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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - V

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - IV

Bull shit! I don’t know how it happened but suddenly all my plans were shattered. I didn’t have any preparation to say all that but as I realized that she is going to her Mom, who lives out station and I won’t be able to see her again soon unintentionally I got impatient and everything messed up just in a fraction.

I came back home and somewhat fucked Jyoti Bhabhi in my fantasy and slept restless. Next morning somewhere at 5 once again shagged my load in aggression; on the bed while murmuring somewhat like “Jyoti…tu meri hai….Dekhta hun tu kaise nahin marwaegi mujhse…tujhe to mai Chod ke rahunga” and after that I slept again.

It was a Sunday morning and with that morning nap I accidently missed my Jogging and woke up at time of my come back. It was a pure co-incidence that after seeing clock and realizing that I have missed my jog I came to the balcony to see if I can get glance of Jyoti Bhabhi going back home and I got it.

Facing away her lovely ass was moving towards her house and suddenly she turned back to see my house and caught me looking at her. Ignoring her I wanted to go in instantly but just then Bhabhi waved her hand and unintentionally I responded back same way. Ultimately she went into her house and I came back to bed to day dream about being on bed with her.

5-10 minutes passed, I was not intended to masturbate again but moving back and forward slowly my cock was in my hands and I got an SmS “Please don’t get angry over me…be my friend” staying firm over my temprament for an instant I thought about asking her for marriage again but in the end I played my original card and trying melting her in emotions replied by writing

“Please don’t go from here…I want to see you every day”. Next she wrote back “I have to go…” and as I could feel that I don’t have much control over her decision I surrendered and replied to her by writing “Ok…Take care and don't forget me...” After that there was no message for one hour or bit more and she once again wrote "if possible come to my house...I want to talk to you".

By now time was well passed to 8 and texting back “What time…?” I asked her when should I come and she wrote back “right now”. I was yet not over with my bathing and breakfast and next I asked her for 15-20 minutes and she said Ok to that.

As such I didn’t had anything in my mind like that I can fuck her, I was expecting that she will try behaving like pioneer to me over my last night’s marriage proposal to her and my core reason to go to her place was just that I wanted to see her body; to be precise, her fleshy thighs and erotically spread ass before her exit from the town.

Anyway within in next half an hour I reached to her place and Jyoti Bhabhi was still alone at home. Wow! I exclaimed in delight within me, she was wearing tight leggings with black and white animal print with black top ending barely couple of inches below her waist and her soft fleshy thighs with round plump ass hardened me like never before.

Anyway after simple hello I asked her if I have to bring her child back home but she denied saying “abhi nahin…” means not now. Next I asked her if she has called Sanjeev Bhaiya and she said yes and told me that he will come back home in the evening. “Wahan Bhaiya mast Chudai kar rahen hai aur yahan aapki Chut sukhi padi hai….mujhse hi marwa low”.

Certainly I did not spoke that, as usual it was just me within myself and looking at her uneasiness, I apparently stayed firm over my expressions. “Chai peeyoge?” Bhabhi asked me if I will have tea and I accepted. She moved in kitchen and after a minute I too reached there to see her lovely ass.

Lost in her own world Jyoti Bhabhi was standing in the kitchen facing away from me and she turned lightly as she sensed my presence behind. My eyes were glued to her animal skinned ass and without looking behind she apologized for screaming over me last night. “I am sorry…kal main aapke oopar chilla di” “Koi Baat nahin…”

I replied and after a pause once again asked her for marriage "Aap Please mujse shaadi kar low...I really love you" As such I didn’t had any hope still I tried and turning back Bhabhi once again spoke what she was saying last night, that its attraction “Bhaiya believe me…ye attraction hai” and I was ready for that “ab agar mujhe aapse pyar hai to attraction to hoga hi”

and she really failed to resist smiling over my stubbornness, “aap samajh kyun nahi rahe…? Ye pyar nahin hai…ye sirf sexual attraction hai…” I too smiled and continuing behaving mulish and asked her how I can prove that its love “app please mujhe ye batta do ki main kaise prove karun ki main aapse such mein pyar karta hun…”

and with a bigger smile she said that I do not have to prove anything as she sure that its sexual attraction “aapko kuch bhi prove karne ki zarurat nahin hai …mujhe patta hai ki ye sirf sexual attraction hai….”. “Per main aapse sex karne ke liye to kaha hi nahin…! Sex hum shaadi ke baad karenge” (means; but I never asked you for sex…! we will have sex after marriage)

I spoke whatever came in my mind and Jyoti Bhabhi giggled beautifully over that and spoke that I am gone totally mad “Aap poore pagal ho gaye ho….” “Main aapke liye paagal hun…” means I am mad about you and hearing that she looked into my eyes seriously.

She was not angry over me, it was evident in her behavior and while turning off the flame she turned to see me and tried closing the subject of conversation by saying that she is already stressed as she cannot decided what to do “Bhaiya main pahle hi bahut pareshaan hun…mujhe samajh nahin aa raha main kya karun….”. “Aap mujhse Chudwana shuru kar do…”

That’s what I wanted to say from the core of my heart but I stayed silent and Jyoti Bhabhi spoke again “mujhe patta hai …you really like me…! Mujhe bhi aap bahut achhe lagte ho…! But it’s just sexual attraction” and this time I asked her to kill this sexual attraction “to fir iss attraction ko khatam kar do…”

Bhabhi was little surprised to hear that and she asked me how she can kill this attraction “tell me kasie khatam karun iss attraction ko…?” “Sirf ek baar mujhse Chudwa low” for an instant I thought about speaking out straight forward but in the end I came out asking her for a slap and throwing me out of the house “mujhe thappad maar kar ghar se nikaal do…” and she knobbed her head in No.

By now tea was ready but it was yet not poured into the cups and as she turned away to do that I once again looked at her ass and decided to go for it. I moved ahead and grabbing her waist hugged her from behind. “Bhabhi please mujhse Shaadi kar low….main aapko bahut pyar karunga”

with those words and holding her waist hard from behind I pressed my hard cock over her huge ass and Bhabhi pushed me away. NO words, Bhabhi looked into my eyes with serious expressions and I apologized instantly “I am sorry...mujhse galti ho gayi...main khud ko control nahin kar paya...” and to my good luck Bhabhi forgave me.

To Be Continued...

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