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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - III

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - II

Whatever, next day like every morning we met again and this time Jyoti Bhabhi stayed in the park and walked with me and saying “Aap please ye sab kisi ko batana matt...” requested me not to reveal her personal matter to anybody. That’s what she wanted to say yesterday and I assured her that this whole thing will remain up to me only.

Few more steps I was about say that I too want to tell her something important but once again before it would have came out of my mouth she asked me about my suggestion over this problem. “waise what do you suggest… mujhe kya karna chahiye…?” and for an instant without putting any brain I told her to talk to her husband “Aapko Bhaiya se baat karni chahiye…”

but suddenly, right after saying that I suggested her first to make sure that if her husband is really involved somewhere or it is just her hypothesis “Per pahle aap ye confirm karo ki kya sach mein wo aisa kar rahen hai….ya fir ye sirf aapka waham hai”.

Actually I wanted to talk to her over this subject as much as possible and with this statement I just wanted to elaborate our discussion and it happened like I needed. Bhabhi looked at my face for few seconds and then in sarcastic tone recalled me about those Condom wrappers “Maine aapko Condom ke wrappers dikhaye the na…?”

“Yes… but what if unhone flat apne kisi friend ko diya ho…” saying that I made her realize the probability of using that flat by some other person for that purpose and expressing disappointment over her face Bhabhi came out saying that I am trying to save her husband “aap Sanjeev ko bachane ki koshish kar rahe ho…!”

“No…I am just saying …you just be sure before talking to him…unless he will give you any such excuse” and my proposition worked. Bhabhi accepted my suggestion, at my end it was completely spontaneous and even I was surprised over my intelligence.

“Now please tell me ye kaise confirm hoga…” She asked me how she can be sure about that and to keep the subject alive for another day I told her to give me some time to think. By now we were reached to the bend where we had go separate and saying Bye with tiny smile Bhabhi moved away.

“Bhaiya ne aapke alawa kisi aur ko Choda ho ya na Choda ho…I promise aapko zaroor koi aur Chodega …aur Ghodi banna ke Chodega” that’s what I murmured this time while looking at her ass.

Whatever, next morning we met again and once again Bhabhi stayed in the park for me and this time we did not started walking instantly, rather we had long and very interesting chit chat over this subject while sitting there and I am trying writing core of that open minded chat.

After formal hello and casual talking I gave her suggestion that she has to visit that flat whenever she find him for long time to verify this fact if Sanjeev Bhaiya is really cheating her and to that Bhabhi came out saying that she is hundred percent sure that her husband is cheating her.

That‘s what I needed, but expressing myself concerned with her marriage I tried telling her that it could be just her hypothesis and with bit of irritation once again Jyoti Bhabhi came out saying that she is sure “Mujhe pakka patta hai…Sanjeev is cheating me” and I further provoke her by asking how she is so sure “kaise...? aap itne confidence se kaise kah sakte ho…”

and in that fervor Bhabhi spoke out that she has not been fucked by him from last six months but in proper way “wo aise… ki Inhone bahut din se mere saath kuch nahin kiya hai” and like a real Harami I tried investigating what she just said “Kya nahin kiya hai?“. Hearing that Bhabhi blushed and I smiled shamelessly.

Anyhow now I could let this subject go easily and I further opened up with very personal question; that from how long she has not been fucked but in sensible language “Kitne time se nahin kiya hai….?”. Bhabhi was surprised to hear my query and I was expecting she will avoid replying but to my surprise she replied “6 months”.

“Waah kya baat hai….! tab to inki Chut mein bhi aag lagi hogi” within me I was happy to hear that, but I stayed serious over my expressions and murmured but in audible voice “Six months is too much…” and asked her next question and it was again about her bedroom life; that if they have gone through such a long abstinence earlier “pahle kabhi itna lamba gap hua hai?”

and with a tiny smile Jyoti Bhabhi knobbed her head in no. I was enjoying asking her about her sex life and now I wanted to ask her how often Bhaiya use to fuck her before this abstinence but I hesitated and stayed silent and told her not to talk to him until she finds that flat in same state couple of more times.

After that we started to walk and I casually started playing my cards by criticizing her husband for what he was doing but in very defensive way “Waise agar Bhaiya sach mein ye sab kar rahe hain to bahut galat kar rahe hain….” (Means if Bhaiya is doing all this then he is doing wrong) I intentionally reflected doubt saying “if he is doing” and like I needed,

to that Bhabhi came out saying that there is no doubt “iss mein agar ki koi gunjaish nahin hai….wo kar rahen hain” and I moved my head in acceptance and with that once again brought her bedroom life into talk by saying that if he has not fucked her from last six months then certainly there is something wrong but it was again in proper words and words were

“agar unhone aapke saath six months se kuch nahin kiya hai to kuch to gadbad hai” and once again Jyoti Bhabhi’s face was turned red in shyness. My mind was running fast and I wanted to explore her personal life further and I asked her if they have any fight in recent past and without saying any word Bhabhi moved her head in No.

I looked at her face and confirmed and over her expressions she seemed as if she wants to say something but she was hesitating and I reconfirmed “koi ladai hui hai kya…?” and she once again knobbed her head in no but her uneasiness went more prominent over her face and behaving diplomatic I came out saying it’s OK if she does want to share it with me and

my technique worked and Bhabhi revealed the fact that many times Bhaiya has said that because she has gone fat he does not feel like having sex with her and her words were “wo kahte hain ki main moti ho gayi hun iss liye unka mere saath kuch karne ka mann nahin karta…”

That was too good and hearing that I instantly got harder but I continued playing with her feelings and condemned her husband’s statement that she is fat “this is ridicules….aap to bilkul bhi mote nahin ho….” and my tiny review over her body brought instant smile over her face and to impress her I spoke that I believe that sex is not about body,

it’s about your love and feelings for each other and like I needed Jyoti Bhabhi was totally floored with that statement as after that note looking into my eyes she praised me for my nature with an additional statement that whoever girl will marry me will be very luck “jis bhi ladki se aapki Shaadi hogi wo bahut lucky hogi”.

I was happy as I was on the way of success and for next couple of minutes I continued speaking out my philosophies about love and marriage to further impress her. Slowly we reached to the bent from where we had to go separate and before saying good bye I told her whenever she will say I can take her to her that flat to check and if car will not be available then we will go on bike.

No words in reply and Jyoti Bhabhi thanked me from her smile and took her way and this time I stood at newspaper stand to see her fleshy Ass going away from me and like always murmured within me “Bhabhi Bhaiya ko chhodo aur mere pass aa jaao….aapki moti moti Jaanghon…aur chowdi aur phooli Gaand pe mera Dil aaya hua hai…”

To Be Continued...

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