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Ajay having hot sex with his sister Rekha

This is not a story and it’s my real incident. This is my first incident in my life which I am going to describe which happened when I completed my college... I am not a good narrator so kindly excuse me if I am not able to put it across in a stylish manner which might arouse you, but this incident is true and reading all the stories inspired me to write about my incident.

I am Ajay from Chennai; I am 5’9” in height, well build body, fair with 8 inch long thick dick. I am fair and handsome. I have black eyes and black color hair. I have few relatives staying in Bangalore and Mysore. After completing my Degree I got a job in Bangalore and went there. I was forced by my parents to stay in my aunt’s house where I had 2 cousins both elder to me.

I had no other option but to stay. In fact I am seeing my both cousins after so many years and they have turned out to be very beautiful. Elder one is Rekha and younger one is Ramya. Elder one is around 6 ft tall, sexy structure 34, 28, 34, I became closer with elder one, and this created jealousy with the younger one.

Once what happened was, all 3 of us decided to visit another cousin sister who just delivered a baby girl and she stays in Mysore, so we 3 packed our bags and left for Mysore for a week staying. On the way traveling in bus we were chatting and enjoying the outside scenery and nothing special happened. The climate was also very cold and enjoyable.

Once we reached there we went out to roam and see places, later that night we had dinner and we went to our room to sleep. Since there were only 2 rooms available, all 3 of us were accommodated in one room. Both the sisters slept in the bed and I slept on the floor. My elder sister was wearing a chudidar and I was wearing only a banyan and a short.

We had closed all windows since the climate was very cold and light switched off, this made the room completely dark. We all were not able to see each other even in 1 feet distance, that much dark it was. After few minute my elder sister Rekha came down and slept besides me and again after few minutes she hugged me and after sometime tightly hugged me.

I felt it as a sisterly love and didn’t give much importance and thought it might be because of cold climate. I too hugged her and closed my eyes to sleep. Rekha later slowly kissed my cheeks. I never felt anything bad but was little aroused. She ran her lips from my cheeks slowly to my lips and placed her lips on mine.

This act made me completely aroused and I didn’t know what to do. She brought her hand on my cheeks and pressed my cheek and slowly placed her one finger on my cheeks and pressed it. This made my mouth to open and she slowly inserted her tongue into mine. By this time we were vigorously smooching each other and carefully doing it without making any noise so that we don’t wake our younger sister sleeping in the bed.

Smooching went on for few minutes and later I started kissing her cheeks and went down to her neck. By this time my sister was fondling my dick and it has grown big and she was really stroking it hard. She was touching the tip of my dick and rubbing the semen all over my dick for more lubrication.

This was making me hot and my breath was also getting hot and she too was breathing heavily hot. The climate in the room was slowly changing from cold to warm and the room was slowly getting the beautiful scent of my semen. I asked my sis whether can I touch her breast and she immediately said yes. I quickly put my hand inside her chudidar from top and into her bra.

Wow there I felt her beautiful breast tightly wrapped in her bra and her nipples erect. I was not able to feel it properly since her bra was tight and holding the beauty tightly in it. So I took away my hand and try to enter my hand from below the chudidar. By this time my sister simply unhooks her bra and I ran my hand from her stomach tightly and swiftly to her breast

and started massaging it and rubbing it. I was completely aroused and I was a hungry dog pouncing over a tasty meat. I was rubbing and massaging her breast and sucking her nipple over the chudidar and then kissing her neck. I pulled the chudidar above and started sucking her nipple and slowly started circling it with my tongue and started running my tongue

to and fro direction and she was slowly moaning unable to control herself and not able to moan and express her feelings properly since her younger sister was lying in the bed above us. Her nipples, brown in color and standing like a pillar after me playing with it. I slowly removed my short and she pounced on my dick and started sucking it and taking it deep in her throat,

she was sucking my balls and running her hands and rubbing my balls and then sucking my dick. My semen was coming out all the time and she came close to my ears and whispered that my semen tastes good and she wants to drink more and I ejaculated right at that movement and she got angry why I didn’t inform her that I am going to ejaculate as she wanted to drink it all.

I was quite surprised that my sister is an expert. She made me come one more time by giving me blowjob and drank all my semen. Later I removed her pants down and slowly started rubbing and massaging her cunt. Her cunt smelled very badly as she was wet and that smell was filling up the room.

I rubbed her cunt and made it wet and I slowly inserted my middle finger into her cunt and she left a small moan and her cunt muscles tightly wrapped around my middle finger. I made my finger go to and fro and this made her wriggle her body and she came close to me and said she wanted to feel me.

I quickly mounted on her and slowly and steadily inserted my 8 inch long and thick dick into her and she suddenly tightly hugged me with her arms around me and put both her legs tightly wrapped around my back. I started slowly pounding her and she was breathing heavily. All this was happening in the dark and I wished I could see her lovely breast and her beautiful cunt,

but I did get to see her lovely body later. I started pounding to and fro and she was clinching on me tightly and after few minutes she wriggled and kissed me all over my face and neck and she told me she got the orgasm. But I kept pounding her for some more time as I didn’t ejaculate. So she helped me by allowing me to fuck her for few more minutes and I came inside her.

Later the entire night we were playing with body and we did sex 4 times but we were not able to do it freely since we had another cousin sleeping in the same room on the bed. We did the same all night for the entire week.

And to the end of the week we were caught by the younger sister and we made her also join in the party which I will write about it later depending upon the responses I will receive for this story. I still have sex with both my sisters though they are married; both still wants my dick inside their cunt.

Horny Father-in-law fucking sexy Bahu

I am Madan, a 51 year old first generation businessman and a widower. My wife died rather early due to cancer, leaving me alone to raise three kids, eldest daughter Madhu, now 27, then my only son Raju, now 25 and the younger daughter kanchan, now 22. All of them are happily married now.

It has not been easy for me to bring these kids up as a single parent, while managing my export business which I had started with a friend. However, I am extremely grateful to some sweet ladies who provided tremendous support to me during my difficult days. My two sisters in law (wife’s younger sisters) took turns in staying with us to take care of the children. And me!

Yes my salis Swati (now a very young in heart and body at 47) and Sunita ( a vivacious and voluptuous hottie of 41) have been the sweetest darlings any jijju can dream of. For years they managed to time share between their homes and mine, keeping everyone happy with incredible ease and efficiency. I shall ever be indebted to them, for all that they have done for my kids and for me.

I have been a highly sexual person always – they came to know of this soon after my marriage. But they both loved their jijju from day one and they both had desired me as their first lover. My darling departed wife had not been a virgin at the time of marriage and she had cooperated with her young sisters to compensate me for her used pussy.

Well.. this story is not about then though. I can talk about those good ladies later, if you readers find my narration interesting. Today I wish to talk about the present generation - my incredible daughter-in-law Anjali (23) and my daughters. If time permits, I will tell you about my voluptuous samadhin Kumud Rani (45) and rest of her interesting family as well.

Or, maybe I will wait for your response to what I am writing now before going further. I should know if I am being interesting or boring! My son got married about five months ago to a girl highly recommended by his sisters. I found the girl very charming and witty too. Moreover, the strong sensuous vibes I received from her mother was also a strong attraction for the libido of this widower.

In the very first meeting the lady conveyed her sensuality to me in several subtle and a few not so subtle ways. I am no fool when it comes to women and even a fool could understand the look in her eyes and the slipping of her pallu (her blouse was one of the briefest I have ever seen!) when we had been left together for a few minutes alone in the room.

And the sat next to me on the dining table and all along her foot was over mine! In a subsequent meeting she had been more open – but about that later. I had the means to provide for my son what I had missed in my life – decent honeymoon. I sent them for a fifteen days’ trip of Europe.

My daughter-in-law was absolutely delighted and rewarded me with a tight hug before leaving for her honeymoon. On return, the reward was bigger.. mmmmmm. Now-a-days I go to office only when there is a board meeting or some emergency. My son, along with my most capable friend, is managing things very well.

I am a health freak and spend a good amount of time in a well equipped home gym. I also play tennis in the club and swim at least three days a week. I enjoy some beer at lunch and must have some whiskey in the evening. As my son is very buys, my dau-in-law gets to spend long hours with me.

She asked if she could join with me in my routine of gym, tennis and pool, and I was more than happy to take her along. We went together shopping for the appropriate gear for these activities – and the first time something happened between us while looking for swim suits. Giggling shyly, she showed me a tiny two-piece bikini and asked how about this papa?

I tell you friends – the way she had looked at me with those tiny garments in hands has been one of the most seductive things any female has ever done to me! On the face of it it was just a naughty question, but the way she asked stirred something within me. Without thinking I put my hand on her buttocks and pressed –

"You have the figure to carry this off dear and you would look fabulous in this one, please take it.” She giggled, “I was joking papa, how can I wear this in a public swimming pool..” “But I was not joking dear”, I said, squeezing her tight behind, “Our club is very exclusive dear and some ladies do wear such swim suits.

Moreover, on most weekdays after dark there is hardly anyone in the pool. You will be able to wear it”. With my hand still on her bums, I turned to the sales girl and asked her to include the small bikini too. She joined me in the gym the very next morning. I couldn’t take my eyes off her slim and shapely body. She did notice my gaze and her cheeks became pink – and even more lovely!

She came near and put her arms round my neck – “When you look at me like that papa I really feel nice about myself – but you make me shy too..” she hid her face in my chest. I patted her on her back and then began to tell her about the different machines, their uses and does and don’t. She is a quick learner, except that she had a tendency to overdo it at times.

But we had a nice morning workout, followed by a sumptuous breakfast. And then we drove to the club for our tennis. She was a total novice and I put he for some wall practice after initial lessons on how to hold the racquet, etc. Once again, she proved to be a fast learner. We were back home by 11 am and she collapsed in the char in the garden.

I sat near her and asked if I had tired her out. She said no, she was feeling so nice, just that her muscles were aching as she had not done any exercise for months. We had some tea in the garden, and discussed about so many things. We found we shared so many interests, and when we came back upstairs, and were alone, she hugged me tight – “Papa, I am so happy to be you bahu,

its like a dream come true for me! I had such wonderfull time today..” Her boobs were openly pressed against me.. that was exciting – but when I looked at her back .. GOD.. her shirt had pulled up as she stretched herself to hug me- and the tennis shorts had gone down a quite bit. The panty she was wearing was so very brief, almost like thongs – and I could clearly see her bum crack!

I hope you guys don’t blame for what I did then – though I did something very very illicit.. no father-in-law should be doing to his daughter-in-law. But then I was no longer a thinking man then – I was a male driven by my raw instincts and responding to a female form exposed to me. I put my hand on the bare part of her back, pulled her tight.. and.. slowly.. moved my hand down.. inside her pant!

I could feel her shudder as my hand touch the naked flesh of her buttocks and her arms tightened around me harder. The elastic of the tennis shorts gave way as my hand pushed it down and the pant fell in a small heap at the feet. Did she notice it? But she didn’t move at all! I patted appreciatively the nice buttocks, they are really nice,

and as my hands caressed the firm round fleshy bums of my daughter-in-law, I whispered in her ears – “Lovely bums you have darling.. perfect!” Imagine – a father-in-law telling this to his daughter-in-law of one and a half moth! I don’t know how you guys think a daughter-in-law should respond to this, by my bahu looked up – the expression in her eyes a peculiar mix

of gratefulness, love, lust and shyness – and she asked in such a lustful whisper – “sach papa?” I looked into those lovely shiny eyes and smiled at her – and openly holding her naked buttocks, I whispered back , “Yes darling – you got the best bums I have ever seen, and I seen many..” And I squeezed her buttocks hard.

She giggled, “Ya, I have heard you seen many..” she winked at me. I laughed too and asked.. “who told you”? “Kanchan..” she said, referring to my younger daughter with whom she had been to college, “she used to tell me many juicy stories about you..” she laughed. Now, this was somewhat disturbing - “what all did she tell you?”

She giggled, “that is girlie secret and I am not telling you..” she winked, “but one thing she said I must try..” “And what is that?”, I asked, firmly squeezing her buttocks. “She said you can make any girl crazy just by kissing her on the lips..”, she said pouting her lips. “And you want to try that?” “umm..”, she nodded with a naughty wink.

I cupped her cheeks and looked into her eyes, she closed her eyes in anticipation. Her lips were wet and very inviting – I lightly brushed my lips against hers, like caressing her lips with mine.. “mmmmm..” she moaned lustily, “more papa.. more..” she croaked in a husky whisper. “Now your turn darling..” I said and took my hand back to her buttocks.

“more papa.. more.. papa pleeeaase.. it felt heavenly..” she whined like a child asking for a lollypop. I said “OK, but hold my head..” Without a word, she pulled my head down and our lips touched. I began to tease her with my lips, something I guess I was famous for.. hehe. She was shivering and making lustful noises – and then-all of a sudden began to smooch me hard.

Now this made me go mad. Pressing her hard against me, I shifted the tiny strip over the crack of her bums, and pressed my finger at her anus! The girl shuddered violently in my arms and letting go of my lips, she held me tight once again as my illicit finger snaked inside her tight anal passage. I poked and rotated my expert finger in her hole and now the girl was panting – “ooo papa… ooo papa..”

I have no idea how many minutes we had been like that. Anju kept her arms tight round me, her face hidden in my chest, her body shivering, and lustful “oooo… oooo..” escaping from her lips as my finger explored her ass. But the shrill ringing of the telephone brought all this to an abrupt end. She jerked away from me, pulled her pant up and rushed to take call. It was her husband.

I went near her but she was avoiding my eyes. My son was asking her how was the morning and she gave an account of what all we had done, except of course for the latest things! The he asked why was she panting so much.. and she said she was down stairs when the phone rang and she came up running, so she was panting.

Smart girl I have got for a daughter-in-law indeed! I silently thanked God for this precious gift. From my past experiences, I knew the importance of striking the iron while it is hot. The call from my son had come at a very wrong time – just when I was about to go for his wife’s pussy. She had been responding so well to my illicit advances,

if he had just delayed this call by 15 minutes, my bahu would have had the privilege of her father-in-law’s famous dick exploring her vaginal depths. But that was not to be – and I listened with concerned the series of “I LUV Us” and kisses being exchanged between them. Again, I knew from past experiences that each loving exchange between them was increasing the

distance between my LUND and her CHOOT. And they didn’t seem to be in any hurry to end the conversation. Not willing to lose the advantage I had gained today, I went and hugged her from behind while she was still exchanging sweet love with my son. She tried to ignore my misadventure and continued talking to her husband, but the quiver in her voice was noticeable.

“What happened? Tum theek to ho na?” he asked somewhat concerned. In a halting voice she replied, “uhh haan.. theek hoon.. thodi hichki aa gayi thee..” I gave her an appreciative squeeze to her boobs and caressed her cheeks. My son seemed reassured with this response and went on talking something about the new project he was starting.

He just wanted to talk to his bride I guess, but now his wife was not as chirpy as she was a moment ago. He didn’t seem to notice and went on and on. The girl just kept saying “haan.. hmm..” at the appropriate times, but her body was fully responding to my illicit touches. She was shivering, squirming, giving me shy glances, and - I am sure about this -

ACTUALLY ENJOYING this most kinky telephone conversation with her husband. Imagine the scene friends – the bride of one and half month, talking to her husband and her father in law openly fondling hr boobs! When I was convinced that the girl actually liked this most kinky situation, I decided to get more adventurous.

I cupped the speaker of the phone and whispered, “don’t end the call – keep talking to him, OK?” She looked at me with burning lust in her eyes and silently nodded. She WAS into the game now! I pulled her pant down and she helped me take it out of her legs. She began to talk even more sweetly to her husband.

I pulled the tiny panty.. and she let me take it out of her legs too.. And then, I went down on my knees – held her buttocks – and pressed my mouth on her wet vaginal lips! “OOOOOuuuuuuuu…” a lustful gasp escaped her lips. I couldn’t hear what her husband said then but I heard her respond, “no no.. I am ok.. just felt as if something is crawling on my thighs..”

Once again Raju said something to which she replied in a naughty voice, “may be some ant has gone inside the panty.. I was sitting on grass on the tennis lawns..” My son must have said something dirty because she said “dhatt gande kahin ke..” and then she said, “OK I will remove the pants and check.. shall I call after 5 minutes?”

He must have said yes because after that she kissed him on phone and she put the phone down. I stood up and held her in her in my arms. She hugged me too and put her head on my chest.. “you are very bad papa..” she whispered, pressing her choot against the raised front of my pant.

I lifted her face up and kissed her lips, “of course I am bad darling – how else will give pleasure to my sweet daughter-in-law?” She looked into my eyes, “what will Raju think of this?” I patted her buttocks, “You are too smart for him honey, you will keep him happy and contended..” I kissed her on the lips once again, “and I will keep you happy and contended..”

“I know you will papa..” she hugged me tight, “It was so kinky of you to lick me there when I was talking with Raju – you know I almost had an orgasm that moment!” I suggested that she take the cordless phone and we both go to bed. . and then she can restart her conversation with her husband. She giggled, “I was thinking exactly that..” and looked at me,

“you know what papa? Kanchan had told me that you can read a girl’s mind – now I understand what she meant by that..” We both laughed and she grabbed my raised pant front, “may I see this little fellow..” “Sure honey.. it is all yours..” and quickly removed my pant and underwear. She was mesmerized by the sight of my 8.5 inches stout cock.

Taking it into both hands lovingly, she mumbled, “mmmmmmm…. Isn’t this a lovely darling giant!!” “You like it honey?” “I love it papa – but I have never had anything so huge.. Please be gentle with your bahu papa?” she asked with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “Sure honey..” I fondled her boobs and tugged at her tee shirt, “now please take these off and let us both be natural.”

Fully naked we both went to the bed, with the cordless phone in her hand.. and she lay on her back.. her legs wide apart for the benefit of her husband’s father.. and invited me.. “come papa.. give me a lick..” I knelt between her smooth thighs and began to caress her pussy lips with my tongue. She shivered.. “ooooo papa.. you are too good.. mmmmm.. ”

And then she began to dial her husband’s number! Raju responded immediately – he must have been waiting for his darling wife to resume the sweet conversation. My clever bahu put the phone on loudspeaker mode so that I could hear what he said. Raju asked bahu what was the problem.. and she giggled – “you were right darling.. there was an ant in my panty.. and it bit me two three places..”

“ohhh.. the fucking ant.. “ Raju exclaimed. Anju giggled and then, in a sweet lustful whispered she said.. “now I am lying naked on the bed and rubbing the places where the fucking ant bit me..” “Ohhoo..” Raju became dirty.. “hmmm.. CHOOT mein ungli kar rahi ho..?” “haan raja.. if you were here I would have made your LUND do the job..”

replied my cunning dau-in-law.. “but now I only have my fingers..” “Are why don’t you use the dildo we got from Singapore? woh kis din kaam aayega..” my son suggested. “Ohh yesss.. main to usko bhool hi gayi thee.. wait.. I will get it..” She smiled at me and then cupped the mouthpiece of the phone and moved it away from her mouth as she whispered to me..

“you are my dildo papa.. come and shove it in me.. and I will tell your son that I have the fucking plastic inside me.. hehe..” she winked. My cunning dau-in-law allowed some time to elapse to fool her husband into believing that she had gone to get the dildo.. and then she spoke into the phone.. “haan raja.. le aayi.. daal doon andar..?”

“haan haan.. ghusa de na.. poora ghusa lena..” he suggested that she shove the entire dildo in her cunt. “But this is so biggg.. meri to jara si choot hai.. kaise poora jayega andar..” she said in the most sexy husky tone. “are jayega rani.. poora jayega.. bada hi to asli maja deta hai tumlog ko..” he said, “tu try to kar.. ghusa kar dekh to..”

“Theek hai raja.. koshish karti hoon..” she winked at me and gestured to me come up and insert my dick in her cunt. I came up, without making any sound and parted her thighs - and guided my LUND to THE dripping wet cunt of my dau-in-law. She was so wet and slippery.. just a little pressure.. and ‘kacch..’ the knob of my penis slid inside her cunt.

“ooo.. Aaaahhh..” she cooed aloud as the knob of my fucking penis slid in her cunt and I heard my son, “good girl Anju.. kahan tak ghusa?” “ohhh raja.. bas aage ka knob andar gaya hai.. uff kitta mota ai yeh.. tumhare lund se to lagata hai double size ka hai..” she winked at me.. cupping the mouthpiece she whispered, “I mean it papa.. yours is more than double his size..”

Totally unaware that it was his father’s penis that his wife was talking about, my son encouraged her to take more of it in.. “aur ghusa de rani.. poora ghusa de na..” “haan raja haan..” Anju panted in lust and gestured me to shove more of my dick in her. I held her thighs and lurched forward.. and very smoothly my LAUDA slid more than halfway inside her cunt.

“OOOOO… MAAAA.. PAAAAPAAAA… OOOOOOOO..” she cried aloud lustfully and in some genuine pain. At the other end her husband giggled.. “are apne ma papa ko kyun bula rahi hai rani.. bulana hi hai to mere papa ko bula le.. teri phaad kar rakh denge woh..” “hatt besharam.. gande kahin ke.. tere papa kya faadenge meri choot..woh to buddhe ho gaye..” she said, winking at me.

“are is galatfahami mein nahi rahana rani.. mere papa ka lauda to is dildo ka bhi baap hai.. achche achchon ko rula dete hain abhi bhi..” my son said with obvious pride. Anju giggled.. “to theek hai raja.. main imagine kar rahi hoo ki yeh dildo nahi tere papa ka LUND hai meri bur mein..”

Raju also giggled.. “theek hai tu kar imagine papa ko.. main bhi suni kaise chud rahi hai meri rani apne sasur se…” he laughed aloud at this ‘joke’. Anju moaned lustfully and informed her husband in a voice dripping with lust.. “I close my eyes and imagine your papa on me.. I feel his weight over my naked body.. I feel his penis in my choot.. I feel his hands on my boobs.. “

and then she looked at me and said aloud with lot of passion.. “haan papa haan.. aur peliye na.. ruk kyon gaye .. peliye peliye.. apna lauda apni bahu ki chootein peliye.. poora.. faad dijiye meri bur..” I heard the husky voice of my son from the phone.. “ohh rani.. you made me soo hard.. what a vivid imagination you got!”

Anju continued her narration.. “raja you were soo right.. your dad has a great LUND.. I feel so very stretched.. and he is still got more of it outside my CHOOT.. “ She then looked at me and shouted.. “peliye na poora lauda mere andar papa.. itana kya apni betiyon ke liye bacha kar rakh rahe hain..” she stopped and then said with a lot of feeling.. “BETICHOD.. BAHUCHOD..

jab apne bête ki dulhan par haath saaf kar hi diya tofir poora lauda to de dijiye use..” I heard Raju giggling.. “are kya sab bak rahi hai.. mere papa ko galiyan de rahi hai?” “are bahu bhi to beti jaisi hoti hai.. jo bahu ko chode who baetichod bhi to hua na..” she said. Raju laughed aloud, “I hope the doors and windows are shut properly and no one else is able to hear all this..”

“Don’t worry darling..” my cunning bahu assured her husband, “no unauthorized person is listening to this conversation..” “rani teri Kalpana shakti chamatkari hai..” Raju said, “mera lauda to tune aisa tantana diya hai ki kya bataun..” “are raja this is only the beginning..” Anju informed her husband, “just you wait and see what all your daughter-fucking dad does to his daughter-in-law..”

Raju laughed aloud.. “theek hai rani.. continue your fantasy..” Now Anju looked at me and pointed to her breasts. I grabbed them hard and she cooed.. “oooooo.. how big his hands are.. he had held my breasts so roughly.. mmm.. see darling.. see.. how your dad is molesting my boobs..”

Raju giggled.. “you are killing me darling.. I will have to masturbate.. but please go are incredible..!” “Ufff.. how is he sucking my nipple.. holding it in between his teeth.. uuuuuuuuu.. what a lovely bite he gave to my nipple.. haan haan papa.. chooso chooso..” and then she aksed me to kiss me.. we had a big smooch.. and she asked her husband..

“did you hearz janu.. how he smooched me on the lips?” Raju giggled.. he had heard the kissing noise alright..and assumed Anju was making those noised herself. But now Anju was kind of giving a running commentary of our fuck, while on the other end of the line her husband believed it was all make belief.

What a clever cunning daughter in law I had got! She was driving both the father and son crazy simultaneously on the two ends of a phone line! This was the ultimate kinky thing I had ever done.. and I thought I done it all! She made all the fucking noises openly.. asking me to do this so that.. and I dutifully followed her instructions. She had her orgasm twice.. before I had my release..

“Hey janu.. tere papa meri choot mein jhadana chahate hain.. jahdane doon kya?” she asked her husband. Raju giggled, “haan rani haan.. jhadane de papa ko teri choot meinhi..” “magar mere ko bachcha thahar gaya to? Fir to meri choot se tera bhai paida ho jayega.. soch le..” she cautioned her husband.

Raju had a hearty laugh.. “koii nahi rani.. tu apni choot se mera bhai paida kar ya mera chacha.. rahegi to tu meri joru hi..” “theek hai jaan..” she then looked at me and said aloud to make her husband hear.. “I have the permission of your son to produce his brother.. please release all your cum inside my choot papa.. fill my vagina with your cum.. drop your cum over my womb..

make me pregnant with your sperm.. make me the mother of my husband’s brother.. oooooooooooo” Holding me tight she arched her back to get more of my penis in her and blabbered aloud.... being deliberately vulgar and loud to make her husband hear.. “This has been the best ever fuck for me papa.. I love you papa.. love your LUND..

From now on I am your bahu and wife both.. and for your son I am both his wife and his mom. When you fuck me you will be a BETICHOD..and when your son fucks me he will be a MADARCHOD. Now I am your wife papa.. CHODO jor se.. CHODHO.. CHODO..” and she had yet another organsm!

Finally when my dick released the load from my balls into her vaginal passage, she hugged me tight.. “yes yes.. Raju.. Raju.. see.. papa’s cum is shooting over my womb.. tere dad ne chod diya mujhe..“ I could hear my son moan lustfully at the other end.. he had been masturbating obviously.. and I guess both father and son came together that wonder day.

Ajay fucking mother-in-law

My name is Anand (Andy), avid reader of this forum and stories published in it. So this time I am contributing my own. About myself I am 40 yr old, I don’t have killer looks but fairly handsome easy going guy. I was athlete and swam for my university. I don’t have a 10” dick as many story tellers claim.

In fact I never bothered to take a measuring tape and record the penile statistics. But I know how to please women. And I think source of sexual pleasure is between two ears and not between two legs. I am from Chandigarh and I had fantastic teenage years and wild youth. Finding girls were never a problem and I believe in equality so I never discriminated against

religion,cast,color,status. I fucked all kind of girls/women/MILFS,Hindu,Christian, Muslim, Punjabi, Brahmin, even Adivasi girls,Indian,Irani,Bangladeshi,White,Brown, Slim,Fat, Young,Middle aged you name it I had someone from that category as long as they were good looking and sexy. I never forced myself on any women and I never made false promises.

I never made commitments that I could not keep. In fact I never said I love you to any of these women even in the most intense moments. And the all women knew that our relationship was purely for sex I never had guilt hangups with any of them. And they respected me for that. 10 years ago I met this girl she was 20 and for the first time I fell in love madly.

We got married and are still in madly love with each other. The day I got married My Casanova days were over. Since then I never fooled around and I had been 100% loyal to my wife. I was content. Till two days back. It was 8th anniversary of 9/11 and planes full of lust and hunger for raw forbidden sex shattered my twin towers of Loyalty and virtue.

Let me narrate the whole story. My wife married me against the wishes of her family and her mother Parramjit ( Pammi) never liked me.She hated me. She is a 49 year old Army widow. Beside my wife she had one more daughter and a son both 25 and 22 yr old. Her husbands died in active duty and she single handedly raised her children working hard as Army welfare clerk.

Whereas my wife is short statured and very fair her mom is tall and dark skinned.with slim but firm body structure. My wife is 10 yrs younger than me and Pammi is only 9 years older than me so I am kind of in the middle. After our marriage Pammi snapped all the ties with my wife and we were not accepted in the family. Birth of our son changed situation.

She could not resist to see her first grandchild and our relationship got re-established again. We started visiting each other. I though that she had forgiven me for stealing her daughter. That was my mistake. Pammi held grudge against me and carried on with false affection. She started meddling in our private life and tried to create wedge between me and my wife by trying to incite her.

My wife under her influence started giving me hard time and slowly friction creeped in our relationship. I really hated her for that but I pulled out of that period somehow and with time my wife understood her mothers behavior and the harmony was back in relatinship.Eventually her other daughter married a Gujarati boy and her son is dating a Mallu girl so she

had other people to hate for and her hostility towards me diminished. She started showing affection.towards me and I reciprocated, She even started babysitting our son when my wife got a job as Lecturer in the university. But I was always suspicious of her and never lowered my guard. I also noticed that in her presence if we were being romantic or cozy she used to get really disturbed.

And it occurred to me that may be because she got widowed when she was young and she never had no outlet for her sexual urges she is frustrated and that manifested in her hatred towards me. I tried to bring the subject with my wife casually for Pammi to get married again as she still looks younger than her years infact more than one occasion in a family function

people mistook her for my wife. But my wife got mad upon hearing that and said that her relatives and other family members will never accept it. In their cast it is still a dogma. So I decided to do something myself to handle the problem at hand and for the sake of peace. My patience paid off and soon I got the opportunity.

Four months back Pammi slipped in her bathroom and hurt her back. It was not something serious but jut that she was in pains. In my athlete days I had learned about therapeutic massage and I help friends if they need my skills. So next time when we were at her place she requested to help her with the massage.

I was OK with that and as her house is on the way to my workplace I promised that I shall visit her once in a while om my way back home and shall take care of her. So I started visiting her on my way back home and massage session started. As it was expected she soon started to recover.

I used to massage her sitting in chair and she used to sit on the carpet and I used to give massage her upper shoulder and neck muscles. Very first day when I was about to begin the session I asked to wear something comfortable as she was wearing traditional Punjabi suite which was tight and I needed access to her shoulder muscles.

So she changed into Pajamas and loose T shirt. I generally use Olive oil or a warming gel. In earlier sessions I could sense bunched up muscles.With manipulating the pressure and tension I used to bring the those stress point to surface and then dissolve them with laminar rubbing. This kind of massage is very relaxing and pleasurable. Pammi used to enjoy it very much.

She also opened up with me and we became more of friends. She started confiding in me with her thoughts and problems which she could not share with her daughters with understanding that I shall keep it to myself.Being nearer to her age group it was easy to relate to her. After two weeks I noticed that her upper shoulder was in excellent condition and there was no apparent stress.

But now she complained that her lower back is in pains and can I massage her there too? I asked her to lie down on bed with and lifted her T shirt to expose her back, applied some olive oil on her back at the backbone and started giving massage. First I started moving my palms latterellay from back bones towards her side and then slowly upwards.

I was surprised to find her skin taught and feeling so young and there was no extra flesh or fat deposition in her west.her body was so supple and firm even better than her daughters. I was aroused. she was enjoying with her eyes closed and half smile on her lips. There were goosebumps on her skin. I started moving my palms upwards.

Soon I came to her bra strips and without speaking I unhooked her clasps. She did not objected, That was consent for me to go ahead. I kept on massaging her. Off course I could not find any stressed muscles or bunched up fibres. I slowly started to move my hands on her back towards her side.I was almost touching her breasts which were fuller and firm.

No age indication there. As soon as I touched her breasts form side she moved her arms upwards giving me more access to her boobs. I was tempted to push my hands under and held her boobs but I resisted the temptation. Here I am the one in control. If she wants something she will have to beg for it. I will be seducer and master not the puppet.

Believe me my friends sex can be sometime so much of a power game. I raised her T shirt further north so her whole back was exposed and her boobs were a fine site from the sideview. Then I started moving my hands in circular action towards downward direction, In few minutes I was at her west and my hands were touching the elastic of her pajamas.

I inserted my fingers in her pajama and lowered it a little bit. Again she did not protested. then I started massaging her monkeybone. Slowly I let my hands wander on her buttocks which I exposed slowly.She was wearing a white satin panty and her skin underneath was silkier than satin. And it had all goosebumps on it.

AS I cupped her buttocks with my hand she let a small whimper escape from her mouth. I was kneading her buttocks and was about to proceed to the point where buttock ends and inner thighs begin when suddenly the door bell rang. Pammi trance like state shattered and she just jumped from bed and ran towards bathroom. I went to door, it was her younger doughter.

She came in and sat in the hall we chatted for a while and Pammi also joined us. After a while I left after I left her house I thought the chapter is closed now and I shall never get chance to lay my hands on her again. And true to my speculation she was withdrawn and told my wife that she is feeling alright and does not wish to carry on with the therapy.

So I just put whole episode away and carried on with my life. Things changed on 911 anniversary. That day as usual after work I went to pick my son and Pammi greeted me on the door. That day she was uncomfortably talkative. When she was picking up my sons stuff I noticed that she was wearing a very loose t shirt and when she bent her boobs were

visible and she looked up and cought me staring at her boobs. She kept on talking to me and then she mentioned that she's got her pain back and can I help her with that. And that quistion of hers sent an electric charge right from my ear to my dick and in that instant I knew that today I am going to fuck her then and there. I removed my jacket and Said that I am going to give her therepy.

She said OK. I was expecting her to go to her room but she said that let's do that in her sons room. I immediately understood the reason. She has gods idols in her room and she knew that she can not commit this sin there. Beside her son fucks his girlfriend in his bedroom everyday so she may be wanted to take experience in that holy bed.

What ever the reason we went to the room and I asked her to lie down on bed on her stomach which she did In way that I was standing at her head and her face was almost aligned to my crotch. Without saying word I pulled her T shirt to her neck. Her whole back was naked except her bra. This time I did not asked her before unhooking her bra.

Suddenly I remembered that my son is playing in hall. So I went to check on him and he was watching cartoons on TV and was totally immersed in the show. I went to main door and locked it so this time we Don't get any surprises. Came back to bedroom and Pammi was waiting for me in the same condition that I left her.

Her bare back was waiting for my magic touch. I took a generous dollop of massage cream and started massaging her back. Today I was doing hard strokes from shoulders to lower back. I started going deeper to the lower back. In the process my crotch was almost touching her face. She was breathing heavily as I could sense her hot breath on my dick under my pants.

I got totally aroused my dick was totally erect. I moved a forward a little bit to extend the reach of my hands so I can reach further down And because of my move my dick got pressed in her face. I think she liked the scent cause she did not tried to move back. I took it as signal and put my hands in her slacks and moved them down from her buttocks. She said nothing.

She was wearing white satin panties. Skin under her panties was more shear than satin. I put my hands on her buttocks they were firm like rock not very fleshy in fact she does not have any wrong kind of fat in that Reagon. I started kneading her buttocks. Pammi was thoroughly enjoying that.

The cream I was using has Eucalypti oil in it so when applied on skin first it gives sensation of coolness and then it starts warming up. Imagine this thing happening to a woman on her buttocks and if she is a sex starved one it will drive her mad. But Pammi is a very strong woman she was hot but she kept her cool to so she just let me do what ever I am doing.

I was expecting more subtle show of emotion. I wanted her wanton cry but she just kept mum breathing heavily but silently and this turned me on. I promised myself that today I shall make her cry loud shamelessly asking for ultimate pleasure. When you love somebody and make love it's more on spiritual level but I absolutely hate this woman and so it was purely carnal.

No emotions here only two bodies and fire of lust. Urge for friction. Desire for forbidden fruit. so here I was with my hands kneading the most sexy pair of buttocks. I slowly moved my hand further down and my fingers. C erased the crack of her ass. No response. My hand became more bold and touched her asshole. Whimper from her lips. Smile on mine.

I pressed her buttocks with both hands tangentially away from her crack and her cheeks opened like melon opened up showing the black asshole. I wanted to fuck that hole with my fingers with my dick with my every body projectile but I checked myself. I coaxed my wild self. Patience !

I started moving my finger on Pammi's black puckered assholes rim in circuler motion and she had goosebumps on her back she buried her face deeper in my crotch. I moved my hands to the region where buttocks end and thighs start I placed my both hands there and started moving them in a fashion where my thumbs were pointing toward inner thighs and my

other fingers were pointing outwards and I was twisting wrists so that with every stroke my thumbs were going deeper and deeper between her thighs. Then I hit the lips of her pussy with my thumb and she exclaimed big SSS from her mouth. Same time gave a jerk with her hips. My thumbs were on fire.

Her pelvic had became a blast furnace and I had a best quality ingot ready to melt for her: I kept on bringing my thumbs to her pussy and again retracting them every time my thumbs hit the target she will jerk her hips. Her face was flush with heat as I was feeling it on my dick which was hard rock and wanted to come out.

"Few more minutes johnny and I shall feed you most delicious cherry". Then I placed my right hand palm on her monkey bone and started rubbing her clitoris with my middle finger. And she went mad. She started emitting sexy sounds " ahhhhhh.........ummmmmm............. Ssssssssssssss"

I straightened up put my both hands on her hips and give her a powerful heave and made her twist on her back and now she was facing upward. She immediately put her arm over her eyes. I could not care less. In a swift jerking motion I peeled her slacks. Now she was in her T and white satin panty. Her panty was bunched in rear and in front it was totally wet with her love juices.

She was all wet. I put my hand on her panty over her pussy where the material is shortest in width and with a savage force I tore her panty. One more tug at west band and it came free in my hand. I put it in my trousers pocket for future reference and then once again turned my full to the task at hand. I had a mission to conquer. I take a long look at the offering.

What a sight it was. When I was fingerfucking her from behind I did not realize that she had all vagina and adjoining place covered by dense black pubic hairs. I don't have a fetish for pubic hairs but those were looking so sexy on her mound. Mound of Venice ; temple for male. and her hairs were glistening with her vaginal fluids.

Her pussy was screaming silently for getting fucked but she was still fighting. I think by now she also knew that I am not just going to just her pussy but her mind too so she was not yet giving in. I put my hand on her cunt and started moving my fingers in circuler motion and instantly she spread her legs now I had unhindered access to her fuckhole.

I started playing with her clitoris which was swollen and throbbing. The Kala channa had become kabuli cholla. It seemed that anytime it will explode spraying blood on my face. Her pussy was emitting a most sensational fragrance. A crazy idea came to my mind what if I bottled that fragrance and marketed in male perfume Market. I know it will be instant hit.

Idea of Pummi's pussy on bodies of guys all across the world really gave me a kick. My dick was so hard that it was unbearable to contain it in the pant. I unbuckled my belt and let the pants drop to my ankle. Then I moved my jocks under my knee. So there was my dick in it's full glory. Millimeters away from Pammi's rosy lips.

Those lips had uttered many ill words against me over the time and this time I was about to seal them with the best gag in the world. I hold my dick in my hand and started moving it near to her lips and she started to move her head away as I doubt if she had ever tested a dick before. I am pretty sure that all the sex she got must have been in missionary position and in darkness.

Bang bang thank you mam. So I hold her head in my hand forcefully and started rubbing my dick on her lips. She had kept her eyes and mouth shut forcefully my be this was not what she expected. There was one more thing that she had discounted. I extended my torso and placed my mouth on her pussy. Her whole body shivered.

I smacked a kiss on her pussy lips and the hold her cunt lips in my teeth. "ahhhhhh" she exclaimed. I increased the teeth pressure and same time started forcing my tong between her pussy lips. She tested so good. She was all sweet and sore and red like a cherry. Texture on her outer lips was rough but inner lips were so smooth and juicy feeling like honey intoxicating like a gin.

I starts licking her and now she started emitting loud voices I knew she was loosing it and suddenly she grabbed my dick with her hand and started sucking it like a wild woman. That was unexpected but very soothing for. I was on 7 Th haven. While she was sucking me I got her clitoris in my mouth.

I started rolling my tong on it and sucking it and now she was jerking her hips upward. I bit her clitoris with my teeth lightly and she cried loud "nooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhh " same time she put her teeth on the glans and I knew if we carried on having oral we both shall come and I was not ready for that yet so got up and moved away.

Pammi's eyes had surprise in them she did not wanted to let me go my hips but I pushed her and came around. Removed my shirt and her t shirt now we were totally naked and I looked in her eyes and there was pure hunger of lust and her whole body was shivering with anticipation. I embarrassed her and she clung to me like a lizard. I started kissing her lips violently.

Sucking them biting them, biting her earlobes sucking her nape at the neck then I started sucking her nipples and she arched her back I pulling on her nipples with my teeth and she pushing them in my mouth. She was so hot. Then she whispered in my ear.

"Please........ I can't bear anymore." I said " what do you want me to do" she" please do to me " I said " what I did not hear you " she was in agony and moving her head from side to side and she said " please make love to me" I again " what "she" please fuck me " I "what louder" and she almost shouted " you bastard FUCK ME! FUCK ME YOU DOG"

I said " OK you bitch! I shall fuck you so hard I shall tore your pussy" she "yes fuck me hard. Fuck me hard. I am your bitch. Please tear me. Kill me with your dick. Stab me " I put my hands on her thighs and pulled them apart violently apart. She cried with pain. I did not wasted anymore time and put my dick on her pussy lips which were swollen

with all my sucking and oozing her juices and my saliva. I looked in her eyes and started pushing my dick in. I was surprised to feel tightness in her pussy like young girls. I was expecting her to be loose but she was tighter even than her daughter. May be years of sexual deprivation combined with hard physical work she was used to do had preserved youthfulness of her vagina.

It was like fucking a very young girl. There was a pleasant resistance and thank god for nice sucking section there was no need for lubes. in no time I was completely in her. My dick was at home in welcoming warmth of her vaginal envelop. Base of my dick was rubbing on her pussy lips and my testis were slapping against her asshole.

I started giving her powerfully thrusts. She put her arms under my armpits and hold my shoulders. She was clinging me so tightly that her long nails were digging in my skin and the inflammation was causing me to go more faster more deeper. Now she was sobbing. I spoke in her ear" Pammi, now you are my whore" pammi " yes my love , I am your slave"

me " you had given very hard time now is the payback time" pammi " yes ! I am bad ! Please punish me. Ravage me. I am all yours " me " yes your pussy is going to get all the beating. "Pammi " yes punish me fuck me like a whore! Maul my pussy "more dirty we talked more faster I went. She was responding equally by thrusting her pelvic in every stroke of mine.

Our movements were synchronized. with every second we were wriggling like fishes out of water pushing, pulling,thrusting, scratching, biting, shouting obscenity, cursing, all the inhibition had been removed from Pammi and with my dick fucking her pussy she was a liberated woman.

She was talking most dirty words that she wouldn't have uttered even in her dreams. she was intoxicated with this new freedom. now she was enjoying the fucking to hilt. She had her arms around my neck and she had locked her legs around my buttocks she was clinging me so tightly that every time in backward stroke she got hoisted few inches in the air.

The was she was breathing heavily and she tightened her arms grip on my shoulders I knew she is going to come. I picked up my speed too. Her pussy had become a powerfully wise and it was mulching my dick. I knew I am going to come too but I did not want to come before her. suddenly she clinched her jaw and a very deep nasal voice started to come from her.

Same time she put jaw like grip on my buttocks with her legs. She was coming. I increased my pace. Now I was fucking her like mad man. Her whole body started shuddering. She had spasms same time I exploded deep in her. It was like burst of 10000 volts. Sparks flew in my eyes. I spread my come in her ovaries. Her hungry body lapped every drop of my semen.

she was laying under me without any movement. I finally gave some dying thrusts and got rid of last of the ejaculation. I kept on laying on her for almost five minutes. Then I slides down to her side and then I looked at her body. both of us were drenched in sweat. Her whole upper torso was full of love bites and hickeys.

With burning sensation in my shoulders I knew my back had scratches in it. Pummi's pussy was in bad shape. It was all swollen and oozing out my cum. With great difficulty Pammi got up from bed. She said " you broke my body." then she went to washroom to wash herself. i wore my clothes and went to check on my son in living room.

He was sleeping soundly. Must have fallen asleep watching TV. I collected him in my arms and left without saying goodbye to Pummi next day while in office I got a panicked call from Pammi and she asked me to come see her right away.

I was not surprised as I was expecting some backlash. I did not hurry and went to see her only in the evening after my office. she was in deshelved state. Her eyes were swollen red must have been crying. As soon as she saw me she started weeping. I asked her what happened ? "don't you know what happened. We made mistake yesterday."

obviously pammi was riding high on guilt trip. i said " nothing bad happened. I enjoyed you enjoyed and if we keep this to ourselves no body can get heart." Pammi " I was not protected" Aha the bitch. She was only worried for getting pregnant. i said but I want you to have my baby. She was very angry and shouted you bastard what I am gonna do ?

I shall kill myself and you if I got pregnant. I said " relax Pammi I am just joking. I know what to do" I immediately left for a chemist shop and came back in half hour and told her this is I Pill and she can have it and she will be OK.

She won't get pregnant. She was relaxed all the worried look left her face and she came near to me to get the I Pill from my hand I did not let it go. She looked me questioningly and I said " there a price you shall have to pay for this" and for first time there was a smile on Pammi's face.

Hot incest sex with online sister

Previously: Rocky living a sexy dream

Hi people, this is rocky, again, not continuing the previous one but a new one, hope this one turns out better.

I am a internet freak and spend most of the spare time on net. I am not one of those desperate guys who keep on flirting with many girls to lure them, I talk normal and decent, may be that’s the reason I have many friends online. I have various types of friends, some typical and others weird, and I generally talk matured, as such I have many girls who call me brother,

which I usually don’t mind. Many girls keep telling their worries and I advice them properly, so they become pretty close to me. One of such a girl is nikita, she is 22 years old and just completed engineering. She always calls me bro and our relation online has been over one year and we became very close.

She tells me all her problems and worries, her restrictions at home where she is not allowed out of the house except for college, how strict their parents when she talks to others, spying her most of the time, she felt like she is house arrested and wanted freedom. So she found freedom over net and she was adjusting with life.

Almost over a year we decided to meet, as her engineering was about to end in few months and she might not come out of the house, and soon after engineering she may be forced to marry. We weren’t so excited to meet, after all we were bounded in brother-sister relationship. I already told her many times how my physical appearance is and shown her my pictures,

she was restricted to take photographs as such I did not had any idea how she will look, nor was I interested in how she will look, but I expected her to be cute. One day she bunked college and met me in some bakery. First time I saw her, she was around 5’3”, wheat complexion, good face, she got a big smile ( I could see all her teeth when she smiled),

I dint noticed her body curves and stuff, as I being a brother not supposed to lookout. She was talkative, as always, always in haste and absolutely immature unlike other girls, even though she is 22, she talks like a 14 year old, which I already got used to. In the beginning she was smiling, blushing and all, and I was pretty calm and composed, as the talks went on,

I did not felt the relation to be like brother-sister, and by the way she was looking at me and blushing, I came to know that she also not felt the same either. I kept on looking at her big mouth while talking, and her lips were dry and I was keenly looking at it and she observed what I was doing, in turn she also showed some weird gestures,

like she was pressing her boobs to the table, leaning while laughing, so that I could notice, which I did. So I knew, it was going to be complicated relation. We had some refreshments and talked about two hours, we exchanged addresses and all personal information, spare timings etc. I asked if I could drop her, she opposed, as she feared someone might see,

which could create trouble at home and that day ended. That night we talked on net, gathering back all the moments and reviewing all the personal feelings what we felt about each other. I certainly knew that she was very much attracted towards me because of my physical appearance and the way I behave, and it was obvious that we were going to meet again.

I used to live in a separate flat, away from my home town and family, which I came for work. Neighbors never were a trouble for me and nor was I to them. After 12 days, she called me up and asked me whether we could meet again, as she was planning to bunk college again, I asked which place, she said she had entire day to kill,

we thought and thought and she asked if she could come to my place, for which I had no problem and she arrived in hour around 10.30 in the morning. She wore a tight salwar kameez and I noticed her curves, I was hanging out in casuals, she came in, she felt at home, went though my flat and my stuff, my music and movies cds, books etc.

After an hour, I told her I will take a bath and asked her to use tv or pc, whichever she wants. I was taking bath and I was feeling horny, remembering the weird relation we both have, and I masturbated. I took bath and intentionally wore only towel and no vest or shirt, I came out after 15 minutes, and she was checking some stuff in my bedroom.

As soon as I came out, she glared at my bare chest and I saw her eyes, which was scanning my body, she turned away as if nothing happened, she left the room and I changed. I knew something sure is going to happen and I was holding my emotions, after all I call her sister. She asked me, ‘what did you do for 15 minutes in taking bath, even girls don’t take so long”

for which I replied “I am not supposed to reveal such things to my sister”, we both had a wicked smile, she insisted “come on, you can tell me, I am pretty broad minded”, I know what she wanted to hear and without any delay I said “your brother had his happy time while taking bath” and I smiled loud, and acting innocent she questioned “what happy time?”,

I replied “I am not supposed to spoil my sister”, she said “after all I am your sister, you can tell me, because I don’t have much of general knowledge and more over I am fed up being nice and polite, and I want to be spoiled”, we were laughing loud after each reply. I changed the mood and said seriously

“look niki, I know you don’t hang around with guys much and I know how strict your parents are, so I don’t want to introduce to things to which you are not ready”. She said “bro, I know you are a good guy but try to understand my position, I don’t go to a co-education college, nor do I have a boyfriend, I wanted freedom in life, I wanted to have so much fun but I couldn’t,

and you know why, how do I or whom to I express my feelings and the feelings which I want to experience, so when and where from am I going to know new things in life?”. I pitied her condition and said “I know dear, you are one among many girls who are bound by these cultures and traditions, which are of no use, fuck this society and rules”.

She changed mood again and dragged back to the same topic “so bro, tell me now, what you did in bathroom for so long” with a big smile, I went bold and said “well, I am embarrassed to say this, I masturbated while taking bath”, with blank face she exclaimed “ohh! You do it daily?” I said “oh come on! How can I tell you all these things now?

This is not proper, you being my sister” (even though I wanted to reveal everything) she said “bro, you know my marriage is round the corner and I have zero knowledge in all these things, and I am supposed to serve my husband in all respects and I need to be ready for the things to come”

I thought time has come for action, and I asked her “what all you want to know?”, she said “what all can you tell?”, I said ok, and removed my vest and I stood bare chest again in front of her and I asked ‘what do you feel looking at me now?” she said “pretty exciting, never seen a young guy with such a good body so closely”, I asked “be open, tell what all you feel?”

she said “ok!!! Your body looks hot and I would like to be very close to it”, I said “so come on, its time you learn new things” she came near and hugged me and I hugged her tightly pressing her boobs on my chest and we stayed like that for few seconds and I asked “how do you feel?” she said “warm and hot, I like it”, now all the boundaries were broken.

“so let me feel your body too?” she said “bro, no more doubts, do whatever you feel like, I owe you” I asked her to lift her hands and I gently removed her top, she was wearing a white bra, I removed it too, she wasn’t blushing, instead she was feeling very hot, as this was her first time being naked in front of a guy.

I hugged her, pressing her boobs into my chest tightly and my hands were wandering all her back, for which she was feeling horny, she closed her eyes and feeling the moment, I pulled out of hug and held her face on cheeks and I said “are you ready?” she replied “ahan” and I kissed her wide lips gently, which I lusted from the very beginning, I pulled back and again kissed,

I kept on kissing in motions and after few minutes I held back and asked “how does it feel?” she was still closing her eyes and replied quietly “like never before, a perfect kiss” hearing this I pounced on her lips and started to kiss more aggressively, soon I started to kiss with open lips and she was letting my lips touch her tongue and I started to suck her tongue with my lips,

I ate her lips and tongue for about 10 minutes and after that I stopped and said “this is called French kiss” she said “ahan! I have seen it on movie, but never knew it would feel so good”. I carried her to my bed and asked her to lay on bed, and I started to kiss her cheeks and slowly coming down, kissing her neck, shoulders, cleavage and I reached her boobs with wet lips.

Her breasts were not big, I think its not yet grown to the full, they were cup sized, with pink nipples, it looked delicious. I grabbed one and started to suck another tit with mouth wide open, I was gentle in the beginning and started to eat it as seconds went by, it was like a steak for a hungry wolf,

I was eating the untouched breasts, changing from one to other and she was moaning in ecstasy. After 15 minutes I stopped and said “did you notice your nipples are stiff?” she replied “I know bro, I have felt it before, but not like this before, please go on” I kept pinching her nipple gently and started to move down and I reached navel while kissing,

now you might remember we were half naked, so I gently unbuttoned her bottom and pulled it away, she was wearing a light blue panty. While I was about to remove her panty she started to blush and I asked “do you want me to stop?” she said “no bro, its just that I have never been naked completely before anyone, I am feeling shy” I said “now that we have come so far,

its okay and this is the important part which you should know” she nodded and with closed eyes said “okay bro”. I pulled her panty down and there I see a virgin vagina neatly shaved, waiting for my lips desperately. I thought of going slow and I started to kiss on her inner side of thighs, for which she was slowly twitching and was spreading her legs apart,

I kept tickling her with tongue and she was becoming desperate as to when I will start. After teasing her for few minutes, I put my lips on her pussy and kissed exactly how I kissed her lips before. Kissed her pussy in motions first and after few seconds I started to lick her pussy. I must tell you, it was a tight pussy and I knew I will have to do a lot of work for penetration.

i asked her “do you finger?” she said feeling shy “no bro, I dint try it till now, I only masturbate while in shower directing water with force directly, it gives me intense pleasure and moreover I thought its my man who is going to play with it, so I left it untouched” so I asked “I am not your man though, should i?”

“yes bro, I cannot hold it anymore, do all what you could do in your wildest dreams and let me reach the peaks of pleasure today” That’s it, I went ahead, I pulled her tight pussy lips apart and inserted my tongue, she was twitching and I kept on digging my tongue inside, I was touching the right spots and she was moaning in pleasure

“oh bro! yessssss! Aaaah aaaaah” she wasn’t able to control herself, I knew she was reaching orgasm, I kept on fingering her with one hand and licking on g-spot till she cummed. I stopped for few moments after she reached orgasm, now her pussy was lubricated, she was breathing heavily and I relaxed for few minutes. I came up and laid beside her to catch my breath too,

I could see her breasts moving up and down as she was breathing heavily, before I could do anything, she jumped upon me and started to kiss me wildly. She was going crazy and kept on sucking my lips and tongue, I reciprocated as I dint wanted her to feel odd when she was showing her true colors.

After kissing me for few minutes rigorously, she sent down feeling my body, kissing it everywhere, and then she reached my penis. I was still wearing short, she asked “bro, I want it! I always wondered how I feel it, its my fantasy, I want it” ‘dear, no more questions, go ahead and do what all you want” she pulled my short and underwear at once and there it stands, my penis,

8 inches long, she held it, stared it for few seconds, she dint knew how to start, I told her “dear, grip it with your right hand and slowly jerk it up and down, the skin will pull down and you will see the head of my dick” which she did, “now you could see my dick is very dry, it will hurt me if you keep doing it when its dry, make it wet and continue doing it”

she understood and took my dick in her mouth and made it wet with her saliva and started to jerk it hard, I said “once the skin keeps getting lower and lower you can start to suck” she said “yeah bro, I am getting it” saying that she started to suck it while masturbating me, giving a good blowjob. I said ‘there you go, that is called a blowjob, you are doing it just fine”

she said “hmm, I am learning now” and with a pleased smiled she kept on sucking it and after 10 minutes I was about to ejaculate, I told her and she pulled back. Sperm was out, she was quite surprised to see it, flowing, and asked me “what now?” I said “many like to taste it too, but let me tell you, it smells yuck, don’t try to have it, atleast now, when you are actually a beginner”.

She said “ok bro, as you say”, after cleaning up, she sucked it again for about 10 minutes, until she was done with it. She came up and laid beside me and said “bro, I know the most important thing is not yet done” I teasingly said “you seem to know everything and still pretend as if you know nothing hun?”.

She said “its not like that bro, I have the general idea, I came to know with the talks I have with my friends, I always fancied it, now that everything is coming real, I am feeling so excited” and I stopped kidding around and got up, went down and placed my penis near her vagina, I placed my head of the dick on the pussy and kept lubricating it.

I tried to push it in, but the pussy was very tight and it was not getting inside. Seeing this I started to finger her again, now with two fingers, pulling the pussy lips apart to loosen it up. I kept on fingering and licking it in between and after 5 minutes, I felt that it was ready to go. I kept my dick near the pussy slowly and pushed it in,

I had to push it gently but with force for my penis to go inside, and I did inserted it carefully, trying not to hurt her. Once it was inside completely, I leant down and started to give her a hard French kiss and she was holding my hair and kissing me back greatly, that’s when I started to jerk slowly below, she knew what I was trying to do and said “bro, you are the best”,

I kept on kissing her and slowing fucking her parallel so that she wont feel any pain, whenever I push hard, she will put up her face up in pleasure, breaking the kiss, I pull her back kissing the lips again and continue to fuck her below. I gradually increased my pace, she was in heaven, moaning with pleasure.

She asked me what all positions, I showed her missionary, doggy, 6-9 and almost what all I knew. She was curious and glad that she learnt all the ways. On the whole, we had sex for almost 3 hours, after which we had lunch, and then we talked about what we have done today and assured each other not to feel guilty about it.

And after an hour or so, she left after exchanging pleasantries, there ends the day. A threesome is awaiting, based on comments I get.

Honeymoon sex with Aunt

Hello every one who reads this story. I am suraj(name changed) and this is my real experiance with my aunt (deepa). i live in mumbai and am doing final year in engineering field.enough about me lets aunt was a widow as my uncle died 5 years back in accident. to describe my aunt she was a bit short and had a great pair of boobs.

i always had a fantasy of fucking her.the day was diwali time and my family had to for a jatra(religious place) and I had my exam so couldnot go,but then also was informed that my aunt was also not goin as she had her periods and its sin to go to religious place during those days,

so even she decided not to mom now had told my aunt to come at my place and live there for 8 days for my food and other utilities.i was very happy that my aunt will sleep next to me and imagined fucking her. the first night came but nothing happend. next night I wanted to take my chances,so I decided to talk with her openly everything.

I started with that she might be missing uncle,then I asked that I have heard females feel more unsatisfied... she was shocked hearing this... I said it is ok and she can feel free to talk about all things with me. she started weeping and I controled her, and hugged her. I said do not worry everything will be fine. I took my chances and told her that I have fantasy to have sex with her.

in reply now she was very open but said its sin to have a incest relation. I said ohk(an idea clicked my mind) and told her I have an idea, we will not have sex but u finger ur self and I will masterbate seeing u. she agreed on that. I have gave her a massage machine(vibrator) and a cucumber. she was impressed with my knowledge and I said yes... and all that shit...

i switched on a porn movie and she sat on the bed and removed her bottoms including her panty... fuck man!!!!!!!!! she was having so many hair............... a jungle to be said...... and it was so bigggggggggggggggggggg hole...... I immdiately removed my jeans and undie and started stroking my cock whick is truly speaking about only 4inch

(sorry but had some operation done dring childhood) but do not worry I can satisfy any one.....i went close to my aunts pussy and was hearing and seeing her reliving some pressure with the moan ahhhhhh!!!! fuck man..... its so good.......... yes come on... come on..... ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk@@!!!!!!!

i was so hot seeing her I just came and I was near her so it exploaded on her face..... I was a bit scared now... and before I say sorry I could see her licking that cummmmm.... fuck man that women was damn hungry for sex.... but reades what I did was left her unsatisfied... I said good night and slept... I could hear the moans stilll after I slept...

next was the day..... I went to college this time I came back with a pack of condom....i told her to sleep today fast without fingering or masturbating... and she became a bit sad.....i said good night and went tooo room to sleep..... after 30min I found her coming in and she was just in a towel.....i got a green signallll...... I said come in wife....

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i startd kissing her neck and eyes and ears.... and licked it... I tried to wet it as much as possible.. she started moaning slowly saying "yes suraj!!! do it.... lets make the best love today.. I am very much hungry..." i came near her lips which were damn red and beautiful and just gave one kiss,

but now she hold my head and pushed me towards her and we had a wild smooching and I explored her teeths,toung,saliva everything... we wer exhausted and we laid down for 2min...i just kept my eyes close till then I saw her undo my shorts and undie and within no moment she took my 4inches cock in her mouth... it was felling soooooooo damn good guys...

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i was damn tired.... but was scared too to tell her about the condom tore... but when I told her she told me her periods got over the day my family went... she too had planned to make love to me... and thats the reason she did not go....i then fucked her almost all night and still fuck her every weekends.

Sexy tales of a horny daughter

Hi! I am Anuska Awasthi an 18 yrs. Old smart modern girl. I am slim, 5’4” tall, not so fare in color but my figure is too good. My boobs are quite grown up which require 34c cup bra to control their imbalance. I am a student of iind yr. Arts with Psychology Hons. Before bringing u to my sexual adventures I must introduce you with my family.

We are 4 members in our family. My elder sister is married to a Marine Engineer and stays at Mumbai with her husband. My mother is a house wife. She is very innocent and family loving lady. And my father who is around 49yrs old is a retired Army Officer. He is a tall, giant man with great physique.

He is almost 6’2” tall, strong body with a long huge moustache and above all he is very handsome. From his figure one can’t guess his age. He is a much disciplined man and no body had courage to oppose him. Since his child hood he was inclined towards yoga. At the age of 45 papa he took VRS and took training on yoga.

After acquiring good knowledge in yoga he started giving training to others taking the out house meant for guests, initially. He invented his own art of yoga “MAHA SANYAM KRIYA” which was described as the panacea for various types of diseases. Gradually number of participants increased, so he shifted the Yoga School to our Farm House which was just 3k.m away from our home town.

The farm is on 10acrs. Land surrounded with fruit bearing and other valuable trees. Due to dense big trees it gives a look of natural forest. When he started his Yaga School, I was 17 yrs. Old and reading in class 12th std. After completion of my board examination he insisted me to join his yaga class.

Although I was not so much interested, I started going to his institute with him. The classes were divided into 2 groups, one for gents, and another for ladies. Morning session (6am to 8 am) was for ladies and evening session (6.30pm to 8.30pm) was for gents. For one course I took training as a student in both session and after that I used to sit beside papa.

I was to demonstrate the asanas before others and at the time of practice, we both papa and I were observing the participants and rectifying as and when required. The course was for 3 months. In every session maximum 20 participants were allowed to avoid undue rush. Sunday was weekly day of rest and since his art “MAHA SANYAM KRIYA” was very tough,

on that day in the morning i.e from 6am to 8am, papa used to give special training to the participants who were little weak in catching the process. In the evening time I was practicing at home with papa. Usually, I found he was selecting those participants who were young, and out of 20 only 5-6 such participants were seen given extra training in the out house.

On that day I was instructed to serve fruit juice after finishing the kriya. It usually takes more than 1hr to finish the Kriya. Occasionally I used to sit with the participant and listen the helpful tips of the art but before practical session starts papa was asks me to leave the room. I often hear loud cry from female participants. I think perhaps due to some difficulties they might be crying with pain.

On one Sunday a beautiful young girl named Sarita, might be aged below 20yrs. Height around 5’2” came for the special training. She was 1st girl of the batch to be offered for that training. So she was very delighted and in pleasant mood. I took her to the out house. She was very impressed with papa’s personality. I felt myself very proud of my papa.

Before leaving, papa ensured me to serve fruit juice after 1 hr. I nodded yes and came back to home to help mama. After 1 hr I prepared fruit juice and took to the out house. I heard pain full cry of Sarita from that room. I thought it is already more than 1 hr. But…… perhaps they have started delayed. I again thought to come back, but felt it may be towards conclusion.

So, instead of returning I went ahead. Nearer I was approaching towards the house, the louder was the cry. Curiosity developed to see the actions, so I kept the juice glasses on the veranda and moved towards the window. But it was firmly closed. I was very much upset with not finding any scope to see them.

Suddenly I marked a crack on the window which was sufficient to peep at the room. Without wasting any time I peeped through the crack. Oh my goodness! What was going on in that room? That was not “MAHA SANYAM KRIYA” rather “MAHA SAMBHOG KRIYA”. Both were completely nude without a single cloth.

Sarita was bent from her waist and rested her palm on the chair kept in that room. Papa was fucking her pussy from her behind very fast. Poor little girl Sarita was not able to take the huge dick of my papa and to every thrust she was crying with pain. Papa was enjoying like any thing which was experienced from his moaning. He was pushing her brutally.

Sarita was screaming with pain “…aaaahhhhh…..margayeeeeeee, mujhe chhodd diiiiijiiiye….bahut dard kar raha hai”. Blood was drping from her pussy through her right leg to the floor. But to my hard luck I could not see the dick which was ramming Sarita’s virgin cunt as I was behind papa.

After 10 minutes papa after some great blows pulled out his dick and sprayed his sperm on her ass and hip. Sarita was breathing heavily and crying like a cat. Now I could see his huge member. Oh my God! What was that, he is a man or a horse! It was more than 10” long and 3” thick, looking straight like a steel rod.

For the 1st time I saw such a huge dick of a human which was beyond my imagination. I was very excited with those erotic scenes. That day I knew the cry was not due to any difficult postures but due to brutal fuck of my papa. I could imagine, to how many girls papa might have fucked in this way.

After their fucking I stealthily came back to the veranda and waited for 5 minutes to let them be normal. Then I knocked and handed over the juice glasses to them. Sarita was looking very exhausted. I was behaving in normal way as if I don’t know anything. From that day on every such occasion I enjoyed watching live fucking sessions in the out house.

Different girls were coming for the special yoga training and papa was not missing any chance to give them hard fucks. Papa’s physique and personality was so impressive that no girl was able to avoid his lustful proposals. Gradually I imagined myself in that position and wanted to be fucked by a huge monster like papa’s.

In the night I became sleep less day by day and my frequency of masturbation increased. But I was helpless; I was not so open that I could invite any boy. Hence I had to wait for that moment leaving all my desires before my good luck. One day papa crossed the limit when he fucked a girl in my presence. I was dumbfounded with his daring.

It was the 2nd batch (July to September) of the 2nd year. Due to rainy season the number of participants were very less than the usual. There were 12 in male group and 10 in females. Among the female group there was a girl Manashi who was very beautiful. She was young, unmarried, might be around 22 years at that time.

Her height was too good, about 5’5”, fair complexioned, slim, and figure 34-26-36. But she was very weak in grasping the kriya, so papa asked her to come for special training on next Sunday. I could anticipate that “ye ladki ki to gayee”. Even I was sure that on next Sunday she will get the brutal fuck of my papa, but it was beyond my imagination that it will happen in my presence.

My didi was pregnant and to look after her in her crisis period there was none at Mumbai. Neither papa nor I were free due to yoga classes as well as my studies. So finally mama went to didi and she had to stay there for about six months. In absence of mama I became heavily busy. But I had to manage myself with the routine. It was 15th Aug, Independence day.

On that day from early morning it was raining heavily. Papa decided to cancel the class for that day as morning session was for ladies and there was little hope of good attendance among them in such weather. At about 7am some body knocked the door. When I opened the door I was surprised to see Manashi there. She was half wet due to rain even she was with rain suit.

I asked her with surprise how could she come in such bad weather. She replied with smile “I find this yoga really beneficial to me so I do not want to miss a single day; I waited at the institute till 6.30 am. When I found no body there I came here to ask whether I can join boys group in the evening”. Papa was helping me in kitchen.

Listening to the voice of Manashi he came and felt surprised to see the level of interest in her. I invited her to the house and asked change her wet salwar-suit and put on my dress. She was hesitating but when papa insisted she agreed to change. I gave her my cotton skirt-blouse to wear.

She did not agree to put my panty and as her bra size was 36d and mine was 34c she could not wear that. We had not taken our morning tea. So I prepared 3 cups of tea and we three took tea together. We gossiped there for sometime. Papa was very much impressed with the interest of Manashi in yoga. He asked both of us to get prepared for practice at home.

Manashi was very much pleased to hear this and immediately she got ready. We went to the 1st floor which we normally used for yoga. There was only one room, hall type, with attached bath room. Also a single bed as furniture was there in the room for emergency use. As strap was required to tie over the eyes I had also made ready two thin cotton scarf.

Papa sat on the cot and we sat on the floor keeping 5-6 feet distance. After some warm up exercises papa instructed us to fasten the scarf over our eyes. I was apprehending some mischievous acts from papa. So I knowingly tied the scarf little loose so that I can see his act easily. Papa played an audio cassette in which the procedure was recorded by papa himself.

We had to follow the instruction as per the audio. We started the kriya with aaaaummmmmmm. Papa was examining our action by moving around us. I was pretending to follow the instructions but my main aim was something else. After making 2/3 rounds he sat near Manashi. I, with pretension of rubbing my cheek, made the tie little loose more.

As a result I could easily peep through the scarf to which other persons in the room were unaware. Papa slowly whispered some thing in her ear. She smiled but religiously following the instructions recited through audio set. He moved to her back and to make her sit straight came to her right side and kept his hands on her both back and chest and pressed.

She was obeying the instruction as an obedient disciple. With this action papa’s was pressing her boobs. I was watching this stealthily and getting curious. Papa was moving his hand on her both boobs and fondling them. Then he slowly moved his fingers on her nipples and twisted them gently. Manashi slowly started enjoying to his touches.

Knowing that my eyes are also closed she was bothering little and since her eyes were also closed she was not feeling any uncomforted. I was admiring to his daring and also feeling horny to this act of papa. Then he started pressing the boobs separately. To keep me engaged in yoga without looking at me he was saying from there

“very good Anu, you are doing it perfectly”, but I know what I was doing! He then slowly opened the buttons of the top/blouse. As she had not wore bra her boobs came out. Wow what a good size she had. They were very attractive and that to tight and firm. Papa kneaded her both boobs to his hearts end.

As they were very big in size some times papa was using his both hands for one boob to give perfect pressure to her huge melons. Now Manashi was responding to this positively by shaking her body. Papa slowly pulled out her top from her and made her top less. When papa touched her lips with her tongue she could not control her moan.

Papa suddenly kept his hand on her mouth to stop her. She returned to her sense and became conscious. Papa was shocking and squeezing her white melons randomly. Now Manisha was not doing any kriya as she was totally involved in “MAHA SAMBHOG KRIYA”. Papa opened the knot of her scarf tied over her eyes as well as the knot of his salwar and pulled out his semi erected member.

He knelt down in front of Manasi and guided her hands to her monster. When she saw his bulge she whispered “baap re itna lamba aur mota! Maine kabhi apni jindegi mein aisa yantra nahi dekha hai, wow, it is wonderful”. With touches his baby grew and became a big/tall boy. He guided his dick to her mouth and advised to take that in but Manashi showed reluctance.

Papa forced her and inserted his dick in her mouth. I was feeling excited and juice had started dripping from my cunt. She could not manage to fit the whole of it and therefore circled her tongue around the head of his cock which went deep down towards her throat. Papa grabbed hold of her head and moved it back and forth, fucking her mouth.

As her silky lips squeezed his cock trying to forcefully suck the juice out of it, she wrapped her hands around his butt pulling it from behind making his cock slip in more inside her mouth. She at first slowly then with great speed sucked his big monster. Papa had held her hair and guiding her to suck it pleasingly. I was getting out of control. But I was helpless.

Then after a good oral course he sat down in front of her and took his hands down to her belly and then to her pussy over her skirt. He rubbed his fingers on the clit under the skirt. She was out of control and already ready to get banged. But papa was not hurry. He pulled down her skirt to which Manashi co-operated. Now she was completely nude and looks like a sex goddess.

Papa pulled her near to him and made her lie on the floor. He started kissing all over her body. He gave a deep kiss to her lips. Then he took his hand to her pussy and put his index finger right between her cunt lips. When he started inserting the finger she screamed with pain aahhhhh….. Ohhhhhhhhh…. Then he took out his finger and whispered some thing in her ear.

He then took her to the cot and she stood facing to the cot. He bent her and indicated her to rest her palms on the cot. He then inserted his cock in her tight pussy from her behind and his cock was going inside her hole. She screamed margayeeeeeee…….aaaaahhhhhhh... She groaned in pain... She was feeling pain very much. She was crying nooooooooo….

Please….leave meeeeee…….. But he was entering his dick slowly bit by bit. The pain was unbearable she screamed pleeeeeeeease……. Leeeeave meeeeeeee. I was astonished to see how huge papa’s dick was even a 22yrs old girl was not able to take it easily. He then took out his shaft and solaced her “don’t worry you can do this very well after some moment, just be patient.”

To make me listened he told without even looking at me “See how Anu is doing perfectly”. I got conscious with his words and pretended doing the posture as per instruction in audio. But papa was not looking at me at all. He was busy with his play. Then he moved her and lay on the bed. Her heap was just on the edge of the bed and from heap below legs were in hanging position.

Papa knelt down in front of her and kissed her thigh and pubic hairs. He then slowly put his face on her pussy and inserted his tongue inside her and started fucking her pussy by his tongue. Manashi was just getting wild and she pressed his face more on her pussy, making him enter her deeper.

She was whispering “suck me more...more, yesss suck it more....lick...... Pleasessssse suck it......". Her juice was dripping from her pussy. Papa was going fast and held her tightly with tongue, inserting tongue to and fro, parting her pussy lips to wide and more wide, entering deep inside, then inserted his middle finger and givingher finger fuck.

She moaned with pleasure aahhhhhhhh………yessssss……….. Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Papa was saying “isn’t fine baby?” I know u r going to excel in this art which I want.” Papa then shifted up and holding his hard-on placed the tip at her wet pussy opening, gave a small push. As his cock entered inside her juicy cunt she screamed mmmmmnnnhhh in pain.

Her cries were increasing with every stroke. Papa stopped for a while and gave a big push. A cry broke from her aaaaaaaayyyyyyyeeeeeeee. He continued making smaller strokes and after some more strokes his dick entered in her pussy completely. Papa again stopped for a while and started making to and fro movements. She was crying but papa continued to fuck her.

Blood was dripping from her pussy. “Oh God, you feel so good! So tight, So hot!” He said as his cock sawed in and out of her cunt. Papa rammed his rock hard cock back and forth in her pussy. Slow at first but then harder as she screamed for him to give it to her. His hands grabbed her ass and he pounded away, fucking her with all his might.

She was as hot as she met his thrusts, moaning every time his balls slapped her clit. She shivered as she came but papa did not stop. Papa was ramming his rod with a great speed. I am telling the fact that he had that capability to satisfy any lady respective of their ages. Manashi was moaning loudly, and breathing heavily.

Papa was ramming her virgin cunt and squeezing her boobs like a wild tiger. Her legs were pressed his waist with passion. After half an hour continuous fuck at last papa moaned Maaaaanaaaaaashiiiiiii ……it is cumming…… cumming….. Ahhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhhh……

He pulled out his dick and exploded on her spreading his white juice on her navel, boobs and face. He rested on her for 5 minutes. During this time he was caressing her boobs kissing her lips. He was telling “what a body(cunt) you have, I had never seen (enjoyed) a girl like you before even your seniors can not be like u. U are definitely going to be very successful some day”.

He again asked “how are you feeling now?” She didn’t tell anything just smiled. Papa kissed her lips deeply and gave a long oral kiss. Simultaneously the audio play also finished. Papa instructed me to lie down on the floor straight and rest for 5 minutes in Sabasan. Due to excitement I was breathing heavily. I was totally wet and in need of immediate pacification to my hungry cunt.

They went to the bath room and got cleaned. After 10 minutes I waked up and sat and opened the scarf. They were quite normal now. I went to bath room and masturbate vigorously. In the whole day I was feeling very horny and could not resist myself from masturbating for another 2 times. On next Sunday was for Manashi.

But on that Sunday it was raining heavy from the early morning she did not come. Papa was looking worried. I asked papa whether Manashi was asked properly as she was a very sincere girl and don’t want to miss any chance which she had proved on that day. Papa said he had repeatedly instructed for the same.

Perhaps due to rain or some other important job or due to fear of papa’s brutal fuck she did not come! I was also feeling disheartened as another chance of watching a live show got missed. At about 5.30pm some dogs entered inside our premises. Papa said me to see and drive them away as they will pollute the area. I opened the window and saw that 2 dogs were after 1 bitch.

The raining was already stopped. I saw no one there. So I stood there and watched them. Both the dogs were trying to cross the bitch. At last one dog rode over the bitch and pushed his penis from behind and started fucking. The bitch was too young and weak. She was not able to take the huge dick of the fat dog and crying with pain.

But the dog was fucking the bitch unstopped. At last the dog buried his dick inside the pussy of the bitch and stacked with her. I was enjoying watching and feeling excited. Suddenly when I moved my face I found papa was also watching the dogs as well as me from another window. On seeing me he gave a smile. I felt very embarrassed and my face turned red.

Immediately I left that place and went inside the kitchen. In the evening we were sitting on sofa and taking the evening tea. I was feeling very awkward in front of papa but he was normal as if nothing has happened. He said “Tum to aaj yoga nahi ki, chalo abi karo”. I also agreed as I was getting bore with watching TV only.

I was in loose cotton T-shirt and Bermuda without bra and panty as I don’t prefer to wear any inner wear in home. As usual we went to the hall on the first floor. I spread the bed sheet on the floor and started doing asanas at first. Papa was guiding me. Since I was in loose top, while leaning down, my cleavage was clearly visible. In some occasion I caught papa staring at my loose portion.

I was feeling very awkward. But he was quite normal and smiling at me. Since he was my father I did not think the other side of his feelings. Then the time came for “MAHA SANYAM KRIYA”. Papa himself tied the strap over my eyes tightly. When he was tying the knot the scenes from the last fucking of Manashi in front of me as well as the dog fuck in the evening were dancing in my eyes.

A cold breeze passed inside my body. With unknown excitement I was shivering. He played the tape recorder and instructed me to start. That day I was feeling very much disturbed. Frequently the erotic scenes of dogs and between papa and Shruti, Manashi were coming to my mind and as a result I was forgetting the steps.

Papa came to me and asked what wrong with me. I remained silent. Papa held both side of my body with his two hands as done with Manashi. That action of papa refreshed my memories of that day. I felt little excited with his touches. I was breathing high. He then asked me to control my breathing and follow the voice of tape recorder. He had pressed my chest little tight.

I was breathing with the rhythm of tape recorder. Since I was not in bra my breasts were well within his palm. He started lightly rubbing them which were giving erotic feelings. Slowly he withdrew his hand from my back and fondled my boobs and nipples with his two hands. I was astonished with his daring.

He put his hand on my left boob. My body began to shiver. He moved his hands upon my boob. Seeing no negative reactions from me he just went on pressing. My heart was beating in high level. I don't know what to do. My pussy was oozing liquids. I was speech less to his act. I could not utter a single word against him. First I thought to resist him. But my hand was not moving.

I felt that my body wants to enjoy the new feeling, even though he was my own father. He could realize that I was also enjoying his touches. So he got courage and started squeezing them hard. He put his next hand on my right boob. He massaged and pressed the boobs upon the T-shirt. A sound came out unknowingly from my mouth with pleasure aaaaahhhhhhh.

He understood that I’m enjoying. He leaned forward and gently kissed on my lips. His warm breath touched on my face. I'm getting hotter. He continued kissing. At the same time he removed my T-shirt buttons. He put his hand inside and began to press my soft boobs. His hands were feeling very strong. Every hair of my body rose up. My nipples began to erect.

My pussy had a great feeling. Then he kissed downward to my neck and on my boobs. He sucked my boobs one by one over the top. He squeezed boobs hardly. His right hand moved down to my thighs. He now was sitting near me on the floor. He moved my top upwards slowly. I was shivering. My hand slowly moved upon his shoulders.

His hand was moving on my smooth thighs. He was squeezing and pressing it. He inserted his hand inside the Bermuda through thigh and moved to my hairy pussy. He moved his hand over the hair. He touched my pussy lips. I thrilled. It was all wet. His fingers moved there. He pressed on the clit. Ooohhhhh… what a pleasure. My hips moved up.

He played with my clits and entered a finger in the pussy. His finger slipped inside easily as it was wet. He moved his finger in and out. Uuuummmm….. He raised the top up to my breast. His lips moved down. He kissed beneath the boobs, then on the stomach and the naval. His tongue moved inside the naval. My hips move up to accept it more depth.

His one hand was crushing my boobs, another in my pussy and his tongue in my naval. My whole body was in a wild motion. He laid me on the floor and kneeled near my head facing towards my pussy. He then slowly pulled down my Bermuda and threw that away. He removed his lungi. His 10” long and 3” thick big cock was hanging down.

He held my hand and asked me to hold that. I hold that. How hard it was! It was trembling in my hand. It was wet with its juice. Tip of the cock was very smooth. I moved my finger on it. My hand moved to and fro. It was very smooth because of wetness. He put his tongue on my clit and pussy and started licking slowly. My whole body was shivering with excitement.

I wanted his tongue more deeper and deeper in the pussy. I pressed his head on the pussy while my another hand playing with his cock. I need something more hard inside my pussy. My pussy wants some deep thrust. I pushed his head. I pulled him on my top. He was breathing deep. He kissed me hard, crushed my boobs. He removed my top over my head.

Now we both were fully nude, but my eyes were still tied with the strap. He moved and sat near my pussy and posed his monster on the hole of my virgin cunt. He departed my legs and slowly entered his monster into my pussy and I felt like a hot rod was drilling me. It was very tight, I screamed with pain ahhhhhhhhhhh….. Marrrrrrgayeeee…….. …….

Pllllleeeeeease…….. Papaaaaaaaaaaa……… leave meeeeeeeee……. It is hurting me……….. I cried. It was not easy to take such a huge monster for a 18yr old virgin. I tried to remove his cock. But his full body was upon me. He is a very strong man. I couldn't move. He was crushing my boobs, squieezing my nipples. I was in dual feelings, Pain, and pleasure.

His playing with my boobs was making me hotter. My hips began to thrust up. He takes back his cock a little and pushed hard. Ummaaaaaaaaaaaa…I cried uuuuummaaaaaa. Half of the cock was inside. I feared that my pussy will split into pieces. What a huge cock. It will not enter, I thought so. I again tried to remove his cock, but I couldn’t.

After a while he took the cock out a little and pushed hard. Aaaaahhh…. His cock was spearing my pussy. He rested a while. I felt a little relief. He began to move his cock to and fro inside my pussy. Same time he was kissing and fondling my boobs. His huge dick tore my hymen and blood came out from my little helpless pussy.

Slowly he moved up and down started to ram his rock hard cock back and forth in my aching pussy. “Oh God, you feel so good! So tight, So hot!” He said as his cock sawed in and out of my cunt slow at first but then harder. He pumped his cock in my pussy I caught him tight. His speed of pumping cock was getting faster. I felt as if his cock was touching my throat.

Oooohhhhh… some reactions take place inside my pussy.. His hips are working as a machine. He crushes my pussy. My pussy lips are encircling his cock. He was such a strong man and his dick was so huge and thick I was unable to control my screaming to his powereful thrusts. Every time he was pusing hard unknowingly screaming was coming out aloud.

Aahh… uuhhhh….. Isssshhh….papa….dheeeere….mein…aaaahhhh….. Marrr…. Uuuhhh….. Rahi hun…. Aaahhh…..isshhhh maaaaa….ohhh…. Myyyyy goddd…. He was also making noises. Hhhhaaa…. Yes babyyy... Youuuuu are soo…. Sweeeetttt…. Ooohhh…. Uuuummmm… I was flying in the heaven of joy. My body was moving with his every stroke to my pussy.

He was pushing hard. His speed of his thrust came down. He made noise and thrusts with small gaps. Inside my boobs a blast take place…ummmaaaaa….. Tears come from my eyes. Oh. What a pleasure! He pushed hard. Hhhaaa. He pumped out his juice inside me. He stroked inside my pussy. He kept his cock there a while and another thrust.

His drops were filling my pussy. We both were breathing deeply as if gasping. We were wet in and out with pussy – cock juices. He fell on my top. I hugged him with my hands. What a satisfaction! It is hard to describe the great feeling. It is only enjoyable. I was fully exhausted, but papa was not satisfied. He was expecting more. We relaxed for some time.

After a small rest, he woke me up and opened the strap from my eyes. I felt very ashamed to sit nude in front of my own father. I closed my hand with my hands. He pulled my hand and raised my head holding my chin and kissed my lips deep. Then he asked me to sit on the floor and he himself stood in front of me.

He rubbed his dick on my face and said “Anu, please take my dick in your mouth” I couldn’t deny it hence I kissed his dick and licked the tip of his dick. I pealed his foreskin and licked for sometime and took his full dick inside my mouth and sucked his dick like an ice cream. He was moaning. He was moving his hip to and fro. I played with his balls and caressed his thigh with my hands.

He said “Anu, you are really a sex goddess, your mother have never given me such a blow job. Ssssshhh aaahh he was moaning. Finally he released his sperm inside my mouth. I swallowed his sperm and sucked his dick and cleaned his dick with my tongue. I loved the experience I was getting in a single day.

All those things which I was fantasying about was coming true and that too in a span of hours. I always dreamt of sucking a hard dick till it cums and I just was provided with that pleasure. Now I got up and went into bathroom and cleaned myself and then came out to see papa dressed up in a lungi and nothing on top. I got dressed and lifted the bed sheet and rolled the mat.

He came behind me up to down stair and said “Anu, I want to have one round in doggy style, after that I will leave you”. Now that offer of fucking me doggy style which I had just watched the live show of dogs in the evening, made my pussy wet. I agreed. I took rest on sofa for half an hour and moved to the bedroom. He removed my dress once again and just put off his lungi.

He asked me to kneel like a dog on the edge of the bed. I did so. He rubbed his dick on my ass and from the back he cupped my boobs. He massaged my boobs and played with the nipples. His dick became hard. Now he widened my legs and rubbed my pussy with his right hand. He opened my pussy lips and inserted his dick inside my pussy. He started fucking me.

Both of us were moaning. He inserted his dick deep inside my pussy. His hands were playing on my boobs. My boobs were swinging due to his to and fro movement. He fucked me for about 30 minutes and released his sperm inside my pussy. He took his dick from my pussy and asked me to lick. I licked. He hugged me and kissed passionately.

We both were exhausted and I lay down on bed and followed by uncle. We again went into a sweet sleep for an hour. After 1 hr. He again asked me to sit on a table. I did so. He massaged my boobs and placed my hand on his dick. I started playing with his dick. His dick got erected and ready to fuck me. He came between my legs and pressed my shoulder back.

I placed my hands on the table and leaned back. He came between my legs and widened my legs. He inserted his dick inside my pussy and started moving to and fro. I leaned little back. I can see his dick going inside my pussy and coming out. He fucked me slowly and increased his speed. He lifted my right leg and came very closer to me and kept on fucking me.

Both of us were moaning due to pleasure. He increased his speed and finally for the third time he released his sperm inside my pussy. While he was clearing every drop of his sperm in my love hole he said “You are really amazing. Today I remember the day when I had taken your Mama’s virginity. I am so happy to fuck a girl like you.” I did not say any thing, just smiled.

I was surprised to know that he had known every thing about my watching his fuckings. I could not believe this. He said smiling “mujhe kabse maalum hai ki tum sab dekhti ho. I was imagining you on my bed and masturbating on your photos. I always wanted to make you horny and fascinated towards me. Isi liye to us din Manashi ko jan bujh kar tumhare saamne choda.

Aur ye bhi mujhe maalum hai ki tum sab dekh rahi thi. Whatsoever, Anu I am really very lucky to have a daughter like you. Now I will not worry and wait for any body till Sunday?” He pulled out his limped member from my cunt. My pussy was full with his sperms. He wiped my private area softly with a cloth cleaning up his cum, my juice all mixed.

Then he hugged me and kissed me. Then we both went to bath room and get ourselves cleaned. After that day we used to sleep in one bed and in almost every night he fucked me in different postures till mama returned. He satisfied me more than I was expecting. I turned into more a slut than his daughter and became addicted to his hard fuck with his huge member.

After mama returned taking plea of doing yoga he was fucking me in the out house but not in the hall as mama may seize us at any moment. Really, it is a privilege for a daughter like me who enjoys such power play with her Father……The Yoga Guru!!!

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I married my cousin Yasmeen, last year. Yasmin is very beautiful and I married her because she is good person and I have known my uncle (Mom's elder bro) and his wife Shamshad, ever since I was a kid. My mami, now my mother in law (MIL), is a very conservative woman and was known for her beauty when I was growing up as a kid.

Yasmin and I just had a baby boy last month and my MIL came and stayed with us in my 2 bedroom apartment to help with the baby since Yasmeen has some minor complications and has been on heavy prescription pills. I haven't had decent sex with my wife for past 6 months and doctors advised me not to until couple of months from now,

so I was really increasingly getting frustrated for past few weeks. I never thought of going to other woman since I care about my health and most importantly my wife's. But, something unexpectedly happened which changed me forever. One night, after my wife took her sedative pills and went to sleep, the baby was crying and my Mami (MIL) was feeding the baby and taking care of him.

I went to see the baby in other bedroom and I don't know what hit me, but the beauty and attraction of MIL was unbelievable. She is 45, my wife even though she is 24, pales before her in comparison. My wife is beautiful but my mami has more pretty face and better complexion, little bit taller and most of all her body was unbelievable, it was fuller than my wife.

Usually she covers herself very conservatively, never to reveal her body, that night since she was alone and about to go to bed, she was a bit casual with her dress, and as I walked in, she tried to cover her blouse with her saree properly and was bit surprised and shy on seeing me late night.

That was my first time I saw the shape of her tits, they were C+ or D cups but firmly in shape but with the jiggle, poping out of her blouse at least quarter of them, shaking as she covered them with her pallu. I was attracted but didn't want to look so she doesn't feel uncomfortable. I asked her if she needed help, she said the baby has been fed and about to sleep now.

Even though I thought she was attractive, I never thought about doing something inappropriate. Until, I was taking the baby from her lap to put him in his cradle. As I was taking the baby, I don't know what happened to me, instantly and without second thoughts, I pressed my Mami's huge boobs with the back of my hand as I took the baby from her lap.

That was unbelievable sensation as pressed the soft and huge boobs to almost pop out of her blouse and to be visible beyond her saree covering the blouse, obviously she wasn't wearing the bra. There was shock and shame in her face instantly, she turned pink in her reaction. I said sorry, right away. she was in a daze and confusion. I took the baby and put him to bed.

My mami was flushed by shame and she kept looking down at the floor and trying to cover up her tits more with pallu. I turned and again said sorry.. She nodded but didn't look up. As she got up and was trying to get out of the bedroom, suddenly I grabbed her hand, just above her elbow. She resisted a little bit, very confused on how to react.

I felt she would cry but she stopped resisting yet she still didn't look at me. I again said sorry and went out of the room before her. She was suppose to put the food back in the freezer from the dining table but she didn' t come out. I was afraid if she would call my Uncle or Mom and worse wake up my wife.

I went checked on my wife and she was snoring on her pills, I know she would normally not wake up till morning now. I kind of locked my bedroom from outside so my wife would knock to get out and increased the volume of the TV and in the living room and waited for my Mami to come out and keep the food in the ref.

She did not come out, so that got me worried about her calling some up to at least pick her up just making some excuse.. so I decided to act fast to diffuse the situation, I went back to her bedroom and slightly knocked on the door even though it was slightly open. I slowly opened the door and saw my Mami sitting in a corner still looking worried.

Again, I said I am ashamed of what I did and asked for forgiveness. She didn't look at me, partly because everyone respected me and feared me in the family. I asked to talk to me, she slightly looked at me and nodded as "it’s alright". I told her that I am frustrated and had not cheated on Yasmin even though we didn't had complete sex for past 6 months.

As I started talking, she got up from the bed and she said it is inappropriate for me to talk about these things with her and tried to leave the room. I don't know what happened again. As I saw her walking by me with the jiggle in her tits, I turned and grabbed her wrist, pulled her and hugged her tightly holding firmly at her waist.

She was shocked and she just said in a very faint voice, "please don't, I will not be able to show my face to anyone, or see my face in the mirror. This is a big sin" Her pleading excited me so much that, I started breathing heavily on her neck while holding her tightly. I wasn't doing anything but just holding her.

She was stiff but her soft body was exciting and boobs were pressing against me and her boobs were much bigger than my wife. She kinda smelled like my wife. I held her for few seconds in complete silence from both of us and finally she started to resist again and pull away. I said "Mami, please I can't control anymore, be my Yasmin for few minutes".

She said "I am your Mami and MIL and I am a kid and her nephew,... and like a son, and.... " Just as she opened her mouth to say something, I just put my tongue in her mouth just as she was about to speak. And simultaneously I grabbed and crushed her left tit with my right palm with all my sexual tension.

She said pulled her head to the side "aahhhhhhhhhh....please don't please" in pain and probably disgust. But she was speaking faintly and not creating any scene because of shame and probably keep a lid on the proceedings. Now, I just I wanted to fuck her. She closed her eyes in shame as I turned her head forcible towards me

and she tried to remove my hand from her blouse which was slowly crushing her tit and nipple. Her tits were bigger and better than Yasmin. My huge dick was erect and I never felt it that big or tense ever. I pulled my shorts down and grabbed her hand to touch my dick. Though she closed her eyes she knew what I was trying to do and she was resisting with all her strength.

But still she was not creating a scene though. I pulled her hand with force and as she touched my dick with the back of her hand, now she looked down at my dick and said.... "oooaaaaahhhhhh!!" in surprise. I have a reputation for my size since I was a kid, but it was unusually big that night.

I said, "let me suck you tits and you jerk me off with your hand, Mami. I need it before I lose my mind and do more damage". I turned her hand and put it on dick and pressed her hand to hold my dick more tightly, she did reluctantly and she was breathing heavily and looking at my bedroom door, fearing or probably expecting Yasmin would just walk out.

I told her "I have locked that door from outside and please show me your full and naked tits". She said "NO" and forced her hand from my hand which was making it touch my dick. I told "make me release (cum) as soon as possible before I put it in your chute". The statement, hearing me say the word "your chute" made her "hmmmmm" and breath faster.

I knew that made her hormones live and kicking, I said, "you are more beautiful than Yasmin and I feel like I want to lick her chute". She said "Chiii.., thats dirty". Now, she was talking but still resisting. I said, "ask Yasmin how well I lick her pussy". She said, I have to be careful with Yasmin with that thing I have, since she is still a kid. I said "do you like my dick, is it big?".

She said, "please don't ask these dirty things" I said "suck it and I will let you go". Now she was breathing faster and She said,m"Thats dirty, mouth is to eat and speak..not.." I grabbed her tit again and she stopped talking and I said "Yasmin does it". Mami said, "new generation might do it but I never did".

Again she started to break away from me. Now, I know that her pussy was never licked and my Uncle never made her suck his dick properly. I asked her to remove her blouse or I might tear it. She was very concerned but she knew I might tear it too.. So, she asked me to promise not to ever discuss it or repeat it, and asked to turn off the light.

She said that in very shameful manner. I refused to switch off the light and grabbed her and pulled her right tit out of her blouse. Oh my that was a beautiful tit, big, shaking yet firm like big bowl of jello, and big cherry like erect nipple. I started sucking on that nipple like a baby as she removed remaining hooks of her blouse.

I again told her how better her tits are compared to Yasmin to which she said "yes, Yasmin has upper body from her dad's side, but her lower body is like mine". I know that cause my wife has an awesome ass, great legs and very shapely ankles. I said thank you for giving it to Yasmin, but I want to see her legs and ass too.

She said "NO. just finish it up Irshad, this it self is a huge sin and there is nothing new for you, everything is like Yasmin and I am old". Meanwhile I was squeezing her tits and sucking on them like a man possessed. I got up and made her sit on the bed, now she started to resist and look away.

I started to put my dick in her mouth and she refused and started to turn her face away to the sides. My dick was already leaking with precum and I started to write with it on her cheeks and closed mouth as she turned her face forcefully. I grabbed her face very tightly and made her open her mouth like a "O" pressing her cheeks and forced my huge dick in her mouth.

She just held the head of my dick in her lips with shame and lust in her eyes. My dick head was grown like a bulb and pulsating. I started to force my dick deeper in her mouth, but her mouth was small and she had to open in bigger. I asked her to lick it with her tongue and play my lund with her tongue while she had it in her mouth.

She started to suck it nervously and it was best experience ever when she looked in my eyes sucking on my dick. Her eyes had Kajal and they had mixed feelings of shame, lust, anxiety, fear, pleasure and guilt. I was amazing to see that my very own conservative MIL and mami sitting on the bed with her blouse open sucking my huge tool with watery eyes looking

at me with mixed feelings unlike anyone before and I was afraid that I would cum with excitement anytime. After few minutes I removed my dick from her mouth because I was starting to choke her throat now. She took her saree pallu and took off all her saliva off my dick, and she was panting. But I forced her down to lie, sometimes pleading with her to lie down.

She tried to cover her open blouse with her pallu of saree. As soon as she lied down, I lifted her saree as she was struggling to keep her legs together and not give access. I opened her beautiful legs and started to lick her knees and up. Her legs were little more fat than my wife but were more beautiful. As I reached her chute.

She put her hands on her chute area and I had to literally fight and pull and tear her panties down, after which she just gave up and lied down closing her eyes and cover her face with her palms. Now I had complete access to her pussy but she still tried to keep her legs together. Her pussy was shaved with slight growing but I was amazed how well her pussy resembled my Yasmin's.

I tried to push my dick into her chute. Even though she was 45 and mother of 24 old (my wife) and a grandmother a month old (my son), she was as tight as a 20 year old. Her pussy kept resisting me until I became a brute and pushed it in with all my force. She screamed in pain, and as I removed her milky white fleshy palms covering her face she said "yeah kya kar raho ho,

please hosh mein aao, dard ho raha hai" in anger while still keep her voice down. Her pussy looked exactly like my wife's, even her pussy smell. Her white flesh fingers had gold rings in them and every inch of her was attractive that time. I spread her hands to her sides and as I fucked her harder and harder I can see her pussy pulsations,

her expressions change and then movements and feelings were exactly like Yasmin. I kept chanting "Mami, you are beautiful", "Mami, meri jaan", "Mami, I love you". But as soon as I said "Mami, your chute is tight" she slowly she started to move her hips to my jerks with slight moans and everytime I said "tight" she would say "aaah.." or "...tiat"

as if you take pleasure of her tightness. I couldn't believe I was ramping up on my conservative and homely MIL and mami in a brutal way and she was lying below me with her beautiful legs wide open and her tits shaking like 2 big bowls of jello with browish pink hard cherry. And before I know, I was sucking her tits,

squeezing her tits and fucking her hard and she was fucking and responding to my jerks me like my wife Yasmin, completely giving in to make me happy. I kept on saying "Mami" she would reply back "haan" in acknowldegement. Then she said my name "Irshaaaad" and it excited me to hear it in a very sexy appealing way and I rammed my dick in her faster and faster,

then I slowed down and I said her name "Shamshad" and she started to fuck me harded from below me with uncontrolled lust and moaning. Every time I slowed down she would say my name to increase the speed and if I wanted her to move her hips and ass faster I would say her name and she would fuck me harder from below.

She was having multiple orgasms as I can tell with her movements and lack of control at times. I put her legs on top of me or spread them wide, or crush her tits with all my force, she would just say "aaram se, dard ho raha hai" but did not stop me.. I would would have gone for few minutes when she said "dana", I said "what?"

She said my dick is touching her "dana" (seed") inside her pussy. I said is it a bad thing? She said, "Irshaaaaad", it is good thing, you hitting my spot which I never knew I had. I guess I hit her pleasure spot unlike she experienced ever before. She said" "Irshaaaaaaad". I rammed in her with all my force and came with a big splash of my cum inside her pussy

with a loud "Shamshaad, mami...Auntyyyy, sasuma...janam...randi..kutti.....chinal.....teri maa ki chute....". She came too and we just slumped in naked in the bed which is now wet with our cumm, sweating profusely and panting and breathing harder than I ever did. She was crying but hugging me so tight..finally she said "thank you, Irshaad"

Never do this with Yasmin, she would have to get stitches..promise me. I didn't say anything but started to suck her tongue and lick her face. We got up after 20 minutes and went took shower together. I got up and went checked fearfully on my wife, she was still snoring and then I joined my mami in the shower.

While in the bath room, I pee'ed on her legs and I wanted her to pee on my face, she refused. And We fucked in the shower and 3 different times that night. Mami and I now fuck whenever safe and possible. So far Yasmin doesn't have a clue, nor does my uncle of my affair with my mami(MIL).

They think I am a good son in law who cares for his MIL and takes her out to buy stuff for our house since my wife doesn't come with me yet. My Mami says that she will have to kill herself if anyone would come to know of our thing. But I highly doubt my mami can ever live without my dick now.

I see a new glow in her and my wife thinks that since I am taking care of her and buying her better products like I have done for her, her mother is looking lot younger now. She doesn't know that my mami just got one new product, my dick.

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Hi, I belong to lucknow.Few years back I was selected for admission in NIFT.In Delhi my uncle also used to stay. He had 2 very beautiful daughters and my auntie at 43 was a sexy lady. Both my cousins were nearly my age. Whenever I used to get bored I used to visit them and believe me I never ever viewed them with lust.

The elder daughter's name is X in the incident I am going to share with all of you. Last year I was spending my new year eve with them. X was engaged and in Feb was getting married. They had planned their honeymoon in Kovalam. As I was in dress designing course X asked me to design her wedding wear to which I readily agreed.

During afternoon I discussed about the prevailing fashion trends and suggested two designs to her, one was backless for her reception and other was more of traditional style. She kept on discussing fashion and slowly and gradually I understood that she requires what type of dressing. I explained the concept of cleavage show without looking ugly.

By evening she was giving me her vital stats and even asked me to get it confirmed or the dress may be loose or tight. I went out in evening and bought silk fabric and returned.I did the master cut and asked her to wear it so that I will know wether it is o.k or not. She wore it and called me in her room,

as the mastercut is not stiched and open from the sides I could see her undergarmants from side and for the first time I had a bulge inside my pants on seeing her. The fit was o.k and I promised her that with this mastercut I can sew all her dresses. After that we had a merry time and my uncle and aunty retired and other cousin also went to her room.

When X and I were alone she asked me if I can design a bikini for her. I was already getting hot for her so I agreed but said bikni would require you to be more bold and you may have to be in your bra and panties only for quite some time and that uncle and auntie may not like it. X said we will lock the room from inside and nobody will ever know.

First I asked her to wear a loose T - shirt and shorts. After she wore it I started cutting the T - shirt which was sleeveless and as if by accident I nudged her boobs. When she did'nt repond adversely I started nudging her boobs every now and then and could see from the thin fabric of T- shirt that her nipples were totally erect.

Then I told her that in need to put my hands over her boobs to bring in that cut and she huskily said that she did'nt mind. I inserted my hands and instead of doing any cut I slightly squeezed her nipples. She turned back and stood in such a way that my dick was pressing her ass. I took the cue and again started to knead her nipples and simultaneously kissed her neck.

After a while she was breathing heavily and all of a sudden she turned and locked her lips with me and her tongue was searching mine.I obliged her and unbuttoned her shorts and put my hands on har ass.We continued kissing for quite some time and it was becoming difficult for me to hold my dick inside my pants. We parted and I removed her t- shirt and then her shorts.

She removed my pants and my underwear and stroked my dick. I then requested her to blow me off. After initial hesitation she started to lick my dick, she did'nt take it in mouth but instead licked up and down with her tongue. My dick went harder and harder and I could'nt control myself and ejaculated on her face. She cursed me for this and ran to bathroom to wash off.

When she returned I asked her to lay down and I lappeed up her vagina, while doing so I went in for 69 position and to my surprise I found her sucking my cock this time. Every passing minute she would suck it hard and hard and finally she said that now I should enter her. I was also dying to insert my dick into her and with a little difficulty I entered her.

At first I was slow and then gradually increased my speed and finally thrusting into her with full force. All this while she was uncontrollably moaning and begging for it to be more harder. This was boosting me up and I gave all that I could and shortly I again ejaculated into her. But she was not done yet so I fingered her vigorously and after 2-3 minutes she had her orgasm.

After wards she thanked me and said that I should not carry the impression that we can have sex again but if mutual desire arouses like today then only. I said if it is once then I know it will happen again whenever we get opportunity. The matter did'nt end up here.I will share the remaining part of the night next time.

Shashi fucked by horny father in law

Dear readers, this is shashi here again who works as a secy and have wild sex with my boss, and here is one of my personal true episodes, I have read so many episodes and yet to read anything similar to what I experienced with my 55 year old father in law.

This happened 4 yrs back when I was 23 years and newly married, other than sex with my hubby I never had any sort of a experience with any other male as we were from a conservative family.

after we got married we came to bangalore and settled here and my father in law visited us for the first time in this house, we were hardly married for 4 months, my mother inlaw had died almost 5 yrs bk and he stay alone in a place called hassan. I was very nervous about his first visit, in the out house room I had made the room ready for him to stay.

next day me my hubby, my father in law and some 3 old ladies who are his relatives left for mysore in a taxi to attend a marriage, the function went on well and we had lot of chat with all relatives and left back for bangalore at 7 pm. in the fron seat driver, my hubby and one old lady say and in the rear 2 more old ladies and my father in law and myself sat,

the two ladies were fully tired and went of to sleep and place was too tight for all of us and my father in law asked me to sit on his lap, which I did hesitatingly, and kept my head on the front seat and slept a bit. after a while I felt something moving on my thighs and woke up,to see that my father in law had kept his hand on my thighs on the pyjamas

what I was wearing and was caressing it, I was too shocked but kept still as if nothing was happening and he further advanced and spread my thighs and was touching my pussy area, one side I was getting scared and other side I was getting aroused sexually, by then we reached half way place and we stopped for some refreshment.

I was standing outside and hubby went to wash room and I was alone with my father in law and he asked whether I felt bad, I replied for what, he said since I touched ur body and private parts, I just stood bending my head, he said I am sorry what todo your mother in law passed away long back and he is still having energy and vigour which made him touch me

and asked if I am ok, bending down my head its ok I said thinking that it will not happen again, but never expected what was coming for the next 1 week. again we started the journey and in no time again my father in law hand was invading my body, he went staright to mt scrotch area, this time he could feel my wettness over my pyjamas and he started to un tie the

lada knot and his hand went inside, I was also exited and spread my thighs apart enough for his fingers to reach my pussy, I was jst bending on the front seat and pretended to sleep and was enjoying his fingering, his left hands were now nicely kneading my breasts and I could feel my nipples getting hard.

the driver was driving and everyone else was half sleepy and my father in law was feasting on me, my pussy was fully wet and his fingers moving in and out was making faint noices, he tpulled his fingers out and put them in his mouth to taste my pussy juices, it was very errotic for me and my hubby had never done anything like this to me,

fingering was continuing for the next 30 mts and I had a wild orgasm and I tightened my thighs, by the time we were approaching bangalore I tied my lada and got ready to get down. we got down at the house and all went for a freshen and had dinner, everyone was tired and waned togot bed as it was almost 11pm,

and my father in law asked me to keep his water boittle in the room and do up the bed, so I went into our out house upstairs and was tiding the bed, suddenly I saw behind my father in law standing close to me, I was really scared, he pulled me towards him and lip locked on to me, I could feel his thick toung trying to enter my mouth

and I opened my mouth and he was filling my mouth with all his saliva, as he kissed me he lifted my nighty till my chest and pushed me on to bed, as I lay there he sread my legs apart and he burried his head into my crotch, this was my first experience someone sucking me, he licked my pussy from top to bottom and he further went down and with his toung

made circles on my ass hole which sent shivers in my body, it was in such pleasure I surrendered fully for his passion, he was really a good lover, he did for almost 15 mts and I could hear my hubby calling out for me, at that time he lifted his head and told me to tell will be down in 10 mts, so my hubby replied that he is going to bed and to lock all the doors.

his face was fully wet with my juice from pussy and he had relished every drop of it, and I had almost 2 orgasms, when he stood up, I saw he had removed his lungi and his cock standing erect, it was a sexy sight to see a hard cock of my 55 year old father in law. as I was watching he came forward holding his cock in one hand and with the other hand pulling my head

towards his cock, in no time his cock was touching my lips and he asked me to suck it, this was my first experience of cock sucking, when I opened my mouth he pushed his hard cock till my throat and started for fuck me, with his pre cum taste my secertion of saliva became more and I could feel my saliva all over his cock,

it just went on for a few minutes I could feel my father in law grunting and loaded his sperms in my mouth, I didnt know what todo, in that exitement I had swallowed half of it, as he removed his cock from my mouth he pushed me flat on the bed and came on top of me and started to kiss and lick his own sperms which was leaking on my cheaks,

since my nighty he had lifted I could feel his last drops of cum falling on my thighs, he was so huge in physique and I am so thin and was feeling like a monster on me, I swallowed the rest of the cum which was in my mouth, he got up and again licked my pussy of all the juices which had leaked and said good night to me.

when I got up he gave a tight hug and thanked me for the sharing, I didnt know what to say I jst left the room in silence. the next day morning I got usual at 6 am had bath and was with my regular work, as hubby had to leave for work by 9 am, I saw father in law coming down at 7 wished me good morning and went abt reading the news paper,

I couldnt get the courage to see eye to eye after what happened last father in law and hubby had break fast at 8.45 and he left for work stating that he will come back only in the night and instructed me to take father in law out to near by shopping mall so that he wont get bored and left.

i went out till the gate with hubby after he left closed the gate and came inside and was latching the door, I could feel my father in law comming from behind and hugging me, I could feel him kissing and sucking my neck passionately from behind, and his hands was caressing my breasts, I could feel that extasy building up again in me,

with his right hand lifted my nighty up and hands reached my crotch and he asked me to spread my legs apart which I did and his hands went inside my panty and started to play with my clitoris, within no time I could feel my pussy getting wet, he removed his hand and took me to my bedroom and lifted of my nighty over my head I was standing in front of him with only my panty,

as knelt he lowered my panty and kissed my pussy and both his hands were cupping my ass from back, as he got up he removed his lungi and both the nude bodies hugged in passion and kissed for a while, he gently pushed me back on bed spread my thighs and fingered my pussy which was dripping wet and came on top of me,

his cock was much thicker and longer than my hubbys, he rubbed hi s cock head on the pussy juice and guided to my hole, inch by inch he entered my body, once he was fully in he gave such long and forcing strokes my pussy wanted it more and more, he had lot of vigour in him he pounded my pussy for almost 20 mts before he loaded his sperms

into my pussy and slept of me licking all my face with his saliva, after his cock became soft he puuled it out and hugged me and we slept, I must have passed out for about 30 mts and with his cock again getting hard near my thighs I woke up, amd he came on top of me again, but this time he took my legs on to his shoulders

and put a pillow under my ass and inserted his cock, this session went on for about 30 mts my pussy was feeling sore with his pounding, but I enjoyed every stroke of his cock, but this time before he could cum he pulled his cock out and leaked out into my mouth and as usuall slept with me licking his own cum,

we saw the time it was almost 2 pm how several hours had passed by couldnt be felt, we got up had bath again together, got dressed up and went to mall where he brought me lot of dresses and make up things, by the time we came back hubby was back at home waiting for us.

the next 5 days my father in law stayed with us were ultimate pleasure time for us, in the coming days he fucked me in different styles and places, and each fuck was better than the other thats all I can say. for all the passion what he had I kept aside our relation ship and enjoyed the sex.

Fucking sisters daughter Rabina

This story is about my 9 years younger niece and me. In March 1997 I was 20 and she was 11. There was a time of my sister's marriage we did not have enough space to sleep separate. This incident happened first time on that night. Let me introduce myself first before going to this real story.

I am Rajeev (name changed) youngest child. She is my own eldest sister's daughter named Rabina (real name). I belong to middle class family with educated background. I live with my mother and my father had passed away when I was 10. Since I am youngest in the family everybody loves me very much.. They all treat me as a child.

Everyone seems busy as a marriage ceremony was there in my house. There was big party I also had drink we dance a lot and enjoyed much. Around 1 AM we organized for sleep. I already mention that we did not have enough space to sleep us. We 6 people all relatives slept together on the floor on mattress I was on the corner then Rabina then my cousins and so on.

We all fall on sleep in a moment as we were tired but I was unable to sleep. I felt something uneasy first later I felt myself aroused I put my arms around her it was normal between us that I always put my arms around her shoulder whenever she comes in my house. My penis got erected as I am very close to her I even can feel her breath I can see her face in the dim light.

I was damn sure she was in deep sleep. I touched her chick I went to more close to her I grab her hand to put around my shoulder. I am now just millimetre distance to touch her lips by my lips. I got so excited to kiss her. I touched her lips by my thump it was soft and tender and then finally I put my lips on her lips and try to go more close to touch from my erected cock to her pussy.

I started to kiss her that was my first kiss I ever did in my life I even did not know how to kiss properly. I didn’t know when I fall on sleep. Next morning as usual there was still crowded at home. On the following night we both slept together in the single bed where as my other cousins slept on the floor in the same room like last night. I was so excited to sleep with her.

She always closes to me, she use to be with me all the time whenever she comes and we always sit together with hand in hand or my arms around her or her head on my lap like this while watching television or movie. My family thought that we have such a good intimacy between mama and niece.

Well, I often do masturbation thinking the wonderful girls of my neighbours but I never had my niece in mind whenever I do masturbation but I love to be with her, touch her body and hand. As last night I felt myself sexually aroused only we two were in the single bed we both were facing each other and talking about party my cousins were also there in the same room

we all were just chatting and laughing. The room became silence now Rabina was also in the mild sleep I suppose. I did the same actions again but this time I try to insert my tongue on her mouth I became so stimulated I go more close to her I can feel her tongue by my tongue it was like hot but tasteless. I tried to suck her lower lips then upper lips.

I never thought what she thought about those my actions. I do not know what she is thinking at the moment. But somewhere in my mind says that she also likes my sexual inputs. I put my left leg on her thigh and insert my whole tongue on her mouth and then oh my got my cock start to push on her crotch and what happened I felt a throbbing then cum starts to ooze from my cock.

My underwear is wet now I felt relaxed but uneasy and cold around my crotch. I turn my face from her and try to sleep but did not care about her what happened to her. After some time she puts her hand around my body then slowly her fingers in my chest and then in my lips but I did not react she was trying me to kiss her again I thought so but I did not do anything just fall on sleep.

Likewise I try to seduce her whenever we meet each other and then she also liked whatever I do with her teen body at the age of 11-19. Normally we used to see one or two times a month. But one thing I clear you all readers she never initiate anything all those moments I had to create but she loves whatever I do and her reaction had been positive until she got married.

She always reacts like a doll she just closed her eyes and enjoyed. In the winter time we were covered by blanket even in the day time while watching TV. I don’t go out when my sexy niece comes to my house. I put my hand on her small rounded nice lovely breast she just let me do whatever I do. I still remember all those moments like she had small breast at that moment.

When I put my hand on her boobs she just act like she was sleeping I put my penis close to her ass and my hand around her chest and enjoyed myself and aroused. I grab her hand and put it on my cock. She acts like she is sleeping but I know she is not sleeping but my other family members thought that she is sleeping while watching TV.

I even make her hand to move up and down my cock but I remember she does not know properly how to do this job. When I go to climax I take out her hand and put my hand to masturbate and cum out on my panties. That is how our relationships grown up. She hardly comes alone whereas she usually comes with her mother in our home because

she was just 11 and she has to take buses to come to my house. Likewise time passes on and on when she became 15 she used to come alone frequently in my house and stays one-two nights that time she was in 10th standard. Whenever she comes alone I try to sleep in lounge as there was TV and movie my mother use to sleep early only we both were

there in lounge covered by blanket acting like watching TV. My mum went to sleep saying send Rabina to sleep with me after finishing this movie. I said okay. I switch off the light and only lights from the TV. Rabina closes her eyes. I started to kiss her lips, eyes, neck and then inset my tongue on her mouth I then suck her tongue.

I put my hand around her breast and massage her boobs. Now I am up her body I first time sleep over her body she was under me like typical South Asian husband wife sexual position. I kiss her forehead…eyes…nose then both chicks ….move my tongue on her neck …..I press my cock on her pussy from the outside of the cloths I was doing like I am making sex with her.

She was just lying like a cute sexy doll. Suddenly my mum shouted from the other room hay comes soon Rabina and you also go to sleep its late night.. I answered okay just 10 more minutes. Then I move fast my erected penis on her cunt I hug her very tightly my both hand under her neck kissing very strongly then finally my semen came out all over my panty and I became loose.

Likewise days passing on and on we did these games many times whenever we meet but we had complete sex (intercourse) in 2007 only. I am going to write all those moments here step by step. I have had to wait 10 years to fuck her completely. I went to university hostel for three years for my graduation.

I use to come back home on my summer and winter vacations twice a year and stay one month each time. Let’s start what was happened on my holidays. I do not have my own room now as I do not spend much time in my house. Let’s start what was happened on my holidays. I come back home after six month in Jan 2000. By this time she was 16 she is not like before.

I can feel her well developed books and attractive sexy figure. She came to my house for 3 days stay. On the first night we did not get chance to sleep together but in the second night of her stay we all were watching TV. Rabina and I sleep in a same bed in the different room but there was no partition between my mum’s room and the room we slept together.

Anyway I had a lovely chance to make wonderful sexual moments. It was cold I switched off light and went to close her. She was acting like she was in deep sleep. I make her to see our face to face. I do not have to make any effort as she also wants the same things. We started kissing. It sounds like chhupp.....chhhhuuuup....................cccchhhhhuup....

there was my mum and sister so that I tried to make soundless kisses. I can now do perfect French kisses I enter my whole tongue on her mouth and she just suck it as it comes something tasty juices she sucks and then swallow something. I can feel that. Then I took out my tongue and want her tongue to suck but she does not get it I open my mouth still she

did not put her tongue she is innocent for these actions I pull her head and go close to ear and said give me your tongue so I do it myself and suck her tongue. I put my left hand on her breast she had bra I tried to hook off but I could not then I completely moved her back side and used my both hand and yeah I did.

But I did not remove it from her body just make it easy to run my hand on her boobs so that I can freely move. I go down by kissing lips first time suck her nipple. It was not big but small lovely nipple. She was just enjoying sexual feelings she hardly open her eyes while we play. That night I intentionally did not wear panty I wear easy trousers only and on top just vest

and I even took out that vest. So I am half naked only trousers on bottom. But she was not naked she had bra T-shirt and panty and trousers on bottom. I wish to make her naked but I was scared if we caught what happened??? I did not undress her. I open my trousers up to knee only now I am almost naked this is the first time I let her see my thick sexy penis

after four years of our physical relationship. But I do not know whether she opened her eyes or not. It was dark on a room. I try to put her hand on my cock she does whatever I make her to do. I want she move my cock up and down but she did not do anything she just put her sweet hand like blanket on top.

So I teach her to hold my penis first and then I grab her hand which was in my penis then I whispered on her ear please move up and down. She then slowly starts to do. I pull her whole body and put it on me, I am under her. I felt so excited her whole body was pressing my body we kissed...

slowly I push from my ass she also slightly move towards me then I suddenly Put her under me...start my erected open cock move up and down on her pussy but she had trousers, only, I opened. I came to the climax I quickly put my vest around my cock then all fluids spread over it. I then went to bathroom and cleaned it up and came to sleep..

I was nearly fall on sleep where as my sexy niece Rabina was unable to sleep she was rolling her body here and there I can understand what was happening to her. I was satisfied only not she. She then hugs me from the back side I did not anything but after 5-8 mins later I again aroused I can’t express here how I get aroused when I even see her I think we have some

kind of hormones that we both get sexually attracted each other and aroused very quickly.. Our game started again I said “Rabina I love you”. When I say these words she just gets more excited. This time I open her trouser and panty up to her knee and try to insert my finger. Our sexual activities gradually and slowly grown up I also want to see her pussy but

unfortunately there was dark in the room so that I can’t. I slowly open her trouser and panty up to knee she was just closing her eyes and having fun. I move my finger around her pussy there was short hair and I found bit wet in my finger I nicely inter my middle finger on her little pussy at first it takes some time to search exact whole I did not know honestly.

Finally I got the right one then my finger starts to do in and out. A mild sound comes from her Ahhh..Ahhh....ahh....uhmm......I continue doing so. Even I was also enjoying while doing that simultaneously I was rubbing my penis on her thigh and my tongue completely inside her mouth........I was deeply kissing her as well as fingering her.

And even moving my dick onto her thigh.That is how our sexual relationships kept on. Next day, there was a pillar behind the bed where my mum sleeps. we too were watching it was around 10pm. TV was on with low volume but we both were not watching just playing each other’s sexual part her right hand is inside my panty rubbing my dick and my middle finger

is trying to insert on her pussy and our lips and tongue licking and sucking.........while doing these I had to see my mum too wether she was sleeping or not. Likewise after some time my cum comes out on her hand she took out I gave her my handkerchief to clean it up she then went to bathroom and I go to sleep in other room.

Every morning my mum used to get up in the morning and goes out to the temple and only comes back to 8am.. After her gone I went to Rabina straight away where she was sleeping I pull her quilt and covered myself too I straight put my lips on her and start to suck she then got up start to accompany me too.

I start kissing and go down on her breast I did open her t- shirt and bra both she is now half naked sucked her both nipple and go down I am now her clitoris she was wearing trouser and white panty I pull down both up to knee. There was curly short hair around her pussy I kissed there and I watched curiously her pussy as before last night

I could not see properly because of dark now I can see. I used my both hand to make wide her pussy. She was completely virgin First time in my life I saw real live pussy and it’s of my niece. I have seen in porn movies but real life never. I wanted to put my cock on the lovely pussy but I can’t I scared if she gets pregnant???Oh my god what will we do?? So that did not do.

At that time I did not have idea to use condoms. Even though I know very well about sex education. To tell you honestly and truly I seduced her each and every time and she just get ready whatever I want. Well, let’s come to the point. I then quietly lick over her pussy I got some kind of new taste but I did not like that taste but love to lick her sweet small pussy.

I insert my finger first then I inter my tongue in my niece pussy. and insert my tongue on their this is first time I ever lick pussy she was moaning uummmmmmm uuuuuuuuummmmmmand her hand on my head pushing towards her pussy. I did around 40-50 times in and out my tongue. I just do not know how I get excited to put my penis over there........

then an idea came in my mind I found one plastic and covered my penis then try to insert on her pussy but unsuccessful while I was trying to fuck in that way... cum starts to come out...likewise three days passed and she get back to her home. My one month vacation also finished then I had to go back to my university.

We had this kind of foreplay around 12-15 times in this three year of my study time. In 2004 completely finished my study and came to my home.. I was looking for the job but not getting so I was in home mostly. Whenever no one would be there in my home I rang her and try to make her come to me but she cannot make it every time but she tried as much as she could.

One fine day she came I was already much aroused by thinking her. I open the door and lucked it after her enter. There was nobody of my family in my home. I strongly kissed her face everywhere. I can feel her smell. I love her smell. She was wearing shirt I open button, There was black bra I keep kissing all over her boobs and then open bra too.

I was not satisfy by her half naked. I had not seen her full naked. Then I open her belt she had tight jeans. Then I open her jeans button and chain and pull down her pant she had now only panty. I kissed all her thigh, leg, feet finger and all over. I could not control myself I open her panty too she is now completely naked. Nothing on her body. I loved her body.

Friends if I have to choose a girl to fuck in this world of course I will choose her only. I had only half pant and vest. In my unconscious mind was scaring that somebody might come so that I did not leave her long time nude. I make her sit to sofa and I stand in front of her mouth and my penis is in same level I took out my erected penis and rub around her face I wanted to insert

on her mouth but I was feeling uneasy how do I put? She then holds by her hand and start to move. I said “Rabina can you kiss there?” She starts to kiss my tip of the penis oh my god I got so aroused then I slightly push toward her mouth. She opened it now my penis is insight her mouth. I fuck on her mouth first time.

I could not resist it long time then I took out my penis and spread semen all on the floor she was just curiously watching. Likewise we had so many times blow job hand sex, fingering, and oral sex. But not intercourse. One day we talked about our incest. She said she was not guilty and said love me blindly and madly..

Well readers I was already afraid while playing with her and want to fuck her but there was not a safe environment to fuck. Likewise time passing on and on years passes but we do these games whenever we became close. I then got married. After my marriage we (me and Rabina) did not do sex game for couple of months.

One day my wife was not in her mother’s home Rabina came at that time then we start the same. I have now plenty condoms in my room I thought if I fuck her with condom then no need to worry about pregnant so that I make plan to fuck her anyhow. But there was in my home not such free environment she also wants to have safe sex from me.

She loves me too once she said I want to marry you if you are not my mama. One day I ask her, “Do you want to have intercourse between you and me?” She said yes by moving her head. I then asked her for that we have to go somewhere else but not in home. She is even ready to go to guest house or hotel.

We did foreplay so many time in so many places even in my bathroom, in her room, in the corridor, on bike, in my lounge, my bed room, kitchen, cinema hall etc but not insert my dick onto her pussy. I got this wonderful chance to put my dick onto her wet pussy and fuck her like a great horny lovers after 10 years of our sexual game started.

Well friends, a month before leave for my country one fine day I went to her house and ask her father that I am free today and want to go cinema with Rabina. He simply agreed. We went to cinema hall but my mind was saying to take her in the nice guest room and fuck her. I ask her to canceal the movie and let’s go to guest house today will have complete intercourse.

She is happily agreed. The room is nice big and large bedding with beautiful attached bathroom. As soon as we enter the room we start to kiss and undress. We both are naked now. I widely oopen mu legs and slept on my back in the bed she is top on my and has started to kiss all over my body, she went down until she reached my cock.

She start to kiss around my dick very nicely and sexually. I said her to suck it she first reluctant but when I press her head on my dick she complete sucked. She did it about 4-5 minutes then my turn I did the same. I even completer insert my tongue towards her hole of pussy.. Finally I put a condom and enter my 6” cock onto her virgin sexy pussy.

This is the first time we have sex. At first it did not go inside then I put some spit on her clitoris and around the pussy to make it easy to enter my dick yes finally I did we are now fucking so nicely. On that day I fuck her 4 times in different way. We did bath together fuck in the bathroom. Top on me, top on her, doggy style as whole we had a very romantic day.

We came back and tell everyone that the movie was excellent. I am now in Australia and New Zealand with my wife. She is back to the country with her husband. I used to frequently call her and we used had erotic chat until she gets married. She became completely changed after married. Before she says She misses me a lot but after marriage she never said.