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Monica having threesome sex with brother

My sister Monica came back from her husband’s house only after 7 days of her marriage and declared that she would never go back to her husband as he was an animal. I heard my mother say to my wife Neha,”Monica won’t go to her husband; you ask what the real reason is. To me she only says that Ankit is an animal. I don’t know what it means, Bahu” Neha told me,” Have you heard Monica is back for good?”

I said yes, but “Why?” She looked at me and said,” How do I know? I will have to talk about it.” I had doubts about my sister. Monica had never been in male company. She had been taught in a religious way by our Masi(my mother’s sister). My sister was very close to our Masi but now Masi had gone to England. So my wife had to talk to Monica.

Monica was not bad looking but she never dressed up properly. She kept her hair oiled and seemed not interested in men. “May be Monica was not comfortable with Ankit. I mean women are not open to lovemaking as men expect them to be. Most men want women to be sluts in bed, I can understand that” I tried to reason with Neha “I know, I know” replied my wife,

“but deep down Monica is a good healthy lady, I don’t know what must have happened. I will tell you only when I have talked to her” As a brother, I was very upset for Monica. My wife went into my sister’s room and I left for my friend’s house. My friend told me “Such things happen when man or woman is more open or too timid or reluctant in bed.”

he told me when I explained him the situation. When I came back my wife had strange thing to tell me. “Your sister is ignorant of the pleasures of sex. To her Ankit’s behavior was bad. She did not let him fuck her on the wedding night. Whatever was done was done by force. Ankit slapped her, forced her to undress, made her suck his dick by force and she was repulsed.

Her husband forced her to take his cock in her hand and say Lund, but she would not do it. He would have even raped her if she had not run to her mother in law’s room. Monica has been too strictly religious. Your sister needs careful training in bed with a male who understands her and can teach her the art of Chudai, to shed her shyness and become a real slut as expected by Ankit.

Do you have any idea who that man is going to be, Amit(myself)?” “Oh Neha, you can’t be serious? She is just a normal girl and whatever is lacking in my sister can be taught her by you. I don’t understand the idea of teaching her to fuck, every woman knows it very well. And moreover who can we let my sister fuck?” I replied. Please, try to understand.

Monica has to know that fucking is pleasurable to man and woman, that a woman opens her legs to receive the joy of life and that Lund is the tool to heaven. I have an idea, we can make her open by making her drink a little of whiskey and then would arrange for her to see us fuck, suck and talk dirty and enjoy our wildest chudai.

I hope she will heat up and then will be attracted to do the same. Monica has to see her Bhaiya’s mast LUND, fucking her Bhabhi like whore. That will show her what Ankit wanted to give her. OK?” Reluctantly I agreed knowing that it would not be easy to do so. That evening Neha asked me to bring a bottle of whiskey and at night filled three glasses for the three of us.

I knew she was trying to unwind my sister. Then Neha played a sexy film which seemed to interest my sister. She would touch my thigh and kiss me in front of her and she stared at us and then lowered her eyes. Monica was wearing a sleevless dress which showed thick black hair in her armpits. Neha said with disgust,” Monica, what is this, you do not shave your armpits?

Sweat stinks, darling, let me shave it for you.” Monica left reluctantly and both ladies went into the bath room. I drank a couple of glasses and took my wife and sister’s glass in the bathroom. Neha was doing the armpits and was asking,” Monica, tum apni Bur(pussy)ke baal hatati ho ya vo bhi essi hi hain?(Monica, do you have your pubic hair or they are like your armpits?)

Mard wo baal pasand nahin karte, tere bhaiya meri chut ko khud shave karte hain, sach (men don’t like hair on cunt, your brother shaves my cunt himself),” I heard Monica exclaim,” Hey bhagwan, Bhabi aap kitni besharam ho! Aap bhaiya se shave karwati hain? Mujhe to bahut sharam aati hai. (Oh god, you are shameless, you allow my brother to shave you, I am so shy?)”

I stopped before the bathroom door with beating heart. My heart was beating furiously and my cock had made a tent in my pants although my wife was with my real sister. My imagination was wandering in the bathroom. “Was my wife making my sister naked? Was Neha touching Monica’s chut?” I could not wait to see but stopped myself,” Neha, your glasses are here.

Should I hand them to you in the bathroom?” Monica cried out,” Nahi bhaiya, tum ruko(no brother, you stop outside)” Neha said,”We are coming out in a minute, zara intzar to karo(wait a little)” I returned rubbing my hardening cock and drank another glass. I felt intoxicated. Some 15 minutes later the ladies returned. My sister looked a different woman.

Her hair had been shampooed and she looked a sexy girl. “Ab pehchano apni behan ko, kissi film ki heroine lagti hai na? Kapdon ke bina aur bhi sexy dikhe gi(look at your sister. Doesn’t she look like the heroine of a film? Without clothes, she will look even sexier!). I blushed at the vulgar praise for my sister. The women resumed drinking their drink.

My wife was trying to touch my sister at every pretext and cup her ample boobs. My sister’s face was growing red with shame and excitement and whiskey. Just then Neha stood up and came and sat near me and took my cock in her hands,” Kya baat hai Amit, aaj bahut bada ho raha hai ye shaitan? Lagta hai meri chut…..ka bura haal hone wala hai…

Sharab ke baad mujeh bahut utejna ho jati hai….chalo jaldi se drink khatamkaro aur mujhe jannat dikhayo(Why is this devil becoming so large? It seems my cum…is going to be devastated. Whiskey makes me very excited…now finish your drink and show me heaven)” She laughed without shame.

Monica did not know what to say. I finished my drink and Neha took me in my room. She did not bolt or even close the door. The light was on when she pounced on me,” Amit meri chut mein aag lagi hui hai, jaldi se bujha do ye aag. Nangi kar do mujhe, chod dalo mujhe apne lund se Ahhhhh…, Oh god mujhe tera lund chahiye abhi( Amite my pussy is on fire, please cool this fire.

Make me nude and fuck me with your cock. Oh god, I need you cock Now)” I fumbled with her clothes and she pulled my pants down and threw my shirt away. I had managed to take off her salwar and kamiz and underneath she wore nothing. Let me tell you my wife is dark complexioned but she has beautiful tits, pert and high, long legs, a shaven cunt and a beautiful ass.

Neha was riding me and rubbing her cunt on my hard cock,” Ohhhhh behnchod, jaldi kar, Amit, (Oh sister fucker hurry up) Mujh se intzar nahin hota(I can’t wait)” I could see someone peeping between the curtains and knew she was peeping out of curiousity. I mouthed Neha’s nipple and ran my hands on her ass,” Sali, mujhe behnchod bolti hai, tera patti hoon.

Main nahin chodunga to kaun chodega tujhe, randi? You bitch, You call me sisterfucker, I am your husband, if I dont fuck you who else will?” She clung to me even tighter,” Agar behnchod bhi ban jayo to tazub na ho ga, sale teri behan hai hi itni sexy ke koi bhi chod le. Tu maderchod, kissi se kam hai?( If you become a sisterfucker, it won’t be a surprise.

You sister is so sexy that anyone will want to fuck her and you motherfucker is as good as anyone” I knew my sister must have a wet cunt now and that made me even hotter to fuck both my wife and sister. You may think I am a pervert but it is true athat horniness and drink was making me blind in lust. I was sucking my wife’s boobs and imagining them to be Monica’s.

“Mera lund pakad kar sehlayo, meri jaan, main bahut garam ho chuka hoon. Aur ye kia bak rahi ho, tumbhi to meri behan hi ho, meri door ki massi ki ladki, ab biwi ban gayi ho to kia? Hoon to main behnchod hi na?( Hold my cock and shake it, I am very hot and what were you saying. I am a sister fucker, you are my aunt’s daughter, now you are my wife, so I am a real sister ucker)

”Our talk was attracting my sister into our bedroom. The question was when she would dare come in and join us. We did not have to wait long. Monica made the decision and came in. ” Bhabhi, mujhe nasha ho gaya hai, kia main aapke bistar mein let sakti hoon and it is so hot here(Sister in law, I am intoxicated, can I lie here in this room, It is so hot here )” Monica asked in a trembling voice.”

Aayo rani, lekin hum nange sote hain iss bistar par. Aur chudayi bhi karte hain, jaise husband log karte hain. Tere bhaiya mujhe essey hi chod chod kar jannat dikhate hain. Meri Monica bhi jannat dekhna chahti hai kia? Tujhe apna patti ek raat ke liye kiraye par de deti hoon(come in darling, but we sleep naked here and fuck like husbands fuck their wives.

You brother shows me heaven by fucking me. Do you want to see heaven?. I can rent you my husband for the night)” Monica was breathing in pants. Her hands were trembling. My wife stood up and moved towards my sister and began to undress her, slowly. Milk white naked body of my sexy sister was revealed to my eyes. I almost came as I saw my sister completely naked.

She looked like a goddess. My wife looked nothing in comparison of my sister. I looked at Monica as she joined us on the bed. Neha pulled her and began to touch Monica’s boobs. Monica simply closed her eyes. Neha kissed my sister’s earlobe and bit is making Monica moan,” Ahhhh Bhabhi what are you doing to me? I can’t breathe!”

Neha smiled at me and said” Amit, teri behan garmayi hui hai. Issko mard ki zarurat hai. Iss kamre mein to aur koi mard hai nahin, tum hi isski aag bujha do na(Amit, your sister is horny and needs aman. In this room there is no other man, so why dont you cool her fire) Monica, tum apne bhaiya ke lund ko touch to kar ke dekho, shayad tujhe Ankit ke lund se achha lage,

dekho kaise uthak baithak kar raha hai apni behan ko nanga dekh kar( Monica, why dont you touch your brother’s cock, may be you will like it better than Ankit’s. See how is it jerking)” Monica placed her hand on my throbbing hard cock. Neha urged her to talk dirty ”Monica tera haath kiss ko pakd raha hai?(what are you holding?)” My sister hesitated but then shyly said

”Bhaiya ka lund(brother’s cock).” My cock was twitching as my sister ran her hand up and down my hardness. A drop of pre cum fell on her fingers. Monica looked very sexy, hot, and lustful. I couldn’t wait to fill her hot pussy with my cock! She continued stroking my cock while my wife put her lips round my sister’s nipples and sucked them lovingly.

It felt so good as my sister’s fingers were running my up and down my thick shaft. Pausing for a moment I put my hands on my sister’s ass cheeks and she gasped for air. “Monica kya soch rahi hai, tere bhaiya ka lund achha nahi hai kya?, tuche achha nahi lagg raha kya? Ye roz iss se meri chut phadte hain aur mujhe bahut mazza aata hai, bol tujhe bhi daalna hai isse mote lund ko apni chut main?”

“What is coming into your mind, Monica? Is not your brother’s cock good? Don’t you feel excited? He shoves his cock into my cunt everyday and I love it. Do you want to get your chut stuffed with this meat?” Neha asked my sister. She nodded her assent. “to fir aapne bhaiya ke lund ko kiss kar, bahut tasty hai, kar na, pahle apne muh mein le, fir chut mein liyo”

(Kiss your bhaiya’s cock then, it tastes delicious. Try it darling. Taste it with your mouth lips and then with your cunt lips, do it) Monica pulled her face down and placed it on my cock. Her wet lips sucked on my cock I lay on my back as Monica bent own on her knees before my cock, raising her ass up in the air. Neha bent behind my sister and glued her lips to my sister’s cunt.

My wife’s face was under my sister’s cunt while my sister sucked my cock. “Monica …oh fuck…ohhh suck I love your mouth on my cock….I love you sooooo….ohhhhh ….chuso mera lund”. I moaned. I moaned and lifted my ass and pumped my cock faster into her face as she herself moved her hips on my wife’s face. I could feel the hot sensation in my shaft.

I felt my cum pulsating out of my hard cock. She continued sucking and pumping. I was shooting my cum into her mouth and she finished licking the cum from my cock. She held my cock in her mouth as she slapped her tongue with it. She removed her mouth from my dick. Then she kissed me and we melted together. She was so fucking hot I couldn’t stand it.

She looked into my eyes and moaned deeply, “My husband was so cruel to me. I did not know fucking was so pleasurable. Bhaiya, I love your cock, I love the feel of your cock. I love Bhabhi’s naked body. I want to be your partner in bed. I will do and say as you command. But don’t send me to Ankit, the bastard beats me, bhaiya.

I can be a whore to my own bhaiya and Bhabhi but not to anyone outside family. I want to be your whore Bhaiya, I want you to fuck me like a whore, hard, deep, fast, and loud. I want you to use me, and talk dirty with me.” Neha came up from under Monica’s cunt and rested her elbows on the pillows. I sat back and watched as my sister provocatively spread her legs for me.

“See, it was so easy. Monica is begging you to fuck her hard and deep like a whore. She has not learnt to talk dirty yet. Lets teach her that.” My wife slapped my sister hard in her ass and said” Ye hui na baat. Behan ab chudane ko hai taiyar apne bhaiya se. Amit se chuda kar tum Ankit se bhi chdwa logi, kion ki hum tujhe rand bana kar hi chhoden ge.

Tum apne bhai ka lund to chus hi chuki ho, ab apni fuddi ko bhi lund ka swad chakha lo( Thats right/ So sister is ready to be fucked by her brother!Once Amit has fucked you, you will like it with Ankit too. We will train you to be a slut. You have already sucked your brother’s cock; now get your cunt get the taste of his cock)”.

I moved closer to my sister and made her bend like a bitch. I brushed the tip of my tongue against her slit, which made Monica twitch. I went crazy, eating and sucking my sister’s pussy. Monica was writhing on the bed; her dimpled ass looked so beautiful. “Bhaiya chus lo apni randi behan ki choot, tum mujhe gandi baat karte sunana chahte ho, haan kha jayo meri choot,

bhaijaan( suck my cunt brother. You wanted to hear me talk dirty, yes, eat my cunt).” I ate the freshly washed cunt. She tasted so sweet I was in heaven. As I was working over her pussy as my wife took my cock in her fist, massaging it and running her fingers on my balls. I put a finger up her asshole of my sister. “Oh bhaiya, essa mat karo, gaand nahin, please!”.

I could feel her body shake and quiver as she desperately grabbed onto the bed sheets, her pussy flooded my hot face. Her sweet cream flooded from her juicy cunt into my mouth. I lapped her pussy like a dog; I didn’t want to miss the taste! “Monica ab let jayo, tera bhai tujhe chode ga aur tu meri chut chatogi.

Mere patti ka lund lena hai to meri chut to chatni hi padegi( lie down, your brother will fuck you and you will lick my cunt. If you take my husband’s cock, you will have to lick my pussy)”.I went over Monica’s naked body and began grinding my hardened cock onto her cunt. Without trying my cock eased into her pussy because she was soaked.

“Mmmmm…bhaiyaaaaaaa…pelte raho…..meri chut bheegi hui hai…..araaam se chodo mujhe(my cunt is wet, brother fuck my gently)” she moaned. I began to thrust faster. She moaned in my ear. “Bhaiyaa do it, you fucking brother, fuck my hot cunt, and fuck me like a fucking whore”. I loved when my sister began to talk like a real bazzaru whore.

I growled, “You like that whore sister? You like my big fucking cock bitch”? She moaned louder and answered, “Oh yes bhaiyaa, Haan! Jor se chodo(fuck me harder!” I pounded her harder, faster, deeper with every thrust. “You like my cock in your pussy, Monica, meri randi behna? Does your brother cock feel good? …uh…”

“Oh yes ….hey bhagwan… mm… oh behnchod…mmmm… Fuck me like a fucking man!” “You want it harder bitch”, I asked. “Yes Amit fuck me harder bhaiya.” Neha hissed at Monica” Haramzadi, bol mat, meri chut kaun chatega? Sali apne bhai ka nahi mere patti se chud rahi hai tu, randi, ab meri chut chat kuttia(Bitch, dont talk, lick my pussy.

You are fucking my husband and not your brother. Who will lick my pussy?)” I pulled my thick cock from her cunt and bent her on her fours so she was on her hands and knees. While my wife spread her thighs before her mouth “You want it hard slut that is what you will get.” I moaned. I grabbed her hips and placed my cock head at the tip of her ass hole.

Pulling her buttocks towards me I thrust forward. My throbbing cock disappeared into her pussy. I began sweating more. My hands traveled to her ass cheeks, kneading them, squeezing them. I licked my index finger, placed it back on Monica’s ass and inserted it deep into her lovely ass.

“Oh fuck what are you doing bhaiyaa….not in the ass…bhabhi stop him…he is fingering my gaand….ahhh behnchod gaand mat…….ahhhhhh…..main mareeee.maderchod maaaaa.” I continued fucking her juicy cunt as I fingered her asshole. I thrust my cock into her harder and harder. While fucking her I fingered her ass.

“Amit, make your sister a real slut, fuck her cunt…her ass…..she is licking my chut, the bitch. Fuck her good” “Yes, oh fuck yes Bhaijaan I love your cock, it is so fucking thick, fuck me you bhaiya.” “Today is your lucky day whore, you bitch Monica”, Neha moaned enjoying her cunt being licked by my bitch sister. I wanted to complete my fuck session which is always incomplete without ass fuck.

My whore sister was going to give her anal cherry to me now. I pulled my cock out from her wet pussy and pushed my cock head so it rested on her shit hole. “I am going to fuck your lovely ass, sister”. “hey bhagwan nahin! If you have to fuck my ass, be gentle at least!” her ass felt incredibly tight. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. My balls slapped the bottom of her ass cheeks and pussy.

”Oh…uh…bhai…fuck my tight whore ass. Fuck it as hard as you can…chod harami bhai! Her words just pushed me over the edge. I immediately began to shoot my load again into her tight ass. I shot my load into her ass and collapsed on top of her. relax guys don’t get annoyed, it was an imagination.

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Pravin fucking Lalita aunty - II

Previously: Pravin fucking Lalita aunty

After the initial fucking of Lalita aunty it became a habit that I would enter her bedroom by 10.30 or 11 in the nite,make love(read fucking) till 2 or 3 am and sleep only 3 hours..This took a toll on my health and my studies also..During this period I must have fucked Lalita’s ass at least a 100 times and fallen in love with it.

During the day, we also used to go out mainly to movies or to the beach..The next 3 months I was in 7th heaven as I was like a husband to her without any responsibilities except fucking her. After about 4 months,one day,one of my classmate Vijay called me to meet him at the beach..I went and met him.We had cigarettes and chai and then he suddenly became serious.

’Pravin”he said”if you are not careful you will be in trouble at your house as well as at your aunts house”.I said I do not understand..He took out from his pocket 3 photographs in b&w. First showed Lalita and me at the beach,playing in the water and me feeling her bum..The second showed us under a tree kissing with my hands on her boobs.

The third showed us entering a cottage on the beach..I asked him”Where did you get these and are there more of it”..He said “ No..You can keep these but I will keep the negatives” I said”What do you want for the negatives”..He said “I want a piece of the cake you are eating ”I did not understand”pl clarify”I told him..He said “I want to fuck your aunt too.

Then I will give you the negatives”I slapped him..He said he will develop fresh prints and post to my house. Now,I had to think fast.That nite I showed the snaps to aunt and said we are in trouble..Think of a way to get out of my surprise aunt said ”tell him it can be only once and you will be in the room and he has to give you the negatives before the event and he has to use a condom”

I was not sure if Vijay was going to accept it but next day I made this offer to him.He said”OK..i will come at noon..i want her dressed in a red saree”..I also want rose petals on the bed..You have to arrange it..My god,I had not thought of it..This bastard was going to make it like his first nite..And then the clincher”towards the end I want half hour with her without you”.

That nite I told aunt and she agreed. Next morning I went to aunts house at 10 am with a bunch of roses and sprayed the petals on the bed..she had her bath and draped herself in a lovely red saree.I hugged her,kissed her and told her”Do not be afraid”. she was quite bold. Exactly at noon the door bell rang and Vijay entered..Where is my wife he screamed.

Relax I told him,where are the negatives..He took it out and kept it on side table and said you can take it only when I lay hands on lalita..i told him lalita will come and give him water and when she goes inside he can follow her and start on her..I called lalita and when she bent down to give him water he grabbed her and made her sit on his lap.

He mercilessly started mauling her body.Quickly I grabbed the negatives and pocketed them.. this bastard made my aunt go down on the floor and start sucking his cock..His bloody cock was at least 12”long bot like a pencil in width..My aunt said that this is like a pencil and he hit her on the head and said”suck properly,you bitch”

After the blow job he took her to the bedroom and stripped her as if she is a cabaret dancer.. Then he told her imagine this is your first nite..Get me a glass of milk..He made her go in the nude to get milk from kitchen..When she came back he asked her why could you not give me milk from this and started sucking her boobs..

He told her”Lali,on first nite it has to be a virgin fuck.Which of your holes are virgin,the mouth or the ass..She said neither..He got angry and slapped her.I was about to slap him when aunt told me to cool down..she lay on her back and held both boobs together and said shove it here,this is virgin..I never thought my aunt will act so sluttish.

This bugger put it there and when he squirted it went into her mouth also.This was something I had not tried..For the next hour and a half he mauled her cunt,boobs,mouth..she refused to give him ass hole saying it belongs exclusively to me..After some time he asked me to go out..Aunt said ok..Later I asked aunt what happened.

She said he tried to turn her over and enter her ass but she resisted and hit him..Then he asked her if I can bring my brother and have a threesome which she refused.when she got upo to go to bathroom and clean he followed her and made a final unsuccessful attempt to enter her arse..Then he turned on the shower,dragged her and fucked her against the wall under running water..

When they came out,both were dressed..He kissed her a lot,pawed her and left thanking her saying that he is getting married right after college and wanted to experience a first nite before the actual one..He even promised to invite her for his marriage which he did and during the photograph his hand was behind Lalita’s ass pawing it while I pawed his bride who was shocked

My relationship with Lalita continued for the next 15 years and I even gave her her second son..The problem arose when this son of Lalita fell in love with my eldest daughter thru marriage. To avoid complications I moved out of Chennai..You may wonder why I am writing this incident after 40 years.

Last week,she and her husband came to invite us for the marriage of her eldest granddaughter. Her son and Daughter in law were also there.After inviting us they wanted to go to a nearby place to invite somebody..I said my wife will accompany as I am not feeling too good..Lalita said she also will not come as she has leg pain and to pick her when they come to drop my wife back.

Since my kids are abroad we were only the 2 of us.This 73 year old Lallu came and sat on my lap and said shall we renew old ties. Believe it or not, I do not get much sex these days but the hour and a half I spent with Lalli was the best I have had in the last 5 years. That nite, my wife said the room smells strange.I thought”Let the mystery remain”.

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Pravin fucking Lalita aunty

Hi.I am Pravin from Chennai and although I am 58 years old now,what I am about to narrate happened 40 years back when I was 18 and studying. We used to live in the southern suburbs of Madras and on our road lived an aunt of mine,Lalita about 33 years with her husband and two kids.

I used to think of Lalita as a sex goddess as she was very fair and had a voluptuous 36-28-40 figure and was about 5ft 7in in height..She was every man’s dream girl. It so happened that when I was 18 Lalita’s husband had to go to Germany for 6 months.They asked my parents if I can sleep in their house at nite.

Although I was hesitant due to my semester exams,I agreed that I will come there by 10pm and leave at 6am. For the first few days nothing happened although my dick was perpetually with a hard on when I was around Lalita..I used to sleep in the living room and in a lungi without any underwear inside.

After a couple of nites I used to see Lalita bend over me,lift my lungi admire my 8”er and go to sleep. On one such occasion I peeped into her bedroom and she was masturbating furiously. Still, I was too scared to try out anything. Next afternoon when I was at home alone with our cook Rita I was getting such pressure in my groins that when Rita was wiping the dining table I went behind her and hugged her.

I adjusted my cock on her butt crack,squeezed her boobs and whispered in her ear”if you keep quiet,we can have a wonderful time”.Instead she started screaming and I got scared,rushed to my room and locked the door and started beating my meat.After 5 mts I heard the main door closing and Rita stormed out of the house.

She returned after 1 hour and said that she went and told Lalita Aunty and she will complain to my motheretc etc. Now,I was really scared and was thinking of skipping going to aunty’s house also that nite..Anyway I went and the nite proceeded without any incident except that aunty did not come to see my cock.

As I was leaving at 6 am she told me to come at 11am if I do not have any class..This got me a bit worried. At 11am I entered aunty’s house again.she was in a white saree with red and blue polka dots and a low cut blavk blouse revealing the top of her boobs.She asked me to come inside and sit at the dining table.

When she bent down to offer tea I got a very good look at her huge boobs and red nipples..she quickly adjusted her pallu and sat next to me with our legs touching each other..Suddenly she asked me”what did you do to Rita yesterday”. I started sweating and said I was really sorry and it will not happen again and please do not tell my mom.

she smiled mischievously and said”No,you show me what you did..You think I am Rita”..My hands were trembling bot on her insistence I requested her to stand near the dining table..I went from behind and repeated the act what I did,except that my dick was very hard now on this lovely ass and the boobs were huge.

I told her also”if you keep quiet,we can have a wonderful time” Fortunately,she did not scream and asked me”where do you want to go now”..This gave me confidence and I pushed her into her bedroom..As I locked the bedroom door she came into my arms and started kissing me.Our lips intertwined and we kissed for 5 minutes.

She said”Buddu,did you not know that I wanted you..i used to lift your lungi every nite to see your monster”.I was now at breaking point and I turned her around and dry fucked her ass and pressing her boobs and kissing all over her back.After the first initial release I felt better and then we went to the bed.I was sitting with my legs dangling over the side and she sat on my lap.

I slowly stared removing her saree and her blouse and she removed my shirt and pant. I removed her petticoat and she was now in Bra and panty ony and I was in my undies.I then made her sit between my legs(difficult with her big ass )and started removing her bra..From the back I took my hands in front and started kneading her boobs.

i checked her bra for size and it was a 36 C cup..Really beautiful..I said ‘what a lucky guy your husband is”.she replied’What is the use.He has a 4” cock and it rises only twice a month.He climbs on me,ejaculates,rolls over and goes to sleep..I asked her”Have you given him a blow job or has he fucked you in the ass”The answer was no to both.

I said we shall start with a blow bob.Instead of going down on the floor she asked me to lie on my back and started sucking my cock by sitting near me and showing her ass in panties to me..My dick was growing,seeing her ass and feeling it too.she sucked on my cock and my balls with such expertise(although it was her first time) that I can confidentally say that no one has given a blow job like that to me.

After the blow job,she got on top of me with her boobs dangling near my mouth. I squeezed, sucked and did everything with it while unrolling her panties off her and rubbing Vaseline into her asshole for an assault later..She then lowered herself on my cock and did the most vigorous push ups which even made my cock pain.

I came after about 14 minutes of this fucking and was totally spent.Next 1 hour we lay next to each other in bed playing with each others parts.I then got up and went to the toilet for a leak and told her”when I get back I want you on all fours on the bed” When I got back she was waiting on all fours..

i rubbed Vaseline on my cock and started the assault on the final frontier,her ass.initially when the first 2”entered she screamed in pain,then I stuffed a kerchief in her mouth and told her to breathe normally through her nose..I took my cock out and thrust more fiercefully.there was a bit of bleeding..Now,about 6”had gone in.

I took it out again,smeared Vaseline on her ass hole as well on my prick and made a final assault.All 8”got embedded inside.i removed the kerchief from her mouth and she was crying..I then started with slow strokes,increasing the tempo after 5 minutes.Now,she also started enjoying and thrusting her arse back towards me.

I was caressing her back and kissing it and squeezing the beautiful boobs. I came after 15 minutes and both of us collapsed on the bed..I told her”if you truly love me you must suck off all the muck on my cock,and kiss me so that we share our love.”Believe me,she did just that.After some time I went down on her and she orgasmed 4 times after which I fucked her in the missionary position.

By that time,it was 3.30 pm,time for her kids to come home and I dressed and went home..As I left she told me thatfrom tonite you will sleep with me after the kids have slept..This is not the end of the story..I will continue in another part.

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Devika fucked by her Papa

“Beti, what we did was wrong. I was intoxicated and so were you and we could not control ourselves. Sorry, but we must stop it. A father cant make love to his daughter. ” Manohar tried to reason with his daughter Devika, a widow of 33 years. Deep in his heart, he did not want to stop it. The forbidden nature of the relationship excited him greatly. He stared at the big erect boobs of his daughter.

“But why Papa? I love you and how can it be wrong to have sex with someone who loves you? Papa, mother is dead and so is my husband. I love you and your cock. Your cock has given the kind os beating that my cunt has never received from anyone else. Just touch my pussy and see how it throbs” Devika was going crazy for her father/lover

“Because you’re my daughter, that’s why. You must not think about what we did, it is sin. It’s incest. Society does not approve of it” “Inter caste marriages were considered wrong Papa, but they are ok today.” “Our religion forbids incest.” “Even the Gods make love where they wanted. God has created only one difference, male and female, cock and cunt”

He didn’t have a good answer, so he kept his mouth shut. ” But I have fathered you. How can I fuck you?” He said lamely. She ignored his objection. ” I’m a grown woman. I can decide for myself who I want to sleep with. And finally, I wasn’t planning to tell the whole world about our private lives. I have already bought a house in Banglore where no one knows us.

We will live there as spouses. Papa, lets be a part of Nature. Have you forgotten when Rock(our dog) made Dolly (our bitch) pregnant(Rock is the baby of Dolly). How much it excited me when Rock was fucking his mother Dolly!” “So you’ve thought about us, Devika? I cant think of my sweet Beti Devika as my partner.”

”Papa, answer me honestly and tell me that you don’t want to fuck me. I will bring an end to our relationship. But do you not want to suck on my tits? Do you not want to touch your daughter’s cunt, her choot?” He looked at her and thought about lying. She must have sensed his weakening resolve, because she unbuckled his belt and placed her hand on his bulging cock.

She ran her hand on the length of his cock over his underwear.” Aaaaaaa….. ooooooh.. noooooooo….beti naaaaaa” The contact sent a jolt of excitement through him, and his cock sprang into life. “Devika, my darling,” he said hoarsely, “we can’t ever repeat what we did last night.” He knew that his voice was not convincing even to himself as he spoke. “Yes, we can.”

He was aware of the heat of her young body, the swell of her breasts, her thighs pressing against his own, her hands on his cock. She said as she realised he could not turn back. “I want to do everything with you.” Manohar darted a glance at her heaving bosom and placed his trembling hand on her flesh.

“Yes, Papa, everything,” she said. “I want to suck you. I want you to eat me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel you come inside me.” “Devika!” he croaked, “do you have to use language like that? Do you want to talk dirty with your father? It makes me sound like daughter-fucker” “Nothing can be dirty in love, Papa, can it be?” she asked. Then she said.

“I want to suck on your big cock. I want you to eat your daughter’s cunt, choot as you called it. I want to feel your Lund inside my Choot. I want to feel your jism in my cunt. Is that wrong or dirty, Papa?” He swallowed hard. “I’ll say say and do what you like,” she said. “I’ll say whatever you want, as long as you fuck me.

Her fingers round his erection felt so good, so warm, so… right. He felt a thrill of excitement. Devika saw a change come over her father’s face and she pulled his pants down, making him shed his underwear and his hard-on was in her hands. She stroked him gently. Her hand was warm and soft. With her free hand, she managed to pull off her T shirt, skirts and her panties.

The scene of his naked daughter on the sofa made his mouth water. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. He wanted to fuck her, his daughter too seemed to have the same thought, because she didn’t make a move to change positions. Instead, she played with her pussy while she placed her mouth on his cock.

Her face was flushed and he undid her hair. Se looked beautiful. She closed her moistened lips, tasting his wonderful cock. “Mmm,” she breathed. “I like it when you push your lund in my mouth. I can’t wait to feel your hot monster inside my choot.” She teased him. “Is this wonder cock for me?” She ran her hands over his shaft and then fondled his testicles.

Manohar pulled her closer and pulled her bra completely off her lovely breasts, cupping them lovingly. He lifted her mouth to his lips and kissed her. When she finally broke the kiss, she whispered, “I can’t wait to fuck you.” She squeezed his dick. Then she gently pushed him on the fofa. When she was done, she pulled his hands to her breasts.

Her nipples grew stiff as he tweaked them. “Oh, that’s nice, Papa” she said. “I like your hands on me.” She closed her eyes and stroked his erection. They lay side by side on teh wide sofa like that for almost a minute. “Do you want to use the bed? The bed you shared with mother? Replace me with mother in bed, Papa. Treat me as you treated mother, your wife!” she said at last.

“OK Beti, lets go to bed. Do you want to fuck me here?” he said. He watched her bare ass as she walked from sofa to his bed. On the bed she lay naked as she was born and his eyes were drawn to her pussy. She reached between her legs and ran a finger along her slit. He was hard. She spread her legs.”Do you want me to lick your choot, beti? I know you love it. I love it too.

But why dont you bend before me on hands and knees, like a bitch? And I suck your cunt like a dog. Think of me as Rock, my Dolly darling!” Devika knelt before her father on the bed and put her hands on the bed rest while he bent like a dobg behind her, his hands on her inner thighs. Her skin was soft and smooth. He inhaled the smell of her wet cunt.

Then he flicked his tongue over her slit and tasted her choot. She gasped and her belly tingled. “Oh, Bhagwan,” she hissed, her hand went back and her fingers combed through his hair. She hissed again, as he licked her satiny cunt. He cupped her ass and kissed her everywhere. He circled her clit with his tongue and she cried out softly.

He licked and sucked until he felt her pussy was weeping with excitement. Then he inserted a finger into his daughter’s cunt. Her hips bucked, but he continued licking. She pushed him away. “Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me, please. I want to come with your lund inside my choot, Papa.” She lay on her back, her thighs spread and she caught his cock and rubbed the pink head over her cunt.

Then she moved her hips up and his cock was inside her hungry pussy. He was inside his own daughter again! He was fucking her again. “Oh, Bhagwan,” she gasped, “fuck me Papa.” The words rang in his ears. Heat and moisture surrounded his cock. Devika was urging him on and he began thrusting his cock into his daughter’s cunt.

His hips slapped her raised thighs, filling the room with the sounds of sex. Then she lifted her breasts. Her nipples bounced with each thrust. He lowered his lips and captured one. She hissed as he nibbled gently. She pulled his face up and kissed him long and deep, her tongue sparring with his. After a moment she broke the kiss and groaned as he filled her again.

“Fuck me, Mannu” she panted. “Come inside me Mannu. Fill me with come, you bastard.” He was shocked to hear his daughter’s words. His dead wife used to call him “Mannu” and now his daughter was calling him by that name, on “Her Bed”. He pushed himself up and concentrated on fucking her. She begged him to fuck her faster.

He was going as fast as he could ”Harder, Mannu, fuck your wife faster, harder, Zor se chod Mannu(Mannu fuck me hard)”. He felt a rush of heat and moisture as her pussy clenched him. Her eyes rolled back. He kept pounding into her. His own climax was close, and his balls felt tight with the need for release. He groaned.

“Oh, Beti! I am cumming….Ohhhhh God I am cumming inside my Devika, my beti, my wife” He screamed. Her pussy tightened round his shaft. With a final lunge, he buried himself as deep as he could and felt an explosion of pleasure. The sensation spread his entire body. He clamped his eyes shut. Beneath him, his daughter heaved in the final throes of her own orgasm.

His dick went soft in her cunt, and she made a moan as it slipped out. She smiled. “I love you Mannu, my husband, my master!” “I love you too, Devika, my wife!.” They had become married couple. Next day when he returned from work, his daughter was dressed in a red sari, and a matching blouse which clung to her ample boobs.

She had dinner ready, and she’d set two places in the dining room. She even had candles and a bottle of wine. “I thought we should celebrate our marriage, Mannu,” she said as she came into his embrace and kissed him on the lips. “Celebrate what?” he asked as failed to understand the cause of celebration. “We are celebrating our wedding night tonight, husband.

I just want you to fuck me like your new wed wife.” He wanted her to stop this new husband and wife thing and she put him to a stop with “We’re lovers, fuckers, are we not, Papa?” she said. “Yes we are lovers. I mean we fucked.” “I love you. You love me. I want to fuck you. You want to fuck me. That sounds like wife and husband, Papa.”

She began serving their dinner. “Now, let’s eat before it gets cold, Mannu” He ate mechanically. She set her wine glass down and turned to Manohar. “I want you and me to get a little drunk tonight so that you can take me as your wife. I have already dressed like a wife. Wont you fill my Maang with sindoor?(hair parting with vermilon).”

He looked at his daughter confused: “Why?” She smiled. ” I want to make me your wife, thats why, Mannu. We’ll have to be careful till we move to Banglore, but you must treat me as your wife.” He gulped his glass down and went in and brought a plate of sindoor and put some of it in my maang. I bent like a traditional Indian wife and touched his feet.

He made another round of drinks for both of us and said”You want more…? I am goint to celebarte our wedding night the way I did with your mother. She was a godess!” “Mmm hmm. Well your new wife is not a goddess, but she certainly a real bitch in bed. Lets make another drink, you seem to excite me a lot more with wine inside me.

My cunt is all tingling for your cock, lover” she said. Then she drew her wine glass and emptied it while Manohal refilled them. She began to undo her sari as they carried their plates back to the kitchen. Manohar’s erection turned into a full-blown hard-on and there was a bulge in his pants”Oh, God, Mannu, I so can’t wait to fuck you with your cock.

Wine has made me horny for your cock” With that, she pressed her ass against his erection and rubbed his hard-on through his pants. He put his arms round her waist and cupped her ass from over her petticoat as she bent on the sink. ” Ohhh Mannu, I love your hands on my ass. Hey my naughty Papa, whats on your nasty mind.

Dont you fancy assfucking your wife on her wedding night?” She whispered in his ears,” Lets go to our wedding bed, let me show you some thing LOVER.” Once in the bedroom they began kissing deeply, their tongues searching each others’ mouths. Devika was as usual was getting hot, touching his cock. She began whispering, “fuck me HUBBY.”

Manohar was much more aroused due to the forbidden relationship that he had entered with his daughter. “So you like to be Papa’s wife, Devika?” He asked. She whispered, “yes Papa, I want to surrender my whole self to my husband.” “You want to be in my control tonight?” “Oh yes Mannu. You know I’ll do anything for you.”

Tonight she wanted anything and everything from her new husband, her darling Papa to posses her completely. “Tonight you’re going to do everything.” “Like what, Papa?” “Let your husband decide for that. No more questions.” “Oh, come on Papa. Tell me. Tell me please. Your suspense has made me soooooo hooooot. Seee my cunt is weeping for your cock Papa"

He began running fingers lightly over her hair and down her face. He kissed her hard forcing her head back against the wall, driving his tongue deep into her mouth. ” Devika, my wife, it is your duty to surrender yourself to your husband. Do it now. I want your lovely ass as wedding gift. Papa wants to fuck your ass so hard tonight. Papa wants to make you his a dirty little whore.”

“Take me as you want, Husband, please, Devika is Mrs Manohar from today” The father said in a commanding voice “Now get down on the bed and show your lovely ass, my wife.” ” Very sensible, my daughter. Get on your knees, let papa see his wife’s ass!!” “Oh Papa, please, take my ass gently! Please dont hurt me”

Manohar stared right into her eyes when he spoke. “You’ve always liked being my wife, always acting like my wife, taking your mother’s place in her bed. Well tonight you’re going to be treated liek your mother. I’m going to show you how I treated your mother in bed. I own your cunt, your asshole, your mouth, your throat, all of you belongs to me.

And right now… I’m going to fuckyour asshole and thats how I fucked your mother. Thats why we never had the second kid. I loved her ass. Now get down in front of me on your knees.” Devika, under the effect of wine bent as ordered. “Move your knees apart, Beti” he hissed. Now your ass is totally exposed to Papa.”

He grabbed a bottle of lubricant applying it on her ass and started working his finger into her asshole. Then he inserted a second, then a third finger into her anal hole. “Nice and tight, just liek your mother” He commented. Devika was aroused, “oh Papa, what are you going to do to me? Fuck me. Fuckkkkk my ass… are teasing your daughter…Take me”

Devika felt her tight little puckered hole being stretched beyond limit but she did not care. Devika wanted to have her father as her husband and she would do anything for her husband. “My God, what a nasty little bitch is my Beti? Your ass is so tight. Do you love Papa’s finger inyour ass, beti?” “Ohhhhh…Papa…Yessss… it….fuck my ass…ohhhhh bhagwan….fuck meeeee papa.”

Then he added a third finger in her asshole and moved his hand faster. She cried out, “oh Mannu, that hurts. It is too big for me. Please Papa, stop!” He slapped her ass hard with. “Stop making noise, you little cunt.You agreed to give me your ass, did not you?” Manohar kept fucking her ass with her fingers.

“Oh my God, what are you doing to me, fuck me with your cock you bastard, fuck me,” she moaned in pain and pleasure. Manohar had to obey his anal wife now. He positioned himself behind his daughter’s buttocks. “Now, Beti Devika, Papa knows your ass must be filled. Be for my cock, Papa is going to fuck you now.”

His cock was rock hard and he placed the head of his cock right on his daughter’s asshole and in one swift movement pushed it all completely. His cock ripped into her ass fully entering deep in her ass. “How’s that feel, Devika, my wife? Like Papa’s hard cock up your ass?” He started moving back and forth, fucking her ass.

Sudden assault did not let her utter anything ”God, your ass is tight. Ohhh Beti, I am fucking my wife’s ass again” He was moaning. “I’m going to fuck your ass, you bitch. I’ll show you what assfucking is all about.” He was delirious with passion. By now Devika had begun to enjoy her father’s cock in her ass as his hand touched her pussy. It was wet with juices.

“What a tight fuckin’ cunt you are Devika.” Devika pushed her buttocks backwards at his fucking cock,” Papa, keep touching my cunt too, your daughter loves you cock in her ass and hand on my pussy. Fuck me like you fucked my mother, tell me who is better fucker for you Mannu. Are you happy now yo take my ass?. Bugger me, Papa, fuck my ass”

He continued fucking his daughter’s asshole till he emptied his balls into her ass. She too, tensed as orgasm hit her body. His hands held her hips as he forced his cock into the deepest part of her ass. He pulled out and shoved his cock into her mouth “Suck my dirty cock, Devika Tell me how you like being Papa’s anal wife. C’mon tell Papa”. “Oh Papa, I am yours now.

It doesnt matter if I like or not but I love everything that belongs to you, my FUCKER, my Papa. I’m just a fuckslut. Let me suck your cock clean. Please Papa. I have to taste my husband’s cock.”

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Smriti getting seduced by Uncle Dev - II

Previously: Smriti getting seduced by Uncle Dev - I

Once again next day we met in the hospital in the afternoon Uncle behaved casually as if nothing has happened, but he did not talked to me and just then doctor made a statement that most probably mom will be relieved tomorrow morning. That day I came back little early, I wanted to clean my house thoroughly and had to do few more thing as mom was coming back and she was not fully recovered,

she was little weak in the left portion of the body. I did those tasks one by one and finally got down with an evening tea and we silently had tea together. As such there were no conversations took place between us except few casual statements but many times our eyes met and we looked in each other’s eyes.

Finally I got to go and uncle spoke that he will be waiting for me on the dinner, as he had a plan to go out for the dinner and I was suppose to go along with him. I came down on time and we had south Indian food and came back by 10. After returning straight away I went to my house.

I was really very uneasy, uncle was not talking to me normally, and he remained silent most of the time and spoke very less only whenever required like asking if I need anything else while having dinner in the restaurant and all. I remained in my house for an hour and did nothing except thinking, for me it was really very difficult to handle that mental state and I wanted to cry but I just remained unsuccessful in that too,

it was really very strange mental state and don’t know what was happening to me. Don’t know how I gathered courage initially to talk to uncle and got down and ranged his bell and once again seeing him I could not utter a word and asked him if I can see television for some time. Uncle too did not uttered a word and just gave me the way to enter and sat on the chair of the

dining table bit far from the couch on which I was resting and continued what he was doing, having a drink while reading newspaper. Though I was watching television but my brain and all other senses were noticing him and I was gathering courage to talk to him, this silence was actually killing me, I wanted to talk to him desperately,

I wanted to say either you say yes to my proposal or just slap me on my face and get normal as you were, your ignorance is taking my life away. After few minutes Uncle got up from there, his drink was over may be he was going to make another one or he was just going. Once again I spoke with a high heart beat and addressed him from behind, “Uncle” Dev uncle turned and looked at me,

“I want to say something”. He turned and came closer to me and sat in front of me on the central table and gently said “I know what you want to say, you are saying that if I am desperate for having sex then I can do it with you, right”? I still remember those exact words of Hindi language which we spoke in that whole conversation,

“mujhe maalom hai, ki tumhe kya kahna hai, yehi na ki agar aap sex karna chaahte ho to mere saath kar lo, bolo yehi kahna hai na”? I just moved my head in yes, while looking into his eyes, “Smriti tell me, what made you think that, tum aisa kyun karna chahti ho, just to pay back my money, hmmm.. tell me, or there is any other reason”.

I moved my head in no and today when I am recalling that moment I am amazed that how I gathered that much of courage to speak, and finally uttered “because I love you”. Dev uncle smiled sarcastically and said, “This is not love, and you are disturbing me”. Uncle remained silent for some time and kept on staring at me and I too kept on looking into his eyes and he spoke again,

“Smriti I think you are big enough to understand all this,……as such there is no doubt that I am desperate to have sex….. through out my life I never thought about you in that way, but your yesterday’s statement has disturbed me a lot and first time I looked at you with that perspective,…….please don’t do this to me, please go from here main apne aap ko control nahi karr paaunga, I am already drunk”.

“You are angry with me”? I asked him in a low voice, “no I am not angry with you, and I want to sleep now, morning mein mom ko lene jaana hai na”. I moved my head in yes and slowly got up and moved out of the house. In the morning we went to the hospital together and Dev Uncle remained there till main doctor came and granted discharge of my mom from the hospital.

Further I remained with my mom in the room and had bit of conversation about the money spent in the treatment. Dev uncle cleared the remaining bills and bought medicines for next one month and by the time we landed home after all formalities time was one. I came down in the evening with a tea and mom’s prescription as I had some confusion in that,

about the schedule of medicines and Uncle cleared those doubts and came back after asking him that I am making “khichri” in dinner if he would like to have. He said yes to it. Around 9 I got down with a dinner, by that time my mom was up with the dinner and my father was missing, as he use get missing frequently in the past, and we knew that he will not come in the night.

I came back after some time and stayed at home, and unknowingly I was uneasy and very conscious about getting down around 11 and just after few minutes to eleven, I remained unsuccessful in controlling myself and I got up to go down to meet Dev Uncle. My mom was sleeping, I told her that I am going down to watch some television and she said ok to it.

I knew that mom will not get up in the middle as one tranquilizer was also included in the medicine. Once again I was standing in front of his door after ranging the door bell. I don’t know what was driving me crazy about him; it was love, lust, attraction or just my innocence which was taking me there again and again.

Somewhere I was burdened also with his kindness and I wanted to do something for him. Dev Uncle opened he door and moved inside without speaking a word. He was already watching television but he was yet not started with his drink, I just settled down there and he handed over the remote, so that I can watch whatever I want. I changed the channel and we continued watching television.

After few minutes he got up to get inside the bedroom, and I stopped him from behind, he turned to see me, by now I was confident and I just said, “please, don’t drink” he smiled and came back and sat on the opposite couch and called me there from his hand. I went closer to him, he made me sit beside him and took me in his arm and embraced me from side.

I could feel that he was not embracing me as a man, he simply hugged me with affection and I buried my face against his chest. “I know what you are thinking, you know this very well that you will not be able to give my money back, so just to balance that you want to give away your body to me”, friends I cannot forget those exact words too which he spoke in Hindi,

“tu soch rahi hai ki tu uncle ko paise wapis nahi de paayegi iss liye Uncle ko sex de deti hoon” then after detaching me and while looking into my eyes he asked me again, “Smriti I have hell of money, I don’t want it back, do you understand……….now tell me, do you still want to do it?...... but before saying anything take off all burdens from your mind and just ask yourself if you want to have sex before marriage”.

I was unable to answer him, I just kept on staring at him without any answer, I don’t know what I was thinking at that time I was still confused. Dev uncle spoke again this time very softly, “go and think about it, I am also confused that whether I should do it or not, ………and take a sound sleep, only then you will be able to take right decision”.

I moved back to my house and slept after a long tussle, asking myself again and again whether I want to do it or not and finally slept without getting onto conclusion, but before that I definitely fantasized about those moments that how Dev Uncle will make love to me and released bit of my pleasure juices before getting into sound sleep.

I got up early morning, and remained on the bed only and my tussle with in itself also continued. I went down to meet him, to ask him about lunch, that day he wanted to cook himself so I came back. Once again I went down with tea in the evening, and he himself said that he will cook himself in the night too.

In the mean time my father came once in the noon and by evening he again left to stay outside, to drink and eat with people of his kind. Once again after dinner I started getting uneasy, and by the time it was 11 once again I was not in my control and I asked my mom if I can go and watch some television, downstairs, as such there was no problem from her side.

She slept and I came down and once again everything ran in a same fashion, till I spoke to Dev uncle that I want to do it. At that time he was sitting on opposite couch, and as I said, “Uncle I want to do it”. He looked at me for few seconds and then raised his arms to call me closer.

I got up and went into his arms and he made me sit on his lap and embraced me tight and asked me, “Smriti kisi pressure mein aakar to nahi kar rahi hai na”? I said “nahi, mujhe bass aapke saath sex karna hai” he embraced me bit more tighter and said, “mujhe bhi karna hai, mujhe bahut zaroorat hai isski,……….(after a long break he spoke again)

Smriti mujhe sex nahi chahiye, usske liye to main kisi prostitute ko bhi laa sakta tha, mujhe pyar chahiye, you know what I mean” I looked into his eyes and said, “hmmmm… I know,…. I love you” Dev uncle caressed my cheeks and removed my hairs which were coming on my eyes and said, “ tujhe maalom hai na hum kya karne waale hain, ….pahli baar bahut pain hota hai”.

I said “hmmm….I know, par mujhe karna hai” once again he embraced me tight and we just remained like that for next 2 minutes. Dev uncle lifted me in his arms and took me to his bedroom, and soon we were laying on the bed and kissing. Finally everything was happening, Dev uncle was touching my body like a man and I was enjoying his every touch like a woman.

His hands were exploring my body, my breast, my thighs, my back and my hips. He was kissing me everywhere on my face wherever he could do in that position. He played with my soft mangos for a while over the clothes and caressed them nicely with soft hands and I really felt good then slowly opened my top and unhooked my bra from the back and loved my breast one by one by sucking my nipples nicely.

I was getting crazy in pleasure and could not control myself from moaning loudly. I was in intense pleasure, his hands were exploring my body again over my bare skin, uncle was sucking my one breast and playing with other, then he moved his hand to my thighs and rubbed them over the cloth,

then he stopped sucking my tits and slowly moved down and took off my lower after pulling it down to my feet and slowly drifted my panty down and now I was laying just naked in front of him. He came closer to my mouth and kissed me for few seconds and said, “main tumhe wahan pyar karunga, hmm… just relax and enjoy”.

He meant to say that now he is going to love me there, on my love hole and I have to relax and enjoy his love making. Next moment I felt uncle’s hands on my bare thighs, I became restless, and trembled in pleasure, he was rubbing my inner thighs and looking at my reactions and listening my pleasure moans, I was never touched by anybody like that in my life,

his touch was so tender and sensual that my juices are flowing more freely from my love hole and in a minute I felt that I have cummed, suddenly I felt that I am releasing some sort of stream from my love hole and it is going out of my love tunnel with some pressure. Next moment Dev Uncle buried his face between my thighs and I felt his lips on my love hole

and slowly his tongue started parting my vagina and I started releasing my pleasure juices endlessly. He was licking my love opening and I was moving in pleasure, holding my pillow, and my eyes were closed, I was enjoying every second of his love making. Feeling was really strange, weird and very pleasurable and my body was moving randomly in all direction and again and again I was trying to stop him,

but Dev Uncle continued loving me down there onto my love opening for few more minutes.
Dev uncle got up after few minutes and started taking off his clothes and took off his shirt first, and then lower, and then in a second he was also completely nude laying beside me, for the first time I was looking at a naked man in reality, he had a big penis which was fully erect,

for few seconds I got scared with a thought that today I will be ripped very badly. He again took me in his arms and started kissing and fondling my body nicely with his hand, he played with my breast again and then took his hand straight to my thighs, and tried to touch my cunt and massaged my love hole with my own juices and suddenly inserted his finger in my hole and I screamed a bit in pain.

Dev uncle continued digging my hole with his finger for 3-4 times and every time it pained me, but it was bearable. By that time I was totally wet and my love hole was going through strange sensation, I was feeling some type of pulsations down there as if my virgin hole was waiting for something to get stuffed there, and Dev uncle was also ready to enter inside me.

I asked him with bit of hesitation, “main pregnant to nahi ho jaaongi”? He spoke softly “don’t worry I have gone through an operation” and with the last word he spoke Uncle got up from bed and bought bottle of coconut oil and poured some oil on my love hole and again massaged me there with his palm and made my love hole totally soaked with a oil,

and that massage also pleasured me and I felt like heaven and then applied some oil on his rod too and tried to insert his rod in my love hole. He got successful in getting inside me second time, I felt hardly an inch of his hard cock inside my tunnel and I screamed in pain Dev Uncle closed my mouth with his hand and moved further inside me and next moment he completely buried himself inside my soft hole and moaned in ecstasy.

I was totally ripped by Dev Uncle. There was plenty of oil which made penetration easier, smother and quick, even then I was suffering with intense pain, and tears started coming out of her eyes. I was feeling as if something is trying to cut me from my hole and it will tear me into two. I tried my best to bear the pain and after a minute or two I was in my control.

Dev Uncle covered my body with his and came on my top and kissed me for a while and then licked my neck with wet lips and spoke in a very low voice while caressing my hairs, “bahut pain ho raha hai, hmmm…” I said “hmmmmm…” with closed eyes and once again he kissed me on my lips and said, “sirf first time pain hota hai. abhi sabb theek ho jaayega”

I knew this fact again I just hummed to say yes. Uncle was laying on me with his rod inside my hole and he lied there for few more minutes unmoved till I revived completely from the pain, and as I opened my eyes, his face was very close to mine, and he was staring at me. I smiled a bit while looking into his eyes, I was really very happy after giving away everything I had with me, my body,

my virginity and my dignity. He too smiled but bit sarcastically and said, “I am sorry, Smriti mujhe ye nahi karna chahiye tha, but main apne aap ko control nahi kar paya, I am sorry” I tried to grab him to bought him closer to me and I grabed his back and tried to hug him and we hugged like that and now I was bearing most of his weight and I spoke while tightening him in my arms,

“I love you, just do whatever you use to do it with Asha aunty” and uncle got up bit and planted another kiss on my lips and moved bit of his lower half and it pained me again and I moaned a bit. He continued moving his lower half with long breaks and every time his penis came out and went into my hole, it pained me a bit and I moaned.

Gradually his speed increased and for me feeling was strange, some kind of pleasure was mixed with the pain. I won’t say that I was fully enjoying, because it was paining too but don’t know what kind of pleasure I was getting from that pain and I wanted that to happen with me more and more.

Uncle was moving very slow with bit of puffing and I could see that he was enjoying my body. Gradually his speed increased and my pain too but I was capable to bear that pain and finally Dev uncle stopped after few quick stroke and I felt his rod beating like heart. He spewed out his liquid in my tunnel and got up from my top and lied beside me.

After some time he got up and cleaned himself and I too cleaned myself with soap and washed my gentiles as there was lot of oil which was dripping down and finally came back in bedroom and tried to collect my clothes, but Uncle took me again his arms and kissed me and said, “abhi to maine tujhe pleasure dena hai, ab tum enjoy karna”.

He started sucking my cunt again and with that he inserted his index finger in my hole and started fisting me and soon I was feeling like heaven, Dev Uncle was sucking me while fisting and after few minutes he inserted another finger and sucked me with full passion and this combination was taking my breath away and I could not stop moaning in ecstasy and finally

I exploded like a bomb and shivered in pleasure while cumming. Once again I cleaned myself and came to my home after hugging Dev Uncle. Through out night I was almost awake, though my love hole was aching, even then some sort of pleasure was driving my body in heaven and it was a feeling which I cannot forget through out life.

For next few days I and Dev Uncle had sex continuously and then gradually frequency decreased. For me this sexual relation bought relaxation in my life from the hell of tensions created by my father in our lives and I use to feel so relaxed from the stressful life after having sex with Dev Uncle.

Till the time my and Dev uncle’s sexual relation continued, I always found Dev Uncle living with bit of guilt feeling and that guilt never disappeared till the end and many times he avoided doing it, even if we had a easy chance. Initially he was not intended to do this but somewhere he was starved for this and finally his lust won from his consciousness.

Our physical relation continued for around two years till I got fixed with my husband and when I got married Dev Uncle played vital role in making my marriage occasion happen peacefully and after around a year of my marriage my father expired after facing serious asthma attack along with some heart complication.

I was sad, after all he was my father, but from my mom’s side I was relaxed, I knew that Dev Uncle will take care of her, as medically she is also not fit. After reading and knowing whatever happened with me, readers can make conclusion that it was my immaturity that I surrendered myself to Dev Uncle for whatever he did for us,

and today after couple of years of my marriage I think up to an extent it is true and in past I use to think about my this fact like this only, but my thinking changed just a few days back when I visited my mom and she admitted herself that from last few months she and Dev Uncle are having physical relation, and she often sleeps with him in his house in the night.

She wanted to do this with Dev Uncle after realizing his need and according to her moreover it was her demand and her physical need which bought her closer to him. She also needed physical love, because she was also starved for this from the time my father took a wrong way. I am not sure that whether whatever I and Dev uncle did was wrong or right as some kind

of lustful force was driving us at that time and we just did that but in my moms case I think readers will agree with me that she has not done anything wrong, as everybody has a right to be happy and as such there is no age to get a love and affection of this kind. Write comments I would like to read readers views.

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Smriti getting seduced by Uncle Dev - I

My name is Smriti, a female and all this happened to me long time back, but truly speaking I remember everything as it has happened yesterday. This is about my first sexual encounter with my neighboring Uncle, and his name was or you can say his name is Dev. I knew him since one normal child start recognizing people.

We were living on first floor which was a top floor of that type of construction and he was residing on the ground floor. Before getting to the sexual incident with him I would like to give brief of those circumstances in which I grew and finally landed into this. Everything which I am mentioning about past is all said by my mom to me as I was just a kid at that time.

My mom says that we also had a good income and money long time back as my father had a business and my mom was looking after the house as a housewife. I really don’t remember that dreadful moment of crashing of stock market in 1992, because I was too young to understand that accident. But that crash took everything from my father.

Basically my father was running a travel agency and along with that he had huge investment in stock market. With that collide my father faced heavy loses and he got bound to sell everything including his office and most of my mom’s jewelry. Fortunately we had a shelter to live and now my parents had to start it allover again.

My mom did that, she joined one school as a history teacher, she was professionally qualified for that, but my father never revived from that and got involved in drinking, smoking and few other types of narcotics. Gradually I grew up in somewhat financial struggle and by the time I reached in high school, I was big enough to understand everything.

My mother was working and my dad was just spending. He was not bothered about my school fee or even for the basic food we needed. We had a terrace on top of our house so somehow my mom managed to make a small portion on that and which we rented out for extra income, but finally we were unable to protect that money from my father and for that most of the time

my parents use to fight and countless times I saw my mother getting beaten up by my father. I was in High School and now I was suppose to appear in boards, and as expected from the circumstances I was struggling in studies too. For that Asha aunty came in front, she use to live on the ground floor, as we were living on first floor.

Everybody living around our house was well aware of our problem and Asha aunty was through with our living conditions as she was the only friend of my mom and my mom use to share everything with her. Dev Uncle Asha aunt’s husband was civil engineer and he use to remain at home, though he use to go out everyday on work but by noon he use to come back.

Sometimes I have seen him talking to my dad, he was trying to make my dad understand that whatever he is doing is wrong, and more over I remember once he appeared with Asha aunty when my father was beating my mom and me after consuming large amount of alcohol and he saved us by locking my dad in the toilet.

Anyway my mom talked to her about my studies and Asha aunt asked Dev uncle in front of us that if he can teach me, Dev uncle agreed without thinking twice. My free tuitions started and Dev uncle taught me every subject, including Hindi and social studies which were not at all his subjects.

Uncle really worked hard by reading my textbooks till late and prepared me and finally I appeared in boards and cleared with nearly sixty percent aggregate. Life moved like that, somehow my mom use to protect her salary from my father by keeping it with Asha aunty, but we never got rent of that terrace flat and it use to feed my father’s bad habits.

I chose humanities for +2 and somehow continued my studies and in those living conditions I prepared myself to work secretly and for that once again Dev uncle helped me, through his reference I got job of teaching 3-4 children of 2nd to 3rd standard. I had to get there homework done from them in the evening in 2 hours.

Though now we both were working me and my mom, even then we were struggling as life in a NCR can never be cheap, so some how I cleared my 12th and started my graduation. As far as my friend circle was concerned, I never had any best friend since my school time, my females classmates never came closer to me after knowing truth of my life,

though they had sympathy for me but they were never my friend and opposite to that few rich guys tried to attract me through their money and rich gestures but I avoided them as I had lot of things to think about. And as far as sex was concerned, like other females of the same age I use to sedate my sexual urge using conventional way,

with a help of my finger while fantasizing few of my male class mates and couple of young teachers and truly speaking at that time this act was playing vital role as a stress reliever of my life’s anxiety. I was still working like I was in the past and my income was bit more now but now secret of my income was also revealed to my father, and we were struggling to protect our money from him,

we were just moving with the life, me and my mom never got successful in saving much. And whatever we saved secretly it went into my father’s treatment whenever he collapsed and needed hospitalization. Time moved and by now we were habitual of our problems. I remember it was end of my first year when mom’s best friend Asha aunty passed away because of fatal road accident on the Jaipur highway.

Dev uncle too got seriously injured and remained in hospital for a long time. Mainly I and my mom attainted him in the hospital for few days till Dev uncle’s son arrived from united states and finally after some more time we all started reviving from that sorrow. His son flew back to states as he was working there and he tried to take his father along, but Dev uncle never gave a thought to that.

My mom had savings with Asha aunty which Dev Uncle knew, but he did not knew that how much is saved. Dev uncle trusted my mother’s words and never reflected any disbelieve even for a fraction of second on that matter and many times when my mom use to take her money from him for any purpose he formally asked for any sort of other help.

When Asha aunty was alive my mom use to rely on her a lot, for us she was sort of mental security that if we will fall in any sort of emergency then Asha Aunty will help us and after her sudden demise, in the beginning mom use to get depress but Dev Uncle’s behavior bought us that security again, though uncle was very reserved and we never had any long conversations with him,

and as such I was in very less contact with him after my tuitions, and mostly it was limited to formal Namestay and from my mom’s side too it was very limited, and mostly my mom use to go into his house in the beginning of the month, just to give him her spare money. We never spoke to uncle a lot, even then now we had physiological support from his side, just because his gesture use to give us reflection that he cares for us.

As such life was moving when suddenly something happened to take our life into more trouble. My mom faced a neuro attack, and she collapsed like a castle of cards on the floor on one dreadful evening. At that time my dad was not home, neither we knew that where he was at that time, neither we knew that whether he will come in the night or not,

I was alone in the house with my mom and I just rushed to Dev uncle leaving my mom on the kitchen floor. He immediately came up with me and lifted my mom in his arms and came out and screamed for help in the neighborhood and with some help we rushed to the hospital. I was in utter shock and could not stop crying.

Mom got admitted in the ICU and uncle instructed me that I do not have to move from there. He went back to the home and managed money, he deposited initial amount and treatment started. That night uncle stayed with me outside the ICU and remained there till next afternoon. By that time my father was also there and uncle instructed him that he has to stay here till we will be back.

Uncle took me along and after getting fresh we had something to eat on the way and came back to hospital. Through out the way I wanted to ask him that how much amount he has deposited in the hospital and how much we had with him, as I didn’t knew that how much my mom has saved, but I could not utter a word.

I was really very scared, neither he spoke anything in that context, rather he just spoke once or twice when I was crying a bit, just to give me mental support that he has talked to Doctors, and everything is in control, there is nothing to worry about. We came back to hospital and remained there till night. I and Dev uncle, we both were tired, and wanted to sleep.

As such everything was in control and my mom was in observation and nobody could enter in the observation room, so logically there was no reason to stay there, even then Uncle gave instructions on the help counter of that floor that in case of any emergency, they have to contact him. So finally leaving my father there once again we came back.

He bought dinner from the way and we had at his house and finally I entered in my house to sleep. In morning I got up early and I was expecting that uncle will also be ready, but he was still sleeping when I rang his bell. I was expecting that he will come to hospital with me, but he was not in condition, he was somewhat more tired.

After informing him, that I am going to hospital as I turned, uncle stopped me and called me inside and gave me 20k with one hand written slip, and told me to deposit this cash on the counter. At that time somehow I managed to ask him that how much we had with him and how much he had paid yesterday.

Uncle smiled a bit and caressed my cheek lightly and said, “You do not have to worry about that, tum usski tension matt lo”. I came to the hospital and deposited the cash and remained in the hospital. At around mid day Uncle came with packed lunch, we were still outside observation room, one more day passed like that and now soon my mom was suppose to shift into the ward.

That night finally I slept in the private room with my mom, uncle chose good neat and clean room. In next one day my mom recovered and asked me that how much is spent as money was the main concern of our life. Finally from uncle we came to knew that it was three times the amount we had with Uncle which was already spent and we were still in the hospital.

This fact bought lot of tensions in our mind and couple of times me and my mom cried when we were alone in the hospital room. Dev uncle uses to come everyday in the afternoon, as he use to go to his work in the morning, and many times my mom thanked him for his help. Me and my dad were staying in hospital alternate days and couple of more days passed like

that and I remember that day my dad was suppose to stay there and uncle came there very late in the evening and after spending an hour or so he asked me if I want to come along with him to the house. I agreed and once again he bought food from outside and we landed in the house.

We had dinner and as such we were not talking much, and mentally I was much occupied because of the money we borrowed from him. After noticing me for some time uncle asked me that what I am thinking, I spoke the truth that I am worried about the money which we have to return, and with that I started crying. Once again he said, “You do not have to worry about that”.

Finally after dinner I moved up, to my house and tried to sleep, but I could not, I was so tensed that I could not think about anything else except money. After spending some time with my courseware in the night, I came out in the balcony, as there was no sign of sleep in me. I remember time was around 11. I saw Dev uncle standing near his gate at the end of veranda looking outside.

Don’t know what he was doing, I could see just his back. I moved down to meet him in curiosity and he heard my voice and turned to see me. He was holding a glass in his hand with something in it. He was consuming alcohol and as Uncle realized that I am here he tried to hide the glass but by that time it was too late.

Keeping his glass on the wall he softly asked me that why I am awake at this hour, for which I said that I don’t know why I cannot sleep. He just said go and watch something on television, I will come after some time. I went inside his house and switched on the television and intentionally sat at the place from where I could see him and as expected Uncle picked up his

glass and continued having his drink and after around 15 minutes came inside the living room and settled down on the other couch and spoke in bit of disappointment, “Smriti you must be thinking that I am a bad guy”, I could not answer I just kept on staring him and said no after some time by just moving my head. He spoke again, “I cannot sleep without having at least 3-4 pegs”.

I gathered some courage and said, “but uncle this is not good”, “I know but I can’t handle this life anymore”. Then after few seconds he spoke again, “you are big enough to understand this, ………… is very difficult to live alone”, “but this will harm your body”, “I know, but this body is a root of all problems”.

At that time I was unable to understand that exactly what he has said, though it was clear that he is feeling lonely in the absence of his wife, after some time I came back to my place and tried to sleep but I was repeating his lines again in my mind and suddenly it stroked me that what he meant by “this body is root of all problems”, he was talking about his sexual desire,

about his need of physical love. And after that I got more uncomfortable and could not sleep for the whole night. Next day I stayed at hospital and gave a thought to his problem, and you can say that it was my childishness that I thought about surrendering myself to him physically, just to pay back for whatever he has done for us.

It was a mere thought of a girl, of just 20 and you can say I was immature, but truly speaking at that time it was a big issue for me, I was thinking about everything he and Asha aunty has done for us, Asha aunty has given every kind of support to my mom, mental and financial. I remember whenever she use to go for shopping, it was for sure that she will bought something for me too,

some times t-shirt or jeans or any other latest trendy cloth and sometimes something to eat which is either expensive or rare which we cannot afford, and she use to do this just to keep me away from any kind of inferiority complex or starving feelings for such things. How could I forget those tuitions which I got from Dev Uncle, he was the one who made me clear my boards with reasonable grades,

my small job of teaching small kids which I got from his reference and above that he was the one who saved my mother’s life from lethal neuro attack, it was new birth for my mom and as I was depending on her so for me too. Matter was too complicated for me to handle and I was unable to think anything else except this.

I gave a thought about surrendering myself to him physically again and again and remained half minded till the end and if suppose I would have taken decision that I have to surrender, even then I did not had courage to ask him that if he wants to have sex with me then I am ready. So for the whole day and once again whole night I was occupied, I was thinking about having sex with Dev Uncle,

and suddenly I realized that just that feeling, I mean thinking about getting intimate with him pleasured me a lot and my body started releasing pleasure juices and truly speaking that itself was very relaxing. Next day I met him in the hospital when he came with the food, which he bought for me and my father.

Though he was casual and talked to me and my mom, like he use to in the past, but suddenly I realized that my perspective to look at him has changed a lot. Apart from respect and admiration now I was having bit of his desire, desire of being close to him physically. I think whoever has passed from that age can understand this mental state.

In this age it is very easy to fall for anybody and generally one gets confused in his or her ideal and love. I was falling in love with Dev Uncle, and these thoughts were driving me, and I was following my dream and desire of getting intimate with him without thinking about future of this. I came back home in the evening independently, Uncle was already home, and I met him,

not just because I was suppose to, I wanted to see him and intentionally I asked him if he wants to have tea, he said ok to it and I made the tea and we had it together. After spending some time with him I got up to go, Uncle somewhat ordered me that I have to come at dinner time and today he is going to order Pizza.

For me it was very easy to spend time with his thoughts and finally I came down to his house by 9 for dinner and he ordered Pizza. We watched TV while having it. I sat there even after dinner; movie which was getting telecasted was interesting and I wanted to see it till the end and more then that I wanted to stay there, with him.

I asked him casually that if I can see this movie till end and uncle casually said, “yes…. Yes why not, just feel like home” for next hour we sat together and saw that movie. Time was again around 11 when he got up from there and went inside the bedroom and did not turn back in the living room.

After some time I got up and tried to find him, door of bedroom was open and I saw him, uncle was sitting on bed resting his back on the wall, he was reading something while having a drink. He noticed me and again kept his glass aside and asked me, “is it over”? I said, “No, its almost in the middle,” I further asked, “…… I hope I am not disturbing you”.

“no…. no… please carry on, main bhi aata hoon” he replied casually. After around 10 minutes he came and sat opposite to me and after 15 more minutes spoke to me somewhat asking me, “ Smriti, you know it very well now,……… I hope you don’t mind if I will have it here only, while watching TV”. I could not speak any word, and just moved my head in acceptance to say yes.

Uncle got up and came back with a glass and retained his position. He was focused on television but I was very conscious and again and again I was looking at him and he was noticing me that I am uneasy and finally after few minutes he spoke, “I think you are not comfortable”, I gathered some courage and spoke “I want to say something”,

and at that particular time I was really very scared, my heart was beating very high, and I knew that I will not be able to speak up what I wanted to say. Uncle kept his glass on the side table and asked me, “what”? “Uncle please, stop having this, it’s really very bad thing”. Though I wanted to say something else, but I could not gather courage and in last moment I changed my statement”.

“For me it’s necessary, it helps me to avoid getting into depression of being alone, and I take it in very limited quantity so don’t worry”. I was just looking at him, actually I was trying to gather some more courage to speak what I wanted to but I could not, I tried but nothing came out of my mouth and once again uncle read my expressions, and asked me again, “bolo you want to say something”?

I moved my head in yes and spoke with a high heart beat “uncle kya main aapka akelapan door kar sakti hoon”. Uncle looked at me without a flick of an eye for few seconds and then focused on the television. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. He did not responded to my question and we kept on watching movie.

After some time, around 10-15 minutes I got up to go and spoke with my eyes and by moving my head that I am going and he responded in the same fashion and got up to lock the door. Once again I slept very late that night and thought about this relation a lot and gradually I was getting confident about my decision of getting involved physically with Dev Uncle,

now I was not that confused that I have to do it or not and from my side I was ready, though I was bit scared but the sensation which I was feeling in my body while dreaming about that moment of intimacy was much more powerful then the fear and that night finally I slept after satisfying myself with a conventional way of masturbating while dreaming about having sex with Dev Uncle.

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Revathi aunty getting fucked by Raj

Hello readers my name is Raj from AP. Story which your'e going to read is a true one happened 6 years ago when i'm studying intermediate.First of all i'm fond of Mature women I used to watch their navel from the side and their butt which makes me horny.There is an aunty named Revathi she is mother of two daughters elder one is 8 & other one is 3.

I dont know exact measurements of her but I think she may be 35-30-36 with fair complexion & round boobs. She is living in a joint family with her husband,Aunty, Uncle etc on our 2nd floor and we are in 1st floor.I'm a normal guy with good looking though not very fair but muscular body and 6 feet height.

One day after buying some books in the evening i've arrived home at 7:30PM I had just parked my bike and entered into the first room I saw a lady coming infront of me she is none other than revathi(she is leaving after a little chat with my mom) then unexpectedly her right side part of her body touched me while crossing. This is the first time I got contact with the body of a mature lady.

Her right boob touched my right shoulder Wow it felt very soft and I am motion less for 2 seconds. Then coming back from that feeling I said "Oh! sorry aunty I didn't watch you coming" She replied "It's ok no problem" with a smile face. That night I didn't slept and just thinking about her body.

The next day my dad's jeep is not getting started(which he regularly used to drive) he called me and said "it seem's there is a problem with the battery so we need to push the jeep a few feet then I will try to start it". There were no people walking around as it is afternoon 3pm so my dad sat in the jeep & i've started pushing the jeep alone from back side as the road is a little bit

slope jeep moved easily & my dad started the jeep & left to his office.At that time i'm wearing a round neck T-Shirt & Short,then while i'm enetering into home i've recognised some body is watching from above I just glanced at the second floor it is none other my sweetheart Revathi standing & watching the scene. I gave her a smile for which she is also reciprocated.

At that time I didn't understood why she is staring at me. It is the month of january as i'm getting close to my examinations i've started my study sessions one day afternoon while I am studying Revathi came down with her kid as the girl is not taking her meals so revathi is trying to feed the girl in the fresh air.

Then suddenly she entered into my house my mom is busy with cooking, I saw revathi she is in light red colored saree. She Don't like to wear a bra as they will be little uncomfortable to her(which I had came to know later) I saw while she is walking her boobs are swinging in air up and down for her walking motion that made my dick raise.

Then I wished her she smiled and said "it seems preparing for the xams" I replied "yes aunty". Then I put my books aside and started chatting with her after sometime her little girl came near to me and sat on my lap and after some time I gave the child to revathi she took the girl with one hand as she is carrying the rice bowl (which is used to fed the little girl) in the other hand,

while taking the girl my right hand touched her boob & she just pulled her kid from my arm but my hand is locked in between the girl and her boob like a sandwitch for about 2 seconds. Wow what a feeling it is....they are very soft like sponge covered with skin & her nipple is erect which I felt very clearly becoz of absence of Bra. And after that she left normally.

First of all I thought that she did that intentionally but after some time I convinced myself that she is a family lady from an Orthodox family, above all she is a mother of two what is the need to do such silly things with a boy.Then on the next day she again came to our house with her little girl & i've decided to test revathi aunty as she did that thing intentionally or accidentally by

touching her body again like yesterday so I again took the girl in my arms and played with her for somtime and after a few minutes while aunty was leaving I gave her child to her and again her boob touched to my arm I got shocked for what ravathi aunty was doing she is just pressing my hand to her breast with her child with a lot of pressure then I just pulled back my arm from her.

But my mom never noticed this becoz for her it seems like I am just handing her child but it is only known for Revathi & me what is happening in between.Then it made very clear that revathi is intended to do it. From that day she is daily used to come to our house afternoon and in the evening for the hot touch of mine as i'm waiting to touch her soft boobs.

She is regularly used to wear a Night garment but sometimes she is used to wear saree she is so hot in day she came to our house lonely my mom is not there at that time i'm just studying lonely with a bowl of snacks on my side. Then she came and sat I offered her the snacks while taking them she got slipped and the bowl gone down to the couch.

She said "Oh sorry..its my fault wait I will clean the floor" and she just bent down with her ass facing me.Her ass is the perfect one I never seen in my life.After looking at her hot bulged ass I got my undies tight. My dick is just throbbing and my eyes were locked on her ass but I didn't dared to touch it.

Then after cleanig the floor she suddenly stood up as I were very close her butt touched my dick wow they are amazing and at once my underwear got wet with my pre-cum.Then she washed her hands and left, after that I started masturbating thinking about her round ass then suddenly I heard some body is coming so immediately I put back my penis into my short

at that time I am not wearing any undies so it made a tent. Then I saw who is coming it is again revathi. She entered and said that "Can you bring me a Tea packet from the near by shop your uncle is still in office I cant leave the home isolated" I said no problem then suddenly she changed her looks and watching my tent.

I got embarassed for a moment and she left without any expression in her face then I brought tea packet and given to her. The next day she came with her child as usual and she is talking with my mom about something then I had to go bathroom to urinate on the way to bathroom I touched revathi's fleshy butt.

But my mom didn't noticed this and again coming from toilet I made it again she is also enjoying it suddenly my phone is ringing I picked up the call it is for my mom from my grandmother she lives in the 4th street from our home. She called my mom urgently to talk about something then my mo left to her home immediately.

Now it is me, Revathi & her 3 year child I thought this is an god given oppurtunity to trap her but i'm not having that guts to implement my feelings. So while talking slowly moved my right foot to her leg and started rubbing it nicely she noticed that but remained calm and after some time she taken back her leg I thought she is thinking that some body might come at this time so she is not co-operating and convinced myself.

Then she stood up and moved infront of the mirror to adjust her saree as the mirror is back to me she is facing me directly and adjusting her saree in the midst her saree is gone aside exposing her deep navel.She is having a deep navel with some stretch marks on her tummy but it is a excellent view on seeing her navel my dick turned into a 5" rod and at this time i'm

unable to control myself so I just grabbed her and kissed on her navel at an instance like in movies for about ten seconds her body is smelling like a sandal which made me arouse more. At first she was also speechless and enjoying this but suddenly she thrown me away and slapped me I was shocked, my tent became flat with that slap I asked what happened aunty...?

she replied "Shut up dont talk to me Idiot...i am like your sister this is how you behave with your sister.....!" saying this she gone away. I was trembling from top to bottom and thinking what will be going to she going to tell her husband and break my limbs....then I cant show my face to anybody.I never expected this would happen. I was full of repentance and shamefull.

After that a few days she doesn't came to our house and nothing had happened I thought she didn't leaked the matter and I was saved. one day my mom and dad had to go to hyderabad for two days because of my examinations they didn't take me with them.Then i'm studying alone in my home with my shorts and T-shirt.

Then I saw revathi is coming towards me I was started to tremble again with fear she came close to me and asked where are your parents I said they were gone to Hyd. At once she hugged me and kissed on my cheek where she slapped once I was amazed.Her soft shaped lips kissed me I cant believe it.

she said I'm really so sorry Raj that day I slapped youi very hard because you are smooching me infront of my daughter....!i dont wanna become a bitch in my daughter's view. That is why I behaved like that. I said what's wrong with the child she is still a kid she cant remember what happened that day. No they will she said.

Ok my mistake is also there I must not behave like that with you said you are like a sister to me...saying this I just sat on the couch revathi is infront of me standing still without a word. After some time she slowly touched my right hand it took it I can't understand what she is doing Then she slowly put it on her navel and said "Common do it...Mmmmm....."

at once my penis is erect and my under wear is bulged, but I need to control as I remembered the words she said and asked her in a low voice"how can I do it you are like sister to me na...". Revathi"Yes..for my husband and others, but as far as i'm concerned you are my man" these words made me more hot then I lost my control and kissed her navel very deeply for about 10

minutes she said are you going to make love for only that hole....? No darling I Love you....I really Love you saying this I just kissed on her soft lips for about 2 minutes and then I removed her saree pallu her boobs are bulged a little bit more than usual and her black nipples are clearly visible as she is in a light colored blouse.

Then I pressed the boobs like mad she is moaning "Mmmm......aaahhhh.....i never thought you are so curious on me.....common do it slowly they are paining....ohhhh......"then I started to touch her boobs softly carressing them and biting over the blouse she said remove it, I did it her nipples are erect and starving for my licking sensation at first I sucked her left boob really

guys upto that moment I never knew how girls body will be but now I am in heaven flying with my sex goddess. I licked them and pinched the nipples while doing so her mood is getting to the peak I thought she is fond of boob sucking she is enjoying it with her moaning my dick is also throbbing to enter into her love hole then I pinched her nipples with my teeth she moaned in pleasure

"Raaaaj.......Uhhhh......mmmm please be soft with them" but I am not in a position to listen her after sucking her boobs I came down to her navel again, she is having amazing shape enjoying it I smooched deeply with out leaving any area of her upper part of her body. Suddenly I sense'd that something is wrong and to make sure I just paused the romance and looked at the door.

But there is no one at the door then I found that the door is not closed and I rushed to it and locked it. Then again im entering into action but with this little pause revathi had realised that her husband might come for lunch so she must be at home

other wise he will come here searching for me and we might caught so please I will be back at evening, saying this she planted a deep kiss and softly pinched my lips with her teeth and she dressed normally and went back to her home.

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Incestuous adventures of Rolly - III

Incestuous adventures of Rolly - I
Incestuous adventures of Rolly - II

I was right, it was the most extra ordinary day of my life, which bought lot of changes in me, physically and mentally and totally changed my perception of life. Anyway that day I slept till very late, nearly till lunch time, thought couple of times my mom tried to awake me before going to work but I ignored and truly speaking I don’t remember how I reacted as I was unconscious at that time.

When I got up time was around 1 and mom and dad were out on there jobs, I went straight to toilet and came out after bathing and all and entered in the living room. Vittesh Bhaiya was watching television and Meha Didi was working on Vittesh Bhaiya’s laptop on the dining table. “Good Morning” Meha Didi spoke from there only,

I replied her but showing very less interest and went inside kitchen to hunt something to eat and found 2 Aloo Paranthas, (chapattis stuffed with boiled potatoes) kept in case roll and came out from the kitchen and proceeded to the bedroom. Once again Meha Didi spoke from there asking me, “Rolly should I make milk for you”,

I turned to look at her, she was smiling as if nothing is wrong, I said, “No I will make it myself” and went inside my room. Meha Didi came to the room and stood on the door for couple of minutes and stared at me and once I looked up to see her and then continued having my breakfast.

She went back to the living room, may be to talk to Vittesh Bhaiya and none of them turned back for the long time. I finished my breakfast, washed my hands, keeping my dish aside, again lied down on the bed and avoided getting into living room as I was feeling really strange and could not decide that how I have to react to my brother and sister after knowing the whole thing.

I was still feeling horny and could not control myself from thinking about last night’s incident; it just happened so close to my eyes that I could forget anything. The way Vittesh Bhaiya was riding on Meha Didi after wrapping her legs around his waist and before that the way Meha Didi was trembling in pleasure when her brother was sucking her cunt and gulping her juices, and the way my sister,

who was my ideal just a couple of days back was enjoying her brother’s throbbing cock in her cunt. I was recalling every scene of there fuck session and repeating every word they spoke in my mind and with in no time I was wet in my panties and my cunt was soaked in my own juices.

I closed my eyes and drifted my hand inside my lower and passed through my panties and touched my bare cunt and tried to feel the pleasure which Meha Didi was getting last night. I rubbed my finger a bit on my clitoris and felt good and remained unmoved like that for a minute and tried to recall last night’s scene.

I was releasing more fluid and the feeling was great, from last 2-3 days my body was demanding more and more from me and somewhere I was loving this hormonal changes in me, and my sexual desire was rising and as I was drenched in wet thoughts I felt that my cunt was going through some kind of pulsations and my love opening was twitching a bit,

this was happening first time though I felt bit of it in the past but it use to happen sometimes after masturbation, but this time I was just thinking and it happened. My eyes were closed and I was roaming in heaven with the thoughts of last night’s fuck session. Don’t know when Meha Didi came and stood in my front, my eyes were closed and I was facing away from the door she came bare footed.

Meha Didi gently touched me on the shoulder of my hand which was inside my panty and asked me, “Rolly,….. masturbate kar rahi hai”? I got up from the bed and looked into her eyes in bit of shock. Meha Didi spoke again by rubbing her hand on my thighs, “laa main masturbate karr detti hoon, kall tujhe achha laga tha na”.

I moved away on the bed after removing her hand from my thigh and spoke in low voice, “nahi mujhe nahi karna, please…. Didi leave me alone”. Suddenly I turned and saw Vittesh Bhaiya was also standing on the door and hearing us, and slowly he moved inside the room and stood bit away without uttering a word.

Meha Didi spoke again, “Rolly hum tujhko sorry bolne aaye hain, abb hum ye kaam dobbara nahi karenge, promise….. We will not do it again” I looked into her eyes and once at Vittesh Bhaiya and again turned to Meha Didi and spoke calmly, “Didi maine raat ko sabb kuch dobbara hote hue dekha hai, aap dono sex kar rahe the”.

Meha Didi looked down for a fraction and spoke again “bass yaar ho gaya kal raat ko, hum control nahi kar paaye, promise abb nahi hoga, wo last time tha” again I spoke gently, as I was really very aroused “Didi maine aap dono ki conversation bhi suni thi, both of you are trying to make fool of me, yahan nahi karoge, lekin wahan jaker karoge, aur agar main collage challi jaaongi to yahan par bhi karoge”.

I was looking into Meha Didi’s eyes while talking to her and continued looking into her eyes for few seconds and she turned her face to see Vittesh Bhaiya. Vittesh Bhaiya was silent. I spoke again, “Didi I promise main kisi ko nahi battaongi, aap logon ne jo karna hai karo, just leave me alone” and with that I lied down again on the bed bit away from Meha Didi pretending as if I want to sleep.

I wanted to be alone as I wanted to masturbate, I was heavily aroused and totally wet inside my panty and my love opening was still twitching a bit. Meha Didi lied down beside me, keeping her head on the same pillow on which I was resting my head, she was facing me and she further brought her body closer to me and moved her hand on my thighs and said, “come close, main tujhe masturbate kar detti hoon”.

I tried to push Meha Didi gently and turned around from my side to on my stomach to take away access of my love hole portion from her and buried my face into pillow and spoke again. “Didi please tum logg jaao yahan se, mujhe akela chhod do” After few seconds Meha Didi caressed my hairs and spoke,

“Rolly tu frustrate ho rahi hai, aur koi baat nahi hai, just don’t think much about it, mujhe mallom hai tu bhi karna chaahti hai, lekin tujhe darr lagg raha hai”. I gave a thought to her words for a minute, Didi was not absolutely wrong and I knew this fact, truly speaking my body was demanding change, I was fed up of masturbating and I wanted to do something more, but with whom,

I asked myself …….with my sister? No…. with my brother? No……I cannot. I raised my head to see my sister, Meha Didi was looking at me, I turned to see Vittesh Bhaiya, who was standing near the door. He was missing from there, and suddenly I realized he was standing behind me and as I turned further to see him, he came on bed behind me.

Don’t know when Meha Didi told Vittesh Bhaiya to come on the bed, may be she spoke to him through her eyes and he just obeyed his elder sister. I tried to get up from the bed, but Meha Didi held me gently and spoke, “Rolly ruk jaa, kuch nahi hoga, zyada matt soch, jo ho raha hai hone de, tujhe achha lagega, trust me”

I was looking into Meha Didi’s eyes without a flick of an eye and she was looking into mine and spoke again, “ Rolly tu frustrate ho rahi hai, aur koi baat nahi hai, please meri baat maanle aise tu pagal ho jaayegi” then after a pause, Meha Didi spoke again “ye sab hamari body ki zaroorat hai, iss main kuch galat nahi hai, aur agar galat hai to hone de,

don’t care bass khush rahne ki koshish kar aur life ko enjoy kar” I felt like crying, I was burning in desire of having sex and could not say yes to it, Vittesh Bhaiya was my brother, my real brother. Once gain I buried my face in my soft pillow and waited for something to happen. Meha Didi spoke again, “Rolly Vittesh tujhe pyar karega, usse karne de”.

Finally I surrendered in front of my sexual urge and remained unmoved to give my consent. I think once again Meha Didi spoke to Vittesh Bhaiya through her eyes and next moment I felt Vittesh Bhaiya’s body griping me from behind and he touched my hips with his hard pelvis and just that touch gave me pleasure of being in heaven and I moaned in sexual desire.

Next moment Vittesh Bhaiya’s lips were moving on the back of my neck and I was moaning in pleasure. My brother was brushing his wet lips from behind on my neck and closer to my ears and I was unable to bear that feeling and my body was arching weirdly, I was moving randomly, enjoying every act of my brother on me.

Vittesh Bhaiya turned me around and took me his arms, and started kissing me; Bhaiya inserted his tongue in my mouth and roamed around my wet mouth and took my tongue between her lips and sucked it. It was first kiss of my life, and that with my brother, but at that time I was not in senses to think that, lust was driving me in its passion and I was lost in the sexual blunder.

I too started responding to Vittesh Bhaiya’s kisses and we sucked each other like lovers, like I use to see in English movies, and like in couple of Hindi movies. That kiss was so wonderful that I forgot everything; I forgot that Meha Didi was lying behind me on the same bed. Some kind of strange thing was happening in my belly, I felt as if I am caring few butterflies into it and they were trying to fly.

After some time, Vittesh Bhaiya moved down to my neck and brushed his lips on that and sucked my earlobes, as now he knew that I am sensitive there and slowly drifted his hand on my waist, under my t-shirt and touched my bare waist and moved up, and tried to drift my t-shirt up, and soon my t-shirt was up to my neck and by breasts caged in a bra was reveled to my brother.

Meha Didi took out my t-shirt from my neck from behind and next moment I felt her hands unhooking my bra and in a fraction my bare breasts were exposed to Vittesh Bhaiya and it took him no time to take it in his mouth, after turning me on my back. I was laying straight and Vittesh Bhaiya was laying partially on me and he was sucking my nipples,

and my nipples were getting tighter and tighter every second in excitement. Now I could feel the pleasure which Meha Didi was getting when Vittesh Bhaiya was sucking her breast and truly speaking that pleasure was heavenly. I was puffing as butterflies continued flickering in my belly and I could not control myself from moaning in pleasure.

Vittesh Bhaiya was sucking my breast and with that he was moving and rubbing his hand on my thighs above my lower once while sucking my nipples he tried to find out the thread of my lower by which it was tied. Meha Didi was keeping an eye on our every move and once again she moved her hand and pulled the thread of my lower and got up and drifted my lower down and slowly took it off from my legs,

without disturbing us from love making. Now I was just in a panty which was totally wet and drenched in my own juices. Leaving my breast Vittesh Bhaiya inserted his hand in my panty and touched my bare cunt while looking into my eyes. I was clean shaven and sensation produced by my brother’s finger over my slit made me shiver strangely,

I moaned loud as Vittesh Bhaiya further moved his finger couple of times from the top of my crack till the end, between my legs. Meha Didi spoke, “Vittesh aaram se, koi jaldi matt karna, ye abhi virgin hai”, Vittesh Bhaiya hummed and spoke, “hmmmmm… I know…. ye meri jaan hai aaj main isse bahut pyar karoonga”.

Meha Didi drifted down my panty and I was totally naked, laying on the bed where my elder brother was laying on my right, playing with my wet fuckhole and my elder sister was sitting beside me, looking at us that how her younger brother is making love to her younger sister, the way I was looking that how my elder brother was loving my elder sister from last two days.

Vittesh Bhaiya moved down and this time I knew what will my brother do and I closed my eyes in an upcoming desire of getting sucked and I too wanted to feel what Meha Didi was feeling from last two days. Next moment I felt Vittesh Bhaiya’s lips on my pussy and my brother started licking my cunt and move his tongue the way he was moving his finger,

from bottom to top and it just drove me crazy, I moaned loud again and this time Meha Didi tried to put hand on my mouth, just to control my voice. Vittesh Bhaiya lied down on his stomach between my legs and slowly lifter my legs up, holding my thighs and I too lifted myself to give more access of my fuckhole to my brother.

Vittesh Bhaiya completely buried himself between my legs and tried to dig his tongue in my hole and tried to suck it with lot of passion. Vittesh Bhaiya was trying to take out every single drop of my nectar from my love hole, but I was streaming out that nectar endlessly and more he sucked, more I released my juices.

Closing my eyes I was moaning and enjoying and could not think anything, I was lost somewhere and I don’t know when Vittesh Bhaiya took off his clothes from his lower half while sucking my fuckhole, I don’t know if Meha Didi helped him too, I realized when Meha Didi came beside me again, with a condom.

Vittesh Bhaiya got up and took off his t-shirt, I looked down he was already naked from his lower half and he was fully erect and I could not move my eyes from his rod, My brother was having monster between his legs and today I could see it even more closely. Vittesh Bhaiya jerked his rod a bit with one hand and moved his finger in my slit a bit and tried to insert his finger in my hole.

I cried a bit in pain, but it pleasured more, he tried again and I cried again. Vittesh Bhaiya watered his rod by rubbing it on my hole, to get some lubrication and I moaned again. He drifted back foreskin of his cock and moaned a bit. A pink bare cock head came in my vision with a cut on top of it.

Condom was already peeled out from it’s wrapper by Meha Didi, and she gave it to Vittesh Bhaiya and Vittesh Bhaiya took that and said, “Didi apni finger insert karo, Rolly ki BUR ke ander” and Vittesh Bhaiya got busy in covering his rod with a Condom and my elder sister started playing with my cunt as I was laying naked, totally helpless on my sibling’s mercy.

Meha Didi inserted her finger in my cunt and moved in an out couple of times, my eyes were closed and I was moaning, soon finger changed and now it was Vittesh Bhaiya’s finger, I could feel it, as his finger was thicker than Meha Didi’s finger and Vittesh Bhaiya too fingered me couple of times.

I was in the state of extreme pleasure and pleasure which cannot be compared with anything in this world. After that I felt something else getting rubbed on the opening of my fuckhole, a lot thicker and harder. I opened my eyes, my brother was leaning on me holding his cock in one hand and leaning on me with a support of other hand Vittesh Bhaiya was adjusting himself to

get on top of me and he was trying to touch his cock on my desired fuckhole. As Vittesh Bhaiya rubbed his rod on the opening of my wet tunnel I felt like bursting and it was a kind of pleasure which I could not bear for long and I wanted to explode, I felt another stream of my juices coming out somewhere from the deep of my fuckhole,

As Vittesh bhaiya rubbed his cock for few more seconds in my clitoris, I moaned loud in pleasure, "OHHHHHHHhh.... God…..Bhaiya…..please…. please….nahi….uhhh.... OHHHHh uhhh Ahhhh…." Vittesh Bhaiya opened my fuck tunnel using his finger and thumb and next moment I felt his thick cock parting my pussy lips wide and Vittesh Bhaiya started getting inside me.

His cock was fiery hot, burning and throbbing fiercely inside my cunt. My head jerked up, I think Bhaiya was hardly an inch inside me and that made my mouth tore open in a big painful Ahhhhhhhhhh……. Ahhhhh……Ahhhh……Vittesh Bhaiya’s cock was slowly getting inside my fuckhole and I was feeling as if instead of finger Vittesh Bhaiya has inserted a thick hot metal rod, it was his cock,

which was crushing me and I felt every fraction of his monstrous pole sizzle and ream into my cunt. My breasts were bursting and hot, my nipples were rigid with excitement. His penis was brutal, hot and big and hard and thick, filling my cunt cruelly. I squeezed my cunt on it, to lessen my pain and I think Bhaiya felt good as I tightened my cunt on his pole as he too moaned loudly and just uttered,

“Ahhhhhh……. Rolly…..Rolly…. Rolly fuck you baby I will fuck you” and with that Vittesh Bhaiya tried to go deeper in my fuckhole and pushed his tout hips with jerk and I just went out of breath and could not speak anything and got unconscious for few seconds. Meha Didi was caressing my hairs and sensing my condition Didi screamed over Vittesh Bhaiya saying,

“Asshole, tujhe kaha tha, aaram se daalna,…… gaddhe abhi ruk ek minute”. Meha Didi scolded Bhaiya for his brutal jerk, which took me out of my senses, but Vittesh Bhaiya was also not in his control and he was inside me with more than half of his throbbing cock and again he just said, “Sorry Didi bass ho gaya….bass ho gaya”

and with that he pulled bit of his rod out of my cunt and made another fucking stroke inside my cunt and touched the deepest edge of my fuckhole with his rod and now he was completely inside me, I could not sense anything as the pain was beyond my ability to bear and I cannot write my condition as I could not even scream, because I was out of breath.

My brother was laying over me after putting his whole monster in my tiny fuckhole and I was holding him very tight to bear the pain, tears rolled down from my eyes and after few seconds of last fucking stroke which tore my fuckhole completely I cried with a open mouth 4-5 times like, “ahhhhh….. Ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhh…….“

Vittesh Bhaiya remained unmoved for next few minutes and came over me completely and started sucking my breast nicely, just to make me recover from the pain. Though it was paining down there but after few minutes I started feeling more or less same sensation of having butterflies in my stomach as my brother was sucking my nipples again and now he was doing

it with more care and affecting and he was just focused on my breasts and nothing else. He loved both of my mangos one by one and for reasonably good time and now slowly I was moaning in pleasure and my pain was getting subsided, though it was paining but I was feeling much better than before.

Vittesh Bhaiya’s pelvis was resting on my pubic area and I was feeling his swollen balls in the lower portion of my vargina. Vittesh Bhaiya lifted his head and looked into my eyes and as I saw his face, a strange sensation passed through my body, I realized that till now he was my brother and I have never been close to him like that and a thought of getting fucked by my own

brother drove me bit horny and I tried to wrap my legs around him to tighten my cunt around Vittesh Bhaiya’s penis and Meha Didi immediately got up and wrapped them around Vittesh Bhaiya’s waist. That was unsaid signal from my side to my brother that now I am ready to get fucked properly,

and Vittesh Bhaiya got up bit on his elbows and caressed my cheek with his right hand to say that he cares for his younger sister too and placed his lips on mine and kissed me for a while by roaming his tongue around the walls inside my mouth, and while doing that he pulled out bit of his cock from my fuck hole and pushed it back. Initially Bhaiya started with small and slow

strokes but not for very long and soon heat started rising in Vittesh Bhaiya’s body and with that his energy increased and now his strokes were fucking me properly. I was still in pain but blend of some kind of weird pleasure was also mixed with that painful experience and I was unaware of this lovely feeling till now.

My own brother was fucking me and I was holding him firmly, apart from pain I was enjoying Vittesh Bhaiya’s cock in my fuckhole a bit, and now I could feel the pleasure in which Meha Didi was moaning last night and like her I was also moaning. But this pleasure did not lasted for long as Vittesh Bhaiya’s speed of fucking me was rising and again it was paining me,

and now once again Bhaiya was out of his own control and could not slower down his speed, even after hearing my cries. "OHMAUHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHH mauhhh….. Bhaiya please…… please….. Ahhhh……. Ahhhhhhh……. Please….. please…dheere….. Ahhhh…….” I was screaming more in pain, though it was giving me pleasure but again every second it was getting beyond my ability to bear.

My real brother was screwing me like anything, and each thrust made me cry out and drove the breath from me with a whooshing gasp and made me back camber steeply. Once, twice, three, four, five times Vittesh Bhaiya plunged into my cunt in that passion. At last, he slammed furiously into my fuckhole and held still, moaning loudly like

“Ahhhhhh…… ho gaya...ho gaya…bass… bassss.,ho gaya”. I gasped and felt Vittesh Bhaiya’s cock pulsate inside me, searing hot. It jerked and quivered for few seconds and a thought smacked me, that I am too fucked,…. by my brother, by my real brother and right now he is cumming and releasing his pressure deep inside me and I am no more virgin,

I am fucked before getting married and I moaned loudly, I too cummed massively with a thought that I am fucked too and that is by my real brother. Holding Vittesh Bhaiya very tight in my arms and tightening my cunt against his rod I shivered like never before and my belly shuddered while I was releasing my pressure.

We both tightened our bodies and cummed like hell in each other’s arms and felt as if we are going to die. After a minute Vittesh Bhaiya rolled over me and lied down on one side and Meha Didi took charge of flushing the used Condom and went inside the toilet and came out with a wet towel soaked with a warm water and cleaned my fuckhole gently,

I was feeling pain in my fuckhole and thighs and Meha didi knew this and the way she cleaned my pussy with a wet towel I was feeling better, but the pain could be seen on my facial expressions easily. I could see bit of redness on the towel, that meant I am no more virgin and my own brother was the one who broke my hymen.

Meha Didi was sensing my condition and finally after cleaning my fuck hole she threw wet towel to Vittesh Bhaiya to hit him saying, “idiot, aaram se nahi kar sakta tha”. Vittesh Bhaiya was puffing a bit and he was realizing his mistake but at that time he just went out of control and for that he said, “bass Didi ho gaya”

and then Bhaiya got up a bit and came over me and tried to hug me and said, sorry to me and I hugged him tight. Meha Didi took out fresh clothes for me and ordered Vittesh Bhaiya to get ready to go out for lunch. Vittesh Bhaiya got up to take bath and me and Meha Didi wore our clothes.

I was still very confused and could not speak anything and Meha Didi was sensing my mental state, she hugged me and I too hugged her and busted into a cry. Meha Didi took me in her arms and said, “Rolly…..Kuch nahi hua hai, just relax,….hmmmm….chup hojaa” and took me to living room and prepared a small mug of hot milk for all of us and I felt better after having that,

though I was having sore cunt but more than that I was mentally occupied and I was thinking about what I have done. Everything happened so fast that I could not believe that I am fucked now, my fantasies about my first night after marriage were all gone now. We moved out of the house and had lunch in a good restaurant and nobody talked about sex or anything related to that.

Both Meha Didi and Vittesh Bhaiya were talking about post lunch program and asked me if I want to see the movie in the Cinema hall. I accepted and after lunch we proceeded to nearest mall and bought ticket and watched the movie and through out the time none of them talked about sex and anything like that,

except once when Vittesh Bhaiya left us for few minutes and I asked Meha Didi that where Bhaiya has gone and she spoke with a smile “Chemist shop pe Condom lene” and I blushed with a smile and Didi hugged me tight there only on the roadside. Meha Didi was my elder sister in a real sense and she could read my brain,

she knew that I was not normal so just to keep my mind diversified she did all that means having lunch and then movie and finally after a long time we reached back, even after our parents arrival and everything got normal as far as outside things were concerned and now I was also getting normal and could feel the pleasure of what I have done, I was not that mentally occupied and tensed.

Surely Meha Didi was right, I was getting frustrated, I didn’t knew this but my elder sister sensed that. While watching television with my parents, apparently I was watching the TV show but in my thoughts I was thinking and recalling those moments of sheer pleasure rather moments of sexual pleasure. Finally dinner session came to an end and my parents got up and went to sleep.

Now only we three were left and after 15-20 minutes of my parents departure from the room, when it was sure that they will not come back, Meha Didi got up and sat beside me and kissed on my cheek gently and asked me in a low voice, “Rolly, hum logg sex karr lain, mera bhi bahut mann karr raha hai”?

I looked at her and said yes, by moving just my head, “tu bhi chal, ander hi sona aaj, teeno bed pe soyenge, chall ooth” and took remote from my hand and pulled me a bit and I got up slowly to go along with her. Vittesh Bhaiya followed us and came in room after switching off the TV and lights.

We all were sitting on bed and both Meha Didi and Vittesh Bhaiya started taking off there clothes after few minutes and Meha Didi smiled while looking at me couple of times while doing that, and I responded to her with a smile and when both, my brother and sister were totally naked,

Meha Didi raised her hand towards me and tried to take my hand and pulled me a bit and spoke “mere pass aa, tere bhi kapdde uttaron, tera bhi mann hai na”? Slowly I moved my head in yes and Meha Didi smiled more and said, “ajj hum threesome karenge, aaj takk maine threesome sirf movies mein hi dekha hai”.

Meha Didi took off my clothes too and scene on our bed was that we all were naked, though the threesome happened just for few minutes as it was not comfortable, at the time when Meha Didi was sucking Vittesh Bhaiya, when Bhaiya was laying on his back and Didi was sitting between his wide opened legs and sucking him, Vittesh Bhaiya pulled my hand and said,

“Rolly idhar aa, main tujhe suck karta hoon” and Bhaiya made me sit on his face and tongued my cunt for a minute or two. Though I was enjoying when Vittesh Bhaiya was holding my hips and pressing my cunt into his mouth but Bhaiya was in awkward situation as he was unable to enjoy getting sucked by Meha Didi.

Once Meha Didi pulled to accompany her in sucking Vittesh Bhaiya and I tried, but I was not comfortable doing that so Meha Didi stopped me saying, “tu rahne de agar tujhe achha nahi lagg raha to”. Finally Vittesh Bhaiya entered inside Meha Didi first and both reached to there climax and then after some time Vittesh Bhaiya fucked me for the bit longer time and I really enjoyed that fuck,

for me it was more pleasurable then the first one. Finally we slept like last night, me and Meha Didi on bed and Vittesh Bhaiya on floor. Next day I attended my collage leaving Meha Didi and Vittesh Bhaiya in the house and surely they had sex once before my arrival and after my arrival we three had a game of badminton in the campus of the apartment and finally in the night once

again Vittesh Bhaiya seduced her younger sister that is me after proper sucking. Our holiday lasted for around 10 days, though Meha Didi left the city two nights before Vittesh Bhaiya and I spent those two nights with my brother as his wife and enjoyed a lot. Not only that in my next continues holidays Meha Didi requested parents to send me to her,

so that I can see that town and my parents agreed and Vittesh Bhaiya came a day before and took me along to Meha Didi’s city and there I found that everything was planned. Meha Didi’s friend Niyanta Didi left the city for her town on the day I arrived and now we three were all alone in the flat as Vittesh Bhaiya was also on leave.

We enjoyed few more days of sibling sex in different positions and in those sex sessions I learnt to suck a cock and slowly my hesitation to do that also disappeared and I sucked Vittesh Bhaiya’s cock up to his satisfaction. Our brother learnt to seduce his sisters slowly and now Vittesh Bhaiya does not get out of control in the middle.

Finally I am back from that holiday and almost finished writing my experience. I know many of readers will abuse us for our deed, but that will not change the facts, this has happened and now nobody can change it, so why to scream over what you cannot change. Just relax and have fun. And Comment if you think I deserve, but on the narration and story telling.

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Incestuous adventures of Rolly - II

Previously: Incestuous adventures of Rolly - I

But that was not the end of the conversation, Didi spoke again, “Achha tu masturbate to karti hai na”? With that she switched off the laptop. I said “haan”, with very less hesitation, as the wall of hesitation was disappearing between us. Keeping laptop aside Meha Didi said, “aa main tujhe masturbate karti hoon, fir battana kitna difference hai mujhe mein aur tujh mein”.

That was really very shocking for me, I got up from the bed to go away while saying, “Didi tum poori pagal ho chuki ho, main lesbian nahi hoon” Meha Didi laughed on that and followed me to the end of the bed and said, “Pagal main bhi lesbian nahi hoon, main sirf tujhe masturbate karroongi, tu battana regurlar se zayada mazza aaya ya nahi”.

With that Didi held my arm and tried to make me sit down on the bed, but I got down from the bed on the floor, and Meha Didi came closer to me and suddenly tried to put hand inside my lower and somewhat touched my pussy over my panty. I immediately took out her hand from my lower.

As I said I was totally wet inside my panty, almost dripping, she smiled on that and said, “Rolly teri kachhi (panty) poori geeli hai”. I drifted bit more away from her and said, “Didi please, kya kar rahi ho”? She smiled and moved closer to me and said, “Aree aa na yaar, kyun sharma rahi hai, main to ladki hi hoon”’ with a last word she spoke suddenly she placed her hand on my pussy over my lower and rubbed it vigorously.

I went into a sudden pleasure and moaned a bit, at that time my pussy was very sensitive and Meha Didi was any day more experienced than me, she rubbed me for few seconds and I just got mad and could not resist myself to get that pleasure. Meha Didi inserted her hand in my lower and panty and touched my wet bare cunt and I moaned further.

I was having hairs on my cunt, as I was very irregular in removing them. She took out her hand and took me inside the toilet and gave me a new razor which she took out from her bag, and told me to shave my cunt. I tried to avoid but she insisted saying, “arre kar na yaar, mujhe chikni BUR(pussy) chahiye masturbate karne ke liye”.

It took me around 10 minutes or may be less to clean my hairs from my cunt and now Didi took me out from the toilet after washing my cunt properly. I was naked from my lower half, and somewhat I was following her instructions, as I was in bad state from last night and I wanted something to happen with me and my body and the way I was trying to satisfy myself, it seemed insufficient to me.

Meha Didi took off my t-shirt too and I was totally naked in front of my sister, though it was not first time that I was naked in front of her, hundred of times we changed in front of each other, but this time whole scene was different. Soon I was laying on bed on my back and Meha Didi was laying beside me.

She was laying with a support of her elbow on my right and her right palm was covering my cunt and she was moving her hand very slowly. Didi spoke in lustful tone, “Dekh Rolly, main tujhe masturbate karr rahi hoon, tu meri baat dhayan se sun aur mujhe jawab de, kuch bhi boll jo mann mein aaye, gande se ganda without any hesitation”.

Then Didi asked me while rubbing few of her fingers on my slit, “Batta mujhe, kal raat ko tunne window se kya dekha tha”. Though that was just starting but I was getting mad, I was breathing very high, I was totally unaware of the feeling whatever I was feeling with in me, Meha Didi asked me again, “boll Rolly kya dekha tha raat ko”,

I spoke in puffing tone, “tum aur Bhaiya sex kar rahe the” Meha didi was calm and she said again, “nahi, hum sex nahi kar rahe the, Vittesh meri thighs khol ke, mujhe CHODD raha tha”. Didi continued and said, “Rolly abb soch wo mujhe nahi tujhe CHOOD raha hai, Ussne teri thighs khol ke apna LUND teri BUR mein daal diya hai”.

Speed of Meha Didi’s hand was increasing and she was rubbing me with more energy and I was in heaven. A thought of Vittesh Bhaiya fucking me made me crazy and I moaned loud and my moans made Meha Didi more furious to rub and speak. And she spoke again in excitement, “Rolly soch jaise wo meri BUR chaat raha tha, waise wo teri BUR Chaat raha hai”.

Didi was rubbing my fuckhole very fast and I was crying in pleasure, I screamed in passion, “Didi mera ho jaayega….. Please stop….. Didi…Didi… Please stop”. But Meha Didi continued and said, “to hone de, nikalne de ander jo nikal raha hai”. I was somewhat about to die, trembling in pleasure tightening my thighs I tried to push Meha didi,

But Meha Didi got hold of upper edge of my cunt between her one finger and thumb and pressed that portion between them, I just went out of breath and in a fraction I exploded like a bomb and shivered like never before in shattering orgasm. Pressure was released and I was dead, I just lied there naked facing away from Meha Didi and shivered for bit long.

Meha Didi was laying behind me and remained silent and unmoved, till I got up to o to the toilet, I looked at her while getting up, She smiled and asked “mazza aaya”? I was feeling bit guilty for what I have done, I spoke in disappointment “Didi tum Pagal ho gayi ho, aur mujhe bhi pagal kar diya hai”, She smiled on that, and said, “Agar pagal hone se mazza aatta hai to kya problem hai pagal hone mein”.

I got up and went inside toilet and came back and wore my clothes and tried to sleep and don’t know when I slept. When I got up I was really very nervous, disappointed and don’t know what I was thinking, that mental state was really very strange and I was depressed. Meha Didi was in kitchen and she was making tea for herself and as she saw me she smiled and asked me for tea and finally served me hot milk with Bornvita,

which I use to have it in the evening, she was sensing my mood and wanted to dilute my tension and for that while sipping tea she spoke in bit teasing tone, “Rolly abb doodh peene ke din gaye, abb tu baddi ho gayi hai, abb doodh peelane ke dinn hain”. I laughed on that a bit and again said while laughing, “Didi tum pagal ho, ghar se bahar jakar bigadd gayi ho”.

She sipped her tea and spoke carelessly with bit more than a smile, “aish kar yaar, kya rakha hai in sabb baton main”. Still I was having few questions in my mind which I wanted to ask my sister about her pre marital sex life and somewhere all these thoughts were making me horny, I spoke to Meha Didi further and asked “Didi tum kya Boss ke saath hi rahti ho Raat ko”,

Meha Didi smiled on my stupid question, and said, “Pagal hai kya, wo married hai, hum month mein hardly do baar karte hain Saturdays ko, maximum evening tak main wapas apne flat par hoti hoon”. I further asked her, “tumhare office mein koi aur bhi hai jo boss ke saath karti hai,”? She spoke while looking at television, “Haan, patta hai kaun, Niyanta”, “kaun Niyanta Didi” I was in utter shock.

I knew her, she was Meha Didi’s closest friend, Meha Didi and Niyanta Didi have always been together in life from school to collage and even they applied for the job together and from the beginning it was decided that Didi will go out of town to work if and only if both of them will get selected for the job.

For Niyanta Didi’s parents Meha Didi was security of there daughter and for my parents Niyanta Didi was playing same role. Meha didi spoke again, “Saturday ko jabb boss ke pass main nahi hoti to Niyanta hoti hai, aur jis Saturday Niyanta ghar pe hoti hai, main Boss ke pass hoti hoon, boss ke friend ke vacant flat pe” then after a long pause Meha Didi spoke again,

“last Saturday jabb Niyanta Boss ke pass gayi hui thee tabb Vittesh aaya tha, aur hum dono ne sex karr liya”. I was shocked to hear that about Niyanta Didi too, and I further asked, “aur Niyanta Didi ko tumhare aur Vittesh Bhaiya ke baare mein patta hai”? I asked Meha Didi, she looked at me and said,

“nahi, na Niyanta ko Vittesh Ke baare mein patta hai aur na hi Vittesh ko meri professional life ke baare mein patta hai” then after a pause Meha Didi spoke again with bit of smile, “aur tu abb mere se inquiry karna band kar, tu bhi poore maaze le rahi hai,……(with a small pause and bit more smile she spoke again) appni kachhi (panty) check kar dekh fir se geelli ho gayi hogi”.

She was right I was wet again as I was leaking continuously. After some time our parents returned home and everything went back on track. We were watching television till our dinner time and as such everything was normal as far as outside world was concerned, but from inside I was very uneasy and that condition was very strange, I was happy, as well as sad,

as if something wrong is happening and I was liking that wrong thing happening around me because such thoughts were arousing me. Around 11 or may be bit before that we came to our bedroom and I tried to sleep. I was really very tired, not physically rather I was tired only mentally.

We didn’t knew whether Vittesh Bhaiya will come in the night or he will stay at his friends place, and I feel that I cannot include Meha Didi in that because she knew, she was trying not to sleep and for that first she made coffee for herself and then switched on the laptop and started playing game. Once I asked if Vittesh Bhaiya is coming, and she responded that she does not know.

I slept for a while and after some time Meha Didi too slept leaving the light on. Somewhere around 12:30 suddenly my sleep broke, I turned to see Meha Didi, she was laying behind me facing away from me, and I turned back to my position and covered my face completely with the sheet as I use to sleep like that only.

For few minutes I thought that now Vittesh Bhaiya will not come, but I was wrong, suddenly Meha Didi’s mobile rang and immediately went silent. Either she disconnected the call or Vittesh Bhaiya made a missed call and Meha Didi got up slowly a bit and I felt that she leaned over me just to confirm that I am sleeping or not.

And then slowly she got up from bed and went out, I remained unmoved, and after 2-3 minutes Meha Didi entered in the room with Vittesh Bhaiya. Light of the room was already on an I think it was kept on intentionally, because if Meha Didi would have switched it off and then on Vittesh Bhaiya’s arrival she would have switched it on then it would have taken my attention.

Anyways, I heard bit of fumble between them, may be at that time Vittesh Bhaiya was trying to get hold of Meha Didi’s body and she was pushing him away. Both of them were talking in very low voice and as it was extreme silence so it was enough for me to listen and understand what they are saying.

After bit of that fumble Vittesh Bhaiya spoke in bit sarcastic tone, “Didi main tumhare liye aaya hoon itnee door se nahi to wahin na so jaata”, for which Meha Didi replied in same tone, “Haan haan maloom hai mujhe, jaise main hi marri jaa rahi hoon sex karne ke liye, tu khud apne liye aaya hai, jyada bann matt”.

Then again Vittesh Bhaiya spoke, “haan haan theek hai, chalo na drawing room mein chalke karte hain”. Meha Didi replied in scolding tone, “Pagal hai kya, mummy aa gayi na toilet jaane ke liye to raat ko hi ghar se nikal deengi dono ko”. Meha Didi was right, we had only one bedroom with joint toilet that is ours,

though it was bigger bedroom and ideally it has to be of parents but because we had an extra book self and study table so this room was given to us. Vittesh Bhaiya continued talking to Didi “fir tumhe Rolly ko bahar drawing room mein sulana chahiye tha, tumhe to maalom hi tha ki main aaoonga”.

Meha Didi opened the wooden Elmira and took out cotton mattress (we call it gadda in hindi) and threw it just beside me on the floor and said, “Bichha isse, abhi dekhte hain karna hai ya nahi” they could not choose the other side of the floor because most of that portion was occupied by book self and study table and hardly had a space to stand.

They were standing bit away from me and I was facing that side only covering myself fully with a sheet and other side of the vacant bed was behind me and as I said earlier I was just listening them and could not see anything, I was pretending myself in sound sleep and I do not have to do much for that,

I was very much known for my sound sleep in my family and relatives but at that time I was well awake and in last few months when I started living alone in the afternoon after my brother and sister’s exit my tendency of sound sleep vanished gradually. Then Meha Didi spoke, “bed par hi karen, ye to waise bhi ghoode bech ke soti hai”, she was talking about my sound sleep.

Vittesh Bhaiya opposed that idea, “nahi, karte time bed heelega aur ye ooth jaayegi, yahin pe karte hain floor pe” Finally that proposal got finalized as I could not hear anything from Meha Didi’s side and they started laying the bed on the floor silently. Finally they switched off the light and now only small moon light was on, which was more than sufficient to see anything in the room.

In between when they were preparing to get on the bed which was laid on the floor just beside me, after switching off the light they went to toilet and I felt that no one was around me, so very slowly I removed a small portion of the sheet from my eye and adjusted my vision accordingly so that I can see everything happening on the mattress.

I don’t know why Meha Didi was not talking to Vittesh Bhaiya about me, that I know the whole thing, and in next few minutes that thing also happened. But before that Vittesh Bhaiya came and lied down on the floor and his head was in opposite direction from my head, so I could see his face,

though his expressions were not clear but I could see that he was eagerly waiting for his sister to come beside him for another sex session as he adjusted his hard cock in underwear couple of times before Meha Didi’s arrival. Finally Meha Didi came and lied down beside Vittesh Bhaiya and Vittesh Bhaiya immediately took his sister in his arms, and started the process of seducing a girl,

but I think Meha Didi was not that aroused and she stopped Vittesh Bhaiya by smacking him lightly saying, “rukk ja abhi, karte hain thodi derr mein, mujhe tujhe kuch battana hai”. Vittesh Bhaiya stopped the furious way of touching his sister’s body and moved his hand down from Meha Didi’s back to her hips and I could see his hands squeezing her bumps.

Meha didi spoke about me saying, “kall raat ko Rolly ne window se sabb kuch dekh liya hai, humen sex karte hue”. That sentenced literary wobbled Vittesh Bhaiya and he jumped up from his bed and got up and said, “Didi kya boll rahi ho, tumhe kaise patta, tumhe shak hai ya confirmed ho”. Meha Didi pulled him down beside her and said, “Confirmed hai, meri baat hui hai Rolly se”.

Vittesh Bhaiya was really scared and spoke, “abb kya karen, pagal ne mummy papa ko batta diya to”. Meha Didi spoke in disappointment, “nahi wo kisi ko nahi bolegi ye to confirmed hai, par usse naa hi patta chalta to achha tha” then after a pause she said, “wo chahti hai ki hum doobaara na karen”.

Meha didi was relaxed in that concern because she knew me that I will not talk to anybody about that, I think she was disappointed with a fact that her image is broken now in my eyes, and she spoke again, “Vittesh mera mood bahut kharab hai, and I am mentally very tired, mujhe pyar karr, achhe se, mujhe sex karna hai, nahi to mujhe neend nahi aayegi, just fuck me yaar,

par jaldi jaldi matt karna, aaram aaram se kar, pahle achhe se meri sucking kar, usske baad daalna ander”. Meha Didi was really very desperate to have sex with Vittesh Bhaiya, though she never reflected her disappointment to me and behaved casually but she was really depressed.

Vittesh Bhaiya spoke, “Didi aaj main tumhe iss tarah se choddunga ki tum ye raat zindagi bhar nahi bhoologi” Meha Didi spoke in pleasurable tone, “chodd fir, mere kapdde uttar aur shuru ho jaa, aage jo hoga dekha jaayega”. Vittesh Bhaiya got up and started making love to Meha Didi, and I cannot define that love session in words, the way one brother was making love to her sister was really amazing,

and I could see that Meha Didi was roaming somewhere in heaven. If I have to start writing that love session from the beginning then I will say, he started with a kiss and Vittesh Bhaiya’s hands were moving continuously on his sister’s body. He was squeezing Didi’s bumps tenderly while kissing and both of them were lost in each other.

After few minutes Bhaiya got up and tried to took off Meha Didi’s t-shirt and Meha Didi got up a bit and after taking off her t-shirt, Vittesh Bhaiya gently turned Meha Didi around and unhooked her bra and licked her back nicely and I saw Meha Didi was trembling in pleasure, she was moaning trying her best to control but I could hear her pleasure moans as she was in extreme pleasure.

Slowly Vittesh Bhaiya moved down to her waist and tried to pull Meha Didi’s slacks down and Meha Didi lifted her bottom a bit so that her brother can take off her clothes and Vittesh Bhaiya took of her slack and panty too and now Meha Didi was totally naked and I could see her bare hips as they were very close.

Vittesh Bhaiya continued kissing his sister and moved further down started licking and kissing Didi’s hips and Meha Didi continued trembling in the same ecstatic fashion. I could feel Meha Didi’s conditions from her pleasure moans and the way her body was moving weirdly, I could feel the condition of her cunt as I was streaming out hell of liquid from my love hole when I was not directly involved in the act,

I think at that time Meha didi was going through a flood from her fuckhole, when her brother was seducing her. Meha Didi was laying on her stomach totally naked and Vittesh Bhaiya was laying between her legs on his stomach and his mouth was on Meha Didi’s hips. In that that particular position I could not see that what he was doing exactly as his head was coming in

between but either he was kissing or licking Meha Didi’s Ass crack after parting her hips a bit with his both the hands and for few seconds he tried to lick Meha Didi’s cunt in that position as he was trying to burry his head between Didi’s legs from behind and Meha Didi too lifted her bottom so that her brother can do whatever he is trying to do with her elder sister.

Vittesh Bhaiya continued burying his mouth between Meha Didi’s legs and licked her cunt from behind for few seconds, I could sense that as Meha Didi’s moans got higher at that time. Then Vittesh Bhaiya got up and turned his sister on her back and removed her bra from front and massaged her breast nicely between his hands for few seconds.

Finally Vittesh Bhaiya lied down on Meha Didi and started sucking her breasts one by one. Though I could not see that thing happening, as I could see only Vittesh Bhaiya back head and above that Meha didi’s face. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying feeding her breasts to her younger brother.

That was a chance for me to adjust my self for the better view as both of them were lost in lust and I removed bit more of sheet from my vision and now I could see there love making much better. Vittesh Bhaiya loved his sister very nicely and he was not at all in hurry and Meha Didi was enjoying tender love making of her younger brother and I could see Bhaiya’s hand

massaging Meha Didi’s big tits while sucking the other one. Meha Didi was really enjoying that breast sucking as after few minutes when Vittesh Bhaiya moved down to her body Meha Didi spoke in lustful tone, “Vittesh please thoda aur suck kar, nipples ko suck kar na ki poori breast ko”

and Vittesh Bhaiya continued sucking his Didi’s tits and this time he focused on her dark brown nipples and that made Meha Didi crazy and she pressed his head further towards her boobs to tell him to suck them hard and Vittesh Bhaiya sucked them hard one by one for next 2-3 minutes and gradually came down to her body and in just in few seconds his lips were roaming around Meha Didi’s fleshy thighs.

As he parted Meha Didi’s thighs to get access of her cunt an aroma of her love juices got spread around and from that erotic smell I could feel Meha Didi’s state, she was heavily aroused and flooding endlessly from her love hole and next moment Vittesh Bhaiya took that love stream in his mouth by putting his lips on his sister’s fuckhole and some kind of wave

traveled through Meha Didi’s body and she shivered with a different moan. Vittesh Bhaiya was sucking Meha Didi’s cunt and gulping her love juices and Meha Didi was giving away all her nectar to her younger brother with joy. Couple of times she lifted her bottom to get his tongue deeper and Vittesh Bhaiya sucked her hard to pleasure his sister in her desired way.

Vittesh Bhaiya sucked her continuously and to put his tongue deep inside Meha Didi’s pussy he folded Meha Didi’s legs and held them in air and rested them on his shoulder after few seconds and focused on his sister’s cunt and continued getting deeper and deeper and Meha Didi held Vittesh Bhaiya head and pressed him hard into her cunt and moaned nicely and

spoke in lustful fashion “ahhhh…..hmmmmm…… ohhhh…shit…..Vittesh main marr jaaongi, bass kar… abb… Ahhhh….bass… bass daal de ander…” Vittesh Bhaiya stopped and got up and took off his jeans and underwear to and leaned a bit on Meha Didi to speak and said, “Didi tum suck karogi”? he tried his level best to speak in a low voice but that was enough for me to hear it clear.

“nahi tu bass dalde abb jaldi” Meha Didi replied, “Didi please suck kar do, erection better ho jaayegi, ootho na, bas ek do minute ke liye kar do” Vittesh Bhaiya requested his elder sister to suck his cock. Finally Meha didi got up and came on her knees. Vittesh Bhaiya was standing beside me,

I was looking at them from the sheet and everything was happening hardly 20-25 inches away from my eye and I was looking at it without a flick of my eye. I was peeping from my sheet and I could see Meha Didi’s face, Vittesh Bhaiya’s hard cock was really very long and thick too and then slowly Meha Didi took his cock in her mouth.

Vittesh Bhaiya murmured his pleasure “Ahhhh…… Didi, Achhee se suck karo na, maine bhi to kara hai tumhe”, and closed his eyes in surrender (I guessed from his moans as I could not see his face). Now Vittesh Bhaiya’s hard meat was appearing and disappearing in his sister’s mouth and Meha Didi was holding Vittesh Bhaiya cock in her lips firmly to massage her rod and sucking him while moving her head to and fro,

taking in her brother’s rod again and again. I could not see Bhaiya’s face as he was standing beside the bed and I was lying on the bed inside the sheet, but I could hear his pleasure moans and he was delighted with the feeling of getting sucked by his elder sister to whom he always addressed Didi.

Bhaiya was moaning continuously and humming in very low voice holding Meha Didi’s back head and Meha Didi’s head moved steadily, her hands were pumping back and forth in rhythm, driving her brother’s big cock in and out of her wet moist mouth, massaging his cock by rubbing it on her mouth’s inner walls till Vittesh Bhaiya stopped her saying,

“Bass….Bass…. ruk jaao Didi ruk jaao” Meha Didi stopped and retained her position on the mattress. Now it was time for Vittesh Bhaiya to fuck her sister and he knelt on his knees took out Condom, I think it was kept below the pillow and further walked a bit on his knees between Meha Didi’s legs and parted her thighs further and leaned forward on Meha Didi while holding his rod, pointing straight to his sister’s fuckhole.

I adjusted position very slowly of my head so that I can see the penetration and next moment Vittesh Bhaiya flexed his hips and entered inside Meha Didi in one push, I could see Vittesh Bhaiya’s thick and long penis getting into Didi’s cunt in one push, this time penetration was residing few inches away from my eye and I could see there gentiles in contact very clearly.

The way Meha Didi moaned as she got stuffed I could sense that Vittesh Bhaiya has went deep inside his sister all of a sudden and next second Vittesh Bhaiya started fucking his sister again. His cock distended Didi’s cunt-lips wide open, and raked her inflamed clitoris as it rasped and squelched into her cunt again and again.

Vittesh Bhaiya skewered Meha Didi deeply, running his cock-sword into her cunt-sheath repeatedly with an important roll of his taut hips. Meha Didi moaned and gasped, her body was jerking and snapping back and forth on the floor above the mattress, her breasts were jiggling with Bhaiya’s fucking thrusts, I was getting glimpse of Meha Didi’s big breasts too.

Vittesh Bhaiya leaned further and sucked her breasts or may be just nipples and Meha Didi moaned thickly. "OHHHHh uhhhh OHHHHHH uhhhh OHHHHHHH uhhh OH ma uhhhh ahhhhh uhhhhh yes-uhh-yes-uhhh-AHHHHH-uhhh-ohma-uhhh-yes-yes-yes-yes-Yes!" Meha Didi cried rapturously, her body was heaving and writhing and lurching. Sweat streamed out off their body.

Didi’s legs were spread wide, her knees were bent, and her feet were high against Vittesh Bhaiya’s strong back. Her hips pumped and heaved up a bit faster and faster couple of times under him as Bhaiya stroked furiously in and out of Didi’s body, ram-fucking her without care, thundering in and out of his sister’s flesh with his huge battering ram.

She dug her fingers fiercely into his thick arms and shoulders, her neck arched and she spoke in gasping tone with lot of control, “dheere……dheere….Vittesh please….please….Ahhhh….. Dheere….ohhh…god ….please…. dheere”. Meha Didi was requesting her younger brother and lover to slow down the pace,

but I think Vittesh Bhaiya was beyond his control and continued like that only and spoke while puffing in broken and very low voice, “Didi…didi mera ho jayega…bass…..bass…Meha Didi’s sibling lover's penis appeared and disappeared from and into her cunt few more times in high speed.

Bhaiya’s buttocks rose and fell, pumping faster and faster, hardly 3-4 more times and with a shattering cry, Meha Didi orgasmed. "OHHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHH uhhh OH OH OH OH uhhh AHHHHHHH uhhhh yes uhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried, her body was tensing and arching, her cunt was biting down fiercely on his cock as she rocked and shuddered in a violent ecstasy.

"AAAARRHHHHHH uhhhhh AHHHHHHH uhhh yes uhhhh yes uhh yes! Yes Ohhh
Didi…ahhhh…. Ahhhh….take it... take it Unhh UHHhh yes," Vittesh Bhaiya gasped as he released his jizz from his shuddering body. Both, my brother and my sister were spent; Vittesh Bhaiya sank onto Meha Didi, and kissed her gently for few seconds.

Meha Didi held his sweating body, tenderly caressing his head and his powerful back, her fingertips contouring his fine physique. Her breasts were pressed hot against her brother’s chest. I think Bhaiya’s cock began to shrink inside Didi and slowly, he slipped out of Didi’s cunt and rolled over onto his back beside her and took off the condom.

She felt good I could see the way Meha Didi was puffing closing her eyes. It was great sex, satisfying hard and demanding, for both of them and for me too but I think not of the kind Meha Didi needed. She turned to him, rising on an elbow, and spoke softly, “Idiot tujhse kaha tha dheere dheere karna,…..aur tu pagalon ki tarah karr raha tha”.

Vittesh Bhaiya looked at Meha Didi with a smile and said, “bass Didi ho gaya, koshish ki thi parr control hi nahi kar paya”. Meha Didi lied down back in her previous position and said, “waise achha tha, bahut mazza aaya” then after a pause of few seconds Meha Didi spoke “wahan pe kiske saath karta hai” “kisi ke saath nahi”

Vittesh Bhaiya replied, “sach boll, mujhe maloom hai tu karta hai, nahi to ittne achhe se nahi kar pata” Vittesh Bhaiya surrendered and spoke, “hai ek, mere apartment mein, bahut chaalu lady hai” Meha didi remained silent expecting more details from Vittesh Bhaiya and Vittesh Bhaiya continued again,

“usska husband bahar rahta hai aur kabhi kabhi weekends pe aata hai, weekdays mein main hi usska husband hoon”. “aur tum” Vittesh Bhaiya asked Meha Didi, after few seconds “main kisi ke saath nahi karti” Meha Didi tried to lie, “jhoot, jabb maine tumhe pahli baar chodda tha tabb tum virgin nahi thi, mujhse jhoot matt bolo thoda bahut main bhi samajhta hoon ye sab”

Vittesh Bhaiya replied calmly, Meha Didi giggled a bit and said, “Boss ke saath,…. bahut harami hai saala, parr caring bhi hai”. Meha Didi revealed truth of her professional life to Vittesh Bhaiya calmly and Vittesh Bhaiya too spoke about his sex life, moreover except the name and physical details of that lady he didn’t had much to tell.

After that conversation and after getting back into clothes both of them were laying there only beside each other, Vittesh Bhaiya spoke again, “abb Rolly ka kya karen, kahin wo mummy papa ko batta na de”. “nahi, wo nahi battayegi, kall hum dono ussko sorry bol deenge aur promise kar deenge ki abb hum dobaara nahi karenge, (then after a long pause Meha Didi spoke again)

aur abb tu jabb wahan aayega tabhi karenge, yahan nahi karenge”. Vittesh Bhaiya said “theek hai dekhte hain, lekin agar ye collage challi jaayegi tabb to yahan bhi karr sakte hain”. Meha didi just said, “hmmm…tab karr sakte hain” then after few more seconds Meha Didi spoke again, “ghar se bahar jakar hum dono hi biggad gaye hain,….bass abb Rolly hi bachi hai”.

Unfortunately my siblings didn’t know that I am awake and I have seen everything they have done and heard every word they have uttered. Finally they slept Meha Didi beside me on the other bed and Vittesh Bhaiya on the floor, on mattress. After few minutes I moved my hand into my panty and as expected I was in the pool of my cunt juices.

Apart from my panty my lower was also bit wet and stained with the liquid which I released through out the sexual encounter of my sister and brother. I masturbated and released my pressure in next few minutes and tried to sleep but I was awake till morning, drenched in the fucking thoughts and finally felt sleepy around 4:30 or 5:00 with a hope of a weird day ahead. TO BE CONTINUED…

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Incestuous adventures of Rolly - I

Friends I won’t waste time in writing introduction, so in short I will say I am a girl in my twenties and this experience is about Sibling sex or what we call incest. This whole incident revolves around me (Rolly), my sister Meha Didi and my brother Vittesh Bhaiya. I do not have to say that names are changed because that is most obvious thing, but truly speaking each and everything written here except names is true.

That day I was really very happy, my elder sister was coming home on a bit long holidays as she use to come just for a day or two in the past. Not only that, day after her arrival was my brother’s arrival scheduled. My brother was around three years elder than me and Meha Didi was the eldest among us and she was around two years elder than Vittesh Bhaiya.

I was the youngest child of my parents. After long time we all were getting together for reasonably long time. Vittesh Bhaiya was living in one of the major city of Maharashtra as he was working there, and Meha Didi was working in another city of Maharashtra which was closer to Vittesh Bhaiya’s working town,

can say a four hour distance by road and both of them use to reside in there working towns and I was pursuing my B.A final year living with my parents in a reasonably big city of UP. Among two of them I was really very close to my sister Meha Didi and always followed her from my childhood as my ideal, she is intelligent and smart.

Age difference between me and Meha Didi was of around five years, even then we were very close and frank but there was a limit which was unsaid. We use to talk to each other on all subjects, and on sex as well sometime on our period dates and sometimes on post marital sex and about the pain which we were suppose to bear and sometimes she use to crack kinky jokes on me saying like,

“dekhna tu to apni suhagraat per rou padegi” and Vittesh Bhaiya was our brother and we always took him in that way only. As both of my parents were working and after departure of my brother and sister I was getting habituate of spending time alone. We all were at very sensitive age as far as sex was concerned and I don’t know about them, means my brother and sister,

I use to masturbate some times and was having ordinary thinking and fantasies about sex which guys and girls have at that age. Sometimes it seemed good to me and sometimes I felt it as a filthy thing. As I said I was very close to my sister in the past and because of her job we were not in touch in that way and most of the time we spoke to each other on phone and after a long time we were getting together.

Finally Meha Didi arrived, I decided to miss my collage for few days and while doing routine work we were continuously chit chatting. Our parents took leave and we spent whole day together while doing all types of conversations, like her professional life, her way of living in that town, my studies, bit about our dates and also few words about sex.

She talked to Vittesh Bhaiya and informed her that she has reached and once again asked his schedule and finally day came to an end and we slept together in the night again after chit chatting till late night. Everything was normal and casual and I was enjoying my time with her.

Next day in the afternoon Vittesh Bhaiya arrived and we all got together after a long time and we had lunch together and watched TV for some time and chit chatted during that and slept for some time in the living room only on the carpet. In evening we played Badminton in the campus of our apartment and gradually day came to an end and this time along with us our parents were also there.

Problem which we faced at that time was that we had only two bedrooms which were inhabitable and third room was converted into storeroom. Earlier that room was of Vittesh Bhaiya but after his going away we made that room store room. So mutually we three decided that anyone of us will sleep on the sofa. Once again normal chats and bit of television happened in dinner time.

Around 10:30 a particular English movie started and it was already seen by Vittesh Bhaiya and Meha Didi and both of them praised that movie a lot and we all started watching that movie and finally our parents went to sleep around eleven as they were suppose to go to there jobs in the morning. Now only we three were left and apart from watching movie simultaneously Vittesh Bhaiya was busy on laptop too,

sitting very far from me on the dinning table, and every thing seemed normal, the thing which took my attention was, Meha was going there on frequent intervals and couple of times I saw her smiling while looking at screen without speaking a word and while standing close to each other Vittesh Bhaiya and Meha Didi was talking to each other in a very low voice and were conscious about my presence.

This thing took my attention and my mind got diversified. Once something happened which I could not see as they were somewhat behind me and I was facing television but result of that thing was a slap on Vittesh Bhaiya’s back head, which Meha Didi smacked. Though I asked with a smile “kya hua” but Meha Didi ignored saying anything about that.

After around one hour from the time movie started Vittesh Bhaiya got up and said that he is going to sleep, as he was also suppose to go somewhere for picnic with his friends very early in the morning for the whole day and for that Meha Didi said, “haan tu so jaa bedroom mein, hum dono to abhi movie dekhenge”. Vittesh Bhaiya went inside to sleep.

After some more time, may be after 15-20 minutes Meha Didi also pretended to be sleepy and spoke to me, “Rolly tu so jaayegi sofe pe, main jaaoon sone”? As I was already bit occupied with there thoughts I could not speak anything except OK. Once again Meha Didi insisted me to see the whole movie saying, “tu movie end tak dekhna, isska end bahut achha hai”.

And after a minute Meha Didi also took a leave and now I was alone in the living room and truly speaking I was not at all focused on the movie. After few more minutes of thinking about them I realized that I have forgotten to take my particular pillow and sheet to cover myself and for that I got up and walked towards the bedroom.

Don’t know why I was bit conscious to make any audible noise and I walked bare footed and as I reached closer to the door, I heard Meha Didi’s voice saying, “Stop it, maar khayega mujhse”. I became conscious and stood there only to hear something more but could not hear anything. After few minutes of extreme silence I knocked the door and Meha Didi opened the door after few seconds.

As such scene inside the room was normal but for me it was enough to prove that something is fishy. Vittesh Bhaiya was sleeping facing away from the door and Meha Didi was trying to control her smile and her hairs were bit spread. I remained silent and politely asked for my pillow and sheet and after taking that I came out in bit of confusion.

Truly speaking I didn’t have any doubt that something was going on in the room which is not normal, first thing was that why Meha Didi bolted the door from inside, we never bolted our door except while changing and above that why Vittesh Bhaiya pretended sleeping when he was awake just a minute before my knock.

I came back to living room and tried to focus on movie but I think that is the most difficult task to do for anyone when something like this is happening around. I sat there for some time in confusion in deciding that what I have to do. Finally I decided to peep inside the room through window. I moved in the thin passage which is there outside that room’s window.

Silently I stood near the window and tried to hear what is going on inside the room, but I was unable to understand anything except recognized giggle of Meha didi, and Vittesh Bhaiya was also responding in same fashion and I could hear his voice too but I could not understand what they were talking.

I tried to peep inside but curtain was on, but it was matter of coincident that curtain on the other end was bit off, I moved silently to the other end on my knees and fore arms because cloth of curtain was very thin and my impression could be noticeable. Anyways I tried to peep from that end and I got bit successful to see inside,

I could not see the whole room from there but more or less I could see the whole bed as it is placed next to window but bit away from the wall. Meha didi was sitting on bed resting on her elbow and Vittesh Bhaiya was laying on the other side and both of them were talking, I could not hear anything but I could see that Meha didi was smiling continuously.

As such I could not smell anything bad from that scene but I wanted to know that why Bhaiya pretended himself sleeping when he was well awake, and next moment I got my answer, everything was not at all normal. Meha didi got up and switched off the light, as she got up and moved Bhaiya said something for which Meha didi said “No”

I could read her lips this time, finally she switched off the light and everything went dark, I got bit disappointed but just after few seconds light got on and it was Vittesh Bhaiya who was standing near the switchboard and he came back to his side. Once again Meha didi got up to switch off the light and once again Vittesh Bhaiya switched it on.

They were in tussle, Meha didi wanted to switch off the light on the other hand Vittesh Bhaiya needed light in the room and next time when Meha didi got up to switch it off, Vittesh Bhaiya got up and quickly got behind Meha didi and in a fraction he drifted her lower down to her feet. Meha didi’s ass mounds packed in tight panty came in vision, it just happened so quickly that I could not think that what is happening.

Though I was expecting something like that only, that is why I was standing there, even then I was shocked and this act shocked Meha didi too but her shock was not of that kind, her reaction was not of the kind as this has happened with her for the first time, rather she smiled and smacked Vittesh Bhaiya on his shoulder and spoke something and further tried to lift her lower but Vittesh Bhaiya was unstoppable,

he stopped Meha didi from lifting her lower, next moment he lifted his elder sister leaving her lower there only and took her to bed and immediately took off Didi’s t-shirt and now Meha didi was just in bra and panty. Vittesh Bhaiya came on her top and tried to kiss her and after bit of fumble from Meha Didi’s side they started kissing like lovers.

I could not believe, my brother and my sister were lost in something which was sin. They were doing something which lovers do, and I was watching them, Vittesh Bhaiya and Meha Didi kissed for maximum couple of minutes, and Vittesh Bhaiya move down to his sister’s body and continued loving his sister on her neck and next moment he was holding

Meha Didi’s big breasts and squeezed them in passion and made Meha didi moan in pleasure, though I could not hear her, even then I could feel her pleasure as it can be seen on her face. I was standing somewhere on there head. Vittesh Bhaiya lifted Meha didi’s bra and took it off in a second or two,

her boobs came out and that popping out of her fair milky jugs made Vittesh Bhaiya insane and next second he started sucking them and Meha didi’s pleasure went double and she moaned nicely and this time I heard bit of it, even they got conscious after that as they knew that I am awake outside, but that thing could not stop them and Vittesh Bhaiya

continued undressing his sister and after sucking of few minutes he went further down on Meha didi and drifted down her Panty too and now Meha didi was totally naked in front of her younger brother and next moment her younger brother started eating her cunt and Meha didi simply jumped in pleasure and could not control her pleasure moan for a second and enjoyed her brother’s lips and tongue on her fuckhole,

Vittesh Bhaiya continued sucking Meha didi and after couple of minutes he stood and pushed down is lower and jockey in one go and now he was naked in front of his sister with long erect cock and seemed very excited. Everything was happening so quickly that I could not think anything, I was scared, even then I was standing there to see more,

from my perspective whatever was happening between my brother and sister was absolutely wrong and unethical but I don’t know why I was not reacting on that and I was waiting for next thing to happen and next thing was nothing except the penetration of my sister’s fuckhole by my brother itself.

Next moment Vittesh Bhaiya folded Meha didi’s legs to enter his cock in her cunt, but Meha didi stopped him and spoke something in excitement and Vittesh Bhaiya got up from bed and took out something from his jeans and it was condom. My eyes were stuck on my brother’s hard cock. It was big and for me it was totally new perception to look at my brother.

First time in my life I was seeing male penis and that is of my brother, who was going to fuck my sister itself and my sister was eagerly waiting for that to happen, like me she was also looking at his rod as Vittesh Bhaiya was covering his rod with a rubber and just in a minute, he was ready to fuck his sister.

Finally he sat between Meha didi’s legs and parted them holding her fleshy thighs and leaned over Meha didi holding his rod pointing straight to her hole and next moment his rod disappeared between Meha Didi’s legs, though I could not see my sister’s cunt getting stuffed from there but I could feel the penetration in her fuckhole from Meha didi’s facial expressions.

Meha didi grabbed Vittesh Bhaiya in her arms and next moment Vittesh Bhaiya’s hips flexed in pumping motion and he started fucking his and my sister. Both of them were getting mad in lust and the way both my sister and my brother were enjoying each other sexually it was clear that they were not doing this for the first time;

I was getting sure that they are in regular practice of this and into this relation from long, from how long I didn’t knew. Vittesh Bhaiya did not lasted for long, neither Meha didi could control herself and with in five minutes both were about to reach at there peek and it just happened next moment.

Meha Didi grabbed her brother even tighter and moaned nicely in control and Vittesh Bhaiya also went deep in his sister’s fuckhole with a jerk and shivered a bit and hollowed her cum deep inside her love hole. They rested for few minutes side by side after flushing filled condom and finally Meha didi got up and started wearing clothes and Vittesh Bhaiya

tried to stop her but she spoke something and pointed her finger towards the door. That was hint for me that she is going out to see me. I moved back to my place silently. When Meha didi came out of the room, she was fully back in her clothes, but I could see the change in facial expressions, she seemed bit more happy after that lovely fuck which she got from her younger brother,

it could be physiological at my end, just because I knew that she has just gone through a fuck I was feeling that change on her face. My heart was beating high but as such I could not see any odd expressions on Meha Didi’s face, no guilt feeling and nothing like being conscious. She was holding glass of water in her hand and pretending as if she has came out to drink water,

though she was here just to see me, that what I am doing and intentionally I tried to pretend that I am sleepy. Meha Didi talked to me about movie and again said that she is sleepy and she is going back to her bed and once again said good night to me in addition to that she said if you are sleepy then sleep,

this movie will come again on television in the morning and I said ok to it and tried to look into her eyes, but as such there was no guilt feeling in her, neither she was hesitant to talk to me, actually she didn’t knew that I know the whole truth about her and my brother. Meha Didi went again to her room.

I tried to sleep but I could not, I was uneasy with a thought that once again Meha Didi and Vittesh Bhaiya will be fucking and I am not seeing them. I was leaking in my panty, I think that fear was disappearing and I was feeling bit horny and wanted to see more, I touch my slit, it was getting sensitive every second and I could not control myself thinking about my sister and brother.

I waited for some time, tried to stop myself but finally got up to see them again. As I reached to the window again and peeped inside, fortunately light was on again and the scene inside was even more hornier, Vittesh Bhaiya was sitting on bed and Meha Didi was sitting on floor, on her knees and she was sucking Bhaiya’s hard meat and as such I could not see any hesitation among them while doing that act.

I was standing on the back of Meha Didi and could see her just in Panty sitting on floor and Vittesh Bhaiya was totally naked and I could see his face, his eyes were closed and he was enjoying getting sucked by his elder sister. Though I could not hear anything but I could feel his moans, couples of times he held Meha Didi’s head and made her suck with bit of speed in excitement.

After few minutes Vittesh Bhaiya stopped Didi and got up from the bed, Didi too got up from the floor and spreading her legs she lied down on the bed after taking off her panty, Vittesh Bhaiya took out another condom and covered his rod and before entering, he kneeled down for a minute to suck his sister’s fuck hole and finally came on Meha Didi and wrapped her legs around his waist and entered inside her cunt with a sudden push,

this time Meha Didi cried in bit of pain and I heard that cry a bit. Once again my brother and sister started fucking and now I could see my sister’s cunt getting stuffed, Meha Didi’s fuckhole was stretched to the maximum as my brother was having monster in size and Meha didi was enjoying that monster deep inside her.

Vittesh Bhaiya was fucking her nicely, with a steady speed. Vittesh Bhaiya’s hips pumped and swung back and forth, each skewering thrust was probing Meha Didi’s cunt. Bhaiya rolled his hips savagely and Didi gasped and moaned as his long and thick cock ran into her cunt from all angles.

Meha Didi’s cunt also ran up and down to the length of his shaft, impaling itself on Bhaiya’s cock repeatedly for two three times. Gradually there speed increased and I understood that once again they are going towards the height of sexual explosion. They both were moaning but in very much control, I could hear them a bit but I wanted to hear them clearly as I was also getting crazy,

I went closer to the window and concentrated on there words, Meha Didi was in extreme pleasure and she was getting out of her own control, I could hear her voice somewhat clearly, “Oh god oh ma unhh ohhh unhh ohhh unhh ohhh uhhh oh oh oh oh oh yes Ohhhhh yes Ohhh yes yes Ohhh god yes... fuck me ohhh yes yes... fuck me... fuck me... oh yes... fuck... fuck it hard!”

Meha Didi was dying in pleasure and finally she clenched Vittesh Bhaiya’s back with her nails wrapped her thighs even tighter and spoke again “Vittesh Chodd mujhe......Jorse chodd” with in few seconds Meha Didi orgasmed violently, shuddering and gasping as the heat swamped her. Vittesh Bhaiya was magnificent in what he was doing,

he went on fucking his sister hard through her orgasm and that thing was making Meha Didi more shiver in pleasure and she was trying to stop Vittesh Bhaiya by holding him hard between her hands and thighs which were tightly wrapped around his waist, but Vittesh Bhaiya continued pumping Meha Didi’s fuckhole with somewhat same passion and finally Didi spoke

in shuddering voice” stop it……. stop it….. Vittesh….. Vittesh…. Please stop…… stop”. Next moment Vittesh Bhaiya also met his peek and shivered a bit while emptying his load into Meha Didi’s fuckhole. Both of them were totally exhausted, I could feel there condition from there. This fuck session lasted for long time as compared to first one and I could see,

it pleasured them more and for me even it was a better watch then the earlier one. Vittesh Bhaiya went inside the toilet to flush the condom, and Meha Didi wore her cloths and entered in the toilet after Vittesh Bhaiya’s arrival and once again my eyes were stuck on his cock, though it was limping a bit by now but that was enough for me to stare at.

I was totally wet inside in my panty, like never before. Finally both Meha Didi settled down on bed on there sides after talking a bit, which I could not hear. I moved back to my place and lied down on the sofa after switching off the television. I was uneasy for the whole night and more or less I was awake till morning.

My mental state was really very strange, I was bit scared with a thought that what will happen when our parents will come to know about this, above that more than fear I was horny and could not take out my hand from my panty. Suddenly this whole episode initiated some kind of extreme anxiety into my body;

I was bit jealous of Meha Didi and somewhere in a fractional corner of my brain I was also getting desperate to experience this. As far as my age was concerned I was big enough to do all this but I was lacking in guts, again and again I was thinking about the reaction of my parents on this matter, that is, what will happen when they will come to know this.

But as we all know of all the worldly passions, lust is the most intense passion and finally I surrendered and that night I masturbated thrice in a row, fantasizing that Vittesh Bhaiya is fucking me and truly speaking it was maximum number of masturbations for me in one day till now.

Though after masturbating I was having a bit of guilt feeling but that feeling also surrendered in front of this heavenly passion of fucking and I enjoyed every time I cummed fantasizing about me and Vittesh Bhaiya. When I got up in the morning, a bit late, everything seemed normal to me as nobody knew anything about what I have seen last night.

For a fraction even when I recalled last night’s incident it seemed dream to me, as if I was dreaming about my sister and brother in that way, but gradually I was back in reality. Mom and dad were almost ready to leave for office, Vittesh Bhaiya was already out on his schedule, and he was suppose to come very late in night or may be in the morning.

I was alone in the house with my sister and my behavior was not at all normal. I was trying to see in her eyes, but Meha Didi was absolutely normal and couple of times she asked me “what” when I was staring at her, but I ignored, I was unable to gather that much of courage to talk to her about that, about her relation with our brother.

Through out the day till afternoon, Meha Didi was trying to talk to me, about different things, about her office work, about yesterday’s movie and about lot more things and I was responding to her but very differently, even after trying a lot I was unable to behave normal and my brain was stuck in last nights thoughts, the way Vittesh Bhaiya was fucking Meha Didi

and the way Meha Didi was moaning while getting sucked and fucked and the way she was sucking her brother’s hard cock. Through out life I have seen many types of sins and heard about many types of unethical acts but this type of unethical thing never came in my mind, where one brother was fucking his real sister,

like he would have fucked his wife and moreover that sister was also enjoying and seemed in indescribable pleasure while getting fucked, I could not believe that I have seen Meha Didi in an intimate position with her own brother, with the one who addresses her Didi from his childhood and so many times, rather from so many years she is tying RAKHI on his wrist.

Everything seemed messed up to me, but a bit horny too and I was leaking in my panty since morning. I masturbated in the shower and wore fresh clothes, but my panty was in its worse condition even after that. Finally after lunch we came in the bedroom and Meha Didi bought Vittesh Bhaiya’s Laptop along with her,

after login she got up and took out one DVD from her hand bag and smiled a bit while looking at me and spoke, “blue film dekhegi”? I remained silent and tried to read her mind, she instantly came on bed and inserted the disc into the laptop and spoke again, “tunne dekhi hai kabhi blue film” I said “nahi, tum kahan se layi ho”? (no, from where you got this),

Didi said, XYZ(name of the town) se, dekhni hai,” I did not answered her question; don’t know why I was trying to read her face, staring at her. But Meha didi was hardly concerned with my mental state. She played the movie and once again she looked at me and spoke, “dekh, ye sab hota hai, shaadi ke baad”.

Movie was ordinary, a man with a big cock was fucking a girl of may be mid twenties, Meha Didi was watching that movie and in between use to stare at me for a second or two with a smile. Finally I gathered some courage and spoke with a throbbing heart, “Didi tum Vittesh bhaiya ke saath sex karti ho na”?

Didi immediately turned to see me, and her facial expressions were totally changed, and after staring at me for few seconds she said, “haan,…..... tune raat ko dekha tha na?, window se? I said “haan” again she said, “Mujhe lagga tha ki koi window pe hai”. Then with a pause in requesting tone she spoke again “Rolly tu please kisi ko battana matt”,

I was looking into her eyes, Didi was bit scared, I spoke again, “Didi tum pagal ho, Vittesh to bhai hai hamara, agar kisi ko patta chal gaya to”? Meha Didi spoke again in the same requesting tone, “dekh Rolly agar tu nahi bolegi to kisi ko patta nahi chalega”. I spoke again, “Didi main kisi ko nahi bolungi, par tum ye kaam dobara matt karna, mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai”,

then after few seconds I spoke again, “Didi promise karo ki tum dobara nahi karogi”, Meha Didi was looking into my eyes and spoke again in the same fashion, “Rolly tu wo sab chhod,… tu bass kisi ko matt bolna warna main sucide kar loongi”. “Lekin Didi tumne aisa kiya kyon, matlab tumhe darr nahi lagga” I further asked her.

She looked down in disappointment and said, “bas yaar ho gaya, Vittesh wahan aaya tha apne office ke kisi kaam se, aur mere flat pe aaya mujhse milne, uss time main akeli thi, aur bas humne kar liya,........(with a pause) ye physical desire bahut kharab cheez hoti hai”. As the matter was open now between us so I just felt like talking to Meha Didi more about this as I was feeling good,

so I continued, “tumne pahli baar tabhi kiya tha, Bhaiya ke saath”. Didi remained silent and seemed bit hesitant to speak, I understood and I asked her further, as if I knew the answer, “Didi tum wahan kisi aur ke saath bhi karti ho na?, tumhara koi boy friend hai wahan”?, she looked into my eyes again and said, “Rolly tu kisi ko battaayegi to nahi”, I said, “nahi battaaoongi”,

Didi spoke again, “Boy friend nahi hai,...... par apne boss ke saath karti hoon. tabhi to with in one year main team leader bann gayi hoon”. “Didi tum pagal ho, koi promotion ke liye aisa karta hai kya” I spoke as I was really very shocked to hear that. Meha Didi spoke again, “Rolly, tujhe nahi patta corporate sector main aaj kal ye sab normal hai,….

fir maine socha agar jaldi aage badhna hai to kar hi leti hoon, bass……. jo shadi ke baad hona tha wo pahle hi ho gaya”. I was eager to hear more from her side, as I was getting bit more wet, “Didi boss ne tumhe kaha tha ki tum karogi to wo tumhe promot kar dega”? “Haan hint diya tha”, she replied. I asked again “Boss ke saath hi pahli baar kiya tha”.

She said “haan”, I was getting curious to know more about it, and I asked, “Bahut dard hua hoga tumko”, Meha didi said “haan pain to hua tha, par maine hymen pahle hi break kar liya tha, masturbate karke, to bahut jyada pain nahi hua, (then with bit of smile she continued), lekin mazza bahut aaya tha”.

“Didi tum ekdum Pagal ho, aur Vittesh Bhaiya ke saath kaise kiya, I mean ussne bola ya tumne shuru kiya”? Meha Didi spoke with bit of sarcastic smile, “bass yaar ho gaya, uss din maine nighty pahni hui thi jab wo Saturday subah subah aaya tha, wo mujhe aise dekh raha tha aur maine mazak main bol diya ki aise kya ghoor raha hai,

to ussne bola Didi agar tum meri sister nahi hoti to aaj tumhara rape kar deta”, “then what did you said” I asked Meha Didi further, Didi smiled a bit and said, “actually main bhi thodi mood main thi, maine raat ko blue movie dekhi thi, maine usse bol diya ki rape karne ki zaroorat hai, mere se poochh le main haan kar doongi........ Bass fir kya tha usne mere kapde uttar diye.

Evening tak wo wahin pe tha apna kaam karne bhi nahi gaya. Office main jhoot bol diya ki accident ho gaya hai aur injured hai” I was really amazed with the facts, and more than that I was feeling really horny, I was totally wet inside my panty, but I never pretended like that and continued my fashion,

“Didi tum pagal ho, tumhe darr nahi lagga, agar kisi ko patta chal gaya to”, Meha Didi was bit relaxed after talking to me and more over she wanted to change the temperament of the conversation, she spoke but in different fashion, a bit casual “Tu wo sab chhod, tu matt kisi ko bolna bass”.

Then with a smile she spoke again in a naughty way, “aur batta… tune kya dekha window se”? I wanted to continue my gesture but her tone changed my temperament and I smiled a bit and tried to maintain that gesture, “wohi jo tum aur Bhaiya karr rahe the”. Meha Didi continued smiling and said, “fir….dekhne ke baad raat ko neend aagayi thi”?

Her tone was of the kind as if she knew the answer, I smiled on her question and spoke, “Nahi, raat bhar neend nahi aaye”, “to aa jaati room main, Vittesh to tabb bhi mood main tha, tera bhi kaam kar detta”, she spoke in a humorous way, I was really shocked with that statement,

and spoke, “shut up Didi, tum pagal ho gayi ho, Physical desire ke chakkar main, main nahi hui hoon”. “arre chhod na yaar, kya fark paddta hai shadi se pahle kiya ya baad mein, bass kar liya”, “Didi tum rahne do, mujhe to maaf karo” I replied in sarcastic tone. TO BE CONTINUED…

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