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David enjoying with uncle and aunt

It all started when I was young. My uncle and aunt came over to our place to visit. my aunt had a white complexion. She was skinny and had petite breasts. They were going to stay the night over and they were sleeping in my bed. My uncle being newly married was very horny. Knowing this I acted as if I was sleeping and soon my aunt and uncle got to action.

From what I heard them I saying I knew my aunt was getting fingered by my uncle. Uncle : Why is ur pussy wet? Aunt : I just cleaned and came from the washroom. Aunt : Is David asleep? uncle : yeah he is SO in order to check my aunt grabbed my cock and asked what is this david. I didnt move or give any reaction and pretended to be asleep.

Aunt had a very good grip on my cock and made it come to life. By now my cock was fully erect. I slowly peeped and saw that mama was already fingering her and her facial expressions showed that she was in great pleasure. Now and then slight moans would escape from my aunt. She kept stroking at my uncles cock and my cock at the same time.

She also fondled my testicles. I was well aware to the facts of sexual intercourse and pornography and also did masturbate at times. This was probably my 1st handjob. She kept stroking at my uncles cock and at one point he had reached his climax. Uncle continued to finger her and she continued stroking me. THe pressure was building up in my cock.

I needed to cum badly. Suddenly the pace of her stroking increased, my cock was ready to burst its cum out but she kept on stronking and didnt stop, thus not letting my cum out. Then all of a sudden I hear a load moan and then she let go of my cock. My cock burst out the cum and soiled my pants, the bedsheets and her hand probably.

She had cummed at the same time she let go of my cock and was shuddering, I was shuddering too, but I tried to calm down and not show it. I peeped to see her facial expressions and shuddering, it was a wonderful view. Drops of sweat running down her face. She turned towards uncle and they kissed, leaving me in my state.

A while later, my uncle goes to the washroom to get clean while my aunt stays in bed and in his absence she lifts the bed sheet to see my cock. she touched it and my cock started growing, she said naughty naughty and put my cock back in my pants and lay down beside me as before and was going to fall asleep as my uncle also entered and lay down to fall asleep.

I kept quiet during this whole time. after the lights went out again, I dont know how long I waited, but after a while I put my hand across aunt and moved closer. All this had excited me a lot and my heart was pacing really fast.I put my hand across my aunt, moved closer and hugged her. My dick was touching her ass crack and my hands her stomach as she was facing uncle.

On feeling the touch she moved and faced me and hugged me and got hold of my hand and help it near her chest tightly. I could feel her boobs and they were right in front of me. I could smell her scent and it made me even more horny. I remained like this for a while and made sure she was asleep. Little by little her grip on my hand loosened and then I knew she was in her deep sleep.

I knew they must be tired from the activites in the morning and from the actions they had in the night. I licked her lips to see if she was awake, no reaction so I moved forward. I slowly rest my palm on her breasts, no reaction, I started pressing them lightly. It felt awesome, her breasts were so soft. My cock had grown to full length and I could feel the precum oozing out.

I then had an idea to search for her nipples. I pressed her boobs on top of her dress (she was wearing salwar kamiz). I poked her breasts with my finger and was moving it along her breasts to see if I hit a bump. I could feel my finger racing against her bra and then I felt it. I had found her nipple. I took it between two fingers to feel it and it felt good.

I started to circle with my finger around the nipple. The nipple was growing in size and it was visible from underneath the bra and dress. I dont know what was going on in her mind or if she had felt it or not, but her body was definitely feeling it and liked it and was enjoying it. I thought enough of this, lets see her boobies now.I slowly put my left hand inside her dress and felt her silky smooth skin.

My hands felt her stomach and I slowly moved my hands towards her breasts so as to not wake her up.I felt the outline of her bra. I raised the bra enough to creep my fingers in and I could feel her under-boob. Then I moved my fingers sideways to discover her cleavage. Her boobs were crushed against each other as she was facing me.

I put my middle finger in her cleavage and found it very amusing. then I slowly raised her bra to free her right boob. I then touched her nipple and was already wetting my pants downstairs with precum. I felt her nipple, squeezed her breasts and then started to raise her dress as I wanted to see her boobs. I could her fair silky smooth skin and then her boobs.

They were a sight to look at. I can never forget the sight of those boobs. I touched her nipple, tweaked it lightly and then put it in my mouth and played with it with my tongue and licked it. I didnt do much so as not to wake her up. I got bored of it easily and though lets head for the pussy. I undid her pyjama knots and saw her wearing golden thongs.

There was a dim light available in the room that made things visible to me. I saw her belly button and moved down slowly just to kiss it and put my tongue in it. I then slowly raced my fingers along the line of her panties and then raised it to put my hand in her thongs. It was too tight. So I gave one last kiss to her boobs and nipples and put her dress in place though I couldnt fix the bra.

I had a feeling that if I put my hand in her thongs and something goes wrong she might wake up. Then I crept down slowly and raised the elastic band of her thongs and peeped to discoved that her pubic region was clean shaved, I grabbed her ass. They were so soft and supple. I then raced my finger along her ass crack and was disappointed as I could not move to her love hole.

Her right leg was over her left leg as she was turned towards me, leaving no space for my finger to enter. I put my hand in her thong from the front and felt her pubic region, I could also feel the new small pubic hairs that were growing. I reached down to her vulva and I couldnt move forward as there was no space,

I slowly tried to put my middle finger through the space and with a little force I pushed it through, then I heard a load moan and then within a flash lots of things happened. Hearing the moan I went back to pretending to be asleep. Felt my aunts hands removing it from her private parts and on the way to remove it, she moaned again, then I was pretty sure that I had touched her clit both times.

She took my hand out her thongs and I landed them with a thud on her pubic region. My hands were still inside her pyjama and then she removed them from there and tied the knot to her pyjama. She moved the other way and went to sleep.

I was scared and did not make any further attempts that night. I was suffering from blue-balls badly, so a little later I went to the washroom and jacked off my schlong and went to bed.If you like my stories, lemme know, i've got more from where they came. These are all true incidents.

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Sunita fucked by Daddu

Previously: Sunita fucked by strangers in train - I

I had lost my parents at an early age, and therefore was brought up in my middle-class maternal uncle's family where in I lived until I was married off to you. In that family my aunt was never much fond of me, nor were my cousins. They used to envy me, considering me a burden on them. I came into their family when I was barely 13.

I used to stay in a room (having an attached-bath) upstairs, sharing it with my retired widower Dadu (maternal grandpa) and he was, of course, very fond of me, ab initio. And whatever, I needed I would demand it only from him. In the room there was only a single bed, but king-sized, comfortably accommodating two of us, me and my dadu.

From very beginning, I had developed a habit to sleep, nestling up against him, or embracing him. As time passed...and I was growing up with adolescent youth pervading me very rapidly, and after attaining puberty, or after my maiden menstruation at 14, it soon blossomed me out into a young girl-woman!

I started using brassiere. But I did not demand a separate bed now, nor was I provided with also. I continued with my habit of sleeping beside him, in his cozy affectionate embrace, as usual. And due to this proximity with him I was never shy with him either. Even I would not mind going to bed, wearing only a tape-frock, made of cotton translucent materials.

And much of my protruding young breasts would poke through, sometimes vividly outlining the nipples. He would sometimes look at my developing boobs, but not with lust in his eyes. I grew a little as high school girl. By now my bra-size had become 32 A. My hormones were building up. I used to talk about sex with my friends in school.

From such talking I used to get hot and masturbate with long brinjal or big fat cucumber when I could get time without actually inserting it full else my hymen would break. Now I started to enjoy this ritual and practiced it more often in the privacy of my bedroom in the afternoon. I clearly remember that day.

It was Thursday and all the family members were gone out except for my widower daddu who was home. I checked on Daddu and found him asleep in the room downstairs. I went to the kitchen and selected a big cucumber for today's fucking and went to my room upstairs. I was very hot for some big fat thing in my choot and readily undressed for the fun.

There is a mirror in our bedroom and I love to watch my every action in that. I arranged the mirror so that I could get my reflection in it when I lie on the bed doing my stuff. So when I completed my undressing I stood before the mirror examining my body. My breasts stood proudly on my chest. Oohhhhhh! They are lovely and so sensitive. Still not soft a bit.

My hands went on to them and I caught both of my breasts in each palm. Ohhhhh! It felt so nice. I imagined strong male hand instead of mine and the pleasure was doubled. I kneaded my breasts massaging them slowly and steadily. I felt them grow with the caressing and my nipples started to grow. I watched the buds grow and become erect.

They were hard now, stood about half inch from the beautiful pink aureoles below. The veins on the fleshy globes now turgid with the blood supply looked prominent and I traced my finger over them. I caught my breasts in my hands and brought them up so that the nipples were now thrust upwards. I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and lowering my head tried to lick my own nipples.

First left, then the right one, I could barely flick my tongue on them and it felt sooo nice. I caught my nipples in my thumb and fore finger and rubbed them. Ahhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! What a feeling! I let my hands travel down below tracing my flat stomach and then my fleshy naval. I circled my fingers around the belly button and even traced it inside.

Ohh God! This felt so good and my hands travelled down below towards my choot. I never shave my choot and love to have the curly growth down there. This makes women's choot look so live! I moved one hand down to my soft unshaved choot, feeling how wet I was, and parted the choot lips and began to rub my slit. It felt so good and I wanted more, so I slowly slipped a finger inside me.

One by one I slipped two more fingers inside me, wanting it to be a hard throbbing lund pleasing me. My nipples were very hard now and so I pulled my breast towards my mouth and begun to suck on my nipple. It was so nice to feel my tongue making circles around my nipple. I pulled my fingers out and slowly rubbed my nipples with my wet fingers, working my way to my mouth, running them over my lips and tasting my own juices.

I was so wet and feeling very good now I wanted to cum, to feel relaxed. I took the big long cucumber, which I had brought and examined it. Ohh God! It was really big. I was greedy for the big hard lunds and that made me take this cucumber. I put it to my hot mouth and flicked my tongue around the tip. GOD! Only if this was real one I thought.

I tried to take the tip in my mouth but I could not. It was sooo thick and almost 10 inches long. I traced my tongue all over the thickness and made it wet with my saliva. Then I opened my mouth wide and took some portion of the cucumber inside it. Ohhh my mouth felt sooo full! I think I must have been very hot as the next thing I did was to push that cucumber right into my choot!

It would not go in and I had to spread my legs wife and spit on the choot to male it slippery from outside. I placed the cucumber at the entrance of my choot and pushed hard. Ohhhhh! God! It hurt a little but I did not bother and continued to push it inside. I was moaning loudly and was afraid someone may hear me.

But I could not stop moaning and pushed the cucumber inside. About 4 inches of it entered my poor choot and I moved it in and out. I looked into the mirror and saw my image. There I was, with my legs spread wide and my choot exposed with the thick long cucumber fucking in and out. Ohhhhhh God! Watching this made me hotter and I started to fuck the cucumber faster.

I don't know what I was saying but I was definitely moaning loudly. I don't know for how much time I was fucking the cucumber and then I came! My choot was flowing with my cum juices and I was moaning dirty words! When I looked into the mirror to see me cuming I was shocked! There was my Daddu, standing there and staring at me fucking that bloody cucumber!

Ohh God! I was caught by him and he may tell this to others! I thought for a moment and thought of a plan to include this old man into my daily bouts. "Sunita, what are you doing? Its very dirty. You are naked and Ohh what's that? You are pushing in your choot? And why?" Just few questions, but meaningful ones for me. I called daddu inside the room and covered my body with the bed sheet.

I knew how to explain all this to the old man who was just entering the last stage of manhood. I wanted to make him join my sexual pleasures. I slowly removed the bed sheet from my body. Daddu looked at my body with curiosity and stared at my big breasts. He was really astonished to see the big breasts, naked for the first time.

I looked at him looking at my breasts, "You have never seen my breasts, Daddu. You must have seen your wife's, they are bigger than mine." I spread my legs and showed Daddu my choot. he was staring at my choot hair. "Ohhhh I am afraid somebody may come in or else I would have seen your thing." "Now don't worry daddu I will lock the door."

He was shocked to say the least, "Ohhh Beti! Please don't! I am feeling shy. Not now!" He blurted out, "Ok so you have seen my choot my grampa? Now come here and I will show you the details of it." Daddu came near my choot and looked at the slit. I was very much excited with his watching my choot and I spread my choot lips with my hand.

I exposed my pink fuck hole inside of my choot. Suddenly we heard footsteps meaning our family members had come back. Daddu ran away from my room breathing hard. I dressed up to meet family members. We didn't get any other chance for long. However, one day my widower dadu fell ill; he was down with high fever, and I acted out as his nurse to look after.

I used to feed him medicine and or compress his body with wet towel, etc. His fever lasted a week, but it made him quite weak, health wise. So when doctor permitted him to take normal bath I thought I should help him bathe. And I told him, "Do not go to bathe, all alone. You are weak, and may fall down on the wet floor any moment. I will take you inside and bathe you".

He did not put much objection to it. So on the 1st day I thus started with him by first embrocating oil on his upside, back, legs hand etc, and then finally before taking him into bathroom I changed my shalwar-kameeze, and just wrapped a white gamchha around my upper torso ( with no bra underneath) and petticoat.

Anyway, I made him (who was in towel only) sit down on a stool, and standing now face-to-face before him. His face was at level with my boobs. I poured water on dadu, and the moment I did it, the water splashed over from him and simply drenched my gamchha to skin, making my front completely or clearly visible through that wet transparency.

I felt embarrassed for initial few seconds, but then to cover it I, on a strange impulse, just pulled dadu's head to my wet bosom, and his face nestled in between my two very firm tight-fleshed and highly sensitive breast-domes; This time I trembled at his touch, despite the fact that many a time I had indulged him to sleep with his face resting against my tape frock-hidden breasts in the nocturnal hours.

He had seen me naked that day. But this time the situation was different; now I looked topless! And he was touching my breasts. Whatever, I continued to bathe him, while he stayed hiding his face between my breasts, wrapping me in embrace. I discovered I was liking his childlike nestles and his intimate touch.

And a strange deep affection for him filled my heart, and that feeling also uncontrollably soon changing into a sexual urge towards him. I began remembering my cunt show to him that day. Due to result of which my nipples turned swollen. On the other hand, I went on to pour water on him.

Then suddenly I felt my dadu's face was now brushing, side to side, between my cleavages, and then it moved along a breast-dome and stopped over the nipple. Then suddenly he opened his mouth and engulfed the erect tinny nipple, granting me a jolt of strange bliss; I trembled and thrust forth to push as much of the succulent breast-tip as I could into his eager mouth.

He understood my growing sexual heat, and welcoming it he then peeled a part of that wet gamchha aside, partially, thus exposing one breast fully. He brought his mouth over my honey-brown nipple. I closely hugged him and pinned his face against the nipple. And while he was sucking that breast, I peeled the gamchha off my body and threw it aside,

so that now he could savour my full breasts to his heart's content. Seeing me completely topless he was very happy, and stated cupping and squeezing my elated breasts with both hands while simultaneously sucking them, by turns. I was getting wetter and in no time a shuddering orgasm overtook me, making me moan in ecstasy.

He continuously sucked my breasts and played with them, silently, for quite some time, drenching them with his saliva. And then his mouth came over mine. Spontaneously I reciprocated with him, letting his tongue wed mine, and indulging him to consume the nectar of youth from my mouth, which pushing my bosom against his chest.

I was in trance of passion, so was he. I felt for him, my heart went to him, considering his condition that he had been outside sexual bliss for years, and being his beloved grand-daughter it's my duty to enliven him with nectar of my felinity. Daddu held my breasts and pressed them hard. Ohhh his hands felt nice. How can I describe the lust that was pumped into me by this innocent touch.

After we broke our passionate kiss he made me lie down on my back on the bathroom-floor, and yanked off my wet petticoat. I turned and lay over in 69 position. His cock was inches away from my mouth and my naked choot was just the same from his mouth. Daddu placed his hand on my choot and caressed it. WOW I was in heaven! I jerked his towel off and pushed my mouth there.

Oohhhh! This cock smelt nice. I traced my tongue all along the pole licking the pee slit and daddu's hand cupped my labia with passion he had not known till then. I was reeling in heat of sex, now emotionally ready to loose my virginity to my beloved grandpa, the first man in my sex life. He took his position and his huge strong manhood jutted out in its angry arrogance.

I closed my eyes, waiting that very golden moment of submission of my womanhood to him. And my heart was beating hard in a strange tension. Now my dadu came between my thighs, and widened them apart to get a space to place his face in between. And with his both thumbs he manipulated my wet vaginal lips to pave the way to his tongue to invade it.

I was profusely oozing, and yelled as his tongue intruded; he started licking and lapping my lubricating pubic region, pressing my rounded breasts at the same time. I yelled, "Ohh Daddu! Your hand feels soo good there. Oohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! I never knew it will be this good. Come on feel my choot. Ohhhhh that's it! Here hold my breasts and knead them while you pleasure my choot."

And I lost into a sexual trance,oblivious of counting my orgasms, that shook me continuously in rhythm with Dadu's snake-tongue, while he kept consuming my oozing juices. Finally I could no longer stand it, and pleaded him now to make me a woman. I was not at all bothering about the possibility of pregnancy; I simply wanted him to brimfully fill me with his masculine juice, tearing my hymen apart.

And next came that waited moment... "Come on daddu lets make love. I want to feel your naked cock inside me and make love to your matured body. take me make me your lover" Ohhhhhh He guided his tip of manhood to my love-gate, and slowly pushed forth into it, as if opening its door. And he suddenly stopped midway; I felt he stopped against my hymen;

then he pulled a little and next very moment he intruded with a forceful thrust, and went deeper within me, tearing the hymen apart - and I lost my virginity to him. It was cock-tight; he began churning in me, thrust by thrust or thrust against thrust, in a matching rhythm with my active reciprocation with equal sexual emotion. I was reeling like a reed, yelling in bliss.

"Ohhh fuck me! Chodo muze,,, ahhhhhhhhhh mmmaaaaaa oohhhhh so nice! Hey mote lund wale Chodo sale!Mera harami Marad muze aab chodta nahi. Tum to chodo. " It continued for more than 15 minutes, and then he blurted out, "I am approaching a climax, let me pull out, darling".

But I did not leave any scope for him...and instantly I cross-locked my legs around him and pulled him deeper...and in no time he burst out into a huge ejaculation --- a jet of hot love-lava hit my hungry womb, and I saw stars as another shuddering orgasm pervaded me. He collapsed on me, spent.

And stayed lying over me, without still withdrawing from my within. We rested in that position for some time, and then his vigour again enlivened, and he resumed pumping himself into me and once again took me to seventh heaven and finally refilled me with his sperm. After it was all over, we stood up, and bathed each other.

It was the beginning...and that night he again pumped his seed into me. I was totally satiated. And then onwards we would fulfill each other's sexual needs. None else in the house could sense or suspect this special intimacy or relationship developed between us, --- after all, he was my grandpa, and was older by almost 47 years.

Often I would suck him to ejaculation to swallow his seminal deluge, or sometimes I would masturbate him over my breasts. And this sex between two of us benefited us a lot, physically or otherwise. He had taught me to be on the pill on my unsafe days. I used to sit on his lap naked and do my studies while he would play with my boobs or pussy.

We would bathe naked together when no one was home. When aunty went to her mayka for weekends or so we would stay nude whole day and behave like teenagers. He even shaved my pussy sometimes.

A few years passed, and after passing the HS examination I entered a girls' college to do my graduation. And shortly after my graduation I was married off to you my darling. I sometimes miss him and his touch. If at all some one was to impregnate me, I would choose him against all.

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How Shiraz fucked his Aunt

HI ALL Readers,this is SHiraz 21 m 5 feet 5 in from HYDERABAD ANDHRA PRADESH.This story is About Me and my aunt named Neha (name changed). I was very Naughty from my child hood.I use to watch dirty posters of movies in papers and actress from my child hood.As sexual hunger was there in me from my child hood from 2nd class only hehe.

When I was in class 7 there was a friend of mine called varun he used to watch porn pics on net.he used to talk about sex and at that time I came to know the word fuck.One day he gave me some nude pics of girls in a floppy disk,and later some sex scenes which grow the lust in me.

Coming to my Aunt now she was my mothers younger sister.She was Not very fair in colour but wheatish 5-3 in height and figure was awesome I dont know numbers amnot writing.When I was in class IX I went to my aunts home as I usually did to play with my cousin. I didnt use to look my aunt with that view any time.

But one day in the midnite wen I went to drink water I heard some noise coming from my aunties room.I bought a ladder and peeped through the ventilator,to my surprise my uncle and aunty were nude,and my uncle was on my aunty kissing her and moving back and front ah what a sight it was.From that day I used to look my aunt in a different way.with an evil eye.

I used to watch her breasts and ass when she was near.And it was the first time I saw Porn XX on tv on ZMGM that made me more horny.I use to watch and use to mastrabute in the morning or night thinking of my aunty in the bathroom.When we use to have lunch or dinner I used to sit beside her so that I can mistakenly touch her feet or feel her legs.

But she use to move her legs and behave normaly cause she didnt had any thing like that for me,but she liked me very much.She use to kiss my forhead and even hug me some times ah wat a feeling it was I could feel her breast but till that time she didnt noticed any thing in me.

And after 9th I went 2 hostel from these period never got chance jus used to have eye contacts with her which showed that the way in which she looked had changed.I Saw some lust in her eyes. And when I cmpleted 12 my uncle had gone to UAE and my aunt was there at my home oh I forgot to tell she had a son who was 12 yrs old that time.

So they shifted to our home cause they had to stay alone at their they were sleeping on my bed.Wen I came I used to sleep in the corner in between my cousin bro and in the other corner my aunt.So one day all of a sudden I woke up in the night I saw my aunt sleeping ah my dick got erection and I was out of control.

I slowly took my feet and putted it on her feet ah I was feeling so nice ah I massaged it slightly and I think she felt it and she moved.Again I did the same thing but this time she didnt moved this showed a positve sign to me so I kept it for much longer time and in the excite ment dont knw when I slept.

Next morning I woke up evry thing was normal except the view with which my aunt saw me was more changed she started looking at me more often and smile at me,and look at my crouch area which gave me positive sign. So the next night I got more courage I woke up again som how dont know how and again my dick was erect this time I got lil more courage,

i planted a soft kiss on her lips first but before kissing I touched her lips and saw whether she was awake or felt asleep she didnt move so I planted one and again same foot massage.And same thing.But the next night dont know how my brother wanted to sleep in my place and told my aunty but my aunt said no but when he asked me I said yes and we slept.

when in night I woke up again my dick was rock hard I was very close to my aunty infact my dick was touching her ass and my legs wer on her legs I jus wnted to be in that position for hours and I did kkept my self there for abt half an hr but wen I started moving through and fro my aunt moved. so I also moved and slept fearing she would get up and thrash me.

So the very next day again same eye contacts and nauhgty smiles but this day in the night she was cooking food and suddenly the light went off and I stepped in the kitchen and I touched her ass with my dick and was more horny she didnt said anything it gave me more courage and this time I kissed her neck and held her from back she was moaning aaah

and suddenly my bro camed from back to spoil our love but he didnt saw us as it was dark so it ended up there. That Nite was the nite I was waiting for I thought I should hav said my aunt before that I want to fuck her tonight but I couldnt,so when we were on bed my bro was in middle and aunt in the corner wat I did I slowly made him move,and the door was open so I slowly closed the door.

And we where in blanket,i placed another blanket on my cousin and I slowly crept in the blanket and some how got courage and slowly climbed on my aunt and this time my dick was touching her pelvic area and I started kissing slowly first I touched her lips with my tongue I was on the cloud 9 and slowly kissed her and this time for long and to my surprise

she was co operating lil bit with me and she opened her eyes I started kissing her madly this time and even she I kissed her all around starting from four head to toe and more on her neck and lips and slowly removed her shirt first she resisted but later on I removed her bra and sucked her huge breasts like a wild beast for 10 to 15 mins

and now it was time for huge action so I removed her salwar forcingly and used my XXX experience placed my dick in the vagina by rubbing the vagina lips and sliding it wasnt going in that easily so I used my spit and she held my cock with her hand and guided it in and she moaned aaaah and I was very eager to fuck her but I started slowly and then started to

stroke forcingly but she started moaning loudly so I stopped and fucked her slowly it gave me fun and was sucking her lips and breast simultaneously while stroking she was also kissing me back and after 15 mins I cummed inside her so I cleaned my dick and washed it and made her suck and we did 69 position for few more mins and later after some time I took her down

on the floor and there was a bed ther again we fucked for few more mins this time I fucked her hard with hard strokes and to stop her moaning loud I kept my mouth on her and was sucking her tongue and fucked her for more 20 mins

I suppose then I fucked her big ass it was more fun fucking her on the ground and again cummed inside her gaand. And this is all what happend and we had many more fucking sessions like this but until she left UAE we had fun now am left alone.i miss u Neha Aunty.

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Sirish fucking hot cousin Sofia

This happened at my age 19, I belong to some college, so we were advanced in getting new new horny stuffs, I was eager to fuck a girl in my age, this is what happened. I had my vacation leave that year, only of my relative called my mom and said they are shifting their house from a rented house to their own house which is little far from the place where they lived,

so they asked my help, my mom and I booked a train ticket and went there. The next morning it is Bangalore, fresh air, all new fresh boobs, while I was waiting for the taxi, my mother wanted to use the rest room so she made me wait and went,

While I was waiting a lady came in front of me, she was wearing a pink silk visible saree, I am very sure she would be in her early 33’s she stood before me, as I was small in height when I turn left I can see her white hip, and boobs covered with her blouse, I can even see her black bra inside, my small cock started raising up, suddenly her mobile fell down just before my legs,

I just pretended that I did not see that, she bent down to take that mobile, her silk saree fell down, Her white boobs were just before my eyes I can see those deep cut inside too, my cock was fully erected at once I wanted to fuck someone, but since no one was here so I left the place. We went in taxi to my aunt’s place,

I know that my aunt has two daughters and one son, the son and one of the daughter is elder to me and one of the daughter is younger to me, I ve never seen them for years, so I was eagerly waiting to see them since it was early morning just my aunt and uncle was awake,

I felt very tired so I went to a bed room inside to sleep, my aunt said my younger sister is sleeping inside and she wanted to sleep with her to rest myself, I went inside to see her but she was covering her face with the bed spread, so I went near her and slept, the white boobs which I saw in the station kept on and on in my mind I could not control I wanted to masturbate since it’s a new place

I did not take risk, I slept, after a couple of hours I woke up, I felt a leg in my hip, I just opened my eye to just check out whose leg is that, that was my younger cousin sister’s leg, I wanted to see her so slowly pulled her bread spread, she is brown (not dark not fair) good looking. I then left the blanket and went out for a coffee, after some mins she came out, wow awesome,

she is brown, she is 16, she was wearing a short top with no bottom, she has a great boobs, I can see those thighs, she did not notice me sitting there, suddenly she saw me and ran inside to cover herself, then my aunt gave a intro saying to us, her name was sofia since we belong to the same age group we started playing,

by late afternoon we went to a small hide out which she had nearby her house, we were sitting there and talking abt our school, she then said a guy pressed a boobs one day and she felt the eroctic, as it was public she did not express her feelings, Since then she wanted those feeling back, sayin this she left.

Then night came we wanted to sleep in our respective rooms, since I was new to the place I don’t have a room to sleep, my mom said let me sleep with sofia, so I went in to sleep with her, she was wearing a short top same like morning, I was wearing a night pants and a t shirt, seeing her in that dress I got erotic and her voice she killed me with that, then I went to the bed to sleep,

I could not sleep because the light was on and the morning boobs came on into my mind, so thinking that white boobs I was seeing those brown boobs here, she noticed me seeing her boobs, I then tuned my face, then in few mins she came to sleep switchin off the lights just the night lamp was on, since there was only one bed spread in that room we had to share that,

I was lying a little away from her, I was lying such that I can see the roof, it was cold so I kept on pulling the bedspread more and more and even she felt the cold and she pulled the bed spread towards her, I asked her whether there is any other bed spread she replied ”no”, she then asked me to slide nearer to her so that bedspread can be shared,

so I went near her, she was lying facing me and I was lying facing the roof, I just saw inside the bedspread her thighs was visible in that low light, at once my cock got erected, since I was not wearing any under wear it rose like an hill in my pants, I kept on looking the thighs and was very eager to see more of her body when she sleeping, she asked me in low voice

“what is that sticking in ur pants?” I replied “its just my male part that is erected while sleep” she asked me “will it be erected always I ve never seen that in any pants” I said “only at night it will be like this” she then stopped asking me questions and slided her thigh on my hip, Her left thigh was on me and the right thigh on the bed, she kept on moving her thigh top and bottom,

her thigh kept on touching my cock and made it more horny and more erected, this is the first time a girl’s thigh is touching my cock, she slowly asked me whether I can place my hands on her boobs since she has horny she said that, I got the green signal from her, I wanted to proceed further, I slipped my hands though her neck to reach the boobs, she was not wearing a bra,

I slowly went deeper I flet the soft spongy boobs, since it was tight I could just reach the top of the boobs, she slowly took my had out, I was disappointed, then she guided me through the bottom, wow I am surprised to her move, then I slided my hands in to reach those big boobs, then I reached, big, spongy, soft boobs,

I touched her nipples, it was hard and erected, I kept on playin with those big boobs still I could not see those big boobs because I was playin inside the dress, I slowly asked her ”can I see those big things” she slowly said “we girls call this as melon” so I asked again “can I see those melons which Is makin my mouth watery” she laughed and said “ok, but u have to remove the clothes”

I said “my pleasure” and slowly took my hand off the boobs and slowly started removing it, at last I removed it, wow man I am so lucky to see a boobs without clothes in just front of my eyes, my heart started beating fast, she suddenly hugged me and gave me a nice deep kiss my my lips, I felt her hot air going in my mouth,

we were kissing for around 30 mins by those thirty mins her hands moved all over my body. Then she stopped and asked me can I see those male part of yours?” I was very happy and said “ yes” she she sliped down and removed my night pants and she saw my cock, it was small though big at that age, she saw me from down, her eyes very very erotic,

she made my cock shake in secs, she touched it took it in her hands and kissed my cock, wow I am in heaven a girl is kissing my cock, then she slipped her mouth in my cock taking the whole of my cock in, My cock fitted her mouth correctly she started playin with it, rolling her tongue, biting it, sucking the balls, I was about to come and she stopped,

then she came up to me her boobs were facing my mouth, I wanted to suck I slowly caught hold of her and started sucking her boobs, her nipples, she was moanin “ahhhhhh” I kept on playin with her boobs, she removed all of my dress, she was just wearing a small panty, I wanted to explore that too,

so I made her lay down in her back and I went down to explore it I touched her panties, it was already wet, I slowly slipped my hand in touched her public hairs, the hairs were not fully grown it seemed like it was just growing up, so I placed my hand in her pussy, it was damm hot, then I slowly removed her panties it was flat and then she spreaded her legs so that I can fit my fingers in it I slipped my fingers in,

it was tight I tired more and went it suddenly a loud moan “ahhhhh” then I kept my left wrist in her mouth so that she can bite rather moaning loud, she kept on biting me hard as she can, but I kept on fingering her, then I wanted to taste her pussy, I went in to smell it first, the smell turned me on, I started licking, she pushed me in keeping on legs crossed in my shoulders, she kept on pushing me in,

She was so erotic and started biting me hard as she can, I had pain, but I did not mind that since I was busy enjoyin the pussy, I was licking her pussy for an hour. Slowly I went up, saw her eyes she just winked her eye lashes giving me permission to slide my cock in her pussy, slowly Inserted my cock in, it was tight very tight, I wanted to push me so I pushed still it did not go in,

she crossed her legs in my back and she helped me to push in at last it went it, She started to moan more loud so at once I closed her mouth with my wrist, even I started to moan aaahhhhh” then she sticked her wrist in my mouth, slowly pushed more forward and backward, the to and fro motion, then climax came I cummed inside her pussy, since it was very first time I cummed soon in her pussy,

I thought I lost my virginity with my sister. She spill cum in the bed. Then we took our clothes and started wearing it and then she slipped her hand under the bed and took a bed spread and gave it to me, I was shocked to see that,

so tit was a planned I wanted to know whether she experienced sex for the first time, I slowly asked her “did it pain?“ she replied “yes, now but here after when u fuck me it wont” I was very surprised to hear that she wants me to fuck her whenever we find time and place. Then we slept…

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Having sex with beautiful Chachi

I m vicky (all the names are fake), 21 yrs old handsome guy.... this is a real incident between me or my gorgeous chachi which happened about a month ago. lets go to the story now...ever since I came to know about ladies and sex I have got attached to my beautiful chachi, Rama. she is not very tall, about 5'4, while I am 5'11,.. I always dreamt of her.

I have masturbated numerous times thinking about her. due to some family problems my chacha n chachi nt live with us. once she met me on d road,i was on my pulsar while she was walking back to her home. instead of touching her feet I touched her thai's.. they were very hot even inside the saree. she gave me a naughty smile n said "bahut choote ho tum".

I was really happy. I gave her lift and while riding I intentionally pressed the disc break time n time again so dat her boobs pressed against my back. she invited me 2 her home. when I went inside no one was there. her daughter n son went to school that time. she asked me to come with her n see her house. I went behind her n was having a view of her swinging ass.

how awesome was dat.. now we were in her drawing room n sitting on a couch. suddenly she started talking about the family problems n started crying. I wiped her tears n said "dont worry everything will be fine. she held my face n said "tum bahut bade ho gaye ho gye ho" n kissed on my cheeks. I was very confused what to do now. now she hugged me very tight..

I could feel her boobs on my chest. I was getting very horny. I couldnt able to hold now. so I kissed her very hard on lips. she was totally co operating with me now. after that I took her into my arms n took her in the bedroom. now I untide her saree. oh my gosh!!! she was lukin too hot in blouse and petticoat. I just grabbed her boobs n started pressing them over d blouse.

she asked me to hold a bit.she asked me to remove her clothes. I torn hr blouse in 2 pieces n removed her petticoat,. she was now in her pink bra n panty.. I wasnt able to hold n I jst removed my tee n jeans.. she saw d buldge in my jockey n jumped over it like a wid cat. she took out my penis n took her in her pretty hands. wow wat a touch it was.

she said "tmhare chacha ka to isse bahut chota h." my penis is about 7 inches long. she took it inside her mouth n started sucking it like a kid is sucking a lollypop. it was d first time dat a lady was sucking my penis. I was overwhelmed with dis. she sucked it for about 10 mins n den I undressed her fully. the milk tankers were hanging in front of me. they were very huge.

I tried to grab it with 1 of my hands bt was unable. so I firmly pressed them with both of my hands. I sucked them very hard.. she was moaning very loud.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... hmmmmmmmmmm.

AAAAAAAAAHHHH.. choos VICKY CHOOS.. KAS KE CHOOS.. MAIN TARAS GAYI HU IS KE LIYE. CHOOS LE POORA... AAAAAAAAAHHHHH UMMMHHHHHHH AAAAAAAH.. I den sucked both d tankers well... den I went to her navel.. a bit fleshy yet very appealing.. I just played with it.

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Ritwik having hot sex with teacher aunt

Well.....straight on.. this sexperience happened about two months ago..I'm ritwik handsome not that tall and I love sex this aunt of mine is simply plump and gorgeous fat ass deep holed navel milkywhite in complexion wears saree and is a teacher of math...shes not that much of revealing type kinda shy and strict I just only got once an golden opportunity

to get a glimpse of her navel at school sports day shes was at backstage moving benches and her pallu slipped from her shoulder showing her cleavage and that plump milkywhite belly embellished with a sexy navel I only got a glimpse before she made it out with the roll of her hand from then on I fantasised a million times eating her pussy and masterbated

a lot as she wears saree I can see the side of her belly and part of her right boob when she walks around after some days I decided to get close to her and find some way to get to taste her assets for my luck I intentionally failed in the next exam and she forced me to come to her house for tuition which shes taking for weak students and shes not financially safe her husband

had some alterations with her and he's staying at some place else comes home occasionally and then leave I guess that made her strict in class I haven't seen her smiling and all I want is to give her a good hard fuck but I'm afraid to make any day at her house during tuition I got stuck with a math problem so I can't finish it off and go home I had to stay

a bit longer in her house and it was late and my mom called to her house to ask whether I left her house I hadn't reached home which my teacher aunt replied I'm very poor at math and can't even solve a simple problem then they had a long discussion about my studies and it was raining heavily outside I'm still hooked with that math question...

my teacher aunt julie then after a long chat with my mom asked me to take a shower that I ain't going to home but staying at her house till exams are over hearing that my adrenaline just got pumped I got a chance to make all my fantasies come true...I was like a child to her she has a baby like 10 years or so then I went to the bathroom to take a shower and also get time

to think of some ideas to seduce and fuck her tonight her baby was sleeping on the bed and I silently sneaked in to the bathroom without disturbing the sleeping baby and took a bath I saw her bra hanging on there at the bathroom she forgot to take may be in her morning shower I took her white bra and smelled and chewed it made me horny my dick was just erect like a hot rod

and I can't control myself then I came out of the bathroom nude and waited for her to come that room I want her to see me nude then I pinched her child and it started crying then she came to took her child and she saw me pulling the pants up she saw my erect penis inside my underwear and I stood there dressed like nothing happened and acted cool she took her child

out to the living room I followed her and said my pants button had broken I can't wear it I asked for a safety pin to tie it...she then gave me her husbands shorts for the night and told me to study after the meal..I was disappointed that I hadn't capitalised on the moment and failed to seduce her but I know the fact that everybody loves sex and girls are a bit shy at first then I

went back to the room where I bathed and I saw her breastfeeding the baby and its time to sleep and I quickly finished the question given me to solve I went with the book silently to her she didn't notice me coming and I saw her sucking milk out of her boobies I like so child sat by her side and showed the book she was surprised to see me and initially jerked and turned

to the other side she said ok you got it correct and told me to sleep then I placed my book on the table and suddenly dived on to the bed to the other side I didn't give her an eye contact and started caressing her child who is drinking her milk inorder to keep her on bed on that position I really can't see her full breasts coz she covered it with her saree and shes comfortable too her

jacket is open and she wasn't wearing bra so the slightly transparent saree was the only thing covering her melons keeping her in that awkward position I made up some conversations going on for some time and I also tried to kiss her baby and got a close up look of her melons covered in saree I then suddenly turned off the lights only a dim zero bulb was lit I whispered in

a sexy tone that child is asleep she then laid the baby on bed the moment it happened before she got time to react I got hold of her shoulders and started sucking rest of milk from the breast she got jammed and she moaned I undressed her I threw away my dress and we had fun all night she gave me a mindblowing blowjob I pushed my dick deep in to her throat and ate

her pussy we both enjoyed ourselves whole night I fucked her 2/3 times and licked every inch of her plump and curvaceous body and had real fun...then on she simply calls me often and just suck my dick like a real bitch do...well that's how I turned on my rigid aunt to a sexy bitch....we still keep our relationship secretly though I got hitched..everybody loves sex...

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Tamil guy having hot sex with Aunt

This is my story of my sexual awakening and my eventual relationship to two wonderful women, who happen to be mother and daughter! My family lived in a small town in southern Tamil Nadu. My father was the eldest and as is the tradition his sisters after marriage etc. come to house for delivery and then leave when the baby is around 3 months old for their married households…

I was the only child for my parents. When I just turned 13 my father’s youngest sister who was 28 years old, who already had a 8 year old daughter, came to live with us while anticipating the delivery of her second child. Since I had a mattress & cot in my room, which was large enough for my Athai used to sleep with me. Her daughter stayed with the father as she had school which couldn’t be disrupted.

One day, Athai woke me up in the middle of the night and told me it is time. I alerted everyone took her to the hospital and within hours she delivered a baby girl. It was a shock for me to see the baby so tiny and even more shocking to see my Athai open her top up and breast feed the baby ! After they got back home, the baby and Athai took over my cot.

I provided all the help to my Athai, as I used to sleep on the floor in the same room -- Warming up water, giving help to bathe the baby etc. I also liked taking care of that girl and my Athai. Athai noticed this and was very effusive in her praise and affection for me calling what a mature young man I was becoming.

After couple of months after birth, one day, overnight her daughter developed a blue color all over her body. We immediately took her to a hospital where the child was diagnosed with severe heart defect with internal walls ruptured and not curable by surgery. The kid breathed her last in my arms at home. I cried uncontrollably, not to mention my Athai.

After the last rites were done, Athai expressed to her husband to stay at our house for some more time and then come back. Her husband also agreed and left for Chennai. That night, after I laid my bed out on the floor, Athai now that the kid is not there I can come back to my spot. I moved up to the cot and put my arm around her waist and went to sleep this comforted my Athai and she went to sleep.

Early morning I was awoken by my Athai, with tears in her eyes and asking me to get some hot water and cloth. I did that and when given, Athai asked me to close the door. After that she opened up her blouse and pressed with the cloth dipped in hot water all around her breasts. They were shining red in the heat and after some time I saw my Athai expressing milk out of them initially there were tiny leaks and then they stopped.

When asked, my Athai replied that now that the breasts are no longer being emptied out they are full of milk for the past 2-3 days and it is aching too much. She resigned and just lied down sideways on the bed, covering her chest with the thin sari. One of her hand was on her side and another on her forehead covering her eyes. She was sobbing uncontrollably.

I was in tears on seeing my Athai like this; I don’t know what came over me. I switched off the lights, crept closer to her in the bed. After a quiet minute, slowly lifted up her sari and latched onto her right breast which was on the bed with my lips. I instantly sucked and very thin, warm and sweet milk flooded into my mouth. My Athai became very quiet and didn’t do anything.

I slowly got the hang of it and was milking her breast and drinking it steadily emptying it. She must have felt immense relief at that, as she didn’t resist at all. After some time, the milk stopped. When I tried to move away, Athai held my face and positioned another nipple into my lips. The routine continued and I emptied that also.

Now, in a very relieved voice she said thank you, nestled my face between her breasts and went to sleep hugging me. I dozed off. Next morning, my Athai looked visibly relieved. The taste of the milk the softness and fullness of her breasts lingered forever in my mouth and mind. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything at school. I was too excited about the future with Athai.

That night, after watching my TV I went to bed, as soon as I switched off the light and got on. My Athai turned towards me, without a word spoken opened her blouse and pushed a nipple into my mouth. I drank milk and emptied her breasts, she kissed me on my forehead and then turned away to sleep. I put my arm around her waist and went to sleep.

This routine continued for a month and I obediently would empty her breasts. Sometimes, even during the day she would quietly offer her breasts to me. I was in heaven, never losing an opportunity to drink fresh milk from her breasts. Slowly, I would play with her other open breast and though initially she developed Goosebumps, she didn’t resist.

I would squeeze them and express milk onto me. One day, she kissed my forehead after I am done. After that she regularly kissed me on my forehead and cheek. One day when she bent down to kiss me on my cheek I turned and instead it became a kiss on my lips. She lingered on my lips longer than she would on my cheeks. These became very slow and deep kisses with her slipping her tongue in as well.

That night was the most defining moment in my life. That day it was very hot in the summer, a power cut happened launching the house into total darkness. I got up as it was too warm went out opened all the windows to let the breeze in took of my t-shirt and came to bed in just my boxers. After I lied down, my Athai came and hugged me I was shocked to find her totally nude.

I was shell shocked. I slowly kissed her which turned into tongue swapping into our mouths. We were wrestling with tongues. Then my Athai bent down and kissed me on my nipples and sucked on them. This led to indescribably intense feelings in me. My penis began to harden and with pressure it popped out of the hole in front of the boxer.

I slipped my hand down my Athai’s body and finally felt the curly bush between her thighs… She asked me to remove my boxers and asked me to get on top of her. With her legs on both sides of my body I slowly lowered myself on her. My Athai grabbed my penis with her right hand.

I bent down to kiss her and she positioned my penis on her bush and with both hands grabbed my butt and pulled me in, all in one swift motion. I felt like I was in heaven, with a feeling of a warm velvet cloth around my penis. She slowly gestured holding my waist to pull out and push in. I got the clue and in no time was pumping in furiously.

Suddenly, I felt my brain blanking out and something coming out violently with force from my penis. I panted heavily and collapsed on my Athai. She caressed my body and hair and very huskily asked, did I like it. I felt like I was on top of the world. She whispered that “you have been broken in and no longer a virgin boy but a man”. I felt so happy and proud at the moment.

We went to sleep and I got up once more that night and this time I positioned my penis and was able to piston in and out of her vagina lot more relaxed. Finally, I spurt out something into her vagina, emptied her breasts and went to sleep very happily. After this every day I would fuck her to my heart’s content. One night I fucked her every hour for eight times.

She was completely worn out and mentioned that her husband fucks her once in eight days…! This fuck marathon continued every day for the next 6 months. Over that time her breasts produced less and less milk and eventually went dry. One day when I wanted to fuck her, my Athai declined and said she has to check whether she gets her periods.

I didn’t understand why it was important? I was upset, she kissed me and explained to me that now that she is no longer breastfeeding, she will ovulate and if we are not careful she will get pregnant. I understood but was very upset. She laughed and asked me to close her eyes. After a few seconds I was surprised to find warm wet velvet like wrapping around my penis and when I opened my eyes found it entirely in my Athai’s mouth.

She sucked vigorously, licked my balls all over and probed my anus hole with her tongue as well. This led to an eruption from my penis which landed all over her face, it was as if a very thin porridge has fallen on her face. She pointed out that I am spurting huge amount of cum, how after our fuck session huge amount will ooze out of her pussy when she went to the toilet.

She wiped it with her fingers put it into her mouth and swallowed it all. She said I will let it dry on my skin and wash it tomorrow morning. So for the next three weeks she would regularly suck my penis and introduced to pleasures of getting my butt hole poked as well. Finally, one day when I went to bed I saw her in her panties with what looked like white toilet paper stack in it.

She explained that she got her periods and that she wasn’t pregnant!. She was mightily relieved. 5 days after that she didn’t have any pad and for the next one week she fucked blowing my brains out said she wanted to make up for the time lost. After the first week, she said that chances of pregnancy are high and she would blow me or get my semen out with her hands.

She said having a condom in the room was risky as my parents would get suspicious. Next month her husband and her chatted and she wanted to move to Chennai with her family, in months’ time. Everyone was happy as to how she had gotten over the grief so well. Boy, if only they knew the real reason.

That one month was the most heavenly for me. Since it was our close time together my Athai gave me liberties. I would fuck her every 30 mins in the night and during the day also, we would sneak out get a quickie. After the first week, we resorted to our safe techniques. The couple of days before she was due to leave, we had one intense night, our emotions go the better of us and that night I ended up fucking her 10 times in her pussy.

She also completely forgot the safety aspect. She left for Chennai and my life became very dry in the bedroom and started focusing on my studies and did exceptionally well. A month later we got a call from Athai informing my mom that she was pregnant again. We all went to see her and she was glowing with happiness.

When we were alone - she said that she couldn’t reconcile to sex with her husband a week after coming to Chennai when she didn’t get her periods, she tested and found her to be pregnant already, with my baby ! She said, after that I just imagined you and fucked your uncle twice. Now I am relieved, I can deliver our baby without any worries…

I was extremely happy, every vacation I would go to her house I will fuck her brains out. I also became a very confident young man. Oh yeah, after our baby was delivered (a boy) both Athai and her husband were very happy. I again breast fed my Athai to my heart’s content. Now Athai regularly takes pills as she and her husband don’t want any more babies making things easy for me.

I finished my studies in Engineering in Chennai got a very good job. When I turned 26, I expressed a desire to marry her daughter to Athai and after one hell of a fucking session and she agreed. It is very common in our families to marry Athai or Mama’s kid. Now my adventures with Athai continue, in fact before our First night,

which happened in Athai’s house she fucked me explaining how there will be lot of pain for her daughter and how I have to be gentle to break her hymen etc. That led to a wonderful experience for my wife, who still thanks me for all the patience and understanding I showed. I am blissfully happy now.

Two years into our marriage we decided to get pregnant and my wife delivered a baby girl. Now I breastfeed from her regularly. She fed me breast milk for almost six months after weaning off our baby…. Life couldn’t be happier for me, my Athai and my wife…

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Shower sex with wild cousin

My cousin and I were very intimate until she had to move to UK for her studies...this happened when she was 19 and was willing to experiment was i. So one day at her apartment when she stepped into the shower and I entered with her. I turned on the shower and soon her bathrobe just gave to my groping hands...

and with a smile she removed her bathrobe and put her hands around my neck and kissed me passionately...our tongues squished and slurped...water flowed all over us and where our skins pressed. The flicking, slurping sound of our skins sliding between our bodies really turned us on..I kissed down on her...reaching her nipples..

I opened the mouth and found a steady stream of water flowing from her hair down to her cheeks...and neck...shoulders and to her breasts..and I drank the water by sucking her nipples..this made her really wild. She leaned back on the bathroom wall and she pulled me with her...and she bit my ears..and licked inside my ears...

she was going out of control minute by minute...and she slide down on the wall and she lied down on the tiled floor under the shower..holding me down and I had to go down with her. She kissed me passionately and I caressed her stomach, slid my hands all over her wet breasts, nipples and washboard yet soft 19 year old stomach...I slid I kissed her nipples.. and stomach.

Now I licked her navel with the tip of my tongue and let some saliva slide down my tongue into her already wet navel and I slurped every curve of her pink soft my head was right below the shower and I was feeling like I was under waterfall..but I continued to lick her hot and now my tongue began to move further down and touched the tip of her wet pink panties.

She was getting tortured by spray of water piercing her wet skin and my lick really made her wild and she began to moan...( I love to hear girls moan in pleasure when I use my tongue). I bit the elastic around her my left hand slid down to her soft spot as I continued to eat her pink navel and my right hand tickled her nipples.

I slowly parted her panties at her wet smooth white fluffy thighs..and touched her soft pink shaven petals and it sent shivers all over her and she began to cry "oh my it..I can’t hold any more"...but she was nt aware I was game for torturing her even more..

in a flash I stood up and I took a wad of vapor rub I always keep inside my jean as I am prone to flu in changing weather and pounced back to her and before she could find out I smeared vicks on her stomach, thighs and clean shaven pink I slid the finger that had the remaining of the Vicks into her soft lickable pink wet hole....under the flowing water..

the touch of Vicks shot an electric chill all over her..i moved my finger in and slide slide out...and again...and in intense sensation she began to shake...and she cried "what is that thing you used..oh my god I am gonna die..jay you will kill me like this..oh it feels soooo good...hmm...ahhaaaaww....oh yea.."

I slid down her panties..and gave long squishing lick on her wet pink my tongue reached the centre of her tongue just caved in and I felt my whole tongue lovingly slurping her pink curves deep inside..i felt her oily sweet flavour..woow and it really turned me on...I wanted to cum and under the waterfall..

i moved my tongue inside her vaginal layers slowly and she began to shake and snake so wildly that I had to press her lower abdomen to keep her tongue squishing and slurping her juice and layers and the Vicks giving her the piercing chillness under the was more than for her to control and she pressed my head down and I began to suck on her pink vagina and clitoris..

she pressed her thighs on both sides of my head and it was heaven for me..with only one thing in my mind..her taste and her clits..nothing else..and as my lick became deeper and more slurping, she began to shake violently again and I let her go without stopping this next few seconds she had her first orgasm..and in half an hour..she had 3 shaking orgasm...

After allowing her to recover from the shake and blinding pleasure.. I smear vicks all over my erect man the hard man thing between her breasts and she would press my hard penis with her breasts...oh it felt so good.. her shining young breasts pressing my skin down and was heaven I slid my thing up and down between her breasts...

with water began to make some wet slurpy sound...and she would erect thing would move up it would almost touch her lips..and I would slide down..After my hard wet black thing played touch and go with her lips she was so turned on again that she would try to bite and lick it with her tongue tip as it come up near her mouth but when she would reach down with her tongue it would go down..

the teasing would go on and she began to scream "oh jay..i want it... lemme.. eat.. god...i want to bite and...." and I knew she was dying to to have my penis in her mouth...and I continued to play with her keeping my hard thing sliding between her wet slimy smooth breast...and holding her hands outstretched so she can stand up...

she began to struggle violently now...i felt she was stronger for a 19 year old...she was real lioness..i doubted what would be the fate of my meat..if I let her have it right at this moment.....i thought it would be fun to let her go and enjoy...and then as I slid up between her breasts..i lowered my on her and bit her and released her outstretched hands...and in a flash she was all over me.

She went straight to my erect thing....she took hold of it and aint it a wonderful scene I thought for a man thing was black, curved and erect under the shower..and I had a wonderful 19 year old wild girl holding my tool..what was more thrilling is the feeling of what she would do cousine was looking wild and gorgeous, her naked body was shining under the waterfall..

and the last thing I saw before I laid back my head was my wild cousin lowering her open mouth..staring wildly at my 8 inch erect manhood, as if it were responsible for her torture, in her clasp with water flowing all over its shining pink head, black shaft. I closed my eyes and let my wild cousin decide my fate with her mouth..and for a moment I doubted if she would bite and tear my only tool into pieces and really eat it..

i felt my tool getting engulfed by her soft wet mouth..she bit the shaft..and she tickled the pink tip inside her mouth with her tongue..i was getting blinded by the chilll and pleasure now...and I think the strain on my face must have really turned her on, she began to swirl my erection with her tongue around, from below and from top..and all happend inside her mouth..

she was really enjoying torturing me..and after sucking my lollipop..with shower falling all over us..i began to feel my juice coming up...and I screamed scream..."oh ya..i am coming"....and she would continue to suck on me as a wild lioness..and in between she would look up to see the strain on my face..and right at the peak moment..she would stop sucking and take it out of her mouth..

and just hold it erect in her cool it off..under shower..woov..(i thought this girl is really wild) now she is lying between my outstretched legs and as soon as I began to recover she deep throated me again...this time she pressed the split tip of my tool with the upper ceiling of her mouth...while tickling my balls..

and in between she would take it out to lick the entire 8 inch length of my an icecream cone with strawberry scoop..she was making me wild by now..i was screaming..."oh yea..oh yea..suck me...woooo..oh yea.."now she would stood up and took a wad of the vicks again and smeared it all over my hard thing sending chills all over my body...

for one sec she would show it under the shower..for the next 2-3 min she would suck on my man hood...and then she would show it under the piercing shower between she bit my thigh and I felt her teeth piercing in and a stinging pain..and when I looked up I found her licking clean my blood...and then sucking on my man hood again..

i was wild by now and she was really enjoying it through her wild eyes..i began to cum..and cum really hard...i strained my head to see what she was doing from my lying position...and I couldnt believe my semen just came up through my shaft..just before my manhood bursted..she pressed her thumb on the slit at the tip of my erect curved black shining 8 incher...

and she was just laughing shouting "you tortured me..and I will not let you have your climax so easy"..i was in real pain and was feeling the block at the tip..i was desperate for an unload..i tried to move my legs and I felt her sitting on it..i cant move my I cant rise up too..oh my was heaven and pain at the same time...

she kept on pressing the tip to stop the semen from gurgling up and gushing out and from spraying..(wow !! why on earth did I step into the shower with this wild thing I thought ) And before I realised my semen is receding inside my shaft, she gave me a naughty smile and swallowed my tool again...this time I got the best blow of my life..she took my whole shaft in her mouth..

when I looked to see her I saw my hard thing disappearing inside her wet mouth..and she began to slurp up and down my hard manhood..twirling her tongue around my shaft she began to suck on my thing..she tickled my balls..pinched my thighs...spit on my tool inside her mouth and she kept on licking..i was seeing stars inside my brain...and her suck became longer..

slower and more slurpy..with water flowing down my shaft, she would drink the water by sucking my balls..wov.."i couldnt hold any more" I shouted..and she nodded her head as she kept on sucking my hard man thing...she took out my thing and I saw a drool of my precum from her mouth to my shaft..and following the drool she smiled at me and gobbled up my tool again..

this was really too much for me..and I screamed..."i am coming again..." and she took out my hard tired penis and whispered " say please let me cum and I will let this poor thing cum" and I immediately complied...i always loved girl on top she continued to suck and lick down from my balls and licked my this was the first time a girl ever licked me there...

then she would lick up back to the balls to the shaft and to the strawberry tip and the slit...and down...wov..she kept on sucking the tip of my thing and then suck down and deep throat..then she would come up and suck the tip and then deep throat me..i felt I am dying now...the pleasure this girl is giving me was so intense that I felt I will have cramp bursting my semen..

i screamed "oh yeaaaa..i am coming" and she looked up and smiled, took a breather and whispered while shaking my tool "i get to taste you at last...i want to swallow you" and firmly clasped my tool at the base and engulfed the whole throbbing penis into the inviting mouth..i felt the semen surging up my hard came and I tried desperately to prolong the pleasure..

but she tickled my balls to fail me and I bursted..i would say I let out my first shoot and "ahhhh..."and she tried swallowed but it overflowed her mouth and drooled on to my thighs and waist over her clasp...and she kept on sucking...i felt the second wave coming...and I released and this time she was better prepared.

she had held my penis right on her smooth tongue so that when semen jets out it slides down her tongue...i bursted again and my semen just flowed out and she swallowed wads after wads with inward sloping tongue...woow she was hungry...she kept sucking until my last drop was sucked and drained...

and by the time we were exhausted..and drained. The only relaxing feeling was the shower that was on.. I strained to look to see her and she was still between my thighs and she was drained and down with her cheecks on my thighs...surprised to see her left hand was still clasped around my soft drained manhood....and I closed my eyes..

after about 15 minutes..after recovering from the blinding release and pleasure...i looked at my beautiful cousin..and what I saw made my skin tingle again...i saw my cousine in all fours...between my thighs....with her hair loose and a real lioness look on her face...and before I could react she moved towards me for yet another hunt and eat...

and before I recollect myself..She is all over me...licking my balls and sliding up and now she is standing on her knee across me right over my penis that was slowing getting hard...and I knew the shower will not be over until she had her ride....

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Banu aunty fucked by Sam

Hi readers this is samrat from chennai this is my first experience of my life and iam not a author of writing a good story iam very much insisted to write a story after reading so much of story in this blog.about my self iam 5.9 feet tall white complexion with broad chest and shoulders and my dick is 7 inches this hapeened before a month.

The face of a man is usually an open book to most women. They can read practically anything in our faces. I’ve known ladies who could tell the size of my penis, bank account and the status of my sex life by taking only one look at me. Of course, the look was followed by the lady’s departure in the opposite direction.

Failure always leaves a mark on your face, just like success does. And women can read those marks awfully well. It’s even worse when you have a small penis and failure tends to follow failure in a pattern that grows bigger every day. The first thing women notice about a man is his confidence level.

A stoop-shouldered man with a downcast look has very little chance of actually getting a date from a decentlooking lady.On the other hand, a broad-chested guy with a confident look in his eyes and a swagger in his step is sure to catch the eye of most women. He may not get every single pretty girl, but he’ll sure as hell be noticed by each and every one.

Trust me, nothing gives a man more confidence than a big penis. A man who knows that the schlong dangling in his pants is big enough to satisfy any woman walks around with an “I don’t have a care in the world” kind of aura.A big penis has a lot of benefits and no downside that I can think of.

Well, maybe if you decide to increase your penis size to 9 or 10 inches; that could be a problem. But if you stick to a nice 8 inches, then you’ll reap all the benefits. Increased confidence, greater stamina in bed, better control of your ejaculation, longer sex sessions and more pleasure for you and the lady, all these can be yours.

Let me come to the real story my relative aunt name is banu she is a milky aunty 5.8 feet tall and having the assets of (40,42,44) she is 36 years of age and gave birth to two girls they also the romping bombs we are all grown up in same environment in childhood suddenly when i was aboutto go for high school to Chennai we left from our native place and I persuaded my studies in Chennai and I joinend in eng coll.

two years gone and aunty family also came Chennai for there children s higher studies real story starting while arranging there things in the new house she calle d my home asked help from me because I know well about Chennai banu aunty called me that u and me can arrange the things in home and want to go for shoping becoz after shifting from village to city many things

are wanted for the family for daily essentials I took her in that wednes day evening in my bike she sat behind me and iam dashing with her huge mangoes and came back to new home.and she called my mother and informed that ur brother has gone for Bangalore for important marriage and priya and rita had gone to there uncles house becoz they had college so please allow samrat

to stay with me and iam alone in new home and new place in Chennai (anna nagar)and my mom agreed.after that we eate and iam arranging the things with her she will give all utensils from down and I will keep them on the rack on standing on the stool.while bending I caught an eye on her cleavage she is wearing a grape silk saree that is very soft and not staying on her

shoulders falling down continuously as wen ever she bends up and down by seeing i am tempted to have affair with the last she was tired and asked me to give some water i went to living room and I gave some water she drinked and poured it on her face to reduce heat and whole chest was became wet ohh wat a seen it wa still in front off my eyes and sat down

and leaned towards the tepoy wich is in down her boobs are very big like ripe mangoes we both were talking abt the city life and time was 9.30 she told that we can go for sleep and I told ok becoz very much tired after shifting home while she getting up saree was strucked to the tepoy and pallu was fully fallen downand her right thigh was got hit by wooden tepoy

and she was shouting ahhh suddenly I took her palu from the bottom and said be careull aunty while arranging the things she said thanks and catched her and took to bed room and placed her in the bed ac was installed at that room only so she told to sleep in the same room itself and i told that I will put my bed down she told ok and we have start sleeping mee admiring

that seen and thinking ohh god help mee. suddenly she called me and asked sam can u help me one small thing ohh yes aunty she told mee to to bring iodex from her mediciene box and bought to her like a dog again she told mee that don’t mistake mee I said tee mee aunty wat u want pls put the balm in my legs its paining ohh yes y cant u tell to me aunty and she wants

some hot massage from me in legs she is lying I the bed and lifted the saree till kness and told mee to switch off the tube and put nite lamp it was a sandy feeling I took some balm and started massaging in legs and she is telling that good sam u doing well ur wife is very luky u r write and I said thanks she enjoying that wormth on legs and closed eyes and I little bit lifted her saree thigs

are visible I touched suddenly my dick stood up t0 90 degree it seems very fleshy and milky like butter but no response and she again guided mee to rub the balm in her hip I took the chance as a golden opportunity and lost my control I removed her pallu wich is covering her belly she didn’t refuse I started massaging she is moaning ahhh ahhh she turned upside down

now and iam massaging on her back she lost the conscious and buried the face in pillow I slowly loosned the pavada nada and removed her saree now she is only with pavada and yellow blouse inside black bra I tild to her that u change nihty aunty the will be comfortable to u aunty she told no problem u continue no aunty ur pavada is so tight so only u getting pain ok u loose

it within seond I loosened it her buttocks ar clearly viissible I was touching continuously both sides she didn’t refuse and I got some courage and proceeded aunty u are looking so gorgeous wen I removed her pavada I noticed that full of wetness and she suddenly kissed mee on my lipss smooching continuously current passed to the brain she removed my tracks dick pointing

too her stomach hole she took it like a toy in her her hand and took in her mouth fully and sucking like lolly pop.suddenly I took out and she guided over her pussy was soo wet and oossing out with fluids and my dick was also oozing I rubbed the dick ver her pussy and went inside with smoothly and started slowly she is crying with so much off pleasure I holding her mangos

I fucked over 10 mins she got her orgasms and I shoted over her pussy. And I stood and applied some oil on her buttocks ole and applied also on dick inserted from back in doogy style 2 shot within 15 mins she was fully

satisfied and I liked her pussy for some time and we both were engaged in 69 position we fucked like street dogs to night she told that for past five years she did not indulge in fore play.she wants more from mee wen ever I go to her home i will fingered her pussy and she will give a nice blow job in mouth.

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Rajesh fucking beautiful Chachi

Dear Friends, hi, this is Rajesh again from Chandigarh. This is regarding my desperate try and success (?) with my own beautiful Chachi. First I want to tell you me more about myself and my dream fuck i.e. my Chachi. Myself is a Govt. officer, living alone because of my job condition. I am lively, love beauty, like old songs and open hearted and above all always respect ladies. For me, Lady is the best creation of God.

Perhaps HE is teasing us by showing us beautiful ladies but allowing us to touch only one or two maybe three…. Regarding my Chachi. She is just 05 years older than me as she is the wife of my youngest Chacha. Just because of little age difference between us, I have a crush on her right from day one of her marriage with my Chacha.

She is extremely beautiful lady with a prefect body with medium size boobs, pink lips and nice smile. Earlier she always treat me only as his nephew but since I have crush on her and her woman sense quickly picked up my intention and she also start enjoying my company. My high education, handsome salary and my way of living always attract her.

Perhaps their may be some fault in Chacha or Chachi as they could not conceive second child. But this thought never take toll of my Chachi beauty and she is still looking young at this age of 40 years. Since we lived at least 250 kms away from each other but I used to visit their place as and when I got a chance.

Every time I tried to get close to her, she hesitantly never took first step and my moral values also stop me to proceed further with her. But we both know there is something boiling in our hearts. One day I borrow one yesteryear porn book (of nude pictures) from one of my friend and took courage to show it to my Chachi.

I reached her house and asked her, whether she can hide this book for some days in her home as it is not possible for me to hide it in my house. She took book from me and hide it in her almirah. I was happy with my plan and thought these nude pictures will arose her and she will take first step herself. But after some days I again her whether she has seen these photos.

She replied "Yes" but quickly advised me that these type of pictures can spoil my health. Better I should get married if I want such type of activity". I feel as if someone has thrown a million liter water on my hopes. I asked her "whether she can help me in this regard". She said "No, I am married and your chacha may know about us, better I should stay away from this type of thinking".

Initially I dropped the idea about her. But one day she along with her husband reached Chandigarh to attend marriage of a relative. My dick immediately rose on seeing her. She also noticed my intention. But we did not show our emotions in front of our family members. I took her to marriage function alongwith all family members in my luxury car.

She was looking damn sexy in her outfit. I turned back view mirror of my car towards her on pretext of adjusting it. She looked at me through mirror and smiled back. I gone crazy. In heart I was making plans to get her in any way. When we reached marriage place on given time, I found that there were very less people, so I decided to drop all family member there and to return my home to shag myself to get relief.

I told all of them to get down from car as I have some urgent work to attend on my PC and I will join them before marriage ceremony. All of sudden my Chachi also speaks out "Suddenly I have some pain in stomach and I will also come back with Rajesh, when he will return to marriage place." On hearing this my Chacha give her a question mark look.

But she murmured something in his ear and he shut up then and there. I posed as if I have nothing to do with her stomach pain. I yelled, "I am getting late, anybody who want to go home may sit inside the car" Nobody except my chachi stepped inside the car and sit beside me. "Should I leave now?" I asked them for last time and start the car.

My Chachi give me a stern look and without thinking further I put car in first gear and started for home. My heart was bouncing very badly as after long time I was alone with my dream fuck. On way back to home it was dark by now and I start talking with her in routine matter. But soon our talk turned towards our goal and she asked me "whether I have proceeded beyond that book or not ?" I said "it was not possible without her help".

She smiled and put one of his hands on my leg. My dick was already out of control by that time and I want to reach home as soon as possible. I was driving fast so she said, "please be slow, today is your day, I have thought very badly about you and salute your patience. I never know somebody like you can like to have my body."

I was in seventh sky and was thinking of future line of course that in which fashion should I fuck this lady ? Although it was only 15 minute drive to my home but this time passed like 15 years for me. Immediately after parking my car in front of my house I opened door and locked it from inside and without switching on the light I pulled her near me and put my burning lips on her lips and kissed her deeply.

She said "Rajesh wait" I said "No I can't" and without waiting for her further reply I opened her blouse and bra and throw it on floor. My gosh she has a beautiful pair of boobs. White with little dark nipples. I put one of them in my mouth and rub another one with my other hand. "uffffffff………. " was the only moan from her mouth. She gone mad when I circled my lips on her nipples.

She grabbed my hair and pressed my mouth more on her boobs. Suddenly she put her hand on my dick which was still inside my pant and rub it from outside. I stopped her as I was filled upto brim and could explode any time just thinking of her only. We hugged each other for next five minutes and then without asking her I pulled down her saree, peticoat and red underwear.

Oh dear my dream lady was totally nude in front of me. She has little hair on her white pussy which were giving her more sexy look. When I rub my hand on her pussy she moaned aahhhh………. Rajesh……. You are making me sick….ohhhhhhhh………… slowly I opened her love petals with fingers and insert one finger in pussy.

She crushed my finger with her legs and moaned loudly "ahhhhhhh……..uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh……. your chacha never insert his finger inside me and I never felt so good before". After rubbing her clitoris for some time I just tapped her "G" point and she immediately hugged me tightly.

My hand was doing magic and she was moaning badly ohhhhhhh……….rajesh…….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…… plzzzzzzzz… don't…..ahhhhhhh and in no time she squeeze her body for some time and relaxed in my arms. I could feel some liquid flowing down on my hand. She softly removed my hand from her pussy and cleaned it with her hanky.

She kissed me on my lips and said "Rajesh you have given me the true taste of woman orgasm, and I never feel so good before" and after without waiting for my reply she opened my zipper and said " I can understand that your condition is much worse than me by now" and she took out my dick and start giving little strokes to it. I only once asked her, whether she can take it in her mouth.

She looked at me and said that she never did this before. "OK" I said "then don't do it if your heart is not agreeing to it" She replied "NO, I will do it for you only Rajesh" and saying this she sits on her knees and slowly put my dick in her mouth. Although she was new to this job, but her soft lips on my dick was driving me crazy.

As I was very near to my climax and don't want to shot in her mouth, so just after five minutes I pulled out my dick from her mouth and give it in her hand. She understood my intention and give a good blow job with her hand uhhhhhhh…….ahhhhhhhhh…….was my last words and I eject one….two…..three……and countless shots of my semen on her bare boobs.

She was totally drenched with my liquid and she rubbed my semen on her boobs which give her boobs a glossy look. We smiled at each other but said nothing. I held her hand and then bring her nude to my bedroom. She quietly laid on my bed without trying to hide her beauty. She was looking just like nude angle to me. I now took out my clothes and laid beside her in Adam condition.

I simply kiss her on lips and hugged her tightly. Oh man I could not believe my fate that dream was in my arm today for next one hour. Slowly she got up and put my dick in her mouth again and start sucking it like anything. I laughed and asked her "why she was not agreed for these activities before" "Social thinking, but in heart I always thinking to get fucked by you sometime" she replied and again start sucking me.

My dick was again at its height and just asked her to stop as I want to put it in her pussy right now. Without much foreplay I laid her on the corner of my bed (my favorite fucking place) and wrapped her legs around my waist. Now my dick was just touching pink petals of my dream fuck.

I thanked god and her for giving me such a time and opened her love petals with one hand and put my dick head on her pussy. She shivered and moaned ummmhhhhh…. I smiled and just pushed head of dick inside her. Just two inches and she moaned again "ahhhhhhhhh……… hmm……Rajesh please stop here, I want to feel you like this for some time"

I stopped for few seconds and then slowly pushed rest of my dick inside her pussy without any hindrance and start pumping her slowly. She was also humping herself upward alongwith my thrusts. I put my lips on her lips and kissed her deeply. This make her more crazy and after few stokes she start moaning again ohhhhhhhh…… .ahhhhhhhhhhh……… Raj…… yes… ummmmm…

She asked me to do it fast. But I was trying to prolong it. Suddenly she pulled me towards and squeezed me in her arms and after few second loosened her body and lay quietly as if there is no life in her body. I just kissed her back to life and asked her "what happened" but without stopping my slow thrust.

Tears rolled down from her eyes and she said, "now I understand what true love making is all about, your chacha just finished all these things in couple of minutes" I said whether she liked it or not. "Yessssssssss……" she said and she start enjoying my thrusts again and asked me to increase my speed now and she wants to do it in fast rhythm. I increased my speed.

Her boobs was swinging in round circle with my each thrust. "ahhhh………ohhhhhhh……uffffffff……..yessssssss…….." she again started moaning and this was also increasing my flow towards my tip of dick. I fucked her in same position for five minutes and then in doggy style for next five minutes but again switch over to my favorite corner position for rest of the period.

I said "should I finish it or not ?" "yesssssss………." she replied and I increased my speed. She arched her body and loose it again. Her second orgasm. At same time I also pulled out my dick from her pussy and yelled ahhhhhhhhh…ohhhhhhhh…… and shot my load on her belly as I don't want to shot it in her pussy (future precaution) and fell beside her.

We kissed each other deeply and she asked me "Are you happy now" I smiled back as I have nothing to say now. We get up and I wore my clothes but she insisted to take bath as my semen was all over her body. She took bath and we very ready for marriage.

On way back we spoke nothing but she kept her head on my shoulder as a feel of gratitude. I never had another such chance till now but hope to get her soon. Hope you enjoyed my story. Since presently I am serving as an officer in govt. department and living alone in another city.

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