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Guy losing virginity to sexy sister Priya

Hello guys this is my real story I lost my virginity to my sister (Priya) last month, just after diwali. I am 18 and priya is 20. My sister is one of the best sisters one can have. Caring, good nature damn too hot, fair, figure is also awesome, very curvy. Height is 5.5 feet. We love each other a lot but this was a just a brother sister love.

I never had sexual feelings about her even though we slept of the bed, we never had naughty feeling about eachother our bed is pretty big as it could accomodate 3 people with ease, hence priya and I could sleep comfortably. This diwali, mom had invited many family people, 16-17 people, so our house was packed with guests. They were gonna be here for 4 days on the first day as guests started to come.

The house was becoming cheerful and noicy as the first day came to an end, after the dinner, discussions for the sleeping arrangement began. Finally it was decided that my bed was going to be occupied by 5 people, as it was big big accordingly, me, two of my sisters, Priya and madhura, my mom and my mom's sister were the people who were going to occupy my bed.

So we all were cramped ony my bed. We were adjusting our self. I and Priya were ony one side, madhura in the middle andmom and her sister on other as my mum was tired she and my aunt slept quickly where as me and priya were still adjusting our self. Madhura also slept in a while. So Priya was facing away from me as it was too crowded.

My full body was touching her body. I don’t know why but my penis became erect and it was touching her ass and maybe she didnt notice it but I was having fun. I put my hand over her and slept. Now on the second night I knew I was going to have fun again so I intentionally didnt wear my underwear. Like yesterday mum and her sister slept early. Today my penis got an erection as soon my body touched Priya's body.

She was awake and she laughed when she noticed my cock was hard and said, dude I can feel your penis. Please take it away I said there is no place I can not move even if I move an inch I will fall down I was embarrased. I said sorry but also told her and I can’t help it. She said fine and tried to sleep. My penis was touching her ass. I was feeling her soft ass.

Slowly I started to move my cock and pressed it against her fucking hot ass. First time when she noticed it she pushed me and said, stop it and I told her that I can not sleep now until my cock is down. She told me to go into the bathroom and mastubate. I said no and told her and I will try to sleep but I could not and I again started rubbing my cock against her butt. She was feeling uncomfortable so she kept her hands between my penis and her ass.

I tried to remove her hand. I used to remove her hand and then she used to bring it back. So finally I started rubbing my penis on her hand. So now I put my hand inside my short and started stroking my cock! I was getting a bit faster with each stroke. She woke up and tried to push my cock away and she found that I was masturbating. She asked me, what are you doing, there are people around, if they see you masturbating, and you’re dead.

I immediately said don’t worry, no one will see us every one is sleeping you are making me uncomfortable. I cannot sleep like this Priya, let me just ease the erection then we both can sleep shedid not say anything. It was 1:30 am. All were deep asleep. So, I touched her ass. Wow what a feeling. She pushed my hand away again I touched her ass.

This time she just held my hand, did not remove it. I slowly inserted my hand inside her short and what I found rather what I did not find was her panty. It was missing; she did not wear it at night. I slid her short down but she pulled em up again I pulled it down and rubbed my penis against ass. I was about to cum but she pulled the short up. I ejaculated on her pant. All my sperms on her pant and I slept peacefully that night.

Next day I was not able to talk to her. It was 2 in the afternoon.She noticed it that I am not talking with her. She walked down to me and said, if you are embarrased because of last night's thing, then it’s fine. I did not mind that and I said sorry and we moved on. Now as the diwali was over, all the guests had left, everything was back to normal.

We followed our daily routine and our parents had planned a vacation for themselves in Malaysia. It was a week long vacation. Me and my sister were gonna be alone for a week. Mom had told priya to cook and take care of the house. So they left for the airport early in the morning. The day was a regular, college, classes at about 9 pm priya cooked the food.

We finished our dinner and decided to go to bed early as Priya was tired as usual Priya wore a short nd a top and I wore a tshirt and a short. We were chatting with eachother while lying on bed. General topics, I asked her about her bf, she asked about gf, etc. Suddenly she asked why you were turned on that night when my ass was touching you.

I had no answer but and I said it felt really nice that night yourass is awesome and that’s why I was turned on." I said sorry and told her that it may sound weird but I feel you are very hot. She didn't reply and turned away from me. I went near her, hugged her from behind. She didn't say a word. I could feel the heat of her body, the smell of the night lotion on her body.

I was excited and so my cock was hard. It was touching her ass but she did not say anything. I started to rub it against her butt and now I feel hot and I wanted to kiss her, but didnt know whether she will allow me. I stopped rubbing my penis against her. She noticed it and so she turned towards me as soon as she turned towards me I kissed her on lips but she didnot kiss me back.

I stopped and looked at her and again started kissing, this time it was fantastic! Her lips were soft and smooth. We kissed for a while then slowly I started kissing her neck and went down to her boobs. She pushed me away and said that we can’t do this, this isnt right but I did not care, I tore off hertop and started sucking her nipples wildly. She told me to stopbut I did not and later she started moaning.

I pulled her short off and as usual no panty! Later I kissed her vagina and it smelled like heaven! I started fingering her vagina, it was tight and wet. She was moaning so loudly that maybe our neighbours could hear her. Then I removed my cock and was ready to enter her when she said we can’t do this. You are my brother" I assured her nothing will happen and inserted my cock slowly inside her vagina.

It was damn tight but the feel of vagina was marvelous, we started fucking in missionary position and then doggy. I was very hard on her. I told her and I am about to cum. She said dont stop so I did not stop and ejaculated inside her vagina. I lost my erection so I told her that I will take care of her now, I started licking and finger her pussy after a while she started shouting.

I am coming, I’m coming" and her vagina became tighter and I the liquid from her vagina was on my face. Then I told her to give me a hand hob so my penis will become erect. I told her that I had a dream of fucking you in the balcony. She was super horny so she said lets go. I fucked her in the balcony. Weboth were completely naked and she was moaning aloud.

I pressed my hand against her mouth and fucked her for another 10 mins again I came inside her. We didnt care to clean our selves, we slept full night together, naked in the morning when I woke up she was not besides me, I went out of the room so look for her. She was in the kitchen, all cleaned bathed preparing breakfast and I hugged her and said you were amazing last night. She told me to have a quick bath and then breakfast.

So went to take a bath and called her in. We had a quick sex session in the bathroom, under shower. The week was gonna be awesome with me and Priya alone for the whole week we behaved as a married couple with multiple sex sessions. Now I am 20 and she is 22 but still we have sex many times. If you like my story, please write in the comments.

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Fucking encounter with Punjabi Jat Son-In-Law

I am about to narrate to you something that happened between me and my Son-In-Law one night which was completely unexpected but very thrilling. Just to introduce myself I am a widow aged 43 years with one daughter who is married to a very handsome Punjabi Jat. I will not say that I have an hourglass figure but I am definitely on the plump side with quite huge breasts and ass.

I lost my husband about a year after marriage and I got busy with my life just bringing up my daughter who was just born at that time. This episode happened about a month ago when both my daughter and her hubby were at my place staying overnight. Now it was quite late in the night and my daughter bid us good night and was off to bed saying she was tired and requested me to stay around and give My SIL Company because he was still having his drink.

To describe him he is quite tall with the usual huge Jat body quite similar to a wrestler. We were both sitting in my living room on the sofa watching TV and chatting generally at the same time. I was in my night suit with nothing underneath because I can never sleep with my under garments on. He was also in his track pants with a body hugging t-shirt.

While he was sipping his drink and cracking a lot of jokes we both laughed and went on for a very long time. Then after about 3hrs I could see that he was drunk surely more than moderate and was now slurring in most of the things he was talking. He emptied his glass and asked me to pour him another one, now I knew he could handle it so I poured him one.

Then he insisted that I give him company having one myself. I told him that I had tried it once but never liked the taste of it. Then he insisted that he will make it differently for me and I should try it and will surely like it. He was forcing me quite a lot so looking around that we were the only two there with my daughter off to sleep I thought I could have one quietly without anyone finding out.

Then he poured me one and we both started drinking. He asked me to come over and sit next to him since he found me sitting very far away and watching TV in that position will surely give me neck pain. I saw that he was making sense so I moved in next to him on the sofa. Then we continued with the chatting and drinking and before I realized I was on my 3rd one and was surely feeling high.

I saw him and he was very drunk now and still not any mood to stop while all his jokes and conversations had moved to the adult masala kind. While I did enjoy them I was feeling uncomfortable at the same time due to our relationship. Now when he asked me to pour him another one I bent forward and did that and then passed him his drink and sat back on the sofa.

I realized that he had his hand behind me now and it was around my waist as if holding me next to him. I knew he was drunk and I did not mind and just sat quietly sipping my drink. Because of his drunken state he was constantly leaning on me and very often falling on me also with his face frequently landing on my breasts everytime.

I was constantly pushing him back to his upright position and during all this movement his hand which was around my waist earlier was now firmly resting against my right breast. I was now crushed between the arm rest of the sofa and him. This constant body contact especially my breasts which are very sensitive was arousing me and in the back of my head I was already planning to go masturbate myself once I got in bed tonight.

I didn’t have much energy to stop him because he was so huge and strong. Then suddenly on the tv a scene was playing where the hero starts kissing the heroine very passionately all over and love making starts. Now I don’t know what happened to him but he suddenly turned to me and with his strong hands just lifted me and placed me across his lap and started kissing my lips holding my head with one hand from behind.

His other hand was fondling my left breast and kneading my nipplefrom over my clothes. I tried breaking out of his grip but he was very strong and he very easily put both my hands around his neck and softly told me “tu meri darling hai, aaj tu itni naughty kyun hai?”. Because he was completely drunk now I thought he had mistaken me for my daughter and I did not know what to do.

But his fondling my breasts and kissing me all over got me very aroused now and my body was on fire so I did not want to stop him. Within seconds he opened the buttons of my top and it spread apart off my shoulders and was sucking my naked breasts with his mouth and chewing my nipples with his teeth.

I thought to myself that since my daughter was off to sleep and we were alone no one would find out about this episode and since he was drunk he wouldn’t remember anything in the morning and for my selfishness I could enjoy sex with him which I have missed for so many years. He lightened his grip on me and asked me to pour up two large pegs one for each of us.

I did as told since I know after I too got drunk it would be much easier to get over the guilt of having done this. He said both of us go bottoms up on this drink since there was much more to do. I joined him and we emptied our glasses within seconds and kept it on the table. Then he kissed me very passionately and holding me in his hands stood up and very slowly laid me on the sofa on my back. My top was almost off and he took it off completely.

Then he reached down to my pajamas and in one swift jerk he had that off too making me completely naked. I just shut my eyes unable to bear the shame. Then he started removing his clothes and was down to his briefs within seconds. He stood next to the sofa in his briefs and grabbed my hand and kept it on his dick and said “kahe ka interzar darling”.

I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do next but from his bulge I could see that he was surely well endowed. Then I with both my hands pulled down his undies and revealed what I would call a horse’s dick. He was very long and thick and I just froze right there at the sight of it. Then he got out of his undies and again stood in front.

Then he grabbed me by my shoulders pulled me up and made me sit on the sofa and placed both my palms on his dick. Then he grabbed my head and pushed it towards his dick. Now while I had heard of oral I had never done it so did not know where this was going. Then he pushed his dick against my mouth and I had no choice to open my mouth to make it easier.

He was now slowly stroking my mouth in the same way like fucking. He was luckily not going deep and I had now firmly grabbed his dick and was also stroking it with my hands. After about 5 mins he released me and pushed me back on the sofa on my back. Then he spread my legs wider than I had ever opened all these years and started fingering my dripping wet vagina while his hands kept kneading my breasts.

While I knew whatever was happening was not right in a part of my mind I also did not want this to stop and was dying for him to have intercourse with me and make this moment last forever. Then after a few minutes he replaced his fingers in my hole with his tongue and it drove me mad with pleasure because this was the first time I was experiencing this.

Then he pushed his same fingers into my virgin asshole now without warning and it really hurt but I was beginning to enjoy it because at the same time his tongue was lapping up my love hole and brought me on verge of my orgasm. Then he got on top of me and positioned his massive manhood at my love entrance and kept rubbing it there and then very slowly started pushing it in very little at a time not in any rush.

Mentally I had already surrendered myself to being his sex slave for life because he was so good and he surely knew how to please a woman and also how to make her beg for more. After a few minutes he was very slowly pistoning in and out while going deeper at the same time and was almost all the way in.

Then he stayed motionless deep inside me for some time while he kept kissing me all over while he also got me in position for the final assault. He lifted me by my ass and placed two cushions underneath my butt to raise it further and he now penetrated deeper into me. While this feeling was incredible and beyond anything you can put in words I was feeling stuffed to the hilt.

Now he locked my lips again with his and at the same time started his to and fro motion of fucking me. Over the next few minutes he kept increasing his speed and was rocking me and the sofa now with every stroke while he assaulted my breasts with his tongue and teeth. I have no idea how many times I had orgasms during this but surely this was the best fucking of my life.

After he had been riding me for over 10mins he suddenly pulled out and got off me. I thought he was going to ejaculate but I was wrong. He pulled me on my feet and made me climb onto the sofa holding the backrest for support while he immediately penetrated me from behind and was now riding me doggy style. In this position I could feel him much deeper inside me and his thrusts were much more powerful literally rocking me in the air everytime he pushed into me.

During all this time he was constantly finger fucking my asshole which by now was not hurting at all and he easily had three fingers buried deep inside. After fucking me in this position for another 5 minutes he pulled out and now positioned his rod at my asshole. While he was about to enter me he in the same position grabbed me from behind by my tits and also turned my face sideways and started kissing me with burning passion.

Now with one hand he started rubbing my clit furiously and that made me relax my muscles slightly and sensing it he immediately started penetrating my virgin ass from behind. Since he had got me so prepared for this I did not experience any pain even though this was my first anal experience.

By now I was very tired and was not used to a fuck session lasting so long because even when my husband was around everything used to be over within 5-7 mins and I thought that is how it was. Today this guy was fucking me with endless energy and I didn’t see any signs of him being close to ejaculating since I was sure once he did he would be off to sleep and so would I.

He had been fucking my ass for quite a longtime now while one of his hands were playing with my clit and honey pot while with the other hand he was still rubbing and squeezing my tits and not to forget all the licking and kissing he did with his tongue. I was so close to my next orgasm and I could also sense him also thrusting harder and faster.

Then he whispered in my ear asking “andar chaiye?” I immediately nodded in affirmative and he literally had me in the air now while he rocked me violently and then groaned and held me tightly against him while he flooded my ass. We remained in this position for some time and I could feel his juice shooting in spurts.

Then he turned around and with his tool still in my ass sat on the sofa with me still on top of him. Then he told me “ darling, do aur bade peg banao”, I had completely sobered down because of the crazy fuck session I just had with this raging bull so I had no qualms of drinking another one.

This was anyday the best fuck of my life and also the longest. I was so desperate to ask him if he could fuck me every day like this for the rest of my life but did not have the guts to do it. I also did not want to mess up my daughter’s marriage because after all he was my daughter’s hubby. I got off his lap and poured both of us two stiff pegs thinking that we were done and bed time now.

He grabbed the glass from my hand and emptied it in a few seconds and told me to pour another one. I did and he finished that too and grabbed me by my waist and pulled me towards him seating me on his lap. Then he again started sucking my tits which were at the same level as his face and with the other hand he was finger fucking my love hole.

I told him that I was very tired now and if we could hit the bed now. He said ok and also said that he would sleep right there on the sofa itself. Then he put on all his clothes and went off to sleep and I too got dressed and went to my room and slept. Honestly I couldn’t sleep and was reviewing all the events and thinking how much I enjoyed it even though I knew it was wrong but now this was a new desire born inside me making me crave for a lot more sex.

Then I drifted to sleep and woke up in the morning when my daughter woke me up because I had overslept. Then she enquired if he was normal last night etc. and I told him everything was ok. I just looked at my daughters face and imagined to myself that how lucky she was to get a husband who is so good in bed.

I went and checked in the living room and he was just waking up. Then my daughter told that she was heading for a bath now. I went to the kitchen and started preparing tea for both my SIL and me. All the events from last night were still fresh in my mind and constantly flashing thru my head getting me aroused again and when I came to my senses my one hand was rubbing my breast and the other was rubbing my clit and dripping love hole.

I corrected myself and then suddenly I felt two hands from behind me grab both my breasts and squeeze them hard and then my SILs familiar whisper in my ear asking me if we could do it once more. I was flushed with shame because even under the influence of alcohol he knew what exactly he was doing.

I really did not know how to react or what to say when he again said that “agar mujhe pehle patah hota kit u itna garam maal hai toh mai tere se hi shaadi kar leta” he kept fondling my breasts with one hand while his other hand was inside my night pants finger fucking my pussy.

I was as desperate for the fuck as much as he was and I thought to myself since now he knows everything what the heck I might as well enjoy while it lasts and god only know when and if I will get another chance with him. I bent forward and confirmed my daughter had gone for her bath but the shower had still not started and she generally took a long time bathing.

Then I reached behind with both my hands and freed up his monster which was already erect and stroked it a few times while I whispered to him saying “job hi karna hai jaldi karo kyunki meri beti abhi kisi bhi time aa sakti hai”. He did not waste even another second and simply pulled down my pants to my knees and dug into my pussy with his mouth.

I was feeling very week in my knees and spread my legs as wide as I could and I bent forward holding on to the kitchen platform for support. After a few mins he came up and now started rubbing his tool along my opening.

I begged him saying “ abh aur kitna tarsao ge? Jaldi karo varna mai mar jaungi” he said “aajse tujhe mai apni randi bana ke chodoonga” and he pushed his hot rod inside my love hole from behind and started rocking me furiously with his thrusts as if there was no tomorrow. This time he went on in this position only nonstop for about 15mins and flooded my vagina with his seed.

Both of us were profusely sweating and heavily panting. We quickly cleaned up and I got back to making tea when my daughter emerged from the bath room. I was so relieved for not having got caught. Then I served the tea and sipped in quietly.

After this event my SIL used to frequent my house daily in the morning on his way to work and fuck the living daylights out of me for the next few years till they got transferred to another nearby town. Now both of them still come every second weekend and our late night sex sessions continue. Let me know how you like my experience and based on your feedback I will post more.

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Riya early morning fuck with cousin

Hi frnds I m riyaa from ahmedabad...i m regular reader of sex stories. By reading stories I feel that I should share my story of losing my virginity by my cousin. He felt me more heat in early morning at summer Lets starts story......

I m hot and cute looking girl with fair skeen anh with well shaped body..34-26-32. Last summer I went to my uncle's house for 15 days because of my exams for reading purpose to get company of my cousin...He has muscular body... Because of summer my uncle,aunty,rohit(my cousin) and me used to sleep on the terrace...

Rohit always stared at me..when I bent down he always looked at my breast.. Many times I caught him and time I gave him smile after 2-3 days he became very frank with me...we often talked abt our personal lyf...i came 2 know that he had fucked many girls...some his gf nd other call girls.

One night at 2 o'clock we were sleeping on our terrace..rohit is sleeping besides me...i was wearing t-shirt and capreee. Suddenly I felt something on my was rohit,touching my legs...he had in mind that, I was in deep sleep...i didnt move..he came upward towards my flat tummy nd than to my boobs.

He slowly moves his hand on my boobs...i felt good...i have nothing in my mind to have sex bt now I made my mind to lose my virginity.....I suddenly open my eyes,he was shocked and told me sorry..but I smiled at him..then he also smiled. Then the duty starts..he was pressing my boobs hardly and our lips were locked...he put his hands under my capreee and started fingering in my pussy,which was wery wet.

Then I put my hands under his pant....this touching process continue for 2 hours...during that time I cummed twice by fingering. We cant speak too loud because my aunty was sleeping left side me I said,"i want 2 see his dick "he kissed me and said," but I want to fuck u " okk I said Then he woke up and told my aunty that we were going for reading...aunty said okay.

We went down and went into the house at 4 oclock.we wash our mouth and then we went to the reading room...he put his hands on my butts and grabed it hardly.... We started kissing each other wildly for 10 minutes..he started to undressed me..i was standing nude against him..he started to sucking my wat a feeling it was then he kissed on my pussy lips and sucking it.

i move slightly upward by the joy..he sucked it hard and hard and hard..oohhhhh...ohhh ...dear I m cumming ...yeahhhh and I cummed..he drunk all of my juices.....i also undressed wat a lund(dick)it was 7" and so hard..ut was first time I had seen a cock and takes his cock in my hand and started to blowjob with hands....he open my mouth and put the rod in it...i sucked it until he cummed in my mouth..i drunk all the cum....wat a taste....

Again we started to play with each other's body...after 20 minutes his lund was ready...he put it on my pussy and insert top of it in my unfucked vagina...... Aahhhh...its paining.. ahhh..stop..stop..i said He put his lips on my lips After 2-3minutes I said," its ok fuck me" He said"today I gonna crush u...phad dunga teri chut sali randi"

Phad de meri chutor banja karna he wo kar.i m all urs He jerked hard and half lund went to the my pussy..i yelled..stop..but was in no mood to stop..he slapped me and one more hard jerk and its all in.....tears came from my eyes...He continue 2 jerking me hard and hard..ohhh my god its very painful....after I was enjoying it....he stops for a while.....bhenchod ruk kyu gaya chod na muje I said....

He started moving....ohh my god......wat a feeling aaahhhhh..i moaned louldy....he slapped me again....sali bhosdiki raand awaaz mat kar he said.....Sale randibaaz tera loda itna mast he ki meetha meetha dard ho ho raha he ..aahhhhh..ooooyyeeeehhh Sale jaldi dakke maar me pani 6odne wali hu aaaahhhhhh,i said Me bhi nikalne wala hu, he said on..come on..ahhh..ohhhh..ooaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....i was in the heaven or mene pani 6od diya....usne bhi meri chut me jaad diya.....meri chut mere or uske paani se bhar gai.....mene uska muh meri chut me daba diya.....Or hamne woh mix juice pee liyaa...Ohhh thats the real test of india.....

I slept on him 4 half hour.....we dressed up at 6 in the morning....because my aunty wakes up at 6:15 everydy......i.lost my virginity For next 10-12 days we used to play this game diff style..we also had anal sexxx.....Ohh wat a day it was 4 me when rohit fucked me.....every girl should take their brother's cock....and brothers fuck your sister....its a real joy.

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Lusty relation with Mami - III

Lusty relation with Mami - I
Lusty relation with Mami - II

After having the first sex with my fantasy woman, my mami I was waiting for new chances. It must be about a month later the first sex she had brought a VHS cassetter player in the evening. At that time there was only TV but no Video cassetter player in my mama's place. My mami had borrowed a player from the neighbour's that evening.

We were watching some hindi movies together that evening. After dinner, she asked me if I would like to stay there that night and watch more movies together. I was more that overwhlemed. I readily agreed. It was not an issue because I used stay there overnight to watch movies. Usually we used to hire the player for a night watch at least three recent movies the whole night.

It was only two of us watching a hindi movie in dim light. Both of us were near each other on the couch watching the movie on video. When the movie ended it was rather late may be 11 pm. Then she asked me, 'u want to watch a special movie?' I said,'ok.' My mami went in her bedroom and brought a VHS cassette. She put it in the player and reduced the volume on TV.

I didn't ask anything. She came back again on the couch. Soon, the movie played. The video was not of a good quality. There to my surprise, a lady was taking off her clothes. Soon a naked man came into view and both of them kissed each other. This was my first porn film and you can imagine my nervousness. I was watching a porn movie for the first time with the lust of my life.

Oh my God! she was well prepared and had pre-planned for tonight. I got even more nervous thinking of what lies for me next tonight. I could not speak a word but was watching the activities in the movie with interest. Soon, the couple in the movie started fucking. I could not bear it for long. My dick was rock hard and was dying to fuck or at least jerk off myself.

I had to start my work quickly. I moved closer to my mami. I placed my right hand over the couch back where she was resting. Soon, I placed my hand over her right shoulder. She did not respond. This encouraged me. I slightly pulled her. She was just waiting for my advance. She moved further back, pressed her back on my chest and turned towards me.

I caressed her right cheek. Soon we were lip locked. This was my first kiss. I was rather inexperienced in kissing. I felt the soft and warm lips of my mami. It was a wonderful feeling. Then, my lady turned her body more and put her arm around my neck. She took out her tongue, I felt the moistness and by instinct started to suck.her tongue.

Then I also gave in my tongue and she sucked it in her mouth. This was my first french kiss with my woman. Slowly, I started to move my hand. I felt her back and enjoyed the softness of her body. Then I slowly moved my lips to her cheek and then to her left ear. I tried to nibble her ear. She moaned slightly. This encouraged me more. I lifted her face and run my hot lips on the sides of her neck.

This was getting hotter than the scene in the video. From the side with my left hand, I tried to reach her boobs. She made some space in between our chests and I slid in my hand to have my first direct contact with my fetish, the boobs of my mami. It was so soft and I started pressing it slowly but from inside I was dying to rip off her clothes and start fondling her naked.

Now, I was actually cupping the breast. It was slightly more than a handful and very soft and stiff. The feeling was beyond my imagination. Soon, the scene changed in the video. She turned towards the TV to watch the movie. But she was reclining on my chest. This gave me access to her boobs more easily. Slowly, I started to cup and knead both her boobs with my two hands.

Dono haath main laddoo. Wah kya baat hai. Sensing my opportunity, I started to unbotton her blouse hooks. This revealed her cleavage. It was so wonderful a sight. There were a pair of juicy boobs in a white lacy bra. These two mounds had been bothering me since the day I saw my mami bathing. Now, I was there to enjoy the boobs.

I again started heavy kneading of the boobs as if it was a dough of flour. This must have excited my woman that she moaned again. I tried to insert my hands inside the bra but my mami herself lifted her bra to expose the boobs. Wow what a smooth skin she has. I saw slightly darker circles at the center with stiff nipples.

I touched the nipples and she suddenly moaned louder and arched her body. I found that her right nipple was shorter than the left one. I quickly learned that nipples are very sensitive to touch. So, I started to hold and slightly pinch the nipples with my three fingers. Now, I realized why people are after boobs. Nothing can match the feeling of boobs.

And from the moanings I realized breast fondling is not only pleasurable for boys but more pleasurable for girls. Then I took her hands place them over her boobs and covered her hands with mine. Then I started squeezing her hands. Actually she was now squeezing her boobs with her own hands. She giggled and asked,' where did you learn all this?' I said nothing.

Suddenly, she got up and switched off the video. She took off her sari, blouse and bra. There my dream lady was half naked only in her petticoat. I was enjoying the view of my dream. She said, 'what are you looking at? Come on take off your clothes.' I also took off my clothes except my underwear. My erect dick was making a tent. She glanced at it. I took her in embrace.

Wow it was a woncerful feeling to touch a naked woman with soft and smooth skin. The boobs were poking me at my chest. Soon we were liplocked again. I pulled her to me tightly. The boobs just squeezed in between. Suddenly I put my hands aound her ass and lifted her up. She exclaimed, 'oh you are strong enough to lift me.' I looked up.

Her ripe mangoes were hanging so close to my mouth. I just moved my hot lips near her nipples. She moved and I had to keep her down. I got down on my knees and the height was just enough. I sucked her nipples. She moaned loudly holding my head tightly oooh my ooh.. ummm. This increased my pace. I was pressing the nipples one by one in between my lips while holding the boobs.

Her moans were louder when I sucked and pinched the right nipple which was shorter. Then I hugged her from her ass and slurped my tongue on the nipples. She could not take it more. She moaned loudly holding my head firmly. I was enjoying her lovely boobs and taut nipples with my tongue.

Then I tried to open the knot of her petticoat. she did't let me. Then she said,'come on lets go to bed.' On the bed she lay down on her back. Her boobs parted at the cleavage and sloped sideways a bit. I got over her and again started kissing her lips while kneading her boobs. My dick was pressed on her belly and she was moving her hands on my back.

Then she took off my brief and tried to feel my dick. It was hard and hot ready for the action. I also slid her petticoat up to reveal her lovely and smooth thighs. I found that she was not wearing a panty. I tried to take good look of her pussy. I saw the swollen and raised mound with sparse pubic hair. I could also notice the pussy lips and the slit at the middle.

When I tried to part the lips and she inside my mami pulled me up on her body. Then, I pressed my dick on her crotch and started rubbing outside. This was giving me immense pleasure because her closed thighs were giving my dick the soft cusion. Our pubic hair rubbing against each other. After some time, she got hold of my dick and parted her legs a bit.

She put my dick at her entrance. I simply pushed my dick in. Wow it slid in so smoothly. She was already wet and hot. Her warm and slippery pussy engulfed my dick in its velvety inside. As I pushed my dick inside the foreskin of my dick opened and the friction on the tip gave a wonderful feeling. When I pulled it out, it gave another kind of sensation.

I started to pump her lifting my half body on my hands. My pumping was producing a familiar plat plat sound and the force was moving her boobs up and down. The sight of her lovely face with closed eyes and jumping boobs, sound of our bodies clashing together together with her light moans and pleasurable tickling sensation of her warm and moist pussy were all adding the pleasure of fucking my mami.

She started to match my strokes from beneath by thrusting her pelvis up. This was adding more pleasure to both. To distract my sensation and last for long I asked her,'which is more pleasurable? pushing in or pulling out?' 'pulling out', she replied. then she asked, 'what for you?' I tried to compare the sensations for a few stokes and said, 'I like pushing in the most.' I was continuously pumping my dream woman.

She said,' come on. stroke it long and deep'. I did. it was more pleasurable. she was also enjoying more like that. Then while holding her boobs up she offered,'suck these also'. I bent down a little and took her more sensitive right nipple in my mouth and started to suck. She put both her hands above her head and started to moan ooog shh ssssh ummm ummm.

I was stroking my dick long and deep while suckig her nipple. The suddenly her arm pit attracted me. I put one hand on her left armpit and rubbed it slowly. This gave her more pleasure. She was wriggling under my body while buckling up in ecstasy. This pressure in me increased suddenly seeing all this. I started to pump faster with her increasing moans.

I slid my hands under her shoulders to grab her tightly while breathing heavily at the side of her ear and continued my fast pumping. How could I make slow strokes at such a heightened sensation? She tightened the grip of her thighs making it tighter in her pussy. Within a few strokes I grunted anngh aangh umm ummm and shot my cum in her pussy.

She was virtually crying at that time while clutching my back tightly with her hands. she was telling me.'oooh don't stop. come on. come on keep on pumping. I felt that her pussy was also getting tight and loose in a rhythm. It was like milking my penis. The strokes while ejaculating are the best ones as the pussy was gripping it tightly.

Both of us were completely lost in fucking not caring and remembering anything else at that time. I could pump her about twenty strokes after ejaculation emtying myself totally. This helped her to reach the climax. I think she had her climax moments after I started my ejaculation. That was the best sensation I got from sex till then. Both of us were panting and sweating.

I collapsed and stayed on top of her for a few more minutes to enjoy the moment. Then the usual process of wiping my dick with her petticoat. This time she did it for me. She had a satisfied look in her face. I was more than happy to fuck my dream woman with enough of foreplay this time.

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Weekend pleasure with married lady

The best part of having sex with a married women(especially with ladies above 30+ and below 45) is that they are experienced, they are not shy, they have lot of ideas and are all time horny, and most of all there is no risk of spilling ur semen inside her hole. This story is abt me(22 yrs) and my lady aged 35, size of 38 30 34(I guess so). She is my aunt in relation(My mother’s brother’s WIFE) and mother of two.

I always had the urge to have sex with matured ladies. They teach u a lot. And my aunt was first on my list. Smooth skin, beautiful voice, well toned body and attitude to die for. I’m not bad either, athlete body(since I play cricket for my university and maintain my fitness), well maintained 6 inch tool, fair, naughty looks, silky hair.

We were quiet close in relationship, we met almost twice to thrice in a month. Her husband was working for a software company. Most of the times he used to work from home. I never had an opportunity to show her my intent. Time passed by with nothing going my way. I had chances to screw other girls, but I never did.

I was scared and there is no point in havin sex when u cant cum inside a women’s hole. I was getting impatient whenever I read the stories on this website. I did stay in there house a lot of times and they have a soft bed. Imagine banging my aunt on that bed. Uff amazing...Luck favored me as her husband had to go abroad for a period of 6 months.

They asked me to me stay in their house until my aunts mom arrived. My office was close to their place. I agreed without hesitating. I reached their home on Wednesday evening, dropped my uncle to the airport and was back. I had three days before her mom could arrive. I had to capitalize on this opportunity. Her kids were also a problem.

I slept in the other room with one of her kids. This irritated me. I was getting hornier minute by minute. I had to do something, but couldn’t. So I went into the bathroom, wanked and slept. I got busy with work the next day, but she was running around my mind the entire time. Came back late to her place. Had my dinner had a nice sleep.

The next day I applied a half day leave and came back. I had decided to tell my aunt about my intentions no matter wat could be the result. It was Friday, weekend. My aunt was surprised to see me early and asked as to why I was early. “to spend some time with u……..alone” was my reply in a romantic way. A nice move. I quickly changed my dress and went into the kitchen to find my aunt.

It was the perfect time to strike. I even had the courage to face it. But just then the doorbell rang and her kids were back. “Fuck” was my reaction. We went out for dinner and came back home. Tomorrow my aunts mom was to arrive. Everybody slept quiet early after heavy dinner, but I didn’t. luckily both the kids slept with me in my room, leaving my aunt alone in her room.

This really encouraged me. I went into my aunts room to see her sleep. Gathered some courage and sat beside to explore her body. She was sleeping in her saree. Exposing her navel. Without thinking about anything I reached to her navel and planted a kiss. I wished her to wake up, but she didn’t. so went about licking her navel, it was wet with my saliva.

I was licking it as if was my cone ice cream. It tasted better than anything I had ever tasted….finally something was happening for me, something was going my way. But just then she woke up. She was confused at my behavior, she had no words to express, neither did I have. Our eyes spoke a lot. It was total silence. I only heard my breath.

May be she was aroused and wanted more. It was time for me to go ahead and not to miss on the opportunity which knocked. I went closer to her face and kissed her cheek, No words again. After a long silence, I took it one step ahead, this could decide on whether I could take it further or not. I looked into her eyes with lust, went ahead for a liplock.

It tasted pineapple(flavor of her lipstick). Everything went blank and I didn’t no wat to do next. It went on for atleast 10 min, uff my heart pumped like never before. Our lips were wet. She was shocked, utter disbelief. She laid down without any reaction. I too was shocked as things were happening as never expected. Now started the best moment of my life.

I came over her body and held her head and started exploring her lips and tongue. I was in the most comfortable position. Wat a body to sleep on. I love a women’s neck and their inner thighs. Licking a womens neck and hearing to her soft moans makes any man delightfull. Every inch of her neck tasted different. We never exchanged any words.

Just exchanged our saliva. She was responding to my every move with her low soft moans and hand scratching my back, trying to grip my silky hair. The aroma of her armpits was driving me crazy. The perfume she had applied wen we went out was still strong enough. It was then she spoke with a low tone. “Its been 12 yrs.” I couldn’t understand wat she meant. I asked her “wat” while biting her ear lobes.

“its been 12 yrs since I have been kissed”. Such a heavenly created body not been used by her husband for 12yrs? wat a shame. “how could your husband resist sex with u for 12 yrs, when I couldn’t resist for 3 days” I came down to her shoulders while unbuttoning her blouse from behind. I took my own time. Knowing that this opportunity will never come back.

I like sex in a proper way, not roughing up. Taking time, exploring her skin, sharing few intimate words in a low tone. I pinched her shoulders from behind, bit it from front. She said I smelt good and she started licking my shoulders. Which aroused me, and I think my dick increased by an inch than usual erection. I was successful in removing her blouse and could see her pink enamor bra.

I hate the colour pink, but was stunned after seeing it on her skin. Suited so very well. I got up removed my shirt and shorts. I was on my briefs. She asked why don’t u remove that. I replied saying “its for u to remove it”. I switched on the bulb so that I could look at her parts clearly. Any one new to sex would have cummed just by looking at her navel.

Only thing missing was a mole. I went back kissing her shoulders while my hand reached her wet panty. She chewed my ear when I just touched her vagina over her panty. It was painful, but a sweet pain. She was really horny. I reached her cleavage with my wet tounge and my hand was sliding through her inner thighs.

We were sweaty, I reached out to switch on the fan, but my lady stopped me and said “ I want to taste your sweat.” I removed her bra with my teeth, while my hand reached the starting point of her ass crack from behind. She held my my chest and said “I wish u had chest hair.” I said I shave it off as I’m not comfortable with the hair on my chest.

She slowly started tickling me and caught hold of my penis. It was magical, her soft hands holding a man’s soft part. It was shaven. She held my sweaty penis, wiped out all the sweat with her palm and we both tasted it. It was then I looked at her mangoes, caught hold of it, squeezed it. My other hand was still exploring her inner sweaty thighs.

She held my hand and guided it through her panty and into her juicy, hairy vagina. She was getting impatient. She removed her panty and my briefs. Both NAKED….lying over each other…. Skin to skin….sweats getting mixed up…..cant ask for more….but wanted more. We even forgot about our relantionship, that she was a mother of two who were sleeping in the next room.

I licked her beautifully curved breasts and reached her brownish sweaty nipple. Wat an aroma, wat taste and wat a moment. Her vagina was getting wetter and wetter. I increased the speed of my finger which was entering her vaginal walls. It was like inserting our finger through papaya fruit. Her moans was getting heavier and hips were tightening. I was so lost in licking her nipple.

And then came the best orgasm she ever had. Scratching my back, screaming out loudly, she ejaculated her juices all over my hand, over her thighs and over the bed for almost 6-10 secs. She was exhausted and laid down strengthless for next 5 five minutes. But I was cleaning her thighs,drinking her vaginal juices with my tounge.

She then asked me to switch on the fan and laid for few minutes. She got up from her bed and went to check if any of her kids woke up. She bolted their room door and was back into our room with an ORANGE in her hand. I wondered. I thought..but nothing stuck my mind as to why she got an ORANGE. Was she hungry?

She gave a naughty smile with a wink. Came over me, slapped me and said “who thaught you all this.” I didn’t answer and instead bit her tongue. She held my hard tool, started stroking it easily, softly, while chewing my tongue. She went down and bit my nipple and reached my penis area. Her tongue was rolling over my balls. She said “ I can see your veins.”

Uff …….I pinched her hip.she never reacted. She was engulfed in her act. She licked my penis head and asked how many have done this to u before. I replied you’re the fourth, but none like you. She took my entire tool inside her mouth and made it wet with her saliva. She then peeled the ORANGE and …… squeezed it over my dick, making all the juice drop over my tool.

Wow, wat an experiment. She tasted my penis with the juice over it. She was eatin it. Even I wanted to taste my penis. But couldn’t. I asked if she tried this with uncle. She said “I didn’t even taste his penis. He was too shy.” I was like “wat the fuck?” why did he even marry such an angel. I felt lucky that it was my penis which she first tasted.

She poured more of that ORANGE juice and sucked my penis. Wat a sight to watch and wat a women to be sucked by. Since it was the first time for her, I asked if she was ready to take my semen inside her mouth. She said “of course…..why would I miss that opportunity now. I heard its salty, let me taste and clarify.”

The sound of her sucking increased with my moaning, I was reaching my orgasm, its gonna be the biggest and powerfull. I stood up so that I could see my semen zipping off my tool and going all over my aunts face. She was rubbing my back and sucking it vigorously. It was time for me to cum, I cautioned my aunt, who was eagerly waiting for it…

“Here it comes aunty…..ahaaaaa” was my reaction when I shooted my load over her face and tongue. I never believed my eyes…because it was the first time I shot so much of semen and I really had a big and satisfied ejaculation. My aunt was happy and exicted to taste it. She said “I wish u were my husband.” I asked “how the ORANGE taste.”

She said “the ORANGE was tasty and sweet,similar to your semen.” we went into the bathroom cleaned ourselves, came back and I pushed my aunt into the bed. I said “now for some banging aunty. This act will be my first time, as I have never entered a womens hole.” My dick was hard just by the mere words of my aunt “I want a baby daughter sweetheart.

Fulfill your needs. This is not going to happen again between us. Use your aunt as your wife.” Missionary style was my favorite position. Because u can lie down on your women, bang her walls, whisper into her ears, bite her neck, taste her nipple, kiss her lips. Every skin of your’s comes in contact with her skin. U can see her reactions. All these things arouses you more.

Finally my most awaited moment during sex arrived. I already started having goosebumps. My aunt looked at me, smiled and held my tool and guided it through her vaginal walls. It was tough to push through her walls. But that’s the best thing about sex. No pain no Gain. She spread her legs widely so that I could guide it easily through her vagina.

I was successful and it was the most cherished moment of my life. Even getting selected to my state team was not as cherished as this. If only I had words to express the heavenly act of lust. My entire tool entered her vagina and I remained in this position for next minutes. My aunt kissed my ear lobes and whispered “girl baby sweety.” I couldn’t reply because I was in no state to reply.

I started my push. Her arms and legs were wrapped around me. Every push my from side, left out a huge moan from her side, she said “its bigger than ur uncles.” This encouraged me. She had an orgasm and bit my neck almost removing my skin. But I continued with my banging. Didn’t care for anything. My pre-cum started to ooze out.

I said “aunty I’m getting closer..”…she didn’t respond as she was ready for her next orgasm. My pace increased, sound of my balls tumphing my aunt increased… hands pinched her thighs, her waist….her nipple…she screamed….but I was is no state to stop…. I kept pinching her thighs and licking her neck….i even bit her shoulders.

She whispered in my ear saying “more….darling…..faster…bite my flesh sweety. Give your aunty your semen. Give her a baby girl.” All these words were arousing me….it was time….i loaded my semen in her vagina…… I tightened my ass…giving all the strength…..mind went numb ….screaming her name….biting her shoulder……pinching her thighs. I could hear the sound of semen entering her vagina.

please ladies who are reading this…. Please give me another chance….please satisfy me once more. We laid over each other for some time…asking my aunt… “wen can we have again.” She said.. “not again….i gave you wat I wanted…u pleased me more than anyone.

Let this fantasy end here. Keep urself ready for ur wife…who’s going to be lucky….satisfy her…use ORANGE over her.” Saying this she got up kissed me, dressed up and went to sleep with her kids. I was disappointed as to this moment was over…my long awaited fantasy was over.

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Akshay fucking horny cousin sister Monica

Hi frnds this is Akshay(name changed).I live in Delhi. This is the 100% true story that how I fucked my sexy and horny cousin sister(masi ki ladki). Her name is monica(name changed) she is around 30yrs old. She is very fair and have a well maintained body. I just completed my 10th class board exam and got 3months holidays.

Monica di invited me stay for some days to her home in vacations. So I went to Gurgaon where she lives. She was married and was blessed with a girl of around 4yrs her name is Palak and my jiju worked in a automoblie company. On first day everything was normal Palak went to her school and jiju went to his company.

She was playing san andreas game on her laptop while lying on bed so I went near her and lied around her quite near to her body I could see her big breast was pressed in bed and she was singing. I said that I also want to play she said ok and went to take a bath. I minimized the game starting checking her laptop and found some nude wallpapers of pornstars hidden.

I searched some porn movies and got around 15 movies. Then I noticed that there was a nude wallpaper of monica di might be clicked by jiju. At 7:30 jiju came and told he will be going to japan for 15days for launching of a new car and some project work. I thought this is nice chance to fuck her. He went to IGI airport next day.

After coming back she went to take bath I noticed that there was a nice keyhole an tried to watch her through it she was removing her bra at that time my cock became hard, what a awesome pair of boobs she have they were not hanging they were sticked to her breast and were as big as a semi football.

Then she undid her panty her cunt was covered with some hairs but she shaved them after shaving she started shower, wow what a scene it was every drop of water flowing through her body was making my 6inch cock harder I started to masturbate while watching her in this process my hand knocked on door she looked at door for a sec and then started bathin.

I came in my hands and washed them after a min she asked for towel she forgotten on bed I thought I might see her body this time but she didnt opend the door much but I touched her wet arm. She locked the door again and I started watching her she was smiling while rubbing her body with towel. I went away from room.

At night her daughter slept early at 8pm I was watching a english movie it was around 10pm she came and sat next to me very close and smiling quite differently I asked her wats the matter I why are u smiling she said nothing. She asked me about my girlfriends and all I said I had one but now I have brk up 1 week ago I said truth b'coz we were vry friendly.

She asked me whether I have kissed her I said I have kissed and smooched her. She was surprised and said "tu to bht bada ho gaya agar tum dono akele kisi room m hote to tu uske sath sex bhi karta??" I am quite surprised by her question and kept quite after some time she asked me straightly that whether I liked her body while bathing.

I thought she saw me and now I cant lie so I said soor and asked I will not do it in future. She said its ok. She said let me show something you on laptop she opened it while laying on bed she showed me her nude pic which I ad alredy seen and thought that it is right moment I can fuck her. I said di I want to say something she said "kya hua pic achi nhi h?"

I said "nhi it very beautiful" I waited for some seconds to gather courage and said " di I love u I want u" I hugged her tight and tried to kiss her she said "mujhe pta h tu mujhe bht pyar karta h lekin.." I said what lekin tell me I will anything for u she said "u have to fuck me every day " as ur jiju only fucks me once a week I said I will you many times and kissed her hard and pressed

her big boobs she started moaning while kissing her boobs were moving up and down as she was breathing heavily. I broke the kiss and started licking her neck and kissing it as I knew kissing neck or rubbing waist and kissing navel makes girls hornier. I moans were becoming loud she asked me to lock door so that voice didnt reach to palak I locked the door and took off my t-shirt and vest.

I also took off her t-shirt and bra. What a scene I was I was stunned for a min and started sucking them very hardly she said "aur zor se daba aur zor se akshay aj tu mujhe kha ja" she breathing really heavy. While sucking her boobs I was also making some noises like sniffing. I pressed her left boob while sucking right one.

She tried to open my jeans so I gave her access she took off my jeans and underwear my 6inch long and 2.5inch thick cock popped out with lot of pre cum on in said asked me kya m ise chus lu. I said ha isme puchne ki kya bat h lagta h jiju apna lund apse chuswate nhi h..She said tu shi keh rha h aur na hi wo meri chut chat te h. I was confused what a foolish man he is.

She was giving her 1st blowjob and was doing it in a nice manner I hold her head and started stroking it rapidly I realised will cum soon so I stopped her and undid her capri and panty as I placed my finger on her clit she gave out a loud moan she started leaking her juices in volume I was licking her madly and pressing her boobs she hold my head and pressed it really hard

inside her cunt then after that she reached her 1st orgasm and moaned very loudly. I drank her juices it was quite salty but very tasty. She said mujhe aur mat tadpa akshay mujhe chod de dal de apna lund meri choot m. I obeyed her I adjusted into reverse spoon position and tilted her a bit so that full lenght can go inside her. we both moaned when I inserted my cock in her pussy.

She was very wet and there was no problem in entering her I started fucking her very hard without condom I started taking heavy breathe to last long then I started fucking her in doggy style and whole room was filled with her loud moans sounds of "thap thap thak thap" and my heavy breathe. I was in heaven.

After some min I saw she was about to reach her 2nd orgasm and after a min I also came in her pussy. I felt like a volano eruption in my cock and fell on bed without moving. She lied over me and she it was her best fuck ever she kissed very lovingly. Friends a kiss with emotions gives more pleasure than a kiss of lust.

we cleaned ourselves with some warm water then I asked her to take a contraceptive pill she said she will take it tommorrow we slept on bed naked hugging each other with a common bed sheet covered on our body. I stayed her home till jiju came and fucked her in her asshole,while bathing,in kitchen,and in many other positions. I also made a video of our fucking with a handycam on a stand.So this was my story hope u liked it.

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Lusty relation with Mami - II

Previously: Lusty relation with Mami - I

I had read somewhere that a married woman living separated with her husband for a long time desires for sex very much. I imagined that my mami is burning for sex and in need of a sex partner.I fulfill her sex needs but it was more of my need than her. I used to fantasize that she masturbates in the absence of my mamaji.

Only I needed a chance to stay at her place overnight because I could not dare to make any advances in the day time. The luck favoured me once. There was a late night live TV programme one night. It was highly awaited programme and everyone was waiting for it. I thought this is the right opportunity and good reason for staying overnight with my mami.

Since, there is an extra bed in the living room there was no problem is sleeping. My mami used to sleep in the bedroom inside the living room. Both my mami and I were in the couch watching the TV programme. There were too many commercials making the programme very lengthy. It must have been 12 am when my mami could not watch TV anymore.

So, she just reclined on the bed at the side of the couch. I was still watching TV. Soon, my mami fell asleep. Now, my sleeping beauty was of more interest than the TV programme for me. My fantasy was there in front of my eyes. I was staring at her body. She was laying sideways on the bed facing the TV side. I scanned her body.

She was slightly or rather full bodied draped in sari and blouse. The pallu was not in place revealing the cleavage from the blouse cut. I moved closer to the bed side and reclined on the couch with a pillow near the bed. I could see her chest rise and fall while she breathed in her sleep. The visible part of her boobs was getting heavy on me.

She had her right hand under her right cheek and her left hand was close to my pillow on the couch. Now, is the time for my move I thought as it was well to 1 am. I switched off the TV and switched on the night bulb. There was enough light for me to enjoy the beauty of my sex goddess. I lied down on the couch and slowly dared to touch her left hand.

I inserted my left hand and got hold of her palm. It was so soft to touch her hand. There was no reaction from her as she must be in deep sleep. I slowly started to rub her hand with my right hand and I was enjoying the softness of her left palm. She had bangles on her wrist and I was simply playing with them while enjoying the nice view of her face and cleavage.

I don't know when she felt all this. After some time she woke up and got up without saying anything. She said, 'Come you sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the couch.' I was so afraid that I could not say anything but exchanged our bed. For about 15-20 minutes I could not do anything. She again fell asleep. Then again I started to fondle her hands was slightly pulling her hand.

It must have been hard with my pulling that she woke up and asked me,'What happened? Why are you holding my hand?' I was dumbfounded. Before I could make any answer she again asked,'Did you have night mare? Are you afraid?' I just replied hmm and pulled her hand again. I don't know why she just moved on the bed at my side.

I just took the opportunity and quickly hugged her tight as if I was afraid. She was puzzled and said,'Why are you afraid? See! you are no more a small boy. You have grown taller than me. Not a boy but a man.' I didn't say anything just kept my hug. Ahhh the feeling of her entire body so close to mine was an experience which can not be described in words.

It was just electrifying. I just felt softness everywhere. I did not know that women are so soft. I had my face close to hers and my left hand above her right arm hugging and pulling her close to me. I was struggling to feel every part of her body but not directly. I must have moved there in some ways. Then while pulling my left leg she said,'Come put your leg above me.

I am habituated to sleep like this with your mama's leg over my body. I find it difficult to sleep when there is no leg on my body' Ooh what could I ask more. There I was sleeping with my dream sex goddess as close as anyone could possibly on the same bed. This was more than enough for my dick. It was already rock hard. Now, I was in a difficult state.

I did not know what to do next. I did not know whether she was acting smart or just trying to show care for me as a boy. But I was in such a state that I became damn sure that I need to break my virginity with my fantasy woman now whatever the consequence. I was dying to kiss her soft and beautiful lips so close to mine. I was dying to knead her soft big boobs that were so close to my chest.

I was oozing with my pre-cum and wanted to get over her and at least dry hump her. But I could not dare anything. Maximum I could do was move my hand hugging her on her back a little avoiding her ass as if doing it innocently. I knew both of us are awake and silent with closed eyes. I was enjoying this thrilling moment at the best.

The feeling of her soft body in my hug was sending me in heavens.This went on for quite some time. I think she was also enjoying the heat and closeness of a young boy stuck to her body. Afterall it had been months for her without anyone to hug. At that time, may be my rock hard dick was poking her somewhere. She must have realized that I am grown up enough.

Capable to fuck her. She must in a dilemma at that time. Shall she or not fuck me must be going in her mind. We were laying sideways facing each other. Suddenly she brought her hand to feel my dick. I was sleeping with my pants and shirt on. How can ghee not melt when there is burning fire nearby ? She felt my dick througout its length and got hold of it from over the pant.

OOooh.. it was an awesome feeling. Instinctively I was pushing my pelvis front and back. It was getting unbearable for me. I was in intense pressure to reach the peak anyway. It must be the same to her also. This must have made her really difficult to remain silent. She whispered,' you want to do it?' Now, this was my chance. How can I deny? I just said,'hmm'.

Then she herself made the move as I was actually a virgin to real sex except the years of experience in masturbation. How can masturbation bring experience enough to fuck someone? To my relief, she herself unzipped my fly and took my dick out. It was rock hard 6 inches long and 6 inches round. She told me, 'Come on! take your pants off'.

It was shocking for me as I was more of an introvert and shy in nature. I was reluctant and did not want to get naked in front of her. On the contrary I want her completely naked. She asked once again but I said its ok no need to take off completely. My mami laid on her back and lifted her sari up to the pelvis.

She slightly pulled me towards her and in no time I was on top of her with my naked dick touching her naked pubic region. Wow! what a feeling. The soft and sexy body of my mami under me. I remember how my body crushed her soft body under me. I was breathing heavily but I was still not sure how to start the real penetration. At that time I did not know anything about foreplay.

I only knew that I have to penetrate her and stroke. And I could not dare to ask what to do next or make a move by myself. I could see she still had her eyes closed and was silent as if nothing has happened. I wanted to see the part of her body that I had not seen yet. But I could not dare to. From the inside I wanted to kiss her lips and instantly get my dick in her pussy.

Slowly, I moved my hot lips close to her right cheek but could not dare kiss her even on the cheek. My breath must have tingled her and we were enjoying this moment silently. I felt her smooth and shapely thighs with my right hand and moved my hand up. Now I could feel her pubic hair on the raised mons pubis. But her pussy was closed in her thighs.

But, I was trying to penetrate her instinctively giving a wonderful sensation of rubbing. Even this was giving me immense pleasure. I didn't know how it feels to be inside a pussy. But this was million times better than jerking off with hands. I must be pricking in her pubic region close to her pussy but not inside really.

This must have been frustrating for her that my mami herself got hold of my dick, parted her thighs a bit and guided it inside her pussy hole. Then I just pushed it inside. It was so warm, smooth, wet and slippery that in no time my dick was deep inside her pussy. The sensation was too much for me.

I could have never imagined that the sensation of a moist warm pussy engulfing the dick with my eternal jerking off with hands. How can rough hands substitute a nice warm pussy? Or else why would anyone die for pussy instead of relying on the hand job only? I pushed in deeper and deeper as if there is more to get inside. But somehow, I was not able to.

The pot belly of my mami was preventing me from getting it fully inside. Then, by instinct I lifted my upper body on my hands and penetrated by making an angle with hers. Finally, it slipped in without any effort. Oh ho ho the pussy was so moist, soft and hot that I can not describe what the feeling was. My mami had her hands on by buttocks pulling me in tightly.

At that time I realized she was breathing heavily. I immediately started stroking her. I wanted to last this for eternal me fucking my dream woman of so many years. With my experience of controlled ejaculation I was holding myself while stroking her. She was also enjoying from beneath and was pushing her pelvis up while pushing my pelvis with a great force. I realized she has been really sex starved.

I was pumping my woman, my lust, my love with steady strokes without hurrying as I knew fast stroking will end me soon. Then instead of stroking I started to move aroung my pelvis. I was taking out my dick but was moving it inside the pussy. I was grinding my pelvis on hers. She breathed faster that before and was applying very good pressure from below.

But the sensation was so intoxicating that I could not hold anymore. The pressure was building inside. I felt every nerve of body stretched. I could feel my dick was pulsating with every move I made. I may have made hardly 20-25 strokes in her pussy that I literally exploded myself in her pussy. I could not hold my strokes any more.

I was just ramming her pussy grunting loudly to get my entire load of cum in her. I remember it lasted as much as the actual stroking before. My orgasm was so intense that I lay on her completely worn out. But, I did not want this to finish though I had no strength left to do anything. Soon, my dick slipped off her flooded pussy and went limp.

Then she pulled her petticoat under the sari and moved to wipe my dick. But I was so highly aroused that I could not let her touch my dick now. it had become extremely sensitive. I did not let her do it, Then she told me to wipe it myself. I wiped my dick with her petticoat. so, this is why there used to be white patch on her petticoat sometimes when I used to search for clue of sex in her clothings.

I was totally exhausted and satisfied with the sex but somehow it did not put her fire. She turned to my side and tried to fondle me again. Unfortunately, I was not in any state to get aroused again. it looked like I will not get my dick erect ever again in my life. So was the sensation of her pussy.

She said to me,'See we have made a mistake. It is my mistake and it is yours too. But, I am sure that you will not tell this to anybody not even your friends. I trust you.' The I asked her,'will you get pregnant?' She laughed and teased me, 'Are you worried?' I did not reply. After a brief silence she said,'Don't worry! I do not get pregnant anymore.

We were trying to have a son for so long but I did not get pregnant no matter how hard we tried. Doctor said it is because of fat in my uterus.' I was more than happy and we snuggled together. Though I was fully satisfied with shoving my dick in her pussy I thought that I finished very quickly.

I was still wanting to see her fully naked, suck her lovely lips, get my tongue inside her mouth, pess her soft boobs which were still in her blouse, and stroke my dick vigoroulsy till she get her orgasm. I was thinking that may be I can have another chance in the morning before she gets up. I didn't realize when I got fast asleep.

When I woke up with the hope to get a nice morning sex again she had already left the bed. I quickly got up and looked for her everywhere. I wanted see in her eyes in the daytime after the wonderful sex we had the last night. I was angry that she left like that after showing so much love in the night. Somebody told me that she had gone to a temple for worship.

She usually did not go to temples like that in the early morning. I thought she must have gone to wash away the sin she (we) committed last night. Good anyway. At least this was the beginning of our sins together.

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Lusty relation with Mami - I

Hi! I am a regular reader and a big fan of human digest. I have been reading the stories for long but a recent story of incest between an aunt and her nephew sparked me to share my experience with other readers. I think I owe to share my own sexperience after reading so many of others.

I am 36 years old male and married with two children. I am the only son of my parents and since they are in business I grew up in my maternal uncle's (mamaji) family. I was well loved by all since I am the only boy in the family. I do not know since when I developed an infatuation with my mami. As I was older than my cousins (uncle's children) I remember my mami since I was a small boy.

Since, early childhood I was horny. I used to masturbate even before I could ejaculate. It must be around 12 year's of age that I started to notice the lovely body of my mami who was around 25 years. She was very lovely and caring towards me but I had a big lust over her. I used to peep into her cleavage from her blouse opening whenever she bends for household works and that used to be my fantasy for masturbation.

She had started to gain weight sligthly after having her second child at the age of 26. My lust towards my mami increased by many folds after an incident when I saw her bathing in a white petticoat. She was about the 5 ft and 55 kg and at that time I was 5' 6" weighing 65 kg. I was goint to toilet and she was taking bath. The toilet was at a corner of a big room at the ground floor with the tap.

So one has to enter the room (not proper closed bathroom) for toilet. OOf! How can I forget the lovely view of her body revealed through the wet white petticoat which was stuck to her body revealing almost every thing. I could clearly see her lovely body, boobs, ass and thighs. When I entered the bathroom she was rinsing her lovely boobs with water with the petticoat down.

She quickly covered?? when I reached there unexpectedly. But that was more than enough for me. Wow what lovely pair of boobs and pointing tits she has. They must be around 38 in size. Big rounded fair skinned boobs with slightly darker areola and nipples. This was the first time I saw a fully grown naked body of a mature woman. I still remember the colour of smooth milky milk jugs of my mami even after 15 years.

She was fair skinned with good body structure. It must be because of this incident and image impression in my brain that I still like full bodied women but not skinny girls. Soon I entered the toilet but I was taking long in the toilet to peep through the hole in the door while she was still bathing in the filmsy covering. She was standing wet soaping her boobs openly again thinking I am inside the toilet and cannot see her.

Then she applied soap in her thighs and deep in the crouch lifting the clothing and rinsed the body pouring enough water. The petticoat was just hanging there somewhere on her waist revealing almost 85% of her lovely body. The boobs, back, ass crack, thighs all were clearly visible through the wet cloth.

Unfortunately, I could not see her pussy as she was a little pot bellied and the petticoat was not stuck there in the pelvis region while standing. Soon after, I went to school with the memories of dick raising pictures in my mind. I still regret that I could not stay there longer to see her changing into dry clothes and drying herself with towel.

Then I started to take every opportunity of taking glimpse of her body while changing her clothes or doing other works. It was very casual for her as I had been there since a small kid. It seemed she never realized that I had grown up and in fact lusting her body. She used to change in her bedroom without closing the door.

But I knew places in the living room from where I could see her in reflections in glass or peep through holes.I slowly started to envy my mama and got jealous of him. I used to sniff the bra of my mami that she left after changing when she was gone outside. Whenever there was opportunity I used to jerk off on her bra but took care not to ejaculate there.

At many times I used to masturbate on their bed and manage the bedsheet afterwards. One afternoon, I was about to enter the living room casually as in other times but the door was closed from inside. It was rather unusual to have the door closed at that time so, curiously I waited to check why the door was locked from inside.

They had locked the living room door for privacy as the bedroom was at the other end of the living room. I went close to the door. Then I heard some unfamiliar sounds from their bedroom. I was listening to the sounds holding my own breath. After some time, I could clearly hear the unique plat plat plat plat sound of their fucking and moanings of my fantasy woman my mami from the bed room.

I knew they were into it whole heartedly without any worries. But I did not know exactly what was causing the sound when only penis was entering vagina as per my knowledge at that time. The pumping was getting heavier and faster as my mama was fucking her really hard. It was only afterwards that I came to know that the sound was due to clashing of the bellies as both my mama and mami were slightly pot bellied and they must have been fucking the missionary position.

I was there enjoying the thrill for about 3 minutes with my pounding heart beat but ran from the door soon after the sound stopped in fear of getting caught by someone. However, all these incidents made me hornier and hornier. I used fuck my mami at least thrice a day in my fantasy while jerking myself off. I didn't know when the fantasy will turn into reality.

I used to look around for clues of their fucking when nobody was home. I used to get in the rooms as I knew where the key used to be hidden. Sometimes I used to find white patches in her inner wear left for washing confirming sex the previous night. I knew that the patch was by wiping the come after sex. Once while looking around I found a pack of condoms hidden somewhere in their room.

This was my first seeing of a condom in real thought I knew about it. The mere sight of a condom gave me instant hard on and I wore one condom to jerk off immediately and threw away the entire packet. They must have been searching for the condom pack later but who would know that it was me who threw it away in jealousy.OOf the hormone level of a teenage boy! How I could get instat hard on.

Luckily for me, my mama went abroad for job for two years leaving my mami for me to enjoy. By then I was 19 at the most horniest age matured with heavy masturbations throught all these years and my mami was around 32. She was still very very sexy and attractive with two children of 13 and 7 years both in hostel. I was the only child (boy) there.

By that time I used to stay at my mama's place only in the day time but used to sleep at my own home with my parents only 1 km away. My mami was there alone with my maternal grandmother. So, I used to spend my daytime at my mama's house to give them company. The other good reason for me staying there was the television which I did not have in my house.

I was in fact looking for one or another reason to stay there overnight in the hope to see my lovely mami sleep in the bed room next to the living room with TV. I knew this could increase my chance to fuck her in real. I was praying with my stading dick to make this dream come true.

P.S.: To Be Continued...

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All Fucking In The Family - II

Previously: All Fucking In The Family - I

Hello I am Rashmi and you have read about Mom's activities,( hope you enjoyed it with your partner) so go ahead and read about me No introduction is required about my background. I must however tell you about myself. I am about 5foot and 4 inches. and still growing, though I have had my periods when I was 14 years. My breast are 36 and hips are 26 with the waist at 24.

Till I got involved, my knowledge of about sex was limited and mainly from talk with my girl friends in school. I was technically a virgin as I had not had sex with anyone other than my finger. I had seen for about five minute a part of a blue film sent to me via e-mail by a girl in school. I am not clean shaven like Mom but have a little trimmed growth just above my choot.

My slit area of my choot are is smooth as a baby's bottom. I am more of an extrovert than Rishi and very adventurous, so I am ready to take more risks than Rishi -or for that matter anyone in the family. I am writing about how I got involved. The sleeping arrangement has already been explained. From under the bed I could clearly see Bhaya(Sonu).

One night, (afterward I came to know, it was about a month and a half after Bhaya & Mom had got into a relationship) I heard some noise as if someone was in pain or something. I thought it was papa so I got on one elbow and looked at him. He was fast asleep; but I noticed Mom was not in her bed. Assuming she had gone for a piss, I lay down and was dozing when I again heard the same sound.

I looked now under the bed and saw Mom on top of Bhaya with her face facing his legs. What was glaring was her night dress was pulled up over her waist, Bhaya,s Lungi was also open and Mom had his cock in her mouth. I was wondering what was happening. My choot realized what was happening and I started to feel wet and ticklish in my honey-pot.

It soon dawned on me that the two of them were sucking each others choot/lund. I pulled up my night dress and put my finger on my cunt and started to frig myself while watching the action unfold. I, was horny and decided to then, to do something more exciting than frigging my-self. I reached out and, and after some probing found Rishi's cock which was limp like a damp cloth.

He got up with a start and before he could say anything I pointed to what was happening on the other side of the bed. He also watched for a while and I could feel his lund growing in my hands. I pulled up my night dress and put Rishi's hand on my choot and then he got a little more bold and and felt my tits.

We slowly started to frig each other while watching Mom and Bhaya having a great suck. After a while the movement of the lovers increased and then suddenly it all stopped. There was no more movement. Soon Mom got off and got back on her bed and Bhaya turned around and went to sleep. Itrned towards Rishi and pulled his face to my tits as my tits were taut and begging to be sucked.

While doing that we we both did mutual masturbation and climaxed, with me holding a handfull of Rishi's cum. We wiped it on Papa/Mummy's bed sheet and rolled of to sleep. Next day while waiting for the school bus to come, we planned on how we would fuck. Rishi said he would get the condom as also the pill for me.

That evening as per the plan we informed Mom that we would be studying from mid-night onward and accordingly put on the alarm clock to wake us up. Our plan was based on the fact that once Mom woke us up and we went of to the study room Mom and Bhaya would also get down to the business of fucking without worry of being seen by us. Dad anyhow would be dead to the world after his boozing session.

Once we got up we locked the door of the study room and put on the lights. I was keen to see a lund as much as Rishi was keen to see my choot. We did not go abs nude as we were afraid of Mom or Bhaya or both may come and catch us.. He opened his lungi and showed me his cock and balls. I reached for it and felt this long, stiff but flexiable pole and his balls sack covered with hair.

A beautiful pink knob stuck out of his skin. I took his spunk sprayer and after a little lick on the tip sucked it for a short while Rishi made me sit down and lift up my night dress. He sat down between my legs as I lifted my legs and spread it. He liked what he saw and and kissed it after which he lifted my legs higher and kept looking at it without saying a word.

My honey pot had profusely started to discharge the honey. I pulled up my top and started to play with my tits After a while Rishi started to lick the honey. I could feel myself coming to a climax, so I pulled Rishi by his hair He then noticed my pink tits standing taut. He started to first play with my milk pot and then with my tits. I made signs to him to start sucking them.

As he started to do that I got a chance to play with his beanpole. I rubbed his pole on my choot and as I was doing that I suddenly climaxed, not once but multiple times. To add to my joy Rishi at my first hard thrust left my tits and started to lick the pussy which brought on the multiple organism. After relaxing for a while I changed places with Rishi and made him sit down and started to suck his cock.

It did not take long for him to squirt with full force straight into my mouth I swallowed as fast as I could his tasteless but sticky, creamy-coloured liquid. What an experience that was. I whispered to Rishi I would go to the washroom to clean some of the cum that had fallen on my top and piss as the pressure had built up.

Rishi expressed his desire to watch me piss; I agreed on condition he would also so me him pissing. He stood at the door of the washroom as I lifted my nightdress above my hip and at the bathing place I bent my knees slightly and spread my legs. I took me awhile for the piss to come out. It started as a slow trickle and then there was a gush.

As the torrent started to reduce I started to play with my cilt. Then Rishi showed me how he pissed. He took longer than me because as he said his cock had lately discharged and he he was already at semi erect position. We enjoyed watching each other piss so planned to have a piss (whenever possible) in the presence of each other.

Rishi asked me to shave my cunt hair ( those days I had a little fur covering my sperm sucker). He would provide me with all the shaving materials. It had got late so we decided to go to bed. We tip-toed to the bedroom and peeped in. Mom was sitting on the top of Bhaya, stark naked and Bhaya was pressing her big boobs. We noticed Bhaya's piston going in and out of Mamma's choot.

It was a lovely sight seeing a big lund getting fucked by an equally large choot Mom kept banging away till at a point she quickly got off and turned around with her choot over Bhaya's mouth and Bhaya's lund wet and erect. Mom took it into her mouth and suddenly both of them simulatneously moved their hips with great force.

Bhaya's cum shot directly into mom's mouth and Mom's cum was licked of by Bhaya. They lay in that position for awhile then mom put some of Bhaya's cum into Bhaya's mouth and both kept kissing for awhile. Rishi and I were busy playing with each other and we would have fucked but I heard Mom saying "I will go and see if those two are studying" Bhaya pulled up his Pajama.

Mom stood next to Dad and put on her clothes. Dad loud snoring remained uninterrupted while his wife was being fucked by his son. We quickly got on to our studies, when Mom came and asked us to get get to bed as it was late. Next day while waiting for the bus Rishi and I discussed the previous night's episode. Rishi told me that he would like to have a fuck with Mom.

I also told him that I would like to see that as also be fucked by Bhaya and have a little session with Mom also. So we agreed that in future we would not lock the door and hope to get caught by Mom or Bhaya or alternately we would catch Mom and Bhaya and then force them to let us join the fun. For the next few days we did not get caught.

I lost my virginity in the real sense - that is Rishi fucked me nice and proper. As Mom and Bhaya had not caught us for a week we decided to catch them. One day Bhaya said he was not going to college as he felt unwell.Mom and he exchanged sly smiles so we knew that they were planning a screw as I had see Mom's sanitary pad in the bucket for about a week and had not noticed it the day previously.

So obviously both must have been Horny as they could not have had a fuck during that time. We went of to school but before leaving I had unbolted the door of the bathroom leading to the outside. I told Rishi to bunk school after the third period as we would catch them today and also join them. Rishi never questioned me on any plan as he was aware I would have done something.

As planned we returned on an auto rick and quietly entered the house from the bathroom. We could hear some screwing sound from our TV room. We peeped in and saw them watching a blue film. From the back we could make out both were nude. Then we also saw their clothes hanging on a chair. Mom was sitting with her arms around Bhaya. We could not see Bhaya's head.

Then slowly Bhaya lay down with his head on Moms thighs. Bhaya's cock was engulfed in Mom's fist. and Bhaya was apparently sucking Mom's tits. I told Rishi to head for Mom and put both his hands over her shoulder and catch her breast while at the same time I would go and catch Byaya's lund. Before we put our action in place we both shed our clothes.

Rishi's bamboo was never so hard and erect as of now. I sucked it a little and he then sucked my leaking choot. We stealthy approached the loving couple and on my signal Rishi and I both did as planned. Both the fuckers were shocked and they tried to get up. "What is this? what are you two upto? Mom stuttered." We should be asking you this question, Mom" I said boldly.

There was silence. Bhaya I noticed was gazing at my choot and then my tits. I could see his lund again saluting. " I thought you both would like to have us join the fun also - that is if you do not mind being a little disloyal to each other." I laughingly told them. By now Mom had started to fondle Rishi's cock.

Rishi sat down and Mom went between his legs and started to suck his pole, I watched my Mom doing it so professionally. She would start to lick from the red knob,then move down towards the balls, but not before she had licked the shaft from underneath and the top and then went down to the balls. First she would take the whole ball bag into her mouth and suck it and then suck each ball individually.

She would then again move upward in the same way till she reached the red knob which she would suck before swallowing the greater part of the bamboo. Rishi's cock was perhaps slightly smaller than Bhaya's in length but thicker. His red knob immediately made it's appearance as the erection started to take place and it disappeared when it finished it's job.

Bhaya's red knob, on the other hand, was rather shy and had to be coxed into exposing it's self by sucking it. Bhaya sucked my tits for a while and then I got between his legs and started to suck his staff like Mom was doing. I then noticed Mom, who was sitting on her haunches fingering herself.

So while I continued the sucking of Bhaya I put my hand form underneath Mom and took out her finger and replaced it with my finger. She stopped for a while and the did the same to my leaking pussy. Soon We got up and lay down while Bhaya started to suck and lick my pussy while Rishi got busy with mom's choot.

As Mom and I were lying next to each other I took the opportunity to start playing with her large pendulous breast. She smiled and Kissed me on my lips and put her tongue into my mouth, We exchanged spittle. Mom moved away from Rishi and came to me and started to suck my tits while I played with her.

She then held one of her own tits and put it into my mouth "Chhose, mere beti, jor se choose" I started to suckle her large breast. I put my hand down to play with her choot I realised that Rishi had already got between her legs and was busy sucking her. Mom then lay me down and came to my choot. She did not spread my legs as I had expected but kept my thighs together and kissed my honey maker.

"Dekho Sonu Raja, hey choot kitni sunder hai- kitni tight hai. She started to fist lick it and than kissed it very gently. I forced my thighs apart and then with the help of my fingers spread my choot lips apart. " Beti, tere choot kitni lal hai under se. Bahut sunder dekti hai" Mom s aid and started to suck my choot and miniature cilt. "Ma muje apke choot choosni hai. Mere upar aaja" Mom straddled my face.

She was leaking very profusely. Her cum was creamier than mine and had a lovely pastel white shade. Other things I found different between her and mine honey pots was that it was longer ( from the cilt it the upto the lower end than mine and was more fleshy than mine. The thing that was distinctly different from me was her cilt. Her cilt was very prominent.

It was about two inches long and quiet thick. I promptly took it into my mouth. It felt like I was sucking a small boys one. It took very little time for both of us to climax. I was drenched with Mom's cum but she kept sucking me till I climaxed a few times. Mom got of and licked all her cum of my face She then turned around and said "Koi muje aur Reshmi ko chodo. Hame Lund andar chaaya".

Bhaya immediately brought a pillow which he placed below my arse and lifting my legs to his shoulder started to insert his honeythrower into my honeypot. He gently place his knob on the edge of my spermcontainer and then started to insert it so slowly that I thought it would take to eternity. I got impatient and jerked my already well lubricated piss hole upward and in plopped his shaft.

What a feeling that was. His large cock was shoved right to it's hilt. Mom watching this was very happy and kissed Bhaya and me and then lay down next to me with her legs wide open and in the air. Rishi first sucked her choot for a while and then shoved his cock in. Both the brothers started to pump away. Mom was shouting and I was urging Bhaya "Mere choot ko phado. Aur jor se chodo."

Mom looked at me and while Rishi was still fucking her. Bhaya was now enjoying it more than ever. " Randi, bahut din se tuje chodna chahata tha. So I will fuck you more than once." "Yes, yes shove your cock deeper into me. Put your lund in my choot and take it out from my mouth you maderschod." I responded. Soon all of us climaxed to gather and we lay in the same position catching our breadth.

Mom proposed lunch and while Mom and I went to warm the lunch. I had been toying with the idea of anal sex for a while now but had fear as when I inserted my finger into my arsehole it hurt. As all of us were naked I was standing behind Mom while she warmed the food and massaging her butt and running my fingers up and down her arse crack.

I asked her if she had ever had anal sex. "Yes, very often", she said, "with Sonu have you had ?" "No, but I want to have but am afraid it will hurt very badly." "yes it hurts initially but we will lubricate tour hole well as well as one of the boys cock so you will not get hurt. After that there will not be any problem. The brothers laid out the table.

Meal time the topic was fucking and what to do next. Mom told the boys that Rashmi wanted to have one of you maro her gaand in the afternoon. Rishi you do it as you took her choot virginity so you take her gaand virginity also.During lunch I asked Mom when was the last time Dad had fucked her. She told me the whole thing (as she had said in her story).

So I proposed (and which was agreed to by my brothers) that Mom tries to get Dad to fuck her while we watch from another room. Mom was reluctant to the idea but we all convinced her. In the afternoon after food, preparation began for my arse hole deflowering. While Mom concentrated on oiling my arse hole and putting her first one finger then two, Bhaya was oiling Rishi's cock.

Mom announced that I was ready; Rishi came close to me. I was made to bunch my legs upto my chest and spread my legs and lift my arse upwards. To ease my pain Bhaya sat in front of me and told me to suck his prick while Mom spread my arse cheeks. Slowly, carefully under Mom's direction Rishi place his cock at the tip of my arsehole.

Mom with her hand directed it to the exact entrance. "OK now push gently, Rishi. Rashmi hold still." Mom directed. I felt a slight discomfort. "Go,boy go" mom said, Rishi pushed harder and because of a well oiled arsehole, the pain was minimal. Mom and Bhaya gave an applause. Now Rishi's piston was powerfully speeding away and keeping rhythm was my sucking Bhaya and above all Mom finger-fucking me.

Soon Rishi reached a climax and it was followed by me reaching it. Mom had moved at sometimes towards Bhaya who got busy finger fucking her. Finally I got a mouthful of Bhaya's cum which I shared with Mom. It was an exhilarating experience. An afternoon well spent. After an afternoon session we all eagerly awaited the night and the arrival of Drunken Dad.

When Dad came Mom brought him to bed.Dad was wobbly but Mom told him to change into a lungi. He changed and came and lay down. Mom left the light on. After a while Mom opened her blouse and then brought her hand down to his groin. No reaction. Mom then put her hand into his lungi. Dad pushed her hand away. "What are you doing? " He asked."

I want you to fuck me. Muje garmi chad he hue hai.(I am feeing horny). See my tits. Do you want to suck them? She held up her tits to him." Mom said to which he said "Pagal ho gio ?"( Have you gone mad? ) Mom pulled his lungi open and took his cock in her hand. it was lifeless and less than three inches long.

Dad tried to push Mom off but Mom pulled up her Petticoat and straddled Dad hoping to get some action but there seemed to have no life. Mom took it into her mouth but to no avail. Dad kept fighting her off. Finally, as we had planned, Mom took off her petticoat and stood over him and masturbated herself with two and then three fingers. There was no reaction from Dad.

Mom got off and in a jiffy Dad was snoring. We came into the room and had a fuck session right next to Dad. In fact I also played with Dad's cock much to the amusement of Mom and my brothers, but Dad was lost to the world and there was no reaction. Our sex life moved from good to brilliance. Anything we saw on porno movies or sites on Internet we not only imitated but improved on.

We have been involved in watersport and fucking during our periods. We started to move around the house nude and took every opportunity to play of fiddle with each others genitals. The most memorable sex episode I can recall and which I now indulge in most is one day I was sucking Mom's fleshy choot and she was doing the same to mine -with me on the top.

Rishi came from behind and desired to anal fuck me. Mom caught his lund before he was able to pierce me and after a lick positioned it at the edge of my pulsating honeybag, As he put his javelin into me, Mom started to lick and suck my cilt. The combination of his piston movement and the sucking was so very ecstasy that I just cannot describe it.

I climaxed in a jiffy, but Rishi continued and when he climaxed Mom took his sperm thrower into her mouth which was already full of my cum. Subsequently when I described what had happened Mom also experienced the same Bhiaya. She got the same view as me.

We have since been anal fucked while sucking each other. Rishi surprisingly in my view as also Mom's turned out to be most horny, while Mom and Bhaya were the ones ready to experiment most and I was declared the best sucker. Life has never been so good as it is ALL IN THE FAMILY.

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Sex with horny daughter

When I was 20 I was married to a girl of 18. I was lucky to have such a beautiful, sexy and dutiful wife. A year later she gifted me with a lovely daughter, who was very much attached to me since childhood. But when she was hardly ten, my wife passed away due to some health problem.

I was grief stricken, but had to control myself lest my daughter would cry. I became both the father and mother to her, nursing her in every way. I used to come home early and cook food. When she comes from the school, she would run straight into my arms and I would hug her and kiss her on forehead and cheeks. I would feed her food and sing lullabies to her till she slept.

This went on till she was 17 when she metamorsphacised into a beautiful maiden with fully developed breasts and sexy appearance. Still she keeps on hugging me like a child with her big and hard boobs pressing on to my chest, sometimes giving me horny thoughts and I would hug her closer and harder to enjoy the rubbing of her boobs against my chest. But as a father I thought it is best to marry her off. I chose a boy among our relations whom she too liked.

One day she came running into my arms with tears. I asked what happened and she said that boy wanted to kiss her and she did not know what to do. I calmed her down saying it is natural for young people and she should fully enjoy such advances. She asked how can it give her pleasure and I said I will show her. I took her to my bedroom, hugged her hard and gave a deep passionate kiss on her lips.

I sucked her upper lip and asked her to suck my lower lip. We sucked each other’s lips for some time and then I thrust my tongue into her mouth and asked her to suck it. She did so and we continued with our tongues playing with each other and exploring the inside if the mouth. She said ‘Daddy I really like this game, let us do it for some more time’ The longer we did it, I too became very horny.

The devil in me took this as the best opportunity to satisfy my long hidden lust of fucking my daughter under the guise of teaching her. I told her ‘Let us practice some more acts which will give you more pleasure’. I started kissing her harder with one hand squeezing her boobs. She responded by hugging me more. She loosened her bra and guided my hand to touch her boobs directly.

As I played with her boobs and pinched her nipples, she moaned ‘oooo’ with shivers running through her body. She said ‘Daddy, I used to squeeze my boobs myself sometimes, but I never got this much of pleasure. Please squeeze them with both the hands’. I removed her top and bra and while squeezing, I took one boob into my mouth and started sucking.

She became very horny and pressed my head hard on to her boobs. ‘Daddy, please don’t stop sucking. I like it a lot, oooooom-- Suck them harder and bite them into pieces’ she whispered. At the same time her hands reached my chest and started pinching my nipples. I ran my hand slowly down her navel and tickled her there, for which she giggled and pushed my head down to move my mouth to her navel.

I cupped around it and started sucking it, probing the inside of her navel with my tongue. She kept giggling and said ‘you are tickling me daddy. It is very nice, do it again.’ She passed her fingers through my hair with affection and started twisting and licking my earlobes. I moved my hand further down and rubbed on her panty which was wet.

I asked ‘Hey my child your panty is wet. You know why?’ She replied ‘Daddy, I too noticed it earlier sometimes. I first thought I was pissing without my knowledge, but I saw later that it was not urine but some other liquid. What is that and how does it happen?’ I said ‘My baby, when you are fingering your cunt or even some sexy dreams semen oozes from your vagina. See this hole, yes this one. This is also called cunt or pussy’.

I pulled her skirt and pantie down and showed her the spot. ‘Now put your finger into your pussy and see the wetness yourself’. She felt shy to finger her pussy. Then I put my finger inside, widened the pussy hole and the inner lips and rubbed with my finger slowly touching the clitoris. She gasped and asked if she can do it. I guided her finger to rub the clit.

She said, ‘I used to do like this before whenever I see you fucking mummy. It was good daddy, but now when you did it with your finger and rubbing it gives me more pleasure. Please do it more with your finger. Rub my whole pussy, ooom, push it deep inside’. I said ‘Yes baby I know. Someone else fingering your cunt gives you more pleasure than yourself doing it.

That is why you should always have sex with another man. Now I will do something better which will really show you heaven’. I made her lie on the edge of the bed, knelt down brought my mouth to her cunt and licked it enjoying her precum. Then I sucked her clitoris with my lips and inserted my tongue deep inside the cunt. This I did while continuing to squeeze both her boobs with my hands.

She kept on moaning saying “Daddy, it is a very funny feeling and I am enjoying it. Please suck my cunt more and more’, she pressed my face hard against her pussy and put her legs around my shoulders. In that position I held her waist and gradually lifted her body to so that I was in a standing position with her crouching on my shoulders and the legs still wrapped around my shoulders.

I continued to lick her cunt even in this standing position. ‘My darling, when you were one year old baby I used to carry you on my shoulders like piggy back and walk around the house singing piggy back songs. Now too I am carrying you like that but you are now sitting in the reverse so that I can continue licking and sucking your pussy even while walking’.

She giggled and said if that was called piggy back, this can be called as ‘pussy front’ position. I laughed heartily for her cracking this joke. I sucked her clit and put my tongue deep and pushed it in and out, a sort of tongue fucking. She went into a frenzy and started yapping 'Oh daddy do it more. Fuck me faster. Suck my clit harder. Bite my cunt into pieces and eat it. Oh. I am enjoying this very much’.

She kept holding my hair in her hands and pressed my face against her cunt. After my licking and sucking for some rime she suddenly blurted out saying ‘Hey daddy something is happening to me. I am not able to control myself, I am cumming. Ooooh. I am cumming. I am cummm..…” She released a jet of juices on my tongue spraying some on to my face.

After licking her pussy for some more time I put her down on the bed. She looked at me with lusty eyes, took my face by both hands and licked it clean of her own juices. She then hugged me hard, gave a deep kiss and said, ‘Daddy, it is very funny to see my own juices coming out of my cunt like a jet. You are my God. You showed me heaven today, which I can never forget’.

During her childhood I saw her naked several times without any horny feelings, but today to see my own daughter naked with full boobs and sexy appearance looking at me with seductive eyes, I lost my control and wanted to fuck her then and there. My cock was hard and erect making a tent like projection in my pajama.

Spotting it, she said ‘Daddy you made me naked. I now want to make you naked and see what that projection is’. She pulled down my pajamas and underwear and gasped looking at that monstrous 9 inch hard dick. My lovely daughter took it into her hand played with it sliding the skin.

‘Daddy I want to confess one thing. I several times peeped into the bathroom when you were pissing, but this cock was not this big. How come now?’ I said ‘My child, after some time I will you will understand that also. But now you may proceed by sucking my cock. After some time juices will come out. You taste them and swallow the whole thing like ice cream.’

She took mine, that is her own father’s penis, into her mouth and started sucking it. I guided her running my hands passionately through her hair and pressed her face against my cock whispering to her ‘Harder and faster’. She increased the speed and took the whole 9 inch thing into her throat and was fully enjoying it.

I was in seventh heaven and within 10 minutes ejaculated a full load of cumm into her mouth. She looked at me I said it’s OK and signalled her to swallow the whole thing. She gladly tasted and swallowed the whole thing and licked the remaining from the cock putting her tongue deep into the slit of the cock and also from the sides and said ‘Daddy, it is very good. Though not exactly sweet, I enjoyed its taste. Can you get some more?’

‘This is my next lesson my baby and it will answer your earlier question. Now see how small and limp my cock has become, same size as you must have seen it while pissing. Keep licking and sucking it and you can see for yourself how your father’s cock grows enormously just by the touch of his darling daughter’s lips and tongue.’

She continued to lick my cock and in no time it became hard and grew large. She was all smiles and happy at seeing the cock grow from a limp 4 inches to a hard 9 inch thing. ‘Daddy I see in movies that it is this cock that goes into the pussy. Please let us do that also.’ Saying this she laid herself naked on the bed, spread her legs wide and looked at me seductively with open arms to mount on her.

I lost dontrol and mounted on her. She took my cock into her hand rubbed it against her cunt and asked me to shove it inside. I slowly rubbed it against the cunt walls till she had precum and kept slowly moving it inside. She was not satisfied. ‘Push it harder and faster daddy. I want all your juices in my pussy’.

Despite the heavy erotic intoxication, a little bit of commonsense was still awake in me. I told her, ‘My child, this act of moving the cock in and out of the cunt is called fucking and this fucking is the very essence of life. By fucking a woman, the man’s semen or the love juice enters the womb of the woman and fertilises an egg lying in the womb.

This would finally become the baby. Without fucking there can not be any baby born and world would be left out with no humans. Not only the humans but all the creartures of the unifversr indulge in this sex act.’ I touched her hymen with my cock and also explained her about hymen and how its presence is a sign of virginity among girls.

I said ‘My sweet baby, let us fuck without breaking your hymen, so that your husband will have full satisfaction of breaking it. That would give you the license to fuck your daddy or anyone else you like whenever you want’. ‘No daddy, I don’t care about my husband. I want my dearest father to be the first man to fuck me and fill my cunt. I want to become a mother by you only. Please fuck me fast’ she insisted.

‘OK. First let us try another novel fucking which you will definitely like. Lie on your belly on the edge of the bed with your legs hanging out’. Then I brought some ghee from kitchen and applied it inside her anus and on to my cock. I fingered her anus slowly and firmly and then put my cock at her anal entrance. ‘Daddy my ass is so small, will your monster go inside and would it give as much fun as your fucking my cunt?’

I said ‘You will see it for yourself how enjoyable it would be’ and gently pushed it inside her tight ass. She moaned and asked me to go slow. I kept pushing the cock into her anus, withdrawing it a bit after every inch. As the cock went deeper, she became ecstatic with the aroma of the ghee adding to it, “Oh daddy it is very funny and I like it. Do it faster and harder.

Let your cock enter my ass fully. Move it faster, oh oh faster daddy – faster, don’t stop’. She kept on yapping incoherently and stretching her hands behind my thighs, started pressing me harder against her ass. I simultaneously started fingering her cunt with two fingers. ‘Push your fingers deeper daddy, as deep as your cock in my ass. This is best moment daddy.

I am in heaven with both my ass and cunt being fucked at the same time by my darling daddy. Oooh, I am cumming, I am cumming’ and with this she released a jet of juices from pussy. I too cummed in her ass. Putting a finger inside her ass so that my juices do not flow out, I turned her over and licked all her juices to my heart’s content which gave her a lot of pleasure.

She took my cock into her mouth and licked it clean together with the traces of her own potty. Then I turned her over again and licked my own semen from the ass. ‘I like this type of fucking daddy. Let us do it regularly along with cunt fucking’. I kissed her passionately and whispered ‘You are an angel my child. You showed me heaven to day. I am ever grateful to you’

Then I taught her to enjoy the 69 position. I asked her to lie on her back and crawled on her in the reverse, with my cock on her mouth and her pussy under my mouth. She gladly took my monster in her mouth and sucked nonstop. I too started sucking her clit, licking and fucking her cunt with my tongue. We went on doing this for over 15 minutes and we both cummed at the same time.

Each licked the other clean and swallowed the juices. ‘Did you like this my baby?’ I asked her. ‘Yes certainly I did. I want you to do it once more till we both cumm again. I now find these juices really sweet and tasty and I want to drink this daily instead of milk. Daddy, please promise.

Also daddy, please perform my marriage immediately so that I can get the license to be cunt fucked by you’ Thus I could successfully divert her from cunt fucking and hymen breaking for the time being. She later commented that I had been her matha and pitha since her childhood, as guru I taught her how to be fucked and by my fucking and showing heaven I am her daivam.

Hugging me hard she sang the ‘Matha pitha guru daivam’ song for me. I invited the boy and his parents to my house and fixed up an early date for the marriage which they gladly agreed. Who will not be happy to get such a beautiful, docile and well-mannered child as their daughter-in-law? I performed the marriage in a grand style.

I also had arranged for their first night in a 5-star hotel suit, fully decorated with flowers and erotic paintings. As per our custom I had to seat my daughter on my lap during the marriage and kanyadaanam ceremony. As expected, my monster became very hard and started pricking her thighs. She looked back, smiled and slightly spread her legs so that my cock could settle between her thighs.

Of course no one could notice this because we were fully dressed in silk garments. She also whispered to be heard by me only ‘Daddy, forget about all these people and fuck me right now.’ I calmed her down that it will be only 2 or 3 days more to wait for our D-day. 2 days after their moving to the in-laws house, I called them up and feigning illness, said I wanted to see my daughter, knowing that the son-in-law was to go on some camping for the next 4 days.

He promptly brought her to my house, and enquiring about my health, excused and left for his home. Both the father and daughter had a good laugh after he left. She immediately jumped on to my arms and asked me to take her to the bedroom without any further delay since she had her license now to be cunt fucked by me. She undressed herself fast and pulled down my pajamas and underwear.

She laid herself on the bed, pulled me on to her and after sucking my cock to make it harder, she rubbed it against her clitoris, and pushed it into her cunt. Both of us became extremely horny and I pushed it hard into her and fucked her nonstop for 15 minutes. I held my ejaculation till she reached her peak. Suddenly she became frenzy and raising her cunt up against my cock, released her jet.

I too cummed at the same time. We both slept on the bed for some time with my cock still lying in her cunt. After some time I woke up and started moving my cock slowly and we regained our horniness very fast. We continued this cunt licking, cock sucking, cunt fucking and ass fucking orgies non-stop for the next 4 days.

Before leaving, she was in tears and said ‘No daddy, I don’t want to go and get fucked by him. I want to be fucked by my darling daddy only and be a mother to your child only.’ I said ‘Don’t worry my dear, there is a plan for you to be made pregnant by me only. One week before and after your periods is called safe period, during which you can’t become pregnant.

It is during the other 2 weeks that you have the chances of getting pregnant. So hiding your period dates from your husband, get yourself fucked daily by him during the safe period. Then you come to me and I would fuck you umpteen numbers of times daily so that you would certainly become pregnant by me.’

She went back and her getting fucked alternatively by her husband and father continued for 3 months. Then one fine morning I got breaking news from the in-laws that she was pregnant and they were fully happy with her. They congratulated me for becoming a grandfather, without realizing that I am the real father.

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