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Mother teaching sex to adoloscent son

This incident relates to the time when I was an adoloscent. We were a family of three brothers, three sisters, mother & father. All the sisters were married and were at their respective homes. The three brothers, mother & father lived in a 5 bedroom 2nd Floor flat in the family building in the suburbs of Mumbai. My mother was a well endowed women, with a good height and was the tower of the family.

During my childhood I had the opportunity to see her fudda (cunt, choot), when she climbed the kitchen platform to arrange or clean the shelves and had one corner of her saree & petticoat raised up and tucked in. It was a hugh fudda, very bushy which always made me feel like eating it. This happened often.

Then there were times when she was bathing in the bathing area in the kitchen itself and which did not have a door but a curtain, when I sometimes saw her bathing naked. What a mighty body my mother possessed.This was in the family's first 3 bedroom, kitchen flat on rent on the northern end of the city.

One day it so happened that my mother and I were alone at home in the suburbs, younger brother having gone to his friends day long, elder brother & father had gone for a day long visit to Lonavala, a nearby Hill station, for some property deal. I was alone in my room and as with all adoloscents I too had erections, night-leaks etc.

That day too I was feeling very horny and began to fiddle with my lulla (prick,cock,dick). I started to get an erection. I was massaging my lulla. My mother was lying down, probably sleeping as it was afternoon time, in her room. I slowly walked into my mother's room with my lulla in my hand, went near her bed,

she was facing the wall with the window whose curtains were slightly drawn and I started to massage my lulla. All of a sudden she turned around and saw me. I pelted to my room and stood in the balcony. My heart was thumping, thinking I would get a dressing down from my mother. After some time she came into my room and stood beside me in the balcony.

After some time she asked me as to what I was doing and why I had come to her room that way. I was dumb-founded. She took my hand, took me inside my room, closed the door of the balcony and sat on my bed, making me sit beside her. She repeated the questions still clutching my hand. I was shivering.

She gauged the situation, took me in her arms, which she rarely did, caressed me and very gently put my head on her laps. That eased me a lot. I had closed my eyes. She then pressed my head to her breast and I could feel the warmth, the softness & the sweet smell of her mammas (boobs).

She then very warmly & gently told me that she knew why I had come there to her room and in that fashion, but she wanted to hear from me. Having been soothed, I took some courage and told her I would tell her the reason if she did not scold me. She took my face in her hands and assured me that she would not scold me.

So, I ventured and said that I was feeling very very horny, started massaging my lulla in my room and went to her room, just to ejaculate in her presence, viewing her massive body. She did indeed not scold me, rather planted a kiss on my forhead and I hugged her as hard as I could. She then asked me whether I would like to see and suckle her mammas.

I was astonished by the question, but nevertheless nodded my head in the affirmative. She opened the 2 lower buttons of her front-buttoned blouse and raised her bra and 'plump' came out a hugh mamma right in front of my face. I was overwhelmed by its sight. If my assessment is correct and if I remember correctly, I think it must have been a size 40D.

My mother was more on the fairer side of a wheatish complexion. And her mamma was fairer, with a darkish brown big areola and a big & thick dark brown nipple. She asked me whether I knew what were a woman's mammas for. I told her very meekly, 'yes, for milk'. 'Yes', she said. And continued that the mammas are to feed a small child, as that was the only nourishment the child could get.

In most women, when a child is born, milk starts to ooze from the mother's nipples and the child is a born sucker. Having so said, she held her open mamma in her hand and put it near my mouth. Instantly I started sucking it, first slowly, enjoying the thick nipple and then started to bite into it. She made a 'ooee' sound and asked me not to bite it so hard.

I reduced the pressure. I kept on sucking & sucking until she asked me whether it was not enough, like in my childhood I always said 'nau kutt hor' (meaning 9 more sips). She moved my mouth away from her mamma, made me change my side in her lap, extracted the other mamma out and put my mouth to that too. I sucked really hard.

I then waved her hand away and held it in both my hands and sucked & sucked. I think I must have sucked both the mammas for a good 20 minutes, when she removed my mouth from them. I then held both the open beautiful mammas in my hands, had a very good feel of them and ventured to plant a kiss on my mother's soft lips.

She responded by holding my head in her hands and put her tongue in my mouth. It was a sensuous feeling. She then asked me to put my tongue in her mouth and sucked hard at it. After this practical training by my mother to her horny adoloscent son, it was time for her next step. She asked me whether I had chodoed (fucked) any girl before. I replied in a firm negative.

She then asked me whether I had ever seen a woman's fudda. Very coyly I told her that I had seen hers at the rented place where we stayed before coming to this house. 'And how was that?' she asked. I narrated to her the time she would climb up on the kitchen platform to clean the shelves above and had a corner of her saree & petticoat tucked up.

She pondered and then recollecting, ventured to ask whether I wanted to see her fudda from close quarters. I nodded in the affirmative. She raised her saree & petticoat and what I saw was mind-blowing. A hugh, bushy fudda. My heart started pounding. Again sensing my situation she took my hand and put it on her fudda. My heart started to beat faster.

I had never touched, leave aside seen from so close, a woman's fudda. She asked me to insert my finger inside her fudda. O, God, it was great to feel the inside of that big fudda. It was so soft & wet. She asked me whether I hand fingered any girl. I replied in the negative. 'Now', she said 'move your finger in & out and in circular motions.' This she said was done to arouse a woman.

She then lay on her back on my bed and asked me to put my mouth to her fudda. O, the smell was exciting. She asked me to start licking her fudda with my tongue from the lower end & slowly move to the top. I could feel the heat of it. When I reached the top most end she asked me to move my tongue in circular motions. I could feel her raising her hips and moving in sync with my circular motions.

After some time she asked me to lick & suck her fudda completely from bottom to top repeatedly and in circular motions too, this she said was done to further arouse a woman. Her hip movements started to pick up speed and ultimately a hot hot fluid burst on my face. She asked me to lick it and drink it. It was really hot & juicy.

After having done so I raised my head and asked her as to what was that flow and what would happen to me as I drank it up. She replied that they were the juices of a woman's orgasm, just like a man has and that they were harmless to drink. She asked me whether I had ever mooth marooed (masturbated). I replied in the affirmative.

She ventured further to ask me that when I peaked did not some thick, white & sticky juice come out of my lulla. I again answered in the affirmative. 'Well', she continued, 'that is a man's juice or maal (cum). So the same way when a woman peaks her juice or maal too comes out from her fudda.' After this was my next lesson.

She asked me whether any girl had held, shaken or sucked my lulla. I replied in the negative. 'So', she said that she will give me the joy of a man having his lulla held, shaken & sucked. She sat on my bed and made me stand in front of her, took hold of my lulla in her hands, shook it, massaged it in the palms of her hands, pressed & released it and became big & thick.

She peeled back the skin of my lulla and put her tongue to the tip of it. I started to get horny. Slowly she inserted my lulla inside her mouth and started to lick it. It was exhilarating. She increased the speed gradually, while licking it with her tongue too. I got so horny that when I was about to ejaculate, I told her so and she signalled with her hand to let go.

There were tremendous jerks from my lulla and all the maal was nicely drunk by my mother. After having licked my lulla clean, she removed her mouth from it and planted a hugh kiss on my lips. I then asked her whether drinking my maal would not make her pregnant and she informed that drinking the maal of a man never made a woman pregnant.

'Now', she said, 'shall we proceed to the next lesson?' 'Sure, dear mommy, I replied 'and what would that be?' 'It will be the ultimate that one wishes for, that is chodna (fucking)', she replied. 'I'm ready for it, ma', I said. She removed her blouse, bra, saree & petticoat and there was that wonderful body completely naked in front of me. She asked me to remove my clothes too.

I too became completely naked in front of my wonderful mother. She lay on my bed on her back, asked me to come over her and sit between her thighs, to slowly rub my lulla on her fudda from bottom to top, which would arouse her. After some time she made me lie on my back on my bed, mounted herself on top of me, taking care not to put all her weight on me, took my lulla in her hands,

made it big & fat and inserted it inside her fudda and started jerking me. It was a wonderful feeling. I asked her whether this was the correct way to fuck. She said that this was one of the ways, but not the ideal one. 'This woman over man was a position just to have more fun', she elaborated. 'Now, she said, ' I will show you another way to have fun.'

She went into a doggy position and asked me to insert my lulla inside her chittar (gaand, arse) and fuck her there. 'You see, you being young, do not have a full grown lulla, as yet, that is why it was easy to insert it in her chittar, which is not very stretchable, unlike a woman's fudda, from where a child is born.

So, when you have a full grown lulla, you should put some spit or better still some oil on it and in the woman's chittar, to ease the entry.' She then lay on her back on my bed and asked me to come over her, sit between her legs, raise her legs a little & hold them in my arms and with her hands she put my lulla inside her fudda. 'This,' she said, 'is the most common & ideal way for a man to fuck a woman.'

She asked me to slowly increase the speed & thrusts of my lulla in her fudda. 'After some time,' she continued, 'just like when you masturbate, you will peak inside my fudda also. So release all your maal inside my fudda.' 'Will that not make you pregnant?' I asked. She said that I need not worry on that count, as she had got operated to have her tubes cut,

so that she would not get pregnant whenever she got fucked and the maal released in her fudda. And then what, I was waiting for such a situation. I gradually increased the speed and the thrusts. My mother started moving her hips too in sync with my thrusts. She further encouraged me with the words, 'come on beta, faster, come chodo your mother, faster,

faster......yea.....I'm enjoying too......lovely....come, come in more.....very good....yes, yes, yes.....release your maal now.....very good.....that was wonderful.....oh,wah, maja aa gaya.' It was such a heavenly experience for me to have fucked the woman of my dreams, that I just sat still with my lulla in her fudda for quite some time, when she asked me to fuck her more so that she too have her peak.

After some more fucking, I felt hot juices of my beloved mother burst on my lulla, which was still inside her fudda. She then asked me to raise her up and take her in my laps, with my lulla still inside her fudda and we kissed & kissed and hugged each other very very passionately. I told her, 'ma you are the best, I have enjoyed so much, thanks to your initiative, that I wish I could carry on like this forever with her.

Thank you very much indeed.' 'It was my pleasure too, beta, I hope you will remember all the things I have taught you and give a wonderful time to your future wife,' she replied. I carried on, 'ma I don't want to marry, I want you only, you are too good.' 'But, beta, you have to get married some day, I promise I will help you whenever you want anything from me, even after you are married,' she exclaimed.

She then asked me to get hold of her blouse and wiped her fudda & my lulla clean. She took me to the bathroom, washed her blouse, herself & me with water and wiped with a towel. We came back to my room naked and she asked me to dress her up. She then dressed me up. This dressing up of each other was also a wonderful experience. I went up to her and touched her feet.

She blessed me, hugged me and kissed me. I asked her if she would tell my father about today. She replied that she would never ever mention about today to anybody and nor should I. With sweet memories in my mind, my wonderful mother went to her room. Well, this one day affair did continue later on too.

One day, when nobody was around, I asked her whether I could once again see her fudda, as I wanted to see whether it really stretched, like she had said. She immediately raised her saree & petticoat to reveal her fudda, but, went on to explain that the fudda does not stretch just like that at any time, either the woman has to aroused very extensively or when she is about to deliver a child.

Nevertheless, I kissed her fudda, inserted one finger, then, two, three and gradually my entire hand inside her fudda and exclaimed that it stretched as it took my entire hand in. She replied that it was so, as she had had seven deliveries (one of my brothers had expired when very young) which was bound to stretch her fudda somewhat.

Then, on another occasion, again when we two were alone I told her I wanted to suck her beautiful mammas and she obliged. On yet another occasion, again when we two were I told her that I wanted to chodo her and yet again she obliged. On some pretext or the other I would kiss her, suck her mammas, lick & suck her fudda, make her suck my lulla and also fuck her.

And she never refused as she had promised me that she would help me whenever I wanted anything from her. Even after I was married off and had seperated to the western side of the suburb where my mother lived, with my wife & three kids, I kept up the affair with my mother. Once she called me on the phone & asked me whether I could come over to her place as she

had something to discuss with me and she would prepare my favourite baingan da partha for lunch. She also mentioned that she was alone that day. I told my wife of it and was at my mother's door my 12 noon. She opened the door, I touched her feet, she blessed me, closed the door, gave me a hugh passionate hug and kissed me for a long time on my lips.

I responded equally. We sat down on her bed in her room and she asked me whether I was enjoying with my wife or not. I told her, 'ma you have given me the best woman, after you, that I could have.' She wanted to know her bahu's physical attributes and I related them to her. 'Ma, you are missing me, na?' I politely asked her.

She called me to her, took me in her laps and said, 'beta, yes I am missing you that is why I called you today as I was alone too.' We then made love, had sex and I fucked my lovely, lovely mother once again. On yet another occasion, my wife had gone to her mother's place with the kids and I called my mother on the phone and told her that I wanted to talk to her and was coming to fetch her.

She said she will come, but that I should not bother to fetch her as she would take a rickshaw & come over to my place, so as to save time. She came and I was waiting for her, paid the rickshaw driver, took her in my house, closed the door and hugged her ever so tightly and kissed her really hard to which she replied equally.

She told me that she knew why I had called her, especially when I was alone at home. So, without wasting any more time, we two made love, had sex and enjoyed each other. Never did my mother or I ever miss any opportunity to be in each other's arms.

It was only her very very sad demise that separated us. But, her lingering memories are as fresh as ever in my mind todate. My mother was indeed an exceptional mother. I will forever remember her and love her. May her soul be at peace.

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Sex with hot cousin Reny

It was around noon, I was waiting for Sabari to pull into the secunderabad railway station. The stench of urine and really loud messages through the PA system was giving me a bad migraine. I pulled out my handkerchief and covered my nose. Ignoring beggars without limbs every few minutes was aggravating me.

Maybe I was not ready to see so much of my Incredible India so soon. I started to think, it was just a few days back that I was sitting at my apartment balcony in Melbourne and looking over at the sun set over the sea of buildings. The air was so fresh, the sky was clear. The beer tasted so good. sigh.

The train arrived a few minutes late. Hordes of mallu women just flooded the platform in a matter of seconds. It seemed as though every other girl who got down from that train was a teenager getting into a nursing college here, which made matters worse because I was there to pickup my cousin who was starting work at a hospital next week.

I don't exactly remember the last time I saw her but I did remember of pictures and some memories when I had visited my hometown in Trivandrum about some 6 years back. She seemed like a little package who would never stop talking, I remember she was really fond of me and would never leave my side for those two weeks.

I still had the kerchief on my face as I walked up and down beside the compartment I was told that she would be in. I tried calling her phone but it was switched off. Just like the wave of humanity flowed on the platform from that train, in just about two minutes - the platform was almost empty.

I saw a few girls still standing and chatting to each other and I went up and asked them if they knew my cousin in my broken Malayalam. While I was still talking to them, a loud shrill squeak just tore the station down "ACHACHA" I turned around and saw this girl run towards me and jump to hug me.

I remember her arms crushing my neck and a few seconds away she pulled away from me and started telling me how much I have changed and stuff. I was still shocked at what I was seeing, she had grown twice in every aspect that I could imagine. She was just a little shorter than me, she had straighted her hair and I could not help but noticing her boobs under her shirt,

they seemed like they were being captured in a inappropriate bra size and were just waiting to burst out of there. I greeted her too and helped her with her luggage to the car. During our walk to the car I noticed how she was walking and shaking her booty like an African woman would. How do I know? I used to date a woman from an African descent for over a year.

She was just the same with her barrage of questions. She asked me about my last 5 years outside the country, and how I was liking being back in India and to how my job was, blah blah.., to all these questions I had pretty straightforward answers but was not quite ready for when she asked - did you not have any girlfriends when you were in Melbourne ? I said - huh ?

She shot back - cause you could not take your eyes off me since I got here, I was just asking and started laughing. I said - I am sorry Reny, its just that, you grew up really fast. I was expecting a tiny Reny and not a hot girl like you. She laughed some more and said - you remember I am still your cousin right ?

I said yeah, yeah with a nervous laugh and shoved her luggage into the car. I sat in front with Raju, our faithful driver/assistant to my dad for many years now while Reny sat in the rear seat of our Innova. It was a short drive back home and after a little drama of my folks meeting Reny and some tea, I said my goodbyes and went upstairs to my room for a nap.

The next day, I had to go to Chennai for some American VISA related work. I was gone for 2 days and since my vacation was for three weeks, I was looking forward to going to Goa with a few old friends, basically have as much fun before I got back to sitting in my 6/6 cubicle for who knows how long. I got back to my house in the morning and walked into the house.

There was breakfast on the table and I remembered that mom and dad were in Warangal for some inspection work in one of our factories there. I gobbled up some of the idlis and poured a juice for myself and headed into my room. I pushed the door open and saw Reny standing there in her panties, topless and staring at the mirror.

Between the moment where my jaw hit the floor and my cousin dashing for a towel I thought to myself if it was really happening, I only thought stuff like this was made up by people in their stories. We did not say a word, I did not ask her what she was doing in my room and most importantly why was she in her panties and topless in my room but

I kind of figured out a few minutes later that my folks were planning on renovating both the guest rooms and might have asked her to stay in my room (which was the only other room with a bathroom) and also that I was leaving the day after to Goa anyways. She stood there in one corner of the room looking sideways and I stood in the other corner staring at her,

she muttered that she wanted the clothes that were lying in the suitcase beside me. I did not move, I could not move! I was transfixed at her body - her skin tone seemed like some kinda bronze - it was glowing and everything seemed to move in slow motion for me - I glanced at her hips - how they curved so naturally onto her round butt,

I caught a drop of water fall off from her hair tied over her head to her waist and run into her panties. She called my name and said she wanted the clothes a little louder - I heard that but I could not get to move a inch. She walked towards me and asked me to look away, I looked at the door about a few degrees away from her because I still wanted her in my view.

She begged me not to look and bent over to pickup the first pair of clothes she found in her suitcase. I turned to look at her, she was at an arms reach from me, my mind was telling me that this was not right but I was resisting reaching out and feeling her boobs that was partially covered by the little towel she had on.

There was so much happening at that time but it was as though I was high on something really potent. She got her clothes and walked into the bathroom but I reached out my hand in front of her to stop her, she whispered "Acha" and I said Reny, you are most beautiful woman I have ever seen - she looked down and up with a shy smile, her lips were wet.

I reached out and held her face in my hands, before I moved my face to kiss her she closed her eyes and parted her lips. I brushed my lips on her and kissed her tenderly a few times and she was responding with the same passion. A few seconds later, something fell on my feet. It was her towel, she wrapped her arms around me tightly and I opened my eyes while kissing her and looked at her,

her eye lashes were the longest, she tasted sweeter than honey. I had been with a good number of women in India and in Australia, nothing felt so good, so mutual, so right yet so wrong. she ran her hands all over my back and pressed herself against me, I could feel her breasts heave against me. I held her waist and pushed her on the study table behind her.

I started to kiss her neck and leave little love bites there. There was a little thud - A book fell off the table, it was The Wolf and The Dove Book by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I thought to myself how ironic it was in this scenario, I was here feasting on such an exotic beauty who happens to be related to me as I moved on to her breasts.

She gasped the second I wrapped my lips around her nipple, her books were huge but firm. They just stood there with those dark areolas, I could not get enough of them. She kept rubbing my head and my shoulders and left little moans every now and then. I had got on my knees and was kissing her belly when she pulled my call of duty shirt off me and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest and shoulders.

She came down to kiss my neck but it was like a surprise, I was not ready for it. We both fell on my back to the floor but she did not let that spoil anything. She still was stuck to my neck and left me scratches and bites. I slipped my hands into her panties to cup her ass - I could feel the cellulite stretch marks but that added to the excitement.

Her crotch was right above mine and we were rubbing each other pretty hard. With my legs I got her legs together and pushed her panties down and she started to yank at my 3/4 shorts and we were both lying naked on the floor of my room just rubbing our bodies together. I did not want to get her pregnant - I pushed one hand between us and started to rub her pussy.

She was soaking wet and did have a good amount of pubic hair - I was loving it. Every woman I had slept with till then had a clean beaver :) She was so reactive - she raised her butt to give me space and a few seconds later she had her arms around my neck squeezing me and her legs came together and almost broke my wrist.

She had just had an orgasm, she did not let go of me, I moved my face to breath properly and continued to rub her. She kept slipping to my side and lifted one leg, a few minutes later she pushed my hand away - I looked at my hand and it was dripping wet. I brought it to my face to smell it and she giggled and asked me what I was doing,

I did not say anything but put the middle finger in my mouth and sucked it. Her face went from a little disgusted to very interested in a few seconds. She wrapped her left hand over my semi hard penis, stared at it for a few seconds and started to stroke it. She was no expert and it was slightly uncomfortable -

she was lying to my side, her head was on my chest and looking down at my dick she asked me if this is how any of my girlfriends had pleasured me and went ahead to kiss the sides of my dick and slowly sucking it. She did that in the most sexiest way possible and every now and then she would look at me with my head in her mouth to see how I was feeling.

I had got as hard as I could and was moaning her name and how good it felt, she did not deep throat me but she had this amazing way of flicking her tongue at my opening of my penis, she was holding my dick so hard it was beginning to hurt a bit but at the same time was keeping me from having an orgasm soon.

She kept sucking on it, took little breaks to catch her breath and kiss the sides of my dick and my balls. Her ass was still in reach from me and I rubbed it and slowly slid a finger inside her pussy, I saw how she closed her eyes every time I pushed my finger deeper inside her. Not long after that, I motioned to her that I was going to cum.

She stopped sucking me and started jerking me off - I usually would have preferred faster strokes but she was going at one slow rhythm - my toes started to curl and I stretched out on the floor and started to spurt cum over her hands. She kept going a little after I was milked clean and slowly got soft. After I came I put my finger back in her and she started to moan like a little kitten.

I pulled her waist closer to me and asked her to sit on my face. She pushed her muff into my mouth and I caught a big chunk of her pussy into my mouth and started to suck on it. She was moving a little with me and very soon came on my face. She got off and came and lay next to me and put one leg and arm over me. I could see that she had a little of my cum still on her hands.

I asked her if she liked everything we did and she nodded. I kissed her on her forehead. Later that evening, I was out in the balcony for a smoke and she came and stood a little far from me, leaning on the grill she said. Acha, I know we are related and what we did was not right. I was slightly freaking out if she was having a guilty trip and was going to tell someone about what happened.

I impatiently said., OK - and ? I like what we did, I have never felt that good before. I know I should be happy and all but I was slightly worried if she was getting emotionally involved with me. I said - I loved every single minute of it too sweety, but you know there is nothing we can get out of this other than some pleasure.

She looked down a little disappointed and I asked her if she had a boyfriend back in Trivandrum, she said yeah and that they were still officially together. I asked her if they were sexually active and she said, yes. I said I wont tell, she smiled and said ever since she was a little kid she had a crush on me and that she used to masturbate thinking of me.

She also told me that she used to have sex with her boyfriend something thinking it was me. I took her inside the house and hugged her but I was a little scared too. Her hugs were so tight and were always a little longer than expected. She asked me to cancel my Goa trip. I said I would think about it and went out that evening.

I could not get her out of my mind, I knew I had to stop this before it got any worse. everything about her was so magical. The way she moved, the way she talked, the way she smelled. I was getting a hard on just thinking about her and what had happened earlier in the day. Don't ask me why but I stopped over and bought a pack of condoms hoping I would never get to use it with Reny.

When I got back home that evening, she was in the front room chatting up with my folks like nothing had happened. Mom asked me if I was fine that Reny was going to use my room. I said that was fine and that I could stay in the guest room for the next few days. I called my friends and cancelled my Goa trip, I did not tell my folks.

We all chatted up that evening and I went to the guest room to sleep. I did not have any sleeping clothes on and realized I was still wearing the clothes from Chennai. I went up to my room and Reny was lying on the bed talking to her boyfriend on the phone. I signalled her to keep quiet and walked to my closet and picked out something to wear for the night.

While I went into the bathroom to pickup my toothbrush and paste I noticed in the corner of my eye that she was getting out of bed. When I turned after picking my towel and toothbrush, I saw her standing at the door still on the phone. She was not talking but just responding with uh huh, uh huh's..., I walked up to her hoping she would give way, but instead she hugged me with one arm around me.

I stayed like that for a few minutes and she started asking her boyfriend what he was doing. I realized they were talking naughty on the phone, she was pretending to be rubbing herself on the phone when she was rubbing herself on me. I was a little confused as to what to make of it - should I be upset that she was cheating on her boyfriend with her cousin or should I whip out my dick and fuck her silly right there.

While whispering naughty things in Malayalam to her boyfriend, she turned and pushed her butt against my crotch and started rubbing me. My dick was hard as a rock and was crying to be let out of my shorts. I threw the things I had in my hands on the floor and with one hand cupped her boobs and with the other reached out under her track pants and started rubbing her pussy.

She was still whispering and moaning on the phone but occasionally would glance back at me to give me a kiss or to show me that she is really liking what I was doing. She then moved away and got on her knees and pulled my dick out, she giggled when it sprung out of my pants and took the head of my dick into her mouth. She was still taking breaks to tell something to her boyfriend.

Since the only Malayalam I knew was something I talk to mom, none of what she was saying was making sense to me and honestly I did not care much as long as she had my dick in her mouth. She was sucking me real hard and I was feeling real good, I reached out to my pocket and pulled out a 10 pack condom box, she gave me a happy nod with my dick in her mouth.

I put on a condom after a little fumbling and she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs parted. I slowly pushed myself into her, I soon realized that I was most certainly bigger than her boyfriend because she stopped talking to him for about a minute and I could hear him go - hello, hello, hello on the phone., he hung up and called back and she just lay there with her waist arched and her eyes tightly shut.

I slowly thrusted in and out her aiming for her upper walls inside her pussy and she was soon bucking into an orgasm, a few minutes later she tried to push me away but I kept going at it. Her firm boobs were bouncing all over the place, she placed her hand over her mouth to muffle her voice.

A little later she used all her strength to push me away and pulled her legs close to her chest and started crying softly. I was still hard and confused. I bent over and pushed her hair off her face and said sorry. She said it was fine and I sat next to her and saw my dick slowly soften. She got up after a few minutes and called her boyfriend and told her that someone had walked into the room and she had to leave.

She gave a look towards my limp dick and said - Acha, please do it slowly. She went back into the same position but I pushed her over and started to rub myself against her butt. Very soon I was going in and out of her slowly and steadily. She still seemed to be a little pain but I was feeling real good. Her pussy walls were so tight. I came on her butt cheeks a few minutes later.

one of my best orgasms ever. In the next two days we finished the condom pack, she certainly seemed to like it more every time, we did it like bunnies everyday till the morning I had to leave.
She came to see me off. Ironic eh ?

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Chennai aunty fucked when home alone

The stories in your blog rocks.This is the story which happened to me 2 yrs ago. I went to chennai for job search to my uncle place as he had contacts there.I used to stay with my uncle who runs a buissness there. He had a wife and a boy. My uncle is every time busy with buisness so my aunt used to be alone at home till11 in night.

There were my uncles employess who stay in the same building. When I first met my aunt in chennai she was wearing a nighty.she is like 5,6 and very well build not overweight. Her nighty was too small for those big breasts it was pushing out from there and she had those big lips and well looking round ass.

The employees who use to come for some thing when uncle sent them used to stare at her. One day I came early from work.I went inside I didny saw her in drawing room then I went inside and suddenly stopped.What I saw I could not even imagine my aunt was lying naked and one of the employees

who used to come daily was pumping her.i had the second pair of key so I could open and enter they were busy so they could not see me. Now she was giving blow jobs.Suddenly she saw me and stopped and I went away also the guy.She told me that they were in love and not tell my uncle or else she will tell that I raped her. I stopped there.

I still had those scene in mind so I thought why should not I do that.Next day I came home early and went to shop to make sure no one needs anything so that they dont come home. Then I went home.She was in kitchen.She was wearing a black nighty with stripes.I had my plans.i was in lungie I removed my undies and without removing lungie.

I held my undieas in my hand and went to kitchen swiftly.I caught hold of her from back she shouted but in a minute I stuffed my undies in her mouth and removed my lungie and tied her hands she was telling umm umm I pushed her to the bed room.Locked it and put on the AC.i teared opened her nightie and pulled of her bra and also her petti and undies.

I shouted u slut u want to complain me now I will show u waht is rape.I pressed and crushed her boobe and started biting her nipples as if I wantd to have piece of it there were tears of pain froom her eyes.I removed the lungie from mouth pressed her throt and put my 7' penis to mouth and stated pumping.

uumm hhaaa ummm hhhaaaaaaaaaa I filled her mouth with my sperm and then I put lungie back. Suddenly she was saying umm umm of ssatisfaction so I knew the whore wants more I removed lungie no she stated speaking and told that she has had sex with many men now I put my penis inside her vagina and started pumping I am a long distance runner 5 km district champ

5'8' so I had the stamina I pumped there for 20 mins so hard while pressing and pulling her breasts that she was full of joy and lust.she had her orgasm and then on the back I did the same then she starting shouting aagh aaaaaaaaaah ammo maaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and I ejacuated again in her vagina and then we stopped with kissing.We repeated this very often after that I got job and left to delhi....But she conceived and had a child which I am sure its mine. It was great experience fucking my aunty and made her conceive.

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Sex with horny Indu aunty

It is a true story of dream coming true when dreamt day and night for months and years together. I am a Management student staying in Delhi. I belong to Allahabad, the ancient Indian city. I visit my home every semester end.

But this year I stayed in Delhi at the semester end. The reason of this stay was arrival of my Indu aunty, who is the younger sister of my father. She runs an NGO, and she had to come to Delhi for some official work related to govt. grant related works for her NGO.She had come here for 2-3 days but her stay was prolonged for three weeks thanks to government offices' working style.

My father had told me to support Indu aunty in her stay and work. I shifted to the flat of my cousin at Sarojini Nagar who has gone to Australia for a year. I had shifted there, so that aunty could stay with me and I could help her in stay and work, as she had visited Delhi only a few times in past with uncle on one or two day trip.

This time, uncle was busy with some official work at Allahabad, so she had to come alone. My aunty at the age of 38, and mother of one school going child was really a beauty. Apart from immense beauty gifted by God, she has the ability to maintain her figure and carry herself well. She is a fair complexioned, reasonably tall and gifted with heart shaking big breasts and fleshy buttocks.

She wears saree and her long hairs are always maintained stylishly. She is very sweet to talk with and really is a lady for company. I have a special attraction for middle aged ladies and I always try to penetrate imaginatively inside their saree and petticoat about the slope down the stomach with black pubic hairs and vaginal mounds surrounded by white fleshy thighs with small hairs on it.

I imagine how the vaginal part ends downwards and anal passage starts with fleshy white buttocks with small hairs on it and curves formed at the lower part of buttocks where thighs start. Whenever I used to see Indu aunty in Allahabad had to have wild fantasies hovering in my mind as naturally as water flows down towards lower level surfaces.

But, this was a dream not permitted to be shared with anyone due to sociocultural norms. But as they say the universe conspires to help you if you dream for something constantly and strongly. I received my aunty at New Delhi Railway station, and took her to the cousin's flat in taxi. Aunty had brought some home-made sweets and pickles for me.

I told aunty to feel comfortable and freshen herself so that we can have breakfast together afterwards and visit some famous places in Delhi. As it was a Sunday, I was free for the day. Aunty went to the bathroom, and after an hour she came out in saree wrapped around her waist in like towel and long wet hairs falling till her waist.

Aunty with droplets of water on her face and partly wet clothes looked at me saying-"Mujhe der to nahin lagee?"I replied-"Nahin aunty, aap aaraam se taiyaar ho jaiyen, phir nashta karten hain." She said-"Pehle nashta, phir taiyaari, ab bhookh lag gayee."I kept on looking at her sharp facial features and fair complexioned body with open wide eyes and felt arousal inside me.

My hunger for Indu aunt's irresistible body was insatiable. Indu aunty also looked at me and my widely open eyes as if trying to read my intentions. I served the breakfast and we both talked about family members in Allahabad, my studies and her NGO over the breakfast. After the breakfast, Indu aunty groomed herself comfortably for visits to places in Delhi.

During all this time, I was looking at aunty on and off so as to hide my staring eyes from hers and I actually made love with aunty in my fantasies in every conceivable way. We went to various places in south Delhi. I kept on explaining to aunty about the history and characteristics of these places, and movement was easy due to Sunday.

In the taxi, and at various stages when we were walking, I had the opportunities to rub my body parts against the body of my darling aunt's. At one point, my elbow touched one of the breasts of aunty, and its sponginess gave me heavenly feeling. In the evening, aunty proposed to have early dinner to make up for her disturbed sleep in the train and for the next day's scheduled visit to govt. offices in the morning.

We had the dinner early in a restaurant and came back to the flat. During the dinner, aunty asked me about my life in Delhi and my future plans. She also asked about my plans for marriage and whether I have someone in mind for marriage. On the way back from the restaurant on the back seat of taxi, she made an unusual remark that I have grown up and I should marry soon.

I asked her for the reason behind this remark. She patted on my back grinningly said that mature people can easily read minds of youngsters. I was really aroused with aunt's pat on my back and I felt that her palm stayed on my back longer than usually a palm stays during a pat. I just wished that aunty has developed interest in me for carnal pleasure.

But my mind dismissed idea considering it as my own fantasy. We came back to the flat, I began to change my clothes and aunty went to another room to change. She came back to my room in her other simple saree saying that she was actually tired after the train journey and visits to South Delhi locations. I asked whether she wanted some medicines.

She said-"Tumhen bhi Dilli ki aadat pad gayee hai har baat per dawaa lene ki.Wahan toh thodi si tel ki maalish aur saraa thakan door ho jaata hai." I did not know what was inside her mind, but sometimes initiatives must be taken. I asked her-"Aunty, aap kaho to main thodi maalish kar doon, phir aap so jaana."I was not sure what the response will be.

But I waited for her response holding my breath. And then, my fortune smiled on me in the disguise of her words-"Tum karoge, maalish karna aata hai. Kabhie kisee aurat ki maalish ki hai? Nahin chhod do log kya kahenge." My reply was-"Aunty, maalish mein expert to nahin hoon, par aapko takleef nahin hogee, aur thakaan bhagaane ka vadaa rahaa.

Yhaan toh bas main aur aap hain, logon ko kaise pata chalega?" She looked at me appreciatively with smile on lips and -"Tumharee management kee padhai ne tumhein hoshiyar bana diya hai, chalo tel lekar aa jao, main isi bed par letee hoon."I rapidly brought the oil from the kitchen and proceeded for massage.

Aunty had already lied down on the bed on her stomach and she had removed the saree from the upper part of the body. The heavy buttocks of aunty and fair complexioned lower back made me feel like lying down on top of her from the back and fulfill my long awaited desire. I asked aunty with my slightly trembling hand and heavy breathing -"Pehle peeth ka maalish karoon na aunty?"

She said softly-"Yeh light band kar do, zero watt zala do, sharm aa rahi hai, tum ab bade ho gaye ho na."I instantly switched off the main light and switched on the night bulb.I came back to aunty, and after oiling my hands began to massage her lower back sitting at the edge of the bed. Aunty could sense my uncomforting and probably my heavy breathe and excitement as well.

She said --"Aise kitni der baaithoge? Aaram se upar aakar maalish karo, pura badan karma hai, thakaan tab utregee."I deliberately rubbed my hand on her soft fleshy buttocks softly over the saree, while moving towards the middle of the bed. Aunty also moved her body towards the middle, and I could sense the friction of her breasts on the bed and the unexpressed lust of my aunty to taste the forbidden fruit with me.

It reminded me of someone's advice to go slow in preparing a woman for yes. I restarted the massage first gently, then with some pressure in my palms. I brought my hands downward till her saree knot on the waist many times and up to the blouse when moving upward. I felt that it was the right moment for a male's initiative, and said-"Aunty, aapke blouse mein tel lag rahaa hai, koi pareshani to nahi?"

Aunty was silent for some moments, (probably indecisive) then said-"Hook khol kar blouse hataa do, tel ka daag lag jaata hai.Bra bhi khol hi dena, phir aaram se tel lagaao." I unhooked the blouse and bra of aunty with trembling hands and heavy breathe. Then, I said controlling my excitement-"Aunty, thoda upar uthaiye kandhon ko, main blouse aur bra ko nikaal doon."

She lifted the upper part of body saying "Hoon" and breathing heavily. I left no chance of touching her breasts while removing blouse and bra. I started massaging the entire back and purposefully brought my fingers towards her breasts several times. Aunty was definitely knowing it and liking it as well.

Aunty was getting excited, and decided to break the ice by saying-"Chalo aage se bhi chhati ka maalish kar hi do, tumhara maalish bada mazedaar hai." She turned on the bed and now she was on her back on the bed. In the light of night bulb our eyes were comfortable and it was easier to rebel against social values.

Now I separated my legs spreading it in opposite directions and sat on the waist of aunty with both her breasts being fondled, pressed and squeezed by my palms and fingers. My aunt's excitement was gradually intensifying making her breathing audible, she was puffing softly -"Jor jor se dabao".

At this juncture, she put her both hands on the back of my head and lowered my head to make our lips meeting. She started kissing me passionately and now we were French kissing our tongues entwined with each other. I was passionately fondling and massaging aunt's big fleshy breasts.

She was craving for more now and moaned with sexual excitement-"Tumne kaisee aag lagaa dee, ab main sab rishtey naate bhool gayee....oui daiyaa....kyaa kar diyaa...Dilli aayee thee kaam se...ab bhatije se karwane lagee...Chalo meree saree petticoat bhi hatao. "I wasted no time and removed her saree and petticoat, and then asked-"Aunty panty bhi utaar doon?"

Now she was hot, shameless her brazen. She shouted-"Hataoge nahin to kyaa uske upar se karoge...hataa do usko bhi....badan mein aag lag gayee...ab kar de nangi aunty ko.....hey ram... bardast kyon nahin hota...jaldi karo mere raja....ab sabr nahin hotaa." I made my aunty completely naked. In the soft light of night bulb, I could see the dense black curly pubic hairs around aunt's vagina.

I began first fondling and then licking her vagina.I was also rubbing her clitoris. I started licking and sucking her cunt inserting my tongue in her hole. Aunty was uncontrollably moaning sexual sounds of excitement-"Ooooh.......Ooooh......chuso.....aur chuso....Oooh." She started squeezing her breasts herself and shaking her buttocks upward and downward saying-

"Aag lag gayee...oooohhh...ooohh.....ab chodo apni bua ko...aur mat tadpao...ab tum bhi lund jaldi nikalo baahar....aur mat tadpao..."I came towards aunt's face and removed my trousers. Aunty caught my hard penis over my underwear and started removing my underwear fanatically. I removed my underwear and threw it carelessly on the floor.

She started fondling and pumping my hard penis making it harder with one hand, and fondling my buttocks with another hand. She was extremely hot now and had come over all the inhibitions. Aunty looked at me crying with excitement-"Ab apna mota lund meree chooth mein pura ghusaa do...der mat karo.....chooth mein aag lagee hai.....aaja mere raja mere andar aa ja..ghusaa apni lund bua ki chooth mein."

And she softly pushing me towards her legs lifted both her legs keeping them apart to make space for me. I literally jumped on the bed and took the right position directing my penis towards the opening of her vagina. My aunty caught the penis again in her hand and brought it on the opening of her hole. Now, it was my turn, I rammed my entire penis in hot vagina of my aunty smoothly.

Aunty shrieked and hugged me tightly, and moaned with sexual pleasure-"Aaaaah......ab chodo jor jor se.....dhakke lagao.....bua ki chooth phad do....ooooohhh....oooohhh.......chodo mere raja...bua ko aaj biwi bana le....ooohh.....oooohhh.......mere saiyan phad de meree chooth.."I gradually increased the speed of fucking my aunty and now holding her shoulders with my hands.

Aunty was getting hotter and hotter, she was jerking up her buttocks madly and crying-"Chuchiyan dabao mere raja....oooohhh......ooh...chodo...aur chodo...ghusaa do chhhati chooth kee pyaas aurat se jo na karwa de.....chodo...chodo...ooohhh...ooohhh...lund ko relgaadi bana de....phad de meree chooth...ooohhh mere saiyan."

I was reeking in pleasure and making every attempt to satiate my aunty to the hilt. I was sometimes kneading and sucking her nipples and breasts in turn and fucking her intensely. I asked-"Aunty mazaa aa toh aa raha hai na aapko?"

She creamed - "Oooohhh......oooohhh.....Are aisa mazaa toh kabhie nahin aaya...kahan tha tu...tujhse hi chodwati rahti...tere lund mein jadoo hai...aag badhti hi jaye hai...oooohhh.....ooooohhh...chod....chod....mere chodakkar bhatija...chod bua ko...bas choodwati rahoon...tu chodta rahe.....oui maan....ooohhh...oooohhh...aisa mazaaa...oui

daiyaa.....oooohhhh........ooooohhh...chooth mein aag lag gayeee.....chodta rah sari raat...bua ki choooth dhandi kar de..." Now, I was also enjoying her sexy talks in Allahabadi language and felt saying similar words as well. I was fucking my aunty and saying-"Aunty aapko chodne ka sapna saalon se tha, kismet aaj chamki hai...aapko to main to sari zindagi chodta rahoon.

Itni mast chooth, itni sundar choochiyan kahan milti hai aunty...aapke paas to khazana hai." She was enjoying the fuck, the squeezing of her boobs and my confessions of desire to fuck her in my mind for years made her mad with excitement. She was now totally open and shouting-"

Tumhari nazar mujh par thee.....bua ko chodne ka man tha....mujhe kahan pata tha...mujhe to aaj lagne lagaa tha...tumhari harkatein dekhkar...nahin to kab ki chudwa letee tumse.....pehle hi Dilli aa jati...tumhara lund pelwane.....oooohhh.....ooohhh....oooohhh...oui maaan...ab nikal le sari kasar...bana de bhurta meree chooth ka....aaaahhh....ooohhh....ab bua teree biwi hai...

bas isi tarah din raat chodte raho...lund ki sari kasar mere chooth mein nikal de mere pyare bhatije...mere raja.... mere pyare saiyan...chod chod.... bua ko chod....pel aur bheetar lund ko...pel meree chooth mein....... chod mere saiyan........ooohhh....ooohhh...tera sapna hai to chod meree choooth....jor se...chod le bua ko man bhar......oooohhh...oooohhh."

My hot Indu aunty was wriggling her hips and giving me upward thrusts screaming with sexual heat-"Chod......mere raja chod.....aaaahhhh.......aaaaahhh......mazaa aa gayaa.....lund ko aur ghusaa.......ooooohhhh.....oooohhhh...chod apni bua ko.....chod.....chod jor se....din bhar meree chuchee dekh rahaa tha.....ab masal usko.....ooooohhhh......pel jor se......ooohhh....ooooohhh mere saiyan phad de....."

Now I was feeling tiredness in my waist and legs. I said to aunty-"Meree rani, ab main neeche aata hoon...aap upar aa jao...phir aapko neeche se chodte hai, kamar dookh gaya...ab apni chooth ko upar se mazaa lene do meree pyari aunty...meree rani...meree pyari biwi upar aa jao." Aunty was in full excitement and shouted-

"Chal aa ja neeche...ab main tumhen chodungi.....dheere se palto...lund ko rahne de meree chooth mein...baahar mat nikalo...chooth mein ghusa rahne de...meree gaadn pakarke palto aaaaahhhh.....aaaaaahhh...lund andar hi rahne do....oooohhh...ooohhh....kaisi aag lagee aaj meree chooth mein."

We turned upside down, I made a semi circle of legs around the legs of my aunty, and she started pumping...She at this point kissed me passionately and said-"Ab hath meree chootar par hi rakhe raho...main dhakke detee hoon...aaj kitni aag lagi...oui karta hai bas choodwati rahoon." I was a bit comfortable now and enjoying it in relaxed way.

She was gradually increasing her pumping speed with heavy breathing. I was moaning with pleasure-"Aunty aapki sabkuchh itni achchhi kyon hai?" She liked the compliment and asked-"Tumhein mera kya achchha lagata hai mere raja?" I did not want to miss this opportunity of asking for another gift, I said-

"Aapka chehara kitna sundar hai,aapke gore gore gaal, aapki pyari pyari aankhen, aaapki badi badi sudaul soft soft chuchiyan, aapki goree goree garam garam chooth...aur toh aur aapki itni mast gaand....chootar dekh ke koi pagal ho jaaye..." Aunty was relatively slow in pumping now, she tickled my cheeks and grinningly said-

"Toh tujhe meree gaadn badi achchhi lagteei hai......meree gaadn pad bhi teree niyat kharab hai...meree gaadn marega............ooohhh.......aaahhhh.....bade badmash ho mere raja....bua ki chooth bhi chodee...aur ab gaadn bhi marega....oooohhh.....oooohhh...... main bhi thak gayee....taange hila hila ke....chooth jal hi rahi..........................oooooohhh.....

hai....ooohhh....oooohhh........ooohhh....ooohhh...chal gaadn bhi maar lena..... tu itna pyaara hai toh bua bhi raazee hai........ab ban gayee teree biwi....sab kar le........ooohhh...oooohhh....ooohhh...chooth le, gaadn le.... moohn le...pel apni lund....biwi taiyar hai.....ooohhh...ooohh mere saiyan...tere lund mei kitni garmi hai.....chooth ka man hi

nahin bharta pelwane se.......oooohhhh....oooohhh....oui maan......tujhe meree gaand pasand.....toh kal maar lena....pel dena apna mota lund bua ke gaadn lagaa ke.....phad denaa gaadn.....teree rani taiyaar hai...mar lena gaadn......abhi chooth ko chod...... jor se chod.....aaahh...oooohhh....ooohhh....ab tu upar aaja...mujh par chadhkar mujhe

chod.....tu upar se pelte ho toh bada mazaa aata hai.........tum jor jor se pelte ho....bua mein tere jaisi takat nahi hai....mera kaam choodwana hai mere raja...neeche let ke...aur tera lund upar se ghusta hai to undar chooth mein thokar lagtee bada mazaa aata hai.........aaaahh......aaahhh....oui maa kya ho gaya meree chooth

ko...oooohhh.......oooohhh....ooohh....aaja upar......thak gaye ho to baith kar chod...miyan biwi dono baith ke mazaa lenge.....oooohhh...ooohhh...ooohhh mere raja...phad de...bua ka chooth.. ooohhh....oooohhh....oui maan...aaj chooth bhi naye lund khakar pagal ho gayeee......ooohhh....ooohhh....bas choodwane ka man karta

hai....ooohh....oooohhh......ooohhh.....oooohhh" I did not want to disappoint my aunty of dreams by fucking in seating position. I said-"Aunty chalo neeche leto....phir se upar se chodta hoon....aapki chooth kee aag bhujha doon.....aapka saiyan ab aapko upar se chodne ko phir taiyaar hai....chalo ab palto.... saiyan phir taiyaar...aapki chooth pe sab kurbaan...

aaha meree pyari rani.......meree pyari biwi...kya badan paya hai....saiyan ko pagal kar diyaa....kya karoon aapko........chusoo...chatoon...chodu...hai meree aunty rani...kya mast chooth hai...kya mast chuchiyan hai....oh meree rani mere pas rah ja...kya cheez ho aap....chalo palto,neeche aa jao...main chod chod ke aapka chooth phad doon...

kitni garam chooth karta hai pura ghus jaoon." We again turned upside down, aunty lied on her back, back to original posture...aunty below me. She was in real sexy mood now, and naughtily said with her moaning-"Pura kahan ghusega... meree chooth koi kuan hai...ooohhh....ooooohhh......meree chooth itni badi nahi hai....

tera mota lamba garam garam lund hi kaphi hai....bas ise pelta rah mere saiyan.........oooohhh...ooohhhh....bas pelta rah....chooth phad de...mar dhakkka...chod jor se...abhi tu jawan hai.......bua ko laundiya bana de...chooth mein pel...gaadn mei kar...ooohhh...ooohhh....

I was in seventh heaven and wanted to make my aunty feel on the top of the world. I sped up my thrusts making her moaning and screeching loudly-"Oooohhh.....Oooohhh.....Oooohhh...oui maan.....chod....chod.....chod meree chooth...haan mere saiyan phad de...oooohhh...oooohhhh." I kept on fucking aunt's hot cunt and squeezing her boobs madly.

Aunty was screaming-"Ooooohhhh.....ooooohhhh.....Sohan.....tune kisi ko choda hai pehle? I said-"Nahin aunty....kissing toh kee hai...aaj chudai pehli bar kar rahan hoon.....aapko chod rahan hoon....apni bua ko..."She was ecstatic-"Achchha to chod bua ko jab tak hoon yahan...chod jor se ooooohhhh....ooooohhhh......aaaahhhhh."

I was making hard strokes and murmuring-"Meree rani...aap ke aage koi laundi nahin....aisi mazedaar kaun hai...bas ab deti raho...karwati raho..."Aunty hugged me tightly and screamed-"Ab toh ban gayee teree biwi....bas mauka nikal aur chod....main teree....ooohhhh......oooohhh....isi tarah chodte rah mere saiyan apni rani ko...meree

chooth...teree lund...ooohhh oooohhh...chodta rah.abhie to tere lund ko meree gaadn phi phadni hai....chal aur jor lagaa ke pel lund...rajdhani express chala do....chodo jor jor se...sare sapane pure karle....nikal le sari kasar intezaar kaa........bua ki chooth aaj se tere naam...teree malkiyat....yahan chod....Allahabad mein chod...ab ye chooth tumahari

mere.raja...chodo...oooohhhhh.......ooohhhh.......ooooohhh.........oooooohhhh.... mazaa aa gaya...teree biwi banake...chod...chod...chod....ooohhh.......oooohhh........aaaahhh....chooth ko tad tad kar de...chod...bas chod....ooohhh.....saala chod jor se....phad de chooth apni biwi ka." I was hearing first time "saala" from my aunty...but so many things were happening first time.

I asked-"Aunty aap saala bhi kahti ho?"She was in no mood to be shy, she just screamed loudly-"Chooth mein aag lagteei hai to kuchh bhi kahti hoon...chodo jor se....oooohhh....ooohhhh....oooohhh...mere saiyan biwi ko laundiya bana le is Dilli mein....din raat chod....oooohhhh...oooohhh. mere saiyan aisa mast lund kahan paya....ooohhh.....ooohhh......oooohhh..."

I was pumping my hard rod in aunt's hot cunt as fast as I could and felt the urge to ejaculate. I screamed-"Aunty mera honewala hai...gira doon chooth mein?" She was at the hilt of excitement shouting-"Ab main bhi jharoongee......oooohhhh.....oooohhhh......oooohhh......oooohhhh.....oooohhh...aahh...jharne de lund ko meree chooth mein....

oh mere saiyan....ooohhh.....ooohhh....bhar de chooth ko paani se...gira de garam paani lund kaa....bujha de mere chooth kee pyaas....ooohhh....oooohhh...oooooooooohhhhh....oui maan...aaya garam paani....ooohhh.....oooohhh......lund mat nikal.....bas lund andar dale rah...apnaa moohn neeche la...meree choommi le...daant kaat...aur neeche chooth mein phachphachane de...

bhar de chooth ko paani se......ooohhh....ooohhh...lund andar rahne de......sab andar gira.......choooth sokh legee sara....oooooohhh ooooohhh.....ooooooohhhh........ooohhh....oui maan...ab man bhara gaya.....mera bhatije mera saiyan ban gaya....bua ki chooth bhi chod lee...paani bhi giraya...bua ki aag bhi bujha dee.......oooohh.....oooohh.....aaj se tu mera

saiyan....mere chodakkar saiyan girate rah...chooth ko sokh lene de sara pani...tera lund bhi thandhayega..ooohh"And she kept held on fondling my head and back with one hand, holding me tightly with another hand while I was finally ejaculating all my semen deep inside my dream aunt's cunt.

After a few minutes of rest over my aunt's body, I felt that the contraction and expansion of her vaginal wall has squeezed all my semen. Now my penis came back to its original shape. I asked my aunty looking into her eyes-"Ab utroon neeche....sara nikal gaya....aapki chooth ne sab pi liya...."

She said smilingly and relaxing the hold of her vaginal walls and thighs on my penis -"Achchha utar jao....lund dheere se nikalo......bistar bhi geelee ho gayee....tumhara bahut jharta hai mere raja....chootar tak ras chala gaya." I started moving my body upward and removing my penis out of her cunt slowly and said-

"Koi baat nahin aunty, bed sheet badal deten hain.....aur towel se aapki gaadn aur chooth bhi ponch deta hoon. Aunty was happy and naughtier saying-"Aunty ko chod liya...ab to khush ho...tamanna puree ho gayee na?" I kissed her again on her cheeks and lips and said-"Haan meree rani, meree tamanna toh puree ho gayee...aap bahut achchhi ho.

Aapko mazaa aaya?" She said with showing the gesture of satisfaction-"Bahut man laga tumse karwa ke...mujhe aaj railway station par utarnke baad tumhen dekhte hi lagne lagaa tha ki...aaj kuchchh ho jayega...aur din bhar tum mujhe dhakke de rahe the...kabhie chuchee mein...kabhie chootar mein....main samajh gayee thee tera isharaaa....... aur sham ko to

mujhe aag lag gayee thee....phir sochee... tum maalish karoge toh aur garam ho jaoge....tu mere upar baitha to lund meri pet mein sat raha tha....khada lund auraton se nahin chhupta....tujhse mota toh tera lund ho gaya hai.....mast hai tumhara....ab jitney din Dilli mein hoon...kar le mazaa....chod le jee bhar....din raat....main tumhari...sab sapne pure kar lo...

kal kisne dekha hai....Chalo ab main shoo shoo kar loon, phir lipat ke so jaate hain."I said-"Mujhe bhi lagi...chaliye aaj shoo shoo bhi saath kar lete hain." Aunty said-"Tum aaj kya kya karoge.... oui maan....aisa aashique kabhie nahin dekha.......chalo, jab chudwa liya to saath mootane mein kya hai...aaj yeh bhi kar lete hain."

Both of went to the bathroom completely naked. I switched on the bathroom light, both of us looked at each other's naked body under normal light. Aunty lowered her eyes and was visibly blushing. I took her hand and made it hold my penis and said-"Ab kaisa sharmana, abhi to isne aapki aag bhujayee hai....abhi abhi toh ye aapke andar se aaya hai."

She said smilingly-"Badmash...chalo ab jaldi karo, banki baatein bistar par chalkar karna." I asked-"Aunty....bistar par phir yeh khara ho gaya toh....."She slapped on my buttock with smile and said-"Toh phir pel dena.....ab biwi bana liya toh....chodte raho." Remaining part some other time, as story is becoming long. Thanks.

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Fucking Renu aunty on holiday

Dear friends, let me share with you the incident of my sessions of joy with my own aunt. This is the incident of December, 2009.I belongs to an upper middle class family, and I stay with my parents and siblings in Jaipur. My own uncle stays in Agra, and he is in the business of garments there.

He has two sons both studying abroad and my Renu aunty is a housewife now after resigning from a teaching job in the university. Renu aunty is quite voluptuous, even at the age of 46, she looks attractive. She is quite a good natured woman with a lot of understanding and linguistic skills. She enjoys good rapport with everyone in the extended family.

I normally go to Agra to stay with my uncle and aunty during holidays in June and December. Sometimes other family members like my brothers also accompany me. This time in last December, I had gone to Agra alone as my brothers decided to go to Goa during holidays. I am a student of graduation at the age of 20.

Honestly speaking, several times in the past, I had wished to have sex with my aunty, but felt that thinking so was unethical. Last year, I had spent many valuable hours in watching pornography on internet and reading sex stories online. Out of the various categories of sex stories I enjoyed incest the most.

And during the time, when I read these stories I used to think of Renu aunty and masturbated several times. This time when I left for Agra alone for fifteen days, I made my mind to give a trial of seducing my aunty. I reached Agra in the afternoon wearing fashionable garments, and was welcomed by my aunty at her residence.

She asked about family members my studies and about Jaipur city and so on. She also passed the remark that I was looking very smart and handsome in these garments and with stylish haircut. I dared to return the compliment with saying that she was far smarter and beautiful than me.

She had not expected this remark, so she was silent for some moments and then smilingly said that I had grown up now. I had a good lunch with her, and then I went to meet my uncle at his shop cum office. I returned in the evening with my uncle. Next day, when my uncle had left for his business work in the morning, I thought of making some good but safe attempts to get my aunty on bed with me.

I knew that uncle will be back only after 9pm.After the breakfast, I asked my aunty about her favourite TV serials and movies. Then I asked her whether she watches English movies. She said that she has just watched two-three movies. I proposed to watch a movie which I had brought with me from Jaipur in CD.She agreed to watch it with me in the afternoon.

So, my plan was working. In the afternoon, maid servant had already left and I was with aunty, only two of is in the three bedroom posh flat. We started watching the movie. After 20 minutes of the starting of movie there was a long and hot scene of love-making. I was sitting beside the aunty. Aunty was in her saree and well matching blouse in very attractive form.

When the hot scene was going on, I could see the change in the facial expression of aunty, there was some change in her breathing as well. I knew it was the time to strike when iron was hot. I just made a risky move of putting my right hand on aunt’s right shoulder gently. She was amazed but she did not say anything as hot scene had worked on her.

After a few minutes I pressed her shoulder with my hand gently. She did not utter any word, just kept her eyes on LCD TV. I took it as a green signal and just brought my face closer to her face. She looked at me with unresolved emotions and a bit of excitement. I lowered my right hand to her voluptuous big shaped breast. I touched the right breast gently over blouse.

She did not know what to do. She wanted to say both yes and no simultaneously, but could say nothing. I kissed her on cheeks and lips. She was neither supporting nor opposing. I brought my left hand down as well and started squeezing both her breasts with both the hands. Now she was very excited. She just told “Bed par chalein”.

I was in my seventh heaven I said “Yes my darling aunty..You are the most beautiful lady….I love you the most.” We came to the bed in her bedroom. She sat down on the bed, I started kissing her deeply, our lips and tongues were licking each others lips and tongues for many minutes passionately and intensely. At the same time, I was squeezing her breasts.

She just said-“Tum jawan ho gaye ho...Mujhe bhi jawan kar diya.” I said-“Bus aap saath do jawani ka mazaa hum dono lootenge”. She said-“Chalo jab dil aa hi gaya, jamkar khelte hain”. I replied-“Meri achchi aunty chalo ab kapden kholkar aapko dekhoon, aapne kya kya khazane chhupa rakhe hain”.

She said-“Toh utaro mere blouse, saree petticoat, phir main tumhara utaroongi”. I started with her saree by removing it from upper part of the body, then lower part, and kept it on in floor. Then unhooked her blouse and removed the bra. Her big boobs just came out. I was mesmerized by looking at milky white big breasts, I could not resist, I started sucking it one by one.

I was sucking one and squeezing another by hand in turn. Then she said-“Abhi to bus aadha hua hai, neeche petticoat or panty kab utaroge”. I followed the command like an obedient child, I unfolded the nara of her petticoat, and petticoat just fell on the ground. I did not waste time, I removed her black panty as well.

Aunty raised her legs and put these clothes near saree and blouse on the floor. My aunt’s vagina and pubic hairs were most memorable and mesmerizing scene I had ever seen. Small pubic hairs, probably after one week of the shaving, and raised walls of vagina, mixture of pink, black and white skin was irresistible. I started running my fingers over it and then kissed it gently.

I stared sucking it. My aunty kept her hand over my head, and was murmuring excitedly - “Chooso mere laal,ghusa do puri jeebh meri choot mein…oh…oh… aaj aunty ko khush kar do…aahaa….oh…oui maa.. oh”.I kept on doing it for uncountable minutes. There was liquid coming out from it, my aunty was at the apex of excitement saying - “Bade dinon baad aaj tune mazaa karwaa diya.”

Then she said-“Lao ab tumhare kapre utaroon.” I just kept standing like an obedient child. She removed my t-shirt, then banyan and kissed on my chest passionately saying-“Tumhari chhati ab mardon wali ho gayee, ab isi tarah aunty to khush kiya karo”. Then she unbelted my jeans and removed it from my legs. She could she the bulge of erected penis in my lower undergarment.

She just touched the bulge gently with her hand, and started removing the undergarment. After removing the undergarment she just looked at my erected hard penis and cupped it with her hand—“Bada ho gaya, ab ise apni aunty ke choot mein ghuser do….chal ab is lund ka kaam 15 din bus meri chudai karna hai”.

She first kissed my penis and then looked into my eyes mischievously saying-“Kha jaaon ise….aunty ko chodne ki ichcha hai, chalo tum bhi kya yaad karoge, woh mazaa doongee, zindagi bhar yaad karoge.” She stared sucking my penis first slowly, then intensely with passion and excitement.

I was keeping my hands on aunt’s back and then slowly I lowered it to rub my aunt’s big buttocks which were very smooth and tempting. I was enjoying the suck of my beloved aunty uttering the words-“Mazaa aa gaya aunty... aaha tum kitni achchi ho.” Now I got further excited and brought my hands over aunt’s head saying-

“Oh aunty ...Kitni mazedar ho, khaa jao mere lund ko... tum sabse achchi ho,ab iske bad tumhen chodne mein aur mazaa aayega”.I felt that I will ejaculate semen now, I said-“Aunty, mera girnewala hai,gira doon moohn mein…piyogi?”She was sucking it passionately and just said-“Hoon”.I came in mouth of aunty and my whole body was shivering.

Aunty gulped down all the ejaculation like a grand lady of understanding and as a passionate beloved. Now, both of us were completely naked passionately hugging. She asked-“Ab kya iraada hai mere chhote saiyan, tumne abhi tak mujhe choda to hai nahi, bus juice pilaya hai…tumhari pyari aunty abhi to pyasi hai”.

I was happy like never before, I just kissed her and looked into her eyes saying-“Aunty ye to taiyari thee, aapki chudai aapka chhota saiyan aur deewana premi ab karega…aap bus maze lo aapko khush kar doonga, abhi to bus moohn mein pilaya hai,ab choot ko chodunga, phir shaam ko aapki izazat ho to apni pyari aunty ke gore gore gaand maroonga,

bolo ho aap taiyaar.” My lovely Renu aunty was also in superb mood. She took my penis in her hand pushing its skin up and down for new erection and said-“Mera pyara bhatiza poori plan banaa ke aaya hai aunty ko har taraf se pelne ka…chalo mere raja…tumne kah diya to main taiyaar hoon, gaadn bhi marna jitni bar chaho,jaise chaho,tel bhi laga ke maar lena,

abhi main freeze se flavoured milk laati hoon,use pi lo,phir mujhe jamkar sara dam lagakar chodna…doodh piyoge toom,aa jaayega meri choot mein,main abhi laati hoon,tum lund ko tight karo tab tak,bus shart hai meri chhoot phar dena,sari pyaas bujha do”.I said-“Yes my darling aunty,tum doodh lekar aao tumhein ye taiyaar milega tumhare andar jaane ko.”

Aunty left for kitchen after kissing me on cheeks and smiling mischievously. After five minutes, she came with a glass of flavoured milk and a cup of ice-cream. I said –“What about you, only one glass?” She replied smilingly-“Ice-cream tumhare saath khaoongi, doodh tum peekar mere andar nikalo.”I said-“Meri aunty smart hai aur unki choot pyasi hai, chalo ab zaldi usmein dalte hain.”

I drank the entire milk instantly, while my beloved aunty was making my hard penis prepared for the game. I said-“Start karein aunty ab chudai agar aapki izazat ho to.” She lied down on the back with legs apart in air and rubbing her clitoris, she said-“Aao pelo, ab der mat karo, chodo zor se, pura dam laga ke…

jab ho hi gaya khel shooroo aunty aur bhatije mein to ab poore maze karo…chalo ghusao.”I followed my aunt’s command and inserted my penis in her hot hole slowly and smoothly. She looked at my face, put her hands on my head and lowered my face to make our lips meeting and then said-“Ab jor jor se chodo aur mere breast ko bhi khub dabao...aunty ke maze lo.”

I was in full swing fucking her intensely and pressing her breasts with the words-“Aunty aapki choot badi mazedar hai, aur gaadn bhi mast hai, aaj zindagi safal ho gayee, aap bhi maje karo.”She was making sexy sounds through her lips-“oh…oh…oh…oh….aur chodo jor se …chodte raho mere laal…ghuser do pura lund…tumahari aunty pyasi hai…chodo.”

I kept on fucking intensely and squeezing her breasts, fucking her mouth with my tongue sometimes. She was shivering with excitement-“Chodte raho, phad to meri chut, sari mardangi nikal do…..phir ek bar fruits khakar meri gaadn phi maar lena…ye pandarh din…teri aunty tumhari…khush kar do…aah…jor se...”

And it was the lifetime experience. After intense fucking, I said-“Aunty ab doodh nikalnewaala hai, nikaloon?’She was excitedly making sounds and uttering words-Aaah, kaleze tak dhakelo,bhar do choot ko lund ke paani se…oooh…ooh…kitna bada lund hai,choot phar dala…aur pharo.”

Then I came inside her and lowered my head, she like an experienced player of the game of sex kept on rubbing her hands on my head saying-“Abhi mat nikalo, rahne do, lund aur choot dono ko sikurne do, choot sikur sikur ke sab ras nikaal lega…mazaa aa gaya mere chhote saiyan, aunty khush ho gayee…chalo aur kya chahiye tumhein aunty se?”

Then both of us rested together for a couple of hours. My aunty was a woman of words. She made a call to the maid servant to come late that evening around seven pm and fixed the time with me for anal session at 4pm.She just went outside to meet some other lady for a few minutes after our rest of a few hours. She came back at quarter to four with fruits and ice-cream.

She looked at me smilingly and asked what I will like to have fruits or some other food. I said-“Aunty, just a few pieces of apples and banana, before I insert my banana between your hips.” She said laughingly-“Haan mere raja, ye lo fruits aur taiyar ho jao khade lund ke saath, mere gaadn ko uska intezaar hai, jaldi karo, shaam honewali hai.”

I again followed my beloved aunt’s words obediently and had fruits fast. We went on the bed, and this time aunty removed her clothes fast and told me to remove mine fast. She had already kept some oil near the bed. After removing the clothes, naked aunty looked at my naked body especially at my erect penis and asked smilingly-“Yeh bachcha tight to ho gaya?

Gaadn mein ghusane me mehnat lagega mere saiyan…ise samjha do.” I said-“Aunty aap hath laga ke khud hi dekh lo, ise itna tight kar lo ki aapki gaadn mein saraak ke ghus jaye.”She caught my penis with her hand and started rubbing oil on it with the words-“ab tum ghusane se pahle meri gaadn mein bhi tel laga dena, phir mazaa aa jaayega.”

Now we were ready for the next session. She kissed me and brought my hands over her breasts saying-“Ise daba do jam ke, phir gaadn marte hue ise dabate rahana.” Then she lied on the bed on her stomach, I put a few drops of oil on finger to rub it on the anal passage of my beloved aunty. After oiling the anal passage, I asked-“Aunty ghusa doon?”

She replied lovingly-“Haan, ab ghusao par ahiste se, gaadn dukhne lagati hai?” I asked her-“Aapne pahale marwaya hai.” She said-“Picchale pachchis saal se tumhare uncle se marwa hi to rahi hoon” and began laughing. I said –“Really, kya ab bhi regularly...”She said-“

Majak kar rahi thi,ab to chudai bhi dhang se nahi hoti,shaadi ke bad kuchh samay tak kabhie kabhie unhone gaadn maraa tha change ke liye.Aaj lagta hai bees saal bad gaadn marwa rahi hoon,ab meri gaadn bhi kitni badi ho gayee,main bhi mote ho gayee.”I said-“Aunty, gaadn badi nahi huyee, bus chootar aapke bade ho gaye.” She burst into laughter and said-“

Bada samajhdar laadla hai, ab aunty ki gaadn me apni lund pel do.” I inserted my penis softly, aunty felt some pain as evident on her face. She just murmured-“Oh…oh maar daala, gaadn phat jayegi mere raja dheere ghusao…oh…Oh.Now my entire penis was inside the aunt’s anal hole.

She was now relieved and enjoying-“Ab bahar bheetar karo, dheere dheere speed badhao…dono haath se chuchiyan dabao.” I fulfilled my aunt’s desire and put my hands blow her breasts and started squeezing it and simultaneously accelerating the speed of sodomy.

Aunty was enjoying now-“Aaah …aah…ooh…mazaa aa gaya,maro jor se dhakelo…aunty ki gaadn phar dalo. Now, she was also vibrating her buttocks up ad down and muttering the words-“Aaah…aah pura ghusao, jor se karo mere chchote saiyan mere pyare saiyan.”

Thus, fifteen days spent in Agra with aunty was the memorable experience of life. We just enjoyed hugging, kissing, sucking, fucking, anal sex and sexy talks. Aunty was on the top of world enjoying it more than any lady can on her honeymoon with desired husband.

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Pammi aunty fucked by Sunny

Hello to all Humandigest readers, first of all let me introduce myself I am Sunny from Delhi age 22 years. The story I am going to tell you people is a true one. This story took place with my aunt her name is pammi and she is 34 yrs married for quite some time and lives in delhi and her husband works in Chandigarh and comes home once or twice in a month and she has one child who studies in a boarding school.

This incident happened 8 months back I lives in delhi with my fine day I was at home in afternoon my grandmother told me to take salwaar kammez from tailors shop and give it to my aunt pammi (dad’ sister) so I left my home at around 3pm to tailors shop and took clothes from him and then to my aunt’s house which is 30 min drive

from tailor’s shop then I reached her home around 3:30 I rang the doorbell and my aunt opened the door and we both greeted each other and she said come in, now let me tell how my aunt look like she is fair with long hairs, height 5;4 and her figure is 36c 32 38 she is typically busty Punjabi women with great features has amazing boobs and her ass is mind blowing.

she always wear salwaar kameez, so when I entered her home she said what will u take, I said cold drink will be fine, then I said tailor has given your clothes and said u must check all and check the size if it fits or not, and if it doesn’t fits give back to me I will give it back to tailor for alteration.

She said ok and leaves to check all clothes by wearing it, after 5 mins she come to show me how the fitting was I saw that it was too tight (I could see all the curves of her body that aggressive boobs, massive ass) and neck was too low it showed me the cleavages of her and I was excited to see all that and said that its too tight, and she also agreed,

then she took phone and ranged tailor about the mess he has done, and said to tailor to again take her measurements and alter her salwaar kameez but tailor said he is too busy to come to her home to take measurements and he said send your measurements with sunny (that’s me) so she said ok.

Then she told me that you have to take my measurements and give it to tailor, I was so much thrilled and said sure I will do that, so in couple mins time she comes with measuring tape and she said she will instruct me what to measure, I was soo much turned on by this that I have a chance to feel her body,

and my cock was feeling the heat and became hard then she said measure my hands length and I did that, then she said to measure her shoulders I also did that while doing all this I can see her boobs as her height is less than mine and due to the low neck kameez I can see from top view and it was making me harder to resist,

then she said to measure her back for broadness and I did that and was feeling her bra straps and I was so close to her that my dick was touching her massive ass and,I was thinking that time should freeze here, Then she said to measure her lower back (ass) I also did that and my hands was touching her massive ass for most of the time and I was pressing it gently.

then she said to measure her legs length and I did that accordingly, then she said to measure her chest while doing that I pressed her boobs accidentally and she did not said anything she was taking her breaths in and out for exact measurements then I don’t know what happened to me I pressed her boobs again and kissed her on her lips

and I was pressing her boobs wildy then she opposed and said what are you doing ? Then I said that I don’t know what happened to me I could not control myself I was too close to your body, then I took her hand and guided towards my cock which was in full length and hardness she was shocked and she got aroused and I can see the lust in her eyes

now she started stroking my cock and she kissed me on my lips we were kissing each other and I was exploring her body and was pressing her boobs and after that I was pressing her mind blowing ass and stretching it in other directions, and she was stroking my cock after kissing she bend on her knees and opened my jeans and took out my fully erected cock which

was saluting her and started playing with that and took in her mouth and gave me outstanding blow job and she almost made me cum, After the blowjob I made her stand again and removed her kameez and I could see her black bra and it was padded with cushion I was aroused by seeing her bra and her boobs were dying to come out of that bra so I unhooked her bra,

now I pressed and sucked her boobs which were like two milk tankers they were extremely soft and were really big and then I fully undress her and made her lay down on bed and then I inserted my cock in her pussy I was lying on her body and was giving my full thrust and she was moaning and I was feeling like I am in heaven.

Then I made her stand and again smooched her made her sit on bed and inserted my dick between her boobs and rubbed my dick between her both boobs she liked this very much after that I changed my position and made her stand like doggy on her knees and both hands and I inserted my dick from behind into her pussy and started fucking her in doggy position

and was giving it all I could feel her ass while I was fucking in doggy position I was playing with her boobs they were hanging downwards I liked that view very much now I was about to cum so I said her then I removed my dick from her pussy and said her to stand on her knees in front of me and I offloaded my cum on her boobs and belly she was totally drenched by my cum

after that we again smooched and then she said take my measurements and I took her measurements as nude measurements are the exact one then I dressed and departed from her home and after that we had done this love making many times.

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Rakesh fucking cousin sister in hall

Hi this is rakesh from mumbai.I am 25 yrs old and the story I m going to tell is of arround two years back. We have a very big family.WHenever there is any function or any issue we come togather to get a solution. In this case my grnadfather was very serious and my house was full of people. I have a cousin sister who is married and is having a 3 yrs old child.

I always had a crush on her.she was 5.4 inch and had a sexy ass.she was fair and smooth skin.She was suppose to come that night. That day slept on the hall with everyone. Around 3 am I felt that there was someone's leg on my stomach. I just kept hand on that leg and what I felt is such a silky skin.. and I took my hand till tighs and there was no cloth till there...

Oh man I opend my eyes and I saw my cousin's leg but her child was sleeping between us.I could see that her sarre went totally to her waist and her legs were naked. I just rubbed my hand on them..Oh.... I could not stop myself and I started kissing them slowly..she was sleeping and did not know that I m kissing her legs and licking them...

I moved her child little aside and slept beside her took the blanket on both of us..kept my face infront of her breast and to my surprise her blouse hooks where already removed with only one remaining...I kissed her navel like anything and licked them....with My other hand I slowly pulled up her sarre a little and put my hand into her panty.... and I could feel hairy rod stood up.

I unhooked her last button of the blouse looking at her face..wat if she gets up. now she was in boobs were visable to mee with bra....i just huged her and kissed her boobs....and I was rubbing my rod on her panty... Oh shit she opened her eyes...I pretended to sleep huging her......but she came to know what I was doing...she just pushed me back,

hooked her blouse, puled her saree down and turned her back and slept...But I was not done till now... I again put my hand on her waist making sum sound as if I m puting my hand while sleeping..she pushed my hand back.. with a lot of courage I just again hugged her tighly from behind and this time my rod was touching her ass..she did not do anything....

i slowly kept rubbing my rod behind her.... I also started running my hand on her stomach.....Ater 5 mins I stoped them to check whether she slept or not...but to my surprise...she took my hand towards her breast.....I was so hot by the time......I just press her breasts with my hands.. she also responded...

then with my other hand I unhooked her bra from behind and released her boobs..I was kissing her on her back and then neck..slowly I came down and pulled her saree up... and could see her sexy ass with black panty on it...i kissed her on her ass checks....i was doing this inside the blanket..slowly I moved her wet panty a little and started rubbing her pussy with my hand...

she moaned slowly..then I inserted the middle finger inside her love hole and I was fucking her with my finger...she started moving her ass in fucking position....after that I went a little closer and kept my tongue near her hole licked it with my tongue...her sweet pussy was having such a grt taste..her volume raised...

I got a little afraid as there was my mom sleeping beside her child and also other people.After fucking her with my tongue....she got really horny...When I came kissing her ass to her back and neck....she told me in a low voice....give me ur dick...I opened my shorts and my six inch handsome came out....I took her hands to my dick...

she took it in her hands and started feeling it....i was enjoying her boobs by that time...then she slowly wisphered in my ears....RAKESH I WANT TO FEEL UR DICK IN MY PUSSY....I WANT THAT FEEL....i told her...WE DON'T HAVE ANY PROTECTION......she was really horny and had nothing to hear....she just said..

IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYTHING TO ME FUCK ME WITH UR DICK....RIGHT she said....i did not even wait for a second....just lifted her ass a little up placed my dick between her ass checks......she guided my dick to her love hole with her hands then I just inserted my dick without a condom.... pained a little but when my dick got totally inside..

got little wet....she opened her mouth wide.....i just kept my hand on her mouth so that she could not make any sound.....i could feel her felt like heaven inside it.....she was just enjoying the fuck. I just hugged her tightly from behind and kept on fucking her from behind...after 5 mins...she layedher boobs down and I went on her fucking her ass...

bye sleeping on her...... after a long fuck.... I was to cum......she said......put it on my asshole........i want it there,...i just removed my dick and cummed everything on her asshole....which also went down to her pussy....she started rubbing her pussy with her hand enjoying my cum on it....

I told her I am going to wash my dick in washroom....she stood up and came with me...she pushed me inside and locked the door from inside. She bent down took my rode in her hand and gave me a fantastic dick was touching her inner-throught...Oh. it was totally inside her mouth....i got charged....she was still in the saree around her waist...

I just sat on the kamot (western style toilet)..pulled her towards me and she readily came and sat on my dick.....i just removed her blouse and bra....and was maddly kissing her boobs....she said do not leave and love her husband may come to know...i was sucking them and licking her smelled so grt......

i fucked her for around 20 mins......after a hardcore fuck she pulled up her saree....put her bra and ready to go out.....i pulled her to me and gave her a lip lock.....for around 5 mins.....huging each other tightly.......Atlast she said... U R SO VERY HOT.....WILL MEET U SOON IN THIS SITUATION...i said...I WILL BE WAITING FOR IT SEXY...

then she went out and saw if all are sleeping then she waved hand to me so I went out.... she slept in her place and pulled her child towards her... and I slept at my place... within 1 hour we had to wake up.....My grandpa got perfectly alright... and all had to leave... it was the last night she was sleeping in our house...she was wearing a nighty...will let u know about this story next time....

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Musafir getting handjob from Mami

Hi Readers, my name is Musafir and I am a great fan of your site. I always wished for some of the wonderful sexy things that happen to some readers to happen to me until finally just a few days ago it happened. One of my aunts (maamie) called and asked if she can visit.

They stay about 5 - 6 hours away from us and I was the only family she had in this province so I gave her the opportunity to visit. Anyway she arrived late at night and asked me to fetch her from the bus stop, it was already late and the wife and children were in bed so I went alone to fetch her. It was summer nd I wore just my boxer shorts and a t shirt.

I dodnt expect to get off the car si didnt bother dressing up. when she got in the car, she looked absolutely hot in her jeans and revealing top. I immediately got an erection and since I was wearing boxer shorts she noticed this and blushed.

The next morning when my wife was gone to work she made some toast and brought it to my bedside and when she bent down to leave the tea and toast I got a view of her lovely, I could have grabbed them right there. She then told me she is going to shower which was a part of my room. I still lay in bed watching the morning news etc.

she then came out of the shower wrapped only in a long towel. she put up one leg on the bed and started rubbing lotion over her legs and thighs. I got superb views of t]her sexy thighs. she knew I was enjoying the view and she simply smiled when I was caught looking. She then said, dont mind as it's nothing you have not seen before as you do have a wife and she then laughed.

She then asked me to rub lotion on her back and dropped the towel. She had on panties, very very sexy thongs and a strapless bra. I rubbed lotion on her back and asked her to undo her bra as it was in the way. She told me I could do it and I kissed her neck and shoulders while I undid her bra.

I massaged her tits from the back while I knelt behind her and told her how sexy she was for a woman over 35. She turned around and kissed me and then fished her hands into my boxers. She told me that she cant fuck today but will definitely during her stay she gave me a handjob and we kissed and cuddled till she had to go.

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John fucking cousin Divya

Hi, this is John. I live at Anna Nagar, Chennai. I am 23 yrs old, 5ft 8 inches. I had a splendid Experience a few months back with my Cousin Divya – 32 yrs old Married with a 5 yr Old Kid. She is a housewife & Her husband is more interested in making money than enjoying his wife’s beauty.

She has a perfect figure, lovely lips, sexy structure and long hairs and over all round boobs which still makes me more passionate about making Love with her. So once her Husband had to go to Calcutta regarding his Office Work. And I was asked to accompany my Cousin for the Next 5 days. Oh My Gosh! I was so excited. I reached her house on Saturday after her Hubby left.

It was just a Formal Welcome with a tight Hug that she gave me. I could feel her Boobs touching my body. Oh I felt so nice. I settled down onto one of the rooms & went to sleep with My Cousin in my mind. The Next day she woke me up with a Cup of Coffee. She was wearing a Nightie.

Damn she wasn’t wearing any inner wears because I was able to see her tits popping up through the nightie. Then I freshened myself & got ready for Breakfast. Being Sunday her kid was still asleep. She started acting weird & started showing herself & was asking how she was looking that day. I said as always u look good. But damn she was too sexy that day.

Then we had a good chat & planned for a evening time out. My cousin is so close to me that she always used to share everything with me. So during the Evening we went to a nearby park. There she was speaking about her personal life how her husband is such a workaholic & how often he comes late home & sleeps off without caring about her and etc

At one point she just asked me whether I have any Girlfriend. I said No. She asked whether I have done Sex with anyone. I said I have seen a lot of Blue Films & I know how it is done. But was never lucky enough to get any Chance with someone. She quickly asked whether I would like to try out everything with her.

Damn I was surprised & excited too But wasn’t able to reply to her as I was speechless. Never have I expected such things might happen. She dragged me to our house. After reaching home she made her kid to sleep & came to my room by 7:30pm wearing a Black nightie. I hope she was waiting for this moment for long time. She came near & hugged me so tight.

I was sitting on the Bed & she sat on my Lap & then started kissing me so passionately catching my head with one hand & the other caressing my Back. I was in heaven. My hands were all over her Boobs. She wasn’t wearing any inner wear. We kissed & caressed each other for about 10 minutes. Then she asked me to remove her nightie.

Then I removed her nightie and there she lay, completely naked. I spread her legs wide enough & had a look onto her pussy. It was so nice. The lips of her pussy were pink and there were a little hair on it. I parted her vaginal lips and kissed her clit. I inserted my tongue in her pussy & explored its depth for a while which made her mad.

I started rubbing her pussy externally then rubbed her clitoris and slowly inserted one finger into her love hole. It was very tight, she was right her husband was not fucking her. I was Fingering her Cunt & caressing her G-spot. She went crazy and started making noises and said she can’t hold anymore. She was damn wet. Then I spread her Legs Wide Open.

First I slowly started rubbing my penis on the external lips, then inserted only the tip and rubbed. Then slowly inserted my Cock into her love hole. It was very tight. So I slowly applied pressure and made my way. She was shouting & moaning. But once I got it totally inside I started moving it to & fro. After sometime she also started enjoying and started giving me company.

The room was full of noises and the sound of two bodies touching each other. I was fucking her now very fast and hard as she was moaning and asking for more of it. I was also licking her nipples. I was kissing all parts of her body where my mouth could reach in that position. Now she was uncontrollable and she held my arms tight and started to jump under me.

I was moving to & fro and at the same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her buttock against the bed to accompany my moves. As my stroke became harder, after few moments she started moaning “Please slow down Karthi… aahh…Ooohhh… Please…. Though she was begging for me to slow down she never stopped enjoying each & every stroke of mine.

Now she spread her legs much more wide open and she was hugging me real tight. She was moaning hard & then her body arched & then she breathed out heavenly. She had her orgasm. She was so excited & tired. Then we both lay naked for some time in each other’s arms. Then after some time I again started kissing her big boobs and rubbing her pussy.

We had another round of sex this time in doggy style. It was really great experience. We had regular sex daily for 5 days till her Husband returned back from Calcutta. Now she has shifted her Home to Bangalore as her Hubby got transferred onto there. Please give your feedback on how you liked my Experience.

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Rakesh having sex with sweet Supriya

Hi HumanDigest Readers, I love to read HumanDigest, especially Incest make me hornier. But I found lots of stories are fantasies very few looks real one. I want to give my real life story with my sweet sister Supriya. I am Rocky (Rakesh) athletic body looks very handsome. My sister also looks more beautiful with awesome body.

This story was happened between us when I was 18 and she was 16. We both are very close to each other from childhood. I used to share everything with her whatever our parents bring for us. She is fair (but not too fair like milk beauty but good complexion). As we are very close to each other, I always touch her, hug her and kiss on cheek.

There is no obstruction for our touching. But I don’t have any sexual feeling towards her until I read HumanDigest Incest stories. We have one dog; we used to go out with her after8.30 Pm everyday in the street. Our street is not much crowded but people always stick to daily serials. So I used to take advantage of that loneliness that I used to keep my hands on her shoulders

and press her towards me while walking on the street. In winter, it became very nice to both of us because of shivering and warmth produced by our bodies to the touching. Now, my lust is increasing on sex as well as on my sis. You may have the doubt that as I look handsome so that I could have girl friend.

But I don’t like to have GF especially in our city as you need to spend much on them is one thing but one more thing is I am good at studies so I usually don’t bother about girls though they try to speak with me with small reasons. Anyhow, I got a wonderful opportunity on one day. Usually, because of my closeness I used to lift my sweetie into air make her happy on occasions.

She kisses me on my fore head. For that kiss only I used to lift her. On one Thursday night, my papa received one phone call about an accident of his brother (he is son of my youngest Grand Pa). We are not much aware about him as they are very close to us. So early morning they started journey.

And my mom gave me lots of instructions to handle the Home locks…etc as they may come on Sunday if everything goes well. And I know cooking and I promised I will take care of food. But my sweetie doesn’t know as she is sleeping in her room. I locked the door, again I went to sleep. Later I explained about everything to my sister.

On Friday night, as usually we went out with dog and it is winter so that our closeness is very touchy. I cooked the food and my sis also helped me and complimented me that my wife would be luckiest as I was handsome and same time Cook and other qualities. I also complimented about her that she is beautiful and the guy who is going to marry is lucky.

She has shown shyness. I commented that how do you know about shying. She got confused a bit and pinched me. I too took the advantage of that I also pinched on her hand near shoulder. This led to slapping on body. Then I slapped on her butt and to make her cool I lifted her by keeping my both hands on her smooth butt.

She suddenly became cool and gave kiss but not one man she gave three today on cheeks. Those smooth lips gave me hard on. Then lift down her I gave a hug with her fragrant smooth body. Everything is looking new to me in the hard on situation. That made me hornier.
And she has one weakness that she usually fears if she is alone.

Just assume guys, if it is known that our parents are in home though in their bed room we feel little fearless and comfortable. If suddenly nobody is there we feel loneliness with no sounds in the hall or home. So she asked me to sleep in her bed room as she is felling little fear. I accepted because I take care of my sweetie sister. All the doors are locked went to bedroom.

She usually wear shirt and traditional petticoat usually school girls wear but longer one. Since we have big thick blanket, so I haven’t bring my blanket. As it is winter it is very cold, we both shifted under the same blanket with giggling and happiness. We started chit chat and conversation went to 20 min in natural way. Later 3 min nobody spoke.

Then a pleasant atmosphere created between us. I just said “Supri, you became beautiful”. She said you too bhaiya. Again 2 min nothing was spoken. Then I asked her that I have a wish that I want keep hand around the waist of a girl while sleeping. She didn’t say anything but her heart started to take momentum of fast beat. Because of no sounds I can observe the breathing level.

Silence means acceptance from girls’ side. So I just kept my hand on her waist on the top of shirt with little force on her waist. I moved little forward to access her body. I asked her is it okay? She just said hmm. I went near to her face I gave a kiss on her cheek. By the time I was completely in hard on. My heart stared beating faster.

Then I kissed on her ear that made her to have electricity in her body as she moved because of kiss. In mean time I went inside the shirt I touched bare waist “Oh my God, what a smooth body like a sponge”. And the same time I kissed on her neck. Then I said I Love you Supri. She got enough electricity with my bare touches,

suddenly she turned towards me and I also hugged her very tightly in such a way that my Cock is touching her pussy on petticoat. I passionately kissed her in French style. Then I climbed on to her kissing madly. She is responding with more love. Then I made her to go for everything tonight. I get down from her and lifted her frock and I kept my hand inside her pussy.

Oh she is already wet and pussy lips are smooth like pulpy. Then I removed her panty completely and I touch her pussy with bare hand started squeezing slowly. Mean time kissing her lips vigorously. I too removed my boxer and I did not wear underwear. My cock became free and eager to touch the pussy.

Then I just put my burning hot lund on her hot chooth and rubbing on it to feel the flesh and heat. It is making both of us lustful. I removed her shirt and caught the smooth boobs of good size for handful as she hasn’t worn the bra on that night. She is in just frock which is folded up to pussy. Again I climbed on to her to feel the heat of body and pussy.

I started rubbing my cock on her entrance making her more excited. Finally I removed the last piece also made her completely nude. Now both are nude rolling on each other and I keep on thrusting my lund on her hot smooth chooth. I went to belly button I started licking it and squeezing the waist and giving wet and hot kisses.

Went down to pussy I gave a smooth kiss first and I took complete lips into my mouth as it was cake for eating. She caught my head with more ecstasy making noises slowly in controllable manner as Indian women do. I lick it neatly for 7 minutes. And came back to facing position, she said she can’t tolerate any more. Bhaiya please fuck me hard.

Apna Lund meri chooth me dalo. And she caught my lund plling it towards her Chooth. I kissed her agin so that she can give her warm touching to my lund. Wahh, what a feeling yaaar. Nobody can explain that feeling. And Grabbed her smooth but and made her to come on top of me and squeezing her butt and she is rubbing her clitoris on my lund and even ready to make it inside.

Finally I made her to lie down with wide spread of her legs. I positioned myself, slowly enterd the tip of the lund in hole of the pussy. She gasped. As read that first is going to hurt, so I don’t want to hurt her. Slowly entering inside and her heart beat increasing faster finally with hard psuh I enterd completely.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaah Bhaiyaaaaaa Dard ho ra hai dheere se karo, I didn’t move for few seconds. But water drops fell down from her eyes. I felt little more liquid on my cock I understood that it was blood as her hymen tore. It was the fantastic feeling when I was inside as my hot cock is quenching the thirsty of both organs.

She caught me very tightly and kissing my lips to avoid sound. I kept my both hands under her body means between bed and her back hugged her tightly. She is melting in my hug. After 2 min she is normal, and then I increased speed slowly but she is in pain but at the same time in mood to bear pain. So I just stared at horse speed and rammed her hardly.

She is moaing, Hanhh, hanhh, hanhh,,,,,,for each thrust and exchanging the saliva. Finally after one and half minute I stared speed like jet and her moaning also equal to same speed I exploded semen deep inside her and hugged both tightly slept like that for 10 minutes. Later we kissed and hugged in side ways as locking both legs half of her body on my groin.

We slept like that after few minutes I woke up she slept facing away me then I went from back hugged her and put my lund from back. I fucked by grabbing her boobs. And in the early morning once again in missionary position. We woke up at 10.30 went to bath together had one more session I doggy style but it is not giving enough satisfaction of touching the bodies.

As our bath room is little bigger we accommodated on the floor, I banged her in the bathroom itlsef in missionary style. We both like missionary which gives each and every part of the body have good access to exchange heat and warmth. Fortunately she is safe periods.

So she didn’t become pregnant and I went to purchase condoms and enjoyed up to Sunday morning as our parents are heading back to city on Sunday. I never hurt my sister. I take care like glass. She gives kiss with love make me to take care of her. So how is my real story? Please comment my story.

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