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Ramesh fucking widowed aunty Mridula

Girls married or unmarried, once tasted the pleasures of a male organ are crazy to receive one more frequently so that their lust may be diminished. I know a girl at the age of 18 was deflowered by her uncle and then fucked regularly by her brother, was mad at not having anything to satisfy her went and approached her best friend to ask her lover to fuck her.

Married women with their husbands in gulf or elsewhere are tormented in their bed for want of a masculine company. They dont mind seducing their brothers, brothers in law, father in law or grown up sons etc. There is a video going viral in the net of a mother making her son to suck her cunt to get her hunger satisfied.

Having known this trend, when you look around there are thousands of instances going on under our very nose, yet not known to us. I take inspiration for my stories from live instances, of course changing the names.

Father fucks his daughter, brother fucks his sister, or sister in law mainly because the girls appears to be a ball of fire with passion and if they do not extinguish, she will go to an outsider, without knowing the consequences and get blackmailed, ill treated, or even sent to prostitution. In the present days when birth control methods are well known all know how to avoid a unwanted pregnancy.

Hence in the families incestuous sexual relationships are not a taboo, but are of common place. In certain social circles, menfolk mostly go away abroad to earn a living, and the rest of the members of the family group together in a fashion of a joint family protecting each other.

In most of the cases their houses may be small or of medium size, making beds and putting people to sleep in the night used to be very difficult. Rooms being reserved for married couple, others sometimes may sleep on the floor in the hall. Widowed sister in law and unmarried cousin, may be together in the house that illicit relations between them develop.

In Indian families the astrological block called mangal may bar the girl from getting married unless a suitable mangal horoscope is obtained. When they are at home, their brothers or even fathers or cousins take sexual interest in them otherwise some outside fellow may find her more easily accessible and fuck her and spoil her life.

If it is within the family the secret will remain within the family and when she is ready for marriage, she may be sent off in marriage without giving any suspicion. My fried Ramesh, after graduation was busy searching for a job, when his widowed aunt elder to him by two years happened to come into the family. She was younger sister to his mother physically well endowed.

She was put to learn computer science and went to a local college regularly. Ramesh knew that there were boys in the computer college who are capable to hook her. Ramesh thought why not he himself not take her. Ramesh's aunt by name Mridula was always sober and after her tragedy she used to be always brooding and sad.

After joining the college she was normal, cheerful, mingled with everybody freely. Theirs was a 2 bedroom flat and Ramesh and Mridula had to occupy one bedroom. Ramesh had a study table in the room with a laptop computer. But after completion of his studies he did not use them, but Mridula sat on the table to study her lessons and wanted to use the laptop of Ramesh.

She asked Ramesh to show her how to operate the laptop. He came closer to her and her body fragrance was very fascinating for him. Thereafter for some reason or the other he used to come and sit with her to get her body fragrance. He did not where from this smell is coming, whether from her arm pits of her pussy or her thighs or her hair. It was not any artificial smell of perfumes.

The more he sat with her the more he enjoyed the smell. Mridula liked Ramesh getting closer to her although he is younger to her and he was the son of her elder sister. Of course there was no bad motive. She just liked him. With both of them occupying the same bedroom things became easy.

When he has his own double cot, Ramesh had no reason to go and lie down in the cot of Mridula. One day it was thundering and lightening heavily. Perhaps the monsoon is beginning. Mridula was scared of thunder and lightening. At the first sound she covered herself completely.

But Thunder did not stop and it became louder and nearer. She called out the name of Ramesh, When he asked what is the matter, she said she wanted to shift to his bed and lie down with him. Ramesh said ok, come down. She wearing only a night suit and with her wrapping sheet came to the bed of Ramesh and lied near him almost touching his body.

Ramesh thanking god for this bonanza turned towards her and hugged her putting his hand around her. Mridula came closer to him and their bodies were pressed to each other. Hands of Ramesh ran all over her. He felt her bulging arse, thick thighs, hugh boobs etc. She turned towards her and buried her face into his chest.

The erect 8" cock of Ramesh was poking her navel. Not knowing what it is she just with her hand wanted to move it away so that it may not hurt her. But when her hand gripped it she realized that it is the iron hard rod of Ramesh. She was confused. If she shifts it down it will be aimed at her pussy. It cannot be pushed upwards or sidewards.

She pushed the cock downwards, directing it to her pussy. She move forward and made the tip of the cock touch her pussy. After the sad death of her husband she never thought she will ever come across a male organ, and now this a grand specimen, like a monstrous iron crowbar. She did not feel like taking her hand away. Ramesh also found the situation very favourable.

His cock is directed towards a pussy. He just moved his body a little and now the tip of the cock was touching her pussy and by further movements it was touching her clitoris. Mridula was thrilled. Thunder came and went, but this monster is going to enter her body and he is already on the way and at the door.

She lay flat on her back with legs wide apart and Ramesh slowly got on top of her and directed his rod into the hole to his heaven. Slowly he kissed her on her cheeks and with one hand he squeezed her boob. He got up and removed all his clothes and stood totally naked and asked her to remove all her clothes likewise.

Mridula though shy, obeyed him and removed her night suit, her bra and panty. Thunder and lightening brought copious rains. Covering the body of the partner with kisses, Ramesh and Mridula started on their forbidden sexual encounter Ramesh wanted to make sure that it is one of her safe days for sexual intimacy.

Beginning with preliminaries Ramesh started well with his sexual encounter and he found out that the fragrance came from her pussy. He buried his face into her cunt and licked all over the place and her clitoris and made her extremely aroused. His entry into the heavenly abode was slightly difficult but since both the parties were keen things went on smoothly to a happy ending.

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Guy enjoying great sex with Chachi - II

Previously: Guy enjoying great sex with Chachi - I

The sheer size & intoxicating smell of her cunt excited me to no end. At once I started licking it. It was really a pleasure to suck the cunt from where I too had come out about 18 years age. By my licking, it started to ooze, which I was quick and eager to lap up. The taste was a little salty. On further licking, Chachi seemed to enjoy it as she was closing her eyes and murmuring something softly.

I could not gauge what she was murmuring but she seemed to like it. After licking her big cunt more, she began to wriggle and murmuring a little louder which seemed to sound like, "aha, aha, ha." When I reached her clitoris, she pressed my head and her murmuring was now words, "aha, han aur chato jor jor se."

After some more licking, she burst and my mouth was filled with her juices which I quickly licked and swallowed. The taste of her juices was again salty. She leaked so much that I had to keep on licking & swallowing.

All the time she was bursting she had raised her lower body. Once she stopped leaking, gradually she lowered her lower body, moved by face away and planted a very deep & passionate and long kiss on my tender lips and licked all the overflow of her juices which were on my face.

After my face was practically cleaned, she moved her face from my face and exclaimed, "never could I have imagined that one day I would be making love to the child I had delivered from my womb. It was indeed a pleasure having you suck my boobs and lick my cunt. Now, I will suck your prick and then have it in my cunt, where you can release all your cum.

Don't worry I will not get pregnant as I have had my vasectomy operation, after delivering 6 children." She sat on the bed and asked me to bring my prick near her mouth. Immediately she put her tongue on the tip of my prick, after pushing the foreskin back. I felt so exhilarated that I pushed my prick entirely inside her mouth.

She sucked it so nicely by twirling her tongue that I was about to ejaculate and told her so. She stopped immediately. Lay on her back, raised her legs and put my prick inside her cunt. I pumped for some time but as I could not hold back for more time I burst all my cum in the same cunt from where I had come out.

The feeling was heavenly. It felt like I was a conqueror having accomplished victory. And being young the cum was quite thick and a good quantity. Seeing my satisfaction, Chachi asked me to take out my prick from her cunt. Immediately she put her hand on her cunt, got up and rushed to the bathroom. I followed her there.

Once in, she released her hand and there was a huge flow that trickled down on to her upper thighs and the ground. I asked, "Is all this my cum?" To which she replied, "not only yours, mine too, as I too had burst for the second time when you burst."

We cleaned and washed each other and stepped out of the bathing area to wipe our bodies. We went back to my bedroom where our clothes were. But before we could dress up, I held her tight in my arms and planted a very hard, long and passionate kiss on her beautiful lips and remarked, "I enjoyed so much that I feel that we should have more of it every now & then.

You are so loving and have a very very beautiful body." To which she replied, "Don't worry, whenever you want to lick or suck or fuck, you can have me. But make sure that nobody is around." "Sure my dear dear Chachi, I will always take care.

Thus ended that days encounter with my own mother. More escapades later and on demand from you readers after you post your favourable comments below.

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Guy enjoying great sex with Chachi - I

This true-life story is of the day when my mother, whom we all lovingly called 'Chachi' and I, an adolescent of about 18 years of age, were alone at our home, as my father & elder brother had gone to Lonavala to settle a land deal and my younger brother had gone on a day-long picnic with his friends.

The time was about 12 noon and Chachi was resting by lying on her bed in her bedroom, facing the windows, with the curtains partly drawn & flowing in the gentle breeze. I was so pent up by seeing her massive figure from the back that immediately I took out my cock from my pyjama and started masturbating. I usually wore a kurta & pyjama when at home without an underwear.

I was enjoying masturbating my erect cock while ogling her beautiful back, when all of a sudden she turned, probably on an instinct, and I bolted to my bedroom, after having closed my pyjama I went out to the balcony of my room and stood staring outside. I was nearly jerking in my pyjama and pondering & wondering the consequences of my action, when I felt my Chachi was standing beside me.

She stood there for some time without uttering a word and seeing my plight, went out of my room. I kept standing in my balcony, still gauging the situation. Once I became steady, I slowly went inside my bedroom and gradually ventured outside trying to find my Chachi. To my relief, she was standing in the balcony of her bedroom, just looking outside.

Very stealthily and with a heaving heart, I went up to her back and put my arms around her. She turned back to face me and I realised that she was as calm as she could me. She just stared at me and again did not utter anything. I took courage and held her hand and led her to my bedroom and she followed my lead.

Once in my bedroom I made her sit on my bed, closed the balcony and drew the curtains of the windows. I then went up to her and fell at her feet and begged her pardon. She pulled me up and asked me to sit beside her. She faced me and said, "its alright beta, boys of your age usually do such things."

I stood her up and hugged her tightly and I could feel her soft & big boobs pressing on my chest. She too put her arms around me and hugged me real tight. My cock was rubbing against her cunt. Then, with courage & trembling a little, I planted a soft kiss on one of her cheeks, then on the other and then on her forehead. She neither moved nor said anything.

And finally I put my lips on her soft lips and slowly began kissing her. We were all the while in the tight embrace. I gradually increased the kissing and she then opened her mouth to take in my tongue and sucked it nicely. I then indicated by gesture that she insert her tongue in my mouth.

Our tongues were licking each other and saliva began to ooze out from our mouths. We licked each other clean. After dis-engaging from our kissing, but not the embrace, I asked her, "Can I suck you boobs just like in my childhood?" She nodded a yes with her head. I sat on my bed and brought her near me and started to knead her boobs over her blouse, after lowering her saree pallu.

They were huge & very soft. I loved the sensation of rubbing my mother's boobs. She always wore a front-buttoned blouse, without a bra at home, so I started to open the buttons of her blouse, one by one. Every opening of a button brought her fair, big & shapely boobs more in view. When all the buttons were open I removed her blouse from her arms.

There were those exquisite boobs in front of my face. I kneaded the bare boobs and removed my kurta and pressed her bare abdomen on my bare torso. It was a great feeling. Then I held one boob in both my hands, when she said, "wait I will hold & give them to you." With that she held that boob in both her hands, pressed it hard and put it near my mouth.

I was so excited that I pounced on it like a hungry dog, licked & sucked her nipple, areola and the entire boob. I kept on sucking her boob, just like in my childhood, for a very long time. Then she removed my mouth from that boob and gave the other boob to my mouth. I sucked that boob too very hard.

I went on alternating the boobs and kept on sucking them both for a long time, maybe about 15 or 20 minutes, when she said, "you want to suck my boobs only or you want to do something more?" Immediately I removed my mouth from her boobs and said, "I want to see you naked, completely." "Go ahead remove my clothes," she replied.

I unwound her saree, removed it and her petticoat. There was that towering figure of my beautiful mother before my eyes. Fair complexion, big thighs, shapely bum and a good height. At first I kept glaring at her body, eyeing every part extensively.

"Will you keep staring only and not do anything," she queried? I got out of my stupor and felt her entire body with my bare hands. Having done so I started to lick every inch of her massive body. She helped me by exposing every part of her beautiful body, including her arse and back.

I was mesmerized when my mouth and tongue reached her massive cunt from where I too had come out. The smell of it was intoxicating and my cock started to leak.

Post your comments below. Rest in PART 2.

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Horny guy having a memorable picnic

It was always good to go on picnics. I loved it when I got to tag along. When I was taken along it was a picnic or else it was a company outing where kids of the employees were not allowed. My father had divorced my mom so for a while I did not get any chance. However my mom’s school used to arrange a lot of outings and I would always tag along with her.

My mom is a pretty lady, aged 37. She had me when she was only 19, and I have seen her pictures when she was young, wow, she was a bomb. She used to go to the gym daily, and had maintained her body. She didn’t have the biggest of boobs only a 36C but she had an amazing sense of dressing.

She always wore very light clothes and her bra would always show through her clothes. I could always make out what colour she was wearing as she would never cover herself at home. She sweats a lot and in the summers one can always make out the sweat under her arms and sometimes on her back.

Her entire shirt becomes transparent and when I am lucky I get to see her in public like that. Men love to stare which she never minds and I love the attention they give to her especially when they treat her like a bitch.

This one day we had gone on an outing with my mom’s boss Mr. Naveed and my mom’s colleague whom everyone called Vicky and some other teachers. My mom was wearing a tight pink sleeveless kamiz and shalwar. Underneath she was wearing a black bra, small for her size so her boobs looked bigger than usual. The heat was making her sweat and there was a huge stain under her arms.

We left for the farm out of town; his farm, more like a trekking area. We reached there and I helped mom get the things out in a clearing right in the middle of the jungle. We spread out the sheet and settled on it. Just when we were about to sit I saw Vicky brush against my mom’s ass. She didn’t notice it and I thought it was by mistake.

Then all three got the beers and started boozing. Mr. Naveed was very courteous and offered my mom the snacks. After a while came the big problem, there was no water and firewood; apparently someone had forgotten to get it along.

As junior guys Vicky and some teachers got up to go get the water and collect some wood. Mr. Naveed said they should take me along too so that there will be help in getting the wood. So off I went with Vicky and some teachers and me looking for wood and water from the nearby stream.

Nearby still meant a half hour walk. I really didn’t want to walk so much and wasn’t so enthusiastic about it so I just walked slowly and was lagging behind. Half way I had lost them, they were in their own world, talking about work among other things. I walked back taking a long route back so that I can have a smoke. I came up on to the clearing from the other side and saw no one there.

I was surprised, the sheet was still there, and I wanted to call out to my mom when I heard rustling sound in the nearby bush. I crept slowly sideways, not going into the clearing at all. I came up around the bush, hiding behind it, and what I saw could have killed me with a heart attack.

My mom was lying on the other sheet we had got; her kamiz was all pulled up along with her black bra. Her shalwar and panty were pulled down to her ankle and her legs were spread out and her knees were pulled up giving Mr Naveed the best position to lick her big cunt.

Mr. Naveed was a big man but was still lost between my mother’s huge thighs. I moved back till I had the view from right behind him, facing my laying mom. He had spread her engorged outer lips with his probing tongue. He licked her slit, open now, inside her inner pink cunt lips, ran his tongue all around the fleshy hole a deep red on the outside, pink on the inside.

He swallowed her flowing juices, running from her pussy and wetting his face. My mom had one hand on his head and the other one she had on her mouth to stop herself from making too much noise. She had her eyes closed and was lost to the world. Mr. Naveed pulled himself up, wiping the wetness from his face.

He was on his knees when he opened my mother’s kamiz and pulled her up to unstrap the bra. I couldn’t see her nipples till one rolled to the side. Mr. Naveed was covering the view. I had to shift position again to get a better angle.

Mr. Naveed had her nipples aroused by pinching them, the brown areola stood hard. He then started sucking them like a baby, cupping her breasts underneath, pulling them up to press against his face. He was literally rolling in them. While licking he raised his ass a bit, put his one hand down and held his cock. He was positioning himself to enter my mom.

He shuffled a bit, put his cock in her wet entrance and waited a second just to be sure he was going the right way. With his hairy chest resting on my mom’s big boobs he swiped his cock head up and down her pulsing cunt lips. He spread them slowly. Then he moved the large black head down and entered her slowly, sliding inch after inch of his dick into her moist fuck hole.

He kept moving forward until he was buried all the way into her cunt, his pubic hairs smashed against hers, till his balls were resting in the crack of her buttock cheeks. He started riding his cock into her, pulling it back, pumping it in, slow, long, steady strokes. Then as she started moaning, lifting her ass up to meet his thrusts, he fucked her faster, making loud sloppy sounds.

I could see his cock coming out glistening with her cum and again get lost in the pink hole. Her cunt had become a tight ring around his fat cock. He rested his shoulders on her and put both his hands below her ass cheeks, gripping her ass and lifting her more to smash his groin into her.

His hands were small yet strong as they held her ass. He was still fucking her vigorously when I saw Vicky coming into the clearing; he came straight to him from the bush of the other side. Mr. Naveed wasn’t surprised to see him, he just carried on fucking. This is when I realized that it was all planned.

He had lost the others in the trail and come back hurriedly so he could also get a piece of the action from my mom. Meanwhile Mr. Naveed had his ass tightened he was unloading his seed into my mom. This turned me on more seeing my mom taking in someone else’s cum into her pussy so willingly. My balls were about to burst.

I had to control, Vicky was already removing his pants. Time was running out for them as they thought the others might return soon. After Mr. Naveed got up, she just sat up looking at Vicky as he removed his underwear. She motioned him to sleep down now. She got up heavily and with her dripping pussy came over Vicky.

She straddled him, held his cock and slowly lowered herself onto it. I guess she wanted to cum too and Mr. Naveed had not yet satisfied her big cunt. She sat right down on it, poking his cock in her pussy. She settled on it and shifted around, fitting it fully into her big slutty hole. She surprised me more by spreading her cunt lips so she could accommodate his cock till the hilt.

Then she just started humping without hesitation, riding his cock driving her wet pussy up and down on his erect rod. Vicky grabbed her tight ass cheeks, shaking up and down. He raised himself up and caught one of the big nipples which were flopping about. He licked and sucked her nipples as she fucked him harder and faster.

He had to leave her ass and grab the boobs to keep them from bouncing about. My mom’s belly and now ass cheeks made a big flopping sound as she humped herself on him. Mr. Naveed came in front and stood on top of Vicky’s head, giving my mom his small wet cock. His cock was wet with her juices and his left over cum was dripping from it.

My mother started licking his cock till it was clean. She moved him aside soon as she closed her eyes, threw back her head and moved faster. She was cumming so bad; Vicky was also shooting his cum into her. She just fell exhausted over him, breathing hard. It was a sight to remember with her clothes half torn, her bra nowhere in sight, cum dripping from her pussy.

They didn’t waste much time getting up and straightening themselves, I ran into the woods and wanked my cock. I didn’t need to do much, as soon as I touched my engorged cock I was erupting. This was too much for me. I returned much later to the clearing, till then the others were back and everyone was just starting to eat. Things were back to normal. My mom’s daring public sex stunt still makes me cum.

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Syed enjoying hot sex with horny sis Ameena

I am Syed, 18 in the first year in the degree class and my sister, Ameena 18 in the second year in the degree class. We belonged to an average middle class family and our parents both were working to meet the expenses of our education and the family expenses. We lived in a small two bed room apartment in the outskirts of the city.

The house came as an ancestral property to my mother and hence we dont have to pay rent. We both studied in the bedroom and slept there. My mother was just 35 years of age and my father 40 and hence they had still long years of service left. They were quite healthy and worked very hard.

My sister and I slept in a single bed and on our becoming of age, my mother asked me to go and sleep in the veranda. But to sleep in the veranda durng summer is ok, but in winter and rains it is too chilly and I sneak into my sister's bedroom. Though my parents know about it they did not say anything.

My sister and I were good in our studies and we hardly found time to think of anything other than studies. One day it was a holiday for us and we did not have to go to the college and hence chose to sleep late. our parents as usual left locking the door and Ameena got up early and saw me in deep sleep.

She saw a tent like formation in my crotch and just undid my pyjama and found my cock in full erection. She was wearing only a nightie and that is the attire she uses for going to bed. So far both of us were scoring very high without any distraction and now if we could complete our degree course meritoriously we both are planning to go to civil service exam which will give a boost to our career.

All our efforts are towards writing the coveted Civil services exam. Ameena got up, went to the bath room, did her early oblutions and then went to the kitchen and made two cups of tea for both of us and came back and found I was still sleeping. She started to shake my body to awaken me. To her surprise she saw my cock shaking in a queer fashion.

She removed my pyjama and found my cock in full erection. Though this is a common featue, she had not found in broad day light and in the absence of others. She caught it in her hand and saw it of about 7 inch size and fair in color and hard. She was meddling with it unusually, I woke up and told my sister not to disturb it and it had to go to the bathroom to empty it.

I ran to the bathroom, did the job, washed it and returned to the bedroom relieved and relaxed. Ameena was lying in the bed and told me that my cup of tea is kept on the dining table. I went and took my tea and returned to the bed to join my sister Ameena. She found that mycock has come to normal size and the excitement was not there.

I told her that she had made me to show her my coclk and now it is my turn to see her pussy. I requested her to please show me her pussy. First she flatly refused. After so much of persuation she came around and agreed to show me to the top of her panty. I said who wants to see your panty, remove it show me your pussy in flesh and blood.

She said I will show you provided you go and stand at a distance. I said I dont want to see. Finally she agreed to remove her panty and show me at close quarters. She removed her panty. I saw her pussy. Oh, there was nothing to see except a mat of black hair covered tiangular portion. I got fed up and told her that this is a joke.

People talk so much about pussy, but this is nothing but black hair covered area. Ameena asked me to touch it. and open the lips with my hand and see the inner articles. She started to explain that the clitoris and then the urethra and the vulva.Seeing in such great detail, I got an erection.

Ameena showed me the fuckhole through which the fucking has to take place and how the semen gets planted and pregnancy is caused. To avoid pregnancy men have to wear condoms and women has to take pills. Then she talked about the safe days in detail which I could not make head or tail of it.

I said today is such an auspicious day that I am going to remove the black hair from your pussy. Amina did not object, but warned me from making any cuts and cause any injury. I told her not to worry and that I will do it carefully. Applying shaving cream and brush I brought my shaving razor and removed the hair in five minutes. Her pussy gave a totally new picture.

She saw it in the wall mirror and was surprised the look after removal of public hair. Her fair skin glowed and it was as soft as butter. She went to the bath room and washed it clean of soap suds and came back and lied in the bed. I just bent low and sniffed at her cunt. There was no smell and I just licked the cunt lips and between the lips. ZZZZZZzzzzz said Ameena.

She was thrilled at the pleasure my rough tongue gave her. But she wanted more. She opened the cunt lips with her fingers and asked me to lick it deep. I licked it from bottom to top. When my tongue reached the upper end of her cunt lip, she shuddered as if electric current has passed on through her. She told me it is the clitoris and asked me to lick their with more pressure on my lip.

I did it. She put her hand on my head and pressed it down that my face got buried into her cunt. She got up and showed me the various parts of her cunt, clitoris, urine hole and the fuckhole. I was fully aroused and my cock was in fully erect condition right from the moment I did the shaving of her cunt. I tried to rub the tip of my cock on her cunt opening from bottom to top.

She enjoyed it and I too. She was lying with her eyes closed and legs widely opened. Her boobs and nipples were fully uncovered and also her pussy. It was a sight which I never saw before. I too was nude. I asked her whether I may insert my cock into her fuck hole. No, just wait, she asked me to lick and suck her nipples to begin the fore play. I was too willing.

Her nipples were erect and her boobs were hard. I took one nipple in my mouth and squeezed the other with my other finger. Ameena just was enjoying. I lied on top of her and my erect cock was in the region of her cunt, when I was sucking her nipples and boob. Ameena was very much aroused.

She lifted her knees and opened her cunt wide and rubbed the tip of my cock into her cunt. When she rubbed it on her clitoris it sent shivers throughout her body. Finally she asked me to insert my cock into her cunt, but slowly and not to make haste. Balancing my body on my hands and knees, I kept my cock in the entrance of her fuck hole and pushed it in. It was tight and was not going in.

I asked her whether I may apply pressure. She said yes, but slightly. I applied slight pressure and it went in by an inch. Her vaginal muscles created a block and did not allow entry of my cock. Again I applied pressure and it went further one inch, but Ameena was wincing her face with pain, but did not say anything. Since it is paining you, shall I remove it, I asked.

She said no, no, having started go ahead, I will tolerate the pain. By jerks, I applied pressure and it went in by inch by inch and when half of my cock was inside it stoped and there was a block. Ameena asked me to push it further in, but there may be pain but it does not matter do push it in.

I gave a powerful push and I could feel that I broke some tissue and there was a cry of pain from Ameena. But she held me tight and tears were flowing from her eyes. My cock was fully in upto the hilt. I kept it in for some time when I gave her kiss on her cheeks and sucked her nipples, to alleviate her pain. Then she asked me to move it slightly and slowly.

I slowly pulled my cock out and again pumped it in. By this movement she was experiencing less and less pain and she asked me to increase speed of my fucking. I could see from her face that she has started to enjoy. I prolonged the fucking for a long time and I could see that Ameena was nearing her orgasm.

I again kissed her and sucked her nipples and she was reaching her orgasm. With a few powerful strokes I too reached my orgasm. We got up and went to the bathroom. I saw blood stains in the bedsheet and the towel which Ameena carried. But she was very happy and kissed me for making it possible.

If she were to have this kind of sexual experience from an outsider, there would have been scandal and he would blackmail her and take advantage of her. Now with her own brother, it is within the family and safe. We had plenty of sex till evening. Ameena enjoyed it very much. She asked for it more and more. I was giving her whenever she wanted and in all ways she wanted.

From the next day onwards we used to have sex every day in the night except when she is on menstruation. We took all precaution and we are quite happy. One day she told me that one of her dear friends wants this kind of sexual experience and she may come in the evening.

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Horny Sherin fucked by Uncle

I am a follower of HD for quite a long time. Here is an experience of my friend which I am posting on his behalf. Jos, 26, was working in a bank and he was asked to go for a training in their Chennai office. His sister was in Chennai and because it was days of school vacation he thought he would stay with her rather than in some hotel.

His sister was happy to receive him and her husband and her daughter, Sherin were all very gladly talking to him about his family etc. Theirs was a double bedroom apartment in a busy area. Jos took a bus went for training in the morning after breakfast and returned in the evening. His sister, Susie and eighteen year old Sherin were ready to hear him.

Jos had a humourous way of talk which all liked to listen. He cracked lot of jokes and Sherin used to laugh loudly and urged him to tell more such jokes. He went to the bathroom and freshened himself and took tea and snacks and sat for reading newspaper. But Sherin would pull out the paper from his hands and climb onto his lap and asked him to tell more.

Whatever Jos spoke he had a witty way of putting it and it made others to give out peels of laughter. Susie told him enough for the day, she had lot of work in the kitchen and if he goes not talking she would not be able to do her work in the kitchen as she also would stand listening to him. Jos went to the second bedroom and kept his belongings there. There was a double bed.

Sherin who came with him inside the room said that she slept in that room. Jos asked does it mean that we may have to share the bed between us. Yes said Sherin. Jos went and asked his sister whether he can sleep in the drawing room sofa. She said no. you sleep with Sherin, she is your niece. Tell her some stories and she will sleep. But she has something to study.

I too may have homework to do with my laptop. The did not have a computer at home. Sherin was interested to see the laptop and learn how to work it. Jos said first you finish your studies and let me finish my homework and then I will show you how to operate the laptop.

Sherin, eighteen year old in XII std. was more grown that her age and she took too much liberties with Jos, her uncle. Jos saw she had nice orange sized boobs and under some pretext or the other she used to rub her boob on his shoulders or on his elbow. She used to urge him to tell his stories which was full of fun and humor.

On the first day, Jos had little homework and Sherin came and lied with him in the bed and asked him to tell his experiences. He narrated how started his career etc. Out of interest Sherin moved closer to him and their bodies were touching each other. Jos felt that he is likely to get an erection because of the closeness to this girl.

Susie his sister called them for supper and after supper they all departed for sleeping. Jos waited some time towatch TV so that Sherin may complete her homework. By about 10.30 he went to the bedroom expecting Sherin would have slept. But she was wide awake waiting for him. Jose wore only a lungi and a t shirt.

Putting out the light he went to the bed and Sherin was awake and she moved to make space for him to lie down. In the night he could feel her hand creeping towards him and it fell on him to pull him closer to her. He had to turn towards her and put hs hand across to hug her. Afterall she is just 18 and his niece and he wanted to be careful while dealing with her.

But the girl was hot and she pulled out her tiny boobs and pushed against the face requesting him to suck them. Jos just rolled his tongue around the nipple and gave it a soft suck. But Sherin wanted more, she pushed her boobs into her mouth. Her knees were pressing against his erect cock.

Jos took her entire boob in his mouth and rolled his tongue around and it was a blissfull situation for him and her. She straddled him and pressed her pussy against his crotch. Jos ran his hand underneath her nighty and her smooth thighs and ass cheeks were very nice to touch. She had not worn any panty and his hand went directly to her pussy.

It was a small pussy, with scant hair and with slight projection of her clitoris out. He ran his hand firmly around the pussy. She kissed him on his lips and with her hand held his erect cock. She got down from his top and took his cock in her mouth. Sicne she was inexperienced she was clumsy. Jos showed her how to do it and soon she was doing it correctly.

Jos just put his finger in her cunt and just searched for her fuck hole. It was there tiny and he inserted his finger inside. No, uncle please put your cock into the hole, Sherin cried. Jost asked are you a virgin. she said no, I inserted a unripe banana and broke my seal. Jos asked did you do it yourself. She said no, one of her friends helped her and she broke her seal.

Jos put is cock in her hole and pushed it in. With great difficulty and tightness it slowly went it. Both of them had severe pain. But her fluids were flowing copiously. After fully inserting his cock, he pulled it out and again made in and out movement. Sherin was full of tears because of the pain. Gradually she was alright and was enjoying the act.

Jos fucked her vigorously and her tight pussy gave him immense joy. He saw to it that he does not cum inside her. Throughout night they had three rounds and both were very tired. They went to the bathroom and washed themselves and removed all evidence of his sexual encounter with Sherin and they both slept. Next they resumed their routine without arousing suspicion.

During the stay of Jos in their home he fucked Sherin many times. She was a very hot girl and would not let him sleep without giving her a good fuck. Jos would have married her but for the age difference. After his assignment was over he had to leave the town. Sherin gave him a tearful send off. After she graduated her parents arranged for her marriage and she married a nice handsome boy working in US.

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Biju and Suma enjoying sibling sex

Biju, younger brother of Suma while running slipped and fell down and there was a fracture in his right fore arm. HIS father took him to the hospital and got the arm plastered and and bandaged. Biju was advised not to go to the school and to take rest for at least 2 weeks.

His parents have to go to office and his sister Suma who was in the first year in the college said that she will sit with him and take care of him. She was just 18 and was helping her mother in the kitchen and in other house hold works. Now she has to stay back and take care of her brother.

The brother and sister liked each other very much and they slept in the same cot in the second bedroom in the house. There was no space to put another cot in the bedroom and hence they had to sleep in the same cot. In his younger years, Suma used to bathe him and put on his dress and books etc.

Now he is grown up and said he needs no help from her and used to take care of himself. Now with a bandage he certainly will not be able to take bath. Suma asked Biju to come to the bath room so that she may bathe him. He was shy and told her that he does not want to bathe.

She laughed at him and told him that he will smell foul if he does not take bath and made him to come so that she may wash him body. Reluctantly Biju went to the bathroom. Suma removed his clothes one by one and when she pulled down his underwear she found to utter surprise that he had his penis 5" long. She poured water over his body and applied soap.

When she came to touch his cock it got erect and stood still bigger. She rubbed the cock and the balls and she was wet in her panty. She poured water over Biju and bathed him but his cock stook erect. Biju was shy and cover his face with his bandaged hand. Suma wiped his body and when she pressed the cock with the towel she found it to be very hard and erect.

She felt like just kissing it and putting it in her mouth and suck it. She resisted her temptation and put on a fresh underwear on Biju and lead him to his bed. She tound it very difficult to push an erect cock into an underwear. She went and lied with him in his cot and was trying to talk to him. Her hand went in search of the erect cock of Biju and held it in firm grip.

She asked why it became so erect so suddenly and what he did to make it erect. How it will become soft and limp. Biju did not reply her because he knew no answer. She kissed him on his cheeks and then on his chest. Biju kissed her back. She just kissed his cock and looked at him. Biju was just smiling and looked at her.

She opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth running her tongue all over it. Biju enjoyed her action, but did not say anything. Suma changed her body position so that her boob pressed on the hand of Biju or rather tempting him to press her boob. She thrust his cock into her mouth so deep that it would have reached her throat.

Biju liked it so much that he moved his body up so that his cock may go deep into her mouth. He was reaching his orgasm that he thought something went out of his cock into her mouth. From the sudden spasm she knew that he had shot his cum into her mouth. But she swallowed it and she could not even know the taste.

She raised her head and asked him whether he enjoyed her action. Shyly he admitted. There after they enjoyed everynight in their own way. Biju learnt from senior students in his class more about sex and fucking positions and all. They gave him small books with photos of various fucking couple.

Suma learnt from her friends more about sex and about safe sex, calculating safe period etc. One year passed and their sex activity confined only to blow jobs by Suma. One day she asked Biju whether he will lick her cunt, he very willingly said yes. She closed the door and bolted it safely and in the little light of the bedroom lamp opened her legs wide and showed him her pussy.

There was lot of bushy curly hair in her pussy and Biju thught for a while. But being the first opportunity he did not want to miss it and hence leaned over and opened her cunt lips and with his tongue searched for her clitoris. Suma was overwhelmed and was hissing softly. They both were afraid to make any noice which will be heard by their parents.

They both consulted about the safe period for Suma and Biju inaugurated his fucking his sister. They both knew it will be a painful affair, but they made lot of preparations and finally they decided on a particular day. Biju wanted her to remove all public hair and to keep her pussy clean. The cream was applied under his direct supervision and ultimately it was smooth and her chin.

Afterwards it was a wild affair. Both enjoyed and who to dictate right and wrong. They took utmost care to see that their new sex adventure does not affect their academic career. Somehow without any hitch they got through the courses.

Now was the time both the brother and sister to separate and go in their own way. Biju went to the engineering college, and Suma tried some PG course in Business Management. But her parents were busy to get her fixed up for a marriage. Finally she got married and went to Muscat.

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Rema aunty fucked by Raju

Rema auty, my mother's sister, on return from Dubai, purchased a flat in our apartment complex and moved in there. He husband, Ramu uncle was transferred to Europe and he had to constantly travel and aunty thought the she mey move over to our place rather than stay alone in Dubai. They had no children even after three years of marriage.

Aunty used to call me frequently for help to move furniture, or to make small purchases, etc. I, Raju, was in the first year engg. and my parents were both working. I used to be available at my flat most of the time since my college was very closeby and I attended classes and during spare time I came home. Aunty had presented to me a laptop which was a dream for my age group.

I took net connection and browsing the net was my favourite pastime. One of my friends suggested to me to see porno sites and wow, the whole porno world was open before me. Aunty had her own laptop and all imported gadgets and furniture. It was indeed a pleasure to spend some time in her flat in the air conditioned luxury. Rema aunty was just 24 and was a beauty.

She used to come to our flat in the evening when my mother returns from office and they both cooked food for supper and Rema aunty took food in our flat and then left to her flat to sleep. Sometimes she used to wear jeans and t shirt and some times pyjama and top, and sometimes churidar and kurtha. What ever she wore she used to be beautiful and charming.

She used to ask me to accompany her wherever she goes and I used to do it very willingly. Uncle used to come once or twice a month during his official tours and stay with her for about a week or so. But now he did not come for more than a month and she used to be very worried about him. They may talk or video chat daily but his physical presence is what she wanted.

Once she asked my mother to allow me to sleep in her flat. She felt very uneasy that day. She said we will go out for supper, I said ok. I took her in my bike to one of our favorite eateries. She took very light food. On reaching back her appartment she was slightly limping while walking. I asked her what is the matter.

She said she hit her knee on the dining table in the hotel and it pained her very much. On reaching home she asked me to apply some pain balm on her knee. Afterall she is my aunty and I said I will and she gave me a tube of oitment. She lifted her saree upto the knee and her shapely legs were very beautiful. I applied the ointment and she asked me to massage.

I kneeled on the floor and massaged her knee down to her feet. She said it felt very good and she went to her bed room and changed to a nightie. Though I had no bad intentions with Rema aunty, despite she being a beautiful woman, making me to touch her body The absence of uncle also made her very sad and lousy.

I cannot be his replacement. I thought let me be as much useful to her as posibble. She was lying on her abdoman and her legs were exposed. She was asking me to apply the ointment on the back of her knees and on the back of her thighs.What if it were my aunty, exposed two female legs caused me an erection. I cannot tell anybody.

But she was face down and may not know my predicament. Sitting on one side I applied the linament and rubbed with my hand and asked her how she feels. If she says she feels better I thought I can stop. I had applied from knee upwards. But aunty did not say either to stop or to continue. I asked her how do you feel, she used to reply it is ok. I am seeing her panty.

Upto the bottom of the panty on the rear of her thigh I have massaged with the linament. She should have said OK Raju, stop it enough for the day. It was a pleasure pressing and massaging her sweet soft thighs. Suddenly I found dampness in the front of her panty. Has she passed urine without knowing.

Any how I stoped massaging for the day, kept the linament tube in the shelf and went and washed my hands in the wash basin. I called Rema aunty, will that not do, If you need me call me again I will come. Now let me go and and wthout waiting for her answer I moved to the door. Rema aunty asked me to stay back and join her in taking lunch.

She had prepared some food and some items she ordered from the hotel, but eating them alone was very boring and she wanted me to give her company. She was just staring into my eyes which made me uncomfortable. She asked me how I was using my laptop, whether I have started using it for my projects or just for watching movies etc.

I said my project work will start only from second year onwards, and now I was watching movies etc. What more you watch, she asked. I was fumbling, how can I tell her that I watch porno. I gave her some evasive reply. In the afternoon I saw her watching my laptop and searching for history. She found out that I was watching porno sites. There was a smile on her face.

I thought she will warn me from going into this kind of rotten stuff. But she did not. She observed that I had marked some porno sites as my favourites. She searched for them and was looking at me. I felt guilty and was avoiding looking at her. She wanted to make some advances towards me. But I had my limitations. I cannot take any initiative.

She made it a practice to make me give massage to various parts of her body, once her back, or hip, or thighs, or knee, or calf miscles. or shoulder muscles.. She made sure that I get full view of her boobs, or her pussy. All that I need to do was just extend my hand and touch it. I hesitated and waited for a better chance to turn up.

It so happened that my parents went on a pilgrimage to a distant temple. It was an auspicious day. Rema aunty told me that we should take oil bath wear fresh clothes and go to the local temple. She brought bottles of oil to the bathroom and asked me to wear a towel and come for oil massage. She said she will give massage.

I wore a towel around my waist and sat in a plastic stool in the bathroom. She poured oil on my head and started to massage my head, neck, back and one by one the upper portion of the body. I had a glorious erection and it was concealed in the towel. The bathroom door was closed, she squatted on the floor and asked me to remove the towel.

She just pulled it off and saw my monster in full fury. She just took oil and applied it on the cock and the scrotum and massaged it. She was just enjoying the act. She then proceeded to the bottom portion, thighs, knees, and lower legs etc. But my monster was very hard and erect. It used to touch her face or hair.

After oiling of my body is over, she sat on the stool and asked me to start on her body. She removed all her clothes, keeping just the bra and the panty. I applied oil on her face and on her hair and then came down to her neck and chest.

I had to remove her bra, I unhooked her bra and her ample boobs with erect nipples were there standing erect, I applied oil on her boob and massaged it Rema aunty was enjoying my touch and was keeping her eyes closed. There were stubs of hair in her arm pits and running my oily hand on her abdomen was a real pleasure. Quite mechanically I pulled down her panty.

She cooperated. He scantily haired pussy gave a lovely picture. I applied oil on the pussy and made a circulatory movement making sure that my finger tips were pressing her clitoris and other sensitive areas. Her hand reached out for my erect cock and I was busy applying oil on her buttocks and thighs, interior and exterior.

She made me to sit on the small bathroom stool and she sat on my lap with her legs on both of my sides. She took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her fuckhole and she moved forward hugging me. My cock entered her tight hole. I had to embrace her. She pushed forward and backwards so that my cock may go in in slow pace.

I then lifted her and placed her on the floor and opening her legs wide, lied on her in missionary position and pushed my cock inside. Because of disuse her hole has shrunk and I poured some water in it and again tried. With pluck pluck sound I made a full entry and she held me tight with her hands and legs tightly wound around me. We never thought of the moral value of our act.

It was only physical lust. I fucked her slowly and then increased speed and she shouted that she is cumming. I went on fucking and I too reached my orgasm and shot my fluids into her. My my erection was intact and when I pulled out she got up and washed her cunt. She saw my erection and wanted another fuck then and there.

Again making her ly on the floor I fucked her vigorously, but it took longer time. We finished our bath and came back to the bed room naked with moist bodies.We stood before the wall mirror and watched it looked to stand naked. My cock was again getting erection. We fucked on the bed, with me down and she on top.

She was very clumsy and my cock slipped away from her hole and she placed it again and jumped. Her boobs were lovely and were bouncing. I held both of them and sucked her nipples to enhance our pleasure. We fucked four to five times a day to make up all the sex she missed in the absence of uncle.

There was a telephone call from uncle to say that he is coming with her visa and to get ready. She gave me her laptop, camera and many precious things. She left the articles as they were and bidding farewell to my parents she left with the uncle.

We fucked till she left to the airport to receive her husband. After about two months she telephoned me and told me that she is pregnant and the child is mine.

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Sharda massage fucking with brother Nitish

Sharda, 19, got up and was getting ready to go to her college. She turned to her younger brother Nitish lying in the cot next to hers. He was in deep sleep and his pyjama strings were untied and his hand was holding his erect cock. She wanted to call him to wake him so that he also may go to the college, but seeing his erect cock, she hesitated and took a closer look at the cock.

It was fully erect and his left hand was near it as if he was holding it. His eyes were closed and from his breath taking she knew he is in deep sleep. She bent low and sniffed at the tip of her brother's cock. It was giving a peculiar smell. She could feel that there is wetness in her pussy. She just touched it with the tip of her finger. She could not judge how hard it was.

She has to grip it with her hand. But she was afraid he may be awakened. Somehow taking courage, as if to waken him she took grip of his cock and called him by him by his name. She had to shake him with one hand on his chest and one hand on his cock. He woke up and opened his eyes and seeing his sister, immediaely covered his nakedness and slowly got up.

He did not remember that his sister was holding his cock all the time. Sharda felt its hardness, It was like a wooden rod, very hard. Nitish got up and rushed to the bathroom. She went to the another bathroom for her toiletteries and bath. With half an hour both of them were ready, had their breakfast and were ready to go to their college.

She decided that she will get more friendly with Nitish so that she may take liberties to touch and hold his cock. After return from college they got busy in their own pursuits, watched TV, had supper and then when they retired to their room, Sharda asked Nitish to apply some pain balm on her shoulder and back as there was a catch which caused her severe pain.

Nitish asked her to remove her blouse so that he may work on her shoulder. She moved her blouse to a side to give more room for massaging, but Nitish told her it is not possible to massage unless she removed her blouse completely. Sharda had no other go but to remove her blouse. Her full boobs were concealed in her bra and Nitish could have full view of them.

The he was working from behind her she could sense that he has had a full erection. He asked her to bend forward and he came to her front and was massaging her back. Her face was resting on his erect cock concealed in his knicker. He unhooked her bra strings and let them drop to their sides and was massaging on her spine.

Here his erect cock was playing on her face and she could get the familiar smell from the rock hard cock. It was quite large and was hitting her. With her hand he pushed it aside from the front of her face. Aey Nitish your thing is hitting on my face, keep it aside or make it small. It is too large and hard. Nitish was surprised and told her that it cannot be made small or soft.

The best thing for you would be to takeit in the mouth. She looked up at his face.The fellow appeared sarcastc. Anyhow she decided to put her hand inside his half pant and pul out the cock and play with it. It was indeed a nice specimen, silk soft skin, golden colour, hard as steel, she pulled the skin backwards and examined the front.A small drop of colorless liquid was emerging.

She took the cock in her mouth and her tongue circled around it. It was real fun to take full cock in the mouth. Nitish while massaging her back, took his hands to her sides and found ample boobs. soft velvety boobs. Somehow the pain appears to have subsided as she was not moaning anymore. Her blemishless back and the soft boobs made his cock rigid hard.

He asked her to lie down on th ebed and started to massage the front portion. HE LIFTED HER SAree and petty coat up and he applied oil on her thighs and started todo massage. Sharda wasvery much aroused. His groping hand searched every nook n corner in her body. Her prominent pussy was there enclosed in her panty.

His hand ran over her lower abdomen the whole of the bottom and thighs totally. Sharda said it is enough, the has shown its effect and thepain is very much reduced. No, No, there are still area which are untouched. Which area, she asked. Nitish said your groin, how can I ignore, comon, remove your panty and come and lie down here.

Before she could react, he pulled her panty down and She hurriedly covered her nudity with her hand. She told him it is enough, my pain area is covered well, even if this area is not massaged it is ok. Nitish said no, no, I have to do thefull body massage. His hand quicly caught her pussy and with one hand he poured coconut oil and massaged the front of the pussy.

There were one weeks stubby hair. Nitish was seeing a pussy for the first time. He applied oil and made a circulatory movement on her pussy. She was aroused. What he did gave her immense pleasure, She did not want him to stop it. But continue till the end. Finally he used his cock to do the massaging on the pussy.

She was watching what he does with his cock, he put the cock on her clitoris and massaging it. She was arriving at an orgasm because of his handling of her sensitive part. He finally rammed his cock into her pussy and made the whole show complete. Ramming session did not last long. He fucked and fucked. and she was at the peak of pleasure.

He pulled out and threw his cum in the floor. Thereafter both Sharda and Nitish without any circumlocution used to sleep together and enjy sex without anybody interfering of objecting. They discovered new new avenues and methods of fucking and it went on till one of them got married.

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Venkat fucking sisters daughter Lalitha

Venkat, 53, in good health stayed in the sixth floor or an apartment complex. His wife Sudha was away at her native place to take care of their child who is sick and needed more medical care and nursing. Venkat was alone at the flat, cooking his own food, doing yoga, meditation, etc. attending a private company who pay him well.

Venkat had no regrets since his wants were limited. He had very limited circle of friends, and just browsed his computer and listened to music. His sister called and told him that her newly married daughter, Lalitha, is alone since her husband had gone abroad for job and she wanted to move into the house of Venkat so that she will be in safe hands till she is able to move away with her husband.

Lalitha was a Computer specialist, and could have got a well paid job in India. But since her husband is away she wanted to join him. Till staying alone in a house seemed inappropriate. That is why her mother asked her brother Venkat to accommodate Lalitha in his house for a short time.

Venkat knew Lalitha in her younger days when she went to school from his house and his wife used to take care of her. Now she grew up into a fine woman and got married and now Venkat does not know the habits of Lalitha. Nevertheless, he agreed and next day Lalitha was supposed to land in the house of Venkat with her bag and baggage.

Venkat hurriedly cleaned up a guest bed room, for the occupation of Lalitha. She came in a taxi with about six boxes of varying sizes and said said hi mama and dumped her luggage in the veranda and paid the taxi and sent him off. Venkat was stunned to see her. Lali, 22, had grown up into a fine lady of beauty and she looked more elegant in her dress.

Venkat helped her to move her baggage to the room and she went and checked up the bathroom which was unused for a long time, but in good condition. The single bed had a good mattress and a bedsheet and a pillow. Venkat came and sat in the sitting room in front of his laptop. Lali said she will have a bath and change of clothes and come and sit for a talk.

After about half an hour he heard her finishing her bath and get dressed up and come into the sitting room and sat in one of the chairs in front of Venkat to chat. Her attire shocked Venkat. She was wearing just a think kurthee, without any bra and her body was totally visible though the kurthee.

She wore a knicker, just to cover her panty and her other parts of the body was totally exposed. She had long ivory colored legs, totally exposed. Venkat brought up in orthodox atmosphere and not familiar to such feminine dresses was shocked. When he loooked at her, his eyes roamed over her round erect boobs and its nipples. When he lowers his eyes her flat abdomen showed.

A small metallic button which held the two sides of her knicker together was worn out and any moment it may give way. Her panty elestic and the edges were visible from every corner. In the normal course this much of a feminine appearance was sufficient for his sex starved mind to give him an erection.

He asked Lali, in detail about her hus band and his present job and how soon he would come to take her away. He suggested she may take up some job here when she waited for his arriaval. But Lalitha said if her husband comes to know that she got employed in India, his efforts to take her to his work place will slacken. Her main aim is to join her husband as early as possible.

Lali inquired about Venkat's wife, the health of his child and he was sleeping along in his king sized bed in the a/c bed room. Venkat was quite sexually active when his wife went away. He tried to fuck her on the occasions he used to visit her, but she said in the present condition of their child, she was not at all inclined for sex and poor man had to return.

Occasionally he had to masturbate to satisfy his urge. Lali got up and went around the house and found his bed room was more luxurious and comfortable. In the night they ordered some small food from a nearby hotel and both were very satisfied. Venkat had some milk in the fridge which he got heated in the micro and they both drank leaving a little for the next day morning coffee.

It was jus 8 pm and they put on the TV and watched. Venkat was interested only in news channels but Lali wanted ot see some other channels. He went to telephone his wife about their new guest, whom his wife knew. Lalitha also spoke to Sudha aunty and talked for a while.

Venkat was watching her and found she was changing her position so frequently that her knicker was just coming down and her public hair was visible from the top. Her boobs were dangling and shaked to make anybody horny. Venkat felt a movement in his crotch after a long time.

By 9.30 pm, he locked the front door, checked up the kitchen and cleaned up everything told Lalitha to sleep in the guest bed room and he bidding good bye to her went to his bed room, straightened the sheets and lied down chanting his usual prayers was getting ready to sleep. Suddenly Lali came dashing in and said Uncle, let me sleep with you just for today.

Ok, said Venkat. His bed was huge and two people can comfortably sleep there. Lali went inside the bathroom and came back and said she will change and come. She went out and came back within a short time wearing a nightie. Taking the liberties she took when she was a child, she just jumped into the bed and lied near, Venkat.

He got up to put out the light and only a small LED light was burning. He turned to one side of the bed and was trying to sleep. Lali was talking about her married life etc. Venkat could not turn to her side or sleep on his back as he had a small erection which will appear as a bulge. Lali went on talking, that was her habit.

She pulled him to turn to her side and she found that he has an erection and that is why he is not able to face her. Suddenly a rush of blood to her groins make her more horny and she just put her hand across and embraced Venkat and pulled him closer. Her boobs were pressing against his back. Her hand stretched down and caught his erect cock. Venkat was shocked.

All these things happened in such quick succession without any preplanning that she was gripping his erect cock. Venkat turned to her and told her no, it is too much, you should not play such games, you are grown up and your husband is waiting for your arrival at gulf. Dont meddle with me and my life.

Lali said, just imagine my condition, since last three months, I have not been touched by anybody, you are also leading a brahmacharya life. I just was tempted to have just once, just once only please uncle, you also need it, I know, just once for today. Venkat did not need more persuation. He put his hand across and embraced her.

Lali removed her nightie and she was totally naked beneath it. She pulled off his dhothi and make him totally naked. His cock was a 7" rod standing in full erection. Lali just held in with both of her hands and kissed its top. She straddled him putting both her legs on either side of his and put the tip of his cock into her cunt and pushed her bottom forward. His cock was entering her cunt.

It was very tight. Venkat liked the game and he aided her with his hand pulled her closer so that his cock will enter her fully. Lali was fully horny and was crying with joy. Venkat rose and kissed her boobs and nipples. Lali leaned forward to make him suck her nipples. His cock entered her fully and tight grip of her muscles gave both of them great pleasure.

She said there is no hurry, let us proceed slowly enjoying every minute. Venkat agreed. with his hand he made her move forward and backwards so that his cock was moving inside her cunt. They went on like this for some time. Lali rotated her body over him so that his cock went round her cunt.

Venkat lifted her bottom with his hands and brought her down to bring forth the fucking action. He caught her boobs with both of his hands and pressed and squeezed them. Lali said she is going to cum and asked him also to adjust his orgasm so that they both will cum together. Venkat made some brisk action and they both cummed together. He shot his fluids into her.

She lied on him for some time and she got up kissing him and they both went to the bathroom for washing. They continued to have another fuck with her lying on the bed and he fucking from the top. Afterwards they fucked four or five times in a day. Lali was crazy over sex and she just sucked his cock and made it rise. Venkat licked her pussy and sucked her clitoris.

They both never had so much of sex with their real partners. They tried all poses day in and day out. They never cooked any food but always depended on the hotel food. She was not in a hurry to join her husband. Venkat also never went to meet his wife. In the night they resorted to 69 position and enjoyed for hours.

Finally one day Lali's husband informed that he is reaching on the following day. They had to make a lot of arrangements for his arrival. He came with her visa and ticket to fly off within a week. She could not find any reason to stay back. She left on the day bidding good bye to Venkat with tears in her eyes. Venkat also had his eyes go damp.

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