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Sooraj fucking cousin sister Sutapa

Hai! I am Sooraj, 52 year old man working as a sales officer in a company at Indore. My cousin sister"name is Sutapa. She is about 46 year old lady working as a teacher at Kanpur. Actually I know her since I was reading in college 35 years ago. At that time she was reading in school. She was beautiful and white. She always was smiling at me. I loved her but it was one-sided.

In our family marriage was not allowed between cousins. However I was dreaming about her for about 20 years., after which I got married to somebodyelse. But she was my first love. I was fucking her in my dreams. For years together I was masturbating thinking about her. Allthose days she has been treating me as my brother. Years passed away.

We lost contact with each other. Two years back I had gone to Kanpur for some office work. I stayed in her house for one day only. Her husband was working in a insurance company and it was a transferable job. He was coming home once in a month. When I saw her after about 20 years, she smiled at me. Same smile. But her complexion is totally changed. she has become plump.

Sutapa is short height, fair. Her boobs will be around 40" size. She has got big size bums. Her navel was visible as she was wearing a saree at house. I spent for only few hours in the morning and returned immediately for my office work. I promised to visit her afterwards. Last month only I went to Kanpur for 3 days office work. I stayed in her house. She was alone in the house.

It was Sunday. Whole day she was at home. Since it was summer, she was wearing red sleeveless blouse. Her white bra was visible. She has got thick bush of black curly hair in both her armpits. O God! it was looking so sexy. I was always staring at her sexy armpits. I was getting mild erection also. When she was serving lunch to me, I inhaled her sweaty armpit smell.

Although I was trying to lure her, I could not get the link how to do the first move. Then night came. After dinner at 11pm,she went to her bedroom for sleep. I slept in the drawing room. Her bedroom door was half closed. I could not get sleep for one hour thinking how to fuck her. I was wearing a lungee with bare chest. I had taken a sex pill in the night.Slowly I got up.

The fan was running. I went to her room. and pushed the door. Only the mosquito lamp was glowing. I locked the door from inside. She was wearing a night gown and sleeping. Her thighs were visible. Her boobs were partially visible. I lifted her gown slowly, Her cunt was visible with curly pubic hair.I inhaled her cunt. Jasmine smell was coming.

I started to put my tongue in her cunt when she woke up. Raja bhai, what you are doing, she screamed. I am not getting sleep, so I have come to sleep with you, I said. Rajabhai, are you mad? you are my brother! Sutapa shouted. I know I am your cousin brother and because of this, I could not marry you.I have wasted tons of semen for you for about 20 years.

Please Sutapa, give me a chance to fuck you so that both will be satisfied. She wanted to cry but I did not listen to her. I switched on the tubelight and tried to undress her. She wanted to run but since the door was locked, she could not go and leaned against the wall. I tore her thin maxi from backside and undressed her.Sutapa was stark naked.

I kissed her back and pressed her bums violently. I licked her back and buttocks. Then I kissed her putting my tongue into her for 10 minutes. Then I squeezed her tender coconut size boobs and chewed her nipples and armpits. After 10 minutes she cooled down. Then I laid her down in the bed. I spread her white thighs and licked her cunt lips for 15 minutes.

Sutapa was making hhssss----eesss---oh yes------ooeeemaaaaa-----oooohhhh-----------sound. Then I inserted my 4" long cock in her mouth and ordered her to suck. She was sucking like a lolypup. After my lund became hard, I pushed my lund into her cunt. Oh! it was like my honeymoon night. I started fucking at 100km speed. Sound came like phat---fuch----puch----.

Sutapa was crying, OH! MY HUSBAND--- FUCK ME---------MERA BIA KO PHATADO---------FUCK ME HARD------OHHHHHHHHH---HHMMMM------ I WANT WHOLE NIGHT FUCKING----------O GOD--------CHODO MUJHE------SALA RAJA--HAMMER ME-------I HAVEN"T BEEN FUCKED FOR YEARS TOGETHER---OOHHHHHHH--- I gave violent strokes for 30 minutes.

Then I discharged in her mouth and told her not to waste a single drop of semen. After 15 minutes I told her to suck my lund again. It was erect again. I told her to show her gand.She did not understand and was horrified. I told her to teach anal sex which will give maximum tight pleasure. She knelt down like a bitch and I started licking her ass hole.

It was my dream to fuck her gand. I first fucked her with my tongue totally entering it. Then I inserted my 4 fingers in her ass and then finally rammed my hard cock in her ass in one go.oooommaaa-------ooeeeemaaaaaa------oohhhh---mujhe chhod do---- vari dard hota hai----eehhhhmmmm---- Sutapa cried. Don"t worry, you will enjoy in 3 minutes, I said.

I drove my shaft in top speed. OOOHHH-----MERA GAND KO PHATADO------ KEETNA MAJA ATA HAI----- OHHHHHHH-- Sutapa started pushing backwards. I fucked her gand for 15 minutes and then ejaculated in her ass hole. Then I licked her gand and drank my own semen. Then I kissed her and we slept naked together.

I stayed at her house for 3 days and fucked her day and night in cunt and ass and returned my place Indore fully satisfied. Now I request my lady readers specially to comment for future inspiration. Others may give their opinion also. Thank you all for reading patiently.

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Farida fucking young relative

Farida goes fucking!

Horny Nayan fucking Pinky - VI

Previously: Horny Nayan fucking Pinky - V

Hi readers, this is Nayan again, for those who are regular readers this is continuation of my escapade within my family. Here, I would love to add that human mind has strange behaviour and prepares defence for the actions we take. To update our status to all the readers I wish to say that about a year after Babli's marriage, bhabhi shifted to Delhi as bhai was transferred there.

I became a lonely person and after having illicit relation with bhabhi, I could not bear the agony of sexual starvation. It was a real fun enjoying bhabhi almost daily and I also enjoyed anal sex with her. It was not possible for me to shift to delhi as my business is flourishing back home and I called in Ballu to join me in my business.

Taya ji appreciated my gesture and pumped in some money as well and Ballu came down to my place. Both of us stayed in my room and with time we started sharing some of our secrets as well. I restrained myself from divulging my relation with Pinky and bhabhi but once under influence of ' Black dog' he uttered few words about Dolly (my cousin from Ranikhet).

I nudged him to elaborate and over next few pegs ballu accepted that he had good time with Dolly. I exclaimed ' oh yaar you did it with her '. He said ' Nayan, the day you and Pinky went to chandigarh, I took her for outing '. I waited and asked ' phir ki hoya, yaar ballu '. Ballu said that Dolly's boobs were continuously rubbing his back and she accidently touched his tool but then it happened quite often to term it 'accidently'.

I sensed an opportunity and pressed Ballu to speak out everything. Ballu said while taking snacks in a restaurant he then intentionally brushed his hands over her boobs and Dolly simply overlooked. Encouraged by this Ballu took her to a scenic spot known only to locals and while walking put his hands around her shoulders and literally fondled her boobs.

I asked Ballu what was Dolly's reaction, to which he said ' yaar kudi chipak gayi aur chooma chaati bhi ho gaya '. Then that night while Ballu was in my room, Dolly came upstairs and whole act was repeated and Ballu even sucked her nipples but Ballu then tragically said ' par yaar ain waqut per dar gayi aur koi dekh lega koi dekh lega ki gal kar bhaag gayi neeche '.

I consoled him and next morning I rang up Pinky and narrated the incident to her. She asked me ' Nayan ab tujhe Dolly bhi chaiye kya '. I said ' dekh yaar tujhe chod kar behanchod to ban hi gaya, to ki farak padta '. Pinky laughed and said ' Nayan tu pakkaa harami hai, pehele mujhe, phir bhabhi aur ab dolly ko bhi, '.

I got annoyed and said ' yaar maine kissi ke saath zabardasti toh nai kitta aur ab bhabhi bhi nahi hai to kya randion ke paas jaun '. Pinky said ' mere paas aa jaa khush kar doongi phir to Dolly ki yaad nahin aayegi'. I told the truth ' maloom hai, delhi mein tujhe to pel hi loonga par yaar naya maal pelne ka majaa alag hai '.

Pinky frowned and said ' toh kya meri dheeli ho gayi hai '. I said ' nahi yaar mera matlab woh nahi hai tu samajh nahi rahi '. She teased me and said ' toh samjha na nayan, tu apne khandaan ki har ek kudi nu pelna chahta hai aur main teri dalli ban sab kudi nu kahte phiru ki nayan ka itna lamba aur motaa hai ki tusi ek baar pilwao ji to baar baar pilwane ka man karega, kya yehi wich gal karne phone kiya '.

I realised my mistake and said ' oye pinky tu naaraaj na ho, tu bas haan bol mai apni garmi tujh par nikaal doonga '. Pinky laughed and said ' koi gal nahi nayan thoda thand rakh aur mere phone ka intezaar kar '. She then informed me that she is busy and she will inform me when to come.

About a month later she said aa jaa, aur seedhe ghar aana. I dodged Ballu by saying I am going to delhi for meeting a big party and will be away for about a week and next early morning left for delhi. I reached Delhi at night and dropped my driver at a lodge and straight away went to Pinky's place. I had to wait and when finally Pinky opened the door I had instant erection.

She was wearing only a shirt with only one button barely covering her chuchi and a panty. Her shirt just covered her ass and it revealed more than it covered. I entered her flat and closing the door pulled her towards me and kissed her. She held me from my neck and soon we were playing with each others tongue. My hands wandered into her apron and fondled her breast and tweaked her nipples.

She moaned and pulled her head back and I started kissing her neck and then licked it. I was undoing her apron when she stopped me and I,too, heard mild faint noise. My head turned towards the source and then Pinky whispered Dolly is staying with her. Soon Dolly came out from bathroom wearing knee length backless sleeveless lingerie.

She came out tying her hair with towel without knowing that I was there and I had a very good view of her smooth armpits and glowing skin and mild aroma filled the room. Dolly smiled at me and asked 'arre Nayan tu kab aaya '. I smiled back and informed her stating that I have some urgent meeting. Pinky then adressed her and said ' ab toh yakeen ho hi gaya ki tum dono ke beech kuch telepathy hai '.

I was not able to get what Pinky was saying . Pinky explained that Dolly was talking about you only today and just see you arrived. I laughed and said sach mein Dolly, bas ek phone kar dete toh main Ranikhet hi aa jaata. I asked her about wellbeing of uncle and aunt as to how her work is going. Dolly informed me that everybody is fine and she is literally out of work and has come to Delhi for that only.

Pinky then grabbed Dolly and said ' tu ghabraa mat Dolly '. There was again knock at the door and as Pinky was going to open the door Dolly said ' arre khud ko dhak to le besharam ' and Pinky replied ' Dolly jisne ki sharam uske phoote karam '. I laughed and was annoyed to see Pinky's boyfriend. Pinky introduced him to us. Ravi was feeling a bit odd and same was the case with me.

Pinky then took control of the situation and said let us have dinner. I declined and said ' I ate on my way to Delhi and that I would call it a day '. Pinky did'nt force me and said ' chal nayan tu so jaa, hum log dinner kar lete hain' and picked up my luggage and we entered bedroom. She then whispered ' aaj Dolly ke saath aish kar, usko garam kar doongi aage tere upar hai '.

I said 'isko bulaaya kyon'. She sexily said ' pra har kisi ko toh nahi bol sakti ki tu behanchod hai is liye ' and she left. I took bath and changed to shorts and delibrately did'nt wear any T shirt. I saw myself in mirror and was pleased to see my shapely body. I came to bed and slept in middle. I could hear their laughter and I dozed off.

My sleep was disturbed due to something I don't know but after some time I realised Dolly was in terrace. I strained my eyes and then I could make out she was fondling her own chuchi with one hand and fingering with other. I had instant erection. I got up from bed and silently came near terrace. It was 2 a.m in morning at that time.

I could not understand as to why she was in terrace doing all this stuff. I then realised that she was engrossed in peeping into other bedroom and immediately I understood the whole scenario. My lund demanded fresh air and I obliged it by pulling down my shorts. My lund sprang out like a spring and I jerked it so that it attains full hardness.

Dolly was unaware of me and was fisting herself at rapid pace. I then went out in terrace silently and in one swift action hugged her from behind clamping her mouth with one hand and with other cupped her chuchi. I whispered into her ears ' itne der se dolly tujhe ungal karte dekh raha nahi gaya, mera lund tadap raha hai aur tu hai ki ungal kar rahi hai '.

I rubbed my chest over her bare back and kissed her neck and then started licking her neck. I felt her shivering and her tongue licking my palms. I removed my hand from her mouth and then it roamed from her chuchi to choot and from choot to chuchi and with other hand tweaked her nipples. She emitted a soft moan ummmmmmm ahhhhh.

I took her earlobes in my mouth and played with my tongue making her horny. She was already dripping down her choot in gallons and was fully ready for a good fuck. I lifted her in my arms and we came back to bed room. I then removed her nightie and in that dim light she looked sex godess. There was a slight flab around her stomach which made her even more sexy.

I made her sit on bed and stood in front of her poking my lund on her face. She understood and took my lund inside her mouth and played with it with her tongue. I grunted out of pleasure and held her head. She after a while left my lund and lied down spreading her legs. I pulled her to the edge of bed and lifted her legs and positioned my lund.

She guided my lund and raised her hips and the toppa knocked the doors of her choot. I then gave a huge push and she greedily took all of my lund inside her choot. I started pumping her with both her legs on my shoulder and I was like embracing her legs and pumping her. I saw her seductively smiling and softly moaning huuuuhh huuuuh ummmmm huuuh ammmm uffff hhhhuuuuughhh aaaahhh oooh.

After that initial wave I disengaged and came on bed. I started sucking her nipples and she bit her own lips and moaned ' naaayaaan pppleeeaseeee kaaarrrrrr naaaa '. I replied ' pehele aacheee see dil bharrr ke tujhe choos to lu meri jaaan phiir pelunga '. I took her nipples and mildly bit her. She held my head and croaked ' ppppleeeeaseeee maaattt tadpaaa kaaarteeeee kaaarteee choooosss uffffff '.

I liked the idea and and once again entered her. I sucked, licked her entire top while gently pumping her. I saw saliva flowing out of her lips and I greedily sucked them and played with her tongue asking for more. As she raised her hands I started sucking and licking her armpits which made her crazy and she moaned uuufffffff hhhuuughhh aaaaahhhhhh ooohhh and started grinding her choot by giving circular movement to her hips.

I started to ram her furiously and grunted ' itniii garami hai to pehele hi boltiiii ab tak pel pel ke teri phad detaa'. She continued her movements and replied' toohhhh abb phaddd deeeeee ufffffff haaaann iiisssseeee hiii phattteeegi meriii uffffff haaaaiiiii '. I kept on pumping and our talk made me go mad and my pounding went to maximum possible limit that I could have.

Dolly moaned aaahhhh nayaaaaan maiiiiii jhaaaaddddd rahiiiiiiii huuuuu aaaaurrrr peeellll and I felt her hot juices on my lund but I was not done. I took sidewise position and began fucking her at full speed. She was breathing heavy and squeezed her ass to provide more pleasure to me. I continued with same speed and soon I started to cum. I discharged my battery inside her and fell on her gasping for air.

After a while I asked Dolly tu Pinky ko karte dekh rahi thi. She said haan, unki chooma chaati to dinner ke baad hi shuru ho gayi thi aur Pinky toh uske god mein baith gayi sona sona karke. I asked her tera koi boyfriend nahi hai.

She said nahi hai. I asked toh isliye garam hui par aacha hua kam se kam meri to lottery lagi. She pushed me and said Nayan tuh bada badmaash hai. I said abhi subah subah bataunga kitna badmaash hu aur kya tujhe majaa nahi aaya. She nodded. I smiled and said toh phir ek round ho jaaye.

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Horny guy having sex with Aunty

After getting so much encouragement from you all I am back here to narrate the remaining part of the incident. Friends when I returned back to guest room I was shocked to find my auntie there. She was sleeping on my bed and that confused me. It was already 12.30 a.m and I was wondering what to do as the bed was only four feet to six and a half feet.

That meant two adults would have to sleep close or one could tumble. After thinking a lot I decided to disturb her. When I whispered " Auntie should I go to living room " she woke up and said that my uncle took sleeping pills and he is snoring so loud that she could not sleep in her bedroom and as Y ( X younger sibling ) had already locked the room and was sleeping so she did'nt disturb her.

Further she said X was busy with me behind the locked doors and she thought that I would be there whole night so she came down to guestroom.A shiver went down in my spine because I thought my fling with X will not be known but showing courage as if nothing has happened I asked wether I should go to living room.

To this she said she would not mind if I slept there only and she turned her back to me and again dozed off. Taking shower before I sleep is my habbit since my child hood so went to the bathroom and took shower and cleaned my dick and came back to the room in my night dress. As I entered the quilt it was warm and cosy due to my auntie. In dim light I could see the the back of my auntie.

Her nightie was strapped around her shoulder by a thin strap and had a deep back cut. As a dress designer I could make out that front will not be deepcut and the length approx up to knees. One ought to have a top so that you can move around the house in that nightie.I created a space but the way she was sleeping her ass was touching my ass. Thinking about her figure and the satisfaction of enjoying with X I also dozed off.

I do'nt know what woke me again but I felt my tool totally erect and my pyjama was open then It came to me as a surprise as iI felt my night shirt top buttons also open. I wriggled a bit and with the corner of my eyes I looked at my auntie. She was facing me, eyes closed but her hands over my stomach.

Then I felt cold and realised that quilt was not on me and auntie was using it as if it was a bluster but that clearly made visible her legs and ass. By this time all sleep eloped from my eyes and I clearly understood what was going on. My pyjama and shirt would not open on its own and auntie was feeling me.

But I decided to play along and turned towards auntie and in the process pulling quilt from between her legs. I covered up myself with quilt and as if I was still asleep I embraced my auntie and poked my dick on her stomach. Then she turned her back towards me and took my hands over her soft boobs. Then she adjusted her legs in such a way that my tool was in between her ass cheeks.

She slowly began to wriggle her ass and moaned very softly. Meanwhile she took my hands and started pressing her boobs. This continued for a few minutes and it became more and more difficult for me to pretend as if I am sleeping. Before I could do anything she again turned facing me and slowly slid inside the quilt.I could feel her hot breath on my chest and then she started to lick my tits.

I encouraged her by holding her head and slightly pulling towards me. Perhaps she might have smiled but then she started sucking my tits the way we do to girls. I could not pretend anymore and I slid my other hand beneath her body and drew her closer to me.I used my hands to pull her nightie and she helped by lifting her ass. All this while she continued ti suck and lick my tits.

I was on cloud nine.Once I got rid of her nightie she did the same with my pyjama and shirt and both of us were totally nude. Now I pushed her beneath me and kissed her lips. It was so wet that I started sucking her lips vigourously then inserted my tongue. She welcomed my tongue and we kissed for few minutes. Then she turned back and asked me to kiss all over her body.

I started kissing her shoulders, neck and then with my tongue I made movements from up to down and down to up. She tasted like a nectar and then I shifted towards her pussy. She stopped me from licking her pussy and pulled me on top of her and whispered do'nt do it now because she gets uncontrolled by it and she would ask me to do it when there is nobody in house.

I could not understand what that meant but then there was her beautiful boobs with erect nipples asking for immediate attention. I started the way she did to me. It was now when she asked for insertion and I readily obliged. While I was completely inside her and pushing hard she whispered that she saw me fucking X and since then she also wanted to have her share and as this was the third time during the same night so I should do it harder and faster and longer.

This provoked me and I moved at a faster pace. She was so wet that our movements were causing a peculiar sound. All of a sudden I withdrew my tool and asked her if she wanted more then she will have to lick my dick. She was in such a state that she obliged me and licked all her juices that was on my tool. That again recharged me and I asked her to come on top.

With her riding me her rythyming movements of her boobs was driving me crazy. I grabbed her boobs and started kneading them.This increased her pleasure and she started moaning a bit louder and continuously thanked X. I could not make out why she is doing so. Then I pulled her over me and again kissed her and I came on top of her.

As I gathered speed she whispered into my ears that she wants love bites at places only she can see and relive the whole thing. This made me crazy and I bit her boobs. She moaned and encouraged me to do more. Then I asked her to lie with her ass up and when she did I inserted my dick into her ass and fucked her hard. Soon I got a feeling that I am on verge of ejaculating and told her so.

She ahain asked me to fuck her pussy and then pulled me on top of me. I did the same and gave her few powerful thrusts.I could feel liquid oozing out from her and then I came. I was panting and it took few minutes before I could be normal. Then I asked her why she was thanking X and she replied that after Delhi MMS incident she was very worried about her daughters.

When she discussed with X she told that it is way of life and nobody remains virgin upto marriage. Auntie emphasised that MMS type incidents spoil family name and boyfriends should not be trusted. Both her daughters agreed to this and said but then how to enjoy and be safe at the same time.It was then only X suggested me and said she would take the lead.

I was surprised and asked auntie that it means I can enjoy with Y also. She said "but it should remain confidential and it certainly does'nt mean that she along with her daughters are whores". If I remain discreet then I can enjoy anybody anytime.

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Sex journey of Deepa - III

Previously: Sex journey of Deepa - II

After applying vaseline gel Kishore kaka positioned his lund and gave a huge thrust . His lund slithered inside my pussy smoothly like knife entering butter . Kishore kaka started fucking me like a mad man and it was too much to bear for the first time . He nibbled my nipples and bit my shoulders in excitement and was really talking dirty.

He said ' saheb ji karari maal ko kaise pelte hai dekh lo aur seekh lo ' . Kishore kaka's upper half of the body kept me pinned down and held my palms and continuously licking either my face or lips or nipples. Only his pelvic was moving at a franatic pace . I was having fun filled mild pain and kept on moaning uuuuuffffff aaaaaaah ufffff hmmmmmmm aaaahhhh ohhhhhhhh kiiishhhoreee kaaaaakaaaaa.

Ufffff bahuuuuttttt majaaaaaa hhhhhh ummmmmmmm . Kishore kaka grunted ' baby ji aap mastt tight maal ho' and thrust his tongue inside my mouth . I had realised that actual intercourse was totally differant ball game than fore play and fun was unlimited . Kishore kaka then instructed Ramesh , saheb ji baby ji say chuswa lo lund phir mere baad tum bhi majaa lo.

Ramesh who had regained his erection after seeing all the action said ' deepa dekh kitna majaa aaya tujhe chudwane mein ,tu toh dar rahi thi jab main akele mein kar raha tha ' and thrust his lund in my mouth . I started licking his lund and felt I was very near orgasm . Kishore kaka was now panting and was giving me powerful jerks intermittently which shook me .

He after a while groaned ' yeh lo baby ji and I could feel his hot juices and he slumped over my body and his lund came out automatically . By this Kishore kaka had left me and immediately Ramesh took position . He quickly entered my chute and started pumping me .

I hugged him and pulled his head to my nipples and talked dirty 'bhaiiyaaaa jab aaah apniii behannnn ko chod hi rahe hooo uffffff to aacheeee se choos choos kaaaaar chodo tumneeeee aaaj mujheeeee randiiiii banaaaa diyaaaaa aurrrrr tum mere dalaalllllll ban gayeee aaaaaaahhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhh haiiiiii meraaaaa hooooo gayyyaaaaa uffffffffff bhaiiiiyaaaaaaaa zorrrrrr seeeeeeee hmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhh uffffffff hhhhhhhh ummmnnnnnnnn kartee rahooo bhaiyaaaaaa .

Ramesh was fucking me like a bitch . He raised both my legs and kept over his shoulder and stood up and with his every stroke my head would bang the wall . Kishore kaka was again filming us in action and provoked Ramesh . He continued to fuck me and I had my orgasm . Soon he too , discharged all his juices inside me .

Once it was all over and we had gathered our breath Kishore kaka asked me ' baby ji yeh batao aapka masik kab hua tha ' . I told him that I am due within a day or two . He heaved a sigh of relief . I asked him why , he smiled and said do do logon ka maal kha chuki aap agar thar gaya toh . I became worried . Ramesh was also worried and he said ab kya kare .

Kishore kaka said chinta nahi karo saheb ji aap maje karo kuch nahi hoga kyun baby ji aap raazi hai toh , ' I mumbled par condom ke saath . Ramesh kissed my chuchi and said deepa hum tera poora khyaal rakhenge . Kishore kaka advised us to sleep and went away .

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Sex journey of Deepa - II

Previously: Sex journey of Deepa - I

I cursed Kishore kaka in my heart for his untimely arrival and depriving me of sex. Kishore kaka clicked from his mobile and took pictures of Ramesh and mine fully nude. In front of Ramesh, I acted as if I am deeply shocked and afraid. Ramesh was so shocked that all his desire of fucking his own sister evaporated in thin air and his erect lund lost all its sheen and was limp.

All this happened within a minute or so. Kishore kaka said ' main yahan ajeeb ajeeb aawaz sun kar aa gaya par yahan to baat hi kuch aur hai'. ( I came here hearing strange sounds but here situation is differant). By this time I put a pillow in front of me and Ramesh hung his head in shame and did'nt utter a word.

Kishore kaka aggravated his shame and uttered 'chi chi saheb ji aap apni behan ko hi.......ab mai yeh photo bade saheb ko dikhunga ( saheb ji you were, with your sister now I will show these pictures to bade saheb ). As Ramesh was too shocked to speak, I took initiative and said Kishore kaka he made a mistake and I tried to stop him but.....

He immediately sympathesied with me and said 'saheb ji ko bolna padega aur duniya kya kahegi '. Ramesh blurted ' Ksihore kaka tum paise le lo par kisi se kuch na kehna '. I supported him and said haan haan. Kishore kaka said what he will do with money, he has no kith and kin only a brother and what fun money can buy for this 53 year man.

Ramesh had no answer to this and kept mum and Kishore Kaka then said ' haan ek tarika hai par agar baby ji raazi hoye to '( yes there is a way out if baby ji agrees). Ramesh immediately grabbed it and said ' yes yes what '. Kishore kaka said lewedly ' itne saal se bhookha hun isliye baby ji se meri bhi pyaas bujhwa do ( I am sexually starved man so ask baby ji to satiate me).

I was dumbfounded at his cunningness. Ramesh looked at me for support. I frowned and said bhaiya have you gone mad, it is all your fault you handle it and I picked up my frock and tried to wear it. Ramesh jumped and started pleading ' deepa please, papa will punish me and you too will not be spared and if Kishore kaka leaks our picture then.

I still resisted and then finally agreed making him realise that I am doing a big favor to him. Kishore kaka removed his lungi and I saw his already erect lund. Kishore kaka said ' saheb aap baby ji ke chuchi chooso main choot chat ta hu. Ramesh's lund too started responding and was rapidly gaining erection. My whole body twisted out pleasure from double action on my nipples and choot.

I was still in control and moaned bhaiyaaaa mujheeee darddd toh nahiiiii hoga naaaa aaahhhh haaan bhaiyaaaa uffffff kishoreeeee kakaaaaaaaaa yeh kyaaaaaa karr oooohhhhhh ajeeeb ajeeeebbb saa eeeeeeehsh uffffffff bhaiyaaaaa dheereee se katooo aaahhh pleaseeeeeee koiii mujhee kisss karooooo naaa uffff aaahhhh kishore kkkkkkaaaaaaa tummmmm toh bhaiyaa sayyyy bhiiii jyada mazaa aaaah deeee raheeeee hooo.

I provoked Ramesh to fully exploit my body. It felt like my entire body was itching and needed attention. Ramesh was now kissing me and our tongues were entangled and our saliva was flowing freely into each others mouth. I held his lund and started jerking it slowly. Now Kishore kaka was tickling me with his tongue on my navel and licking it.

I kept on jerking Ramesh and kept on oozeing out ocean of juices. Ramesh had nearly peaked and grunted deeeepaaaa zor zor se hillaaa aaaaaaaaauuughhhhh and started to cum. After he was done he sat near me cupping my chuchi and said deepaa thank you I only moaned in response. Kishore kaka was still playing with my flat stomach.

He asked Ramesh to bring cream. Ramesh got vaseline gel and kishore kaka asked him to apply it on his lund.

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Sex journey of Deepa - I

Dear readers, I am Deepa, born in Gwalior but for past 7 years Mumbai is my home. I am narrating my sexual escapades and I don't blame anybody for what I am today. I am wheatish complexioned lady on whom so many males have showered love.

My childhood had witnessed lot of turbulence. My earliest memories are of when I was in class 3 or 4. I was the youngest and most neglected of 3 siblings and was considered the ugly duckling. My brothers were elder to me by 5 and 2 years respectively. We used to put up in 2 bedroom house where one was occupied by my parents and the second one by my brothers.

My mother had no voice in household affairs and she could'nt help me much when my father forced me out of bedroom. My father always used to consider me as scar on his handsome face and my brothers too had same feeling about me. It was during this turbulant period when Kishore kaka was hired as domestic help to help my mother. He was very polite to me unlike other male members of the family.

With time Kishore kaka became my heart to heart man and I used to tell all my feelings to him in privacy of night. He would listen and console me. I used to sit on his lap and embrace him and cry out on his shoulders. He would gently caress my cheeks and kiss them occasionaly. Then one day my father banged me for not doing good in science and hit me with belt.

It was kishore kaka who politely stopped my father saying ' sahab aurat jaat hai ab bas bhi kariye '. That night when everybody slept he came to me. I sobbed and poured out my agony and said my father dislikes me because I am dark and ugly. He gently took me on his lap and his caresses soothed me. He asked me to show my back and then gently lifted up my frock.

He kissed all over my back and whispered into my ears ' baby ji, mere paas ek nuskha hai aur main aapko bahut sunder bana doonga '. (baby ji, I have a treatment and I will make you beautiful ). I exclaimed in joy and he put a condition that I will have to do as he instructs and should not tell anybody.

At that time he was the only person from whom I used to get some affection and I readily agreed. He then kept on caressing by back with his rough fingers which tingled me and I giggled. He hushed hushed me and whispered 'baby ji just enjoy and don't make any sound. I pressed my head in sofa cushion to muffle my giggles. I then felt him lying beside me and he continued caressing me.

After a while he asked me to turn up and his fingers caresses my chest and navel area with mild scrubbing of my nipples with his nails. That sent ripples of pleasure. He then gently pulled down my panty and caressed my little pussy. It really felt good. As I was diving deep down in ocean of pleasure I felt his breathing getting heavy and heavy and realised something hard is poking me.

I ignored everything and closed my eyes. He caressed me all through upto my toe to face and whispered into my ears ' baby ji ab special cream lagaane ka samay aa gaya'( baby ji now it is time to apply special cream ). I opened my eyes and asked ' par kishore kaka aap koi cream to laaye nahi '. ( but kishore kaka you did'nt bring any cream ).

He smiled at me and said have faith in me and just keep it a secret. He took my hands and slid it inside his lungi and rubbed my hands over his dick. He then opened his lungi and stood up. I was afraid at seeing his long thick dick. My eyes widened and he lovingly said ' baby ji (he held my hands and guided me) pehele isko khich ke neeche karo and removed the foreskin of that bulbous lund aur jaise lolly pop chooste ho isko chooso aur phir jadoo dekho.

( baby ji suck it like lolly pop and see the magic). I apprehensively started licking the tip of it like lollypop. He gripped my head and gently checked how much I could take inside the mouth. He then started thrusting it gently in and out. Occasionaly he would rub the entire saliva soaked dick on my face and then again ask me to lick and suck.

After some time he asked me to stop and lied down and asked me to cross my legs over his chest and continue licking his entire cock like an icecream. As I obeyed all of a sudden I felt his hot tongue lapping my pussy. It again gave me immense pleasure and I started licking him more vigorously.

He made my licking his cock and his sucking of my pussy in rythym and I started licking and sucking him more and more to get his reward of sucking and it was giving me immense pleasure. My g spot was having strange feeling and I squeezed my buttocks with full force. After a while he stopped me and stood up. He asked me to sit and then began jerking his lund.

He asked me to close my eyes and within no time I felt hot viscous cream on my face then on my chest,navel and finally on my legs. There was strange aroma of the cream (I thought it was cream at that time). I opened my eyes slowly to find few drops trickling down his dick. Kishore kaka was breathing heavily and he groaned and asked me ' baby ji jo cream is lund pe laga hai use choos lo (baby ji suck out the left over cream from my lund)'.

I asked him pointing towards his dick ' kishore kaka kya isko lund kehte hai '. He said yes. I again sucked the last drops and it tasted horrible. Kishore kaka had started massaging his juices over my chest giving circular movements in my breast area and mildly tweaking my nipples and gently pulling them up. He continued with this massage all over my body and I could smell the aroma of his juices.

Once done he asked me to wear my frock and sleep. Next day early morning he woke me up and gave me some besan and asked me to scrub my entire body with it. I protested and said not now to which he got annoyed and said in that case he would leave us and go back to his native place. He was the only one who sympathesied with me so reluctantly I went and did as instructed.

He then asked me to get ready for school and then study. I obeyed him and soon he served me with milk and almonds. It really felt good and I asked him Kishore kaka main sunder ho jaungi na. He patted my shoulders and said bus jo kehta hoon karti jao dekhna ek din sab tere liye tarsenge (one day everybody will desire for your company).

For about a year or so Kishore kaka became my teacher and most of the nights I would suck him and he suck me. Besides his juices he used to massage me with boiled neem leafs and in morning would ask me to bath with rose (plucked from our garden) water. I did'nt feel any change in my complexion but my siblings had stopped teasing me saying kaali kalauti and once when maasi was with us I received my first compliment of my life when she said Deepa you have glowing skin.

I felt so happy that day. I followed Kishore kaka' s therapy more rigorously from that day. He then used wheat flour and curd paste to massage my body. He gave extra time on my armpits and sometimes it used to hurt me but he would not listen. He trained me in using that paste. My mother even asked me who told me about all this and I said my friends.

I gradually realised my sucking Kishore kaka's lund was a sexual activity. I was a bit shocked and one day I burst out in front of him blaming him for exploitation . No body was in house at that time. He just said 'baby ji it is true that you did'nt know this was sexual activity but just see what I have given you in return. If you think I have exploited you then I will move away.

He then added is duniya mein yaad rakhna ek haath de ek haath le hi chalta hai.' I don't know why felt I still need him and after quite some time I asked him ' aap mere saath kya kya karte '. He boldly said 'baby ji aapki pehli chudai mai hi karta par aapke solvein saal mein. I don't know what made me laugh and I asked him par tum to buddhe ho gaye ho.

He just smiled and said baby ji bus aap bus yun hi chooste raho aur phir dekho, mai aapko sab sikha doonga. I just went upto him and said ab se ek baat sikhoge to hi choosungi. He laughed merrily and said baby ji ek baat to abhi sikhya hai ek haath lo ek haath do aur aap sikh bhi gayi to ab choosiye. I smiled and said o.k and sucked him.

I was in class 7 when my mensuration cycle started and my mother told me things which I already knew courtesy Kishore kaka. My breast or as Kishore kaka said chuchi started to take shape. The efforts of him was evident on my skin and I did'nt have to use hair remover on my hands, legs etc. The hard work of kishore kaka bloomed in shape of my devastating figure.

By the time I gave exams of class 10 my eldest brother was in Bhopal for higher studies and Ramesh was preparing for it and I had attained height of 5" 6' and was measuring 34 - 28 - 38 with almost nothing to say about academics. I was happy as I used to get lot of attention and was desperate for sex. I even indicated it to Kishore kaka but he instead gave me another lesson for life.

He said ' baby ji yaad rakhna kabhi shuruaat mat karna, saamne wale ko itna dikha do ki woh tumhe chodne ke liye tarse '. I enjoyed his lessons of life and teasingly asked him ' aap to bachpan se ab tak sab dekhe hai ab aapko kaise tarsaaun'. He smiled and looked at Ramesh's room. I was aghast and said ' par woh to mera bhai hai'.

Kishore kaka again went philosphical and said ' ghar ki baatein ghar me hi rahtee hai aur baby ji main aapki pyaas itna bhada diya hun ki aap ek se kabhi khush nahi rahengi isliye soch samaj kar kadam uthanaa'. I was astonished at his frank talk and began suducing my own brother. I initially would intentionally jump so that my boobs move in front of him but in private.

I created accidents such that my body brushes his body. The results were as expected and after few days he never missed an opportunity to rub his hands against my body. At that time I still used to sleep in living room. He used to study till late night and would go to kitchen on one pretext or other. As all lights would be off he used torch.

One day I provoked him further, instead of sleeping in nightdress I slept in skirt and tops. I waited for him and as I heard him coming, I opened all but one button of top and fully exposed my one part of bare shoulder and cleavage and pulled up my skirt to expose my thighs and put a bluster in between my legs and one arm covering my eyes and partially face.

As Ramesh crossed living room he flashed light and my heart skipped a beat. He stood still and I saw flashlight on my legs slowly moving up and then on my cleavage. It remained there for quite some time and then Ramesh switched off. Aftersome time I again saw flash light on my cleavage. It went on for quite some time and then he left.

I followed him quietly to his bedroom and peeped inside. He was lying on his bed with shorts down to his knees. I could guess what he was doing and felt horny. Next day I asked my parents if I can get the room as now elder brother is not here and it was hot in living room. My dad looked at Ramesh and Ramesh said it is o.k provided I am ready to sleep with lights on.

I readily agreed. I kept my bra and panty in the attached bath of bedroom. At night, I requested Ramesh to switch off the light and study in table lamp. I knew he would accept my request. I purposefully wore night dress covering my full body but without bra. After some time I pretended to sleep. He waited for about half hour just to ensure I was sleeping well.

After that he came near my bed. There was no fun for him with my full body covered. I felt he is watching me. He quietly left my bed side and entered into bathroom and returned after quite some time. He did'nt dare any thing that night. I kept him waiting for about a week when my father said my mom and he would be going to Bhopal and that Kishore kaka and two of us would be alone for 3 days.

Next morning they departed in morning and I dressed up in frock with jeans and went to meet my friends. In evening after I came back, I casually took out my jeans and remained in frock. That frock was just about an inch below my ass. The frock had only four buttons on front. Ramesh eyes were roaming all around my body. After dinner I entered bed room.

Kishore kaka served him milk and announced he is going to sleep. Ramesh was sitting on his bed taking milk. I purposefully slipped in front of him and hit the glass. Whole milk fell on the bed. He got annoyed for making his bed wet. I said sorry sorry, bhaiya. He shouted on me and asked ' where will I sleep now '. I offered him my bed and said I will go back to living room.

He digested the situation and fell in my trap. As I had expected he said chal koi baat nahi, bed mein to kaafi jagah hai, dono saath so jaayenge. I insisted on going to living room saying ' nahin bhaiya aapko takleef hogi, aur papa ke room ka chabhi de do main apna night suit nikaal lun'. He said no no, sorry for shouting, yehi soo jaate hain. I said o.k but give keys so that I can change.

He gave a lame excuse that he has forgotten where he kept keys. I smiled inside and externally said ' chalo theek hai aisay hi so jaati hu '. I took his pillow and partioned the bed. It was about 4" wide only and I knew it was not possible to sleep without touching each other. I again pretended to sleep. I covered my face with my arm to see what he was doing and covered my legs with bed sheet.

After about an hour of this hide and seek game he came to bed quietly and slowly removed the bed sheet. I had already pulled up my frock upto my waist. In that dim light of night lamp I saw a huge tent in his bermuda's. I had almost occupied the whole bed. He adjusted himself in remaining space. He slowly removed the pillow I had kept in between.

As he removed pillowed I made moaned ummm and as if I am putting my leg on pillow again I put my legs on his legs. I was getting wet and horny and as our bare skin touched I felt his skin. I slided my legs up and down and caressed hiss legs. After this I kept still and felt his breathing getting heavy. I saw him stroking his lund from over the bermuda's.

I desperately wanted him to initiate but he did'nt. So I took sidewise turn and in the process further lifting my frock up. Now my back was towards me. I waited in anticipation and after some time I felt his lund poking me. He waited for few moments and then felt his legs in between my two legs. He came near me and I felt his hot breaths on my neck.

It became difficult to control my feelings but I controlled and kept still. Then I felt his throbbing cock all naked on my ass cheeks. It was soooo hot that I wished he fucks me now only. My no response encouraged him and he hugged me and his hands cupped my chuchi and fumbled unbuttoning my frock.

I shook myself to convey that my sleep is getting disturbed and in process took his lund between my thighs. He finally managed to open up frock buttons. I immediately turned towards him pretending to be still asleep but somewhat disturbed sleep. He lay still for few moments and I felt he was reaching point of no return.

He then put my leg over his leg such that his lund was poking me on my pussy over the panty. The pulled up one side of frock and exposed my chuchi fully. He then touched my erect nipples and out of impulse kissed me hard on my lips with his hands on my chuchi. I reacted at this point, I opened my eyes and tried to push him meekly.

He pinned me down and started sucking my nipples. I croaked ' bhaiya yeh aap kya kar rahe hai '. He kept on sucking and this time I applied more force to push him. He further pinned me down and I again said ' bhaiya please leave me, this is not good, you are my brother ufffff bhaiya leave me '. He grunted, please deepa, pleaseeeee.

I said nahi bhaiya yeh theek nahi hai, aap mere bhai hai, pleasee leave me '. I ensured that during this struggle I slide down so that my frock moves up and up. Ramesh was now driven by lust and he forcefully kissed me and my hands in protest mode gently stroked him, I even touched and gently shook his lund stoking more fire.

During his requests and my nahi bhaiya nahi I cleverly got rid of my frock and was in panty only. Ramesh then used force and pinned me down seeing my naked body and started vigorously sucking my nipples. I moaned ummmmm aaaahhhhh bhaiiiyaaaa pleaaaaseee mat karooooooo haiiiiiiii dheeeeeereeee dardddddddd hottta haiiiiii and he would grunt deepaaaa pleeeeaseee karrr leneee deeeee kisiiiii ko pataaaaa nahiiii chaleeeegaaaaa.

As he kept on showering kisses after kissess and rubbed his entire body against me I kept on moaning aaahhh bhaiyyyyaa aaapppp mujheeeee chod dijiyeeee uffffffff badaaaaa ajeeeeb lagggggg rahaaaaa haiiiii bhaiyaaaaaa parrrrr yehhhh aaaap galattttt kar raheeeee haiiiiii. I withdrew my entire resistance and allowed him to play.

He removed my panty and as he touched my pussy I exclaimed bhaiyaaaa dekhoooooo wahannnnn kuch hooo aaahhhhhh bhaiyaaaaaaa phirrrrr seeeee haaathhhh rakhooo aaahhh bhaiyaaaaaaa aaaachaaaa ummmm. He got up and removed his T shirt and again started kissing and licking me.

I again said bhaiya yeh galattt ho rahaaa haiii aap zabardastiiii mere saath yeh sab mat kariye. He groaned dekh deepa tujhe bhi to mazaa aa raha hai, kisi ko malum nahi padega, chal dono mazaaaa lete hai, tu kitni sexy hai aur yeh mera hard luck hai ki tu meri behan hai. Pleasee mujhe ji bhar ke karne de. He again started to kiss my navel and caress my chuchi.

Then suddenly the whole room was lit with light and Ramesh almost fell out of bed. As he stood with his erect lund, stark naked and myself too could not believe Kishore kaka standing near switch board.

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Rajinder fucked nicely by Aunt

My name is Rajinder and I live in small town in North India. This is true story and I have changed the names of my Aunty and mine so that there is no embarrassment to any one. Let us call her Tara Devi and in this real happening will use this name only.

This happened many years ago, when I was around 17 years old, and I was in my first year of college.The college was quite away from home as it is was in out skirts of the city and it was also on the other side of city. Many students use to live in hostel due to distance. I used to live at home instead of Hostel. It was by choice as other students were troubling in hostel and did not allow to study in the night.

A younger distant cousin of my mother's named Tara Devi came to stay with us for a few days. As She and uncle were building a house near by our home and she was in town staying with us to check and monitor the progress of the house construction. As we didn't live very far from the construction site, she was staying with us.

This Tara Devi aunty of mine was really gorgeous and very busty. She was not very tall, a little more than 5 feet, with a good, healthy figure, long black hairs, cute pouting lips and she was in her late 30's. She dressed very well in kurta and jeans. The upper clothes were with deep necklines just low enough to tantalize a teenager's mind.

I had met her in the past on several occasions, but many years ago, and knew her children pretty well. The sleeping arrangement was like this: my parents slept upstairs in their room and my aunty had choice to sleep in my sister's old room or the guestroom.

The guestroom was located far from my room, across the dining room, whereas my sister's was adjacent to mine. She said that she wouldn't trouble us or bother us for shifting bed and blankets around, so she decided to stay in my sister's room.

The next day was totally uneventful and nothing happened. By the time I woke up in the morning, she had left and when she came back we spoke only briefly before she retired to her room.

After dinner all of us sat down together to talk in Drawing room. She was talking in her usual, chirpy & animated manner about the house and told every one that what she did all day. I was sitting next to her, smelling her perfume which was intoxicating and daydreaming, when she caught hold of my hand.

She looked at me, smiling, and ran her hand up and down my arm telling my parents how strong and big I had become. It was all very embarrassing but I laughed. I said I have been doing exercise daily & working out.

That night, like all nights, I was up late exercising with a pair of dumbbells. I usually did this out in the hall since there was more space for the movements. I was in a vest and shorts and even though it was a pretty cold night, I was completely drenched in sweat.

At around 12 O’clock midnight, I heard my aunty’s door unlock and she stepped out, squinting at the light. She seemed pleasantly surprised to see me. "Mm," she remarked in a low voice. "How long have you been working out?"

She was wearing a white nightie and a gown which was so much transparent that I could see a lot more cleavage than my overactive imagination could handle. I was a little flustered, but I replied, "Around 3 months."

She came close and I could smell that seductive perfume again. She caught hold of my hand again, but this time it was distinctly different...She was pressing it close against the side of her chest and my heart started beating wildly as my muscled forearms pressed the fabric against the softness of her breasts.

"It is really working. I envy your female friends," she said with a twinkle in her eyes. I muttered some reply at which she laughed and said she had to get some water from the refrigerator. Before I had a moment to gather my thoughts and finally breathe, she called me from the direction of the kitchen. I put the dumbbells down and walked down the hall.

"I couldn't find the light switch," she whispered, making a cute face. "You want to help me out?" "Sure," I said and started fumbling around the left wall. I flicked the switch on and handed her a bottle of water from the fridge. "My Hero!" she said with mock delight and gave me a tight hug.

I pulled away quickly because I was sure she would feel the massive erection that I was getting in my shorts. When I looked at her there was something different in her face: a wild hungry look, her eyes glassy and staring into mine. She flicked the light off and, throwing her slender arms around me, pulled my mouth onto hers.

In a wild moment of animal passion our lips locked against each other and our tongues encircled for what seemed like an age. When we finally came apart, she smiled at me and led me by the hand into her room. The first thing she did was to step out of her gown.

We kissed and I felt her bra-less breasts press against my chest while her hands explored my flat stomach and back. "Have you done this before?" she whispered. "No," I replied. "Don't worry. I'll help you along," she said with a smile. She stepped back and slipped off her dress, which crumpled at her feet. Her skin was fair and almost radiant in the dim light.

Her breasts hung slightly to the sides, ending in pink nipples that were now hard and sticking out. She pulled me over and I went to her like an obedient dog. "Take off your clothes," she ordered. I pulled off my vest and shorts. Then I heard a sharp intake of breath from her as I pulled off my underwear and my cock sprung straight up.

"Mmmm, I really like that," she said and went to her knees. I thought she was going to put it in her mouth but instead she pushed me back onto the bed and wrapped her small, delicate hand around it. She started stroking it up and down in slow strokes, her eyes fixed on mine as I gazed adoringly into them.

The speed of her movement increased and when she finally put my pulsating cock head into her mouth, I gave a muffled cry and cum erupted from my cock, the first spray hitting her mouth and the second her face. She didn't seem very upset that I had cum so early, but I wanted to please her.

I got up and kissed her, made her lie down on the carpeted floor. I kissed her toes, her feet, her calves and her milky thighs as she began to moan from the pressure of my tongue. Her pussy was absolutely drenched and when I stretched out my tongue to taste her sweet nectar, her back arched and her hands went to my head, pushing it between her legs.

I found her clit and touched with my tounge and pulled it between my teeth. Her guttural sounds were getting so loud that I was almost afraid that someone would wake up and find us like this. After a few minutes between her legs, I cock became very hard again. Tara Aunty said "Fuck me Rajinder," she said in a hoarse voice.

I climbed on top of her and slowly inserted my cock into her juice-filled pussy. We began humping and my mouth closed on her pink nipples. Her hands grabbed my ass, guiding my rhythm, sometimes speeding me up and sometimes slowing me down, pushing me deeper every fourth stroke.

Soon we were in a frenzy, sweaty and wet, our bodies wrapped around each other like animals, fucking each other like wild beasts. I was going to cum soon so I sped up. She seemed to sense it and her hands tightened on my ass so she could guide me where she wanted. In another few seconds I saw a wave pass through her as she arched her back and dug her nails in.

This triggered something inside me and I fucked her with long hard strokes until I was Cumming inside her hot, wet pussy. Exhausted, we got up and got into bed under the sheets. Neither talked much, but just kept feeling each other and exploring our bodies. I buried my face in her hair and took in the perfume again. That would be just the beginning of a long night as we began kissing again.

Dear Readers this is my first write up at HD, please tell me how u liked it. I have many more real encounters write. I will wait for your comments.

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Lusty relation with Mami - IV

Lusty relation with Mami - I
Lusty relation with Mami - II
Lusty relation with Mami - III

It had been long since my sexual encounter with my dream lady my mami. Once there was a family reception a little far from our residence. It was a family gathering. I was a little late when I reached there. I saw my mami with many other relatives there. My mami was nicely clad in a beautiful sari with nice fitting blouse. As soon as I saw her my hormones started to rush.

I found her very sexy and attractive that day. I started to fantasize a steamy sex with her right there. She was also delighted to see me there. There was a programme of lunch and my mami was also serving the food to all. When it was my turn we had a nice and meaningful eye contact. She smiled and had a short casual talk of here and there. It was as if both of us wanted the same - a hot sex.

Soon we finished the lunch. Everyone was gossiping and busy with each other. My mamaji was also busy chatting with his friends. I was completely lost in admiring the beauty of my mami and thinking of a way to get her home somehow. I went near my mami and asked directly, 'Do you have works here? Let's go home.' She was surprised but said, 'I don't have the key. It is with someone in the family.'

Then to my surprise she said, 'how can we go together from here?'. That meant she was also ready to go home but only needed an excuse so that others will not be suspicious. I said, 'Just get the key. it won't take long. I have my bike and we can return soon before anyone can notice.'

I was waiting and after a few minutes she said, 'Let's go. I got the key.' We moved out of there one by one. I came first and took the bike a little farther from the place. she came there and hurriedly sat on the bike. Soon, we headed fast for home. I sped the bike and she clasped me tightly with her right hand around my waist and abdomed.

Her upper body was slightly turned to right side and her soft and fleshy right boob was pricking my back. In the traffic I used to apply sudden brakes and this brought her more and more closer to me. It was a very nice and enjoyable ride with my dream lady clasped to my body. My heart was beating fast with the anticipation of fucking her soon.

We reached home (mama's home) after about 30 minutes of sexy ride on bike. She quickly went to open the main door with key while I parked the bike. we wanted to enter the house without the neighbours noticing us. soon we entered the house and locked the main door. In no time we were in the bedroom. we sat on the sofa there and soon we hugged each other and started smooching.

There was no need of speaking a single word. Both of us were clear what we wanted and why we were there. Our lips locked and the tongues entertwined. One of my hands was busy pressing her boobs which had been disturbing me since the bike ride. Both of us were breathing heavily. My mami was also moving her hands on my back and hair.

This passion continued for maybe about 15 minutes. it was as if we were long separated lovers who met after a long time. Our faces were close with the cheek rubbing against each other. We very fast smooching each other. I started to lick and bite her ears and neck. This was arousing her more.

I was in no mood to waste time. I sat up pulling her to stand as well. Then I got hold of her pallu and let it down. Her chest was rising up and down with excitement. I buried my face in between the boobs over the blouse she was wearing. When I tried to bite the boobs she got hold of my head and lifted up. Then she unhooked her blouse to reveal the creamy milk jugs tightly caged inside her lacy bra.

I pulled out the blouse and she took out the sari pleats and thew it on the floor. There she was my fucking fantasy in bra and petticoat. I hurriedly took off my all clothes and got naked. My dick was already hard and erect saluting the beauty. It was getting unbearable for me. I pulled the string of her petticoat to let it fall down and then unhooked her bra.

She herself took off the bra and her tits sprang out. Immediately I hugged her tight. wow the feeling of her naked body and the full body contact of skin to skin was simply heavenly. Her big boobs were tightly pressed against my chest. I was moving my hands all over her back feeling the smooth silky skin.

Then I moved my hands around and I was clasping her ass pulling her tight towards me as if I am going get inside her body. The passion was really high. Both of us were moving fast and we were also enjoying very much. Then I took her right breast with the shorter nipple in my mouth. I circled my toungue around the nipple and she hissed.

She moaned loudly and held my hair tight when I flickered my tongue around her nipple. I got up to kiss her lips again and she got hold of my dick which was rubbing her thighs. Now it was my turn to moan when she opened the foreskin and slowly started to stroke it. ooohhhh it was so nice. her soft hands holding my hard dick and stroking it slowly.

This was in no way comparable to my handjob using my rough hands. All these foreplay activities were building too much pressure on us. it must have been hard for her that she pulled me towards the bed. she lay on bed and in no time I was above her. Again full body skin to skin contact.

I lifted her arms up and saw tempting armpits. I smelt the nice aroma of the armpits. Before she could judge I was licking her left armpit while holding hands tightly pinned above her head. Ohhh ssssh sssshhh she moaned again while moving her body like a fish out of water. I did not release her hands but licked the other armpit. She trembled more and moaned even loudly. she pleaded to release her hands. This increased my lust.

when I released her hands she hugged me tight from below. I lifted my chest to have a look at her lovely juicy tits. they were sloping sideways due to their own weight. I started to knead both with my hands. Soon I was twitching the nipples with my fingers and this made her tremble again. she took hold of my dick and pulled it towards her love hole. I let her do it.

She herself guided my dick into the hole of my lust. My god! it was so hot and slippery that my dick easily glided inside. Soon I started to stoke. The feeling was really wonderful. It was as if my dick was engulfed in a soft, moist and slippery velvet. The rubbing of my dick head inside her pussy was simply awesome. she started to match my storkes from below by lifting her hip in a rhythm.

The stoking hot heavier and faster filling room with arousing sound of fucking in the room. The passion was high. the pleasure was immense but I still wonder how I was not building tension to release. I was stroking her with full power lifting my hip to the max almost taking my dick out of her pussy and then ramming in quickly. Both of us were enjoying the fuck forgetting everything else in the world.

there was no stopping but continuous plat plat plat sound. it must have been around 15 minutes in the missionary style of fucking. then pressure started to build in me. My mami was also wriggling her body from beneath. I did not slow down but maintained my tempo. soon she clasped my back with her hands and dug in her nails while moaning loudly aahh....aaahhh......aaaahhhh.....aaaaaahhhhhh......aaaaaaahhhhhhh. her moaning was arousing me very much.

her inner pussy wall started to contracted to contract and relax in a rhythm milking my dick. She was gasping for her breath while I kept on stroking. In the nick of time I burst out myself. I felt the orgasm built in my spine with the undescribable tickling sensation in my dick. I grunted uummm......uuuuummmmmmm.....uhhhhmmmmmm and sprayed my jism deep inside her.

I was holding her shoulders tightly from underneath. Both out bodies were completely stuck to each other and room was filled with the love sounds of her moans cries and my grunts. That was a wonderful and shattering simultaneous orgasm. it was as if a magic that we climaxed together. It was so satisfying that we lay like that for maybe more than five minutes.

we did not want to get separate. both our bodies were wet of sweat from the hard work of fucking. my limp cock slipped out of her pussy messing her pubis and thighs with the spill over of my semen. I passed her the petticoat with which she wiped the mess and started to dress up. soon both of us headed back to the reception.

I dropped her at a little distance so as not to reach there together. we were so satisfied that we did not look at each other for the entire day. This fucking session with my mami was the most memorable one in the years of sexual relation with her.

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Vicky fucking sexy cousin Bhakti

Hi everyone, I am a regular reader of this site and read many great stories, though many of the stories are over the top and hard to digest, the idea to share your adventure with everyone strangers gives goose bumps! Please note that this story might be a little lengthy. Ok to the point- My name is Vicky-26 years old I am from Mumbai, a decent looking guy with decent personality and witty sense of humor.

First of all I don’t know why guys fake their tool size to be 8-10 inches was their mother got laid with horse, Giraffe or Donkey that they had their fathers lund, I have a tool of 5 inches and I am proud of that because it made some gals very happy and content! Now without much due, let me introduce to you to the subject of the story.

My Hot Cousin Bhakti, I just love to squeeze her boobs and finger her even when I get 5 minutes chance and she is 22 year old with very fair- 5.4 inch tall and decent boobs, not so big not so small- 32 size! I had my eye on her since last 5-6 years, just when she started developing her boobs; the best thing about gals is there boobs and thighs!

Being of a helping nature and good sense of humor, I have many friends and am close to all my cousins, Bhakti was also close to me and use to share her problems and other things with me over phone. She lives at my native place which is 1200 km away from Mumbai, I was a virgin before I fucked Bhakti,

after years of sharing her problems with me she also started discussing her boyfriend and her relationship with other guys with me, I felt good that she has started discussing intimate moments of her life with me, I use to guide her properly for many things so eventually she got close to me that I could talk to her naughty things also over phone,

she had relationship with 2 guys at a time of which 1 use to bang her regularly- she use to tell me how when no one is at home her bf climbs through the wall and how he use to fuck her like a whore - rite from foreplay to intercourse. She also told me about her fights with her bf many times, as her bf often takes money from her,

I use to tell her that if I had a beautiful gf like you to bang I would never fight with you, She understood my intentions and these types of conversations happened for a year or so, slowly slowly I got naughtier and use to tell her, I would love to make love to the hottest girl like you, your bf is chutia not to respect such a babe.

She was very happy with my words and she also started responding sexually over phone. I use to get a hard on listening to all these things and use to masturbate thinking about her while taking shower I had decided that this summer when I will go to village to meet everyone I will fuck and suck her to my heart content.

This happened a couple of years back when we went to the village in summers to attend a wedding, many of the relatives were there as everyone had come to attend wedding, we were given the accommodation in hotel with 3 persons in each room and as everyone knows that when you meet your cousins you do lot of masti and time pass in night and sleep late.

We all were playing damsheras (7-8 cousins) and it was around 2.30 am slowly everyone started feeling sleepy and retired to their rooms, finally we decided to call it a night when very few people were left and I said I will sleep here only as feeling very tired (whereas sleep was far far away from me as was thinking that this is The rite night to do some foreplay) so myself,

Bhakti and her younger sister Nisha were sleeping in that room! Bhakti and Nisha were sleeping in the double bed together and I was lying down on single extra bed which was placed on floor. I had winked bhakti to sleep on my side of the bed, and around 3 am nisha also slept, but we both were were awake for the action,

After making sure that Nisha has slept I put my hands on Bhakti thighs n was carressing it, I was lucky that she was wearing a skirt that night which was just below her knees, She did not said anything to my actions just stated at me for a couple of seconds and then closed her eyes, I understood that she is enjoying my hands on her body,

so I kept moving my hands on her thighs over her skirt, I was getting hard slowly slowly I pushed her skirt up and started to feel her legs and thighs from inside, it was so smooth yaar I just cant explain, slowwly slowly I felt she is breathing heavily I signaled her to come down on my bed, she came immediately,

I again put my hands inside her skirt and was feeling her thighs and pussy over panty, my lund was uncontrolable now inside my shorts so I pulled down my shorts till knee and placed her hands on my penis and was enjoying her hands on my hands up and down, meanwhile she had put blanket on both of us so nothing is seen if Nisha awakes I pulled her panty down n put my middle finger in her choot and she was playing with my lund.

I had gone in some other world that time, thought that all this is dream cos it was too good to be true, I closed my eyes and was enjoying the moment, I finger fucked her for 4-5 mins and she was moaning inside blanket so I stopped it immediately because of her voice, meanwhile she kept shaking me in a minute or so I felt that I can’t control more and I whispered her that I’m coming and shot my cum on her hands n blanket,

Wow! I got such a satisfaction after ejeculation! She got up and cleaned herself in the attached bathroom and I changed the blanket, she came back in 2-3 minutes from bathroom and lay on my bed, we chatted for 10-15 mins about foreplay what we did, I told her I enjoyed it a lot. She was very happy to know that after another 10 minutes she put her hands in my shorts and was playing with my penis which was now shrunk.

2-3 mins and it was back with erection I asked her if I could fuck her as I have already brought condoms, she did not said anything and I thought it to be yes, I removed the condom from my wallet And placed it on my lund and immediately sucked her pussy for 2 mins and then came above her in missionary position,

her choot was already sleepery I told her to please not to make any noise, and with that she guided my lund into her beutiful hole- what a feeling that was, I get a hard on thinking about it even now, I kept pounding her slowly and within few seconds she started moaning and whishpered aaaahhh ahhh bhaiyaa, Mazza aa raha hai- thoda Zor se karo please!

I told her Rand Sali, Bhai ka lund pasand aaya tuje abb main tuje roz chodunga, teri chut abb meri hai aur bhaut Zaldi teri gaand ko bhi chodunga chinal I just enjoyed talking vulgar that time. It was giving me more pleasure I kept smootching her to subsidise the moans. After 5 mins or so I felt I am gonna cum again, I incresed my pace a little and finally I shot my cum.

I slept in that position with my lund inside her for next 10 minutes then we both got up and cleaned ourself and went to sleep on our beds, the next day also we had sex a couple of times, and whenever I go to village I never miss the chance to fuck her, and finger her choot if I dont get much time!

Hope you guys liked my story sorry if any mistake as I am posting my experience for the first time, will post my other few incidents if u guys r interested.! Please comment generously.

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