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Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - III

Previously: Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - II

Oh…Man what is that? I exclaimed in pleasant surprise as I saw Neeru standing in front of me wearing that lingerie. It was Pink in color with just thin straps on her shoulders and because she was not wearing bra underneath half of her massive breasts were exposed to my eyes, not just that it was ending few inches above her knees and her thick fleshy thighs were simply breath taking for me.

“If you want…you can fuck me” she uttered in low but clear voice and deep inside I was really dying to do that but behaving romantic I knobbed my head in No and asked her for the hug. “I want to hug you” I uttered and next moment she moved ahead and once again came in my arms.

Wow! Huge and very soft and no bra underneath, feel of her Breasts were too good on my chest and my hands were on her back and waist. Really I didn’t had any clue that exactly what is running in her mind, I was feeling that she is intended to have relation with me but with a commitment that I will marry her after her divorce

and truly speaking after seeing her in that lingerie and holding her wonderful body in my arms I was thinking about making that bogus commitment and for an instant I said sorry to her “I am sorry…” but to my surprise hearing my sorry she knobbed her head in no and hugging me harder requested me to fuck her “please fuck me…”

I was surprised and before I would have reacted to her demand she came out saying that she does not want to marry me and after that once again asked me to fuck her “mujhe aapse Shaadi nahin karni…you just fuck me…”

That was too straight forward and really very difficult for me to believe and sitting in her living room on the couch while holding her in my arms I asked Neeru exactly what does she want from me she admitted that she really likes me and she too is sexually attracted to me “aap mujhe bahut achhe lagte ho…aur mujhe bhi aapke saath sex karne ka bahut mann hai…”

and after a tiny pause she said it was her mistake that she thought about marrying me “aur jo maine aapse Shaadi ke liye kaha…wo meri galti thi” “Sure?” I asked her and she said yes without any hesitation. Next there was nothing which could stop me and while being on same couch I squeezed her in my arms and I started kissing her like crazy.

Neeru did not respond to my kiss that crazily but she was good while she sucked my lips. After exploring her mouth nicely I moved down to her neck and with my hands caressing her breasts roughly I brushed my lips over her thick cleavage.

She moaned in pleasure in low voice and grabbed my scalp in rising excitement and as I drifted that thin strap down from her shoulder and took out her breasts to suck her nipples she asked me to come to her bedroom. It took me barely one minute to lock my flat and finally I entered in her bedroom.

Room was dark but light of washroom attached with her bedroom was on, child was sleeping sound on one side and within next few seconds I was on the other side laying on her Mom. We once again started with a kiss but soon I drifted her lingerie’s both the straps down and started sucking her breasts like hungry child.

Keeping her eyes closed Neeru moaned silently while grabbing in her arms and slowly I moved down and reached to her crotch. Oh…Man, wet and flooding like hell she smelled erotic and moment I pulled her Panty out of her legs pungent aroma of her love juices drove me crazy. I widened her fleshy thighs and moved into them swiftly and Neeru cried in pleasure with sudden jolt.

She tried to stop me but I was unstoppable and I started sucking her fuckhole with all my passion. I opened her thighs wider and lunged deep in her womb with my lips and tongue and hissing in pleasure Neeru continued flooding thickly with significant shivering over her belly.

No doubt Neeru was far more excited than me; it was evident with a wetness of her fuckhole and as I did not stopped sucking her fuckhole for another minute she clenched my head between her thighs and with broken breath repeatedly spoke that she will cum “Mera ho jaayega…mera ho jaayega…mera ho jaayega”.

Her gasps drove me further mad and I continued sucking and flicking her fuckhole and finally with electrifying sensation passing through her body and soul Neeru got traumatized in shattering orgasm.

I don’t about her past experiences but I never saw my girl friend getting devastated in such an intense orgasm and that is just by sucking. Anyway keeping me buried in her fleshy thighs I did not stopped licking her sticky juices until her climax passed and she tried to get up.

To Be Continued...

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