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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VIII

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VII

“Ohhh Maa….” the moment my lips touched her fuckhole Jyoti Bhabhi started moaning, she tried a lot to stop me, got up couple of times and tried to push me but I kept on going deep in her thighs and kept on chewing her outer labia cruelly and literally lapped every drop she oozed out of her fuckhole.

Jyoti Bhabhi kept on grunting in pleasure for few minutes and trembled madly whenever I reached her clitoris with my lips and soon she stopped opposing and started enjoying getting explored with a tongue probably for the first time in her life. Gradually her puffs rose in volume and her belly started shuddering helplessly and I stopped digging her cunt.

As now I was sure that Bhabhi cannot escape from me without getting fucked holding her wrist I asked her to go to the bedroom and Bhabhi got up instantly and we both reached to the bedroom hurriedly. The way Bhabhi was trying stopping me from sucking her cunt I could make out that she is not at all into oral sex with her husband and

assuming that she might not like my cock in her mouth I straight away pushed her on her back and opened her thighs to plunge my Cock into her flesh. Wow, I looked at her cunt to see the exact opening and it was literary streaming with thick sticky juices.

I must say Jyoti Bhabhi ki Chut achhe se Chudi hui thi, fir bhi ek dum mast Chut thi and as I planted my cock tip over her opening Bhabhi started breathing short and heavy. “Jyoti! meri Jaan tu mujhe apna patti maan ya matt maan…main tujhe apni Patni manta hun”

addressing her name without suffix of Bhabhi I told her immaterial she do consider or do not consider me her husband, I consider her my wife. Words play very important role, once again I would say this technique of driving female crazy was also taught by Shikha and like I needed my sensual and erotic words aroused Jyoti Bhabhi instantly and without saying a word

she lifted her bottom she to get my cock in her cunt hurriedly. By now I was also gone high and squeezing my thick cock tip into her opening I plunged her with a powerful jerk. Ahhh…! Eyes closed and heavonly whimper and Bhabhi absobed my brutal jolt easily and staying still in her fuckhole I looked at her facial expressions till she opened her eyes again

"Jyoti ab tu kuch bhi kar lay…tu meri patni hai" I caressed her cheek lovingly while saying that and Bhabhi got further aroused. Next I opened her arms and consiously staying unmoved I started sqeezing her juicy milk mounds roughly. Ohhh...yes closing her eyes Bhabhi moaned erotically and leaning over her breasts I once again started sucking her long erect nipples.

I sucked Bhabhi's both the melons but I was yet not moving in her fuckhole and finally after trying her best to resist Bhabhi asked me fuck her, "Bhaiya please....fuck me" I was waiting for that aur bus fir maine apne mote lund se Bhabhi ki chut ko khodna shuru kar diya, aur unko lagatar Chodta hi raha.

I mean as she asked to fuck I started digging her cunt with my thick cock and fucked her consistantly. May be two minutes and Jyoti Bhabhi started moaning louder. Oh Man! What was she looking while wheezing with lustful expression, eyes shut, mouth tore open and her face was turned red in fucking pleasure and watching her getting devastated, I went wild over her.

My ass rose and fell over her with rising pace and I screwed her as hard as I could and Bhabhi started crying like crazy. Her legs rose high, almost facing roof and she tried to crush me hard in her arms. Finally with a shuddering blubber Bhabhi shivered in electrifying sensation and I felt her cunt convulsing over my vibrating Cock.

I was also at the verge of excitement and grinding my Cock deep into her again and again I too started crying and finally squeezed my ass with a deep screwing jolt. Eventually Jyoti Bhabhi exploded violently, breath hissing from her throat and holding me hard in her arms and thighs she trembled erotically while crying in husky voice

and the same time my throbbing cock sank down into her womb and spewing out massive volume of while sticky jizz I too grunted loud. Hell! What else I can say, Saala, Shikha ko kitna Choda fir bhi kabhi itna mazza nahin aaya jitna Bhabhi ko ek baar Chod ke mazza aa gaya.

Whatever, I was totally exhausted, Bhabhi was also in same state, we remained tied in each other’s arms and as my cock slipped out of her cunt Bhabhi pushed me away to get up. I rolled off from her top and while she used the washroom I stayed naked on the bed with a hope that we will fuck again.

Since beginning I was fantasizing myself fucking her from behind while holding her big ass but before I would have asked her for another session after she came out she ordered me to go from there. She was little furious and frustrate over me and over herself too, for whatever she did with me and ultimately threw me out of her house.

On the same evening from my balcony I saw her with her child going in a taxi with her luggage. I don’t know up to what extent she has fought with her husband, per Bahut din ho gaye Jyoti Bhabhi wapis nahin aayi, aur ab main regularly unke naam pe mooth zaroor marta hun.

Bhabhi by any chance if you are reading this then I want to say thanks to you, bahut bahut shukria jo jaate jaate apne mujhe apni Chut di. In the end I want to say sorry to those readers who do not understand Hindi, kya karun, ek to mujhe theek se English aati nahin doosra Chudai ki kahani Hindi mein hi mazza deti hai.

Whatever, good or bad, suggestions or complaints, should I write about me and Shikha or not, please leave your comments in the box below. Thanks.

The End.

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