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Poonam Getting Sex Life Recharged By Akshay

Hi I m Poonam from Mumbai. I came to Mumbai after my marriage with Anupam 3 years ago. My parents Place is at Indore where I stayed for 24 years of my life & enjoyed a lot during School and college days.

After my graduation my parent found my match in Anupam & like obedient Girl I got married although I had no any crush during my college days so there was no question of resistance to pass Anupam. He is a Good Man with Handsome hunk look having 5'11" height and well built with Dark complexion & broad shoulders.

He can impress any beautiful Girl So I m quite lucky to get him as my life partner. Even I was also tall 5'9" and with curly hair & dimpled chicks with a fair complexion with 38-26-34 stats. During my college days many boys were liking me but nobody dared as my Father was the Army Officer.

Initially for 2 years we enjoyed a very happy & healthy married life and he used to fulfill all my wishes like his ambitions but the problem started when he joined a New IT company for better Post & remuneration & after that his late sitting in office & frequent Overseas tour to sort out the client's issues have irritated me

as My majority of the time was passed loading & unloading his travel baggage & when he is not here, keep waiting for him to come. Suddenly My thrilling life got converted into a boring life. And I was helpless.

Even when he is in Mumbai he used to attend his offices till late evenings & he used to come at around 10-10.30 in drunken position as against earlier time when he was regularly coming at around 7.30. I tried to solve this problem with him thro' discussion but for him his career was more important than his married life.

In Mumbai people are so practical & isolated that they don't bother what is happening in the next door. So I was also alone & it was difficult to kill the time & watching TV was not a good option all the time So I started searching something thrilling & exciting & thus I found & after initial hesitation I started liking to read the stories

& I realized that there are many people suffering from situation like me & few even worse. Honestly I was sexually starved for last 1 year & emotionally to a great extent & I found here majority of the extra marital affairs are the result of the situation like I was going thro'. Thus I attracted to this website & slowly become addicted to read on regular basis.

Today I thought I should also express & contribute my feelings for relieving the load from heart. After couple of months reading this site, I was fantasizing some muscular & romantic hunk in my life & that was giving me a strange pleasure. Meanwhile One day I found that the flat opposite to our is being vacated as the people who were staying there have sold this flat.

After another few days One Gujarati Family of 6 Person came to stay there It was a joint family consisting of Elderly Parents with Two son (one is married) & a small kid. They were so social that They invited us for their House arming Parties along with Other neighbors but only few attended including me & my hubby.

We got. introduced & I found that The elder son is Shailesh & Younger one is Akshay & shailesh's wife name is Nikita. (rest are irrelevant). Gradually after few days I used to frequently go to their house as Nikita was almost of my age & we got mixed up quite easily. We used to go together for Vegetable Market, D-mart & also for Morning walk.

Even I used to watch TV serials at their home as while watching TV we used to chit chat on various subjects. Her husband was reserve but his younger brother Akshay was very frank ( may be due to he was bachelor) & whenever he is available he used to crack some naughty comment & jokes on serials & their characters to entertain us & we were enjoying his act.

Sometimes we were waiting for his comment only to laugh. He was more liking the Cricket matches & not serials so used to argue for asking remote & sweet nok-jok with his Bhabhi for remote. I was also liking Cricket very much as I was quite active in Women's Cricket during my College days & still have maintained the athlete like body.

Sometimes I caught Akshay starring at my curves but with a sweet smile I used to ignore it & kept healthy relation with that family as I started liking the changes in my hitherto boring life. One Day There was important Match between India & Australia & Akshay had already taken remote in his custody since afternoon (Day Night Match).

At around 4 I went there & found All the family members were watching the match So I was reluctant but Nikita immediately saw me & welcomed to join them. All the 3 chairs were occupied by Gents So we all seated on the floor ahead of them & doing petty house work like vegetable cutting etc. We were enjoying the match.

Slowly the darkness increased & due to interesting match nobody thought of switch on the light. I found something is touching near my right leg & touching my bear skin as I was wearing Saree. I tried to make out its a thumb figure of leg & I know it is none other than Akshay. My heartbeat started fastened & I thought of moving my leg away but by god I was feeling it nice.

And I don't know why but I kept as it is & on the contrary adjusted my saree for his easy secret entrance. he was so brave he went deeper till my knee & was exploring my soft skin thro' his rough thumb & I was liking it too much as He was the first person after my hubby who reached my bare legs till my thigh. Sensation started inside me & I felt wetness.

This was continued till 10.30 when India Beat Australia & I was by Akshay. Yesss......he won me & I was blushed so much that my face was reddish & Adding to that he passed a comment that See Poonam Bhabhi kitni khush ho gayee India jeet gayi to. Laaaal laaaal ho gayee. & I slapped on his shoulder & ran away to my home.

Oh Myyy goddd. I immediately rushed to the washroom & checked my wetness..........ohhhhh sheeeet..........I was leaking like a hell....... After very long time I discharged so much water....& don't know why I started rubbing my pussy keeping my eyes closed & immediately fantasizing about Akshay.

I re-collect his body.....Bare chest with lots of hair & broad shoulder with strong muscles & he was only in shorts what a height almost around 6". & his hair was like Dhoni of earlier time when he used to keep long hair. & My finger was acting smart over my clitoris & unknowingly I started chanting his name

"Ohhhh Akshay......please......slowly....araam se...hmmmmm...aaaahhhh...eeeeeyyy........yeaah... & my magical figure was creating thrilling sensation inside my pusssy & My dream man was fucking me hard depth till my womb & I was enjoying each n every pulsations it was creating inside me.

Slowly slowly I felt I m cumming.....I increased the speed & the Liquid was about to ooze from womb & suddenly Door Bell ring ( Ohhhh sheet.......I think Anupam has come) that fear created magic as my speed furether increased & I end up with lots of flooding.........& my mind got relaxed..........I was tired too.....but satisfied. relaxed....& quickly got ready to come out & open the door.

Anupam was tired like hell & Saying "Good Night Dear.......I m badly tired it was a long working day" See u 2morrow. ". went to his bedroom & quickly changed his cloths & slept. Today I was also tired but was feeling fresh with new thrill in my life.

It seems My life is about to change in the coming days & the reason is none other than.......Akki. (I have kept akki as his nickname for my fantasy for him)

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Desi College Guy Fucking Friends Niharika And Triha - II

Previously: Desi College Guy Fucking Friends Niharika And Triha - I

So, now this committed slut is naked and squeezing me as hard as I’m squeezing her and I have two fingers in her pussy while I play with her boobs and lick her all over her body. It was intense foreplay and it probably lasted for 3-4 minutes before I pushed her onto her bed and mounted her. I slid my dick inside her and that’s when she started talking dirty:

Her: O behenchod tera lund itna mota hai fuck me karan. Me: Teri choot me daal ke maza aa raha hai randi, dinbhar tune sataya aaj ab jaake mere neeche aai hai. Her: Haan kutte tujhe tang karne me maze aa rahe the, itne dino se mere boyfriend ne choda nahi mujhe ache se. When she said this my dick jumped and I started fucking her harder and faster.

Her: Haan chodo mujhe apni randi bana do fuck me every single fucking day you fucking bastard, call me your slut. And that’s what I did, I called her a slut. We fucked twice in the next hour and each time she asked me to cum inside her. She came a few times when the dirty talk reached the next level.

The last thing we did was her giving me a nice sloppy blowjob and swallowing the remainder of what I had in my balls. It was stupid I guess, having unprotected sex with a person I barely knew who already had a boyfriend and cumming inside her as well.

Any number of things could have gone wrong but they didn’t. By now it was 10 PM and my parents had been calling me like crazy. I hurriedly got dressed, washed my face and ate a shit load of chewing gum so I wouldn’t get caught drunk at home. I went straight to my room and I fell asleep.

The next day I walked into work and I wasn’t sure if she’d talk to me or not. I mean, she did have a boyfriend after all and after she sobered down she might have felt differently. Well, she didn’t talk to me or look at me. She basically ignored me and was rude to me when I tried to talk to her.

Her rudeness was observed by Niharika who basically asked her what was wrong and why was she rude to which she did not reply and left. Now I and Niharika got to talking and we started becoming friends.

One day Niharika came to me and told me she knows everything that happened between me and Trisha. I was slightly amused and I asked to prove it. She told me details about my dick that was pretty accurate and I was intrigued by the fact that these two women were so explicitly sharing such taboo information.

She didn’t seem to mind one bit that I had fucked her best friend and in fact, she tried to talk to me more and be much nicer. I kind of understand what direction this was all heading in. Trisha didn’t speak to me again for a long long time (until recently – when she and I hooked up once again – that’s a story for another time)

and she would avoid being in the same room as me so it gave a lot of time to me and Niharika to open up about our lives. I liked her a lot, she was cute and pretty and nice and I believe she wanted to taste my dick and feel it inside her. I won’t lie, I fantasized about cumming inside her, making her swallow, fucking her in a public place, etc.

Slowly our texting became dirty and the naked pictures followed. One morning I asked her if she wanted to skip work and hang out at my place. She said she’d love to and meanwhile, I got some beers. She showed up in her classic long skirt, a tight top and some heels.

She looked gorgeous and I hurriedly pulled her into my house before the neighbors started wondering what I was up to behind my parents’ back. I pulled her in and we kissed each other passionately. It was a sweaty, hot, lustful and loving kiss. She smelled so good I can still remember the perfume she wore.

The smell of her sweat was intoxicating. I pulled her into my room and we started drinking as I put on a stupid movie (as if anyone cared). Slowly I pulled her onto my lap and started kissing her neck. I put my hands on her top as I started playing with her small and tight boobs (and the yummiest nipples). She still had a beer in her hand and was giggling every time I played with her.

That’s when I lifted her skirt up slowly. Inch by inch her milky hairless legs and thighs came into view as I finally got the chance to feel this goddess. I wasted no time in putting my face between her legs and I moved her panty aside and licked her gushing pussy as if it was the last pussy on earth. It smelled wonderful and her moans filled the room as she kept drinking and getting licked.

Being the naughty little bastard I am I smelled her asshole to see if it was clean (it was) and I started licking her rosebud. In my experience, women enjoy being licked down there. It’s wrong, it’s dirty, it’s disgusting and it’s what women love generally – doing the wrong thing.

I licked her ass for as long as she let me and then I was fingering her and sucking on her clit and then I was licking her pussy and fingering her ass. She came a lot. A lot of fucking happened that day and we tried anal as well but it was just too tight (although we managed to do it a few weeks later). She loved sucking my dick and squeezing my balls to make me cum.

We also had a session where I told her exactly how I fucked her friend and she asked me to do the same to her. She wanted me to tell her that she was better than her friend – something I didn’t do. I didn’t deny it or claim it, I just told her I would never tell her. That seemed to get her wetter for some reason.

I guess women have this side to them that loves being humiliated. Of course, it has to be all under control and you shouldn’t make fun of her for liking something (hint: if you’re a guy who keeps getting into fights with your girlfriend/wife, stop trying to control her and judge her. She will do what she wants anyway and if you piss her off she can make your life hell).

Anyway, a lot of good and fun things were done. We dated for a few months but then the age difference became weird and we eventually drifted off. I’ve been through a lot of interesting encounters. I have also always thought that the stuff here was really fake but honestly it’s a mix of fake and real.

The ones where the guys have huge dicks and they can make these ‘bitches’ cum 548 times a minute are probably fake I’m guessing? Please do let me know if you’d like to hear more. There’s a sex story about this man who I started talking to and ended up fucking his wife in front of him, there’s a story about how I fucked three different women the same day,

there are a lot of stories about exes who cheated on their boyfriends with me, there’s one where I literally stole this one girl from my friend on his birthday. As much of a stud as I’m trying to sound like, I’m not. Shit just happens and I roll with it. Please do post your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Desi College Guy Fucking Friends Niharika And Triha - I

Hey, everyone, today I would like to tell you of an interesting incident that occurred in my life. This is a true sex story. This sex story happened when I was in college. Every year, during summer breaks, we have to do certain internships or training and this happened during the summer after the first year of college.

I was studying in Delhi and my summer placement was also in a company in Delhi so I was living at home. Total bummer since its always fun to travel around and see new places. I did not have very high expectations with regards to any sort of social life with the people at this workplace but to my surprise, it was quite a socially engaging and active environment.

There were five girls in total in that office for that summer – Niharika, Shruti, Nimisha, Trisha, and Shraddha. This sex story is about Niharika and Trisha. Niharika was short and fair and had the cutest little smile and body. She had medium sized boobs and a nice round butt. She always wore heels and usually a long skirt or pants.

She had this conservative and sexy vibe around her and she always smelled nice. Trisha was taller and darker. She had bigger boobs than Niharika and her ass was nice and round. Trisha was the sluttier one and she and I would soon get it on by accident.

After a week of work, all the trainees decided to go out and enjoy Friday night. All 12 of us loaded up in two cars and this meant that one person had to sit in another person’s lap in each car. The drinks started pouring and people started getting high slowly. I accidentally touched my foot with someone else’s foot across the table and I looked down to see that it was Trisha’s foot.

In her drunken state, she did not realize that she had slowly shifted her foot very close to mine and when I touched her leg with mine she gave me a look of surprise. I looked up at her and smiled and she smiled back. A few minutes I see her foot is even closer to me and she has shifted her position and was ‘accidentally’ rubbing her foot on my leg.

I looked at her and smiled and that’s when I started to pay attention to her cleavage and the way her bra was pushing her boobs out of her top. It was a fun moment but I knew that nothing was going to happen. After a few hours of drinking and just normal bakchodi, we decided to go home.

One of the guys was willing to drop us to the nearest metro station but it is Friday there was so much traffic that it would easily have taken 30-40 minutes to get there. We all got in his car and I got in second last (I was sitting in the back on the left side) and Trisha was standing outside and she was visibly drunk.

She had the choice of going in and sitting on the lap of her friend on the right side but instead, she opened the door on my side and sat down on my lap. Now, I was no virgin, but a drunk girl sitting in my lap (and I’m also drunk), combined with the fact that I wasn’t really seeing anyone regularly got me super hard.

She was wearing a tight-fitting kurta pajama and I’m pretty sure she felt my thing growing under her because she looked back and me and smiled and slowly wiggled her ass and adjusted herself so that my dick was now lying flat on my stomach and her pussy lips were rubbing along the underside of my dick.

I wish that I could say there were a lot of potholes due to which she kept grinding harder on me but that didn’t happen. In fact what did happen was that the lack of movement made me go crazy and I started playing with her ass as silently as I could. Both of us were in the mood for something more and when we got dropped off at the metro station we had this conversation:

Me: That was fun right Her: Yea you’re a fucking dog Me: No way you’re as much of a bitch Her (laughing): Yea let’s just agree that we’re both horrible people Me: Where do you live? I really need to take a piss. She told me she lived about ten minutes away and that I could use her washroom as she lived with her college friends and they would be home late

(because I’m totally not going to get another erection after you tell me this right?). We reached her place and I quickly put my stuff down and went to use the washroom and that’s when I saw that she had a 3-inch gap at the bottom of her washroom door (ding!) and that she had an Indian toilet (double ding!).

After I was done she went to take a piss and being the horny fucking bastard I am I watched as she squatted over the toilet spreading her hairy pussy lips and peed. I was so fucking unbearably hard. After she’s done she comes out and that’s when I ask her if she has more alcohol at home.

She pulls out some beers from her fridge and we both light up cigarettes and we start talking about some people in the office and then I asked her why she doesn’t trim her pubic hair. She made a WTF face and asked me how I knew. I was so drunk I just said fuck it and I told her I saw her peeing.

She asked me if I liked how she looked and I told her I’d have to see it again to confirm. That’s when she got up and slowly started taking her clothes off. She was standing naked in front of me and yelled at me telling me to be a gentleman and strip down to nothing. That was it, the teasing that had begun hours earlier was finally coming to an end as we kissed like animals.

She knew what she was doing and when I slowly started fingering her I found out that she was nice and ready. She was about 4 years older than me and as I later came to find out, she was in a serious and committed relationship with someone she wanted to marry.

To Be Continued...

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Sex Tales Of Jacob In College

My friends used to ask me how do you manage so close a friend ship with girls, which we are not. You seem to get close to them very fast and they take you to the mall and they take initiative to take you to the movie and you enjoy to the best, where we are not able to get closer to them. I am, Jacob, my parets are in US and I was staying with my grandma.

Once in a year I go to US to be with my parents. (Because I was born in US I have a US citizen ship this is a secret) My parents asked me to buy a jeep for my local journey from the house to college and back. I started in the school from plus I and II and there after I joined and engg college with electronics as my special subject. It was a four year course.

50% of my class mates were girls, girls from different places and different backgrounds of which one or two girls were from US like me and they stayed in a hostel. After the classes are over I ask the girls whether anybody need to be dropped at their home or hostel. Daily many girls come accepting my offer and I take them and drop them.

If need be I make further trips and this made me very popular with girls. They had confidence in me. I had the phone numbers of all the girls and they all had mine. We made a whatsapp group and it is fun to communicate each other. I select any one to go to movie, and the mall for eat out.

One girl who was staying in the hostel asked me to take her to my house knowing that there is none but only my grandpa is there. I told my grandpa that I have my girl friend to stay with me. He said ok. We enjoyed sex the whole night. I told her this is just for fun and not for love or for getting married. She also said yes, sooner we leave this place we forget it.

She loved my seven inch cock and we practised all love poses. Next day I dropped her at her hostel. After two days another girl came to the movie with me. In the movie hall I ran my hand all over her and she was aroused. We went for the eatout at the mall. I bought some beer and a bottle of brandy. On reaching home I introduced her to my grand pa.

We went to the upstairs of the house and I told my girl that this is just enjoyment and please dont bring any sentiments. I went down and brought the beer and the bottle of brandy. I poured her a glass of beer and added some brandy to it. and I took two pegs of brandy. She was already high. I removed her clothes one by one and she cooperated. I removed my clothes also.

We just played with each other sucking her nipples and she sucking my cock. She told me that her brother fucks her regularly and her uncle also fucks her. Hence she needed no lessons in sex and she took initiative in all attempts. We had good sex for the whole night and I dropped her back in her residence. She wanted more sex and was willing to come the next day.

What I learnt in these few days is that most of the girls had sex and most of them incest with close relatives. Most of them were not virgins and none felt guilty of their past sex deeds. They never felt sentimental and it was pure sex they wanted and they took as much as they wanted. They made sex only with those in whom they have utmost confidence.

With others they are totally negative. I enjoyed with plenty of girls. Those who had sex with me told their friends of their experience and more girls came forward everyday to go to the movie with me.

They all knew what followed after the movie. I never gave them any gift and they never expected. They wanted good and heavy sex and when they got it they were very happy. I enjoyed my life during my studies after which I went back to US and settled there.

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Amal Enjoying Sex With Aparna - I

Hey Human Digest people, Amal (name changed) here with my story. This happened with my friend(classmate) during my graduation period. The heroine of the story is Aparna(to say about her, she has a seductive figure with right fleshes and curves at right places and she does cares a lot about her dressing) who is my classmate since 8th grade.

So even our parents know each other well. So during one semester break time, one of our common friends invited us both and few of our old classmates for her marriage function and its previous day night party. The function was well arranged and prepared as our friend was from a very rich family. The plan was to stay till midnight till the party ends.

The function was around 30kms away from our home. We both were from the same locality. So we planned to go together. The day arrived and Aparna called me by 4 pm and said that her mom is leaving to her sister’s place as because her sister had a small accident so that she has to take care of her sister’s small kids.

She continued that so her mom has asked her to get back home before 10 pm (her father is working abroad). I said its fine and will drop you back early. So as planned I reached her place by 5.30 and I was awestruck, she was in a sleeveless black top and black long frock. She was looking like an angel. I came back to senses and greeted her, had formal talks and we started.

We reached there by 7 pm after heavy traffic. We were a bit late, still joined with our friends in a room. Being a high-class party, drinks was been serving and almost all boys except me were switched off. Even girls were having drinks as social drinking. So everyone insisted and we both also had to take a beer. I just stopped after 1-2 sip. Bt Aparna took it on a one go.

She was drinking like a professional. Btw it was almost 9 pm. By the time Aparna had few more of drinks. So I asked her let’s leave and let my friends understand my situation that I have to drop her before 10 pm.

Finally, we started back home. On the way, I asked her when she started boozing? She said it’s her first time. From her talk, I understood that she’s not in full senses. Her talks and words were bit slipping off from her tongue. Around sharp 10 pm we reached her place. She was bit sleepy and tired due to the beer. She was not even able to stay straight properly.

I knew this is gonna be trouble and I cant leave her before her gate when no one is there. I asked her keys and opened the door. Came back to my car, hold her and asked her to walk towards her home. She stepped in. I took my hands off from her. At the very next moment, she falls down due to imbalance. I was not able to let her mom know about this.

So again I held her and took her to her bedroom. On the way that happened! With a deep breath, she vomited. Not only her dress and her floor, my dress and my hands got also soaked with them. I went in and cleaned myself, my dress and later the floor. When I came back after cleaning the floor, I found her crying helplessly.

Still, she was not able to stay straight or clean herself properly. Her dress was almost soaked with it. After seeing her crying, I understood I had no other option than staying with her for the night. I was sure she cant manage it herself. I called my home and said I am staying with my friends and will be back tomorrow morning only.

I then tried to console her by saying its natural and there’s nothing to get feared or to get worried about it. I continued only we both know about this and let it be so. Her mind was getting fine, but not her body. Then I said her I will help and asked her to clean herself and change her dress. Till the time I didn’t had any bad intentions on her other than I used to enjoy her beauty sometimes.

I took her to the door of washroom by holding her hands and I took my hands off. She stood holding the door for a moment and again she couldn’t balance her body. My dirty mind confirmed something’s going to happen today. With courage I asked her shall I help her to change her dress. She left crying and that was only she was able to do. I took the moment to convince her.

I told her to treat me just as a nurse or else it’s going to be worse and you cant sleep and relax properly today. She didn’t have any option. She didn’t utter any word. Tears were flowing from her eyes.

I slowly made her sit on a nearby chair. After asking her to cooperate for the final time, I kept my hands on her top and asked her to raise her hands to pull them off. She couldn’t do that. So I pulled a little bit of her top till her boobs, adjusted her hands in a position to get my job more easier and pulled the top off.

Damn son! Right now I am the one who lost my balance over my mind. What a pair of boobs she got and cleanly shaven armpit. Her sweating armpit and neck was driving me badly. She caught me and started weeping again. I came back to senses and said relax dear I won’t let anybody know this. She was sweating too much. I cleaned her sweat with my hands.

And I kept my hands on her black petticoat. It came off in one pull. She was having a damn sexy cleavage. Her cleavage had sweat droplets over there. My tool was fully erect and it was paining a lot. I picked her up and asked her to walk towards the bathroom. I got hold on both her arms.

My hands were touching her bra cups. I asked her the permission to remove her frock and she nodded. She was still out of senses.

To Be Continued...

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Guy Enjoying Sex With Classmate

Hi everyone my name is anonymous and I’m relating to you a personal sex experience between me and my schoolmate, now to the story this happened when I was in 12 the standard. First, of let me describe her, she is a desi girl who wears traditional dress all the time and although she is well above age her body is small and petite.

Our school campus is a 21-acre campus and is having lots of secret places. So let’s begin…This happened 1 month into my 12th….One day when I was sitting in my class along with raida and a few others about 4-5 other kids as the others were all absent…

And I was the only boy among them we were playing truth or dare and as we were playing a girl gave raida a dare to sit on my lap and kiss me…She looked towards me naughtily and smiled….I agreed….She got up shaking her ass and came towards me and sat on my lap….Nd placed her lips on mine and kissed me …Oh, that feeling was amazing…

I got an instant boner which started poking into her ass…..She understood my horniness and placed her hand on my dick without the others noticing…And within a minute she was back in her place …..We played for a while and after that, the bell rang for a lunch break and everyone left but I stayed back hoping to shag off in the school bathroom after everyone left…

When I was alone lying on my bench and imagining about fucking raida in all her holes …Suddenly someone tapped on my shoulders……I have jolted awake and stood up right.Showing my boner.

It was raida nd she smiled looking at my boner. She said “I had a good time” and I said “me too your a good kisser,” she said “thanks ” and came and sat in my laps again with a twinkle in her eye and she started kissing me….Our tongues rolled against each other saliva passing among them…And then I slowly placed my hand on her small boobs and started pressing them…

She moaned slowly “hmmm…Yeah” and I was turned on completely…..I said “here it’s not safe let’s go somewhere else,” she said “anything you say honey” and I grabbed her hands and we went to a corner room of the school where the old furniture was stored and where no one ever came… As we were going I picked up a bottle of water… Cause I knew what’s gonna happen…

While walking towards the room I was watching her ass swaying left to right and vice versa. She asked me “ what are you looking at?” I said “ your cute little ass,” she said “ wait for a few minutes … Then it’s all yours” hearing this I couldn’t control I just grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips while squeezing her butt she started moaning.

Later when we reached the room she asked “we only have 10 mins … It’s not enough to have a good kiss” I said “well. Let’s skip the next two periods!” she asked,“why you wanna do two periods just for kissing?” I just smiled at this and grabbed her waist and pulled towards me and started kidding her wildly…

She also stated kidding back wildly we kissed for what felt like hours…I pressed her boobs….Squeezed her ass…..She rubbed my dick above my pant …..And then I slowly tried to put my hands in her pant she asked “what are you doing ” I said “I want you” she said, “I’m not sure about this please!”

I said “don’t worry … It’s all right … I’ll take care of you baby and besides everyone at our age does all this is normal” she said “ok … But please be careful… Do you have a condom??” I said “ no but don’t worry you won’t become pregnant” she freaked out she said “how??!! Please don’t do this ” I said “don’t worry trust me” and smiled she said “ok”.

We started kissing again and I slowly started undressing her…. First I removed her school overcoat and slowly started kissing her neck and then removed her shirt and then I kissed her cleavage and then lifted her up and put her on top of an old desk and removed her shoe and socks and kissed her barefoot… Finger by finger and she was mesmerized by the feel.

And as she was in heaven I slowly unbuckled her pants then unzipped her pants and it away and now she was standing in front of me wearing her black bra and black panties…. She asked, “aren’t you gonna remove your clothes?” I said, “do it for me.”..She came closer and unbuttoned my shirt and then bent down and removed my pants… Now her face was opposite my huge bulge.

She looked at it and was surprised she said: “that’s huge it’s never gonna fit in my vagina” I looked at the bottle of water and smiled down at her. She stood up and we started kissing while just wearing our under garments……She was wild just then she asked: “shouldn’t I remove my hijab?” I said “no, you look prior like this,” she said “anything you like” and smiled.

I suddenly got an idea I said “babe, why don’t you twerk for me” she gave a very naughty smile and said sure why not and got off the table and came near me while I was sitting on an old couch and brought her ass near my face and started twerking …Oh, what a lovely sight it was I moved front held her ass in my hand and have it a kiss… She gave out a sigh of relief.

I picked her up to put her on the couch and started kissing her head to toe. She also did the same to me….We rolled on the couch in each other’s arms kidding each other wildly…..I removed her bra and panty … She removed my underwear…We were completely nude in each other’s arms now…..I started kissing her nipples…

And they became rock hard and I started to suck on them I sucked for 10 mins while she moaned like a whore… After that I said “now, return my favour ” and pulled her down and pushed my 8″ long monster towards her face she said horrified “ I have never sucked a dick…And this is too big” I said “ you are my slut now just do what I say”

fully confident that the sky inside her wanted to be dominated by me she said “ok… I’ll try” she slowly to the head of my cock into her mouth…I was in heaven… Her mouth was so warm and full of saliva it didn’t even go through fully…

And then I gave a sudden jerk and pushed the entire thing in her eyes bulging …And I slowly withdrew it and started doing the same thing with a steady rhythm and she also assisted to it I said “ from today onwards you are my white and I’ll fuck you whenever I want” she took my dick out of her mouth and said

“I’ll do anything you want, master” my dick free fully hard at this and I picked her up and put her on the table placing the top of my huge monster at the entrance of her love hole …She said nervously “please be gentle …Your cock is too big for my pussy” I said “you are a slut you can take it well” and trust the top of my cock into her pussy she screamed “immachii!!!” meaning “oh my god!!”

and continued gasped for breath and with another stroke I enters my full length into her pussy she was about to scream when I caught her face and kissed her while I moved my cock in and out of her…

As I was doing I noticed little blood and her cum along with it….I came to know then that she was a virgin… Which excited me more ……I continued humping her for half hour while sucking her boobs and pressing her ass… After a while I took my dick out and said “honey since you don’t want to get pregnant, the is only one way” she asked curiously “what way?” I said her

“I’ll have to fuck your asshole and leave my love juice there” she said “But it won’t fit and I have never been fucked there ” I said ” “Dint worry about that and went and picked up the bottle I bought and poured a little water on her asshole and started licking her asshole …She was mesmerized…. She said “oh baby that feels so good, keep doing that ” after a while,

I took placed the tip of my cock at her asshole entrance and pushed in a little. She screamed ”baby it’s too big please take it out” I said ”shut up, bitch” entered my entire dick in her ass she was gasping for breath and after a while started screaming I started giving slow and steady strokes while she screamed ”baby I can’t take it ill die !!” I said ”baby just hold on”

after a while she started moaning and the pain turned to the pleasure she moaned ” oh baby that feels so right, u fucking me in my tight little asshole…Oh yeah …..Baby, I’m your whore…Do whatever u want to me” I took her hijab clad face in my hand while my dick was penetrating her asshole and kissed her and started increasing my pace violently

and she started moaning even more and I finally exploded rivers of cum into her ass as she cried ” give it to me baby!! All of it” I cummed even more hearing this and took my dick out of her ass and saw her asshole was overflowing she stuck a finger in her ass took some cum and started licking her finger and said “from now on I’m you personal dirty whore”

hearing this I spanked her and fucked her once more and then we dressed up and went to class.. Please give me a feedback in the comments below if you want the next part.

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Horny Guy Fucking Bosnian Girlfriend In The UK

This sex story is about when I was in the UK, and how I managed to fuck a girl from Bosnia she was older to me by about 4 years. So without further ado let us jump into the sex story. I had reached the UK a couple of weeks back and my classes had started in full swing, though there was a lot of studies I still managed to find time to socialize and party.

I had taken the university accommodation in a studio apartment and since the building was a non-smoking one I had to go out to smoke due to this I would meet quite a few people while smoking and this way my social circle grew, in fact, we had a small group on WhatsApp which was for our smoke meetings there were about 7 of us there 5 girls and two guys including me,

we all had become close friends and we used to go out for parties and all. During this time I got close to one girl her room was on the same floor as mine and somewhat opposite, while I was studying finance she was studying Psychology.

We were quite good friends she was very much fascinated by the way I used to do maths and I used to irritate her by saying that Psychology is for Psychos. To describe her she was really slim and tall she had blonde hair, though she was not naturally blonde, she had perky breasts and an ass to die for.

So after a couple of months, I had to travel to Spain for a week as part of my course. On our return journey, the flight was delayed thanks to the snow so by the time I reached back home it was already 1 am. I badly needed a smoke and I was out of stock so just before reaching my studio I shot off a message in the group,

that I required borrowing a smoke she immediately replied back saying call me once you’re here. Once I reached I called her from down itself it was very cold outside so it took her some time to get dressed and come down, she came and hugged me and welcomed me back and asked me how the trip was,

I was explaining to her what all we did in Spain and how amazing the weather was etc. after smoking we decided to go back up as it was really cold and our hands were freezing on the way she asked me if I was tired I replied no, she then said that she was not feeling sleepy and she wants to hear all about my experience in Spain.

I agreed told her that I would come to her room in 15 minutes after a shower. After my shower, I changed into my pajamas and went to her room she too had shed all her big jackets and sweaters and was in her pajamas with a spaghetti top. She went on talking and I kept on replying to her she was always fascinated by different countries, their cultures, and everything.

It was already 2 but we were nowhere near sleepy so she suggested we watch a movie on her laptop, she put on a movie I can’t remember which movie it was we were sitting on the bed and watching the movie after a little while she put her head on my shoulders and started watching, I too put my hand around her.

We were in a cuddle position by the time the movie got over I removed my hand from around her and started stretching. I was about to announce that its time we should go to bed as it was already 3:30 when she pulled me in and planted a kiss on my lips.

I was a bit taken aback for a few seconds but then started responding back, in the meantime she was getting really passionate and wild her hands were already inside my t-shirt and was rubbing it all over my naked chest and back. When we broke the kiss her eyes were red and so was her whole face.

I pulled her close and took one of her straps of her shoulders and started kissing her neck and shoulders. She closed her eyes and started to moan slightly she was trying to get rid of my t-shirt which I let her, and in that gap, I also took off her top and pressed my chest against her body.

Her body was smooth as silk and warm we kept kissing each other in the meantime I started rubbing her pussy over her pyjamas, she was trying to pull my hand away from there which took me by surprise and I broke the kiss she then took hold of my hand and inserted it into her pyjamas and said this way is better with a smile.

Now I too was fingering her and she was also giving me a handjob, after a while, she got up took her pajamas and mine to and we got into 69 positions. She was furiously gulping my cock and I was licking her out, it was -8° outside but we were sweating here. We were in that position for about 10 – 15 minutes,

she then got off and positioned my cock at her pussy opening and started riding me she was slow initially as she was telling me it’s hurting. She was incredibly tight and slowly she increased her speed we changed position and was I missionary I was kissing her while fucking her and we continued like this for another 15 – 20 minutes and we both came.

That’s when we realized that we actually had fucked with no protection and I had cum in her, I got a bit nervous she came near me hugged me and said that it was an unplanned encounter and said not to worry that she would get a pill tomorrow.

We slept off in a cuddling position and when I woke up the next day she was huddled up very close to my chest I gave her a kiss on her forehead and proceeded to wake her up with a long morning kiss. We had one more session in the morning and then for the next one year we were like a complete couple, we had even started sharing a room together and after our studies,

we had got our own place, while we were working and were living like a married couple. Unfortunately, all things end so did this, when her visa expired she was unable to get a renewal and was made to leave the country we kept in touch for a while but it was getting more difficult for both of us to keep the relationship going and hence mutually we decided to end it.

I saw her a couple of years later when she came visiting London and we had a full week of fun, in fact, one day was completely nude the whole day and we did everything together. I haven’t met her after that encounter but we still keep in touch with good friends on facebook. Thanks for reading my sex story.

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Ayesha Enjoying Sex Outside Hostel

Ayesha, where were you all the time. I have been waiting for you since noon and now it is past 8 pm. You did not tell me that you are likely to go away. I did not know whether you have the duplicate key and hence I did not dare go away. What is this what happened, asker her room mate Fathima.

Both of them of the same age and got married at the age of 18 and their husbands have gone for work in Dubai. Getting bored sitting at home, they thought they can pursue their studies staying in the hostel. Luckily they got the same room in the hostel. They dont keep any secrets from one another.

Like all gulf brides, they are horny but for fear of any scandal they keep themselves away from men. Though they are not lesbos, they touch each other in the night when they lie down close to each other. They read lot of sex book and know everything about sex. The husband of Fathima has asked her to buy a smart phone to enable video conferencing.

They both were planning to go to the mall to select a good smart phone. In the meantime Ayesha going away for such s a long time was puzzling for Fathima. Ayesha rushed to their tiny bathroom and from there shouted at Fathima to keep quiet.

Since their room door was bolted from inside, Ayesha came out and removed her clothes except panty and the bra and took fresh clothes and went inside the bathroom for changing. Fathima was just observing what this girl is doing, something looked fishy. Finally Ayesha girl came out of the bathroom quite freshened and fell into her bed.

Fathima was staring at her and was about to ask. Ayesha said wait, dont shout, wait I will tell you. Their classmate Ajay had an eye on Ayesha and he was trying to meet her alone since a long time. He even promised to lend his laptop to her to view cinemas and to watch videos. Somehow Ayesha did not get a chance to meet him.

He liked his looks, handsome, tall, sportsman, always well dressed, nice sweet talk. When she told this to Fathema she said men are men, be careful, you will finally land up in his bed and his cock in your pussy. Once you lie in his bed, he can take photograph of you in semi nude or full nude condition and go on blackmailing you. Sometimes he may make his friends fuck you.

Keep your distance said Fathema. Ayesha agreed with all that Fathema said, but the very look of Ajay made her cunt damp. He gave his netbook to her for viewing a bunch of videos which he said he has loaded in it. May be porno videos. But Ayesha did not accept it. She said she will consult her friend and tell him. He called her for lunch in a restaurant in the mall and a movie.

She said I will call Fathema also. He said no, no, no, this is just between you and me. We will take Fathema next time. Ayesha was hesitant to accept the invitation without informing her friend. Ajai said, just for lunch and a movie how many people you want to consult. You will go back to your room by evening. Ajai convinced her that it will not take more than four hours.

Ayesha agreed and she went directly with Ajay in his car to the mall. It was an expensive restaurant who served royal meal. She ate to her full. It took more than an hour for them to come out. They went to the theatre for the movie. She did not know what was the movie she was going to see. He hugged her to move her away from the crowd.

His hand touched her boob purposely he put her hand around her and pressed her against his chest to squeeze through the door to go inside. In the darkness he brought her hand to his cock which was in semi erect condition. They searched for their seat in the darkness. His hand pressed both her boobs and touched her pussy. They sat and leaned backwards.

He lifted the handrest between them and held her tight to his body. She saw a big bulge on the front of his pant and her hand went to pull down the zipper. Ajay cooperated and pulled out his cock from inside and there it stood long and thick. Ayesha put both her hands on it and leaned forward and kissed its tip. It was the first time she saw a uncircumcised cock.

Her husband fucked her soon after marriage, but she out of shyness did not even see it. It was of course big and stout. She opened her mouth and swallowed junior Ajay. Half of it went inside her mouth. His both hands were on her boobs and were squeezing them. She made two or three attempts and she could not take further length inside her.

He tongue played on the head of the cock and soon he warned her he may shoot the cum in her mouth. It was a sizeable quantity and she swallowed the whole thing. Both of them did not watch the movie but were busy playing with each other. When movie was over, he quickly took back the cock inside the pant and zipped it up.

They came out and went to the coffee shop for some pastries and coffee. When they went to the car Ajay told her that they will go to his room just for a few minutes. Before she could say anything they were in front of a building and they both moved to the lift. Somewhere in the fourth floor was his room. He opened his room and they both entered, he bolted the door behind her.

He showed her his bed and aked her to lie down and that he will go to the toilet and come. When she lied down she knew that her panty was totally drenched. What can she do. Ajay came inside and undid his pants and removed his t shirt and lied in the bed near her. She told him that she has no time, and her room mate would be searching for her and that she has to go urgently.

He said dont worry we will go. But lie down. He removed his jockey and out came his 7" monster in full glory. H removed her clothes one by one and soon she too was naked. She could not resist. She too was horny and wanted a good fuck. He gave her his towel to wipe herself and opened her legs and found her nice pussy.

Ayesha narrated to Fathema every small detail of their first fuck. She said he took out his camera phone and took snaps of his cock entering her pussy at different stages. He did not fuck in one strech. But pulled out and made her to stand on all her fours and fucked her in doggy style. He took photos in different angles.

Lying he fucked her from behind and asked her to take photo. Finally he asked her climb on his and sit with legs on either side. He asked her to insert his cock in her pussy. He put the phone in movie mode and took the entire fucking into a small movie. Ayesha said she got her orgasm several times. But his strenth and vigor kept them going on and finally he shot his cum in the towel.

Just listening her narration Fathema got very horny and was rubbing her pussy with her hand. After one more session they dressed themself up and told her that he will upload all the photos in his laptop and give it her and she can show it to her friend. He told her to bring her friend next time if she is willing.

He may have another friend also so that your friend also may have good company. After hearing the story of Ayesha, Fathema told her I dont know, but I am as horny as you were. But if he is a honest man only allah the almighty would save us. Fathema had further questions which Ayesha answered. They both discussed about another session with Ajay and his friend.

They calculated their safe days. It so happened they both had safe days together about ten days hence. Fathema asked Ayesha to inform Ajay about this and make sure that he agrees. Do you want to hear further details of their joint session, tell me so and give your opinion. If you did not like my narration. I may not come with the next story at all. If there are any mistakes please pardon me.

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Horny Classmates Shafi And Shaheena Fucking Nicely

Shaffi was a strong built man with the height of 6 ft. broad chest with six packs. But while in the college he was a mean and lean, shy boy and nobody tood care of him. He built up his body subsequently that he looked like a wrestler. After two years of vigorous exercise in the gymnasium,

Shaffi became what he is and he wanted to meet at lease one of the girls who studied with him and show her his chest muscles. It so happened when he was in the mall he met Shaheena, who was teasing him for his slender hands and hungry look. Shaheena a 20 year old beauty, was roaming pushing a trolley, he shouted, hi Shaheena.

She turned back to see the person who called her. Shaheena was a beauty, with slender legs, big boobs, projecting ass, and everything beautiful were with her. She wore a light collered cotron dress which enhanced her fair beauty. She was married at the age of 16, but her busband was working in gulf and visited her once in a year.

When he gets a family visa he promised to take her with him. Having lost hopes of getting family visa in the near future, she joined the college and now she wrote the exam and waits for the results. Shaheena used to like Shaffi in the college for his cool nature. He was shy and was keeping himself away from girls as he knew they dont like him.

Girls want not money alone, they want handsomeness, nice height, nice body and features. Now Shafi is a changed man. His father was in gulf working as a architect consultant. Shaffi studied for architecture and came out with good marks. If we can earn more than what they earn in gulf why go there and get bored.

He designed many projects for his father and father sent his his share for designing, which was many fold of what a local architect earns. He designed and built his own home in the outskirts, by the riverside. It was a small house but well designed. But none of his classmates or other girls knew the potentiality of Shaffi.

Oh Shaffi, you look very fat and well grown up, shouted Shaheena and came near him and patted on his cheeks and chest. Come on, they moved on to a coffee shop and ordered for coffee. Shaheena declined his offer for snacks. He looked at her, a classic beauty. They sat looking at each other in disbelief.

Shaffi did not know that Shaheena s married and is studying only because she could not get a family visa. He invited her to his house and told her he will take her and drop her back in the mall within half an hour. Shaheena came to the mall casually just to spend some time. Her moving with a hand card was only to mislead people that she has some shopping to do.

When Shaffi parked his car in front of his villa, Shaheena was surprised. That lanky boy could become this big an architect. They climbed up the stairs and reached the drawing room, and further to his sitting room. The ventilation and the lighting were superbly done. walking along a long corridor they reached the kitchen and the dining room.

Since Shaffi was not married and there were no ladies in the house, the kitchen was unused and spik and span. Dining room table design was elegant. They moved upstairs and went to one of the bedrooms. With king sized beds, it had its own dressing table and wardrobes. Balcony gave an excellant view of the river. The other bedroom was similar in all facilities.

Shaheena lied in the bed and enjoyed the cool breeze from the riverside. He put on some music and the sound came out of bluetooth speakers concealed in some corner of the room. Shaheena was simply carried away by the engineering marvel. Shaffi explained to her each and every aspect of the technicalities.

He asked her to telephone and inform her people that she will be delayed because she met a old class mate. Shahina said she has nobody to report. Her inlaws who used to stay with her have gone to their daughter's house for her confinement. Shall we have dinner here at my home, or shall we go out to the mall. Choice is yours, she said.

Here I have a good assortment of wine, said Shaffi. After dinner will be leave me at my house or not. Certainly, but let us take dinner first. Shall we eat here or go to the mall. Order for the food, I want to freshen said Shaheena. Shaffi showed her the bathroom and closed the door. Bathroom and bathroom fitting were all luxurious.

Shahina thought at first she will have a body wash, but seeing the facilities she decided to go for a body wash. The swirling hot and cold water in the bath tub gave her a wonderful sensation. One or two powerfull water jets were aimed at her private part and it tickled her whole body. She was more tempted to sit against the water jets and she was getting warm.

Shaheena was in the early stages of arousal. She got up and towelled her body and saw herself in the mirror. She had a fabulous body, but there was nobody to enjoy or to give her enjoyment. Taking a deep sigh, she dressed and came down the dining hall. The food ordered was ready for serving. Shaffi had not arrived.

She took plates from the shelf, placed them on the table, Place two glasses and filled them with water. Shaffi came down in his dressing gown. He served the food on both the plates, took a bottle of wine and poured in two glasses. When she was apprehensive about the wine, he said it is ok. It is just wine. The food was delicious. They discussed various topics while eating.

Taking sip by sip they finished their glass. They went on eating and discussing on various topics. The dinner was over. They had finished all the dishes. He took the emplty places and cup and glasses and left them in the veranda for the cleaning boyto take it away. He took Shaheena by hand to his bedroom.

Sex starved shahina being called and taken to the bedroom by one of the very handsome young man, made her long for his company. Though Shahina had no dress for change, Shaffi took out from the almirah a cotton nighty and gave it to shahina to wear. He changed hs clothes and was having his jockey and bermuda pants.

When she came from the bathroom in her nighty, Shaffi went and held her and hugged her. He wanted to embrace her to revive all old memories of the college. Embracing each other they fell in the bed. They kissed and kissed. He kissed on her cheeks, neck, ears, forehead. She was lying with her eyes closed and enjoying every touch of his.

Shaffi knew she did not wear any undergarments. He ran his hand all over her body. He unhooked the nighty and opened it on both sides. Her erect boobs and nipples indicated that none has used it so far. Her navel and her hairless pussy gave a grand sight. He bent low and kissed and sucked her nipples and squeezed them with both of his hands.

Her right hand was searching for his cock. He went further down and kissed her pussy realising the shock waves it would have produced. He opned the cunt lips and looked at the pink interior. He told Shaheena that he is going to eat her pussy tonight. Already her cunt juices were oozing. Keeping her hands high she closing her eyes, shaheena was waiting for something to happen.

Shafi was searching for a convenient position to lick and suck her clitoris. She cooperated fully and opened her legs to the maximum and with her own finger opened her cunt lips so he may explore the interior. She started to say, enough, enough, Shafi, start to fuck, please ....... fuck me deep.

Taking his 7 inch monster in his hand, Shafi, placed it at the entrance of her fuck hole and pushed it in. It went in and in and reached the end, filling her hole fully. Slowly starting his fuck action he gained speed and fucked her with full force. They both reached their orgasm.

Oh, divine, Shaffi, you have shown me what real sex is. Shall I come daily will you be free, asked Shaheen. Call me before, I may be busy with some meeting with some client. If you and I are free come in the morning.

Otherwise in the evening. I too enjoyed fucking you, Shahina, your cunt was like a virgin cunt, not much used. Wait, I will drop you at the mall, he said. She got dressed up and he left her at the mall and bade her good bye.

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Gujju College Boy Enjoying Sexual Pleasures - II

Previously: Gujju College Boy Enjoying Sexual Pleasures - I

She literally jumped and arched her back while she scratched her sharp nails on my shoulders and back. She took a strong hold of my collar pushed me a little back and cracks!!! There went all the buttons of my shirt in microseconds. This surprised me and made me furious.

I pulled her close and smooched and bit her lips real hard followed by some other bites on her neck and upper chest sending her strokes of acute pains at certain areas making her hands pull my hair in ecstasy.

I pulled her sleeves off from her shoulders and gave bites after every inch and going real slow. I bit her licked the same place after the skin got sensitive followed by a cold blow of air thru my nose and mouth together making her feel every little touch sending her goose bumps and butterflies all in her belly.

It was literally shivering in excitement reminding me the hot scene of Hindi movie murder. I kissed her on her belly before pulling down her dress off her abdomen and again kissed her exactly above her navel giving a slight touch of my tongue over her navel line. I saw the tattoo she got exactly below her navel.

It was a little devil drawn with a bow and arrow seemed like the little love devil was ready to attack on me. I paused and raised myself up to see those pretty shapely and exactly spherical boobs stuffed in a tight strapless bra. Getting little impatient I inserted my fingers in the gap in her cleavage and tried to pull her brassier down but she firmly took a hold of my hand,

pushed me off her body and raised her butt up to remove the middy out of her sexy long and slender legs I remarked little stars drawn in her inner thighs. What I saw was breathtaking beautiful angel might be born after a decade of god’s hard work over her beauty. I saw a little wet patch between her legs.

Her eyes had become deep red stoned and really very seductive especially because of the dark eye liners she did. Fuck! It was like a cocktail of double drug over my mind she was much more addictive than the weed at that time.

You just want to watch me? Hello? She got me back to senses saying that. I lifted her up in my arms and took her to bedroom and made her stand near the window. Chilling winds were running all thru her back which made her wiggle she got her hands and wrapped them around my neck pulling my head little down and planted a smooch again.

I was playing with her waist sending her goose bumps every time when I caressed her boobs over her bra linings exactly below her armpits she struggled a little to open my belt and removing the broken shirt making me stand in my undies my dick head was out of my little underwear which was trying its best to hide my hard on but all vein in front of the hot little angel.

She touched the head spreading my pre-cum and made the bulbous head wet. Getting on her knees she inserted a few fingers in underwear thru the ass crack of mine making the elastic stretch and pulled my underwear down making the front portion visible. The interesting part was that the tight elastic got scratched all thru my dick and balls making it throb a few times.

Wild huh! She exclaimed looking at that I smiled feeling the soft palms of little angle gripping my dick and started giving me a smooth and slow hand job. She got closer and licked my dick from bottom dragging her tongue towards the head and finally took it in mouth. I felt the rolling tongue over my dick head and her soft inner cheeks all over my dick as she started moving her head.

I grabbed her hair making a pony in my fist and started moving my pelvis fucking her little mouth when she surprised me deep throating it. Fuck Lavina I’m cumming I screamed feeling her mouth literally trying to suck the stuff out of my dick. And I exploded. Like never ever before looking at her widened eyes trying to take all of cum thru her throat.

Yet some of the drops dripped thru her chin and fell on her bra lining. I lifted her up making her stand and made her lick her own boob to clean cum from that. I got down on my knees and looked up. Asked her whether she wants to try something really wild and tease?

Yea she nodded and I instructed or rather warned her to keep her legs straight and tight from knees in any condition she has to keep standing straight or she would get hard punishments. She got a spark in her puzzled eyes unaware of the tough situation coming in front.

I pulled her little panties down and saw her clean shaved fair pussy I should call it a puffy pussy as it was having some good amount of flesh. I got closer and tried to smell her and touched my nose tip at her clit. Due to the weed effect it had become sensitive sending shivers thru her spine and due to same her widened feet trembled a little near knees.

Slap! She got between her legs exactly above pussy. She jumped in pain and pleasure moaning quite loud owwwhhhhh shit u bastard!!! That hurts. You are ought to stand straight without moving your legs I said! And she submitted again.

I attacked her pussy biting her vertical lips she was trying her best not to tremble but as I knew it was impossible getting spanked every time she moved even an inch. I pulled her bra down and opened it started to massage and twist her nipples hard now for punishing her.

This was too much for her to withstand when I inserted my fingers in her pussy and pressing her g spot while licking her clit. Aaahhhhhhhh fuck I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming!! She came with a loud moan throwing all her body weight on my face. I licked her pussy clean and took her to bed we got down and laid ourselves. I started licking her perfect round breast.

They were so tight that even when she was laid on back they stood straight and erect. I nibbled her nipples with tongue making circles around areola and was twisting and pinching another nipple with hand and the other hand was playing with her pussy. She got a little impatient taking hold of my hard again shaft and literally pulling me above her body with force.

I got the gesture and got my body positioned to piston her cylinders now she adjusted my dick on her hole and my dick entered with a little oppose of her pussy I puzzled whether she’s virgin or not, she was tight as hell and my dick entered her with no pains!! I started rocking my ass feeling the texture of her love cylinder around my dick.

She was trying to clutch my dick contracting her pussy every time I pushed my dick in and made it loose when I pulled back. We got in sensuous smooch once again while I fucked her slowly feeling every second of the awesome time. I increased my pace with time and started sucking her breast again increasing the volume and rates of her moans.

Soon I felt pressure building up so I withdrew my dick and told her to come in cowgirl position. We rolled on bed and I got on my back. She got my dick in her hand sucked it for a few strokes cleaning her wetness and lubricating it again with her saliva and positioned her pussy above my dick.

She rubbed my dick head on her slit with her head raised and closed eyes feeling the pleasure before she settled down taking inch by inch my whole dick in herself. Stayed there for a while and started riding slowly. Her boobs were juggling and were so tempting for me to keep my hands off them I cupped her boobs and squeezed them while she started rocking her ass

in circles like she took the dick inside her bending her waist to right and lifted it up bending towards left!. My dick was moving right and left while she massaged it with her tight canal. She grew her moans and increased speed which sent me hint that she’s going to cum soon. I took hold of her shoulders and made her lay on my chest with her boobs pressing over me.

She wasn’t able to rock due to position but still tried best to keep rocking her ass. I bent my knees and got my feet flat on bed and started fucking her real fast and hard with short strokes from bottom…. Ohhhh fuck yeah I love that… Oh my god shit I’m gonna cum keep doing that make me whore for you rest of my life owwwhhhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I was looking at her face deep red in ecstasy and her hair all roughly falling all over her face and sticking to it due to sweat. I grabbed her boobs and raised her a bit higher with tight grips over her boobs squeezing the hell out of them. It was too much for her to hold. I felt familiar pressure in my balls at the same time. And we both came together panting for breath.

She hugged me and stayed there. I woke up with my dick in her pussy in the morning. My chest was somewhat paining due to her weight over me for the whole night and I got morning erection. We had one more session before we got off bed thank god she said looking at her friends still sleeping. They woke and got fresh and left my place at I think 7 o clock.

The End.

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