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Aditi having threesome sex with Abhishek and Kittu - II

Previously: Aditi having threesome sex with Abhishek and Kittu - I

My breasts were getting heavier and nipples were getting harder and harder they could feel that as they were playing with them with their fingers and in a moment Kittu took my one melon in his mouth and started sucking my erect nipple like a child, Ahhhh…I moaned loud and closed my eyes.

Caressing my cheeks and hairs sensually, Subhash was looking at my pleasure expressions and within next few seconds he bent bit down over me took my other melon in his mouth started sucking me like Kittu was sucking. Ohhh…I started breathing further heavy, I could not believe that both of my milky juggs were getting sucked at the same time,

it was a feeling which was something very strange and cannot be imagined otherwise and I was somewhat enjoying getting sucked at both of my nipples by two lovers at the same time. They both chewed my nipples continuously and soon I started moaning properly as if I am enjoying and slowly I felt one hand reaching to my belly and it was none other than Subhash.

I tried to bring my thighs together but he somehow placed his palm over my fuckhole over the cloth and started rubbing my opening tenderly and that made me shudder erotically. Subhash was rubbing me there while sucking one of my luscious breast and other melon was getting loved by Kittu at the same time,

he was also partially on me and in a way they we both were covering my body completely and I could not do anything except closing my eyes and moaning in pleasure. Subhash went on rubbing my massaging my pussy and I started getting wetter and wetter and eventually felt that my love juices are pouring through the thin cloth of my panty and reaching to Subhash’s hand.

Next I felt another hand over my crotch and it was Kittu, he stopped sucking my nipples and tried to put his hand over my Pussy and Subhash told him to drift down my panty by saying “Isski kachhi neeche khiska de” and Kittu tried to do that.

From my side I tried to prevent them to take of my panty and I tried with my full energy but for me it was too late to react and they both overcame my physical efforts easily, Subhash held me tight from my shoulders and wrapped his leg around my waist and Kittu took out my panty completely out of my legs.

“ek dum clean shaven hai” Kittu spoke that to Subhash and Subhash replied back to him with “obviously…clean to hogi hi….kal gayi thi Chudwane…lekin Chudwa nahi paayi”. I won’t believe whatever was happening with me that day, I was stark naked in my own bedroom with two guys at the same time and one of them was my brother to whom I have always tied a holy thread known as Rakhi on the auspicious occasion of Raksha-Bandhan.

It was none other than Subhash who was actually mad over me since long. Anyway Subhash was holding me against his enormous weight and I was still trying to set myself free but my efforts were getting weak and as I calmed down a bit he asked Kittu “Chusni hai na isski Chut….” And Kittu replied with yes but told him to suck first by saying

“Haan…par pahle tu Chus….”and Subhash replied to him by saying “obviously… pahle to main hi bhog laggaunga”. I was getting mad in weird feeling, I don’t know exactly what was it, it was a mixture of lust with a fear of doing a sex with brothers and also with two males at the same time but they both were casual and very much comfortable with whatever they were doing with me.

“Aditi…I have never sucked a Pussy…” Subhash came up to my face and spoke that while looking into my eyes and continued “you know Randi (prostitute) Ki Chut Chusne ka mann nahi karta….” “par teri Chut hum zaroor Chusenge…tu to humari sister hai….” “Please Subhash leave me… please…try to understand… hum bhai bahan hain”

I tried to convince him but I like I knew he was unstoppable now and he smiled came up with a casual reply “tell me Bahan ko Bhai se zayada pyar aur kaun kar sakta hai”. By now Kittu was back beside us after taking off my panty and without any word with that concern he took charge of holding my body and Subhash went down and opened thighs wide apart and spoke while looking at my wet and streaming fuckhole

“Aditi teri Chut main Bahut maal bhara hua hai…you are so arouse”. I knew that I even after trying harder I was failing to control my arousal and with a thought that now I am going to get sucked over my fuckhole I started puffing madly with a upcoming pleasure.

I must mention that Oral sex, specifically sucking each other’s gentiles was something which I always liked but my boy-friend was never comfortable with it and we have barely tried that 2-3 times. Anyway here Kittu came over my face closely and before he would have placed his lips over mine down there Subhash placed his mouth over my love opening I trembled with jerk.

I don’t know when I opened my mouth for Kittu too and he started exploring my mouth wonderfully, Down there Subhash was doing his best to pleasure me, he was sucking my fuckhole like I always desired from my boy friend. He was tender and moving his tongue over my vertical lips like kids lick creamy ice-cream and I was trembling in pleasure.

Slowly Subhash’s passion enhanced and he chewed my thick opening for a minute with his lips and tongue and then tried to open my Pussy with his fingers and twirled his thick and rough tongue in my hot and wet fuckhole Breaking the kiss with Kittu I moaned loud and tried to push him but I failed to move him even a fraction and my crying state turned Subhash further on

and he inserted his thick finger my fuckhole and for an instant I failed to bear that pleasure and raised my bottom and banged it back on the bed. Soon after that Subhash slowed down his sucking and hummed to say Kittu to suck me and in a moment they swapped their positions over my body and now Kittu started sucking me but Subhash did not kissed me,

he wanted to see my facial expressions, I was moaning in intense pleasure because Kittu was also sucking nicely. Subhash removed my hairs from my face and caressed my cheek with affection and spoke to me while looking into my eyes “Mazza aa raha hai Bhaiyon se Chut chuswane ka…”

his words suddenly took me far and I started moaning loud in pleasure and Subhash sensed that I will not be able to bear that pleasure and might hit the climax and he stopped Kittu from sucking because he wanted to suck me to make me cum and once again they replaced each other, Kittu came up and Subhash went down to my fuckhole.

“Ahhhh…” now I could easily make out the difference between sucking of two males, Subhash was much better than Kittu, holding my thighs apart Subhash pressed my thick and swollen fuckhole with his tongue and in a moment went deep in my thighs and after burring his tongue in my fuckhole he sucked me in a way as if he wants to take out everything from my body

through my fuckhole and in a moment or two he started sucking like that I started trembling like mad. Once again while sucking me he placed two of his fingers over my fuckhole and started rubbing my opening and eventually inserted both the fingers into my fuckhole with a sudden jerk and I screamed erotically.

Holding Kittu hard and tight by now I was moving vigorously in pleasure, could not see any end of this pleasure, my pleasure moans were getting sharper and shriller because Subhash was somewhat gone mad and seemed as if he does not want to stop sucking me like that. Pressure was build inside me and I wanted to stop him but I could not speak anything,

I was just crying in pleasure and both the males were enjoying my state. “Subhash ye jhadd jaayegi….isska paani Chhutne wala hai” Kittu somewhat updated Subhash about my fucking state and after that Subhash went crazier and instead of sucking he finger fucked me fast and furious and in a moment I started banging my ass over bed and screamed loud

“Aaahhhhh… Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please stop……stop….. Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please…… please…..” I was dying and fortunately sensing my state they showed some mercy, Subhash stopped playing with my fuckhole and next instant Kittu released me from his weight and I immediately turned sideways and clenched my bursting fuckhole with my hand and between my thighs tight and started to cum feverishly.

That was something which I never experienced with my boy friend; I trembled like a fish with a broken breath and trembled with weird sudden jolts which were rising from my crotch and travelling through my body while making me shudder in strange voice.

My eyes were closed and I was feeling streams flowing out of my fuckhole and gradually as my orgasm subsided a bit and passed through my body I heard Subhash saying “mazza aa gaya” and just Kittu hummed to accept. “let’s fuck her now” Subhash spoke again and Kittu asked him “pahle to tu hi daalega?” “haan” Subhash said yes and turned me straight.

I was spent like never before but Subhash was charged and as he took off his Frenchie I got a glimpse of his monster. My god it was just like him, like I said Subhash is almost six feet with broad shoulder and enormous weight and his monster was also long and thick and fully erect.

That instant I could make out his size but with just a glimpse I saw it was much bigger and thicker than what my boy friend had and unknowingly for a moment my eyes got stuck to it. Seeing that Subhash smiled a bit while looking at my face and jerked his Penis with his one hand and spoke to me while trying opening my legs “Chal ab taange khol” “Subhash please Condom lagga le”

surprisingly now I did not pleaded him to leave me, unknowingly I was prepared to get fucked and I told him to put a Condom over his monster but Subhash denied and said that Kittu will fuck me with a Condom but he fuck me without that “main tujhe aise hi Chodunga….Kittu Condom lagga ke Chodega” and then he added “in any case tune i-pill to leni hi hai”.

I was speechless now and once again Subhash tried to open my legs while “khol taange” and I opened my thighs to give him access of my fuckhole without any protest and Subhash leaned over me while holding his monster straight in his hand.

Like it happens with a girl when she gets under a male, my breasts got crushed against Subhash’s broad chest and in a moment I felt tip of his thick monster parting my pussy lips. I was about get fucked by Subhash whom I have considered brother and friend and that instant mentally I was in the state I did not thought about asking him to leave me, even after discharging

my pressure hardly couple of minutes back once again I was feeling aroused and up to an extent I was waiting to get plunged with that enormous size monster and Subhash Did that with a sudden jolt. He flexed his massive bottom rapidly and in a fraction reached to the other edge of my womb.

I gasped loud while holding his firm body and he started fucking me with a nice pace from the very first moment. “Ohhhh…Aditi I love you Baby” Subhash uttered in rising passion and started brushing his lips over my neck and I started moaning in divine pleasure. I grabbed his back nicely in my arms and wrapped his pumping ass with my legs and enjoyed getting fucked till the depth of my fuckhole.

Gradually Subhash’s fucking enhanced and he started fuckign fast while shouting in pleasure and for a moment I felt as if I will blow in a moment but he suddenly pulled out his monster from my fuckhole to delay his discharge and told Kittu to fuck me, “Kittu Condom lagga ke Chod issko”.

Once Kittu told him to finish fucking me but Subhash insisted him and Kittu followed and took off his underwear and I got a glimpse of his monster too. My god they both had a huge Penis, Kittu’s length nearly equaled to Subhash’s length but other way Subhash was much thicker than him. Anyway Kittu did not wasted much time and covered his monster with rubber quickly and came over me like Subhash.

I folded my legs inward and he also plunged with a sudden jerk and started fucking me with a steady pace. Ohhhh…what a moment that was, once again I was getting touched somewhere in the depth of my womb where I was never touched by my boy friend. Kittu’s heavy ass rose and fall over my crotch and he tried his best to plunge me as consistently as possible and by now

I was so much into that act that I was not realizing that whatever we were doing is actually a sin, I was enjoying getting fucked like real bitch and went on revealing my pleasure by moaning in pleasure. Kittu fucked me steadily for a minute or bit more then he raised his pace and with that he started gasping.

I could sense that he was reaching to his climax and for an instant I thought that after a certain point he will also stop fucking me and to prevent him doing that I grabbed him tight in my arms and thighs and cried in pleasure to turn him further mad “fuck me…fuck me” and like I knew in a moment Kittu crossed the line where he control and fucked me fast and furious and ultimately squeezed his ass twice or thrice to release his gunk.

I Puffed loud when Kittu stopped screwing me with his massive crusher, I did not climaxed but it was kind of pleasure which I could not imagine that I will get ever with my boy-friend. Kittu was exhausted and slowly he got up and got away from my top and once again Subhash was ready to plunge me and eventually he did that but very differently.

He did not open my thighs instantly to put his Penis inside my fuckhole, rather he came over me and stated with a kiss and I responded to him nicely. Slowly he licked my face and brushed his wet lips around my neck while squeezing my breasts with his hands and I started moaning in rising lust.

Next he moved down and sucked my both nipples one by one while clenching my breasts roughly in his hands and then slowly tried to widen my this with his knee and came in the middle of my this with his crotch and then once again placed tip of his monster over my opening and while looking down as my fuckhole went slowly inside me.

I puffed in pleasure as now I could make that as compared to Kittu now my virginal mussels are stretched more apart. “ohhh…Aditi I love you” Subhash murmured and started fucking me with very slow pace. He fleshy ass moved back and forward and once again it reached to the depth of my fuckhole and I started moaning while holding him my arms.

Subhash wanted to fuck me as long as possible, possibly he was sensing that because I have already cummed I am far from my climax and he wanted me to cum again. He doing whatever he could do to last long as after fucking me for a while he stopped moving in and out of my fuckhole and started sucking my breasts and I shuddered in desire to get properly fucked.

Eventually after sucking my nipples for a while Subhash did not continued fucking me and changed the posture and took my both the legs over his shoulder and then impaled his massive ass over my folded body and screwed me steadily till he sensed that I am also moving ahead with him.

He then brought my one leg down and kept one resting on his shoulder and while being on his knees started fucking me bit rapidly. Kittu was sitting on the same bed, virtually he was spent but he was still jerking his monster while watching me getting fucked by Subhash.

I was moaning in pleasure of getting fucked and getting watched while getting fucked and slowly Subhash’s passion also increased and he started fucking me faster and removed my leg from his shoulder but kept on holding straight pointing roof and went on banging his crotch with mine and I continued gasping and grunting.

Passion rose further high and Subhash once again came over me missionary posture and I wrapped him in my arms and thighs. His pace was getting higher and higher and in a moment it went so high that we both started crying and shouting like a mad and finally it happened. Subhash’s bottom rose and fall twice like a machine and dipped down his entire length in my womb with loud cry.

I too trembled and also climaxed a bit I felt hot jizz getting spewed in my fuckhole. Though Kittu was bit charged but we both; me and Subhash were totally worn out and that was end of our first fucking session of the day. Next we all got up to wash and Kittu came up with the idea of getting a shower together and ultimately I was pulled by both the males into flowing water even after my refusal.

They played with my milks under water and sucked them at the same time and then fingered my fuckhole repeatedly one after another and I just went on moaning in pleasure. I don’t know how I lost control over myself and instead of behaving reluctant behaved like a slut and enjoyed everything they did with me.

I must mention that my relation with these two is still on and now I am very much engrossed into this fun and almost stopped fucking with my boy-friend. Anyway for an instant I am ending writing my experience here only but I must mention that I have a lot to share about that day which I will write after reading comments from readers.

For brief detailing I would say Subhash and Kittu somewhat toyed with me and my body for the whole day and it was so pleasurable that I failed to stop them and they fucked me numerous times with all possible positions. After coming out from shower we had a proper threesome in which both the males were playing with me all the time.

While I was on my back Subhash made me suck his monster and down at my lower half Kittu was buried in my thighs while sucking my fuckhole. Later while holding my waist Subhash was inside my fuckhole from behind and in front Kittu was moving in and out of my mouth. I promise if I will get a positive response from readers I will try to write again but only if I will get positive response.

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Aditi having threesome sex with Abhishek and Kittu - I

My name is Aditi; female of 26 and very recently through my cousin brother I came to know about this site and soon after that I have started writing down my sex experience. That was when I was fucked by two males at the same time, one was my same cousin Subhash who has actually showed me this interesting blog and insisted me to write down everything about that day; when he and his cousin Kittu fucked me in my own bedroom.

For bit of detail I would say Subhash is my first cousin belonging my mother’s side, he is actually son of my mother’s real sister and Kittu is Subhash’s cousin from his father’s side. Although Kittu is not directly in my relation but I know him very well because we three and couple of more cousins and friends of same age group often hang out around the city to watch movies.

Anyway while talking about my past relation with the guys I will say with Kittu I had a casual hi and hello and for me and Subhash, instead of brother and sister we were more like friends. We address each other with tu and all with casual teases over each other.

Immaterial I have often seen him staring at my body with a lustful eye but since then there was limit which Subhash never crossed and over sms and what’s app he maximum shared mild naughty jokes with me. Talking about my perspective for them I will say even though both Subhash and Kittu are very good looking guys, tall; almost 6 or an inch less with broad shoulders and fit body,

I never thought about them with that outlook, I have always considered them my brothers or maximum friends may be because I had boy friend since long and from last one year I was also sexually involved with him but this is also true that I have always liked Subhash’s company because he has very good sense of humor.

Now talking about my facial and physical appearance I will say I am fair, not extremely beautiful but good looking female with expressive eyes and sharp features. In Subhash’s perspective at present I have a sexplosive body but I believe around year back I was better,

I was thin and had a ideal figure with medium size melons and balanced fleshy over my thighs and ass but over the period of one year since I have started having sex with my boy friend I have gained lot of weight. Thought I still have a flat belly but in proportion of rest of my body my breasts are gone big and heavy and I have often noticed that they are point of attraction for most males around me.

Apart from my breasts my thighs have also gone fleshier and Subhash says as compared to past my ass is also much fleshier and it is now spread erotically wide. Anyway now while moving to the incident I will say it was a Friday and without anybody’s knowledge among my mom and dad, after skipping office and spending almost whole day with my boy friend I was back to my home around seven.

Day was bit disappointing for me because that day we; me and my boy friend were suppose to have sex but at the last moment my boy friend’s friend; in whose vacant flat we use to get on bed ditched with a lousy excuse and we roamed whole day just like that and ended up with just kissing and bit of breast play in the car only.

Soon after I reached back home Subhash called me and asked me if I want to watch specific movie in theater and told me that Kittu and another cousin sister whose name is Isha is also accompanying, I was tired of nothing and next day I also had a off, so to relax my mind I agreed to go along with them.

That time Mom was back home from her job and dad was yet to come from his factory, I told my mom about the plan and soon Subhash picked me up from my place. It was a comedy movie and we all enjoyed up to maximum. After movie and dinner by the time we came out to get back home time was well passed 11 and after dropping Isha at her place Subhash

asked me if I have any guest in my house and further asked me if they he and Kittu can stay at my place in the guestroom for the night. I do not have to say yes to it because it was obvious and I did not had anything to doubt over them because it was happened numerous times in the past. Anyway bit before 12 we reached back home and soon after that took our beds to sleep.

Nothing happened throughout the night and when I got up around 10 not only my mom and dad were gone to their work place but Subhash and Kittu were also gone from there. I was all alone in the house and within an hour or bit more I finished my morning courses, ate my breakfast, took a shower and ultimately sat down in front of television.

Time was little left for 12 when unexpectedly door bell ranged and it was none other than Subhash and Kittu who were standing on the door. Subhash gave me my jute bag which was left in his car last night and humorously told me to check it out if everything is intact and they have not stolen anything.

I took that casually and threw my bag away on the Deewan of our living room and asked him if they would like to have tea or coffee because I was about to go to make for myself. Like I knew Subhash asked for coffee and they casually settled down in the living room with a remote of television and I took a way to kitchen.

I came up with mugs coffee and we had it with casual chit chat over last night’s movie and after ending the coffee, when I felt that now they will be leaving once again Subhash told me to check my bag if anything is stolen and once again I took it lightly and stared into his eyes with an sarcastic anger.

He smiled and next moment he took out something from his pocket which literary shocked me. It was pack 20 condoms which was nearly half used. I was stunned and Subhash was smiling over my gesture. I recalled it was given by my boy friend, just to keep it for a while and I forgot to return him in the end and next Subhash took out something from the other pocket

and I was further shocked because it was a pack of birth control pills which actually belonged to me. Both the males were looking at me with a smile, if it would have been just Subhash then I would have tried to tackle him but I was embarrassed because that instant Kittu was also present and he was smiling over my facial expressions “I can’t understand one thing …..”

Subhash spoke that and after a tiny pause he continued “when you are using condoms…then why you use…I pills (contraceptive pills)”. I was speechless and could not decide how to react over that and next instant Subhash opened the pack of condom and out of twenty pieces he counted there were only 9 left and he came up with the words “this shows that you are fucked at least 11 times”

and next he opened the pills and saw just four pills were missing from the quantity and to that he reflected a question mark from his expressions that why only 4 are missing and then after few seconds reflected as if he has understood and spoke out “Ok ok I have understood …agar tere boy friend ne teri ek baar mein do ya teen baar bhi maari hogi to bhi tujhe goli to ek hi khaani padegi….!”

That was so raw and straight forward statement and I was embarrassed like hell but next instant I came up with an excuse that these things do not belong to me and one of my office friends has given me to keep it safe. For few seconds Subhash looked into my eyes without a flick and spoke out while moving his punch sideways like guys symbolize fucking “Aditi…I know you are fucked…”

then after a pause he spoke again “I also know ki tu kis ke saath sex karti hai…and even kahan jakar karti hai” and next he spoke my boy friend’s name and the place where that flat was located and I was shocked with that. I don’t know how he knew everything, he was following me or he was told by somebody.

Next Subhash threw both the boxes to me while saying “now you owe us a treat….or I will tell everything to massi (my mother)” that was friendly and casual and I came up with “Ok” with a smile. I looked at Kittu he was smiling and I blushed a bit and Subhash spoke again “don’t feel embarrassed…we all are alike…” and then he spoke again

“hum bhi sex karte hain… but since now we have done it with a prostitute” and once again I was surprised with that and asked back in same gesture “prostitute..?” and Subhash yes to it and added “haan…my girl friend is not as open minded as you are…she is waiting to get married with me” and then he added Kittu’s status by saying that he had a break up around a year back and right now he does not have any girl friend.

After that he detailed me bit about their sex life by revealing fact that in a month or two they both hire a prostitute with shared money and fuck her for whole night at some friend’s place. I was little surprised to know that they fuck a same girl in front of each other, one after another but I silently digested that fact without showing any such expressions.

Then there was silence for a while and Subhash looked at face and ultimately came up with a question in a weird Hindi slang “So…tune kal hi Chudwai hai?” “What are you saying?” I spoke out in bit of dominating voice and Subhash giggled over my expressions and rephrased his question in normal words “I mean tune kal hi sex kiya hai…?” “Nahi…”

I denied with mild roughness while looking at him and then at Kittu but then unknowingly calmed down and spoke again and casually revealed the truth to Subhash that my boy friend’s friend ditched to give keys at last moment and Subhash came up with a smile and words “that’s what we call KLPD” “KLPD….?” I asked him back and once again he spoke out weird Hindi “Khade Lund Pe Dhokha”

I was surprised and once looked at him with expressions of anger and he spoke again and it was more weird “in your case it’s GCPD” and then after a tiny pause spoke out the full form of that and it was “Gili Chut Pe Dhokha” and I failed to resist my smile and ultimately we all laughed loud over that.

After a cool laugh one again Subhash asked me that when I am giving them treat “treat kab de rahi hai…?” and I replied with “whenever you say…” and like I was expecting from his expressions Subhash instantly replied with “abhi…” (Means right now) and I came out with “Ok let’s go” to him. Next Subhash asked me where are we going “waise hum jaa kahan rahe hain?”

and I replied wherever you guys say “jahan tum kaho” and Subhash came up with a reply which I could not imagine, and it was “tere bedroom mein chalte hain” for an instant I failed to understand and instantly repeated his words with a surprise “mere bedroom mein” but next moment I realized what he means with that.

Subhash was smiling while looking into my eyes and next instant he moved to me and sat down on the same three sitters on which I was sitting and spoke again while looking into my eyes with naughty smile “I think now you have understood ki humen kya treat chahiye”. They wanted to fuck me “No…you can’t do that…” I spoke out and then after a tiny pause I spoke again

“You guys cannot blackmail me like this” I was facing Subhash because he was in front of me and Kittu was bit behind, Subhash looked at him for a moment and replied back with a cunning smile “but we are blackmailing you…soch le…I will tell everything to Massi(my mother)”. I was confident and I refused and told him to go and reveal the truth to my mother “go and tell her…”

and then after a pause I spoke again “we(me and my boy friend) are serious about this relation and I am ready to face anything… jaa batta de mom ko” I lied that we are serious but my confidence brought down Subhash’s composure and he spoke again “Ok I am no blackmailing you…I am requesting you….we are tired of fucking ugly prostitutes… and we want to fuck you”

and without giving a second thought I denied “No…I will not do it…you guys just get out of here” I was not screaming but I was serious and to the point but Subhash smiled over my gesture and spoke “see…my sex hormones are active now and I can’t help it….” then after looking into my eyes for couple of seconds he uttered again and it was

“tu evening mein Massi ke saath jaakar humare against zabardasti case file kar dena” (means in the evening you can go with Maasi and file a zabardasti case against us) and his words knocked my head with a shock but still I was not scared may be because I still could not believe whatever Subhash was asking me to do and for a instant I tried to dominate him by saying

“Subhash behave…enough is enough bahut ho gaya ye mazaak….” And he came up with “ye mazzak nahi hai I am serious…” in a very casual gesture and voice and then spoke again “let’s do it…pyar se karte hain…tujhko bhi mazza aayega aur humko bhi….” And then after a pause he spoke again “above that tere kapde bhi fatne se bach jaayenge”

I continued looking into his eyes without a flick and he smiled shamelessly, I don’t know what was running in my mind at that moment but one again I will say I was not scared at all and Subhash spoke again “guest room mein chalna hai to guest room mein chal….wahan ka bed bada hai… comfortable rahega” with that he tried to touch me over my knee and I removed his hand instantly.

Now I could feel that my heart beat was getting high, I looked behind Kittu was sitting quietly and don’t know intentionally or unintentionally he adjusted his erect Penis in his jeans when I looked at him. “Aditi let’s do it….I am telling you tujhe bahut mazza aayega…you don’t know how much we like you”

that’s what Subhash spoke next and once again reached to my knee with hand and when I tried to remove his hand he held my wrist with his other hand and rubbed and reached to my inner thigh and I went through strange sensation. I won’t say because I did not had sex yesterday I was dying to get a fuck but I did not opposed him with my full energy,

I don’t know why I did not tried to run or scream or save myself from them and Subhash continued rubbing my thighs and came little closer to me. My heart started beating little more high and I spoke “Subhash this is not right….” and he replied with “chhod na yaar ye sab…nothing is right and nothing is wrong…aajkal sab chalta hai…let’s have fun”.

Though in past I have seen both; Kittu and Subhash staring at my body with a lust but I never imagined that they will ever think about fucking me like this. At my end I confess that I did not tried to save myself from them with my full efforts, it could be considered my lust which even I could not feel that instant or it could be because of my past friendly relation with them, they were not strangers and I was not scared of them.

Anyway I was wearing a Capri of a very thin cloth with a t-shirt on the top and Subhash’s hands over my body were gradually getting rough, he was feeling thickness of the flesh of my thighs and I was again and again removing his hands.

He was smiling while looking into my eyes, though I was not smiling, rather over my facial expressions I was uncomfortable but I was not revolting hard and that enhanced Subhash’s confidence and he came little closer to and just then told Kittu to come too from his expressions and next instant I was sitting between two males and they both started touching my body.

Subhash’s hands were on my thighs and Kittu started with holding my shoulders from behind. My heart was pounding high and breath was getting fast and short, now I was little scared but still I was not at all protesting to save my dignity.

Subhash rolled his hand over my cheek with affection and came further forward and placed his lips over mine and same instant I felt Kittu’s hands moving forward and cupping my breasts from behind. Ohh…My God I could not believe what all was happening and why I was letting all that happen with me.

Knocking my mouth Subhash sucked my lips nicely and unknowingly I opened my mouth and he inserted his tongue into me and at the same time from behind Kittu started massaging my breasts with both of his hands and I felt my milks getting heavier. Kittu squeezed my melons till Subhash explored my mouth and by the time Subhash broke the kiss I was puffing in strange sensation.

I was not completely into the act but I was surely not out of it too, I was in dilemma of what to do and Subhash and Kittu did not stopped so that I can think what to do. After breaking kiss Subhash also touched my breasts and played with them nicely while looking at my face and I closed my eyes in shyness.

Thought deep inside I was still uneasy but virtually from expressions they considered that it is accepted to me and next Subhash spoke to Kittu, “Let’s take her to her bedroom…aaj wahin pe sab kuch karenge” and with that he treid to pick me in her arms.

I struggled a bit they easily overcame my efforts and along with the half used pack of Condom they both brought me to me own bedroom and started taking off my clothes after putting me on bed. Subhash took off my t-shirt and told Kittu to take out my Capri from legs and eventually in a minute or even less than that I was on my bed in just bra and panty.

I was wet at my fuckhole and with a prominent patch it was evident over my Panty Subhash smiled a bit while saying “Aditi you are wet... this means you are enjoying all this”. Next they started taking off their clothes and I pleaded to them for not doing all this by saying “Subhash please….stop…don’t do all this” and he replied with

“Meri Jaan…now stop behaving artificial aur enjoy kar ek saath do-do Lund …” once again that was very vulgar but it did surprised me as I was feeling tensed and I pleaded again “Subhash Please leave me…main mar jaaungi” (means I will die) and Subhash replied to me by saying “Don’t worry…tujhe kuch nahi hoga… you are not a virgin…I am sure you will enjoy….”.

Next Subhash spoke to Kittu and told him that they have to be slow and tender with me by saying “Kittu aaram aaram se karna hai…meri Aditi ko bilkul pain nahi hona chahiye” and Kittu accepted while passing a smile to me and soon after that they both were just in their Frenchies and they climbed on the bed. Subhash pushed me on the bed on my back and I lied down.

Subhash came over me partially and once again started kissing and sucking my lips. Kittu also came beside me on the other side and rolled his hand over the bare skin of shoulder and I trembled feverishly. After breaking the kiss Subhash turned me a bit to him and told Kittu to unhook my bra “Bra khol isski” and Kittu did that.

Subhash took out my bra from my arms and uttered “Wow…mazza aa ayaa” once again I was on my back and for a minute they both took my one juicy melon each and started squeezing it tenderly. Though still there was sign of uneasiness in my gesture but this is also true that it was disappearing gradually and I was getting aroused and it was evident over my warm puffs.

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Alok and Isha enjoying sex on dark nights - II

Previously: Alok and Isha enjoying sex on dark nights

If you read the sex stories only for sex then this may not be the best story for you as my focus in this story will not be on just sex. My name is Isha. I am the girl about whom Alok has written the “Alok and Isha enjoying sex on dark nights” story. I was literally shocked to see this story online. I wouldnt have written this if Alok would have shown the gutts and written the real story.

I dont say Alok has written a fake story but hasnt written the full story as well. I dont know about Alok but I am ashamed to call Alok my Brother. I wish I had no relation with him. The story narrated by Alok is true till the second last paragraph but the last paragraph is totally cooked up.

Its true that one night Alok had sex with me without protection and without my consent as well but it is false that I got convinced after that and allowed him to have sex with me in full lights. After the night where the story had ended I stopped entertaining him. I did not allow him to touch me. He kept trying but still I did not allow him.

A couple of times I had to warn him that if he molests me any more I will tell my parents. But one day he surprised me. He opened his laptop and showed me some photographs and videos. The photographs and videos were mine. He had shot me nude and in very wrong way. We both had given each other right to play with each other even if we were sleeping.

So a lot of times he used to strip me late at night and play with me even if I was sleeping. So I believe then only he had opened the lights and taken my such pics and videos. I was unaware of what to do. I felt helpless. Now, he started blackmailing me that if I dont obey to him, he will spread these photographs and videos online.

He showed me some sites where such stuff can easily be uploaded or traded. One of the sites was this one where this story is being published. So after that I started visiting this site to check and enjoy as well.

I was made to surrender. I was dumbstruck. After that once again he started fucking me regularly with lights and without condom. I had no option but to go for unprotective sex and take contraceptives. He had become very aggressive. He would lot of times beat me up as well for no reason. Now he started taking more and more photographs and videos.

His collection size was increasing. His domination had started crossing limits but I couldnt do anything. There were a few incidents which I will not forget for rest of my life. One night he opened the laptop. He told me that I have two options either to upload 10 photographs on any of the porn websites or to go in a Lesbian yahoo chat room, invite girls and do strip on cam with at least 3 girls.

I had no option but to chose yahoo chat room. While doing this he sat on one corner from where he wasnt visible on cam but he could see the screen. I was able to find a few girls for nude chat. Looking at foreign fair skinned girls he started mastrubating in one corner. While doing this, he was recording me so that this cam strip also adds to his archives.

He had fell in love with this cam to cam thing and made me to do this a lot of times. Most of the times it was with lesbians/ couples. On yahoo there used to be couples also who would do c2c sex chat with either girls or couples. So a few times Alok also jumped into the cam if the other side wanted couple only and not a solo girl.

The other incident was when he made me to sleep with one of his friends. One night my parents had gone out of town for some reason. Alok and I were alone at home. I was quite sure that something adventurous would happen but something like this would happen I hadnt imagined. Alok had invited his friend to home that night. His friend had got alcohol along with him.

They both were drunk out of limits and were almost out. Alok had borrowed some money from his friend which he was not able to return so that night his friend asked Alok to clear the dues. Alok showed inability to clear the dues. Listening to this his drunk friend started abusing and insulting him which drunk Alok could not take it.

Alok called me out and told his friend, "Jaa aaj raat ke liye yeh teri hain. Aaj poori raat maze karr aur subah apne paise bhool jaaiyo." I remember exactly that he had used these words. I was shocked. I refused straight away. Drunk Alok asked me to shut up. I couldnt speak. In between he asked his friend if likes this deal. His friend had a witty smile. I again refused that I wouldnt do this.

Alok took me to the bedroom. He got the bottle of vodka in his hand. He said either to drink this vodka neat right now or sleep with his friend or he would send all the collection to different porn site. I had tears in my eyes. I was once again confused. Meanwhile Alok came near me. Opened the bottle and put it in my mouth and made me to drink.

He poured at least one glass of vodka in my mouth and that too neat. I had lost my mind not able to understand whats happening and within minutes I had fallen somewhere. I dont remember what had happened with me that night but next day morning when I woke up with a heavy head I found myself naked. Alok and his friend were lying around me.

Alok was completely naked and his friend was with undies only. When I touched my vagina I could feel that it was sticky and someone had cummed in me. I was getting trapped day by day. The only hope I had was that Alok is not my real brother and sooner or later he will have to go away from my house.

But before Alok went away one more major incident took place. Alok once gave me a date that on this day I should be free as I will have to go somewhere with him and not to tell anyone in the family. I knew that this was related to our sexual relationship but was not able to guess what was his plan.

He had instructed me that on the day I will have to leave the house by 9 in the morning and will return home by late evening so inform accordingly at house. This was very normal for Alok as he is a guy but for me it was difficult as my parents kept a know how about me. So some how I made excuses in the house and told them that I would come back home late.

I think I told them that I would be going to a friend's place to study. Alok had already left and had asked me to call once I leave the house. I called him once I left. He told me a meeting point. I met him there. From there we walked to a luxury hotel. As we entered the hotel, he gave me a bag and asked me to change the dress in the wash room.

I tried to ask him whats happening but he refused and angrily asked me to do as told. I took the bag and went to the wash room. In the bag there was lingerie and one piece thigh length skirt. I was so confused yet again on whats going to happen next. I changed. It was a very sensuous dress. I came out of the washroom. From there he took me to a room.

When he was taking me to the room I thought he has booked a room and wants to spend some romantic time with me but subconsciously I knew that this is not going to be such a nice experience. I was surprised to find that there was already a man in the room. It was a suite. The man greeted Alok and me. We sat in the drawing room.

I had heard about the suites but never been to one. It was huge and amazing. Really luxurious. The man went somewhere within the suite. Then only Alok told me that he has invited few men here who will have sex with me and I dare say anything against. I was yet again shocked that I am made a prostitute. But the way he had ordered I did not have a choice.

I was still not sure what the plan was. The man came back and sat with us. We generally chit chatted for sometime knowing about each other. The man was an NRI working for a foreign Company and had come to Bangalore for some long project hence was staying here. He must have been in his early 40s. After some time the man did some gesture to Alok and went away.

Alok told me to go to the bedroom where he was waiting. I slowly walked away and went there. I am sorry I would not be able to share about what happened with me in details as it wasnt pleasant expereince. Yes but he fucked me. Once he finished he asked me to stay here and he himself went away. As soon as he went out Alok came in.

Alok told me to dress back again and wait here. He also informed that there are other clothes also kept if I wish I can wear those as well. After 15-20 minutes the second man came. He also did the same thing. Fucked me. After that session Alok told me to eat something but I wasnt interested. Then other man came. Fucked me and went away. By this time I think it was 2.

After doing so much sex I was hungry I quickly took out something from the room fridge and took a quick bite. Then the fourth person came. I think he was as old as my father. He was also no different. He also fucked me and went away. I was getting more and more depressed. I was literally crying during the change over. I was literally made a prostitute without my choice and my need.

After that two more men came one by one. They also screwed me. The good thing about this was everyone was using a condom so in a way I was safe from any diseases but this was very tyring. My mouth and vagina had started paining badly. There were so many love bites on my breasts which might have been love bites for people biting me but for me they were wounds.

When the sixth man came I felt like saying him please spare my vagina go for ass it is still fresh for the day. After the end of the fifth person I was told that there are total 6 people invited. After the sixth person went out I was so happy I quickly started wearing my normal clothes by then Alok came and said its his turn now.

Two more people followed him one was the NRI man and the 5th person. Rest of them had left. It was time for gang bang. All three attacked on me. I am sharing this incident in detail as something interesting happened here which I liked. Once this gang bang started Alok was the first person to enter my vagina. Soon after the 5th guy entered my ass.

I was being double fucked. But the fifth guy didnt last long and cummed in 2-3 mins itself. Now only Alok and NRI were left. Alok shifted to ass and offered vagina to the NRI. The NRI started fucking me. Once again I was being double fucked. After sometime NRI withdrew his cock and I thought he is also over.

He offered his cock in my mouth I thought he is giving me his cock for cum but it was normal sucking. Withing few minutes he withdrew his cock from my mouth and tried to enter into Alok's ass. At that time Alok was fucking my vagina in a position from where someone could easily doggy fuck him. And this NRI entered in his ass. Alok could not do anything as he was in his room.

He was also turned into a gigolo. I was enjoying it. Alok's cock was in my vagina and I could feel it was getting softer due to distraction but NRI was in full swing. The position I was in I couldnt see NRI directly but I could see him through mirror. He was enjoying this and I was enjoying this too. And Alok was being sandwiched between two of us.. This time NRI cummed on Alok's face. It was so nice. I loved that site.

The day finally came to an end. Later on when I asked Alok he told me that he had found these men on yahoo chat rooms. They were shown my photographs and they had individually agreed to pay Alok a good amount for me. Thats why all of them were called at different time. How much amount did they pay, Alok did not tell me.

However NRI did not pay a rupee as he had given his room on rent for whole day and to everyone. This was very sad. Alok was planning a few more such outings but somehow I tried to convince him that someone might harm us in a physical way as well. We may come across drug addicts, criminals, spys etc. who would be difficult to handle. He was convinced some how.

But his brutuality continued. I continued to accept that because I knew he would go away sooner or later and if I complaint, one fact will also come out that once I mutually accepted to have sex with my brother be it in dark or light but I offered him my body with my consent. He also had my photographs and videos which is enough to make my personal page on a porn site.

When he was going I requested him to delete all my material which he agreed to and deleted in front of me from laptop, personal mail accounts and expandable hard disk as well. I dont know how differently could I have reacted but I reacted in this way and all this happened.

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Alok and Isha enjoying sex on dark nights

My Name is Alok. I am 22 years old. This is the story of my engineering days. I am from Delhi but I did my engineering from Bangalore. One of my uncles is living in Bangalore. So I did not take hostel or any accommodation in Bangalore, instead I stayed at there place.

I have one elder brother, Ankit and my parents in my family whereas in my Uncle's family there is Uncle, Aunty and their 2 children Sanchit and Isha. Sanchit was doing his graduation from Delhi University, hence he was staying at my place in Delhi. And I was staying at his place in Bangalore. So you can say that it was a kind of trade off between the two families.

Personally I would have liked to stay in the Hostel or personal accommodation but my parents were against it and wanted me to stay at my relatives place. The home in Bangalore is a 2 Bedroom Compact Apartment. So it meant that Uncle Aunty had occupied one room and Isha and I had occupied the second room.

The room problem was one of the reasons that I didn’t want to stay at their place in Bangalore. It felt really awkward sharing a room with a girl who is quite grown up. When I had shifted to Bangalore, she was in 9th class which meant that we had reached an awkward stage to share the same room. But we both adjusted well. There were no major problems amongst us.

Slowly I developed a good relationship with the Bangalore Family. Everything went well till I entered in third year. Life was normal. It all started on one dark night. I was not feeling sleepy. Slowly I started getting arousal thinking about sex and girls. This was not the first time when I got such thoughts at this hour of the night.

But whenever I used to get such thoughts I would use the Internet on my phone, watch porn or just fantasize about something, go to the washroom and masturbate and sleep. But I didn’t do that on that night. I got an idea to fondle with Isha. Everyone in their family had very sound sleep they never got disturbed because of small noise, lights, doors etc. which included Isha as well.

Isha was surely sleeping. But I didn’t want to do that but I could not control my sex glands. I slowly moved my hands towards her. Sleeping on my chest, I moved my right hand under her sheet. I touched her body. I wanted to stop but was not able to do so. She was sleeping on her back which meant I could get a feel of her breasts.

Before I go ahead I should let you know that she was no beauty queen. She was 11th Class student then. Wheatish in colour. Reasonably well developed body. Long hairs. But took good care of her body. Coming back to that dark night, I carefully placed my hand over her breast. I had lost my arousal due to so much of tension. But I wanted to go ahead.

Then I comfortably placed my hand over her breast and started pressing her right breast which was the nearest to me. I started getting my arousal back and soon my cock was erect. She was wearing t shirt and bra underneath with a lower to cover her lower part of the body. I slowly and worriedly kept pressing her reasonably good breast. She was asleep.

But soon I realised that I should stop and move to the bathroom. That night I went to the bathroom. Cummed. After cumming I was shocked about whatever nonsense I had done. At that time I thought I will never repeat this again. In the washroom I even slapped myself out of frustration. I came back and slept.

A few days passed and I didn’t do anything of that kind again. But again a similar night came. Once again such thoughts started coming in my mind. I progressed and once again reached towards her breasts. Repeated the similar exercise of playing with her boobs. Completed the exercise. Went to the bathroom and cummed. Once again I was ashamed but less than last time.

My progress continued. And slowly I started losing the shame and started treating her like a toy. In the subsequent nights my hand had reached underneath her t shirt and had felt her cleavage area. I had pressed her boobs just above the bra. I had even reached the lower part of the body. But I didn’t enjoy as her pussy did not have any feeling above her panties and lowers.

I used to play with my sleeping sister, once or twice a week. One night I was enjoying her body over her t shirt and I was surprised to find that she was not wearing a bra. I checked by rolling my hands all over her t shirt but I couldn’t find the seam of the bra. Once it was confirmed that she is without the bra, I quickly withdrew my hand.

Rechecked if she was asleep or just pretending to be asleep. She was definitely sleeping. Still I waited for a few minutes to double check if there was any major movement. But she was asleep. I felt really happy that I will be touching her bare boobs. I re inserted my hand under the blanket and tried to find the seam of the bra which was still missing.

I checked the lower but I could find the lining of the panty. Only bra was missing. I still don’t know why she was not wearing the bra. But I inserted my hands under her t shirt and grabbed one of her medium sized boob in my hand. It felt amazing. My erection increased by a few times. That feeling cannot be explained. That night was one of the best nights for me. Her boob felt so good.

It was smooth, soft and easy to grip. That night I pulled up her t shirt and pressed her boob well without really holding myself back. I also removed her blanket a little bit from the top. Her boobs were exposed to the air. I was slowly playing with both her boobs. I wanted to play more but my erection had reached the peak. That night I got one of the best erections ever.

I had to handle that as well. So I withdrew my hand, made sure to cover her back with her t shirt and the blanket and turned onto my back. While playing with her I always had to sleep on my chest so that I can easily slip my hand on her so it was always difficult to manage her breasts and my dick together. So once again I came back on my back. I holded my cock.

It was rock solid and feeling really good. Didn’t feel like removing my hand. Instead I put my hand inside and after a few minutes took out the cock to the open air. I started jerking. Although every time I used to jerk in the washroom. But this time was different. I desperately wanted to go to the washroom but couldn’t stop even for a minute.

I started jerking slowly fantasizing about what I had got tonight. The speed increased. My lower and undies were pushed further down. T-shirt was pulled up. I was caressing myself as well. And ultimately jerked. That was a hell of a night. I stood up which was very difficult as my hand, cock and pubic area was full of the extremely sticky cum.

After that night I never found her sleeping without the bra. Hence till date I don’t know why was she not wearing the bra that night. These things continued. Whenever there were sleepless nights for me I would turn towards her, check if she was not awake, play with her boobs and feel a little satisfied. But let me tell you again that I didn’t use to do it every night.

At most once or twice a week. But I had totally lost the guilt that I was doing this with my sister. One night I was doing the routine of pressing her breasts. My hands were under her t shirt for few minutes and suddenly I felt that maybe she was awake. I quickly removed my hands from there. I was not sure if she was awake but I felt that she was not sleeping. I stayed calm.

There was no movement from her. But I didn’t want to take the chance. So I went to sleep without even masturbating. I did not repeat that for a few days. One night I gathered some confidence, checked if she was asleep or not. She was sleeping, I gathered some confidence and moved my hand towards her. I kept on pressing her boobs for few minutes.

After few minutes I inserted my hand under her top. Caressed her belly and naval and then ultimately moved up. As usual I pressed her semi naked boobs. Made my hands feel the flesh of the cleavage and the bra covering her nipples and lower part of the boobs. I was thinking to withdraw my hands in a few seconds but once again I got a feeling that she was awake.

This time I was damn sure that she was awake. I quickly withdrew my hand and came back to the normal position. I was so tense that I didn’t even put her top back to the right place. I knew I had done a blunder. I needed to adjust her top but that was not possible. She was awake. I came back to my normal position. I was very tense now. Feeling angry on myself what have I done.

I knew that she has come to know that what I am doing. I was not moving now on my part of the bed. I was just thinking about what will happen now. All sorts of thoughts were coming to my mind. What if she stops talking to me? What if she starts shouting? What if she tells her parents? What if her parents tell my parents? What if there is police complaint?

What if there is a fucking case on me? I was confused if I should talk to her and apologize or let the things happen her way. I was stuck on my bed. Unmoved. I wanted to die because of embarrassment. I wanted heart attack to find me tonight. I didn’t want to face Isha or the world. I was sinking. In between all this I felt something on my lowers. Someone touching my penis.

It was Isha. My penis had already lost the erection. I was blank. I was not sure what was happening. I was still confused. I was unaware and nervous about the things happening around me. She was constantly rubbing my cock. She had the courage to enter her hands under my lowers and ultimately under the underwear and hold my cock which I could never do never do with her pussy.

My cock still had not responded. I had still not recovered from the fact that Isha had caught me playing with her. Suddenly I came back to my senses and told myself that why am I making it such a big issue when she doesn’t have any problem with what I have done with her and then why am I over reacting. And suddenly my cock erupted in the hand of Isha and got full erection.

For few minutes I allowed her to hold my cock and play amateurly with that. She was having problem to play with the cock under the lowers and undies. She pulled it out and kept massaging. My erection had increased and it was very difficult to control. I turned towards her and started kissing her. She also responded in similar way. It was a passionate and deep kiss.

For me it was also the first kiss. I was trying to explore her deep. It continued for some time. I was almost lying on her and had transferred my weight on her. Her hands were around neck and head. She was caressing my hair and my cheeks. I lifted myself a little. And kept my hands on her boobs. The kissing was on. Quickly I started pressing them.

Now I was playing with her boobs confidently and properly. I got up and pulled her up. In no time I pulled her t shirt off. And also got her rid of her bra. She hinted me of taking my t shirt off by trying to put hand under my t-shirt. I pulled the t shirt out and we both were topless. I was almost bottom less as well as she had pulled out my cock. I attacked her boobs.

This time not just hands but my mouth was also doing some work. I was kissing one boob and pressing the other one. This continued and boobs kept changing. Now she grabbed my cock in her one hand in very uncomfortable manner but had definitely charged me. I surrendered her boobs and got my cock near her body so that she can play with it properly and make me feel satisfied.

She was an intelligent girl. She had played a lot with it with her hands so she quickly took it in her mouth. She started sucking it. Her saliva was making it wet. I think she was spitting unintentionally as we were still amateur. The pre cum was constantly coming out. But it was hard to separate her saliva and my precum as her saliva was definitely in a lot more quantity than my little pre cum.

After a certain point I felt that I might cum if she continues so I withdrew my cock slowly. I went down to her legs. I pulled her lowers down. I pulled off her panties. In the dark I could feel that it was a hairy pussy. And it was very wet. Her arousals could be felt in the wetness of her panties itself. I was touching a pussy for the first time.

I wanted to attack that pussy because of my refection but first I wanted to get educated by touching it. I touched it softly and gently. Feeling the pussy right from just below the naval right uptill the ass hole. I was trying to feel each and every organ be it the pubic region, pussy, opening or the ass hole and also her thighs which were absolutely smooth as silk. I then offered a few kisses in that region.

Starting from the naval I quickly came down to her pussy lips. I kissed there and started licking it. My saliva was also getting transferred on her sex organs but not as much as she was transferring but it was amazing to kiss a girls soft pussy and softer boobs. Her pussy and my mouth was maintaining my dicks refection. I wanted to enter inside her.

I re adjusted her to fuck her but she stopped me. In almost pleading voice she said please don’t fuck me. I was confused but then I somehow tried to control myself and quickly took my cock and inserted in her mouth and started mouth fucking.

While the process was on we readjusted ourself and she was in a sitting position with the back support of the bed and I was on knees and continuously doing up and down around her face and she making that vomiting sounds (vomiting not coughing mind you. not able to translate those in text).

My pushes were aggressive she surely would have been in trouble and as my pushes were increasing the cum was getting ready to cum out. The mouthfucking speed reached its peak and I cummed in her mouth. As I cummed, I pushed my cock to the deepest position in her mouth.

Although it was dark but I think that not even a single drop of cum had come out and all was absorbed by her. I withdrew my cock and kissed her for a minute. Wore my clothes back and went to sleep. As she did not allow me to have sex I thought she might be worried about pregnancy or Sexual diseases.

So next day I got a pack of condoms in the hope that she might now agree to have sex. When everyone in the family went to sleep including us. I told her that I have got the condoms tonight. Can I go ahead? She refused. She said only oral sex and foreplay. She also did not like the lights being on while doing all this so it was always "Dark Nights".

Maybe she might have felt shy doing with her brother. Slowly slowly this had become a routine. Whoever of the two felt sexually hungry would move towards the other and get the hunger satisfied by a lot of oral sex and foreplay. We would kiss each other, play with the boobs, cock sucking, pussy licking, massages, ass spanking etc. In short everything but sex.

There was a mutual understanding between us whenever we did all this either it would be a cock day or a pussy day. I mean when her pussy would be getting the attention, my cock will not come out and when my cock would be getting her attention, she would not remove her lowers so that we can control ourselves and not get indulged in sex.

I don’t know about her but it was very difficult for me to control myself and not have sex. I mean a girl used to be fully naked in front of me. I could have easily fucked her. Even if she did not like it, she wouldn’t have complained to anyone even if I had fucked her. But I had to remember every time that she was my sister first and then a pleasure partner.

But one thing was for sure, no matter what happens, her boobs were always and always exposed to the air. She was suppose to get top less every time. We also didn’t use to talk a lot while having all this. We would open our mouth if and only if we did not have any other option (Though, we used to moan a lot though. Not much in my case but definitely a lot in her case).

But our normal brother sister relationship was absolutely normal. We used to talk very normally. One day in the morning I was getting ready after the bath. I was taking out my undies from my drawer. I found her panty lying in my drawer, I thought it would have come here by mistake. I picked it up to keep it back in her cupboard and I found a pack of condom lying in between.

I think I had got the message that she wanted to move to the next step. I kept that pack of the condom with myself and kept the panties back in the cupboard. But I also played a game. At night she used to wear normal lowers and t shirts but I like the gowns and nighties. She had one nighty but she didn’t wear that.

So I opened her cupboard searched for the nighty and kept that panty and the nighty together. It was a Saturday. At night everyone in the family was watching TV. At around 10.30, she went to sleep. I waited in the drawing room waiting for everyone to sleep before we proceed. But Uncle Aunty were taking long time to go to sleep. At around 11.30 they decided to sleep.

I was still watching TV as I wanted to make sure that they go in their room and are settled in their bedroom and fallen asleep. At around 12 am I decided to go to the room. I went inside the room. Closed it and locked it. I opened the lights of the room to find her lying on the bed and pretending to sleep. She had covered herself with a blanket. But I was eager to check if she is wearing the nighty.

I went close to her. Picked up the blanket a little bit and I was happy to see her in the nighty. As soon as I saw her, she said "Please close the lights." And I was like frustrated but how does it matter it was D Day. I closed the light and removed my t-shirt. I went to the bed. I removed the blanket. I like girls in nighty because accessing them becomes so easy especially on the lower part of the body.

I just caressed her with my hand over her nighty from toe to head. Her nighty had been pulled up till knee levels hence I could touch her smooth legs. Suddenly I felt something. She very aggressively pulled me towards her and started kissing me. Oh my my. Wow. I surrendered to the women power and got attracted towards her. She started kissing me. I also kissed her.

I had hugged her on the bed and was kissing very hard. I wanted to transfer all my weight on her so that I can be relaxed but instead I pulled her on myself. I was lying on my back and she was lying on me. Her breasts were touching my chest. Her belly was on my tummy. Her pussy was resting on my cock. Her soft thighs were on my fat thighs and her smooth legs were on my hairy legs.

But in all this our lips had not separated even for a fraction of second. We kept kissing. I wrapped her back with my hands and her thighs with my legs. We were inter locked. Her nighty had already reached half way towards her thighs. I pulled up her nighty till her upper back. And once again locked her with my hands. We had not yet stopped kissing.

My cock was giving me problems inside my jeans and undies. I quickly wanted to enter inside her but she was in a different mood tonight. I unhooked her bra by the time so that we don’t waste time once we stop kissing. We were so tight that when I unhooked her bra I didn’t feel any difference in her breasts which were pressed in between her back and my chest.

I moved my hands towards her ass and pressed it over her panties. My cock was going wild. I somehow forcefully separated her. I removed my jeans and undies and she removed her nighty, bra and panties. I asked her "69?" And she replied yes. We took the position. This time I lied on the bed and she stayed on the top. I started kissing her pussy and she licked my cock.

My cock didn’t need her sucks which I realised quickly. I withdrew from that position. I had understood that if I don’t enter in her I might cum in few minutes. I made her lie on the bed and sucked her pussy for a formality. I made sure to spit a lot on her pussy so that she doesn’t feel any pain. I took the pack of the Condom. Trying to open it in dark but found it difficult to open.

I wanted the condom out fast. but the pack was not opening. I stood up to open the light quickly. Tore of the packet. Took the condom out and came towards the bed while putting on the condom. And once again I heard "Close the lights." And I was like FUCK OFF YOU BITCH. Though I didn’t say but I felt. I closed the light. Went to the bed. She took the position by the time.

Lied on the bed and opened her thighs. I found her quickly in the dark. I spread her legs more and tried to enter inside her virgin pussy but failed. I thought it would be smoothly in but it was tight and difficult. I tried again and pushed a little. She moaned a little. I pushed a little more. She moaned a little more. With the first 2 success I felt the over confidence and pushed too much and she shouted.

I forgot that she was a virgin. I withdrew back. And once again pushed in not with the same force. She was still in pain. I pushed a little more. I kept going in. And slowly slowly started feeling comfortable. Within a few seconds everything became normal. And I started fucking her normally. Although once she felt comfortable. I was fucking her very fast as she made me very hard with her kisses.

In the comfy climate of Bangalore I was sweating but who cared. I kept on fucking her. And she was enjoying too. She was responding well with her moans and her pushes despite the fact that we were in missionary position in which girl just has to relax and doesn’t have to make any effort. In no time my cock was shouting to cum. I wanted to stay inside but my cock wanted to cum.

I tested my cock and the Condom and didn’t remove my cock and cummed inside her pussy with the condom on. The splashing cum relaxed me a little bit and my forces reduced. Despite the fact that I had cummed I didn’t want to come out of her pussy. I tried to stay inside but my cock shrinked and was thrown out of her pussy. I removed the condom. I first offered her my cock to suck it and clean it.

And then poured the cum inside the condom in her mouth. Suddenly I recalled that girls bleed when they lose their virginity. I quickly stood up and opened the lights. I found the blood on the bed but Isha is an intelligent girl and she had spreaded a sheet on the bed in the area where we had sex.

For the first time I calmly saw her naked. During the condom scene I was very frustrated and excited so didn’t notice her as much as I did. I felt that she was not as bad as I thought. She was just dusky. But had a beautiful skin and figure. By the time she stood up. Picked up that sheet, condom and her clothes and went to the washroom. I also wore my night dress and lied on the bed.

I did not close the light. After few minutes she came out. She was not wearing the nighty but was wearing the regular night dress. She kept back the nighty in her cupboard. Don’t know what did she do with that virginity sheet. There was dead silence in the room. She closed the light, opened the door lock and we went to sleep.

Now we had become sex friends. We used to have sex very often. She was very cooperative, whenever I felt the desire to have sex, she would never say no untill and unless she was in her periods. But after getting so much from her I still felt that something was missing i.e. the lights.

One day no one was at home in the afternoon. She was alone at home, hence I bunked the college and decided to come home early. As it was day time, and there house was well ventilated and got lot of day light so I got a chance of fucking her in lights, I felt a lot different and satisfaction levels were very high.

Now, my desire to fuck her in lights on regular basis had increased a lot but was not able to convince her. She was very stubboned. So I got an idea. One night we were having regular sex and foreplay. Everything was happening very normally as it happens every time but I had different plans. I was taking a risk. While fucking, when we decided to change the position to missionary.

I very quietly removed the condom from my cock. First I holded both her hands with mine and kissed her and then guided my cock inside her pussy. I don’t think she came to know that my cock was naked. But for safety purpose I did not leave her hands. I had a fear that if her hands are free she will take them towards her pussy to rub or maybe towards my cock as well.

I kept the level of passion and love very high so that she doesn’t get distracted. And finally our fuck speeds increased and I cummed in her pussy. As soon as I cummed, she pushed me back. She quickly stood up opened the lights and saw my uncovered cock and quickly started cleaning her pussy by entering her fingures inside.

And very furiously asked me what nonsense was that. I explained her that I want the lights to be opened. I had got a pack of I-pill before only. And within minutes offered her the same and asked her to take the medicine to which she agreed.

She had not accepted one thing till now i.e. using of lights rather she was not allowing me to have sex for few days but I had to convince her a lot and ultimately she accepted and we started making love again and this time with lights on. Every time.

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Bourne enjoying softcore sexperience with sister

Hello everyone! I'm Bourne!(Name changed) I live in Bangalore. I'm 19 years old. I'm currently doing my 2nd year of college. The story I'm about to you tell you happened 3 months ago. This is a real story, you'll believe it once I start explaining. Let me explain about myself first. I'm 6'feet tall, slim, have broad shoulders and 6 inch rock hard cock.

This incident happened between my elder sister and me. She is 6 years older than me. Let me explain about her. She is very fair, 5'10 feet tall with a size of 36-30-36. She is a little chubby. We are a modern family. My parents stay in my native. My sister got a job in Bangalore and she stayed as a paying guest for two years. When I joined college in Bangalore, we decided we could stay together.

During our childhood we were like every brother and sister, fighting, playing... In this story I almost fucked my sister, yes almost! So people can leave if you're not interested. To explain this incident I need to explain you few other incidents first.

During my highschool, my sister was studying her undergraduate in my native. During that time I came to know all about sex and I was not able to be free with my sister. My sister is usually so close to me. She used to hug me every now and then. Whenever she was with me, she will brush her boobs on my shoulder or some where else....

Till my highschool I didn't notice this but after entering into highschool, I started getting excited. I stared grazing my sis's boobs and ass wheneveI possible and she too didn't mind that. One day me and my sis visited a temple near our house and it was a lot crowded on that day. We entered the temple and few auspicious places were alot crowded.

On that specific day my sis was also one of the victim. People started touching her at crowded places, my sis got really annoyed and it benefitted me. She came so close to me such that my cock was touching her ass all the time. I almost tried to control my hard on but couldn't. She must have felt it too but she didn't move away. And I also touched my sis's boobs few times in the crowd.

It was the most softest thing I ever touched in my life. I mastrubated again and again that day. I started finding oppurtunities to touch my sister from then. My father bought me a bike during my highschool. During my sister's third year sem holidays she asked me to teach her how to ride gear bikes. I was more than happy to teach her, I said yes.

We went to an empty ground near my house and there were no one around. I explained her everything about gear bikes like how to shift gears, etc etc. Then I told her to climb the bike, she did. I told "OK now try to release the clutch" she told me to get on the bike behind her. I told her doubles in a two Wheeler was more tough during learning stage but she was reluctant and I climbed on the back of her.

Oh my god! That was the best experience. I had my hands at her waist. I grazed her boobs whenever she switched off the bike. Eventually she learned how to keep the Engine running and started driving in road, but she did not have steering control and I brought my hands near the steering handle bar. My god, my dick was almost into her ass. I too got a lot of clevage during this time.

After these incidents, she got placed in college and left for Bangalore. I was frustrated for a long time. Then I planned my college life and selected a college in Bangalore. I moved in with my sister. We had two bedrooms and each of us sleep alone in their room. I started enjoying cleavages and occasional grazing of my sis's boobs and ass.

During the rainy season in Bangalore, lightning and thunderstorm are a lot common. Rainy season started a week ago and it was raining so badly with thunders. One day my sis came to my room and said "bro,I have not slept for the past one week because of thunders, can I sleep here tonight" I told yes immediately.

Since it was very cold on the floor, we decided to sleep together in my bed. She slept with hugging me and she fell asleep immediately, but I couldn't. As she was hugging me so closely,I wasn't able to move my hands without touching her boobs. I moved my hand twice or thrice intentionally to rub her boobs.

Then I slid a little lower in my bed such that my face was directly opposite to her boobs. I laid like this for ten minutes, then she herself came closer to me such that her boobs hit me in the face. It was the time of my lifetime. I licked her soft boobs few times. I put my hand against her back and slowly slid it into her tops. I found her bra there. I had an urge to unbutton it,but decided against it.

I was too horny at that time, I wanted to grab such a big ass. I put my hand in her ass,it was so soft and sexy. But I wanted to rub it or grab it. So I rubbed it, she woke up immediately, I was really afraid but I managed to rub my ass too. She thought I rubbed her ass mistakenly instead of mine due to mosquito bites. I waited the next half an hour to be sure that she had give to deep sleep.

She was facing the fan at this time and there was lot of space between us, I opened my palm and placed it in between us (I knew she would turn and sleep facing the bed). She did the same exact thing,now my hand was stuck at her breast as she was facing towards the bed. I enjoyed her boobs a lot and I removed it my hands once she changed her position.

Now she was facing away from me. I went near her and touched her ass with my dick,I rubbed a little. She looked like she would wake so I stopped. Now I opened my palm and kept it between us, she turned again facing the fan my hand was stuck with her ass. I rubbed it for sometime and mastrubated when she faced away from me.

This repeated for the next whole week. This is just the beginning. I've had a lot of softcore experiences with aot of my family members. If you like it let me know,let me know I will share every hiring evidence with you guys. Thank you, you could give your comments below.

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Horny Vivek fucking sister Dolly - II

Previously: Horny Vivek fucking sister Dolly - I

Finally she got up a bit on her knees and while lifting her t-shirt turned around because of shyness. Along with her bare back with just a strap of bra I could see my dream coming true and I started getting further hard. Before Dolly would have thought about what to remove next, I told her stand up and take off her leggings “khadi hoja aur apni slacks uttar” and she did that.

Dolly got and took out her tight leggings from her legs slowly while facign away from me and leaving my chair I came close to her and sat down on the edge of the bed. Wow my little sister was wearing a printed panty and her ass was so good to look at in a tight cage,

fleshy and erotically spread and her thighs were milky white and they were so smooth and fleshy just like a cream that it was really impossible for me hold my nerves and I started massageing my monster but over the cloth. “Bra khol…” Next I told her to unhook her bra and Dolly did that by taking both her hands over her back and finally took it out from her shoulders.

“Turn around…..” I spoke and just then added vulgar words “Chuchiyan dikha apni”. Dolly covered her face with her hands and slowly turned around to face me and for me view was just amazing, Dolly’s milky mounds were somewhat sagging in front of my eyes, her nipples were not small but also not very big, they were hard and erect in light brown color rounds which I think are called aureoles.

“Jija Ji ne teri Chuchiyan Chus chus ke bahut badi kar di hain…tu Aam lekar gayi thi…khabuje lekar aayi hai” I continued speaking vulgar and embarrassing my younger sister as much as possible. “chal ab kachhi bhi uttar….” Next I told her take off her panty and Dolly did not moved, she removed her hands from her face to see me and once again requested me not to do all this by saying

“Bhaiya please…ye sab matt karo….” “Jaldi Chut dikha apni….” I spoke as if I am interested in listening her and she requested again “Bhaiya please” I was getting excited and I moved ahead to reach to her panty and she immediately backed off and went down from the bed. I trapped her between me and two sided wall in the thin passage and while saying “Bhag ke jaayegi kahan…?”

I came closer to her and holding her wrist pushed her on the bed and tried to take off her panty forcefully, she tried her best to save herself from getting exposed at her fuckhole and I screamed in low voice “Dolly dekhaa mujhe apni Bur(fuckhole) …nahi to main abhi Papa ko jaa kar sab bata dunga” “Theek hai…par main aapke saath sex nahi karungi”

Dolly replied back while holding her panty from its elastic, she said she will not have sex with me and I spoke again in even more excitement “Karegi kaise nahi… ?Jija ji se marwa sakti hai…mujhse nahi marwaa sakti…” “Bhaiya tum bhai ho mere…” Dolly pleaded and I pushed her further on the bed and she went on her back,

she was still holding her panty but not she was losing grip and finally I pulled last from her body out from her legs and holding her feet wide looked her beautiful fuckhole. Dolly did not had any sign of hair over fuckhole and I just went mad in lust and spoke whatever came in my mind ““Saali Kutia….tune kitni Chudwai hai Jija ji se apni Chut…poori khul gayi hai”

and in reflex Dolly covered her fuckhole with her hands, she was looking at my face and breathing heavy, in fear or excitement and I spoke again “tera Mujra main baad mein Dekhunga….pahle achhe se teri Chut marrunga….” And leaving her feet I opened belt of my jeans and once again Dolly pleaded “Please Bhaiya…aisa mat karo…main pregnant ho jaaungi”

I was prepared for that, I knew this will be a big hurdle for me to fuck her and even I did not wanted to get into the trouble of pregnancy so while coming back home I bought big pack of condoms and saying “main condom lekar aata hun” leaving Dolly there I went out to the room to get the condoms and don’t how it came in my mind that Dolly might try snatching her mobile from me,

I hide it at unpredictable place (in my old shoes) and came back to her room with a pack of Condoms. By the time I reached Dolly was almost back in her clothes and she tried to run in the washroom but stopped her casually and once again terrified her by saying “mere saath sex nahi karna to mat kar… koi baat nahi…I will not force you….but you just be prepared for mom and dad….Dolly I am telling you…. kal ka din teri life sabse bura din hoga ….”

And once again Dolly was helpless, she was looking at my face and from her expressions I felt as if she will start crying and I calmed down myself and told her to sit down and listen to me. She sat down on bed and I pulled chair for myself and spoke while being in bit of distance with her “tell me….what do you think…jo main kar raha hun kya wo galat hai?”

(What I am doing is wrong?) And she moved her head in yes and uttered clear “Haan” and I asked her again “tune Jo Jija Ji ke saath kiya wo theek tha…?” (What you did with Jija Ji was it right…?) And like I knew she moved her head in no and once again moved her eyes from my face and started looking down, “So…?”

I somewhat asked her again and after a pause spoke again “unke saath kar sakti hai to mere saath kyun nahi kar sakti….? After a moment Dolly looked up and spoke “Bhaiya aap mere Bhai ho…” and I was almost ready with what I have say “So what… ab tak tere Jija Ji tujhe Chodte tha…ab tujhe tera bhai Chodega…kya fark padta hai” and once again I embarrassed Dolly like hell.

“See anyhow you cannot avoid me…ya just be prepared to face Mummy Papa over that….” I spoke again in relaxed tone and after a pause asked her “tell me kya karna hai….Mummy Papa se maar Khani hai ya Mujhse apni Chut Marwani hai?” and Dolly looked up to my face but did not spoke anything, as our eyes net I smiled and spoke again

“bol na…! I will not fuck you…but you have to pay the price for what you have done….” I paused and then spoke again “better hai pyar se Chudwa le…tujhe bhi mazza aayega aur mujhe bhi…” and as I saw that Dolly has continued looking at me I too continued speaking vulgar “waise Asli mazza to Jija Ji ne le liya; teri Chut faadne ka….”

And after a pause I spoke again “teri Bur mein se khoon mujhe nikalna tha….Jo Jija Ji ne nikal diya…teri dard bhari Cheekhen maine sun ni thin Jo Jija Ji ne sun li” I was getting mad in lust and I asked again in rising lust “tell me kya karna hai…aaj raat ko Chut Marwani hai ya kal subah Maar khani hai” and Dolly looked up and finally uttered “Ok…”

Next I got up and bolted the door from inside and threw pack of Condoms in front of her on the bed and asked her “Jija Ji tujhe Condom lagga ke Chodte the…ya tu unka Lund aise hi andar le leti thi…” and like always I was expecting that my question will embarrassed my sister and up to an extent Dolly tried to make those expressions too but ultimately failed and spoke while smiling

“Bhaiya please…I am ready to do… but you just stop speaking all this…” and I too smiled over her way of smiling and spoke “mazza aa raha hai tujhse aesi baaten bolne mein…” and Dolly replied by saying “I know….sab ladke ek jaise hote hain…wahan Jija Ji bhi yehi sab bolte the….” “achhi baat hai…now you will not miss him” and my reflex word made my little sister smile even more.

Dolly was bit comfortable now and because of that I was relaxed a bit, truly speaking friends although anyhow I didn’t had any intentions to leave Dolly without fucking her but still throughout I was forcing her to have sex with me I was little uneasy with a thought that I am blackmailing my loving sister.

No doubt I was lusting over her since I was up with a male hormones but this is also true that I have also cared a lot for her. “Chal ab… Jaldi se Dobara Nangi hojaa…aur mazza de apne Bhai ko” I spoke to her and she replied with a mild smile “aap bahut gande ho….you are blackmailing your own sister….”

“That’s because meri Sister bhi bahut Gandi hai…. Bhai ke rahte hue Jija Ji se marwa ke aa gayi hai…teri Chut pe pahla haq to mera banta tha…” and this time my vulgar words brought significant smile over Dolly’s face and she got up to use washroom and saying “main abhi aati hun” she went in the toilet and here I started taking off my clothes and just in a minute got stark naked and climbed on the middle bed.

Dolly came out and for a moment got stunned to see me sitting on her bed like that jerking my monster up and down with hand and finally smiled a bit. She walked slowly for few steps and suddenly ran to my jeans which was lying on the floor and checked the pockets. I was sitting and feeling great over my intelligence, like I had a doubt Dolly was looking to get her mobile but it was not there.

As she started checking all the pockets once again I spoke “chal ab Nangi hokar aaja bed pe….koi faayda nahi hai baar baar check karne ka”. With that I got up, went down to the bed and holding her wrist brought her bed and lifted her t-shirt. Dolly was not wearing anything underneath, in hurry last time she skipped wearing bra and next moment I started playing with luscious fruits.

Oh wow what soft and spongy milks my sister had, I cupped them nicely in my hands and squeezed them and Dolly moaned erotically. “Dolly be pe late jaa…mujhe teri Chuchiyan chusni hain achhe se” I spoke my little sister and she moved to the bed and lied down. Before I climbed the bed again I pulled down leggings and panty together and opened her thighs nicely to see her fuckhole and it was wet and swollen.

I moved my hand over her fleshy thighs close to her fuckhole and Dolly started breathing heavy, she closed her eyes and moaned in a husky voice. Finally I lied beside her and partially came over her, I crushed her one melon under my chest and kissed her on her cheek while adoring her other fruit and Dolly opened her eyes,

“Dolly I love you…tune Mujhse kyun nahi Chudwaya pahli baar…” “I am sorry Bhaiya….mujhse galti ho gayi…” Dolly replied back “koi Baat nahi…ab tu sirf mujhse Chudegi….samajh gayi na?” I spoke and Dolly accepted and requested me to give mobile back “ok….but pelase aap mera mobile wapis kar do….” and I replied by saying “wo main baad mein dekhunga….pahle tu achhe se apni Chut marwa”

and she agreed “I promise jab bhi aap bologe….main achhe se karungi aapke saath…you also promise ki aap Papa mummy ko kuch nahi bologe….aur abhi sex karne ke baad mera mobile mujhe wapis de doge….” “I promise…I will not tell anything to Papa mummy…but tera mobile filhaal mere pass hi rahega…” as I said that Dolly looked into my eyes for a moment;

with bit of disappointment, I think she was expecting that she will agree me to give her mobile back but she failed. “tu wahan pe Jija Ji ka Lund Chusti thi na…..?” I asked her and she said yes by saying “haan…” and I spoke again “yahan pe mera Chusegi” next Dolly gave piece of information that Jija Ji use to suck her too “Jija bhi meri pussy Suck karte the…” and I replied with

“Fine…main bhi teri pussy suck karunga….” After a pause spoke again “chal ab shuru hoja…aur Marwa apni Chut” and she asked me again “suck karun?” “haan kar….” “but app bol rahe the ki aap mere boobs suck karoge…” and I smiled over her words, that proved that Dolly was very much into the act and it was evident from expressions too;

as I smiled she too smiled and I spoke “Dolly tu Randi ban ke aayi hai wahan se…. Post Graduate Randi…” and she this time she blushed with smile. Next I got up a bit to suck my sisters breasts. I cupped one my hand squeezed it in my mouth and started sucking it like child. Dolly hummed nicely and moved her hand over my scalp in pleasure.

I loved her both the fruits, I sucked one and squeezed other and felt her nipples getting harder in my mouth. Dolly enjoyed whatever I did with her and by the time I stopped sucking her milk she was totally drowned in the lust, like me she was also not bothered about this fact that we are siblings and she was puffing with a pleasure of getting her breasts sucked.

As I stopped sucking her nipples Dolly got up slowly and got hold of my Penis, oh wow what a feeling that was, I was on my back and I was getting harder and harder just with her touch and now I wanted to get sucked by her and I told her to do “Chus issko….”

Dolly did not spoke anything; she looked at my face for a moment and then moved ahead and leaned over my crouch and took tip of my Penis in her mouth and started sucking me tenderly. Ohhh…I moaned in intense pleasure, her tongue was moving over my cock tip like a snake and I was humming in strange sensation.

After sucking and teasing tip of my monster slowly Dolly started taking my length into her mouth and I shuddered with the heat and wetness of her mouth. My little sister was sucking me very slowly and my pleasure I was incredible, raising my head a bit I saw my monster appearing and disappearing her mouth and I was getting fascinated with that view,

she was looking so beautiful while sucking my Penis that I started getting harder and harder in her mouth. Slowly her pace of sucking my Penis increased and with that she increased the wetness of her mouth and I started puffing with strange sensation; it was bit painful but very attractive and Dolly just went on sucking me like a lollipop and I went on moaning and gasping in pain and pleasure.

Finally I stopped her and got up while saying “Teri Bur main baad mein Chusunga….pahle ek baar tujhe achhe se Chod to lun…” I tried to pick the pack condoms and Dolly spoke “Bhaiya daal do aise hi….mera safe period chal raha hai…abhi do hi din hue hain….mere periods over hue”

I asked her about safe period and she told me that after monthly cycle there is no chance of pregnancy for at least next 5-6 days and I asked her back “fir kyun bol rahi thi ki main pregnant ho jaaungi…” and she replied with “I was trying to save myself….lekin ab samajh aa gaya hai ki koi faayda nahi hai…so I have decided to enjoy….”

I smiled over her words with “good…ab jab tak teri Shaadi nahi hoti main tera husband hun…” and she asked me back “Jija Ji kya karun…?” and I replied to her by saying “tell him the truth…ki Bhaiya ne massages dekh liye hain and he has left me with a strict warning…tell him to end all this…nahi to Bhaiya Papa ko sab kuch batta denge…I am sure he will not trouble you again”

and Dolly said Ok to me and I spoke again “ab taange khol aur Le Mera Lund apne andar” and Dolly did what I said, she widened her thighs to make space for me, I came over her while being on my elbows and holding my monster guided it over her fuckhole and spoke “hmmm…..Fuck me” and just then I impaled myself over her and next instant I was slipped deep inside my little sister.

We both moaned nicely as we felt hardness and wetness of each other’s love organ and Dolly spoke again in divine pleasure “Fuck me…Bhaiya…fuck me…” with that like an experienced girl she wrapped her arms and thighs around me and I started fucking her nicely. Ohh Wow what a pleasure it was, in a way that my first sexual intercourse and it was with a female for whom I have masturbated maximum times.

I was fucking my little Dolly like I always wanted to and she was looking beautiful while lying under me like that. While holding each other’s bare body firmly we both were moaning in intense pleasure, Dolly was so wet at her fuckhole that while driving my length in her fuckhole I was feeling her juices over my balls which were banging her crotch again and again.

Unintentionally within a minute or bit more my fucking pace started rising; now my thick Penis was throbbing and pounding madly in my little sister’s tight fuckhole and Dolly smoothly swallowed my fast jerks inside her flesh while moaning sexily. In rising excitement I plunged myself deeply into her, making her whole body jerk and snap with my thrusts;

I was stroking my monster even more quickly in and out of her pleasure hole and with an intense cry Dolly started digging her fingers into my shoulders, she held me tight and started grunting madly in fucking pleasure, and next suddenly she arched her back steeply and squeezed her fuckhole over my energetic monster several times in quick succession.

I gasped erotically and tried my best to drive myself back into her and pumped her hard and brutal, my heavy hips rose and fell over my loving Dolly and she started crying in pleasure like a slut. Hearing her cries I got more energetic and my pace went on increasing and Dolly nailed my back madly,

“Ohh….Dolly tu kitni Pyari hai…kyun Chudi tu Jaakar Jija Ji se…ab main tujhe Chod Chod ke maar daalunga” that’s what I spoke in fucking passion and hearing my words Dolly moaned thickly and began to orgasm with a shattering gasp.

Extending her hands Dolly gripped my pumping ass to stop me and I felt her fuckhole trembling on my penis and I too groaned and pushed my rod deep into her womb and began to come. Burring myself deep into her womb I squeezed my hips together over her fuckhole making her jerk randomly and spewed out my gunk in her flesh.

As my sweet sister felt her brother’s hot stream of jizz streaming deep into her she moaned again. My climax passed in seconds and my hard Penis promptly began to shrink, within a minute it slid out of her fuckhole and I lay while panting beside her. Dolly was also grunting and breathing fast and heavy and her state was telling that she has enjoyed every fraction of getting blackmailed by me.

So friends this is how my fucking with my sister started and if I will write what happened next then I would say it was greatest night of my life since now. We lied silently beside each other for hardly a minute, until I broke the silence with “Aaj Mazza aa gaya… you don’t know tujhe fantasize karke maine kitna masturbate kiya hai” Dolly did not spoke anything, she was lying with her eyes closed and she was looking beautiful in that state.

While lying beside her I raised myself with a support of my elbow and caressed her cheek with affection and kissed her on her cheek and she opened her eyes. I smiled while looking into her eyes and she spoke “chalo ab sow jaate hain” “no way…main tujhe raat bhar Chodunga….” and she smiled over my words and spoke sarcastically “Bhaiya tum maximum ek baar aur kar paaoge…!”

“Let’s see” I replied with over confidence and with that we both got up to clean ourselves. “Jija Ji ka Lund kaisa hai…iss se lamba hai…” I asked y sister while washing my Penis with a water and she smiled a bit before replying “Jija Ji ka Lamba nahi hai…lekin Mota hai…” and then she added “meri Jaan nikal gayi thi Jab unhone pahli baar daala tha” and once again I felt irritated with that and replied

“I will never forgive for this…why you fucked with him?” and Dolly replied back to me by saying “bas yaar ho gaya… situation aise thi ki mujhse control hi nahi hua”. We both came out and I asked her how everything started between her and Jija Ji and she detailed me everything. By the end of her description I was feeling aroused again Dolly was sensing my state.

She got up a bit, over her elbow; took my monster in her hand and started jerking me back and forward to pleasure me. I puffed while looking at her lovely face and Dolly spoke “ab aapko bhi meri suck karni padegi…” and I replied with “yes I will do….”

I got up slowly and Dolly widened her thighs to make space for me and spreading her thighs little more with my hands I buried my face between my little sister’s thighs and licked her fuckhole once. Dolly moaned nicely with a lick and next I went between her fleshy thighs properly and started licking her fuck opening continuously and Dolly started humming in pleasure.

Dolly was enjoying getting licked and sucked me but for me initially it was really very creepy feeling and I was not liking it but because my little sister was in pleasure I just continued doing that, I was enjoying Dolly’s pleasure moans and the way she reacting to my licks over her fuckhole and holding her fleshy thighs apart with my hands I went on going like that and within 2 minutes I was ok with the act I was doing.

I slowly started exploring my sister’s fuckhole with my tongue and tried to insert my tongue in her fuckhole deeper and sucked her juices by putting my lips over her love opening and Dolly reacted erotically to my act, she trembled helplessly and tried to push me a bit but I held her nicely, went on going and continued digging my little Dolly’s fuckhole to give her pleasure of being a female

and soon she got adjusted to my sucks over her fuckhole and started to enjoy with pleasurable gasps. I was gulping whatever my sister was releasing for me from her pleasure hole and after a minute or so I felt fresh stream of her love nectar coming out of her love hole and it really increased my excitement and I started fetching Dolly’s juices nicely by invading her fuckhole

as deep as possible and she started reacting more erotically and ultimately stopped me from sucking further. Now once again it was time for me to get sucked by her but Dolly did started sucking me instantly, when I lied on my back and told her to suck me instead of going to my crotch she came up to my face and asked me “hum kiss nahi karenge kya?”

and with that she placed her lips over my lips and we started kissing like lovers. Dolly explored my mouth thoroughly and I just tried to follow her. Don’t know how many times she inserted her tongue in my mouth and fenced my entire mouth erotically in that short span, I just lied under her and enjoyed getting kissed.

Gradually her kiss slowed down and before she would have stopped my monster was in her hand she was jerking me back and forward to make harder and harder. Once again took mein her mouth warm and wet mouth and sucked me with full affection, I gasped and moaned in pleasure and while sucking me tenderly she just went on moving my monster in and out of her mouth till I stopped her.

I was hard and foreskin of Penis was already peeled while I was getting sucked and now once I was ready to plunge Dolly again. She got up from my crotch and asked me while looking into my eyes, “Kaise daaloge…” and before I would asked her anything in that regard she spoke again “bolo to main oopar aa jaati hun….fucking jayada der tak chalegi” and I said ok to it.

I was yet on my back and Dolly sat around my waist while holding my hard and long Penis in her hand and guided it into her fuckhole while looking down and ultimately we both puffed in pleasure again. Dolly took my entire length in her fuckhole easily and sat down over crotch completely.

We both were gone shameless up to the maximum height, she was looking at my face and I was looking at her and resting her hands over bare chest Dolly started moving to and fro with a slow pace. Ahhh….. I moaned erotically over the hot and tight clamp of Dolly’s fuckhole and she too puffed in pleasure while closing her eyes.

Dolly was so wet her fuckhole that within few seconds after getting inside her I felt her juices flowing down to my balls and just then Dolly improved pace of fucking herself and we both started panting in pleasure nicely while looking at each other’s face. As Dolly started moving bit faster her swollen breasts started moving erotically and I cupped them in my hands and squeezed them nicely.

My squeeze over her breasts made little Dolly moan and she began to fuck herself with deep, skewering thrusts. Holding my chest and rocking her own hips steeply up and down to and fro, while gasping erotically now Dolly was driving my entire length in and out of her wet fuckhole with a good pace and I also started grunting nonstop.

With bit upward movement of my bottom now I was holding my sister from her waist and our movements were getting in rhythm. Tip of my Penis was rubbing over her wet virginal walls and my pleasure was beyond my imagination. Site of Dolly’s milky juggs bouncing up and down was life taking and whole room was filled with our pleasure cries

“Oh….YEsss... Ohh.. God yes... Bhaiya bahut mazza aa raha hai mujhe” Dolly uttered in excitement and I replied to her accordingly “mujhe bhi mazza aa raha hai…tu achhe se le issko apne andar” Dolly was around me somewhat on her knees, ramming and reaming my monster in and out of her juicy, dripping fuckhole and hearing my words she increased her speed and moved back and forth furiously in passion.

For an instant her pace of banging her fleshy bottom over my crotch went so high that it started hurting me and holding her waist I tried to control her passion but Dolly was gone mad she instantly removed my hands from her waist and while holding my wrist tight went on going faster and faster and spoke while banging her ass against me in madly fashion

“Bhaiya aapne Chut maarni thi na meri…low maaro…aur maaro…aur maaro…main khud marwaa rahin hun aapse….fuck me fuck me” I cried and just cried in pain and pleasure and Dolly just went on going mad over me. Ohh… I didn’t know that my little sister is so angry with me, she was tired but she fucked me till I pleaded to stop and next instant Dolly fell over me like a dead body.

We both were exhausted but yet not over and after catching our breath back I came over her she guided me in her fuckhole again and she wrapped her arms and thighs around my back and pumping hips and I fucked her steadily till we both reached to mutual climax. That was all for the night.

Dolly was absolutely right, after fucking her twice I was not state even to think about fucking her again and after casual chit chat of 5-10 minutes Dolly threw me out of her room and I slept like a dead till late in the morning. Finally that was the end my first fucking experience with Dolly and my sex relation with my little sister is still on.

Like I suggested Dolly has revealed the truth to Arun Jija that I have caught her mobile phone with bit of lie that I have left her after a strict warning and like I knew Jija ji has stopped troubling her with his massages and demands of seeing her naked on skyp. Now Dolly is mine, just mine and at present we are in somewhat in love with each other.

After reading comments from readers, certainly only if they will appreciate I will try convincing Dolly to write down her experience of loss of her Virginity to our Jija Ji. Thought I really don’t like talking about that but still I feel it will be fun if she will write it down everything. Let’s see.

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Horny Vivek fucking sister Dolly - I

This is a hundred percent real happening and I can easily say that among all experiences written here since now mine is one of the most unethical and dirtiest and readers are certainly going to abuse me after reading it. This is about how I fucked my own sister like a bitch; truly speaking friends it is really impossible for a guy to be ethical if he has a sis like Dolly (nick name).

I am Vivek, a good looking male with good height and looks with above average health and Dolly is year younger than me. Immaterial Dolly was year younger than me and use to address me Bhaiya, I was lusting over her since we were together in a school and even in those days my lust for her body was so intense that I never masturbated fantasizing anyone except Dolly.

As both our parents are working I always had plenty of opportunities when I could fuck her in our home itself but I never succeeded in gathering courage to approach her and what I maximum achieved in those days was just sneaking under her skirt to see her panty, glimpse of her soft breasts and just once saw her in a t-shirt and a Panty,

particularly when she was gone into the washroom to change her lower and somehow I managed to peep inside. Anyway for bit more introduction I would say we live in a renowned town of UP and including our eldest sister who is married since long we are three siblings, me and two sisters.

Mickey Didi is far elder then we two and by the time we finished our school she was married and also a mother of child. After finishing my school as my grades were not great I opted for B.Com pass through correspondence and a year after when Dolly cleared her school she opted for a better course because she had very good grades and ultimately she went to live with Mickey Didi

in one of the Metro Politian cities of our country to peruse the course of her choice from good collage. Here while doing my graduation I joined my dad in his business and there Dolly did her graduation and then masters and came back permanently to the town.

Truly speaking friends since she was here I did not passed a single day when I did not thought about fucking her somehow. It was not that Dolly never came back home between her studies, rather she was always here during most festivals and in those days sometimes I have masturbated on her name thrice in the same day but in that span I never thought about

approaching her to get her on the bed but when she was permanently back I was restless and could not think of anything except fucking her and eventually she got fucked by me in very unexpected but also in very interesting circumstances.

Here If I will write how my sister Dolly looks in one word then I will say she is a real bomb, though she is short in height but like names says she looks like doll, not extremely beautiful but she is fair and has very pleasant features with an exploding body from every inch.

She was merely 18 and bit amateur when she was gone out to continue her studies, that time physically she was little thin with small mango shaped breasts with slender waist and well shaped arms and legs with reasonably fleshed thighs but after around 5 years when she permanently came back at her end both; physically and mentally things were changed drastically.

Like past now Dolly was not that innocent looking, earlier she was careless about her looks but now; her over all gesture was telling that mentally she is well grown and understand with what perspective males look at her and including me how she can tease them. Apart from mental state Dolly’s physical appearance was also changed significantly, she had put on some weight,

though she has a flat belly but her thighs were gone much flesher then before and breasts were enlarged drastically, in last five years you can say from medium sized mangos her milks were turned into big musk melons and always seemed jutting out of her tight tops which she use to wear over jeans or skirts to tease males like me.

Last but not the least her ass, unlike past now Dolly’s ass was gone plump and it was spread erotically bit wider from her bottom because of which once I thought that she is already been fucked but ultimately never think about that seriously and while masturbating always fantasized that I am taking her virginity and she is screaming in pain.

Talking about me before fucking my real sister I was sexually experienced but my sexual intercourse was good for nothing. It was with a middle aged woman who was actually a prostitute with whom me with my friend tried having sex, my friend did well because he was regular in fucking but because of strange fear I literary failed to perform and barley entered my Penis in her fuckhole.

But it was long time back and over the period of 3-4 years I was confident that if I will get a chance again then I will fuck with a great passion. Anyway while talking about Dolly and my fucking experience with her I will say, like I said after her arrival I was somewhat gone mad in lust and apart from her clothes I wanted to sneak into her personal life too,

to get a clue if she has any boyfriend and it was matter of sheer luck that one fine day I found such a trump card that Dolly literary pleaded me and I used t that opportunity to full fill my long lasting desire of fucking her.

It was a Saturday evening and leaving factory around 4 I was suppose to hang around with my friends in the evening but because of some reason our plan got canceled and I came back home with a thought that I will spend time with my sex bomb sister Dolly.

Eventually I reached back home and saw that Dolly is also not home and I just called her to know where she is and I heard her mobile ringing, it was over the shoe rack which is kept on the entry. I realized that she has forgot her mobile here only and saw there were numerous missed calls and unread text massage notifications and that was a real key to my success of fucking her.

Initially I saw the log of missed calls and out of 9 there were 7 missed calls from the single number and it was of Arun Jija Ji; Mickey Didi’s husband, one was from my number the last one and one more number which was her friend’s number. Though it was surprising that Jija ji has called Dolly so many times repeatedly but still I could not imagine what all was waiting for me in a massage box.

There were 5 massages in her inbox and all of them were from Jija’s number. I saw bit of text flashing under his name in the inbox and eventually open the one which was sent last and literary got shocked till my soul.

It was Hindi written in English and exact text which Jija Ji wrote to Dolly was “bahut bhaav khaa rahi hai….ek baat samajh le…jis din tu mujhe mil gayi uss din teri Chut poori faad dunga….tujhe poora Nanga karke tujhse mujra karwaaunga”. That was disastrous for my brain and for a moment I did not believed what I have read and I read it again.

I went down in the log and opened the massages in the sequence and they were amazingly vulgar from the very beginning and first one was “Kaisi hai meri Jaan…Mickey(our elder sister) ke periods chal rahe hain iss liye aaj teri bahut yaad aa rahi hai” then I opened the second one and it was sent just after a minute of first one and words were

“Meri jaan tu waapis aaja…bahut mann kar raha hai teri tight chut chodne ka” My god I could not believe, then there was one which was sent after 3-4 minutes and it was a query from his side in same vulgar fashion and words were “kya hua Jawab kyun nahi de rahi… wahan koi dusra lund mil gaya hai kya….???”

Then after a minute there he wrote again “mujhe Raat ko skype pe tujhe poora Nanga dekhna hai…just confirm the time…” and then after 5-6 minutes next massage was which I wrote first “bahut bhaav khaa rahi hai….ek baat samajh le…jis din tu mujhe mil gayi uss din teri Chut poori faad dunga….tujhe poora Nanga karke tujhse mujra karwaaunga”.

Once again I will say I was shocked like hell and just to believe I read all the massages 2-3 times and just then mobile started ringing and it was again Arun Jija Ji. I muted the phone and immediately went out and rode on bike to nearest Mac D and sat down there till late in the evening.

As mobile was ringing in regular intervals first thing I did after reaching is I forwarded all 5 massages to my number to read it again and switched Dolly’s mobile off. From the text sent by Jija Ji anyone could make conclusion that while Dolly was living there with Didi and Jija Ji, Jija Ji has fucked her numerous times and after realizing this fact I was getting out of my senses,

I was feeling annoyed with a thought that Dolly is fucked by someone else and not me, I was jealous of Arun Jija Ji who ultimately took Dolly’s Virginity and now nobody in this world could stop me from fucking Dolly like bitch, I was thinking about blackmailing Dolly and that’s what I did in the same night.

When I reached back home apart from Dolly Mom was also back home from work and Dolly was trying finding her mobile in the whole house. I casually got involved in the conversation but just for a while and told her that I was also trying her number but it was switched off and from my side reflected the probability that she has dropped it somewhere for which Dolly confidently said that

she was not having her mobile with her when she was reached to meet her friends and when she called from some other number it was ringing and she assumed that she has left it at home only. I behaved casual and did not got much involved in all that after that and started finding things to eat and heard Dolly talking to mom that her mobile was given to her by Arun Jija Ji as a gift.

Finally Mom told me to get her new mobile and after taking cash I took her along with me and she bought new mobile with a new Sim card and we came back home. Time passed casually and after dinner and lot of television Mom and Dad moved to their bedroom and Dolly also took leave from the living room and I waited for reasonable time so that my parents can get into a sound

sleep and somewhat planned the approach in that time span and with just a thought of what all I am going to do I was hard like never before. Finally sometime passed to eleven I got and knocked Dolly’s room and like I knew she was busy with a new mobile.

After unbolting the door she went back where she was sitting on the bed and I too sat down bit far from her on the same bed with a support of my elboe. “Dolly Wo mobile tujhe Arun Jija Ji ne gift kiya tha….?” I asked her and she said yes without looking up at me “haan” and I asked her again “Unhone tujhe itna expensive gift Kyun diya tha?”

and Dolly looked up for a fraction and spoke “aise hi” and again started looking into her new mobile “uske badle tune unko kya gift diya…?” I paused but just for a fraction and then spoke again “Apni Kunwari Chut?” and Dolly was stunned, she looked up and I asked her again “tere aur Arun Jija Ji ke beech mein ye sab kab se chal raha hai?”

Then there was a silence for few seconds, I was waiting for her to speak but she did not utter anything and just kept on looking into my eyes and I spoke again “apne aap batta de” and she asked me back in a timid voice “kya…kab se chal raha hai?” and I spoke again and it was more vulgar “wo tujhe Kab se Chod rahen hain…?” and Dolly responded back by saying

“Bhaiya tum ye kaisi baaten kar rahe ho” she was looking into my eyes with strange gesture, fearful and curious and I smiled sarcastically and she spoke again “mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha aap kya bol rahe ho…” and saying that Dolly moved her eyes from me and tried to get busy in her new mobile and I spoke and uttered the truth “tera mobile mere pass hai….”

And that was another shock for her and before she would have spoke anything I spoke “Jija Ji ne tujhe kuch massages bheje hain…. usse padh ke saaf samajh aa raha hai ki wo achhe se teri Maar chuke hain”… “Mera mobile aapke pass hai?” Dolly asked me back and I showed her by taking it out from my back pocked and that made Dolly more uneasy, “give it to me”

she spoke and tried to get up but I kept it in my back pocket again “kal subah Papa ko Jija Ji ke massages dikhakar de dunga” I spoke in sarcastic tone and Dolly asked me for her mobile again to see the massages “Show me kya massages hain”.

Instead of giving her mobile back I gave her my mobile and told her see the inbox and she read all the massages which were forwarded from her number and from her expressions I could see that she was feeling scared. “ab bol…ye sab kab se chal raha hai….” She looked up but did not anything and I asked her in cool fashion

“Wo tujhe paanch saal se chod rahe hain…hmmmmm…?” “nahi aesi koi baat nahi hai….I don’t know why he has sent these massages” Dolly tried to get an escape and I was more or less prepared for that “in that case I have to show these massages to Papa… he will talk to Jija…..”

and my words made Dolly more uneasy and for a moment she could not decide what to speak and I asked her again “tell me the truth…kab se chal raha hai ye sab….?” Dolly was still speechless and I insisted her to speak in a cool voice “come on speak up…I am your friend” and I waited for her to speak and she uttered “jyada time nahi hua…” “kitna time hua hai…?”

I asked her again and she spoke “hardly one year” “ek sal se wo tujhe Chod rahe hain…aur tu Chud rahi hai…” I spoke in sarcastic tone and looked into her eyes with mild anger and she was embarrassed like hell, for a while Dolly looked into my eyes and then move them away in shyness.

Dolly was scared like I never saw her before and that’s what I needed and I spoke again “ye baat to Papa ko batani hi padegi…Jaji Ji apne aap ko samjhte kya hain…?” and once again Dolly looked up and uttered in pleading tone “Please Bhaiya… Papa ko kuch mat bataao…”

I continued looking at her face and she spoke again “ab hum dono mein kuch nahi hoga….ab to main yahan aa gayi hun…” and I responded to her words by saying “kuch kaise nahi hoga aaj unhone tujhe skype pe poora Nanga dekhna hai” I somewhat continued embarrassing her and once again she moved her eyes from my face and started looking down.

I enjoyed her gesture it was making harder and harder at my Penis and I asked her about her first time with Jija Ji, “Jija Ji ne jab pahli baar teri Chut mein Lund dala tha to Dard hua tha….?” Dolly did not look up to answer “speak up…” I insisted her in bit of loud voice and she looked up and said yes in a very low voice, “Chut mein se Khun bhi nikla tha…?”

I asked next question; did she bleed and she moved her head in yes while looking down, “tu to zor se Chikhi hogi….?” I spoke again and then asked Dolly again “Jab wo teri Chut faad rahe the tab Mickey Didi kahan…?” gradually I was getting excited and it was evident over my crotch and in my vulgar words, as I was adjusting my monter in pants in regular intervals and Dolly was looking what all I was doing.

Anyway once again initially Dolly did not replied to question that where was Mickey Didi when Jija Ji was ripping her fuckhole for the first time and when insisted her to speak she said it was Saturday afternoon, Jija Ji was at home and Didi was gone to meet one of her old friend who also settled in the same town. “ye patta chalne ke baad…I think Mickey Didi Jija Ji se divorce le lengi….”

And my words once again terrified Dolly and she pleaded again “Please Bhaiya…is baat ko yahin khatam kar do…I promise ab main unse baat bhi nahi karungi….” And I spoke again “last massage fir se padh… he is saying…wo tujhe Nanga karke tujh se Mujra karwayenge” and my words embarrassed her even more and she once again moved her eyes away from my face,

something related to that massage came in my mind and asked her again “Tu Naachti thi kya unke saamne Nangi hokar…?”And she looked up at my face but did not spoke anything and I asked her same question again “say Yes or No….Naachti thi unke saamne….?” And she accepted in a low and timid voice “ek-do baar naachi thi…” “poori Nangi hokar….?”

I asked back in surprise, virtually she did not replied in yes but from her gesture I could make out that it yes and that really made me angry and I spoke “Naach ke dikha kaise naachti thi Jija Ji ke saamne….” Finally I moved ahead on my way and it surprised Dolly a lot. She looked up into my eyes in shock and asked her again “kiss song par Naachti thi batta….main play kar deta hun” with that I got up and switched on the PC.

“Come on get up…aur Nangi hojaa fata fatt” I spoke while looking at her “Bhaiya please kya baat kar rahe ho…?” I did not replied to words instantly, until I played one item song on PC in safe volume and then looked at her. Dolly was still unmoved from her place and I spoke again “come on get up….fata fatt Nangi hoja…jaise Jija Ji ke saamne hoti thi…..” and she moved her head in clear No, “Ok…”

I accepted in sarcastic way and then spoke again “Kal Subah, main aur mummy- papa aur ye mobile tujhe breakfast table par milenge…” then after a pause I spoke again “waise bhi kal Sunday hai…mummy papa ke pass poora din hoga tujhe peetne ke liye…”

Dolly continued looking into my eyes; she was terrified with consequences of this mater getting uncovered at our parents and her terror was my key to fuck her and I added fuel to that by saying “aur jab ye sab Mickey Didi ko pata chalega to aur mazza aayega….you know how much she loves you…aur tune unke saath aisa kiya” “Bhaiya please…I am sorry…I am really very sorry….”

Dolly spoke back in requesting tone and I spoke the way out for her “Dolly isska ek hi solution hai…just do what I am saying….kisi ko kuch pata nahi chalega” I spoke again and moved and bolted the door from inside and spoke again “nikal de saare kapde”. At that time Dolly was wearing t-shirt and tight leggings I was staring her body like a thirsty dog.

She did not move from her place but I did not spoke anything and sat down on a chair of a PC and I just keep on looking at her with a naughty smile; I knew anyhow Dolly cannot let this matter get open and she has to do whatever I am saying.

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Dan having sex with his Bua - II

Previously: Dan having sex with his Bua

Hi friends this is DAN again, Hope u like my previous story with my "BHUA"... I AM BACK with one more real incident which happend with me after I fucked my Bhua, I was sex starved I use to think about her and mastrubate.

After I fucked my bhua I got more guts in me, lemma introduce ally aunty she's 53, she's pulpy ( Fat ), she had good pair for boobs 38c and I use to look at her like crazy, I was lucky enough to get a neighbour like this.

I use to visit her place anytime, she stays with her husband, her daughter is married with 2 kids and son in other state, so I started mastrubating thinking about her, I use to feel like heven, she usually use to wear nighty and lil transperent.

One day I pressed the door bell in the evening, no one was opening the door I was supprised and I had a curiosity to check what's going on, I checked it from the peephole to check what's going on inside I saw she was wearing golden colour nighty lifted up till her Ass fuckkkkkk it was a fuckin round big ass, it was all blurr, uncle took her on the sofa she sat uncle removed his pant and started humping her in was not able to see them completely in was shocked.

After a week or so I went to their place in afternoon and she was in nighty I was speaking with her and I was able to c her blue panty and no bra her nippels were hard, I returned home mastrubated like crazy.

Next day she called me and said Dan please come to my place I have some work I went she closed the door and she was in blouse and paticote she said my elbow is paining please tie plates for me ( Choti in Hindi ) her hair was long and open I she turned and her ass was facing, I started Tieing plates and after tieing plates I left and I was going crazy by looking at her.

Next day again she called me to tie plates and did and she said my hand is paining a lot and I said in massage you, " ally said okay so sweet of you, I said sit down and I started massaging her hand with oil " ally said thnxx Dan" there was an tent in my shorts.

And the day arrived she called me said "please massage again Dan it's paining" I said " ok" she took me to the bedroom and lied on the bed I took olive oil to massage her I started massaging she was in paticote and blouse, after some time she was breathing fast and by mistake Lil oil was spread on her blouse I said "aunty oil is spread in your blouse"

She said "It's k in got knocked she removed her blouse.... she was only in her pink bra I started massaging again and I told to my self " Let's take a chance" I asked her " Aunty can I give you a body massage she said " hmmm I love u for that please do " She lied on her tummy and I started massaging her back and she was making noise " Hmmmm ahhhh ah huh godd thnx dan "

I was busy massaging and staring her Ass, I started pulling her bra hooks up and massaging she said "open it " I was like " yes she will give a fuck " I opened it she was bare back and I was massaging after that I asked " Aunty can I massage your legs" she said " yes, just push my peticote down "fuckkk my balls were paining by looking at her she was only panties and bare back then I started massaging her legs till her ass cheeks had a hard Boner...

I asked her " do u want me to massage you other side " She " hmmm wait " She took a blanket and covered her boobs, I started massaging her legs started from her Toe, and started massaging hard and I started massaging her thighs, my fingers were reaching inner thighs my middle finger was touching her pussy over her panties I did it for 3-4 times after that she realised she said only till needs but still I was massaging her thighs

After sometimes she started moaning and she was not restricting me to do, I stopped she said " Why did you stop massaging " I said " wait " I started to rub her pussy over her panties her moans were getting loud,, " ahhhhh dan please, ahhhhh " I started rubbing fast she removed the blanket she was now only in panties,

I went up and started pressing her boobs and my right hand was down rubbing her pussy I was, I started sucking her boobs, she said " it's been ages no one sucked my breast" I started sucking it hard and now my hand was in her panties and her pussy was clean shaven as she was waiting for me to get fucked, her pussy was full wet, her waist was in the air, moaning like crazyyy "

Dan please don't stoppppp keepp doing it " we started kissing deep, our tounges were playing with each other, she said " I am ready " I said " m ready since weeks now, get up and bend keep your hand on the bed ill put enter from behind " she followed my instructions and I pulled her panties down, what an Ass I slapped her Ass and her Ass cheeks were shaking,

after that I started rubbing her pussy with my dick she said " Stop " I was like what happened, She said " show me your monster " I showed her, she went down on her knees and started playing with my dick ; moving up n down.

Then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it, I was in heaven, I caught her hair and started mouth fucking her, I was moaning " ahhhh ally suck it hard ", this went up till 15 mins. Then I said bend and stand take the same position, I teased her pussy with my dick, and I pushed it one go, she yelled " ohhhhhh myyyyyyy goddddddd aaaaaaaaa aaaaa aaaa ahhhhh slowly dan slowly,

then I stated moving and fucking her doggy style, she was moaning " it feels soon gooddddddd I like it, it', I increased my speed, she was going crazy, she said " ahhhhhmmmmmmm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mmmmm I am cumin dan" she started shaking her ass, and she stoped I removed my dick out, my dick was covered with her cum.

She lied I her back she said " I want more baby " I got charged up, I spread her legs and started fucking her in missionary position she was moaning " fuck me bastartd as it's a last fuck, fuck me dan like I am yours uuuiiiiiiii maaaaaaaa ,like u never did before ( she was holding the bedsheet tight ) fuckkkk dannnn I am cuming I am cuming dannnnnnnnnn " she came and I was fucking her hard

"pack pack pack pack sound was making me crazy I made a loud noise and I came in her and lied next to her, I told her " thank you aunty, was a nice fuck I love, she looked at me and winked at me and said " 2mmrw morning come at 9.00 ill give you a special massage.

Hey guys, part 2 ill post it soon and something crazy we did, and more 2 stories to reveal !! Please leave your comments below.

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Rahul fucking his Chachi

Hi. everyone I m reader of humandigest...this story is abt me and my chachi... this story is abt 4 years ago.. our family is joint family.. I am rahul, wen this incident happen iwas in 12th, and ialso use to fantasize chachi in my dreams bcoz she was hvin big boobs,and wenever she used to serve while lunch or dinner I used to look her boobs,

she always wear salwar kameez,her bra was very fit and visible frm her kameez, one day we were goin out of state and we did a volvo bus... and I slept with chachi in bus.... and in my mind many things were gooin on..tht night I didnt slept for one hour....bcoz in my mind many things were goin on as whom I was fantasizing she ws with me..thn I tried to adjust myself and I kept my elbow on her boob,

she got up and told beta haath udhr lo.. I was actin tht m in sleep, I took my hand aside and aftr sme tym I again kept it thn again she told me as she was also nt sleeping, then again I waited for her to sleep I wait for one hour and nw I kept slowly my hand on her boob, and I was roaming my hand on borders of her bra, I was feelin very nice and she was sleeping very tight,

then I pressed it then also she didnt getup, and as I moved my hand to next boob I realised tht she kept her mobile in between those boobs in her bra.. I was thinkin what the heel is this... I moved little more close to her while liein as the bus was of slepper type..

so I moved closer to her and my cock was erect and I touched my cock to her frm down and the days were of winter their was too cold I also kept my leg on her to be warm, as I was thinkin tht she was in sleep but she was not she hold my cock by her hand and told me what r u doin, I was scared little but then she told hw much big it is...

if I was knowing you are behind me should hv give u first as I m very hungry of sex frm many years... after havin one child ur chacha nver fucked me....... then in bus their was dark in night and she just gave me blow job with her mouth... and after this when we reached home by attendin tht function we booked one hotel and went in afternoon and had a gre8 sex..

first I kissed her on her lips fr abt 3-4 min. then I removed her kameez and pressed those melons.. I tear her bra which was of red color and the size was 36... I saw her nipples and took in mouth... she was moanin like ahhh it squeez it, pinch on my nipple..... I gave a bite on her nipple..and there was a mark of my teeth... she liked that.. then I removed all my clothes...

she took my dick in her mouth... and I came in her mouth only... she swallowed all my cum..nw I took rest for some time and then again she took in mouth as I was lieing on bed then it was erect again afetr soe time,... I also open her salwar and took out her panty, I saw her pussy cleanly shaved as I told her first tht I want her pussy shaved b4 goin to hotel...

I licked her pussy for much time and she was telin ab bass ho gya ab daal do.. tht nw plz stop lickin put ur dick in dick is 9 inch, first I only put 4-5 inch in she was little tight as many years she was not been fucked... then I agin took out my dick I applied oil.. and again I pushed my dick till 6 inch and at last I put all she was moaning very loudly and then I began to fuck her...

I fucked her til approx 30 min and wen iwas cumin I took it out and I came on her boobs and belly.... and frm tht day I give her a nice fuck after some days I also fuck her ass and also one of her frend this incident I wil share u next time if I wil get better comments from the readers....thank u for reading my story...

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Sex with sexy sister Priya

It was evening and our parents had gone out for some club meeting. My sister, Priya was there doing some project work for her dissertation.I was sitting in front of the TV utterly bored. I looked at Priya, she appeared to be busy. I waited for some time and again looked at her and she also saw me and our eyes met. I am bored, Priya, why dont you come and sit with me, I asked.

She said just a minute, let close my books and come. She is 19 and in the second year for her BTech. Beautiful, with full breasts and ass, she is very friendly with me and does not mind my probing into her body to kill boredom. She got up from her seat and walked towards me and sat in the sofa in front of me and looked at the screen of the TV.

She had already unbuttoned two buttons of her T shirt so that her cleavage will be visible. Priya, it will be late for our parents to come back. Amma had prepared or dinner and asked me to take the dinner along with you and go to sleep. Should we sit here, or go to my room and watch some movie in my laptop and wait for the dinner time. She looked at my face and told me, as you wish.

We both got up, I put my hands around her and we walked to my room, where my laptop was there. Priya lied in my bed on her abdomen and waited for me to put on the laptop, whereas I sat in the chair. I browsed through various sites and asked her whether I may put on some porno. She smiled and told me, yes, that is what for I came for.

Ok, wait, before that let us change into casuals. I put on a kurtha and pyjama and she put on a frock and a blouse. The movie shown was a new movie and we started from the beginning. I moved my chair closer to the bed so that I can stretch my hand on her. She moved a little closer to me. It is the usual western movie and it takes time for the action to start.

The main characters were young and beautiful. After locking the room they start to undress. Priya asked me whether we also should undress. I said wait and went to check the doors and windows. I locked the front door and closed the windows so that nobody will hear the sound of the movie being played. When I returned Priya had already removed her blouse and her bra.

Her boobs were firm and erect were standing out. Priya was unhooking her frock and removing it and now only her panty remained. I asked her have you cleaned the pussy of all public hair. She lowered her panty and showed me and it was clean. Now she was totally nude. She came forward and removed my kurtha and pyjama. My cock was in semi erect condition.

In the movie the girl kneeling on the floor was taking his nice 7" cock in her mouth and giving a blow job. Her boobs were full and he was bending low to press her boobs. Suddenly he stopped her action and lifted her threw her on the bed and opened her legs wide. He buried his face into her pussy and started to lick her pussy. Priya came down on the floor and took my cock into her mouth.

She had given me blowjobs before and she was just getting into be an expert blow jobber. My cock went deep into her throat and she knew how to control it without chocking her. I too told her to give a break and asked her to climb into the bed and open her legs. I just got in between her legs and buried my face into her pussy. She had applied some nice deo that it smelled very fine.

I licked the entire front of the lips and the mount. and slowly opened her cunt lips and got inside. Her clit was slightly big and there was a flow of viscous fluid coming from her fuck hole. I ran my tongue all over. It was dark pink in colour. Priya was hissing and moaning out of pleasure. We would like to prolong the moments of pleasure. We both strained to watch the movie.

The boy was fucking vigorously. Perhaps he was in a hurry. But we were not in a hurry. I asked Priya, do you want to do it fast or go slow. She cried, slow, slow, take your own time. Lick me, lick me, dont stop go on licking me, she cried. I twisted my tongue around her clit and made it to twirl. Just gave it a soft suck and then again licked it hard.

Priya was shivering out of pleasure and her moaning was very loud and hissing. She pressed my head with her hand into her pussy. I inserted my tongue into her fuckhole. I inserted my two fingers, middle finger and ring finger into her fuckhole and pressed the roof of her vagina while licking her clit. Priya gave out a cry of joy and was shaking and lifting her hip up.

With my fingers I fucked her hole pressing the roof. Priya got a massive orgasm. I pulled my fingers out and placed my cock in the entrance and pressed it in. It took two or three thrust to get full penetration. With her open hands she hugged me and her legs wound around me and pressed me down. I told her, if you hold me so tight, I cannot fuck you.

It is better for you to get on me and fuck. She agreed. We just rolled over and she was on top and I was in the bottom with my cock fully inserted. It was beautiful sight with her huge boobs dangling right in front of me. Priya had all the freedom to decide what action to adopt, up and down or forward and backward, or to rotate her torso so that my cock will travel all over her hole.

We went on prolonging the action for a long time without reaching orgasm. Finally Priya banged me and finally she got her second orgasm and I got mine. I sprayed my fluids inside her. She told me in my ears not to worry as she is on pills. Thus our great game ended. Slowly we got up and went to the bathroom to clean ourselves.

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