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Gopi getting hot his sisters 1

Gopi was 22 years old but while all his friends in the village who were of his age, had gotten married, Gopi's marriage was in the distant horizon. The reason was he had to work for many more years to pay off all the family debt.

His father had passed away due to pneumonia attack when he was 16 without marrying off any of his four daughters and he did not leave any money behind except the house they lived in. So as soon as Gopi passed out of high school,

he wrote the public service commission exam and got a government job in the nearby town. This helped the family borrow money on the house and Gopi has to pay it off with his salary. He had arranged marriages for three of his sisters - his elder sister Neha

who is 24 years old now and is happily married with one child, his first younger sister Neelam who is 20 years old now and does not yet have a child even though she is married for 2 years now and his second younger sister Neeta who is 18 years old

now and got married only 6 months back. Gopi had to not only pay off the debts but he had also to support his mother Sonaben who was 40 and his last sister Urmila who was 16 and further see to it that Urmila is also married well.

Gopi was a normal healthy young man an he had his sexual needs. He had discovered masturbation when he was in school and his object of fantasy during his pleasures was usually movie stars until one day he found one closer to home.

That day when he woke up from bed and went to the backyard to brush his teeth, his sister Urmi was there washing clothes. Normally by the time he got up, she would have finished her washing and gone to school.

That day her school was closed for some reason and she got up a little late. She was wearing her skirt but had taken her blouse off to wash it and her half-sari was covering her chest. That was how she was usually whenever she was washing.

As Gopi stood brushing his teeth, she lifted up her hands to hang a washed piece of cloth on the line and for a brief moment her half-sari was raised up revealing her samll, wonderful breasts. Gopi was stunned at the beauty of his sister's breasts

and added to it was the fact this was his first look at breasts at close quarters. But Gopi felt guilty that he was watching his own sister's breasts and turned his face away. But that brief glimpse kept coming back to him all though the day.

When he came back from work, he could not help stealing glances at his sister who was now of course fully clothed. For a couple of days he struggled with his feelings but was drawn more and more to his sister.

The third day he got up early and went to the backyard wanting to get a glimpse of his sister's gorgeous breasts. And he was rewarded. Then he made it a regular habit. That morning glimpse was the highlight of the entire day for him and thoughout the day also,

he would be stealing looks at her chest hoping that her half-sari would fall between her jutting breasts revealing them seductively. He was many times granted his wish as Urmi was not very careful about spreading her half-sari over her breasts.

Ater all there was none in the house except her brother. Then one night, he got up to go to the bathroom and when he came back to his bed his eyes fell on his sister who was sleeping a few feet away. (As was usaul in village homes,

everybody slept in a big hall together a few feet apart from each other). Her half-sari had fallen off and her shapely breasts stood out of her chest magnificiently, rising and falling with her regular breathing. Gopi sat there staring at them

and her bare skin revealed between the lower rim of her blouse and the upper rim of her skirt, in the dim light of the kerosene night lamp. He wanted to caress those breasts but was afraid that his sister might wake up or his mother might be awake and see him.

Then he masturbated looking at those lovely shapes and had great satisfaction. Then onwards, he eagerly waited for the night time and the sight of hsi sister's breasts. He grew bold enough to gently push her half-sari away from her breasts at times when it had not fallen off.

He also started noticing how beautiful her face, her whole body and her movements were. His desire for his sister increased every day. She was the only girl in his fantasies now. He started moving closely with her.

He offered to help her with her school lessons and that gave him opporutnity to be close with her for a couple of hours each day and admire her beauty at close quarters. He also noticed gradually that his sister's half-sari

was now between her breasts most of the time revealing her firm breasts pushing out her blouse and at night, he never had to push her half-sari away. It was never covering her breasts. He just thanked his good luck and enjoyed his sister's beauty as much as he can.

After about three months, one day his mother did something which seemed strange to him. Sonaben decided to sleep in the store room instead of the hall along with Urmi and Gopi. A couple of days after she started doing that,

Gopi saw the opportunity this gave him and decided to touch Urmi's breasts when she is sleeping. He thought it is worthwhile taking the chance with his sister. He spread his palm and placed it gently over Urmi's left breast.

The softness, the shapeliness and the warmth of his siter's breast sent a thrill through him. He cupped her breast with his fingers and kept it motionless for a long time enjoying the rise and fall of the breast.

Urmi did not move at all and encouraged by this he did the same to her right breast. After what seemed hours, Urmi turned to sleep on her side and Gopi quickly took his hand away. But he had had more pleasure in his life in that short time than in his entire life time.

He went to sleep with the pleasant feeling of Urmis's breasts in his mind. After that night, every night he would fondle his sister's breasts and masturbate afterwards. A month later, Sonaben announced that she was going to visit her daughter Neha

for a week and went out of town leaving Gopi and Urmi alone. That night, when Gopi started his usual activity with his sister, he had the shock of his life. The moment he put his hand on her breast, Urmi caught his hand.

"Gopi, what have you been doing, you bad boy", she said. Gopi replied, "Urmi, sorry, please don't tell mother. I won't do it again". Urmi said, "First tell me why you are doing this, Gopi. I am your sister and a brother is not supposed to fondle and play with his sister's breasts".

Gopi said, "I know, Urmi. But you are so beautiful and I am terribly attracted towards you. I love you Urmi not only like a sister but as my girl." Urmi replied, "Oh Gopi, why did you not tell me that. I also love you Gopi.

That is why I display my breasts to you all day and let you fondle my breasts at night, even though I was aware of what you are doing from the very first day you put your hand on my breasts."

Gopi was joyful at hearing thsee words from his sister and asked her, "Urmi can I kiss you?". Urmi said Yes and Gopi hugged his sister and started kissing her lips passionately. Urmi reurned her brother's kisses equally passionately.

After kissing for five minutes, Urmi asked, "Gopi, do you want to put your hand inside my blouse and fondle my breasts?" Gopi eagerly said yes and Urmi unbuttoned the lower three buttons of her blouse and gave her breasts to Gopi for caressing.

Gopi gently kneaded her breast and played with her nipples and Urmi started moaning with pleasure. Her brother's hand was warm and gentle on her silky sixteen year old breasts. She had wanted to feel her brother's hand on her bare breasts

from the first day he had fondled them and she was feeling fully the pleasure she had expected. Then Gopi asked what he had wanted to for a long time. "Urmi, can I suck your breasts please?". Urmi was overjoyed and said,

"Yes Gopi. Let me remove my blouse for you", and she sat up and took her blouse off. Now her young breasts were fully revealed to her brother and Gopi sat staring speechlessly at their beauty. Then Urmi gently drew her brother's head towards

her right breast and Gopi opened his lips and took his sister's soft breast in his mouth and started sucking. Urmi let out a gasp as he pressed his lips around her nipple pressing it with his tongue. Gopi kept sucking Urmi's breasts for a long time alternating between her two breasts.

Then he kissed her again and spoke loving words to her. Urmi said, "Brother, I wish we can be together like this always". Gopi said, "I wish so too Urmi, but at least till mother comes back we can do so", and slowly the two lovers drifted into sleep.

The next few days, Gopi and Urmi were in heaven enjoying their intimacy and expressing their love for each other openly.

Last mile sex journey with Ruhina

Her fingers moved lightly over my cock, until they traced its tip. She tickled at it slightly, and moved her fingers around the tip in anti-clockwise motion, as though unscrewing the lid of a bottle.

Her eyes were on me. We held direct eye contact. We were both breathing deeply, and neither spoke. Hell, there was no reason to speak. She continued to tease the tip of my penis, and I could feel it getting wet. Suddenly, she grasped it hard and pulled at it aggressively.

I lunged forward, and at once, my lips were on hers. Our tongues interlocked, as our salivas mixed and flowed. Her mouth moved expertly over mine, teasing and biting my lips, and I devoured her thirstily.

Her hand held on firmly to my cock, and she pulled yet again, when I least expected it. It hurt. And it felt like heaven. I threw away the blanket,and kicked off the lungi. The cold breeze of that rainy night, coupled with the swirling fan,

brought a cold shiver to my legs..her hands continued to stroke my cock, and slid down smoothly to my balls ( thank god I had taken the pains to shave them that morning...the effort seemed tiresome at that point, but now was more than worth it!)

She moved on top of me. And slid off her already opened shirt. Her bra seemed tight, and ready to burst upon with her bountiful tits..With one hand, she continued to massage my cock...and with the other, she held my face as she kissed me, licked me and bit me.

She ran her tongue down the lobes of my ear, and that turned me on, almost as much as her first contact with my cock..She took my chin into her mouth, and sucked on it. She moved onto my neck and bit me hard. It sent a bolt of electricity.

I would show the mark for the next two weeks..but right then, I didnt care. Ruhina moved on to my chest biting and sucking on it...she tantalised me, slowly, and sometimes rapidly..never giving me a moment to guess, and I had goosebumps all over.

She closed her mouth over my nipple, and they reacted instantly.. I had never even known my nipples could even be so sensitive.. And then, without warning she dug into my belly button, sandwiching it with her tongue.

She left it wet with saliva as she dragged her tongue lower and lower...her long silky hair moved down my chest, and I shuddered in pleasure...She moved down and down and I arched my back to show her the full glory of my cock.

She reached it finally...and at that moment, she pulled back. Her tongue lost contact with my skin. Instead she surveyed my cock. It dangled before her, hard and erect, and she placed one hand without it.

And then she gave what could only be a chuckle, and made a small flicker with her tongue. She licked its tip. A minute later, she was sucking my cock in full glory. And she did it like a pro. It wasn't very difficult to deduce that

she and her boyfriend had done the same thing before. She took it half the way in, and licked it and sucked on it, and inserted her tongue into her tip... Eagerly, I arched my back again, pushing into her. But she held me down and motioned me to be still.

She was in control. She decided how much she wanted inside her mouth. And she was doing a very good job. I moaned and groaned while she expertly sucked my cock...she accompanied it with slow massaging of my balls, and at one moment, even traced her finger down my asshole.

Periodically, she stopped sucking me, and instead stroked my cock, giving its sloppy wet surface a handjob. It was the most beautiful experience of my life. Till date. I was in no hurry to blow my load so soon, and so,

I pulled her up again, and we kissed with a lot of felt a little salty... must have been my precum, on her tongue. I put my arms around her and undid her bra. ( it took me a few minutes to figure out). Her breasts popped out,

and she dug them into my face, I licked and sucked on them with fervour. I worked on her already hard nipples. Sucked on them and nibbled lightly..I ran my tongue on them and pressed against them hard..I massaged them with my hands,and squeezed them with gusto.

I threw her aside to the bed, and she lay faced down. I climbed upon her...kissing her back and her neck. And finally, I reached her ass. I pulled the pajamas down, and she moved her legs to help me.

This was something I had to see! I flicked on the lights. She flinched, knowing what I had done. But did not move. I pulled down her panties slightly to reveal her butt crack. And I licked at it, with an aim to tickle. She shuddered.

I now pulled down her panties, and yet again she moved to help make it easier. I dug my face between her ass cheeks and smelt her..That wonderful smell of her panties. I had finally reached its source. I bit and sucked upon her juicy ass cheeks, and Spread them to lick her asshole.

And with my tongue, I pushed deeper and deeper into it..She seemed to arch her ass forward into my face. I moved downward, and suddenly my tongue went into an oasis of juiciness..She shuddered and moaned, and I knew I had reached the honey pot.

I turned her over, and licked her pussy hand moved to her breasts and massaged them...she lifted and placed her legs on my shoulder as I ate her out. She seemed experienced in this too.

With her legs on my shoulder, she pulled me closer, and her hands massaged my hair as I licked and sucked her juices. This continued for a while and finally, I moved upwards.. I reached her lips again and she enveloped her legs around me.

I struggled with my cock, and she guided me in. And I began to have sex for the first time in my life. But I was not gonna let it finish this quickly either. It was my first time, and I wanted it, elongated as much as possible.

I pulled my cock out and moved to her mouth..I stood beside the bed, and motioned her to kneel and suck my cock. She looked at me coyly as she got down and began to suck it hard. Her hands placed on my ass,

she moved me forward and backward and she sucked and blew me..I fondled her perfect breasts. And suddenly I had a brain wave. I pulled her to her feet, and asked her to follow me. She looked confused. I pulled at her, and now she followed.

With her fingers holding my erect cock, I made her guide the way up the stairs to the terrace. My hands remained on her ass, as I followed her. It was raining heavily,and the cold droplets hit our naked bodies sending a chill.

I took her to the middle of my terrace, which was surrounded by buildings on all side..but who would really be out there in such a heavy rain. I sucked on her now wet breasts, and then we embraced and kissed. And then I lay down in the rain and water.

She lay on my, in 69 position, and proceeded to suck my cock. I consequently licked her pussy, dripping with juice and rainwater..we did this for ten minutes and then I was on top of her fucking her madly. She cried and moaned and grabbed at my ass.

The water poured over us, making it all the more erotic, and I pulled off my penis and shot semen all over her ass cold and wet with water shivered. We kissed for a few more minutes and showered in the rain.

She lovingly washed my cock and we sneaked back downstairs to towel ourselves. We slept. Exhausted, and finally warm...inside the blanket, naked and together. And the best thing is... I woke up the next morning to a blowjob.

Sexy journey continues with Ruhina

Masturbating thanks to Ruhina

Now that I had seen Ruhina naked, my lust for her grew tenfold. I became even more daring. I left magazine copies of Playboy and penthouse lying around my room, and made sure she spotted them. I never wore a shirt at home ( and I have a good athletic body).

I began to wear even looser jeans (minus the underwear, ofcourse), and more than half my ass was always visible. Whenever I walked around the home when she was there, I was almost constantly sporting an erection. Ruhina had this kind of electrifying effect on me.

Thus a few days after the masturbating episode, Ruhina came into my room, as I sat on the bed studying, and flopped onto it. She was wearing a Salwaar Kameez, and she lay on her chest, barely an inch away.

Her ass was there yet again, inviting, ripe and round and utterly delicious, and this time, I could picture its pinkness which I had seen a few days ago. And I placed my hand on her hip. She didn't respond or acknowledge it in anyway.

And a slow excrucuiating 15 minutes later, I moved my hand onto her ass. Still no response from her. She appeared to be sleeping... My book was now positioned such that it touched her hip, and my hand on her ass could be explained

as a harmless touch by a younger cousin. Thats what I intended it to look like. I was wearing a pair of silky shorts that day, and my cock peeped out from under it, fully erect.With my left hand, I slowly touched my cock, and starting moving the shaft up and down.

My right hand lay on her butt, I could smell her and feel her, and I began to masturbate. I stroked my cock slowly, careful not to shake her or the bed too much..but soon enough, I felt close to climax, and involuntarily, I gave her ass a little squeeze.

With a sudden jerk, Ruhina lifted herself from the bed, and in haste, I pulled the leg of my short over my throbbing cock.." I am going downstairs", Ruhina said, and she stood up and began to leave. In the last second, she threw a glance toward my cock.

Things would have continued this way for a long time. With masturbation and furtive glances and masked lust. But suddenly things took a turn for the better.It was the rainy season and Ruhina's room had a leaky ceiling that needed fixing.

So she began to sleep downstairs with my grandma. This continued for a while, and initially, I found it irritating. But finally, luck came to me. It was a weekend, and I decided to stay over at a friend's place for group studies. I mentioned this to Ruhina and my grandmom and left.

That night we didn't study much. Instead, we watched a porn movie! One of the best I have ever seen. Once the movie finished, me and my friend looked at each other sheepishly. Neither of us wanted to study, and it was quite clear we both wanted privacy.

I suddenly felt the need to go home, and he did not stop me. It was raining heavily, and I got drenched on the way home.So, I reached home, and hurriedly removed my wet clothes and got naked. I walked to my room, slowly stroking my cock and switched on the lights.

Ruhina lay fast asleep on my bed! Quickly, I switched off the light. I was horny as hell. (like I said before, it was one of the best porn movies I had ever seen). I did not wear any clothes. I picked up a lungi..somethin I dont normally wear,

and I slowly got into bed next to her, and into the blanket she was using.I saw that she was wearing silk pajamas and a shirt. My head lay close to hers, and she turned slightly, so that her hair came close to my nose. I could smell her fragrance and it drove me crazy.

I moved closer and placed a hand upon her hip. No reaction from her. Just the regular deep breathing and heaving of her breasts. It turned me on more than ever. And I finally placed my hand on her left breast.

It was soft and the silky shirt she wore made it all the more erotic. I let my hand remain there for a few minutes, and then, I began to slowly move it around her breast,in little circles..My heart beat wildly..but I was determined not to stop today.

It had been too fuckin' long already! After I circled her left breast a few times, I became a little bit more daring..I squeezed her breast lightly, and then a little more firmly. She was breathing deeply. A single thought hammered my constantly...

was she pretending or was she really asleep? Only one way to find out. I started to unbutton her top. With a lot of deliberation, I struggled with each button. I worked my way down all the buttons, and finally her bra was exposed.

Yet again, I placed my hand on her left breast, and traced small circles with my finger..I tickled her nipple and laced and scratched at it, through the bra..My friend had once told me, this excites women..I was hoping it would work.

Meanwhile my erection was throbbing. It deserved attention. And immediately. I took my hand off her breast, and slowly took her hand..steadily, I moved it inch by inch, into the blanket, and finally onto my cock.

To have her touch my cock, felt like heaven. It was like nothing I had ever imagined..It bet every fucking masturbation session I had ever had. I closed my fingers around her hand and tightened her hold on my cock slightly.

Her fingers closed over it, with more pressure than could have been my doing. Slowly, her hand began to stroke it. I gasped in excitement and shock. She turned toward me with a sigh, and opened her eyes for the first time. The wildest night of my life had just begun!!

Hot sex with grandma

Hi! Everybody, This is Saket. I m now 21 years old and want to share my true incest with my grandma which took place when I was only 15 years old at my grandma's residence. First I would like you to know how my grandma looks like.

She is cute, fair and is quite younger as compared to my other friend's grandma's. But she is fatty, which help's her to look much sexier than other woman's of her age is. She was 55 when grandma and I have sex together.

As a matter of fact, I had always been a lover of older woman's, as I think that these older ladies are very much experienced than younger gals, and it's more a pleasure to have sex with them. I was totally mad and was always in praise for older woman's to have sex with them.

I really love beautiful older ladies with there large tit's hanging out of their blouses. When I hit my puberty, I always fantasized about my grandma, to have sex with her, and I totally lost control over myself and finally decided to have sex with my grandma, by hook or crook.

My grandma doesn't leave with us; she leaves at her house with my grandfather. My grandfather is a businessman and for that he has to usually stay away from town for his earning. So one day I decided to take control over myself

and finally decided to have a night out with my grandma at her house, So I packed my stuff for two days and while leaving I told that I will be at my grandma's house for couple of days. As soon as my mom heard these wordings

she immediately kissed on my cheeks and greeted me saying that what a wonderful son I m. She told me that how much I care for my grandma and it's a good sign in me. She told me to take a good care of my grandma as my grandfather was out of station for his work.

I started to depart from my house thinking that what I have got in mind is not a good one, but I was totally lost in my sex world and took a bold decision that now is the time and I have to do it at any cost.

After an hour I reached at my grandma's house, I started to ring the doorbell and after seconds she opened the door and was stunned to see me. There she was my fantasy old doll, she greeted me and kissed on my cheeks

and told me that my mom had informed her that I would be staying with her for a couple of days. She told me to comfort myself and in her room as she doesn't get enough time to arrange another room for me.

While I was walking towards her room I looked backwards and saw her that she was much prettier and sexier than I last saw her month ago. She was wearing a saree with a pink blouse and her bras were clearly visible.

Her tits were peaking out of her blouse as if they really need a massage and a sucking mouth. Her tits were looking gorgeous and her hands were so soft and milky, as they needed a hard cock to wrap around tightly.

My cock started to built up fast and was fully erected in my jeans, but I managed to get myself out from there as I looked that my grandma was noticing me for a while. When I drew my self out from her room my grandma told me that

we would have dinner early because outside temperature had drop below freezing point and it's been very cold inside also. We had a good dinner as my grandma prepared a delicious chicken for me. Now she told me that's it's now time for bed and

I would sleep with her because the blower was in her room and she couldn't get time to set a room for me. She told me to sleep with her tonight and the next day she will organize a room for me. My cock started to erupt as soon as I hear these wordings from her;

I started to realize that tonight is my night, which I have been waiting for a long time. I immediately headed towards my grandma's room with her; there I saw I king-sized bed with a large pair of blanket.

I turned on the blower immediately, as the room was quite cold as compared to other rooms. As my grandma approached towards her bed she took of her saree and started to get her self in bed. I took a long breath as I saw one of the most beautiful pair of tits;

she was looking gorgeous and was looking much younger and sexier than ever before. As I headed my self in bed I switched the lights and lighted up a very dim light. My grandma kissed me a long goodnight kiss on my cheeks and turned her back towards me.

After a couple of minutes my grandma was in a deep sleep and my cock was ticking hard, so I ease my self by taking my 9 inches of hard cock out of pajama's. My heart was pounding very fast as I started to lean towards my grandma's soft ass.

But I lost the hope, as I was afraid if she would wake up and turned me out. So I decided not to touch her but started to jack myself. After a couple of minutes I heard a sound of shivering, from my grandma, slowly and slowly shivering becomes

fast and I immediately put my hands on her shoulders asking her what she was doing. She with a very husky and shivered sound told me that she was felling very cold and was unable to tolerate the cold now.

Slowly and slowly I turned herself towards me facing and looking right in her half slept eyes and told her not to worry, that I would make her feel alright. Now her shivering started to speed up gradually and was totally out of control.

I with a very bold voice told her that I would try to give you warmth with my body. She was stunned to here and asked me what I mean by this? I replied giving answer that having sex in cold will transfer a good amount of heat to you.

She, with a bitter noise told me, how dared you think like that? I replied with afraid sound that I need you grandma and this is the time now, and as soon as speaks these words I immediately took her hands and placed it on my hard cock.

Oh shit! I yelled out, as it was so wonderful to have a touch of such a warm and soft hands on my cock. But my grandma started to get away from my self speaking out that this is bad, we should not do this, as you are my son,

but I doesn't give a second thought to it and started to kiss her on her lip's. She started to push me apart but her efforts were all in vein. Slowly she started to enjoy my kiss and she started to slide her tongue inside my mouth.

Simultaneously she started to play with my balls and rubbed my cock with her soft fingers. As soon as I parted my lips apart from her she was moaning and told me that she is ready to have sex with me, if only I would not tell others about this.

I agreed to it and again kissed her while she played with my meat. She than told me to open her blouse and suck her tit's. I obeyed to her and started to open her blouse, as soon as I open her blouse, she held me with her hands through my face

and inserted my face to her tit's which was peaking out to come from her bra's. She told me, " OH MY POOR BABY! I NEED YOU, SUCK MY TIT'S, OH MY SON OPEN MY BRA'S ", and again I obeyed her, and opened her bra's.

Now she was lying topples in front of me and with no second thought I buried my face in her creamy, warm and soft tits. I started to massage her tits and after a second I took a whole boob in my mouth and started to suck her hard.

She was moaning vigorously, while she played with my rock hard cock. Than with her hands on my head she told me to suck hard like a young baby sucking her mom's breast. I started to suck more harder and rougher,

and she started to moaning fourthly and asked me to slow down but I continued with the same amount of roughness, she started to beg to let her tit's of from my mouth, but I continued to suck her hard and harder...

After a moment I took my mouth away from her sweet melons and ordered her to take her panties of. But she refused to let this happen, but I with my pressure took of her panties and started to finger fuck her.

Her pussy was so soft and warm that I can't explain it to you. She begged me to slow down but I inserted my third finger in her opening, as her pussy opening was quite big and wider. Than I told her to take my meat in her mouth,

she heisted but slowly she took my cock in her mouth. Damn! Good that was as soon as my cock came in Contac with her warm mouth with her tongue revolving around my cock. She started to suck deep inside her throat

vigorously with her hands backing up my fore skin and sucking with roughness. I begged her, and told her to " PLEASE GRANDMOM LET THIS SLOW DOWN " but she has no effect and I was helpless, but at the same time it was feeling very good.

I immediately pulled my cock from her mouth, as I was cumming. Than I told her that I am going to insert my cock in her pussy, she told me " WE CAN'T DO THIS I HAVE GOT PAIN INSIDE MY PUSSY, LET IT BE OFF " but I with no humble

I started to insert my rock hard penis in her pink soft creamy pussy. At first attempt I failed to inset it properly as I was inserting it with no pressure at all. My grandma smiled and told me to push it very slowly, I again tried but I was unable to insert it.

She begged me not to insert with pressure, but this time I pulled my foreskin of rock hard 9 inch's cock and with a great force and pressure I pushed my cock in her pussy, I moaned in pleasure and my grandma cried with a large amount

of voice and begged me to took my cock of. But I was travelling in heaven at that time and slowly started to pump her faster. She was crying in pleasure and I pushed my cock in and out hard, while I sucked my mom's huge tits.


LET YOUR COCK BE OUT OF MY PUSSY "I started to cry and shouted that I m cumming, and she begged not to spurt my cum in her, as she would be pregnant, but I lost control and cumm in side my grandma hot wet pussy.

At last we both cried out in pleasure as I shoot a thick load in my grandma pussy. We both laid in that position for more than hour with my cock still leaning in her pussy. After an hour or so my cock again started to erect and I asked her if I can do anal fucking with her.

She with a slight hesitation agreed to it and I order her to sit in such a way that I can fuck her in doggie style. So she started to kneel down on to the bed and with the same time I grabbed her swollen tits with my Pam and slowly enter my rock hard cock in her wet ass opening.

Again we both cried in pleasure and I started to fuck her vigorously, again she begged me, to slow down but I spurted my cum in side her belly with a great pressure. Now we both laid together and while I was about to sleep,

my grandma kissed me on my lips saying that this was the best fuck she had since now. She told me that she enjoyed my cock inside her and I can always have her whenever I need her. But she asked me to promise her that I would not tell anybody about this.

Hot mother - son incest story

The following is a completely true story and happen a 1 year ago now I an 19 and my mom is 38. As I can remember, I have always wanted to make love to my mother. These thoughts probably started because of an incident that took place

when I was only twelve years old. I was in my bedroom doing homework and my mother was in the next room taking a bath. She called for me and asked if I would fetch her razor from the hall closet and then bring it to her. I agreed.

I figured that I would simply open up the bathroom door, mom would cover herself, and I would hand the razor to her. No big deal, right? Wrong! When I opened the door into the bathroom, mom was in the tub (while completely naked) and took the razor from my hand.

What I saw made me stop in my tracks. At the time, mom was twenty-nine, 4'9, 120lbs, had firm medium sized breasts with large nipples, and a VERY dark, thick bush. I believe mom must have thought that I was embarrassed by what I saw. I wasn't.

I was simply amazed. After what seemed like minutes, I turned, walked out of the bathroom, and returned to my bedroom. Just like any other young man, I masturbated quite frequently during my teens.

However, instead of thinking about the Playmate of the Month or some porno star, the object of my masturbation sessions was always my mom. Years later, when I was eighteen old, my girlfriend and I were having marital problems.

We had been for one years and our sex life was simply a bore. I tried everything with my girlfriend to make things more interesting. I bought books on how to better satisfy your spouse, tried to seduce her in other ways, bought her presents.

None of my attempts at spicing up our sex life worked. One Saturday afternoon while our toddler was napping, I lured my girlfriend into her bedroom and tried to seduce her. She simply made some comment that she had too much housework

to do and the last thing on her mind was "having sex." Hearing that, I got in my car and left the house, totally pissed off. I ended up driving around for over an hour thinking about what had just taken place. Without planning to do so,

I realized that I was near the exit to my parent's home so I decided to stop by and talk to my dad. When I knocked on the door no one answered. Just as I was about to get back into my car, mom opened the front door and yelled for me to come back.

It was obvious that she had been in the shower because her hair was wet and she was wearing a robe. Upon entering the house, mom said that it was a nice surprise I had stopped by. I told her that I had stopped to talk to dad and she told me that he was working.

Hearing that, I decided to go on home and let mom get back to getting dressed. Mom then asked if something was wrong. I told her yes, but said that I would rather talk about the issue with dad. She asked why I couldn't talk to her about what was going on.

I hesitantly told her it was a sexual issue. Mom then said, "well maybe I could help." For the next half an hour I proceeded to tell mom about the problems with my sex life. Although it was a bit uncomfortable at first, I soon loosened up and was telling her everything.

I told her that everything else in my marriage was okay, but that our sex life just totally sucked. All the time I was uncomfortable, What mom said next really surprised me. Under her breath she said, "Join the club."

When I asked her to repeat what she had said, she told me that I had heard her the first time. I admitted I had, but that I just wanted to hear her say it again to make sure I wasn't hearing things. Mom then went on to tell me that

she had been unsatisfied sexually since her second year of marriage to my father (over twenty years prior). I then asked mom how she dealt with the problem. I could tell that she was a little embarrassed by my question.

However, with some further prodding, she answered me by saying that she took care of the problem by masturbating. This just totally blew me away! The thought of my mom masturbating turned me and within seconds I had the biggest hard-on imaginable.

I soon realized that mom had taken notice of the rise in my shorts, so I adjusted my cock (and my seating position) so my hard-on wouldn't be so noticeable. I should have changed the subject, but I continued to ask her questions about what she liked in a man sexually.

Mom told me that she loved everything and was willing to experiment, but that dad wasn't. In a low voice I muttered, "Dad doesn't know how good he has it." She asked me what I meant, and I told her that dad is nuts if he doesn't know how lucky he is.

I then went one step further and said that he is nuts for not wanting her because she is so beautiful and obviously liked to have sex. After saying that, mom got this look in her eyes and I thought for sure I had stepped over the line.

Instead, mom looked down at the ground and asked if I would like to find out what dad was missing out on. It took a minute for me to realize that she was NOT kidding. I immediately got out of my seat and followed her upstairs.

I got behind her and put my hands on her waist. As I looked in the mirror at her, she closed her eyes and laid her head back on my shoulders. I then proceeded to kiss moms neck. Minutes later, I moved my hands from her waist and proceeded to untie the front of her robe.

Looking in the mirror again, I pulled the sides of her robe open. Underneath of the robe, mom was completely naked. This was the first time in seven years that I had seen her like this. While still looking at her body in the mirror, I began to touch her.

I began with her belly, and then moved on to her nipples. Mom was moaning softly and whispered that my touch felt good. When I started to move my hands down towards her pussy, she moved away and turned towards me.

I then took her face in my hands and proceeded to kiss her on the lips. Feeling my mothers tongue in my mouth was truly the most erotic feeling that I had even experienced in my life. Minutes later, mom broke our kiss and proceeded to undress me.

When I was completely naked, mom stood in front of me and let her robe fall to the floor. I pulled her to me and we began to kiss again. After a few more minutes of some intense kissing, mom began kissing her way down my chest.

She then got on her knees and began stroking my cock with her hand. As I looked down at her, she lightly licked the head of my cock while rubbing my balls with her free hand. Within minutes, she was bobbing up and down on my dick

with a fury that I had never experienced before. My girlfriend would sometimes give me a blowjob, but I could always tell that she really wasn't in to it. Mom truly was! When I was on the brink of cumming, I pulled back and told mom that she had better stop.

She looked up at me and asked why. When I told her that I was going to cum, she pushed me back onto the bed, got between my legs, and continued to suck my cock and stroke the base with her hand. Within minutes, I screamed that I was cumming.

Instead of taking it out of her mouth, she simply sucked harder and it seemed to turn her on. When I had finished cumming, I looked down at mom and she let my cock drop from her mouth. Unbelievable! I had never experienced

the feeling of cumming in someone's mouth before and I knew I was hooked. I got up from the bed and motioned for mom to stand up. I put her hands on the edge of the bed, and leaned her over. I immediately got on my knees behind her and began eating her pussy.

I had eaten out quite a few women in my time, but this was definitely the best tasting pussy I had ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I tongued and licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. To her surprise, I then began to lightly lick her asshole.

I could tell by her reaction that it startled her at first, but within minutes she was begging me not to stop. Once her pussy and ass were completely soaking wet from the combination of my saliva and her pussy juices,

I took one finger and inserted it into her pussy and took another and put it into her ass. Mom began pushing against my hand in an effort to get deeper penetration. As she moaned loudly, I could tell that this was indeed a woman who truly enjoyed sex.

Next, I stood behind her and gently inserted my hard cock into her pussy. Up until that moment, kissing mom was the most erotic feeling I had ever experienced in my life. Feeling my cock inside of her completed the picture.

I fucked her from behind until I felt my balls swell with cum. When I started moaning, she looked back at me and asked if I was going to cum. When I said yes, she immediately got on her knees again and started sucking my cock.

With a fury I had never experienced before, I came in her mouth for a second time. This time when I had finished cumming, mom looked up at me and opened her mouth. My entire load was laying on her tongue. She then closed her mouth and swallowed.

Wow! As we laid on the bed and I recovered from cumming a second time, I asked her why she had decided to have me cum in her mouth. She said that it tasted so good the first time she just had to have more.

For the next two hours we continued our fuck and suck session. I even had anal sex for the first time. This event took place three years ago. Since then, mom and I have continued to meet at least once a week and have incredible sex. We both feel that as long as we can

continue to have sex without it messing up our relations, we should continue. To be honest, it has actually helped me and my girlfriend. Neither of us is no longer pissed off at our partner for not being interested in sex since we are getting laid somewhere else.

Fucking aunty while uncle is away

Hi everybody, I am satish 20 yrs old, and want to share my experience that I had with my aunty, I use to got to her house occasionally, I had a eye on her, because she had very big and cute boobs, slim figure. One day my uncle (i.e. my aunt’s husband) was packing his clothes,

I asked him are you going to any place, he said he is going for his friends marrige, then I came to my house with my uncle, he requested my parents that send satish to sleep in his house as his wife will be alone and to take care of her when he is out for a marriage

(Because he had a very good opinion on me ).then I thought in my mind that this is the right time to have sex with the aunty. That evening I went to her house, and watched t.v. (both of us) till 9 pm and then we had dinner, and she said to me u can sleep,

and I asked her u, she said I will be back after a while and went to latrine, I was fully tempted and my cock was erected, and I went to latrine, there was a small hole through that I peeped and saw the pussy.

For a moment I was shocked because that was the first time to see a pussy in front of my eyes. She was finishing her work and I ran to the room, she came to bed room in nighty, her boobs was piercing in to my eyes, she had very sexy body.

Then she layed on her bed facing her ass towards me, and I started masturbating for a while and then I went to her bed and pressed her ass very roughly, she started scolding me and told her the truth that I need u, then she said NO satish NO satish,

I said aunty plz plz, any how I convinced her for having sex with me, I kissed her for nearly 20 min she had very good lips, later I moved my hand to her right boobs and squeezed her boob she shouted SLOWLY PLZ, and I took her boobs in to my mouth,

it was a great experience for me, then I removed her nighty and her panties and made her naked and she undressed me, I pushed her in to the bed and opened her thighs and started to insert my tongue in to her pussy, first I felt shy and hesitation for that later I enjoyed a lot,

she took my cock in to her mouth and started to play with my cock, then I started kissing her body which was soft and sexy, then I inserted my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her, she was shouting FUCK ME FUCK ME,

after some time I took out my cock and started to kiss her lips, thighs and her ass, and then again I started fucking her for about 10-15 min and finally the fluid came out and by that time the time was around 11.00 – 11.30 pm

she went out of the bed for cleaning her pussy and myself my cock, there also (in the bathroom) I kissed her pussy and rubbed my body with her she took my cock in her hand and started masturbating,after that we went to bed for sleep.

Story of horny Joshnaa - I

My name is Joshnaa, I am 43 year old, I am from Mauritius. I have come across this site by sheer luck. I am happily married with 2 sons and 1 daughter all studying in India right now. The story I am going to tell you is about myself.

After reading a few stories on this site I have decided in contributing an unforgettable experience of mine. Six months back, my husband’s niece was getting married. They stayed on the ground floor of the same house.

Over here, I presume like in India, weddings are major happenings, unfortunately since my children had just spent their holidays with us and that we did not expect that wedding to be that soon, we could not afford to pay 3 air tickets to get them down here to assist the wedding.

My husband and his family are Sugarcane planters, him and his elder brother looked after the fields and my sister-in-law and myself being educated had taken jobs. Sunita is a bank clerk and I am a teacher in a college.

Sunita and myself got married the same day 25 years back, we are cousins (our mums were sisters). Sunita got married to Vijay and I got married to Raj. Vijay was then 27 year-old and Raj was 33-year old.

Due to this we have always been friends, we shared everything in our life. Unlike, most extended family ours has always functioned well despite the presence of in-laws. My married life has been near perfection to my point of view but

was always described as being monotonous by my female colleagues at work. They just could not understand how someone could lead exactly the same events everyday throughout life. But for me, I was happy, as I knew nothing but that.

Raj left home with his brother at 4 am and was back by 1 pm that was their timing, as the sun did not permit long hours in the cane fields. We (Sunita& I were lucky not having to wake that time as my mother-in-law had acquired the habit

of providing food to her husband and she kept the habit for her sons. A week before the wedding, my sister-in-law son’s arrived from UK. I had always seen him in photos but this was the first time I was to see him physically.

His mum got married years back to someone from Trinidad and since she was sort of excluded from family. We kept in touch via letters on rare occasions but as he had just finished his A-levels with excellent grades,

he was paid a holiday to our magic island as a reward (by her mum who always wanted him to meet the family). Atish was his name and he just turned 18. He arrived with his friends Michael, Simon and Keith. Michael was his best friend and the other two boys were school friends.

The minute I saw Atish, I could see the striking resemblance between him and my husband. It was like seeing Raj 25 yrs back. He was amazingly handsome. Michael was to find himself a place in a hotel but my Sasoorji insisted on him joining us at our average size house.

I was against the idea, as we had not enough space to lodge that many people especially with the coming wedding, knowing that we would have visitors who would come to stay with us. Nevertheless, I knew that my opinion would not be taken into consideration.

Simon and Keith were dropped in a rented bungalow by the beach close to our house. I discovered in Atish a wonderful boy. He knew he was smart and spent most of his time with Su & myself. Michael could understand not much

when we spoke our home language but was always pleasant with us. The wedding approached and the relatives, i.e, the dadis, the nanis came to stay over. Our house was soon over-populated.

Michael and Simon volunteered to sleep on the balcony facing my room as all other rooms were taken over. They were happy to sleep there in their sleeping bag they brought with as they were always moaning about the heat.

It was a Thursday, I remember well. At that time I had at that time not “other” feeling for Atish than a mamee to a nephew. I had just finished my periods and I was on my fifth day. I would to point out here that though I am a traditional Indian woman I always loved sex.

At this point, I would to give a brief description of myself. I am 5 foot something, I am pretty fair, I have long hairs combed and parted in the traditional Hindu manner, I wear 36 size bras and I have large puffy aureoles and a medium size bum.

I am not a model but an average looking Indian woman. I don’t believe that I am good looking though I have received numerous compliments about the way I dress. My usual dress is the Saree but I have since my youth liked deep necklines both back and front in my short Cholies.

Coming back to that night, it was already 11 pm. Raj was having a few drinks with his cousins who came to help with the preparation. I wanted sex that night (I am not usually demanding); I had my bath and went to bed.

Atish and Michael went to their balcony facing my room earlier than me. As they had spent their day with the rest of the crew, they were exhausted. As I walked in my room, I checked on the guys. I could not see much, but since I heard no voice I assumed that they were sleeping.

My mother-in-law had taken the curtains to be washed for the wedding. As the boys were new to our place, the night-lamp was intentionally left on in to allow see where they were stepping to use the toilet in our room.

Raj came at about midnight, he was drunk. He had a shower and joined me in bed. Because of the boys’ presence, I was sleeping in my petticoat and blouse. Raj knows can guess when I want sex. He laid on the bed facing me and started kissing me passionately.

At that time, I knew he was drunk and was wanting help, otherwise, he would have lifted my nightie and would rub his erect cock against my pussy waiting for me to be wet before penetrating me.

That night, because of the drinks, knowing his difficulty to get an erection, I knew I would have to take his cock and suck it till he was hard enough to pleasure me. So I did it. Soon I was on top on his great cock and we fucked the usual way.

The blouse was ripped open, my breasts were hanging on my bras, and my petticoat was on the floor. I was riding his cock with my back facing him, as he liked. I was facing the balcony, then suddenly, I saw a glow in the dark, it was the light of a burning cigarette.

One of the 2 was watching us. It was too late to stop, as I never liked breaking the rhythm especially when I am about to come, I carried on riding Raj till he came in me. Because of his drinks, he had lasted longer made me come twice.

I stepped out of bed and went to the shower. I was now feeling awkward. I had fucked in front of somebody and the worse was that I did not know who watched me. As I walked out of the shower, I had a strange of wanting to show myself more.

Vijay was already snoring in bed, I stood by the door step of the bathroom naked wiped myself leisurely giving a full of every inch of my body to the one who was watching me. My vagina was wet again but I knew that Vijay could not provide me more than once in a night.

The next day the minute, I woke up; I was feeling ashamed of my act. I was thinking how an old cow like me had acted as a slut. I attended to the house chores and went to work. The boys were still sleeping.

At work, I wanted to speak about that “ event” there was nobody I could trust. I tried to speak to Su, but did not manage to get through to her. But the whole day, I realized that this incident had turned me on horribly. I was constantly daydreaming and wet.

I reached home, now it was Friday, to my deception the boys were not home. They had gone out for barbecue with their friend. I complied in doing the preparation works but never got the time to speak to Su.

I stayed awake till 1 am waiting for Raj when he came I pretended to be asleep. He tried to wake me up for his fuck but I did not respond. At about 3am, the boys came back. I had heard the stopping car.

I undid my bra-less blouse completely and opened the knot of my petticoat to reveal my vaginal bush and pretended to sleep. They tiptoed in. I kept my eyes closed, I was exposing myself completely to 2 persons whom 1-week back was completely unknown to me.

Then for a flash of time, I sensed them stopping for a few minutes by my bed and watch.. I was already dripping wet. A few minutes later, I woke Vijay up by sucking his cock, nearly instantaneously; he was hard and started having me.

Out there was, were now 2 glowing lights, both of them were watching. I fucked Vijay in a way that he could not guess that we were being watched. I was going wild, so wild that I came 4 times. For the first time in my life,

I was shouting for Raj to fuck me harder and to make me come. I experiencing something new, I wanted to show and prove that at my age, I could still fuck and give pleasure. In that 10 minutes, I made change positions so many times that I sensed that he was dazzled by me.

I was simply wild. I was exhausted, I was sweating and out there the cigarette lights were still on. I watched them till I fell asleep. At 3:30 am, when Raj woke up, he shook me up and asked to put something on because of the boys.

I mumbled “OK” and pulled the sheet on me and told myself that I would soon wake, the sleep was so nice. At about 5 am, just as the sun was rising, it started raining. I heard the boys waking up suddenly but it started pouring,

they did not have time to pull up their sleeping bag before it got wet. I woke up holding the bed sheet upto my nape and I watched them. They were hesitant to walk in; all of us knew that I was still naked under the sheet. I pointed the towel to them.

They smiled and dried themselves. I was feeling awkward again. Still confused about last 2-night shows I had given them. As there no other place they could find place to sleep. I shifted in the middle of the bed and without saying else Michael and Atish

place themselves on either side of me. As they got in, I kept myself completely covered with the sheet. To my surprise, both of pulled down their wet slips before joining me under the bed sheet. I was red; a strange feeling had invaded me, a mixture of fear and excitement.

I was scared that anyone found me in that state and was excited because I was in bed with 2 young men not even half my age. We started chatting and the boys were telling about the barbecue and the girls they met at the hotel.

I started feeling slightly at ease; Aatish and Michael were both on their sides facing me. Their sights were riveted on my breast, which every now and then got accidentally disclosed. This must aroused them as soon I was feeling their cocks against my thighs.

Few minutes later, Atish fell asleep and I felt his arms extending over my breast. Michael and myself carried chatting, Michael was telling about how nice he found our local “coloured” girls. Then we decided to sleep,

Michael told me that he needed to go to the toilet before.when he stood up, I was shocked to see his cock and it was simply enormous, it was circumcised and it had a big shiny red head. I could believe that this 18-yr-old could have such a big tool.

He came back his cock was now limp but it was still impressively long and fat. He got in bed next to me again and I told that they would not find me when they woke up, as I would have gone to work. He pushed himself close to me to kiss me goodnight, he kissed me gently,

I did not resist, he then pulled himself even closer and kissed deeper this time. By now, I knew what he wanted. I simply told him I desperately needed another hour of sleep. I could not sleep but my eyes were semi-closed,

few minutes later, I felt something moving, his hand was exploring my body, he had moved the bed sheet off me. He started by very light caresses to see my reaction, I did not move, covered me again and soon he was masturbating,

when he was about to come, he knelt on the bed next to me next to my nape and spurted his thick semen on me. With a half-opened eye I witnessed the whole scene, his cock had become even bigger. Whilst he came, he sprayed his semen all over my breast,

nape and neck; I even received one thick drop on my lips. He then turned on his side and slept, with subtle movement of the tongue, I lick the semen. For the first time, I was having somebody else’s (than my husband) sperm in my mouth.

I went to school for only half a day and during the whole time even I look at the boys in my class, I was imagining having sex with them. That day I told everything to Su. She was shocked and warned me to be careful as if anybody finds out,

this would cause havoc in the family. But by the question she kept asking me the whole day, I could sense that this event was causing something to Su as well. The wedding went on all right, no thing happened in between.

We could not find time but there was complicity between the boys and myself. Michael was already calling me by my name since the beginning but each time I was alone with Atish he no more calling me “Mamee” but “Josh”.

Monday night, after a very festive dinner, Raj dropped in bed dead drunk. I joined the boys on the balcony. We were all tired, I was complaining of lower back and shoulder pain. The boys asked me to lie on my back to receive a massage. I complied.

Soon Atish was busy with my shoulders and Michael was giving me a foot massage. Atish was looking in my eyes when his fingers started opening the front buttons of my nightie. He said nothing just carried on undressing me till my navels from where Michael carried on.

Soon, I had four hands fondling me, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ministrations. When I felt my legs being parted, I opened my eyes, Atish was already holding his cock facing my vagina and was about to penetrate me.

I put my hand over my pussy and told them in English “but I am your Mamee”. Atish moved my hand and placed his finger over my lips. I knew it was now too late. He pushed himself in and looked at me, I was completely filled.

I smiled at him and he started his to-n-fro movement, he rammed me for about 25-30 mins. I was having so much pleasure that Michael who was biting/eating my breasts/nipples thought that it would wiser to put his cock in my mouth to stop my loud moaning.

When Atish finished, Michael turned me and started taking me doggie-style. He fucked me over 45 minutes before he came. When he finished, I rushed to bed next to Raj who was still snoring. I could believe what I had just done; I started sobbing but soon fell asleep.

The next morning, initially I could not face the boys; I was ashamed but soon after speaking to Su., I was reassured. She was surprisingly understanding. That night, pretexting of the heat on the ground floor, she asked my husband if she could sleep with me in my room.

I was taken aback, but my doubts were clearing. All this had thrilled Sunita. Everybody but only us were awake when Sunita knocked at the door. She was wearing a very decent nightgown as she entered, as she took off the gown,

I immediately recognized the nightie which I have seen only once, on her “shuhag raat”. She had bottle of wine carefully wrapped in newspaper with her as well. When we got married Sunita had a gorgeous body with time she turned a little plump.

But I should admit that even now, she looked gorgeous. The nightie was now tighter and the neckline was so deep than you could say that she was topless. Her ample 38-size were more than ? out of it. She was quite obvious already tipsy.

She joined us in bed and started chatting. She was a different Sunita I knew, she was open and was telling us how relieved she was feeling today that her only child got married today. We chatted for about an hour during which the boys

who were already surprised by her behaviour, had numerous occasions to see her curves and her hairy pussy. Then of a sudden, she started asking if I had enjoyed my massage the night before. I froze and the boys looked at me in a state of shock too.

She had sensed that she had made uncomfortable. She then simply added that she had been longing to have this “treatment” since I “confided” to her. It was now clear that she also wanted to fuck. Without wasting much time,

she pulled off her nightie to reveal her nearly perfectly conserved body and asked the boys to do the same. She was bold unlike me. She turned to Atish and told him in a commanding him to give “Sunita Mamee” his cock.

To my shock, she asked me to place my lips of her pussy and taste her. I could not believe that all this was actually happening. While I was performing cunnilingus on her, Michael was taking her from behind and Su kept blowing Atish’s cock. The rest of the night just happened.

The next morning, I saw Sunita as she coming from the prayer room. She was ready to attend to house chores and she looked at me and smiled. I simply could not believe she was the bitch who was on heat the night before.

I had to resume work but I did want to, especially because of that Maths class with the rowdiest bunch of boys in the school. Whilst coming of the shower, I got an idea. A wicked idea. I pulled a demi-bras out of the wardrobe and choose the Churidaar with the deepest neckline.

I walked in my class, put the dupatta on the table and started teaching. I was having an unusual attention and response from these monsters. I put a few exercise on the board and started going around to check if they any problem individually. I knew the minute,

I would bend over the table to see their copybook, they would a complete view of my mammaries especially the demi-cup was so tight that the upper half of my areoles were visible. Everybody was attentive; the boys followed my lesson attentively.

I had eventually found how to master them. The following week all homework was done and I am now their favourite teacher (though I would never go to the extent of fucking anyone of them). Reaching home that evening,

Sunita who was still on leave had already planned to take all the boys sight-seeing the folowing day. Dinnertime, she suggested that I should take a day off, I look at Raj, and he nodded. With all guest gone, we could only fuck in the morning when the husbands had left.

Fucked hot Anjali aunt

Hi I am John from Calicut, Kerala, I am 24 yrs old. This is my thrilling experience with Anjali Aunt which I am going to describe. This is was happened two yrs back, my aunt Anjali with 36-28-38 looks like an angel, and just 10 yrs elder than me.

My uncle Rajiv works as asst manager in cooperative bank, she had no children. When ever I face her in the mornings she just talks like a friend. Asks about my career,friends and about movies. She used to wear silk sarees and blouse.

I too fantasize her while bathing daily. She resides beside my room in my house as tenant and in nights around 1'0clock I used to wake and go to bathroom. Both their bathroom and mine were 10feet between.

She usually left her clothes in the bathroom after taking bath at night, so I collect my aunt's saree and petticoat to smell and chew them, some times I found her petticoat wet with her cum at that times I used to masturbate and pour the cum on them.

One day it happened that my uncle had gone to Vizag camp, and he told to my parents to look after his house. As aunty is alone. After two days my parents had left for a marriage nearby village. And will come by night.

At that time I didn't know that this day be the first day of my sex experience. As my parents left to marriage my mother asked my aunt to prepare food for me. I went to my friend’s house and returned afternoon have my lunch and found my aunt

in bed seriously I was stunned and asked about her, she replied of having a fever from morning & asked to bring tablets and zandu balm for head ache. I came within 10minutes and gave her tablets. She asked me to message her head as it was paining hard.

Listening to her words I was stunned, as I didn't touch her until now. Power was gone and fan had stopped. She lied in a folded chair, I went back of her &with my shaking fingers I touched her head and I feel hot there,

I slowly took some balm and started massaging, she was making small sounds like aaahhhhhhhhh, my pulse was raising. She was in a blue silk saree and wearing white blouse. While moving my hand over her head my eyes had fallen on her chest.

Her pallu is off and her blouse was clearly visible with her boobs, her pallu was fallen apart and I found that she is not wearing any bra inside. Her aroma was slightly visible through her white blouse. And while she was breathing her boobs were raising to double.

This made my cock like a rod. As I didn't wear underwear it came forward in my pant. She didn't find this as I was standing back of her. After 10 minutes she asked to stop and wants me to come and sit in front of her.

I was a little bit shy and before coming front I kept my cock in-between my legs forcibly. I found that her pallu were adjusted right back on her chest, and I sat on her bed in front she asked me where I had gone,

and I answered after 5 to 6 questions she took her pallu off and waving to her face and asked me when power might come. Suddenly my eyes again fallen on her boobs, and I were caught by her, she asked me about movies and favorite actor and actress.

I replied sharuk and prietyzinta. She asked whether she looks like her, I was stunned and my heart beat was running like a Concorde plane. I replied not so because you were 5feet 8inches high and not so fat like maduri.

She said" thanks a lot comparing me with maduri" She also told me that she knew about me of fascinating her with her clothes. I told her sorry but she denied of that and too expresses her feeling towards me. I felt it like a heaven after listening to her.

She took her pallu and asked about her boobs and I praised them, Anjali came close and asked to give her pleasure till night. I was raiding in heaven, when I stood my dick has come out forward seeing that

she applauded that wohhhh your's is 7.5 inches come on don't do late I was dying of you.. By hearing that I suddenly hugged her and began kissing her lips, as I didn't have sex before me just kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs.

She said u rascal wait there I will give u suggestions to eat away. She whispered me to sat in the bed and I did what she said... Anjali came near to me and unzipped my pant and took the dick in her mouth started sucking slowly.

Just after a minute my juice has fallen and she had swollen every thing. I said sorry for that but Anjali told that it happens like that your’s is first exp, don't worry, I will make u fuck with in 10 minutes. I said thank u. I slowly removed my shirt and pant,

this is the first time I were nude in front a woman. She was standing in front of me and I was lied in bed, she gave her saree edge to me and I slowly removing that, she was moving round and suddenly it came off and her petticoat of white color were seen.

I stood and slowly pick her hand and sat in the bed. Her nipples were erected and were seen from her blouse. She slowly kept her tongue on my face and inside my mouth and moving in search of some thing. I too felt her sweet after 5min she sat

down in the bed and asked me to remove her blouse. With my shivering fingers I touched them for the second time and slowly went for hooks to remove while removing them her boobs were pressing against my fingers that touch made my dick raisin.

Within a min all the hooks were removed and she raised her hands to take off the blouse, suddenly my eyes fallen on her armpits they were shaved well seeing that my cock raised to its peek. And I felt happy for that.

I quickly moved for armpits to lick and smell they smelt nicely as she had a spray their. After that she asked me" remove the blouse and play with my nipples john". I said okay aunty and quickly removed her blouse and by watching her boobs and nipples

I felt aggressive and took right nipple in between my thumb and index finger started pressing hardly and moaned loudly for the first time, aahhhhhhhh....hhhhhhh..Hhhhh john comes drink me. All the day.

I did the same with her left nipple her boobs were so rounded like a big orange. With white and red combination her aroma is in light pink color. I took both the breasts in my hand and with that touch I was excited and started squeezing the left one while my tongue

is playing with right one. I was squeezing hardly and found some white fluid was falling and she said that it is a kind of milk and asked to give her taste. I slowly licked that and gave a French kiss to my aunt. She whispered "John u r so nice go on to my cunt, u will find juice.”

slowly I came back to her boobs played once withleft one and started going down with my tounge licking all over the body. I found her belly with my tongue, I poured some saliva in belly and started chewing and licking her belly,

after 5 min I rosed and plucked her petticoat thread it came off and had become loose. I removed it downed to legs and found that she hadn't weared panty. Also she shaved the place neatly so that the pint lips were seen clearly.

I kept my mouth and started touching her cunt with my tongue. It smelt nicely as she sprayed jasmine ponds, slowly with my fingers I made them apart and kept my tongue inside her cunt, she screamed "u naughty gave me utmost pleasure,"

and I started hardly with my tongue long inside her cunt, generally I thought that ladies cunt smelt badly, but at that moment I thought it was wrong. I was in aggressive mood and settled there for 5min she came out with her pussy,

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I slowly made her legs apart and kept my cock inside her cunt it wasn't going inside as it was tight. She told me that she help me and asked to fall in bed. My dick was standing as I am in bed, she slowly stood and kept my dick in her cunt.

She turned down her legs and sat on my lap with my dick inside her contuse was moving upend down slowly. Wasn’t satisfied with the position and said to her she agreed and told me to go on for 5min as she enjoys the position.

After that she stood up and took me out of bed made me stood to the wall and asked me to hold her tight she came close and I hold her tight slowly moved her towards me she hold my dick and kept inside her cit.

hugged her and she slowly kept her both thighs on my hip and with that my hands were supported her back, with the touch I became aggressive and hold her firmly, she asked to move her slowly front and back I did the same I felt my dick was coming out and in.

I enjoyed the position well but I didn't resist the weight of her and slowly moved to the table beside the bed and made her sat on the table and started fucking her at the same time she was playing with her tongue in my mouth.

I fucked her for 5min in that style and I was about to come. I told her about this she asked me to come out in her cunt so that her cunt filled with my juice. But I asked her to drink the juice by keeping in her mouth,

she told me to drink the juice later in the night in our next experience. I agreed and my cum had filled her, also she came out of passion by sucking my dick after. She applauded of giving her great pleasure. And told that her dream had come true with this experience.

She told me that she knew of me about rubbing her blouse and petticoat over my dick at nights and filled my cum in the bra. Also said about fascinating me. She promised to share the moments when ever we get chance.

Like that we had met 5 to 6 times of those 3times in the night in bathroom. One day I asked to pose rudely for a photo she accepted but with out face. I did 2 photos and developed in friend’s lab without his presence,

from that time I used to masturbate in the bathroom seeing the photo. I also showed the photos to her she was happy as her face is not there. After 6 months she moved to the next town as her husband got transferred.

While going she promised me to give the pleasure whenever I went to her house. Till that time we had sex only for 2 times when his husband was on camp now my uncle's mother is staying with them so from the last 6months I didn't made love with her.

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I want to share my first sex experience from my friend's experience who taught me every lesson of sex. I completed my college in Tamil Nadu and got a job Surat. During my college days, we used to read a lot of sex stories and fantacing of fucking the aunties living nearby.

But not having enough courage I did not have even a try. I used to masterbate twice or thrice a day. Some days more than that also. At first I stayed in a lodge and went for a work. I felt lonly as I was away from my home for the first time and I dont know the local language.

So I could not talk with others freely and mingle with them. One day I met a Tamilian in a Hotel and he talked with me and invited me to his house. He is also Govt employee and working there for the past 15 years. I promised him I would visit his house on Sunday.

He gave the address and the place was near my office only. I went to his house on Sunday. He greeted me and introduced me to his wife and his kid. What a lovely aunty. She was Thirytwo then.Lovely and mischeivous eyes.

Though she was in a decent dress, I can visualise her mature boobs and lovely ass. She smiled at me. I had some erection and I managed to conceal it by sitting in nearby sofa. She Asked me to stay for the lunch and we had a chat for some time.

I could not avoid staring at her often. While taking lunch I saw her clevage twice or thrice and got erected. But she behaved as if nothing happened. I though I was the rotten one and I was thinking the bad things.

After the meal my friend told me since he had shift duty he was leaving and I also told him I was also coming with him. She told me whenever time permits please come so that we can have some Chat in Tamil (mother tongue).

During the next evening I went to their home and we had some chat and ad some tea. In the evening it started raining and I could not go to my room. So I took the supper there. But rain did not top. So they asked to me stay there. I hesitated.

But they insisted and I prepared to stay there. At 10 oClock when I was about to sleep, he had a phone message that he had to come for duty as his collegue was sick. So he started for going to duty. I told him I also coming with and asking to drop me at my lodge.

Both told me that I could stay there and he left for duty within 10 minutes. Then as usual I was dreaming fo fucking her in the night and went to bathroom and releived my tension and come to bed. She came to the bedroom after finished the household work.

She saw me and smiled at me and went out of the room. I wanted to have a fuck as I read in my story books but I am not have that my courage. So I lay in the imagine of her tits and cunt. After half an hour she came in a pink nightie.

Now I could see the outline of her body. She wast slim but not fat. She had flesh where it should be. She had full breast and the lovely legs. She went to the nearby bed and confirmed her daughter had slept.

Then she stood near my bed and stared at me for 5 minutes. I was dreaming that something was going to be happened what I was dreaming for the past 5 years. But nothing happened. With a sigh she she returned back to the bed where her daughter was sleeping.

I could not sleep after seeing her in nightie and afraid of doing anything which may cause damage to my image that I created there. I managed for half an hour. But I could not resist my urge to see her. So I got up and saw her in the nearby bed.

She looked like an angel in the nightlamp. I could saw her mounds clearly. It raised and fell with her breathing. What a lovely sight. I slowly went near her and stood there for some time. She appeared to be in sound sleep. I thought of going back but I could not.

I sat on the edge of the bed with the beating heart. No movement in her. Now I decided to go furhther as this chance might not repeat. I toched the lovely breast with trembling hand and pressed little. She move her legs little and took off my hand with fear.

Anyhow I gather some courage and felt for the nipple and press it like a push button. Now She could not control herself and took her right hand caught my hand and with wide opened and smiling face she asked me what are you doing?

I was frightened and trying to remove my hand. But she repeate the same question in a husky voice. Now I had to give some reply. I told her that I could not resist of touching after seeing her in nighty and asked her to figive me or gave me some punishment

if she want and begged her not to tell her anybody. She got up and sat beside be and took my both hand and asked me " Do you have sex with anyother?" I shook my head. She asked me " do you wnat to have?" I said yes.

Then she took me to my bed remove my banian and lungi and found my big dick in full vigour. I got some courage and removed the buttons of her nighty and found the two lovely mangoes and started to squeezing.

She asked me to take it in my mouth and asked me to suck and sucked it for 5 minutes and she maoned and caressing my dick which is ready to come. Suddenly she took it in her mouth and started sucking while I was caressing her ass and back.

After two minutes I came into her mouth with a bang. She took all in her mouth and asked how I feel. I told her I felt great. And she asked me to plat with her pussy. I knet between her pussy and saw the lovely clean shaven wet pussy.

Inavigate the outerlips and opened it slightly. What lovely sight. She could not control herself. She moved her hips here and there and moaning.I slowly insert one finger and other inside and feel and silky pussy and rotate slightly and gragged my head

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I positioned my self between her thighs and inserted mine into her. She guided me insided her hot cunt and what a great pleasure. It was just like going into a hot well. She close her eyes while entering and moaned. After some time we lay like that.

Then she asked me to move my dick back and forth. I took out half way and insert in with a thrush. She made some unusual sounds and asked me to do like that as she was enjoying. We did it for 15 minutes and both came and a wonderful experience.

We lay there for half an hour hugging each other annd caressing each other. I told her she was my Guru and I would do anything she want. After that we cleaned ourself and slept. In the morning when I woke up I found her in Saree after taking bath and have a cup of coffee.

While chatting she told me she is not having enough sex from her husband and he did not eat her pussy which she liked most and they used have sex once in a month and she wanted more without affecting the family. That is why she had sex with me and she was fully satsified.

She told me I could have sex with her whenever her hubby went for duty. We had sex atleast twice a week. I felt sick and my asked me to come to his house. There my lalitha(friend wife) took care of me along with my friend.

After curing when I was about to leave their hoem my friend asked me why I should not stay in his house and took meals there so that my health would not affected in the future. Lalitha also nodded. I told them I would tell them after two days.

The next day I met Lalitha and discussed her about that. She told me If I was staying with them we could have sex freely and daily. I accepted on one dondition that they should accept the money for their sevice.

Lalitha told me that I should discontiue the affair as soon as I go married. I accepted and got very good se experience till my marriage with Lalitha. But my wife an orthodox never allows me eat her pussy or suck my cock. I got transfer to South and I lost touch with Lalitha.

Anyhow I could not forget her and my first introduction to practical sex at Surat. NowI am living with rationed sex fraom my wife( once in a week) which is not sufficient for me. Till date I am not having any extramarital affairs. But I dont want to waste my energy waste in the bathroom.

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Before I proceed I should explain my family environment. I am the only son to my parents. My mum got married at a very young age, so by the time I was 16 she was only 34 years old. My dad is a successful business man with only weakness for ladies.

He used to enjoy fucking lot of new gals especially prostitutes out there. Also he was avid fan of blue films ( I found about all these later). There have been frequent quarrels because of these between my parents. To tell you my mum has got a fuckable terrffic figure.

She has a big boobs and well shaped ass. She was very sexy lady but my dad said he wants to have variety so he used to fuck different girls weekly. Since my bedroom was just besides them, I could hear the loud voices coming from there bedroom.

This has become daily routine and my mum was totally unsatisfied with dad all times. I couldn't understand how she was withstanding her desires etc. One day I came quite early from the school, the door was not locked from inside, so I went straight to my bedroom.

I could hear moaning sounds coming from my parents bedroom. Out of curiosity I crawled through the key-hole and to my surprise I could see my lovely mum spread-eagled on the bed with a banana inside her pussy.

She was moving it in and out rapidly and making lot of loud noises. This was the first sight of a nude women and in the first instance I was lucky to see my mum's pussy. It was cleanly shaven with a few bunch a hair on its top.

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I don't know what to do with it so I started rubbing it back and froth as the banana is moving. I got intense pleasure from it and finally a thick white splash came out of it. I climaxed, I climaxed with my mum. After that I went inside my bedroom and was pretending to be asleep.

I could hear the doors of bathroom and found that my mum was cleaning herslf. Later while going to kitchen she noticed me in my room sleeping and came to me. I pretended sleeping like that, she checked and went off.

From that day onwards I sometimes used to come home early and masterbate along with my mum. I think she might have suspicion but she kept quite. It has become a habit to watch my mum and masterbate even sometimes in night

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