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Kamini fucked by cousin 2

Previously: Kamini fucked by cousin

Kamini again here. Raju, my teen ager cousin, took further advantage of me during the marriage function twice and fucked me. I too wanted to have fucks as much as possible, when he was ready. He cornered me near the bathroom or in the storeroom and had to be satisfied with a

quickie. There were lot of girls around and Raju's attention was more centered around these girls. I could watch his method of cornering a girl. But these girls always are in groups and seldom come singly.

They go for food, or for bath or for sleep in groups and Raju could not get a single girl separated out of them. He tried all tricks. He called a girl for a movie just like he called me. But she wanted her other cousins also to come with her.

He said he can get only two tickets and not more. But the girl refused to go with him. On the third day I suddenly did not find Raju and one of the girls, Anila, a 18 year old beauty. I smiled and could imagine what all tricks he would have played with her.

But Anila was from Delhi and she would have known more tricks than Raju. Suddenly they appeared at the dinner table in the night at 8 pm. Raju was as usual jubilant. I asked him where he has been. He winked at me and told me in low voice that he will tell me later and not to

mention his absence loudly. After dinner I was going upstairs to the terrace and Raju came galloping after me. He said he took Anila in his bike to show her the lake. Lake, which lake I asked him. He said, otherwise she wont come.

I took her in the bike and went to the park and then went on a drive in the highway and it was getting dark. Anila asked where is the lake. I told her it is far away. She got scared and said no, baba, it is very far, let us return home. I brought her to the park.

It was dark inside the park we sat in a bench and kissed and played the usual games. Anila was aroused. I just lifted her gown and pulled her panty down and searched her pussy. It was all flooded. I took my cock and inserted. She was sitting in my lap with her legs on either side.

She made front and back movements and was moaning loudly. I told her not to create sound otherwise someone may come and see. She took too much time to cum. I had to hold on. She asked me to come to the terrace at 12 midnight. I will have one more fuck.

Relatives were all staying in different houses and I did not know who is staying where. If Anita had told him to come to the terrace at midnight I thought I will also be awake and witness the show. I put off the light in the room since all my cousing who were my room mates were asleep.

I just left the door of the room ajar and was watching for anybody coming up. Raju was sleeping in his mattress on the terrace. At about midnight I saw a female figure coming up from the staircase. It stood still and looked around and slowly went near the mattress and touched the

shoulders of Raju. I got up from my bed and came near the door and was watching the scene. it was just about 10 feet away from me. Raju embraced the figure and pulled it to his bed. In quick movements he bared the boobs of the figure and started to suck them.

The lady started to moan loudly and Raju was pulling up her pettycoat and rubbing her pussy. The lady opened her legs widely and dragged Raju to get nearer to her pussy. Raju leaned forward and was licking her pussy.

He opened up her cunt and was licking and sucking her cunt. The girl was again moaned loudly. I opened the door and went out. The girl could not see me since her eyes were closed. Raju also did not see me since he was busy licking and sucking her clit.

I went and sat near them on the floor to get a closer view. My cunt was also in floods. Raju got up, held his cock at the entrance of the cunt of the girl and plunged it in deeply. When Raju lifted his head he saw me and was showing surprise. I gestured him to keep silent.

He got the message and went on with his fucking. The girl was enjoying every thrust of Raju and and she was moving her hip up to meet his strokes. I could see her creamy white thighs widely open. Suddenly both of them came to their orgasm.

She cried loudly and hugged him tightly and he pressed his body down to release all his fluids into her. He knew I am sitting close by and watching. She got up and when she saw me she had the shock of her life. Lifting her dress and pettycoat she was moving to the bathroom to

clean her cunt of all the messiness. I could not control my laughter. Raju came and placed his hand over my mouth to silence me. Anita came out of the bathroom and bowing her head she was movning down. I called her and told her that she did a splendid job of fucking.

She thought I would scold her. But I called her nearby and put my hand inside and touched her boob as if to try its hardness. I told her why not you have one more round, since you have taken all the trouble of coming here. She said no.

I asked Raju, take her once more and give her more pleasure. Let me watch how you do it. Raju pulled the hands of Anita and made her to lie down in the mattress. He removed all her clothes and made her totally nude. He too removed his dress and they both started their game.

He gave his cock in her mouth and asked her to suck it. She did it without any hesitation. Raju licked her nipples and sucked them with great apetite. This time he said he will lie down and she will have to work climbing on him.

He lied on the mattress and Anitha climbed on him and took his cock and inserted inside her cunt and with a jerk of her hip she made it enter her fully. When she lifted her head she was amazed to see a crowd watching her fucking.

Bina and Sone, my cousins also got up and came out of their bed and sat near me to watch the show. We three girls watched as Anitha made her movements and fucked Raju. Since she was in full control of the movements she contorted her face when

the cock touched her erotic nerve and they both came to orgasm faster than we anticipated. To Sona and Bina it was a shock to see their cousins fuck each other in the terrace. How Raju managed them will be in my next post.

Fucking hot unsatisfied aunty

Hi this is pratik again I want to tell a story about my old tuition teacher and also my aunt my name is pratik the story had happened recently when I was studying in lower classes my aunt used to take me tuitions and they were three sisters all of them takes tuitions

I was very keen to go there tuitions because thy all were friendly to me and my classes were over and I completed my studies and I become a graduate.and all the three were teachers they all get married with in that period of time one of them was married by a uncle of me itself and

other two were married in our place itself I was friendly with every three of then but after marriage I didn’t met the younger aunt after a period of time they bought a land near our house they built a house there and began to live there we were simply have no talking only when seeing her we will talk the story start from here.

One day I was going with my bike and this aunt asked me lift to her school and I give her the lift I did not had any bad intention’s because she older than me other than she is the mother of two children’s and when I was riding bike I care fully ride no to go rash but I feel that she is leaning

to wards me and talking things and I fell her breast on me but she had no change and she was talking with me and I felt her lovely breast on me from that day on wards she talk to not as a relative but to a person who is her friend when I ever go to her house she try to seduce me but I

was afraid one she told me about her sexual life she said she was not satisfied with her hubby after getting pregnant second time he is not interested in sex he didn’t even look sexually so she is very sad and eager to have sex so she is only having a belief that to have sex with me

nobody will get suspicious and will not affected the married life so she asked me? Can u fuck me and I get afraid so I went out and we had no contact for so many days after that I had call from her that she want to meet me and not for sex so I go to her house her husband was there

he asked me please give him a lift to the rail way station I pleasurably said yes because I was very afraid when I saw him then I came to know that he Is going for a training for two months on Baroda so then I was afraid to go the house more because of her who’s long journey but he told me look after his wife my aunt I said ok to him

Then I drop him to the railway station I came back home I didn’t go to his house because oh fear and aunt didn’t call me also but on the next day she called me and told that she want to go for shopping so I would accompany her I said ok we went and came back tired because I was

carrying her two daughters they alternately 3 and 4 yrs when we reached home we were tired so she went for the bath and the time was 11 pm all the lights of the other houses was cleared so I went to take a smoke and when I came back she didn’t come out from the bathroom I was afraid

so I thought to peep in to the bath room through the ventilation form out side when I peep I was astonished because she was fingering so I also get aroused by seeing her naked body what a beauty when I was watching her she stopped and started to dress and get out of the bathroom

and started to call me loudly so I ran to her and she asked me where did I go I said I had to gone to take a smoke she said ok and ask me that to stay there at night I said I want go to home it is urgent so she told me that she is afraid so don’t let her alone so I simply said ok

and so we get in the door has been closed when we go to her room her children were sleeping nicely so she told me that the other room will good for your good sleep and we processes for the other room when entered I accidentally bump into her from behind and grabbed her ass,

it felt so good, she thought it was not an accident so she turned and gave a smile and to do it once more then I said that it was an accident she was very disappointed but she didn’t believed she gave me tight hug.

I was very surprised by this move we almost fell on the side of the bed and I fell on top of her grabbing both her breasts stuck my tongue out and it touched her on her neck and then was about to get up when her hand caught mine.

And she got up and found my lips and kissed them she make hot by kissing and licking I also going to taste the women’s body that too my aunties I feel those warm lips, softly touching mine She gently sucked my lower lip lightly biting it at times. I could notice my tool getting hard.

It was rock hard. She put her hands on my face and passed them through my hair. I put my hands around her and we stood up hugging each other. She was wearing a saree and so I passed my hand slowly under the saree onto her blouse.

She was still kissing me, her tongue exploring my mouth. I was in heaven in my feelings As I touched her breasts my heart raced. “slowly" she said," don’t be in a hurry. There is lot of time" I removed her saree pallu and pulled my lips from her lips and started kissing her neck.

“Good boy", she said. She then raised her breasts as if to suggest that I kiss them too. They were huge. Melons Part of them was already bulging from her low cut blouse. I kissed and tried to suck the tender breasts. She then took my free hand and motioned me to open the hooks.

She was rubbing my hair. I removed one, then the second and then the third and the last. “Slowly" she said again" a woman likes it slow in the beginning." I opened her blouse slowly and she spread her hands to help me remove it. She was wearing a black bra.

And it was so sexy seeing her in the bra. She pulled me towards her breast and said “kiss”. I kissed her slowly. First her left breast then her right. On her bra. When I attempted to remove her bra she said "no, my boy, enjoy it slowly, smoothly, softly."

I kissed her on the bra for a long time. On the erect nipples the rammed through the bra. I could feel her heart beating fast. She mentioned me to take off my shirt. I did. I was not wearing a banyan. She touched me on my chest and then my back gently squeezing me.

I could sense by now my underwear getting wet with my lubrication. She pushed me to the wall and held my hands and started sucking my nipple. Wow! Even now as I write about it I feel the tingling sensation running through my spine. She did it very gently.

All the while I was holding her breasts and rubbing her nipples from the bra. She sat on the sofa and pulled me towards her. I was standing and she kissed my navel. And gently bit it and sucked it. I was burning with desire. I tried to push her down but she would not allow.

“You must learn to control a little if you want to enjoy for long “she said. I agreed. She stood up and turned around. “Kiss me on my neck" she whispered. I drew ahead close and kissed her on the neck. Then on her back." unbutton the bra" she said. I removed it.

And continued kissing her back. “Now the saree" she told me. I removed the saree. She had the petticoat left. She turned to me. I was shivering with excitement looking at those breasts. “These are the doors to a woman's orgasm. Handle them with care."

she advised as I was staring at them. I bent and softly took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked it and licked it. I licked her nipple and there it stood proudly. The dark area around the nipple also firm. Then I took the other while fondling the first my hand.

She moved her breast in and out of my mouth." you are learning well" she moaned. I soon understood that handling the breasts is an art that has to be learnt if one wishes to satisfy any woman. I took both her breasts in my hands and continued sucking, licking and pressing softly.

She was getting very aroused for she was digging her nails into my back and clawing me. I slid towards her navel leaving her breasts. She immediately replaced my hands on her breasts and said" don’t remove your hands". I kept squeezing them while licking her belly.

She then took my and mentioned me to remove her petticoat. I struggled with the knot. So I cut it by the blade. She wore a white panty with flowers on it. She pushed me down. I can still remember those first smells. How they excited me!

I kissed from her panty and then her thighs and her knees and her calves and her feet. And then up again. This time when I reached her panty she pushed it down and pulled it away. For a full minute I stared at her cunt. It was wet and wild. It had been neatly shaved.

“Hey, come kiss me here" she said pointing to the cunt. I bent down and took her vagina lips in my mouth. I could feel her buttocks shaking a little. She held my head and moved me towards her clitoris between the vagina lips.

As I sucked it, it hardened a little and I heard the pleasantest of moans. Her body arched. She twitched and turned. I lowered my lips and reached her vagina. I was wet! "put your tongue in” she told me. I did so and she rammed my head with her thighs.

She put my hands on her breastand I squeezed and licked. And she moaned. I can still hear them. How sweet. Then after some time she pulled me up and asked me to put my finger in her vagina. She held my hand and pushed my index finger in.

I could feel the smooth surface of her insides. I pushed my finger deeper and she turned hotter and hotter. As I rubber the g-spot (she later told me about it) she shuddered and exploded. “Take off your underwear" she shouted. “Now is the time for fucking."

I hurriedly removed my clothes and she pulled me on her and held my cock and pushed it inside her. Ooo what warmth. As I entered her face become red and wanted a hard fuck I was moving up down like machine I took my dick out and rubbed against her clitoris and her lips for few

minutes until I saw her hole enlarging and contracting. I inserted my dick into her vagina. I fucked her pussy very hard for almost 15 minutes. While fucking her I made her to sit on my lap facing me so that I can have access to her ass hole.

I fondled with her ass hole for sometime while she gave way for my finger to enter her ass hole. We both breathed hard and she moaning aaaaaaaahhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaaaaaahh and finally I said I am about to Cumming cuuuuummming, cuuuuummmiiiing,

cuuummiiinnnngggg for you she then said to stop and she take it in the mouth drank all the juices. I was in pleasure. And then we parted for few minutes then she kissed me and then she began to suck my dick then she pulls my tongue inside her mouth.

It was indeed sensational feeling for both and she held my tongue tight in her mouth by pressing her lips so that it did not slip out. Then I lick and plant kisses on entire portion of breast. We fucked over till dawn and that was wonderful night

we usually fuck today’s and now she likes me more than her husband and when her husband goes to job we usually were nude in her till evening now she want to fucks only from me we are now hardly fucking every day ok bye readers.

Kamini fucked by cousin

I am Kamini, 20, beautiful, with good body features, fair, and healthy. But God had given me an itchy cunt. Right from my childhood I used to massage my boobs and cunt without the knowledge of my parents or others in the family.

I used to watch through the keyhole my father fucking my mother and used to finger myself to an orgasm. I used vegetables or any object immediately available to satisfy my itch. Sometimes the table corners, or umbrella handles come handy for my relief.

But in front of everybody I behaved normal. I just wanted a good fuck at any cost. In the college hostel, my room mate, Maya, used to make fun of me for my continuous itch. She used to help me sometimes but when she is not in the mood she used to shun me.

How to get a good fuck was my problem. I dont want to go cheap for searching for a good cock. We were invited for the marriage of my cousin. My parents got ready to go and I too accompanied them. After a long train journey we reached the destination at noon.

Uncle came to meet us at the station with his son Raju. Raju, was 15, very mischivous and active youngster. We all went to Uncle's home and after wash we had our lunch. Our luggage was in the drawing room and Raju asked me whether we may go for a new movie in the nearby

theater. I was hesitant. He asked his father and my father and got their permission. My mother did not fully agree but had to yield ultimately to his pressure. He asked me to get up so that we may go and buy the ticket early.

Our parents were busy discussion arrangements for the marriage and we both sneaked out. Raju pulled me and we reached the theater in time. He managed to buy the ticket and our seats were in the corner of a row. We both went and took our seats.

Raju wore a T shirt and bermudas. I was in pettycoat and half saree. When the lights were put out, Raju placed his hand over mine in the handrest. I did not mind. As the film progressed his hand slowly moved up and was touching my boob.

I pushed his hand away for fear somebody may see it but he was persistant. He put his hand underneath my half saree and was pressing my boob. I got wet in my panty. He moved my hand and placed it on the zip of the bermuda. There was a bulge.

He is younger to me by 5 years and how dare that he touches with with sex in mind. I am afterall his sister, cousin sister of course. He was unhooking my blouse and inserting his fingers from under the bra. I helped him by unhooking my bra and released my boob for his

manipulation. He asked me unzip his bermuda and take out his tool. I was afraid but he did it himself and his 6 inch cock was throbbing outside. I placed my hand over it. It is the first time I am touching a live cock. It was totally dark inside the theater and all were looking at the screen.

We both were busy plucking at each other. Then came the interval. Raju inserted his tool inside his bermuda and I covered myself with my half saree. Raju went out and brought some pop corn and we both were eating. I told Raju let us not go on like this. We will continue this at night.

But Raju was impatient. Somehow I dissuaded him from contnuing the game. We reached home by about 6.30 pm. Auty served us tea and asked what was the movie we saw and who were the actors etc. I just rushed out to the bathroom and Raju somehow managed the situation.

But my mother suspected something would have happened in the theater, knowing my itching cunt. I removed my soaking panty and put it in the bucket of wet clothes and wore a dry one and came to the dining hall to watch the TV.

After supper they began to talk about the sleeping arrangements. My parents were asked to take a bed room inthe first floor and Uncle and aunty would sleep in their bedroom in the ground floor. I was asked to go to Raju's bedroom in the second floor and Raju was asked to sleep in

the drawing room. Raju began to complain and said that he will sleep on the floor in his room where I would sleep in his cot. The looks in my mother face showed that she did not approve of this at all. But aunty said ok to Raju and he was asked to carry a mattress to his room.

By 9 pm he was nudging me to go to his bedroom for sleeping. I said it is too early, wait for some more time. But at 9.30 pm he called me to come to his room to see some of the project work he had done in his computer. Aunty said ok beti, go with him and see his projects.

He has his own computer with internet in his room. My mother looked at me angrily for managing the situation to my advantage. I moved upstairs with Raju. On the way he told me that he will show some porn movies in the computer.

I have heard of such movies but have not seen them since I dont have a computer at my home. Raju's room in the second floor near the staircase room was a small cozy room with an attached bathroom opening up to a big terrace.

The terrace had a roof with cloths line hanging all around. I went to the terrace and had a look around. Raju switched on the computer and was waiting for the desired site to openup. In the meantime I saw my mother and aunty coming to the terrace with a bucket full of wet clothes.

They wanted to put them all in the clothes line so that they will get dried up by morning. I told aunty that she could have told me and I would have brought them instead of her coming all the way up. My mother's prying eyes looked around in the room and saw Raju busy with the

computer and was apparently satisfied. She instructed me to wake up early in the morning and come down take bath and get changed into fresh clothes since this is a marriage house and lot of guests may come. I simply nodded to all her instructions.

When they both left Raju rushed and bolted the staircase door. I came back to the room with him and was stunned to see the porn movie. It was a daring movie where a girl was sucking the cock of a man. She took the entire length of his cock in her mouth and was sucking greedily.

I was aflame with passion. After this the boy made her to lie down and opened her thighs and was licking her cunt and sucking her clit. Oh, my God, I cannot stand the sight. The girl was wriggling her hip and pushing it up to meet his mouth.

In the meantime Raju was rubbing my cheeks with his rod. I suddenly felt his love machine touching my face and saw it in bright light. Even though he was only 15 or 16, his tool was a jewel with 6 and a half inch length, creamy colour and blue veins running along.

Its pouted end was so nice that I kissed it immediately. I took it in my mouth like the girl did in the monitor. I rubbed the end on my face, my forehead and cheeks and again put it in the mouth. Raju was laughing at my play with his cock.

He wanted me to show him my pussy which I had shaven the previous day. He lifted me and brought me to his bed and made me to lie down and opened my legs wide. My clean pussy intoxicated him. He gave out a cry of joy and kneeled on the floor and started licking all over my

pussy. I opened up the cunt for him. He examined the cunt and located the clit and touched it with his tongue tip. I felt an electric shock. I was waiting for this moment for long. Like a hungry wild animal he gave out a growl and started to lick my clit.

I was riding high and high on the wave of pleasure. My whole body was shivering with pleasure and joy. Whatever I may do during mastrubation this was unparelleled peak of pleasure. My orgasm was building up fast and soon it came like a crash.

I pressed his head down into my cunt. He pulled himself out and quickly he inserted his cock into my cunt and plunged it deep inside. His entry was slow inspite of his pressure. Finally he made it completely inside me. Tight fitting like a cork, its throbbing inside was felt by me.

He fucked slowly and gradually increased his speed. I was moaning loudly and he was also hissing and finally we both got our massive orgasm. But he retained his erection and continued to fuck. He leaned over and took my nipples one by one in his mouth and sucked them.

He reached for my face and kissed me on my lips. I dont know how many time I got orgasm. Raju was not willing to take his cock out of my cunt. I too wanted it inside as much as possible. I may not get another opportunity like this.

We both wanted to take full advantage of our situation. He sucked my cunt so much that I got a burning sensation in the morning. Similarly I sucked his cock so much that my mouth started to ache. We both did not sleep at all. We got up at 7 and came down.

Since we were totally nude, our clothes did not get spoiled. I came down and did my morning oblutions and took tea when my mother came. I was told that my other two cousins are likely to come with their parents in the morning. My merriment with Raju apparently was coming to an

end. My cousins were Sone, 17 and Bina 16, coming for the marriage. The bride working in some IT firm in Bangalore was also to come in the morning by flight. It is all going to be girls and I dont know how Raju will cope up with so many girls. But I cannot forget the deftness of his tongue in searching for my clit and sucking it.

Fucking friends hot Mom

Hi guys, its me Sanjay (callboy) back again with another story hope u all enjoy it…. I had a best friend in my class, Seema. She was good looking and had a great body, big boobs, well shaped ass. But her mom Pooja aunty, 38, was looking much better than her.

She was my fantasy woman. She had big milky boobs and ample ass that seems almost came too much out of her body from profile. I bet that was un-ignorable for any men. I had a wish that I wanted to touch those once. Seema had one younger sister, Reema.

Both the sisters were quiet fair, but aunty was little whitish. She was 5.2 in height. Seema s father had his own business and staying out of the house for most of the time. He came late at night and moved back to work early from house.

I often visited Seema’s house to take or give notes or just for chat, that she was my best friend. I use to stare at her moms body whenever I get chance, without noticing anyone yet. Sometimes I felt guilty, because she was my Seema’s mom.

But I could not help myself whenever her huge ass came in front of my eyes. After examinations, our vacations started and my trips to Seema s house were increased. Seema s cousins 12 years and 9 years both the boys came to her place to stay for 4 days of vacations.

Because they were aunties brothers kids, She was very much caring for them and busy doing hospitality to them. Before they leave for their home back, she planned to take them to Juhu beach. Seema, Reema Aunty and 2 kids. They asked me to come with them as well.

I agreed to join them. Next day I went to Seema’s Place. All were almost ready to leave except aunty. She took little time to dress up and when she came out.She was looking amazing. She was in light purple salwer kameez which was tight, almost touching her skin from every angle.

Her daughter Reema did a comment that her mom is looking so beautiful and sexy then who will look at them. We all just laughed on it. I saw aunties face. It was glittered. She must have liked remaps comment. I saw her neatly within the short time before we left.

Her hips were looking curvy and solid in the dress. We came out of the house, locked the door. I entered first in the lift. Aunty entered after me. The lift had a capacity of 4. And we were 6 rushed in at a time. Obviously there were no place when lift started.

And all of a sudden aunty pushed herself on me. Her big ass directly touched my dick. It grew large. I don’t know whether she realized it or not, But I did not wanted to miss the opportunity and placed my palm on her hip. On the beach we did a lot of fun, played, and ate a lot.

Kids saw there a camel and asked for the ride. Aunty agreed. Two kids on one. Reema and Seema immediately sat on the another camels back. It took 20 minutes to come back. I chatted with aunty within that time. Seema and Reema got down.

But two kids were not satisfied yet and asked for one more ride. This time Seema told me and her mom to go with the kids. But aunty was not ready to sit on the camel. But her daughters forced her very much. Finally she agreed. We helped her climb up and sit. I sat after her.

The ride was completely exciting for me. The camel was tottering a lot while walking and shaking our bodies. Auntie’s big ass was started touching and pushing frequently on my dick. I thanked camel very much. Aunty was little scary and trying to kept her balance.

Two kids were screaming and enjoying the ride. I also overacted and held aunties waist with both of my hands. Continuous ups and downs of her heavy hips pushing my cock got erected. It was great pleasure in that pose. I totally enjoyed the day. I was so excited with the experience.

I decided to go back to Seema’s house. I entered first in the lift to take a chance once again on aunt. But I surrounded by the kids. I spend few minutes there and left. That day I masturbate thrice, remembering the scene.

After that day I started to go regularly at Seema’s place, adjusting the time of Seema’s computer classes and remaps tuitions that I can get aunty alone at home. I started to praise her that, she is looking quite young.

No one believes that she is a mother of two young girls (that was true.) She seems like sister to them. I found she was liked that. I noticed that she was trying to stay neat and well dressed before my arrival. I had a knowledge that she likes to read women’s magazines a lot.

She spend her afternoon time reading those. I started brought such magazines along with. I told her that I also like to read articles from those magazines. While you read, read loudly, so that I can hear as well. When she was busy reading loudly,

I kept my eyes busy staring at her face or her big rounded bulky boobs. Once when I was looking at her boobs, she suddenly looked up, catches me looking at. I was frightened that she must have not liked it. But it was shocking. She was smiling softly.

She was continuously looking at me, smiling. I was ashamed. She told me to read the remaining part of article. Gave the magazine in my hands. I started reading, hesitated. She was staring at me, smiling sexily. Told me that she could not hear what I am reading, so read loudly.

But though I was frightened I could not read properly. She told me to sit beside her more nearer on sofa, so that she can hear me. I sat besides her, started reading. She shifted little towards me and touched her thigh to mine. Because of that soft touch, I started hesitating more.

She kept her hand on my thigh and said, “What are you doing? Can’t you read an article for me and I read so much for you last few days.” And she started to move her hand on my thigh, looking straight in my eyes.

Seeing her looks and movements of her hand my cock got bigger in size. She saw at my pant and movement in it. She laughed and directly kept her hand on my dick. I got frozen and did not understand what to do. She opened my zip.

Push down the underwear and took my 7 inch stuff out held in her hand. Slowly started to rub it. She came more close to me and took my lip kiss. She told me that she was very much aware of the things I did that day in the lift and beach, as well my tricks of praising her.

Even I stare at her body every time. I came to know that she was not an innocent that I was thinking and know about the attraction I had about her. So I decided to take it from my side as well. I held her beautiful face in both of my hands and started to kiss her.

Her lips were so soft and creamy. I moved my hand over her cheeks and lips. She held my hand and kept it on her breast.I started to fondle it. She pressed my hand hard. I felt her bra and her tits. I started caressing wonderfully shaped breasts over her gown.

She took off my T-shirt and pant. I moved my hands under her buttocks. And lifted her slightly. I made her sit in my laps and started to squeeze her hips madly. I lifted up her gown. There was only a panty inside.

I entered my hand in her panty from sideways and squeezed her ass for some time. Moved my hand through the gully between the ass cheeks. I inserted my finger in to her ass hole and she moaned ooouuuchhhh… I removed her gown completely.

She had a black satin panty and black bra. The panty unable to cover her big ass left a lot of her ass uncovered. Her big bubbly breasts trying to came out. I opened the clip of a bra and her beautiful breasts jumped out of it free. I cupped those big melons in my hands.

I sucked and fondled those lovely breasts. Squeezed both, they were so soft. I took her nipples in my mouth. She moaned with pleasure. I took her panty off. Now she was completely nude. I saw her beautiful pussy covered with soft curly hairs.

I rubbed my hand over it and put my finger in. She pulled away my underwear down. She held my cock in her hand and started massaging it. After fondled it for several minutes, it threw out hot semen, she directed my cock towards the floor.

Then she took it in her mouth She sucks it with lust for a while. Same time with the other hand she was caressing my ass. Suddenly she got up and went inside. When she came back she had something in her hand. That was a packet of a condom.

I thrilled with the thought that I am going to get a chance to fuck her. She opened it and pulled out one. She put it on my cock by herself. I asked her that where she got it from? She told me that her husband has kept a stock inside the cupboard, away from the sight of their daughters.

“You still did a sex?” I asked “Yes Of course, but I haven’t got hard for long time that Seema’s father came very late and tired.” Saying this She spread her legs apart. Then she took my dick towards her pussy and guided it to push inside.

As it inserted well in, she started to make movements slowly. Then she told me to do the action. After few strokes as I started moving fast, she closed her eyes. Started moaning with pleasure. Her breasts were jingling like a jelly as she moves.

I amazed with her skills in the game of sex. Of course she had a good experience of years. I increased my speed of action. She started moaning little loudly. She held my ass tight and started pulling me forcefully with every stroke, that she wanted me more and more inside her.

After some more fuck my cock exploded more semen inside the condom. She stopped screaming. It’s showing a satisfaction on her face. Then I pulled my cock out. I wished her to try out her asshole. I was mad fan of her hips.

I told her that her butts were my favorite part of her body and I used to stare at those from her back. She pinched me on my thigh for that. She turned her face away and wow! Her huge butts now completely bare in front of me. I slapped slowly on it.

She smiled and seductively looked at me. I moved my hand over her big butts tried to get all the flesh in my palms. I started kissing all over. I moved my finger through the valley and move them apart from each other. She helped me by spreading her ass cheeks.

My cock entered in her tightest asshole. As I started fucking her from behind her also started cooperating by pushing her ass back. I started fucking her slowly for few strokes. With every stroke her huge, solid butts were shaking. I leaned on her and cupped her boobs from backside.

After fucking hard in her asshole for lot of time, we slept on each other very tired. After some time I got up and removed the condom. It was full of semen, handover to Aunty for disposal. We positioned ourselves in clothes before her daughters arrived.

After that day I got 4 more chances to fuck Pooja aunty, when she was alone. But it was real fun when I did naughtiness with her butts, when Seema and Reema were at home, without get noticed them. Aunty warned me not to do such things in the presence of her family members. But I did not listen and enjoyed it many times.

Dry Fucking My Cousin Sister

I'm 29yrs. now and I was 19yrs. then when this true incident happened in my life for which I still feel guilty of myself. I'm from a middle class and not too much conservative family. I've got two maternal uncles.

Younger uncle have married early and he had got two daughters - elder daughter was 11yrs and younger one was 6yrs. at that time. Their names are Suna and Dula respectively (names changed). Here the real incident is revolving around the Suna, my elder Cousin Sister.

At that point of time, she was developing very fast than the girls of her same age. At the age of 11, she had got a very prominent cleavage with a properly shaped boobs. Her boobs were not too big nor they were too small, they were in just a shape which everybody will love to lach on it.

Adding to to this, I must ay that she was very beatiful with milk white complexion and a very beautiful face(which may seduce anybody in the world!). My cousin sis used to come at our place very frequently at that period as ours and theirs houses were very nearby then

(10min walking distance). I loved her very much as a sister till that incident happened. Sometimes, she stayed in our place for night stay. We have got two bedrooms at that time. And when Suna come to our place, used to sleep with me without hasitation as she is very small

in age than me and nobody can imagine such type of incident between a brother and sister(not even me before that incident!). At that time I was very much aware of Sex and sometimes used to practice musterbation at bathroom during bath.

And my cousin sister was oppoite of my character and was very innocent and very much unknown about those facts like sex. Although I practiced musterbation that doesnot mean that I had got any bad intention for my cousin sister. But the reality is something different.

One sunny morning she came to our place and stayed throughout the day in our place. We enjoyed a lot in lunch. At evening it started to drizzling and a little later a heavy shower started which smeed to be unstoppable.

My cousin sister have nothing to do but postpone her return to home. At that night I was feeling very sleepy and gone to bed before everybody at 10pm. It was around 2am when I felt a hand on my chest. The softness of the hand made me feel that it was Suna.

I also placed my hand upon her hand and slept for a while. Again I woke up from sleep around 2:30pm when I felt that she has become much closer to me and hot air from her nose was shuffling around my shoulder and chest which made me a bit auckward but I did not made

any effort to disturb her sleep. I was in drowsy situation and after a while I was again come back from drowsiness when I found one of her legs was over my leg. She was holding me like a side pillow. Her cunt which I felt very hot was touching my cock and my stick was erected without

my concious. Her well-developed soft boobs were resting on my chest. I had lost my mind at that time and feeling very horny without considering her age and relationship with me. At a flash of a moment my beast came out of me and I decided to have a dry sex with her.

For that purpose I turned(slowly) fully toward her without breaking her sleep. I started to foreplay by removing her hairs from her face, taking my face towards her face so close that her lips touches with my lips and hot airs of noses are mixing, creating a sexual foreground.

All this were happening when both of us holding each other and her breasts are touching my chest. Next, I started to rub my chest on her boobs gently which made my stick to become harder. Then I put one of my free hands into her legs

and I was surprised that it was a bare legs(I could not recognised her night garments before that) with no trace of hair. I also started to reach to her asshole with my free hand.Again it urprised me! She was not wearing any panty! It made me more horny.

Now I started to place my dick into her cunt properly without taking off my night lower garment. I started to rub my cock on her cunt jently sothat she can feel it without waking up from sleep. After an hour of jentle rubbing, I desired to make it a bit faster.

Fortunately it was late night's sleep which made her sleep deeply and made my work much easier. I was rubbing and rubing and rubbing my dick over her cunt. Meanwhile I noticed that she was responding a bit to my work but obviously in sleepy condition.

I was in pick of my cum at that time and started to lick inside my pant and made it wet but still rubbing it on her cunt. Because I know that this is my first and last chance to have a sex with her and such incident never happens in regular basis.

Also, in the morning when she will find some semen in her cunt in bathroom she might not recognise the semen but obviously will have some doubt on me. That was my first heterosexual dry sex which was fortunately or unfortunately with my cousin sister.

After that night I felt very guilty of me and decided not to sleep with her ever. But the reality is something different. Nobody had bocome known to anything about the incident not even Suna. She continued to sleep with me (as she comes to the bed when I was sleeping).

Renu ki sister ki chudai

Hi Ashish here this is a story with Renu's younger sister Resh (short name). This was happened two days after sex with Renu. Renu is more beautiful than Resh. But Resh breasts is more bigger than Renu's and her ass is like mountain.

Resh always comes to my house to chat with me. And to check her inbox. That day she asked me what is in between her sister Renu and me I said nothing Then she said Renu told her all incidents happened before two days.

On That day there were nobody in my house my mother went to my aunt house And will return evening and my father went for his work. Resh said she actually came to my house to have sex with me. I can't believe her words and I don't except this from her.

Then I asked Resh who she happened to know about the former incident with Renu. She answered they both used to do sexual activities every night as they share single room Renu told her about the whole incident..Resh also have a boyfriend but he didn't make her complete.

Then without wasting the time we started the game. I started to kiss Resh immediately her tongue was down my throat. Then slowly I unbuttoned Resh shirt and was leased to find that she was wearing a black Bra my favorite color.

I asked Resh if her panties matched her bar and to my delight she replied that she wasn't wearing any! I suck my tongue in her ear and whispered how much I wanted to lick her pussy. She moaned and smiled a little.

I took Resh's Shirt off and fkicked my tongue over her nipple a couple of times. I worked my way down her frim, flat stomach and stopped at her navel for a while. Next I unzipped her jeans and wriggled out of them. Her public hair was black and nicely trimmed.

I moaned and nuzzled her thighs. She moved around so that I was between her legs. I reached up for a pillow and slid under her ass, teling her that I wanted to do a good job for her. She moaned and said that I was off to a good start.

She was wet and ready I nibbled a little around the edges, then dove right in making long, upwards strockes with my tongue. She gasped loudly and put both hands on my head, spreading her legs as wide as they could go.

I tongued her as deeply as I could, probing between her pussy lips. I found her clit and treated it to short, light rhythmic licks. Resh started moving her lips in time with me and moaning "Oh yes Oh yes." Finally I knew she was going to come.

She clamped her legs around my head and pushed her crotch hard against my face. In grabbed her legs and tries to keep licking her, but it was difficult with her thrashing around. Finally she collapsed, sighed with pleasure and ran her fingers through my hair.

I moved up beside her and she turned to kiss me. Then she started licking her juices off my face. I had my clothes on throughout all of this. I now asked her if I could take them off. She said yes warned me that she couldn't go all the way with me because she didn't know me well.

I took off my shirt and slid off my mudu. I asked her if I could rub up against her ass and she said yes. We lay on our sides with me behind her and I kind od slid my cock between the cheeks of her ass abd rubbed back and forth.

Resh ass felt great, but I needed something more. I asked her if she would go down on me. She said she didn't feel comfortable enough so instead she reached around, grabbed my stiff prick and started giving me a hand job.

She worked my cock up and down while looking at me and asking if it feel good. I said it felt good and told her she was beautiful tand her Sister Renu and sexy and fucky. She thanked me and look down at my cock. Them she surprised me by putting it in her mouth.

I sighed and told her how good it felt to have my cock in her mouth. With one hand she grabbed the base of the cock and with the other she grabbed my balls. She really knew how to give head.i looked down at Resh and she looked great.

I whispered thet I was about to come, but she didn't pull away. Finally I thrust my cock all the way in her mouth and exploded. I held it there as she kept sucking. After a while she looked up at me and I saw the come oozing out of her mouth as she sucked on my softening cock.

After all that, the final and main working next means it is time for my dick to enter her pussy. I slowly pushed my tool inside it is lose. she said don't worry it is the first time a Dick entering her. Then asked Resh why her pussy is lose she said it is her sisters make it lose with her

artificial tool means wood. Then she said leave it and makes her in heaven. I fucked her for minutes till the climax. With Resh I continued when ever we get chances and still we are continuing. I also got a chance to play with both together.

First sex with younger sister

It was a long time back when we were young. We were low middle class family and shared a single bedroom house in north Chennai. We were quite poor to afford dresses though by gods grace food was on table. This is weird but true as I My underwear used to go missing at times.

Much later I knew the true reason. One day morning after bath my underwear was missing. I was furious and was rummaging the draws. I asked if anyone knew it and all including my widowed mother and sister were quiet. I left for school without it.

I suspected that my sister was using it. I thought so because she had that wicked smile which I see on her usually during our sibling rivalry moments. So I hid behind the door and true enough she came in to change after school.

The moment she dropped her skirt and I saw it I jumped from behind and confronted her. She was furious and refused to give it to me. I was equally mad and told her that I will take it by myself. She dared me and I took the bait.

I lunged on her and tried to pull it down while she held it tightly. I tried pulling it down from the sides and my hand went to the front of the pussy and as the panty came down I withdrew my hand almost as a shock. the area was spongy, wet and red with blood. I ran away in panic.

After 30 minutes she came into the hall and I was very apologetic. She was quiet with anger. Mother sensed something was wrong. I realised how selfish I was and was determined to fix it. From the commission money I saved from buying family groceries,

I bought her a new set of underwear. I showed it to her and offered to put it on her as I made the mistake of pulling them down. She consented and stood before me with her skirt up. There was pubic hair I slid the panty up her thighs towards her hip.

It fit her smugly and that altered our relations. She thanked me and hug me tightly and we were in embrace for a long time. She offered to help me with my underwear and I stood naked before her. My dick was standing and as she was trying to fit my underwear was having fun in making

my dick stay inside the underwear. She pushed it but that only made it bigger. She held it for few minutes gently. We stood up and she removed her shirt. Her boobs were tiny but shapely. I held them in my mouth and suckled for a while.

After 2 to 3 years of intimate relationship we finally had sex the first time when I was 18. It continued till we got married. She lives with her children and family. When we meet we share our family concerns and remain best friends.

Milking sexy aunt

I am Mani, living in Chennai outskirts I am living with my aunt, a distant relative, she is a very good family friend for us. She got married three years back and she got a girl baby of 8months. Her husband is working in a company in Singapore with his family members.

He is a very good person but don't have interest in sex. My aunt is good lady with dark complexion, average body structure and big breasts. We both use sit n chat very frankly, we never use to hide anything from each other.

I'm having a habit of reading sex books n she do know that. One day she asked me for books. I opened a box below the cupboard n got a very old book for her. The first topic in the book was about a guy's experience with his maid where he is fond of drinking breast milk.

When we went over all the topics suddenly she asked me to taste her milk. I was shocked but I didn't show it. She smiled gently n pulled me to her lap. She opened her blouse n showed her left breast. I've never seen nipples so closely it was very wet.

She kept her nipple on my mouth and I started drinking milk. It was so horrible taste. I immediately got up her lap and said taste is not nice. She got angry n she stopped talking with me. After dinner was over she was feeding baby n she kept looking me angrily.

I went near her n asked for ordinary milk which I used to drink daily before going to bed. She said there is no milk. She started acting aggressively with me and I couldn't resist it. I switched off all lights, we used to sleep together but that night she told me to sleep in the other room.

I said sorry to her but still she was very angry. In the midnight I went near her she was half naked. Her dresses were not in order n she was fingering her pussy. I asked her for help but she refused, unless I drink her milk fully. Then I lay beside her and started unhooking her blouse.

She smiled n said I know u will come for my milk. Then I started drinking her milk, the taste very different, it tasted like thick buttermilk. I enjoyed full milk that night n I slept. The next morning after brushing I asked for coffee, but she showed her breast again. I drank milk for ten minutes.

Then she showed her pussy to taste it. First time I was tasting pussy that too it was so dark. I enjoyed that too. Finally she poured everything that's really great taste. Nowadays I drink only her milk n we both do sex at least twice a day.

Even after baby stopped drinking milk, I suck her breast for more curd n buttermilk. Her breast milk tastes like curd n buttermilk. Some times I don't take food for whole day whenever I say am hungry she will happily show her breast for curd milk n buttermilk.

My sexy sister Sakshi and Me

I am Rahul From Delhi. I would like to share my first sex with my cousin sister. I am 23 yrs old. I had sex with her 2 years before. She is of my age only. We are 4 members in our family, my self, my father,my mother, and my brother. My brother stays in hostel.

And in My sis family i.e. Sakshi, there are only three members.She didnot have any brother or sister. My father and her father are much closed friends too. I liked Sakshi very much but I never was too able to express my feeling to her. She is very beautiful. Her size is 35-26-34.

I was always wanted to have sex with her, but I never got a chance though she used to visit my house frequently. Until our family planned a trip to a Hill Station- Shimla. I was very happy to listen this fantastic news from my parents.

So now we leave for Shimla at night. We arranged a Inn ova car to take us to Shimla. My father sat on the first seat and my mother and Sakshi's Parents on the middle seat. I and Sakshi sat on the last seat. Our Parents were chit-chatting and we were discussing about the school life.

After few hours Sakshi felt sleepy and she slept. I just got a chance to look at her sexy figure deeply. As I was looking to her boobs she suddenly falls on my shoulder. After that I could look to her boob’s deep gully clearly I just got my dick up.

I could feel her boobs touching my elbow. I just got excited and decided to fuck her at least once in the entire trip. After 8 hours of journey we reached our destination. Now we searched for hotels. We could find only one hotel with just 3 room empty in the entire Shimla.

That rooms were also too much congested that it can accommodate only two persons. So we take all the three rooms. In two rooms our parents stayed and one room was left for us. We all were tired due to such a long journey. So we decided to rest for 5 hours.

But me and sakshi had slept in the car only, so we were fresh. I and Sakshi were now alone in the room with no one to disturb. Sakshi went to bathroom to fresh herself and to change her dress. When she comes out form the bathroom she was looking damn sexy.

She was wearing just a loose top and pajamas. I could see the imprints of her tits. I comment to her that she was looking very beautiful. She smiled. After that also change my clothes and wore a shot and T-Shirt. After that we both sat on the bed and start chatting.

As the bad were small so my leg touched the leg of sakshi. I was getting aroused. Now I intentionally was touching her leg. She was also getting aroused by my act. I just could not control my feelings and asked her whether she like me or not.

She understood my intention and she replied of course yes. After that I asked her that what she liked in me. I came closer to her.She replied your body. Then I asked her whether she had a sex ever. She replied no. I asked do you want to do it. She smiled and replied nothing.

After that I got aroused and just touch her thighs and kissed her on her chicks and I said her that "I Love you Sakshi" and she said I Love You To My Brother. Then I touched her boobs and start lifting her top. I shocked that she was not wearing bra and I could see her bib boobs.

Then I removed my shorts and T-Shirts. I undressed her totally and removed my all clothes too. Now we both were totally naked. She was having a clean pussy. I sucked her boobs continuously for ten minutes. Then she take my dick in his hand and start masturbating it.

We both were enjoying very much. Then I put my dick in her pussy, she started moaning. I moved forward and backward.I asked her not to shout as are parents were sleeping in the next room. We had a sex in every possible position. We enjoyed it very much.

I scum 3 times while doing sex. Now we were not brother and sister but husband and wife. After doing the sex we both washed ourselves and slept. This was the time I ever had a sex. Everyday now we did sex. At night we were not less than husband and a wife.

We bath even together every morning during the trip. After coming to the hotel after roaming in Shimla,as soon as we enter our room,we used to get naked and start enjoying doing sex. I was very upset at the last day of our trip. Then sakshi asked me the reason.

Then I replied that we will not able to do the sex again. She said do not worry. We will do the sex when I will come to your house for studies. Then I said I love you my sister and kissed her. Then we returned to home happily.

After that Sakshi came to my house frequently And we used to do the sex. We used to watch blue films in the PC and make love. We used to take our own naked snaps and make our own film while doing sex.And wacth it own the computer.

We used to see how we looks while doing sex. This is how I loose my virginity and how my sister turn into my girl friend or wife, whatever you say. I could not forget those wonderful days in shimla. I want her to my wife but it was against our custom. So we fled and got married and settled very far to our home.

First time sex with aunty

Hi all readers of HumanDigest. I have been a part of this site for the past one month and I do enjoy the stories posted by people…So I just thought of sharing my own story, this is the first one I’m writing.

I’m a 25yrs old guy and the story I’m posting is what happened to me when I was 17yrs. I had gone with my family along with my aunt (Mausi) for a holiday trip to Dehoghar, One of my fathers friend had a Garden house there so we all went there,

we all were having a lovely time and I never had any thoughts of sex, it all began one night when we had to sleep and so it was decided that my aunt and all kids will sleep on the bed and the others on the floor, to add to my luck my aunt slept next to me at one corner of the bed in a

sari. Everyone had slept and I was still awake and then I saw my aunty sleeping with her butt (Ass) facing me, suddenly I was aroused with the look of it, as though giving me an invitation, I was having mixed feeling both scared and horny….

My aunt has a beautiful figure she is fair, 5’5, 34-30-36, just that she is 46yrs but has a look of 25yrs… So I some how gathered courage and then I put my arms around her stomach and my leg over her butt as though holding her and my dick was over her ass and slowly I started

rubbing my dick over her butt. Suddenly she took my hand from her stomach and kept it over her boobs and was holding it there, I was shocked so I just kept quite for some time and then after a few min’s I slowly began squeezing her boobs,

after some time she turned toward me and said do you want it? I was shit scared coz we come from a conservative family and if she complains my dad will kill me. She then said in a soft voice don’t be scared.. So I got some hope and I shook my head.

She slowly opened one by one her blouse button and I then knew she wasn’t wearing a bra… and her big melons just jumped out… they were equally happy as me, I guess to be free and me to suck them.. as I sucked them vigorously she took my dick in her hand and and started giving

me a hand job, and when I was about to come I pulled out her hand and my pants got the splash….. We had to end the night there, with so many people around us. But then this was just the beginning, of our relationship.

We then came back home after our lovely trip, but now I was really hungry for my aunt and I was looking for and chance to sleep with my aunt. I didn’t have to wait long within a month she came to our house to stay and coz I stay alone in a room she choose to sleep with me,

no one doubted or suspected anything. I was over joyed and was eagerly waiting for the night to fall and we go to bed…. At 11pm we were all set to sleep she came to my room looking like a sex goddess in lovely sari and transparent blouse without bra,

her boobs were just waiting to jump out, she slowly bolted the door and then came and slept beside me… she half removed her saree, that’s is she just removed her pallu and then I was left with her breast wanting to be freed of the stuffy blouse…

I began smooching her and fondling her breast and then took my chance and slowly removed her blouse…and then from her red lips I moved down to her breast and began to suck them hard one by one, as my mouth was busy working on her boobs, my hands moved down to her legs,

slowly reveling her slim and sexy legs. She was also busy playing with my rod, then I found how hungry she was for sex. She removed my shorts and by then I had reached her pussy, I started rubbing it and she was now into a new world.. she began to moan ….

Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh come on ….come on dear and her hand was now moving fast on my dick. I then put my mouth in her pussy and began sucking it, her hand moved from my dick to my head and she was pressing me in and now the moan had become louder…..waahhhhhh wahhhhh

ahhhhh ahhhhhh….. oh my little devil come on give your aunt a little happiness… fuck me hard… I’m all yours…… I then took my 8inch dick and put it in her pussy and then started pumping her, she was now enjoying it so much that she began pressing her own boobs

and this got me more excited and it was banging her more hard, and then I felt a hot gush of fluid hitting me, she then took my dick in her mouth and sucking it…. and then I came on her, in a flash there was a splash of cum over her….. she was so happy and relieved,

she kissed me for a long time and then she said you are a lovely kid and you know how to please your aunt…. this was the first time.. After that I only had time with my aunt when ever we could I’ll write about them in my next post..

I’m doc I get a lot of opportunity but, I don’t mix my professional life with personal. Everyone likes sex and want to enjoy it, so lets not be sarcastic about it.