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Prakash Having Sex With Friends Wife Geetha

Hi, I am Prakash (fake name) 26 years old 5’ 6’’, 72kgs, strong built man. This is a true story I am telling you. I have a friend by name Jatin (not true name). He is very thin and not very much athletic. We used to drink together many times after work and he used to go home drunk. One day he was too much high after a party and I took him to his home.

His wife opened the door and all the effect of alcohol I had was gone in a second the moment I saw her. She was like an angel. Very smooth skin, big boobs, long hairs and sexy smile. Since Jatin was fully out, I was holding him and taking him inside his bedroom. She was not surprised at the scene since she was used to it. That was the day I decided to fuck her.

While I was going back after leaving him inside the bedroom I gave his wife a naughty smile which she responded very positively. After that day I talk to her couple of times over phone but never got any indications that she ever told about my phone calls to her to Jatin.

To cut the story short I made Jatin plan one drinking session at his home and he agreed. This was that fortunate Saturday when I reached his place and he was ready with a lot of drinks. There was a live NBA basketball match that day. We kept chatting and drinking. I drink only beer and he was on whiskey.

His wife Geetha was giving constant indications that she wanted something. After some time he went to the toilet and I went straight to Geetha. She was smelling great. Our eyes met and I caught her by her neck and kissed her passionately on her lips and licked her entire mouth. One of my hands was touching her tight firm boobs.

She wanted all of me inside her but was afraid her hubby will be back. She pushed me back and said – “not right now … wait a while”. I went out of the kitchen and sat in front of the TV as if nothing happened. After some time we 3 were sitting on the dining table in such a way that Jatin and Geetha were sitting facing each other and I was sitting on the side.

My legs were in between both of them. Suddenly I felt Geetha’s legs touching mine. I was excited. I too started responding. I took my foot and placed on top of her foot and started moving upward. She was wearing a cotton sari and I kept moving my feet slowly up inside her sari. After a while, I reached her ankle. My tool was very uncomfortable at this time.

Suddenly Kumar went to the toilet again since he was drinking a lot. I took this as a golden opportunity and inserted my hand inside her sari and started feeling her soft inner thighs. Oh, she started moaning… Ah aha … and started pulling my hand deeper inside. I made her stand and I went down on my knees.

I inserted both my hands inside her sari from down and took them right to her ass cheeks. I kissed and licked her naval and in one stretch I pulled her panties from inside her petticoat to her knees. She resisted saying – not right now. But I pulled them all together and took them out of her legs. I then stood up and raised the t-shirt I was wearing and put the panties inside my pants.

I had a huge bulge in my pants. I made her to sit down on the chair and took my bulge in front of her face and pulled her face near my throbbing tool from inside my pants and made her to feel it all over her cheeks. She was aroused to the core, did not have panties inside her sari and had my tool right near her lips.

Suddenly her husband came out of the toilet and we sat back in the same position he left us. Not knowing that his wife’s panties are now inside my underwear, he started talking and drinking more alcohol. After some time and couple of more drinks he was not in condition to stand up by his own. I offered to give him help to get to the sofa where he wanted to lay down.

But he refused and fell down on the floor after taking 3-4 steps. I took him to the sofa and made him to sleep there. Geetha was standing behind the sofa and watching everything. I came behind sofa and touched her on her ass. She smiled and bent down to see how Jatin was feeling from the back of the sofa.

I immediately sat down on the floor so that Jatin could not see me and inserted my hand inside Geetha’s saari from the bottom and started feeling her soft legs. She widened her legs in response and bent some more forward so that I could touch her clean shaven pussy from behind. Now I did the most daring things of all.

I raised her petticoat and sari and inserted my face right inside them. The smell of her cunt was making me mad and I wanted to eat it all. After a while I stood up and she asked me to help her taking Kumar to the bed room which I did. I went outside the bedroom and waited for her to come out. My tool was throbbing by this time.

She came out and I hugged her and touched my bulge on her body. She told me to wait until she confirms that her husband is deep asleep and went inside the bedroom again. This time she switched off all the lights in the living hall and kitchen. The only light on was night lamp in her bedroom. I was waiting outside the bedroom and watching her from outside.

She opened the closet and took out her nighty. She started removing her sari and I was thrilled to watch her go naked. She removed her petticoat and blouse too. Now she was only in bra since I had her panties in my pants. To my surprise she removed her bra too and was completely nude standing just steps away from me. Her tits were dark and round.

She was kind of teasing me raising her hands, touching her breasts, showing all her curves and peeping towards bed to see her husband sleep. After 5-7 minutes of show she put only one cotton nighty and came out of the bedroom after confirming that her husband was fast asleep. Now it was my turn to tease her and take revenge.

I took her to the living hall in a dark corner and lifted her nighty and took it out of her body. Now I was very softly and gently touching her all over her body. She said – “jor se Karo … ah” and pressed my hand on her boobs. But I touched her very softly to tease her more. I made her sit on the sofa and I sat down on my knees.

I started licking her one leg starting from her ankle and moved towards her pussy. Kept licking her thighs and took my mouth very near to her cunt lips but skipping only the cunt I moved over to the other leg. This made her go wild and she started begging me to lick her. She said her husband never does this. But I wanted to tease her some more.

I first took my tongue out to the fullest extent and placed it on her cunt. She started jumping in pleasure. She raised her hips and arched her body to offer me more of her cunt but I kept moving my head away in such a way as to just touch her cunt lips with my tongue. She was making all kind of faces but could not make noise.

Now I started sucking her clit and watched her facial expressions of lust, pleasure, and desire. She caught my hairs and pressed it very closed to her pussy. I inserted my tongue deep inside her hole and started making horizontal vibrations with my tongue inside her pussy lips.

After sucking her cunt for 15-20 minutes and drinking her cum twice, I stood up and opened my pant buttons. She sat and pulled my pants and underwear down together. My cock sprang in open right in front of her lips. She removed her soft silky panty which was still hanging from my erect pole. She wrapped both her hands around my dick and started staring each inch it.

She took the whole 6 inch in her wet and warm mouth which gave me intense pleasure. I put one of my legs on the sofa where she was sitting and held her head very tight with both my hands and started thrusting my cock deep into her throat. She was almost choking but she liked the wildness. I kept hitting her throat deep with my shaft.

I took my cock out of her mouth since I wanted it to last longer. I caught her by her hairs and made her to sit on the floor and took my balls right in front of her face. I still had one leg on the sofa which gave enough space between my legs for her face to fit and lick my balls. I was doing very wild acts which she seemed to enjoy.

I started taking my shaft down her body and touching each part of her body with it. I touched it on her neck, on her boobs and finally I pointed it to where it was craving to go. Her pussy was so wet that it took just one thrust for the whole length of it to go inside. Once it was inside I started fucking like an animal. I kept digging her cunt till it started watering and became loose.

When I realized I was about to cum, I stood up and again asked her to take it in her mouth. This time I held her head even tighter and penetrated the whole length of my shaft deep inside her throat and exploded deep into her mouth.

She was shocked at the wildness and enjoyed each moment of it. We just laid there on the floor for some time and then she asked me to go. While going I took her panties with me. And I still have them. After that day we met many times and had very wild sex.

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Sudha Aunty Fucked Hard By Anirudh

I was on my tour when I came to the town where my uncle was staying. His wife, Sudha, was a beautiful woman, though she is much younger to me I have to call her mami because of the relationship. She called me by my name, Anirudh. She was very beautiful face and had a very attractive body features and a cheerful person.

My uncle was suddenly transferred to Guahati and coming home from Guahati every month also was unthinkable. He can get a transfer back home only at the end of three years. The problem was that he was in a bank and posted as an internal auditor to audit all the branches in the NE region and hence he may have to leave her at Guahati alone for many months together.

Instead leaving her at home is better as the neighbors are good and relatives are there from whom she can get visits frequently. My stay in that city was for seven to ten days. It was hot summer and it was a saturday. I came back home and bought two bottles of beer and placed them in the fridge. My aunty asked me what is it that you are hiding in the fridge.

I said it is just some beer aunty, it is very good for summber it keeps the body cool. I gave a detailed lecture on the benefits of beer and my aunty was impressed. I told her just take a glass of beer after food you will feel very refreshed. No baba, I have never drunk any alcoholic drinks and your uncle also does not like.

I said thats alright take just a glass of beer at noon and I will bring a food parcel for supper you dont cook any supper. She liked good hotel food and asked me to buy from their favourite hotel. At noon after lunch, I opened a bottle of beer and pourd in two glasses and gave her one glass and I took one class.

She showed all distaste on her face and the fizz was liked by her and taking in bits and finally she took a long time to finish it. I too took a long time to keep company with her. A little portion left in the bottle I poured in both the glasses. Though she objected initially, she took it also in small bits and seemed to enjoy it.

She was wearing a cotton nighty and I wore a lungy without a shirt or even a vest. We finished our lunch and I told her to relax in her bed and sleep. She had a small effect of the beer on her and she slept in her bed leaving the door open. I too relaxed for some time and in the evening when I peeped in her room she was still sleeping.

I locked the main door and went to nearest shop and bought a bottle of whisky and two bottles of beer and came back and kept the bottles in the fridge. I hid the whiskey bottle in my room. I went and woke her and she was shocked that she slept so late. She got up tied up her hair and went to the kitchen and made tea for both of us.

I told her I am going to that hotel of her choice and will buy her favorite dishes for both of us. I brought the food parcels. I went to my bathroom and had a body wash came to the drawing room when I observed that she too had a bath and was fresh. She looked very beautiful. She wearing a different cotton nighty which projected her boobs and her ass mounds.

At 8 pm, she opened the food parcel and seeing her favourite dishes her eyes opened wide. She served in two plates one for me and another for her. I asked how do you like the beer. She said it tasted bitter but the effect was nice. I felt slightly tipsy and hence could fall sleep and took deep sleep after a long time. In that case we can have a glass of beer in the evening, what do you think.

Why Anirudh you want to make me a drunkard. I laughed and said people take four or five bottles each time. They are drunkards. But just one glass at a time is very soothing. She said ok, ok. After eating food, she cleared the plates and spread the glasses on the table and I went and brought the bottle of beer.

Without much persuation she took her glass and emptied it in four or five swigs. I poured the remaining been in both the glasses and I asked her to get some water. When she went out I poured a little whiskey in her glass and about a peg in my glass. She came back and started to taste the beer and she did not realise the presence of whiskey in her drink.

She difficulty in getting up. It was 9 pm. She called me my name and asked me to go near her. When I went near her she asked me, Anirudh please give me a hug, a tight hug. I had no other go but to put my hands around her. She said tight, further tight, full tight. I gave her a tight hug. She gave out a loud sigh. Do you know how many days are over after I got a masculine touch.

My husband sometimes is strange, and ignores me totally. OkOk, that is a different story, let us not think about it. I want to sleep with you, Anirudh, hugging you. I took my glass and took two sips and placed it on the table. Sudha suddenly came near the table and took my glass and took the whole content in one sip and swallowed. She just sat heavily on my bed and lied down.

I noticed she had not worn any bra or panty and is having only the nighty. Sudha got up and just pulled my lungi and I too had not worn any underwear. She saw my erect cock and came near me squatted on the floor and fondled my cock with both of her hands. It was as if she is seeing a cock for the first time. She kissed it on the bottom and from top she licked it down to the bottom.

She licked my balls and she appeared to be very much hot. I lifted her up and unhooked her nighty and found that she was totally naked underneath. She closed her pussy with both of her hands. Her boobs were large and nipples were erect. I pulled her hand forcibly and found her pussy is full of black curly hair.

She hugged me with both of her hands and she wound her legs around me. I kissed her on her cheeks on her forehead, on her neck on her earlobes, Oh, it was indeed a pleasure to lie with a semi drunken and horny woman. I wriggled out of her grip and kissed her on her neck and on her boobs, I just licked around her nipples and she was moaning loudly.

I sucked her nipples and licked and kissed her thighs and love mounds and I kissed on her pussy. I ran my tongue in the divide between her cunt lips and found her clitoris a small pink dot. I told her Sudha, I want to remove the entire hair from here, as they enter my nose and I cannot lick it properly.

I took my shaving set, cream and brush and placed an old newspaper under her and shaved the entire hair from her pussy, Her cunt lips concealed some hair and her clitoris also had some hair around it. When the hair was removed I asked to go and wash it thoroughly. When she came back from the bathroom she looked like a greek goddess, in her sleek body and curves.

I made her lie down, opened her legs wide and licked her cunt and found her fuckhole and tongue fucked. I licked her clitoris with my rouch tongue and she was moaning and crying. She said enough Anirudh, now fuck me. I took my cock and placed it at the entrance and pushed it inside and it was tight and slowly it went inside. In two jerks my whole cock was inside her cunt.

I fucked her and within two minutes she reached her first orgasm. She made a sound when the orgasm was reached. I squeezed her boobs and kissed her cheeks and my piston was working continuously. Finally when I was about to discharge, I pulled out and poured my fluids on the floor. She was fully satisfied.

We both went to the bathroom and cleaned our private parts and kissed each other. She did not know whether it was her safe day or not. The on return we calculated, it was very much her safe day. The effect of liquor on her was totally gone and she wanted to know whether we can have one more bottle of beer. We had three sessions on that day.

Next day she cooked only breakfast. I brought lunch and dinner from the food court. We drank beer and again beer traced with wiskey. We fucked during day time and night time. We watched porn in my laptop and fucked continuously. Luckily my uncle got a transfer back and on the day he was landing we fucked furiously.

Later I came to know that Sudha made my uncle to fuck her and she was pregnant. I stopped going to their town for some months. She gave birth to a boy and they are said to be living happily.

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George Enjoying Food And Sex From Surabhi

Surabhi and Ganesh were married since four years and they were leading a very happy married life. Next year after marriage surabhi gave birth to a boy. Husband and wife had wonderful sexual compatibility that they fucked daily two or three times. Surabhi was a timid and shy girl. But Ganesh gave her so much sex that she wanted more and more of it.

They learnt from the internet new poses of fucking, perfect method of oral sex, etc. She learnt the trick of blowjob that she did it like a professional. Ganesh licked her pussy so nicely that she got multiple orgasms. While fucking she learnt to control her vaginal muscles so that he gets maximum pleasure. After about five years the capacity of Ganesh seemed to decline.

May be due to too much familiarity with his wife and her methods, he was not performing well. He started to end the journey before she arrived. His iron like stiffness slackened and was not standing erect. He needed more time for revival and Surabhi lost her patience. She suggested that they go and meet a doctor.

But he was shy to go and tell an outsider about his short comings. Let us wait and take a gap, I think it will become alright he said. But it remained as it is. In the meantime, in the office where Surabhi was working a new supervisor took charge, Mr. George. He was tall and handsome and very sociable. He came to the table of Surabhi, introduced himself and asked about her family etc.

He said his children are studying in the school and their exams are due and hence he did not bring his wife. He was staying alone in the quarters. Hotel food did not suit him at all, but what to do. He cannot cook for himself. Surabhi said Sir, I will bring curries made by me to the office, you may try them with some rice. But he said he has never cooked rice in his own house.

He said he will send a peon to her house and she may send through him a tiffin carrier with rice and curries etc. The arrangement worked well. Peon carried the tiffin carrier by noon from her house to his quarters daily.

But on the third day without informing the peon went on leave and Surabhi waited for him, since he did not turn up she carried the food herself and went to the house of George. It was a holiday and George was waiting to take bath with a towel wound around his waist. He said wait a minute, I will come within five minutes.

Within five minutes, he came out of the bathroom with a wet towel wound around and went to the corner of the sitting room where a lungi was kept for his use, he took it and while wearing it, the towel slipped and fell down and lungi also fell down. For a minute he was totally nude and his cock about 7" long was hanging between his legs.

Surabhi should have gone home after leaving food there, but she said she will serve him and then take the empty vessel home. George with his broad hairy chest, was wiping his body with his towel and was trying to wipe his private parts, legs etc in full view of the lady.

Having seen the total geography of his body, Surabhi felt like hugging him as he was suprior in all respects to her husband. George could understand her thoughts and he purposely unwound and wound the lungi exposing his cock to the outside world in various positions of erection.

She asked whether she may use the bathroom. He said not this one, go inside my bedroom and use the bathroom attached to it. As she was using the bathroom sitting on the commode, she looked around and found it to be a luxury bathroom, with so much of modern fittings.

As she took the faucet to wash her private parts, it slipped from her hand and fell down with full force of water spraying from it. The water sprayed on her head, face, and the upper part of her body. Her saree and blouse were wet.

Some how she took a towel from the clothesline and wiped her face and head, the water on her blouse and saree seeped inside making a bigger patch of wetness. Pulling up her panty she came out and George was surprised. He said how can you go out with so much of wetness on your clothes.

He said just spread them on the bed and put on the fan in full, it will get dried within 15 minutes. He too offered to help her. But Surabhi untied her saree and removed her blouse and spread them on the bed, when George put on the fan in full speed. Now standing only on her pettycoat and bra, Surabhi looked at George.

He came near her and touched her bra and petty coat and said they are also it is better to remove them. Surabhi did not know what to say. They were indeed wet. In the meantime, George unhooked the bra and pulled it out and her massive melons without sagging were standing erect. He untied her petty coat and it fell to the ground.

Geroge took it and spread it on the bed. Her hourglass figure and lightly wet panty flat stomach, her boobs made George to get an erection. Without saying a word, George pulled Surabhi to his side and applied his mouth on her erect nipples and started to suck. She could not stand his onslaughts.

He pushed her into his bed and bowed down to suck her nipples and squeeze her boobs. He pulled up her legs and made them wide and her pussy freshly washed glistened with the honey coming out. He licked her honey and licked her clitoris. He got up and pointed his cock at her fuckhole and plunged it inside.

The change in the style of fucking made her horny and she moaned and received him with full vigor. Sex hungry George fucked her for 15 minutes very fast, deep, and rough and she came many times in between and he threw his shots into her. He was ready for a repeat performance and she too. Any how they had to wait for the clothes to dry.

They fucked and fucked in different poses. She got on top of him and that was the best. Finally they both were hungry. But there was food only for him. She wore her clothes and served him on his plate. They kissed and kissed for the gratitude. She bade him farewell and left hurriedly. George found her cunt very tight and she being very horny gave him maximum pleasure.

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Sona Getting Fucked By Mustafa At Dubai Farmhouse

Ahmed Haji, 52, utilized his wealth in agricultural land and he and his sons worked in the farms. His elder son Ali, 37 was an agricultural graduate and he had married 30 year old Sona. Second son Ahmed also worked in the farm with BCom degree He was married to Saheena 21.

Farm was a huge 20 acre agricultural farm where scores of workers were engaged and the Haji supervised. The yield was transported to the local market and because of the quality of his products he used to get a good price.

Convent educated Sona and Saheen were unhappy that when their frieds and their families went to gulf and earned money and lived in all luxuries, they lived here in the farms among farm animals. One day a friend of Ali asked him to come and help him to set up a farm in Rasal Khaima in UAE, Ali asked his father.

His father gave permission and he flew to Dubai and from their to Ras ul Khaima. Ali was wornderstruck at the way they were doing farming in the desert land. His friend asked him to stay back and help him to develop the farm. He provided an apartment and a car. He sent necessary papers to his wife Sona and she also came and joined him.

It was all a dream come true. Mustafa who owned the farm was married and his wife worked as a teacher in her home town and hence Mustafa had to either cook himself or to go some restaurants to have food. He went home once in a year, spent some time with his wife and children and come back.

Sona and Ali told Mustafa not to go to any hotel for taking food and he can take his food from their house. Sona was a good cook. To provide food for another friend was no problem at all. Mustafa came to their house for breakfast at 9 am. Ali would have gone to the farm at 7 am. Sona would serve breakfast to Mustafa and after breakfast he will go the the farm.

Again he will come for taking lunch at 1 pm. when Ali would have come had lunch and gone to the town with the produce. Sone served him lunch and made bed ready for him so that he can relax for some time and she took food.

Mustafa was watching Sone, such a nice girl, with big boobs and large projection of her ass, round face and big eyes made anybody who happens to looks her like her. Sona saw a young man, younger than her husband with good atheletic body coming to her for food three times a day, and it so happened that when he comes, her husband Ali is out either in the farm or in the town.

One day when Mustafa was lying in the bed, Sona happened to lean over him to take her purse from the over head almirah. She leaned over him and on not being able to reach her bag, she climbed on the cot and searched for her purse. Mustafa saw her in such close quarters and he was very much enamoured by her beauty.

Sona got her purse and went out to pay some money to some vendor and came back and again climbed on the cot and kept her purse in the almirah. This time Mustafa could see traces of all of her under garments and he had an erection. After keeping her purse as Sona was going out, he asked for a glass of water.

She came with a glass of water and Mustafa made her sit on his bed and asked her how was her life with her husband. Sona did not reply, but was sitting with bowed head. Mustafa placed his hand over her shoulder and asked her why they dont have any children. She did not reply, but kept quiet. Mustafa pulled her closer to him and she responded.

Very soon she was lying with him in his bed. Then she got up went out and checked whether the doors and windows are properly closed. When she came back to his bed, Mustafa needed no more reason. He opened her blouse hooks and unhooked her bra. Beautiful virgin boobs, looks totally unused, with tiny nipples protruding.

Mustafa bent low on her and kissed her cheeks and forehead. When he kissed her red lips she was responding. She put her hands around him hugged him and pulled him closer. It appeared to Mustafa that she was waiting for this and for Mustafa to take the lead. She removd his shirt and pant, and undies.

7" long tool of Mustafa excited her. and she pulled him over her and opened her legs wide and Mustafa allowed his monster to enter her body. Mustafa thought that this was long overdue and he should have taken initiative long back. The hairy cunt of Sona was full of her juices. Her hole was small and it was difficult for Mustafa to go in.

But after four or five strokes, wth the lubrication, he could fuck her comfortably. For Sona it appeared she never had sex with her husband in the recent past and she was enjoying every minute. She asked him to fuck her in doggy post and she stood on her four legs and received his thrusts happily. Her tiny anal apperture was attractive, Mustafa asked her whether he can go anal.

She said not today, She wanted full gratification today and the rest later. She was moaning and kissed him profusely for this sudden bonanza. She requested him to fuck her daily. He agreed. They went to the bathroom cleaned themselves and came back to the bedroom. Sone put on clothes, went to the kitchen and made tea and brought tea for him.

Mustafa called Ali in his mobile phone and asked him whether he had sold away all the stocks and why delay. Ali told him, he had sold the produce, but he had to go the town to but inputs, manure, seeds etc. Because of heavy rush of traffic he is held up and he may return by two or three hours. Mustafa asked Sona to get ready for the next session.

He asked her to bring her husband's razor and shaving brush and soap. He applied lather to her pussy and removed every bit of public hair and her pussy looked as fresh as a child's pussy. He asked her to wash her pussy well with soap and she came and lied on her back in the bed. Mustafa buried his face in her pussy, licked all over and licked her clitoris.

Licking and sucking of the clitoris is the most favourite game of Mustafa, but unfortunately his wife was at her native place and he was immensely happy to have one ready on hand. He licked the entire area, buried his tongue deep into her fuckhole, teased her clitoris with his tongue. It was a pleasure to squeeze her boobs and suck her nipples.

Her whole body was like a delicious feast with tasty items served for him to eat and enjoy. He made her to straddle him and she was immensely pleased with so much of sex. They fucked many times, before the arrival of Ali. When Ali came Sona had gone to the kitchen to cut the fish and to make some fish preparations. She gave a hot tea to her tired husband. They three sat discussing the farm affairs.

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Sam Fucking Moms Friend Sara

Hi, I am Sam (name changed) 5-11" fair 28 years old im from Hyderabad. I read so many stories on HumanDigest. This is my first story which I had with my aunty and it's a real story please forgive me for grammar mistakes. My aunty name is sara. She,s very sexy about 40 years old milky white complexion 36 28 38 truly angle look.

She married 10 years ago I met her at family function and soon came to know her number because my mom called her couple of times from my mobile. Firstly I had no bad intentions but my bad intentions get underway when I saw her in sexy out fit.

As she has no child she lives alone because her husband (My Uncle) was abroad and he used to come after 2 months.I used to go to her home after every weak.I always had to visit her because of my mom use to send her eateries and I always use to admire her beauty.

One day she fell ill and she phoned me to come to her house.After 15 minutes I reached there. She said to me she want to go to the doctor for checkup.Then I took her to the docter and had a checkup of her but she wasn't seriously ill.

The doctor gave her the medicines and asked her to take it after you reach your home. She asked me to stay at her home for a night when I listened that I was very happy but I said to her if you want me to stay with you to takecare yourself you had to call my parents.

She phoned my parents and told them that sam would stay in my house and she also told them that she was ill.My parents was agreed after my aunt called them.In the meantime she take medicines and she gone to the bed for a sleep.

She gotup at 8:00pm and she made the dinner for me and she was ok after she took the medicines.We had a dinner and it was very delicious.It was a month a december and we all know that in december the weather is very cold.

So we go to her bed and also watching a movie.We were having a chat on so many topics on films,education and many more.I changed the channel and watching an english movie she also liked it.

We were watching the movie very carefully and I was hoping that a sex scene might come.After 15 minutes of a movie a sex scene came and that's what I was hoping.She didn,t asked me to changed the channel.

I get courage from it I put my hand on her thigh she didn't asked me a single word to me and I get more courage from it.Now I was rubbing her thigh after that I was massaging her boobs and I thougt she was also liking it. After that I was kissing her and she was also responding to it.

She was wearing a shalwar kameez I undressed her and now she was in Bra and Panty.We had a french Kiss for about 15 minutes.Then she undressed me and I was in underwear. After I unhooked her bra and told that u had a gorgeous breast and I was kissing on her breast for 5 minutes.

My cock was already at his full swing. She removed my underwear and I was standing naked infront of her.When she saw my 6.5" inch cock she said to me she didn't take this cock into her vagina because it would hurt my vagina. I said to her how,s long ur husband cock and she said to me that his cock is very small.

Then I told her don,t worry I wouldn't hurt I would give joy to you. She then agreed and in the meantime I removed her panty her pussy was clean shaven and also it seems delicious so I thoroughly licked it maybe she came two times during that session. she cummed and after a 5 minutes of blowjob I also cummed in her.

Then I aksed her to be in a doggy position and fucked her for almost 15 minutes after that one more session and we slept exhausted in each others arms. Next that morning we had oral sex and shower together where I had vigorous sex with her sucking her boobs and pussy what I really enjoyed.

We had breakfast together then she said please come whenever free time available she was very happy and satisfied she gave some money to buy new clothes. But soon uncle took her along with him abroad.

Please do reply in the comments below as I would love to here your precious feedback. Thanks.

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Rajiv Fucking Friends Mom Sheila Aunty On Vacation

Summer vacations were always a piss on the face here in Dubai, nothing much to do, most of my friends were off on vacation to their hometown. And here I am sitting at home watching porn and waking off day in and day out.

My name is Rajiv, been living in Dubai for the past 18 years, never had much of traveling or getting to know my state (Kerala), hence stuck here with both parents working and a lonely house. Coming to the story, this story is dedicated to the “Sheila” of my life, my friends mom who has been VERY generous to keep me busy over the summer holidays.

Sheila aunty is a widow, her husband passed away a few years back, she has got a son who is my classmate and a good friend. They are very well off to do with his dad’s construction company, which aunty is right now in charge of. My friend who is a typical spoilt brat and an arrogant son is away with his girlfriend to Bangkok for vacations,

have been keeping in touch with him on Facebook and during our conversation he asked me that why don’t I help his mom at work, and that at least I could make some money off rather draining my balls wanking off.

I called up aunty the next day, “Hey Sheila aunty, this is me Rajiv”, “Hi Rajiv, I am going in for a meeting now, Yusuf told me that you are willing to work for us, why don’t you come over and we could talk about this at home?”, “Sure, just give me a call whenever you are free and I could come over”.

Wasn’t really excited to meet her as such it’s the start of the weekend, and I really didn’t want to move my clubbing plans. The evening I get a call from her, I get ready and drive down to their place. “Hey Rajiv, how have you been”, she greets with a hug and takes a look at me since it has been a while since we have met, we walk towards the massive hall

“You don’t have a girlfriend to hang out with over the weekend?”, “Not really the relationship kind” was my answer and I kind of felt awkward saying that. Went with her to the kitchen as she wanted to discuss work and not waste any time, told me that she just needs assistance while preparing submittals and needs someone to supervise their documentation team,

I was more than happy to say yes as there was literally no technical stuff to be done with. We went back to the hall and started generally talking, “Do you really go to the same university as my son? I don’t see him behaving like you have been so far, and trust me I never expected you to show up today as it being a weekend and you young guys have your clubbing and drinking stuff to be done”.

Well there goes my clubbing plan for the night, “I’m not always out aunty, I really like to spend time doing something creative” (such bullshit), “You look young yourself aunty, why don’t you go out clubbing or for drinks with friends?”, with a smirk on her face “Well, you don’t really know about the image you have to keep when you are the owner of a company and widowed,

and plus being a Muslim woman in this country, you know, people just keep talking about things”. I looked at the wooden bar stand that her husband adored, and the bar stand that I and Yusuf have taken alcohol from and asked her “So I guess those are empty now? Since you don’t drink?”. “Haha, I never told you that I don’t drink, I do, but not really in public”.

She asked me to help myself to the bar as she wanted to change, went to the bar poured a glass on the rocks and sat on the sofa to watch TV. Now being a university student, alcohol pretty much replaces water and I was at my 3rd peg, she got out of the room in her PJ’s and I was kind of shocked with what she was wearing. A light blue silky kind of maxi, of course, sticking to her body.

I asked if whether I should pour one for her, she told me that she could help herself. What happened next was completely unexpected, she poured a freaking glass of flavored vodka on the rocks and sat next to me watching tv. There was no more me in my body as I got to my 6th glass and her on her 3rd, after a bunch of talks about the university and the hectic work life of hers.

I got a snap chat from Yusuf, it was an image of him and his girl at the pool with him wearing nothing and with a caption saying, do my balls look hairy, well that’s what you can expect from the drunk Yusuf. What didn’t I notice was that his mom had taken a peek onto my phone and she let out a laugh, “What the fuck is wrong with my son? Is that retard always like that”.

I told her “This is nothing, Yusuf started doing his girlfriend when another chic was staying over at my place and we were drunk, the best part was we were all at the hall”, “hahahah, reminds me of his dad”. When I asked her, she told me that something similar had happened with her when she was in university.

“Wasn’t it awkward?” I asked, “Well, it depends on how you look at it, we both were adapted to the western world more so things happened a bit differently for us”. She went silent after saying that, and I told her that I am sorry if I got back any memory that puts her in a bad state. She told me that there is nothing like that,

it is just that it’s been a very long time since she has been open to someone since her son does not even have the time to spend a little with his mother. I hugged her and told her that I am here and I could spend the weekend over if you don’t want to be left alone.

She had a big smile on her face, we put some songs on and went on drinking, we ordered for food and I went to the restroom to take a leak. My mind was eagerly looking out for her undies, I haven’t had my evening/night wanking sessions for the day. Older women are a big turn on for me, and boy this lady had a busty layout, I found the pair of bra she was wearing that day,

since it was left on top of the dirty set of clothes, I sniffed it and with the other hand I unzipped my pant and wrapped my dick around her bra, while I was at it, I could feel a breeze of the wind behind me and I turned around to see that I had left the fucking door unlocked and it was a bit open. Half of my buzz went down thinking whether his mom saw me or not.

Went back to the hall and she was pouring freaking tequila shots for us, well 4 shots, went to her and she told: “Since you have emptied your tank, let’s have these together”. Well, fuck me, we took the first shot and I could see that she was in the groove, and then the second, and then she put some music and we were signing and dancing.

Later on, she stood in front of me, took my hands in front of her belly told me to hold tight and she was bloody grinding. What boner was lost had come back and I was pretty sure that she was feeling it, I got really hard. She turned around and put her arms around my neck and asked “How did my bra feel?”, at that awkward moment, the music stopped and the whiskey in me replied:

“Got me harder than ever”. She placed those thick lips onto mine and we started making out her hands were on my chest unbuttoning my shirt, she took my shirt off and told me to sit on the sofa. She turned the lights off, but the room was lit with the TV being switched on. Came towards me and she got on her knees, unhooked my belt and she slowly started to unzip my pants,

it was hard for her to unzip in one go as my dick was hard as a fucking rock. She put her palm to press my dick down and then there was a naughty smile on her face. The pants were off, and she pecked my dick over my boxer as she was pulling it down, my dick popped up and slapped her cheek, “It didn’t look this thick and long when I peeked in the restroom.

That turned me on even more, I took my hand and held her hair in a bun and guided her up and down my dick. She wanted to swallow the whole dick but she would just gag whenever she tried to do so, I picked her up and we made out again, I turned her around a told her to sit down, she sat, and I started to slide her maxi up and started kissing her calf and guided my way up,

had to lift her up to get a good view of that clean pussy, I looked up to her and asked “Are you seeing someone else?”. She said, “Nope, you can figure out why I took so long to change”. The woman knew how to drive me crazy, I dived right in between her legs, started licking the cute clit of hers with my tongue, she kept closing her thighs and pushing my head further towards her pussy.

She let out a loud moan and relaxed her muscles, I could taste her juices in my mouth, I kept licking and sucking her pussy clean, even though she was forcing me to stop with her body trembling. I let her calm down for a while, grabbed her PJ and wiped her pussy clean. I grabbed her thighs and slid her down the sofa closer to my pelvis, “It’s been a while, please be gentle” she said.

I had one of those devilish smiles on my face, I grabbed my cock and started teasing her by slapping it on her clit and all over her pussy. I leaned forward a started sucking on those massive tits of hers, her nipples were as hard as my cock, I kept switching between the two nipples.

Looking up to her face I started kissing her, and with my other hand down near my cock, I rammed right it. The mark she left on my lip because of the pain stayed for a week. I lifted both her thighs and started ramming into her like there was no tomorrow.

The warmth inside an older women’s vagina is a whole another experience, she rolled her eyes as she clenched her pussy and I pulled out and started fingering her, she squirted all over the sofa and the floor, my dick was coated with her cream and my belly with her squirt. She had that look on her face where she knew she had to stop, but she couldn’t resist.

I told her to get up and bend over, as I went to grab her PJ to wipe my cock, she slapped my hand and sucked my dick clean. “You are the biggest I have ever had,” she said, the sentence that makes any man proud at that steamy moment. She went to one corner of the sofa and bent over with her belly on the handle and her spine curved up.

I went close to her and she grabbed my cock from under her belly and guided to her glory hole, while I kept my hands on her massive butt cheeks and spread it wide open. I started fucking her like there was no tomorrow, the loud clapping noise of my hip hitting her butt was all we could hear in the hall.

She squirted again and I told her “I’ll make you squirt once more, and then I will come on your tits”, “You can put your load on my tits when we go to the shower in the morning, for now, I need all of you inside me”.

I rammed back into her, my thumb was tickling her butt hole and then I spat on her butt hole and kept fingering her butt hole, made it nice and slimy, took my cock out and started sliding in slowly. I knew this would take some time since it was hard to penetrate, “Is it okay if I go ahead?”, “I’ve always wanted to try it, I bet you can find the balance between pleasure and pain”.

I slowly started moving in, I leaned forward to grab hold of her nipple and pinch it so that she could divert her mind off the pain in her butt hole. I managed to get through half my dick, I little more saliva and I was going in and out slowly while she was screaming out loud. I turned her around, spread her legs wide open, and rammed into her pussy again,

she was begging me to spray my load since she couldn’t stop trembling, I told her I am about to come and she clenched her pussy and I just couldn’t stop unloading into her, I collapsed on her boobs and slowly got up and pulled out my cock,

she was pushing my load out of her slowly, and boy was there a lot of it. She sucked me dry and looked me in my eyes and told: “You are now totally packed for your summer holidays with work and fucking my brains out darling”.

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Priyesh Fucking Best Friends Girl Amrita

Hi, myself priyesh 32 m from Nashik. Here to share my sexperience with my best friend’s girl. This incident happened 3 years back. I & Amit were a friends since our college. He loved flirting & had many affairs. I had gone for some course to Aurangabad since past one year. I didn’t knew his latest achievements.

Once I went at his home, as soon I sat he said “gf aa rahi hai, zyaada mat bolna, kaand ho jayega”. I winked & enquired “latest hai kya???”, to which he smiled & said “kuch waise hi samaj”.

Soon she rang the bell he introduced me to her. Her name was amrita. We had formal hi & hello. She was sexy. When she headed for the kitchen I was dumbstruck for her ass, tempting. She was perfect girlfriend material. Nice boobs, hour glass figure & dancing ass.

Then we met frequently at his home or for some outing or lunch etc. In between, I got to know that she was very serious about him. He used to call from her cell whenever he wanted to talk to me. A typical miser & selfish in college times, which I knew he was good at. I & amrita began chatting via SMS frequently.

I tried adult jokes & she replied some or another thing like “kuch bhi” “yuk” “hahaha”. I knew one thing for sure that they had regular sex, as I was a frequent visitor to his home & heard them a couple of times. Amit even told me once “she loves sex too much & a very good kisser”.

Time passed & we became very good friend with no secrets. We commented sex openly with a friend or without his presence. I’ll describe her before marching ahead to the main story. She was little short to me say about 5.5’. Curvy. Her dancing ass always made me crazy to go for. She had hour glass figure to die for 34d 28 36.

Her parlor visits were often which kept her clean head to toe. Getting back to the story. It was 3 years from the memorable day, they knew each other. Finally, Amit & amrita decided to get married. She was double minded, coz of her flirty attitude & selfish nature. I somehow convinced her for getting married to him.

Even I was into a relationship with a girl (arranged marriage fixed six months ago). Just before 6 days of their wedding, she called me & said: “can you help me go to our old flat, as I want some imp docs from there, amit is busy in wedding preparations so he can’t come”. I said ok & left to receive her. It was 11/12/12, (my best day of life). I picked her up at sharp 5 pm went to her flat.

We entered settled down. I had no hints. She showed me her old stuff & was busy with reshuffling cupboard. I asked her if needed any help, she called me into her room to show some old stuff. She was bit tired & messed up, she got up & sat opposite to me. We were staring at each other. Don’t know what happened she stood up came near me & planted lip kiss.

I was shocked. That was my first kiss with my long awaited love :). We kept kissing for next 15mins. Unlocked the kiss & she said “why dint u propose me. I liked you but dint knew what you had in mind or your family will accept me or not.” again kissed hard. This time I broke n said, “I am in love with you since past one year, I never proposed as I thought that would end our relationship”.

I was madly hugging her tight & so was she. Lifted her & took her to the bedroom through the corridor & made her lie on the bed. She was smelling good. There was she my beautiful princess. Again we lip locked & started sucking her lips hard. Had a great tongue fight. Meanwhile, I started caressing her hairs. She had gripped my back really hard & was enjoying the kiss.

She was damn good kisser. I started moving my hand from her hairs to the neck, she was all aroused. We broke the kiss & I was staring her in her eyes. She whispered, “ why you never expressed your love??” I kissed her neck & she moaned “ahhhhh…”, was licking her ear lobe. Soft & smooth. She was going crazy. She gripped my dick. I saw in her eyes & she had a naughty smile.

I smiled back & continued licking her neck. She was very impatient & was fully aroused. I started pressing her soft boobs, super soft cotton balls. She closed her eyes. She was massaging my dick over my pants. I kept massaging her boobs hard, unbuttoned her shirt. She stopped me & asked to lie on my back & close eyes.

Within a couple of minutes, she sat on my dick kissed my lips & asked me to open eyes. There was my sexy queen in her sexy navy blue bra n panty. Most beautiful sight it was. My dick was full hard. She started unzipping my pants. I pulled her over for 69. Her naughty eyes had found the gap between her legs & kissed my dick. I started rubbing her pussy with her panties on.

She was “hmmm… hmmmm…” moans while sucking dick like a lollypop. Grabbing my balls squeezing them & I was just in world of ecstasy. I removed her panty & kissed her clit. Her exotic smell of wet pussy took me over. She pressed my dick at that moment out of excitement& let out a soft moan “aaaah…”.

I started fingering her. I inserted the second finger started finger fucking she started moaning louder. She took out my dick from her mouth & kept moaning louder, I was afraid her voice could be heard beyond walls. I removed fingers rolled her over & lied her on bed & started inserting tongue in her wet pussy. She was shaved.

As soon I started licking she moaned “ohhhh fuck… suck me hard”. I kept licking her & was massaging her boobs meanwhile. She was in complete ecstasy as her pussy was being sucked deep. Her moans got louder & louder. I inserted finger along with licking her sexy pussy.

She was moaning like hell. “u asshole … you lick damn good… Teach your friend to lick… ohhhhhhh fuck… keep sucking …”. Her moans all of a sudden raised in between. Once she moaned so loud I was scared as neighbors could have heard. I kept licking pussy & inserted a finger in her asshole. She screamed & hold my head rigidly, pressed it hard.

I was hardly able to breathe. I knew she was going to explode. Somehow I lifted my head for breathing but she was in no mood to allow that. She pressed me more hard on her pussy. I started tongue fucking her more deep & fast, was inserting finger more & more deep in her both holes. She exploded, her juices oozed out. I was sucking all her juices.

She was continuously moaning. She was short of her breadth & was panting heavily. She was unable to speak. I saw her eyes & they were still closed. She gripped my hairs & lifted me. I spanked her sexy boobs, “aaahhhhh… from where did u learn all this, my sweetheart…”. She had a big smile on her face. She took me over her & hugged me tightly.

I inserted my fingers in her mouth & made her suck. She rolled over me & said, “now I will show you real fuck”. (she knew well, I was virgin). I removed her bra got a sexy view of her milky boobs. Soon I was sucking her boobs. She wanted to move but I had gripped her hard & wanted to suck her hard. She had closed her eyes & was biting her lips.

I sucked them for more then 15-20mins until I saw love bites. I smiled & said, “your would be hubby will be surprised with this marks on your wedding night ;) ”. She said “who cares, you can have me the way you want me… I am all yours… I don’t want to lose a single moment with you…” I loosened grip soon she placed her wrist on my dick & started stroking it.

She was pressing it hard. She kissed tip my dick & smiled at me naughtily. My dick was just getting hard. She started sucking it. Slowly she started sucking it deep. What the fuck feeling it was. She was expert in blowing. She pressed balls in between sucked them hard that I almost screamed a couple of times. She started sucking fast & deep.

This went on non-stop for more than 15-20 mins. I could not hold longer, told her “I would be cumming”. I started fucking her mouth. She took it deep & pressed my balls. I cummed in her mouth. She choked for a while & started sucking it clean. She cleaned it totally & came to kissing.

We had a deep passionate kiss. We were much more crazy about each other after all this. She started caressing my hairs & planted kisses all over my face, chest, bit my nipples, dick & started rubbing her boobs on my dicks. She gave the feel of her big boobs, was diff feeling & dick soon responded to it. As she noted that it was responding she rubbed it more vigorously.

I pulled her in 69 poses. Started sucking her pussy. She started sucking my dick slowly playing with my balls. It sooner responded & started fingering & licking her all at together which just making her wild & was letting out wild moans. Soon she changed position & saw me naughtily & came over in riding position. She was holding her boobs up & licking nipples herself. Lusty sight.

She knew perfectly to tease dick. Slowly sliced her pussy on my dick & it was mind blowing feeling. I gripped her waist & she kept pumping until pussy fully ate my dick. Raised & lowered. It was just crazy down & looking sexy boobs dancing. Everything added to a sexy sight. Back to mind devil said ‘you missed chance from a long time & for a lifetime too…’.

Unbelievable as I had not thought of all this surprise pleasure to happen from her side. She kept pumping in every angle, she leaned over me, sat straight, rested on my legs. She stopped, rested her hand on my chest & started riding fast. I wished to see her dancing ass that moment. I gripped her ass & matched her strokes. I was pumping her deep with every stroke.

So she was moaning “ohhhh fuck me hard, I am just loving it. Go deep…”. I was engrossed in her boob view. She got tired so stopped. I immediately rolled her over & kept her legs on my shoulders & started fucking. Initially was slow & was going deep with each stroke.

She was chanting “fuck me deeply… fuck me harder… Aaaaaaaah…
Aaaaaaaah….Aaaaaaaah……. Fuck me faster…. Ahhhhhhhhh…”. I was enjoying slower strokes at max. She was grunting many times in between. She had gripped bedsheet & was pulling it. I increased speed. She was about to cum & I too would be cumming soon. So increased speed.

She gripped my back with her legs & said “fill my hole, my jaan… I would like to feel your seeds deep”, started moaning “aah aah aah aah…”. Finally, I was verge on cumming & made deep strokes. She orgasmed, feeling her juices I too exploded in her. We both were damn exhausted. I slept over her with my dick in her hole we had one more deep kiss.

We slept like that & kept kissing. Finally, I rolled over the bed. She whispered, “I had one of d best fucks ever, I actually wasted time with your friend”. Soon we got up & went to the bathroom & cleaned each other & had a bath. While leaving her flat she said, “I wish we could stay forever like this”.

She offered me getting married to her, but I denied as all the wedding preparations on my side of my friend’s side were up to completion. Later, even after her marriage, we had many steamy sessions whenever we had a chance.

Now she stays in Bangalore & we still enjoy those talks & sessions if she comes down to Nashik. This was my best experience till date. I still cherish that session many times back of my mind & also with her.

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Aryan Enjoying Hot Fuck With Best Friends Sister Rhea

Am aryan; I’m into role-plays and some other things. This is my first story so please bear with me and send me feedback since there are more to come. Now without much further ado, I’ll jump right into the story.

When this story happened I was 20years old. I am medium build, straight black hair, black eyes with a hint of brown, a mustache and goatee often accompanied by the scurfy beard, skin is a mix of fair yellow and natural tan. I am not ‘some macho guy who can make girls panties drop with just a look’, but a guy who would be called cute and nice,

a guy with a smile that can make girls giggle, the good looking smart guy who would have few crushes. Having nothing to do, I took a little stroll my friend Rakesh’s house. His parents were out, attending a marriage in the next town. When I went in and checked in his room, he wasn’t there. I roamed in the house looking for him. I don’t remember why I went into the bathroom.

But boy, am I glad that I did! I heard the shower running, as turn my head I saw the silhouette of a naked girl with the petite body through the blurry glass door. My breathing became heavy and my heart started pounding like crazy. I could feel the bulge forming in my pants. I became paralyzed, as I watched the petite 18-year-old girl showered.

The foam and water were brushing against her perfect fair skin. ’rhea’ was the only a gasp escaped my mouth as I stood still like a statue. For a moment I wondered if she’s really the medusa (from greek mythology).

Rhea is Rakesh’s younger sister who was pursuing her college. She has a giggle that can mesmerize you away. She used to smile at me with her perfect teeth whenever I was with her brother. That somehow made me think that she likes me, maybe it was just a delusion. I didn’t know. So with that thought, I took a step towards the glass door testing my luck.

People say ‘when someone is watching you, you can feel their gaze’. In the same way, rhea felt someone watching her, she opened the shower door to check if it was real, only to find me staring at her naked body with a bulge in my pants. I could see the strands of wet black hair and the drops of water dripping down her milky white skin.

All my blood rushed to the dick making it even harder. Rhea stared at me for few seconds before covering her body with the hands looking away from me. But my gaze still stayed her petite milky breasts with nipples hidden away behind her palms. Having all the blood rushing to my dick,

the brain became idle and my body kind of moved on its own to pull away rhea’s hands which were covering her tits. (maybe I was thinking with my dick!?) I felt her soft wrists in my fists as I held them trying to have a good look at the perfect body.

The beautiful rhea then yanked hear hands off my fists and moved away from me till towards the wall of the shower as I was blocking the way out unintentionally. I felt she wasn’t resisting much, I thought maybe she too desires the same. I felt the urge. I need her… I need to fuck her. There is no other way. I should do it. (in my defense, I was thinking with my dick).

I took few steps and kissed her lips, I could taste the water on her lips, smell the fragrance of shampoo and scent of her skin. I sucked on those juicy lips as I kissed, while she didn’t kiss back. She pulled away breaking the kiss and questioned “why are you here? What the hell are you doing in the bathroom, Aryan?”

with an angry gaze that made me feel like ‘she would really turn me into stone if she could’. If I had been in my right mood I would have apologized and left right away, but fortunately, I wasn’t. The lust reached all over my body and it was even showing up in my eyes. For my lust filled eyes, she looked even sexier in anger.

I replied “doesn’t matter” as I pinned her against the wall and kissed her sexy neck. Her scent was making my mind go blank, maybe it was already blank. “my brother’s not here” she protested, pushing her hands against my chest. “I know ” I pulled her hands up and pinned them both with one hand while the other squeezed her right breast. Oh boy, they are sooo softtttt.

“Then you can leave” she struggled to try to get away from my grip like prey caught in a trap. The primal urge took over me. I grabbed a fistful of her and nibbled her ear like a predator going for the kill. To my surprise, there was a moan. Not too loud but significant enough. Then she pushed her body against me, still struggling to get me off.

I tightened my left fist gripping on her hair and lowered the right to cup her ass which is as soft as her breasts but only bigger. I pushed my lips against hers and kissed on aggressively. In a few seconds, she bit my lip gently and gave in, kissing me back. The pride of victory took over my body made my dick even harder and sent mad lust all over.

With the acceptance signal, I dared more and placed both my hands against her small waist and lower my mouth a bit to suck on her petite bouncing breasts. Rhea ran her fingers through my hair, moaning in between as I suck. Being a mad predator full of lust, I bit her nipple leaving a mark. The hard bite brought rhea back to her senses.

She whimpered and pushed me away gently saying ‘it hurts…’ not wanting it to go any further. She was in her senses but I was not. I ignored her push and brushed my hand around her belly then went on to circle her belly button with my index finger. She resisted and moved away from me pressing against the other wall.

I wasn’t taking the hints anymore, I was hard and horny and I wasn’t gonna stop until I am done. My fingers traveled down, stroking against her waist and reached her crotch. It was smoothly shaved letting my fingers feels the soft flesh. The fingers rubbed her pussy that was wet with all her slimy love juices. Rhea wasn’t gonna take it anymore and nor she’s gonna be subtle about it.

She pushed my hand away and slid down the wall sitting on the floor so that I can’t touch her womanhood anymore. I was way beyond reasoning. I unzipped my trousers, took out my hard dick that was as hot as molten steel and stuffed it in rhea’s mouth. She stayed idle and looked up to me with a strong gaze, refusing to obey.

In the heat of the moment I slapped and grabbed a fistful of hairs pulling her head closer, but she still refused, pushed my hips away and turned her head away. The mad lust turned into anger, ‘she can’t do this!! Not to me!! Not before I’m done!’ in the rage and lust I slapped her with my dick. This new development scared her.

She stood up and tried opening the bathroom door to run away. Not missing the opportunity, I held her from her back and pinned her against the wall with hands holding her shoulders. I did not think… the words just came out. “you can’t go now … you slut!” I smacked the ass making it sting a bit.

“Why are you here if my brother’s not home?” she asked as she shoves her body back into mine trying to slip away. “coz you are here” I pinned her there with one hand and inserted two fingers into her shaven pussy. She left out a moan quietly and tried to turn around. But I wasn’t giving her any chance to slip away.

I slipped the third finger in her pussy and start fingering her rapidly ignoring her pleas, while kissing her sexy neck taking whatever I want. “ just..Umm… let..M-me turnaround…aahhh pleaaaseeee~” she continued pleading moaning softly. “not yet!” I circled my pinky on her tiny asshole and started teasing her more.

“Ahh… nooo… ummm please” she let out struggling screams mixed with moans of ecstasy and went on pleading as she felt the pain and the pleasure “please… I w-will sit on the counter..Ahhmmm and open my l-legs for youuu~” she moaned louder shaking a bit.

After making sure that she really did come around, I let my hand go and helped her turn around. She leaned up and kissed before pushing herself up onto the counter and opening her legs for me. I held her hair with one hand used other to position the tip of my dick in her pussy. Then I gave a hard thrust putting all my weight behind it burying it deep in rhea’s teen pussy.

“aghhhmmm~” a hard moan escaped from both our mouths as my dick hit her womb. I continued the rhythmic thrusts gradually picking up speed. The sound of periodic *thapakk thupakk * echoed in the bathroom along with our hard moans and heavy breathing. I felt her tight slimy pussy tighten even more, around my hard dick.

I thrust harder and harder, my balls slapping her ass with each thrust. Rhea wrapped her legs around my waist and held on tight as if a storm gonna come and push her away. Then she bit my neck a little holding me tight. “you really are my little bitch… aren’t you?” I continued ramming her tightening pussy biting on her juicy lower lip.

The next thing I heard is a loud “ahhhhhhhhghhhmmmmmm” sound which sounded like both moan and scream. With the fingering and the hard ramming, her pussy had enough. It pulsated around my dick cumming hard, she kept shaking and her tits were bouncing like crazy. The orgasm lasted for a while.

Then she panted for a while, once she got her breath back she leaned onto me loosening the grip and whispered “again! And don’t ignore the ass” in her husky voice full of lust and nibbled my ear. I couldn’t believe my luck. Without further delay, I resumed the thrusts.

I started out with feathery strokes in her oversensitive cunt. I lubricated my fingers in her cum that was dripping out of her pussy and I put the pinky in the tiny asshole. ‘aghhhmmhh’ she moaned. With a grunt I thrust my dick in her sloppy cunt and moved my finger in her ass. I synched both the thrusting and fingering as I picked up pace.

She closed her eyes and moaned loud, instinctively moving her hips to match my strokes after a couple of hard thrusts I slipped another finger in her tiny ass. “oh goddd” she gasped. I tried to move my fingers in the hole but it was too tight, so I left them in like a plug and went on fucking her teen pussy. In between the hard thrusts, I alternately pinched her clit and bit her nipples.

Instead of crying or screaming, rhea was moaning to my surprise. She leaned back giving me access to her holes to fuck enjoying the pain. Seeing her like ‘a bitch in heat brought out more primal instincts out of me. I grabbed her throat with the free hand and continued ramming her cunt, with her ass plugged and twisting her clit… haaarddderrrr and fasterrrrr.

She let out series of moans matching my thrusts and held onto to the counter. I started pounding her dripping hole grunting as the sexy pink hole gripped my fat dick so tight as if it’s going to rip it off and swallow it in. I kept pounding her while sucking on her tits and biting them at times.

“Fuck ahhhmmm me haaardddderrrr… you ufff are the b-best …fucker… ahhhmmm~” she went on moaning and blabbering giving in to the lust. These moans made me go the extra mile and I started fucking her even harder pounding her instinctively. I released her throat and grabbed the hair that was dry by then, may be because of all the heat of fuck.

Then I made her to look into my eyes pounding her harder than ever. “who is my little bitch?” I asked. “I a-am… I ammm your l-little bitchhh” she replied looking back into my eyes. Her eyes, her voice, her flooding pussy and the tight little hole… I couldn’t hold it any more.

“ughhhhhhhaaaaaaa” I came in her lusty little pussy flooding it with my thick sticky seed, with her ass plugged tight. The next moment she too came moving on my dick, moaning through the roof. We both went on cumming and shaking for a while. Then I helped her onto her bed before we both passed out, fully exhausted.

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Guy Narrating Tales Of Illegal Relationships And Sex

Keeping the young wife at home, the husband goes to work. Many wives who are fucked well by their husbands do not search for an alternative cock. But if the husband's looses his hardness fast, or ejaculates before she reaches orgasm, or does not his love properly within a short time she will search for another man.

Similarly the husband even if he has a beautiful and affectionate wife at home, does not hesitate to go when another girls calls him to her home for supper and takes initiative for sex. We had a boss who was past 50 who was very strict and shouted at men and ladies at a small reason, and who had a beautiful secretary.

His cabin was totally enclosed and nobody will notice what is happening inside. But people moved the almirahs in his cabin in such a way that we could see in the gap what is happening inside the cabin. Our lunch room was situated by the side his cabin. The gap between the almirahs was totally concealed by a large calender.

One of our sweeper girls saw the scene of our boss squeezing the boobs of his secretary through this gap. She was so much surprised that she called showed to one of computer girls. bY that time boss was unhooking the bra of the secretary. The computer girl called my secretary and asked her to come and they both were seeing the scene, when I went to take lunch.

My secretary called me to see an interesting scene. When I peed in she was removing his coat and pulling down his pant and underwear together. Her big boobs were free and her panty was also down. Her clean shaven pussy as visible. There were four people watching, down below the sweeper girl, then the computer girl, above her my secretary and then above her I was leaning.

When I saw boss made his secretary lean on the table and took out his stout cock and trying to poke her from behind, because of his large potbelly he was not able to reach her. The he made her turn towards him and he squatted on the floor and started to lick her pussy and clitoris. Among the watchers, all the three girls below me became horny and I had a glorious erection.

Not knowing that so many people are watching our boss was enjoying the sucking and licking of the clitoris was his secretary who was half lying on the table with her legs wide apart and pressing the head of the boss into her glistening pussy. We could hear the sound of the moaning of the boss and his secretary.

In that condition he got up and took his cock and ably guided by his secretary made it reach her pussy, while she held his potbelly up so that it may not stand in the way of their fucking. All the three girls beneath me wore only short skirts and panties and quickly ran my hand and felt their panties and reached their clitoris. None objected.

None objected, but held my hand so that they may enjoy the pleasure when our boss was enjoying. Bending over her, the Boss suddenly squirted and his white fluid was spread all over her pussy, thighs etc. Secretary quickly reached for some tissues and wiped the fluids.

While watching the happenings with one eye, my hands were busy with the available young clitorises of the girls below me. All three of them squirted without even looking at my face. For me it was the beginning of a different kind of relationship with my secretary, the computer girl and the sweeper girl. I had all the three pussies depending upon the circumstances.

I never told my wife what happened in my office or to me subsequently. My wife's cousin used to come and stay in my house for a day or two on some official work. I never bother to inquire whether they are fucking in my absence. Stolen fuckings are always the sweetest. My neighbor a good looking gujarathi lady, Mira, used to smile at me when I come out to go to office.

She and my wife were friends. My wife was to go to her home to meet her parents. She told the good neighbour to take care of my food and I was a poor eater. Gujarathi lady assured her that she will take care of me.. Gujarathy women have huge boobs and large wide rear, and this was no exception.

Her husband was away on tour and she asked me whether I will go to her for food, or whether she should bring it here. In the morning I went up dressed up to go to office, but she said no, dont come fully dressed, come in your casuals, take food and then go and get dressed to go to office.

First day she sat near so close and was looking into my eyes that I was tempted to plant a kiss on her golden plump cheeks. She them waited for me to finish and when I turned after washing my hands and face she grabbed me and smooched on my face and hugged me and her hands were quickly roaming all over my body. She then asked me what I want for my supper.

On my reaching home in the evening she was waiting for me and asked me to come for tea and snacks. Her thick ginger tea was excellent with doklas. When I got up to go she asked where are you going. I said I am going home for freshening up. She said come here, I will bathe you or we will take bath together.

I went and changed into a lungi and came with fresh clothes to the house of Miraben. She opened the door and took me by my hand and we both entered her house and quickly led me to the bathroom and she came in her panties and bra. WoW, It was a sight. Her boobs were not sagging and her ass was hard and thick as her thighs.

I unhooked her bra and her boobs were round and large with a grape fruit sized erect nipple. Standing and bent forward I took her nipple in my mouth worked it with my tongue. She removed my lungi and saw my erect cock. I pulled down her panty and her pussy was freshly shaven and was shining.

She bathed me lathering me lavishly and took my cock and paid special attention to it. Opening her mouth she took it in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously. Bending down I squeezed her boobs. I, in my turn, washed her and applied soap lather in her arm pits and pussy and nudged her clitoris with my thumb and forefinger. I put my middle finger in her fuck hole.

It was tight ever for the finger. I asked her whether her husband used to fuck her or not. He could not because he has a big belly. I asked him to give me oral sex, but he does not like oral sex. I just suck and give him blow job and take his juice in my mouth. Please give me oral sex and lot of sex, please, I am dying for it. I said dont worry, I will fuck you to your full satisfaction.

We dried ourselves and came out. Maya put on a night suit and I wore my lungi and sat in the dining table. It was only 7.30 pm. I was not hungry. I thought once the supper is over, we can have long time for sex. Maya gave me hot puries and dal. She gave so many dishes that one cannot eat. I told not to give too much food, it will affect my fucking.

She laughed and said you should not be hungry, because it will also affect your fucking. We both laughed. She cleared all the plates and finished her kitchen cleaning work and then came and we both went to the bedroom. I pushed her to the bed and she fell with her legs wide open showing her pussy.

She had not worn any panty and it was leaking and sticky fluids was spread all over her pussy. I licked her pussy and she started to moan. With my tongue I entered her fuckhole and fucked her with my tongue. Her clitoris was calling for my attention. I got up and laid on her and sucked her boobs and squeezed it hard. In the meantime my cock was drumbeating on her cunt.

I got up and beat her cunt with my erect cock. It was like a meat rod and I was beating her raised clitoris with my rod. She was mad with passion. I was trying to tease her. I bent low and licked her clitoris and then got on and was drumbeating again. She started to cry, saying fuck me......please fuck me....dont tease me......I want hard and deep fuck.

I kept the cock tip at the entrance of her fuckhole and pushed it in. It was going on giving her lot of pain. Pulled back and again inserted, pulled back and again inserted. Slowly I was making progress. Finally I got full penetration. My all 7" was deeply buried in her cunt and she said she never felt a cock so deep inside her. She asked me to keep it there for some time.

Supported by my elbows, I balanced above her, keeping my cock inside her and sucking her boobs occasionally. I sensed she was rubbing her clitoris vigorously. Then I started to fuck, slowly and gradually I increased my speed. The flow of fluids from her cunt increased. My fucking was very speedier and Mira was moaning and moaning and enjoying.

I could sense her reaching her orgasm since her cunt muscles tightened and her legs were wound around me. After four more strokes, I too got my orgasm and I shot my fluids into her. When my spasm ended, I pulled my cock and she wiped it clean with a towel and she went to the bathroom and drained all her fluids and dried herself.

She came and kissed me and said this was her dream sex. She never had it except in her dreams. Thereafter I fucked her daily. since she was a friend of my wife, my wife also supported and we used to call her to our house when I fucked Mira, my wife sucked her boobs.

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Rasheeda Enjoying Sex With Brother-In-Law And Sister-In-Law

I have been reading HD for a long time and it was a good collection of experiences of people. It gives us besides entertainment, lessons for leading a safe life. I learnt a lot of things reading various accounts of people whether real of fantasy. Let me tell you my story. For the purpose of this recount I am mentioning my name as Rasheeda.

I got married at a young age of 16 when I was in the tenth standard. My sexual experiences on the first two three days were very painful. But other ladies consoled me that it will be enjoyable afterwards. Just as I was getting enjoyment, my husband left for his job in gulf. He was rich and sent me plenty of money and asked me to continue my studies.

But my inlaws were not happy that I go to school or college when they work in the kitchen. I moved to my own house, but my parents told me tactfully that as a married girl I have to stay in my husbands place and not in her own house with her parents. Of course casual visits are ok. but shifting residence permanently was not favoured by them.

I told this to my husband he was quite understanding. He said I can move to a flat in the city, a luxury flat, fully furnished. He made arrangements to buy a flat and the flat was bought in my name. My in laws were not happy. My husband instead of repairing and making his own house modern, had gone to buy a flat for his wife. This was a talking matter in the household circles.

My husband told me not to worry, just pick up your articles and move into the new flat. He asked his brother and sister who were college going also to go with me and stay in the flat. They were all of my age, I was happy that if they come I will have company. My husband asked me to engage a house keeper who will keep the house clean and cook food for all of us.

We had three a/c bedrooms and we three occupied these three bedrooms. I also joined the school to continue my studies. My husband's brother, Kadar, elder to me by one year, was in the college. We used to sit in the study room along with his sister, Rasia. to study. He had a laptop, gifted to him by my husband.

Since he was in the degree class he needed it to do his projects and to write reports etc. He finished his studies and used to watch films in his laptop. If it is a good film, he used to call Rasia and me to watch along with him. Rasia was a beautiful girl, with good features.

Though she too was of my age her marriage is agreed to take place but was delayed because the boy in Kuwait could not get leave. She used to come and sit with me and talk in my bedroom and many times the subject used to be sex. Rasia told me that she lost her virginity about a year back. I asked her who took her virginity, she was shy and said she will tell later.

She told me it was painful initially but she enjoyed later. I asked her for how long she enjoyed sex. She said she will tell later. I thought I will information from her bit by bit. After a few months, Rasia and me came out of the school and we were getting ready to enter college. Kadar, kept minimum contact with me except while taking food or while watching video in is laptop.

One day, I think it was on a Friday night, the following two days were holidays, we sat in the study room to watch his laptop film. While scanning over various channels his finger touched a channel which was a pornographic channel. Rasia urged Kader not to change it and but allow it to continue so that we may watch.

I had not watched such channels before and hence I was inquisitive. It was an English channel and what I saw was shocking. But Kader and Rasia were enjoying passing occasional comments. I was surprised that brother and sister were watching a porno channel together and they way they talked,

I got an impression that they have been watching such channels together in the past. Because I did not have sex for a long time, my heartbeet increased and my breathing became faster. Suddenly Rasia got up and went to her brother, unzipped his pant, took out his cock and kneeled on the floor and started to kiss the cock and took it in her mouth.

It seemed neither Kader or Rasia bothered about my presence in the room. Rasia removed the t shirt of Kader and pulled his pant down and made him nude while sucking his cock. Kader slowly undressed Rasia, removed her blouse, and the skirt. She was in her bra and panty.

He removed her bra and her boobs were exposed. I had the scene in the computer monitor to watch and then the real drama taking place in front of me. Both the hands of Kader were playing with the boobs of Rasia. They were well shaped and the nipple was erect and swollen. We had two bright LED lights in the room and they knew that I am watching whatever they were doing.

May be they are trying to make me also to participate so that all three will play the game of sex. Rasia removed her panty and her clean shaven pussy was wet and gleaming. Kader pulled back his cock from her mouth and made her to stand with one leg raised and placed on the chair. He sat on the floor and buried his face in her pussy and his tongue was searching for her clitoris.

Rasia looked at me and smiled. She then signalled me to undress and come closer. I was highly provoked. I could see that Rasia and Kadar are enjoying the act. I slowly undressed and stood in my bra and panty. Rasia hold Kader something and Kader just turned back and saw me standing in my bra and panty.

He left Rasia and came back smiling and unhooked my bra and took my nipples in his mouth. I could not resist. I saw how much Rasia was enjoying the acts of Kadar on her. Kader was squeezing my one boob and sucking the nipple of the other boob. His cock long and stout was standing erect. Kadar took my hand and placed it on his cock.

Rasia, closed the laptop, asked us to follow her and we all three moved into her bedroom. I saw the cock of Kadar moving up and down like a spring action. Kader was holding both my boobs and we both walked slowly. All three of us were naked and were not shy of each other, all of us were very much aroused. Rasia lied in the bed and asked Kader to fuck her.

She asked me to sit on her face, facing him so that she may lick my cunt, and Kader while keeping his cock in her pussy may continue to press my boobs. The plan of Rasia was wonderful, but I was wondering how it can be executed. I told Rasia to have her share of sex fully and then I will join till then I will just watch.

Rasia opened her legs for her brother and he lied on her and holding his cock in one hand he rubbed it tip on her cunt opening and drew it bottom to top two or three times. He located her fuck hole and then placed his cock at the entrance and pressed it in. Kader could make his cock enter her cunt slowly because the hole was very tight. He pulled back and again pressed it in.

Rasia winced in pain, but slowly relief appeared in her face and when the cock was fully in she was happy and Kader kept it for a moment before he started to fuck. I had not seen a fucking scene so much in detail and after this I thought Kader will come to me and my chance will come. Suddenly I remembered about safe days and unsafe days etc.

I made my own calculations and concluded I am in safe period. Hence if he fucks without any precaution, there is nothing to worry about pregnancy. Kader was a good fucker. After some time, he pulled back and asked Rasia to stand on her fours. He inserted his cock from behind her buttocks and it was a doggy style. Rasia was moaning out of pleasure.

Her ample boobs were hanging and moving forward and backwards with each push by Kadar. I had free flow of juice from my pussy. I remembered I had removed my public hair about a week back. There is no time now. Kader again changed the pose he lied in the bed and made Rasia to sit on him. She took his cock and inserted into her cunt and sat on it.

It went comfortably in and she was happy fucking him from top. She moved so many movements, up and down, circulatory, and she was in control, she seemed to be enjoying the whole thing immensely. A brother and sister fucking infront of me, most pleasantly and fearlessly. They were not bothered about my watching them fucking.

Perhaps they wanted me see in what all ways sex can be made enjoyable. I was eager now to get fucked in all the poses now Rasia got fucked. Perhaps she too may join and make me enjoy more. The both reached orgasm. They gave our some gurgling sound from their throat and waiting for the entire process of squiting to be complete.

Happily Razia got up from the top of Kader and they both went to the attached bathroom and washed themselves up and dried their private parts with a towel and came back. Kader sat in a chair looking at me with his cock mellowed down but not smaller in size. Rasia went to kitchen and brought three glasses of some drink and gave us.

May be it will boost the energy of they both. She also sat to talk to me. She told me that it was Kader who broke her seal and was fucking her regularly, but of course with proper precaution. They wanted to tell me and invite me to their show but were not sure whether I will agree. Time was already 10 pm. Rasia asked me whether I am in a mood to sex. She said we will just enjoy.

She may get married and go away. But Kadar will be here to give you maximum pleasure till your husband comes. Kader was just watching the talk of Rasia. Then Kadar came and took my hand and lead me to the bed. After I lied down in the bed, he put his hand on my pussy and told me whether he may shave my pussy. He said he will do it in five minutes. I said ok.

He went to the bathroom, brought his shaving set, and a mugful of water and started to apply lather on my pussy. Rasia told me that it was he who shaved her regularly. Between them they do it in the privacy of their room even in the day time. She said youth is to be enjoyed. She said it was difficult in a joint family. But here were enjoying it to the maximum. I was envy of her.

I lost many days and weeks without sex. Kader asked me to go and wash my pussy of the soap buds etc. I saw he had done a clean job. When I came back, he made me to lie down andapplied some after shave lotion and it was pleasant smelling. He opened the cunt lips and with his tongue he dug deep into my fuck hole and then touched my clitoris.

An electric shock wave seemed to have passed through my body. His tongue played with my clitoris which was bulging and protruding forward. He could hold it with his lips and pull. I was so happy that I shuddered in pleasure. He fucked me with his tongue. His stiffened tongue went deep into my hole.

I was more than six months back that I had sex with my husband, now his brother is giving me the pleasure which I had lost all these days. He lied on me, supported by his elbos kissed me on my cheeks, on my boobs and then he kissed on my navel, on my pussy, on my mount, on my thighs. I was fully aroused and wanted his cock in my hole.

I turned my head and saw Rasia watching the porn movie in the laptop. I asked Kader to give me his cock for tasting. He smiled and gave me his cock. It was very stout and long and I could not take it in my mouth. I just kissed its head. and asked him to put it in my hole. I asked him to fuck me.

He made me open my legs wide and sat between my legs and took the flowing juice from my cunt and applied it on his cock and put the cock tip at the entrance of the hole and slowly pushed it in. My hole was so much stretched that it pained. He pulled his cock back, and put his two fingers in the hole and rotated so that the hole may get loosened.

His three fingers could go in easily. He put his cock and half of it went in easily. Then he pushed in and finally his entire cock was in. Tears were flowing down my eyes because of the intense pain. Rasia saw this came running, wiped the tears and kissed me on my cheeks and told me that the painwill be over soon. Kader slowly started fucking me.

He pulled back and slowly inserted,watching my face, again pulled back and pushed it in and gradually increased his speed. I started to feel the pleasure. My hand automatically went to my clitoris and rubbed it. Kader increased his speed and then pulled his cock back. he asked me to stand in doggy style and he fucked from behind.

The sound of his body hitting against my ass, pat pat resounded in the room. Rasia saw my boobs hanging. She came below me and tried to take my nipples in her mouth. I raised my body to a slanting position so that she may suck my nipples, while Kader fucked vigorously. The came my turn to ride him. He lied in the bed and I sat on him with my legs on his either side.

Rasia helped me to insert his cock into my cunt. She bent low and sucked my clitoris when his cock was fully inserted in my hole. She guided me to get maximum pleasure in this pose. She sat on the face of her brother and he sucked her clitoris. I made all movements so that his cock is pulled back and went deep into me.

I enjoyed every minute since it was just pleasure and nothing else. Finally it came like a bang. I mean my orgasm. The spasm gripped my vaginal muscles and I cried loudly. Kader also pumped his juices into me abundantly and I lied on him pressing my boobs on his chest. Rasia lied on me and rubbed her cunt on my ass.

Kader embraced both of us and we lied like that for a long time. It took time for the orgasmic spasms to die down. Rasia got up and then I got up and then Kader got up and we all three went to the bathroom. The juices of Rasia were flooding it covered my entire body. My own fluids and the fluids of Kader were on him.

We all took bath in naked condition and rubbed each other. We wiped each other with a dry towel and we three came out and put on our clothes. We planned our session for Saturday and Sunday in day and night. We went to our respective rooms and slept.

Do you want me to write about our holiday sessions and how Rasia got married and went with her husband. How my husband fucked me during his short holidays when he came for the marriage. After his going back how Kader and I lived in sex.

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