Romp with Sushma

Hi, this is Ranveer from Mumbai. I have been reading stories from this site for a long time from now and thought that I should share the wonderful sexual experience that I had around a couple of years back. This is the time when I was still a telecaller with a Australian BPO. After completing my engineering, I got a quick job in a BPO and very soon got adjusted to the lifestyle. After my dad’s death, I and mom were the sole people in our big house we had in Andheri. It was mom who suggested that we rent out some part of our house, and I reluctantly agreed. SO we gave a ad in TIMES OF INDIA and got plenty of replies.

After a lot of R&D, we pinned down two families, one was a business man from kerala who was a bachelor and had two brothers in schooland a old age mother. Another was a newly married couple from Nashik who had a old age father with them. Thinking that the kerala business man would make a mess of our nice house, we decided to rent out the house to this couple.

The head of the family was a 69 years old male named Mr. Yeshwant Prabhakar. He had a son named Vinod, 27, who was a software programmer with some big software giant. He was married just a month back to a female named SUSHMA, 23, who was working as a receptionist in a plush five star hotel. I still remember 22 Feb. That was the day we met!!

I had just come from my night shift and was about to go to sleep when i heard a knock on the door. My mom being a religious person had gone to the chruch. Cursing the person on the door, I got up and opened the door. Their stood a female of around 23, in a black sleeveles chiffon saree with an elderly person standing behind her. The female was exceptionally fair and was around 5′8 in height. She had neatly folded her hair and surprisingly was fluent in english as well. I could just not speak a word and was just looking at her. Breaking the silence, she spoke in a calm and composed manner, “can I talk to Mrs. D’souza ?”. Clearly fumbling, I spoke,”She’s not there right now, may I know in what regards is this?”. She replied back,”I am Sushma Prabhakar. We had seen a ad in the paper for the house and spoke to her and she asked us to drop down to have a look at the house.” I said,”oh, ok, so your the one mom told me about, please come in”.

I dearly hoped that mom would rent them the house and it seems GOD was kind to me. After some time mom droped in and I went out to sleep and when I got up, I could see sushma doing the shifting work from outside my bedroom window. I was indeed very happy.The couple were aloted the twin flat we had in our back house and they had a sepearte door for it. But the best part was their room was right next to my bedroom. So I always managed to see her atleast once in a day. At first, I just could’nt speak to sushma. Everytime our eyes met, I was spel bound and dumb.

But I had befriended her husband Vinod, who was a cheerfull person. Within a month, we were so free that we often togehter had beer. But still I could not speak much with Sushma other then the normal hi-hello. And the chance to be free with her came my way begging. I got a call from vinod one day, asking me to accompany his wife to a bank nearby coz he could’nt make it and wanyed me to be a guarenter. I had no problem. I readily agreed. So then, it was all set. I was supposed to pick her up at 11:30 AM. I was on time.

With trembling hands, I knocked on the door. To my surprise, their stood Mr. Yeshwant. He said, “Hi Ranveer, come on in. Sushma’s having a headache and she wont be able to make it with you today. So, I thought maybe I can join you. Can we move on? “. I was dejected. I thought I could have the lady sitting next to me on the bike but now had to take this silly old man. As I was cursing my luck, Sushma appeared in the hall from the bedroom and said, “Hi Ranveer, can we move?”. I was surprised. Their I could see her FIL laughing, he broke out the small prank he played on me. The only good thing about this was I got a peak on my cheeks from Sushma saying, ” oh, you silly boy, papa loves to play pranks”.

There I could see her in a green sleeveless saree with ray ban
sunglasses sitting rite next to me on my bike, her hands clutching tighlthy
to the back bar which made her very uncomfortable. To loosen things up, I
said that she could hold me. Thanking me, she was now just holding me on my
waistline. Even if it was loose, her touching effect was clearly visible. I
was feeling a tinge in my pants. We now started actually talking to each
other about a various issues like my job, vinod, the rented house, my mom
and etc. The bank work was over in aroung 30-40 minutes. She said that she
had flunked her job today for this bank work. As we were preparing to leave,
I took my chances and asked her, “here’s a very good parsi hotel,we can
check it out only if you are interested. So what say? ”

She thought for a moment and said,”ok, but I hope it wont be long. I
got a important work at 2:30.” I was more then happy. While we having our
lunch, Sushma had look at my cell phone, Nokia 6670. She was more then
impressed. Suddenly she realized that she had a important call to make. I
was priviledged to ask her to use my phone. Quite reluctantly, she agreed.
She dailed my no. while I was away in the change room. When I came back, I
could clearly see a hint of worry on her forehead. I asked her what
happened, but she did’nt say a word from then. We had almost a silent lunch
and left. An abrupt ending to a wonderfull start, I thought.

A couple of dayz back, my office friend Sam came runnig to me. HE
asked me about the lady whose telephonic conversation was recorded on my
cell phone. I was surprised and rather, irritated. I asked him in a tiff
about what conversation, and he instantly played the call for me from my
cell phone. I had installed a software through which calls get recorded
automatically. At first I thought that this was just another prank my
collegues played on me, but then I realized that the voice I hear sounds
very familier.

Quicky, I snatched the cell from his hands nad saw the date and time
of the call. Recollecting, I was damm sure it was the call Sushma made from
my cell. I knew it had to be that call. I made up in front of Sam saying
that this is a GF of a friend of mine and that I dont even know her. He
agreed and left. As soon as he left, I went into the toilet and started
listening to the call. I did’nt wanted anyone to disturb me. The call was
made to some Dilip who was working in the same hotel as Sushma as a
manager.the conversation sounded as if Sushma owned something to this guy
and he was mad eto get it back. But later on it was all clear road for me.

Actually, Dilip was a old boyfriend of Sushma and before the marraige,
they had sex a couple of times and Sushma lamost got pregnant. When her
father came to know of all this, he married her off to a stupid person like
Vinod . And now, Dilip wanted everything back. He wanted Sushma to have sex
with him, which was preety clear from the call. Sushma was terrified at this
and said she needs some time to think on it. I knew what to do next.

All the way while I was riding back to my home that day, I was
thinking, just what could Sushma do in such a scenario. She could either
reject this asshole’s invitation andmake her life one hell, or she could
well accept it and cold sleep off with him. All that I had known her in
these dayz, the chances of her rejecting the offer was indeed very less. So,
I thought, that instead of this lovely beauty, jacking off that bastard’s
cock, would’nt it be good if I could manage to make my ways in this story
and taste this wonderfull lady. Afterall, I had an edge, I knew the enire
story and no knew that !

I finally decided. I got this chance, and I gotta make the most of it.
As soon I reached home, my sheer luck, my mom had to visit a friend in
Bandra. She said that she would return only for dinner. I thought even god
wanted me to proceed. She left by around 8:30 in the morning. This was
usually my sleeping time, but instead I called up my Team Leader and asked
her for a leave. Surprisingly enough, even she readily acepted it. Then I
called up Vinod, to check out where he is, he was in his office and said he
had a important delegate to handle all day. Now, I made the second-last and
a important move.

I called up Dilip and said that I am Sushma’s husband. He was literally
surprised and was out of words. I said that Sushma had already told me
everything about you and I dont care who you are, but I love her very much
and would continue to do so. Now the poor chap, I bet must be sweating hard.
I even spoke of a few police officers who I knew very well and those can
help me anytime. The poor guy just could’nt speak and had to cut the line
without even saying goodbye.He hung up on me. I was delighted. I knew, now
there was no turning back.

I took a bath and dressed myself in a t-shirt and jeans. I then left
for Sushma’s room. in the way, my legs were trembling with fear. Mind was
running with all sort of thoughts. I somehow reached at their doorsteps.
Brushing all my thoughts, I knocked on the door. After a couple of seconds,
the door opened. The picture in front of me was the one I can never forget.
Their she stood in herblack salwar kameez. just to give ou the details, she
wore a sleeveless salwar kameez. in the rush, shehad forgotten her black
almost see-through odhani, and her huge boobs were clearly shaping up in the
tight kameez she wore. Her hair were a mess and her face was abrupt. Her
whole body was sweating badly.

In a confused tone, she asked, “ranveer, what are u doin here, you need
anything?”. I was bedazzled. Even in such a mess, she looked beautifull. I
said,”yeah, sort of…Can I come in for a minute?”. She thoght for a moment
and glanced at her wrist watch. I said,”this wont take much of yours time.”.
She gave a heavy breadth and finally let me in. She asked me to sit down on
the couch. I looked around and asked,”where is appa?” (that was the way is
reffered her FIL). She said, “he’s gone to nashik.he’s got some land dealing
to make.” I said ok. As I was about to talk, she interjected. “Ranveer, can
you just hold on for sometime. I’ve got to meet a client at 10:30 and I am
already late. We can alk while we move out. Please? ” I said ok again.

She was goin to have her bath. So I could get some more time to build
my confidence. She took her peticoat and her saree and smiling at me, she
left. She even made the TV on for me. I put on M TV and raised the volumne
and started looking around. I sneaked into her bedroom and opened her
cupboard. After searching for a couple of minutes, I saw her bra and
panties. The sweet husky smell of her undergarments made a instant swelling
in my tight fitting jeans. My hunger for her body was now doubled. Suddenly
I found myself on her bed, with her bra and panties all over my body. I
heard the opening of her bathroom door.

I went into the hall, to see sushmastanding in a pink plain saree and
matching sleeve less blouse. Her black bra was clearly visible inside. her
wet hair looked wonderfull on her atoned white body. She looked at me
surprisigly and asked me what I was doing in her bedroom. I said I was loing
for a telephone. She smiled and went inside her bedroom. I went and sat on
the coutch again. After a couple of minutes, she came back looking at me
shockingly, which I knew why. She must have seen her undergarments lying on
th bed. She sensed something wrong and hence wanted to get out of her own
house as soon as possible. Asking me to wear my shoes, she started seaching
for her purse. I got up calmly.Went close to her and said,”I want you to
listen to this. This wont take much time. Then, if you say, we can leave.” I
placed my cell phone in her hands and calmly went back and sat on that couch

I could see, with trembling hands, she starting playing the sound
clip. Instantly, her face turned yellow, realinzing that she’s been caught.
Without listening to the entire clip, she started crying. “Please, this
sound clip can be dangerous for my lfe. Please ranveer, I dont what you want
to destroy this clip. But plaese, this clip should not go to Vinod.Take
whatever you need. Please.Please. Forgive me for this. Please.”

I looked at her and said, “I am not here to take anything from you,
but to give ou a lot of things”. I dailed Dilip’s no and asked her to speak,
placing the phone on speaker. Reluctantly she spoke. as soon as the call
connected, Dilip said sorry to her for that demand and said that he wold
leave the town and never come back in her life again. I saw a sense of
relief on her face. I disconnected the call. She almost wanted to hug me for
this. “Thank you Ranveer. I would never forget what you’ve done for me.
you’ve got rid of this fellow nad I cant say how big this task was for me.
He wanted me to sleee….”. She paused.

I completed her. “sleep with you? I know that.but as i’ve said. I am
here to give you. Not take something away.”. I made her at ease. She smiled
and sat at the sofa on my opposite side. She started to speak, “I was madly
in love with this guy before my marraige with Vinod, so he always asked me
for an active physical relation.But I always resisted. Then a ime came when
he almost forced himself on me and I had to give in. Later, my father came
to know of this and he had to set me off to a guy like Vinod. But my past
came back to haunt me and you helped me out of it. I am so releived.” While
she was saying all this, she did’nt care to see that her saree pallu had
come off and now I could clearly see her cleavage in the pink blouse.

I could control no more. I got up and started moving to her and said,”
When I heard this call, I did not wish to spoil a happy family like yours, I
did’nt wish to make life a living hell for you, I did’nt wanted to allow
that bastard dilip to enjoy you, to fuck you !!”. She was dumb struck. I was
standing next to her. Breadthing heavily. She stood and looked deep into my
eyes. I guess she clearly saw the lust in my eyes. She backed off a bit and
said,”What…what do you mean…?? “. I ccame forward and said ,”I did’nt
wanted dilip to fuck you. That’s coz I want to fuck you!! “. Her yellow face
instantly turned red and all I could remember, was a hand coming my way, a
slap on my cheek. Man, it moved me like anything. For a second, I was numb.
Suddenly, I could hear her saying. “You bastard.All you men are the same. I
thought U were kind enough to save me. But now I know that you are as
bastard as that dilip. You sick pervert. Get out of my house before I call
the police.Get out you bastard.Just leave.”

She was just about to give me another rap on my face when I got my
senses and caught hold of her hand. I tried to pacify her by saying that I
could have just ignored the call and let dilip enjoy her body. I even tried
to explain her the consequences if the call reaches Vinod. But she just
did’nt wanted to listen to me.She now started to cry loudly and pushing me,
she grabbed the cell phone from my hand and trashed it on the floor. I was
now terrified. I knew this was not what I had thought about.She had broken
my cell into 100 pieces.The evidence I had was gone.”now look you bastard,
you dont have anything to blackmail me. It’s all gone.Now get out !!!”. I
dont know what came into me. The next step I took was the most dangerous as

I hold her body by catching her arms and tried to shook her. She was
just uncontrollable. I pulled my right hand and gave her a tight slap on her
face. That’s it. Total silence. I again put my hand up and slapped her on
the opposite side. She almost fell on the sofa. I went over her, and almost
sat on her flat belley,”listen U fucking bitch, if you think that I can walk
into you room and ask you to let me fuck you with a fuckin recorded call in
my cell, then you are wrong. I’ve made CD’s of this call, and if you dont do
things my way, you’ll still be fucked coz 1 CD will go in your office, 1 in
your husband’s office, 1 directly to your husband, and ofcourse, 1 to you,
you stupid whore. I wanted you to enjoy this, but it seems you want me to be
tough. OK. I am sitting in your bedroom. 5 minutes. 5 minutes you fucking
bitch. If you dont come there, I’ll leave. And you know what will happen
from then. Think you nasty fucking whore. Think. 5 minutes!”.

I went inside the bedroom, pulled the door behind me and sat on the
bed. I knew. Sushma had no way to escape. I could see from the end of my
eyes, Sushma sat straight, staring at the floor. Poor bitch, I
thought. Meanwhile, I could see the bra and panties that I had spread on the
bed. I could’nt wait. I opened my jeans and took hold of a pink panty and
started rubbing it on my penis. Within minutes, it was hard.God, such a fun
to do that. I could beleive thatI was about to cum on her panty. Suddenly, I
heard the door open, and Sushma staring at my hard rock penis. She was
clearly feeling disgusted. I said,”good sushma, right step. come on in. why
dont you first help me in this?”. Reluctantly she steped in, wiped her tears
and sat at the corner of the bed. She was very shy I guess. So I took hold
her hand and placed it first on the panty and then on my penis. Good, even
her feel of her hand was so electrifying. I was about to cum, but I hold my

I asked her to keep moving her hand on her panty, which was on my
penis, up and down. She did and so started crying. I did’nt budge. I took
hold of her hand and in a flash, removed the panty. Now I directly placed
her hand n my penis. She started crying more loudly.But man, I was in
seventh heaven. It felt so good. I rolled my head behind. closed my eyes.She
had real good hands. I could hear her bangles moving as her hand was going
up and down. It was so very nice. After some 10 minutes, she started feeling
tired. So I asked her to sit straight. “Open your mouth sushma. I wanna see
if you like the taste of my prick. Open it dear.”. She snaaped back .”Have
you gone mad. I dont even do this to Vinod. I help him out with my hand and
that’s what I am going to do with you. Take it or leave.”

I got up and removed my jeans. I came in sat back at the same
position. I looked straight in her eyes and said,”listen you fucking bitch,
you have been kind enough to that bastard dilip. So why not to me as well.
Now will you suck out my cock or shall I dress and leave ?”. She had no
option left. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and first touched the tip of
my cock. Jesus, it was the greatest feeling I had ever had. Slowly she gaged
the entire cock. I was holding her and was doing to and fro. While doing so,
I slid my hand on her left breast. She quickly removed my dick from her
mouth and stood straight. “dont touch me you bastard, do whatever you want,
but dont touch me.” I said,”come on you fuckin whore. Dont make things I
dont want to. Now come back here and take this dick, now !!”

She had no options. Reluctantly, she sat back and took my penis in her
mouth. Now I forcibly, put my hands on her tits and started pressing them
from above her blouse and saree pallu. Slowly, I slid her saree pallu and
started pressing her boobs from above her blouse. Man they were so tight and
big. I started moving my hands on her nipples. Meanwhile, I was also fucking
her mouth. Slowly, I got up and stood straight. I now slid my hands in her
blouse and then inside her black bra and moved my hands all over her boobs
and nipples. I could’nt beleive I was doing this to such a beauty.Slowly, I
started to feel the heat of the moment. I saw that maybe Sushma wanted this
to get over as soon as possible, and that’s why, she started sucking my dick
ferociously. I was going mad. I realised, I could hold no more. I caught
hold of her head and stuck it on my rock hard dick. She was gagging. Hitting
me with her hands on my legs. But I was not going to leave her. I gave a
loud moan and ejaculated in he mouth.

I felt as if a tremendous flow of liquid from my body entering her
mouth. Now she started to grump. I saw that I had been overflowing in her
mouth. She could take it no more. I literally, removed my dick and fell back
on the bed. Without doubt, this was a rememberable blowjob for me. She got
up and ran to the wash basin and started to clean her mouth,but I guess it
was too late. She had to drink most of my cum and the rest was on her
boobs. I got up after a couple of minutes. I could see Sushma leaning on the
wash basin and cleaning her mouth and then her face. I got up and hold her
waist from behind. She was almost done cleaning her face. I did’nt care. She
almost shouted and I had to put my right hand on her mouth and was catching
her waist with the left. After a couple of minutes, she stopped shouting.
Now I started moving my right hand on her boobs and was pressing her waist
on my penis. Surprisingly, it sprang back to action.

Now I was pressing my penis between her ass, hard like a rock and
pushing her waist as well on my dick. She could hardly stand. At the same
time, I was also pressing her boobs. Her saree was now a mess. I decided, I
need o get rid if it. So, I think I almost tore her pink blouse open from
the front. exposing her big boobs, which could hardly stay in that black
bra. The best part of this was since we were standing near the wash basin,
she cold see all this in the mirror. I then started rubbing my penis on her
ass, up and down.

With her blouse gone, it took me just a moment took rip off her bra.
For the first time, I could see her boobs. I saw that they were not only
big, but now her nipples were erect and were pink. I loved her boobs. As
soon as I saw her boobs, I turned her back with my dick rubbing on her
vaginal mound. I was eating her boobs as if as I have not seen them before.
My hands were now rubbing on her ass. I was pushing her ass on my dick so
that she gets ignited as well. After some 10-15 minutes of boobs sucking, I
took hold of her saree, and got rid of it in a flash.

She was now only on her peticoat. I started pressing her on the wall
behind. She had given up. I was rubbing my cock on her vagina and at the
same time was pulling her peticoat upwards. When I had slid her peticoat
till her waist, I saw that she was wearing a black panty. I immediately
turned her around and again started pressing my cock on her ass. Also at the
same time, I was trying to open the knot of her peticoat. In a minute, I was
through with her peticoat. Now she was only in her panty. I was still in my
jeans and t-shirt ,slid to my knees.Quickly, I got rid of my jeans and
T-shirt and again started fondling with her boobs and started rubbing my
erect cock on her ass. This was always kind of a turn on for me. Now I
inserted my fingers in her panty and placed it on her waist. Suddenly, she
held my hand and gave a daring look to me.

I grinned at her and in a flash of second, I removed her panty as
well. This was the most erotic scene of our entire intercourse. I started
moving my hand on her vagina and was rubbing my cock on her ass as well. I
was still in my jockey now. I let her long hair open and removed her
mangalsutra. I took hold of her huge tits and grabbed her back and almost
pushed her on the double bed. Their was not much she could do. She was like
a dead stone by now. I did’nt like this. I stared at her naked body for a
couple of seconds and then went ahead. I open her legs apart and saw her
vagina. It had very small hair on it. Almost clean shaved. Now I did
something I never thought I could do.

I opened my mouth and inserted my tongue tip into her vagina. I had
fucked a couple of females before and I never had oral sex. But this was
something very instant. I slid my finger in vagina and also started eating
her. Suddenly, she started reacting. She held her hand on my head and
started pulling my hair. I didnt mind. I kept sliding the tip of my tongue
in her vagina and at the same time was finguring her ass hole. The sweet
smell of her vagina had already driven me crazy. I kept my hands working and
my eyes were on her face. After around 10 minutes the dead face started
showing some expressions. She was now moving her head on either side. Also
her hands, which till now were pulling my head started moving across my
head, sometimes even pulling it closer to her pink choot. I thought that
even she’s liking it. But I wanted to make it sure. So I stopped moving
suddenly and moved away from her choot. She was almost paralyzied. She
looked at me and said, ” Oh ranvir, please dont stop now. I cannot take it
anymore. Suck my cunt U bastard, suck it off. Let my juices flow into your
mouth.Suck me you, please suck me off. I cant live without this now. Please,
please dont stop….”. I moved back in the same position and started suckinh
her choot more vigourously. I asked her,”Do you like the way I am sucking
your cunt? tell me SUSHMA, You wanna have more of it. speak up, come on.
tell me”. “Oh I love the way you suck my vagina. please dont stop.just go
on..”. She started pushing my head on her cunt and I was almost gagging. But
i still kept sucking her. Suddenly she took hold of my head and pressed it
on her choot. I opened my mouth and I could taste a liquid in my mouth. “I
am cumming ranvir, I am cumming….”.God,she was flowing as if their is no
tomorrow. I readily drank all her juices. Even after completely drinking her
juice, she was still holding my head tighthly pressed to her cunt. After a
couple of minutes, her hold weakend and I got some time to breath. The look
on her face is something I could never forhet. She peeped into my eyes and
smiled. She came close to my face and licked drops of her own cum on my
face. I knew I have finally conquered her. I went ahead and kissed on her
cheeks and then the lips. This time, she readily openned her mouth for me.
Her hands now started roaming on my back. While kissing her, I got up
alongwith SUSHma and I put my hands on her ass. Standing toghether on the
bed, I almost took her in my hands and started rubbing her cunt on my cock
inside my underwear. She quickly understood, and removed my jockey in a
flash. She now was rubbing her hands on my erect duck while I was busy
kissing her. Her resistance had died away. I knew this was the right time. I
pushed her on the bed and got completely nude. She smartly shifted to the
edge of the bed. I took hold of my erect cock and started moving it on her
cunt. She shouted,”fuck me you bastard, I cant wait longer…just put that
fuckin…”. I said,”what is “that”, speak up you dirty bitch. I want you to
talk dirty to me.Only then can you get a peice of my meat. Talk to me you
filthy whore.”

She eruped like a volcano,”Fuck me you mother fucker,fuck me with that
fuckin dick that you have. Fuck me til I cry. show no mercy. fuck that cunt
of mine till it gets red. fuck me, fuck me ,fuck me,fuck me fuck me fuck me
till I die. put that penis in my cunt……”.I could not take it anymore. I
adjusted my dick on top of her choot and I straight push is all it took to
just insert the tip of my 7 inche long rod to go inside her hot burning
cunt. she shouted like a bitch. “Go slow you mother will tear my
choot. I am not used to such a big lund. go slow go slow or else I will die
of pain.” I had no option but to slow down.this was the first time I was
penetrating her, and I wanted to make it memorable. god knows when will I
get this babe again. I waited for around a couple of minutes. meanwhile I
asked her,”tell me SUSHMA, does vinod has a cock as big as mine. tell me??”.
“Dont even talk about Vinod. He’s like god to have been taking
advantage of my situation..ahh god..Vinod is a man of words…dont ever dare
to compare yourself with him…”

I was offended in a way. I could’nt take this shit from this fuckin whore. I had my cock right at the gateway of her choot, and she was disparaging me….I looke in her eyes…smiled and then puched hard on to her body. the impact of this push was such that I lied down on her with my cock half inside her in a flash and her mouth opened to scream with pain….but I pressed my lips on her mouth and started licking her toungue. She had little to do. now she was gagging. she could hardly speak. but SUSHMA used her hands and satrted hitting me punches on my back. I cared a daaam about it. I slowly removed my cock a little bit from her mouth and then inserted it back in. ofcourse with more force. this time it went through and was almost in. the hotness of her cunt was unimaginable. I was still kissing her. she could hardly open her mouth. tears started flowing from her eyes. I cared a fuck…..I was having the women I always wanted. after around a couple of minutes. I was fully in her cunt. Now I started mving my dick inside out, of her choot. I was still kissing her. I increased my speed. Slowly, her punches on my back were replaced by soft moan and she satrted moving her palms on my back. Also, she started moving her ass in synchro with my pelvic movements. I understood that she is enjoying the session as well.After some 15 minutes, I moved from her mouth on to hear the soft moans loudly. Since I was having a intercourse after a long time…i could hold no more. I looked at her ,”oh SUSHMA, I am cumming… want me to cum in you….tell me sushma, can I cum in you..?”

“yes yes ranvir….dont waste a single drop of your cum…fill my pussy with all your cum….oh god..oh god…gawdddd……I am cumming too…..fuck me…fuccccckkkkkk meeeee hardddddd…..I cannttt waiiiiitt……fuckkkk…..”.in a suddenly flow, I ejaculated in her…..and to my surprise…she came as well….suddenly, her entire body became lose and she hugged me and wrapped her legs all around me. I could feel my penis shrinking in her choot. we lay in each other’s arms in the same position for around 20 minutes.i guess, even she enjoyed it, cause she never moved after the intercourse. she just layed like a statue…I had to finally move her up. her hair were now in rumble…she was sweating badly and so was i….she moved back and lay naked on the bed besides me. staring at the fan. suddenly, she got up and went inside the bathroom, locked the door and I sat back thinking what happened..

To be continued…….Friends, unlike all the stories, this is a real story and so it is this long.i wanted the readere to feel the emotions that i felt and hence the description…I will continue our story….SUSHMA and I are like close friends now…so there is still lot to come.