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Ramesh Fucking Wife Raji And Her Friend Suni

I am Raji and I had a friend Suni from my college days who was close to me. She was staying in the hostel and I was a day scholar. But in spare time we talked for hours about many things including sex. She knew about sex and she used to tell me that it is enjoyable stuff. She had subsequently a boy friend who used to fuck her.

I was jealous of her for all the pleasures she enjoyed. But I knew that I may get married as soon as my studies are over. In the meantime Suni used to come to home and stay overnight. She share my bed and we enjoyed lesbian sex. She had a great hunger for sex. Her boy friend went away after his studies and she was very depressed.

In the meantime she told me that if I get married I should ask my husband to fuck her. I laughed alound and told her certainly, but you should agree to get fucked by him. In the meantime she got employed in a big company after her studies and I got married to Ramesh, who was an executive in a MNC. Ramesh was tall, handsome and with broad shoulders.

He used to dress attractively that any girl who sees him would love him. I loved him very much. After marriage Ramesh took me around Europe for honeymoon. He had a long stout cock which gave me great enjoyment everytime he fucked me. I told him about Suni and the agreement we had in our student days. He laughed and said I will honour your commitment.

My father had bought a huge bunglaw for me at the outskirts of the city where we stayed. I met Suni after a long time and she congratulated me to have got a handsome husband. I told her that I have told my husband about your request and I had agree to that. She laughed aloud. She was too busy that she could not come to my house to meet my husband.

In the meantime a friend of mine threw a grand party to which Ramesh and I were invited. Suni also came to the party and I introduced her to Ramesh. While shaking hands with her Ramesh told her that I had told him about your agreement. We all had a hearty laugh. We went to take our drinks.

I and Suni took large doses of wine, whereas Ramesh took very little as he had to drive the car back home. I observed that Suni was staring at Ramesh and was talking to him in a friendly way. We sat around a table and had our dinner. In the meantime Ramesh got up to meet a friend of his.

Suni and I finished our dinner and Ramesh came and he too finished his food and we bade good bye to the host and came out to get a taxi for Suni. But for a long time no taxi came our way and I asked Suni to come to my house and she can go next day to her home.

She agreed and telephone her mother and told her that she is staying with me overnight and will reach home next day morning. Ramesh brought the car from the parking lot and we both girls got into the rear seat. I asked Suni in a low tone whether she would like to get fucked by Ramesh tonight. She said no, not tonight, but she would like to watch us fucking.

I told my husband Ramesh that Suni would like to watch you fucking me and she does not want get fucked. We reached home and Ramesh went to park the car. We went up to our bedroom in the first floor. Ramesh came in following us. I saw a bulge in the crotch of Ramesh which I felt with my hand and found him in semi erect condition. I removed his coat and shirt.

He undid his pant and I with the help of Suni pulled his jocky down his cock sprang up at ninety degrees. While he came sat down on the sofa, I asked Suni to help me to lick his cock. Suni was looking at this cock with great admiration and the moment I said this she came to me to go to Ramesh. Ramesh said you ladies are fully dressed, whereas you removed my dress.

Ramesh got up and removed my saree and blouse. he was standing behind me to unhook my bra when Suni also came to help him. In the meantime Suni removed her jeans and shirt and was in her bra and panty. When Ramesh was unhooking my bra, I unhooked the bra of Suni. Her boobs were well shaped and nipples protruding. I felt like kissing and sucking them.

When unhooking my bra, Ramesh was sucking my left nipple, when Suni took my right nipple into her mouth. When my both boobs were being sucked by two people I was in great pleasure. In the meantime I took hold of the cock of Ramesh and asked him to lie down so that I may suck his cock. I asked Suni to help me by sucking one side of his cock.

Ramesh sat in the sofa with outstretched legs widened. We both the ladies sat between his legs and took his huge cock in our hands and started to lick from its bottom to the top. Ramesh with both of his hands was fondling our boobs. The boobs of Suni were also hard and her nipple were well projected and she was enjoying his touch.

Ramesh got up and asked me to lie down on the couch so that he may fuck me. Suni came forward to press my legs sufficiently so that Ramesh could perform well. Her fingers were working on my cunt. Her finger ran along my cunt lips and opened them widely so that the cock of Ramesh may enter. She saw the cock of Ramesh descending.

She wanted to take it in her mouth. She just leaned forward turned her face and took the cock of Ramesh in her mouth. Ramesh was surprised at the new entrance to his cock. He slowly sent it down till the throat of Suni. I knew what is happening. I was pressing the boobs of Suni. Ramesh pulled out his cock and placed it at my fuck hole. Suni guided it to enter the hole.

But Ramesh took time to make it enter. Suni was keeping watch over the slow entry of his cock into my fuck hole. It was a beautiful sight. Suni with one hand was stimulating my clitoris and she placed her mouth on the cock of Ramesh and drained a stream of her spittle.

Although Suni refused to be fucked by Ramesh, she was doing everything to help his cock enter my fuck hole fully. When she saw that our full fucking session is on, she moved away and started to put her finger inher cunt and was working vigorously. It was a new sight for Ramesh. Suni was moaning and working with her finger.

Ramesh told her why worry, Suni, I will help you reach orgasm. Suni looked at him and at me. I also told her to wait for me to finish. She stopped and was waiting for me to finish. Suni was lying on the other side of the couch. Ramesh as soon as he finished with me, went to her and his erect cock with my cunt juice smeared on it.

I got up and widened her legs and helped Ramesh to locate her hole. Her hole was not much used and hence I told Ramesh that it may be very tight for him and not to cause pain to Suni. I licked and sucked her boobs to bring her back to the mood. Ramesh also licked and sucked one of her boobs and squeezed it softly.

Suni with her hands took his cock and placed it at the entrance of the hole. I stimulated her tiny clitoris and Ramesh slowly pushed his cylinder down. Inch by inch it went in and when the whole thing went in Suni opened her eyes wide and lifted my face and kissed. Ramesh asked why not a kiss fo rme. She kissed him also. Please be very slow, Ramesh, it is very tight.

Ramesh said I know, wait I will pull back and push it in, by that time more cunt juice will come and lubricate. He was right. His further fucking was easier. Suni asked me to continue to stimulate her clitoris. It took about 5 to 7 minutes for her to reach orgasm and Ramesh too worked up so that his orgasm will merge with hers.

He shot his fluids into her and her face showed the full satisfaction of the orgasm. Ramesh lied in that position for some time and we all three went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves, drying ourselves with towel. We had one more round and then all three of us slept in our bed.

Suni got up in the morning, took a body wash and bade me and Ramesh farewell, she did not forget to thank us for givng her such a nice experience and went to her home.

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