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Having sex with beautiful Chachi

I m vicky (all the names are fake), 21 yrs old handsome guy.... this is a real incident between me or my gorgeous chachi which happened about a month ago. lets go to the story now...ever since I came to know about ladies and sex I have got attached to my beautiful chachi, Rama. she is not very tall, about 5'4, while I am 5'11,.. I always dreamt of her.

I have masturbated numerous times thinking about her. due to some family problems my chacha n chachi nt live with us. once she met me on d road,i was on my pulsar while she was walking back to her home. instead of touching her feet I touched her thai's.. they were very hot even inside the saree. she gave me a naughty smile n said "bahut choote ho tum".

I was really happy. I gave her lift and while riding I intentionally pressed the disc break time n time again so dat her boobs pressed against my back. she invited me 2 her home. when I went inside no one was there. her daughter n son went to school that time. she asked me to come with her n see her house. I went behind her n was having a view of her swinging ass.

how awesome was dat.. now we were in her drawing room n sitting on a couch. suddenly she started talking about the family problems n started crying. I wiped her tears n said "dont worry everything will be fine. she held my face n said "tum bahut bade ho gaye ho gye ho" n kissed on my cheeks. I was very confused what to do now. now she hugged me very tight..

I could feel her boobs on my chest. I was getting very horny. I couldnt able to hold now. so I kissed her very hard on lips. she was totally co operating with me now. after that I took her into my arms n took her in the bedroom. now I untide her saree. oh my gosh!!! she was lukin too hot in blouse and petticoat. I just grabbed her boobs n started pressing them over d blouse.

she asked me to hold a bit.she asked me to remove her clothes. I torn hr blouse in 2 pieces n removed her petticoat,. she was now in her pink bra n panty.. I wasnt able to hold n I jst removed my tee n jeans.. she saw d buldge in my jockey n jumped over it like a wid cat. she took out my penis n took her in her pretty hands. wow wat a touch it was.

she said "tmhare chacha ka to isse bahut chota h." my penis is about 7 inches long. she took it inside her mouth n started sucking it like a kid is sucking a lollypop. it was d first time dat a lady was sucking my penis. I was overwhelmed with dis. she sucked it for about 10 mins n den I undressed her fully. the milk tankers were hanging in front of me. they were very huge.

I tried to grab it with 1 of my hands bt was unable. so I firmly pressed them with both of my hands. I sucked them very hard.. she was moaning very loud.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... hmmmmmmmmmm.

AAAAAAAAAHHHH.. choos VICKY CHOOS.. KAS KE CHOOS.. MAIN TARAS GAYI HU IS KE LIYE. CHOOS LE POORA... AAAAAAAAAHHHHH UMMMHHHHHHH AAAAAAAH.. I den sucked both d tankers well... den I went to her navel.. a bit fleshy yet very appealing.. I just played with it.

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Ritwik having hot sex with teacher aunt

Well.....straight on.. this sexperience happened about two months ago..I'm ritwik handsome not that tall and I love sex this aunt of mine is simply plump and gorgeous fat ass deep holed navel milkywhite in complexion wears saree and is a teacher of math...shes not that much of revealing type kinda shy and strict I just only got once an golden opportunity

to get a glimpse of her navel at school sports day shes was at backstage moving benches and her pallu slipped from her shoulder showing her cleavage and that plump milkywhite belly embellished with a sexy navel I only got a glimpse before she made it out with the roll of her hand from then on I fantasised a million times eating her pussy and masterbated

a lot as she wears saree I can see the side of her belly and part of her right boob when she walks around after some days I decided to get close to her and find some way to get to taste her assets for my luck I intentionally failed in the next exam and she forced me to come to her house for tuition which shes taking for weak students and shes not financially safe her husband

had some alterations with her and he's staying at some place else comes home occasionally and then leave I guess that made her strict in class I haven't seen her smiling and all I want is to give her a good hard fuck but I'm afraid to make any day at her house during tuition I got stuck with a math problem so I can't finish it off and go home I had to stay

a bit longer in her house and it was late and my mom called to her house to ask whether I left her house I hadn't reached home which my teacher aunt replied I'm very poor at math and can't even solve a simple problem then they had a long discussion about my studies and it was raining heavily outside I'm still hooked with that math question...

my teacher aunt julie then after a long chat with my mom asked me to take a shower that I ain't going to home but staying at her house till exams are over hearing that my adrenaline just got pumped I got a chance to make all my fantasies come true...I was like a child to her she has a baby like 10 years or so then I went to the bathroom to take a shower and also get time

to think of some ideas to seduce and fuck her tonight her baby was sleeping on the bed and I silently sneaked in to the bathroom without disturbing the sleeping baby and took a bath I saw her bra hanging on there at the bathroom she forgot to take may be in her morning shower I took her white bra and smelled and chewed it made me horny my dick was just erect like a hot rod

and I can't control myself then I came out of the bathroom nude and waited for her to come that room I want her to see me nude then I pinched her child and it started crying then she came to took her child and she saw me pulling the pants up she saw my erect penis inside my underwear and I stood there dressed like nothing happened and acted cool she took her child

out to the living room I followed her and said my pants button had broken I can't wear it I asked for a safety pin to tie it...she then gave me her husbands shorts for the night and told me to study after the meal..I was disappointed that I hadn't capitalised on the moment and failed to seduce her but I know the fact that everybody loves sex and girls are a bit shy at first then I

went back to the room where I bathed and I saw her breastfeeding the baby and its time to sleep and I quickly finished the question given me to solve I went with the book silently to her she didn't notice me coming and I saw her sucking milk out of her boobies I like so child sat by her side and showed the book she was surprised to see me and initially jerked and turned

to the other side she said ok you got it correct and told me to sleep then I placed my book on the table and suddenly dived on to the bed to the other side I didn't give her an eye contact and started caressing her child who is drinking her milk inorder to keep her on bed on that position I really can't see her full breasts coz she covered it with her saree and shes comfortable too her

jacket is open and she wasn't wearing bra so the slightly transparent saree was the only thing covering her melons keeping her in that awkward position I made up some conversations going on for some time and I also tried to kiss her baby and got a close up look of her melons covered in saree I then suddenly turned off the lights only a dim zero bulb was lit I whispered in

a sexy tone that child is asleep she then laid the baby on bed the moment it happened before she got time to react I got hold of her shoulders and started sucking rest of milk from the breast she got jammed and she moaned I undressed her I threw away my dress and we had fun all night she gave me a mindblowing blowjob I pushed my dick deep in to her throat and ate

her pussy we both enjoyed ourselves whole night I fucked her 2/3 times and licked every inch of her plump and curvaceous body and had real fun...then on she simply calls me often and just suck my dick like a real bitch do...well that's how I turned on my rigid aunt to a sexy bitch....we still keep our relationship secretly though I got hitched..everybody loves sex...

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Tamil guy having hot sex with Aunt

This is my story of my sexual awakening and my eventual relationship to two wonderful women, who happen to be mother and daughter! My family lived in a small town in southern Tamil Nadu. My father was the eldest and as is the tradition his sisters after marriage etc. come to house for delivery and then leave when the baby is around 3 months old for their married households…

I was the only child for my parents. When I just turned 13 my father’s youngest sister who was 28 years old, who already had a 8 year old daughter, came to live with us while anticipating the delivery of her second child. Since I had a mattress & cot in my room, which was large enough for my Athai used to sleep with me. Her daughter stayed with the father as she had school which couldn’t be disrupted.

One day, Athai woke me up in the middle of the night and told me it is time. I alerted everyone took her to the hospital and within hours she delivered a baby girl. It was a shock for me to see the baby so tiny and even more shocking to see my Athai open her top up and breast feed the baby ! After they got back home, the baby and Athai took over my cot.

I provided all the help to my Athai, as I used to sleep on the floor in the same room -- Warming up water, giving help to bathe the baby etc. I also liked taking care of that girl and my Athai. Athai noticed this and was very effusive in her praise and affection for me calling what a mature young man I was becoming.

After couple of months after birth, one day, overnight her daughter developed a blue color all over her body. We immediately took her to a hospital where the child was diagnosed with severe heart defect with internal walls ruptured and not curable by surgery. The kid breathed her last in my arms at home. I cried uncontrollably, not to mention my Athai.

After the last rites were done, Athai expressed to her husband to stay at our house for some more time and then come back. Her husband also agreed and left for Chennai. That night, after I laid my bed out on the floor, Athai now that the kid is not there I can come back to my spot. I moved up to the cot and put my arm around her waist and went to sleep this comforted my Athai and she went to sleep.

Early morning I was awoken by my Athai, with tears in her eyes and asking me to get some hot water and cloth. I did that and when given, Athai asked me to close the door. After that she opened up her blouse and pressed with the cloth dipped in hot water all around her breasts. They were shining red in the heat and after some time I saw my Athai expressing milk out of them initially there were tiny leaks and then they stopped.

When asked, my Athai replied that now that the breasts are no longer being emptied out they are full of milk for the past 2-3 days and it is aching too much. She resigned and just lied down sideways on the bed, covering her chest with the thin sari. One of her hand was on her side and another on her forehead covering her eyes. She was sobbing uncontrollably.

I was in tears on seeing my Athai like this; I don’t know what came over me. I switched off the lights, crept closer to her in the bed. After a quiet minute, slowly lifted up her sari and latched onto her right breast which was on the bed with my lips. I instantly sucked and very thin, warm and sweet milk flooded into my mouth. My Athai became very quiet and didn’t do anything.

I slowly got the hang of it and was milking her breast and drinking it steadily emptying it. She must have felt immense relief at that, as she didn’t resist at all. After some time, the milk stopped. When I tried to move away, Athai held my face and positioned another nipple into my lips. The routine continued and I emptied that also.

Now, in a very relieved voice she said thank you, nestled my face between her breasts and went to sleep hugging me. I dozed off. Next morning, my Athai looked visibly relieved. The taste of the milk the softness and fullness of her breasts lingered forever in my mouth and mind. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything at school. I was too excited about the future with Athai.

That night, after watching my TV I went to bed, as soon as I switched off the light and got on. My Athai turned towards me, without a word spoken opened her blouse and pushed a nipple into my mouth. I drank milk and emptied her breasts, she kissed me on my forehead and then turned away to sleep. I put my arm around her waist and went to sleep.

This routine continued for a month and I obediently would empty her breasts. Sometimes, even during the day she would quietly offer her breasts to me. I was in heaven, never losing an opportunity to drink fresh milk from her breasts. Slowly, I would play with her other open breast and though initially she developed Goosebumps, she didn’t resist.

I would squeeze them and express milk onto me. One day, she kissed my forehead after I am done. After that she regularly kissed me on my forehead and cheek. One day when she bent down to kiss me on my cheek I turned and instead it became a kiss on my lips. She lingered on my lips longer than she would on my cheeks. These became very slow and deep kisses with her slipping her tongue in as well.

That night was the most defining moment in my life. That day it was very hot in the summer, a power cut happened launching the house into total darkness. I got up as it was too warm went out opened all the windows to let the breeze in took of my t-shirt and came to bed in just my boxers. After I lied down, my Athai came and hugged me I was shocked to find her totally nude.

I was shell shocked. I slowly kissed her which turned into tongue swapping into our mouths. We were wrestling with tongues. Then my Athai bent down and kissed me on my nipples and sucked on them. This led to indescribably intense feelings in me. My penis began to harden and with pressure it popped out of the hole in front of the boxer.

I slipped my hand down my Athai’s body and finally felt the curly bush between her thighs… She asked me to remove my boxers and asked me to get on top of her. With her legs on both sides of my body I slowly lowered myself on her. My Athai grabbed my penis with her right hand.

I bent down to kiss her and she positioned my penis on her bush and with both hands grabbed my butt and pulled me in, all in one swift motion. I felt like I was in heaven, with a feeling of a warm velvet cloth around my penis. She slowly gestured holding my waist to pull out and push in. I got the clue and in no time was pumping in furiously.

Suddenly, I felt my brain blanking out and something coming out violently with force from my penis. I panted heavily and collapsed on my Athai. She caressed my body and hair and very huskily asked, did I like it. I felt like I was on top of the world. She whispered that “you have been broken in and no longer a virgin boy but a man”. I felt so happy and proud at the moment.

We went to sleep and I got up once more that night and this time I positioned my penis and was able to piston in and out of her vagina lot more relaxed. Finally, I spurt out something into her vagina, emptied her breasts and went to sleep very happily. After this every day I would fuck her to my heart’s content. One night I fucked her every hour for eight times.

She was completely worn out and mentioned that her husband fucks her once in eight days…! This fuck marathon continued every day for the next 6 months. Over that time her breasts produced less and less milk and eventually went dry. One day when I wanted to fuck her, my Athai declined and said she has to check whether she gets her periods.

I didn’t understand why it was important? I was upset, she kissed me and explained to me that now that she is no longer breastfeeding, she will ovulate and if we are not careful she will get pregnant. I understood but was very upset. She laughed and asked me to close her eyes. After a few seconds I was surprised to find warm wet velvet like wrapping around my penis and when I opened my eyes found it entirely in my Athai’s mouth.

She sucked vigorously, licked my balls all over and probed my anus hole with her tongue as well. This led to an eruption from my penis which landed all over her face, it was as if a very thin porridge has fallen on her face. She pointed out that I am spurting huge amount of cum, how after our fuck session huge amount will ooze out of her pussy when she went to the toilet.

She wiped it with her fingers put it into her mouth and swallowed it all. She said I will let it dry on my skin and wash it tomorrow morning. So for the next three weeks she would regularly suck my penis and introduced to pleasures of getting my butt hole poked as well. Finally, one day when I went to bed I saw her in her panties with what looked like white toilet paper stack in it.

She explained that she got her periods and that she wasn’t pregnant!. She was mightily relieved. 5 days after that she didn’t have any pad and for the next one week she fucked blowing my brains out said she wanted to make up for the time lost. After the first week, she said that chances of pregnancy are high and she would blow me or get my semen out with her hands.

She said having a condom in the room was risky as my parents would get suspicious. Next month her husband and her chatted and she wanted to move to Chennai with her family, in months’ time. Everyone was happy as to how she had gotten over the grief so well. Boy, if only they knew the real reason.

That one month was the most heavenly for me. Since it was our close time together my Athai gave me liberties. I would fuck her every 30 mins in the night and during the day also, we would sneak out get a quickie. After the first week, we resorted to our safe techniques. The couple of days before she was due to leave, we had one intense night, our emotions go the better of us and that night I ended up fucking her 10 times in her pussy.

She also completely forgot the safety aspect. She left for Chennai and my life became very dry in the bedroom and started focusing on my studies and did exceptionally well. A month later we got a call from Athai informing my mom that she was pregnant again. We all went to see her and she was glowing with happiness.

When we were alone - she said that she couldn’t reconcile to sex with her husband a week after coming to Chennai when she didn’t get her periods, she tested and found her to be pregnant already, with my baby ! She said, after that I just imagined you and fucked your uncle twice. Now I am relieved, I can deliver our baby without any worries…

I was extremely happy, every vacation I would go to her house I will fuck her brains out. I also became a very confident young man. Oh yeah, after our baby was delivered (a boy) both Athai and her husband were very happy. I again breast fed my Athai to my heart’s content. Now Athai regularly takes pills as she and her husband don’t want any more babies making things easy for me.

I finished my studies in Engineering in Chennai got a very good job. When I turned 26, I expressed a desire to marry her daughter to Athai and after one hell of a fucking session and she agreed. It is very common in our families to marry Athai or Mama’s kid. Now my adventures with Athai continue, in fact before our First night,

which happened in Athai’s house she fucked me explaining how there will be lot of pain for her daughter and how I have to be gentle to break her hymen etc. That led to a wonderful experience for my wife, who still thanks me for all the patience and understanding I showed. I am blissfully happy now.

Two years into our marriage we decided to get pregnant and my wife delivered a baby girl. Now I breastfeed from her regularly. She fed me breast milk for almost six months after weaning off our baby…. Life couldn’t be happier for me, my Athai and my wife…

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Shower sex with wild cousin

My cousin and I were very intimate until she had to move to UK for her studies...this happened when she was 19 and was willing to experiment was i. So one day at her apartment when she stepped into the shower and I entered with her. I turned on the shower and soon her bathrobe just gave to my groping hands...

and with a smile she removed her bathrobe and put her hands around my neck and kissed me passionately...our tongues squished and slurped...water flowed all over us and where our skins pressed. The flicking, slurping sound of our skins sliding between our bodies really turned us on..I kissed down on her...reaching her nipples..

I opened the mouth and found a steady stream of water flowing from her hair down to her cheeks...and neck...shoulders and to her breasts..and I drank the water by sucking her nipples..this made her really wild. She leaned back on the bathroom wall and she pulled me with her...and she bit my ears..and licked inside my ears...

she was going out of control minute by minute...and she slide down on the wall and she lied down on the tiled floor under the shower..holding me down and I had to go down with her. She kissed me passionately and I caressed her stomach, slid my hands all over her wet breasts, nipples and washboard yet soft 19 year old stomach...I slid I kissed her nipples.. and stomach.

Now I licked her navel with the tip of my tongue and let some saliva slide down my tongue into her already wet navel and I slurped every curve of her pink soft my head was right below the shower and I was feeling like I was under waterfall..but I continued to lick her hot and now my tongue began to move further down and touched the tip of her wet pink panties.

She was getting tortured by spray of water piercing her wet skin and my lick really made her wild and she began to moan...( I love to hear girls moan in pleasure when I use my tongue). I bit the elastic around her my left hand slid down to her soft spot as I continued to eat her pink navel and my right hand tickled her nipples.

I slowly parted her panties at her wet smooth white fluffy thighs..and touched her soft pink shaven petals and it sent shivers all over her and she began to cry "oh my it..I can’t hold any more"...but she was nt aware I was game for torturing her even more..

in a flash I stood up and I took a wad of vapor rub I always keep inside my jean as I am prone to flu in changing weather and pounced back to her and before she could find out I smeared vicks on her stomach, thighs and clean shaven pink I slid the finger that had the remaining of the Vicks into her soft lickable pink wet hole....under the flowing water..

the touch of Vicks shot an electric chill all over her..i moved my finger in and slide slide out...and again...and in intense sensation she began to shake...and she cried "what is that thing you used..oh my god I am gonna die..jay you will kill me like this..oh it feels soooo good...hmm...ahhaaaaww....oh yea.."

I slid down her panties..and gave long squishing lick on her wet pink my tongue reached the centre of her tongue just caved in and I felt my whole tongue lovingly slurping her pink curves deep inside..i felt her oily sweet flavour..woow and it really turned me on...I wanted to cum and under the waterfall..

i moved my tongue inside her vaginal layers slowly and she began to shake and snake so wildly that I had to press her lower abdomen to keep her tongue squishing and slurping her juice and layers and the Vicks giving her the piercing chillness under the was more than for her to control and she pressed my head down and I began to suck on her pink vagina and clitoris..

she pressed her thighs on both sides of my head and it was heaven for me..with only one thing in my mind..her taste and her clits..nothing else..and as my lick became deeper and more slurping, she began to shake violently again and I let her go without stopping this next few seconds she had her first orgasm..and in half an hour..she had 3 shaking orgasm...

After allowing her to recover from the shake and blinding pleasure.. I smear vicks all over my erect man the hard man thing between her breasts and she would press my hard penis with her breasts...oh it felt so good.. her shining young breasts pressing my skin down and was heaven I slid my thing up and down between her breasts...

with water began to make some wet slurpy sound...and she would erect thing would move up it would almost touch her lips..and I would slide down..After my hard wet black thing played touch and go with her lips she was so turned on again that she would try to bite and lick it with her tongue tip as it come up near her mouth but when she would reach down with her tongue it would go down..

the teasing would go on and she began to scream "oh jay..i want it... lemme.. eat.. god...i want to bite and...." and I knew she was dying to to have my penis in her mouth...and I continued to play with her keeping my hard thing sliding between her wet slimy smooth breast...and holding her hands outstretched so she can stand up...

she began to struggle violently now...i felt she was stronger for a 19 year old...she was real lioness..i doubted what would be the fate of my meat..if I let her have it right at this moment.....i thought it would be fun to let her go and enjoy...and then as I slid up between her breasts..i lowered my on her and bit her and released her outstretched hands...and in a flash she was all over me.

She went straight to my erect thing....she took hold of it and aint it a wonderful scene I thought for a man thing was black, curved and erect under the shower..and I had a wonderful 19 year old wild girl holding my tool..what was more thrilling is the feeling of what she would do cousine was looking wild and gorgeous, her naked body was shining under the waterfall..

and the last thing I saw before I laid back my head was my wild cousin lowering her open mouth..staring wildly at my 8 inch erect manhood, as if it were responsible for her torture, in her clasp with water flowing all over its shining pink head, black shaft. I closed my eyes and let my wild cousin decide my fate with her mouth..and for a moment I doubted if she would bite and tear my only tool into pieces and really eat it..

i felt my tool getting engulfed by her soft wet mouth..she bit the shaft..and she tickled the pink tip inside her mouth with her tongue..i was getting blinded by the chilll and pleasure now...and I think the strain on my face must have really turned her on, she began to swirl my erection with her tongue around, from below and from top..and all happend inside her mouth..

she was really enjoying torturing me..and after sucking my lollipop..with shower falling all over us..i began to feel my juice coming up...and I screamed scream..."oh ya..i am coming"....and she would continue to suck on me as a wild lioness..and in between she would look up to see the strain on my face..and right at the peak moment..she would stop sucking and take it out of her mouth..

and just hold it erect in her cool it off..under shower..woov..(i thought this girl is really wild) now she is lying between my outstretched legs and as soon as I began to recover she deep throated me again...this time she pressed the split tip of my tool with the upper ceiling of her mouth...while tickling my balls..

and in between she would take it out to lick the entire 8 inch length of my an icecream cone with strawberry scoop..she was making me wild by now..i was screaming..."oh yea..oh yea..suck me...woooo..oh yea.."now she would stood up and took a wad of the vicks again and smeared it all over my hard thing sending chills all over my body...

for one sec she would show it under the shower..for the next 2-3 min she would suck on my man hood...and then she would show it under the piercing shower between she bit my thigh and I felt her teeth piercing in and a stinging pain..and when I looked up I found her licking clean my blood...and then sucking on my man hood again..

i was wild by now and she was really enjoying it through her wild eyes..i began to cum..and cum really hard...i strained my head to see what she was doing from my lying position...and I couldnt believe my semen just came up through my shaft..just before my manhood bursted..she pressed her thumb on the slit at the tip of my erect curved black shining 8 incher...

and she was just laughing shouting "you tortured me..and I will not let you have your climax so easy"..i was in real pain and was feeling the block at the tip..i was desperate for an unload..i tried to move my legs and I felt her sitting on it..i cant move my I cant rise up too..oh my was heaven and pain at the same time...

she kept on pressing the tip to stop the semen from gurgling up and gushing out and from spraying..(wow !! why on earth did I step into the shower with this wild thing I thought ) And before I realised my semen is receding inside my shaft, she gave me a naughty smile and swallowed my tool again...this time I got the best blow of my life..she took my whole shaft in her mouth..

when I looked to see her I saw my hard thing disappearing inside her wet mouth..and she began to slurp up and down my hard manhood..twirling her tongue around my shaft she began to suck on my thing..she tickled my balls..pinched my thighs...spit on my tool inside her mouth and she kept on licking..i was seeing stars inside my brain...and her suck became longer..

slower and more slurpy..with water flowing down my shaft, she would drink the water by sucking my balls..wov.."i couldnt hold any more" I shouted..and she nodded her head as she kept on sucking my hard man thing...she took out my thing and I saw a drool of my precum from her mouth to my shaft..and following the drool she smiled at me and gobbled up my tool again..

this was really too much for me..and I screamed..."i am coming again..." and she took out my hard tired penis and whispered " say please let me cum and I will let this poor thing cum" and I immediately complied...i always loved girl on top she continued to suck and lick down from my balls and licked my this was the first time a girl ever licked me there...

then she would lick up back to the balls to the shaft and to the strawberry tip and the slit...and down...wov..she kept on sucking the tip of my thing and then suck down and deep throat..then she would come up and suck the tip and then deep throat me..i felt I am dying now...the pleasure this girl is giving me was so intense that I felt I will have cramp bursting my semen..

i screamed "oh yeaaaa..i am coming" and she looked up and smiled, took a breather and whispered while shaking my tool "i get to taste you at last...i want to swallow you" and firmly clasped my tool at the base and engulfed the whole throbbing penis into the inviting mouth..i felt the semen surging up my hard came and I tried desperately to prolong the pleasure..

but she tickled my balls to fail me and I bursted..i would say I let out my first shoot and "ahhhh..."and she tried swallowed but it overflowed her mouth and drooled on to my thighs and waist over her clasp...and she kept on sucking...i felt the second wave coming...and I released and this time she was better prepared.

she had held my penis right on her smooth tongue so that when semen jets out it slides down her tongue...i bursted again and my semen just flowed out and she swallowed wads after wads with inward sloping tongue...woow she was hungry...she kept sucking until my last drop was sucked and drained...

and by the time we were exhausted..and drained. The only relaxing feeling was the shower that was on.. I strained to look to see her and she was still between my thighs and she was drained and down with her cheecks on my thighs...surprised to see her left hand was still clasped around my soft drained manhood....and I closed my eyes..

after about 15 minutes..after recovering from the blinding release and pleasure...i looked at my beautiful cousin..and what I saw made my skin tingle again...i saw my cousine in all fours...between my thighs....with her hair loose and a real lioness look on her face...and before I could react she moved towards me for yet another hunt and eat...

and before I recollect myself..She is all over me...licking my balls and sliding up and now she is standing on her knee across me right over my penis that was slowing getting hard...and I knew the shower will not be over until she had her ride....

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Banu aunty fucked by Sam

Hi readers this is samrat from chennai this is my first experience of my life and iam not a author of writing a good story iam very much insisted to write a story after reading so much of story in this blog.about my self iam 5.9 feet tall white complexion with broad chest and shoulders and my dick is 7 inches this hapeened before a month.

The face of a man is usually an open book to most women. They can read practically anything in our faces. I’ve known ladies who could tell the size of my penis, bank account and the status of my sex life by taking only one look at me. Of course, the look was followed by the lady’s departure in the opposite direction.

Failure always leaves a mark on your face, just like success does. And women can read those marks awfully well. It’s even worse when you have a small penis and failure tends to follow failure in a pattern that grows bigger every day. The first thing women notice about a man is his confidence level.

A stoop-shouldered man with a downcast look has very little chance of actually getting a date from a decentlooking lady.On the other hand, a broad-chested guy with a confident look in his eyes and a swagger in his step is sure to catch the eye of most women. He may not get every single pretty girl, but he’ll sure as hell be noticed by each and every one.

Trust me, nothing gives a man more confidence than a big penis. A man who knows that the schlong dangling in his pants is big enough to satisfy any woman walks around with an “I don’t have a care in the world” kind of aura.A big penis has a lot of benefits and no downside that I can think of.

Well, maybe if you decide to increase your penis size to 9 or 10 inches; that could be a problem. But if you stick to a nice 8 inches, then you’ll reap all the benefits. Increased confidence, greater stamina in bed, better control of your ejaculation, longer sex sessions and more pleasure for you and the lady, all these can be yours.

Let me come to the real story my relative aunt name is banu she is a milky aunty 5.8 feet tall and having the assets of (40,42,44) she is 36 years of age and gave birth to two girls they also the romping bombs we are all grown up in same environment in childhood suddenly when i was aboutto go for high school to Chennai we left from our native place and I persuaded my studies in Chennai and I joinend in eng coll.

two years gone and aunty family also came Chennai for there children s higher studies real story starting while arranging there things in the new house she calle d my home asked help from me because I know well about Chennai banu aunty called me that u and me can arrange the things in home and want to go for shoping becoz after shifting from village to city many things

are wanted for the family for daily essentials I took her in that wednes day evening in my bike she sat behind me and iam dashing with her huge mangoes and came back to new home.and she called my mother and informed that ur brother has gone for Bangalore for important marriage and priya and rita had gone to there uncles house becoz they had college so please allow samrat

to stay with me and iam alone in new home and new place in Chennai (anna nagar)and my mom agreed.after that we eate and iam arranging the things with her she will give all utensils from down and I will keep them on the rack on standing on the stool.while bending I caught an eye on her cleavage she is wearing a grape silk saree that is very soft and not staying on her

shoulders falling down continuously as wen ever she bends up and down by seeing i am tempted to have affair with the last she was tired and asked me to give some water i went to living room and I gave some water she drinked and poured it on her face to reduce heat and whole chest was became wet ohh wat a seen it wa still in front off my eyes and sat down

and leaned towards the tepoy wich is in down her boobs are very big like ripe mangoes we both were talking abt the city life and time was 9.30 she told that we can go for sleep and I told ok becoz very much tired after shifting home while she getting up saree was strucked to the tepoy and pallu was fully fallen downand her right thigh was got hit by wooden tepoy

and she was shouting ahhh suddenly I took her palu from the bottom and said be careull aunty while arranging the things she said thanks and catched her and took to bed room and placed her in the bed ac was installed at that room only so she told to sleep in the same room itself and i told that I will put my bed down she told ok and we have start sleeping mee admiring

that seen and thinking ohh god help mee. suddenly she called me and asked sam can u help me one small thing ohh yes aunty she told mee to to bring iodex from her mediciene box and bought to her like a dog again she told mee that don’t mistake mee I said tee mee aunty wat u want pls put the balm in my legs its paining ohh yes y cant u tell to me aunty and she wants

some hot massage from me in legs she is lying I the bed and lifted the saree till kness and told mee to switch off the tube and put nite lamp it was a sandy feeling I took some balm and started massaging in legs and she is telling that good sam u doing well ur wife is very luky u r write and I said thanks she enjoying that wormth on legs and closed eyes and I little bit lifted her saree thigs

are visible I touched suddenly my dick stood up t0 90 degree it seems very fleshy and milky like butter but no response and she again guided mee to rub the balm in her hip I took the chance as a golden opportunity and lost my control I removed her pallu wich is covering her belly she didn’t refuse I started massaging she is moaning ahhh ahhh she turned upside down

now and iam massaging on her back she lost the conscious and buried the face in pillow I slowly loosned the pavada nada and removed her saree now she is only with pavada and yellow blouse inside black bra I tild to her that u change nihty aunty the will be comfortable to u aunty she told no problem u continue no aunty ur pavada is so tight so only u getting pain ok u loose

it within seond I loosened it her buttocks ar clearly viissible I was touching continuously both sides she didn’t refuse and I got some courage and proceeded aunty u are looking so gorgeous wen I removed her pavada I noticed that full of wetness and she suddenly kissed mee on my lipss smooching continuously current passed to the brain she removed my tracks dick pointing

too her stomach hole she took it like a toy in her her hand and took in her mouth fully and sucking like lolly pop.suddenly I took out and she guided over her pussy was soo wet and oossing out with fluids and my dick was also oozing I rubbed the dick ver her pussy and went inside with smoothly and started slowly she is crying with so much off pleasure I holding her mangos

I fucked over 10 mins she got her orgasms and I shoted over her pussy. And I stood and applied some oil on her buttocks ole and applied also on dick inserted from back in doogy style 2 shot within 15 mins she was fully

satisfied and I liked her pussy for some time and we both were engaged in 69 position we fucked like street dogs to night she told that for past five years she did not indulge in fore play.she wants more from mee wen ever I go to her home i will fingered her pussy and she will give a nice blow job in mouth.

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Rajesh fucking beautiful Chachi

Dear Friends, hi, this is Rajesh again from Chandigarh. This is regarding my desperate try and success (?) with my own beautiful Chachi. First I want to tell you me more about myself and my dream fuck i.e. my Chachi. Myself is a Govt. officer, living alone because of my job condition. I am lively, love beauty, like old songs and open hearted and above all always respect ladies. For me, Lady is the best creation of God.

Perhaps HE is teasing us by showing us beautiful ladies but allowing us to touch only one or two maybe three…. Regarding my Chachi. She is just 05 years older than me as she is the wife of my youngest Chacha. Just because of little age difference between us, I have a crush on her right from day one of her marriage with my Chacha.

She is extremely beautiful lady with a prefect body with medium size boobs, pink lips and nice smile. Earlier she always treat me only as his nephew but since I have crush on her and her woman sense quickly picked up my intention and she also start enjoying my company. My high education, handsome salary and my way of living always attract her.

Perhaps their may be some fault in Chacha or Chachi as they could not conceive second child. But this thought never take toll of my Chachi beauty and she is still looking young at this age of 40 years. Since we lived at least 250 kms away from each other but I used to visit their place as and when I got a chance.

Every time I tried to get close to her, she hesitantly never took first step and my moral values also stop me to proceed further with her. But we both know there is something boiling in our hearts. One day I borrow one yesteryear porn book (of nude pictures) from one of my friend and took courage to show it to my Chachi.

I reached her house and asked her, whether she can hide this book for some days in her home as it is not possible for me to hide it in my house. She took book from me and hide it in her almirah. I was happy with my plan and thought these nude pictures will arose her and she will take first step herself. But after some days I again her whether she has seen these photos.

She replied "Yes" but quickly advised me that these type of pictures can spoil my health. Better I should get married if I want such type of activity". I feel as if someone has thrown a million liter water on my hopes. I asked her "whether she can help me in this regard". She said "No, I am married and your chacha may know about us, better I should stay away from this type of thinking".

Initially I dropped the idea about her. But one day she along with her husband reached Chandigarh to attend marriage of a relative. My dick immediately rose on seeing her. She also noticed my intention. But we did not show our emotions in front of our family members. I took her to marriage function alongwith all family members in my luxury car.

She was looking damn sexy in her outfit. I turned back view mirror of my car towards her on pretext of adjusting it. She looked at me through mirror and smiled back. I gone crazy. In heart I was making plans to get her in any way. When we reached marriage place on given time, I found that there were very less people, so I decided to drop all family member there and to return my home to shag myself to get relief.

I told all of them to get down from car as I have some urgent work to attend on my PC and I will join them before marriage ceremony. All of sudden my Chachi also speaks out "Suddenly I have some pain in stomach and I will also come back with Rajesh, when he will return to marriage place." On hearing this my Chacha give her a question mark look.

But she murmured something in his ear and he shut up then and there. I posed as if I have nothing to do with her stomach pain. I yelled, "I am getting late, anybody who want to go home may sit inside the car" Nobody except my chachi stepped inside the car and sit beside me. "Should I leave now?" I asked them for last time and start the car.

My Chachi give me a stern look and without thinking further I put car in first gear and started for home. My heart was bouncing very badly as after long time I was alone with my dream fuck. On way back to home it was dark by now and I start talking with her in routine matter. But soon our talk turned towards our goal and she asked me "whether I have proceeded beyond that book or not ?" I said "it was not possible without her help".

She smiled and put one of his hands on my leg. My dick was already out of control by that time and I want to reach home as soon as possible. I was driving fast so she said, "please be slow, today is your day, I have thought very badly about you and salute your patience. I never know somebody like you can like to have my body."

I was in seventh sky and was thinking of future line of course that in which fashion should I fuck this lady ? Although it was only 15 minute drive to my home but this time passed like 15 years for me. Immediately after parking my car in front of my house I opened door and locked it from inside and without switching on the light I pulled her near me and put my burning lips on her lips and kissed her deeply.

She said "Rajesh wait" I said "No I can't" and without waiting for her further reply I opened her blouse and bra and throw it on floor. My gosh she has a beautiful pair of boobs. White with little dark nipples. I put one of them in my mouth and rub another one with my other hand. "uffffffff………. " was the only moan from her mouth. She gone mad when I circled my lips on her nipples.

She grabbed my hair and pressed my mouth more on her boobs. Suddenly she put her hand on my dick which was still inside my pant and rub it from outside. I stopped her as I was filled upto brim and could explode any time just thinking of her only. We hugged each other for next five minutes and then without asking her I pulled down her saree, peticoat and red underwear.

Oh dear my dream lady was totally nude in front of me. She has little hair on her white pussy which were giving her more sexy look. When I rub my hand on her pussy she moaned aahhhh………. Rajesh……. You are making me sick….ohhhhhhhh………… slowly I opened her love petals with fingers and insert one finger in pussy.

She crushed my finger with her legs and moaned loudly "ahhhhhhh……..uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh……. your chacha never insert his finger inside me and I never felt so good before". After rubbing her clitoris for some time I just tapped her "G" point and she immediately hugged me tightly.

My hand was doing magic and she was moaning badly ohhhhhhh……….rajesh…….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…… plzzzzzzzz… don't…..ahhhhhhh and in no time she squeeze her body for some time and relaxed in my arms. I could feel some liquid flowing down on my hand. She softly removed my hand from her pussy and cleaned it with her hanky.

She kissed me on my lips and said "Rajesh you have given me the true taste of woman orgasm, and I never feel so good before" and after without waiting for my reply she opened my zipper and said " I can understand that your condition is much worse than me by now" and she took out my dick and start giving little strokes to it. I only once asked her, whether she can take it in her mouth.

She looked at me and said that she never did this before. "OK" I said "then don't do it if your heart is not agreeing to it" She replied "NO, I will do it for you only Rajesh" and saying this she sits on her knees and slowly put my dick in her mouth. Although she was new to this job, but her soft lips on my dick was driving me crazy.

As I was very near to my climax and don't want to shot in her mouth, so just after five minutes I pulled out my dick from her mouth and give it in her hand. She understood my intention and give a good blow job with her hand uhhhhhhh…….ahhhhhhhhh…….was my last words and I eject one….two…..three……and countless shots of my semen on her bare boobs.

She was totally drenched with my liquid and she rubbed my semen on her boobs which give her boobs a glossy look. We smiled at each other but said nothing. I held her hand and then bring her nude to my bedroom. She quietly laid on my bed without trying to hide her beauty. She was looking just like nude angle to me. I now took out my clothes and laid beside her in Adam condition.

I simply kiss her on lips and hugged her tightly. Oh man I could not believe my fate that dream was in my arm today for next one hour. Slowly she got up and put my dick in her mouth again and start sucking it like anything. I laughed and asked her "why she was not agreed for these activities before" "Social thinking, but in heart I always thinking to get fucked by you sometime" she replied and again start sucking me.

My dick was again at its height and just asked her to stop as I want to put it in her pussy right now. Without much foreplay I laid her on the corner of my bed (my favorite fucking place) and wrapped her legs around my waist. Now my dick was just touching pink petals of my dream fuck.

I thanked god and her for giving me such a time and opened her love petals with one hand and put my dick head on her pussy. She shivered and moaned ummmhhhhh…. I smiled and just pushed head of dick inside her. Just two inches and she moaned again "ahhhhhhhhh……… hmm……Rajesh please stop here, I want to feel you like this for some time"

I stopped for few seconds and then slowly pushed rest of my dick inside her pussy without any hindrance and start pumping her slowly. She was also humping herself upward alongwith my thrusts. I put my lips on her lips and kissed her deeply. This make her more crazy and after few stokes she start moaning again ohhhhhhhh…… .ahhhhhhhhhhh……… Raj…… yes… ummmmm…

She asked me to do it fast. But I was trying to prolong it. Suddenly she pulled me towards and squeezed me in her arms and after few second loosened her body and lay quietly as if there is no life in her body. I just kissed her back to life and asked her "what happened" but without stopping my slow thrust.

Tears rolled down from her eyes and she said, "now I understand what true love making is all about, your chacha just finished all these things in couple of minutes" I said whether she liked it or not. "Yessssssssss……" she said and she start enjoying my thrusts again and asked me to increase my speed now and she wants to do it in fast rhythm. I increased my speed.

Her boobs was swinging in round circle with my each thrust. "ahhhh………ohhhhhhh……uffffffff……..yessssssss…….." she again started moaning and this was also increasing my flow towards my tip of dick. I fucked her in same position for five minutes and then in doggy style for next five minutes but again switch over to my favorite corner position for rest of the period.

I said "should I finish it or not ?" "yesssssss………." she replied and I increased my speed. She arched her body and loose it again. Her second orgasm. At same time I also pulled out my dick from her pussy and yelled ahhhhhhhhh…ohhhhhhhh…… and shot my load on her belly as I don't want to shot it in her pussy (future precaution) and fell beside her.

We kissed each other deeply and she asked me "Are you happy now" I smiled back as I have nothing to say now. We get up and I wore my clothes but she insisted to take bath as my semen was all over her body. She took bath and we very ready for marriage.

On way back we spoke nothing but she kept her head on my shoulder as a feel of gratitude. I never had another such chance till now but hope to get her soon. Hope you enjoyed my story. Since presently I am serving as an officer in govt. department and living alone in another city.

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Horny guy fucking mother and mother in law

This episode relates to the time when my father and father-in-law had expired. In the meanwhile, that is before they expired, I had fucked both my mother and mother-in-law. Time elapsed and then one day, after both my father and FIL had expired, I thought since I have fucked my mother & MIL individually and separately, why not fuck them together.

The problem was how. Well, I knew my MIL was a religious-minded lady and frequently visited places of worship & pilgrimage. So, I said to myself let me begin by asking my MIL to allow me to take her to Nasik & Trimbakeshwar for a dip in the holy river Godavari, 2nd after the Ganga in terms of religious importance.

I went to my MIL's place and when she was alone, put the proposal before her, but she said that it may not look nice if I took her alone there. That's when I planted my real idea to her, that I could request my mother to accompany too. She said that if I could make my mother agree, then she had no problem. So, my next step was to visit my mother and tell her about the programme.

Though my mother was not into all this much, I made her agree with same coersion & pleading, that it would be great and a blessing for a son to take his mother & MIL together on a pilgrimage. After co-ordinating with the two, we fixed a day for an overnight trip.

When, the day arrived I went to my mother's place first to pick her up,in my car, by about 6AM and then proceeded to pick up my MIL. As my mother was already in the front seat with me in my car, my MIL sat in the rear seat. Till that time I had not disclosed to either my mother or my MIL of my affairs with them. So, on the way I told them that I was also having a big surprise for them.

I also told them that being an overnight trip we would halt at a hotel in Igatpuri where I am given a heavy discount, as I stay with them often with my wife, check-in, have some breakfast & proceed to Nasik. Since we are Punjabis, we three converse in Punjabi, but I shall narrate the conversations of this episode in Hindi, so that everyone understands, but in the English script.

After reaching Nasik, we three took dips in the Godavari, visited some temples and left for Trimbakeshwar. There too we bathed in the river, prayed at the temple and left for Igatpuri. We had our lunch at a restaurant on the way and reached our Igatpuri hotel late in the afternoon. After settling into our room (I had booked a double bed room only so that we three could sleep together),

we refreshed ourselves and sat down for a little rest. I suggested that I shall massage them as they might have been tired. They in return said that I too must have been tired as I was also driving the car. I suggested that I shall first massage them and they can then both massage me later. First I asked my mother to lie straight on the bed, while my MIL sat on a chair.

After having massaged my mother I asked my MIL to lie on the bed while my mother sat on the chair. Then, it was my turn. They told me to lie on the bed and both came and sat down on either side of me to massage me, but I told them it was alright and that I could not get myself massaged from my mothers. I went on to tell them that I had a confession to make in front of them both.

They looked perplexed at each other. I ventured, with a lowered head, 'Ma, main sasuma ko bhi chod chuka hoon.' My mother was taken aback & surprised and asked my MIL, ' yeh kya keh raha hai. Muje to laga ki aap to bahut bhagwan ke bhaktaloo hain, aur aise nahi kar paye ge.' My MIL, immediately replied to my mother,

'aap ne suna nahi, inhone kaha,"main susuma ko bhi chod chuka hoon", matlab aap ko bhi chod chuke hain, apni ma ko?' Then I told my mother to narrate to my MIL about our affairs and she informed her that it started with her teaching sex to me. After my mother had told my MIL of everything, I told my MIL to do likewise and she told my mother,

'aap ka beta bahut hi jiddi hai, mere mana karne par bhi veh mere pichhe laga raha aur kisina kisi bahane muje pata liya. Par ek baat manni padegi ki veh bahut hi achhi tahra pyaar karte hai, aur such kahoo to inhone muje aise aise maje diye jo ki main bayan nahi kar sakti'. After both had finished narrating the affairs of each other, both looked at each other and then at me.

My mother asked me to tell them there & then as to who else, besides her, my MIL & my wife, I had fucked. I told them that I shall tell them later. But, both insisted to know immediately, otherwise they would leave me & go. I had no option. So, I told my mother that her elder bahu had seduced me. 'Yeh kab ki baat hai?' she asked. And I narrated them the incident.

My MIL asked me, 'aap upni bhabhi ko kitni baar chod chuke ho?' 'Bahut baar, jaise apko aur ma ko' I replied. She further questioned, 'to kya aap meri beti ko khus rakh pate ho aur kya yeh sab jo aap ne upni bhabhi, ma aur mere saath kiya, use maloom hai?'

I told her, 'sasu maa aap apni beti se poochh sakti hain, main use poora khush rakhta hoon, hum lagbag roz chodte hain aur veh muje kai baar kehti hai ki main to bahut jyada chodu hoon, us se kai baar zyada.'

My MIL asked my mother, 'ab inka kya kiya jaye?' My mother told her,'jo aap tekh sumjo.' My MIL continued, 'mere khayal se inko maaf kiya jaye, kyon ki inhone hame pyar bhi to bahut kiya hai aur hume maje bhi bahut diye hain.' 'Theek hai behanji, par ab hum ise aisi saja denge jo yeh zindagi bhar yaad rakhe ga', my mother continued.

My mother took my MIL in the bathroom and locked themselves in. I was scared as to what they two were up to and what punishment was I going to get. After about 10 minutes I heard the lock of the bathroom door opening. Slowly the door opened and to my utter surprise & glee, both of them were completely naked, advanced towards me hand-in-hand,

stood directly in front of me and ordered me in unison, 'remove your clothes.' I did as demanded. Both uttered simultaneously, 'hamla'. They caught hold of my lulla together and started biting into it. I pleaded, 'dard hota hai.' My mother said, 'yehi to hum chahte hain, tumhe bhi dard dena, jaise tumne hume diya.' ' Maine aap logo ko kya dard diya, maine to aap se pyaar kiya aur maje diye,' I said.

Again they looked at each other and I asked them both, 'kya?' My MIL asked, 'ab kya karna hai, aap hum dono ko to chud chuke hai?' I replied, 'maine ab aap dono ko saath-saath chodna hai.' 'Behanji, aap ka beta keh raha hai ki hum dono ko saath-saath chodna hai', my MIL told my mother and continued asking me, 'kya aap ke paas do lulle hain jo saath-saath hum dono ko chodo gay?'

'Sasuma', I replied, 'mere paas kitne lulle hain aap ko pata hai. Khair batayiye kisse shuroo karoo'. My MIL said, 'apni ma se.' 'Chalo ma aap se hi shuroo karta hoon.' I sat on the bed, asked my mother to stand close to me and started to caress & rub her body. 'Behanji, aap ke mamme mujse bade hain', retorted my MIL. 'Koi zyada farak nahi hoga', my mother replied, 'chalo beta ab apni sasuma ko pyar karo.'

I asked my MIL to come & stand near me and my mother went & sat on the chair naked. I rubbed & caressedmy MIL's body. After this, they both started handling each others mammas to ascertain whose were bigger. I informed them, 'ma aur sasuma aap dono ka size ek hi hai 40, sirf ma ka cup D aur sasuma ka cup C hai, bas itna hi farak hai', ab aap log ijazat de to karyakram shuroo karoo.'

'Beshak', said my MIL, 'pehle behanji se karo, beta.' Again I asked my mother to come near me & my MIL sat on the chair to observe. I stood up, brought my mother's body against my body and put my arms around her & she in turn put her arms around my body. I then kissed her, smooched her, she put her tongue in my mouth & I put mine in hers.

Both the tongues were now feeling each other, licking & sucking, with saliva oozing out of our mouths. I then caught her mammas and squeezed them. I sat myself on the bed and licked & sucked her mammas, first seperately and then together. And my mother started fiddling with my lulla.

Then she went down and licked & sucked my lulla, but did not suck it very hard so that I may not ejaculate as I still had to get my lulla sucked from my MIL. She then lay on the bed and made me lick & suck her fudda till she burst. I swallowed her maal. She got up and told my MIL, 'behanji, aiye ab aap ki bari hai.'

My MIL came near me and we did what my mother & I had done, in that, we two kissed, smooched, I pressed, licked & sucked her mammas, my MIL sucked my lulla, made me lick & suck her fudda till she burst. And I swallowed her maal too. Both seemed relaxed by now. having come to know each other quite well by now and my intentions.

With my MIL still on bed with me, I invited mother to join in. I had two wonderfully beautiful & completely naked mature women on both my sides. I pulled them over and gave a tight squeeze & kiss to both of them. They rolled over to their sides and I had 4 big, soft & shapely mammas on my chest. It was such a treat.

Both of them then crossed their legs on my legs and one held my lulla and the other my balls. They shuffled their hands and it was a treat for me. Mother then rose and mounted me and rubbed her fudda on my lulla and started fucking me. MIL not to be left behind, also rose and thrust her fudda on my mouth, taking care not to put her entire weight on me.

I began licking her fudda and she was enjoying it. In the meantime mother thrust my lulla in her fudda and was riding me. Believe me it was sheer ecstatic to be licking one fudda and fucking another one, and that too of two fantastic ladies. My mother made sure not to let me ejaculate as she wanted that I have the maximum enjoyment.

The two gorgeous ladies switched positions, in that, I was sucking my mother's fudda and my MIL was fucking me. We continued with this treat for quite some time and then straightened up and relaxed a bit, still all three completely naked. By this time it was evening. We washed up & dressed. We went to the retaurant on the ground floor, had some tea and went for a stroll.

I was thoroughly enjoying the company of my mother and MIL, both beautiful, horny & highly excitable ladies. After the stroll, we came back and went to our room. I asked my lovely ladies as to what was the next programme. My MIL replied, 'muje lagta hai ki hum ab thora aaram karen, taki tum ko jyada parishani na ho, kyo ki tumhere paas ab do aurtein hain pyar karne ke liye.

Aap kya kehti hain behanji?' My mother replied with, 'aap jo kehrahi hain, theek hai, nahi to yeh bechara pit jaye ga.' You see, my MIL generally addresses me in the 'aap' in normal times, but when she & I are making love she addressses me as 'tum'. So we whiled some time watching TV. It was soon dinner time. We three went to the restaurant on the ground floor and had a hearty dinner.

After this we went for a stroll in the garden of the hotel. We then went up to our room. I told my ladies,'aisa karte hain ki hum teeno bathroom mein ja kar fresh ho jate hain.' My mother & MIL agreed. I removed my clothes and so did my two lovely ladies. We went into the bathroom and freshened up one another. I wiped my two lovelies dry with a towel and they dried me.

We came back to the room, all three naked and fresh. I asked my ladies,'kya aap log sone se pehle pyaar karna chahegi?' My mother asked my MIL,'kyun behanji aap kya kehti hain?' My MIL replied,'muje to chale ga.' So I went and sat on the bed and asked them both to come near me. I started to lick and suck my mother's and my MIL's mammas alternatively.

They were starting to get horny as both held my lulla. After some time I asked them to go down and suck my lulla alternatively. Then I asked them both to lie on the bed and licked and sucked their fuddas alternatively. By the time I had finished licking & sucking their fuddas, both had their respective orgasms and I duly licked their fuddas clean of all the maal and swallowed the same.

Now it was time to fuck. I went over my mother, raised her legs and began to rub my lulla on her fudda. She began to enjoy it and started wriggling from her hips. My MIL started to press my mother's mammas and then started to suck them. My mother got so aroused & horny that she caught hold of my lulla and thrust it inside her fudda and told me, 'jor jor se chodo muje, maaja aa raha hai.

Aur behanji aap apna fudda mere moo ke pass lao.' My MIL did as requested. I was pumping my mother hard and my mother was sucking my MIL's fudda. She was enjoying as she was wriggling and mumuring. My MIL was helping her while enjoying getting her fudda sucked. With hugh thrusts I burst into my mother's fudda. But, she wanted me to go on fucking her till she burst.

We lay there for some time and my MIL, with a passionate kiss on my mother's lips, came over to me and started kissing me. She then asked me to suck her mammas and said,'teri maa se fudda chatva ke aur tum dono ko chodte dekh kar, muje to bahut chad gayi hai. Jaldi se apna lulla apni maa ke fudda me se nikalo ta ki main use aur tumhari maa ka fudda chaatoo.'

I got up and my MIL first licked all the maal from my mother's fudda clean and then taking my lulla in her mouth, licked it so as not to leave any drop of maal on it. My mother in the meanwhile started fondling my MIL's mammas & fudda. My MIL was hard on and told me,'ab jaldi se muje chodo, muje bahut chadi hui hai.' She lay flat on the bed and I thrust my lulla in her fudda.

Immediately she clung to me and said,'chalo jor jor se chodo muje.' I did as told. My mother then started sucking my MIL's boobs. My MIL was ecstatic. She started wriggling and saying,'aur jor jor se chodo muje.' It took some time for me to release as I had just released in my mother. After I released, it was my mother's turn to lick clean my MIL's fudda and my lulla.

O, God. It was indeed wonderful for all three. We three lay there for some time, talking to each other and soon fell asleep, as we were, naked. By about 6am, I was awake and had my lulla in full blast, as usual. It was hugh, rather a monster. As I was sleeping between my two lovely ladies, I rolled over to my MIL's side and touched my monster to her thigh.

She woke up, saw it, caught hold of it and started shaking it gently. In the slight commotion, my mother too got up and soon realised & saw what we two were up to and why. She too wanting to be a part of the procedure, came over me rubbing her body against mine and pressed it hard, so that I could feel her big mammas.

My MIL ventured, 'behanji, dekha iska lulla kitna bada hai. Andar dalwana hai kya?', to which my mother replied, 'kyon nahi, itne bade ko thodi yuhi chhodna chahiye.' She caught my monster in her hands, sucked it and thrust it in my MIL's fudda. After some romping, my MIL took it out from her fudda, licked it and thrust it in my mother's fudda.

While one was having my monster in her fudda, I was sucking the other's mammas. After the monster had satisfied their fuddas, we went to the bathroom together and freshened up. I called for some tea over the intercom. Before the tea could come we got dressed up. After the tea, we sat down to chat & discuss the previous day's encounters.

I lit a cigarette, had a few puffs and offered the same to my mother. She too had some puffs and passed it to my MIL, who also had a few puffs. It was time to shit. I was the first to go in the toilet. While I was there, my MIL walked in. I asked,'kya hua?' She replied,'kuchh nahi, main tumhe dekhne aee thee.' My mother followed suit. After I finished my MIL sat to shit and then my mother.

While my MIL & my mother were shitting, I too remained there and was either kissing them or fondling or sucking their mammas. After the shits I told my lovelies,'ab kya karyakarm hai?' My MIL ventured,' ab aisa karte hain ki neeche ja kar thodi taji hawa khate hain.' We went to the garden below, roamed for some time, sat & chat and then returned to our room.

My MIL said,'ab aise karte hain ki naha lete hai.' We agreed and I said,'par saath saath, main tum dono ko apne haatho se nahlaoo ga.' They two agreed. We removed our clothes and went in the bathroom. There I had the joy of bathing my two lovely ladies with my hands. It was a sheer pleasure to bathe two such beautiful, full-bodied, hot & sexy ladies. They too bathed me.

We did everything to make love to each other, every other way in the bathroom. After bath, we went to the restaurant and had our breakfast. After breakfast, the question was, what next, both the ladies asked. I told that after some rest we shall have sex once again, before we depart from the hotel. They agreed that it was a good idea.

So, we rested for some 30 minutes or so, during which time we three were actually only lying down and talking to one another. My mother & MIL exchanged the pleasant escapades they had with me, with me intervening some time to make the chats more lively. Finally, I told them that since we had only a few hours to depart, we might as well start our last sexapade.

I removed my clothes and started to remove their clothes too. Soon we three were all naked. It was time for enjoyment. I asked both of them to come on the bed. There I had 2 beautiful, hot, sexy and very very full-bodied ladies with me, completely naked, on the bed. I started by kissing my mother first. She, in no time, was sucking my tongue and we were into a deep passionate kiss.

In the meanwhile my MIL took my lulla in her hands and started rubbing it, moving it up & down and finally taking it in her mouth. I was enjoying the kissing with my mother and having my lulla sucked by my MIL. I then shifted my mouth from my mother's lips to her mammas, big, extremely soft and very shapely mammas. I sucked one, then the other and finally both together.

My mother started fingering her choot, as she was getting horny. Seeing this my MIL removed my lulla from her mouth and started licking & sucking my mother's fudda. My mother was moaning in pleasure, as she was having her mammas and choot sucked. After some excitement she burst and my MIL sucked & licked all her juices.

With this my mother was relaxed, as she had her orgasm and had burst her maal. It was then my MIL's turn to get excited. She brought her mouth near my lips and we were lip-locked. After some deep & passionate tongue licking, she moved my mouth to her mammas. Now, it was by mother's turn to help my MIL reach her orgasm & to burst, as she started to lick & suck my MIL's fudda, after she had sucked my lulla.

I sucked my MIL's mammas in turn & then both together. Her mammas too are big, soft & very shapely, just like my mother's, only they were fairer. Within some time, my MIL burst and my mother licked & sucked all her maal. After keeping a little gap, so that my 2 lovelies could have a breather, as both had burst, I asked my mother to go into the doggy position.

I asked my MIL to put my lulla inside my mother's gaand. She rubbed & squeezed my lulla to make it fat & big and thrust it in my mother's gaand. I started to pound my mother's gaand. My MIL asked my mother, 'kaisa lag raha hey?' My mother replied, 'achha lag raha hey aur maja bhi aa raha hai. Mera beta ek number ka choodu hai.'

While I was pumping my mother in her gaand, my MIL came from the back and started rubbing her mammas on my back. I asked her to go beneath my mother and suck her mammas. My mother was enjoying geting fucked in her gaand by me and having her mammas sucked by my MIL. After having fucked my mother in her gaand, I asked my MIL to let me fuck her in her gaand.

She came forward and immediately went into the doggy position. Without asking, my mother came to help me put my lulla in my MIL's gaand. Once I started pounding her gaand, my mother slid beneath her and started to suck her mammas. My mother asked my MIL, 'aap ko kaise lag raha hai?'

My MIL replied, 'kya kahoon aap ka beta itna badiya choodu hai, ki maja aa hi jata hai. Muje bahut achha lag raha hai.' Having fucked their gaands it was time to have one last fuck in their choots before departing. This time I asked my MIL to start the procedure. She was too willing. She lay on her back and spread her legs and said, 'aa apna lulla apni sasu ki choot mein daal.'

I asked my mother to join in the pleasures. She retorted, 'tu apni sasu ki choot mein apna lulla to daal, main saath ati hoon.' I raised my MIL's legs, rubbed my lulla on the lips of her choot and she was getting aroused. Slowly I thrust it inside and she joined in the motions. In the meanwhile my mother started rubbing my MIL's mammas and then sucking them.

My MIL got so excited that she raised her abdomen high. I too was getting crazy seeing her do that. Within a few minutes I burst in her choot with big thrusts and shudders. She asked me to lay there for some time. She said, ' tera maal to chhut gaya ab muje aur chod taki mera maal bhi chhut jaye.'

I fucked her for some more time and she finally burst and began shouting, 'tu bada badmash hai, apni, sasu ko chodta hai.' After some time she said to me, 'ab tera lulla meri choot mein se nakal de aur behanji aap meri choot ko chaat kar saaf kar dein.' After all this my MIL told my mother. ' maine to maja ley liya, jane se pehle, ab aap bhi maja le lo.'

With that my MIL moved away and my mother came on the bed, lay on her back and raised her legs. I sat in between them and rubbed my lulla on her choot's lips. She was getting excited as she started wriggling and raising her body from her chittar. In no time my mother's chhoot was wet & juicy and my lulla slid in easily.

With my lulla inside my mother's choot, she wrapped her legs around my waist and raised her body, so that she could have a full penetration. My MIL was near my mother, kissing her and sucking her mammas. Within some time I burst into my mother's choot, lay there for some time, pumped her more and then she burst. When I removed my lulla from my mother's choot, my MIL licked it clean.

After 2 successive bursts. I just lay in between my two lovelies and relived the wonderful time I had with them. It may sound a fantasy, but the fact remains that my mother and my MIL were two extremely beautiful, hot & sexy ladies. I have never come across any women better than them. If I have committed a sin, so have my mother & MIL and so be it.

And to fall in love is no sin. All these relationships are man made. If we observe nature, we will learn the truth. I am in no way trying to justify anything. I loved my mother & my MIL and they loved me, period. Long live my mother & MIL and our mutual love for one another.

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Horny babe feeling warmth of brother

It was all started with my mother’s care, for her children. When she passed away, it changed my life for ever. Till then I was a girl, but after that I’m a matured girl. My family consists of three members, actually four. My daddy Amsuman. Brother Naveen, me and a younger sister Pooja. My mother was a good-looking woman, rather pretty women.

She is the only daughter of a rich man, my grand father, who is now very weak and not able to walk. Since he still has plenty of money, he got no problem with his state. There are a lot of people to take care of him, including me. When he was strong and young, his daughter, my mother loved a guy Naveen. But he did not support that relation.

And Naveen had been found dead in a suburban area near Mumbay city. The daughter failed her father by getting pregnant from him. Grand pa suggested an abortion. It was obviously success. Then she got married to Amsuman, my loving dad. He was kind to mom though he know all that. Kind enough to allow her to put her lover’s name to first child, my brother.

But grand pa was conscious about his daughter’s life and wealth. He put some conditions in his will so that dad will never be the single owner of the whole property. And dads will not losses his ownership until death. But he can’t sell it with mothers or his major child’s opposition.

Still grand pa has plenty of wealth that he made himself, that will come to my brother’s hand only after grand pa’s death. I was with dad in all my life. Mother was the controlling of the business and she was always taking care of the business abroad. I was the pet to dad. Brother was not that much soft to me. He was always hard to me.

Since he knows that he will be the owner of all wealth after mother and father. Since we were rich, I never find difficulties in anything. And I was taken care by a servant, her name was Mary. When I turned to sixteen I become matured. But that time I hardly knew what the maturity means. Every one says that I’ve got my mothers figure. And face. I was very proud of that.

My brother showed kindness and attachment to me from that time. He becomes conscious about my studies and needs. And started to visit my room. Before that he hardly visited that room in his life. That made me happiness. One day he came to my room and watched all over the walls. and commended that, why didn’t you changed the calendar,

I was coming out from the bathroom after bath, when I looked in that, I remember the days when my mother brought it. One day she took me to shopping. She brought me thing that I never used in my life before, such as bra, napkin etc, and explained me how to use them. She wads very careful about me all the time. May be that’s why she suggested dad to send me to boarding school.

I’ve made a fight against that. At the end she said ok to it. These memories made me sad and I started crying. I was like babies, when I starts crying, it won’t stop for that day. When Naveen looked towards me, he saw I’m crying. Then he comes to me and tried to make me calm. I was not stopping. He was asking me why you are crying dear.

But I didn’t reply. Even I didn’t know why I was crying. He then hugged me and said. Hey Mia don’t cry, what happen now, look at the table, flower etc. then he said he will bring me ice cream. And so on. I was coughing due to the emotion. So he started to run his hand on my back slowly. Then he cleaned my tears with his fingers. I stopped a little bit.

He made me sit on the coach and tried to make me happy offering ice creams, dress, teddy bears etc. While saying that he was kissing me and saying now you are a good girl, that’s a good girl and so and so …All these time his hand was moving through my body, since I was just come out of bathroom I was wearing only a towel.

His hand felt very soft and warm on the skin, that was a very good feeling that I did not want to loss. So I moved towards him and hugged him tightly. He was feeling warm. The little hair on his chest probing through the T shirt he was wearing was tickling me. I just moved my face through them. Then he too was happy and smooching me and kissing me.

we both were sitting on the bed and he was holding my palm, while lying with him I put my hand on my thighs, I didn’t even conscious about the act, I was getting brothers care and warm first time in my life. I was enjoying that. By this time his hand moved to and fro through my thighs. And he just kissed me his hand was exploring more areas in each move.

I was trying to get him close to feel the warmth of his body, his right hand was rubbing my thighs including my ass checks, and left hand was holding me in a semi lying fashion. All these time his hand was moving through my body, since I was just come out of bathroom I was wearing only a towel. His hand felt very soft and warm on the skin, that was a very good feeling that I did not want to loss.

So I moved towards him and hugged him tightly. He was feeling warm. The little hair on his chest probing through the T shirt he was wearing was tickling me. I just moved my face through them. Then he too was happy and smooching me and kissing me. we both were sitting on the bed and he was holding my palm, while lying with him I put my hand on my thighs,

I didn't even conscious about the act, I was getting brothers care and warm first time in my life. I was enjoying that. By this time his hand moved to and fro through my thighs. And he just kissed me his hand was exploring more areas in each move. I was trying to get him close to feel the warmth of his body, his right hand was rubbing my thighs including my ass checks,

and left hand was holding me in a semi lying fashion. All these time his hand was moving through my body, since I was just come out of bathroom I was wearing only a towel. His hand felt very soft and warm on the skin, that was a very good feeling that I did not want to loss. So I moved towards him and hugged him tightly. He was feeling warm.

The little hair on his chest probing through the T shirt he was wearing was tickling Me. I just moved my facethrough them. Then he too was happy and smooching me and kissing me. We both were sitting on the bed and he was holding my palm, while lying with him I put my hand on my thighs, I didn't even conscious about the act, I was getting brothers care and warm first time in my life.

I was enjoying that. By this time his hand moved to and fro through my thighs. And he just kissed me his hand was exploring more areas in each move. I was trying to get him close to feel the warmth of his body, his right hand was rubbing my thighs including my ass checks, and left hand was holding me in a semi lying fashion, I was lying on his arms like a violin with a violinist.

He kissed my cheeks, and slowly erased his right hand through my inner thighs. And he leaned forward and kissed on my lips. That was not expected. For me that was the first experience in my life in that way. I started to say something, as I just opened my mouth his tongue went through.

Only a little moan came out from me, I don't know what he thinks about that sound, well anyone would have thought that as a green signs in such a condition. So was he. The next moment told me that. By the time I know that, his palm was resting on my crotch area. And it was not resting, but moving, within a second it found the place it was searing for. The protruding knob there, now I know is my clit, on which his touch made me unbearable with feelings,

I jumped literally from the coach, but Naveen was holding me tight. Even so I managed to remove the bond between our tongues. I looked at him with a confused eye, it was filled with all emotions, he was also confused with realizing what he have done, or may be what had happened to me, that he got the perfect sign to advance but sudden I resisted,

I can see a strange feeling in his eyes, I looked at him barely for one or two second. I didn't wanted to make him unhappy, me unhappy, now when the feeling of touch of bare skin left, I realized that it was a pleasure, a good thing to feel, and a need it gain, I bent to wards him and closed my eyes.

I was not knowing to do the next, I was such a fool, I should have had kissed him, but remain so waiting to get that feeling again, but within no time felt the wet warmth of my brothers saliva. he was licking the lips just without contacting the mouths, I was trying to grab his tongue. and his hand was exploring the most private area of my body parts.

the rubbing of his hand made me lazy due to pleasure. my eyes were close, now h stopped playing with tongue, he started to suck my tongue, I was ignorant to respond, so I opened my mouth for him, he slowly made me lie on the coach, I didn't want to loose the warmth,though. he then moved further to me. over me. now I can feel the athletic body crushing me,

he gently started to rub his chin through mu breast, at first through the towel, then the towel went away and he moved his face through my bare skin, the small little hairs on his face, just one day of age started to pain me, I just enjoyed the pain, his lips was making trace of saliva in all over my breast, he was chewing my nipples, I cant feel that much, as it was some thing like heaven,

I can see that the two cones turned to blood red, one of his hand was not resting, it has found its way to the vaginal hole, it was trying to penetrate through, his face moved through my body, it was uncovering the towel from all my body. he was kissing all over, then he started to find the way to the nob, his nose was through the little hair of my pussy,

he simply do the same thing that he did with my mouth, but this time the only difference was that, he got two lips on vertical direction. I didn't open the eyes, I was feeling shy to open my eyes. the movement of the flesh with its warmth of liveness was making some thing in me uncontrollable, I though that I was not going to open my eyes anymore.

I don't even say what is he doing down there. but it was making me to a supernatural condition. the desire for the warmth of living skin extended to this much, was an interesting knowledge for me. now its not the desire of warmth, but something more, deeper than the hunger for your favorite food, the cord of my thought broke down, I can feel something is going to happen.

I prayed for god not to stop him, the strongest one I ever made in such a short just happened. I tried to hide it from Naveen, but was not easy to control, hiding was never near to it. I exhausted, and I don't know about him. I was selfish all the time in my life. didn't cared of anyone when I was concentrating for some thing with all my mind.

now I know all of we are so, its not a thing to hesitate. I layed there for a little time, trying to gather my thoughts,trying to gather my energy to stand up, within a minute I feel the presence of my brother in the bed, long before that I felt the nakedness of me, but I was in some sweetest dream in my life, then I stood up sudden, Navveen was sitting there in my coach,

with a cup of tea, I looked at him an anger. I don't know why I feel so, I took the towel. it was kept folded in the coach, carefully. I took that and covered my body slowly. while doing so I realized there is no special need of it anymore. I continued the action mechanically. I moved towards him and get the tea. we both were silent. I at beside him, on the coach. he put his hand through my shoulder, in a half hug manner,i bended towards him.

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Monica having threesome sex with brother

My sister Monica came back from her husband’s house only after 7 days of her marriage and declared that she would never go back to her husband as he was an animal. I heard my mother say to my wife Neha,”Monica won’t go to her husband; you ask what the real reason is. To me she only says that Ankit is an animal. I don’t know what it means, Bahu” Neha told me,” Have you heard Monica is back for good?”

I said yes, but “Why?” She looked at me and said,” How do I know? I will have to talk about it.” I had doubts about my sister. Monica had never been in male company. She had been taught in a religious way by our Masi(my mother’s sister). My sister was very close to our Masi but now Masi had gone to England. So my wife had to talk to Monica.

Monica was not bad looking but she never dressed up properly. She kept her hair oiled and seemed not interested in men. “May be Monica was not comfortable with Ankit. I mean women are not open to lovemaking as men expect them to be. Most men want women to be sluts in bed, I can understand that” I tried to reason with Neha “I know, I know” replied my wife,

“but deep down Monica is a good healthy lady, I don’t know what must have happened. I will tell you only when I have talked to her” As a brother, I was very upset for Monica. My wife went into my sister’s room and I left for my friend’s house. My friend told me “Such things happen when man or woman is more open or too timid or reluctant in bed.”

he told me when I explained him the situation. When I came back my wife had strange thing to tell me. “Your sister is ignorant of the pleasures of sex. To her Ankit’s behavior was bad. She did not let him fuck her on the wedding night. Whatever was done was done by force. Ankit slapped her, forced her to undress, made her suck his dick by force and she was repulsed.

Her husband forced her to take his cock in her hand and say Lund, but she would not do it. He would have even raped her if she had not run to her mother in law’s room. Monica has been too strictly religious. Your sister needs careful training in bed with a male who understands her and can teach her the art of Chudai, to shed her shyness and become a real slut as expected by Ankit.

Do you have any idea who that man is going to be, Amit(myself)?” “Oh Neha, you can’t be serious? She is just a normal girl and whatever is lacking in my sister can be taught her by you. I don’t understand the idea of teaching her to fuck, every woman knows it very well. And moreover who can we let my sister fuck?” I replied. Please, try to understand.

Monica has to know that fucking is pleasurable to man and woman, that a woman opens her legs to receive the joy of life and that Lund is the tool to heaven. I have an idea, we can make her open by making her drink a little of whiskey and then would arrange for her to see us fuck, suck and talk dirty and enjoy our wildest chudai.

I hope she will heat up and then will be attracted to do the same. Monica has to see her Bhaiya’s mast LUND, fucking her Bhabhi like whore. That will show her what Ankit wanted to give her. OK?” Reluctantly I agreed knowing that it would not be easy to do so. That evening Neha asked me to bring a bottle of whiskey and at night filled three glasses for the three of us.

I knew she was trying to unwind my sister. Then Neha played a sexy film which seemed to interest my sister. She would touch my thigh and kiss me in front of her and she stared at us and then lowered her eyes. Monica was wearing a sleevless dress which showed thick black hair in her armpits. Neha said with disgust,” Monica, what is this, you do not shave your armpits?

Sweat stinks, darling, let me shave it for you.” Monica left reluctantly and both ladies went into the bath room. I drank a couple of glasses and took my wife and sister’s glass in the bathroom. Neha was doing the armpits and was asking,” Monica, tum apni Bur(pussy)ke baal hatati ho ya vo bhi essi hi hain?(Monica, do you have your pubic hair or they are like your armpits?)

Mard wo baal pasand nahin karte, tere bhaiya meri chut ko khud shave karte hain, sach (men don’t like hair on cunt, your brother shaves my cunt himself),” I heard Monica exclaim,” Hey bhagwan, Bhabi aap kitni besharam ho! Aap bhaiya se shave karwati hain? Mujhe to bahut sharam aati hai. (Oh god, you are shameless, you allow my brother to shave you, I am so shy?)”

I stopped before the bathroom door with beating heart. My heart was beating furiously and my cock had made a tent in my pants although my wife was with my real sister. My imagination was wandering in the bathroom. “Was my wife making my sister naked? Was Neha touching Monica’s chut?” I could not wait to see but stopped myself,” Neha, your glasses are here.

Should I hand them to you in the bathroom?” Monica cried out,” Nahi bhaiya, tum ruko(no brother, you stop outside)” Neha said,”We are coming out in a minute, zara intzar to karo(wait a little)” I returned rubbing my hardening cock and drank another glass. I felt intoxicated. Some 15 minutes later the ladies returned. My sister looked a different woman.

Her hair had been shampooed and she looked a sexy girl. “Ab pehchano apni behan ko, kissi film ki heroine lagti hai na? Kapdon ke bina aur bhi sexy dikhe gi(look at your sister. Doesn’t she look like the heroine of a film? Without clothes, she will look even sexier!). I blushed at the vulgar praise for my sister. The women resumed drinking their drink.

My wife was trying to touch my sister at every pretext and cup her ample boobs. My sister’s face was growing red with shame and excitement and whiskey. Just then Neha stood up and came and sat near me and took my cock in her hands,” Kya baat hai Amit, aaj bahut bada ho raha hai ye shaitan? Lagta hai meri chut…..ka bura haal hone wala hai…

Sharab ke baad mujeh bahut utejna ho jati hai….chalo jaldi se drink khatamkaro aur mujhe jannat dikhayo(Why is this devil becoming so large? It seems my cum…is going to be devastated. Whiskey makes me very excited…now finish your drink and show me heaven)” She laughed without shame.

Monica did not know what to say. I finished my drink and Neha took me in my room. She did not bolt or even close the door. The light was on when she pounced on me,” Amit meri chut mein aag lagi hui hai, jaldi se bujha do ye aag. Nangi kar do mujhe, chod dalo mujhe apne lund se Ahhhhh…, Oh god mujhe tera lund chahiye abhi( Amite my pussy is on fire, please cool this fire.

Make me nude and fuck me with your cock. Oh god, I need you cock Now)” I fumbled with her clothes and she pulled my pants down and threw my shirt away. I had managed to take off her salwar and kamiz and underneath she wore nothing. Let me tell you my wife is dark complexioned but she has beautiful tits, pert and high, long legs, a shaven cunt and a beautiful ass.

Neha was riding me and rubbing her cunt on my hard cock,” Ohhhhh behnchod, jaldi kar, Amit, (Oh sister fucker hurry up) Mujh se intzar nahin hota(I can’t wait)” I could see someone peeping between the curtains and knew she was peeping out of curiousity. I mouthed Neha’s nipple and ran my hands on her ass,” Sali, mujhe behnchod bolti hai, tera patti hoon.

Main nahin chodunga to kaun chodega tujhe, randi? You bitch, You call me sisterfucker, I am your husband, if I dont fuck you who else will?” She clung to me even tighter,” Agar behnchod bhi ban jayo to tazub na ho ga, sale teri behan hai hi itni sexy ke koi bhi chod le. Tu maderchod, kissi se kam hai?( If you become a sisterfucker, it won’t be a surprise.

You sister is so sexy that anyone will want to fuck her and you motherfucker is as good as anyone” I knew my sister must have a wet cunt now and that made me even hotter to fuck both my wife and sister. You may think I am a pervert but it is true athat horniness and drink was making me blind in lust. I was sucking my wife’s boobs and imagining them to be Monica’s.

“Mera lund pakad kar sehlayo, meri jaan, main bahut garam ho chuka hoon. Aur ye kia bak rahi ho, tumbhi to meri behan hi ho, meri door ki massi ki ladki, ab biwi ban gayi ho to kia? Hoon to main behnchod hi na?( Hold my cock and shake it, I am very hot and what were you saying. I am a sister fucker, you are my aunt’s daughter, now you are my wife, so I am a real sister ucker)

”Our talk was attracting my sister into our bedroom. The question was when she would dare come in and join us. We did not have to wait long. Monica made the decision and came in. ” Bhabhi, mujhe nasha ho gaya hai, kia main aapke bistar mein let sakti hoon and it is so hot here(Sister in law, I am intoxicated, can I lie here in this room, It is so hot here )” Monica asked in a trembling voice.”

Aayo rani, lekin hum nange sote hain iss bistar par. Aur chudayi bhi karte hain, jaise husband log karte hain. Tere bhaiya mujhe essey hi chod chod kar jannat dikhate hain. Meri Monica bhi jannat dekhna chahti hai kia? Tujhe apna patti ek raat ke liye kiraye par de deti hoon(come in darling, but we sleep naked here and fuck like husbands fuck their wives.

You brother shows me heaven by fucking me. Do you want to see heaven?. I can rent you my husband for the night)” Monica was breathing in pants. Her hands were trembling. My wife stood up and moved towards my sister and began to undress her, slowly. Milk white naked body of my sexy sister was revealed to my eyes. I almost came as I saw my sister completely naked.

She looked like a goddess. My wife looked nothing in comparison of my sister. I looked at Monica as she joined us on the bed. Neha pulled her and began to touch Monica’s boobs. Monica simply closed her eyes. Neha kissed my sister’s earlobe and bit is making Monica moan,” Ahhhh Bhabhi what are you doing to me? I can’t breathe!”

Neha smiled at me and said” Amit, teri behan garmayi hui hai. Issko mard ki zarurat hai. Iss kamre mein to aur koi mard hai nahin, tum hi isski aag bujha do na(Amit, your sister is horny and needs aman. In this room there is no other man, so why dont you cool her fire) Monica, tum apne bhaiya ke lund ko touch to kar ke dekho, shayad tujhe Ankit ke lund se achha lage,

dekho kaise uthak baithak kar raha hai apni behan ko nanga dekh kar( Monica, why dont you touch your brother’s cock, may be you will like it better than Ankit’s. See how is it jerking)” Monica placed her hand on my throbbing hard cock. Neha urged her to talk dirty ”Monica tera haath kiss ko pakd raha hai?(what are you holding?)” My sister hesitated but then shyly said

”Bhaiya ka lund(brother’s cock).” My cock was twitching as my sister ran her hand up and down my hardness. A drop of pre cum fell on her fingers. Monica looked very sexy, hot, and lustful. I couldn’t wait to fill her hot pussy with my cock! She continued stroking my cock while my wife put her lips round my sister’s nipples and sucked them lovingly.

It felt so good as my sister’s fingers were running my up and down my thick shaft. Pausing for a moment I put my hands on my sister’s ass cheeks and she gasped for air. “Monica kya soch rahi hai, tere bhaiya ka lund achha nahi hai kya?, tuche achha nahi lagg raha kya? Ye roz iss se meri chut phadte hain aur mujhe bahut mazza aata hai, bol tujhe bhi daalna hai isse mote lund ko apni chut main?”

“What is coming into your mind, Monica? Is not your brother’s cock good? Don’t you feel excited? He shoves his cock into my cunt everyday and I love it. Do you want to get your chut stuffed with this meat?” Neha asked my sister. She nodded her assent. “to fir aapne bhaiya ke lund ko kiss kar, bahut tasty hai, kar na, pahle apne muh mein le, fir chut mein liyo”

(Kiss your bhaiya’s cock then, it tastes delicious. Try it darling. Taste it with your mouth lips and then with your cunt lips, do it) Monica pulled her face down and placed it on my cock. Her wet lips sucked on my cock I lay on my back as Monica bent own on her knees before my cock, raising her ass up in the air. Neha bent behind my sister and glued her lips to my sister’s cunt.

My wife’s face was under my sister’s cunt while my sister sucked my cock. “Monica …oh fuck…ohhh suck I love your mouth on my cock….I love you sooooo….ohhhhh ….chuso mera lund”. I moaned. I moaned and lifted my ass and pumped my cock faster into her face as she herself moved her hips on my wife’s face. I could feel the hot sensation in my shaft.

I felt my cum pulsating out of my hard cock. She continued sucking and pumping. I was shooting my cum into her mouth and she finished licking the cum from my cock. She held my cock in her mouth as she slapped her tongue with it. She removed her mouth from my dick. Then she kissed me and we melted together. She was so fucking hot I couldn’t stand it.

She looked into my eyes and moaned deeply, “My husband was so cruel to me. I did not know fucking was so pleasurable. Bhaiya, I love your cock, I love the feel of your cock. I love Bhabhi’s naked body. I want to be your partner in bed. I will do and say as you command. But don’t send me to Ankit, the bastard beats me, bhaiya.

I can be a whore to my own bhaiya and Bhabhi but not to anyone outside family. I want to be your whore Bhaiya, I want you to fuck me like a whore, hard, deep, fast, and loud. I want you to use me, and talk dirty with me.” Neha came up from under Monica’s cunt and rested her elbows on the pillows. I sat back and watched as my sister provocatively spread her legs for me.

“See, it was so easy. Monica is begging you to fuck her hard and deep like a whore. She has not learnt to talk dirty yet. Lets teach her that.” My wife slapped my sister hard in her ass and said” Ye hui na baat. Behan ab chudane ko hai taiyar apne bhaiya se. Amit se chuda kar tum Ankit se bhi chdwa logi, kion ki hum tujhe rand bana kar hi chhoden ge.

Tum apne bhai ka lund to chus hi chuki ho, ab apni fuddi ko bhi lund ka swad chakha lo( Thats right/ So sister is ready to be fucked by her brother!Once Amit has fucked you, you will like it with Ankit too. We will train you to be a slut. You have already sucked your brother’s cock; now get your cunt get the taste of his cock)”.

I moved closer to my sister and made her bend like a bitch. I brushed the tip of my tongue against her slit, which made Monica twitch. I went crazy, eating and sucking my sister’s pussy. Monica was writhing on the bed; her dimpled ass looked so beautiful. “Bhaiya chus lo apni randi behan ki choot, tum mujhe gandi baat karte sunana chahte ho, haan kha jayo meri choot,

bhaijaan( suck my cunt brother. You wanted to hear me talk dirty, yes, eat my cunt).” I ate the freshly washed cunt. She tasted so sweet I was in heaven. As I was working over her pussy as my wife took my cock in her fist, massaging it and running her fingers on my balls. I put a finger up her asshole of my sister. “Oh bhaiya, essa mat karo, gaand nahin, please!”.

I could feel her body shake and quiver as she desperately grabbed onto the bed sheets, her pussy flooded my hot face. Her sweet cream flooded from her juicy cunt into my mouth. I lapped her pussy like a dog; I didn’t want to miss the taste! “Monica ab let jayo, tera bhai tujhe chode ga aur tu meri chut chatogi.

Mere patti ka lund lena hai to meri chut to chatni hi padegi( lie down, your brother will fuck you and you will lick my cunt. If you take my husband’s cock, you will have to lick my pussy)”.I went over Monica’s naked body and began grinding my hardened cock onto her cunt. Without trying my cock eased into her pussy because she was soaked.

“Mmmmm…bhaiyaaaaaaa…pelte raho…..meri chut bheegi hui hai…..araaam se chodo mujhe(my cunt is wet, brother fuck my gently)” she moaned. I began to thrust faster. She moaned in my ear. “Bhaiyaa do it, you fucking brother, fuck my hot cunt, and fuck me like a fucking whore”. I loved when my sister began to talk like a real bazzaru whore.

I growled, “You like that whore sister? You like my big fucking cock bitch”? She moaned louder and answered, “Oh yes bhaiyaa, Haan! Jor se chodo(fuck me harder!” I pounded her harder, faster, deeper with every thrust. “You like my cock in your pussy, Monica, meri randi behna? Does your brother cock feel good? …uh…”

“Oh yes ….hey bhagwan… mm… oh behnchod…mmmm… Fuck me like a fucking man!” “You want it harder bitch”, I asked. “Yes Amit fuck me harder bhaiya.” Neha hissed at Monica” Haramzadi, bol mat, meri chut kaun chatega? Sali apne bhai ka nahi mere patti se chud rahi hai tu, randi, ab meri chut chat kuttia(Bitch, dont talk, lick my pussy.

You are fucking my husband and not your brother. Who will lick my pussy?)” I pulled my thick cock from her cunt and bent her on her fours so she was on her hands and knees. While my wife spread her thighs before her mouth “You want it hard slut that is what you will get.” I moaned. I grabbed her hips and placed my cock head at the tip of her ass hole.

Pulling her buttocks towards me I thrust forward. My throbbing cock disappeared into her pussy. I began sweating more. My hands traveled to her ass cheeks, kneading them, squeezing them. I licked my index finger, placed it back on Monica’s ass and inserted it deep into her lovely ass.

“Oh fuck what are you doing bhaiyaa….not in the ass…bhabhi stop him…he is fingering my gaand….ahhh behnchod gaand mat…….ahhhhhh…..main mareeee.maderchod maaaaa.” I continued fucking her juicy cunt as I fingered her asshole. I thrust my cock into her harder and harder. While fucking her I fingered her ass.

“Amit, make your sister a real slut, fuck her cunt…her ass…..she is licking my chut, the bitch. Fuck her good” “Yes, oh fuck yes Bhaijaan I love your cock, it is so fucking thick, fuck me you bhaiya.” “Today is your lucky day whore, you bitch Monica”, Neha moaned enjoying her cunt being licked by my bitch sister. I wanted to complete my fuck session which is always incomplete without ass fuck.

My whore sister was going to give her anal cherry to me now. I pulled my cock out from her wet pussy and pushed my cock head so it rested on her shit hole. “I am going to fuck your lovely ass, sister”. “hey bhagwan nahin! If you have to fuck my ass, be gentle at least!” her ass felt incredibly tight. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. My balls slapped the bottom of her ass cheeks and pussy.

”Oh…uh…bhai…fuck my tight whore ass. Fuck it as hard as you can…chod harami bhai! Her words just pushed me over the edge. I immediately began to shoot my load again into her tight ass. I shot my load into her ass and collapsed on top of her. relax guys don’t get annoyed, it was an imagination.

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Pravin fucking Lalita aunty - II

Previously: Pravin fucking Lalita aunty

After the initial fucking of Lalita aunty it became a habit that I would enter her bedroom by 10.30 or 11 in the nite,make love(read fucking) till 2 or 3 am and sleep only 3 hours..This took a toll on my health and my studies also..During this period I must have fucked Lalita’s ass at least a 100 times and fallen in love with it.

During the day, we also used to go out mainly to movies or to the beach..The next 3 months I was in 7th heaven as I was like a husband to her without any responsibilities except fucking her. After about 4 months,one day,one of my classmate Vijay called me to meet him at the beach..I went and met him.We had cigarettes and chai and then he suddenly became serious.

’Pravin”he said”if you are not careful you will be in trouble at your house as well as at your aunts house”.I said I do not understand..He took out from his pocket 3 photographs in b&w. First showed Lalita and me at the beach,playing in the water and me feeling her bum..The second showed us under a tree kissing with my hands on her boobs.

The third showed us entering a cottage on the beach..I asked him”Where did you get these and are there more of it”..He said “ No..You can keep these but I will keep the negatives” I said”What do you want for the negatives”..He said “I want a piece of the cake you are eating ”I did not understand”pl clarify”I told him..He said “I want to fuck your aunt too.

Then I will give you the negatives”I slapped him..He said he will develop fresh prints and post to my house. Now,I had to think fast.That nite I showed the snaps to aunt and said we are in trouble..Think of a way to get out of my surprise aunt said ”tell him it can be only once and you will be in the room and he has to give you the negatives before the event and he has to use a condom”

I was not sure if Vijay was going to accept it but next day I made this offer to him.He said”OK..i will come at noon..i want her dressed in a red saree”..I also want rose petals on the bed..You have to arrange it..My god,I had not thought of it..This bastard was going to make it like his first nite..And then the clincher”towards the end I want half hour with her without you”.

That nite I told aunt and she agreed. Next morning I went to aunts house at 10 am with a bunch of roses and sprayed the petals on the bed..she had her bath and draped herself in a lovely red saree.I hugged her,kissed her and told her”Do not be afraid”. she was quite bold. Exactly at noon the door bell rang and Vijay entered..Where is my wife he screamed.

Relax I told him,where are the negatives..He took it out and kept it on side table and said you can take it only when I lay hands on lalita..i told him lalita will come and give him water and when she goes inside he can follow her and start on her..I called lalita and when she bent down to give him water he grabbed her and made her sit on his lap.

He mercilessly started mauling her body.Quickly I grabbed the negatives and pocketed them.. this bastard made my aunt go down on the floor and start sucking his cock..His bloody cock was at least 12”long bot like a pencil in width..My aunt said that this is like a pencil and he hit her on the head and said”suck properly,you bitch”

After the blow job he took her to the bedroom and stripped her as if she is a cabaret dancer.. Then he told her imagine this is your first nite..Get me a glass of milk..He made her go in the nude to get milk from kitchen..When she came back he asked her why could you not give me milk from this and started sucking her boobs..

He told her”Lali,on first nite it has to be a virgin fuck.Which of your holes are virgin,the mouth or the ass..She said neither..He got angry and slapped her.I was about to slap him when aunt told me to cool down..she lay on her back and held both boobs together and said shove it here,this is virgin..I never thought my aunt will act so sluttish.

This bugger put it there and when he squirted it went into her mouth also.This was something I had not tried..For the next hour and a half he mauled her cunt,boobs,mouth..she refused to give him ass hole saying it belongs exclusively to me..After some time he asked me to go out..Aunt said ok..Later I asked aunt what happened.

She said he tried to turn her over and enter her ass but she resisted and hit him..Then he asked her if I can bring my brother and have a threesome which she refused.when she got upo to go to bathroom and clean he followed her and made a final unsuccessful attempt to enter her arse..Then he turned on the shower,dragged her and fucked her against the wall under running water..

When they came out,both were dressed..He kissed her a lot,pawed her and left thanking her saying that he is getting married right after college and wanted to experience a first nite before the actual one..He even promised to invite her for his marriage which he did and during the photograph his hand was behind Lalita’s ass pawing it while I pawed his bride who was shocked

My relationship with Lalita continued for the next 15 years and I even gave her her second son..The problem arose when this son of Lalita fell in love with my eldest daughter thru marriage. To avoid complications I moved out of Chennai..You may wonder why I am writing this incident after 40 years.

Last week,she and her husband came to invite us for the marriage of her eldest granddaughter. Her son and Daughter in law were also there.After inviting us they wanted to go to a nearby place to invite somebody..I said my wife will accompany as I am not feeling too good..Lalita said she also will not come as she has leg pain and to pick her when they come to drop my wife back.

Since my kids are abroad we were only the 2 of us.This 73 year old Lallu came and sat on my lap and said shall we renew old ties. Believe it or not, I do not get much sex these days but the hour and a half I spent with Lalli was the best I have had in the last 5 years. That nite, my wife said the room smells strange.I thought”Let the mystery remain”.

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