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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VII

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VI

Finally dusre jhatke mein maine Bhabhi ko neeche se almost Nanga kar diya; and as I pulled her leggings completely out of her legs Bhabhi folded her legs inwards to hide her panty. BhenChod kya gori gori aur moti moti thighs theen...? Saala koi bhi unke dekhkar pagal ho jaaye.

Whatever searching glimpse of her panty my eyes were glued to her milky white massive thighs and compressing herself at the edge of threes sitter Jyoti Bhabhi started puffing in excitement. I can say since I was trying getting physically close to her forcibly unconsciously I was waiting for her going violent over me,

and for me that was the mark of full stop but even after getting partially naked she did not tried hitting me, isska matlab thodi bahut aag to Bhabhi ki Chut mein bhi laggi hi hui thi….mujhe bus uss aag ko bhadkana tha and next instant I started doing that. I touched her bare knees softly and rubbed my hand towards her thighs and Bhabhi moaned sexily.

“Bhabhi kar low ek baar mere saath…kisi ko kuch bhi patta nahin chalega….” Means Bhabhi do it once, nobody will come to know anything, I spoke and kissed her knee. Bhabhi groaned sexily and involuntarily tried to stop me.

I did not stopped, I kissed her knee again and again and moving up tried rubbing my wet lips over her thighs and holding my head with both the hands Bhabhi stopped me. Next I moved up to her face to kiss her and this time Bhabhi did not resisted much. Holding her waist lightly I kissed her gently and once again impaled my weight over her.

Though initially she did not kissed me back but as I tried inserting my tongue into her mouth Bhabhi opened her lips for me and leaving my saliva in her mouth I wandered all around her inner cheek. Wow…it was amazing! I explored her mouth for a minute or not even that and as far as her resistance was concerned leisurely things seemed getting smooth to me.

Slowly my hands moved up from her waist and reached to breasts and Bhabhi broke the kiss. Looking into her eyes closely I continued massaging her soft melons and Bhabhi seemed losing her control. “Bhaiya aap nahin Maanoge…?” Means you won’t stop? Bhabhi asked me and saying “Nahi…main nahin Maanunga” I knobbed my head in no.

“Theek hai...kar low jo karna hai ek baar…per yahan nahin…bedroom mein…” she granted my wish by saying I can do whatever I want to do once but in the bedroom but as I was not sure that after getting up from here she will stay agreed I said no to it “nahin…! mujhe yahin karna hai, Soffe pe…” and with that I tried lifting her top and ultimately took it out from her arms.

Wow…! Once again I would say BahenChod…! Jyoti Bhabhi ke kya bade bade aur gore gore Mumme the…and as the bra she was wearing was really very tight over her melons her cleavage was literary taking my breath, Mann kar raha tha iss saali Bra ko faad ke feenk dun aur Chuchiyou ko daaba daaba ke Bhabhi ki jaan hi nikal dun but I stayed in control and opted for gentle love making.

I started with kissing and brushing my lips over her neck and thick and deep cleavage and losing battle of saving her dignity Bhabhi puffed, moaned and slowly embraced my scalp with her hands. I was yet not sure that she will let me do everything till end so wasting no time in kissing and licking her skin my hands reached to her back and unhooked her bra.

Ohhh…Wow…what a view, finally Bahbhi ki dono Chuchiyan mere aankhon ke saamne latak rahin theen aur main pagal ho raha tha I mean finally Bhabhi’s huge melons were sagging in front of my eyes and I was getting mad in lust and throwing her bra away I cupped her bare milk mounds nicely with both the hands and started squeezing them roughly.

Bhabhi gasped and moaned and unconsciously also tried to stop me but I could see that she is enjoying whatever her breasts and soon I started sucking her long and erect nipples like a hungry child. “Ohhh…Bhaiya aap ye sab kya kar rahe ho mere saath…? Ye galat hai….” Means, Bhaiya what are you doing me, this is wrong.

Puffing in delight she spoke that in soft voice while feeding me but I just continued chewing her rigid nipples one after another. “Bhabhi main aapse sachmuch bahut pyar karta hun…aur ab to main aapko apni BIwi banna kar hi rahunga” I spoke in rising passion while getting up and started taking off my clothes and in reply Bhabhi told me to do it once but said no to marriage,

“jo karna hai ek baar kar low…main aapse Shaadi nahin kar sakti”. Saali Shaadi karni kisko thi unse…mujhe to bus unkI layni thi and I was at the verge of doing that. I took off all my clothes including my underwear and reached to her waist to pull out last cloth from her body and looking at my hard Cock Bhabhi herself lifted her bottom to release her Panty.

Wow, wet and swollen, though she was bit hairy but she was so beautiful over her Pussy that I instantly changed my mind and instead of putting my cock into her opening, I opened her fleshy thighs and tried to burry my lips in her Cunt. Like I was expecting Bhabhi jumped in surprise madly and tried pushing my head while requesting me not to do all this

“Nahi Bhaiya…ye sab mat karo mere saath…” “Bhabhi please mujhe karne do jo main karna chahta hun….” and saying that holding her thick thighs hard and apart I started licking her wet swollen fuckhole like a real dog.

To Be Continued...

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