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Horny Nayan fucking Pinky - V

Previously: Horny Nayan fucking Pinky - IV

We took bath and played with each others body just like a newly married couple. I foamed Pinky's chuchi, flat stomach, ass cheeks and long legs. She did the same with me and played with my balls. I tried to have her again but she refused saying save your energy for the night. Finally we got ready and came out of room and went to lobby.

I rang bhai and asked him when he plans to go to airport. He said he would be coming in minutes and he would be checking out soon. When bhai and bhabhi came to lobby bhai said Nayan you only come and let the ladies be at hotel only. Soon I dropped bhai in airport. As I was on my way back Pinky called me and said as they were not having any extra clothes so I should buy two nightie for them so that they can change.

After few moments she sent me SMS saying sexy nightie : transparent ho to accha. I went to mall and purchased two black color lingerie thinking everything would be visible due to contrast. Then bought shorts for myself. I felt nervous thinking of fucking bhabhi and thought what would happen handling two women.

Just for the sake of avoiding klpd type thing I went to medicine shop as well and bought ayurvedic medicine to enhance sexual power. Then in comfort of my car I went thru the manual which suggested I should take medicine two hours before act. It was already 7 so I gulped down one capsule. I felt very nervous and returned back to hotel.

I found bhabhi and Pinky in lobby were discussing something. We decided to take dinner in hotel restaurant and it was good to see bhabhi joking and talking freely with me . After dinner we went to our room. I gave them their lingerie and went to bathroom and did deep breathing to ease my nervousness. Then again I took hot water bath and came out wearing my shorts.

I was greeted with giggles and my jaw dropped wide open. Both of them had changed and were looking great in lingerie. The lingerie barely covered their ass mounds and for the first time I saw bhabhi's silky long shapely legs. Her magnificient chuchi was almost visible and her nipples were creating impression. I was enjoying the view with open mouth.

Pinky was tying her hairs and her entire back was visible. There was only two strings on her back and and her ass looked more sexy because she had crossed her legs. It gave instant erection to me. I was then shocked to hear bhabhi's annoyed tone Nayan what have you purchased, how mean of you. Pinky giggled at this and asked innocently kyon bhabhi kya hua.

Bhabhi said iss nightie mein to sab kuch open hai, I don't understand what it is covering, aur Nayan kya soch kar tune isse kharida. Her tone was so dominating that I mumbled out lame excuse. Pinky naughtily said bhabhi aapka devar shayad kuch dekhna chahta hai. Bhabhi frustatingly said yeh kya dekhega, pichle teen saal se isko kitna dikhane ke kosish ke aur bahut kuch dikhaya bhi par is gadhe ko kuch samaj hi nahi aaya.

Pinky laughed and said par is gadhe ko mere saath josh aa gaya. Bhabhi also laughed and said sahi mein pinky subah to mai hairaan ho gayi, mai to man le thi ki iska khada hi nahi hota. Pinky laughed again and I said bhabhi darr lagta tha aur aapne kahan kuch kaha bus ek baar jab aapke room mein gaya tha to aapki peeth dekhi thi aur ek do baar jab aapka pallu gir gaya tha to thodi bahut dikhi thi.

Bhabhi sarcastically said sun rahi hai Pinky is gadhe ki baat and then asked me blouse ke 2 hook khule the jisse tujhe aacha nazara mile aur ghar mein koi nahi tha yeh dikha ki nahi. I recollected easily as I had masterbated thinking of those unblemished fair chuchi. I nodded my head in agreement.

Then Pinky asked me aur tu kya chahta tha ki bhabhi nangi hokar tujhe kehti ki Nayan mujhe chod, arre jaise mere saath kal himmat ki waise bhabhi ko pakad leta aur kya. I again nodded. Pinky said chal koi gal nahi chal aaj apni galti sudhar le. Bhabhi said nahi ab nahi karwana is gadhe se, dekh kaisa khada ho gaya hai iska jaise shorts phad kar bahar aa jayega aur tadapne dete hai isko aaj,

isko aaj sab dikhega par kuch milega nahi and she turned towards mirror to apply moisturiser. Pinky who was now facing toward me winked meaning fully and I went near bhabhi saying bhabhi munde ko maaf kar de and held her from behind. Pinky switched on the T.V and switched off the lights. The light of T.V was sufficient to keep the room illuminated.

I kissed bhabhi's neck and cupped her chuchi. Bhabhi said chal hat maine kaha na aaj nahi. I tweaked her nipples and Pinky pulled down my shorts. Pinky started to lick my dick and I continued to kiss bhabhi on her neck and shoulder and tweaked her both nipples and said bhabhi purae teen saal ki kasar aaj puri kar doonga.

As I continued in playing with bhabhi Pinky made my dick wet with continuous licking. When pinky stopped licking my lund I poked that wet lund into her ass cheeks and got feeling of skin to skin contact. Bhabhi was not wearing any panties. Bhabhi parted her legs and I adjusted my lund such that now it was rubbing her choot.

Pinky embraced me from behind and I could feel her firm chuchi and nipples rubbing my back. We went to bed and both of them took one nipple each in their mouth. While bhabhi sucked it softly Pinky nibbled. A strange wave of sensation engulfed and my dick was so hard that it could not be any further harder. I moaned heavily uffffffff bhabhiiii Pinkyyy koi to mera luuunddd suuckkkk karoooo.

Bhabhi kept on sucking and licking my nipples and held my lund and gently stroked it. I moaned at her strokes and bhabhi whispered dekh tunay kya miss kiya itne din. I grabbed her head and pulled her up and kissed her lips and played with her tongue. She welcomed my tongue with lot of saliva. Meanwhile pinky came on top of me and started rubbing her choot on my hard dick.

I saw her sitting erect and fondling her chuchi and rubbing her choot. Bhabhi then started licking my ear and kept on whispering aaj tujhe mai pura kha jaungi. After some time I was just lying and Pinky rubbing her choot and bhabhi licking my whole body. The pleasure was becoming unbearable and I desperately needed to fuck.

I asked them pehele kaun aayega to which bhabhi said pehele theek se hamay garam to kar. I grabbed bhabhi and tore opened her lingerie and pinned her down and took her chuchi with (really her nipples were pinkish) nipples in my mouth and sucked it. Bhabhi moaned uuuunnnn and Pinky asked me aacha nayan yeh bataa jab tune bhabhi ki aadhi chuchi deekhee thi to kaisa laga tha.

I said amidst sucking rab ki kasam us samay tak maine kissi ki dekhee tak nahi thi aur itni chikni gulaabi chuchi dekh kar muth mara tha ye soch kar ki inko chooce raha hu. Bhabhi said to le apni man ki muraad puri kar le and I started to suck, lick and nibble all at the same time. Pinky parted bhabhi's leg and started sucking her choot.

Bhabhi moaned yaaar piiiinkyyyyy thaaank yyyyou aaaah uuuuumnn. I asked pinky as to how she made bhabhi agree for threesome. Bhabhi kept on moaning peeeeenkkky tuuu kaaaarttti raaah maai baataaaati hooon hmmmmm. I removed pinky from her choot and positioned myself and entered her.

I started to give gentle strokes and bhabhi moaned out of pleasure aaaahhhhhh ummmmn naaaayaaaaan meeeriii jaaaaaan karrrrrr huuuuummmnnnn . I stopped after some strokes and teased her and said pehele bataao phir choodunga. Pinky laughed and bhabhi sherieked tuu karrr mai bolti hu.

I started again and amidst pleasure she said jaaab haan kaaarta jaaaa na tu airpooort gayaaa to maiiine hummmmnnnn pinkeeeee aaaaah ooooh seeeee pooochaaa thhhooodaaaaa teeej kaaarrrrrrrr naaaaaa haaaaan and pinky continued. I cannot write the exact chain of events but trying to write.

Bhabhi was moaning aaaanghhhh uffffff haiiiii rabbbbb ahhh unnnnmmmmm and pinky said I told bhabhi that you raped me initially but I got soooo hot that then I allowed to do everything to me and I enjoyed a lot. I told her that here also I enjoyed with you and that you want to fuck her also.

I kept on increasing the pace while Pinky continued, initially she acted like sati savitri but when I told her that we would do it again in night and that she accepts or not she too wants lund on regular basis she mellowed down. I was now fucking her with all my might and saw pinky fingering herself. Bhabhi was enjoying and kept on moaning.

She then started shuddering and sprayed her cum on my dick. Strangely I felt no where near cumming, maybe due to medicine. I took out my dick from bhabhi's choot and asked pinky to take doggy position. I stood near the bed and Pinky came near me like a greedy bitch. Bhabhi was gathering her breath. My lund had started itching and was dying for fuck.

I squeezed moisturiser from tube and applied it on lund which was already soaked with cum of bhabhi. I rubbed the left over cream on pinky's ass and the next moment spread her ass and inserted toppa of my lund in her ass hole. I had expected resistance from Pinky but she was so garam after seeing me fucking bhabhi that she did'nt object.

As the toppa entered she whimpered and pleaded nayaaaan dheeeere dheeere dalll pleaseee. I again gave a jerk and my lund was so slippery that it entered half way. Pinky started pleading nooooo darddddd hooota. Bhabhi understood what I was doing and she slid under Pinky and started sucking her nipples. I stood still and pinky's pain started to subside within seconds.

She then moaned aaaah pooora dal de aaaachaaa lagta hai. I pumped her and was fully inside her. Pinky demanded a pillow and when bhabhi gave her she rested her head. I started to pump her gently at first and then increased my speed. I was getting breathless and was grunting like huh huh huh huh and pinky hmmmn ufffffff aaanghhhghgh huh huh huh.

Bhabhi came from behind between my legs and started to lick my balls. I spread my legs to accomodate her and started thumping her at furious pace. Pinky was moving her ass to and fro and simultaneously squeezing her anus wall muscles which was milking my lund. Bhabhi kept on licking my balls and the I felt like cumming soon.

I inserted two fingers inside pinky's choot and it was oozing out juices. I fingered and pumped her ass at maximum pace I could do. My huffs grew louder and so did her moans. Finally we both reached the peak and I found pinky squeezed her ass fully tightening around my lund and orgasmed and I shooting down the walls of annus.

Both of us slumped and I was tired. We were panting as bhabhi put her head on my shoulder and all three of us dozed off.

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Horny Nayan fucking Pinky - IV

Previously: Horny Nayan fucking Pinky - III

Pinky told me that bhabhi cornered her as soon as I left with bhai. Bhabhi stood on high moral ground and lectured Pinky. She went to the extent of asking wether I raped her. Pinky denied and said she opposed initially but when the way I caressed her boobs, massaged her vagina and sucked her nipples caused ripples of pleasure wave and she too then participated.

Pinky told she had reached point of no return and anybody in her place would have done the same. Pinky also told bhabhi that all this situation arose because both of us were wide awake and witnessed hot, steamy sex session of bhai and bhabhi. Bhabhi told me that she was shocked to learn about it. Bhabhi was further shocked when Pinky told her that in hotel also we had sex.

She told bhabhi the root of our relationship had been bhai's sex. Bhabhi cursed her for blaming her for our misdeed. Pinky calmly said when the desire for sex reaches a threshold nobody can stop and that she would continue having sex with me till I refuse.

Bhabhi was shocked and there ensued a long debate with bhabhi on morals and finally Pinky challenged bhabhi saying there is hell lot of difference between what she is preaching and in practice. Pinky said bhabhi was perplexed at Pinky's audacity when she said if bhabhi allows us to have sex with she being a mute spectator and then she if is able to control herself to my sexual advances then only she would agree with bhabhi.

Bhabhi said she has gone mad but Pinky was adamant and promised that she would never ever show her face to her. Bhabhi said Pinky I will not accept any such proposition because she knows she is correct. Pinky provoked bhabhi by saying it is easy to stand on high moral ground without testing oneself and that she is speaking all these things because maybe she did'nt get any opportunity.

Bhabhi told me that it somehow bruised her ego and after a while she bit the bait ( though today she has no regrets ). Bhabhi said that she would demonstrate self control. Pinky agreed to it and said bhabhi you will not act sternly with Nayan till the matter is resolved. She then asked bhabhi if she has night gown.

Actually both of them had forgot that and Pinky called me and said Nayan we have forgot to bring nightie so pls buy two, one for me and one for bhabhi. When I queried about her choice she said for me bring as per your liking and handed over the mobile to bhabhi. Bhabhi also gave no specific instruction. Somehow, I got haunch of events to unfold and became nervous.

For Pinky I chose frock type which as per image of model would be upto her thighs and for bhabhi little longer longer upto her knees. I got nervous at the very thought of what Pinky had suggested this afternoon ( about bhabhi ). Thinking of bhabhi and the thoughts of possibility of fucking her started doing tricks on my lund. I had never had regular sex leave aside threesome.

I started thinking what if I fail to get erection. My mind raced to all sorts of anti climax and I decided that I should take aphoridisac. I reached a medicine shop and payed a hefty amount for the medicine. I gulped a capsule and kept the remaining in car. When I reached hotel I saw Pinky and bhabhi waiting for me in lobby.

They were hungry and we had dinner in hotel only. Bhabhi was normal but her voice seemed to be strained. We returned back to room. Once inside the room Pinky surveyed the nightie and gave it to bhabhi so that she can select one. Bhabhi went to bathroom to change. At that time Pinky told me about the challenge.

Fear gripped me and I said Pinky if you are proved wrong then both of us will be in big trouble. Pinky laughed at my nervousness and winked at me and said atleast that gives us one more opportunity to enjoy. I kissed her and said by god I want to marry you. She passionately kissed me and whispered into my ears Nayan sab tere upar hai ( nayan everything depends on you ).

I was still very tense and the kiss did'nt cause any upward movement of my lund. Bhabhi came out of the bathroom and looked sexy in her gown while Pinky went to bathroom to change. Her boobs were held loosely by the cups of the gown and the pinkish glow of the skin was glowing. Bhabhi didnt say anything and turned towards the mirror.

The gown was having deep cut from back side and her smooth skin was visible. Bhabhi combed her hairs and I kept on looking at her trying to initiate a conservation but could'nt. Then she raised her hands to tie her hairs in a bun and in mirror I saw her smooth arm pits. Bhabhi came to the extra bed and swithched on the T.V. I said bhabhi you sleep here I will manage there.

She said no that is for both of you quite sarcastically. Pinky saved the me as she came out from the bathroom. I quickly entered the bathroom and undressed and went to shower. I felt relaxed under that lukewarm water. Bhabhi came to my mind and I jerked. It responded and I came out of shower realising I dont have anything to wear for the night.

I wrapped the bathroom gown provided by the hotel and came out. The lights had been switched off and both of them were watching t.v. I joined Pinky on the bed. After some time bhabhi pretended to sleep and Pinky tuned in FTV. Pinky put on blanket and both of us were watching t.v. I put my hands on her waist and drew her nearer to me.

She then swithced off t.v and turned to my side and we kissed and while I sucked her lips slurping sound filled the room, soon our tongues were fighting it out for supremacy. My hands roamed around her body feeling her curves. I could feel the erection of her nipples as I gently massaged her chuchi (boobs).

As I was kissing her neck Pinky whispered nayan jitna aawaz kar sakta hai kar aur mera gown utar kar har jagah kiss kar aur phir dekh bbhabhi tujhse kaise karwati hai ( nayan make all sort of erotic sounds and then see how bhabhi falls on to your lap ). I whispered back Pinky tu hi kaafi hai bhabhi ko chod (Pinky you are good enough and lets forget bhabhi).

My hands slipped under her gown and I caressed her ass. She was not wearing panty. Slowly I started to pull up her gown and then finally removed it. Pinky moaned ohh nayan it feeels sooooooo goood hummmmm pleaseeeee tweakkkkkk my nippleeeees ahhhhh yessssss loud enough to be heard by bhabhi. Our kissing was noisy and to tell you the truth my lund was not even half erect.

The thrill was missing and I was still a bit tense knowing bhabhi is watching us made me feel like an porn actor. I sucked Pinky's nipples and did all sort of things but the pleasure I got from her in morning and afternoon was missing. She touched my tool and must have felt my feelings. She started licking my ears and whispered nayan I understand now let us enjoy and to do hell with bhabhi.

She went down and she started nibbling my nipples. A strange pleasure wave travelled across my body, Pinky kept on moving down and opened my bath gown and kissed my lund from top of my undies . She gradually pulled it down and started licking my lund. The hot saliva of her tongue circling around my toppa of lund sent ripples after ripples.

My lund responded and started gaining strength and was fully erect in no time. I grabbed Pinky and pulled her up and licked her and went down licking her boobs, navel and then finally vagina. As I licked it she spread her legs and I sucked her. She moaned uuuuunggghhhhh aaaah aaaeeeeeeessssssss oooooohhhhhh hmmmmmm.

She twisted her body and I stopped sucking her and as I climbed up her body she turned and I started kissing her entire back. My erect lund poked her ass as I reached her neck and she laughed mildly hu hum hu hum when I tingled her neck with my tongue. She again came on top of me and tingled my nipples with her wet tongue. As she did it I arched my ass upwards in natural reaction to enter her.

From the dim light coming from bathroom I could see naughtiness in her eyes and she whispered phir kosish kar (try again). She again sucked this time harder and I again tried but failed. I grabbed her head and and pulled her down and kissed her. We played with each other with full passion.

Pinky would allow me to suck, kiss, lick all her curvaceous body and as I would try to enter her she would naughtily manage to get out. This was driving me crazy and now my lund which was hot and hard demanded immediate attention of pussy walls. During this play we took up 69 position and I was from top sucking her wet choot and my lund pointing towards her mouth was licked by her and it was towards bhabhi's bed.

Amidst our moans I heard heavy breathing. I turned and looked at bhabhi, pinky craned her neck to have a look too. Pinky then glided herself on bed and came near me and whispered nayan bhabhi is perhaps hot and she is going to bathroom and asked me to try my luck with bhabhi. Before I could react she was in bathroom.

The condition of my lund was so hot that it could have fucked even babli. I stood up with my erect lund. Pinky was there inside bathroom with bathroom door wide open. This increased illumination in room. I could see bhabhi looking at my lund breathing heavily. I took few steps to reach her bed. Bhabhi closed her eyes as I sat on her bed. I slowly pulled the blanket from her legs.

I saw her gown was up and her neatly trimmed pubic hairs. Bhabhi had removed her hands from her choot. She was still breathing heavily as I totally removed her blanket. Her chuchi was moving up and down. The movement of her firm chuchi and the erection of her nipples creating an impression on thin cotton gown were driving me crazy and my lund became hot with desire of fucking her.

I bent myself and kissed her toes which gradually turned into wet licks. I was unmindful as to when Pinky sneaked in swithched on tv and the room was filled with music. As I saw her she went to bathroom and closed the door. Bhabhi momentarily opened her eyes and may be looked for perhaps Pinky and closed her eyes once again. I licked her both toes with eyes on her chuchi.

My mind worked overtime to find most pleasurable path upto her chuchi which were heavily moving up and down. My licks kept on moving upwards till I reached her thighs. I gently parted her thighs to expose her choot. I buried my face there and licked her inner thighs without touching her choot while my hands sneaked inside her gown.

I gently massaged her navel and finally reached her firm chuchi. I felt her nipples and gently tweaked them. Bhabhi shuddered in pleasure and twisted her ass so as to position her choot over my tongue. I felt her choot walking down to my tongue which lapped up the opportunity and kissed and then started sucking. For the first time she moaned aaaahhhh and thrust her choot on my face.

My hands got busy removing her gown and she wriggled on bed to help me and finally from the corner of my eyes I saw she herself pulled out her gown. As I dug my tongue into her choot she started to thrust her ass more rapidly. I felt steady flow of juices and could feel her body getting stiff. I stopped sucking her picked her up and came to double bed.

I took her swollen nipples in my mouth and licked it with mouth ful of saliva and wetting it. Bhabhi arched up and moaned in pleasure aaagggghhhh ooooooooohhhhhhh ummmmnnnnnnnnn. She still kept her eyes closed and her face expressed the pleasure she was having.

I then sucked and nibbled her nipples and with one hand played with her nipple and the other hand was caressing her navel and going gradually to her choot. As my hand reached her chute the fully wet chute welcomed my fingers and my fingers entering her chute and my sucking her lips were well coordinated.

Bhabhi wet lips welcomed me and she too started kissing me uuuunnnmm uuuuunnnmm aah huuuuuuummmmmnnnnn. For a brief moment I left her choot and held her hands and put it on my lund. She opened her eyes on feeling hot lund. She measured the thickness with two fingers encircling the girth and the depth it will penetrate with her palms.

Our eyes met and I saw she was now driven by lust. After kissing my tongue went near her ears and licked her earlobes and I whispered bhabhi tainu roop ka khazana ho (bhabhi you are treasure of beauty ).

As I licked her earlobes she rubbed her cheeks with my cheeks and kept on moaning softly huuuuunmmm uuooonnnnggghhh aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh hhhhmmmm uuuuuuoooooogghhhhhh ahah hannnaaaaa and I whispered into her ears bhabhi I first had a glimpse of your cleavage when the maid did'nt turn up and your pallu slipped while mopping the floor, I was so hot that I had to go to toilet to masterbate.

Bhabhi spread her legs wide and put one leg over mine and rubbed her legs with mine as I dug deep into her choot and massaged the walls of her choot. Bhabhi took both her hands over her head and I quickly licked her armpits. She half moaned and half giggled hhun hun aaaaaaauuuuungggggghhhh. She arched upwards her lower part of the body.

She wanted my lund desperately and mumbled pppleeeaseeee nayan ab pleeasse ohhhhhhhh abbbbb nahiiii rahaaaaa jaaataaaa hummmghhhhhh ppppppplease daal deeeeeeee naaa masallllll de mujheeeee pleaseeeee nayan she was violently jerking and twisting and I came on top of her. She guided my lund at the entrance and moaned puurrrrrra ghusssssaaaa de.

She was so wet that my first shot glided all the way to boundry. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt Pinky's tongue oner my back and rubbing her chuchi on my back. As I stopped to enjoy Pinky's nudges bhabhi desperately almost begged pleeeaseee nayan zorrr se kaarrrr na. I started pumping her furiously.

Pinky came in front and sucked bhabhi's nipple while I fully concentrated in pumping her. Bhabhi was now almost mad with pleasure. I took her legs on my shoulder held her legs and grinded her choot making thap thap thap rythmic sound and bhabhi's moan haann uummmghh haann ummaaahh. Pinky kissed bhabhi and then both took out their tongues and played.

Pinky asked bhabhi bataoo na mazzaa aa raha hai (bhabhi tell us wether you are having fun ). Bhabhi replied haaaaaaaannnnn piiiinnnkyyyyyy baaaahuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt ohhhh nayaaaannnn. Pinky greedily said bhabhi mujhe bhi mazzaa do naa and said nayan tu peeche se kar bhabhi mera choot suck karegi (bhabhi I also want some fun pls suck my pussy).

I took out my lund bhabhi was in great hurry. She quickly turned and buried her face in Pinkys choot. I entered her from rear spreading her legs wide apart. Bhabhi's ass perfectly fitted in my crotch and once again I pumped her. She was nearing her orgasm and within minutes she came oozing gallons. I quickly withdrew and asked Pinky to come.

Bhabhi rolled away and I positioned in pinky's choot and continued to fire at rapid pace. I grabbed her chuchi and fucked her hard. Both of us were moaning and challenging each other. I was mumbling ye le ye le pinkyyyy ye aur le hhhmmm (take this pinky take this ) and pinky saying thodddaa aurrrr thodaaaa aurrrrrr hummmm busssssss ittttnaaaaa hiiii dummmm haiiiiiii (give more give more, is this all you got ).

I withdrew from her choot and positioned the toppa at her annus opening and jerked my ass forward. My lund was so soaked with both of them juices that about half of my 6 incher slided in. I felt pinky shuddering and she became standstill. Then with another jerk I was fully inside her asshole and I gave one powerpacked thrust by pulling almost full lund out and then putting it back in depths at lightening speed.

Pinky pleaded nayaaan pls thoda dheere. I again gave her similar power packed stroke and said now pinky feel my power. She kept mum and I increased the time interval between strokes but the intensity remained the same. By 6 or 7 stroke I felt Pinky grinding her ass on my crotch when I am deep inside her. It gave me amazing pleasure.

I then started to give circular motion to my hips going in. Pinky moaned uuummmmmmmmm aiseeeee heee karrrrrrrr ummmmmm . I started ding it with all my energy when I felt tension building up in my lund. I moaned and asked bhabhi to finger Pinky. Bhabhi obliged pinky and she fingered and I screwed her with all my might. Pinky was surfing pleasure waves expertly.

She was moaning ooogghhhh haaan bhaaaabhi, nayaaaan karteeee oissssshhhhh huuummmghhhh thissssss hmmmmppphhhh issssssssss heeeavennnnnn. I reached my peak and started to cum and once again gave her power packed strokes. After I was drained I was panting lying near her and she kissed me, bhabhi continued to finger her.

I sucked her chuchi hard and took over from bhabhi in fingering her. She came after quite some time and was panting. She slumped beside me. I then came in between both the ladies. I put my arms around them and held their chuchi. While pinky closed her eyes bhabhi tried to get up.

I did'nt let her go and said comomn bhabhi lets take rest like this only. I gently kept on caressing her chuchi. Bhabhi turned towards me and put her leg on my leg that I felt her juices. She put her arms on my stomach and soon all three of us were sleeping.

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Horny Bua wanting sex badly

I must've been about 14 when while coming back from a wedding late in the night, I was sharing the back seat of my car with my bua. Her thighs were brushing mine and it was the first time I was feeling turned on for a woman. That night was also the first time in my life when I masturbated. I was clearly thinking about her.

My bua is very fair, whitish. She is on the plump side, though not of perfect shape. But she is quite a stunner. She has big bulging boobs, a roundish belly and just amazing ass and thighs. She mostly wears salwar kameez, but whenever she wears a sari, MY GOD.

I have been turned on by her all my youth. Whenever I got the chance, a couple of times in the car, once in a movie hall, sometimes on the dinner table, I would slip my hands on her thighs, and feel her up right till her upper thighs. Unfortunately, just when I get close to her pussy, she somehow finds a way to move away or she shifts her position so that I can't go further.

Off late I had had a feeling that my bua is also turned on by my touches. She will let me go ahead till a point which is safe. When there is risk of others knowing about it, or my actions get too far, she stops, out of social fear maybe. But even getting the dosages of her thighs are a big bliss.

The moment I see her I get a huge hard on. And she must've noticed it easily since its quite a huge tool and the tent the 6+ inch tool makes is also unmissable. I remember that english movie vividly. MY GOD, there was a fight scene as I was rubbing my hand between her milky thighs! Her legs were shivering and she was squirming.

I think she might have orgasmed there and then. At least she must have had good masturbating experiences after that incident. She grabbed my hand and put it away just before the movie finished and the lights went on.

One night when she was staying at our home, I tried to touch her thighs in the bed. I did touch her in places but lost my gut in the middle and left. I watched from the door as she squirmed a little and rubbed her thighs together before she again became motionless. I realized that she was not asleep at all.

Once I spied on her when she was in the bathroom changing her clothes. We were in an afternoon program near our homes. I had come back home with her for her to change since it had gotten very hot in the sun and she was wearing a warm dress. I went to the bathroom first and opened the windows a little.

Later when she went in she first took off her kameez and changed into the new one and then changed her salwar. It was not a very showy performance but I still saw her huge boobed body in a white bra and her milf like bare thighs.

In the manner of her touches and behavior, my sixth sense says she must've already dreamt of my rod ravaging her pussy, my fingering her to shattering orgasms. She would've already rubbed herself tons of times thinking of my touches on her and imagining the ones she had unwantingly stopped me from making.

I can easily imagine her rubbing her clitoris feverishly standing under her shower being barely able to stand when her throbbing pussy would reach its orgasmic frenzy. With her legs wide open under the sheets of her bed, pushing her fingers and fist inside and outside and gyrating away for 5 continuous minutes after which her eyes roll over and her sweaty body stops and wishes that the bare pussy could get a six and a half inches it deserves.

Once we had all gone for a vacation. When no one was in the rooms, I quietly sneaked into her room, opened her bags to find that she was wearing tights instead of her underwear as there were no underwear to be found. I masturbated by holding the tights on my cock and dropped my sperm right where her pussy is supposed to be. I packed it as it was kept.

She must've noticed the cum stains, and I saw her wearing the tights under her kameez the next day. How I felt when I imagined her pussy rubbing the place where I had rubbed my cock and dropped my sperm. She gave a slight smirk to me, it wouldn't have been difficult for her to imagine who's sperm it was, after years of rubbing our bodies together with as much privacy public can allow.

We have sat thigh on thigh wherever we can. I massaged her soft thighs so many times, I can't count. We hug so tightly when we meet, her breasts almost get squashed between us, and my cock pokes on her abdomen.

After all these stories, my horny fuckable bua, you must be dripping in the pussy, if you happen to be reading this, you will recognize in no time that it is you I am talking about and I think no one else but you and I know all this.

I hope you shed your inhibitions and follow what you want so much. I am in love with your body like crazy and every second day I cum thinking of you. My cock has never gotten bored thinking of you and I'm sure your pussy itches to the extent that you want to stuff just about anything inside to ease it down.

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Horny Nayan fucking Pinky - III

Previously: Horny Nayan fucking Pinky - II

I had sound sleep and woke up to find bhabhi was giving my lund french bath. She was wiping my lund with wet towel. She wiped my balls also. I smiled at her and said kyon bhabhi phir se mood ho raha hai. Bhabhi stood up straight and posed in front of me and challengingly asked me khada hoga tera.

I was really tired but her gleaming sexy body was so desirable that one can never feel contented. It was like rab ne chappar phad ke sex ka sukh diya. I said kosish karogi to surely khada hoga. I asked her time and she said 3 baj rahe hai. I said we still have one hour. Pinky was sleeping and we went to bathroom. After setting hot and cold water we entered the shower.

Bhabhi hugged me and stood over her toes to reach my lips. Her nipples rubbed my nipple and we kissed each other passionately. I held her from waist slowly caressing her there. I engaged myself in realising my favorite fantasy ie foamed her beautiful sexy body and explored her contours. She too foamed my lund, pubic hair and my balls and cleaned it.

Bhabhi enjoyed my caresses and surprised me when she told me that she is jealous of Pinky. I kept on playing with her and asked her the reason. She said I do not want to share you with her but as the situation is her relationship with me was courtesy Pinky and she can not stop her from enjoying with me.

I consoled her and said Pinky is a guest and she would be going back within a week and then it will be us only. Bhabhi kissed me and held my lund and stroked it. I felt good but the pleasure I used to get was missing may be perhaps due to excessive sex in last 24 hours. Bhabhi then took my lund inside her mouth and sucked it hard. This was new experience to me.

Pinky had been licking my dick and I used to feel warmth of her tongue but this was heavenly. The warmth of her mouth tingled the right chords and I could feel my lund growing in size inside her mouth. She kept on sucking till it had attained full glory. I closed the shower and positioned her on platform near wash basin. I entered her and bhabhi hugged me.

I started to stroke her gently and she encouraged me by licking my shoulders and kissing my neck. Her legs were around my ass and hands tightly hugged me. There was continuous rubbing of her nipples and mine and was giving me divine pleasure. We kissed each other and the wetness of her mouth drove wave after wave of pleasure.

The position we were in gave us problem when I increased power of my thrust as bhabhi would slide back. I then held her tightly and lifted her up and pinned her against a wall. Bhabhi held my neck and tightly wrapped her legs around my ass. I started giving her powerful strokes.

Bhabhi started moaning ohhhhh nayaaan hhhhmmm ohhhhh aaaah ummmmm kitnaaaaaa sonaaaaaaaaa laaaagtaaaaaaa haaaaiiiii ummmmmm haiiiiiiiii maaaaiiiii uuunnnmm maaaaaarrrrr jaaaaanwaaaaaaaa ummmmmm aaaaahhhhhhhh aaahhhh ohhhuumm tujheeeeee mazaaaaa aaa rahaaaaa haiiii. I didnt reply and bent my body to reach her nipples.

I pumped her at furious pace and sucked her nipples and even softly bit them and she also bit me hard on my shoulder. Her mouth was wide open with upper jaw teeths were on my shoulder digging my flesh and tongue lapping my flesh and saliva flowing freely and dripping down and strange sound of satisfaction ooonmmmnmnmnnmnmn coming.

Her teeths caused pain and pleasure both and then I started to cum. As I was finishing she started to cum and I dug my lund deep inside her and kept it there till she was done. I allowed her to stand on her feet. Once again we took bath and cleaned ourselves. Pinky was waiting for us and winked at bhabhi and said now it is 3 is to 2 and entered bathroom. I requested her to hurry as the sooner we start for journey the better it was.

We hit the road within an hour. Both the ladies were joking and pulling my leg. I was enjoying their jokes and slowly the discussion came around as to what ever happened was not supposed to happen. Bhabhi started repenting and said she is feeling guilty. She admitted that she has very strong sexual urge but she should have controlled her urge.

I became nervous and blurted out why all this high morals now, you should have not done. Pinky was very calm and snubbed me. She consoled bhabhi and encouraged her to vent out her feelings. Bhabhi's continuous wail of morals was driving me crazy and I stopped the car in front of dhabba for tea and snacks. I am not a regular smoker but due to tension I smoked.

Both the ladies remained inside the car and Pinky was listening to bhabhi. After tea and snacks we again started our journey. Now bhabhi was not crying and Pinky asked her if she can ask her few questions. Bhabhi nodded. Pinky asked her bhabhi tell me before marriage wether any body had caressed her sexy body or not.

After a while bhabhi said woh to is duniya ki har ek ladki ke saath hota hai. Pinky then asked wether she enjoyed those sweet nothings or not. Bhabhi smiled but did'nt say a word. Pinky then insisted if you don't speak out then there is no point. Bhabhi reluctantly said yes few times she enjoyed also.

Pinky told that she is not the only one who has enjoyed infact every girl must have felt the same way. Pinky said she felt the same way when she was touched at right places. Pinky then asked bhabhi honestly tell me wether all these nudges came from outsiders. Bhabhi kept mum and there was silence. I remembered how I had nudged few of my relatives pretending them to be accidental.

Finally bhabhi said no. Pinky then asked her was it not wrong to enjoy nudges deliberate or accidental of relatives. Bhabhi and I also accepted that. Pinky said I am sure bhabhi kahin na kahin kabhi na kabhi kisse ne aapki ( she gently squeezed her chuchi and I saw it in rear view mirror ) inko dabaya hoga aur you must have enjoyed it.

Bhabhi laughed and said tere kaun dabaata tha kya yehi nayan ? Pinky too laughed and said nahi yeh nahi, baad me bataungi. Pinky continued with her speech and said it is just perception bhabhi, we treat sex as such a big thing. She then suddenly asked bhabhi kal raat aap jo nayan ke baare keh rahin thi woh sach hai kya. Now bhabhi was trapped.

Bhabhi had to admit the truth and nodded. Pinky asked her bhabhi why you showed your vital assets to nayan. Bhabhi got annoyed and said o.k o.k pinky you have proved me a whore, bus khush. Pinky very calmly said bhabhi if you are whore then 90 percent of today's women are whores and being a student of phychology I was just trying to strike balance between you and your innerself.

I know you are afraid now that I also know the incident but I assure you that it will remain in my heart. I was astonished at Pinky's intelligence. Pinky said bhabhi I am not advocating incest but if two adults have committed it then if they are not comfortable with the relation they should forget it as a fantasy or like me, aap ki bhasa mein whore, enjoy it as biological need.

She then asked me Nayan tujhe koi problem hai to bol. I got senti and said oye Pinky I don't know about right or wrong par mera to ek hi philosphy hai, if we sister fuckers can fantacise about our bhabhi, sisters, cousins etc etc seeing their figure and masterbate then we are imagining of fucking them so if it turns out to be reality without rape then it is o.k with me.

Oye pinky, bhabhi ko tere saamne promise karta hoon ki aankh utha kar bhi nahi dekhunga. Pinky laughed heartily and asked and if bhabhi comes to you then, I replied in same tone toh kasam se gaand ki seal mai hi kholunga. Bhabhi also laughed out loudly.

Pinky then said do you people know gays and lesbians were there, and rattled out few names which I do'nt remember, but now people are coming out and expressing themselves. She said may be relation like ours must be there it is just that we do'nt know. I pondered over it and blurted out hummn hota to hai Pinky in every community hota hoga but why are we wasting our time like this yaar sabki pasand apni apni.

We were nearing our home and as I was parking the car I heard bhabhi telling Pinky aaj raat tak main mai score 3 - 3 kar dungi. Pinky laughed and bhabhi smiled and then said Pinky thank you.

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Horny Nayan fucking Pinky - II

Previously: Horny Nayan fucking Pinky

Both of us were very scared but went downstairs. It was about morning 4 but everybody was awake. Bhai was ready to depart. My mother and Babli wept and bhabhi was in pensive mood. We had tea and nobody asked any unpleasant question. My father instructed me to drop bhai. Mausi suggested that bhabhi should also accompany us and everybody agreed.

Bhabhi then asked Pinky to come along and she too agreed. Soon we freshened up and by 5 we hit the road. We reached Chandigarh around 1 p.m. As bhai's flight was at 6 p.m and there was no way to return back same day I suggested to book a hotel. Bhai immediately agreed and we checked in a hotel booking 2 rooms initially and then it was decided that after departure of bhai, bhabhi would shift to our room.

Bhai asked me have lunch and said they would take lunch in their room only. Pinky also said she would prefer lunch in room only. Once inside the room Pinky cursed me for putting her in such a situation. I said dekh pinky mujhe kya maloom tha ki bhabhi ko pataa chal jayega. After rounds of blame and defense I finally said yaar bhabhi ko kehna hota to subah hi keh detee.

She agreed to it. When I saw she has softened her stance I blamed bhai and bhabhi. I said 22 23 saal ke ladke ladki ke saamne kutta kutti bhi karne se khada ho jaata hai, and they are humans. Pinky laughed and said mai to dekh kar apne boyfriend ko miss karne lagi aur Nayan tune uska benefit le liya.

I heaved a sigh of relief and said iska matlab you are having regular sex with your boyfriend. Pinky said yes we do it quite regularly. I teased her and asked her if she feels guilty. She boldly said no yaar, sabke saath to nahi kartee naa, kal garam ho gayee bhai aur bhabhi ko dekh kar aur jab tumne kosish ki toh khud ko rok nahi payi.

I said mere saath bhi aisa hi hua Pinky aur mera toh ek philosphy hai. She asked what philosphy, I pulled her towards me and said agar ek khoon ki sazaa maut ho aur sau khoon ki sazaa bhi maut toh sau khoon kyon na karu. She licked my ears and said Nayan tu ek number ka behenchod haraami hai. I kissed her and our tongues played with each other.

My hands followed her contours of shapely waist and caressed her. I inserted my hands inside her T shirt and cupped her chuchi. She then asked me naughtily Nayan ek gal hai, I kept on kissing her neck and said haan bol. She asked bhai ki shaadi ko kitne saal ho gaye. I replied 3 saal, she then asked me aur bhai kitne din bhabhi ke saath kiye.

I left her and exclaimed oh teri ! Yaar jis saal shaadi hue sirf 15 ya 20 din aur Neha ki shaadi ke samay ek mahina, yaar in totality mein consider kare to not more than 3 months isse liye bhai kal hum sab ke saamne hi shuru ho gaye. Pinky kissed me hard on lips and said aur ek baat main jaanti hoon ki jab tak ladki sex nahi karti woh sambhal sakti hai par ek baar iska

( she held my dick ) swaad mil gaya to control karna mushkil ho jaata hai, jaisa kal raat mere saath hua. My jaw dropped open. She meaning fully winked and continued haan agar sati savitri hai to...... I kissed her and pulled out her T shirt and started kissing her shoulder. She undid my jeans and soon both of us were naked. I started licking her.

She had magnificient chuchi with deep brown nipples. I kept on kissing her oval navel and rubbed her chute. She had trimmed her pubic hairs and soon I was deep down there deep throating her. She was moaning without any inhibition and held my head tightly with her legs and was rubbing her tighs on my face. Her moans made me hotter and I sucked her greedily.

She started to cum when I spared her chute and asked her to suck my lund. She started to lick my lund with her tongue without taking it inside her mouth. She made it totally wet with her saliva. I couldnot wait and asked her to take doggy position. I entered her from rear and started stroking her gently holding her waist. Within minutes she started her hip movement and increased the pace.

Her moaning grew loud and I switched on T.V to control her moans going out of the room. She was hmmmm aaah huuuuuuuuu ooooohhh Nayyyan kittttna aaaachhhhaaaa huuuuuuuu aaaaaah karooooooo naaaaaaaa huuuuuuummmmmm pleeeeaseeee nippppplessss koooo dabaoooooo haaaan aurrrrrrrr bheeeeeetaar taaaak aaaaooooo naaaaaaa haaaaaan aisssse

kaaaarteeeeee haaaaan haaaaaaan ummmmmmm kisssssssss karoooooooo pleeeeeasssse nayaaan seedhaaaa kar rrrr ke daaaalo aur pleeeeeaaaassszzz nipppleeee bhiiiii ummmmmmm suckkkkk karooooo. I was doing as she was demanding and came on top of her and sucked and fucked her.

She held the pillows and was wildly swinging her head and matching my thrust with hers. Her continuous moans with demands was driving me crazy. After a while she nearly shouted naaayaaan haaaaan thooooda theddda haaaaan aiiiseee phirrrrr karrrr bahuuuuut maaaazzzzza kaaaarrrrta rahhhhhh ummmmm ohhhhhh maiiiiii buuuuusssss aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

huuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaah ohhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmm esssssssssssss hoooooooo rahhhhhhhhaaaaaa haiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh esssssssssssss huuuummmmmm. At that time I was in top speed and her face contorted out of pleasure her half closed half open eyes and tongue continuously wetting her own lips made my journey to peak faster.

I was just a few shots away and her juices were dripping on my balls. I kissed her lips and was welcomed by the wetness of her saliva. Our tongues got entangled and then I raised myself on my elbows. She spread her legs wide giving me full access to go deep down. I almost fully withdrew my 6 incher and rammed back in force.

My hands were near her neck so she turned her head and started licking my arm while I gave her deep thrust. I was just a few seconds away from my destination and soon I started to cum. To enhance my pleasure she gave circular motion to her ass and I discharged my load deep inside her chute. As I slumped on her she kept on licking my ear and whispered Nayan tu mast chodta hai.

She then whispered aaj raat bhabhi ko chodega. I reacted and got up but she pulled me down and kissed me hard and then resumed licking my ears and face and whispered koi rape karne nahi bol rahi hoon aur jab tu apni cousin ko chod sakta hai to mauka milne se usko kyon nahi. I said Pinky tu marwayigee.

She kept on whispering accha b taa kal raat jab tu mere bistar mein aakar meri chuchi se khela aur fingering ki aur subah subah chod bhi liya to kyon tujhe darr nahi laga. I kept mum. She continued is liye kyonki tujhe malum tha ki mai garam ho gayi hoon aur jab ek bar fingering kar lee to mera subah manaa karne se bhi tu manaa nahi aur main hi maan gai.

Kal dekha nahi ki kaise bhabhi bhai ke upar chad kar mazzaa le rahi thi, main jaanti hun ki use aur chaiye. Pehele use hum dono milkar garam kar denge phir tu bas ek baar kar de phir bhai se chuph kar saari zindagi karwayegi. I smiled at her devilish mind and asked her aur tu apni bataa.

She sexily smiled back and said sach bolu to tere saath din mein bhaiya aur raat mein saiya jaisa hisaab ban gaya hai, tu jab chahe mujhe chod sakta hai. To arouse me she said do you know bhabhi has perfect figure and that her nipples are pink. Her description was having effect and my lund was getting erect again.

She slapped my dick with light hand and said tu sahi mein bahut kamina hai aur agar tujhe Neha aur Babli ki bhi mil jaye to tu chodega nahi aur pata nahi kyon mujhe tujh jaise hi aache lagte hai. She then kissed my lund and said isse bachaa kar rakh raat ko bahut mehnat karni hai. It was 3.30 p.m and she invited me for taking shower together.

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Horny Nayan fucking Pinky

I am Nayan from H.P. I am not mentioning the exact location for reasons known to every reader. This is an amazing incident that happened some 2 years back during marriage ceremony of our youngest sister. We are 4 siblings. Eldest is Chandan and is in army, then a sister Neha married to software engineer, then myself working in tourism and then Babli who was getting married.

All our relatives had come but Chandan bhai's leave was cancelled at the last moment as his commanding officer's father had expired and he had to go. The next morning ( chandan bhai arrived that day only ) he had to leave. As the house was packed with guests he was not getting privacy with bhabhi.

At night, myself, bhai, bhabhi, Pinky (maternal cousin from Delhi ), Dolly (cousin from Ranikhet ), Ballu ( cousin from H.P only ) all in the age group of 22 to 28 settled in top floor room. I had constructed that room as a studio apartment for myself. The only problem was it had only one bed of 7 ' by 4.5 '. So we offered the bed to bhai and arranged ouselves on floor.

We chatted and chatted as there was lot of catching up to do because none of them attended Neha's marraige. Myself and bhai called Sumit ( husband of Neha ) for booze and enjoyed 100 pipers. We made ourselves comfortable under quilt but the girls were shivering. Bhai offered them drink which was first accepted by Pinky and soon everybody joined in.

Meanwhile, Sumit got call from Neha and left. They had been provided with a seperate room. After some time we also slept. On my right side Pinky and dolly were sleeping and ballu on left. The room heater was acting like night lamp and very dim light filled the room. Soon I heard mild snoring of ballu and and I started to plan for next days activity.

I was having mixed feelings of joy and responsibility for babli's marriage and with bhai going back I felt more responsible. I got tensed and sleep was miles away from my eyes. After a while I heard hushing sound. I saw bhai whispering and then faint sound of bangles. I smiled and understood what bhai was up to. Soon bhai was on top of bhabhi and was kissing her.

Bhabhi was also kissing her and despite their efforts to not make any sound the room filled up with slurping of tongues. My dick gained hardness and my hands went inside the pyjama and stroked it and bhai was perhaps undressing bhabhi under the quilt. I slowly turned towards them to ease my neck and to have better view.

Bhai's quilt slipped a bit and as bhai raised himself a bit, the outline of bhabhi's firm chuchi was visible with nipples jutting out. Even though she was lying the chuchi did'nt sag sidewise. It was first time in 3 years that I saw bhabhi's chuchi though I had glimpses of her cleavage quite frequently. I had untied my pyjama and took erect, hard and hot tool in my hands and slowly started to jerk it.

Then I saw bhabhi's leg coming out from quilt and encircling bhai from over the quilt. Bhai must have entered his dick in bhabhi's pussy and must have been stroking her gently because one of her chuchi was jiggling up and down while other was being sucked. There was occasional sound of kissing and bhai and bhabhi went on enjoying.

Amidst snoring of ballu they then changed position and as bhabhi was coming on top I had glimpse of bhabhi's magnificient body. Her chuchi was firm and nipples long and erect as she positioned herself and rode bhai. She had covered herself fully with quilt now and all I saw was rapid movement of her hips.

The quilt was moving up and down at a franatic pace and I could hear them panting. It was at that time I noticed that in Pinky's quilt there was rythmic movement. I understood the whole scenario and put my hand in her quilt. My hands directly went to her pussy and caught her fingering herself. I squeezed her pussy with my palms and juices dripped on my hand.

I silently moved inside her quilt,she resisted and before could do anything I embraced her with my free hand and cupped her chuchi. She must have pulled up her T shirt earlier for I felt her nipples. With one hand I fingered her furiously and with other started tweaking her nipples. I whispered oye pinky tu bhi jaag rahi hai aur bhai ko pelte dhek rahi aur mai bhi wahi kar raha hoon.

Tu mera jhar de mai tera jhar doonga. Pinky was in extreme pleasure and held my dick. Bhabhi was now moaning very softly which made us more horny. I had inserted two fingers in Pinky's chute and adjusted myself to take one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked them furiously. Her whole body tensed and she oozed out gallons of juices.

She furiously jerked my lund and within minutes I too pumped out my cum in pinky's hands. But bhai and bhabhi were still continuing albeit now it was at furious pace. Both of us witnessed them climaxing soon and room was filled with their huffing sound. Pinky tried to free herself from my grip but I dozed off cupping both of her chuchi.

She tried for some time to get free but later surrendered and she too must have dozed off. I woke up early in the morning to find both bhai and bhabhi moving out of the room. Bhai had to go to Chandigarh to catch flight. I then had my oppurtunity and very gently kissed Pinky and gently stroked her chuchi.

Then I reached for her skirt and unzipped it and very gently removed it along with her panty. She was now almost fully nude except the T shirt which was fully up. My kisses woke her and she protested. I did'nt say a word and just started sucking her nipples. They reacted to my suck and tongue play and her body gave in to wave of lust and her nipples got erect.

My dick was fully erect and started to poke her. She whispered nayan sirf oral tak hi rehna aage nahi...... And I kept on playing with her body trying to hit most sensitive spots. Gradually she started responding with kisses and would lick my face also. I again fingered her and found she was already wet down there. I then came on top of her and she immediately protested and tried to push me.

I rubbed my dick lying on top of her and in order to control her said pinky bus ragadunga.... Please karne de and kept of rubbing and in process started to search her love hole. Soon I located the entry point and kissed her and inserted my tongue inside her mouth. She welcomed it and as she played with my tongue I gave a mild thrust and the toppa of my dick found its way inside her pussy.

She immediately reacted and tried hard to push me. I grabbed her hands and pinned her down keeping her hands above her head and gripping them. I then further pushed inside and her movement to pull herself out in fact helped me to go deep inside her.

Once I was totally inside her I pleaded pleaseee Pinky kal raat bhai to dekh nahi raha jaata please ek baar kar lene de and simultaneously started to pump her gently. She closed her eyes and I continued to pump her and lick her neck, nipples. After a while I felt she too started to meet my thrust with mild movements of her.

I left her hands and she held my head and kissed me furiously. She whispered Nayan aur zor se pleasee haan haan. I increased the pace and whispered pehele to manaa kar rahi thi, kyon, she said bahut mazaa aa raha hai uffff bus karte raho and she bit my ears. I pumped her and said dekh aaj raat bhar karungaa ye le yeh lee.

She started to moan and I clamped her mouth with my hands and whispered kya kar rahi hai ballu aur dolly jaag jayenge and pumped her harder. She started to lick my hands which were on her mouth and was jerking her ass at a feverish pace. I was also pumping her with all my energy. I felt as if I was going to cum and so whispered Pinky mera jhar jayega bahar nikal lu kya.

I removed my hands from her mouth and she whispered bas karta jaa pleeeease haaan aise hee hmm chinta mat karrrr mera protectionnn haan pleeeease thoda aur zor seee. I peaked and started to cum but gave Pinky few more hard strokes after strokes. I was showered with her juices seconds later. I kissed her again and had to jump off her because I heard footsteps.

In hurry I came back to my quilt leaving my pyjama inside Pinky's quilt. It was bhabhi, she came to me and whispered Nayan uth jaa and in order to ensure that I am fully awake she pulled my quilt.

Bhabhi was shocked to find me without pyjama and my dick was still having some hardness. She then peeped inside Pinky's quilt and sternly looked at us. She threw my pyjama to me and said tum dono abhi neeche aao. Both of us Pinky and myself were terrified and bhabhi left the room.

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Ram first time sex with sister Anitha

Hi this s raam, I am the hardcore readers of humandigest site, lets go for the story line. I have a beautiful and very seductive sister named anitha. I was so impressed with her structure for as long as a year. she got married and having 2 childerns too. I m always in home till ma college re opens. till then I ll be within her.

i normally having ma breakfast nearly by morning and straightly go to her home which is down to my apartment. at the time she gonna doing with her work of embroiding. she always wearing the saree by showing her petticoat and navel and hip. I was so immersed in those things. and so far I too take snaps of that. and I masturbate by seeing those images.

i kept ma feelings with in myself itself. its a one prime time that in our family arranged a marriage for the younger sister, but marriage was conducted in far place than our home town so we arranged a omni bus for a travel. she was so close to me and she always used to sit and sleep along with me than her husband. marriage'as so goes for nearly three the days.

after those three days we gotta returned to ure hometown. me and ma sister sit very closer to each other due lack of space in bus. she looks so tired for over work in marriage. she was in tradition dress she look so gorgeous in the dress. her waist tend to touch my wrist. I sense the feeling gonna to reach the peak level. but I controlled myself.

being travelled for 7hrs journey we reached our home. ma sister goes to her apartment with her husband by normal. but I cant sleep for a whole night. I feel those situation again and again. evn I masturbated that night. but I cant reduce that feeling. after the dawn I went her home all gonna for their job in her home. all left. none in her apartment.

I slightly opened the door I realised she the one alone in the home. I entererd and moved initialy to the hall, next the kitchen, then the bed room., She felt asleep the time, I entered the room by saying her name, she woked up but not fully conscious. she opened her eyes and called ma name "han raam come inside". then I asked "tired ah".

she replied sleepily " s, had ur break fast?"," s, then y r u sleeping at this time"," thn anything a interesting", after a while she felt asleep and said "better go and sit hall by watching tv, r go bed" I left the room and I sat in sofa by watching tv shows i after a while I went to the kitchen to get some water and so far. I wander here and thier for time pass. I felt boring and I went to her for saying her I m leaving.

i entered the room in silence. I whisperely called her name, and then I said, wanna I need to go home....., she said "ok,and she felt sweaty and asked me to switch on the fan". I switched it, and I started ma move, I stepped back and very stunner to see that "saree moved aside, "i went nearer to her and very wonder to see her navel in wind side ".

at the time she wored a dark black saree, suits her ceramic coated skin, I felt to high temptation state to touch her navel, but in ma mind a flash goes away that she is ma sister. but another mind says to finish off my hungry on sex, its hghly a ridiculous state on the time.

i left the room by doing none..its another day. after a month gap from ma studies I came to ma home town, after I stepped to the home I remembered all of the thinkings I did prevoiusely, asusual I went to my sister home to see her, I m sitting infront to her by reading a weekly magazine, she looking teribly on me, I think she noticed me when I was supposed to see her navel that day, but I dont think so.

she asked me to take some cup of tea. but I refused, she forced me to take it of, I took and we both remain silence for a while, I finished my tea and I noted she hurrily getting ready for going for some shopping with her husband, her two children gotta gone for a evening tuition, she got ready and infront of me she got phoned to her hubbi for asking either he was coming to pick her to go out.

"i m engaged in meeting, so I cant come now" he by the way the one and only person to get her out is me, she asked me, will you come along wit me for purchasing, I said her please wait for a while. and I got ready and we both go for a while. after our purchase we returned home and she got to her dressing room, she is in dress changing,

left her mobile in hall as her hubbi in mobile I pretend to enter her room abruptly..she s in semi glamour standing by having semi wearing of her saree with her open navel, on seein me she urgely corrected her saree, and asked me wats up, i said her hubbi is in mob, she answered phone in front of me, and am sitting before her in bed,

after her speech in phon she got urged her move to the kitchen, then I questiond her y u so abnrmal on me, she remains silence and did nthng to me. And so far she with angry on her eyes she askd me, 'why u did like that day', I can't recognize what she s aiming to ask, bt my deep heart reminds me what I did that night (watchd her navel), she repeatdly asking the same for as many time, bt I remain silnce.

I expresed her whats truely lying in my mind, I said her that, I was deeply in love with you. I want to live with you for my life. I was mad with you physically and mentally. And I evenly attracted by your clean navel. And your furnished color body. She with high temporally and exclaimed at me and cried her eyes and said don't talk like this and asked me to get out of here.

But I remained their and boldly said her I want to have sex with you. On hearing this she slapped hard on my cheeks and pulled off my hairs and tore off my shirts and too shouted on me. I got tensed and I suddenly got off the place. Then I got to my room and felt so ridiculous of my activities on doing to her. After a week I went to her home to see her husband casually.

Its morning breakfast time he s going on with his food. He ordered lovely to me to take breakfast. She served me the food in good but she has symptoms of my questions that day I asked her. By going on with our food. Her husband said, he supposed to go for a conference to be held in new delhi. He asked me to be with her. I looked at her. She was angrily looking at me.

He has to go for flight by night self. He called me down to his home for her protection. He gone out and we the two and her children in home now. Its now around night 11.30 pm. She s so cunning on me by watching what am gonna do for the night. But I did nothing Till the morning. Next day gone as usual and the same thing, anitha realised that I was so depressed for her harsh activity on that day.

Its around night 11.47 pm and She s gonna returned from the rest room to her bed room. I'm always sleeping with the children in hall. She called me to her room at the time and she closed the door. She asked me to sit , I ignored. She forced me to sit and she came near to me and by her hand on my shoulder she asked me whats your problem and you're like this.

I said her that's nothing. But she asked me again and again. I slightly focussed on her hip moving alight to her navel. At the time she is in black blouse with transparent yellow saree. She noticed that, and by crying she said, we can't be like that pls understand me we're from same family and we're brother and sister. We can't do this. Pls don't think like this.

Pls leave me. Its not important to me and I showed her some of incest sex stories and videos in net. But she won't realises it. Atlas I said her, if you won't do this to me i'll quit off myself. Do as you wish I said. She got distanced me and after a moment she s standing near the window watching out the moon.

Then she came in front of me and with force she stripped off if saree and wit cry she said come, come do your wish am yours. Now I just moved her to the bed. And initially I locked the room. And I stripped off myself completely standing nude in front of her. I pick her hand and put on my erect penis. She stopped her cry. And I continued my job.

I stripped her blouse, bra, petti coat, and her panty too, and now she left nude in front of me. She stopped me and said pls do for this once a time alone. I replied ok and started to squeeze her milky and velvet boobs first. By doing so she lost her total rules and regulations. And she's now beyond her limits. Then now I moved to her waist and navel pressing like a hard concrete.

She moaned aah.. Ahhhh.. Aaahhhhhh. Now I give you complete rights go go ride me like a horse come come I can't wait. She has a well shaved pussy and tummy. This s my first experience in having sex. She advised to insert my penis over this hole. I inserted then and pushed over and over. This s like a heaven feeling.

After doing so I m just controlling myself for my ejaculation. I continued for more than half an hour. Now then we continued in a doggy style. Now she eagerly asked me why don't you wait. Come lets pour your semen now my dear soon soon soon. Am waiting waiting. Now I got released it. I felt tired and looking at her. She was so happy in the experience.

Now we both remaini in nude with the semen on bed. She drank on some of it too. After some time I asked her some drinks to have some energy for another round. She tends to take some bits to cover her nudity. But I pulled and thrown them off. And I asked to bring it by like this. She walked towards the kitchen by nude without a bit of dress.

She brought some milk to go for another ride. After our drink we got steady and then she got my penis and sucked all my semen again. Then after that we remain nude till the morning. Its nearly 5.00 am. She woke up and picked up her phone and took some snaps of mine nude poses when I as sleeping, I woked up and saw she s working with her mobile watching some pics.

I went nearer to her to see it was my photos in her mobile in nude. I asked her "hey when did u taken those pics. she smiled in a seducing manner. she s only with her petticoat and upper blouse, she looks so sexy in the dress. I came nearer to her and hold tightly her waist and inserted my finger to her navel, at the time her hubby phoned her, she attented by holding me along with her hip,

she answering in a moaning style, after the phone call I pushed her to the bed and I watched in her semi nude beauty, she warned me sexily,"just now I had bath please dont do anything pls, I m fresh no and I have some work too", but I m so immersed in her steady structure, I tored all her dress and I was sitting above her and I spreded my sperm over her body,

she becomes more excited and said to me " you are so comlete man than my hubbi, he does nt take these much rights to me,you re really gr8, we must do it for daily and I wont leave you. pls now I am your slave come ride me daily like a horse. "its my plesaure anitha". then he took all the semen on her body and her hand is full of my semen, she looked at me 'by asking what to do so'.

I said her to swallow those semen, she s not agree with my order, I forced her to do so, she then slowely licked each and every finger with the semen taste, then we both go for our works, and either me or she if supposed to get free time we got engaged in our work, we're happy with our sex life, after the gap of 3 months she said she s now pregnant with 1 month, and said it is our child... I was so happy, and we lead a life like a made for each other one.....

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Jeet fucking Rinky Didi

Dear friends, I have been reading all the posts since 2008, the year I went to engineering college. In college after being introduced to this wonderful site I realised what I have been missing all these years. Well, I am Jeet from Varanasi. We are family of four and I am the youngest. My parents are Doctor and my sister is 6 years elder to me, presently in U.S.A doing her Phd in nuclear medicine.

In nutshell ours is highly educated family and ever since my childhood I have been under constant pressure to excel in studies and live up to my family reputation. Just opposite to our residence was bunglow of Ganglani uncle. He is a businessman and has two daughters, Deepa didi ( she is best friend of my sister ) and Rinku. Rinku is of my age.

Both of them are extremely beautiful and possessed assets which were drop dead type.My friends used to call them atom and hydrogen bomb respectively. We have very good family relations with them. Rinku is good friend and too airy about her beauty and never gave any opportunity to me to take our relationship to next level .

I never ogled at Deepa didi for she is best friend of my sister and used to treat me like kid brother. Then in 2006 Deepa di got married and to my surprise she came back with bag and baggage within 8 to 9 months. My sis was doing MBBS at that time and I saw Deepa didi crying like a baby in front of my Sister.

I came to know later on that her husband was impotent and she had taken a bold step by asking for divorce rather than continuing the futile relationship. She was granted divorce and the year I got admission in engineering college she was again married to an army officer. In engineering college, I used to go thru this blog and masterbated thinking about Rinku.

She is real hot with a very curvaceous figure. All my approaches to take our frienship to next level were firmly rebutted by her and like most guys I only had my hands and fantasies of fucking her working daily on my not so obedient dick. Meanwhile in engineering college the all around activities shaped up my physique and my smartness also and my desire for Rinku grew leaps and bounds.

Last month ie Jan I came to lucknow to share a good news with my parents. I got an attarctive offer to join a MNC with first posting in U.K. My parents were very happy and my dad rang up Patel uncle to share the news. I was called there and was pleasantly surprised to find Deepa didi there. It was almost 4 years when I last saw her. She exclaimed and addressed me as handsome.

After seeking blessings from uncle , aunti when I tried to touch Deepa didi's feet she held me and hugged me. Her breasts got fully pressed and she said you have grown up into a handsome man. She then fired a volley of factual questions like mom,Jeet has grown so tall etc etc and I was having difficult time as the feeling of her boobs was my first experience of being so close to boobs.

Finally I managed to escape from her hug and looked here and there but could not find Rinku. I sat there and enquired about her casually. Deepa didi pulled me up meaningfully and told she would be joining us soon. After a while Rinku came in, fresh as dew, and congratulated me. She was looking fabulous in Jeans and I must say she had become more sexy.

Deepa didi demanded a treat from me. I promised her that and returned back to my place. After some time my parents left for clinic and I decided to take a nap. I freshened up and went to bed without wearing anything. Once inside the quilt and as my body warmed the disobedient dick of mine demanded attention.

The hug of Deepa didi was the feel good factor and I decided today it has to be her and I jerked imagining sucking her boobs and then fucking her and had a huge ejaculation. The news of my arrival spread like a wild fire and soon my friends were there and demanded treat. I promised everybody to treat next day.

Incidently in evening I came to know that my parents would be going to lucknow for a Seminar. I was thrilled as that would give me opportunity to finalise issues with Rinku. I requested my parents to not inform Ganglani uncle as then I would have to eat at their place. Next morning my parents went to lucknow by Varuna express.

I rushed to my friends as I wanted to keep evening free for Rinku. We had a good time and we boozed as well. I returned back after lunch giving excuse of head ache. Once at home I undressed myself fully and took bath to come out of intoxication. I was getting horny again and decided to masterbate. Just then door bell rang and I quickly wore shorts and opened the door bare chested.

Deepa didi was at door and she immediately complained as to where I had been. As I was mumbling out an excuse the smell of alcohal belched out and she observed that I am in my shorts with a mild tent. She came very close to me and asked me to exhale quite suspiciously. I shut my mouth tightly and moved my head back.

She held my head and came too close, her boobs were once again touching my bare chest. I tried to pull back my head and her intention to verify made her to nearly embrace me and she stood on her toes to reach my mouth and resulted in once again pressing of her boobs on my chest. My disobedient dick ditched me and grew harder and it poked her.

She felt it and distanced herself without leaving my head and said that she knows I have boozed. I relaxed a bit and noticed she was wearing a black and red striped saree with red front open sweater. She had tied her hairs in loose bun form and few strands were falling over her face. She was looking extremely gorgeous and my dick responded to what it saw and expressed its desire by getting harder.

Now it was creating huge tent. Meanwhile Deepa didi's hands slided down to my chest and softly caressed my muscles and said " o.k Jeet, mujhe laga tumne pe rakhi hai ". Then her hands glided over from chest to my biceps and squeezed it as if to know the hardness index then she complimented me for such a muscular body.

Her actions were fuelling my desire but somehow I managed to control myself and tried to divert her attention to door which was open and in the process to hide ( she had already noticed) my erection. She naughtily said kyon darwaja band karoge. I had no answer to it but her continuous caressing and winter chill had resulted in goosebums all over my body.

Before I could say anything she pointed out my goosebums to me and exclaimed arre yeh kya ho raha tujhe. I said it is due to winter chill. She almost immediately removed her sweater and showed her smooth silky hands to me and said dekh mujhe bhi to thand lag rahee hai par mere to nahi hai.

She again put her hands on my chest around nipples and said baap re tere to saare roinye bhi khade ho gaye and very gently rubbed my nipples. It caused ripples of pleasure down my spine. She continued her talk and said yeh sab tere peene ki hi wajah se hua. I was feeling like grabbing her and fucking her but was afraid. I just wanted to get myself out of situation.

She prompted me bolo, bolo aisa kyon ho gaya tumko and now with one hand rubbing my nipples and with other very softly caressing my shoulder to neck with her nails. Suddenly all the posts of humandigest gushed into my mind and I gathered courage to play along with best friend of my sister.

I said these goose bums are due to slow caressing that she has been doing and challenged her that if I do the same she too, will have more goose bums than me. She laughed and said mujhe nahi ayega yeh sirf peene hi se hota hai. I was sure no lady of 29 years can be that silly so I played along and challenged her that if in 5 minutes she does'nt get goosebums I will do whatever she says.

She, too, played along and said o.k sirf 5 minute. I went and locked the door and took her hands in my hand and caressed her. Nothing happened for a minute and she laughed softly at me. I then courageously held her from behind and rubbed my chin slowly over her neck. As I was held her from behind my hands were softly gripping her stomach.

I felt shiver in her stomach and her hands came over my hands and held my palms. I then started rubbing my whole face over her exposed portion of shoulder. It struck right chords and she held my hands tightly. I then started doing it on her left shoulder and pushed her pallu out of its place with my chin. Her pallu fell and got rested on my arms.

I tightened my grip and continued with my play and simultaneously enjoying view of her cleavage. I was having pleasure and I poked my hard dick on her ass. She quivered and tried to set her self free. Then my rubs changed to soft kisses on all uncovered area. She whispered Jeet leave me now and moved in such a way that her ass rubbed my dick.

It gave me extreme pleasure and I repeated the same movement on her ass to derive pleasure. I then quickly adjusted my arm so that her pallu dropped fully and I hugged her tightly from behind once again but now my left palm was touching her naked stomach just inches below her boobs and right hand rested on saree's folds.

My dick was so hard that it was hurting me but I ignored the pain and grinded it over her ass and started kissing furiously her neck and even her ears. I had reached the point where I was ready to even rape her if required. Due to my kisses here and there she had to continuously move her head and was continuously pleading please Jeet leave me in hushed tone.

Then I took her earlobe inside my mouth and played with my tongue with it and she moaned uuuuuhh Jeet nahin karo pleeease leave me. Her breathing grew heavy and I continued to lick her ear lobes one after another. She tried to make gap with my hard dick and her ass by bending forward but I strongly pulled her back to position and kept on poking my dick as if I will enter her making hole in her ass.

She was now moaning softly uuuumm uuuumm and requesting nahin nahin. I then pulled her saree folds and almost all her saree fell on ground. She said Jeet pleeease nahin kapde mat utaroo pleaseee mat karo na. I then cupped her magnificient boobs and she became breathless.

She had rested her head on my shoulder and now I was softly squeezing her boobs and was kissing her face and undoing remaining portion of her saree all simultaneously. She still was requesting me to stop but her requests were infact adding fuel to my fire. When I did away with her saree she was moaning softly and requested me pleaseee Jeet now leave me uuummm.

She had angled her head and her lips were approachable. I grabbed the opportuniry and kissed her. I could feel the nipples hardness and grew impatient. I undid her petticot also and she was now only in her panties and blouse. She jerked her head and protested, moaned to my kiss uuuaaaannnggh ab to chod de Jeet....... Nahi pleeease blouseeee nahi ummhhhhh bussssss karooooo Jeeettt .... achaaaaaa upaaaar upaaaaar mazzzzzza ummmmmm.

I undid her blouse and bra and they were hanging on her shoulder. For the first time I felt naked boobs and grew restless to suck them and Deepa didi's protests were adding fuel more and more to already enraging fire. As I forced her to turn towards me and bent myself to take one of her nipple in my mouth and removing the blouse from her shoulder she moaned heavily and said tum bahut badmaaaaaasssh ho karooooo jooo ummmmhhhngggghh karrrrrna haaaaai.

I sucked her nipples one by one and felt her hands pulling my shorts and then holding my dick. I lifted her in my arms and took her to deewan and came on top of her and again sucked, licked her nipples and face and literally everything that came near my tongue. The pleasure wave was increasing as she was squeezing my dick between her smooth thighs soon admidst my licking her nipples I spurted out.

As I lifted my head she pulled me back and kissed me and huskily asked me to kiss her. I kissed her and soon her tongue was probing mine. She then came on top of me and glided her smooth body over me and kissed my nipples and then slowly nibbled with her teeths. A strange pleasure went down my spine.

She played with them and gradually went down kissing my stomach till she reached my semi hard dick. She took her panty out and wiped my dick with it and kissed my dick. I grunted Deepadidi pleeasse suckkk karrooo. She took my dick in her mouth and I closed my eyes in pleasure. I could feel her tongue on my dick and going up and down.

Within seconds my dick responded and grew in size. She kept on sucking for some more time and when she allowed it fresh air it was back to glory. I got up and pushed her on bed and came on top of her. She whispered aaram se ab to tum saare kapde utar diye ho main bhag nahi jaungi. I tried to position my dick and she helped me.

I tried to enter in one thrust but it slipped out. She laughed and again positioned and said dheere se pehele ghusao uunm haaan ab essss thodaa auuuuur haaaaaan and I obeyed her instruction. Once it was 2 to 3 inches inside I required no instruction and thrust the remaining half in one go.

She moaned eeeeiiisssssss uuunnnnmmghhhh dheeeere dheeeeere and I was as if running 100 mtr race so picked up full speed from start. I pumped her at a rapid pace and was getting more and more horny on seeing her tight boobs jiggling up and down. She was moaning continuously and biting her own lips and swaying her head.

A strange low intensity sound filled the room thupp thupp thupp in a rythmic manner. Her moans were now a bit loud and accompanied her smiles. In that winter I started to swet. As I was nearing climax my speed decreased and strokes were more powerful. She must have realised it and asked me to pull out. I did it thinking she does'nt want me to cum inside.

She then pushed me on bed and came on top of me. The view of my dick appearing and disappearing inside her was appealing and I did my part in matching her thrust which were powerful in the sense that I could feel her whole vagina walls squeezing my dick. The frequency of squeezing of her walls increased and then all of a sudden she emitted a loud moan fell over me and I felt my dick is under a shower.

I turned her and brought her down and gave finishing touch by heavily ramming her with all my might. The jot juices mellowed my dick and after few strokes I started to ejaculate inside her. I kissed her again and as my dick shrinked I took her hands and kept them over my dick. She looked at me and sexily said badmash ladka.

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Nima fucked by cousin Arun

As I have read so manny storry on Human disest all of them r now want to post my incedence which is real tru one.please forgive me as my english is not so good. it was the time when I went Chennai for my college or my Mama's family live their..My self name change..Anil...

I uncle have two daughter one is of my age and other was 4 year younger then me..Her name is megha(name change)...i was new to city as I went their from my education is from english medium...CBSE board so I have no problem to convocate pepole in crowd..But still local language is necessarry.

come to the story...i was having no intention about sex or anything with my two cousions...we enjoy our lifes we used to share or college rutine..masti and all kind of stuff of enjoyment with both of my cousions...i started liking Megha as decently a cousion sister..but at time we dont have any intention of wroung..

we all use to sleep in one room I megha and her elder sister and my grand mother...i use to talk to megha about day rutine wht I had done in college..and what she had done in school....At that time her boobs have started to grow and her matriculation period also started...In month once when this started her stomach get painning very much..

i used to ask her y her stomach is painning she tell about diffrent excuses..but not tell the right execuse...this happens for four month...same routine..we used to come more closer in talks...and one day when her period started again..on the same night I ask her again..then on that day she told me about her period..

you can understand that one girl when told bout her period to other boy then she can say him any after that we became more closer...and without any intention we started touching each other hear and their in night without occationally. one day she tell me about her friends affair..and ask me that ki I have any affair with any body till now..i told her no..

after that we start talking about wht happens in affars...all stuff...and sex talk also..then we started our close ness about talking how boys get arose for sex and she tells about girls...still this we have no intention of sex at all..then whi;e talking we started feeling good if we touch each other at night..and even in day time if get chance..

one day she told me to hug her as she wants to feel my I hug her tight as my whole body touch her pennis also become tight which touch her as she must have feel that..after that when ever we get chance we start huging each other tightter..and this started kissing and carrying each other over the clothes.

After all this we both liking each other as for sex and carrying of our needs too..i care for her and she care for day I said her to kiss me on lips for which se oppose...but on my insisting she just kiss on my lips and went...not smootch...this made be feel I behave like I dint like.

so after some time she came and kiss me again and this time we literrary smooch with our toungh and sliva exchaging..this make her feel good and me too..and our body started heatting and my penis was also hard and was in between her legs..she tightly round her legs on my pennish as with clother my pennis was in her vergina..

after that we started this when ever we get day I insis her to show her pussy..she said no..but after some time she come to me and told me to come to our house have a seperate way to go to terrace...first she went over their..and after some time aeapping from eyes of family member I also started way o terrace...when I was climbing the steps..

she came in between and hug me tightly...and sit infront of me two steps up and pull down her panty as she had wear maxi type of frok only and up her maxi frok and sprea her legs...i started seeing her had some wht small hair..and smell was really good..i sit their and bring my face nea to her pussy and smell their..she became hot...

as I put my mouth on her pussy and started kissing it...she put her one hand on my head and press it to her pussy..i keep on kissing and gone inside her pussy wall and drunk all her wetness...i think she must have her organ which I drank full...and she took my face off from it and kiss me on my lips..and said she felt very nice...

then we leave for that its our routine that when ever we get time we use do do this thing..i make her fully satisfy every time and we started the same in night also and fingering her too...but I was not getting time to have full sex..

once we had a function at our we had book dharam we have to moov to dharmasala..and our house get empty...i used to do all the work of function...and my uncle dosent have I doo all the work of purchasinga nd helping her in his office too..on this occation..our house was empty and our guest wea also shifted to Dharmsala...

a function place..As we forget some things to bring from my unt tell me to take megha to house she knowa the thing where it has kept and I will drive her to house so we can come fast..we both felt good and very fastly we come to house and unlock the main door and came inside the house..she went for the thing which we have to take back..

and I close the main door from inside...then I came to her where she was searching the thing...she got the we kept the thing in plastic and ready to go..i look at her..and also look at me..we hug each other and started kissing..each other...i pullede her to the bed...i dind turn on the fan...i took her salwar out and kurta of salwa alo out as became half nede from top and down..

i started kissing all over her...and pull down her panty..and started kisssing her over their..with all my toungh in it and presing her boobs which were not so big but good enough to suck...i took her bra out and make her full nude and take the boobs in my mouth and started kissing it and suckking it...she said me to get my clothes off..i said that u make me off clothes..

so she in nudity position maked me nude..we now first time she other as in nude position...we hug each other and started kissing all over...i againn kiss her in her pussy which make her sperm came out...then I said her please kiss my which she became she took hold of my dick and I was standing and she was on bed..

she took slowelly sloweelly my dick in her mouth and started kissing as she was succking loolypot..and went to seven heave..wht was the experiance for me that was...she tok some skin off of my dick and put her toungh on it..and started sucking...iwith in five minute I was tottally loaded I said her that my sperm is comming she said let it come iwill swallow it..

as u have swallon so manny of I load all my come in her mouth...after that she took all of my cum from my dick and make it wet..then I said her kya ye samaye hame phir milega..she said..pata I said we should do that also(means sex)..she said yes..then I took my tool and rub her pussy walls...she became hot and hug me tight...

as I was new to it so I started to puss my dick..but it was not going..and comming she also make try to get it in..but we did not..then I came near to her pussy and spread her walls of pusy and with one my hand push the dick in..only one inch get in..this make her uuuuuffffffffffff..i said her kya huaa..she said dard ho raha hai..

then I said ki I should take it out..but she said no..then with one more puse I make it half in as my dik is 6.5 inch it gone half in..she again shouted and press her leg on my back with full force and again I puss her whole dick was in her pussy and she shouted with pain...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...after that I make started slowlly up and down..

and with same she also make movement and from her eyes watter was flowing..that was of sex experiance..we started in and out more fasterer...and she said..i love u.....fuck me..harder..and pyar karo mughe aur..aur aaur...with this five minute she explore all her cum in it...i was also hard..and itoo was literrary to cum..

and took out my dick and epolid it on her pussy outter walls and stomach..and hug her and smootch her.....what was the experriance that after five minute when we got sence we stand on bed sheet their was blood with sperm...we took the bed sheet to wash and put another bed sheet and clean our selfes in bathroom..and their too kiss our selves with more passionatelly....

after that we dress our selves and went to function...after this we had many occastion and we tried all type of things...but after two year she started egnooring me...but I was in full love with her..i thought to marry her...but she refuse and starting eggnorring me...but still five year I had sended her 4000/- p.m. as her pocket money insted of eggnoring her...

buts one day she said me some thing so erase words which broke my heart...after that I stop talking to I am now well build with economy and financial position...but still never forgive her for her ignoring nature...please comment your comments...thanks.

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Kabir fucking his sweet Mom

Hi guys, I'm Kabir (name changed). I'm 21 years old. I'm a regular reader of debonair blog. I've read a lot of hot stories shared by you. Now in past few days I've experienced something too hot to resist myself to share with you.

Before I start... I'll have to talk a little of my family background. I'm an only heir of a very rich Jamindar family. But very rich is only that remains now... My father was only son of my grandfather. But my mom was from a very middle-class family background. My mother was married to the only son of such a rich family, with all the vanity of Jamindars; only because of her beauty.

The age difference between my father and mom was 21 years... you know money matters. Even today when we go to visit our village house I hear the fame of my mom's beauty. That's why sometimes I feel proud of mom. My father died from lungs cancer, when i's class 1. After three years we shifted to a house in Delhi. After the death of my father, my responsibility was too much for mom alone... and she sent me to a boarding school when i's 5th standerd.

Because she is a gold-medalist in Yoga, she joined as a physical education teacher in a M.P. Birla school, and became HOD in a few years. May be she did it just to escape loneliness. Whatever, after completing B.Tech from a NIT, took a job in Delhi, and staying at home since mid-2011. It started a few months back. Very soon we became best friends. It was a holyday.

I's preparing for a hangout with my friends, and looking for my hair brush, which I couldn't find. Then mom was working out at the small personal gym downstairs. I went there to ask mom that if she knows where it was. That day I saw mom for first time working out... she was in a purple sports bra, and a black trunk.

Both of them were big enough to hide those best parts of woman body, yet so tight, that seemed almost like another skin of her. She is 38years old, 5'6", and 38-28-42 (underwear size). Her sweating pinkish white body, her white long legs, her those two perfectly round bosoms and those curves... I couldn't resist myself looking at her like a greedy fox.

Mom understood me I guess, and asked "What?... what are you looking at?" I felt embarrassed and somehow managed to tell "You are an yoga gold-medalist... indeed." Mom said "Why is this flattery for? What is it you need, tell me?" I asked mom for the hair brush, and she told me where it was.

That night I could hardly sleep, coz I knew my mom was super beautiful, but never knew she's such super sexy, i's begging to see another glimpse of her. Next day I asked mom on dinner table "Mom, I's thinking that I should start working out at your gym, coz I think I'm starting to accumulate fat.

So I's thinking if you permit me..." Mom interrupted me, “permission for what?" "I mean its your gym... So I just wanted to know if you are okay with me to use it." Mom said "Honey, all which is mine is rightfully yours... You'll never have to ask me for permission. Just use it. Okay?" I said "Ya... But your sarees... I can't use them even if I wish."

Mom smiled and said, "The weights I use, they will be no use of you... You'll have to buy some. I think you don't have garments for workout... Why don't we go for a shopping this Friday? Even my garments have become old, and I need new ones." I agreed happily. On Friday at the shop, I's choosing my workout suits... And mom's choice wasn't matching with mine.

So we decided that we will buy four suits for each of us. Two will be from own choice and other two will be from other's choice. And those two will be surprise. I perfectly utilized this chance. I chose a red bandeau-one-piece. Obviously it would hardly cover my mom's big breasts; also it had a very high leg cutting.

And the second one was a pink sports bra, with a very low breast cut, and a pink trunk, which was so scanty that looked like a pink strap of 4 to 5 inches, on the hip of the show-case model. On the next day, it was Saturday. In the evening it was workout time. I's very excited that how mom will be looking wearing those super-hot outfits.

I's installing those weights on gym equipment, while mom came and gave me an outfit of her choice, and told me "Kabir try this on, and give me one of your choice, let me see it". My heart was pounding hard, I gave mom the bandeau-one-piece, mom said "Seems like very short; I hope you've got a good sense of choice ".

I wore the one of mom's choice; it was very ordinary one, while mom arrived in the red one-piece. At first my jaw dropped, that one-piece could hardly hide her huge breasts, which seemed to just burst out, two poor thin straps somehow kept the scanty cups in place, half of each of the breasts was bare, a fraction of her right nipple was peeping out.

Now I noticed actually the whole nipple could be seen because the one-piece is partially see-through. My eyes never wanted to be away from her breasts, but I was eager to look down. There's another story was waiting, the clothing covering the vagina, was too tight and narrow, that it would dig inside mom's vagina, making her pubic mound popping out from the both side of the clothing.

Her navel, and trimmed pubic hair could be seen through the semi-see-through one piece. I's lost looking at the curves of mom's body, when suddenly I jolted with her disappointing voice "So, this is your choice?!". I said "No, I mean, I couldn't understand this one was see-through..."

Mom surprisingly tried to look at herself, and found that the one piece was see-through, which she never knew before... she said,” I’ll have to change it." I said "No mom!" "What! What do you mean?", mom enquired surprisingly. "I mean, this was my favorite of the lot, and this one was the single piece remained... please don't return it...

I mean, if you are feeling it's not appropriate to wear in front of me, I will try to find some other time to work out, maybe not with you, but please don't change this one." "Okay, if you say so... you don’t have to find some other time to work out... I'll wear this one while doing Yoga in the morning... I guess this one will be handy to stretch my body. Well, where's the other one?"

I gave the other one to mom, she wore it... this so scanty that mom almost seemed to be in bikini. Mom came to me wearing this one... the sports-bra had almost the same story like the previous one, but was at least making sure that her nipples wouldn't stay uncovered... until it's stretched enough.

This bra won’t reach the whole way down the tits of my mom... so you can see a part of her tits, from the bottom, which the sports bra won’t cover; actually it's meant to be that way, so it was a perfect fitting though. and the pink trunk, it was looking like a pink strap with two white stripes, dying to cover the beautiful hips. It's covering just from the above of the shaped pubic hair of mom's pussy, to a way 4-5 inches downwards.

Wearing a gym-wear that hardly covered her body, mom was staring at me with a puzzled look. I pulled mom inside the gym, holding her one hand and saying, "C'mon mom! You have such a great figure; I thought you'd like to look yourself sexy... I'f you don't want to look yourself a bit sexier, then I'll go myself tomorrow, and change both of them for you, but I can tell you, its no harm to be sexy in front of me...

I mean... appreciate that and actually feel proud of you... in every way and also in this way that my mom has got a figure of every woman's envy." It seemed like my little emotional speech sounded pretty convincing to her. She said “but these are very small." I took mom in front of the big mirror at the corner of the room.

I think mom was a little impressed with herself, she never looked at herself in a way being sexy. I stood right behind mom holding her shoulders. Mom with her left hand, touched her chest. I knew mom is starting to feel sexy; this is the chance to proceed. I started to move my hands down, along her hands, my right hand reached her palm, and I hold her palm, finger locked; while my left hand was feeling her flat belly.

Mom didn't resist me. Now I put my thumb into her deep bellybutton while other fingers just below the bellybutton, playing on her skin and making mom shiver. Now I put my right hand on mom's left hand which was on the top of her left boob, and then on her right boob and I pressed it a little, and I kissed on her bare shoulder.

Mom suddenly jolted, she quickly got herself out of my hold, and stood away from the mirror, she was thinking something for a while, and then asked me, "Kabir you must carry on alone today, I'm... not feeling right today." I went near mom, and hold her shoulders saying, "Mom, may I help you?" Mom looked into my eyes with a little disgust, and removed my hand from her shoulders and walked away from the gym.

I was too much willing to do something nasty with her, I could hardly resist myself in front of such a beautiful 'maal', but now I fear if I have crossed the limit... After all she is my mother. But believe me when she was leaving, I couldn't make myself look away from her butts. That night we had a quiet dinner, which felt extremely uneasy to me.

At night, I decided to go to mom and make things right, whatever it was. I wanted to talk with mom. It was about 1 am. I came out of my room, I saw in mom's room the lights are still switched on. I thought she's might be busy in doing her school's works. I was about to knock at mom's door, while I startled with her moaning sound, yet the sound was faint enough.

I peeped through the keyhole, and I saw an amazing view. Although I had the view of only her belly to her feet, I saw, she was masturbating with a pink colored dildo. Although the right leg of her was blocking the complete view; I thought this is the perfect time to find her turned on. Wasting no time I knocked the door. After a few seconds, she answered ' Kabir? What is it you need?'

'Mom I wanted to talk to you... May I come in?' After a few seconds mom asked me to come in. Entering I saw that mom has covered herself with the bedcover. I pretended to be surprised and asked her, 'Mom are you ok?' 'Why?' 'You are sleeping in the’s too hot out there!' 'I am perfectly fine... Tell me what do you need?'

I thought it would be great if I can bring her out of that bedcover, I said, ' I's thinking to chat a little... its a beautiful breeze out there in the balcony... And tomorrow is Sunday. Will you join me please?' She thought something for a while an said ok... I saw her hands moving near her waist underneath the bedcover. When she came out of the cover, I got a full view of the midnight siren... My super sexy mom.

She was in a sleeveless green blouse... this one was so low-cut, that almost halves of her huge breasts were exposed, and there was no bra, The hooks of the blouse were in front... and one out of three hooks was open. As she tied the knot of her petticoat while sleeping, it was not tight to her waist, only would stuck to her beautiful buttocks, making the upper part of her butts exposed. Mom said she would come after me.

We have a wooden swing in our balcony. Mom came and sat beside me... She wore a piece of cloth to cover her upper part... I said 'Mom, are you sure that you are ok?' Mom said 'Of course I am.' 'Then enjoy this beautiful breeze' and stripped off the cloth away exposing her hardly covered breasts in the beautiful moonlight. Mom looked surprisingly at first.

That night mom shared a lot of secrets with me from the bottom of her heart. This can be summarized as: After father's dead, mom wanted me to keep me near her, but she could hardly afford the expenditure and manage time. So she sent me to the hostel. After that she was extremely lonely. She thought to get married once again, but never wanted to compromise the love she has for me in her heart.

She always wanted to have somebody whom she can completely trust, but never found one. Today she has all she needs, but somebody who would love her. I said, 'C'mon mom... I love you.' She said ' I know, but I'm talking about the love between husband and wife, I'm talking about physical love.' She got up from the swing, and went to the corner of the balcony, looking at a distant far, with upset eyes.

I understood what mom was trying to say, if she was asking me for lovemaking or not, I decided to take a leap of faith. I approached towards her. I put her long hairs aside and kissed on her shoulders, and then on her neck. Mom quickly turned to me... She had a confused look towards me, she pushed me a little away from her.

I held her shoulders with both of my hands and said, 'Don't worry mom, your secrets are safe with me.' She kept looking at me for a few seconds, and then gave in her resistance finally. I had the wildcard now in my hands. I kissed mom on her forehead. She closed her eyes as if saying, 'Do whatever you want, I don't need to see it even.' I kissed on her eyes then and then on her lips.

Her lips tasted heavenly, I sucked her lower lip first, then inserted my tongue into her mouth, mom opened her mouth and made space for my tongue to go in. I licked every part inside her mouth, I could. It was extremely exciting that I was exchanging my saliva with my mother. I started to lick mom's tongue... We were lip locked for a long time... I have no idea that how long it was, but every moment of that lip lock, feels to me like hours.

I wanted to play aggressive and unconventional; I raised her petticoat, and put my fingers between her bums. I tried to insert my fingers inside her anus, but the hole was too dry, and pained mom when I pushed hard. We both were standing with mom facing me, when I held her left leg and put it on my right shoulder.

Mom now was standing on one leg and the other on my shoulder and her arms around my neck, not to lose the balance, her anus and vagina both were wide open, and because mom is a Yoga specialist, this stretching of her legs never troubled her. Now I licked all five fingers of my right hand and again reached her anus. Mom's eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

First I put my middle-finger right on the opening of the hole, and pushed it. The head of the middle-finger went inside. Mom started moaning when I inserted my whole middle-finger inside and started to stir within her anus. The wall around my finger was warm and wet and slippery, and it was contracting again and again with every movement of my finger.

I tried to insert my other fingers, but they became dry by then. So I took my hand out of her anus to lick it, and make it wet... while mom said keeping her eyes closed, ' Don't stop.' This encouraged me. I inserted my middle-finger first, then my first-finger, and then my ring-finger.

Her hole became tight enough to accommodate all three fingers of me. I tried to insert my little-finger while she stopped me with her hand stopping my little-finger. I pushed three of my fingers as deep inside her anus as I could, and stirred them as hard as I could. Within a few minutes a warm slippery liquid started to flow out of her hole and spread all over my right hand.

Mom asked me to stop. I put my fingers out of her anus, while she put her leg off my shoulder and stood on both of her legs. I was surprisingly looking at the liquid all over my hand. It was whitish, semi-transparent, had a very mild smell. I licked all of it from my hand, It was almost tasteless, but was extremely exciting. Mom asked me to come in her room, I followed after her.

Mom started to clean the bed while I was busy loosening the knot of her petticoat, she smiled at me and said, 'Patience my boy; patience.' Now we were ready for the next phase. I stripped every last piece of cloth from mom's body. She was standing completely naked in front of me, while I stepped back to get a full view of her.

Mom was chuckling looking at me, and after a while being impatience she asked me, ' are you done yet?' I took the dildo from the bed, it was huge, like a little thinner of my penis, but almost as long as one foot (1'). I rushed at mom, raised left leg off the ground, inserted the dildo in her anus. Mom, being misbalanced, somehow fell herself olney the bed...'Kabir! You are too aggressive!'

'Don't you like it mom?!' and without waiting for her answer I pushed the whole of it in her anus. Mom stopped me and took the dildo out of her anus. 'I need rest in there, let’s see what you've got.' and she took my pants off. I already had the hard on at its peak. I have a penis of very average length of 7 inches, but unusually thick. Mom held my tool in her hands and started to lick it.

She contracted the foreskin and licked my whole from top to base. The touch of her soft wet tongue, on my penis, it was a heavenly feeling. I somehow controlled my ejaculation with utmost difficulty. After licking my dick for a while, mom reached my scrotum, I never shaved my hairs down there, and my mom licking all of it, it transcended my most erotic imaginations.

Mom asked me to be on my hand and knees, like those female porn stars performing doggy style. Mom started to lick my anus and my scrotum from the behind. Guys believe me I can hardly narrate that feeling in here. After a few minutes of this heavenly licking experience, mom asked me to stand in front of her, and she kneeled down in front of me and took my penis in her mouth.

Now she was giving me a very conventional blowjob like those you see in those porn movies. I could last for about a minute only, and ejaculated in her mouth. Then I held both of her softest bosoms, and make her stand. She still had all the semen inside her mouth. Mom showed it to me opening her mouth, then drank it all, and said, ' You had a lot in there' holding my scrotum 'and it was too thick, and tasted awesome'.

I pinched mom's nipples and said, ' Now I want to fuck you. I want to test your womanhood. I need your permission.' Mom said 'Permission granted' I laid mom on the bed, kissed her on her lips, then on her shoulders, breasts. I started to suck her left breast like a starved baby, while molesting the other one. After a while I moved downwards, kissed all over her belly, I put my tongue inside her navel.

Mom was shivering and moaning continuously. Then I moved towards the glory where from I came out. Mom was lying in missionary position, closing her eyes. I observed her pussy for quite a while. Her pubic hair was trimmed. And in the middle, two thick brown lips were guarding the pink hole. I first kissed her pussy. On the top of those two lips there is the clitoris, the most sensitive part.

I just started to rub it with my fingers; mom stopped me and asked me to be a little gentle. Well now started to lick it. I put two fingers inside, it more spacious than her anus. Slowly I inserted all four of my fingers. Proving my expectations wrong still then I had room inside her. I inserted my thumb, and pushed my fist inside her. I guess I was too aggressive, although mom was enough wet down there, she screamed in pain.

'What are you doing Kabir? At least have some lubricant when you do that!!' 'I'm sorry mom, ok now I'm going to fuck you' She said 'come inside your mom, darling' I placed the top of my penis on the lips of her pussy, and gave a push. As the pussy was wet enough, half of my dick went inside her in the first push, and the other half in the second push.

Mom screamed in pleasure. I slowly increased my speed, and her moaning increased with my speed. I asked mom to get in the doggy style. I took the dildo from the table, and approached her. First I inserted the dildo in her anus, then I inserted my penis in her pussy. I fucked both mom's pussy with my dick, and her anus with the dildo. In about five minutes we had the orgasms almost at the same time; mom a little prior to me.

Both of us were panting heavily, mom took the dildo out of her anus and licked it clean, and then my penis. I'm telling you guys she's really good at licking penis. My sperm was flowing out of her pussy. Mom pinched the lips of her pussy taking all of it out, and took it on her fingers and drank it. She was looking extremely horny while doing so...

I kept looking at her, thinking if I was dreaming, I fucked the woman I ever dreamed to. Mom was chuckling at me while lying on the bed. She was looking so cute. I went to her and kissed her pussy, and then her lips. We stayed lip locked for a long while. I don't exactly remember when it ended, coz I fell asleep in that way.

Guys, this is the story how I fucked my mom for the first time. Please comment if you like. I have more horny experiences to share...

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