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Making love to younger sister

This happened when I was just out of high school and I had no tensions and was just doing whatever I wanted to at the summer holidays. Let me tell you some stats about my sister, her name is rabia she is younger to me by one year and has really good features like her ass and boobs which made the college guys fall behind her and she had boy friends at that time.

I was not interested in her and we would fight often which made me actually hate her and I would tease her with names of her boyfriends, but I dont know when this happened but after my friend told me stuff about bra and panties I got aroused and the next thing I did was went to my sisters bathroom and looked for bra and panties and I found a blue panty and a beige bra

at the look of it I was horny and started masturbating and I had cum more than any of the times. Thats how I began having lust for her, while playing badminton I would watch her boobs and when she would bend I would be horny and all summer I dreamed of fucking her and that came true one day when she had her report card day,

my mom and dad went to collect it leaving her behind with me in the house. We started fighting over the remote then when she jumped on me her boobs squeezed into my chest and it was a really good feeling. She wore a denim mini skirt and a black top which aroused me and I went down to her thighs and started touching them while we got the remote.

I dont know what happened and I slapped her. She went to her room crying and shut the door. I felt sorry and to apologize I went to her room and gave her the remote to which she said she was not interested and she asked me 'why did u slap me?' I said I got angry and then she said 'i purposely fight over the remote for fun but your cruel and you slapped me'

I said sorry and asked her what fun she gets while fighting and rolling over me. She dint reply and I went away to the tv room. Again after washing her face she came back and started fighting over the remote and told now this is what I like. I like screwing your case in fights, even I started to gently wrestle touching her boobs, ass, thighs and her crotch.

Maybe thats what she liked in the whole process of wrestling. After that we both got tired and got rid of ourseles as it was summer so it was hot. Then she told me to fight this way but the rules are that we dont hit each other just plain wrestling, agreeing to that we started wrestling and then I told her that its too hot so I will remove my shirt as I have my vest on,

I removed it and started wrestling her again but after a few minutes I was shocked as she said yes indeed its hot even I will remove my t-shirt and I have a petticoat on. The sight was lovely she in a peticoat wow......the senstation was just overwhelming and later I told that its still hot and I am gonna remove my vest too(its normal as I roam around topless)

and then she jokingly said why dont we go nude itself. To which even I laughed and then out of no where she removed her peticoat. She was just in her bra and the cleavage was awesome my dick was hot now and waiting to cum. Now I told her that her idea is right, why dont we get nude she laughed but then I told that I am serious. She said no.

But then I told her if she wants to continue she has to get nude. She tried explaining telling me that its wrong and stuff but I dint care and told her angrily do you want the game or the slap to which she got nude before me by removing her bra, skirt and panties. I was so hot now to see a naked girl in real.

Then I told her to continue to which she said that I was cheating as I had my jeans on, I frankly din wanna remove as my erection would show. So I resisted but then removed it and also my boxers. After seeing my erection she shouted at me saying 'now I know why you want me to get nude' to which I replieed its normal for a boys dick to raise after seeing someone naked.

I told her to continue and not bother. We took our positions on the sofa and I was on top of her with my cock touching her pussy and my hands on her breasts. She screamed and said that this is amazing the game is good now and my idea is good of going nude. We started doing this and in the end when it was time for parents to come we got dressed and I promised her we shall continue this at night.

After dinner I went to her room and we started talking and then my parents told me to sleep as tomorrow we have to find a good college for me. I told them that I will go and they went to sleep and while we actually had our conversation I explained why we both liked the game and it was just that we are normal so we get aroused and when are private parts are felt it just feels great.

To which she confessed saying that she liked me naked to which I started undressing and told her to undress. We were again nude. And then I told her that we will play a different kind of a game which you will love she asked me what kind of game is it. I told her the licking game. It goes like this,

I put te toss you get to choose head or tails if I win you tell me to lick any part of your body and if I win the toss I ask you to lick any part of the body. To which she agreed and I started with the toss she wanted heads and it was heads. She told me to lick her legs and thighs completely and I did that as I loved legs.

I lick the legs nicely starting from toes to ankeles to knees to thighs and I almost reached the pussy and then she told stop as it was enough and it was her turn to toss the coin, she tossed it and I said heads and again it was heads. I told her to lick m dick and balls completely to which she resisted and said this is cheating.

I said no and told her to do it as I had mentioned any part of the body. She licked my dick and balls well but wasnt a good cock sucker at that time as she is now. And I enjoyed it and within a few minutes I had sperms coming out to which she asked me what have I done and why have I peed on her and why is the pee white in color.

I again had to explain her what sperm is and everything, she took interest and asked me do girls have similar stuff and all(i think she knew everything and was pretending). Then I licked her pussy and she actually came to her climax.

She gave me a kiss on my ore head saying she enjoyed it and wanted this once more and told me its better that regularly peeing. To which I laughed at my kid sister. We continued this game for a long time after which we finally got into sex and we are maniacs we enjoy each other nude when ever we get chance.

Imran fucking sexy Aunty

My name is Imran my age is 22 I stay in Hyderabad. From my childhood I was very reserved. It was in my +2 I became close to girls and had few affairs with girls but didn't get a chance to sex with them. I used to kiss or fondle their boobs nothing more than that. After my +2 Aunty was very beautiful her age was 27 then and uncle was 30.

Any man in the world would be proud to get her as wife. She had ideal stats with 36d boobs (which I came to know later). I never thought badly about her. I respected her and uncle used to talk to me about my college and he was very friendly with me sometimes he invited me to his house. I used to speak to aunty but not much. I used to regularly visit uncle house to meet him.

And he used to call me sometimes if his computer gives him any trouble I was good at computers as I was doing my computer engineering. For two months everything was fine. Uncle was working in germen based company. One day uncle told me that he has to go to Germany for some project work and said he will come to India after 6 months only.

He went to Germany leaving aunty alone for 6 months, while going he told me and my mother to take care of aunty. Now the real thing happened. After one month aunty came to my house and asked my mother to send me to her house as her computer was crashed. After 2 days I went to her house. She welcomed me and gave me some snacks and cold drink.

And told that the system is not working properly. We talked for some time. Even at this stage I never had any bad intensions in my mind’s he was telling she was missing her husband (uncle) very much. She loved uncle very much and uncle also loved her very much. Then I went to the computer and was checking for the problem.

Soon I repaired as I am good at computers it was a small hardware problem. I switched on the system and was checking if everything was working properly. In one drive I opened a folder.and I was shocked to see few xxx videos clips and few erotic stories. As I was in engineering I also had many excess in my house which I got from my friends.

As aunty was in kitchen I played xxx video and started watching. The video was very interesting and I continued watching suddenly I turned back and found aunty standing behind me. She was shocked to seeing the xxx video. I was very ashamed and closed the video. Aunty was smiling then I told her sorry. And went from her house.

But from that day my intensions changed about her in my mind. I started looking at her boobs or ass when she walked. Her behavior also changed she was smiling at me whenever she saw me. One day she asked me to help her to get a pan card. I took get to some agent and filled all application and while coming on the way in car she asked me Orit does u have a girl friend.

And I replied no. And she then she asked are u virgin. I was shocked to hear that I never thought she would ask me like that. I also became bold and told I am virgin.and told my incidents in the +2.and told I never had a chance to fuck a girl. She laughed. Then I asked her aunty do u watch xxx cads. Then she told me about her loneliness at nights.

She used to watch xxx cads and read erotic stories and see erotic pictures in the internet whenever she becomes horny and masturbates seeing those videos as uncle was not there. Then she told how she and uncle had sex every day. Uncle used to satisfy her fully. Now that he is in Germany she is missing him very much.

Then she asked do u masturbate, by this time we both were very free with each other I told yes I masturbate regularly. I was looking at her boobs she caught me and said what u is looking at. I just said aunty u is beautiful and uncle is very lucky to get a wife like u. She smiled and said thank you. We came back to house. We both went to her house.

Then said u are very good boy. And there is nothing bad to masturbate at this age. And asked me if I know about sex. I said I have good knowledge theoretically but not practically. In our mind we know that we need each other but both of us were afraid to take initiative. She played a game. She told me that she was hiding something inside her bag and was not ready to show me.

I asked her what is that aunty she told that she will not show that if u can take it out from the bag then I approached the bag and put my hand inside the bag. Still her hand was inside the bag. So we started to fight each other. I was behind her and she started to rub her ass on my dick. But I was still afraid to proceed and I was totally out of control,

my hole body was shivering, I do not know what to do, my friends used to tell that we cant believe ladies they may change at any moment and I thought that if I d something she may tell to my mother and will spoil my image. Still we ware fighting on. At last with shivering I took some courage and hold her boobs from behind suddenly she turned and cold rooohiiit

and kissed on my lips it went for almost 10 mints and my hand was playing with her boobs, stomach, and pussy area. Then we stopped for a while and closed the door and went to her bedroom. Then I again kissed her on her lips. For about 20 mins. I was pressing her boobs with my hands. They were very soft. Then she removed her blouse.

There was no bra inside I never saw such beautiful boobs then I moved down and took one nipple in my mouth and sucked them she was very hot by this time. I removed her sari and petticoat and also my shirt she was mourning very much. By this time my tool became like a hot rod and was at 90 degree.

She removed my pants and kept her hand in my underwear and caught hold of my cock and started to suck then she told me to suck her pussy, seeing her pussy first time a lighting has moved in my body, it was a fantastic seen that I never can forget. She guided me to suck her, I sucked her pussy lips and cunt and put my tongue inside her pussy

when I was sucking her cunt she was shivering and told roohiiit pleease don’t stop go on go on, I too got excited and sucked her hard. Then she cum with a voice and told me rohiit you r so sweet there is no doubt that ur wife will be lucky to get u.

But what to do I am unlucky I was married 2 years back but my sexual life is not happy because my wife doesn’t like oral sex where as I am very found of licking and sucking pussy. I feel very bored of having unsatisfied sex. So I am looking for any broadminded aunties or girl who likes oral sex and ready to get fucked hard with my 7inch long dick.

I am so thirst to drink pussy juice so pls contact me only ladies at nine double eight six nine one seven one two four. Sorry to stop in the middle after the oral sex she guided me to real pleasure. Even I was uncontrollable she took my jockey and guided my tool to her cunt. She said please slowly. But I was beginner at that time. I pushed suddenly inside her cunt.

Both of us cried at a time. My foreskin also was cut because of the sudden push. We both were in pain but then she said rohit fuck slowly, she helped me to fuck her slowly we started enjoying the pain. The pain was turning into joy. Then we fucked for 20 mins then I said I am cumming she asked me to cum inside her pussy.

I cummed loads of cum in her pussy, I never cummed that much amount of cum previously. My virginity was lost. I laid on her for some time and then kissed for some more time. That night we fucked 5 times. In the morning I slept in her house till evening and left to my house.

From that we promised each other when ever she is horny she will call me and when ever I am in mood I will go to her. We became good friends. Even though age difference was there we started sharing every thing and became good friends. We promised to keep this secret. From then we used to fuck each other.

Horny bahu fucked by father in law

I am young, married to a guy,who was also 25.His name is Shekhar.Well, the one who had a constant interest in me was my father in law, who was 54 with still an athletic hairy body and two lustful eyes. I used to get his lustful hints in every way. In every occasion, he used to draw me to him like a 'father' and give me 'fatherly' fondling at my lower back.

It is to mention that I am short, 5'1", very fair, curly hair up to shoulder, wear glasses, wide mouth, bulky, very bulky, 36-27-40 and all that my father in law was interested is my huge fleshy ass.It all started around the dawn of a raining day. Shekher was sleeping and when he sleeps, nobody can wake him up until it is around 8:00 in the morning.

It should be around 4:00 in the morning and I usually lie facing my pillow and with my back side completely open. I was wearing a sari and blouse with no panty or bra. I was also asleep when I woke up with the awkward feeling of a hairy hand moving around my thighs. I also realized that my sari has gone up to my thighs.

I must admit though I felt like shouting but at that very moment I realized that it could only be my father in law and it was exciting.So, I remained silent and did not move but tried to ensure that I am asleep.Slowly he was picking up, now my husband lying beside, snoring like a pig, my sari up to my waist,

with my ass wide exposed, and my father in law now using his two hands to molest my ass with full force. I thought that something to be done. So, I made a sound as if I am waking up. He stopped, but only for a moment. It will be a lie to say that I was not enjoying since his were two strong hands with the knowledge of how to caress but at the same time I was so scared and feeling humiliated.

It went on for another 5 minutes and the real problem was there. I was getting wet and automatically my flesh became more and more relax which was moments ago stiffened. I could say that the bastard was smiling with satisfaction. He was then slipping his fingers in between my ass and going deep inside reaching the edge of my pussy.

I could only keep my eyes close in satisfaction. It went on for another 10 minutes and then he left.Next morning, I tried to act as if nothing has happened but could not look into my father in law's eyes. I feared that he would read my mind. In the breakfast table, when every one left and I was doing the table, he asked me to come to his room.

I was afraid but knew that there was no escaping. But he is a master player and he intended to go slow and in an abusive manner. When I entered the room, he asked, 'you look exhausted?' I startled and looked into his eyes. That very moment we communicated the untold in a silent manner. He gave me his infamous lustful look and scanned my whole sweated Body.

He then gave me Rs. 20,000 to my surprise and asked me to go and shop.It was a win-win situation for me; so I went to shopping and shopped out the whole money. It is to be mentioned that my father in law is a millionaire and he is in real state business.I thought that the bribery, off course I will call it bribery; will lead to consequence molestations at the nights.

But he was too unpredictable and unique. He showed no sign of interest for the next couple of weeks.Then there came the second aggression. It was the wedding anniversary of Ashok bhai & bhabi.Well, it was a sunny hot day and I was going to take the shower but found that my bath room is occupied. I was trying to find out a vacant bath room and met my father in law in the stair ways.

He asked me where was I going and I told him. He said, 'Sarita (that's my name), you use my bath room, its empty'. By that time, I started considering that night as a lost event and did not take any guard. I happily said ok to his proposal and get to his room. Moments after, he entered the room talking to my hubby over the cell. He was asking Shekher to come upstairs to his room.

For a moment, I got scared but immediately felt relieved since he called hubby. So, I took my dresses and was entering the bathroom and at that moment my hubby's foot step was approaching and suddenly my father in law pushed through me and together we entered the bathroom.

I was about to shout but he put his finger on my lips and I realized that if now my hubby comes to know then it will be a shame for me. So, I remained silent again and he trapped me again. (the next development must be told exactly as they were; otherwise, the taste will be faded. So, I am putting them as conversation) Shekher: baba, where are you?

Baba (loudly from the bathroom): I am in the bath room.Shekher: why did u call me?[Baba was approaching me and kept his hand on my shoulder and dragged my sari, I tried to resist but he was too strong for me]Baba: I was thinking that you bring some fruits for the guest.Shekher: what fruit baba?Baba (pawing one of my boobs with his farm hand): Bring some mango.

I like your choice of mango.Shekher: How many?Baba: (now getting hold of both my boobs over my blouse; I am looking at his eyes with shock and wonder and he is giving me a shrewd smile): twoShekher: Only two?Baba: yes, (grabbing harder) two is enough, if they are really good.Shekher: Anyway, what size baba?

Baba: the bigger one (saying this, he ripped off my blouse and my boobs came out jumping; he grabbed them again, squeezing them like anything and then held my two nipples in between his thumbs & forefinger) and son, bring some grapes as well.(I realized that he was naming the fruits on my body parts. I was so shocked, awestruck but the pleasure I was getting was unimaginable.

With my husband standing just opposite side of the door and my father in law molesting me desperately inside the bathroom, believe me readers, was a fantastic experience.)Shekher: ok, baba. Anything else?Baba: (he pulled off my sari by now and put his attention to my naval area and below, he lowered his hands to my trimmed pussy area.

I automatically spread my legs for his ease. He knew already that I have then surrendered to his will. I was closing my eyes in pleasure, making a soft moaning sound) yes, bring some durian also.Shekher: Durian? Are you sure? They are very rare in the market!Baba: (now fingering my clit, which is completely wet and juicy by that time) Yes, I know. They are rare.

It is indeed rare; you have to work hard to get one. Also, make sure by taking its pill off that it is wet and juicy inside. (I could not stop a giggle at that moment but baba put his hand on my mouth quickly so that Shekher does not hear it)Shekher: ha ha! Sure. That's all?Baba: (now turning to his favorite fruit, my big bulky fleshy ass) No.

There is something very important to bring.Shekher: what?Baba: (Now pushing me towards the wall, me leaning towards the door, with my ass backward bumping and exposed and he lifted my petticoat up to my waist, he grabbed with his hands the chunks of flesh) Melon, bring the largest melon. I like large melon.Shekher: ok, that's all then, right?

Baba: That would be all son. (By then, I had become naughty too. I took my hand back and got hold of his dick. Wow! I am not exaggerating, it was huge, really huge and more importantly, very thick, all erected ready to get me)... ah, well, bring a banana.Shekher: One? You are a millionaire baba, even a taxi driver buys at least four.Baba: ha ha!

(Now setting his dick at the tip of my pussy from behind and slowly pushing it) Sarita likes banana very much. And she likes big one.Shekher: ha ha! Yes, baba, she eats too much.Baba: ok, bring two. I understand he wont be satisfied with one any more (with the slow push, his huge thick duke was already inside my juicy pussy... and he was giving me regular and balanced stroke.

It was so wonderful and so much better than that of Shekher's that I could hardly keep myself composed. At the same time, he was squeezing my boobs with his hands reaching them under my arms. He untapped the shower and water was pouring all over me. He speeded up the stroke and the thumping sounds could not be heard by Shekher due to the water falling sound.

I was also moaning and was pushing back my ass towards him. It went on for another 10 minutes and during this time baba was talking to Shekher on other issues and at the same time fucking me doggy, me being his bitch. Then he came. I could feel inside the flood of sperm spreading all inside my pussy walls.

I was tired and sat on the edge of the bath tub, looking at his eyes and he into mine. Then he came towards me, pointing his dick towards my face. I was surprised and gestured with query. He made sign to open my mouth. I was wondering what then!Shekher: ok, baba, I start now.Baba: (pointing his dick towards my face... and I was with my mouth wide open) One thing son.

Shekher: yes, baba.Baba: (To my greatest surprise, he started peeing over my face... the hot salty water went inside my mouth, poured all over my face... I shut my mouth but immediately I was taken away by his sheer perversion and opened my mouth. He was now laughing and peeing all over my face, boobs, inside my mouth) wash the fruit after you have them.

Hot encounter with sexy aunt Roopsi

Hi every body I am raj again. I am going to share my sex encounter with my sexy aaunt ROOPSI. She was around 31, about 5 yrs elder to me. 5’5” inches tall with average body structure. She has got a semi-dark complexion with rosy full lips below her PARROT TYPE nose.

Her hair touches her hips every time she lets them go loose. A perfect 34-32-36 figure. she lokks like GOD MADE her by HIMSELF And every time I have been close to her body, the aroma of it has always helped to arouse my wildest senses. She is living at my neighbour house. Her husband Mr. Arun is in Allahabad Bank.

HE is some how my uncle through my mother's relation. This is my ROOPSI and now let me share with u wonderful the most exciting afternoon of my life. It was a Saturday afternoon. My family members have all left for father's elder brother house at BARABANKI to attend a function, which was around 30 kms drive from my place.

Since I had some important works at my office so I could not go. It was decided that I would complete my work and join them later. Luckily my work got over a bit early and I got the chance to come back quickly than my schedule. I thought of utilizing this time.

So before going for my bath I thought of doing some physical work-outs. Also just 2-3 days before I had bought one XXX movie which I did not get the time to check. So I turned it on along with a slow music and started my physical exercises.

I was concentrating more on my physical work-outs so I was not getting that much excited. But still I was feeling that pinch down, under. Then there was this noise of my door-bell. I opened the door and ooohh…laaa... ROOPSI was standing in front of me.

I got so excited seeing her that I almost forgot everything. While exchanging words I got to know that she too had to delay her trip to my in-law’s house for some urgent office works. Her husband and 5 yrs old son has already left for there.

From my mother she has come to know that I would be going late and that’s the reason for her sudden visit. During our conversation my eyes were continuously surveying her body from top to bottom. She was as usual very formally dressed and her hairs were locked.

She had the minimum of make-up on her face. She was carrying an lather bag with her and we both were standing. Then I realized that her eyes were also grazing all around my bare chest and on the slight rising downside that has caused due to the semi-hard erection of my dick.

Thanks to my tight sports under-wear. I then came to my consciousness and felt very embarrassed for making her stand so long and to present myself in such a manner. I conveyed it to her and told to make her comfortable, as no one is around and I am very poor in hospitality.

She asked me what was I doing as I am sweating so badly. Hearing my answer she burst out into laughter. “How many more women do you want to kill?” she asked me in a wrapped voice. “Come on let me wipe your sweat”. She took the hand towel and followed me to my bedroom.

I had completely forgotten about the movie by then. So when she too entered the room with me I was in a total shameful state. I hurried to switch off the T.V. and then the player, and in doing so the towel unwrapped itself.

Nothing could be more shameful for me and also for her I thought in my mind. I looked up at her and saw her gazing wildly at my erected dick. I somehow managed to pick up the towel and again place it in its old position. Now we both started laughing loudly.

She came close to me and told me to turn around. “Now I understood what sort of exercise you were doing inside”, she told me still giggling. I did not try to give any explanation as I knew it won’t help. So I stood silently, as if waiting for a punishment.

She continued, “Do you enjoying watching it alone, without a partner? I never enjoyed watching these stuffs without your uncle. What’s the use if you can’t enjoy the practical part?” Though we were friendly but never have we discussed anything like this before.

So I felt a bit nervous and didn’t know how to react. The hardness of my dick was now getting out of control. “You were never that shy, why are you out of words now?” she asked me still rubbing my back. But this time I was also feeling the touch of her fingers.

Her next question completely bowled me out. “Have you ever fantasized about me?” She has stopped rubbing my back and there was a pin-drop silence. I simply noded my neck as yes and knowing it she smiled very sexly.The next thing that happened was out of my equations. I turned around took her in my arms and smooched her wildly.

She was not at all surprised rather it seemed as if she was waiting for it to happen. With every passing second we came more close to each other and our kisses and hugs became more intimate and passionate.

She wrapped me round with her hands, scratching my bare shoulders with her beautifully shaped nails. I had put my hand on her bumps and was pumping them slowly. My rock-solid dick was getting rubbed at the joint of her legs.

Her body aroma was becoming more tantalizing and I got swayed into the heavenly world of passionate lust. I tried to slid my hand through her kurta and touch her belly. The moment she felt my touch over there she with a push freed her from my arms.

Her eyes were still close and she had that usual mysterious smile on her face. She was breathing heavily as her boobs were dancing with the rhythm of her heart beat. I felt very ashamed as well as nervous for this action.

I apologized to her for this and told her that she has been in my dreams from the very first day I saw her and today the as she was so close to me I couldn’t control my deepest desires. “You have made me wet by your sweats, just look.

Now go and have your bath and I will dress up by then or else we would get late”, she commanded me in her usual tone and left the room. As she left I helplessly just watched the swaying of her hips slowly moving out of my sight.

I took a little extra time in the bathroom as I shaked away the hot creams from inside. I came out and yet there was no sign of her. I thought better not to disturb her as I was not feeling comfortable for my past action. Knock – knock, “may I come in.”

She was standing at my room’s door, wearing a white transparent sari, with a black designer bra. Her hairs were open and she was wearing a nose-ring also. It seemed to me that a statue of khajuraho has come to life and is standing in front of me.

She came close to me with slow steps, her head knelt slightly down and eyes closed. “Your servant is in your service my lord. Tell me how I can please you.” I was dumb tucked. I kept on looking at her body’s every exposed part.

She pushed and made me sit on my bed and stood in front of me. I wrapped her waist and brought her close to me and then tugged my face into her chest. I don’t remember how long we were like that. It seemed as if two long separated lovers has met each other all by sudden.

I then removed the upper part of her sari and kissed her naval. Slowly then I put my tongue in it and licked it. I was thrusting my lips slowly and slowly deepening the hole a bit by bit. She caught my hairs tight with excitement.

And for the very first time did I heard the moaning sound coming out from her mouth. I pulled her on the bed and kissed her lips slowly, enjoying the rolling of her tongue inside my mouth as we got more and more passionate.

I have by now unhooked her bra and let those hot mounds of flesh come out of their bondage. I was pressing them one at a time. “Uhh……aaaaaa……... Raj you are hurting me. They are my boobs not your tennis ball.” I released my grips and massaged them with great ease.

Her pinkish nipples have hardened and were pointing straight to my mouth. I rubbed them slowly with my palm. “Uhhh……..aaaaahh……uhhhhh, yoouu are reaaaally treating them good, my loovvve, ouuuch, don’t stop caaarryy onnn, aaaahhh…aahhh.

Suck onnne, suuuck the otherrrr one.” her voice wrapped up in her throat every time she spoke something. I brought my tongue close to the other boob and licked it slowly as a cat drinks its milk and with the other I was either massaging it

or was rubbing the nipple against my rough palm. Her eyes were closed and her belly was shaking with excitement. “Do you like it my dream girl?” I asked her, expecting some sort of good, satisfying answer. Instead with her hand she pressed my mouth on her boob tightly.

Now her entire right boob was inside my mouth. Now there was no more licking, I was sucking that fleshy lump. It was going deeper and deeper inside my mouth. My teeth and my tongue were in full action now. “Oh yes, go on, go on, tear it apart. Press it harder.

Let me see how much strength you have.” I kept on sucking and biting them and pressing them hard turn by turn. I was playing with her boobs like a little puppy playing with a doll. My cock was rock hard and it was paining. She opened the towel and threw it away.

Now she was trying to reach for my bumps with her fingers, stretching them as much as possible. I raised my head and kissed her lips deeply. She now grabbed my cock and was rubbing it by her palm. A current flew pass my body.

We gave a roll and she came on top of me. Her experienced hands were still on my dicks fondling it according to her desires. She kissed me on my chest then on my nipples. She bit me with her teeth and looked at my face. She was looking very beautiful.

Her hairs have covered a part of her face and some of them are on my chest and on my face. I removed them and pulled her up to kiss her lips again. I removed the sari completely from her body exposing her beautiful thighs and more beautifully curved hips.

I slid my hands through the designer panty into her hips and pressed them slowly. She was rolling her tongue inside my mouth and sucking my lips and then chewing them. At the same time she was also playing with my dick. After staying like this for few more mins.

she slide down and took the dick in her mouth. “Wow”, was all that came out from me. She licked it slowly wetting every inches of it with her saliva. She then rubbed the head of it with her palm slowly. Instantly I felt current flowing through my body. It was an experience I never had.

She kept on doing it for few more seconds and then put the thing in her mouth. “Uffff… ROOPSIaaaa….mmmmm…come on my looooove.” I wasn’t able to speak properly. I caught her hairs and started fucking her mouth,

trying to add extra inches every time I thrust my dick in it. She was an excellent cock-sucker. That was a hell of a blowjob which I have never experienced before and guess nobody will be able to do the same. I was about to cum and I wanted to withdraw it from her mouth.

But she insisted to keep it inside and as I cummed she swallowed every drop of it. She licked it again, every little portion of it with her tongue. “Oh God, you are the Goddess of Kama, my love. I have loved you from the day I have seen you.

Never did I think I would get the chance to tell it you and that also when we are soooo close to each ohhhther. I don’t…… what u……….. feeeeel…….uuuhhhhh…..aaaahhh……..about me, but I love you.” She came up and again kissed me on my face,

on my eyes and then attacked my lips. “Can’t you feel what’s inside my mind?” she uttered the words, her eyes straight in mine. I gently kissed on her forehead. I rolled her down and went for her cunt which was already wet by then. I kissed her belly, her naval, and her back.

Licking and sucking every single inch of her skin. She was moaning and it again made my dick go hard. I kissed her thighs and fingered them slowly. I spreaded her legs and touched her cunt with my two fingers and I was massaging the outer walls.

It was clean shaved as was her armpits. I kissed the adjoining areas and then place my tongue in the cunt. Uuuhhhhh……. I licked it and juice was rolling down from there. She pressed my head more in it and deeper in did my tongue went. I was licking her pussy.

My tongue went deep inside as far its reach was. I was fucking her with my tongue. At the same time my hands were busy playing with her boobs. “ U devil, uuuhhhh….aaahhhhh”, she gave a little jerk and there she was cumming.

She has caught my hairs so tight it seemed they would tear off. Slowly she released her grips. My cock was thirsting to enter that cave and drink those sweet juices. I took my dick in my palm and rubbed it agaist her wet pussy,

as if to acquaint it with a new surroundings and then slowly and slowly inserted it inside her bit by bit. “Rajuuu… aaahhh..aahhh…u naughty. Don’t make me mad, aahhh…” After inserting few inches I stopped and I started pushing it in and out of the den.

“Ohhh God,..mmmmm… stop playing with me. I want to taste it full inside me.” I knew she was going mad with excitement but I was enjoying it. I wanted to punish her. She understood my intention and told me “ I am all yours Raj, why are you giving me this pain?

Plzzz fuck me hard, real hard, my love. Don’t play with me you devil come on show your aunt you a re the mannn…..uuhhh….of her dreams. Uuhhh…. Mmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me hard.” I was now in full control over her.

I continued likewise for few more minutes and then completely took it out. I took my cock near her lips and inserted it inside her mouth. “ Do you like the taste of your own orgasm my love?” She was as wild as an untamed horse. She sucked it like hell.

“Ohhh….goood, uuhhh….you are really the best cock-sucker I have mmm…..uuhhhh…… come across, you are the best myyyy…uuumm… love, you are the ultimate.” I fucked her mouth again and again. She was grasping for air after few strokes. She caught me tight.

I pulled it out from her mouth. I noticed that my dick has enlarged more than usual. Normally it doesn’t come to this size. I went near her pussy, licked it like a cat and then rolled my dick against the walls of it.

“Please Raj now, pleeeeease….mmmm….now, nooow…. aaaahhhh……aaahhhh… devil.” I have inserted the entire dick inside her den in one stroke. And it made her cry in pain. I pulled it out a bit and thrusted it again inside fully.

After 2-3 strokes the rod got lubricated and it was feeling like passing a hot knife through butter. I kept fucking her hard as I could. She enjoyed every cms of my dick drilling through her wet cunt. “My baby uuhhhh…..uuummm….mmmm….uuhh…uuhh… you want to do push-ups,

mmmm…. Give your aunt thirty push-ups Rambo, hard one.” I took a pillow and placed below her hip and started my push-ups. Every time I was taking the rod full out and then full in. Uuuhhhh…….uussss…yeessss…yesss…yesss…uummm….

At the count of twenty-two she did her second orgasm. My back was bruised by scratches of her nails. Her body aroma had become like a wild flower intoxicating me more and more. We rolled over and now she took charge of the situation.

My dick has become numb by now and was losing its hardness. She took it inside her mouth and started sucking it, tasting again her vaginal juice. She was wild; desperate to have the last fuck. She took it in her palm and massaged it and then again sucking it,

trying to put the entire piece down her throat. My dick was slowly regaining its hardness. She placed the cock in her pussy and sat on me. She was now fucking herself. “Uuuhhhh…. uuffff….aaahhhh…..” With every stroke she was accelerating her speed.

She was enjoying the best horse ride of her life. My dick was penetrating deep inside her vagina touching the inner wall every time it went inside. “Soomuu…my love, you have sent mmmm……me to the seventh heaven uuuhhhh.

I don’t want to lose you everrr…ever aaahhh….mmmmm…uuhhhh. I felt the juices dropping on my body. I wanted to remove the dick from her cunt cause I was about to cumm. She got up and started to suck my dick. She was massaging it, sucking it and out came the hot lava.

It was all over her face and she was licking my dick clearing up every drop of the cream on it. She looked up at my eyes. She was still having that naughty smile on her face. I pulled her up and we kissed each other.

We held each other tightly because we knew it was time for us to get back to reality and we didn’t want this dream to get over. after that wild fuck both of us bathed together and she went to the function with me on my bike. since then we enjoyed many times.

Hot fucking with Pinky

Hi readers.i m 20 years old boy from Rawalpindi pakistan. (don't want to tell my name....) this is my real firts fucking story. I m a regular visitor here and enjoys here diffrent stories which forced me to write my own. this happend 2 year ago when I visited my aunti's home in a village of sargodha (city of pakistan).

There was engagement cermony of my cousin which I always called PINKY (her nick).she was 20 then. we were good friends since childhood.but after my 5th class I we were shiftted to Lahore for my studies..this was our first meeting after almost 5 years.i m very handsome boy and verrrrry famous among all relatives due to my noble personality.

As I was grown up now.i had a very much sex desire and have mastrubated many times.when we met after such a long period caz as they lived in village where they lack phone faclity so I have never tlked to her. I was amazed to saw her beauti and was dreaming of fucking her. She was about 5,7' tall slim with tepting breasts of 34 may be with nice round ass.

but was very sad caz I know she is going to be engaged with my cousin in next 5 days.first night of my stay there we talked till 4 a.m morning with her 2 brothers and a sister also.all of us watched some indian love stories and then talked about me and them.when I was a child in 2 or 3 class and when ever I visited them I use to sleep on the same bed with my aunti and Pinky.

on next day she reminded me of that which I dreamed to happen again now in this age so that I can fulfil my desire.days paased and 2 night before the engagement many relative came there and as I told u it was in villiage so there was les place to accomodate them in the night when they have arranged sleeping place for all of them she came to know that she has no place for

her to sleep.i was alone in my bed caz I can't sleep with someone in my bed.she told about the situation to aunti and then she smiled innocently and said may I sleep in MY bed as we used to sleep in chilhood.aunti was agreed as I mentioned earlier that I was very noble in my relatives and they all trust me..i was ver happy to have her with me alone in bed.

i was feeling like the king of the world.we talked almost till 11 in night( in villiage it is very late) during which I admired her beauti and eyes and let me say that she was a real copy of AISHWARIYA ROY. to cut short we went into bed for sleep but I cudn't sleep due to my habbit but being honest due to her sleeping with my.i was very much confused what to do.

Then finally I went closer to her and placed my mounth on her breats pretending that it was all in sleep.she didn't resisted which gave me more courage and I place my hand on them and started fondling her beautiful breats.suddenly she circiled her finger on my all face and placed a kiss on my lips.i was all confused and stoped the proceedings caz it was my first experience.

Then she whishperd "Tum ruk kiun gaey"( why have u stopped)i replied "Mujhe kuch nahi pata k kia krty hein" ( I don't know how to do?)she said lets try our luck then at that point I decided to perform like in porno movies.i told her that i'll try my best to do as I have seen in many moviese but if I culdn't do then please forgive me.

She smiled and kissed me on my cheeks and said "jaan tum aa gaey ho mery liye yehi kafi hai,mera to sab kuch tumhara hai jo chaho kro."(sweetheart u r here thats enough for me,i m all u'rs do as u wish) this gave me courage and planted a kiss on her lips where they were locked by her and like this we remain for some time kissing each other

then slowly I mived my right hand to her sweet boobs(OMG writing the story of her boobs killing me I have to satisfy my sweet peniis now Ooooo MG),,,,.. I removed her shirt then and she was wearing a black net bra with back hooks.i massaged her boobs with my both hands while our lips locked we were enjoying a lot and breathing haviliy.

Then I moved my hands to her back and unhooked her bra.OMG what a great pair of nice shaped tits was in front of me.i was out my my sences for some time and was amazed.she smiled and kissed me I said u have a great beauti baby.she said thankx and then said will u go further or be bizi in just staring???????these are for u my sweetooo

I was very happy and was feeling like the king of the world to have such beatui with me in my arms..I fondled her nice pink nipples and then placed left boob in my mouth and started enjoying while fondling the right no time nipples became eract and were looking more beautiful and apetizing.hmmmmmmmmm

Then slowly I moved to her shalwar and removed it and to my surprize she was wearing no panty and there were no pubic haris and a nice pink pussy was in front of me.i fingered her tight pussy for some time but she was feeling pain because of her first time and she was moaning like hmmmmmmmmmm

ooossssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh,,,,aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,,,,,ooooooohhhhhhhhh. Which aroused me more she pulled down my jeans and started playing with my 6.5 inchec cock with comparatively bigger mouth like a monstor.....(let me tell u that we muslims don't like to suck the pussy or girls don't suck the cock here in our areas)

She statred giveing me jerks while I was bizi in sucking her boobs.we both were very happy and were enjoying these moments of life.we remained here in this position for some time and then the real time came of my dream....i made her to lay on her back and then came right between her legs and open them wide then placed some lotion on my cock and on her pussy

because it was her firt time.i told her about the first pain and then she will enjoy.she said ok but was looking tense now about the I started my action now. i first tried to rubb my cocki on her pussy which she enjoyed a lot.and started moaning like ooouuuuuuu. hmmmmmm. aahhhhhaa.

Then I started inserting slowly but it was veryyyyy hard to insert due to her verrrrrryyy tight pussy and my bigger cock head.she was in pain now after some try I was able to insert my cock head an then hold for some time and positioned my self then collected my all force and gave her a verryyy powerfull jerk which broke her hymen and she was all in pain I licked her lips

into mine so thst she may not make bigger sound but her face was all coverd with her tears there was a lot of blood flowing like a flood.i hold my self for some time there in her pussy and then started stroking very slowly and started getting pace and after that she also started enjoying and started moaning like ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeaaaaahhhhh.ummmmmmmmmm.

ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh I was very excited and was enjoying then I felt that I was now going to cum now.i increaed my pace and her moans were also increased.we both were breathing quite heavily.then the time I ecploded in her and at that very time she also got orgasm of her life....woooow

i kissed her on her cheeks and then on her lips at that night we went for another round and enjoyed a lot in which we tried doggy style and side by side as well... it was my first experince and last as well because as I have never fucked anyone after that. she told me about her love to me which I agreed but only when she will not refuse to engage with other cozn

because her refusal will make many problems among families.she was all mine and was not willing but after some speech by me she agreed and was engaged.afte that I came back to Rawalpindi and never met her again caz I don't want to disturb her life. MAY she live happy all her life.

Fucking younger Mami-in-law

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Hello dear readers this is Amit again with another hot incident of mine. Thanks for the comment on the last one with my hot & sexy sister-in-law Nobu. This incident happened within a month or so I couldn't remember the accurate time. Let me start the story. At that time I was working in a multinational company.

I have to work till late evening, though I was busy I didn't miss to visit Nobu's house once a week even it was late to teach her fucken Computer. You get it guys. Then one fine evening I went their house and have a hot time with her and was ready to back after 1 and half hour. In the teaching time Nobu use to close her door as nobody should disturb her as

her younger sister use to come and disturb us. So it was as usual that the door use to close and nobody mind. We have most of the time smooching each other, sucking her boobs, finally sucking and I use to finger fuck her, she use to give me nice blowjob. They use to live in 3rd floor. I was coming back then one of her Aunty (Mami) called me.

This Aunty use to live in the 2nd floor and she was married just one month before our marriage, still have no child and reading in University completing her Graduation degree. She requests me to come to their house and have a cup of tea, also she said she have some essential subject to talk with me.

So I went there and then while talking tea she just told me, “Are you unhappy with your wife?” I said, “Who told u so?” She replied, “Nobody, but I think so, are you unhappy with your wife physically?” I asked, “Why did you say so?” She replied, “Do u know somebody know what you are doing with your shali Nobu?

You have a gorgeous wife but you are having a fucking relation with you Sali, that’s why I said so” I was astonished and surprised and also got frightened that if may ruin everything. In these few days I fucked Nobu one more time when everybody was out for an occasion, actually she called me.

But we have oral sex regularly whenever I went to teach her computer or even in some family occasion. But how could she know this things, she said, “Don’t try to find out how could I got it, but you should try to find out how could u solve this prob.” I replied, ”Ok, this is the deal what does u want?” She replied, “I’ll tell u.” She went to check the flat door and came back.

I noticed that there is no sound of anybody and she also told nobody in home now. So I asked what she wants. She replied, “You are smart but acting like foolish now.” She has something in her eyes but I couldn’t realize but finally I got it. She wants me. So I moved to her, and asked her from close, what u want? Me? She just smiled.

I got the message I asked her what will u tell when your family members will return, she said nobody will return until late night, so we have lot of time for fun. I should describe her first; she was in the age of 24+ and a student of graduation level and younger than me. Actually she is my Mami-in-law as she is wife of my Mami-in-law’s (Nobu’s Mother’s) younger brother.

She was wearing a salwar cammez. Let call her Sweeti. I put a hand on her neck and press a deep kiss on her throat. It was the starting and in my mind I thought I have never thought of fucking her. I don’t have any crash on her as she is not seems so sexy to me. But while doing the foreplay I found her figure is very sexy and hot.

She was white and may be the figure of 34-28-34 I think, I never asked her. Our foreplay becoming hot & hot, I stated to pushing her boobs those two was feeling soft and nipples were feeling hard over her clothes. I tried to open her top but she said lets go to the bed room, so we went their hugging each other and I was also feeling her sexy butts over her clothes, she didn’t wear any panty I feel.

So I removed her top and found a black bra and she also opened my shirt, pant I was only wearing underwear with an erect hard big cock. But in the foreplay I influenced her to touch my cock and give it a hand job but she didn’t do that and also told me she is not habituated to do so. I was also surprised to hear that, in her 2 years of married life she never did it to her hubby.

Ohmm, what a sex relation they have. But I convinced her to touch mine and at least give it some foreplay like shaking it up and down, means at least a hand job. Otherwise it will take a long time for me to ejaculate as I am very much experience and habituated to get a fore play and sucking to my junior.

In the mean time I opened her bra and bring out the whitish melons which have two brown nipples with round brown border around it. Her face was looking satisfied with half closed eyes when I start to suck her hard erected nipples. She starts moaning and crushing my hairs, my hands were busy in her boobs.

One thing I was feeling that her boobs were much soft and erotic, and her body is also feeling very soft and smooth to touch. I was very much familiar with enough fore play and lot of sucking and smooching so I move for her lower part. I began to suck her bally and neval and this time she was moaning with madness…. aammmmm…. ohhhhh…… mmmmmmmommmmmmm.

All of this kind of words no other sound except our heavy breath. When I reached for her knot of the pajama, she said please switch off the light and I did and switch on a dim light, and open her pajama she was nude and for the first time I found her body was gorgeous and sexy enough without cloth in the dim light.

Gorgeous perfect size boobs and quite narrow waist with round soft curvy ass in white color. I like licking girls in pussy and when I reach for that she just said…..omm …….no……..but that was a condition of doing nothing to protest her cunt was hairless maybe she cleaned it yesterday. I like it and also it’s smell was very erotic with mixed of her body perfume,

sweat and her pussy juices and it was smelling really very hot to me. So first I give a kiss on the entrance and then my game started and she was flowing like flood and as there was no panty her two palms was wet with her own love juice. I just first give some kisses on her pussy lips then enter my tongue in her love hole which was not so big but smooth and silky

with her over flow of love juice. This time really she becomes horny and mad. I don’t know why but she was not moaning, she was shouting like ommmmmm…ahhhhhhhhhh… .ummmmm… omaaa..umm…….ahhhhhhha, and she was pressing me to her cunt and my hairs were in her hand and I was getting pain as she was about to tore some of them.

Felling her enjoyment I start to fuck her fast with my tongue as fast as possible her juices, her sweet smell making me hotter and also I remove my undo during the mean time. My junior was free and pre-cum was coming out from it. Within a little she press my face more as if she could send my enter head in her love hole and became restless,

give some stroke moving her waist up moaned like... ommmmm .ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… I think she got her orgasm and becoming normal with long and heavy breathing and give me enough juice to drink from her cute little love hole. But I was ready for the real fuck, though I gave her some time to relax and then start to kiss her lips again,

smooching her boobs with one hand and another hand was giving her some finger fucking to make her wet again. Soon she was on boil again. She pressed her cunt to my finger and placed her hands on the back of my head guiding me to her most sensuous boobs and erected nipples. "OOH MAA, AHHHHHHHA” that was her moan then.

I was sweating with excitement & she licked over my lips, our lips locked again. We lay kissing and savoring the sensations. She placed her hand over my erect cock which was just jumping with excitement and starts to give me nice strokes. She could not believe that she was stroking me as she never did so with her husband too much

which she told me later that she only help her husband to guide the cock in her love hole. I immediately placed my dick in her entrance which was flowing a lot of her pure juices, she was doing it fast and I think it’s the time to discover her cute lovely hot hole. We broke the kiss & slowly I take position in between her two legs in missitionary position with my hardest, longest,

thickest cock, the nutty sexy lady was wet with pre-cum & as I squeezed, more cum came out like cream from a tube. I rubbed my pennies with her cute hole & spread the cum all over my tool making it wet cause I think only 2 of my fingers were getting inside and it was not so big so I must make my tool also slippery to get it in for discover the real test of life, lolz.

The veins were protruding with pressure. Soon I got it @ the entrance of her sex point her pussy. It’s not possible for me to hang of handling this monster. I could feel my tool is going in but just the head of it. Her cunt opening stretching impossibly and as the engorged head finally pushed in, she screamed, “Ahhhh”. She held my waist & pushed more.

Then I feel her cunt was tight enough to take my tool and I stopped as her cunt was stretched to maximum & I was finding some resistance. We waited for few seconds for her to settle down & then give a stroke again I pushed her hard but my cock was jammed inside her. I then start to give little strokes just waist moving.

I realized that more is yet to go & but I didn’t pushed her harder. She was also feeling my situation and kissed my lips from her lying position. My pushing & pinching her feeling it and enjoying the manly stroke was making her happy and her juices and also mine were making her palms wet.

So this time I feel with the help of our pre-cum my pennies is going slowly inside her and her tight pussy was hot and tight as like a sucking lips. What I can’t realize that how a women like her could be so tight after 2 years of marriage life, didn’t her husband fuck her. She is not abnormal and she has the sexual power and asset to please any man.

But this is not the time for thinking of such things it’s time for fucking and make her fill up and also of my lust. With my sort strokes my tool was almost in and it’s feeling tight but you know that hole is something that have no end and ladies are made by this way that they could take any size of dick in that amazing hole.

This time she was moaning and helping me by moving her waist up with my every stroke to take the real test and moaning like, “ommm……..ammmmmmm……ommma…. this time I also start to push her fast with my tremendous cock which was going in and out fully and in the dim light it was shining with the excitement of our love juices.

Her boobs were jerking with my every stroke which was a nice seen for me, I also kissed and bight those erect hard nipples and when I did this she moaned loudly …Ahhhhha ………ommmaaaa …ummmmmm…...chosho.... .....jore… …jore… I believe she never have too much foreplay with her hubby. She just screamed & screamed with enjoyment.

All the built up passion went and flew away with fucking each other. I felt my balls hit her love hole openings & I choked & dug my teeth in her erected nipples. Once we caught the rhythm, she started pumping with perceptible strokes moving her waist up and down. It was still tight but mixed with some sweet pleasure.

Her cunt was going on slippery and smooth and she was now moaning loudly Ahhha… …aro….jore….hmm..aro…..jore… ….dao….ommmma. We were deeply tongue kissing & biting on each other’s lips. My pennies was making slurping noises while stroking fast in her pussy & it was like thop…thop..thop..thop

Very fast sound as I was fucking her very fast and her breath became heavy, she hold me tight making up her pussy with my speed, her nails make spot on my backside and she finally get her big orgasm and cried like this …..ohhhhhhhhhha… ufff… ommm…amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… ..oohaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… …ummm….

Her juices flow out from the hole for a while and it makes the bed sheet and my balls wet. I took a little break and during the break she was hugging me madly. I feel her satisfaction. Then I got from her a nice offer do u wants me to ride on the top? I was surprised it seems this woman didn’t have so much sex foreplay experience,

even not familiar in foreplay but she wants to have sex with me riding on me! But this time I was in a mood of fucking and I didn’t like to complete my sex game with only in one position so I was happy to hear it from her. So she rides on top of me and took my dick inside her and slowly starts to push it but when 2/3 of my dick entered she couldn’t took more first.

So I told her to ride it and after sometime it will easily enter. She start’s to move her round sexy shape hip up and down and it was feeling great and also I start to stroke her from down. It takes only a short time to mix our pre-cum and it was now going easily entire in her hole. Her nice shape boobs were jiggling and I was pressing her boobs and giving nice upper stroke with my angry rod.

It become wilder and sound like poch….poch.. poch….poch….poch.. She was enjoying everything and moaning like …. ommma.. uffff..ahhha. .ahhaa…ommma… .valo… .lagche…. ommmmm….ahahhaah…. I start to suck her nipples again and I feel that my presser is coming so with my excitement I bite her nipples very hard and it was time to explore her.

So I said I’ll cum she replied nothing and start to do it fast. I think she will also get another one and doing it really fast and hard. It was a pleasurable seen to watch a nude sexy fucking me with all force and her tits was jiggling and all her body was sweating. My rod was coming out and going whole inside her pussy which was shining with both of our sex juice

and both of the sound of our fucking and her moaning was loud. She was moaning ufffff….ahhhh…... ummm……ohhhha………..hmmmm…….ahhha…mmmamaaaaaa..ummm.. & breathing heavily. I was enjoying very much as I’m feeling my cum in coming and with a minute my body shivered, my rod jerk and a lot of cum just flowed from my rod into her pussy.

I feel a real pleasure as during the whole fucking her pussy was tight it was slippery but also tight. Guys who have fucking experience you know the charm of fucking a sexy pussy. But she didn’t have yet so she stroked hard for more 30 seconds and have her orgasm and this time both of our cum make my balls and bally wet.

Both of our cum was coming out of her hole and she was resting on my chest. I got a very sensational sex today so with my excitement and satisfaction I placed a kiss on her throat. I didn’t first think of having sex with her as she was not too much sexy to me but now I know she is much sexiest then many of so called sexy looking ladies.

My cock was becoming soft still in her wet tight pussy. I start to talking with her as I have some quiricity where does she know I’m having sex with Nobu, why did she have sex with me, why didn’t she is not habituated in foreplay during two years over married life etc. So I start with a low and light friendly voice and found out my answers.

She had seen us making love (Nobu and me) and from that she likes my style and wanted to gangbang with me. Also I got that her husband is fat and never use to do in missitionary position she only have sex with her on top of his husband and sometime they have standing position but her husband don’t have his orgasm in standing so they always try in she on the top position

or cowgirl style. Her husband doesn’t like to fondle her, play and suck with her boobs and actually he doesn’t know how to make a girl hot. Also she said her husband cann’t hold much time and most of time he ejaculate before she does and make her horny and unsatisfied. Seeing us making sex she was very much hot and she like the way I make love to Nobu

and that’s why she is interested to have sex with me. She also said she never has sex with anybody without her husband and she was very much unhappy during these long two years as her husband makes her satisfied a few times. The time was already past one hour but I was feeling hot again, my shaft start to rise up again,

actually I was wondering how hot she was, how tight her pussy is and how she was making love so cheerful. So I told I will give u some extra pleasure and satisfaction and I’ll make u happy. She gave me a deep kiss and said do it. I start again but this time I took a long time of foreplay, sucking her nipples, smooching, finger fuck and nice suck to her witty pussy.

I also teach her some jerking and finger movements to give a dick pleasure and make it ready for sex. She was bit new in these things and I couldn’t make her agree to suck it. I know it would help and I’m fond of it but I have nothing to do as she is not agreeing with it. I decided to do it in doggy style as she have never tried it in her life and I know it’s a deep penetration style

women like her will obviously like this. So I make her in that position and penetrate her from her behind. After a long sucking and finger fucking she was wet but still tight. So it was pleasure for me and also a pleasure for her as it was her first time. I was enjoying each stroke that rubbed in the deepest of her pussy & my hot dick’s tip was right in her uterus.

She must have getting a great pleasure and was enjoying it very much as I was stroking her deep and in our culture women still have a idea that it is only a style of porn film but those who got it enjoys it very much. Each of us was enjoying it and our fucking sound and her moaning sound was great in the dim light.

I was sometime smooching her sexy, hot boobs from behind and my balls were touching her pussy from this doggy style and believe me she was tight enough for me. Her sexy white ass I was feeling with my crotch with every hard stroke and I tried to stock her very hard as I was enjoying. I love doggy as because of her ass cause her ass was too sexy and hot.

I never think that she is so hot without her cloth and her figure was enough sexy to satisfied hot men like me. Her husband had given 6 miss calls but we had not heard a single ring. I grabbed her ass, slapped her ass. I like those round cute butts very much, those were perfect round. Every time I slid my cock into her dripping wet pussy and it was sucked inside as though it craved for a long time.

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Her breath and moan become loud but this time she didn’t get me as I was behind so she grabbed the bed sheet and pillow and moan loud ….aahaaaaaaaaaaa…. and fall on the bed. So do me as I was behind. She take a few seconds enjoying her great orgasm, her pussy lips was sucking my angry rod high.

She became in breath and requests me to explore in her in missitionary style. So I make her in that position and start doing it very fast as it was also high time for me and within two minutes I fucked her with all force, like a devil and explored in her like a hosepipe and ejaculate. It was a long jerking and I was also very satisfied as it was a tight pussy.

She thanked me for giving her a great pleasure. I didn’t get a chance to fuck her again, and never have a chance to talk with her about these things; we meet in some family occasion with her but just some cheat chat. I hope she is happy with her hubby now, and I had taught her the styles to do it perfectly and make her satisfied.

Some day later I heard she is pregnant from my wife and also heard that it was a problem between them that they were trying for a child but was not getting it. Whatever I think they were happy now and due to her hubby she was desperate to have a dishonest sex with me for her satisfaction and I was happy that she didn’t tell my secrets to anybody and still I remember that tight pussy of her. It was a pleasure and hot experience to fuck her.

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Hey all I am faizan 19yr old. This incident happend to me when I was in high school. I allways have strong appetite 4 sex as most of teenagers do. But to me it was smethng mre when compared to otherz. After the final exams I recieved a call frm my aunt & she invited me to her place as there wre holidays going on. Even my cousin also insisted me to come.

I agreed and left for there. Its abt 2 to 3 hr journey. I directly went in side the house as there was none.But when I entered my cousin's rum I saw her only in a towel I guess she just had her bath. she suddenly rushed into the bathrum n askd me to go out. I said 'mujhey kya malum tha k tum naha rahi ho & came out of her rum.

Let me describe her she is 26 creamy white complexion with gud shape abt 36 30 38 (which she told me later). When I came out her looks made my evil intentions fresh 4 her. I waited 4 her in the drawing rum. She came in 15 mins in a blue churidar with wet hair. I got an erection by that. She askd me u shud hav knokd the door.

I said I was just looking around 4 sme 1 as the main door was open but no 1 was in.She said its ok leave it & askd abt the journey n abt my parents. She said that aunty uncle wre gne 4 a funeral they will b back in two days. Then she offered me sme snacks n tea. She askd me abt my studies wat m I going to do..blah blah..then she askd me abt grlfrnds.

I replied I hav to but hav no use. She replied NO USE ! ! Wat do u mean by that.i said boldy Neha I mean to say they dnt indulge in romance'.She said u hav changed alot n matured I can say. In the nite after the supper she came to guest rum askd me wheather she can sleep here as she was feeling lonely. I said u can its my pleausure, 4 whch she gave me a cunning smile.

Then in the nite a pretended as I was fast asleep she was watchng sme hot scenes n HBO. then the lookd at me I was sleeping in shorts n sando & she was in her nity. She suddenly switched off the t.v. & came closed to me. Her fragnance made my dick erect its abt 6" 1/2 inc. She put her hand around my waist 4 sme time.

My dick was at its hardest point I was feeling pain. Then she just caressed my waist then after confirming I was sleeping slowly she slip her hand in my shorts I wasnt wearin my boxes as I dnt like to wear while sleeping. Then caut my erect cock n started pumping it slowly. Then she said "ab zyada natak matkar mujhe pata hai k tu jaag raha hai"

I then opened my eyes n said "mujhey pata tha aaj meri suhag raat hai. " then we started kissing madly I was cupping her boobs hardly.she started moaning softly. Then I made her nude she was nly in her black panty. Her nipples wre erect with no aerola around. I was sucking her boobs as there was no tomorrow. Then I pulled out her panty made her fully nude.

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these words made me mad then I put the head of my cock at her clit n teased her by rubbing 4 a min. Then she begged me to fcuk her that she cant resist any mre.then with all my force I pushed at once. she shouted maarrrgaye.e.e.e.. Then I fuck her hard she started moaning hardly. She got her orgasm with in 5mins.

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I said this is wat I get if u gve me a blowjob she agreed n started sucking my dick like a lollypop umm I luvd im she also lickd my balls whch made me cum she took the cum n her face as she belive that it ehances glamour I dnt knw abt that. Then I ask her I wana fuck her in the ass. She directly said no.

I insisted alot after ten mins she agreed wit a deal that I shud 1nce again eat her pussy I agreed. Then she gave me sme oil I lubricated her hole n inserted my finger she shouted that its paining I said I am widenning ur ass hole then I place my tool at her ass hole slowly pushed it then just the head was in.

She was crying & askd to pull it out but I got angry and suddenly pushed it so hard that it was in totally she was cursing me but I kept it on then after 5 mins she started enjoying after abt 10 min I cummed in her ass hole. Then she slapped me 4 being rude. After that I licked her pussy applying honey and gave her 4 orgasms in an hour.

She thanked alot and we continued it 4 the next day also. She said meri suhag raat bhout achchi thi then I said aur achchi ho sakti thi agar tum dildo ko iste maal na karti then. we had gr8 time in that holidays. Even nw I jerk off thnking abt her but nt abt any actress.

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Hi I am a regular reader of this website my name is Vicky age 21. I got a chance to fuck my sexy chachi last month. let me describe first how she looks she is around 30 yrs of age and got married to my uncle 6 yrs ago she has two kids her figure is 35-24-36, very fair colour, and very good shaped ass, long hairs.

I was looking to do a sex with her from the age of 17 yrs but never got a chance I visit her house very often she is very friendly with me we use to talk a lot whenever I got a chance to touch her I never missed the chance she even don’t say anything to me I cant explain the pleasure which I feel whenever I touch her.

lets come to the main story my chachi was alone in the home because her husband was on work and her children was playing outside I went to her house to take the newspaper and she said she is feeling lonely can I stay here for some time I said yes and after that she went to the kitchen to make a tea for both of us and when she come we started chat

and listening music on the tv and after some time a hot song come to the television we both was sitting on the sofa next to each other I was feeling very shy to see the song with her I told her to change the channel but she refused and told me don’t feel embracing the song became more hot I felt some movement in my pant my rod was getting harder and I was in pyajama

so its visible she noticed this also I said I think I have to go but she said please stay for some time as there is nobody in the house I said ok suddenly she changed the topic and asked me that have you done sex before I was shocked to listen this I said no. she said would you like to do a sex with me I said my pleasure she was in a saree

and with in no time I kissed her on her lips we both was kissing each other badly the tongue of both of us touching each other I was licking her lips and after that I kissed her on her whole face I become mad whenever I see her from back I put my hand on her waist and start kissing her back I was licking and kissing her back and after that I put off

her saree now she was in the blouse and petticoat and I was in the t-shirt and pyajama after that I kissed her whole body over her clothes now she become a hot machine who was sounding different sounds I removed her blouse she was in pink bra I pressed her boobs over her bra now I removed her bra and petticoat now she was in the panty only I pressed her boobs

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Hey guys, this is a story about my first ever sexual experience with a female. It was my beautiful and very hot Rashmi mami. She is 38 years old and for her age has an unbelievable figure. 36DD-25-38 she has a fair complexion and long black hair. I was to be in Delhi for a wedding, and since I stayed in Mumbai,

my Mami and her family were happy to accommodate me for my 3 day stay. At the wedding, after I had eaten, I went for a bath and came down in fresh clothes, as I was required to stay up all night, as the ceremony went on. Then, even my Mami came down after a bath, looking super-hot, wearing a tight pink salwar-kameez,

and high heels, with her bra clearly visible from a good distance. Then her husband and two kids said that they would have to carry on home, as the kids were very tired and sleepy. Mami said that she has to stay back and will meet up in the morning. She asked me to stay back with her, and I gladly obliged.

Then, the two of us, who were to stay back, just to show we were present, sat on a corner table in the dining hall, and had a few drinks. I knew that this would be my only chance in a long time to fuck her. So, I slipped a Rs.500 note to the waiter and instructed him to intoxicate the next drink with alcohol, and a lot of it. I wanted to get her drunk. He too obeyed.

Then, ignorant of the alcohol she was taking, she downed more than 10 glasses of "Orange Juice"! Now she was really drunk. She then told me that she needed to rest for a while and asked me to escort her to a toilet first. I got up and put her arm around my shoulder and we limped to the toilets. Then, she said that she needs help to undo her dress.

I told her that this would not be right. She then walked to the door and locked it. And, looking at me, she smiled at me and said,"Undress me, PLEASE." I just could not control myself. I knew, and she knew, we both wanted it. I walked up to her, and pcked her up, and placed her on the large sink granite, and kissed her luscious red lips. I loved the taste of her hot, juicy lips.

Her tongue and my tongue played with each other for a long time. All along, she kept telling me that she wanted me very badly since a long time. I loved it. Then, I went to her neck, started kissing and licking it, as she ran her hands through my hair, moaning loudly," Ohh Varun Yeahh babyy !! I continued, then to her boobs. I turned her around and undid the zip of her top.

I remove it, and also her kameez. She had pink panties and a pink bra on, that looked all so sexy on her. She was a total bomb. Then, I removed her bra, taking her lovley brreasts in my hand, her tits soo erect, I sucked continuously as she moaned' "oooooommpphh!! ooommmpphhh!!" in pleasure loudly. That really turned me on.

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She was going crazy as I ate her, moaning and screaming in joy, pain and pleasure. Her hands ran through my hair as I constantly lapped her juices. She kept pushing my head in and in, as I obliged, going deeper, when she finally felt a wave of pleasure go through her body, as she reached an orgasm, and came with her hot juices on my face, as I lapped them up.

They were like heated sugar-syrup ! Then I too got naked and stood in front of her, with my 9' cock, hot and hard, throbbing for her. She was totally amazed at my size, saying," Oh My Godddd !! That is so huge Varun, your Mama is nothing compared to you !" I was very happy to hear that.

Saying that, she got on her knees in front of me and took my hot hard cock into the grip of her cold hands. Oooohh !!1 That felt just amazing !! She started to suck my balls, licking and sucking them, she lapped 'em up like a true pro ! Then she licked my cock, from base to tip, on the backside, sending shrills down my spine.

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She took it all !! Damn!! Whatta slut my dear Mami was! She got up, ashed herself up, and put on her clothes, I too did the same and escorted her back to a room. There, we got naked, had some more sex, as I fucked her pussy too !!

We slept in each others arms till dawn, and things went back to normal ! now, whenever I go to Delhi, I always fuck my Mami, she just doesn't get enough of me ! and likewise here too !!

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Hi all, I am a guy from Guwahati, Assam.I am a regular reader of Human Didest. And I am sharing my real experience with my Rakhi sister. it happened to me 4 years back. When I was in college. We both were from Guwahati and we studied in same college which was 300 Km from here she was 1 year senior to me,

with fair complexion having a figure of 36-26-36.i had an an eye on her but due to Rakhi relation couldn't put my step forward. After every vacation/holiday we used to travel to our college together by night bus. Upto 2-3 trips all was fine. one fine night we were traveling by bus. The bus was half filled.

most of the seats were empty. our nearby seats were also empty. as usual the bus started and after sometime I got asleep. suddenly at midnight I felt some touch in my chest, I got up to feel what it is. It was my sis who was trying to insert her hand below my shirt. I immediately hold her hand but she dint stop

and started touching my chest I was also enjoying her touch and I also inserted my hand through her salwar kurta to touch her was perfectly round shaped with pointed nipple. by the time her hand went near my pant's zip. I helped her to insert inside. my 6.5 inch tool turned rock hard. and she was playing with it.

I was very excited and inserted my hand also inside her panty to touch her pussy. It was wet. and I started fingering her. she started moaning and leaned down near my penis and stated sucking it. I was enjoying my life's first suck and unloaded everything inside her mouth. now its my my turn.

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