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Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - IV

Previously: Sex Starved Neeru Fucked By Tushar - III

We kissed again and without saying a word Neeru started taking off my clothes and ultimately took my Cock in her fist and started jerking me to make it harder. I was bit discharged and there was bit of wetness on the tip of my Cock and just like my GF do, I was expecting that Neeru will also ask me to wash my Cock but she took tip of my cock in her moth without any hesitation and sucked it tenderly.

“oHhhhhh….” Her mouth was hot and wet and I cried in pleasure, my belly wrinkled in divine sensation and in a moment she started sucking me properly. For any male it is always great to see his length appearing and disappearing in females face and like every female Neeru was also looking gorgeous with my meat in her mouth.

Whatever Neeru clamped my Cock in her warm mouth tenderly and continued sucking me and after a minute or bit more she stopped and peeled the foreskin my rod slowly and once again took me in her warm mouth. This time I cried little louder as it was more of a pain and less of a pleasure but slowly as Neeru enhanced wetness of her mouth and I started moaning in pleasure again.

Heaven! I was never sucked by my GF for so long and with such affection and as I saw her lovely face filled with my hard cock continuously my pleasure started rising and clenching my teeth I grunted endlessly. Eventually I stopped Neeru from sucking my Cock and asked her in which position she would like to do “Kaunsi position mein karna hai?”

and she replied to that saying whatever position I like but asked me not to fuck her fast because if bed will shiver her daughter will get up “Jo bhi aapko achhi lagti hai ussi mein kar low…per jayada tez tez mat karna, bed hilega to ye jaag jaayegi”.

I wanted to fuck her doggy style, no other reason in last few days I was fallen in love with her plump bottom but accepting her words I asked her lay down on her back. I told her that I have Condoms and I can get them but Neeru was too excited and opening her thighs she asked me to leave that “Chhodo…rahne do”.

Next I came over her and holding my Cock in her fist she bought me to her opening and for an instant rubbed my cock tip over her fuckhole. I moaned in pleasure, she too gasped and finally I entered inside her fuckhole unhurriedly. Ohh Yes…she was incredible; hot and very slippery and closing her eyes Neeru enjoyed every fraction of my length going into her fuckhole.

Panting and gasping, we stumbled on the bed slowly and holding me in her arms Neeru widened her legs and locked them around my pumping ass. I kissed her, squeezed her breasts roughly and just in few seconds of slow and tender fucking our bodies grew tacky with sweat.

I licked her sweat from her neck and grunting in intense pleasure Neeru asked me to fuck her bit faster “Thoda fast Karo” and I told her that bed will quake “Bed Hilega…!” No wonder Neeru was once again heading to her climax and ignoring quivering of bed she requested me to fuck her faster “Koi baat nahin... Please fast Karo...Please…fuck me”

she uttered in low shuddering voice and moving my ass swiftly I hammered her hard. Neeru cried intensely and sensing her demand I continued to fuck her deep screwing thrusts. Neeru was overwhelmed with excitement, her breasts were hot and heavy against my chest and our bodies were gone slippery with sweat, heat was rising and I started fucking her further hard.

Oh…Fuck..! Hungry and desperate, she was incredible, as I rammed her savagely her fuckhole squeezed and contracted greedily on my cock and crushing me in her arms Neeru clutched her legs around my waist. That was too much to bear for me yet on and on I just went on digging her flesh with all my strength and finally with a loud moan I exploded like hell.

By now Neeru was also reached to the verge and moment I drove my length in her womb for final spew her hips juddered undermine and her fuckhole seemed to suck me deeper and deeper. I groaned desperately as heat surged from my Cock and moment I released my hot jizz in her womb Neeru clenched her lips and orgasmed with significant shivering over her crotch.

Oh…Wow! Finally I fucked Neeru, from last one month all I could see was just Neeru, all I could think of was her body and all I wanted was to bury my cock in her fuckhole. I was satisfied like I was never with my girl friend and puffing in relief with her eyes closed Neeru was also feeling like haven.

Eventually Neeru got up first and before she would have came out I too entered and we had a long kiss while standing in the washroom. I remember time when our first session ended was almost mid night and after coming out of washroom and wearing her clothes back Neeru asked me if I would like to have anything and we both had half cup of tea.

No wonder after tea we had another session and this time I fucked her in my desired posture. Though we started with a kiss again but soon we turned inverted to give each other oral pleasure in 69 and later we laid mattress on the floor and fucked in doggy style. Whatever this was just my first night with Neeru and in next 4-5 months I spent countless nights with her.

No exaggeration, I had never known a woman so wonderful, more I saw her more I desired to see her, same as more I fucked her more I desired to fuck her. At present almost one month is passed since I have came back home and in this one month I have broke up with GF. My parents after my life to hear my yes for marriage but I am tempted to go back to Neeru.

I am sure my parents will not agree for my marriage with Neeru, moreover even I am not sure ultimately what I want. Readers do give your feedback over my sex experienced and suggest me what should I do.

The End.

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Comments (13)

Posted by Rakesh
on: October 7, 2017 4:57 AM | Reply

It is a nice story. Full of passion and love. I too had similar experience. I suggest you to make neeru as your wife. It will be a nice gift for her also. And you will definitely have very loving wife and peaceful life. Which very people gets in life.

Posted by KS
on: October 7, 2017 8:49 AM | Reply

Marry her if you can n if your write-up is true.
Though she was sex starved when you got her..she will love you till end of her life if you marry her n accept her child.
Make your parents ready for this.
You will not regret if you marry her.

Posted by Sunny
on: October 7, 2017 11:51 AM | Reply

Wonderful narration!! Marry Neeru. I think she would be wonderful overall partner. To have a correct partner is very important to lead a successful and happy married life.

Posted by mm
on: October 7, 2017 12:15 PM | Reply

The only issue that you face is till her divorce, as per your story both of you'll love each other or else there would not be sexual relationship for the following months.
Trust me giving the women her dignity after the suffering she has been through will build her trust in men and also it will be a good example setmup for other's to follow. Her kid will get a father as well.

Posted by Guest
on: October 7, 2017 12:55 PM | Reply

Marry her. You will never regret. She must be wonderful.

Posted by kamal
on: October 7, 2017 1:05 PM | Reply

lovely story but fake one. I can make out it is written by some professional writer who has wrote other stories here as some style has repeated

Posted by Cool
on: October 7, 2017 3:22 PM | Reply

Marry har man

Posted by Kumar Bapi
on: October 7, 2017 3:42 PM | Reply

I think she could afford to be brutally honest when she confessed her desire for sex & asked you openly to fulfill yr desires. This is a true sign of good genes ie proper lineage & ethics & upbringing; not easy to do this otherwise,

Besides her failed mariage lessons will be to yr advantage; your position viz a viz your GF not too different either,

The writing is in the wall, is'nt it :-)

Posted by Trush
on: October 8, 2017 12:02 AM | Reply

Marry her
You will not regret

Posted by Ven
on: October 8, 2017 3:44 AM | Reply

Perfectly true , marry her , u had experienced a ultimate of love , now live the love , good luck to you

Posted by Kumar
on: October 8, 2017 7:42 AM | Reply

one of the nice stories i have read in recent times.

Posted by Sumit
on: October 10, 2017 6:25 PM | Reply

Neeru se...Shaadi karlo bhai.. she is the best ..... pata nai dusri kaisi milegi.. and i think aisi to aur koi nai milegi

Posted by geetha
on: October 11, 2017 6:36 AM | Reply

hi tushar you just marry neeru cauz she is so lovely and kind girl.I got irritated of what u guys did in neeru's bed room.Can't u just see a little girl is sleeping beside u what happens if she wake up and see her mom fucking some neighbour uncle.Anyway marry her and u'll also have a lovely daughter who can call u appa.

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