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Usha losing Cherry to elder brother Rakesh - I

I am Usha, a female from Delhi and I have just passed my mid twenties, standing 5’5” bit dusky in color, not extremely beautiful, rather average looking but with sharp features and sexy figure. Since my brother was not here I was a girl with lot of moral values, my parents were already looking for my match and I was proud of this fact that even after being a Delhi girl with a big friend circle I am still a Virgin.

Though there were many guys in my friend circle but I never had any boyfriend, although I wanted to have but I never dared to trust anyone. Many guys of my different friend circles approached me in different ways, some of them proposed me in conventional way for a love affair and few straight away gave hint that they want to get on bed with me but ultimately it was my own brother who took my virginity.

While talking about my brother Rakesh, I will say he is around 5’10 in height with good built, he is nearly five years elder then me, and I address him Bhaiya. After doing some diploma overseas Bhaiya decided to work there only and this incident occurred when he came to India after around 5 years. I was happy to see him after a long time and he too was happy to see me but with a different perspective.

Anyway time was around 9 when he reached home and we all were waiting for him for the meal. Bhaiya, mom and dad all settled down in the living room and chit chatted for a while and wearing bodyline jeans and cut sleeve t-shirt I moved around to serve water and all, and to prepare the dining table for the meal.

Apparently everything was normal, except after sometime of his reaching home once I felt as if Bhaiya is staring at my body but that instant I did not bothered about that. Chit chatting between we all four family members continued even after dinner and now over the period of two hours I was somewhat sure that Bhaiya is looking at my body with altogether a different perspective but I took that casually.

Next as usual my parents followed their daily routine and went to sleep around 11 and now it was just me and Bhaiya chit chatting in the living room. I was still in the same outfit jeans and cut sleeve top and now after our parent’s exit I could clearly see that Bhaiya’s way to look at has entirely changed.

His eyes were getting stuck at my milks again and again and as such I could not see any impact in his gesture by getting caught by me. As far as my body was concerned in last five years, since Bhaiya saw me live in front of his eyes things were changed drastically, because of overall gain in weight my ass mounds were gone plump and heavy,

my milks were now almost double the size and my thighs were also much fleshier than before, in short in last five years I was fully ripe and ready to get a manly treatment on the bed and I believe that’s what Bhaiya was looking forward to do from the moment he was here.

As I came back to the living room after winding up the kitchen he called me and showed me a picture of a non-Indian girl and asked me “kaisi hai…?” I smiled in rapture while looking at the girl and replied “achhi hai….girl friend hai aapki? Ya shaadi karli wahan pe” “hmmm….girl friend hai” Bhaiya hummed to say yes, “shaadi kab kar rahe ho iss se…”

I asked him again “Shaadi….? Come on This is just time pass…” Bhaiya replied and after a pause spoke again “we live together in XYZ” (name of the city) “you mean without marriage?” I asked him in surprising tone, and he replied by saying “yes…and I have done everything with her”. For a moment moving my sight from the face of the girl I looked up into his eyes and saw him smiling.

“Don’t you have any boy-friend?” Bhaiya asked me back “No…. maine maar nahi khani mummy papa se” I replied back and gave his mobile back, “arre yaar just grow up..aaj kal ye sab chalta hai” Bhaiya replied back casually and once again I spoke out in denying tone “Na baba mujhe bahut darr lagta hai”.

“Go to hell…” Bhaiya spoke back in ignorance while looking at the screen of the mobile and spoke again “main to roz raat ko sone se pahle iske oopar chadta hun… aur kabhi kabhi subah oothte hi chadd jaata hun”. Although it was first time we were having such chit chat and up to an extent I was ok with whatever Bhaiya spoke since then but his last translated statement

“I climb over her every night and sometimes in the morning too” really shocked me for a moment and I looked at him with the shocking expressions and he smiled a bit and I too failed to resist smiling and he asked me “what happened?”….. “Nothing” with a single word in reply for a moment I took leave to change.

While being alone for some time I failed to take out this fact from my mind that Bhaiya is fucking a girl and that is without marrying her and for a fraction a scene that he is fucking a girl floated in front of my eyes, and I felt strange sensation passing through my body.

I can say that moment onwards my mind set started getting weird, but still that instant I could not imagine myself fucking with my own brother; I just wanted to know more about Bhaiya’s personal life or to be precise sex life. After changing jeans into a casual pajama with a thin casual t-shirt on the top I came back,

by now after switching off the entire living room Bhaiya was gone to his room and I reached there, Bhaiya was somewhat waiting for me with a gift he bought and I took that gladly. While opening the wrapper once I looked at Bhaiya and caught him staring at the place between my thighs, exactly at my fuckhole.

Actually t-shirt I was wearing was little short in length and it was ending around my waist because of which my pleasure zone was visible. Bhaiya noticed that I have caught him and there was no sign of disappointment in him, rather when I stared into his eyes he looked at me, into my eyes shamelessly and spoke out “Usha tu bahut sexy ho gayi hai….kaise tera koi boy friend nahi hai?”

Once again it was totally unexpected for me and I reacted with bit of anger “shut up…I am your sister” “I know…I am just telling you ki…you should look for a boy friend” Bhaiya replied back while looking at me without any hesitation and after a tiny pause continued “nahi to teri ye saari Jawani bekar ho jaayegi”.

That was another shock for me and before I would have thought about replying him Bhaiya spoke again “teri shaadi ho jaayegi …aur tera patti tujhe ek saal mein Mummy banna dega”….” “aur ye sab kuch waist ho jaayega”. Hearing that for a moment I could not decide what to say “what do you mean ye sab waist ho jaayega…”

I asked him in bit rude tone but my tone hardly changed Bhaiya’s expressions and he spoke out “teri ye sexy figure aur kya…” Once again I was speechless and could not see any end of it and saying “I think you should sleep now” I moved a bit to the door but Bhaiya stopped me by saying “kahan jaa rahi hai…?” “apne room mein…you just sleep now” I replied back

“please yaar… stay for some time…what will I do…mujhe bahut der tak neend nahi aane wali…” “I know…I will stay but you just stop this crap now” “Ok…Ok” Bhaiya replied back and I stayed and sat down on the edge of the bed with a pillow over my legs. Deep inside I wanted to more about the girl he was fucking and I asked him to show the pic again and Bhaiya showed me,

“hmmm….sexy to hai…” this time I spoke out that after looking at the girl and it provoked Bhaiya and saying “lekin tujhse jayada sexy nahi hai…” he looked into my eyes with a smile. “You’ve started again…” I somewhat warned him, “this time you’ve started and I am just giving you compliment…” he replied back and for a instant I ignored getting into the debate and asked him,

“So what else you do there?.. I mean job ke alawa?” and I must say that Bhaiya was somewhat unstoppable that moment and he replied with “jab se girl friend bani hai tab se to sirf sex hi kar raha hun…raat ko sone se pahle subah oothne ke baad” and once again I was speechless and could not control my giggle but I pointed a finger to him as if I am warning him but trying

continuing the conversation Bhaiya spoke again “and I must say ki… she is very hot….”. By now within few hours of his arrival I was clearly realizing that Bhaiya has changed a lot, his attitude, his language, when we were together there was unsaid distance which he always maintained with me but now he was trying breaking all the bars.

At my end I won’t say I disliked all that, although I was little uneasy but still I don’t know why deep inside I wanted all that to continue but up to certain limit and to continue that denying believing over whatever he spoke about his personal life, I spoke out “I know you are lying….so stop it now…bahut ho gaya” and in response initially Bhaiya just smiled a bit and then asked

“so you don’t believe me….?” and I spoke “probably she is just your friend…ho sakta hai girl-friend ho…but I am sure ki aapne isske saath sex nahi kiya hoga….”. Since then Bhaiya’s mobile was in my hand but as I said that Bhaiya asked me his mobile and showed me another picture which proved me that whatever he has said is true.

It was self clicked picture of two; Bhaiya and that girl, they were on bed but covered up to their neck. Although now I didn’t have any doubt but still I disbelieved him by saying “it hardly proves anything” and he replied with “fine…! tu aise nahi maangi…” and while saying “see this is our kitchen” Bhaiya showed me another picture of the same girl,

which was clicked from her behind and she was wearing just bra and panty. Picture was crystal clear and I must say that girl was having a marvelous figure. “She is almost of your age…” Bhaiya added a note, “figure to bahut mast hai” unintentionally I too commented over her physical structure and once again Bhaiya commented over my body “arre nahin yaar….you are much better…”

and before I would have thought about saying anything over the comment he passed on my body Bhaiya spoke again “I really like the flesh you have on your thighs…” “Shut up…I am your sister…main Rakhi baandhti hun aapko” Rakhi is one of the Hindi festival in which girl ties a holy thread on the wrist of her brother and it has a lot of moral values for most of us and that’s what I could think of saying that moment,

unintentionally to make him realize that we are brother and sister but in a way Bhaiya was gone above that line of believe and giving a lousy statement he instantly spoke back “ Last 4 saal se to nahi baandhi na” “so?” I asked him in sarcastic tone “So I can flirt” “shut up….”

Once again I spoke out same two words which I was speaking since long again and again but Bhaiya was not ready to shut his mouth and this time he crossed his limits bit more “truly speaking agar har mein mummy papa nahi hote to aaj tera fuck ho jaata” for a fraction I was shocked up to my soul and I instantly got up by saying “I think I should go now” “just joking yaar…”

Bhaiya tried to stop me but I got up to go and looked at his face and he spoke again “sit down…I will not do anything forcibly…” he spoke that in significant voice and then in continuation spoke in lower tone, “jo kuch bhi karunga, tere consent se karunga” that was too much but still I failed to control my laugh and spoke “don’t even think about touching me”,

As I said that Bhaiya moved a bit and touched me on my hand as if he is teasing me by doing what I said not to do and I replied with “itna chalega…” next Bhaiya held my wrist and tried to pull me over the bed “what?” I asked him by pulling myself away and he spoke “give me a kiss”

I somehow released my hand and before I would have thought of saying anything he spoke again with a shameless smile “main apni girl friend ko bahut miss kar raha hun” “to fir usko saath lekar aate” I spoke out in bit anger and tried to get away and Bhaiya replied back with “why? Tu hai to sahi yahan pe”.

Things were going really unbelievable between we two and I slapped him hard on his shoulder and he cried in pain and spoke “Ok…at least now give me a kiss…” and hearing that I started beating him with pillow. “Ok Ok enough…Ok get me a coffee” Bhaiya spoke out in surrendering way and I went to kitchen and started preparing coffee.

I really don’t know while making coffee exactly what I was thinking, everything spoken out in the room was very weird but also very arousing. I can say from last six months or bit more, my parents were looking for my match and a continues awareness of this fact that sooner or later my sex life is going to start was making me little hornier in the nights and I use to finger myself

while watching porn regularly and in addition to that Bhaiya’s such behavior added up fuel to my aroused mind state and I started recalling whatever Rakesh Bhaiya spoke out about my body that he likes the flesh I have over my thighs and also he is intended to fuck me.

I was moved from deep inside and could feel significant wetness over my fuckhole and no need to say that I was enjoying that slow leakage in my panties and now after giving him coffee I was thinking about going to my room to finger myself.

That’s what all was happening deep inside me, in the outer world milk was about to boil and totally unaware of what all is going to happen in a moment I was looking at the mug in which I was about to pour the milk when suddenly Bhaiya came behind and wrapped his arms around my waist “kya kar rahe ho…what are you doing”

I spoke out in low voice but in screaming fashion and tried to untie myself, but Bhaiya tried to grip me harder and spoke out “Usha life ko enjoy kar yaar…. kya bhai-bahen ka gaana ga rahi hai”. I was still in shock and just then milk started rising on the fire and to prevent it spitting out of the container unintentionally moved to turn the gas off and in this Bhaiya got sufficient time,

he gripped my fully ripe body better and touched or somewhat crushed his crotch over my ass mounds. “Ahh…hmmmm…” I hummed a bit and shivered strangely may be because I was also bit aroused; also it was first time I was touched by a male that way, no matter it was my own brother.

But next instant I tried to get away more desperately but Bhaiya touched my ass mounds with his crotch again, rather he rubbed his hardness over my buns nicely and his hands reached to my breasts and he somewhat succeeded in squeezing them. I removed his hands from my breasts and tried to get away from his grip while saying same words again, “Bhaiya kya kar rahe ho?”

and this time Bhaiya replied to my statement in even more slang “hmmm…Bhaiya sun kar to aur mann kar raha hai tujhe chodne ka”. Just then I succeeded in releasing myself, turned and looked into his eyes “what are you saying…?” I was shocked to hear the Hindi word Chodna from him and Bhaiya acknowledged his intentions even more shamelessly

“haan…I want to fuck you…mera mann kar raha hai tujhe Chodne ka” and with that once again he wrapped his hands around my waist, “have you gone crazy?” I stopped him by keeping his hands away but next instant holding my wrist Bhaiya pulled me over him powerfully and I somewhat collide with him and for a fraction my milk got bumped into his broad chest.

“Yes I am crazy about you…let’s go to the bedroom” and before I would have reacted to the collision, Bhaiya grabbed my waist and this time we were face to face. Bhaiya held my waist and tried to bring his lips closer to mine to kiss me. I could not believe whatever Bhaiya was trying to do and I tried to stop him in requesting fashion

“Please Bhaiya kya kar rahe ho….mummy papa ko pata chal gaya to mujhe jaan se maar denge” and Bhaiya replied by saying “kisi ko kuch patta nahi chega…ye hamesha hum dono ke beech rahega…I promise”. Everything was happening very fast without thinking anything I was trying stopping him, I was wordless neither Bhaiya was waiting for me to speak anything,

he wanted to kiss me and I was trying to keep my face away from him and suddenly from my waist Bhaiya’s both the hands reached to my fleshy ass, he pulled me closer and squeezed my plump ass together and at the same instant I felt Bhaiya’s hardness over my fuckhole, over the clothes.

“Ahh….” unknowingly I moaned in strange delight, “hai…Usha kya kassa hua badan hai tera…..bahut mazza aayega tujhe Chodne mein” once again Bhaiya spoke out vulgar in rising lust and then after a pause spoke again “sach bol raha hun….tujhe bhi bahut mazza aayega….”, he looked into my eyes with a tiny pause and then spoke again “chal aa bedroom mein chalte hain…aaram se karenge”.

I could not think of saying anything, my body was still in Bhaiya’s grip and I was trying my best to release myself, and somehow I managed to unlock his hands from my ass and got away. My heart was beating high with a strange fear, while looking at Bhaiya I could not believe that he is a same person who use to consider me her sister some time back.

“Bhaiya please let me go” I spoke out in puffing voice was in the kitchen and Bhaiya was on the way to the door. “Go..I will not do anything forcibly…” Bhaiya spoke back and I ran out of the kitchen and reached to my room without looking behind if Bhaiya is following me or even looking me from behind.

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Sex with daughter after demise of wife

After the demise of my wife, I was totally shattered and could not stay alone in my house. My daughter, Latha 24, who was staying nearby asked me to move into her house. She had a son Arjun aged 5 who was going to the KG class and it was nice to have his company.

My son in law, Sharat was posted on promotion to Delhi and he was trying to come back to our home city and he was hopeful. That was the reason why he did not take his family to Delhi. Latha resembled her mother in all respects and whenever I see her I used to get memories of my dear wife. Her boobs were large and her ass was also large and rounded.

Narrow waist was very nice and it gave her a watch cloch shape. In the night Arjun used to go to sleep by 8 or 8.30. I may be lying my bed thinking about my wife and the nights I enjoyed with her. Latha having finished her chore used to come and sit with me. Sometimes she used to hold my hand to give me confidence. Sometimes she used lie by my side and talk.

I was just 50 and my sex faculties were very active. The smell of a female lying near me used to give me a kick and invariably I used to get an erection. What if she is my daughter, she too had the fragrance of a female which was very erotic. She made it a practice to lie near me daily. We used to lie for more than an hour.

One day she put her hand on my chest and was moving it to my abdomen. I turned to her and I too put my hand over her shoulder. She moved closer to me and her thighs were touching mine. While talking I extended my hand to her back and pulled her closer to me. Her chest was almost touching mine. I had a good erection, but I concealed it in my lungie.

Latha also put her hand around me and slowly she was coming near me. Her boobs were pressing against my chest. She brought her hand down and touched my erect cock. But she suddenly retracted and made her saree in order. But her hand came back again and touched my cock.

Perhaps she has had no sex for more than a month touching an erect cock would have certainly aroused her. What if it belongs to her father, cock is a cock. I pulled her face closer and gave her a kiss on her cheeks. It sent electric waves in her body. She hugged me and put her leg over me to pull me further closer to her. I put my hand over her boob and asked her to remove her blouse.

Latha without any demur got up, removed her blouse and the bra and her naked boobs were in front of me with her erect nipples. I made her to lie down and I took her nipple in my mouth and licked around it. She was taking deep breath and aalowed me to squeeze her boob and such the nipples alternatively. Her hand was searching for my cock and it caught it and held it firmly.

I slowly loosened her saree and tried to remove it. She removed her saree and the pettycoat underneath. She was in her panties only. I ran my hand over her body touching her pantie and thighs. Latha appeared to be very much aroused. She removed my lungie and made me totally naked. She bent over me and took my cock in her mouth.

Her tongue was playing with my cock and she wanted to give me a blowjob, but she did not know how to do it. I pulled her panty down. She raised her hip and helped me to remove it. Her pussy full of black hair was there. We had a dim light in the room and hence everything was clearly visible.

I touched her hairy pussy and rubbed it. I used to rub the pussy of my wife in a circulatory motion and she used to get aroused very soon because it stimulated her clitoris. I tried the same process with Latha. She opened her legs wide and started to talk incoherantly because of her excessive passion. I got up and rode and inserted my erect cock into her cunt.

It went in but her fuckhole was tight for my cock. She hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks and asked me to fuck her slowly. I fucked her for about five minutes and then I lied down and asked her to straddle me. She put her leg across and rode me. She put my cock into her cunt and started to fuck me. I could see raw passion in her face. Her boobs were dangling in front of me.

I touched them with my hand and squeezed them. Latha was coming to her orgasm from the gurgling sounds she made. I too shot my fluids into her and by the spasms inside her I could understand that she is in the grip of a strong orgasm. She told me that she never had such a great sex before not even with her husband.

She got up and rushed to the bathroom and washed her pussy. I too went to the bathroom and cleaned my cock of all the fluids sticking to it. She looked at my face and said Dad, I dont know how I came have sex with you, but I needed it urgently. If not you I would have done with somebody.

I embraced her and told her not to worry and I am here always and would help her anytime she felt like having sex. I told her to take care of the safe days and if it is not safe to take the pill. She said it is fully safe for her. We fucked again that night after supper.

Thereafter she used to come to my room during day time and ask for sex. We fucked many times during the day and night. She did not wear any inner garments for easy access to sex. She removed all the hair in her pussy and we used to do oral sex also. Days went on fucking my daughter daily.

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Basheer having sex with cousins

I am Basheer, 18 years of age, studying in the Indian School in Kuwait and after finishing my schooling here my parents want me to go to India to pursue my studies. I may go to any of my uncles or aunties to stay and study. It all depends on where I will get my admission.

In Kuwait most of my friends have already gone and due to non availability of leave to my father my departure was delayed. My mother is also working and hence I was staying in our sixth floor flat in the city alone for the major part of the day. I watched TV, played computer games, or slept during the day time. One day a neighboring Lebanese lady rang the bell.

She was very tall and very beautiful. She wore a sarong and a blouse and a cloth around her head. She asked whether I can spare a jar of pain balm for a few minutes. I searched in the bedroom cabinet and it was there. I gave it her with a smile. ""thank you munna, thank you, you are so nice" I was about to close the door she asked where is my mummy and daddy.

I said they are working during the day and will be back only by evening. "Can you help me to apply this pain balm where it is paining me" I said "OK" She asked me to lock the door of my apartment and go to her flat. We went. She lied and asked me to take little balm and apply on the upper portion of her thigh.

She lifted her sarong upto the top of the thigh and I noticed that she did not wear any panty. Her private parts were visible with slight stubs of hair. I applied balm on her thigh. She said " how nice, how nicely you applied, please spead a little more on my inner thigh" She removed her sarong and she was totally nude showing her pussy and I was sitting between her legs and her pussy was very clearly seen.

My hand went across her inner thigh. Seeing her pussy I had a good erection. The lady got up, leaned forward and undid my pyjama strings and pulled down my underwear and took my 6" erect cock in her hand and put it in her mouth and started to suck it vigorously. I was in the zenith of pleasure. Within a five minutes I threw my fluids in her mouth. She swallowed it with great taste.

How do you feel, shall we continue for some time more. she asked. She asked me to kiss her pussy and lick her cunt and clitoris. She was very passionate and wanted me to continue doing it for some more time. She made me to insert my cock in her pussy and fuck her. I fucked her and again my fluids came and we both enjoyed it very much. I wanted to go home.

She said yes, you may but come back again today or tomorrow. I did not go. My parents made my travel plans and I had to leave to India by next week. My uncle was there to receive me and we went to his house. It was big spacious house in Mumbai. They had three daughters and they were all very happy to receive me, an NRI cousin. Their eldest daughter Arifa was of my age.

She was very beautiful and with big boobs etc. All the girls slept in one bedroom upstairs and the aunt and uncle had their master bed room downstairs. There was a guest room upstairs by the side of the room occupied by the girls. I was put up there. My dad bought me a laptop for my personal viewing. I could access internet with the help of mobile wi fi.

Girls were not very familiar with the laptop etc. except what they learnt in their school. I could access porn sites and view them in my privacy. My cousins called me to their and sit with them to talk about life in Kuwait. The moment I enter their room they ask me to sit leaning on the big pillow against the wall.

All the three girls lie very close to me some pressing their boobs on me or some pressing their pussies on me. Arifa took the liberty to insert her hand inside my shirt and touched my chest. Usually I get an erection, however much I may try to hide it it is visible outside.

One day when their parents were away, Arifa undid my pyjama strings and pulled out my cock and put it in her mouth in full view of her sisters. I was shocked. The second sister Anakha took my hand nad put it on her boob. The third sister, Adrea pulled my hand and placed it on her pussy. Adrea's pussy was small and had scanty hair.

My fingers tried to enter it She opned her legs and gave me more space. The fun is that all the three girls were engaged with me and they did not feel shy about it. One was sucking my cock and the second wanted me to suck her boobs and the third was pushing my finger into her cunt. I knew I cannot take all the three at a time. I asked two of them to sit separate and watch.

I made the first to remove all clothes and come nude, I too removed mine and with an erect cock I attacked her. I pushed my cock inside her cunt. It went in without any dificult but was tight. She must have had more fuckings before. Sucking her nipples I fucked her rudely and she came and I too instantaneously. It took hardly ten minutes and then I called the second girl.

She was ready with all her clothes removed and came and lied down with her legs wide apart. I put my cock in her cunt and pushed it in. It went in smoothly sucking her nipples. She too had a good orgasm and I also had mine with hers. She too has had a fuck before. I called the third. She came smiling and lied in the bed in full view of her sister and opened her legs.

She had small boobs and scanty golden hair in her pussy. I opened her cunt lips and licked her clitoris. The girs was squirming and squeeling. I took my cock and inserted into her cunt. Obviously she was not fucked before. I applied more pressure and tore her tissue and made my entry complete. The girl was in tears and others pacified her.

I fucked her slowly and softly for the beginning and then increased my speed. I pulled out and shot my fluids in tin floor. All the three girls have been fucked. I asked them how much they have been fucked before. Eldest girl confessed that the driver used to fuck her sometimes. Second told me that their servant boy used to fuck her daily.

The third girl said she has not been fucked so far but the servant used to put his fingers in her cunt. I explained them about pregnancy and the safe period. I told them I will be fucking you always. They need not go to any ooutsider for the sake of sex. They all agreed. We made out a fuck plan We made out a calender marking their safe days etc. and accordingly we proceeded.

One by one they will come to my room, We used to have oral sex and then regular sex. I showed them the porn movies and they all became experts in different poses. We had a happy time with all the three cousins.

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Wife fucked by grand father

Oh Great, I exclaimed in reaction to my horny wife’s candid confession. And I was quite thrilled about it also. “Everything is all right. It will be great if dadu comes forward to helping you out. But he is now 76, or on his way to be an octogenarian in a few years. Can he now procreate a child in your womb? I commented.

She laughed, and said, “I have full confidence in him. There are so many cases, I heard, in which a septuagenarian or octogenarian man fathered children. Why don’t we try him out? I agreed. “But Ani, We have to manipulate it in such way that he cannot make out our ulterior plan or purpose”, she added. She looked delighted as seeing a hope and my consent. “I didn’t get you”, I said out.

She smiled, and continued, he must not guess that we are practically stealing his seed. So my trysts with him have to be taken place in your absence. I nodded my in agreement with her but with a heavy heart as I wanted to witness her procreation act.

She was smiling, and uttered, “I know you have a peeping-Tom in you, and you will remain restless and upset unless you voyeur my lovemaking with grandpa. All right, let me think out a way out to your problem.

Next day my wife got the existing lock-system on our second bedroom’s door replaced with old key-hole system. Next week, Dadu came down to our place to sojourn a fortnight on our invitation. This time seeing him I smiled to myself what a surrogate Sunita singled out! In normal circumstances a father or grandfather offers/gives his daughter in kanyadaan to the groom/son in law.

Here the son in law is planning to offers his wife to his father in law. Kanyadan in reverse. I could not manage leave from my office. So I continued attending my office, daily. At 9 o’clock morning I would go out for my office and be backing home at 8 o’clock at evening; and this gap-hours, or my absence of almost 11 hours, was used by my horny wife to enjoy her purposeful fun with her grandpa in full privacy.

I was hard all day in my office imagining what the duo grand father and grand daughter were doing. Our purpose was in progress and that I was convinced by my wife on the very first day of Dadu’s stay with us, when, subsequent to my returning home from office, she showed her breasts to me those were now embellished with red love-scars all around suggesting they had been roughly love-molested in a full blown incest in my absence!

It immediately mated out to me a sexual jolt. My loving wife held my hand in hers and suggested, “At night I will be with you. So that it looks natural. Let him eat me in the day when you are not home. Only on a Sunday you will get the scope to secretly voyeur my lovemaking in his room through the key-hole, I did agree.

Finally came that awaited Sunday after morning-bath she stepped out from the bathroom into bedroom, wearing only a cotton cream-hued Shari, over the petticoat. With, no blouse or even brassiere underneath her Shari. She was looking seductively fabulous, in this Shari, especially the way she’d donned it.

She looked too hot, in Indinised way, that her buttocks and breasts were looking ravishingly provocative in it. And as she didn’t were the blouse etc, a portion of her left breast was left exposed or peeping out from the side, which rather granted her an extra sex-appeal. Looking at her I developed an erection in anticipation.

However, she took me to our guest room (or 2nd bedroom) where now Dadu was putting up. And that room was also our pooja-room. So there she began conducting her rites of Pooja, while dadu and me onlooked. I could guess what might now happen next. And that happened!

In the end part of her pooja she prostrated before the deity and while so down her aanchal accidentally slide off her left shoulder and the next moment or when she stood up it loosened part of her aanchal further betrayed her, totally unveiling her left breast, marked with red sucking-patches in the skin, dead in front us. But she pretended quite cool and tensionless.

In that condition she walked closer to us and gave us the prasada, first to her Dadu, then to me. Dadu looked a bit embarrassed as this unexpectional incident occurred before me in his presence in the room. After giving us prasada only she readjusted her Shari to properly cover up her front. Then I vacated that room, telling my wife. “Ok. I am going to my room.

Dadu may be feeling bored. Chat with him till the lunch-time, give him company. A grandpa ever likes the company of his grand-daughter. My wife said in reply (as it had been tacitly scripted by me) what will you do there and be with us here. Today I will cook. It will take hardly two hours”, I said while stepping out from that room. And from outside I pulled the door to be shut.

I went to kitchen. Hardly some 15 minutes went, and I was cooking and with all my ears towards next room. And soon I heard a love-moan of my wife. I understood Dadu had already started love-teasing his beautiful grand-daughter!

I stealthily walked towards that room, silently knelt down before its door that was shut and carefully fixed my eye on the key-hole the inside sight was vivid I saw both of them on the bed, totally clothless. My wife was on his top, while his both hands were busy playing with her firm arrogant breasts. The view made me over-horny. I unzipped and pulled out my erection to wank.

I was taken aback by this fact that how such an old man like him could cope up with an endowed horny woman younger by half a century, at par! I saw her beautiful firm breast was smiling and her nipples were errect. Daddu started sucking her nipples on which she started moaning. He then held her in his arms and tweeked her her left nipple while was sucking her right nipples.

He laid her down on the bed and started rubbing her inner thighs while he was sucking her virgin breast. Oh My I can not tell you how it feels, it was so juicy that I would have spent my life sucking those cute boobs of her instead of daddu.

He started moving down and touches her clit with his finger and he felt it was wet. He went down on her and started licking her clit while he was squeezing her breasts and she was moaning mmm.

He opened her pussy lips and stuck his tongue in it she went crazy when he licked her pussy I could see her pussy juice was making her pussy wet and dripping towards her ass which was even more wet and he was rubbing her clit and I felt that she was going to have an orgazam then and there and by now I was getting out of control and decided to take my pants off and my 6 inches cock jumped out I grabbed my cock and began pumping.

Daddu caught her her ass and held her pussy and started licking it with his tongue deep into hers. She was one of the nicest pussy. I have ever seen her eyes were closed and she was moaning she said, “Daddu, it feels so good, keep doing it. Then he spread her legs and started rubbing his cock against her wet pussy she went crazy when he did that.

He gently put the tip of his cock in between her pussy lips which was tight and kept rubbing until such time her pussy was completely wet. He jerked his body and slammed his cock deep inside her and put his lips onto hers when she virtually screamed she yelled, “Take it out take it out.” I soliloquized, “Don’t worry it was only one time she would enjoy it there after.

He kept his cock inside her for a while and started pushing in and out slowly.Even at this age the old man can make a woman scream. Slowly her pain subsided I felt that she was enjoying it and she was squeezing her tight hole on daddu’s cock.Daddu was increasing his speed. I couldn’t hold my self any longer but daddu’s slams were now getting harder and harder.

This man had an amazing apetite for sex she was pushing her self too to meet his every slam he was squeezing her tits hard and she was enjoying it she was yelling and screaming in pain and pleasure and I was enjoying the sight too and I felt that she was having a great orgazam. I watched away, pumping myself on the doorstep.

I could any time explode I didn’t care if she would get pregnant or not I just wanted to witness the amorous sexy scene that was going on in the room. I never knew that watching your getting fucked is more exciting than yourself fucking her. I recommend my readers to try this at home. Let anyone fuck your wife and watch. I just exploded all of my cum on the door.

Oh my! That was the greatest pleasure I ever had. Meanwhile Sunita had not now calmed down. Daddu’s cock was still inside her and remaining harder as in the beginning with her wet cum and tight pussy walls. He rolled her over him. But it all gave me additional sensual jolt in my pleasure. My wife went on riding him, bobbing up and down over him, repeatedly yelling aloud in ecstasy.

Her face was resplendent with warmth of sex and bliss. Now they overturned, and the old man came atop my pleasuring wife. And he started pumping himself into her, in full swing, with his eternal vigour. And I was stunned by his ‘staying power’ at this age. And then came a time when my wife was pleading to fill her womb, “Daddu fuck me, come in me. Fulfill me.

Your cock is that of a horse.” He said, “I am comming in your cunt. Wait for my seeds my dear. I will fill you up and he filled her, and prostrated over her, perhaps not fully exhausted. By then I had erupted twice against the door. I cleaned the door with cloth and went back to kitchen to complete my job.

Once again her loud moans of pleasure echoed to me. But this time I did not go back to peep upon them. At 2’ocock noon I knocked on their door to call them to lunch. I pushed the door in; it’d not been bolted from within. Now inside view was different, yet a bit odd. Dadu looked up at me, now with a bit fear in his eyes. I looked at them.

My wife who was now lying on her back, covering her body with a bed-sheet, whereas her undone Shari which was lying on the floor in a heap. And that tacitly suggested she was totally naked under the bed-sheet! On the other hand, Dadu was also in same condition. He was hiding his body under another sheet.

I made believe a amazement, and to tease my wife, or rather to open them out, I asked, “What’s up? How’s this Shari here!? Are you okay? How about Daddu? Is he comfortable here? Then throwing the undone Shari unto my wife I uttered, “It is all right. Get ready and come out, our lunch is ready”.

And then I teased our guest (Dadu), “Hmm! So Daddu! How do you find your grand-daughter is she a dull boring-type company or very lively and naughty!? Dadu was a quite smart man to ease the situation and he said out, Well, dadubhai [as he calls me ] you are lucky that my didibhai [as he calls his grand-daughter] is a warm company, and she looked after me, in all senses, with best care and affection.

We are always fond of each other. May bless you both? Sure. It is her duty responsibility to keep you in pink spirit by comforting you with her warmth of affection”, I thus hinted him my tacit acquiescence about his special non-platonic fondness towards my wife. Intelligent dadu smiled in gratitude.

And to ease it further, he now, in my front, shoved one his hand beneath my wife’s bed-sheet that was over her. My wife hissed and closed her eyes as if in coy. His hand turned active underneath her bed-sheet, outlining his movement on her bosom. I looked on them, speechless and excited. Slowly he rolled aside the bed-sheet, thus exposing her full bare breasts in the open.

And then pulled me closer to my topless wife, and on that spur of exciting moment she pulled both her grandpa and me over her heaving bosom and spontaneously we shared her breasts between ourselves one each. And she now went wild being breast-sucked by her husband and grandpa at the same time.

Daddu turn her back with her knees and hands were supporting her I was so thirsty for her cum when I saw her waxed wet pussy I started licking her and put my tongue in side of her cunt and first time she said, I cant take it do what you did before she was a bit shy and who am I to say no I wanna do something else.

I put my cock against her pussy and this time gently pushed it in it was not as painful for her… I was holding her breasts in my hands and pushing my self in and out of her cozy pussy while daddu was squeezing her boobs wow and after a while I felt that I will cum any time soon.

I wanted her cunt to have her daddu’s cum in her not mine so I turned her back and got my cock out asked her to suck my cum and she was now trained she started sucking it then I decided to go 69 with her because I wanted to give her pleasure too and she was sucking my cock and I was fucking her pussy with my tongue Daddu asked to taste her cum she took his cock deep

inside her mouth and started sucking Her expression was even hotter and my cock was again getting hard and we both came together. Soon three of us were lost in erotic belligerence, and it ended up in a fantastic satiating threesomes. When we withdrew, fully spent and sweated, it was already 5 o’clock. Thereafter we had our lunch. That night I sent my wife to daddu to be fornicated.

Dadu stay with us a fort night tasting his grand-daughter’s nectar of youth, every day and night. Very next month my wife missed her periods.Now doctor confirmed her pregnancy. She was on the top of the world and I greeted her. And in due course of time she gave birth to a daughter. I thanked dadu in mind to make us proud parents.

However, the advent of our daughter made us a contented Couple, and whatever we had done for this also benefited our conjugality a lot; it all helped us open out into the world of a strange secret ‘extramarital sex within the marriage without endangering it.

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Rejina having sex with father-in-law

Abdulla haji one of the rich businessmen in the locality. At the age of 44 he lost his wife and he did not remarry. His son Kadir without getting involved in business was busy studying and took his degree with high marks. Kadir was a sportsman and took part in all sports and games and was not a prey to the youthful temptations.

The uncle of Kadir was in Kuwait who wanted him to sent over to Kuwait where it was then easy to get a job. But Abdulla haji wanted to get his son married before being sent abroad. They found Rejina, daughter of Ismail haji a proper bride for Kadir. She was beautiful, with big boobs, ass, and thighs All relatives considered her to be the proper bride for Kadir.

A proper day was fixed and the nikah was formalized. When Kadir saw Rejina he was very much enamored. But he did not do anything in the first night although Rejina was prepared. Both young boys and girls have their own dreams about their first night. Friends of Regina warned her to be prepared for a rough and painful encounter during the first night.

But friends of Kadir warned him not to fuck his bride in the first night but talk to her and dispel her fears and take her gradually with love. Rejina by nature a hot girl was very much attracted to Kadir and expected he will atleast touch and kiss her. When he was not doing anything, she took his hand while talking and put it on her boob.

Finally Kadir had to unbutton her shirt, unhook her bra and took her boob in his hand and just planted a kiss on it and seeing its erect nipple he just licked it and sucked it. Rejina's hand moved in the direction of his dhothi and found his cock fully erect. They were talking about their college days, but Rejina hand was on his cock.

On her insistence he removed his underwear and brouhgt out his huge cock. Rejina had not seen so huge a cock. While playing with her cousins she had seen them carrying only small cocks of five inch size. But this appeared to be anything more than seven inches or even more with a red glowing bulb at the tip. Rejina felt like planting a kiss on it.

To the surprise of Kadir, she just gave his cock a kiss and opened her mouth wide and took its tip in her mouth. Kadir could not wait any longer. He just removed his shirt and other clothes, made her also undress, examined her shaven pussy closely and decided to have his fuck. He knew she too was eager to have her first fuck.

He put the tip of his cock in her pussy and moved it around to find out where it will go inside. Rejina guided him to her fuck hole. But it was very small and tight. His huge cock did not go in. With lights fully on, Kadir somehow pushed his cock into the hole and Rejina showed pain in her face, but he pushed and pushed his cock and made half of it go inside.

The was Rejina was making peculiar sounds Kadir thought he had to do the fucking at any cost. He pushed and pushed with all strength that his huge cock went inside her. Tears were flowing from her eyes. But Kadir started to move in and out slowly. Suddenly Rejina stopped crying but seem to be enjoying.

She hugged him tightly, her boobs pressed against his chest flat, she was encouraging him to do it faster. It was his first sex experience, but Rejina has had many sex adventures with her cousins, like making them lick her pussy, sucking their tiny cocks, etc. Once a fellow tried to put his 5 inch cock in her pussy which she resisted. Kadir got into a rhythm and Rejina enjoyed it immensely.

Finally he shot his juices inside her and she too got her climax. Kadir pulled out his cock which was erect, Rejina saw blood stains mixed with his fluids and hers all over her hole. They both went and washed in the bathroom. He asked her whethre she enjoyed, she with a bright face said, yes. They again fucked and fucked and the whole night was spent in fucking only.

Her hairless cunt gripped his cock tightly and he enjoyed the feeling very much. His cock went deep inside her filling her unknown depths, which she liked. It was a sex celebrations in the days followed. The girl was clever not to get pregnant. She knew all about the contraception. Poor Kadir knew very little about sex. She taught him so many details in sex.

Her favorite posture was to straddle him and fuck. Suddenly there was a call from the uncle of Kadir to come as early as possible. He had sent a visa and said there is a job ready for him. Kadir got ready, but Rejina was crying. He consoled her that he will get a family visa and see that she also goes as early as possible.

Kadir made all preparations and left for Kuwait in the following week. Abdulla Haji and Rejina went to the airport to see Kadir off. The girl was crying continuously and it became very difficult for Abdulla Haji to console her. He put his hand around her and wiped her tears and spoke endearing words. Rejina put her hands around Haji and seemed to have been consoled.

Rejina had a bedroom for herself and Haji slept in his bedroom. Rejina had a TV in her room for her own use, beside VCR etc. Haji just went daily to the mosque and prayed for all the five times a day. Rejina felt very lonely. She used to finger and satisfy her sex needs. Kadir used to call her on all alternative days and told her that he is moving papers for her visa.

One day due to onset of monsoon there was a huge lightening and thunder. It was 11 pm in the night. Poor Rejina was scared of the sound of thunder. It was loud and continuous. She got up from her bed scared and ran down to the bedroom of Haji crying. The door was not bolted. She just pushed and it opened. She ran into the bed of Haji.

He got up and knew that poor child is scared of the thunder and lightening. He pacified her and asked her to lie down near him. Closing her eyes tight she hugged him. Haji tried to push her away but she was coming closer and closer. Her boobs were pressed against his chest. He notined she has not worn any bra or panty while going to bed.

The lightening continued for a long time. Rejina was pressing herself against the body of Haji. The man in Haji was awake. His hand touched her bare back and her ass. His cock was stiff. Suddenly Regina realized that the cock of Abdulla Haji was pressing against her stomach. She raised and put her leg across him. His hand was searching for her pussy.

Slowly she climbed over him and his cock was direcly above her pussy. After the death of his wife he never had any sex with any other woman. Passions of Haji arose. without waiting for him to take initiative, Rejina got up took his cock and inserted it into her cunt and she lied on him. Haji was shocked. His huge cock was buried deep inside the young juicy cunt of his daughter in law.

Her fear and her cry stopped and she was moving her cunt up and down and sideways. It was a new experience for Haji. He could not push her out. He just allowed the girl to have it her way. She knew how to go about. Suddenly she made some brisk movement and then stopped. This way the fuck will never culminate. It was pleasure and pleausre of the extreme order.

Finally he shot his fluids inside her. He was sorry she may not get pregnant. But she said dont worry it is safe period for her. She sucked his cock and made it ready for further fuck. One day he asked Haji to lick her cunt. He was shocked. But he leaned over and licked her cunt. She opened her cunt lips with her fingers and showed him his clitoris and asked him to suck her clitoris.

Haji liked to lick and suck the young cunt and her lust encouraged him The father in law and daughter in law enjoyed life immensely. He got her the best food, fruits in the market and she ate well. After about an year Kadir told her that he is coming back home to take her back with him. She was surprised. Life was very enjoyable now.

How it will be with Kadir she did not know but she has to go, otherwise what will people say. When Kadir came she found to her utter surprise that his cock was smaller in size than that of Haji. But she cannot stay back. She had to go with Kadir and she went crying.

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Ravi helped by Mom in sex during studies

Hi everybody, I am Ravi married male 32 yrs working currently in a pharma company in Mumbai. I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I want to share my first personnel sexual experience with all the HumanDigest readers.

This incident happen when I was in XII standard preparing for my preliminary examination in the month of Feb. As the state board examination was very close, I was little nervous, as I was not interested in science stream, my dad had force fully got the admission in science, which I did not all like.

As I was preparing for the preliminary exams, I used to study at night. Our house is 2 bedroom house, my parents (mom and dad) used to sleep in bed room and I used to study in the drawing room. I had a habit of reading porn book which I used to buy from the local book stores on the footpath. I would read this porn book in the toilet and while seeing the open naked pictures I used to masturbate in the toilet.

But as I was preparing for my exams, I had to read these porn books in between the studies. I used to lock the room from inside and become naked and read those books. The same routine continued for 10-15 days. One day we received a phone call from my native place that my grandmother (father’s mom) was very serious, hearing this dad had to go to attend her.

As my exams was near my mom did not go and stayed with me. On that very night, as usual, after dinner I went to the drawing room for studying and locked the door and started studying. After 15 minutes my mom knocked the door and said, “Ravi, open the door.” I was completely naked and after hearing my mom’s voices I stood up wore my shorts and ran towards the door to open the door.

Mom said, “Ravi as your dad is not there, you can study in my bed room. I cant sleep since I do not have the habit of sleeping alone.” I had no other option but to comply so I gathered all the study books along with the porn books and went the bed rooms. I was very sad that I could not read my porn books that night due to mom’s presence but did not know that my fate was going to change forever due to mom’s request.

My mom finished all the kitchen work and came to the bed room wiping her wet hands with her pallu. I want to describe my mom, she was 38 at that time good looking, fair, slim, with good circular boobs, her boobs was not that loose unlike other even though she did not wear bra. She always wore sari as a traditional south Indian women.

After doing all her works she came near the bed and said, “Ravi you can study here. As I am alone I am not able to sleep.” I said “Its ok mom, you can sleep here and I will study for the exams. But I will keep the lights on for me.” The light in the room were on and I was reading for my exam. As the light were on, mom was not able to sleep properly.

She was some time sleeping facing this side and some time facing that side. As she was facing this side and that side her saree pallu was disturbed and her both boobs curve were clearly visible in the blouse. Seeing this, my heart beating rate got double and tool inside pant started rising. Then after 15 minutes she slept calmly as if she was in deep sleep.

Then I kept the book for the examination and took out porn book and started reading it. In between I saw the big boobs of my mom and started reading the story. I slipped hand into my pant and started playing with my tool. During night time I never wear undies, due to this the bulge was clearly visible from the top of the pant.

Reading the porn story and looking at my mom’s boobs I became so desperate that I wanted to grab the two melons and suck it, but I didn’t have the guts to do that. Then I started reading the story again, the story was so nice and interesting that I got very much involved in the story and I failed to notice mom who had by that time woken up and was watching me intently.

With one hand holding the books I was shagging my cock inside the pant. I came to the climax of the story; I didn’t know when my tool came out of the pant. Before I could ejaculate I opened my eyes. I got shocked to see my mom sitting next to me and watching what I was doing. I was totally shocked as if my heart beat stopped. I was in a loss to react.

The porn story book dropped from my hand on the bed. My other hand was still on my tool which was partly roaming outside. My mom looked at my eyes but said nothing. She picked up the book and read if for 2 minutes. The books also contained some naked photos of male/female in different sex poses. She saw those photos very closely by turning page by page.

Her expressions changed from serious to stern. Then she kept the book on the bed and went to the wash room. I was totally shocked due to this incident. I immediately cleared all the books for exam and also the story book and kept them a side and switched off the tube light and switched on the night lamp. I slept on the bed with blanket covering from head to toe.

After 10 minute my mom came to the bed room and said, “Ravi, are you asleep.” Then she switched on the tube light and lifted the blanket over my head and said “Ravi reply, are you sleeping.” I didn’t have the guts to look at her face. Then she said, “Look Ravi this is very common at your age, I have also gone through your age, it is very common don’t get upset.

See I will explain you all thing.” Then I opened my eye and looked at her. She was standing very close to me and said, “See, Ravi I am your mom I know what you want at this age. I have also gone through this age way back. It is common don’t worry.” Her eyes were searching something in me. My body was shivering like a leaf. I dared not look into her eyes.

She sat near me and put her right hand on my shoulder and said “Don’t worry I will tell you how to over come this age. Where are those books.” I reacted as if nothing happen replied, “What book.” She said, “That porn book.” Then I said, “That it is there.” I pointed to the drawer where I kept the porn book.

She brought the book, sat next to me and opened the centre page. She started seeing the naked photos of the male and female. She said, “All these photos are fake, they are photo/camera trick and catching this photos. In real world no man will have tool this big and no female will have the boobs as big as this girl in the picture have. Don’t get disturbed seeing this kind fake photos.

Hence forth don’t read such kind of book, which would create bad image in your mind and will tell false things about sex. If you want to ask any thing I will teach you and I will solve your query about sex. So concentrate in study and get good marks in the exams, ok.” Then I waved my head, “Ok mom.” Then she switched off the light and came next to me and slept.

I was not able to sleep properly due to her talk. Her talks were disturbing me. Then I thought to go to the wash room and masturbate and release the tension. After half an hour I went to the wash room which was next to the bed room, I was casual as mom was in deep sleep and opened my pant took my tool out, with out locking the door properly.

Imagining the story that I read from the book I started jerking my tool vigorously closing my eyes. Within 5 minutes I was reaching climax to pour out my load of sperms, within no time I came with the load of sperms. When slowly I open my eyes, I was shocked to find my mom standing in front of the door. Watching all act coolly.

She was again shocked with this incident, without saying any words she again went to the bed room. I washed my tool and slowly went to bed room with out making any noise. I peeped into the bed room and found mom sleeping. Then I entered the bed room and went to sleep next to mom. I was unable to sleep due to these 2 incidents.

After 5 minute I heard my mom calling my name, “Ravi, are you finished dear.” I was shocked to hear this and I was speech less. Mom turned towards me and said, “Ravi, what were you doing in the wash room dear.” I could not say any thing. Mom again said, “Ravi what you were doing in the wash room was bad habit dear you should have not done that.

Who has taught you these things?” I mumbled, “My friend Ritesh has taught me to do this.” Mom smiled mischievously, “Hence forth don’t do this, it will affect your health adversely. If you want any thing, then you tell me or ask me. I will help, don’t ask your stupid friends, who will teach you this false thing.”

Then mom came near to me and said, “You have grown up enough to teach all things. Come here I will take you the world of sex;” Saying this mom lifted the blanket over me, and came very close to me and said in a whispering tone, “Son I have seen your penis. It is very big and thick. It is long enough to satisfy any woman.”

She kept her right hand over my penis above the pant and at started caressing it. She asked me in a sexy tone, “Have you seen any women or girl naked.” I shook my head and said, “No, but sure will love to see.” Then she brought her face closer to my face, I could feel her heart beats. Our breathing got heavier and clashed with each other. Her breathing was warmer then me.

She said, “Today is your lucky day, you will see your mom naked,” Hearing this I became very happy inside but did not show on my face. Then she kissed on my forehead and started removing my dress. I had not shown any reaction till then. Then she opened my pants and started sliding it down wards.

Within no time I was naked as the day I was born. Due to her caressing my cock was proudly sticking upward. She brought her face towards my cock, she was very close to my cock, and her warm breath was touching my cock, which made me move my cock up and down. She said, “Ravi your cock is very nice and big yaar, it is even bigger than your dad.”

Hearing this I was flying in the heaven. Do you know all men will like the praise of their cock from any woman. Mom started licking my cock; I was helpless lying on the bed. Mom was rotating her tongue over my cock. Moving back the foreskin and also playing with my balls. Even though I have masturbated 15 minute ago my cock was rock hard facing the sky.

Mom was in full flow licking my cock and drinking all my precum without wasting any drop of it. Then mom stopped sucking and looked at me and smiled. I also smiled at her without saying anything. Mom said, “Son you are really grown up. Your cock taste even better than your dads cock.” I asked mom, “How long is dads cock.”

Mom said, “It is small about 2 inch smaller than yours.” My smile becomes even wider. Then mom came towards my face and kissed me on my forehead again and then kissed on my lips within no time my lips locked in mom’s mouth. Both of our tongue started fighting with each other. Then mom lied on the bed taking me over her.

Our kissing continued mom was below me and in was above her. Them mom slowly removed my face way and said, “Son undress me quickly.” My hands were trembling due to excitement and fear. Sensing my position she took my hand and kept on the blouse hook and said, “Open it.” I obeyed as mom said and unhooked her blouse, then 4 hook of her blouse were freed.

On that particular day she was not wearing the bra. Her big melon were free and inviting me to eat them. I slowly touched the boobs and encircled the melons slowly I touched the nipple of the right breast and squeeze between the thumb and index finger. Similarly I did with the left boobs. Then I grabbed both the boobs with both hand and started squeezing it.

Mom started making sweet noise, the noise made me hornier and I started squeezing more hardly. I bent down further and touched the nipple with tongue tip. An electric current ran through my body. Mom said, “What happened.” I said, “Nothing. This is my first time mom.” Mom said, “Relax, take your time, do it slowly son. I will teach you how to make woman enjoy sex with your cock.

I will make you master in this act. When your wife comes she will be enjoying every bit of it.” Her breasts were bigger than I had thought and they drooped a bit. Her nipples are almost black in color. I went to her and cupped her breasts and then kneaded the nipples. All the while my mother was moaning and taking my name and calling me her husband.

It was a great feeling for me to be called by my mother as her husband. I started sucking the nipple like a child who drinks milk from his mom. I was sucking one nipple and pressing and squeezing the other one. After 10 minute I slowly came down to the tummy and kissed it. Then I didn’t know what to do? Mom lifted her face and saw my blank face, said, “What happened Ravi.”

I said “Nothing mom, I don’t know what to do further?” Although I had read in books about sex but I wanted mom to take the lead. Mom said, “Ravi, open the petticoat and make me naked. Then I will show what to do?” I obeyed mom and opened the knot of the petticoat and removed it down ward. Mom gracefully lifted her buttocks to facilitate my move. Mom was not wearing the panty also.

The hairy pussy was visible; I really froze seeing at it. This was the first time I was seeing a pussy live. I had seen it only in porn books. Her pussy was much lovelier than those in books. There sitting before me was the hole from where I was born. The hole my dad had fucked since long. Then mom understood that I had become nervous, she sat on the bed and told me to lie down.

I lay on the bed, mom freed the remaining dress and became complete naked and stood on the bed with pussy facing my side. She lifted her body and placed her ass on my chest. Then she widened her legs so that her one leg was on my left side and other on my right side. Her pussy was positioned exactly over my face.

She sat on my face and told me to lick her pussy. Dear friends I am really telling what a scene it was as I don’t have the words to explain. I licked the hairy pussy. Her pussy smelled of urine. The smell was intoxicating for me. I wanted to get inside it. Some white liquid was oozing out. It was shivering as if asking me to enter in.

I think she had not shaved for last 3-4 months. I opened my mouth and started licking the pussy. After some time some juice started flowing from her pussy. The smell of the love juice was making me horny; I started drinking all the juice flowing from the cunt. I could stay all night drinking the love juice from my mom’s cunt.

I slowly raised my both hand to support my mom hips. She was moving forward and backward as if she was fucking with my tongue. Then I raised hand still further and grabbed her both melons and started squeezing it and mean time I was sucking and licking her cunt. The big mirror in bed room showed the full image of us.

Them after 15 minutes of licking she stood up went little back and set in the position that my tool could easily enter her pussy. She took some saliva from her mouth and applied on the cock, her pussy was wet enough as I was licking for more than 15 minute. She positioned her pussy over my erect cock and lowered her cunt on my cock.

And she sat slowly on my cock and guided my cock towards her hole it slowly entered the pussy. Her pussy was very tight. She kept both her hands on my chest and started slowly pumping on my cock, as she did this I was flying in heaven with pleasure. She also enjoyed every bit of it. I took my hand and kept on her boobs and stated squeezing it and also pressing.

She was making some kind of sweet sexy noises ha.. ha.. iss iss iss. As I had already masturbated in the wash room my cock was rock hard. After 10 minutes of pumping she said, “Ravi you come up I will lie down as I am tired.” She got down and we changed our position. She lay on the bed and I came over her.

I positioned myself between her thighs and went down on her. She took my cock and guided in to her pussy. First attempt it missed and burrowed between her hairy thighs. She sighed and then took my cock in her hands and positioned it to her cuntal entrance. I could not wait any longer I pushed completely and I went in about half.

Mother was screaming “Slowly, it is many days since your father fucked me, go slow, I need to become wet. Spit in my cunt and then you can fuck”. I pulled out and then bent down and collected a lot of saliva in mouth and as she spread her legs I spat into her cunt. Then I went down on her again and this I was able to position myself on my own and pushed.

As I entered her I felt like my cock was on fire. 2-3 times my cock came out of her pussy. Mother’s cunt muscles were grinding against my cock and all the while mom was feeling the pain. She was weeping with pain but when I asked her if I should stop, she said “NO this is heavenly pain. My body will accept you as my lover; I have in my heart accepted you”.

I felt for her love and just hung there. She suddenly gathered up all her strength and pushed up her hips. Now I sank in completely up to my balls. She urged me to fuck her by moving back and forth. I could not hold any longer and I started fucking her taking long and slow strokes. I slowly started pumping my hip as this was my first real pussy show.

She was all the while moaning and I suddenly realised that she was no longer in pain. I started fucking her faster. I didn’t know suddenly I started blabbering “My dear mother, my love, I want to make you pregnant. I want to have a girl from you. I want to make you my wife”. Mother started moaning “I am all yours my son, take me and fuck me, I am not having any protection.

We will think of that later but now I am all yours to fuck me. I will sure give you a baby but not now.” Then I gained confidence I increased my speed, she was enjoying every bit of it. She was saying, “Come on son that’s good, fuck me tear my pussy. I like you speed son come on.” Hearing these encouraging words I increased my speed which by then had become almost double to my earlier speed. I kept on pumping my mom’s pussy.

Then after 5 minute mom said “Son, your mom is reaching the climax come on increase you speed.” Then I started fucking harder. And the harder I fucked more the juice started coming out from the cunt and the entire bedroom was echoeing with fucking noise. Mom reached her climax and I was also nearing to explode my load of sperm. Mom said, “Son I want to drink you cum, if you are to cum, come in my mouth.”

I removed the tool from the pussy and came near to her face and guided my cock in to her mouth, she sucked it and started shaking it front and back vigorously within no time I exploded in to her mouth. She drank all my cum not wasting a single drop of it. Then I lay aside of her. She came near me and hugged me and said, “Son you are very strong, you can satisfy any women as you have more stamina than your dad.”

She kissed me on my forehead and went to wash room with out wearing any cloth. I also cleaned my tool and slept on the bed naked. After 5 minute she came to the bed room properly arranged the bed sheet and slept next to me with out wearing any cloth. I hugged her and slept.

As next day was holiday we both got up at 11.00 am in the morning. We both entered the bath room and had bath together. I fucked her 3 more times that day and had more fucking session on standing position in doggie style.

After that every day we had fucking session in different style till my dad arrived from the native place. She had mastered me in the fucking art. If you like the story, post your comments below.

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Sex with Savi aunty

When my mother told me to go to the railway station and receive my aunt, Savithri, I was dismayed. She was widowed recently and after her tragedy I was meeting her for the first time. Savithri aunty spent her early childhood in our house. She was only 2 years elder to me.

But she exerted lot of authority on me as an elder sister and took the responsibility of bathing me, dressing me, and giving me food etc., since my parents were working they went away early. Savi aunty took me to the school with great care and brought me back. As soon as she was graduated, my parents got her married to a gulf employee.

But unfortunately her husband died in a car accident, she had to return home with her bag and baggage. Her in laws asked her to reach their home first and they took all the articles belonging to their son and allowed Savi aunty to go home only with her clothes and belongings. My mother made an upstairs room ready for her. There used to be lot of junk in that room.

They were all cleared and cleaned up and furnished with a double bed and table new curtains etc. When I saw her she was keeping a very sorrow face. I had no words to console her. I carried her luggage and took them to the car. She came with me and sat in the front seat. She just asked me how are my studies. just a formal question to break the ice.

By nature she was very jolly and jovial and her sad and sorrowful face pained me. I did not ask her anything but just drove the car and reached home. I know there will be some crying scene which cannot be avoided.

My amma embraced her and took her to her room and told her not to carry the burden of grief always, but to come to the kitchen and help her, and pursue her studies in comp. science so that she can pursue a professional career. Savi aunty nodded her in agreement. I carried her luggage to her room in the stair room. I told her I will be down in my room and anytime any help is needed to contact me.

Savi aunty quickly became normal and took over the domestic duties. Since my father and mother were both working they went away at 9 am. I went to my college in the morning in my bike and came back home by noon for lunch and went back again. Savi aunty asked me to stay back so that we may talk. She told me that her in laws have taken away all the belongings of her husband.

She had a camera with a lot of photos. She just wanted the photos of her late husband to be uploaded in the laptop so that she may look at them. I told her I will certainly do it. Since I am going away to the college, she asked me to leave my laptop with her so that she may check some mails and send some mails to her friends. Ok, I took my laptop and left it in her room.

I returned from college in the evening and she was there in the kitchen to give me snacks and tea. She was talking seriously about the colleges where she can pursue her studies in computer science. I forgot for a moment that there are several blue films stored in the hard disc. I went away to the college and came back home for lunch.

I parked my bike and came inside the house, Savi aunty looked at me at a strange look. She served food for both of us and quite unusually she kept quiet. I finished my food and sat in the sofa for a whle. Savi aunty came after clearing the plates and sat near me and looked me and asked ' since how long you have taken this hobby?' I asked her what hobby.

She said ''the hobby of collection of blue films" "Oh my god, I am sorry I forgot to tell you or lock that portion from public viewing.See aunty, we youngsters are all interested in viewing blue films, We all collect and distribute through pendrive. It is natureal. Please dont blame me." Aunty said"No no I am not blaming you. It took away lot of my time". I returned by evening.

After supper I asked aunty whether I can have the laptop back so that I will do some work on it' She asked me mischivously " do you have any new item to load" While returning the laptop she told me in my ears not to delete anything since she wanted to see all of them. I said ok. In night at 1 am there was a mild knock on my door. I opened the door. Savi aunty was there.

She said she had couple of DVDs which she wanted me to load along with my stock. She came inside my room and lied in my bed with outstretched legs. Shewas wearing a night dress. I closed the door so that our talk may not be heard by anybody. I came near her and sat on the bed and looked at her and asked what is the matter.

But she raised her hand and pulled me down on her and embraced me I just kissed her on her cheeks. But she wanted me to kiss her on her lips. I sucked her lower lip and her ample books were pressing against my chest. I put my hand on them and pressed them one by one. I unbuttoned her night dress. She had only bra and panty on her.

I unhooked the bra and buried my face into the beautiful breasts she was blessed with. My right hand went to her pussy. I was clean shaven without any strand or stub of hair. Her hand went in search of my cock. She had seen it in the younger days. Now it stood a magestic 7 inches. I removed my pyjama and we both were totaly nude. "Aunty it is ok to go ahead."

She said dont worry go ahead, I am on safe period now. Widely opening her legs she asked me get on her to a missionary position She guided my cock into her fuck hole. Mine was a bigger tool than the one she was accustomed to and hence it took some time and difficulty to get a passage. Her cunt was oozing with fluids.

Her vaginal muscles were pressing against my cock and it gave me a divine feeling. I went on sucking her boobs and let my cock remain idle in the cunt. Stating pumpiing in slow pace, I increased the speed gradually and Savi anti was enjoying it immensely. Suddenly I pulled out of her and buried my face into her cunt and sucked her tiny clitoris.

She was on the zenith of pleasure. I again continued the fuck and culminating within five minutes. There was all fluids all over. We went to the bath room and cleaned our parts of the body. I told savi aunty to go back to her room since my mother may come any time to start the kitchen work.

There after we kept our sexual encounters to day time to be on the safe side. But Savi took her studies seriusly and in the campus interview she was selected to go abroad. With that our sex came to a stop.

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Latha having sex with foster parents

Hi, I am Latha Devi 27yrs old, happily married, one daughter and residing in Bangalore. My husband works in Dubai. At this moment, I am on my way to Railway Station to receive my foster parents who are my uncle (father’s brother) and aunt (his wife). While in taxi, my past life was flying before me like a flashback reel. Now I am going to share the story with your readers.

My foster parents are coming to stay with me until my hubby comes back from Dubai. In fact, my hubby requested them to come to Bangalore. They had brought me up as my own parents since my biological parents had expired in a train accident when I was barely 10 years old. My bonding with uncle and aunt is beyond parenting only.

The story that I am about to narrate is true. It all started when I was 19 years old. My uncle was childless and took good care of my requirements and me. I used to have an album with some very hardcore picture under my bed, which I relished at night without any body’s knowledge. Recently I learnt the joy of finger fucking from my friend.

I used to masturbate in the bathroom before bath but it was very tiresome, as I could not reach orgasm. On the fateful day, I was following the same routine. But as usual, this practice made me tired and I stopped it after 10 or 12 minutes. After bath, I covered myself in towel, which hid my body from boobs to my knees.

As I came out of bathroom, I saw my aunt sitting on my bed and reading the adult (sexy) magazine that I left there. She turned towards me and watched me in towel she smiled, closed the book and stood up. Her face was red and her breathing heavy due to excitement as such. She kept gazing at me, which made me upset.

I asked her with smiling face, “Why are you looking at me like that.” Then added, “What have I done.” she replied, “You read such types of book. If your uncle gets to know it do you know what will happen?” I replied, “Then do not tell him he will never know.” Then I gave her a tight hug to impress her pressing my boobs with her boobs. That touch was exquisite.

At this, she broke her smile and held me, still watching my body, she said, “Latha, I never thought you will become so beautiful with such a hot body. Today I feel sorry for being a female, had I been a male I would have devoured you until now. Related or not related. By God, you are damn sexy and hot. Do not fear I will not tell your uncle. But I want to see you full nude now.”

Completing her comments, she touched my neck and kept massaging it. I just blushed at her comments, as I never heard before such comments about myself from her. I was even unable to say or ask any thing in response of her comments. She understood my mental position. Came near me and caught me in her arms, pressed me against her body and said, “Do not feel shy from my comments.

It is true I swear. Now tell me, what you know about sex? I see you have a nice collection of adult magazines. Have you ever had the opportunity of sex?” It was another shock for me; I shook my head in a no and did not reply. At this, she laughed and kissed at my right cheek, then said, “What is the use of having such books but never experiencing sex? That’s strange.”

This time my head responded in positive. She kissed my left cheek and said with a hitting smile, “Why are you nodding your head? Reply in words. Have you seen any male nude?” At this, I made myself a little brave, as the initial wave of shock had already passed. I replied, “Aunty please stop asking such questions, it is very embarrassing to me.

I have not seen anybody nude whether male or female.” I was gazing the floor in shame. Hearing this, she tried to watch deep in my eyes for a few moments, then once again asked sex related question, “There is nothing to be embarrassed dear. It is an unpleasant fact. Every woman has to go through it. Just answer my questions now.”

Then she brought me near my bed and sat me down there. She sat beside me and put her arms around my breasts and back. She said the, “After seeing these books and pictures have you not desired to have sex? Don’t you ever desire to be touched very sensuously on every part of your body? Somebody holds you in his arms and crushes you or kisses you and have sex with you?

Do you get wet down there seeing these pictures? Do you get erection in your nipples?” She was whispering in my ears, and her word was making me hot and curious. Suddenly she bit me on my earlobes and squeezed my breasts. It sent a wave of electric current through my spines. I tried to become brave and thought that if she could talk in this way why could not I.

Therefore, I replied without any shyness, “Yes, whenever I see, someone looking at my big boobs my nipples get erected. When I see someone urinating in public place, I get curious to see his penis. I get excited even when I see a bull fucking a cow. I get wet down there in my hole and my panty gets soggy and needs to be changed frequently. I want that someone kisses me, holds me and fucks me.”

I noted that my words had a pleasant effect on her as I had used the word fuck before her the first time. Different shades of color came and scooted away from her face. She looked excited, pressed me against her body and said, “Oh my God then what stopped you from going that far?”

I just ignored her question because I did not want at that moment to tell her about my relations with Anita my best friend. Instead of replying to her question, I asked counter question of her, “Why do not you initiate me into sex?” She smiled and replied without any hesitation, “Give yourself to me and enjoy the best moments of your life.”

Saying this she caught me in her arms and took me up and then sat me in her lap. Before, I could react to her act; she continued what she left in middle, “I have a lot of experience in fucking that’s what you wanted to hear in local language.” I kept watching in her eyes for a while and then decided that I will also tell her the truth of my life.

Therefore, I also said without any shyness or hesitation, “If you are kind enough to guide me into world of fucking I will co operate with you.” I felt that she became overjoyed to hear about my open invitation. But she continued her inquiry, I was sitting in her lap, she said, “Have you tried anything with a girl?” I replied in negative. She replied again, “Do you want to do it?”

I said, “I have fantasized many a times and have a knowledge that few of my college friends are actively into it.” She kissed my cheek and offered me, “I offer my help to my niece and to take her to ultimate ride of her life.” I was amazed to hear this from her. But it also gave me a lot of inner pleasure because I thought at so many moments of doing it, especially whenever I heard or watched about lesbian from my friends.

So I watched in her eyes and smiled. Instead replying in words I kissed her lips for a while and then removed my lips from hers and kept watching deep in her eyes. This was first time I was kissing anyone in a sexy manner and that to a female. Her lips melted in my mouth.

It proved a green signal for her, and the moment I removed my lips, she squeezed me in her arms and started kissing my lips very passionately. I warmly welcomed her by responding with same kissing. We were kissing each other on lips. Her hands were around my back while mine were at her ass cheeks, which I squeezed in excitement. I began running my fingers on her ass crack.

She began sucking my lips in. Her tongue invaded my mouth and brushed with my tongue. I was feeling dizzy. After few minutes, we broke our kiss. She laid me down on the bed, pulled towel from my body and made me fully naked from top to bottom. I tried to cover my nakedness with my hands but she removed that also. She was sitting beside me and was watching at my nude body.

Her one hand was in her own lap while with her another hand she was pressing my boobs. She asked me, “Do you know what its name is?” I replies, “It is called chuchi in hindi and boobs in English. The pussy hole is called boor or choot in Hindi and cunt in English.”

She again asked, “Do you know that there are two holes in your cunt or vagina? One is for urination and other is for child birth.” She said in very sexy voice, “Uufff God has provided you a damn sexy body to die for. You have boobs that can make people kill each other any time. The nipples are pointed like missiles. Your waistline amazingly tapers to hips.

Your pussy very pink and inviting is so beautifully covered with hairs. Let me suck your lovely boobs.” Saying this she came over me. Her face was above my boobs and then she started licking the nipple one by one with her hot and wet tongue. She began sucking my nipples. This gave me immense pleasure and I felt myself flying in the air. I caught her head to stop from flying away.

I kept my both hands at her head and pressed her mouth against my boobs. She was now sucking my one nipple while pressing the other with her hand. I said in hot and erotic tone, “Oh God! I like it, suck me aunt, bite my nipples and make teeth marks on them. The nipple is so sensitive. Take entire breast in your mouth.”

Hearing this she became more aggressive and started biting at my nipples and pressing my other boob harder. It just got out of control and I pressed her head more strongly against my breasts. She sucked in my nipples along with areola. The nipple became red due to sucking.

After a while, she changed her position and now she was sucking nipple of my other boob while pressing that one which was earlier in her mouth. I pressed her head so hard that she began gasping for air. She continued this for few minutes, then stood up on her knees with her legs to my side of my belly and removed her blouse and bra.

Then she also removed her saree and petticoat and became completely nude. I was watching her nude for the first time. She put her hands on either side of my head and came on four above me. Her boobs were hanging down. Then she crawled ahead and brought her boobs above my face, and said, “Look at my body. Say how you like it. Eat it, suck it or lick it. Do whatever you desire now. Make it red with your lips.”

Her breasts were white with brownish nipples and areola. Her nipples were erect due to excitement and a green vein running through the left breast made it more beautiful. The waist was little plump but she had maintained her figure. Between her shapely legs were her gate to heaven covered sparsely with trimmed pubic hairs. Her clit was shining like cherry on a plum cake.

Sensing my opportunity, I pulled one nipple in my mouth and started sucking her, while her other melon was being squeezed by my hand and she was enjoying it. She was moaning in low voice and I was relishing the taste of her soft nipples one by one. She was looking like a big mango tree with two ripe mangoes.

We remained in this position for a while, and then she got up and turned around. Now we were in 69 positions. I was lying so as her pussy hole was above my face and her face was above my vagina hole. She said, “Now you play with my pussy while I frig your.” I become too hot. She saw the lust in my eyes and said, “I will give you the joy of heaven that you never had in your life time”.

We began fingering each other inserting one finger in each other’s pussy. I kissed her vaginal lips. She spread her legs and I rubbed her pussy. Aunty lay on my body so I kissed her pussy hole. I spread her hole to lick it. Her wet juice was oozing out like fountain. I never knew that females get so wet. I began lapping up the juice relishing the taste.

If it were giving such pleasure to me what would be the fate of my uncle or say any other male. Her sparse pubic hairs were tickling my nose. Lying in the same position, she rubbed my pussy and then inserted her tongue in the hole. I jerked my body up almost throwing her off balance. She giggled at my action. The she held my waist just above my ass to keep herself in place.

She slowly inserted her middle figure in my ass hole and began scratching. I got scared that she might hurt me. She laughed and said, “Do not be afraid. It will not hurt you. Enjoy the experience.” I was relieved and now wanted her to continue. She was licking my pussy hole like a cat and fingering my ass hole at the same time. My pussy began oozing love juice and that also for my aunt.

Her hand got full of my flowing juice. She went on licking it. I was just imitating her actions on her we did not have hesitation to do all these. And we continued the same thing. She was sucking my pussy while I was doing the same thing with her pussy. I had turned into a lesbian lover. It took both of us at the extreme of pleasure.

I could feel the orgasm building in me that to by her ministration only. After about five minutes, we both ejaculated our hot juices in each other’s mouth. Her juice was very tasty and I drank it fully. It was my first lesbian treat. Now we both were lying side by side. Our eyes were closed when she turned towards me and said, “How was it?” I replied, “Awesome.”

I passed away after that wonderful experience without bothering to wear any dress. I do not know how long I slept. When I woke up it was 4.00 pm. She was in the kitchen preparing dinner for uncle who was due any moment. I came out of her room and opened the windows. I covered my body with single towel and entered in to kitchen.

I surprised to see her there in nude and preparing dinner. She saw me coming and said. “Nothing to shy, remove all your clothes” and by saying it she removed my towel and hugged me tight. My arms encircled her waist reaching her ass. She held my hand, placed it on her ass, and asked me to massage. She kissed me on my lips. Both of ours nipples is grinding.

She switched on the Music System and some music was playing. It was very romantic for me. I followed her like a calf following a cow. Only moonlight rays were coming from the windows and her naked body shone like Taj Mahal. I hugged her from backside catching her boobs with my both hands and started to press them. She loved it.

She just pushed her ass back to meet my pussy. I grinded my pussy to her ass forcibly. At the same time, I slowly pushed my right hand downwards and inserted my finger in her pussy hole. It was already wet. My finger got wet with her juices. I began stroking my fingers in her pussy making fushhh fusshh sound.

I brought my wet fingers to my mouth and licked it. It tasted different. My other hand reached to her boobs and slowly started to press it. Her nipples became erect. I held her erect nipples between my finger and thumb and twisted it. She did not say anything as she was also enjoying it. Meanwhile she was pressing her ass on my crotch.

I asked, “Dear aunt want to fuck?” she said, “Yes.” The prey had become predator. I wanted more of it. I asked, “What if uncle comes?” She laughed, “We will give the same forbidden fruit to taste, and then he won’t complain. Where will he get a virgin cunt with unripe boobs at this age? Let your uncle take your virginity.”

I was shocked to hear this, as I was not prepared. It means she wanted me for her husband, my uncle whom I respected as my father. In sudden anger, I released her boobs and my hands simply came down hitting her belly and vaginal area. She held my hand and planted it on her pussy. Suddenly I thought what is wrong in it. The life is to enjoy so enjoy it.

I went down on my knees on her backside and spread her ass cheeks. I wanted to lick it. I inserted my tongue in the ass hole and began rimming it. Finding it more exciting, I held her ass cheeks a little wide and inserted my nipple in it. She also got into the game and began yelling, “I am getting pain use some lubrication. Mmmmmm.”

Saying so she took her vaginal wetness in her hand applied it on my nipple and stood before me with her ass cheeks apart. This went on for 15 minute suddenly we realized that it is time for uncle to be home. We disengaged quickly and rushed to get dressed. I went to bathroom nude and called her too. She came and hugged me from back rubbing her boobs to my back.

She said, “We will do it daily from today. I cannot live without you. “I held her hand and placed it on my pussy and said, “This is your property now and you can use anytime and anywhere.” She said, “I want it clean from hairs. Allow me to shave it for you even your uncle will like it,” I felt shy but nodded my head in affirmation. She took out shaving foam and applied on my pussy lips.

The cold foam worked magic on me. I began moaning like a bitch and spread my legs for her. She worked up lather with brush. Then she took safety razor and slowly began shaving my pubic hairs. Her strokes were so sexy and sensuous that I could barely open my eyes. To prevent myself from falling I caught hold of her naked boobs.

She completed the job in a moment and my vagina was shining like marble floor. I myself fell in love with my clean cunt. I kissed her for her wonderful job. She hugged me and pulled me along with her to the shower. We took shower together like a romantic couple. She rubbed soap on my boobs and pussy and I rubbed the same for her. Once again, I enjoyed then.

My pussy had remained wet since morning. I was getting the best treatment since my birth. She toweled me dry and I dried her up rubbing our boobs together. She used hair dryer to blow dry my pubic hairs. After shower, I gave my lacy panty and bra to her as a memory gift. After much persuasion, she wore and looked like angel without wings.

We got fully dressed and then we heard the doorbell ring. My uncle had come. I hugged him with a new energy, which surprised him a little. He had brought some sweets for us. I was also feeling very shy like a newly wed bride. Aunt could understand the reason behind my childish excitement. Whenever our eyes met, she gave out a secret smile.

After every second, I let out a sigh, which was surprising my uncle. We had a nice dinner that night, and watched a little TV, and then Mommy and uncle said good night. My aunt said, “Go in your room, while I convince your uncle and make him ready for this. You come after 15 mins.” With my heart beating fast in my chest, I went to my room to change.

I stripped down to my panties, and slipped on a long t-shirt. After 15 mins, I went to their door. I stood outside for a long time, too nervous to move. Finally, I took a deep breath, held it, and gave a timid knock. From behind the door, I heard aunt say, “Come in.” I opened the door, and saw them in bed, wrapped in each other’s arms under the sheets.

They pulled apart, and uncle patted the space between them. “Come on my rava idli,” he said with a gleam in his eye, “It’s nice and cozy in here.” I crawled up on their bed, and as uncle pulled open the sheet for me, I could see they were both naked. His black cock was having tremors. My panties were already wet.

Uncle kissed me on the cheek, “Aunt tells me you want to experience sex with us and prepare yourself for marriage. I know it’s hard, but I think you made the right decision to hit it off with us.” Aunt spooned me from behind, running her fingers through my long black hair. “Yes. Uncle and I do not want that your first experience of sex after marriage to turn you away from sex.

We want you to know that it can be as wonderful as you have dreamed about. Probably even better!” I was surprised to hear this. My aunt had told him an entire different side of story. Anyway, I was eager to have hardcore sex no matter what the reasons she put forward to uncle. She pushed my hair to one side, exposing my neck, and began to run little kisses down its length.

Goosebumps rose on my flesh. “Show me,” I whispered, “I want you and uncle to show me before I get enough courage to perform with you as I am slightly nervous now.” I turned into my aunt’s embrace. She pulled my face to hers, and kissed me deeply. Her lips were softer than anything I had ever felt before even better than the way she kissed me in the evening.

Our tongues played between us teasing, wet and hot. As uncle cuddled into me from behind, I felt his hand slip under my shirt, cupping a breast. His large masculine hand roamed over my tit-flesh, making me moan with pleasure into my aunt’s mouth. My slit quivered as uncle’s hard cock rubbed into my leg. Aunt pushed the sheet down, exposing our bodies. “Let’s get your clothes off.”

She pulled the t-shirt over my head. As we resumed making out, I felt uncle’s warm breath over my naked tit. His tongue began to lick around the stiff nipple, and I turned my body a little to give him better access. He sucked at one nipple, and then the other, taking his time as he explored my young body with his hands. Aunt bent down, and joined uncle on my boobs.

Then she met him in a long kiss. “Uncle’s going to suck your pussy, aren’t you uncle? See she has shaved it today for you only.” Oh, she had my pubic hairs removed for her hubby’s interest. He answered with a smile, and kissed his way down my slim tummy, tonguing at my navel. I lifted my butt off the mattress, to help him as he pulled down my panties.

As aunt sucked on my nipples, I spread my legs wide for uncle. He pushed his finger into my wet slit, finger fucking me slowly. When his tongue made contact with my clit, I almost came right there! I prop my bare feet on his shoulders as he ran his lips over my pussy. He gently sucked my love-bud into his mouth, fluttering his expert tongue over the sensitive pink skin.

I cradled my aunt’s head, bringing her to my lips for another kiss. I whispered, “I want to do this to you. I want to taste your pussy, aunt.” As uncle continued to eat me out, aunt straddled my face. I kissed the supple flesh of her white thighs, the skin slightly salty from sweat. She positioned her trim snatch inches from my mouth.

The heady aroma, coupled with my uncle’s oral manipulations, made my insides burn with desire. I had never smelled another girl’s sex before that day, and I found my aunt’s scent clean and tart. Her vulva was a moist dark pink, with soft trimmed hair caressing the outer lips. I began to run my tongue up and down her weeping gash, trying to copy what uncle was doing to me below.

She rocked her hips, screwing her cunt into my face. Her juices ran over my tongue and down my chin. My lips found her clit, drawing it into my mouth as my tongue swirled around the tiny expose head. Aunt held the back of my head with her hand, moaning, calling me a good girl. Uncle’s tongue was coaxing me towards the edge of an amazing climax.

He had his oral muscle buried deep into my hole, using the back of his tongue to rub at my humming sex-button. When his finger found the rim of my butt hole, exploring the wrinkled flesh, I released a guttural moan into my aunt’s pussy. I began to cum. Wave after wave of orgasm washed through my body. Aunt started to cum as well.

She joined me as I wailed in delight, the two of us a chorus of ravished squealing. My aunt dismounted my face, and kissed me, licking at my lips to taste her own juice. Uncle’s head popped up from between my legs, his chin shiny with my cum. He kneeled on the bed, his magnificent cock curving toward the ceiling.

Aunt reached out her hand, and circled her fingers around the thick shaft. She slowly stroked his meat, making uncle’s eyes roll back in his head with pleasure. Aunt curled a finger at me, beckoning me over. She said, “Will you not touch the tower of pleasure?” I crawled to them, my eyes glued to my uncle’s beautiful erect penis. Aunt took my hand and placed it on his hard dick.

My fingers caressed at the velvet skin of his erection, the throbbing head glistening with dewdrops of seminal fluid. I explored the firm surface at my leisure, enjoying the simple pleasure of the satin skin gliding under my touch. I marveled at the fact I finally had my uncle’s cock between my fingers. “Have you had a man’s cock in your mouth?” aunt asked.

I shook my head in negative. “Then watch me,” she said. As I held the base, she bent down, and began to run her tongue in small circles around the swollen, purple head. Her lips parted, forming a seductive O, and then she eased her mouth over my uncle’s rod. Her lips met my fingers at the bottom, the entire length of his meat buried deep down her throat.

She began to bob her head in a sensual motion, slurping his shaft in and out of her pretty face. Then slowly, almost reluctantly, she let his cock slide out from her lips. “Now you try,” she whispered. I lowered my head to uncle’s big dick. I stuck my tongue out, and started to lick all over the wet skin.

He moaned softly, boosting my confidence, so I opened my mouth and sucked him inside. His cock tasted warm and salty, delicious. I did what my aunt had done, nodding my head into his lap, this tool pushing at the back of my throat. Uncle cupped my head in his strong hands, guiding me. I could hear them kissing as I gave uncle head, both of them cooing with our incestuous love-play.

“Make uncle cum, rasgulla. Uncle wants to cum in your mouth.” My uncle called out. I increased the tempo, sucking loudly at his engorged crown. My tongue flew over his shaft, as saliva and pre-cum drooled past my chin. My pussy was shuddering at what I was doing – giving a sloppy, wet blowjob to my own uncle!

My hand stole between my legs, masturbating my aching cunt as I sucked his meat. His hips began to buck, and I knew he was close to coming. Aunt joined me in uncle’s lap, drawing one of his fuzzy balls into her mouth. Finally, my efforts were rewarded. Uncle let loose a howl, plunging his cock into my throat. I pulled my head back as strings of hot creamy semen began to jet onto my tongue.

He pumped loads of his thick cream into my mouth, and I swallowed his seed with greedy hunger. His semen seeped out over my lips, and aunt was there to lap up what I had missed. The three of us collapsed on the bed, tangled in each other’s arms. We fell asleep all naked, our breathing deep and heavy. I awoke a little while later, eager to resume our family play.

While uncle was in slumber, I took his flaccid dick into my mouth, and began to suck it again. My hand found aunt’s hot pussy, and I finger-fucked her gently. The feeling of my uncle’s cock growing stiff on my tongue was amazing. I could not wait to have my tight hole stuffed. They stirred, slowly waking to their niece’s caresses.

“I think our baby wants to play some more, darling,” uncle said with a smile. I looked up to my uncle, “I want to fuck you uncle. I want your hard cock in my pussy.” I sucked him back in my mouth, bringing him fully to erection. Aunt’s fingers found my pink girlie-hole, and slipped into the wet slit, teasing the puffy outer lips. I rocked my hips into her hand as she masturbated my hole.

Since uncle was hard, I rolled him onto his back. Then I climbed on top of him, feeling his dickhead brushing at my ready opening. Aunt took hold of his cock, keeping it steady as I lowered myself down on his length. My pussy slowly stretched open as it swallowed my uncle’s penis into its folds. My hymen stopped it from going further and I felt an excreting pain in my cunt.

I yelled, “Stop, it is paining. I can’t do it now” Before I could react further uncle pushed his butt forward bursting my hymen in one go. My insides were stuffed with his huge girth as I descended all the way into his lap. It felt so good with his dick buried in me to the hilt that forgot the pain I felt seconds ago. I felt I was seconds away from coming already!

I slowly began to fuck him. Rolling my pelvis up and down, his shaft stroked at the sensitive walls of my cunt. I could feel my pussy tighten around his meat, squeezing it as it slid in and out of my honey-hole. I leaned down and pushed my tongue into uncle’s mouth. Aunt’s hands stroked the soft flesh of my ass from behind. Then she spread my cheeks, and was pleasantly surprised.

I felt her hot breath on my anus seconds before she slipped her tongue into my asshole. She was paying me back in the same coins what I had done earlier. She rimmed my bung as I steadily fucked my uncle. My body tensed up as an orgasm shot through me, and a few seconds later, another. I screamed, “Oh yes fuck me uncle, use your cock to tear my cunt hole.

Make me your slave. Aunt lick my anus insert your tongue in it. It is feeling very nice. I am being fucked from both sides.” As I increased the speed, at which I rode uncle’s cock, aunt made other plans for my virgin asshole. She oiled up a cucumber fished out of the vegetable basket. Keeping pace with my frantic bucking, she managed to squeeze the fake phallus into my winking rosebud.

She fucked my ass from behind, occasionally pulling out to bend over and run her tongue around the ring of my freshly penetrated anus. My small tits bounced as I fucked myself into uncle’s dick and aunt’s phallus with my long hair swaying. As another climax started to build, a big one, my uncle’s face bunched up. “I am coming, pumpkin! You’re making uncle cum!”

He arched his back, forcing his big cock deep inside my hole. His cock reached inside my womb. My pussy clenched down on his shaft. With a low groan, I could feel his hot cum splashing my womb, filling me with his plentiful family seed. Suddenly a huge orgasm sent spasms throughout my body. I shook in ecstatic convulsions, still riding on uncle’s shooting penis.

The three of us were sweaty and breathing hard, bushed. We came down from our high by cuddling, exchanging kisses, running our hands over each other’s naked bodies. We stayed in bed the entire weekend. We tried every position we could think of, every combination available to three loving people. Uncle fucked me in the ass.

Aunt and I fucked each other with fresh buttered cucumbers or carrots. We took showers together, and had sex in every room of the house. I am glad that aunt and uncle showed me what real sex was which helped me to enjoy with my husband. They showed me that sex could be the best thing Ever. For aunt, uncle, and me the fact that we were close relation only made it better.

Our relationship continued even after my marriage. Now how we are going to enjoy our renewed orgy, only time will tell and that will be another story for your readers. Now I have reached station and I can see my Foster parents waving at me so I am finishing the story here only.

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Minikumari fucking with her Dad

Hi This is Minikumari from Kerala.I like to tell about my sex experiance with my Dad. I was just passed out from school.I am a good figure in that age with a boob size 30. At that time ours is a small house with one bedroom and hall with kitchen. Bedroom was actually part of hall and it parted with a plywood. Door was not there and only a curtain was their as bedroom door.

Usually my parents will shift me to hall after I slept during childhood. Than at high school time I use to sleep at hall.From that age I have sex feelings and I started peeping my parents room at night. One day when mom was out Dad called me and he pulled me to his lap and I sat on dad lap.

He told me that he saw I am watching their sex activities during night.I told him “Dad sorry, please don’t tell this to Mom, she will scold me”. He agreed and replied “Ok, I will not tell this to her” Than he asked me “If you wanted to see that, no problem, but don’t open the curtain more” and offered that if I want he will show him nude. I was very much happy and told “yes dad”.

He told me “Ok, daughter you also should remove your dress, otherwise I will get shy”.And than he removed his dress one by one showing his dick hanging with 2 balls.He came to me and pulled my dress up. We are not wearing any underwear or bra at home.Dad hold me tightly and kissed me. I was shivering at that time. That was my first sexual feeling with a man.

Within minute his dick grown and came between my legs. Than down and licked my hairy pussy and made wet slutty daughter. I feel like something is moving inside my pussy holes. Than he stand up and told me to do all activities whatever my mom doing at night.I pulled down the foreskin of dad’s dick and masturbate. Than I put it to my mouth.

Dad was moving it in and out of my mouth.It becomes very harder. Than I told him “Dad, now you insert your dick to my poor(pussy) like you are playing with mom”. He replied that” I love you daughter, but we can’t do now, next time I will buy Nirod and will do that, today dad will teach all other sexual activities”. Than he pulled me to bed and pressed my boobs and chewed my little nipples.

He saw hair in my armpit and told ” mini, tomorrow you show your armpit hair to mom and ask her hair remover, she bought last week”.Than he came down and inserted his finger to my little pussy. I could’t control myself. I moaned..aaaaaaaaaaa aaamaaaaaaaa hoooooooooo, dad love u dad.

Dad don’t stop, dad please do it, inside dady..deep inside aaaaaaaa AAAAAAAAA Dad please fuck me dad, fuck your daughter, eat you daughter’s pussy….Than he came on me and parted my legs and kept his his dick against my pussy hole. I am fully wet and dripping. He pushed his dick slowly to my pussy hole ” Oooo my love, my daughter, I will do whatever you want” I cried loudly.

It was a big dick, but I controlled a lot as I am not a verjin. Dad told me ” OOO my daughter, with whom you did sex, in future don’t do it with others, except me”. I replied ” No dad, I am verjine, I putting finger and brinjal only,…AAAAAAAAAA dad slowlyy. I rounded my legs against his body and kissed him. He fucked me sometime.By the time we heard gate sound.

We are sure that mom came back from market. Immediately I took my dress and ran to bathroom and started bathing. Dad wear his dress and opened the door.After my bath I came out, dad secretly told me with grate efforts he kept his dick inside underwear and we will do next time.

Mom prepared tea and came to hall. I sat on dad’s lap and drank tea. His dick was pressing against my ass crack. He enjoyed that very much. Night I slept dreaming my next fuck with dad.

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Sasank making love to sister Arushi

Hi, This is Sasank. This is a true story. It’s about me and my elder cousin sister Arushi. This happened in Jan ’14 when she came over to my place. First of all let me tell you about myself, I am 24 years old, handsome, single, working in Delhi, where I live alone. Arushi is 29 years old, married for 2 years. She lives with her husband in Agra.

Arushi (I call her “Di”) is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that She is like an angel. She is 5′ 6”, very fair, has long black hair, brown eyes and a very curvaceous body.

We (me and Arushi) go way back. I was in class 8 when she came to live with us to pursue higher studies. Her hometown colleges didn’t offer the courses she was interested in. So She came to Meerut. We used to share a room. Slept on the same bed. Since She was 5 years older than me, I always treated her with respect. She too was very nice to me. We never fought.

We were like the best siblings. I never had any sexual thought about her till I was in 11th. I just loved her the way a brother loves her sister. It all started (as far as I remember) when one night we watched a horror film. I think it was Ring 2, and it was pretty intense. I got scared too. But she was very scared, like out her mind scared. Even today She has a very weak heart.

She can cry on the smallest thing. We were sleeping on the double bed and she came on my side of the bed and tightly spooned me. My heart skipped a beat. Then she asked me if I was scared too, I said, yeah a little. Though by this time the movie was out of my mind. And all I could think was that She’s holding me so tightly and it was a very nice feeling.

Then after 5 minutes or so, She asked me to face towards her. And we were very close. Her lips were a couple inches away from mine, and she had her arms around me. At that very moment, I felt this massive urge to kiss her on her lips. but I didn’t. I just kissed her on her forehead and said Good Night. I could still feel her heavy breath on my face.

After maybe half hour, She buried her face in my chest, we were hugging each other pretty tightly at this time. I could also feel her breasts. I was having an erection due to her body touching mine. But She was my sister and I loved her very much, thinking this I slept. This was the first time I felt something sexual towards my sister. I felt guilty.

Then in the morning as I was leaving for the school, I came to say Goodbye to her, as I did daily. But this morning, She didn’t even reply, she just stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek and smiled. She looked so beautiful, even in the mornings, even without any makeup. I couldn’t stop thinking about her even in the school.

Those days I used to be out of the house most of the time because of school and then tuition, and there were so many girls in my class and in my tuition whom I talked to, but none was as beautiful and nice as my Di was. Then days become very hectic, I was in 12th and preparing for some entrance exams and she was busy too, she was doing Masters.

Most of the time we used to spent together was during the night only. We used to fall asleep talking. I would tell her about my day and she would tell me about hers. Some nights when She has had a rough day, she would sleep holding my hand. Even that used to give me goosebumps. Some nights when I couldn’t sleep, I used to watch her sleep.

She would look so peaceful and serene and beautiful in that night light. I used to feel like that World is such a beautiful place. Those days I used to have very strong feelings for her, I guess I was in love with her. I also had sexual feelings for her. But those were to do with kissing her beautiful pink lips and holding her in my arms. I, never at that point, even thought of fucking her.

I could never hurt her. She was my angel. Then I went to college. She cried while bidding me Goodbye. I didn’t cry at that time but later I cried too. I missed her like hell. I used to think a lot about her. We only used to talk over phone. Then in a couple years, she got married.

Before a couple of days of her marriage, when the whole house was swarmed with relatives, and there was absolutely no room anywhere to just sit and talk with her. One night she asked me to come to the rooftop with her. There was no one there, just the two of us. And then She hugged me very tightly, she won’t let go, I think we were like that for maybe 2-3 minutes.

It was dark except for the moonlight. And then When I finally saw her, she had tears in her eyes. She told me she was very scared as it was an arranged marriage. I didn’t know what to say, so I just stood there holding her by her shoulders and kissed her on her forehead. Then when we were leaving, She turned and said, Thank you. I asked, for what, but she didn’t say anything.

I just wanted that she stays happy wherever she goes. After her marriage, we kind of lost touch. Phone calls were limited to occasions only. Then, this January, She came to Delhi to catch a flight to Mumbai. Her husband was already there on some company work and she had to go meet him there and then some. So she called me up to ask if I’d be willing to drop her to the airport.

I said yes. She came to my house in the afternoon and her flight was at 9pm. As soon as she came we began talking but it was all very formal. We had seen each other after a very long time. She complimented me saying that I had become more handsome. I didn’t returned the compliment.

But the truth is, in the Black Saree that she was wearing with a somewhat revealing blouse, She was looking more beautiful and sexy than ever. I could not take my eyes off her. All those past memories were coming to me. She had those beautiful pink lips. In saree her figure was more revealing. She had the perfect breasts, and the way she carried herself.

For once I just wanted to let go off my restraints and just kiss her on her lips. But I did not want to mess our relationship, so I did not. I still loved her a lot. She was lying there on the couch,asking me about my life. I was just looking at her. Then she cooked me lunch. We ate together. It was all going very nice. I didn’t want her to go. But time passed by, it was time to leave.

I drove her to the airport. But due to weather conditions her flight was indefinitely delayed. She talked to her husband and she cancelled the trip to Mumbai. She asked me if it was okay if she stayed at my place. The way she asked it, irritated me and I kind of blurted out at her saying that Di sometimes you behave like I’m some stranger.

Then maybe she realized and she said she was sorry. It was just that you were already doing so much for me. Then we came back home. I live in a 1BHK flat. We reached home at about 11pm. It was very cold that day. She said she was tired and wanted to sleep. I asked her to sleep on the bed and I would take the couch. She changed into her night dress.

She was wearing a pajama and a black color V-shaped sweater. Her long hair were untied and a little out of place. She was looking both tired and beautiful. Her eyes had that serene look. She said goodbye and went into the room. I had two quilts, one I gave to her and one I kept for myself. I tried to sleep for some time but couldn’t. Then I went to check up upon her.

She was sleeping but shivering due to the cold. It was very cold that night. I couldn’t help but cover her with mine quilt too. But then I couldn’t sleep due to the cold, so I started drinking some Vodka. It helped a little. I was already down with 6-7 pegs when Arushi got up. She asked me Why am I not sleeping and Why did I give her my quilt? I said I didn’t need it and I was fine without it.

But she kept looking at me. Then I said because you were shivering. She had disbelief on her face. She went inside and bought one of the quilts and covered me with it. Then she put her hand on my face and said that I was very cold. To give me warmth she also came inside the blanket and took my hands into hers. We were cuddling. It felt nice. But neither of us was speaking. It was an awkward silence.

‘Even my husband doesn’t care about me this much’, she said, adding, ‘Why do you care so much?’ Maybe because I was a little drunk or so but I gathered the courage to say because I love you very much. She was not surprised at all and simply said, I know. Then after a couple of minutes of silence she added that she loves me too and thinks that I’m the most wonderful person.

She was looking so beautiful and her half sleepy eyes were so seductive. I couldn’t have resisted myself even if I wanted to, I had to kiss those lips. I took her face in my hands and kissed those beautiful lips. I kissed her for about 30 seconds and it was the most amazing feeling. Surprisingly for me, She didn’t push me away but neither she kissed back.

So I started kissing on her face and neck. I knew it was all wrong but at that moment I was so excited that I didn’t care. I kept kissing her at different places for about 5 minutes. Then she said, Wait. I couldn’t gather the courage to look her in the eye. I just prayed to God that I didn’t mess-up our relationship.

Before she could say anything, I told her that I am very sorry and I didn’t know what happened to me. Cutting me short, she asked me, ‘What do you want from me, Jai?’ I was dumbstruck, I didn’t reply. ‘Do you want to fuck me, Is that what you want?’ She asked. I looked at her, She was very serious. No, I said. I don’t want to fuck you Di, I love you.

You are so beautiful and amazing that I couldn’t resist myself from kissing you. And I’m very sorry for that. Then she said, ‘I love you too baby and it’s all right you don’t have to say sorry. My husband doesn’t even love me that much and he gets to fuck me.’ She came closer to me and gave me a tight hug. I could feel her boobs against my chest and I was having a hard on.

She felt that too as I was only wearing boxers. Then she started kissing me on my face and lips. It was such a passionate smooch. My hands were on her ass. That beautiful round ass. She was kinda taking the lead this time. She removed my T-shirt and was planting kisses on my chest. I was in heaven. By this time I only had boxers on.

I took her inside the room and slowly removed her pajamas. I started kissing her thighs madly now. Even Biting them. She was wearing a red panty. I started kissing her on her panty. She was just moaning and saying nothing. Then she asked me get rid of them. I did as told, and removed her panty. Her pussy was pink and cleanly shaven. In a second I had my mouth on her pussy.

It was all wet. I was using my tongue on her while she was holding my hair so tightly. She was taking very heavy breaths now and moaning in pleasure. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around me. She told me to come near her face. She started kissing me and told me that She just had an orgasm and it was amazing.

We kept on kissing or about another 2 minutes. Then I asked her to remove her sweater which she did. Now all she was wearing was a red bra. She had big boobs and they were so perfect. I just wanted to press her boobs. I asked her to take off her bra. But she didn’t. She said do it yourself. I struggled a bit but then pulled it off. And there were the most amazing breasts.

Within a second I was all over them. Sucking them, kissing them. I was not in control at all. I would press one boob while I was sucking on the other and madly. It was like some animal had taken over me. I was also rubbing my cock on her thighs. She was making these hush voices which were driving me real crazy. Then she came on top of me, kissing me and moving down.

She pulled off my boxers. Her boobs were touching my seven inch cock and it felt so amazing. Then she took my cock in her hands and it sent chills down my spine. So amazing was her touch. She was stroking it. Suddenly she kissed my cock. Her lips on my cock was the most intense feeling. But I didn’t want my sister to be sucking my cock. So I stopped her there.

I said, Di don’t do this. She was very aroused too, she started kissing me on my lips and was she rough. She even bit my lip. It hurt a little. We were both completely naked and over one another. Then I asked her, May I? She said, Fuck me brother, in my ears. I had no condoms, she said don’t worry about that.

So I pushed my cock inside her pussy very slowly, to make sure she didn’t get hurt. Within 5-6 strokes I was completely inside her. Then she asked me to stop treating her like she was my fragile sister and asked me to fuck her hard. Then I let go of all my restraints and started fucking her badly. I forgot that she was my sister. I was fucking her like an animal.

She was moaning very loudly so I started kissing her. She was biting my lips. Her pussy was so wet and hot. I was fucking her at the same time groping her boobs, biting them. It was maddening. Then we changed position, she came on top of me and was riding me. I was groping her ass.

Even spanked her a couple of times. She started riding me faster now, and her moaning became more intense. She was looking into my eyes. We were in total sync. She told me she was close. I was close too. I just didn’t know where to cum. I asked her and she said not inside her pussy as we were not having any protection. She told me to cum on her tits.

We fucked for one more minute and then she came. She was very loud. Then I got on top of her and she pulled me closer to her tits. My cock was between her tits. She was tit-fucking me. Then abruptly she took my cock inside her mouth. This time I couldn’t say anything. I had my cock inside my sister’s mouth. I never felt anything like that anymore.

She made my cock all wet with her saliva. I was about to burst, but she had my cock, ball-deep in her mouth. I told her I was about to come. She said, cum on my face,brother. Then she started stroking my cock over face and was telling me to cum on her face. And I came all over her face. It was the biggest cum-shot of my life. She had my cum all over her face.

She even swallowed a little. I couldn’t believe I just fucked my sister. That night we fucked till the morning till we fell asleep. In the morning she told me that it was the best night of her life. So was mine.

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