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Karthik Enjoying Three In One Sex

I draw your attention of the readers to the story of Karthik, and his sister meena. They were indulging in sex regularly because she was told by her similarly placed friends that incest is a sin only when you get pregnant. Other wise if it is for pleasure it is safe and more enjoyable.

They indulged in every kind of sexual activity and without disturbing their study schedule they were passing days and weeks. One day Meena told Karthik about her friend Jessy who was regularly being fucked by her cousin was feeling devastated because her cousin had gone away for work and now she does not have anybody to fuck her in her family,

she asked for humanitarian help from the brother of Meena. Meena asked Karthik he objected initially and said he does want to be known as an expert fucker in her circles. Meena, laughed and said no, no, there will not be anybody, this is a pitiable case, if you can please help her. He asked Meena how is she what is her nature etc. Meena said she is just an ordinary type.

Ok, let her come for combine study with you. She should come only when you are here. Meena agreed. Next day she told Karthik that Jessy may come for tuition in the evening. Next day as soon as Meena left for college, Sheila aunty called from her kitchen window for Karthik loudly. When Karthik responded, she asked him to go over to her house urgently.

Why what is the problem aunty, asked Karthik. She siad come, I will tell you here as soon as you come. Poor Karthik there is some emergency and rushed to the house of Sheila. Sheila said, you see........ and took him inside her bedroom and closed the door and said I wanted a fuck urgently and my cunt is itching and aching.

Oh, aunty, I thought it is some emergency and that is why I came running. It is ok, it is certainly an emergency for me. Come on get ready, she said. He asked has Maya gone to the school. She would have taken breakfast and gone to school. But Maya was very much there as it was a holidy for the school.

Maya knew that her mother will have a fuck with Karthik uncle and she was eager to see all the details. Sheila undressed and asked Karthik to get undressed and come as she was in a hurry to get his cock into her fuckhole. After she took such a monster inside her hole, she cannot think of anything else other than fucking again with his tool.

Karthik pushed his cock into her hole and as usual it slowly moved in and Sheila was enjoying every moment of that entry. Though her husband had fucked her many times, this pleasure is great and supreme. As it was going in she kissed him on her cheeks and neck. Maya took her place near the window and started to wriggle her finger into her virgin hole.

Karthik supporting his body with both of his hands fucked her deeply. Then he pulled out and asked her to stand on her fours so that he may fuck her on doggy style. He inserted his took between her thighs and reached her fuck hole and it went deep in. She too moved her torso forward and backward while Karthik fucked her deeply from behind. Maya was flabbergasted.

Loud moaning sounds were coming from the mouth of her mother. Then they changed the pose again. He lied in the bed flat on his back and Sheila straddled him and inserted his cock into her cunt and started to move in a rotatory and then started to jump up and down while Karthik was squeezing her boobs. Finally he tempo increased and they both reached their orgasms together.

The virgin pussy of Maya also oozed her cum. When her mother went to wash to the bathroom, Maya went to her upstair bedroom. Karthik went to his house and took bath and wore fresh clothes and waited. He say Meena and her friend coming with bunch of books in the hands.

As soon as they entered the house, Meena introduced her friend Jessy to Karthik. Karthik said hello and Jessy responded. He noticed that Jessy had fully developed boobs not sagging a little. Her raised asses were very attractive. As Meena went to the kitchen to make tea, Jessy and Karthik climbed the stairs and went to the their bedroom.

Jessy placed her books and and came to Karthik with wide open arms for hugging and kissing. Karthik kissed her and his hands were pressing her boobs. She did not want to waste time. She removed her t shirt and bra and her naked boobs were exposed. Karthik removed his banian and lungi and underwear and his 7 incher was dangling.

Jessy was amazed at it size and she kneeled in front of him and took it in her mouth and gave him a nice blow job. Karthik's hands were squeezing her boobs. He lifted her and they both moved to the bed, he made her to lie down, lifted her legs and saw her hairless pussy. He placed his face on her cunt and licked it from bottom to top.

His tongue played with her clitoris and his lips pulled it out. Jessy was moaning. Karthik got up and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in. As Jessy has had many such sessions with her cousin there was no hitch. As the action started, Meena came with cups of tea and was happy that Jessy's desire is being fulfilled.

Maya was looking at the action with great interest, when she heard the door bell ringing. She went down and opened the door and found Maya was there. She asked what Maya what do you want. Maya said she wanted to meet Karthk Uncle. No Maya his is busy now with one of my friends taking tuitions, please come after some time.

Maya said I too came to get some doubts in English language to be clarified. She went back promising to come back after some time. When Meena went up, she found Karthik and Jessy in a different pose fucking. Both had immense capacity to withhold and prolong, they were fucking in different poses enjoying sex to the maximum.

Finally they both had orgasm and Karthik wiped his cock in a towel and Jessy ran to the bathroom. On coming back she kissed Karathik and remarked that this is best sex she ever had and her cousin did not last this long and his tool was also slender than Karthik. After drinking tea, Jessy left, after thanking Meena and promising to come again.

Karthik and Meena cleaned up all the mess in the room and it was evening and at any moment their parents may come. It was at 7 pm Maya came and the mother of Karthik met her. Why Maya, what brought you asked the aunty. I wanted some doubts in English language clarified from Karthik Uncle, she said. Aunty called Karthik and asked him to help Maya with her English lessons.

When Meena was helping her mother in the kitchen, Maya and Karthik went upstairs. On reaching the bedroom, Karthik asked what is the doubt. Maya said I will tell you my doubt later. But I saw you doing it to my mother, yesterday and today. She seemed to enjoy it very much. I want you uncle, please give me the pleasure which you gave to my mother.

No, No, you are only a child, and I cannot do it with you, said Karthik. I will give you tuition, but no sex. The girl started to beg, please uncle, if you refuse, I may have to go to my other neighbour, Mohamed, who will certainly fuck me, but ask me to marry him and get converted to Islam.

I will be lost to my family and my father and mother will be heart broken and my father, a heart patient may suffer a heart attack. Please uncle, I am no more a child, I am fully grown for sex, not for child birth. Please dont make me pregnant. Just sexual enjoyment like my mother. Because my father is not there she made you fuck her.

Similarly I will come here for tuition two times or three times a week, teach me for half an hour and the next half hour we will have sex. I will ask my mother to inform you and she will make a request to you to give me tuition so that I can come to your home without being questioned by anybody. Karthik was amazed at the sharp thinking of the girl.

He asked her whether she knows her safe days. She said yes, I will come only on safe days. Ok, you ask your mother to talk to me, said Karthik. Sheila called Karthik next day and told him to give tuition to Maya in English grammar. He agreed and Maya came to Karthik and went straight to the bedroom and closed the door.

He wanted to tell Meena about the tuition to Maya since they dont keep any secret between them. Meena was shocked as Maya was hardly 16. Meena said dont bolt the door, just leave it closed. I will come in the middle and help you in case of any problem. Karthik removed one by one, the pieces of dress Maya was wearing. Maya had beautiful hard boobs and tiny nipples.

Her navel was flat and narrow waist. Big thighs and football sized ass. Her pussy was covered with thin strands of hair. Sitting on the chair Karathik hugged her and kissed her boobs and cheeks. He made her to sit on his lap with her legs on his both sides. He took his cock and brushed the tip on the clitoris. The girl was wriggling with shyness and pleasure.

She put her hands around Karathik and hugged him. Karthik to arouse her brushed his cock on her clit more vigorously. Fluids started to flow from the cunt of Maya. Karthik made his cock wet with the fluids and try to enter her fuck hole. But her fuck hole was too small. But Karthik keeping her tiny nipples in his mouth and pushed his cock into the hole.

Suddenly the door opened and Meena came in. She started laughing and said Maya is only a child why are you bothering her Karthik, she asked. She only asked for it, said Karthik and asked Meena to get a bottle of vaseline. Meena took out the bottle of vaseline. took a scoop from it in her finger and made Maya to lie down flat on the bed and making her legs wide open, applied it in fuck hole.

Maya covered her face with both of her hands out of shame. Meena applied some vaseline on the cock of Karthik and urged him to proceed. Karthik pressed his cock into the hole of Maya and she was crying with tears rolling down her cheeks. With one massive thrust, Karthik made his entire cock enter the hole.

Meena was squeezing both the boobs of Maya to enhance her pleasure. Leaning on her Karthik fucked Maya with full force and Maya suddenly started to feel the pleasue and her crying stopped. Maya asked Meena to kiss her on her lips and both the girls were enjoying. Meena asked Maya to lick her pussy. Maya agreed.

Meena lifting her pettycoat sat on the face of Maya and pressed her pussy on the mouth of Maya. Karthik felt the internal cunt muscles tightening and Maya was getting her first orgasm. Karthik also arrived at his orgasm and he shot his fluids into the young cunt of Maya. Maya sucked the clitoris of Meena and she too got her orgasm.

It was a three in one performance and successfully completed. They promised to meet again the next day, they all departed kissing each other.

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Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - VI

Previously: Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - V

Next Chetan once again rose up and once again buried me under his massive weight, and giving me taste of my own juices kissed me for long and in the end apologized for his roughness. I took a glance over my right and beside me Vishal was sucking Shilpi's breasts.

Watching him enjoying his wife’s lusious Chetan also squeezed my melons in his mouth and chewed my nipples to make me gasp in pleasure. Slowly Vishal moved down and Shilpi’s pleasure moans took our attentions and we both; me and Chetan patiently saw our spouses having fun.

Burring his mouth deep in her pussy Vishal sucked Shilpi nicely and Shilpi really enjoyed Vishal going rough over her pussy but ultimately he failed to blow Shilpi like I was blown by her husband and she stopped him well before her climax.

Throughout the time Vishal sucked Shilpi I was buried under Chetan and as Vishal finished sucking Shilpi and they both got up Chetan also rolled off from my top. “ab tum dono humara Chuso” that’s what Chetan spoke while resting his back against pillow and started jerking his big cock on his own and called me by waving his hand.

I moved to him and Shilpi moved to Vishal and as Shilpi took my husband’s cock in his hand I also took Chetan’s monster in my fist and unlike Shilpi caressed his balls with the other hand and like I needed Chetan moaned louder than Vishal. I waited for Shilpi to engulf Vishal’s cock in her mouth and as she did that I also took Chetan in my mouth and both the males started moaning in bliss.

Nevertheless than filthy porn, whatever was happening in the room was wild and to my surprise I was involved in that with my full consent. Vishal was standing on his knees and Shilpi was sucking him while sitting on the bed comfortably but Chetan was sitting on bed with his back resting and leaning over his crotch I was on my knees and elbows.

I don’t know how Shilpi was doing with my husband but I was sucking Chetan giving my best; without peeling off foreskin of his Cock, slow and tender with lot of saliva and just in few seconds with a loud gasp Chetan grew further hard in my mouth.

Certainly Vishal was also enjoying, I could hear him puffing and grunting but as compared Chetan was moaning louder and taking an undue challenge against Shilpi for better sucking I just kept on sucking her husband nicely and I took him as deep I could and ultimately brought him to the edge where he could not bear sucking anymore.

Next after a minute Vishal also stopped Shilpi from sucking and now it was time for fucking. While getting up Chetan asked me if I would like to ride over him “Nisha…you want to ride… ? oopar aana chahte ho?” and looking back into his eyes shamelessly I told him to do the way he likes “nahi jaise aapne karna hai kar low…”

“Ok…to fir Ghodi ban jaao…I will fuck you in doggy style” asking me to get into doggy posture, after a pause he asked Vishal how would he fuck Shilpi “ Vishal tum kaise loge Shilpi ki….?” And Vishal replied the way Shilpi will like “Jaise Shilpi kahengi….” “oopar aa jaao mere and fuck me hard…” and Shilpi replied back instantly.

Getting over my four I turned around to give away my opening to Chetan from behind Shilpi lied down on the bed in front of me with wide open thighs. "I told you...! He is obsessed with your ass…” Shilpi uttered while looking at me with a smile and very next instant clenching my eyes I moaned loud in pleasure as behind me ready to enter Chetan was searching my fuckhole with his fingers.

Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh OH…MA uhhh hanh!" I cried again as now I was getting fisted from behind. For a minute Chetan moved two of his thick fingers in and out of my soaked swollen fuckhole and leaning over me licked my entire back and soon after that I realized that Shilpi was absolutely right,

her husband was madly obsessed with my ass as after licking soft skin of my back instead of putting in his thick cock in my pussy he once again burried his lips into my thighs and tried licking my sodden cunt like a dog. Ohhhh……that was crazy, with a touch of his lips over my opening in that posture I trembled erotically.

Chetan wanted to lick my fuckhole in same posture and to give him better access of my love opening, lifting my ass I bent my upper half and clenching my fleshy ass tight with both the hands he somehow reached to my dripping wet opening with his sizzling tongue "ishhhhh.... hmmmm..." and I moaned in heavenly pleasure.

He licked me for few seconds and my belly rippled feverishly, my bottom rocked helplessly but he did not stopped and kept on burring his tongue into my fuckhole as deep as possible. "Please bass karo…nahi to mera chhut jaayega” Chetan was somewhat obscured in my ass with his tongue deep in my fuckhole when I tried stopping him and unlike last time this time Chetan stopped exploring me immediately.

Lying in front of my eyes by now my husband was already gone inside Shilpi, moving his ass up and down, back and forward Vishal was fucking Shilpi with a steady pace and holding him firm in her arms and wrapping her long legs around his pumping ass Shilpi was moaning in pleasure, I was looking them fluttering eyes and suddenly I too puffed in delight as I also got plunged from behind.

“Ahhh………” I moaned softly, hard like iron rod Chetan was too thick and holding my waist with a vigorous push he made his way in my womb. Pulling me back for an instant he sank his entire length in my fuckhole and caressed my back and my soft moan changed into an intense gasp as distending my thick cunt-lips painfully wide his thick cock was reached deep inside me womb.

“oohhhh…Yess….Nisha I will fuck you baby….I will fuck you whole night….” Chetan panted joyously “ahhhh... fuck me…!” and dying in lust, impaling myself even deeper I shamelessly asked him to fuck me.

Holding my waist firm Chetan withdrew his entire length and moved in slowly at first and looking at my husband riding on Shilpi I groaned loud and swinging my plump ass back and forth I also slid myself in and out on his throbbing cock in that rhythm "Yes... UNhhh... Yes! Unhhh... Yes! Unhhhh... Yes!" “Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh”

more or less we all four were crying in pleasure in same volume. While kissing her by now Vishal was fucking Shilpi with some pace but slow and tender, pressing his balls against my ass again and again Chetan was caressing me gently while fucking me unhurriedly, his hands were sliding up and down, back and forward on my thighs,

belly and breasts and for an instant he reached around my sagging melons and caught my long rigid nipples, he twirled them in his fingers and crying in pain and pleasure I involuntarily I tightened my legs and squeezed his thick hard cock strongly in my fuckhole.

“Ohhh… God” Chetan murmured in pleasure as my pussy squeezed and contracted on his cock and next instant his fucking speed also enhanced significantly. Driving his huge penis in and out of my cunt with thrilling control Chetan fucked me steadily hardly for a minute and gradually his fucking pace went further high.

“Ohhhhh god yes! Ohhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh god yes!” It was Chetan who abruptly started screaming loudest and began ram-fuck me savagely with rapid thrusts. That was crazy, standing on his feet he suddenly started riding on me fast and furious and I cried in pleasure like never before.

I don’t know where were Vishal and Shilpi were reached in their fucking, I was not in state to see them, shutting my eyes I was going through real delight of getting fucked in doggy style, I was never fucked by my husband in this posture with this pace, as compared to Vishal Chetan was so powerful that with every thrust of his thick cock deep in my fuck hole, I was feeling new sensation running through my body.

Soon volcano started rising inside me and the way Chetan was fucking me I was thinking that he is close to his climax but I was wrong, Chetan had enormous energy to fuck and going faster and faster he lifted my ass up and dug his hands into my fleshy ass, holding my huge hips he continued fucked me hungrily,

hard and fast pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy he went so restless that after few seconds of aggressive fucking I reached to the crest where I could not bear him, I was already at the verge of explosion but Chetan’s fucking pace was not letting me cum and once again I tightened my legs and squeezed his huge Penis in my fuck hole and that shattered Chetan instantly

"Ohhh God OHhhh uhhh Nishhhhaaa….” he gasped helplessly and cried like hell while going through vibrant climax. His thick cock quivered in my womb and right after that also orgasmed violently and started trembling with sudden jerks and ultimately collapsed on bed.

Chetan also collapsed on me and after a minute when I recovered a bit I saw Vishal and Shilpi were also lying exhausted. I remained buried under Chetan until he himself rolled from my top and turned me around to kiss me deeply. “I am sorry…main ek dum pagal ho gaya tha…” after breaking the kiss Chetan apologized for his ruthless fucking.

It was ruthless but it was amazing, I wanted to say that but ended up with a just a smile and he kissed me again. “you guys can go to your room now...” lying over my fleshy body after kissing me deep Chetan spoke to his wife and my husband and with a smile both; Vishal and Shilpi got up and started wearing their clothes.

After wearing their clothes and setting time for meeting in lobby for the tea Vishal and Shilpi left the room but Chetan did not moved even a fraction from my top and after kissing me one more time, loking into my eyes closely spoke out “Nisha tumne mujhe pagal kar diya hai…tum dekhna main tumhen bahut Chodunga…”

though fucking was over but he was still excited and I don’t know why I reacted back to his vulgar words with a smile. Anyway now while trying ending my swinging experience quickly I would say after Shilpi and Vishal’s exit from the room Chetan spoke out little Hindi statement with some vulgar words and after that we had combined shower while playing with each other’s body under water.

He enjoyed sucking my ample breasts along with biting my plump ass and standing face to face I sucked his nipples while caressing his balls. For a religious female like me it was sin but it was astonishing and deep inside I was feeling good and relaxed while having fun with someone other than my husband.

Unknowingly my sex life was fallen into boredom and I could not recall in past when I was so excited while having sex with my wedded husband. Although apparently, over my expressions I was still blushing while having fun with Chetan but it is a fact that deep inside I was never so thrilled with Vishal even when I was newly married to him.

Whatever after taking a quick bath, Chetan was once again excited, fully grown once again his cock was hard like iron rod and looking at his size and thickness I was once again feeling mild twitching in my pussy and after brining me to bed Chetan asked me to get into 69 and laying sideways and making pillow of each other’s thighs we sucked and licked each other like filthy animals.

After 5-10 minutes of oral sex Chetan asked me come over his top while giving me piece of information that in the night he will again fuck me doggy style “Nisha abhi tum oopar aa jaao…Raat ko main tumhen for se Ghodi bana ke chodunga…” and I realized that his Hindi words are giving me arousing kick.

Eventually like a good wife I did what my husband’s boss asked me to do and holding his mammoth length straight I sat over his crotch. I took him deep and like always for me it was fun riding over a cock and lurching my heavy bottom up and down, back and forward I brought Chetan to the edge of his explosion but to delay his climax Chetan stopped me

and after sucking me pussy for few minutes took me under his massive weight and fucked me hard until along with him I too reached to my climax. Full of passion and energy once again it was a marvelous fuck and after that we both came out to have tea while sitting across our legal spouses. Slowly I opened up with Chetan and started responding to his dirty statements.

We stayed in resort for three days and two nights and it is just fucking in different postures which I could recall. In the end I would say by the end of vacation everything was gone beyond limit and I was tired of being a Slut and after coming back home and while being alone in the house I started feeling guilty over what I did.

But Vishal was with me and including what all positions we took and what all erotic stuff Chetan and he spoke during fuck, every night we had detailed discussions over whatever we felt while having sex with other’s spouse and in two weeks time things went better for me.

After coming out of guilt feeling I was not willing to do the same mistake but as Vishal realized that I am out of it he started insisting me to have sex with Chaten again and in the end I once again surrendered against his wish. To end I would say almost six months are passed and sometimes at their place and sometimes at our place,

once in a month we are regularly having sex with Shilpi and Chetan and now Vishal is insisting me to join the whole group where I had to fuck with two more males. Since now I haven’t said yes to it but I am scared that somehow Vishal will succeed in getting my yes.

Truly speaking initially when I was new in this it felt wrong, for me having sex with another man was a sin but then I realized it's just sex and not love. Now I feel it’s a part of my life that I am OK with it. It's a small price to pay to make my husband happy, if my husband is happy so am I.

Dear readers please leave your comments in the comments below. I would love read your reviews over my real life experience.

The End

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Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - V

Previously: Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - IV

Ufff....full of lustful talk over how and what all we will do after reaching back to the hotel room it was a span of around 2 hours and throughout the time we wandered Chaten was holding me in his embrace from my waist and whenever he got some loneliness he caressed my ass mounds lightly over the cloth and smiled while looking into my eyes.

Initially I was little uncomfertable with watever he was doing and I avoided looking back to him but as Chetan continued talking erotic slowly I too started feeling aroused and smiled back whenever he touched me over my ass.

Anyway sometimes ahead, sometimes behind Shilpi and Vishal were also roaming around us and I must say that these two hours of wandering changed my mind state completely, flowing in lustful atmosphere I was not only feeling excited about having group sex but my uneasiness of seeing my husband with some other female was also disappeared.

Eventually we reached back to the lobby of the hotel, time was bit passed to 3 and it was too early for the tea and we mutually decided to get into the room for the main course. Not exactly but after reaching back to the same room, timid and hesitant once again I felt myself back in same sort of mind state.

Except me everybody was excited, somewhere deep I was also thrilled but I was still confused over what to express over my gesture and for an instant I excused to use the washroom. After me Shilpi and then one after other both the males also went in and came out quickly.

It was Chetan who went in last and after coming out asked everyone to come to the bed and as we all reached to him came up saying “let’s start”. Like it was decided that to begin we will follow the way movie was filmed and both the males took their wedded wives in their embrace and standing near bed started to take off our clothes.

For me it was most foreboding moment of my life, why not? I was about to get naked in front of a stranger and as looking into my eyes closely Vishal lifted my top I felt my big breasts getting heavier in anticipation. I saw after taking off my top Vishal’s sight went to his left where Shilpi was also standing with just bra over his upper half and as I turned further I saw Chetan was also looking at me.

For moment our eyes met and Chetan smiled and before I would have reacted to his smile I felt Vishal’s hands over my waist and he drifted my skirt down. More or less at the same time Shilpi’s skirt also reached to her feet and we both the females were standing just in our inner wears.

As compared to his wife, fairer with far heavier breasts caged in tight bra, far flesher thighs and wide and jutting out ass packed in a light pink panty Chetan’s eyes were glued at me and on the other side at the body, though dusky but with not even an ounce of extra flesh, perfectly shaped breasts, firm belly and long shapely legs Vishal was glued at Shilpi.

"Nisha ki Panty matt utarna…wo main uttarunga" addressing my name Chetan asked Vishal not to take off my panty and his words quivered me deeply and Vishal replied back with the same request “aap bhi Shilpi ki Panty matt utarna…” and with that my husband went behind me to unhook my bra and before he would have exposed my heavy breasts to Chetan,

Shilpi’s bra disappeared from her body and ultimetly we both the females were topless in front of each other’s husband. Shilpi was calm, smiling and enjoying Vishal’s lustful stare at her marvelous body but I was breathing heavy with a sensation which cannot be described in any words I was trying avoiding looking into Chetan's lustful eyes.

Next holding Shilpi’s wrist Chetan moved a bit and offered her hand to Vishal and Vishal did same with me, holding my wrist he brought me close to Chetan and both the males took each other’s wife’s hands concurrently.

It was bizarre but very sensual, apparently I was fine but deep inside I was shivering and slowly Chetan pulled me in his embrace and squeezing my heavy breasts against his broad chest cleanched my fleshy body nicely. “Nisha finally tum mil hi gayi mujhe…Chodne ke liye” kissing me over my cheek with erotic Hindi Chetan's hand rolled over my bare back and reached my ass and sqeezed my ample mound.

"Hmmmm....uhhhh" with an evident shiver I moaned in strange bliss and unknowingly hugged him hard. Behind me Vishal also hugged Shilpi and I heard him saying “Shilpi…baby you are amazing... I will fuck you hard…” for an instant I turned to see and without wasting any time Shilpi was already taking off my husband’s clothes and fondling one of my breasts Chetan also told me to do the same

“Nisha tum bhi shuru karo mere kapde uttarna...! poora Nanga kar do mujhe” and I too started doing that. T-shirt, undershirt, finally lower too and in next couple of minutes both the males were also wearing just their under wears. Although I love my husband in all aspects still I would say Chetan was physically too good as compaired to Vishal.

My husband is certainly good looking, fair with pleasant face and dusky in color Chetan's clean-shaven features were stronger and less delicate. Vishal is little bulky with bit of tummy but Chaten's body was magnificent. He had broad, muscular shoulders and a deep, cleaved hairy chest,

standing bit more than 6 his arms and legs were long and bunched with thick muscles where my husband is 5"6; 2-3 inches shorter than Shilpi with lot of extra fat over his arms and thighs and as both the males were wearing same sort of frenchies I could easily make out that as compared to Vishal Chetan's crotch is also bulkier.

In short physicaly Chaten is a man which every female desire on bed and after taking off his clothes with my own hands with my big breasts sagging freely in front of his eyes, mentally I was reached to the point where forgetting all my ethics I was looking at his taut body while feeling evident twiching in my pussy.

I don't know it was intentional or unintentional, apprently I was reflecting timid expressions but deep inside I was little eager to see the size of his cock and needed him inside my pussy as soon as possible. Anyway next Shipi moved forward to take off Vishal's underwear and with a pounding heart I waited for my husband getting completely exposed by other woman.

In a moment Vishal’s big cock popped out for Shilpi and holding him in his fist Shilpi instantly started jerking him back and forward and looked at me with a smile. Hard and fully erect my husband was ready for anything and looking at me with a smile he grabbed Shilpi in his embrace and started brushing his lips over her neck and before I would have felt any jeliousy

touching my bare shoulder Chetan tried taking my attention and turned me around I also drifted his jockey down. Ufff.. like I assumed from his bulky groin Chaten had a big cock, although there was not much difference in length; may be an inch but there was significant difference in his thickness;

if not exactly double it was almost double thick with very heavy balls against what Vishal has and like Shilpi as I took his thick monster in my fist pleasant sensation passed through my spine and without looking at Chetan I started jerking him back and forward.

"Ohhh yesss..." with a touch of my hand Chetan groaned in pleasure and lifted my chin to look into my eyes and wrapping his arm around my bare waist pulled me closer and tried bringing me close to his lips.

I was heavily aroused; still I was biased if I should let him kiss? lip to lip kiss was something which I wanted to preserve just for my husband but before I would have reached to any conclusion within me, Chetan slipped his other hand in my panty and touched my bare cunt. "Ahhh....mmmm...."

Clean shaven, I was flooding like hell and closing my eyes I puffed with a delightful shudder and next instant he rubbed his finger over my wet opening and as I moaned with tore open mouth Chetan invaded my mouth with his tongue and kissed me deep and long.

Behind me by now Shilpi and Vishal were also into the action, I could hear their low moans and puffs but I was not in state to look at them. Holding thick and hard cock in my fist and shutting my eyes I was enjoying Chetan’s thick finger moving up and down over my sodden slit while getting kissed and slowly Chetan started drifting me towards bed.

Eventually I collapsed over soft spongy bed and Chetan pulled my panty completely out of my legs. Stark naked lying on my back I looked at Vishal and Shilpi; by now Shilpi’s panty was also taken off and while kissing soon they also climbed on the bed and ultimately we both females got buried under each other’s husbands.

Chetan lunged deep in my mouth and without giving any thought to avoid kissing I kissed him back with all my passion. Beside me kissing her nicely my husband was also lying over Shilpi and as excitement rose further high both the males went down to our breasts and soon with a voice of licking and sucking room was filled with mine and Shilpi’s pleasure moans.

Madly energized both the males were squeezing our melons while eating our nipples and holding their scalp we were feeding them with pleasure. Soon Chetan moved further down and reached to my belly and licked my naval and I shuddered in delight and before Vishal would have realized that his wedded wife is about to get sucked over her pussy by his superior Chetan

buried his mouth into my fleshy thighs and with a loud gasp I jumped in ecstasy. I tried to get up to stop him but Chetan pushed me back and opened my thighs further apart and I saw his face going deeper into me and next instant his tongue was moving over my fuckhole passionately.

“Ohhh…God” arching my back I moaned loud and continued crying in pleasure and hearing my moans he went crazier over my pussy and opening my thick pussy lips with his fingers Chetan inserted his thick tongue in my fuckhole and started licking inner walls of my wet pleasure source. "OHMAUHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHHmauhhh NO…!"

I don’t know what were Shilpi and Vishal were doing, I was not in state to see them, clenching my eyes I was crying carelessly and my entire body was moving weirdly, I tried hard to stop him but Chetan did not stopped eating me, zero hesitation holding my thighs tight and apart Chetan just went on going deeper and deeper in my thighs and anyhow I cannot described the delight I was going through.

I don’t know how many times I was sucked by my husband in last ten years but I was never explored like that and just in couple of minutes of vigorous sucking my belly rippled, my pussy quaked, my thighs trembled and holding his scalp I clenched my thighs around her head but overcoming my efforts of stopping him Chetan dug my pussy consistently and with in no time

I reached to the crest where I could feel the volcano rising inside me and I started crying in husky voice. It was amazing but I needed him to stop but Chetan acted adverse and suddenly along with eating my soft swollen opening he started fisting me and in a moment it worsened my state like hell.

At the verge of explosion feeling two thick fingers moving in and out of my sodden slit, with a tongue flicking over that; it was bizarre; sniffing, panting and gasping, I went breathless and unconsiously started getting up and banging myself back on the bed repeatedly,

it was peak where I was never brought with sucking and I could not tolerate him even for a fraction but Chetan was unstoppable and he continued digging me until I climaxed and my entire body started shivering with electrifying sensation.

That was harsh yet amazing, for an instant I was reached to such a verge where I could not breathe but it was best orgasm I have ever gone through till then. Clenching my teeth I puffed, groaned and gasped while Cumming and it took me a minute to recover.

Eventually I opened my eyes and saw leaving their love making in the middle both; Shilpi and Vishal were looking at me. Lying over Shilpi, Vishal smiled while staring into my eyes and involentraly I too smiled back and once again closed my eyes with an intense puff as I was still feeling thick stream of my sticky juices coming out of my pussy and Chetan was yet not over with licking my cunt.

To Be Continued...

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Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - IV

Previously: Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - III

Eventually car stopped and because males were already reached their both of them opened the gates for each other’s wives. Shilpi was Ok with that but as Chetan welcomed me with a smile for an instant I went nervous and blushed away.

We entered in the restaurant and Chetan came up with an idea of acquiring separate tables with swung partners and this time failed to avoid getting into that. Sitting across Chetan asked me what I would like to have and ordered food of my choice and for an instant I went away with an excuse of using washroom.

I took little long and relaxed myself, I was not scared, it was just hesitation which was not letting me calm down but as I knew anyhow I cannot step back now, I came out with a thought of face everything with full consent.

Soon once again I was across Chetan, food was yet not served and Chetan started with a compliment “Nisha you are gorgeous” for an instant I looked into his eyes but ultimately blushed away. "Main aapko kaisa lagta hun..." he asked me and I was choked, I looked up and once again blushed “I am waiting for the compliment" he asked me again and looking up I came with just “Good”.

He smiled and gave me another compliment and it was about my body “you have a very attractive body" and I replied with “Thanks…” though I was still hesitant but I was trying. On my left with a gap of few tables I could see Vishal and Shilpi, not at all looking at us they were busy talking and looking at each other they were smiling freely.

"Aap chahte ho sab kuch ek hi room mein ho... ek dusre ke saamne?" (You need everything happening in one room….in front of one another). That was unexpected and I looked up in surprise and sensing my expression Chetan spoke again "No worry...I am Ok with it..." he replied back and after a pause spoke in continuation

“rather its good…group sex is always more exciting” and I failed to look back at him. Thankfully next instant food got served and we all went little busy in eating. I could easily sense over their expressions both; Chetan and Vishal were madly thrilled, Shilpi was nevertheless tickled; it was just me who was struggling but gradually I was also reaching there.

Looking at Chetan sitting across me; with a thought that very soon this man will be fucking me in front of my husband I was feeling soft stream of my love juices coming out of my pussy, certainly I was worried but I was excited too, without much words while eating Chetan was smiling looking into my eyes and by the end of breakfast I was smiling back to him.

Eventually breakfast ended and we all came out to resume our journey and holding my hand Chetan asked me to come along with him. I shivered a bit and released my hand instantly, for an instant thought about saying no to it again but as I wanted to face everything boldly saying OK I accepted his proposal in low voice.

Me with Chetan and Shilpi with my husband, eventually we resumed our journey and with every passing moment my heartbeat went on going high. Apart from feeling insecure about my husband: that what will be Shilpi talking to Vishal I was scared of talking to Chetan.

It was evident in Chetan’s eyes that he is excited and easy to guess that sooner and later it will sex which he will try talking to me and after feeling so much trouble in doing sex chat with a female anyhow I could not think how I will talk to a male over that subject.

“Throughout the way Shilpi se kya baaten hue…?” and Chetan began the conversation by asking what all I and Shilpi chatted on the way and I came up saying “kuch khaas nahi…” (Nothing special) and Chetan smiled over my reply.

Next for few seconds he did not spoke anything and focused on road, I too turned my face started looking out of the window and after few minutes of silent driving he tried giving me details of the resort where we were going and in continuation told me what all places we have to roam around and reflecting little interest I listened to him.

Next he played music and asked me my choice in this concern, we had elaborated discussion over old Hindi Movies Songs and we listened music for some time. I don't know if I preferred that but certainly I was little surprised that he is not thinking about getting into sex chat with me but ultimately it happened.

After around half an hour as disc ended and I tried changing it to other disc, Chetan abruptly spoke out my favorite sex posture “So… you like being on top”. It amazed me and I looked at him but after a moment keeping my mouth shut blushed away and Chetan spoke out his favorite position “mujhe doggy style achhi lagti hai…” and this time I did not looked at him and continued looking out of the window.

“Shilpi ne bataya hoga aapko…” He spoke again and this time looking at him I moved my head in yes. “please tell me if you are not comfortable in talking to me over this subject…hum kuch aur baat kar lenge” he told me if I am not ok with this sort conversation we can chat over something else,

for me it was an easy opportunity to get rid of sex chat with him and I too wanted to end it but don’t know what happened to me and on very last instant I came saying that I am Ok with it “nahi theek hai….” “Good…” he uttered and smiled while looking into my eyes and once again I failed to retain looking at him and moved my eyes from his face with an involuntary smile.

“I will fuck you in doggy style…” Chetan spoke again; it was already said by Shilpi still his words sent shiver down to my spine and looking out of window I once again smiled unconsciously. I was changing and I could feel myself changing, that's why I said Ok to sex chat, somewhere it was pinching me too but that’s what lust is all about;

it is a strongest force in the universe and I could not stop myself getting completely into it. “Do you like oral sex…?” Chetan asked me next and reflecting no confusion I knobbed my head in No, “but we will certainly give it a try…I am sure you will enjoy all that with me….” Chetan spoke again and feeling shy I just continued looking out of the window.

He will suck my Pussy…! With this thought I puffed in strange fear. We were not regular in oral sex, we do it very occasionally and I have always enjoyed whenever I have been sucked by my husband and moment of presumption of getting sucked by a stranger damped my Panty significantly.

I looked at Chetan possibly to visualize him buried into my fleshy thighs and licking me like a dog but along with that I realized that I too have to suck his Cock…! And once again I shivered in strange trepidation. I really like Vishal moaning in pleasure while getting sucked and looking at Chetan for an instant I visualized him same way and wetness in my panties went on increasing.

It was strange; few days back I was literary crying to avoid getting into all this and at the moment I was looking out to the road to the Km boards to know how much distance is yet to be covered. It was not that I was dying to get on bed with Chetan, but I was tired of feeling excited and nervous at the same time and deep inside I just wanted to let it happen as soon as possible.

Anticipation as well as apprehension; it was a mindset which is really difficult to describe in words and with a mess within me resting my head I closed my eyes and retained that posture for so long that I fell asleep. Car continued running without much slowdowns, soft romantic Bollywood songs of late nineties were on and Chetan did not disturbed me further until we reached close to our destination.

Time was well passed to 11 when I opened my eyes, it was Chetan talking to my husband and telling him that we are close to the resort and next giving me his handset Chetan told me to talk to Vishal and Vishal told me that pretending his wife I have to check in with Chetan.

Timid and shy apparently from my side it was just Ok in a low voice but deep inside I was getting mad, restless and madly thrilled I could not decide what to express over my expressions and next instant Chetan enhanced my uneasiness by saying that for next few days he is my husband “ab thode din ke liye main aapka husband hun….”

and after a pause added that it is my honeymoon “aur ye aapka honeymoon hai…” As such I didn’t have anything to say in reply and with a timid smile I once again blushed away. Finally wait ended and most desired moment; if not mine at least my husband’s life arrived and we all entered in the resort.

Everything ran casually, rooms were already booked and both the males went busy in formalities. Standing around reception silent but excited everybody was smiling looking at each other and the thought that I had to be alone in the room with Chetan my heart was pounding and once again I started feeling that I am yet not prepared for all this,

above that watching Shilpi standing close to Vishal I went further uneasy and suddenly I urged to get close to Vishal but I could not do that now, and soon ending check in formalities Chetan and Vishal moved to us and I shivered sensually as wrapping his arm around my waist Chetan spoke out “Let’s go honey…”

Suppressing my uneasiness of the moment I turned to see Vishal and locking arms with each other Shilpi and Vishal were looking at me with a smile. That was something which I did not wanted to see and pushing her away I wanted to hug Vishal then and there but before I would have thought about doing anything holding my waist in his embrace Chetan moved and involuntarily I too started walking.

Shilpi and Vishal followed us and eventually Hotel staffs brought us to the doors of adjacent rooms. Standing beside Chetan as his wife I tried gesticulating Vishal to express that I wanted to say something but he just smiled back and entered into his room with Shilpi and ultimately I too entered in the room with Chetan.

With a huge bed in the middle it was a beautiful room and as leaving our bags hotel boy went off Chetan asked me if l liked the room "room kaisa lagga aapko?" I did not reply to his question, may be because mentally I was busy guessing what would be happening in the other room and nervousness was evident over my expressions.

“Kya hua…you are looking nervous….!” Chetan asked me again and I moved my head in yes, “koi baat nahi…sab theek ho jaayega…everything will be fine” he smiled while saying that and moved ahead into the room and tried coming close to me and unintentionally I stepped back.

“Aap fresh ho jaao…fir lunch ke liye chalte hain…” sensing my mind state possibly Chetan changed his mind and asked me to refresh myself and I moved further away from him towards my air bag and he asked me to wear Skirt and Top for the evening and in continuation told me that Shilpi will also wear same.

Skirt and Top; Dress code for the females was already fixed and it was just me who was unaware of that. Anyway picking out outfit for the evening from my bag locked me in the washroom and for an instant thought about taking long to get ready but while being alone apart from so many things running in my mind I was mainly worried about leaving Vishal alone with Shilpi.

If not fucking, at least they will kiss! anxious and insecure I went on going restless with every passing moment and in the end taking quick shower I came out ready just in few minutes so that we can get together for lunch as soon as possible.

"Beautiful..." Long skirt with nicely fitted top, as I came out looking at my big breasts Chetan passed compliment with evident lust in his eyes and surprisingly this time I did not blushed and continued looking back to Chetan; into his eyes and retorted back with a light smile.

I don't know what was that, either lust was empowering me or unconsciously I was prepared to face everything with all my consent. "Aap bhi jaldi se fresh ho jaao...fir lunch ke liye chalte hain" Still I was eager to see Vishal and I asked Chetan to freshen up quickly and Chetan went in the washroom.

Fortunately Chetan also ended quickly and we both reached to lobby to meet our wedded partners and they were yet not there. We moved further to the restaurant and acquired table for four and some time passed in checking out what all we have in menu.

Eagerly waiting for Vishal to come apparently I was busy in turning pages of menu and suddenly Chetan took my attention "ye log kahin shuru to nahi ho gaye...?... Shilpi ka koi bharosa nahi hai...! She is crazy about sex..!" he uttered in amusing fashion and his words enhanced my uneasiness significantly.

"Kya hua tenshion ho rahi hai...?" Chetan asked me again and I moved my eyes away in hesitation "chalo hum bhi ek baar kar ke aate hain..." and his words turned my senses and looking back into his eyes I moved my head in no. "Come on Nisha...tum itna nervous kyun ho rahi ho...Just relax..."

saying that Chetan took my hand caressed it softly and with a silent puff I shivered sensually and looking at his smiling face I involuntarily pulled my hand and Chetan staggered me with his words again by saying "waise tum bed jitna jyada uneasy rahogi...mujhe tumhari lene mein utna jyada mazza aayega".

That was surprising and I didn't liked what he said and reading my expressions he instantly came up saying sorry with an excuse that he could not control his excitement "Agar tumko bura laga to I am sorry.... actually main apni excitement control nahi kar paa raha" and as Chetan apologized what he just said I saw both; Shilpi and Vishal walking into the food lounge with locked arms.

Like Chetan said Shilpi was also wearing long skirt with a printed top and I must say she was looking stunning, happy and confident as compared to me she was in far better mental state and Vishal also looked contented while walking beside her. They both came close and as Shilpi sat down Chetan asked his wife if she enjoyed; "How was it...mazza aaya?" and Shilpi came up saying

"abhi kahan...mazza to shaam ko aayega na?" "You mean tum log bina kuch kiye aaye ho...?" Chetan asked back to his wife in surprising fashion and before Shilpi would have said anything in response, looking at me with a smile he spoke again "hum to ek round lagga ke aaye hain".

Certainly they both knew that he is kidding still both Shilpi and Vishal looked at me to verify and I moved my head in no. “Come on Nisha…jhoot mat bolo….” Chetan spoke to me and I failed to resist smiling over his confident lie and my smile amazed Shilpi and Vishal and they thought that what Chetan is saying; that we have fucked once is true and I once again denied by saying

“nahi…ye jhoot bol rahe hain” and everyone smiled over my facial expressions. Though it was kinky but it was good, Chetan's naughty humor relaxed me a bit and next including me everyone went busy in Menu card.

Cutting down 30-35 minutes I would say with slightly naughty and some other subjects of conversation lunch also came to an end and I realized that except this fact that I am going to get fucked by my husband’s boss I didn't knew anything.

I was expecting that after lunch we will get into the room for the main action but fucking was planed after evening tea and right after lunch we were going out to roam around. I don't know exactly what was it, relief or disappointment, as I came to knew that there is a delay in main course I felt little annoyed.

Either I was tired of excitement or I badly needed a something to happen with my body, or it could be both. Damp and excited with mild nervousness by now I was little eager to face the real thing but ultimately locking arms with each other's spouse we all moved out to roam around.

To Be Continued...

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Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - III

Previously: Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - II

Me with Shilpi in their car, Shilpi driving and Vishal with his superior Chetan, finally we moved on and right after the start Shilpi asked me if I ok with the music on and I moved my head in yes. It was a CD of some English tracks which I could not understand, looking out of window I was silent and very deprived over my decision of saying yes for swinging,

I was realizing that even after trying hard I am yet not prepared for all this and sensing my mind state Shilpi casually told me to relax. "Relax yaar...sab theek ho jaayega...!" I looked at her and she was smiling "First time mera bhi yehi haal tha..." saying she was in same state when it was her first time she continued smiling and after a tiny pause spoke again

"I must tell you that..There is something in you…that’s why Chetan is crazy about you...” that took my attention and I looked at her and Shilpi spoke again “wo tumhara deewana hai..." "jab say tumhe party mein dekha hai...sirf tumhari hi baat karta hai" I don't know if Shilpi was lying or it was true but certainly she was trying to comfort me but her words enhanced my uneasiness.

Still perturbed I was silent and sensing my psychology Shilpi changed the subject and started talking to me about my son. That was better and I answered whatever she asked, like it happens usually subjects of conversation kept on changing and slowly Shilpi once again came back to the subject and told me that in this world nothing is wrong and nothing is right,

everything lies in our brain, also partner swapping cannot be wrong as nobody is cheating his or her partner, moreover it’s just sex done for fun, it is a best way to spice up our personal life. To cut a long story short I would say whatever Shilpi spoke more or less it was replicate of what Vishal has spoke out in last few days to convince me and I just kept on humming for whatever Shilpi spoke.

Car was running, Music was boring and slowly subject of conversation changed and went dull and I don’t know when I fell asleep. May be 10-15 minutes passed and I suddenly woke up with a revelation and apologized Shilpi for falling asleep and she eased me and told me to sleep if I want to.

Next I asked her if we can change the tracks and I chose Hindi songs disc and Shilpi once again tried talking to me about real substance and suggested me to speak out whatever I have in my mind as that is the only way to get relief from the stress and I moved my head in acceptance.

Anyhow I cannot write whole conversation which we had afterwards but trying writing main portion which I clearly remember I would say as Shilpi knew ours is arrange marriage, to begin Shilpi asked me if I had any affair before marriage and I denied. “Ohh…that means you were Virgin on your wedding night…”

Reacting over that Shilpi came up saying that and also said that Vishal is really very to lucky have such a wife and in continuation revealed past fact of her life that before getting married to Chetan she had two boyfriends and sexually she was deeply involved with them. After that she casually briefed about her past affairs.

Most of the time it was Shilpi who was speaking and I was silent and after some time she formally told me to speak something in this concern “aap bhi to kuch bolo is subject per” and with some hesitation I asked from how long they are into this partner swapping “aap log kitne time se is swapping me ho?” “More than one year…”

Shilpi replied and before I would thought about asking anything else she herself detailed me what all I wanted to know “Including Chetan I have been on bed with three males….your husband is going to be the forth one and if I will include my collage affairs then Vishal will be the sixth man who will fuck me…”

saying that Shilpi blinked one of her eye with a notorious smile and once again uttered "why should boys have all the fun" and I failed to resist smiling, “believe me I am enjoying my life to the fullest….main sex ko sex ki tarah leti hun…it’s a source of pleasure… not a duty...”

Sex with 6 different men, for an instant I could not believe, sitting beside her I looked at Shilpi from head to toe, highly educated, very fluent in English and physically in marvelous shape; far sexier than me but she was nevertheless that a slut and worst part was that right behind her I was also heading to the same track.

Anyway our chit chat continued for some time and Shilpi detailed me bit more about their swapping. Like I mentioned in the beginning that at present total we are four couples but till then except Shilpi and Chetan there were two more couples into this and without revealing their identity Shilpi told me that they get together in the evening at some farmhouse in outskirts of Delhi

once in a month and there is always alcohol provided to relax the brain and after casual chit chatting with drinks and food they mutually decide who will fuck who’s wife in the night. Sometimes they choose to have sex inside rooms in solitude and sometimes in the living room in front of everyone else.

Once again it was Shilpi who was speaking and I was just listening with a revelation of three couples fucking in a same room; how can any female have sex with someone in front her husband? Moreover how could she tolerate her husband fucking some other female in front of her eyes?

It was startling for a dedicated housewife who was deeply in love with her wedded husband and suddenly I shivered eccentrically with a thought that’s what is about to happen with me after few hours and suddenly I realized that in spite of feeling nervous and worried I am also wet in my panty.

No! I can’t do all this, how can I get naked in front of Chetan, moreover how can I have sex with him; I hardly know him. How would he fuck me? He might hurt me in excitement? I can’t tolerate Vishal and Shilpi together, it is better to commit suicide instead of doing all this.

Looking out of window, possibly rushing at the speed of 100, thousand thoughts dwelled in my mind just in few seconds and I don’t know when I lost track of what Shilpi was speaking and I realized when she touched me to ask if I am lost, “kahan kho gayi….” and I just moved my head in no. “Actually mujhe bahut ajeeb lag raha hai…I think I am not prepared for all this….”

With a fear of unexpected reaction from Shilpi, I spoke out exactly what was running in my mind and Shilpi smiled over my hesitant facial expressions. “Don’t worry…everything will be fine….” She took it casually and after a pause praised her husband saying “Chetan is a wonderful lover…tender as well as passionate” and after a pause added “and he is crazy about your physic…”,

I blushed with strange sensation passing through my spine and next instant Shilpi asked me if I would like know what does her husband like most in my body “do you want to know usko tumhari body mein sabse achha kya lagta hai…?” I could easily guess that; I think it was discussed between them earlier and once it was spoken out by Vishal,

moreover whatever outfit I was trying a day before, I was turned around by Vishal to see my plump ass and before I would suppressed my hesitation to speak that Shilpi came up saying “it’s your ass…” and after a pause spoke in continuation “Mark my words…throughout the night you will be on your four…” and hearing that next instant I broke up in significant sweat.

I was madly nervous and it was evident over my face, for an instant Shilpi looked into my eyes, certainly she was sensing my uneasiness from the beginning and finally busted in sarcastic tone “Come on Nisha ….take it easy…kuch nahi hoga… tum pahli baar sex karne waali ho kya…?” “And please speak up ….talk to me about sex…speak anything…. it will ease out your fever…”

“I am your friend….mere saath Gandi Gandi baten karo…if not English…speak in Hindi…Lund…Chut…Chodna… Whatever…you want to say!” her tone was little rough in the beginning but by the end as she uttered Hindi words she failed to resist smiling and I too smiled over that.

That’s what she was trying to do since we were together and my tiny smile brought rapture over her expressions and she once again asked me to speak something “Come on speak up…tell me when did you had last sex with Vishal?” and I replied “parson rat ko” (a day before yesterday in the night) “Ok…” she smiled while looking at me and next instant came out with a vulgar Hindi statement

“You know…usne tumhen kal raat ko kyun nahi Choda…so that…tum Chaten ke saath Chudai ka mazza le sako”. That was bizarre but she was smiling and I blushed away after looking into her eyes for a moment and Shilpi continued “one more thing…kal raat ko Chetan mujhe Chodna chahta tha…per maine usse Chodne nahi Diya…kyun ki mujhe meri Chut mein Vishal ka Lund chahiye tha…”

How can she say all that so casually? I looked at her with a surprise and Shilpi was still smiling “I am just trying to arouse you….” and with a big smile I blushed again. Though it was filthy but it was attractive and it was working too.

I was feeling significant wetness in my panty, it was gone sticky and unintentionally getting up a bit I tried adjusting my tight lower and Shilpi sniggered over my state and continued “Come on now it’s your turn and you have to say something….” she tried to encourage me to speak but I was choked, I could not think what to say and she asked me my favorite position in hardcore Hindi

“tell me tumhe kiss position me Chudai ka sabse jyada mazza aata hai?” “oopar aakar…” (while being on top) finally I spoke and with a smile I spoke the truth and Shilpi instantly came up saying that whole night I will get fucked in doggy style and that is in Hindi “Sorry to say but tum raat bhar Ghodi ban kar Chudne waali ho” and even after trying hard I failed to resist smiling,

I don’t know if I was getting carried away, I just know the way things were happening I was feeling bit relaxed. I remember whatever Shilpi was speaking and the way she was speaking I use to speak all this in my school and college days with my close friends, and since I was married I was somewhat disconnected from all of them.

Deep inside I was feeling good hearing these words and possibly somewhere lust was also empowering my senses of being an ideal wife. “You know what do we call Ass in Hindi” back on track Shilpi asked me again and I moved my head in yes and gave her reply “Gaand” “Yes…!”

Shilpi felt really good as I replied and accepting my reply and once again praised me for my ass “Tumhar Gaand bahut sundar hai…I wish meri Gaand bhi tumhari Gaand jaisi hoti” and this time I giggled quite openly. “Thank God…you laughed…” Shilpi sniffed in relief. “ye sab hum school aur collage days mein bolte the….” I spoke and Shilpi instantly replied back saying

“tum abhi bhi boodhi nahi hui ho…and just feel ki main tumhari school friend hun…and speak out…”. Shilpi was trying getting friendly with me and needed me to speak sex and by now I was perfectly alright with that but I was hesitant thinking that I have to fuck with someone other than my husband and next I spoke that

“actually baat karne mein koi problem nahi hai…mujhe kisi aur ke saath sex karna ajeeb lag raha hai…” “Nisha Life ko enjoy karo…aur human life mein sex se jyada enjoy karne ka kuch bhi nahi hai….” “Life is very short…marne se pahle achhe se jee low”.

That was really amazing, deep inside Shilpi very well knew that whatever she is saying is wrong and unethical still she had so many things to say to defend her thinking and I who knew that whatever I am thinking is absolutely right and ethical and I didn’t had to say anything to save my side.

Anyway car was running consistently and we could also see our males running parallel around us and for an instant waving hand to Vishal, Shilpi asked me how is he on the bed “tell me how is Vishal on bed…” and once again I could not think what to say and I came up with just “good” “Just good…? That means mujhe nahi satisfy kar paayega…I am too hot”

Shilpi smiled back while saying that, though I knew that she is trying provoking me to speak still I felt bad and before I would have thought anything in reply she spoke again “I am sure mujhe Nanga dekhkar hi uska paani chhut jaayega” hearing that don’t know what happened to me and suppressing my ethics and hesitation I replied back to her in irritation

“Jaan se maar daalenge wo aapko Chod Chod ke…” and my reaction sent rapture to Shilpi and saying “yesss…I did” she whimpered with a giggle and I too laughed loud over that. Using Hindi slang for a while all this went on going; Shilpi spoke to me about oral sex in same fashion and replying back to her in same manner I started pulling me out of uneasiness I was going through.

Later Shilpi asked me if did I saw the movie which was given by Chetan in which wife swapping was imitated and told me that we have decided to begin the sex in same way as it was shown and it facinated me. It was like males will hand over their wives to the other male after taking take off her clothes and females will take off each others husband's cloths.

Anyway by now most of the distance of first session was covered and we were reaching to the midway where we were suppose to have breakfast, although not fully but up to an extent I was prepared to face biggest sex event of my life.

To Be Continued...

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Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - II

Previously: Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - I

Though on the same subject Vishal was talking to me almost after two days and if I will count the days since this problem was up it was longest argument between us in last ten years. Truly speaking from the core of my heart now I did not wanted spend even a single minute of undue silence between us and I asked him some time to give my decision "please mujhe thoda sochne do..."

and fortunately Vishal did not got irritated over that and kissed me lightly over my lips after saying low voice "Ok". I don't know what was happened to me, because of stress I didn’t knew that I am starved for love and as Vishal touched his lips with mine I desired him to go deep with a kiss but he withdrew himself after a delicate touch,

though I wanted to but I really I failed to suppress my desire and holding her scalp brought his face over mine again and we went through a deep kiss. "Please...say yes...I am requesting you..." Vishal spoke while looking into my eyes closely after the kiss "ab aapko mere saath sex karne mein mazza nahi aata? (Means you don't enjoy having sex with me anymore)"

I asked Vishal in soft emotional voice "how can you say that...? Mujhe bahut mazza aata hai..." Vishal replied and after saying that his hand searched for the cord of my salwar and that's what I desired him to do and with that Vishal continued "I love you more than my life...but main ek baar partner swapping try karna chahta hun...! Bus ek bar... for whole night".

By now my husband's hand was moving in my salwar and while going into my panty he spoke again "please say yes...ek baar karne ke baad if you will say no...I will not ask you again" I closed my eyes with pleasure as Vishal was reached to my pussy with his fingers "Please...don't force me...I can't sleep with anyone except you..." I tried convincing him "don't worry...sab ho jaayega"

Vishal replied back while putting his finger in my hole and I hummed in pleasure and he continued speaking "I will be there with you..." this time his words took my attention and I opened my eyes to see him and Vishal spoke again "if you want we will do it in same room" I looked at his face continuously for few seconds while presuming what is he saying;

that we will fuck with someone else in each other's presence, how can it be possible? But before I would have asked him anything Vishal spoke again "I will speak to Chetan...I am sure he will be ok with it" by now my salwar and Panty was drifted down to my knees and Vishal was rubbing my opening tenderly throughout talking.

I closed my eyes to feel the pleasure and unintentionally scene of porn movie seen on last weekend, in which two couples were fucking on the same bed floated in front of my eyes. Among two one female was moving up and down, back and forward while being on top of other's husband and second female was buried under the massive weight of other male, out of two who am I?

I enjoy riding on top of my husband but I cannot ride on any other male, certainly I will get fucked while getting crushed under Chaten. Ohhhh....I can't explain what all I was going through, since then I was quite wet but suddenly with the presumption being one of those females drove me mad and I felt thick stream of pleasure juices starting from the depth of my womb.

I puffed in pleasure with a tore open mouth and that was enough for Vishal to realize my mind state " will shave your Pussy for Chaten...Ok...! Rather you have go for full body waxing" it was intentionally spoken to arouse me and it worked. "Chaten will certainly suck your Pussy..."

Vishal continued and I felt more excited, I was enjoying getting finger fucked as it was never so good in last ten years. By now I was somewhat flooding from my fuckhole and rubbing inner walls of my fuckhole Vishal was moving two of his fingers swiftly in and out of my flesh.

"I am sure he will fuck you in Doggy style…you have a lovely ass" and my excitement started touching its peak and I asked Vishal for the fuck "please fuck me" and hearing my demand Vishal got up and after taking off his lower plunged me with a sudden jerk and I trembled while reaching to my climax next instant.

I can't say about other females but for me it is always great to get fucked during climax and Vishal fucked consistently with a steady pace for a minute or two, till my orgasm lasted and ultimately screwed me fast and touched his sexual peak in the end.

"I am saying yes to Chaten" that’s what all was running in Vishal's mind and he spoke after getting up from my top and I once again asked him for some time to think. "Don’t think...let’s do it" Vishal replied while kissing my cheek "promise me you will not change after all this...! you will not leave me" I revealed my insecurity and Vishal cuddled me in his arm and assured me while saying

"believe me I cannot live without you..." and after a pause he spoke again "what we are doing is just for fun...if you will not like it we will not do it again". Like I was scared, even after trying my best to avoid, I was reached to the verge of acceptance and I hugged Vishal in that last moment dilemma.

"Just relax...sab ho jaayega..." Vishal embraced me while saying that and we retained that posture for whole night. That night I slept tight and I can say as compared to last few mornings I was quite fresh when I got up; if not mentally at least physically.

After sending my child to school I was in kitchen and still feeling biased over my decision of saying yes for getting swapped when Vishal came from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist and after hugging from behind and kissing me over my cheek told me that he has spoke to Chaten.

What else one can expect from Vishal, after getting up in the morning first thing he did was calling Chetan and telling him he has agreed me and I realized now I could not step back. Next we took shower together and he adored my body nicely and breakfast table told me that today he will be on leave from his work to do shopping with me and tomorrow morning

we are going on holiday to some resort in Rajasthan and detailed me entire fucking plan; that leaving our town by road early in the morning we will come back home on Sunday afternoon after spending two nights with each other's partners.

For an instant I opposed for second night and recalled him his promise of his hundred percent presences with me and doing everything in the same room and Vishal assured me that he will not break his commitment.

Next after some time we left the house for shopping I must say that after getting a yes from me for swinging Vishal was entirely a changed man, he was never so fluent in spending money like this even when we were newly married. Western out fits like jeans and T-shirts, tops, palazzo and long skirts, beautiful and expensive bras and panties with lot of lacework,

see through night wears ending far above my knees, couple of perfumes, couple of deodorants and lot of other cosmetics, I can say nothing was left to buy for me within couple of hours of shopping and after that Vishal left me in a very expensive beauty parlor to get my full body waxing along with pedicure, manicure and facial and all.

I can say while sitting on a parlor chair face covered with a pack it was long time span when I was alone to think what all is happening and what will happen in next two nights and to my surprise now I was not feeling scared, rather I was getting aroused and feeling badly wet while presuming myself getting fucked by Chetan in all possible postures;

including my favorite, me riding on his top and getting him deep with my desired pace."What I will do if he will ask me suck his Penis...? No I will not! How can I suck his Penis...I cannot suck anybody except Vishal" continuously something or other was running in my mind and now I was confused just over doing oral sex with Chaten.

Neither I wanted to suck him nor I needed to get sucked by him and I thought about talking to Vishal about that. By the time I came out Vishal was back after picking up our son from the school and we all had meal in a good restaurant. I must say that everything was perfectly planned by Vishal,

giving me almost no time to think and talk over my decision Lunch was once again followed by shopping, bit of mine most of his own and few things for our child too and in the evening we saw a movie and while coming back home after dinner with a decision that he will skip his school next day he dropped our child at his cousin brother's place where there were two more kids

almost of his age and now we both were free to move anywhere to do anything. "Suno mujhe kya unka suck bhi karna padega?" I was waiting for get alone with Vishal and I asked him as we started for our home "Haan... karna bhi padega aur apni karwani bhi padegi" he was casual with his tone while replying and I immediately denied

"No...I will not suck him..." "Why...? Kar lena suck …Mera bhi to karti hi ho!" for few seconds I looked at Vishal's face without a word, how can he say that so shamelessly! And before I would have said anything Vishal spoke again "Shilpi bhi to suck karegi mera...aur main bhi uski suck karunga" and I went speechless as I saw his eyes glowing with lust for Shilpi.

"If I can take him in my womb then why not in mouth...let's do it properly" I spoke to myself while looking out of window. I could see that I am getting completely into it with all my consent and truly speaking there was no other option left for me.

Talking about Vishal; he was gone somewhat crazy in lust, after spending thousands over my clothes and appearance throughout the way to back home either he was talking about the resort in which we were suppose to spend two nights or he was telling me about the tourist places and local market around that region.

He was not at all uneasy like me and seeing his excitement I wished for feeling excited like him. Anyway we reached back home and Vishal told me to try all clothes one by one. Apparently I was Ok and trying my best to be in pleasant mood to feel that I am not doing anything wrong.

I wore jeans and T-shirt, Long skirt with a top one after another, tried lingre and nightwear too and Vishal just kept parsing my body and commented about my protruding milk mounds and round and plump ass and his naughty comments eased out my remaining uneasiness.

By the time trial of cloths, bras and panties and night wears ended and I packed my air bag after deciding clothes for the morning, time was bit passed to midnight. Certainly mentally I was very tired but this is also true that after whole day of fantasizing myself getting fucked by some other man now I needed a fuck to sleep sound but Vishal did not fucked me.

He cuddled me in his arms, kissed me, played with my melons but did not even touched my Pussy and when I asked he denied to fuck me, just to keep my sex hormones high for Chaten. He stayed awake with me for some time and tried to relax me but eventually he fell asleep but aroused and confused I remained awake for little long but ultimately I too slept.

Eventually night ended and around 5 alarm clock rang, more or less I was already awake but I did not wanted to get up, it was foolish thinking that if we will get late in going then I might get an escape still I tried but after a minute Vishal woke up and shaken me to wake me. In the end pretending myself getting up from deep sleep I too got up and we started getting ready to leave.

Specifically to reveal my round, plump, wide jutting out ass and big luscious melons I was suppose to wear tight jeans with perfectly fitted t-shirt ending few inches below my waist and in around half an hour we both were out of the house. Excited and eager Vishal was continuously talking while driving but I was silent, I was nervous like I was not nervous on my wedding day;

when I was suppose to get fucked in the night for the first time. My heart was pounding and I wanted to step back from my decision but I did not dare to disclose my feelings to Vishal and continued suppressing myself.

Don’t know exactly but it took us maximum 20-30 minutes to reach to the place where we were suppose to meet Chaten and Shilpi and with no sign of any sexual arousal throughout the way I was scared and worried. By the time we reached their Chetan and Shilpi were already waiting for us. As we reached they both came out of the car and Vishal asked me too to come out.

We all greeted each other and I blushed looking at Chetan’s face while saying hello to him. Next I looked at Shilpi to say hello and realized that there was a dress code for females as Shilpi was also wearing tight jeans and t-shirt and after saying hello to her I saw Vishal and his eyes were glued to Shilpi’s breasts.

Next for an instant my sight went to Chetan and just like Vishal his eyes were glued to my breasts. Shilpi and Vishal had few words about the time we both took to reach here and in the end Vishal gave her compliment that she is looking beautiful.

As they ended Chetan tried talking to me and formally asked me how I am and next looking into my eyes he too gave me compliment that I am also looking good in this outfit. Ultimately formalities ended in few minutes and plan of going further came in discussion,

more or less it was a ride of around 250 km and after fixing the venue for breakfast as we all thought about moving Vishal gave me surprise by saying that I have to accompany Chetan throughout the way. For an instant I was stunned and looking at my husband with serious gesture I denied in low voice and pulling me aside Vishal tried convincing me

that it will be good for me as I will get comfertable with Chetan before reaching to the resort "tumare liye achha rahega...tum wahan pahunchne se pahle Chetan ke saath comfertable ho jaaogi"

Me with Chetan and Shilpi with Vishal, together for more than four hours in the car, it was already decided among them but I was not aware of this plan. Certainly it was a good idea for everyone to get comfortable with each other's partner but I was not prepared for that and to avoid I reminded Vishal his promise; that he will not leave me alone.

Vishal was disappointed over his expressions with my stubbornness but before he would have spoken out anything Shilpi addressed him from behind and moving ahead instead of asking him she asked me if I will be Ok in her company. Although I wanted to be with my husband still I was Ok with that, may be more than myself I was getting possessive for Vishal,

anyhow I did not wanted to let my husband go alone with Shilpi. I did not said instant yes to it, for an instant everyone went silent and once again my husband tried convincing me to ride with Chetan and this time Chetan stopped him and gave keys of his car to Shilpi and told him not to take stress over such tiny matters.

To Be Continued...

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Nisha Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - I

They say you marry a man who is like your father. In my case I married a guy of my father’s choice, he is a successful banker just like my father but the similarities end there. My father would never dream of doing anything like that with my mother what my husband has done with me.

My husband asked me to be part of a wife swapping with his superior and his wife; yes it happens, wife swapping is a dirty secret that exist in real life. Some do it willingly and some do it because they are asked into it by their seniors. I won’t say my husband was asked by his boss, he was asked by his superior and he agreed but certainly I was made to get into this by my husband.

Though in the end it was great pleasure to have sex with a male of different temperament still I would say I was made to get into this by my husband and my write up is about how all this started. Starting from the beginning I would say I am Nisha 36, obviously, mine and all the names mentioned here are unreal but everything written except names are hundred percent real.

Living in Delhi NCR I am married to Vishal from almost 10 years with one eight year old son and my husband is working in a private bank on a reputed post, I don’t know when it came between my husband and his boss but with me it all began when after lot of persuasion for the first time I attended my husband’s office party and there I met his boss.

I am a fair and good looking female with undue tiny pimples over my cheeks. Average height of 5'5" though not slender but I have attractive body; with bit of belly I have big and good shaped luscious breasts with a striking bottom. That evening I was wrapped in a Sari and the moment Chetan (my husband’s boss) met me I saw a strange glow in his eyes.

Chetan; tall, easily six feet, avarage looking male with a very good heath introduced me with his wife Shilpi. Shilpi; though not fair but a very good looking female with a very good height and a balanced figure, she smiled while looking into my eyes and touching my cheek with her cheek she hugged me lightly with a low voice hello.

She shook hand with my husband and had few words with him and I guessed she has met him earlier too; may be in same sort of parties which are held on regular intervals but I never attended.

Throughout the evening; during party most of the time Shilpi remained close to me and tried to know about me as much as possible and without sensing anything fishy I casually replied all her question and asked her few too. On the other end, I saw that most of the time my husband was with his boss but anyhow that instant I could not make out what all is running in everyone’s mind.

Eventually party came to an end and on the way back Vishal told me that Chetan has given him compliment that you have a beautiful wife, and in continuation asked me did I liked them(Chetan and Shilpi) as a couple and I accepted that with a casual yes.

Even that instant I was unaware what is going on and in the end Vishal adored me in the bed and we fucked before getting into sleep. Next two days were Vishal’s off from the office but he had something important to do in these two days and in the day time I don’t know from where Vishal came up with porn movie and he played that movie in the night on the big screen when were in the bed.

It was not first time I was watching porn with him in the bed and but that was very different movie from what we use to watch usually. It was sort of wife swapping plot, though actors were professionals but they were acting like married couples; two males and two females unknown to each other were behaving like two couples and they were gathered in a vacant house to try partner swapping.

Initially they were acting good and behaving timid while talking to each other’s partner which was very arousing but as movie proceeded and main action started it became ordinary porn movie with two couple fucking on the same bed. With Vishal's fingers over my fuckhole certainly I was feeling aroused with the kind of start movie was having and eventually we too ended with a good passionate fucking.

Finally time was 11 when we both were exhausted after having sex, I was expecting that now we will sleep but something was running in Vishal’s mind to ask me and to start he asked me for a cup of tea and in continuation told me that he will fuck me one more time.

At my end everything was casual and still I could not sense anything and I came back to the bedroom with a tea and that was the point from where things started to come in my knowledge. Vishal began talking to me with a question did I like the movie and as I accepted, next he casually asked does all this happen in real life

“ye sab real life mein bhi hota hai kya? Wife swapping and all…!” and I came up saying “hota hoga…! I am sure western countries mein to hota hi hoga” and next Vishal said that he thinks that all this happen in India too and I casually ended up saying “may be”.

Next I noticed he looked into my eyes continuously for few seconds, he hesitated a bit but in the end came up saying that he is feeling that our sex life is getting monotonous, I did not replied to him as by now I could sense that he was not normal in saying that and I looked back into his eyes without a flick and next instant, with bit of choked voice he came up saying that he wants to try this partner swapping.

I was shocked and I revolted back instantly by saying "aap pagal ho gaye ho kya?" and he tried convincing me. I can write what all he and I spoke while arguing but without wasting time and energy I would say I ridiculed him every time without listening him and as I was suppressing his every statement many times he even failed to speak and he got irritated with that and screamed over me.

I too yelled over him and I went to the other room to sleep with my son. I was really very upset from whatever Vishal was insisting me to do, even though during argument Vishal did not mentioned with whom he is thinking about trying swapping me but while being alone I could guess that it is none other than Chetan and Shilpi,

that is why Chetan was looking at me again and again with such perspective and Shilpi was asking me so many details. Anyway, with such a filthy proposal from the person I love most, I was moved till my soul, I don’t know about Vishal but while being in weird mind state I slept very late and woke up early in the morning.

It was a Sunday and I was expecting that Vishal will try to express regret and might say sorry for what he asked me to do, and considering it a mistake, up to an extent I was very much prepared to forget all that but it did not happened, Vishal behaved reluctant with me as if I am wrong and I retorted back with a similar gesture;

reluctant and loath and that irritated him even more and somewhere around 12 in the noon he left the house. He did not called me for the whole day, even I did not took his know how and he came back home bit drunk after 11in the night. Vishal was never so casual in drinking, he hardly drink 5-6 times in a year and he never exceeded two drinks, but that night he was fairly drunk,

even though I was not at all thinking about agreeing what he was asking me to do but and I can say that was the point from where I started feeling scared from him. Being a male of particular sun sign he is very inflexible and most of the time it is me who has surrendered next to his wish but anyhow I could not think about surrendering this time as this time he was asking me for my dignity.

Anyway Vishal slept unconsciously for the entire night and after waking up late in the morning continued reluctant behavior and left the house for the work without even talking to me and I started feeling depressed. I spent whole day in strange depression and tried talking to him in the evening on phone but he did not took my call, though not in drunk state but like last night Vishal came back home after 11.

Our child was asleep so I tried talking to him and once again Vishal tried to convince me for having sex with his boss and detailed me everything; that Chetan and his wife Shilpi are into partner swapping from last few years and they are enjoying there sex life up to max and now they want to try this with us.

From the glow of his eyes and enthusiasm of talking to me about all that Vishal looked keen to have sex with Shilpi; possibly because she was far more seductive than me and I was disappointed to see lust in his eyes and words and I once again said no to it.

Vishal continued doing efforts to agree me and after a long convincing speech he requested me to give a try just once and assured me that if I will not be comfortable he will not insist me again. I was not at all convinced even to try that and once again I ridiculed his request and once again we ended with an argument in rough and loud voices and slept without talking to each other.

That night we were on same bed, facing away with each other and once again throughout night I was uncomfortable and failed to sleep sound. I woke up with a heavy head and did all the work with strange fear in the mind. I was scared of myself, although I was rigid in my mind; that I don’t have to do all this but still I had a hunch that somehow Vishal will agree me.

It was an arrange marriage and in last ten years I was fallen deeply in love with him, since beginning my love for him was my weakness and worst part was that Vishal knew this fact very well. Vishal continued behaving reluctant and just like last day he took leave without even talking to me and throughout the day I just went on going into depression.

My mind state was getting miserable with passing time; I was not in mind state to agree to get on bed with someone else and also could not see any way out to make Vishal understand my insecurity and by evening mentally I was reached to the point where I could not take that stress anymore.

Once again Vishal came back home very late and this time I literary begged him for not doing all this with me but he ignored me and slept without saying even a word and I spent almost entire night while looking at the roof. Mentally I was so tired because of all this that for an instant felt like surrendering myself, but how could I do that? How can I have sex with someone else?

And after few more thoughts of this kind I started assuming what all will happen if I will say yes to Vishal and with that fucking scenes; Vishal with Shilpi and I with Chetan started floating in front of my eyes and with a strange uneasiness I remained awake almost for whole night. Deep inside I did not want all this to happen but now I was having an intuition that ultimately it will happen.

Next morning I did not tried talking to Vishal and remained reserved and he too behaved like I was expecting, he once again went off to work without saying even a word to me and I spent entire day with a presumptions of agreeing over what Vishal was asking me.

I am not sure if my thinking was changing as by now with a strange fear and uneasiness I was feeling bit aroused too and in that weird mind state I don’t know when I started finding Chetan and Shilpi on FB and after finding them in Vishal’s friends list saw their pictures for some time.

They were good couple; both of them were good looking with very good height and body and while seeing their pictures my mind went on going bizarre and like last night once again fucking scenes started floating in front of my eyes and this time my imagination was more effective as in couple of minutes I was feeling significant wetness in my panty.

Once again Vishal came back late and behaved like he was behaving, silent and ignorant, by now mentally I was reached to the point where I was ready to surrender but before that I wanted few future commitments from him and I decided to talk to him in the bed.

Eventually I reached to the bed, Vishal was laying facing away from the door, I tried turning him gently to speak to him; he turned and looked at me for few seconds, waited for me to speak but I failed to utter that I am ready for what he is asking for he once again turned and retained his posture.

I lay on my side facing away from him, reconsidering everything and after a minute or two Vishal tried turning me to look at him. I turned and saw him with zero expressions and adressing my name Vishal said be loves me in soft voice "Nisha I really love you" "then why are you insisting me to do all this?"

I spoke with a choaked voice "what I am asking you is just sex... pyar sex se bahut oopar hota hai... (love is far ahead than sex)". Vishal was calm and sensing his soft mood I was about to request him not to force me to do all this but before that he requested me to give it a try once, and promised me he will not force me again

"I am requesting you...ek baar try kar low...agar tum a bologi to main tumhen dobara nahin insist karunga" and I looked into his eyes for few seconds, just read how will he react if I will say no again and he spoke again and this time it was regarding the couple with whom he wanted to try swapping

"Chaten is a gem of a person aur Shilpi bhi...she is very down to earth...we can trust them...nahi to main tumhen kabhi insist nahi karta..."

To Be Continued...

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Yash Enjoying Cuckold Sex With Bangalore Couple

Hi everyone. This is Yash, back with a new sex story. Firstly I would like to thank everybody for your overwhelming response and looking forward to hearing from you this time as well. I thank Human Digest for the great stuff you do as well. I am a 25-year-old male from Bangalore, 6 feet tall, athletic body with a high sex drive and absolutely love hooking up with women online.

All those people out there who think that a guy who watches their lady with another man cannot fuck her or cannot satisfy her are completely mistaken. Let me get to the sex story directly. I have a huge thing for people whom I can hook up with online. I had an account on a very famous hookup website and I met a few people there as well.

Most of these were Bi guys who want to suck my cock in front of their wives and then let me in her but this one was completely different and the hottest I have EVER HAD. I get a very straight text from one of the members on that site; the conversation went something like this:

Couple: “Hey there.” Me: “Hi” Couple: “We do not want to waste any time so let’s get straight to the point, Will you fuck my Wife?” I had read their preferences and it said looking for Threesomes and group sex so I was assuming that it would be a threesome but I was in for a surprise.

Me: “I WOULD LOVE TO, please give me some more details, some ground rules, Do’s and don’ts as well” Couple: “We are up for anything, Oral, anal or penetrative. Anal can only happen went she is completely turned on” Me: “Wow, This sounds hot. Is she game for double penetration? Couple: “Well she is but I forgot to mention, I will not join you guys”

ME: “Why not? What would you do then?” Couple: “Let me surprise you” I was assuming that he would ask me to fuck his ass and probably give me a blowjob but that was not how it was meant to be. Couple: “I would want you to massage her with some hot oil and you may also have to use some sex toys while you are with her.

Me: “That would be so HOT. Massaging is my part time hobby and I do not have any sex toys, I’m sorry” Couple: “Don’t worry about the toys, we have loads of them. Haha, have to go. See you soon. We texted each other for 2-3 days, shared contact details and decided to meet in their apartment. I enter their place and the house is full of mess. I have a small talk with the guy.

He was dark. Nearly 5.9’’ and had decent looks as well. I was eagerly waiting for the lady to show up. The lady walks into the hall with a baby doll and no inner wear, darn it was HOT as hell even though the lady was average looking and slightly fat but I badly wanted to fuck her. I could barely take my eyes off her. She sits in front of me and all I am looking at are her breasts.

Lady: “Don’t worry, you will get to see them properly” Me: “Just see?”(With a wink) Lady: “ Oh no darling, you will get to do a lot more than just seeing(with a sly smile) The lady gets up and turns around and I see her ass cheeks, GOD they were so yummy, I was waiting to take a bite of them. The lady then bends to pick up something from the ground and that is when I see heaven.

She was wearing a tiny baby doll and as soon as she bent, I saw both her holes. OMG, I can never forget that view all my life. I just wanted to eat both her holes right there. I was 2 seconds away from doing that but she stood up within 2 seconds. I literally cursed the time because it went so fast. Lady: “Liked what you saw?” Me: “Shall I kiss it to show how much I loved it?”

Lady: “you don’t have to sweetie, the tent in your pants tells everything (with a wink), Follow me to the bedroom” The husband did not speak a word the entire time. It felt like he wasn’t even there in that room. I walk right behind her, waiting to fuck her brains out. She removes her baby doll and lies completely naked with her butt facing upwards.

Looked just like one of the scenes in the porn movie except that porn stars have flawless skin while she had some stretch marks which I find super-hot. I start applying some hot oil and massage her back for a while and I immediately go to her ass, Oh man it was a really soft tushy and I could not get enough of it.

I massaged it for nearly half hour and I kept spreading here ass cheeks to get a glimpse of her pussy. Lady: “ you naughty boy, don’t tease me by just seeing it, use your fingers on it.” I did not wait for one more second, I just went right to her pussy and started massaging it. She would squirt a little, every time she would cum and that is when I started keeping a count.

I went at it 5 times without a single break. Lady: “you know I have another hole as well which likes being played with” I literally lose my mind and start licking her asshole. She starts moaning, “AAAAhhh you dirty boy, eat my ass, Don’t you dare stop” I eat her ass for a while and go to her pussy. It gets a little uncomfortable to lick her pussy that way so I ask her to turn around.

I start eating her pussy and go really deep, I put my tongue super deep in her pussy and she moans get louder. “MMMM that feels sooo good. Please make me cum with your tongue”. I don’t say a word as I am busy eating her out. After 2 minutes she holds my head and pushes it into her pussy, a big gush of cum comes right into my mouth and I just swallow it,

was really salty but I couldn’t care to stop as it was so hot. I cannot take it anymore so I take my cock out and get it near her mouth, she looks at it at says “nice package, hope it works as good as it looks” I say “ you will see my love”. I ask her to suck it and she says “I’m sorry baby, the only guy whose dick I suck is my husbands, but I could give you a hand job”.

I was too horny to negotiate so I just place her hand on my cock. She applies some oil on her palm and starts stroking it. It felt so good, I was almost about to burst in 5 minutes but I wanted it to last longer so I hold her hand and say “I want to get into your love hole”. She says “It is yours for the day honey, tear it apart, and show me your monster”.

Those words turn me on even more. I put a condom on and the husband sitting on the chair says, “Can you do it without the condom?” I take a minute a say, “next time” so he says “ at least can you Cum near her pussy?” I say” Yes I could do that” I wear a condom and start fucking her real hard, the room is filled with loud moaning noises

“AAHHH AHHHH, Oh baby, you are so sexy” and since I was on top of her I could feel her big boobs against my chest. I then see her looking at her husband. She: “Like what you see my love?” He: “you have no idea honey, Is his cock treating you well” She: “ I have no words to describe it” and then I turn back and look at him as well.

I could see a huge tent on his track pants which made it evident that he had a decent cock size as well. She then said that she wanted to take control and wanted to be on top of me so we switch positions. She starts riding me and now I am getting a clearer view of her husband, and to my shock I see that he is recording a video of our sex and I was cool with it as long as my face is not visible in the video.

Husband: “Baby, shall I upload it online?” ME: “Please make sure you don’t get our face in the video”. She is busy riding me and moaning loudly and she says, “kahi pe bhi upload karo (Upload it wherever you want), I don’t care. Bas karte raho baby(Just keep doing it), You are so sexy, Ahhhh”

All these words nearly make me burst but I stop her because I want to be in her for some more time. She quickly gets off me and pulls out a small dildo from her drawer and gives it to me and sits back on my dick. Me: “where is this supposed to go? She: “In the hole which you first ate sexy”

Believe me guys, you have no idea how tight the pussy gets when you have something stuffed in the girls ass and the moment I put that dildo in her, her vagina felt super tight and it was getting really hard for me to hold back, I started giving jerks in her pussy while fucking her ass with a dildo at the same time and then the best thing happens.

The husband gets up and asks me to fuck her in doggy position which I do and he gets underneath her and starts licking her pussy while she is sucking his cock and I must say that his cock was as big as mine, I was in a different world altogether, could never forget that sight or that feeling.

I go on that way for 2 minutes and I say I am about to cum, he holds my cock and quickly takes off my condom and gives a few strokes and I cum like I never came before, it was like a tap which was opened. My cum kept oozing out for good 20-25 seconds and those were the best 25 seconds of my life.

She sucks her husband until he cums right into her mouth and she swallows every single drop of it. We rest for a while and then I decide to take a shower with her, tried entering her ass in the shower but it was too dry so had a little more of her pussy and left for the day. Would tell you what happened when I met them for the second time in my next part.

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Ankur Enjoying Awesome Threesome Sex With Ritika And Parmeet - V

Previously: Ankur Enjoying Awesome Threesome Sex With Ritika And Parmeet - IV

“Parmeet you are such a doll…” I was reached to her and I spoke that while extending my hand to her waist and unintentionally Parmeet stepped back a bit, I moved ahead and spoke again “come on ab sharmaao mat…life ko enjoy karo” and with that I lifted her top and she was just in bra over her upper half.

Like I said earlier Parmeet was perfectly curved babe with flat belly, sloping breasts and balanced flush over her arms and thighs and amazingly fair her inner skin was smooth and clear. I moved ahead while looking forward to take of her lower and as I took her waist in my hands Parmeet puffed in pleasure and closed her eyes.

Looking at her lovely face as I tugged cord of Pajama and loosened it and Parmeet started breathing very heavy. Next I drifted down her lower and holding her wrist brought her to Ritika and asked her to take off her bra and Panty.

“Why me?” with a tiny smile Ritika replied back sarcastically “come on be a sport…it’s a threesome” I replied and Ritika accepted and holding Parmeet’s wrist took her to bed and unhooked her bra from behind. Ohh…Wow man…ready to get sucked they were real mangos…succulent and perfect in size.

Parmeet was looking at me with fluttering eyes and I pushed her tenderly on bed over her back and holding elastic with both the hands took out her panty from her legs. Like I knew Parmeet was heavily haired over her pussy but spanking and untouched her cunt was looking beautiful with fresh streams of sticky juices coming out of it and as breeze of air touched her wet opening she clenched her thighs to hide her love hole.

I knew I had to be patient and I kissed her thighs close to her pussy and she shivered erotically. Showing no hurry I moved up and licked her belly button and Parmeet started trembling in pleasure. For an instant I looked at Ritika and she suggested me to do it tenderly as she is virgin “aaram se karna…she is virgin…”

“Off course” I replied to Ritika and moved up to her and kissed her and told her lay down beside her. Ritika did what I said and eventually we all were lying on the bed and Parmeet was in the middle. I kissed Parmeet and she responded back to my kiss nicely; bit hesitant in the beginning but willing to go for it Parmeet sucked my lips with some timidity and gave me way in her mouth and I pounced deep into her with my tongue.

After Parmeet I kissed Ritika too; to give her feel that she is equally important and Ritika seemed getting excited. By now her reluctance for sharing her boy friend with another female was almost disappeared and for enhancement with a wink and a touch over her pussy I gave her compliment that she is my sweet heart.

Ritika smiled back and for an instant took hold of my cock and asked me to do it quickly with Parmeet and added she also needs me “ab jaldi kar jo karna hai isske saath…mujhe bhi andar lena hai issko” and I moved back to Parmeet. She was laying on her back in the middle and I came over her top and started sucking her juicy fruits while chewing her lovely nipples.

I must say having a virgin like Parmeet on bed is something out of this world, still hesitant and pushing me a bit, moaning and grunting in pleasure Parmeet was enjoying her first time and overcoming her inadvertent mild resistance I just continued sucking her milk mounds and slowly reached to her crotch with my hand.

Shivering slightly, with heavy breathing Parmeet was getting crazy with my tender love making and slowly I moved down to her body while licking her naval and inner thighs. Clenching her Pussy between her thighs she was still trying hiding her love hole. “Parmeet tange kholo…I will suck your pussy” I spoke while trying parting her legs but closing her eyes Parmeet continued resisting

“Parmeet…open your thighs….let him suck” Ritika spoke out and I could feel rising lust in her voice. I looked at Ritika and asked her to open her legs “Taange kholo isski…” and we did that. Holding her legs from her knees we both widened her thighs and holding pillow in her fist with a loud gasp Parmeet started puffing heavily.

Once again I would say full of hairs but untouched by any male species, wet and smelling erotic, Parmeet was amazing at her Pussy and without wasting even a moment I moved into her thighs licked her opening tenderly. “Ohh…” Parmeet trembled with the initial touch of my thick tongue over her wet fuckhole and tried to resist,

she pushed my head a bit and tried to bring her thighs together but I was unstoppable now and once again overcoming her mild efforts I continued licking her tenderly and just few seconds Parmeet surrendered and stopped opposing me and giving me clear access of her hairy fuckhole she started grunting in low voice.

Sitting beside her Ritika was also getting excited, I could hear her puffs but for an instant holding Parmeet thighs wide and open I kept on moving my tongue over her pleasure hole and opened her vertical lips hidden behind dense hairs with a powerful lick of my thick tongue.

Parmeet gasped nicely, I did that again and she enjoyed again, her pleasure moans were arousing me and gradually I enhanced roughness of my tongue over her fuckhole and sucked her little hard. Ohhh…for me that was real Wow, as just in few more seconds Parmeet flooded like hell and started dripping.

I got excited and along with moving my tongue I started rubbing her fuck opening lightly with two of my fingers and in few seconds her moans changed, they were getting deep and intense, clenching my scalp between her thighs Parmeet started breathing very heavy and I just kept on rubbing her fuck opening with two of fingers and in between sucked her too.

I intentionally I did not thought about inserting my finger in her fuckhole; obviously because my cock wanted to taste her blood. Anyway being an experienced man I knew where I have to stop to quiver her in fucking desire and reading her body language I did that when her fuckhole was at the verge of explosion.

Like I knew as I stopped Parmeet shuddered erotically, much more feverishly than it was expected, her thighs shivered helplessly and she instantly tried to hold my hand to take it back to her fuckhole but I withdrew myself completely and sucked my fingers which were soaked in her love juices “Parmeet I will fuck you now….”

I spoke out in soft voice while getting up and for an instant looked at Ritika, watching her friend panting and gasping in pleasure throughout the suck she was gone bizarre and I asked her if I should fuck her in Hindi slang “what do you say…Chod dun na issko…?” “haan Chod Do…” Ritika replied instantly and tried opening Parmeet’s legs further wide and Parmeet went further mad.

“Please Condom lagga lena…” not at all scared, Parmeet was thrilled like anything and I instantly got up to get the condom. Ritika and Parmeet stayed on bed while standing on floor I covered my rod with a lubricated condom and finally landed back on bed and sat down between Parmeet’s wide open legs.

“Initially thoda sa dard hoga…but after a minute you will be fine” Ritika spoke to her friend and just then I touched tip of my covered cock over Parmeet’s sodden cunt. Parmeet moaned in delight with that touch but giving her no more time to feel the pleasure I squeezed thick tip of my rod into her tiny hole and jerked my ass with a sudden jolt. “aahhhh…..uuuhhh maa…” I ripped her in very first blow and it was barely an inch and bowing her back Parmeet screamed like hell. She was in pain but I could not do anything for her and shutting her mouth with my hand I slowly impaled my crotch over her fuckhole and felt every fraction of my monster rod sizzling and reaming into Parmeet.

For and instant Parmeet tried to push me from my chest and cried in pain “No….Ahhhh….. Please ….stop…Please… Ahhh…please….stop…leave me” but I continued filling her tiny fuckhole inch by inch as now I was not in state to stop or leave her and holding her wrists to stop her pushing me I grunted in intense pleasure of feeling hot and tight clamp of her fuckhole over my thick monster and spoke

“bas meri Jaan thoda sa aur hai….wo bhi andar chala jaayega…… ! pahli baar thoda sa dard to hota hi hai….” and with that I jerked my bottom and went further deep into her womb and before Parmeet would have cried for that brutal jolt Ritika blocked her mouth and picking that opportunity I went further in until I sank my monster in her flesh till its root.

Ohhhh…Man she was too hot and I was delighted with the feel of her tight cunt over my thick monster but while pushing me with both the hands Parmeet was crying continuously and crushing her soft fruits against my thick chest I hugged her and Parmeet also grabbed me tight from my back and somewhat nailed me while crying;

certainly I was ruthless but that was the only way and I also knew that soon Parmeet will be enjoying whatever she is crying for. Anyway I released my entire weight over Parmeet and looking into her eyes closely spoke to her “Parmeet abhi saara dard khatam ho jaayega…aur tujhe bahut mazza aayega” and she closed her eyes while puffing in pain.

I kissed her, sucked her nipples and after hardly a minute or two she stopped protesting and that was the moment I was waiting for. “Fuck her…” Ritika spoke while lying beside us and as I could also see as compared to her initial state Parmeet was much better I started fucking her.

Slowly I withdrew myself, hardly an inch and Parmeet moaned sexily in pleasure but as I moved back in her fuckhole she cried in pain. I did that again and she responded same. She was not comfortable with my in and out movements into her fuckhole and couple of times she tried to push me to get away but I very well knew how to control a female lying under me

and holding her body firm from her arms I continued fucking her with short and slow jerks and started kissing her and like I needed soon Parmeet started responding to my kiss. Next I gradually enhanced my fucking pace and once again Parmeet’s pain increased and she tried to get away more desperately.

I gripped her harder and continued doing my job, by now my thick and long monster was moving in and out of her fuckhole with ease and my pleasure was incredible, I was moaning in bliss while looking at Parmeet’s mixed expressions of pleasure and pain.

Nipples as hard as they can get with breasts jiggling with my strokes, sweating like hell Parmeet was restless but except closing her eyes and gasping in pleasure and pain she could not do anything. I retained my fucking temperament and moved in and out of Parmeet consistently for a minute and Parmeet’s gesture seemed changing and holding me tight she somewhat started enjoying her first fuck.

“She is enjoying now…” Ritika also sensed that and she uttered in low lustful tone “Haann…ab issko mazza aa raha hai Chudwane mein…” heavily aroused I replied back to Ritika with some slang and spoke again “Parmeet…meri Jaan ab mazza aaraha hai naa… Chut marwane mein….hmmmm…?” this time I asked Parmeet in sexy pleasurable tone while fucking her patiently.

Parmeet did not responded to my question but she opened her eyes. Our eyes met and she looked into my eyes with painful expressions; I smiled and leaned over her and kissed her and Parmeet responded to my kiss instantly and her reaction charged me and I changed my pace of pumping her fuckhole.

Ohhh…yess….I cried in delight, it was hurting for her but there was a blend of strange pleasure in her pain, I could see that over her face and Parmeet started screaming sexily in pain and pleasure. Just in few seconds of fast fucking Parmeet overwhelmed and started breathing heavy, heat blazed her body and she seemed heading to her first real fucking orgasm.

I came on her completely and while screwing her bit harder whispered in her ears, “Parmeet meri Jaan….…. aaj loot gayi Teri izzat” and my words aroused Parmeet further high and she held me tighter in her arms, from her shrill gasps I could sense that she is about to meet her climax but I had to prevent myself hitting my peak and I suddenly withdrew myself.

Ohhh... Fuck... I cried loud and somehow managed to hold myself and Parmeet alone reached to pinnacle. She cried erotically and squeezing her pussy tight between her thighs got shattered in orgasm with lot of shivering and we both; me and Ritika were amazed to see the way Parmeet was trembling while tidal waves were hitting her body.

In the end clenching her teeth Parmeet puffed erotically and turning sideways folded her legs inwards while cumming. Parmeet was spent and as I was back from the verge of explosion I was not hard and to take over Ritika I needed a suck from her but as I tried taking off Condom I saw few drops of blood over the root of my cock, “ohh…yes…she was virgin…how can I forget?”

I murmured within me and next instant my sight went to the bed and I saw tiny stains of blood where Parmeet’s virgin pussy was resting over the sheet. That was fascinating and in a moment I started gaining whatever erection was lost and moving ahead I turned Parmeet straight.

Forehead, neck breasts everything soaked in sweat with hairs spread all over her face, fair and beautiful Parmeet was looking prettier in that weird state and I leaned over her to kiss. As she responded back to my kiss lightly I slowly tried opening her thighs “please ab aur mat karo…mujhe dard ho raha hai…” Parmeet requested in low timid voce and I replied saying

“nahi karunga…but let me see” and Parmeet opened her thigh and I cleaned her pussy tenderly with soft cloth of t-shirt which was lying there. By now Ritika was also beside me to see what I am doing and we both saw patch of blood over the that cloth. “Parmeet tujhe bleeding hui hai….you’ve lost your cherry”

Ritika informed her and in low timid voice Parmeet came up saying “wo to honi hi thi….” “Now what?” Ritika asked me and I replied with "now it’s just you and me" and we started. We kissed while being on our knees on the bed and I fisted Ritika hard to make her cum easily in the end.

Ritika also jerked me to get me fully erect and finally I took her in typical missionary and fucked her hard and fast until we both reached to our climax. That was end of first threesome session and next we all got up and entered in the washroom together to clean our self and afterwards Parmeet took some time alone in the washroom.

Saying that she feeling really weird over what we have done, Ritika had few words with me in absence of Parmeet and I suggested her to take everything casually and enjoy this rare threesome fucking fun.

As we all were tired we mutually decided to have tea and by the time Ritika prepared tea I and Parmeet stood in the balcony and we had casual conversation about her parents and her home town. After having tea while standing in the balcony I came up with an idea of watching porn.

For an instant Ritika denied by saying that she does not have any porn movie at the moment but next instant Parmeet came up saying that she has few in her laptop. That was cool, timid over expression but deep inside very naughty Parmeet was a kind of a girl every male would like to fuck in a slightest chance.

Anyway finally we sat together to see the porn and within half an hour Parmeet’s laptop was switched off and we all were stark naked again. I must say in last session we all were on the bed but it was not a proper threesome which we usually see in porn movies but this time it was nevertheless than a porn movie where we all three were doing something.

It started when being on our knees I grabbed them in my arms I tried kissing both; Ritika and Parmeet at the same time. After kissing me for some time Ritika slowly moved down to crotch and while getting a suck over my Penis I lunged deep in Parmeet’s mouth.

After kissing and sucking her luscious mangos for few minutes I asked Parmeet to kneel down and suck my cock and after some persuasion as Parmeet started doing that I pulled Ritika up to kiss her and suck her melons. Later both the females lied down and burring myself into their thighs I sucked their pussies one after other on regular intervals.

After ample sucking I fucked both the females in same fashion, I mean Ek Chut se NIkala, Doosri Chut mein dala. Crying and crushing me in her arms and long legs Parmeet orgasmed first and later I took Ritika in doggy style to bring her to climax and along with her I too cummmed one more time.

Altogether it was barely half an hour and we all were laying on bed naked and fully exhausted. We took a small nap after quick clean up and eventually night came to an end and Sun rose up in the sky. Like it was already decided while leaving I took Parmeet along to board her on the bus for her home town and looking at her lovely face and beautiful body while waiting for her bus to leave,

I dreamed about next threesome we could do after her come back but I don’t what happened afterwards, what all these two bitches discussed on phone. After coming back to my place I slept till 3 and around 4 when I was about to leave to reach to the Ritika to spend another night with her I got a call from Ritika and she told me that she is breaking up.

No reasons, no clarification no arguments and I got dumped all of a sudden. In the end I would say Parmeet did not returned back to Delhi to work and decided to stay in her home town till she gets married and Ritika insisted me to leave the job and ultimately gave me better opening with hiked salary in some other organization.

Well to end formally I would say I would say names and places used in the write up are true and I would love read reader’s views over my real life threesome experience.

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Ankur Enjoying Awesome Threesome Sex With Ritika And Parmeet - IV

Previously: Ankur Enjoying Awesome Threesome Sex With Ritika And Parmeet - III

Next without looking at her and somewhat showing my buttocks to Parmeet I walked to the washroom and after a minute Ritika too came in. Hairs spread and stuck with sweat over the nape of neck, sagging milks with long dark brown erect nipples and jutting out ass;

I must say Ritika was looking just awesome while collecting water in her hand from the tap and watering her fuckhole and I moved to her and watered her fuckhole with my hand and uttered while looking at her soft worn out expressions "mazza aa gaya...!" "I can't believe you've fucked me in front of Parmeet"

Ritika uttered in bit of complaining tone and I was somewhat waiting for such lead and in reply I came up saying "Don't feel I will fuck Parmeet in front of you" "What...?" though not loud but Ritika was shocked and I tried to calm her down "...only if you will say yes..." "Are you crazy...? Tum mere boy friend ho...!" this time she was louder

" course main tumhara hi boy friend hun...but are we going to marry?" I was still calm and asked Ritika simple question and as it was subject of conversation between us few days back I knew its answer is no. Actually Ritika too belonged to small town and Marwari cast, where love marriage for a girl was a sort of sin, not only that love marriage with a guy of lesser age;

it was just impossible for her to speak to her parents about me, just like me she was looking for a good company until she gets married and she did not replied to my question and knowing my desire of fucking Parmeet, she was looking at me without a flick of an eye with mixed expressions of anger and surprise "don't get angry...its just a thought...if you will say no...I will not ask you again..."

I spoke while taking her naked body in my arms and fondling one of her fleshy milk rubbed my other hand over her bare back. Bit of buttering was needed now and I spoke again "Believe me Parmeet does not exist in front of you" with that kissing her lightly I moved my hand further down and rubbed Ritika 's fleshy ass mounds,

squeezed ample flesh her plump ass and spoke again while looking into her eyes "it is just about having threesome is very rare in real know...ek chut se nikala dusri mein daala" in the end only I giggled over my nasty humor words and Ritika possesed serious gesture.

She was speechless and her facial expressions were telling that she is not willing and I requested her again "please...think about it". I think Ritika was about to say something but just then we both saw bathroom door moving lightly. It was none other than Parmeet, she wanted to see if we are fucking again; inside the washroom but as she realized that we have noticed her,

she moved back and with her act I found something more to speak "look at her...she is in dying in lust...". Ritika once again looked at me into my eyes and sensing her anxious mood I stepped back "Ok...I am sorry...forget everthing" l uttered in soft and low voice but it did not changed Ritika 's mood and she tried walking away from me.

Anyhow I could afford losing her and wrapping my arm around her bare waist I instantly grabbed her from behind, pulled her bit and rubbed my semi erect cock over her fleshy ass. My hands clenched her breasts instantly and once again I took her earlobe in my mouth to suck. Ritika moaned a bit but also tried to set herself free.

"Bol to diya I am sorry...Nahi Chodunga Parmeet ko...sirf tumhen Chodunga..." in soft voice close to her ear I once again made erotic humour, just to calm her down and turning around once again Ritika looked into my eyes and once again praising her sexiness against Parmeet I continued buttering her "waise bhi Tumhare saamne Parmeet ki koi aukat nahi hai..."

intentionally or unintentionally my hands were again fondelling Ritika 's sagging milks and finally revealing her uneasiness Ritika asked me anxiously "Then why are you dying to fuck her?" and with a giggle I continued behaving casual "Arre yaar...I am not dying to fuck her...It was just a thought...threesome try karne ka...that's it....bhool jaao usko"

and with that I locked her lips with mine and kissed her deeply. Initially Ritika reflected bit of repulsion but eventually she too kissed me back and after exploring her mouth for a minute I asked for the fuck again "let's do it baar main peeche se daalunga....doggy style mein" and with that my hands reached to Ritika 's fuckhole and I rubbed her opening tenderly.

"Mujhe Parmeet ke saamne nahi karna..." Ritika did not wanted to do anymore fucking in front of Parmeet and once again I tried bringing her back "arre yaar Dekhne de usko..." and before I would have said anything in continuation once again we noticed door of washroom moving a bit. It was again Parmeet who was trying looking inside and that brought undue smile over Ritika 's face.

"Bechari bahut restless hai.... please let her see at least" I requested same and sensing Parmeet's mental state this time Ritika accepted with a Ok along with tiny smile. "Thanks" with that I kissed Ritika over her lips and just then my fingers reached between her thighs and searched for her opening.

Ritika enjoyed the rub over her opening and with a moan got hold of my semi erect Penis and I Kissed Ritika deep while thinking about my next plan of action. Though Ritika was not ready to involve Parmeet into the act to make it threesome sex but at my end I was not ready to stop trying and before breaking the kiss with Ritika

I came up with a thought of arousing Parmeet up to the extent that herself gets crazy to have sex with me. "Chalo ab andar chal kar Parmeet ke saamne mera lund chuso" I spoke to Ritika and for an instant Ritika denied doing that with a long no, "Noooo....dont embarras me... we will just fuck in front of her" and I insisted her

"No...You have to suck me...maine bhi uske saamne tumhari Pussy suck ki thi" Reflecting dissent Ritika tried looking into my eyes with serious gesture but I smiled and this requested her "please yaar...bina sucking ke kya mazza aayega?"

I was expecting that I have to work hard to convince Ritika to suck my cock in front of Parmeet but don't know how Ritika did not argued further on that and with a smile over my expressions uttered Ok. "Parmeet get ready to show shuru hone wala hai...." I spoke as we both; me and Ritika entered in the room,

for few seconds Parmeet looked at my stark naked body or to be more preciese my semi erect Cock and blushed beautifully. Ritika avoided looking at her friend but I did not hasitated giving naughty smile to Parmeet and sat down on the bed over its edge with my feet on floor and asked Ritika to sit on her knees and suck me and like I was expecting Ritika looked at me with bit of complain in her eyes.

As by now I was more interested in Parmeet and wanted to see her expressions while watching cock sucking I did not gave much attention to Ritika and with a tender push downwards; to make her sit on her knees once again told Ritika to suck me and with a serious stare into my eyes Ritika kneeled down and started jerking my monster before taking it in her mouth.

Ohh...I hissed in pleasure and saw Parmeet getting excited, her eyes fluttered with a silent puff and she started breathing heavier and next instant looking into her big black eyes I hummed in pleasure with a feel of warm and wet mouth of Ritika. I looked down to see Ritika 's lovely face filled with my cock and collected her soft silky hairs in my fist;

so that not only me Parmeet can also see her friends face inflamed with my size and adressing her name I once again spoke to Parmeet "Parmeet achhe se dekh low....tumhen bhi ye sab karna padega...apne husband ke saath" "tum bhi aise hi Lund chusogi...." "Ab jyada din nahi bache...jaise hi tumhare parents ko koi achha ladka mil jaayega... Tumhari bhi Chudai shuru ho jaayegi"

Holding Ritika 's scalp in my hands, moaning and puffing in pleasure I was getting weird with the words and I could see my words were working well over Parmeet. " are amazing...." "Ritika I love you baby....I love you..." It was important for me to look after Ritika too,

looking at her face filled with my cock I praised her for what she was doing and extending my hand started caressing her soft sagging melons. I massaged her breasts nicely for a while and in the end rubbed her long hard nipples between my fingers briskly and Ritika quivered in excitement and stopped sucking me.

"Mazza aa gaya..." looking into her eyes I spoke with a smile and after a pause told her that now I will suck her Pussy "ab...main tumhari pussy suck karunga". Ritika got up, for an instant she looked at Parmeet, I too looked at Parmeet and I must say she was in real bad state, squeezing her pussy tight between her thighs sitting on floor with significant lust in her eyes she was looking at us without a flick

"Parmeet ab main fir se Ritika ki Pussy Chusunga....tum dekhna issko kitna mazza aayega" I continued arousing Parmeet and with that looking into her eyes I asked Ritika to get into doggy style as I wanted to lick her like a dog, “turn around…I will lick you like a Dog” and Ritika did what I asked.

She climbed on the bed and stood like a bitch over the edge and parting her fleshy ass with both the hands I buried my lips in her pussy. “hmmmmmm…..” Ritika hummed in pleasure deliciously and I tried going deeper in her pussy with my tongue. It was filthy but it was amazing to watch and after a minute I heard Parmeet humming in pleasure in significant voice,

holding Ritika ’s ass mounds I turned to look to at her and squeezing on her soft mango on her own with one hand and other over her pussy over the cloth she seemed dying in lust, “Kya hua Parmeet…?” (What happened Parmeet?) I asked her casually without any hope of getting any reply but by now Parmeet was gone crazy and breaking bars of vacillation,

with a choked voice she came up saying “mujhe bhi karna hai” (I also want to do it), I was dazed, that’s what I needed I got it easily and I replied to her by saying “aa jaao fir…”. By now Ritika was out of sucking pleasure and she was turned back from doggy posture and next Parmeet looked at Ritika,

for an instant Ritika looked at me and before she would have said anything I requested her to let Parmeet also do “please yaar…karne de usse bhi…hum teeno enjoy karenge” Ritika looked into my eyes with weird expressions and I once again buttered her by giving priority to her decision “if you will say no..Then it’s no…” but after a pause asked her feel Parmeet’s mind state

“but you just look at her…uske baare mein bhi kuch soch….” Ritika ’s expressions were discouraging, according to her even after her refusal for threesome sex I have aroused Parmeet for this and I was expecting that she might throw me out of the house just then but it was my day,

or you can say my night and instead of giving verdict instantly Ritika looked Parmeet and unexpectedly this time Parmeet also requested her for the same with just one word “please…”. Al though her voice was low and choked but as she dying in lust her gesture was expressive.

“Ok…come” eventually Ritika gave her consent after few seconds and just in a fraction my hardness of my cock went double. “Parmeet Mere pass aao…I will take off your clothes…” I spoke while spreading my arms and next instant Ritika slapped me hard on my shoulder with sarcastic fury “tujhe to yehi chahiye tha…”

As such I had no words to say and after locking her lips for few seconds I moved to Parmeet to get her to the bed.

To Be Continued...

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