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Guy fucking Charu didi

I stood staring at the Luftanasa ticket from Delhi to Hamburg. The amount of trouble and money it took to get this great escape from poverty ticket. At the last moment father had been able to find $15,000 US for the greedy travel agent after nearly 26 months of uncertainty. To cut to the chase, here I was standing in IG international listening to the travel/immigration agents final advise while my brothers, sisters, parents and other people.

He said to contact job set up for me and explained European immigration process. In Hamburg, there were no jobs waiting for me, no such contact person. Few days I slept at homeless shelters, ate from church soup kitchens. The warm cloths I had from Ludhiana were like old fashioned cotton shirts in Hamburg's cold windy Northerly autumn.

The welfare authorities managed to get me a job preparing sandwich's in one of the shipping company. They also got me a bed in a room to share with another person. That person turned out to be a 6 foot, red haired. sometimes whore and other times drug runner called Vernia. It was social housing, I couldn't complain, at least it was warm inside.

On the first day I objected to her smoking, she reached out and squeezed my balls so hard that it almost made me cry. That evening she showed up with a giant 7 foot tall Swede. His two fingers were bigger then my wrist. Vernia said he wanted to fuck my ass, he pays well. I shat bricks. Terrified I told them to fuck off. They laughed they were only teasing.

But I was dripping cold sweat. Imagine getting raped in a strange country. One of her lovers was a Polish computer whizkid working as a professional hacker for security companies. For a small fees he hacked into the immigration status and managed to get my file ahead of other people for early hearing.

In three years I managed to get residence status while still living in housing assistance room. She was friendly and plenty street smart. She needed the room during the day for her clients. At night she was out till early morning. By the time I was going for work she was turning in. The room was free and it suited us both. Some nights she bring a client in for sex.

she would make so much sounds at faked orgasm while having sex with clients. I would pretend to be sleeping. She did not care if I looked. One evening, she encouraged to hide a video camera and shoot it so we could sell the shoot. We made some money that way too. We were good friends. I had became used to seeing her naked.

She never shut the door of the washroom for any reason. I also more regularly started changing cloth or going out of the shower naked. Now and then when she didnot have clients or there was snow blizzard (of which there was lot in Hamburg), initially she would slip in into my bed she would give me oral sex while I gave her a relaxing back rub.

She taught me German, cook western food, appreciate fine wine and how to have good satisfying sex. In fact by the time I got a frantic call from my mother asking me to come back urgently, we were having marathon hour long sex sessions. She would joking accuse me for being bad for her business.

Most of her client lasted only a few minutes she was never happy, at the end of the day we would cuddle and have unhurried slow sex sometime in the bed, sometimes in the hot water tub and quite a few time in the community sauna. She liked quick deep penetration and thereafter small to and fro movement rubbing my penis head on her G point making wet sounds.

One day j I found her things gone. She had left a note for me, it a big heart and a lipstick starined kiss and simply said 'love you, take care'. She was gone, her friends had vanished too. I was heart broken. I was glad I was leaving for a short break too. Those of you readers who have been through a heart break would know how it is difficult to ever love a girl again,

without thinking twice how much that relationship might hurt again. In three yrs from a minor sandwich job I had became an asst. pasty chef. There was lot of money in bakery and I dreamt of opening a bakery one day and that was going to come true sooner then I thought. After four years abroad, I came home to our village surrounded by lofty snow capped mountains to attend someone's marriage.

(That someone, was going to be me.) Step Mother cried, she never let me miss my real mum, her elder sister. Father hugged me and wanted to know what & how much booze I had purchased for them. I told them I was there only for a week apparently they had told me to come for a important family marriage. Next day we went to nearby village where my cousin was to be married.

A tailor came took my measurement for a suit. That evening the suit was done superfast. Before the people started coming in. I was asked to come dressed in my suit. My father thrust a turban on my head that had garlands on them like a marriage turban. He and another male relative Hari forced me to sit down on grooms chair.

A photographer appeared and furiously began to click picture of us. I asked my step mother what the hell was happenening. She explained father had to take RS 4 lakhs from Uncle Hari to pay the travel agent for my Hamburg documents with the promise that once I got settled I would marry a girl of their choice and take her Germany.

Once she there I would divorce her and after gaining residency will come to India to marry Hari Uncle's son Inder. That way Inder and his wife can settle in Germany too and the same travel agent had suggested all this as common practice. I protest at absurdity of plan, it was a fail plan. Nobody paid attention to me. They were too busy at getting drunk.

While I was still mauling for loopholes in the weird plan. In came a girl all decked up in bridal dress, she seemed to be in hurry, her lovely bosom was heaving up and down from the stress of running late and sat next to me on brides chair. I looked at the girl and almost fainted. She was Charu my own fucking SISTER FOR REAL. How could they do this?

I grew up with Charu, she was my real sister, she was born to my step mum. I asked Charu how could she do this marriage? She said she could do anything for Inder. He is so sweet and intelligent. For next 5 days my life was filled with Inder. It was Inder is this and Inder is that. Fortunately I was drunk most of the time. It was not that Charu was ugly looking girl far from she was exquisite.

We fought and grew up together.When we were very young we played doll house often. After putting the doll to sleep, she would take off her frock and I would remove my underwear. I would open her legs wide open as we had seen adults do. Then I rub my little penis on her pussy. One day the maid caught us as I was trying to insert my tiny penis into her shit hole during a bath.

That ended it all and we never spoke about that again as we grew up. And now here I was, on brotherly mission to set up her life in West. We boarded the plane to Hamburg. I spoke in German to the air hostess, she was surprised.Charu had been on a aircraft before, she held my hands tightly and prayed during the take off.

To ease her mind off I started telling her about German people. At first I was telling her the right things. She wondered if they would like her and Inder? Again Inder. Then I started telling her to play her role as my newly married wife, if anyone suspected foul play they will deport us and her dream of settling with Inder in Germany will be dead in a second.

I also told her crazy thing like how bathwurst is made, about the Germen porn industry, for good how liberal and broadminded Europeans are, they discussed sex openly, women smoke, drank and kissed openly I told her all this in case any immigration person asked her she should not be shocked. They were super clean people.

Germens specially were super hardworking too. Charu told me that Inder was very hardworking too. I blew a fuse. I asked her did she even know what a condom was? She didnot know. Now that I had finished two cans of beer but I was still not up to the task of explaining a condom to my own sister. Just then the airhostess came to take our meal order.

She naturally presumed we knew German and asked whether we are having a good flight? I told Charu she was asking whether we had a good honeymoon and reminded her again that we were just married to the world at large, she smiled awkwardly to the air hostess. The air-hostess asked whether we would like alcholic beverage with meal?

I thought this could be fun, I translated for Charu in Punjabi that she is saying that she hopes we had plenty sex and if she is pregnant now as a result of plenty of sex in honeymoon? Charu looked at my straight face and smiling face of the airhostess as we both looked at waiting for her reply, Charu turned red and nodded her head to mean no.

The airhostess asked whether we would like chicken or vegetarian meal? I was having fun, I translated for Charu whther she was satisfied the lenght and hardness of her husbands cock? From red Charu's face turned crimson red, she looked at the airhostess and smiled. I said chicken for both of us please. The air hostess asked if we would prefer to sit elsewhere on the aircraft?

I translated that for Charu that she was now asking whether we would like to have a quick sex session in the air craft to remember this journey by. Charu giggled heavily and swayed her head to indicate no. The air hostess giggled back too in some secret womanly way, which actually confused me. After the air hostess Charu told me that was very embrassing question she had asked.

With a straight face I said wait this is nothing when the immigration people grill you they will want to know if you really know me inside and out. If they felt she was lying they will throw us out and thats the put an end to her & Inder pipe dream of settleing in the west. Sweet vengeance. She suddenly eager to know everything about me, what toothpaste I used, what after shave I used etc.

Suddenly I saw light in the end of the tunnel or rather in this context I saw a chance that if I coaxed her enough with this immigration bullshit I might succeed to see her glorious pussy and who knows even park my cock inside her. I start feeling hard between my legs Things started to look up for me now in my mind.

I began to dwell on Charu's game of wait-stay with this jerk-till -citizen grant-then call Inder to Germany-who can then fuck my arse and pussy' plan into a rich three year of sex feast for me. I could see a possibility to manipulate the situation for plenty of free sex with her. I began telling her thing to frighten her of the Germen immigration people.

I saw the airhostess coming towards us with our food. I suddenly pulled her to me and kissed her hard on lips, she immediatly opened her mouth to screamed then she too noticed the air hostess looking our way. She had no choice but to comply and let my tongue gently caress her tongue.

I though of pressing her breast but I thought that will too much too fast and make her withdraw for me completely. Getting to make love to a women is a slow and gentle process. She choose to close her eyes and pretend she was enjoying the kiss. The air hostess coughed gently to make us aware of her presence.We broke the kiss, her sweet sliyva and lipstick on my lips.

Charu shyly looked away, her face was blushing, her neck and ears were blood red. My cock had made huge tent. Charu and airhostess both looked at my pole tent at the same time. I fidgeted in my seat. I pulled the food table down fast. It hit me hard on my pole. I groaned with pain. Both women laughed at my discomfort.I took the food tray from her.

When the airhostess had gone she said to me "Kuta (dog) what was that kiss about, look I am warning you do not get fresh with me..I know you men are all the same only want one thing please do not do that ever again?" She didnot know I actually wanted two things, her pussy hole and her asshole.

In my most apologetic tone I said quietly in Punjabi "I am very sorry, thousand pardons didi but please understand this act it is important if we have go through with this charade in which I am a unwitting accomplice, I might look like a bhenchood (sister fucker(I was trying to see how she will react to a swear word)) but am trying not to be one.

But now she will go tell her crew of what she saw and they will say sooo cute. They will remember us this way when immigration people query them on our behavior in the plane, thats how a newly married couple is supposed to behave, so please play your role of my wife or kiss see-Inder-in-Germany good bye"

She realized the logic of what I was doing and said "ok I am sorry... it... this marriage thing is so new to me, bhenchood" she surprised me by using a dirty word. I told her that you have to learn everything about me and I about you, you never know what these immigration officials might ask. Her eyes went wide open and she said

"Everything?? like what else do I have know about you..I know you quite well" I replied " Intimate things Charu didi like... sex" in additions to her wide open eyes, wide open mouth she raised her eyebrows in worry in the directions where all this was leading to. Now she was understood that I was planning to get inside her pants..salwar in this case, to get her naked under me in the cold Germen morning.

As time will prove she had no way to stop me. But for now, she looked at me sternly and said "Bhenchood, do not even try it" Warming up to the subject I asked her if she had any problem with that? hadn't Inder had sex with her?. She replied "No.... since our elder have put both of us on this tight spot, you are playing your part and I too am trying to play that part,

I have no problem with you as such, I even like you... I know you are also putting your chances of settling in Germany in jeopardy too because of me, it will be a pity if we get thrown out because you insist in being a bhenchood I won't let you do that.ok?..., I am sorry about that. You are taking a great risk with me. I know that and I love you for that in a sisterly way"

That is the most sensible thing I had heard from her and immediately felt ashamed at myself for what I was thinking of doing with her. Disappointed at her throw back I drying replied "Its good to know that we are tight" After that we kept our talking to minimal. We reached Hamburg. It was event less 6 weeks, we filed our papers and waited for response.

We lived a social housing one bedroom apartment. She slept in the bed I slept on the sofa. We hardly talked. I would shack alone at night. Sometime I could her playing with herself when she thought I was asleep. When we were outside like she was seeing me off in the bus stand or meeting me in shopping mall, thats the only time she allowed me to take liberty with her.

Like I could kiss her for no more then 10 seconds. I kissed her often. She payed along, I told her you never when we are being spyed on by immigration sleuths. By the end of 6 weeks she got called for first interview. That shook her up. I did not know what they asked her, but from that week onwards she allowed me to kiss her longer.

That weekend we were called for networking dinner to get to know others in the building. During dinner people drank wine, so I insisted we must also do in Rome what the Romans do. Thats when I discovered one her biggest weakness. After drinking two glass's of wine she became extremely horny. After dinner wine was served, mostly in Europe they drink more after eating.

The immigration boss raised a toast to us newcomers in Germany. I gave Charu one glass of wine, she drank it reluctantly and joined the toast. Then the couple took the floor for dancing. Not be left behind I led Charu to the floor. She said that thing she drank was very nice and made her glow warmly. I held her close. So close that our crotch were touching.

I put my lips to her ears and whispered dirty little things like was she feeling warm below in her tuss too. After some more dirty talk. She asked me not to talk dirty as somebody will hear us. I said so what? we are married and look around you every couple in the room is going to have sex later in the night. I kissed her lips. To my surprise she let me kiss her for more then a minute.

I was still kissing her when I gently began to press her breast. After about ten minutes of kissing and squeezing her breast she broke up and said lets have another drink. We returned to table and filled another glass, all under the watchful eyes of the immigration officials who were actually more busy getting drunk then noticing us. But one official smiled at Charu.

Charu quickly lifted the glass of wine to show that she was conforming to normal norms said cheers and drank the whole glass. I was going to tell her to take it easy with the wine but I didnot. We went to the dance floor, to the darker corner of the room. I began kissing her, for the first she began to return my kiss's. I quickly pulled her tighter to me by her soft ass.

She closed her eyes. I fondled her soft ass, parting her ass cheeks. My cock became bigger and bigger. Her kiss became more passionate. I glided my hand to her pussy, I had just start rubbing her pussy, she took my hand and put on her breast. Even that was good. After pressing her soft satin like breast they became as hard as cricket ball.

I took her hand put on my cock. She quickly squeezed my cock hard and released it. She pulled her hand away. She opened her eyes and looked around for something. To my suprise she put her hand back on my cock and began to twist my cock round and round sometime clock wise sometime anti clockwise.

She broke off the kiss and whispered in ears " Are they still observing us, bhencood". I kissed her long beautiful neck and without looking I said yes. I asked her to let me have sex with her, she refused. In sales till the customer doesnot refuse three time you shouldnot take it as a refuse. My cock was getting bigger in her hands.

I pleaded with her again to have sex and described to her her the various pleasures of sex in detail. She still refused second time and she she also withdrew her hands from my cock but we still remained lip locked, slowly gliding bumping into other couples on the floor. She was tired and wanted to sit.

We sat and again the same immigration guy who by now was fully drunk loudly raised his beer mug towards us. I poured some more wine in our glass, we reciprocated the cheers. I looked into her eyes which were red, I lauded her beauty her smell and her softness, she also said I was handsome and that I could have any women I want. I told her I only wanted her for that night.

She said only for one night not for other nights. I said for all my nights. She said it cannot be possible. So she refused me the third time. When a salesmen is refused three time the next course is direct action, assume order. The German immigration official floated to our table. He asked us in English how we liked Germany are we having a pleasant time here?

For Charu's benefit I replied in English the days are pleasant and nights are very pleasant too thank you, pulling Charu closer to me by her slender waist. He laughed loudly "yes we hear you both at night all the time" he said drunkenly laughing at his own joke. After that we another dance, some more kissing some food around 11 pm we decieded to go to our room.

On the elevator ride she broke my kiss to ask what that that man meant by hearing us at night. Obviously she did not get the joke. I said "Oh our rooms are bugged, lts called behavious anaylsis, they give us points for how we behave" She was keen to know more whether they also gave negative points.

I said sure if we do not behave as per pattern, they will suspect something and give us negative marks" She said "You are joking you are only saying that to get inside me" I laughed and admitted the last part was only to have sex with her. She looked at me and sighed "You really want to do it with me, you think I am beautiful?"

This was my moment I said seriously "You are very beautiful, I love you and need you" Pulling me close to her "ok lets do it, but be gentle, do not make a baby inside me I am new and I heard it hurts" I burst with happiness. I kissed her hands, her arms, under her arms. She giggled. The lift door opened. We ran to our room. I locked the door and she pushed me to the bed.

In few swift movement she removed her clothes and threw them in the corner. By the time she came to the bed I was already out my pants and under wear. She loving took my cock in her hand and smelled it. I couldnot wait. I tuned her around in the bed doggy style and I parted her pussy. I took some spit and applied on her pussy and on my cock.

I slowly pushed my cock head inside her so that it doesnot hurt her. She said more more deeper and without warning pushed her butt back into my cock as I was pushing forwards in a instant my cock was half lodged inside her, it felt so good to be inside a warm tight hole. I slowly began to push to and fro, enjoying every friction and softness of her ass under my hands.

Everything I rammed Charu did, her ass would ripple like a wave starting from her love hole. I grabbed her melons abd began rocking Charu did back and forth, both enjoying the tremendous amount pleasure sex was giving. Thats when Charu didi started screaming. I quickly withdrew my cock and looked at blood dripping on the bed sheet.

Charu did said "no you fool deeper deeper now" So I rammed my cock deeper inside her. My balls hit her her pubes. With friction inside her Charu did's cunt my cock began to enlarge itself. I pushed forward and she pushed backwards. We were fucking furiously like rabbits. I turned her around and held her ankles to her shoulder.

This way her pussy was wide one for my pentration. And I began banging away slowly her screams turned in loud moaning. After some one minute seventeen seconds I came. I withdrew for her hot cunt splilled it in her tummy. She said you are done already. I said this is just a quick commercial break wait. She said good resume pleasure.

I slolwly kissed her burning body with kiss while to drain any cum left in my cock. I told her to suck my cock, for a few minutes we did 69. We resumed making love albiet more slowly and for longer period till she shuddered and came too.

After that for three years she married Inder but we had so much sex that she nows says her husband Inder is a wimp. On winter we used have marathon sex lasting about one hour. She complians that I have made her a slut and complete sex slave. She is a mother of two now. She still comes for a suck and a fuck.

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And next moment Chhaya did appeared on the door of toilet. “chall Chhaya aaker apne haath se isska pajama khol, ye tadap raha hai tere liye”. Chhaya didi looked at me in shy gesture, I got up and went closer to her and held her face in my hands and said, “pahle main apni bahan ko pyar to karr loon”, with that I placed my lips on her lips and we started kissing nicely.

I was rubbing her body with my hands and we both were turning on in sexual desire. “Didi aap mujhse shaadi kar lo, main aapko bahut khush rakhunga”, I spoke in puffing voice while playing with her body. I squeezed Chhaya didi’s luscious tits and rubbed her hip nicely with my hands, wow what a moment that was when Chhaya didi was melting in my hands.

Finally when we parted, Gunjita didi spoke softly from behind, “Chhaya isska pajama khol, shuru karte hain”. Chhaya didi pulled thread of my pajama and I got harder. Soon I was sitting on the bed naked from the lower half and both of my sisters were sitting on floor on there knees and sucking my cock. Chhaya didi started and took it in her mouth slowly.

She was looking gorgeous holding my cock between her rosy lips and that view hardened me more and my rod grew in her mouth. Slowly Chhaya didi started moving her head up and down without sucking. “Didi use more saliva aur saath saath suck karo” I spoke and moaned in pleasure, “Chhaya suck bhi karr aur ander bahar bhi kar”. Gunjita didi tried to explain Chhaya didi.

Chhaya didi did not like at all what she was doing in the beginning and it could be seen from her way of doing it. Gunjita didi took my rod from her and said, “dekh kaise karna hai”, with that Gunjita didi took my rod in her mouth and showed Chhaya didi the way by using more of her saliva.

After stroking my rod in her mouth for three four times again Gunjita didi tried to explain her sister by saying, “Chhaya binna hesitation ke apna saliva use karke achhe se suck karr, isse ussko pleasure milega aur jab wo pleasure main hoga to ussko dekh ke tujhe pleasure milega”. Chhaya didi started again and it was amazing feeling,

wow Chhaya didi was fucking her beautiful face with my rod and I was looking at her, just looking at her. She was doing better much better though she was still hesitating even then it was the pleasure beyond imagination. “Ahh… Ahh…. Chhaya didi bahut mazzaa aaraha hai, wow you are amazing.”

I held her face and stared at her and again said, “Didi give me a kiss, aage Gunjita didi suck karengi”. I lied down on the center of the bed and Chhaya didi was leaning over me and kissing me and Gunjita didi was sucking my rod with passion. I turned and took Chhaya didi under my body and continued kissing her and moved my hand to explore her body,

her luscious tits and juicy cunt, stopping Gunjita didi automatically from sucking my rod. Gunjita didi came beside us and started caressing Chhaya didi’s hairs, I loved Chhaya didi over her clothes for few more minutes and made her moan in pleasure and finally spoke while looking into her eyes, “Didi mere saath sex karoge,….. aapne mujhe pagal karr diya hai,

hmmm… karoge bollo main bahut pyar se karoonga”. Chhaya didi looked into my eyes without yes or no and kept on looking for few seconds and then into Gunjita didi’s eyes who was laying beside us, without a word and again she looked at me, and seemed confused. I started kissing and brushing Chhaya didi’s neck and spoke in a murmuring voice, “please didi,

I love you so much, main aapko force nahi karr raha par main merr jaaounga aapke bina”. With that accidentally my lips went closer to her ears and Chhaya didi moaned nicely, I continued brushing my lips there and sucked her ears while pressing her breast and Didi went crazy in pleasure. “abhi to Gunjita didi karengi na” Chhaya didi spoke in puffing sound.

“tune karna hai to karr le, main baad main kar loongi.” Gunjita didi spoke softly. “nahi please.. mujhe dard hoga”. Chhaya didi replied in confusion. “Dard hoga to hoga, wo to hona hi hai ek din, aaj kya aur shaadi ke baad kya, tujhe abhi complete sexual pleasure chahiye to boll”, then with a pause she continued “ye tere pichhe pagal ho chukka hai, tujhe jyada pain nahi karega,

tere husband ki meri koi guarantee nahi hai”. Chhaya didi was thinking laying under me and I was laying almost on her top half naked, and again I started kissing her face and brushing my lips on her face and neck. my hands were on her breasts and I was rubbing them gently, Chhaya didi again started moaning as I rubbed my lips near her ears.

“didi karna hai, bollo hmmm…” again Chhaya didi looked at Gunjita didi, she was somewhat asking her sister whether she should do it or not, Gunjita didi moved her head in yes and said “kar le kuch nahi hoga, ek nayaa experience hai, tujhe achha lagega,” then again with a pause Gunjita didi asked Chhaya didi, “boll shuru kare,…. karna hai”.

Finally Chhaya didi said yes and I came in movement. I got up and lifted her nighty up to her waist and undid thread of her salwar and took it off from her bottom and Chhaya didi lifted her lower half so that I can take it off, she was confused and little afraid, I repeated same with her panty and made her naked from her lower half,

though Chhaya didi was already wet down to her cunt but Gunjita didi told me to suck her more to make her juices flow more fluently. And again placed my lips on her pussy and started sucking it to arouse her more and to make her even wetter, my both hands were on her thighs and I parted her legs further apart. I was kissing her all over, enjoying every part of it.

After a while I opened her pussy with my fingers and I started licking her, licking her pinkness. Moving my tongue from the end to the top, Chhaya didi started moaning and moving again in sucking pleasure and Gunjita didi was caressing her hairs while murmuring sensual words like, “Chhaya samajh le aaj teri suhagraat hai aur ye tera bhai nahi patti hai, Chhaya ye tujhe bahut pyar karta hai,

tu aaram se late ke enjoy kar aur samajh teri shaadi ho chuki hai hmm… relax ….just relax panic matt karna ek do minute thoda sa pain hoga aur usske baad pleasure milega”. Chhaya didi was listening her sister while puffing and enjoying her cunt getting sucked by me; moreover I got heavily aroused with Gunjita didi’s words and got even harder.

Chhaya didi was tight I could see, as from last two days I was fucking Gunjita didi and I could see the difference between a virgin cunt and already ragged fuckhole, and I knew the entry will be painful, so I was trying my best to make her wetter and wetter. With every lick of my tongue I could hear Chhaya didi’s hmmm….

She had both her hands on my head and for some time she closed her legs and my face was struck between her thighs. We were on the top of the world and the feeling was ecstatic I was sucking my lovely sister and her juices were flowing free and I was swallowing it all but it was still getting sloppy.

I placed my lips on her vaginal lips and my tongue was trying to get deeper and licking anything coming out. She again closed her legs on my face, this time it was tighter and her hands pressing me towards her pussy, I think Gunjita didi sensed that her sister was getting closer to orgasm, so she stopped me.

I got up and sat between Chhaya didi’s legs and asked for a condom from Gunjita didi, as it was kept on the other corner of the bed. “nahi ye safe hai, tu bina condom ke kar, isska pahli baar hai, pahli bar skin se skin touch honi chaahiye tabhi real feel aati hai, ….kuch nahi hoga issko ye safe hai main dekh loongi”.

At that time I didn’t knew what does she meant by safe, so I asked her again, “didi pakka aisse hi daal doon” “haan haan tu daal, pahle achhe se rub kar ussko isski entrance pe”, I followed Gunjita didi’s instruction and rubbed tip of my rod on Chhaya didi’s wet fuck hole opening and seriously guys, Gunjita didi was dame experienced, what a feeling that was,

we just went crazy in pleasure and moaned nicely while that gentile rubbing and Chhaya didi streamed out lot more juices in those few seconds. She was laying and puffing in pleasure, waiting for getting stuffed with a real thing, I could see light shivering on her belly, Chhaya didi’s cunt was twitching for penetration.

I was confused, I wanted to hurt her as less as possible, I asked Gunjita didi again, “didi abb daal doon” Gunjita didi was laying beside Chhaya didi, she got up to see her sister’s fuck hole and touched her opening to see the level of wetness and lubrication and said, “abhi ruk” and Gunjita didi got up to get something from the bathroom and in a fraction

she came with a coconut oil and poured lot of oil on Chhaya didi’s love hole and rubbed it nicely, to make her tunnel more lubricated, and then took some oil on her hand and rubbed it on my rod and made my cock dripping with oil, and herself placed my rod on Chhaya didi’s fuck hole opening by parting her pussy lips with her finger and finally said,

“haan, abb aage se dabba ke dheere dheere daal aur ander hi daalna, jab tak aadha andar na challa jaye tab tak wapis bahar matt nikalna”. I pushed my cock slowly squeezing my cock head and started journey of entering inside my other sister Chhaya. Wow what a tight fuck hole she had, it was very less painful for me almost nil to enter inside such a tight tunnel and a lot painful for Chhaya didi,

though there was lot of lubrication on her fuck tunnel. I could see expressions of pain on her face and she was trying her best to tolerate, she knew that she can not scream, for that she was holding her lips tight with closed eyes, her one hand was holding Gunjita didi’s wrist very tight and other hand was holding corner of the pillow.

Finally Chhaya didi opened her mouth released her breath as she was holding it to bear the pain, and moaned with lot of control like, “Ahhh…. Ahhhh…. Please stop…”. Gunjita didi was rubbing upper portion of Chhaya didi’s cunt and squeezing her melons gently and spoke, “bass abb almost ho gayaa, bass ek minute ki aur baat hai”.

I was half inside Chhaya didi, and she was so wet and hot inside that I felt as if my dick is still growing in size inside my instinct guided me and I took out my rod and pushed again with bit of force and went bit deeper in Chhaya didi’s fuck hole and Chhaya didi went out of breath and spoke with difficult, “bass aur nahi karna, please yahin pe ruk jaao, please don’t move.”

Gunjita didi instructed me to stop any movement by raising her hand; she was continuously caressing her sister’s hair and was trying to cheer her up. I was sitting between Chhaya didi’s spread legs, with half of my dick inside her love pot, and looking at Chhaya didi’s facial expressions, I looked down to my rod, very thin stream of blood mixed with a oil and our juices was flowing down to sheet.

I saw Gunjita didi’s face and took her attention to that, she placed my jocky under that and instructed me to keep silence by putting her finger on her lips. After a minute of no movement, Gunjita didi asked her, “abb pain kuch kam hai, hmm….” Chhaya didi said yes by humming and moving her head. Gunjita didi looked at me and told me to start slowly just by her lip movement.

I started fucking Chhaya didi with very slow strokes and she seemed still in pain. Gunjita didi asked her sister again, “dard ho raha hai”? Chhaya didi said yes, “haan ho raha hai” “pahle se kam hai” Gunjita didi asked her again, “hmmm…” Chhaya didi just hummed to say yes. “Bass abhi pain gayab ho jayega” Gunjita didi assured her sister.

My movements gradually increased and my rod was moving with some ease. Oil was dripping down from Chhaya didi’s cunt and I was fucking her with slow in and out movements. She was still in pain but I think it was bearable now, Chhaya didi was between pleasure and pain and pleasure was overtaking the pain. I was still left with half of my dick, or may be just less then that.

Gunjita didi instructed me to lean on her sister with hand and told me to go further deep with one push, she guided me without speaking a word rather just by her lip movements, what she said with her lips was “uppar late kar, ek baar main pura daal de” I leaned over Chhaya didi further and Gunjita didi spoke to make Chhaya didi listen, “chal abb pyar kar issko, tune bahut pain kiya hai”.

I started loving my sister by kissing her lips and neck and caressing her hairs, my chest was pressing her boobs, “Didi I am sorry, aapko meri wajah se itna pain hua, main aapko bahut pyar karta hun” she held my back with her both hands and spoke somehow, “bass, please aur pain matt karna”. “didi bass thoda sa aur hai wo bhi lelo apne ander” I spoke.

“please nahi karna, bahut mushkil se pain kam hua hai, please aise he karo, aur ander matt dallna.” Chhaya didi requested me. Gunjita didi smacked me on my head for not following her instruction, as she wanted me to give a sudden push inside Chhaya didi’s fuck hole and that is without her knowledge, she spoke to her sister

“Chhaya thoda sa hai, ek baar main challa jayega, apne legs ko isske around wrap kar, abb jyada pain nahi hoga”, “nahi please” Chhaya didi requested again in scared tone, “Tujhe kuch nahi hoga, jo hona tha ho chukka hai abb to bleeding bhi band ho gayi hai” and instead of waiting for Chhaya didi to move her legs,

Gunjita didi herself wrapped Chhaya didi’s legs around my waist and again smacked me to say go ahead with a push, “ I Love you Chhaya didi, I love you so much”. I whispered in my sister’s ear and kept my head beside her face, facing bed and before Chhaya didi would have understood the upcoming pain,

I pulled my rod out a bit and pushed myself with a sudden jerk and made two more jerks in continuity in a same fashion and spoke I love you with every thrust. Chhaya didi reacted with painful moans like “Ahhhh…. Ahhhhh… Ahhhhhh…” with every plunge and finally I touched deepest corner of her cunt with my rod. I was fully inside her tunnel and it was tightly fitted around my cock.

I wanted to feel her, I wanted to pleasure her too and for that I started rubbing and squeezing her breast over her nighty, keeping whole my rod inside her fuck hole and started kissing Chhaya didi passionately, though Chhaya didi was not responding to my kiss in the beginning but when I continued kissing her lips and sucked them for a minute,

she responded and then I started moving my rod in and out of her tunnel very slowly. Chhaya didi was still in pain and was not enjoying as I could see her expressions while moving in and out, her eyes were closed and she was holding her breath, few drops of tears flowed down from her closed eyes. Certainly I was fortunate that Gunjita didi was sitting beside me to help.

Gunjita didi used her old, best and flawless way to get a success and started speaking erotic words. “Chhaya aaj teri seal khul gayi, chodd hi diya issne tujhe, dekh kaise teri taange khol ke teri choot main apna lund dall ke chodd raha hai tujhe, aur tu jo bolti thi, ki sirf husband se chudwaungi, aaj chudwa hi liya tune bhi, hmmm… meri bahan finally aaj chud hi gayi wo bhi apne bhai se….

Chhaya tu aaj ladki se aurat bann gayi hai, aaj teri choot fatt gayi hmmmm….sun rahi hai meri baat tu abb kuwanri nahi hai, abb Chhaya chudd chuki hai”, Gunjita didi’s words were working and my speed increased as I was aroused with her words, and I could see that Chhaya didi was also getting there every second.

Then with a pause Gunjita didi started again, this time with me, “chodd isse, achhe se chodd, tu pagal ho raha tha na isse choddne ke liye, chodd abb, jittna chodna hai chodd, ye chudwayegi tujhse bahut chudwayegi, aur jabb bhi ye kahegi tujhe isse choddna padega, boll chodega na boll bhenchod, main Chhaya didi ko roz raat ko chodunga boll nahi to maar khayega”

with that she pulled my hairs in excitement. What a slut Gunjita didi was, she knew each and every fucking way, her words did magic again and Chhaya didi got aroused and opened her eyes to see me, she was puffing in pleasure now and herself she tightened her legs around my waist and started puffing nicely.

I just went mad in pleasure as I saw Chhaya didi enjoying and my speed increased and now my rod was moving smooth in her fuckhole, in and out to and fro. I puffed while speaking, “haan Chhaya didi main aapko bahut chodunga, roz chodunga, jab aap kahoge tabb aapki choot main apna lund daal ke aapko chodunga,

aap bass ek baar bulana main aapke saamne nanga hoke pahunch jaaoonga aapki choot kholke aapko chodne ke liye”. I was moving reasonably fast and we both were in heaven and each dip of my hard cock inside Chhaya didi’s fuck hole was ecstatic and the feeling was just out of the world.

I kept on fucking Chhaya didi further with steady moves for a minute or two, she was so hot, so much wet and so tight in there that I knew I couldn’t hold on for long, Gunjita didi was watching us having pleasure and sensing my condition and spoke, “issko neeche se uthaa ke, ander tak daal”.

My burst was building up I tried to slow it down but our whole body was in state of immense erotic pleasure and it was impossible for me to slow down, my body was not in my control. Once again I followed Gunjita didi’s instruction and garbed Chhaya didi from her beautiful round bottoms with my both hands for my last few pushes and I was deeper inside her,

Chhaya didi moaned strangely with that and just then I felt like bursting and finally I released my load deep inside her. Chhaya didi also shivered with pleasure and cummed nicely. We both were exhausted and everything was so wet and messy. We rested for some time and by the time we got up Gunjita didi

was finished with a cleaning every mess and finally both of my sisters moved out after removing every mark of there presence in this room. I was delighted with this love making session, especially with the one which I had with Chhaya didi. I slept tight and got up very late as it was Sunday. We didn’t had a plan for that night, but I was restless for the whole day.

Both Chhaya and Gunjita didi was moving around in the house, some times in the drawing room in front of television and sometimes in the lobby while getting in and out of kitchen. I was unable to stop myself looking at both of my sisters and somewhere both of them were also enjoying my staring at her.

After spending whole Sunday just like that, finally I came to my room and tried to sleep, but it was really difficult for me to sleep soon. To my surprise after 11 again my door got knocked, I opened the door and it was again Gunjita and Chhaya didi and on the door itself she said, “mujhe ghoddi banna ke nahi choddna” and both of them smiled.

Our condition was just like newly wedded people and we were eager to do it again and again. Gunjita didi told me that she did not had a plan but because Chhaya didi was very restless so they came, and there only Gunjita didi spoke to Chhaya didi, “Chhaya apne muh se boll ki main tujhse chudwane aai hoon, chodd mujhe”.

Chhaya didi smiled, “boll na, kal issne promise kiya tha, ki jabb tu kahegi ye nanga hokar aa jayega, tere pass tujhe choddne ke liye.” Chhaya didi smiled a lot and after insisting finally she spoke, “please aaj phir mujhe choddo, mujhe neend nahi aarahi”. I spoke to Gunjita didi that if she can leave us alone, I want to fuck Chhaya didi assuming that she is my wife.

Gunjita didi laughed on my stupid request and said, “tum logg kahin ek dusre se pyar matt karne lagna, main bhi hoon yahan chudwane ke liye line main” and then she spoke to me “tujhe jabb se Chhaya milli hai, tu mujhe bhool hi gaya hai, main chodd chodd ke tujhe maar daalungi” and finally after laughing she said that

“tum logg enjoy karo main next shift main neeche aati hoon” and then Gunjita didi spoke to Chhaya didi “tu pura matt choos liyo issko, mere liye bhi chhodna, tere wapis aane ke baad main yahan aaoongi.” Finally Gunjita didi left and I bolted door from inside and made love to Chhaya didi like a true lover.

I licked every single inch of her body and left my saliva on that, Chhaya didi also sucked me and now she was less hesitant to take my rod between her lips and fuck her mouth, and finally I fucked my dearest sister Chhaya didi with patience and made her cum twice during whole love making. It was an act, an act of sheer love and pleasure.

After Chhaya didi’s exit Gunjita didi appeared and I fucked her in doggy style by holding and squeezing her healthy ass mounds with my hands and then literally she raped me by sitting on my top in friendly anger after getting fucked in doggy style for few minutes. Such days of sucking, licking and fucking with both, Chhaya didi and Gunjita didi lasted in my life for quite long time.

For some reasons my grandfather provided me a separate flat for living and that really helped us more to get along with each other freely for fucking. I took admission there only in a correspondence course and both of my sisters mainly Chhaya didi made me graduate while working because Gunjita didi got married after a year and flew to states with her husband.

I and Chhaya didi continued our love making in my flat and I kept on informing Gunjita didi about my fucking sessions with her sister. Once I asked her about her about her sex life by writing “ Didi aapki sex life kaisi chall rahi hai, aapka husband aapko theek se choddta hai ya main appne visa ke liye apply karoon, aur aapko wahan aaker choddun”?

What she wrote in answer was really amazing and arousing, her reply word to word was, “ Abey, wo tujhse badda choddu hai, tu to meri choot main lund daal ke ucchalta tha, uss saale ne meri gaand bhi thokk di hai, aur mahine main do teen baar to gaand maar hi detta hai. Gaand maar maar ke gaand ka chhed hi motaa karr diya hai to soch meri choot ka kya haal hoga,

bechari subah usske office jaane se pahle thookti hai aur phir evening main usske office se aana ke baad thookti hai, kabhi kabhi tyar karke long drive pe le jaata hai aur outskirts main lejja ke car ki back seat pe chodd dalta hai, ghar ka koi kona nahi bachha hai jahan pe mujhe ussne chodda na ho,

kitchen, garage aur storeroom main bhi khadda karke peeche se chodd chukka hai aur ek baar andhere main terrace pe lejja ke sardi main pura nanga karke mujhe thokk chukka hai, Sunday ko hum apne swimming pool main nange swimming karte hain aur wo kabhi mujhe wahin pool ke kinare letta ke choddta hai, aur kabhi adha paani main khadda karke meri peechhe se maarta hai,

kai baar blue film ki tarah choddne ke baad mere muh ke ander paani chhodta hai jo mujhe peena paddta hai, tu abhi bachha hai tujhe to maine choddna sikhaya hai, wo mera bhi baap hai, tu wahan Chhaya ko hi chodd wohi tere bass main hai yahan aane ki matt sochiyo varna mujhe satisfy karne ke chakkar main dobaara Chhaya ko bhi nahi chodd payega,

jittna tu ek mahine main Chhaya ko choddta hoga uss se jyada wo mujhe ek hafte main choddta hai”. I don’t know whatever she wrote was true or exaggeration but It was a fact that her husband was really passionate for sex and fucks her a lot because she told this to Chhaya didi too (not this much of detail) with little more detail that her husband loves her a lot too,

and even he was also experienced with a fucking before marriage, and Gunjita didi also confessed that she was also in love with somebody and he ditched her after fucking her few times (she never confessed about her relation with me, thank god). Anyways Gunjita didi's words took my senses and I thought about myself fucking Chhaya didi in her asshole.

And now I use to stare at her tiny ass hole while fucking her from behind in doggy style and sometimes use to part her hips to see it when she use to take rest after a fuck. Couple of times we talked about Gunjita didi’s sex life, that she has got perfect match as her husband is equally passionate for fucking as she was.

Once I made Chhaya didi read that complete mail which she wrote to me by taking out the printout of that. She laughed reading that line and looked into my eyes bit consciously, because now she could make out that why I use to see her asshole when she use to take rest after a fuck and why I use to part her hips from behind while fucking her in doggy style.

Next time when we got together for fuck I asked Chhaya didi that if we can do anal sex by asking, “Didi wahan pe karna hai”? She looked into my eyes, though she knew that what I am asking, even then she asked me “kahan pe”? I said “wahan jahan Gunjita didi ka husband unnko thokkta hai, gaand main”

intentionally I spoke erotic words of Hindi language instead of saying it in English to follow Gunjita didi’s way of arousing. “pagal ho kya….? mujhe maloom tha tumhare deemag main yehi chall raha hoga, ussne karwa liya main nahi karwa paaoongi, it’s very painful”. That day we had normal virginal sex but I followed Gunjita didi’s way and continued speaking and making

erotic statements in Hindi while fucking Chhaya didi about anal sex, like, “didi main achhe se oil daal ke dheere dheere aapki gaand maarunga, please jabbse Gunjita didi ka mail padda hai main daily raat ko aapki gaand maarne ki soch ke masturbate karta hoon”. Like that days passed and we continued getting along normal sex,

and with that I continued expressing my desire to fuck her asshole to Chhaya didi. At that time I didn’t knew that Chhaya didi talked to Gunjita didi about the mail she has sent to me and asked her about anal sex, without letting her know that I am insisting Chhaya didi for anal fucking.

I don’t know what Gunjita didi said and explained to Chhaya didi about anal sex and how many times Chhaya didi asked her about that, I just know that after around a month from my first pursue, Chhaya didi got ready to do it with certain conditions like, I had to do it very slowly with lot of lubrication and with a rubber covered rod and I have to stop immediately if she will say to stop,

and I will never insist her again and again if she will not like it. Finally the day came and again we got together, it was a Sunday and Chhaya didi took a leave from her house for her friend’s house and came to my house somewhere in the afternoon and I fucked Chhaya didi’s asshole by speaking erotic stuff in the beginning of the encounter, like “Chhaya didi aaj main aapki gaand maarunga.

Jabb mera lund aapki gaand ke tight chhed main jaayega na dekhna aapko kitna mazza aayega.” And to my surprise Chhaya didi responded in same fashion by saying, “haan maar de aaj meri gaand, taaki shaadi ke baad agar mera patti meri gaand maare to mujhe jyada dard na ho, achhe se tel daalke maario, Gunjita kah rahi thi ki baad main mazzaa bahut aata hai,

lekin jabb pahli baar gaand fatt ti hai na to jaan nikal jaati hai”. It was really a most erotic line which Chhaya didi spoke ever with me, though she use to speak such stuff, but use to speak very less erotic words in whole statement. Finally that day I made it and Chhaya didi’s anus got stuffed with my rod from behind,

I parted her hips and squeezed tip of my cock in her butt hole and entered after applying lot of oil and pumped Chhaya didi’s ass for few minutes before releasing my cum from my cock, though it pained her a lot and she always seemed reluctant to get stuffed there after that, but even then I fucked her butt fewer more times on different occasions,

like when it was my birthday and I asked her anus as my gift, by saying “didi aaj mujhe apne birthday pe aapki gaand gift chaahiye” and when I scored good marks in second year and final year of my graduation and got degree. After fucking Chhaya didi’s asshole first time I wrote Gunjita didi that I have fucked her sister in her butt in Hindi again in full fledge desi language,

“didi aapne wahan US main jaakar shaadi ke baad apni gaand marrwani shuru ki thi, yahan aapki bahan ne India main rahkar shaadi se pahle hi apni gaand main mera lund le liya hai, didi puchho matt kitna mazza aaya, jab maine Sunday ko char bajje aapki bahan Chhaya ki gaand thokki, abb unnka koi chhed nahi bachha jiss main maine apna lund na daala ho aur abb

thodde dino main aapki tarah aapki bahan ki gaand ka chhed bhi motta ho jayega”. Gunjita didi’s response started from the word, “bhenchodd kuch to usske patti ke liye chhod deta, tunne usski gaand bhi maar di, wo pagal mujhese poochh to rahi thi isske baare main, lekin mujhe ye nahi bataya ki wo tujhse marwaane waali hai, mujhe detail likh ke bhej kaise chodda

tune apni bahan ko usski gaand main aur ussko kaisa lagga dard hua ya mazzaa aaya”. Gunjita didi asked me to write my anal sexual experience with Chhaya didi and I wrote clarifying each and every moment, when Chhaya didi got ragged in her butt and Gunjita didi enjoyed a lot. Well that is altogether another experience which I may write in future.

So friends that was my sex experience which believe me, cannot be written completely because lot more things happened in those three years and I cannot write all of them. I was somewhat in love with Chhaya didi and she was also very comfortable with me but we both knew that we cannot get along with each other through out life,

so we just enjoyed life sexually in every style and position. Finally few months after completion of my graduation Chhaya didi got fixed with a real good guy and I took a leave from that city for my masters. Even today we are in touch through mail and remember those pleasure days and write down about our sex lives in Hindi and arouse each other,

I wish none of them gets to this site, because if somehow they will, then definitely Gunjita didi will fly all the way to India to chop off my balls, more than me I think that will be more tragic for my girl friend.

Bye and do write comments if you enjoyed and also even if you didn’t because of lengthy write up, but keep this thing in mind that I have worked hard to write it down and that deserves comments, no matter good or bad, just write.

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Next morning from the first moment I got up. I was waiting for the day to end, I was feeling confident and now I was not afraid of Gunjita didi. Finally after spending whole day I came back with 3 small packs of condoms having 3 pieces in each pack of different brands and type. I met Gunjita didi on dinner table and she was behaving as she use to with me in the past,

means no conversation because her mother was sitting with us and after some time Shobha aunty (Gunjita didi’s mother) got up and went inside kitchen, Gunjita didi looked at me and quickly said “11:30 ke baad” I just said ok in a very low voice in reply. I came to my room and waited till Gunjita didi came, it was just few minutes passed to 12 and I was really getting eager to get her.

I asked her, “kya hua aap late ho gaye” she came in and bolted the door, and said “ye Chhaya na pagal hai, mujhe aane hi nahi de rahi thi”. “phir” I asked further, “phir kya, akeli baithi hai room main darrpok, maine to kaha tha, dekhne ke liye chal par wo mujhe hi rokk rahi thi”.

Gunjita didi was wearing tight slacks and t-shirt and her body was looking awesome and I was getting harder and harder while looking at her. By this time Gunjita didi was sitting on bed and her tone was friendly with me for the first time. “kal kya Chhaya didi ko ye sab dekhna achha nahi lagga” I asked Gunjita didi while taking out pack of condom from my handbag.

She raised hand to get packs and said “Ussko achha lagga, dekha nahi kaise masturbate kar rahi thi, par bahut darpok hai aur bahut ideal banne ki koshish karti hai, husband ke sath hi karna chahiye aur wagerah wagerah”, I smiled on that and came on bed, Gunjita didi took out one condom of her choice and got laid putting rest of them on the other side of the bed,

and I came on her, again we started from the kiss. I was laying on Gunjita didi and we were kissing each other nicely. I was squeezing her big melons while brushing my lips allover her face and neck and puffing in passion, Gunjita didi was caressing my back and squeezing my hip while moaning as my pelvis was resting between her folded spread legs, precisely on her hot fuck hole.

“Abb tujhe main achhi lagti hoon hmmm…”? Gunjita didi asked me in pleasurable tone while caressing my hairs. “haan bahut achhe lagte ho..”I replied in puffing tone while rubbing my lips on her neck and closer to ear. “pahle achhi nahi lagti thi naa”? Her tone seemed as she knew my reply. I said, “pahle aapse darr lagta tha” while looking into her eyes, laying on top of her.

She smiled and said “gharwalon ke saamne mere se jyada baat nahi karna, jaise main thi waise hi rahungi, samjha..kisi ko patta na chal jaaye”. I said ok. She smiled and kissed me laying under me and again asked, “aur jo main ganda ganda bollti hoon, wo tujhe achha lagta hai”? “haan achha lagta hai” I accepted the truth with smile. “tu bhi bola karr wo sab, mujhe bhi achha lagta hai”.

I smiled and said ok and again we started kissing and caressing each other. “tujhe wapis jaana, ya yahin rahega hamaare paas, hmmm…”? Gunjita didi asked me, “ abb to main yahin rahna chahta hoon, par dada ji se kya kahoonga”? I answered. “ tu unnse boll, tujhe yahin pe admission karwa denge, correspondence course mein, main tujhe padha doongi,

aur yahin rah ja, mere paas, hum bahut sex karenge, jitnaa choddna ho choddiyo mujhe hmmm…” and again she smiled in lust, we were caressing one another and rubbing our body with each other. “tujhe meri choot chusne main koi problem to nahi hai na”, Gunjita didi asked me, I replied “nahi, shuru main ek do minute ajeeb lagga tha, phir achhaa lagne lagga”,

“haan uske binna kaam nahi chalega, meri choot to tujhe choosni padegi, tujhe agar clean shaved chahiye to main daily shave kar loongi, par uske binna kaam nahi chalega”. I smiled on her statement and said “mujhe clean shaved hi pasand hai”, Gunjita didi was getting free and friendly with me and I could see lust coming out from her, which was buried inside her from a long time.

As far as I was concerned, I had a very active sex drive but somehow it was buried somewhere in deep and Gunjita didi was the one who took out my animal from inside and in last few days I was not at all one I use to, and slowly I was getting confident and that unknown threat was disappearing.

I was eager to say something, I wanted to see Chhaya didi naked at least, I was quite free with Gunjita didi now though I was not sure whether she will help me in that or not, finally I spoke, starting from somewhere else, “didi aap aur Chhaya didi bhi karte ho kya”? She slapped me lightly, “pagal hai kya, tujhe hum lesbian lagte hain kya”?

I smiled on her reply, and again started with bit of hassle “didi please aap mind matt karna, mujhe aapse kuch kahna hai.” “haan boll” she immediately replied casually. “Didi mujhe Chhaya didi ko nanga dekhna hai, aap unnko meri taraf se request karo na.” “kya… sirf nanga dekhna hai, choddna nahi hai? maine to socha tu bolega mujhe usse bhi choddna hai”?

Gunjita didi asked me with bit of amazement. I said, “wo ho jaaye to kya baat hai, par at least agar apne kapde uttar ke dikha den to mazza aajayega”. She smiled and slapped me lightly and said “tu bahut badda bhenchodd hai, koshish karti hoon, time lag sakta hai.” I said ok Just after a minute or so somebody knocked the door softly, and I got bit scared.

Gunjita didi got up and whispered in bit of frustration, “Chhaya hi hogi, pagal” but because we were not sure so Gunjita didi went inside bathroom and I opened the door, Gunjita didi was right it was Chhaya didi and as I opened the door, she walked in and looked for her sister and asked me by staring at me.

She was wearing same sort of nighty, but today she was not wearing salwar underneath. I pointed my finger towards bathroom and knocked the door. Gunjita didi opened the door and came out. “kya hua” she asked Chhaya, “kuch nahi tum chalo, mujhe darr lagg raha hai, kisi ko patta chall jayega”, Chhaya didi tried to convince her sister again.

“pagal hai kya, sabb so rahe hain, meri mummy sleeping pills lekar soti hai, aur dada dadi itni raat ko yahan kyon aayenge, tu jaa main aati hoon thodi der main” Gunjita didi replied with bit of anger, “nahi tum chalo bahut ho gaya” Chhaya didi tried again, “pagal abhi shuru bhi nahi kiya,…. tu yahin baith jaa abhi chalte hain”.

Chhaya didi looked at me as Gunjita didi told her to sit there only, as if she was asking me from her gesture if she can sit and watch. Gunjita didi held her hand pulled her further in the room and said, “usse kya problem hai, kal tere saamne hee chodda hai ussne mujhe, aur abb idhar chup chap baith aur dekh, disturb matt karna, tunne already late kar diya hai”.

I think this is exactly what she needed, Chhaya didi wanted to see us fucking again and that is why she came down to my room. Finally I and Gunjita didi again came on bed and started loving each other and took off our clothes immediately. I was heavily aroused and erect as Gunjita didi was wet and dripping.

I wanted to speak erotic words for my sister rather for both of my sisters, I was looking at Chhaya didi’s body, her body was much more attractive than Gunjita didi’s body and I wanted to fuck her too and to arouse both of them while jerking my cock, I said “Didi aaj main aapko bahut choddunga, chodd chodd ke aapki choot lal kar doonga, dekhna Chhaya didi aaj aapki bahan kitni buri tarah chudegi mujhse”.

“Abbey pahle choos ussko baad main daaliyo apna lund, aur aap aap chhod aur tu karke baat kar, samajh le main randi hoon” Gunjita didi replied in same lustful fashion. I laid down between her legs and widened her legs holding her thick fleshy thighs apart and said, “tu randi nahi hai, tu meri jaan hai, tujhe main bahut choddunga,

tu dekhna kaise teri chut ko khod khod ke paani nikalta hoon main tera”, didi smiled in lust with my response as these erotic words were arousing her and I was getting confident. I started sucking Gunjita didi’s cunt and next moment Gunjita didi started enjoying and stared moving her butt slowly up and down as I was digging her cunt with joy and pleasure.

Soon didi stopped me and took my rod in her mouth. I was standing on the bed and Gunjita didi was sitting on her knees and sucking my cock. I was holding her head and making to and fro motion moving my cock in and out of her warm moist mouth. “hmmmm… choos achhe se choos, meri badi behan hai na tu,…. apne bhai ka lund choos aur achhe se choos.”

I hissed in pleasure while murmuring erotic words. Through out our sucking session, Chhaya didi was changing her location to see us clearly doing all that, and she was rubbing her cunt and her presence was making me hornier and in a way I was speaking erotic words for her. We both Gunjita didi and me smiled many times while looking at her, and she somewhat responded to our smiles.

Chhaya didi was liking everything happening between me and Gunjita didi and we could see lust rising further in her overall nature, she was masturbating and finger fucking herself. Once again Gunjita didi teased Chhaya didi by saying, “tu apni choot apne patti ke se hi khulwaiyo, pagal pata nahi kis kis ko chodd ke wo tujhse shadi karega, par tu sirf ussi se chudwaiyo, aur tabb tak aise oongli hi daal apne choot main”.

Finally I penetrated Gunjita didi’s cunt again in missionary position, after covering my rod with a rubber and fucked her like anything with erotic and vulgar comments and Gunjita didi was responding to those comments very well, like I said while fucking her “Gunjita tu randi nahi hai, tu meri randi hai sirf meri, tujhe sirf main choddunga, tujhe sirf tera bhai choddega,

aur koi nahi, main tujhse shaadi nahi karoonga, tu meri rakhail ban ke rahegi, boll banegi meri rakhail, chudwayegi mujhse, sirf mujhse”? She replied “haan, chodd mujhe aur chodd bhenchodd, dekhti hoon kitna choddta hai mujhe,…. dekhti hoon kitna paani hai tere ander meri choot main chhodne ke liye, saale tujhe main maar daalungi chodd chodd ke,

bhenchodd tu marr jayega meri chut main, chodd kitna choddega you bastard fuck me… fuck me hard like a bitch, kutia hoon main aur tu kutta hai chodd mujhe”. I was fucking Gunjita didi furiously and we were getting mad in that passion, moreover our erotic words were taking us to the heaven again and finally I exploded with a deepest stroke and Gunjita didi also shivered in orgasm and we cummed once again.

Finally after few minutes we got up and wore our clothes. From Chhaya didi’s gesture it was clear that she had cummed and she also seemed satisfied. While wearing our clothes we were looking at Chhaya didi, and once again Gunjita didi said, “Chhaya tera kuch nahi ho sakta, tu bahut darti hai, aur ye sab jo dignity ki baaten hain na ye bekar hain, tunne dekha na mere saath kya hua,

wo saala Himanshu (Gunjita didi’s ex-boyfriend who cheated her in the past) jab tak ussne mujhe chodda nahi tha, tabb tak kitna pyar dikhatta tha, aur kuch dinn choddne ke baad mujhe chhod diya”. I knew this fact of her life, Chhaya didi told me, just a day before. I think Chhaya didi didn’t like Gunjita didi’s teaching of unethical lesson and she responded bit angrily,

“tumne kar liya na, jo karna tha, abb chalo yahan se”. Finally both of my sisters moved out of my room and just before leaving Gunjita didi said, “Abb Saturday night ko karenge, late night tak kam se kam do baar karenge aur Sunday ko derr takk soyenge, tuu thoda achhe se khana khaya kar, bahut choddna hai tune mujhe” and smiled and Chhaya didi too smiled with her and walked out before Gunjita didi,

and as Gunjita didi turned to go out, I grabbed her hip and squeezed it nicely and said, “aggli baar ghodi banna ke choddunga tujhe, chutadd bahut mast hain tere” and again we smiled naughtily, and while climbing stairs Chhaya didi also heard that and smiled and continued going upstairs.

Gunjita didi slapped me with love on my cheek and moved to her room and I closed my door and came to my bed. Wow, what a wonderful time that was, full of sex and lot of fucking. I remember it was Thursday night and our next encounter was fixed on Saturday and I had to prepare myself for long and multiple fuck.

I knew I will be able to do it, Gunjita didi was so arousing with her words and truly speaking that I have not written many of her Hindi phrases, to cut this experience into short, though I know it is much longer than what we generally read on this site. Anyway I was waiting for Saturday to come and I was more interested to see my other sister naked,

thought I wanted to fuck Chhaya didi but after seeing her control on herself I was not expecting that. Finally Saturday night came and again we three gathered in my room around 12, Chhaya didi was wearing her typical nighty and salwar underneath and Gunjita didi was also in two piece night suit, Pajama and top and soon me and Gunjita didi kissed while standing close to the bed,

and I squeezed her ass mounds nicely to give her more pleasure, Chhaya didi was standing bit away from us and looking at our love making. We came on bed and I was laying on top of Gunjita didi and started making love to her and while kissing and brushing my lips on Gunjita didi’s neck I asked her in a very low voice, “aapne Chhaya didi se baat ki thi”?

“Kiss baare main”, she asked me back, “wohi, naked hone ke liye” I replied in same fashion. Gunjita didi tried to get up and said, “abhi karr leti hoon”, “Chhaya tera bhai tujhe sirf nanga dekhna chahta hai”. Chhaya didi smiled and Gunjita didi slapped me on my cheek softly, and said, “teri bahan tere saath oral sex karne tak ke liye ready hai”.

It was unexpected for me and I smiled on my good fortune, Gunjita didi was much cleverer than my expectation. For the whole Friday Gunjita didi aroused Chhaya didi by speaking up erotic stuff and explaining, her sexual experience with me and finally made her ready up to an extend. I smiled looking at Chhaya didi and she also smiled with bit of shyness and then walked in the toilet silently.

Gunjita did looked at me and said, “aaram se, koi jaldi matt karna, ye meri tarah nai hai, isski poori body ko achhe se kiss karna, sexy baaten karna, dekhna ye pagal ho jaayegi, aur sex karne ke liye force matt karna”. Gunjita didi guided me for Chhaya didi, I said ok to her and in the mean time Chhaya didi came out and stood there only near toilet.

Gunjita didi got up from the bed and took Chhaya didi to bed and made her sit beside me and said, “ek tarah se aaj teri suhag raat hai” I looked at Chhaya didi’s face, she was looking very nervous and feeling shy, and those expressions were turning me on. I grabbed her waist and started kissing her and she responded to my kiss and we lie down on bed and I came on her and proper love making started.

I kissed my lovely sister and brushed around her neck and ear lob. Chhaya was moaning and puffing in new sensation and I liked her pleasure voice and body movements, Chhaya didi was trembling under my body and she was perfect match for me as Gunjita didi was bit huge in size as compared to me.

She was so beautiful and slender, wow her breasts were so good, perfect in size neither big nor too small, just perfect in size to get squeezed by me, and I squeezed then nicely to pleasure her and she moaned nicely. “Chhaya didi aapne mujhe pagal kar diya hai, aap nahi milte to main tadap tadap ke marr jaata” I whispered while kissing her neck,

I was trying to arouse her through my romantic lustful verses and she was turning on, slowly she held me and started caressing my body and we were completely drowned in the river of lust. I got up, Gunjita didi was sitting on bed, but on the other side and as I saw her, she smiled and I responded with a smile.

I lifted Chhaya didi’s nighty till her waist and rubbed her thighs over her salwar, Chhaya didi got mad in pleasure and moaned nicely, holding her pillow very tight. Slowly I pulled string of her salwar and drifted her salwar down, wow what a lovely thighs she had, I rubbed her bare thighs and squeezed her flesh nicely and spoke, “didi you are beautiful, kitna lucky hoga wo jisse aap shadi karoge, jo aapko pahli baar fuck karega.”

“fuck kya hota hai, boll jo aapko pahli baar chodega”. Gunjita didi spoke in between to make my statement more erotic. “Haan kitna lucky hoga wo jo aapko pahli baar chodega,” I corrected myself. Chhaya didi smiled bit and continued enjoying my touch on her thighs. She moaned nicely as I started kissing her legs in passion with my wet lips and moved up quickly while

brushing her entire leg and reached till her thighs and took some of her inner thighs flesh in my mouth and sucked it nicely, Chhaya didi was puffing very high and going crazy and I was loving her moans as they were turning me on, I was at my full size and my dick was somewhat arching, didi was breathing with difficulty and holding pillow in her hands very tight.

Again I got up to take off her nighty completely and Chhaya didi helped to do that and sat and next moment, she was just in bra and panty. I remember, it was white color bra of a very good brand. Chhaya didi was looking gorgeous in that bra it was fitting tight on her melons and her cleavage was deep and nicely curved.

Again I started kissing her and moved my hand to her back and didi shivered in excitement. I tried to open hook of her bra while kissing but it seemed difficult, because bra was bit tight to her and her boobs were jutting out of it. Gunjita didi moved from her place and unhooked her sister’s bra from behind and slowly I took it off from her body.

Wow, what a view that was, Chhaya didi’s boobs were really amazing, most beautiful thing ever created by god on this earth. They were just bigger then medium size breasts and really very milky and seemed succulent. Her nipples were not big, neither too small, were light brown in color and at that time both of them were fully erect in sexual excitement.

I chewed both of them after making her lie down on her back and sucked her luscious fruits properly. Chhaya didi was going mad and moaning sexily, and slowly she was getting out of her control I was wet down in my jockey, though erect but not fully and lot of precum was coming out of my rod.

Slowly I moved down to her navel and sucked her belly button for few seconds; didi started shivering and gasped nicely. I moved further down and again kissed her thighs close to her virgin cunt, wow she smelled so erotic. There was a flood of juices inside her panty and her love hole was oozing out endless stream of her love nectar.

Gunjita didi was smiling continuously on Chhaya didi’s condition and showed me her up raising thumb to say well done, as Chhaya didi was out of her senses and moaning and breathing heavy, it was real test of my patience that for how long I can control my animal, and I was proving myself a good lover,

I realized that I had lost my erection a lot as my cock has released some of his juices but I was still horny and Chhaya didi was making me passionate. I turned Chhaya didi and held both of her hips over panty and rubbed them nicely “didi you are amazing, aap mujhe pagal kar doge, aap shaadi matt karna, main hoon na aapke pass aapki sewa karne ke liye”.

I spoke in passion while rubbing my sisters mounds over panty and Chhaya didi continued enjoying her first manly treatment and my arousing words, I kissed her entire back with wet lips and left lot of my saliva on her body and Chhaya didi shivered again like a fish. I came down and slowly pulled her last cloth down and her bare hips were reveled to me and they were so beautiful.

I rubbed her ass mounds and took flesh of her mounds in my mouth and sucked it nicely and then held both of them together and again parted them to see the depth of her crack. Chhaya didi moaned again in pleasure as her hips got stretched, I repeated this for fewer times and saw her tiny asshole and slowly rubbed my finger on her tiny asshole,

wow Chhaya didi shivered so sexily and tighten her legs together immediately, and turned on her back to see me. I smiled and she responded to it and closed her eyes again, so that I can continue. Now it was her juicy cunt’s turn, I looked down, wow, what a moist fuck hole she had, Chhaya didi’s fuck hole was totally clean shaven,

she was not having even a single hair between her legs, it was so soft and beautiful, I could not move my eye from her love tunnel, it was untouched till now by any male species. Gunjita didi spoke, “Aaj evening main issne specially tere liye shave kari hai, tujhe chikni choot pasand hai na”. I smiled looking at Gunjita didi’s face.

Chhaya didi was laying on her back and I tried to drift her into the middle of the double bed and Gunjita didi helped me in that by pulling her sister from her arms. I went closer to her mouth and kissed her on her lips and said, “Chhaya didi, main aapki choot choosne wala hoon, aap enjoy karo aur jo ho raha ho hone dena”.

I went down closer to her nice milky thighs, Chhaya didi’s legs were held almost together, I parted them bit and leaned on her cunt and touched it with my tongue. It was her first manly touch on her love spot and that is of tongue, some type of current passed through her body and she again brought her legs together and squeezed her cunt between her thighs.

I tried to part them, but Chhaya didi was holding them bit tight, “didi taango ko kholo” while rubbing her thighs I requested her, didi was puffing and breathing heavy. “Chhaya taange khol, chusne de usse, tera bhai teri choot chusega, achhe se chusswa apni choot ko, aur isske munh main paani chhod, tera bhai teri choot ka paani peeyega” Gunjita didi was also fully aroused now and speaking erotic words.

I parted Chhaya didi’s legs and lied down on my stomach and started licking her cunt like a dog for some time, and Chhaya didi’s moaning were rising nicely, she was holding Gunjita didi’s hands tightly and moving in sexual pleasure randomly. I held Chhaya didi’s thighs tight to control her movement.

Gunjita didi was holding her hands and humming in pleasure while watching her sister getting licked, “Chhaya mazzaa aaraha hai na, boll, meri bahan boll mazzaa aaraha hai na,” Gunjita didi was asking her sister whether she is liking it or not in passion as Gunjita didi herself was aroused. Chhaya didi spoke while puffing, “ haan, bahut Ahhhh… ahhhhh.. bahut mazzzaa aaraha hai, please… please..bass karo stop”.

I thought about stopping and halted for a fraction, Gunjita didi spoke in passion, “nahi, abhi choos, jab tak ye paani na chhod de, choosta rah isski choot, acche se khol ke ander apni jeebh dal aur isska paani pee” and I continued sucking, and parted Chhaya didi’s rosy pussy lips and entered my tongue in her love tunnel and tried to take out her entire nectar.

Chhaya didi went mad and started shivering and moving violently, I was holding her thighs tight and Gunjita didi was holding her arms now to control her violent movement, and murmuring “ye hamara achha bhai hai, ye daily teri choot chusega, tu daily isske muh main aapna pani chhodiyo, boll chhodegi na.. boll Chhaya chhodegi na.. boll” “haan… haan.. please please…

stop….. stop… ruk jaao please…” by this time Chhaya didi was unstoppable and almost crying in pleasure, her movements were wild and she could not breath properly, she wanted to cum desperately, I sucked her forcibly for few more seconds and finally me and Gunjita didi released her and she exploded in a first shattering orgasm and started shivering in pleasure in a fantastic way.

Through out my life I cannot forget that scene, the way Chhaya didi was trembling, some kind of waves or electric current was passing through her body and she was cumming with jerks and sudden movements of her belly and pelvis. Gunjita didi seemed happy to see Chhaya didi in extreme pleasure and spoke, “aaj issne pahli baar achhe se paani chhoda hai, mujhe maloom hai ye pahle kya karti thi”.

Watching Chhaya didi trembling in orgasm I just got mad and opened string of my lower and took out my cock by taking off my innerwear in a fraction, I was hard but not enough so I was jerking it to make it harder and looking at Chhaya didi laying on bed. I looked at Gunjita didi and spoke, “Didi I want to fuck you, mujhe aapko chodna hai, kapde uttaro jaldi”.

Gunjita didi reacted immediately and got up from the bed and took off her lower and panty together and in a fraction made her upper half naked too and lie down on bed with a parted legs and called me by saying, “aaja mere bhai, chod mujhe, main hoon na tere liye”. I came on bed immediately, and straight away took my rod to her mouth and said,

“pahle isse choos ke pura khada kar do” Gunjita didi took my rod in her mouth and I sat on her mouth on my knees, keeping them around her face and started jerking in and out of her mouth. Wow what a feeling that was, fucking Gunjita didi’s mouth while sitting around her face. Gunjita didi was doing it well, and my whole rod was drenched with her saliva and it got fully hard in her mouth.

By this time Chhaya didi was somewhat in senses and she was looking at us, her hairs were spread and she seemed satisfied after meeting her real orgasm. I was getting mad looking at her and I spoke, “dekho Chhaya didi, main Gunjita didi ke muh ko chod raha hoon, abb innki choot ki baari hai”.

Just after that I took out my rod from her mouth and tried to pick up the condom from the corner of the bed. Gunjita didi was also heavely aroused and she spoke in hurry, “abbey dall na jaldi, kuch nahi hoga mujhe, main dekh loongi”. I immediately came between her spread legs and inserted my rod without condom in Gunjita didi’s fuck hole.

She was so wet that it just slipped in and I started fucking her rapidly. It was an amazing feeling; we both were bizarre and moaning in lust. My sister was again on my bed; her legs were spread apart and stretched I was laying over her on my forearms and knees, my legs were also splayed wide to widen her legs further broad to get deeper and deeper.

I was fucking her furiously. My buttocks were flexing and unflexing rapidly, rising and falling, my hips were swinging madly up and down like a machine at full blast. Wow what a fuck that was, though it did not last for long from my side and I reached to my climax lot earlier than Gunjita didi and took out my rod to ejaculate and cummed on the bed.

Gunjita didi was moaning and wanted to continue, though I was bit hard but I was losing, I immediately inserted two of my fingers in her cunt holding her one leg in my left hand and stretching it to the maximum keeping my knee on the other, pressing against bed, and started fisting her rapidly and inserted another finger knowing need of her hot fuck hole and continued finger fucking her vigorously.

Gunjita didi continued enjoying and closed her eyes, and murmuring in passion, “kar aur tez kar, haan aur tez aur tez don’t stop…. Please don’t stop…” she was getting mad in pleasure as I was fucking her with my fingers nonstop and her words got abusive as I asked her “didi mazzaa aaraha hai, bollo hmmm… mazzzaa aaraha hai….” “tez kar bhenchod aur tez kar,

saale tere jaise do chahiya mujhe, aur tezz kar Ahhhh… Ahhh….” Gunjita didi was almost on her peek and I had to arouse her more through my words, I looked at Chhaya didi she was wearing panty and her boobs were uncovered and hanging sexily, as Gunjita didi was laying on her bra and she had to wait, she was watching her elder sister in hell of pleasure and seemed bit excited.

I spoke looking at her “Chhaya didi dekho aapki bahen ka kya haal hai, ye marr jayegi chudwa chudwa ke, phir bhi isska kuch nahi hoga, shadi ke baad maar daalegi ye apne patti ko chodd ke, saali raand.” I was going wild and wild through my words and hand together. Suddenly Gunjita didi felt like bursting and screamed

“bass kar stop…. Stop… stop… please stop… Ahhhhh…ruk jaa kutte ruk jaa aaah… o shit” and tried to bring her legs together, but I held them apart and continued fisting her with a same speed and murmured “kyon lee aur lee…. Pura haath hi choot ke ander daal deta hoon”. And just after that I withdrew my hand so that she can cum.

Gunjita didi cummed nicely after squeezing her cunt in her thick fleshy thighs and shivered in pleasure for a minute. After a minute or two got up and looked at me with a satisfactory smile and said while puffing “teen din main tu ladki chodne main expert ho gaya hai,…. Good bahut mazza aaya”.

I smiled on compliment, and said “kahan mazza aaya, mera to pahle hi chhoot gaya, aur baad main aapko masturbate karna padda”. “koi baat nahi, tu abhi bahut naya hai aur as compared to first timers you are good, tunne Chhaya ke saath bahut achhe se kiya, dekh kar apna first time yaad aagaya”. Gunjita didi was still breathing bit heavy but well in control.

Chhaya didi was almost back in her clothes and we both got up to wear clothes and while wearing clothes Gunjita didi said, “abhi show over nahi hua hai, let’s have a cup of coffee first”. Chhaya didi smiled with hesitation and I too looking at her gesture. My desire of fucking Chhaya didi was rising and rising, her beauty, her facial expressions and hesitant gesture was arousing me.

Chhaya and Gunjita didi went to the kitchen and started making coffee and I remained in my room by bolting it from inside. Gunjita didi was really good planner and she had real sharp brain, before leaving she told me that kitchen is closer to their grand parents room and if anyone from her Grand parents will get up and they will feel that it’s risky to come back in this room

then they will go back to their room and if not then they will come back with a cup of coffee and will have it together, as it was there regular practice to sleep very late on Saturdays, after watching late night movies. Fortunately nobody got up and both of my sisters came with cups of coffee and few readymade snacks to eat. We had really good chat while having coffee and snacks.

From the beginning I was watching Chhaya didi, she was blushing while looking into my eyes and her gesture was arousing me, and Gunjita didi was sensing my state and teased me by saying, “tuu usse kya ghoor rahaa hai, wo nahi chuddwayegi, main chuddwaongi. Tunne hi kahha tha ki tuu mujhe ghoddi banna ke choddega.

Chhaya didi smiled and I too with her while looking into her eyes. Again Gunjita didi said, “Achhe se kha, aggle ek ghante main tera sara tel nikalne wala hai”. Though I wanted to fuck Gunjita didi but more than that I was interested spending time with Chhaya didi, and I spoke, “didi mujhe nahi lagta main aur kar paaunga, usske liye erection bhi to honi chaahiye”.

“wo to main choos ke kar dungi” Gunjita didi replied, I said “patta nahi phir bhi hoggi ya nahi try karlo”. Gunjita didi was watching me continuously as I was looking at Chhaya didi and her thought was making me horny. “Agar Chhaya choosegi tab to erection ho jaayegi na”? Gunjita didi asked me in such a tone as if she was sure about it.

Immediately Chhaya didi looked at Gunjita didi in surprise. Gunjita didi smiled and said, “choos de issne bhi to teri choosi thee na” not a single word came out of Chhaya didi’s mouth, she was just looking at us and seemed confused and finally spoke, “mujhe nahi aata kaise karte hain” Gunjita didi smiled and said,

“sift suck karna hai, aur dheere dheere ander bahar karna hai, main tere saath main karoongi, shuru kar achha nahi lagega to matt karrna, simple”. Wow what an arousing that moment that was, I was already bit hard with a thought that Chhaya didi is going to suck my cock. By this time we were over with our coffee and almost ready for further action.

Chhaya didi got up and went to the toilet; I looked at Gunjita didi and spoke softly, “didi mujhe Chhaya didi ko fuck karna hai”. Gunjita didi smiled and replied in same fashion “abbey jo mill raha hai chup chap le le try karenge arouse karne ki, agar haan karegi to karna, jyada force matt karna, abhi tak usski seal nahi khuli hai, kahin row na padde”.

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Manish having sex with cousin sisters - II

Previously: Manish having sex with cousin sisters - I

I remember again somewhere after 11 somebody knocked my door. I opened; it was Chhaya didi alone, in the same nighty, wearing salwar underneath, looking sexy as she looked that night. She entered in room and asked me that how I am. I just said I am ok. She asked am I really going back. I said yes to it. Again she said, we are sorry for what they did to me.

I was in very strange mood, angry as well as upset. I just said that even I tried to say sorry, but you never listened to it. She looked at me and further apologized with few more words and said that it was Gunjita didi’s idea and requested me to not to speak about that night to anybody. I don’t know why she was afraid.

She was not feeling sorry for what she and Gunjita didi did to me, she was scared of the thing that if I will speak up the truth in front of my parents then they will be in big trouble. At that time I was unable to understand that why she was afraid of me, because initially I made a mistake and they took a revolt, and because of that I had this thing in my mind that I do not have to reveal the actual truth to anybody,

but in front of Chhaya didi I remained silent in this context, just to keep the upper hand. Though later I realized that why she and Gunjita didi was afraid of that, basically what I did was certainly an unethical act, but it can be forgiven assuming a mistake of teenage, but what they did to me, being a girl can never be ignored.

Anyway Chhaya didi sat there with me, in my room and tried to talk to me on different matters, just to get friendly with me. She needed my guarantee that I will keep myself silent in this context, but thoughtfully I never gave her any such assurance and continued talking to her with not much concern. I was looking at her body, her body was really a masterpiece made by god.

She had nice luscious fruits as her breast, slender flat belly and really sexy thighs with a right amount of flesh and shapely legs meant to curl around a man's pumping hips. I recalled Gunjita didi’s that nights comments, when she said that Chhaya didi is still virgin and never being fucked.

That comment made me think about Gunjita didi, that why she emphasized on being a virgin only for Chhaya didi and not herself and moreover I could easily make out from Chhaya didi’s manners that it was first occasion when she saw a full grown cock, but Gunjita didi had a matured behavior.

Don’t know this curiosity or something else made me think about Gunjita didi and unknowingly I asked Chhaya didi that why she was explaining things to her, about my organs. Chhaya smiled and said that, being friendly with her sister she often use to ask Gunjita didi about such things and that day when Gunjita didi saw you peeping inside bathroom,

she told me and in evening she planned this, so that I can see few real things. I further asked “that means she has already seen all this”. Chhaya didi got bit confused with my question and went silent, I forced her to speak up, after few attempts she started again and before starting she took my assurance that I will keep at least this up to me, I promised.

Chhaya didi told me that few years back Gunjita didi was in love with somebody and was dam serious with him, but he ditched her. That guy wanted to seduce Gunjita and he tried a lot and reflected artificial affection to her and finally when Gunjita didi agreed to lay down with him and got fucked many times he discarded her saying that she is very dark and not at all good looking.

Chhaya continued that at one time she was having a very good nature, but this frustration has changed her and she has become arrogant and revolting with every man of this world. I felt sorry for her but more than that I was feeling bit horny for both of my sisters, after staring Chhaya didi’s body and most of the time recalling that nights incidents,

when her thighs were exposed and Gunjita didi’s big boobs were reveled I was feeling like jerking my cock and now I wanted to masturbate and for that I wanted to be alone, but Chhaya was not ready to leave my room without my commitment of being silent and once again she asked me that, if I promise, but I said that I will try depending on the questioner which I will face at my place, but I won’t promise.

Thought I new that I will be able to ignore it easily, even then I said so, just to keep an upper hand. Chhaya didi got bit disappointed with my reply and just after that somebody knocked the door. It was Gunjita didi, though door was not bolted, even then she did not entered at that time and waited for Chhaya to come out.

Chhaya didi went out and talked to her in a very low voice just outside my door, and after few minutes Gunjita didi entered along with Chhaya didi and stared at me. I got up looked into her eyes confidently; she was standing in front of me, in the same night suit. I stared at her melons which were exposed to me in bra on that night.

I was expecting a rude behavior from her side and now I was much more confident, knowing that she is bit afraid of me. “What do you want”? Gunjita didi asked me with lot of control. She was frustrated but now she had to be soft with me. I said “nothing, I just want to go back”. “Whatever has happened between us is our personal matter, so let’s not involve parents in that” Gunjita didi tried in her way to convince me.

“Didi I am not sure what I will say to my parents, so I won’t promise” I replied very confidently. She looked into my eyes and saw much more confidence as compared to that night. “Tell me what do you want”? with that Gunjita didi moved towards me and I stepped back, but not much as there was a wall behind.

She came further close to me and caressed my cheeks with affection and asked again, “tell me what we can do for you; you want to see us naked, ….boll… hamen nanga dekhna hai to, hum abhi nange ho jayenge dekh le jo dekhna hai,” then with a pause she again asked, “boll,… choot dekhni hai hamari”. Gunjita didi’s tone was requesting and no way near to that day’s fashion.

Again some movement started in my pants and I was getting hard, but also very nervous. “No I don’t need anything like that, please aap log jaao”. I was getting tense and tried to stop her in uneasy way. Gunjita didi moved further and I drifted back a bit and got stuck between wall and her. Suddenly Gunjita didi got hold of my body and cuddled my hairs and cheeks and said,

“Don’t feel shy, boll kya chahiye? I know what you want, …. you want to see us naked”, “no I don’t want that” I replied in confusion. “what else you want, tell me hmmm…, you want to fuck us, humain chodna chahta hai”. Gunjita didi was trying to arouse me and with that she looked into my eyes and rubbed her hand through my upper half to my crotch.

Oh shit… what was that feeling, I was already hard, but when Gunjita didi rubbed her hand on my pelvis, I just got mad in unknown pleasure. “Today I am going to seduce you, and I am 100% sure tu kal apna wapis jaane ka plan cancel kar dega”, with that she tried to hold my penis over cloth and rubbed it nicely. My god it was a feeling of being in heaven, I moaned nicely.

First time I was touched by any girl there, and I started leaking down there though I was erect but wet on the tip of my cock. “kya boll rahi ho, ye relation main brother hai hamara”? Chhaya didi interfered from behind. “Chhaya close the door and sit or if you can’t see then go to your room, let me do what I am doing, I want this, mujhe karna hai”. Gunjita didi cleared her intentions.

I wanted to stop her, but I couldn’t, somewhere I needed this, her words were so arousing and it was a wonderful feeling, getting rubbed on pelvis by a girl, wow I was in heaven and breathing bit heavy. “Tell me, you will fuck me na… hmmm… tell me… boll chodega na mujhe…” she took her mouth closer to me while holding my rod in her hand over the cloth and asked me with lustful eyes.

“No please… I don’t want to do this, mujhe nahi karna”, I replied in tension, it was really a strange situation for a 20 year old virgin boy. I needed it, but I was refusing it. “Then I will fuck you, main chodungi tujhe, mujhe chodwana hai tujhse, bahut din se taddap rahi hoon main isske liye, main tujhe nahi jaane doongi, I will not let you go anywhere now”.

I was puffing in pleasure and she was murmuring and sensing that I am enjoying. Now Gunjita didi’s left hand was on my back and she was caressing my crotch with a other hand and then she moved down to my hips and squeezed it in her hand. Marvelous; that is the only word I have for it. She pressed my hips and pulled me closer to her so that our bodies were touching.

She was wearing a pinkish night suit and I could see thickness of her thighs and size of her boobs. I was in pajama and t-shirt and I’m sure that she must have felt my hardness, and next moment she started rubbing her pubic zone on my pelvis. Ahhh.. o shit… what she was doing, oh god I was in heaven, it was a feeling which can never be written in words.

Her hands were exploring me further, now she was holding my both the hips and slowly parting and squeezing my buttocks and pulling her closer and closer to me and started rubbing her cunt over my pelvis more furiously. I was getting mad in pleasure, it was a different kind of feeling, and I was breathing heavy and could not control myself from losing my dignity.

Slowly my hands moved and I grabbed her bottom and started supporting her and now our bodies were pressed tight against each other and we were rubbing our pleasure zone with each other and my hands exploring her ass mounds, and I was holding them tight, they were perfectly round, firm and fleshy. I started squeezing and parting them, the way she was doing it with mine.

It was a feeling that I just didn’t want it to stop. Gunjita didi initiated and next moment we were exploring each other’s mouth and the feeling was wonderful. I don’t know how I kissed so well. “Have you gone mad, let’s go from here”, Chhaya didi spoke from behind. “Chhaya please go from here, if you can’t see or just stay aur dekh le shaadi ke baad kya hota hai”.

Next moment we were laying on bed and kissing and touching each other. Don’t know when I placed my hands on her breast and I was caressing them, one by one. The size was big, very big and cannot be taken in one hand. Now I was getting aroused and our kisses were getting more passionate and hotter.

She was holding me from my back with one hand and we were responding to each others every move. She was rubbing tip of my dick over the cloth and talking to me and now I was somewhat responding to her words. “boll chodega mujhe hmmm… boll dalega meri chut main apna lund, boll marega apni bahen ki chut”.

“Haan didi chodunga.. bahut chodunga main tumhe, aaj tumhe main pura nanga karke chodunga”. I started rubbing her cunt. She was so hot down there, my hand was stuck between her fleshy thighs and I was rubbing Gunjita didi’s fuck hole. Soon she got fully wet and flooding and I could feel her wetness on my hand.

We both were moaning in pleasure and cummed like that without doing anything. Gunjita didi shivered like a fish holding my hand between her thighs and I cummed in my jockey, though from my side it was not proper ejaculation but I was totally wet in my underwear. We lied there on bed just few minutes and got normal from heavy puffing. Then Gunjita didi got up to go to the bathroom.

Chhaya didi was staring at us, without a word. She too was excited and her facial expressions were telling her mental state. As Gunjita didi came out of toilet, I went in and cleaned my self, I was still hard but seriously I was not expecting anything now. I thought that Gunjita didi have done this just to make me feel good,

and to bribe me and whatever she has spoken while rubbing my dick is driven by excitement, I thought she wanted me to cum and now she will go after getting my assurance and now I was more or less ready to commit. Though I had a desire to touch Chhaya didi also but I knew that I will not be able to ask for that.

When I came out both of my sisters were talking in a very low voice, and Chhaya didi was trying to convince Gunjita didi. It was really strange environment full of lust and sexual desire, with not many words, boundaries between me and my sisters were disappearing and now I was staring at them without any hesitation and they could sense that lust in my eyes.

I was really very confused that whatever I have done is right or wrong, even Chhaya didi was also confused. She wanted to stop us going further and was not ready to leave the room without taking Gunjita didi along; she also wanted to see whatever is happening in the room. Time was well passed to 12 and there was no mark of sleep in us.

I think among three, me, Chhaya didi and Gunjita didi, only Gunjita didi knew that what she needs and ultimately what is going to happen. Gunjita didi turned towards me to come closer, Chhaya didi spoke, “it’s enough, let’s go now” Gunjita turned back to see Chhaya didi and opened first button of her shirt and smiled at her sister and somewhat teased her by saying “dekh le tere sath shadi ke baad kya kya hona hai”,

“this is wrong, ye hamara bhai hai, he is our brother idiot” Chhaya didi spoke in screaming fashion, somehow to stop Gunjita didi, Gunjita didi turned again and replied “ he is not our real brother, aur naa hi first cousin hai, bahut door ka reletion hai, aur phir kisi ke ghar main aisa bhai ho to usse kisi baharwale ki kya zaruratt hai,

ghar hi ghar main matter closed rahega baat leak honne ki tension to nahi hogi”. Gunjita didi smiled after her reply naughtily, she was already convinced that she had to do, may be from the first day when she caught me peeping inside and made a plan to exploit me, and she had answers of all arguments raised by Chhaya didi.

I was sitting on bed and by the time Gunjita didi came to me, all her buttons were off and once again her big breasts were reviled to me in bra. Without a word, she tried to take off my t-shirt and I supported her. I was half naked in front of my sister, and Gunjita didi touched my bare chest and made me feel good.

And came closer to me and again started kissing me and I responded and tried to hold her boobs and next moment we were again laying on bed and I was on her top, I was kissing her lips and allover her face and playing with her big melons over the bra, didi was moaning and murmuring sexy words, yesss… love me.. Love me……….Hmmmm….mere bhai…

aaj tune apni bahen ko bahut pyar karna hai, aaj teri bahan tere pass tere bistar pe soyegi, karle jo karna hai uske saath, choos meri chuchiyon ko, achhe se dabba innko.” Just after a minute or so she came on me and sat around my waist and took of her shirt completely and unhooked her bra in excitement.

In a fraction her huge melons were hanging in front of my eyes and I could not believe, they were so beautiful, large and heavy, with long and very dark brown nipples, fully erect with big areolas. She massaged them absently, moaned in lust like hmmm… and looked into my eyes, and then came down on me, to give access of her heavy breast.

I held them in my hands and tried to squeeze them laying on my back. Then I just turned and took Gunjita didi under me and used both of my hands to squeeze them hard. Ahhh… she moaned so heavy and I felt so good hearing that moan, wow what a pleasure that was, I was playing with Gunjita didi’s huge melons, I looked at Chhaya didi, she was going crazy,

and I could see that heat was rising in her too. I took Gunjita didi’s erect nipples in my mouth and tried to take out her milk. They were so tasty, and delicious. Gunjita didi moaned in pleasure nicely as I sucked her luscious mound. I was laying on her spread legs and my pelvis was resting on her pleasure zone and I could feel the heat of her fuck hole on my pelvis.

We both were moaning and breathing heavy and making nice pleasure sounds and heat in our body was rising like anything. Gunjita didi got up and ordered me to take off my lower “chal jaldi se apna pajama khol” and herself stood on the bed and pulled string of her pajama and took it to her feet. Wow what a flesh she had on her thighs, what an ass mounds she had.

It was really difficult for her panty to resist that much heat and in a moment Gunjita didi drifted down her last cloth too and was totally naked in front of me. That day first time in my life I saw a real pussy. My eyes got stuck, I was sitting on bed and Gunjita didi was standing I was enjoying view of her wet fuck hole, though it was dusky in color but it was really beautiful, with few small hairs on it.

“Chal uttar jaldi, blue film dekhi hai kabhi.” Didi asked me while ordering me, I got up hurriedly and took off my clothes in a fraction and got naked and answered “haan dekhi hai”. We were standing on bed naked and Gunjita didi held my cock and started jerking. My instinct guided me and I placed my hand on her naked cunt.

Wow what an amazing feeling that was, I was touching my cousin sister’s wet bare cunt and she was dripping like anything. Didi kissed me and spoke, “main tera lund choosungi aur tu meri choot cusega hmm… boll chusega na”. With that she kissed me and again asked me in passion, “boll chusega na, apni bahen ki choot”. “Haan chusunga, aap bed pe late jao”.

And I responded in lustfull tone. We got down and she got laid spreading her legs inviting me to lick her fuck hole. I came between her legs and held her nice fleshy thighs, I could see Gunjita didi’s soft wet cunt, it was ready for me to eat, I looked at Chhaya didi, she was standing and her hand was pressing her cunt over the nighty, Gunjita didi also looked at her younger sister and smiled,

“Dekh le Chhaya tera patti tujhe nanga karkr, tere saath kya karega” Chhaya didi blushed a bit and I finally I started sucking my cousin sister’s cunt laying on my stomach. For few minutes it was really bad feeling, bit embarrassing and filthy, moreover I was doing it in presence of Chhaya didi and from the day one I tried to reflect myself as a good boy but now that image

and perception was broken and I was licking her sister’s fuckhole without any halt. I tried to lick it as I saw in number of blue films. As I moved my tongue over her cunt. Gunjita didi trembled with excitement. Her moans and pleasure movements were making me crazy, I dragged my tongue from bottom of her slit to up till the edge of her crack, licking her sodden slit,

and I continued licking it without any break. Gunjita's face arched and, her eyes got shut. She moaned nicely, and murmured nicely “choos hmmm… ummm… achhe se choos issko, khol ke apni jeebh ander daal” she was puffing in pleasure and could not speak, but she was so aroused and wanted to speak erotic stuff. I parted her pussy lips and next moment my tongue rippled into her cunt.

She gasped sharply, her mouth snapping open. Her hips lurched and shook, jerking and pumping up and down. She held my face and tried to press it into her crotch "Ohhhhh... UNHHHH Ohh yes! Ohh yes, yes, Ohhh god yes!" she cried. "Oh uhh ohhh uhhh Ohhhh uhhh yes! Ohhhh god yes! Ohhh ma uhhh yes!"

Chhaya didi moved to our back, to see things happening clearly, as she was earlier standing on our right side from where my face was behind Gunjita didi’s thick and fleshy thighs, and she was unable to see me sucking Gunjita didi’s cunt. Chhaya didi stood somewhere behind me, I was laying on my stomach naked,

I turned to look behind and smiled looking at her face which was getting red in the heat of lust, her hand was rubbing her cunt over the nighty. Gunjita didi raised her head and saw Chhaya didi standing there and murmured again in pleasure, “dekh Chhaya mera bhai meri choot choos raha hai, aaj main apne bhai se chudwaongi, ye aaj mujhe saari raat choddega, boll choddega na”?

with that she lifted her legs in air to give more access of her pleasure hole to my mouth. My toungue was in her cunt getting in and out and then I made my lips holding and sucking her thick pussy lips. Holding her thighs apart, I tongue-fucked my young sluty cousin sister steadily just for one more minute and Gunjita didi’s cunt streamed with heady, erotic juices.

I pressed my face deeper and sucked her hard to take out every drop. Gunjita cried out nicely, trembling and moaning passionately. Suddenly she pushed me away and got up. That was a point where she could no resist anymore. Her hairs were spread allover and her face was full of lust. I don’t know after how long she was doing this, but she was going mad in fucking desire.

Immediately Gunjita didi turned me on my back and made me lay down and took my rod in hand and jerked, it was more than limping, with lot of precum coming out. Holding it tenderly, she kissed my cock-head and touched her tongue on that softly. Then rolling back the foreskin slowly drew it between her lips. I hissed in pleasure.

I lifted my legs and rested them on Gunjita didi’s shoulder and now didi was laying on her front between my legs with elbow support, sucking my cock. My penis trembled in Gunjita didi’s mouth. My belly rippled. Ahhh… Ahhhh… I moaned couple of times, as I was going crazy in pleasure and pain. “Didi dard ho raha hai, please slow”.

She looked at me and then started again and took out lot of her saliva and continued sucking my rod for sometime. It was much better feeling then before but still it was very weird. Didi continued sucking it with passion and just in few minutes the sensation was wonderful: her mouth was warm and moist, and her tongue had the kind of confidence that could only have come from experience.

I wondered what her sexual history was. What I could see laying there on bed by raising my head, my cock was appearing and disappearing in Gunjita didi’s mouth and her head was rocking up and down, I could feel her tongue working around my cock head. Chhaya didi moved again and stood at a place from where she could see my rod coming out and getting in, into her sister’s mouth clearly.

Gunjita didi turned to see her and smiled cunningly and again said, “dekh Chhaya, aise chooste hain lund, tujhe bhi shadi ke baad tere patti ka chusna padega”. I was getting mad and Gunjita didi’s erotic comments were driving me crazier. I knew this fact that, usually on first time boy gets nervous and loses erection, but I think it was Gunjita didi’s erotic language and experience,

which made my first sexual encounter hassle free. Chhaya didi’s presence and her facial expressions were also playing good role to make me out of my senses. As my cock swelled and grew hard in her mouth, I moaned and my moan made her mad in lust she pumped the shaft deeper and rubbed tip of my cock in her throat, I gasped and groaned heavier,

holding her head in my hands and moving it up and down, pumping my hips in rhythm as I was fucking her face. “didi…. didi… bass… bass… please… bass karo…mera ho jayega..” I was humming in pleasure and finally Gunjita didi stopped sucking and continued jerking for a while and looked at my face. I was puffing in pleasure and my rod was fully wet with Gunjita didi’s saliva and well erect.

Holding my rod straight Gunjita didi got up and sat putting her legs around my waist, keeping her in position to take my rod inside her fuck hole. Chhaya didi also changed her location to see the real penetration. I was looking at her, she was also very aroused and could not control herself and lifted her nighty and took down her salwar to her feet and entered her hand

inside her panty and started rubbing her cunt directly without anything between. Laying there I could see her white milky thighs and light color panty with a movement of her hand over her cunt, as she was holding her nighty up with one hand and other hand was busy in rubbing her pleasure zone.

Gunjita didi turned to Chhaya didi and again spoke “dekh Chhaya, abb isska lund mere ander jayega, aur teri bahan ko choddega”. Gunjita didi was sitting on her knees around me and finally my that sister shoved my cock slowly into her cunt and moaned, with her head lifting, her eyes were closed. Wow what a feeling that was, being inside a woman, it was totally a new sensation for me.

My hard cock was inside Gunjita didi’s wet fuck hole and her juices were flowing down to my balls. Her swollen breasts were swinging up and down, to and fro and her nipples were stiff. After slow movements she began to fuck herself with deep, skewering thrusts, holding my chest and rocking her own hips steeply up and down, to and fro, driving my inflamed erection in and out of her wet cunt flesh.

I was holding her from her waist and moving bit up and down to shove my cock and our movements were getting in rhythm. Tip of my cock was rubbing on her walls and my pleasure was beyond my imagination. Site of her heavy juggs bouncing up and down was life taking with a silver locket of divine figure in thin silver chain tossing, above that her pleasure moans with erotic desi stuff was driving me crazy.

“oh yes... oh god yes...It feels so good, ! Ohh uhh ohma uhh yes... c'mon... fuck me! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck your sister ! bastard. chodd apni bahen ko, aur chodd,…. aur chodd, le.. aur le.. bhenchodd kitna choddega”. She was around me on her knees, ramming and reaming my cock in and out of her juicy, dripping cunt furiously in passion,

it was somewhat paining me and I was trying to control her movements by holding her waist, but next moment she took off my hands from her waist and held them tight with bed by leaning over me and looked into my eyes while stroking my cock in her flesh rapidly and spoke, “boll, saale jayega wapis, ya yahan rahega, apni bahan ki choot main, saale tereko main jaane nahi doongi,

you have to fuck me like this, boll jayega wapis bhenchodd, ya yahan rahkar apni bahan ko choddega”. Gunjita didi plunged my penis deeper into her flesh and laughed in fucking pleasure as I cried out in shock and delight. She then leaned over me further and started to and fro movement and mashing her clitoris, with my pelvis for while and kissed me lustfully.

I freed my hands from her grip and held her big ass mounds and tried to squeeze them harder and then parted them with full strength and pulled her to get myself deep inside her fuck hole. She moaned sexily. It was really strange feeling and I was bit in pain, Gunjita didi’s body weight was hurting me and I was getting tired too.

After few more thrusts she moaned and gasped very heavily, and started rocking back and forth, rubbing her pubic bone on me like a machine. She looked lovely, her face was full of lust, hairs were spread, her eyes were open and she was looking into my eyes, her mouth was open, moaning and murmuring obscene and erotic words.

“Yes… yesss.. fuck me… fuck me like a bitch…., you bastard yess…… fuck me…. U will fuck me bastard….. fuck me. aaj raat bhar tu mujhe choddega… boll choddega, boll haan didi main aapko choddunga.boll bhenchodd boll nahi to teri jaan nikal doongi”

Suddenly she increased her speed and started ramming her body on mine. It was paining me and I was in strange pleasure. I replied while puffing in pleasure and pain what she wanted “ haan didi main aapko choddunga, bahut choddunga, yahan rahkar roz raat ko aapko choddunga”.

Her erotic words were really very arousing though I was not near ejaculation because of pain and tired ness but I was well hard on my penis. I looked at Chhaya didi, she was looking at our fuck session without a flick of an eye and her hand was still in her panty. Chhaya didi was also puffing in pleasure as she was masturbating and could have cummed once.

Gunjita didi also turned to see her sister, and spoke in passion, “tu oongli kya chala rahi hai, isska lund andar le le apne, aaja mera hone wala hai, aaja lele apne andar, aahhh… ahhh….oh god.” Her buttocks were again bouncing rapidly up and down; her hips were swinging very fast to and fro on my thighs.

She was ramming my cock faster and faster in and out of her, cunt, our mixed juices flowing like anything on me. I was shouting in pain and pleasure with lot of control. I was about to get on the peek, but Gunjita didi’s cries grew sharper and shriller, and suddenly she busted, her cunt trembled helplessly on my penis and her head got flipped to the roof.

She squeezed her thighs, griped my dick tightly in her wet pussy and released her cum and shivered for few seconds, because of the orgasm she just had. I was yet not over but closer to my peek. I immediately pushed her on bed and got up and widen Gunjita didi’s legs and shoved my cock again and started fucking her.

Knowing my condition, Gunjita didi embraced me from back and wrapped her legs around me and continued murmuring, while getting fucked under me, “aaja mere bhai, chodd le apni bahan ko, jitna choddna hai chodd le, mere andar hee chhod de apna paani”. I fucked Gunjita didi for few seconds and finally came deep inside her and moaned nicely.

What a burst that was, my first ejaculation in a woman’s fuck hole, that is in my sister’s fuck hole, massive and much more pleasurable than I had in past while masturbating. I got up and went to toilet, while staring at Chhaya didi. Her nighty was on till her feet now, but her salwar was folded in her hand and she had a very strange gesture on her face,

though she enjoyed watching our live fuck but she was somewhat confused and scared. On the other hand Gunjita didi seemed satisfied and relaxed after having a fuck and cleaned her dripping cunt as my white sticky cum came out of her fuck hole as she got up. As I came of toilet, Gunjita didi entered and I started wearing my cloths and found Chhaya didi staring at me,

I smiled but her reaction was nil, I think her heart was still pounding and she was not normal. Gunjita didi came out and started wearing her night suit and spoke to me, “abb tu kisi ko kuch nahi batayega,” she somewhat ordered me and I accepted with a smile, then with a smile she said, “dekh le abb yahan rahna hai, ya wapis jaana hai”?

I smiled too and said “didi aap dekh lena humne condom nahi use kiya, kahin kuch ho na jaaye”, “haan haan, mujhe matt batta, tera bachha nahi paida hone doongi, tu mast rah, aur kal condom le aana” Gunjita didi replied confidently. By this time she was fully dressed as she was and ordered Chhaya didi to come,

and in a moment both of my sisters walked out and climbed stairs while talking to each other in a low voice. It is really a most difficult task to write down those moments and mental state which I had after my first sexual encounter. I slept on cloud nine, with bit of strange threat and guilt feeling.

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Manish having sex with cousin sisters - I

Today I am narrating my true fucking experience, with two sisters. It is been quite long since then but thinking about that day I can still visualize every single details and recollect more or less exact words we had at that time mainly because I wanted to write down my experience from the day one,

and for that I have recalled those moments and conversations countless times in my memory till now, and even today I get very hard while thinking about that incident, and surely for me writing and posting that incident on this lovely site is a best way to make those moments immortal.

Believe me friends this is a true experience and not a fantasy, moreover each and every word written here, (except names) have happened in my real life. Just because I cannot write that much of English that is why I am using Hindi in English during dialogs and that is why this experience has become hotter.

Before getting to the incident, first let me tell you some details about me and these two, I can say that Chhaya and Gunjita were someway my cousins (not first cousins, rather very distant relatives, they were my grandfather’s cousin brother’s granddaughters) and both of them were elder than me in age. Chhaya was pursuing her BA and Gunjita was doing her masters.

If I start from the beginning then I will say that, I am Manish and I was born and brought up in a small town of Haryana, near kurukshetra and finally somehow after finishing my school and basic computer course, and moreover after wasting couple of years in roaming, playing cricket, excising to get myself into good shape,

watching xxx movies at friends place and masturbating and constructive things like sitting at my father’s hardware shop in his absence and doing few more things just like that, I decided to work, and for that I had to go out of my small town. My grand father had a cousin brother who was living in one of the major business city of UP.

So I was sent by my grandfather to him to work, as he had a big business setup and he always needed good trusted hands. Finally I reached to his house on one fine morning and saw their residence. It was a big house in a very big campus. At that time they were one of the richest people of that city and it could be easily seen from there house and life style.

The day I reached there bit late in the morning, I was adjusted in the guest room. There I saw few books and few small girlish things like bow, hair pins etc. After spending whole day in roaming in whole premises and looking at their big and luxurious house and sitting and watching television in my room just like that, (as I was suppose to go next day to their mill),

at dinner table I met two girls and the oldest lady of the house, means my grand mother in a way, introduced me with the two. One was Gunjita and other was Chhaya. Gunjita was elder and was of around 25-26 and Chhaya was around 22. At that time my age was 20 and when I first met them I addressed them didi (rather through out whole write up I have wrote both of them didi,

because I never addressed them without using word, didi after their name). Gunjita didi was dusky in color, having healthy body, with nice big luscious boobs and really nice healthy butt. She was well fleshed on her thighs, arms and ass mounds and was also having bit of tummy. On the other hand Chhaya didi was beautiful, fair and slender.

Even she had nice luscious tits but they were not big, rather they were perfect in size, may be medium or just more than that. She had flat belly, with nice fleshy thighs and round butt. These two were basically daughter of my uncles and even they were cousins but first cousins. Gunjita’s father was no more and she was living in joint family with her mother.

She was only child of her parents as her father was died in severe road accident when she was just 14 or 15. Chhaya didi was daughter of another uncle who was living in the other city with his wife and son (Chhaya’s mother and younger brother), handling separate wing of the same business setup, leaving Chhaya here with her grandparents, purposely for her studies.

So all in all there were only five people living in that big house excluding me. There were only two bedrooms on the ground floor, which were very far from each other having a big lobby and dining room in between. One room was of my grand parents and other was guest room (now mine) which was closer to drawing room with a staircase in between.

All other bedrooms were on first floor, that is off Gunjita’s mother and Chhaya’s parents which was occupied by two sisters Chhaya and Gunjita with one additional room which has to be children room but now that room was their store room. There were many servants in the house who had separate servant quarters on the back side of the campus.

As I said I was accommodated in guest room and that room was previously occupied by Chhaya and Gunjita as there study and recreation room. Anyway few days passed just like that, I use to meet both of my sisters sometimes in the morning during breakfast and most of the time at dinner time. Among two Chhaya was better person than Gunjita.

Apart from being good looking and sexier than Gunjita she was soft spoken and had concerned nature, on the other hand Gunjita was bit arrogant and she hardly uses to talk to me and always reflected strange mood through her eyes and facial expressions. Truly speaking, I was bit afraid of her and sometimes felt that she has some kind of problem with me, as if she does not like my presence in her house.

At that time as a young boy I was attracted towards Chhaya and with bit of guilt feeling I use to masturbate while thinking about her, though I use to think about Gunjita too but Chhaya was my favorite fucking mate during my fantasy. I was somewhat in love with Chhaya didi as a lost young boy and never missed any opportunity to stair her body from any angle.

Life was running and I was going to factory regularly and had specific work to look after and I was living at home in the guest room. I was friendly with Chhaya didi and some times we use to chat on dinning table or in front of television. Now if I cut a long story short, on one unpleasant day somebody knocked my door in the morning, I was more or less sleeping at that time,

it was Chhaya didi and she wanted to use the bathroom to take a shower as there was some problem in her room’s bathroom. I was already bit hard in my pajamas, above that Chhaya didi appeared in a nighty, so I started gaining further erection. Anyway she entered in the bathroom and just after a minute I heard voice of water flowing down from shower.

A naughty thought of assuming Chhaya didi naked under the shower made me horny and don’t know how I dared to peep inside the bathroom from the crack of the wooden door. Wow what a scene that was, she was facing away from me and I could see her naked ass mounds on which water was flowing down, Chhaya didi’s skin was so fair and silky.

I was on my knees and looking inside with a one eye and unfortunately hardly after a minute suddenly door of my room opened and Gunjita didi entered with a towel and clothes in her hand and caught me peeping inside. I forgot that door of my room was just closed not bolted and she just entered in the room without knocking, because she knew that Chhaya didi was also here.

She stared at me as if she is going to eat me and I was so embarrassed that I could not see in her eyes. She hasn’t spoken a word and just kept on staring me with killing eyes for a minute or two and just then Chhaya didi came out after her bath. Gunjita didi moved further and entered in bathroom without a word and Chhaya didi took a leave from my room.

I got so scared that for an instant I thought that now this family is going to throw me out of there house and definitely they will complain to my parents and grandfather about my unethical act. I sat there in my room waiting for Gunjita didi to come out and finally she came out after her bath and stared at me and angrily said, “I will see you later”.

I was very scared with a thought of consequences of her complaint to the elders. I came out of my room very late, when I was sure that both Chhaya didi and Gunjita didi will be out of the house. Though every body else was normal to me but I was conscious and hesitant to behave properly and in that scary and confused mental state some how I spent whole day in factory and finally came very late, well after dinner time.

Both of my sisters were not there in common area and they were in there room after dinner. I quickly had bit of food and finally came to my room and tried to sleep as soon as possible. I was almost sure that Gunjita didi have not talked to anybody in the house because I could not see any negative reaction from anybodies gesture.

I was laying on my bed in the dark, thinking about morning’s incidents, one, looking at Chhaya didi’s naked body and lovely ass mounds and other getting caught doing that. I was bit erect when I recalled her fair round butt and gorgeous ass crack which was dividing her buns. I remember time was well passed 11 when somebody knocked my door.

I got scared and got up to open the door. It was Gunjita and Chhaya both. Gunjita didi switched on the light and looked at me and said that they wanted to talk to me. I was scared and embarrassed and in that terrible state I just hummed without looking into there eyes. Gunjita didi continued, and asked in harsh tone that what I was doing in the morning.

I said I am sorry; I will not do it again. I looked at Chhaya didi; she was also looking at me in serious gesture. Gunjita didi continued, “We are not asking whether you will do it again or not, we are asking that what you were doing”? I looked at Gunjita didi, she seemed monster to me in that gesture. “boll, kya kar raha tha, chup kyon hai”? Gunjita continued reflecting her anger.

I remained silent and kept on looking at ground. “tu issko bathroom main nahate hue dekh raha tha, hai na”? Then with a pause she continued, “boll haan ya na, boll nahi to maar khayega”. I looked up and said yes in a very low voice. “ye teri bahan hai, asshole, she is your sister”. Again I said sorry while looking at ground.

Gunjita didi continued, “kya sorry, bass sorry boll diya aur ho gaya, ….tereko main aisa sabak sikhaongi ki tu yaad rakhega”. I looked at Gunjita didi, she was looking horrible, while firing at me, and Chhaya didi was looking at me with serious gesture. Then Gunjita didi sat on bed, resting her back on the back of the bed and asked Chhaya didi to sit down by ramming her hand on the bed.

Chhaya also sat beside her after bolting the door from inside and both of them were staring at me. I cannot describe that horrible awkward situation in words. I was standing bit far from them. “sit down” Chhaya didi ordered me in her soft voice. I sat far from them on the other end of the big double bed.

Gunjita didi was wearing two piece night suit, means pajama and top which had buttons in front and Chhaya didi was wearing long nighty with salwar underneath. Both of them looking sex bombs, I could see amount of flesh Gunjita didi had on her thighs and ass and Chhaya didi’s nighty was bit transparent and I could see her bra on particular angle with a tube light.

“boll Chhaya kya karna hai iska”. Gunjita didi asked Chhaya didi. “karna kya hai, dadi ko batta dete hain, aage jo wo karengi, karengi”. Again I said “sorry didi, I will not do it again”. “Sorry se kuch nahi hoga, hum logg tujhe aise nahi chhodenge, tu samjhta kya hai humain” Gunjita didi replied. I looked at her, she was reflecting wicked expressions.

Then there was no words between us for few minutes and both of them were continuously staring at me, I was looking down and couple of times I looked at them and they kept on staring on me. Gunjita didi spoke “Tunne issko nanga dekha hai, ab ye tujhko nanga dekhegi” these words of Gunjita didi wobbled my head.

I looked up in shock to their faces, Chhaya didi was bit smiling but Gunjita didi was serious and continued, “Aisse kya dekh raha hai hamari taraf, jab issko nanga nahaate hue dekha tha tab nahi socha tha”. I was in utter shock, and could not think of saying anything. I was just looking at them. They were asking me to get naked in front of them as a compensation of watching Chhaya didi naked.

Bit of movement started in my underwear, I was getting bit hard. “Didi kya baat kar rahe ho koi aa jayega?” somehow I spoke with a choked voice. “Jo tujhe sunai de raha hai, wohi baat kar rahe hain, she wants to see you naked, aur koi nahi aayega, dada dadi aa nahi sakte, aur meri mom sleeping pill lekar soti hai ”, Gunjita didi was doing all the talking and Chhaya didi was silent.

It was just a try or excuse, though I knew that nobody will come, because I knew the whole geography of their huge bungalow, other bedroom was very far from here that is of their grand parents. I looked at Chhaya didi, she was trying to be serious, “didi are you serious”, I asked Chhaya didi, and she just moved her head in yes.

I could not believe that whatever is happening with me is happening in reality, it seemed like a nightmare to me. “ab shakal kya dekh raha hai, samne khada hokar kapde uttar” Gunjita didi continued her anger and rude tone. I was so nervous and could not decide what to do, and just remained there without any movement.

“Abbey uttarta hai ya fir dadi se bollke tujhko tere ghar wapis bhijwaon, tere gharwalon ko bhi patta chale ke tu yahan kya gul khila raha hai” Gunjita didi tried to scare me, from the consequences of her complaint. “Didi please, I am sorry” once again I tried, “sorry woarry kuch nahi, jo bolla hai wo kar” Gunjita didi was stuck and she was not ready to accept sorry from me.

Again I looked at Chhaya didi; she smiled, and said “just show us, we will not do anything”. Finally I got up slowly and came in there front and tried to take of my t-shirt, Gunjita didi spoke “oopar ka nahi neeche ka dekhna hai humain”, she wanted to see my lower half. I stopped but Chhaya didi told me to continue, and now I was naked from upper half.

Then slowly I undid string of my pajama and loosened it, and it fall on my feet. I was standing just in my jockey in front of my sisters. I was very hesitant to go further, so I just halted there expecting mercy from my two bitchy sisters. “jaldi karr sharma kya raha hai, jab issko nanga dekha tha tabb sharam nahi aayee thi”? Gunjita didi was getting impatient to see my cock.

Finally I drifted my jockey down to my feet with my hands and first time in my life I was naked in front of any girl rather girls. I was not erect at all; neither was it limping, but closer to that. I looked at my sisters, they were staring at my cock, and Chhaya didi was looking at it as if it is something from a different planet and Gunjita didi’s gesture was bit matured.

It was so embarrassing that I cannot say in words. “See it gains erection automatically before fucking”. Gunjita didi spoke, she was explaining Chhaya didi. “ bass ab pahan loon”? I asked them if I can wear cloths now. “abhi nahi, pahle issko khadda karke dikha”. Gunjita didi spoke; she wanted me to erect my dick. “Didi please bahut ho gaya”.

I requested her. “jo boll rahe hain wo kar, issko hilla ke khadda kar”. Slowly I took it in my hand and moved my cock bit in to and fro motion and spoke, “didi abhi nahi hoga, please bass karo”. “hoga kaise nahi, I know how to do it, tu hilla usko, aur batta subah kya dekha that bathroom main”. She told me to jerk my cock and asked me that what I have seen in the bathroom in the morning.

I remained silent. “boll na kya dekha tha speak up”? I said “Chhaya didi ko dekha tha”. “Chhaya ko nanga dekha tha” Gunjita didi was trying to arouse me, using erotic hindi words, ant it was working. She was looking at me waiting for my reply; I moved my head in yes. Again she said, “muh se boll, maine Chhaya didi ko nanga dekha tha.”

She told me to speak that sentence; finally I spoke in a low voice, “maine Chhaya didi ko nanga dekha tha” and my dick moved bit for further erection. “Sath sath hila ussko, aur batta ki Chhaya didi ka kya dekha tha”? Gunjita didi told me to jerk my dick while answering her question that, which part of her body I have seen. I was feeling very shy and embarrassing, but I had to answer.

I said with hesitation, “Back side dekhi thi”. “back side kya hoti hai, saaf saaf boll gaand dekhi thi tunne apni bahen ki”. It was another shock of my life, when Gunjita didi used the word GAAND for ass. I never expected this from her; first time in my life I was hearing this kind of word from a girl. I was further erect and both of my sisters were looking at my every little gain.

“Boll gaand dekhi thi Chhaya ki”? Gunjita didi continued, asking me erotic stuff. I again said yes with my head. “apne muh se boll kya dekha tha aur ussko tez tez hilla”. They wanted me to speak up that erotic line again and jerk my cock with speed. I spoke with little hesitation, “maine Chhaya didi ki gaand dekhi thi, and I gained further erection and naturally my hand move little faster to jerk my cock.

Now I was well hard and erect and almost full in size. Gunjita didi further asked, “kaisi hai Chhaya ki gaand, achhi hai na, gori gori”. Now I was also bit excited to but I was hiding my excitement and reflecting reluctant behavior. “Boll Chhaya didi ki gaand bahut achhi hai, usske chuttadd bahut gorre hain”.

I understood that I have to speak up, as Gunjita didi wanted to show Chhaya didi fully erect cock, so I said, “Chhaya didi ki gaand bahut achhi hai, aur unnke chuttad bahut gore hain.” And with that I continued jerking my cock and by this time I was fully erect. Chhaya didi was smiling and looking at my cock. “Choot nahi dekhi tune Chhaya ki”? Gunjita didi asked me further.

What a bitch Gunjita didi was, CHOOT was another word which we can not expect from a girl’s mouth, but from the flow of her speaking such words you cannot sense even fraction of hesitation. Now I was bit free and answered her clearly knowing that there is no hide, “nahi Chhaya didi ki choot nahi dekhi”. “teri bahan ki choot bhi bahut achhi hai, ek dum chikni”.

Gunjita didi continued proving herself a bitch and I continued gaining erection and jerking with good speed and now I was fully erect and hard to my maximum. Both of my sisters were enjoying view of hard man meat and Chhaya didi was enjoying it more because she was looking at it continuously, while Gunjita didi was talking to me dirty. “tera lund to kaafi lamba hai, hmmm..

Good, chal ab apni Chhaya didi ko apne lund ki uppar ki skin uttar ke dikha”. LUND was another hardcore word which she used instead of cock and now I was beyond my maximum erection and tip of my hard cock was already peeping from inside. I looked at her face with bit of anger, both of my sisters were exploiting me and now I was at the height of embarrassment.

Slowly I moved my skin back and moaned bit in pain. I could feel the wetness of my precum and finally my shaft got uncovered and thick pink color cock head came into there vision, with a cut on that on which there was few drops of my juices. I was still jerking it but slowly, as I was feeling good and my instinct was guiding me to do it.

“dekh Chhaya aisa hota hai aadmi ka lund, aur ye aise hi ladki ki choot main jata hai, aur fir ander bahar hota hai”. Gunjita didi was somewhat explaining Chhaya didi about the sexual activity which takes place between man and woman. “Please didi abb bass karo, mujhe neend aa rahi hai” I requested them again to leave me.

Gunjita didi looked at me for a second, smiled and then spoke, “tujhe aaj saari raat neend nahi aayegi”, “let’s go back to our room” Chhaya didi spoke in between to Gunjita as Gunjita didi finished her sentence. “nahi abhi ye hamare samne mooth marega, isse itni aasani se nahi chhodna”. I could not believe what she was saying. She wanted to see me masturbating.

Even Chhaya didi was shocked and moreover she could not understand what exactly Gunjita didi said may be because she was not aware of the word “MOOTH” which is Hindi of masturbation. “kya karega”. Chhaya didi asked with bit of amazement, “masturbate karega” Gunjita didi answered in clear language which she could understand.

Even Chhaya didi was shocked with Gunjita didi’s demand and tried to say “let’s go it’s too late, we will come tomorrow”, but Gunjita didi was not ready to leave me, and she tried to convince Chhaya by saying “kal nahi, aaj jo karna hai kar len isske sath, aur tu bhi dekh le kaise nikalta hai lund ke ander se paani”.

Then I tried avoiding this from my side by saying, “didi please mujhse nahi ho payega, please mujhe chhod do”. “tujhse hoga, aur tu karega, chal main karwati hoon, ab shuru kar usse hilana aur apni bahno ko apne lund se paani nikal ke dikha”. I was shy to do it but somewhere I was getting horny too and my hand started jerking my cock in front of my sluty sisters.

I was already erect and now I had to jerk off my sticky white cum from my rod for them. Chhaya didi was looking at me and I was looking at both of them, while jerking my cock. At that time it seemed like hell to me and I was in a very bad mental state. Gunjita didi was provoking me by speaking erotic, sexy and abusive words,

like “boll kya dekha tha, Chhaya ki gaand dekhi thi, isski chuchiyaan nahi dekhi tune, wo bhi bahut gori hain, boll dekhega apni bahen ki chuchiyaan, choosega unnko, bahut doodh bhara hai inmain, boll peeyega Chhaya ka doodh, saale bahenchod, apna lund dalega isski choot main, boll chodega apni bahen ko, ye abhi tak kunwari hai, abhi tak issko kisi ne nahi choda,

boll chodega apni Chhaya didi ko, boll saale”. I was not in state to answer, neither she was interested to hear anything from my side. Both of my sisters wanted to see my cum, coming out of my dick and for that Gunjita didi was arousing me and I was shocked with the hardcore language she was using to arouse me, LUND, CHOOT CHUCHIYAN, CHODNA and BHENCHOD,

all such words which are generally used by guys were arousing me because it was coming out from a girls mouth so certainly it was working and I was doing my best, I was jerking my cock very fast, I was aroused too but I was no way near Cumming because of mixed mental state but Gunjita didi was doing her job by speaking continuously without waiting for me to answer

and that extra ordinary desi stuff was really arousing me. I was liking it and puffing in pleasure and my moans were increasing, there was lot of precum on my rod and I was tired too, my hand was aching, even then I was jerking, because I wanted to cum but it seemed impossible to me. I moaned couple of times and spoke like “Ahhhh…. Ahhhh….didi nahi hoga… nahi nikega, didi please nahi hoga”.

I was almost crying in pleasure and pain. “hoga… aur tu karega, aaj tere lund hamare samne paani chhodega, tu boll kya dekhna hai tune, boll meri chuchiyan dekhega”. With that she started opening her top and in a minute her top was opened from front and I could see Gunjita didi’s big boobs packed in white color bra. I was shocked with her act,

she herself was very excited in lust, and she squeezed her breast from both the sides over bra to show me. Her melons were really very big and they were caged in her bra very tight, she continued speaking, “boll choosega Gunjita didi ki chuchiyan, mera doodh peeyega, dekh teri Chhaya didi se kitni badi hain meri chuchiya”.

I looked at Chhaya didi, she was also amazed with Gunjita didi’s act of reviling her breast in bra. Gunjita didi also turned to see her sister. Chhaya didi was sitting on bed on her knees and she was excited too to see erotic things happening in the room. Suddenly Gunjita didi spoke to Chhaya didi, “Chhaya issko apni jaanghe(thighs) dikha.

As expected we both, Chhaya didi and me got bit surprised, when Gunjita didi asked Chhaya to show her thighs. Chhaya didi was hesitating and looking at her, again she said, “Chhaya apni salwar uttar ke issko apni jaanghe dikha”. Chhaya didi still remained unmoved, Gunjita didi was very excited, and again she said, “Chhaya, issne subah tujhe pura nanga dekha tha,

issko jaanghe dikhane se teri ijjat nahi lut jayegi, chudwane ko nahi kah rahi main tujhe, salwar khol ke apni nighty uppar kar, aaj iss bhenchod ka paani nikalna hai”, with that Gunjita pushed Chhaya and tried pull the string of her salwaar and Chhaya didi somewhat cooperated with her, finally she succeeded to took it off,

and folded Chhaya didi’s nighty till her waist and showed me her silky thighs and again abused me, while holding her sister’s fair fleshy thighs and rubbing them “dekh bhenchod, isski jaanghe dekh, mast hai na, ek dum gori gori aur inn jaanghe ke beech main isski choot hai, jo paani chhod rahi hai, chudne ke liye tyaar hai, boll chodna hai apni bahen ko”.

I was getting crazy while jerking my cock, blood of my whole body was running through my dick and I was getting closer to my burst every second. Two of my sisters were sitting half naked in front of me. Gunjita didi’s dusky color big boobs, imprisoned in tight bra were really beautiful and Chhaya didi’s silky fleshy thighs were awesome, I could see her panty too and also wet mark on that.

My hand was was continuesly moving to and fro, holding my dick and now I wanted to cum very loud and Gunjita didi’s abusive language and comments were unstoppable. “boll mere bhai, chodega Chhaya didi ko, ye tujhse chudwayegi issi bistar pe, isski choot maarega, boll mujhe bhi chodega, …..bhenchod boll chodega apni bahno ko, terese main apni choot chuswaongi,

tere muh main apna paani chhodungi, boll piyega meri choot ka ras, boll saale”. Finally I closed my eyes in ecstasy and just after few more jerks I cummed like hell and moaned loudly. I spewed out white sticky cum and heard giggle of Gunjita didi. “dekh Chhaya, nikal gaya isska paani, saala bhenchod, apni bahan ko nanga dekhta hai”.

I was puffing like hell and both of my sisters were enjoying my condition. Chhaya didi wore her salwar back and Gunjita didi buttoned her top and after that with in few seconds both Chhaya and Gunjita left my room while talking to each other and I closed door of my room and came on bed. I was in strange mood, horny as well as depressed.

It was really very embarrassing feeling and up to extend, Gunjita didi was right, I was awake for the whole night and in night I decide to go back to my town. In the morning, I came out very late and in night when I returned, my grandfather (actually brother of my grandfather, with whom I was living) was having dinner on dining table,

I sat there and had dinner with him and spoke about my intensions that I want to go back to my town, to my parents and family. He asked me reason for that, as if I am having some problem here, but I responded casually and said that I am planning to go further in education and will continue my studies.

At that time when I was talking to him, Chhaya didi was around and she overheard our discussion and stared at me with bit of tension and walked towards her room, may be to inform Gunjita didi. Finally my grandfather suggested me to stay till the month end, so that I can take my first salary along. I said ok to him.

More or less I slept that night, but my thoughts were killing me. I recalled last nights incident, then I counted number of days which I still had and then I thought about the excuse which I had to make in my house, and many things like that were moving in my mind.

Somewhere last nights incident was making me horny and I was erect too, I recalled Gunjita didi’s words which she spoke and Chhaya didi’s gestures when my hard cock was reveled to her, like that I slept that night.

Next morning I saw Chhaya didi on breakfast table, our eyes met and she smiled, I responded, but in reluctant way. Again in night I came very late eating outside with one colleague and went straight to my bedroom without having anything in dinner.

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Dipto having sex with young Aunt - II

Previously: Dipto having sex with young Aunt

Thanks debonair blog for posting my first story.Nice to see some comments posted.I'm intelligent but not clever, i'm not interested in writing a fake story because I don't have time to do i'll start from where I left.

after seeing tears on her cheeks,i decided not to move further these things.i was quite happy with the memory of tht night & frequent glimpses on her boobs when she was bending for any reason.but the change was in my mind & I was thinking our relationship have reached a new level,even she understood this.i was feeling as I have more responsiblities on her than ever before.

whenever she was going to any occasion,function or ceremony,she asked to me what to wear & what not to.she said that my compliments were most valuable to her & she liked to dress in the way I want to see her.all this was happening after that very incident.i even asked her why she telling this way.she siad nothing & it was just her sudden feelings.

next month we watched a movie in a cinema hall together.she put her arms under my arms at one pint & I strted to feel her boobs wid my arms as she was holding it tight to her was a hot exprnce indeed & I forgot everythng but pretended as I was watching was watching movie. i was moving my arms widout any reason. my moving arm definitely caught her attention & she even might be enjoying that.

after a while I grew restless & groppledone of her boobs.even in dark,i could see her eyes which wanted to tell something.she moved her eyes from me,gave ma a naughty smile & strted to watch the moving.i strted to squeeze her left breast very slowly so that the person right to me can not notice my movement.

i was sweating even it was winter bcoz at tht age it was not even in my wildest dream to do that squeezing in public to a girl senior to continued for 10 mnts but after then she put her head on my shoulder & placed her dupatta in a strategic position so that my hand was invisible under her dupatta.she kissed me on my cheek lifting her head a little.

i'm still not sure but maybe the person sitting right to me noticed everything at some ask me,i can't even tell what was the story of the movie.from then I pressed her boobs from over her salwar or nightie almost once a week in our house when she slept in lept at afternoon or at night.but never tried to make a skin contact.

i started to feel a growing love for her as was she..i told her this one day & she couldnt belive.she gave me anauhty smile & told my must choose a girl of my age.but I told tht I feel forher.she said nothing but hugged me tight & gave me a kiss on my lips.but this was a longer one & it can only happen between lovers.

as I felt I was her lover,we started to make a trip together & chatted on everything.i asked her about the size of her boobs & if she had any pubic hair.she told to measure her boobs wid a simple rope & then she measured my chest.she also told that she used hair removing cream on that spot but it not suited her so she does this wid a scissor.she asked about mine & I told.

she suddenly asked wht I feel seeing a naked girl on t.v. I told tht my penis gets erect.she smiled & asked if I cum on those moments.i told tht I only cum whn I masturbate.i requested to show her pubic hair so tht I come to knw how she shaves.she told-"tum bohot naughty ho chuke ho,tumhe kiu dikhau?jisko dikhana hai sirf usko hi dikhaungi".(i'm converting bengali to hindi).

atlast the best moments of my life april,my parents decided to make a trip to darjeeling.but I simply ignored bcoz I had a plan in my parents were surprised by my decision but thought that I have become serious abt study.they decided to left widout me but I had to eat in my maternal uncle's house.

they also told shweta aunt to take care of me as I do nothing in household works.i also had to stay in our house at night but someone must give company to me,it could be my grandma,or my uncle or my sweet shweta there was no tv in there house,so my aunt insisted to everybody to stay at our house at night so she could watch her fav serials.everyone agreed. i was the most happiest.

on first day,she came at our house around 8pm after her tutions..i opened the door & gave her welcome hug & kissed on her forehead.thn she made tea for us & watched serials while drinking.i was studying in my 10 pm,we went to their house for dinner & came back at 10.30. grandma told her to sleep in my parent's room.but in reality tht didnt happen.

we planned to watch 'midnight hot' in ftv together.i was holding her tight from behind while laying down & watchin midnight hot.i was holding her close to her boobs & knew she wasn't wearing any bra or panties.i was almst rubbing my dick on her ass while holding her & moving a lot.soon my dick got erect & she felt it.still she didnt move out.

but after the program she wanted me to leave from parents room.but I told i'll sleep here & u also can..but she was unwilling to do so & left to my room.but I knew she would come at some point. ya,she came back to that room around 1.30 am & told she was afraid of darkness.she layed beside me.

i hugged her & so was she.i pressed her soft boobs over her nightie but resisted whn I tried to slid my hand under nightie.i became angry at this & told i'll not talk to u.she hugged me tighter & told "agar tum aisa bologi to main kiske sth bat karungi,kiske sath sabkuch share karungi,plz dont be angry."i calmed down & slept.but I couldn't sleep properly.

i had tutions at 7 am so I woke up at 6 am but I saw tht the nightie was lifted up till her thighs.her sleeping habit was not good.she sleeps deeply & dress gets it was early morning,the room had enough light.i sat exactly near ar feet.i was looking at her white & creamy thighs.then I gathered courage & strted to lift her nightie very very slowly.

she was in deep a point,nightie was lifted enough & almst her entire thigh was visible.i bent my head a little bit saw the heaven.her pussy was full of pubic hair.i needed to lift a little more & I succesfuly managed that.window was at the direction of her feet so enough light was coming from there & everything was visible to me at daylight.

i noticed a drop of liquid type of thing at her pussy lips.i'll never forget tht moment.i was shivering in tension as I first saw a womans was pinkish inside I suppose.i came closer to get a more nice view.i decided to touch there.first I put one finger on her pussy,no reaction.second finger,no reaction.

third finger,still nothing..thn I put my entire palm on her pussy but touched so gently & smoothly & still she not woke up.i dnt knw wht happened to me,but I was very close to her pussy & suddenly gave a deep kiss on her pussy..

it surely woke her up but she was acting of sleeping.gaining extreme courage, I kissed once more & finally licked her pussy.her pubic hairs brushed my nose,cheek..i knew she must have wake up so I didnt faal back.after lickin for a mnt,i started fingering her wid my two was a gr8 pleasure..

i increased my speed & after few minutes she burst out some liquid which I had never seen or heard before..during the entire process she was moaning while closing her eyes.little before bursting,she opened her eyes & told "wht r u doing,stop it..aaahhh".those juices made the path sleepery & an awkward sound was creating whn I was fingering.

i parted her wet pussy lips & saw a pink heaven,by the knowledge of 'kamasutra' I identified the clit & was caressing the clit.she suddenly jumped up,hold me tight gave me the most passionate kiss. she told"do u knw how much I luv u?never leave me behind,i'm all urs" & was breathing heavily..i cnt believe she admitted this at that time..i jumped on her & both rolled on bed,

i was restless to explore her body,so I stopped kissing at a point..then I lifted her nightie till her neck. i saw her nude for the first time.she had a nice figure with tight boobs & tight ass.maybe she had 32 or 34c sized boobs then. i also told tht I loved her very much.she was always my dream came true & I never wanted to let the moment go.

i sat on her belly & was squeezing her breasts wildly.i noticed for the first time tht her nipples got hard & I understood that it happens.i decided to taste her breasts & starte to suck her both nipples one by was a heavenly pressur for a 16 yr old like me.i sucked her hard nipples for a long long time,it tested so sweet to me.

she hold my head towards her boob tightly & was pressing hard.i gave a slight bite on her nipples & those became red.aunt was moaning dick was harder & longer than ever before & it started to,i removed my bermuda.seeing my fully erect penis,she got up & planted kisses on my penis,balls & even on pubic was amazing.

she used her tongue to lick sides of my penis & balls,but she didn't suck it completely.she started to rub my penis with her hands & told,"so u masturbate this way?"i was hot from the begining & after she had started this,i could hold for 2-3 mnts only & I sprayed my cum all over her hand.she cleaned those with her nightie & throwed it on the floor.

she asked "ab kya karoge?"i told that I want to do it with her. she asked if I was sure.i replied positive.but she told that it was not possible that day bcoz she had a problem & we also didn't have any heart was breaked.seeing this she told we could do one thing.i asked her "what"?in reply she kissed me deeply once more & made me lay down with her while holding tightly.

my dick was touching her pussy & she started to move our genitals were rubbing each other.though I didn't penatrate her but still was a wonderful feeling.while doing this,i started to talk dirty & complimented eroticly on all parts of her dick became hard again.we decided to play wid our private parts.

i touched her boobs,then her pussy with my dick..we laid down naked & were hugging each other till 9 am in morning..i totally forgot my tutions. after 2 days,we had our first sex in very similar fashion.we didn't even used condoms.i cut her pubic hairs with scissors on tht day & she cut mine.our relationship continued for 6-7 months,

inbetween I had sex wid her 8-9 times.but these two incidents I have shared with u were the catalyst of all incidents. we had faced some personal & family problems there after so we stopped that erotic journey of ours.but I still remember her fragrance,maybe I still have something left for her in my heart.

dear readers,she is married now for 2 yrs & last month gave birth to a child.she is currently staying(for 1 month)in her mother's house & I go to meet her once in a week..but I think I shouldn't do anything that can harm her family I right?

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Ekta getting fucked by her own sibling

I am Ekta. I am from a big joint family and I am too a reader of this. I have completed my 12th sci from a good college. My family consists of 17 members. This is my first time to express my experience with my big brother “the night on the step day of my marriage”. Writing in front of you after 11 months of my marriage.

I have been married on 10th august 2005 with a well developed well fine doctor. Okay here is my story...I was engaged on July 10th and as on engagement ceremony, marriage date was fixed right after 1 month. I was too excited and frightened to see any male’s penis in my life, but I was unsuccessful. Just seen on net.

I just want to see the real penny of any guy, boy, anyone and that was my target in the life. I was unsatisfied that may be I will die without seeing the same... And when my marriage was fixed I was totally humbled that the days have come in my life, but was so frightened about having sex firstly in my life with an unknown partner.

I was totally, fully, sad that what will happen on the first day of my night. Questioning myself from the date of engagement over my home from morning to evening and full night, anytime, anywhere, while working, while eating, even while sleeping. I can't mention in my words the thinking. The days were coming near and near.

My big bro. Rahul was male beauty parlor technician, was well qualified and uses to fulfill all my needs in my life from school to college. He was married with a young dance teacher which was from our city too. Hence she was pregnant she has gone to her home for rest... (She will come on marriage date) and my brother was having one shop of beauty parlor attached to our native residence place,

where no ladies were allowed. He was nearly 6" tall with good personality and was national player of hockey (means he was athletic). Many of the colonies girls were trying to make friendship (love ship) with him, but he was too good and faithful and uses to think not to loose anybody’s life (especially girls). In short to tell he was totally physically fit for any women (any women).

Anyone though actress would also give her life to him, that much good he was through externally as well as internally. Coming to the story, the day came which was 8th of august 2005 step day before my marriage. My facial and scrubbing and the other things which are done before marriage was going too held through my brother on that day.

Cause he was good technician. He suggested to all our parents that it is better to get those all sorts of pre-beauty aging in shop but after shop closing time (it means after 10 o clock). Ok. Whole day I stayed with my relatives who were here from many places for my marriage ceremony.

After getting that mehendi and etc things, at late night, it means at nearly 11 o clock after dinner my brother and I was there on the shop for my beauty care. Firstly I have told you that I was nearly thinking the same things that what will happen on the first day, because I was virgin and it will be more painful to me to manage that night with that new guy, but ignored.

Me and my brother only we two were in the shop late night after entering inside he shut down the shutter. We were on the step that when I was wearing my haldi’s saree my brother told me to take off my upper folds of the saree from my shoulder, where the beauty mate material may not affect the saree. I was on the chair for the same.

My brother start the process on my face, hands, legs and lumbar region, while doing all sorts of face wash and every type of scrubbing and massaging, I became too hot. My body was feeling, I can’t mention, even not have any words. One important thing was my brothers wife was not with him since last 1 and half month he was also somewhat impressed on my sweetness,

but he was unable to express himself because was his innocent thinking and I was going to marry. While all sorts of experiments going upon my body, he was totally free while doing all the experiments of those herbal products on me. Firstly done upon face and he strictly told me not to open my eyes, cause it may affect eyes. He cut two pieces of one fruitycuck and placed upon my eyes.

After that he massaged my neck with that specific mixture, next he massaged it to my hands as well as legs till my knees. While doing these all I was too hot and I started moaning. He was able to determine that what is wrong with me. He told me Gudiya(my nick name) stops those feeling, I am your big. Brother and it is not applicable that we should make any wrong relation here,

cause you are my dearest and nearest and sweetest small sister getting married in the next step day. But I was unable to control myself, I pleaded my bony brother and let know all the things troubling me since the engagement date. Brother was red hearing these all things. He too can’t control himself, that he also doesn’t know that he is too in the same temptation upon me many times,

but cause of innocent mind he haven’t troubled me or any other virgins before. But today he loosed his everything and the moment came in my life. Rahul bhaiya (brother) started massaging my breasts from upside blouse and said that I had been masturbating every night thinking of you since last 1 and half month (cause his wife was not here) then and waiting for this wonderful night,

but not affording for the same (cause of big family) “now please don't stop..... Let it go.... Please”, he now too pleaded me the same. Then he started. I was happy to hear all this from my own brother's mouth. He washed my face, legs, upper hands, lumbar as well as my mehendi, completing everything in few minutes. He smooched me. Our tongues met and started playing.

I had never expected all this so easily but now he was all mines. I slowly removed his t-shirt and was amazed to see his hairy chest, cuts, arms all and everything. I was exhausted. He said Gudiya you are too sexy, and though you are my own sister, I like you too much to much, never to my wife also. Then I asked" bhaiya, can I ask you something? I never had sex earlier?"

he said “Gudiya, this is the first time any guy has touched you there. And I always wanted me to be you." he was blushing. This was making me wilder. He asked “Gudiya, would you like to give me a blow job the way those girls give in the movie" (he assumed that I would have seen those movies and he was right) pointing towards dick.

I wanted it badly but was still hesitating, as he was my brother and we were from one family. I said, “bhaiya, I surely want if you don’t mind". He said “oh come on just do it Gudiya I am dying there is no need to hesitate, so what if I am your brother. Now we are from one family and now we are friend and though you are getting married day after tomorrow,

it is good to know something before your first night and I will seduce you and you help me with it, that there will be no pain while with your hubby”. And he told in sweet language that my little sister will be burdened by that donkey and he will give her pain tooooooo. So a friend in need is a friend indeed as like my brother understand. Just forget our relation and let’s enjoy this moment".

I held his cock in my soft hands and started moving it up and down. He was looking in my eyes and his eyes were raping my body. I slowly moved my tongue on the tip of his 8” dick. Wow..... It was like a dream. This is my first time……… and we both were unable to expect this situation cause of my first time…..

I asked brother how does you wife means my sister in law take this huge cook, she is too cute than me, how she bears….. He shyly knocked me and said, ask to her only after she meets you…. Okay… I said I will definitely….I covered his dick with my lips and started playing with his balls with my one hand. It was amazing....

His head of the penis was fastly moving up and down giving me the best of life, for which I was waiting from many years. I was finding myself uncomfortable taking his big dick in my mouth. But he still continues. I was trying to take it completely. He started moving hard too and fro. Aaaaaa...…. Aaaahhhhhh......

Aaahhahhhh he was feeling that he was about to cum......aaahhhhh.... Gudiya... Aahhh... Faster... Faster Gudiya.....don’t stop please..... Gudiya... He was moaning.... He was about to cum but I don’t want to eat his cumm though he wants so. Lastly he didn't inform me and I didn't get to know as it was my first time.

He was faster and faster to make me enjoy..... Aaahhhh... Aaahhh.... And in just another one minute he shooted all in my mouth..... Catching my hair tight. He chocked and pulled my mouth... He was still shooting his cum and it spread all inside mouth and throat and coming out. I was totally exhausted...... I was feeling bad at that time… that gummy gummy chicky cum….

So bad…. I fastly got washed over there in a moment. Now he was opening the buttons of my blouse and after the same there were round, some small & firm tits which were erect. His hands were now fondling my soft boobs. He kissed my boobs and pressed my pink nipple with his lips and there was a loud moan out of me. He slowly removed my saree along with panty.

Wooowww.... It was a wonderful view of well shaven pink fresh pussy of mine to him. He was now again kissing me and also moving his hands all over my body. I had never imagined that things will go so easy. All my luck. He moved his hand on to my pussy and started rubbing it. My pussy was all wet. He stopped me and said I want you to kiss all over your body “he said innocently”.

I smiled at him and he started kissing me from toes to ankle and legs and then thighs. As he reached between my thighs to kiss my pussy, I held his head with hairs and pressed it towards my pussy. I was giving me pleasure and though it was new for me. “Lick me dear...lick me...lick me hard...". He started eating my pussy like a dog.

He thought of doing it to his sweet sister was making him hard. He continued licking me. "aaaaahhh.... Aaahhhh ahhhh.... Ooooohhh... Uffffff" my moans were making me wild. Suddenly I came all over his mouth pulling his hairs with that wonderful pain. I had never seen such a big orgasm in my life coming from me first time as I am peeing.

His face was completely wet with my perfumed sweet juice. Then he asked me if I was sure to fuck, I said I wanted it to be me to break my cherry I said please do it I love you so much while puling me into his arms, he started kissing me and raised my legs and opened them more to receive his large cock into my tight virgin pussy.

As he was entering my pussy I said its hurts so bad he said that now I am at your hymen and that’s what’s hurting you, I said ok I am ready as I raised my hips forward and pushed toward his cook and we came together in the middle as over hips met while French kissing he was moaning and I was moaning as well,

it felt so good inside me my brothers cook just knowing he was deep within her body and feeling his depths and having his arms around me and his legs around my back. My pussy was full of blood, but I don’t care, because he was my own brother, no one else (I was crying, when my brother asked can I stop, but don’t allow him to stop).

We continued…. He was very sensitive and was much careful, as we were slowly thrusting one another for at least 5-6 mins I felt his balls tighten, I must have felt his cock swell and started to kiss my pelvis, he then said can I cum inside of me I said you can, but….. Nothing happens if I gets pregnant and I started to tighten his legs around my back looking in his eyes saying

fill my pussy with your seed and make me your women for these remaining days as he was feeling his balls to the point of no return he started to unload deep within me, pumping load after load deep inside me and were kissing I said uff my god I can feel your cum shooting in me, while laying there after unloading the biggest load of my life from my big brother,

his cock was deep in me and still hard, now I started to cum again and could not stop, he was so hard and then he fucked me and seduced me greatly on that wonderful beauty night again. Well that night was the best of many nights to come. Next morning when we wake up I found that he was unaware of what happened last night.

But then the guilty feeling was still there in his as well as my mind. The whole day we went with that feeling. At night I went to sleep in my room. As I slipped into my bed that incident started hitting my thoughts. My eye was close and was again feeling that softness in my thoughts.

Those thoughts were coming again and again to my mind and in few minutes I found my pussy getting wet. My hand was pumping it gently. I was surprised of this sudden change in me. From guilty I had started fantasizing my own brother. But, it was all so beautiful. His big dick and his soft skin.... I had never ever determined anything like that about my brother’s pleasure given me that night.

Today I realized that he is so hot and beautiful with innocence, and my sister in law is lucky. I hope in future if you all give me such response I will write more and more stories over my hubby’s clinic, clients and relation with brother after marriage.

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Dipto having sex with young Aunt

Hi,all the readers of humandigest.This is Dipto from kolkata.I'm 21yrs old software engineer & got a job in a top multinational company this yr through clg campussing.I have never posted before in this there can be little mistakes,i hope u'll forgive me 4 these mistakes.I think its so far the most secret incident of my life which I hav shared wid only 2 brothers of mine.

But,now I have decided to share this real incident with u.There is nothin fake,no imagination at all..if any1 does think so,i have nothing to do,its totally his personal opinion.Now,lets move to the story. I live in a town very near to kolkata.I was only in class 9 then whn it happened.One of my mothers cousin, named shweta(name changed),moved in to our town wid her family from a more remote place.

She was 22 yrs of old then.she is actully short,(4ft11 in),but has a very fair complexion..she was not beautiful but was sexy because of her figure.Altogether u can say,she was attractive. After their moving in,their(my mothers uncle's) family started to visit us frequently.But shweta aunt visited the most bcoz she had managed to get some students near our home & started to come regularly to our locality.

She was very fond of my mother & often helped my mom in her kitchen & in othr things. She was also very very close to me & we used to chat abt many things.Soon,we started to chat on our love life. I came 2 knw tht she had no bfriend then..i also had no grlfrnd..we were getting closer in each & every passing day.One day in puja vacation,she dressed perfectly & was looking hot.

I complimanted her like"u r looking sexy,aunt".She gave a wink & smile in reply.Slowly & gradually we started to use the term 'sexy'...& soon we strted to talk abt sex. It was totally new expernce to me as I was only 15 then & talking to an elder girl abt sex was simply amazing.By tht time,she strted to spend long time in our home,sometimes for the whole aftrnoon,

i used to sleep in my room but she often joined me later aftr cleaning the dishes & chatting wid my one had any complain as every1 knew the age dffrnce & the relation betwn my room was not visible frm mothers room,i gained courage sumtimes & hugged her,we used to chit chat abt all things on the aftrnoon times in bed while still I was hugging her all the times..

i could feel the warmth of her body..ths continued for sum 2-3weeks. I really liked her a lot & loved her company.I used to share every snack,chocolates of mine wid her bcoz I knew she liked those..let me inform 1 thing,her family conditions were not good,she had to earn her money herself through,often she didn't have any chace to fullfill her needs..

as I liked her,i tried to share as much as possible wid her..even bought her some cosmetics secretly from my savings from tiffin.She noticed my care 4 her & was very amazed & pleased to think tht sum1 cares 4 her.She told me these many times. We used to fight on small things,so physical touch was obvious & many times my hands, my palms brushed her soft breasts,

it was a gr8 feeling.When we got more closer,in afternoon,she often caressed me wid my hairs..moving her hands slowly on my face chest wid a lot of affection..this contineud sumdays & then I started to caress her,on her face at first.aftr sumday I gained courage & caressed her neck,shoulders,arms also..thn the day came atlast...

it was 19th nov,2004..we got so close in 6 tht night,she stayed wid us bcoz the next day there was a father & mother slept in 1 room.Me,my 9yr old sistr & aunt slept in my room..the door was shut,my sistr slept in betwn late night,we moved & aunt managed to move my sleepy sis in 1 side.thn we hugged 2gether & were chattin,

almost like whispering..slowly she strted 2 caress me & strtd to caress her..she stopped suddenly & closed her eyes..but I continued..i strted frm her face & finished around her neck..she was wearing a low cut nightie,as she was laying down..her cleavege was clearly visible..slowly I moved down & caressin her lower neck & then felt her cleavege..

she reacted nothing but I knew she wasn't sleeping,i got more courage & strted from face to cleavege..each time I was moving down my palm little lower..aftr a minute my hand reached under her nightie felt her bra..we both knew,there was no turning back & my slid my hand under her bra..i got my first touch of life of awomens breast,those were so sft & fumble..

not huge in was so far the greatest pleasure of my life,i gently strted to press her both boobs though I was very excited..she strted to make some whispering sound,i was carrying on as I knew she must be enjoing this..i squizzed thm for abt 20 mnt.I tried to pull the neck of the nightie down so I can see those boobs & suck them,but I couldn't succedd..

thn I slowly kissed her forehead,cheeks & thn the lips..but aftr sum time,i found tears on her cheeks..i dnt knw wht happend but may be she wasfeeling guilty..i din't proceed further watchin this.Bt I kept my hands on her boobs,hugged her tight & slept..nxt morning was beutiful to me but I couldnt even directly look at her eyes,in aftrnoon,i asked her why she was crying,

but she told on diffrnt issue..she said tht she had a gr8 sleep last night wid a naughty smile.I also told the same & said tht I had a dream also..she askd abt the dream but I denied to tell then..we enjoyed the function tht night. After that day,i understood that our relationship have reached a new level.Her stays in her house getting longer, we were hugging each other more ften,

caressing and even exchanged kisses on cheeks frequently.When there was no1 at home,i kissed her on lips in each occation.It made me horny & day,i found a book on 'kamasutra'in my maternal uncle's house & brought it in my house & my aunt had read the book together one day when there was no1 in our house as my mom,sister & father went for shopping..

After completion of that thin book,we both became horny..we discussed abt sex more freely.Suddenly she asked me if I maturbate..i was surprised and told that rarely I do..thn I asked her but she refused to tell the trurth.I asked her abt the color of the bra she was wearing.It caught her wid surprise & told in low voice-'black'.

More often,she stayed in our house at morning,shewas abt 2 go in market wid my mom,i noticed tht aunt's bra strap was much exposed outside of her salwar.I told it to her,but she requested me to fix it..i obliged to do so.One thing I strted to notice that after that night, whenever she is wearing nightie in our house,she is avoiding bra & panty underneath, specially at night.

So,whnvr she bends for somethihng to pick or any thing like that,i got a nice view of her small but firm & well shaped boobs,i liked tht view very much & she noticed it.From thereon,she bent more often for any reson & gave me a closer & nice look at her boobs each time.

Actually, the story doesnt end was just the beginning of our 'choti si love' contineud & went very far.. i'll share all those wid u within this week..i hav no hesitation because i'm not telling any lie,so plz wait..thnx a lot

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Sex with horny Indu Aunty - II

Previously: Sex with Horny Indu Aunty

Hi readers, I am again here with the second part of my joyous moments with Indu aunty. I have already talked in the first part of the story about the hot session of sex with my Indu aunty from Allahabad, and then the incident of going to washroom together completely naked. After finishing and washing our hands we strode together towards our bedroom.

I was on the top of this world with the long craved satisfaction of finally having sex with Indu aunty after so many long years of fascination for her. She was also visibly satisfied and by now all her inhibitions and guilt feelings had disappeared. When walking towards the bed, I asked aunty whether I should turn on the main light of the bedroom.

She forbade me to do so citing the reasons of it being the sleeping time and the pleasure of dim lighting. While coming towards the bed, I was keeping my right palm on the fleshy buttocks of aunty stroking it gently while walking. Aunty had her hairs completely untied now hanging till her waist. I asked aunty for water and both of us drank water and went onto the bed.

We lay down on our back to sleep. But, amazingly, I did not have any psychological urge to sleep, and I felt that the overpowering excitement of aunty lying naked beside me can keep me awake forever. After a few minutes I turned towards aunty on my left as my aunty was lying on my left side.

I stretched my right arm kept my palm on aunt's soft & smooth belly first, and started playing with her navel with my fingers. Slowly and gradually, I moved my palm to her huge spongy breasts and began stroking it gently. I also brought my lips on aunt's cheek and stretched my tongue to gently lick her cheek.

I was sometimes tweaking aunt's nipples and sometimes kneading and squeezing her soft massive breasts with my palms and fingers. Aunty was also not sleeping and probably was thinking about incidents of the last few hours. She came out of her thoughts, and turning towards me and stroking my face with her left hand gently whispered-

"Neend nahin aa rahee.....kuchh soch rahe ho......kyaa soch rahe.........phir karne ka iraada to nahin hai....?" I said looking towards her eyes in the light of night bulb- "Aunty, aaj kaise neend aayegee, jo sapnon mein aatee thee woh bagal mein letee hai... meree barson ki tamanna puree hui hai....meree aunty aap ka jawab nahin."

Aunty just smiled and kissed first on my cheeks and then on lips, and further we were kissing each other passionately in French style. A woman by nature is intuitive, she understands a man's need before it is spoken. Indeed, men are from Mars and women from Venus. Now, aunty has also turned towards me and she was on her right.

I encircled my aunt's body with my arms hugging her tightly and making our lips meeting for a long passionate kiss. Then, I indulged in talk about her life and specially her sex experiences. A woman craves for the partner who is sharing, who can listen to her for long times, with whom she can share her thoughts.

I was asking few questions and listening a lot to make her mine psychologically and emotively. A woman offers all what she can to a man if she feels that the man cares for her, understands her. I knew that females crave for listening ears and empathizing hearts more than solution providing minds.

She described vividly about the regular and daily doses of sex with the uncle after the marriage, and also how they tried sex games in every possible way known to them and at every place feasible. They had sex even in kitchen once. Expositions of her experiments with sex were scintillating and arousing simultaneously.

She described how once uncle came to the kitchen unexpectedly, when she was standing near the gas stove preparing tea. He came unnoticed to her silently from behind and took her into his arms from behind. He put his palms on her breasts and started squeezing and kneading them feverishly, while his hard rod was trying to get into the middle of her arse cheeks over her nightie.

Uncle was half naked without an inch of cloth below his waist, his throbbing hard rod groping for aunt's hole to get inside. She got perplexed about affix about how to react. Before she could make up her mind to react, he bent down and moved the lowest part of her nightie upward to her lower back from behind and began positioning his penis below her arse cheeks to shove his manly weapon into her cunt.

Uncle was in full cognizance of the fact that there was no panty under her nightie at that point of time, as initial months after the marriage meant sex any time any way and time and again. When she felt that it was difficult for him to push his weapon inside her cunt while she stood straight,

she bent down on her waist after switching off gas burner and moved towards her right side placing her palms on kitchen wall for support. It facilitated the slamming of my uncle's hard penis in her vagina conveniently. My uncle didn't lose any moment and fucked her vigorously in that position to the hilt.

She still rejoiced the feelings of those moments when sexual ecstasy arising from vigorous thrusts of husband's hard shafts undermined the pain of inconvenience caused by standing in bent position for minutes together. Ultimately this kitchen fucking reached its climax and many drops of his penile juice fell on the kitchen ground and on her sandals.

She also shared with me how she learnt to apply hair removing creams like Annie French after the marriage to keep her vaginal area free of pubic hairs ready for attacks of uncle's hard and erect penis multiple times everyday. I also learnt from her that uncle's penis was quite thick and long when hard. She had a lot of bleeding on the first night of marriage.

But, with the passage of time the frequency of sex between them has come down heavily and now it's once or twice in a month due to busy schedule of uncle and psychological involvement with the child. Even during these rare sexual encounters, the hardness of uncle's penis was less than what she had experienced in past and longed for even today.

She also accepted that it was first extramarital encounter for her and I was the second person on the earth to penetrate her. The best part of the talk was that in the past years, she had sometimes guessed my intentions when I looked at her in tempting manner. But she was neither sure about it nor ready as she considered this possibility as unethical.

But my movements with her in the daytime and my gestures made her sure about it. She could she the bulge inside my pant when I deliberately made my body parts rub with her body parts with futile attempt to make it sound these collisions as accidental ones. She thought over and over before concluding in her mind that pragmatism of life lied in living for one's own pleasure.

And, by the evening she was mentally ready to have carnal pleasures with me. She wanted to experience the hardness of a young penis and also wanted to experience the successive fucking sessions one after another in a night as young people like me could get the erection of penis just after an hour or half.

I expressed my gratitude heartily for agreeing to have sex with me by kissing her on lips and cheeks lovingly. I understood that my overtures to fuck her once again now was not unexpected for, rather she wished it. I asked her about experience of our sex. She said that that it was very satisfying to get her vagina rammed by a penis with iron rod hardness

and getting her vagina filled to the brim with such a large volume of thick seminal juice. Now uncle was neither getting such hardness in his penis nor does he offload such a huge amount of juice inside her. She expressed her innermost feelings in no uncertain terms that a woman gets satisfied when her cunt gets up filled up by rod like hard penis and one fucks

for a long time in fast and ferocious manner finally filling the vaginal hole with streams of thick white fluid ejected flowing from the penis. Now, aunty was also gradually becoming actively participative and passionate and her body emanated the vibes of sexual invitation. I moved my right leg to put it over her legs so as to circle it horizontally.

For minutes together, we indulged ourselves in deep passionate kissing, biting and each other's lips as if there was no tomorrow. The passion this time had elements of depth and bonding more than the element of hot sexual fever. I felt that the next sex session will not submerge only one's body organ into another's, rather it will be unification of emotions, unification of existences.

Actually, the real love and bonding deepens only when the sexual urge gets subsided. Before the first time sex between two, a lot of feelings and anxieties about other's probable moves and reactions combined with sexual heat not let the feelings of pure bonding and love flourish and deepen.

After the first sex, anxieties die off and the feelings of uncertainty about other's consent get replaced by feelings of gratitude and affection. Although sex between a mature married lady and a student or between an aunty and niece might be perceived as a game of physical lust only and of feverish sex only,

but in fact my very good relation with aunty and my fantasies around her germinated feelings inside me of love and affection at a deeper level, letting me experience the feelings of deepest love, caring and affection. Now, we separated our lips and breathed deeply to compensate for shallow breathing during passionate kissing moments.

My hands were still around aunt's back loosely circling her back. Aunty whispered in my ear bringing her lips closer to it-"Chodoge phir.....garmaa doon lund....thakaa toh nahin...bolo na...?." I didn't answer instantly and brought my face down to aunt's huge breast and began sucking the nipple of her breast. Gradually I brought my hand back and started fondling aunt's another breast.

I was now taking large portion of one breast in my mouth and squeezing other breast with my hand. Aunty was just enjoying the moments. Then, she again repeated her question-"Bolo naa...phir lenaa hai........chodoge aunty ko...hoon?" She gazed at me all agog to hear my yes. I replied whispering in her ear-

"Haan...meree raanee haan...ek bar aur ho jaye toh mazaa aa jayegaa....hai naaaa...."with sucking and squeezing aunt's breasts. I was again getting aroused and felt my flaccid penis started getting its hardness gradually. My penis was near the point where aunt's pubic hairs started from top. Her clitoris and vagina were a few inches below it.

I wanted aunty to know the stiffening of my penis so that she also starts getting cravingly hungry for sex.The joy of sex multiplies when the partner is also burning with desire to be penetrated. I had no intention of making any move if she was not ready and willing, as the real pleasure of love making is willingness and urge of both the people in love.

I brought my right hand down, hold my penis and turned it slightly downward and pushed my waist very lightly towards aunt's body. Aunty was now fully aware of rising hardness in my penis and sure as well about the next session of intense sex.She brought her hand down, held my penis in hand and said-

"Tera lund toh phir sakht ho gayaa...musal jaisa...ab toh is baar ye meree chooth phad ke chhodegaa...aaj toh meree khair nahin." I could understand the woman's ways of reacting in the moments before getting fucked. And, really these are the experiences which make men craving for the company of women they love.

She started playing with my penis, and the touch of woman's hand made my penis bursting into its full possible length. Aunty was an expert hand with decades of conjugal life experience. She certainly knew techniques to make a penis perfectly ready for royal battle. She started rubbing the tip of my penis with her thumb and index finger.

She moved the foreskin of the penis towards the origin of the penis, and kept thumb on the tip of penis on 90degree and stroking it gently and then began rubbing it with her palm's frontal surface. I was experiencing this pleasure first time, actually it was mind-blowing. I left aunt's breasts, again encircled her back with arms and started kissing her.

Next moment, I withdrew my lips and asked with excitement-"Aunty mazaa aa aap kyaa kar rahee ho...ooohhhh meree achchhi aunty..." Aunty was prompt in reply-"Main wahee kar rahee hoon, jo tu chhhahta hai.......ab khud to khada karke lund chooth ke upar sata raha hai...chhor doon.... so jaoon....sambhal lega apni lund.....bahanewaj kahin ka....

tere lund ko khada kadake kadak banaa rahee hoon.........hone de aur sakht ise........tu mujhe bin chode sone toh degaa nahin....pichkari mein abhi aur ras hai...chal chod ke khalsh kar le meree chooth mein....ek tu shaitaan...aur upar se tera ye motaa hi nahin bhartaa.......?"

I embraced her firmly encircling my arms around her and said in requesting style-"Nahin mat rutho aap, ye lund aapke hi liye taiyaar ho raha hai....ek bar aur jam ke chudai karte hain...aapkee chooth bhi abhi aur pyaasee hai....ise aur chudai chahiya....jab motaa musal andar jayega.....isko man bhar raundegaa....toh iski pyaas bhujhegee....

ek baar aur jamkar chudwa lo.......phir so jaana meree bahon mein...meree achchhi aunty". She held my cheek with other hand and said-"Chal chalak ladke....mujhe bachche ki tarah mana raha hai....chal chod le....lund toh khada ho jaane de...banaati hoon isko hathora hila hila ke....phir pel dena chooth mein...aaj chod chod ke sula de...

ab tu mera saiyaan hai na...chodana hai to sharmata kyon hai....main bhi taiyaar hoon.....chod....jitnaa chodegaa...sula de mujhe chod chod ke...chod meree chooth....chod man bhar.." Now aunty was also getting aroused to the hilt once again. She held my hand and putting it on her vagina said-"Chal tuh bhi haath lagaa...ragad isko...garma de...bhatthi jaise..."

I started rubbing aunt's cunt and sometimes inserting finger inside her cunt. Now, aunty was getting excited and her breathing was becoming audible. I thought it as the right time to ask-"Aunty, peechhe se Karen?" She shouted-"......abhi gaadn maroge.....nahin, abhi chooth mein pelo.....garma gayee chooth....phir aag lag gayee...abhi chooth chod le......baad mein...

kal gaadn mar lena jitni marzee....gaadn kahan bhag rahee hai...main abhi Dilli mein hi hoon...marwa ke jaoongee....chooth chodwaaa liyaa toh gaadn bhi marwaoongee....abhi chooth mein kar le..." I was not in hurry to sodomise aunty, as I knew I will fuck her arse next day with her consent and inner craving for the same.

I was leaving no stone unturned to keep aunty happy and let this relationship go on for a long time in future. In non-matrimonial relationship, one wrong move can bring the curtain down in the game of lovemaking being played hidden from the society. I got up halfway on the bed and began moving my mouth towards aunt's cunt.

In order to know more about her likes in sexual act, I questioned her-"Aunty aapko chudai mein kyaa kyaa achchha lagta hai.......aaapki chooth ko chaatoon?" She said-"Karo na teree marzee hai to....mujhe to bas achchha lagta hai mere upar chadhkar koi banka mard mote lund se jor jor se chode....khoob chode...ghanto chode....din raat chode....

chooth ko lund se ragad ragad ke phad de....lund sakht ho to uska thokar dil khush kar deta hai.....aur khoob bol bol ke chodo....galiyaa galiyaa ke chodo.......jitni gandi baaten...chodwaaane mein utnaa mazaa aata hai...tuh to mard hokar auraton jaise sharma raha hai...chal shuroo kar...neeche chooth mein moonh lagaa aur apana lund mere moonh

mein dal de...apni marzee puree kar le... phir chadhkar chod mujhe.....pel de garam hathoda meree chooth mein....chod sari raat meree chooth ko....bana de bua ko randee...palat na jaldi...laa daal apni lund mere moonh mein.......chooswa le lund aunty se......tu chaat meree chooth ko...le le swaad meree chooth ka.. kar jaldi "

I had got the secret of aunt's pleasure and decided to say as much vulgar country words as possible. I also understood that aunty was not very much interested in oral sex, her pleasure lied in forceful thrusts of rod inside her cunt vigorously combined simultaneously with sex talk in country language.

Really, sex is the ultimate passion and it requires total surrender, complete madness to enjoy it to the hilt. Then only, one can taste the blissful state of timelessness and egolessness. I made my way towards aunt's cunt and started licking and sucking it. I had no way to satisfy her desire for vulgar talks as mouths of both of us were performing their supreme duties.

Aunty simultaneously took my penis in her mouth and stated sucking it. She began to lick my shaft from its base till the beginning of the head. Then, she indulged into mouth- fucking, running her lips and tongue up and down the length of my shaft. I also reacted by pushing my penis as much deeper as possible with the movements of my waist.

Once my penis touched eve the tonsil of aunty, when she withdrew her mouth instantly from my penis and yelled at me-"Kyaa kar rahaa hai......Dhakke chooth mein lagaana.....moonh mein aur kyon dhakelta hai...choosne de araam se." On the other end, I had inserted my tongue inside aunt's cunt and was tongue fucking her gently and squeezing her fleshy butts

sometimes inserting my finger inside her anal hole as well. Aunty was now again ready burning with the heat of sexual passion and craving for thrusts of hard rod inside her cunt, the soft tongue was not enough to satiate a lady aroused to the hilt and dying for thrusts of hard rod inside her vagina. And above all, she was not the lady of long mouth-fucking type and semen-gulpers.

She is a typical Indian lady with deep-rooted craving of long and thick shaft to be slammed and pumped in and out of the cunt by a strong male continuously till she loses her consciousness. She said in impatient and passionate tone-"Aaja ab upar aa jaa mere saiyaan raja....ho gayee chusai...ab chadh jaa mere upar....chod mujhe dhoon ke....chooth mein lund pel.....

ban gayaa hathoda....chod jaldi.....chod naa...... ghusa de chhatee tak...chod sara dam lagaa ke.." I followed aunt's command like a disciplined soldier and removed my face from aunt's vagina. I moved my body on the bed to change directions of my legs and head in the opposite directions and took my position sitting in kneeling position with my erected penis in the direction of aunt's vagina.

Aunty lifted her legs and moved them in opposite directions farther to cause maximum opening of her cunt. The whitish fleshy thighs of aunty spread apart and vaginal area in the middle with small pubic hairs were driving me crazy to the hilt. I knew through experience that second time sex just after an hour will last longer than the first session and there will be a lot more pearls of sexual bliss to be explored and experienced.

I moved forward positioning my hot rod on cunt's opening. Aunt's cunt was now visible, wide and tilted upward. Aunt's helping hand came forward in the exactly right moment, she held my shaft with her right palm and fingers and dragged it speedily to her cunt's opening and grunted-"Pel de lund jor se...chod jor se...ghusa de lund chhhatee tak....

kar chudai ab jitni marzee...bua ki chooth phad de mere laal...ab toh tu hi mera saiyaan hai... chod apni ranee ko jor se" I shoved my penis inside her longing cunt fast and forcefully as my aunty was a lady in late thirties fucked uncountable times, not a virgin of 16.These are the facts which makes me crazy of mature ladies far more than girls in their 18s or 20s.

I started making vigorous thrusts pumping my penis in and out of aunt's vagina with my full strength. This time I was psychologically more comfortable and relaxed, and I wanted to make this session as long as I could. I knew that the only way to ensure the continuation of my sexual relationship with Indu aunty was to provide her better satisfaction and excitement than my uncle i.e. her husband.

I wanted to perform like a real macho who can tear apart female' vagina and can make them begging for cessation of sexual session of vigorous rapid thrusts. I tried my best to satisfy her sexual thirst in every possible way. I wanted to give her more than what she wanted and all what she wanted.

I held my aunt's shoulders by positioning my hands below her shoulders and holding her shoulders by my palms. She threw her legs across my loins and gripped me with extremity of firmness as if trying to force my hard shaft still deeper into her hot vaginal hole, simultaneously hugging me closer against her spongy breasts.

My mouth was over the aunt's mouth with a gap of barely a few centimeters. I enjoyed the expressions on her face while she was moaning with sexual pleasure- "Aaaaahhha..........aaaaahhhhhaa........ aaaaahhhhhaa............ aaaaahhhhhaa.......... Aaaaahhhhhaa..........chod bua ko........ aaaaahhhhhaa...... aaaaahhhhhaa

aaaaahhhhhaa.......phad de chooth......."Aunty was arousing me into heights of sexual sensations with her words and moaning. I kept aunt's liking in my mind about sexual talks and asked-"Aunty maza lo chudai ka.....aaj aisa chodunga ki chooth kadaah uthegee.....mitao jalan apne chooth kii........"

She was promptly replying-"Haan chod na pel ke.....bujhaa de meree aag.....main teree dulhan mazaa lund ka....chod meree chooth raja........tang failaye letee hoon......pel andar jor se.......maar thokar chooth mein....aaj sab dharma tod diyaa......teree suhagan ban gayee......kar de mast kar chodkar..........aahhhh.....aaahhhh......uuuuuuuiiiiiii maa.....

ghode jaisa lund kahan chhupaya tha.......chod saari raat....... Aaaaahhhhhaa.............. aaaaahhhhhaa........... aaaaahhhhhaa................. aaaaahhhhhaa........uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiii maaaaaa.....chod mere saiyaan......ah..ah...ah...ah...." Aunty was also throwing her hips in excitement, probably an inbuilt mechanism of nature ingrained in females to facilitate complete insertion of penis in vagina.

She was making upward thrusts fiercely with her vagina and her big buttocks were simultaneously bouncing and jumping on the bed making "thak...thak" noise against the bed. I was also pushing my rod fiercely inside her cunt to the hilt. The room was full of sexual sounds, the moaning of aunty and sound of jerks were echoing in the room.

I wanted to indulge her more in sexual talks to fire her libido and screamed-"Lo meree ranee chudwao man bhar...aaj chooth phad doonga...le mere lund ka mazaa meree dulhan.....manaa suhagraat.......chudwa saiyaan se rasdar chooth.....itne saalon se mujhe tadpatee thee......chhupa ke saree petticoat mein......aaj hui nangee toh le mazaa lund kaa.....

loota apni chooth......hai meree raanee..... kitni mast chooth karta hai raat bhar chodoon...."She was unhesitating now in talks-"Chod na raat bhar.....dikha na apni jawani.....mita de iski jalan......chod apnee dulhan ko..............chod man bhar......jitnaa chod sak....main chooth failaye letee hoon.....pel raat bhar apna lund."

Then I asked-"Kitni bar chodwaaati ho raat mein?"She replied-"Ab kahan.......ab toh kabhi kabhar.....shaadi ke samay to to ek raat mein char char bar choda tha........tera toh naya lund hai khada ho jata hai..... lund toh unka bhi lamba hai......ab itnaa sakht nahin hota.......chod.....chod apni ranee ko.....ab...chalee jaoongi toh phir bar bar wahan kaun chodegaa.......".

I replied-"Aap mauka nikaalana...main wahan bhi chodungaa...." I put my lips on aunt's lips and began kissing in French style while continuing fucking her. Aunty was settling for nothing less than perfect sex.She was shouting-"Lund ko pura nikaalo aur jor se asal mazaa aayega...chooth ka parwh mat karo...aurat kuan hotee hai......

doosri bar mein jaldi nahin jharega....chudai ka asali mazaa ab aayega mere raja...chooth ka asli mazaa ab milega....pura nikaalkar pelo.....aahhhhha.....aahhh...aaahhhaa....."I just complied and started removing my penis almost fully out and slamming it again fast and ferociously as hammering the thick nail in hard concrete surface of wall.

Aunty was ecstatic-"Wah...wah.....aise hi chodo......pelo.....aur pelooo......aaaaahhhha.............. aaaaaahhhhhaaa....... aaaahhhhha......ban gayee teree bhar gaya kasam se......aaaahhhha.....aaaahhhhha." As I kept on slamming my hard shaft in and out of aunt's cunt,she was maddening with sexual ecstasy--

"Aaaaahhhhhhaaa........aaaahhhhhaa.........aaaahhhhhaaa.........aaaahhhhhaa....uuuuuuiiiiiii maaaaa...mazaa aa gaya...tuh pakka chodakkar......chod mere raja.....phad de meree choooth.....oooohhhhhh.........ooooohhhh......pel lund jor se......phad de chooth.....aaaahhhha........oh mere asli saiayan......."

I was also striking the deal, striking the iron while it is hot, and whispered in her ear-"Aunty main aapko hamesha chodunna chahta hoon."She was moaning and saying-"Ab toh ho gayee tumharee........manaa kaise karoongee......jab kahega.....taang failaa doongee......tum chadh jaana....pel denaa lund......chod lenaa man bhar.....kar diyaa chooth tere hawale........

khulee chooth hai tere liye....jab chaahe chod le....tere lund ki diwanee ho gayee.....ho gayee teree...loot mazaa....chodtaa rah din raat aaaaahhhhaaa....main to ho gayee tumharee.....aaahhhha.... aaahhhhha...... aaaahhha...aaaaahhhhha.....pel jor se..........ooohhhh...oohhhh..."

As I wanted to make the best out of it for the both of us my beloved my dream Indu aunty and myself, I thought of trying other postures known to me and I intended to go for western or doggy style. I beseeched the consent of my beloved aunty with my hard rod pumping rapidly inside her deep vagina-"Aunty....meree ranee...ab doggy style mein chodte hai...bahut mazaa aayega..."

Indu aunty engulfed my head with her palms from behind and said in voice mixed with moaning, screaming, excitement and love-"Uuuuuunnnn...,mujhe kuttee banaa ke chodegaa......tumko man lagta hai......yeh mardon ka bhi man bawala hota hai....chal nikaal lund, main palataee hoon....chod le kuttee banaa ke...."

I slammed my rod inside her cunt ferociously to the hilt 3-4 times and then withdrew it from her hot vagina." My aunty turned on her belly first then raised her body on her arms and legs. I came behind aunt's buttocks with my shaft in my right hand hard and prepared to slam her cunt from behind. I positioned my rod on her cunt's hole by finding the vaginal opening

with my left hand and asked in aunt's favourite language-"Pel doon lund...taiyaar ho.." She reciprocated screamingly-"Pel naa...puchh kyaa rahaa hai.......kuttee jaise chooth failaye baithee hoon....ghuser na apnaa lund....chod apni dulhan ko kutta jaise.....lund to tera ghode jaisa hai....chod raha hai kuttee bana ke....uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa...kyaa kyaa

karwayega....chod dam lagaa ke jaldi jaldi....ghusa chooth mein apni lund..." I shoved my hard hot rod inside her burning hole and began humping faster and faster. I talked to my aunty in her language-"Kuttee ban ke ghoda ke lund ka mazaa lo....aapki chooth ko bhi yaad rahegaa....badee pyasee hai...lund khane se man hi nahin bhartaa...lo lund chooth mein...gaya chhatee tak...

phad doon chooth...hai meree ranee...meree janeman...kitni mast ho...mazaa aa gaya...ooohhhh...lo pelta hoon sara lund andar...aapke chooth ki sara jalan mitata hoon....chooth ki khair manaao.." Aunty was on the height of her sexual passion shrilling-"Oooohhhhhhhh.......ooooohhhhhh.......ooooohhhhhh.....Chod mere saiyaan..

mere raja...phad meree chooth.....aaj kar de behosh chod chod kar...uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa.....aaaaahhhhhaa......aaaaahhhhhaaaa..........aaaaaahhhhhaaa..........aaaaahhhaa....cuuchiyon mein haath lagaao naa...........oooooohhhh mere saiyan mast lund hai.....sakht lund ko taras gayee thee.....mazaa aa gayaa...chod danadan......ragad de chooth meree.....

bana de meree chooth ka bhosra........oooooohhhhh...... aaaaaaahhhhaaa chod mere saiyaan.......chod raat bhar.." And I lost the count of moments and minutes I was just fucking her harder...harder harder trying to dig deeper and deeper in her heavenly hole. I moved my hands from aunt's shoulders to her breasts and my chest and belly were aunt's upper and lower back.

But, I was able to fuck her harder with hands on her shoulders touching it from beneath and palms clasping shoulders tightly. Hence, after some minutes, I again held her shoulders in the previous style realizing that innermost craving of my aunty my new wife was to get fast and forceful thrusts inside her vagina to the hilt which can tear her vagina in her fantasies.

Aunty was screaming-"Aise hi chod jor se..... chodtaa rah...chod meree chooth....aahhhhhha.......aaahhhha.......mera saiyaan......phad mereee choooth.... ooooohhhhh.......oooohhhh......uuuuuuuiiiii maaaa.....nehaal ho gayeee.....oh bhatijaa......mera saiyaan ban jaa......oooohhhhhhh......... After some time, I can't say how many minutes exactly, aunty was tired on her legs and said-

"Thakk gayee.....pair hath dookh gayaa... ab letne de....tu upar se chod.....tu toh jawan hai...main thak jaatee hoon....letne de....mard upar chadhkar chode toh aurat ka man bhartaa hai......chod apni lugai ko chadhkar......uuuuuiiii maaaa....."I was also not in the position of fucking from the top, I needed some rest for my legs and waist as well.

I said-"Aunty...karwat lekar let jao...main bhi doosre karwat se karta hoon." I withdrew my penis from her cunt, and moved my body towards the left of the bed and aunty also lay down on right side opposite me. I held the right leg of aunty by hand and moved it upward to expand vaginal hole. I positioned both my legs between her legs and directed my shaft again towards her cunt.

Aunty put her left hand on my buttocks and pulled me towards herself so that my penis slams into her vagina conveniently. Now, I was making comparatively slower thrusts and took aunt's left breasts in my mouth and started sucking her heavenly breasts in turn one by one.

Aunty was also enjoying relaxed sex and was stroking the back of my head with one hand and my buttocks with another. Indu aunty was moaning loudly now-"Oooooohhhhh.........oooohhhhhhh.............aaaaahhh.........chodta rah mere saiyaan ...mauj karwa di tune.....aaaj chooth mein bade din bad mazaa aayaa....karta rah...aaaahhhhh......aaaaahhhhhha."

Now, I was again feeling pressure inside my penis and seminal juice was ready to come out of it. I warned my aunty in advance like meteorological department making thunder forecasts for fishers on the seashore-"Aunty, ab meraa honewala hai...mujhe jor se pakad lo." She said with satisfaction-

"Achchha meraa bhi ho gaya....ab tu upar aaja....sara ras chooth mein girne de....bhar de meree chooth ko....bahr de chooth ka kona kona.....aajaa mere upar....upar se chodkar giraa....kar sawan ki barsaat meree chooth mein......puraa ghusakar giraa.....aaaahhhh.....uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa....mar gayee..ooohhhh".

And, she turned slowly to lie on her back with my body on her top ensuring my penis is still inside her cunt.I again held my aunt's shoulders positioning my arms below her armpits, and made final vigorous thrusts inside her vagina. With final thrust inserting my penis to the deepest part of her hole, I let the juice flow inside her deep hole.

She was now stroking my head with her hands keeping my face on her neck and saying lovingly-"Gira de sara ras meree chooth mein......tune aaj chod chodkar nihal kar diyaa....uuuuuuiiiiii maaaaaaaa gaya garam garam rasdhar kar di.....tera lund toh pichkari chhod raha hai....bhar gayee chooth."

I made symbolical effort to come down from her body, but she whispered-"Rahne de andar abhi....nikalne de saraa maal....abhi nikaalega to upar gir jayega....ab bathroom kaun jayega...thak gayee gaadn hila hila ke...jharne de sab chooth mein...lund ko araam karne de meree chooth mein..."

After a few minutes and my penis still inside her vagina and myself on top of her, I asked jokingly-"Isi mein dalkar so jaaon?" She patted on my cheeks saying-"Shaitaan kahin ka...aise koi sota hai.....lund phool jayega...ab nikaal le dheere se aur so ja meree bahon mein....tere hi paas to hoon...kahan bhag rhee hoon...."

I embraced her in my arms both lying opposite to each other on our sides and said-"Achchha aunty good jao...ab soobah jagkar chodenge.."She patted on my back saying- "Achchha...uthaa denaa jaldi mujhe subah... ke abhi so jao..." Next morning, we got up around eight am and had no time for love-making.

We left home early and went to govt. office to drop aunty, and then I rushed for my college. In the cab we kept on gazing at each other with affection and satisfaction. I just once asked aunty whispering in her ear-"Condom lanaa hai?" She almost slapped on my shoulder with grin on her face saying-"Chupp...Koi jaroorat nahin..."

I could not ask more as the cab driver was present on the front seat. I reached my college 15 minutes late. I attended some lectures and case study sessions in the college and left the college at 4pm without wasting any time in cafeteria with friends. I told my friends that I need to go early as my relatives are waiting for me. Aunty was also free by 4.30 pm that day from the govt. office.

I just had to wait for barely 20 minutes when aunty arrived at flat. Aunty was looking really gorgeous in her green saree worn below the deep navel and matching blouse with bulging round heavy breasts inside. When she entered the drawing room, our eyes met and there was mischievous smile on our faces.

I closed the gate hastily and came back towards aunty and held her in my embrace from behind. She was also very happy and said-"Are baba haath munh to dho loon.....main yahin hoon...tumhare paas sari raat."I let aunty keep her purse and bag of files and let her go to wash room. I went to the kitchen to prepare tea.

After ten minutes we both had tea together and I enquired about progress in govt. office. She said that it seems it will not take less than four-five days to get the work done. I said-"Good, 4-5 din to aap rahogee." She started laughing and said-"Tumhen toh mazaa aa gayaa.....4-5 din sunkar,man mein laddoo phut rahen hain aur pant ke andar bhi woh tan gaya hoga.."

Just after finishing the tea, I came close to aunty hugged her and started kissing. At first, I made her sitting on my lap, I had my arms wrapped around her back and chest, and palms over her breasts. I began fondling and squeezing her breasts keeping my palms over her blouse. My penis was slowly and gradually getting hardened exactly below the anal opening of my beloved aunty.

I am sure, she could feel the hardness of my penis below her buttocks in the middle where her anal hole was. I placed my nose into her hair and neck and could smell her body aroma. I slowly whispered in her right ear-"Aap bahut achchhi ho.....raat ka vada toh yaad hai?" She was also prompt in reply-"Haan mere raja yaad hai aur tera lund meree gaadn mein dhakke bhi de raha hai...who bhi pataa hai."

Reading the readiness of my aunty, I started unbuttoning her blouse, and removed her white bra unbuttoning its elastic on aunt's back as well. Now, aunty was half naked from top and she was only in saree and petticoat and panty of course. I was now madly squeezing and kneading aunt's large fleshy breasts.

The experiences of squeezing Indu aunt's spongy breasts are indescribable in words. She was also enjoying and turned her face a couple of times to kiss me. I began to remove the saree from the lower half of her voluptuous body. Aunty stood up and said-"Chalo bed par...yahaan kyaa khade khade gaadn marega...budhuu..."

I put my hand on aunt's waist and led her to the bed. She put her palms on my cheek and tweaking it lovingly and said-"Ab meree saree petticoat kholo.....aur apni ranee ko nangee kar do mere raja......"I began to unwrap her body from the bindings of saree, and then opened the knot of cotton string of her petticoat. Then, I started pulling her panty down her buttocks and legs.

Aunty was gazing at me passionately and then lowered her eyes towards my trousers and finally remarked-"Badi jaldi ho rahi ho gaadn marane ki....pant phaad ke tera lund baahar aanewala hai.....kab se khada hai tera...din bhar yehi soch raha tha.."I said-"Haan meree ranee....lund ne din bhar intezar kiyaa...ab ise jaane do apni gaadn mein..."

I removed her panty as she moved her legs upward in turn to let the panty fall on ground. I just once kissed aunt's vagina and made her turn in opposite direction in standing position to see her arsehole.I put my right palm on her buttocks and made my fingers feel her arsehole, it was hot. Looking at her fleshy buttocks impatiently, I asked-"Aapki ijajat ho to ab iska udghatan karein."

She understood my intentions well. She teased me with the naughtiness of pampered girlfriend-"Iska udghatan tob kab ka ho chukaa....tera lund pehli bar ghusega undar jayega."I said-"Haan meree pyaree ranee mere liye toh pehli baar hai....chalo...ab sabr nahin hota." She replied again instantly-

"Ab kyon der kar raha hai...meree gaadn toh khol dee..ab apne kapde to utaar...apna lund toh nikaal bahar...meree gaadn taiyaar hai...ghusa le apna lund...mar le gaadn" She looked at me with motherly gaze and said-"Tu kitna bada ho gayaa....kal bachcha tha aaj meree gaadn marega...lund bhi badaa ho gaya....chal khol na apni..."

I removed my t-shirt, banyan, trousers and underwear within seconds. Aunty now sitting on the bed with her legs hanging down caught my penis in her right hand and started coiling her fingers around my shaft and flipped back its foreskin. She began gently doing the massage of my penis moving her palm and fingers on it to and fro on its entire length and sometimes fisting around it doing the handjob.

Probably she wanted to ensure hardness of penis before invasion on her arse. An experienced woman always knows that an inadequately hard penis might get into vaginal hole, but it can't penetrate the tight arsehole. My hard penis was getting harder and harder. After a few minutes, she looked at me upward as I was standing-

"Tera lund to bilkul hathora ho gaya...meree gaadn toh ye phad ke chhorega................Tel toh le aao.........kaii saal bad karwa rahee hoon gaadn mein......tumhara motaa bhi kam nahin hai." I said --"Achchha meree ranee, abhi laataa hoon."I brought Vaseline tube instantly. She looked at and said in mocking style-"Vaseline lagaoge....vaseline laga ke pehli bar marbaoongee."

I said-"Aunty, time badal rahaa hai." Aunty was really mood and holding my penis in her hand said-"Lund bhi badal raha hai aur laundaa bhi badal raha hai" I laughed and then kissed my aunty on her cheeks, and moved my palms towards her breasts. She said --"Chalo aa jaao... peechhe se haath badha ke dabate rahanaa." Aunty lay on her belly.

I moved myself on top of her from behind and put some Vaseline on the gate of her anal passage and started rubbing it with my fingers. As it was around 5.30 in he evening and day light still in the room, the scenery of aunt's buttocks with a few hairs near exquisite anal hole was mesmerizing. I had a terrific turn on in my penis, it was stiff and hard like thick steel rod.

Aunty was getting ready for arse fucking and instructed-"Lund par bhi laga lo........gaadn mein dheere dheere ghusana....chooth jaise mat marnaa." I assured aunty saying-"Aap jaise kahoge waise hi karoonga.... ek ek dhakka puchh puchh ke maroonga." She was smiling at my naïve answer. I lubricated my penis and made it quite slippery to ensure smooth anal penetration in my aunt's arsehole.

Similarly, I rubbed Vaseline on her anal opening and adjoining area. I inserted my middle finger around an inch inside her arsehole to check the possibility of smooth penetration. After lubricating both my penis and aunt's arse, I held my hard penis in my hand and looking at aunt's buttocks & arsehole asked -"Ghusaoon aunty, Vaseline toh lagaa diyaa?"

Aunty positioned her palms on respective buttocks with her fingers near her anal hole, and stretched her fleshy buttocks in opposite directions trying to spread it as wider as possible. Now her anal opening was bigger. Aunt's arsehole was clearly visible in its round shape with darkness inside and ready to gulp my hard penis.

She then instructed me-"Ab lund gaadn mein dheere dheere ghusaao......jab bolungee tab jor se pelnaa." I positioned my hard shaft on her inviting hole and started pushing it inside slowly and gradually slowly watching aunt's reaction and expecting bigger resistance with the doubts in my mind about achieving full penetration.

My aunty screamed-"Unnnnhhhhh......unnnnhhhh......dheere ghusaa........uuuuuuuuiiiiiii maaaaaaa.....phad di gaadn.....haan......haan....aise hi ghusne de.......ab lund ka mund to ghus gayaa....ab aaraam se ghus jayega.....dheere ghusao....aaraaam se.....unnnnhhh....unnnhhh......ab to ghus gaya pura.....ab dheere dheere karo..."

And my entire penis was inside her arsehole. Aunt had removed her hands from her buttocks and kept it on bed on her both side. Her arsehole was very tight, and I could feel the warmth inside her arsehole. Now, I positioned my hands on aunt's shoulders with arms below her armpits and palms grapping her shoulders.

I started removing my penis out of her arsehole partly and then shoving it again inside slowly, repeating these motions with slowly increasing speed. Aunty was moaning and screaming continuously now-"Oooohhhh.....ooooohhhh....aahhha.........aaahhhaa.....aise hi ahiste...araam se...ghusate raho....aaahhhhha..."

I again beseeched aunt's permission to accelerate my thrusts as I wanted to enjoy fucking arse of aunty to the hilt-"Meree ranee, ab toh dard nahin hai...peloon jor se?" Aunty was enjoying now-"Ab mar le gaand...ab ghusaa to diyaa apna motaaa lund meree gaadn mein...ab mar gaadn man bhar..... aagey... peecheeyy....kartaa jaa....chhed khultaa jaayegaa...."

I withdrew my penis out of aunt's arsehole only letting upper thicker part of penis inside and then wedged it inside again. Aunty screamed-"Haan....haaaannn.....aise hi kar.....ab maarr maaarrrr aaauuurrr jor se jor see... aaaaahhhhhhhh......aaaaahhhhh.....pel jor se.....hhhaaaannnn......hhhhaaaannnn...aise hiii.........aaaahhhhh..........

man lataka thaa meree gaand mein....ab maar.... maar aaauuurrr jor se jor se... pel jor se...kar lund ko andar bahar...pel bua ki gaadn mein." I started fucking her arse with gradually increasing speed. Aunty was making sexual sounds- "Aahhhaa...........aaaaahhhhh...............oooohhhhhh...........hath neeche la.... chuchiyan masal.......ooohhhhh..........aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.......uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa.......

phir se gaadn marwane lagee...." I asked-"Aunty ab to mazaa aa rahaa hai." She replied-"Haan bahut aa raha hai....saali office mein bhi rat ki chudai aur teraa lund dimaag mein ghoom rahaa thaa....abhi mar le gaadn....phir raat mein chodana man bhar........ aaaaaahhhhaaaa........ aaaaaahhhaaa....ab jor se pelo......raat ke jaise pura nikaalke ghusero.........

ab dard khatm ho gayaa.....mar meree gaadn jor se.....thok de puraa andar...... aaaaahhhhha....aaaaahhhhha.......aaaaahhhhha.." I complimented Indu aunty saying-"Meree raanee aunty aapka gaadn mast hai...mazaa aa gayaa....chootad dekh ke moonh mein paani aa jaataa hai....hai meree ranee....meree jaan...le mazaa lund ka....pel pel ke phad doonga....ooohhh meree jaan."

Aunty was also on seventh sky with pleasure enjoying my hard rod inside her arsehole and kneading of her breasts. She was shouting with pleasure now-"Oooohhhhh...... ooohhhhhh...oooohhhh.......phad de gaadn ko......tera lund bhi mast hai....ab pel jor se....jaldi jaldi....mar meree gaadn man bhar.....oooohhhh mere saiyaan...ooooohhhh....ooooooohhhh.."

Now after several minutes of intense arsefucking, I was feeling the urge of ejaculation, I said to aunty-"Aunty mera girnewala hai" And I made my grip over aunt's body firmer. She was screaming and saying-"Ho gayaa.....bhar gayaa man....kal se gaadn ke peechhe padaa thaa....ab nikaalega apna maal meree gaadn mein.....

Achchha kar de khalas meree gaadn mein......bhar de gaadn ko...phachphachaa de apna maal meree gaadn mein....oooohhhhh........oooooohhhhhh." And, I started offloading large volume of semen in aunt's arsehole ejecting in continual streams. Aunty was breathing heavily and gradually getting relaxed.

She was whisperingly saying-"ummmmmmmmmmm...........uuummmm...Bhar gayee meree gaadn....garam garam dal diyaa maal....maar lee meree gaadn man bhar.....shaitaan.....aisaa saiyaan nahin dekhaa....doosre hi din biwi ki gaadn bhi maar lee....log to mahinon chooth mein lage rahte hain....uuhhhhhh.....uuuuuhhhhh........... lund abhi mat nikaal....

rahne de abhi gaadn mein......dheela ho jaye lund toh dheere se nikaalna.... uuuuuuuiiiii maaaaaa....phad dee meree gaadn....dard ho gayaa....yeh motaa lund meree gaadn mein aaj hi pelna tha...chal koi baat nahin....teree biwi hoon ab....jaisee mere saiyaan ki kar laga marwane mein...teree bhi ichcha puree huii..."

She further instructed-"Jakar dho le lund saboon se...main yahin letee hoon. Khana yahin mangwa le...main bahar nahin jaoongi....tu toh phir raat ko meree dhunai karega" When I withdrew my flaccid penis slowly from her arsehole, drops of semen also came outside expanding on aunt's buttocks.

Aunt screamed-"Ohhhhh......dheere nikaal...chootad par aa gayaa tera paani...lund hai ki pichkari...pochh de tauliye se..." when the thick tip of the penis was coming out of her arsehole. I washed my penis with Pears soap and wiped Indu aunt's buttocks and arse with towel.

She was half asleep, I kissed her cheeks gently saying-"Meree pyaree aunty...mazaa aa gaya...tum bahut achchhi ho." And she stayed with me for three weeks. We enjoyed sex every night and even on days of weekends in every feasible position. Aunty was looking relatively younger when she left for Allahabad.

I left her at New Delhi Railway station with moist eyes and extreme level of gratitude. Her eyes were also moist and she said in sobbing voice looking at me-"Apnaa khyaal rakhna, tumhare aane ka intezaar karoongee..." I am waiting all agog for my next Allahabad visit and pray to God for her Delhi visits sooner and for longer duration.

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Dipin having sex with Aunt

HI folks, This is Dipin from Ranni in Kerala. I am a guy from a village and having good physique. I know my physique is not a matter here, here the matter is my darlings physique. My darling is my Chitta, that is my father’s brothers wife. My aunt (chitta) name is Indhira. She is a beauty queen in al the matters. I am staying nearby house of my aunts.

She have a gorgeous face and luscious body which make any man’s even viswamitrans cock hard. She is 36 years old and looks only 28.her structure is 32-30-36. she has very long black hair up to her waist, firm and beautiful boobs, curved ass covered with hair long hair. I understood many mans looking her whenever she go out. Whenever she walks her ass swaying

And she had little hair in her legs and hands that make her more beautiful. On the time of her marriage I was a child, when I grew my mind set towards her also grew. Always I have a desire to fuck her. But never I tried for that because I think that is a sin. Her hubby (my uncle) working at Australia and she stayed here because she had to look after my grandparents and her kids.

I have a laptop with net connection through which she usually chat with her husband. I finish my Btech IT and searching job. In my laptop there are lot of sex movies in different language and different type. I kept all in a folder with a secret name. one day I saw she was doing something with my laptop after chatting with her hubby.

When I enter the room she shutdown the system and left the room with a smile next day also same thing happen. one day I peep through the window and found that she is watching the sex movies and rub her pussy area. Then I enter the room suddenly and she didn’t get the time to close the movie. So she left the room without close the movie because of shyness.

That day she didn’t gave face to me because of shyness. I thought that is a chance and enter her room and asked how s the video and I will give the laptop to her for night so she can watch video with any interruption. She feel shyness and said no to me. Then I said nothing to worry and it’s a normal thing and I will give u my laptop for u at night.

after my mom came back from office, I said aunt need laptop for chatting at night and bring laptop to the aunts house. and give it to her and returned. She gave a smile with shyness and said thank u for me. I found a chance for me there. Next day after my mother went to the office and chittas kids went to school I went to my chittas house, my grandparents were at their daughters house for two weeks.

My aunt welcome me and said me to take the laptop from her room. Then I said I am not coming for laptop. And I asked her how was last night and my videos. She said videos are wonderful and so last night she has only less sleep. And she went to kitchen for make a tea for me. I followed her and on seeing her swaying ass, my blood become hot.

I went to her back and hug her from back very tightly. she shocked and try to leave from me. But she is not able to escape from me then I smell her long hair and slowly kiss the back of her ear. And bite her ears. Then I took my right hand and put on her boobs and other hand at her stomach. Then she said it’s a sin.

I said we are belonging to opposite sex and god gave cock for me and vagina for her to enjoy and bring her to the bedroom and bolt the door. I said her to undress me she obeyed it and I become full nude infront of her. She become more shy and I took the bottom of her nightie and lift it and remove it then she is on her black bra and blue underskirt.

I said her to sit on bed and I sat on floor and take her feet in my hand and plant a kiss there after that I licked her feet and I pick her up to her thighs and finally untie her skirt. and ask her to standup and remove untied skirt. She removed it and then she was on her brown cotton panties and black bra.

I lick her cunt through the panties and give a bite her finally remove that and lick her hairy pussy. Her pussy seems a forest of hair and this time she remove her bra and black large areola and nipples welcome me to suck that. I do so finally I put my cock and put it into her vagina door and push it she moan loudly with great pleasure.

I cummed on pussy and my cum overflowing from her pussy. we lay nude for sometime. she sweated and a high sweat smell came from her armpit that made me mad and I asked her for a blowjob and handjob. She licked my cock and she did a handjob too. I cummed in her hand and little cum flow at hairy legs she wipe it with a paper.

We both get freshed and I said her that I am leaving. Then she took my purse and take 100rs from that. I asked her why are u took money. She said she had a long term fantasy to fuck for money. Then I take other 100rs and put in the middle of her boobs. And I said her that if she really need someone for money,

I will arrange it, she said no it will become a problem..days passed one day she complained me that one guy calling her every night and said he loves her. I said I will call him on the number from which he called. I called him and said not to call her anymore and we quarrel each other. He again called her and said to her that she was really a beauty goddess and he want to fuck her.

she again said me and I said her that if she is ready we can call him and do a threesome and demand good price. she first refuse and I made her agree. She call him back and said the demand. He agreed for a threesome and agree to pay rs 5000 for a fuck. Very next day he came our house and then I understood that is our relative Santhosh a business man

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Now she is a Randi or a prostitute or in Malayalam veshya of me and my co fuckers. So I call her chitta in front of all my family members, call her as my wife when we both are alone there, call her a randi when me and other her boyfriends are there.

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