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Arjun Enjoying First Sex With Horny Neighbourhood Lady

Hi everyone,my name is arjun(not real) age of 26 from andhra pradesh vizag.Not being late over the story I would say this is a fantasy of how I made sex with a mature hot horny women who is my neighbour. This is just a fantasy I had and I never had real sex till now.

So the story goes like this,I live in a rented house alone doing job in vizag and my flat is in third floor.There used to be a women who lives opposite to my flat in an individual duplex house and is married.Her husband works in marketing field in a company which makes her alone most of time as her husband travels a lot and I never seen her anytime as I do my work and live alone in my flat.

One fine morning I woke up at 6 and came out in balcony and seen her coming towards her house.She was wearing a blue saree with transparent blouse and she is very fair in color and normal height.She was looking so sexy and when she is walking he back moves left and right making any guy to have a boner immediately.

Oops soory guys dint tell abt her so lets take her name as mrs apple(fake name) age 27 height 5.6 fair in color and average structure not fat nor too thin she seems like actress.Here goes then,so I was watching her and she was carryng a bag of vegetables and moving towards her and I was in deep scan over her,

suddenly she looked back at me and gave a normal look and went into the house and I too casually went away and had my day work and came back in evening at 8. I changed and had snacks and sat in balcony and I seen her in her balcony and she was sitting in her hanging swing chair and was reading a book and I was constantly looking at her and I can see her navel while she was swinging slowly.

It was a damn sexy she was looking like and I deep gone in her exposing naval while I forgot that she also seen me looking at her.When I came back to my senses I seen her and she looked at me in anger way and went away.I was sad and I also went back inside.

This continued for a week and I used to daily sneek peek at her and she sometimes used to stay and look at me while sometimes left.I was confused what was going in her thoughts. After two weeks of looks one fine day at morning 8 I was about to leave to office and was starting my bike I seen her coming towards her house and suddenly her bag broke and all the things scattered on the road.

I immediaely left my bike and went towards her and said may I help you to which she accepted,apple and me started to pick up the vegetables and in mean while I could see her open naval sometimes and her lips where visible.(guys boobs cant be seen because saree dint fall :-p) after picking all those I helped her to get those to her house which she accompanied me to.

We both went into her house and I kept all those on the dining table and mrs apple said me to have a seat and she went inside to get me something to drink.She came with water and I drank it.Then we both introduced ourselves and she said about her husband and I also said about me and in between I was staring at her with deep eyes towards her sexy red lips and all over.

She noticed me seeing her and then suddenly she got a call and I also said bye and was about to go then she called my name and said thank you and invited me over dinner.I readily accepted and went away. I arrived in evening soon and had bath and dressed up my best with lusty perfume over me. At 8 she called me up and said to come over to dinner and I went to her house.

I knocked the soor and she opened the door.She was looking very sexy in her red saree with naval shown and deep neck blouse made me to gaze at her cleavage and immediately I had an erection.I was staring at her and she shook me and said to come in. I went inside and she said to me sit on sofa meanwhile she went to kitchen to arrange the dinner.

I was anxious and afraid bit thinking what will happen next and was thinking how to proceed forward.She came and sat beside me and we both started to watch english movie titanic and to my chance the kissing and makeout scene came and we both looked at each other and were feeling shy and were looking deep into each others eyes and I my erection was clearly visible

to her to which she in shy turned her face down and moving her hand towards her saree end. Then she broke the silence and said shall we have dinner and I nodded my head and went for dinner.She sat beside me and we both served each other and conversation started over again. Apple– your native Me – vizag but parents live in vijayawada Apple – so you live here alone Me- yes

Apple- no girlfriends? Me-no Apple-come on say really don’t be shy. Me –really I don’t have any gf Apple-any past relations then? Me-not at all, I m still virgin Apple-oh that’s good.By this time ever1 would have already many relations Me-yeah but I dint find anyone good enough Apple- ok.So what you want Me-some one who is caring loving etc Apple-that’s all?

Me-hot sexy and beautiful also Apple-hmm Me-don’t mind but someone who looks like you Apple (smiling and shy) - thank you. And she bent her head down and we had our dinner.We both stood up and went towards handwash and I was washing my hand and she was beside me and our shoulders were touching each others skin making me very horny.

After that she said me to sit and she went inside and bought me ice cream and we both had the ice cream sat beside in sofa and watching movie and again a romantic scene came and I slowly moved my hand towards her hand on the sofa and touched it lightly.

She dint move back her hand so I dared again and touched her hand slowly to which suddenly she held me hand on the sofa and looked into my eyes and came forward and kissed my lips.I held her head and kissed her slowly and put my tongue into her and exchanged each other saliva and we kissed each other for long sometimes trying to chew her lower lip and sometimes upper lip and it was hot moment.

We kissed for long and then I made her sleep on the sofa and slowly removed her pallu and started to kiss over middle part of the boobs and press the boobs also.I then removed my pant and was in my jokey and again I laid over her and started kissing naval and pressing her boobs and she was moaning very much. Ahhh ahhhh ahhh.

I then made her lay reverse and removed her blouse and bra and she was nude on top and I started to suck her one boob and press another one and rub my legs with her bare legs.She was moaning ahhhhh suck me moreee arjun suck me hard and she pressed my head into her breast and I was sucking both the boobs and holding the boobs also.

We were very horny and the environment was hot around us.I made her to stand and pushed her towards wall and started to suck and kiss over her naval and remove her langa and then her panty.Guys that was amazing view as it was clan shaved and pink lips can be seen at the down and so fair.

I started to press her boobs and kiss her lips on top and I raised her legs and started to rub my penis over her pussy on the wall holding her legs and kissing her hard and then I moved her towards bed room and then I removed my jockey also and then pounced over her and started to rub my penis over her pussy and suck all her body wildly.

She was moaning loadly many time ahhhh arjun please I cant take anymore give me your virginity to me,ahhhhh arjun please I m very hungry I cant wait anymore. I was unable to hold anymore and inserted my penis near the heavens pink gate and inserted in one push.But it dint went in as it was tight.

I again pushed hard and it went inside and she shouted like anything and I immediately closed her mouth with mine and slowly started to push my penis inside and I could feel the warmth of the heaven.I was like flying in air and I was unable to control anymore and started to stroke fastly and she was moaning ahhh arjun ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh arjun do more tear my penis

(nannu bagaa dengu ra) fuck me very much and I was stroking up and down very hard and entire bed was shaking and kissing her boobs and sucking her lips and finnaly I cummed inside her.And laid on top of her.She gently carcassed my head and I kissed her and said love you apple.

She said she never had such a sex in her life as her husband never cares to show any love and satisfy her.We both cuddled and slept. When I woke up it was midnight 2 30 and I seen her sleeping peacefully nude beside me.She also woke up and seen me and smiled and asked me how m I,

I smiled and again I started to have erction and I slowly kissed her over inside the blanket and started to rub my nude body over her and said apple you r the best that happened to me and started to kiss her and press her boobs and I she was moaning aahh arjunnnn slowly I then slowly moved down and started to lick her pussy with my tongue and played with my tongue

inserting into her pussy and rub the pussy with hands and lick then and she was moaning hard ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and she had her orgasm again I cleaned it up.And inserted my tongue into her mouth and had fine french kiss for 5 mins rubbing my penis into her pussy and then I inserted my penis into her pussy

slowly and started to stroke hard and she was moaning ahhhhhh arjun aaaahhhh arjun slowly its paining but I was pressing her boobs and stroking her hard and this time bed was shaking like anything and my strokes were hard one after another and she was screaming ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa arjunnnnnnnnnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and finnaly I cummed inside her and laid beside her.I could see tear over her eyes and asked apple I m sorry she said arjun it tear of happiness and thank you for giving me such a lovely night and we cuddled and slept like that.

Thank you guys for reading my fantasy story.

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Nakul Losing Virginity With Ankita In One Night Stand - II

Previously: Nakul Losing Virginity With Ankita In One Night Stand - I

Ohhh…God…! Stepping down from last stair as I moved in, I was stunned to see her; she was hidden behind the door and formal suit she was wearing few minutes before was entirely disappeared from her body. No bra underneath, she was wearing just large neck white cut sleeve slip of thin strings which was ending few inches below her waist.

Long legs, massive thighs and I could see her panty too. It was light blue in color with some tiny print on it and over her breasts I could make out her thick nipples standing erect under soft and stretchable cloth of her spaghetti. Our eyes met, I was shocked and Ankita smiled beautifully “Ye kya hai?” means what is this,

I asked her with perplexed but rapturous smile and she laughed wonderfully and came out with “Ye wo hai jo tum soch rahe the per kar nahin paa rahe the…” means this is what you wanted to do but you were failing to do. Standing face to face; barely couple of feats away, for the first time in my life I was so close to any female in such state and my condition was evident over my gesture,

I was nervous and madly excited but Ankita was smiling and she step ahead and came very close to me; face to face, almost touching and her body odor spammed my senses, “you like me… hmmm” she asked me and I uttered yes, “mujhe bhi tum bahut achhe lagte ho…”

stepping ahead Ankita looked into my eyes with naughty smile and locked her arms around my neck and I was dumbfounded. Her soft breasts touched my chest and as she was not wearing any bra underneath I could feel her rigid nipples even with a cloth in the middle. “Main apne boyfriend ko to nahin chhod sakti…but tumhare liye main uske saath ek baar cheating kar sakti hun…”

(Means I cannot leave my boy friend but for you I can cheat him once). That was bizarre but it was good and before I would have realized what is she going to do next Ankita planted her soft lips over mine and we went through deep and long lasting kiss. Ankita drew her lips over my lips and sucked them gently, next slowly she slithered her tongue out between my lips, knocked my mouth,

I parted my lips and her tongue slipped inside my mouth and in a moment her tongue roamed inside my mouth thoroughly. Unknowingly I also started kissing her by sucking her soft rosy lips, keeping them between my lips, I too entered my tongue in her lovely mouth and sucked her tongue delicately and soon we were eating each other.

It was first kiss of my life and I didn’t knew how it went so well; I just did what Ankita was doing to me and that made my first kiss memorable forever. Anyway I was still hesitant, also confused over whatever was happening with me but Ankita knew what she has to do and soon while kissing, her hand was caressing my chest over the cloth;

her sensual touch sent strange shivers into my spine and my cock went further hard. She opened few buttons of my shirt and moved her hand inside to touch my bare chest under my innerwear and I groaned in pleasure. She brushed her lips on my neck and bites my ear and I once again gasped loud.

Ankita was already gone bizarre and slowly I was also getting crazy and finally empowering my hesitation I got hold of her waist and crushing her big breasts against my chest she embraced me hard. Wow! I too started brushing my lips all over her face and neck and she once again lip locked me and this time it was a real crazy kiss.

She ate me madly and released her sweet saliva in my mouth, I too ate her and gave her my saliva and she guzzled it, our body was so close and tied with each other that my body started emitting fragrance of her feminine perfume. I could feel marks of her lipstick on my face and around my lips and there was a blend taste of that brand in my mouth along with the taste of her saliva.

I was delighted as spasms of blissful sensation was passing through my soul and suddenly Anikta’s hand reached to my crotch and rubbing my hardness she asked me to go and wash my Cock “Jaao issko achhe se wash karke aao” her big black eyes were full of naughtiness and thought of my cock getting sucked drove me further hard.

I quickly moved out of basement and washed my Cock thoroughly and by the time I reached back all the lights were off and it was just computer screen which was glowing, I stepped into the basement and saw Spaghetti and Panty Ankita was wearing minute earlier was also lying on floor and as I closed the door of the basement Ankita shouted “apne saare kapde wahin uttar ke aana…”

(Means take off your clothes there only) and after taking off my clothes, holding my cock in my fist as I reached to Ankita I once again dumbfounded. Her Bra and other taken off clothes were hanging on the back of chair and sitting on the couch, legs crossed and stretched and resting over chair Ankita was smiling naughtily.

All the lights were off but monitor of my computer was emitting sufficient light, thick and long nipples hard like nut and her enormous breasts were sagging beautifully, I wanted jump on her but being an armature I was scared of something and before I would have moved ahead Ankita got up slowly and for the first time I saw real Pussy live.

My eyes glued to her clean shaven cunt and she came closer to me and looking into my eyes closely she released my Cock from my fist and Wowed in low sensual voice “Wow….it’s beautiful”. Anyhow I cannot write exactly what kind of feeling I was going through, hardest of my life, no need to say I was happy but I was also confused over why is this happening

and reading my expressions Ankita asked me why I am getting nervous "tum nervous kyun ho rahe ho?" and with tiny smile I came out with sarcastic reply “ab achanak kisi ke saath aisa hoga to wo nervous nahin hoga kya?” and Ankita laughed over my state. “Ok…I want to tell you ki ye one night stand hai…and we will not talk to anyone about this night”

Ankita spoke and without trying knowing reason why she is doing all this I said Ok to it. “One more thing….please don’t’ fall in love with me….”and before I would have thought about saying anything in reply Ankita took hold of my Cock and I gasped loud. Ohhh man what a sensation, anyhow I cannot write the blissful feeling I went through with the first touch over my cock

and next instant Ankita started jerking my cock back and forward. Looking at my pleasure expressions she smiled and holding my wrist with the other hand brought my hand over her breasts and told me squeeze them nicely “Low dabaao inko achee se…” and I started doing that. Both the hands over her luscious breasts and I started squeezing them nicely.

Ankita moaned sexily and in rising lust cupped my balls with the other hand and I once again gasped in strange pleasure. Standing face to face, thighs touching thighs, she jerked and I played with her breasts for a minute and Ankita told me to touch her cunt too “Meri Pussy ko bhi touch karo….” and I drifted my hand down and touched her cunt tenderly.

Ohhh Man it was so hot, wet and dripping that in a moment my entire palm was sticky, Ankita moaned in pleasure and told me to rub it hard “rub karo issko achhe say” and I started doing that. “Hmmmm… it….” She grunted and I searched her opening and entered my finger into it. It was a big hole; flooding likes hell and I added one finger to it “Yessss…do it”

she exclaimed in pleasure and caressing my balls started jerking me harder and I stopped her. “Kya hua…..chhootne wala tha kya….?” She asked me if I was about to cum and I accepted, Ankita smiled and holding my Cock brought me the couch and told me to sit. I obeyed and she sat down on the floor over her knees and continued jerking me but very slow.

I knew what she was going to do now and soon Ankita started doing that, for an instant she looked into my eyes, smiled, took out her tongue and licked tip of my cock. I moaned in low voice and next instant leaned over my crotch and took tip of my cock in her mouth. “Ahhh….” I puffed in pleasure and raising her eye balls Ankita smiled over my expressions.

Eventually proper sucking started, she opened my legs and moved bit forward and resting her heavy breasts over my thighs she took me bit deeper and sucked me. My cock swelled and grew harder in her mouth and I cried in pleasure and giving me no time to recover Ankita peeled skin of my cock and started sucking me harder.

I cried in pain, tried to stop her but she did not stopped, but slowing down her pace she took out her saliva across my cock and moving her head up and down over my length continued sucking me. Although it was still painful but it was good and erotic view of her beautiful face filled with my cock was astonishing.

My meat appeared and disappeared in her wet and warm mouth repeatedly, I moaned, grunted, gasped helplessly but did not tried stopping her until things went beyond my ability to bear. Eventually Ankita stopped sucking me and slowly rose up over me and sucked my tiny nipples, nibbled them between her teeth tenderly also kissed me for few seconds

to give me taste of my own cock and in the end told me to get up and suck her “ootho….. aur meri sucking karo…”. Our sitting posture reversed, I got up, she sat down on the couch and kneeling down over my knees I went down between her opened thighs to please her. Few minutes back her cunt was beautiful but when it came sucking, it was looking very ugly.

Soaked in her own juices her fuckhole was fleshy and fluffy and as an armature I was really hesitant to suck it and next instant Ankita spoke that out “Shuru mein tumko achha nahin lagega…but you just have to go on…..and you will be Ok with it”. I accepted with tiny hum and started licking her cunt, my tongue moved over her slit tenderly and Ankita puffed in low voice.

Unlike it always seemed in blue movies, it was wacky, creepy and filthy but I had to go on and I kept on licking her damp fuckhole and I moved my tongue tentatively over her slit couple of times and found Ankita is leading to heaven. “Ohhh…Yess do it….” Ankita opened her thick fleshy thighs wider while grunting in pleasure and caressed my scalp.

By now tangy taste of her sticky juices was all over in my mouth and overcoming my hesitation as I tried burring my tongue deeper in her cunt Ankita hissed in pleasure erotically. Her pleasure moans were arousing me since beginning and to hear more from her I flipped my tongue from bottom of her slit till the upper edge of her crack and Ankita moaned thickly.

She was enjoying so was I and soon I was digging her cunt without much trouble. She was right; it was barely 5 minutes I was so ok with it that opening her thick fleshy pussy lips with my finger I buried my lips between them and tried to wiggle my tongue all around her cunt and with a loud groan she squeezed my scalp into her fleshy thighs and suddenly pushed me away to stop me.

“Wow….you were amazing….!” She smiled while puffing and moved forward to kiss me. We kissed and this time I gave her taste of her cunt. Next Ankita asked me how I will do “kaise karoge….?” and I replied as you say “jaise aap bolo”. She told me to sit on the couch and holding my Cock straight she sat over my couch while facing away.

It was not easy for a big ass girl acquire that posture with a brat like me but after couple of tries somehow Ankita plunged her cunt with my cock and I groaned in pleasure. Next she moved up and down but it was not affective as more than sex we were bothered about our balance and we broke the posture.

Madly excited, mentally I was not in state to think how to do it but Ankita was experienced and looking around she went to the entrance of my office and came back with a roll of carpet which belonged to my landlord.

After carpet she laid 10-12 apparel samples over that as a sheet and finally putting a back cushion of cane wood couch under her waist she laid down with opened thighs and called me “Aaja abb”. Yes that was far better, I kneeled down and laid over Ankita and holding my cock in her fist Ankita brought me over her fuckhole.

I was bit limping now but Ankita knew what she has to do and she rubbed my cock tip over her cunt hole and with an intense gasp I was hard again. Fleshy thighs wide open, knees bent inwards and feet bit in air and as I impaled myself over her crotch Ankita wrapped her legs around my hips and gulped me in her arms and thighs.

“Ahhhh……” I plunged her and moaned in strange pleasure and next instant I was slipped inside her fuckhole till the hilt of my monster. Ankita also hummed in pleasure and closed her eyes while feeling my hard monster distending her pussy lips. Wow what a fuckhole she had; hot and wet and as I entered my meat deep inside her flesh I felt her juices flowing out and touching my balls.

“Fuck me” Ankita spoke and resting me on my knees and forearms I started moving in and out of her fuckhole instantly. “Ohhh….Hummm” what a pleasure, surface was hard and my knees were aching a bit but pleasure I was going though was something for which I was ready to bear anything.

Hardly a minute or not even that and my knees adopted hardness of the surface and I started ramming and reaming in her fuckhole steadily. Laying under me with her massive breasts tossing with my fucking strokes Ankita was looking amazing, like me she was also little uncomfortable but she was also enjoying and she urged me to fuck her hard

“Yes…fuck me, fuck me hard… tez tez kar, jitna tez kar sakta hai kar” and her words drove me crazy. Legs spread wide, knees bent inwards, and feet high against my back and as she said I started thundering my rod in and out of her flesh faster and Ankita went mad in lust.

Grabbing me harder she started crying in pleasure while speaking erotic Hindi “Haan Nakul Chod mujhe…Aur Chod…fuck me… … fuck me…. fuck me yes yes….” and just in a fraction I reached to the point where I began losing control over my body. I pounced deep and fast with all my passion and energy and finally I reached to the point where my Cock was about to blow.

Ankita was also close to her climax and she grabbed me so hard in her arms and thighs that I collapsed over her and buried my rod in her womb and squeezed my hips together to release my gunk. Almost at the same instant extending her arms to fullest Ankita grabbed both of my hips and crushed them in her hands and pulled me further inside her and orgasmed with a loud cry.

My cock shuddered deep inside her flesh and as I released my seed in her fuckhole I felt her fuckhole pulsating on my rod and that sensation was superb. I was dead tired, puffing and gasping furiously after cumming and Ankita also gasped feverishly for few seconds after releasing her juices. “mazza aaya…?” “Haan…”

Still tied in each other’s arms she asked me and I replied “Tu bahut achha Chodta hai….” She spoke again and I was little surprised to hear that. Finally we got up and after wearing our clothes and using washroom decided watch some porn before getting into action again.

I had few in my mobile, she too had few and to begin next session putting spongy cushion under her knees Ankita went into doggy posture and bending down her upper half she raised her ass for easy access of her fuckhole and standing around her big ass over my feet I fucked her from behind for a minute.

As it was not an easy posture to retain we decided to fuck in standing doggy style and spreading her legs as wide as possible Ankita bent down over the table. I plunged her from behind but hardly for a minute, as she was taller than me it was not easy for me to fuck her consistently from behind with such a huge ass on its way.

Ultimately we laid like we fucked earlier and I really enjoyed digging her hot wet cunt but we both failed to climax and finally as Ankita suggested sitting on a couch we one by one masturbated each other along with giving each other oral pleasure. First she sat down on the couch and I kneeled down.

Exploring her fuckhole thoroughly with my tongue I sucked her cunt and fisted her hard while speaking erotic and drank everything she released. Later I sat down on the couch and being in her knees on floor she sucked me tenderly till I rose up to the peak and later jerking me hard she shagged me.

Though she did not drank my cum but like we see in porn movies she took my load over her face and breasts. Eventually we both rested on couch with our legs starched on chair in casual chit chat she told me that she has fucked with me because she really like my shy nature and it was just a fraction in which she decided and ultimately took my innocence.

Ankita was Ok with doing this much of cheating with her boy friend because once her boyfriend has also gone for one night stand. After that day we have been face to face numerous times but we never fucked. Comments by readers are awaited.

The End.

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Nakul Losing Virginity With Ankita In One Night Stand - I

Hi, Friends, I am Nakul, Male 25; I am somewhat 5’6” with good looking face and fit body. By profession I am a fashion designer; self employed; passed out from one reputed design institute of Delhi and my sex experience is about me losing my virginity with one female designer Ankita. While describing Ankita I can’t say that she is fair beautiful female with gorgeous body.

Though she is good looking but not fair, little dusky with sharp features and her entire beauty was laying in her big black eyes and open hearted nature. Physically she is not at all sexy and slender; moreover bodily she is on the heavier side. Somewhat 30 years of age, big breasts, thick fleshy thighs, wide and plump ass with evident belly but as she is quite tall;

standing somewhere 5’10” she never looked that fat to me. Anyway as I said earlier I am a self employed designer, working freelance with many reputed design houses and Ankita was 3-4 years senior to me from same institute, working as one of the assistants of big names in fashion industry.

I have a small independent basement office in NCR in industrial area and on behalf of her Designer boss Ankita was quit regular visitor there. Initially I didn’t knew much about her but because of her casual and friendly nature I came to knew that she originally belongs to Rajasthan and while working in Delhi she is living with few of her friends in independent flat.

As such I never had any talk with her over her personal life but over hearing her telephonic conversations I could easily conclude that she has a boyfriend. Over the period of time as our work interactions increased we went on going friendlier, we got attached over FB and what’s app and as I got access of her pictures all the time,

in spite of this fact that she has a boyfriend and also I am thin and she is fat, I started getting attracted to her. Her big black eyes and casual nature with alluring laughter flattened me every time I met her and there was no way I could stop myself falling for her.

Next looking at her lovely face and dreaming about kissing her, also looking at her pics in my mobile and fantasizing her fucking with all my passion and affection in the night while masturbating and seven eight months passed just like that.

For Ankita I would say in this span I never saw any such attraction in her eyes or gesture for me but I was surely among her good friends and addressing me like “Yaar…what are you saying or Arre… Yaar aise mat kar” she always seemed happy and relaxed in my companionship.

Eventually it was middle of the week, probably Wednesday, time was 5:30 and Ankita rolled down to my basement office without informing me. She was in extreme trouble, there was one fashion show of her designer boss after 3-4 days and she was lacking in her work badly. She was supposed to give lot of work to production unit next day and she didn't have much to give.

I was happy to see her, also to see the work which could fetch good money for me and I started working with her instantly. One hour passed and stopping me in the middle of one pattern Ankita revealed this fact to me that all this work was actually given to her and I will not get paid for all this by her boss.

I was disappointed to hear that and as it was evident over my face Ankita smiled beautifully over my expressions and requested me to help her in this difficult time and later showing some curtsy promised me that she will pay me for all this work from her pocket but in installments and asked me to give her some discount on that.

I accepted that and we worked for another two hour constantly without much extra talking and I was exhausted. I told her that we will continue this work tomorrow and she requested me to finish it today only. Ankita was ready to stay for another hour and I once again engrossed myself and finished the work but by now two hours were spent.

Time was little more than 10:00 now, I was living barely 5 km away from my work place and reaching back home after 11 was my regular practice but Ankita was suppose to go somewhat 35-40 km at that hour of time. She asked me if I can drop her on metro station,

I said yes and drove her there on bike and as she got down from behind and said bye to me I sensed marks of stress over her facial expressions. I casually asked her if she is worried about something and moving her head in yes she asked me if I have parents at my home. I said yes to that and tried knowing reason of that question and she asked me if she can stay at my home.

"No… way..." I exclaimed in surprise. Actually Ankita was little scared in going back home at this hour because after getting out of metro station of her region she has to cross distance of around 2 Km via auto rikshaw or cycle rikshaw and that entire area was very lonely and there was news of few loots in past few months.

I told her that my parents are very conservative and instead of taking her my home I would prefer driving 90km up and down to drop her at her place but she denied for that and said final bye to me. I wanted to help her and I asked her if she can stay alone in my basement office and after thinking for few seconds she said OK to that.

I drove her back to my basement office and on the way got our dinner packed. I called my parents to tell them that I will get late and I am having dinner here and we sat together for dinner. Ankita was wearing ethnic suit with palazzo as lower and no wonder looking at her outfit and entire body I was highly fascinated by assuming what all can happen between us tonight

but this is also true that deep inside I was little scared of trying all this. Basically I am very shy in nature and till then I was never so friendly with any female, moreover Ankita was really wonderful person and anyhow I did not wanted to lose her as a friend and without reflecting any such expressions I ended my food and soon got ready to leave the office.

I gave her some casual instructions for the night and as I wished her good night Ankita came out saying that she is feeling scared and she will not stay here alone "mujhe darr lagg raha...main yahan akeli nahin rahungi" with stressful facial expressions her voice was low and hesitant and I smiled over her overall gesture

"Arre yaar...don't are safe here...I will come very early in the morning" I stayed casual and once again told her that I cannot take her to my home. Ankita looked into my eyes for few seconds seriously and somewhat ordered me to stay here only "fine...then you also stay here...main akeli nahin rahungi" and suddenly her serious expressions changed and she smiled beautifully.

I too smiled but did not spoke anything, anyhow context was obvious and I once told her to relax and suggested her to join two single sitter cane wood couches to sit comfortable and she once again said that she will not stay here alone. I smiled again and once again told her that I cannot take her along and she once again told me to stay with her and with that she gazed me

saying that she will not attempt to fuck me "don't worry main tere saath zabardasti nahin karungi" I giggled on that and responded back saying "actually I am scared of myself...kahin main koi gadbad na kar dun..." and she teased me for my slim body by saying that she will crush me "Ha ha ha...main tumhen kuchal dungi..." and we both laughed loud on that.

Certainly I too wanted to stay there, if not for real sex, at least for good fantasy to masturbate and I called my parents to update my stay in the office. Eventually I pulled the main shutter down and we both came to the main portion of my office and decided to watch particular Bollywood movie on computer.

I placed two cane wood couches beside to sit and two computer chairs to stretch our legs. Movie started, 10 minutes passed, sitting next to each other apparently we both were fine but I was too restless, as I said I am a shy person but somehow I wanted in cash this opportunity and to take first step in desired direction I abruptly asked her if she has a boyfriend and Ankita giggled over my query.

I was surprised to see her laughing over that tiny question and tried knowing reason of that laughter and she teased me saying that she was expecting this question from me "main bahut der se tumhare iss question ka wait kar rahi thi..." saying that Ankita looked into my eyes continuously with beautiful smile and I blushed.

"Yes I have a boyfriend...!" she declared in the end and I suppressed my desire. 10 more minutes passed and Ankita asked me if I can get soft drink from somewhere I moved out to nearby 24X7 petrol pump Shoppe. It was sort of general store and with soft drink I bought few casual snacks too.

I came back and served cold drink and chips to Ankita and suddenly Ankita invaded my shirt pocket and took out everything from it. I was surprised and seeing few papers and 10-12 currency notes of different denominations she released everything back in my pocket. I asked her what is the matter and she took glance of my lower half;

touched pockets of my jeans and asked me what all I have in my other pockets and I took out everything; my mobile phone and wallet and few more papers and gave it to her. “Aap meri talashi kyun lay rahe ho…?” I asked her why she is checking me and she smiled and knobbed her head to say nothing and retained her sitting posture to continue watching movie.

I could guess what she was looking for; I think she was searching if I have bought condoms too but I was not sure and with divine sensation passing through my soul I too retained my posture to watch movie. “Please tell me what were you looking for…? aapka kuch chori ho gaya hai kya” I asked her and she said “nothing bus aise hi…”

Though I was shy in nature but now I was intended to go ahead into this and I came out saying that I can guess what was she looking for “I think mujhe patta hai aap kya dhoondh rahe the….” and my words brought huge smile over her face and she asked me what was it “Ok tell me main kya dhoondh rahi thi…”

I was not sure but assuming she was looking for condoms I came out with sarcastic reply “forget it….I don’t want to talk about it…I am very disappointed” and my words drew her attention instantly and she came up with “please Yaar…don’t take it otherwise….” I did not replied anything against that and told her to focus on the movie and for next five 10 minutes there were no words exchanged.

I was sitting with flat gesture; no smile no anger, I did not even turned my head to see her but I could see that Ankita was really bothered about my expressions and finally she apologized “please Yaar I am sorry….” and I told her first she tell me what was she looking “pahle ye batao..aap kya dhoondh rahe the…”

and Ankita smiled over that and came out saying if I know why I am asking “agar patta hai to pooch kyun rahe ho….” “May be I am wrong” “I know you’ve guessed right” she replied and once again we both went silent. Another 10-15 minutes and after pouring some soft drink in my glass as I extended my hand to her Ankita told me to forgive her

“first you forgive me…please…” and I smiled and asked her “for what…?” and she smiled and came out with her perspective in very few words, “please try to understand…being a girl humen bahut conscious rahna padta hai….” and smiling back to her I replied by saying “I can understand…just forget it…”

She smiled back over my reply and I jokingly once again came out asking what she was looking in my pocket “waise app meri pocket mein dhoondh kya rahe the” and she came out with a reply what I guessed “Condoms…!” and I ended up with just smile. Truly speaking friend’s that was real narrow escape for me as when I was paying money,

behind cashier there was small rack of different types condoms and I was regretting over my fate with a thought that I have a girl with me for whole night but I cannot fuck her. Though not for a moment I thought about buying them, still I would say if I would have done that mistake then I would have lost opportunity of fucking Ankita.

Anyway next we silently saw movie for another 10 minutes and I abruptly asked her who is her boy friend and guessed his name “waise may I know who your boy friend…is? Adil? (Her designer Boss)” and Ankita smiled and came out saying that Adil is a Gay,

“Ok…” I accepted and waited for her reply about her boy friend and she spoke out his name as Sanjay and in continuation told me that he is Merchant and they have worked together in past in some buying house. I listened whatever she said about her boy friend and after that stayed silent and focused on movie running on the screen but Ankita did not stopped speaking

and she praised me for my nature and in continuation said anyone else at my place would have certainly tried to make use of this opportunity “I must say… tum bahut achhe insaan ho… tumhari jagah koi aur hota to…iss mauke ka faida uthane ki poori koshish karta” and I replied to her appraisal by saying that I am a coward “main darpoke hun…”

and she instantly retorted saying “No you are a gem…!” I smiled over her words sarcastically and spoke out Hindi proverb which means bloating someone by false praise “aap mujhe chane ke jhaad per chada rahe ho” and once again Ankita reacted by saying that she really mean it in that flow I don’t know how she came out saying that if we were tuned then by now she would have proposed me

“agar tum mere saath tuned hote to ab tak main tumhen propose kar chuki hoti” What was that? For an instant I really failed to understand what does she means with tuning “kya matlab…” I asked her and Ankita elaborated saying that she is fat and I am thin and if physically we would have similar structure then she would have left her boy friend for me

“I mean… main moti hun…aur tum patle ho…agar tum mote hote to main tumhare liye Sanjay ko chhod deti”. Either she really meant what she said or she was just making me happy but I was moved by her words and I replied to that saying that it does not matters to me at all but I am ready to gain weight for her

“waise mujhe iss se bilkul koi fark nahin padta per agar aisa hai to main weight gain kar leta hun…I am ready to do anything for you” and my words gazed Ankita badly, for an instant she was stunned to hear that but in the end she giggled, as if I am joking and this time I came out saying that I mean it.

She looked into my eyes with smile and ultimately admitted that she was joking “arre yaar... main to mazak kar rahi thi….” “lekin main mazak nahin kar raha hun…I am serious” I replied and my words vanished her smile and next moment I tried making things normal by saying that I was also joking “forget it….main bhi mazaak kar raha tha”

but she understood that I was serious and avoiding looking at me she started watching movie. Another 10-15 minutes passed with movie running on screen and looking at each other on regular intervals we stayed lost in our thoughts and slowly as I became hard over my cock I got up to use the washroom.

Washroom was located upstairs in the passage of my basement office and after knowing where I am going Ankita also got up to use the washroom and pausing the movie we came out of the basement. Main shutter was down and there was nobody in the building, I stood outside while she used the washroom and after her come back, before going in, I sent her into the basement.

I used the toilet and sitting on seat tried masturbating but it did not happened, I was excited but I don’t know why I failed to fantasize and finally after 5-10 minutes I stepped down to basement and door was locked from inside.

As my office door has a latch lock which gets blocked by just pulling it I thought it is closed down by accident and I knocked the door. No response for a minute and knocked bit harder and called Ankita and she opened the door slightly.

To Be Continued...

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Hot Babe Ruhi Sexy Body Fucked

This is my first story so am sorry for any mistake. Without wasting any time lets come to the story. This incident took place in December 2015 it was Christmas holiday for me and that time I was 18 year old and I had a friend her name is Ruhi (name changed) she had a bf and was in relation from past 1 and half year but from last 1/2 month she was upset and was not talking to me much

but one fine day I asked her out to come for dinner with me and she readily accepted as we know each other from 3/4 years and we went to a nice restaurant where we ordered beer and then had dinner.

We went into the car and headed to the beach and started to take a walk where I broke the silence and asked her what’s wrong why are you so sad she said nothing and tried to change the topic but I hold her hand and asked her again and this time she started crying and told me she is not happy with her bf as he was cheating on her.

Then I consolidated her and made her laugh by doing some stupid things and we decided to head towards our home. We reach to her home but here flat was locked from outside then she made a call to her mom she said she has been to one of her relative’s house as someone had expired and the key was handed to the neighbours.

She took the keys and opened the door and I was about to leave but she insisted me to stay because she was afraid of staying alone and to tease her I said call your bf she became aggressive and started shouting at me and said he is a jerk and you are going nowhere stay here with me and I said ok then she said to wait in my room I will be back in 5 min

and later I enquired her she said she had been to washroom then we started talking about normal topics. Then she started asking me are you virgin and I said no and she was surprised by my answer and she was more curious in knowing with which girl I lost my virginity and I said I lost my virginity to one of my classmate which I will mention in another story.

Ruhi was getting horny which could be seen on her face she then suddenly asked me how big is your penis size and I shocked to hear that from her and I said big enough to satisfy a women and she said can you show me I objected and I said you are drunk you are not in your sense and she came closer to me and started kissing me all over my face and she came to my ear and whispered.

You are damn cute I would like to eat you up all night and she started to kiss on my lips. The moment she kissed my lips I lost all my senses and started smooching her grabbing from her waist and she started rolling her hands over my thighs and pants. She didn’t have huge pair of boobs but though it was handful about 32 her waist was thin about 28.

I started to play with her boobs and at the same time kissing and biting her neck. She suddenly became dominant and came over me and started removing my shirt and pants and I also started removing her one piece and saw her boobs covered in a black bra and her pussy covered in white panty which had a wet spot and I removed her bra and panty

and started sucking her boobs she also removed my underwear. She stated that I had a cock greater in size than her bf and she started giving blowjob which was very pleasure giving she was a pro in sucking a cock and I was about to cum and I said to her and came onto her boobs.

It was my turn now I went under her thighs and started to roll my tongue on her clitoris and to which she let out a sweet moan which made me mad and started to lick her vigorously and started to finger fuck her at the same time and suddenly she arched her body and let out a loud moan and then I came on top of her

and started kissing her again due to which my cock was erect again and ready for another session. She then guided my cock into her pussy and I started to pump slowly in rhythm she scratched my back and said fuck me harder I started to stroke harder and she was moaning like anything for about 15 min and I was about to cum.

She stated to cum inside her and I let all my cum into her pussy and felt onto her after about 10 min we were again cuddling each other and there she started stroking my cock.I was ready again and this time she came on top of me and started to ride me and while riding she was saying bad words and was scratching my chest and it ended in 15min and I cummed again.

After that, we had another 4 sessions till her parents came. Now she is in London and I am not in contact with her.

I hope you guys liked my story sorry for any mistake and guys please give me your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Udita Losing Cherry With Friends of Brother - IV

Previously: Udita Losing Cherry With Friends of Brother - III

Eventually Harish stopped sucking me, he got up and asked Rahul for the bottle of oil; I opened my eyes and saw Harish sitting on his knees and adjusting my crotch for his Penis “Bhaiya ko batta dena ki Rahul aur Harish ne meri Pussy ko hairs ke saath hi suck kar liya” he spoke as he saw my eyes are open and I clenched my eyes again.

Rahul opened the bottle and gave it to Harish, Harish told him to open my pussy lips so that he can put oil in my hole. They lifted my legs up, feet almost pointing roof and I clenched the pillow as I felt Rahul opening my pussy lips, Ohhh…God…finally I was feeling oil going into my womb, I puffed and started breathing heavier,

possibly with a fear of getting plunged and suddenly somebody among two rubbed my opening vigorously possibly to let oil can go inside my fuckhole and I once again cried loud while trying getting away from them.

Like always they easily got hold of me and somehow continued rubbing my pussy while pouring oil over that and once again I was puffing and moaning with a sensation of being close to death because of sexual pleasure. “Dekh le Udita main apne Lund par bhi tel lagga raha hun…taaki tujhe jayada dard na ho…”

Harish spoke that, I opened my eyes with flutter and saw Harish was oiling his monster looking Penis to plunge it into my tiny hole. Because of oiling and rubbing of my pussy by now my excitement was reached to such peak that dam inside me was close to its extreme and suddenly instead of penetrating Harish rubbed is cock tip over my opening dynamically and lost the battle.

“Ahhh…Mummy” That vigorous rub of cock tip over my opening took me to the height of escatsy and I failed to hold that barrier and cried while going violent. Pinwheels exploded in my head, I lifted my bottom and banged it back on the bed while crying in rasping voice.

They both held me tight to stop my physical movements, somehow kept my thighs apart and with a unbearable pain and pleasure I once again felt thick shower of fluid breaking all the inner bars and coming out from the depth of my womb with breath taking sensation.

Producing strange tidal waves my belly rippled like never before, in continuation my entire body shivered in fucking fever and bottom lurched repeatedly with sudden jerks. My body broke with hell of sweat and I orgasmed like I never dreamed in my fucking fantasies “Ye to Jhadd gayi” “koi baat nahi... jhadd gayi to jhadd gayi…main to ab daalne lagga hun”

“Udita Bhaiya ko bata dena ki main Lund andar lene se pahle hi jhadd gayi thi” I was not in state to hear them properly but believe that’s what they spoke as they saw me trembling in shattering orgasm. Next I was yet not recovered from the sensation of oozing out flood of my pleasure juices, Harish squeezed tip of his thick monster in my tiny opening and finally I cried for the loss of my cherry.

Because of oil and you can say excessive foreplay certainly by then my pussy was almost gone beyond feeling any sensation but his cock was fiery hot, thick and throbbing and it fiercely went inside my Pussy. My head jerked up and clenching my eyes I cried with all my strength, Rahul instantly placed his hand over my mouth.

I think Harish was hardly an inch or two inside me when he stopped for an instant and that made my mouth tore open in a painful cry. My breasts were hot and bursting, my nipples were rigid with excitement. Harish leaned over me, removed Rahul’s hand from my mouth, rested himself around my head over his elbows, looked into my eyes closely, sucked my lips for few seconds and spoke

“Udita… tere Bhai ne Shaadi ka promise karke aise hi faadi thi Neha ki Chut…” “ab Jaakar batta dena usko ki Neha ki Chut ke badle Harish me meri Chut faad di hai” I could clearly see vengeance in his eyes and next instant I felt him going further deep into my womb.

I was once again getting breathless and this time it was life taking, his penis was brutal, hot and big and hard and thick, filling my pussy cruelly and with a killing sensation of getting ripped into two from the middle of my legs and grabbed him tight to bear that pain.

“Please….. Please…please leave me” I cried with a touch of his swollen balls in the lower portion of my pussy, Harish was gone totally inside me, keeping pain aside that instant awareness of this fact that his entire length is gone in my tiny hole was killing me.

Eventually releasing his entire weight and burring his entire length in my fuckhole Harish puffed with a hot clamp of my tight pussy over his monster. Tears rolled down from my eyes, I wanted to cry to the fullest but my throat was dry and keeping my eyes closed I just kept on holding him tight.

Harish remained unmoved for a while, possibly to let me recover from the intense pain, after a minute he started kissing me with affection, still unmoved in the depth he licked me all around my neck and ear and slowly I started puffing in pleasure again. Although down there it was still paining but sensation of having butterflies in my stomach was also started.

Next Harish started sucking my nipples and loved both of my mangos one by one and for reasonably good time and I felt slowly my pain is getting subsided, though it was still paining but I was feeling much better than before. Closing my eyes I was feeling ultimate pleasure which every girl of my age desire but altogether in different mental state.

“Neeche dekh Khoon nikla ya nahi…” Harish asked Rahul while lying on me and with that he widened my thighs with his knees and moved bit up to raise my legs high, so that Rahul can see my pussy filled with his cock and Rahul replied with yes, “haan…kaafi khoon nikla hai” “Good….!” Harish replied and next once again spoke to me

“Udita Bhaiya ko bolna…aapne Neha ka Khoon nikala tha…Harish ne mera nikal diya hai” and with that he lifted his bottom a bit, pulled himself out of my fuckhole slowly and went back. Ohhh…what was that? What else, it was a real fuck and I cried in pain with that tiny jerk, he did that again and I cried again.

My god… anyhow I could not bear that pain and I once again tried my best to get away, I pushed Harish with all my strength but once again failed, holding my body firmly from my arm and shoulder Harish was burring me under his enormous weight and he just continued fucking me with short and slow jerks and I kept on crying in pain.

He increased his speed slowly and just then I felt strange current passing through my body, holding him tight in my arms, with thighs wide open I was moaning while looking at his face closely and truly speaking I don’t know now I was moaning in pleasure or I was crying in pain, or it was both at the same time.

Butterflies were tingling in my belly and I was feeling a burning sensation over my fuckhole too. Harish kept on going in and out of my fuckhole with his partial length for a minute or so with a steady pace and I felt my pain disappearing, I won’t say now I was enjoying getting fucked but I was feeling Ok with those jerks and hardly after few seconds Harish moved on,

excitement rose in him, he got up asked Rahul to wrap my legs around his pumping ass and pitched up his fucking pace. “Ahhhh ……. Ahhhhh…… Ahhhh……,” I cried repeatedly as his fucking strokes were rose up in significant speed and I once again tried to get away. Harish gripped me harder and continued plunging my fuckhole with that pace consistently.

My pleasure juices mixed with coconut oil; there was so much of lubrication over my fuckhole and Harish’s thick and long Penis was moving in and out of my fuckhole with ease and slowly I once again got adjusted with the pain and my belly started trembling in unbearable sensation.

Leaning over me and holding me hard from my shoulder, Harish was enjoying getting even with my brother, he was moaning in incredible pleasure while looking at my mixed expressions of pleasure and pain. My breasts were jiggling with his strokes and except closing my eyes in embarrassment and gasping in pleasure and pain I could not do anything.

Slowly heat started rising in Harish further high and he once again started taking out his frustration with erotic words “Udita dekh main tujhe Chod raha hun…jaise tere Bhai ne meri bahan ko Choda tha..” after a pause Harish spoke in bit more excitement “Tere Bhai ne meri Bahan ki Chut Faadi thi…dekh… main teri Chut faad raha hun”

He paused again and spoke again in same lustful tone “batta dena Bhaiya ko ki main achhe se Chudwa ke aayi hun Harish se”. To my surprise Harish’s words aroused me and while moaning and gasping I did not realize when my pain started getting subsided and when I started enjoying my first fuck.

I opened my eyes and looked at his face closely with pleasurable expressions; Harish smiled while pumping my fuck hole and asked me in sexy pleasurable tone. “Udita mazza aaraha hai na… hmmmm…?” I did not responded to his question but answer was evident from my expressions, I was heading to intense pleasure and I wrapped his muscular body in my arms.

I closed my eyes again and just kept moaning in pleasure and he spoke again “Apne Bhaiya ko batane jaakar ki mujhe bahut mazza aaya Harish se Chudwa kar” and once again leaving his entire weight over me Harish came over me kissed me deeply, intentionally or unintentionally I responded to his kiss well and that excited him further high and next instant he pitched up his pace of fucking me.

He was gone somewhat mad in lust, and once again I started getting hurt and started screaming for mercy, “Ruk Jaao …..ruk jaao ….please Stop It..Ahhh…. aaaa.. Please… stop…” I was overwhelmed and breathing heavy, dying in heat and pain but could not do anything except moaning, crying and begging “bas meri jaan, ho gaya…. Ahhhh…. Udita bas hone waala hai mera…. Ohhh… fuck”

Heat spammed out of his body, he broke with a thick stream of sweat and with a loud cry Harish went in my womb till the root of his throbbing monster. Squeezing his hips together Harish tried making few more stokes and with those 2-3 last strokes I trembled with a sudden jolt till the depth of my soul and grabbed Harish in my thighs and arms tighter.

Eventually reaching to his climax he buried himself deep in my womb and I too went through shattering orgasm almost at the same time. Once again dam busted inside me and I trembled erotically while gasping madly; with a loud grunt Harish also shivered strongly, his monster shuddered inside my fuckhole while releasing its gunk and he fell over me.

Finally Harish rolled off from my top and lied beside me. Wet and sticky all over my body I was literary dead, I don’t exactly but that was third time I was getting shattered with a breath taking orgasm. I believe what all I was gone through till then was already too much for any virgin but it was yet not over for me. Rahul was waiting for me to get relieved from Harish.

I saw him holding his monster in his hand jerking it back and forward and I closed my eyes again to avoid thinking about getting fucked again. But he was desperate and he scrolled over the bed, came closer and leaned over my face and uttered “give me a kiss…” he sucked my lips for few seconds and spoke again “Now it’s my turn baby”

I opened my eyes and pleaded "please leave me..." I was nevertheless than crying while begging Rahul for mercy but it was useless “Don’t worry ab tumhen jyada pain nahi hoga….main aaram-aaram se karunga”. I got up and don’t exactly how many times I requested Rahul not to fuck me but it hardly affected him,

although he did tried inserting his Penis in my fuckhole forcibly, sitting in front of me he just kept saying no to my request while moving his monster back and forward. Harish used the toilet and asked Rahul to bring me in the shower and eventually they pulled in the bathroom under flowing water.

Water was chilled and I shivered as the stream of water fell over me, I tried to run but they held me and started toying with my body. Harish watered my fuckhole while rubbing it with his hand and inserted couple of fingers and Rahul grabbed me from behind and started massaging my sagging breasts while rubbing his monster over my ass.

Rahul was very excited and desperately wanted to go inside me and after washing my pussy properly with soap he asked Harish to take me to the bed but saying “pahle garam kar issko….tabhi mazza degi” Harish suggested him to arouse me first, as I will give him more pleasure after getting hot.

After that we stood under water for next 10 minutes and they both did their best to arouse me again. Harish took me face to face to kiss me and asked Rahul to rub my fuckhole, resting my back with wall they sucked both my fruits together and one by one finger fucked me for few minutes.

After going through 2 or 3 shattering orgasms I was feeling that I can control myself from getting aroused and initially I succeeded in that too but they did not stopped playing with me, Harish was a experienced male, he knew how to blow an armature female like me, he tried locating my clitoris over the upper edge of my fuckhole and asked Rahul to suck it tenderly then and there.

They stopped the shower, clenching my breasts Harish held me from behind and Rahul went down on his knees. He opened my thighs wide and tried touching my soft clitoris with his tongue and once again I started losing myself. As Harish guided him he opened my pussy lips and licked me just there,

tried to rub his tongue over my sensual zone for as long as possible and I once again started moaning in low voice. I once again started to flow from my fuckhole slowly Rahul rubbed, licked and sucked my clitoris till my moans went bit higher. After some time Harish turned me around to give him access of my ass mounds and told him to play with them.

Rahul remained on his knees and started squeezing my ass mounds together with both the hands and with a slow pace deep inside I felt my wetness increasing. I was gasping in low voice while hugging and holding Harish’s muscular body and I felt Rahul trying reaching to my fuckhole with his tongue in that posture.

Harish bent me further down while holding me from my shoulder and I shuddered with pleasure when along with my wet Pussy Rahul licked my entire ass crack. Eventually Harish holding me from my shoulders and Rahul holding my thighs wide licked my pussy and as crack for a minute and I was once again flooding from my fuckhole and moaning in pleasure.

“Chal ab le chal bed par….iss se apna Lund Chuswate hain” Harish spoke to Rahul and took me out of the bathroom. Now I was suppose to suck their cocks and I mentally I was not at all prepared for that.

They pushed me on bed and instantly brought their monster close to my mouth, sitting on the bed with two males on their knees I was looking down and Harish lifted my face from my chin. He smiled while looking at my helplessness and “Tujhe Chusna padega…. Tere Bhai ne bhi to Chuswaya hoga meri Bahan se”

and just then Rahul turned my face to him and touched his monster over my lips while saying “open your mouth baby….” I tried to avoid but like always I failed and opened my mouth for Rahul. My face distended a bit and my cheeks hollowed, slowly I parted my lips bit wide to engulf his monster Penis into my mouth and Rahul groaned in excitement,

holding my head he looked down to see my face and hummed deeply, he got fascinated by the sight, his enormously swollen penis was partially emerging and disappearing into my mouth and I felt him growing harder in my mouth.

Although at my end I was trying my best to take as less as length possible in my mouth but still within one minute with Rahul’s inward strokes I was gulping half of it. It was filthy and at my end I was just moving my mouth around his length, somewhat doing it for the heck of it and feeling him growing harder and harder but soon Rahul stopped me told me to suck it by saying

“Udita issko Chus…suck kar issko” and I sucked him tenderly and Rahul puffed in delight. Somehow I continued doing that filthy act and Rahul’s groans went high and after an extent stopped me from sucking.

Next holding with both the hands Harish brought my face to his crotch and without showing any resistance I opened my mouth for Harish too and he continued embarrassing me with his words by saying “Apne Bhaiya ko batana… Neha ne ek Lund Chusa tha….main do Lund Chus ke aayi hun”. I sucked him too and he also went hard in my mouth.

Harish was enjoying and wanted to get sucked for some more time but Rahul was excited, he wanted to fuck me as soon as possible and he stopped Harish from getting his Penis sucked and I was once again on my back with my legs open and this time Rahul was suppose to fuck me.

Harish pulled me up and rested my head over his lap, he started massaging my melons and Rahul stretched my thighs wide and came forward while jerking his monster, he was nevertheless than Harish in size and I could not feel any wetness over my fuckhole, I pleaded him to use the oil

“Please oil daal low” “nahi ab hum oil nahin daalenge …Dard se bachna hai to paani chhod apni Chut se…” Harish spoke that while caressing my hairs and with that he asked Rahul to rub my opening for a while. Rahul started doing that and closing my eyes I once again requested them same “please…thoda sa oil daal low” “No!”

Harish denied again and once again told me release juices from my fuckhole “Meri Jaan…Paani chhod apni Chut se” Rahul was already rubbing my opening and I closed my eyes to feel the pleasure, so that I can get wet and suddenly Harish lifted my legs up from behind, he folded them inwards, squeezing me into my half brought my fuckhole up;

almost facing roof and asked Rahul to suck my pussy while fisting me and Rahul did that. He continued licking me tenderly and slowly inserted his finger in my fuckhole and I started gasping in pleasure. Harish gave me his finger to suck and intentionally or unintentionally I was once again in the act.

Rahul licked my pussy while teasing my clitoris and soon I started puffing in pleasure of feeling flood coming out of my fuckhole. Rahul stopped when I was wet enough and within next one minute I got filled at my fuckhole.

Rahul plunged me with a sudden jolt and I cried loud in pain for initial fucking strokes but soon my pain disappeared and closing my eyes I somewhat started enjoying getting fucked. As compared Rahul fucked me for lesser time and cummed heavily in my fuckhole and after his discharge Harish turned me around to fuck me again.

I begged him for mercy, pleaded him to leave me now and he once again embarrassed me by speaking out similar stuff “What are you saying Baby….Ek baar hi Chod ke Chhod dun tujhe….you don’t know Tere Bhai ne to Neha ko kitna Choda hai” with that once again he took me under his body and fucked me for really long.

That was third time I was fucked and I was nevertheless than dead, I wanted to go now, I pleaded them to leave me now but they did not allowed me. After some time we had lunch and later they once again brought me to the bed and fucked me again one after another after proper foreplay.

For second session I would say as they were kind and tender I took them easily and up to an extent enjoyed getting fucked by them. All together by evening I was fucked five times, twice by Rahul and thrice by Harish and in the end they dropped me home. Before leaving I was told by Harish to tell all this to my brother but I did not spoke anything to anybody about this.

After around 15 days when Bhaiya came back for the marriage he was aware everything and he took me along. At I said in the beginning at present I am in Australia and my parents are also here. They don’t know anything about what all has happened with me, Bhaiya has convinced them to live rest of their life with him and I am also looking forward to get married here in Australia.

In the end once again I would say except tiny things which I added to enhance the flair of sex story whatever I have wrote down is absolutely true and real life experience and if it is possible for Readers please leave comments; I would love to read your feedback about my life experience.

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Udita Losing Cherry With Friends of Brother - III

Previously: Udita Losing Cherry With Friends of Brother - II

Finally it started, holding me from shoulders they slowly pulled me to the middle of the bed and pushed me and with clenched eyes without reflecting much opposition I simply went on my back. They rose up and resting bit of their weight over me leaned over my face and I got buried in the spongy bed.

They straightened my arms to see my milks caged in a tight bra and covered my body with their partial weight. Next one after another they kissed me delicately and this time I did not even tried keeping my mouth closed but certainly did not responded to their kiss. They both fenced my inner cheeks and sucked my tongue and released their adequate amount of saliva in my mouth.

Slowly excitement rose in them and while Harish was kissing me Rahul started licking my ear and neck and soft skin around that region and I started puffing in unbearable pleasure. Harish broke the kiss and tried taking out my milk mound by drifting down strap of my bra and Rahul helped him by turning me and unhooking my bra from behind.

Eventually they took out my bra from my arms and started playing with my milk mounds while looking at my facial expressions. Once again I would say I was in strange mind set, I don't know I was enjoying or I was getting molested, I just know that sensation I was going through was bizarre; my nipples were getting rigid, melons were swelling and I could not control myself from moaning in pleasure.

"Jo bhi hum tere saath kar rahe hain apne Bhaiya ko bata dena jaakar" Harish spoke that in soft voice while caressing my cheek tenderly and once again locked my lips with his and kissed me deeply. I don’t know how it happened; I was puffing in undue desire and this time I responded back to his kiss and that enhanced Harish’s excitement.

He broke the kiss and caressed my face softly, looked into my eyes closely and uttered “Good girl…enjoy kar humare saath….tujhe bhi mazza aayega” With that he once again started kissing me and unintentionally I started kissing him back. Till now Rahul was playing with my breast, he was massaging my mounds and as Harish broke the kiss he started sucking my nipples.

It was strange, suddenly I felt butterflies fluttering in my belly and I started grunting in awkward pleasure. While Rahul was sucking my milk mound, caressing my forehead Harish was looking at my facial expressions and as my eyes met he spoke again “Bhaiya ko bolna… Neha(Harish’s sister) ne to sirf aapko apna doodh pilaya tha…main Rahul aur Harish dono ko pila ke aayi hun”

it was sarcastic statement which worsened my state and I started wheezing intensely. Next instant Harish started sucking my other melon. Ohhhhh….my eyes fluttered and mouth tore open, it was too much, focused and affectionate; burring me under their partial weight from both the sides they were sucking my mounds as if they are getting milk out it,

my nipples were gone so rigid that they were aching but they just kept on licking, rubbing and sucking my nipples and I looked going out of my control, breathing heavy I was puffing in evident pleasure and they were sensing my state. I don’t remember exactly who, I think Rahul stopped sucking my breast first and kissed me again,

by now I was gone so crazy that I responded to his kiss instantly and next they both started licking my skin of my neck and sucking my earlobes and I just went bizarre with that. For a moment licking around ear by two males at the same time took my breath away, I cried loud in pleasure in a husky voice, trembled helplessly and I tried to push them to get away,

but they were two and I was buried under them and they just continued. Leaving their saliva all around my neck, ears and face they loved me tenderly and eventually I reached to the point where I could not breathe.

Finally sensing my state they stopped licking me over my sensual zones but they did not stopped teasing me, I remember giving reference of Japanese porn movies Rahul came up with a thought of rubbing my both the nipples for some time and they started doing that,

holding them tenderly between their thumb and finger they started rubbing my rigid tiny mounds softly and my pleasant but undesired pleasure continued. Resting their thighs over my thighs and blocking my all other physical movements too they were enjoying watching me getting mad in pleasure, I was moaning and puffing and they were smiling over my state.

It was embarrassing, I was getting molested but I was enjoying, I closed my eyes tried not to feel anything but I was helpless, pleasure I was going through was so unbearable that I could not stop moaning, gasping and grunting like a slut. Slowly among two, one stopped teasing my nipples and I felt his hand over my belly and my breathlessness increased even more.

I think it was Harish whose hand was moving over my belly and he tried inserting his finger tip in my naval softly and I felt my body will blow with pleasure, my belly rippled for a moment and I once again tried to get up. They both over came my effort to get up easily and Harish once again spoke sarcastic while kissing me close to my ear

“meri jaan latti rah…mazze le humse apni jawani ke….tere bhai ne bhi diye the meri bahan ko ye mazze”. Once again Harish recalled me what my brother has done with his sister and this time his soft whisper of erotic Hindi words took me further high in excitement.

Next Harish spoke to Rahul and came up with a thought of massaging my thighs without touching my fuckhole and they started doing that. Intentionally they were taking long time to fuck me, they were teasing me to arouse me and as I felt their hands softly moving over my fleshy thighs my state went further bad, I was still having panty over my body and I could feel that it is totally wet.

They clenched soft ample flesh of my inner thighs and went close to my fuckhole while rubbing me there tenderly but like they decided they did not touched my pussy and with an electrifying sensation passing through my spine suddenly my body exploded with an eccentric desperation and I felt strange pulsation over my fuckhole.

I was flooding at fuckhole since long but that instant it seemed some sort of dam inside me has busted and fresh stream of sticky juices have started coming out from the depth of my womb and that thick flow weakened me even more.

After massaging my thighs for a while slowly they reached to my waist with their hands and tenderly drifted down elastic of my panty and I once again tried to save myself, I tried folding my legs inwards while pushing them but it was again useless, physically I was feeling so weak that I surrendered again and finally I felt cold breeze hitting my damp fuckhole.

“Hmmm…hairy hai…I knew it” Rahul spoke that in a low voice while looking at my fuckhole and Harish spoke to me sarcastically “Tere Bhaiya ne tujhe kabhi ye nahi samjhaya ki tujhe apni pussy ki regular shave karni chahiye hmmm…?” Some way or another Harish was again and again reminding me that they are doing all this with me because my brother has ditched his sister.

Either he was trying to justify what all he was doing with me or he was taking out his frustration and as he was not rude and rough with his tone his words were arousing me a lot. Anyway my panty was completely taken out of my legs and next Harish asked Rahul to keep my legs open and let me release fluid for some more time “isski taange khuli rakh…thodi der aur paani chhodne de isko”.

I heard that with my eyes were closed, mouth tore open with a husky breathlessness and holding knees with their hands Harish and Rahul just kept on lying over me partially. I could feel thick beads of my sticky juices one after another coming out and moving down from my pussy but like females desires I could not clench my thighs to prevent them from flowing freely.

I don’t know if I was cumming but I was getting weaker and losing energy continuously. Sensing my state once again both; Harish and Rahul started massaging my thighs tenderly for few minutes, they sucked my melons and chewed my nipples, kissed me, licked me all around my face and neck to recharge me without touching my soft swollen pussy and up to an extent they succeeded,

though not intensely but I once started puffing and they decided to go further. “Udita Bhaiya ko batana…maine Neha se jayada paani chhoda tha” that’s what Harish spoke after getting up when he saw intensity of my dripping fuckhole. I was still lying on my back but by now holding my legs apart, looking at my fuckhole with nasty smiling faces they both were on my lower half.

Holding my ankle Rahul took my feet in his hand and suddenly came up with a thought of sucking my finger tips, “Ohhhh…” I trembled helplessly while clenching pillow with both the hands and next watching him doing that Harish took my other feet and started sucking fingertips of that feet.

Oh my god…what were they doing? Both of my legs were wide open and raised up, fuckhole almost facing roof, dripping and oozing out sticky juices in thick streams and they were sucking finger tips of my legs so tenderly that I could not hold that pleasure. I closed my eyes and tried to pull my legs back, but they held me tight and once again started massaging my thighs,

they repeatedly reached close to my fuckhole but did not touch me there. I was puffing and grunting, my entire body was shivering in undesired delight and my state was somewhat evident over my facial expressions. Next Harish took off his underwear and as I got glimpse of his cock I got more winded, it was huge, thick and dark, fully erect looked like real monster and Harish spoke again

“You know Udita…mera Lund tere Bhaiya ke Lund se bada bhi hai aur mota bhi hai..Bhaiya ko batana Neha ne Chhota liya tha…maine Mota liya hai” he was jerking his monster while looking at my facial expressions and puffing in evident excitement once again I closed my eyes in embarrassment of his words.

Harish was ready to go inside me and I believe by now mentally I was somewhat prepared for that too, I was reached to the point of sexual excitement where it was never reached with masturbation and in subconsious mind I wanted something to happen with my pussy, I wanted to explode get relieved from this undue sexual restlessness.

“I think we don’t need to put an oil, she is wet enough” my eyes were closed and I heard Harish speaking that, Rahul hummed to agree with him but asked him if he can suck me, “hmmm…but ye wetness mujhe suck karni hai” “OK…then go ahead” Harish postponed my penetration and gave Rahul permission to suck my fuckhole.

I opened my eyes for a moment and saw Rahul coming between my thighs with fluttering vision. Next they stretched my thighs further wide, for a moment I opened my eyes again and saw Rahul leaning over my fuckhole. Since then I was not touched over my fuckhole at all and anyhow I cannot forget that moment when I was waiting for Rahul to reach there,

my fuckhole was twitching in desire to get blown, “Ohhhh…..” what was that? Tiny tender touch of Rahul’s tongue over my fuck opening sent electric current in my spine; bowing my back in unbearble delight I shivered like fish without water and holding my waist Rahul pulled me further close to his mouth and started licking my sticky fuckhole instantly.

From bottom till the upper edge of my vertical slit Rahul licked me repeatdly with all his concentration, I wanted to blow but as Rahul was tender in moving his thick tongue my pleasure was literary unbearable.

Pressure was accumlating in my womb and closing my eyes I was grunting rapturously while shivering in desire of reaching to the climax with every touch of his tongue over my thick and swollen pussy.

Oh...what was he all doing with me… next keeping my thighs apart he opened my thick and hairy Pussy lips with his fingers and reached to my Virgin opening with the tip of his tongue and once again I shivered erotically.

My belly rippled and entire bottom lurched helplessly, pushing his head I drifted up while trying getting up and Harish overcame my efforts instantly and once again holding my pussy lips apart Rahul just continued flicking tip of his tongue over my virgin opening.

I cried and cried and tried a lot to get away, pleasure I was going through was something which cannot be described in words, it was unbearable up to the extent that I was dying in pleasure, my breasts were never swollen that much, nipples were never so rigid,

I wanted to squeeze my pussy between my thighs as I was feeling beginning of another stream rising from the depth of my womb but once again I would say they were two and I was alone and what I could do was just gasping feverishly in sexual ecstasy.

Overcoming my physical Harish came closer to my face and removed hairs from my eyes and caressed my cheek with affection and spoke to me while looking into my eyes “Udita itna mazza tere Bhai ne Neha ko nahi diya hoga jitna mazza hum tujhe de rahe hain” with that he locked my lips and kissed me deeply.

“Harish you must taste her juices…she is hot...suck kar aakar iski Chut” “Yes…why not…iske Bhaiya ne bhi to Neha ki Chut Chusi hogi…” Rahul stopped sucking and somewhat asked Harish to suck me and Harish accepted.

They switched their places, Rahul came up to hold me and instantly started sucking my nipple, he squeezed my breast with his hand and pulled out my throbbing nipples with his lips softly and I puffed with the pain and just then down there Harish started sucking my pussy in his way.

I don’t know exactly what was Harish doing, he was somewhat trying pulling out my outer labia of my swollen pussy with his lips and sucking it, by now my pussy was reached to the point of excitement where it could not sense much, it was just flooding and flooding endlessly.

To Be Continued...

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Udita Losing Cherry With Friends of Brother - II

Previously: Udita Losing Cherry With Friends of Brother - I

Anyway around 11 Rahul picked me from the decided venue in a car and we reached to the destination in next half an hour. It was a fully furnished flat with lovely interior. We entered and settled down on in the living room, I can say I was bit uneasy but not at all scared and after bit of chit chatting from bit of distance Rahul came and sat beside me.

My heart beat rose up a bit but there was one pleasant sensation which brought mild smile over my face and Rahul raised his arms to get me. I myself went close to him and he embraced me; it was a wonderful hug and for me feeling was divine, next Rahul caressed my cheek while looking into my eyes with a smile and I too smiled back,

he said that he has never kissed any girl till now so he doesn’t know how to kiss “maine aaj tak kabhi kisi ko kiss nahi kya hai…I don’t know how to do that” “wo to mujhe bhi nahi aata…” and I too said same in low voice. We smiled again and Rahul moved ahead to kiss me on my lips.

I closed my eyes and as I felt his lips over mine I too kissed him back lightly and next moment we went through proper kiss and explored each other’s mouth like lovers. It was first kiss of my life and I was just trying to follow Rahul, he tried to invade his tongue into my mouth and I took it in and moved my tongue to touch his.

Gradually while kissing our grip over each other’s body was getting better and soon I realized that Rahul was holding me from the portion just below my breasts and I felt my breasts getting heavier in excitement.

We kissed for few minutes and for a moment I felt as if I will go unconscious in his lovemaking as my mouth was explored by his tongue and Rahul’s saliva was intoxicating my gesture, I was expecting more and more from him and he was giving me his full affection.

We stopped, but just for few seconds, we looked into each other’s eyes for a fraction and started kissing again and this time it was better as now I was also responding equally well and this time I explored his mouth and went through divine feeling of kissing my dream man.

Our kissing session lasted for 5-10 minutes and eventually Rahul got up left the house to get soft drink and something to eat. Lost in recalling the pleasure of kissing a male I stayed in the house with an obvious hope of kissing Rahul fewer times again before leaving and after 10-15 minutes Rahul came back with soft drink,

chocolates and couple of more things to eat and before I would have closed the door I saw Harish standing on the door step and he too came in. He greeted me with Hello, I was surprised but I responded back with a mild smile over my face. Next Harish told me to sit while pointing couch while saying that he wants to talk to me about my brother.

Rahul was pouring soft drink in the glasses, taking few steps Harish brought two of them and offered me one and started with “your brother has spoiled my sister’s life” I was shocked and it was evident over my expressions, and Harish spoke again “he has fucked her for two years with a promise that he will marry her…and now…he is marrying someone else” and my heart started pounding,

he was polite and speaking softly but I was worried. In brief; Harish's sister Neha was two years elder than me and according to Harish they had an affair for two years in which Bhaiya fucked her numerious times and eventually flew to australia with a promise that soon he will come back and take her along after marrying her.

I looked at Rahul; he was sitting in dining area on the chair and sipping his soft drink. “Tell me what should I do now?” Harish asked me, I looked at him but could not think anything to speak because I was terrified and he spoke again “I can't do anything”….Emotionally she is so much staggered that she has stopped talking to us….” he was looking into my eyes with serious gesture,

for a moment I stared back to him but ultimatly moved my eyes and next Harish spoke what I did not wanted him to speak “I will do…exactly what Rakesh has done”. Suddenly my heartbeat went double and before I would have concluded anything what he meant with that Harish spoke out everything clearly “he has fucked my sister…I will fuck his sister…”

I instantly looked at Rahul with a strange gesture, fear mixed with a hope that he will save me but before I would have said anything to him Harish spoke again “yes…your boy friend will also fuck you…lekin pahle main karunga...I will pop your cherry”. I was trapped and truly speaking right now I can just write what all was happening at that time, anyhow I cannot brief my mind state of that moment;

I was holding glass almost full of soft drink and suddenly my hand started trembling very badly. Harish instantly took glass from my hand and placed it on the side table. Now what? I asked myself and looked at the door which was latched but not bolted from inside and before I would have reacted, sensing my mind Harish spoke again in soft a voice

“don’t think about trying running ….nahi to aaj tu poori Nangi ghar jaayegi” how can he be so nasty? I looked into his eyes with terror. Just then Rahul got up from his place and bolted the door from inside, also locked the latch and came closer. I looked at him with apprehension and Harish spoke again “don’t feel scared…we will not treat you roughly”

with that raising his hand Harish asked for something and Rahul took out something wrapped in brown paper bag and passed him. Next Harish revealed what it is; it was small bottle of coconut oil, he showed it to me and spoke “tujhe jayada pain nahi hoga…hum achhe se tel lagga ke karenge….” looking at coconut oil I could not believe whatever was happening with me,

are they going to put this oil in my fuckhole? Is it a nightmare? No I am awake and looking at the bottle of coconut oil with a throbbing heart. Next Rahul came closer and sat beside me on the same three sitters. I once again looked at him, he is the one who has trapped me and I felt like slapping him with all my strength but physically I was jammed with a fear

“relax…I assure you…you will enjoy everything” this time Rahul spoke with a mild smile and he took my mobile phone from my hand and opening the back covered took out it’s battery and I felt as if my heart will blow. There was no way I could escape and I wanted to cry but I was stunned with a shock.

Next Harish got up from his place and he too sat beside me and sitting in the middle of two males eager to fuck me I did what I could do; I pleaded for mercy in a choaked voice “please leave me…” Harish caressed my cheek tenderly with a shameless smile and uttered “certainly…. we will leave you...we will drop you home…lekin pahle tere Bhaiya se hisaab to barabar kar lein”.

Asking for kindness from my eyes I looked back into his eyes and touching my chin he asked me for a kiss “now be a good girl... give me a kiss” with that Harish came forward and leaned over my face, I pushed him bit forcefully and he came up saying “dekh… ho raha hai hone de…!pyar se karwa le…!nahi to tujhe bahut dard hoga…”

his voice was soft but his tone was serious and I once again felt like crying with all my strength but ended up with a heavy stream of sweat. Finally Harish placed his lips over mine and started sucking them, I opposed him by just keeping my mouth closed and after a minute he stopped kissing me, he was excited, looked into my eyes closely,

rubbed my wet lips with his thumb tenderly and spoke "open your mouth baby….give me a kiss... jaise Rahul ko di thi” he told me to open my mouth and with that he once again started kissing me, for few seconds I kept my mouth closed but suddenly I felt Harish’s hand over my breast and with strange uneasiness I lost and Harish found the way,

he invaded his tongue in my mouth and sucked me all around. Down there; over my breasts, Harish removed my duppata from my shoulder and continued caressing my breasts while kissing and I felt them swelling in excitement. I was puffing in sensation which was unknown to me and suddenly I felt another pair of hands caressing my thighs over the cloth and I just went breathless.

It was Rahul and he just kept on moving his hands over my thighs and slowly he was reaching to my inner thighs; portion close to my fuckhole and I realized that I am feeling mildly aroused. Eventually Harish broke the kiss but did not stop caressing my breasts, he was looking into my eyes with a naughty smile while playing with my milk mounds and I closed my eyes in embarrassment.

Next instant Rahul turned my face to him as now he wanted to kiss me and once again I was kissed thoroughly. I really don’t know how should I write that weird moment, they both; Rahul and Harish were playing with my body, one was fondling my breasts and other was kissing me rubbing my inner thighs and as they were not at all rough,

feeling I was going through was weird in a way that it was a mixture of fear and something which was sensational. I can easily say I was helpless and did not wanted all that happening with me, still awareness of this fact in the subconscious mind, that very soon I will get fucked was driving me bizarre and I could not stop myself from feeling aroused.

Eventually they stopped playing with my body over the clothes and mutually decided to take me into the bedroom and my breathlessness increased. I started sweating even more intensely “Please leave me…” I was nevertheless than crying while pleading them for mercy but it was useless, my fate was already sealed and both the males stood up.

Next holding my wrist Harish casually told me to get up. I retained my place to reflect my dissent and suddenly Rahul kneeled down to my knees and before I would have realized anything he started to loosen my high heel sandals. I tried moving my feet away from him and next instant Harish also sat down and helped Rahul by holding my feet.

It took them hardly one minute to take off my sandals and in that one minute I went through weird sensation. Apparently whatever they were doing with me was against my will, my heart was pounding with fear but as they were not rough this is also true that I was feeling significant increase of wetness over my fuckhole.

Eventually they took off my sandals and holding one of my legs from ankle Rahul rubbed his hand softly over and under my feet and my uneasiness increased bit more. Harish stood up, holding and pulling my wrist he once again told me to get up, I did not moved and tried to retain my sitting posture by releasing my wrist from his grip.

Next Harish and Rahul looked at each other and Harish signed something from his eyes to Rahul. Rahul was sitting on his knees, he got up and next instant they tied picking me up in his arms. I fumbled in shock and pushing them tried getting away and holding my both the arms they easily brought me the bedroom.

I continued requesting them to leave me but they barely heard me. Eventually I was in the bedroom, over the huge double bed and after taking off their shoes both; Rahul and Harish also climbed on that. Now they wanted to take off my clothes, they were calm and smiling and did not reflected any hurry, Harish tried lifting my Kurta, I stopped him,

Rahul came forward and tried reaching to my waist to take off my leggings and I pushed him too. For 4-5 minutes I tried my best to save myself from getting naked and finally Harish once again warned me, he said that if I will oppose they will tore off my clothes and I had to go home naked, “Dekh Udita agar to jyada fadfadayegi to hum tere kapde faad denge…aur fir tu Nangi ghar jaayegi”.

Once again his voice was soft but gesture was serious and I realized that right now I can’t do anything and I have no other option except letting them do whatever they are doing or they will hurt me. Next they both came forward together and this time I surrendered, Harish tried lifting my Kurta and with a thobbing heart I raised my arms.

I was topless now, I covered my breasts with my arms and next Rahul reached to my waist and I lifted my bottom. He pulled out my Pajami from my lower half and I was sitting on the bed with two males with just bra and panty over my body.

Wrapping my arms over my breasts and folding my legs inwards I was sweating and feeling strange heaviness in my head and they both started taking off their clothes with a smile and stare into my eyes. Before taking off his trouser Harish took out that bottle coconut oil from his pocked and rolled it over the bed close to me and once again my eyes got stuck to that bottle,

I shivered deeply with a thought that soon they will pour this oil in my fuckhole and in that fear I squeezed my legs inwards further deep. Next Rahul took out pack of Condoms from the pocked of his jeans and threw it to Harish.

Harish caught that pack, gave a glance and threw it away while saying they will not use Condom, let her get pregnant, “No…we will not use Condom…ye pregnant hoti hai to ho jaaye”. Finally leaving just underwear both the males took off their all clothes and climbed over the bed again. Two males both tall and healthy with broad shoulders and a huge bulge over their crotch!

My heart was beating with fear but to my surprise between clenched thighs I was feeling damp in my panties. I wanted to run but closing my eyes I was just compressing myself into the corner of the bed.

To Be Continued...

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Udita Losing Cherry With Friends of Brother - I

I have recently started reading stories over this blog and felt like submitting mine. I am Udita; female of almost 25 with dark complexion but with good looks and seductive sexual assets. Standing easily 5’6” I am full-breasted woman with flat belly and nice fleshy arms and thighs with plump ass mounds.

Obviously above mentioned name is not real but I swear whatever I am trying writing is real and happened to me some time back. At present I am sitting in Australia with my family and looking forward to get married with someone who is settled here only and my experience is about loss of my virginity in really very extra ordinary situation.

Before going further I must mention that at the time when I was going through all this I was worried and terrified; certainly because I was getting seduced against my wish but it was so soft and tender that I literary failed to resist myself from getting involved.

Moreover at present; after reading hundreds of real life sex experiences over this wonderful blog when I am trying writing down what all I have experienced I am not only out of that fearful feeling but to my surprise I am cherishing that terrible, forbidden, filthy yet attractive time of my life.

Now without revealing many facts in the beginning itself and moving straight to the incident; it all started when my brother Rakesh Bhaiya came back India after a long time and after his arrival his friends Rahul and Harish came to meet him. They were best friends of my brother and around 5 years back when Bhaiya was here both Rahul and Harish use to come at our place very regularly.

I was merely 15, studying in 10th standard when I first met them, that time Bhaiya was pursuing his graduation and both Rahul and Harish were studying in the same collage in the same streak. As like us they also belong to very good family background, rich and educated I have always seen them considering me as their own younger sister.

Among two in past Harish has helped me in mathematics for board exams and Rahul often use to come home with a chocolates for me. After their graduation Bhaiya wasted almost one year in deciding what to do next and in that span I was doing my graduation and Harish and Rahul never stopped coming to our place and their relation with our family went on getting better and better.

Then Bhaiya flew to Australia for further studies and did whatever he was suppose to do and worked there for few years and came back India. As Bhaiya came back Rahul and Harish once again started visiting Bhaiya and I met both of them after really very long time. By now Harish was married but Rahul was still single.

The day they came first time after Bhaiya’s arrival we all sat together in living room for some time while having tea and snacks and it was Rahul who most of the time spoke to me. After that day both; Harish and Rahul visited our place repeatedly for couple of times and like past Rahul bought chocolates every time he came.

As such I didn’t had any clue what all ran between these three friends and after around 10 days from coming back home, Bhaiya announced in the family that he is in love with an Australian girl and want to marry her and would ultimately settle down in the Australia only.

For few days this fact staggered my parents but ultimately they agreed and Bhaiya called Bhabhi (Australian female) to India to meet the family. My parents officially announced Bhaiya’s engagement among relatives and arranged a small get together for close family members and friends and that was the day exactly when my fate was sealed.

Rahul was interested in me and more or less throughout the party Rahul remained around me and I was also feeling attracted to him. We spent good time together with lot and lot of casual chit chat and he somewhat intentionally brought subject of his marriage in the conversation and told me that his parents are looking for his match too.

Without going much into what all we spoke I would like to say that by the end of the day from Rahul’s gesture and the way he praised me for my looks, nature and intelligence I could make out that he is looking forward for a life time relation with me and deep inside I was feeling excited over that.

Why not? he was a very good looking man belonged to a good family; for an amature like me, who always desired to have a boy friend but never dared it was a moment of sheer pleasure. I was somewhat sure that there will be no objection from anybody over this relation and throughout the night I was restless with strange happiness.

Like I was expecting next day onwards Rahul somehow remained connected to me on daily basis and I too went on going bizarre with my thoughts of tying a lifetime knot with him. Days passed, Bhaiya’s fiancé was already gone back and after 10-12 days Bhaiya also flew back to Australia and now both were suppose to come back after around two months to get married with Indian rituals.

At my end my attachment with Rahul was increasing with every passing day, over the period of around one month we not only spoke to each other over phone for hours in the night but I started meeting him in the day time and also saw couple of movies with him. I remember after around one month of Bhaiya’s departure Rahul proposed me for marriage in the mid night over phone and I accepted.

We mutually came up with a thought of revealing our consent of getting married on Bhaiya’s marriage party which was suppose to happen after around one month. Truly speaking friends those were the days when I was living over cloud nine with a thought of getting married with Rahul and often day dreamed about my perspective life but Rahul had entirely different outlook over this relation.

Soon after proposing for marriage Rahul came to second phase of his intentions. Though in limit, he started taking to me bit erotic; what all we will do after marriage, I will not let you sleep even for a minute on our wedding night and all and up to an extent I liked all that.

After couple of days while talking to me he told me that he is masturbating while fantasizing me since he has met me and asked me if I also masturbate over his name. Then after 2 days he told me that I have to shave my pussy hairs for my wedding night as he wants to kiss me over my pussy and like this with every passing day he tried crossing limits of erotic conversation with me and I was feeling fascinated over that.

I was enjoying getting naughty with him with a gradual pace and gradually mentally I reached to the point where every day I started waiting for the night so that I can talk naughty with him and every night by the time we ended our phone call I use to be wet in my panties and never slept without rubbing my fuck opening to pleasure myself.

Like this whole week passed and on Friday night while talking to me on phone Rahul tried fulfilling his ultimate desire, after romancing and being naughty with me over the phone he casually asked me if I would like to go for a movie with him and I accepted his invitation without giving a second thought. Initially everything was fine, he bought tickets and we entered in the auditorium.

We were holding each other’s hand in the dark and movie was nearly in middle when suddenly Rahul whispered in my ear and it was "I want to kiss you". I was surprised, I thought he wants to kiss me then and there and I replied back with clear No. Rahul was sensing my mind state he moved his head in no while saying “not here…” “fir kahan?”

I asked him back and he said that nearby he has a place where we can go and sit in complete solitude. I looked into his eyes in the dark with a pounding heart, I was scared and uneasy but deep inside I too wanted to experience something new, Rahul smiled while looking back into my eyes.

I blushed and did not uttered anything which was actually unsaid yes for the kissing from my side. I was yet not sure that I should go for it or not and next instant Rahul gripped my hand and kissed it on the back hand and uttered “I love you” in low sensual voice and I took decision that I have to go for it.

Eventually we came out of the auditorium and settled down to eat and Rahul asked me if I am fine with kissing and told me to say no if I am not willing and his gesture of valuing my priority impressed me and I gave him consent with a blush and a smile and he spoke to one of his friend for the key of one vacant flat and eventually ended up in failure.

According to him he had friend who was having a vacant flat close to that place but because of some reason that instant it was not possible for his friend to provide him keys of that flat for next few days.

Rahul was disappointed, deep inside I was also bit upset but I could not reflect that gesture and after a minute or so Rahul told me that he will tell me whenever he will be having keys of that flat in his hands and we ended the day after lot of romantic chit chatting.

I guess Rahul intentionally did not arranged the keys of that flat for entire week, possibly to win my trust and secondly to arouse me up to the extent that I go frantic to get close to him. Like we were doing earlier throughout the week we did lot and lot of chit chatting over phone in the nights and I would say instead of romantic chit chat our telephonic conversation of nights became pure sex chat.

Rahul continued breaking the bars of sex chat with every passing day and I just went on going desperate to feel something happening with me; at least a kiss and it was getting evident in my involvement in the dirty talks.

He asked me visually which fucking posture I like most, I expressed my choice of love making position and he told me in which position he would like to make love to me, we discussed few awkward sex positions which we were seeing at our ends on the net, he spoke to me about oral sex which we see in porn movies and I agreed to try all that too.

Like this days passed and finally on Friday night he told me that keys are in his hands and asked me if I can come to meet him next day. I myself was waiting for this moment madly and I readily said ok to it but taking a precaution I casually warned him that we will do just kissing and he will not touch me anywhere else and in reply he softly said that if I am feeling insecure then

I should not come and then added ultimately I have to be his wife and he can easily wait till our marriage and his gentle gesture totally floored me and unaware of this fact that actually Rahul is trying to trap me in his decency and it is going to be weirdest day of my life, I came up saying that I trust him.

Next morning I woke up in a pleasant mood, took long time to decide what to wear. Heavy and dense in proportion of rest of my body my breasts are always point of attraction for the males around me and I decided to tease Rahul with them and dressed up in a formal Suit; Clearly revealing shape and size of my melons,

Red color tightly fitted Kurta over upper half and black color tight leggings on lower body with a Duppata on a shoulder. I don’t know if deep inside I desired something more than a kiss, but as I tried imagining what if Rahul will try touching me over my breasts while kissing me and that thought send pleasant shiver in my spine.

“It’s ok if he touch them…after all he is going to be my husband” I spoke to myself while looking into mirror and unaware of this fact ultimately what all is going to happen with me today I smiled over my naughty thinking.

To Be Continued...

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Jai And Tanvi Enjoying First Time Sex

It was early 2006. I am Jai. I was single, virgin, uninitiated in the world of sex. I was 20 then and had only recently broken up with my girl friend from high school. I was not bad to look at and did get some female attention. The back story.

In high school, there was another girl in our class, Tanvi, in another section. Most of our boys talk in school since class 9 revolved around Tanvi, what she said, who she was with and what she is wearing. I remember we guys celebrating the day one of us discovered Tanvi had started wearing a bra in class XI. Even in class XI she looked straight out of a bollywood movie.

Milky fair, super sexy smooth skin, pretty mid length hair, lovely ass and decent boobs. Every guy in school wanted to date her, touch her, fuck her and what not. There were gang wars between guys who were infatuated by her. With me her equation was non existent. She just knew I existed.

Count of the number of times I would have masturbated thinking of Tanvi would surely run into thousands. But later in class XII we came to know she was dating a guy from outside the school. We just heard he drove around in an Esteem. We all hated him without even knowing him.

One day I was going back home on my bike while I saw a car had broke down and a guy was standing next to its bonnet cluelessly. It was evening and dark. He waved at me to stop and told me his car has issues and he needs help. I asked what help he needs. He said pointing at a girl sitting in the car that he needs to drop her home and its getting late.

I looked into the car and I saw it was Tanvi. I instantly went weak in my knees and seeing me Tanvi got out and said hello. He asked if he can use my bike to drop her off to her home and bring a mechanic and that it wont take more than 15 mins. I barely reacted and gave him the keys. She sat behind him and he went off to return 40 mins later with a mechanic. ASSHOLE!

Next year we went separate ways, she had joined a good college on some quota and I had joined a grade 3 college closer to home. A year passed by with me now hearing about Tanvi and her bf but never bumped into her. In the 2nd year, within the first week I saw a familiar face in college. It was Tanvi. I was puzzled, but thrilled.

Later got to know she had migrated to be closer to home. 4 months passed, I had broken up with my ex and Tanvi and I never even smiled at each other. Then came the day of strike in our college, which was regular. It was announced mid day after the talks between management and council hadnt worked out. There was a chaos. I went to the parking and got my bike out.

Tanvi stood at the empty auto stand clueless trying to call someone. I thought this was my chance to talk to her. I went to where she stood and waited for a few seconds. She looked at me and smiled faintly. I told her "This time I can drop you home." She smiled and said she's trying to reach her brother who might come to pick her up and she tried calling him again. I noticed her.

She had changed from how she was a few years back. Her hair had grown long till her lower back, she had got them coloured golden brown, she had gained weight on her ass, hips and chest. She wore a sleeveless green top and fucking tight denims. She looked at me blankly saying he didnt pick again. I told her the protest might get more violent and she must leave now.

She thought for a second or two more and sat behind me looking hot at all hell. I am sure I became many a loser's hero that day in college. She sat awkwardly on the bike while I rode. I looked back and said "I am surprised you are so uncomfortable on this bike. This bike should be familiar to you." She laughed and said "thank you".

She mentioned they had got very late that day her bf borrowed the bike from me and she got saved because of my bike. I felt good. Again there was a long silence and I asked "where's the Esteem guy today? he could've come to pick you". She told me they weren't together anymore. Just as I could digest the awesome news, her bungalow arrived. She got down and thanked me again.

While she turned to leave, I just said, "we can talk in college, you know." She gave a smile that melted my whole body and said "sure". We started hanging out in college often and guys started calling me her "PA", "chamcha", "boy toy" and what not. Did I care? Hottest girl I've seen in my life was getting super friendly with me.

We had grown close enough to tease each other about our exes. I started dropping her back home frequently. Amongst all this you must be thinking what a nice guy I am. No. I was doing all this because I wanted to have sex with her and fuck her brains out! I never wanted to date her or make her my girl friend.

In January 2007, our college fest was held. Tanvi was convinced by her friends to participate in a dance item. It was retro dance and there were some costume changes too. On the day of the show, she had asked her father to drop her to college but on the morning he fell ill and couldnt do so. She called and asked if I could get my car. My father had already left so I had to say no.

She asked if I can come to her place, take her to college in her car. I didn't mind. She took her father's consent and we were off. Now let me tell you, Tanvi loved attention from men. She could instantly gauge who's looking at her and what's he looking at. While I drove, she sat wearing a simple tee and denims. But he boobs looked amazing in the tee she wore.

She's caught me ogling at her boobs a lot but today they looked irresistible. She just said "Jai, can you concentrate on the road? What is up with you today?" I was caught. I quietly drove to college and joined my friends in the audience as Tanvi went into the green room. Few hours later, it was time for her dance item.

They performed to various songs and I was a good show but I just couldnt take my eyes off Tanvi, like many many men in the audience. She looked incredibly hot with her hair falling and in her tight pants and black tank top. After the fest some of my friends wanted to grab a drink and invited me. I reluctantly said no as I had to drop Tanvi.

She realised that and said we'll both come but for just one drink. I was surprised. While at the pub, the loud music, alcohol, good company, Tanvi's knee weakening presence just added up and I asked her for a dance. Everyone of the table went quite. I thought I was going to ask Tanvi out to date me. She just stood up and we went to the floor.

I would have been perfectly alright if I had fallen in love with Tanvi that day. She looked that hot and seductive. I didn't. I wanted to fuck her and fuck her tonight. While we danced I made sure I didn't touch her objectionably. When we were walking back to our seats, I said in her ear "you look amazing today" and I gave her a little peck on her cheek. I had a feeling Tanvi was falling for me.

One drink became three and she started getting calls from her mother. She made some excuses and we left. While driving back I noticed her hair had got a bit sweaty due to the dancing and I found it quite sexy. I casually ruffled her hair with my left hand and she came and lied on my left shoulder. I leaned leftwards and kissed her hair, sexily smelling off her shampoo and sweat.

Suddenly, she said "Jai, just pull over." I thought she wanted to throw up. I asked are you okay? She said yes. She rolled the windows down and said "lets enjoy the winter breeze". As I smiled at her, she asked me "so, what's happening?" I acted as if I didn't understand. She said "you've been super sweet with me today. Is there something we need to talk about?"

Very seriously I asked her, "About what?" She said "alright, enough with the games. I can believe this has happened but I think I like you and being with you makes me happy." As she ended the sentence, I grabbed her face and we started kissing.We had parked on a road with trucks and heavy vehicles plying but we didn't care. We kissed and caressed like there was no tomorrow.

I told Tanvi I had a crush on her since class 9 and then there was more kissing. I was no kissing the lips I had dreamt and hoped of kissing for the last 6 years. While kissing I took my hand near her crotch and she was dripping. Her panty, from inside her skirt felt like a drenched towel. When I tried to put my finger she resisted. I looked at and applied more force.

She was moaning and she came close to my ears and said "careful Jai, I am a virgin". I looked at her in thrill and surprise and she looked at me naughtily and nodded saying "yes, I am virgin." I said me too and she surprising said "I know, I knew you exes friends". While we continued kissing and fingering, I saw a cop car at a distance behind our parked car.

I started driving and I said I am not going to let you go home without losing our virginity. She smiled and asked whats the plan. I called a friend who we were drinking with and told him to go elsewhere as I needed his apartment, no questions asked.

She called and told her mother the car had broken down and Jai dropped her to her friends place and has gone to get the car fixed and that she'll be staying at her friends place as long as it takes to fix the car. Her mother felt secure. I stopped on the way and bough a three pack of condoms. She saw them and said "you have high hopes."

Her every look, her words and her smile were all killing me gradually. As we entered the room and locked it, we felt as if this is it. She seemed to be in an amazingly horny mood. We locked our lips and kissed madly. I took her top off and flung it and took her bra off. Those were the most amazing boobs I had ever seen, including those on porn movies.

She helped take my pants down and took her skirt off. We were both naked and she looked like Venus. I held her close. I was now holding the girl who I have shagged off thinking about for 6 years of my life. And what's more, she was in love with me. She made me sit on the bed and started playing with my dick and without a warning took it in her mouth.

I had seen it in porn, heard it from friends but didnt know it was the most amazing feeling ever. While blowing me, she threw her hair on my torso. I held her hair and started combing it with my fingers. Due to inexperience, I shot my first load in her mouth. Her lips and jaws were splashed with my semen. She asked me to enter her. I wanted to lick her, give her oral.

She said she wasnt comfortable. I didn't wish to force. So, wore the condom and entered her. Years of watching porn and imagining fucking Tanvi was finally fruitful. I was banging my dream chick. I entered her but she felt immense pain but she egged me on. I gave her mild strokes which she loved and then started giving her slightly harder strokes hearing the volume of her moaning.

She kept saying "fuck me hard Jai." I knew I wasn't still fully inside her. I knew I had to give one strong stoke. I asked Tanvi to hold me tight and told her this will hurt her a bit and I gave her a strong stroke and there I felt something. She felt it too. Her hymen was broken. In the thrill I didnt realise she had dug her nails well in my back. I didn't hurt at all then.

I was still rock hard and I continue to stroke her pussy. She was now enjoying it as the pain part was over. Within a minute Tanvi reached her orgasm like a volcano. I was scared her screams would wake neighbours. I instantly locked lips. In a few minutes I climaxed too and filled the condoms like a water balloon.

As I took my dick out of her, we realised Tanvi had bled but not much. We both smiled looking at each other. We kissed and kissed a lot. We went in the bathroom and cleaned each other up. While in the bath, she said something I couldnt believe. She said "I can't believe I had sex with the moron who left an anonymous greeting card in my garage on valentine's day."

I couldn't believe she knew it. That was me. I pulled her close and we kissed more, tongue all over each other's faces. She asked me to drop her home. I dropped her home and went to my home. We texted each other till 6 am.

Next morning I woke up and realised I was in love with her. Met her next day and asked her out and we dated for 4 years. Broke up for 2 years. Dated again for a year. Broke up for 6 months. And now married to each other. The sex between us has been mind blowing always.

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Saurabh Losing Virginity To Sexy Dentist Ankita

Hello, I am Saurabh 19 year old from Mumbai an engineering student as well. I am fair, 5’10” with a dick size of almost 6 inch. Let’s start with the story now as I have braces I go for a regular checkup to the dentist (every month).

Her name is ankita (unmarried) and she is the one who runs the clinic she is in her late 20’s a young gujarati girl with perfect body a very fair girl with perfect shape boobs and sweet voice. Her clinic is not so big its just a small clinic where she can attend only one patient at a time.

It was my checkup day and I remember my appointment was at 9 am so I went inside the room she greeted me in her sweet voice and told me to sit on the hair. I always loved her she is the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

I sat on the chair and she started operating me. She was sitting so much close to me as I was feeling to kiss her. While she was operating me I kept constantly looking into her eyes and we almost had a eye contact of 6-7 mins.

Today she was sitting so close to me that my shoulder was touching her boob and I was enjoying that thing the most. And I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t notice I was getting a erection and she could clearly see it as I was wearing track pants.

After seeing it she quickly went back and asked what is this? With anger listening to this I came out from my dream and quickly covered it with hands and said m sorry I don’t know how it happened and was so afraid that she’ll tell everything to my mom.

I just kept on saying I am sorry I had no intentions of doing it I am sorry (it was the worst situation I cant even explain) and I was literally about to cry. Seeing my condition I don’t know what she thought but she just acted like nothing serious has happened and said its okay. And continued to treat me.

This time I kept my shoulders very tight and tried not to touch her my heart beats went faster than a bullet train and now it was hard to believe it for me that she didn’t even react. She is very talkative and knows everything about me as I was her patient since last 2 years.

To get over the thing she asked me do I have a gf? As my mouth was open I wasn’t able to reply I just made the sound “Umm (I meant no)”. Now she asked me why did I get so much afraid it was an accident and no one has control over erection. And came a bit closer to me.

This time I controlled myself and didn’t react (my treatment was done and I was just gargling and cleaning myself) everything was done and I was about to leave then she asked me to wait and keep lying on the chair. She removed her lab coat and now her boobs looked even clear and big but I was controlling myself.

Then she came closer to me her and bend a little but upon my face I cud clearly feel her breath on my face ( her breath was so much refreshing) I was just feeling it with closed eyes. Then she started rubbing my thigh slowly with her smooth hands and I cud feel the erection this time but I didn’t care. I just wanted this to never stop.

I just opened my eyes bend a bit upwards and started kissing her her lips were so very soft and juicy I didn’t want to stop kissing her we kissed for 4-5 mins. And then with the light hands I started touching her boobs they were so perfectly shaped I told her to lie upon me then I gently stared pressing her boobs and kissing on her neck.

And her body started to warm up.I could easily feel the warmth in her body. I enjoyed kissing her neck it was milky white and she was smelling so good that I couldn’t resist kissing her. Then I started rubbing my mouth against her warm boobs and she was enjoying it very much then I touched her pussy I cud easily feel that she was wet even when she was wearing a jeans.

Then I slowly helped her to remove the top as she was not in the condition to do it by herself. Her body was as fair as snow with clean shaved armpits and she smelled soo good it was like a heaven to me.

I started kissing in her bra it was a purple colour silky soft bra then she removed her bra and she’s got the best boobs I have ever seen she had pink nipples and best juicy boobs I slowly started rubbing her nipples and they were hard as hell.

The boobs were soo soft and fleshy I started sucking them like I was thirsty for many years as soon I started sucking them her body become even warmer and she started making sounds ” ahh ahh umm ummm ah” and then I started to kiss her whole body and started moving downwards slowly. Removed her jeans her panties were so wet I loved it.

I removed her panties and her her pussy was white shaved and soo wet. Her pussy lips were thin and perfectly made for sex. Now she was lying all nude on the dentist chair I took the water spray( which the dentists have attached to chair for cleaning) and pointed the spay on her pussy and she stared moaning soo hard she was repeating don’t stop.

Then I started kissing her pussy I didn’t want my braces to cause any harm to her so I was doing it gently and slowly with my tongue. Then I removed my pants and I was hard as rock. She directed my dick to her pussy and it was so it tight with some pressure my cock was into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight that I cud feel it on my dick.

After 7-8 strokes it got easy for me and slowly started to increase the speed and simultaneously rubbing her nipples. She was moaning with pain but she didn’t want me to stop. In 4-5 mins I stared to cum and my cum was all over her body and we both were so exhausted. I lied down there on the floor for a while. Cleaned myself and kissed her.

She told me that it was the best sex she ever had we would do it again some day. I smiled kissed her boob and said bye. So that’s it. Let me know whether you enjoyed my sex story by commenting below.

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