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Engineering student fucking Sushi aunty

As soon as I finished my school, I applied for Engg. and wrote the test and got through. I was asked to make a choice of the eng. colleges and all the nearby engg. colleges were full. I had no choice but to select one college which is far away but luckily my uncle and aunt stayed there. My parents told me to go and stay with my uncle and aunt and not to go to the hostel.

They were afraid there will be too much of ragging in the hostel. Let me introduce you one by one, I am Balu, 18, 5'10" very sportive body, handsome, scored good marks in my school exams. My uncle Sharma 42, an executive in a govt. company earns handsomely, Sushila, 26, his wife,my aunt, beautiful, good features, sorry because they have no issues.

She was a good cook and asked my mother my favourite dishes and used to ask me what I want for breakfast, and main food and for snacks, etc. My uncle, religious minded, does puja everyday and goes to office by scooter. Some days he comes late because of some club activity. I went to the college and in the initial days there was not much study, only getting friendly with people.

Many girls came to ask for my name and I also asked for their names. There were some coming by car, some by scooter and many by bus. I wanted to have a scooter, but my parents and uncle said not now, let us see in the next semester. Sushi aunty is friendly with me rather too friendly. One day I came back from college early and feeling bored I lied in the bed.

Sushi aunty who came with a cup of tea for me not finding in the sitting room came to my room, finding me lying in the bed lied next to me and asked me what is the matter. I said nothing. She asked me are you feeling bored. I said no. Let see are you running fever, she put her hand in my forehead and then in the chest. I felt tickled. She just embraced me and forcibly held me.

This is the first time I am getting into contact with a female body and it gave me an erection. I wanted to hide my erection from her and I wanted to get up, but she forcibly held me down. In the process her hand touched my cock. She loosened her grip and touched my cock to see whether it is really erect. The more she tested it was more erect.

I somehow got away from her grip and ran away from the room. She too would have been embarrassed. She called out my name, but unless my erection is eased I would not come before her. I had to rush to the nearest toilet and shag myself to normalize my erection. She was standing at the door of the bathroom to hear any sound of my shagging.

When I opened the bathroom door and came out she was there at the door. She put her hand on my cock and found it is tamed. We both went to the sitting room and had my tea. She was looking at me and asked me what did you do in the bathroom. I told her, Oh aunty, dont ask such questions, all such things happen with yougsters. She laughed and I too laughed.

After about three days, uncle said he had to go to his HQ for some meeting and he may be away for three or four days. He asked me to pay the telephone bill and some other bills and gave the money with aunty. He was preparing for the meeting with lot of paper work, he brought his laptop from the office and was working on it. He made plenty of printed pages and packed in his suitcase.

On the day of his departure, I asked him should I come to the railway station to see him off. Aunty and I accompanied him and I carried his brief case and placed it in the compartment. The train left and we returned home in the office car. On that day in the night after supper aunty said either you sleep with me in my room or I will sleep with you in your room. I did not answer.

She changed her dress into a night suit. Her suit is only upto her knee. I have not seen her wearing this before. In the night she called me to her room. She asked me to wear just a dhothi, instead of pant and shirt. I am not very familiar with dhothi because I cannot tie it tight around the waist, it comes away frequently. She went and lied in the bed first and then asked me to lay near her.

I had a vest on me and of course undergarment and the dhothi. I was lying stiff like a log. She turned to my side and was asking lot of questions about my girlfriends etc. I told her I never had a girl friend. She asked me, you mean to say you have never touched a girl. I said never. She pulled me closer to her and asked me whether you know what men and women do after marriage.

I told her I will know when I get married. Why worry about it now. Suddenly she put her hand on my cock and said it is so tame today. But because of her touch it was awake and was becoming erect. There it is now it is awake, she said. I thought there is no point in my fighting with her, so let it be. She put her hand inside my dhothi and inside my underwear and got hold of my cock.

It was a 7 inch cock and stout. She said wow, it is so much big. She removed my dhothi and the underwear and made me nude. I tried to resist, but no effect. She also undressed. She was naked underneath her night suit. Her boobs were big and erect. narrow waist and her pussy was clean shaven, thighs were thick. She pulled me closer to her and made me lie on her.

She was heavier than me and hence my lying on her is better than the reverse. She put my hands on her boobs and asked me to press. I squeezed both of her boobs, she was moaning. She kissed me on both of my cheeks. I too was aroused. She asked me whether I had seen the pussy in detail. I said no. She asked me to get up and put on the light. I switched on the bright light.

She called me and showed me her cunt, opening her cunt lips she showed the fuck hole, urine hole and the clitoris. Her cunt was already leaking. She asked me to lick her cunt. At first I did not feel like licking her cunt, but she compelled me and I lied between her legs and buried my face in her cunt. My tongue reached all corners of the cunt. She asked me to lick her clitoris.

She asked me suck it mildly. The moment my tongue touched her clitoris she was shivering with joy. I licked and licked and sucked and made her to reach her orgasm. She wanted me to get us and she guided my cock in her fuck hole and asked me to press it in. It was tight. I pressed and pressed and it took time to go completely in. We both were tired.

Aunty held in her tight by winding her legs around me. I was sucking her nipples. I too enjoyed it very much. She asked me start fucking slowly and then gradually to go faster. Keeping her nipple in the mouth, I went on fucking her, slowly and increased my speed. Aunty was moaning and was kissing me. Her both hands held me tight down. She cried and told me that she is reaching her climax.

I went on fucking in full force. She growled like a wild animal and she was receiving my further pounding. Within five minutes she was again reaching her second climax and I too was nearing mine. Finally we both reached a full climax. Her cunt was full of fluids, sticky fluids. I just got up and we both went tothe bathroom and cleaned our parts.

Seeing my cock erect, she kissed it and then took it in her mouth and sucked it. I kissed her on her mouth and her nipples. Her cunt was not in a kissable condition. She held me tight and told me that this is the first time she gets so much of sex. I asked her uncle cannot hold for so long. He enters and immediately discharges. That is the reason she is not able to conceive.

She wiped her cunt and we came back to the bed. She gave me a glass of milk and after some rest we again started. This time she asked me to lie down and she will mount on me and fuck. My cock was standing like a flagpole. She sat on me and took my cock by hand and inserted into her cunt. Since lot of lubrication was available, she could get it enter easily.

Her big boobs were dangling in front of me. I raised my head and sucked her nipples while she fucked me. She enjoyed her on top action. On every insertion she moaned. She reached climax very fast and went on banging and I was squeezing her boobs and sucking her nipples. Finally when I got my climax, she got down and rushed to the bathroom to wash.

She said it is a god given opportunity for her to conceive. She told me to fuck at every opportunity day or night. I said but you will have to wear only this night suit always. She said I will be ready always to receive your crowbar(cock). We fucked at least five times in day and night. She gave me lot of kesar and kasthuri to enhance my sex stamina.

She made me to eat two or three eggs daily. She with this new sex energy glowed. She slept in the day time when I go to the college. It took five days for uncle to return. On all these five days we enjoyed very much. Finally she told me that she missed her periods. All were happy.

She showed all the morning sickness signs and uncle was nursing her and on the eighth month uncle took her to her home for delivery. We heard the happy news that she delivered a male child. There was celebration all round.

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Sex with Pavithra aunty

Hi now am write my own story first time in this blog..... this is real story my name is venky from Chennai and my aunty also in chennai only...One fine day in my home all went 2 my relative place tat day I buy (bf) cd and watching in my home without closing door really I forget 2 close the door...

Oh k k now I tell about my aunty her name is pavithra(34-30-36)her size later only I know now I continue my story tat day I watching movie and shaking my 7.5inch black tool without closing door in tat time pavithra aunty came my home 2 ask something to my mom.

She saw wat I do in my home went away suddenly in my mind if aunty 2 my mom its could big problem for me I thinking and sitting in home after 2 hours I came out home and search my aunty home she sitting outside home bcoz she is my after 3rd home.

Am ready 2 going hotel to eat I put key in my bike suddenly pavithra aunty call me I cant see her face then she came near 2 me and where u going I say nobody in home so I going 2 hotel..then she told in my home I have meals u dont go anywhere I said ok went to my home after 20 mins she came my home with lunch and serving me I did not see her face.

I start my lunch she ask wat u do before in room suddenly I getup and told 2 aunty sorry aunty dont tell to my mom pls pls she not accept tat after 10 min she blackmail me if I wont tell ur mom now put tat cd we both can watch tat(in my mind eppadiyavathu available koothiya paakanumu no thonichi)

I just standing without put tat cd after 5 min she again tell me put tat cd other wise I tell ur mom after this word I put tat cd and she command to lock the door. After in tat movie threesome movie will playing in movie they removing all the dress and ready to threesome action aunty watch mu trouser and ask me wat is inside in ur trousers I said nothing after aunty call me come close 2

me and ask can we do like this with me(innaiku matter pottra vendiyatju than)I said ya I like then aunty ask then y u standing come and do with me am urs today. After this word I go near with aunty and kiss her lip and hug her 15min after I remove her dress and panties too she remove my dress fully we both were standing naked she command me lick her pussy in standing position lot of hair in tat pussy(dai keela naaku podudu nalla nu sonna!)

I lick her pussy tat time she sit in face and she had orgasm in my face little bit liquid came after licking she ordered to tease mu pussy with ur black cock we both were standing and I touch her pussy lip with my cock and teasing her pussy.

After she told vulgarly in tamil(dai enna da theikra koothila vidra nu sonna) after she came up and lie on bed she ride me just 5 to 10 min I reach my orgasm and she told come up me(dai naaye ne mela vathu koothila kuthu da nu sonna) after I fuck her in misstionary position more than twenty minutes after we go bath and doing sex in bathroom...

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Shamla fucks her brother Basheer

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One day Amina was talking to her cousin Shamla, sister of Basheer. Shamla was narrating all her woes, not getting married and her youth getting spoiled etc. She said her fingers have worn out due to constant masturbating. Amina laughed and said she will give her solution and asked Shamla to come to her house on day. It was fixed that SHAmla will come on the following day.

In the afternoon when Amina was taking rest after lunch, Shamla came. She was very beautiful and Amina wondered why nobody comes forward to marry her. Amina explained to her in great detail how sex can be had at arm's length and how safely it can be used for our benefit.

She said she was having this luxury and now her husband Is coming and she is telling her a secret which Shamla has to follow secretly. Amina explained about the prevention of pregnancy, safe period and all. Shamla asked but how who will give sex to the extent we want. Amina told her it was Basheer who was giving her all the sex she wanted.

She asked Shamla to make use of the services of Basheet till she gets married. Shamla was shocked. How can that be. He is my elder brother. Amina said he is my cousin brother also. But he was told everything in detail and he is very cooperative. Anyhow I will see that he makes you sex today in my presence so that you may not have any embarrassment said Amina.

Basheer came escorting Shamla and was sitting in the drawing room. He did not know the subject matter of the talk between Shamla and Amina is he Amina asked Shamla to hide behind the almirah and watch their sex. Shamla went and hid behind an almirah. Amina called Basheer and asked him was he tired because of the previous day's fucking. He said no, not at all.

Amina asked can you fuck four times today. He laughed and said why four, I will fuck six times. Amina undressed and asked Basheer also to undress. Shamla was watching in great surprise. Amina lied in the bed and Basheer came and widened her legs and raised them and he buried his face into her cunt. He was licking the cunt of Amina and sucking the clitoris.

Within seconds, Amina was aroused. Shamla also was greatly aroused at this scene. She saw the cock of Basheer dangling between his legs. Basheer then got up and took his cock and placed it in the fuckhole of Amina and slowly pushed it in. Amina at this moment called Shamla to come out of the hiding.

When Shamla was coming out of her hiding place, Basheer was shocked. He looked at her with wide eyes full of anger. Amina told him, don't get angry with her. It is I who called her. Let her watch how a fucking has to done. Shamla sat near them in the bed and watched the huge cock of Basheer entering the cunt of Amina.

Amina took the hand of Shamla and placed it near her cunt so that she can feel the cock going in and coming out of her cunt. She asked Shamla to remove her clothes and lie down nude near her. Shamla was shy and yet she removed her clothes and lied near Amina. Here the vigorous fucking was going on. Shamla was also aroused. Her hand was on her clitoris rubbing it.

Within no time Basheer and Amina reached their orgasm and they pulled out and went to the bathroom to wash their parts. When they returned Amina asked Basheer to suck the cunt of Shamla. Cunt of Shamla was a virgin cunt. Basheer looked at Shamla and at Amina and asked is it ok. She said you first lick and then I will tell you what you should do.

Don't fuck her till she gets married. Till then just lick and suck that's all. Whenever she wants you should do it. After marriage is over, if her husband goes away without taking her, you may fuck her, but not before. Basheer agreed and asked Shamla to lie down and open up her legs. He buried his face in her cunt and licked the entire cunt. He face was lit up. Shamla was moaning.

Bhaseer went on licking and sucking her cunt. When got her orgasm, she tightened her legs and Basheer waited for her to open up again. Amina asked Shamla how is it, did you like it? Shamla said this is fantastic, better than my masturbation. I will ask Basheer to do this to me whenever I want. Basheer said certainly this I will do for you any number of times, day or night.

Shamla hugged Basheer and kissed him. Luckily a proposal came for Shamla from a commerce graduate from gulf. He was very much satisfied with Shamla and wanted the marriage to take place immediately. It was immediately arranged and on the first night he fucked Shamla.

Shamla's cunt was very tight for him and he told her hat he will get a job for her as soon as returns beck to gulf. He was there for 2 weeks and every day he fucked daily her three or four times. But his cock was not as big as that of Basheer. Finally the date of his departure came and she was crying for his departure and for her loneliness.

On the same night, she called Basheer to come to her room at 11 pm. Basheer came. She removed all his clothes and licked and sucked his cock and he also licked and sucked her cunt. He then fucked her for the first time. Fucking one's sister was great fun he said. They would have fucked three or four times that night.

Basheer went to the house of Amina just once to fuck her, but he fucked Shamla many and many times. All this luxury happened only till the girls are taken away by their husbands. Those who promised him Visa did not give him Visa and poor Basheer is now without any girls to fuck and no visa.

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Amina fucks her cousin Basheer

Shamla, 20, beautiful with right sized boobs and all curves, graduated in commerce and was waiting for marriage or for further studies. Her parents old fashioned wanted her to go for marriage and raise a family. Her brother, Basheer did not do well in academics and after failing three times in matric, stopped his studies and just remained at home.

His father was a commission agent, but he wanted his son to go to gulf and earn money like other boys. But no job offer was forthcoming. Amina, 21, cousin of Shamla got married three years back and her husband was in gulf. He gets home leave once a year and remains at home for one month. He loves sex and fucks her continuously for one month and then goes off.

He could not get a family visa to take her along with him. Amina also is very sexy and hot girl. But she cannot get sex as much as she wants. She masturbates and satisfies herself. One day she called Basheer and asked him to get her a bottle of pain balm from the medical shop. He brought it to her.

It was evening and her father had yet come home and her mother has gone to some neighbor for gossip. Amina told Basheer to apply pain balm on her forehead and massage. After that she wanted him to massage her knee. She was lying in her bed and Basheer was standing near her and asked her which knee is to be massaged.

She told him to massage left knee and she raised her petticoat upto the knee. Basheer leaning over her was massaging her knee with both of his hands. Her fair color and soft skin gave him an erection. Lying Amina could see that Basheer was having an erection. She asked him to go a little upwards towards her thigh.

Bhasheer was doing massage on her thigh and underneath her thighs and he was very much aroused. She told him to do the same to her right knee and right thigh. Her petticoat was drawn up and Basheer strained to see her pussy. He bent very low and made her legs wide so that he may massage well. Amina knew what his intentions were.

Casually she lifted her hand and touched his erect cock. She asked him, why, Bhasheer what is this, so strong and long. She was younger to him, but he did not behave as an elder brother. Before he could withdraw, she took hold of his cock and with both hands and pulled it towards her.

Basheer wiped his hands on her thighs and saw that she did not wear any undergarments and her pussy was visible as Amina had removed her petticoat from covering her pussy. Come closer, Basheer, come closer and let me see this object clearly. WOW, it was indeed a jewel, bigger than that of her husband. His ball pouch was compact, his balls were moving in her hands.

Her one hand guided the tip of his cock to her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and took his cock inside and guided it with her tongue. Basheer was in ecstasy. She took a gap and asked Basheer to lick her pussy. She opened her legs wide and pushed his head down to reach her pussy. Basheer had to lie down on the bed and insert his head between her legs to reach her pussy.

Her pussy was nice, without much hair, a little dampness due to oozing fluid. Amina turned to one side so that she could have his cock in her mouth and make Bhasheer lick her pussy. She placed one of her hands on the back of his head and pushed his head so that his face may get buried in her pussy. The tongue of Bhasheer stuck out was licking the cunt lips of Amina.

Amina slowly was reaching her orgasm. It came all through her body and her vaginal muscles were shivering. Bhasheer also got his orgasm and he shot his fluid into her mouth. Mouth full of cum, Amina enjoyed the fucking very much. Basheer's cock did not lose the stiffness. She went on sucking it. She asked Baseer to go on licking her cunt and clitoris.

Basheer sucked her cunt lips and the clitoris. It was like high voltage electricity passing through her body. She moved her body to suit to the rhythm of his sucking. She got short short orgasms. Basheer was doing a wonderful job. She slowly got on his and lied on him flat, pressing her cunt on his face. She took good length of his cock in her mouth. This went on for quite a while.

They did oral sex for more than an hour and when she reached her orgasm, she got down from the top of Basheer and went to the bath room and washed her cunt. It had a burning sensation because of his sucking. Basheer just wiped his cock in his dhothi and took permission from Amina and was about to leave. Amina called him and told him to come on the following day by evening.

He agreed and left. Amina was just thinking about the recent experience of sex she had with Basheer. She enjoyed it more than the fucking of her husband. Basheer was a new discovery. But she did not want him to fuck her. If she gets pregnant she will be earning a bad name to herself and her family. She telephoned to her friend who was a lady doctor in private practice.

She asked about the methods to avoid pregnancy. Her friend asked her how she came to clarify her doubts now, whether her husband is coming shortly. Amina told her he may come anyday and she just wanted this information. Her friend told her in detail about the rhythm method, I Pills and condoms etc. Amina marked in the calendar her safe and unsafe days.

Next day her safe days were to begin. Amina was happy that her real sex life is about to begin. Next day her mother told her that she had to go for the wedding reception of the daughter of her friend. Amina told her that she may call Basheer to come and keep company with her. Her mother agreed. Amina said if it is too late she will ask Basheer to sleep here.

Ok, Ok, said her mother. Amina's heart was beating very fast and she was restless and was walking within her house. Amina's mother had just left and had Basheer been there they could have started right now. She put on her foot wear and went out in the road and and looked around. There he was coming slowly. Seeing her he made a quick pace and reached her.

They both went inside and Amina locked the door and asked Basheer to go to the bedroom direct. Basheet was wearing his traditional loose shirt and a lungi. Amina went to the kitchen and took a bottle of cool water and a bottle of coconut oil. She came to her bedroom, it was slightly dark inside. She put on the lights and the fan. She asked Basheer to remove his clothes.

Obediently he removed his clothes and came near her. His tool was limp and shrunken. At least once she wanted to take his entire cock in her mouth. She kneeled on the floor and took his entire limp cock in her mouth. Her tongue rolled around it and it was real fun to have his entire cock in her mouth. But it was only for a few seconds.

It grew in size in seconds and came out of the mouth of Amina. She removed all her clothes one by one to the amazement of Basheer. He had not seen a nude female figure so far and there she was like a beautiful statue. Amina was very fair in colour and her whole body glowed in the light. Her pussy was clean without any hair and her full thighs and round raised ass were the real beauties.

Her boobs with erect nipples showed how roused she was. With her both hands she beckoned Basheer to come on her. But Basheer made her to lie diagonally in the bed, sat on the floor and opened her legs and looked and enjoyed the sight of her pussy. He opened her pussy lips and looked inside. He saw the crowning clitoris and the two small orifices for urethra and vagina.

Amina told him her game plan for the day. she told him that her mother and father may not be there till late night. They are going to fuck today. He has to plunge his entire cock into her cunt. Basheer no, no, no, if you get pregnant? She told him not to worry and that she had taken precaution against it. They have to simply fuck and enjoy that is all.

Basheer wanted her permission just to lick once, her cunt and suck her clitoris. He said he wanted to taste the honey coming from her cunt just once before he starts. She said ok, and she with her fingers opened her cunt and asked him to lick and suck. Basheer removed his clothes and leaned on Amina and licked her cunt and sucked her clitoris with great greed.

In one push Amina asked him to come up on her and fuck her in missionary position. His huge cock was positioned by her in her cunt and it went in slowly and deeply. Her cunt was very tight and both Amina and Basheer enjoyed the tightness. He moved it in and out very slowly and slowly increased his speed. Amina was moaning loudly to express her pleasure.

Basheer went on fucking her in moderate speed. Amina hugged her pressed his body against her boobs. Her wise legs were getting wound around him and she gripped him tightly. She was arriving at her orgasm. Her whole body was reverberating with his thrust and he too got his orgsm and shot his cum inside her cunt. It was a new experience for her.

The short of his cum into her fuck hole made her thrilled. His flow went on in successive spurts. Finally it was over. But his erection was intact. He withdrew much against her wishes and they both went to the bathroom. Both were nude, brother and sister, but they enjoyed the fucking to the maximum.

Basheer wanted to lick her cunt and he said he liked the taste of her honey. They fucked for another three or four times that night. Amina made to lie on his back and strode on him and fucked him. They continued in this relationship till her husband came from gulf.

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Aji having sex with elder sister Latha

Sex is a fantastic experience. Being wthout sex is like being without food or water to drink. When you are aroused sifficiently you forget the relationship or the circumstances. Long ago while studying in the school I, Aji was in the XII standard and my elder sister, Latha was in the second year degree.

During exam time we used to sit in one room and study so that we need put on one light and one fan and save on electricity. Our parents never bothered about these things and they go to bed early. In summer my sister used to wear ony a nighty and I a knicker. Her sleeveless nighty extends only upto knee.

When we sit on the floor and study, unless she takes special precaution her entire inner thighs and pussy will be visible. She was around 20 and I 17. I have seen her pussy many times, but never thought otherwise. Similarly she has seen my cock many times but never bothered about it. In limp conditions it will be about 4" in size.

Her pussy was hairless and hence did not attract any attention from me. Some times she will come in a minipant and a bra. We were concentrating in our studies and no time to think about sex. After the final exam was over, we were both very happy because we had done our exams well, my sister suggested why not go to a movie.

We went to a wide screen theater in the mall nearby and returned home around midnight. Just as I was going to my room, latha my sister told me that why not sleep together. I said ok. She went to her room, changed into her usual nighty and came. I changed into my knicker and dragged the cot to the center of the room and I lied by one side of the bed.

She came and sat in the bed and looked me. I asked what is the matter. Suddenly she put her hand on my bulge in my knicker. My cock was not stiff, but there was a small bulge which was prominent when I lied in the bed on my back. When Latha put her hand on the bed, I sprang up asking what are you doing, and removed her band. But she said, wait, let me see how big it is.

She was unbuttoning the knicker and pulling it down. I had no other go, but to yield to her wish. But my cock was growing fast into a 7 inch rod, very stiff. Arey, this is a nice piece. I never thought we have here in our house such a beautiful thing. With both of her hands she caught it and was leaning and touching it with her tongue.

Oh, sister, are we not doing something wrong, asked Aji. Latha in the meantime has taken his cock in her mouth and was licking it. She showed Aji to lift her nighty and kiss her pussy. Aji lifted her nighty and saw she has not worn any underwear and her pussy was there glistening. He touched it and felt some dampness. He kissed her inner thighs and kissed her pussy.

They were already in the 69 position. She guided him to lick her pussy. She opened her pussy lips with her fingers and asked him to lick inisde. Aji was just ran his tongue along her pussy and relished the pussy juice flowing from inside. She guided him to her clitoris. He licked and sucked her clitoris. She was in the pangs of her orgasm and her thighs tightened by the side of his head.

He was also reaching his orgasm and he shot his juices into her mouth. Both of them having reached their orgasm by oral sex, got up and went to the bath room to clean their mouths. Aji's cock has not lost its stiffness. Both removed whatever pieces of dress they had on their bodies. Stark naked, they hugged each other and kissed on the lips. Aji was taller than Latha.

Her boobs were medium sized and were erect. She had nice curves which will attract anybody. Latha and Aji went to the kitchen drank water and came back to their bedroom. Aji just opened the cunt lips of Latha and examined it closely. Latha explained the parts and asked him to lick and suck the little button and insert his tongue into the fuckhole.

Again they took 69 position and Aji went on licking the cunt. Latha stopped him and she got up and put her legs across him and sat on his stomach and took his cock and tried to insert in her cunt. Aji was attracted by her boobs which he took in his hands and was squeezing them. Her fuck hole was too narrow and the cock was not entering her hole at all.

She made two three attempts to make Aji's cock enter her cunt. But it was not. She got up and lied near Aji and asked him to push his cock into her cunt. Aji made her to lie diagonally keeping her ass at the edge of the cot, stood on the floor and put his cock in her fuck hole and pushed it in. It gave her pain.

He slowly pushed the head of the cock in and in slow jerks pushed the cock to enter the cunt. It took a long time for making the entry. But Latha was complaining of pain. Aji pulled it out and again inserted in full force half of it inside her cunt. Again he pulled it out and leaned on her and sucked her clitoris.

Latha's pain vanished and she dried her tears and was expecting further sucking action from Aji. But Aji inserted his cock and in one push made half of his cock to enter her cunt. He saw Latha was enjoying his entry into her cunt. He just fucked her upto half of her cunt. He pulled out licked her cunt and sucked her clitoris. Latha was very happy nnd enjoying the action of sucking and fucking.

Finally Aji gave a strong push and his cock went all the way in tearing her tissue. His entire cock was buried deep inside her cunt. Latha gave out a cry of pain, but Aji closed her mouth with his hand. They remained like that for some time. Aji started to fuck slowly. Latha was getting pleasure and pain but said the pleasure was more.

Aji gradually increased the speed and finally saw that Latha is reaching her orgasm. Aji pulled out and shot his fluids in the ground. But Latha wanted it in her mouth. There after they slept in the same room, fucked almost everyday. took care to observe safe days and unsafe days, took pills on the unsafe days and enjoyed sex thoroughly. Latha got married and went abroad and Aji went on fucking other girls. He is an expert fucker now.

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Sister became his wife

Hi, this is between me and my loving sister who is now my wife. We are from India. Many might think this story not only as incest but also something very sick. But let me tell you that this is my real life story and I am not only living with it, rather enjoying every bit of it.

Currently I am 28 and she is 26. We have been having sex since 4 years now. It was very difficult to achieve this. It took me years to make her fall in love with me. Today I am recounting all this, because we got married (to each other, by breaching all the society rules) just yesterday. So here goes my story right from the beginning…

We became 22(me) and 20(she) and I got a job in another city. I relocated. Although I kept visiting my family every 3 months, it was only after a year I noticed the development in her body. About 15 months later I came back to my hometown and I got to see a very matured and developed sexy sister. I again started having fantasy about her and masturbated again in her honor.

Just like today, I have always been writing a diary of my thoughts and sex with my sister has been a topic mentioned there quite a few times… one day she happened to access my computer and there she saw a word file where I had written my fantasies about her and how much love do I feel for her.

This perhaps brought some change in her, because that day onwards, I started getting a glimpse of her cleavage. Initially I thought it was all accidently. But one day I saw her cleavage for about 5-6 seconds and she also caught my eyes, but did not say anything, just smiled. A week later I along with my parents travelled to our native place which is around 600km away from our house.

My sister could not come with us as she had her exams going on. I stayed there for another 2 days and came back; my parents were insisting that we cannot leave my sister alone at home. When I reached home, my sister had just taken bath and her hair was still wet. She smiled at me and went inside her room.

I sat on the sofa in the living room thinking about what may have caused the change in my sister’s behavior. I switched on the TV and tuned to a movie channel. A very hot love making scene was going on. I was aroused watching it. Suddenly I realized that my sister was also in the room and had seen it too.

When I looked at her she looked me into the eyes and smiled at me and went into her room again. I followed her somewhat reluctantly… I asked my sister, “Can I kiss you?” She surprised and looked shocked, asked “what?” I said, “Can I kiss you… on the lips?”

She smiled and looked down. I took her face into my hands and touched her lips with mine. She was so shy and nervous, that her heartbeat rose to double. I was also in the same condition. We kissed again. Suddenly she took her face out of my hands and said this is not right!!! Well, after all, we were watching Unfaithful… the effect had to be there and the dialogue was bound to come… ;) I convinced her somehow and she agreed.

This time I went a step ahead and convinced her for a little more than a kiss on the lips- a smooch!!! We smooched for a few minutes and then smooched for a few more times that day… That evening, while having dinner, I asked my sister, “You were not talking to me for these many years… What happened now? why sudden change?” She replied, “Just like that!!!” But I insisted on an answer.

And there came one!!! She said, “we are siblings and sex between us is incest, so I did not appreciate you kissing me on the lips and that too when I am asleep! I would have talked to you, but you had attempted to see my panty the very next day and that angered me further. But about a month ago, I was using your laptop and there I saw this word-file you have dedicated to me- sorry,

to your fantasies about me… and there I came to know that you are not able to overcome this… as I read further, I understood that I was also falling in your love! So I started giving you signal by flaunting my cleavage… but you were so dumb that you didn’t get it!!! Today also when I was hesitant for the kiss, I was half yes and half no… I mean I wanted your kiss, but was afraid…”

We finished dinner and went to the living room. We smooched again and again and again… this continued for another 4 days. Our parents met and accident on their way back and we lost them. It was a big shock for my sister and she took about a couple of months to recover from it. Days passed and we became 24 and 22.

By now I had started fearing of separation from her as she was old enough to get married. Proposals were coming for her and she was rejecting the guys telling that she didn’t like any. One good day, it was 14th Feb. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we went out separately to enjoy. But I didn’t have a girlfriend. So I came back as early as 6 in the evening and was surprised to see my sister home.

I was thinking that she must be having a boyfriend as she has a good figure and she damn pretty too. But I was wrong and she told me that she has no boyfriend. In my mind it was a sigh of relief, for my sister was still a virgin, and moreover that she had no guy in her life. By now we were 26 and 24 and I was a little worried about her marriage, as I was only elder to her and no one else in the family.

One good day I asked her, whether she wants to marry in life or not. She said yes but, she wanted a guy like me, who would be responsible as well as handsome and will not marry until she finds an exact match. I also insisted that if she doesn’t get married, I will also not marry. We had a sweet kind of a fight and we didn’t speak for a couple of hours.

After that at lunch time, I asked her about marriage again and she said her answer was still the same. So I asked her opinion about me and she was, both, surprised and glad!!! Glad because she also had fallen for me and surprised because she had only thought of kissing me and smooching me… not marrying me!!!

She agreed to what I was saying and wanted to marry me too, but only under one condition, that we should leave the city and settle somewhere else and that I should marry her the next day itself. I also said yes quickly and we both went to a temple and married in a short ceremony. We came back home and had lunch and then started preparing for selling all the property and packing all the goods.

I asked my sister to sleep with me on the same bed that night. She agreed on the condition of “smooching and some love making on the body is ok, BUT NO PENETRATION as we need to plan our family well!!” I too agreed immediately. After dinner she reminded me that we were married now. I also smiled at her and we went to her room.

After latching the door, I and my sister embraced and kissed passionately. I took a look at my beautiful sister from head to foot. After finishing one smooch I said, “I want to kiss you like the love making scene in the film Dayavan.” She was shy and looked down. I said what happened? She said it’s a scene of Suhaagraat- the wedding night. I said right, we are married now, so let’s enjoy.

We went to bed. She lay down on the bed. I was about to start, but something came to my mind. I went to my room, and started my PC. Then my sister removed her wedding sari and put it away. She followed me, surprised and unaware of what is happening. I played the video of the love making scene and showed her.

She was so excited to see it and once it was over, I asked her to do exactly like in the video. She was shy again and agreed. I played the video again. This time she studied it carefully… every movement of the actors… then she asked me to wait for a few minutes and went to her room. I started searching for some good incest porn on net. She called me from her room after about 15 minutes.

When I went to her room, I saw her totally prepared for the lovemaking. She had worn her petticoat till her chest with horizontal bra inside, had done some make up with adequate lipstick of red colour, her hair free… she was giving me very sexy looks and was inviting me to her bed.

I went onto her and started kissing(in fact smooching) her… she followed every action of the girl in the video ditto… we had planned only of kissing and love making on the neck, throat, chest and back… But I felt like sucking on her breasts. So I asked her Sis, can I suck your breasts please?" She was shy and said, "Yes Bro” and then looked down like a newlywed typical Indian bride.

My sister unbuttoned her bra and gave her breasts to me. I lovingly fondled my sister's soft breasts for a while and then took her left breast in my mouth and started sucking. My sister hugged me closer and ran her fingers though my hair affectionately as I sucked at her breasts. Then she gently drew my head towards her right breast and I started sucking alternating between her two breasts.

We lay down on the soft bed and kissed again. Then I asked her if I can give her the ultimate joy of lovemaking. She said, "Brother, I am your sister and also your wife. You do not have to ask me my permission to do anything with me. Everything I have is yours. Take me, my loving brother and husband" and spread her legs wider to give better access to me.

Well, this was out of plan, but I was so aroused that I could not control and asked her and she too agreed. I bent my head and placed my lips over my sister's pussy and pressed it hard over the warm softness. Even through her skirt, I could smell the fragrance of my sister's girlhood and soon I could also feel her wetness.

After planting several kisses, I started untying the drawstring of her skirt. My sister felt eagerness and shyness at the same time as me undid the drawstring and started pulling her skirt down. She lifted her back a little so that I can pull her skirt off completely. Now she was totally naked before her beloved brother/husband. I was stunned by my gorgeous sister's body.

There was not too much hair on her pussy and the brown lips were glistening with her love juice. I positioned myself between her long legs and put my lips on the soft fragrant petals of her sex and showered kisses on them. Then I parted the petals and took the little clit between my lips and caressed them with my lips.

My sister started moaning at the first ever contact of sensitive clit with my lips. It was a pleasure unknown to her so far. She pressed my head against her pussy and crossed her legs on my back. I kept sucking at my sister's clit arousing her more and more. Suddenly I felt her raise her hips and jerk several times and a gush of juice poured out of her pussy.

I pressed my lips tightly against her pussy and sucked all the juice which tasted heavenly. My sister lay back now slightly trembling after her first orgasm. I moved up and looked at her. Her chest was heaving with heavy breathing and her eyes were closed.

The nipples on her lovely breasts were hard and she was sweating slightly. When she opened her eyes and saw me, she said, "Oh brother, I love you so much. You are making me so happy. I am glad I am your wife. Tell me what I can do as your wife to make you happy". I was touched by the expression of love by my sister.

I kissed her warmly on her lips and stood up to remove my pajama and reveal my dick to my beloved sister. My sister's eyes went wide when she saw my stiff dick. She wanted to take the beautiful thing in her hands and fondle it. She sat up and took hold of it and lovingly ran her soft hand along its length.

Then she brought her lips to it and kissed the head. She said, "Brother, you look so wonderful". I said, "My darling sister, I not only look wonderful. I am going to make you feel wonderful too now", and pushed her back on the bed and positioned myself between my sister's beautiful thighs. Then I put my prick on the entrance to her lovely pussy which was now almost sloppy with her love juice and slowly pushed it inside.

My sister's cunt was tight but because it was now well lubricated my prick slid inside with slight pushing. My sister gasped as my prick entered her girlhood and caressed the sides of her sensitive pussy. In a little while, I felt the obstruction of her hymen and suddenly pushed hard and broke it. My sister jerked and bit her lips at the pain.

But it passed soon and she felt more pleasure as my prick entered her pussy fully. As I started sliding it up and own her cunt, her sister's pleasure started building up. As for me, I was in heaven, feeling my loving sister's warm cunt gripping my prick and massaging the sensitive veins.

I caught hold of my sister's thighs and pulled her towards me, burying my prick deep into her with each thrust. My sister was thrashing her head from side to side as I pushed and pulled my prick into her pussy. She soon reached her climax and arched her back pushing her hips towards me several times.

I held on because I wanted my sister to remember our first union forever by climaxing several times. I kept fucking her until she had three more orgasms and then let go load after load of my incestuous sperm into my lovely sister's warm cunt. As she felt my cum splash against the walls of her cunt, My sister had a feeling of fulfillment. She was now really her loving brother's wife.

After releasing my love load into my darling sister's pussy, I lay down on her side and hugged her and kissed her and spoke loving words to her. I also moved down and planted several kisses on her pussy which was now my property. After a while, my sister shyly asked me, "Can we do it again?" I was of course ready and we had a wonderful intercourse again.

Brother and sister did it again three more times and by the time we drifted into sleep, it was almost morning. When I woke up, it was afternoon. I saw my sister lying naked beside me with a slight smile on her beautiful face. My saliva had dried up on her breasts and her pussy was matted with my semen and her own cunt juice. I gently kissed her and woke her up.

After kissing some more, she got up and put on her wedding sari again and I put on my dress. In about 3-4 weeks we sold all the assets there and moved to a different city. We now have a kid and it’s amazing. The life’s so happy and wonderful and we are both enjoying sex sessions almost 3-4 times a week and planning for our second. It’s our parents’ blessings that are with us.

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Rhea having sex with grand uncle

Rhea told me her story. In her younger days, about four year ago, she was put up with her parents in their home town and going to school. She was in 9th standard. In the night she used to sleep in her own bedroom. She says the moment she lies down in the bed her pussy starts itching. She used to scratch and then sleep. One day her grand uncle came to visit them.

He was her mother's uncle. Grand old man of 65, but very congenial and jovial. He used to crack jokes and make everybody laugh. After supper where to make him sleep was the worry of her mother. Uncle John said I will sleep in this bedroom pointing out the bedroom of Rhea. This is where I sleep Rhea said.

What of that, the bed is very big and I think three people can sleep easily, Uncle said, ok you also sleep. Rhea's parents could not say no, poor old man cannot be asked to sleep in the sofa, or on the floor and hence they agreed to his sleeping in the bed of Rhea along with her. After supper he sat for a while to watch TV and then went and stretched in the bed of Rhea.

Rhea put on her night suit and went to her bed. Uncle was lying facing the wall. Rhea lied on the other side of the bed. Her trouble started. There was a mild itching sensation in her thighs and in her pussy. She turned to the opp. side and was scratching mildly. She to lift one leg and scratch her pussy lips. Because there was lot of hair it made some sound.

The more she scratched she got more satisfaction. For a moment she forgot that the old man is lying near her. Suddenly she felt his hand was searching for her thighs. In shock she turned to his side and found him smiling and told her in a soft voice that he too will help her in scratching. Before she could say something his hand was on her pussy.

His broad rough palm was cupping her pussy and squeezing it. It gave Rhea great relief and some pleasure. She said in a mild tone, it is ok uncle, please you go to sleep. He said I am going to sleep, but I heard you scratching and I thought I should help you. In the meantime, he got up, lifted her night suit upto her chest, with his wide palm he cupped her entire pussy and was massaging and rotating it.

Rhea was getting aroused and it was new and strange sensation, which she could not deny. She opened her legs wide, He asked her to remove her night suit and panty. She got up, removed her bra, night suit and panty and she was totally nude in front of him. He got up and bolted the door from inside and put on a mild lamp.

He made her to sit in his lap, with both of her legs on either side and crowbar like 8" cock was stiff. He just rubbed it against her clitoris and with both of his hands squeezing her boobs. He asked her to hold his cock and rub it against her clitoris. Rhea was enjoying it to the maximum.

The old man's tool was very stiff and when she rubbed it against her clitoris, it sent waves of pleasure inside her body. squeezing her boobs with his rough hands also gave her more pleasure. Within a short time a flood of fluids were coming from her cunt and she was nearing her orgasm. She was moaning mildly.

He asked her to put the end of his cock at the entrance of her cunt and asked her to push forward. Oh my god, it went in, inside her cunt and then got stuck. He gave a thrust and it tore her tissue and went deep inside. There was pain and pleasure but his cock was a real pleasure stick. He made her to swing forward and backwards and his cock was going in and coming out.

She reached her orgasm, a sensational happening, overwhelmingly pleasurable. Old man also reached his orgasm, but his cum was too thin and did not bear any sperms. He made her get up and go to the bathroom and clean her cunt. He wiped his tool in his dothi. Rhea came back from the bathroom and gave Uncle a big hug and a kiss. He asked her how is the itch.

She laughed and said it is vanished. Uncle made her to lie on him. He taught her how to take his cock and insert it in her hole. She watched in amazement his entire tool disappearing into her body. Uncle said now it is your decision, if you want to fuck, you fuck, otherwise keeping it inside you sleep.

Pressing her young hard boobs against his grey haired chest, Rhea lied on him, with her legs entwined under his. But the tool was pulsating inside her, making its presence felt. She rose and started to fuck him. She fucked the hell out of him. Old man even at this age was showing how strong his tool is. Rhea reached her orgasm twice or three times, but uncle was just cool.

Finally they changed positions and he fucked her or rammed his cock into her and he got his orgasm. Rhea's cunt was paining at all the rough handling it suffered. She went and washed her cunt and dressed up and they both slept. In the day time Uncle went to the local church for some discussion. Rhea's parents went to office. But in the night Uncle was a changed man.

He fucked her three times. Sometimes even in the day time he used to fuck her as there was nobody in the house. After four days he left giving her a costly mobile phone as a gift. Rhea was left with lot of sweet memories of sex with the old man.

Once she managed to play with a servant boy. But his tool was very small and she asked him to lick her cunt. But he did it clumsily and hence stopped doing with him. Then she joined the engg. college and came to the hostel to stay with Rose.

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Dan fucking sexy elder sister Pooja

hi friends I am dan(name changed) 20 years old and a regular reader of this site. I have decided to write my own first sex story with my sister pooja. I live in mom goes to work early in morning and dad is mostly out of town for after my college gets over its only me and my sister at home most of the time.

i am 5.7 fair is short discription of my sister-she is 5.5 and fair.she have normal breast size. but her boobs..they are firm with a pink nipple.but the great thing about her that drives me crazy is her ASS..its HUGE..look I mean shes not fat at all she will hardly weigh about 45 50.but her ass its too big and tight that it pops out of jeans or anything tight she wears.

so this all started a few years back when I was 18 and my sis pooja was was time of summer.if any of you lives in mumbai then you must be aware of heat here.i had vacations and my sister was looking for a was out of town and mom went to work. I came home after playing at about 10 am. no one was at home but my sister. she was taking bath.

she did not had idea that I was home. I was sitting on couch and suddenly she came out of bathroom full naked. that was the first time I saw her nude and I got horny.she felt so much uncomfortable and ran in bathroom again.that was the first time I got nude thoughts about her. whole day I was thinking about her. how can I get to fuck her?. then I got this idea.

at night I poured water on my bed and told mom "my bed is wet let me share bed with pooja." both of them agreed. at around 10 11 wen mom was asleep I was with my lappy playing games. and pooja came out of shower. I quickly noticed that she wasnt wearing bra. she came beside me said "good night" n slept. I waited till 1 am to make sure that shes sleeping.

then slowly I put my hand on her belly pretending that I moved it in sleep.slowly I took it up at her one eye was slightly open noticing her.she was still I pressed her boob slowly. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at me.she thought I was sleeping. but surprisingly she did not removed my hand and closed her eyes again.i was surprised.

so I pressed it even harder. and pinched her got rock hard!.i knew that when women get horny their nipples get hard.i knew she was loving it. after some time I stopped it and slept because mom was in next room. next day again at noon she came out of shower. and started applying sun lotion on her thighs giving me sexy looks. she was wearing lose half pants.

i also took some of it and started to apply on my hands.then by purpose I poured more of it and said"its too much.i dont want this much u take some".and without waiting for her reply I started to put that lotion on her legs.i wwas massaging her.she was just smiling looking at me.then using all guts I got I put my hand on her upper thighs inside her pant and started applying it there.

this time she moaned.i knew she was asking me to fuck her.without wasting any time I pulled her pant with her underwear.and started licking her thighs.she was moaning "AAH AAH LICK IT ! LICK IT HARD! suddenly she grabbed me and gave me a lip lock. we kissed each other for about 5 minutes.then I removed her t shirt and bra.started licking her tasty nipples.

i was pressing her boobs so hard.she was getting crazier.her body was wet with my saliva.she took out my dick and started playing with it with one hand.and with other hand she was pushing me into her boobs.then I grabbed her ass and started licking it. I said "pooja your ass is incredible".she smiled and said "its all yours!".then I fingered her vagina she moaned like hell.

i was afraid that some one will hear it.then she grabbed my cock and gave me a nice blowjob.she said" are you a virgin? with my positive reply she said"then let me take it"she took my cock and pushed inside her pussy and she screamed! "fuck me! aHHHHHHHHHH yes!!!!!! fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!

i started pushing it.then she bent down.i fucked her doggy style. we used start stop method so we can enjoy more.we had sex session for about 4 to 5 hours that day. then it was our daily routine to have sex.we had sex in bathroom kitchen bed stairs. evrywhere.i use to fuck her evrytime I got chance till she got married. still she comes home sometime to visit us and when we get chance we start our exercise.

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Kiran having sex encounter with cousin Manju

My name is Kiran. I'm an engineering student in a good engineering college in Cochin. This is my sex experience with my younger cousin sister. Her name is Manju. She is in 9th standard and I don't know her exact age.

My uncle (Manju's dad) and aunty (Manju's mom) live about only 1 kilometers away from our home. Even if they live nearby they don't visit our home not even in a month. Both my aunt and uncle are engineers. My aunt is so sexy that I usually imagine about her having sex with me. Even I had hot experience with her two times when we had to go to college for joining me.

It happened in a govt transport bus. She was just standing in front of me, that's when the bus started to get crowded and there were no space for us to stand. So she came right into me and stood pressing her ass on my penis. Her buttocks were so soft and fluffy that my penis got erect. When bus brakes and accelerates she would press her buttocks on my penis much harder.

But I wasn't brave enough for having sex. I was so afraid about asking her to have sex. So we had only our hot experience. One day uncle, aunty and cousin sister came to our home since it's been so long we have met. Maybe not that long, only 1 year or less. I wasn't at home when they came, when I reached home my mom and they were having their conversations.

But I didn't see Manju around so I thought that she didn't came this time also. She don't come to our home with uncle and aunty, she often stays at her home with her studies. But when I saw aunty she was wearing her saree so sexy like all the time. She wear her saree showing her navel part and boobs cleavage to others, maybe it's because her private parts are so huge.

Suddenly I went up to my room and I saw that Manju is watching porn film in my computer. She looked back and she saw me and she closed all those things. I went to my room without asking anything to her. She came to me and asked, "What was that in your computer?" I replied, "I don't really know anything about it, I'm innocent." I said, " somebody put them on my computer. Maybe my friends or enemies."

Then she came near me and said, "I know guys watch these type of movies. My friends also watch them on their mobile. Even I had sex with my boyfriend many times." I confessed to her that I put them on my computer and I watch them daily. I was shocked that she told those things to me. Then I asked her in amazement, "I can't believe that you had sex with your boyfriend. Even you have boyfriend at this age. It's unbelievable."

She asked me, "What you didn't had a girlfriend at this age?" She told with a sad tone that she broke up with her boyfriend few weeks ago. She looked so sad while saying that. I didn't even looked at her in a bad manner. She asked me if I'm available for the next day since it was summer holiday for both of us. I said that I will be available if nobody calls me for outing.

She took down my mobile number and they went back to their home. But still I was thinking about having sex with my aunty. The next evening a call came to my mobile, it was from my aunty but I thought it was Manju. I was wrong it wasn't Manju, it was her mom (aunty). Aunty said that she and Manju are going for outing and some shopping. They asked me to accompany them that night.

I said to them that I will surely accompany them for shopping today evening. On our way, we met together at the bus stop. I was so shocked to see them both. Manju was wearing a half sleeve t-shirt with low neck and a white mini skirt long up to her knees only. Her legs were so white that my penis got erected by that and aunty was wearing nice half transparent saree showing her navel and boobs cleavage.

We boarded a bus and since it was evening and most of the people were going to city for shopping the bus most of the bus was so crowded and ours too. We boarded a bus that was also so crowded. We stood there in the middle of the bus, I was standing behind my aunty and Manju in front of her.

Since the bus was so crowded I stood right behind aunty so as to get a chance of hot experience. It was my luck that she came back right into me and she was pressing her big, round, soft and fluffy buttocks on my penis. Again I became lucky that there were traffic jam in the city so that we have to stand there in the bus in that position.

The bus was right in the middle of the traffic jam and I was losing my control when she put more pressure on my penis with her buttocks. I was so confused that I didn't know what to do. Then finally I lost my control and I started to press my penis on her buttocks as she pushed back on me. My penis was now fully erect.

But I didn't see aunty showing sign of facial expression, she is just looking forward. After much hot play the bus reached the city and we entered a shopping mall to buy some dress. First we went to the buy dresses for Manju. She mostly prefers jeans or t-shirt or skirts or shirts. Aunty went to the saree section asking me to accompany Manju while she selects her dresses.

Manju rapidly selected some dresses and we went to the saree section and asked aunty that we will be outside. Manju and me went outside to the marine drive walkway. There were only few peoples around as it was too late. We walked until the end of the marine drive walkway. It was very dark and there were no people around and we can only hear the boats moving in and out from a boat station nearby.

She said, "we can sit here for sometime and talk." I asked, "you wanna sit in the dark?" She asked me if I'm afraid to sit in the dark. I just laughed at that joke and sat there and started to talk about our past days as we didn't met for about 1 year. She asked me if I'm having any relation with girls. I said no for that. Then she said, "I'm available if you don't mind." I said, "nice joke."

She said that she is not joking and she is so serious about it. Then she suddenly started to kiss my lips.I tried to control myself and tried to kiss her back but soon I lost my control and I became hungry for her lips. I also sucked all her juice from her lips. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her buttocks.

I was so horny and started to kiss her lips so harder and I squeezed her buttocks as hard as I can. Suddenly her mobile rang, it was her mother. Aunty just finished her shopping and asked us to return back to the mall. Me and them stood at the bus stop for around 15 minutes and a single bus is not coming. Finally a bus came but it was so crowded.

Aunty and Manju boarded the bus through the front door so I walked behind them and somehow reached the middle of the bus. Manju went to the front of the bus. Aunty and me stood there in the middle of the bus. Aunty stood there right front of me. She was again squeezing her fluffy buttocks against my penis. But this time she was rubbing her buttocks on my penis.

I don't know maybe it was due to the braking of the bus. This time I got more courage and decided to make a move. I moved my hand around her and placed it on her navel inside her saree. There was no change in the attitude of aunty. I pressed on her navel so that her buttocks would press my penis much harder. Then I moved my hand around her navel exploring her whole skin.

Within few minutes I started to drag my hand from her navel to her boobs. I noticed that her speed of the breathe has increased while I was doing that. I started to press her boobs over her blouse. Her boobs were so huge and soft. I squeezed those massive boobs from outside her blouse and I enjoy that hot experience a lot.

Then she started to move back and forth that her buttocks would squeeze much harder. We reached our stop and get off the bus. Both of them said good bye to me. It was the most exciting shopping in my life. That night I started to think about having sex my aunty and Manju. Next morning when I woke there was a message in my inbox from aunty's mobile. I thought it was sent by aunty.

The message was - 'Come to home at 9.00 am. I will be waiting for you.' I went to their home in the morning. There was no sign of anybody in the home. The windows and curtains were closed. I doubted if there is anybody in the home. Then I rang the bell and I can hear someone is coming so fast from the 1st floor. My heart is beating so fast.

The door opened and I was getting aunty to see in sexy saree and suddenly I got shocked that it was Manju who opened the door. She was wearing top and tight mini skirt that made my penis erect. I asked her, "don't you have class today?" She said, "It's vacation Kiran." Then she invited into the house and sat there in the dining room. I asked her if aunty and uncle is there in the home.

She said that aunty and uncle went to the office early morning. Then we two went to her bedroom and when we reached there, she was watching porn movies on her computer. I was stunned and she asked me to sit on her bed. I sat on her bed and I was watching what she is going to do next. She asked me, "Do you watch porn movies everyday?" I replied, "Yes, of course, most of the day."

"And what you do after watching them?", She asked. "I would probably masturbate.", I said. Then she started to pose in front of me and asked, "What you think of me?" I said, "You are hot, sexy and bombshell...." Then she suddenly started to strip down her dress. She was wearing only her panty. And she is having small boobs.

Then she went to the shower room and she signaled me to follow her with her finger. I stripped down from my dress too and followed her to the shower room. "Are you afraid of having sex with me?", I asked her. She said, "No, I have done this before with my classmate many times. So why should I be afraid to have sex with you?" She said, "No more talking."

Then she opened the shower and the water was falling all over her body and she was moving her palms all over body and her panty became wet and I could see the shape of her vagina clit. That made my penis to fully erect. Then she turned over and started to move her arms over her buttocks and she gave a hard slap on her buttocks. I was so excited to fuck her.

I went near her and started to kiss her on the lips. We were sucking each others lips so hard. She turned over again and I started to kiss her neck and shoulder from the back. At the same time I was rubbing my penis on her buttocks and I started to jerk my penis on those big soft buttocks. Then I turned her around and started to squeeze her small boobs.

Next I moved my lips through her neck downwards and reached her boobs and started to suck them. After sucking out all the pleasure from her boobs I went down and reached the belly button and started to lick her navel for sometime. Then I removed her wet panty and she raised one leg of her. So I started to lick her vagina. While I was licking the juice from her vagina she was moaning with pleasure.

Then I take her to the bedroom and put her on the bed and started to lick her vagina so harder. She was squeezing her boobs by herself while I was drinking the tasty juice coming out of her vagina. Then I put my penis into her mouth to lubricate it. She sucked it so hardly. I slowly inserted the penis into her vagina and she was squeezing the pillow due to the pleasure inside her.

My penis doesn't fully get into her vagina since her vagina is so small. I slowly started to thrust my penis into her vagina. After each thrust I increased my speed. I spread her legs wide so that it will be easy for me to fuck her. And I increased the speed and she started to moan so louder and I thought she was crying but I didn't bother about it.

I continued to fuck her so harder and harder so that after 2 or 3 hard thrust into her vagina she squirted all her juice over my body. She asked me to lay down on the bed. I lay down on the bed she came over me and put my penis into her tight vagina. She started to ride my penis in cow gal position. She was moaning while she was riding the penis so harder.

While she was riding the penis I was squeezing her beautiful small boobs. She was riding harder and harder so that after few thrusts she squirted her juice all over me again. Then I stood up on my knees and bending her down and started to fuck her in doggy position. I placed my both arms on her hips and started to fuck her harder.

I was slapping on her beautiful soft buttocks while I was riding her from the back. I haven't never seen such a beautiful white buttocks in my life. I started to feel like the climax is coming soon so I started to fuck her harder than ever and she was crying and pleading, "Slow down Kiran, slow down, you are doing too hard, I can't take it any harder."

Then I slowed it down pushed her to the bed and I sprayed all my cum over her back and buttocks. She said, "I will call you whenever I want you, you should come and satisfy me." I replied, "OK, but we can't do this our whole life. What will you do after you get the job?" "I want to become a model or actress or anchoring.", She replied.

I asked her, "Do you know what models do?" She replied with light smile on her face, "Yeah, I know. I will do that they ask me to do. Even sex, I just wanna make some money." "So what is your favorite in modelling?", I asked. She replied with great confidence, "I will do bikini photo shoot. I love bikini. I love to wear sexy dress and seduce my fans."

So I said in a joking way, "Then why don't you become porn star?" She asked in amaze, "Whats a porn star?". I said, "The actors in the porn movies." She pushed me on to the bed and started to lip sync.

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Phani having sex with young sister Ramya

My name is Phani and am going to write about lust and sex story that happened between me and my younger sister ramya. All of the this happened during my final year of engineering, when ramya just joined her first year engineering. Ramya is 17 years old then with full C cup sized boobs and fairly normal ass. She is around 5’’6 height with long hair reaching up to her hip.

I never dreamt of fucking my sister or not even bothered looking at her boobs and ass over her dress. Lot of secret lust and romance happened in between when finally I got my dick pierced into ramya’s virgin vagina.

Ramya is very ornate and posh, I knew she is not a innocent girl and should have watched filthy videos and talking girly matters over phone with her friends. One day she returned home and throwed her white panty into laundry basket and has gone for a shower. I observed its wet and figured that she had just cum along with her friend next door watching sex movies.

That was the first time I was holding a wet panty in hand and it created a desire to jerk off myself. So I wrapped my dick with ramya’s wet panty and started masterbating. As I was jerking off, Ramya was already out of bathroom, watching me do all that. I pretended not noticing her and continued. After few minutes I came and cleaned it up using her white t-shirt and left the room.

Soon after ramya took the t-shirt and tried to lick my cum for once. She also smelled it deeply with lust and licked my cum again. I was watching all this secretly from the living room. I thought ramya is ready for all what teenage has to offer but she is not ready for a real fuck. All this time she didn't know I’m aware of all the happenings between us.

But on the other hand, due to teenage hormone effects she thought its an adventure unaware of where it can all lead to. So I decided to make her ready for a real hardcore fuck by giving her short lived pleasures. She started her romantic adventures the next day itself. So she had her shower bath and was only in a short towel which barely covered her vagina.

She acted as if she had a electric shock in bathroom and fainted there with a loud shout. I went into bathroom and made her sit on floor and she acted half-asleep. Looking her with only a towel on, dick inside my shorts hardened. I tried lifting her up, she got hold of my shorts with one hand and got hold of my dick with other.

I understood she’s doing it on purpose and let her continue what she will do further. In this process she almost pulled my shorts to my knees making my dick hanging in air like a machine gun. So I got rid of my shorts further and placed her left hand across my shoulder and gave her support by holding her waist from back.

We moved few steps forward and she pretended to about to fall again. I moved up my hand from her waist and hold her breast with my palm under her armpit. Its round breast and very soft with nipple between my fingers. I observed that her body got heated up and her nipples poked out under the towel.

After few steps she told she cannot walk anymore and wrapped both her hands around my neck and asked me to lift her off the floor. Her plan was to rub her boobs against me, but I had different plans. I lifted ramya off the floor and she wrapped both legs around my waist. At this point my dick is touching her virgin vagina while I was walking.

I thought I should try give her the pleasure of fingering. So I brought my hand under her ass and started rubbing her vagina lips as if I’m trying to help her. This must be the first touch of man her vagina has felt until now, she pressed her boobs tightly against my chest out of lust. After that I made her lay back on bed, and thinking of romantic climax to end it.

I said “ramya, I’ll give you tonic medication so you can recover” and she still had her eyes closed and said “ok, brother”. I removed her towel and started masterbating looking continously at her boobs, naval. I was enjoying her full nude view for the first time and taking my time to cum. So she thought to make me cum faster and widened her legs to give a full view of her vagina.

I bent over her vagina and deeply inhaled the smell of her juices. When I was about to shoot the cum, I said “ramya open your mouth, and swallow this tonic”. She’s observing this secretly and had a smile around the corner of her rosy lips.

She opened her mouth and I put the tip of my penis on her lips and shooted my cum in her mouth. The best part is she pretended as if my dick is a spoon and started licking my dick 3 to 4 times and swallowed it completely. Following this incident both of us acted nothing has happened differently.

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