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Sex with college friends Mom

It’s about Nirmala, a sexy lady of my life. Her entry into my life was quiet unexpected. After my S.S.L.C I was studying in a college, and it is not some of those great colleges in bangalore, but a mid range college and was doing PCMB, having scored 75% in 10th, I could get through only in this college. I joined the classes and as usual daily classes, friends and home.

That’s when a new student joins our class named diya, a good looking girl slim but she had nice boobs. Then we introduced ourselves and that’s when I came to know that she was near my house. She had just shifted into her new house which was on the same way of my home. Then on my way back home we met again and we walk together to home.

She reached her home and showed her house. It was an old house which was not used for long tome but they bought this house after her father got transfer to the here. When I was about to leave to my house I saw the lady, Nirmala. She came in from diya's house and was coming towards us saying hai. She was like a gorgeous figure wearing a sari. 5’3”, good build, shes not fair.

but I cam say wheatish, but really attractive. I really liked the lady at first instant. When she came to me diya introduced the lady to me, she was diya's mother. I didn’t know what to tell then, I just stayed silent there and then went back home saying a bye to them. At first I felt it’s bad to think about it but again and again nirmala was coming into my mind.

Day by day my friendship with diya went on increasing and then we became good friends and then I stared to go to their house. It was a regular practice for me to visit her home just to see her mom. One day diya got ill and she didn’t come to college which I didn’t know. Only in the evening I came to know that diya was ill and was at home itself.

So that evening I went to her house to see her. When I rang the bell, her mom opened the door. She was wearing a white nighty and was looking gorgeous. She welcomed me and took me to diya who was lying on the bed with high fever. I and diya talked for some time and in the mean time her mom bought tea for me.

As she came near me I got up so that she could get into the room as I moved back she passed me her big ass just grazed my dick, which was semi hard at that time. But at that instant it became hard. Now Nirmala also joined our talk and now we were having a nice chat. Even though we were talking my eyes where completely on Nirmala.

Her nity had a very low neck line and I could see her cleavage slightly whenever she bents. I noticed that she was bending down unnecessarily and that too many a times. I thought whether she is indicating something but then I thought it might be just my thinking. Even though she was in her early 40’s still she was so great.

At that time I had to leave and said that would come again tomorrow. The following week end I went to diya's house to see her but above all Nirmala, her sexy mom. As expected Nirmala opened the door for me and greeted me inside and to my surprise she quickly closed the door behind me.

I asked for diya and she said that diya and her father have gone to one of their relative’s house. I got excited now, a good chance should I go for it or not, what to do I was really confused. She asked me to sit on the sofa while she went into make tea for me. As she went inside I looked her back, it was really great looking at it.

She was wearing a green sari and was looking great in it. I couldn’t control myself and I got up and went to the kitchen. She was preparing tea for me. She saw me coming but didn’t react and just gave a smile. Now I was completely checking her parts while she was busy making tea. I saw she was wearing saree low down and I could clearly see her navel.

My 6 inch revolver was really beating my pants. Suddenly I heard her voice “What are you looking at?!” I got really surprised and felt bad now. But she didn’t look at me and continued “u really a bad boy”, and started laughing. I felt embarrassed and felt like leaving the place. Suddenly she came to me and stood near me and asked, “Have you ever felt a women’s body”.

I dint know what to tell but she was quick and slowly took my hand and put it on her boobs and said “now feel it”. Oh! What was that, I told in my mind and slowly started to massage it? I saw her closing her eyes and I knew that she want to experience everything. I now took her to the hall and made her sit on the sofa and slowly removed her pallu.

I stared kissing and sucking her boobs above the blouse she was wearing. I was getting inpatient and I unhooked her blouse and bra to reveal her bear boobs. I started sucking her right one and playing with the nipples and my right hand squeezing her left boobs and nipples. She was moaning and I was getting excited, I removed her skirt and panties revealing her pussy.

I also got undressed and started licking her pussy, it was really hot there. Now I started inserting my finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her with my 2 fingers. She holed me and said to do it with my weapon which was in her hand now. She took it and started rubbing over her clits which was wet now with her liquid and my saliva.

Slowly I inserted my dick into her and now it was completely inside her pussy. Now I started my movements slowly and slowly I increased my pace. She was catching up with my pace and it went on for sum minutes. The she got climaxed and she got tired but I was continuing and at last I also got climax and I filled all her pussy with my cum. I just fell over her and lye there for sometime.

Then only we recognized that we where in hall and in the sofa. Now Nirmala asked me “how was it”. I said it was nice and I liked it. After that we went to her bedroom and did the 69 for some time and again I got hard on and again we had sex. We had sex for the whole afternoon and then I went back home.

For past three years we have been having sex occasionally, but when we do it we take the hell out of each other. Dear friends you might be thinking that on my first time in sex I had so much and also look like an experienced guy but im sure u all know that this was not my first time, even nirmala thought I first had it with her, but I never told her the truth.

Hot fuck festival

I am Martha and my brother Bob were small then. When our parent went for work we used to take care of ourselves. I used to help my brother dress to go to school and he too helped me. We used to take breakfast when our mother is not around direct from the table and we grew together in our own way. I loved Bob so much that I will not tolerate when he cried.

He was also over protective about me. He used to wait when the school hours are over and we came back together. In the night after supper I helped him with his home work and he waited patiently for me to complete my home work so that we both together go to sleep. Our bedroom was upstairs and we slept in a big double bed.

When wanted to pee he used to awake me and I will stand at the door of the bathroom watching him pee into the commode and come. When I wanted to use the bathroom he used to come with me, and he used to watch when I pee in the commode. I did not cause wonder to him to see that instead of his pole, I had a hole to pee.

As we grew up into our teen age we restricted occasions when we go to the bathroom together. Once when he went to the bathroom, I saw him holding his pole long and stout. I wanted to examine it closely but I did not ask him to show it to me. He too came to the bathroom when I used to pee but he knew that there is nothing new in my hole.

Day by day hair used to grow around our genital and we did not want to show them in public display. As we grew up we collected lot of knowledge about our privates. Seeing his genitals I used to get wet in my pussy and when he sees my genitals he used to get erections. One day Bob had headache and he asked me to rub him with some balm in his head.

When he was lying I sat near him and rubbed his forehead with the balm. His hand were roaming and touched my thighs. Though it tickled me and I pushed his hand away, he continued to roam into my thighs and touched my panty. The new pleasurable sensation was good and I allowed him to roam as he pleased.

His deft fingers found their way inside my panty and was searching for the hole. I saw his knickers rising and a tent being formed because of his erection. I scolded him for the false pretense of headache and stopped applying balm and kept away the bottle of balm and went in search of his tool inside the tent. He unbuckled his knicker and gave his erect tool in my hands.

"Let me see your hole in bright light" he said and got up to put on the light. He came back and pulled my panty down and I widened my legs and allowed him to see the pussy. He opened the pussy lips and examined inside the cunt. "Martha, your pussy smells good, shall I plant a kiss there?" he asked. I said "Yes" and opened my cunt lips.

He licked the cunt and his tongue went all over the pussy. He licked all the juices flowing from it and was licking vigorously. His tongue made a havoc and I was shuddering all over my body. This was a new feeling pleasurable feeling. I raised my hip and pressed his head inside my cunt. Bob made a grunting sound and went on sucking and licking.

I rolled my head left and right and crashed into a wild orgasm. One after another it came in torrents. I stopped Bob and asked him to give me his cock which he was willingly given. I felt like sucking his cock but it would not enter my small mouth. I licked the tip and took its head into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it.

Within a short time he shot his cum into my mouth.It came in such large quantity that it filled my mouth and I had to swallow a mouthful. It was coming in spurts. Bob went on fucking me in my mouth and it was nice.We turned sides and when he was licking my cunt I tried to lick and suck his cock. We slept in that condition.

When we woke in the morning we both were naked and his tool was limp. It became our practice to suck each other whenever we had time and our parents did not know what is happening between us. One day Mary, my mother's younger sister came to stay with us for a few days. She was definitely elder than both of us and she was accommodated in our room.

She was a jovial person and told us many stories to make us laugh. She had a robust body and was very attractive. She was a good cook and she made nice dishes. We simply loved her. In the night Bob was given a spare mattress and asked to sleep on the floor when she occupied our double bed along with me.

She fell into sleep fast whereas Bob and me could not sleep because we had to have our dose of sex. In the late night Bob came sulking and lifted my frock and buried his face inside and was licking my cunt. I warned him that he should be careful because of the guest sleeping next to me. He said ok.

But he was in his usual self and I could not help moaning and touching the body of Mary aunty. Mary aunty woke and kept watching what is happening. She too was horny. When I reached my orgasm and was riding high on my orgasm. Bob lifted his head to see the reaction in my face and he saw Mary aunty gesturing to him to come to her.

Bob went to her and started without wasting time started to lick her cunt. When I opened my eyes, I saw the cot was shaking because of the movements of Mary aunty. I kept watch over her. Closing her eyes she was pressing her own boobs when Bob was licking and sucking her.

Mary aunty suddenly opened her eyes and asked me to move away a bit and asked Bob to give his cock into her hand. She examined it closely. His cock was big and stout. She asked him to fuck her. We have never fucked and Bob was wondering how to do it. She pulled him closer and took his cock in her hand and placed it in her cunt and asked him push it in hard.

Bob pushed it in. I got up and put the lights on. His cock was going in and he rammed into her with all force and it went deep inside. He made him to go in and out slowly at first and then faster. Bob knew now how to fuck and I was watching in wonder how fast Bob was fucking her. She was so much excited that she embraced Bob and wound her legs around him.

She reached orgasm fast but Bob was going on fucking her. By the time he reached his orgasm she had it thrice. She asked Bob to pull out and wiped his cock and her own pussy of all the fluids. She asked me whether you fuck daily. I told her no, we only do it orally. In that case now I will show you how to fuck.

She made me to lie down with my legs wide apart asked Bob to fuck me just like he had done to her. Bob pushed his cock inside with great difficulty. When his cock went all inside my pussy, he started to move in and out slowly. I was in heaven. I never knew so much pleasure was hidden inside. Under the guidance of Mary aunty we fucked thrice and she also got fucked twice.

Bob was tired by then. During the stay of Mary aunty we fucked and fucked and it was like a fuck festival. Mary aunty was engaged to marry somebody and she came to invite us for the marriage. She went back and got married. Me and Bob with the new knowledge we continued our fucking for ever.

Fucking ex girlfriends mom

I am about to narrate an incident from one of the wildest sexual relationships I have experienced. I am from Bangalore and yes it’s a true incident and not some desperate fantasy. To keep this short, my ex Gf and me were going around for about 4 years in college and we had a rocking sex life literally, anytime, anywhere - the car, the terrace, the bathroom,

friend’s farm house and once even outdoors in the country side. However, one fine day we had to break up and call it quits. I was pretty close to her mom, Kavita, who knew about us going around and I later learnt that she knew more about us than we had presumed. It was about 8 months since we had called it splits, and I had not spoken to Kavita.

A lot had changed, the ex gf was now married, all of 23, was happily settled in Australia. I was 25 then. One fortunate Saturday evening, bored of sitting at home and being horny all day (family was out of town and on such occasions were never wasted when I was with my ex) I decided to take a stroll to the market nearby to distract myself and not feel sexually frustrated.

While waiting outside a street corner chat shop, a lady tapped me from the back, I turned to see who it was and it was an unpleasant surprise. It was Kavita. I uncomfortably exchanged pleasantries and by then our turn had come, we ordered together and waited. So after a little idle chat, I realized she harbored no ill feelings and was genuinely interacting with me.

I got comfortable as well and we chatted like friends of old. After finishing, I asked her if she needed help with the shopping bags half way (we stayed in the same locality within a radius of a km. “Yes please, if you don’t mind walking and dropping them off home.” I was a little apprehensive of the thought of visiting her home and she read my mind and responded,

“don’t worry, uncle’s out of town on work and it’s just me, as Karthik has also left to Australia for his studies.” I breathed a sigh of relief as we walked homewards. I subconciously began to check her out. As she walked ahead of me, her sexy fair curvy waist leading to that lovely round big arse wrapped around in a sari was just mesmerizing.

She had lost a lot of weight and looked even more beutiful(I learnt later that she had resumed Yoga,walking, and a good diet in all earnest) and seemed to be in pretty decent shape for 43 year old mom of 2 adult children. Yes, 43! She was married off at 19 as good Brahmin girls are meant to those days and within a year had her first child.

She had a pretty attractive face to top it off .I would try and catch a glimpse of her melon sized breasts under her Pallu. She was an impeccable and elegant dresser and now with a slimmer body she just looked even hotter. I had a huge lust for tall women as they are a rare breed in India. I am 6’2”. She is about 5’7.5”, 40D-36-44. Dam, was I horny and hard for this woman!

My thick monster was dying to burst out of my jeans. When I have a hard on, even the tightest pairs of briefs fail at suppressing that guy! I was dying to end my 8 months of sexual drought by doing this woman and was secretly hoping she notices it. As I sat down on the couch waiting for my cup of tea wondering if I can get lucky, she returned and sat down beside me and started,

“What’s on your mind Roshan, why are you just randomly flipping channels?”, “Oh nothing, just bored thought you will take a bit…?” We began chatting and the topic drifted to how I was now etc.. Asked her how she was? “Well it’s just the two of us here and when uncle traveling all the time it gets really bugging and lonely.”

Her loneliness lifted my spirits as my horny mind saw a small window of opportunity and possibility! Asked her if she would like to go out for a movie or dinner as I was home alone as well and had nothing much to do. She replied quite amused, “Roshan stop joking, you would not want to be seen with a 44 year old lady”.

I shot back checking her out “How are you so sure about what I feel? Trust me you don’t look a day older than 35!”. “Oh shut up young man, don’t try those juvenile lines on me...”she smiled.. I responded, “Can’t help it Kavita, you sure look like you have lost a lot of weight”. She seemed a little surprised but also blushed that I had noticed.

“Ok Roshan, how about I cook a quick dinner here for us instead of going out?” ...yes!!! I watched her as she got up, she thinned the pallu to wrap it around her waist to tuck it. As she did that I got a front on glimpse of those huge melons suppressed under the blouse and that curvy fair waist and a bit of her belly button. What a sight.

She noticed I was ogling and just walked to the kitchen. I followed and stood at the door as she started mixing the dough to make a few rotis. “Stop checking me out and help me Roshan, get the vegetable bags and pour some oil into the dough.” I gladly brought the bag in and then opened the can of ol and stood so close that our arms were in contact as I poured the oil.

After which I took a step back and brushed her arse on my way to the sink to wash the oil off my hands, she had a slightly miffed look on her face. I pretended like I didn’t know…”what happened, why you giving me a dirty look?” “Oh forget it” and she looked down for second, I realized she noticed the bulge of my hardon

and quickly looked back up slightly flustered and focused back on the kneading the dough. It was apparent that her breathing had increased, and drops of perspiration were forming on her forehead. I decided to take my chance. The risk got me even more excited and harder. I walked behind her put my arms firmly around her waist and pulled her close

and started necking the nape of her neck, her ears and her shoulder and at the same time ensured that she could feel my hard on her nice big arse. She tried resisting but my hold was firm and increased the intensity of my necking as one hand firmly moved down her belly into her panty while my other firmly moved up to her melons and started kneading them.

Her resistance was slowing giving way and she completely relented the moment my fingers got closer to her fleshy shaven valley and cunt lips and touched her clit. Seemed like the touch it sent a shock through her “Roshan…stop it please…stop it…aaah roshan nooooo…hmmmm…” her breathing increased as my long fingers dug in deeper into her cunt lips

and started parting them and rubbing her sensitive flesh. She was getting wetter and wetter. She was squeezing the dough as she began enjoying and giving in to the fingering. Quickly moved my left hand from her breasts and pulled out the sari pleats and then undid her inner skirts knot and let it fall.

The freedom of space allowed me to further insert my hand and my fingers found their way to her cunt hole and started drilling her walls. She made it easier by bending forward, arching her big butt up a little and pushing it deeper into my crotch so my fingers could work her cunt even more easily. She was now just moaning loudly.

I turned her around to face me and she looked amazing with her ruffled hair, the sweat beads, her lustful eyes and that massive cleavage in her blouse. She smiled and I increased my fingering as I undid my pants and pulled my very thick and fairly long dick out. The sight of which she could not stop looking at.

“Now I know why I found a few pills in her bag” she said with a naughty smile. I just looked at her and ripped her blouse off with one hand and increased my fingering. I then moved closer and we kissed like wild animals as I pulled her melons out of the bra and tweaked those big nipples and fingered her clit and now dripping cunt.

She finally orgasmed big and I stopped kissing her and told her, that she was even wilder than her daughter and now I know where it comes from. I asked her to get the dough off her hands and she promptly did. In the meanwhile I completely undressed and stripped her off her bra and undid her hair and began enjoying her bare back, neck, shoulder, waist,

arse and spanked them arse cheeks a few times. Once she was done washing the dough off, what next she asked? I pulled her close and we began kissing again, feeling her lovely warmth and flesh. Our tongues like hot horny, hirsty creatures. I bit her lower lip frequently as my hands played along her naked body. Squeezing every bit of flesh it could find.After which...

We walked to the couch and I asked her to sit and start sucking me which she promptly did. God she was a quick learner, in the sense she knew just how I wanted it. Deep, tight and wet. And she tickled my head with her flickering tongue a lot just to see me whine and felt my balls and even sucked them too.

I just held her by a fist full of hair and started asking her to suck me like a whore. Seems like the dirty talk excited her further as she increased her intake. I kept pushing her head in and out and then finally decided I wanna fuck her. I asked her to get on her knees n the couch and decided to do her doggy.

I then quickly positioned my dick at her entrance and with one thrust shoved it in. She let out an amazing moan and I started pumping her gradually. Kavita started moaning and begged me to get faster . “Don’t worry doll I am going to fuck you like slut and you will enjoy it!”. She screamed out loudly as I picked up my pace.

I started spanking her big butt hard and abusing her calling her a whore and she loved it. Just like her daughter. I nailed her ass cheeks, I slapped her breasts and kneaded them hard, I literally started pounding her pussy as my thighs collided with her big ass…her pussy was just taking in my red hot dick easily…

she literally collapsed after 2-3 orgasms in about 10 -15 minutes of ruthless pussy pounding. I was about to cum but did not want to cum in her pussy. I wanted to cum in her mouth so asked her to sit up and I started stroking my dick and when I was about to cum I shoved it into her willing mouth. I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth which she lapped up with excitement.

I was surprised that she loves cum. She sucked out every drop and let a little drip down her mouth as well. That was a truly sexy and slutty sight. Rest assured I am sure you can guess that sex was our dinner for the rest of the night and weekend and was had my first and only Anal experience with her.

Kavita was my eager slut for the next two years till her husband retired and even then we did meet up occasionally and catch up for some wild sex and twice I have had threesomes, with her younger sister as well, who had caught us unaware. That will be my next story. Kavita, turned out to be wilder than her daughter. She loves the fact that I can bring out the slut in her and I love the slut in her.

Sex with hot Mami

Hi, I am Raju from bangalore. I am 25 now and working and living alone in BANGALORE now. I was 23 when this happened at my native place. I am going to share with you my experience that happened.

It was the marriage of my elder brother and we had many relatives gathered at our home. Among them one was my maternal uncle’s wife (MAMI). She was around 32 years old. At this age also she looked gorgeous and beautiful. She had nice 36” boobs, a waistline of 28” and good swaying buttocks of almost same as the boob size.

She had very good features and was fair as milk. The most enjoyable part of her body was the navel as she used to wear sari below belly button. My MAMA (uncle) was of around 43 years and there was big age difference between my MAMI and MAMA.

I do not know how I got attracted to my MAMI in sexual manner. I used to be around her all the time she was at our place. I never missed a chance to see her cleavage when she used to bend and swaying buttocks when she used walk in catwalk like manner. I had a strong lust in my mind for her. I think she must have noticed that. I was looking for a chance to see her naked.

We have two floors in our home. The ground floor has three rooms and the upper floors has two rooms. There are in all the bathrooms including one that is on the corner on the terrace of the house which is rarely used and is used only when there are many people gathered.

Anyway, my brother’s marriage concluded and all relatives started leaving. My MAMI told my MAMA that she wants to remain there for some days. So few relatives were there including MAMI. I still remember that evening when MAMI asked me to repair the shower of the terrace bathroom as it was not working.

It was around 7 in the evening and due to winter it was dark. I went upstairs repair the shower. MAMI was in petticoat and blouse only. She was looking stunning special her blouse was very small and the boobs were jumping to come out. I saw clear erection in her nipples.

I was in puzzle how should I initiate or she will. Anyways, I decided to initiate. While repairing the shower, I said, “MAMI! You look very great. You are very beautiful.” She said, ”You are trying to seduce me. Or what?” I felt little awkward. I just kept silent.

I was astonished to feel hot hands on my cheeks. I turned around and saw that MAMI has locked the bathroom from inside and she was complete nude. I was seeing a complete beauty naked before me. I was puzzled what to do. I decided to go ahead as she has already given green signal to me.

I started to kiss her neck. Then I went upwards and started kissing and licking her cheeks, ear lobes. Then I locked my lips on her sexy pink lips. Our lips were locked and our tongues were exploring each others mouth. Hot breathings made me very hot and I was instantly rock hard. My tool was jumping to come out of my pants.

Then, I slid down and started licking and sucking her hard boobs, it was the joy of lifetime and it gave me immense pleasure. I started to press her boobs and sucking those nipples very hard she was moaning that time. my hands are playing with those big boobs and sucking erect nipples. She said, “Come on Raju, suck it fast.

Your uncle has never done like this to me. Please make me cum. Give me the ultimate pleasure.” I kept on licking her belly and then reached her thighs and then her legs and then her toes. I licked each and every part of her body and I saw she had become very horny. Now it was here turn.

She removed my clothes instantly and she was astonished to see my 7.5” hard thick dick. She took my dick into her mouth and started to suck it. she rubbing my ass and and I am pressing her boobs and navel. She said, “Oh Raju, your uncle has very small one. Urs is very giant. I have never taken such a thick dick in my tight pussy.”

I said, “MAMI don’t worry, today I will give u this one.” She then started licking and sucking my cock fastly. I felt her hot tongue on my dick. She was sucking very good. I asked to stop and parted her legs and started licking her tight pussy. She was right, she was like a virgin as shed said uncle’s dick was very small.

I inserted my tongue in her clit and juices started flowing down her pussy. She was very much wet at that time and said, “Raju, please now fuck me I am feeling very restless. Please fuck me hard.” I made her to lie down on the floor of the bath room and started the cold shower. She was chilled in her spine as it was cold water and it was winter.

I parted her legs and kept the head of my thick throbbing dick on her pussy entrance. I gave a little jerk, and the head was in the pussy. It was very tight pussy. She almost screamed and I locked her mouth with my lips and the scream was succumbed. I then gave another push and half of the dick was inside.

She was giving jerks to her pussy as my iron rod was penetrating her. I gave another push and full length of my 7.5” dick was inside her tight vagina. I left her mouth and she was in moans. She ws vigorously jerking her hips and maoning in pain and pleasure, “Ohhh Raju, Come on fuck me hard come on tear out me in parts.

Common fuck me fast hard, ahhhhh ohhhhhh Raju fuck me hard common.” I started pumping my dick in her pussy first slowly to accommodated my dick in her pussy and made it familiar with her love hole. I then started giving hard pushes and pumped my rod in her rigorously. Harder and harder, faster and faster She was moaning a lot, “ Oh my love Raju.

Comeon fuck me hard.After around 10 minutes I loaded her pussy with my cum and hot sperms were penetrated deep inside her pussy. I was very much satisfied and so she was. After that, we had few sessions of sex. She lived for 4 more days and we enjoyed a lot.

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This is Amit again with a hot experience. At that time I was in my college. On a nice weekend I went to my uncle’s house that was my cousin’s birthday. There I meet my cousin’s aunty (mother’s sister), who live abroad. That aunty came to visit everyone and she has one daughter named Nadia.

When I meat this sex bomb I found her very delicious to look, I last meet her about 6 years back. She is 2 years elder then me and looking sex goodness to me. She was white, her lips were pink in color, and she wears a mini hot skirt and a normal thin top. She was looking very sexy with this kind of getup. When I said her hello, she replied with joy and relief.

She was cheat chatting with me and saying about her life in abroad. What I mark that the way I look to her rising hot boobs, her sexy shape legs which could easily be seen through her hot skirt and her jiggling ass, she didn’t mind and she was enjoying this. We were at the balcony. Fresh cold air was blowing and it was a very hot day.

Slowly some nutty things came in my mind so I asked her, so how many boys u have in there. She said it’s not the thing like here. There nobody like to have an affairs to only one person, they use to make up relations, have date, after a few days find a new one. I said date means sex, right? She without any hesitation replied yes. That was all I didn’t get a chance to advance that day.

After a few days our all family members got an invitation @ their house. So we went there. She was livelier with me that day. She also requests me to take her some places for visit, as she didn’t get a partner to move. I know that it’s not will only be roaming around, it will be more then that.

Later she show me some picks of her friends in abroad, I found some well built boys only wearing their shorts and including her three girls who were wearing some sleeveless nighty. Their entire pose of picks was hot, they are habituated in sex I think, but I just said nice and also add that your friends are cool. She just smiled.

So we settled that I will come to her place tomorrow and take her roaming around. Since that time I use a Yamaha bike. So it will not hard for us to roaming around. So the next we went for some nice places for roaming around the city. She was seating beside me in the bike. Her sexy big shape boobs were brushing against my back as it was a sports bike.

I was enjoying her touch, her soft sexy boobs were feeling very erotic, I was also feeling her nipples become hard with my rubbing and unusually I was applying breaks to feel the softness of her sexy melons. She was also enjoying and didn’t try to remove from my back. She was also pressing her boobs against my back.

She was in her shirt and jeans at that day and looking dam sexy. Her jeans were tight and shirt was in pink shade which was making her sexy boobs visible as it was tight ladies shirt. We roam around the city from one place to another. She was walking when we reached some place hanging my hand and sometime my arms were brushing her boobs with extra care, lolz.

We both were enjoying each others touch. We took lunch in an exclusive restaurant of the city, after the lunch suddenly she said let’s go back to home. I was surprised and said what? She replied yeah I need rest please take me home. I think as she was not enjoying my touch and now she is leaving me. So after finished our food we start for her house.

While we were going back she was doing the same, she was rubbing her boobs to my back. When we reached her home she said come inside. So I move inside her house and find that she was opening the lock with keys as nobody inside. I didn’t know if there is any program or it’s her plan to bring me her home when nobody will be at home.

She took me to her bedroom and tell me she is going to have a bath, she also said watch some dvd and wait. So she entered her washroom and I switched on the dvd and tv. When I open the tv I found a nice 3x movie which was full of fucking and sucking, so she use to watch this things whenever she is alone.

By the mean time she called me from washroom for something so I went near the door and she said from there open my cupboard and you will find a set of black underwear. I was astonished but was young enough to propose her for a fuck. I have nothing to say just went for the cupboard,

open it and find a transparent underwear set which was black and I think it will be visible of everything she has to hide. She said will you mind if I wear this entering in the room. I got a great opportunity how could I say no! She came out with a towel around and she said shut down your eyes and opens it unless I tell you. I said ok.

So she took those sexy underwear set and start to remove her towel. That was the only thing she was wearing, I can’t resist and open my eyes and found a gorgeous, hot and sexy tine without any thing, nude. She was only 19+, her big boobs maybe 32d, waist was narrow like 28 and her hips were big round with whitish complexion, perfect shape legs.

Any man can become mad seeing her sexy legs. She took time to wear her underwear I didn’t know that she was waiting for me to watch enough and after wearing those sexy clothes she was looking more sexy then nude. She called me now you can open your eyes. Oh God, she was dam sexy with the pair of transparent bra and panty.

I saw her cunt area where no hairs, and boobs with erected pink nipples which was clearly visible through her transparent bra, I couldn’t resists stand up and went near to her. She was elder then me in age, but little then me in height. She looks in to my eyes deep and me also. I didn’t know what to do in this situation.

She places a kiss, just a light touch with her lips in my lips. This was enough for me. I was horny for a long time, so I started with wildness and kissed her hard in her lips. She was enjoying everything as my hand was on her boobs and smooching those soft sexy melons. She was moaning loud while I went to her boobs and start sucking her hard pink nipples.

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She unzipped the chain of the pant and starts to rub my pennies with her hand inside my underwear. She was doing it very perfectly. Slowly spread my palm against her ass and started to fondle them. The flesh of her ass was firm but soft. By now my penis was very hard and trying to come out of my pants.

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Now both of us in out birthday dress. She was giving me nice hand job ever possible and within a minute she was on her knees and starts to suck my junior in a sexiest manner. She was sucking it as it was a chocolate bar. I think she had learnt it very well from European culture. It was a great experience for me as I couldn’t control my moan.

She was rolling her tongue all over my junior rock hard pennies and occasionally she was sucking my balls. Girls normally never do it. So it was a great feeling for me. It was very hard for me to control my cum. I said stop and took her to the bed and start to sucking her full wet vagina, which was flowing like flood.

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Her bed was not so high and it was a foam bed. So it was very much perfect to fuck her from behind as this way. I set my dick in her cunt lips and from the first time I push it as hard as possible. I was stroking like fucking her in full force with a great speed. My whole dick was disappearing in her hole and while I make it out,

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PLEASE Jore ..Jore...Koro.Don’t Stop..Ohhh, Yes, Yes, Ahhhh Ommmmm..FuckFuck..Hard. Ahha.Ommm. I was stroking hard, ride in her with all force and she was also forcing her back to my pennies with the same rhythm and within 4/5 minutes she stroke more fast, start to suck my pennies with her pink pussy lips,

her two boobs were jiggling with every hard stroke and came with a big Yesssss.. Ahha.. Omma..Ahhha She collapsed on the bed with a banging way; my dick was still inside her and was hard enough like a rock as it wasn’t cum yet. I didn’t stop I was fucking her with all force, I was near to my orgasm but she said stop and she request me to fuck her missionary style

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My mouth was near her nipples and I suck them for a while, and my dick was still inside her becoming normal. We lied there for a while and after that we get up for a wash. She gives me nice french kiss and thanked me for the nice fuck. She said she was habituated to sex and after coming here she was not getting it,

so she becomes very much erected when we have an oral pleasure in my bike. She new nobody will be home in this time so she took me here. In the washroom we bath together and have another round under the shower, we got a great suck and smooching round and have a hot round in standing position; I fill her hole with all my thick fluid and fill up both of our lust.

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Hi this is Kirupa from Chennai. After the previous experience of bike ride with my cousin we did not have much more encounters. He had started a clinic recently and he called me to come to his clinic suddenly. I went with a lot of expectation. But when I reached there he was angry with me. I did not know why. He told me that my sister was nagging him about his affair with me.

He had a suspicion that I have told about the bike ride to my sister. I told I did not know how she came to know about it. I thought in my mind may be she has read the story from this site. Then he asked about my lover. I was shocked when he asked this. I had kept it away from him for a long time. I accepted that I had lied to him and I asked sorry for that.

He cooled down and told me that he did not mind whether I had a lover or not or whether I married my lover. All that he wanted was that he told that I should have sex with him whenever he demanded it even if I get married. I readily accepted what else can I ask for. Then he took me inside the examination room and told me to act as if she was a patient if somebody comes in.

I went inside with him. He made me lie down in the examination table. He pulled down my pants and panties. He inserted his finger in my pussy and said you are a kd. I asked why. He said you are not a virgin. How can I tell him that I have many boys in my life? But he was not expecting an answer. He was fingering my pussy slowly.

He searched with his fingers on the roof of my pussy. He told me that he has found it and stimulated the region. I got an instant strong orgasm. I asked him what is it. he told me that it was a knot like structure on the roof of the pussy and it was called as the G spot. He was stimulating it and I was getting another orgasm.

He slowly unzipped his pants and showed his cock. This was the first time I was actually seeing it in leisure. it was a medium sized tool. I caught it played with it for a while. He then adjusted the height of the table so that my pussy was an inch above his penis while he was standing near the table. He pulled my hips towards his tool.

I was lying on my back with my legs placed on his shoulders. Then he slowly inserted his tool into my thing and his penis entered in a cross way stimulating my clit and the roof of my pussy and thereby stimulating the G spot with each insertion. It was like being in heaven. With just ten strokes of his cock I experienced a orgasm and this was going on until I had four orgasms in just 10 mins.

I was not able to take more than this and I told enough. Then he speeded up and tried to release his cum but he was not able to do so. We heard some noise and some patient of his had come for consultation. He adjusted himself and he went outside after sending the patient he came inside and asked me to get ready and go.

He told me that he has did all these things to my sister also. I was shocked. He told not to get shocked since he was also a kid. But he told me that nobody can fuck my sister because she had a very small pussy and it was painful for her even if a finger was inserted into it. I was not able to believe it but I went back home with troubled pleasure of getting fucked and coming to know about my sister.

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From my experience I have learnt that women are more interested in sex, and not men. If the proper opportunity comes, they take the initiative and get sex at any cost. They dont mind, blood relationship or difference in age, difference in caste, or any other matter. If they want sex, they will get it.

One Seetha, aged 28, married for 7 years and no issues, settled down in Chennai with her husband in a flat in one of the suburbs. She did her graduation but did not chose to get into some job. She was intelligent and good in conversation, looked very beautiful with good figure. She could have got a job easily in any of the commercial firms in Chennai.

Her husband, Ramesh, working in some private firm, liked and loved her very much and he was also a handsome figure. After marriage he got promotion as Sales Manager and had a big sales force under him. After marriage they had sex almost everyday and they both enjoyed sex very much.

He used to bring XXX porno DVDs home and they both used to watch them and have a fruitful sex. She was very reserved to discuss sex related matters with any of her friends, but others did not have any inhibition and they used to exchange such DVDs and sometimes they all used to sit together and watch.

Seetha was shocked when a friend invited her to come to her home to watch a movie and found out that the movie was a porno movie. Three other friends also came and they used to have discussion on every scene and Seetha used to partake in the discussion. Most of the ladies while watching movies put they hands inside their petty coats and obviously they were all masturbating.

They had no shyness about it because all of them did it openly. Seetha did not like to maturbate because she used to have the erect cock of her husband inside her cunt. In the evening Ramesh came late and he was tired and not in a mood for sex. Seetha had no other go than to masturbate to satisfy her immediate sex needs.

One day a distant cousin of hers Raju, came to her house in the afternoon on his way to London. His flight was at 2 am and he had to spend time and he dropped in at Seethas. They were child hood friends and took lots liberties then with each other. Raju keeping all things in his mind called on her to refresh his childhood memories.

Seetha remembered that when they were young, Raju used to come to play in his old fashened knickers, where the buttons were damaged. While running the knicker used to fall down and he had to hold them with his hands. The girls used to make fun of him by pulling his knickers down. His penis was longer than that of other boys.

Raju was very sensitive about it and when they make fun of him he used to cry and run away home. Thereafter Seetha met him in his college days to have grown up into a fine young man. To bring the memory of the olden days she used to pull down his pants whenver they meet alone, they both used to have a hearty laugh.

That Raju is here and she has to give him a nice supper. While she was planning her friend telephoned to remind her of the evening film show at her residence. Seetha was in a dilemma to go or not to go. Seetha's friend told her that it is a new DVD and said to be very good. She looked at Raju who was reading a newspaper. She asked him whether had taken his lunch.

He said yes and now he wanted to just sleep to make for the loss of sleep during the journey. She asked Raju to sleep in any of the bedrooms and told him that she has an urgent meeting of the ladies club and she will be back say with two hours. He said ok, but lock the door from outside so that he can sleep undisturbed.

Seetha locked the door and rushed to the house of her friend. When she reached there all her friends were there eagerly waiting for her to come. As soon as she sat in the sofa, the DVD was put on. Yes, it was a new disc and a know film star was there acting. The background music was good and the show began with the boy and the girl undressing each other.

Seetha looked at the screen spellbound about the size of the tool of the boy. He was very handsome and his tool was shown enlarged in the screen. The girl, very young in her teens, with her cunt clean shaven, had nice boobs and ass. They remembered the girl to have acted in some TV serial or some film.

The girl taking the tool of the boy in hands was examining it closely. Seetha and her friends pulled their chairs closer to have a closer look. The girl opened her mouth and took the tool in her mouth. But it was too big to go in. She just licked it all from the bottom to top and the balls. The girl then opened her mouth very wide and took the tool into her mouth and half length went inside.

The boy wanted to fuck her in her mouth, but she was choked and the attempt was abandoned. The boy bent low and was squeezing her boobs and nipples. He lifted her bodily and took her to the bed and laid her flatly and he squatted on the floor between her legs. He lifted her knees and widely opened her crotch. The close up of her cunt showed it to be glistening due to outflow of fluids.

The boy licked the cunt clean of all the fluids and was probing the cunt with his tongue. Seetha's hand went to lift her saree and inside her panty. She knew all the other women also would have inserted their fingers inside their cunt. The boy in the monitor was searching for the clit with his tongue. The girl was continuously cooing and hissing and shouting.

The boy pulled the clit and licked it and then softly sucked it. The girl opened her cunt lips wide open and allowed to suck her clit. The moaning sounds came from the mouths of all the women spectators. The close up shot of the clit and the cunt shown in full screen made the breath of Seetha very fast. Her whole finger was inside her cunt while her thumb was nibbling her own clit.

The show went on and on and the girl had a series of orgasms. She lifted her hip and then pressed the head of the boy into her cunt. But the boy was going on busy on his task. The girl was shouting "fuck me, fuck me deep, pleaseeee". The boy got up and his long tool kept at the entrance made to enter the cunt. In three or four attempts he inserted his whole tool inside.

The close shot of the scene was fantastic. Fluid smeared cock was going in and coming out in slow speed while the girl was rubbing her swollen clit. Seetha had her first orgasm and then she was working for her second. Other friends also had two or three orgasms and they never concealed it.

One women inserted her hanky inside her panty to blot out the fluids flowing from her own cunt. The DVD was going on and the boy increased his speed and the moaning of the girl also increased. Finally she wrapped her legs around him and she would have had her mighty orgasm. The thigh muscles of the boy contracted and showed that he too had the orgasm.

But his cock was still erect. He rolled over and made the girl to straddle him. The girl made vigorous movements and the show went on and on. Seetha could not bear the sight any longer. She went to the bath room and washed her own fluids and came back. The condition of her friends was very bad. One woman had lifted her own saree upto the hip and was finger fucking.

Other two had a carrot and a banana inserted in their cunt. The girl went on riding like a horse riding and finally she collapsed on the chest of her boy friend. The scene of the boy's cock tightly embedded in her cunt was shown in great detail. Seetha looked at her watch. It was nearly one and half hours since she came from home.

It was tea time and thought Raju would have awakened. She gave some excuse to her friends to get back home. One lady asked Seetha whether it was a fucking cousin or a nonfucking cousin who was her guest. Seetha just smiled and ran home. She opened her own house door with the key and entered tiptoeing. Raju was still sleeping in semi nude condition.

She went to the kitchen and prepared coffee and some snacks. When she came with the coffee and snacks to the room, she found that Raju is still sleeping but his cock was in fully erect condition inside his boxer making a tent like formation. Seetha looking at the face of Raju and making sure that he is sleeping pulled the boxer down and his cock propped out like a flag mast.

Seetha who was high in her libido, could not help opening her mouth wide and taking the king of a cock in her mouth. Raju woke up from his deep sleep and saw Seetha with his cock in her mouth. Although Seetha was elder to him, he had a secret passion for her and he was surprised that she is there in his bed sucking his cock.

He pulled her up and gave her a deep kiss on her lips and undressed her hurriedly. Seetha cooperated with him and within a short time both of them were nude. Raju buried his face in her cunt and sucked her clit. Having seen the clit sucking scene in great detail, for Seetha it was a dream come true. Raju was a passionate lover and was doing a great job on her clit.

Seetha lifter her legs up and allowed him to suck her clit as much as he wants. She forgot the day when her own husband sucked her clit. Raju after making sure that Seetha had an orgasm, rode her and asked her to keep his cock in her cunt. Seetha guided his cock inside her cunt and he gave a deep thrust and in two attempts his whole cock was inside.

Keeping it buried deep inside her, he asked her how she happened to come and suck his cock. She did not mention about the dVD episode. Just said it was her dream to suck him and today it became true. In those days when you used to pull down my knickers, if had given you my cock would you have sucked it, he asked.

She laughed at his innocence and told him yes, I wanted to suck it then, but you ran away and did not give it to me, she said. They both laughed and Raju got busy fucking. His long cock went deep inside her and touched her cervix. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed each movement of his inside her hole. She knew she is going to a get great orgasm.

She lifted her legs and hugged him and pressed him down. He shop his sperms inside her and she had a big orgasm after a long time. She thanked her stars for all the sex she got on that day. They went on fucking and fucking forgot the world completely. Seetha forgot all about the snacks and coffee and the supper she planned for him.

But Raju said forget the supper we will go out and eat. She telephoned and told her husband that a guest is waiting at home to meet him. He promised to come home early. Seetha went and took bath and got ready and asked Raju also to get ready and when her husband, Ramesh, came they all went out to a restaurant and had a good supper.

Ramesh and Raju sat chitchatting for some time and then Ramesh and seetha took Raju to the airport to leave him there. Seetha was contemplating about the amount the semen of Raju inside her and it was leaking constantly. She prayed that she should get a child fathered by Raju so that he will have a long and big cock.

Hot rustic beauty - Mother in Law 2

Previously: Hot rustic beauty - Mother in Law

And then the day of reckoning finally arrived. This happened after my father-in-law had expired and after many escapades. As usual, I went to her house to meet her and she was all alone. After pleasantaries and some tea etc.we two were sitting in the living room on the sofa and just chatting, when I asked her to come to her bedroom and she, again as usual, followed me in.

Having her to sit on her bed I planted a kiss on her sweet & soft lips, to which is exclaimed, "what are you doing" and I told her that I just kissed her. Then I made her stand up and kissed her hard, venturing my tongue in her mouth & licking her tongue. After a long kiss, I withdrew and she said,"beta, what are you doing?"

To which I replied by holding her tight in my arms and pressed her big boobs against my chest and fondled her boobs and pressed them. She again exclaimed, " we should not be doing this". In reply I told her that this was the opportunity that I had been waiting for to be alone with her and express my physical love to her and that she should not worry

as this would not stop me from making love to her daughter & my wife and that she would not come to know of it, as we shall keep this affair to ourselves. Then, I started un-buttoning her blouse and all the while fondling her boobs. Then I removed her saree. There she was in her white bra & petticoat before my eyes to behold.

She again mutterd, " this is not right, beta", but I ventured further and removed her bra, held her big, fair, soft & shapely boobs in my hands and then put my lips to her big nipples and just sucked one and then the other. She was mum. Then I removed her petticoat and lo & behold that beautiful body was there in front of my eyes completely naked.

Then, I removed my shirt and pressed her big & soft boobs on my bare chest. Then I asked her to lie down and fingered her pubic hair and choot with my hands and then thrust my finger inside and she moaned & mumurred but I ignored the same and in response I put my mouth on her choot and licked & sucked it all over. By now, she was getting horny which I could sense.

Then I asked her to take my cock in her hands & shake it, which she readily did, all the while not removing her glare from it. And then I asked her to suck my cock and she sucked it real hard, holding it in both her hands and before I could relieve I withdrew it, but she seemed to want more of it.

After this I asked her to lie down, pulled her legs apart, held them up and thrust my cock in her watery, big & soft choot and she nearly screamed. And she asked me to fuck her hard and as long as I wanted to. I fucked her long enough for her to have an orgasm when she for the first time smiled and managed to say,

"you have given me a lot of pleasure and I have enjoyed everything you did to me, the fingering, the fondling, the licking & sucking and of course the fucking. I did not know that you were such a wonderful lover, and am sure you must be giving the same pleasures to my daughter, your wife." I replied,

"trust me I love your daughter as much as I have loved you today and I tell her that she is not only my wife, but also my lover & a woman with great physical features just like yours, and what a wonderful woman she was and that thanks to your mother that you have taken all her physical features." And then after some more fucking, I too had my orgasm and leaked full into her.

We lay there for quite some time, enjoying it all the while. Then after removing my cock from her choot, she was about to get up when I lay her there and licked & sucked all the stuff that she & I had leaked and swallowed it.. She was taken aback by this, pulled me to her and kissed me hard and exclaimed,

"never before has anyone done this to me but believe me I loved & enjoyed every moment of everything that you did and some things you did like fingering my pubic hair & licking the same, licking & sucking my choot, fingerring my bum, swallowing all the 'maal' we leaked were my firsts. Oh, I love you very much. Please let this not be our first & last encounter.

I will be looking forward to more such encounters." Finally, I took her to the bathroom, fondling her all the way. I gave her a bath, rubbing each & every part of her body. Then I told her that since I had sucked her choot and licked & swallowed all the stuff she could lick & suck my cock full of the stuff and she very obligingly did so, rather she went on sucking my cock.

Then she said she would bathe me just like I did to her. After coming out from the bathroom I clothed her myself, just like I had un-clothed her. She took a promise from me & I from her that we would keep this affair hush and would do it all over again & again, when the opportunity arose. And there were many such occasions and we both enjoyed everytime. I love my fair, hot, sexy & beautiful mother-in-law.

Hot rustic beauty - Mother in Law

My wife is a duplicate copy of my mother-in-law, except for the colour of the skin. That is why I love them both very much indeed. All the physical features are practically identical, big boobs, big choot, shapely gaand, curvy back, big thighs and a wonderful shapely figure.

My attraction to my mother-in-law started one day, years back, when she visited us, alongwith my father-in-law, and she stood in the balcony of our bedroom alone, my wife & father-in-law being in the other room, and started asking me as to what was a particular building, enjoying the view. I went near her and told her of the same.

She kept on asking me regarding other landmarks, many a times pointing out a particular one and asking me again as to what it was and correcting me that it was not that one but the other one she wanted to know about. I went near her from the back, inadvertently touching my cock on her gaand, and telling her of the same. She did not mind me at all.

Sometimes my arm would touch her big boobs and again she would not mind it. Sometime, then on purpose, I would even press hard from the back, probably she seemed to like it. All this encouraged me and I began fantasizing about her.

Then again, when we would go to her house, I would call her on the terrace and she would immediately come and pretending to examine her eyes I would practically breathe into her face and she would not mind. I would take her face in my hands to do so. This happened many a times and she always came to the terrace at once.

Then, sometimes while climbing the stairs I would fondle her gaand from behind. Then, sometimes I would phone her and ask her to accompany me in my car and we would go for a long drive, sometimes touching her legs with my hand. I once took courage to tell her that I loved another woman besides my wife, her daughter.

And on asking who that woman was I told her it was her and that I wanted to make love to her. Very innocently she said that she does love me. I clarified that I wanted to make physical love to her. We had many such outings and she would always come on my calling.

Then there were times when she would be peeing in the partly open lavatory on the terrace of her house and I would see her beautiful gaand and a glimpse of her choot. Other times I would see her full choot from below when she would be climbing the spiral staircase to the terrace of my house in Pune and again on the terrace I would fondle her.

Once on her Birthday I kissed her on the forehead and wished her and she said that I had become very 'forward'. Then again, once my father-in-law called me to their house as there was a huge quarrel between my mother-in-law & one of her daughter-in-law. When I went there the atmosphere was very tense.

Always having a soft heart for her, I took her in my arms, as she was crying alone in her room and caressed & comforted her. I hugged her tight too. She did not mind. Then, once I had the opportunity to see her naked while bathing as she rarely locked the door from inside.

Then there was another time, when she had some arthritis problem and I would puposely ask that I apply oil to her knees, which gave be a opportunity to touch her naked legs. On purpose I would make her sit on a chair and I would sit on the floor. I would press the foot of the leg to be massaged, on my cock.

Then again, as her pain did not go, I told her that I knew of a person who could cure by seeing a photo. And I shot many photos of her legs from different side and angles. Once, when I asked her to lie down on the bed and bend her legs from the knees, I very nearly saw her choot.

I always started fantasizing about her in the day and in my dreams, when I would leak. Also while having sex with my wife, I would imagine that I was fondling, sucking & fucking my mother-in-law. She was present in my thoughts & eyes before me all the time. And I always cherished her sight.

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After my first year in engg. I spent my holidays with one of my uncles who had a big farm in the countryside. He had a big pond in the corner of the farm where sometimes, especially during summer we used to go for bath and swim.

Uncle had business in the nearby city and he was rarely available except during weekends. Aunty was also busy managing household chores with her servants. Uncle had a daughter of my age, Priti, very playful and good looking and son, Prem, around 15. Priti was in the college and Prem was in the school and had special classes and tuitions on almost all days.

Poor boy was seldom available for our games. I cityborn and bred wanted to enjoy the life and hence always wandered in my bermuda shorts or sports knickers. Within a few days my body was totally suntanned. Priti seeing my running around in semi nude condition also wore enough clothes just to hide her nudity with more of her skin exposed than covered.

We used to climb mango and guava trees and eat the fruits and run around. We will keep some for Prem when he comes back in the evening. Aunty used to smile at our playfulness and scold us for climbing the trees for fear of falling. Once Priti climbed a mango tree while I was down on the ground to catch the mango falling.

I happened to see from bottom into her midy and saw her panty and her public hair peeping out I was looking at it very intently which Priti noticed. Pritis hands holding a branch to prevent her from falling. With one of her legs raised to reach to an upper branch, she could not conceal her midy from my sight. But she shouted at me not to look at her privates.

I said who looked. I was looking at the mangoes at the far end. After some time she came down and went behind the bushes and lifting her midy correct the position of her panty which had by then dug deep into her crevice. From her hand movements I could make out what she was doing. When she turned to me I gave a faint smile.

She was angry and scolded me that I have seen all her privates and I should in turn show her mine. I said no and tried to run off. But she overtook me and caught my knickers and pulled it down. Unfortunately I did not wear any undy on that day and when the knicker came down my cock was there in semi erect condition.

Priti caught my cock with her hand to which I protested and said you can just see and not to touch it. If you touch it and you should all me also touch yours. Then it was agreed that both of us will touch each other's.We went to the motor house and she caught mine cock and I ran my hand over her pussy.

It was covered with dark hair and I could not see anything where as Priti was holding my cock with both hands and pulling the skin up and down. My cock was in full erect condition. I put my hand over her boobs and started to squeeze them. Priti closed her eyes and was moaning. She was enjoying my touch.

I went on squeezing and then I pulled her t shirt up and took her naked boobs in the hand. The erect nipples were fascinating. I made her to sit on a table and I put the nipples in my mouth and rolled my rongue around it. Priti was all in pleasure. With one hand she was pressing my head into her bosom. But her other hand was holding my cock tight.

After sucking her nipples alternatively she would her legs around me and enjoying. Suddenly her leg muscles tightened and I thought she must have reached an orgasm. After some time she jumped down from the top of the table and asked me to sit on the table. She leaning forward took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

Leaning backwards on my hands I gave her sufficient room for sucking. Suddenly my orgasm was nearing. I told her to leave my cock because my cum with fill her mouth. She said let it come. With just two or three suck I shot my cum into her mouth. She was expecting my shot and hence she took it in her stride and swallowed the whole thing.

She did not appear to be a novice in the sexual matters. I was surprised how it is. On the way back to the house she told me that she will come to my room and we can have further fun. I simply nodded my head. Priti and Prem slept in their room and I slept in the guest room. After dinner, we all departed to our rooms for sleep.

I noticed Priti making some eye signals but I did not know what she meant. I went to the bathroom for a wash and when returned I noticed Priti tiptoeing into my room closing the door behind her and bolting it. She came running into my hands and immediately probed for my cock and took hold of it. I asked how she was so much experienced in sex.

She smiled and told me that it is a secret and I should not tell anybody. She said she used to have fun with Prem quite often. Once they both saw their parents fucking in their bedroom. It was a full session like cock sucking, cunt licking and fucking in different poses. Priti and Prem saw it through the crevice of a window and from then on they used to have fun.

But Priti did not allow him to fuck her. Except fucking they did all the things. Prem was a young boy and his cock was small and was not matured enough for fucking. When she said she saw me, she decided she will have me fuck her to loose her virginity. She said she used to practice with cucumber and banana quite often and there wont be any hymen.

She wanted a real cock and enjoy the full sex. She asked me how about you. I told her I have done with several people before. Several, how many, she asked. I just lifted her nightie and pressed her boobs and put the nipple in my mouth. The moment I started to lick and suck her nipples, Priti closed her eyes and leaned backwards and was softly moaning with pleasure.

I lifted her into the bed and undid her nightie and saw her totally nude. I looked her face and asked her whether I may shave off her public hair? As you please, she said. I took my razor, watered her pussy and then shaved of all the public hair. She opened up her legs to convenient poses so I may remove all her hair. I then asked her to wash her pussy and come.

She came from the bathroom and she was like a beautiful mermaid. I made her to lie down and I brought may face closer to her pussy and licker her pussy and poked it with my nose and started to lick her. Priti was delirious with passion. She lifted her hips several times to meet my onslaughts. She reached her orgasm very fast and later she had three or four orgasms.

Priti got up and asked me to lie down and sucked my cock with all vigor. Suddenly she got up put her one leg across and then sat on me and taking my cock in her hand, she poked it into her pussy. My dick just was at the mouth of the cunt. She leaned like a frog and banged her pussy into me so that my dick may go entirely into her cunt.

Somehow she managed to have a total penetration. She then started up and down movement and then posing like a frog, she went of fucking me. As he pleasure started to mount she was grunting like a wild animal. Suddenly it came with a bang, her orgasm. I too coincided mine with her and my cum sprayed into her brought the game to an end. We both were awfully tired.

Our naked bodies were wet with perspiration. We took to the bed and slept. Priti got up early morning and left the room. But we fucked everyday either in the morning or in the afternoon or in the night.

Priti was a passionate girl and I was afraid that she may not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people. She said her first gurus were her parents. Their uninhibited sex in the privacy of their bedroom watched by me and my brother gave us so much of knowledge about sex.


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