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Sexy daughter of uncle, Meera

Dear Human Digest Readers, I have thought for a long time to pen my real life stories into this site, so that you can enjoy reading it, or may be more than that. There have been lots of stories in this site, which are true, but some of them are just pure fantasies,

but anyway one should enjoy it. I also skip the introduction while reading stories, so straight to life. I am Manoj 35 years, married with one child working in Delhi and belong to Kerala. I am narrating my first incident of my sex life.

I was 22 then, when I got my job in Delhi. A new city, first time out of Kerala, everything worried me. The only assurance was that my uncle and aunt were there. To my relief, they were at the railway station to receive me and took me to their house.

It was a feeling at home away from home. My uncle’s daughter (Meera) in her 12th Std was delighted to see me too. I had my accommodation arranged by the company, so after initial pleasantries, I pushed to my accommodation,

which was full of bachelors like me from different areas. Every week, I used to visit uncle’s house and stayed there on Saturdays and Sundays. I become a member of their family and not an outsider. On the other hand in the bachelor quarters,

there was full of sex stories, blue films etc. So my mind was a mixture of all these things. I don’t know from where the twist in mind took place. I felt Meera as my companion and I used to share all incidents with her and she the vice versa.

It was like that I work all 5 days and waited for the Saturdays to come, so that I can meet her. It was a transformation period from sisterly love to real love. The touch, feel everything had its own account in my life. She was in my heart.

One year passed, she joined the college and it was then I got time to spend with her. I got into her college to meet her, waited for her leisure period to meet her. It was wonderful. Are u getting bored? It is life so little boring is ok.

The things turn upside down, when my aunt was admitted in hospital. I was there for their help and running up and down. One day I came to uncle’s home and found that Meera was alone wearing a T shirt and skirt,

cooking food for hospital which I have to take it to hospital for uncle and aunt. There was ample time for it. So after her work she came to me and sat with me. I hold her hand and with her back towards me she sat between my legs and my hands enveloping her through her waist.

It was pure love and placed a kiss on her shoulders and she liked it. My hands massaged her shoulders. I felt a tingling sensation in my groin. My hands slightly moved up and felt her breast above her t-shirt. It was soft, she was enjoying my touch, and the fire in my body was ignited.

I massaged both of her boobs. I was feeling guilty and I was not intended to stop too. Slowly I placed a kiss on her cheek and asked a kiss from her which she placed on my cheek. The first kiss. We lay down on the floor in embrace, my rod was upright.

I enveloped her face with kisses and placed one in her lips too, how soft it was. The lip kiss, only saw on blue films were real now, we drank each others saliva. I don’t want to hurry up, as she was still my love. I asked her whether I can see her breasts,

she told ok, with slight hesitation. She stood up and removed her T shirt and I saw a wonderful sight of her breasts beautifully fitted in her bra. That site never moved from brain afterwards too. It was a tight embrace with her skin touching mine.

As one of my friends say “Skin to Skin, No sin”. I asked her can I see the breast too. She said no, that is sin, we are not supposed to. I requested her and she accepted my request with one condition, only one time.

She removed her bra and how I can describe, two fair boobs with slight pinkish nipples throbbing out. I embraced her and place a kiss on the nipple, she like it but was saying no. I lost my controls, next moment I was sucking it, one by one and she was enjoying.

I was not satisfied with sucking, but placed a French kiss on her. I was in her pants and she was in skirt only. Our upper bodies were bare touching each other.. Now as the fire engulfed me, I want to see her naked fully, I repeated my request, which she accepted,

she lifted her skirt and I saw her white thighs shining and her pink panty wet in the middle. I was kissing her thighs and her panty. She smilingly told me to stop and removed it. My eyes were wide open as I don’t want to loss any sight of it.

Her pelvic area surrounded with hairs and her vagina hidden. My hands ran over her hairs and split it open telling her to sit in the sofa near by, which she obeyed. I lifted her legs up and spread it, to have a full view of the area.

I knelt in front of her and put the tongue inside the crack and searched for her clit. What a taste. I placed my both hands on her bottoms and my fingers were searching her hole behind. The juices which flown down from her vagina lubricated her hole behind.

My fingers went in; I took the fingers out and smelt it. My cock already 8” ached inside my pants. Slowly I stood up, her eyes were partially closed. The skirt which was fully up which was obstructing my view of her boobs.

I made her to stand up and removed the last piece of her clothing. A goddess in front of me, now I could realize how artists draw pictures of such beauties. I asked her whether you have seen any cocks, to my reply she said only the small children’s.

I asked her “ Like to see mine”, smiling she nodded. I removed my pants and briefs and embraced her. She took my rod in her hands and rubbed with her eyes watching every point of it and touched the balls which was tight. I asked her to take the rod into her mouth,

which she did and licked like chocobar. I was entering the final phase, I told her to stop. We lied down and took the position 69. I took my mouth inside her cunt and my hands resting on her ass cheeks and fingers deep inside her rear hole.

She was sucking my rod with vigour. I know the fire has engulfed both of us. I was about to spit out my juices, while she came with a moan. She couldn’t took the whole juices as it was too much. We lied there for some time with lips locked.

We got up after sometime, washed the groin area and face, she washed mine and I washed hers. While washing, my cock started emerging, but as there was no time, we kept for the next time. Hope you enjoyed one of my life experiences.

Sex with horny Mother-in-law

Dear Readers, I am not very comfortable in writing this real story happened to me but as there has to be some confession Box, I have planned to write it to Human Digest and express my fealings.

I am 30 years old strong and energetic handsome guy from HYDERABAD, I am a software engineer by profession working for an MNC. I am married 4 years ago and I am blesses with a kid. I keep going to mu mother in laws house every fortnight along with my wife and kid,

usually in the weekends. From the day 1 of my wedding I had a fantasy to fuck my mother in law as she shows me very keen interest in interacting and touching me for unknown reasons. I have noticed so many times that she is very keen in watching

me when I come out of bathroom after taking shower. Usually I come out on my lungi. She admires my muscles and takes pleasure in engaging her daughter and giving me all the reqquired materials from time to time.

One day or I wud say one night when my father in law was out of town, Usually me my wife will sleep toghter in a separate bedroom and my kid sleeps with my mother in law. That night I was too tired and told my wife that I want to sleep alone as I want to rest to the full.

She acepted and took my permission to sleep beside her mom in the other rromm. I accepted. I slept. Then in the midnight I woke to have a glass of water, incidentally the fridge was in the other room and the zero bulb was ON.

I went to inside the room and saw all the three sleeping. My mother in law, my kid and my wife. My kid was in the center. Before going to the fridge I went to the bed and kissed my kid. While kissing a part of my chest toucked my mother in laws boobs un intentionally.

And she woke up, I said nothing ….i was just kissing my kid. She gave a wild smile to me and said its ok. Then I went to the fridge drank water and went back to my room and was trying to sleep, but I was unable to sleep as I was thinking

what she might have thought about me and was thinking about the wild laugh. Suddenly I can see some shadow near the door and was doubting it to be my other in law. I just closed my eyes and was trying to know who it was.

Then she slowly entered into my room, switched off the zero bulb and came near me. Slowly I opened my eyes and found her in front of me. She was wearing a saree and her pallow was down. She has a dynamic 38+ breast.

I too gave a sexy smile ans asked her does she ned n e thing, she said nothing …then I told her sit..she sat and started telling that she is not getting sleep as her husband is not there and there is no one to hold beside.

I understood what her intentions were….i told she can sleep with me. Very hesitantly she said yes…but then she was worried about her daughter in the other room. She told me what your wife wil think, I said close that door from outside and come back.

She aggredd and did the same. Now it only me and she on my bed. I slowly kept my hand on her waist and tried telling her she has a nice figure, then she said that is what has pulled her near me. I said sorry…she said u r musl\cular and

I am sure my daughtere must be enjoying you. I smiled and tld her yes we enjoy each other. Then she asiked y not today. Y she is sleeping with me. I told her that I wanted to get chance to fuck you.

Now she is aroused …all smiling …and now she started keeping her hand on my stomach… that’s it……the war started…. She kept her hand inside myy lungi and was surprised to c my 7" long cock and told ooh maaa…so long I said its no that long naa.

she said ur uncles is not even half of that…I smiled and said then its ur property u enjoy it to the fulleset to night…she said only to night I said….YES only to night …she smiled and said then let me ejnjoy it once for all….she started sucking it like never before I had that experience.

Then I started pressing her boobs. Then slowly she removed my lngi and I removed her saree, bra and lhanga….we both kissed each other for the fullest then the time came for actual war. I inserted my full erect penis in her vagina which good enough at the age of 47.

I fucked her hard for 25 log mnutes..she enoyed it to the fullest and finally I cumed inside her vagina. She said I wish ur father in law will be out of station every week. After that we ever we get a change we will not loose it.

Sex in the family

This incident dates back several years when I was in my final year of college. My cousin Manasi was also with me in LSR hostel and we both used to get along very well. The college was closing in winters for a short break and

we decided to go to bombay to take the 3 night star cruise. We told our guardian's of our plan and they agreed. Their two grown-up sons also were keen to do the cruise and so the four of us left the next day.

We reached bombay and a few hours later were on-board the ship. Me and manasi took one cabin and the boys shared the one next to ours. The first night was fun, drinking and chatting and we were all very relaxed in each others company.

When the strip show started late in the night, we girls excused ourselves even though the boys kept insisting that we watch with them. Once in the cabin, manasi said it seems that the boys are looking to have some fun with us.

But they are our cousins, I exclaimed! Oh! how does that matter sonia, said manasi. Anyways, we changed into our flimsy lingeries and went to bed. The thought of the boys feeling and fondling me got me excited and I began to feel horny.

I turned to face manasi and saw her looking at me and smiling, as if she had read my mind. She brought her fingers to my face and started to caress me slowly. Then she moved closer and her lips closed over mine, sucking at my lips.

Her hand moved over my breast causing the nipple to swell. She pinched it lightly and moved her hand lower towards my pussy. I opened my legs and she began to rub my pussy which was already wet with desire.

She broke the kiss and sat up to remove her lingerie and her beautiful breasts with their full erect nipples came into view. I too struggled out of my night wear and we were totally nude. Let me tell you guys, we both have nice shapely bodies with similar 34D breasts.

Now I took control, pushed manasi on the bed and began to lick and suck her nipples. She started to moan and guided my fingers to her wet snatch. I rubbed her pussy while sucking her nipples and then inserted two fingers in her pussy.

As I continued to slide my fingers in her, she climaxed and her juices started to flow. I continued to finger fuck her and when she was spent pulled my fingers out and we both licked them clean. Then I climbed on top of her and positioned my pussy near her face.

She took hold of my thighs and began to lick my pussy. She is better than any guy when it comes to pussy licking and I was in heaven. I began to squeeze my nipples and soon I climaxed and she licked my pussy clean.

We came back into each others arms and I softly caressed her breasts while her fingers tugged gently at my pussy hair. We heard the sound of footsteps and the cabin door being opened. The cousins or lets say potential fuckers were back.

Without saying a word, both of us got up and put on our flimsy night wear. We tip-toed out of our cabin and knocked at their door. Sanju opened the door and his mouth fell open. We stepped inside and so was the look on aryan's face.

Well, what else do you expect from 20 year old boys who are seeing two young shapely girls wearing thin lingeries which clearly showed the outline of their breasts and nipple protrusions and ended a little below the hips.

We smiled at them and moved towards the sofa and settled down. Arent you guys going to offer us some drinks, I asked. Aryan said sure and pulled out glasses and scotch and fixed drinks for all of us. So how was the show asked manasi,

and instantly the boys knew it was going to be their lucky night. The girls were okay they said, but nothing like the two of you. I looked at manasi and smiled and took my hand to her breasts and gently started to squueze them.

I took a big gulp of my drink and looked at the guys. Their eyes were riveted on us and the bulge in their pants was for all to see. I put my drink down and slid the strap of my lingerie to expose a bare breast. That did it, the guys started to undress with their gaze fixed on us.

I dipped one finger in the scotch and rubbed it on my nipple. There was an immediate burning sensation and manasi closed her tongue over it, sucking gently. Now the boys were naked, their big dicks erect and raring to go.

Aryan moved towards me while sanju started to caress manasi's legs. Aryan lowered the other strap and my dress and it fell to my waist. He moved closer and forced his tongue in my mouth. My fingers closed around his dick and I began to stroke him lightly.

He then shifted his attention to my breasts, licking the nipples while his fingers massaged my pussy. My nipples swelled under his tongue and I was dripping wet and saw that manasi was on her knees sucking sanju's prick.

Aryan moved down, held my hips and buried his face in my pussy. His tongue lapped my pussy really hard and soon my love juices began to flow. He wet his entire lips and chin with my juices and signalled to manasi.

She came to him and began to lick my juices off his face. Sanju moved towards me and I took his wet dick in my mouth. Aryan was now on the carpet and manasi was between his legs, licking his arse and stroking his dick.

I too moved down on the floor next to aryan and sanju spread my legs and guided his hot and hard dick in my pussy. Ohh! what a feeling, he started to move inside me, his dick swelling up even more. He lowered his head and began to feast on my breasts,

licking them with each thrust and tugging at the nipples with his teeth. I wet my finger with my salive and grabbed his ass and slid a finger inside his arsehole. He started to thrust harder, mumbling my name over and over again.

Meanwhile manasi was on her fours and aryan was furiously licking her arse and finger fucking her pussy. She shifted her position a bit and soon her tongue was inside my mouth. I felt sanju was reaching his climax and he slowed down.

He pulled out of me, his dick all wet and dripping with my juices. He brought his dick near my mouth and both me a manasi began to lick it. Aryan was now finger fucking both manasi's pussy and arsehole.

Sanju got up and moved towards manasi and aryan moved towards me. The brothers changed position, and with minimum of warning sanju slid his dick inside manasi's arse. She let out a soft scream and I saw a tear in the corner of her eye.

I wiped it away and soon she was enjoying the back door ride of her life. Aryan lubricated my arsehole with my pussy juices and laid down on the carpet. I got up and settled over him, guiding his cock into my arse. It slid in slowly all the way.

I let myself get adjusted to the size and then began to ride him. My tits were jumping up and down as I rode his cock. Manasi was now over aryan and he began to suck her tits as sanju fucked her from behind.

Her climax built up and she let out a soft cry as her orgasm racked her. Both the brothers were ramming us two babes like stallions in heat, our bodies wet with perspiration and eyes filled with lust. Suddenly sanju reached his climax and pulled out of manasi's ass.

He got his cock to my mouth and splattered his cum inside. I swallowed as much as I could and the rest flowed down my chin. Manasi licked it off and we both cleaned sanju's cock. Now aryan too began to stiffen and I felt my climax approaching.

My pussy started to contract as my orgasm hit me and simultaneously aryan started to shoot his load in my arse. As I regained my senses, I eased his cock out of my arse and laid down by his side to clean him up.

I felt soft hands on my ass and there was manasi gently separating my ass cheeks to lick the cum seeping out. The cruise turned out to be a mega fuck fest for the four of us, something that none of us have been able to forget even a single moment of.

Kanika - Hot encounter with brother

Hello to all the fans of this site. I am Kanika from Mumbai and I am going to tell you my real story of lovemaking with my younger brother. It happened, oh, about five years ago, but it will remain in my memory forever.

My younger brother Gaurav and I were always very close to each other. He used to be very naughty when he was a little kid, and always got in trouble with mom and dad. I used to try and protect him often because sometimes dad would get real upset,

and smack him when he did some mischief. Every time he got a beating, Gaurav would come to me and cry, and beg me to let him sleep with me that night. So as we grew older, we became very close and are the best of buddies even today.

Well, this story is about what happened five years ago. Gaurav was in college, and lived with my parents in Mumbai. He was 20 at the time, and I was 23. I studying in US and was visiting home after two years. My parents and Gaurav were very happy at my visit.

I was told on the phone that Mom and Dad would not be there to welcome me when I arrived home. They had to go to Delhi for attending a wedding and would be back after two days. Gaurav came to the airport to receive me.

I was so happy to see my dear brother after a gap of two years. We hugged each other and I kissed him on the cheeks. Then we drove to sweet home and in the way we talked about a lot of things from the childhood days to the present times.

Both of us were delighted to meet each other. We reached home at about 7 p.m. and Gaurav told me that he had to take an important class test the next day so he wouldn't be able to stay up late with me for chatting.

He would be free from the next day to attend me full time. He led me to my room and I went for a shower. After shower, I went to his room to know where our maidservant had gone. Gaurav was in the shower. I picked up a book from his study table and began to read it.

After sometime I heard his footsteps behind me. I turned around. He was vigorously scrubbing his head with the towel, which covered his face, and so he didn't see me. He was completely naked. I gasped in surprise, and that startled him.

He pulled the towel off his head and looked at me in surprise. "Oh Kanu! When did you get in?" He always called me Kanu. "Just now," I replied, looking at the gorgeous cock dangling between his legs. It was long, and even in the soft condition, it looked beautiful.

Gaurav realized he was naked, and quickly covered himself with the towel. "Where is Meena (our maid)?" "She's gone to her village and we'll dine at some restaurant." "OK. By the way, you have grown up, Gaurav. You look great."

Gaurav blushed, and said, "Thanks, Kanu. You look good, too. Now can I go and put something on? I feel awkward standing like this in front of you." "If you insist. But I don't mind you walking around in towel." I said, looking at his body, "You are in great shape, Gaurav.

Do you work out?" "Yeah, whenever I have time". He said," Are you hungry?" "A bit." " Let's go out. I'll take you to a wonderful place." he said. I was watching him sitting on the bed as he was combing his hair. He turned to look at me.

"Are you going to sit here and watch me get dressed, or what?" "Sure. Why not?" "Fine, please yourself," Gaurav shrugged his shoulders, and removed his towel. He looked at me, to see my reaction. I smiled at him, and turned my attention to his cock,

which was beginning to get hard. I looked at him again, and winked. "You really have a nice cock, brother." Gaurav blushed again, and said, "Shut up, will you? You are my sister, for God's sake." "But not a saint, mind you."

"What do you mean, Kanika? Are you trying to seduce me, or something?" "No. I am just admiring your body, you goof. Just like you would like to look at a well-endowed woman." Gaurav laughed, as he began putting on his clothes.

"Well, that's different. The women I look at are not my sisters, and most of the time they are fully dressed." "But I am sure you do imagine how they would look naked. So if you get a chance to see a beautiful, naked woman, would you not look at her?"

"Sure I would. I am not a saint, either." "That's just my point. I got a chance to look at a handsome hunk of a male in the nude, and I looked. Don't make a big deal about it. I've seen you naked before." "Yeah. But that was many years ago, when I was a little kid."

"Nothing has changed on your anatomy, except everything got a little bigger. Some parts, a lot bigger." Gaurav shook his head. "I don't believe you. If you were not my sister, I'd swear you were trying to seduce me. Now come on, and let's have something to eat."

We had a good dinner at Gaurav's favourite restaurant. By the time we got back, it was past 10 PM. "What time is your test, Gaurav?" I asked. "It will start at 9:30. I am done with the matter. Just need to revise! I'll probably be up until midnight," he replied.

"That's terrible. I am not sleepy as yet. You think we can just sit around a chat for a while, or do you have to pick the books right away?" "No, I can chat with you. In fact, I'd love to, Kanu. We haven't seen each other in such a long time."

Gaurav sank in the sofa, and pulled me down. I fell on top of him. He hugged me tightly, and said, "I'm so happy to see you, Sis. I love you." "I love you, too," I hugged him back, and kissed him on the lips. We held each other, enjoying the embrace.

Then I slid out of his arms and sat down next to him. "Tell me about your love life, Gaurav." "Love life? There is none." "I see. But you are smart enough to flirt with the girls." "Thanks." He turned and put his arms around my shoulders, and pulled me closer.

"I am so glad to see you, my sweet sister. You look great. Looks like you also work out." "A little. I am not a fanatic about it. Just enough to keep the tummy tucked in and hips from getting bigger, that's all." "You are doing fine.

Stand up, and let me look at you." I got up, and stood before, him. Standing on my toes, I thrust my chest out and slowly twirled around to give him a good look. Gaurav clapped, and said, "Oh Kanu.You are a knockout.

To be frank with you, I wouldn't mind looking at you naked, now that you have seen me in the nude." I laughed, and said, "Oh, really. Well, I'll think about it." We chatted about things for a while. I was beginning to get sleepy. "I think I need to go to bed now."

I got up, and kissed him goodnight, and went to change. After brushing my teeth, I took a hot shower, which always helps me to relax at the end of the day. I took out my nightie and put it on. Looking in the mirror, I realized that it didn't hide much, because it was quite sheer.

I usually wear nothing underneath when I sleep, but that day I wore panties. I have a good figure, and I am quite proud of it. I usually keep my bush trimmed, but didn't have time to do it before leaving. So the bush was kind of thick, and it showed through the nightie.

I put on the panty, and went out in the kitchen to get a glass of water. Gaurav had also changed, and was wearing just his boxers. He was making coffee for himself. I got the glass of water and walked over to him.

He looked up at me, and gave a slow whistle. "Wow, Kanu. You are a babe, Sis." He sat up, looking with admiration at me. I smiled at him, and slowly turned around. "Now we are even." "No, we are not. I was naked.

You still have this thing on. If you want to be even, then take it all off," he said as we were walking to the living room. "Are you daring me?" "If that's the way you want it." I pulled the nightie off in one swift motion, and stood before him.

Gaurav's mouth was open, and his eyes were big, staring at my bust. I felt a shiver down my spine as I watched his eyes moving from one breast to the other, and looking at my crotch, which was still covered.

He shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, and I noticed that he was reacting to my semi-nakedness. I smiled at him, and said, "Satisfied?" "Wow. They are just gorgeous," Gaurav said, licking his lips, without even looking at me.

His eyes were riveted on my breasts, which I have to admit, were gorgeous. There is no sag to them at all, and that is something to be proud of when you are a size 38B. "I would never have guessed, Kanu, that you have such perfect tits.

Most of the time you wear such baggy clothes, it's hard to tell." "Thanks, Gaurav. I like my figure." "So do I," he said, slowly getting up. I watched him, as he tried to adjust his crotch to hide his arousal. "Don't bother. I already saw it.

You are hard, aren't you?" "I am sorry, Kanu. I shouldn't react like this. You are my sister." I took his hand in mine, and said, "Don't feel bad. Don't you see that I am also reacting to you?" I placed his hand against my breast, pressing it into the hardened nipple.

"Please, Kanu. Don't do that," he stammered, but his hand stayed on my breast. I put my arm around his neck and pulled his head toward me. I kissed him lightly on the lips and said, "It is natural to react to a naked body, Gaurav.

Get over this shame and appreciate the beauty of what you see. I am not ashamed to look at you. Just look at that tent in your shorts. It looks gorgeous. Take the shorts off and let me see your hard cock."

Gaurav looked at me pleadingly, struggling with the conflict between arousal and guilt. I pulled him in my arms and hugged him. I pressed my breasts against his chest, and my pelvis against his arousal. He was stiff like a pole, and was poking into my belly.

I pinched him on his behind, and stepped away. Quickly I stepped out of my panty, and said, "Now. Take it off. Let's both be naked. Then we will be even." Gaurav still hesitated. "I don't know, Kanu." His eyes were now fixed on the bush between my legs.

I grabbed the elastic waist bend of his shorts, and yanked them down. Wordlessly, he stepped out of them, and sank to his knees on the carpet. He put his arms around my waist, and pulled me closer. Gently he kissed my bush, and caressed my butt.

"You are so beautiful and sexy, Kanu. Please forgive me for reacting this way to you." I sank to the carpet and took his face in my hands. "My sweet brother. There is no shame in nudity, and there is no shame in admitting our attraction to the opposite sex.

I know we are brother and sister, but human body is the same, regardless of relationships. And when you love someone like we love each other, there is no reason for this guilt, darling. You are aroused by a beautiful female body, just as I am aroused by a handsome male body."

"But what good is that going to do, Kanu? It's not like we are lovers, and can make out when we are turned on." "I understand, Gaurav. But why do you deprive yourself of the pleasure of seeing a naked woman whom you love very much? We have been so close all our lives.

Remember, you even used to sleep with me in my bed many times?" "But that was a long time ago. I was only eight or ten." "No. You used to sleep with me till your were fifteen. Don't you think I could feel you growing up when you used to cuddle up to me at night?"

"What are you talking about?" "You are such a goof.I still remember how you used to take your cock out of your night dress and play with it. You thought you were being very careful, but I knew what you were doing.

I could feel your jerking movements and hear your grunts. Sometimes your cock would press into my back when you had your leg over me." "My god, Kanu. And you didn't say anything." "No. Do you know why?" "Why?"

"Because I knew you were trying to learn about your growing sexuality, and it was safe to do it with me. I was also curious at first what you were doing that caused the bed to shake so much. So one time I watched you."

"I am so embarrassed," Gaurav said, looking away. I thought I saw tears in his eyes, so I turned his face toward me. He was almost on the verge of crying. I pulled him in my arms and caressed his head. "Oh Gaurav.

Why are you so sad and ridden with guilt, darling? I am your sister. You can talk to me. Don't you think I would understand, after what I just told you?" Gaurav held me tightly, and said, "I love you so much, Kanu.

I know what you are saying makes sense, but it's hard not to feel guilty. You are my sister." "Okay, so I am. Let's get past that. All your guilt hasn't stopped your body from reacting to me, has it? Look how hard your cock is now,"

I reached down and put my fingers around the shaft. "And it's hot, too. You are really turned on, sweetheart. Let me help you." "But why? I feel so terrible," he tried to push my hand away. "Because I love you, my brother. Now just relax and enjoy."

I pushed him down on the carpet, and straddled his legs. Bending forward, I kissed his cock, and rolled it around in my hand, squeezing the throbbing mass of meat gently. Gaurav moaned with pleasure, and closed his eyes, resigned to the whole situation.

I smiled, knowing he wanted it. My heart was filled with love for him. I gently massaged the shaft, pumping him slowly and kissing the tip. Gaurav's hips began to jerk with increasing urgency as I caressed and pumped him.

I watched his balls contract, as he got closer to orgasm. He was moaning loudly now, and began lifting himself off the carpet against my pumping hand. I got off his legs, and knelt beside him, resting my head on his flat tummy.

I watched the throbbing shaft as it jerked in my hands. Gaurav groaned loudly, and thrust sharply upwards. I watched in amazement as big globs of semen shot forth from the purple tip of his cock, making a beautiful arc in the air and splashing on his legs and belly.

It happened so fast that I couldn't duck quickly enough, and got a shot of it in my face as the cock jerked spasmodically in my hand. It was sticky and slippery now, and continued to dribble more semen as Gaurav's frenzy subsided.

He gave a long sigh of relief, and tried to get up. I pulled on the shrinking cock to squeeze out the last drops of fluid from it, and then licked my fingers. "It tastes very nice, Gaurav." "Oh, Sis. I never came so hard before. I love you." I hugged him, and kissed him on the lips.

He wrapped his arms around me, and gently swung me around, and pushed me down on the carpet. He kissed me back, as his hand reached for my breast. "Let me return the favor, Kanu." "Well. I want to see how you do it." He smiled and pinched my nipple hard.

I winced, and said, "No rough stuff, brother. I have a very low threshold for pain." "Sorry. I will be gentle. I love you so much, that I want to treat you like a beautiful, delicate rose." His shyness and guilt had disappeared. Gaurav got busy right away.

He started caressing my breasts, playing with them, kneading the firm flesh and kissing, licking and sucking the hard nipples. Once in a while he would come up and kiss me. When he did that again, I grabbed his head and kissed him back,

forcing my tongue between his lips. We opened out mouths and kissed each other deeply. It was like a bolt of electricity passing through my spine. He tasted so wonderful and erotic, that I could feel the tingling in my pussy.

We held each other tightly, smothering each other with repeated, deep kisses like two lovers in heat. Gaurav broke off the kiss, and said, "Oh, Kanu. Did you know I have dreamed about this so often? I could never admit it to myself, but ever since I became aware of my sexuality,

I have wanted to kiss you like this. I knew you would taste so sweet like nothing else in this world, and now I have tasted that sweetness. Oh, I love you so much, my heart aches." I pulled him down, and said, "I know, darling.

I have always known that you had the hots for me." "I didn't realize I was so obvious." "You were. Now stop talking and get busy. Lick my pussy, sweetheart." "I thought you'd never ask." Gaurav shouted with delight, and immediately slid down between my legs.

I opened them for him, and he stopped. With an expression bordering on awe, he stared at my pussy, outlined in the silky border of the now wet pubic hair. "It is so beautiful, Kanu. I can't get over how sexy it looks. And your clit... it's already so red."

"That's because I am turned on, you dummy. Now do something about it before I sit on your face and choke you." "Okay, okay. Get ready for the most erotic pleasure ride of your life." Gaurav dove in, and I let out a moan as soon as his tongue slurped across my slit,

brushing my inflamed clitoris with its rough surface. "Oh, God. It feels so good, Brother. Don't stop now." Gaurav continued his assault on my dripping hole, licking and sucking the lips and folds. He stuck his tongue into the opening and began drinking the juice.

I could feel his tongue pushing more and more inside, and wondered how long it was. His lips brushed my clitoris constantly, causing me to stiffen with pleasure. I was on fire. I grabbed his head and began jerking my hips against his mouth.

Gaurav spread my legs all the way out, exposing my pussy and opening it wide. Holding them apart like that, he started sucking me with a fierceness that drove me to the point of insanity. I tightened my fists and pressing my arms against the carpet to get leverage,

lifted my hips against his unrelenting mouth. I screamed, and bucked as waves of orgasm swept through my body. Grabbing my breasts and clutching them for dear life, I jerked my hips against his mouth, screaming my head off as the orgasms kept coming like tidal waves.

Finally, I went limp and collapsed, gasping desperately for breath. Gaurav pulled back and sat between my legs, his face smeared with my love juices. He kept looking at my vibrating pussy lips as the tremors of orgasm slowly subsided.

My legs and thighs were soaked in the juices from the pussy, and my whole pubic area was wet. He looked at me and smiled. "How was that, Sis?" Gaurav asked, stretching alongside me, and putting his arms around me. "Heavenly, darling.

You were just great. I never came so hard in my life. You are a wonderful pussy eater." "I am so thrilled that I could give you this pleasure. I have thought about it for years. Thanks for letting do it." We hugged and lay there on the carpet,

our naked bodies entwined in the loving embrace. After several minutes, Gaurav got up, and grabbed his shorts. "Time to get up, Sis. I have to study. Let me help you up." He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. Handing me the nightie, he said,

"You better get your beauty sleep." He slapped me playfully on my butt and pushed me towards the bedroom. The next morning, I woke up feeling very lightheaded, and my whole body was relaxed and peaceful. I took a shower and got dressed.

When I came out, Gaurav was already in the kitchen, making breakfast. He was still wearing his shorts. I sneaked up behind him, and reaching around, grabbed his cock from outside. "Good morning, brother." "Good morning, Kanu. Did you sleep well?"

He turned around, pushing my hand away. "Never slept so well, thanks to you." "My pleasure. Now sit down over there, and let me serve you my special breakfast." It was delicious. He went to his room while I was eating breakfast, and had a shower.

Soon he was ready to leave for college. He kissed me before getting into his car and I wished him luck for the test. When he got back that evening, there was an awkward silence between us. Gaurav finally cleared his throat, and said, "Listen, Kanu.

I have been thinking about what happened last night. It was the most beautiful experience for me. How about you?" "For me, too. Are you feeling guilty about it?" "Surprisingly, no. What you said last night started making so much sense to me as I thought about it during the day.

I realized I was missing out on a beautiful aspect of love, which is trust, caring and genuine affection for the other person. The intimacy is the ultimate token of this feeling of oneness where nothing else matters except the love in our hearts."

"I couldn't have said it better, Gaurav. I am so glad you feel this way, because I have never enjoyed such intimacy more than I did last night." "Great. You are so precious, my darling sister. I will love you forever."

He took me in his arms and we held each other. It felt good. He nuzzled his nose in my hair, and then kissed me lightly on the neck. "What do you want to do tonight?" "I don't know what can top last night, Gaurav. Did you have something in mind?"

"Let's just leave it till night." After a leisurely dinner, we got back home. I was feeling a bit off guard, because of beer. I leaned on Gaurav as we got into the apartment, and collapsed on the sofa. Gaurav changed, and then brought a wet towel from the bathroom,

and splashed it across my face. "Come on, Kanu. Change and go to bed. It's past 10 p.m." "Help me up, Gaurav. I think I had too much beer." "You sure did. Are you all right?" Gaurav asked, concerned. "Yes, I am fine. I just don't have enough strength to do anything.

Be a sweetheart and start the shower for me." I stumbled into the bedroom and managed to get undressed. I walked into the bathroom where Gaurav was adjusting the water temperature. I said to him, "Why don't you join me, brother?

You also shower before bed, don't you?" "Yes," he replied without looking back at me. Then he turned and saw me standing naked. His eyes roamed all over me, and then came to rest on my face. "You want us to take the shower together?" "Yes.

It will be fun, just like when we were kids." "Are you sure? Don't blame me for what happens because you are already turning me on standing naked like that." "I know, I know. Stop arguing and get in," I said, stepping under the shower.

Gaurav quickly undressed and joined me. We began soaping each other and scrubbing each other's backs. He reached around and cupped my breasts, at the same time pressing his partially hard cock between my buttocks.

I pressed back against him and said, "Hold me like this, Gaurav. It feels good." After a few minutes of soaping and fondling and scrubbing the upper body, Gaurav turned his attention below the waist. He cupped my crotch and rubbed his palm vigorously against it.

Soon, we were playing with each other, soaping the genitals and arousing each other. He was hard and throbbing with excitement, and he could also feel the slippery wetness of my pussy. We got out of the shower and dried each other.

With an impulse, he picked me up in his arms and carried me out into the bedroom, and put me down. Kissing me on the lips, he said, "Tonight I'll sleep with you, just like when we were kids." "Wonderful. But on one condition. No clothes.

I want to feel your naked body against mine." "No problem." We got in under the sheet, and embraced each other. We were like two long lost lovers, caressing and exploring each other, driving each other to higher and higher levels of sexual ecstasy.

Gaurav pushed me down on my back, and rolled on top of me. "Kanu, I want to make love to you. We have come so far in this that I can't turn back. Please don't say no." I was taken by surprise. I knew we had been more than intimate with each other,

but I never thought we would get this far. I thought for a moment. Sensing my hesitation, Gaurav began to roll off me. I held him tightly, and said, "Wait, Gaurav. Give me a moment to think about it. It's kind of sudden, you know.

If we do it, we would be permanently crossing the boundary. You realize that, don't you?" "Yes. I know it would be incest, but we have already crossed the boundary last night, don't you think? Now the only thing we have not experienced is the intercourse.

Would it make any difference at this point?" "No, you are right. All right. I want you to make love to me, darling. I want my brother to love me." "Oh, Sis. I am so happy now. It will be good. I promise." "I know it will be good. I can feel it,"

I said, reaching for his cock. It had grown big and stiff and was throbbing. I opened my legs and welcomed him between my thighs. Gaurav slid forward, his cock pressing against the folds of my pussy, which was already soaking wet.

Slowly and lovingly, he pressed forward. I could feel the tip of his cock push aside the folds at the opening and slide in. The lubrication from the secretions made it easier for him to penetrate, but it was still tight, because his cock was really hard and thick.

I pulled him down and kissed him as he jerked his hips. Suddenly the whole shaft was buried to the hilt in my pussy. Gaurav moaned with pleasure, and said, "Oh my god, Kanu. You are so wonderfully tight; it feels like my cock is gripped in a velvet fist.

I have wanted to experience this feeling for a long time, but I couldn't even allow myself to think about it." "Don't talk so much, Gaurav. Thrust it in me and make love to me. I want to feel it slide in and out, and scream my head off when I come." "Okay.

Get ready for a wild ride." Gaurav raised himself slightly, and rammed his cock in with a single, powerful thrust. The hard shaft rubbed across my clitoris, causing me to catch my breath. I moaned with pleasure, and relaxed, enjoying the repeated,

deep thrusts of Gaurav's wonderful cock. In a short time, I was on the verge of a major climax. I clamped my legs around his waist as he plunged his cock into me, and thrust upward. I screamed as my body began to shake with the first wave of orgasm.

Gaurav grabbed my waist and rammed again and again. I could feel his cock getting thicker, and I knew he was coming close to his orgasm as well. I needed another big one before he came. I squeezed my muscles and rotated my hips as he came down.

He didn't expect the tightening of my pussy like that, and suddenly his eyes opened in surprise as his balls churned and a powerful jet of semen erupted into my womb. He grunted like a wild animal, thrusting repeatedly as I tumbled over with another powerful orgasm,

triggered by his eruption. We kept thrusting at each other, our genitals locked in a tight, loving embrace, until we had drained ourselves completely. Finally, he collapsed on top of me, our bodies drenched in perspiration and the labor of our love.

We kissed each other, and smiled. We lay in each other's arms, and sometime much later, fell asleep, still locked in the intimate embrace. That was the only time we made love, but the memory will always be precious for me, as I know it is for Gaurav.

We became much closer to each other since that night five years ago. He has a girl friend now who does not know anything about what happened between Gaurav and me, and I haven't told my husband anything either.

Gaurav and I know that they would not understand, and would be terribly shocked and hurt. So it is still our little secret. Whenever Gaurav and I get together during holidays and family reunions, we reminisce about it,

knowing that those moments of ecstasy five years ago were the most precious memories that we will always cherish. We talk about doing it again if the circumstances were right, but haven't made any efforts to make it happen.

If an opportunity came our way again, I know we would not hesitate for a moment to enjoy the union of our bodies and souls with each other.

Hot steamy rainy day

Hi, This is big gun (name changed) and I am a regular reader of HumanDigest. Let me share my experience right away with you without wasting any time. About myself: Age: 26...I am 6 ' 1 inches, tall and heavy guy with decent looks

and personalities and with a tool size of around 6 inches in height with 3 inches in width. About my aunt: Age: 36...She is 5 ' 6 inches tall, very fair with figure of 38-30-36. The best asset in her body are full round boobs.

This happened on a rainy day in mumbai when the rain gods were on full song and I was at work. All the offices were asked to close and while returning my mother asked me to pay a visit to my aunt's place since she was alone at home and uncle was on his business trip.

Though my aunt and uncle are married for the last 10 years, they haven't got the happiness of a child. Anyways, coming back to that day, I was driving towards my aunt's place when suddeny my bike skitted down and I fell with minor bruises.

By the time I reached at my aunts place, I was totally drenched and blood was oozing out of my hands. My aunt was not at home and she returned within 5 minutes completely drenched herself after some shopping.

Worry was ritten right on her face seing me in that condition and she opened the door in a flash. She changed her clothes in the bedroom and gave me a towel to clean myself and uncle's lungi to wear.

She called up my home and informed that I am hurt and she will not allow me leave since it was getting dark and the rain would also not stop. My uncle called up to inform that he will be staying back in Gujarat (since he was on a business trip to Gujarat)

and would return back after 2 - 3 days. My aunt immdiately prepared some tea and we were both sipping in when at that moment I realized how beautiful she is when she was wipping her hairs with a towel.

We finished tea and started conversation on the rains and other stuff. Suddenly the light went off and it was thick darkness in the house. She went to get a candle from the kitchen and came back to the hall making some kind of light available.

As I stretched my self because of the stiffness, she too lied down next to me and immediately placed her head on my lap. My junior was very ready and it was much closer to her ears. I know she was in mood and is not able to control her emotions.

I immediately adjusted my self and placed my hand on her head as we were talking casually. I noticed to motion of her breast while she was breathing and that made me aroused too much. She withdrew my hand from the head and kept it close to her neck area.

I was almost embracing her with 1 hand. Suddenly she made some movements to adjust and my hand touched the outer area of her breast. She was too excited to be controlled and lifted herself to ask me whether

I could help her that night by giving all pleasures that her husband couldnt give and hugged me for a response. Now since a long time, I too was not able to control my feelings and being a virgin till the age og 26 is not a joke.

Suddenly, I raised her head and planted a kiss on her lips. She too reciprocated by giving me her tongue in my mouth. I sucked her tongue thoroughly and then started exploring each and every inch of her body.

I immediately dived towards her breast and tore open the kameez she was wearing. There was a black coloured bra holding the 2 melons and I unzipped her bra ASAP and started sucking those love mounds and licked he nipples....

she started to enjoy and began crying with pain.... hhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh were the sighs coming from her mouth. Then I proceeded downwards and undressed her completely and started exploring the thigh area.

She had just shaved her pussy and it was neat and clean. I clicked the clitoris and there were huge moans from her mouth...mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn ooooooooooooo..she was enjoying it thoroughly by pulling my hair with strength.

I too got into mood and removed my lungi to give her the fortune of seing my biggest asset. She took it deep in her mouth and I cummed inside her. Then again I started to lick her pussy and I could see some liquid flowing from her vagina.

I understood that she is enjoying it and it was her first orgasm which she must have been deprived off since a long time. I was new to sex and did face the initial problem of insertion to which she helped me out and I placed my big gun and started firing the first shot...

She couldn't control and hugged me tightly even kissing my shoulders with her legs crossed over my back. I started pressing again and again and got some momentum...I could easily hear her sighs....of passion and pain.. hhhmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck'mon fuck me harder........ ummmmmm. I was too wild at that time and like a cheetah I felt like pouncing on a kill. I unloaded all my cum inside her cunt and was fully drenched.

This was the first time I have had sex and enjoyed it to the fullest. We laid there in each others arm for about 30 minutes and then I got up to pee. We had sex for the next 3 days as the rain Gods are always impressed on the city of Mumbai.

We tried different positions and everywhere in the house from hall to bathroom to bedroom. After 3 fulfilling days I went back home and came to know after some time that she was pregnant. Everybody praised uncle but it was me and her who knew the actual truth.

Sex play with Prabha aunty

I am Harish from calicut. Congrats to the web masters of Human Digest to be bold to publish a website like this where we can share the secret experiences with each other. It gives a lot of pleasure reading the experiences of various kind of people around the world.

I would like to share such an experience. I am 30 now and planning for my marriage. It happened when I was 20. I was living with my parents. As my mother was having some heart problem, she asked the help of her cousin Prabha (Name changed).

She was 32 then and was not married and has a charming physique. She was wheatish in color and beautiful eyes. She has long and thick hairs which he oiled and cared a lot. Her boobs were conical in shape and she had a ‘V’ shaped hip.

She often wares maxi which closely expressed her ups and downs. My aunt was very sincere and she helped my mother in house hold jobs. Aunt used to sleep near to my bedroom. I used to sit and study late night and prabha aunty gave me black coffee during that time.

The event happened in 1997 December. There was a house warming ceremony of my uncles house on December 24th. We – I, mom, and dad- went to the new house to give the presentation to my uncle in advance and there was a ritual function during night.

So dad and mom decided to stay during that night. Since I was preparing for the exam, they told me to go home and study. We reached home nearby 8.00pm. Since I have had dinner from uncles home, I told Prabha aunty to go to sleep.

She told she will sleep later after watching TV for sometime. Meanwhile I took a bath and went to my room and opened the books. It was an English movie. A seen came which was a bedroom seen. The hero and heroine removed the cloth and fucked.

I got erection on seeing that picture and I removed my under ware and massaged my cock. Suddenly Praba aunty entered my room and I suddenly covered my ‘boy’ with my lungi. After finishing the movie she switched off the TV and went to sleep.

I closed the book and switched off the light and started involved in my usual fantasies. I went to the bathroom and started masturbating. I didn’t close the doors since I thought aunty will be sleeping. At the middle of the masturbation,

I heard some sound outside the bathroom and I stopped and looked outside. I was shocked. Prabha aunty was peeping and she moved in a hurry when I saw her. I came to my room totally disturbed. I started thinking, what would be her intension?

Would she like to have sex with me? I got some courage and went to her room and sat near by her bed. She was sleeping on her chest. I slowly put my right hand on her hip. She turned up and my hand was on her stomach.

It was so soft and I was in my first time touching a female body in my life. Then I lay near by her and pushed my dick hardly to her buttock. She became erotic and turned by her side and hugged with high passion.

I was really enjoying it and I removed my lungi and became nude. She was in a cotton maxi. I felt the thrust of her breast with my hand. I slowly moved my hands downwards and pulled her maxi and uncovered her thighs. I pressed my mouth hardly to her boobs.

She whispered “Mone ninakku veno?” and unhooked her bra and put her boobs into my mouth. I sucked it and the nipple which was erect. After playing with her boobs for sometime, she removed her maxi and became nude.

I put my fingers into her pussy and moved to and fro. She made sounds like ‘Aaaaaaaaahhhhh’. ‘Ooohhhh’ and hugged and kissed on my lips. She asked me to suck her nipple. I did so. Then I sat on her stomach and put my cock in between her boobs.

I squeezed it with two boobs and moved my dick to and fro in between them. At last it came and we remained some time hugging each other and kissing on lips and cheek. It was a most pleasurable event happened in my life.

Hot Bengali mom - son story - II

The next day, Shujan looked for Utpal to tell about his mother-fucking. But Utpal had his story too. Utpal started, "Remember Shujan, I told you yesterday that my mom, Rupa is far sexier than my sister, Uttora. I was thinking how to fuck mom.

And you know what happened. I finally fucked my own sexy mom, Rupa Ganguli. Mom is such a horny slut, fucked me at least five times last night. Even this morning, I had to fuck her first after breakfast. When I got home yesterday,

I found Rupa the slut, ohho she is a slut right, is spraying perfume to her armpit. Don't assume that mom shaves her armpit or pussy. Mom's armpit is full of curly hairs, the cunt is hairy too. But she uses some French perfume there to make it smell like flowers.

When mom was spraying perfume to her armpit, she was wearing only a Saree. Her tits were clearly visible through the saree. Her back was bare too. I was hard watching mom looking like the randiest whore at Nimtoli brothel.

Anyway, I sat on the bed right before mom's face. Mom did not seem to care my presence and was going on with her spraying. She was messaging her armpit hairs with her fingers when she asked me, 'Utpal, you like to say something to mommi?'

I said nothing. Only smiled, took the perfume bottle in my hand and was about to spray some more to her other armpit. Mom simply raised her other hand to show me her hairy armpit. I sprayed perfume to the hair and started running

my fingers through them and said, 'Mom, Why don't you shave your armpit?' Rupa Ganguli, my whore mother patted me and replied, 'My son you know nothing. My grandmother used to say that shaving your armpit will inhibit your sexual desire.

You'll understand this when you'll have a wife to fuck. Never let her shave her armpit, son. When men licks the hairs at armpit, ladies experience the best orgasoms. Now why don't you spray some perfume to my pussy too, son.'

Mom raised her saree, widened her leg and gave me her hairy cunt. I sprayed some perfume there and started messaging her cunt hair too. When I touched her clit, mom was biting her lips. She only said, 'Utpal, don't do that.

It makes me be horny. what will you do then?' I waited no more, grabbed her bare ass with my hands and began to squeeze them. My toung was at mom's cunt. I started licking it fast then. Mom grabbed my hair and said, 'Utpal, your dad never licked my cunt like this before.

I can not take it any more, it is too good. Please, Utpal, my son take mommi to the bed and fuck me.' I shoved her to the bed, tore away her saree, hold her tits in both hands and rammed my cock in mom's juicy cunt.

When I was fucking her with vigorous nipple biting, mom was in ecstacy. She said, 'Utpal, I didn't know your cock is so big and fat. Your dad never gave me so no such good fuck. Nobody ever fucked my cunt even down at my gut like this before.

I am really proud to have a son like you. You just fuck your mom and make me pregnant. I want to be the proud mother of your first child.' Listen Shujan what happened this morning. When I wake up this morning, my sister Uttora came with the bed tea.

She never gave me no bed tea before. I asked her surprized, 'What makes you to bring tea for me this morning, sister?' Didi blushed and said, 'I will give you bed tea every morning from now on. Only you will have to fuck me too.

I am your sister, right? Why keeps me out of all the fun?' Then mom entered the room and said, 'please, Utpal fuck your sister a little bit too. I am thinking how nice it would be if you two are married. I will have the grand children by you too.'

I waited no more, tore away Uttora's shalowar kamiz and fucked her right there. Uttora now acts as if I am her husband. Mom says she is going to sleep with me from now on, unless dad wants to fuck her. That's it Shujan. Isn't it great?" Shujan told his story too. Two friends were very happy.

Hot Bengali mom - son story - I

Everybody in the Ganguli family is very happy today; their eldest daughter, sexy Uttora has passed her M.A. in Economics. Not just passed, she became first class first among thousands. Tushar Ganguli threw a gala party to celebrate.

All prominent citizens of Calcutta were invited there. Tushar Ganguli is a big film producer and his wife, beautiful and sexy Rupa Ganguli is a famous singer. So they invited lot of famous film actresses and singers.

Among them was the ever sexy ever horny Bengali hearthobe Aparna Sen. She is 52 now, but still is the epitome of a Bengali khanki (whore). All Bengali male dream about touching those big tits and fucking her in the ass.

All Bengali female dream about being as sexy as she is. Everybody in the party were very sexily dressed up. There were lot of partially open tits, bouncing asses clearly visible through semi-transparent sarees, unshaved armpits which Bengali ladies

proudly display whenever they can. But out of evrybody, Uttora and her mother looked the sexiest to Utpal, the 15 year old son of Ganguli family. Uttora was wearing a green low necked shalowar kamiz without any dopatta,

a long pendant earring which is now fashion, light lipstick on her juicy lips, a blueish shade in her contact lenses and a 4 inch high heel. When she walked her rather big tits were creating so much waves that gentemen were forced

to ogle her with their eyes even when they were, say, with sexy Bolywood actress Monisha Koirala. Uttora's 42 years old momther Rupa was in a more sexy dress. She is not very pretty as her daughter is. But she compensated this by being too sexy.

Even at this age, her figure is shapely. She is not slim, but that's because Rupa thinks too slim is not sexy. She is a little plumber than slim like all those new model girls, but a layer of fat on her belly or a reletavily larger boobs

than usual ladies with enormously huge ass to makes her far more sexier. Tonight, Rupa was wearing a red katan saree with black blouse. The blouse is full sleeved, all the way upto her wrist. But the chunk of cloth the blouse maker wasted

on the long sleevs was saved by providing only very little amount of cover for her cleavage and back. All half of her buttery fair smooth boobs were visible through it. And at the back, she had only a thin line like a bra has, the rest of the back was exposed.

The creamy fair skin at her back and shoulder was enough to make many partiers to go to the bathroom for an immediate jack off. In fact, at one point even the sexy mature hindy heroin Hema malini noticed how sexy Rupa was looking at the party.

So Hema put a hand on Rupa'a bare shoulder and said, " ooff, Rupa you have such a fair and smooth skin, even I find a hard time holding myself back from putting my toung on them." Rupa was clearly flattered.

She only replied, "And I have difficult time to grasp how sexy you look yourself tonight." They started laughing. Next day at school, Utpal was with his friend Shujan and Apu. They were only student of class ten, but were too matured about sex.

All of them have fucked several girls from the school. But they do not like young girls as much as they do older ladies. They are very free among them. What ever they have in mind they speak free, even it contains their sisiters or mothers.

Shujan had a big hard on, so Utpal asked, " Which lady has waken this monster of yours today Shujan? I bet it is Apu's khanki mom Aparna Sen. Oh God, she is such a whore." Apu just smiled at it. Shujan protested, " No, it is not Apu's mom tonight.

It is your sister Uttora. Uff, such a sexy figure. My cock just sprung like a rabbit seeing her walking by this morning. I hope I could just ram my 8 inch cock into your sister's wet cunt." Utpal nodded by saying, " I know Uttora didi is a slut.

She likes to see boys have hard on imagining her. But it is not her I am thinking today. My mom is far sexier than Uttora. If you have seen my mom last night, you'd hope to ram your big cock in her cunt as well." Now Apu said, "Really Utpal, your mom will be a great fuck.

Almost as good as my mother Aparna Sen. Your sister is sexy, but not even close to your mom. Ooff, My cock is talking now." Utpal just added, "To fuck my sister is not a big deal. She is always searching for cocks like a dog after the rainy season.

I am thinking how to fuck my mother." Listening Utpal talking like this about his mother, Shujan was bursting in desire. Suddenly the face of his own mom came to his mind. Shujan's momther Lopamudra Lahiri is still young, only 37.

She is tall and slim, has long hairs and very beautiful face. Her tits are very sharp, like a big orange from the himalaya and the ass is like an upturned pitcher. He asked Apu, " Hey Apu, you have fucked your mom. Tell us how to seduce our mothers."

Apu replied, " I don't know about seducing friends. My mom does not needed to be siduced to be fucked. She is so horny all the time. Oneday, her lover was away and she was not having enough sex. So she came to me and ask, 'Apu, have you ever considered fucking your mom.

I guess I am sexy enough to arouse desire in a teenage boy like you.' I replied, 'yes mom. I always dream about fucking you. You have been fucking evrybody at Calcutta. You only never watched your only son.'

My mom said sorry to me and she tore away her saree and gave me her cute tits. From that day I fucked mommi whenever I can. So you guys have to figure out your own seduction plans." When Shujan returned home, he found his mom Lopa is cooking.

Lopa was sweating for there was no fan at the kithen, her blouse was so wet that it just pasted on her body. She was stirring the Daal at the burner. Her tits were swaying like crazy. Although Shujan could not see his mom's tits over her Ghee color cotton saree and blouse,

he guessed that Lopa was wearing no bra underneath, otherwise her tits would not sway like this. Seeing Shujan Lopa smiled, " You are back then. Wait a minute son, The food will be done soon. It is so hot today. Why don't you blow the hand fan for me a little bit son.

I am sweating like a pig." Lopa then wiped the beads of sweat from her faces and raisded her hands to get some spice from the cabbard. Shujan's eyes got stuck to Lopa's armpit which was full of black hairs.

With sweat in the armpit, Lopa's black hairs there looked so sexy that Shujan had his hard on. Then Lopa put the crusher on the counter and started crushing spice like most wife in Calcutta does. when she was pressing the crusher,

her boobs were trying to just pop out of her blouse. Shujan was mad in lust watching this. Shujan hoped he could just grab his mom from behind and press her tits. Those tits must be soft like butter and big too.

But Shujan only managed to go the bathroom and jack off imagining his mom. When the food was ready after an hour or so, Shujan found that his mom took a shower and put on a new cotton saree. Her hairs are tied in a pony tail with a red scurfe.

And she has put on some red sindur at the hair part. Lopa was giving rice to her son's plate, her anchol (pallu) fell from her tits. She immediately took it back to its proper place. But Shujan again found that Lopa still is wearing no bra.

Shujan could even make out his mom's pink nipples under the blouse. Lopa was looking so beautiful in her freshen up look that Shujan imagined Lopa as his wife. He was thinking how nice it would be to go some other far away place with mom,

marry her there and fuck mom as many time as he can before making her pregnant. Suddenly the electricity was gone. The electric fan stopped. With in minutes Lopa and her son both were sweating. Lopa took the hand fan and started to blow at Shujan.

She found that Shujan is ogling her body. She smiled at her son. She said, "I am noticing from this morning, you are devouring your mom. What is the matter son." " Mom, you are very beautiful." "Alright, I am beautiful.

But you are looking 10 inch below my face all the time. How do you know I am beautiful?" Shujan was embarrassed at this hint. Lopa smiled again, " It is not good that you look at your mom's breast like that son.

You should not imagine those bad things, son." "But mom, I can not help it. Today at school Apu said that his mom lets him fuck her all the time. Utpal is also planning to fuck his mom soon. I got horny imagining you from then on, mom."

Lopa rebuked his son a little, "son, you should not mix with those boys. Besides, Apu's mom Aparna is a whore. She would probably fuck a dog if she can not find any human cock. I thought Utpol is a good boy.

His mother Rupa is such a good friend of mine. Utpal should not think those bad things about his mom. Rupa is a good lady." "But mom, last night Utpal,s mom wore such a sexy dress that everybody at the party thought Rupa Ganguli is a khanki (whore) lady."

Lopa smiled at her son again, "son, every momther is a khanki (whore) inside. Even your mom. If you look at my tits like that I don't know how long I would be able to resist from being a whore like Aparna Sen myself."

Shujan see the opportunity and said, "Mom, you will never be a whore like Aprna. I imagine fucking you, because I love you so much. I even dream about marrying you and make you pregnant." Lopa was very happy hearing her son talk like that.

She said, "You don't have to marry me to fuck me son. Your dad has done that and is not fucking me as good as I like. Let your dad be the husband and you be the son. It is not the duty of a son to impregnate his mom.

But since you love me so much and desire me as much, you can caress me orally anyway you like. I would love your touch on my body. But no fucking, son. That's sin." Shujan was happy at this. He said, "Mom, you are so good."

"Thank you son. Now Would you please stop talking and touch my tits a little." Shujan just grabed mom's tits and pressed them like Lopa presses flour to make chapaatti. Lopa protested, "let me undress myself, son.

You will be able to see what you are pressing like dumbells now." Lopa removed the saree, blouse, petticoat everything. Then she then gave one of her tits to Shujan's lips. Shujan took it inside his mouth in a flush and started licking them.

Lopa asked her son to suck them more harder. Shujan then started sucking his mom's nipples like a calf sucks a cow milk. Lopa loved it very much. Shujan finally let his mom's tits go. They were pink from too much sucking and biting.

Lopa then raised her hand over her head. Her sweaty armpit with black hair was in full view. She asked, 'Don't you like to taste mommi's armpit hair son. I know you like them. Even though your dad does not care for armpit hair

that much I kept them all along only dreaming that someday, probably my son will lick them. You like it son, right?" "Oh, mom I like your armpit hair so much. I like them better when they are wet with sweat." Shujan waste no time, but put his toung to Lopa'a armpit hair.

They smell very sexy and taste sexy too. Lopa loved her son's toung at her armpit. It produced a kind of ticking which made her come once again. Lopa now tore away Shujan's pajama and bring out his big cock. It was very big and thick, far bigger than her husband's.

Lopa first licked the cock wet with her toung and then took it inside her mouth. Shujan was in another world from the sucking of her mother's worm mouth. He asked mom to suck it harder. Lopa took the whole thing inside her throat.

Shujan was moving his hip as if he was fucking a cunt. Lopa loved every minute of fucking Shujan,s cock by her mouth. Shujan was about to explode in her mouth. Lopa decided finally to throw away the thought of sin in mother-son fucking

and decide to let her son fuck her the best fuck of her life. She asked Shujan, "son, forget what I said about not fucking me. I want you to fuck me, my dear. Your cock is too big and good to let it slip by without being fucked."

Lopa laid on the dinning table and Shujan put his big cock in mom's wet cunt. Lopa was screaming in pleasure and said, " Shujan, please fuck mommi a little faster. Push it more inside my cunt." Shujan then started to fuck his mom like a horse.

Lopa came again in frenzy. Shujan could not hold his any longer and came inside mom's cunt in great amount. When Shujan brought out his cock from Lopa,s pussy, Lopa cleaned it dry with her petticoat and dried her cunt at the same time.

Shujan looked at his mom's eyes and said, "mom, you look more beautiful now." "Tell me first whether you liked me or not. How was your mom to fuck, son?" Shujan began to touch Lopa's tits and said, " Mom, I got the best fuck in my life.

All those girls I fucked from my class are nothing compared to you. Hope I only could fuck you like this all my life. Your tits are so good to suckle, your cunt is so damn good to fuck. I want to keep my cock inserted in your cunt all the time and suck your tits like a little boy."

Lopa was very elated. She replied, 'I want you to fuck me any time you like son. It looks like I am no worse whore than Aparna Sen is."

Seduction of my hot mother I

My mother Lalitha is a 45 year old Widow. My father died of Cirrosis last year. My mother is a beautiful woman with a full body. She has a curvaveous breasts and I have had a chance to see her nipples which were dark in color.

Her hips are curved and her stomach is bulging a little. The best part is her Bottoms, her ass. They must be atleast 45 in size and they flare out into the petticoat. My mother wears only saree and she looks very beautiful in the saree.

I have fell in love with her about 14 years ago and I have been masturbating fantasising about her. My father was a drunkard and I used to save my mom Lalitha from him every day night from beatings, harsh words and she would look

at me with great pride and I slowly became her saviour. Slowly I started nurturing my love for her, my Lalitha and I never could look at any girl or woman other than my own mother. She had become my Lover, and I was desperate to convey my feelings to her.

My fantasies were to see my mother undress in front of me and sleep in my room. My fantasies also were of our marriage and she will be my wife and I her husband. We would also produce many babies and my mother, Lalitha will become mother to my children.

All this came to the stage when one night we both were alone in the home I went to her room and woke her up. She woke in a daze and I walked her to my room. As soon as we reached our room I pulled her to me and tried to kissed her on the cheeks and started pulling her saree.

My mother suddenly realised what was happenning and tried to pull away. I was completely out of control and I pulled her to me and started squeezing her breasts. She was breathless and her saree had come off when I pulled her saree

fully so that she stood in front of me only in Blouse and Petticoat. I just stood back and looked her over. Here was my 45 year old mother in front of me in only minimum clothes and she looked so beautiful. I pushed to the bed and fell on her.

My mom was struggling fiercely. I pushed her petticoat up and exposed her thighs. Mom's thighs were very thick and very soft. I just could stop any more and I put my fingers to her panties and pulled it forcibly.

My mother was crying out " Rathan I am your mother you should not do this it is not correct. It is sinful, no son will do this with his mother. My body is not for you. " I told her " Mother I love you, I love you not only physically I am in love you as a person.

I want to give you life, you have suffered a lot when that beast my father was alive. Now since he is dead, I am the man of this house and you are my woman." Lalitha suddenly looked up and said" Rathan do you love me ? I thought you only want my body.

I feel it is not correct. I don't want to spoil you at this young age you could marry a girl of your age" I laughed and I said " Amma I cant feel any thing for any other woman except you, Everyday I think of you and I masturbate I have been doing this for last 14 years.

I love you Lalitha, my mother. If you reject me I will not do anything but I will never have a girl or woman in my life. It is my mistake that I have fallen in love with my own mother. I should had sense to see that my mother will never love me.

Lalitha my mother immediately with tears in her eyes said " no Rathan that is not true I love you. Only thing is I was loving you as my son. Now I have to think and see how our relationship will change if we sleep together."

"Amma I will give you a good life. I will always take care of you I will love you no husband will love his wife." Rathan I don't know why I am so lucky, I find you attractive and I also feel somethings but is it correct ?"

I left her there dejected and she walked away from me to her room. Next few days we spent the time in the home in great tension. I could sense that she wanted to discuss the issue bothering us but she was having the courage to talk to me.

Slowly as the things thawed my mother again started talking with me and I also responded in kind. I started buying sarees for her when ever I came back from travel etc. She would always appreciate and drape herself in the saree

and show it to me and ask me How she looked ? I always would answer " You look beautiful ". As this continued one day she asked " Rathan I am bored being in the home always I would like you to take me to a movie. " I said why not ? Which movie ?

She said she would like to go to MG Road Theatre. I was secretly thrilled, we landed in a part sex movie. In this movie a young guy will be seduced by a older woman and he becomes her lover. The lady's role was handled by a middle aged woman.

I liked the woman since she resembles my mother in built and looks. We went to the movie and as we sat through I found that mother was thoroughly enjoying the movie and she was sharing the dialogs with me and would laugh with me

and occasionally put her hand on my legs and squeeze. As the interval came she thanked me for bringing her to such a nice movie. I brought a Fanta and some chips. We ate the chips and shared the bottle of Fanta.

I was secretly happy to drinking from the same bottle and share it with my mother. In one scene as the Woman finally succeeds in seducing the boy I was thrilled to see the scene. The woman let her hair loose and as she walks to boy sitting on her bed.

She says " Want to see what I have hidden from you ? and she removes her saree. My erection started paining me and at the same time I could adjust since mom was sitting beside me. The woman goes to the boy and kisses him

and pulls him on top of her and the scenes only shows the boy lying in between her massive legs and she pulling her petticoat up and up. After the movie Mother suggested that we should eat outside and then go home. I liked the idea and we went to the hotel.

We ate the food and then while we were going back Mom said let us do some shopping. We went to alankar plaza and there I went inside into one of the saree shops. Mom picked up a few sarees and asked me how they looked

I did not like any of her selections and picked up a nice looking saree gray in color and very thin that it was almost transparent. Mother looked at the saree and then laughingly said " If I wear that saree the whole street will be behind me " I said you could wear it only in the home.

She looked at me a odd way and said " Yeah I could wear it in the home and you will be there to see me ". I bought her three different colored saree like the gray one and gave it her. I bought her a gold necklace and there itself presented it to her.

She told me you may present this to me in home and gave it back to me. When we reached home I changed my clothing and waited in my room in anticipation of the consummation of my dreams with my mother. My mother Lalitha came a little later into my room.

I looked at her with interest she was wearing the saree I had bought for her and she looked very sexy. As she had told me it was very thin and transparent that her body was very nicely visible. I picked up the necklace and " will you accept this now ?"

She said " I will if my lover puts it on me personally " I walked to her and she turned her back to me and stood in front of the mirror. I put it around her neck and tied the catch. Then I just put my hands on her back and caressed her.

She was moaning and she pushed her enormous ass against me. My cock was already erect and it became even more distended when my mother's ass started wriggling against my pant. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed.

They were so soft and fluffy that they kept slipping away. I put my hand around my mother and pulled her tightly to me. My mother stared at me in the mirror as I cupped her breasts. She shouted " lower Rathan move your hands lower, touch my cunt.

I moved my hands lower and pushed them inside her petticoat and into the inviting cleft between her legs. Mother gasped and " Rathan take me and fuck me like I have never been before and she turned towards me and hugged me.

I kissed her madly. She passionately returned my kiss and opened her mouth. She removed her saree slowly and I impatiently pushed her to the bed and moved her petticoat up till her panties were exposed. I put my hand to the band of her panties and pulled it down.

She " Hurry I cant wait any longer " She groaned and spread her legs invitingly for me. I moved between my mother thighs till my cock hung directly over her sweet cunt. I kissed her boobs and then her lips which parted to admit my tongue.

I clung to her and kissed her with rising passion. Mom put her hands to my ass and pushed me against her and she also rised her hips. I started trying to aim my cock to her cunt hole she stopped me saying let me do this.

She took my enormous cock in both hand and positioned it exactly to her cunt hole and said " Push now " I slammed immediately. " Rathan " She screamed while I was having the heavenly feeling of having penetrated the tight pussy in a single thrust.

Mom's eyes bulged as I rammed fully into her and could feel the expansion of her pussy muscles. Slowly I reached the walls of her womb and started stretching them as I pushed further. My mother Lalitha was thrashing and trembling madly

" fuck me Rathan fuck me like a sooley, I am your whore I am your slut. I plunged deeper and deeper reaching the entrance of her womb the very place where I had taken birth. I knew what I was doing and I also knew the implications.

The implications of sex between a mature man and a fertile woman. It can only be pregnancy for the woman. I was thrilled by the prospect that from our love there could a family. The excitement was heightened by knowing that my cock

was immersed in the cunt of own mother and I was ruing the fact that I should have fucked her a long time ago. I could not hold any longer and I started spurting my sperm into her fertile canal. She also orgasmed at the same time and as she held me tightly

I was filling her womb with my baby making juices. After the last spurts of my sperm emptied into my mother's pussy I pulled out my cock and examined myself wonderingly. Mother looking at me strangely asked me" what are you thinking

" I lit up a cigarette and puffing satisfactorily I pulled my mother Lalitha to me and said " I cant believe what has happened just now " We have fucked and I have become your lover." She contentendly purred into my ears

"I am your mother and your lover, I also cant believe that it was so good, I love you. " I hugged her and finished the cigarette and started cuddling her. Slowly sleep overcame me and I fell asleep with my mother in my arms.

Gopi getting hot with his sisters 3

After latching the door, Gopi and his sister embraced and kissed passionately. Then Urmi removed her wedding sari and put it away and Gopi changed into pajama. They lay down on the soft bed their mother had put on the floor and kissed again.

Urmi unbuttoned her blouse and gave her breasts to her brother. Gopi lovingly fondled his sister's soft breasts for a while and then tok her left breast in his mouth and started sucking. Urmi hugged him closer and ran her fingers

though his hair affectionately as he sucked at her breasts. After a while, Gopi sat up and took a look at his beautiful sister from head to foot. Urmi was lying on her back and had her legs slightly apart. Her skirt had fallen between her thighs forming a vee at her girlhood.

Urmi felt shy when she saw her brother looking at the vee between her thighs. Gopi looked at her and asked, "Urmi, I want to kiss you there. Can I please?". Urmi replied, "Brother, I am your sister and also your wife.

You do not have to ask me my permission to do anything with me. Everything I have is yours. Take me, my loving brother and husband" and spread her legs wider to give better access to her brother. Gopi bent his head and placed his lips over

his sister's pundai and pressed it hard over the warm softness. Even through her skirt, he could smell the fragrance of his sister's girlhood and soon he could also feel her wetness. After planting several kisses, he started untying the drawstring of her skirt.

Urmi felt eagerness and shyness at the same time as her brother undid the drawstring and started pulling her skirt down. She lifted her back a little so that he can pull her skirt off completely. Now she was totally naked before her beloved brother/husband.

Gopi was stunned by his gorgeous sister's body. There was not too much hair on her pundai and the brown lips were glistening with her love juice. Gopi positioned himself between her long legs and put his lips on the soft fragrant petals

of her sex and showered kisses on them. Then he parted the petals and took the little clit between his lips and caressed them with his lips. Urmi started moaning at the first ever contact of sensitive clit with her brother's lips. It was a pleasure unknown to her so far.

She pressed her brother's head against her pundai and crossed her legs on his back. Gopi kept sucking at his sister's clit arousing her more and more. Suddenly he felt her raise her hips and jerk several times and a gush of juice poured out of her pudenda.

Gopi pressed his lips tightly against her pudenda and sucked all the juice which tasted heavenly. His sister lay back now slightly trembling after her first orgasm. Gopi moved up and looked at her. Her chest was heaving with heavy breathing and her eyes were closed.

The nipples on her lovely breasts were hard and she was sweating slightly. When she opened her eyes and saw her brother, she said, "Oh brother, I love you so much. You are making me so happy. I am glad I am your wife. Tell me what I can do as your wife to make you happy".

Gopi was touched by this expression of love by his sister. He kissed her warmly on her lips and stood up to remove her pajama and reveal his chunni to his beloved sister. Urmi's eyes went wide when she saw her brother's stiff chunni.

She wanted to take the beautiful thing in her hands and fondle it. She sat up and took hold of it and lovingly ran her soft hand along its length. Then she brought her lips to it and kissed the head. She said, "Brother, this looks so wonderful".

Gopi said, "My darling sister, it not only looks wonderful. It is going to make you feel wonderful too now", and pushed her back on the bed and positioned himself between his sister's beautiful thighs. Then he put his prick on the entrance to her lovely pundai

which was now almost sloppy with her love juice and slowly pushed it inside. His sister's cunt was tight but because it was now well lubricated his prick slid inside with slight pushing. Urmi gasped as her brother's prick entered her girlhood

and caressed the sides of her sensitive pundai. In a little while, Gopi felt the obstruction of her hymen and suddenly pushed hard and broke it. His sister jerked and bit her lips at the pain. But it passed soon and she felt more pleasure as her brother's prick entered her pundai fully.

As her brother started sliding it up and own her cunt, Urmi's pleasure started buiding up. As for Gopi, he was in heaven, feeling his loving sister's warm cunt gripping his prick and massaging the sensitive veins. He caught hold of his sister's thighs

and pulled her towards him, burying his prick deep into her with each thrust. Urmi was thrashing her head from side to side as he pushed and pulled his prick into her pundai. She soon reached her climax and arched her back pushing her hips towards her brother several times.

Gopi held on because he wanted his sister to remember their first union forever by climaxing several times. He kept fucking her until she had three more orgasms and then let go load after load of his incestuous sperm into his lovely sister's warm cunt.

As she felt her brother's cum splash against the walls of her cunt, Urmi had a feeling of fulfilment. She was now really her loving brother's wife. After releasing his love load into his darling sister's pundai,

Gopi laid down on her side and hugged her and kissed her and spoke loving words to her. He also moved down and planted several kisses on her pundai which was now his property. After a while, Urmi shyly asked her brother, "Gopi, can we do it again?".

Gopi was of course ready and they had a wonderful intercourse again. Brother and sister did it again three more times and by the time they drifted into sleep, it was almost morning. When Gopi woke up, it was afternoon.

He saw his sister lying naked beside him with a slight smile in her beautiful face. His saliva had dried up on her breasts and her pundai was matted with his cum and her own cunt juice. He gently kissed her and woke her up.

After kissing some more, she got up and put on her wedding sari again and Gopi put on his dress. When they came out of the store room, their mother greeted them smilingly and said, "Go and take bath. I have cooked nice food. Let us enjoy it".

Three months went by. Sonaben had told the new couple that they should be careful during the daytime not to touch each other and behave like sister and brother and change their role to husband and wife only after they are in the store room for the night.

Gopi and Urmi followed that rule stricktly. Meanwhile, Gopi took up extra work so that he can buy nice things for his sister. He brought sweets and flowers every day for her. Urmi was flying in heaven in her new status as his brother's wife.

Then one day, Sonaben told them she has to go to her second daughter Neelam's place to tell her about Gopi and Urmi's marriage. When she returned, she was a bit worried. She told Gopi, "Neelam is very angry.

She says that she was in love with you before her marriage and she is disppointed that she did not get to do waht Urmi did". Gopi said, "What can we do now mother. She is arried". Sonaben replied,"I think you have to give her the same status as Urmi.

Otherwise, her anger will never go away. It does not matter that she is married. This matter is going to be only between us. For the outside, she will be the wife of her husband. But inside she will be your wife".

Gopi was only too happy that his sister Neelam wants to be his wife but he was worried about Urmi. But when Sonaben and Gopi asked Urmi, she said, "I love all my sisters and I will share Gopi with Neelam because I think Neelam will bring Gopi additional happiness".

Sonaben said,"Ok, I will start making the marriage arrangments. Gopi, you can compensate Neelam for not taking her before her marriage by giving her a baby. She wants a baby and it is two years since her marriage. I will fix the marriage during her fertile period.

Then you will be able to make her pregnant on the first night of your union". Gopi thought,"What luck". Everything went as planned and Neelam became Gopi's wife and also missed her period 4 weeks later. She was happy beyond measure.

Urmi felt bad a little but she realized that she was not publicly married and so there is no way she can get pregnant. She eagerly awaited the day when she would also be publicly married so that she can get pregnant by her loving brother.

Gopi was now enjoying so much the incestuous pleasure of sister sex that he wanted to have his other two sisters too. Sonaben arranged for a double marriage for him with Neha and Neeta. Gopi took both his sisters to the store room that

night and enjoyed the new thrill of making love to one sister with the other sister looking on. Also, since both these sisters were married, he made them pregnant too. Within a year, Gopi had three daughters, one each by Neha, Neelam and Neeta.

But he wanted most of all to make his first sister/wife Urmi pregnant. Fate played him a good hand here. A very rich landlord in the next village had a half-wit son for whom he wanted a wife. He was ready to pay a huge sum of money for the girl who would marry his son.

Sonaben, Gopi and Urmi disussed this and decided that Urmi will go through with this, because Urmi can continue to be her brother's wife while being the wife of the half-wit outside. And she can have babies by her brother exclusively

because the half-wit husband would not understand what is going on. So Urmi got married publicly to the half-wit and got a huge amount of property and money. Then propmptly she became pregnant by her brother.

Gopi's first child by Urmi was a boy and he made her pregnant quickly after that and she gave him a daughter. His sisters were very happy to get pregnant by him and always one or more of his sisters were carrying his babies in their wombs.