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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - IV

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - III

Whatever, after that particular day few days were totally uneventful, we met daily in the morning though didn’t had any talk except good morning but I never got disappointed, you know Bhabhi ki matkati hui moti gaand ne kabhi mere Lund ko shaant hone hi nahi diya, means Jyoti Bhabhi’s thick jutting out swinging ass always kept my sex hormones high and in this span to tempt her to

get on bed with me I imagined few conversations with her and prepared myself according to that. Finally something happened, I remember it was Saturday somewhat eight in the night and Jyoti Bhabhi massaged me that she wants to talk to me. That time I was watching TV with my parents and I simply jumped out of the house and called her while being on terrace.

Sanjeev Bhaiya was missing again and this time he was suppose to come next day, Bhabhi told me all this and asked me if we can go to that flat on Monday Morning. Why not ? I was ready for that but suddenly something came in mind and I suggested her to catch Bhaiya red handed and told her that I can take her their right now.

For an instant Jyoti Bhabhi hesitated doing that, moreover she had a child in the house who could not be left alone but I provoked her and after talking to one of her close friend who was also aware all this she agreed.

At my end suggestion of catching Sanjeev Bhaiya was totally spontaneous and I realized my mistake when after making lousy excuse to my parents about my friend’s bogus illness, also after dropping her child at her friend’s place I was on the way towards that flat with Bhabhi.

I don’t know how did not realized that if she will caught her husband red handed then it will lead to a big mess of shouting and fighting just then and there after reaching around mid way I stopped the bike and suggested her to go back home with a commitment that I will come with her to check out everything on Monday.

Bhabhi asked me reason why I am backing off and sensing my uneasiness told me not to worry as she will not create any scene there. I was still uneasy as I also did not wanted to get into her husband’s eyes and I once again tried convincing her for returning and coming back on Monday for verification but Bhabhi did not agreed and we moved on.

Time was somewhat 10 of the night when we reached to the gate of that apartment and it was a matter of sheer co-incidence that we did not had to enter into the gate and Bhabhi saw her husband going into the apartment in his car with a girl sitting beside. He did not notice us as we were standing in dimness at odd position for him to move his vision casually.

Me on bike and standing beside me Bhabhi saw car disappearing and my heart started beating high, as I could predict that now Bhabhi will go behind her husband to catch him red handed and then there will be a big drama. I stayed silent and waited for her reaction and ultimately I was happy that Bhabhi reacted just opposite of what I predicted.

She climbed on bike and told me to drive back home and as I was scared that she might change her mind I started from their without wasting even a single second. I drove fast and sitting behind me Bhabhi held me hard and ultimate impact of her tight grip over my shoulder was my cock getting hard.

Gradually we covered most the distance without saying a word, couple of times I thought about talking to her on red light stoppage but I remained silent. I don’t know what was running in her mind but I was really messed up, behaving selfish since beginning I was taking all this very lightly moreover using her personal problem I was seeking opportunity to fuck her

but now I was feeling pity for her, also I was little scared of present state of affairs. I was realizing that with this delicate mind state of Bhabhi my one wrong step can lead me to big embarrassment but this is also true that my dirty mind was not letting me leave all this.

“main baar baar ye hi soch raha tha ki husband wife ke beech main jo hona hai ho…bus kaise bhi kar ke isko main Bhabhi ko ek baar chod dun to mera Lund Shaant ho jaayega” and it was possible.

She was suppose to be alone in the house for whole night, neither I was bounded to go back home in the night and even after this realization that what I am thinking to do is pure illegitimacy throughout the way to back home I was thinking that if somehow I can enter into her house and spend some time with her at this hour of time I can make things happen.

Whatever, eventually we reached to our NCR region and I asked Bhabhi if we have to pick her child and like I knew she said no, obviously she did not wanted to disturb her friend at this hour and we reached home. Jyoti Bhabhi got down and wished me good night without any expressions and I decided to take a chance.

Time was bit passed to 11 and looking around, if somebody is watching us I asked her for cup of tea. "Ek cup chai pila do…" though Bhabhi was surprised but saying yes! Why not? She behaved casual. Bhabhi was wearing Jeans and Kurti and as she moved into the house looking at her ass I followed her and stood behind her on the door of kitchen.

“Actually mein mujhe chai nahin peeni hai…mujhe bus aapke saath rahna hai….” “Aap iss time bahut disturbed ho…aur main aapko akela nahin chhodna chahta….” Means I don’t want to have tea, I just want to be with you, you are very disturbed and I don’t want to leave you alone, trying winning her heart I spoke from behind and Jyoti Bhabhi turned to see me,

smiled lightly and thanked me after saying that she know that “Mujhe patta hai….Thank you” and after a pause, facing away somewhat informed me that tomorrow she will return to her Mom’s house “Main kal mummy ke ghar chali jaaungi” and I skipped my heart beat and looking at her jutting out ass I once again murmured within me

“Beta agar tune ye Chut maarni hai to aaj hi maarni hai…nahi to kal se ye Chut tujhe dikhai hi nahin degi”. Whatever Bhabhi served me tea and I decided to go ahead. "Aapko sun kar ajeeb lagega aur shayad gussa bhi aa jaye...per mujhe aaoko kuch batana hai..." (Means you might feel weird alsi you might get angry over that but I want to tell something...)

we were in living room and I spoke as Bhabhi offered me something to eat along with tea and she asked me what is that "Kya batana hai". And I started trying descending her into the bottle, in Hindi we call it botal mein utarna. "I am in love with you…I don't know how...aap mujhse age mein itne bade ho fir bhi..."

and she replied saying that she know that and she has noticed and with that somewhat told me that it’s not love it’s just attraction "Mujhe patta hai...maine notice kiya hai but this is not love...this is attraction..." she was right, rather it was not even attraction it was just lust but I stayed firm over my words and told her if she is taking divorce from her husband

then I can talk to my mom for our marriage "No... !Believe me it’s not an attraction...agar aap divorce lay rahe ho to I can talk to Mom for our marriage..." Truly speaking friends asking her for marriage was not at all planned at my end, I spoke out whatever came in my mind to attract her but Bhabhi reacted adverse "Aap pagal ho gaye ho kya? Mera ek Aath saal ka beta hai…”

(Means have you gone Mad...I have a 8 year old son) her voice was not loud but she was little rude and I reacted saying "uss se mujhe koi farak nahin padta..." (Means it hardly matters to me…) and hearing that Jyoti Bhabhi got further rude "per mujhe farak padta hai...!

And what do you think aapki mummy haan bol dengi..." (but it matters to me...and what do you think your mom will say yes to it?" and to that I told her right now you say yes and I will agree my mom "abhi sirf aap haan bol do...Mom ko main samjha dunga" and listening that Bhabhi got further angry “No...! Aap pagal ho gaye ho…” she shouted in irritation and I walked out of her house.

To Be Continued...

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