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Perfectly innocent

Charmaine was just eighteen, and very much a virgin. She hated the thought of sex - she thought it was dirty, and although she'd gone out with boys a few times she'd immediately broken it off when they'd tried to kiss her.

The only man she loved was her father, and when her mother died she'd been deliriously happy looking after him. In the evenings she'd often sat on his lap and he'd cuddled her, stroking her hair and kissing her on the forehead.

Sometimes his hand accidentally touched her breast, and she'd hugged him even tighter. But then her father had re-married. Charmaine's step-mother was only a few years older than she was, and she hated the woman.

She couldn't bear thinking about them in the bed they'd so often shared together, and the things she probably did with her father, and soon she moved out into lodgings, sharing a room with another girl, Jhanvi.

Now she worked in an office, and her only relaxation was playing the violin in an amateur orchestra. It was there that she met Pankaj - he, too played the violin, and she took to him immediately. He was an accountant, and well over twenty years older than her - about her

father's age, in fact, and in some ways rather like him, and they soon found they had lots of interests in common. He took her to a couple of concerts, and once to a film they both wanted to see, and it somehow seemed natural when they held hands in the cinema.

Then he suggested that they went for a walk in the park one Sunday afternoon, and go for tea later. Charmaine bought a new frock specially for the occasion - the hem came to well above her knees, showing off her superb legs and slender ankles, and for her it was daringly low-cut,

affording more than just a glimpse of her magnificent breasts. She always wore rather short skirts - it went back to her school days, when the skirt of her school uniform left at least two-thirds of her thighs exposed. She knew that her father admired her legs,

and she liked him to look at them. Most of her friends changed out of their uniforms when they got home from school, but she usually left her short skirt on, so that her father could enjoy seeing her legs. She'd take off her school blouse and her bra,

though, and put on a thin sweater - she liked it when her father glanced at her breasts moving freely beneath her sweater. Often when she sat on his lap he'd rest his warm hand on her bare thigh, and sometimes stroke it gently. She'd feel the lump in his trousers,

but that was because he loved her, and she'd rubbed her bottom against it to show him she didn't mind. She knew that she had a beautiful body, but refused to think about it, although she was aware that she often got admiring looks from men:

she was tall, with dark shoulder-length hair, and thanks to dancing lessons since she was a child she moved gracefully. She didn't know why she'd selected this particular dress, but she knew that Pankaj wouldn't be cross - their relationship was purely platonic.

They met as arranged, and walked hand-in-hand for a while, but then it started to rain. Pankaj's flat wasn't far away, and he suggested that they go back there for tea, and perhaps continue their walk later when the rain stopped. It wasn't raining that heavily, and they started to run,

and they were both laughing, out of breath, when they arrived at the flat. Pankaj gave her towel to dry her hair, and a shirt of his to put on while her dress dried. While she was changing he prepared tea, and found a few stale cakes to go with it,

and then they sat side by side on the sofa after he'd put on a classical record. They drank their tea and listened to the music. Charmaine felt very happy and contented, sitting with him like this. The shirt left most of her thighs bare,

and she liked it when she saw him glancing at her legs - it reminded her of the way her father had looked at her, and it was nice to think that she was pleasing him. Then the record ended - after he'd changed it he sat down again and put his arm round her shoulders. That was nice, too.

Then he tilted her face towards him with his free hand and kissed her on the lips. She hesitated for a moment, then eagerly pressed her lips against his, feeling her breath coming faster, and he took her hand. He smiled and told her to let her lips relax, and open her mouth a little,

and she did as he asked, and soon she felt his tongue probing against her teeth. Then suddenly it was in her mouth, and she'd never realized that kissing could be so pleasant. They kissed like that for several minutes, and then he felt his hand on her bare thigh.

It reminded her of when she'd cuddled with her father, and she covered his hand with her own. It was so nice, being with him like this, and knowing there was nothing sexual about what they were doing. Charmaine had foolishly arranged to go to the cinema that evening with Jhanvi,

her room-mate, and soon it was time for her to leave to catch her train. Pankaj stood watching as she took off his shirt, and she liked him seeing her in just her bra and panties. She deliberately fussed with her hair for a few moments, seeing him stare at her like that,

before she put on her still-damp dress, and then he walked with her to the station. It seemed natural for him to take her in his arms and kiss her goodbye, and she pressed her soft young body against him as once more his tongue insinuated itself into her mouth.

They'd arranged to go to a concert together the following Saturday evening, and afterwards he suggested that they go back to the flat for coffee. Once again they sat on the sofa together, and after they drank their coffee he took her in his arms and kissed her.

She was wearing a crisp white blouse and a slim blue skirt, and after a few moments she felt his fingers fumbling with the buttons of her blouse. It didn't matter - she knew it meant nothing, and then his hand was inside her blouse cupping her breast.

He managed to free it from the cup of her bra, and it felt nice when he fondled her bare breast and played with her nipple. Charmaine didn't notice the time passing as he kissed and caressed her, and then she suddenly realized that she'd missed the last train home.

She didn't really care - she knew that Pankaj would look after her, and that she was safe with him. Eventually he looked at his watch and said it was time for bed. He said he didn't want to sleep on the sofa - it was too uncomfortable, but they could share the bed,

sleeping with a sheet between them. He didn't have any pyjamas - he never wore them, but she could wear one of his shirts again. When she came out of the bathroom, he was already in bed, sitting up and waiting for her, and she saw the mat of hair on his bare chest, just like Daddy's.

She started to undress, knowing that he was watching her, and when she was naked he said that he'd never realized her body was so beautiful. She flushed with pleasure, and pirouetted slowly before him, almost feeling his eyes roaming over her body,

obviously enjoying the sight of her full breasts with their large aureoles and prominent nipples, her slim waist and the thick bush of hair at the base of her tummy, but she knew it was entirely innocent. She put on the shirt and climbed into bed beside him:

it was difficult with the sheet between them, but he kissed her and fondled her naked breast, and it was nice when his hand moved down and squeezed her bare bottom. Then he pushed the sheet down and started to kiss her breasts.

Her nipples stiffened, and he licked and sucked them, and when he gently bit them and tugged at them with his teeth she fainted. She came round to discover that the sheet was even further down, and that he was kissing and nibbling her soft tummy.

Then he kissed her on the lips again, and finally she snuggled against him and fell asleep, safe in his arms. Charmaine woke up first in the morning, and quietly slipped out of bed to make them both a cup of tea. she took the tea back to the bedroom,

and gently shook Pankaj's bare shoulder, telling him it was time to wake up. He opened his eyes and she bent to kiss him, as she had done so often to her father. He struggled to sit up, and she handed him his tea, watching as he drank it.

Then she took the empty cup from him, and felt his hand moving up her thigh. She smiled, happy that he liked to touch her, and she stroked his face. He kissed her and she giggled, saying that he was all bristly, and he laughed and unbuttoned her shirt.

Then he leaned over and rubbed his chin over her naked breasts, and unbidden her nipples stiffened. She held his face to her, crushing her breasts against his mouth, and again she felt him sucking her nipples, and then he nibbled them and tugged them gently with his teeth.

He eventually sat up, and she smiled at him as he took her hand. He squeezed her fingers, and then drew her hand under the sheet, and she felt him wrap her hand round his erect penis. She flushed with pleasure: after her mother had died,

she'd often clambered into her father's bed in the mornings, and she'd felt his stiff penis pressing against her. He'd let her touch him sometimes, but that was all, although once, when she'd taken him a cup of tea in bed, she'd managed to spill some on herself,

and she'd taken off her wet nightie and snuggled up to her father with nothing on. That was one of the times he'd let her hold his penis, and she'd felt it throbbing in her hand, it's head poking against her bare tummy. They'd stayed like that for a long while,

and then he'd made her leave, and she'd heard him locking the bedroom door behind her. Pankaj started to move her hand up and down his shaft, and she asked him if she could look at him. He threw back the sheet, to reveal his long, thick penis, very white, with heavy blue veins,

and a bulbous purple head. She stared at it, enraptured, watching as he guided her eager hand to rub him gently. It was heaven, feeling his gristly penis in her hand, and knowing it was all so innocent, and that she was making him happy, and impulsively she bent to kiss it.

Pankaj groaned, and she kept rubbing him, until he asked her to take her shirt off, and then she sat on the edge of the bed, completely naked, letting him look at her as she rubbed his cock the way he'd showed her. He reached out and fondled her bare breast,

and then pulled her to him as she suddenly felt hot, thick liquid start to spurt from his penis. His mouth covered hers, and his semen jetted over her naked body, from her chin to her tummy, in a seemingly endless stream, as she continued rubbing him while he crushed her breast

and forced his tongue into her mouth. He finally released her, and said he hadn't meant to do that, but it was just that it was a perfectly natural release, and he couldn't help it, but she said she didn't mind, it made her happy, and she liked to make him happy, too.

Afterwards, she'd had a bath, and he'd washed her body, and then he suggested they go out to a pub for lunch. They had drinks and a sandwich, sitting at a table in the corner, and he put his hand on her bare thigh and told her how much he'd liked seeing her naked,

because she was so beautiful, and she said she liked it too, knowing that he liked looking at her. They walked back through the park, and they went behind some bushes and kissed, and he fondled her breasts and she squeezed his penis through his trousers,

and then they made their way back to his flat.. He asked her to undress for him, but keep her high-heeled shoes on, and he put on a record before sitting on the sofa with her and running his hands over her young body.

They kissed and cuddled, and he put one hand between her legs, joking that her thick bush hid a wonderful cave, and that he wanted to explore it. He put his fingers in the cave, feeling his way around, and he discovered her secret places while he kissed her.

Soon she felt a wonderful sensation flooding through her body. She clung to him, feeling wonderfully safe and contented as wave after wave of that marvellous feeling swept over her, and then it seemed natural to rub his penis until the white fluid gushed out.

He kept kissing her, and soon his penis was hard again: She called it her flagpole, and began rubbing it again, until once more the inevitable happened. Charmaine spent more and more evenings at Pankaj's flat, where they'd listen to music, sometimes in bed,

and they'd kiss and cuddle until she experienced that exquisite feeling again and his penis discharged in her hand. Or they take it in turns to play his violin, both with nothing on apart from her wearing her shoes. He fondled her while she played,

and when he took the instrument from her she rubbed her flagpole. Sometimes they met at lunchtime and ate sandwiches in the park. He told her not to wear any knickers when she met him - he liked to know that she had nothing on under her skirt,

and anyway knickers blocked the entrance to her cave when they went behind the bushes, and they kissed while he fondled her and she took his penis out and rubbed it, enjoying the risk they were taking of being seen, and then watching him spurt onto the grass.

She began staying at the flat at weekends, and sometimes they didn't get dressed all day, but just kept kissing and cuddling each other. One Saturday afternoon they were lying on the bed together with nothing on as usual,

and Charmaine started to idly kiss Pankaj's body with her eyes closed. She suddenly realized that her face was brushing against his penis, and she kissed it and then pressed her cheek against it. He said he liked that, and asked her to pretend it was his tongue.

Charmaine giggled and said it was a very big tongue, but dutifully ran her own tongue round it, and then took it in her mouth. He asked her to rub him while she was doing that, and to put her other hand between his legs and squeeze his testicles,

and then he told her to suck him as well, and suddenly his white stuff flooded into her mouth. She choked at first, but then she started swallowing, and found she liked the taste, as well as the feel of his thick penis in her mouth, and it became a regular occurrence.

They went to a rehearsal with the orchestra, and Charmaine whispered to him that she wasn't wearing any knickers, and during the break he put his hand up her skirt and fondled her, and she squeezed him through his trousers,

and afterwards they went back to his flat and finished what they'd begun. One evening she undressed for him as usual, and then he told her that he'd invited a friend of his to dinner. He wanted her to stay naked, although of course to keep her shoes on,

so that his friend could se how beautiful she was, and to cook dinner for them. They kissed for a while, and then the doorbell rang, and Pankaj told her to answer it - it would be his friend. She went to the door, and saw a tall man, perhaps a little older than Pankaj, slim,

with a neatly trimmed mustache. For a moment he just stared at her naked body, and she felt her nipples stiffening involuntarily, and then Pankaj was standing beside her, his arm around her waist. He introduced the visitor as his old friend Himanshu,

moving his hand up to fondle her breast as the man smiled at her, staring at what Pankaj was doing, and then they went into the sitting room, and Pankaj asked Himanshu what he thought of her. Unbidden, she slowly revolved in front of him,

and she felt Pankaj's hand travel down her back to caress her bottom, and then she faced them again, her nipples still jutting. Then she mixed them both a drink and started to prepare dinner. She heard Himanshu say how gorgeous she was, and that Pankaj was very lucky,

and she felt very proud. She cooked an omelette and boiled some carrots and potatoes, and then served the men and sat between them at the dinner table. She was still naked, of course, and Himanshu couldn't keep his eyes off her,

and she felt Pankaj's hand on her thigh beneath the table, stroking her gently. After dinner she played Pankaj's violin for the two men, her bare breasts swaying as she bowed the instrument, and they listened and watched her, entranced.

Then they all moved to the sofa. again she sat between them, but this time with their legs and bodies touching. Pankaj put his arm round her and kissed her, and then she felt Himanshu's hand on her breast. She looked at Pankaj questioningly, and he smiled and nodded,

and she knew that it was all right to let Himanshu fondle her. She leaned her head back on the sofa, with Himanshu caressing one breast and Pankaj the other, and then Himanshu moved his head to kiss her. Once again she looked to Pankaj for his approval,

and once again he nodded, and she turned her face towards the other man. His mustache tickled, but then his tongue was probing inside her mouth, and she put her arm round his neck, feeling Pankaj's - or was it Himanshu's? hand on her body,

and somebody was stroking her silky thigh. They kissed for a while, and then Pankaj suggested that they'd be more comfortable in the bedroom. Charmaine curled up on the bed and watched as the two men undressed, and then they both lay down on the bed beside her,

taking it in turns to kiss and fondle her. One would kiss her on the mouth and other would kiss her body, while their hands roamed over her. Both men sucked her breasts, and then Pankaj took her hand and wrapped her fingers round Himanshu's rigid penis.

She knew what was expected of her, and she started to rub him, happy that she was pleasing Pankaj, and then Pankaj sat on the bed by her head and she took his penis in her mouth. Himanshu ejaculated first, his stuff spurting over her body,

and then Pankaj exploded in her mouth, choking her. After a while she went to the bathroom to clean herself, and then she came back and they started all over again. One evening, as she and Pankaj were sitting on the sofa, idly kissing and fondling each other,

he told her that on the coming Friday he had to go to the annual dinner of an association he belonged to, and Charmaine said that she'd probably spend the evening with Jhanvi, her room-mate. Then she casually mentioned that Jhanvi was very interested in their relationship,

and wanted Charmaine to tell her everything they did. She also mentioned that Jhanvi had tried to kiss her a few times, but that she hadn't let her. Pankaj said that he didn't mind her telling Jhanvi the things they did, and that she should let Jhanvi kiss her,

and maybe do other things as well, and then Charmaine took his penis in her mouth, and the topic was forgotten. But on Friday the two girls decided to go out to a nearby wine bar, and as they sat at a table sipping wine Jhanvi covered her hand with her own.

Charmaine remembered what Pankaj had said, and instead of taking her hand away she turned it over and squeezed Jhanvi's fingers, smiling at her. A few minutes later Jhanvi's hand dropped to Charmaine's thigh, and once again Charmaine smiled as the hand slowly moved up

under her skirt. Jhanvi moved her chair closer, and then she put her arm round Charmaine and kissed her. Charmaine giggled and told Jhanvi not to move her hand any higher up her leg - because Pankaj liked it when she didn't wear any knickers,

she hardly ever put any on these days apart from when she went to the office, and not always then, and she wasn't wearing any tonight. Jhanvi checked for herself, and her finger's brushed Charmaine's sex, and then Charmaine felt the other girl's face soft against hers,

in contrast to Pankaj's stubble and Himanshu's mustache, and it felt nice, and then Jhanvi's tongue was thrusting into her mouth. That felt nice, too, and Charmaine responded eagerly. When they left the wine bar they stopped every few paces to kiss,

and Charmaine felt Jhanvi tenderly fondle her breast. Back at their lodgings they went to Charmaine's room, and then they were kissing again as they undressed each other, and suddenly Jhanvi's face was between her legs,

and the now-familiar wonderful sensation started to flood through her. She knew that Pankaj would be pleased when she told him. A few evenings later that were at Pankaj's flat as usual, and as usual Charmaine was naked.

They'd had dinner, and he was trying to teach her the fingering for a particularly difficult piece on his violin. Time after time she tried to get it right, until finally he smacked her on the bottom and said she deserved a good spanking.

He took her into the bedroom and pulled her across his lap, and then smacked her, hard. Charmaine yelped - it stung, and then he smacked her again. He spanked her until her bottom glowed fiery red, occasionally slipping his hand between her legs to fondle her,

and then smacking again. Suddenly she shuddered and cried out, her body jerking, and then she hungrily took his throbbing penis in her mouth. Afterwards, he said he was pleased she wouldn't be wearing any knickers when she went home, it would be less sore,

and that she should get Jhanvi to rub cream cream on her bottom, and perhaps do other things to her. Then, six or seven months after she'd met him, it was his forty-fifth birthday. It was on a Saturday, and she spent Friday night at his flat. They did their favourite things to each other,

and in the morning she took him tea in bed and gave him her card and his present, a new wristwatch, and then they spent the morning in bed together. In the afternoon they went to a concert, and in the evening he took her to an Italian restaurant to celebrate.

They drank plenty of wine, and he kissed her and put his hand up her skirt in the taxi home - naturally, she wasn't wearing any knickers, and she loved the feel of his hand between her legs. Once in the flat, she undressed for him, and then he, too took his clothes off.

When they were lying on the bed they kissed and fondled each other, but when she reached for his penis he slipped his hand under the pillow and produced a tiny parcel - he said it was a special present he wanted her to give him. Intrigued,

Charmaine unwrapped it, and to her amazement saw that it was a packet of condoms. She watched breathlessly as opened one and then slowly rolled it down over his penis. Then he kissed her again and pushed her down to lie on her back.

He parted her legs and rubbed the head of his penis against the lips of her vulva - she was already very wet, and the head slipped in easily. But then he started to push further into her - she felt a sudden pain, and then his penis was stretching her vagina,

and she felt an overwhelming sensation of joy. She lifted her hips to meet him, but then she felt the room start to spin, and she fainted. When she regained consciousness Pankaj's engorged penis was still embedded deep inside her,

and he was kissing her slack lips and gripping her breasts. She felt herself respond to his kiss, and then he withdrew his penis a few inches before thrusting it into her again. He began to move it and out gently, afraid of hurting her, but her body reacted of its own volition,

and she started to buck against him. He kissed her fiercely, and started to ram his penis into her, and she clung to him as she squirmed beneath him. She felt her passion rising, and soon she was reaching previously unknown heights of ecstasy as he continued to pound into her.

Then he ground himself against her, clutching her tightly, and he erupted violently inside her. She screamed with rapture, and then fainted once again. He was still moving inside her, his penis as hard as ever, when she eventually opened her eyes. 'Darling Daddy,' she whispered.

Hot sex with Mamu

Hi. I have been a regular viewer of this site for almost 3 months now n some how it gave me the courage to write down my experience in words. This is a beautiful sex-chit/chat-information and masala blog site available on the internet.

Pretty odd for girls to be looking up for quality sex sites but I have always been the rebel type. Belonging to Mardan, I live at Islamabad, Pakistan. I am at Peshawar these days for my preparation under guidance at my cousin’s place.

The event that I am going to narrate here is wat happened between me and my mom’s first cousin. For the sake of names I will call myself RT (that’s wat he calls me). As no one can know my identity I can state about myself openly so I am 19 yrs old,

white complexion, 5’ 6” in height, bluish green eyes with vitals of 36-23-34 am free these days as I am preparing for my medical entrance test. My mom’s first cousin is a very charming and decent guy (we call him LK), knows a lot about women psychology and it won’t be an

understatement that he can strike any girl off the ground once they get to know him. He is known as the Lady killer (LK) in all our female cousins and his own cousins. 7 yrs older to me 6’ 1” in height, light brown hair, hazel colored eyes,

well built body and a face no less than any models’, a doctor by profession (graduated 2 yrs back and is doing his post-graduation training now). Coming to the matters of interest now, I had my first crush at the age of 8 on him. But wat happened between us was only 4 yrs back.

Back in those days my father’s posting was at Peshawar and we used to live at a house very near to LK’s house almost at a distance of 3-5 mins of walk. I was a bit lousy in my science subjects namely Physics and chemistry so I used to go there for tuition with him and wud stay

over night as it was a very close relatives house and his youngest sister was my very close frnd (2 yrs older to me) he is a very good teacher and knows physics way to well for a doctor. He always likes to keep the environment very light and frndly with his innocent jokes.

The more I visited there place the more I got interested in him n all the things about him. Though knowing that he always had grilfrnds I fancied my chances that one day I too wud get a chance to be that close to him. But he never paid heed to wat I was offering silently.

When I was only 12, I tried to show him my developing buds just to attract him (silly me, wat was there then) I took my chance and went to his washroom in his room and left the door unlocked at the time when he wud finish his routine exercise workout and come for a bath

as well. I filled up his bath tub and sat there without making any sounds and innocently as if I was unaware. Quite punctual he entered the washroom. Looked at me, readily apologized and got out. I was depressed at his attitude but little did I know then.

I stepped up my efforts when I was 14. Anyways coming to wat happened, one day we were preparing for my physics monthly tests till late and I asked him if I cud sleep in his room as it might get late, he permitted me with a smile that I wud have to sleep at the floor, rude but cute.

We studied till 12:30 in the night and than I dozed off at his bed while I was studying and he was using his computer. When I woke up in the morning I saw him sleeping on a matrice on the floor, as he is a sound sleeper I went close to him n kissed his forehead as I was getting up I

noticed a “tenting” in his shalwar. That attracted me to watch it enthusiastically but had to get ready and I ran off with blushes and thinking abt it the whole day long made shivers run up my spine. My attraction for him took a new turn, as any teenager wud;

I was attracted to him for all the bad reasons and the good too. We used to had pillow fights, water fights at times and were very close but he always used to call me n my brothers as “bachay” as we used to call him mamu (as he was our mom’s first cousin).

One day I took my first step and asked him if he cud only call me by my name and I wud call him by his name instead of mamu! He asked me why but I just insisted and he agreed to that. I started spending more and more time at his place with my studies as excuse and wud stay

close to him, bring him tea n cook for him but in the meanwhile I wud also fantasize about him and the tenting that I saw. As luck wud have it I had to stay at his place for a whole week as my parents were going to Dubai on a vacation but I insisted that I had important tests coming up

and we had been to Dubai only recently. I brought my nighties along with all the sexy dresses that I had to his place and started living there. I took a bold step one day and went to him and asked him if he had sex with any of his grilfrnds (which I knew that he had),

he laughed loudly and asked that why was I interested in asking him that. But I insisted that he has loads of gfs’ and it must be hard for anyone to control himself as is shown in the movies and dramas. He laughed again and said that it was a bold question and went out of the room,

too frustrated if you may call it, I just sat there with tears in my eyes waiting for him to return, after his evening routine workout he came back to his room all sweaty, as he looked at me he was some what lost in words,

he wanted to ask me that why I was crying but he just cudnt I got up went up to him, kissed him on his chin and went out of his room. Didn’t meet him and stayed at his sister’s room with every one asking me that wat happened and I won’t answer.

The next day he called me to his room and fortunate for me he asked me that wat I wanted, he tried to tell me that I was too young for him to be his gf and that he never looked at me in that sense but I insisted that I can’t live without him.

The conversation ended without anyone of us able to convince the other one. As time passed he cudnt resist my moves anymore as I wud do all the stupid things when he wud be around. One day he called me and asked me if I needed any help with my studies.

Sensing my chance I went straight to his place with the sexiest fitting dress that I had, as affection was not the only thing on my mind. I went to his room where he was waiting in a black T-Shirt and blue jeans. There he told me that he has really started liking me and we hugged

and kissed for the first time like a boy and a girl. In the coming days the same continued till I decided to spend a weekend at there place during my exams and the break for my physics papers. As I decided to sleep in his room I took my nighties to his room,

I had quite a figure for a teenager at that time too and the dress that I chose to wear was quite revealing (as I had a separate room at my house, so it didn’t matter). At about 11 in the night we decided to revise the chapter one last time, I went to the washroom and changed to my nighties,

he was shocked to see such a revealing dress but kept silent. After finishing the revision he told me that I was looking super hot and he cud not remove his eyes from my glowing skin. I blushed first but than realized my chance and went close to him. He was sitting in his bed.

I climbed him with my legs around him and sat in his lap. We started kissing like mad. I bit and chewed his lower lip and slid my tongue in his mouth for the first time, tasted his saliva and tried to invite his tongue to my mouth but instead he opened his mouth more and suddenly sucked

my tongue, which aroused me to the limit, my hands were around his neck and I just squeezed him towards me. We kissed for some 8-10 mins. As the things progressed I wanted to go a step further. I broke the kiss and asked him to take my virginity;

he smiled and asked me if I was pushing my age? I told him that I cud handle him as I was abt to turn 16, he smiled and started kissing again. Just as we started kissing again I felt his manhood hardened under my weight, which I might have missed sensing while lost in the

moment. My concentration shifted from kissing him to the thing that was pocking me from below. It was irresistible and I cudnt control moving backward and forwards on it as if trying to grind it. I was blinded by passion and lust at the same time,

I just cudnt resist it anymore and got up from his lap; my nighty, which was a stripped one at the shoulders, exposing half of my back, the front had a transparent abdomen portion and the length of it was just a few inches below where my hips were; I turned my back to him and slid

my panty down and took it off by bending in front of him exposing my upper thighs and almost my buttocks to him. He was dazzled by the move, I resumed my position in his lap and started moving to and fro again and locked lips with him again.

After doing that for a while he stood up and held me with my legs around him. He took me to the study table and made me sit on his study table and just stood between my legs, looking into my eyes as if he wanted to say something but he cudnt than he silently took his shirt off and

loosened my nighty from below my weight. He slid his hands below my nighty and grabbed me from my abdomen, sliding his hands upwards and to the front. He reached my breasts and rubbed them with his palms and went further by taking my nighty off completely,

I blushed with the thought that I was completely naked in his hands and buried my face in his chest. I hugged him so tight he cud hardly breathe. He lifted my chin and kissed my tightly closed eyes and asked me to look at him. I looked at him and his face was glowing.

He lowered on my face and licked my right cheek and said if u were a muffin I wud have ate u, at that time I wished if I really was one but I was not. He started kissing me from my jaw to my shoulders and back to my ear lobes, every time he wud do so,

it wud send jitters through my body. In the mean while he took my hand to his bulge in the pants and made me hold it. It was really hot; I was holding a penis in my hand for the first time in my life. He asked me to unbutton his jeans and undo his zipper and slightly pull down his

shorts till the base of his penis. I obliged with certain shyness. He suddenly lifted me and took me to his bed and made me lye on my back. He took of his pants and shorts, I covered my eyes without even looking at it but he strengthened me to open my eyes and I looked at his

penis. It was something that I cud have never imagined by the tenting in his shalwar once, it is about 5.3 inches in length smaller than wat most of the guys claim while writing there stories but the thickness of it was scary. I looked at it with eyes wide open and cudnt swallow my

saliva. He smiled and said ‘dun worry it will be fine’. But who cared even if it was not. He asked me to stroke him so that I wud get used to it n so I did, though I cudnt even close my fist around it but I tried stroking it for him. As I had a fair idea from a porn movie that I watched with my

cousin, I wanted to go further than just giving him a handjob. I asked him if he wud like me to take it in my mouth, which he refused as he said that he wanted to kiss me while having sex. He started licking my breast and wud occasionally bite them, his hand proceeded towards my

waiting to be touched vulva and with that he started sucking my nipples. It stirred my body, I was rocking in his hands, felt like I was in the sky I grabbed his hair and was pushing him in my tender developing breasts (32 in size than)

he was rubbing my vulva and was concentrating more on my clitoris. I was moaning with pleasure, he stopped rubbing my clit and asked me if I was ready to do it and I just answered with a slight ‘ok’ movement of the head.

He went up to his computer table and took out a condom I was surprised to see that but cudnt say a word. He some how read my face and asked me if I wanted to do it without that? I nodded in a yes and he explained to me abt the safe period,

luckily my periods were over just a couple of days back and he smiled. He put back the condom and took out a lubricant, which he applied a plentiful to his tool and some to my vagina too. He came over me, adjusted him self for a slow penetration and started to put his tool in me.

It was not going in but he continued with a steady pressure and asked me to open my legs to the maximum relax my abdominal muscles, I did so and it allowed him to penetrate only a little. He looked at me and said if I wanted a kiss,

I was hurting and I knew that it was gonna hurt more but I asked for a kiss and he put his mouth on my and pushed his tool further inside with some force. I cudnt scream or I wud have, it felt like something was tearing me apart, tears rolled down my eyes and I cudnt see anything for a

while. He continued his slow thrusting motion for a while and pulled his tool out after a while. He apologized for giving me the pain but it had to be that way. It was still hurting so he started cuddling with me and started telling me abt how my hymen felt when it was torn.

With his tool still erect and touching me here n there with its pre-cum on its tip I some how got excited again and asked him to do it. He obliged me with pleasure he resumed and applied some lubricant again, this time it didn’t hurt that much and with in some time

I was getting used to it. I was enjoying the slow to and fro motion, he was sucking my nipples and my lips alternately and I was moaning more and more with time passing. Suddenly the sensations got more pleasurable and I started moving

I cud feel my vaginal walls gripping around the shaft of his penis and I just wanted to hold his penis more tightly. I lowered him towards my face as I want to suck his chest, I kissed his nipples and wud suck them when he used to come down on me,

each lick on his nipples wud make him push even harder, I was enjoying it and so was he, aaaaaaahhh! The excitement was growing beyond my wildest imagination and suddenly my whole body thrusted forward; my body arched uncontrollably and I buried my nails in his back.

I experienced my first orgasm with in 4 minutes of my first encounter and the second came only mins after the first one. But he was varying his speed according to my will like an expert. He was sucking and kissing and licking my face, my nipples and my breasts,

he wud run his fingers through my hair and wud run a finger on my face. He started thrusting faster and faster and suddenly asked me if I wanted him to cum inside me and I said yes as I was abt to reach orgasm too he felt that too and held his tempo till I was in orgasm and he

released his load in me with spurts and filled my inside with his cum. Some of it escaped in between the tight fitting penis of his and my vagina and some of it stayed in. he collapsed on me and gave me a long kiss on the lips.

We lied naked together for a while and I rested on his chest for a while. After some time we had another round in the same missionary position and took a bath before we went of to sleep. My affair with him lasted the longest time in his book,

we were together for almost 3 yrs but than he found a new love. But he has a habit of keeping alive his frndship and wud never refuse my or any of his girls offers. We had many exotic encounters, of which I will let you know some other time.

Hot sexy confession

"Rev.Father, I want to make a confession" "What do you have to confess, my son, have you stolen money from your father's purse, or did you lie to him?" "No, Father, I have sinned and I want to make a confession" "Ok, ok, come to the confession box, and wait for me there"

"Ok, Father," He went to the confession box and was waiting for the Father to come inside the Confession Box. After half an hour, Re. Father came inside the confession box and asked him "In the name of the holy father, please begin your confession, dont forget any details,

our Lord will pardon all your sins, if you make your confession whole heartedly and full and complete with all minute details" "Oh, Father, I have sinned against my sister, my elder sister!" "What have you done to her, have you beaten her, or slapped her?"

"No, Father, I have sinned against her sexually" "Tell everything in detail without omitting even small minute things, my son". The confession is as follows:- I am Alex, son of Mr.David, aged 18 years and I have a sister, Alice, 20 doing her PG course.

She is beautiful, and is studying in the college. I too am in the college and I am in the college Volley ball and basket ball teams. I am 6ft. 2 in tall in good athletics's physique. Alice is also tall and well versed in her studies. She always picks up quarrel with me for small reasons.

I love to read sports magazines and watch TV sports channels. I dont have anything else other than sports to talk about. But she says I am a bore. I move around in the house in my short sports underwear which she says is disgusting.

She sleeps in the downstairs room and I occupy the upstairs room. In the dining room we quarrel whenever we meet and hence I dont take food when she is there. My parents were tired of our quarrels and nowadays they dont interfere.

One day a family known to my father came and they wanted to stay with us. My mother told me to vacate my upstair room and move down stairs so that my room may be given to them. My protests went unheeded. I had to move downstairs with all my sports kits.

There was lot of space in the room of my sister, I dumped my sports kits in that room and stretched in her bed. My sister who returned from the college was infuriated seeing me lying in her bed and shouted at me and went to complain to my mother.

My mother explained the situation to her and she came back with a long face and said I should sleep on the floor and not in her bed. Since I had finished my dinner, I did not move. She went to her bathroom, changed into her night ware, went to the dining hall for taking her supper.

Our parents were busy with the guests and she came back to her room and was busy working in her laptop on her dissertation. I clad in a sports underwear and a sports vest, was reading a sports magazine and slept off.

My sister shouted at me asked me to move towards the wall and allow her space to sleep in her bed. She did not want to sleep on the floor. I slept off. In the night, in total darkness, I felt my cock being held tight by somebody.

My 7 inch cock was erect and I could feel somebody kissing its tip and trying to put it in the mouth. I got up amazed. My sister, asked me to keep quiet and was sucking my cock. I was shocked. But it was very pleasurable and hence I did not raise my voice.

I could see her raising her night gown and straddling me and directing my cock into her cunt. My cock which was big in size was not going in and she tried all methods to push it in. She asked me to push it in. I opened her cunt lips and shoved it in. It went in by a few inches.

I asked her to lie down, I on top of her, thrust it in with all force and it did went in. She gave out a cry of pain and then of pleasure. I started to fuck her by moving my cock in and out of her cunt. It was the first time we both had sex. She too never was fucked.

Her cunt was very tight and it pained me, but it was very pleasurable. After a few strokes, she asked me to lie down, and she on top worked up and down making her boobs jump. In muffled voice she asked me to suck her nipples. I sucked and it was nice.

I sat on a slanting pose with pillows to support my back and she was doing the fucking forward and backwards, while I was busy sucking her nipples and squeezing her boobs. Suddenly I felt that I am reaching my climax. I told her that it is coming.

She also said she cummed many times. I shot my fluids inside her and she gave out a cry of pleasure. I closed her mouth for fear it may be heard by our parents who are in the next room. But Alice did not stop.

She went on working and my cock retained its stiffness and we were fucking like this for a long time and it made me and her reach orgasms many times. We both were tired. She got up from the bed, with fluids trickling on the floor rushed to the bath room and cleaned herself up.

I wiped my cock on the bed sheet. My cock was still erect. Alice came back from the bathroom, changed the bed sheets. Her night gown was fully wet and she changed it also. She was totally nude and was very attractive. I wondered why I did not see her sexual beauty in her.

She complained that my bulge in the underwear made her horny many times and my casualness made her angry and made her to fight with me. She asked me to lick her cunt and suck her clit. She showed me how to do it. She opened her cunt lips and directed me to her clit.

She took me to her laptop and showed how people do all these things. We both were again aroused and I dont know how many times we fucked that day. Her favourite pose was she on top so that she can control her movements.

She said she learnt it from the porn sites in the laptop. She did not have any boy friends and neither I any girl friends. During night time we fucked to our heart's content. We tried several poses. We discovered that we both are oversexed and need atleast four to five fuckings a day.

After two months stay, friends of my father left and I moved to my room upstairs. Alice wanted to move along with me. I told her we can keep the upstairs room for fucking. She agreed. Our parents who did not know our fucking arrangements were happy that we no more quarreled.

After coming back from the college Alice also never wore any bra or panty. She came up to my room with her laptop and we used to visit thousands of porn sites before we start fucking. She used to take some pills to prevent pregnancy. Neither she nor I liked to use condoms.

After about two years she got a boy friend and I got a girl friend. Her bf used to fuck her and I used to fuck my gf. Subsequently she got married to her bf and moved away. I too am planning to marry. I wanted to make my confession and will ask her too to make her confession and pray that our Lord will pardon us. Rev. Father was speechless.

Fucking cousing Ainee

Hello Guys! This is me back with another interesting sex experience of mine. Before I posted my first story about my first sex experience with my STEP MOM.... This time I was in action with my cousin Ainee.

After completing my B.A I took admission in a college for some designing and animation courses in my city Sialkot. After completing my course I had started teaching about these courses as doing job in this field also. I got plenty of students interested in this course.

One day my Step mom come to me and asked me to also teach her sister’s daughter about these courses. I said ok as we are mentally and sexually attached with each other….. Next evening she came to my class.

She was wearing a dark blue salwar kameez and looking vvvvvvvvvvvv hot in that dress. Her perfect nice breasts and shaped body both were attracting each and every boy in my class. I asked her to go upstairs and meet her aunt and then come to my class.

She came down after one hour and 13 mins along with my step mom. I asked her some basic questions about computer based knowledge and asked to come tomorrow. I placed her in girls section and asked her to come at 7:15 in evening.

Days passed and we became more friendly and attractive to each other as my Step Mom told me that she had a little interest in me. I started getting closer to her and knowing her. She also showed interest in me and we both are now fully confident on each other.

One day when the class was over and all the girls had gone. I was also going but I saw Ainee was still in class room and doing some stuff on computer. I went near her Pc and saw that she was doing some Marriage Card designing.

I asked her during helping her in that designing…. Tum abhi tak gai nahe??? She replied that her Mom and Dad were not in Home as they had to go to some party In Lahore and they will not come till tomorrow.

She also tells me that her mom asked my mom that I should drive along with her in my car and drop her to her house. After completing the project I asked her to sit in the car as I am going to tell mom that I will be late as I have also another work with my friend.At 9:30 we left home.

During the drive she asked me… Kya tumhari koi Girl Friend hay.. I said Abhi tak koi achi larki mili hi nahe.. She then suddenly replied.. Meray Barey may tumhara kya khayal hay… I was shocked this quick response.. I controlled my self and ask …

Mujhay to aap pasand ho per kya aap waqai mujhay pasand karti ho??? She look at me with thrust and without saying any thing she pulled the hand brake. As soon as the car stoped she placed her lips on mine and hardly kissed me

for nearly 2 mins and then said Yeh raha jawab tumhary sawal ka…. Surely damn it I LOVE YOU… We then start kissing hardly each other... After reaching to her house, I open her door side and asked her… Lo tumhara ghar aa gaya…

She asked me to come inside and have some cold drinks… I parked my car in garage while she was preparing some thing in Kitchen… I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. She came after a while with some snacks, Pizza and cold drinks.

She said Tum TV dekho aur enjoy karo ma utni dare tak fresh ho kar aati ho… After this she went upstairs to her room. After some time she called me and said Jaan Plz mujhay Towel dena ma usay bahar hi bhool aaaey hoon…

I went to her room and took the towel from the bed and went towards the bath room. As soon as I move my hand forward to the bathroom’s door she pulled me inside the bath room and hugged me tightly….

I saw her fully naked that time and also tear off my clothes and start jerking with her body. Her breasts….. Ohhhh my God what a nice and beautiful round pair of breast she got. Nice, Round, White breasts with little pink nipples on them…

I sucked her breasts and enjoyed her body with full pleasure and at last cummed on her body… We than took a bath together enjoying each other even on that time.. During the bath I again enjoyed her body with rubbing soap on her body and she did also this to mine.

During that time my cock was slipping here and there between her wet Ass and legs… After taking the shower we both came out and lay on bed… We then both saw a film on her computer and got ready for some real action…..

This time I started kissing her passionately on her lips then on her breasts. She was just mooonig mmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaah etc…. Then we both unlock each other’s towels and started our journey to sex land…… ? I asked her to suck by 9” Cock.

At first she was a little shy as she was a virgin. Then she collected some courage and start sucking my Cock… Ohhhhhhhhhh My God she was to good in this thing.. I can still remember the warmth of her mouth and her saliva on the top of my Cock..

After this I asked her to bring some oil so the sex section shall be easy for both of us. She brought some anal sex helping oil that her parents use from their room… After watching that bottle I laugh at her parents that they were using this kind of stuff

and also on this that they didn’t put it at any safe place… Well leave this topic… I opened the bottle and applied some oil on her Pussy… she also had a condom that she also brought from her parents room.

I unroll the condom on my Cock and now I am ready to break some seals…… I slowly inserted my Cock in her Pussy and she cried with some pain as you know she was a virgin…. At the second try I fully inserted my Cock in her pussy breaking her natural Wall ( SEAL )…

She cried with a loud voice aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh and I stopped for some time because I want her pussy to stretch according to My Cock size… There was a little blood from her pussy which put her in some tension..

I assured her that I was nothing but only a regular thing when a virgin pussy opened. Then I start stroking her inside out and she was enjoying this and mooning aaaahhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm Zoor Say Aur Zoor Say ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah yessssss….. and I

was doing more fast on every moon of her… Her pussy was so tight I cant imagine that a pussy shall be this tight as I had only fucked my step mom who had a big and lose pussy but her ass was sooooooooooo tight ??? …

I fucked her and fucked her while also enjoying her by kissing on her lips and squeezing her breasts with my hands. There was not a single part of my body that was not enjoying her…. My Eyes, :Lips, Hands, Cock, Legs….. Man what a lucky person I am…. ?

Then I told her about the story that I had a sexual relation with my mom. By hearing this she stood up from the bed and sat on the sofa.. I asked her what is the problem??? She said that she did not like that I had sex with my mom as she thinks that I am also a virgin like her.

I told her that all the thing a man wants the most is a woman and that time not any girl and even she was not in my life and my Step Mom took the advantage and brook my virginity. Now I knew that you love me and I assure that I will leave all these things…

She looked and me and smiled … Then she jumped on me and said,,,, Jahan say chora thaa waheen say phir shuru kartay hain,,,, Then we both laid on bed again and start enjoying each other this time she Rides on my cock and I was laying down her enjoying her.

She asked me that what was the greatest thing I enjoyed and liked when fucking my Step Mom. I said I like her Ass as it was huge round and tight and mostly no one had fucked her in her ass before.. That was the thing I enjoyed during fucking my Step Mom…

She said “ So what are you waiting for “ Pehlay Tum Nay Apni Mom Ki Ass Fuck Kit hi Aaj Meri karo aur batao maza kis may zayada hay….. Then she applied some oil on her ass hole and asked me to fuck her ass without the condom.

I asked her that “Kya tum janti ho na k es k bageir kya risk ho sakta hay “ she replied “ Risk ki gand maro aur mujh say condom k bageir sex karo… Ma tumhara LOL mehsoos kar k enjoy karma chahti hoon””” I pull off my condom and slowly inserted my Cock in her Ass..

first she said me to stop as it was a little painful for her. After applying some more oil she asked me to enter my Cock but this time not slowly but full insert my Cock at once… I do so and she just scream aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I stopped while she was mooning

mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaammmmm aaaaaahhhhhhh mmmmmmmm then she asked me that do what ever I want to do with her ass as she was now ready….

I start fucking her ass and trust me it was more enjoyable than my Mom’s. It was too hot and tight…. I thought that her ass could not satisfy me as I like big and huge asses in which My Cock would lost…? but her perfect ass satisfy me more than my Mom’s….

I fucked her for nearly 8 mins and told her I am going to cum…. She also said to cum inside her ass as my step Mom asked me before when I fucked her. I start stroking hard and fast as I always want to cum inside some ass without stop fucking….

At last the time come and I eject lots of …. Lots of sperms inside her ass without stop fucking her…. After this I pull out my Cock from her ass and asked her that I am going to wash it and she should also take some bath… She replied nooo…

Ma nay jo aik do film dekhi hay us may larki larkay ka LOL Chusti hay aur sara cum pii jati hay… Cum to tum nay ass ka anday hi kar diya hay aur jo thora sa reh gaya hay kya ma usay chaat k maza lay loon?????

I then replied “ to es may pochnay wali koon c baat hay “ and then I laid on bed and she again start sucking my cock and licked all the remaining sperms on and inside my Cock…. We than both took a bath and enjoy each other by kissing each other in the TV lounge

for more than 20 mins.. I than ask her that I should have to go as I am getting late and Dad would be angry if I am late… She asked me that how could I think of leaving a girl alone with no parents at home.

Then she call my day and asked permission that he should allow me to stay with her as her mom and dad was not able to come that night… My dad asked me to stay with her and took care of her…… I stay all night with her and we both have another sex period in night.

That was the most enjoyable night of my life that I could not forget till now. We both are now reading in same college and even now some times I went to drop her at her home and some time finds a chance to fuck her. She was really a good and sexy fellow+lover ?

Hot encounter with elder sister

I have stumbled into this site by accident last month and since then I have become a big fan. This incidence between my elder sister and myself had happened 18 years back. Now I am 35 yrs of age, married with one child as well as my sister is also married living abroad.

Though she was only 1 and half years elder to me, I have great respect for my sister as she is not just my sister, but my friend as well as my teacher. She would help me in my studies and would very strictly follow up with me as to the status of my preparation.

I first became aware of her sexually when I was 17 yrs old. On no of occasions, while studying or which watching TV she would touch me or brush me, which I assumed to be by accident. Both of us slept in the same room and there were occasions

when she would put her leg on me which I would push aside in my sleep. But on one such occasion I noticed that she was acting very strangely in front of my friends. She was wearing a shirt and had folded her hands under her breasts so that it lifted her breast very prominently.

I was very upset as this created very much excitement among my friends. I told her so. This was the first occasion when I had talked to her with regard to anything related to sex. She said that she has done this because I am an idiot.

As she always treated me as her kid brother, I am used to her scoldings. So I did not think about this much. But in the evening while watching TV she again stood very close behind my chair that my head was brushing her breasts.

It stuck me that all the happening in the past few months are no mere accident, but she is doing with purpose. Not knowing how to react I did not move which made her bold and she pressed further. I for the first time saw my sister as a woman.

In those days we only had Doordarshan and after watching the programme she called to for studying. As this was very routine, my mother also asked me to stop watching and go for study. I was in great dilemma as how to react when I am alone with me sister.

As the television room was next to our room, it was very normal to close our room for studying or sleeping. But this time after I have entered the room she bolted it which I asked why. She merely smiled and said that “your sister wishes to teach you a thing or two.

Though at that time she was only 19 yrs she had well developed breasts which I noticed for the first time. She saw that and smiled. I asked her what is so amusing. She asked me to sit on the floor so that there will be more space to spread out the books.

But she sat very close to me with her thighs touching mine. But after some time she moved further close. On the pretext of seeing what I am writing she put her arms over my shoulder and now her breasts are tightly pressed against my shoulders.

I could understand whatever happening is not correct but however, I was also feeling good. As I have not studied in Co-ed school or do not have any girlfriend, this is the first occasion when I have come in contact with a female body.

At this point my mother called us for dinner and I gave a sigh of relief. During dinner she was watching me however, I avoided eye contact with her. I finished my dinner and hurried to sleep. I heard my mother telling me not to lie down immediately

after having food but I ignored her and switched off the light and put a blanket over my head. After sometime I heard my sister’s sound entering the room and locking the door. Then she switched on the light and opened the almirah to take out her nightdress.

Normally she takes her dress to the bathroom to change but today I heard her changing in that room itself with the lights on. She was humming a popular hindi song just to create more sound to let me know what she was doing.

She then switched off the light and I heard her lying down. She shook the cot very vigorously to shake me up, but pretended to be asleep. She then put her arms over my stomach and her legs over mine.

Strangely, I also did the same and our faces were so close that we could feel our breathing on each other’s face. I went further close and we actually kissed each other on our mouth. My hand over her started to move below her shirt and I found to my surprise

that she was not wearing any bra.I for the first time felt her womanhood and was pleasantly surprised at the softness and the hardness of her nipples. She spoke for the first time,’ Do my baby wants some milk” I nodded my head and went down to put my mouth on her nipples.

I was sucking and pressing her breasts and I heard her moan. I asked her to be quite or else our parents might hear us.I then took out my shirt and also opened her shirt and lied on top of her. I was rubbing and pressing her all over her body.

Through her pyjamas, I noticed that she was not wearing any panty and I could feel her wetness though her clothes. I opened my shorts and undies and was totally naked. She touched my manhood and said that now my baby has grown up to a man.

Strangely, at that time I remembered that she was like a second mother to me helping me in all my activities in the past. I more of affection hugged her tightly and kissed her. She also did the same repeatedly calling me Baby.

Strangely we feel asleep. In the morning she woke my up and asked me to dress up fast as mother was knocking on the door. That evening I did not go for playing but sat down to study. My sister came from behind and hugged me tightly,

her breasts pressed sweetly against my shoulders. I said that you should wear bra as your hard nipples are visible through the shirt. She said ok and opened her shirt. For the first time I saw her breast and could not contain myself.

She said to be patient till night time though she allowed me to suck and chew her lightly. Though we never had sex, we would always sleep naked with our bodies tightly pressed against each other.

She would do a good handjob and I would come all over her hand and would guide my fingers to her correct spot and would moan sweetly on cumming. This was happening for a couple of months. We never felt guilt as it was more of a show of affection rather than having sex.

One day our parents announced that her marriage is fixed with a boy living abroad and her parents are coming to see her. Though I was happy to hear this I was also sad that I will have to let go off my sister.

In the meanwhile I got admission in an engineering college and had to leave home. On my last night we both cried as this will be our last night together. She for the first time took me in her mouth and after some time when I felt to urge to explode

I took my tool from her mouth as I did not want to cum in her mouth. I came home one week before her marriage when the whole house was full of relatives and friends only to give my sister a tearful farewell.

Hot story of Ramla and Rauf

Abdulla Haji, 55, lost his wife and was very unhappy. His only son, Rauf, 23, was unemployed after graduation and was going round meeting friends all. Haji wanted to get his son married so that there will be a woman in the house who will take care of things.

They had an old maid servant to cook food and wash clothes and clean up the house etc. But she was more than 50 and had her own family to support and Haji thought she was steeling goods from his house. If Rauf gets married his wife will take care of things in the house.

Haji started to search for a girl for Rauf. Rauf was quite handsome and tall and many girls fell for him. Finally Haji fixed his marriage with Ramla whose parents were quite rich and her brothers were all in Saudi and in gulf.

During the course of negotitations Ramla's brothers promised to get a good job for Rauf in Saudi. The marriage was conducted in a grand scale. Ramla was extremely beautiful. She studied in a women's college staying in a hostel and is well versed in all domestic chores.

Her modern outlook attracted Rauf very much. They had a wild honeymoon. The girl was very hot. They used to fuck at least three times during the night time and at least twice during day time. Rauf has an immense capacity to hold on his erection which the girl enjoyed very much.

Haji who know about the sexual hunger of these youngsters kept mum. Within two months, the visa for Rauf to go to Saudi came. Haji was very happy and so also Rauf. But Ramla was unhappy. She cannot think of a day without a good fuck.

Rauf promised that he will get her also a visa and will take her to Saudi as early as possible. His preparations were made in a hurry and the date of departure was also fixed. It was decided that Haji and Ramla will go with Rauf to see him off at Cochin airport.

It is a long distance of more than 80 km. and the flight was to take off at 11.30 pm. They arranged with a taxi to take them to the airport. On the appointed day with all the luggage Haji, Rauf and Ramla set out for the airport sufficiently early. The reached the airport at 7 pm.

and Rauf embraced his father and his wife and bade tear some farewell and with his luggage in the pushcart went to check in. Having checked in and boarding card in his hand he could not come out and tell them to go away since there may be delay due to heavy rush.

He waved his hand at a distance and Haji and Ramla waved their hands and they did not go. They thought they will wait till the plane takes off and then go. Many planes came and left and they did not know whether Rauf's plane left or not.

At about 12 midnight, they went in search of the taxi which brought them. Finally when they located him, he said he has some electric problem and that he may not be able to drive all the distance without headlight. Haji was annoyed and scolded the taxi driver.

But what to do they went to nearby hotel and asked for a room. The hotel had only a room and they gave it to Haji and Ramla. When they went to the room, they found it was a single room and there was no extra bed. If they refused the room, there is no possibility of getting another.

They took the room and they went to the restaurant to eat some supper. After supper they came back to the room and since both were sleepy they thought they will sleep in the bed. But it was too small for both Haji and his daughter in law to sleep. But what is the alternative.

They dont have a spare bedsheet or spare bed. so that one person could have slept on the floor. Ramla was too sleepy and she stretched in the bed at the far end towards wallside and asked Haji to sleep near her.

Poor Haji, what he will do. After the death of his wife three years back, Haji was leading a celebate life even though the servant tempted him several times. Although she was 50 of the same age as his wife,

being a widow she was also sex starved and would have liked to be a keep of Haji. But Haji kept his cool. Now with a such a beautiful girl lying near him and touching his body more often than is necessary made him aroused.

When he turned to her side, her bulging ass and boobs made him disquiet. When he lied on his back her body touched him often to remind him that she is not sleeping but awake. Anyhow he decided to turn to her side and his erect cock was poised like a gun towards her.

Ramla felt something pressing her at her lower back. She turned and took a careful look and found out the real obeject. Poor girl, Ramla, used to have the massive cock of Rauf fill her cunt every night and now she was eagerly looking at this object to assess its size as compared to

that of Rauf. Haji had closed his eyes. Ramla as if by accedent, extended her hand and took hold of the cannon of Haji. This much bigger and longer than that of Rauf, she realised. Haji knew that Ramla in her sleep would have dreamt of the cock of Rauf and is holding his cock

thinking that it is of Rauf. He is in real fix. What to do? Can he pull out her hand from his cock or pull his cock from her hand or allow things to take their own course. Ramla tightened her grip and her both hands were holding the big cock of Haji. She was very much aroused.

She just undid his khaili and found out that he did not wear any underwear. The naked cock was fully erect and pointed towards her. She could not stand it any more. She just cuddled herself and brought her mouth to the cock of Haji and took his cock to her mouth.

Haji changed his pose and was on his back, making his cock stand out like a pillar. Ramla could not stand any longer. She just leaned over him and took his cock in her mouth and started to suck it. Haji with both of his held her head and pulled her up and kissed her face and lips.

Ramla closing her eyes embraced him putting her legs over him. Before Abdulla Haji could decide about his next move, Ramla straddled him and took his erect cock inside her cunt and in firm jerk got the cock inside her cunt. Abdulla Haji, said wait, remove all your clothes.

Ramla holding his cock inside her cunt removed her blouse, bra, pettycoat, etc and was totally nude. Haji also removed his shirt, and his vest. and was totally naked. Neither Ramla nor Haji had anything to talk. They got busy fucking. She did all the action.

Moaning loudly and hissing, she moved his hip forward and backwards, up and down and in rotatory motion and finally she collapsed on Haji when her orgasm overtook her. Haji was squeezing her ample boobs and twisting her nipples. He has not reached his orgasm.

He asked her to lie down and allow him to fuck her. She agreed and lied down with her legs wide apart. Haji climbed on her and fucker her with long and strong strokes and finally he sprayed his seeds inside her.

But he did not pull out, he continued to fuck her in a second and then a third session. They did not utter anything but were busy in action. Next day somehow they got dressed and came out and cleared the bill of the hotel and went to have breakfast and then went to the taxi driver who

was waiting for them. They left for home and reached home by noon. Except for bare minimum they did not talk to each other in the car. On reaching home, Ramla readied the lunch and they both had their lunch and had their wash and took a nap.

Otherwise Ramla used to sleep in the upstair bedroom with Rauf and Haji in the master bedroom in the downstairs. He asked Ramla to sleep with him in his bedroom. Ramla was happy that her quota of everyday sex is assured. Rauf telephoned from Saudi that he has

reached safely and that he will make immediate arrangements to take her to Saudi. But Ramla did not show any eagerness. She asked him to work hard earn money and then come. Haji was happy that his days of celebacy are over and that he will have sex with a very hot girl everyday.

Sex with hot Mami

Hello friends, This is my mami who took my virginity. She is a very sexy woman. In any cloths, you can see her figure coming out from the cloths. Tight boobs, sexy ass and wonderful pussy makes me still crazy when I think about her when she took my virginity that night.

It was special night for me. Me and my mami were alone that night since all the other family members has gone for attending a marriage in the other city. Since I was not well so I stayed back and mami volunteered to stay back for me for my welfare.

This is it, I think she already decided to fuck me that night and here she got the chance to cash it. I had no clue about it. When everybody left it was 8pm we were having our dinner. I found her bit different and naughty.

She was giving bit sexy looks and at the same time she relaxed her tight cloths. I could see her stomoch deep down and her 75% boobs coming out from her blouse. I was bit amazed and also shocked but my little brother was enjoying inside my underwear, trying to come out.

It was getting bit difficult to control but also scarred what she will say. Anyhow, I said goodnight and went to bed. She also went. I slept than suddenly got up in the middle. My mami was inside with me in my quilt (razai).

My little brother becoming more uncontrolable, I didn't show her that I am awake but what she was doing that time very enjoyable. She touchinging me everywhere. She started from my chest to stomoch, hand, leg and than slowly she put her hand inside my underwear.

She caught my little brother by her hand and noticed it is very hard. There she knew I am not sleeping, she said, naughty boy fooling me. She directed my hand to her peticot, asked me lift it and put my hand inside her pussy which was very wet. That was my first touch of any pussy.

OOOOOOOOOOOh I cannot tell you the pleasure I had. I was playing with pussy then she asked me to remove her saree, then blouse, then peticot all the cloths. I made her naked. She took my liitle brother in her mouth, wonederful time.

We played almost 3 hours like that then she said fuck me, chodo mujhe pls. I was eagerly waiting for that went over her 1st in missionary position, she was making noise like anything because she knows no one around so she was very free. I fucked her ass also in doggy style.

After that we fucked each other many times. She gave me many contacts, her friends, neighbours married ladies. We are still very good friends. We go out for lunch, hang around enjoying life. Now I live in london but going india very frequently specially delhi,

Ludhiana and mumbai. Any ladies or girls wants to have relations, they are most welcome. I know few ladies, whom I see very regular in delhi/london. We have professional relationship, whenever we see each other, since they are very rich so they pay me everytime,

whatever they pls. Though I don't want that but that makes them happy so I don't oppose them just accept their gift with love. It doesn't matter whether we had sex or not. So pls. don't think I am looking for money but for relationship.

Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff 2

Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff - Part I

So read the second part…………..

After having seen my bitchy sister’s lesbian encounter with her best friend, I observed a constant hard on in my pants, everytime that bitch walked passed me. Initially there were not any clear ideas in my mind. I had blur thoughts.

At the most I would just go and masturbate at the image of my 14 year old sister, getting totally naked infront of her best friend, spreading her legs shamelessly and letting her friend play with her pussy. I admit it very shamefully that I was more aroused at the images of my sister.

Saba, her friend, who was really a sexy babe with a very tremendous growth of breasts at a tender age, was cornered in my thoughts. All what aroused me to the maximum was my sister’s Nanga Jism. With the passage of some more time,

I observed very clearly that my sister’s breasts were becoming heavier. Partly it was because of her growth and age, and partly it was because of her boobs being played mercilessly by her friend, and who knows (by more than one friend and know knows by some boy as well.

She was a bitch in heat and I could expect anything from her. As the time progressed, I noted another thing. My 14 year old sister was practically seducing our young servant boy. He was 16 by then and had full hormonal system running through his body.

And my sister was taking full advantage of it. She was giving every possible signal to that boy to dare a bit and fuck her. I noticed that she used to wear skimpiest of clothes in the house and would always “Forget” to wear Dubatta when he was around.

I noticed it many times that when her shirt’s neckline was bit lose and deep, she would bend forward very frequently and very profoundly infront of him so that he would see each and everything of her bra-less boobs, including the hard nipples.

I am sure, he was masturbating too much during those days, while thinking about fucking my underage sister. And I had no doubt that someday he was destined to fuck my sister’s PHUDDI. My masturbatory sessions were continuing with images of my sister

when one day when I accidently discovered that right at the time when our servant boy was due to go to my sister’s room for Dusting purpose, my sister intentionally decided to change her dress. She pretended to have “FORGOTTEN” to lock the door and was absolutely

and totally naked when the servant boy opened the door and was gifted by the sight of my sister’s Nanga jism. It was when I thought that she was treading along a dangerous and treacherous path. She was just 14 and was willing to lose her virginity and that’s too to her

servant. I was her brother and being her brother I wished that she could protect her virginity for her husband. Having lesbian encounters, even if it is hundreds of times, was one thing, but having a boy to penetrate his dick in her pussy was something I could never allow.

But then I had to think another thing as well. She was only 14 years old and she had already enjoyed being nude infront of someone, she had enjoyed being seen nude, she had enjoyed her breasts and nipples being sucked by someone,

she had enjoyed having her pussy penetrated by fingers which didn’t belong to her. She had tried to seduce her male teacher, and here she was seducing her young servant. So it was really like living in fool’s paradise, to expect that she’ll keep herself virgin till she gets married.

Even I was not in a position to say, whether or not she would still be a virgin after a month. How could I rationally believe that she would be a virgin at the age of 22/24 years (average age of marriage in educated families).

So it was evident and crystal clear that my sister would not be a virgin, rather a well-used bitch at her wedding night. In the circumstances I was thinking, if she is going to lose her virginity, why should it be some stupid guy? Why should it be our servant or tutor?

Why not ME…..???? Come on folks. Don’t scorn me for being such a pervert. Try to understand my point of view. I just wanted to protect the family prestige. I didn’t want her to lose her virginity to someone who’ll probably be “Broadcasting” the news of my sister’s popped cherry

to his friends. I didn’t want my sister’s pussy to be the Talk of Town. All I wanted, if she is going to lose her virginity, then it should be someone she can trust. And who can be such a trustworthy person other than me, her real brother.

So from that day I started seducing my sister. I know, with her tender age and huge carnal desires, lust for a LUN in her CHOOT, she would come in my arms so soon and so easy. And it’s what turned out to be eventually---EASY.

You guys may think, why I was taking too much pain in seducing my sister, when I could easily blackmail her into having sex with me by telling her that I had come to know about her tryst with Saba. But I thought it was too cheap a path to follow.

I wanted my sister’s naked body in my arms and bed, forever, not for just few times. I wanted her to love whatever I was going to do to her. I wanted her to enjoy her time with me. I didn’t want her to remain under a sense of fear and guilt.

I wanted to enjoy the hotness of a sexy bitch. I didn’t want mere body of a terrified and blackmailed girl, rather I wanted the soul of that bitch in bed. Secondly, I could use that information at some other time, in order to get both Saba and Nadia in my bed.

So I decided to seduce my sister into sex. I started with some hungry looks at my sister, but only at that moments when she used to be in the MOOD. For example, just at the time when she would flaunt her body to our servant,

I would give her that hungry looks right at her breasts and nipples. I knew that her pussy would be soaking wet and she would welcome every vulgar look at her body, even if it is of her real brother. Secondly I started giving her more time. We had always been very very close siblings.

But to persuade, rather prepare, her to have sex with me, I needed to be extra nice and extra friendly to her. And more frequently I would bring up the topic of Girl Friend and Boy Friend. It was a heartening sign for me to observe that she was taking too much interest in such topics.

Every time I came up with such a topic, I would say it repeatedly, “As you are grown up now”, “as we are grown up now so we can discuss these issues” etc. These assurances had impact on her. She had started to feel like a “Grown Up” and was treating me as a friend.

With each passing day, our conversations became more explicit than the previous day. I ensured her in unambiguous terms that I understand the need of young girls and boys to have friendship/relationship with opposite sex.

I jokingly asked her, whether she had some boyfriend or not? She blushed and replied that she had not. I asked have you some liking for someone in your class or in the vicinity. She blushed again and refused to answer.

I said, “Common dear, don’t treat me as your guardian and brother. Treat me as your best friend. Nadia, I ensure you, that you can trust me in every single issue and can talk to me without any shyness.” And then I asked, “OK, tell me, can I talk to you without any hesitation on every

single topic? Including girl friends, boy friends and even including SEX?”……..Nadia was blushing quite a much but it was clear that she was enjoying the conversation as well. Specially when I mentioned to her that we can even talk about sex,

she made gestures which showed that she liked such frankness. Then taking advantage of the situation, I thought to myself that I had to bring up a topic that is bit explicit. I was 200 % sure that Nadia would not object to anything I come up with for discussion

because we had always been good friends. So I asked her very frankly and casually, “Yar, have you ever measured your breasts?”. My sister was awestruck. She had open mouth and looked into my eyes with a look which was not of anger.

It was a look that merely said, “Oh big brother. You are tooooo naughty”. Nadia, my sister, replied in a fake anger and clear smile, “Bhai, what’s the problem with me that you wanna fix? Why are you asking it?”. I pretended to be bit serious and said,

“Coz I wanna suggest you something. I think your breasts (I was intentionally using the word BREASTS) have grown reasonably well, and you are no more a child so I think it’s the time that you should start wearing a bra.

More specifically at home coz your nipples become quite prominent through your shirt.” And then in order to lighten up the situation I jokingly said, “I’m your brother so I’ll have no problem, but our young servant boy will surely have lots of problems.

Are you getting my point Nadia?” Nadia was enjoying and blushing at the same time and said, “Oh Sorry bhayya, I’ll try to avoid it.” I winked her jokingly and said, in a light hearted manner, “Apas ki baat hy, tumhari esi dressing lagti bohat sexy hy”

(Your such dressing really looks very sexy). Then becoming bit serious, I said to her that we needed to talk about sex so that I could help her in whatever complications she had in her mind regarding sex etc.

That day I asked whether she knew about the relationship of girl and boy which produces the baby. She admitted that she knew the obscure facts regarding it (I’m sure she knew it very well). I asked when did she come to know about it,

she replied she was 12 years old when a classmate told the girls about the spicy things the boys and girls do in bed. I asked, whether she had seen any XXX movie, she replied in negative, but confessed that she has heard a lot about it from girls.

She however told quite bravely that she had seen such stuff on internet but only to the extent of pics. It was an interesting topic again. I was too much excited. I asked about her physical response to such stuff. I asked whether she gets wet or not?

Now Nadia was too much excited. She was loving the conversation with a BOY. I asked her whether she knew about fingering etc (although I knew it well that she could take 2 fingers up her PHUDDI) She feigned shyness and anger, but with a pause,

admitted that she knew about it. I smiled and said, “One last question, Do you do fingering?”….There was no point of return for her. She had to admit, and that’s what she did. ADMITTED that she used to do fingering.

I asked how frequent did she finger fuck herself. She told that there was no particular frequency, but twice a week is normal for her. For the first time she took part in INVESTIGATION and asked me about my masturbatory sessions.

I liked my sister’s boldness and admitted confidently that I masturbated almost daily. She burst into laughter hearing it. She thought I was way toooo hot to handle. Then one day the topic turned to Dates.

And I told her about the things which boys do on the eve of their dates with girls. And just to arouse her sexual feelings and more specifically in order to ensure her that I was her friend I said, “Nadia, you are becoming young. You too have desires as a normal young girl.

I’m an open minded fellow so I would not ask you to stay away from boys but I do request that you should be careful regarding your physical relationship with those boy friends who’ll come in your life. I’m not saying that you should have NO physical contact.

Believe me, I’m fine even if you get totally naked with your boyfriend, but try to avoid having his male organ penetrated in you. You are well aware of masturbation so I’ll encourage you guys (nadia and her boyfriend) to masturbate each other.

But try to keep yourself virgin till you are married”. I kept speaking, “However I also know it’s very difficult to be naked with opposite sex and yet not have full sexual intercourse. So if you are in such a situation and really decide to have sex, then plz do take all precautionary measures.

Use Condoms”. My statement had quite an impact on Nadia, she was blushing but getting hot too. She also got the feeling that in my shape she has got a friend in whom she can trust. We kept on talking about these issues for some days,

and during those days, my masturbatory sessions while thinking of my sister, increased considerably. But I also noticed that my sister’s hotness had also increased considerably and she still consistently used to wear the same NIPPLE POKING dresses.

It was like a Lust Triangle. I was seducing my sister, my sister was seducing the servant. Just few days into having such bold discussions with my sister, came Saturday night. On Saturday Nights, famous channeld Mnet (mnet) used to telecast erotic movies, XX movies.

I was regular viewer of those movies. But it was the start of summer season. Only my room had Air Conditioner, so Nadia, who used to sleep in her own room in winter, had to shift to my room at night to sleep. Also only my room had TV in it.

In ordinary circumstances, I would have felt problem watching a XX movie with my sister in the room, and more specifically because of the frustration caused by the loss of liberty to masturbate. No Young boy can live without masturbation,

let alone when he has just watched a sexy XX movie. But this time around, the situation was changed. I took it as a chance to enhance my chances to seduce my sister. In order to mentally prepare my sister for that night I told her that a XX movie was to be telecasted that

night, & that she could watch it with me if interested. She had become my friend, rather a sister, so she accepted very happily. When the movie started at 3:30 AM (midnight) I awoke her from her sleep and we started watching the movie.

Soon the hot stuff began and we started to feel bit hot. After 15,20 minutes, I asked jokingly, “Yar are you experiencing any physical phenomenon….like getting wet?” She blushed and did not respond. I repeated the question and she said very bravely/confidently,

“It’s a stupid question. I’m watching an X-rated movie, and that’s too for the first time in my life, how can I be NOT wet? I can ask the same sort of stupid question like ARE YOU HARD? Its stupid question coz I know you are Hard. No normal boy’s DICK can be flaccid.”

The way my little sister spoke, it was quite evident that she was hot as hell. She had quit thinking me as a brother. She was treating me as a young boy with whom she liked talking about sex.

Her confidence and intentional use of word DICK made it clear that she was seduced by me, and was then trying to return the favour to me by seducing me. All I could manage was a heartful laugh and told her that she was right. I was hard.

My sister was hugging a pillow at that time. I said “PAUSE” and then asked her, “Tell me honestly, where your hand is right now? I’m sure it’s not free, it is surely touching you at the special spot. Isn’t it”.

She had grown too hot by then so she did not shy at all and shamelessly admitted that her hand was definitely pleasing herself. I asked, “Is it inside your SHALWAR or you are touching it from outside”. She laughed and said, “Off course from outside coz I didn’t want the splashing

sound to be emitted but now that you know it, I’ll put my hand inside my Shalwar.” And she winked at the end. We both were hot. So I decided to take a final step and said, “Listen Nadia, we both are regular masturbators.

And right now we both are watching a hot movie so we both are feeling the urge to masturbate. Why not masturbate right here while watching TV. We are friends so we should be open regarding sexuality.

Atleast I have no problem playing with my DICK while you are sitting beside me. And if you finger fuck your PUSSY, it’s perfectly fine and OK with me.” Saying it, I put my hand inside my trouser shamelessly and started playing with my dick.

Then looked at Nadia and gave her a go ahead signal. She was a bitch. It was difficult for her to control demands of her PHUDDI for longer duration of time. She was shameless as well. She threw away the pillow, and put her hand inside her SHALWAR.

And we started masturbating ourselves. I was a quite masturbator but Nadia was not, or probably she was seducing me. There was very light rhythmical moaning sound emitting from her mouth, and there was splashing sound of her finger’s slide against her wet PHUDDI.

Both the sounds were having an effect on me. I wanted to ejaculate soon but I was also thinking about the options at hand which could benefit me in an hour or so. The movie kept on rolling. Half an hour before the end of the movie, I again spoke and said, “Nadia, enough is enough.

We are friends, yet we are behaving very abnormally. I have problem masturbating while putting my hand inside my trouser. My arm is aching coz of improper posture. And I have never masturbated with hands inside trouser. I always first get naked before I masturbate.

You’ll have to stay in my room for many more months before winter comes and during those months we’ll feel the urge to masturbate. If we do not lay the foundation for a truly frank friendship then I’m afraid we’ll create problems for each other.

Why can not we be so normal and frank to masturbate freely while lying nude beside each other? Lights are off and in the dim light of TV Screen, even if you get a glimpse of my hard Dick, I have no problem with it. Infact I have no problem even if the lights are switched ON.

So what do you say? Can we get naked and masturbate freely?” Nadia did not reply anything, rather did something practically. but what she did really took me with a surprise. She leaned forward towards me, put her hands on either side of my hip bone,

and pulled down my (elastic string) trouser in one swift motion. She did it so quickly that I was amazed and surprised at the same time. There I was, a young boy, naked from waist below, his hand holding his rock hard dick and feeling his real sister’s eyes on his dick.

It was dirty, it was taboo, it was pervert, yet it was so enjoyable. So Fucking hot. I paused for a moment, and then without breaking eye to eye contact with my sister, I slowly started giving strokes to my LUN.

My sister had a second look at my LUN and I intentionally moved my hand to the base of my LUN, so that it becomes visible to my sweet sister with all its glory. My sister had put her hand inside her Shalwar and was breathing very heavily.

Her little breasts were rising and falling with single inhaling and exhaling. It’s when I took the second step. And just as my sister made me nude, I leaned forward and with a single swift motion removed her Shalwar. My goodness.

I was making my REAL SISTER, my BEHEN, NANGI infront of me. And look at my bitch sister, she didn’t resist even to the least. Didn’t even move a limb to stop me, rather only shifted her hips in a way to afford me the ease to remove her Shalwar.

I could see my sister’s PHUDDI in the dim light of TV Screen. She had hair on her CHOOT, and her hand was buried inside the valley between her legs. Her legs were not parted though. I kept on looking at her PHUDDI for couple of seconds and then placed my hands on her ankles and

parted her legs. It was a sign of encouragement from me that she could finger fuck her pussy in the easiest possible posture, i.e. with her legs wide spread. My bitchy sister again did not object to it and with the light movements of her hand on her PHUDDI she parted her legs

to a considerable angle and started fingering with some pace now. I had regained my position and was masturbating. The movie was still going but we had completely lost interest in it. We both were masturbating silently, occasionally looking into each other eyes,

but most of the time looking at each other’s private parts, My sister was continuously looking at my dick and I was flaunting it intentionally to my sister, and my eyes were locked at my real sister, my sweet BEHAN’s PHUDDI, and she was not doing anything to hide it to the least.

Every second was worth enjoying. I don’t know for how long we kept on doing it. But it was not long before our desires touched another height. I was not satisfied now, merely looking at my sister’s PHUDDI, I think the same thought was in my sister’s mind.

We both wanted to touch each other. Having gone so far, it was just matter of minutes before we could practically into the forbidden land of INCEST. BROTHER-SISTER INCEST. I first took another initiative and, again,

without speaking a single word I released my dick and held my sister’s Qameez (Shirt). And then I tried to lift it up in order to have a look at her breasts. It was just a hint to her that we were no longer brother-sister, not ever friends, rather we were two bodies in heat who just wanted sex.

It was a hint that I actually wanted to see my sister TOTALLY NANGI. My sister obliged me and she too pulled her hand away from her PHUDDI and removed her Qameez entirely off her body. All the barriers were broken now.

As she removed her Qameez, I removed her Shalwaar entirely from her legs and my sister suddenly became totally nude, NANGI infront of her real brother. We were not speaking to each other. It was like we were two young lovers, exploring sex and youth.

Then my sister did the same to me, removed my trouser completely and I removed my shirt. Even with AC switched on, the room, the atmosphere and the two bodies in the room had become too hot. Burning with passion.

As soon as we became totally nude, it was my turn to take over finally. My sister regained her position to masturbate but this time I didn’t regained my position to masturbate. Rather I leaned forward and without any hesitation ……………..

I placed my lips on my sister’s right breast and started sucking it ……………
……………… It was a moment of truth. My sister immediately gave a loud moan, closed her eyes, moved her left hand on the back of my head and started playing with my hair

and exerted pressure of my face on her breasts, her right hand moved towards my stomach in order to hold my LUN. It was an outstanding and exceptional feeling. Just imagine guys. There was a 14 years old girl who was my REAL SISTER.

A girl who was so hot even at the tender age of 14 years. That 14 years old girl was letting her brother suck her breasts, one by one, and was searching for her real brother’s LUN. I kept on sucking my sister’s breasts for sometime, specially teasing her nipples with my bites.

Then I switched on the table lamp to lit up the room with reasonable amount of light. So that we both could now enjoy looking at each other’s nudity without any bit of cover (either of cloth or of light). The light of table lamp only made the scene more enchanting and romantic.

There were beads of perspiration on our foreheads/nose and we were looking at each other’s sexual parts with hunger in our eyes. Then my sister smiled and moved her hands towards my LUN. Placing it on my thighs and then slowly moving it up.

The moment when her fingers touched my BALLS was like an electricity went through my body. Her movement continued until she finally broke another barrier………….She had placed her hand on my Rock Hard LUN and had held my Lun in the tight grip of her hand.

There it was, My REAL SISTER was holding my LUN and was giving it slow strokes. She had placed her head on my chest and was looking, with love and lust, at my LUN. Folks, you can not imagine that feeling.

Not only it was the first “Foreign” hand on my LUN but also it was of my real sister’s. Those who became lucky in the later part of my sister’s life to have my sister’s hand on their LUNs will tell how soft and smooth her hands were, and how good it felt to let her masturbate DICK.

Then I said, “Nadia, I’m not going to FUCK you, but we can do every single thing else. We can enjoy each other’s nudity, we can enjoy masturbating each other, You can suck my LUN and I can Lick Your PHUDDI. Do You have any objection?” She smiled and said “NO”.

It’s when we embraced each other like two pieces of magnet suddenly joined together. We were kissing each other in a patienceless manner, we were rubbing our hands at each other’s backs, we were fondling each other’s private parts, we were rolling on the bed.

And then in the next half hour or so, we did everything other than actual fucking. I parted my sister’s legs and Licked her PHUDDI with such a passion that she could not control her moaning, I inserted my tongue inside her PHUDDI and did the IN & OUT movement.

I placed my DICK in my sister’s mouth and she accepted the offer without any hesitation (in the later part of my life, experiences with my GFs told me that girls are very touchy in this respect and hardly suck DICKS).

We were becoming too hot and we decided to release each other finally. We positioned ourselves in 69 mode with my sister sitting on me. I mean I was lying on bed and my sister had placed her PHUDDI on my face and was having her face on my LUN.

My sister was sucking my LUN in an inexperienced manner but with lot of fervent enthusiasm. Soon I was on the brink of shooting my load in my sister’s mouth. I warned her and she quickly moved her face away and started jerking me vigorously.

On the other side, I was licking, biting, sucking and fingering my sweet SISTER’s PHUDDI. She had already cum once and it was her second time. Just as I reached my orgasm and she reached hers I inserted almost my complete tongue in my REAL SISTER’s PHUDDI

and started tasting the Juices. Then I reached my orgasm. With a grunt I shot loads and loads of hot sperm on my sister’s hands, boobs and neck. Few drops landed back on my stomach. My sister’s hands were soaking with my Semen.

It’s when my sister started having orgasm too, her legs shook and she lost control over her limbs. She literally sat on my face and I really liked this intensity of her orgasm. My face was buried in my sister’s ASS and PHUDDI and she was cuming………..

After we had cum, we laid there for sometime, totally naked and still hot. Then we went to the washroom to wash ourselves. As it was too hot so we decided to take a shower and again masturbated each other in the washroom.

Even after reaching our orgasm, there was no sign of guilt in us. We were happy for what we had done and we were thinking about future prospects. Definitely there were many more good times to come soon.

This way, I was sure that I had curbed my bitchy sister’s desires for sometime atleast. She’ll not be so frustrated to show her body to a boy, and she’ll not be so frustrated to have a LUN in her PHUDDI.

I know I could fuck my sister then and there, that day. But you see, I’m a true and loving brother. I could never compromise on my family’s prestige. I only did all it, in order to save family prestige, because, had she done all this with any other boy,

he would have told all this to his friends and soon my 14 years old sister’s PHUDDI would have been the talk of town. ;);););););)……………Am I right???? Well honestly speaking, I had decided that as long as we can enjoy, without actual penetration,

we should keep it only SOFTCORE sex i.e. without penetration. The same rule applies as long as she can keep her virgin without penetration. But I had told her that if someday she finally decides that she’s gonna have a LUN in her PHUDDI then it should be my LUN,

her real brother’s LUN because CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME ;););) Rest of the stories, I leave to some other time. Kindly do comment on my story, And please read the first part too and tell me did you like these stories.

Fucking drunk aunty

Hi My name is Ravi 25yrs old settled in Bangalore. I was from a lower middle class family. My father was a school teacher and my mother housewife. This story had happened when I was 18 yrs old. My parents were settled in a village 40km from Ernakulam.

There were no good colleges near by our village. So I had to go to Ernakulam for my college. It was difficult for me to go all the way to college from my home everyday and also my parents didn't have enough money to admit me in the hostel.

So the only option left was to stay with one of my distant relative Shobha who was living in Ernakulam. She readily agreed to this option because she was staying alone in her home, as she had not yet married although she was 33 yrs old.

So my college life started out there from my Shobha auntie's house. Now about Auntie she was an average looking woman with about 160cm height and around 55kg medium complexion, short light brown hair till her shoulder, shining black eyes.

Although she didn't have very big pair of tits they were very firm and they stood upright. Her ass was bigger when compared to the normal expectations. She was working in a private firm and had very good income that she didn't know how to spend, as she didn't had many relatives.

So my life out there was pretty lavish. I had a room with attached bath near my auntie's in the 3-bedroom house. We became good friends in no time as she was of such friendly nature and also because we both had no one else out there to mingle with.

She lived a jolly life may be because she wanted to forget all her past. (Her past was full of tragedies, which I don't want to explain now and even you wont be interested in all those sad stories.)

She used to go have drinks with her friends during the parties but she never used to be really so much drunk that she looses her control. But after one late night party when she reached the house I found that she was totally drunk and she had a bottle of beer in her hands

when she knocked the door. When I opened the door hearing the bell ringing I saw Shobha auntie leaning on her back on a pillar with the beer bottle in left hand and a ladies cigarette in right. On seeing me she smiled and said sorry for disturbing during the late hours.

She told that she is in a great mood after the party and she wants to drink and smoke all night. I looked at her whole body. She was wearing body tight jeans and a white low neck short Kurta with 2 buttons, the top one being open.

I helped her in into the drawing room and she sat on the sofa. She kept the bottle of beer on the small table and asked me to sit there to give her a company. I asked her to stop drinking for the day and go to sleep but she plainly refused to the idea.

She was so drunk that she was speaking a lot. She jumped from topics to topics. I remained a mere listener not interested in her talks. But I couldn't resist myself looking at her shaped tits as she had her top button open.

She in between bend for taking the beer bottle from the small table and keeping it back when I got glimpses of her cleavage. She had a white bra inside her Kurta. I was thoroughly enjoying the feast in front of me when she got up.

Now I couldn't any longer peep into her Kurta, so I was naturally a bit sad. But she came near me laid down on my lap. She continued her talks in my lap looking on my face. Her head was so near my half erect dick that I was totally out of state.

She held my right hand and started playing with it casually and after sometime kept it on her belly just on the top part of the jeans. Half my hands rested on her jeans and rest on her belly. I tried to pull it but couldn't reach more than her upper stomach

just below her boobs when she held it again. The lower part of kurta came up with my hand and I could now see a small portion of her belly. Her navel was just below the top portion of her jeans. She had a great navel with a definite round shape and a small height.

She had black mole very close to her navel, which took me by surprise. My hands were still on her upper belly and I was trying to move it as near as her boobs as possible without she noticing it. When it almost reached her boobs she got up in a flash and I really got a bit tensed.

To my relief she asked me to guide her to the toilet. She was in no state of moving about alone. I held by her waist with her left hand on my shoulder and guided her towards the toilet attached to her bedroom. It had a western style lavatory in it.

She stood there inside the toilet leaning against the wall and I was about to retreat closing the door when she called me. She yelled "Are you leaving me in the half way? Now how will I come out of this jeans ".

I slowly moved towards her and was in a state of confusion whether she trying to show me her private parts or else are she really innocent. The smile in her face made me believe that she really is innocent and she is in no position to open her jeans by herself.

Anyway I was happy that I would be able to see more of her private parts. I went near her and knelt down in front of her. I unbuttoned the jeans and pulled down the zip. She had black panty inside. She was standing with her back leaning on the wall.

It was very difficult to pull down the jeans but I found it very exciting because I could slowly see more and more of her hidden parts. While removing the jeans I took great care in touching her maximum and I brushed my hands all over her thighs in an innocent manner

which she didn't care of. She had smooth a bit hairy thighs with not even a small mark on it other than the black mole on her inner left thigh. Now she was standing in front of me with a white kurta and black panty on.

I watched her from top to bottom. She asked me to balance her by her back and turned with her back towards me. I used both my hands to hold her by waist. Still she was moving front and back as a pendulum.

She lowered her panty herself to about half her thigh. I was really shocked to see her butt in front of me and as expected there was a black mole on her butt too. I couldn't control myself and in a flash I moved my hands over her ass as if I am adjusting the hold on her waist.

She asked me make her sit on the closet. I made her sit on it. Now I was there standing in front of her and the whole of her bottom was naked in front of me. I saw her pussy for the first time. It was royal site. I felt she had never trimmed or shaved her pussy, as it was very hairy.

I love hairy pussy and armpits. I looked towards the pussy. Slowly her legs separated, the cunt lips opened. The first drop rushed out pushing the small skin on the top. It was a thrilling site as I am pee lover I thoroughly enjoyed the scene.

I looked on each and every drop flowing out from the pussy touching the hair into the closet. Some drops remained on the hair. I was almost in a comma stage when she held my hands and asked me to give her the hose to wash her pussy. She sprayed the hose on to her pussy.

All the hair got wet and as if it was feeling shame it covered the pussy. She pulled down her panty bit lower with her hands and later with her feet. It fell down to the floor. She got up and stepped out from it from supporting me.

Now she looked on towards my eyes as if what to do next. My wicked mind said, "Why don't you have a bath". She said, "I am ready if you can help me in it". That was what I was waiting to hear. I made her lean against the wall opposite to the shower and I opened the shower.

Water started flowing out of it onto her body when she cried out "Remove my kurta before wetting me". I had forgot to do that as I was in really hurry to see her wet. I closed the shower. She had drenched a bit. I unbuttoned the lower button and pulled up the kurta.

Now she was in front of me wearing just a white bra. I didn't wait for her permission to unhook the bra. I made her in a position as if she is hugging me and I unhooked her bra and removed it and threw it the side. Now she was actually in a position that she soaked me.

My T-shirt and lungi got a bit wet in the front. I had no underwear inside so my almost erect penis was poking onto her lower belly. She didn't wanted my body heat to go away when I tried to separate myself from her and look on to her face so she pulled me back and hugged me

tightly and said that she is feeling very cold. I used my left hand to open the shower and both got fully soaked in it. I kept on hugging her under the shower. She still was in the drunken stage to understand my wicked desires. My hands moved all over her back from her hair to her butts.

I had lost my control. I started kissing her on her neck and shoulder. I made her lean against the wall moved back and closed the shower. I had a good full view of her body. She had her eyes closed as if she is watching some dream.

Water droplets fell from the tip of her pointed black round nipple. I removed my T-shirt and lungi in a flash. She had her eyes still closed. I went near her and gently kissed on her lips. She was breathing on to my face. I rearranged her hair such that I could see her face clearly.

I bent down to kiss her erect nipple. I gave a small bite on her nipple for which she responded with a ssssshhhhhhhhh sound. I looked up to her eyes to see it still closed. She was enjoying it thoroughly. I took my right hand and moved it over her bush.

I separated the bush to make the way the pussy. I separated the pussy lips and slowly slid in my middle finger into her pussy. She had her hands on my shoulder. She was holding it a bit harder now.

I was standing sidewise kissing her on her lips and my right middle finger played with her pussy. I continued this until I felt wet juices oozing from her pussy. I bent down and licked the oozing juices. It tasted a little salty.

I helped her to the bedroom and made her lay on the bed on her back. The whole body was under my control. I started kissing from her forehead down to her lips to her boobs and settled down in the pussy. Her hairy pussy and armpits excited me a lot. I played with it for sometime.

I was feeling very restless down on my dick. Although I felt she was thoroughly enjoying what I am doing with her she was not in a position to give pleasure back to me. So I decided to find a way for it my self.

I took and 69 position inserting my dick in her mouth and I started fucking her mouth. I did it for sometime while my tongue played with her clitoris. Now it was time for the real play…I made her position herself so that I perfectly can enter my dick into her pussy.

I slowly inserted my naujavan into her pussy oozing with the precum. I started out slowly but took up the pace. She had started moaning. Her sound grew with my pace. I thrusted my dick inside her tight pussy. I was feeling like in seventh heaven.

I felt that I was about to burst out myself in her when her moan grew the loudest and she held me so hard that I almost lost my pace. But soon I rediscovered my rhythm and fucked her hard inserting my dick into the maximum possible depth.

It went on until I exploded my whole cum into her pussy. The cum overflowed from her pussy. She still laid naked her eyes closed her hands around me keeping me close to her body. I kissed her again on her lips and lay near her and didn't know when I slept.

The next morning when she found both of us naked on her bed she was shocked a bit but not sad for what happened. From that day on she took the lead in having sex. She loved to ride on top of me.

We used to try out play each other and mostly we reach our orgasms almost together. We used to have sex until recently. But after my marriage we didn't get enough time for the same.

Sexy fun with Rena

Dear all, I am a fan of Human Digest. Read lot of stories and really wonder how we Indians have changed a lot. We have lot of sex and fun like the foreigners but we do not reveal the truth to the world. Well, I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu aged 31 running my own business.

The incident I am going to tell you happened when I was a bachelor, doing my degree. I did my degree through Open University system while I was working in private company. I used to go on business tour often on behalf of my company and learnt much about prostitution

and men sharing their bed with girls who are for money. I am not interested in such sex because I strongly believe we will not have much fun in that. When I left the company where I was working, I took a break for two months before joining the new company.

Decided to go and visit some places and spend time with my relatives. So I went to one of my Aunty's home which is in Madurai. She had two daughters. The elder one got married and settled with her husband in Trivandrum and the second one was just doing her first year degree.

When I went my Aunty's home I was shocked to see the way this little girl had grown. She was gorgeous and inviting any male week in sex... I remembered all our olden days when I used to be with them often. So as the day ended up in talking and talking...

I was given my room for the night to sleep. After dinner we all went to sleep a bit late around 12:30 because my Aunty and her whole family were enjoying my presence. At around 2am in the morning, I wanted to have some water so I came out and went to the kitchen.

While I was passing by the bed room of my Aunty, I could hear some strange noise like... m... ah... uh... and all... Thinking my Aunty and her husband are making love, I did not bother to peep in. I walked my way to kitchen and took a bottle of water and returned.

While I was coming out, I could see my Aunty and her husband sleeping on the balcony. So I was surprised how come there was a noise from the bedroom. So I was curious now and wanted to know who was making that noise...

I went back again to the bedroom and gave a slight push on the door. It was just not locked so gave a way to let in. But when I peeped in, I could see only my Aunty's daughter sleeping on the bed and when I entered in looked around, couldn't see anyone else.

I was a bit confused. But then did not wanted to disturb her sleep. Walked back slowly and came to my room and slept. Next day... as we were having break fast, I just joked that I could hear some strange noice around 3 am and I was scared whether there was any "Booth" or

"Pisasu" aroud the house. My Aunty was laughing at and my Aunty's husband said must be "Mogini pisasu" came to take me since I was the new comer there. But I could see a strange smile on Rena's face...

Well, she went to college and I went to see few of my friends and came back in the noon and had little food and went for sleep. I could see my Aunty's mummy had come back from her son’s home. So now I understood she used to be here.

But only for a short while she had gone to her sons place. The next night came and I was curious to know about the noise and find out what it was about. I kept alarm for about 2 am and slept. Got up by the alarm at 2 but did not get up from the bed.

I was waiting for five ten minutes and then walked towards the kitchen. Waited near the balcony and to my surprise my Aunty and her husband were not there, I was just looking around and caught them lying on the floor of the adjacent room, my Aunty having no dress on her Top,

the saree was lower down to her waist and her white boobs were massaged by her husband. I could sense that they just started the game, but I wanted to see the whole. I went near the Dinning Table and bent down to my Knees and folded my legs and hide myself to under the

table so that I can view the entire act without any disturbance but at the same time safely. My Aunty's husband was a real fucker I should say. He was playing with her balls and licking her occasionally and started putting fingers in her hole.

When he put her fingers, she was getting mad and started making huge noise and lifting her waist up and down. All the time her hand was holding his dick and rubbing. Soon they both were naked and I could see his cock was not even hard enough to enter and it was only 3/4 the size

of mine. She was about to take the lund in her mouth when I saw my Aunty's daughter coming in from her room and looking here and there to find out if some one is around. She stood there near the window and watched the act along with me

(she was not aware that I was there in the room) She started rubbing her boobs over her nighty and her other hand was just on her Choot. She was rubbing constantly and when the couple reached their climax... she was causious and left the place and went inside her room.

I was waiting for the next step from my Aunty and her husband. Well, they were laughing and talking something... I got up slowly went to my room and after five minutes came back as though I am coming there only then.

I purposely switched on the light and went to kitchen to take water. When I came back to my room I could hear my Aunty asking me... what happened? I said nothing akka, I came and had little water. She said fine and went to sleep.

Now I have come to know who made the noise yesterday and what is to be done for that. So I decided and started planning it out... It is great as I told you in my earlier incident, I could understand that all that noise I could hear from the bed room of my Aunty’s door

was from her daughter Rena. I now am sure that Rena is watching their parents after day’s affairs secretly and wanted some real damp fuck in her count. I was thinking how to initiate the game. Because by then Rena’s grandmother was also there in the house.

But by then I started showing some signs to Rena that I am attracted by her beauty and I know little about her fantasy so that I can prepare her to the fun. One fine morning when Rena’s mother and father planned to go to their relative’s home which is some 25 kms away from their

place, I thought I should make use of this chance well. But they said they would be back by 7 pm in the evening. But from morning 10 till 7 in the evening is more than enough for me to have the fun. But Rena was already ready to leave for her college. I was somewhat restless.

I can not ask Rena to take a leave for the day. So I was waiting for the right time, I thought to myself, today I may nay have a chance even. When all three of them left the home, I told Rena’s grandma that I will return back after 2 in the noon and I would have my lunch also in hotel.

So grandma said ok, and left me alone in the room. After having my bath I left home and went out. I wanted to make few calls to the new company where I would be joining after 45 days, so I searched for the number and only then I could see that I left the diary at home itself.

So had to go back again to home to take the diary. I reached home and I was about to knock the door but the door was open. Normally when her grandma is alone at home, she keeps the door locked. But since the door was open,

I thought may be some nearby neighbors are in there with the grandma having some chat. So I just pushed the door and went in. I couldn’t see anyone in the hall and so I continued walking towards my room. When I entered my room,

I could see Rena standing there just looking around the room, going inside the bath room and just standing there without any reason. I was waiting for her next action. She slowly took the “Kailee.” And then took my underwear, touched it so passionately and was smelling it,

then put that back in its place. I did not wanted to waste this golden opportunity. I entered the room and since she did not expect me there, she was shocked and surprised. I asked her, Hi Rena, you were supposed to be in the college now. What are you doing here?

She with a shy voice said, no, I was not feeling well, so I came back from the to home halfway. I said, oh, what is wrong with your health? Asking this I held her right hand, as though I want to know whether she is having high temperature.

Yes she was very hot and I could sense her heart beat raising up. I asked her what happened to you Rena? What is wrong, she said nothing but was standing silent. I told her I would call grandma for help. She said no, not needed.

I then asked her, where is grandma, she told grandma is about to take her bath. I then realized, grandma does not know that I have come back because when I came home Rena was there so the door was open and as for grandma, I would be coming only after 2 noon.

So I told Rena, Listen, grandma does not know that I am here in the home. I told her I would come only after 2 pm. So you can go down there and take balm and come up here. If you want you can tell her that I am going up to take rest and don’t disturb me. Ok?

Moreover, grandma can not climb up steps and she will not come here also. I do not know what made her obey my instructions, she was going down there as a Robo. I quickly changed my dress, got into my Kailee(made sure I wear the underwear) and with the sleeveless banyan,

I was waiting for Rena to come in. I kept pin drop silence so that grandma will not hear any noise in my room. After about 15 minutes Rena came in wow you wouldn’t believe, she was well prepared the act. She put on a nighty in which she looks so sexy,

removed her band on hair and I am sure, she had some changes in her inner dressings also. I asked her why she tool such a long time. She said grandma will come from bath room only after half an hour and I made sure she has all the clothes on the bed

so that she does not bother to call for me. Also I told grandma that I am going up to the room to lie down for sometime since I am not keeping well. She said ok and told me that I should come down by 2 pm because you (me) would be coming by then.

We both smiled and I could feel the sense developed between us, though we were not passing any message. I spread the bed sheet and asked her to lie down on the bed. She was so shy and I liked to see her shy face. Because never in the past I have seen her so.

I was about to take some balm on my hand when she said it is not needed and she will not like the smell. So I asked her what she wants then, she asked to give a gentle massage on her forehead and upper cheeks and near her ears.

I put my hand on her forehead and she closed her eyes as I was rubbing gently I could hear a slow noise from her like ’’mhmmm” at the same time, her fold on my hands were increasing its pressure and at one point she was holding my hands so firm that I could feel as though

it was rock solid. I slowly put my face closer to her and gave a gentle kiss on her forehead and said, Rena, you have grown so well, beautiful and I love you so much !!! Saying this I planted my lips on her lips and to my surprise she was not leaving me and continued.

And her hands reached my chest and rubbed the hair gently. I was so excited! I put my hands on her breasts and started rubbing it gently. She was getting honey and started biting my lips. I said Rena, let me just take off my banyan and took of my banyan.

She hugged me so tight and said, you know how long I was waiting to lay on this sexy chest ??? You killed my sleep every night… because of you, I had to masturbate every night to get sleep. I was shocking to hear these from her mouth.

I said, Rena I thought you were watching your mom and Dad’s act and enjoying yourself. But you say I am the cause for this ?? She said yes, I wanted you badly since the day you came here, but situations were not favoring me so I waited.

Today when pappa and mamma told that they are going out, I decided and wanted to convey to you too, but not sure about your idea. So I went in silence and came back. But my guess was correct. With these, words, we both hugged tightly each other and I was about to lift her nighty

and put my hands directly on her boobs. But she went to the door and closed it inside and came near and told that she wants to see my “Chunny” I was in heaven, said you can come and see that, release my boy from his jail !

She came near and touched my underwear, when she saw the huge bulge, her eyes opened in surprise, put her hand on my waist and pulled down my underwear. My lund jumped out straight towards her face and she was amazed by its size.

Even I was amazed by its size because it was more than in its usual erection. She said your chunni us bigger than dads, and started rubbing it and playing with the balls. I was feeling so good and wanted this to continue.

She then asked if she can taste the pre cum that was flowing from the chunni, I said, its all yours and do whatever you want she cupped my lund with her lips and played a circle with her tongue it was a difference feeling for me I felt as though I was flying in heaven,

she kept on tasting it, playing and fondling with it started giving deep throat sucking and I was getting to my climax. I told her I would explode, but she continued. Finally lots and lots of load of cum was pumping out from my lund she was looking at my face when the cum came out

and was feeling happy about it. However, the few drops which came first were taken in her mouth and swallowed by her. I just sat at the bed and lied on my back flat. She then fell on my chest again and lied her head on my hairy chest and with one hand was rubbing the hair

on my chest. After few minutes, I said, I would wash and come but she said, she would do that for me and came along with me to the bathroom and washed my lund and balls, She then wanted to pie she said and asked me to go out of the bath room,

saying she feels shy pieing in front of me. So I came out and after few minutes she came out too.. I said, why not you take out your nighty, and took off it from her. She was not wearing anything inside. So my guess was correct.

She went down and prepared herself for this great pleasure. I asked her to lay on the bed and she closed her face with shyness ! I took my mouth to her face started kissing all over her face, slowly came down to her breast and kissed on her nipple.

When my mouth met her nipple, she held it still and I started sucking those beautiful breasts. The more I sucked, the more she was getting aroused. I then put my hand on one of her breasts and came down to her navel, kissed it and licked it with my tongue. She was getting mad.

I was coming down to her marvelous choot while all the time I was kissing her and playing with her breasts with my hands. I could see few hairs on the choot and she was wet and was soaking the bed sheet.

When I kissed her “Pundai” she said a loud noise “Ama haaa” I continued my way with my tongue and started inserting my tongue in and out, at the same time tried to put one finger inside along with my tongue to give her maximum pleasure.

She was lifting her waist up and down and making so much noise that I was little scared if grandma could hear the noise, things would go bad. But continued my way and all of a sudden her body was shaking vigorously and lot of white gum like fluid was coming out from her.

I knew she has reached her climax and did not continue then. She closed her eyes and was lying there without any move! I lied along side and put my hands on her and slept for few minutes only. All of a sudden I could hear noise from down there, grandma asking Rena,

her choice for the noon. Rena without going out from the room, but just opened the door halfway said, she will take only “Kanchi” with Rasam. And returned back to our bed. While she was coming back,

I admired the beauty of her body and the structure she had ! But she was honey still and wanted my manhood in her hole. I knew that she wouldn’t be satisfied until I put my 8 inch lund in her.


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