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Hot bike ride with cousin brother

Hi this is Kirupa – telecaller. Hope you remember. As I have already told you I have had many erotic experiences in my life. This incident I am narrating is a recent one. I had a cousin named Sam. He never used to talk to me, but he was close to my sister.

They were in frequent touch. Suddenly I started receiving messages from him. He used to send a message saying good night Kirupa. I also started replying to him and our relationship started to develop without the knowledge of my sister. We started talking regularly and we met often.

I always had an eye on him, but I never expressed it. I even used to become jealous when he was close with my sister but I never expressed. But now when he started showering affection on me I was not able to resist.

He suddenly called up one day and told me that we will go for a long drive in his bike. I asked where and he told to wait and see and he promised that I will enjoy the ride. He came in the evening and picked me up and he took me to a bye pass road where there where very less vehicles.

He waited till it became dark and asked me to sit by putting my legs on both sides of the bike. He started riding the bike slowly. It was quite cold and I told that it was cold. He asked to hug him. I did not hesitate and I hugged him. He was still riding the bike.

He slowly brought his left hand and tickled my belly. I acted like I was angry but still I was hugging him and enjoying it. He then slowly caught my breast and squeezed it and I was enjoying it. I told no no no, but he was continuing but inside my mind I was saying yes yes yes.

Then he slowly lifted my tops and played with my navel for a while. He pinched it, probed it and squeezed my belly. He told me that my belly is hot. Then he lifted my bra and again squeezed my breast for a while. He tried to reach my right breast but it was not possible.

He slowly removed the thread of my bottom, but it got stuck and he asked me to loosen it. I removed it for him. Then he inserted his hand and squeezed my pussy with his fingers. He slowly touched my clit and stimulated me and I was in the peak of my pleasure.

After stimulating my clit, he slowly inserted his finger into my pussy and finger fucked me for some time. Then he stopped his bike and removed his zip and again started the bike. He asked me to insert my hand into his zip and catch his penis.

After some reluctance I did it and I was squeezing it for some time. We rode from koyambedu to tambaram and all this was repeated again and again. It was totally a new experience for me because everything happened when he was riding the bike. After this we had many such rides.

He has promised me that he will take me to his house one day to fuck me. He also informed that my sister was complaining that he was not concentrating on her. Now my jealousy was neutralized.

Zida my admirable guest

This is Sathar here, 29 years of age, working as an exe. in one of the MN companies in Chennai. I am narrating a story about an incident which happened about 10 years ago when I was studying for my BSc. My sister Sara was 17 then and was in the 12 standard in the school.

Our parents were working and they used to be away during day time on week days. When we return from college/school we used to take food whatever is prepared and kept in the fridge. I used to go out in the evenings to meet my friends and Sara would stay back at home.

During holidays we used to have difficulty to spend time since our parents were not available, we had sit alone in the house. Sara went to study computers and our father bought a computer and got an internet connection for our use.

Sara used to study and used to teach me at home and since she was a clever girl she used to pose as an instructor and teach me various methods in computers. It was a fascinating experience to sit with a beautiful girl like Sara, although she was my sister.

Her curves and bulges used to attract my attention and she used to scold me when my eyes wander at unwanted places. She had a body odor which was enchantingly fragrant. When she understood that I have fairly good working knowledge of computers,

she stopped the instructions. Though she protested to me for taking liberties with her, I knew she liked me and enjoyed in proximity. Suddenly we got information that our cousin, Zida is coming from Mumbai for her holidays.and may be with us for nearly two months.

Sara has seen her and talked to her, but I had no knowsedge about this cousin. On the day of her arrival we went to the railway station and received Zida. She was a stunning personality, fine complexion, and excellant figure.

Sara and Zida hugged at the platform and Zida offered her hand to me and then we proceeded to home. Zida was allotted a room in the first floor where our guests used to stay. Our parents were happy to meet her and asked her to enjoy her holidays in whatever way she may like.

My dad asked me to take her to all the important tourist spots and show her the city. I was happy to accept his orders, but the problem is that this Sara girl also would be with her. Next day we took her to see a tamil movie and she sat between me and Sara.

Suddenly I felt her hand searching for mine in the hand rest. I turned my face to look at her. She had such a beautiful complexion, glossy and her red lips were shining. She turned her head and looked at me and winked. I was stunned. What this girl want, I wondered.

I took courage to extend my hand underneath her dupata and tried to touch her boob. She pressed my hand and whispered to me asking to come to her room after midnight. I immediately withdrew my hand and kept still. Sara was concentrated on the screen.

After the show was over we came back home and Sara was chatting loudly about the movie etc. We sat after dinner for a while to watch the TV and then we retired to our rrespective rooms. Our parents occupied the master bed room in the ground floor and Sara took the adjoining room for

her use. I had my room upstairs and the guest room was also in the first floor. We had a separate hall in the first floor with a TV and the computer was placed there, besides the main hall in the ground floor where we had a big plasma TV.

I heard Sara talking to Zida in loud voice upto about 11 pm and then she left for her bedroom downstairs. I waited for some time and then went and knocked at the door of the room where Zida stayed. She opened the door and allowed me to get in.

She pretended angry for my public demonstration of hunger for sex. She asked how dare are you to send your hand to my bossom. Initially I was shocked and but later I discovered her pretension and went to her and hugged her. She laughed for having made me a fool.

I kissed her first on her cheeks and then on her red lips. I kissed her lips and sucked them with all passion. She responded well. She asked me to undress and undress her also. I was feeling lucky that things are happening so fast.

Zida had one of the finest bodies in cream colour Her boobs were of medium size and her nippiles were pink in colour. They were already hardened and pointed to indicate she is already hot and ready for action. She had flat navel and her creamy pussy was without any hair.

She must have removed the public hair. I undressed her slowly enjoying the sight of each part of her body revealing. She offered to undress me. I had removed my T shirt and the vest and she pulled down the zip of my jeans and pulled the brief also down to bring out my semi erect cock.

She amazed at the size of my cock and its shape and colour. She cried "WoW; and took my tool in her hands and started to squeeze it softly to make it more erect. Taking it near her mouth she touched the tip with her tongue and licked the drop of precum.

Rubbing it all over her face and forehead, she smelled the balls and kissed them fondly. I thought I have a whole night ahead and why make haste. I lifted her and took her to her bed and placed her. When she was lying on her back,

she looked like a beautiful statue with erect boobs and beautiful thighs. I touched her body and ran my hand all over the body and bent low to kiss her navel and the nipples. I licked the area around the nipples and took them in my mouth and sucked them softly.

Closing her eyes she moaned softly enjoying my action. She kept her hands over my head and pressed it down. Slowly I opened up her thighs and saw the crack of the cunt. Opening it with my fingers I saw a multicolour combination inside.

Some part white, some pink and some in red in colour. Her tiny clit was hidden inside. I pulled it up and it was there showing its presence boldly. I just massaged it with my fingers and looked at her. She was hot and her beautiful red lips were open after she took a gasp.

Planting a kiss on the clit I looked up at her. Her eyes wanted more action on the clit. I licked the clit in slow strokes. She gave out a cry "Ah" and her face contorted filled with expression of satisfaction and joy. Her hands were again on my head pressing it down.

I pulled the clit with my lips and started to suck it softly occasionally licking the whole wet cunt which was oozing her vaginal fluids. She was experiencing orgasm and her leg muscles tightened and her breathing pace increased and her moaning became loud and she was

shuddering at the moment the orgasm hit her. I got up and took my tool and smeared it with the liquid which came out of her cunt and placed the cock head at the entrance of her hole and pushed it in. There was resistance and she positioned her legs in such a way that I get my entry

easily inside her. Placing her hands on my rear she pulled me into her and wriggled her hip to take me in. It went half way. She urged me to push it in with force. With three or four jerky pushes I put the entire cock deeply inside her and it went in up to the hilt.

Leaving it like that I raised my head and looked at her face. She was happy and smiling. She asked "the whole thing has gone inside?" I said "you check yourself." She brought her hand down and verified that no portion of my cock was left outside.

With my right thumb, I nudged at her clit to enhance her pleasure. "Ok, start fucking slowly" she said. I took long strides and pushed the whole thing inside each time. Slowly I increased the speed. Closing her eyes she was moaning rhythmically.

I increased my speed and banged her real fast and hard. The cot was creating noice and who cared. She was enjoying to the maximum and finally she wound her legs around me and she pulled me to her chest and she was on the peak of an orgasm.

I also reached mine and I shot my cum deep inside her. She said she could feel each spurt of my cum deem inside her hole. Finally I got up and pulled m cock out of her cunt and she gave me a towel to wipe my cock and with the other end she wiped her cunt of all the fluids.

She got up and went to the bathroom and washed herself up. I was lying in the bed totally nude with my cock still erect. I heard a soft knock on the door and I had to cover myself hurriedly with a towel and switch off the light and went to the door to open and see who is that at this time of

the night knocking. It was my sister Sara standing in her nightie pushing the door and coming inside the room. She went to the switch and put it on and looked around the room and asked "Where is Zida?" Just at this moment Zida came out of the bathroom totlly nude. Sara was shocked to see us both nude.

Annie Thomas sexperience with cousin

I am Annie Thomas. I am in the medical field. This incident happened to me when I was 20. I have never enjoyed these kinds of things before that age. I was molested when I was 13 but I did not enjoy it. Im not a very attractive girl but I have attractive features my breast and butt they are

very big for my age. Well this incident happened when I was in my second year at college. My first cousin was staying with us for a few months. He was also not very attractive but we became close soon. He started showing signs that he was attracted to me.

While in my house I used to dress in a skirt which was till my knees and a buttoned shirt which exposed my breasts nicely. During one night we were talking till late night in my room. My room is not very accessible it takes some time to go inside so it gave my some courage.

We were basically flirting. He started telling I was looking good. I was blushing. I slowly lifted my legs so that my thighs became visible and I knew he was looking at it. I went to the bathroom and removed my panties and unbuttoned my top two buttons

and came out and sat in front of my cousin. I again sat opposite to him and I lifted my legs so that he can see my pussy. I was able to see that he was getting excited and he was also staring at my breast.

This thing went on for a while and I asked him to sit in the bed. He started to slowly rub my thighs and told that it was soft. I brushed his hair and told that it was soft. Then he slowly started to reach my vagina and stroke it. I held his penis in my hand and I was pressing it.

He removed my shirt and started pressing my boobs. We where playing like this for a while and we went to sleep. The next day I was very anxious to finish college and reach home and from then on we used to play whatever time we got for the next six months or so. But I never had to courage to have sex, but I regret it now.

Sex with friends sister

Hey hot girls ..i'm D3viL...the story which i'm going to write here is my real story with my distant sister who is not related to me by blood but she is sister of my very close friend and she ties rakhi to me..

She lives in mathura...this was in summer of 2004 I had just finished my grad in delhi and had broken up with my girlfriend of two years. I was about 21..there was this marriage function of my being a close friend I had to be there.. Preparations were on...and all the relatives were there...

I had obviously met this girl before as she used to tie rakhi to me..she was 16 or 17 at that time...all ripe and virgin and full of dreams of a sweet that time I had grown my hair and was kind of wild without any girl in my life for last 6-7 months and bored with interviews and it was a good time out for me...

The girl's name is rajani..she is bit dark and petite with small tits and cute little ass...but she is a good looker and I always had hots for her....she has this attitude which makes women or girls hot and they ooze sex...she is one of them...

So I arrived in the evening and the marriage was two days later...all the people were there. The place in house was not enough so sleeping arrangements were made on the terrace...and all the kids and women and brothers and friends of the groom were supposed to sleep there...

when I came the girls were applying mehandi...i also helped some of the girls help apply mahandi as I was the favorite rakhi brother of all of them....slowly the night fell and all people went to sleep one by one...i kept applying mehandi and talking to rajani...

as her hands were filled with mahandi and I could not hold it anywhere to keep her hand steady, so I held her hand near the shoulder and held it tight, while holding I kept on massaging her gently as it had been long time I had a girl so I was enjoying her...

there was no intention to go further...but her soft skin was making me lose myself and I kept it on...she never resisted, maybe because she never realized, but after some time I knew the sparks wee flying....

she started enjoying the flirt and I kept touching her sensually on her both hands and shoulders and in the middle I kept touching her small tits by mistake, now I wanted to go on until she protests...this went on for some time and I was erect in my pants and i’m sure her little pussy

was getting wet the time was about 3 and she was sleepy and wanted to sleep...the sleeping arrangements were made on the floor as more people can sleep...two rows were formed one of females and other of boys both the rows were closer by head or both the rows

were joined at the head side...rajani went to sleep and I slept just opposite to her so our heads were closer...I was not sleeping and after some time I stretch my self and my hands touched rajani's hands...i kept my hand near her hand and did not do anything for some time,

after some time I again touched her hands I got some mehandi on my hands...she seemed to be I went ahead and touched her hands near shoulder she did not move much so I went ahead and touched her on her shoulder and caressed there for sometime now

I knew she was enjoying it..u know when a girl is on..i started touching her forehead and her eyes and her soft cheeks....when I came to her lips and rubbed it with my thumb and index finger, to my surprise she opened her mouth and took my index finger in...i was I heaven..

there was no noise...she started slowly suckling my finger and I started in out motion into her mouth I was enjoying it so much I did this for a long time and when I came back to senses she was still sucking my finger..she could not touch me because of mehandi...

i kept one hand in her mouth and took my other hand on her neck and caressed it gently. I was in no hurry...after caressing there I moved down...i had to streach myself cause I was reaching far. Because of our sheets on us we were safe..

i went ahead and got my hand inside her kurta the female skin was feeling so good and I had been touching it after such a long time, anyway I went ahead and touching her upper part of breasts with fingers and could feel goosebumps there.

The skin there was so soft I was in heaven again I gently pressed there and kept my hand moving and in some time I was on the peaks of her breast. Her small erect nipple was under my fingered...i gently pressed the erect nipple and ran my finger around the puffy nipples and took

her whole breast in my hand and started pressing it. It was quite handful so soft and smooth I pressed it little harder. She never protested and was still sucking my fingeres and was now her breath was bit faster and heavy. I moved to other breast and

started groping her breast quite roughly. I took my finger out of her mouth and tried to insert the hand inside kurta but the it too narrow. Now I was in full mood and wanted to go all ahead. I moved my self to go near her and our head were meeting now I tried to pull her she was about to

shift towards me and I saw one lady getting up I fell silent and motionless rajani also saw her and stopped her...that lady went to the loo and I thought she will go to sleep again and was waiting for her to settle down. She came back and woke up the lady next to her.

And that was the endo of the night. I knew nothing is going to happen so I setteled to my bed and with my erect and dripping cock tried to was really hard containing so much of cum which is all ready to explode. I'm sure rajani also had hard time containing her flowing vagina...

Next morning day started usually ..all the people were around. I looked at rajani and she looked very shy and there was kind of mysteries smile on her face. There was one secluded bathroom on the terrace and I was to go take bath. I knew nothing can happen in there.

So was going to shag while bathing. But while I was going to bathroom I saw her and suddenly a thought came to my mind. I hinted her to come to the roof after about two minutes so nobody will suspect...i went to the bathroom and removed my clothes and was waiting for rajani with my

six and half inch throbbing cock, all ready to explode. I opened the bathroom door a little to look out. Sure enough she was there I asked her to come, only my head was out of the door. She came to me and asked what I said come in. She said somebody will come.

I said it'll be just two minutes. She thought for two seconds and looked around to see if anybody was there and pushed the door. She came in and I quickly closed the door...she was shocked to see me naked and her eyes settled on my hard cock.

She at once covered her eyes with palms…she was all nervous and told me its not right I got to go I held her by her waist and pulled her closer to me. My cock went straight onto her tummy and she said ouch and opened her eyes and kept staring for sometime and then she looked at

me, her eyes were wider and surprised with shyness…there was a worried look on her face which I loved. The fear of being caught. I asked her want to finish what we started in the night. She didn't say a word...she was still nervous so I put my lips on her lips and there was fire

inside both of us...she opened her mouth and and we started kissing our tongues met and entangled each other's tongue. She tasted like honey...kept on sucking her sweet lips and tongue for some time, I rolled my tongue on her teeth and lower side of her tongue she was going mad like me. She broke the kiss, after what seemed like ages.

She asked me what do u want to do. I just looked deep into her eyes for some time and started putting my hand inside her kurta from back and kissing again on her lips with other hand I held her hand which were red with mehandi and guided it towards my cock.

Her nervous hand touched my cock and a shiver went down my spine.. I asked her to hold it firmly she did so I asked her to remove her kurta, she said not now, later. I said ok and started groping her from above he clothes and pressing her ass..

i asked her to move her hand on my shaft. She didn't know exactly so I had to hold her hand move it. She got it and started shagging. My balls were so full of explosive cum and I knew I would not hold much...i kept groping her and put my hand inside her kurta from down and was

enjoying her breast..she kept on shagging me I wanted to touch her pussy but could not open her salwar as it was getting late and somebody might come so I massaged her pussy from over salwar only as I touched her pussy he made big aaaaahhhhh....sound and I loved it..

i went on pressing her pussy and she kept moaning aaaaaahhhhh... aaaaaahhhhh.... ooooooohhhhh... aaaaammmmm.....i was loving these sounds her hands were stopped as she could not take it any more...she was moving her pussy and tryin to rub it hard against my

hand....i was giving her all the attention I could give her in that situation...her body was wirthing badly...she was making oooooohhhhh...aaaaaammmmm......aaaaaahhhhhh sounds and was about to cum...i was rubbing her faster...

she was in so much extacy she could not move her hand on my shaft and was just holding it very tightly...I knew she was about to cum....i increased my motion and her body was now becoming stiff and was about to cum any moment I did not want to spoil it so was rubbing her

so hard....she was like... aaaaaahhhnnnn..... ooooooommmm.... mmmmmmm...... iiiiissshhhh.....ooooohhhhh.....suddnly she was very stiff and I felt her hot juices coming out of her virgin pussy...i was enjoying the wetness...after a long time I was seeing a girl come and it was marvelous sight...she fell on me leaving my cock and forgetting everything...

I held her for some time and was caressing her hair...When she came to senses after about 2 minutes...there was strange intoxication in her eyes she looked drunk and out of this world... I kissed her on her lips and took her hand kept on my cock...

she looked at it and now with content look in her eyes started shagging....i was just on the verge...she kept on rubbing my was near I asked her to increase her speed. She increased and I was jsut about to explode.

Asked her to get away from front of me as her clothes would get dirty....she got away and kept on shagging faster. And I saw the colors after so long and exploded and was spraying my juices all over the bathroom.

I kept on coming for ages and she was just not stopping and shagging me...some drops also fell n her garments. He hand was full of my cum...finally after about two seconds I asked her to stop...

I was all spent and exhausted...this was one of th best orgasm I had had till then...When I came to senses she was about to go. We kissed and I opend the door to look if anyone was there..all terrace was empty...we kissed again and she left...

i closed the door...and leaned on the wall...just thinking and trying to make sense. If what had just happened really true...i opened my eyes and saw cum all over the wall. Opened the door to confirm...she was going down from the stair...i had to clean the walls..

We did make love next day during the marriage...while everyone was busy in marriage we had our suhagraat..and it was mind blowing..the best sex I had till then…

Ice hot chill sex

I am Archana back with another exciting experience with my brother. Thanks for all your comments. I was too hot after that first encounter. I felt like having sex for 24hrs with my brother. I wanted to be without dress for all the time.

Whenever I enter my room I remove all my dress and roam around inside my room. I went outside for shopping and purchased a petticoat not exactly something similar to it. Fully black transparent tight near my boobs and free below covering just a bit of my thigh.

That day night I was wearing it and was waiting for my brother. The dress was looking fantastic. My boobs were perfectly packed and were waiting to come outside. I wore a black panty below which was perfectly matching and showing me sexy.

As I was admiring my beauty in the mirror I heard the knock at the door, when I opened it was my brother. He came inside, closed the door and said fine dress. I was very happy. He went for bath and came out. I was laying on the bed my ass facing upwards, reading magzine.

My brother came and laid on me and said, sweety you look so sexy today. I asked him to get up an turned around. I pulled him to me for a tight lip lock. Slowly he came down to my boobs area. He was sucking my boobs and one hand was inside my panties.

Then again he came down and turned me around and removed my panties to explore my ass. He laid down on my ass for a while and started kissing my ass, my thighs and turned me again and kissed my vagina.

He got up and told to remove my dress and said he will be back. I removed my dress and he was back with the ice tray. I asked for what he said wait. He placed some ice cubes on my stomach and said don’t move. He also kept one on my vagina and laid on me.

He started smooching the ice on my boobs. My body was fully hot and electrifying. He was tightly packed against me. The drips of cold water from the ice cube was entering my vagina and the encircling of ice on my boobs was making me die.

I felt as if I was enjoying the whole pleasure of sex. (For all you girls out there reading this story once in life time you should enjoy this type of icy sex to know what is the pleasure.) There are no words to express my feelings, I was not able to lye down. I was shouting sssshhhh.

Ahhhh. I started to move my hips up and down. My brother was handling me as an expert. He took one more ice in his mouth and kept it on my mouth. We both were playing with it. He took some more ice and lifted my hip and placed it under my ass.

I wanted his cock in me very badly. I was neither able to get up nor able to lye down. I asked him please go inside. He fully covered my body with ice cubes. He slowly inserted his cock inside. The icy drips of water and hot cock WOW! WHAT a feeling.

He slowly started his to and fro motion by holding my boobs with ice cubes. When his cock came inside it was hot and when moving Bach it was cold due to the water dripping from the ice. I was gone mad, driven curacy. I was not expecting this type of pleasure from my brother.

After a while both of us reached the climax and he laid on me in the same position. I was filled with joy and happiness as if I made a history in the world of sex. I was telling him in what all types I want to have sex. He promised me to fulfill my desire.

My friends Sexy Mummy

She had a good figure in spite of giving birth to her two sons...i mean...she had a good figure naturally,i bet she cared less about it. She use to wear saree and blouse..a peculiar indian housewife.

She had slim waist with beautiful big breasts.her height was average and her leg was long and sexy.she always wears her saree down at her naval. One day,when I came home from school,no one was at home and the door was locked.usually,

one of my family members use to be at home all the time,but not my friend harrit called me to his place I had no objections to that because we were so close friends and we treated each others home as our own.

We were so close that I was even close to his family we went to his place it happened that he had to leave soon for his tuition.he left telling his mum to take care of me.i laughed it off.she and we were alone now as her husband

had gone to an office tour and his little brother also comes home late after tuition. She served me some eatebles with she bent down to keep the tea on the table,i glanced a her breast,it was so white and looked realy heart burnt.

She sat down by my side and we started having tea while watching tv.she said she is so tired because she has been cleaning the house and washing clothes the whole day.naturally,i offered to give her a massage to which she declined politely.

but after a while,she let out a sigh and said...OK,i guess I need it badly. She turned away from me showing me her the process her sare fell down from her shoulder.i could now see her back,it was so looked sexy with some sweat still on it.

I got to work and started massaging her back.we were in a sitting position.slowly she started eyes were on her waist,looks so tender and smooth.her naval was visible,i knew.i wanted so much to let my hand roam on her stomach...

I was getting turned on.i suggested that she better lay down on her bed for my she agreed.we went to her bedroom.there she laid down.i asked her if I can sit on top of her so that I can put all the pressure of my body on my hand to give her better massage,she agreed.

I sat on top of her and started th process,my but use to touch hers,it felt so good.and my cock was really rebelling.i knew she will feel it too and to my surprise she ignored it.atlast my hand stared coming down to her waist and in pretense

I would let my hand roam till her front belly,touch her naval and come back to her back.she was moaning.i knew she was turned on feels sexy when one is relaxed. I don't know how,but I couldn't resist so I sat down on her butt,letting my hard cock rest on the crack of her ass.

and my hand was slightly touching her breast by now.she was moaning all the time.i thought she might have forgotten that it was me who was doing all this and not her inorder to not let this opportunity out of m hand..

i massaged her head and in the process tied my scarf around her eye. After that I turned her around and kissed her on her naval...she raised her whole body to me.i played with her belly for a while and my hands started to move up to her breast.

i massaged her there for a while and latter removed her blouse and bra too.her naked breast was there right in front of me.i nearly lost my mind seeing those beautiful pair of white breast.i massaged it,kissed it and licked it.

She started moaning louder and started sliding her body beneath hand went down between her thigh,holy shit,she wasn't wearing an underwear.her busy was wet and warm,no doubt.i fingure fucked her till she came with all her might.

it gave me great pleasure to watch her turned me on so much that I forgot any manners and straight away removed my pants and underwear. I held my cock right in front of her pussy, she must have sensed it because she raised her waist to meet my meat.

i touched her pussy with my cock,payed around her pussy with it.she couldn't control for long as she held my back and pushed me towards went in all. She moaned a little and started giving more pressure.i think she wanted more meat because my cock was not that big though it was really hard.

So I now relied on my stamina to drive her crazy...luckily for both of us,i had already masturbated in the morning thinking of her so I knew I did last pretty long in,it felt so good to be in her pussy.i was having so much fun.

but her pussy was too big,so I put both her legs together and spread out my legs....she moaned like hell as I fucked her in this the meantime,i fondled her soft breasts kissing and biting it.she hissed each time I bit on her nipple...i knew she'll like that.

She had two to three orgasm but I was still going on....all the time she was saying...ungh ungh ungh...ahhh....and so on.she tucked her finger nails on my butt harder when she is about to hit the climax.i fucked her real hard...

After twenty minutes of continous fucking I removed the scarf from her eyes...for the first time we looked eye to eye...she looked at me warmly and ent up a little to give me a kiss.her lips felt so good that I gave a bit on it.

she moaned out and shooked body all over gave me great pleasure to look at her...with blouse opened wide and her saree pulled looked so rough. I still didn't cum....i was getting tired after 30mins of to and fro I told her to be on top of me...

she felt excited...i guess her husband never tried it out on on,she did all the work and I was getting the pleasure...both from her movement and the sight of her...her breast hanging down loosely coming to me and going away again.i held it in my hands and pinched it and massaged it...

She was wondering how I could hold on for so long...she asked me so....i told her,practice makes a man perfect,,she last I told her to fondle my balls.she did willingly,it gave me great pleasure there.i knew that was my weak point...

she massage me there tenderly....and after a while I came all in her.i nearly jerked her off the bed but luckily she was holding the sheet. We lay on the bed...i asked her how she liked it...she just said....''that's the best I would ever get in my life'' and gave me a tight hug....

later we got dressed and had the leftover tea and watched friend came and asked his mum....did ya take care of him????....i replied jokingly...nah,i had to take care of am tired......and she laughed along with Friend stood puzzled...

We still hit the bed.but this days she use to massage me instead of me massaging her,,,what with all those non stop fucking for continously 30 minutes to 40minutes...sometimes even my cock use to get pain.

Fucking hot babe Shylaja

Hi Human Digest readers, this is krishna from Hyderabad. I am 26 Years old, working for an IT Company. I read a lot of stories on HumanDigest, I like almost all off them. I am a fair and strong guy of 5'4.

This is a real life encounter which happened 2 years ago between me and my Shylaja aunty, my mom's cousin(sister) (all names changed). She is 38 now, who is a very beautiful lady of figures 36-30-36. She has real big boobs which are well maintained,

firm and round ass with not too much of fat, flat tummy and the most sexiest part is the curve on her waist. She is very conscious about her beauty since the time she was young. When she dresses herself, everything she wears should be perfectly fitting her, be it a Saree,

Salwar Kameez or even a Nightie she wears at home. She makes sure everything is matching her colour and complexion, and of course the ocassion too. Thats probably why she looks beautiful in whatever she wears.

Me and my aunt are good friends, since the time I was 3-4 years of age. She got married when I was 10. Everybody in our family knows that we are like friends more than our relationship. She speaks a lot, but very lively. We even pull each others leg sometimes. She has 2 sons.

They are of age 14 and 11 now,. Her husband, my uncle is a businessman who travels a lot. He is 45 now and rich enough. Before me and my aunt started an affair 2 years ago, it was another 2 years since we saw each other, as she and her husband had to move to a different city

called Shimoga, because my uncle had established his business there. The conversation was just through the phone and I saw her 1-2 times in some family get togethers. They had given their nice big house on a rent, which is 2Kms away from our house.

After 2 years, my uncle got an oppurtunity to expand his business with a Foriegn Company. He had to go to UK to plan for his new project and also implement it. So they informed their tenants well in advance that they have to leave the house in 3 months and they did it.

So my aunt and uncle shifted back to Hyderabad and after a week time my uncle had to leave to UK and he said it would atleast take 6 months for him to come back. During this time my aunt had to stay alone. She called me up and asked me to stay with her atleast at nights and my

uncle and aunt both informed my parents about the same. OK I think I have mentioned too much about Shylaja aunty's family. After a certain age when I started fantasizing about women, watching blue films, whenever I masturbated, Shylaja aunty used to be in my mind always.

But I never ever let her know about this even though she was a good friend of mine. It was a friday, my uncle had left to UK in the morning. My parents, Shylaja aunty and her kids had gone to the airport to drop him. I could not go as I had no leaves to take in the office.

She also had made safe arrangements for her kids to leave to Ooty, the same day so that they wont miss much of their classes. The whole day, even though I was at workplace, I used to think of me and my Shylaja aunty being alone at home at nights for 6 months.

I was thinking of gaining some courage and the ways to approach towards her to have sex. I came home at 5:30PM, freshened up myself and was watching TV. My mom said "Shyla had called up she asked me to tell you to go to her house as soon as possible,

as she is feeling very lonely, she will also be waiting you for the dinner". I said "OK" and went to her house. On the way to her house, my heart was beating very fast, thinking about what could be her reaction if I approach her to have sex.

Finally I thought, I have enough time, let me read her mind, depending on the situation, I will approach her and calmed myself down. I rang the doorbell and there is my angel opening the door with a beautiful smile.

She was wearing a shining silky dark brown night gown, looking gorgeous. I also went in with a smile, she closed the door and hugged me straight away although it was friendly approach by her and said face to face"hello!! Handsome, how are you?".

I was stunned by her movements, her big breasts were pressing my chest. I thought of trying my luck and hugged her in turn and said with joy "I am good, Shyla aunty how about you?"she said"i am doing good my dear"with a smile again and to my surprise,

she kissed my both the cheeks. She lead me to the hall by holding my hand. We sat on a sofa, close to each other. She was holding hand in hand with me and my right hand was on her left thigh. She started speaking "Oh! God it's a very long time since we saw each other and spoke

so freely. I have a lot to speak and share with you, which I can't do with anyone else". I replied"Hey! Sure I will be with you to share your feelings.. Ummmmma"i took a chance to kiss her soft cheeks. We had some coffee and continued the conversation about the different city

she was in and the people there, places there and all the nonsense in the world. We watched TV for sometime, but I was literally thinking something else in my mind "she is in a good mood, if luck favours me, I can have sex with her today".

Whenever she talked to me very friendly, I use to feel guilty about myself because of the way I dream about her. At around 9:30PM she came to me, kepping her palms on my cheeks and asked me"Dinner is ready dear, shall we have it now?"i said"yes!

Sure"and she said"come" and placed a kiss on my forehead with a smile. She turned around to go to the kitchen. I immediately stood up and pulled her hands and hugged her very hard keeping my hands on her flat tummy and said in a low voice near her ear "you are so beautiful"

and kissed her right cheek from behind. She replied with a broad smile"thank you for your compliments, darling, I like the way you are moving along with me, so closely, so friendly"and she kissed me back on my left cheek.

And now it was time for her to take some classes and said to me boldly biting her teeth, twisting my right ear "you are not a young boy anymore, you are grown up, why dont you shave your beard??It's pinching my lips when ever I kiss your cheeks and now again when you kissed

me from back it was like thorns on my cheek, I will kill you if you dont have a shave tomorrow". I said"No aunty, I normally shave every sunday, thats why I have a little beard grown now"and we walked to the dining hall holding each other.

She holding my left waist and I had kept my hand on her right shoulder. It was a nice feeling for me touching her soft body. I told her I will change my dress and come went back to her bedroom where I had kept my bag of clothes.

I wore a night pant, removed my shirt as I was wearing a vest and came out for the dinner. The dinner was really tasty, she finished her dinner before me. I was about to finish my dinner when the phone rang. My uncle was calling from UK to inform about his safe journey.

I went and washed my hands and came back. I also spoke to my uncle and wished him good luck for his new project. After the phone call I asked Shyla aunty to show her hands, she did, I kissed her both the hands saying "the dinner was really delicious".

She says, with naughty smile"thank you, but this is not fair. I always kiss your cheeks and you are just kissing my hands"as soon as she said that I happily gave her broad hug, this time real hard and kissed her both the cheeks, while her big boobs are clashing with my chest,

thinking in my mind that "i am even ready to kiss your lips, my sexy babe". I was getting hard erection, so I thought of loosening myself a bit, because I did'nt know what would be her reaction to such things. We again went to the hall,

we sat close to each other holding hand in hand, this time her hand on my thigh. I was really scared at this point of time because I was still having a slight erection. I slowly moved her hand away from my thigh while speaking. Now she started speaking a little open minded with me.

She said men in Shimoga used to see her with a wicked eye, wherever she went and also that she would feel like killing them sometimes. I asked her with a smile "then what would you do to me as I am hugging and kissing you, already "she replied in a sweet voice"you are my

sweetheart, I would rather give you thousands of kisses for the compliments you give me"and kissed me again. I felt really happy about this and was still thinking to somehow approach her and make love tonight. It was almost time for us to go to sleep when she asked me to drink milk

and sleep as it is good for health. I said"ok" and followed her to the kitchen, looking at her swinging ass and the sexy waist she had. I could'nt resist myself anymore, I wanted to touch her waist at any cost. She was standing in front of the stove, waiting for the milk to boil.

I casually stood to her left, leaning my head on her left shoulder and simultaneaously I kept my hand on her right waist and got hold of it. It was really soft and I was feeling like squeezing it, but as soon as I kept my hand on her waist, she was shocked and turned towards me,

I immediately removed my hand from her waist, she said with a sigh of relief"i was shocked when you kept your hand on my waist, I dint know that you came behind me". I said"sorry, aunty its my mistake". She replied"no, its not a mistake at all and do you know one more

thing?, my waist is my weakness point"in a low voice and a sexy smile. I dint quite understand that and asked her "what do you mean by that?"she replies with a naughty smile and whispers in my ears"it's my personal secret"and by this time the milk was boiled, so she said

"wait a minute, I will tell you about that"and she picked the milk vessel and poured milk into 2 glasses and gave me one of them. We both were drinking milk and walked to hall with the glass in hand and sat very close again. I said"what's the secret?"

she feels shy about that and smiles for herself and keeps quiet. I said"come on aunty, dont keep the matter in suspense, please tell me"she says"you naughty, are you so eager to know my personal secret??"I innocently said "yes".

She started whispering "I use to get easily seduced sexually, when your uncle was touching my waist"I was amazed by the way she was revealing her personal secret to me. She continued saying "Until 5 years ago, whenever we had a fight and I was angry with him,

he used to squeeze my waist and I used to lose the battle and we ended up having sex ". I was thinking in my mind"I should'nt have taken my hand off her waist, I lost an oppurtunity". I asked her in eager"what has happened since 5 years, now?"

she says "we never had sex since 5 years, now". I asked "why?What happened?" she replied "your uncle had some health upset and gradually we had to forget about sex as he was becoming physically weak".

This was making me really happy I am getting some important facts about my sex queen. After chatting for some time, I was feeling sleepy, I went to her and gave a kiss on the forehead and wished good night. I turned around to go to another bedroom in the house,

she immediately hugged me from behind saying "don't leave me alone krishna, come and sleep with me in my bedroom, I dont mind if it is you sleeping with me". I was now getting horny and said nothing to her and quietly walked with her to the bedroom.

Her bedroom is quite big with a cot in the middle of the room, a huge leather sofa with teapoy. As we entered the bedroom, I was really breathing heavily and my heart was beating faster than ever, thinking in my mind how to control myself with the most beautiful woman lying on the

otherside of the bed'. I wanted to hide this feeling, so I headed towards the teapoy and picked up a magazine pretended like reading it. Shylaja aunty started speaking to me while simultaneously removing her night gown which was covering her nightie

"you have something in your mind to say but you are struggling to share it with me, come on speak up, I am your best partner now". As soon as she finished saying this, I took my eyes off the magazine and saw her removing the gown. I was awestruck looking at her beauty.

Now, the nightie she is wearing is sleeveless, with just one strap on each of her shoulders and also along with that, I could see the strap of her black bra. The nightie was the same colour of her gown, with the same silky material and it was a skin-fit nightie,

so it was sticking to her body, revealing her big boobs. I could also make out the spot where her navel is on her flat tummy. I can also see her body curving on her beautiful waist. The nightie has a cut on the either side up until her knees, so that she can walk freely.

I was seeing her with my eyes wide open. She saw me and asked"what happened?Why are you so quiet?". I started stammering"Sh-Shyla ahhunty". She saw my face she could make out that I am looking at her body and said"now, don't tell me again that I look beautiful

"and gave me naughty smile. I could not resist anymore, I rushed towards her, held her left hand and pulled her towards me and hugged her real hard and took my face near her face. She did not resist as always and she also put her arms around my body with that naughty smile still on

her face. I looked in her eyes and whispered "no, you are not just beautiful, you are really sexxxxy". She still takes it friendly and says"Wooow, my young man is in a romantic mood today, now dont change the topic,

I asked you to share something with which you are struggling in your mind". I said"no aunty, I was on the right track and you have changed the topic unknowingly". She is so innocent, still not able to understand what I was upto and replies"hey!Smart boy,

have you fallen in love with anyone?"i said"yes, with a woman older than me"she is shocked and said"what?Who is she?". The way she asked, made me scared to say that it was herself. I was running out of ideas to say something,

I simply leaned my head on her right shoulder with my chin on her bear shoulder. As soon as I placed my chin on her shoulder, she starts laughing ans says"hey! Krishna, your beared is pinching my shoulder, take your head off my shoulder".

In a flash I took my chin off her shoulder and placed a kiss on her bear shoulder and asked"how is this?"she replies"mmmm, you are tickling me, but it was so sweet of you". Taking this as chance, I started kissing her shoulder and moved towards her ear.

She din't say anything about that. I took all the courage in the world thinking it's now or never and started whispering in her ear"you have'nt had sex for past 5 years, right?"she might have felt shy to answer but said "yes" in a low voice only after I repeated the question.

I continued "so, shall we break the ice now?, can I do it with you?". She took her head off my shoulder and I did the samething to see each other face-to-face She said"no, we can't do that, I can't do that with you, no"in a low voice, but still hugging me.

I some how wanted to convince her tonight and asked her"are you scared about that?" she replied "yes, I am scared about the society". I said"you said, you don't care about the society, when you called me to sleep with you in the bedroom".

By now she was facing down, so I lifted her face holding her chin and said"Trust me, we will keep this as a secret, nobody will know about this"she was breathing very heavily and as I was standing very close to her with my arms around her body.

I could also make out her heart beating very fast. I felt I am just a step away from her to have sex and spoke few strong words"shyla aunty, I will not get a woman as beautiful as you and you may not get a chance to have sex ever in your life,

so this is the right oppurtunity for both of us to fulfill our desires"and hugged her harder than ever and to my surprise she did the samethng too. She whispered"To be frank, I am really desperate to have sex, but I could'nt do that because of the society we are in.

Now I am not scared anymore, come on I am all yours from today". These words made me wild and I started kissing her all round the neck, her ears, she started moaning"mm... Mm.... Mm". I saw her face, her lips looks really juicy, I desperately kissed her lips very hard,

very passionately for about 15 mins. Now, she won't leave my lips even if I tried seperate my lips from her lips. She hugged me as hard as she can enjoying the kiss and made my first kiss a memorable one. Her lips were really so sweet and within few mins we were exchanging our

saliva. When we released our lips, we were breathing very fast. She helped herself to release from my hands and turned towards the window and started walking, I pulled her and hugged her from behind and asked her"mmmm where are you going?" she said"wait a minute darling,

I will be back in a sec". She went to close the window and curtains. I could not resist myself seeing her wonderful figure. She was looking like a big choclate bar to me as she was wearing the brown skin-fit nightie, which had a zip at the back,

running all through her back until the place where her firm ass starts. I ran, hugged her from behind as soon as she closed the windows and the curtains and whispered in her ears kissing her neck"mmmm my beautiful aunty"she starts moaning and replies"mmmmm.... Krishna,

dont call me aunty anymore. Call me by name mmhhh.... Mmmm"for which I replied"hhmmmm, my dear sexy shyla, I love you soooo much". I, now asked that why did she closed the windows and curtains, as it might be suffocating. She replied"mmm, I want total privacy with you.

Nobody should enjoy this night except me and you. We have AC in the room which will keep us cool". By now I had started moving my hands all over her tummy and slowly moved my hands towards her big boobs and stopped there and very slowly and softly,

pressed her both the boobs. I did not care about my erected tool, touching her ass, this time. She became wild this time moaning loudly"hhhhhhhaaaaaa.. Mmmmm.... Krishna, my darling... Mmm come on press it hard.. Mmmmmmmmmm". I pressed her boobs so hard....

She jumped due to excitement.... Put her arms behind to reach my face and try to pull me in front of her, so that she can hug me or may be kiss me. But by then I had moved a little down kissing her back. I started unzipping her nightie with my teeth, as my hands were busy,

squeezing her boobs. I unzipped the nightie fully and now I could see a part of her black panties and also the hook of her bra. I released her boobs from my hand and now I let my hand into her nightie from the back, touching her smooth and soft skin while she is still moaning.

I moved my hand all over her body wherever possible, inside her nightie and simultaneously kissing her bear skin at the back. I slowly, again moved my hand towards her sexy boobs from both sides, inside the nightie but on top of her bra and started fondling it.

Shyla, kept her hands on my hands to help me press her big boobs still harder. We did this for about 20 mins and we both started sweating heavily. She was moaning and saying"... Mmmmmmmmm... Krishnauuuu... We are already sweating so much...

I dont want to finish this off so soon... I still need much more than this from you.... Plzzzz switch on the AC, darling". I left her half heartedly and walked towards the teapoy to pick up the remote control of the AC to switch it on.

I switched on the AC and the tepmerature was set to 26deg. I said Shyla"I want to enjoy with you tonight, so I will reduce it to 22deg". As soon as I said that she came in a flash and snatched the remote control from me and said "I dont want to sleep tonight"

and further reduced it to 18deg. We again hugged straight chest to breast and kissed the lips for about 10 mins. She was still wearing the nightie with the zip open at the back, so I let my hand in her nightie but this time I was in front of her. I asked her to lie down on the sofa, and she did.

I looked at her whole body in front of me lying on the sofa, it was a treat watch her. I started kissing her slowly from legs, simultaneously moving my hand and slowly lifting her nighitie upwards. I could lift the nightie till her knees, as it was skin fit.

But, I inserted my hand till her thighs. I squeezed her thigh hardly and gave a kiss on the place where her pussy is, at the same time. She started moaning again"aaahaaaa... Mmmmmm, you naughty"and started biting her own lips with excitement.

Then I went on kissing her flat tummy for few mins. She is still moaning and says"mmmm.... Krishna... Come on.. I want to kiss your lips desperately, mmm... Mmmm I liked the way you kissed me, the first time... Plzzzz mmmmmanjuuuu".

I stopped kissing her tummy and slept straight away on her body gave tight kiss on her lips again. She was hugging me like never before and we kissed for another 20 mins. Now I started to pull the straps of her nightie, she also helped me by taking her arms off the straps.

I slowly pulled her nightie down her big boobs, then her tummy, navel and then her pussy, thighs, knees. Aahhh it was great experience as I kissed her whole body from top to bottom following her nightie, when it was moving down. Here comes the sexiest scene of the encounter.

The woman whom I have fucked many times in my dreams is literally sleeping in front of me with just her bra and panties on. She asked me to remove my dress too, which I did and I was wearing just the underwear. I started kissing her again slowly from the legs,

moving my hand on her bear skin at the same time. The moaning sound from her was making me mad and wild everytime. I kissed her pussy on her panties, which was already wet and at the sametime put my hand in her panty from the back and squeezed her ass quite hard...

Which made her jump and she is breathing heavily. She said"ahaaaaa. Aaaaa. Mmmmmm you are making me mad, its like heavy rains in the desert after 5 long years. Aaaaa come on.. Fast I want to kiss you again". I did not respond to this and continued kissing her private body parts

very slowly. I enjoyed kissing her navel and moved upward towards her big boobs and started kissing her cleavage and sometimes put her whole boob in my mouth. By now she was waiting to kiss my lips, she could'nt resist anymore.

So she put her hands on my head to hold it firmly and pulled my hair very hardly to place my lips on hers. I kissed her like mad lion for another 15 mins, lying on her body. Now she could sense that my rod is as hot and hard as iron, she moved her hands slowly all over my body,

kissing my chest, neck at the same time. She moved her hand into my underwear and hold my rod really hard and started rotating it. This made my rod erect still longer than it was before. I asked her"blowjob?"she replied"no, I dont like blowjob, plz dont force me to do it".

I said"as you wish, syla". I started moving down again, kissing her all over the body and slowly pulled her panties down and removed it. It was a cleanly shaved pussy. I asked her to get up and sit straight on the sofa and she did.

Now she saw the bulge in my underwear and she suddenly pulled my underwear down. The hot rod of mine popped out and she fondled with it for sometime which made me cum. She says its unhygenic to take my dick in her mouth and cumming.

I did not want to argue with her about that at that time, as I was enjoying my first sexual intercourse of my life. I slowly started fingering her pussy making her moan lightly. I now sat down on the floor while she was on the sofa. I asked her to put her legs on my shoulders.

She asked "what are you doing?"I said"you will definitely enjoy this" and blew hot air towards her wide open pussy. She replied"hhhaaaa". I hugged her, putting my arms around her waist and my face was in front of her pink lipped pussy.

I placed a soft kiss on her pussy, whhich made her mad she was holding my head really tight. I started kissing her pussy real hard as though it was her lips, which made her wild and pushed my head into her pussy, indicating that she needs more of it.

I now started licking her pussy, inserted my tongue in her pussy for which she moaned and said"aaaaaa.. Hhhhaaaaa. Mmmmmm,, manju you are so sweet, I love you.. I have never experienced this before, aaaaahhaaa thank you for all this".

After licking her pussy for 10 mins, she says"aaahaa. Darling, I am cumming aaaaahhhhh.. Mmmmm". And she came on my face. I licked the whole juice coming out of her pussy. Now I started kissing her tummy and moved up and hugged her real hard to kiss her lips.

While kissing, I unhooked her bra from behind and started caressing her back while kissing. After 10 mins of kissing, I tried to remove her bra completely and she helped me pull her bra out by lifting her arms. Now there was two big mountainous structures,

waiting to pop out of her bra for a long time. Her tits were very big and hard due to the excitement she was in. Her brown nipples were erect and both the boobs were waiting desperately for my hands to squeeze it.

I pinched her nipples slowly and started kissing one of them and squeezing another. I started sucking one after the other as hard as I can and shyla also enjoyed it. Now it was time for me to squeeze her point of weakness and started moving my hands towards her waist.

I put my hands on either side of the waist and pressed it very hardly while sucking her boobs to the core. She started shouting"aaaaaaaa.... Hhhhh manju, you are so sweet, I was waiting for this... Come on darling, put me on the bed and fuck me hard ahhhhhh".

I still wanted to enjoy the squeezing and sucking. As I was squeezing harder and harder, she was becoming very wild and bit my ears, my shoulder and also my lips so hard, my lips started bleeding I lifted her as it is and put her on the bed.

She was still moaning"mmmm... Mmmmm". As soon as I put her on the bed she opened her legs wide apart with a sexxxxxxxy smile inviting me to fuck her. She got up half the way, held my hot iron rod in her hand and allowed it to enter her door of heaven and asked me push it in.

I tried to push my dick in, it was hard for both of us initially as it was happening after 5 years for her and first time for me. I started giving jerks and she joined me. It was paining for both of us, but slowly and steadily we gained the pace and my whole dick was in her pussy now,

going in and coming out. She thought both of us can manage it from now and lied completely on the bed making sounds"aaahh... Ahhh.. Come on I need some more. I pounced on her breast, with my dick still in her pussy, started sucking her boobs and squeezing her waist again.

She started shouting again"aaaaahhhh.... Aaaa.. Aaaaaa"and hugged me harder and stronger than ever. This made me erotic and started moving my dick in and out faster and faster until we both released the cum. While releasing the cum we both hugged each other very tight,

I was biting her boobs and she was biting her own lips with her eyes closed and we were in the heaven for about 10 mins. After we were finished, I was tired and slept beside her, both of us breathing heavily. We looked at each other's face, smiled and placed a kiss on each other's lips.

She saw my lips still bleeding and said "Ohhh, sorry, I bit your lips so hard"and started sucking the blood from my lips. And we were sleeping beside each other without speaking anything for about 20 mins. She suddenly came and started kissing all over my body and said"come on,

I need some more". She held my dick in her hand and started caressing it which made my dick erect within no time. She sat on me, she herself place my dick in her hole and started riding on me. She gave jerks every now and then, but this time it was easy for both of us,

as it did not pain as much, when my dick entered her pussy. We enjoyed the movements and again released the cum after about 10 mins. She was also very tired this time, so she slept on my chest and I hugged her. We slept naked the whole night.

We enjoyed the whole 6 months, as if husband and wife enjoy their honeymoon. We tried all kind of strokes during this time. I fucked her in the bathroom, in the bath tub, in the kitchen, sometimes in the hall. We used to wait for the weekends,

so that we can have sex for 2 days continuously. Even today she is as beautiful as she was 2 years ago and we enjoy whenever we find time. But to me the incident which happened for the first time with her is the most wonderful experience I ever had, as it was the first time for me I hope you enjoyed a very long sex story.

Fucking hot Mamiji

Hello to all the lovers.... I am Avisnash. I am going to explain you one and the only one my True story, but before that I want to express myself - I am 23 m, fair, 5'10, HYDERABAD. I belong to one of respectful families and my family is well settled,

I am less talkative, bold and had no sexual relations before. I have a good interest in girls, but I always feel shy to talk to them for sexual relations, because I afraid of the adverse circumstances which might arouse,

and I don't want to do any thing wrong because of my family, they never accept this thing. Let's start with my true lane. It happens few months back…I used to go to my mami's house, it was near about 1 km from my house, from many years, on an average once in two months.

My mamaji is working outside the city and he came once after two weeks to see his children. I was interested in one girl and her too in me. She lived near my mami's house, that's why by one or another way I went to mami's house. Now I want to visit there as many times as possible.

I always think the purpose to go there, as I also don't want to make my mami to know about this. Due to my exams I was not able to meet her, but after two months when I went there and I got the depressing news-she had left that place,

I was extremely depressed with this news, but the twisted occurred here, my mamiji was cleaning the table and I saw her boobs and I realized her figure, she was much more sexy. She is 5'6. I never show any expressions to her.

I liked her touch, as whenever I was on there door she meet me with her arms open - during this my body touched her boobs and that I liked very much. On every visit it happens two times, on visiting and on leaving. She has very sexy figure, which always attract me.

Her sharp body, attractive boobs make me aroused and I can guess that her cunt is long and sexy too-from her height. I always willing to build relationship with her, but it was far more difficult than my girlfriend and I was afraid to start with the first step,

because I was not sure that she meet me in this way just for formality or intentionally. I don't want to take any risk; I want to forget my mami's house by thinking that this was her behaviour. Months passed and my mother asked me to deliver some cloths to mamiji.

I went there with no dirty feelings. I went inside I noticed that her younger son had gone for playing; only her elder son (14) was there, she gave her some money to go for market and I know he was back after 10-15 min.

I was standing in there kitchen and looking at the daal on the gas, mamiji was not there, after 2 min, somebody hold me from my back, and she was mamiji- when her boobs & tummy touched my back I aroused again. I didn't stopped her as I was enjoying her spongy boobs,

and I bent little back to enjoy at the fullest., than she left me and talk to me for few mins and again left the kitchen. Now my cousin came from the market. I stay there for one hour and left. But now I decided that if this happens again I will kiss her and by that it may be possible she

grants my kiss and if she got angry I just left form there-this was the only choice left with me.
I decided to be there soon on some working day, in the absence of her husband and when her children go to attend school and soon I was there. I noticed the beauty was all alone.

It was 11 in the morning I won the first race, but the second was difficult to achieve. I was waiting for some chance to continue and what happens mamiji stocked with a skew on her back from the bedroom door. I thought I lost the race very badly.

There was large scratch on her back and she was bleeding a little. She picked the medicine box and tried to put betadine cream by her hand inside her kameej and she was looking at me and asked me the spread the cream properly. I don't spoke a word and forward to her.

She walked to her room and called me. She was lying on the bed with the back towards me.
She make her kameej little up, I applied some cream on my fingers and put inside her kameej. When I saw her back I stood up-she has creamy body, wearing white bra.

My 6" dick stood up once shamelessly, I start to massage her, my hand was touching her bra and she know that it was hindering in massage she asked me to open the bra strap, and I do that. As I was sitting beside her she noticed my tool, which was bursting my pant.

She slowly make her hand near to my tits, without looking at me, I did not move at all and busy massaging. She placed her hand near my thigh now she looked at me and I also looked at her, now she was semi above position and one of her boobs is clearly visible to me slowly and

slowly I touched it and she doesn't refused. Now she was laying front side with me. She took a pillow and sat on the bed and undressed her kameej and I put her bra off. This all was going as smoothly as it seems that she had planned for it.

And when I put her bra off what I saw two juice mangoes were hanging in front of me and this happens the very first time. They are waiting for me to suck. Before I precede her forward to my pant and unzipped it, I too cooperating with her.

My Lund was extremely large than usual, she was looking at it, she hold it in his hands, now she was looking at me, she forward to it and start giving jerks to it and after a while it was in her mouth, we both are enjoying, it gives me a different feeling which is difficult to explain.

After little sucking she hold my balls and move her tong on the upper part of my tool and move behind on her pillow(as she was sitting) I hold his mouth and start to kiss her lips in a French way, then I pressed her nipples lightly it was hard, but her spongy boobs make me more horny.

I pressed them hard, I give me nice and erotic feeling, she was also enjoying. I suck them one by one like a hungry creature; she was moaning in low voice "Aaa Aaaaa …" her arms was around my neck and she was moving down.

I untie her salwar and slowly start to remove it, she was wearing light pink panty, It make me too much horny, I removed her panty & salwar,to half way, all together in a rash way. When I saw her cunt it makes me stood still for a while, it was clean shaved.

I saw many cunts in x-rated movies but this was the most beautiful I have ever saw, I touch it with my fingers, it was flux and a little warm, I forward and start to lick her cunt, it gives a strange smell, during this she was moaning "aa aaa Aaa aaaa…"

my pant was already opened I put my pant down and want to fuck my sexy mami as soon as possible, as I was unable to control myself. She fully laid on the bed and I put my legs on both sides of her thigh and my long and wider Lund was directly on her cunt,

I put my hands below her shoulders and directed my hard tool towards her cunt, It was not properly going inside and just slipping on the top. My sexy mami looked at me and hold my tool and directed inside her hole and I liked it.

In no time it was all in and my mami was moaning louder than before "Oooh… Aaaaaaa
…aaaawww…AAAA…"her cunt was warm. I pressed my whole tool inside her it gave pain to her, but I don't want to stop because I was in full motion. After that she was enjoying too.

I was pumping my dick hard and harder each time after sometime it gave me hot feeling of my sperms to burst off, and I loaded all my sperms in her deep cunt and I feel exhausted and she too, she closed her eyes and I laid on her with my eyes closed too.

We remain motionless for 4-5min. I make myself down beside her, we are looking at each other I said "thanks" she smiled a little and put her arms around my neck, I was in havens. After sometime I hold her too in my arms and put my leg on her, her nipples make me recharged again.

As my pant & underwear and her salwar & panty were not properly removed I removed all with my legs, my Lund was becoming harder again and it was touching her cunt. We both are totally nude with no shame. I again suck her boobs hard and fuck her once more,

after 10 min we moved to bathroom and took a bath both together. I gave bath to her by moving soap on her sexy boobs and within her cunt and she to me, on my Lund and than on my back. This was the great pleasure I had with my too much sexy mami.

Kamini fucked by cousin 3

Kamini fucked by cousin
Kamini fucked by cousin 2

This is Kamini continuing the story. You remember about the incident on the terrace with Raju. He was fucking his cousing Anitha and we three girls Sona, Bina and I were watching. We were sitting behind a tarpaulin tent and could see the happenings clearly in the dim light of

illumination. Sona and Bina were comparatively younger girls and were watching the sex scene for the first time. They were all taking deep breaths and I could understand that they were very much aroused like me. I put my hands around them to reassure them.

Raju knew about our presence but Anitha was totally unaware. She was moaning and cooing loudly because of the way Raju was fucking her. With her naked legs raised upwards, Raju leaning on her was pumping her savagely. It took long time for them to come to an orgasm.

Anitha made a big cry and wound her legs around him and hugged him tightly when he did his final plunge. Perhaps he too would have squirted his liquids into her. I observed Sona and Bina touching their own cunts with their hands and rubbing.

I too was wet and dripping after seeing such detailed sex act. Raju got up. Anitha pulled his cock to her mouth and licked his cock clean of all the fluids. She got up and wiped her cunt with a piece of cloth and looked around and saw us.

She was shocked and shy at the witnesses to her encounter. I got up and went to her and congratulated her for her enjoyment. She rushed to her heap of dresses and dressed herself fast. I asked Sona to go and take the position of Anitha.

Raju was amazed at the new opportunity. Sona was just sixteen, stout and sturdy girls with raised boobs, dressed in all colourful dresses. Raju, who was standing naked, with his limp cock, helped her to undress.

Sona's eyes were fixed on the cock of Raju and was eage to touch it and see how it becomes erect. As the blouse and bra were removed, Raju was busy touching and pressing Sona's boobs. Just as he touched them, his cock became erect. Bina was also undressing.

I asked her to wait, but she had no patience. By this time Sona removed her pettycoat and panty and was totally nude. Her crotch was clean without any hair. Sanith stopped undressing and stood nude. I too undressed and wanted to join the free game, free for all.

Raju was amazed at the array of four nude girls waiting to be fucked. But he is one who cannot be subdued so easily. He went around touching the boobs of Bina also which were in the dim light small but firm and shapely. He made both Sona and Bina to lie side by side.

Sucking the boob of Sona his hands were busy with the boobs of Bina. Because he was kneeling on the floor, I could see his cock dangling in the air pulsating. I went nearby and touched his cock from behind his back. He raised his head and looked at me and smiled.

Widening the gap between his thighs he signalled me to take on with his cock. Lying on my back, I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck it. Anitha came behind me and started to lick my pussy and the pussies of Sona and Bina.

Both these girls were tickled and were pushing the head of Anitha away. But Anitha licked my clit expertly and I was coming to an orgasm. The beauty was though all the four of us were cousins we met just the previous day for the first time and became thick friends.

Afterall sex is a great unifying force. When Anitha brought a good orgasm for me, I left the cock of Raju and got up and kissed Anitha for her timely action. Now Raju got up and got busy with Sona. He opened her legs wide and took his cock and put it at the entrance of her cunt and

pushed it in. It was the first time she was having a fuck. She told him softly to go slow and not to cause her any pain. Raju just smiled and pushed his cock in slowly. It inched its way in and finally in one firm push he embedded his cock totally inside the cunt of Sona.

She gave out a cry of pain, but soon she kept silent. Raju began his fucking of Sona. I looked at his face, grim with determination. He went on pumping first in slow and later in fast strokes. Bina was watching how smoothly his huge cock disappeared inside the cunt of Sona.

Sona was now enjoying the fuck immensely. She raised her hip to meet the thrust of Raju. Bina touched his cock which was wet with the fluids of Sona just as he pulled out to push it in further. Bina touched the clit of Sona to enhance the pleasure.

I dont know how these young girls knew so much about sex. In the meantime Anitha stood with her legs wide apart and signalled me to lick her clit. I said ok and started to lick her cunt which was still dripping. I asked Bina not to waste time, but to lick my cunt.

Thus when Raju and Sona were busy fucking we three girls had a threesome sex of lciking the cunt and clit. All the four of us girls were moaning with the enjoyment and Raju alone was a silent performer. Seeing all three of us engaged in our own enjoyment,

it was too much for Raju and he came to a climax and Sona also. Hugging each other tightly they rolled in the roof enjoying the final moments of the orgasm. In the meantime we three girls also reached our orgasm and held our legs tight when our cunts were pulsating. Raju got up.

Sona licked his cock and took all the fluids away and swallowed it clean. I wanted Raju to take rest for a while. He was panting and needed some water. I went to my room which was in the terrace and brought a bottle of water. He took two or three large gulps.

He said he will lie down and wanted me to ride him. I said ok. It was a surprise for the girls to see how to ride a man. I went and sucked the cock of Raju to bring it life again. There it was standing like a flag mast erect. Opening my legs wide keeping one on each side of Raju,

I lowered my cunt to touch his cock. All the three girls sat around us in amazement. Raju, the indefatigible fellow, kept her both hands busy rubbing the boob or the cunt of the girls. I took his cock and inserted inside my cunt and with the jerk of my hip got it fully inside me.

Raju asked Bina to sit on his face and feed him her clit. She was afraid of putting her weight on his face. He said dont worry, I will support you with my hands. Bina sat on his face, opening her cunt widely with her fingers so that her clit will go directly into his mouth.

She leaned forward on me and I held her with her boobs. Anitha stood behind me and massaged my boobs and the action started. I pumped Raju and his iron rod like cock went deep inside my cunt. His tongue swirled around the clit of Bina.

Sona inserted her head between me and Bina and was licking my clit. Anitha who could not stand this scene, rubbed her cunt on my back, while massaging my boobs. The foursome sex, unimaginable on all counts went slowly on taking us all to a new height of pleasure.

We were not in a hurry. All the girls were moaning with pleasure. The beauty is that this was not at all preplanned. It just happened that we all came together with the sole purpose of getting fucked by this fellow Raju.

All the four of us fell into the rhythm of fucking and the movement was uniform and the pleasure was building up. Somany naked bodies touching each other craving for sex, removed all sense of shame from all of us. Bina girl whose clit was being sucked by Raju,

came to her orgasm first. She gave a loud cry and was grinding her cunt on his face. chocking him. I asked Anitha and Sona to suck each other forming a 69 positon, instead of spoiling my back. It was wet and her fluids were just flowing down my back.

Raju took more time to come to an orgasm. I got into my orgasm thrice and was riding high on the orgasmic cloud. I had head of multiple orgasm and this I was experiencing for the first time. I did not know what time it was and who cared.

And finally we all finished and we were totally exhausted. Raju finally said enough for the day and got up. I got up with my dripping cunt. Nobody bothered to clean up. There was so much to clean up and since it is the terrace it all may get dried up in the hot sun tomorrow.

All four of us were moving around totally nude as if in a nude colony. Raju also got up and his cock was totally spent and limp. Only then we looked around and the street lamp which provided illumination to our sex adventures stood there. I saw the time was 1 am.

We all went inside the room and we cuddled together in the avalable beds not bothering to get dressed up. Our clothes all strewn around in the terrace was collected by Anitha were dumped in the room. All five of us fell into sleep, deep sleep.

It was early morning at 4 am I got up hearing some sound. To my amazement I saw Bina riding on Raju and Raju fucking her with all gusto. Fed up with too much sex, I did not say anything and allowed them to have their way and slept off.

Next day was the marriage and we were all asked to come bathed for make up and dressed for the function. I woke the girls at 6 am. to get dressed and go down to their respective rooms before being discovered by the elders.

I too took my bath and dressed in my nightie went down to the kitchen to have my tea. Many of the elders were just getting up and my aunty came and greeted me for having come early and asked me to go to the make up

room where they have arranged somebody to do the make up for all the girls. I heaved a sigh of relief and went ahead for my duties. Wait for my next note for the remaining adventures.

Fucking best friends sexy mom

hi readers,this is rohan from mumbai.age 21.since many days I was thinkin about writin my touchy moments with my best friends mother. I was in my tenth class when this incident happened for the first time..and since then theres no lookin back.from that day my sex appeal

for women especially older ones around 40's and my friend(lets call him prasad) were in 10th we used to study together.sometimes at my place and sometimes at his. As prelims approached we used to solve question banks together.

just that we should not copy the answers our moms used to supervise us at our respective places. one fine day we both were solvin history paper at my friends place.he was sitin in front of me on d table.his mom( lets call her sadhana) was sitin in front of me on the couch behind my

friend.instead of sittin idle she decided to do some she was stitchin torn blouses and shirts with her hand. she was wearin a low neck transparent kurta.while doin so many times her needle slipped from her hands.

she used to bend so as to pick it up.once when she bent to pick it, I saw something for the first time in my life.dat was the 1st time I ever got to see a lady's cleavage.i saw her white milky boobs covered with a black bra.the moment she picked it up she saw me noticin her cleavage.

when she saw me I got very scared but after some time when I gathered some courage to look at her, in return she gave me a naughty smile.dats when I realized she was fine with her kurta was transparent I could see her black bra and the shape of her boobs very clearly.

she noticed me watchin her chest.and to my surprise she was fien with it.that was for the first time I had a real hard on by watchin something in real.since then I convinced my friend to write papers at his place.

since then I found every chance to see her and get close to I lived on 3rd floor and he lived on 4th our spare key used to b wid them.once when my mom had goen out I wnet to get keys.i rang d bell.aunty was alone at before openein the door she asked me whos it.

i said its me I was in 10th she assumed me to b a she opened the door and to my surprise she was in her petticoat and blouse as she was goin out somewhere.that was when I saw her body for the first time.her skin was milky white.her boobs round and soft.

her tunny too fluffy.her hips big.her figure must be 36 31 38.that was the time when I jus couldnt control myself and my pant started to bulge.i guess she saw it.she invited me inside and gave me water and went inside to wear sari.

after completin the glass I went inside to keep it and dats when I sawe her wearin sari.i stood their for sometime watchin her while she was loookin in d mirror and tying sari knot.her ass was jus amazin. I then left and went to my place and masturbated.since then I shagged almost

evryday when I saw her as I just couldnt control myself.many times I even rubbed her ass while going from 1 room to another after writin papers. since then I regularly find different ways to get close to my family is close to them she is presnet in almost all functions of ours.

while takin photos I hold her by her wiast and sometimes keep my hand on her shoulder.she never resisited fact even she found ways to come close to that I own a bike I see to it that whenever she goes out I drop her.

whenever she sits on my bike she rubs her boobs on my shoulders while sittin. by now I hav touched her almost every possible place.i just cant get my mind out of her deadly body.she is just too hard to resisit.her ass is just too soft and big that u wont feel like stoppin rubbin it.

my dream is too fuck her 1 day.but till date even after open invites I dont have the courage to go ahead as the pleasure in touchin her excites me more than thinkin about fuckin her. whenever I fuck my gf I just imagin its sadhana and my gf thinks im d bets fucker of all.


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