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Horny guy enjoying sex with 38-year-old Mami

I normally went to their house for 15 days every year in vacations,my mami is 35 years of age that time & she has two sons she is 38 34 38 & damn beautiful,normally she loves me very much & cook good food for me always making me juices giving fruits, but I always had an eye on her fruits & juice& I know she also has an eye on me,

she always used to bend in front of me or when ever I am sitting on chair she comes from behind giving her boobs rest on my shoulders. Her room was in first floor and she normally sleeps in after noon and we all cousins normally play in her room which has a small room attached to it.

One day while we were playing my mami called my name I said coming,all other cousins were busy with carrom,i went inside her room and she was sleeping wearing a blanket,she said to me sham my ears are itching can you help I said k she give me her hair pin and I starter moving it in her ears she closed her eyes, she was looking gorgeous,

and she started making little moans like ahh hmm aah I said mami kya hua she said nothing,i completed it and was going to play again but she stopped me and said I am itching some where else I asked where she took my hand and put above her pussy above blanket,i was shocked and my hands were shivering.

I asked how I can remove itching(i was acting innocent) she said with this pin only I said k,then she removed her blanket lift her saree and removed panty,guys how white her thighs were I was thinking to lick every cm of her body and got lost in their only but I asked mami how can I help now and she showed me how to help.I pushed pin in her pussy and keep moving it inside.

My tent appeared but I was not in hurry both of us were breathing heavily she was moaning hmm yaa here more harder I was like k mami then some sounds come like my cousins are coming so she move back her saree and I moved back and start chatting normally.We were disappointed but was scared as we can caught.

I was going mad so I went and released my self three times in bathroom,from that day I was like waiting for the moment to fuck her, I started sniffing her bra and panty every day in bathroom & masturbating thinking of all the plans how I can have her completely & my days of going back to home was coming.

But my mami was acting normally in front of every one.I tried to touch her boobs when ever we are alone or move my legs to her legs when we were having food she normally let me do all that. One day in night she slept at ground floor only as mama was out of station & only me and two more members were there,

I was sleeping in one corner of bed & in that corner only my mami was sleeping on floor,i tried to seduce her and put my hands on her boobs & pressed it,she got turn on & and she put my hands on her pussy as I was in bed and she was in floor I extend my hand to her pussy and start rubbing it & finger fuck her for ten min she cummed & then I asked what about me she woke up

for bathroom & I disappointed slept but suddenly I feel something in my penis I saw she is trying to open my pant I helped & she quickly took it in her mouth & gave me the best blow job of my life I got up & cleaned myself in bathroom but I was dying to fuck her fully.

Finally one day I got an opportunity but this time my cousins were so busy that I closed the door between two rooms, mami was sleeping I sat on her bed she woke up she said what I said nothing just wanna remove your itching she smiled & lift her saree,she was not wearing any panty that day I jumped on her pussy and lick it like there is no tomorrow her juices started flowing it

was salty I came up & tried to press her boobs but she directly move out her boobs from her blouse without opening it,guys you will not believe they were so big that I could not hole her one side with both my hands.

I started pressing it like hell biting it,she was going mad,i asked her to calm down as they are outside & could hear us.I kissed her lips,neck,navel & move my tongue all over body now she was begging me to insert I removed my pant little but paused she asked what happen I said I need some protection she said dont worry in safe time I inserted it and pump her like hell

she was lost in other world and I was doing it more hard and she was moaning aah aaah aaaah I was too moaning oh yes I love you I love you & I cummed after some minutes and moved my pant up,she was not at all done she pull me and start kissing like hell.

But at the same time I heard my cousin coming I said to mami lets dress but she was in no mood she step down from bed and ask me to come below bed & hide all that she was nude but I was scared & I got up to open the door she dressed quickly feeling little disappointed. Later more to come but in next stories till then enjoy reading & please give your feedback to me in the comments below.

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Anil Enjoying First Sexual Encounter With Cousin Maya

Hi Friends I am Anil age 20 height 6 feet this is my first sexual encounter with my cousin she must be at 11th or 12th completed my marine engg and was waiting for my results in my aunts house as she was not having children so my loved me as her son and I was enjoying all comforts. My cousin lived besides my aunts house her name was maya.

So I came to my aunts after many years many cousins came to see me as they are coming to see an alien.She came daily first I saw her as a child but slowly she started talking to me and playing card games tic tac toe I was really annoyed playing childish game as I don't like it but what to do in my aunts house tv and mobile phone was only a time pass.

Forgot to tell about her she was around 5.4 tall her body vital not visible as she wore loose dress as skirt and tee with innocent face. Then slowly I knew her as she was studying. In girls school and she didn't have any bf or knew any boy other than relatives that's why she hovered over me as I was honey and she a fly.

That time I came to porn video were girl and boy play games and get indulge in sex.That time idea struck in my mind to divert her childish game to some interesting game were I can dominate and have access to her body. I made a game with small paper chits written example should close eyes and should lay on belly on bed and should be like that till 15 minute what ever I can do.

When my turn comes I loose she becomes happy as winning party receives a Cadbury from the looser but after loosing also my prize was great because she never open her eyes or get. What ever I do because her aim was only Cadbury.

During the game in pretext of tickling her under arms I would her developing smooth boobs and mesh them some time pinch her nipple she would breath heavily but her aim for Cadbury gave me lot of pleasure.But I wanted more daily only boobs wad not enough.Then I changed my strategy she also feed up of wining daily Cadbury around a week.

I told her lets play doctor doctor.She first thought and said just two of us. I said yes otherwise you have to share ur money she said money. I said who becomes patient most of the time takes the money as for buying medicine she asked how much money I said 100. She instantly said yes.Ohh friends u will be thinking how I did in the house.

My uncle aunty goes to job and they come by 17:00 hrs so lot of time and in her house leaving her grandmother all are at work so they think Maya is safe with me so they don't enquire much.So first day arrived for they game doctor doctor.

She said she is the patient as she was eyeing for the money for buying chocolates I said instantly yes but without touching her any parts my cock was as solid to launch but I waited for right opportunity. As I was doctor I asked what is the problem she said as obviously all would say in game of doctor doctor that she have stomach ache I was in seventh heaven.

I told please lie in the bed and covered herself with blanket then I took two bands and told as no nurse is there I would have to tie booth of your hand on to the bed she agreed with excitement. Then I switched of the light and brought a torch and went inside the blanket in search of pleasure. She asked what are u doing I said you need operation she said ok.

Then slowly I said are in operation you have to move cloth sideways she said ok I moved her skirt upwards she asked what are you doing I said no scissor with me so have to look from bottom of belly she was laughing then slowly I brought my mouth near her small fresh yummy pussy from outside I started to lick it she asked in trembled and chilled voice what is that your doing I said

I am checking her belly laughingly she said that is not belly I said this I know better than you she said ok ok.Then I said this cloth is disturbing me I have to remove it she said your doctor you can I slowly removed her undergarment her leg was shivering then slowly I spread her leg and I was licking her pussy and opening area she was shivering and was moaning now with one finger

I tried to insert her hole it was tight she asked what is it I said I am doing operation she said ok. But my first experience of licking her pussy left me greedily licking continuously due to which she suddenly with trembling movement had orgasm she was breathing heavily she was asking is it over I said no.

Then I said one bug injection is there she said were is it she have not seen I said I will show but then suddenly she said that torch which your having I said yes.Then slowly I unzipped my pant at that time I felt how captivated animals felt. Then slowly brought my penis to her love hole and true to insert she yelled ohh its paining I said don't worry then slowly with two three thrust I moved in

but as it was my first time and after two three pounding I filled my cum in her pussy but for her she was not liking much as it was paining I think so because my cock was around 8 inch and that too her pussy fresh new one.but after that session she said I loved it but don't use torch for operation and said her cloths are getting dirty so asked will be she getting any old cloths for playing when

she comes but to my astonishment no blood was there I sighted relief because before fucking her I was inn mood and did not think of any medical consequences she took 100rs from and said will come tomorrow. Said bye yo her and next days story is far more interesting.

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Sexy Train Journey With Raji Aunty

It was a fine time that I had to travel with my aunt to Kerala from Tamil Nadu via train as my uncle was busy he was not able to accompany her and her two kids had exam so they didn’t want to go to their grandparents home in Kerala and so my aunt asked me to accompany her to Kerala.

Since I was free I told I would come,now let me describe her I always had a lustful eye on her she was so hot n sexy whenever she wear saree I used to stare her ass and hip and boob omg what a structure and so use to masturbate thinking of her many time and hearing about the travel made me more horny so I made a plan that I must taste her so it was a morning train which arrive at 8:20.

We didn’t book tickets in sleeper class as most of the time many seats would be free in that train but to my luck the train was damn full and my aunt started to worry but I told her we will manage by paying fine so I booked two open ticket to kerala.

It was a 5 hour journey and my aunt was in chiffon saree a green green coloured designed saree with black blouse and she was damn hot every guy should stare at a hot ass.So we got in and searched for seats but all the compartment was full and I came to know the rush was very high because it was a festival time so we waited for the TTR but he scolded us for not having a proper

reservation ticket and asked us to pay fine but since the train was very crowded he told that myself and my aunt must move to unreserved(your) compartment. Then at the next stop we went to your compartment and it was very heavily crowded and my luck started at that time me and raji made ourselves to enter in the coach and many men were there so she was feeling

uncomfortable but what to do we had no choice so we got a place near the gap after the toilet block and some how we stood there and it was dark and many men were drowsy as they were drunk so feeling my aunt was not feeling secure.

I put my shoulder bag I front of her so she can block herself from those men and also I was standing by laying myself on the wooden wall due to the overcrowd my aunt laying herself over me and her ass for the first time touched my private area omg I had a heavy sensation and it was feeling like anything so my dick started to rise so she was able to get the sensation her but

she didn’t do anything but stood there as crowd was getting heavier and heavier on reaching more station and so I wasn’t able to stand so I put my arm through her waist and she shrink her eye and bit her lips that’d what I got as a result for my action sensing it as a green signal I got more courage I kissed on the bra strap that are visible through her blouse she gave a light sound aahh.

Then I pressed her buttock as much as want raji gave only wicked smile and the train went through a cave which is about 2 min duration since light in my area I not working I just went on to put my face in front of her face started to kiss sidewardly while one of my hand was playing with her right noob and left had was paving its entry to the pussy any this went on for few seconds

in order to avoid other people noticing we stopped our action. I lifted her saree with her petticoat and started to brush my hand through her hairy pussy and ass they were so soft and good and all of a sudden while I was playing with her boob she felt something in her pussy and she found it was a stranger hand and she gave me confused look and when I was about to see him he came

closer and told if I don’t let him join he will tell this news to everyone hearing this my aunt was unhappy but I told her it adjust to this situation and me and the stranger started to fondle raji the train stopped in a one of the cave due to engine failure so it was s jackpot for me and it was expected to move only after 30 min.

So I put my dick in raji ass while the stranger some how managed to sat down and started to lick raji pussy and she was in heaven and she couldn’t control her emotion she left some heavy moan but managed to control the sound by closing the month and me and the stranger decide to swap our position and then I went on to enjoy raji pussy while he was enjoying her ass then raji

gave both of us a handjob this was a unforgettable experience and then he got down at the next stop kissing her passionately and then he went. Now the compartment was fully empty as the festival was happening in that city so I asked raji let’s go to tire 1 compartment as many people have gone so we went and to our luck one room was fully empty and we entered and locked the

door and still one hour journey is there for us to reach the destination in kerala so I asked her shall I continue but without any hesitation she jumped over me and started to kiss me like anything and then I wanted to lick her pussy so without lifting her saree I put my head into her saree started to lick her leg from ankle to thigh and then I gave a small bite in her thigh she she

gave a jerk and moved her leg even wider then I started to suck he pussy like a dog drinking water and this continued for 30 min and she gave a loud moan and since no one was around I didn’t worry about it then we had sex for the rest of time it was the intimate experience that I had with raji.

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Arafat Having Hot Sex With Cousin Sahitha

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Arafat and his father Ibrahim came out of the airport and met Aliyar who was the husband of Ralna with his two daughters Sahitha and shelma, were waiting to receive them. Both the sisters were twins and were of 18 years of age and were very beautiful and were in the second year in the college. They were happy to receive their cousin, Arafat. Arafat was quite tall and handsome.

Aliyar hugged both Ibrahim and Arafat and they got into their car and headed to their home. The house was not like the flats in the gulf. They were more spacious and were in a ground of more than an acre of land full of bushes and trees. Time was late, say 7 pm and there was no time to go around places and hence they reached home and Relna was there to receive them.

Ibrahim said he has to go by the next available flight back to gulf and advised his son to take take good care of himself. Tea and snacks were served. Arafat just looked his cousins, Sahitha and shelma who asked him to come near them. Arafat said his father is about to leave and he will come after leaving him at the airport.

Aliyar told him not to come to the airport, but to be at home and get friendly with people. After tea Ibrahim and Aliyar left tothe airport. Ibrahim bade farewell to his son and left. Ralna came and hugged Arafat and said some endearments. She asked her daughters to take Arafat to his room and to help him change. His room was set next to theirs and they took him to his room.

They gave him spare lungi and towel and asked him to go to the bath room and get freshened and come to their room for further talk. Arafat removed his suit and shoes, wore a hawai chappals, went tothe bath room in his jockey with a big protrusion. He came out and took the lungie and tried to wear it.

He did not know how to wear a lungi and somehow he wrapped it around him and sat on his bed. Shelma who was his cousin was waiting for him to come out of the bath room so that they sit and chit chat. She saw how he wrapped his lungi around him, laughed at his ignorance, took it upon herself to wrap it correctly like any other male does.

Arafat had to stand and she had to come near him and take the lungi and put her hands around him and bring the tucking end to the front and tuck in his waist tightlyso that it may not fall off. But Arafat was in full erection. Of ocurse inside his jockey. Two or three time her hand touched the hard projection in his jockey, but she never thought this could be this.

Sahitha and Shelma asked him to come to their room and sit for talks. They asked about his school and the courses of study etc. They told about their college life etc. In the meantime their called from downstairs for supper. All the marched to dining hall to take food. Both the girls were full adults and were fully developed with fully grown boobs and thick thighs and big round ass etc.

Arafat was just staring at them and thinking when he will have his chance tofuck them. Dinner went off smoothly. Usually he took lot of fruits after supper, but here it was just fish and mutton affair very hot. After supper they sat in front of the TV and watched some arabic and malayalam programmes. Arafat never watched TV.

It was in the serial time that his Amma will be busy watching when he will be busy with Ila fucking her in the kitchen or in the pantry or in his room. The memories of Ila troubled him. She gave him so much of pleasure and taught him how to perform in sex to satisfy the female.

Arafat looking at the girls Shelma and Sahitha thought they would be easy preys to his sexual lust but told himself to wait and not to make haste. Shelma said she will go for her piano lessons and would be back in one hour and in the meantime she asked Sahitha to keep company with him. Sahitha took him to his room and both lied in the bed.

Sahitha just touched his cheeks as if he is her kid brother. He turned to her and touched her cheeks and and neck. His hand roamed all over her face and slowly came down to her bosom and touched her boobs. It was shocking for Sahitha that somebody touched her boob, but since it was her kid brother she did not object.

Arafat buried his face in her bosom and his nose touched the nipples of boththe boobs. Sahith felt a strange sensation and she embraced his head and asked him so many questions about him. But here he was busy to explore her body He lifted her t shirt and was rubbing his face against her stomack and her belly button. Sahitha was aroused by his gesture.

His tongue was in her belly button licking it vigorously and he was untying her midi. Sahitha never had such experiences before and hence helped his kid brother to untie her midi. His lips have been roaming all over her crotch, and the only impediment was her panty.

Sahitha was thrilled by this new experience and she jut allowed things to happen and did not resist. Arafat's hand quickly unhooked her bra and released her boobs from captivity and he rubbed his nose against her nipples. The pink areolas and the nipple were very beautiful and her full bloomed boob was just white in colour.

Arafat licked around the nipple and this aroused her very much. Her breathing became very fast and she started kissing the fore head of Arafat and lifted him up and wanted to touch the projection in his jockey. Arafat pulled down his jockey and out came his tool 6 inch tool standing erect. It was a new experience for Shahitha.

Arafat pulled down her panty and his hairless pussy was visible. She was shy and concealed it wth both of her hand from his vision. How her baby brother could be so romantic wondered Sahitha. But his face was down in her pussy and she could feel his tongue licking all over her pussy and going deep into it.

Now there is no stopping, because he had gone much beyond all expectations and come whatever may, Sahitha decided to suffer. He t shir t was out, bra was open, midi is down and so also her panty. There is nothing to conceal from this fellow and he is bent upon riding her and ravishing her.

Sahitha heard so many experiences of her friends and she too wanted to have some experience and now to have it from her own cousin brother is something special. The was he is proceeding he seems to know what he is doing. His lip was touching the clitoris of Shahitha which sent shock throghout her body. She was fully aroused and was willing to do whatever he may ask her to do.

He got on her and inserted his cock in her fuckhole and pushed it inside. It pained her and she cried, Aru, please do it softly, I am a virgin. Her copious fluids lubricated the hole and there was no difficulty in his travelling down, but that her hole was too narrow and his big cock pained her.Ila had told him never pull back if the girl cries of pain.

Just give some gap and proceed further till you break her seal. Arafat sucked and licked her boob and nipples to enhance her pleasure in the meantime his pressure continued. Finally by a big push his cock was completely inside and Shahitha was crying. He wiped her tears and kissed her on her cheeks and lips and went on pumping.

The pain area was over and she was getting pleasure and she started to moan. Finally she reached her orgasm, her first, and he too got his and he shot his fluids into her without knowing whether it is safe or not. Sahitha hugged and kissed him for all the pleasure he gave her and they both got up and washed themselves up in the bathroom and dressed up before Shelma comes back.

Sahitha was hugging him and kissing him as if it is her right now. By about 10 pm they heard, Shelma reached home and she changed into a small nicker and a sleaveless banian. Shelma came to the room of Arafat and told him that he will sleep in their room with them for some days and then move to his room.

Even in his room one of the sisters will sleep with him so that he may not feel lonely. Arafat agreed. Shelma sensed some strange smell in the room, She did not know what happened in this bed a little before. We will learn about it later.

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Arafat learning nuances of sex from servant girl

Ibrahim, was a business man in the gulf and he had branches all over the gulf countries. He had a palatial flat in the central place in the city. His wife, Ramla and his school going son Arfat stayed there. Arfat was very young but he looked very tall and well built. Ibrahim and Ramla wanted to send their son to Kerala to continue his education in one of the best school near their native.

Ralna, Ramla's sister welcomed their decision and told them that Arafat can stay in their house and go to nearby school which said to be one of the best in the city. Ralna's two daughters studies in the same school and their car goes to drop them and pick them up and hence there wont be any problem for Arafat to go to their school in their car.

Ralna's husband was also a big businessman in their native and they too lived a luxurious life. Ramla felt very sad to part with her son, Arafat and she called him nearby and adviced him that he is going away and he has to be very careful in a strange society etc. She found tears swelled in her eyes and Arafat embraced her and made her to sit in her bed.

He pacified her and that he will certainly be a good boy and that he will not bring any bad name to his parents. Ramla embraced and kissed her son with all affection and the strong hands of Arafat circled around his mother and he too kissed her but he kissed her on her lips.

Ramla suddenly realized the change of the kissing spot but she did not was to displease her dear son and hence she also kissed him on his lips. But Arafat started to suck her lips and inserting his tongue into her mouth. His hand were roaming over the boobs of his mother.

Ramla was surprised at the new movements made by her son and how he would have learnt these things, she thought. But Araft was fast. His hand unhooked Ramla's bra and the cups fell down and Arafat brought his face down and was licking and sucking the boobs of his mother.

Ramla was very much horny since her husband has not touched her for months since he was busy with his business, her body needed such fondling, which she was getting from her son. She knew it was incorrect, but before she could think Arafat was in his next move. He just pushed Ramla into the bed and he undressed himself and his six inch cock was in full fury.

Ramla was shocked at the way he stood before her with his fully erect cock. She did not or could not resist when Arafat started to remove her clothes one by one and within no time she was in her panties lying in the bed. At such a young age he showed features of a fully grown adult, tall and with muscular body and a six inch cock stout and well developed.

Ramla could not say anything, she simply closed her eyes and allowed things to happen. Arafat slowly pulled the panty his mother down and her clean shaven pussy exhilarated him. He widened her legs and placing himself between her legs, Arafat started to bury his face into the cunt of Ramla. His tongue was furiously licking her cunt.

Ramla was experiencing this new pleasure after a decade, because her husband does not find time to spend with his wife at all. He was in a frenzy to make millions. Arafat got up and positioned his cock into the cunt of his mother and within no time he inserted his cock into his mother's cunt and started to fuck.

Ramla was in seventh heaven because a iron rod is pushed up into her hungry cunt. It is ages since she had this kind of experience, anyhow she decided to enjoy the new founded pleasure. Arafat started to fuck his mother vigorously. Keeping his mouth on her nipples his body went down and up making his rod go deep into the hole and come out throwing waves and waves of pleasure to both.

He went on and on and there seemed to have no end to it. Ramla appreciated the ability of her son and felt her orgasm was closeby. After years she got her orgasm in full fury and her whole body shuddered. Her cunt muscles gripped the cock of Arafat and squeezed the last drop of his cum. But he was not yet reached his orgasm.

After a few more deep shots he too experienced his orgasm and he threw his fluids into her mother's cunt and lied still. After some time they both got up went to the bathroom and cleaned themselves up and came back to the bedroom. Ramla asked Arafat how he has learnt so much about sex and it was not his first experience in sex and who gave him lessons in various aspects of sex.

Arafat was shy and on compulsion told her that it was Ila who taught him and trained him in sex. Ila was a palestinian servant girl who came to their house for work. Ramla was shocked. Since how many days you were having sex with her, she asked.

He said it is just two months. But he requested her not to ask Ila about this. Both mother and son had several sessions after this and he was to leave for his native after two days with his father. With her knowledge he fucked Ila also three or four times when she came for work.

On the day of his departure, mother bade him farewell with tearful eyes. Arafat and his father boarded the plane to land in their native within three hours. Arafat was a little worried about the shift of place and how his new school environment is going to be.

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Dimple fucking with younger sibling Bunty - II

Previously: Dimple fucking with younger sibling Bunty - I

After saying that Dimple went silent but I was curious to know few more facts and I asked her “ye sab kab se chal raha hai…?” and she said “from last six months” “shuru kaise hua…?” I asked her how it all started and Dimple said that she doesn’t know among three males initially it was whose idea,

she just know that these three males are best friends of their college time and use to meet very frequently along with their wives and one day after coming from dinner from one of thems house Jija Ji asked her if like him she also feeling that their sex life is getting monotones and as Dimple agreed to that Jija Ji asked her if we can try partner swapping.

Initially Dimple denied but after knowing the couples she felt bit excited with a same thought and after some perplexing mind Jija Ji agreed her to get swapped and it started. After that Dimple said that initially it was thrilling but after doing for couple of times she started feeling bad about it as every time limits were getting crossed and now she was feeling tired of all this.

I listened everything Dimple spoke calmly and once again I would say apart from feeling bad about her I was feeling heavily aroused and for me it was good that I was lying almost over my stomach and my hard Cock was buried under weight. After that I did not asked her anything and just kept on lying on my chest and eventually Dimple asked me something and it was surprising,

“you are feeling aroused…hai na?” I did not replied to her question, behaved as if I have not even heard her and kept on lying with opened eyes and Dimple got up and lied over her belly with the support of her elbows in the same direction and looked into my eyes closely and spoke with a smile“say yes…main gussa nahi karungi” in response I too smiled and said yes in low voice.

Next Dimple got to go while saying “main jaa rahi hun…you can do whatever you want to do” with she meant l can masturbate and saying that she walked out of my room. For few minutes I did not moved from my posture but yes as Dimple went out inserted my hand in my lower and once again started rubbing tip of my Penis,

even though I was still aroused but I was not hard like I was earlier and I felt as if I have leaked and I tried jerking myself back and forward to release my load but eventually stopped. Don’t know why I was not getting hard, possibly because many more things were dwelling in my mind and I got up and came out of my room to see Dimple again.

Dimple was sitting in a living room with a TV on and as it can be expected glass of orange drink mixed with Vodka was kept on the central table. I walked to her and as Dimple realized I am there she asked me, “kar liya Masturbate…?” by now I could expect that question from her and I moved my head in no,

“mujhse nahi hoga” I replied and sat beside her on the same three sitters but with one empty seat between. Before I would have said anything over her drinking again Dimple spoke and it was shock of my life “Main kar dun masturbate….?” I don’t know what came in her mind and she said that and she looked into my eyes for long after asking me,

possibly to get a reply from me but I was speechless and she moved ahead came close to me and caressing my hairs she kissed on my cheek tenderly and spoke close to my ear in a low voice “if you want…you can fuck me…” and then “mere saath hi apna first experience le le”.

I can easily say that instant my heart started pounding in real sense, since then I was just uneasy “what are you saying” I asked her back in confused voice and she continued looking into my eyes with a very mild smile and uttered “I am serious….” With that she once caressed my cheek in affection and kissed me over my lip tenderly.

“bol karna hai…?” Dimple asked me again I was neither in state to say yes to her nor I wanted to say no to it. I don’t know how but gradually Dimple was reached to very strange mindset and as she was also aware of my mind state and she next she did not asked me again and straightaway said “let’s go to your room” and she got up.

I did not moved from my seat and she took hold of my hand and pulled it to say stand up “Dimple you are drunk” I spoke and she replied “no I am not…" she smiled and spoke again "I want to give you an experience....” I was in dilemma, after all she was sister but effects were clear in Dimple’s mind and she spoke again “you forget everything aur bus enjoy kar”

and with that she pulled my hand again and I got up to go with her in my room. Dimple walked ahead silently and I followed her, certainly I was uneasy or you can say little scared with the presumption of whatever was about to happen between me and Dimple but there was a strange blissful sensation which was passing through my body.

Though it was just 10-15 steps but I stared at Dimple's round and plump ass through out the way she walked ahead and eventually we reached to the bedroom. Next Dimple entered in the washroom and in a minute came out and looked at me with a naughty smile and suggested me to take a quick shower and in continuation told me to come out of the bathroom as it is without wearing any clothes

“jaa ek shower le aa…aur aise hi bahar aa jaana…bina kuch pahne”. Her words sent strange sensation in my body and I followed what Dimple told me to do, I stood under water with my rod fully erect 4-5 minutes and it was getting harder and harder. Feeling I was going through is really indescribable, I was about to lose my virginity and that is with my own sister,

by now my fear or you can say uneasiness was almost vanished and I was feeling charged and joyful. I jerked my Penis under water couple of times to pleasure myself and came out of the washroom after drying my body without wearing anything and got amazed to see Dimple lying on my bed stark naked.

Revealing her beautiful breasts with lovely long and erect nipples, facing me Dimple was lying sideways with a support of her elbow, hiding her pleasure hole between her fleshy thighs her legs were; one almost straight and other bit folded into her belly, her ass was much wider and heavier than what it use to appear in clothes.

Undoubtedly for me that was one of the most breath taking moments of my life; it was first time I was seeing a naked female and it was none other than my own sister. With a big smile Dimple called me on the bed “jaldi bed par aaja” and I moved ahead with a mild smile and rapturous feeling.

Holding my wrist Dimple instantly pulled me over her, she intentionally crushed her melons against my bare chest and hugged me, my hard monster packed down against her belly and touch of her bare skin over my skin sent strange shivering in spine and she instantly wrapped her arms around my neck.

She looked into my eyes closely with a smile and spoke “let’s start with a kiss” and with those words our kiss started and anyhow I cannot explain exactly how it went. I was expecting that we will suck each other’s lips but Dimple straightaway inserted her tongue into my mouth and releasing her saliva explored me thoroughly,

I too responded back to her and tried entering my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it, next I did what she was doing with me and we just keep on eating each other like that for few minutes. It was first kiss of my life and anyhow it could not be better than this. By the time we stopped we both were puffing and I could feel butter flies in my belly.

“Want to suck my breasts….?” Dimple asked me with evident lust in her eyes and I moved my head in yes innocently. I caressed her soft breast caringly and Dimple hummed lightly in pleasure, extending her hand she rolled her fingers in my hairs lovingly and told me to squeeze them “dabba inko” and I started clutching them with both the hands.

For a timid guy like me who never dared to approach any girl for any such relation it was moment sheer pleasure, I was playing with the breasts I was staring from years but anyhow could not imagine that I will ever be able to touch them.

“Saath saath suck bhi kar” Dimple was somewhat guiding me and once again I obeyed her and took one of her luscious melon in my mouth and sucked her long and erect nipple. Once again Dimple hummed in pleasure in low voice and rolled her fingers in my hairs. I sucked her both the mounds while caressing them and eventually stopped to go ahead.

Next Dimple rolled me down and came over my top, “if I can give pleasure to strangers…. than why not to my own brother” she spoke that while looking at my face and caressing my forehead and then kissed over my cheek and I understood why she is having sex with me.

I don’t know exactly what sort of thoughts were moving in her mind because of which she was intended to have sex with me but certainly it was in my favor. Anyway slowly Dimple moved her wet lips down and kissed my neck and reached to my bare chest.

I was already breathing heavy as she took my tiny nipple in her mouth and sucked it I moaned in low voice and before I would recovered from that pleasure I felt her hand over my crotch and next instant Dimple got hold of my fully erect Monster.

“Nice…” possibly that was the compliment she gave me for my size and thickness and just then she jerked me steadily hardly twice and I shuddered in strange pleasure. I can easily say feeling I went through that instant was something which cannot be imagined while masturbating by any male.

“Kaise daalega Bunty apni Didi ke andar?” Dimple asked me next in sensual voice and once again I went through divine sensation because of her words. “As you say” I replied by saying and she told me to come over her top “oopar aaja…” I got up to climb over my sister and Dimple lied down over her back and widened her thighs for me.

That was first time I saw her fuckhole or you can say any fuckhole properly, no sign of hairs with very mild dampness it was looking so beautiful so attractive that I felt like kissing her over there and next instant I thought about asking her for oral sex but felt hesitant to speak and before I would have tried speaking out my desire Dimple asked me on her own

“if you want I can suck your Cock” and I just came up with “haan…” in timid voice and Dimple smiled over my blush and got up and told me to stand over my knees. I stood up and she once again started jerking me and told me to bear some pain “thoda sa pain hoga…you have to bear it”.

I was in extreme pleasure because of hand job she was doing and I just hummed to accept and next instant Dimple took tip of my cock in her moth and sucked it tenderly. “oHhhhhh….” I cried in strange pleasure, my belly wrinkled with weird sensation. In a moment started sucking me properly and I saw my entire length disappearing in her mouth.

Dimple clamped my Penis in her warm mouth tenderly and continued sucking me and I started moaning in pain and pleasure at the same time. After a minute of continued sucking she stopped but just for few seconds, she peeled off foreskin my rod slowly and once again took me in her warm mouth.

This time I cried louder and it was more of a pain and less of a pleasure but slowly as the wetness in Dimple’s warm mouth increased pain subsided and I started moaning in pleasure. I won’ say I enjoyed getting sucked throughout but it was certainly a pleasure to watch Dimple doing that nasty act,

I saw her beautiful face filled with my hard monster continuously for couple of minutes and my pleasure started climbing and clenching my teeth I grunted endlessly. Finally Dimple stopped and lied down on her back instantly, “aaja aab daal de” she rubbed her opening while saying that in lustful voice and I asked her if I can also suck her.

Dimple smiled over my request and asked me if I am sure about it, “sure…?” I said yes “haan….” “I think you will not like it” but I requested her again “please let me do it” “ok…come" Dimple accepted and I leaned over her crotch. Like I said Dimple was clean shaven though her pussy was not as good-looking as I use to see in porn movies but still it was attractive.

As I went close to her pleasure hole I felt mild aroma of her love juices and just then Dimple once again rubbed her opening with her finger and spoke out in bit of puffing voice “hmmm….Bunty lick kar issko…”. I widened her thighs bit more with my hands and moved into her pleasure hole and licked her crack tenderly and Dimple puffed again in low voice.

She moved her fingers in my hairs and somewhat pushed me further into her thighs and started licking her opening steadily. Apparently there was no sign of wetness over her Pussy but as I started licking her properly I realized that she is damp from inside and hardly in a minute or so she started flowing freely from her fuckhole.

Up to an extent Dimple was right; that I might not like sucking her fuckhole, certainly it was filthy yet attractive may be because I was regular viewr of porn movies and oral sex has always excited me on screen. Overcoming my hesitation I moved my tongue all over her pussy and Dimple’s moans enhanced in volume.

Next Dimple opened her thick pussy lips with her own fingers and told me to insert my tongue into that “….isske andar bhi daal” and I did that. Opening her vertical slit with my fingers I swirrled my tongue over my sister's pink opening and Dimple cried in pleasure louder. I liked her pleasure moan and went deeper in her cave to hear more of those cries and Dimple started panting in bliss nicely.

She gripped my scalp in her hands better and caressed my hairs in rising excitement. Suddenly flow of her love juices improved and her cries went shriller and that raised my enthusiasm and resting her thick thighs over my shoulder I tried exploring her love hole deeper and flicked my tongue inside her pussy abruptly all around and just in few seconds Dimple reached to the point

of excitement where she could not bear my licking anymore. She pushed me while shivering and uttered in lust laden tone “Come on...fuck me now…Chod mujhe achhe se”. What was that? I was surprised to hear that word from her and it excited me further high.

Eventually I rose over sister and widening her thighs Dimple adjusted herself under my crotch and took hold of my Cock and guided it into her pleasure hole. Finally most awaited moment of my life came to me and was with my own sister. I plunged Dimple with a sudden jerk and cried in strange sensation.

Dimple also puffed in pleasure and grabbed in me in her arms and thighs nicely. She wrapped her legs around my ass and hands over my back and told me to fuck her “Bunty fuck me” and I started fucking her. Ohh…God I withdrew myself from her and moved into her again and grunted loud while clenching my teeth.

Anyhow I cannot write what was that feeling, though it was pleasure but it was very weird and I just went on going in and out of my sister warm and wet fuckhole without any control over body and within few seconds everything went bizarre for me. Rubbing of my hard cock-head against wet walls of her swollen fuckhole was producing devine sensation in my entire body.

I was crying and panting while flexing my ass rapidly while looking at my sister’s face and it was thrilling to see her in that state, though not very loud but like me Dimple was also moaning in pleasure and her facial expressions were taking my sense off. Since then Dimple never looked so beautiful to me, her entire body was tossing with my thrusts and her milk mounds were moving erotically.

Finally things went totally beyond my control and I started crying louder and shriller, suddenly I felt as if I am going to burst and I started ramming myself into my sister like a mad and eventually collapsed over her. I Shuddered frantically as my cock blew like I never experience while masturbating and I clenched my teeth while spewing out my gunk deep into my sister’s womb.

While I was getting drained Dimple was holding me in her arms nicely and after discharging I started feeling very weak and Dimple just kept on caressing my hairs with lot of affection. Finally I got up slowly and Dimple kissed me over my lips tenderly with a matured smile.

“Enjoyed….hmmm…?” she asked me and I blushed with a smile. After that we got up and entered in the bathroom to clean our body and I asked Dimple if she has also climaxed, she replied in no but added that she has enjoyed a lot. After that we came to bed again and as I was not in state to fuck her to culminate her sexually, I fisted her fuckhole with my tongue and finger and brought her to climax.

That was end of my first fuck but it was not the end of my first sexual experience, we chit chatted for a while casually and at my end I tried asking her about her partner swapping experiences but Dimple did not uttered much, she did not wanted to talk about it and eventually after wearing just panty on her lower half and that cut sleeve t-shirt on the upper without any bra she went out and had a fresh drink of Vodka.

I too had one more and ultimately we came back in the room and had another session in which Dimple rode over me in the beginning and later we climaxed in normal missionary position. After second session physically I was so exhausted that I failed to retain myself awake and went into sleep. I think Dimple was awake for long and finally she also slept in half naked state.

In the morning when I got up Dimple was already up with preparing breakfast and lunch for me and she was about to go to take a shower. I asked her if after attending her office she will come here in the evening, she denied and asked me if I want to have sex now. As I said yes she told me to join her in the shower and I had wonderful time with her under flowing water,

we played with each others body nicely, she jerked me hard while caressing my balls tenderly and at the same time I sqeezed her lusious breasts and also fisted her fuckhole with two of my fingers to arouse her. Eventually we ended up fucking on our parent’s bed and after that she got ready quickly to go to her work place.

I requested her to come back in the evening she denied again and in continution told me that tonight once again they have a plan of wife swapping, Truly speaking friends her words “aaj raat ko in logon ka wife swapping ka plan hai and it will be at our place” burnt my soul completely in anger and agony.

After having sex with her once I did not wanted to assume her having sex with anyone, not even with her husband, certainly it was foolish but it is true and I remained agitated for whole day and whole night. Throughout the day I was abusing my Jija Ji with the worst words I could speak and throughout the night scene of Dimple getting fucked like a slut floated in front of my eyes.

That day I masturbated around six times and finally my restlessness ended next evening when Dimple came again and I fucked her whole night with all my passion and in all possible positions. After that day throughout the remaining days, till my parents came back home Dimple came on alternate days and stayed with me in the night and we fucked and fucked endlessly.

I don’t know exactly what her inner motive to have sex with me was but I believe Dimple was trying taking silent revenge from her husband for intruding her into dirty sex life. At present my parents are back and since then Dimple has came home several time but we have never succeeded in fucking,

although we have kissed and I have played with her soft milk mounds numerous times in solitude but for me that is not enough. In the end I must mention this fact too that it is just not me who is dying to get on bed with her, it is immaterial for whatever reason, revenge for her husband or affection for her brother,

somewhere Dimple is also attracted to have sex with me again and now it’s just a matter of tiny opportunity which will certainly come to me in next few days. Readers do give feed back over my experience in the comments below; it will inspire me to write again.

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Dimple fucking with younger sibling Bunty - I

Hello readers, I am Bunty almost 25, I have finished my graduation looking forward to do some Job as professional course I am doing is at the verge of completion. I am reading sex stories over this blog from last few years but since long I never had anything to share but recently I have lost my virginity and it was with none other than my own sister Dimple with whom I fucked.

Dimple is nearly three year elder than me and also married. I don’t know whether I will be able to turn my real life happening into a sensual story or not but I want to assure readers that it is a real life incident and quite different from what I have read so far in last few years.

Now without wasting much time in introduction I would say my parents were suppose to go out for a month’s time; to spend their summer and I was eagerly waiting for them to go. I had a plan to party for whole month; drinking, blue movies, masturbation and full masti along with two of my close friends all night long and then no wake up calls in the morning.

Eventually my parents left and I spend 4-5 days like I desired but suddenly things changed. One day casually my parents called and behaving expressive I casually said to my mom that I am missing her and suddenly my mom got very emotional and said that she is coming back,

I corrected my mistake instantly and compelled her to stay as per schedule as it is too hot here in Delhi and it is not good for dad’s health. Next I don’t know how mom came up with a thought of sending Dimple to live with me. Once again I instantly tried to stop her but she did not agreed and after an hour or so Dimple called me to inform that today she will come to me directly from her work place.

I was annoyed over myself but could not do anything except expecting that she will go back to her husband after staying day or two with me. Finally Dimple arrived in the late evening directly from her work place, by now every sign of whatever was happened here in last few days; I mean drinking, and smoking was vanished.

All the bottles of liquor were gone into my wardrobe and both of my friends were gone back after cleaning the house properly and no need to say Dimple was impressed to see the way I was keeping home; neat and clean. Anyway since then I was eating out but that day Dimple cooked and we decide to have dinner together but later.

Dimple was wearing Jeans and formal top and she was looking good, although in past while masturbating I did not spared even Dimple to fantasize but still that day there was no sign in my gesture of being aroused because of her and anyhow I could not think that while being alone with her I can try having sex with her;

rather that instant I was not thinking about even masturbating in the night, possibly because I was little depressed because of her presence. Anyhow after cooking food and putting it into casseroles she went into mom dad’s room to take a shower and as I was sure that she won’t come back before one hour, I came into my room with a glass half filled with Fanta and poured some Vodka into it.

I was playing online games while facing away from the door of my room while having sips of my drink in between and suddenly I found Dimple standing behind me. For a moment I got frightened but behaved normal and instantly stood up and gave her seat to play.

Actually I wanted to take my glass away from her reach as I was scared that she might take a sip of that drink casually and next instant it happened. Assuming that it’s a plain Fanta Dimple took a big sip and cried in shock “ye kya hai….? What is this” I was stunned and scared and failed to utter anything for few seconds and eventually tried behaving normal,

“kuch nahi…Fanta hai” “tune iss mein kuch daala hai” Dimple uttered and took another sip, smaller one. I kept my mouth shut and she started into my eyes for few seconds, “bol kya daala hai tune iss mein?” Dimple asked me again and I surrendered… “Vodka”

I uttered in barely audible voice and for few seconds she kept on looking into my eyes with anger but finally changed her gesture and that is drastically, she smiled and uttered “Good….agar whisky hoti ta main nahi peeti”. I was surprised to see her reaction and next she asked me for the bottle and I took it out from my wardrobe.

Though mildly Dimple smiled while holding the bottle in her hand and told me to come to the living room “Drawing room me aaja aaram se baithte hain”. I was shocked with whatever happened just now but took a breath of relief because now I was not scared that Dimple will tell all this to Mom and Dad.

Anyway after switching off the PC I came to living room and after switching on the television Dimple told me to make drink for her and she will be back after taking a shower. I made drink for her and she came back in next 5-10 minutes and we settled down in front of Television. By now Dimple was wearing casual Pajama with a cut sleeve top.

Here if I will try writing that how Dimple look then I would say she is dusky skinned, average looking girl with sharp features, standing around 5’2”, bit plump for her height with very slight belly, thick and fleshy arms and thighs with a round fleshy ass, her breasts are big but not huge, possibly equaling to muskmelons, big dark brwon eyes with hairs ending below her shoulders.

All in all she is good enough to attract any male sexually including me. Anyway Dimple was sitting on main three sitter couch and I was on her left, she was watching Television and while being conscious I was trying to do the same and suddenly my sight flew to her armhole and as she was wearing sleeveless top I got a glimpse of mound packed in white bra and I suddenly started feeling aroused while looking at her.

Gradually I went on going hard and as I saw Dimple is sipping her drink and seemed focused in TV I tried adjusting my erection in my underwear and suddenly she turned and spoke out “kya dekh raha hai...?” She caught me adjusting my Penis red-handed I just ended up with a blush and she spoke again with mild serious gesture “don't forget I am your sister”

that was embarrassing and I moved my head down and tried avoiding looking at her again but Dimple did not stopped looking at me and spoke again in calm voice “waise iss mein tera koi fault nahi age hi aisi hai....” and then continued “iss age mein life ka axis sirf sex hota hai... I have gone through all this” with that she gulped half of her drink in one go and finished her glass.

I was surprised to hear such words from her, immaterial of this fact that being siblings of thrre years of age diffrence we were quite friendly with each other, but sex as a subject of conversation was never came in our life and since then there was long distance between us in this concern and before I would have thought anything what she just said Dimple spoke again

“you know not only at this age…hum Indians ki poori life hi sex ke aas paas ghumti rahti hai”. The way and the words Dimple was speaking out with me it seemed as if she is drunk but how, drink she was having was made by me and it was not at all hard. Next she closed her and arching her neck rested her head over the back of the couch and went silent for couple of minutes.

By now my drink was also over and as I was in strange mindset I did not wanted to have more but Dimple wanted, she opened her eyes and told me to make another and I tried to stop her by saying “Dimple I think one is enough…” “please yaar…banna de ek aur…I am use to of it” that was another shock for me as in my knowledge Dimple was married to the cast where non-veg

and alcohol was forbidden and we all knew that including Aashish Jija Ji(Dimple’s husband) nobody in his family drink. Anyway I made another drink and it was once again on mild side and Dimple took a long sip before arching her neck and resting her head over the back of couch and eventually with the closed eyes came up saying “tu Khaana kha le…mujhe bhookh nahi hai”.

Once again I would say I was in really very strange mind state, I looked at her facial expressions and don’t know why she seemed stressed to me. Assuming that it could be her personal problem for an instant I thought about not asking her anything and as by now I was little hungry I thought about having dinner alone but eventually sat beside her on the same couch and asked her

"kya everything alright?" "Haan everything is fine" Dimple replied without opening her eyeys and suddenly I saw tiny tear flowing down from her right eye. I stayed beside her and continued looking at her face but Dimple was somewhat waiting for me to go and after a minute she opened her eyes and even though with closed eyes she could feel my presence beside her she asked me

"tu gaya nahi abhi tak?" and for an instant I came up saying "nahi...." but in continuation asked her "kya problem hai...why are you crying" and while saying "I am not to bus aise hi....!" she cleaned her eyes and continued sipping her drink while trying watching television. "please bata na yaar kya problem hai...?"

I casually requested her to speak her problem and she looked at me with really very warm gesture and eventually uttered..."something is buried inside me and I want to share it with someone..." in response I remained silent and keep looking at her face, for an instant Dimple tried to speak something but failed to utter even a single word and closing her eyes knobbed

her head in no and stepped back to speak anything “forget it”… “I cannot share all that with anyone” ….”bol de yaar… what is the matter…?” I replied back in irritating tone and once again Dimple denied to speak her problem “no…you just forget what I just said…I don’t have anything to share” with that she ended her second glass and asked me for one more "ek aur bana dey"

"No…" I denied in loud voice and she released her glass on central table and spoke " go and have dinner" "No...Even I am not hungry" By now I was curious to know her personal problem and I replied back to her in mild anger but Dimple remained calm and spoke back "koi baat nahi...jab bhookh lagegi kha lena" with that she got up and walked to our parents bedroom;

possibly to sleep and I came back to my room disappointed. Once again I switched on my PC and started playing games and once again Dimple came behind and told me to come to living room to have dinner.

Even though I desperately wanted to know her problem but I did not asked her anything and we had dinner without much conversation and after dinner we settled down in front of tele vision to kill some time. Once again while watching television Dimple looked lost to me and guessing what I could maximum guess I asked her "Jija Ji se koi ladai hui hai?"

and without looking at me Dimple just knobbed her head in no, “then?” “nothing…bus aise hi thoda sa depress hun…I will be fine” Dimple replied back to me with a concerned smile and I got up and sat beside her and asked her again “you said…something is buried inside you and you want to share it with someone…”! What is that?”

In response of my concerned question Dimple initially looked into my eyes with lot of affection and then widened her arms to hug me and we hugged. It was a beautiful hug, pure and divine, surely far away from the lust and after the hug I asked her again same question and Dimple remained silent for few seconds, possibly to decide how to start and next what Dimple uttered was shock of my life.

She started by saying “You know Bunty after marriage I have become a slut” I was surprised to hear that and realized mild effect of alcohol in her gesture. I did not uttered anything and kept on looking at her face to believe what she just said and Dimple continued “ I am a bitch now…. tere Jija ji mujhe apne friends ke saath bed par share karte hain” her voice was hollow,

I could easily feel that while saying that her heart was pounding “Kya baat kar rahi hai…?What are you saying?” my heart also started throbbing and that’s what I could utter in that mind state and Dimple once again acknowledged her statement by giving further detail “haan…these three friends share their wives with each other…..” and then after a tiny pause she continued

“and I believe except me both the other females are very much comfortable with all this” “You mean tu Jija Ji ke alava aur kisi ke saath bhi sex karti hai?” I still could not believe what she was saying and Dimple showed two fingers and spoke “do hain…Deepak and Anuj…” and then spoke again “we are three couples...aur ye mix and match chalta rahta hai…you know partner swapping”.

I don’t know exactly what all was running my mind that instant, certainly I was shocked but unintentionally I was feeling aroused too, though it was mild but I was hard over my Penis and it was moving up. “tere saath zabardasti karte hain?” I asked Dimple, and Dimple knobbed her head in no and after few seconds replied “nahi…koi kisi ke saath zabardasti nahi karta…”

“Then…why you agree…?” I asked her and she looked at my face and then moved her eyes down in disappointment and spoke “it is my mistake… I agreed in excitement…and now it's getting too much....and I am feeling burdened” I was speechless, so was Dimple and for next one minutes we did not spoke anything,

Dimple continued watching television and sitting beside her I started trying believing what she just said. Dimple was married from last three years and after seeing her nobody in this world can say that she is such female who have sex with multiple males, apparently with the makeup of married woman Dimple looks very normal, concerned and faithful to her husband

and do not look like a slut at all but the fact was very different, she was a kind of a slut only. I did not wanted to think about my sister with that perspective but I was helpless, anyhow I could not stop myself from staring at her body with a thought that she gets touched over that by three different males;

not only touched she gets fucked in her hole by them and while sitting beside her don’t know when I started visualizing her getting fucked casually. I was aroused like I was never before, somehow I was trying holding my erection unobserved over my lose lower but it was difficult for me to remain calm and as I tried to put my hard Cock back into my underwear Dimple caught me again,

possibly she was waiting for such sort of act from me and she looked at my face with serious gesture and spoke in sarcastic tone “you are getting hard…?” And then spoke again in same fashion “that is why I did not want to tell you…you are also a bastard” and I moved my sight from her face in embarrassment.

Dimple was already irritated and in a fraction her anger pitched high and she cried in annoyance “just get out and go….go and shag your load….go”. I was never so embarrassed and I was helpless and I just walked from there and just fell over my chest on my bed.

My heart was beating high and eternal feeling I was going through was really very weird, like I said earlier I did not wanted to feel aroused but I was helpless and could not think anything else except this fact that my sister is a slut and except her husband she gets fucked by a two other males.

I just kept on lying on my front and slowly and unintentionally my hand went into my lower and started rubbing tip my Penis between my thumb and a finger to pleasure myself. Slowly I started losing control over my thoughts and went on assuming things about Dimple’s sex life on my own and one among that was that she also has sex in threesome;

she alone on the bed with two men at the same time, one in her mouth and other in her Pussy, like it happens in blue movies and with that thought in a fraction I was hardest of my life. As I said earlier in past when Dimple was not married rather even after her marriage sometimes I use to masturbate while fantasizing her and like past once again I thought about getting up

and going to the toilet to shag my load over her name but don’t know why I did not moved from there and just kept on rubbing tip of my hard Penis in hand, possibly I was enjoying getting aroused slowly and hardly after 5-10 minutes since I was here from Living room I heard noise of feet from outside.

It was none other than Dimple and as I heard her presence outside my door I pulled out my hand from my lower and turned sideways to face away from the door and next instant Dimple opened the door, “Bunty sow gaya kya?” Dimple asked in soft and low voice “nahi” I replied back without moving even a fraction.

Dimple came close to me and tried turning me to look at her and I turned, “I am sorry…I know it is not your mistake…” over her expressions she was feeling embarrassed and next instant she spoke again “mujhe tere saath ye sab nahi share karna chahiye tha…!” I looked at her face for few seconds and then turned back to my previous posture and Dimple spoke again

“please don’t speak to anybody about all this…” obviously how could I share all that with anyone, I did not reacted to her words and once again Dimple turned me to look at her and I turned “promise…?” and I moved my head in yes. I was expecting that now she will leave but Dimple sat down on the bed,

as there was plenty of space she also laid down with a pillow between her head and arm and straightened her legs. We were on same bed with legs in opposite directions, “When I get alone…I start thinking about all that and I feel really very bad...” anyhow I could not guess what she was thinking that instant but as she said that I understood that she need somebody to talk.

No need to say hundreds of questions running in my mind which I wanted to ask her about her sex life with multiple males but this is also true none of them were important for me to know, still I wanted to know everything; possibly to get further aroused and with a tiny buzz of clearing my throat I started with “wo dono JIja Ji ke friends hain?” “haan…”

Dimple replied and went silent, I too went silent may be because I was in dilemma what to ask next and in a fashion that she won’t mind asking me and before I would have asked her anything Dimple told me not to talk about all that “please don’t talk to me about all that….”

Her voice was soft and very touchy and then after few seconds she spoke again and asked me about my personal life “tu apni batta…teri koi girl friend hai?” “nahi…” I denied, next she asked “kabhi kisi ke saath sex kya hai…?” as subject of sex between us was casual now it was not shocking for me but still it was surprising and I tilted my head and looked

at her and Dimple smiled a bit and asked me again “kiya hai…?” and I knobbed my head in no with a smile and asked her back in bit of amusing tone “jab girl-friend nahi hai to karunga kiske saath?” and Dimple came up saying “prostitute ke saath…!” “Never…. I can’t even think about it…” I ridiculed her words confidently and Dimple smiled and uttered “good boy”.

Next nobody spoke anything for few minutes, but while lying in opposite direction somehow Dimple just kept on looking at my face, into my eyes with a smile and I failed to keep an eye contact with her and eventually blushed with a smile. Next Dimple spoke again and she told me to ask her whatever I want to ask her in that concern “tu jo puuchna chahta hai pooch le…”

certainly I wanted to ask hundreds of question but I replied by saying “tu jo share karna chahti hai kar le…I wI'll not ask anything” and Dimple started by saying “we are three couples…Deepak-Vandana…Anuj-Manisha and Aashish and me” after a pause she spoke again “We meet once in a month for whole night and spend night with some other partner”.


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Pooja enjoying horny brotherly love

My sister had some horoscope problem and hence could not get a marriage alliance. her name was Pooja, with fair color and very good physical features. If not for this astrological set back she would have been a nice wife to any body. Having graduated at the age of 20, she went for PG in Maths. I Raju was in my degree class.

I had some orthopaedical deformation in the foot and hence my mobility was very much curtailed. Wehn she completed her PG, I finished my BA in Maths. We both started looking for jobs. We both were sympathetic to each other and used to embrace and cry in our bed. Our parents both were working and hence they left all decisions to be taken by us.

Our house was with RCC roofing. We put a huge tin roof to ward off heat in summer. Pooja asked why not put some class rooms so that we can conduct classes. Pooja and I went to one bank and arranged some loans to cover cost of partitions and furniture, office room, computer, huge black boards etc. Within no time we had two big halls and two small rooms well furnished.

For the time being we will manage by ourselvs, and if need be we can recruit some teachers. We sent word around that tuition for higher school classes, college going students, PG students in Maths. Because maths is the touchest subject for all there was good response. Lot of students came to take tuition and within six months we could repay thel loan from the bank.

I was managing HS students and Pooja, college students. We start our work in the morning at 6 and in the noon students may be very less and again by evening the rush will increase and it my go up to 10 or even 11. We made lot of money and all our problems were seemed to have been solved.

Though we both slept in one double bed, we had only study in our mind and never any thought of sex. Now our standard has increased, we ate good food, our parents also were happy, we gave them substantial amounts for their expenditure. Seeing some girls, projecting their boobs, I started to have interest in sex.

One or two girls were very naughty that they called me to a room for some special tuition. There they just allowed me to press their boobs and sometimes feel their pussy. One girl went evn to the extent of sitting on the floor and and sucking my cock. Mine I had a 7" monster and I never thought about it at all.

Only these girls praised me for the length of my cock and all of them took turn to hold itin their hands and suck it. The work was so much that we thought that we should have an additional teacher to help us. One Soman with BSc BEd degree came and he took a major part of the work.

We took another girl, Radha, a computer operator, to look after the office and maintain accounts and to operate te computer. She was very beautiful and I liked to sit near her and guide her about various duties. I used to touch her ample boobs and she will only smile and did not object.

Because we had peace of mind, Pooja and I left the major work on the head Soman and took lesser share in the late hours. We took supper early and went to bed. Radha will go away by evening 5 pm and Soman left only by8 or 9. In the night one day Pooja touched me and wanted to know whether my orthopaedic problem can be solved by surgery.

In a closed room, she wanted to see my entire body and hence removed my clothes and saw amy 7 in cock and was taken by awe. She touched my knees, thighs, buttocks, in the process my cock got erection. It was standing out in its full fury. Puja seeing this became horny. I asked her to remove her clothes and she tried to take my cock in her mouth and started to suck it.

I buried my face in her pussy and my tongue searched for her clitoris. With a trembling all over the body, Puja got her first orgasm and I too got my first. We fucked twice and enjoyed sex for the first time. Her boobs were big and solid because nobody have touched it before. This went on for some time. She bought pills to avoid pregnancy.

One day Radha wanted to use our own bathroom near our bedroom. She did not want to use the bathroom on the top floor for her own reason. I went with her and showed her the bathroom, closing the bedroom door. I waited in the bedroom for Radha to come after finishing the nature's call.

She came with a broad smile and we both embraced and I just pushed her to the bed and opened her legs and saw she had a nice pussy. I took out my erect cock and rubbed it against her clitoris and cunt. Radha was very well aroused and asked me to fuck her. But I had very difficulty to make penetration and she was crying.

I had to console her and I did not leave her, but did my penetration complete and fucked her well. Though she was crying for the first time and later she go adjusted and was enjoying the fuck. She told me she wants to get fucked daily. I told her ok, but come with your cunt hair clean shaven.

She got dressed and rushed up to her office. My sister noticed my sudden absence and asked where did I go. I told her the whole thing without concealing anything. She only laughed. In the meantime I was taken to the doctor who said my defect can be surgically changed and I can be a normal person.

It was so arranged that they may be a norman person by surgery of about six hours. Soman with his parents came approached our parents with a marriage proposal to my sister Puja. They had no objection with all the astrological problems. Puja also was willing. Soman was a handsome young man and finally their marriage was fixed and conducted in a grand scale.

The marriage of Radha and me was also conducted simultaneously. We made some modification in the top floor and got a bedroom and bathroom fixed. Thus the story ends with a happy note. We bought another bigger building and got it completely used for tuition center.

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Raju fucking hot cousin Radha

I, Raju, was working in Chennai in a IT company and I used to come home at the end of each month. Last time when I came my uncle told me that his daughter, Radha, had applied for writing UPSC and TNPSC exams and luckily both the exams have come together and he asked me to take her to Chennai and guide her to the places where the exam were being held and them send her back as soon as the exams are over.

I was shocked, Radha was a 20 year of beauty, to take her to Chennai and make her stay with me and to feed her and see that she writes the exam and send her back is not an easy task. I was living in a bachelor lodge, but I have a single room and a double cot. But there is no space in the room for putting another cot.

A small dingy bathroom and its door was so dilapidated that it revealed more than what it concealed. A small table with my laptop occupying major area. The floor area was full of dirst and I never try to clean it all myself. How to take this girl to my room, how to explain this to my uncle.

He said he is sick and that is why he is asking for my help. In the meantime my mother interfered and started arguing for her brother. Who else other than you can help him. Finally I agreed and asked tickets to be booked for both of us by the same train to chennai.

Radha, a beautiful damsel, well endowed, well made up and well attired, turned up with an airbag full of clothes and we both set out to the railway station. Nobody came to see us off. They could get only a 2 tier berth reserved and my ticket was in the w/l. I made Radha to lie down in the lower berth and I sat near her feet so that I may meet the TTR when he comes.

When I look at her, her boobs appeared prominent and I was tempted to place my hands on her bulbulous elevations. Some of the passengers wanted the bright lights to be switched off. and lights were off and it was dark in the corner. Radha was awake. She wore a full skirt, a shawl, and blouse and of course undergarments.

She was moving her legs constantly and I asked her what is the problem. She said nothing. Go to sleep, she said she did not get sleep. I told her, if I did not get reservation, I may lie down near her holding her fast so that I may not fall down, she smiled and said ok. Seeing her I had an erection.

I placed my left hand on her feet and slowly I moved my hand inside her skirt and reached her knee. She would have guessed where I am heading for. To make me reach my destination, she pulled herself down and was lying with her leg folded and lifted up. My hand roamed over her smooth thigh and touched her damp panty.

I inserted my fingers into the gap between her panty and pussy and touched her pussy. There was thin scanty hair and my hand reached to the middle of her crevice. Suddenly there was some sound and movement, I pulled may hand away and looked for the TTR. TTR said there is no berth available. I asked him to allow me to occupy the seat at the edge of the berth.

He said yes and made some notings and left the compartment. Suddenly all the lights were put out except for some bedroom lights. I extended my hand again into the skirt of Radha and OH, she had removed her panty also and it was open pussy and my hand ran all over it. Her cunt lips were feathery soft. There was some fluid flowing out. I ran my hand around and located her clitoris.

My hand was touching her arse and her smooth inner thighs. Perhaps my touch has made her aroused. She took my finger and located with it the her fuck hole and pushed my finger in. I could get her msg. She wanted me to insert my whole finger into her fuckhole. My finger went deep into it. I pulled back and inserted two of my fingers inside. The interior was totally wet and viscous.

I could imagine how our days in Chennai would be. I immediately took decision that I should buy condoms and pills in dozens. To stay in that room with so hot a girl would be risky, because she gives out too much of erotic sound. Anybody would know how the sound comes out from the mouth of a female.

During finger fucking her she reached her orgasm and she held my hand between her thighs tight and her hand pressed my hand inside her cunt. Her cunt muscles were pulsating and I could feel it on my fingers. I lied near her embracing her and I wispered in her ear that on reaching my room we will have real fucking and I will give her maximum pleasure. She nodded her head in agreement.

For the rest of the journey we slept and on reaching Chennai in the early hours of the morning, we came out of the station and took a auto and reached my room. Radha was in total amazement. All my neighbours peeped out and some ladies asked whether I got married and brought my bride with me.

I said no this is my sister, she had come to write the exam and will go away in a weeks time. On reaching my room, I told Radha that this is all I got and you have to somehow adjust. She ran to the bathroom and closing the door she was searching for the latch to close the door. I told her not to bother to bolt the door just finish your job and come out.

I could hear the sound of her pissing and she poured wated and washed her pussy and came out. Time was just 6.30 am. She lied in the bed and asked me to lie down near her. I lied near her and raised her blouse and took her boobs out. With tiny nipples, her boobs were quite big and hard and smooth to touch. I took her nipple in my mouth and licked it and sucked them one after the other.

Radha was very horny. She was searching for my 6 inch cock. Kissing the tip of it and licking it she opened her mouth and took the head of it in her mouth and started to suck it like a lolly pop. Within a short time my whole cock was in her mouth and her tongue was playing havoc with it. I could not control further, I shot my cum into her mouth and she swallowed the whole lot of it.

She told me later that my cum tastes fine. She sucked my cock further to bring it to full erection and asked me to insert it into her cunt. Her cunt was tight and it was very pleasurable. She closed her eyes and was found to be enjoying my fuck. I started in slow speed and gradually increased my speed.

Radha was moving her hip upwards to meet my thrust and She reached her orgasm and she shuddered at the onset of her climax. I too reached my orgasm and I had some fluid to pump into her. I asked Radha to go and finish her bath. Through the broken door panel I could see her naked body parts moving while she took bath.

She came out partially dressed and wiping her wet hair to dry. Then I went inside the bath room and started to take bath. I saw the big eyes of Radha peeping thrugh the broken panel to see my nudity. I turned towards her and showed her my limp penis. She opened the door and squatted in the floor and took my limp cock in her mouth and started to suck it again.

I told her to stop since we have work to do, I pushed her out and continued with my bath. I was surprised at the horniness of this girl. I came out and got dressed and Radha was also dressed and with all her papers we went out in search of her exam. center. Leaving this girl behind I cannot go to office and hence I took leave for about a week.

After taking food in the hotel we went to see a movie and then returned to our room by about 9 p.m. We both got undressed and lied in the bed. I asked Radha whether she has been fucked before by anyone. She told me that a boy in the neighborhood used to come and press her boob when her parents were not there.

She called him inside and asked him to lick her pussy which he did as per her desire. She said she never him allowed to fuck since she did not know about safe days. Afterwards she used to keep the pills for emergency. Once her friend bought a dildo and showed it to her. They went home and tried on each other and she came to know that her seal was broken on that day.

Once the neighbor boy asked her to suck his cock. His cock was small, only 5 inch size. He wanted it to be made into a 6 inch cock by just sucking. Daily he used to come asking her to suck his cock while he licked her pussy as many times as she wanted. She used to suck his cock and found it to be more pleasurable.

She never allowed him to suck her clitoris because she feared it will loose its sensitivity. Hence he only licked her whole pussy. I told her not to lick anybody's cock and I will give her my cock. She wanted to straddle me and try a different pose. I said ok, you do it. She got on top of me and her nude body was a picture of beauty.

Inserting my cock into her cunt, she started to jump up and down. I asked her to just lie down on me pressing her soft boobs on my chest. My hands were on her ass and I fucked her up. We had endless enjoyment. After reaching orgasm she did not get down but lied on me and slept. We enjoyed the following six days continuously.

She wrote the exams well and she was selected in both the exams. She got a job in Chennai and we both married and settled down in Chennai. Our sex sessions are as usual very eventful and enjoyable.

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Ramesh fucking widowed aunty Mridula

Girls married or unmarried, once tasted the pleasures of a male organ are crazy to receive one more frequently so that their lust may be diminished. I know a girl at the age of 18 was deflowered by her uncle and then fucked regularly by her brother, was mad at not having anything to satisfy her went and approached her best friend to ask her lover to fuck her.

Married women with their husbands in gulf or elsewhere are tormented in their bed for want of a masculine company. They dont mind seducing their brothers, brothers in law, father in law or grown up sons etc. There is a video going viral in the net of a mother making her son to suck her cunt to get her hunger satisfied.

Having known this trend, when you look around there are thousands of instances going on under our very nose, yet not known to us. I take inspiration for my stories from live instances, of course changing the names.

Father fucks his daughter, brother fucks his sister, or sister in law mainly because the girls appears to be a ball of fire with passion and if they do not extinguish, she will go to an outsider, without knowing the consequences and get blackmailed, ill treated, or even sent to prostitution. In the present days when birth control methods are well known all know how to avoid a unwanted pregnancy.

Hence in the families incestuous sexual relationships are not a taboo, but are of common place. In certain social circles, menfolk mostly go away abroad to earn a living, and the rest of the members of the family group together in a fashion of a joint family protecting each other.

In most of the cases their houses may be small or of medium size, making beds and putting people to sleep in the night used to be very difficult. Rooms being reserved for married couple, others sometimes may sleep on the floor in the hall. Widowed sister in law and unmarried cousin, may be together in the house that illicit relations between them develop.

In Indian families the astrological block called mangal may bar the girl from getting married unless a suitable mangal horoscope is obtained. When they are at home, their brothers or even fathers or cousins take sexual interest in them otherwise some outside fellow may find her more easily accessible and fuck her and spoil her life.

If it is within the family the secret will remain within the family and when she is ready for marriage, she may be sent off in marriage without giving any suspicion. My fried Ramesh, after graduation was busy searching for a job, when his widowed aunt elder to him by two years happened to come into the family. She was younger sister to his mother physically well endowed.

She was put to learn computer science and went to a local college regularly. Ramesh knew that there were boys in the computer college who are capable to hook her. Ramesh thought why not he himself not take her. Ramesh's aunt by name Mridula was always sober and after her tragedy she used to be always brooding and sad.

After joining the college she was normal, cheerful, mingled with everybody freely. Theirs was a 2 bedroom flat and Ramesh and Mridula had to occupy one bedroom. Ramesh had a study table in the room with a laptop computer. But after completion of his studies he did not use them, but Mridula sat on the table to study her lessons and wanted to use the laptop of Ramesh.

She asked Ramesh to show her how to operate the laptop. He came closer to her and her body fragrance was very fascinating for him. Thereafter for some reason or the other he used to come and sit with her to get her body fragrance. He did not where from this smell is coming, whether from her arm pits of her pussy or her thighs or her hair. It was not any artificial smell of perfumes.

The more he sat with her the more he enjoyed the smell. Mridula liked Ramesh getting closer to her although he is younger to her and he was the son of her elder sister. Of course there was no bad motive. She just liked him. With both of them occupying the same bedroom things became easy.

When he has his own double cot, Ramesh had no reason to go and lie down in the cot of Mridula. One day it was thundering and lightening heavily. Perhaps the monsoon is beginning. Mridula was scared of thunder and lightening. At the first sound she covered herself completely.

But Thunder did not stop and it became louder and nearer. She called out the name of Ramesh, When he asked what is the matter, she said she wanted to shift to his bed and lie down with him. Ramesh said ok, come down. She wearing only a night suit and with her wrapping sheet came to the bed of Ramesh and lied near him almost touching his body.

Ramesh thanking god for this bonanza turned towards her and hugged her putting his hand around her. Mridula came closer to him and their bodies were pressed to each other. Hands of Ramesh ran all over her. He felt her bulging arse, thick thighs, hugh boobs etc. She turned towards her and buried her face into his chest.

The erect 8" cock of Ramesh was poking her navel. Not knowing what it is she just with her hand wanted to move it away so that it may not hurt her. But when her hand gripped it she realized that it is the iron hard rod of Ramesh. She was confused. If she shifts it down it will be aimed at her pussy. It cannot be pushed upwards or sidewards.

She pushed the cock downwards, directing it to her pussy. She move forward and made the tip of the cock touch her pussy. After the sad death of her husband she never thought she will ever come across a male organ, and now this a grand specimen, like a monstrous iron crowbar. She did not feel like taking her hand away. Ramesh also found the situation very favourable.

His cock is directed towards a pussy. He just moved his body a little and now the tip of the cock was touching her pussy and by further movements it was touching her clitoris. Mridula was thrilled. Thunder came and went, but this monster is going to enter her body and he is already on the way and at the door.

She lay flat on her back with legs wide apart and Ramesh slowly got on top of her and directed his rod into the hole to his heaven. Slowly he kissed her on her cheeks and with one hand he squeezed her boob. He got up and removed all his clothes and stood totally naked and asked her to remove all her clothes likewise.

Mridula though shy, obeyed him and removed her night suit, her bra and panty. Thunder and lightening brought copious rains. Covering the body of the partner with kisses, Ramesh and Mridula started on their forbidden sexual encounter Ramesh wanted to make sure that it is one of her safe days for sexual intimacy.

Beginning with preliminaries Ramesh started well with his sexual encounter and he found out that the fragrance came from her pussy. He buried his face into her cunt and licked all over the place and her clitoris and made her extremely aroused. His entry into the heavenly abode was slightly difficult but since both the parties were keen things went on smoothly to a happy ending.

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