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Rohit Having Gay Encounter In Mumbai

I am Rohit(name changed) and I was new to Mumbai. This incident happened 5 years before when I was 23 years old. I was tall, slim and fair. My first job after graduation brought me to Mumbai. On one Sunday morning, I was visiting few places in Mumbai with my friends. We had to travel in local. I had bought a new jeans and I was wearing that jeans.

Unfortunately, I did not realise that it was low waist and super tight. Our next destination was marine drive and it was at that time that I started feeling uncomfortable. Suddenly I saw a tall, dark and well built man making eye contact with me. I could not understand that because I am straight and never imagined something like that happening to me.

I was feeling really embarashed. All my friends were there. I was scared if anyone saw that, they could make fun of me. So I made an excuse that my head is paining and got down at the next station which was Dadar. They all continued with their Journey. I was planning to return home as soon as possible and change that horrible jeans.

But suddenly that guy who made eye contacts with me held my hand from behind and said "chalo". At that point my embarashment was gone because I was alone. And I dont know why but something inside me told me to go with him. He aksed to follow him. He stopped a cab and and muttered some address in his ear. At that moment I realised what mistake I have done.

I thought that guy was about to kidnap me. I tried to stop the cab but he told me to relax. In 10 minute we arrived at the destination. We went out of the cab and I was surprised to see a chawl. He held my hands tight and asked me to follow him. On the way, another man made a comment to him, "Kya bhai mast hai". That somehow made me horny and my fears started vanishing.

After 5 minutes of walk, we arrived at a room. It was a very busy place. A number of women were washing clothes outside. Some were also laughing at us. He knocked at the door and a women in late 50's opened the door. The house was really old with two rooms. He asked me to go and sit in the second room. I obliged as I had no other options at that time.

On my way to the other room, I saw another old man sleeping on the floor. After 30 minutes, he arrived and closed the door from inside. My heart was beating heavily. He sat besides me and asked "top ho ya bottom" I was confused. I had never heard that before in my life. I said "pata nahin aap kya bol rahe ho" He then put his hand on his head.

After some time he said to me, "Sun mujhe laga tu gay hai. Tujhe chodne laya hoon. Par galti ho gayi. Tu jaana chahe to chala jaa" I was confused. I asked him, "Aap exactly kya karna chahte hain mere saath?" He started laughing and sat besides me and then held my hands.

Then he said to me, "Mein apne lund ko teri gaand me dalna chahta hoon. Teri gaand marna chahta hoon. Bol marwayega?" I replied "par aap promise kariye ki dheere se karenge" He kept quite. He removed all his clothes in a flash. My heart started pounding heavily. I realised that this is it. And I let everything go. He came to me and asked me to lay down with face up.

Then he climbed on me. He was really strong and well built. he moved near my neck and put his 8" dick inside my mouth. It felt warm and salty. And said "Abe chutiya. ladkiyon ki jeans pehenta hai. le choos mere lund ko. Aaj to teri aisi maaroonga ki gand and muh dono fat jaayega and kiso ko muhn dikhane layak nahin rahega."

This made me hornier. My undies were all wet by precum. I was still wearing my jeans. He started pounding my face like an animal. It was making "thap thap" sound. He then held my nose with his hands and suddenly stopped stroking my face. I was confused as what happened but suddenly a warm stream of liquid filled my entire mouth. It was huge and pungent.

Since my nose was pinched, I had no option to swallow it. I felt like puking. He was also farting every now and then and its odour was horrible. He again abused me by saying "Abhi to suruwaat hai. Abhi to teri gaand maaroonga." After that he turned me facedown and pulled down my jeans in one stroke. He then removed my undies. My heart started pounding heavily.

I realised that this is it. he put some oil inside my but hole and started fingering it vigourously. It started paining. I requested him to stop. He replied that "Ab bohot der ho gayi hai". I started crying. He paid no heed. Blood started coming out of my ass with just fingering. He then brought a glass of warm oil and poured the entire glass on my butt hole.

Then he put a pillow beneath my belly and said "Ab teri gaand mein apna lund ghusaaonga. Taiyaar ho ja" And then I felt a warm dick at the opening of my but hole. It actually felt good. He then pushed inside in one stroke and it pained like hell. I actually stopped breathing for a moment and was about to faint. But he never stopped and kept on pounding my ass.

My legs started paining but he never stopped. After 30 odd minutes, He stopped and I knew what was going to happen. I felt a stream of warm liquid filling in all over my bowel. I was happy that it was over. He again came towards my face and said "apna muhn khol. thoda aur maal bacha hai" I did what he said. This time, his dick was all oily and red with my ass blood.

He throttled it in my mouth and it tasted like hell. In 30 odd second he cummed again. Then asked me to take bath and gave me 500 rupees. I was so embarashed. When I got out his room, I could look at anyone out of shame. I went straight to my home in a cab. Took a long bath, brushed my teeth and slept for the whole day. I did not talk with anyone for about a week.

Now it has been over 5 years. I have a girl friend and we make love on a regular basis. But still when I think about that day, I feel ashamed of myself. That was the worst mistake of my life. I hate that guy. I am also planning to move out of Mumbai. I am feeling light after sharing this story. Thats why I wrote that story.

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Gay fantasy coming true - XI

Previously: Gay fantasy coming true - X

Hi guys! It has been a really long time since I started sharing my stories, and I have loved sharing all of my awesome experiences with you here. Today, after a long break I am going to share one more of my stories. This is how I fulfilled one of my longest and oldest fantasies, getting fucked by a teenage cock.

And boy, was I lucky, I got fucked by not one, not two, but three really hot and horny teen twinks! It all started when I expressed this fantasy of mine to my fuck buddies. They in turn, got in touch with their other fuck buddies and friends from online gay forums, and arranged for a surprise fuck for me, with three 19 year old guys, who were roommates too.

I saw their photos online and was immediately eager for getting fucked; however to keep things exciting, I did not meet them or ask to see photos of their cocks. It was all going to be a surprise. So the decided day arrived none too sooner and I was very excited as went to the boys' place.

I had prepared myself well for this session, and I was going to be the star of the day; none of my buddies were going to accompany me. The boys met me at their apartment, and after introductions with Sunil, Yogesh and Akhil, we settled with some coffee and discussed what we would do.

I said that I would love to have a video taken of the gangbang so I could show it to my friends later. So we set up a webcam in the room, and I told the three guys to sit back and relax, while I seduced them and turned it to a wild session.

I stripped naked in a flash and showed the still-dressed guys my body. I posed very sexily and showed off my thick erect cock and my really-eager-to-be-fucked ass. Then I shook my ass in their faces and Yogesh grabbed my butt and began to squeeze it. I turned around and grabbed all of them and stripped them naked, freeing their erect cocks.

Ah! This was the type of cock I wanted, slim and long, and one that would go really deep inside me and drive me over the edge. Without wasting a moment, I grabbed two cocks and began to shag them while taking the third in my mouth. They were clearly loving it, getting head from someone really experienced like me.

After giving them all the best blowjobs of their lives, I bent over and said "My ass and mouth are yours. Fuck me." Yogesh and I got into a 69 with me on top. Sunil started rimming my ass and I started shivering uncontrollably with pleasure. Akhil, the Mallu stud started taking turns fucking my mouth and caressing my body.

Sunil then lubed up his cock and my ass and in one shot, plunged his slender cock straight into my eagerly-waiting depths. What followed next was out of this world. Let me know in the comments and I'll share the next part of my story. Keep those cocks hot and hungry!

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Puneet Harsha and Dev gay encounter

It was a hot summer day, the mercury touching 42 degrees Celsius and still climbing. Even though it was evening, it felt like a furnace. Thankfully I had the day off from work. The ceiling fan in my room barely provided any comfort. Living alone has its advantages, so I spent most of the day lounging around in my underpants, or naked. The heat was making me hornier with each passing hour.

Some time later I heard voices in the corridor and looked through the keyhole. Someone was moving in to the room just opposite mine. Two young men, about my age. "Good, at least I'll have some company when I'm bored," I thought, going back to my laptop to watch some porn.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang; it was one of the guys who had just moved in. "Hi, I'm Harsha," he smiled, offering his hand. "I'm Dev," I smiled back, shaking his hand. "My friend and I just moved in, thought we'd introduce ourselves to our neighbour." "Sure, come on in. Would you like some cold coffee?" I asked.

"That'd be nice, thank you. This is my friend Puneet," Harsha said, introducing the guy who just exited his room, locking the door behind him. We shook hands again and I led them inside. "Make yourself comfortable," I said, as I went to make some cold coffee. "So, you live all by yourself?" Puneet asked, as I handed him his coffee.

"Yeah, I like the solitude," I grinned. "So how did you guys zero in on this building? There aren't many young men in this complex," I asked. Harsha and Puneet glanced at each other. "Let's say, where we used to live earlier, people didn't like our nocturnal activities!" laughed Harsha. "Ah, your girlfriends must have brought the roof down with their moaning!" I winked.

"Actually, no. We brought the roof down with our banging," Puneet said matter-of-factly. "Yeah, we're gay." Harsha added, again, in a no-nonsense tone. To this moment, I have no idea what happened to me when he said that, but I remember that a wide smile had formed on my face, a smile "eager and excited" as the two of them later described to me.

I quickly recovered myself, but it was too late. They had noticed, and exchanged knowing glances at each other, knowing what I was up to. I tried to change the topic, but they just sat there, sipping their coffee, smiling at me. I gulped, I had been caught, it was all my fault and now I was wishing they'd leave, so that I could just go back to watching porn and jacking off.

How was I to know, the night would turn out to be so different, so intense, so passionate, so memorable? "So, Dev, how many times have you done it?" Puneet asked. "Err...done what?" I tried to salvage myself from the awkwardness. "You don't need to play the innocent fool here, man," said Harsha, "how many times have you had gay sex?" "Never." I answered truthfully.

He put down his mug, stood up, walked over to me and placed both his arms gently on my shoulders. "How about we show you the kingdom of forbidden pleasures?" he asked, gazing into my eyes. Caught in the heat of the moment, I took a deep breath and whispered "Yes." He placed his arms around my waist, and gently squeezed my butt.

He brought his face closer to mine and tried to kiss me, but I pulled back. "Let's just say... I'm not comfortable with face kissing and cross-dressing. Is that okay with you guys?" "Of course." said Puneet. "I'm hungry. Can we do this after dinner?" I asked, wanting some time to myself, to figure out what just happened. "Sure. Why don't you come over to our room after dinner?"

" guys mind if we do it here?" I asked. "Of course not," said Puneet, "we'll be back at 10." And with that, they left. Half an hour later, I was sitting on the toilet seat, my crotch all lathered up, razor in one hand, trying to make sense of why I had reacted so eagerly. Thoughts were swimming in my head; a part of me, the majority of me really wanted it. Badly.

The other part of me was worried. The pain, would it be worth it? "To hell with all that" I said aloud and shaved my crotch clean. The doorbell rang at 10p.m. sharp. I was bare chested, wearing just my shorts. Puneet and Harsha were there, wearing boxers and light t-shirts. I welcomed them inside and ushered them to the bedroom.

Without wasting a second, they took off their t-shirts and shorts and left me gawping at two hot, naked male bodies. Not that I haven't seen any naked men before, thanks to porn, but these were the first two men in-the-flesh as it were. Overcome with the heat of passion, I stripped and joined them on the bed, naked, appraising their bodies and dicks silently.

If I had to describe their bodies, I'd say there was nothing special or pornstar-like about them. Average height, average build, with a little bit of fat. Dicks average length and uncircumcised, about 6 inches or so, not really different from mine. The thought of having those inside me in a few minutes from now was turning me on, drowning out all the thoughts of pain.

We three put our arms around each other, rubbing our bodies against each other, feeling each other's skin and warmth. I had never been so close and in physical contact with someone before; the feeling was different, sensual, warm. I could feel the heat rising in me, the pace of my heartbeat picking up.

Puneet and Harsha were kissing each other, and I was rubbing my lips against Harsha's neck softly, sensuously. I had watched enough of gay porn to know what to try next, my hands slowly moved to their cocks and I gripped them. I have only ever grabbed my own cock. The feeling of someone else's cock was like a warm, stiff piece of flesh, something that I would love to take in my mouth and up my ass.

Gently I moved my hands back and forth over them, jerking them off. I noticed my own cock was rock hard and my ball sack had tightened, as if trying desperately to gain some pleasure. "Would you like to suck it?" asked Puneet. "Umm...yes, why not..." I stammered. Taking his dick in my hand, I slowly bent my head over it. A little hesitantly, I flicked the tip of my tongue over the head.

It had a slight musky scent to it, the taste felt a little weird. Growing a little bolder, I opened my mouth a little wider, covering my teeth with my lips, and took his whole head inside. It felt like I was sucking on some lollipop, the only difference being the taste and that it seemed to grow larger. I pulled it out of my mouth, took a deep breath and then closed my lips around it.

Taking about half the length of his shaft inside me, I moved my head back and forth a few times, trying to use as much saliva as possible, licking the shaft with my tongue, the constricted movement inside my mouth adding to Puneet's pleasure. Finding it a little difficult to breathe, I stopped. "Come, let us show you the forbidden kingdom of pleasures." whispered Harsha.

He sat behind me and wrapped his legs around my sides. I could feel his boner against the small of my back. His hands were roaming over my nipples, gently touching, squeezing, tickling them to rock hardness. Punnet crouched over my knees and looked up at me. "Let me show you what a real blowjob feels like."

He brought his mouth close to my dick and breathed. I felt the warmth of his breath on my cock and involuntarily twitched my dick. In one swift motion, he had engulfed my dick with his mouth. "" I moaned. For the first time in my life, I moaned aloud, without a care in the world.

My cock in that second was experiencing pleasures I would never have with a creamy hand stroking it. Puneet's wet, warm cheeks, swirling tongue, and his hand softly tickling my balls....the gates to the kingdom of forbidden pleasures had been opened. Behind me, Harsha was slowly running his fingers all over my body.

He seemed to know exactly where to trigger the currents on my body. Gently kissing me on the base of my neck, he nibbled and licked at my ears like a lover. I reached for his neck with one hand, and placed my other hand on Puneet's head, savouring the wonderful things they were doing to my body.

A few minutes into getting my first blowjob, I felt that all-too-familiar tingle in my crotch, orgasm approaching. "Hold it, buddy. I don't wanna cum so soon," I gasped. "All right, now turn around, show me that sweet little ass baby!" said Harsha, seductively. I turned over on all fours and hiked my ass in the air obediently.

"That's a hot ass you got there baby!" Harsha gently ran his hands over it, giving it a quick spank. "What do you say, Puneet? Shall we take him for the ride?" "Yes, oh yes, take me for the ride please, I'm all yours!" I begged like a slut. I felt something warm, wet and soft tickle my ass. Harsha's tongue.

The next few minutes were pure bliss, as I shook my ass, twitched my cock and moaned in ecstasy as the two of them took turns in rimming my ass. Ultimate heights of pleasure was when Puneet wriggled below me and began to suck and stroke my dick and balls. While Harsha was rimming me. My knees began to tremble with all that pleasure.

Reaching for my pillow, I buried my head in it and began to moan. Carefree wild moans. "You have some lotion Dev? "On the shelf behind you." A few minutes later, I felt a cool liquid on my butt and then a finger pushing inside my ass. The finger slowly worked its way in, meeting some initial resistance.

I fought to relax the clench reflex as I had always done when inserting my own finger in my hole. There was a slight burning sensation around my rim, the lotion was comforting. I felt two fingers probing my hole and then three, gently stroking me inside my hidden depths, the place I had always dreamed that someone would enter and make love to me.

"He's ready." "Oh yess I am ready. Please do it slowly." "Of course. Bet you'll enjoy it." Lying on my back, Puneet placed a pillow under my butt. He came over near my head and lifted my legs up and apart. Harsha was towering over me, slowly jerking his cock, ready for the penetration. "Condom or bare?" he asked. "Fuck the condom, just fuck me now!" I growled.

He rubbed his dick head against my opening. "Stop teasing me and fuck me!" I almost shouted. I felt his cock going slowly past my hole, my muscles fighting to relax, to let him slide into me. I felt his head go past my opening and stop. And then he started pushing. All the way in. I could feel my ass getting filled up, and I fought hard to switch off my mind from the reflexes and concentrate on relaxing as much as I could.

I felt his balls hit my pubes. He was all the way inside me, buried to the hilt as it were, and my body shivered with a strange feeling. Sweat beads formed on my forehead and I felt insanely hot. His dick twitched once inside me and I felt an odd mixture of pain, shivers, friction and a little pleasure. Breathe, I reminded myself. My cock had shrivelled. The feeling was strange, I was sweating and not really liking it.

"Just relax and let go," Harsha said, and slowly began to pull his dick out. I felt the bottom of his head against my opening and again he began to plunge himself into me. The friction of his cock against my ass was slowly starting to feel pleasurable. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on the pleasure instead of the discomfort.

Puneet caressed my body to put me at ease, and then slowly started sucking my limp cock. Harsha meanwhile, continued to make slow rhythm strokes inside me. There was pain, yes, but only a little. The feeling of pleasure was rising, evident as my dick began to grow inside Puneet's mouth. Slow rhythmic strokes and a mouth sucking my cock. The forbidden pleasures were now being enjoyed to their fullest.

I must admit that Puneet's sucking was exquisite. I felt that tingle in my loins once again, as the cum began to rise in my balls. "Puneet, I'm going to cum!" I moaned. "Cum in my mouth baby!" he licked his lips. As the wave of pleasure mounted in my loins, the rush just overtook me. I moaned loudly as the tingle in my mouth reached a crescendo and I shot huge spurts of cum into Puneet's mouth.

My own orgasm caused my ass to clench wildly around Harsha's cock. His own massive orgasm washed over me, as I felt every twitch of his dick and his hot spurts of cum shooting into my ass, savouring the blissful state of ecstasy. I lay on my side, my ass feeling slightly sore, Harsha and Puneet cuddling me from front and behind.

"I think we should take a shower," I said, and washed off all that sweat and cum from my body, smiling to myself at the experience I had just had. "You guys can sleep over here tonight, " I told them. The fatigue of our lovemaking had caught up, we three collapsed into a deep sleep. Next morning I woke up with a boner. I called up my colleague to say I was calling in sick at work.

"Mmmm...looks like you're ready for another ride to the kingdom!" Puneet smiled at me. "You bet your hot ass I am!" I grin, reaching for his boner. The secret pleasures had only just begun.

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Karthik sexperience with hostelmate

Hi everyone, my name is karthik, I am following this debonair site for the last six months and every day with out reading some stories and masturbating hard I wont sleep and it Became my daily routine. My hearty thanks to the site manager and horny writers for their beautiful sexperiences. I am an average looking guy with good height and weight from vijayawada in andhra.

And hardly my life has just 3 sexperiences that also with guys, I am bisexual(I enjoy sex with both girls and boys) I just love the pleasure.. this incident happened nearly 7 years back when I was in my 12th with my hostel mate. I started masturbating from my 10th since then that is the only way for my pleasure, every night I masturbate in bathroom before bathing.

As it is residential college only for boys and I used to hear some stories regarding gay sex in my college. And I dont understand why do they have sex with guys untill I have experience one. On one fine Sunday, we usually go out and enjoy that day seeing hot girls and thier clevage in busy markets and some b grade movies in internet centers and come back to college by 9.

That Sunday was also the same, but I had some extra fun in the exhibition, I was made to go onto a girl in a heavy crowd and I was touching her entire back with my front with noo gap btween US, that was my first time I am touching a girls butt with my already hardened penis, I didnt cared about her face or her looks, all I Care is I am having pleasure of my life time,

I stood like that For nearly 10 mins near columbus ride, oh my god it was very good, I almost went near to ejaculation but I controlled it and went to my college and expecting that girl in my dreams and complete the rest, I slept early.

As I thought I began to dream something like, a girl rubbing my penis with her soft hand for some time and started smooching my lips with her rose petals, aaaaah I am enjoying it as it is real, the smooching thing gained some intense and I woke up suddenly and got shocked to see my room mate sleeping next to my bed,

I immediately moved from him thinking that I am smooching him as I was in middle of a sexy dream, suddenly my heart rate increased many thoughts running over my mind ( next day he will reveal everything to everybody, everyone will look me like gay and will behave differently ) for next 2 mins I was looking at him and very tense,

suddenly he moved Towards me and again started smooching suddenly, my nervousness came down and now I am somewhat cool and started to enjoy his lips and he is pumping his saliva into my mouth and I started to drunk it I am liking it I moved a bit towards him he slowly exploring my private parts with one hand and he caught my other hand and kept on his abdomen aaah

it was hot and smooth and I aatrted exploring I quickly went to his penis and I caught it my hand and next feeling his balls mean while he is masturbating me, my penis is soo wet like never before, his penis is also soo wet and I wanted to taste his precum so I Dip my finger in his pre cum and took to my mouth and I broke the marathon smooching to taste it, it was a bit hot and salty.

He with one hand started puling my t shirt down soo I followed I came to his nipples they are already erected and I took one of those and started sucking like a baby, he again pulling down my tee I followed and came to his umbilicus I pushed my tongue into it and rotating in it for some time,

again he is pulling me I went further down he is wearing shorts without underwear his penis made a tent slowly my anxiety for his is penis growing. I pulled his short his penis popped out now he stopped pulling me down now I got understood that he want me to play with his penis. I grabbed his cock it was a bit larger than mine and is like a hot corn ready to serve.

I moved his foreskin back and I smelled his precum and his cock and moving all over my face, I think he is irresistable and suddenly grabed my head with his hands and pushed it into my mouth it touched my pharynx and I coughed suddenly with a big noise and immediately moved to my place so that I anybody can wakeup with that sound.

I was under my bed sheet and watching carefully whether any body woke up with cough, I was awake and I am remembering the taste of the his penis and I became impulsive to such his penis, slowly I went into his bed sheet directly moved to his penis.

I grabed it, it gently chewed his foreskin and moved it back meanwhile he started to move his legs around my waist and He locked me between his legs and I prepared my self that he wants some good stokes in my mouth I started to taste his glans the soft smooth meat with pre cum oozing from his penis aaah it was goo he is trying to wave fast in my mouth but I am controlling his speed by grabing his hip with my hand.

Aaaah he is pumping hard in my mouth and in the middle I am stopping him to suck his meat as like a baby trying to extract milk. with my hand I am massaging his back and I tried to explore his anal area. I am enjoying his penis in my mouth he is pushing his penis to every corner of my mouth thick mucus coming from my mouth and he is using it as lubricant.

It went for 5 mins I guess but every minute was very pleasureful at that time he suddenly with drawn his penis out and I was mastubating his penis with my hand and a full load of cum splashed all over my face he jerked for 4 times and my face is full of his semen.

I started licking around my mouth and I came back to original position and the rest of the semen he licked all over my face and we started smooching again. Later he gave me a hand job and I ejaculated really good amount than past.we continued this for twice later I can never forget this experience. And I am waiting for the next sex adventure since then. Thank you.

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Gay fantasy coming true - X

Previously: Gay fantasy coming true - IX

They say, start the New Year with a bang! In my case, I started the New Year with a gangbang! Not two, not three, but seven cocks. Yes, I took on seven cocks and was still begging for more! Hi guys, Ashu here again, with my tenth dick raising story on humandigest. I know gay stories are not that popular, but I still request you to read, imagine yourself in my place, and stroke your dicks. If you like it, please comment!

This New year, we decided to go wild and have the wildest sex orgy possible. That meant my roommates Raj and Manu, our friends Abhi, Vinny and Jay, and our gym trainers Akshay and Vicky. There were no plans as such, we would just gather on the 31st, and fuck away till the wee hours of morning. There was a list of positions I wanted to try, though.

I had already taken three pills and was so horny, I would have fucked any hole I came across.So come midnight, the eight of us gathered in a room and stripped off our clothes. And the action began. Straightaway, I began to suck Raj's dick, balls and lick his ass crack. The others also began to suck each other. We changed positions so everyone sucked everyone.

The round of blowjobs went on for about half an hour till our jaws were aching, then it was time for the actual fucking to start. As usual, I was the first and most eager to be fucked and I wanted to do it in a novel position. I took the table and upturned it on the ground so its top was lying flat.

The legs were pointing in the air. I placed a mattress on the table, lay down on it, and spread my legs apart and asked that my legs be tied to the table. A pillow was placed under my ass for easier access to my twitching butthole, and someone (I couldn't see who) began to tongue my ass. The ropes did not allow me to move and I was enjoying myself.

I beckoned Abhi to come near my head and began to suck his cock. I felt cool lube being squirted into my ass and fingers working their way in, stretching, readying me for the seven cocks to come. I asked to be blindfolded to add to the excitement. Akshay, the strongest built of our lot, was the first one to go inside me. One push, and his cock was all the way in.

He let me adjust to it, while he bent over me and whispered "I am going to bang your brains out" And bang my brains out he did. He knew exactly how to fuck me the way I loved. Slow short strokes that grew longer and faster. I was moaning with pleasure and enjoying every moment of it. He was bent over me and had pinned down my hands, so I was unable to move.

I loved that even more. he must have done at least 50 strokes inside me, and finally he cummed. Next up was Raj, who lifted up my ass and fucked me in circular motions. I was moaning and shuddering in pleasure while the deepest depths of my ass were being explored. The other guys all followed suit, filling my ass with hot cum that just went on dribbling out.

I was exhausted but still wanted more. My legs were untied, and I took a short break to watch the guys all fucking and sucking each other. Manu seemed to be free so I went and straddled him as he was sitting. I let him fuck me sitting with upward thrusts that made me go mad with pleasure. Manu also stroked my cock but I did not want to cum yet.

Now I moved to Jay, lay him on his back and lifted his legs high. I got into the push up position and entered him. As I was fucking him, Vicky came from behind and started to fuck me! Ah, I almost fainted then. The other guys joined in and we made an anal train where everyone was having a good time.

I hadn't cum yet, and I really wanted to fill Raj's ass with my cum. I asked him to bend over in doggy style, and put his knees apart. I positioned myself and plunged my cock deep inside him. I also held his waist, and let out grunts of pleasure with every stroke. His ass was tight and filled with cum. I had already put in some lube.

The thought of someone else's cum lubing my cock was a huge turn on and an even bigger turn on was the filthy talk Raj was doing. I kept fucking him, and pulling out as I was about to cum. Towards the end, I finally shot a huge load in his ass, and collapsed on top of him. In seconds I had fallen asleep.

I was rudely waken from sleep by Abhi. He lifted me up, inserted his cock in me in the standing position and was fucking me by lifting and lowering me onto his cock. I was dying to be fucked like that. After Abhi, it was Jay who fucked my lying sideways exactly like a pornstar, with a leg in the air, as I sucked Vicky's cock.

I was fucked like crazy by seven guys and I fucked them all in a variety of poses. I tried out almost every pose I could and enjoyed every one of them. I cummed out the last drops in my body but still wasn't satisfied. Towards the end, Vinny finger fucked me while sucking my cock and I almost exploded in pleasure.

We were just too tired now and it was getting daylight. Since it was winter, we took a hot bath to clean up, and finally fell asleep. We woke up midday, feeling hungry and with sore cocks and itching asses. We split for the day with the promise of more wild sessions this year.

Hope you guys loved my story. Please do comment, I'd be very grateful if you did. Till next time, keep those cocks up, hot and hungry!

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Fucked by guy met on train journey

Hello Everyone, This is first story of mine, dont know whether it will gwt publish or not, but if it is MANY THANKS to Editor. This is the true incident happened to me... This is all about my first sex experience.

At that time I used to live in Jabalpur, Once I had to go to Satna for some work, while returning, I had to board the general compartment which was really difficult for me, whole bogie was messy and dirty even people were also..., in the bogie I found very handsome guy, he was looking like a Greek God, he was standing alone but in great difficulty, now I had desire to chat him, so somehow I managed to go near him...

After seeing me, he looked happy and relaxed also, we were just near the door, and train was totally packed.. We were standing in face to face position, and resting our hands near each others' shoulder, since he was quite taller than me, my head was touching his upper arm, as he was wearing t shirt, we were very close that my head sometimes was going near to him...

After few moments I saw him pressing his dick and breathing in abnormal manner...When I saw him pressing his cock... I was excited but quite strange, as first time this was happening with me and coz he was enjoying my unknown caressing thru my head.., I went closer to him and he started kissing my neck softly, my head was resting on his chest and I was pressing his hard cock..

since train was packed so it wasn't difficult to do this, I was pretending that I am resting on him only as not able to stand properly. We both were really excited and wanted to explore but it was not possible there, we exchanged our num and promised to meet each other.

During talks I came to know that he was married one year before, and lives alone in Katni, his family lives in Varanasi. To specify I am very soft, not very fair but fair..having good and slim body, 24 waist and so on.., no one can go without having second glance at me...:P which makes me blush and shy..and everyone likes talking to me.. :)

After one week I called him and then went to his place, he came to receive me at stn, after having refreshments and simple talks, we went to his room.., there he was signalling me by coughing but I wasn't able to understand it thought he was having cold...:P

He came closer to me, removed my clothes and started kissing my body..., it was really diff feel for me coz first time someone was exploring my body...he was just loving me, caressing my forehead, then I removed his clothes there I saw a sparkling dick oozing with precum, really speaking I always thought that men's dick are always dark and ugly but his was fair and pink,

it was really beautiful and shaven, at first I was bit resistive but then took his whole in mouth, I sucked his but he didn't cummed inside, he asked me to lay on my stomach, he took out condom and then lubricated his dick and mt ass with saliva of his..

He pushed his dick and it went fully at me, although he was doing in light manner, I just cried out, it pained like a hell, I was begging him "kindly plz remove it, plz take out, fir se daal dene but pls abhi nikal do" he took out his cock from my ass and after few minutes he again inserted although it was also painful but I didnt said..,

he was fucking me with speed but softly and which was giving me a high pleasure... he was fucking very softly, that I ejaculated and cummed, which is very rare in gay fucking, then he came over me, tightly he held me and then he started fucking very fastly and hardly after some time he cummed inside me, he took out his dick, and I removed his condom.

good thing was his dick was still quite erect, which I took in my mouth and stared sucking, he fucked my mouth but since I was tired he masturbated and gave his cum to drink...I drank it and we were there still for 5 mins, after we dressed up, I was so much in pleasure that I didnt noticed my blood coming out which he later showed me...

We went for fruit juices, he dropped me to the stn...and I returned my home his wife was pregnant at that time and he needed to fuck someone.. now he had a baby.., still we had two more sessions... he still wait for me and I for him..coz he was the guy who had my virginity gift... He was not a guy whom I found from site, even he don't know about these sites but I got a good one...

Please give reply although its not too much erotic but its my true story....:)

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Gay fantasy coming true - IX

Previously: Gay fantasy coming true - VIII

Hi guys, Ashu here, back on HD with my 9th story! Hope you enjoyed my previous stories. Today I'll tell you how my roommates Raj, Manu and I got banged hard my the two gym trainers, Akshay and Vicky.

Let me get straight down to the story. After my two-on-one session with Akshay and Vicky at their place, Raj and Manu also wanted to be fucked by these wild bulls. Akshay and Vicky were also quite eager when I broached the idea to them and we decided on a time and place. The night came too soon, and the three of us were lying naked, waiting for Akshay and Vicky to step out from the shower.

In the meantime we were stroking our cocks and loosening each other's buttholes with fingers and lots of lube. Akshay and Vicky emerged, in towels, water dripping from their bodies. The three of us gawped for a second and then rushed over to pull down their towels and take their hot raging dicks in our mouths. I began to suck Akshay off while the other two went to work on Vicky.

Akshay lifted me up and carried me to the table and laid me down on it. He bent and buried his hot wet tongue in my asshole. I thought I would die of pleasure with the sensations. I began to moan and groan and whimper, shake and thrash about wildly as his tongue made wonderful circles inside me. I began to beg to be fucked.

I had no idea what the others were doing and neither did I care. I was being sent to heaven with pleasure and I was loving every minute of it. Akshay then squirted some more lube into my ass and worked it in with a finger before lubing up his cock. He then hooked his hands under my thighs, stood up and lifted me and lowered my asshole onto his cock.

He began to fuck me standing with upward thrusts and as I clung on to him for dear life, I shouted with pure ecstasy and pleasure. After sometime he laid me on my back on the table and placed my legs on his shoulders and began to fuck me just the way I loved. Vicky came over, turned my head to the side and began to fuck my mouth.

I was being fucked by two studs with rock hard, warm, oily cocks and I was enjoying myself so much I thought I would nearly pass out with pure pleasure. After Vicky and Akshay cummed, they let go of me and I went and lay on the mattress. I was feeling tired and I don't know when I fell asleep. I was woken up by a dick in my ass some time later and it was Raj, fucking me.

He pulled one leg of mine in the air and I felt like a pornstar. I saw Manu being fucked hard by Vicky and I instantly had a hard on again. After Raj cummed inside me, Manu came over to fuck me and fucked me in the doggy style. After he cummed, I stood up and went to Akshay who was sitting idle. I bent him over in doggy style and began to fuck him.

I was in for a surprise. Akshay began to squeeze his anal muscles everytime my cock was inside him, and it was as if my cock was getting milked by his ass. I could not hold t much longer and came hard, coating the inside of his ass with my cum.

It was a very wild fuck session that we had with these bulls and we decided that next time we would bring over Abhi, Vinny and Jay too so that it would be a crazy orgy. I'll be sure to share that story on HD as well!

Hope you guys liked my story, please let me know in the comments. Till then, bye and keep those cocks hot, up and hungry!

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Gay fantasy coming true - VIII

Previously: Gay fantasy coming true - VII

There is something about gym trainers, their ripped muscles and perfectly formed bodies, their endurance and stamina that makes me want to get fucked and fucked hard by them. This is Ashu here, with my eighth story. Being able to share them with you on HD is just awesome!

My friend Manu works out regularly at the gym and told me about this trainer there who was said to be gay. Ever eager for a fuck, I asked him if it were possible to get fucked by him. Manu took me to the gym, just as the men's sessions were over and introduced me to the trainer, Akshay who said he'd take a shower and be right back. Manu winked at me and said "good luck" and went away.

I was sitting on a bench in the locker room, waiting for Akshay. He emerged in a towel, dripping. "So you want to join the gym?" he asked. "I want something more", I said. I just reached for his towel, pulled it off and took his cock in my mouth before he could stop me. He did stop me and said, "Not here, let's get to my place. He lived nearby and I accompanied him to his place.

Once we were inside he introduced me to his roommate Vicky and said I was in for a treat. He said that he and Vicky would fuck me like real men and take me to to heights of pleasure. Vicky was also a trainer at the same gym. I immediately accompanied them to the bedroom, and tore off my clothes.

Akshay and Vicky took off their clothes and joined me on the bed, and I paused for a moment to enjoy their bodies. Both of them were extremely well built and their bodies were rock hard. I was dying to be fucked by them. Their cocks were rock hard too and I took them on my mouth in turns and sucked them off. I also asked them to talk dirty to me, and they did.

After thoroughly sucking them off, I was laid on the bed and Akshay squirted a large amount of lube in my ass. He quickly loosed me up with his fingers while I sucked Vicky's raging cock. Both of them were talking dirty to me and making me feel hornier with each passing second.

After loosening me up, Akshay asked me to get in the doggy pose. I did, hiking my ass in the air. Vicky grabbed my by the hair and guided my mouth onto his cock, and Akshay started to fuck me in the manner of push-ups. He was huge and my ass felt full. He then lay on his side, lifted my leg in the air and fucked me. I was counting his strokes inside of me and gave up after 50.

I moaned and groaned and enjoyed it. Then he started to hit my prostrate and the feeling just took over me. He orgasmed inside me filling my ass with cum and Vicky did not even let me take a break and tried himself inside me. He laid me on my back, spread my legs wide apart and fucked me. I moaned louder and louder and reached for his rock hard chest.

He gripped my cock with his giant hand and began to stroke it. The combination of his hand and his hitting my prostrate sent me to heaven with sensations and I shot out my load in his hand and onto my chest. It was the first time I had come without fucking someone and it was a mind-shattering experience.

After Vicky came in me, they gave me a short break and then started to fuck me again in turns, in a wide variety of poses. I loved getting lifted and fucked by them. After they had finished, both of them lay on top of each other forming a stack of asses and I started to fuck them both in turn, I orgasmed again soon, and collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

It was a very rewarding experience for me and I said I'd bring over my roommates Raj and Manu next time to be fucked by these bulls. That will be another story. Hoping for readers to leave their comments again. Till then, keep those cocks hot, up and hungry!

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Sameer sexperience with the Sudhir

Hi, l'm Sameer. I'm a 35 year old bisexual guy with a fairly good physique. I am not a tall hunk at 5'3", but l more than make up for it with my looks and physique. I wanna narrate my first sexual experience with a guy.

His name is Sudhir. He's a brute of a guy. Dark, tall at 5'11" with beautiful muscles on every part of his body. He looked as strong as an ox, and he really was as l later found out. I met Sudhir on a gay dating site. First look was enough to floor me. He too took great interest in me and we decided to meet at my personal office.

Sudhir arrived on his bike looking resplendent as ever. I felt like just ripping apart his black tee and jeans and romp him, but I had to control myself. He got off his bike and shook hands with me as he entered my office, but l cud see a bulge growing in his jeans. I bolted the door, and we started casual talks.

As we chatted l came to know his fetish for ass and that he just loved the way my ass looked thru my jeans. I just cud not control myself anymore, and in one go embraced Sudhir and planted a wet kiss on his lovely lips. He too opened his mouth and then there was a licking war between our tongues.

One by one we started stripping till we both were stark naked. I was aghast at his body, he had greek god-like physique, black and shining. His cock was enormous, at least 8 inches if not more, and very thick. He had thick set balls like a bull. His ass was a perfect globe.

I knelt before this greek god and holding his cock with my hand started to lick its head. His pink mushroom was twitching in pleasure. Slowly and steadily I gulped the entire monster and began to wet it with my saliva. Sudhir began mouthfucking me. One, two, three the count began. After around 15 mins, Sudhir's entire body shivered terribly and with a loud moan he let go all he had in his balls, down my throat.

I swallowed every bit of his gift. We rested for 5 mins and then Sudhir asked me to lean against the wall, face down. He carressed my back and ran his fingers down to my bubble butt. Holding my buttocks he began kneading them like dough. It felt so good. My cock was parallel to the ground.

Then without warning, Sudhir bent his knees and spreading my ass cheeks apart, thrust his toungue in my pink asshole. It was a master at work. In and out went his tongue and l matched him with the movement of my ass. All the while Sudhir was also stroking my cock and my balls. I had enough.

I moved back so Sudhir slept on his back and began to rub my ass all over his face, while shaking his monster at the same time. The tension was building up in our balls and both of us came simultaneously with load roars. He spurt on my face, while l spurt on his tummy.

We washed ourselves. I was a bit tired after the workout, but the beast Sudhir was still raging. He asked me to sit at the edge of a wooden stool, as if I was on a bike, with my ass sticking out. That made my ass look pear shaped. Sudhir started drooling. He applied plenty of lube on his fingers, my hole and his cock. He put three fingers in one by one and started to widen my tight ass.

Then he placed his snake on my pink hole and began to gently thrust it in. In the beginning it was so painful l had tears in my eyes. But with a stroke or two, l began to enjoy it. Sudhir than began to increase his speed. It felt like a machine at work. He was fucking me mercilessly with my hands held behind. His huge balls slapped against my ass which increased my pleasure.

I asked him to give me all his milk in my ass. After about 30 mins of rough fucking, in almost all positions, Sudhir twitched his body and let go a flood of cum, which dripped from my hole and was greedily licked by him. We fucked a couple more times after that and then he sat on my lap and l shagged him twice. If u liked my experience, wait for my next story where l fucked the hell out of my friend Sunny.

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Gay fantasy coming true - VII

Previously: Gay fantasy coming true - VI

Hi guys! Ashu here one more time, sharing with you another explosive story! Hope you liked my previous stories as well. Let me get straight down to this one!

The other day we were discussing on how we could have another fuck fest, but with something to make it exciting. I came up with the idea that we could shoot a video of ourselves having sex. There was opposition to the idea but I assured that we would watch the video once, and then delete it and destroy the card.

After some persuasion, the others agreed, and we set about planning for that. The narrative that follows is a mix of the scenes from the video and what I experienced. The video started with me, lying naked on a cot and my hands and legs tied to the four corners and my eyes blindfolded.

This was going to be a domination/submission session with me being the victim and 5 other guys, Raj, Manu, Vinny, Abhi and Jay taking turns on me. So there I was, lying naked on the bed and wondering what was going to happen. I was surrounded by the 5 of them and I could hear them say "He is going to service us, and then he is going to beg us to be fucked."

They untied me, made me kneel and suck all 5 of them till my mouth ached. After that I was made to stand with my legs wide apart, and all of them went to work on me. Strong hands caressed my ass and squeezed them. A mouth closed around my cock, another around my nipples and I was being touched and fondled like crazy.

They were doing delicious things to my body, while one of them was shooting the video. I began to moan and whimper like a pornstar, while they continued to give me heights of pleasure. I wanted more and more and they were giving me more. It was stimulation at its heights and I wanted to fuck and be fucked.

Soon enough, I started to beg to be fucked. No one was in the mood to listen, the continued to pleasure me, and I was getting restless. I gripped them harder and kept on begging but they did not listen. After what seemed like an eternity, I was finally allowed to take a pause. The blindfold was untied. Raj lubed up my eager ass.

He knelt, and I mounted him slowly while facing him, and let his cock slide into me. I closed my eyes, put my arms around him while he started to jerk me up and down. His mouth was over my red nipples, I was aware of the camera so I made extreme expressions of lust and enjoyment. Raj went on fucking me till he cummed, and before I could recover, Vinny and Abhi got to work.

Vinny lay on his back. I mounted him, with my back to his face. Manu came with the camera and placed it near both our cocks, and Vinny sprung into action. He began to thrust upwards and I began to be thrusted up with him. It was an erotic sight, two cocks so close to each other and one disappearing and reappearing.

Abhi came and stood over me and stuffed his cock in my mouth and I loved sucking him off while getting fucked. Abhi came hard and quick and I swallowed all of his cum. Soon after ward Vinny also came and then I was given a break.

Manu loves to lift and fuck me, and he did exactly that. I was hanging in the air, legs wide apart and he was throwing me up and down onto his cock. I was moaning loudly and the camera captured it in all possible angles which made for very interesting POVs. Then Jay laid me on my back, wrapped my legs around his shoulder and fucked me just the way I love.

After he was done, I was fucked by Abhi in the doggy style. Once again the cam captured some really interesting POVs! I was tired now but I really wanted to fuck someone. I chose Raj, I lifted him up and lowered him onto my cock. He thrashed about while I fucked him with upward thrusts. I must have fucked him for at least 15 minutes because my legs were aching and I finally came hard inside him, and just collapsed.

My cock and ass were both sore now and I needed a break. We plugged in the memory card into the laptop, played the video and jerked off once again to it. The angles were really interesting and my moans and whimpers were a very big turn on. After watching the video, as promised, we deleted it and destroyed the card to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

I hope you guys loved my story. Please please do let me know in the comments, I love to read them. It is disappointing when you don't comment, so please take some time. In the meantime, I will be back with another story soon. Keep those cocks up, hot and hungry till then!

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