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Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - IV

Previously: Vibha Fucked By Classmates At Reunion - III

Sitting over my knees in the middle of three cocks I was nevertheless then porn-star we usually see in XXX movies and after Rahul once again Vinod and later Arvind again and as I got tired of sucking, Rahul asked me to stand up and turned me around. He bent me forward and asked Vinod and Arvind to hold me firm, he wanted to fuck me from behind,

that too in standing posture and he slapped my ass and agreed to Arvind's statement that I have a beautiful ass in same Hindi slang "such mein...Teri Gaand bahut khubsoorat hai..." and with that he slipped his hand into my thighs from behind, to find my fuckhole and moaning in pleasure I involuntarily widened my thighs for him.

His fingers searched my hole and started fisting me with two and holding Vinod and Arvind firmly I gasped in pleasure. I was charged by Arvind but before I would have reached to my climax he was over and now I was once again rising high and next I heard Rahul addressing me bitch

and speaking what all was happened between us in school days with the fact that now I have approached him to get fucked "You know school time mein jab maine issko propose Kiya tha...iss kutia me mujhe thappad mara Diya tha...aur aaj ye apni marzi se mere liye apni Chut khol ke khadi go gayi..."

with two of his fingers moving in and out of my flesh his voice was not loud and violent while he spoke that but suddenly he got aggressive and started fisting me brutally while saying that he will blow my cunt tonight “Saali Raand… aaj Teri Chut faad dunga main…” That was too harsh and for an instant his brutal fisting took my breath away,

I cried loud and tried to get away but all three males held me hard and Vinod suggested Rahul to plunge me else I will cum, "Rahul ab daal de...nahin to ye jhadd jaayegi..." and saying OK to it Rahul bent me further down and reached to my fuckhole with his Cock tip.

Rahul was actually taking revenge from me for that school time slap and I really don’t know if I liked those abusing words but this time it barely embarrassed me, aroused like never before I was somewhat waiting for Rahul to plunge me with his huge Cock and as Rahul did that with a powerful upward thrust I puffed in delight.

“Yes….yess….” Holding my waist Rahul groaned in pleasure while banging my ass and trying fucking me with upwards thrusts with all his strength and up to an extent he was doing good but as I am quite plump over my ass he really failed to gain his rhythm and after fucking me barely for couple of minutes in that posture he got tired and brought me to bed and plunged me hard in simple missionary.

I cried loud with the jolt he gave me and Rahul crushed me under his massive weight “Vibha meri Baaton ka bura mat maanana….I am Sorry I spoke all that…tu to meri Jaan hai” he apologized for his spoken words in rising excitement and continued screwing me with sudden jerks to go deeper and deeper in my fuckhole.

I was also getting mad in lust and holding him hard in my embrace I just kept on moaning in pleasure and that turned Rahul further on. “Meri Jaan…! Maaza aa raha hai na…? He spoke and with that started kissing me while screwing me with short but rapid thrusts.

Well in control I must Rahul was just amazing, his ass rose and fell with intense energy and after a minute as he seemed losing his control he withdrew and asked Vinod to fuck me. Vinod was ready and as Rahul rolled off Vinod climbed over me and began with kissing me.

By now I was set on fire and I wanted to get fucked fast and furious but Vinod was just opposite and after kissing he started rubbing h is cock over my opening. “Ohhhh….Fuck me….please fuck me” I cried in strange husky voice and as Vinod went into me I grabbed him hard in my arms and thighs.

Vinod took me first with a slow, measured rhythm with his ass rising and falling almost casually, he kissed me deep and long and steadily built up some speed. I was dying, I was close to pinnacle and I just wanted to blow and crying out loud I clenched his pumping ass fiercely, dragging him deeper into my fuckhole and Vinod gasped in pleasure of harsh suction of my cunt on his cock.

Barely one minute with Vinod and crying in pleasure nevertheless than a slut in heat, once again I was rising to my climax but suddenly Arvind came closer and stopped Vinod and he got away instantly. “Kutia bahut garam ho gayi hai….” Means this bitch has became too hot, Arvind spoke that and plunged me and I just went on crying in desire of reaching to my climax.

After Arvind, Rahul and after Rahul, Vinod again and finally I orgasmed with Vinod. This time he fucked me restlessly for a minute, till I cried out loud with a shudder of dam inside me getting shattered and seconds later drilling me deep with all his strength, he too came and released his seed in my womb.

Completely devastated, sweating like hell I was nevertheless than a dead but Rahul and Arvind were yet alive and they Rahul took me to the washroom to get my fuckhole cleaned from the Vinod’s gunk and back on bed he asked me to get into my four.

I was tired, my fuckhole was aching but they were madly charged and to begin Rahul took me from behind and holding my waist fucked me nicely with steady pace and after a minute or bit less asked Arvind to come and fuck me and Arvind too took me casually in the beginning.

Though I was over, yet closing my eyes I was puffing in pleasure of post orgasm fucking and suddenly I found Vinod asking me to open my mouth. He was almost limping and wanted to get hard again and he enforced me to open my mouth and I started sucking his cock while getting screwed from behind.

After Arvind once again Rahul and later they laid me over my back and fucked me hard till they both came. Arvind rode over me fast and furious and as Rahul asked him to do he did not hollowed himself in my cunt and sprayed his cum over my belly and next instant resting my legs over his shoulders and flooding me into my half Rahul fucked me vigorously and finally released his immense load in my fuckhole.

Though just for the time being but finally all three were spent now and we all stayed on bed for few minutes with mostly Rahul and Arvind speaking out something or other. Anyhow I cannot recall, mentally what all I was going through but while being stark naked with three males certainly I was feeling humiliated.

Anyhow I could not do anything and I had to bear this mess till next morning and like I was expecting we really did not slept even for a minute in entire night. Although after this session they allowed me take rest but did not left me alone in the room. Rahul stayed with me and Vinod and Arvind went out of the house to buy some liquor and I had 3-4 of Vodka drinks more or less with my consent.

Up to an extent fucking fervor was over at my end and getting drunk was the only way out from the awkwardness I was going through. Later, may be after an hour or bit more from the first session our second session started and till next morning, till somewhat around 8, I was fucked 10 times in all possible postures; thrice by Rahul, thrice by Vinod and four times by Arvind.

Dream or nightmare! I don’t know what was it? But it is a matter of fact that since I have started watching porn after my marriage break up I have often liked threesomes, especially two males with one female and while watching all that I have fantasized myself with two males and here, in real life I have experienced three at the same time.

Anyway after that day I stayed out of the group for really long and barred all three male’s phone numbers but somewhat after around one month as I opened Vinod’s number I got call from him within two days and after long telephonic conversation he agreed me for formal date.

No wonder after that sexual blast my body was demanding sex more desperately and at present, out of three I am connected with just Vinod. Although he is not as strong as Arvind and Rahul but he is the only one I need to tranquilize my physical desire. This is it!

Readers please post their views, I am sure many readers will consider me a slut and most of them will not trust my write up but believe me friends this is my real life story and I have just tried to look like a sex story.

The End.

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Comments (13)

Posted by nitin
on: September 12, 2017 1:37 AM | Reply

Awesome narration, simple & good, looks like u needed a 3 some

Posted by Sri
on: September 12, 2017 1:46 AM | Reply

Your story was awesome. Seems like you loved the session


Posted by Madhu
on: September 12, 2017 10:55 AM | Reply

A raunchy experience indeed.

Posted by Rakesh
on: September 12, 2017 12:07 PM | Reply

Nice one. I would love to have beautiful and sexy partner who can love with passion and lust.

Posted by Kumar Mohapatra
on: September 12, 2017 5:10 PM | Reply

Tht guy Rahul actually played bravado. He tried to solidify his friendship further with you as guinea pig. But it was unexpected windfall for you it seems; atleast you dont seem to mind or regret as noticed,

But it does seem all three came out as more desperate than you,
In their excitement they often forgot n underperformed; performence sufferred n it became stuffy, messy n elongated version of what none wanted. ..anyway alls well tht ends well.....

But you are a very horny girl .if tht sounds a discovery to you.......wonder why you hv been so supressive n regressive on this front from college times ......as if husband is the panacea for everything. Its good tht it all did not get lost for you forever as it does for most ....somehow you had a uncommon tryst, howsoever unexpected & beyond your imagination,

Tks for writing in dtld, tht shows yr boldness eventually after all the docileness over the years. You did well in yr description. Though it sounds a bit fancilfull but the sincerity too shows up.

Good luk with Vinod & just forget tht bravado naive Rahul, Arvind deserves catching up with however once or one chance, tht guy will marry someone soon thereafter as he's been initiated allready. On a lighter note all the three seemed to be novices in extramarital thing or a situation like this, Arvind the lead among these desperado's.....while you yourself the unsatiated hungry self meeting these characters.....a most queer confluence in the end.

Hota hei kya hua hein!!!

Posted by Saishyam
on: September 12, 2017 7:24 PM | Reply

I can understand your situation... It was an excellent narration you have tried to express your heart out. GOOD WORK DONE.

Posted by Sanjoy Sengupta
on: September 12, 2017 9:21 PM | Reply

A very Awesome Narration of your Sexual encounter . One of the Best Narration I have read so far and it really seemed that I am watching a 4 some PRON . But you were very Lucky because with a Sexy Ass ( as you described ) Nobody Fucked your Asshole .

Posted by sachin shah
on: September 13, 2017 12:05 PM | Reply

Very strange and unforgettable revenge session u had with rahul+2. It is nice that ur demand are now fulfill by kind vinod. enjoy

Posted by Rahul
on: September 13, 2017 1:38 PM | Reply

amazing narration
i was literaly visualising from what you wrote. Lucky guys. Waiting to hear more from you...

Posted by Innocent
on: September 13, 2017 7:28 PM | Reply

Vibha I love you

Posted by Tima
on: September 13, 2017 9:20 PM | Reply

Hot... Amazing visualization and narration
Can join in next session

Posted by Aju
on: September 20, 2017 9:22 PM | Reply

Good one. Enjoy life. There is nothing someone can do if u need something inside u. Only way is to get filled

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