpose, we decided that he should be seduced very slowly, gradually increasing his curiosity and sexual attraction towards me. Initial plan was like this. My lady massagist/physiotherapist came at about 11 am. I was advised to wear a special cotton dress.

A sleeveless dress, front open, with 3 buttons- 1 near breast level, other a bit above navel and the last about 3 inches lower and above vagina level. The dress ended about another 3 inches below so when I wore this dress it covered only a very small portion of my well built thighs. Practically the dress covered only about 2 inches below my vagina level.

Below this dress I wore a small panty. On a particular day I wore this dress at about 8-45 am and eagerly waited for the milkman to arrive. This 15/20 minutes wait seemed an eternity. Now the milkman, on arriving, locked his cycle with the main entrance gate and came inside from back door to deliver our share to our milk pot provided by us.

When we heard the sound of his cycle being locked, my husband went into hiding to secretly look into his reaction on seeing me in this dress. I was having great palpitations and excitement. When he came inside, he was dumbstruck to see me in this sexy dress. But with great effort, I maintained my calm and casually gave the pot to him to give our share.

He fumbled a lot and gave milk and slowly left. My husband came out of hiding and congratulated me on my great and casual, normal behaviour. He explained that on entering the fellow got a big shock, his eyes and face became reddish, he was swaying a bit nervously knowing not what to do, moved his hand over his penis which might have had a small erection.

Before leaving, my husband told that he looked back again at me with great curiosity in his eyes. So for next few days, I appeared in this dress before him with my husband present on some days. He became familiar with my appearance in this dress but quite often his eyes tried to explore inside the dress.

This was to acclimatise him with the situation and making way for our next plan. Instead of keeping the pot on table, I put it on the ground near the door leading to the other room with some more small utensils on top. So when he came, I would go to the end of room with my back to him (he was to stand near entrance), bend forward with my legs a bit apart,

so while I shall bend forward, my full buttocks, with triangular cleavage of vagina, full and open view of sexy thighs will be visible to him. This day, when he came I moved back as planned, bent more than needed with legs a bit apart, fumbled with utensils, dropping and picking some,

taking out the milk pot and spent much time in this to give this poor fellow a longer and full exciting view of my lovely buttocks, vaginal cleavage, thighs etc. He was very restless this day and while pouring our milk he fumbled very much and littered and wasted some milk as his hands were shaking and as his eyes were not on pot but glued to my lower portion.

Same action was repeated for 3 more days. Next day, I tore the upper button of my dress and we kept the pot on ground but near the entrance gate so that to pick up the pot I shall have to bend forward towards him thereby exposing my breasts as the upper button was torn away. Remember, I was married not even one year and my breasts were full and firm.

As my dress had a big v cut in front, absence of upper button allowed my breasts to be much open with the cleavage deeply visible. When he came, I casually walked from the other room towards him, bent fully to expose my breasts through the unbuttoned dress,

stayed in that bent position for longer than necessary to give him a great look at my well developed firm breasts which were only covered at sides by the dress and the tits being nicely visible. He became restless and again split much milk on ground. Such mental excitement was provided regularly to him.

Next, we executed another plan, my husband sat at a table taking tea., myself sitting on a backless stool facing the entrance, spreading my legs quite apart with a pot on the table. The dress is short in length, when I was seated, the lower part went back further near my groin portion,

thighs were fully exposed completely up to my abdomen, panty completely visible and the vaginal triangle in full view. This caused further excitement to the milkman when he came. He was looking without hesitation directly towards my thighs and vaginal triangle.

Now we started chatting with him to make him much free and pretending not to notice that his looks are glued to my vaginal and thigh portion. To provoke him further, I passed my hand casually and slowly over my vagina portion about 2/3 times, meanwhile talking to him about this and that.

Next day we took a greater action. In the dining space we had a shelf at a height which could be accessed by my husband as he was taller but I had to stand on my toes stretched, extend my hands up as much possible to take out something from the shelf.

We placed the milk pot over there. When milkman came next day, I had to stand near him as the shelf was placed somewhere above where he stood on coming. As he entered, I went near him, stood on my toes, tried to extend my hand up as much as possible to access the milk pot.

So as I exerted in such way, my dress went up very much, entire body from breast level and below was fully open except the small vaginal portion remaining covered but as my entire body stretched in that fashion, the abdomen also stretched.

As this day I purposefully wore a smaller panty, due to extreme stretching, the panty also slid below to some extent thereby exposing my some part of my pubic hair. To allow him a good view I took much time, may be about 2/3 minutes to take out the pot. My husband was also there as by this time we had built up a rapport to make him feel freer.

Even in presence of my husband he had been looking directly towards my body and specially was looking at the slight line of pubic hair visible because of stretching of my body as explained. He was provided such entertainment for some more days.

Now we decided that enough was enough, this fellow has been provided sufficient provocation and sexual excitement and it was high time that we engage him for my sexual purpose. So we chalked out a bigger and sure shot plan, however, we were not very sure whether he would dare to engage in sexual intercourse with me in presence of my husband.

If he is afraid and nervous in my husbands presence all the long days plans will become fruitless and I will be deprived of my first sexual adventure, experiment and repeated sexual orgasm. So in my next post I shall describe this sure shot plan, its execution and my wonderful fucking experience with our milkman,

the first of my life outside marriage and the start of many other wonderful fucking experience. But I must whole heartedly thank my very understanding and cooperative husband who always stood by my side and allowed me to get wonderful sexual experience through many young men and varieties of strong penises.

Aparna Roy.

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Shiny And Friends Fucking With Mani At Nursing Home

I, Shiny, am working as a nurse in the nursing home and I have eight hour duty shift. I joined here after my diploma in nursing and I was just 19 then. During my three year study I met different type of people, men and women. Men whether they are teachers or students wanted to have free sex. Every day they will have sex with different girls and they were not fed up.

Girls also wanted sex with different men and in the evening after work, in the rooms, the room mates will discuss freely about their day's experience in sex. All the girls became close to each other and every body knew each other's story. Nobody hid anything from others. We took precaution to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Senior girls used to advice junior to take and have sex only during safe days and take precaution on other days. Junior girls used to come and cry due to pain in their private parts and other room mates will apply hot water so that minor bruises may cure and pain may also go away.

One has to extra clever to get out of the sex trap. Though initially I had pain, I started enjoying sex in the first and second year. I avoided teachers, but had fun with students. We get into some private rented houses and have group sex with some girls and boys. With lot of eats and liquor, sex will be real fun.

But some boys take advantage but doing in the front and again in the back, sometimes different people do in the front and back, I used to get pain and tired. Changing the partners is a fun for boys, for for girls it is painful. Slowly I withdrew and did my exam and got out of the nursing school.

I was supposed to have been one of the cute girls and hence the boys called me even after leaving the school. When I joined the nursing home, the doctor who interviewed me took me to the examination room in the clinic and asked me to undress. I knew what he wanted. I undressed and I had an impressive figure. He was real good. He knew how to make me enjoy sex.

He sucked my nipples and clitoris and I cummed three four times before he fucked me. He did different poses and I enjoyed the interview very much. He told me he liked me and wanted to have sex with me frequently. I told him I am ready and just to call me when he wanted. He interviewed three more girls and took two of them.

Needless to say that he fucked them liked he fucked me. All of them were below 20. The girl he rejected was above 25 and was married with a child. His name was Rahul, aged 25,and had a nice body and face. He had a 7" cock and could stand for a long time and revive in short time. Seeing his face I used to get moisture in my panty and so were other girls.

The was a newly started nursing home and some other specialist doctors also used to come at different time slots. We were six nurses and the work load was very much. Two people have to be in the counter to attend the reception and phone and files. Four others change duties every eight hours, means there will be hardly two people at one shift.

Doctor wanted to recruit three more nurses. There was the necessity to have a male nurse or ward boy. A newly constructed room was converted into a operation theater. We had an exclusive rest room including toilet. Two new nurses and a boy joined the staff.

The boy was around our age, but tall and well built, very sociable and moved with everybody without any inhibition. His name was Mani. He wore a pant and a white shirt as uniform. When moved around among girls we found a conspicuous bulge in his pants, and we girls used to laugh and wanted to tease him.

When we just happened to walk across before him we used to give a squeeze on his bulge. We all had our own sexual experiences and we know what it is and we all had some wetness in our panties when we squeeze his bulge. Mani was not bold enough to tease us, he kept a very unhappy and miserable face and moved away from our path when we walked across.

My friends Sheena, Rosy, Mercy and Radha decided not to tease him any more, but get friendly with him and get him close to us. He had a childish face and was happy at our change of attitude. He offered to give us lift to go home. But three of us stayed in a PG accommodation and others in their own homes.

Two of use wanted to buy our own scooter and asked Mani to teach us how to ride a scooter. He was too shy and we wanted him to get rid of his shyness. When chance comes, we used to rub our boobs on his shoulders. We made him to stand at the reception counter and to attend the phone and get messages.

Poor fellow, he used to have long working time and allowed him to use our private rest room and toilet. As I told you one of us girls, has to be in attendance with Dr. Rahul or any other doctor. When it is my duty, he used to take me to his examination room and have a quick fuck. I think he took all the other girls.

We started to exchange notes and found that he called us only on our safe days. Nobody had any complaint about him. Other doctors who come for one hour or two hours in a day in rotation had no time for such pastime. Mani was not knowing our this kind of affairs. We thought one of us have to seduce him one day and make a man out of him.

Rosy offered to call him to a movie on a holiday and tell us the next day what happened. Rosy asked him to go with her for lunch. They went to the food court in a mall and then to a movie. Rosy told me that in the movie hall she tried to touch his bulge and initially he was shy and then he cooperated and she then unzipped and took out his cock, a 6 inch rod.

They could not find a place to go and sit and proceed comfortably. She stayed in a hostel and he too with some relative. They did some initial kissing and touching and decided to meet at a more convenient place. It seems one day when everybody had gone home, they both who had duty went to the examination room of the doctor closed the door, undressed and did it.

Rosy said he was afraid that somebody will come to know, but she taught him how to do it and finally did it several times. Our purpose was just to make a man out of him. He cannot be just a blank spectator when ever so many things are happening. Now that he was initiated, we allowed Rosy and Mani to go ahead for some more days. They had several rounds of fucking.

The problem was that all of us have had our own dose of sex while in the nursing school or in the college and sudden abstinance made us frustrated. Doctor like Dr. Rahul understand our psychology and give us occasional bouts of sex and its ok for us. We know how to take care of ourselves to prevent pregnancy. This is what is happening in many private hospital.

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Priti Miss First Sex Teacher Of Rakesh - II

Previously: Priti Miss First Sex Teacher Of Rakesh - I

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t react. She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. She caressed my chest. She then loosened my pajama and removed it. I was in front of my favorite teacher in just an underwear. She took me to her bedroom and I lied on the bed. She had a good glance and said I am sexy too. She was still fully dressed in the churidar.

She came near me and slid her hands into my underwear and removed it. I was all aroused and my penis which was 7 and a half inches long stood erect. Priti miss had a naughty smile looking at it and then looked at my eyes and said: “You have a nice tool, Rakesh”. I just smiled back. She sat on the bed and got hold of my cock.

She caressed it and gave a nice kiss at its tip. I was like in heaven. She began to stroke it with her hands spitting on it every now and then. She then put it in her mouth and began to suck and lick it. It gave me a pleasure that is beyond the description. Wow. All these years, I had fantasized about Priti miss when I masturbated and I today she was giving me a blowjob.

She didn’t speak anything and there were some moans here and there. She was still fully dressed and I didn’t have the courage to ask her to remove it. She continued for some 10 minutes and I couldn’t hold on for more and I came. She caught it fully in her mouth and swallowed it and licked off what was left over from my penis.

I was a little ashamed, feeling I didn’t hold out enough for her. I laid there fully naked. She too laid right next to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. While she was kissing, she was holding my penis and my balls with her hand. She continued kissing me for five minutes and it was very wet. I enjoyed it very much.

She smiled at me and lay there next to me keeping her hand on my chest. I really wanted to see her naked and I lost my patience and after a little hesitation I asked: “Can I see you naked?”. She told me “I was wondering why you were not asking me this. I was beginning to think I made you do this, I mean are you ok with this?”.

I quickly said yes and it was my wildest of dreams and I am enjoying every bit of it. Then, she told me to be a man and ask what I needed and it’s only between us both. She got up with a cute smile and stood to face me. She first undid her pajamas and got out of it. I got a clear view of her soft white legs. They were so beautiful. She then pulled up her top and removed it.

It was a real feast for my eyes. She wore a black bra and pink panty. She had a little bulky belly and thigh. But I must say they were well shaped and they only added fuel to her beauty. She asked me to get up and I stood in front of her. I had got another erection by this time and my cock was touching her belly.

She unhooked the bra and her boobs were firm like melons with large round dark nipples. It was the first time I was seeing a woman naked in real life. I held them in my hands and squeezed it. I kissed on the nipples and I couldn’t resist sucking it. I sucked them for quite a while and I got her onto the bed. She took her legs up and asked me to take her panty off. I slowly took it off.

She was really hairy down there and I loved it. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her and I said yes of course. She said that I can fuck her after I lick her pussy. I was hesitant at first, but when I started it I really liked it and continued licking her pussy for some 10 minutes. She was moaning all along talking erotically.

Then she took my face in hers and kissed me on my lips and said “Fuck me” in a slutty way. She made me lie on my back and came on top of me. She slid my penis into her already wet vagina. She controlled the strokes the way she wanted and I was like in heaven. We went on for five minutes and then changed the position. I stood on the floor and took her to the edge of the bed.

I inserted my penis again into her pussy and began stroking her. I began very slowly and I kept on increasing the speed. About five minutes into it, her grunting and moaning got louder and she wrapped her legs around me tightly and pressed both her hands down there. My penis was still inside her. She later told me that she had an orgasm at that time.

I began to stroke her again and she told me to do it very slowly. She was behaving like unconscious. We went on for few more minutes and I cum again this time inside her. I fell on top of her tired and she kissed me again on my lips. She told, “you are pretty good”. I smiled back.”It was the best sex I ever had.

My husband doesn’t like to lick my pussy and that is what I crave for the most. Did you like my pussy?” she asked. I said yes and it tasted great. We held our arms around each and other laid there completely naked. We slept for two hours and woke up before her son returned.

Before I left she told me that I should not misunderstand and said she is not a slut or anything. Everything that went on between us was because we were so close. She said she couldn’t resist the urge for sex when she saw my bulge in the first place. I said I only understand her better and I said I love her. She smiled back.

Now we always have sex when she is alone at her home and when I am free and I even fucked her in the ass which was her fantasy. Now, she is left for Delhi as her hubby got transferred there.

The End.

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Priti Miss First Sex Teacher Of Rakesh - I

I’m Rakesh. I am from Pune. This is my real sex story. I’m a student of 19 years old and this incident happened a year ago when I was in 12th. This is about my relationship with me and my beautiful maths teacher Priti. She had started teaching me at the school since I was in 7th and her home was near to mine.

So we had a good student teacher relationship. Whenever I had any doubts, I would go to her to clarify it and I’m sure she liked me as her student. We were very close and friendly. Let me tell you about Priti miss, She was probably in her mid-thirties but look far younger. Her husband was in the merchant navy and won’t be with her for months.

She had a son of 10 years old. She lived alone with her son. She was fair skinned, quite tall and was a little bit fleshy too, which balanced her height. She had a long silky hair and she always wore a sari to school. You could know from this how beautiful she was. I knew her since I was in 7th but I didn’t have anything dirty in my mind till I was in 12th.

My friends used to talk erotically about her and it was then that I too began thinking of her like that. As she lived near my home, she would give me lift in her car sometimes. I would sit in the front seat and she would be driving. I could have a good view of her belly her breasts under the blouse as well. I must say her breast were huge & firm.

When I was walking with her, I would walk behind her and would peep to see the lace of the bra. She mostly wore a black bra. All those dirty thoughts circled my mind about her. I masturbated countless times fantasizing about her. And imagine all that she was taking in the class was about reproduction, sexual organs and that kind of stuff.

I used to go home for studying on weekends and her son would be out at his friends home or in his tuition. This incident happened on one such weekend, a Saturday. I went there at 10 a.m and she told me to get in and wait for her till she finishes her bath. After 15 minutes, she came back. She was wearing a churidar and she didn’t have a shawl.

It was low cut and when she sat near me I had a good view of her cleavage. I then looked at her face and to my shock, she was looking at me and smiling. I was sure I had been caught. She didn’t talk anything about it but began teaching me. I couldn’t concentrate even a little bit and wondered what she would have thought about me.

But, I took some notes blindly just for the sake of it. After two hours, we were done and I was eager to get home. She told me to wait and she wanted to talk to me. She told me that she had noticed me looking at her body and I was embarrassed to hear that. I told no miss. She told me that it’s ok and young boys would do that.

“Just now, I caught you staring at my cleavage and don’t think I haven’t seen you looking at me when I’m driving”. Now, this was a real shock to me. All these times, she knew that I was having impure thoughts about her. She asked me what I think of her. I was too embarrassed to speak and I gathered some courage and told: “you are beautiful”.

She laughed and replied “just beautiful? Do you watch blue films?” she asked. This time it was the fear which gripped me, I suddenly replied no. “Hmm..I’m not going to believe you completely. It was from your class that we raided some 20 CDs, even though you were clean in that, I know young boys”, she told with a wicked smile.

I again contradicted her and told no and it’s not like that. She then said “why are you so tensed Rakesh, we’ve known each other for so long and we are like friends aren’t we?? You don’t need to convince me, you are a good boy, I am sure you are and you don’t need to tell lies. This will stay between two of us.”

I was relieved after hearing that.”What about blue films?”, she asked with a teasing smile again looking directly into my eyes. I couldn’t help saying yes. “How many have you seen?” she asked. I said, “a lot” with some hesitation. Seeing my concern, she told, ” It’s OK, you still have good marks in all subjects and just make sure you do not over indulge”.

”So my boy has started to speak the truth, and what is that you think of me?? Just beautiful??”. I didn’t answer. She came and sat right next to me and took my hand. There was a bulge right away and she noticed that. “That answers my question, I guess, doesn’t it?”. I didn’t utter a word.

She then asked, “Am I sexy??”I looked at her and gained some courage and said yes. She only smiled back. She sat ever closer to me and slid her hand inside my shirt from the bottom.

To Be Continued...

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Vinay Having Sexciting Affair With Married Girl Vinita - II

Previously: Vinay Having Sexciting Affair With Married Girl Vinita - I

After coffee, I told her to sit on my lap facing me. We both were nude inside the room. She sat close enough such that my hard dick can get inside her wet pussy. Like this, we started enjoying together. The upper side I was kissing her lips and pressing her boobs and down side, my dick was kissing her juicy pussy. She asked me, Sanju, where do you get such nice ideas.

I said I will show you some movies tonight and you can also enjoy that. Finally, I had my first horny fuck with her. I poured all my cum inside her pussy. She also got the peak at the same time and she was too excited and happy about this moment.

She thanked me for this special joyous moment and said, in last five years of my married life, this is my first experience to get full satisfaction of sex. I said now your real journey of joyous sexual life started. Then we slept like that for next one hour.

In the evening we went out for a walk. Now she was holding my hand while walking. She said your wife must be very happy with you, you must be taking her out like this etc. I said, yes, of course, she is happy. She never thought I could be so open for dating with another gal like this. I said this is just for you honey.

I said now you have an option to look for when you get bored in your family life. She smiled and said, yes, I will. While walking we went little far and sat under a tree till dark. Then we did kissing there also. During that time one motorbike passed by. She said, wait, let him pass. I said, don’t worry, they won’t bother. At the most, they will think we are husband wife doing romance.

She was anyways wearing mangal sutra. She said then fine. Then we continued kissing and pressing for some more time and didn’t bother about the vehicles passing by. Then we came back to the hotel.

I said Vini, I want to fuck you again before our dinner. She came close to me and said, you don’t need to ask me now for this. I said this time you fuck me, you sit on my top and fuck me. She said, yes, I want to do that. Then I laid down on the bed and she sat on me. She started kissing me top to bottom. Then she sucked my cock for some time.

Then she again sat and got a dick inside her pussy and started jumping up and down. Finally, we had long good fuck. Then we took some rest and then went for dinner. We had drinks again during dinner. After coming to the room we saw some Hindi porns together. Vini said I have heard about such movies but never got a chance to see them. They are too exotic etc.

I said I am always available for you to satisfy your unfulfilled desires. Always be open with me. She kissed me and said sure honey. I knew she was getting proactive now. She started talking more and naughty language also. This could be because of drinks also. She said, tum muze aaj raat bhar chodana (you can fuck me whole night tonight).

I said we are here for love, romance and sex only. Then she held my dick and said, I love this one, very sexy. We got on the bed, both nude. We continued watching porns on the laptop. We started following sex scenes in the movie and following them. It was great fun. That time she got a call from her husband.

She said I am all alone here at home, getting bored, missing you a lot etc. While she was talking to him, I was slowly fingering her. She concluded her call quickly and started focusing on me. She said my husband is a boring person, abhi kabab me haddi ban raha tha etc. Then I fucked her four times during the night with intervals and sleeps in between.

In the morning we got up very late, around 10 am. We got fresh and had coffee. Then I ordered breakfast in the room itself. After breakfast, we were relaxing and talking in general. Vini said I am feeling like this is my first honeymoon and I am happy about this. Then she came and hugged me and started crying keeping her head on my shoulder.

I was wondering why she is crying. Then she said, sorry I got little emotional because I never got such love from my husband. Then she said, can I consider you as my secret husband. I said, let us be friends only. You can ask my company whenever you need. We will keep our secret relation for ever. She said ok.

Later we had to bathe together and enjoyed many things in the bathroom also. We had this dating for a week. She didn’t want to use any protection. Although we did directly everything, I told her to take pills for pregnancy protection. I said let us enjoy first our secret romance like this. When you are fully satisfied, then you plan such outing with your husband also.

She said what about having baby. I said let us enjoy like this for some time. Then we will plan for that. This secret relation continued for about six months. We both enjoyed a lot. Then her husband got a transfer to Delhi. She was very upset to miss me. Then she said now you have to make me pregnant.

I want to have your baby. Initially, her husband went to Delhi for 3-4 weeks to join in the new company and settle down properly. During that time, she was here only. Before he left for Delhi, I told her to go for outing with him and do full sex for 2-3 days with him with the intention to get pregnant. She did that.

When he left for Delhi, then she was alone again. During this time we decide for her pregnancy. Incidentally, that was her unsafe period as well. We again went for 10 days dating to a different place. This time we lived like husband wife. Full sex without any protection. When we came back from dating, she was still sleeping with me in the night at my apartment.

Later her husband came and they got shifted to Delhi with all luggage. After a couple of months, she called me and said, thank you Sanjay for all the help. She said now her husband is also happy that he will be a proud dad. Now she is a mother and they have a happy family.

The End.

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Vinay Having Sexciting Affair With Married Girl Vinita - I

Hi Human Digest readers, I had a friend, Vinay. We stayed in the same building. We were doing car-pooling for going to the office. Our offices were in the same IT Park, although we were working for different companies. Vinay is married for last 5 years, no kids yet. We used to share information about our work, families, relatives and in general.

I was staying alone since my family was in another city. He and his wife were staying together. We used to go to each other’s house and even movies, parties together. I became a part of their family as such. His wife, Vinita, used to call me Sanju Bhaiya.

Slowly I learned that they were not very happy in their married life since they had a problem in getting a kid. They were blaming each other for this. One day Vinay told me about this and I suggested him to go to the doctor and get advice. He was refusing for that and was blaming his wife.

When Vinay is not at home, Vinita used to become sad and sometimes used to express her unhappiness to me since I was close to their family. One day I asked Vinita. Can you tell me what the real problem is? She said, how can I tell you that, you are like my brother. I said that’s why I am asking so that I can suggest something.

Then she told me about his weakness at bedtime and then he blames me for not having kid etc. I said you can take him to doctor, there is a treatment available for male as well as a female in such cases. She said she is tired of telling him, he gets irritated and shouts at me etc. I asked her, then what do you think is the solution.

She said, sometimes I feel I should take divorce and go. I said that can spoil your life and his too. Then she cried and said what I should do then. I am sick of this life now. Then I just made a comment, why don’t you look for external help. She said, what help. I said if you are sure that Vinay is weak and he is still expecting you to get pregnant, then you can do that with external help.

She was surprised to hear that. She said, you mean someone else’s baby. I said, why not. That will solve your problem and his too. She said, no no, this is not good. What if he comes to know about it. I said, either you be sad for ever like this or go for a new option. The choice is yours. Then she went inside. She got tea for me and said, how is it possible? Who can help?

I said I am strong enough. I have kids also, so I am certified male. She laughed and said, but you are my brother. I said I am not your blood brother, you can consider me as a friend also. She smiled and said I can’t believe this. I need time to think about it. I said you take your time and let me know when you think you are ready.

Then a couple of weeks went in silence on this topic. Vinay had to travel abroad for office work for one month. Vinita and I went to Airport to see him off. While coming back, I asked her, did you think over my suggestion. Usane muze ek aankh mari aur boli, not a bad idea. Then I hold her hand in my hand and gave a gentle kiss on her hand and said, thanks Vinita. She smiled.

I said, now you are alone for a month and me too. Are you willing to spend your personal time with me for a week as a trial and see how you feel? She asked me what you thinking. I said we can go out for dating for a week, just you and me. She smiled and said, ok let’s try.

We reached home. She went to her home and me to mine. I didn’t push her much and wanted to give her space. Then I made some booking in Coorg (hill station near Mysore) for next one week starting Friday, which was two days later. I kept some gap so that she decides on her own and participates than because of my push. I called and told her about the booking.

She said I will be ready on Friday morning. I didn’t disturb her for next two days till Friday. Then Friday morning, we both started to travel by my car. I told her that now you are my gal friend, open your mind and enjoy your freedom. She said ok dear. On the way, I stopped at one place little off the road and kissed her. She also responded positively.

I pressed her boobs and touched her pussy also. She stopped me and said, are you going to do everything here or we are going to Coorg. Then I controlled myself and continued the journey. During car journey, I started talking naughty things with her using sexy words. She was fine with that. She asked me, why you suggested me for an extra affair like this, I am a married gal etc.

I said I just want to help you and your family. You are a beautiful gal and I feel bad when I see you dissatisfied and unrest in your life. You deserve a better life and more fun. She pinched my chick and said you are a too good man. Every gal or married woman would like to have a special man like you in their personal life. Why should only men enjoy life, etc?

We reached Coorg by lunch time. We checked into our room, kept the luggage and I pulled her close to me, hugged her tight and gave a big kiss on her lips and said I love you, darling. She also kissed me and said I love you Sanju. Then we both got fresh and went to the restaurant for lunch. I told her to order food and I ordered some drinks too.

When I asked her for drinks, she said, I have never taken this, you can take. Then I said, now we are on special honeymoon, I want you to enjoy everything with me. Then she also took drinks with my first time. After lunch, we sat near swimming pool for some time and relaxed. She said this is a really unique experience for me like this.

Then we went to our room. I again pushed her to the wall and gave a nice long kiss. I said, honey, now we are here as lovers, you can be as naughty as possible and fulfill all your romantic and sexual desires with me. I said I want to see your natural beauty now. She said you are already looking at me closely. I said I want to see your full nude now.

She said, no yaar, I feel very shy. I said you are my gal friend and lover now, you don’t look good in a dress. Then I started pulling her top out, she was hesitating with shyness but then she allowed. Then I removed her bra too. Then I grabbed her 34 size solid balls and started sucking them. She was enjoying it. Then I pulled down her bottom also and made her fully nude.

She was hairy. I caressed her pussy hair and rubbed her pussy and put one finger inside to excite her. She was already wet. Then I pushed her on the sofa. I removed my clothes and got full nude. She looked at my hard dick and said yaar you have a big one. Your wife must be very happy. I said now it’s yours, you can enjoy with it fully. She touched it and started caressing.

Then I got on top of her and started kissing her top to bottom. I also licked her pussy a lot to make her damn horny. Then we did foreplay in 69 position for a long time. She said I have never done like this before. You are too good etc. Then we took some break.

To Be Continued...

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Raj Sexually Satisfying Online Friend

Hello friends, I am raj from Hyderabad and back again with another story. Would like to thank all the readers who have read my previous stories and appreciated the same. This incident that I am going to share now happened a week ago post my return from my holidays.

I am a regular user of meet my website and when logged in after I came back I received a msg from a lady stating that she is interested to meet me and chat with me. We started to talk over meet me then we shared our numbers and we started to chat on Whatsapp during my office ours.

One day she asked me if I am free and I can meet her that day, fortunately, I was free and I agreed to meet her, she seemed to be very happy and informed me as to where to come to meet her.. Of course the distance I had to travel was a bit long, still was happy. I reached the location well advance of time and was waiting for her.

There come the lady of the story wearing a black transparent saree and she was looking stunning in that dress with sleeve less low cut blouse, saree tied below her naval, I lost my senses seeing her.

We introduced each other and we chatted for some time and during that time she was trying to touch me with some or the other excuse, and within that time we became good friends and very close.

She, in fact, told me directly that she is interested to have fun with me as she is starving for the same for very long, her husband is in us and come only once a year, she has a child of 4 yrs old and stays here with her in laws.

I was like happy with her words and accepted her offer, she said she shall arrange for the place and inform me, we bid goodbye for that day with a deep and passionate kiss in the parking area while getting our respective vehicles.

We continued to chat on WhatsApp for a few days, where in we had sex chat and she used to share her pictures we also had phone sex and she was happy. One fine day when we were chatting sex on WhatsApp she just said that she can’t wait anymore and she wanted to come to her place immediately as she was alone in the house for the whole day,

I didn’t want to miss the chance so I made excuse at office and left to her place and was there in next 20mins.. She was eagerly waiting for me and I can see her from her flats balcony, I went up and rang the doorbell and there she was with her full beauty and with a big smile opening the door for me,

I was just looking at here from head to toe and she was dressed in a lemon yellow saree and was looking stunning. She welcomed me, I went in and sat on the couch, she went to get some drink for me and to my surprise, she directly came and sat on my lap with the glass of orange juice and offered the same to me.

While I was finishing on the glass of juice she was lying on my shoulder and pressing her soft boobs on my chest. Then she asked me if I am ready, I naughtily asked her, ready for what, she just with a naughty smile said all that we have discussed so far on WhatsApp, and she hugged me tightly.

I kissed her forehead and then her eyes and then and cheeks and finally I kissed her lips, and it was mind blowing her lips were soft as rose petal and we kissed for about 20mins, then broke to catch a breath and she asked me to move to bedroom, I was stunned when I went in, was all done with beautiful candles lit all around,

nice covered all the windows and perfectly dark with ac on and nice fragrance in the room.. She was like I was to spend the day with you like the first day of life and remember the same for whole life. I hugged her from behind and started to kiss her neck and ears and slowly moved my hands to her tummy and her boobs and they were soft like cotton,

undid her saree kissing every inch of her body and then her blouse and petty court, she standing in from of me like a sex goddess in her black netted bra and panty, the moment I was done she started to undo my dress and kiss me every ever, in no time we both were just in our inner wears.

I lifted her in my arms and headed to the bed, made her lie on the bed and I lied beside her and we were cuddling each other, I u did her bra and made he boobs free and started to suck one and play with the other, her nipples were getting hard and she was moaning to her peak.

Slowing kissing every inch I moved down to her belly button and then to her love area and removed her panty, it was clean shaved and looking so fresh like a rose, I place a light kiss there and she started to tremble, the I licked her for about 30mins and she lost her water almost 3 times, she than made me lie and started to give me a blowjob,

my god she gave me the best blow job of my life and when I was about to cum she drank all of it and licked it clean and she again blue me to get hard and asked to that she wants me inside her as she can’t wait for any more, we got into missionary position and I placed my dick at the entry and to tease her I was rubbing it over her pussy and she was begging to enter her,

finally to her request I slowly put my dick inside her and trust me guys she was so hot and soft inside I can describe the same in words… The moment I entered her she let out a soft sigh and had a beautiful smile on her face as if she got the most wonder full thing in life, started slow to and fro motion and see was keeping pace with me,

she had a huge orgasm and I was still pumping here, like that she had 3 orgasms before I was about to cum, when I told her she requested that she want to drink it all, I quickly removed it and put it in her mouth and pumped and dropped everything in her mouth and she drank it clean.

We laid there cuddling each other for some time and she was playing with my dick, in the whole day we had about 5 sessions, we did sex in every part of house and washroom, all that I share later.

Guys, I cant disclose her name due to secrecy reasons. Please do share your feedback in the comments below.

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Amal Enjoying Sex With Aparna - II

Previously: Amal Enjoying Sex With Aparna - I

I kept my hands on her navel and started to slide down. Her frock was also off. The fuck. Her sweat was smelling better than any fragrance. I kept my hand couple if times on my pants to adjust my erection. I untied her hair. And opened the shower. By the mean time, I almost kept and pressed my hands on her boobs, thighs, navel and all.

After 10 mins showering, she was almost fine and she said she can take bath herself and asked me to wait outside. I said okay and told her not to lock the door. After another 10 mins, she asked me to get a pair of night dress from her cupboard. I gave her a t-shirt and knee length trousers.

Suddenly I heard a noise and I opened the door and came to see her fallen down when tried to put on trousers. She was still on her towel. I came near hold her and took her to the bedroom. Seriously her soap fragrance made me lose my control. On the way to the bedroom, I couldn’t control. I kept her locked towards a wall and started lip kissing with holding her one hand tightly.

Her lips were so sweet and my tool was like a mountain who is ready to pump the volcano. She couldn’t resist and she hugged me in response. She also didn’t had any other choice or any sense to resist. I laid her on the bed. Switched on AC.

Starting from her cheeks, I kissed on her eyes, neck, lips and that lead to an another 5 min long liplock. She was breathing heavily. I slowly kept my hands on her cleavage and untied her towel. The boobs were waiting for my treatment. I took the right boob and started playing with it. By the mean time, she was raised to full mood.

I played with the nipples and slowly started sucking them. She was moaning and holding my hair. I terribly sucked them and increased the intensity of her hugging. She started to insert her hands into my shirt and move her fingers on my bare back. It was a sign for me to remove my shirt. I removed it. And came to her navel.

Teased her without touching her navel hole and ran my fingers around it. After few mins, I touched her navel hole and her lips opened in excitement and I caught it. Caught them sucking and sucking. Then I lifted her hands and smelled her dove soaps fragrance from her clean shaven armpit. I bite at her armpit which gave her a tickling as well as shock pass through.

Then I kept my right hand on her navel area and started teasing her by running fingers between her thighs and vagina lips. She was breathing too heavily. I lowered my pants and gave her my tool to hold to reduce her excitement stress. She caught it and I asked her to move it to and fro. I slowly touched her vagina hole and started rubbing.

She started to increase the speed and she started to moan. She was wet. The juices came all way through my fingers. I again started fingering with 2 fingers and it was too tight enough. After 10 mins of continuous fingering, the hole became lubed and tried 3 fingers. She was screaming in pain and pleasure. I locked her screaming mouth with my lips.

The juice was oozing all over hair private hairs and bed. I asked her to suck my penis to which she denied first. Then I started licking her hairy pussy and her salty juice taking lead a way through my tongue. She was having her first orgasm. She was holding a pillow with one hand and my hair with another hand while I was licking her pussy.

Then she came to hold my dick and sucked its tip first. She kept sucking the tip and slowly started to increase the area of sucking. I asked her to shake it well with hands and take it in the mouth. She kept shaking and I was shagging her boobs in return and the gun was loaded. I asked her to take it in mouth. She did and few of them splashed over her face and pillow.

I her and we both went to toilet and cleaned myself and helped her clean her pussy while she clean her face herself. Came back to position, I kept the tip of my penis between her vagina lips. She was ready to go in with her excitement and she guided my dick to its hole.

On the first attempt, it didn’t went in. On second attempt the tip went in with a loud moaning, on the next shot the full went in with a loud screaming and deep breathing. Her breathing speed increased. I slowly started fucking her. Her fleshy boobs was moving to and fro. She was breathing and moaning like there’s no tomorrow.

I began to increase the speed of action and in another 10 mins my cum was ready to shoot. She didn’t want to take it in her. Took the dick out and sprayed it on her navel and boobs. Cleaned her body with bedsheet and laid hugging for an hour. After an hour had one kore session and slept nude the whole night.

The End.

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Amal Enjoying Sex With Aparna - I

Hey Human Digest people, Amal (name changed) here with my story. This happened with my friend(classmate) during my graduation period. The heroine of the story is Aparna(to say about her, she has a seductive figure with right fleshes and curves at right places and she does cares a lot about her dressing) who is my classmate since 8th grade.

So even our parents know each other well. So during one semester break time, one of our common friends invited us both and few of our old classmates for her marriage function and its previous day night party. The function was well arranged and prepared as our friend was from a very rich family. The plan was to stay till midnight till the party ends.

The function was around 30kms away from our home. We both were from the same locality. So we planned to go together. The day arrived and Aparna called me by 4 pm and said that her mom is leaving to her sister’s place as because her sister had a small accident so that she has to take care of her sister’s small kids.

She continued that so her mom has asked her to get back home before 10 pm (her father is working abroad). I said its fine and will drop you back early. So as planned I reached her place by 5.30 and I was awestruck, she was in a sleeveless black top and black long frock. She was looking like an angel. I came back to senses and greeted her, had formal talks and we started.

We reached there by 7 pm after heavy traffic. We were a bit late, still joined with our friends in a room. Being a high-class party, drinks was been serving and almost all boys except me were switched off. Even girls were having drinks as social drinking. So everyone insisted and we both also had to take a beer. I just stopped after 1-2 sip. Bt Aparna took it on a one go.

She was drinking like a professional. Btw it was almost 9 pm. By the time Aparna had few more of drinks. So I asked her let’s leave and let my friends understand my situation that I have to drop her before 10 pm.

Finally, we started back home. On the way, I asked her when she started boozing? She said it’s her first time. From her talk, I understood that she’s not in full senses. Her talks and words were bit slipping off from her tongue. Around sharp 10 pm we reached her place. She was bit sleepy and tired due to the beer. She was not even able to stay straight properly.

I knew this is gonna be trouble and I cant leave her before her gate when no one is there. I asked her keys and opened the door. Came back to my car, hold her and asked her to walk towards her home. She stepped in. I took my hands off from her. At the very next moment, she falls down due to imbalance. I was not able to let her mom know about this.

So again I held her and took her to her bedroom. On the way that happened! With a deep breath, she vomited. Not only her dress and her floor, my dress and my hands got also soaked with them. I went in and cleaned myself, my dress and later the floor. When I came back after cleaning the floor, I found her crying helplessly.

Still, she was not able to stay straight or clean herself properly. Her dress was almost soaked with it. After seeing her crying, I understood I had no other option than staying with her for the night. I was sure she cant manage it herself. I called my home and said I am staying with my friends and will be back tomorrow morning only.

I then tried to console her by saying its natural and there’s nothing to get feared or to get worried about it. I continued only we both know about this and let it be so. Her mind was getting fine, but not her body. Then I said her I will help and asked her to clean herself and change her dress. Till the time I didn’t had any bad intentions on her other than I used to enjoy her beauty sometimes.

I took her to the door of washroom by holding her hands and I took my hands off. She stood holding the door for a moment and again she couldn’t balance her body. My dirty mind confirmed something’s going to happen today. With courage I asked her shall I help her to change her dress. She left crying and that was only she was able to do. I took the moment to convince her.

I told her to treat me just as a nurse or else it’s going to be worse and you cant sleep and relax properly today. She didn’t have any option. She didn’t utter any word. Tears were flowing from her eyes.

I slowly made her sit on a nearby chair. After asking her to cooperate for the final time, I kept my hands on her top and asked her to raise her hands to pull them off. She couldn’t do that. So I pulled a little bit of her top till her boobs, adjusted her hands in a position to get my job more easier and pulled the top off.

Damn son! Right now I am the one who lost my balance over my mind. What a pair of boobs she got and cleanly shaven armpit. Her sweating armpit and neck was driving me badly. She caught me and started weeping again. I came back to senses and said relax dear I won’t let anybody know this. She was sweating too much. I cleaned her sweat with my hands.

And I kept my hands on her black petticoat. It came off in one pull. She was having a damn sexy cleavage. Her cleavage had sweat droplets over there. My tool was fully erect and it was paining a lot. I picked her up and asked her to walk towards the bathroom. I got hold on both her arms.

My hands were touching her bra cups. I asked her the permission to remove her frock and she nodded. She was still out of senses.

To Be Continued...

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Ramya And Shankar Enjoying Fuck - II

Previously: Ramya And Shankar Enjoying Fuck - I

A shell shocked Ramya saw that her manly and muscular boyfriend Shankar had no cock and in its place she was horrified to see a hairy slit. ”Oh my god, You are a woman, you are??”. ” Yes sweetheart, I was a girl all my life till 18, I never felt like one. I always was comfortable in boys clothes, always tried to have short hair, wear baggies, wrestle with boys.”

“But how did grow a mustache, what about breast”.She asked. My mother was really understanding, but we are from an orthodox brahmin family, so nothing queer would be accepted, it so happened that my dad died when I was 11 years and as I was the only child, my mother after she realized how much I wanted to be a boy moved out to a city, where we knew no one.

She was in the government and easily got a transfer to a smaller city. Here I grew up as a boy, and my fetish for becoming a boy was so much, when I told her of the testosterone therapy which people take to effect the change,she wanted a few days to study it.

The third day she came back and I found an effective doctor and started at 15 and day by day my structure started to change, voice, hair growth, shoulders widening, jaws becoming prominent and finally in my 17th year, mastectomy was done. This made me into a complete man.

Then after that there was no turning back.I worked extra hard at the gym and built my muscles, grew a beard for some time”. ”I am shocked and also really happy for you, I am not at all mad, in fact I am proud of you, in fact I am more proud of your mother. I really did not know all this when I met her the first time”

”So, so you are not mad, so, we are still lovers, tell me Ramya kutti,tell me dear”. ”Yes baby, chellam,aamaan daa naan eppovum onnoda girl dhaan. ( yes dear always I am your girl.), I love you so much” Saying this Ramya pounced on Shankar and gave him a barrage of kisses, then started french kissing Shanky.

He was surprised as she had never done this before, pushing her tongue into his mouth and after a second he started responding and tongue was fighting tongue. “Dei Shanky, nee rombho sexy daa, keezhai cock illamaey kooda sexy yaa dhan irrukkaey”.( Hey Shanky you are really sexy,even without a cock down there).

And she grabbed his pussy cupped it and squeezed it. Shanks let out an yelp ‘ Yennadee pannindu irrukkaey, nekku andha pressure rhombho nanna irrukku”.(Hey what are you doing, your pressure is really nice) Shanky boomed in a brahminical lingo as she has permitted him to use it.

”Dei indha brahmana paechu eppadi daa enkittandhu ivvalavu naalaa maraichu vichikitu irrundaey.”( how did you hide your brahmin lingo all this time) she teased him. “Normallaa engalavaa kittaey dhan andha paechu automaticcaa varum., nee ippo engalavaa ayitiyono, adhan vandooduthoo”

(Usually we talk like that only to our people, now you are mine so the lingo flows automatically) Shanky drawled in even more orthodox lingo. He then went to the bed room and came out with a box, when Ramya opened it She found a lovely black dildo with a strap.It even had a small projection on the backside to allow entry into the cunt.

”Dei, so lovely daa, I love black cocks, that too big ones.” Shanky put the strap on and the projection snugly fit into his cunt and the black fellow was sticking out majestically. This is when Ramya decided to break her secret. ”Ennadaa ready ayitiyaa”9 what! you are ready)”

Amaandee Ramya, needhaanaey rhombho shooda irukradhunnu shonnaey, Adhan innikku onnoda virginityyaey kizhichoodllaannu naenechaen”.(yes dear, you only said that you felt hot, so I thought that I should take your virginity) ”But, but, I also have a secret to tell you ” and in one go stripped her insert and panty.

Shanky got the biggest shock of his life a her cock just jumped out six inches in front,dark and shiny.his eyes almost popped out of the socket “aayyayoo, nee andha maadiriyaa,ennadee ippadi shock pannaraey, nekku thalayaey shutharadhu”. (Oh, you are like that is it,I am feeling dizzy) Shankar said.

”Nee maathiram ennakku shock kudukkalaeyaa” ( As if you did’nt do to me) she retorted. ”Ramya, your cock is so so beautiful, nice and black like my dildo., now let me throw this strap on out, you can now fuck me. Oh my god what a contrast,I am supposed to be male and fuck you, but now, now with your long cock you are ready to pleasure me”.

”Yes baby, I love it what a change, but I think it is a perfect match, anybody seeing our top half would never imagine how the bottom half would be”.Ramya excitedly said. ”Yes dear we are really made for each other”.And Shanky climbed on to her cock and started to ride her cock, she started to moan in exctasy.

”Dei Brahmanaa, idha maadiri naan expectaey pannalaey, rombho gushiyaa irrukku”.(Hey Brahmin,never expected like this, feeling really happy) ”Ammandee, shudrachikku paapaan koodhi irrundaa yen happyya irrukaadhu ?. Enna naan shollaradhu correcttaa”.( Yes,for a shudra having a brahmin cunt is always good, is it not?)

Then they had the best first fuck ever as both were first timers. Ramya literally flooded his cunt and it started overflowing as this is the first time she ejaculated without any guilt. Then they hugged each other and rolled off to sleep.

The End.

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