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Kerala Lady Shamla Enjoying Cheating Sex With Basheer

Shamla was married at the age of 16 and her husband promising to get a family visa, spent about 15 days with her soon after marriage. At the age of 16, the prime of her youth, she was in full bloom, with all her curves well developed.

Her huband promised to send money either to repair her present house where she and her mother stayed, or built a new house of go to the town and buy a new flat and stay there. He asked Shamla to pursue her studies, she was just in Xth standard at the time of marriage. Learn computer science etc where there are chances to get good jobs.

Her husband Iqbal, did not study much. If she studied computer science there will be lot of chances to get jobs. Poor Shamla worked to pass her school exams. and joined a computer institute who taught her basics. Many boys studying with her evinced interest in her. Some tried to talk to her, some invited her to go to the cinema.

She was skilfully managed to keep all such boys away and was concentrating in her studies. By the time she was 18 and developed into a full bloomed woman. They she talked to her husband almost daily all her sexual urges were satisfied in that ten minutes talk. Iqbal cannot get leave to go home annually. He can go once in two years or sometimes once in three years.

His boss was satisfied with him and gave him substantial rise and Iqbal could save quite a lot of money. He bought a flat in the city, Otherwise how long he and his family can stay in the village where there no facilties are available. He called Shamla and told her to shift with all her luggage to the town to flat No. 313 in an apartment complex in the residential area of the town.

She was surprised. When she was returning from the computer class she went and saw the flat. It was closed and she could not go inside. In the evening she asked Iqbal how did be manage to get such a beautiful flat while working in Dubai. He said his friend Basheer only helped him.

He said that the shopping mall is close by and there is a doctor in the neighbourhood who can treat his mother. Shamla was very happy for the foresight of Iqbal. She telephoned Bhasheer and asked him to help her to see the flat purchased by her busband. Basher promised to pick her up in the evening when she comes out of the comp. class.

He came a handsome, tall youngman, with a broad smile on his face. Iqbal and Basheer studied together and when Iqbal went to gulf, Basheer tried his luck locally to do broking of real estate and flats. Shamla sat with him in the front seat. They reached the flat. Bhasheer had the key to the flat. He opened and took Shamla inside. Basheer was stunned at the beauty of Shamla.

He thought Iqbal should be a lucky man to have got a such a beautiful wife. Shamla saw the whole flat was well furnished with sofa settee in the sitting room with TV, master bedroom with a huge cot and mattress, two other rooms also with beautiful double cots, all rooms well ventilated. all rooms with attached bathrooms. Basheer was explaining to her each part of the flat.

Going around and around varius room, she was filled with satis faction and it so happened in one room when she took a sudden turn she dashed against Bhasheer. Basheer held her in his two arms and held her to prevent her from falling. She looked up and saw his smiling face and she did not try to wriggle away from his grip.

Lack sex and lack of masculine company for a long time made Shamla crazy and she seemed to have lost her senses. Basheer took advantage of her position and embraced and kissed her on her cheeks. His hands were swift to run over her, he squeezed her boobs, and then her asses, her narrow waist was just within his arm. He lowered his mouth and kissed her on her mouth.

Shamla meekly succumbed to all his advances, because the touch of his hand was sending a shiver in her body. Shamla was led to her bedroom and Basheer gently pushed her on the bed. He again embraced her and started to unhook her blouse and removed her saree. Shamla asked Basheer to remove his shirt and other pieces of clothing.

Basheer and Shamla were not lovers. But instinctively they both were attracted to each other and in her a sense of gratitude was there for having helped them to get a flat. Basheer was fascinated by her beauty and she was thrilled by his handsomeness. But her lack of sex for such a long time made her to forget reason. She for a moment for got that she was betraying her husband.

Basheer kissed her cheeks and sucked her lips, while both were lying in the bed. She had her panty on and he was in his boxer. The bulge of his boxer made Shamla more hornier. She remembered that her mother had gone to visit her sister and hence there wont be anybody in her house during the night.

It would be better to spend the night in this new flat hugged and fucked by Basheer. Basheer was sucking her nipples while his other hand was squeezing her other boob. He thanked his stars this opportunity of fucking a beautiful girl, who came just to see her flat. If she had turned down his advances, he would have gone home leaving her at her home.

She too was horny and was ready to get fucked. Basheer saw Shamla moaning softly closing her eyes enjoying his onslaughts on her boobs. His hands were big and when he squeezed it pained, but there was pleasure in that pain. After finishing his job with her boobs, Basheer just moved his lips down to her navel. He was attracted by her flawless skin, and the navel.

He planted a kiss on her navel and then his hand pulled her panty down. Shamla lifted her hip and helped him to pull down the panty. She just caught his bulge in his boxer. Basheer inserted his both thumbs on either side of his boxer and pulled it down. His cock sprang out and was oscillating in the air. Shamla caught the cock with her hand and took a closer view of it.

It was of the same size as that of her husband. She put it against her cheeks and then licked the emerging drop of precum. She had taken the cock of her husband in her mouth once or twice, which he enjoyed immensely. She thought Basheer also would enjoy if she gives him a blow job. Since there was no intimacy between them they were not talking, except some cries of joy or pain.

Bhasheer was rubbing his fingers on her mat of hair covering her cunt. He got up and had a close look at hr cunt. He could not get a clearer view as the hair was fully covering her cunt. He saw a tiny projection of her clitoris and dampness spread all over the hair. With both his fingers he opened the cunt lips and saw the red interior.

He opened her ligs wide and kneeling between her legs he bowed down and licked her cunt and licked her clitoris lightly. Suddenly Shamla trembled and her whole body shook. Basheer looked up at her face and she was asking him to continue to do it with her clit. Basheer got up and looked at her face and asked her whether he may fuck her. She said yes.

She opened her cunt lips wide and placed his cock head at the entrance of her lovehole and pushed it in. Her cunt muscles yielded slowly and he could push in very slowly. He know because of non use, her hole would have become smaller. It took some time for him to make a full entry and she was giving out cry of pain often.

She could feel his body touching the top of her cunt, that means his whole cock has gone in. She removed her hands expecting his pumping action to start any moment. Basheer did not want to place his body on her so she may have to bear his weight. Balancing his body on his hands and legs Basheer plunged his cock in. Pulling out almost entirely and again pushed it in.

As all the sensitive nerves in her cunt are rubbed vigorously she gave out a big moan and lifted her hip up to support him. Basheer increased his speed and was fucking her very fast and deep. Shamla lifted hands to embrace him. He lowered his body and his chest crushed her boobs. But he did not reduce his fucking speed.

Her cry in high pitched voice indicated that she had reached her orgasm. He asked her whether it is safe to leave his cum inside, she said she had her periods just two days back. Another six or seven shots made him to reach his orgasm and she could feel his cum shots inside her womb. The spurts were going on for a long time. He slowly lifted her body up and lied beside her.

Shamla turned to his side and gave him a kiss of gratitude. She got up and went to the bathroom, which had all modern fittings. When she sat on the floor, his fluids and hers were flowing out. She washed her cunt, got up and dried it with the towel, and turned back. She saw him standing with his cock in full erection.

She smiled as she knew that he was ready for the next session. Next session started immediately and Basheer was glowing. He has a cock which never humbles. With so much of stamina he can fuck for the whole night. shamla thought her relationship with him is not good. He has to be kept at a distance. Before that I should prove that I am not his sex slave any more.

If future when he brings his family here, if he comes and toubles asking for sex, what will she do. The possibility cannot be ruled out. She saw that the time was 2 am. Why not pretend and play a drama, thought Shamla. She came and told some story and wanted to go back to her home immediately. Basheer was surprised.

They had planned sex for the whole night, now she wants to go early. Of course they have had plenty of sex. Ok, if you want to go let us go. She packed all her clothes in one bag and the clothes purchased by him in another bag. Why so much in a hurry, Shamla, asked Basheer. She told him that her in laws are expected to come early morning to take me to see the new house.

When she we meet next, Shamla asked Basheer. I will call you, certainly I will call you when everything is normal. Shamla locked the door and kept the keys in her bag. They got into the car and started home. I wanted one more session shamla, said basheer, Shamla did not reply. They reached her home at 3 am.

Shamla hurriedly opened the door of her house, took all her baggage, and her used clothes and bid farewell to Basheer. It was a great disappointment for him. He gave a kiss on his cheeks and left. She did not know he had arranged two of his friends to come at 5 am to enjoy with the girl. All his plans went avry.

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Mallu Housewives Enjoying Cheating Sex

Arifa and Chanda were childhood friends. After their college education they got married and by coincidence their husbands worked in gulf countries. Their husbands Rafiq and Rahul became friends due to the initiative of thier wives. When a residential project came up, they both bought flats so that their wives can be together to keep company to each other.

Arifa had a son aged 4 years and Chanda a daughter aged 3. They got both of them admitted in a primary school and they were in the KG class. Arifa to kill her spare time wanted to take up a job, but Chanda wanted to stay at home watching TV and browsing laptop. Both were sex starved and hence their topic of discussion used to be matters relating to sex.

Always they thought of sex and cock. Their husbands who come on leave once in a year on one month's leave give them maximum sex enough to last one year. Their only pastime to stand on their third floor veranda and watch the busy crowd passing in the road.

Their children return from their school by about 1.30 and after giving them food and putting to sleep, again they come to the veranda. Suddenly Chanda remembered that her electricity bill is due for payment on the next day and she asked Arifa how she manages to pay the electricity bill.

Arifa said her cousin told her that there was a man who does this as a service, and you have to pay him a small fee. Arifa said she had asked her cousin to send him to her so that she can engage him for the payment of various bills. Chanda said thank God, otherwise I may have to walk in the sun and stand in the queue. Please send him to me also Arifa. Arifa agree.

Next day a middle aged man, around 45 year old, clad in a lungi and came and told Chanda that Arifa madam and sent him. He was one Ali and did this kind of odd services to known people. He was trust worthy so most of the ladies liked him to make payment of their bills and for making small purchases, like vegetables, meat, fish, beef etc. After the days work, they fed him.

Chanda gave him enough money and asked him to pay her electricity bills, phone bills, mobile bill and on the way back to buy some fish. Ali without uttering a word, took the money and the bag for buying fish etc. Finishing all the work, Ali retrned within one hour and Chanda was anxious whether this fellow is decent and honest and wether he will pay the bills and come.

When Ali came in a short time, Chanda was happy and checked the cash and found it was all perfect. She told Ali to stay for some time for her cooking to be over and that she will give him good lunch with fish curry. Ali said he will just lie down for some time. since it was noon and the walking in the hot sun has made him tired.

He went inside and found the pantry very convenient and spread the mat and slept. After some time Chanda went in search of him and found him lying the pantry on a mat, in deep sleep, with him lungi in total disarray, and his 7 inch cock in semi erect condition.

It is more than three months that her husband fucked her and she had terrible itching in her cunt and wanted only a good cock to satisfy her. But how to ask him to fuck her. She standing by the door, called him to wake him up and to come and take his food. But he was not moving. She went near him and had a close up view of his cock.

If it was 7" when in limp condition, it certainly would be bigger than this when it is erect. Chanda thought about the cock of her husband. It was just half of this. In the first night when he wanted to fuck her, she thought it was big and gave her pain when her seal was broken.

Though he fucked her three or four times for the next two days, she was not bold enough to take his cock in her hand. He persuaded her to take it in her mouth, which she did not like, and when it was limp, she took it in her mouth and soon it grew bigger and bigger and filled her mouth and she had to spit out.

Her husband's cock grew big in no time and was ready for fuck if she happened to even touch it. Chanda was enjoying the very look of the cock of Ali. When she looked closely she could see it was pulsating. She called the name Ali twice loudly, but he was not responding. She just wanted to take this in her hands and fondle it just for knowing the feel of it.

Ali was in deep sleep and was not even hearing her or responding. Perhaps he was too tired. Chanda squatting near him, took his cock and fondled it with both of her hands. When pressed it was soft to feel. She was afraid if he wakes up and finds her fondling his cock how embarrassing it would be. Why not place a kiss on the tip of the cock, Chanda thought.

She was so much fascinated by it. She just looked around and looked at the clock, the time was 1.30 pm. She went and checked the front door, it was bolted. She felt moisture in her panty and it was damp already. She was wearing churidar kurtha, and thought of changing into a saree. Ali did not seem to have bathed for the day. There was a smell coming when she went near him.

How can she ask him to go and take bath. After all he is just a messenger to do odd jobs for her and she gives him food for what favours he has done. She cannot ask him to take bath. Even if he takes bath, his cloths are dirty. If while she fondling his cock, he gets us and questions her, what she will reply. No, No, no more fondling. He is so dirty and not to do any sex with him.

But a lovely long stout cock was just readily available for Chanda in her panty. She fondled it to her heart's content. The fellow was not getting up. She wanted to try kissing, licking and sucking it. That will be too much. She just went away and thought she will ask Arifa whether Ali would give sex service also.

She took her lunch, went to the bathroom and changed her panty and put on a fresh panty. In the meatime her child came from the school and after some time Ali woke and came, She gave him food and he sat at the end of the table. She asked him so many questions, but he replied only in mono syllables. After finishing his food he asked whether he has any other work.

She asked him to come the next day. In the evening She met Arifa in the veranda. Arifa asked her whether Ali came did all the work she wanted him to do. Chanda thought should she tell Arifa that she saw his 7" cock and she took it in her hand and fondled it.

Then she thought against it. Again their talk turned to sex. Arifa said in her new office there was a handsome young man who wants to take her for lunch. Arifa was seemingly happy to tell this. I do not know whether he is trustworthy, let me see.

Chanda envied Arifa she gets new colleagues who will fuck her and give her sexual pleasure. I dont have a person whom you can trust. Going to Ali seeking for sex is demeaning. Let me see thought Chanda and her sexless days went on.

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Philip Enjoying Cheating Sex With Priya

Hi all wonderful readers, I always loved the site and I was just awaiting the chance to write my story and it happened 3 weeks ago. My name is Philip and I work an analyst in London. I am a Married man in late 20's. I have a pretty high flying job but I keep a low profile and stay modes which a lot of people around me like.

I was enjoying a happy married life but the change over from being a chilled out bachelor to a committed married guy seem to have curtailed my freedom. I love my wife but I was looking to explore others to have more fun. I knew I had to do it with caution and utmost secrecy.

I used to be part of this wider community and Priya was a normal good looking housewife. I wouldnt call her a sex bomb or a absolute stunner but she had good assets and was always smiling which I loved about her. She was in her early 30's and had 1 kid. Looking at her for the first time, you wouldn't realize she was a mother.

Whenever we met in public gatherings, we would exchange looks and smiles. After some time, I added her on Facebook. She was also a full time employee like me. I would message her when I was in the office and she seemed to give me quick replies. We start talking more often and into wider subjects.

We would use a secure social app to chat so that no one else could see what we were upto. I complimented her looks especially when she wore a saree and exposes more of her amazing waist line. I told her that she deserved a lot more attention that what she was currently getting. We would exchange looks and even the odd touches at social events.

She loved me pinching her ass without anyone else noticing. We both soon got to the idea that we needed to explore for more fun that our marital lives and that should no way be affecting our current relationships. We promised upfront that if we were to have sex, that would be a one-off and would not be a repeat occurrence.

I think that made her a lot more committed to me and made her bold to meet up. We would go out on dates after work on the pretext of over time. I would take her to fancy restaurants and treat her well. She used to love getting pampered like a princess. I would tease her a lot like by kissing her neck and pinching her nipples over the top. I enjoyed her getting wet in public.

Her husband normally works nights so that they could look after the child in turns. He was concerned about how much money they would make rather than how happy they were with each other. During the summer she sent her child to Kerala and she invited me over to her on a night when her husband was away.

We both took the day off and hence we had a great date, She had a wet underwear before she decided to head home. Her husband was away to work and she called me in. As soon as we got in, we started smooching as if it was our first kiss. We smooched deep. She loved it rough and I didn't mind sucking the lips hard. I could taste her lip stick.

We kept ourselves engaged in each other for a good 20 minutes. We decided to change. So she went and came out in my favourite saree. I had changed to my more relaxed shorts and as she came in to the living room, I couldn't resist. I tasted all over her bare back and licked and kissed all over her neck.

I whispered in her ears. She enjoyed foreplay so much. She just wanted to sit down and moan out loud. I realized she didn't have an underwear and her thighs were dripping. I got her to sit on the sofa and I started kissing her up her feet. I loved her meaty flesh thighs. I slapped them and gave her a good hard love bite on it. I could smell her amazing love hole.

She wanted me to eat it as we had sex chatted before. Her husband had never tasted her amazing pussy. I was sucking her clit and fingering her. My fingers were going deep as she moaned so loud. I grabbed her erect nipples as I tasted more of her. Priya was moaning louder as she was getting closer to squirting. She splashed it on my face.

She pulled my hair and begged me to fuck her. I wanted to be like a baby. So I slept on her lap and sucked her boobs. She then knelt down and started giving me an amazing blow job. She loved sucking a cock. She was soo good at it. She gave me the best blow job ever and had no reluctance in taking it all in. Her face was soon covered in my truck load of cum.

We still had majority of the night for us in which we explored every bit of our bodies and tried various positions. I shall give you the details in my next story. Both me and Priya were not unsatisfied. We just wanted to have more fun. We kept our promise and have never been naughty with each other since that night.

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Rahul Fucking Valli After Watching Porn Video - II

Previously: Rahul Fucking Valli After Watching Porn Video - I

In the morning, I went to office as usual to see whether there are any assignments, finding none, I returned home by 11 am and asked to telephone operator just to call me in case the Chief Editor or anybody asks for me. Most of the reports have gone out to cover their own stories.

I came home, having taken breakfast, finished reading the newspapers, I had no special job and hence lied in the bed and took my laptop and started to search for good videos. Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, sweedish, aunty videos, school videos, college videos, I finalled for Indian porn videos. The head showed it was some Calcutta college students fucking.

Undressing the girl was the big task, somehow the boy takes a lot of time and removes her clothes one by one and her boobs were revealed and she must just 18 or 19 judging from the size of her boobs, but hot and horny. Laughingly she lifted the boy's tee shirt and suddenly I heard the front door opening and somebody entering. Again Valli.

Oh-ho again I did the same mistake. I did not bold the door and I cannot stop her and ask her to go out. I shut the laptop and kept it aside, covered my body with my lungi, I got up and looked at Valli, and said "Valli, why did you come, dont you have classes". Valli came and sat on my bed and was looking at my seminaked body.

She said, "the student agitation continues, I did not want to go because, if I go I will also get involved, I thought I will keep company with uncle to watch his favourite movies, porn mvies. Why, uncle, shall we start" Her face was bright with a thilak on her face, her hoobs were within her green blouse and she wore a green coloured midy.

She saw the laptop on my bed and thought I may have started looking at it, or about to start. She said, my parents have gone out as usual and will not be back till 5 pm. Teacher aunty works luckily in a different school and hence she is not disturbed by agitations etc. She too would have gone to school and would be back by evening and hence we have plenty of time to watch porn videos.

Please uncle, please let us start. I told her "See Valli, watching porn everyday is not good, one day if they come to know, the blame would only fall on me. They would say you are a matured person and you should have thought about the pros and cons before make the girl watch these bad videos" "Uncle, many of my class mates have porn video cassettes and new discs.

They take copies and give it girls. They call the girls to go to their homes for combined study that means only to watch porn and enjoy sex. My classmate, Naushad, called me many times. There is nobody in his house, her mother and sister have gone to gulf and would be back only after six months, he takes food from his aunty's house.

He has his own a/c bedroom in the top floor and told me that nobody would come. We can watch hours and hours of cinema and eat as much dates as possible, Valli please come to my house" he used to say. Why I did not go, if I go he would fuck me watching porn and he may have a trap made ready for me. He may either call his friends to come and they all may join him and fuck me.

Or he may ask me to marry him and convert into Islam. The only safe place I can go is your house, uncle, if you ask me to go out, I will go to the house of Naushad. Otherwise how long I can sit alone in my house watching TV. I asked my parents to buy me a laptop. They do not know the usefullness of laptop, all my friends have laptops, with or without internet connection.

My father says "you go to engineering college, we will buy you a laptop. Or score A+ marks for your 12 std subjects, we will certainly buy you a good laptop. Oh it is 12 noon, please uncle let us start. I was answerless. What to do. Her reasons appear to be correct from her angle.

However let me restrain and be cautious, I thought. In the meantime, Valli has taken liberty took my laptop and searching for the porn channels. As usual I wear only a lungi and no undergarments. I lied in the bed and placed the laptop on my body and continued the search and came back to the Indian porn page which I turned on some time back.

Valli unhooked her blouse and I saw she wore no bra and her erect nipples and were projecting out with her large boobs. The video of Calcutta college sex and the girl was made nude by her boy friend and he was being undressed by her. He pulled down his jeans and underwear together and his 6" cock sprang out and the girl leaned forwarad and took his cock into her mouth.

Valli gave a gasp. Her right hand was already holding my cock, she pushed her nipples on my lips urging me to open my mouth and suck here nipple. Suddenly Valli got up, bent forward over my erect cock and took it in her mouth. It appeared that my cock is too big for her mouth and sucked the head only and raised the head to watch what the calcutta girl is doing.

By that time the calcutta girl has taken the full size of the cock of her friend into her mouth and its tip might have reached her throat. The boy suddenly pulled his cock back and pushed the girl to lie flat with her knees raised and widened, he threw his face into her crotch. Her pussy appeared to be without any hair.

She held her cunt lips wide apart and he was licking her cunt from bottom to top. Here Valli pushed her nipple again into my mouth and I sucked it rolling my tongue around it. SSSSSssssss sounded Valli and raised a little and planted a kiss on my lips and sucked my lower lip.

I was wondering how this girl would know so much about the game of sex, perhaps she would have had it earlier with any of her friends. I should have asked her whether she had sex any time with anybody. Valli was rubbing her pussy on my thigh. I could feel her cunt juices on my thighs. Calcutta boy was sucking the clitoris of his girl friend and she was enjoying it closing her eyes.

Valli got up and was keeping her leg on my left side and sat on my hip and took my cock and was rubbing it tip on her tiny clitoris. This idea she got from the calcutta girl doing it with her boy friend. Valli tried to insert my cock into her fuck hole. It was too small and could not take my cock in. Again she rubbed it on her clitoris and was enjoying it very much.

With both of my hands I was squeezing her boobs and sucked her nipples alternatively. Unable to make an entry of my cock into her cunt, Valli lied on my chest, pressing her boobs on my chest. I asked Valli, "Valli, tell me frankly whether you had sex ever with any of your friends or relatives? Dont worry I wont tell anybody. Has seal been broken by any before.

You can be confident and this information is just for my info. Please tell me" Valli thought for a while and told me that" her cousin, i.e., Shyam who was the son of her uncle told her that elders have decided to get her married to him. He was studying in the engineering college and a very handsome boy.

One day when he came to her house, he could be accommodated only in her room for the night. He started to kiss and do thing with her giving assurance that they will marry ultimately as elders have decided so. Then Valli did not think twice. She allowed him to kiss her and sqeeze her boobs and kiss her pussy, but he could not fuck her as her hole was too small.

When he pushed his cock it was painful and he said we will try later. She just took his cock in her mouth and he shot his cum into her mouth. That is all we did" I told her "See Valli, your cousin, i.e., your future husband has tried and could not break your seal, perhaps he may do it on your first night. Now I can break your seal applying my finger and coconut oil, but I dont want to do it.

Let the seal breaking be done by your husband, that is his right. You do only the superfluous acts and not the original sex act." She agreed. When something sensible was told she listened and understood its implecations. I sucked her cunt and made her come to orgasm and she too sucked my cock and I shot my cum into her mouth.

Then Valli said, she is going and she may not come for some days as they expect some guests in her house. The she did not turn up except to invite us for her marriage to her cousin.

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Rahul Fucking Valli After Watching Porn Video

I am Rahul a journalist working with one of the leading newspapers, my wife Sheba was a teacher working in a local school. I was staying in a lodge and after marriage we took a house in a housing colony and started to live. I go the office in the office vehicle and after finishing a specific project I come home, prepare a report and send it to the office through email.

Or take a print and send it to the editor for publication. My wife used to be friendly with neighbouring ladies and some times some students used to come to her for consultation. Valli who was studying for +1 used to come to meet my wife to accompany her to the market etc.

My married life with Sheba was happily progressing and we both were in our early twenties and wanted some more years to lapse before we start produce children. With available resources we enjoyed our life. One day Sheba went to school and I had no particular task to be undertaken and hence I thought I will just lazy around my house, with my laptop watching porn.

It was a pleasant day and I finished my lunch and wanted to have a nap. I went out, looked around and after making sure that there is nobody around, I just closed the door and came and lied in my bedroom watched some movie and then switched over to porn. I kept my earphones so that the sound may not be heard outside.

Some of the foreign porn videos are done with so much of professionalism that they select only very beautiful porn stars with excellant body parts.I selected one such video and started watching. One you hear the sound you get involved with the video that you forget the outside world.

I did not hear our front door being opened and Valli came in and since there was no sound she came deeper in and saw me in the bedroom, lying in the bed with the laptop on my chest watching porn. She stood behind me and saw what was being played in the computer and she was shocked.

She was only 18 and was friendly with my wife she would have come to get some doubts clarified from my wife. Hearing some sound I tuened my head back and found her and shocked and closed my computer and got up asked her what is the matter, Valli, why did you come.

Feeling gulty at being caught, Valli said No, uncle I came just a moment ago and thought I will meet Sheba aunty and ask some doubts. Why you did not go to office to day uncle, I read your yesterday's story it was very nice, uncle, please open the laptop and the movie you were watching, I just got a glance please uncle, please play it.

She sat in my bed expecting that I would play again. I had pushed the laptop down to cover my erect cock. Valli, though 18 showed a well grown feature with fully grown virgin boobs, thick thighs and today she had worn a midy with a t shirt. Her female odor was catching my nostrils. No, No, Valli why did you not go to school and why are you at home at this hour.

She said my parents have gone to office, I too went to school and there was some student agitation and hence the school was closed. I was alone at home, I thought I will study and took the books, then this doubt arose which I thought I will get clarified from aunty. Please uncle, when will aunty come. I said she will come at 5 pm.

She said my parents also will come around that time, please uncle we have plenty of time to watch the movie, please open the laptop. I told her that it is a movie not for children to watch, it is an adult movie. I am not a child, I am an adult, Please uncle.

You should not tell anybody that you watched such kind of movies in my laptop, your parents will get angry with me and my wife with get wild with me. God promise, I will not tell anybody, please under open the laptop. In the lying position I put on the laptop and the video started to play.

The girl came closer to me and she lied near me to get a better and closer view and her left boob was pressed against the risght side of my chest. I started the video from the beginning. The girl kneeling on the floor was taking the 7" cock of the boy and kissed the tip, licked and then opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth.

The boy was pushing his cock into her mouth and at each push it went an inch inside and finally it reached her throat. I could feel Valli taking deep breath and her left hand was folded andkept under head and her right hand free was kept on my chest. This is the first time she ever touches my body.

Next scene was that the boy made the girl to lie down in the bed and open her legs and he buried his face into her crotch. I sensed a deep breath intake by Valli she pressed her boob against my chest. Her hand started to roam around and went inside my dhothi and caught my erect cock.

The boy was vigorously sucking the clitoris of the girl, She opened her cunt lips wide to enable him to reach her inner parts easily. The boy was licking her hairless pussy, the red interior and he came back to the clitoris. It was too much for poor Valli to bear. She put her legs across my thighs and took the complete grip of my cock and her hand was moving it up and down on my cock.

The boy rolled his tongue and inserted it into her fuckhole, and the girl was pressing his head down into her pussy. I too was very horny and if my wife were with me I would have been sucking her nipples. I looked at the face of Valli and she asked me what I want.

I showed my eyes to her boobs and she got up removed her t shirt and the bra underneath and thrust her nipple into my mouth. The moment my tongue touched the tip of her nipple, she gave out a sound ssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhsh. Her grip on my cock tightened.

In the meantime the boy got up and inserted his cock into the fuckhole of the girl, the minutest detail was shown. After two strokes, the girl got up and stood in her fours and the boy standing behind gave her shiny buttocks two of three strokes and then inserted his cock between her legs where she took it and placed it in her pussy and he pushed and made it go deep in.

He fucked her very comfortably and tried to catch her boobs which were hanging from her chest. Valli pressed her body further to mine and she removed my dhothi. She changed the nipple and asked me to suck the other one. It was a tiny nipple and each time my tongue touched it she gave out the shshshsh sound.

She pulled her long skirt and made her upper thigh to rub against my thigh. She was wearing a panty and hence I could not see her pussy. Now the boy and the girl changed their position. The boy lied in the bed with his erect cock shining with his juices and the girl with his legs on either side of his lowered her body took grip of his cock and placing it at the entrance of her fuckhole

his cock make a smooth entry into her and she sat comfortably on his hip. Here the Valli girl took my hand and placed it on her panty. I inserted my hand inside and touched her hairy pussy. My fingers located her cunt lips and then her fuck hole and finally her tiny clitoris.

Suddenly my conscience pricked and felt what I am doing is very wrong. she was an innocent girl and by showing her porn videos I am making her a tool to satisfying my sexual urge. Then I thought in consolation, I never called her, she came on her own.

I never invited her to see the video, she saw the video by herself without my knowledge and when I closed the laptop wanted me to show her the rest of the video. What is the wrong I did. I never called her to come and lie near me, she came by herself. She only put her nipple in my mouth. She only took holdof my cock and played with it.

She only put my hand on her pussy and directed my finger to her fuck hole. Let us see. In the meantime the girl sitting on the boy was jumping up and down making Valli to give out all incoherant sounds. She gripped my body tightly and she pushed her pussy against my thighs.

And finally the boy pushed the girl down and she sat on the floor opening her mouth wide and the body mastrubated and thrown the spurts of his juices into her mouth, face, forehead and then the show was over. For Valli it was unexpected. She did not reach anywhere. I closed the laptop and placed it aside and got up.

I saw Valli partially naked, with her juices flowing from her pussy. I made her to lie flat and squeezed her boobs with of my hands and licked around her nipples and sucked them and poor girl reached her climax without my touching her pussy or even fucking her. Valli hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks and said it was a nice movie, it it not uncle.

I told her that is why they said such movies should not be viewed by students, because you will get disturbed and cannot study. No No, uncle you are wrong, it relaxes our mind and gives us good concentration for study. She put on her dress and said "Bye uncle, nice uncle, please show me another tomorrow same time" After planting a kiss on my cheeks she ran away to her home.

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Manisha Getting Fucked By Horny Devar

Recently, my cousin got married to a very pretty girl - Manisha. She is a rich person. Her father owns college. I was the first person to get her number and text her. Even she texted me regularly. We slowly became like couples without anyone knowing in our family.

It was a risk. But worth it. She was hot. Luckily, neither of us or caught. We are still texting each other. Ok let us come to the point. She was the hottest person I have ever seen. She gave me an erection always when I was near her. It was fuck at first sight for me. But since it was marriage time, no one could properly talk to her.

God bless WhatsApp.. I started talking to her.. I know everything about her..more than her husband. I don’t like my brother because he is a dog. She is an angel.. He didn’t deserve him. But I could not talk like this in front of everyone. This was at Bangalore. My bil and sil stay there. I wanted to visit them. So, when I came to their home, I was given a separate room.

I came in evening and I slept off. But I could not sleep properly as I was near my love. Then I opened the cupboard out of curiosity and I found that it had her bra, panties and all other stuff you can imagine. I started to sniff her was great feel. This only made me want her more.

Hence I went to the bathroom and immediately tried to masturbate and my penis was already erect. I just edged and came back. The main mission of my visit was to fuck her and give her a child. Because my brother was a dummy piece. So, I saved my sperm for that day because it would be used in a very few days.

Next day was Monday, bro left for conference for Dubai. I was sleeping in the bed when a nice soft hand patted on my ass.( I have a great ass. Self five) Immediately I woke up to see my love. She was wearing a black transparent saree.she needed no bra, because she was a model material. Also, black was her favourite colour, I recalled from texting her.

Then, I took a a bath and went to the kitchen where she was cooking. She asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I said I wanted her. She got taken aback for a moment and later she gave me naughty eyes. I took this as green signal and immediately kissed her. She responded well. Her lips were so soft. Soft as lotus petals and soft as the velvet sofa. Soft as a new born baby skin.

Her lips…awwww!! Not one to miss the moment, I came from her back and hugged her navel. Meanwhile my dick was getting a feel of her ass. So pert. So small. So soft. These models need to grow some stuff, don’t they? Good for them, they have me! Later, I proceed to kiss her neck sides. She started moaning slowly. Morning mood is a different feel. Then I bit her earlobes.

Then I placed my hands above hers and helped her cook the curry. But the pervert I was, I was more interested in feeling her. I wanted to eat her fully and not leave a drop behind. Then after this was finished, I asked her to feed me food and I told her my fingers were tired. She rolled and gave me rice balls. And she put in my mouth.

But the third time, I caught her fingers with my mouth and slowly sucked her fingers one by one. She was turned on. I kissed her hands fully and slowly proceeded to her neck again. Her arousal burst. She told me. Come fuck me now. I have been waiting for you da.. you are my best friend..come take me. She threw her hands in the air.

I took her in my arms. Walked through the steps in my home and reached her bedroom. Not one moment did my eyes look away from hers. Bedroom came. She had the look of an angel waiting to be glorified. If I fuck Her, I would be absolved of all sins., I felt. I slowly placed her in the bed. I also jumped on the bed. We kissed passionately for over 10 minutes. Deep kiss.

I knew every way around her mouth now by my lips.. I kissed her neck. Slowly, I began to undress her. Her milky boobs though small deserved a national award for softness and infinite cuteness. Then, I kissed all over her body. Didn’t miss even one part. She moaned when I reached her sensitive areas. Her armpit was tasty. Her pussy was nasty as hell.

Then I pressed her one boob and slowly massaged the other in the middle. I sucked her nipples wishing for milk but some things are too good to be true I guess. Boobs were heaven. I would rate this experience as the best. Later I sucked her pussy. I did different things with my tongue to her she started to shout so loud that I had to place my finger in her mouth to slow down the noise.

Her cum juice splashed all over my face and with this, I went and kissed her. I was giving back her juice to herself. I think it is selfish of us to always drink their juice. Later, I teased her with my little finger and she wanted more. I put my middle finger and increased the pace. She was horny as hell. I caressed her boob with my other hand at this point.

She moaned loudly and started heaving. I took this as a green signal and teased her with my cock. But I delayed it by focussing on her inner thigh kisses at this time. She loved it. Finally, she was like, please fuck me now Da baadu.. I cannot wait any more. Please da. Then I said, ok di theividiya. Then I took her to heaven. Mind blowing multiple orgasms followed.

We ended that session by cuddling and sleeping nude. She later told me she had never had so much fun. She would want to have my baby over her husband at any point to which I could only reply by saying that I would happy to please her. Any time. Any where. Later we followed by having shower and we enjoyed and wiped each other’s body. Mission accomplished.

Moral of story. Nothing is impossible. Workout regularly. If not, just run, it will be good for you. Stop wasting your semen. Save it for the moment you most need it. You never know when opportunity knocks the door. You never know when brother has to go out for conference.

What did you think of this story?? Let me know in the comments below.

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Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter - II

Previously: Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter - I

For all the pleasures he gave her she can very well give him a variety of t shirts and jeans. She knew if he puts on decent clothes, there are many boy snachers around who are desparate for masculine company during day and night. knowing his ability, her cousins used to telephone asking her to send saravanan for some purchases, going to the market for buying something etc.

Razia carefully turned down such requests with some excuse. Razia passed her SSC and got into the college. In the meantime her mother went to gulf three times. But the troublewith Shamla was that there is no one who can be asked to come to fuck her at short notice.

One night she heard strange sounds coming from the room of her daughter, Razia, and she tiptoed to find what is happening there. It was just 10 pm and she found the door just closed. She opened the door and found a boy lying on the floor and Razia sitting on him and studying keeping her books on the bed. Both Razia and the body did not see her entering the room.

Shamla wondered what is happening and found Razia lifting her bottom up and bring it down on his cock which was standing erect. Razia had her laptop playing a hot porn film in front of her and her books were also open. Shamla was amazed at the ingenuity of her daughter. Razia was pressing her boobs with her hands or press then against side of her bed.

The boy was naked and Razia wore leggings with her cunt portion conveniently open so that his cock may enter it. Shamla went out and waited for the show to be over. It took one hour before Razia released the boy and as soon as he left the room he closed the door behind and turned to go and found Shamla standing in the corridor.

She asked him to come to her toom and the boy was scared and thought he will be thrown out of the job and will be asked to leave immediately. On reaching her room Shamla turned and looked at Saravanan and asked him what he was doing in the room of Razia. He stood there with folded hands scared stiff.

She asked him not to get worried and asked him what work he did in the kitchen. He said he is just a helper and did whatever work the cook asked him to do. The cook asked him take a pitcher of water to the room of Razia madam and he came with the water jug stood there watching a movie in her computer.

She called him to come near and removed his lungi and found his semi erect cock. It was sticky as it was inside the cunt of Razia all along. Shamla removed her dress and lied naked in her bed and asked him to come near and lick and suck her cunt. Saravanan was happy and he kneeled on the floor and started to lick the hairless cunt of Shamla.

He opened the cunt lips of Shamla and found her prominent clitoris hiding behind the cunt lips. He licked it and pulled it out with his lips. He licked the clitoris. Shamla was making some incoherant sounds. She wriggled her body and was enjoying the lip massage by the boy.

Though she was fucked by the Jordonian and Afgan cocks, they were more keen in fucking her with their 9 inch cocks. They never bothered about her boobs or her clitoris. Shamla found the oral sex by this boy more pleasureable than fucking. She made him to come on top of her and took his cock in her mouth. She took his cock in her mouth and played with it with her tongue.

Now Saravanan was sucking her clit with more vigor and she reached her grand orgasm, but the cock remained stiff and stern in her mouth. He was fucking her in her mouth. She asked him to come down and fuck her in her cunt. Saravanan began to fuck her in her cunt and she got next orgasm yet another orgasm but the boy was pounding on her continuously.

It became her worry how to stop him. Finally she asked him to stop and get down from her top. She asked him how many times she fucked Razia in a day. He said about three or four times. How much time you took each time. He said one hour or more. Shamla was shocked. How much sex her daughter was having under the same roof and yet she did not know.

She asked Saravanan to come to her each time he finishes fucking Razia and fuck her too. He should not disclose to Razia that he is fucking her mother also. He agreed and she asked to go but from next day she said he will sleep with her. From next day both mother and daughter enjoyed the same boy lover. This lasted when they found another lover.

The End.

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Saravanan Sexually Satisfying Both Mother And Daughter - I

While doing her SSC Razia was married and her husband who was a businessman in gulf told her to stay back and continue her studies and that the moment she passed her degree he will take her. Razia was a beautiful girl and she was very horny. On her first night she made her husband fuck her twice.

She acted as if her seal was ruptured to convince her husband of her virginity, but her servant knows how many times she calls him to fuck her. When the itching starts putting her finger, or a banana or a carrot does not satisfy her, she wanted only a stout cock to pound her to bring her orgasm and satisfy her hunger for sex.

A newly recruited boy to help in the kitchen who lied in the pantry will come to her room to place a jug of water daily for her purpose. Just before he leaves, she used to ask him to come to her bathroom and she will pull out his cock and wash it well with soap and kneel on ground and suck it.

Keeping his hand on his hip, the boy, saravanan, will bend backwards to give her the maximum length of his cock. When his cock attains full erection, she will aske him to come to her bed and she will open her legs and show him her golder cunt to fuck. Saravanan used to wonder whether it is a dream or reality, to fuck an angel like girl in her silken draped bed.

Come on do it fast urged Razia and Saravanan used to take a long time which was his advantage. By the time he gets his orgasm Razia would have had atleast five orgasm. After the job is over Razia asked him to hurry up and see that nobody notices his comng to her room. Her father was away at the gulf. Her mother was there.

Her mother, Shamla had a similar weakness for cocks. She used to go to gulf to visit her husband once in three months. Shamla will make her husband fuck her twice every day. He was a busy businessman touring all the gulf countries often. But he had very trustworthy servants who took care of the needs of the wife of their master.

One fellow was an Afgan and another a jordan whose sexual prowess was world known. They loved Shamla and her beautiful body. The moment their master goes abroad, they both will come and stay with Shamla and fuck her front and back simultaneously. After three months of vigorous sexual onslaughts Shamla will return to India to reminisce over her gulf experiences.

During her mother's absence her aunt stayed to take care of Razia. But aunt cannot stop people coming for combined study. Razia had a large bevi of friends and their friends. They come for combined studies both during day and night. Once she went to meet their family doctor, a matured sensible lady. She told Razia not to have too much sex.

Too much sex will disturb her harmonal balance and she will put on a grown up and matured look than that of a young teen ager. A terror ran over her and Razia suddenly stopped all combined study and stopped all outsiders except of course Saravanan. Saravanan aged eighteen sported a cock of six and half inches, The advantage with him was he was equal to six men.

His cock will stand erect for one hour or more by which time she can have four or five orgasm. She asked him to sleep in her room, on floor, with his cock standing erect like a flag post that any time she can cooly sit on it, While studying her books she wanted his cock to fill her hole and retain erection.

She wanted him sometimes to bury his face into her pussy and tongue fuck her or lick her clit. Saravanan did all these tasks with utmost care and devotion. To bring him to her level of cleanliness, they usually bathed together and she applied soap on him he did with her.

To clean the deep depths of her vagina, where fingers will not reach, he used to take the trouble of sending his cock and by vigorous rubbing with his cock head her vaginal depths will be cleaned. They both were addicted to cleanliness. They helped each other to remove their public hair. She allowed him to wear only a lungi and a sleeveless vest during day and night.

To Be Continued...

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Vinay Having Sexciting Affair With Married Girl Vinita - II

Previously: Vinay Having Sexciting Affair With Married Girl Vinita - I

After coffee, I told her to sit on my lap facing me. We both were nude inside the room. She sat close enough such that my hard dick can get inside her wet pussy. Like this, we started enjoying together. The upper side I was kissing her lips and pressing her boobs and down side, my dick was kissing her juicy pussy. She asked me, Sanju, where do you get such nice ideas.

I said I will show you some movies tonight and you can also enjoy that. Finally, I had my first horny fuck with her. I poured all my cum inside her pussy. She also got the peak at the same time and she was too excited and happy about this moment.

She thanked me for this special joyous moment and said, in last five years of my married life, this is my first experience to get full satisfaction of sex. I said now your real journey of joyous sexual life started. Then we slept like that for next one hour.

In the evening we went out for a walk. Now she was holding my hand while walking. She said your wife must be very happy with you, you must be taking her out like this etc. I said, yes, of course, she is happy. She never thought I could be so open for dating with another gal like this. I said this is just for you honey.

I said now you have an option to look for when you get bored in your family life. She smiled and said, yes, I will. While walking we went little far and sat under a tree till dark. Then we did kissing there also. During that time one motorbike passed by. She said, wait, let him pass. I said, don’t worry, they won’t bother. At the most, they will think we are husband wife doing romance.

She was anyways wearing mangal sutra. She said then fine. Then we continued kissing and pressing for some more time and didn’t bother about the vehicles passing by. Then we came back to the hotel.

I said Vini, I want to fuck you again before our dinner. She came close to me and said, you don’t need to ask me now for this. I said this time you fuck me, you sit on my top and fuck me. She said, yes, I want to do that. Then I laid down on the bed and she sat on me. She started kissing me top to bottom. Then she sucked my cock for some time.

Then she again sat and got a dick inside her pussy and started jumping up and down. Finally, we had long good fuck. Then we took some rest and then went for dinner. We had drinks again during dinner. After coming to the room we saw some Hindi porns together. Vini said I have heard about such movies but never got a chance to see them. They are too exotic etc.

I said I am always available for you to satisfy your unfulfilled desires. Always be open with me. She kissed me and said sure honey. I knew she was getting proactive now. She started talking more and naughty language also. This could be because of drinks also. She said, tum muze aaj raat bhar chodana (you can fuck me whole night tonight).

I said we are here for love, romance and sex only. Then she held my dick and said, I love this one, very sexy. We got on the bed, both nude. We continued watching porns on the laptop. We started following sex scenes in the movie and following them. It was great fun. That time she got a call from her husband.

She said I am all alone here at home, getting bored, missing you a lot etc. While she was talking to him, I was slowly fingering her. She concluded her call quickly and started focusing on me. She said my husband is a boring person, abhi kabab me haddi ban raha tha etc. Then I fucked her four times during the night with intervals and sleeps in between.

In the morning we got up very late, around 10 am. We got fresh and had coffee. Then I ordered breakfast in the room itself. After breakfast, we were relaxing and talking in general. Vini said I am feeling like this is my first honeymoon and I am happy about this. Then she came and hugged me and started crying keeping her head on my shoulder.

I was wondering why she is crying. Then she said, sorry I got little emotional because I never got such love from my husband. Then she said, can I consider you as my secret husband. I said, let us be friends only. You can ask my company whenever you need. We will keep our secret relation for ever. She said ok.

Later we had to bathe together and enjoyed many things in the bathroom also. We had this dating for a week. She didn’t want to use any protection. Although we did directly everything, I told her to take pills for pregnancy protection. I said let us enjoy first our secret romance like this. When you are fully satisfied, then you plan such outing with your husband also.

She said what about having baby. I said let us enjoy like this for some time. Then we will plan for that. This secret relation continued for about six months. We both enjoyed a lot. Then her husband got a transfer to Delhi. She was very upset to miss me. Then she said now you have to make me pregnant.

I want to have your baby. Initially, her husband went to Delhi for 3-4 weeks to join in the new company and settle down properly. During that time, she was here only. Before he left for Delhi, I told her to go for outing with him and do full sex for 2-3 days with him with the intention to get pregnant. She did that.

When he left for Delhi, then she was alone again. During this time we decide for her pregnancy. Incidentally, that was her unsafe period as well. We again went for 10 days dating to a different place. This time we lived like husband wife. Full sex without any protection. When we came back from dating, she was still sleeping with me in the night at my apartment.

Later her husband came and they got shifted to Delhi with all luggage. After a couple of months, she called me and said, thank you Sanjay for all the help. She said now her husband is also happy that he will be a proud dad. Now she is a mother and they have a happy family.

The End.

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Vinay Having Sexciting Affair With Married Girl Vinita - I

Hi Human Digest readers, I had a friend, Vinay. We stayed in the same building. We were doing car-pooling for going to the office. Our offices were in the same IT Park, although we were working for different companies. Vinay is married for last 5 years, no kids yet. We used to share information about our work, families, relatives and in general.

I was staying alone since my family was in another city. He and his wife were staying together. We used to go to each other’s house and even movies, parties together. I became a part of their family as such. His wife, Vinita, used to call me Sanju Bhaiya.

Slowly I learned that they were not very happy in their married life since they had a problem in getting a kid. They were blaming each other for this. One day Vinay told me about this and I suggested him to go to the doctor and get advice. He was refusing for that and was blaming his wife.

When Vinay is not at home, Vinita used to become sad and sometimes used to express her unhappiness to me since I was close to their family. One day I asked Vinita. Can you tell me what the real problem is? She said, how can I tell you that, you are like my brother. I said that’s why I am asking so that I can suggest something.

Then she told me about his weakness at bedtime and then he blames me for not having kid etc. I said you can take him to doctor, there is a treatment available for male as well as a female in such cases. She said she is tired of telling him, he gets irritated and shouts at me etc. I asked her, then what do you think is the solution.

She said, sometimes I feel I should take divorce and go. I said that can spoil your life and his too. Then she cried and said what I should do then. I am sick of this life now. Then I just made a comment, why don’t you look for external help. She said, what help. I said if you are sure that Vinay is weak and he is still expecting you to get pregnant, then you can do that with external help.

She was surprised to hear that. She said, you mean someone else’s baby. I said, why not. That will solve your problem and his too. She said, no no, this is not good. What if he comes to know about it. I said, either you be sad for ever like this or go for a new option. The choice is yours. Then she went inside. She got tea for me and said, how is it possible? Who can help?

I said I am strong enough. I have kids also, so I am certified male. She laughed and said, but you are my brother. I said I am not your blood brother, you can consider me as a friend also. She smiled and said I can’t believe this. I need time to think about it. I said you take your time and let me know when you think you are ready.

Then a couple of weeks went in silence on this topic. Vinay had to travel abroad for office work for one month. Vinita and I went to Airport to see him off. While coming back, I asked her, did you think over my suggestion. Usane muze ek aankh mari aur boli, not a bad idea. Then I hold her hand in my hand and gave a gentle kiss on her hand and said, thanks Vinita. She smiled.

I said, now you are alone for a month and me too. Are you willing to spend your personal time with me for a week as a trial and see how you feel? She asked me what you thinking. I said we can go out for dating for a week, just you and me. She smiled and said, ok let’s try.

We reached home. She went to her home and me to mine. I didn’t push her much and wanted to give her space. Then I made some booking in Coorg (hill station near Mysore) for next one week starting Friday, which was two days later. I kept some gap so that she decides on her own and participates than because of my push. I called and told her about the booking.

She said I will be ready on Friday morning. I didn’t disturb her for next two days till Friday. Then Friday morning, we both started to travel by my car. I told her that now you are my gal friend, open your mind and enjoy your freedom. She said ok dear. On the way, I stopped at one place little off the road and kissed her. She also responded positively.

I pressed her boobs and touched her pussy also. She stopped me and said, are you going to do everything here or we are going to Coorg. Then I controlled myself and continued the journey. During car journey, I started talking naughty things with her using sexy words. She was fine with that. She asked me, why you suggested me for an extra affair like this, I am a married gal etc.

I said I just want to help you and your family. You are a beautiful gal and I feel bad when I see you dissatisfied and unrest in your life. You deserve a better life and more fun. She pinched my chick and said you are a too good man. Every gal or married woman would like to have a special man like you in their personal life. Why should only men enjoy life, etc?

We reached Coorg by lunch time. We checked into our room, kept the luggage and I pulled her close to me, hugged her tight and gave a big kiss on her lips and said I love you, darling. She also kissed me and said I love you Sanju. Then we both got fresh and went to the restaurant for lunch. I told her to order food and I ordered some drinks too.

When I asked her for drinks, she said, I have never taken this, you can take. Then I said, now we are on special honeymoon, I want you to enjoy everything with me. Then she also took drinks with my first time. After lunch, we sat near swimming pool for some time and relaxed. She said this is a really unique experience for me like this.

Then we went to our room. I again pushed her to the wall and gave a nice long kiss. I said, honey, now we are here as lovers, you can be as naughty as possible and fulfill all your romantic and sexual desires with me. I said I want to see your natural beauty now. She said you are already looking at me closely. I said I want to see your full nude now.

She said, no yaar, I feel very shy. I said you are my gal friend and lover now, you don’t look good in a dress. Then I started pulling her top out, she was hesitating with shyness but then she allowed. Then I removed her bra too. Then I grabbed her 34 size solid balls and started sucking them. She was enjoying it. Then I pulled down her bottom also and made her fully nude.

She was hairy. I caressed her pussy hair and rubbed her pussy and put one finger inside to excite her. She was already wet. Then I pushed her on the sofa. I removed my clothes and got full nude. She looked at my hard dick and said yaar you have a big one. Your wife must be very happy. I said now it’s yours, you can enjoy with it fully. She touched it and started caressing.

Then I got on top of her and started kissing her top to bottom. I also licked her pussy a lot to make her damn horny. Then we did foreplay in 69 position for a long time. She said I have never done like this before. You are too good etc. Then we took some break.

To Be Continued...

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