My sexy wife Sheila

Now we have been married for 18 years and during that time have enjoyed a strenuous sex life. Shaila is a very beautiful pale skinned Indian 39 year old 36/27/38 46 kilos and is always being leered at by other men. She had never had sex with anyone other than me. Shaila is certainly not a prude and we have experimented with just about every type of way of fucking. She loves anal sex almost as much as cunt sex. Shaila’s favourite position is doggy style - when she will get on all fours and just tell me to ram my prick into whichever hole I want. She will happily let me fuck her face and even enjoys a bit of bondage now and again - so you could say we have a good sex life. Last March we holidayed in Germany and stayed in a large apartment, opposite a Sex Shop/Cinema. I noticed that Shaila was watching the men come out of the Shop and was obviously curious. At first she would just stand in our bedroom and stare out of the window at the men going in and coming out with their brown bags with magazines or films in. After a few days of this I noticed that she had got into the habit of stripping off and rubbing her cunt whilst standing at the window. This really made her feel randy and I could see that the men down on the street were staring at her and eying up her rather fulsome breasts which were clearly on display to all who walked down the street. After this she came to bed and ask to be fucked and ask me to be really aggressive with her and treat her like a whore. I must admit I had never seen her so worked up. Now who can say no to a request like that?
I pushed my dick into her very wet cunt - there was no resistance at all and fucked her by taking
long strokes - fully in nearly out, fully in, nearly out. I could feel her cunt shudder as a wave of orgasms went through her. I could feel her cunt juices running down my prick. She screamed “fuck me - fuck me harder - harder - HARDER !!”. This was too much for me and I exploded with the largest cum load I had experienced. We kissed and I licked the sweat from her face and breasts and then we both collapsed into sleep.
The next morning she was obviously still feeling randy as I awoke to feel her juicy mouth licking and sucking my erect prick. I dont know how long she had been doing that - but I know I was close to exploding. Whilst it was not that unusual for her to suck my cock - it normally involved us having a shower first as she only liked it if my prick was fresh and clean - this time she was obviously enjoying the taste of her dried cunt juices and my dried cum on my prick. This made me even hornier and within minutes I shot my cum into her mouth - this is something she had never allowed before - and then swished it about in her mouth before swallowing it. I licked some spunk from her face where she had dribbled a bit. We then engaged in a long and wet snogging session. I could still taste and feel some of my spunk in her mouth and this made me feel really horny and I could feel my prick stirring to attention again.
Shaila started to play with my prick and then asked me to tie her hands to the bed. I went out to find some ropes and when I returned to the bedroom, I saw that she had put a large pot of petroleum jelly on the bedside cabinet and was lying face down on the bed sprawled out with her arms and legs wide apart with her arse pointing up so I could see right inside her (obviously wet and dripping) cunt. I gently and loosely tied her hands and legs to the bed legs, but she insisted that these were tightened so that she could not move. She said that she was completely mine fuck my arse, hurt me, I want to feel your prick right inside me, you can do ANYTHING you want with me”. I went down and licked her cunt which made her jump, but she could not do anything to get away as the ropes were so tight. I then used the Petroleum jelly and lubricated her arse whilst continuing to lick her cunt, I felt a shudder as she had her next orgasm and could feel and taste her flowing cunt juices.
“Now then you whore, you said I could do anything I want with you, do you mean ANYTHING I want, ANYTHING?”. “Yes, yes” Shaila replied “Just fuck me NOW !!”
I placed my prick over her tight arsehole and said “OK I’m going to fuck your arse now, whilst finger fucking your cunt - but tonight I want someone else or more than one man to do it to you whilst I watch or even join in - DO YOU AGREE?”. She was obviously taken aback by this suggestion “Is that what you REALLY want?”. My prick continued to hover over her arse hole so I pushed it in a little. “YES that is what I want, now DO YOU AGREE?”. “Yes, yes I AGREE” Shaila replied “Just fuck me NOW !!”.
I pushed my prick in further and the jelly had done its job and I slid in so my prick was completely buried to the hilt. I fucked her arse just like it was a cunt, sliding fully in then fully out. I then inserted three fingers into her dripping cunt and could feel my prick in her arse through the thin layer of skin. “Now then you whore, tell me what you are going to do tonight
- tell me and keep telling me”. She was short of breath as she was getting very worked up “I’m going to get fucked by a complete stranger and I’ll do whatever he wants me to do”. “Are you going to enjoy it?”. “Yes, yes” she screamed “Im going to let him fuck my brains out”.
“Who said it would only be one?” I asked “I said more than one, and I want to see you take on three or four men. I want to see their spunk dripping out of all your holes. I want to see you begging to be fucked and pleading everytime one of your holes does not have a prick in it”. “Yes, yes” she screamed “Im going to let a group of complete strangers fuck my cunt, my arse and my mouth at the same time. I want them to queue up to fuck me and empty their balls in my gaping holes”. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and I couldnt take it anymore and I pulled out of her arse and plunged my dick into her gaping cunt and exploded inside her whilst she shuddered into another orgasm. Shaila collapsed onto the bed totally exhausted, cum dripping from her cunt and mingling with her pubic hairs. I gently licked the cum from her cunt lips and cleaned her up whilst inserting my tongue in her cunt. All I heard from Shaila was a whimper as she had drifted off into a deep sleep.