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Orgy In The House With In Laws

The problem with our family was that they marry their daughters in very young age. We are not supposed to show our face to other men and hence are always required to cover our face with a black cloth. I, Mherunnisa was got married at the age of 15 my husband was aged 20. I was lucky otherwise other girls are made to marry men of 40 or 50 or even 60.

Usually girls of our family are sex hungry from very young age. Hence early marriage is objected to by the society but we girls welcom it as long as the husband is young. Another problem was that we are made pregnant and before I reach 20 I become a mother of four children.

My figure is lost, my boobs start sagging and I turn old and my husband does not show much interest in me and they start searching for a second wife for him. Men are allowed to marry four times. But with our love we keep our husband in our hold so that he does not abandon us.

In this era of gulf boom, the problem is that they search for a gulf bride groom who soon after marriage leaves the wife behind and goes away promising to come with a family visa. Soon after marriage, they have lot of sex and it creates a special bond between them and he sends lot of money to her so that she may live happily and comfortably.

Money will give her comforts and luxury, but how to quench the thirst of her pussy. After fifteen days of vigorous fucking after marriage my husband also left for gulf. I was in the ninth standard. Luckily I did not get pregnant. He pressed my tiny boobs so much that now it has developed into big and shapely. Similarly my ass also became big and round.

My mother and my sisters in law advised me to be very care ful because anybody can take advantage of a girl in my condition. Any young man going in the street makes me go wet in my panties. All the muslim girls studying in my class knew about the safe period and how to calculate the safe days.. They maintained their own diaries and calenders marking their safe days.

I was wondering why they were so meticulous. I came to know that most of them had their own paramours. Some had shady relationship. They had excuse for that. If an outsider comes, he may blackmail and bring disgrace to me and my family. If it is from within the family for the sake of just pleasure, it will be preserved as a secret.

It is wrong only when we get children out of it. Otherwise it is ok but be careful. I too maintained a calender marking my safe days. I had a younger brother who was younger by just one year. We lied in the same room but in different beds. One day I could not stand anymore I moved to his bed when he was sleeping and searched for his cock. It was in limp condition.

I tookit in my mouth and started to suck. He woke up suddenly and asked what I am doing. I put my finger to my lips and told him not to make noice. He understood. He fucked me everyday once or twice till my fire is extinguished. When I go to my husband's place, his brother of the same age as my brother used to be too much friendly with me.

He slept in a seperate room and in the dead of night he will sneak into my room and bury his face in my crotch. He licked and sucked my cunt vigorously. This made him hot and then he would fuck me. His tool was slightly bigger than my brother's. But he discharged fast and took time to revive. I like the methods of both of them.

With so much of sex, I completed my schooling. In the meantime my husband came on a month's leave. I selected the safe days, or took pills and escaped pregnancy. He allowed me to study further. I went to the college. My bother and brother in law grew into handsome lads. Their tools also became big and their methods developed refinement.

With more money, we built two rooms upstairs and moved. They built rooms in the house of my husband. My husband's sister was also there in my condition. Her husband was also abroad. She had a child. But her brother was fucking her regularly. I got friendly with her. While telling me her woes she said about her hunger for sex. I asked her how she manages.

She smiled and said casually, it happens. Finally she too admitted about her brother giving her relief. I consoled her and said why brothers are made for. She laughed and said she understood. I called to come to my home. She came and stayed for a night. I asked my brother to fuck her. He was hesitant. I acted as a mediator and put them together.

Next day I heard that they had three sessions in one night. Next day my sister in law was happy and shy. My mother had to go for some religious function and hence left early It was full freedom for us. We closed the door to go upstairs and We both removed our clothes and my brother fucked both of us openly. The inhibition was removed.

It was decided that next day brother and sister of my husband and my bother and myself will join in a group sex. Walking naked in the house was the attraction. When there are no elders to question us, it will be a pleasure to move around naked and to rub the boob against one another. On the crucial day we all the four assembled.

First we planned oral sex, and then doggy, and then cow girl etc. We played light music so that sounds of our orgy may not be heard outside. Within two hours we closed the show. But a great sense of camaraderie was developed between us.

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Arshiya Aunty Seduced And Fucked Nicely

Hi, my name’s is Abdu (name changed) from south Karnataka doing my final year engineering with a 6″ dick. I started reading this Human Digest site 5 years back and I loved it I must have read almost all the stories here.

I’m a great fan of this site. So finally decided to share my experience here. So coming to the story this happened between me and my aunt who is the wife of my dad’s brother. Her name is Arshiya(changed) a short fair woman with the right amount of flesh everywhere and a huge ass which I always dreamt of while shagging. She was in her 40’s she has two kids who are staying in the hostel.

Every vacation I visit her so as usual during my vacation I visited my native. And before I come back I went to stay at my aunt’s house for a couple of days.I was a virgin and had no bad intention then.

When I visited there my uncle was about to leave to Bangalore for some business purpose which left only me and aunt in the house.I was very excited about it since I get a chance to be with her alone.

So he left and we were left alone chatted for a while and continued it work in the night as it was summer and they had only one AC. She advised me to sleep with her in her room.I agreed without hesitation since I was waiting for a chance.

Since I was tired because of traveling I dozed off as soon as I fell on the bed don’t know when she slept beside me. In the middle of the night when I got up to pee I instantly had a hardon by seeing her body above her night dress.

Her night dress was perfectly fitting her body and due to the movement her dress was lifted up to her thigh. The evil inside me started to wake up telling me to do something. I went to washroom masturbated and came back. And I saw that she was not wearing any panty and there was a bush of hair around her pussy. My heart started to beat rapidly.

I laid beside her without sleep whole night thinking of what to do and I slowly touched her bare thighs. It was so soft I slowly moved towards her pussy and try to find the love hole but I couldn’t. But suddenly she moved I removed my hand as I was afraid and didn’t want to get into trouble so I didn’t try anything further that night and slept.

Don’t know when I got up next day but everything went fine that day. She was like nothing had happened last night. At night I acted like I was sleeping early aunt came in and even she slept. After an hour or so I just switched on the light and aunt was in sleeping in the same position as yesterday but to my surprise, her pussy was clean shaved.I found something fishy in it and was happy.

I made sure she was asleep and I slowly touched her pussy. No reaction. I slowly separated her pussy lips and I started to lick it. A slight moan came from her mouth. I did it more and more. Then she slowly held my head with her hand pushed me deep inside my pussy. Then I slowly inserted my finger inside the pussy while licking.

Soon a hell lot of cum was released and I drank it all. Then I got up removed her dress. She got up with a naughty smile her boobs was so big and amazing with brown nipples. I started to squeeze them and bite them meanwhile she was massaging my dick over my boxer.

Then she removed it and was surprised to see it since her husband has a small one and gave me a great blowjob and good she is a pro in it after 10 min of blowjob I released my cum in her mouth and she drank it all just like we see in the porn movies.

She again started to suck my dick until it is hard again. Then we shifted to 69 position and started to lick each other until we both cum again. Still, my dick was hard and wanted more.I slowly placed my dick in entrance of the pussy and gave a small thrust. She screamed because of pain because it was like it has been years she was last fucked.

I slowly entered my dick completely then I increased my speed gradually she was moaning “Mmm yeaahh fuckk yeahhh.Harder harder mmm yeahh fuck my pussy. You like it ahhhh mmmm yeaahh” then we changed into cowboy position I love that position. And fucked her real hard by then she cummed twice and it was amazing to see her boobs bounce.

And I was about to cum and she told me to do it inside since it was her safe period. I cummed lot of milk in her pussy. We relaxed for a while and I asked her can I fuck her ass.She was a virgin there.With a lot of requests, she agreed. I took vaseline and lubricated both my dick and butt hole and slowly entered her butt hole it was so tight and paining.

I slowly entered completely and started fucking her real hard in doggy until. She was in pain in beginning later she enjoyed it. While fucking her ass I kept spanking her ass and it turned hot red color then I cummed again in her ass we were tired and slept naked by hugging each other while night.

The morning we got up got into the bathroom together to fresh up but again I fucked her in the shower later. We had more sessions that whole day. After that whenever I go to native and when we get the chance, we fuck. Once I fucked her in the kitchen when her husband was sleeping in next room.

Now she wants me to fuck her sister who is a divorced lady who wants to have sex desperately but afraid of the society that my aunt have promised me to convince her and trust me she is much much hotter than my aunt so let’s see how it ends I’ll share about it when it happens.

Hope you guys have liked my story. Please do send your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Vicky Fucking Slutty Sister Meera - II

Previously: Vicky Fucking Slutty Sister Meera - I

Cutting down next 60 minutes; until I drove back home with Meera Didi I would say I stood little far and Meera Didi had long discussion with her boy friend and finally after reaching back home while putting the scooty on stand as I asked her verdict of her meeting and she did not spoke anything.

We walked beside and entered in the house and reading her facial expressions and over all gesture I could make out that her mood has gone bad and I decided to remain silent, at least for some time. Ultimately I stayed in the living room in front of television and Meera Didi went into bedroom.

I think time was easily 5 and I didn't have much time, I was expecting mom and dad coming back any moment after 6 and I reached to Meera Didi. She was once again engrossed in her courseware, lying on the bed over her belly and I spoke my purpose "Didi...thodi der mein Mummy Papa aa jayenge...! ab to mooth mar do"

and without looking at me Meera Didi blently came up saying not now "abhi nahin...". I was about to say something and she raised her vision and requested me not to insist her right now in soft voice and I accepted. Some time passed, may be half an hour or bit more and coming out of the room Meera Didi went into kitchen and started preparing Dinner.

I came to the kitchen and once again asked her to masturbate me and she said she will do it in the night. I didn't knew what was running in her mind, serious expressions she was focused in preparing dinner and as Mom was sleeping with her consistently I asked her how will she masturbate me in the night "tum raat ko kaise karogi...?" and she ended up saying "let's see".

I was disappointed, I was getting repeatedly hard with a presumption of getting masturbated with her soft hands but she was trying to ignore, for an instant I thought about speaking out rude and sarcastic but reading her mood I stayed silent and ultimately somewhere around 8 Mom and Dad came back home.

Tired and hungry like hell they both were here straight from the cremation ground and they were pleasantly surprised to see freshly cooked food served on the dining table as soon as they came out after taking shower. Mom hugged Meera Didi and no words for an instant and they both got dewed over their eyes.

Next we two served and mom and Dad had food silently and soon after that Meera Didi and Mom went into the bedroom and locked it from inside. Dad and I sat against TV for the News but Dad was very tired and soon he started snoring and finally went to the bed to sleep.

As me and Didi were still left for the dinner I waited for her and stayed in front of television for somewhat one hour and don't know when I too fell asleep. I am not sure but time was somewhat 10 or bit less when Meera Didi staggered me saying get up "Ooth jaa" and as I got little conscious with a smile she asked me if I don't want to get masturbated "...mooth nahi marwani kya?".

I was surprised and asked her where is Mom and she told me she has slept "mummy kahan hain...?" "Mummy sow gayi" after giving me this information that mom has slept Meera Didi looked into my eyes for few seconds without any words and ultimately with a tiny smile asked me again "Mooth marwani hai na?".

"Haan marwani hai" How could I say no to that? and next instant Meera Didi's hands landed over my crotch and rubbing her palm tenderly she squeezed my bulge over the cloth nicely. I moaned in low voice and asked if I should drop my lower "Pajama Niche kar dun?" "Nahi" saying no Meera Didi removed her hand from my crotch and asked me to get the bear first.

"Pahle Jaakar kahin se bear lekar aa" "bear..?" I was surprised and while saying yes she said she is very depressed today "haan...bear...! aaj main bahut depressed hun...." and I asked her if she is joking "tum mazak kar rahi ho...hai na?" and she said she is serious and if I want to get masturbated I have to get her bear "I am serious...agar tujhe mooth marwani hai to Bear pilani padegi..."

yet not out of surprise next accepting her condition I moved out of the house like a jet and within 15-20 minutes came back home with 2 cans and ultimately landed on the couch. I knew Mom and Dad were dead tired and now they will not get up until 5 of next morning but I was expecting sleeping pattern is as it is,

Mom with Meera Didi and me with Dad but I was surprised when picking up bear Cans Meera Didi moved into the bedroom and climbed on the bed. "Wow...! aaj se hum dono fir se ek hi room mein soyenge...ab to kisi bhi din Raat ko main tumen Chod dunga" by now I was free enough to speak whatever I could think and hearing that Meera Didi smacked me hard

and ultimately taking her can moved out to the balcony attached to our bedroom. Cut sleeve t-shirt ending almost at her waist with casual Pajama by now Meera Didi was wearing her night wear and next leaning over 4 feet wall she stood almost facing away from me and I once again felt annoyed over her boy friend “Hramkhor ne achhe se Choda hoga issko ghodi banna ke”

thats what I thought while looking at my sister’s erotically spread ass went on going harder and ultimately came out and asked what I wanted to know; if she is fucked by her boyfriend in doggy style too "Tumhare boyfriend ne to tumhen Ghodi banna ke bhi Choda hoga... hai na...?" "Kamine!" my question brought tiny smile over her face but she ended by abusing me and next I asked her why she is depressed.

"Chhodo ye batao...tum depress kyun ho..." We broke up..." "Broke up...Why?" obviously I was surprised and Meera Didi did not replied to my query and ended saying that she do not want to talk about it " mujhe is baare mein koi baat nahin karni..." and after a pause she added that she will masturbate me after bear "Bear khatam hone ke baad teri Mooth maar dungi"

and to that for an instant I accepted with just "Ok" but in the end added tiny statement in a low voice that now I want to fuck her cunt "waise ab mujhe mooth nahin tumhari Chut Maarni hai". I was expecting she would spank me over that too but this time Didi did not reacted to my words at all and continued gulping her bear.

Apparently she was calm but reading her gesture I could see that mentally she was going through some shuffle, certainly I wanted to know why she and her boyfriend broke up but it’s a fact that more than that I wanted to get masturbated and to avoid making her angry I remained silent.

No words for next 5 or maximum 10 minutes and our Bear seemed ending and finally giving me her empty can she casually told me to come and take out my cock “Chal aaja…aur nikal aapna Lund bahar….” With that from balcony we both moved back into the room and wasting no time at all dropping my lower and underwear on the floor I climbed on the bed.

Legs wide open, I rested my back with a support of pillow and after using washroom and taking small hand towel Meera Didi also climbed on the bed. “I must say Kaafi bada Lund hai tera…mere boy friend chhota tha…” looking at my Cock Meera Didi passed compliment to me with a tiny smile and finally I moaned in pleasure with a long awaited touch of her hands over my cock.

“pahle ki tarha thodi si Chuchiyan dikha do apni….” puffing in pleasure in low voice next I asked her to show bit of her boobs and for an instant Meera Didi looked down to the short neck of her nightwear t-shirt and denied saying that right now it’s not possible and after that added that she will speak dirty and very soon I will cum “main tujhse gandi gandi baaten karti hun..aur tera jaldi chhoot jayega….”.

“Nahi…mujhe koi jaldi nahin hai…aaram aaram se hilaao” I said no to that because I did not wanted to cum early but next instant Meera Didi spoke out dirty while jerking my rod up and down with a steady pace. “Tujhe patta hai jab pahli baar meri Chudai hui thi…mujhe bahut dard hua tha… aur meri Chut se bahut sara Khoon nikla tha …par mujhe mazza bhi bahut aaya tha….” “Oohhhhh…..”

I puffed in delight, that was too much for me and sensing my state Meera Didi continued adding fuel to my arousal “aur mujhe Chodne se pahle ussne meri Chut bhi Chaati thi….uss mein bhi mujhe bahut mazza aaya tha…” and closing my eyes I started gasping in rising lust.

Up and down, back and forward Meera Didi was yanking my cock steadily; neither fast nor slow and I was rising to my climax with every passing second. “aur usne mujhe Ghodi bana ke bhi Choda tha….” Meera Didi spoke again and this time her words took me far and I felt as if I will cum any moment and unconsciously I stopped her from jerking me.

For an instant I looked into her eyes and Meera Didi asked me what happened? “Kya hua?” “Didi ab please maan bhi jaao…kam se kam thoda sa suck hi kar do….” I begged her and Meera Didi did not replied back, looking down she once again took my cock in her soft hands and I begged her again “Please….!” and looking up into my eyes she came up saying that I am her brother

“Tu mera Bhai hai….!” and I replied to her words in sarcastic tone “Bhai ki Mooth maar sakti ho…uska Chus nahin sakti…?”. My tone was desperate and Meera Didi smiled a bit over my state and pleaded again “Please…suck kar do na…!”. Silence for one minute or bit less and Meera Didi looked into my eyes without a flick and ultimately came out with a shock

“Sirf Chuswana hai…? Chodna nahi hai mujhe?” and before I would have understood anything she spoke again and it was “I want to fuck with you….” and once again before I would have reacted to that she took off her t-shirt and threw it away. “Main bahut der se khud ko control kar rahi thi…per ab control nahin ho raha” Finally Meera Didi opened her real mind state and I was shocked.

Eyes stuck to her fair and heavy melons caged in tight bra I could not believe my luck and Meera Didi slapped me to bring me out of stun “dekh kya raha hai…ab Chod apni bahan ko” and with that she moved her hand back and unhooked her bra. Ohh My God, Meera Didi was topless in front of my eyes, it was a moment I was dreaming from so many years and I simply jumped over her.

“Aaaaooooo….aram se….” I squeezed her soft breasts harshly and trying pushing me away Meera Didi whimpered in shock. Wow …they were so good to play and with the nipples so hard and I started sucking my sister luscious melons like a hungry child. “Chus inko…Tu mera Chhota Bhai hai…pee lay mera doodh”

Grabbing my scalp in her hands Meera Didi puffed in delight while feeding me and spoke out sensual while moving her fingers in my hairs. Certainly there was no milk in her breasts still they were sweet and one after another squeezing her mounds I just went on sucking her nipples like crazy and Meera Didi enjoyed every bit of it.

I was naked from my lower half with t-shirt over my chest and just opposite Meera Didi was still covered over her lower half and as I realized that I stopped sucking her mounds and pushed her on her back and pulling cord of her Pajama took off her lower and Panty together. Ohhh Man it was delusion or what?

Finally Meera Didi was lying stark naked in front of me and I was stunned to see her beauty, fair and thick fleshy thighs with wet and dripping fuckhole in the middle, soft and swollen it was clean shaven and my heart started pounding high with a belief that finally I am going to fuck her. “Daal de andar….” “nahi mujhe issko Chusna hai” “To fir Chus”

Meera Didi asked me to go inside while opening her thighs bit wider and I denied because I wanted to suck her cunt and she told to suck it then and with that opening her thighs further wide Meera Didi lifted and bent her knees inwards. “Ohh…Yesss” moving into her thighs I kissed her wet cunt and Didi hissed in pleasure.

Her moan aroused me and I moved further into her fuckhole and licked her opening softly and once again Meera Didi gasped sexily. It was creepy to suck her thick sticky juices but it was good and I continued licking my sweet sister’s cunt like a dog and soon I was enjoying its tangy taste.

Moaning and grunting in real bliss by now Meera Didi was already on cloud nine and soon she started murmuring erotic “Hhhh…Yes…Baby…Chus apni bahan ki Chut achhe se…” saying that she rested her thighs over my shoulder to get me better and deeper and I started wriggling my tongue deep inside her fuckhole rapidly.

Lurching her waist randomly with my licks Meera Didi was moaning low but intense and I was enjoying her pleasure sounds and holding her fleshy thighs I went on going like that and unknowingly I started eating her thick pussy lips with my lips and soon Didi started hissing in unbearable sensation.

Her state aroused me further and holding her tight I ate her lips deeper and harder and next instant Meera Didi started shivering and ultimately succeeded in pushing me away. “Mazza aa gaya…” I spoke while looking at Meera Didi’s worn out state and Didi reflected doubt that have sucked someone’s cunt earlier “Tune ye sab pahle bhi kiya hai” “By God pahli baar kiya hai” and swearing God I denied.

Anyway now it was her turn to please me and I was limping with bit of precum over the tip and standing on my knees I asked her to suck me “ab tum Chuso mera…”. Meera Didi got up and moving ahead on her knees she first lifted my t-shirt to make me completely naked and then moved her soft hand over chest.

“Hmm..." with an intense puff I enjoyed her fingers over my tiny nipples looking into my eyes with naughty smile Meera Didi asked me if I will not kiss her “apni bahan ko kiss nahin karega…hmmm…?” and I realized that I haven’t kissed her yet.

Next Meera Didi moved further ahead and touching her breasts with my chest she reached to my lips and we started sucking each other’s lips like true lovers. She lunged in my mouth and moved her tongue all around and grabbing her in my arms I just followed her.

At my end though it was good but also very eccentric feeling, while kissing I was going through strange tingling all over my body but somewhere in my subconscious mind I was dying for real action and slowly Meera Didi’s hand moved down to my cock and she started jerking me while kissing.

“Seriously tera bahut bada hai” Didi spoke out after breaking the kiss and I replied sarcastic “To mujhse hi marwa leti... kyun gai bahar apni Chut marwane?” Didi smiled a bit over my words and next I stayed on the on my knees and she sat down in front of me and continued jerking me consistently.

“Ab Chuso bhi….” I was eager and I once again asked her to suck me and Didi peeled foreskin of my cock. “Ahhh….” I moaned in bit of pain and next instant leaning over my crotch Meera Didi took tip of my cock in her warm mouth sucked it tenderly. “Ufff…” What was that? It was weird and bit of painful too but it was good and being an amateur I told her to take me deeper

“Poora low apne mun mein” and as Meera Didi did that I cried in pain. She giggled over my twinge and told me not to guide her and let her do it in a sarcastic tone “mujhe mat batta….! karne de jaise main kar rahi hun….”. By now I was quite hard and next Meera Didi started again,

she took me in her mouth tenderly and sight of her gorgeous face filled with my cock grew me harder in her mouth. Very soon sucking my cock lightly Didi started moving her head back and forward and my belly rippled in unbearable pleasure. “Ahhh… … “. It was good but it painful too, I tried to bear the pain as I was enjoying watching my rod getting into my sister’s mouth again and again.

Slowly Meera Didi enhanced warmth and wetness of her mouth and drenched my cock head with her saliva and my pain started to disappear. Standing somewhat in doggy posture Meera Didi went on going for a minute or bit less and I too started moving my ass back and forward and my pleasure was incredible.

Maine do-teen minute tak Meera Didi ke mun ko achhe se Choda aur dheere dheere apna poora Lund unke muhn ke ghusaa diya, means I fucked Meera Didi’s mouth for 2-3 minutes nicely and slowly buried my entire cock in her mouth. Eventually Meera Didi stopped sucking me and laid down on her back with wide open legs “Chal Aaja ab Chod apni Bahan ko…”

once again she spoke erotic in rising lust and I asked her for the condom “Condom ke bina…?” “koi baat nahin! Daal de aise hi… aur andar hi chhod dena….mummy to waise bhi mujhe goliyan khila hi rahi hai” and I came over my sister and holding my Cock Meera Didi took me to her fuckhole.

Oh Wow what a moment it was, Faces very close, eyes looking into each other’s eyes and resting my cock tip over her cunthole Meera Didi told me to put in “Daal de” and I did that. “Ahhh…..” “Hmmm….” I lurched my ass forward and just slipped inside Meera Didi till the root of my cock.

Ohhh...Man anyhow I cannot describe the weird, erotic and painful tingling sensation I went through when my hard Cock was tunneled into my own sister’s fuckhole for the first time. Holding Meera Didi from her shoulders I looked at my sister’s lovely face and she was looking beautiful with mild sweat over her face.

“Didi…finally….maine tumko Chod hi Diya” burring my entire length I spoke to her while puffing and in reply Meera Didi abused me “Haan..Tu BahanChod hai…” That was the real fact and I smiled over that and next while being on my elbows I started moving in and out of her fuckhole slowly.

"Ohhh...." it was pure bliss, Didi was hot and damp like hell and as I started fucking her properly enclosing her thighs around my pumping ass she pulled me further close and I collapsed over her. Oh Wow her soft luscious breasts got crushed against my chest and looking into each other’s eyes closely we both continued moaning in fucking pleasure.

“Didi…ab main tumhe roz raat ko Chodunga …aur har position mein Chodunga……oopar se…niche se..aage se…peeche….tum dekhna…!” “Yesss… Fuck me….fuck me….. …you basted….BahanChod… Chod mujhe” my hard cock was moving smooth in Meera Didi and looking into her eyes I spoke in rising lust and Meera Didi replied back in same fashion

and her words took me too far and my ass started rising and falling rapidly, in and out, to and fro and our moans also went on going heavier. One, two, three, my thrusts just went on going harder and faster and within a minute we both were very close to our explosion and holding me tight in her arms and thighs Didi started moaning bit louder.

Her state drove me further crazy and I plunged her hard and deep but just for few more seconds and dam inside her broke and she grunted while clenching her teeth and crushed me in her embrace to stop my movement and I buried myself deep in Meera Didi’s womb.

We went through a shattering orgasm almost at the same time, Meera Didi trembled erotically while gasping without voice; squeezing my hips together I to grunted with scrunched lips. Meera Didi’s belly rippled while she cummed and almost at the same time my cock quaked strongly inside her womb and I released my gunk.

Haven or Hell; I don’t have appropriate word to describe my state, puffing and sweating Meera Didi was nevertheless gone crazy and we stayed tied with each other for a minute or bit less and finally Meera pushed mne and got up to use the washroom. I was dead tired and I just stayed there and wore my clothes.

Meera Didi came out, I tried to talk to her casually with somewhat “Mazza aa gaya…” “finally I fucked you…” maine Chod hi diya tumko” but she remained silent and taking out fresh clothes and towel went in again to take shower. Knocking the door I asked her if we can bath together and she denied and ultimately after her come back I too went in to take shower.

More or less it was mid night and we were yet left to have dinner and before I would came out after taking shower Meera Didi was already in the middle of her meal and later after having few bites I joined her again in the bedroom. She was silent, I had few words with her and realized that Didi is little confused, little depressed over what we have done and I tried to cheer her up.

Certainly I wanted to have more fun with my lovely sister but she was in strange mood and ultimately Didi tried to sleep while facing away. Laying almost over her belly but sideways, head to toe covered with a sheet, with one leg straight and other bit lifted and looking at her erotically spread ass I got temped and told her that I want to fuck her from behind too

“Didi…I really love your ass…mujhe tumko peeche se bhi Chodna hai” and with that I tried touching her bottom and Meera Didi reacted instantly, she turned and smacked me and told me to forget everything and I have to behave with her as I use to before happening all this “jo kuch bhi hua usko bhool ja…aaj ke baad tu mujhse pahle jaisa behave karega…”

and I bluntly denied for that “wo to nahin ho sakta….” and saying go to hell she took her previous posture and warned me for not touching her. That was miserable, moment before she was enjoying so much and suddenly she was infuriated, actually since beginning Meera Didi was very moody and this time I was madly disappointed over her temperament,

if not sex we could sleep while playing with each other but it did not happened. Looking at her big bubbly ass I stayed awake till late and remained hard while recalling good time I just spent with Meera Didi.

Though at the moment Meera Didi’s mood was gone bad, still I was hopeful to have sex with her again, couple of times I thought about climbing over her abruptly with an expect that she might get excited but I did not dared. Next day my parents were once again going for almost whole and fantasizing what all I will do next time while being alone with her I don’t know when I fell asleep.

Well friends, that's how it all started, moreover my first night with my sister did not ended there, as IF said after Meera Didi I too slept but as few hours passed, may be two or maximum three, suddenly I felt hand moving over my chest. I opened my eyes and it was none other than my slutty sister “…..Mera Bahut mann kar raha hai karne ka….”

Meera Didi spoke and kissed me lightly over my cheek, I was delighted and as I was slept with a fever of fucking her from behind first thing I could think to speak was “Ab main Peeche se daalunga….” means now I will plunge from behind. “Ok…but pahle tu achhe se chusega…” “tum bhi chusogi…”

Meera Didi accepted my demand of fucking her from behind and told me to suck her first and I told her that she also has to suck me. Eventually we started again and this time we started with a kiss, Meera Didi kissed me deeply and slowly I took off her clothes. I too got naked and sucked her lovely sagging melons for really long and in the end once again buried my lips and tongue in her cunt.

No hesitation at all, this time I sucked Meera Didi deeper and like I use to see in blue movies I fisted her cunt while licking her opening and Meera Didi was delighted with whatever I did with her. In the end when I told her to suck my cock she came up with a thought of getting into 69 and we did that posture for some time.

Meera Didi came over top and facing away planted her cunt over my mouth and as I started licking her cunt on the other end she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me softly with lot of warmth and wetness. I must say 69 was real fun, more I licked her more she sucked me and finally we were ready for fucking again.

“Peechhe se kal daal lena…abhi mujhe oopar aane de” at the moment Meera Didi wanted to ride on me and for that she said I can fuck her from behind tomorrow but I denied and ultimately giving her lovely ass view she turned around and extending her hand and holding my cock guided me into her cunt.

“Ohhh…Yess…” “Hmmmm….” Finally we both groaned in pleasure and holding Meera Didi's waist I attained my dream position with my dream girl. I must say as a first timer it was really difficult for me to fuck Meera Didi from behind, she had a plump ass and because of my good height I had to bend my knees under her ass to fuck her properly.

I fucked Didi nicely while pulling her over my crotch and Meera Didi herself impaled her bottom over my cock to get me deeper. Moaning and grunting in divine pleasure I really enjoyed the sensation of piercing her cunt from behind but I really failed to fuck her fast and ultimately when my knees started aching I withdrew and in a moment Meera Didi took charge

and pushing me on my back she filled my cock in her cunt and started saddling over me. That was her favorite position, Up and Down, Back and forward and Meera Didi fucked her cunt deeply with desired pace and feeling her cunt juices flowing down to bed through my balls I really enjoyed squeezing her bouncing breasts brutally.

Slowly as excitement enhanced Meera Didi bounced back and forward faster but ultimately got tired and fell over me and we both climaxed in simple missionary posture and I once again filled my Meera Didi’s cunt with my gunk. Finally my first night with my sister ended but till date our fucking never ended, it might end with Meera Didi’s marriage which is on the cards.

My parents are looking for her match but right now she is not interested in any such knot. She is enjoying with me and being a real dog, after fucking Meera Didi I want to fuck Neeta. Although Neeta is not as good looking and as sexy as Meera Didi, she is quite plump with evident belly;

you know Moti aur Chowdi Gaand, Badde Badde Mumme, Moti Moti Jaanghe but after all she is a Cunt and I want to fuck that cunt too. Right now it seems very difficult thing to happen, Meera Didi is not ready to share hidden truth of her life with her best friend; that she is fucking with her real brother, also according to Meera Didi, Neeta has a boy friend,

Jo uski regular Chudai Karta hai and sexually she is satisfied but I have a strong intuition that someday I will fuck Neeta too. Certainly I will write again if I will succeed fucking Neeta but before that I would love to read comments of from all the readers.

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Vicky Fucking Slutty Sister Meera - I

Fucking is hard to resist when your sister look so good! As it can be assumed from the title and from the first line this is about me being a dog with my elder sister Meera Didi who was nevertheless then a bitch. Yes…I have fucked my real sister…main apni saggi bahan ko Chod chuka hun aur wo bhi kai baar aur poori poori raat.

I am sure most readers won’t believe that it’s a true incident still I would say everything written here has happened as is, even the words we spoke to each other are almost word to word true. Introducing myself; I am Vicky, living in renowned city of eastern U.P. with my mom, dad and elder sister.

I am almost up with my graduation and my sister Meera Didi who is nearly two years elder than me is perusing her masters. As such I don't have anything special to describe my past relation with Meera DidI, like most siblings we use to tease and fight with each other over tiny matters and as she was a girl child my parents were always partial to her.

Apart from this fact that we never got coincided over anything and she was always reason for me getting scolded by our Parents I was madly attracted to her. Being a virgin guy I was the kind who looks for sex in every girl and Meera Didi was exceptional among all my fantasy girls.

Must be Standing 5'3" or bit more, fair in color with good looking face Meera Didi has very seductive body. Flat belly, nice juicy tits; quite big in proportion of rest of her body, lovely ass mounds; plump, erotically spread and significantly protruding out from her back and very tempting thighs; silky smooth with lot of extra flesh.

Now while coming to the real experience I would say it all started when on one lucky day I came back home in the early evening I found my dad at home. He was sitting in the living room with a very serious gesture and then suddenly I heard mom screaming in anger in the other room.

I was shocked and tried to rush to the bedroom but Dad stopped me and after a minute he himself went into the bedroom and locked the door from inside. I stood outside and tried hearing whatever was running in the room and heard mom screaming over Meera Didi repeatedly and then suddenly I heard noise of 2-3 slaps in a row.

It was shocking, my dad has never scolded Meera Didi and he was hitting her and I heard mom was trying stopping dad. Initially I could not make out what all has actually happened but from mom's spoken words like "tujhe sharm nahi aai ye sab karte hue" it was clear that Meera Didi has done some blunder which was unethical.

After a while I felt that Mom and Dad are about to come out and I moved from the door and sat down silently on the couch. They locked Meera Didi in the room and later while being behind the wall of their bedroom I silently heard dad saying mom that she has to take Meera Didi to the gynecologist to confirm and I got a clue that there is something related to sex

and next instant in response of dad's thought of going to the specific consultant mom denied to take Meera Didi there and said that she is sure that she has done it and she will just give her medicine "rahne do...mujhe confirmed hai...isske bag mein Condoms mile hain isska matlab hai ye kar chuki hai...main bus issko dawai la kar khila dungi"

and my heart skipped a beat with a thought that Meera Didi has done real fucking. What next? Jealous, resentful and I went through lot of such feelings just with that thought. Like I said earlier Meera Didi was always my favorite fantasy, don't know from how many years I was lusting over her;

Sala jab se lund khada hona shuru hua hai tab se Meera Didi ko dekhkar mooth mar raha tha aur ye apni chut kisi aur se marwa ke aa gayi hai! Seriously guys I was feeling so pissed off that I did not have meal in the night. That night mom slept with Meera Didi and me with Dad and throughout the night; till four, scene of Meera Didi getting fucked floated in front of my eyes.

I fantesized her getting fucked in all possible postures and masturbated thrice but my restlessness did not seem ending. Now what? I asked myself and decided that now somehow I too have to fuck her; ab Kuch bhi ho jaaye mujhe bhi Meera Didi ki Chut ke andar apna Lund daalna hi hai and I started planning for that.

Next day began as usual but not for Meera Didi, no mobile phone, no access to the computer and no collage, she was somewhat house arrested and when I moved out of the house to attend my collage she was yet not out of the room. Throughout the day in the collage I was restless; her face with fucking expressions were continuesly floating in front of my eyes.

I was dying to fuck her but I could not see the way to reach to her cunt, obviously how could I? Mom was having continues eye over her. Whatever at my end that day passed in day dreaming and finally somewhere around dinner time I got glimpse of my slutty sister and I was instantly hard like Iron rod.

Didi was wearing casual pajama with a t-shirt ending few inches below her waist and looking at her big round, plump ass I presumed that she has been fucked in doggy style that is why she has gone so wide at her bottom. Well finally dinner time also ended and once again we slept in same pattern, Mom with Meera Didi and me with Dad and once again I masturbated thrice till next morning.

By now my passion was bit subsided and I could see it will not be easy for me to fuck Meera Didi so easily but I was having some real nasty things to speak to her. Since beginning Meera Didi was brilliant in studies and she has always embarrassed me for my low grades and now I was thinking about getting even with her by embarrassing her over what she has done.

I wanted to speak out dirty with her but for that I had to alone with her, which was looking difficult to happen at the moment and two days passed just like that. In my parents presence I did not even talked to Meera Didi, actually over all environment of the house was gone so intense that nobody was talking to anybody casually and in that sequence Sunday came

and went and looking at her lovely ass and big breasts I did nothing except masturbating. I was thinking I will get solitude with her after few days when we will retain our actual sleeping pattern; Mom back to Dad and me with Meera Didi but to my good fortune I got that isolation with her on the very next day.

It was Monday and time was barely 11, I was in college and I got a call from my mom that I have to come back home immediately. I tried asking mom reason for that but she did not say anything and told me to do whatever she has said. I reached back home and found dad at home too.

Actually one of my father’s cousin brother was expired and both; mom and dad were going there with a plan of coming back home in the late evening and after giving me this information mom took me to the other room and gave me instruction to keep an eye on Meera Didi; Mom strictly told me that I cannot let her call anybody, also I cannot leave her alone in the house.

Here I must say Mom ko nahi patta tha ki unki beti hi nahi unka beta bhi ek number Harami hai. In last few years I don't how many times we two have been alone at home but this time I was too excited also confident over whatever I was thinking to do and for next half an hour, till my parents left the home I prepared myself for behaving extremely shameless with my sister

and finally after around ten minutes of my parents exit I came to Meera Didi. Wearing Jeans and top I saw her laying on her bed over her belly. "Wow...what a wide ass she has...Saale ne ulta letta ke peeche se lee hogi...tabhi iski gaand itni chowdi ho gayi hai.....". and after her ass next my eyes got stuck to her breasts and they too good in size

"Saale ne inko bhi Chus chus ke bada kar diya hai" anyway that was what all ran in my mind as I saw Meera Didi and in the mean time she looked up to see me 2-3 times and eventually to begin I told her that Mom has told me to keep an eye on her. “Mummy ne mujhe tumpar nazar rakhne ke liye kaha hai…” “Patta hai…”

laying over her body belly Meera DIdi was reading her courseware and she replied back without looking at me and I asked her that why that day mom and dad were screaming over her “kya hua ? Us din mummy papa tum per itna kyun chilla rahe the?” “Kuch nahi...bus aise hi chilla rahe the...”

she looked at me while replying but just for a fraction and again emerged her sight in the book and I told her that I know why they were screaming “Mujhe patta hai kyun chilla rahe the...” and she asked me back what do I know “Ok tell me kyun chilla rahe the…?” and suppressing my hesitation I spoke out what I wanted to speak to tease her

“Tum kahin se chudwa ke aai ho..issi liye chilla rahe the” “What??” and like I knew Meera Didi was shocked and before she would have further reacted over that I asked her with whom she has fucked in a same way “Tell me; kis se Chut marwai hai tumne apni...” and hearing that Meera Didi went mad over me.

Since beginning she has tendency to hit me and hearing my slang she instantly got up started hitting me blindly with both the hands. I never hit her back and that time too I did not and I just went away from her and once again teased her by asking "Mummy ko tumhare bag se condom mile hain...Marwane ke liye Condom bhi tum hi lekar jaati ho...?"

and before shutting the bedroom door she screamed over me “You asshole! Get lost from here”. I laughed and laughed and came out to the living room and switched on the television and for next half an hour it was just me and my thoughts. I was aroused because of what I just said to Meera Didi but I was realizing that if I have to fuck her I have to be her friend

and after some time as Meera Didi came out to get something from the fridge I said sorry to her “Didi… I am sorry...let's be friends” and to my surprise Meera Didi accepted my apology instantly “Ok...let's be friends...” and next instant when she requested me to let her call once I realized why she forgave me so casually “mujhe ek phone karna hai...please karne de”

Meera Didi requested me to let her make one call and I asked her to whom she would call and as she said she wants to talk to her friend Neeta I denied. Neeta; Meera Didi’s best friend was actually a spoiled girl and since beginning my parents never liked her and Neeta was the one who actually spoiled Meera Didi, that’s what Mom was telling dad.

Anyway as I denied for letting her call her friend Meera Didi looking into my eyes with smile sbe requested me again and my dirty mind came up with an idea of making a deal and I told her that I will let her call if she will reply back to my questions “theek hai per uske baad jo bhi main puchhunga tumko batana padega...”.

I intentionally did not asked her for her cunt straight away because I knew that she will not agree so easily and I was thinking about reaching there after few questions. Anyway like I needed Meera Didi agreed to my condition of answering my questions and I gave her my mobile and she spoke to her friend for around 10-15 minutes in solitude in her bedroom.

Although I tried a lot to listen her but I really failed and after adequate time I insisted her to close the call and Meera Didi closed the call and told me to be quick to ask whatever I want to know and using Hindi slang I once again came out in same way "Ab batao tum such mein kahin se apni Chut marwa ke aai ho?" though with bit of smile once again Meera Didi got crazy with my words

" sharam aise bolta hai apni badi bahan se...??" screaming over me once she once again started hitting me hard and holding her hands this time I reverted back "Haan...main aise hi bolta hun..ab bolo tumne sach mein apni Chut marwai hai..." and trying suppressing her smile she said yes in rude tone " kya?" and with that she released her wrists from me and got away.

"Tumhara koi boy friend hai...?" I asked her next question and she accepted casually "Haan mera Boy friend hai". I was bit hard over cock and I was thinking what to ask next but Meera Didi walked out to the living room and sat down in front of television. I too sat down but on the opposite couch and in sarcastic tone she asked me if I want to know anything else

"aur kuch puchhna hai...?" and I shamelessly said yes and asked did it pained when penis was gone inside her cunt for the first time "pahli baar jab tumhari Chut mein Lowda gaya tha to tumhen dard hua tha...?" and once again my question brought undue smile over her face and she threw cushion to hit me.

"Bolo na...! jab tumhare boy friend ne pahli baar apna Lund tumhari Chut mein ghusaya tha to dard hua tha?" I asked same question again and as by now I was very hard over my crotch I adjusted my cock in front of Meera Didi and this time instead of throwing one at me she got up and started beating me with the cushion "Kutte Kamine... Haramjyade… Hua tha dard..."

she abused me but in the end she accepted that she had pain and while getting beaten once again I shamelessly asked did her cunt bleed too "Chut mein se khoon bhi nikala tha..." I was embarrising her and by now Meera Didi was gone bizzare in anger and continuation she accepted that too in same sort of words "Haan...Nikla tha meri Chut se khoon....! Haramkhor...!"

and I asked did she enjoyed too "mazza bhi aaya tha Chut marwane mein?" and she accepted that too "Haan mazza bhi aaya tha...." and with she threw the cushion away with which she was hitting me and turned to go away and I asked her to show me her cunt at least once "mujhe apni Chut ek baar dikha hi do..."

I was somewhat laying over couch and while beating me Meera Didi was standing and hearing that Meera Didi turned back and kicked me hard which fortunately did not injured me much and next instant I lured her by saying that I will also show her my Cock "Main bhi tumhen apna lund dikhaunga" "Bhaad mein jaa...Mujhe nahi dekhna tera Lund..."

saying go to hell she ridiculed my proposal and moved towards her room and I walked behind her and told her that right now I am going to masturbate on her name "Main tumhare naam ki mooth maarne jaa raha hun..." by now Meera Didi was somewhat immune to my vulgar Hindi words and in same fashion she teased me saying that I can only masturbate "tu sirf mooth hi maar sakta hai...!"

and I replied saying that I can fuck her too, she just has to say yes "main tumhen Chod bhi sakta hun...tum bus ek baar haan bol do..." "jaa jaa bada aaya mujhe chodne wala..." and with that she went into her room and locked it from inside. I was restless like never before and I despiratly to do something and I don't know how it came in my mind, and I took weird step,

standing outside the room I released my lowers down: both jeans and underwear and while jerking my rod I started banging the door. Like I knew within couple of minutes Meera Didi got irritated with continues bang and as she unbolted the door leaving my jeans and underwear outside the room, on the floor I entered in the room.

"Didi Ye dekho mera Lund..." I was totally naked at my lower half and jerking back and forward by now I was gone hardest of my life and looking me in that state for an instant Meera Didi cried in shock, she ran away to the other corner of the room and looking at my huge cock screamed over me "battmeez… bahar nikal..."

and saying that she started throwing things over me and I teased her saying sarcastic that she can take someone else cock in her cunt but she do not want to see her brother's cock "Wah...tum dusre ka Lund apni Chut mein le sakti ho...aur apne bhai ka Lund dekhna bhi nahi chahti"

and my words enhanced her anger and next instant don't know from where she found my cricket bat and as she moved ahead to hit me I backed off “tumhara kabhi bhi Chut marwane ka man kare to batta dena...sharmana matt.... main maar dunga..." saying that with a giggle I moved out of her reach.

Oh God…! I was never so hard and next sitting on the couch I openly started jerking my cock back and forward to masturbate. I was expecting that very soon Meera Didi will once again come out and seeing me masturbating she might get charged but she did not came out and I too did not shagged my load and waited for her on the couch partially naked for long.

One hour passed and after getting back in clothes I started hunting to eat something and knocked Meera Didi for the lunch and she came out. I ate sitting in the living room with a television and she went into the bedroom with her food. Next after 15-20 minutes, after ending her meal Meera Didi came out and told me that she has to make another call.

“Mujhe ek phone aur karna hai...” “Same condition....! You have to answer my questions, par achhe se jwab dena…taaki mera Lund Khada ho jaaye…” “Tu kitna Kamina hai…!” she spoke sarcastic and with a smile I inserted my hand in my lower to please my cock.

“Ok…accepted” Meera Didi agreed and asked me for my phone and I told her that this time she has to answer my question first and she agreed to that too. “pahli baar tumhare friend ne tumhen kaise choda tha...neeche letta ke ya peechhe se...Kutia banna ke...” I took out my cock from my lower and asked her first time in which posture her boy friend fucked her,

while being on her top or from behind in doggy style and looking at my cock with a tiny smile she replied back saying first time she was fucked while laying under and second time she was on the top “pahli baar neche letta ke…fir dusri baar main oopar baith gayi thi...” “Ok...kab se chudwa rahi ho...?” means from how long she is fucking and she said from two months.

By now my cock was at its best and no hesitation I was jerking it back and forward hard and fast in front of Meera Didi. Whatever my next question was does she suck his cock but in same Hindi slang “Tum uska Lund bhi chusti ho….” And Meera Didi accepted that she suck “Haan...Chusti hun”.

I must say this time Meera Didi was replying to my questions without reflecting any annoyance and best part was that her eyes were again and again getting stuck to my cock. “Mere cock ka size achha hai na…?” next I asked if size of my cock is good and for an instant Meera Didi went silent and with a tiny smile she looked into my eyes with arbitrary anger and I insisted her to reply

"Bolo... achha hai ya nahi?" and Meera Didi smiled beautifully. "Haan achha hai” finally she replied in yes and before that I was ready with a next question "Logi apni Chut mein...?" "Nahi...!" means will you take it in your cunt and she came out with a straight No. Next I requested her to suck it little bit and she once again denied "Thoda sa Chus hi do" "Nahi".

"Achha...sirf apne haath se meri mooth hi maar do" "No…way...with me you can do just sex chat..." I don't know what do they say in English in Hindi we call it Bhagte bhoot ki langot pakadna, somehow I was trying to make something, if not fucking then sucking and if not even sucking then at least masturbation but Meera Didi said no to all and in the end asked me my mobile, to make a call.

I was thinking that once again she will speak to her best friend but this time she wanted to talk to her boy friend. For an instant I thought about saying no to it but in the end gave her my mobile and she once again moved into the bedroom to speak to her boy friend in solitude.

I wanted to follow her, to listen her talk but I relaxed down on the couch and continued jerking my cock in urge of cumming. I was thinking about shagging my load with my own hands but suddenly my fate changed.

To my surprise Meera Didi came back in hardly five minutes and sitting on three sitter couch called me saying that she will make me happy and after a pause added that she will masturbate me "aaja main tujhe khush kar deti hun...apne haathon se teri mooth maar deti hun..." and I was pleasantly surprised but before moving close to her I asked her what does she want now

"kya hua....?? ab kya kaam hai?" and Meera Didi spoke out that she wants to meet her boy friend "Mujhe apne boy friend se milne jaana hai" "Not possible..." I denied instantly and Meera Didi lured me "Imagine kar main tera Lund apne haathon mein lekar achhe se will enjoy so much...!" already out of my lower I was holding my cock in my hand and with her words it went harder.

I was dying for something like this to happen with me, still I could not dare to accept her condition, I knew that if anyhow my parents will come to know that I have allowed Meera going out of the house alone and that is to meet her boy friend then I will be killed and I suggested her to speak to her boy friend for as long as she wants

"Tum jitni der chaho uss se phone per baat kar low..." "Nahi...mujhe uss se milna hai..." "No....! bahut risk hai..agar Dad ko pata chal wo mujhe maar daalenge..." "Risk hai per tujhe aisa mauka dobara nahin milega..." and saying that Meera Didi came forward and suddenly touched my bare thighs and I groaned in amazing sensation.

"Didi please karo na..." "Aise nahin...pahle promise tu mujhe jaane dega..." "Papa mujhe bahut marenge..." "kisi ko pata bhi nahin chalega....I will be back within an hour" and with that once again Meera Didi touched my thighs and I groaned again. I must say by now for me it was impossible to resist and I agreed to Meera Didi but with a condition that will go along.

Meera Didi gave a thought to my condition for a moment and finally came out with OK and behaving smart next instant I told her that masturbating just once is not enough and asked for do it five times "per sirf ek baar masturbate karne se nahin paach baar karna padega" and Meera Didi got annoyed "jyada smart mat bann...sirf ek baar karungi..."

and sensing her desperation I stayed firm over 5 times "Nahi paanch baar" and she agreed for twice "Fine...two times...ek baar abhi...dusri baar wapis aakar" and I tried bargaining for three times but Meera Didi did got rigid and finally I agreed for twice; once just then and next after coming back home after meeting her boy friend.

Next Meera Didi once again took my phone and called her boy friend to fix the time and venue and eventually sat down on the floor in front of me while giving strict instruction that I cannot touch her or she will kill me, "Tu...mujhe touch nahin karega....nahi to main tujhe jaan se maar dungi". I accepted and my eyes got stuck under her face.

Wow her breasts were too good, while sitting on couch and she on the floor I was getting glimpse of her cleavage and next praising size of her breasts I requested her to show bit of her breasts "Didi tumhare Boobs bahut bade-bade hain...thode se dikhao na...!" and looking at me with smile she opened bit of neck of her top "Le dekh le..."

and now I could clearly see her thick deep cleavage with bit of her white bra cups holding her huge melons tight."Wow...!" "Kamina..!" I wowed in delight and Meera Didi abused me with a smile. Hardest of my life by now my cock was standing in front of Meera Didi's eyes and without touching me she asked me if I am ready "Ready...?" and I said yes in desperation "Sure...?"

she teased me and I went further restless "Haan...ab jaldi karo..." and with a chuckle she confirmed again "Pakka...?" "Haan pakka..." I cried over her and she giggled. "Ahhh...." finally I hissed in delight, Meera Didi took my cock in her hand softly while looking at my facial expressions and once again abused me "Haramkhor...apni bahan se mooth marwa raha hai..."

and I smiled over her words while puffing in delight. To begin Meera Didi moved her soft hands all around my crotch and I moaned erotically. Next slowly she grabbed my rod in her fist and started moving up and down and I gasped in delight and to enhance my pleasure she started caressing my balls.

I was going crazy, closing my eyes I was moaning and gasping like a mad and suddenly Meera Didi spoke out so erotic “Mere chhote se bhai ka Lund to bahut bada ho gaya hai…. Ab issko ek Chut Chahiye Chodne ke liye…” “Ahhh……” her words drove me further crazy and while puffing I too spoke out erotic “Aur wo Chut tumhari hai...tum dekhna ek din main tumhari hi Chut Chodunga”.

By now I was highly excited and next instant I asked Meera Didi to jerk me hard and fast and Meera Didi started yanking me faster. “Aur Tez karo….Aur Tez….” just few seconds and I cried desperately while clenching my teeth, I was rising fast and suddenly Meera Didi changed the movement and instead of moving my cock up and down she started twisting my rod hard

and fast between her both the palms and just in few seconds pressure inside me increased tremendously and my moans changed, they got shriller and sharper but Meera Didi did not stopped, she kept on grinding my rod between her palms and suddenly things went beyond my tolerance and I started crying like hell "bus....bus...ruk jao...ruk jaaoo...ho gaya ho gaya..."

by now entire blood of my whole body was running through my penis and I was at the verge of cumming but doing opposite instead of stopping Meera Didi started grinding my Cock faster and with a shudder over my belly I cried in strange sensation. I pushed her and next instant Meera Didi stopped rolling my cock but kept on holding and with a quiver volcano inside me erupted vigorously.

Finally with a husky gasp I spewed out thick shower of my sticky jizz and it was so rapid and so much in quantity that even after trying her best Meera Didi failed to prevent her hands getting dirty. " Tu kya mujjhe Chodega...Tera to ek hi minute mein paani chhut gaya..." Meera Didi teased me while wiping her hand from my t-shirt and I was not in state to say anything in reply.

Ufff..." What a shag it was, too good and with a sticky gunk all around I was completely spoiled over my crotch. Anyway next Meera Didi got up and before going to change her clothes told me to get up and get ready to move out to meet her boy friend and soon I was sitting behind while Meera Didi was driving the scooty to reach to the particular mall.

To Be Continued...

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Raju Enjoying Sex With Akka And Cousin - II

Previously: Raju Enjoying Sex With Akka And Cousin - I

I am Raju again. I wrote to about how Akka and I finally fucked because of the help of Sarasu my cousin. I wrote that she wanted me to come to her home town and how I fucked her and her colleague Rani teacher. After fucking them for two days I wanted to get back home, but Sarasu said there is one more of her colleague who would like to meet me. It was Fatima.

I asked Sarasu why you people are like this why dont you get married and live like others. Sarasu said her story. She had some horoscope problem and hence she could not marry unless a suitable boy is found. Of course her people are searching, but her youth is getting wasted and she somehow wanted to get the best out of life. She does not go mix with too many people.

There was a teacher, Simon, who had very few classes and he was free most of the time. his family was at a far away town and he could go only once in a month or once in two months. Sarasu got friendly with him and whenever she was free, she used to meet Simon master. Rani's husband was away at the gulf.

She spent just a few days with her husband soon after marriage and tasted sex with him. His going away made her sex starved and he told her agony to Sarasu. She asked Rani to join her with Simon sir. Fathima teacher was divorced by her husband who had a fancy for another girl. Luckily Fathima got this job.

She had a child and hence she decided not to marry and she to joined Simon sir. Simon had one of the biggest cocks and he was never tired of fucking. If all the three girls come together he will fuck and satisfy them. He had a flat for himself and the entrance to this flat was from the rear and nobody will notice when someone goes or comes out.

One of these girls will always with him and cook his food, bath him giving him oil bath eat food and then go home. Sarasu said he had a method of playing sex with women. He will do oral sex, massage their bodies, fuck them in the front and rear and satify her in all respects. Sarasu, Rani and Fathima took care that they all do not tire him and they went at the rate one per day.

If somebody feel very horny she was quite welcome. Simon has gone to his home and that was why Sarasu called Rani and Fathima. Sarasu took me to the flat of Simon sir. Rani teacher was already there. Fathima came later. Fathima introduced her to me. She was very beautiful and had a slim body and good sized boobs and nice projected ass.

She was fair in color and had a sweet voice. Sarasu lifted my dhothi and showed my semi erect cock to the other girls. They were awed and showed signs of exclamation. Rani came near me and held my cock in her hand. Though I had fucked her earlier, she was very greedy that she wanted to have it again. Slowly the girls started to undress and I had only a t shirt and dhothi.

The removed it and made me fully naked. All the three had hairless pussies and Sarasu had only stubs. I was sitting in the sofa and called Fathima to me. she came shyly and sat near me and took my cock and was kissing it. She said it was because of Simon they had some relief. Otherwise it was miserable.

Sarasu consoled them and told tham Raju, that is I, will come whenever they want and I was younger than Simon and can perform well than him. All the three sat in frot me and by the side me and rubbed their boobs on me. I said let me do one by one, I will take Fathima today. Fathima stood up and came to me, I made her sit on my lap and squeezed her boobs.

They were firm and he nipples were already erect. I kissed her on her cheeks and on her neck. Apparently she was aroused. I asked Fathima to sit on my lap facing me with her legs on either side of me. She sat. I took my cock and directed it to the open lips of the cunt of Fathima and pulled her hip towards me. My cock entered her hole.

It was tight and I had to make two or three attempts to make a full entry. It was tight fitted and Fathima started to moan. When I pulled her and pushed her, the tip of my cock rubbed against her g spot which gave her great pleasure. With two minutes she got her first orgasm and my fast movement inside her made her cry and it was again and again orgasm.

I asked her to get down go and call Rani teacher. I asked Fathima to help Rani to sit on my lap, Rani also sat in the same way. Rani had smaller boobs and slender body. My cock entered her hole tightly and Rani was kissing me repeatedly. She said she enjoyed fucking me is more enjoyable than fucking with Simon. Fathima who was sitting near us also said the same thing.

Fathima held the body of Rani and moved it forward and backwards. Rani again was moaning loudly and each time my cock touched her g spot she cried loudly. Fathima adjusted the legs of Rani and now the body of Rani swung in and out. The was her mouth was open and gurgling sound coming from her mouth I could make out that Rani was getting series of orgasms.

I did not discharge and my erection was intact. Fathima called Sarasu to come. She came similingly. I had fucked only in missionary position and this swinging in the lap was new to her. She was slightly heavy and her boobs were large. Fathima and Rani opened her cunt lips and placed my cock and pulled her towards me. It was tight and my cock went in tightly.

Sarasu was surprised that this pose gave more pleasure than just lying and taking my cock in. Each time my cock went in or came out, she was crying and moaning. The other two girls was gigling, because they knew how and why it happened. Sarasu caught hold of me with her hands and made her body move in and out very fast and she got full orgasm withing minutes.

She asked me whether I had dicharged, I said no. I will have one more round and then discharge. Girls all said this is a very good posture and they all got great pleasure than getting fucked lying on the floor. Sarasy got down and went to the kitchen and got me a glass of milk. Fathima fried two eggs and brought me to refurbish my energy.

They were all surprised at my capacity to retain my erection. I asked them to sit on the sofa in a row with their face down and asses up so that I may fuck them in doggy style. They all bowed in the settee with their heads down and asses raised up. I went and saw that all their fuckholes were in one row. I inserted my cock in the cunt of Rani who was first in the row.

In this posture, the vagina gets extended and becomes very long. I inserted my cock and it went in fully and filled her. She was moaning. After two or three stroked, I pulled out and took it inside Fathima. My seven inch monster went in and in and it was knocking at the entrance of her uterus. After three or four strokes, I put it inside Sarasu. All the girls came very fast.

They were surprised how soon I got them to reach their orgasm. I fucked Sarasu a little longer and I got my orgasm and shot my cum inside her. She too enjoyed it immensely. She went to the bathroom and washed and came. I said now I was some interval since I fucked all you twice. They said yes.

We took rest for some time and they all said my fucking them was very pleasureable than that of Simon. I said dont be ungrateful, he only gave you months long pleasure and I came only now. The girls agreed and laughed at my saying.

I fucked them one more round on my lap and final fuck to Sarasu. I told Sarasu that I cannot be staying here and fucking them all the time, I should go back. They agreed and I got back home. This is just a fantasy.

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Raju Enjoying Sex With Akka And Cousin

My father was working with a private firm and my mother a teacher and they both had a hard time to take of care of me and my sister. My mother cooked food and left them on the table before leaving for work. My sister who was just 2 years senior to me woke me up, and bathed me and gave me food and dressed me up and readied me to go to school with her.

I am Raju and she is Radha. Till I was 10 years old she was bathing me and seeing the size of my tool my father told her not to bathe me but allowed me to wash myself. My cock was then 5 inches in length, my bigger than others of my age. It grew along with me and when I was 18 it was 6" with an upward bend when erect.

When I was 20 it was 7 inches beyond the size of the scale in my bag. But we both slept in the same cot and bed. She was in the degree class and I in the +2 when one day I sensed her hand in my inners when I was just sleeping. I was disturbed and it was totally dark in the room and I felt an unusual warmth in my cock.

It was because she was taking my cock in her mouth and her tongue was circling around it. My cock was in fully erection and I just pushed it into her mouth and drew it out. She knew I was awake and she made it more easier and pleasureable when I shot my fluids into her mouth. She gulped it and when it was over, she went to the bathroom and washed her mouth and came back.

When she came back and lied near me, I whispered into her ear that I was to lick hers. She said no, not today, it is already late, tomorrow we will make it. Please didi, just one lick please. She said ok and lifted her frock and guided my hand. I buried my face between her thighs and went up upto her cunt and licked it from bottom to top.

She kept her legs wide open and her fingers opened her cunt lips and I could lick through her wet crack and linger at the top where her projecting button was there. She was hissing and she pressed my face down and I could circle her projected button with my tongue which drew more sounds from her mouth.

She cried sssssssssss, Though I said I will have a short lick, I made it as long as possible as she was enjoying it very well. She opened her legs wide and her cunt was opened wide by her fingers, my poor knowledge about her anatomy I could not do much on the first day.

She had her orgasm and she sprayed her fluids into my mouth and we got up and cleaned ourselves in the bathroom and came back to bed. I asked her whether she liked my licking. Yes yes. I asked whether I may continue tomorrow, she said yes. With hugging her I usually dont sleep.

Since that day it became a practice to lick her boob and nipples and then lick her cunt all over and her clit particularly. She enjoyed it to the maximum. In turn she took my cock into her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. We both we nude as there was no fear of any outside disturbance.

My father constructed a room on the upstairs, because my sister has completed her education and in case she gets married, she may need a room for herself and hence for my use a new room was being constructed, the construction was almost over and it is in the final stages.

I wanted to fuck my sister, she said no, only licking and sucking for the present, I am preserving my seal to my future husband. I said funnily Akka, you seal would have been already broken, when you do cycling, when you do long jump, when you do dancing say bharathanatyam you seal will break.

The stats is that 80% of the girls will have their seals broken by the time they get married and the husbands also know, they do go searching for the seals of their newly married brides. She shouted dont interfere in my matters, no fucking, means no fucking. Be satisfied with sucking and licking thats all. I begged, akka, atleast allow me to rub my cock on you pussy and clitoris.

Just on the top. Peoples and the books say that rubbing on the cllitoris gives more pleasure to both, why not just try once. if it is not pleasureable we will abandon. Ok ok, let us make one trial just one trial. With a single bedroom light on, we both became naked and she opened her legs wide and I sitting between her legs, extended my 7 and half inch cock to touch her pussy.

She had shaven and it looked clean and glistening. Opening the lips of her pussy I searched for her clitoris. It was buttied deep inside. I took a closer look and could see her urine hole and the fuck hole. With the tip of the cock I rubbed the clitoris. There was no lubricity, I just dipped my cock in her fuck hol, where there was lot of moisture and took my cock and rubbed her clitoris.

I saw her face which showed all signs of pleasure. I asked her to do this procedure since both her hands were free. She took hold of my cock took it to her fuck hole, dipped it deep and then rubbed her clitoris. The tiny clitoris has swollen up and has the size of a cashew nut and pink in color. How is it, I asked, she said it is ok. Is it pleasureable, or why waste time.

She said no no it is really good, by rubbing two or thee times I am aroused. we will do it again continuously.Akka, when you dip in the fuck hole for moisture, the fuck hole also may go dry unless stimulated. I pushed my cock two inches into the fuck hole. she shouted stop stop, if you go beyond you will reach the seal and you may even break it.

She was adamant that she wont allow me to fuck her. For every other thing it is ok, like pressing the boob, licking the nipples, licking the clitoris, but no fucking.Parents were searching for an alliance for my sister, and finaly they got a boy, his horoscope matched with hers and betrothal was fixed and the marriage to take place just a month hence.

I moved over to the new room with my books, laptop mobile phone, a small 14" TV and huge collection of CDs and DVDs. In the meantime a cousin of mine, a Sarasu, as she was posted as a teacher in the same school where my mother was the Head master. Though Sarasu was 28 she was not married. Mother asked her to sleep in the cot vacated by me.

Sarasu was slightly stout, big boobs and big ass narrow waist and dark in complexion. After supper I went upstairs and my sister also followed me with her boobs as if she had to study. But as soon as she enters our ususal business of hugging, kissing, licking andsucking starts. This is our routine and we not stopped a single day.

My sister Radha cannot sleep without two ounces of my cum in her stomach. On the third day we all ate our food, I silently went upstairs, soon my sister Radha followed. Sarasu was perplexed, how suddenly people disappear. She too climbed the stairs and reached the foor and opned the door and she was shocked at what she saw.

She just entered the room and came near us. We were busy in our own business, Akka lying on my with her clitoris buried in my mouth and I put my 8 inch cock in her mouth and slow movement of fucking was going on. Sarasu watched silently and she too was aroused. But she did not disturb us.

I shot my fluids in the mouth of my sister and she shot her fluids into my mouth and we got up wiped our faces and were shocked by the presence of Sarasu inside our room. Well done, my brother and sister, she said, softly clapping her hands and you have done very well.

When go out in search of a boy of girl for sexual needs you will know the difficulty, she or he should be to suit to your temparaments, Between brother and sister means it will be perfect and without inhibition you can enjoy to the maximum. Sarasu asked why no fucking. I said Akka does not want to fuck since her seal is preserved for her husband.

Sarasu said no, no, what nonsense you sleak, Radha, do know what you have in your custody, a bent cock of the size of 7 inches of Raju, of the size of one you will not find anywhere. It is meant to give pleasure to girls. Righ in your presence I will ask him to fuck me in detail and you watch. Come on Raju, fuck me said Sarasu.

Her cunt was clean shaven and she lied in the bed with her legs wide open. As I do not know where her hole is I gave Sarasu my cock and she put it at the edge of the hole. My Akka was watching very closely. I pushed and pushed and it went in inch by inch. I gave a great push and by that time some fluid secreted and in no time my full cock was inside the cunt.

I fucked vigorously and Sarasu wanted it. She kept her legs wide open and I asked her whether I can shot my fluids in her cunt, she said no give it in my mouth. I shot my fluids in her mouth. What about you I asked Akka. Not today, we may try tomorrow.

We all went up, elaborate arrangements were made Akka was made naked and we, I and Sarasu also removed our clothes and Akka lied in the bed with legs wide open. Sarasu asked me to take my cock and place it at the entrance of the hole of my Akka. Akka warned me to go slow.

I said yes and it went very slow, pressing pressing it went in and within 10 minutes it went in up to the hilt.There was no seal anywhere on the way. I started fucking hard and fast and akka was in full ecstacy. I shot my fluids inside her cunt. and I got up, as soon as akka moved, Sarasu took her place and opened her legs and begged me to fuck her.

After fucking her we both went and had our bath. Then things moved very fast. My akka's betrothal, the groom boy looked smart. He was in Delhi working in a foreign firm. He has a huge flat for their stay. After marriage my sister moved away with her husband to Delhi. I was left alone in the house and with Sarasu.

I used to fuck Sarasu every day in varius poses and she too got a transfer to her native place. She invited me to her home, where another teacher was interested in me. One Rani teacher who was a colleague of Sarasu was very hot and wanted to get fucked by my 7 incher.

Sarasu called her to her house and we got into a nice bedroom upstairs, quite undisturbed we sat in the bed and I asked her why she is not yet married. She said she is married but her husband is in bahrein and comes home once in a year. He cannot satisfy her natural needs. I said dont worry as long as I am here never worry.

She opened her legs and he pussy was cleanshaven andvery little. I fucked her to my heart's content. Her small boobs filled my mouth and Rani was very easily aroused and I had three sesssions with her. In one session I made her to fuck me from top. She did it wonderfully. I made up my mind that I will come to this place and fuck both Sarasu and Rani twice every month.

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Sunil Fucking Sunitha On Vacation

My sister Sunitha and I Sunil were the only children to our parents. My father and mother were state govt servants. Sometime my father will get a transfer and my mother will follow suit. We also get shifted to different schools. There was only two years age difference between my sister and I and we were very good at studies.

She took Chemistry and graduated and she got a good alliance from an engineer at the gulf and she was got married. My sister was extremely beautiful and they did not ask for any dowry. I was in my first year degree in maths when she got married.

She was a good friend, philosopher and guide for me and her sudden departure upset me, but I concentrated in my studies and scored high marks. My teachers were fond of me. They paid special attention as they throught that I will become a rank holder in our college.

My classmates were having girl friends and talking all sorts of nonsense about sex, but I kept myself away from all such talk. My aim was to get into UPSC at any cost. I was reading and reading books at all times. My exams were over and the college was closed. My parents gave me a free hand and gave all sorts of encouragement.

One year after marriage my sister came back home with her baby son. We were all happy because of the new entrant in the family. In our two bedroom house my mother asked me to put up a cradle for the baby in the bedroom where I too slept. Formerly two single cots were put together where I and my sister slept.

Now with the cradle between the cots, the cots were separated and my sister slept in one side and I on the other side. She found it surprising that I dont have a laptop for helping my studies. My brother in law had asked her to buy a suitable laptop for me and gift it on my birthday.

Since she was not familiar with the configuration of the laptop, she asked me to accompany her without telling me that it is intended for me. The shop keeper asked lot of questions about the proposed uses I am likely to put. But I insisted for one with multimedia, graphics, all windows components etc.

He said it will be the costliest but sister insisted does not matter and she paid for the laptop and we carried one home. We arranged for internet connection and my sister showed proudly cinemas which we had never seen, hindi, english and in any other language.

My mother was very happy and she wanted to hear some bhajans, sister got some bhajan sites and lo the room was filled with bhajan songs. I asked her "Di, Di, show me how to operate it and how to get the site we want" She asked me to go and sit with her. Because of its mobility it can be carried to any place in the house.

We kept it on the dining table and we sat on two adjacent two chairs. She told me about the operating system and the portels icons on the desktop etc. She was sitting very close to me and I noticed then how big she had become withher boobs and body curves etc. She wore only a nightie while home so that she can easily feed her child. She must have noticed my noticing her.

She showed me how to use the mouse. My across her body touched her boobs and she did not resist and it was a new experience for me. I tried several sites on mathamatics, it was thrilling. I could save all my worked up sums for easy reference at a later day. My sister had her own uses, she chatted with her gulf friends, her husband also.

In the night they chatted hush hush and she asked me to keep away from the room for some time. She showed the child to her husband and his voice came loud and clear through the speeker. One day at noon I was returning home and I saw her with the laptop in the bedroom. But the door was just closed. I entered the bedroom, and seeing me she just closed the laptop.

I asked her what site you were watching, didi, without replying she was fumbling. I went near her and opened the laptop and I found some figures moving naked and at first I could not understand. My sister with a strange look on her face told me that "it is a sex site. you must have seen blue films.

There are sites showing the sex in the internet and I was just watching one site." "oh, didi, I have never seen a blue film, although my friends offered to show me. I was worried it will distract me from my studies. Now my studies are over for this year and my exams are also over, please didi, show me how to reach this kind of sites." Ok, ok, just I will show you how to reach this site.

But it is not recommended that a sister and brother watch such sites together." "That is ok, just show me and go away, there after you need not come I will find my own way". She opened the laptop and showed me the site and how to reach for individual videos. With this my cock began to rise. I was wearing just a lungi and it is clearly seen that it was forming a tent.

I opened on vide screen and saw it detail. Oh, my god, it is just physical intercourse between a boy and a girl. The went through it in very great detail. My sister who said she will not watch with me was found sitting near me and watching it with wide eyes. It was the first time I was seeing the pussy of a girl. Her boobs were big and he was just squeezing them and licking and sucking them.

I heard a hissing sound coming from the mouth of my sister. I pressed my rising cock down between my legs and pressed my legs together so that it may not rise again. My sister observed this. We have to do nothing but to gap at whatever is happening in the monitor. The boy buried his face into the crotch of the girl and was sucking and licking her pussy.

Both the boy and the girls may be of the age of 18. The camera showed close up of her pussy and how his tongue travelled into various nooks and corners of her cunt. I could hear deep breaths from my sister. She moved her chair very closer to mine and our bodies were touching each other. She was keeping her hand on her boobs.

My hands were pressing my cock down between my legs. The boy in the monitor got up and the girls gave him a fantastic blow job. His whole 7 inch cock was swallowed by her. It was amazing. But shortly he pulled out and made her to lie on her back with her legs wide open, he lied on her and she took his cock and guided it to her cunt and he with one push inserted his cock into her cunt.

There was a sound of gasping coming from my sister and I too was very much aroused. I was afraid by just seeing this my fluids may jump out of my cock. At a moment when my legs loosened and my lungi gave way, my cock jumped out of captivity. My sister was looking at it in sheer amazement. A white piece of meat coming out of the dark colored lungi.

She jumped and caught hold of it and said, "Aye Sunil, what have you got here, such a large thing. I never knew you carried such a large thing between your legs. Come on, come on, turn this side, let me get a clearer view" she pulled down my lungi and I was standing stark naked and my cock was fully in her grip. She pulled me closer to her and she took a closer look at it.

My cock was a huge monster, bent upwards with the skin slightly pulled back, while in colour with blue and red veins running all over, and pulsating. It was filling her both hands. "Oh, what a beauty, what a beauty", she said,kissing it. She ran her tongue all over it, from bottom to top and on its sides. I had great pleasure from what she was doing.

She took my balls in her hands and was kissing them and took them in her mouth one by one. She then looked at me and kissed me on my cheeks and asked me to lie down on the bed. She sat near me and took my cock in her mouth deep inside. It would have reached her throat and with her lips and tongue she played with it for some time.

She then removed her nightie and she was totally naked under neath. There was a thick black mat of hair on her pussy and her boobs were large and nipples erect. Fair in colour she was really a beauty. "Come Sunil, see my pussy" she called and I went that was the first time I was ever seeing a pussy. A strange smell was emanating from it.

I asked her, "why dont you remove the hair, didi" She said "yes, will you help me". I said "certainly". I went to my room and brought a comb and a pair of scissors. I placed an old news paper underneath her but and then asked her to open her legs. I ran the comb over the mat of hair and cut the excess hair and dropped it in the paper.

Within a short time I got the excess hair cut and removed. I put the hair cuttings in the commode and flushed. I then brought my razor and shaving cream and brush. I applied soap lavishly and then shaved off her pussy taking care at the edges and at her cunt mouth. within a short time all the hair was removed and her pussy gave a golden glow.

I asked her to get up and wash her pussy and have a look at the wall mirror. She thanked me for doing a clean job and showed me her parts in the pussy, say clitoris, urine hole and the fuck hole etc. I was charmed by the beauty of her cunt that I lowered my head and planted a kiss over it. I tried to lick the cunt lips, but she asked me to lick her clitoris.

It was a pink button like object about half an inch long. I licked her clitoris and held it with my lips and sucked it. Sunitha was moaning loudy and was pressing my head down. "Get up, sunil, now itis time to insert your cock in my cunt. I got up and leaned on her my cock like a semi circle object was hanging down. She caught it with her hands and placed its tip at the entrance of her fuckhole.

I told "didi, it is not wrong, to have sex between sister and brother" "So many wrongs are happening in this world, dont worry, we will do it just once, I cannot stand having seen you object without taking a chance to enjoy it" She asked me lower myself so that my cock my enter her cunt. It was tight, but the viscocity was making my entry very smooth.

There was so much of fluid in her hold that it was flowing down. My sister was moaning as my cock entered her cunt and it went deeper and deeper inside. My entire seven inches got buried inside her and she closed her eyes and was enjoying my object inside her. I too felt this new sensation very enjoyable. She asked me to move in and out slowly, which I did.

She was moaning heavily everytime there was a movement of my cock. She was reaching her orgasm and she wound her legs around my waist, but asked me to move fast. With every movement she was enjoying and was showing her joy in her sound and she was kissing me profusely.

I went on pumping her at a fast pace and finally I shot my cum inside her and I too got a great orgasm along with her. We lied like that for some time and she gave me a squeeze and hug and we got up and went to the bathroom. She said my fluids were too much and it took lot of time for emptying her hole of all fluids and we came back to our bed.

She told me that the bend in my cock gave her too much pleasure as it rubbed against her G spot every time I moved it in. Then she explained to me about the G spot and part played by it in sex. She said her husband does not play like this, he just fucks and once he ejaculates, turns and sleeps. No foreplay, no oral sex, no sucking of the nipples.

His cock was also just about five inches long and it did not reach the inner depths of her hole. Though he gives her pleasure and she reaches orgasm, the real pleasure of sex, she said she could get only from me.

We made it a practice to fuck keeping the laptop open with some porno video and we fucked twice in the day time and again twice in the night time. She taught me different poses and methods to prolong the action. Then some thing else happened which I will narrate in my next post.

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Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - IV

Previously: Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - III

Bhaiya plunged his penis into Di’s wet fuckhole very deep in one go and immediately started plowing her with a steady pace. Shweta Di swallowed that shock easily and gasped as she started getting fucked, her back bowed steeply and Bhaiya mashed her groin against his. Moving in and out with steady pace slowly Keenu Bhaiya lied over Di and Di took him in her arms.

They were enjoying, puffing and panting their breath was hissing from their throat. Like an expert Keenu Bhaiya was burring his hard penis into my sister till the root of it and sitting nearly behind them I could see Di’s Pussy filled and Bhaiya’s balls pressing Di’s cunt-lips again and again.

Since then I was just sucked and rubbed and fingered and that is by a female, anyhow I could not imagine the pleasure Shweta Di was going through, “she is getting fucked… how I will feel when I get filled by such a thick rod?” I was once again heading to same mind state where I could not decide what to do,

whether I should go for it or not and unaware and least bothered about my feeling Bhaiya and Di were just fucking and fucking. Keenu Bhaiya continued riding on Di for a minute or bit more and excitement started rising in Di and she seemed going to her peak.

Bhaiya grunted as he saw Di gasping madly, her moans were turned into shrill cries and she gripped Bhaiya tight between her arms and thighs. It excited Bhaiya and he began fucking Di with fast and deep skewering thrusts and continued plunging his big penis steeply in and out of her fuckhole.

Keenu Bhaiya is a strong guy with good health his hips were snapping smartly with each thrust, his buttocks flexing and unflexing in a powerful squeezing rhythm and buried under him my sister was crying in pleasure like a slut. Finally nailing Keenu Bhaiya’s back with her full strength Di exploded and went through shattering orgasm,

being a female I could see that Shweta DI was going through an amazing feeling, clenching her teeth she arched her body steeply and tried to push Bhaiya and sensing her state Bhaiya immediately got away from her; so that she can go through orgasm comfortably and with evident shivering over her belly Di hissed in pleasure while cumming.

Shweta Di was dead but Bhaiya was still alive, he was hard and like I was expecting, holding his monster in his hand he looked at me asked me to come close “Golu mere pass aaja…I will not hurt” I was jammed and could not decide what to do, some time back I was left half done and now after watching Shweta Di getting fucked I was heavily aroused, leaking like hell,

my pussy was once again twitching in desire of getting some treatment and I felt like releasing myself free. “Golu karwa le…aaj le le poore mazze” lying on her back worn out Shweta Di smiled while saying that and next instant Keenu Bhaiya took my wrist and pulled me casually, for an instant I thought about freeing my hand from his grip but lust is lust,

most powerful thing dwelling in human brain and with a blush I moved ahead. “Hmmmmm…..” next instant I was lip locked, Keenu Bhaiya was excited and he got my consent he hugged me and kissed me hard. He over me, we both collapsed on the bed but our kiss did not broke, crushing my breasts under his broad shoulders his hand moved down,

he opened my thighs and I moaned in delight, Bhaiya rubbed me nicely, his finger moved over my wet slit roughly and that enhanced my desire to blow. “Bhaiya please mujhe pain mat karna…” I requested him while puffing in pleasure “meri Jaan bus thoda sa pain hoga…jaise injection lagta hai… uske baad tujhe bus mazza hi mazza aayega”

I knew this fact, that after pain we get just pleasure while getting fucked but like Keenu Bhaiya said pain was not that mild, but what could I do? Anyhow one day I have to endure that pain and leaving myself over Keenu Bhaiya’s mercy I closed my eyes. “iskko oil lagga ke karo….” Shweta Di uttered from somewhere over my head and Keenu Bhaiya told her to get that.

Leaving me and Bhaiya on the bed Shweta Di went out of the room, to our parents room to get the coconut oil and sitting between my wide open thighs and lifting my legs up while holding my knee joints Keenu Bhaiya once again dived down into my pussy to suck. “ohhh…Ahhh….” I moaned loud and erotic and just in few seconds of getting tongued felt like blowing.

Shweta Di came back and stood over my head but Keenu Bhaiya did not stop sucking me till my fleshy thighs started shivering in unbearable pleasure. I was puffing and panting with mild breathlessness and with closed eyes I heard Keenu Bhaiya talking to Shweta Di; that I am wet enough and do not need oil, “ye ekdum mast gili ho chuki hai…oil nahi chahiye…”

“koi baat nahi….daal low thoda sa….meri Chhoti ko dard nahi hona chahiye”. Eventually holding my both the legs from my ankles Keenu Bhaiya opened my pussy to roof and Shweta Di poured adequate oil over that. I was about to get fucked and anyhow in any language I cannot describe the feeling I was going through a moment before.

My heart was beating high with a fear of pain but body was burning in desire to get ripped. ”Ohhh…..” Like I saw him doing with Shweta Di, Keenu Bhaiya whacked his length over my opening and with a loud groan I clenched my eyes harder “Chhoti bus ab tu Chudne wali hai….”

Once again Shweta DI addressed me Chhoti; Chhoti (the younger) was my nick name just for Shweta Di and her loving salutation took me further high in lust and my opening started contracting radically. "Fuck me" with a rising lust I cried in demand “yes…Baby I will fuck you…meri Golu…I will fuck you baby…”

Keenu Bhaiya moaned in delight and next instant I felt his thick monster tip piercing my tiny opening. It was hurting but not much, as I was wet, sticky and excited and I did not protested rather I gave him better access of my fuckhole by spreading my thighs on my own, his hands grabbed my waist and next instant with fluttering eyes I saw leaning over me Keenu Bhaiya moved further into me.

Eventually he squeezed his length into my tiny opening, holding him firm I cried a bit as now it was paining, for a fraction Keenu Bahiya paused but before I would have recovered from the pain Keenu Bhaiya plunged me hard with a sudden jerk and ripped me completely.

I screamed in shocking pain and tried to push him and moved up to get away from him but Bhaiya was in good position to control me, he held me hard from my shoulders to stop me going away and Shweta Di helped him to jam me. Eventually Bhaiya lied over me, I griped him hard and he started fucking me immediately. One, two, three and his entire length went inside me.

I was feeling his heavy balls touching my pussy lips again and again, My God…it was breathtaking, brutally ripped into two I was crying in pain like hell but ignoring my devastating state with all his strength Bhaiya fucked me consistently for a minute while looking into my eyes.

I believe that was the key to end the first fucking pain quickly, after a minute or bit more Bhaiya controlled his fucking pace and eventually stopped fucking me. He kissed me and involuntarily I responded to his kiss. Burying his entire length he lunged deep into my mouth and sucked my tongue. Gradually he moved down and started sucking my rigid nipples.

It was amazing; showing no hurry Bhaiya remained stagnant in my fuckhole and after another minute I could feel my pain getting subsided. Bhaiya licked my entire face and kissed me all around my neck, sucked my earlobes and suddenly my pussy quivered and belly rippled helplessly with intense desire of getting fucked “Fuck me Bhaiya….fuck me”

I was yet not out of pain still I inadvertently asked him to fuck and Keenu Bhaiya started again. Ohhh...this time it was wonderful, Bhaiya moved in and out of me but very slow and I puffed in pleasure. Next I felt Di wrapping my thighs around Bhaiya’s waist and I locked him in my long legs.

Fucking continued and with slow but long screwing thrusts Bhaiya tried going deeper and it was fantastic, Keenu Bhaiya touched me deep in my womb, once, twice and suddenly my pussy quaked strangly. Keenu Bhaiya continued drilling me at same point with same pace and I cried repeatedly in sensational pleasure of feeling fresh showers of my love juices rising from the depth of my womb.

Flow of fresh juices faded away my pain completely and I started enjoying loss of my cherry. Ohhh… what a pleasure it was, moving in and out gently his thick monster was producing strange sensation in my body, wonderful, erotic my belly was fluttering with every inward thrust of Bhaiya’s hard length and every time he was pulling himself out I was puffing in desire of getting stuffed again.

For a minute or bit more everything was wonderful, grunting and panting I was enjoying feeling him hard in my wet flooding pussy but my consistent loud erotic moans drove Keenu Bhaiya high and he enhanced his fucking pace. It was hurting still blend of some kind of weird pleasure was also mixed in that pain and nailing his back I was also enjoying getting fucked with that rising passion.

Eventually Keenu Bhaiya also groaned loud and with that his fucking pace went further high, his taut hips started rising and falling over me madly, far quicker then they were falling over my sister few minutes back, Ohhhh…God that was brutal and I repeatedly cried in pain but Keenu Bhaiya did not stopped.

“Ohh....fuck...Golu meri Jaan…aaj main tujhe raat bhar Chodunga…I will fuck you baby….meri Chhoti….meri pyari…bol Chudwayegi na mujhse... hmmm...?" Bhaiya murmured while clenching his teeth, he was reaching to his peak and finally he dived deep into me and attained his climax and his words instantly took me to my first real orgasm.

His cock quaked in my hot tight clamp, my pussy spammed over his thick monster and holding each other hard and tight we both groaned loud and soon after feeling myself cumming I felt Keenu Bhaiya’s hot gunk going in my depth.

That’s it, finally I was fucked, releasing his entire weight Keenu Bhaiya lied over me for few minutes and rolled off as his monster shrunk and slipped out of my fuckhole. Keeping my eyes closed I remaind unmoved but soon realized that both; Shweta Di and Keenu Bhaiya were looking at my freshly ripped fuckhole closely, certainly to see the blood.

"Loot gayi teri izzat" I got up as I saw looking at my fuckhole and with that note Shweta got up to use the toilet and slapping her ass from behind Keenu Bhaiya followed her. That was the end of our first session and as it can be assumed we fucked again after some time.

With a cup of hot coffee we saw couple of porn movies on big screen and before starting again over my request we all went out to one 24*7 store to get the condoms and contraceptive pills and soon after reaching back home everything started again. As it was already decided this time we fucked in the living room over the couch and the way we saw in one threesome porn movie.

Initially we both the sisters sucked Keenu Bhaiya while being on our knees and later while I sucked him Shweta Di sat over Keenu mouth to get her pussy sucked and licked. Next Keenu Bhaiya turned me into doggy style on the couch with my elbows resting over its back and parting my heavy ass buried his mouth into my buns from behind to lick my pussy.

After oral sex once again Bhaiya took Shweta Di first and fucked her in doggy style and I rubbed her opening with a pulsating cock in her fuckhole; like we saw in the movie. Later leaving Shweta Di half done, keeping my long legs over his shoulder he humped me too and after taking me to my pinnacle once again Keenu invaded Shweta DI; this time from top and bring her to climax.

In the end we both jerked out Keenu Bhaiya and took his jizz drops over our breasts. Though we did not had third session untill next day evening but we did not slept for entire night, apart from kissing, licking and sucking each other’s face and nipples we chit chatted endlessly and slept around 4 in the morning.

What all happened next day evening is altogether a diffrent experience to describe which I will try writing that some other time. Hope you liked my sexpierence and I am expecting your comments below. Thanks.

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Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - III

Previously: Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - II

Shweta Di waited for me to come and moved in as I reached to the door. Holding and moving his monster back and forward Keenu Bhaiya was lying on bed and leaving me on the doorstep Shweta Di moved to him. “You have to suck my pussy” Shweta Di spoke while getting on bed and Keenu Bhaiya replied with “yes I will”

and with that once again Keenu Bhaiya took Shweta Di under his weight and they kissed for a while. After kissing and bit of breast squeezing Keenu Bhaiya drifted down over Shweta Di and turning his face to me and asked me to get my pussy sucked "Golu...tu bhi khol ke late jaa...teri bhi chus dunga" and Shweta DI followed him “Aaja Chuswa le…”

I did not moved to them but I pulled the chair and sat down, I was feeling my legs getting weak, possibly because by now enormous amount of fluid was discharged down from my pussy. Anyway Keenu Bhaiya got up over his knees and opened Shweta DI’s thighs, Shweta Di was totally clean, wet and dripping and Keenu Bhaiya smiled while looking at her face.

"Keenu achhe se chus issko". Ohhh…. Shweta Di will get sucked by a male, why not me? I puffed in delight of assuming myself lying at Shweta Di’s place and before I would have imagined anything else Keenu Bhaiya moved into Shweta Di. Ohhh….Eventually Keenu Bhaiya buried his mouth into Shweta Di’s fleshy thighs,

Di moaned thickly with a initial lick over her wet opening and closing her eyes began feeling heaven of manly suck. Shweta Di must be feeling great! I don’t know what was happening to me, it was sensational, looking at my sister getting licked and sucked by a male I started feeling strange waves going through my body; as if Keenu Bhaiya is licking my pussy.

Hmmmm… making an audible voice of sucking gradually Keenu Bhaiya was getting deeper and deeper in Shweta Di’s fuckhole and her pleasure cries were rising in volume. Heat was rising in me too and I got up from the chair; to see exactly what is Keenu Bhaiya doing over Shweta Di’s pussy and I stood on the appropriate position from where I could see Keenu Bhaiya’s face

colliding with Di’s pussy and as Keenu Bhaiya realized that he opened Shweta DI’s thighs further wide and gave me clear view of his tongue moving over and in and out of her pussy. He moved his tongue over Di’s vertical slit from bottom to top numerous times while parting Di’s pussy lips with his tongue and suddenly it sent a strange shiver down to my spine;

I puffed loud and inserted my hand in my lower to rub my opening. With every passing second I was losing control over my senses, deep inside I was reached to the point where I wanted to tore off my clothes but unconsciously I was waiting for anyone among two to invite me again to join them and it happened next instant.

Licking and sucking Shweta Di’s pussy Keenu Bhaiya was deeply buried in Shweta Di’s womb when once again Shweta Di looked at me and raised her arms to call me with a casual demand of kiss, “Golu…give me a kiss”. Unknowingly I was waiting for something like this only and I did not give a second thought to it.

I moved ahead, reached close to Di and collapsed over the bed. We kissed like we always use to and felt Shweta Di’s hands trying lifting my top. For a fraction I felt strange but just for a fraction, as lust was ruling my senses I took off my top on my own.

Eventually with swollen breasts caged in a tight bra I was lying on the same bed and before I would have tried looking at Keenu Bhaiya I felt his hand touching bare skin of my waist and with a thick puff I shivered in delight. “Shweta jaldi Nanga kar issko….” Leaving Shweta Di sucking Keenu Bhaiya spoke to Shweta Di while getting up;

he told her to stripe me and after that it took them hardly a minute to take off all my clothes. I was pushed to my back and while Shweta Di unhooked my bra Keenu Bhaiya unbuttoned my Capri and before I would have realized that my breasts are about to get exposed in front of Keenu Bhaiya he pulled Capri along with my panty out of my legs.

Before Shweta Di would have taken out bra from my arms completely my fuckhole was opened to Keenu Bhaiya’s eyes. I was wet and dripping, just like Shweta DI but with bit of hairs over my pussy and Shweta Di spoke out sarcastic “maine tujhe bola tha na…Chut saaf kar le apni…?”

holding my knees apart Keenu Bhaiya was looking at my pussy like an hungry animal and he came up with a reply to Shweta Di “Koi baat nahi…?”. I don’t know how many times I have been sucked by Shweta Di, still I was excited, puffing and grunting I was breathing heavy, possibly thought of getting handled by a real male on bed was driving me bizarre and next instant I saw Keenu going into my thighs.

Ohhh…fuck… Keenu Bhaiya licked me hard and I jumped in ecstasy, drifting myself up unintentionally I tried pushing him but Shweta Di took hold of my arms and holding my thighs tight, wide apart Keenu Bhaiya pulled me down to bring my pussy close to his mouth and continued licking me like an animal.

Ohhh…what an astonishing sensation that was, Keenu Bhaiya was flicking his tongue over my pussy like an expert and arching my head with my eyes shut I was puffing and panting like anything. Slowly putting his hands under my fleshy ass Keenu Bhaiya tried lifting my bottom up and I lifted myself to give more access of my fuckhole to my brother.

He rested my long legs over his shoulders and went deeper, Ohhhh….his thick tongue sizzled into my pussy and I shivered in pleasure like never before. I must say male is always a male; I mean anyhow I cannot compare the pleasure I was getting with Keenu Bhaiya with the pleasure I use to get wit Shweta Di.

As far as sucking of fuckhole is concerned Bhaiya was incredible, his rapidly moving tongue was producing electrifying sensation in my body and closing my eyes I was moaning and enjoying and could not think anything, I was feeling fresh streams of my love juices coming out from the depth of my womb and I was lost in that whirlpool of lust without realizing the fact that whatever we all were doing is a sin.

Certainly it was a sin, Keenu Bhaiya was our brother and every year we use tie holly thread of Rakhi over his wrist, but that instant none among us were in such senses, holding my wrists with both the hands leaning over me Shweta Di was kissing me and down there Keenu Bhaiya just went on going deeper and deeper in my fuckhole.

He was sucking me hard, licking my opening so well that slowly I was rising to my peak. I was shivering in pleasure, my fuckhole was twiching like never before, certainly I wanted to cum but if I would have reached to my climax with just sucking I would have stepped back from getting fucked and sensing my mind state Keenu Bhaiya gradually slowed down her licking pace and eventually stopped sucking me,

Ohhh.... he released me just when I feeling sensation of climax coming near, I believe another minute of suckung would have took me high but in the end I puffed in incomplete desire and saw Keenu Bhaiya standing over his knees. He was looking at my worn out expressions with a smile and next he wiped his wet lips dreanched in my sticky juices with my bra.

I was yet not back in my senses, I was still breathing heavy and with fluttering eyes I saw Keenu Bhaiya rising on me. Hmmm... he lied over me and kissed me, I felt his hard cock over my belly and took him deep in my mouth without any hasitation. He released his saliva in my mouth and sucked my tongue nicely.

After exoloring my mouth for a minute or two Keenu Bhaiya moved down and after massaging my melons grabbed one and sucked my nipple nicely. I was already twiching over my pussy and as my nipples started getting sucked by a male I once again started grunting in pleasure.

I wanted to request him to suck my pussy till I cum but how could I say that and while Keenu Bhaiya was busy in sucking my nipples I reached to my pussy with my own fingers to rub it to get the climax but he caught me and stopped me from doing that.

“Ab tum dono mera Lund Chusogi…” Bhaiya got up from me and spoke to us but while looking just me and holding my wrist tried pulling me, Shweta Di also told me to get up and slowly I got up. Next with two pillows under his shoulders Keenu Bhaiya settled down in comfortable posture and asked Shweta Di to suck his Penis in erotic Hindi “Shweta Chus mera Lund”

and with a smile Di moved forward to his crotch and took hold of his monster. By now I was back in my senses, I was feeling bit conscious over what I was doing but it was too late to step back. Looking at me Keenu Bhaiya raised his arms and called me to give him a kiss “meri Jaan…tu meri baahon mein aa aur Chumma De” it was embarrassing but now what?

I was into it, I won’t say that I was getting made to do all that, anyhow I could make an exit from the room any moment but how could I do that? I was conscious but lust was still ruling my mind and deep inside I too wanted enjoy all this. Anyway I was still, unmoved and biased over what should I do and Shweta Di took my wrist in her hand and spoke to me “Aaaja dono chuste hain…”

I was hesitant and it was significant from my gesture and Shweta Di spoke again with a giggle “come on ab kya Sharma rahi hai…?” “Shweta Tu shuru kar…” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to Shweta Di and once again called me in his arms to give him a kiss and my lust moved me into Keenu Bhaiya’s arms.

Hmmm….we kissed and we kissed nicely, mentally I was conscious over what I was doing but I believe it was not evident over my gesture, I was kissing Keenu Bhaiya equally well. “Ohhh….Fuck” Suddenly Keenu Bhaiya broke the kiss and cried in pleasure, it was Shweta DI who took him in her mouth and sucked him hard.

“Yaar aaram se kar” Keenu Bhaiya uttered while grabbing me in his arm and Shweta Di giggled over Keenu Bhaiya’s cry. Next Di swirled her long tongue expertly over his cock-head. Her breath was warm on his tip, and then her mouth enveloped his cock in its moist warmth.

Keenu Bhaiya moaned in delight and Di began to suck him tenderly on his penis, Keenu Bhaiya’s thick cock appeared and disappeared as Di head moved up and down and once again Bhaiya groaned in pleasure while arching his head and wondered from she has learned sucking cock and how many cocks she has sucked till now

“Ohh..Wow…Shweta tu Kahan se sikh ke aayi hai Lund Chusna…hmmmm….aur kitne Lund Chus chuki hai aaj tak?” once again I was losing my conscious, obviously; how could I control myself in that situation, grabbing me in his arms Bhaiya was massaging my melons while looking at Shweta Di. It was good to feel a manly touch over breasts and felt my nipples getting stiffer.

Lying over her belly between his wide open legs Shweta DI fucked her mouth slowly and as excitement went bit up, pumping his hips at her face, moving up and down Bhaiya synchronized Shweta Di’s to and fro movement and Shweta Di’s lips blew as Keenu Bhaiya’s cock grew in her mouth.

For an instant Bhaiya looked at me and fondled my breasts I too panted loud as my rigid nipples quivered under his thumb. Down there over his crotch, appearing and disappearing in Di’s mouth Bhaiya’s cock was somewhat glistening with her saliva.

“tujhe bhi Chusna hai issko” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to me while looking into my eyes closely and next he addressed Shweta Di and said now I will suck, “Shweta ab ye Chusegi…” Shweta Di stopped, got up and once again tried pulling me while holding my wrist and this time I did not tried to resist myself.

Though as compared to blue movies it seemed filthy and totally adverse in real life as but one corner I too wanted to feel a real cock in my mouth and I moved close to his crotch. Hmmm…..eventually I took his rod in my mouth slowly and sucked its tip with some hesitation. “Chus achhe se issko Jaise lollipop Chuste hain…”

Shweta Di spoke and pushed me gently towards Bhaiya and his Penis went inside my mouth bit deeper. Keenu Bhaiya hummed a bit with a pleasure of watching me sucking his rod and caressed my head and moved his rod bit into my mouth deeper and spoke “yess…Golu..meri Jaan… Chus…issko ache se…hmmmm…”

and after a pause called Shweta DI in his arms “Shweta …mere pass aa aur Chumma de mujhe” and like it can be assumed next instant Shweta Di and Keenu Bhaiya went into deep kissing. I sucked him, wet sticky, thick hard and swollen, it was weird and not at all pleasant feeling but overcoming my feelings I continued for a minute and to my surprise soon I was Ok with it,

I took him deeper and Keenu Bhaiya stopped kissing Di and moaned in delight. I liked his pleasure cry and sucked him hard in excitement and this time Keenu Bhaiya jumped in ecstasy. Eventually Bhaiya stopped me and got up over his knees. Keenu Bhaiya was blown to maximum,

thick and hard it was at least 7 inches long and correspondingly thick and suddenly a fear of getting ripped in pain passed through my spine. For a fraction I thought about quitting from fucking part but before I would have spoke anything Keenu Bhaiya uttered that he will fuck me first “pahle main Golu ki Lunga…fir teri Lunga” he spoke to Shweta Di.

“No…please…mujhe sex nahi karna” I reacted immediately and that shook their head, “why?” Shweta Di asked me back instantly and before I would have replied to Shweta Di Keenu Bhaiya moved bit towards me “Golu this is wrong….” He took hold of my wrist, I tried to release myself from his grip but holding my hand hard Bhaiya tried pulling me

“I will not let you go like this…aaj to teri seal totegi” “Please Bhaiya…leave me….” I requested him and looked t Shweta DI with a hope that she will help me and she did that “Keenu….fuck me first…mujhe Chudta hua dekhegi to apni marzi se marwaegi” Keenu Bhaiya looked at Shweta Di and asked her if she is sure, “are you sure ki ye marwayegi….?” “Definitely…”

Shweta Di replied and somewhat saved me from getting fucked forcibly. Keenu Bhaiya released me and next instant he jumped over Shweta Di. While being on top her Bhaiya once again kissed Di deeply and after a minute or even less got up and opened Di’s thighs.

Hmmm….they were ready to get into real action, with her swollen fuckhole almost pointing roof Di’s lifted her legs high and holding her one leg from her ankle Keenu Bhaiya stretched Di’s other leg painfully wide. Next holding his monster Bhaiya leaned over Di and slapped his length over Shweta Di’s crack, looking into his eyes Di hissed in pleasure and arched her groin to his.

Ohhh….eventually I witnessed real penetration, a real cock slipping inside my sister’s pussy. Keenu Bhaiya squeezed tip of his thick monster into Di’s opening and before Shweta DI would have responded to that pleasure he flexed his ass into her slipped deep inside her.

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Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - II

Previously: Jyoti And Shweta Enjoying Threesome Sex With Keenu Bhaiya - I

Should I? I asked myself and butterflies fluttered in my belly. "No I can't do this" I replied to myself. As such I could not see any doubt in Shweta Di's gesture and giving me one glass she got up with two in hands and with a smile she uttered "follow me" and my heart started pounding heavier.

I was scared of what all was going to happen in the house, what will happen if our parents will come to know about this but apart from that significant excitement dwelling in me which drove me behind Shweta Di instantly.

Wearing shorts and cut sleeve top finally Di reached to Keenu Bhaiya and tried giving him one glass and I saw with strange uneasiness Keenu Bhaiya's eyes getting stuck to Shweta Di's fair and fleshy thighs. "What?... aise kya dekh rahe ho?" Shweta Di also noticed Keenu Bhaiya getting uneasy and with a cunning smile she asked Keenu Bhaiya in sarcastic tone and sat beside him.

"Nothing..." Keenu Bhaiya replied back while holding a drink and asked if it is Sprite "Sprite hai Na?" "Haan...but with a pinch of Vodka" "What are you saying?" Keenu Bhaiya was surprised and he sipped to confirmed and first looked at Shweta Di and then at me and once again Shweta Di took his attention with a sarcastic question

"what do you think...main aapko yahan apna project discuss karne laayi hun...?" "To fir kiss liye laayi hai...?" Keenu Bhaiya asked back while sipping his drink casually and Shweta Di touched his glass with her glass to cheer and replied with "aapke saath drink karne ke liye". Standing few feet away near dining table I was stunned to see and hear what my sister was speaking and doing.

How can Shweta Di be so shameless? She was sitting beside Keenu Bhaiya on the same couch while touching her bare knee with his thigh over the cloth and Keenu Bhaiya was again and again looking at Shweta Di's thighs and I clearly saw his tent raising his lower.

"You know Golu is angry with me...aaj raat ko issko porn movie dekhni thi iss TV par...aur main aapko le aayi.." Shweta Di continued behaving shameless and my heart beat went higher. For a moment Keenu Bhaiya was amazed to hear that but he instantly came out of surprise and looked at me while saying "why not...Dekh low jo dekhna hai"

and just then Shweta Di interfared and holding Keenu Bhaiya's chin turned his face "Don't look at her...look at me..." with that she stared into his eyes for few seconds, Keenu Bhaiya also remained silent and eventually looking into Keenu Bhaiya's eyes Shweta Di uttered what she needed "mujhe isko hum dono ki movie dikhani hai...! Live telecast".

Though he was but Keenu Bhaiya did not reflected much surprise over his face and accepted Shweta Di's proposal in soft and low voice "why not...?" Next Shweta Di turned to see me with a smile and uttered "see I told you....he cannot say no to it" and after that Shweta Di once again turned her face to Keenu Bhaiya and asked him "koi girl friend hai aapki?" Keenu Bhaiya denied with No in Hindi

"nahi" and Shweta Di continued with "fine…aaj se main aapki girlfriend hun" and once again Keenu Bhaiya spoke same two words "why not..." but with a huge smile. “You are not Virgin…right?” Shweta DI asked him and Keenu Bhaiya knobbed his head in no with a smile and after a moment uttered “you are also not virgin…” and Shweta Di replied “obviously…”

and they once again cheered by touching glasses of their drinks. Next looking at me Keenu Bhaiya asked my status “and you Golu?...tu virgin hai?” for a moment I did not uttered anything, I just moved my vision from his face in shyness and Shweta Di gave him reply by saying that I am still virgin.

It was bizarre; both Shweta Di and Keenu Bhaiya were so casual in speaking as if there is nothing wrong in what they are doing and about to do. Over his expressions Keenu Bhaiya was delighted and could not stop smiling over his luck, Shweta Di was also happy and excited and me; standing 5-6 feet away near dining table my heart was still pounding and my panties were damp like hell.

I was scared and nervous still deep inside I was somewhat waiting for something to happen between Shweta DI and Keenu Bhaiya but Di was giving time to it and she told me to connect the pen drive to the Telivision. For a moment I thought about saying no to it but as I also wanted something to happen in front of my eyes and I moved ahead to connect the Pen Drive to the Television.

"We have all kinds...kaisi movie dekhni hai..." While I was facing tevevision Shweta Di asked Keenu Bhaiya "threesome dekhte hain...! humare jaisi...ek male aur do females" Keenu Bhaiya replied and his words instantly turned my head. Shweta Di smiled while looking at me and spoke to Keenu Bhaiya again "ye nahi karegi..." and then after a pause spoke again

" sirf mere saath karti hai" "lesbian hai kya?" looking at me Keenu Bhaiya asked Shweta Di with a smile and to my surprise Di said yes to it..."haan ye lesbian hai" "nahi..main lesbian nahi hun" I interrupted with mild roughness and got aside from the television and while picking up television remote Shweta DI came up saying “then prove it….” and I went speechless.

As we had 20-25 porn videos in pen drive after that Shweta Di was busy finding appropriate movie to play and Keenu Bhaiya continued looking at me shamelessly. “Come on…Golu… tu bhi aa jaa… mazza aayega” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to me and this time Shweta Di interrupted by saying “pahle mujhe satisfy karo…fir usske barre mein sochna…” “main tum dono ko satisfy kar dunga…”

Keenu Bhaiya replied and just then porn started on the big screen. Shweta Di played exactly what Keenu Bhaiya needed, it was a threesome; two females with one male but there females were somewhat dominating the male.

They were kissing him together and including their own gradually both the females took off all his clothes and soon sitting beside on a couch one was feeding her milk to him and other was sitting on her knees on the floor and sucking his monster nicely.

It was an old video, I don’t know how many times it was watched by me and also by Shweta Di but this time it was sending strange shivering in my spine. Don’t know how; both Keenu Bhaiya and Shweta Di were calm, While looking at screen, looking at each other and also looking at me in short intervals they were sipping their drink and just opposite to them looking at screen for few seconds

and then moving my vision to them, to see how will they begin I was getting wetter and wetter in my panties. Eventually something happened, Keenu Bhaiya adjusted his monster which was making a significant tent in his lower and Shweta Di extended her hand to his crotch while saying “let him grow ….” Ahhh…. Keenu Bhaiya puffed in pleasure with a delightful smile,

where my heart skipped a beat. “bahut ho gaya….let’s start now” leaving his drink in the middle Keenu Bhaiya spoke to Shweta Di and Shweta Di said Ok to him. “tu bhi aa jaa” Keenu Bhaiya spoke to me and my heart started pounding high. “Come on aa jaa…itna kya soch rahi hai” Shweta Di also asked me to join.

I really don’t know that instant I wanted to go for it or not, mentally I was wedged, my brain was blocked but down there; between my legs, there was movement, I was flooding like hell and my pussy was going through mild contractions. “Leave her….aana hoga to aa jayegi…” Shweta Di spoke to Keenu Bhaiya and next instant she just started.

Stretching his legs straight and resting them on central table Keenu Bhaiya was sitting on a three sitter couch and with a touching shoulder Shweta Di was sitting beside him, and without any hasitation Di got up a bit and sat around Keenu Bhaiya’s crotch and before I would have thought what will happen next she lifted his t-shirt and undershirt together and threw it on the floor.

Keenu Bhaiya was bare from his top and Shweta Di moved her hand tenderly over his thick fleshy chest and licked his nipples. Ohhh… Wow Di was feeling a real man… I took a deep breath and just then once again Di looked at me, she smiled and asked me to speak action, “action bol….!” the way director speaks to start shooting,

I did not spoke anything, anyhow I could not speak anything; my throat was choked with my own saliva. “Hum sub kuch karenge….jaise movies mein hota hai” turning his face back to him Shweta Di spoke to Keenu Bhaiya and he once again came up saying “yes….why not…”.

And next instant his hands moved to Shweta Di’s waist and he lifted her top. Like Di did he also threw her top on the floor and finally it started. Shweta Di was not wearing any bra underneath and her sagging breasts popped out in front of Keenu Bhaiya, he grabbed them with both the hands roughly,

Ahhhh…. Shweta Di moaned in pleasure and supported Bhaiya to squeeze her melons harder by holding his hands and at my end I once again puffed in pleasure silently. My God what all is happening here….? How can they do all this? Keenu Bhaiya was massaging Shweta Di milks roughly and I felt my breasts getting heavier in excitement, my nipples were already erect and they grew harder.

Next sitting in same posture, Shweta Di moved ahead and holding Keenu Bhaiya’s scalp gave her fleshy milk mound and Keenu Bhaiya started sucking her nipples instantly. “Ohhhh….yes…suck it baby…suck it” Shweta Di moaned in pleasure while saying that and I just went on going bizarre over whatever she was doing.

My Panty was so wet as if I have peed in that, I was feeling like touching my pussy with my hand but as while chewing Di's nipples Keenu Bhaiya was somehow looking at me again and again and I controlled myself. After sucking one for ample time Keenu Bhaiya squeezed Shweta Di’s other mound in his mouth and sucked that too nicely.

After a minute or may be two, as Shweta Di once again realized my presence in the room she looked at me and once again invited me to join, this time just for getting my breasts sucked “aaja…sirf Chuchiyan chuswa le apni…Chut mat marwaiyo”.

I can say Shweta Di was quite casual in speaking out all this Hindi stuff, especially when we sisters use to confront on bed for licking and sucking but Keenu Bhaiya was surprised to hear that, for a moment he stopped sucking Shweta Di's nipple, looked at her with a smile and uttered "good" "Ruk kyun gaye...chuso meri Chuchiyan" Shweta Di spoke again,

may be to enhance Bhaiya’s arousal and her words worked well as next instant grabbing her harder from her waist he pushed the central table from his feet and stood up while holding Di in his arms. "Tu ghabra mat...tere ko main aaj raat bhar chusunga" with these words Keenu Bhaiya bumped back on couch and took Di other way round, now Shweta was lying on couch and Bhaiya was over her.

As their posture changed I too got up instantly; to see them properly, they both were bare from top with there lowers still on and crushing Shweta Di under his massive weight Keenu Bhaiya started kissing her deeply. Shweta Di was nevertheless crazy and grabbing Bhaiya in her arms and wrapping him in legs she responded back to his kiss equally well.

They both ate each other for really long, may be 3-4 minutes and sucked each others tongue after licking every fraction of each others mouth and soon after breaking the kiss Keenu Bhaiya started to lick Shweta Di's face and kissed and rubbed his wet lips all around her neck and ears and Shweta Di started moaning and gasping erotically.

Standing 5-6 feet away from them, resting my back over wood cabinet by now I was squeezing my breast on my own. Room was filled with loud erotic puffs and moans and fire of lust was lit inside me too. Keenu Bhaiya was once again sucking, squeezing and biting Shweta Di melons and arcing her head with the shut eyes Shweta Di was enjoying whatever Keenu Bhaiya was doing with her.

Ohhh... My God…finally that too happened! After a minute or bit more of breast sucking, kissing and licking Keenu Bhaiya got up a bit and tried taking off Shweta Di's shorts and Di lifted her bottom to let her last cloth go.

Ahhmmm... I failed to resist, unknowingly my hand was reached to my pussy over the cloth and with a tender rub while looking at my sister lying stark naked in front of our brother I puffed in audible voice. They both looked at me, smiled and Keenu Bhaiya threw Shweta Di's shorts to me.

Next he got up, stood on the floor and loosened his lower, Ohhh…finally I saw thing I was waiting for; a real cock. It was beautiful, huge, thick and hard, my eyes were stuck at his size and looking at me Keenu Bhaiya moved his Penis back and forward and uttered "come on baby…have it" and I felt embarrassed.

“let’s go to bed…” Next while getting up Shweta Di spoke and took hold of Keenu Bhaiya’s monster and once again I puffed in pleasure while assuming the feel of holding a man meat in my hand. Anyway smiling over my condition, Shweta Di holding Keenu Bhaiya’s hard Penis and Keenu Bhaiya resting his hand over Shweta Di’s jutting out ass, they both moved to bedroom.

I was dying in lust but I tried to stay there and after entering into the bedroom once again Shweta Di looked at me and called me with a flair of Hindi erotic words, “Aaja…meri Chudai nahi dekhegi kya….” and I too moved to the bedroom.

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