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Horny Classmates Shafi And Shaheena Fucking Nicely

Shaffi was a strong built man with the height of 6 ft. broad chest with six packs. But while in the college he was a mean and lean, shy boy and nobody tood care of him. He built up his body subsequently that he looked like a wrestler. After two years of vigorous exercise in the gymnasium,

Shaffi became what he is and he wanted to meet at lease one of the girls who studied with him and show her his chest muscles. It so happened when he was in the mall he met Shaheena, who was teasing him for his slender hands and hungry look. Shaheena a 20 year old beauty, was roaming pushing a trolley, he shouted, hi Shaheena.

She turned back to see the person who called her. Shaheena was a beauty, with slender legs, big boobs, projecting ass, and everything beautiful were with her. She wore a light collered cotron dress which enhanced her fair beauty. She was married at the age of 16, but her busband was working in gulf and visited her once in a year.

When he gets a family visa he promised to take her with him. Having lost hopes of getting family visa in the near future, she joined the college and now she wrote the exam and waits for the results. Shaheena used to like Shaffi in the college for his cool nature. He was shy and was keeping himself away from girls as he knew they dont like him.

Girls want not money alone, they want handsomeness, nice height, nice body and features. Now Shafi is a changed man. His father was in gulf working as a architect consultant. Shaffi studied for architecture and came out with good marks. If we can earn more than what they earn in gulf why go there and get bored.

He designed many projects for his father and father sent his his share for designing, which was many fold of what a local architect earns. He designed and built his own home in the outskirts, by the riverside. It was a small house but well designed. But none of his classmates or other girls knew the potentiality of Shaffi.

Oh Shaffi, you look very fat and well grown up, shouted Shaheena and came near him and patted on his cheeks and chest. Come on, they moved on to a coffee shop and ordered for coffee. Shaheena declined his offer for snacks. He looked at her, a classic beauty. They sat looking at each other in disbelief.

Shaffi did not know that Shaheena s married and is studying only because she could not get a family visa. He invited her to his house and told her he will take her and drop her back in the mall within half an hour. Shaheena came to the mall casually just to spend some time. Her moving with a hand card was only to mislead people that she has some shopping to do.

When Shaffi parked his car in front of his villa, Shaheena was surprised. That lanky boy could become this big an architect. They climbed up the stairs and reached the drawing room, and further to his sitting room. The ventilation and the lighting were superbly done. walking along a long corridor they reached the kitchen and the dining room.

Since Shaffi was not married and there were no ladies in the house, the kitchen was unused and spik and span. Dining room table design was elegant. They moved upstairs and went to one of the bedrooms. With king sized beds, it had its own dressing table and wardrobes. Balcony gave an excellant view of the river. The other bedroom was similar in all facilities.

Shaheena lied in the bed and enjoyed the cool breeze from the riverside. He put on some music and the sound came out of bluetooth speakers concealed in some corner of the room. Shaheena was simply carried away by the engineering marvel. Shaffi explained to her each and every aspect of the technicalities.

He asked her to telephone and inform her people that she will be delayed because she met a old class mate. Shahina said she has nobody to report. Her inlaws who used to stay with her have gone to their daughter's house for her confinement. Shall we have dinner here at my home, or shall we go out to the mall. Choice is yours, she said.

Here I have a good assortment of wine, said Shaffi. After dinner will be leave me at my house or not. Certainly, but let us take dinner first. Shall we eat here or go to the mall. Order for the food, I want to freshen said Shaheena. Shaffi showed her the bathroom and closed the door. Bathroom and bathroom fitting were all luxurious.

Shahina thought at first she will have a body wash, but seeing the facilities she decided to go for a body wash. The swirling hot and cold water in the bath tub gave her a wonderful sensation. One or two powerfull water jets were aimed at her private part and it tickled her whole body. She was more tempted to sit against the water jets and she was getting warm.

Shaheena was in the early stages of arousal. She got up and towelled her body and saw herself in the mirror. She had a fabulous body, but there was nobody to enjoy or to give her enjoyment. Taking a deep sigh, she dressed and came down the dining hall. The food ordered was ready for serving. Shaffi had not arrived.

She took plates from the shelf, placed them on the table, Place two glasses and filled them with water. Shaffi came down in his dressing gown. He served the food on both the plates, took a bottle of wine and poured in two glasses. When she was apprehensive about the wine, he said it is ok. It is just wine. The food was delicious. They discussed various topics while eating.

Taking sip by sip they finished their glass. They went on eating and discussing on various topics. The dinner was over. They had finished all the dishes. He took the emplty places and cup and glasses and left them in the veranda for the cleaning boyto take it away. He took Shaheena by hand to his bedroom.

Sex starved shahina being called and taken to the bedroom by one of the very handsome young man, made her long for his company. Though Shahina had no dress for change, Shaffi took out from the almirah a cotton nighty and gave it to shahina to wear. He changed hs clothes and was having his jockey and bermuda pants.

When she came from the bathroom in her nighty, Shaffi went and held her and hugged her. He wanted to embrace her to revive all old memories of the college. Embracing each other they fell in the bed. They kissed and kissed. He kissed on her cheeks, neck, ears, forehead. She was lying with her eyes closed and enjoying every touch of his.

Shaffi knew she did not wear any undergarments. He ran his hand all over her body. He unhooked the nighty and opened it on both sides. Her erect boobs and nipples indicated that none has used it so far. Her navel and her hairless pussy gave a grand sight. He bent low and kissed and sucked her nipples and squeezed them with both of his hands.

Her right hand was searching for his cock. He went further down and kissed her pussy realising the shock waves it would have produced. He opned the cunt lips and looked at the pink interior. He told Shaheena that he is going to eat her pussy tonight. Already her cunt juices were oozing. Keeping her hands high she closing her eyes, shaheena was waiting for something to happen.

Shafi was searching for a convenient position to lick and suck her clitoris. She cooperated fully and opened her legs to the maximum and with her own finger opened her cunt lips so he may explore the interior. She started to say, enough, enough, Shafi, start to fuck, please ....... fuck me deep.

Taking his 7 inch monster in his hand, Shafi, placed it at the entrance of her fuck hole and pushed it in. It went in and in and reached the end, filling her hole fully. Slowly starting his fuck action he gained speed and fucked her with full force. They both reached their orgasm.

Oh, divine, Shaffi, you have shown me what real sex is. Shall I come daily will you be free, asked Shaheen. Call me before, I may be busy with some meeting with some client. If you and I are free come in the morning.

Otherwise in the evening. I too enjoyed fucking you, Shahina, your cunt was like a virgin cunt, not much used. Wait, I will drop you at the mall, he said. She got dressed up and he left her at the mall and bade her good bye.

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Gujju College Boy Enjoying Sexual Pleasures - II

Previously: Gujju College Boy Enjoying Sexual Pleasures - I

She literally jumped and arched her back while she scratched her sharp nails on my shoulders and back. She took a strong hold of my collar pushed me a little back and cracks!!! There went all the buttons of my shirt in microseconds. This surprised me and made me furious.

I pulled her close and smooched and bit her lips real hard followed by some other bites on her neck and upper chest sending her strokes of acute pains at certain areas making her hands pull my hair in ecstasy.

I pulled her sleeves off from her shoulders and gave bites after every inch and going real slow. I bit her licked the same place after the skin got sensitive followed by a cold blow of air thru my nose and mouth together making her feel every little touch sending her goose bumps and butterflies all in her belly.

It was literally shivering in excitement reminding me the hot scene of Hindi movie murder. I kissed her on her belly before pulling down her dress off her abdomen and again kissed her exactly above her navel giving a slight touch of my tongue over her navel line. I saw the tattoo she got exactly below her navel.

It was a little devil drawn with a bow and arrow seemed like the little love devil was ready to attack on me. I paused and raised myself up to see those pretty shapely and exactly spherical boobs stuffed in a tight strapless bra. Getting little impatient I inserted my fingers in the gap in her cleavage and tried to pull her brassier down but she firmly took a hold of my hand,

pushed me off her body and raised her butt up to remove the middy out of her sexy long and slender legs I remarked little stars drawn in her inner thighs. What I saw was breathtaking beautiful angel might be born after a decade of god’s hard work over her beauty. I saw a little wet patch between her legs.

Her eyes had become deep red stoned and really very seductive especially because of the dark eye liners she did. Fuck! It was like a cocktail of double drug over my mind she was much more addictive than the weed at that time.

You just want to watch me? Hello? She got me back to senses saying that. I lifted her up in my arms and took her to bedroom and made her stand near the window. Chilling winds were running all thru her back which made her wiggle she got her hands and wrapped them around my neck pulling my head little down and planted a smooch again.

I was playing with her waist sending her goose bumps every time when I caressed her boobs over her bra linings exactly below her armpits she struggled a little to open my belt and removing the broken shirt making me stand in my undies my dick head was out of my little underwear which was trying its best to hide my hard on but all vein in front of the hot little angel.

She touched the head spreading my pre-cum and made the bulbous head wet. Getting on her knees she inserted a few fingers in underwear thru the ass crack of mine making the elastic stretch and pulled my underwear down making the front portion visible. The interesting part was that the tight elastic got scratched all thru my dick and balls making it throb a few times.

Wild huh! She exclaimed looking at that I smiled feeling the soft palms of little angle gripping my dick and started giving me a smooth and slow hand job. She got closer and licked my dick from bottom dragging her tongue towards the head and finally took it in mouth. I felt the rolling tongue over my dick head and her soft inner cheeks all over my dick as she started moving her head.

I grabbed her hair making a pony in my fist and started moving my pelvis fucking her little mouth when she surprised me deep throating it. Fuck Lavina I’m cumming I screamed feeling her mouth literally trying to suck the stuff out of my dick. And I exploded. Like never ever before looking at her widened eyes trying to take all of cum thru her throat.

Yet some of the drops dripped thru her chin and fell on her bra lining. I lifted her up making her stand and made her lick her own boob to clean cum from that. I got down on my knees and looked up. Asked her whether she wants to try something really wild and tease?

Yea she nodded and I instructed or rather warned her to keep her legs straight and tight from knees in any condition she has to keep standing straight or she would get hard punishments. She got a spark in her puzzled eyes unaware of the tough situation coming in front.

I pulled her little panties down and saw her clean shaved fair pussy I should call it a puffy pussy as it was having some good amount of flesh. I got closer and tried to smell her and touched my nose tip at her clit. Due to the weed effect it had become sensitive sending shivers thru her spine and due to same her widened feet trembled a little near knees.

Slap! She got between her legs exactly above pussy. She jumped in pain and pleasure moaning quite loud owwwhhhhh shit u bastard!!! That hurts. You are ought to stand straight without moving your legs I said! And she submitted again.

I attacked her pussy biting her vertical lips she was trying her best not to tremble but as I knew it was impossible getting spanked every time she moved even an inch. I pulled her bra down and opened it started to massage and twist her nipples hard now for punishing her.

This was too much for her to withstand when I inserted my fingers in her pussy and pressing her g spot while licking her clit. Aaahhhhhhhh fuck I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming!! She came with a loud moan throwing all her body weight on my face. I licked her pussy clean and took her to bed we got down and laid ourselves. I started licking her perfect round breast.

They were so tight that even when she was laid on back they stood straight and erect. I nibbled her nipples with tongue making circles around areola and was twisting and pinching another nipple with hand and the other hand was playing with her pussy. She got a little impatient taking hold of my hard again shaft and literally pulling me above her body with force.

I got the gesture and got my body positioned to piston her cylinders now she adjusted my dick on her hole and my dick entered with a little oppose of her pussy I puzzled whether she’s virgin or not, she was tight as hell and my dick entered her with no pains!! I started rocking my ass feeling the texture of her love cylinder around my dick.

She was trying to clutch my dick contracting her pussy every time I pushed my dick in and made it loose when I pulled back. We got in sensuous smooch once again while I fucked her slowly feeling every second of the awesome time. I increased my pace with time and started sucking her breast again increasing the volume and rates of her moans.

Soon I felt pressure building up so I withdrew my dick and told her to come in cowgirl position. We rolled on bed and I got on my back. She got my dick in her hand sucked it for a few strokes cleaning her wetness and lubricating it again with her saliva and positioned her pussy above my dick.

She rubbed my dick head on her slit with her head raised and closed eyes feeling the pleasure before she settled down taking inch by inch my whole dick in herself. Stayed there for a while and started riding slowly. Her boobs were juggling and were so tempting for me to keep my hands off them I cupped her boobs and squeezed them while she started rocking her ass

in circles like she took the dick inside her bending her waist to right and lifted it up bending towards left!. My dick was moving right and left while she massaged it with her tight canal. She grew her moans and increased speed which sent me hint that she’s going to cum soon. I took hold of her shoulders and made her lay on my chest with her boobs pressing over me.

She wasn’t able to rock due to position but still tried best to keep rocking her ass. I bent my knees and got my feet flat on bed and started fucking her real fast and hard with short strokes from bottom…. Ohhhh fuck yeah I love that… Oh my god shit I’m gonna cum keep doing that make me whore for you rest of my life owwwhhhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I was looking at her face deep red in ecstasy and her hair all roughly falling all over her face and sticking to it due to sweat. I grabbed her boobs and raised her a bit higher with tight grips over her boobs squeezing the hell out of them. It was too much for her to hold. I felt familiar pressure in my balls at the same time. And we both came together panting for breath.

She hugged me and stayed there. I woke up with my dick in her pussy in the morning. My chest was somewhat paining due to her weight over me for the whole night and I got morning erection. We had one more session before we got off bed thank god she said looking at her friends still sleeping. They woke and got fresh and left my place at I think 7 o clock.

The End.

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Gujju College Boy Enjoying Sexual Pleasures - I

It all started back in December of 2010, the newly won independence from a rich but strict father of me as I started off with my studies out of the city. About a 100 mile away from my home sent me goose bumps as he dropped me to my new flat (obviously it was taken on rent)… Phewwww… Obviously saw allot of hotties loitering around in the corridor.

I was really getting bored after all the works I went with for the whole day and wanted some excitements. Got my feet into the boots and started for the movie. Stopped at the mirror at the back of main door to see whether the dark 5’9” frame looked nice or not and finally locked up… Hell yeah Jack Patel is back again in action with a new story.

Story is a bit lengthy but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it to the core if u try to imagine explained situations. Brief introduction to all of you this is Jack from Surat, Gujarat. A happy go lucky and a little funny personality stuffed up in not too bad not too good sort of frame I must admit ladies met me always gave a reaction and captioned me as tall dark handsome.

Anyways I got of the township and searched for the taxies if they took me to the nearest multiplex at least and off I was to Inox. The story actually starts here, I went up to the shops around in search for cigarettes and darn it was too late just when a car filled up with lot of smokes and 4 hotties stopped near me and the lady with emo cut hair and pretty deep cleavage!!!

Sneaked thru the half opened door to ask for the address to Inox I pointed the opposite bank of road and slam the door went off just after their fancy ride left me at the road banks arrogant ladies I sighed and crossed the road just when I felt a familiar touch in my pockets yes it was the joint I smoked in my hometown and had to stop it suddenly because of unalarmed entry of dad in my room.

Holy luck I said holding it between my lips and shit!! No lighters. Reaching towards the gate frescoed with large Inox over it and found those 3 arrogant ladies probably waiting for the fourth one still smoking. Yes they were really smoking adding smoking hot. The main character of this story stood there with a Marlboro packet and a cigarette between those beautiful lips.

Lucky lips I just admired too loud pretty before they heard it and glared at me in the same arrogance. Lucky strike I corrected myself and said are those lucky strikes in your hand if I isn’t wrong. Marlboro she said just when I got my half burnt about 2 inch left joint out of my pocket it looked a little crumpled in the tight pencils I was wearing I adjusted it and gave a gesture to give

me a little spark from one of those burning little lucky cigarettes and suddenly one of then cried scaring the hell out of me is that a weed joint???? Shhhhh I said and returned her cigarette following the joint just to offer. Yes I love to share my joints. Especially with a beautiful one like I got a little cautious with the words I just exclaimed!

Thanks she said relieving me from the fear passing the joint to the lady next to her. Hell yeah those the pack of ladies with some extensive pot smoking passion like me. And finally I got the joint almost finished. I raised the joint up in the air exactly parallel to my eyes and then threw it in bin. Uhhh sorry we almost finished the joint of yours one of them cooed.

Not almost it was literally finished to the core I corrected and she offered me the cigarette she was smoking. Thank you beautiful I said. We got into the film queue and got the whole row in the left most corners as they were four adding me up as the fifth one in the pack.

We finished off the movie with nothing much interesting happenings but one of the girls got kicked in her head due to strong joints of mine they share. She regretted for experimenting when she tripped the step and fell down in a superman pose on the mirror polished tiles of multiplex raising her silk middies giving a full-fledged view of the polka dot panties she was wearing.

I pulled her hand and made her stand straight rubbing my throbbing hardon to her waist and brushing my hands on the perfectly stuffed 32 breasts in a 31 sized brassier. Damn the high feeling after smoking the pot lit up a hell fire in her body which I was sensing easily thru her eyes.

Trying to step forward she came to know about the sharp pain on her lower back due to the tripping and oughhh she almost going to fell on the floor again when I tried to catch her just after one of her companions took a firm hold of her. Thinking that this is the end I bid them good bye when they told me how they can thank me for such a great company.

I should be thankful instead I said it’s me who was all alone and new in the city as well. They asked me whether they could drop me somewhere. No thanks I said I don’t want to bother you much I said and till then one of them was already went off to the parking to get their fancy red sedan and I we kept on chatting with the three one Piya, Jessie, Arti, and Lavina were their names…

Folks call me Jack I said and they thanked again for the joint and admired the way it was rolled and the quality of the same which I used to smoke. Want to accompany me still?? I tried my luck and but where?? U got some weeds more??? Omg seriously, blah blah were all the girlish exclamations I generally used to hate but being highly affected and intoxicated to their beauties

I wasn’t feeling anything like that, Yeah beautiful ladies are born brain twisters as they always say. I said u can come to my place if u are able to keep your beautiful voices a little lower at volume was the only thing I said when we just got into car and drove off towards my new hood, Checking whether the old landlord has slept me smoothly got of car followed by them.

They threw themselves on the huge recliner in the living area as if they belonged the place all themselves and I went off to kitchen and got the bottle of coke and water with me and handed over to them. Started to clean the buds of weed and the smoking tobacco in front of them Lavina the most beautiful of them who got tripped bent herself to see what I was doing so fast in between my hands.

I said you find that interesting?? And stretched my hands towards her lips with a gesture to take a smell…. She breathed it deep in feeling the smell of fresh buds I used to cultivate in some earthen pots at home. She said she’s been dying to smoke it asap I said help me in cleaning and grinding those which she accepted two of the ladies where already dosed of after smoking

in some weird positions and the last one was carelessly surfing thru movies in my laptop and she looked at me with a mischievous eyes and shit I felt when I remembered that I forgot to hide the huge collected blue films probably she was watching the same I made a gesture by her constantly moving positions soon we cleaned the stuff and rolled it into some colorful bong papers

(I thought of using colored ones keeping in mind the smokers who were going to smoke most of them) soon we got the joints sparked up. I switched off the lights and put on only led dim lights making a hippy atmosphere around me put on some Trans music in my cellphone and joined the hot companies around me.

Soon three of us started getting high and started playing stupidly with the smoke and the bottle of coke. And suddenly Lavina once more sensed about the pain she was still feeling in her back can I check it I said and immediately put my hand on her back and pressed a little asking her “here?” shifting it a little sideways and asking her the same question again till she yelled uhhh yes it’s right there.

I pressed it gently with the thumb and dragged her muscles firmly downwards relieving the strain and making her feel better by spreading the clotted little patch on her back I did it for few times and removed my hands and concentrated on my joint. She asked me to do it as she was feeling good but I said yeah after I finish my joint,

I suddenly thought to try my luck looking at all the other ladies slept hard really high stoned. I asked Lavina if she ever tried bridge stroke in a joint. She asked what’s that I told her it’s like inhaling the smoke from the nose making a bridge of smoke between your nostrils and the mouth of the partner she looked puzzled when I suddenly got too close to her keeping one

of my hands on other side of her belly and I told her to inhale slowly. I took little puff and slowly left my mouth open and she like an expert inhaled all of the huge balls of smokes in her nose and then dragging it back out thru her Lucy lips. She said it’s nice and I was still waiting for her to get her head getting kicked hard due to that nasal bridge she just stretched.

And I offered her once more, this time holding her neck and little more aggressively just touched my lower lip to her upper lip and then moving back again after she inhaled it. I thought stupid of myself getting backed off when I sensed that she was almost there to put her hands on my shoulders. And I thought to try again. This time I asked her if she can do the same for me.

She said sure why not. I said wait let’s get shifted to bed and be comfortable first and finished the rest joint and then i’ll get her back massaged she seemed to have no problem now and got a little more open looking at her friends sleeping tight. We shifted like I was on the wall side corner of bed and she on the outer side. She got shifted a little closer to me as it was single bed.

She was on the right of me and vice versa. We were facing each other with just 9 inch distance between our faces. When she dragged a huge cloud of weed in her mouth and opened her mouth I was unable to take all of the smoke together thru little nostrils of mine and some of them got wasted. She said it’s all waste u looser try again.

She took a quick drag and came to me a little closer when I just started to inhale the smoke directly thru mouth and our lips touched once again soon converted into a smoky hot smooch and constant pumping of the smokes getting exchanged in our lungs.

This raised the fire in both of us and I got another drag a big one this time and continued with the same caressing her thighs with my hard fabric jean getting rubbed to soft supple skin of her legs below her middies. We kept kissing like that for almost an hour caressing and cuddling when suddenly she said fuck me! I’m dying now.

I told her just hold the passion and you’ll be overwhelmed with the upcoming surprises. Being stone made both of our bodies really very cold and even the slightest touches where sensed by us which raised the aggression on both of us.

I got my hands on her back and started pulling the tight zipper from her back kissing at every inch of her neck and almost licking her neck making it dripping wet. And there she got her first surprise when she got her ear lobes and linings licked and I blew hot air in her ear slowly.

To Be Continued...

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Guy Enjoying Holiday Fuck With Girlfriend - II

Previously: Guy Enjoying Holiday Fuck With Girlfriend - I

The next day, was still a no sex day. I spent most of my time relaxing and reading, while she kept cooking. Though now she had changed into super short shorts, which accentuated her wonderful ass, and a very tight tank top without a bra. It was quite hard for me not to pounce on her. And my hard-on never seemed to subside.

Finally, in the afternoon, she said she was done and it would be awesome if we could go out for a walk somewhere. So I took her for a walk around the gardens. It was scorching hot, and she had obviously changed back into her conservative Indian dress as we were outside the house. And when I asked her why she had decided to change she replied,

“What if someone saw me wearing that?” She actually wanted to see how big the plot of land was and that if we really were alone. So we walked amongst the tea gardens and through a little forest and there was no one in sight. After a six-hour long walk around the plot, and mind you we still had not reached the boundary wall, we decided to head back.

She was convinced that we were alone. And she said she was convinced that we could not be seen or heard due to the cover of the forest on one side of the hill. Then she promptly took off her top and bra and walked back bare-chested to the house for the next two hours.

Sometime in-between, she smiled when she saw me checking her out, and she lifted her hands above her head and said, “I feel so free and liberated! Wait just a few more hours baby and see what this little liberated Indian village girl can do. I will put all your little fantasy porn stars to shame.”

We had a delicious and quiet dinner in the candlelight. She said, “ I love this place, I could never have imagined places like this exist in our overcrowded country. And I loved meeting your parents, they were just super cool. And the fact that they know that we have sex is still a bit shocking but somehow because I am horny or maybe it’s just this place,

I feel like I want to fuck you more, and properly and all the time. I want to be fucked righteously. No more sneaking around and thinking if your parents and my parents are going to find out about this. No dirtier hotel rooms. I do not even care what my parents say about it anymore. I love you and I want to screw you properly. It’s kind of official and I have a license to screw.

Really, I feel so soo soooooo liberated. But ofcourse, its all from tomorrow. Get some sleep, you will need all the energy you can muster.” I went to bed really early, needless to say, super sexually frustrated and just hoping that whenever I wake up the next morning or night, would be considered the third day and we would be having sex.

I fell asleep almost immediately after the long and tiring hike. It must have been around 7 p.m. I thought I heard the door closing and someone talking on the phone. I was woken up sometime in the wee hours of the morning. It was pitch black outside and all the lights in the bedroom were switched on. She was dressed in a beautiful red sari accompanied by a lot of traditional jewelry.

She looked like a bride on her wedding night. The tight red blouse accentuated her breasts. My initial reaction was a mix of wtf and wow! I had an immediate raging hard on. She put her fingers on my lips and told me to not say anything and come with her. I grudgingly got out of bed and walked with her. To my surprise, she led us outside, down the slope and into the forest.

I said, “Wtf is going on babe?” And she kept quite and kept walking. I noticed the traditional mehndi on her hands and the attention to detail. Her bridal costume was impeccable. I was so aroused that my cock was aching. Twenty minutes later we arrived at a clearing. I was wide-awake by now.

There was a bed covered with petals and enclosed in a mosquito net in the middle of the clearing. On closer inspection, it was just a thick mattress. There were some lanterns kept nearby. She went and lit them and slowly climbed into the bed. I followed her. We were both now inside the mosquito net and lit by the shimmering light of the oil lanterns.

I asked,” How did you…” She put a finger to my lips and told me to wait. We waited for a few minutes. I could smell her excitement and the sweet scent of her pussy starting to get excited. I was perspiring with excitement. We looked up at the clear night sky through the scattered canopy of the huge trees surrounding us.

She said, ”In a few minutes I will ask you to do something after which I will completely submit to you. It is for fun and it will give me a huge psychological boost and help me feel truly liberated.” We waited for a few minutes. By this point of time, I was so aroused and curious I agreed. She handed me an envelope. There was a piece of paper with some instructions and a little necklace inside.

The necklace looked oddly familiar. She looked nervous and ready to hide her face. I read the letter in the flickering lamplight. I was shocked amazed and excited. It read, Dear wonderful man, you have given me so much love. Do this one thing for me and release me from my shackles. I was always told that I should only give myself completely to my husband.

But I do not believe in that anymore. So here is a mangal sutra (a necklace which generally signifies that a girl is married) and some sindoor (red powder used in religious ceremonies). You know what to do with them. After that, rip all my clothes apart and fuck me. Make sure you fuck me good and proper.

And make sure you rip the necklace and smear the sindoor over my face and body by the time you cum. I have been on the pill since I met your parents, so you can come inside me. Yes, I want you to fuck me. I smiled and kissed her. She was wearing so much jewelry and looked so good, that it felt strange to mess it all up.

I slowly put the necklace around her neck and screwed it into place. Then I took some of the red powder and smeared it on her forehead. She took off her sari and lay there in her petticoat and blouse. She looked amazing. She switched into being super shy and resistant. She would not let me part her legs and so the games began. I ripped her blouse and squeezed her breasts.

She wailed as I pinched her hard nipples. Using a strip of her bra, I tied her to hands to one corner of the bed where there was a bamboo planted in the ground to hold up the mosquito net. “What are you doing?” she screamed. “Remember I put sindoor and a mangal sutra on you!” I shouted, “You belong to me now, and tonight I am gonna get you pregnant.

No more condoms sweetie. Or should I call you wifey?” With that, I saw that her eyes glazed over with lust. She still pretended to fight, as I ripped apart her clothes and jewelry and stuffed some of the cloth into her mouth to gag her. She struggled violently as I entered her wet pussy. She was tight and warm and wet and she squeezed her pussy as hard as she could.

It felt amazing, after so much time, to be inside her again. I fucked her harder and harder. She moaned through the cloth louder and louder. I put her legs right back to her shoulders as I penetrated her even deeper. She moaned louder. I was sweating profusely now and both our bodies were sliding against each other.

Her big breasts glistened in the lamp light and bent down to grab and suck them. Then I pulled her gag out. She moaned and screamed even louder. I said, “Scream as loud as you want, no one can hear you, little dirty slut. Do you want to get pregnant huh? Little bitch!” She came, moaning and shaking and screaming all at the same time.

Her pussy squeezed my dick so tight, it hurt. She came again, as I kept pounding her harder and harder. And about twenty hard thrusts later, she had a full body orgasm. She shouted and screamed and squirted all over me and on herself. The bed was wet with her cum, and her pussy gripped my dick ever harder.

Without giving her any time to recover, I ripped off her mangal sutra and poured the whole container of sindoor on her breasts. I used both my hands to smear it all over her body and face. By now her hair was a mess and she was sweaty and smeared with red color. Her chest was heaving and I continued fucking her. Her eyes rolled up in pleasure as I continued pounding her.

Then her expression changed to concentration as she contorted her face and was about to cum. She begged, “Please untie my hands, you will not be sorry!” I slapped her, ”Come for me again wifey and I may just do that.” She came again. Buckling and twisting and screaming. She was panting, when I untied her hands.

Not having recovered from her previous orgasm, she still somehow managed to contort herself and put her legs on her shoulders. Her bare pussy was sticking out. “Fuck my pussy and please please get me pregnant.” She pleaded. I was on the verge now, and I after a few thrusts, I came. I came with spurts and spurts of cum, and grunted and fell on top of her.

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Guy Enjoying Holiday Fuck With Girlfriend - I

A story about my experiences with my girlfriend first few years of our relationship. Please forgive my grammar and the following typos. I was 21 and she was 19. She was a student and a dance instructor and had an hourglass figure, beautiful eyes, and a wonderful smile.

I met her through a close friend of mine, and it took me a few days to fall head over heels in love with her. However, like most amazing girls from India, she was from a very conservative background, from a small town and yet she knew and understood why and how many of the values imposed on her were really sexist and absurd.

She was extremely open as a person and always a quick learner. Though it took us months to have our first sexual experience, things escalated quickly. She turned out to be an insatiable beast in bed. Every Indian man’s dream. A conservative beautiful girl with a lot of traditional values and a kinky crazy, eager slut in bed. And she was a squirter!

We were in our third year of university and had started dating about two years back. It was the eighth month of our long distance relationship and we tried to meet as often as possible. We had been having sex for the last year or so, but since we met only twice or sometimes even once a month, we really craved for each other.

We had phone sex almost every night, and the fantasies got ever kinkier and the conversations lasted well into the wee hours of the night. They were mostly my fantasies as she was extremely shy and submissive and loved to play along. She always had one particular thing that she wanted, and it stemmed from her shyness and the fact that privacy in India is hard to come by.

If we mere at a hotel, she was always really concerned about being overheard or seen with me, again because India is a super conservative place. She wanted to be in a place where she could be fucked out in the open and make as much noise as possible. A place where we could be isolated for days.

She said that she would let me do anything to her and really show me what she is capable of. The month after that, being constantly nagged by my parents for months, I introduced her to my parents. It was no easy feat convincing here. She was super scared and shy and nervous.

She could not imagine meeting them, comparing them with her conservative and reserved parents (who are awesome in their own right). She was petrified. My parents, on the other hand, had met my first girlfriend, who was an outright bitch and hence they had their own reasons to be concerned.

They really liked her. They said that they have never seen my respect and love someone so much before. And they knew we were obviously having a physical relationship. So they gave us a present! My parents had finally renovated our vacation house in the tea gardens of Assam, and I was allowed to go there with my girlfriend.

Yes, my parents were super understanding and super cool! Sometimes a bit too cool. Especially when my mom took my girlfriend aside and questioned her about if we were using protection and if she was being treated well and that my mom is always there if she needs to have a girl to girl talk.

It made my girlfriend feel extremely shy and uncomfortable, to a point where she was almost hiding her face in her hands. For her, it was inconceivable to talk to one’s parents about sex or relationships. Anyhow, the meeting went well and she left that evening and I stayed to spend time with my parents. They were really really happy.

My dad even suggested giving me extra cash since I have a girlfriend whom they really like!! It was also the first time that my girlfriend understood that I might be relatively well of. I never told people about my background for several reasons. I hated showoffs! And that I was financially better off than others was not I doing, I was just lucky. It was time to tell her.

I called her and spoke to her for a while. I told her how much money I get per month from my parents and that I opened a separate bank account for her and she could share the money with me. She was a bit shocked. But it was impossible for me to tell over the phone what her exact reaction was. She asked me to repeat it to her. How big are the tea gardens?

What was the name of the company? How come you do not wear nicer or cleaner clothes? And how much did you say you get per month? And then she points blank refused the money. Initially, she did not want to go, she said that the flights would cost too much and it was too far away. She was still a bit shocked.

And what would she tell her parents if she did not have a phone connection for two weeks? We got lucky again. A friend of a friend was holding a dance workshop somewhere in the vicinity of my house and we got an official letter etc, and promised that she would at least show up once during the two weeks. Her parents agreed and she was overjoyed.

They even gave her extra cash for the trip. However, she still could not afford the flights and wanted to go by train. I told her that I could buy her the flights and I would much rather spend those extra FOUR days with her! She was always extremely money proud, but at that moment she did something strange. She agreed, and she laid down a list of conditions.

One, we would have to fly together, two, there should be no one around in the house of the vicinity, three, no masturbation for the next week and four, no sex for the first two days of being there. After that for the rest of the eleven days, I could have my way with her. I did not understand all the conditions but I agreed. Turned out later, that they were for my own good.

I had one condition, I wanted to give her some money to buy something nice for herself. And she accepted, again to my surprise and said that I would not be disappointed. Fast forward one week and we were at the house in the mountains. She was dressed extremely conservatively in a salwar suit, which successfully hid her features and her big wonderful breasts.

It is an important aspect of the story, she was a girl who was very conservative from the outside. The house was a small and comfortable place. Beautifully redesigned by an architect friend of my dad. It had a small comfortable living/dining room with an open kitchen.

And two huge bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and large cantilevered balconies, all sprawled over on top of a hill surrounded by tea gardens. It was not easy to convince the manager of the estate to stay away and keep everyone away, but after a small cash transaction, he happily agreed. He told me that if we needed anything I could call him from the landline in the house.

The house itself was a little apart from the main gardens and hence work would not be hampered. He left and ensured me that no one would bother us and so we were alone on few hundred hectares of land with a barbed wire fence. My girlfriend was satisfied with the arrangements, to say the least. We waited for the guy to leave and unpacked.

After a few hours, she came and sat on my lap and hugged and kissed me. She said that it was a vacation of a lifetime for her. She was very happy that I had never told her about how wealthy my family was and if I had she probably would have been too intimidated to date me! She made us a simple yet wonderful lunch and then told me how much money she had spent on the trip.

It was one fifth of what I had expected her to spend, but then again that was one of the reasons why I loved her so much. She was extremely cautious with her finances. We talked for hours and hours and then she told me why she wanted to first two days to be sex free. She wanted to arrange everything so that we would not have to do much for the rest of the week.

That involved cooking, cleaning, relaxing etc. I helped when I could and relaxed most of the time. She was making me drink pineapple juice and I had no idea why. I was naïve! We went to sleep on the first night fully clothed and me with a raging hard on, which was completely ignored. She was quite tired after having cooked and sorted all kinds of food.

She cuddled up to me and said that she felt super good and super secure now that things were official. She said that she saw a future with me and she understood that I was not just using her for sex and that I loved her because I introduced her to my parents.

All her insecurities about being a small town girl came pouring out and she cried and sobbed and told me how much she loved me. I reciprocated and we were a mess lying around crying and telling each other how much we love each other. Slowly we drifted off to sleep.

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Horny Engineering Student Enjoying Date Sex With Junior

I’m a 22-year-old boy just passed out of engineering with a size to die for (whatever you can imagine ). It so happened that I and one of the juniors started talking very casually because of a group of mutual friends.She was a very short girl with the right amount of assets at the right places.I had an eye on her from the first time I talked to her..She was just so cute that I felt like pampering her all the time and rightly so would look for reasons to talk to her and the feeling was mutual too.

We had our freshers party where I got to know her better through all the games and after the dinner, we were going home and I dropped her home.We gave a tight parting hug while leaving. So we were constantly in touch with each other all the time through texts and calls and regular meet ups in our friends group.

And whenever our group would go out I used to sit next to her very closely and she wouldn’t mind..we would hold each other’s hands very often under the table and she would put her leg over my leg and I would hold her waist and all that.

I went to drop her home and while we were about to reach her place she gave a peck on my cheeks and I couldn’t resist and stopped the car and started smooching passionately in the mid of the road..This was the beginning of our so-called relationship.

We always needed reasons to be with each other and just hit it off lightly..I would always caress her hair and hold her hand and have those soft touches with her and she reciprocated it well always and would just let a breath near me everytime I did that.

After a few days I asked her out officially as a dinner date and she agreed.As decided I went to her room at 8 in my car..She was all dressed up in a purple gown.I couldn’t take my eyes off her and hugged her tight right away and her fragrance made me go even crazy.We reached the place, had dinner and while dropping her she told that she can come inside as her friend is out of the station.

So this is where I make my move.I replied Sure I’ve been waiting to be with you in a cozy place ever since I met you and she blushed.As soon as she locked the door, I held her by the waist and brought her closer. Her breast touching my chest and practically feeling each others breath..the very next moment I starting kissing her and went on for almost 10 mins.

I was running my hands all through her back and squeezing her ass.After the long smooch she tells me to stop..she goes to washroom and comes back with her bra in her hand with her gown on..she jumps on me and starts kissing me ever so passionately and running her nails all over my jacket..the next moment I know she has removed my jacket and shirt.

I slowly start feeling her thighs from.above the gown and she starts feeling my dick.I remove the hooks and her gown comes down to her breasts…Fuckk the cutest pair of things I’ve to see and I go mad kissing and she runs her nails all.over my back and kissing me wildly.I make her lie down and remove the gown totally to see her only in the panties.Now, this is where I show my A game.

I lick her thighs and move to her pussy..and start licking her pussy over her panty.. and boy does she go wild.She stretched her hand to remove her panty but I didn’t allow it.I lock more of her pussy and she screams “I beg you..fuck me, please… I replied I’ll remove her’ s if she removes mine..she immediately got up and removed my pant and underwear and starting licking all around my dick.

I held her hair and pushed her mouth into my dick and she did a nice job for a first timer..After she drank all my load it was my turn to give it back to her..I asked her if I need to be slow and she replied no Just fucking destroy it. This was enough to start my thing. I started to push my dick slowly and once I got the rhythm I pounded her like anything.

Her screams could probably hear to the ground floor but Fuckk “Fuccckckkkkkkkkk don’t stop you mofo..Just fucking tear it ” we’re getting me high. I pounded her for 10 mins and she let a huge aaaaahhhhh once she orgasmed and got up and kissed me and told me to treat her like this always.

After that, we had a huge kissing session and she slept on her stomach with the juices flowing all over the place..I looked at the hourglass figure and spanked her ass and asked if she was which she smiled playfully.I then thought of trying anal for the first time.I started spanking her and she was enjoying it.

I started inserting my fingers into her asshole and she got confused for a second to which I replied not to worry.She just turned back again and started to and for of my fingers with pace..she started shouting that it’s painting.. I told her this is just the beginning. The worst is yet to come.

Nearby I found a Tropicana can and poured over it and started inserting my dick into her asshole she started to shout and I told her it will be alright. I pounded with more force and finally inserted and she shouted at the top of her voice..fuccccckkkkk youuuuuu…it went on for 5 mins and I licked to Tropicana and her juices after this..turned her around and told her this was it.

She started slapping me very hard and kissed me..after that we hugged each other and slept.. I woke up in the morning to find her looking at me and wanting more.I immediately pulled her and kissed her and she have me a nice blowjob and had a shower sex in the morning. I left for the day but whenever her roommate is not there she calls me up and hit it always.

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Punjabi Guy Having Sex With Hot Classmate

Today I’m going to tell you about my sex encounter with my classmate. I live in Amritsar (Punjab). I am doing my graduation 1st year and this happened when I was in college and I was 18 at the time. I had a class friend who was damn sexy. She had a great body. Big breasts, coffee brown hair, black eyes and a coke bottle figure, which was really inviting.

Sometimes she gave me signals that she wanted me badly but I being a shy guy didn’t respond. Our friendship had been going on for about 1 year now and we used to meet regularly in school. On one typical day in school I was in the computer room of my school with my friend. She suddenly came to me and asked me that could I come to her house on Sunday.

I was taken aback by this sudden request of hers. I was to say no as I had to go on movie with my friends on Sunday but I saw desperation or lust in her eyes. I could tell that she wanted me badly. I said ok I would come at 11:30 in the morning she looking very happy went away.

Days passed as Sunday came near and I was thinking what her purpose of calling me to her house was. Then came Sunday, I rang her doorbell and she opened the damn door. Whoa! She was looking very hot and erotic. I could shake then and there looking at her even in her clothes. Imagine this, an extremely attractive girl with perfectly round and big tits and well-shaped ass,

in a skintight sleeveless shirt, which was tied in a knot to reveal her navel and very tight pair of jeans, which extended only to her knees. She told me to come in and I stepped in and saw a dimly lit yet beautiful room with all the windows closed and curtains drawn. There was extreme silence in her house and I could make out that she was alone.

She offered me a tea and got herself one too. We sat quietly sipping away at our respective drinks staring at each other. The atmosphere was what you call romantic and I was getting hornier by watching beautiful curves of her body.

I asked her the reason why she had called me and she said she was having trouble with her computer, as she knows that I have computer in my house and my brother is computer professional. I asked her that what is the problem she told me that monitor is not working properly.

So I just check it out and within ten minutes I came to know that the connection was loose and I fixed it and just put it on. Suddenly when computer was on I was shocked to see that she had got so many xxx pictures. Pictures are of different fucking positions of man and women. I glanced at her and she looked curious about my reaction. I was getting hornier and hornier.

She asked me if I teach her practically. I was hesitating but it was a golden opportunity for a virgin like me, sure I have seen my xxx movies but in sex it was my first experience. While I was explaining frequently I found her hand nearing my cock. It was making me really aroused and my cock was bulging in my tight jeans.

She was staring right at my erection and that was making me uncomfortable. At last when I wasn’t able to control myself, I take her to the couch and let her sit on my lap. I was too mad with lust at that point and put my lips on hers and kissed like a mad man. She fully cooperated and embraced me with both her arms. Her tits were pressing against my chest.

They were as soft as, I can’t describe how soft and smooth they were. I was a virgin at that time and I knew that this was the day her and me lose our virginity. I was exploring her back while kissing her and my finger went into her jeans and touched her panty. That was the first step in our sex adventure. Finally we stopped kissing.

She stared right in my eyes as if warning me that this was going to be hardcore. She put her hand on my rock-hard 7″ penis and started massaging my crotch. It felt that I would cum right then but I controlled. Meanwhile I was playing with her soft melons from the outside of the shirt. Then slowly I reached inside and squeezed her nipples. It was heaven!

She unzipped my jeans and took them off. This left me in my underwear with a tent in the middle because of my erection. She was delighted to see me in that state. I too tore off her shirt and she wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits jumped out.

Beautiful! She slid down my underwear and held my 6″ manhood in her hand. It was too big for her hand so she used both hands to hold it. She stripped off her jeans and bent down on her knees. I knew what she was doing and gave her my cock. She instantly took it in her mouth. The bloody bitch. She must have watched a whole lot of blue films to know that much about sex.

She gave me a wonderful blowjob. It hurt at first when her teeth rubbed against the skin but slowly pain turned to pleasure. She kept sucking my cock for about 5 minutes when I told her that I was going to take it out as I was about to release my load. She insisted that shoot it in her mouth and held onto my penis. I shot all the sperm in her mouth and she gulped it like a whore.

I knew all the sex positions but first I want to lick her pussy, because that is the thing I like most while sex. Her pussy was sweet in taste like honey and too tight even I find it difficult for my tongue to get inside. Within two minutes I can see her stomach muscles getting tight I know that she is going to come,

so I started licking faster and faster suddenly she shivered and all her juices came in my mouth and I drink it all. Really it was tasty. I told her that I was going to fuck her between her breasts and she lied down on the couch. She pressed her tits and made a tunnel in between them so that we could get maximum pleasure. I did that for about 15 minutes and loved every second of it.

I came on her breasts and then licked them clean. I slowly bit her nipples and sucked on one while playing with the other. Next up was fingered fucking, I put my index finger in her love hole and started stroking them up and down. She was loving it and giving loud moans of pleasure.

After a few minutes when I felt that her cunt was loose enough I used my second finger too and licked my fingers, which had the taste of her pussy juice. I made her lick the fingers too. She told me in between her moans and gasps that please enter my love hole. I was desperately waiting for that and I told her to lie down on the carpet and open her legs wide.

I came near her hole with my cock and she grabbed it and guided it into the pussy. For some time she supervised the strokes with her hand but then left it to me. I started pushing harder and she was screaming with pain. I slowed down and asked her if she had vaseline or something. She got up with a lot of effort and went into a room and came back with olive oil and handed it to me.

I took some olive oil rubbed it on my cock and some inside her pussy and told her that this would ease the pain a lot. She looked relieved and asked me to start the fuck again. I pushed my cock in her. She screamed but a lot less. I started fucking her slowly with gentle strokes. With my ever in-stroke she inhaled air and with every out-stroke she exhaled air.

I increased the pace and started ramming her with my dick. Her screaming was decreasing with ever second and a smile of ultimate pleasure came on her lips. That girl was enjoying it more than me. I fucked her for a long, long time and instantly stopped when I was about to cum. she and I cummed together and I could feel her juice on my cock.

We both stopped and relaxed, my cock still inside her. We were exhausted after that and lay on our backs. I took out my limp penis out of her hole and put my clothes on and she slipped into another shirt as I had torn the previous one.

We both sat on the couch she turned on the air conditioner. We both started french kissing passionately, we kissed about 15 minutes. We had something to eat as we were completely out of energy. Then I told her I had to go back as I have some work. But as I reached my house a phone came that my computer is not working.

I told her I that I know where the problem is? It was really the best experience ever for me. But after one month she went away I missed her a lot. I wish that she would come back and then we could have sex again.

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Rahul Having Sex With Gujju Girlfriend Shreya

Guys and girls and this is Rahul here age 28years old and this is a story of my 3rd year engineering days when I met this girl Shreya Jain in classes. I am from Mumbai. Shreya is 5 feet tall, 34 28 34 and by looks very hot sweet and sexy Gujju!

I proposed her thrice before she accepted my request. We went on for all of 3 year and final year! First she never allowed me to kiss her, but it was first rains and rains lashed Mumbai hard. So we went out to National Park in borivali for some time together!

First time in my life while walking on the secluded road, I caught her tight, looked into her eyes and put my lips on her juicy sweet pink moist lips! Wow that was the first smooch of my life! She had closed her eyes and we were soaked in the eternal feeling of love and lust after almost an hour of kissing and smooching.

I let her off at her home sweet home and could not sleep the entire night due to continuous urge to take her to bed and wallah I got lucky the very next day! She being a gujju marwadi girl had a very reserved kind of family! Her dad went to office, but due to heavy rains she was not allowed to go to college.

So she called me up but I was dying to meet her. So I reached her building and gave her a surprise call. She stays in a building where she has two adjoining flats. Her bedroom and study was in this flat and her mom and dad in adjoining flat.

Her grandpa and grand mom stayed in a room besides her room but they had gone to native place for some religious activities. So she was all alone in flat and her mom in the adjoining flat. It was afternoon and her mom was engrossed in the daily till evening dose of TV!

I called her from the gate of her building telling thati missed her too much and she also missed me so much, I cunningly asked her where and what she was doing and what her mom was doing and who all were present at her place. Luckily today was the day.

I told watchman that I came to meet their neighbouring Mr. Sarvesh Patel family and reached her flat. I rung the bell of her flat and she was surprised to see me. I quietly walked inside her flat and closed the door.

I realised she got afraid and tensed but I requested her and told her that if her mom came, I would hide in balcony and run away without her notice. She agreed and I removed my rain coat and slept on her bed watching TV! She was talking to me from a distance.

I pretended my head was aching and hence even after a lot of thought she got closer to me to press and massage my head. I pounced on to this opportunity and took her onto bed and gave her a warm smooch! She was in her straps and hotshots only.

I started pressing her boobs and she resisted by her resistance decreased with time. She started enjoying me then I licked her ear and put my tongue inside her ear then I whispered slowly in her ears Jaan I love you and she just went mad. I slowly kissed her navel and removed her strap top.

I could now see her brownish nipples and 34″ melons. I started sucking her right book and biting her nipples slowly and lustily and then her left boob and continuously pressing and sucking them. She was fully aroused by now!

I took this opportunity to get naked and also removed her hotshots! Now she was totally nude her body was on fire just like mine! Our bodies were on each other and I just slid down and started sucking her toe finger and licking her feet and started moving upwards inside of her legs till her thighs.

I started caressing her thighs and licking them on the inside and she started shivering and till the time and I reached the love hole, she lost her senses and when I started sucking and licking her pussy clitoris, she went mad.

I sucked her for almost 5-10 minutes and she started shivering and had her first orgasm then I made her sit and asked her to give me a blowjob. She took my 6 inches rod in her mouth and started sucking me and made me aroused in almost 15 minutes.

I just pushed her forcibly on bed, with the hot rod. I pushed it 3/4th inside her pussy hole in one stroke and she jus cried out loud. I covered her mouth with a smooch and slowly pushed entire rod inside her pussy. She started bleeding and I knew I had deflowered my darling’s virgin pussy slowly.

I started moving in and out and her pain started subsiding and she started enjoying the rhythm then after almost 20 minutes she had a big orgasm and mine followed as well. We laid on each other for some time. I really loved her and she loved me.

We got up, got fresh removed all blood stains and then I secretly left from her place. This was my first and most memorable experience till date. For feedback, just post in the comments below. Thanks.

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Jenny Getting Fuckhole Filled By Krissh

Hey, friends.My name is Krissh. I am slim built body…With height 5 feet 9″. I have been a reader of HumanDigest for many years and after long thought, I decided to write down my best ever experience of sex with a girl who was always closest my ahem…My prize.

Not dragging anymore I will jump to the story. This was 2 years back when I was in my first year. I was known to be very shy towards girls but that approach changed when I met jenny. She was my classmate but at the initial period, we never had chat. From day one I got attracted to her because of her sexy body.

I was never interested in a relationship but had a lot of girls who became friends with benefits. Jenny was south Indian and she had a perfect body that I ever wanted. I always wanted to befriend her but due to my shy nature, I never approached.

One day one of my college teachers made me and jenny do an editorial work for the college magazine and that moment broke the ice between her and me. Soon we became close friends as we had lot things in common.Although she was dumb at few times but she was a sexy babe. For the editorial work sometimes I went her home and sometime she came to mine.

As her mom and dad were working she had house empty till evening. So for editorial work we had bunk college many days and sat down together to complete. Slowly we became best friend and were together always even in college. One day I asked her whether she had any boyfriend to which she replied long back in high school.

Further, I could move she asked about me. Jenny- so you had someone? Me- not gf but yes who was close. J- who? Not gf? Me- she was my bestie and we had a lot of moments. J- be clear please. Me- we had sex a lot of times in school. J- oh so you are not a virgin I thought you to be very shy guy. Me – I am with gals but you changed me. J- me? Me- nothing let’s complete.

After that, we never had that kind this kind of conversations.Soon we submitted our editorial work and in front of whole class out teacher appreciated us for our work. Soon in class, we were known as a couple which she kind of liked a lot. For a time I was scared whether she would propose me and we would come into a relationship but nothing sort of that happened.

One day I asked her whether we could go out near seaface not ask but told her as we were bestie and we didn’t have any formalities. That day when we reached seaface it started raining. We became wet soon which was frustrating but I loved as she was looking sexy.

In that heavy rain, her white shirts were wet and her shorts were so small that these made assets worth to die. We sat down and started having a conversation about life and all blah. Soon she mentioned that us being called as a couple in college and everything. She soon expressed that she likes me more than a friend but she is scared of being in a relationship.

Before she could continue I expressed my feelings and we were looking each other. To calm down I mentioned I don’t want a relationship too and loved her for being close to me. I wanted to kiss her there, hold her tightly press her boobs and bite her neck. I could sense that she wanted the same. But we lost our eye contact and I asked what happened with her ex.

She mentioned that he used her for sex while she loved him. I asked her openly he fucked you. She was like excuse me there was silence and then she replied yes. I then said so u are not virgin and to which she replied even u are not virgin. We knew what we wanted.

Being quick I asked that we can be friends with benefits, no pressure of a relationship and we can satisfy each other. She was kind of confused but I convinced her that it’s just sex and no feelings.I asked her – can we fuck now and her reply was yes. We took a cab to my house and while inside I held her by waist inserted my hand inside her shirt.

We didn’t talk but we knew we wanted to kiss. When we reached my house after closing my door I held her waist and we started kissing each other passionately. I started pressing her boobs and I was eager to see her nude. I took her to my room and we started undressing. Soon I got what I wished for long. She was nude and she was perfect as she is a pornstar.

I grabbed her, pushed her to the wall and started kissing. Then I made my hand to her boobs.Ohh god there were so soft. I pressed them tightly for which she replied go slow tiger. We fell in bad and I continued to press her boobs. From lips, I went to her neck and bit her. Her moan encouraged me more and I made another bite in her neck.

She caught my face, I sensed the lust she had. Soon we started smooching and then from lips I went to her boobs. Oh her nipple was so amazing. I was sucking her whole boobs like I wanted it for long. Her moans filled in rooms. Then slowly I went to her love hole I started teasing her. She couldn’t resist and asked me to fuck her while holding my dick.

I became mad listening to this and kept my 6″ tool near her pussy. I don’t know I pushed my dick wholly into her hole. She screamed with pain held my hair and shouted..’ oh fuck’. I started thumping my organ inside her continuously. While fucking her I held her by the waist while my another hand was pressing her boobs.

Her moans were so amazing to my heart that I still feel while I am writing this. As soon I felt I was coming I took out my dick poured the juices all over her face. We laid down side with each other. I mentioned her that she came twice while we were fucking but her moans didn’t stop ever. She looked into my eyes saying I want this every day with you. From that day onward we became fuck buddies.

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Bangalore College Guy Enjoying Sex On An Outing

Well before starting let me tell you this is my first experience with my friend which made me realize how good I really can be. So here me and my friends had plan of going outings, we had gone for a trip or an outing basically out Bangalore, I was little drunk, so it was already 11:30 pm, we do always carry tents which would be easier for us to camp any place,

we ended up camping in a place, which was too dark we had girls with us too, as we were drunk so, in hurry we slept.My friend was sleeping beside me. It was almost 2 in the night, I felt like someone touching my dick. I ignored it as I thought it was a dream but I was wearing a blanket in which my friend was there too.

As time passed, I felt for real that some hand is inside my pants. I didn’t want to interrupt and stop having some fun, so I slept enjoying it. Later I noticed that she was giving me a BJ. I could feel that her tongue was licking my head of my dick, I couldn’t control myself I turned towards her and held my hands on her as she felt that I was sleeping and shaking my hand but I wanted to touch her boobs, which were really big and juicy.

Then suddenly I woke up to drink water and she was pretending that she is sleeping and then I slept beside put on blanket and slowly held my hand towards her boobs I could hear her breathe then now she came to know that I m awake and really wanted to do that then she turned towards me and we started kissing and

I swear she was best she was moving her tongue in my mouth like I had never kissed anyone before and it was so passionate that we kissed each other for 30 minutes. Then I thought I can undress her and suck her boobs but it was a tent where my friends were along with us so she didn’t give me that chance as she took me out and it looked like a forest and so dark out

where we found a tree full of bushes as we went there I started kissing her neck and slowly licking her neck and ears, she was really horny and I sense her thrust for my dick. So I had taken a blanket and we went to 69 position her pussy was so juicy and she already had an orgasm she was licking my dick with so passion I felt like she is going to eat it,

as I was about to cum, she was taking my dick too deep her mouth was full of my cum, and it didn’t take much time to cum, as we were naked there, until my dick gets harder I was licking her pussy, and fingering her pussy so she had orgasm again before my dick got harder.

Then I started fucking her pussy where my dick would be more than 5 inches and it was a bit tight to go in later it managed to go in and banged her like a gun, without reloading as I fucked in a missionary position then I fucked her in doggy style which makes me so happy to fuck and I made her sit on my dick which went around 30-45 minutes,

finally I was about to cum I stopped because I didn’t want it to end really so soon, so then I kissed her and started licking her pussy this time I fucked her very hard in doggy style where she had her orgasm once and again I was about to cum and told her she was like cum inside me, I was really happy after that she gave me a final blow job, which could be a happy ending where again I came in her mouth.

It was a fantastic experience, and I really feel like experiencing it with someone else with a bhabhi or nice lady, who really wants to spend a nice time, having a glass of whiskey. And wild one. As the day passed and the other day we had to stay in a hotel and I am not comfortable sharing my bed with a guy so I had to take a different room just for myself,

we had a nice visit in goa and the place was so cool as we visited tourist places and after that night,we reached goa and went to beaches and party booze,but I was in my limits and my friends were heavily boozed so I took them back to hotel and ended up dumping in their rooms,as the girl (my friend -neha) had boozed lightly.

And the rooms we had were 2,1 for boys and 1 for girls. Each room was not sufficient for them but they were too high didn’t find any difference. That night Neha came to my room to sleep and now the real fun started she locked the door as she entered in and started undressing herself until she came to me she was nude,

my dick was getting too harder as the last night it was night and I could not see anything except having fun,now her juicy boobs was so sexy where it was huge and the brown nipple is out and wanting someone to bite it.As she came near we started kissing my hands were on her boob and pussy.

I was pressing her boobs so harder and rubbing her pussy so soft and started to lick her pussy it was clean shaved pink and tastes great, she had an orgasm when I was licking her pussy. She started licking my dick and my dick got too hard which was waiting to enter into her pussy.

I tried out different styles by giving gap as it could last longer and she will be satisfied it went for more than 40 mins finally she wanted me to mouth fuck and took all the cum in her mouth.I see she holding my dick and sleeping.It was fun.

If you like my story you can give comments below. Thanks.

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