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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VI

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - V

Next she served me tea and holding her cup walked out to the living room. I followed her and sat down on diffrent couches; me on single sitter and she on three sitter. Silent and serious over her expressions Bhabhi looked uneasy over what I did but I was charged with that tiny and tender rub of my Cock over her plump ass and as I could see that Bhabhi has absorbed my naughty act

I decided to continue trying and to begin I got up from my place and facing her sat down close to her. Shikha (my ex-girlfriend) use to say Chut ussi ko milti hai jiski Gaand mein dum hota hai, in short only those males fuck who has guts, moreover as very soon Bhabhi was going back to her mom,

so for me there was no use to pretend nice and gentle to impress her and I tried provoking Bhabhi over what her husband is doing with mild bold words “Bhaiya wahan kal raat se mazze kar rahe hain…aur aap yahan depress ho rahe ho” means there Bhaiya is having fun since last night

and here you are getting depress and to that with a sarcastic smile Bhabhi asked me then what should she do? Should she also start having sex with someone else? “To kya karun….? main bhi unki tarah kisi aur ke saath sex karna shuru kar dun…?” that was unexpected but that's what I needed her to speak and without giving second thought I said yes to it but in diplomatic way

“Why not…? Agar wo kar sakte hain to aap kyun nahin kar sakte” and Bhabhi spoke out what I really needed from her; that she knows that I want to fuck her “I know… you want to fuck me…” and I boldly came out saying yes to it but with that once again expressed my love “yes…! I want to fuck you…but just because I love you….” and with that I added that I can wait till our marriage.

No reply for next few seconds, Bhabhi looked into my eyes consistantly without a flick and in the end asked me if I am serious about marriage "aap shaadi ko lekar serious ho kya?” Certainly I was not but anyhow could not say no and I said yes "Haan...main serious hun..." and after a pause I once again said that I really love her “main aapse sachmuch bahut pyar karta hun…”

she smiled sarcastically but this time I did not waited for her to speak anything like love and attraction and putting my cup away moved forward to get close to her. Bhabhi got bit nervous with my movement and sensing that she might push me over my attempt of kissing her putting her cup of tea away I asked her for a hug and staring at my face she smiled.

I waited for her reaction and she opened her arms for me. Now it was real test of my balls, if I can make things happen now and squeezing her soft melons against my firm chest I crushed Jyoti Bhabhi in my arms hard. She puffed, also cried in bit of pain and tried to push me but I did not release her from my grip and muttered next to her ears

“Bhabhi Aap mere ho… Bhaiya ko chhod do aur mere saath chalo” (means Bhabhi you are mine, leave Bhaiya and come with me) “Aap pagal ho gaye ho….” Saying that she once again tried pushing me, I loosened my grip, but continued holding her from her shoulders and looking into her eyes somewhat told her that she also loves me “mujhe patta hai…aap bhi mujhse pyar karte ho…”

and she denied “nahi…main aapse pyar nahin karti…” and I once again told her to slap me and throw me out of her house “To fir mujhe thappad maar kar apne ghar se Nikal do”. Unknowingly by now I was reached to do and die stage, instead of her fuckhole I was ready for her slap too but as Shikha use to say I was having that killing instinct in me which can turn things in my favor

and without thinking that how Bhabhi would react I planted my lips over her lips. Bhabhi tried pushing me but I went further over her and kissed her aggressively. Holding her hard I sucked her lips and knocked her mouth with my tongue but Bhabhi did not responded. She was not willing but I did not stopped sucking her lips.

Anything could happen anytime, I mean she could open her mouth for me or she could push me too and without wasting anytime I grabbed Bhabhi’s breasts and squeezed them softly. “Ohhh…Bhaiya….please chhodo mujhe…..” and Jyoti Bhabhi puffed in pleasure while asking me to leave her breasts. “ Itni mushkil se Haath mein aayin thi…aise kaise chhod deta Bhabhi ki Chuchiyan"

and while massaging her melons gently I started kissing her neck.”Bhabhi please….please mujhe fuck karne do….bus ek baar…fir to aap yahan se jaa hi rahe ho….” Finally I spoke out my dirty desire in rising fervor and hearing that pushing me hard Bhabhi separated me from her body “ye pyar nahin hai….ye attraction bhi nahin hai….ye lust hai”

she exclaimed and I accepted with a request of killing it for once and for all “Ye jo bhi hai…ab bus issko khatam kar do….” and after pause somewhat reminded her that she too has not done anything from last six months “aapko bhi to chheh mahine ho gaye hain kiye hue….mere saath karke aap bhi apni pyas bujha low” and Bhabhi eyes got jammed over my face after hearing that.

Either she was trying believing what she just heard from me or she was confused, whether she should do it or not and I once again jumped on her and this time succeeded in invading her mouth. I kissed her deep and long and gradually crushed her under my weight.

Bhabhi tried a lot to push me but I impailed myself over her and continued wiggling my tongue in her mouth until she responded back to my kiss. Wow ! though not properly but Bhabhi reverted back to my kiss and I lunged further deep in her mouth. "Bhabhi main aapse such mein bahut pyar karta hun...please mujhe ek baar karne do"

somewhat laying over her and looking into her eyes closely I spoke after breaking the kiss and while breathing short Bhabhi tried to tell me that this is wrong "Nahi...ye galat hai...." By now I was gone so mad that without giving her any time to think I got up from her top and tried taking off her animal skinned leggings.

She resisted and holding elastic of her lower told me to leave that "Nahi...! Please chhod do issko" "Bhabhi please...ek baar to karne do mujhe..." I spoke in rising passion and with a powerful jerk I losened her grip over elasic of her lower and with one more I just did it.

To Be Continued...

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