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Jagoo fucking Savita aunty

Hi this is Jagoo from bangalore.I had aunty who was mom sister called Savita but she is 47 and i am 21 years.she was having cute face,big boobs and big ass 34-40-36. She was a mother of 15 year boy.i never thought of her but one incident made me fuck till now.

This story was when i was studing in 7th standard and both our house and aunty house was nearer.That time holidays were there and my aunty's son and husband were went to village so mom said me to pick aunty from her house to chat with her.

so i went by scooty and on the way scooty got puncered so i gave it for nearer repair shop and went to aunty house by walk to get money for repair as i did not had money.her house was upstairs i went inside and got money from her and was about to leave that time she went to her bedroom and i was in hall and went to her sons room to check whether he has came or not

at that time she called i didn't respond and she thought i left for repair and closed collected towel and came to bathroom which was beside her sons room and i heard sound and i saw her locking bathroom door and started i went to hall and sat there after few minutes she opened door and i could see her clear facing back and saw her ass she was complete naked

seeing this i got exicted and hide there and began to see her and she was drying herself and i thought she will come to her bedroom and i ran to her bedroom and saw there she had kept her bra,panty,peticoat,blouse and saree on bed and soon i hided under bed and she rolled her towel over her body and came inside her bedroom and stood in front of mirror and started powdering

her face neck and suddenly she removed her towel and i was shocked by seeing her back shape at this age and her big ass, big boobs image in mirror. By seeing all i was noway in control and came frm under bed with nothing under me and my cock was fully erect and i hugged her frm behind and caught her mouth with my hand so that she must not screem.

I was rubbing my cock to her ass and said i will do nothing to u be calm, i will just fuck u. she indicated its wrong i said its k. then i pushed my cock in her asshole and her bit my hand, still i pushed my cock fully inside her asshole and she was bittig my hand and i started fucking her ass and rubbing her pussy.

she slowly left my hand and was breathing heavy and i started fucking her ass hole and left hand from her mouth and kept pressing her boobs which was erect and other hand i was rubbing her pussy. then she was mouwing now and said me to get on bed so i lefted her and slept her on bed and then hugged her and kissed her,

she was also kissing me she was licking my longue and then i pushed my cock in her pussy she left kissing and said i am in periods please dont fuck my pussy. i didnt listened to her and started fucking she kept mouwing and saying dont fuck please. i said dont worry we will take pills and i fucked her continously and she was mowing ahhhhhhhh.....

then i sucked her boobs and her was mowing loadly then i cummed in her pussy and her also cummed. i slept on her like that only then she started crying saying wht shall i say to my husband if i get pregnant then i said say that i fucked. she then said then he will us both. i said nothing will happen u take pill that will not make u pregnant. i said come on we have to go to my home mom is calling.

she then took cock out and then started wearing bra and jumped from bed and said no u should nt wear any bra and panty from now on. she said she cant come without them. i said u must and she agreed and she wore blouse over boobs and peticoot under and rolled saree over.

i made her boobs slight upside from blouse and said this the way u look sexy and we went walking on road while walking her ass was swinging here there and was beautiful to watch. we took scooty and went home.

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Rough sex with elder brothers son

The son of my elder brother, let's call him Rahul, must have been very young since he started being a real brat. Me and my brother's family would meet over dinner and after dinner, we usually went for a short walk. He would walk behind me and touch my ass.

When we were going to a party or some place, he would try and sit with me on the back seat of the car and sneak up his hands on my thighs. I was of course turned on by his doings but also felt the social stigma that would entail if someone saw him doing something. I always tried to stop him with the least possible noise, so that no one gets to know what happened.

Over the years, the boy grew hornier and hornier. My state was not easy too. There is a 4 year difference in my husband's age and mine, and I believe this must be the reason he was getting less interested in fucking me in the night. I was left to fingering and rubbing myself.

Of course, that is too bad a substitute for a rough banging from a strong man (yes, I love it when men spank, squeeze and bite my boobies and get down hard on my pussy). Anyways, I was horny to the point that if someone casually caressed my back on a backless blouse or brushed my chest accidentally, my pussy would start flowing.

I was always very wet down there, ever time I was turned on, I would start smelling of pussy juice. In fact, I have the capacity to release cum if I am given good foreplay or fucked nicely. Anyways, when Rahul turned 18, I thought he was the right person to approach, he had loved me ever since he was young and he was safe as he was family. Atleast now he was not underage for sexual activity.

He came with his mother to drop festival gifts for my family. My son, slightly younger to him, was to come in the evening. I asked Rahul 'Stay for the day, play with Rohit when he comes in the evening'. Rahul asked his mom, who was unaware of my plan to fuck her own son. Rahul stayed back. I had time from noon till 7, till the time Rohit came home.

I was so wet down there, I was worried if Rahul would notice from over my salwar kameez. I hadn't planned anything and I was nervous as hell. Here is this 6'4" hunk who is dying to fuck me, here I am, this busty curvy MILF dying to get a this guy's meat in my pussy, but how to start no one knows. I made him some snacks, which he ate.

Then we started watching a movie, and he took the first step. He put his hands on my knees. First time in my life I didn't stop him. He took his leisurely time, some 5/10 minutes, to ride it up to my inner thighs. Instead of getting impatient, funnily, I was enjoying the slow act all the more.

I started acting sleepy and rested my head on his shoulder, I moved towards him and deliberately touched my huge boobs on his arms. From the corner of my eye I saw a massive erection in his pants. I moved and lied down with my head in his lap. My head was above his lund. I was small busty thing in front of his huge hulk of a frame.

Since my legs got farther away from him, he left my inner thighs and concentrate on my boobs. Within ½ hour of the movie, he was freely moving on my breasts, managing a little squeeze here or there.

After some time I acted as if I had woken up. He panicked but I didn't say anything. I told him I am going to bathe and then sleep, he can browse for movies till Rohit comes. I knew he was least interest in the movies, he would follow me to the bathroom and try to see. And therefore I left the bathroom door open for him.

I was too horny to not rub myself down there. As soon as I got in the bathroom, I stripped completely and started rubbing my choot vigorously. Usually I made an effort to keep the volume low, but today I huffed and moaned even more so that he comes if he hasn't already.Then Rahul did the most courageous thing he could've done. The door was obviously not locked.

He barged into the bathroom, said 'Sorry Bua' as if he came in by mistake but continued looking at my naked body. Don't know why, I made no effort to hide myself, I was looking at him as he staring at my pubic area. He came to me and squeezed my boobs. I opened my legs further and he got the clue. He sat between my legs and started sucking my clit.

I was already very excited and leaking, his sucking made me crazy and within seconds I had the craziest orgasm of my life. My legs gave way and I started to fall. He grabbed me and I stood by the wall, panting. It was a complete blackout. For a second I didn't know where I was. I saw his shirt was completely covered in my hot cum.

My husband with all the fucking couldn't give me what this boy gave me with a few minutes of his tongue. Then his fingers went inside me. and was he rough. He bent his fingers and gave me the roughest fingering I have ever had. I came in minutes and it was impossible for me to stand. I jerkingly sat by the tub, he supported me while a I sat down.

He went to the tub and opened the warm water tap. I closed my eyes and looked back at life. Conservative family, married early, I never had fun when I was young, even though I was very beautiful and many guys hit on me. A husband who is too cold hearted to love.He has a lot of money, but money doesn't give love and care. I felt sucking on my nipples and I opened my eyes.

Rahul was naked, and for that one moment, I felt like a teenager's slut. I felt degraded and disrespected. I pushed his head away. As though reading my mind, he said, 'Bua, you are a beautiful woman, you deserve to be treated beautifully. Don't feel bad about it'. And he came over and kissed me. I kissed him back. All my inhibitions were gone forever.

We got into the warm tub, caressing each other's body. I playing with his huge penis. He started biting into my boobs. He was paining me, causing bite marks, but I didn't care because I was very hot to care for it. He started slapping my boobs lightly. I said 'harder, hit me harder, yeah like that, squeeze them badly'. He started slapping my chest really hard.

He started fingering my underwater choot. My third orgasm, I thought I am going to die with pleasure. Waves after waves flowing through me and I was shaking uncontrollably. He was on top of me and wouldn't let me move. His domination prolonged my orgasm, I kept cuming for a long minute or two. I lay still in the water with one hand on my pussy and the other round his back.

He lay on top of me, ready to enter. I didn't have the energy to tell him to wait also. I was very tired after one hour of orgasming one after the other. He rubbed his dick on my pussy and then entered it. I hugged him very hard. My humongous boobs were squeezing on him. I had lost track of time and space.

My eyes were closed and all my energy was focused only on getting one final orgasm. Sex inside water makes the feeling of a lund even more profound when it is inside. Anyways, I kept on hanging on him, tired but still excited. We had become hotter than the hot water. And then it came. Each stroke of his was a fresh orgasm for me.

Each time he entered, I felt each part of my body moving like crazy. I was teary, screaming like hell. My butts were shaking up and down like crazy. He kept pounding me, unstoppingly, and I kept getting wave after wave of orgasm. There was no ending this extreme pleasure. Finally, I felt his warm sperms deep inside me. He stopped and my orgasm subsided. And god knows when I fell asleep with him in the tub.

We ate lunch at 4, naked. I could've died if I had to do more sex, but 5 mins of rubbing and cuddling in the bed got me ready for 2 hours and 4 more orgasms. Rahul stayed with us that night. I hadn't made dinner, so we ordered food. I said I wasn't well and had a fever, so I slept on the living room couch. At night we had a quickie in the bathroom.

We didn't get another chance in years, but he still grabs my ass at dinners. Both of us are waiting for another opportunity.

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Kavita fucked by father-in-law

Hi friends, this is Kavita, presently aged 28 from Kolkatta and possess physical charm that men of all ages find attractive ever since beginning of my teenage. God gave me beauty and that helped my parents to settle my marriage in a well to do conservative family. I used to dream about a handsome husband earning lots of money for me.

I kind of just managed to complete my grad from reputed college in Kolkata when my father got this marriage proposal. We were middle class and when proposal of Deep came, we grabbed it with both hands as they were rich and above all Deep was a handsome boy. Deep was working in Delhi with a MNC and we were told he was getting six figure salary every month.

As a result, my father(we also) did'nt bother to look into details of Deep and within three months, I was married off to Deep. It came as a surprise to me that Deep did'nt even kiss me on our 'Phool sojjo (first night). He seemed a bit disturbed and after a brief chat asked me to sleep.

My dreams of having wild sex (mainly enforced on me by my friends that my husband would keep me awake seeing my assets ) crashed. I was treated well by my inlaws ( mother in law had expired, only father in law, sister in law (my age ) and widow aunt in law and her two Sons ) and their suggestion of honeymoon was callously turned down by my husband.

After about a month after the marriage, Deep was simply not intrested in my beauty and having sex and it hurted me more as my sister in law would nudge me here and there and say ' Dada to pagol hoe giye hobe aemon sundori bou pae (brother might have gone mad with beauty of yours).

It was not that I was dying for sex ( I had two encounters before marriage, first with my friend to whom I lost my virginity and second was with friend of my brother during his marriage) but something seemed odd.

Both Vikas (my friend) and Shishir da(my brother's friend) had complimented me and said that any man would go mad and will become my slave to have sex with me and here Deep, my husband, despite my cleverly disguised accidental (though intentional) cleavage show, did'nt seem to be impressed.

Coming back to story, when Deep said he would be going back to Delhi, my inlaws insisted that he takes me with him. After a lot of persuasion (to my surprise as to why he was avoiding me ) he took me along and within a month (of sexless days and night ) we settled down.

I observed that sometimes while sleeping he used to get huge erections (and I used to get horny) but still he would not touch me. I after about six months into marriage was still waiting for him. All my efforts to seduce him went in vain and he used to avoid me. I had frequently started to ask him to hook my bra etc etc and had even given him a strip show but of no avail.

I began doubting him that he has an serious commitment and is of faithful types and then one day I burst out and demanded explanation. He calmed me down and denied that he is seeing any girl . Meanwhile during all these days, my aunt in law would call me and ask ' Kobita, sob theek aache toh (Kavita everything is o.k or not )'.

That day, I called them and blamed them for ruining my life and in burst of anger told them that I, even after six months into the marriage, am still virgin despite my trying hard. There was a lull on their side and as my aunt in law disconnected I heard her saying to somebody ' jaar bhauy chilo, satyo holo(the fears have come true)'.

That night sky came crashing down on me as Deep sat with me and offered me drinks and told me that he is a gay. I laughed at first and then cried and asked him as to why did he then spoil my life. He felt sorry for me and said it was due to pressure from family and he tried hard to change but could'nt. Both of us cried and when we slept we did'nt know.

Next day, he as usual went to office and again begged for my forgiveness. After he went to office I cursed myself and my family and perhaps everyone in this world. I then got ready with mind made up that I would seek divorce and start my life again. Fortunately I could book myself a evening flight from Delhi.

I got ready wearing a saree with sleeveless blouse and packed my bag. I wrote a note for Deep that I am flying to Kolkatta. Just as I was planning to move out the door bell rang. It was my father in law. (I would try to translate our conversation )He looked at me and asked ' Kobita, you are going somewhere '. I replied ' yes, back home '.

He sighed and said ' aami bujhte pari, tumi onek raygay aacho (I understand, you are annoyed )'. Then he asked if I can make some tea for him. I rudely said that I would be late to catch my flight (even though I had some six hours but I desperately wanted to move out of that place ). He insisted and I could not refuse as there was a command and request both.

I made him tea and while having tea he kept mum. He then said ' I took early morning flight to come here and am without baggage '. I understood and gave him Deep's T shirt and a Pyjama. He asked me to wait till he freshens up and then he would talk. I dumbly sat and after bathing he came out.

He then asked me about the incident which I narrated graphically to him and started sobbing. He listened to me intently and consoled me. That made me cry and I hugged him saying ' aamar ki hobe'. He also hugged me and kept on consoling me. As gradually I was returning back to normalcy and tried to move out of hug,

I realised he was holding me tight and one of his hands was on my waist while the other gently rubbing my bare back consoling me. As I forced myself out of his hug, he softly held my cheeks saying 'aami bujhchi(i understand), don't cry '. His fingers caressed my cheeks removing tears and hair strands from cheeks and then his fingers touched my lips as if there was hair also.

He gently pressed my lips with his fingers saying ' kedon naa, kedon naa (don't cry)'. Looking straight into my eyes he then asked me ' tumi Deep kay sodhrabar chesta korecho'. Before I could reply he gently pulled me and I rested my head on his broad chest and amidst sobs said yes.

He was now holding me from my waist and I felt his both his thumbs in a synchronised way moving up and down on my belly button area. It gave me strange sensation and immense pleasure. Being a woman, I knew his actions were not to soothe his daughter in law. I thought of pulling away but then it was stoking my desires and I was in dilemma.

He then kept his chin on my right shoulder and rubbed his chin over my bare skin. It had devastating effect and my whole body had goosebums. I felt his hot breath over my bare shoulder to neck area and even though I had stopped sobbing and cring he kept on saying ' don't cry ' and continued with his actions.

His actions were gradually but at steady pace stoking my desires and with each passing moment arousing me more and more and giving me pleasure. I anxiously waited for his next step and he kept me waiting for quite some time before I felt a tinge of wetness on my neck. My FIL was now licking my neck by faintly touching his tongue over my neck.

I whimpered in his arms and he held me with his arms. Almost immediately, I felt my pallu slipping gradually. I was thoroughly enjoying and assisted him by myself pulling it down. Now with both exposed shoulder he rubbed his cheeks over them blowing hot and started cursing his son. He mumbled ' ki bokaa chele aamaar(what a fool my son is) '.

As his lips and tongue gently kept on caressing my both shoulders via my neck, his one hand caressed my ass and the other one's fingers sensuously kept on moving and playing around with my waist and thumb found way into my peticot and massaged gently just above my panties. I could feel my nipples getting erect and my breathing getting more and more erratic.

I was having a mental battle, wether to proceed any further with my FIL or move away, saving face of both of us. I felt that either I stop him now or else I will be blown away by the Tsunami of pleasure piling up inside me.

As I decided to move away his cheeks rubbed against my cleavage and my ripe melons made my decision so weak that it collapsed and before I knew I had already emitted a escatic moan, more like a baby cry, uuuuummm aaaaannnnnmmm aaannnmmmmm ooooonnnhhhmm oooonnnmmm.

He responded by gently caressinging my ass and his other hand got the courage to climb up to my melons, gently in lookout for my nipples from over the blouse and bra and simultaneously inserting the tongue into the valley of my cleavage and licking it as if tasting something.

His hand, which was on my ass doing caressing job, found its way inside the saree and petticoat and it mildly hurt as the string of peticot squeezed my waist but the pleasure was more. He gently caressed my ass from over the panties and then it went inside my panties and rubbed it. All his actions were so gentle.

His other hand, moving circularly over my melons finally succeeded in locating my erect nipple and soon I felt a gentle pressure of his teeths on my nipples from over the blouse and bra. I again emitted a moan, closing my eyes, my fingers gripped his hair and I literally pressed his face on my melons.

He nibbled on my nipples and then went back to my neck, all the while making me feel the hotness and wetness of his tongue. He licked my shoulders and in between his teeths held my blouse and pulled it away from my shoulders one by one. It exposed my shoulders and his kisses and licks only aggravated the goosebums.

His one hand was now busy removing my saree while playing around my waist to ass and other gently squeezing my melons. My mouth was full of saliva which I kept on gulping and used my tongue to keep my lips wet. I desperately wanted him to kiss me and without kissing me his hands and mouth were giving me the pleasure which Deep should have given me.

My hands crept into his T shirt feeling his chest and in my eagerness to be fucked it went down and gripped his hard dick. I expressed my impatience by squeezing his dick hard and he responded by starting to unhook my blouse. My saree was already down on floor and my blouse fully open with just bra in between his playful tongue and my melons.

He patiently removed my peticot and I eagerly did away with his T shirt. I wanted to feel his naked body and I must admit that while he was poetic in undressing me I was crude, greedy. He had expertly whipped up my passions and desire and I was totally wet, oozing continuously and making my pussy totally ready.

He removed my bra with his tongue licking around my nipples, making me restless as he would not touch the nipples. Finally, I was in just panty and he in birthday suit when he again hugged me. Our skin to skin contact drove me to extreme and I was by now continuously moaning and started to beg

'uuuumm aaannghhh eeeiissssss pleeassse ekhooooon aaahhh koorooooo naaaaa aaaaaarr ummm ooopppeekkkhaaaa hhoooiiiii naaaa ummmmmmm ( please do it now I can't wait any more ). His cheeks rubbed against mine face and neck and then his tongue licked my lips.

Uffffff, even today when I remember all this I get wet and horny and excuse me for those feelings are beyond any words in any language. His lips finally met mine and there was lot of slurping sound as he sucked and licked my lips before allowing my tongue to explore his mouth and play with his tongue.

All this while, his hands cupped my melons applying just right amount of pressure to enhance my pleasure while softly tickling my nipples with his nails. It was like a dream to me and I kept my eyes closed out of pleasure and the escatsy. I then felt pressure on my shoulder and I sat down on that sofa.

I opened my eyes to have a look at his tool and there was no limit to my joy on seeing his monsterous dick arching upwards towards the ceiling. It was a surprise to me as at 52 years I could not believe that somebody can have this type of erection. He smiled at my expression but said nothing. He came over me and started kissing my nipples and then sucked them.

I could not wait and kept on moaning and begged. He was in no hurry and kissed me from head to toe bruhsing his face vigorously over my trimmed pubic hairs. I wanted his dick so badly and the sexual pleasure was beyond my control.

I begged 'pleeeaseeee dhukiyayyyy daooooo naaaaa aaaar thaaaktaaaay paaarriiiii naaaaaaaa uffffff aaaahhh pppuuurooooo gaaaaa teeeeee moonaaaayyy hoooiii peeeprrraaayyy chooolchaaayyyy aaahhhhh ummmmmm ( please penetrate me, I can not wait any longer, it seems ants are all over my body roaming around ).

This time he obliged me, he expertly positioned himself and I did the rest by greedily thrusting my pelvic upwards to swallow his bulbous head of that monsterous dick. He came crashing down on me, pushing his entire length deep inside me and pinning me down on sofa.

I felt to have been opening up the unexplored territory ( by Vikas and Shishir da) which was like opening the doors of heaven. I felt the fullness. He started to stroke me gently while playing around with my melons and kissing my lips. I was in heaven, I had longed for it and finally my father in law was giving me a tour to heaven.

I had only one thing to do, just enjoy and express my joy by moaning, which I did. Oooohhhhhhh aaaahhhh hhuummmmmmm ummmmmm oooohhhh baaabaaaaa rayyyyy kiiii suuuukkkhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh ummmmmm uffffffffff aaaamaaarrr aeiiii shoreeer rer aaagooooonnnnn koooorrrroooo hmmmmmhhhuuu.

I moaned and talked and expressed my gratitude to him while being fucked nicely (i remain indebted to him till date). His constant slow speed of fucking was now killing me and I wanted to reach my orgasm quickly.

I requested ' baaabaaaa jooorayyy jooorayyyy karooooo pleeeaseeeeee ( FIL do it fast ) and he spoke for the first time since he put me on this journey of sex ' choltay dayy, aalpooo aalpooo koraayyy aaannnandoooo ta nayyy, soootiiiii boli to aarrr Deeeep er oporay raaag taaa nei,

oi bokaaaa chooodaaaa jonnnay eeiii torrrr motuuuuunnnnn sooondooooriiii kaaaayyyyy chuuuuddddtaaaaayyy paaarchiiiiiii aaaaaahhhhhhh ufffffff kiiiii maaaaallll taaaaaa tuuiiii hmmmmmmm, taakkaaaaa pheeelayyyyyy oooiiii aaajjjjj oobdiii aaammmniiiiii aaanaaandoo paaayeeeniiiii Kkkkoobiitaaaaaa (let it continue at this pace, get pleasure in small bundles,

to tell you the truth, I am no longer annoyed with Deep because it is due to him that I am getting opportunity to fuck a beauty like you, I have spent so much money but did'nt get pleasure like you are giving me Kavita). I was flattered and I too praised him for his ability to fuck so nicely at this age.

I felt his pace increasing gradually and he was muttering ' aei nayyy kobitaaa aei naaay kobitaaaa '. I was nearing my orgasm and encouraged him ' hhhayyyy kkkorooooo ummmmmm baaabbaaaaaa daaaooooooo aaammmaayyyyy bbbhaaaloooo koooraayyyyyy hmmmmmm daaaooo and I opened the sluice gates of my dam and moaned

ohhhhh baaabbaaaaaa aaamaaar hhhoooeeeee gaaaaeeloooooo ummmmmmmm kkiiii suuuukkkhh baaabbaaaaaa kkkorrrroooooo eeekkhhooonnnnn ttthhhemoooo naaaaaaa joooraaaayyyyyy hhhaaayyyyyy uuummm aaannghhh uuuoooonnnmmmmm uffffffff '. He was now rapidly pumping me and continued doing so for several minutes tilll he erupted.

My nipples were swollen but a deep satisfaction engulfed me. He was deep breathing sitting next to me on sofaa. We gathered our breath and my hands roamed all over his chest and I said ' you came here to fuck me '. He said ' no, but when you hugged me your boobs did the trick '. I said ' your son did'nt find them attractive '. He said 'let us discuss'.

I stood up all nude, shamelessly posed seductively in front of him and said ' sofaa tay theek koray holo na, bedroom cholo, kothaa aachay (in sofa it was not properly done, lets go to bedroom and discuss '. I walked nude in front of him swinging my ass seductively for I was now thinking of another fuck by this daughter in law fucker. He too followed me all nude.

Though his dick had lost erection but it looked magnificient between his legs. He went to bathroom and came back washing his pubic hairs and dick. After him I cleaned myself. He looked at me and said 'you have got magnificient body and are a very good '. I asked him ' can you do it again'. He said ' sure but after some food '. I said ' I feel like you are my husband' (if you want to know more then do write it in your comments.)

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Nafeesa enjoying sex with father in law

Previously: Nafeesa first time sex with Sulaiman

I am Nafeesa again. My sex adventure with Sulaiman went on clandestinely for one more year. My mother was hospitalised and then my father was hospitalised. When either one of them is sick, the other went as bye stander. Sulaiman and I got out fucking session without arousing suspicion. When the magic pill is there why worry was our motto.

The moment the door is closed and bolted from inside, we started to cuck right from there. Sulaiman inserted his ccck and lifted me and carried me around with his cock inside me, to the kitchen or bedroom. We never wanted to waste a moment. While I am cooking in the kitchen, he will lurk between my legs and lick my cunt. Cunt crazy, Sulaiman never was tired of fucking.

When father is at home he will keep his distance reverentially. My parents started searching for an alliance and immediately a proposal came from the parents of Rasheed, working in Soudi Arabia. He was a handsome guy, graduate, earns handsomely. My parents gave their consent asked for my opinion. I would have preferred Sulaiman.

But my mother showed all her anger and insisted that I should marry only Rasheed. Finally it was agreed. Sulaiman was very much upset. I cannot run away with him. He had no independent income. After betrthal in the mosque. Rasheed came to see me. He was really handsome. I was fascinated by his talk. He talked softly and lovingly.

Marriage was conducted in a grand scale. Lot of people came. Rasheed was to stay for a month and go back and send me my visa for my going to Saudi. During first night, he was treating me delicately like a newly married girl. He saw my clean shaven pussy and asked me who advised me to keep it clean shaven. I told him my aunty advised and showed me how to do it.

His tool was big like that of Sulaiman. First day he did it with grace, not to pain me being the first night. Gradually he increased the number of times. He was concealing all his passion and opened up only gradually. I enjoyed riding on his. He fucked upwards to make things more thrilling and we both cummed together. Unfortunately he on completion of his leave had to leave for Saudi.

He said he will try for a visa for me. But it may take time. I cried on his departure. But secretly I consoled myself because of Sulaiman. My affair with Sulaiman can continue as before. On the day of the departure of Rasheed, his father came to see him off. Rasheed asked me to go and stay with his father since he was alone and only a servant maid kept company with him.

I reluctantly agreed. I took my briefcase with my clothes while going to the airport so that I can accompany Rasheed's father to go to his place. It was far away and needed one day's travel to reach. He was more yougish than my father. His name was Haji Moosa and presented a grave and serious face. They were fabulously rich and there were no children other than Rasheed.

Their house was a new house, big with about four bedrooms all very luxuriously furnished. Haji Moosa slept in the ground floor in the master bed room. My bed room upstairs, airconditioned with attached bathroom etc. There was a computer in the bedroom and a small TV and a big TV in the drawing room.

On the day Rasheed was going after the departure of the flight, my father in law Moosa Haji suggested that we stay in a hotel room rather than drive down in the dead of night. It was a long seven hour drive. I simply nodded my head. We went to a hotel near the airport and took a room, a double room. He asked the driver to sleep in the car and we went to the room it wss a big room with a double cot.

We took our lunch and slept in the bed. I did not have any change of dress and hence slept in the same dress. In the night two or three times Moosahaji's hand touched me. Once it fell on my boob. But he was in deep sleep. I did not mind. On reaching home we slept in our respective rooms. I was a bit scary to sleep alone in the upstair room.

One day the sky became suddenly overcast and there was lightening and thunder. I was very scared of thunder. While at home I used to go and sleep with my mother, hugging her. As time passed the lightening and thunder increased. By about 11 pm it was terrible. The house was shaking with the sound of thunder.

I closed the door of my bedroom and ran downstairs, knocked at the door of my father in law. He was scared and opened the door. I ran inside and got into his bed. He was laughing and told me not to bother and to sleep in the same bed with him. At the sound of thunder I got closer and closer to him and I was hugging him.

Moosahaji turned to my side and put his hands around me and pressed me closer to his chest. My boobs pressed against his naked chest. His hand moved down to my ass and pressed it closer to him. I could feel his cock stiff and pressing me in my cunt. Lightening creaped through the window and I could see his naked upped body.

I pressed his ass towards me and his cock was pressing my cunt. He brought his hand on his cock and pointed directly to my clitoris, and lifted my leg over his hip. Now the was was clear and hic cock was resting on my cunt. In one sweep of his hand he removed his lungi and he was totally nude. I could feel he was lifting my skirt above and ran his hand over my naked thigh.

I was aroused and hugged him tightly. Thunder again came and shook the house. With his hands he pulled me to get over him. With my legs wide apart I lied on him, with my skirt almost lifted up. I lifted my body up with my knees and his cock was at the gate of my cunt. When I pulled myself down, his cock was entering my cunt.

Other adjustments he made and saw that his cock is totally inside my cunt. Poor Moosa haji, with his wife dying early, was sex starved. He was hardly 60 years old and had his sex hunger. With me in the prime of my youth and my husband (his son) having gone abroad, is in dire need of sex Moosahaji felt that he can have safe and easy sex with me.

Lightening and thunder came very handy. His cock was big as that of his son, the size being very familiar to me I enjoyed its entry. We did not speak anything. I got and sat on him with his cock fully inside me,I removed my blouse and bra and took my skirt over my head and I was totally nude. Haji was smiling at my action.

The room was lit with the street light and occasional lightening. I leaned on him and he was squeezing my boobs. I was moving up and down and rotated my hip around his cock. It was immense pleasure for both of us. We were not in a hurry. Slowly we were travelling towards our climax. Finally it came heavily. I panted and moaned. He too was grumping.

Our orgasm was together. He shot his juices inside me. I squeezed him with my hands and legs. We had full orgasm. We remained like that for some time. When juices started to ooze I got up and went to the bathroom for cleaning. Moosa haji came after me. His cock was already limp. Poor Haji, a devout religious man holding his cock in his hand waiting for me to wash.

I washed it thoroughly and wiped it with a towel. He went back to his bed and continued to be nude. I came out of the bath and found him nude and I thought he wanted to continue the game further. I told him to bring the tablet used for prevention of pregnancy. His face became serious and asked me how do you know and who told you.

I took the name of Jamela and he promised to get it tomorrow. We slept in the same condition for the whole night. For the next two three days the climate continued with thunder and lightening. This brought me closer to moosa haji. The moment he hears the sound of a thunder he removes his lungi and lies naked in the bed.

I when I hear the sound of a thunder, remove my u/wear and bra and blouse also. When we start action I remove my skirt also. Once I told Moosa Haji that there is a small pleb in my cunt and it gives me lot of pain. I told him first to see it and decide what medicine is to be applied. Haji made to lie down him his bed and opened my cunt with both of his hands.

The moist clitoris and the interior of the cunt intoxicated him. He took his note closer and was sniffing at allthe things. I told to give a lick to the clitoris. He looked at my face and told me that he has never done it. I said it does not matter, now you can start doing it. Moaning heavily, he started to lick and suck my clitoris. I was in seventh heaven.

Keeping my hands on his head I pressed it on my cunt. He did it for a long time. Turning into a 69 posture I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it vigorously. We went on and on and finally he reached his climax and threw his juices into my mouth. Of he was licking sucking and drinking gallons of my juices. A very strong bondage was developed between us.

He brought me the best of food available in the market. Best fruits, best sweets were brought from distant towns. He got me costly clothes. He engaged another lady teacher to teach me comuters. Our days went on and on fucking every day. Please tell me how do you liked my story. your comments are encouragement for me.

I have many stories of mine and many of my close friends and relatives. You certainly enjoy. Rasheed did not succeed in getting me a visa. He did not disclose this to me. He thought I will be unhappy. Why should I be unhappy.

His father fucks me daily, and he has given out of love lakhs of rupees worth of properties to me. I never cheated him. Whatever he gave he gave out of pure love. Hence please dont mistake that I have taken advantage of him and took all his money. OK Bye.

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Danny fucking his Mom - II

Previously: Danny fucking his Mom

Hi frnz this is danny back again.i hope u all liked my previous story that is my sex encounter with my mom,now il narrate my story of how I allowed my friend to fuck my mom for 20 sex journet with my mom continued.after a month or two I shared this incident with my best frn ram(name changed)with whom I share everything.

he was very excited to hear this I also told him how my mom was fucked buy our driver, intentionally hesitatingly he asked me if ii could allow him to fuck my mom,I flatley refused he offered me sum money.i agreed as he gave me 20 thousand.we made a plan of wer n wn to do it. after 15 days I tld my mom that mytoday is my frnz birth day he has invited both of us.

she agreed to cum.i tld her to dress in saree with blouse havin deep cut reveling her boobes I also tld her noy to wear bra & I want al my frnz to have their eye on u.went to my frnz farm house abut 7km away frm the city,without my moms knowledge I had packed a extra set of dress for her.we reached people wer there except my friend.

i tld my mom that the party was only for 3 of frn was wearing a shorts & a t shirt.we sat drinking sum cool drinks and started chitchatting.than he offered mom refused but agreed on compeling.ram was fully turned on I could make out tent in his pants.he excused &went to toilet.i tld my mom that he might b mastrubating fantasing u.

she blushed I put my hand on her boobs & started squeezing it she asked me not to do that I continued pinchin her nipples which bcame erect. we started smooching ram came out of the toilet I noticed I signaled him to join us he came &sat besides muy mom on the mom came to her sense wn ram cupped my moms boobs &

started caressing it she resisted but ram forcefully took her on his arms &entered the bed room & put her on the bed he pulled her saree & caressed her boobs with clothes on.she shouted at me wat r u seeing help me ur enjoying seeing ur mom being molested by ur friend I just smiled.he was so hory that he tore her blouse she shouted how will.

go home now I tld her that I had an extra set she shouted u bastard u have already planned this.he continued sucking her boobs until it was red she shouted in pain my tool was hard seeing my mom raped by my friend I took of my clothes &shagged releasing a heavy load.he tore her petticote &smelled her pussy he bcame mad at its smeel I pulled down her panties.

and sucked like a baby suckin milk my mom he resisted in the begining started moaning ooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa commmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmonnnnnn suck me hard hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.he inserted his three fingers in her pussy &finger fucked her she shouted I cant waitttttttttttt plsssssssssssssssss

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccc me aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh pls pls make me ur slave..............tare my pussy............he continued finger fuckin her until she reached orgasm she put his dick in her mouth sucked it until it bcame fully erect.she now positioned his cock at her pussy he dentered her one go he started fucking her.

i put my dick in her mouth& fucked her in her mouth&released my load in her mouth.ram cummed deep inside her. & collapsed after about 20 min we excganged our place &fucked again.wn I was about to cum I took my cock & sprayed it all over her body.and slept.i woke in the morning to see ram&mom having the first round of the day.i went near them sat on the sofa.

i put my dick in her ass &made her sit on me & asked ram to fuck her pussy this way she was fucked in both her holes.we had 5 rounds that day her pussy was swollen.and we returned home even today ram fucks my mom at home he gives me a lot of money.

when my father had cum frm dubai regarding some property issue I was able to fuck her in bathroom as both my parents room&mine had same bathroom. but ram was given a nice blowjob in the kitchen wn my dad was reading newspaper in the hall.

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Danny fucking his Mom

Hello every one m danny(name changed) m a big fan of hd I hav read many stories in this blog from 2 m narreting my own experience.please forgive me for the mistakes in narriting as my english is not tell about myself m good lookin 6 "height with athletic boby.

m pursuein engineering in banglore.the woman with whom I had sex is my n my mom stay in a two bedroom flat as my father works at dubai and cumes home once in two tell about my mom she is a woman to die for she had 36d boobs she was slightly plump with flesh at right places.she used to dress up in moder attire wn ever v went shoppin she would attract guys around.

some times she would wear dress showein ample of cleavage.she was my piece of mastrubation from the aga of 16.i used to sniff her used panties &mastrubatefantisein her.she is open type I sum times would walk in wen she is changing & I hav seen her boobs &nipples but not her bush as it would b hidden in her panties.i used to peep into the bathroom wn she was bathin

&shagg seeing her.sum times I would catch her boobes she din oppose me.once she went went to market to buy vegetables wearing a saree which was transpernt showein her cleavage.i was turned on seein her butt swinging.immediatley after she went I mastrubated sniffing her used panties &cummed in it.she returned after an hour.i was turned on again seein her.

when she was placing the veges in the fridge bending down I was temptede seeins her ass.she got up & saw me staring her but din tel anything but smiled.i went to my room & was mastrubating thinking of her I was so horny that I din notice that she entered mt room.i was scared she asked me wat r u doin.i din reply she came near me saw my 8 inch dick &

was stunned.she tld me that she new that she was my fantisy & I used to mastrubate sniffing her panties.she tld me that she was happi that she was her soon fantasy & cought my dick and started moveing it up n down I was very hapi she put my dick in hey mouth n started bloweing me I was pressing her boobs removed her saree,blouse & petticote,

she was wearing black bra & panties,she removed my clothes I was naked.we started smooching.this continued for 15 min we came to 69.i was suckin her clint I found her g spot she leeft out a koud moan aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............pls fuuuuuuuuuuuuc meeeeeeeeeeeee sonnnnnnnnn make me ur sex slave

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bitch pls fuccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.soon she opened her legs wide open bu ti kept fingering her she kept moaning..she had a huge orgasm I drank her juices without wasting....

i dick was rock hard.oosing out pre cum she got up took a candom frm the drawer,,,,i thought it was my dad's but later I came to know that it was our old driver'swho quite the job a year ago who fucked my mom.she slide the condom on my dick she positioned mu dick into her pussy my tool went in easiley.

her pussy was so loose like a prostitute pussy which will b loose form over use(frm my experience with a pros).i din asked her I started strokin very hard she started usein dirty language...........sullamaganey............chucho..........bollemagane,,,,,,,,,,,nan hotaley hutry nana.........nen sulla mad konday allva........nan nin nay kano

(u son of a bitch fuck me ur born from this process only.make me ur bitch)i felt her pussy contracting I started strokeing really hard she had a massive orgasm.i continued &cummed inside the condom she removed the condom &drank my sperms filled in it.we both slept together for 2 hours later I felt sumthing cold on my tool I woke uo to see my mom sucking my cock.we had oral sex.

wn I asked her dad is dubai he din cum home for one &half year ur pussy shud be tight but how cum its so loose.she blushed & told me her encounter with our driver,co passenger wn she went to her frnz place in train.until today we r fucking daily trying new positions.

we also had sex wn my dad had cum was more fun as u all no that eating mangoes by robbing gives more fun than buying my nxt story il tell how I allowed my frn to have my mom for money.pls comment.

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Padma having sex with Father-in-Law

I am a regular reader of HD and I am fascinated by the experiences of many of the readers. I had something to quote but of modesty I kept quiet. Now I think I will narrate concealing names of people involved, places, dates etc. for the purpose of secrecy. I am Padma, aged 33years, 5'6" with 34/26/36 size, fair in colour, having graduated employed in a private company.

I had boys in my neighbourhood and cousins who just wanted to play with me, but I restrained them from going ahead sexually., no fucking. At the age of 23, my parents arranged my marriage and I was very happy with my husband. When I was more demanding sexually, he was just moderate. But he never kept me wanting.

After six months of marriage he had to gulf to accept an employment. I was left with my father in law. Hence forth I will address him as FIL. My mother law had passed away soon after my marriage and hence I had to prepare food for my FIL while attending to my office. He was a nice person, very knowledgeable and friendly and healthy.

He told me to look upon him as a friend and ask whatever I may need. He used to be very frank. I used ask him for money for buying some clothes etc, which he willingly gave. in the evening he used as me to meet him in a park from where we go to a restaurant and have food, or even supper. We used to watch TV upto say 9 pm and then he goes to his computer for browsing.

I go finish my chore in the kitchen and bring him ayurvedic medicine. This was very bitter and hence I take a glass of water for him to wash his mouth. He used to be very much impressed at my forethought and used to plant a kiss on my cheeks in gratitude. I got this gift everyday and I used to wait for it.

One day when I came to his with his medicine I saw him viewing a porno site, which he changed when he heard me entering the room. I just had a glimpse and it immediately sent electric waves throughout my body since I was sex starved after the departure of my husband. He told me shamefacedly that he used to receive lot of 'adults only" mails.

I told him to show me when he receives them. He made fun of me and said jocularly that since your husband is not here and if you see those mails you will start cursing me. I said no, nothing of the sort. On Sundays we joined a yoga class and the yoga teacher asked us to practice yoga everyday in the early morning.

My FIL asked me to go to his room every day in the early morning so that we both can do yoga together. I got up at 4 am and went to his room to wake him up. Often I found him naked in the bed sleeping deep. I woke him up and he conveniently gets up and wears his dhothi and gets ready for yoga. I always wear my salwar so that he may not see my nakedness.

Once he asked me to help him to apply medicinal oil on his back. He asked me to rub it well. He was wearing a short bathing towel and waited in the bath room. I caught hold of his left shoulder with my left hand and rubbed the oil on his back. When I leaned forward I saw him in a glorious erection and struggling to conceal it in his short towel.

I was feeling dampness in my u/wear. But I enjoyed my action of arousing him. He told me to stop and he said he will do the rest of the body himself. After applying oil, he took bath and came out. I had to use my middle finger to quench my thirst. In the night I took his usual medicine and a glass of water. He took the medicine and gave me the customary kiss.

I went and left the glass in the kitchen and came back to his bedroom. He was unaware that I was standing behind him. He went to watch his porno sites. Oh, that was something fantastic. I went and sat in the bed near him. He was surprised and was about to close the site. I said no, I want to see the site. He allowed the video to play on.

It was a video of a boy and girl fucking in the open. They removed each other's dress and the girl sat on the floor and took the cock of the boy in her mouth. It was a very long and stout prick and she slowly took the entire length in her mouth. and was sucking. It would have gone beyond her throat. I watched intently how she is able to manage.

It gave great pleasure to the man. He was mouth fucking her and she allowed him. There was a flood in my u/wear. I stretched my hand to search for the cock of my FIL. He turned the chair towards me and gave me full access. His cock was also big and monstrous. I pulled out his dhothi and tried to take his cock in my mouth. I have never done this before.

The head portion only went inside. I licked the whole thing and tried again. It was so huge that it did not go in. In the meantime my FIL was unhooking my bra and blouse and removed them. My boobs with erect nipples were open before him. His hand softly ran over them and gave me goosepimples all over. He got us and untied my salwar and pulled it down with my panty.

We both were stark naked and aroused. He saw my pussy full of black hair. He asked to go to the bathroom and clean it thoroughly. I came back wiping it with my towel. He asked me to have the hair removed. I asked Now at this hour? He said if you cannot I will do it for you. He went and brought his beard trimmer.

He asked me to lie down and put some old newspaper beneath me and started to trim with his trimmer. Bowing down his left hand searched and stretched the skin and the trimmer in the right hand removed the entire hair. He opened the lips with the left hand whatever little was left behind he shaved off the entire hair.

In the process he touched my clitoris twice or thrice and sent shockwaves in my body. He then asked me to go and wash the cunt again. In the meantime he cleaned his trimmer and kept it aside and threw the newspaper and the cut hair in the waste bin. When I came back it was a new sensation. He asked to lie down in the same condition with wide legs and knees lifted up.

He bowed down and sniffed at my cunt. He further went down and licked my clit with his tongue. AWF it was aaaweeessome. He went on licking the clit and rotated his tongue around it. I was carried to new areas of pleasure. My hand went in search of his cock which was fully erect. It was the first time I was experiencing oral sex. I asked him to fuck me.

Six weeks of sex starvation has made me to go cringing for sex. My FIL came in front of me and keeping my cunt lips wide open, his right hand placed his cock tip at the entrance and pushed it in slowly. My crevice was overstretching and was giving me pain. I told him so. He then applied some coconut oil on his cock and took my own fluids overflowing and smeared it on his cock and inserted.

It went in slowly, but fully tight. I could feel the tightness throughout the stretch of my vagina. His cock touched and pressed new nerve centres and pleasure points. Its journey continued slowly. He was watching my face for any signs of pain or discomfort. It was entirely new feeling for me. A monster entering my body and I was waiting for the damage it is likely to cause.

After his cock was fully encased in my cunt my FIL waited and leaned forward and kissed and licked my nipples. He moved it slowly in small jerks and it sent pleasure waves inside me. He made his fucking a little more faster. Each movement gave me a new experience and I could sense pleasure mounting up into an orgasm. I wound my legs around him and lifted up my hip to meet his downward thrust.

It came, it came in a big way crashing down. I mean my orgasm. It was creaping on my skin and every part of my body was shuddering at the impact of the orgasm. He was not stopping but continued to pump. I was nearing my second orgasm. It was a continuous storm of pleasure. At my bidding he slowly withdrew. I was in a pool of fluids.

I rushed to the bath room to clean myself and when I came back he was sitting with his erection fully intact. I asked him whether he got his orgasm. He did not reply. Again I lied in front of him with legs wide apart he mounted me and put his cock inside.Without uttering a word he went on inserting.

When he was completely inside, he placed his hand beneath my ass and roled me over to make me on top and he below. I sat on his cock and with both my hands tied my dishevelled hair. Leaning over his I started to lift and lower my hip in a up and down motion. His both hands were over my boobs and occasionally he gave them a kiss or a suck.

He then held my hip and fucked me up with quick jerks that again orgasm was building up. He hugged me with his powerful hands and we both had our orgasm together. My God, it was unimaginable amount of pleasure. We both went to the bath room. He told me that at his age there will be only a few drops of semen and no sperms. Hence there was no fear of pregnancy.

I cleaned his cock of all my fluids sticking to it and we came back to the bed. His cock was not limp but in a semi erect condition. We hugged and slept in that condition. I was amazed at the amount of lust the old man had. Seeing me lying naked nearby he fucked me again in the morning. My cunt was aching because of excessive physical strain.

In the evening as soon as I came from office he wanted to fuck me. There after it was a continuous fucking celebration for me. I will narrate another interesting adventure in my next post if you happen to receive my above experience well. Let me see what all comments you make.

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Udit bedding elder sister Jasmine

Hi friends and folks of HumanDigest, this is Udit from Kolkata and a huge fan of this site. This is my first story that I am going to publish so please forgive me for any mistakes. Speaking about me, I am Udit, 20 years old, finished graduation and awaiting results with an average body, 5'7" height n my junior is 8"in length and 3" in gridth. My elder sister Jasmine Name changed got married two years back and now is a mother of a 4 month old kid.

Since we were more or less in the same age group, we were very free and frank with each other. We grew up together and during puberty, things started to change and after watching a few porn’s, my vision towards her totally changed and I started sort of lusting her. But due to strict family principles, I could never dare to approach her. Since we stay at a 2 BHK apartment, mom and dad shared a room and we shared a room.

She was an early riser and I would pretend to sleep and from the corner of my eye, I used to watch her in her undies changing from her night gown to tops n pants. That would give me a morning hard on and I would later go and shag myself thinking about her boob and ass things went on like this and I would, to my luck, sometimes find her used bra or panty or even both and would sniff them and shag my junior until it released my seeds.

Then one fine day, she got married any I was literally sad because I was the closest to her and will miss her mentally and sexually all the time. But still, as circumstances are unavoidable, she got married and went off. Jija ji is a decent guy and friendly with me, so he does not mind me going to their apartment time and again. Di's features started developing more within two months of marriage and I sort of got more magnetized towards her and one day.

I got the news that I have become Mama of a baby boy n I was really excited but sad at the same time because I was not the one to take di's virginity. Now coming to the story, last month Jija had to go to US for a fifteen day tour and I was asked to be with her and take care of her. I could not believe my ears when my mom gave me the news and I was so excited.

I thought that this might be a God given chance to unite brother and sister. I packed my bag d very day and reached her place in the evening. She welcomed me with a tight loving hug with a kiss on my cheek and I could feel her huge milky breasts crushing my chest and the devil inside me wanted to be like that forever but she broke the hug and started asking about mom dad n other family matters.

The baby suddenly cried and she went to her bedroom. I also followed her. But when she was preparing to feed the child and I fell shy and left the room and went to drawing room to watch TV after about half an hour she came putting the child to sleep. Kal ho na ho was going on and we enjoyed the movie and had dinner. We chatted for some time and I asked about Jiju her smile suddenly faded off.

She told he's a workaholic and runs after money and does not take care of her. I acted simple and consoled her and told everything will be okay and fine in return, she said you will never understand unless you get married. With that, she departed, told me good night and I found myself lying in the guest room bed shagged thinking about her and slept off. Next morning she woke me up with a kiss on my forehead n a cup of tea.

I wished her good morning and went to washroom where I found her used bra and panty suddenly mu junior got hard and a flashback of the past came in my mine and I sniffed them and sucked the pussy part of the panty about my sis, 5'5" tall, very fair, with perfect round and huge watermelons with brown nipples n big areolas and a thin flat waist with an ass to die for stats are 36d-28-38.

What I mean to say is right flesh at the right part. Now how a brother can stay calm with a sister like this? Coming back to the incident, after getting fresh up, I had my tea and went to the market and then had breakfast together. She prepared my favourite fish curry while I was surfing the net on my lappy.

Surprisingly, I opened the table drawer and found a pack of Kamasutra dotted condom in it and I got exited. Wish I could use it then and there on my sis! The morning went like this and then we had lunch, she served me and then she took hers.

After lunch we were chatting about my studies and my career plans when suddenly the child again cried and sis went to feed him. I sat in the drawing room itself when I hear me sis calling my name n asking me to come in the room just of cold ran down my spine and I went there. I sat on the corner of the bed and asked what happened and avoided looking at her. She understood the situation and told me not to feel shy with a wink!

I was gazing wide eyed on her open left boob and the nipple which disappeared in the child's mouth. She was pressing the front part of the boob for better flow of milk. I got the greatest hard on of my life and she caught me looking at her like this. She broke the silence by saying Ki re ki dekhchis? What happened, what are you looking at?

I don’t know how I said but the words came out from me without my control Tomar mai ta dekhchi, di I am looking at your boob sis. She was stunned and asked me to come close. I went closer and she took out the other boob and asked me do you like it? I thought it was now or never and replied positive.

She said want to taste my milk in a teasing and seductive way without wasting any time, I grabbed her boob and stared sucking her nipples and the milk flowed in my mouth in juts and streams n sometimes I bit her nipples to which she moaned and I continued pressing he boobs.

After about half and thought of the act di laid the child in the cradle and asked me do you like me? And I said I can die for you then she said want to feel the warmth of your di's pussy? I could not believe my ears but suddenly I hugged her and our lips met for the first time and I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she also responded well by wrapping it with her own. We tasted each other's saliva and sucked the lips and after 15 minutes.

We broke the kiss and I started to lick her ear lobes and neck and also kissed there. She was breathing hard and moaning my name softly then I went does and kissed her cleavage cupping both the boobs with my hand and kissed them bad which the nipples with my fingers.

She pulled my hairs and pushed my face towards her breast and I continued sucking her nipples she pulled off my t-shirt and played with my chest hair and pinched m nipples and this drove me crazy. I pulled off her nighty and licked her tummy in circular motion till I reached her belly button and planted a wet kiss there.

Now I turned her back and kissed her from her neck, down her spine till her ass crack and again licked her up to her neck suddenly the phone rang and it was mom enquiring about me and her she told that I was very good and keeping good care of her and being a good mama to the child and hanged up the call.

This turned me on much more and with that, she pushed me on the bed and in one swift motion pulled down my boxers and my dick sprang up. She took a deep breath and grabbed by dick and said it’s bigger than Jiju's. I said its all yours, do whatever you like hearing this, she bent down and took my dick in her mouth and started giving me the blowjob of lifetime.

I came within 10minutes and she did not waste even the last drop of my shooting sperms and asked me when I am a virgin? I replied positive and then she said she is lucky to take the virginity of dick like this. She started sucking my dick again playing with my balls. I asked her to come in 69 and I starts licking her pussy I licked her clit,

she started sucking my dick vigorously and she came twice while I licked her and now I fingered her with two fingers and rubbed the clit with my thumb. This turned her crazy and she came within a few minutes and I licked her honey.

She said that Jiju never used to lick her. This was the first time she was experiencing this much pleasure. Now I laid her down and smooch her deep and pressed her boobs while rubbing my dick head in her clean shaved pussy to and fro motion of my waist.

She could not holt further and bit my lips for teasing her too long and with her right hand grabbed my dick and guided it in her love hole ant hugged me by my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist.

Pop! In went my dick and I trusted it harder to which she aahhh mere felbiiii tooo reee aaah u will kill me then she said to rest in that position for some time to adjust the size of my dick and then asked to doit slowly. I started fucking her slowly pulling their entire 8" out and then pushing it in and with my thumb, I teased her clit. She was moaning and scratched my back.

We were in ecstasy and then she asked me to show the animal in me and I started thrusting hard and to every thrush. She moaned uuiii uuiii uuiii udit I love you fuck your sis hard and here boobs also bounced in rhythm. We were sweating like hell and the room was filled with the aroma of our sweat and love juice.

I pumped my sister hard and harder and suddenly she clutched me tight and let out a sweet moan and lay motionless but breathing heavy and I realised she came and I got exited and after fucking her for some more time. I let out my seeds deep in her pussy and lay on her whispering her name and remained in that position with my dick in her pussy.

She was sunning her fingers though my hair and kissed my forehead and told me that this was the best fuck she ever had and also said my wife will be lucky to get a husband like me. I said thanks di, today you fulfilled my dreams and kissed her lips softly. She started stroking my dick with her hand and it was again ready for another fuck.

This time she was on top of me and imagines how the 36 d size was bouncing while I fucked her and then we fucked in doggy position but she likes missionary the most with her legs over my shoulder after that, we had sex whenever we got time and we fucked countless times in those 15 days.

We used to move around nude in the house. We fucked in the bathroom on the dining table kitchen in the next story I will tell you how my Jiju's sister also got in our act and we had threesome but for that first I need your comments.

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Horny Bangalore aunty getting fucked

I am narrating my first story. I am regular reader of humandigest. This happened 1 years back. This is the true incident which happened in my life a memorable and sweet experience. My name is Abhi from Bangalore. (Name changed). I am here submitted story about the encounter with my aunty who is far relative of mine.

First I like to tell you about my aunty her name is Megha (Name Changed). She also from Bangalore only. When this encounter has happened at that time she was 27 years old married. She is happily married, my uncle own a provision store. He will be busy every time till 10 night. First I don’t have any bad intention about my aunt, Once when I went to give a vegetables to my aunt,

there was nobody in the house only aunt, I forget to say how she looks, She is damn sexy with 38d and biggest navel, you could imagine how sexy she was. When I went to her house she was sleeping. The door was opened, has her house was in first floor she used to open the door and sleep in hall only. There I saw a beautiful scene of my aunt, for first time, Her saree came up till her thighs, her cleavage was full exposing.

When I saw that scene my tool erected and my 8 inches rod was coming out of my pant. I tried to wake her up but she didn’t and I tried to touch her milky stomach which was very beauty, but without courage I kept the vegetable there and went to my home. After that incident I was regular to her house to see the beautiful scenes of my aunt.

One day I went to see xxx movie in my friend’s house, after seeing that Malayalam movie, I came to my aunts house for my surprise she was sleeping in the hall where she used to sleep every day. But the scene was different. But this I saw her big cleave half of her boobs were exposed. As I have seen that movie recently I was out of control.

As she was in deep sleep I sat near her and staring the boobs who was doing up and down. I was out of control, I don’t how I got courage slowly I slowly moved my hand towards her cleavage. When I touched that spot a current has been passed in my body, I think the first time I touched the women body that too in the important spot.

My hand was shivering because if my aunt may wake and if she tells to my mom or if she make the situation very serious. I noticed that though I touched she is in very fast sleep. I was feeling her soft skin and just moving hand from left to right side on her cleavage. When I pressed that cleavage very hard and squeezed she opened her eyes and scolded

“eno maadta idya, ninge buddi ilva, en maadta erodhu neenu, naanu yaaru antha gotta” (wht r u doing, you know who am i) she told, I was not able to listen at that time, I was pressing. She removed my hand, already I lost my control, when she removed my hand my eyes fell on her stomach which was milky, my hand started to play, she again started to scold me.

To shut her mouth, I locked her lips from my mouth and my hand started to play with her pussy, I started to rub her pussy very hard so that she must become horny and get fucked.
I was rubbing and squeezing her pussy from above saree only, first she tried to remove my hand, but she failed to lose my hand because I was pressing and squeezing hard.

First she protested my activities. I didn’t lose my hand for 10 to 15 minutes, I was kissing her lips and rubbing her pussy very hard. After 10 to fifteen minutes I was shocked from her words, she told that “beda kano maadbeda aa thara, then, aa ujju gillu, kachu innu joraagi aaa thadyokke aagta illa, nange allege idhu vargu yaaru kai aakilla,

chennagidhe ujjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (no don’t do, then she was telling rub, rub it hard bite it squeeze them hard, I am feeling better, till now nobody touched that part to me). After making her horny I was silent an stood up and started to observe her let us see wht she will do she was saying

“hey kothi nange chulu yabsi neenu hodya yaako nana deha ninge ishta aagilva, nange ee thara yaaru maadilla nimma uncle sumne nanna kai thaare amele malko thaare, ninna aata nanna deha jothe nanna huchu yabusthaa idhe baaro nanna raja, nanna kai nalli thadyokke aagtha illa (hey monkey u made me horny and u simply standing and watching me,

why u didn’t like my body or what, I don’t experience this, ur uncle used to fuck me fast and used to go for sleep, your foreplay made me horny please come my raja” by saying this she was very eager to fuck me. I understood that my dream came true now. I opened my dress I was only in under wear and told her to stand up.

When she stood I opened her saree, blouse and petticoat. I was stunned and stood like statue by seeing her body she was in white bra and white bra, her 38d was eagerly waiting to come out. Her nipple was erect by which I made her and her panty is wet. I went her I hugged her tightly so that her boobs may press to hard to my body.

I was licking her face, eyes, nose her neck and ear. She was moaning like “ aah aah, maadu chennagi kachu nanna deha na., nannalli ero kaama na evattu neenu kargusu” (aha h do do more, bite my body, please make less of my kaama). I was playing with her boobs above bra only, I was pressing hard so that she was crying with pain. “aah novthaa idhe nidhaanukke maado”.

Then I came down I licked full tomach and pressed them hard, I went her navel which was deep and I put my tongue into her and started to mouth fuck her navel she was shouting that “aah alli eno maadta idyaaa thullu nalli kai andre okluna maadta idyallo, aadru channagide maadu innu maadu nilusbeda please…

(what r u doing there, fuck pussy instead of u r fucking my navel, anyway this is very nice don’t stop please do it more) she was shouting like that this made me crazy I came little down and started to play with her pussy, first planted a kiss on pussy above panty, she moaned with pleasure, ahahahahhaha.

Then I moved her panty to little bit left site and I started to finger fuck there only, she was in standing position and struggling to stand with my act. When I started to finger fuck her pussy she was enjoying (ahahah amma, thadyokke aagta illa raja maadu joraagi maadu innu joraagi amma maado. (ahahha mom, I cant tolerate, raja do do it fast more fast increase your speed).

Then I made her to turn back, first I removed her panty, and bite strongly on her ass, she moaned “appaaaaaaaaaa, kachbedaaaaaaa thikana” (oh dad! don’t bite my ass) but I was not in mood to listen her, I went up by licking her naked body and removed her bra from my teeth and told her to remove fully and made her to turn forward.

When she turned I saw her beautiful milky white boobs with erected nipple were waiting for me to squeeze, bite and suck them hard. When I saw her full naked, my hand directly went to her pussy, she thought that my hand will go to boobs to squeeze, but I moved my hand towards her pussy and was rubbing very hard and inserted my two fingers inside her pussy and started to move up and down slowly she was

“ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nanna mole isuktya antha thilkondre neenu thumba jaana nanna thullege kai aagudya adhu olge, nange onthaara ansthaa idhe thumba channagide. (I am feeling nice, I thought that u will squeeze my boobs very hard, but you straight inserted ur hand into my pussy, fuck me hard). From that position only we both went to her bedroom and I told her to sit not to sleep.

When she sat on the bad, I made her leg to spread I increased my speed, my speed was more that she tried to remove my hand first and then she hold my hand and started to bite my ear and lips and her own lips. When I increased my speed more she was moaning “ah ah ah amma devre, neenu ishtu channagi maadtya antha gottirlilla, amma nandu banthu banthu ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

(god mom, I don’t know that u will do very well like this, ammmaaaaaaaaaa I m cuming, cuming, cuming). She got her first orgasm bed was full of her orgasm I went top of her gave a French kiss and our tongue exchanged and I was pressing and squeezing her boobs really hard. By licking and kissing I went down to her boobs I hold her left boobs in and pressed them hard she told “ammaaaaaaaaaa isku innu joraagi”.

I started to suck her boobs, when I gave hard bite on her nipple she moaned “kachu innu joragi, nanna mole nindu en bekaadru maadu otnalli nange maja kodu, chennaagi maadta idya maadu” (bite more, whtever u do with my boobs that is urs from today). She continued to moan “saaku innu ninnna thunne na nannolge thursuuu beda saaku”

I told her to suck my cock, first she refused then she agreed and took my 8 inches rod in her mouth and giving pressure, I am feeling better and started to moan, maadu innu joraagi, she increased her speed. When I about to cum, I cummed in her mouth and forced her to drink my cum. For few minutes she told she want rest, I was playing with her soft boobs.

My rod was standing straight to go inside her pussy. I made her to come down and inserted my rod slowly into her pussy, first I was pumping slowly I gradually increased speed she moaned with pain I increased speed she was shouting “amma aha ahahhahahah maadu innu joraagi” I increased I told I am cumming and asked where to cum, she told to cum inside only.

We met with climax. After I again fucked her from back side, and and tried new positions. Our relations continued for one year. After a year my uncle went to his native place to settle there only because his father illness, my aunt also went, I didn’t get a full chance to fuck her when she went. But we are in phone contact. Few times I will give her phone sex. Please post your feedback in the comments. Thanks.

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Hot sex with cousin Sneha

Hello readers. Am a great fan of HumanDigest, that I used to read stories in here ever night before going to bed and masturbate imagining that am the guy in the story. Most stories are very horny that I save them and read it later again. Here am going to narrate my sex experience with my cousin Sneha.

We were of same age and she was from down south Tamil nadu and I am from a city in same state. I have not mentioned the names of our cities for privacy. She had come to my city to pursue her engineering. I also joined engineering but in different college. She used to live in a girls hostel nearby her college and visit my house every weekends. We were like normal cousins and shared some news among us. She had a stats of 34 32 38. I have a normal 6" dick.

I had an urge to have sex with her from the day she came to my city but didnt dare to take the next step. First year of college went as usual with no interesting thing happened between us. We used meet during weekends and it was usual talks. I could not take the next step further. It was during our second year of college that there was a wedding in her city and my parents left 2 days before.

We both had work in our colleges so we had to take a bus the previous day of the wedding and return back the same day of the wedding. It was a Tuesday and I went to college as usual and returned back by 6pm. Sneha was supposed to come to my place by 8pm and we had to catch the 9:30 bus. There was a heavy rain all of a sudden and Sneha came home fully drenched.

Her shalwar was completely wet was hugging her figure. I had an immediate hard on seeing her. She came in and changed her clothes and we went to the bus stand in a taxi. It was a sleeper bus and we had a double birth sleeper( I was happy inside). Once into the bus she was near the window and I was lying next to her.

I had a thought it is now or never so I somehow managed to start to the conversation and finally headed to the topic of girlfriend and boyfriend. I asked her if she had any boyfriend ( knowing that she was in a girls college). She said that she doesn't have one and that I was the only male who is in constant touch with her.

That night we had some discussion on relationships, sex before marriage and blah blah. We reached the wedding place attended the wedding and in the night had to catch the same bus back. Again we had a double sleeper and occupied the seats in the same fashion. I again started the conversation on relationships and finally had her aroused as well.

Though she did not show it out but I could make it from her face. We then switched off the light and lied down with blankets over our bodies. After some 10 minutes I moved closer to Sneha and put my leg over hers. I didn't get any objection so took some courage and put my hand as well on her hips. Even now she didn't object. Slowly I moved my hands up and placed it on her boobs.

Even now she didn't say anything. I now started to squeeze her boobs over her shalwar and inched closer to her and hugged her from behind. I kissed her in her neck and bite her ear lobes. She let out a moan. Fearing that someone might hear us I covered her mouth with my hand and continued with my foreplay. She then turned around and we saw our faces for the first time then.

I at once kisse her on her lips. She slowly opened her mouth and our tongues started to play. I then took her right hand and placed it on my dick over my shorts. She then slowly put her hand inside my shorts and took my dick in her hand and started to stroke it. Meantime I was playing with her boobs over her dress. The whole journey I was playing with her body.

We reached my city by 4 in the morning. We then took an auto to my home. Once inside I straight away hugged her from behind andcupped her boobs. I then turned her around and wekissed for some 5 minutes. She broke the kiss and went to the washroom. She came back wearing a nightie and I too changed into my shorts with no undies.

I carried her in my arms to my bed and got in top of her kissing her all over her face. After some foreplays we got undressed and I saw a naked boob for the first time in my life and she saw a dick for the first time. She had 34 sized boobswith a dark black aerole in the centre and her nipples were rock hard.

I took both her boobsin my handand was squeezing it and pressing her nipples as well and first I licked her right boob and slowly started to suck her right boob and she was moaning in pleasure. I kept sucking her nipples for sometime and changed position on her boobs and did the same with her left boob.

I then kissed her lips and she opened her lips letting my tongue inside her mouth and soon our tongues started to play and meanwhile my hands were on her boobs. I then went down to her pussy and found it to have pubic hairs. So we decided that we shave it off first. I went andbrought my trimmer and she had the hair removal cream as well.

First Iused my trimmer to trim the hairs and again shetrimmed off the hairs from my chest and my pubic hair. Wethen applied the hair removal cream on each others' body and cleaned all the hairs.Chest, armpits and pubicarea. We then cleaned ourselves in hot water and I carried her to my bed and made her lie down with her legs wide open.

I bent down and touched her pussy with my forefinger and moved my finger up and down. I could feelher juices out there and slowly opened her pussy lips and sawthe pink colored vagina and touched it. She let out a moanarching her head back and biting her lips. Her hands were on my hairs.

I then asked her if she had masturbated to which she said "hmmm hostela naanga sex pathi pasuvom. approm night thoongum bothu ennoda fingersah use panni thadavuven ( meansin hostel we girls talk about sex andin the nightbefore sleeping Iuse to rub myvagina with my fingers)". Iagain asked her if she had inserted her fingers inside to which shesaid nah she hasn't done that.

I then told her it might pain now but you will eventually enjoy the pleasure later on so bear the initial pain. Saying so I slowly inserted my forefinger inside and she had pain and was trying hard to control it. I then placed my left hand in her mouth and she was biting my fingers. I remained there inside without moving for sometime and started my to and fro motion slowly and soon increased my pace.

She had an orgasm and was a big one and my finger was still inside and she contracted her vaginal walls. I again started to finger fuck her and this time I succeeded in inserting my middle finger as well and was finger fucking her with two finger. I was fucking her till she had a not!
her orgasm. Now I went up and put my finger in her mouth and made her suck my fingers dry which she did.

Soon she got up and rushed to the washroom and cleaned her mouth. I was standing down from the bed at the edge and she came to me and made me sit on the edge. She sat on my lap and we started to kiss each other and she made me to lie down without breaking the kiss. We were kissing for a long time and finally broke the kiss.

She moved down to my dick and it was rock hard and my pre cum was oozing out. She was not comfortable in taking my dick in her mouth. Being the first time I didn't force her too. So I asked her to give me a handjob which she did and while doing so Sneha had her eyes glued to my dick.

Soon I reached my climax and I told her and she continued to with her handjob and I sprayed my cum on her face and hairs. I then carried Sneha to the bathroom and we had a shower together. I came out and threw her on her the bed and I came on top of Sneha and positioned my dick and her entrance and spread her legs wide apart.

I lay on her kissing her on her lips to stop her from screaming and I pushed my dick inside and being the first time for both of us my dick didn't go inside. I then applied some Vaseline on my dick and her pussy too. Finally after some 5 tries, the head of my dick went inside her. Sneha screamed in pain. I bent down and kissed her lips to avoid the sounds.

I pulled my dick out and again pushed. This time half of my dick went in. I was kissing her still and waited for her pain to subside and pulled out and pushed again with some more force. This time I went fully inside her and stayed there for some time. I had her mouth closed and could see tears rolling out of her eyes. I waited for 2 minutes and then started my to and fro action.

I fucked her for not more than 5 minutes. Being the first time for both of us reached the climax early. We then lay back on each others arms for 2 hours. We then got up dressed and I took her in my two wheeler to have some coffee and I went to the medical shop got condoms and iPills as well. We got food for breakfast and lunch and came back home.

She went straight to my bedroom and I went behind her and took her in my arms and threw her on the bed and got on top of Sneha and was kissing her all over the face. I tore her salwar to which she said lets not have rough sex. I was in no mood to listen to her and took her boobs in my mouth in the same pace.

I then did not wait for anything that I started to fuck her pussy in full force and I discharged my load deep inside her.We then had bath together in my bathtubcame out andhad breakfast. I played some xxx movies in my comp for Sneha to show her some hard core fucking. I then told her that by giving blowjob u will satisfy your man and the woman will have pleasure when her man sucks her pussy.

She then browsed some videos on blowjobs and finally she gave me a blowjob that afternoon. We just did foreplays in the afternoon. Evening we went to lingerie shop and I choose some sexy lingerie for her and asked her to wear it that night.I asked Snehato dress up like a bride. I got her a sexy transparent black saree with sleeveless blouse and deep cut in the front and just a rope at the back.

We got back home and Sneha went straight to get dress up and she came out wearing that saree and she looked sexy like never before. The sare was a total transparent one and you could see her cleavge through the saree. I did not waste a second that I immediately took her in my arms kissing her lips. I then carried her in my arms and she had her hands around my neck.

I was walking towards my bedroom when Sneha came up and kissed me on my lips. We kissed till I threw her on the bed. I got on top of Sneha and removed her saree exposing her bare skin and blouse. I started to suck her boobs over her blouse and soon removed the rope behind there my sex goddess lay with her saree awayexposing her boobs.

I slowly undressed her one by one and wehad passionate sex that nite, Sneha gave me some 6 blowjobs and I too sucked her vagina like 5 times. We ended up having 4 hard core sessions taking rest for some 20-30 minutes inbetween two sessions. We even bunked college the next day. I had sex with Sneha all over my house. Bedroom bathroom kitchen slab dinning table.

That evening Sneha left for her hostel and I dropped her there. We after that had sex whenever possible not on regular occasions but we managed to get our lust satisfied like bunking colleges and going to some movie hall to have foreplays.

I once took Sneha to a hill resort for a weekend and we had sex like honeymooners. We never stepped out of the room for 2 days. We are still in contact and we are doing our final year of engineering and we still have sex like a newly wed couple whenever we get chance.

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