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Deepti fucking with nephew

I was actually introduced to this site by by 18 year old nephew (My cousin sisters son). We have been having sex almost every day for the last 6 months. During this time, we have watched porn together, done c2c with other couples and basically done everything in sex :) After reading so many stories on debonairblog, I thought I should also share my experience of my first time sexual encounter with my nephew.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Deepti (name changed). I am 30 years old married female. I have a nice curvy figure of 34D-28-36 thanks to a lot of work in the gym. :) I have been married for 3 years now and I do not have any children yet. My husband, Vicky (name changed) is working in Singapore for a bank and comes home (Mumbai) once in a year for about 15 days.

I live with my 18 year old nephew (Amit, name changed) who is basically from Nashik but living with me due to his college being in Mumbai. Amit is just like any other 18 year old boy. Always horny and now I know that he used to fantasize about me, his aunt. I used to notice him spying on my body when he thought I was not looking but he would always change his look whenever I looked towards him.

I knew it was normal for a 18 year old boy to feel horny. After all, I was also an 18 year old once :) Amit had a separate bedroom to himself and he would sleep in his room while I would sleep in my separate bedroom always. It was sometime during the rainy month of June that his bedroom was undergoing urgent repairs and all the furniture etc was kept in the main drawing room.

He was left without a bed and also couldnt sleep in the drawing room as that room was covered with cement dust and furniture was also stored there. On the first day of repairs, I was wondering to myself where he would be sleeping in the night. During the evening, I asked him his plans and he said he will manage in the drawing room, so even I didnt say anything.

However, at about 10pm, I saw that he was barely able to sit up on the floor due to extra furniture in the drawing room. I thought it would be very uncomfortable and asked him to sleep in my bedroom. He asked me where I would sleep, and I told him that the bed was big enough for both of us. I had offered him the bed purely with Aunt-Nephew relationship in mind.

He was a bit hesitant at first but later agreed. He said he will come in the room after watching some TV. I finished my household work, sat in the drawing room watching some TV and then at about 11.30pm, I felt sleepy and told him that I was going to sleep. I also told him that I am keeping the door open so that he could come in after watching TV.

I went in the bedroom, took out extra sheets and pillows and place his pillow at the other end of the bed. At home, I generally wear punjabi suit or saree during night time. When I am in the bedroom, I used to normally change to a nice silky spaghetti top nightie which would be about knee length. Out of habit, I removed my saree and changed into a nightie.

The nightie was held on my body with straps on my shoulders and was a low back and about knee length. After changing, I lay down on my bed and saw that there was a gap of atleast 2 feet between our pillows. I turned off the light and eventually went off to sleep as I generally wake up at 6.30am to start housework.

Sometime during the night, I suddenly woke up and for a few seconds didnt know why I had woken up. Then I realized that my nephew was sleeping next to me and he had his hand completely over me in a hug and his leg was over my waist. I had woken up because I could feel his cock poking me in my ass. I could also feel his face on my back between my shoulders.

At first, I was shocked and didnt know how to react. I just lay there like that with thinking about how to get out of his hug. After sometime, I slowly turned my head to look at his face and I saw that his eyes were shut. But I also realized that his cock was jumping around in his shorts and poking me in my ass. I also knew that he was only pretending to be asleep but he was actually awake.

To my shock, after I turned my head towards him, he actually moved his hand downwards from my neck area and cupped my breast fully with his hand. All this while, he was pretending to be asleep. I slowly held his hand and tried to move his hand away from breast, but he only cupped my breast tighter and even pulled me towards him. Now, I was fully laying against him with no gap between us.

He even brought his face closer to me and his face was almost on my shoulder resting against my neck. His leg was now across my waist as I lay in that position on my back. His cock was now poking my waist just below my stomach from the side. I thought maybe he was really sleeping and was not aware of what he was doing in his sleep.

So I decided to let him be like that and maybe a bit later in the night slowly push him away. After all, I was going to be really embarrassed to wake him up (if he was sleeping) and ask him to remove his hand and his leg -:). I just lay on my back like that with his hand cupping my breast and his leg across me for a while hoping to push him away slowly in his sleep later.

But I had not had sex for almost 7 months by then and it was the first time, someone other than my husband was touching me like that ever since I had been married. I was slowly feeling the excitement of sex and getting horny. I began breathing heavily and my breasts were moving up and down as I began getting more and more horny.

And every time my breasts moved up, I realized that his hand also moved softly squeezing them. I turned my face to look at him. His face was on my shoulder just a couple of inches away from mine. And without thinking, I gave a soft kiss on his forehead. He didnt react and then I really began to think that he was sleeping.

I put my hand on his hand which was cupping my breast and softly began squeezing his hand on my breast. I also began to move his hand across my breasts and my upper body. I also took a finger of his in my mouth and was softly running my tongue over his finger. My other hand I moved below his neck so that he could now be fully on my shoulder in my neck and my hand below his neck pulling him softly and slowly on my body.

My other hand, I removed from his hand on my breast and slowly ran my fingers over his stomach and managed to get my hand between my body and his shorts and I felt my nephews cock for the first time over his shorts. I became very horny and was running my fingers across his cock. My nephew moved his waist a bit and gave me room to fully feel his cock.

Thats when I moved my hand fully on his cock and was softly squeezing his hard cock in my hand. Suddenly I felt him kissing my body very softly just below my shoulder. That when I crossed my limits and wanted to really have sex with him. I put my other hand on his head and moved my other hand from his cock and gave him a full hug. I was pulling him deeper against my body.

He was now not even pretending to be asleep and was kissing me all over my shoulder, my neck, just above my breasts and his free hand was now squeezing my other breast and playing with my nipple over my nightie. I too began responding by kissing his head, his forehead and slowly move his head upwards and for the first time kissed him fully on the lips.

Now, he began to rub my body all over with his other hand and this was making me more and more horny. I wanted him to fuck me wildly and roughly. I just wanted him badly and had completely forgotten the fact that he was a much younger nephew. I pulled him over me and now he was on top of me. Both of us were wildly kissing each other.

He was kissing me all over my face, my neck and just above my breasts. His hand was roughly squeezing my breasts over my nightie and my hands were across his back, his lower back and I was trying to keep him on top of me against me. I badly wanted to feel his mouth on my bare breasts. But he was somehow not pulling my nightie down.

So I grabbed his head with one hand and with the other hand I pulled down my nightie to expose one breast fully and guided his face to my naked breast. He went wild on my breasts. He was licking my nipples, sucking, running his tongue and again sucking my nipples. I began moaning and I managed to get his body between my legs and I wrapped my legs up and across his back.

I was pulling his teeshirt up over his back and managed to remove his tee shirt. Now, I was feeling his bare body against my bare breast and I pulled down my nightie to expose my other breast also. The straps of my nightie were still on my shoulders but both my breasts were now exposed. He began licking my breasts and eating my breasts and I was pulling his head deeper against me.

Soon, he moved sideways and got beside me. Now, he was lying beside me and was bending a bit to suck my breasts. Slowly he moved downwards to kiss my stomach and my sides over my nightie. All the time, his hands were roughly squeezing my breasts. My hands were on his head slowly pushing him downwards.

Because of so much movements, my nightie had slid up to just below my waist and my nephew now began to run his hands against my legs and my inner thighs. I was so filled with sex that I moved my hips upwards every time his hands ran across my thighs.I was till pushing his head downwards.

Slowly he reached my waist and began to kiss my waist, my stomach and began rubbing my pussy over my nightie and my panties. He was now fully down while his hands were up rubbing my breasts and occasionally putting his fingers in my mouth to stop me from moaning loudly. I had got both my legs crossed across his neck so that his face was now deep on my pussy.

I pulled up my nightie to expose my panties and he immediately parted my panties and put his finger inside me. He began to finger fuck me. I was now uncontrollable. I pushed his face on my pussy and he began to lick my pussy and put his tongue inside my pussy. I was wet and I wanted to shout out loud with ecstasy.

Somehow, I managed to turn him around so that he was still sucking my pussy while I got his cock in his hand. I began to pull his waist upwards while keeping his face between my legs. Finally we were in a proper 69 position. But he was still wearing his shorts. He was eating my pussy and fingering me wildly and at the same time, he was rubbing his cock on my face with his shorts still on.

I was grabbing his cock and somehow managed to pull out his cock from his shorts and underwear. But he was so close to me, that I could only feel his wet cock on my cheeks and my shoulder. My cheeks and shoulder had immediately become wet with his precum. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I grabbed his hard hard wet cock and began to wildly kiss his cock on the sides.

Was running my tongue over his balls and his cock. He was also breathing hard by now. I grabbed his wet cock and put his wet cock head between my lips and began to suck just the head of his wet wet hard cock. This was the first time I was tasting so much pre-cum from the cock. With my husband, I would usually dry the cock head before sucking.

I slowly wanted his nice 7inch cock to enter my mouth and was holding the cock with one hand while sucking the cock head. But I think my nephew was in too much hurry and immediately pushed his entire cock in my mouth. I was not ready for the sudden mouth fuck and almost gagged but he kept fucking my mouth. His wet cock and my saliva made the slurp slurp slurp sounds everytime he was fucking my mouth.

My mouth was dripping with the precum and it was sliding down my mouth on my cheeks and some of it down my chin. I wanted him to go slow with the mouth fucking but he was beyond caring and was wildly fucking my mouth. By now, instead of eating my pussy, he was just wildly using two fingers to finger fuck my pussy every time his cock entered my mouth.

My hands were across his naked ass and was enjoying the mouth fuck and the finger fucks :) Suddenly without any warning, he came inside my mouth but that didnt stop him from mouth fucking me more. This was the first time, I had cum and was shocked and wanted his cock out of my mouth.

But he pushed his erupting cock deep in my mouth and kept it hard there for a few seconds. I was trying to push out his cum every time his cock came up to fuck my mouth again. His fingers were also doing the job and I knew that I was also going to have an orgasm anytime. His hard cock didnt stop fucking my mouth and after a few minutes he came once again in my mouth and I had an orgasm.

I had wrapped my legs across his neck and made sure that his mouth was still on my pussy when I had an orgasm. Now his cock began to go limp inside my mouth and when he removed his cock from my mouth, all his cum began to run down my cheeks and on my shoulders. He was exhausted and I began to softly suck his wet cock.

After some time, he got off from top of me and I immediately got up and entered the bathroom and cleaned myself. The first time that night, we didnt have full sex. But what happened the next morning you will have to wait for my next message -:) I dont really like to write aaahs and oohs but I hope you liked my real sexual encounter with my nephew -:) Thanks.

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Hot sex with Massi

Hi I am a regular reader of Debonairblog/HumanDigest stories, this is an incident of me and my massi, this happened a few years back, I used to always fantasise about her since a very very long time, since we stayed in a small city and since she's my massi could never think of goin nywhere further, let me tell you her vital stats she's a hot hot babe,dosent look married and all, a bit small boobs but used to love to see her in a skirt.

this happened when my mausa was travelling out of town,i had an oppertunity to stay with her at night since she was home alone, I reached pretty late at night around 2am with a few pegs down, was in school at that time, after she opened the doorshe said its too late and slept, I changed and lied on the bed, could sleep cuz was toooo high thought what do I do now,

I started thinking and an idea came to my mind that to accidently touch her while in sleep, changed my side accidently touched her boobs and looked as if im sleeping, didnt see any resistance from her, then grabbed a bit confidence but my heart was beating sooo fast I slowly mooved towards her pussy, left my hands there and again pretending to be fast asleep,

to my surprise she didnt again show any resistance even she was pretending to be aseeep, I thought maybe she is sleeping only, but my heart beat became toooo fast, then got some courage and mooved towards her pussy, whn I ran my finger there she started moving, tht made mee too excited thought she is in sleep and doing that,

i started rubbing her pussy and she started moving her butts up and down, slowly removed her bottoms and got on top of her, didnt have a condom still thought would go to the loo and cum, that night was sooo damn awsome my dick was as hard as a rock, got on top of her and she started moaning taking the name of her husband,i still thought maybe her sleep is very deep,

but I moved and fucked her slowly, told in her ear that im about to cum inside thought maybe she'll get up and say noooo but she didnt say nything and was enjoying,came inside her 4 times that night, was fucking her till 8 in the morning thinking tht she's asleep, wow that was a dream come true,

got up asked her how was your sleep she said was perfect and I was still in a confusion that maybe she was sleeping only while I did all, the other day she came to my house and everybody was leaving for market,she said she's also goin bk in a while and stayed for 15 mins, I wanted to talk but got scared

thn I told her how could she have such a pakki sleep and she said chill yaar and she sat on the char with her back on me I came near her and she held my hands and kept on her shoulders and we were listening to music I moved my hands towards her boobs and she was enjoying a lott, now I picked her and dropped her on my bed and she said we cannot do it wht if somebody comes to know,

its not right and all but I moved towards her pussy and started licking it, she moaned very very loudly, was in soo mych of need tht I immidiately took out my hard dick and put it inside, it was like heaven mann the way she moved loved it woww, then I said I had cum inside tht night she said its ok cuz she was on pills and likes to take it,

said she hated condoms and i'd cum inside her, wowww, was so much fun, let me see if u like this encounter of my life and can share more with her, and ya by the way she's a horny bitch cuz she never loses a chance to suck my dick;) but believe me the way she fucks is justttt the best thing tht can happen to a guy.

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Sex affair with elder cousin Noorie - II

Hello friends, Itz krish again. Some of you must have read my story last time "Sex affair with elder cousin Noorie". well this story is the continuation of some more sexual encounters with my cousin. After we had that heavenly love making, no need to say Noorie and I became very close with one another.

when ever we could find an opportunity, we would steal a kiss, she used to come to my room, to call me up for dinner every night, I used to wait for her and when she opened the door I would jump unto her, pull her to the bed and have a passionate smooching. She also enjoyed my act and used to anticipate my moves.

most of the times she would be wearing a nighty and I would be in shorts, while her i used to pull up her nighty upto her belly, sometimes I hugged her hard when she came in, and some time I would be just hiding in my bathroom room completely nude, waiting for her to come in search of me and when she comes to upto the bathroom door, i would open the door,

pulling her inside and smooching her wid me being nude, and sometimes I would be taking a piss she would just stand at the doors looking at my penis, smiling and giggling. One day I asked her to hold my penis while I take a Piss, she said :- are u tired of using your own hand. me :- I don't like the way u jsst stand there, u have to do something, don't u think ?

she came inside and guided my penis to the commode, I wasn't being able to take a piss with such a hard on, I took advantage of that situation and smooched Noorie again. These small things started to happen everyday, I couldn't have asked for more, but yet I wanted her to give a blow job to me as seen in the porn movies.

But Noorie was adamant, she dint wanted her mouth to filled with a a dick, she never gave up saying No, but I was adamant too on getting a blow job. I thought if a girl can do everything with me why can't a BJ ??... I planned for it and invited noorie to watch a movie with me. It was in the afternoon hours, every1 in the house were taking a afternoon nap.

In the whole house only noorie and me were awake, she came up to my room and lied on the bed, I closed the door of my room. when she asked I just winked at her, I removed my t-shirt and got on top of her, kissing her, kneading her boobs and all. after 10 mins or so she pushed me, inquiring about the movie. I played the movie on my PC, it was a porn movie actually.

She scolded me saying it would some good movie. I hardly listened to her and kept on kissing her neck, I hugged noorie from behind and forced her to watch the movie. While the movie was going on, I started to slowly finger sliding my hands under her panty and my left hand was busy fondling her boobs, she was already wet from the previous kissing and simultaneous foreplay that was going around along with the movie.

i fingered her as hard I could, I could hear the soft moans of Noorie and she would have felt my erection too from behind. The porn movie clip was all about a long Bj and handjob thing. After the clip ended, I went on top of noorie and opened my shorts on right above her face, I slowly descended down to her face until my penis jsst touched her face.

I knelled down on my bed then, looking at her, asking her to take my penis in her mouth, after much begging, she opened her mouth a lil bit and tried to suck my dick slowly which was oozing with pre-cum, I allowed her to take her own time in getting ma Penis in her mouth, when she finally took in, she was almost gagged and threw me out with the sudden reflex action.

I asked her how was it, she said it was not comfortable a bit and she almost felt like vomiting. I begged her once again to try it in different position where she would be comfortable to which she agreed. she sat on the edge of the bed and I stood besides her on the floor.

She started to lick me from my belly button and gradually went down to my dick, I caught hold of her long hairs and forced her to do the to and fro motion while she kept of sucking my dick. The experience was heavenly. I asked noorie to open her tops, to which she obliged and again asked her to suck ma dick.

She was licking it slowly with her eyes closed, her big puffy lips were all around the tip of my dick, and whenever I used to call her, she slowly opened her eyes, lick my penis, gave me a kiss by pulling me towards her and then suck ma dick again. After sometimes i was unable to hold much longer and I burs ted out in her mouth without even saying her .

I guess she wanted to throw it but I din't let her to do it, I emptied all ma cum in her mouth and then I forced her upon to the bed smooching her until she drank ma cum. she din't liked the taste of the cum and ran to the bathroom after I freed her. she was both angry and smiling a bit when she came back from the bathroom.

Her hairs were open and were spread over her boobies, she came near my bed to collect her top, simply stood and hugged her for a while and then smooched her while pressing her butt. After that there were many such small instances where we had some fun, love, caring and sex, mostly in ma room.

But I guess my family found something fishy about us and asked noorie to stay away from me, noorie from that day onwards dint came to ma room, nor used to talk alone, she used to avoid me almost all the time, I tried asking for the reason but she never came near me. I was confused angry and sad, I wanted to know what happened, if something has happened I should know the reason, is it my mistake, did I lost her ??

During the winters there was a orchestra going on backside of our house, it was clearly visible from our roof top, noorie asked ma mom to see the orchestra, mom said to go to the roof top, she asked ma sister to come with her but she denied ( I was praying too :P) finally she asked me would u come, I said ok, I would, with a faint devil smile inside.

upon reaching the roof, it was dark, noorie was scared to go, I carried her upto the roof top near the place where we could see the orchestra. There I asked her about what'z happening since the past few days ? she said all of d members are doubting about us and even her parents are informed about it, so itz better we keep distance from now.

After some time, I asked her if I could smooch her for the one last time ?? she accepted and I smooched her like there is never gonna be any tomorrow, while smooching I kept fingering sliding my hands through the bottom of her night. I fingered her as hard as I could until she was oozing with cum.

she could not handle it any more, her whole Pussy was soaking wet so as her panty, she tried to pull my hand with weak forcible action but that was in vain, my hand were as wet as some 1 had thrown away water on them, I dunno what made noorie so much wet that day, may b we were doing it after so many days, or may b this was d last time, or were out in the open dunnoo.

But I was enjoying it and so was noorie, I took my fingers out from her love hole and slid wet fingers into her asshole, she shouted in pain, luckily I had ma lips on her lips then. I continued fingering her ass hole till ma middle finger cud get inside fully into her asshole. suddenly we heard some noises in the other roof tops of our neighbors and we had to cancel our session over,

we hurried down from the roof tops to the same dark place where we had been through, itz like a store room wid an entrance to the roof tops. noorie wanted to go downstairs but I din't let her. I pulled up her nightly and pulled down her panty and tried to insert ma dick in her asshole. she resisted a lot but gave up again when I got ma dick inside her asshole.

it was difficult tough but was worth the try. her asshole was very tight and it was hurting ma dick too, but I loved the warmth and kinky feeling that I got while fucking her asshole. I couldn't hold any longer, after some strokes I emptied my scrotum full of sperms deep inside her asshole. we both hurried to our room where we both got a lil fresh and had our last naked hug and smooch.

Noorie is long gone now, but these memories would stay wid me forever, we dont bump into each other reviving these memories, we had a good time that it. we share a devil smile sometimes, but hey, she has her life I have mine. :)

story of noorie was jusst a beginning to my life, gladly I wasn't involved in any incest any more and I would surely like to stay away from it :) i would upload many more stories of my life gradually, plz folks I jsst a word of ur comment, thatz it :)

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Akash with hot mother Pooja - I

Hi friends, this is Akash, 24 year old guy from Mumbai, this is my second story which I’m posting on this site. Hope you guys like it. I recieved good response for my story from you all....Thanks for liking it... So coming on to the story, its about my mom and me. Now let me describe my mom first, her name is Pooja, She was born n brought up in Mumbai, though born in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai,

she was very conservative type, thanks to her strict dad, my Nanaji. She married to my dad at the age of 22 and I was born just a year after their marriage. My mom’s stats are 36-30-38. She’s slight on the plump side as Indian women generally are. Though she’s got the correct amount of flesh on the correct places which makes her a treat to watch specially from behind as she the way she sways her ass is simply fabulous.

About me, I’m 5”9 feet, average built boy, with an average Indian sized tool, fair. The colour which I inherited from my mom. So now coming to the real story, this incident happened a couple of weeks ago when I and my mom had to visit her native place Satara, I and my mom left our home in the afternoon after having lunch, drive was smooth as usual on Mumbai Pune expressway.

All of a sudden as soon as we were about to cross Pune city’s limits, the air con plant of my car stopped working. I pulled over the car and tried to rectify the problem myself as it was becoming increasingly difficult to bear the heat. We both were sweating profusely. Finally I gave up on the problem and we decided to move further,

as we did not want to encounter any further problems so it was advisable to leave and reach before it gets dark. I think fate had really planned to make our life more miserable as right after about an hour, the car engine started jerking and halted suddenly. We had reached very near to wai – mahabaleshwar junction. The car was just refusing to start.

I tried asking for help from some local garages but they told us that the mechanics had wound up their works for the day as it was already getting darker. We had no other option other than to push the car to a safe place where we may find some shelter. My mom decided that she’s going to help me too.

I was pushing the car on the driver’s side whereas mom was pushing it on the other side, I just could not help myself from staring inside her saree pallu, as she bent to apply more force in pushing the car. The very fact that she and I were drenched in sweat, her blouse was sticking to her bra. Though nothing was clearly visible one could clearly make out the curvature her bosoms made inside the safe enclosure of her bra.

I let go the thought out of my mind. Somehow I managed to push the car and bring it in a hotel compound where I felt it would be safe. We got our bags out and booked a room for two in the hotel. The hotel was a modest place, a very ordinary one, once we checked in and were in our room. And I decided to take a shower, but then I noticed that the pouch which contained my toiletries was left behind in the car.

Also I had to have a smoke desperately as I was really exhausted and frustrated, so I told mom to go first and take a shower, Where as I gave a reason that I’ll be trying to get hold of some local mechanic, so that we would be able to leave early next morning. I took the keys and told mom to latch the door from inside and left.

After ensuring that I was safe enough from the proving eyes of my mother, I had a smoke. Just as I was smoking flashbacks of the scene where we were pushing the car came back to my head. Oh! those breasts, the way they rose and fell with her every single breath. And suddenly I was feeling as the most guilty person on the earth. What was I thinking, had I gone insane?

I dumped the butt on the ground, had a mouth freshener and made my way up the stairs along the pouch of toiletries. I was about to knock on the door when I realized that I had the keys with me. I was expecting my mom to have shut the door from inside, but still I thought to give it a try. I slowly put in the key into the latch and pushed the door open.

I came in inside and was about to call in my mom, but could not do it as I was dumbstruck by what I saw inside. My mom had supposedly just come out from the bathroom and was busy drying her hair. She was only in her petticoat which was wet due to the wetness of her body. It accentuated her figure From her waist downwards. The outline of her panties could be seen clearly.

The petticoat was white in color which made it even more transparent, The roundness of those butts, magnificent thighs, her calves, and her feet. But the most exciting thing above all was that she was topless, she was indeed without a piece of cloth on her waist upwards. She had her hair being guided and laid back on her beautiful breasts.

Her hair weren't too long, just a tad short of her love handles. She was slightly bent on the forward side and was wiping her hair with the towel. From where I was standing I could see her entire exposed back. She was looking like a goddess. There were drops of water trickling down her hair, over her bosoms, onto her tummy. I could gaze in through her hair pleats and could slightly see those magnificent breasts.

They looked absolutely amazing. One of the nipple along with the areola was being exposed through her hair. Never before I had an opportunity to see my mom in this state of undress, and I just could not keep my eyes of her. I just hoped that the world would just stop spinning and I could devour on this sight for ever. Just as I was trying to fix all these in my memory, hell broke down on me.

My mom must have sensed someone watching her from behind, and she turned in a swift motion. And she screamed and yelled at me. I was standing there speechless, not knowing what to do. All I could do was to bend my head down in shame and turn around. I could feel my mom moving in a hurry towards the bathroom, and slamming the door hard. I could hear her crying behind the closed doors.

I did not know what was coming henceforth in front of me. And I felt like killing myself, how could I possibly even think about my mom in that way. I was feeling guilt as hell and it was then I realized that I had an erection in my pants. My manhood was making a tent in my pants, tears started trickling down my eyes. What had I done, was it the end of my world?

When mom finally emerged out of the bathroom, I lay there on our bed, my eyes pointed out at the ceiling, but definitely there was nothing in sight except my mom’s body. I sensed here move near to the window facing the highway. There was pin drop silence. I could not muster up the courage even to look at her now, I felt as if everything was over. God knows when I felt asleep, till I got up in the middle of the night.

I could not see anything. Slowly as my eyes adjusted to the moonlight in the room, I saw mom sleeping on the floor beneath with an blanket pulled over here. I saw at her face, even in her sleep, she looked disturbed by what had happened a few hours ago. I got up, looked at my cell phone to see the time, it was 1.30 in the night and helped myself towards the bathroom.

Maybe I had the longest bath in my entire lifetime, the images from the evening started to haunt me once again. I could dream about her even with my eyes wide open. There was something that I could not control. The water from the shower was chilling cold yet I got an erection from all those memories. I did not know how but my hand travelled up to my penis.

As if it had got a mind of its own. I started to slowly started beating my meat, I was feeling being overpowered by a unnatural thing, I shagged myself so hard, until I had the most solid orgasm I've ever experienced. I let out a loud moan, but soon came to my senses. I wiped my body dry and walked out the bathroom. I had my towel wound across my waist.

As I made my way towards the bed slowly, I realized that mom was not sleeping in the place she was until now. I hurriedly scanned the entire room and found her sitting on the chair just beside the bed on the other side of the room. She was looking tensed, I realized it that its not going to be a good option to face her now, so I turned and started walking towards the bathroom once again.

Just then I heard her call my name, “Akash, where are you going? I need to talk to you”. I was terrified, my legs started shaking, I could not turn myself to face her. Unknowingly tears started trickling down my cheeks again. I heard her call me once again” Akash, did not you listen what did I just say?” Somehow I turned, my head hanging low with fear, shame, and disgust.

I walked up to the edge of the bed and sat on it. She said “look here, I need to talk about whatever happened in the evening. All I could say was “I am sorry mom and I wouldn’t let it happen again. Mom replied “ see I know that you are a grown up boy now and how you guys feel when you look on a body on a matured lady, but after all I’m your mom and how could you even dare of looking at my body in that manner?

Her tone was getting sharper and I could feel she was getting angry. She continued “ What in the world was on your mind when u were staring at me in that position. I’m feeling disgusted, let down by all your actions. Slowly my sobs turned into cry. And my cries became louder; I kept cursing myself in my mind.

Why did I let such a thing happen in the first place, I slept on the bed, curled up my legs unto my chest, and was crying continuously, for god knows how long. Next morning mom woke me up and told me to find up a mechanic who would fix the car up and we could proceed towards our village. I got up, dressed myself, and went out to find the mechanic, the hotel manager helped me out, and within an hour we were on our way towards Satara.

There was no word spoken between us, mom was continuously staring outside of the window, somehow I kept myself from crying, and concentrating on the road. There was not any music playing to fill in the void gap of silence. Finally we reached home, My Nana welcomed us both. We freshened up as we had to attend a function in the village.

My grandpa on seeing me still not ready for the function asked me to get up and get ready. I said I have a headache and refused to come along. Mom along with Nana left to the function, just when she was about to leave, she stared at me knowingly that headache was just a reason to avoid her. After they left, I sat alone in the huge house all by myself. Yesterday’s scenes were still very fresh in my mind.

How much ever I tried I just could not get them out of my mind, to escape from this loneliness, I thought of going towards the sugarcane fields. I just went inside the sugarcane fields and was sitting quietly, not knowing how to mend whatever has happened. I did not realise when the sun had set and it was getting dark as I was not so familiar with the place, I got up and started towards our home.

Here my Nana and my mom was terrified on knowing that I was not there at home, they had searched the entire village by now and mom specially was terrified. She just hoped that I would not have taken a drastic step like taking away my life or something like that. When I was out of the fields, a villager inquired about my name and to which house had I come?

I told him my Nana’s name and he yelled at me “where were you? Everyone’s out there searching for you”. He held me by the hand and literally dragged me towards my Nana’s house. On seeing me, my mom ran towards me and hugged me so tightly, she was crying profusely. I could feel the upper portion of her pallu drenched with her tears. She was asking me where I was and please do not do such a thing again.

Being that close to mom, I was feeling her bosoms over my chest. She was breathing heavily. I could not resist myself and hugged her even more tighter. Immediately feeling my grip on her back, she let me loose, wiped her face with her pallu, and ran inside the house. My nana came and thanked the villager and took me inside.

We had our dinner when he asked me about where was I?, was everything alright? He could sense that something was not really right, but did not force me. My nana had already made our sleeping arrangements ready. I was supposed to sleep on the cot, mom on the floor beside the bed. Nana usually sleeps in the veranda on his charpai.

After switching off the lights he bid us good night and went outside. All night I could not sleep and felt that mom was not sleeping either. In the morning, I got up and went straight inside the bathroom, to hide my red eyes from my Nana. But mom caught me in the way on the pretext of handing over the towel. She saw my eyes and must have guessed that I have being crying entire night.

She did not say a word. After having my bath, I dressed up as we were to leave the same day, I told Nana that we’ll leave right away as I did not want any problems when returning back. He agreed, and we left. On the way back may be after half an hour, mom finally broke the silence. She asked me whether I was alright? I just replied with a nod.

She said that she was ready to forget all what has happened, and I should forget it too. But how could i? It was not that easy as in u just press shift+del and enter. And everything’s gone forever. I did not reply. We stopped on the way to have a Chai, and continued on our way. Just as we were entering Pune city, I started to feel hungry, and I asked mom whether she was hungry too?

She said yes and we stopped by a decent hotel. We were having our food in silence when I heard a man sitting in the next table talking about the traffic conditions towards Mumbai. I started listening to him keenly as he was saying of some politically fuel raasta roko organised by local farmers, which has completely disrupted the traffic.

He continued saying that it was not safe as they had vandalized some cars on the expressway. I asked him if it was safe to take the old Mumbai- Pune highway. To which he replied that since the expressway was jammed all the vehicles had opted to take the old highway, and it clogged.

Suddenly on the television sets news started pouring in of how the police had fired upon some villagers and the situation was going out of hand. Mom suggested that we avoid travelling today and we decided to halt at the lodging facility available at the same hotel. I disagreed to her and said that we’ll continue on our journey since I was not really feeling it comfortable to do so.

She refused my proposal, and herself booked a room for us. On our way upstairs, I just was praying that they have two separate beds out there. My hope was short lived when we entered the room to find out a single bed with no other sleeping arrangements spare. I asked the room boy whether it was possible to get an extra bed for myself, to which he replied it would cost us a 1000 bucks extra.

We were shocked on hearing the rates and he replied that since the lodge was getting full, it was money making business for the hotel owners. Mom interrupted and said its ok we don’t want an extra bed. I looked at her, she just ignored. We checked in and made ourselves comfortable. Hours passed by, we were niot talking to each other.

Finally I said that I’ll go down and see what the condition was? I came to know that traffic was completely halted, and there was no way we could leave today. I came upstairs wearing a dejected look on my face. Mom inquired and I told her what had happened. She said its ok. We had our dinner, and came upstairs to our room. I had changed my clothes by now, mom was still in her saree.

We were lying on the bed, I made sure we had enough space between us and was lying with my back on her side. Suddenly mom asked me whether I was feeling better? I replied that I was really sorry for whatever happened that day and started crying. She put her arm around my body and said its okay and told me to relax. I just could not stop crying.

She forced me turn to face her and started wiping off my tears. She said its ok. I understand. With her hands around I snuggled in her embrace, Feeling relaxed, I did not know what came to my mind, I asked her mom can I see u in that state of undress once again, just once, as I haven’t seen any other woman like that. She was shocked with what I had just said.

She slapped me hard on my cheeks, and said that I have gone insane. She was crying now and I did not know what to do? I just lay there motionless, and pleaded her once again. She got furious and started to get up from there. I held her hand and started her pleading again and again. She lay there silently, thinking something, for a long time.

She wasn't speaking, just continued to cry and vent out her anger. I got up from the bed and headed towards the window, I told her that I would end my life as I really very disturbed since the day I saw you that day. I just was not in my senses and was blabbering whatever came to my mind.

Mom didn't really was expecting all this from me and Finally she said it’s okay only if I wish to see her, provided I shouldn't even dare to touch her or come anywhere close to her. I felt like a jolt of electric current passing through myself on hearing this. I decided to take it a bit further; I asked her mom just let me undress you. She refused first, but agreed on my requesting her continuously.

Finally I got up, and made my move. I made her sit on the bed side. She was sobbing and telling me that we don’t have to do this. I started of with her pallu which was pinned down to her blouse, to remove the pin, I had to insert my fingers inside the blouse, I succeeded. Her pallu which was now free was in my hands. I slowly dragged it downwards, revealing her bosoms covered in her blouse.

As the pallu came down completely, I was overwhelmed to see the cleavage her boobs were making. She was sobbing yet and was saying in a muffled voice to stop this. I didn't listen; I stood beside the bed, and made her stand beside me. Her pallu fell on the ground. Next to come were her pleats of saree tucked just below her navel.

I put in fingers, as I felt her petticoat and panties brushing at the end of my finger tips. She shuddered by the feel of my touch. I slowly removed her saree completely. She was now only in her petticoat and her blouse. Next was the blouse, it had hooks on the front side and I started opening them one by one.

The valley between her boobs was been exposed slowly as I kept on unhooking the blouse, until all the hooks were open, and I slowly removed her blouse from her shoulders. One hand was busy pulling off the blouse from her back, as my other hand traveled around her waist to find the knot of her petticoat.

When I loosened the strings, and let the petticoat fall freely on the ground, I just couldn't believe my eyes. There she was standing just inches away from me in just her bra and panties. I moved on her back side and I just couldn't stop praising the shape of her buttocks. They were so round, so very full of life. I moved my hand over her panties to feel how her back felt like.

Just couldn't describe in words, the feeling I had to feel those globes which twitched under my touch. I could feel her breathing heavily, while she pleaded, though half heartedly now to stop. I slowly inserted my 2 fingers in the elastic of her panties, she moved her swiftly, to catch hold of my hand. She said its enough. But I wasn't going to let it stop, at this very crucial moment.

Instead of concentrating on her hand, I moved her hair from her back and moved them on the front side. I slowly started to nibble on her neck, I knew that this will help me to get further. I was constantly giving light pecks on her neck, blowing hot air on it. After some time I felt her loosened my grip, this was the moment I felt that she’s under my control.

I continued on my kisses, but made my way downwards on her back, until I reached the hem line of her panties. Slowly I started to pull her panties down, revealing the most beautiful ass I've ever seen in my life. I held her buttocks in my palm and started showering kisses all over it. I really don’t remember how long I continued doing it, then I parted her ass cheeks apart and the beautiful lips were visible to my eyes.

Mommy was heavily bushed down there. Even though it was hairy, it was looking like something out of this world. The Light brown lips with pink inner folds. Her juices had started to flow from her vaginal opening which trailed downwards her inner thighs. I licked her inner thighs, and I heard her hiss. Her sobs had turned into soft moans. I stood up slowly, leaving behind trails of kisses all over her back.

On my way up, loosened up her bra straps, and slide them off from her shoulders. The bra fell down on her feet, She didn't make any attempt to hide her breasts this time. She stood there still as I held her by her shoulders, and turned her to face me. She was looking down at first but then she lifted her gaze and stared at me.

I could see her eyes with mixed emotions, they were slightly reddish because of her crying, but I could see that her eyes were searching for something. She was staring at me straight in my eyes. It was really very confusing as to what should be my further step. Finally I made my move, I held her beautiful face in my hands and gave a peck on the forehead, Next to come was the nose, and then the lips.

I just stepped a bit back, so that I could have a complete look at her heavenly body. My eyes traveled all along her face to her beautiful breasts, to her navel, to the bush between her legs and back to her face. I started to kiss her lips again, this kiss was getting sensuous by the passing time, and I could feel that mom was reciprocating as well.

Slowly I felt her open her mouth, and I entered my tongue in her mouth. We exchanged our saliva and were lip locked for a very long time. When we broke our kiss, I could see mom had her eyes shut, and a drop of tear rolling down her eyes on her cheek. I went ahead and licked it from the cheek, all the way towards her eyes. She opened her eyes, and looked at my face.

No words were exchanged between us all this time. I let my eyes do all the talking, She seemed to have understand what was I asking for. She nodded her head in affirmation and asked me to go ahead. I kneaded her breasts massaging them slowly and steadily. I felt them twitch with the caressing and her nipples started to grow. I watched the buds grow and become erect.

They were hard now, stood about half inch from the beautiful pink aureoles below. The veins on the fleshy globes now turgid with the blood supply looked prominent and I traced my fingers over them. I caught her breasts in my hands and brought them up so that the nipples were now thrust upwards. I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and lowering my head to lick her nipples.

First left, then the right one, and it felt so nice. I caught her nipples in my thumb and fore finger and rubbed them. I kept on suckling them like a child. Mom placed her hand on my head and was moving her fingers through my hair. What a feeling! I let my hands travel down below tracing her stomach and then the naval. I circled my fingers around the belly button and even
traced it inside.

Oh God! This felt so good and my hands traveled down below towards her love hole. I moved one hand down to her soft un shaved vagina, feeling how wet she was, and parted the cunt lips and began to rub the slit. She was leaking heavily down there, and I could feel my fingers getting wet. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and licked them clean.

She tasted awesome. I held her by the shoulders and guided her slowly on to the bed. I laid myself beside her. To be continued. Please let me know how did you like the story. Suggestions are welcome.

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Sex affair with elder cousin Noorie

It was after the 12th boards that I came to my home after my boarding. Our house is pretty big actually for 4 of the members but most of the time we are surrounded with guest's and relatives, may be that was the reason that I was sent to boarding school.

After coming from the boarding school, it was pretty much boring life then around then, I was 17 yrs old, didn't had any friends in ma home town (i.e Bhubaneswar), no PC nor internet was available to me at that moment too, and also we didn't have that rapport with the neighbors too. After 2-3 days my elder cousin ( my maternal uncle's elder daughter ) came in to stay with us.

she was about to join some Pg course in the Utkal University . I was very happy to see her, she was very friendly and very affectionate to me. I used to fondly call her Noorie ( coz she looked like the model,who acted in the music album aaja re of bally sagoo, tough she was a lil more plump in the right place's ). She stayed for 2 weeks then and we bonded with each other as very good friends.

I would tease her,she would beat me, all in a loving way. I never had any other feeling's for her at that point of time. Few months passed, I was also busy in taking coaching, for the entrance examination's. I remember that time, Rakhi was about a week ahead, when Noorie came to stay with us again and it was fun again all the way.

On the day of Rakhi, all my sisters(cousins) tied rakhi on ma hand, so did Noorie too , and as i'm the youngest one in the family some of them kissed me on the forehead and some on ma cheeks. In our traditions, the youngest brother getz gift my their elder sisters until they get a job . Noorie was looking at me when one of my lovable cousins gave a small peck to ma cheeks.

After that she suddenly asked, what do u want as a gift, I said I need a kiss. I said that very innocently and seriously I didn't had anything in ma mind. she opposed nodding her head, saying " no no... shut up.. I can't ". I dint mind her actually that point of time, but I was puzzled at her reaction. At night there was a kinda celebration in our house as my mom's all brothers came upto our house.

All were enjoying at that time, some watching Tv, the ladies party busy with their gossips, the kids were playing games of their own, Noorie was busy in arranging the bedrooms for the rest of the members to sleep in. The male members were playing card and I was being a spectator there for while when noorie called me up.

She called me with a stern voice " hey, come here, help me put those mosquito nets in that room " she went into that room and I followed her a lil later. just as I opened the door, she was standing there in front of me. I asked "what happened... !!! " with a curious face . I can never forget that eyes that were looking at me that time, she was dressed in a pink Nighty,

she took my face in her hands, raised her up-to me and then kissed me on cheeks for a long time, but I dunno why, the feeling of her kiss was different from others. That point of time I felt like kissing the big lips of her, I dunno what took me that, I dunno if it was erotic or something else but it felt very good. I asked her to kiss me again on my left cheek.

she snugged me off then saying that's enough, with a smile of coz. I recoiled back to my room soon then and I really had a sleepless night then. It wasn't like I was masturbating thinking about her, but I jsst wanted her to be with me and kiss me again and again,but I wanted to get a smooch from her.

Noorie got her admission soon, and was waiting for her collages to start, my mom asked her to stay in our home, coz after the P.G there was plans to get her married soon and she would learn the tips and tricks of blah blah house hold things in a big house. whatever that may be,but I was happy that noorie was staying with us, with me.

I can say that now that it was infatuation but I loved the feeling, I followed her every time when I could, we used to talk and talk for hours till the late night hours . I dint cared about my friends in the coaching for I was happy that she was with me. On such a long talks, the topic came on "what was the best thing that we like about each other ".

I said that, noorie you are my best friend, I like the way u are with me.... and I really really like the kiss that you gave me ". she was not angry rather smiling with a amazed face. She said " Shut up u idiot ". I said "hey, I mean it ok, I don't know what u think about it but I really like it and i'm dying to get another kiss from you, more ever u dint turned me on my 18th b'day.. this is the gift I want" she giggled and giggled a lot,

I poked her and asked her about her feeling for me. she said " I love the tall, dark and cute feature that u have, and I simply love your sense of humor..... " me -....huh, u don't love me then. she - he he.. stop doing that.. me- doing what.... ?? she- I think u should go to your room for ur sleep. me - hey no cheating, say about me. she- I told u.. me- plz no cheating say na.. plz plz...

she - seriously baba, that was the thing I was saying.. and I love u sweety... don't cry :P me - ohh u love me now then.. huh prove it. she - why do I need to prove it.. ??? me- then u are telling lie then, u don't love me.. i'm going to my room as I was about to move out from the bed, she caught my hand and pulled me near him and said " love u re, don't get angry " saying this she kissed me again on my cheeks and hugged me.

That was it, suddenly I felt the soft breasts beneath her nighty, I was breathing heavily and got a huge erection. I wanted to avoid my erection to her that time, I smiled and kissed her on her cheeks goodnight and went to my room. That whole night I was thinking, what kind of feeling is Noorie having for me, if itz affectionate love then why ami having these feelings.

The next night, the topic started where it was left over, I asked this weird Questions like " why does she likes me and all " she had these fixed answer to throw at me then saying " hey...., leave it,.. what are u mad !!!... come on... letz talk something else " I asked her then what Qualities does she wants in her BF, or she already has a Bf. after a lot of nagging she said.

"I want my lover to be tall, dark... he should be like this and dat and all blah blah" But I noticed that all these featured lead to me. i decided to ask another Question " suppose u got ur BF in front of you, would u smooch him" after a lot of nag Noorie said she had these feeling to smooch some 1. Me- so u never kissed him. noorie- nope , never got that place or moment.

while saying these she had this magical eyes looking sultry at me. Me- of all the features u said, I guess I could be your Bf too.. noorie - he he.. in ur dreams.. me- seriously, suppose if I was not ur brother , would u have smooched me ?? noorie- ohh common.. go to sleep. i said ok, I would if u gimme a kiss again.. she said i'm becoming naughty day by day and kissed on ma cheeks.

the next night, I started again where it was left, i asked the same Q. " if I was not ur brother, would u have smooched me ?? after a lot of nag, she said yes, she would have smooched me. Me- hmmm.. but hey, we are cousins right. noorie - hmm.. sooo.. Me- can we smooch then.? Noories- u out of ur nuts.. go to ur room.

(saying this she stood up near the bed pointing finger at the door ) me- I won't, u said u have the feeling for me, ur indirectly say things about this Bf stuffs to me, why can't u smooch then" saying these I came very close to her, pulling her by her hands towards me . I was jjst about a a lil distance from her face. and my lips were in front of her.

Before blurting out my other words, she placed her lips on mine, and we both smooched about a min. she had her eyes closed and I was smooching som1 for the first time in ma life. After the smooch she pushed me away, I saw tear in her eyes, she wanted to run away but I caught her hand I slapped ma face with her hand, she said what are u doing...i said - I never meant to see tears in ur eyes.

noorie- it is ok. plz go now to your room. I went then, it was mixed feeling actually for me, I was happy, I was horny yet I was unhappy coz she was unhappy. the next day long I apologized her, and it continued for 2 day's more . I felt that I had lost a friend n I wanted to patch thing with her as soon as possible.

Soon by begging, emotional blackmailing, saying jokes, I promised her that I won't repeat it from my side again. Noorie was back on track and was happy again. The next night she was in my bro's room reading a book, when went there, without talking to me she went to my room, when I joined her in my room, she said he needed another book so came for searching

(yeah I have a big collections of books in ma room ) she took a book, and lied on ma bed. Now my room is on the 2nd floor of the house, actually I decided this room so that it would be peaceful for me to read, and hear music without any disturbance. there she was lying on the bed reading book, it was around 11 then, and no body in our house cared about us.

I sat sat near her, she snugged me off, I was pissed off actually and was getting up. while getting up, she took ma hands in her hands and made me sit on the bed. She was gradually pulling me towards her , nothing was said in these moments, I guess we both understood and had this in mind what was going to happen.

soon I was on top of her smooching her slowly while brushing my erection over her I was pressing her boobs. Noorie was holding me tight and was kissing me as passionately as me. I realized that the door was open,so I went in to put the small lock on it, and had this thing in mind if any 1 comes I would say the door was closed by chances, I turned the Tv volume high to give more reasons to support the lie.

while coming upon the bed again, I opened my t-shirt. I asked her to open her nighty. She was resistant, I smooched her again a lil more while slowly pulling up her nighty. Gradually I removed her bra too, for the first time in ma life I was watching a breast, so close and near to me. they were of big size a lil bigger than ma palms and the nipples were light pink in color.

I dug my face into her boobies, sucking pressing, kneading, licking it all over ( thanxz to all those porn movies I saw , I wanted that thing to happen, I wanted to fuck her that night. she pushed me on the bed then, and started licking me all over my chest, belly and my neck. I took guided her hands to my erections and was forcing her head, I guess she understood what I wanted.

she pulled downed my shorts, and was giggling while holding my penis. she looked at my penis for a long time from every angle, and when I asked her to take it in her mouth, she jsst kissed the tip of the penis and the balls. I felt as if I would burst out, the erection was getting so hard that it was paining.

I decided to get on top over her, and removed her panty.. she was pulling aback but I was much more stronger than her , moreover she wanted it, she wouldn't have been here if she dint wanted, I dint forced things on her today , she wanted it. After pulling her panty down, she closed her face with her hands while I spread her legs to take a good look at her love hole.

i licked everything starting from her pubic hair to the Vagina, it was a sweet smell coming outta it, it was hell wet and I simply loved what I was licking. I positioned myself to make love to her, but she crossed her legs saying "No, and No". I dint listened to her, I brushed the tip of my penis on her love hole till she couldn't control it any more and asked me to do it.

I asked what ??.. she simply closed her eyes again, and made her legs apart. it was my first time, I dint knew what was the correct position, coz while being on top I pushed hard but my penis dint got inside of coz she was guiding ma penis with her hands into her love hole. i simply then took her both the legs and put it them on ma shoulders . and gave a huge thrust.

My penis was inside her and she got up with pain, her both the legs were down but my penis was still inside her. I saw tears rolling down on her cheeks, I asked her, shall I stop, she denied and we got into lotus position ( which I know now ) and said she is comfortable now. All these happened in a span of 20mins.

I never thought this would be happening so soon, I never thought before that I would be making love. but here I was, making loving to noorie. My chest was touching her breasts, my nipples were touching her, her lips were sucking mine lips while we were hugging each other tight. There were no hard and fast physical moments like thrusting hell and dry, or as u say pounding over the Hole as a machine.

But there were small jerks, and her soft moans were accompanied by my smooches and lick all over the face. we remained in that position for some time, after I a while I withdrew from her (thank god I don't cum so easily now also ). we lied down side by side and I jerked for a while until I cummed a hell lot upon ma balls and my thighs. watching me cum, she hurried to wear her dress.

And I hurried to the bathroom cleaning myself, I dressed myself up, she was was sitting on the bed again. I asked her, why did u run watching me cum, she said, she was thankful that that I din't cummed inside her. tough she got a little carried away with the situation. i got into tension too, and asked her surely nothing would happen, I was scared to death at that point of time.

She hugged me again and said,"" Nothing will happen stupid, my periods are about due in day or two, relax.. bas we can't repeat this often got it. ""i was relieved and kissed her again . she said it was getting late and aunty (my mom) may doubt something.. it was jsst 11:35 then.. we kissed again, and I escorted to the downstairs...

I'm sure she had a sleepless night with dreams of our love making , coz I was having the same. :) But hey, this was not the last time, we had many more small encounters like this all in my home, she even gave me a blow job later on. and a month from there I managed to have anal sex with her.

But I would narrate that story another time. I know, this story isn't like other's , nor even erotic it may because i'm writing it all for the first time after 8yrs, but I can guarantee you that, this story is 100 % true.

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Abhishek romping with Step Mom

Hi to all of the reader of this site. I am a regular member of this site for last 2 year. I read almost all story of this site. From that stories I mostly like stories with aunt. Lets come to the fact. I am Abhishek from northen odisha. Now I am 17 years old and a +2 student at 1st year batch. My height is 5'10'' and I have a good physiqe like athletic body.

This was happened 2 year back means when I am 16 years old. My mother had pass away when I am a student of 8th standard. I am from a middle class family and my father is a bus driver. But I always comes 1st ya 2nd position in our class. And I am the one and only child of my parent. Except my parent and me, there is no one at our house.

So after 2 month of death of my mother my father marry another lady who just 9 years elder to me that means 24 years at that time and now 26 years. Now come to her. She is fairy and milky white and have a large ass cheak. After 4 days of her marriage my father went for his duty. She felt guilty and alone and then I convinced her and said dont worry I am here.

Suddenly she stared to crying. I ask her what is the reason ? She suddenly huge me and started to crying loudly and I convinced her and she stop crying. That at night I go to sleep at another room but she call with her in her room. After little hesitat I agree with her and go to sleep. But my bad habit is when I sleep with any one I put leg hand on him at night and rolls on bed.

That night I also do that. But I felt a little hot. So I want to know whats the reason. Till that time I dont think any bad about her. I woke up and surprised and became statue for 5 minute that she only in blouse and petticoat. And She sleeps huging me and a sudden current pass through my mind. I dont react to this and sleep huging her tightly. And dont sleep that night.

And till 9 o' clock next morning. My mom comes to wake up me after bathing and after making breakfast for me. She comes to only in towel. And when I saw her I am surprised and give her a naughty smile. She sat near me and said good morning looking towards my pant. Seeing her bare upper back side my lund got erection. She mark it and ask me what is that?

I dont control my self and gave a kiss to her bare back. And go to the bathroom wash my cum. That day was monday and day passed and that night I decided to take next step. That when she sleeps I gave a kiss to her and immediately she replied to me giving a kiss to me and we kiss each other and enjoy each other body over our dress and sleeps huging each other tightly.

After some time I woke up and open her blouse and petticoat started to kiss her shoulder, neck, all over her face, and then I came to her boob, I press it and made those milk bars free from the jail and suck those till my heart content. And then I came to her stomach and navel, then she started to moan loudly like


HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUH and said IN BETWEEN THAT FUCK ME. I want a to became mother by you. In between that she made me nude and take my mouth intn her mouth and gave me a great blowjob for 15 minute and inbetween that I once cum inside her mouth I ask her where to cum, she said to me to cum on her pussy.

So I do that. At that time I made her completely nude and see that see got an strong orgasm and I taste her pussy and taste the mixture of my cum and her. It taste like kulfi. Then I insert my one fingre inside her pussy but it was too difficult that her pussy war so tight. When I insert a finger she cried and I stop for some time and suck her lip and boob.

Then I started to and fro motion by my fingre and slowly I insert 3 fingre inside her. And the then she got an strong orgasm and I taste it and then I insert the tip of my 7inch lund in her pussy which was too difficult and then by another two push I insert hole of my lund inside her pussy and a sound came out from her pussy and I ask her about it and told me that she is a virgin and she lose her virginity now.

Saying that she started crying in pain. I stop for some time and kiss her lip ane suck her brown erect nipple. After sometime I slowly started to and fro motion inside her pussy by my lund. After 5 minute she got her orgasm but I continue to fuck her and after 15 I got steaf and I didnt find time to ask her where to come and I cum inside her and at the same time she got an orgasm and then some mixture of my cum and her cum and blood comes out from her pussy.

And I fuck her 5 days in a week and other 2 days she fucked by my father. After her period means after 2 month she told me that she is praignent. I ask her by whom you are praignent. She told me that by you. That means I became father at the age of just 15 years. I gave her a long kiss and said thank you.

After delivery she delivered a girl child and at that same day my 10 th result was declared and I got 91% in the exam and I ask her what is my gift for my result. And she said to me thatg my gift was that this girl is yours. I confused and she told me when this child grown up you will enjoy with her and I became more happy and gave a kiss at hospital.

And by return she gave some milk from her boob. After 4 month of baby birth I again fuck her for another child but this all happened was unknown to my father. My another fucking session with her was another story. So pls give comment and how you are enjoy my real and first sex story told me.

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Kumar fucking wifes cousin

Hi,to everyone of this sexy site. I'm kumar again come with 2nd part of my sexy life. This part with my wife's cousin named tikina. My wifes name is kousalya. Now she is praignent with 5months. Come to the fact. Mere bare main to aap sabko pata hai. My wifes cousins name TIKINA. She is 24 year and 1year elder to me. My flat is a small having 2room.

One bed room and a drawing room. Doc said to sleep at diff place. Thats the problem. After a lot of discussion we decided that my wife sleep at drawing room and her cousin sleep with me in the bed room. When we sleep, there is no problem till 7days. She wears saree at home. After 7 day one night, I woke up at 2am.

And I saw her saree fall down and her big milk boob are at 90 degree to the roof. I surprised those are much big than my aunt means wife. I cant control myself and give a kiss on these melons. I didnt find any reaction on that. I'm aroused and open my shirt and sleep with only pant. I sleep putting a hand on the boob till mng. In mng I woke up early but act like that i'm in sleep.

She woke up and does not react at this and go out side giving a naughty smile. I'm aroused and mastubarate by pressing my lund to the bed. Next night I decided to feel more and dont wear any underwear, I sleep only in pant. That night she sleeps more closer to me, that is only 1fit away from me. I feel more comfortable. After 1hour of sleep I put my hand on her and then my leg on her thigh.

I feel heat on her thigh and I roll one round that coule I can smell her. Then she sleep facing me. I can read her mind and I came more closer to her that shoule my chest touch her boob. After some time she put a hand on me and I dont control my self and huge her immedietly. And plant a kiss on her shoulder. Immedietly she responded to me and gavd a kiss on my lip and I also respond her.

we kiss each other for 15min. Inbetween those 15min she unzip my pant ane hold my lund in her hand and press it. Immedietly my lund became hard. Then she made me nude and I also made her nude. We slept huging each other nakedly without speaking a word. Next morning she came to give cofee and saw me nude and fefl shy.

At that time I grab her hand and pull her towards me. And give a kiss, then she became bold and gave me a blowjob saying good morning and take my all cum into her mouth and mix her saliva with it and gave me a kiss for 15min and go back. That night we take our dinner early at 8.30pm and go to our room and we take a shower together and goes to bed nakedly.

Then immedietly she gave me a blowjob and told me F U C K M E. I surprised and gaue a kiss tn her and start to suck her boob and she started to moan loudly like AAAAAHHHHH UUHHUUHHUUHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. UHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU... She started to say dirty languages like MUJHE CHOD FUCK ME AND INBETWEEN THESE WORDS SHE TOLD ME THAT SHE WANTS TO MARRY ME.

I kiss every part of her body and lastly go to her pussy which was full with small hair. I suck her pussy and fuck with tongue and then with finger. Then she moan loudly, to cover her sound I kiss her on her lip. Then I put my lund to her pussy and rub her pussy with the tip of my lund for 10 minute.

Then she got a strong orgasm io my hand, I drank all the cum which taste much better than my aunt means my wife. Then I enter my lund into her vagina which was very tight and with another push I enter half of my lund into her vagina and her hymen ruptured. At that time I came to know that she is virgin.

That fact gave her a lot of pain and we rest for 15 minute and then we started our fucking session. I fuck her for 20 minute and she got another strong orgasm and then I fuck her for another 15 minute and I told her that I am cumming, she told me to cum inside her mouth and I came inside her mouth and she drank all my cum. Then we rest for one hour.

And then go the bathroom and wash each other. And then we slept huging each other hole night. The next day night I went to fuck her she started to crying. I ask him whats the reason. She told me that I LOVE YOU. I want to marry you. I surprised and told that I marry your sister.

She said no problem, I will manage it. Then after 7 days all family member of her came to my house, I was afraid. Then all member made some disscusion my wife ask me that will you marry my sister tikina . I mumbled and dont say anything for some time. Then said that yes.

Then after 2days I marry tikina in court in presence of all menber. Now I enjoy with tikina frankly. I already planed my future sex life with 2 wife. Please post your comment and then i'll tell my future plan to all of you.

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Kumar fucked first time by Aunty

Hi, everyone. I am kumar odisha and from a middle class family. This isa long story, sorry for this. But it is a real story belive me. Come to the real fact. I am 23 years a newly employee at a good salary & have good athletic physiqe. My aunts (wife) name is kousalya. She is 31 years having a figure (later came to know) 34-30-32.

She looks like an angel & gorgeous even after delivering 2 children. I met her 2years back, from tat day I makes plan how to spent a day with her. That day came in before 3 month. I masturbate from my 8th standard think about my classmate,neighbourer etc. But in previous 2year mastubarate only thinking about her that she is with me on bed.

Always I looks at her boob through saree & sometime through blouse. She mark me before 1month of of that day. When she mark me gave a naughty smile. I get courage and aroused and mastubarate and her bra in the basket and speard all the cum on her bra, next day she wear this bra her look at me changed. Inbetween 1month we became more closer.

1day all family member go to a travel for 10 day except mine. After came back from station see that aunt at home. I surprised and ask her why she didnt. She told due to menstrual cycle, by saying it she goes to kitchen. At that time my lund was already tight at 90 degree with precum. I dont control my self and huge her from behind but she resist it but cant over come my force.

I plant a kiss on her sholder and she aroused and gave me a kiss on lip and we kiss each other for 15 minute. Then we made nude each other in kitchen and take our lunch huging each other. After lunch we rest for 30 min huging each other. Then she sleeps nakedly, I suck the milk baloons and bite the nipple,to my surprise milk comes out from the boobs. I drank it all.

At that time she woke up and coparate me and we kiss each other for 30 min,now she got excited and started to moan loudly. Then she take my 6inch lund into her mouth and started to like it like it like a lolipop. After 10min I got steaf unload my all cum inside her mouth to my surprise she drank all the cum.

then slowly I came to her pussy(shaven) which is already wet with precum,i clean it with my tongue. Then I rub it with my fingre, that time she moan loudly like AAAAAHHHHH UUUHHH ETCand told indirty language like MUJHE CHOD, MAT SATAO CHOD MUJHE MAIN TUMHARA BIWI HOON TUMHARA RANDI(WHORE) HOON FUCK ME ETC.

At that time my 3fingre inside her pussy. She aroused and get a strong orgasm like a river, I drank all the cum its taste like salty but nice. Then I rub the pussy with the tip of my lund she moan loudly like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and with a strong push I entered fully and started to fuck and start to and fro motion. Then I increase the speed.

When I fucking I suckinh her boob and drank milk and kisses all over,after 20min of fucking she got an orgasm at the same time I have orgasm and unload all cum inside her and became restless on her for 1hour. After that I fuck her 7times that day. And next day I took 5days leave from office.first time in my life I spent 5days with a lady totaly nude.

i dont wear any cloth in that 5 days. In that days my lund takes 12-14hours inside her vagina.Then between those 10 days I fuck her about 150 times. After 10 days her pussy became wide for 2 days even their is no lund inside it.after 1month I came to know that she is praignent with my child. After that she gave divorce tn her hubby and marry me.

After a week of our marriage her cousin comes to our house to take care of kousalya. Her name is tikina. She is beautiful and sexy lady. Now I dont find the sexy life with my wife but I enjoy with her cousin tikina. So give your comment,then I will tell you the sexy life with tikina.

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Shilpa lusting after sisters son

Hi My name is Shilpa I am 34 years old. to all the readers just to tell you when there is lust within you noone will care to have sex with anybody, Thats the case in My story. I had divorced My husband and live in my sisters home She has a son at an age of 22 he is very smart and manly I had always had lust over him because my pussy is waiting for dick for more than 3 years.

So I had planned to have sex with my sisters son Ravi and I always be in nighty when at home and also had noticed Ravi looking at my cleavage and navel whenever there is a chance. And also I had seen him watching porn in mobile and decided to seduce him.One afternoon Ravi went to bed to take rest, suddenly I pretended to go for a bath and returned in 5 mins to bed room only with a towel and locked the door,

Ravi pretended like sleeping I came in and locked the door and removed My towel and stood nude infront of mirror, water drops were running on My body I was standing in correct position so that Ravi could see all my private parts clearly and to my surprise he was watching me through half opened eyes and I noticed his penis making a tent over his pants.

I was still nude and seducing him I opened my legs and wiped out water from my butt and vagina. since from puberty I had not shaven my pubic hair and my hair was like a dark moonsoon forest and now I took my panty and tried to wear it on and wantedly fell over Ravi and he woke Up and sat to see me fully nude lying on his laps,

but still he acted like sleeping and tried to close his eyes and act but my boobs which are like melons 34 in size were on his lap and I pressed over on him. He couldnt control anymore and I smartly caught his penis and put in my mouth and asked him please eat me:) then he too removed his pants and let his 7inch beast free and kept me in doggy style and pierced his
dick in my pussy

which was flowing with pre cum and he caught hold of my breasts and fucked like a horse and to my pleasure he was like a boon to my cursed vagina after a long time and I was made to feel in heaven by him and after 15 mins of hard fuck he loaded me with hot cum and it was like a candle dripping of was from my pussy and I took the cum and licked then cleaned his pump and lied on him and relaxed.

Then suddenly after a few mins he tied me to the bed and said I am gonna rape you and he called his friend through mobile nearby our house and he started to play with my waxy ass and my pubic hair was his top goal and he was really making me ooze out my fluid by his foreplays and i wanted him to fuck but his friend arrived now and I acted like begging to leave me but my desire was to have a threesome.

When Ravi's friend came both were completely nude and they started their work Ravi sat on my tits and the other guy started to lick and then fuck me and lifting my back then Ravi pierced thro my asshole and I was taken to the heavens

and my body was vibrating and never experienced anything like this before and they two cummed in me and fell over me...Nowadays i have became like a slut whenever Ravi and his friend needs sex in group or individually I was made to do but I enjoy the pleasure.

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Raj Kumar having hot affair with Aunt

Please be patient since it is long story 100% guarantee that you will like it. Any one who wants to have erotic talk can send me email. Hi everybody, this Raj Kumar from Hyderabad, studying in Tamil nadu. I’m a guy with a great sex drive. I would always like to checkout women with good cleavage and ass. I would always look for bra and panty impressions on clothes.

I’m always attracted to ladies who have fair complexion and would enjoy seeing them wearing tight clothes. I’m frequent reader (I read long stories and masturbate every night) of HumanDigest and this my first attempt to write a story. I story will take some time to build up sex. My age is 20 and I’m pursuing my engineering third sex drive actually started when I was in ninth class.

Till then I didn’t have much knowledge abt sex till that time it was only in 9th class I came to know that a man has to insert his penis on vagina for a child. I thought it was only for the birth of the child and didn’t know abt the immense pleasure that we get when we have sex in tenth class we had the chapter on reproduction and then I came to know abt menstruation and stuff (realized why whisper and kotex are used)

then my attitude towards girls changed. I had many infatuations. I was not talking to any of the girls in my class because it was the age when people use to tease when we talk to opposite sex. Later on I started to read magazines in local language got know little by little ebt sex.ppl used to ask questions to a doctor regarding various things abt sex and it published in the magazine periodically.

Reading that magazine I was really shocked knows about blowjobs and boob sucking and pussylicking.I did’nt belive all this till I have watched my first porn movie. My curiosity abt sex was increasing day by day but didn’t have much courage to speak abt this with my friends. One day when there was no one at home I swithed on the tv and was watching fashion tv.

Swimwear programme was being telecasted at that time I was the first time for me to such things on cock became very hard and I could see its outline over my pant. I was fascinated to see the boobs bouncing up and down and the asses swaying left to right them after few minutes naked models were being photographed in beaches.its was the first time I saw bare boobs.

Seeing all this skin over my dick head moved back and then fabric of my undergarment was touching my hard dick head and was paining. I slowly opened my pant and underwear to see what’s going on. I could see white liquid coming out of my dick. At that I did’nt know what it was and soon ran to bathroom and cleanes my self and came out and went to google and typed

“white liqiuid from penis” I didn’t know the words such a dick and cock. then I came to know all this was normal for a growing boy. That day onwards I started masturbating everyday thinking about some film actresses, girls and aunts around me some times I thought it was wrong to think abt them.

Once my parents left me alone in my house and went my grand mothers place for some work and said that they’ll be returning only after two days soon after they left I switched on ma computer and went to porn sites. it was the first time I visiting a porn site. I didn’t know much abt porn categories so I clicked some random videos.

Browsing through the net I came across this wonderful site and I was reading stories under various categories when I came across incest section I really didn’t know to believe the sexual relationship between sisters, mom, aunt etc or not, but I stared to read these stories regularly. I started lookinn at my sisters and aunts in a different way from that time.

I started checking out boobs and asses of ma aunts and sisters wen they came to ma house. I use look to boobs under the saree from side, bra and panty impressions on their clothes. I used look out for their cleavages wen they used to roam around in my home with out duppata. I would go to bathroom seeing them and used masturbate imagining about sex with them in my room.

We are very close with our neighbours and I used to go their house for time pass. I slowly developed interst in them. I was caught noticing their boobs and cleavages. I can say this because I have seen them adjusting pallu’s and duppata’s many times. The real sex episode my aunts name is Sathya she is married to a man who is always busy she has a daughter who is 2 years younger than me,

their family was staying in my neighbourhood for the past 12 years she was very close to me rather to everyone in my family she talks very mother and father never asked me about my girlfriend (though I didn’t have any) And it was only my aunt who used ask me about this sometimes in front of my mother to tease me.

Since we are very close we used eat in their house wen no one is there in my home.when my family went to important falily function at my village I wasked to eat in their house.everday I used to go their hosue to eat. One particular day aunt was wearing a semi transparent dress. I could make out her bra and navel every time her walked in front of the window when she bent down to serve me food I could see her cleavage.

I had instant hard on and wanted my fantacy to come true this day.she caught me watching her cleavage the nex time she was serving me some thing.she smiled and I looked the plate she then went inside and wore duppata to cover her I was damn confident that she caught me watching her assets.

I felt very embarrassed and couldn’t look into her eyes directly. I finished eating and then we went to drawing room to sit and have a general talk. She then bent down to take the newspaper and I was staring at her cleavage and she caught me red handedly for the second time.this time I was very enbarassed I got up to go my house and masturbate.

she then said “what will you do Raj sit down for some time it’s very boring for me. I didn’t wat to say and sat back. We had a chat abt her daughter’s career, then about the movies we was talking about the recently released movie. I was about youth. I was hit movie but adults had bad opinion about it because it had many obscene situations.

she said the movie was bad and asked me not watch that movie as wellwisher of mine (an elder wouldn’t like their children to watch such kind of movies). Then slowly topic went to my collage life and she asked me about my girlfriends I said I didn’t have any she said its not wrong to have girlfriend she started teasing me saying that I have girl friend

but I’m not confessing with her I sad its upto her to believe me or not. Them she asked me if I have watched porn I was stunned by this question and though I wanted to have sex with her I said know I don’t watch. She said that I’m a lier.she actually saw porn in my computer when she used it last time when she said this face became red and I didn’t know wat to say I was actually stammering.

She then said its not wrong to all those.she also said that she watched me staring at her figure many times.i said sorry and told that I would never repeat it she then said my boy why r u so tensed its nothing wrong.she said if I wish to see her cleavage she is ready to show without thinking for a second I said yes.

We then moved into her bed room she removed her dupatta and bent dwn to show her cleavage is asked her if I can touch her boobs.she agreed for it I asked her to remove her long top she lifted it over her hand and she was standind infront of me with her bra and pant on her I am already hard. I touched her boobs.

I had an electrifying experience after touching her.she then asked me to go out of the room.but I was not ready to go out.she turned to the othr side and started wearing her dress back.unable to control myself I went and stood behind her and started kissing her on her hands were on her boobs caressing them over her bra she said Raj what are you doing and turned towards me.

I locked her lips with mine preventing her to talk. To my surprise she started to respond to my kiss. We kissed passionately for some time my hands were running through her hair and her hands through mine. I slowly reached her back and my hands were running all over here back. I was kissing her her boob cleavage.

I remved the clasp of her bra and pulled off the bra from her body she was semi naked infront of me.she then removed my shirt and started kissing on my bare chest. I was kissing on her boobs I took her nipples into my mouth and sucked them making sounds.she started moaning aaaaah.oooaho…oooooo..ahh

Raj pleas fuck me I hugged her tightly my cock was pressing against her pussy she took my dick in to her hand she pulled down my pants and was shocked to see my cock she took it into her mouth and was giving a blow job. I said I’m going to cum for which she said cum in my mouth she drank all the cum I removed her pant and she was standing infront of me in panty alone.

I could see the wet spot on her panty I removed her panty and this is the first time I’m seeing a pussy.she was already dripping. I took her on to the bed, made her lie down and licked her pussy with great force she cummed Inside my mouth and I astonished by the taste of the women cum then I tightly hugged her with boobs crushing under my chest.

I was a wonderful feeling for me rather any man would enjoy it. I could see the pleasure of sex in her eyes.she had very seductive look on her face. I took my cock into my hand and guided it into her pussy I pumped my dick into her pussy with a great speed. The feeling of her tight pussy walls touching my cock was awesome. I told her that I’m going to cum she asked me to cum I side her.

She also reached her orgasm and cummed. The mixture of our both cums was oozing out of her pussy I licked it and I tasted awesome she took it with her hands and licked it. The room was filled with aromas of our sexual juices. We both then went bathroom and took bath together. She then wore red lingerie which is my favourite.we had a floor play.

I asked her to give her panty and bra to me. She agreed for it and it took I to my house. I masturbated twice that day. I returned that lingerie to her when I went for dinner that night she asked me to stay back in her house since no body was there in her house we again had sex that night.we continued till my parents came back. We used to have sex when ever possible. Hope you like my sex experience and I would like u to comment.

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