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Dan having sex with his Bua - II

Previously: Dan having sex with his Bua

Hi friends this is DAN again, Hope u like my previous story with my "BHUA"... I AM BACK with one more real incident which happend with me after I fucked my Bhua, I was sex starved I use to think about her and mastrubate.

After I fucked my bhua I got more guts in me, lemma introduce ally aunty she's 53, she's pulpy ( Fat ), she had good pair for boobs 38c and I use to look at her like crazy, I was lucky enough to get a neighbour like this.

I use to visit her place anytime, she stays with her husband, her daughter is married with 2 kids and son in other state, so I started mastrubating thinking about her, I use to feel like heven, she usually use to wear nighty and lil transperent.

One day I pressed the door bell in the evening, no one was opening the door I was supprised and I had a curiosity to check what's going on, I checked it from the peephole to check what's going on inside I saw she was wearing golden colour nighty lifted up till her Ass fuckkkkkk it was a fuckin round big ass, it was all blurr, uncle took her on the sofa she sat uncle removed his pant and started humping her in was not able to see them completely in was shocked.

After a week or so I went to their place in afternoon and she was in nighty I was speaking with her and I was able to c her blue panty and no bra her nippels were hard, I returned home mastrubated like crazy.

Next day she called me and said Dan please come to my place I have some work I went she closed the door and she was in blouse and paticote she said my elbow is paining please tie plates for me ( Choti in Hindi ) her hair was long and open I she turned and her ass was facing, I started Tieing plates and after tieing plates I left and I was going crazy by looking at her.

Next day again she called me to tie plates and did and she said my hand is paining a lot and I said in massage you, " ally said okay so sweet of you, I said sit down and I started massaging her hand with oil " ally said thnxx Dan" there was an tent in my shorts.

And the day arrived she called me said "please massage again Dan it's paining" I said " ok" she took me to the bedroom and lied on the bed I took olive oil to massage her I started massaging she was in paticote and blouse, after some time she was breathing fast and by mistake Lil oil was spread on her blouse I said "aunty oil is spread in your blouse"

She said "It's k in got knocked she removed her blouse.... she was only in her pink bra I started massaging again and I told to my self " Let's take a chance" I asked her " Aunty can I give you a body massage she said " hmmm I love u for that please do " She lied on her tummy and I started massaging her back and she was making noise " Hmmmm ahhhh ah huh godd thnx dan "

I was busy massaging and staring her Ass, I started pulling her bra hooks up and massaging she said "open it " I was like " yes she will give a fuck " I opened it she was bare back and I was massaging after that I asked " Aunty can I massage your legs" she said " yes, just push my peticote down "fuckkk my balls were paining by looking at her she was only panties and bare back then I started massaging her legs till her ass cheeks had a hard Boner...

I asked her " do u want me to massage you other side " She " hmmm wait " She took a blanket and covered her boobs, I started massaging her legs started from her Toe, and started massaging hard and I started massaging her thighs, my fingers were reaching inner thighs my middle finger was touching her pussy over her panties I did it for 3-4 times after that she realised she said only till needs but still I was massaging her thighs

After sometimes she started moaning and she was not restricting me to do, I stopped she said " Why did you stop massaging " I said " wait " I started to rub her pussy over her panties her moans were getting loud,, " ahhhhh dan please, ahhhhh " I started rubbing fast she removed the blanket she was now only in panties,

I went up and started pressing her boobs and my right hand was down rubbing her pussy I was, I started sucking her boobs, she said " it's been ages no one sucked my breast" I started sucking it hard and now my hand was in her panties and her pussy was clean shaven as she was waiting for me to get fucked, her pussy was full wet, her waist was in the air, moaning like crazyyy "

Dan please don't stoppppp keepp doing it " we started kissing deep, our tounges were playing with each other, she said " I am ready " I said " m ready since weeks now, get up and bend keep your hand on the bed ill put enter from behind " she followed my instructions and I pulled her panties down, what an Ass I slapped her Ass and her Ass cheeks were shaking,

after that I started rubbing her pussy with my dick she said " Stop " I was like what happened, She said " show me your monster " I showed her, she went down on her knees and started playing with my dick ; moving up n down.

Then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it, I was in heaven, I caught her hair and started mouth fucking her, I was moaning " ahhhh ally suck it hard ", this went up till 15 mins. Then I said bend and stand take the same position, I teased her pussy with my dick, and I pushed it one go, she yelled " ohhhhhh myyyyyyy goddddddd aaaaaaaaa aaaaa aaaa ahhhhh slowly dan slowly,

then I stated moving and fucking her doggy style, she was moaning " it feels soon gooddddddd I like it, it', I increased my speed, she was going crazy, she said " ahhhhhmmmmmmm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mmmmm I am cumin dan" she started shaking her ass, and she stoped I removed my dick out, my dick was covered with her cum.

She lied I her back she said " I want more baby " I got charged up, I spread her legs and started fucking her in missionary position she was moaning " fuck me bastartd as it's a last fuck, fuck me dan like I am yours uuuiiiiiiii maaaaaaaa ,like u never did before ( she was holding the bedsheet tight ) fuckkkk dannnn I am cuming I am cuming dannnnnnnnnn " she came and I was fucking her hard

"pack pack pack pack sound was making me crazy I made a loud noise and I came in her and lied next to her, I told her " thank you aunty, was a nice fuck I love, she looked at me and winked at me and said " 2mmrw morning come at 9.00 ill give you a special massage.

Hey guys, part 2 ill post it soon and something crazy we did, and more 2 stories to reveal !! Please leave your comments below.

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Rahul fucking his Chachi

Hi. everyone I m reader of humandigest...this story is abt me and my chachi... this story is abt 4 years ago.. our family is joint family.. I am rahul, wen this incident happen iwas in 12th, and ialso use to fantasize chachi in my dreams bcoz she was hvin big boobs,and wenever she used to serve while lunch or dinner I used to look her boobs,

she always wear salwar kameez,her bra was very fit and visible frm her kameez, one day we were goin out of state and we did a volvo bus... and I slept with chachi in bus.... and in my mind many things were gooin on..tht night I didnt slept for one hour....bcoz in my mind many things were goin on as whom I was fantasizing she ws with me..thn I tried to adjust myself and I kept my elbow on her boob,

she got up and told beta haath udhr lo.. I was actin tht m in sleep, I took my hand aside and aftr sme tym I again kept it thn again she told me as she was also nt sleeping, then again I waited for her to sleep I wait for one hour and nw I kept slowly my hand on her boob, and I was roaming my hand on borders of her bra, I was feelin very nice and she was sleeping very tight,

then I pressed it then also she didnt getup, and as I moved my hand to next boob I realised tht she kept her mobile in between those boobs in her bra.. I was thinkin what the heel is this... I moved little more close to her while liein as the bus was of slepper type..

so I moved closer to her and my cock was erect and I touched my cock to her frm down and the days were of winter their was too cold I also kept my leg on her to be warm, as I was thinkin tht she was in sleep but she was not she hold my cock by her hand and told me what r u doin, I was scared little but then she told hw much big it is...

if I was knowing you are behind me should hv give u first as I m very hungry of sex frm many years... after havin one child ur chacha nver fucked me....... then in bus their was dark in night and she just gave me blow job with her mouth... and after this when we reached home by attendin tht function we booked one hotel and went in afternoon and had a gre8 sex..

first I kissed her on her lips fr abt 3-4 min. then I removed her kameez and pressed those melons.. I tear her bra which was of red color and the size was 36... I saw her nipples and took in mouth... she was moanin like ahhh it squeez it, pinch on my nipple..... I gave a bite on her nipple..and there was a mark of my teeth... she liked that.. then I removed all my clothes...

she took my dick in her mouth... and I came in her mouth only... she swallowed all my cum..nw I took rest for some time and then again she took in mouth as I was lieing on bed then it was erect again afetr soe time,... I also open her salwar and took out her panty, I saw her pussy cleanly shaved as I told her first tht I want her pussy shaved b4 goin to hotel...

I licked her pussy for much time and she was telin ab bass ho gya ab daal do.. tht nw plz stop lickin put ur dick in dick is 9 inch, first I only put 4-5 inch in she was little tight as many years she was not been fucked... then I agin took out my dick I applied oil.. and again I pushed my dick till 6 inch and at last I put all she was moaning very loudly and then I began to fuck her...

I fucked her til approx 30 min and wen iwas cumin I took it out and I came on her boobs and belly.... and frm tht day I give her a nice fuck after some days I also fuck her ass and also one of her frend this incident I wil share u next time if I wil get better comments from the readers....thank u for reading my story...

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Sex with sexy sister Priya

It was evening and our parents had gone out for some club meeting. My sister, Priya was there doing some project work for her dissertation.I was sitting in front of the TV utterly bored. I looked at Priya, she appeared to be busy. I waited for some time and again looked at her and she also saw me and our eyes met. I am bored, Priya, why dont you come and sit with me, I asked.

She said just a minute, let close my books and come. She is 19 and in the second year for her BTech. Beautiful, with full breasts and ass, she is very friendly with me and does not mind my probing into her body to kill boredom. She got up from her seat and walked towards me and sat in the sofa in front of me and looked at the screen of the TV.

She had already unbuttoned two buttons of her T shirt so that her cleavage will be visible. Priya, it will be late for our parents to come back. Amma had prepared or dinner and asked me to take the dinner along with you and go to sleep. Should we sit here, or go to my room and watch some movie in my laptop and wait for the dinner time. She looked at my face and told me, as you wish.

We both got up, I put my hands around her and we walked to my room, where my laptop was there. Priya lied in my bed on her abdomen and waited for me to put on the laptop, whereas I sat in the chair. I browsed through various sites and asked her whether I may put on some porno. She smiled and told me, yes, that is what for I came for.

Ok, wait, before that let us change into casuals. I put on a kurtha and pyjama and she put on a frock and a blouse. The movie shown was a new movie and we started from the beginning. I moved my chair closer to the bed so that I can stretch my hand on her. She moved a little closer to me. It is the usual western movie and it takes time for the action to start.

The main characters were young and beautiful. After locking the room they start to undress. Priya asked me whether we also should undress. I said wait and went to check the doors and windows. I locked the front door and closed the windows so that nobody will hear the sound of the movie being played. When I returned Priya had already removed her blouse and her bra.

Her boobs were firm and erect were standing out. Priya was unhooking her frock and removing it and now only her panty remained. I asked her have you cleaned the pussy of all public hair. She lowered her panty and showed me and it was clean. Now she was totally nude. She came forward and removed my kurtha and pyjama. My cock was in semi erect condition.

In the movie the girl kneeling on the floor was taking his nice 7" cock in her mouth and giving a blow job. Her boobs were full and he was bending low to press her boobs. Suddenly he stopped her action and lifted her threw her on the bed and opened her legs wide. He buried his face into her pussy and started to lick her pussy. Priya came down on the floor and took my cock into her mouth.

She had given me blowjobs before and she was just getting into be an expert blow jobber. My cock went deep into her throat and she knew how to control it without chocking her. I too told her to give a break and asked her to climb into the bed and open her legs. I just got in between her legs and buried my face into her pussy. She had applied some nice deo that it smelled very fine.

I licked the entire front of the lips and the mount. and slowly opened her cunt lips and got inside. Her clit was slightly big and there was a flow of viscous fluid coming from her fuck hole. I ran my tongue all over. It was dark pink in colour. Priya was hissing and moaning out of pleasure. We would like to prolong the moments of pleasure. We both strained to watch the movie.

The boy was fucking vigorously. Perhaps he was in a hurry. But we were not in a hurry. I asked Priya, do you want to do it fast or go slow. She cried, slow, slow, take your own time. Lick me, lick me, dont stop go on licking me, she cried. I twisted my tongue around her clit and made it to twirl. Just gave it a soft suck and then again licked it hard.

Priya was shivering out of pleasure and her moaning was very loud and hissing. She pressed my head with her hand into her pussy. I inserted my tongue into her fuckhole. I inserted my two fingers, middle finger and ring finger into her fuckhole and pressed the roof of her vagina while licking her clit. Priya gave out a cry of joy and was shaking and lifting her hip up.

With my fingers I fucked her hole pressing the roof. Priya got a massive orgasm. I pulled my fingers out and placed my cock in the entrance and pressed it in. It took two or three thrust to get full penetration. With her open hands she hugged me and her legs wound around me and pressed me down. I told her, if you hold me so tight, I cannot fuck you.

It is better for you to get on me and fuck. She agreed. We just rolled over and she was on top and I was in the bottom with my cock fully inserted. It was beautiful sight with her huge boobs dangling right in front of me. Priya had all the freedom to decide what action to adopt, up and down or forward and backward, or to rotate her torso so that my cock will travel all over her hole.

We went on prolonging the action for a long time without reaching orgasm. Finally Priya banged me and finally she got her second orgasm and I got mine. I sprayed my fluids inside her. She told me in my ears not to worry as she is on pills. Thus our great game ended. Slowly we got up and went to the bathroom to clean ourselves.

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Dan having sex with his Bua

Hi all, I am Dan from Mumbai, my age is 21, I know u might have gone thru the phase in your life which I am gonna share with you'll. I was in 6th standard when I started masturbating, I use to think about girls elder to me and the girl I use to meet in my classes, school or in friends I use to come home and 1st thing I use to do is masturbate.

I was very friendly with my aunty "Bhua",she is 43 now her figure if m not wrong is 34-28-36 she is fair got good features, ass was something I use to go crazy, Back to the story I was in 10 standard and my "Bhua" she had come to stay with us, so whenever she use to come out of the bathroom after having bath she use to not wear any salwar, so her panty use to be visible and that Black panty with stars on it use to drive me crazy, fuckkkk.

So I use to stay at home till the time she done with her Bath, I use to stare at her like anything, I started getting feelings for her, I use to mastrubate like crazy thinking about her, when she use to sleep next to me I use to pull her nighty up, she use to change her side.

One fine day, it's was around 5.00pm no one was there at home only me and my sex bomb "bhua", she was sleeping and she was wearing yoga pants and her ass made me crazy, I had to mastrubate any how, so I went to the washroom saw her nighty, bra and panty,

so I took her nighty spread it on the floor in washroom took her panties placed it on the nighty (with the inner part of the panty outside where her vagina is placed), I laid down in missionary position and started pushing my dick on her panty, I went fast as I was doing it 1st time for I came in 15 mins and the same time my bhua yelled from outside saying come fast I wanna go in to PISS,

I was still lying again she yelled, third time she banged the door and the door got open I dint latch it properly, she got very angry on me and saying " Yeah kya kar rahe ho, sharam nahi aati ruk aanede tere dad ko batati hun " I was like I am screwd, brain stopped working.

After 1 hour I went next to her she slapped me and said " Nazdeek nahi aana mere " I said "bhua galti hogayi mujhse please kisi ko mat batana " she said " yeah tumne kaise kiya aur kahan se sikhi galat cheezain " I was numb. 3 days passed but she was still coming in kameez after having bath no salwar.

One night everybody was at home, she dint say anything to anybody, she was in nighty and everybody was having dinner after dinner everybody was sitting comfortably and she just spread her legs and I was at her panties and I stared for 5 mins she closed it then, next afternoon she was sleeping and nobody was there she was in her yoga pants and for a suprise her one boob was out,

I went mad went close to her and just touched it no reaction I pressed the nipples again no reaction I pressed her boob with my and and sucked the nipples with my mouth she moaned " ehhhhmmmmm" she changed the position, then I started pressing her ass I was like "JO bhi hoga dheka jaaega"

I pulled down her yoga pants I saw her panty in Red colour lace one I went crazy her bra was also red, took more courage and entered my hand in her panty it was a fuckin clean shaven pussy I started rubbing found her clit she started moving and she got up she saw me doing and she said " aaj tak kissi k sath koi lady ya ladki k sath aisa kuch kiya hai,

I said "Nahi, app mujhe sexy lagti ho aur ik baar tumhare sath sex karna hai", "Bhau said ", Pant utaro apni, I removed my pants, Started kissing her lips she was responding and I was sucking her lips like crazy, slow our tounge started playing together, Bhau said u are a "good kisser", I was feeling proud, slowly I removed her top,

and unhooked the bra started pressing her boobs like crazy Bhau broke the kiss again and said "Choos Le mere mamme Ko" she was getting hot I entered my hands in her panties started rubbing her pussy, "Bhua said " Maar daal aaj mujhe bus aise he karte reh tere "Phupa" ( Bhuas husband ) woh showpiece hogaye hai " I was shocked listing to that,

as I was Rubbing her pussy she was moaning " aahhhhhhh dan ehhhhmmmmm maaa aeeeee mumaaaaa ehhhhhh ehhhhhhh fuck dan mera chooot raha hai ( I am coming ) And after she came her fluids came out on my hand I removed her yoga pants and panties now she was naked fuck there was a tent in ma underwear she saw that "Mujhe tera woh dikha"

I said " Kya" she said " Penis dikha she pulled me and made me naked while she removed my underwear dick slapped on her face, she now got ready my rick was hard like IRON She pulled my foreskin and saw dickhead and bhua said " badaa hai tera " my dick real sizes is 7" long and 2.5" thick, Bhua started stroking,

I said " Bhua muhh main lo aur tounge khelo aur chooso, Bhua just did it, she sucked for good 15 mins I said " Bhua bed pe sojaaoo ", I started smooching her and sucked her boobs, I said " Bhuas janat ki seher karogi,Bhua Said " Kaise" I said " Ready Hojaoo", I went down open her pussy with my fingers and as my younger touched her pussy she said

" Mummaaaa nahiiiiii please nahiii " I said " Rukjaa nilanjana ( buha's name ) I started licking more fast She was moaning more fast "" aaaeeeeee ahhhhhhhhh siiiiiiiii auuuuuu auuuuuu ahhhhhh aramse, As my younger went inside she said " Margai main and she raised her ass up in the air and she came, lovely taste of her come,

Then, I was hot and her pussy was wet I started rubbing my dick on her pussy, Bhua said " aaramse abhi tak itna badaa nahi gaya " I kept my hand on her mouth and pushed my dick with force and pussy was tight and she raised her ass up on the air and tears rolled from her eyes and I started storking by removing the complete dick out and put ting again pushing hard,

Bhua was sounding " Ummmmm ummmm ummmmm she pushed mu hand and started moaning " Ahhh maardiya nikal apna bahar I dint listing I started stroking again she was moaning " aaahhhh dan fast kar karna fast " I got exited ducked her fast for 20 mins she came and I shouted like cray as I came,

" ahhhhhh ahhhhhh fuck ahhhh eh hahaha ahhhhhh ahhh shitt fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" I came in her, And fell on her she hugged me tight and Bhua said " main 3 din aur hun aise he chudwana hai mujhe, I said " Theek hai nilanjana dan tumhara hai", I removed my dick she sucked it and I fucked her brains off for next 3 days.

After she went back to her in laws place we had phone sex and skype sex, and she is coming again this year after ages ill fuck my bhua, It's a real thing which happened and please comment I have 3 more stories to reveal.

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Agra guy fucking sexy Mami

Hi everyone, in this story I’m gonna tell you guys how it started with me and my Mami. Let me give a brief about my Mami. She lives in Agra with my Mama and their 2 daughters. She got married at an early age of 19. She is slim, have olive colored skin and the smoothest skin and hair ever. She is 42 year old now, but when this incident happened she was 39 i.e. 3 years ago. She has reasonable sized boobs of 34, slim waist at 28 and amazing ass at 36.

For the first time I got attracted to mami was when I was in 10th grade. That time much of our cousins were not there and its only me from Delhi who went there in summers. It was June and heat was unbearable. My mama works in the wholesale fruit market in Agra, so he leaves early for work.

That day there was no power and inverter was about to die, so all were sleeping in one room so that we can use fan to longest. I woke up in between and find my mami was lying right to me and to right of her was her daughter, my cousin.

I never had any bad intention about her till then. But that day she was lying very close to me and something happened in me. I could smell her fragrance. She was wearing a light blue nighty covered till her ankles. She held one arm on her forehead and sleeping on her back. I couldn’t keep my hands off her. I tried touching her by keeping my hand on her tummy. The feeling was amazing and she din react.

Then she suddenly shifted and faced away from me. My hand automatically shifted to her waist and it was amazing. I was getting so smitten by her by now and was rock hard. I touched her hips and they were the smoothest. I think she was awake now as she was moving and changing her sleeping positions frequently.

I got a lil afraid that she would make a ruckus about what is happening, but she din react and kept my eyes closed. Then she turned and now facing me. Due to her movement, my arm came on her waist and she came close to me. My dick was rock hard and my heart was beating loudly. I touched her breasts from sides and that was amazing. I smelt her amazing fragrance and it was making me high.

Then she suddenly stood up and left. I was a little afraid, but I still wanted to take my chance. I thought she wants me to follow her. So I did, but she made an angry face and asked what I want, I said nothing and went back to my room. I tried to be close to her after that day but she didn’t show any interest so I backed off. But this thing remained in me and I masturbated a lot of times.

Then few years past and I got busy with my college and further studies and finally in job. Then in December, 2010 when I went to Agra during the Christmas break dramatic things happened. I greeted every1 and they were happy as I was coming to meet them after years. My Mami was happier than others.

Since I surprised them, my cousins already planned to go to their relative’s house for a couple of days. But they wanted to cancel that since I was there. I requested them not to and after a lot of convincing they didn’t. They left next morning. Now there were Mami, Mama and me in the house.

Mama left for his work early in morning and then the girls. I was up to see them off. Now it was me and mami in the house alone. It was freezing then and I asked mami that m gonna sleep a lil more. She said don’t go in the guest room and sleep in her room as heater is there. I asked where she gonna sleep, she said its not the first time we’ll be sharing the same bed and started laughing.

All my previous memories came running and I was a lil turned on thinking that. I went to her room and got in the blanket. There was only 1 blanket there so I took it. She came after changing and got in the bed. She asked me to share the blanket and I obliged. I could smell her fragrance and was getting high on it. She started talking to me then.

Mami : So how’s ur job going? Me : Its pretty well mami, a little hectic. Mami : Tell me more about it. Me : Usual mami, get up get ready and go to offc work n be back. Mami : Sounds dull, don’t u hv offc parties. Me : yea we do, and they get very wild. Mami : really? How? Me : well lots of liquor, lots of dance and music. Mami : Do u drink? Do the gals drink there too?

Me : ya mami I do take a lil, gals drink too. Mami : Wow, I wish I could experience that kinda life. Me : I know mami how much u love dancing. Suddenly then power go off and heater shuts off. Mami : That’s the story of UP, power keep getting cut, not like delhi. Me : Doesn’t matter mami, we r warm enough to sleep. Mami : not me…I shivering. Me : get another blanket mami. Mami : m too lazy for that.

There was no talking for 5-10 mins and she started shivering. Mami : Risi, don’t be so harsh, come hug me…..m feeling so cold. I was little amazed with her request and already getting excited. I went close to her and wrapped my arms around her. She submerged entirely in my arms.

Me : How u feeling now mami? Mami : great (big smile on her face), u have became strong than last time I hugged you. Me : its only for you mami. (said lil flirtingly) Mami : Acha, whats so special in you mami. Me : What isn’t mami, your figure is amazing, your hair, your skin and most importantly ur fragrance.

I was rubbing her back with my hands now and getting stiff in my pyjamas. I know she was getting hot too. Her face was close to mine and I was feeling her breath on my chin. It was unimaginably sexy. Mami : Acha kabse? (she said playfully) Me : Since ever mami, I am feeling so lucky right now. Mami : Why now, u touched me before as well. (she winked) Me : you knew it was intentional from me?

Mami : Am no kid Rishi, and to be frank your touch was amazing but I din feel it right then Me : that means you feel its ok now? Mami : Your mama doesn’t touch me anymore, he is all thinking of money that’s it. I have not been touched by him in past 3 years. Even I have needs. He doesn’t even hug me now. Me : He is a fool. He has the jackpot and he is ignoring it. Mami : Help me Rishi, I need you….

With that I looked in her eyes and we got into an amazing kiss. I was caressing her back and kissing her, she was playing with my hair and neck. She was amazing. She was chewing my lips like a hungry, sex starved woman (that she was). I was on cloud 9. Nothing like a sexy horny woman deprived of sex for years.

She totally took over me, she came over me and started eating my lips, ear, cheeks, neck everything. I held on to her ass and caressing it pressing it. I asked her to slow down, we have a lot of time. She said shut up and fuck me hard. She removed my T and started licking my chest, biting my nipples. She was unstoppable and giving me a lot of pleasure.

I put my hands under her night shirt and unhooked her bra. She liked it and removed her shirt swiftly and said, take them whole. I made her lie on her back and started kissing her. I licked her neck and she was moaning in pleasure. She said my husband never does it and I love the way your tongue travel around my neck. I caressed her boobs.

They were amazing, soft to touch but firm. Nipples were dark and I loved them. I rolled my tongue on them n she let out a loud moan. I was teasing her n she was getting desperate. She was holding my head with all her force and pushing me over her boobs. I started sucking them and she was screaming in pleasure.

I bit a lot on her boobs and she loved every bite. She said I want you dick now. I wanna eat it, lick it suck it. I stood up removed my pyjama and undies in 1 go. She was adoring my dick and said I was foolish not to have u years ago. I deprived myself for all those pleasure. She came on her knees n held my dick and started rubbing it all over her face. She was looking like a desperate whore. She started sucking it now.

It was amazing. She sucked me for good 2-3 mins and then asked me,’Rishi, I need this in me, cant wait for it anymore.’ I removed her salwaar n panties and started rubbing her pussy. It was wet like hell. It was dark and so inviting. I licked her for 2 mins and she creamed a hell lot.

She was out of control and came immediately. She was beggin me to fuck her now. I rubbed my dick on her pussy and suddenly pushed it inside her. She moaned out loud. She was wet n tight. I started stroking her in calm manner and was totally over her. She was kissing me and moaning in my mouth. She was the hottest women I ever fucked.

Then I increased my pace and she was screaming in pleasure. I asked her to be in doggie position. She came on her fours and I pushed it from behind her and we fucked for few minutes there. I put a finger in her asshole and she was trembled in mix of pain and pleasure.

She was moaning loud and abusing in hindi. Faad de meri Rishi, chod de, chod de, chod de….. Her voice was falling and her saying made me go faster and faster and I felt the urge to cumm. I said am cumming mami, she said fill ur mami’s choot. And I came a lot and fell on her back. We were sweating like anything.

She made me lie on my back and came on chest and lied on me. She thanked me a million times for that and kissed full of love and gratitude. I told her I have never did it with a hotter woman than her. We slept a little like that and fucked a lot in next 3 days and then I came back to Delhi.

We are still going strong and whenever we meet we make love. She is open for anything and everything, I tell her my sex sessions with my gfs and she love hearing. I promised her to fuck her till she is alive, even after I get married.

She loves me truly and do everything I ask her to. Hope you would have like it. Please feel free to leave your feedbacks below in the comments.

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Vikas making love to Chachi - VII

Previously: Vikas making love to Chachi - VI

Hi, we are getting lot of comments on our stories. I have told you that these comments were making us more excited to write even more for you guys. We have been reading all of them together but this time we read the comments after I posted 5th & 6th part. And to our shock some of the readers wanted me to get involved with my cousin (chachi’s daughter).

And this created a very awkward and embarrassing situation for me and chachi as we were reading it together. I think we have realized that what happens behind the doors should remain behind the doors and it was our fault that we tried to say it loud to public. We are not blaming to anyone but this has made us think again about making our privacy public.

It is our fault, we did it without realizing that there would be many statements because everyone has their own opinion (& they all are right in their own sense). But just thinking about my cousin & me is making me & chachi shameful and guilt feeling is coming.

I have already told you how it started, it was not lust but by time and may be loneliness it all started and I don’t think that if we are in love then something is wrong in it, it is our life, but…I have been posting this part to get your comments on it, so that I can explain chachi that all readers have their different opinion and no one is insulting us but some people could be rude or they think that way,

may be my writing is not that clear to explain them that how it started and how it is today and she should not feel guilty about our relationship. So we have decided that from now on we won’t write anything more. So friends we had quite a nice time with you guys and may be this is the last hearing between us. Keep reading ……..& enjoy…….

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Vikas making love to Chachi - VI

Previously: Vikas making love to Chachi - V

I asked the cab driver about where I could find a girl to fuck, he surprisingly asked “sir but aap karogey kahan, aap to family ke sath ho?”. I replied “yaar tu dila to sahi mene resort waalo se baat kar li hai wo kuch ghanto ke lie ek alag cottage de denge. I will pay them, masti maar ke apni family waalo ke pass chala jaaunga”.

He smilingly said “sahi hai sir, mujhe kuch time do mein kuch dekhta hu”. After few hours he called me on my cell and asked me to come out. I went to him and eagerly asked “kya hua, kuch baat bani” he replied “sir do se baat hui hai, ek thori bari hai 500 rs mang rahi hai, or dusri 18 saal ki hogi lekin wo saali 800 se kam mein nahi aayegi”

I said “abbey tu dikha to sahi ki maal kaisa hai, phir dekhtey hain kitna dena hai” and we moved in the cab to the destination. It was some colony where he took me and told me to sit in a momo (its kind of Indian version of dumpling) shop. Told me “sir ek plate momo order karo, serve karne aayegi jab dekh lena or thori der me momo sauce mangwa lena to dusri bandi deney aayegi to usey bhi dekh lena” I did as he said,

but friends the first one was a bhabi types somewhere about 30 and other was a girl may be of 20-21 but I didn’t like any (may be chachi is so beautiful and I was comparing these girls with chachi). I paid for the mom and came back and sat in the cab, driver asked “kya hua sir konsi waali leni hai”

I said “yaar ye to dono hi pasand nai aayi, koi jordar bandi hai to bata, ye mere type ki nahi hain” he said “sir phir paise jyada lagenge” I replied “tu paiso ki kyu chinta kar raha hai, tujhey thori hi na pay karney hain, mein pay karunga par bandi mast dila, bhaley hi yahan ki sabse mehngi ho” he said “sir delhi ki kuch larkiyan aayi hui hain, mast hain, unse baat karu?”

I said “mere bhai delhi se to mein khud hi aaya hu, yahan ka koi ultimate maal dila” he blinked his eyes and moved his face in consent “samajh gaya sir”. I remained seated in the car, he called some people while standing outside and said “chalo sir, aapka kaam ho gaya”.

He took me to some other area and we went inside a house, driver talked a lady in his local language and the lady replied him. I was only able to understand her name and that was “Anju”. She came and I was stunned by her “chinki” beauty. White in color, a bit chubby, beautiful lips, short in height, wearing salwar suit she came and stood next to me.

The lady again said something in her language and anju nodded her head in consent. We came out of the house, I sat in the cab and driver came near me and said “sir sab baat karli hai, 2000rs legi lekin purey 24 ghantey ke lie aap ke sath, apka jab man bhar jaaey tab chhor dena”. I agreed and said I will pay her 4000 and keep her till I leave for delhi” he smiled “theek hai sir baat karkey aata hu”.

After some 20 min he came back smiling and got inside the cab, “sir kaam ho gaya hai aapka” and we waited for more 5 mins. Then she came with a small bag pack and sat next to me and we moved towards the resort. As we reached there I got off the car and told them to wait and ran to the cottage and knocked the door, chachi opened the door “mili koi?”

I was smiling in reply, she asked “kahan hai, bata na kya hua?” I came inside the room and told her the whole story and that the girl is in the car. Chachi said “to leke aana usey andar” I said “thora wait karo, driver ko lagega ki mein dusra cottage arrange karne gaya hu” she understood and we both sat on the bed next to each other, chachi was so excited that she was telling me again and again “ja ab bohot der ho gayi hai, ja ab le aa”.

After some 20 mins I went back and asked the driver to come out, anju was still in the car. I told the driver that the cottage in which we were staying had some bathroom issue so resort guys have issued a new cottage to me and my family is moving in the new cottage but I will keep the old cottage also, so after 10 min send the girl to my cottage.

He understood and said ok and I moved back. As chachi opened the door she came out and saw that there was nobody, annoyingly she asked “kya kar raha hai tu, koi hai hi nahi” and made angry face. I held her from her elbow, took her inside the room, pushed her to the wall and pressed her boobs hard and looking into her eyes I said “array meri sexy idiot.

If I will bring that girl with me then might be some resort people will see me and will get a bad impression, so I have asked the driver to escort her to our room”. I explained her the cottage switch story also other wise driver might expect a new cottage, but we haven’t issued any and if I would not have told this switiching story to the driver then he might also judge that something wrong is going between us and I don’t want that.

She quickly asked “to wo larki agar usko batayegi to” I replied “I have booked the girl for 4000rs and she will stay with us till the time we will leave for delhi. We will pay her 1000rs more and ask her not to tell about our threesome. And once we leave the cottage then let her tell anyone, who cares” and I smiled sarcastically, chachi said surprisingly “kitna dimag lagaya hai” and took her lips near mine and started kissing me.

In a minute or so we got a knock on the door, I asked chachi to go in the bathroom and to be quite, she followed as I asked, I opened the door and saw anju and driver standing at doorstep. I called both of them inside, driver moved his eyes all over the room and asked permission to leave.

I made anju sit on the bed, she was shy kinda girl, her head was bent towards the floor, she sincerely obeyed my order and sat on one corner of the bed. As driver moved out I bolted the door back and came near to anju, put my hand in my pocket took 4000rs and slided in her hand. Very quietly she said “baad mein de dena” I said her to keep the money and took one more 1000rs note and gave it to her and said

“ye extra rupaye islie de raha hu taki tum pura support karo or jo bhi is room mein ho wo yahi tak rakho” she lifted her face looked into my eyes and smiled in consent. Suddenly chachi opened the door and came out of bathroom, anju moved her head to see her and jumped on the bed in shock. By expression on her face it was clear that she is shocked like hell and afraid.

Chachi smiled and asked “kya naam hai tumhara” and caressed her so that she feels normal. She very politely said her name and looked onto chachi’s face as to judge “what the fuck is going on”. Chachi sat next to her and explained “is room mein jo bhi hoga wo hum teeno mil ke hi karegne” anju’s mouth was open and she was trying to understand the situation.

Chachi was caressing her like a baby and said “tum ghabraao mat, tum bhi enjoy karogi” while saying this she looked at me and signed me to go out of the room, I went outside and started roaming in the plush gardens. In about 20 mins or so chachi called on my cell and asked me to come back and told me that she has explained her every thing and she is ready.

When I came inside the room anju was sitting on the bed (now more comfortably) and smiling. Chachi told me to order some sandwiches for her. And we started talking. Chachi asked her “ab to koi dar nahi laga raha na?” she replied “nahi dar to nahi lag raha par sharam aayegi uska ka kya” chachi said “mein hu na anju, tu ahbi nashta kar or phir naha ke aa or relax feel kar” she nodded her head to say ok.

As she went inside the bathroom chachi went with her and gave some instructions and came back and asked for a new tooth brush and a razor. I called the house keeping for the needful and handed over to chachi. She went inside bathroom and came back after 15 mins.

Now anju was taking bath and chachi came near to me and said “bohot baal they uskey wahan or razor lagaaney se bhi darr rahi thi. Mene help kar di hai or bol dia hai achchey se brush karna or achchey se naha ke perfume laga ke aana” I smiled in reply.

Chachi said “larki to bohot hi sundar hai, or saaf suthari bhi hai or pata hai teri to mauj hai, vagina or nipples ek dum pink color ki hai jaisi tujhe pasand hai” I came close to her and said in her ears “lekin aapke nipples or vagina se beautiful nahi ho saktey” and she laughed. Bathroom door opened and anju came out.

She was wearing chachi’s lower and tee, looking more beautiful, her complexion was more brighter and her wet hair were complimenting her face very much. She smilingly came and sat on the sofa that was next to our bed. We all were looking into each other’s eyes and smiling as there was not much to talk.

Suddenly chachi asked “tujhe vikas kaisa laga?” she answerd “achchey hain” chachi said “to wahan kyu baithi hai, yahan aaja bed pe” she obeyed and asked “inka naam to vikas hai aapka kya hai” chachi replied “mujhe tum chachi hi bolo”. Chachi asked her to remove her t-shirt, she did that hesitatingly now she was sitting just with her lower on the bed,

no bra was there so her boobs bounced when she took of her tee, chachi raised her hands and removed her top also and sat in bra. Chachi took of her bra and her boobs too bounced. Now two extremely beautiful ladies were sitting in front of me with their top naked. Anju’s areola was pink and very small nipples were visible and chachi’s nipples are the best ones (ihave already told you).

Chachi said “anju tu hi bata kiske boobs jyada sunder hai” she anwered “chachi aap ke boobs wakai sunder hain” I joined them in conversation “lekin anju chachi sahi keh rahi thi ki tumharey bhi bohot sunder boobs hain, can I touch?” anju answered “jo karna hai wo keejiye” I went forward and cupped her one boob in my hand, chachi said “chalo sab apney saarey kaprey utaar do” we all got up and got completely nude.

Anju was looking at my hard dick, chachi asked her jokingly “kyu achcha laga ki nahi?” she smiled in answer. We all sat next to each other and started playing with each other’s body. Chachi was moving her fingers on my dick with one hand and holding & pressing her one boob from other. Anju was pressing chachi’s boobs from her hands and was looking into my eyes and smiling.

Chachi asked anju to bring her face near my penis and showed her head of my dick and said “ye jo chhota sa baby hai ye bohot naughty hai, khub shararat karta hai, lekin pyaar bohot deta hai” anju giggled and placed her hand on my dick. Now situation was getting hotter and chachi became the leader of this group and ordered anju to lie on the bed and spread her legs.

She did that, her clean pussy was inviting enough. Chachi asked me “vikas chusega iski ya sidhey hi karega?” I said “chachi pehle mein aap ke sath karunga” chachi replied no to me by moving her finger “tu chup ho jaa and do as I say” chachi held my dick in her hand and pulled it towards anju’s vagina and ordered me to put my penis inside her.

I did that and my penis was inside her, chachi whispered in my ears “kaisa lag raha hai? Iski andar se meri tarah garm hai ya nai?” and before I could answer she took my lips in her mouth and started sucking my lips hard. Now anju was lying under me, my dick was deep inside her, I was stroking her slowly and kissing chachi and mixing my saliva with chachi’s.

It was a different experience. Anju was moaning while getting fucked by me and I was busy kissing chachi. Anju took her hand and put her two fingers in chachi’s vagina. Chachi moaned uummmm…….with her activity while her lips were locked with mine. Now we all were getting fucked in some way and enjoying. Chachi broke the kissed and asked anju “meri choosegi?”

Anju’s body was moving up and down due to my strokes and she was moaning continuously and with those moaning sound she answered chachi “kabhi kia nahi hai” chachi replied and rode on her face “par ab karna parega”. Now anju was totally occupied, her vagina was serving me and her mouth was serving chachi.

Chachi sat on her facing me so it became a triangle where I and chachi started kissing again, anju was getting fucked by me and was licking chachi at the same time. Now I was close to ejaculate so I broke the kiss and started stroking hard and the moment I was about to explode I took my penis out, stood on the bed and ejaculated my sperms on chachi’s face.

My sperms hit her hard on the face, she closed her eyes and screamed “vikasssssss”. Now I was standing with penis in my hand. My sperms were traveling from chachi;s face and started dripping on anju’s body, anju was busy in licking chachi’s pussy and chachi was looking at my face into my eyes and moaning loudly with open mouth.

It was clear by her expressions that she was in deep ecstasy. Anju’s legs were still apart and I can see her beautiful pink vaginal lips covered with our juices. Her pussy lips were spreaded and her hole was inviting something to enter. Chachi bend over and took her face near anju’s vagina and put her two three fingers in her inviting hole.

Anju jumped with chachi’s stroking fingers and started moaning again. They were in a kind of 69 position anju was licking chachi’s vagina but chachi was fingering anju. It was an excellent site to see them. The force and speed chachi was putting in fingering her, anju too was sucking and licking her vagina to the fullest as a return gift to chachi.

Chachi was fingering her and looking into my eyes. Chachi rolled her one hand on anju’s waist to hold her and started moving her other hand so fast that her hand was not even visible to me, moaning sound of chachi was like oh oh oohh and as anju’s mouth was covered with chachi’s pussy lips so she was moaning like um um ummm…

after few minutes anju took her face on side and placed on chachi’s inner thigh and screamed out loudly (she felt her orgasm). Chachi had taken her fingers out, anju’s pussy lips were kind of moving, seemed like a door is opening and closing the same time and her body shivered and kinda jerked 4 to 5 times,

she was holding chachi with both her hands wrapping chachi’s waist hard and then she just loosened her body and relaxed. Chachi got over from her and said “dono hi selfish ho, ab mera kya hoga”. I held chachi’s hand and pulled her towards me and said “leto yahan aapko mein hi satisfy kar sakta hu” she lied next to anju, spread her legs and invited me by moving her hand.

I was hard again and saw anju’s saliva all over chachi’s vaginal area, I put my penis inside and started stroking chachi hard, she was moaning loud now and said “anju aaja mere upar teri bhi choos deti hu” anju replied “nahi chachi, mujhe thora rest karney do, is tarah ka maja to aj tak nahi mila mere ko, mene to kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki is had tak bhi body satisfy hoti hai”

and she remained there only without any movement. After a few strokes I ejaculated inside chachi and got over from her top and lied next to chachi. Now three naked bodies were lying on the bed with legs spreaded wide open.

All were facing the roof, anju’s vagina and body was looking shiny and sticky by my sperms on her tummy area and her own juices had covered her vaginal area (juices on anju’s body were getting dried up as she was resting from quite a while now).

My dick was limp by now and resting on my thigh and chachi’s vagina was oozing my sperms out and was looking like a burger from which melted cheese is oozing out. We all were looking at the roof, no one was saying a single word or moan, it was complete silence as we all had gone through some vigourous exercise session.

Only one could smell our body fragrances in the room and our breathing sounds. After relaxing like that only we all got up one by one. Friends our bodies were really sticky, seemed like we all have taken a bath in love juices. We together went in the bathroom’s shower area.

Chachi took my penis in her fist and asked me to pee, I did as she said, chachi pointed my dick on anju’s body and her too. Now they both were wet with my urine and now chachi told me to sit on the floor and said to anju “cha lab humari baari”.

Chachi spread her legs a bit wide placed her two fingers on her vagina and squeezed her pussy lips and started peeing on me, on looking how chachi was pointing her urine on me with her fingers anju too started to pee on me. I was sitting on floor looking at two pussies peeing on me, I was enjoying it.

After this pee session we all took a nice bath and rubbed ourselves dry and came to bed room. Llike this friends our first threesome took place. That whole day we did one more time and in the evening had lot of beer and partied in the room. Next day the moment we woke we started enjoying and enjoyed to the fullest. We paid anju 2000rs more for her support in the game.

Anju seemed quite happy and was ignoring the extra money as she had too enjoyed but we made her to take it. Driver also didn’t found out anything and we got back to delhi after fulfilling chachi’s fantasy. I know it was a very long story but hope you like it too. Please share your comments below, we are waiting…

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Vikas making love to Chachi - V

Previously: Vikas making love to Chachi - IV

Hello everyone, so here is the 5th part which will lead towards our tour and having a threesome. After our first encounter we were into each other completely, we were getting open day by day. Now her beautiful body was completely mine and with due respect I used to love her body like the best possession. I loved every inch of her body from her head to toe.

Chachi makes me mad till today and I am always ready to put my penis inside her. I remember when I used to come from college she would stand in any corner and took one boob out of her clothes and would invite me to lick her erected nipple. Her nipples are one of the best shaped nipples I have ever seen. Just a slight view of her cleavage makes me hard and her inviting smile adds on.

I fuck her all the time in every possible position. I love it when she is cooking in the kitchen and I am under her clothing sucking her vagina. While doing her stuff she moans and cry slightly when I bite her pussy lips. Many a times I tease her when she is talking to chacha on phone, I go pull her lower and start licking her vagina.

Friends her situation becomes tough because she cannot moan on the phone and has to control her feeling and expressions but whenever I do this she feels so horny that the pleasure that she gives me later after hanging the call is outstanding, she shows the wildest side of her to me in this situation.

And when chacha is here then she plays her part of teasing me because I have to be in control for that period. She will show her boobs slightly or do some other naughty thing to make me hard and then she will go to chacha’s room smiling sarcastically and I have to suffer. But this way we add a bit of more spice to our lives.

So lets get. While enjoying all this we made a plan to visit some place and we decided to go to Manali. Chachi called chacha that our landline is dead and to call only on the cell-phone (hence he won’t find our location, as we were going without anyone’s knowledge). We booked our flight tickets and a place to stay and chosen “span resorts” as our place to stay for 7 nights.

We reached there according to our plan. Friends the resort is a beautiful place to stay in (my full recommendation for this place, go, stay and enjoy to the fullest) this pace is actually based on a few acres of land with different cottages made on the property, so it is not a hotel kinda feel but you get a separate cottage of your own. We were happy to be there.

Beautiful scenery and river flowing next to the property makes you feel lost in some other world. You can sit on bench with your feet inside the flowing river and spend entire day dreaming. We went to near by locations and spent some quality time. Our sex sessions were continuous with this.

One day when we were roaming at manali’s market place I saw a beautiful local girl, and I stared her as hell. Chachi noticed and asked smilingly “ lagta hai tera man abhi bhara nai hai, or bhi chahiye to chaley apne resort?” I replied “ yahi pe koi corner dekh lete hain wahi shuru ho jaatey hain” and we laughed.

She asked “kya dekh raha tha?” I said “wo larki beautiful thi” she said sarcastically which made me shocked “to isey bhi le chaltey hain aj mein nahi wo sahi” I felt annoyed why she said such a thing to me. She read my face and asked about the reason about my angry face. I said “what kinda statement was that, do I go to different girls?” she said “don’t get angry, it was normal.

Practically you cannot spend your entire life just with me. So I have no problem, I know that you have to go to some other girl someday, so why not today. We are here to enjoy so lets do it” but I didn’t like her idea and we moved to our resort. While having a beer, sitting on the bench with our feet in river she asked me in a low voice “are you still feeling bad”, I just looked into her eyes and said nothing.

She again said “vikas I was talking normal. You tell me you will find a girl some day and marry her.” I said “no I don’t want to get married” she said “why not? You have to find a partner. And it doesn’t mean that you will lose me. I will be yours always. I know this day has to come but it doesn’t mean that I should feel jealous or annoyed that you will go with some other girl.

I know this has to happen. So what’s the problem?” I asked “so what does it means” she “it means that I have no problem with you going with some other woman” Next morning (just two nights were remaining) chachi came out of shower with towel folded on her body covering her boobs.

She was looking gorgeous in wet hair her lips were looking more pinkish and a gold chain around her neck was making her glow like a sun. I can smell the perfume she was wearing, she came close to me and held my penis over my shorts. “bol kya karna hai, karna hai yahan ki local ke sath?”

I had started feeling tight already by her touch, I smiled “come on, you have started again” she pressed my dick “array kartey hain na, we will do a threesome, jab mein ready hu to tu kyu sharma raha hai”. I pulled her towards me and hugged her. Her towel was on floor by the time and she was naked in my arms I said “nahi aap hi bohot ho” and inserted my finger in her hole.

She seductively made a ssshhhhh kinda sound and said “ghadha ka ghadha rahiyo, I am with you only. Don’t you think this will be a step further?” by the time I was quite tight. She pushed me on the bed forcibly, held my penis and placed my penis near her hole and sat on me. “aauchh….bata vikas kya karna hai? I want to experience this” she was moving her ass while asking me.

I was lying under her and smiling and feeling her warm pussy. She had started moving faster and faster and I was also stroking from bottom, her speed was at highest pace and continuously asking “bol vikas aahhh bol, jaldi bata uuhhh bol na yaarrrrr”. It looked that this thing in her mind was making her hornier and she was enjoying to the fullest.

Her breath was also getting faster and uneven and suddenly she held my shoulders tightly and pressed herself fully on penis to take it inside to the end wall of her vagina and climaxed shouting “bol na yaarrrrrrr” and fell on my body as a dead angel. She was breathing heavily; it was clear that by just imagining about the threesome situation in her mind she has got her one of the best orgasms.

After controlling her breath she lifted her face towards me and asked while sitting on me with my penis inside “tu kuch bola nahi, kyu sharma raha hai yaar? Chal meri fantasy samajh ke hi han bol de”. Actually she was so much into convincing me to agree to get a girl that she had forgotten that I was not yet satisfied and my dick was still inside her.

She was looking into my eyes and asking the same question again and again. I smiled and said “achcha meri sexo, pata kartey hain ki koi milti hai kya yahan pe, but mera bhi to kuch karo, subah subah selfish sex karke khud to satisfy ho gayi or mera kya?”. She laughed out loud and said sorry for her selfish sex approach and got over from my body.

My dick slid out of her vagina as coming out of some vaccum pump, slurp sound came and my dick moved on different sides as a spring and some droplets of her juices jumped on bed sheet. “o my loving baby sorryyyyy let me serve you bachcha” she said it while staring my dick, she was talking to my dick only and her tone was like as she is talking to a kid.

She held it tightly and gulped my whole dick inside her mouth at once. I felt her throat muscles. Her mouth was warm, she kept my dick inside touching her throat and moved her head (like we do when we are saying no to someone), this movement of her gave me such a sensation on my dick head that I bent my back in pleasure moaning and with my hands on her head

“ooooohhhhhh chhhhaaaachhhhiiiii”. She took my penis out, juices were flowing from her lips and she asked me moving her eyebrows and a smiling face “what happened, dard hua?” I said “dard nahi, it was the best movement I have witnessed” she smiling took me penis head in her teeth and bite it hardly, to which I cried loud, laughingly she said “ab hua pain ya ye bhi best movement tha?”,

I too laughed and she started to do it again, in a few movements I loaded my cum in her mouth and as my dick was already inside her throat all my cum went inside her. She made a funny face while taking my dick out and slapped my dick “I was helping this baby and this baby is getting naughtier”.

I said “chachi this is the answer of the baby, now you bite it and it will do the same every time” she held my limp penis again and bite it again just for a fraction of second and we laughed and hugged each other. Our juices were on our bodies making our bodies sticky.

We laid there for quite a while and went to bathroom, took a bath and got ready, went to the restro area had some ham sandwiches in breakfast. We were satisfied to the fullest. While having coffee she told me to go and find a girl. Now I was also excited to find a girl. I left from the restro area, moved towards our cab and chachi moved towards the cottage...

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Vikas making love to Chachi - IV

Previously: Vikas making love to Chachi - III

Hello everyone. U guys wont believe, that the moment I mailed our story we both were eagerly waiting when it will be posted on we were waiting and checking the site every next hour to know the status and then it got posted. But it was only the first part for a couple of days.

Me and chachi were discussing all the time that why other parts have not been posted yet, because from the first part one cannot judge the events. And also there were no comments, we actually felt bad thinking that nobody has liked it and it is better that other parts are not posted.

But today morning as soon as I woke up, chachi was in kitchen and she called “vikas check if there are any comments and other parts?” and to my surprise there were the remaining parts and hell lot of comments. THANKYOU . I rushed into the kitchen with cellphone in my hand and showed the response to chachi.

She hugged me tightly and planted a small kiss on my lips and said “go and get ready, you are getting late”. I could see a different kind of happiness in her eyes, something like when kids get happy when they get their favorite toy. I don’t know but we have posted our experience with lot of affection and we also got your support.

I will try to send some exclusive sex episode that we enjoyed. Keep sending your comments, it gives us pleasure, satisfaction and courage to write more so that you can also enjoy. So friends, I got ready and she served me my breakfast and sat next to me on dining table.

“vikas, I had already told you that people gonna enjoy our experience”. “yes chachi, I am also surprised by there response, but what to write next?.” She said with excitement on her face “shall we write about our manali trip where we bought that girl anju and had fun?” I said “ok”. While having this discussion I finished my breakfast and moved out leaving my chachi alone.

After I came back I had a shower and went to her room (now you can say ….our room), she was lying on bed with a white t-shirt and shorts. I lied next to her. We started kissing passionately and had our dinner after that and went to sleep in eachother’s arms.

Friends please give me some time to write some more stuff for you. May be in a day or two you will get our manali trip sexapade. Some of our friends have asked for chachi’s pic, friends I cannot do that because of our privacy. Sorry but wait for our next episode.

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Vikas making love to Chachi - III

Previously: Vikas making love to Chachi - II

Friend I don’t know whether I am boring you or you like it but trust me we are enjoying it a lot. We are happy to share our experiences with you. After some time I bought a computer and started surfing net. And like a normal phenomenon apart from studies I too started surfing porn. Now me and chachi use to watch porn and do our sex session (but still no intercourse, licking, smooching etc. was involved).

One day after our session (just fingering and stroking), when we were lying naked facing the roof I asked “chachi will we do proper sex?” after a long pause “vikas, you are right, everything is open between us. I even cannot judge whether it is right or not, on one side whatever we are doing is also wrong but on the other I feel having a complete sexual relation with you will be a cheating towards my loving husband.

In a sense I am cheating my husband now also but how it started is itself very confusing for me” I said” but chachi you did all this for me and if you don’t feel like then I won’t ask for it” she “vikas I also feel like having intercourse but I control my feelings, but on other side I also feel that after all this, why to leave it.

I love you and I am already involved with you then why not intercourse?” after a pause “give me sometime baby, I have to think on it seriously. I am very much satisfied with your chacha, he is very good in fucking and love me a lot, our foreplay sessions are also good but your chacha is not into excessive foreplay (she meant about sucking and licking organs), he kisses me, fingers me and fucks me hard.

He believes in long intercourse sessions and that satisfies my need too. And you also satisfy me, I sometimes think that why not take our (me and chachi’s) love session to next level and we should try each and everything that we see in porn and enjoy the life to fullest”.

She was looking on the roof continuously and speaking, I hugged her and took her left boob into my mouth and sucked it like a baby, when I left the boob “slurrpppp” kinda sound came, “why are you getting serious? I am happy with this too and you are also enjoying it” she took my hand and placed it on her vagina and after making some decision said

“no vikas I am ready, next time we will have intercourse and enjoy to the fullest” she held my finger and pressed it inside her vagina “I want your penis here next time” we hugged each other and slept hugging each other. Next day chacha was supposed to come and I had to wait for a week and this period was the longest.

Whenever chachi used to cross me (while doing her households) she gave me a sarcastic smile, in reply if I got a chance I pressed her boob or slapped on her ass. Friends now my vision towards her had changed completely, I was looking towards her as a sex goddess who will fulfill my needs, her figure was making me mad and I used to observe her curvaceous body all the time.

Next morning she teased me “your chacha has fucked me so good in the night that I am planning to change my idea of having sex with you” I had pressed her boobs so hard that she screamed with pain and I said “let chacha go back, I will fuck you this time” and she ran away smiling. I went behind her and held her from back and said “chachi I cannot control more, let me fuck you right away” I tried to pick her nightie,

she held me hands “you idiot, your chacha is in the lobby and you are trying to fuck his wife” and she held my penis and pressed it hard in the same way as I pressed her boobs. Friends she applied so much force that even I screamed out loud and chacha called “what happened vikas?”.

We separated and I said “nothing chacha I just hit my knee on the corner of bed” he said “ok” from the lobby and kept reading his newspaper and chachi was smiling on me, came close to me again, put her hand inside my lower held my hard dick and whispered “why you lied, go and tell your chacha which KNEE got hurt” and laughed out loud.

I held her back and said “get ready to be fucked chachi” and pressed her hard in my arms. She came closer to me kissed on my lips for the first time and said “my baby you don’t have to fuck me, I will be yours”. And she went towards the lobby, took a chair and sat next to chacha as nothing has happened. They started talking about general topics.

Chacha made a plan to visit their daughter’s school and we fixed to go the next morning. We all went their, her daughter was happy to see all of us. After coming back from the trip, I was waiting chacha to go back and the day came when he left. Chachi had tears in her eyes and was feeling low. I hugged her and she lied in my arms.

That night we went to watch “lagey raho Munna bhai” and had our dinner outside. We came back and slept. Next morning I woke late but chachi was already ready with breakfast. I had to go to my college that day. Friends I don’t know what had happened to me that I was not thinking of sex any more (may be her tearsmade me so).

When I came back from college chachi opened the door and said “hey THE RAPIST is back” and we laughed. We had lunch and I said “so is my chachi ready to get fucked?” “vikas I am yours, I will be on bed for you completely surrendered, now its up to you that you fuck me or make love to me” I stood from the dining table and went near her and kissed her on lips “chachi I love you, and cannot even imagine raping you”.

“Vikas can you do me a favor? Your chacha has just left and I am not able to take him out of my mind, can you please give me some time?” I kissed her neck “chachi I am not in any hurry, whenever you feel like let me know”. And we interlocked our lips for long and this was a very passionate kiss in which only love was involved no lust.

Few days passed and we got to know that chachi’s daughter is coming back as she had some days off in school. She came and went back to her hostel. After she went we were talking about her and chachi said “vikas do you remember when you use to look at me when I used to feed”, “yes chachi, how can I forgot, I even miss the first time when I sucked your nipple and that taste of your milk”.

Then she recalled me a day when she had put her milk drops on pieces of banana and we both ate it. In the evening I bought some beers and we ordered some pizzas and went to our roof top. Our bungalow is quite high, cool breeze was flowing and it was twinkling stars in the sky. We sat on a bench and started sipping our beers while looking the stars.

Our shoulders were touching each other and we were in a trance enjoying the evening, lost in our thoughts and moving our legs as some song was playing. In a Slow voice she asked “do you love me vikas or it is just lust?” I said “what are you talking about chachi, have I ever crossed the limits and treated you something like that?” she said while looking into sky

“actually vikas I love you a lot and for me you are very special, I have always come to you with love, lust has never invaded my mind”. She moved her face, looked into my eyes, came closer and kissed me. She sucked my lips like ice-cream and suddenly “vikas fuck me right now, I need you inside me right now” and we kissed passionately.

She went a bit far took her tongue out and said “suck it” I sucked her tongue like a girl sucks a dick, I started pressing her boobs. She removed her salwar (lower) and panty while sitting on the bench, put her legs on the bench, made her vagina visible to me and said “put your dick here baby” she was sitting in a way that her legs were looking like “M” alphabet.

She pulled my lower down and held my dick and pulled my dick near her opening. Juices were already flowing from her vagina, I bent and put my dick on her opening, she rubbed my dick on her pussy lips and said “daal de andar” (push it inside) my dick went inside her, I felt my foreskin moving backward and I felt very tickling sensation on the head of my dick,

she moaned aaaahhhh………. Now I had made it, I was inside my chachi and the sensation was amazing. I started stroking, my position was difficult because I had to bend a lot, she understood it “nikal ek baar, mein lait jaati hu” (pull it out, let me lie down on bench). I took my penis out it was full of juices, she lay on her back and opened her legs “aaja vikas” (come on vikas) I pushed my penis inside and started stroking.

It was feeling great she was biting her lips with close eyes and moaning in a very seductive tone which was not loud. After stroking for like two minutes (people say that they were fucking for 30 mins, I feel they lie, the whole session might take that long) felt like cumming. I pulled my dick, it slipped out of her vagina with a slurpppp sound, chachi asked “what happened?”

I said “nikaalne ki ichcha kar rahi hai” (I want to come) she smiled and said “to nikaal de, penis kyu bahar nikaala?” (then release your cum, why did you pulled your penis out?) I said “mein soch raha hu kyu na koi or position try karein?” (why not we try some other position?) she said “nahi yahan bench pe itni jagah nahi hai, tu abhi aise hi kar phir hum baad mein achchey se karenge”

(there is not enough space, we will try some other time) and she held my penis in her fist and tried to put into her hole. I started stroking her again and in a few minutes I was very near to ejaculate, while increasing the speed I asked “ kahan apke pait par nikaalu kya?” (shall I ejaculate on your tummy), she said “array pagal andar hi chhor de, mein pills leti hu” (ejaculate inside, I take pills).

I was stroking at my fullest speed and she was moaning in a very low voice and I ejaculated my sperms inside her with very strong hits and laid on her top as a dead man. After settling my breath I got up and took my penis out. She was still lying “idher dekh abhi tere sperms bahar nikalenge” (look at my vagina, your sperms will come out) and she took my head near her hole and got up slightly in sitting position.

In a few seconds sperms started coming out and she laughed “aj tak ye mere kapro pe ya mere upar girtey they, aj inhone apni sahi destination ki sair kar li” (till now your sperms got spilled on me or my clothes, today they have traveled the right destination).

Chachi sat on the bench with crossing legs (we call it alti palti), I started wearing my lower to which she stopped me and told me to sit naked on the bench and finish our beer and pizza. We were sitting naked (we had our tops only, lower portion was naked) on the bench and started sipping our beers.

She was looking towards the sky “did you like it vikas?” “yes, very much”, “so you are happy now?” I took her face in my hands and kissed her. She came into naughty mood suddenly and with moving her eyebrows and smilingly asked “meri vagina kab choosega?” (when will you lick my pussy), “abhi choos du?” (shall I do it now?) she laughed out loud.

“mere juices se muh bhar jaaega to beer kya piyega?” (when my juices will fill your mouth how will you drink your beer), “array aap bolo to, mujhe to cocktail bhi achchi lagti hai” (you just say, I will like your juices with beer as a cocktail).

We were enjoying our talk and she slid her hand on vagina took juices on fingers and wiped them on pizza slice and offered it to me “eat it, mein dekhti hu ki tujhe mere juices kitne achchey lagtey hain”.(let me see how much you like the taste of my juices) I took the slice and ate it but couldn’t taste any juices on it, it was only pizza’s taste and I told her that I found no taste of juices on it,

she said “asli maja chahiye to tujhe wahan apna muh le jaakey hi suck karna parega” (if you want to taste it then you have to lick it from your mouth only) I said I am ready for it open your legs, she said “array abhi nahi mere babu tu abhi pizza or beer enjoy kar, baad mein meri vagina kha lio” (not now my dear, you enjoy your pizza and beer, my pussy is for later).

We laughed “chachi, kal ka breakfast tumhari vagina ka hi karunga” (tomorrow’s breakfast will be your pussy only). We went downstairs and slept, we both were drunk and had a nice sleep. In the morning I had to go to college and I got ready and was about to leave, chachi called me, I went to her room and she was only in her top, nothing at the bottom,

sitting on the bed with her legs open (remember “M” kinda position) and asked “don’t need your breakfast?”. I jumped towards her and put her pussy into my mouth and started suking it like a lollypop, I took her whole pussy inside my mouth, she started moaning, my dick was getting hard and I took it out to put in her vagina “not for now vikas, you told me for breakfast, I have given it to you.

When you will come from college I will make your dick eat its lunch, for now I will masturbate”. She held my penis from one hand and pulled my foreskin back, took lot of saliva on her other hand and started rubbing her fingers on the head of penis. The feeling was awesome and she had never tried it before, in a few minutes I ejaculated on her face (she was still sitting on the bed),

my cum was sticking on her face and a few amount was sliding down, she laughed and said “you made me eat my breakfast too……..” When I returned she opened the door, I held her in my arms “chachi lets go my dick is hungry” she laughed, I took her in my arms and threw her on bed.

She said “it looks you will fuck me today, be easy I am already yours and was waiting for your dick since morning” I started from her lips, we were sucking each other’s lips like crazy, it was saliva all over our faces. I removed her dress and made her stark naked, I too removed my clothes. “chachi why not we get into 69” she agreed and now my organ was in her mouth and I was eating her vagina.

The pleasure was immense, on one side I was sucking and licking my favorite chachi’s best possession and on other hand getting extreme pleasure on my best possession. It was awesome. She took my penis out “vikas ab andar daal de” (put your dick inside). I got up and in missionary position I entered my dick, again she bit her lips and started to moan very slowly.

“vikas do it the hardest, do not worry that you will come fast”, I started pumping her real bad, even bed started making strange sounds, chachi bit her lips so hard that she got a mark on her lips. I ejaculated my hot cum into her hole, we both landed in each others arms.

She got up and took me to the bathroom, while walking my sperms were flowing out and were all over her thigh, she moved her finger and showed my sperms to me and laughed. In the bathroom she told me to pee on her, I was surprised but she told me that she want to try all her fantasies with me as she cannot ask it from chacha.

She was sitting on the floor and I started peeing, she held my penis and started pointing it on various parts of her body. She told me that she wants to be covered in my cum and pee all the time. After this she took her vaginal juices (my sperms too) in her fingers and pulled my foreskin back and applied those juices on my penis.

She started moving her fingers on penis head while holding my penis from her other hand . Then she took my dick in her mouth, my dick was not that hard but she told me “don’t worry, I will make this baby hard and you cum in my mouth” she was sucking my dick by rolling her tongue on it and biting it with her teeth, and now I was near to my climax and ejaculated in her mouth.

She didn’t swallow my sperms and opened her mouth so that I can see my sperms in her mouth, slowly they started to flow from sides of her lips. She started spreading my sperms on her boobs like a lotion. We took bath after this and went to room and laid naked in each other’s arms and spent the night.

So friends this is the life I am living. I am enjoying this sexcapade for so long. We have tried almost every possible way like in car, in cinema hall. Even I filled sindoor in her maang and had given her a mangalsutra which she wear all the time, and literally we spent one night as our first night when she wore a bridal dress with makeup.

Even we called a call girl and had a threesome once. We go to near by hill stations and make our honeymoon. I can write a hundred pages on how we enjoy. Write your comments, if we feel that one more sexcapade is writable we will write for you. Thanks, hope you enjoyed to the fullest like we do.

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