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Rasheeda Enjoying Sex With Brother-In-Law And Sister-In-Law

I have been reading HD for a long time and it was a good collection of experiences of people. It gives us besides entertainment, lessons for leading a safe life. I learnt a lot of things reading various accounts of people whether real of fantasy. Let me tell you my story. For the purpose of this recount I am mentioning my name as Rasheeda.

I got married at a young age of 16 when I was in the tenth standard. My sexual experiences on the first two three days were very painful. But other ladies consoled me that it will be enjoyable afterwards. Just as I was getting enjoyment, my husband left for his job in gulf. He was rich and sent me plenty of money and asked me to continue my studies.

But my inlaws were not happy that I go to school or college when they work in the kitchen. I moved to my own house, but my parents told me tactfully that as a married girl I have to stay in my husbands place and not in her own house with her parents. Of course casual visits are ok. but shifting residence permanently was not favoured by them.

I told this to my husband he was quite understanding. He said I can move to a flat in the city, a luxury flat, fully furnished. He made arrangements to buy a flat and the flat was bought in my name. My in laws were not happy. My husband instead of repairing and making his own house modern, had gone to buy a flat for his wife. This was a talking matter in the household circles.

My husband told me not to worry, just pick up your articles and move into the new flat. He asked his brother and sister who were college going also to go with me and stay in the flat. They were all of my age, I was happy that if they come I will have company. My husband asked me to engage a house keeper who will keep the house clean and cook food for all of us.

We had three a/c bedrooms and we three occupied these three bedrooms. I also joined the school to continue my studies. My husband's brother, Kadar, elder to me by one year, was in the college. We used to sit in the study room along with his sister, Rasia. to study. He had a laptop, gifted to him by my husband.

Since he was in the degree class he needed it to do his projects and to write reports etc. He finished his studies and used to watch films in his laptop. If it is a good film, he used to call Rasia and me to watch along with him. Rasia was a beautiful girl, with good features.

Though she too was of my age her marriage is agreed to take place but was delayed because the boy in Kuwait could not get leave. She used to come and sit with me and talk in my bedroom and many times the subject used to be sex. Rasia told me that she lost her virginity about a year back. I asked her who took her virginity, she was shy and said she will tell later.

She told me it was painful initially but she enjoyed later. I asked her for how long she enjoyed sex. She said she will tell later. I thought I will information from her bit by bit. After a few months, Rasia and me came out of the school and we were getting ready to enter college. Kadar, kept minimum contact with me except while taking food or while watching video in is laptop.

One day, I think it was on a Friday night, the following two days were holidays, we sat in the study room to watch his laptop film. While scanning over various channels his finger touched a channel which was a pornographic channel. Rasia urged Kader not to change it and but allow it to continue so that we may watch.

I had not watched such channels before and hence I was inquisitive. It was an English channel and what I saw was shocking. But Kader and Rasia were enjoying passing occasional comments. I was surprised that brother and sister were watching a porno channel together and they way they talked,

I got an impression that they have been watching such channels together in the past. Because I did not have sex for a long time, my heartbeet increased and my breathing became faster. Suddenly Rasia got up and went to her brother, unzipped his pant, took out his cock and kneeled on the floor and started to kiss the cock and took it in her mouth.

It seemed neither Kader or Rasia bothered about my presence in the room. Rasia removed the t shirt of Kader and pulled his pant down and made him nude while sucking his cock. Kader slowly undressed Rasia, removed her blouse, and the skirt. She was in her bra and panty.

He removed her bra and her boobs were exposed. I had the scene in the computer monitor to watch and then the real drama taking place in front of me. Both the hands of Kader were playing with the boobs of Rasia. They were well shaped and the nipple was erect and swollen. We had two bright LED lights in the room and they knew that I am watching whatever they were doing.

May be they are trying to make me also to participate so that all three will play the game of sex. Rasia removed her panty and her clean shaven pussy was wet and gleaming. Kader pulled back his cock from her mouth and made her to stand with one leg raised and placed on the chair. He sat on the floor and buried his face in her pussy and his tongue was searching for her clitoris.

Rasia looked at me and smiled. She then signalled me to undress and come closer. I was highly provoked. I could see that Rasia and Kadar are enjoying the act. I slowly undressed and stood in my bra and panty. Rasia hold Kader something and Kader just turned back and saw me standing in my bra and panty.

He left Rasia and came back smiling and unhooked my bra and took my nipples in his mouth. I could not resist. I saw how much Rasia was enjoying the acts of Kadar on her. Kader was squeezing my one boob and sucking the nipple of the other boob. His cock long and stout was standing erect. Kadar took my hand and placed it on his cock.

Rasia, closed the laptop, asked us to follow her and we all three moved into her bedroom. I saw the cock of Kadar moving up and down like a spring action. Kader was holding both my boobs and we both walked slowly. All three of us were naked and were not shy of each other, all of us were very much aroused. Rasia lied in the bed and asked Kader to fuck her.

She asked me to sit on her face, facing him so that she may lick my cunt, and Kader while keeping his cock in her pussy may continue to press my boobs. The plan of Rasia was wonderful, but I was wondering how it can be executed. I told Rasia to have her share of sex fully and then I will join till then I will just watch.

Rasia opened her legs for her brother and he lied on her and holding his cock in one hand he rubbed it tip on her cunt opening and drew it bottom to top two or three times. He located her fuck hole and then placed his cock at the entrance and pressed it in. Kader could make his cock enter her cunt slowly because the hole was very tight. He pulled back and again pressed it in.

Rasia winced in pain, but slowly relief appeared in her face and when the cock was fully in she was happy and Kader kept it for a moment before he started to fuck. I had not seen a fucking scene so much in detail and after this I thought Kader will come to me and my chance will come. Suddenly I remembered about safe days and unsafe days etc.

I made my own calculations and concluded I am in safe period. Hence if he fucks without any precaution, there is nothing to worry about pregnancy. Kader was a good fucker. After some time, he pulled back and asked Rasia to stand on her fours. He inserted his cock from behind her buttocks and it was a doggy style. Rasia was moaning out of pleasure.

Her ample boobs were hanging and moving forward and backwards with each push by Kadar. I had free flow of juice from my pussy. I remembered I had removed my public hair about a week back. There is no time now. Kader again changed the pose he lied in the bed and made Rasia to sit on him. She took his cock and inserted into her cunt and sat on it.

It went comfortably in and she was happy fucking him from top. She moved so many movements, up and down, circulatory, and she was in control, she seemed to be enjoying the whole thing immensely. A brother and sister fucking infront of me, most pleasantly and fearlessly. They were not bothered about my watching them fucking.

Perhaps they wanted me see in what all ways sex can be made enjoyable. I was eager now to get fucked in all the poses now Rasia got fucked. Perhaps she too may join and make me enjoy more. The both reached orgasm. They gave our some gurgling sound from their throat and waiting for the entire process of squiting to be complete.

Happily Razia got up from the top of Kader and they both went to the attached bathroom and washed themselves up and dried their private parts with a towel and came back. Kader sat in a chair looking at me with his cock mellowed down but not smaller in size. Rasia went to kitchen and brought three glasses of some drink and gave us.

May be it will boost the energy of they both. She also sat to talk to me. She told me that it was Kader who broke her seal and was fucking her regularly, but of course with proper precaution. They wanted to tell me and invite me to their show but were not sure whether I will agree. Time was already 10 pm. Rasia asked me whether I am in a mood to sex. She said we will just enjoy.

She may get married and go away. But Kadar will be here to give you maximum pleasure till your husband comes. Kader was just watching the talk of Rasia. Then Kadar came and took my hand and lead me to the bed. After I lied down in the bed, he put his hand on my pussy and told me whether he may shave my pussy. He said he will do it in five minutes. I said ok.

He went to the bathroom, brought his shaving set, and a mugful of water and started to apply lather on my pussy. Rasia told me that it was he who shaved her regularly. Between them they do it in the privacy of their room even in the day time. She said youth is to be enjoyed. She said it was difficult in a joint family. But here were enjoying it to the maximum. I was envy of her.

I lost many days and weeks without sex. Kader asked me to go and wash my pussy of the soap buds etc. I saw he had done a clean job. When I came back, he made me to lie down andapplied some after shave lotion and it was pleasant smelling. He opened the cunt lips and with his tongue he dug deep into my fuck hole and then touched my clitoris.

An electric shock wave seemed to have passed through my body. His tongue played with my clitoris which was bulging and protruding forward. He could hold it with his lips and pull. I was so happy that I shuddered in pleasure. He fucked me with his tongue. His stiffened tongue went deep into my hole.

I was more than six months back that I had sex with my husband, now his brother is giving me the pleasure which I had lost all these days. He lied on me, supported by his elbos kissed me on my cheeks, on my boobs and then he kissed on my navel, on my pussy, on my mount, on my thighs. I was fully aroused and wanted his cock in my hole.

I turned my head and saw Rasia watching the porn movie in the laptop. I asked Kader to give me his cock for tasting. He smiled and gave me his cock. It was very stout and long and I could not take it in my mouth. I just kissed its head. and asked him to put it in my hole. I asked him to fuck me.

He made me open my legs wide and sat between my legs and took the flowing juice from my cunt and applied it on his cock and put the cock tip at the entrance of the hole and slowly pushed it in. My hole was so much stretched that it pained. He pulled his cock back, and put his two fingers in the hole and rotated so that the hole may get loosened.

His three fingers could go in easily. He put his cock and half of it went in easily. Then he pushed in and finally his entire cock was in. Tears were flowing down my eyes because of the intense pain. Rasia saw this came running, wiped the tears and kissed me on my cheeks and told me that the painwill be over soon. Kader slowly started fucking me.

He pulled back and slowly inserted,watching my face, again pulled back and pushed it in and gradually increased his speed. I started to feel the pleasure. My hand automatically went to my clitoris and rubbed it. Kader increased his speed and then pulled his cock back. he asked me to stand in doggy style and he fucked from behind.

The sound of his body hitting against my ass, pat pat resounded in the room. Rasia saw my boobs hanging. She came below me and tried to take my nipples in her mouth. I raised my body to a slanting position so that she may suck my nipples, while Kader fucked vigorously. The came my turn to ride him. He lied in the bed and I sat on him with my legs on his either side.

Rasia helped me to insert his cock into my cunt. She bent low and sucked my clitoris when his cock was fully inserted in my hole. She guided me to get maximum pleasure in this pose. She sat on the face of her brother and he sucked her clitoris. I made all movements so that his cock is pulled back and went deep into me.

I enjoyed every minute since it was just pleasure and nothing else. Finally it came like a bang. I mean my orgasm. The spasm gripped my vaginal muscles and I cried loudly. Kader also pumped his juices into me abundantly and I lied on him pressing my boobs on his chest. Rasia lied on me and rubbed her cunt on my ass.

Kader embraced both of us and we lied like that for a long time. It took time for the orgasmic spasms to die down. Rasia got up and then I got up and then Kader got up and we all three went to the bathroom. The juices of Rasia were flooding it covered my entire body. My own fluids and the fluids of Kader were on him.

We all took bath in naked condition and rubbed each other. We wiped each other with a dry towel and we three came out and put on our clothes. We planned our session for Saturday and Sunday in day and night. We went to our respective rooms and slept.

Do you want me to write about our holiday sessions and how Rasia got married and went with her husband. How my husband fucked me during his short holidays when he came for the marriage. After his going back how Kader and I lived in sex.

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Horny Guy Fucking Sexy Saali Mansi - II

Previously: Horny Guy Fucking Sexy Saali Mansi - I

Eventually we entered in the house and right after that Mansi just disappeared from my sight. As such I don’t have anything special to write what all happened in the night except this that throughout the night I was restless and awake till 5 in the morning.

I was with my wife and Mansi in the other bedroom with her mom and I continued coming out to the living room on regular intervals with a hope of finding her in solitude but Mansi did not came out and I just ended up with masturbation on her name.

Finally night ended and next day started and it was a week day. As per original plan last night while coming back I was suppose to drop my MIL and Mansi at their place but because of her mom's illness things were changed a bit and now Mansi was suppose to go to work directly from here and in the evening me and my wife had a plan to drop Mom home.

By the time I got ready to move out to go to my work, wearing simple Kurta with tight leggings more or less Mansi was also ready to go and I told her that I will drop her on metro station. Just a stare of two seconds with zero expressions and Mansi accepted with a tiny low voiced Ok.

Eventually we started from home and once again I had many things to say but just in few seconds of sitting in car Mansi was madly nervous. Looking at facial expressions for an instant I too got conscious and instinctively ended up asking her metro route from here till her work place and Mansi revealed the fact that first she has to go home to pick her laptop and after that she will to the office.

That was good; something instantly came in my mind and I told her that I will drop her home. Mansi tried avoiding that formally but because for me it was diversion of hardly 3 km from my way I easily won the argument. Mansi went silent and moved her face away and from me and while driving I started preparing myself for what I ultimately wanted to do with Mansi.

Just we two at her home, I just have to get myself invited for a coffee and I can fuck her. It was a golden opportunity and all the way I was preparing myself behaving shameless to ask her for the coffee. What if making some excuse she will say No? I cannot force her! I think I should wait for the right moment!

Eventually we reached to the destination and because throughout the way Mansi was nervous and reluctant even at looking at me, I changed my mind hardly one minute before reaching and decided to quit for the time being. Finally applying breaks at the edge of her street with a casual smile wished her bye and Mansi looked at me,

smiled very lightly and I think she was about say bye but gathering courage at the last moment she invited me upstairs. Fire was lit inside her body as well; I sensed that in her eyes when she asked me to come to the house and as I confirmed with "Sure?" and Mansi did not replied to my question and instantly moved her sight away from my face.

Next she was about to say something but before that I straight forward opened my intentions "I want to kiss you". Hearing that for an instant Mansi went nervous, her heart started pounding; I could clearly see that over her expressions and I was expecting that she will say no to it but she said "Ok" in barely audible voice. "Ok...I am coming" I replied and she went down.

Next I moved bit ahead to park the car at appropriate place and Mansi walked into the street. "Finally I did it!" as now nothing could stop me from fucking her I exclaimed I delight within me and as I saw her waiting for me at the entrance of stairs my cock reached to the height of being hard.

Mansi offered me to move ahead over the stairs but I insisted her to go first and looking at her lovely ass rising in front of my eyes for two floors by the time I entered in the house I was gone so crazy that I did not waited for her even to close the door.

Unlocking the door Mansi entered first and barely two steps and wrapping one arm around her waist from behind I turned her face and planted my lips over wet and soft lips. "ammm...pleassse... darwaza band karne do" Mansi pushed me hard and told me to let her close the door and as she closed the door I once again grabbed her from behind

and hard and rough this time my both the hands were over her luscious melons. They were huge and very soft and I squeezed them with all my passion and Mansi whimpered in delight. "Ohhh...mmm..Jija Ji kya kar rahen hain...please leave me" I have always insisted her to address me with my name but Mansi never did that and that instant hearing Jija Ji drove me

further crazy and kissing and licking nape of her neck I gasped in delight and unknowingly from her breasts my hands moved down to her belly and eventually landed over her pussy over the cloth.

"Ohhhh....Jija Ji...please... leave me..." she was burning over her crotch and with a touch of my hand over her pussy Mansi tried sitting down but holding her hard in my embrace I exclaimed in passion "Nooo....I want to fuck you". My cock hard against her ass and my hand over her pussy and next I rubbed my fingers over her cunt over the cloth and Mansi started fluttering erotically.

She was heavily aroused; since last night and in a moment of rubbing her fuckhole I felt her thighs shivering, as if she might cum and I release her. Mansi turned around, puffing and gasping with bit of sweat over her face and she looked at me with weird expressions "I am sorry...!"

I apologized instantly for my rough behavior and barely one second of looking at my face and moving ahead she hugged me hard. I realized my mistake and wrapping my arms around her back once again said sorry to her and finally kissed her deep and long.

"I want to fuck you" looking into her eyes I spoke out in low voice after breaking the kiss and moving her head in yes Mansi hummed to say yes. Next holding her wrist I took her to the bedroom and soon we both were on the bed. Crushing her under my massive weight l laid over Mansi and I kissed her like her true lover.

Wow finally she was laying under me, it was a dream come true in real sense and slowly I moved down to her neck and licked her smooth skin and Mansi started moaning in pleasure. Once again I squeezed her heavy melons bit roughly and this time Mansi enjoyed my hands over her soft mounds.

Slowly I moved further down to her waist and caressed her fleshy thighs and holding bed sheet in her fist Mansi groaned sexily. She was wearing tight leggings and next instant reaching to its elastic, slowly I took it out from her legs and laying straight with closed eyes Mansi started breathing heavy.

Pink in color with tiny flowers printed, her Panty was wet over her fuckhole and going close to her pussy with my hands but without touching her there I caressed her thick thighs sensually and kissed her knee and Mansi gasped loud while folding her legs inwards.

Next I got up and took off all my clothes while looking at her with a smile and seeing my hard cock Mansi went more nervous. Looking at her expressions for an instant I thought she is feeling that she has made a mistake by getting so liberal with me but it was too late now as after getting naked, in a moment I reached to her and started taking off her clothes.

Kurta, Bra and in the end Panty too and finally Mansi was also stark naked. Sagging freely her breast was amazingly huge and looking away she was trying hiding her hairy love hole from me. Next moving into her arms I caressed her soft mounds nicely and started sucking her long erect nipples and Mansi's breasts seemed getting heavier in excitement.

Initially she looked little uneasy but soon with low voiced moans Mansi was enjoying feeding me and pushing her on her back gradually I was once again laying over her top. I sucked her nipples like a hungry child and moaning and panting in pleasure she wrapped her arms around and started caressing my hairs.

After ample sucking of her both the melons I once again kissed her and this time Mansi responded to my kiss very well. Till then while I was kissing her she was just sucking my lips lightly but this time as I invaded her mouth with my tongue she did same and releasing our saliva we explored each other's mouth deeply.

"I really love you" I spoke while looking into her eyes closely and feeling shy Mansi closed her eyes. Mentally she was ready to get fucked, I was also hard like never before and lifting my lower body bit up I widened her thighs with my knees and Mansi opened her eyes.

Looking into her eyes with a smile I caressed her cheek tenderly and adjusted my crotch over her groin and she once again clenched her eyes. Next holding my hard cock I rubbed her pussy to locate her exact opening and Mansi went restless.

"Mansi I love you...I love you...I Love..." my cock tip was moving over her love opening and with a rising passion in my voice I plunged her hard with rapid thrust. “Ahhh…." I moaned in delight with a silent hummm...Mansi just swallowed her saliva while feeling real pleasure of being a woman.

Wow ! anyhow I can’t write that pleasurable moment in any language, Mansi was too hot and wet at her fuckhole and burring my entire length in her damp fuckhole I stayed unmoved for a few seconds, just to feel the heat of her womb and suddenly with a silent puff her belly shuddered erotically.

"Mansi look at me...." her eyes were still closed and I told her to look at me and she did that "You are mine...tum meri ho..." and saying that I started fucking her with deep screwing thrusts and with an erotic gasp Mansi grabbed me harder. I lunged deep, stroking quickly in and out of her pleasure hole,

making her whole body jerk and snap with my thrusts and her melons started jiggling with my fucking strokes. Wow; eyes shut, mouth open Mansi was looking beautiful while enjoying getting fucked and I further leaned over her and holding one of her fleshy milks tried to suck her hard nipples and with a soft moan Mansi started digging her fingers into my shoulders.

I sucked her melons, kissed her, licked her face and entire neck while fucking her and Mansi went on getting crazier with every passing moment. I was nevertheless excited, why not? She was dream fuck and looking her facial expressions with every thrust in her fuck hole,

I felt a new sensation running through my body and just in few minutes that sensation made me lose my control over myself and I began pumping her rapidly and Mansi went further bizarre with that change in pace. Her low delightful moans turned into desperate gasps and within few more seconds I went further out of my control and increased the pace further high,

going faster and faster I started fucking her with deep screwing thrusts and for an instant stood still, possibly with a thought of trying delaying my climax but Mansi went mad with that pause; by now she was reached to the point of no returned and she held me hard in her arms and thighs while gasping and murmured “ahhh….karo karo karo…tez karo” and I started again.

Banging myself against her with all my passion I ram fucked Mansi for few more seconds and Mansi went through violent orgasm. Clenching her hot fuckhole against my crotch she somewhat crushed me in her arms and thighs and next instant with an intense gasp her entire body trembled erotically.

By now my own climax was gone irrepressible and I screamed and exploded with a shudder and squeezing my ass spewed out my white sticky cum deep inside her pleasure hole. Tired and completely exhausted tied in each other's arms we were sweating heavily and for next two three minutes we just remained like that.

Eventually I slipped out of her pussy and moved aside and looked at her and her eyes were still closed. Next I got up over my elbow and touched her face tenderly and she looked at me with strange expressions. “I love you…” I spoke and she replied back with same but in very low and timid voice.

I knew she was guilty and I told her to relax as we have not done anything wrong “Relax….humne kuch galat nahi kiya hai…” “I have cheated my real sister…aur aap kah rah ho ki humne kuch galat nahi kiya?” she replied back bit sarcastic and unconsciously I was prepared for that

“Yess… we have not done anything wrong ….we both love each other and sex is a only way we can express that love…” I replied and before Mansi would have countered to my words I came up saying that I love her sister too “main Chetna se bhi pyar karta hun….” and right after that to end the discussion I asked her if she will have coffee “Coffee piyoge?”

It was her house and she said she will prepare “Main bana ke lati hun...” and I denied and said that I will make and requested her that by the time I make coffee she remove her pussy hairs “Nahin main banaunga...aur jab tak main coffee lekar aata hun aap ye hairs clean kar low”

and Mansi tried a lot to hide her smile but ultimately failed and I grabbed that opportunity to stir her emotionally with my words and came out saying that I want to see her smiling like this “bus mujhe aise ho aapko hanste hue dekna hai”.

Well that’s how it all started and readers can easily guess what would have happened next, it was nothing except sex. Still if try briefing my rest of day with Mansi I would say more or less by the time I came back to the bedroom with coffee Mansi was clean shaven over her fuckhole and as she was feeling uneasy in being naked while having coffee I told her to wear my shirt.

Panty and no bra and she were looking so sexy in my shirt that before I would have ended up my coffee I was hard again. Next right after having Coffee I curdled her into my arms and had few words with her to convince her she should look forward to live happy and sex is a basic need of being happy.

Bit more; what we are doing is wrong in Society’s perspective but I don’t care about this society and I love both; she and her sister. In the end I won’t say Mansi was convinced with whatever I said but this is sure that she was in desperate need of sex since long and for the time being suppressing her emotions and ethics she had best time of her life with me.

Once again I started with a kiss and while exploring her mouth unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing. After bit of breast sucking I moved down to her crotch for the purpose I got her clean shaved and licking her entire body on the way as I dived down into her cunt Mansi jumped in ecstasy and tried stopping me from doing that nasty act

“Jija Ji…please….. kya kar rahe ho…please don’t do that…I don’t like all this”. But I did not stopped and sucked her hard for really long; till I saw her rising to her climax and eventually asked her to turn around to get on her four. By now Mansi was turned on and facing away in doggy posture she herself brought my Cock to her opening and in the end impaled her big ass over my crotch.

“Ahhh…..” “Hmm…” I slipped inside her and we both moaned in intense pleasure. Wow she was amazing from behind too and in a moment holding her waist I started pulling her back and forward over my crotch and soon Mansi coordinated and impaled herself to get me deeper we both started grunting in pleasure in good volume.

Gradually excitement rose higher and digging my fingers into soft flesh of her ass I started rocking her back and forward faster and went crazy over hot clamp of her fuckhole. "Mm... you're mine, Mansi, all mine…tum meri ho bus meri…!” I murmured in rising excitement and my words aroused her,

she turned to see me fucking her from behind and got fascinated and moaned bit louder in enormous pleasure. Wow…it was pure bliss, although the posture in which I was fucking her was not easy to retain, Mansi was very fleshy over her ass and my knees were bit bent while invading her fuckhole,

not only that my back was also aching a bit but I was enjoying and holding her thick waist I continued screwing Mansi with thrilling control and Mansi also continued moaning in delight. Eventually dam inside me seemed breaking and my fucking pace went higher,

soon I stood up on my feet and started screwing her hard and fast with my enhanced pace Mansi too went crazy and just in few seconds her entire body started shivering weirdly. Her ass, her thighs, her waist; suddenly her entire body went through electrifying jerks and she collapsed on the bed.

I was riding over her fast and I too fell over her but luckily somehow I remained inside her and managed to plunge her 2-3 more times and Mansi pinnacled fascinatingly. She was flat over her belly with wide open legs, me too flat over her with my cock in her and her fuckhole spammed over my cock and clenching bed sheet in her fist Mansi cried in real ecstasy.

I too banged my climax and once again released my seed inside her womb. That was second fuck with in hour’s span and by now we didn’t had any strength to go to our work and we both called at our work place for the day off. After that we spent some quality time with each other and later had lunch together.

After lunch we had short nap while watching TV and later somewhere around 4 we once again fucked and this I took Mansi over my top and back and forward, up and down, she rode over me until we both climaxed. Finally we were so dead that we could not think of fucking again and somewhere around 5 we once again had coffee,

but outside and later I met her again in the night and had dinner together when I came back to her place to leave her Mom. At present we are trying to get Mansi divorced from her husband but it seems it will take long.

Mom is looking forward for her second marriage obviously after her divorce but Mansi is not intended for that. We are fucking regularly, almost once a week and every time after having sex Mansi feel guilty but later after 7-8 days sometimes after 10 days say yes for the sex.

The End.

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Horny Guy Fucking Sexy Saali Mansi - I

I believe there is no male on this planet who is not sexually attracted; before marriage to his Bhabhi and after marriage to his Sali but I am one of those lucky bustards who has fucked his Bhabhi as well as Sali.

Though I am an only child of my parents and female whom I use to address Bhabhi was actually my cousin brother’s wife who was living alone here and Bhaiya was gone abroad from more than a year. That time I was 21-22, doing 2nd year of my graduation and I was somewhat seduced by my 28 years old Bhabhi.

Anyway it was happened long time back and I will try writing that too but right now sex experience I am penning down is about fucking my Sali. Mansi is my wife’s elder sister, nearly six years elder to my wife and around three years to me. Truly speaking friends for me Fucking Mansi was actually a dream come true.

After having beautiful sex relation with my Bhabhi for around two years I was turned into a horny male and after around five years from my last sex with my Bhabhi when I got fixed for marriage and I saw and met Mansi for the first time I got madly attracted to her.

Mansi is a mysterious female with reserved nature and has some sort of magnetism in her over all gesture that since I was married to Chetna (my wife), I wanted to get close to her but she always tried maintaining distance with me and it was sheer luck that ultimately I succeeded in making all that happen.

While talking about Mansi's personal life I would say initially, when I got married to my wife apparently everything was ok but barely after an year of my marriage one day suddenly Mansi left her husband's house and started living with her mom (Dad already expired). That time her marriage was nearly seven years old but no child.

Initially my wife tried avoided talking to me about her personal life but later disclosed the fact that almost from the beginning of her marriage Mansi was going through domestic violence. Her husband was not only cruel drunkard but also very greedy and use to ask her to get money from her mom on regular intervals.

Many times they fought with each other and compromised too and since then Mansi was trying adjusting with that man because she did not wanted to put her mom in mental stress but after an extent when she could not take it anymore leaving that man for once and for all she came back home.

Now if I will talk about Mansi’s facial and physical appearance I won’t say she is fair and extremely beautiful, rather she is little dusky and average looking female but in my perspective she has a very seductive body. She is short and not at all slender but she is not fat either, Yes she has a belly with lot of flesh over her arms and thighs,

her ass is ample and protruding out of her body erotically which make me stare at her bottom again and again. Her milks are extra ordinarily big in proportion of her body which including mine takes instant attention of every male coming across her. I must mention that for me most appealing factor in Mansi is her reserved nature, she speaks very less and has a mysterious gesture;

from her expressions you cannot judge what is she thinking and that is why I was always keen to get friendlier with her. Anyway whatever happened with Mansi was awful but it started subsiding as she started working and living freely and I too came in better touch with her as compared to past.

I can say it is my filthy mind that to arouse myself I often assume things regarding females coming across me in aspect of sex; fucking them in imaginary situations and the day Mansi got separated from her husband and got bit more connected with me I started fantasizing that I am fucking her in different circumstances;

like me and she are alone at home and she is asking me to fuck her and putting her on her four I am fucking her hard from behind. Well initially it was just a dream and I never gave thought about trying making it real but since she was separated from her husband I always tried my best to remain connected to her,

many times I abruptly planned movies for three of us and always tried to make her laugh with my witty jokes whenever we met live. Slowly Mansi started talking to me bit freely and I believe she started considering me her friend. I was happy with the gradual change in her attitude for me and this enhancement of freeness from her side worsened my restlessness to fuck her

and instead of my day dreams I started thinking about fucking her in real life. Many times I thought about giving her some indirect hint but ultimately I failed to dare. As she was a mysterious female and I could not guess what would be her reaction and it could break my marriage.

Gradually little more than year passed in dreams and desires and my attraction for Mansi did not seemed ending, whenever I met her either I ended my day by masturbating on her name or I fucked my wife fantasizing Mansi. Eventually god listened to my prayers and a day came when my restless ended and we fucked and we fucked till we did not collapse because of weakness.

It was end of winters and summers were yet not up, weather was pleasant and we all; me, my wife, my mother in law and Mansi were suppose to attend one marriage in nearby town. Mansi and my MIL were here at my place a night before, so that we can leave early in the morning by road and late night unexpectedly my mother in law denied going.

As she was BP and Diabetes patient suddenly she started suffering from anxiety and we took her to nearby doctor. Matter was not serious and apart from adding one more tablet to her regular medicine Doctor prescribed her to sleep sound and restricted to travel.

For an instant we thought about cancelling the travel but my MIL disagreed and insisted me and my wife to go and visit the marriage. My wife was nevertheless stubborn and she was not ready to leave her mom in this state even for a minute and next my mother in law asked me how if I and Mansi would go and feeling eternal pleasure I said yes to it if it is accepted everyone.

Eventually our program got fixed and next morning everything ran according to plan and I and Mansi left the house somewhere around 6 in the morning with a hope of reaching back home somewhat passed to mid night.

Now here I would like to write down some portions of my conversation with Mansi which might bore some readers but whatever happened between me and Mansi it happened over our talk on the way and anyhow without giving this detail I cannot go ahead. So finally we started from home and I drove consistently and for little less than an hour we didn’t had much talk,

by now leaving main city behind I was reached to the highway and car was running smooth and to begin I requested her to talk to me or I will sleep “Please kuch baat karo…nahi to main sow jaaunga” and our chitchat started. My job, her job, Hindi Movies, classical music, Ghazal, Hindi Poetry, in next one hour or may be more there was nothing which was left to discuss and I took a break from driving.

Since we were started somewhere deep inside I wanted to use this rare opportunity of being alone with her for so long, at least I wanted to express my eternal feelings to her; that I like her but I was scared, no other reason that it might disturb my marriage “kahin Saali ke chakkar mein gharwali bhi haath se na chali jaaye”.

Anyway we had tea and breakfast and throughout that span Mansi was more or less silent and in the end while starting again after breakfast I thought about exploring her emotions casually and opened by saying "Please don't mind …but even after a year you always look sad…please let the past go!" and Mansi looked at me with surprise,

may be because he was not expecting me speaking that and with a sarcastic smile she came out saying "ab jo hai wo hai...I can't do anything..." and I started making platform to express my feelings and came out saying that I wish I could do something to make her happy forever "I wish main kuch aisa kar pata jis se aap hamesha khush rahte..."

"Nobody can do that...moreover ab to mujhe depress rahna achha lagta hai" she said she likes feeling depress. That was very negative attitude and I took a way on road with car as well as on trying winning Mansi with words and came out saying "you know khush rahna easy bhI hai aur better bhi hai..." means Being happy is easy as well good.

Saying that as such I was not expecting anything special from Mansi but she had something to say which delighted me and gave me direction to fetch her emotions “Certainly agar mujhe bhi aapke jaisa husband milta to main bhi Khush rahti…per kya karun….meri Kismat hi kharab hai”

she looked at me while saying that with a tiny sarcastic smile and after a pause spoke that she is happy for her sister and I came out with bit of humor “Aap mujhe chane ke jhaad per chada rahe ho…” I used an idiom in Hindi ; praising someone and making him or her feel pompous and with a tiny smile Mansi came up saying that she is serious

“no! I am serious…I believe Chetna is one of the luckiest females of this world” and to continue my casual humor I spoke out weird “Aap bolo to main Chetna ko divorce dekar aapse shaadi kar leta hun” and like I knew my words shook her head and she looked at me with strange expression “Just joking…main bus aapko hasaane ki koshish kar raha tha”

thankfully she digested that kinky joke casually, she smiled but suddenly got emotional “…Aap to hamesha mujhe hasane ki koshish karte rahte ho…” she was already moved a bit with my concerned talk and after saying that I always try to make her laugh her eyes got mildly dewed.

She was getting emotional and it was good for me, even I was also bit poignant but more than that I was feeling aroused and for an instant I thought about saying straight forward that sex is a only way out of her loneliness but I failed to gather courage and ultimately came out with a long and touching statement about my feelings for her

“You know…the day I saw you first time I was attracted to you…I don’t know what! but you have something…which keeps me emotionally involved with you and I always want to see you happy…” with that virtually I was almost done with whatever I ultimately wanted to say and in the end just to be on safe side requested her not to take my words in wrong sense

“Please don’t take it otherwise” and she smiled, knobbed her head in no and ultimately while blushing came out with a low voiced thank you. Apparently I was fine deep inside I was jumping in delight, that she has absorbed this fact that I am attracted to her and I continued and came out with another uncanny statement

“Certainly agar uss time mere pass option hota to... saying NO to Chetna I would have proposed YOU for the marriage”. For an instant my words surprised her but ultimately she digested that too and repeated my idiom “Ab aap mujhe chane ke jhaad per chada rahe ho…” and this time I said that I am serious “No I am serious….” and with that we both looked into each other’s eyes.

I smiled but Mansi got uneasy over her expressions and turned her face and started looking out of the window. “I am Sorry…” to be safe I apologized and turning her she looked back to say something; may be just “it’s OK” but she failed to resist herself from getting dewed over her eyes and once again turned her face away to hide her tears.

Hardly 15 Km, by now we were reached close to the destination and sensing her delicate state I did not spoke anything afterwards, I just drove and drove and entered in the city after bit of search ultimately reached to the destination.

As such I don’t have much to write over what happened next until after attending the function we started again to go back home in the night still I would say because I hardly knew anybody among relatives most of the time I was sitting alone and Mansi was coming to me on regular intervals to ask me; if I need this or I need that and because of her changed attire;

decent Lehenga Choli, sexually I was getting more and more aroused. Lost in my imaginary world throughout the time I looked at Mansi moving around and as she had a lovely ass; thick and erotically spread, doggy style was the only posture I wanted to imagine with her.

Anyway finally somewhere around 10 in the night we once again started from there and to begin right after reaching to the highway I gave her compliment that she is looking beautiful in this attire. Mansi thanked me but over her expressions I saw that she is trying to avoid looking at me.

Mentally prepared by now I had many things to say to reveal my feelings but I could not decide how to begin to make it safe. Above that I was realizing that after my statement that if I will be having option instead of her sister I would have married her, Mansi was gone silent and in this confusion whether I should say something or not, with music I covered half the distance.

Apparently we both were fine but deep inside we were going through shuffle; at least me and finally I broke the silence and asked her if we can take a break for a cup of tea and Mansi said yes to it with a formal smile. I stopped the car outside small Dhaba and instead of getting down and sitting in the shade I ordered tea in the car.

It was yet not midnight and in next 15-20 minutes we were up with having tea and just before starting again cursing myself I sarcastically came up saying that instead of cheering her up I have ended up in increasing her depression “Main aapko khush karna chahta tha per maine aapko aur bhi jyada depress kar diya” and knobbing her head Mansi disagreed

“Nahin…aesi koi baat nahin hai…aapne kuch nahin kiya…I told you… I really like being depressed" “But want to see you Happy…” I spoke and tried looking into her eyes continuously. For an instant Mansi blushed while moving her vision down but don't know how next instant she reverted back with a stare into my eyes,

maybe she was trying reading my mindset and I believe it was hardly five seconds of just looking into each other’s eyes and her eyes once again got dewed. Unconsciously by now I was also reached to the edge where I could not suppress my lust and I really don’t know how it came in my mind and I came up saying that she can do my complaint to Chetna

“Aap chaho to Chetna se meri shikayat kar dena…” and before Mansi would have understood what does that mean or why I said that I moved ahead and kissed over her lips lightly. That was shocking; not just for Mansi but for me too. I don't know how I did that, it was just a moment, I dared and I did it without thinking about its consequence.

After touching her lips with mine next I did not looked at Mansi again and giving a start to the car came to the highway and looking straight continued driving. Many times Mansi looked sideways to see me but eyes on road I retained my face straight. I was feeling delighted over what I did but somewhere I was scared too. What will happen if she will tell all this to my wife?

And what will happen if she will not? And lost in assumptions I just drove and drove and finally entered in the city and also reached home without speaking even a word. I stopped the car in front of the gate of my house and looked around and there was nobody, not even watchman and looking at Mansi I requested her to tell me first if she is going to complain Chetna

"Agar aap Chetna ko meri shikayat karne wale ho to please mujhe pahle batta do". Looking down Mansi did not replied for few seconds and in the end without saying a word moved her head no. I already knew that; in last few hours of silent driving, sensing Mansi's emotional mind state I had strong intuition that Mansi will not say anything to my wife in this concern and now

I was thinking what to next and lifting her chin tenderly I made her look up; into my eyes and asked her why she is not complaining "aap kyun..nahi kar rahe meri shikayat..." and once again she moved her vision away and replied back with "I don't know".

Lust or emotions; whatever it was, unintentionally with Mansi I was also flowing in that and once again lifting her chin and making Mansi look up into my eyes spoke out "aapko nahin patta... per mujhe patta hai" means you don't know but I know and after a pause told her exact reason why she is not complaining my wife for what I did "because you love me".

Hearing that this time Mansi did not moved her sight away, for few seconds she looked into my eyes and in a low timid voice came out saying "this is wrong...I can't do that" "but I don't care..." I replied back and next giving her no time to think, not even a moment I moved over her again and holding her face in my hands kissed her again.

This time I did not touched her lips with mine, rather I sucked them nicely and Mansi went through significant shiver down to her spine. She did not responded back to my kiss, also she pushed me to stop me but I did not stopped, I just continued eating her lips softly and finally Mansi lost control over her and kissed me back timidly.

She was soft and very delicious and her tiny timorous response drove me high and I kissed her fanatically. For few seconds Mansi responded to my passionate kiss nicely but soon she realized her mistake and pushed me hard and broke the kiss.

"This is wrong..." looking into my eyes her voice was firm but it barely effected me and next instant I kissed her entire face and once again before she would have reacted over that locked her lips with mine and kissed her deep.

Certainly initially Mansi tried stopping me but apart from pushing me she was also kissing me back and I just went on going and in a minute or may be less she stopped protesting and wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed and we kissed like we never kissed our wedded partners, deep and long,

leaving our saliva in each other’s mouth we sucked each other’s tongue like crazy lovers and in the end stopped when my phone rang. It was none other than my wife, fortunately she did not came to balcony unless she would have seen us kissing clearly. Anyway I told her that we have just reached and in a minute we will be in the house.

To Be Continued...

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Akash Fucking Pillion Rider Surabhi

When I Akash go to college I used to find Surabhi waiting at the bus stop. I stop the bike a little ahead and look back and I find Surabhi coming to me fast and get on to the pillion. After about 5 minutes ride and after about 10 times her body hits me we would the college and go for our respective classes. The fun is no talk, Surabhi will no talk not even open her mouth.

I do it as a ritual. I like carrying her and she likes riding with me. Weeks passed and even months passed. Surabhi will be late, I know, because she is the main player in our Art show. She will be main singer, and dancer. She participates in every item. But there will be nobody to witness any of her items. I watch faithfully all her item.

She will hold a big bag and ask me to hold it. They are the dresses discarded after each item. Because there is nobody she can trust she brought me all this stuff. Shall I arrange it nicely so that it will not bulge so much. Yes, please was the reply. I went to an empty class room, spread the item one by one on the table and folded it neatly and stacked.

There were her undergarments, wet in some places, I pul them all together stacked. When all of them were stuffed in the bag it was only half the previous size. Time was 9,30 there is only item left for her to participate. That may be prize winning item. Last item. There was a big applause. She won the prize. The guest spoke highly of her. It was a big cup. She brought it to me.

Ass gleeming. She was all smiles. A very proud moment. I was inside the class room in the darkess. she came and hugged me and kissed me. She was in her costume, bare legs protruding boobs, Underware not suffciently covering her ass. all shining clothes. She said she will go to the rest room and come.

People were are fast disbursing, by foot and by cars, within five minutes the hall was empty. Surabhi came. But she wanted to remove all the gleaming clothes and wear her usual clothes. There was no light in the class room. I told her change here, let us go home fast. She took another smal bag where she had kept her regular dress.

She removed her dance dress one by one gave me. I folded it neatly. She removed her top dress and gave me. Her nice boobs were out naked. She took a bra from her bag and wore it. She removed her pyjama and gave it to me. Her shining legs and panty were seen. I folded her pyjama. She removed her panty. I saw her hairless pussy. She gave me her panty.

I noticed it was wet in some places. She was seaching for a panty it was not found. She was standing only on her bra. I offered my help to search for a panty from her bag. There was no space to stand. When I bent before her I could get the smell from her pussy. Ok, Get me the old panty. I again searched for it in the other bag. I kept it inside no but it just do not come to my hand.

OK OK I will put on my churidar she said and put on her churidar and kurtha without panty I packed everying in the big bag and started home. Her bag was hung in the front, she sat in the pillion with legs on either side and I started the bike. She hugged me tightly pressing her boobs against my back. I put my right hand behind and I could feel her pussy, clean shaven pussy.

The dream hole of everyboy in the college. She did not object, she did not push back my hand, because her both hands are hugging me. Her home was totally dark. She had hid the key under a flower pot and she opened the door and went inside and switched on the light. I carried her bags inside. She said she will make me a tea. I waited.

She went to the kitchen and I followed her. Her people have gone for some marriage and will come only in the morning. I hugged her in the kitchen. squeezing her boobs. We both were aroused. My cock was poking her ass when she leaned to make tea.

After making tea and before pouring it in the cups I stopped her and removed her kurtha, I unhooked her bra and her boobs were bare. My mouth on her nipple made her to moan. With my hands I squeesed her melons, oh it was heaven. Tea will get cold, she said. Let it I said. I pulled her churidar down and lo no panty. Her hairless pussy was gleaming.

I kneeled on the floor and licked her pussy. She lifted her foot and kept it on the stool. Her pussy was wide open. My tongue searched for her tiny clitoris and licked it hard. Surabhi was crying and moaning with pleasure. zI got up and poked my cock into her cunt. Surabhi me took my hand and led me to the bed. She lied with legs wide open.

I could insert my cock in her pussy made a half entry.She was crying of pain. I leaned over and kissed her cheeks and sucked her nipples, her crying stopped. I made a big push and my cock was fully inside. Tears were rolling down her eyes. But I did not stop. I fucked her with full force. Later Surabhi liked and enjoyed and wanted more. After first fuck, we remembered the cold tea.

Rushed to the kichen and drank it. OUR fluids were all drained in the floor. Surabhi wiped it with some rag and then went to the bath room to clean herself. When I was about to leave she said dont go. Stay back till morning, let my people come. We searched for food in the kitchen. Her mother has made some food. We ate some and came back to the bed room and started fucking.

Surabhi wanted to get on top of me. When she sat, I could see her ample boobs projected in front of me. I could lay my hands and squeeze them to my hearts content. Surabhi managed to get my cock inside her and by rotating her pelvis she was making my cock touch all the inner corners of her fuckhole.

She leaned forward and did some swimming action and got a huge orgasm. We fucked and fucked till morning. Just before day break I wanted to leave. so that Surabhi will have time to remove all tell tale evidence our of sex orgy.

While leaving Surabhi said it was very great fun and wanted another chance so that we may spend the night together. Bidding her farewell kissing her on her cheeks, on her boobs and on her pussy, I left.

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Kiran Fucking Sexy Mom Of Friend

Hi guys, I am kiran (not my real name), 21 from mumbai. Regarding my appearance, I am fair and have a well-built body and a good tool. What I am going to narrate happened 6 years back when I was in 10th class. Everything in the story happened truly and nothing is fictitious.

So, some might find it boring as I have written as it is, but I am trying to give the first-hand experience of the biggest excitement of my life. I am basically from a small village in south india, and now moved to mumbai. For higher studies. The story doesn’t have the much erotic part but I guarantee that it will be a good read.

Since I am from a village, I used to study in a school in nearby town. I used my cycle to do up and down. My board exams were nearby and I was preparing for them. My school announced preparatory holidays since exams were very near. But they also said that students are allowed to come to school to study.

Since I don’t have proper environment at home to study, I thought I would go to school to study. That was the first day of preparatory holidays. I went to school around 10 in the morning, but to my surprise, no student came to school to study. One of my friends lived nearby with her mom and brother. His father used to live in a village far from town.

He used to live in Hostel, but his mom moved to town to live with him. So, since I was the only student present, I left the school and went to his house. They were all having breakfast and he asked me to sit and have some breakfast. He introduced me to his mom usha. Not a great figure but worth fucking. His father visited them that morning after a long time.

Around 11 in the morning, his father asked both of their sons to come home till evening. They were in dilemma for a while since their mom would be Left alone. My friend asked me to stay back at his home till evening because they would return by evening. They had a laptop with some internet connection. They asked me to use that as time pass. I Agreed hesitantly.

They left around 11:30 in the morning.The house they lived had two rooms. One kitchen and one bedroom. The bed room had one double cot and one small cot. The big bed was occupying almost all the room. The other cot was perpendicular to the big cot. We watched tv till noon. Then she made some lunch and served me. She said she will have later.

It was around 2 in the afternoon. I switched off the tv and started using a laptop. I had a lot of sex desires Since I was in 9th class. I read a lot of stories on Human Digest by then and used to have all sorts of fantasies. I was lying on the bed and I made sure laptop screen wasn’t visible to her. I started browsing some porn and read some stories.

She was lying on the other cot which was perpendicular to the one I am lying on, so she didn’t notice or did she ask me what I was doing on the laptop. I couldn’t control anymore, so I went to the washroom to jerk off. I came back after a while and found usha sleeping. I thought switching on tv would disturb her, so, I also thought to sleep.

I tried sleeping but couldn’t but I kept my eyes closed for a while. After a while, I opened my eyes for some reason but there wasn’t any moment in my body. I noticed that usha was playing with her navel. I thought it was some itching but I continued to watch without her noticing. She then turned her face slowly towards me; I acted like I am sleeping.

After 2 min or so I again opened my eyes. All this time I had my elbow on my forehead. So it wasn’t very obvious that I was watching her. She then slowly pushed her hand below the navel and kept her hand inside her saree. She was rubbing her hand over her pussy. I wasn’t sure of what’s happening. My heart started racing. That is when I started having bad intentions for her.

I literally was very afraid to even move. I gathered some courage and I made some moments and I turned and I slept on my side. Although, she stopped rubbing she didn’t remove her hand from saree. My heart was pounding. I thought I should take some step to seduce her, so I woke up completely from bed. She suddenly removed her hand from inside saree.

It was really an awkward moment. She was staring at me and I was staring at her and my heart was racing. I asked her for some water and she asked me to wait for a moment. She got up from the bed to get me some water. Since she kept hand inside her saree, it became very loose near the belly. I can clearly see her lehnga near her navel. I had an erection all this while.

She probably noticed it. I was afraid to give an eye contact to her. I drank water and sat on bed for a while. She then came and sat opposite to me on the other bed. She brought a plate with food in it and started eating. After a while, she slowly kept one leg on the cot. She didn’t adjust her lehnga or saree, so they were hanging loosely around her navel.

I could see her all her thighs, I slowly raised my head a bit. That was really the best exciting moment of my life. I saw her hairy pussy. It was little black but beautiful. I was afraid to give a look on her face. She was probably smiling looking at me.My bad, all this while she was trying to seduce me but I didn’t realize it. Even after that point, I was really afraid to take any further step.

She completed her eating and all this while I was just staring at her thighs and her pussy. It was really a pleasant view. It was around 4 in the evening and nothing much really progressed. She probably changed her mind then. She went to the kitchen and adjusted her saree. She then kept some tea for me and gave it to me. I was really disappointed but afraid to do anything.

The washroom was outside and there was a tap near the washroom. She has put all the utensils outside and started cleaning them. There was some empty area near tap and it was surrounded by walls from all side. So I went near washroom and started talking to her. After awhile, I stopped talking and she was busy washing utensils.

I thought I should do something to seduce her. So I started stroking from the top of my jeans. She noticed it and was staring at me once in a while. Even I was trying to give her eye contact. After a while, I had orgasm and my desires reduced drastically. I then changed my mind and said her that I am leaving. She didn’t say anything to me.

And I quietly left the place. I didn’t come across her after that because I was busy with my board exams and they later moved out. Please send me reviews and feedback in the comments below.

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Pradeep Enjoying Hot Fuck With Coaching Classmate Anu

Hi friends, I am Pradeep(27) from hyderabad. I stay at madhapur. Am a software employee working at hitech city. Am a regular reader of HumanDigest. She is anu (age 27 guess) with big boobs and great ass – normal color but with awesome face & body structure and married and hot looking chick. Especially her boobs are the most attractive part of her body.

She stays at shamshabad her husband works in night shift for a us based company. Initially we were just friends and I use to have a very good chat with her and had visited her home couple of times but didn’t have any intension to have an affair with her. She used to share her family and personal details to me at chatting.

About her husband not showing much interest on her as he had another gf at his office. She use to feel bad sometimes and I use to console her to be happy and asked her to wait just for good days.

Once I happened to go to her home as her husband was out of station and I called to her home for a causal meet. Then I reached her home in my car and soon I entered her home she opened the gate and the dog at her home was shouting like crazy though I visited her home couple of times earlier. But that time it was a baby and now it had grown big.

Anu is looking very fresh with wet hair. She had a head bath and was in new chudidar and she is looking damn hot. Then we went inside and I sat on the sofa and having casual talks about routine life. Then she brought me a chocolate bar and gave me asked her why? Then she replied its my birthday, I was surprised and wished her and said sorry as I was not aware of her birthday.

She just gave a smile and we continued to talk for a while. She offered coffee and in the mean time I was observing her boobs not intentionally but her figure made me looks to go there. She also observed it a couple of times but didn’t say anything. I also gave a naughty smile and ignored. We are just smiling at each other and she knows I was bit naughty boy.

After a very long talk and she came till gate and gave me send off. Once I reached home I got a message from her “did you reached safely ? ” then we again had chat and she asked ‘hey naughty where are looking at my house’ with a naughty smile. Then I took this as a green signal and started to open up.

I replied saying hey anu you are looking damn hot in the dress and I couldn’t take out my eyes from you. I explained my crush on her and she also liked me and had a crush on me. I was shocked and asked her then why didn’t you tell me till date. Then she said as I am married women I didn’t want to open as it wouldn’t look good.

Then I started to describe her beauty of her and we slowly moved her steps to bedroom talks and she opened up saying her husband was not even touching her since past 3 months and she is very desperate about sex. Then I slowly cooled her and I expressed my interest in having a date with her.

She replied saying ‘naku kuda istame but ma husband ellundi vachestaru’ means even I like to have it but my husband will be back to city day after tomorrow. Then I replied saying so we have today and tomorrow with a smile. Then she said will you come again to ma home today with a surprise smile. I said yes. Then she was very happy and we exchanged out hugs and kissed in chat.

I told her ill be starting at 7:00 from my home through outer ring road and by 7:45 ill reach your home. She was ok and said will prepare dinner for me. I said ok and had bit sleep after lunch as I know it may take late night to have full fledge night with anu. I woke up and had bath got a new dress from cupboard and was ready to start and just to inform I called her and she said ok and she said am also about to have bath.

Then I replied wait for me to join she smiled and replied am all yours to night. Am ok to have any number of times you want. My mood got started with that statement itself. Then I took my car and started and in the mid I took 3 packs of condoms. Reached her home this time the dog was in upstairs and still it is shouting at me.

I parked car in next road and came back to gate she opened hiding back the gate. For a minute I was out and by the next step I take my mind got blew away she was in back skirt and which is of velvet type cloth.

Again my mood got increased and she closed the gate we stepped in and I fast closed the main door and hugged her from the back and she didn’t have anything inside her. I started squeezing her from the back touching her all over her boobs. Guys, it was to my surprise her boobs are still stiff and crazy big.

Her nipples are oozing out then she turned and gave lip lock for 5 minutes we exchange out saliva and I stared her kissing all over her face and through and slowly came down to boobs and then she stopped and asked me to wait till dinner but I could wait till then we slowly walked to her bed room in my hug. Bed room was already running with 19 ac temperature.

It gave me a good start and started pulling her skirt from the bottom and she again stopped me with a shy smile. Again I kissed her lip lock and was pressing her boobs she then in the mean time she was closing the eyes and rolling the eyes. Then I asked her to take my dick she didn’t like to suck it but I was ok as most of the Indian women don’t like to suck the dick.

Then I took off my t-shirt and pant was a boxer. Then she accepted to take her skirt. Then in a single swing, I took her skirt her up and she was fully nude and I got burst with her personality complete whitish body and was sucking her boobs and slowly dropped her on the bed and was sucking her boobs and rubbing her with my hands all over her body.

What a white and smooth body she had… and she was already bit wet down. And I was arresting her legs with my legs on the bed and rolling. Suddenly there was a whistle sound from her kitchen and she got her sense alerted and she told curry is on stove and she wake up and was walking to kitchen nude and her back was also awesome.

For a minute I thought why is her idiot husband is not showing interest on such an sexy lady and again she walked in and I was slowly rubbing my cock. Now she is completely free with me and came on top of me was complementing my cock size. She asked will I able to compete with your tool.. I guess I may not with a smile.

Then I replied saying its ok will do it very smooth and no hurry right. She replied your words doesn’t suit the performance you are doing with me with a smile and we laughing a bit louder and we again started to play I was pressing & sucking her boobs and rubbing her pussy with my left hand.

Slowly I came down was kissing her pussy and about to start to suck it she was bit shy but I didn’t stop as I was not in a mood to stop. Stretched her both legs and slowly started her licking. She was moaning bit my name and ahhh..Haaaa …hmmm ….. Hhaaaa … hhaaa.. Pradeeppp..Hmmm. Ahhhh … slowly she is leaking white from her pussy.

There are tissues ready beside the pillow. I cleaned it to dry pussy and again started sucking it in the mean time and fingered it slowly her sense was out ….( kumaaarrr pllsss sloowlllyyy deepeerr.. Hmmmm.. Inkkkaaa … knchammm …..) and she moaning loudly and was pulling my hair badly… she pulled me up and whispered in my ears saying pettu raaa … pls … insert ittt plssss …

Then I removed one pack and I was taking a condom.. Then she stopped it … no condom ra … I want your boy nude in me …. She is hugging me badly and I replied saying it wouldn’t be safe and she replied saying I’ll take safety pills later.

Then I slowly started to press her boobs and inserted into her pussy… guys, it was still tight enough and my cock head was enjoying the pain and I was enjoying the pain and anu closed and rolling their eyes and soon I entered her pussy she started to moan heavily and was rolling a bit.

Then I hugged her tight and was moving the good motion and she is screaming a bit and giving a huge breath … slowly givnig ahh ahhhh hhhaaa … ummmm …. Sounds …. Increasing the speed making her scream more and after few mints she started leaking drops from her eyes… then I stopped and speed and she opened the eyes and gave me kiss lip lock and asked me not stop with tight hug…

my back were scratched badly though it was paining a bit it was ok for me as her pussy is giving me enough happiness. After 8 – 10 mints of nonstop moment up’s and down’s I was about to come whispered she same in her ears she said to leave it in her pussy itself she also leaked it a couple of time in the mean time I could feel the liquid smoothness while giving shots.

Then I released and was still sleeping on her. After a while she was on me again and was playing with my hair on chest and rolling the hair… I was enjoying the moments and she cleaned all the come with tissues … couple of drops were on bed too… then she went to attached bath room was cleaning her pussy I can hear the sound clearly.

She came back and asked me to get ready for dinner. She went to her skirt and I asked can’t we have dinner nude? She smiled and said ok and pulled my hand from bed to dinner table but I was again pulling her to bed.

But she said let have dinner first and then we walked to the dinner table and she brought all the things to the table and we were helping each other sharing the food and doing naught things at the table too.

Next sessions are more fun and will update the 2nd, 3rd, 4th sessions.. How long it continued till next day afternoon… in a while…

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Prashant Enjoying Sex With Bangalore Spa Admin Suman

That meet was an accident but carry forward that relationship is by heart. I never thought that 35-year-old Indian-origin lady, mother of two kids will be part of my life forever.I am Prashant married and father of one kid, age 39, 6ft in height and normal built with 85 kg weight. She is Suman, Gujrathi origin but born and brought up in Africa.

I was working in Bangalore, later posted to Africa for two-year assignment, and Suman is an administrator in a spa in that country.During easter holiday time, I got continues four-day holiday for my office and was thinking how to spend time in these four days, all my friends already planned for going out with family but I didn’t have the intention to go for full day outings.

I was planning to have some body massage which is very famous in the African region and get relaxed at home after the massage. I was not interested with local massage centers run by local people; I was looking for Indian or Thai massage centers nearby.

I started to browse the net and noted few nearby massage center numbers. I called and enquired one by one number, few are closed for easter and few costs were very high. Finally I called this number, from another side there was a lady, she told me her name is Suman and she is an administrator of the particular spa,

she told their spa also closed till Monday for easter and asked me to come on Tuesday. She told please take an appointment in advance to avoid unnecessary waiting outside. Tuesday I was in office and could not go for massage and then I thought of texting her and take an appointment for Saturday.

I was checking her in WhatsApp contacts, her profile picture caught my eyes, she has a very cute face, little fleshy but very beautiful. I texted her about Saturday appointment and she agreed for same.

I was very excited to meet her on Saturday, I reached her spa around 3pm after office hours, and she was busy with some other clients and asked me to sit for 5 minutes. I understood that spa is unisex beauty parlor cum massage center, she handled few customer herself if she gets any beauty parlor related customers and she handover massage related customers to her staff.

After five minutes of wait, finally she came to me and we greeted each other. She asked me what service I am looking for, I said; I just want to get relaxed, sitting in front of computers for long hours made me stress and feel like eyes are burning. She suggested take face massage and then go for body massage.

I was completely impressed the way she handled, I could not say anything, I just said ok, after knowing face massage will be done by Suman herself, I was more excited. She asked me to go the massage room and she followed me with ice water, she did face massage for 20 min, we speak casually during these 20 mins, she asked about me, my family, work etc, I was just answering to her questions.

She finished her face massage and informed me her staff will continue body massage.She also told me she is going early and asked me to text her if I have any issues with massage. Saturday evening after the massage I felt very relaxed and after going home had some beer until late night and slept nicely.

It was a Sunday morning, when I woke up I had a surprise, there was a Whatsapp message alert from Suman. She sent me a message, how was the massage, it was just a customer feedback message but I got excited and replied in the same excitement, “thanks for the early morning surprise message, you made my morning really sweet”.

She took that message sportively and replied “my pleasure”. This was the start for our texting, I was still in bed, and we were chatting. We chat for almost half an hour, we chat about general topics, family, and friends etc. I said I am getting bored in Africa because of all alone at home, she asked don’t you have friends?

I said, I have but all are busy with their family, she asked don’t you go out for party and late night outing (which is common in Africa), I said I don’t like that, and then she said you need a friend who can share your feelings and thoughts. I said, yes I am desperately looking for such friend; if you are also looking for such friend then our search will finish soon.

She just answered hope for good. We about to end our chat for that day, we promised we keep in touch. Before saying goodbye, I thanked her and said you made my day, hug you for that. She replied, you will get it, hug you too. I naughtily replied, when. She replied in the same tone come next Saturday.

From that day onwards we started to chat every day, we started to share our thoughts, about our family etc. Friday she asked, do you coming tomorrow? I replied, I am excited to get my hug, she asked still you remember that? I said how I can miss such a wonderful moment of my life, she said, come tomorrow let us see.

Next day I went again to her spa, she asked me to sit for some time and after 10 min she asked me to go to the massage room, she followed me, once she closed the massage room she just hugged me and said I kept my promise, do you happy? Wow, that was a wonderful hug, I never forget that hug.

I was completely lost in her hug, it was so warmth, I was waiting for such warmth from many years, I hugged her tight and rested my cheeks on her shoulder, I was in the different world, tears was flowing from my eyes and was literally shaking in her arms.

She felt my emotions; she was silently standing in my hug and patting my back like a mother. That hug was last for almost 10 minutes. She asked me to sleep on the table and she did my face massage silently, even I was not in a stage of speaking. Once finished before leaving I asked for a hug again, she hugged me again and I left from there.

After reaching home, I texted her, thanks for the hug, I really felt the warmth first time in my life. She replied, I felt how much pains are there in your heart if you wish to share your pains you can share with me, from that point of time we become more close to each other, we started to chat continuously, we start to meet every week, and we hug whenever we meet.

It was normal until next one month, but that day I crossed my limit, it was a deep hug, I was caressing her back, her body fragrance made me hot, I kissed her neck and it was surprising for her, but she did not say anything. After that, we become more attached and start sharing all our personal things with each other.

Then the day came for my journey back to India on vacation, I was going for one month, I felt she was upset with that, I decided to meet her that day morning before leaving to the airport. The previous day I told her I will come to her spa early morning 8 am before leaving to the airport, she agreed to meet me. I went there in time as promised and she already there before me.

Her staff usually comes after 9 am so we had one hour time without any disturbances. Once I entered inside we hugged there only and she asked me to go to the massage room. Again we hugged each other but this time more emotionally, it was very tight and I started to kiss her on her neck, in reply she also kissed me back this time.

Slowly I come up to her lip and she responded for that, the first time we were kissing passionately like true lovers. I was caressing her back, slowly my hands moved front and started to rub her boobs. My lips in her mouth and she was sucking my mouth deeply, my one hand one her boobs and other on her bum.

We kissed for nearly ten minutes and I was exploring her body with my fingers. I put my hand under her salwar and feeling the softness of her boobs over her bra. We were at the point of no return, we both are very hot that time and privacy around us gave us more chance to involve deeply.

I asked her permission to take out her salwar and removed my t-shirt too, I started to bite her ear lobes and caressed her body all over, I asked her to sleep on the massage table and she obeyed me. I was laid beside her in half valley and took her nipples between my lips and started to suck her. My hand moved over her triangle and started to rub her pussy over her pant.

She was moaning in pleasure, I was sucking her both boobs one by one, she pulled my head and started to suck my mouth again, I inserted my hands inside her pant below her panty and felt the wetness flowing from her pussy. I was rubbing over her wet pussy and slowly inserted one finger inside after few minutes of rubbing, then 2nd finger and started to move up and down.

I asked her, shall I remove your pant, she is not in a condition to say no, she nodded in a positive manner closing her eyes, I untied her pant and pulled down her pant along with panty at once.

Wow…. It was an amazing sight, she had cleanly shaved pussy, and her wet pussy was inviting me for suck… her thunder thighs were very soft and her legs are waxed neatly, I just spread her legs and sat between her legs.

I was caressing her legs and enjoying the touch. She closed her eyes and she was feeling my touch with hard breath, I started to kiss her thighs and bite there softly. Slowly came up to her triangle and put my tongue on her wet pussy. I licked her juices flowing over her pussy, my hand moved again to her boobs and my lips started to suck her pussy.

Slowly I inserted my tongue inside her pussy lips and poke her clitoris. My other hand searching for her butt hole and tried to enter her butt. This act gave her more excitement and she started to moan loudly.

Now one side I was sucking her clitoris, on the other side my finger is inside her butt hole and moving in and out and my other hand rubbing her boobs and pinching her nipples, this made her triple pleasure; she was near to her orgasm and started to stiffen her body.

She crossed her both legs on my head and tightened her grip and within few minutes started to tremble with a lot of juice flowing in my mouth. Once she cooled down she pulled me over her and hugged me tight, again we started to suck each other’s tongue. This time she took control and started to caress my hard penis over my pant.

She gets down from the massage table and unbuttoned my pant pulled down pant and then my underwear. My hard penis sprung out and felt like coming out of prison. She rubbed my balls softly and pulls down the skin of my penis and put it between her lips and starts to lick like candy.

She was enjoying the suck and I was feeling that suck closing my eyes and caressing her body. Her sock was amazing, the first time my life I felt the pleasure of suck. Her fingers playing with my balls and some time she was reaching up to my chest and caressing me with her fingers.

She did more nearly 15 min and I felt to release my load, I told her I am coming, but she increased the speed and I could not control more, I released my load into her mouth and she drunk it fully.

We had another 10 to 15 min time before her staff to come, she came up and slept beside me in arms, and we were caressing each other and feeling the pleasure without saying a single word.

Again our lips met each other and started to suck again, soon we get back to action and I climbed over her and hugged her tight. My cock got hard and was poking her pussy, slowly she guided my cock to her pussy lips and I pushed it down inside. Slowly with small jerks, I get in deep inside her pussy and started to move up and down.

My hands are under the back and my lips on her lips, I was moving my hips up and down and she is moving in right direction. Slowly I increased my speed and we are in top speed. Suman’s fingers nailing my back my hands gripped her back tightly. I moved my hips in rhythm she was taking me full.

In another 5 min she murmured in my ears I will get my orgasm soon, I increased my speed and started to hit her hard, soon her muscles get tightened and my also near to release my load. In another five to six strokes she shouted loudly we get our climax together. We hugged tight slept in each other’s arm for few more minutes caressing each other.

It was just beginning, I don’t want to discuss our families here, but from that day onward till now, we are leaving for each other without bothering our families. Even though we are husband and wife by our heart, we never disturbed or interfered each other’s family matter. Whenever she is difficult she reach me for a solution and whenever I need her support, I go to her.

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Jatin Fucking Sexy Mona Bhabhi - II

Previously: Jatin Fucking Sexy Mona Bhabhi - I

As it was demand of the moment I stayed silent and she spoke again "tune bahut achha kiya jo inse alag ho gaya...nahin to ye tujhe bhi pagal kar dete...." means you did good by going away unless he would made you too crazy and in same temperament she requested me to take her along "tu please mujhe bhi le chal apne saath" and after that she started sniffing.

That was really very surprising for me and moving ahead I embraced her and Bhabhi hugged me tight. Barely one minute and as Bhabhi recovered she realized her mistake and apologized while wiping her tears "I am sorry… maine patta nahin kya kya bol diya..." and spoke that there is no one with whom she can share all this

"Actually mere pass koi bhi nahin hai jiske saath main ye sab share kar sakun..." I stayed silent for another minute and looking at me Bhabhi tried smiling to recover and I asked her very personal question about her sex life; that from how long they haven't done sex "Don't mind... per kitna time ho gaya aap logon ko kiye hue..." and Mona Bhabhi was surprised to hear that.

I was serious and stayed firm over my expressions and Bhabhi replied saying 2-3 months are passed and in addition spoke that it is always she who ask for sex and Bhaiya does not feel like doing on his own "do teen mahine to ho hi gaye hain...aur hamesha main hi hoti hun jo inse maangti hun...inka khud ka kabhi mann nahin karta" hearing that I stayed silent for few seconds,

Looking into her eyes I was thinking about suggesting her that she should take him to the doctor but before I would have came out with that advice Bhabhi told me to leave the subject and forget it "tu chhod ye sab...bhool just be happy" and with that she was smiling again.

I was really amazed to see the way she swung her mood and once again before I would have thought about saying anything Bhabhi came out with order that tomorrow I will not go to meet any of my friend and I will stay with her at home till evening. “aur tu kal kisi friend se milne nahin jaayega….shaam tak yahin mere pass hi rahega…”

I smiled and moved my head in acceptance and as I saw Bhabhi have got up to go I asked her for another cup of tea. Tea was my addiction, she knew that and without saying a word she smiled and went to the kitchen to make tea.

I don't remember exactly what all was running in my mind at that particular time but I was badly staggered with whatever she spoke about my brother's attitude and flowing in lust and emotions I was thinking about making love to her.

I gathered some courage and went behind her in the kitchen but as she smiled looking at me I lost the confidence and ended up suggesting her taking Bhaiya to the doctor. Bhabhi did not reply to that, tea was almost ready and as she gave me mug, looking into her eyes I repeated my suggestion and she smiled sarcastically.

"ek baar maine kaha tha...." and she went silent for few seconds, I waited for her to complete her words and in the end Bhabhi revealed the fact that she was slapped by Bhaiya for asking him to meet doctor. After saying that just a fraction and once again her eyes got dewed and she wiped her eyes. "Tu chhod ye sab baaten...main dekh lungi kya karna hai...tu tension matt lay..."

She once again told me leave the matter and with that switched the light off of the kitchen and next instant without giving a second thought I held her wrist and pulled her closer. It was dark but there was some light coming from my bedroom and we looked into each other’s eyes.

I was crystal clear over what I have to do and up to an extent Mona Bhabhi was also sensing my intentions and without giving her any time to speak I planted my lips over her soft lips and sucked them. Though it was a tiny kiss of barely 2-3 seconds but was wonderful and now it was very difficult for me to control myself and after looking into her eyes as I tried to kiss her again Bhabhi pushed me lightly.

"Ye kya kar raha hai...?" she asked in low but intense voice and I replied saying that I love her and looking into my eyes Mona Bhabhi replied to that by saying that I have gone mad "Tu pagal ho gaya hai" for an instant I didn't had anything to say and I repeated that I really love her "main aapse sachmuch bahut pyar karta hun".

Deep inside I was very uneasy but over my expressions I was firm and I continued looking into her eyes without flicking my eyes and Bhabhi blushed and without saying a word knobbed her head in No. "Ok...but please give me a hug" I spoke and Bhabhi moved ahead and embraced me tight. I too wrapped my arms around her back and kissed her on her cheek.

Feminine body was not at all a mystery for me but was feeling strange happiness in holding Mona Bhabhi. No words after that and finally Bhabhi went off and I came to my bed with my tea. Half an hour passed and with no sign of sleep I stayed lost on the bed.

After very long time I was aroused for Mona Bhabhi and fantasizing me making love to her on the same bed I laid over my front and started lurching my bottom to rub my cock tip on the bed to pleasure myself. That is how I use to arouse myself before doing hand job and before I would have reached to that point where I could start masturbating I once again got the knock on my door.

I could guess its Bhabhi, but why I didn’t know. Door was not bolted and I did not bother to get up and open the door, I waited for Bhabhi to come in on her own but she did not come and knocked the door again. Eventually I got and opened the door and wearing long nighty Bhabhi was standing in front of me.

Strange expressions and there was significant sweat over her face and as I asked her what happened she moved ahead and hugged me tight. “Jeetu fuck me…” she puffed intensely with a whisper and I realized that she is not wearing Bra underneath. No words after that and we kissed for really long on the door itself.

Truly speaking friends, deep inside I am not willing to write my very personal moments with Bhabhi but without that description my write up might not get published over this blog. So to begin writing my love making I would say bars were broken now and after a deep long kiss on the door very soon we were on the bed with no clothes over our bodies.

Room was dark still there was enough light for us to see each other naked. I asked Bhabhi about Bhaiya's status and she said he will not get up until she will woke him up in the morning. Next I crawled over her and we once again started with a kiss.

We kissed deep and long, and exploring each other we sucked each other lips until we started puffing and in the end looked in each other's eyes closely. Once again I would say female body was not at all mystery for me but I was thrilled to see Bhabhi lying under me; Bhabhi was also in same mind state as like me she was also staring at my face without flicking her eyes.

As such we didn't have anything to speak and after few seconds of close eye contact we were once again lip locked. While kissing I moved my hand all over her bare body, I squeezed her soft breasts gently, rubbed my hand over her waist and belly and moved further down over her thighs.

Bhabhi caressed my hairs and my back and slowly her hand tried reaching to my crotch. I lifted my bottom to give access of my rod and holding me in her fist Bhabhi opened her thighs for me. "Condom hai...?" I whispered while adjusting crotch over her and saying "nahin....! aise hi daal de." Bhabhi brought me over her opening.

"Bhabhi I love you..." saying that finally I slipped inside her and closing her eyes Bhabhi groaned in pleasure. I lunged deep in her womb and staying still started adoring her breasts. One after another I loved both the mounds and Bhabhi gasped intensely while feeding me and slowly wrapped me in her arms and thighs.

I moved back and forward and gripping me harder Bhabhi puffed in delight. I kissed her while invading her womb with steady pace and just in few seconds Bhabhi started going through tremors. Her moans went little louder in volume and with that my movement of going in and out also went higher.

“Jeetttuuuu……” Hairs spread all over her face and looking at me from array hairs suddenly she murmured my nick name and crushed me in her arms and thighs. Bhabhi went through shattering orgasm, I too was feeling myself going to peak and right after Bhabhi I too groaned and released my love deep inside her womb.

I was spent, Bhabhi was also exhausted and holding each other, without uttering a word we stayed tied with each other for another minutes. “Mujhe nahin rahna yahan...tu mujhe apne saath lekar chal” that’s what first word Bhabhi uttered and without giving it a serious thought I said yes to it, “Haan…aap mere saath chalo…”.

Ultimately Bhabhi pushed me to get up to use the washroom. That night we made love one more time second session was better than first one. I stayed for long in Bhabhi and it was a proper love making while kissing and adoring each other throughout the intercourse.

Certainly whatever we did was pure sin yet it was purest form of love and by the time Bhabhi went back to sleep beside her wedded husband she was calm and satisfied. That was first and last time I had sex with Mona Bhabhi, next day I stayed at home, till evening and we were also alone for really long time but as Bhabhi said we did not had sex.

I wanted to take her along and I was ready to face Bhaiya for that but by now Bhabhi’s mind was changed and before my exit Bhabhi just requested me to make regular visits to the town. In the end would say I know that I have disappointed many readers because of my immature inscription still I would love read true opinion about my write up.

The End

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Jatin Fucking Sexy Mona Bhabhi - I

I am Jatin, north Indian male in my late thirties, settled in one of the Cosmopolitan cities of Maharashtra. I don't know why since beginning I was always crazy about females who were part of my family. Mami, Chachi, Bua, Mausi, Bhabhi and even my real and cousin sister; in my bachelorhood nobody among them was left for whom I did not masturbated.

Among all it was Mona Bhabhi for whom I have masturbated maximum. Good height, fair and pleasant face, physically she is not thin but slender with balanced flesh all over her body. I was 23 and she was 26 when she came in my life as my elder brother's wife and for next one year I did not masturbated for any other female.

Years passed and I was 37 and she was 40 when I confronted with her in real life. Yes, I have cheated my wife and Mona Bhabhi has defrauded her husband but we don't have any regret over our deed.

Truly speaking friends it was not just lust that brought us to bed, more than lust it was love which we had for each other since years and that particular instant there was no other way we could express our feelings.

Anyway going back in time, I was just a graduate when I joined my elder brother in my family business and after around five years; after my father’s sudden demise when I was 26 I had big fight with my brother and I left him.

With one child by then Bhabhi was married to Bhaiya from last three years and as my mother was expired long time back she tried her best to keep us united but it did not happened and I started my carrier all over again.

I worked part time for couple of years in the home town while perusing specific professional course and later as I got opportunity I shifted down to one renowned city of Maharashtra. Virtually I was detached from my brother since I was out of the business but Mona Bhabhi; my first crush never allowed me to go out of her reach.

After fighting with Bhaiya being an immature initially I was angry with Bhabhi too and I behaved reluctant with her but the way Bhabhi took me out of that narrow-mindedness was something which I will never forget. Many times I use to cry in the night while being alone and as she came to know this fact she started sleeping with me.

In short she took my intense care in that span and till I lived in the house while doing my professional course and not only that, even after my migration from the home town she always remained in my touch. Those days this social network was nowhere in our life, STD calls were also expensive but she always remained connected to me; not daily but on weekly bases.

In my professional life initially I went through lot of ups and down and Mona Bhabhi on phone always encouraged me to just keep on going. Ultimately life changed and staying in same town I took couple of good jumps in the span of 5-6 years and earned well. By then I was 32 and it was time for me to get married.

It was a love marriage in the same city and I got face to face with Mona Bhabhi after around six years. Virtually she was as she was six years back; 35 years of age, beautiful, loving and caring but by now my perspective to look at her was entirely changed, I don’t remember from how long I was not masturbating for her; no doubt it was just Love and Respect and I didn’t had any lust for her.

Time went on flying, Bhabhi didn’t have second child but in next five years I was father of two. As by now mobile phones, Facebook and all such things were ruling our daily life Bhabhi was more connected to me and as I could see she is getting older, for me she was getting prettier.

Anyway eventually day came which ultimately bought most beautiful time of my life, it was a weekend and that day instead of Bhabhi it was my brother who called me. He asked me if I can come for a day to sign some important property papers.

My brother was selling our inherited house and I was getting half of the money, still I wanted to say no but just because I wanted to see Bhabhi I said yes. I planned to travel alone and just for overnight stay and my last night stay in my inherited house was my life’s best night ever.

It was second day of the week and I reached to my home town early in the morning, I met Bhabhi, had special breakfast cooked by her and spent almost entire day with Bhaiya in legal formalities. Somewhere in the early evening I met few of my old friends and came back home somewhere around 8.

Dinner was ready and soon it got served, apparently everything was fine but I could feel strange happiness dwelling in Bhabhi and it was all because of my presence. I was also happy to see her but she was far happier than me. Anyway somewhere around 10 every one went to sleep and I too came to the bed and had little chat with my wife.

Somewhere around 11, when I was busy in my mobile I got a knock on the door and it was none other than my Mona Bhabhi "Disturb to nahin kar rahi" she asked me with smile and saying no I knobbed my head. "mann kar raha hai...tere saath baith k bahut saari baaten karun" she spoke and I accepted with pleasure “Haan haan kyun nahin".

She came in, sat down on the bed opposite to me and asked me how in my job going “Job kaisi chal rahi hai..." "achhi chal rahi hai" and saying I am doing well I asked her how is she "Aap kaise ho?" and without saying a word she moved her head to say she is fine.

“You are looking very happy….Naye ghar mein jaa rahe ho iss liye?” I asked “Nahin…main bus tujhe dekh kar khush hun…otherwise I am fed up of my life” not at all serious, rather she was smiling while saying that and I asked her what her daily routine is.

"Waise to sab theek hai per kabhi kabhi man karta hai sab kuch chhod chhad ke kahin bhaag jaaun" means apparently everything is fine but sometimes I feel like running away from all this, she spoke that with relaxed smile and in the same fashion I asked her why is she saying that "kya hua aap aesi baat kyun kar rahe ho?" and I saw suddenly Bhabhi’s eyes got dewed.

Though it was very less but she cleaned that water of her eyes and asking me for the tea told me to leave the subject "chhod ye sab baat...batta chai piyega" I love Tea and I said yes and moved out with Bhabhi to make tea. "Kya problem hai aapko..." facing away she was making tea and I asked what her problem is, "Kuch khas nahin...bus aise hi..."

Bhabhi spoke without looking back at me, I did not spoke anything for next few seconds and suddenly Bhabhi turned to see me, tried to speak something but ultimately changed her mind and stayed silent. "Please tell me...I want to help you" I went close to her, turned her to see her face and pursued her to speak and she told me to come back home and do the job here

"Wapis aa jaa...job hi karni hai yahin par kar lay..." "Ye to possible nahin hai..." I denied and she told me to leave the subject and forget it "To fir chhod de...iss baat ko...! bhool jaa" "Nahin..aapko mujhe batana padega..." I once again pursued her to speak but she stayed silent. By now tea was ready and holding our cups we walked back to my bedroom.

Keen to know her problem I was restless and I once again insisted her to speak "Bhabhi please tell me...Aapko meri kasam hai..." and she told me not to take all this seriously "Arre yaar tu itna seriously mat lay...aesi koi baat nahin hai..." but I stayed firm and saying "Then tell me..." asked her again and finally she opened the matter by saying that Bhaiya has gone mad for money

"Tere Bhaiya pagal ho gaye hain....har time bus paisa…paisa karte rahte hain" I giggled over that and said he is like that from the beginning "wo to shuru se hi aise hain...." she accepted and said that now her patience is at the verge "Haan...! per ab mera patience khatam ho raha hai".

To that I don't know how it came in my mind and I abruptly suggested her for second child "I think you should plan second baby" "Pagal hai kya!...iss age mein?" she exclaimed in surprise and smiled beautifully and next moment unexpectedly came out saying how will it happen "Aur baby hoga kaise...?" "kyun kya problem hai..."

I asked her and her smile disappeared and saying nothing she avoided replying. I insisted her to speak “Tell me..." and after few seconds of stare in my eyes Bhabhi opened her bedroom life to me; that she has to beg beg for sex "mujhe sex ke liye inse litrary bheekh maangi padti hai"

Bhabhi was frustrated and all of a sudden she busted in words and in continuation told me that Bhaiya does not feel like doing it and what he need is just money "inka mann hi nahin karta kuch karne ka...har time bus paisa paisa paisa....".

To be continued...

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Hot Sex Encounter With Sex Starved Aunty

Hi, readers. As said in the previous story I am fucking my aunt daily and we really enjoying a lot. This happened 2 days ago. In the morning at 10 am I went to her house. She welcomed me inside. She was in her nighty. I went behind her and hugged tightly and gave a kiss on her neck. She too responded well and we smooched for 15 mins.

Suddenly the doorbell rang she went to see who it was and I was on the sofa. She was back again in few seconds and behind her, there was a lady. Another bombshell looking hot.My aunt introduced me to her. Her name is Ankita. Her stats are 30-36-34.

She sat opposite to me and my aunt went to the kitchen to bring water. She came with water and she sat beside Ankita they both were talking. Ankita is her school friend. They both are best friends. I am watching to some movie in my mobile keeping any eye on Ankita. I am unable to keep my eyes away from her. Her boobs are huge and my dick became rock hard.

While watching so she suddenly saw me and I looked away. She had a smile on her face and she started eyeing me.Later when my aunt went to attend a call, Ankita started asking me about my studies hobbies. I answered politely and she directly asked me my number.

Later she went to her home and I banged my aunt for two times and I left from there.Two days after I got a call from an unknown number and from there a sweet voice came saying hello Ashok. I am surprised and I asked her who is this?? She told me it’s Ankita. I am happy finally she called me talked for some time and she asked me what about meeting tomorrow.

I asked her where should we meet. She said at her place. She forwarded her number and next day I went there by 12 pm. I rang the doorbell and she opened the door. I was shocked on seeing her. She was in her red tight top and a black jean. Suddenly I said you are hot and sexy…She was shocked to hear those words and I said sorry.

She said it’s ok and smiled a lot. I felt embarrassed. She invited me inside and sat on the sofa. She offered me a cool drink and sat beside me. We were chatting normally and I am constantly staring at her boobs and she noticed that. She asked me what are you looking at?? Are they beautiful??? I was shocked to her question and I kept my head down and said sorry.

Again she asked me and me with some courage said they are beautiful. Then she asked me what are beautiful. I said your boobs. She took a bold step and stripped her top and those huge mangoes are out. Guys, really they are beautiful white in color with pink erected nipples. My dick started throbbing out. She asked me whether these are beautiful than your aunt’s.

I was stunned by her question and asked what are you talking. She got hold of my hand and said that she knows everything thing how I am banging her friend (my aunt) every day.She said that she also want to enjoy with me and held my hands on her boobs and started closing my lips with her lips. I am in dilemma.

But she stuck her tongue into mine and I too started smooching her at the same time pressing her boobs. We smooched nearly 20minutes enjoying each other saliva and we broke the kiss. She was smiling and breathing heavily. I strip her naked and started giving a kiss from toes. Inch by inch I came up and there it was the heavenly part.

Her vagina is very good without a single hair and by seeing that I started sucking her vagina by keeping my tongue deep inside. She was moaning heavily ahhhh umm ahhhshh ashok suck it suck it ahhhh umm you are soo good feeling better ummmm suck deep.

I continued vigorously and she was jumping on the bed. Finally, she moaned loudly and her hot juices gushed out and I drank everything. She felt satisfied and started to smooch me. She removed my clothes and held my dick kept at her mouth and started giving a blowjob. It was awesome.

She gave me a good blowjob for 10 mins and I turned her on the bed kept my dick at the entrance and started rubbing. She was moaning and I am teasing her. Finally, she took initiative rolled on me and kept my dick inside her. It was soo hot and she started riding. I am in 7th heaven. She fucked me for 5mins and I turned her into doggy style started ramming her.

She was moaning with pleasure. I fucked her for good 10 mins and changed the style to the missionary position. She cummed once and I increased my pace. I told her that am cumming and she said that she too and asked me to cum inside. Both climaxed a the same time exhausted and lied on her. She said that she enjoyed a lot and it was her best experience.

We cleaned our self and while leaving I gave a smooch and about to go, she told me to wait and she handed an envelope. She asked me to open once when I reach my home. I said bye and went home opened the envelope and I saw 15000 rs. She called me and said that I had a nice time with you and that was your gift for satisfying me. Thank you.

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