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Unique sexperience with aunty

Hi I am a recent visitor of this site and I liked this very much….and here is one my experience with my aunt…… hello, my name is shivan I was laying down on bed when my phone rang and so I got up and I picked it up.

It was my cousin mithun saying that if I wanted to spend the night at his house, so I picked up my stuff and left. When I got there he said he was going to a camp in the morning. So I took a shower (the bathroom had 2 doors and u could only lock 1 of them

the other one was the one my uncle and aunt used because their room was right next to it). So we played the playstation 2 and we watched movies later ngiht he said he needed my help on packing his stuff for camp.

So we went to sleep and we were saying who was hot from school. Somehow, I fell asleep and didn’t even remembered how we stopped the conversation. So I woke up and he was alsready gone. Aunt had breakfast but I said I didn’t wanted any and uncle Ganesh

was about to go to work and he had a tough job because he also worked overnight 'til 3 am, he was pretty easy going and he didn’t get mad that easy…so he was cool, unfortunatelly, he cheated on aunty sometimes… I left home on my bike.

My parents were gone for 3days so I remembered the reason why I had to stay at Aunt's. So I went back and she said "why did you come back?" and I replied "because I remembered that I had to stay with u because my parents are gone".

She offered me to watch tv and when night came I took a shower, she had a big picture of her in the restroom somehow, I never really paid attention to it, so I looked at it and I suddenly realized she looked beautiful.

My cock got a boner right away and I really didn’t know so I took my shower and went to bed. My aunts room still had her light on so I got up and her door knob had broken before so my uncle had to get it fixed someday, meanwhile,

we were still alone and I peaked to see what she was doing because I liked her now. She was reading a book, but after 5 or 6 minutes later she finished reading and went to put on her sleeping clothes, this is the good part,

she took off her shirt and you could see her bra and she took off her pants and put em away, I guess I was wrong about her putting on some sleeping clothes! Her Titties looked pretty fine and she was 40 yrs old.

She didn’t have a pretty nice body but not bad and somehow it attracted me! This was actually the first time ive seen someone naked in front of me! I got a boner again and I went back to bed and started wacking off.

She yelled from her room to see if I wanted some blankets and I said yes. I went and get them (but she never said to go and get them at her room) so I entered the room and she was still nude and she yelled "no no no… Theyre over there at the garage".

She saw me looking at her nude body for about 2 seconds, (literally) and she laughed with embarassment. So later on she called me to her room and told me not to tell anyone of what I just saw, I was embarassed, too,

and she was going to kiss me good night but my head moved a little causing her to kiss my upper cock then got big again and she knew it. She didn’t say anything and she smiled embarassedly.

So she said she was sorry and tried to kiss me again in my cheek but then at the same time we stopped and changed our minds about kissing each other in the cheek (at the same time) and we were making out!

She said to take off my pants because it was only fair that I got to see her and she didn’t! So I took them off and she took my shirt off! She then took off her bra and her thong was still on her and she found my cock confortable for her to sit on!

She was screaming "AH AH AH … " and she got up and started to putting her ass in my face so she can suck my cock while I was getting me sum ass… I was afraid of someone knocking on the door or something…

She then got up, I thought she was ready to quit but she went and asked me to finish her on the back really fast! But I never finished her there she was having major orgasms and the neighboors could've heard it! I've never had sex before so

I wasn’t an expert and I freaked out a lot of times. She saidd it was ok because uncle Ganesh didn’t get back until 4 more hours. She leaded me to the bathroom where she turned on the hot shower and meanwhile we were kissing and I was getting my first handjob,

then we were on top of the thing where you wash your hands (I don’t remember what its called), she got some lotion and rubbed it all over her, all of it!, and she got soooo slippery! MAN ! HER TITS WERE SOOOO FINE I WANTED TO TITTIE FUCK HER!

So we went to the shower and started to get it on there, but someone knocked on the door! Shit! She ran and put on some clothes really fast, and she was still wet! She didn’t even put on a bra and she opened the door…………………it was a neighboor!

He said to please keep it quiet cause theyre trying to sleep! We took a rest for about a min or 2 we ate something and she said it was a good idea if we had it in the kitchen table. She grabbed some yogurt and rubbed it on my cock then she sucked it.

Then the table got boring so we tried something else… "we can go to Mithun's tree house", she said, "or we can do it on the sofa". I said either way was fine, so we went to the tree house … Without any close on… Holding hands as if we were partners with each other now!

She didn’t turn on the lights there because then people would see us. But then I said "so what if they see us, its not like if they were going to see who we were"… "besides, youre mine now… Arent you?!?!" She yelled and said she was all mine and no-one else's but mine!

NOT EVEN UNCLE GANESH ANYMORE! She said uncle Ganesh never really enjoyed sex. She then confessed me that she's been with other women and even Aunt shanthi… So we were tired and her ass was sored.

But I made her have more of my cock (even though I was running out of cum) "I'll give you my last drop that cums out of me!" I said and she quickly followed my orders. We went down the tree house and we started to fuck on the grass…

This time nobody could see us… So she was in top of me and I was ready to cum… I told her to stop and put her mouth on my cock so she can drink something and get more energy… She quickly

obeyed and she drank every single drop …it all went down her throat!!! Next day, the kitchen and eveything was all cleaned up and aunty was cooking breakfast, she smiled at me and gave me my breakfast.

Help from daughters sexy friend

Sunita watched in fascination. No doubt, Shom Uncle had his back to her and he was fully clothed. But there was no mistaking what he was doing. The elderly recently widowed, father of her dear friend Deepa, and was busy stroking himself fast and hard.

His hand was holding the railing and his head was thrown back. His hand was moving in long strokes and short thrusts.... A rhythm she was familiar with for all the times she had masturbated her own husband Kunal to orgasm.

That was how she managed Kunal, when she needed to and it never took Kunal too long to come. But Shom Uncle seemed to go on for quite a bit. His hand was clearly under his dhoti and every now and then, his tall broad frame shuddered.

He paused as he relished that wave of pleasure and then gave himself a few more long strokes. As he leaned forward and sometimes back, he turned a bit which gave her a glimpse of his hand on his cock. It seemed a full fist and the head was jutting well beyond the clenched fist.

Sunita felt her throat catch, and the dryness in breathing coming from excitement. She felt a release of fluid between her legs and she shifted uncomfortably. Uncle was now hunched over. Hard strokes with the hand flying over the pillar of flesh he caressed lovingly.

Then after a few short ones his head was thrown back and she heard the groan of satisfaction in the release and frustration at being alone by himself. He shook shuddered and spasmed, for several long seconds as he came. Sunita watched in fascination as his body jerked.

As the elderly man thrust, jerked and slowed down, she heard him exhale with a long and deep sigh. Satisfaction. And then a shudder and a stifled moan. She stepped back into the shadows, her feelings a mixture of embarrassment, sympathy, excitement and illicit thrill.

She ought to have knocked or atleast, cleared her throat. She glided down the stairs as silently as she could carrying with her the tea she had brought for him. The upstairs was his lair and his preserve. She came down to the kitchen and Deepa asked her,

"Why didn't you give him the chai?" "He was in the bathroom," whispered Sunita and stared out of the window. Aunty had died a few months ago after a protracted illness and Sunita had come to spend time with her close friend Deepa and console father and daughter.

Deepa was now quite reconciled but clearly her father had more problems than he could discuss with anyone. She shivered involuntarily at the thought of the cock she had seen him wield and lust raged through her body when she thought of how different it looked

from what she had seen and experienced of her own husband Kunal. And then she remembered the school girl stories Deepa and she had exchanged years earlier when Deepa told her of the raucous noises from her parents room all those years ago.

Deepa had got up in the middle of the night to get some water and she had heard loud moaning noises and some slapping sounds. When she peeked through the door which was ajar she had seen her mother sitting astride her father.

Uncle had been slapping Auntie's sumptuous ass. Her saree had been pulled aside in the typical fashion that Indian's make love: not quite undressing but pulling aside clothes and raising skirts to accommodate the male.

Her breasts were squeezed out under her blouse and bra and Uncle had been nipping at the flesh. Auntie was screaming, "Yes! "Bite me! Maul me! Take me! Amaar ke diye!" Begging to be fucked harder and harder.

When Deepa had shared this story with Sunita they had giggled with the usual thrill that school girls have for discussing all things sexual. Now that memory came back to tell Sunita the unstated story of Uncle's continuing sexual needs

and how the absence of Aunty was causing him to be the way she had seen him now. The rich wetness between her legs scared her. "Just take the tea for him," she whispered to Deepa and went to her room to lie down for a bit.

As she lay back and closed her eyes she saw Uncle looming over her and she opened her eyes with a start. It was her imagination. She smiled a little smile to herself and closed her eyes again. And watched him come over her and sink his animal size cock into her cunt.

Involuntarily her legs spread and she squirmed, wondering if she would be able to take the pillar in one stroke. She caressed her lower belly, allowing herself the naughty indulgence of a very private pleasure. She rubbed herself, sighed,

turned over and slipped into a long mid morning nap. Later in the afternoon "We must be back home to serve baba his tea," Deepa reminded Sunita. They reached home and Sunita got into the kitchen to make the tea.

Deepa got busy with unpacking the shopping and putting away things. Sunita placed the cup on a tray and got the midday paper and slowly walked up the stairs. There lay uncle sprawled on his easy chair, reading a newspaper. He didn't see her coming.

And she didn't have any warning of what she was going to see as she came from behind him and looked over his shoulder. Her eyes latched on to the tent in Uncle's dhoti. And the cloth which was held up, revealed a bit from the side to show the flesh of his cock.

Sunita stood transfixed. She saw the bulge twitch from the involuntary effects of a prolonged state of arousal. She quietly set down the tray, and moved closer to her friend's father. With one of her hands she lightly covered his mouth to let him know that

he was not expected to say anything or stop her. The other hand slipped through the gap in the dhoti and her small hand closed around the raging cock. His eyes opened wide in shock. Her throat went dry as she surveyed the dimensions of the tool in her hand.

Her fingers softly felt the skin, her thumb reached up as she held him the way one would hold a joystick of a videogame. Her thumb moved over the head and her fingers traced the line back down to the base of his cock.

Her other hand now moved from covering his mouth to the back of his head and her fingers gripped his hair. Her hands slowly slid up and down the cock and with each move the paper rustled. The rustling followed a pattern as Sunita's hand fell into a rhythm

on the cock of her friend's father. The man groaned. "Beti!" he said pleadingly, referring to her in Hindi as daughter for that is how he had addressed her for years now. "Ssshhhhhh, papa!" she whispered, "aap ko maloom hai ye aap ki zaroorat hai.

Aur mai to phir madad hee karne ayi hoon na?" she whispered in a kind, soft tone. ("you know you need this. And then, have I not come here to help both of you overcome what you have been through?")

The man groaned in protest and threw his head back. Sunita continued to slide her hand up and down the pillar of flesh. First she gave him steady long strokes and then one quick jerk. Then again she went back to long strokes followed by two quick thrusts.

She kept her head down and eyes lowered. It was an act of kindness and she didn't want to acknowledge Uncle, or that she was masturbating her friend's father. Shom Uncle's hands were gripping the arm rests of his chair and as his hips thrust upward his legs

stretched out under him, as pleasure shot down his legs all the way to his toes. Sunita lovingly brought her other hand to the cock and changed hands how as her other hand needed rest. She remembered Deepa's narration of how long her dad could fuck

and also the incident of the morning that she had witnessed. Her right hand now took charge while with the left hand she caressed the underside of his penis. Pre-cum oozed over her fingers as the elderly man started to juice up.

She opened her fist to take in the fluid and use it to lubricate and continue the stroking. The wetness drove Shom crazy, he hissed, his face contorted in ecstasy as his daughter's friend, this sexy young woman, pleasured him beyond his imagination.

His hands stretched and he surprised Sunita by slipping it under her kameez, a task made easy by the fact that she was leaning and the top was easily accessible. She gasped as she felt the fingers of his large rough hand touch her torso just below her breast.

The old man felt her breast through the lacy fabric of the bra. It was just a cup bra covering half her breast and he quickly folded down the lace edge to feel her nipple. She shuddered, her hands gripping the cock harder.

She needed this to end soon, before Deepa walked in. She couldn't stop Shom Uncle from touching her after having made the first moves. Shom's body was wracked with pleasure which was enhanced from the softness of her breast which he was now caressing furiously.

Shom was half sitting up from his previously reclining position in that chair. Her thumb moved over the head again and again. As he shuddered her mind quickly drew a map of his cockhead and zoomed in on the most sensitive zone.

She leaned forward and quickly focused on stroking him hard and furiously on that side of his cock, making sure her thumb ran over the head as she stroked downward. Her head was leaning forward over him.

Her kameez (top) gave him enough of a view of her soft breasts now jiggling with the effort of her stroking his cock. His hand changed orientation and he put his palm on her stomach his fingers pointing downward. She gasped. She stopped stroking him for a moment to control herself.

Her head thrown back. His fingers slid into the top of her salwar and past her panty. He stroked her hair down there, the furry patch and he felt heat and dampness as his fingers discovered her pussy. He just covered the whole pussy palming her and letting his fingers

caress rather than invade. Yes, his world was centered around the waves of pleasure emanating from within him as her silken fingers firmly yet gently moved up and down his pulsating cock. But he was not able to shrug off the thought of what he was feeling with his daughter's friend.

The smallness of her fist somehow adding to the thought that she was in every way smaller than him, younger. a different generation. And that prevented him from letting his fingers push apart the fingers that were so clearly soaked and aching for satiation.

She shuddered and her hands moved over his cock faster. Her hair fell forward, making for a gentle screen between his lust laden gaze and her head, just over his cock. He had no way of knowing how close she was with her luscious lips to the head of his cock.

His hand rested on her head as he gently and suggestively pressed her to lower her head. She resisted taking him in her mouth though a drop of saliva from her somehow wet mouth dripped on to the cock in her fist.

She sucked in her breath and continued to hand fuck him faster and more furiously. Uncle Shom groaned loudly and closed his eyes. His legs were stretched as far as they would go and his toes were extended. His hips started to jerk and thrust violently.

But what took him over the cliff was her hand which she brought up to his chest and started stroking the hair softly. Her hands were on him everywhere. He felt the cum surging up from his insides, boiling to the surface with an intensity.

His knuckles went white as he gripped the arm rests. Sunita watched in fascination as the man under her hands twisted, turned and thrust himself. She could not close her wet open lips around his cock. Yet, something in her wouldn't allow her to move back either.

She remained, tantalizingly close, her lips mimicking the act of taking him in and her mind reminding her of who she was with. Uncle Shom. Uncle Shom screamed as he shook, "Sunitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Beti, yes! Yes! Faster, faster, yes there.

Oh how do you know my body, how do you know what I want. Take me there, yes, now! Oh its been so long...." Both Shom and Sunita froze when they heard Deepa at the foot of the stairs. "What's going on up there? Papa? Sunita?" she called out.

Sunita opened her mouth to reply and found her throat choked. She cleared her throat even as with both hands alternating she made a wet sheath of rippling fingers that fucked his cock. "I am here, just helping Uncle with some clearing up," she called out.

"But there were some noises I thought?" asked Deepa. "Oh yes!" answered Sunita as her hands slid down the cock. "He is," she continued, sliding her hands up, "instructing me." Her hands now stayed around the head and she rapidly jiggled the cockhead

between her network of fingers. "Telling me what to put where." "I will send her down now, beta" called out Shom to his daughter. His hands clutched at Sunita's back, her breast, trying to pull her closer. He was roughly trying to probe her but proving inefficient in the heat of the moment.

She pulled the skin back and allowed the head to swell, surge and jut out angry, proud, provoked – whichever. And then one slide all the way up and back again. And then again. And again. And when she slid her hand down, this time a long thick rope of cum jetted out.

It leapt towards her face and fell back uselessly onto his garment, flowing over her hand. Then again came a huge surge and another dollop of his cum. Then some shorter spurts as she urged him to empty himself.

"Oh! Yes uncle. Cum. Cum as much as you want. I am here to help you release!" she whispered. Copious amounts of fluid, now not in jerking and shooting surges, but in an overflowing abundance flowed over her fist, covering her hands.

She held him. Her hand now replaced the stroking up and down with a tightening and loosening- A squeezing effect, milking him as it were. She allowed the jerks and spasms to reduce to a pulsating, now shrinking pillar of flesh.

Shom groaned loudly as he felt the pleasure waves recede and a deep sense of relaxation wash over him. His legs once taut and stretched out, now slumped and his heels came to rest on the floor. He hugged the girl to him even as she wiped her messed up fingers on his dhoti cloth.

She opened her fist and palmed the tender sensitive flesh of his penis and sent him into ripples of pleasure. She hugged him. She was happy. The strength of his orgasm was intense and fulfilling. She was glad that she found a way through to a need which Uncle

would not have been able to speak of to anyone. And even as she justified what had just happened to herself thus, she could not ignore the illicit lust that the strong flow of fluids between her legs indicated. She rubbed her thighs together and shivered,

thinking of how she would now need to relieve herself. How she would face her friend again? And would she ever be able to come up confidently, to just serve tea? "Let's go shopping!" said Deepa. The dull gloom of her mothers recent passing away was slowly lifting

from the Ganguly household and Deepa had a lot to thank Sunita for that. Her dear friend had come over and spent a few days and that had helped everyone overcome their grief. Especially for father, thought Deepa.

She had no way of knowing that just the previous day Sunita had found Shom Uncle lounging in his easy chair sporting a large erection and Sunita had taken care of it for him, fisting him till he came uncontrollably. The sheer size of that erection had startled her,

and earlier that day when she had chanced upon Uncle masturbating, it had surprised her that he still had such strong sexual urges. The encounter of the previous afternoon was a mix of lust and sympathy. Sympathy to see him lonely,

having known that he had been wild with lust when came to his sexual activity with his wife. And lust to see that cock, his firm sinewy body which compared very favorably to her own husbands cock. Or libido.

"Yes, lets go shopping," replied Sunita. "Don't we need to say bye to Shom Uncle first?" "Well, I already have done that. You can go see him and say bye if you want to as well," said Deepa. Sunita looked up the stairs and wondered about the strong elderly man up there.

She took a few tentative steps wondering how she would face him today after that intense encounter of the previous day. By the time she had climbed four steps she could feel the juicing up in her pussy.

She lifted her saree as she climbed the stairs to avoid tripping as she climbed up the stairs. There he was, on his easy chair. Lying back with the morning paper across his chest. Her eyes darted to his dhoti, to see a part of his leg through the parting of the cloth.

She cleared her throat, "Uncle?" She looked at him with her head slanting to one side, her eyes sparkling at the thought of the mischievious and harmless time they had had together the previous day.

Shom looked at her and felt his cock twitch. She was incredibly sexy looking in that saree. His eye wandered over her. Her shoulder length hair, the soft saree hugging her curves. The bare torso where the blouse ended.

A navel and soft tummy that he would surely enjoy feeling with his face. And the curve of that hip...............The erection was complete and dramatically tenting his dhoti. Shom felt no shame and did not attempt to conceal his inflamed desire.

Far from it, he felt proud and was happy that he had Sunita here with him. Yes, his daughters friend. That thought did fleetingly cross his mind. But that thought also added to the intensity of his feelings. He wanted to hold her.

Her ass and pull her down on him. And have this little girl who had seen over the years play with him. His hand reached out and he caught Sunita's hand and pulled her near. She gasped and let her hand bag slip to the floor. She hunched over him.

Her hair fell forward and covered them both. She looked down into his eyes and said, "uncle, what are you doing?" Uncle Shom reached out with his other hand and claimed her bare torso. Sunita shuddered with a sharp intake of her breath.

"Uncle, whatever I did yesterday was to help you with a much needed release. Let it stop with that." Uncle Shom responded with a squeeze of her tummy lightly. His thumb went lower and slipped under the garment, at where the saree was tied and the petticoat cord ran.

"Uncle." Sunita placed a hand on his shoulder. Now standing beside his chair but hunched over him. Shom brought his other hand to her torso and now held her in both his hands. The other thumb ran over her breast and through the blouse and bra she felt his thumb find her nipple.

She shuddered. "Uncle, don't touch me. I will help you with your....." She could not bring herself to say the word to a man she had grown up and viewed as almost father. Her body sagged as she let herself fall forward, closer to him now than ever before.

Her lips brushed the top of his head. "With my what?", he asked. His hand moved up and claimed ber breast totally. His other hand went to her ass and he squeezed. "With whatever you want," she whispered as she kissed his temple and his forehead.

Now leaning more than ever before the top of her low-cut blouse hung and Shom could see her small breasts cupped in the bra. He felt his throat dry up as he imagined the nipple which he had just felt with his thumb.

His hand which was one her back, now slowly pulled up the garment. Quickly the hem came up and her leg was bare to his hand. He touched her skin. It felt soft and inviting. He gasped as his cock twitched and shuddered. He stretched out his legs to relieve himself.

"Uncle, no! You don't touch me. Not there, not anywhere," she said pleadingly. "I will do what I did to you yesterday afternoon," she whimpered. Her hand slipped inside his kurta and she fingered his chest and played with his nipple.

"Which was what?" he pushed on. He knew what was holding her back. And he was determined to bring out the slut in this girl he had known all her life. She reached back and gasped loudly as she felt the outline of his cock with her small hand.

Even though she had seen and played with it, stroked it, held it yesterday, she could not help feeling surprise and shock at the size of his cock. "This!" she said. "What is that?" he asked, as his hand slipped further up and his fingers slipped under her panties.

She shifted her legs apart so his hand could find her pussy. "Uncle, I will hold you and stroke you. But you must not touch me! You cannot feel me," she pleaded. The heat and moistness were apparent to Shom even though he had not reached anywhere near her cunt yet.

"Why not?" he asked. His palm was now on her pussy and he cupped her mound. She moaned as she spread her legs further. "Because we have no time," she gasped. "So it doesn't matter that you are my daughters friend? That is not the reason?

And given time you are happy to let me touch you, arouse you, fuck you?" he asked breathless as her fingers lightly toyed with his leaping jerking member. "Oh, Uncle!" she shuddered as she heard the f-word. She buried her head in his neck.

Shom lifted her saree completely and peeled off the top edge of the panties. "What are you doing?" she asked in horror. "Deepa is just getting organized downstairs and is waiting for me for us to go out shopping."

She quickly peeled it lower and kicked off her panties. Her hand rushed back to grip his cock, for the first time today. She slid her hand up and down that master specimen of the male organ. Shom pulled her leg and tried to lift her.

She lifted her leg and put it across him to the other side of the chair. She sat on his thighs. His cock in front of her. The saree now falling back but not onto the cock because that was the way she wanted it. Her pussy ground on the flesh of his legs, releasing fluid.

Her hands came to his cock. She was mad with lust but did not want his cock in her pussy and somehow wanted to leave the sanctity of their relationship as "Uncle Shom" and "Sunita Beti" untouched.

With both hands she held his cock and her fingers played on the member, flitting and stroking lightly. The cock leaped and jumped and the wetness flowed down and pooled into her hand. Shom held her shoulders and stroked her delicate neck. "Say it!" he commanded her.

"What?" she asked as her hands flew up and down the cock. She needed to finish this. She didn't want Deepa discovering them like this. "The name of what you are stroking." "I," she grunted as she worked on the cock, "am" harder strokes, "taking care" faster strokes, "of you!" she ended.

His hand slid up her thigh. "Liar. Not me. But my cock!" "Oh Uncle" she moaned as she rocked back and forth. Rubbing her wide open pussy all over his legs and pumping hard as she ever could.

Shom raised his knees forcing Sunita to slide forward. She panicked and her hands flew to his shoulders to prevent her from falling. "Uncle no!" she protested. His hands lifter her saree up enough. She slid forward.

Her pussy came to rest against the broad trunk of his cock, sandwiched between them. Her face was close to his. She stared into his eyes. And he looked deep into her eyes. The prickliness of her pubic hair against his cock and the open wetness was maddening for him.

The broad weapon of a cock was pulsing against her pussy driving her wild. His hands slipped under her ass and he raised her slightly. The head of his cock prodded at the top of her cunt. She shuddered and wailed, "Unclllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle! Not your cock in my cunt.

Not your cock. No! No! No! No." It was broad, hot and smeared with his juices and hers. It slid up all the way and nestled at the mouth of her womb. She put her hands on his chest and pushed herself up, struggling to move her pussy off his cock and stall the maddening pleasure.

He held her hips and ass and pulled her down. She grunted as she pushed upward. His hand slid between them and he slid fingers up her cunt. She gasped and thrust herself on the fingers. He led her to his cock at which point she pushed away.

Shom's thumb stroked her clit and was rewarded with a surge of juice flowing down from her surging cunt. He thrust his hips upward attacking, stabbing at her cunt. She held back and reached between to masturbate him.

He fucked her cunt hard and one hand pinched and twisted her nipples. Sunita felt lust surging through her body. She looked down and saw the cock hard and prone. Ready to pleasure her. She gave up the fight. Holding the cock she lowered herself on to the waiting cockhead.

"Give me that cock!" she hissed as she levered herself up on his shoulders. Her saree tented and covered both of them completely. She hoped she would be able to just rise off his and join Deepa without too much time to re-dress. Her legs were on the floor.

She was splayed open on top of him. She straightened and bent her knees, her cunt rising and falling on the cock. She bounced on him. "Fuck me! Fuck me with that cock! That's what you wanted no, Uncle" she gritted her teeth to control her wild pleasure at the way his cock was reaming her.

She opened out the pallo of her saree so that her chest was accessible to him. Her hands went around his head as she pulled his face to her bosom and she fucked him, riding him mercilessly.

The sense of pleasure was further fuelled by the illicitness of what was happening between and the danger Deepa walking in on them. And she needed to finish this. "Oh my god! Uncle, how I want you! I wish you had listened to me.

We should have taken longer time to do this. We don't have time to go on and on and I don't want this to end!" she said. She changed angles. Sometimes taking his cock in deep. Sometimes from an angle towards her front.

When she felt his shudder more she held on to that pose, hoping to make him come quick. Shom moved his hips a bit to bring the head of his cock to run along the top of Sunita's cunt. Her clit had to be there.

Sunita was moving rapidly and was unprepared for the sudden grazing of her clit by his thick cock. She shuddered and spasmed and pulled him closer to her breasts. Shom nuzzled her breasts through the clothes.

Sunita let out low screams as the cock ravaged her clit sending her into uncontrollable spasms. She held his head tight and rode the cock taking all her pleasure. "Uncle! You bad man! Taking my cunt like this! Do you remember me, I am Sunita, your daughters friend.

Ui Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" she screamed as orgasms ripped through her. She threw her head back and thrust her body down on his cock taking her full pleasure. Shom shoved up the cloth of her blouse and bra and squeezed out her breast from under.

He leaned forward to take her nipple. "You shameless bastard!" she screamed as he pleasured her. "Take me! Make me cum! AM like your daughter but look at our lust and our bodies!" She slowed down her riding, savoring every little vibration coursing through her.

She had drenched him and his pubic hair. She leaned forward, her cunt twitching and slowing down. She readied to take back control of fucking him. She lifted herself up. Hunching over him. He had her blouse opened and her bra which had front hooks opened

too so her breasts were now hanging in front of his face. He mashed his face against them, licking and lipping all over. She held her pussy over his cockhead. She knew from masturbating where he came from. In sharp rapid movements she fucked the head of his cock.

She tried to concentrate, eyes closed, her mind on the open lips sliding over the raging head. Fuck him. Fuck him hard. Make him cum. Her mind was talking to her. Shom started to wail. The softness of the young womans body. Her ministrations on his cock.

The illicit pleasure. The succulent breasts. It was all proving too much. "Beti!" he said pleadingly, softly as he felt pleasure coursing up his cock from deep inside him. Sunita smiled kindly and opened her eyes to look down at him.

She watched as he sucked and mauled her tits. The flicking of her nipple was making her clit throb. She thrust down harder and as she looked up she saw Deepa halfway up the stairs looking at them. Shom could not see her because he had his back to the stairway.

And Sunita had no idea how long she had been standing there. Her eyes met her friends eyes. She looked into Deepa's eyes deeply as she purposefully thrust down on Shoms jerking and throbbing cock.

"Yes, beti! I needed this. I needed this so badly!" he sobbed. She looked down at him and stroked his head as he pressed against her breasts. She looked back up at Deepa. He was hers. In that moment it was so evident.

Shom cupped her ass and lifted her and dropped her harder. Sunita cried out loud in pleasure. Now that Deepa was watching them there was no need for her to be quiet. She fucked back mercilessly, shouting and screaming.

"Yes, uncle fuck me! You needed your beti to fuck you! Take! Take my cunt. Plunder me with your cock. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes,yes!" Each yes was and extra hard thrust fuck down. "Shhhhh!" said Shom. His hand reached up to cover her mouth.

His fingers slipped into her mouth. Her eyes were on Deepa. Deepa was watching transfixed as her dad fucked her friend in a most animal display of lust. The cock swelled as the cum boiled up. Sunita laughed in delight. "Yes fill me!" she said to him.

She just wanted Deepa to know that her father was about to unload his semen into her. She felt a thrill in describing what was happening for Deepa's benefit. "Oh yes, I can feel your seed spurting. There! Oh its warm! Oh its spreading inside me! I am flooded!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Sunitaaaaaaaaaa! Beti! Beti! Beti!" he couldn't stop tenderly repeating the word daughter over and over again for that was how he had referred to her for years. They jerked, spasmed. Shuddered. Held each other. Shom caressed and kissed her breasts.

She rocked back and forth. Taking in several shots of cum and now gently milking and squeezing him dry. Her eyes never left Deepa's for a moment. And somehow, in the exchanged glances, Sunita had told Deepa that her father needed this and she was doing it for Deepa.

And Deepa had thanked Sunita for taking care of this need in the man. They rested on each other. When the cock lost its muscle, Sunita rose off but the exit caused them both to shudder. Sunita leaned forward and kissed the elderly man for the first time deep and on his lips.

Combined juices ran down her legs which were spread out on either side of the chair as she was now standing. "Oh god!" she moaned. Shom gently caressed her. She lifted her leg off. Holding her legs as closely clamped as she could she moved to the washroom to avoid the stream down her legs from messing up the floor.

She had all the time to clean up, now that Deepa had seen everything. She shut the washroom door and leaned against wall. Sensations and waves were still coursing through her. She closed her eyes contentedly and recalled that pillar of flesh and the strong body.

Their cum was still running out of her. Her skin was still flushed. She was still quaking from the experience. But she was already missing that hard male. Somewhere she knew she had started something she coudnt stop.

Incredible sex with mother in law

Hi desi erotic stories readers, I enjoy reading stories but never had the strength of sharing my own experience till now. But before I tell you what happened I should introduce myself. My name is Junaid I am from Pakistan and living in Canada for last 4 and half years.

I got married in 2001 and moved to Canada the next year. My wife is 8 years younger then me and she is the eldest of her two other sisters. My wife mother my mother in law is technically 18 years elder then me which means I am 36 and she is 54.

Ok now to my once in a life time experience which totally changed my life. After moving to Canada we wanted our in-laws to visit us and finally in 2006 I managed to sponsor them and they came to live with us.

It was June 2006 when my mother in law and father in law came to visit us. We have a 2 storey house and our in laws have decided to stay in the basement. My mother in law who is still comparable to any young good looking woman she loves to take care of herself.

Her body is out of this world and I always tease my wife by saying that “your mom is looking hotter then you” she has nice round 34 B cup boobs with well trimmed body and beautiful round ass. Oh my father in law must be a lucky guy to have such a bomb shell as wife.

Anyways me and my mother in law have a very frank and friendly relationship. We chat and laugh for long time and sometimes she shares her innermost feelings to me but never we had gone sexual either in talks or activities.

One day my wife and father in law have gone to shop and me and my mother in law were along in the house. She was in the kitchen and I was helping her out. She was wearing a light colored shalwaar kamiz with no dupatta. We were talking and cracking jokes.

As she took aata (flour) in container and started to prepare it for roti. She was sitting on floor and making aata ready by pressing it with her hands, while she was doing it she was bending forward and her kameez (shirt) started to reveal her tits,

I was standing in front of her an staring them. I was about to burst as her boobs cleavage was in front of me, I stopped talking my dick got hard and as I was wearing shorts it started to show the whole length.

She noticed and looked in my eyes and then in funny ways asked me what is wrong with you. I could not reply and tried to move my eyes from her sight. She sensed it and gave me a smile then asked me “can I ask you something” “ya sure”

I replied “how is your relationship with my daughter” it was quite surprising for me that she was asking me about her daughter so I replied “very good” “then why are you staring at me if you are getting everything from her” I didn’t know what to say but then replied with hesitation

“I could not stop myself as you were in front of me…I am sorry “ she smiled and replied “no silly I don’t mind infect it has been a long time since someone gave me this kind of looks, what were you thinking” “AAA Aaa” I could not say a word she laughed and came close to me

“you know I am you mother in law you wife’s mother you dirty mind.” I kept quite, she came closer and closer until I could feel her body touching mine. “Junaid, do you wanaan touch them?” I could not breath in a state of shock I just said”YES”

She took my hand and placed it over her boob. I squeezed her boob with my fingers and grabbed her other boob without hesitation. Now I got the courage and green signal. So without wasting time I grabbed my mother in law and started kissing her passionately.

At the same time I was trying to take her clothes off as I was desperate to see her naked body. “Junaid lock the door first. I ran down and locked the door. She in the meantime removed her shalwaar and kameez and standing in front of me my mother in law in bra and penty.

I grabbed her tits and started squeezing them “AAAHHHHHHH hold on let me open my bra” then she unhooked her skin color laced bra which fell down on floor revealing her pair of 34 B tits with erect light brown nipple,

her boobs were very different then my wife’s boobs as her have big brown spot and small nipple whereas my mother in law had small brown ring with long erect nipple. I started sucking her nipple and circled my tongue against her whole breast.

She was dripping wet by that time and moaning in pleasure. AAAAAAAAHHh come on please suck me hard ooohhhh ya do it put your tongue in my pussy hurry hurry take my pussy please don’t stoppp. I ripped her panty off and here it was my wife’s mother’s pussy

it was the same pussy where my wife got delivered. Nicely shaved with swollen lips, she was wet it was like she peeied in her panty, her pussy was ready to be fucked. I sat in front of her and stuck my tongue inside her love hole.

The aroma of her pussy was so strong that I felt that I am in heaven, I could taste the saltish juice with sticky substance sticking on my nose and mouth. I was licking her violently and she was keep opening her vagina with her fingers so I could reach the depths of her pussyy.

OOOOOHHHHHH,,, AAAHHHH do it the way as you do it with my daughter…come on please fuck me. I could not hold for long. She laid back on floor with her back on floor and legs wide open. Her pussy was dripping wet and swollen with pleasure,

I took my dick and put it on top of her pussy with little push my dick was on his way towards my mother in laws pussy. She moaned in joy as my dick was sliding in and out of her pussy. I was grabbing pressing and sucking her boobs all the way.

She started pushing her ass towards my dick I could hear the sticky sound of fucking and kitchen was filled with her moans.AAAAHHHH OOOOHHHH ya baby fuck me hard,,, ooohhh. I then lifted her and asked her to bend down doggy position

she did that and I put my dick inside her from her back. Her tits were hanging like pendulum ohh aaahh I was about to come as she was so wet I could not control and ejaculated my cum on her pussy and asshole.

She was so so honey that she rubbed my load of cum with her hands over her ass and took some on her hands and rubbed over her boobs. I knew that she did not have an orgasm so I took my tongue out and started licking her cum filled pussy until she came with climax,

she started screaming oooooohhhh yyaaaa I am coming don’t stop licking ya lick my clit with tip of you tongue keep doing it oooooggoooddd ya aha aahaha aaaahhh ahhhh and finally she came with the blast. After few minutes we came back to our senses.

She then covered herself and started smiling we both laughed and could not believe on what had just happened. We promised to keep our secret a life long secret and avail any opportunity possible. I still see my mother in law as we get at least once in month chance to fuck

each other. I videotaped my wife’s and me doing sex and showed it to my mother in law which she enjoyed and compared herself with her daughter. I hope you liked my encounter with my mother in law.

I will wait for your comments and will share some of my other encounters including with my wife and with my secretary at my workplace in Pakistan or when my best friend and his wife got loose with us.

Romping with tasty sexy aunty

Hi hot aunts and girls and boys I am giftson from madurai. I am studying bsc computer science. I first of all thank Human Digest which helps all girls, boys and aunts to share our enjoyments. I was one of the regular reader of this sige. Ya lets come to the story.

I had enjoyed the sex with my aunt her name is sheela. She was married around the age of 43. Her husband was a peg master he most of the time spend with his friends and not stay at home. My aunt was fair in colour with big boobs,buttocks and a fine hips with two sexy folds.

The very lovely thing that I love mostly from her is a smell from her. I would often in near her to smell her. Each and every man who see her will definately tell her “natukattai”. Because she was so sexy with transparent sari, low jacket and showing her clevageand naval clearly.

She was not very close to me. Her house is so near to our house. So every saturday and sunday I will remain at her house and smell her without wasting any time in the sense of helping. After lunch she had the habit of sleeping.

That time is a enjoyful moment for me because I can smell her by laying very close to her and can see her cleavage, naval, tighs sometimes her pussy also. During that days I will masturbate three or four times. Some times I will cum two times continously.

This enjoyment is followed for several months. One day fulfilled my wish over her. Now I say how it day my aunt phoned me and asked me that shall we go to trichy for a small work regarding her school. I accepted to go with her. We rushed to the bus stand.

There we found all buses to trichy were very crowdy. So without any other option we entered a crowdy bus. It was very crowd. I am standing behind my aunt. The travelwas around 3 hours. For first half an hour I doesnt have wrong thoughts on her.

She was having lily flowers in her head. The smell moved me to the wrong tought on her. Suddenly I started to rub my cock on her ass. My dick started to harden. I rubbed my cockin her ass very hard but my cock was not sit between the gap in her buttocks.

I spent more than half an hour in searching the gap. Then I lose my sense and started to search the gap using hand and found it. Then in 90 degree I inserted my dick in to her ass. Some times I will make my dick to dance. If the driver puts the break I insert my dick hardly at her ass.

This was continued for more than one hour. Then in one stop lot of peoples got down from the bus. Me and my sexy aunt alone standing. All the passengers in the bus started to watch us. She found that and asked me to stand by leaving a little bit gap with her.

I left a lot of gap and stand with fear. I think she will scold me after the bus stopped and inform to my uncle. So I am rest less. The bus stopped at the stop me and my aunt came down. I asked sorry to her. She told that for what reason I am asking sorry to her.

I said that I disturbed you by inserting my dick inside your buttocks. She smiled for a long time and said thanks. I asked why are you saying thanks. She told that I will tell after finishing the work in the school. I waited out with fear for her replay.

Then she came out after finishing her work. The time was around 5 o clock in evening. Then we went to a hotel to have a tifen. We both had it and went to busstand to catch a bus for madurai. We got a bus and seat also. We both sat on the bus and the bus started to move.

Then with hesitation I asked my aunt why had you told me thanks at morning. Again she smiled and told me that she really enjoyed my activities in the morning. And she told that my dick was big and very hard than my uncle.

At that time only my heart become normal and I left a sound breath. The environment become dark and nobody was noticing us. All passengers were watching the tv in the bus. I took my aunts hand and started to lick. My dick was in full friction.

Then I kept her hand on my dick and allow her to feel mine. Then I cuppedher hip folds and massaged her boobs. She was continuing in her work by rubbing my dick over my pant. Them I started to kissher on her lips. Through this deeds we reached our house.

Then as soon as we reached home I hugged her And started to kiss her at her lips for more than 10 minutes. Then I removed all her dress and fucked her hardly. Our sexual contact is going nice until today. I am fucking her daily. She also introduced me another sexy aunt.

My hot big ass aunty

This a real story having sex with my Aunt, She is now 47 yrs old by now, She is brown colored skin with big ASS and BOOBS might be 36-32-40.I am Fair handsome and Fat guy. I was good at studies, so everyone in my family and neighbors liked me,

my Aunt was pregnant she had come to my home (i.e She is my Dad’s younger sister). I was helped during her stay in our house, that time I was 18yrs old and didn't had any Bad intention at that time about my Aunt.

Their was house opening ceremony she came for the party at night the new house was full so my Grandmother, Sister and my Aunt went to stay in our old house we all slept in one bedroom as other rooms were occupied by other relative and I was sleeping next to my aunty,

the day was hectic and all of us were tired including me then I was very thirsty got up to drink water I saw my Aunt saree has rised above here knee and her BOOBS were visible through blouse, my dick got erected, I couldn’t control my emotion,

I drank water then slept by keeping my mouth in front of her boobs it was so good and smell of sweat and she was hot at that time. I slowly lifted her saree started to move from her thigh to her cunt and touched her public hair,

my heart was beating fast I slowly started massaging her boobs and her cunt for about a hour suddenly I realized she turned away from me I could see her ASS then slowly I lifted the saree I could see the BIG ASS then Slowly I caressed it then my Dick

was unable to control then I masturbate their and applied my semens on ASS. I was caressing for long time I was unable to control my temptation I kept my Dick in her ASS really it was great feeling, within no time my Aunt got up she went towards the light

and switched on by that time I covered my dick as I was wearing shorts and I saw her She was steering at me, I was afraid she said steering at me and said its hot her you sleep at that corner. I was very afraid that she would say anyone, but she didn’t say but left to her town.

After two months, I joined my Engineering in my 1st Semester vacation, I want to her place I thought she wouldn’t speak to me, but to my surprise she greeted me she hugged me and kissed on head.In the evening she took me to trace she said any girl friend,

I said no then, slowly she took my hand started caressing her cunt, I was taken to surprise the next day morning my Aunt has three children all had been to School and Uncle to office, then, she asked are you going to have bath yes I said,

she said I will give you oil massage before bath, she removed my clothes I was in my underwear, she started applying I was shivering this time, after that she saw my dick was fully erected inside my underwear that she removed and said you kid have such a big dick(6-1/2)

my goodness, she said do you want to have sex with me me I said I like you. She said come took me to bed room and started giving a blow job by taking my dick into her mouth she did it for 10 minutes, she said my mouth is paining.

Then To my surprise she removed her saree, blouse, bra, panty, everything and she stood naked and said suck me darling, I sucked her BOOBS for more then 30 mintues non stop she was moaning ooooonnnooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo,

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhooooooooooooouuuuuuchhh. After that she said suck my cunt I was started sucking here cunt she adjusted so nicely that I was giving here much pleasure for 10 min.

Then she cummed here orgasm into my Mouth I licked it completely. After that we were in 69 for more then 20 min. Then She said Fuck me, she widened here here legs and guided my dick was paining initially she said don’t worry nothing will happen,

now move slowly I did it for some time then move faster and faster she was moaning, screaming noooooooooooooo stoppppppppppppppppppppppp…..I was having pleasure and not in a mood to stop After 10 minutes I cummed into her she hugged me I was fully

tired she gotup and brought some Orange juice and said it will give you energy after some time, she started sucking my dick it got erected then, then said to suck her BOOBS, I was much passionate I again sucked for 15min, she said OK Suck my cunt enough BOOBS,

another 10min she cummed and licked her juice completely I said I want suck your ASS, So good do it, and placed here in doggy position by I was taken to surprise to see already she knew doggy position, shall I fuck your ASS I asked she said come on don’t ask just do it.

For 10min I sucked her ASS and my dick was ready for the action into her ASS hole initially I felt little pain I started movement she started screaming cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm ooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, ddddddddddoooooooooooooooo fast,

and I started hitting her ASS wildly she started crying, I slowed down and asked why are crying, she scolded me by saying you fuck did I say you to stop, do fast your Uncle don’t much enjoy sex much now a days as before.

I felt angry and applied my full energy until she cried out and begged me to stop.I cummed into her ASS. I was fully exhausted. It was already 3pm and their children might come so parted. After that we had sex for one week or so. Now I got a job in Bangalore were she stays,

I stay with them, Every day I Have sex with her. No one knows it we have very good relationship, she introduced to here another friend also but I will say it in another time. Now, she searching girl for my marriage she says she old now, My time to get married.

Cleaning fish tank with sexy Shanthi aunty

It was a hot summer day my mom's best friend shanthi had called me. She wanted me to go help her clean her fish tank.So I went over and we got straight to cleaning the tank. she was wearing an old white shirt with some tight jeans.

while we were cleaning the tank some water got onto her shirt near her boob and nipple area. I looked over at it when she wasnt looking and I could tell she had no bra on and her right nipple was hard due to the water.

Afther we finsished cleaning the tank she said she was going down the street tot he store to buy some stuff for her new bathroom that just got remolded.She asked if I wanted to go with her but I said no I'll saty here and play that new video game you bought.

When she left I got a boner thinking about her hard nipple, so I went into her bedroom to check out some stuff. I looked threw her draws and I found what I was looking for a bra. I wanted to see what size her boobs were. So I grabbed a red bar and I look on the tag of it and it said 38C.

I still had that boner so I started to jerk off with her bra and a pair of her dirty thongs from her hamper. About 15 minutes later she walked into her bedroom and saw what I was doing. then she asked me if I would like to see her model in her bra and thongs.

As a 18 year old male I said yes! She came back out and spun around and I got to see her buttcheeks because she had a thong on.I dropped my cell phone on the floor, and she picked it up for me and I saw her whole cleavage. She caught me looking at them.

Then she told be that she will be right back and when she came back in she was fully nude. asked me if I wanted any pleasure from her so I said can I get a nice long lapdance. Shanthi gave me one and the her hand went down my pants and she started to stroke my penis.

Next thing I know my shorts and boxers are at my knees and she started to suck my dick. Grabbed her tits while she was doing that. Then I told her to stop and I sucked on her tits. After that she let me do her up the ass it felt so good doing that.

She told me to eat her out next so I did and that was also great. I did that for a few mintues then I asked if I could fuck her I told her I had a condom with me. She said I could but I don’t need the condom because she got her tubes tied.

I insterted my penis into her pussy and started going in and out. I looked over at the clock and it was 5:30 and I had to be home for dinner. SO I got dressed but b4 I left I felt those great boobs again. She told me that I could keep her bra and thong

as a soviner and to jerk off with later if I wanted to.She told me that I could keep her bra and thong as a soviner and to jerk off with later if I wanted to. Right b4 I left I asked if I could get a nude pics of her on my cell phone and she said sure.

As I was driving home I said to myself man I cant wait till next month to go clean that fish tank. When I got home after dinner I went to my bedroom and started to jerk off with the bra and witht that great nude pic of her.

Sex with best friends father

Nic was my neighbour and classmate. We were friends from our childhood and he was my best friend. His father was a famous musician. Nic's father became very friendly with me and he always supported me on my extra interest on music.

He also taught me some basics of music composing. One day when I went to Nic's home he was not there. His father was sitting on the varantha, when I decided to return he stopped me, and told me his desire to teach me some lessons.

I was happy to study music with him. As I was tuning the piano he suddenly sat at my stool from back. It was very small round chair and had not enough space for two of us to udjust. He was teaching me the piano but I feel something jerking on my nates.

I tried to ignore it, but the nipping get more impulse. I desided to change the topic and stand from the chair. When I turned back, I was stunned to see his erected manhood getting restless inside the paijama. We were standing still and silent for a while.

He finaly shattered the silence and expressed his erotic desires by crunching his lower lip by his teeth. I was obsessed to hear his thirst. My answer was a big no and I kept quiet. I was about to pass out from there, but all of a sudden he grabbed my hand

and dragged me close to him. He was trying to kiss me and I was oppossing him from doing that. My mind get totally blank and my eyes started shedding tears. I didn't even understood his zeal. He was so strong and giant that my resistance got overruled on his virility.

In the clash we both fell down on the carpet. I was still trying to push him away from me but he was so passionate, and his sensualism was getting more heat. I don't know how and why I reduced my defiance,

when he drew his fingers inside my bermuda and rubbed my small nonerected penis. Surprisingly it started growing and I was feeling something different from ever. He also came to understood that his services is narrowing my objections.

Slowly he started making me horny, and I completely indulged in the lust. As he knew that I was completely under his govern, he slowly stopped masturbating me. When he dragged his hand from my penis it was wet and I feel the cum in my underwear.

This was the first time my penis spitted so much liquid. His face came closer to me and drew his mouth towards my lips. I was in a fear and confusion as my mind reminded me that he is my friend's father. I was unable to take a decision whether to oppose his desires

or to embrace his lust. Before I dispose something he opressed his lips to my lips. When lips were matting lips, he sweeped my lip's butter by his tongue. I was getting itched when his small beard thursted on my face.

When his tongue was pushing inside my gob in the spirit of kissing, slowly I sucked it. During the lip service he was careing me not to get any teeth scratches on my lips. In the first kiss, that nectarlike kissing in the over zeal he undressed his coat.

I chased my fingers over his thick chest hairs. When I pinched his tit which I find in my fingers he thrilled a while. Then bussed on it, when lifted by the tongue and sucked up, his strong hands ran through my hair.

Spread salty taste when my tongue tip driven through the canal of his chest through the hair. My tongue was in painting competition there. When my thirsty shivering lips floated over his chest, his fingers started floating around my back in return.

When he hold my buttock and kissed me pressing to his waist, his penis breshed my thighs. I touched it, then pressed hard once. Suddenly he pulled out his penis from the underwear. It was big dark and long hanging inside the thick forest.

I had never seen such big penis before. I was ashamed to show my small one out. He forced me to hold it in my mouth. When the tongue moved up along the fat ribs, he shut his eyes with a grown. The salaiva and his precum made the blows more smooth.

Some time moved his waist so hard that his penis sliped in deep. I sucked his penis over his thighs, the blows get uncontrolable between my lips. It quickly rained down in my gob as I pinched his balls sucked it harder and harder.

I slanted on his chest as I had done a very difficult job. He embraced me hard when he sweeped his liquid drops from my lips by his finger. He took me to the bedroom, I was going to witness his unwatched face of virility.

When he layed down pressing his beard in between my boobs, lying on the bed I was fealing heaven. His tongue crawled from my naked neck to the ear then down. He joy was unexplainable when his beard breshed the fleshy part of my breast visible

through the untuckled button. It was growing mad when his fingers tuneing my navel flower, moving up. On bathing and standing in front of the mirror I always inspected my breast. I was not happy to see them growing like the girls boobs, as I was a little fat.

My whole body get blossom when he spread his finger over them. He unhooked my paijama buttons one by one unauthentically. I quicly lie down side wise as he removed my paijama. Along with fingers his lips circled around my back, getting itched I shake up my legs.

I can feel his lips and tongue moving up along my thin body hair. Kissed on backneck pinching my breast, it become the most wonderful moments. Along with the pain provided by squashing my tits, a windy joy came through.

I shut my eyes in pudency as he rotated towards him and the teats get shined in the light through the window. He squeezed my boobs again and again on his hand. He was making it growing bigger like that of the girls.

He brought the lips close to them only after his fingers got tired. I get hesitated while his hot whispers blow on my teat. Holding leg between my thighs hard, pressing my breasts deep by both hand, imbibing the tit between the lips and sucking,

he provoked my innermost desires expressed in a yell. During the vehiment ride his hand it stucked in my bermuda band. Watching his rejoice in untiding the waistband, I understood that some unfulfilled desire gonna accomplish now.

He made me completely nude a and turned me down. He pressed his face over my butt. Seperated my fat butt cheeks and slowly licked my rectum. Spread his finger there, it was like loosing one's virginity. His seduces increased as he pushed one finger inside by buttock.

Pressing my bottom and squeezed firmly he was making me erotic. I surrendered every thing in front of him. His hands started showing it strengh by thrashing my cheeze balls and my fingers run around his hair. He rotated me again,

from the forhead his wet lips walked down stinged my lips and stoped. It was getting hotter when embracing each other and rolling over the bed in the winter. Moment of knowing that lieing with someone's body heat in the snowy winter will give you such pleasures.

Now he lie down and made me to sit over his waist. I lie down slowly and my small boobs hanged in the air. Moving slightly forward I presented my tits to his mouth. He sipped it up, then sucked the other one. His hands dashed round my fruitful hips and thighs,

fingering and playing in my nates. He pushed me back and now his magic stick got stuck in between my rumps. As it grown bigger by my butt heat and nipped, I feel so good and I pushed my hips once again. Pinching the teat between the fingers

and the other fingers playing naughty tricks in my belly and deep navel, I was in absolute passion. His rapacity never gonna stop, as my bottom was smocking in the heat of his penis. My native brushed his cock several times and I was getting horny like boiling water in a dish.

His waist entered on my thighs, hold them tight apart he brought his penis towards my bottom. When the penis tip brushed my rectum, all in a hurry I lifted my waste. The day someone dumping in my bottom, my excitement is wordless to say.

I feel something slightly hot floated deep down brushing the anal walls. It was pain, sore, sweet and joy when he jerked in me, pleasure even remembering it. As is get more deeper in the lust my fingers tightened over him an I started to groan.

As his waist impelled down I lifted my bottom. He bitted my tits and it was getting painful. The joy provided by the naughty guy rushing in and out of my tight buttock leaning down, the sweat drops fall over my boobs.

His precum spread over the anal curves made the penis more easier to rush in and out. His nuts blasted on my butt, some times I closed him inside my thigh cage. Turning down my legs he pushed his penis deep urging all his energy, I was in heaven.

He compelled me to bent to his face and sucked the tits one by one, my penis was getting oppressed between the legs. The time two bodies become one, we were celebrating our mating. Foot fingers stretched down, face tightened,

body getting restless in the storm pinching my lips I moaned. He was about to cum as pushes started breaking my bottom. He embraced me close inside his thighs and fizzed the cum inside my butt, I cried out loudly.

It was like watering a desert, the cum was very hot and grabbed me thight till the last drop fall in safe. He slowly loosened his healthy hands, we sat down slowly. We both were exhausted and sweaty. He embraced me and sweep my tears by his lips and kissed me.

It all ended, we lie down there for long time. As he heard the calling bell sound, he pulled out his penis from my bottom and wakened me. I was so tired and exploited as he helped me to dress, and I went home through the back door. I was sure that I am going to have the sleepless night.

Sensational sex with aunty

Hi, I am guru (name changed) from gujrat. I read so many stories on HumanDigest and it is a fantastic site. This is my first story which I had with my aunty and it's a real story. My aunty name is Julie. She,s very slim about 35 years old.

She was married 10 years ago but she,s still a childless.I love to see her ass,boobs and her thighs. Firstly I had no bad intentions but my bad intentions get underway when she kisses me on my forehead,on cheeks and whenever she hugs me.

As she has no child she lives alone because her husband (My Uncle) was abroad and he used to come after 2 years.I used to go to her home after every weak.I go there to fuck her but it was not possible because I hadn't the courage to tell her that I want to fuck you.

Oneday she fell ill and she phoned me to come to her house.After 15 minutes I reached there. She said to me she want to go to the doctor for checkup.Then I took her to the docter and had a checkup of her but she wasn't seriously ill.

The doctor gave her the medicines and asked her to take it after you reach your home. She asked me to stay at her home for a night when I listened that I was very happy but I said to her if you want me to stay with you to takecare yourself you had to call my parents.

She phoned my parents and told them that guru would stay in my house and she also told them that she was ill.My parents was agreed after my aunt called them.In the meantime she take medicines and she gone to the bed for a sleep.

She gotup at 8:00pm and she made the dinner for me and she was ok after she took the medicines.We had a dinner and it was very delicious.It was a month a december and we all know that in december the weather is very cold.

So we go to her single bed and also watching a movie.We were having a chat on so many topics on films,education and many more.I changed the channel and watching an english movie she also liked it.

We were watching the movie very carefully and I was hoping that a sex scene might come.After 15 minutes of a movie a sex scene came and that's what I was hoping.She didn,t asked me to changed the channel.

I get courage from it I put my hand on her thigh she didn't asked me a single word to me and I get more courage from it.Now I was rubbing her thigh after that I was massaging her boobs and I thougt she was also liking it. After that I was kissing her and she was also responding to it.

She was wearing a shalwar kameez I undressed her and now she was in Bra and Panty.We had a french Kiss for about 15 minutes.Then she underssed me and I was in underwear. After I unhooked her bra and told that u had a gorgeous breast and I was kissing on her breast

for 5 minutes. My cock was already at his full swing. She removed my underwear and I was standing naked infront of her.When she saw my 9'' inch cock she said to me she didn't take this cock into her vagina because it would hurt my vagina.

I said to her how,s long ur husband cock and she said to me that his cock is very small. Then I told her don,t worry I wouldn,t hurt I would give joy to you. She then agreed and in the meantime I removed her panty her pussy was clean shaven and also it,s very tight.

I inserted my cock in her mouth for 10 minutes.I separated her legs and lift them up and enter my big cock in her.As I enter my cock she was crying and saying to me don,t hurt me please.I started slowly and then I increase my speed and she was crying

I didn,t takecare of her I was doing my job with more speed.Her blood was flowing of her vagina but after 15 she was enjoying it.She came to the orgasm and she cummed and after a minute I also cummed in her.Then I aksed her to be in a doggy position and

I was trying to enter my cock into her ass but it vert tight.After hard struggle I enter my cock in her ass and she was crying and shouting and I was taking a joy of it.I fucked in her ass for 10 minutes and when I got to the climax I removed my cock from her ass

and cummed on her face.Then we hugged eachother and slept. Next morning when I was leaving she told me that I enjoy it very much and it was the best you had done to me.She also told me that you also hurt me a lot.

First experience with step mom

Hello!!! This is SOMU with a very erotic story of my own experience with my Step Mom! Yes My own step Mom....The Day when I first look her on my fathers wedding after the sepration of my parents,

I decided to fuck her and always looking to get a chance to fuck her as she was very attractive with huge boobs and huge bt nice round ass and white body like milk...Finaly the day come and I fucked her and fulfill my all wishes.

It was going to be my birthday on 3rd of November. Nearly 5 days ago she asked me that what did I want on my 18th birthday. I thought that it was the perfect time to perpose her sex as I know that my father was not ablt to fulfill her sexual needs.

I asked her that I need a kiss on my birthday.She looked at me for some time and then said no problem I will give you a kiss as I always do ( On checks ). I said that I am a grown up now and want an adult kiss from you.

She hesitated for some time and then said ok I will give you but only one time! only one time! MY GOD!!!! I can't believe on my ears that she had said this and that night I only saw dreams that I am fucking her and fucking her....

Next Morning when I came into kitchen I saw her in her nighty which was not usual.She looked at me and smiled with a sexual impression. I remind her about her gif that she was going to give me on my birthday. I asked her that why should we do practice for that kiss now.

She said ok and I got excited. I remember that time when my lips touched her's and ohhhhhhh I was fully ericted and want to fuck her that time. First time she kissed me with her lips closed tight. I asked her to lose her lips and then kiss.

This time she open her lips a little bit and I kissed her. Suddenly she stoped and said" That is enough for today". It means tha she want this again tomorrow.... Then I went to bath room and eject my sperms remembring the kissing time few minutes ago with her.

Later that night when I was watching wreslting on tv she came down stairs and asked me " Abi Tak Soey Nahe tum?? " and I replied that it is nearly going to end of this show.She sit there with me and started watching TV also. Suddenly I feel her hands wondring around my neck.

I looked at her and asked her! " Kya dobara kiss practice karain "??? She said ok and we started kissing each other like crazy. This time we are french kissing each other. We continued kissing for nearly 15 minutes then we take a rest and she said

" Chalo ab soo jao Lover Boy ".For contineous 4 nights we kissed and do some other sexual jobs like musterbathing, tit squezing etc. Finally that day come and it is 3rd of November.The day when I got my best ever birthdat gift.

It was a big party at our house I oftenly remind her that she should have to complete her promise.The party remain till 10:30 late at night.. After the party ended I feel a little headace. So I take some aspirine and went to my room to take some rest!!

After few minutes my brother came to my room and told me tha they have planed to watch a movie and do some outing tonight.. I told him that I am not feeling wel so I will not be able to go with them. After some time when I came down I saw that

She was down there and not gone with my family. I came down and demand her for my birthday gift.. She smiled and asked me to sit on Couch and told me that she will come after a minute. I switched on the TV and start watching it.

I heard her coming down and I turned off the TV. I turned arround and saw that she was in olive green Braw and Pantie and coming down smiling towards me. She sit beside me and asked me and said that " Main janti hoon k tumhay Kiss nahe balky Sex Chaheye tha

"I was surprised and said " Bilkul theek kaha tumnay ". The she said " too intizar kis baat ka kar rahy ho??? " after these we are laying on floor kissing, biting, huging and jerking each other!! The she said " Chalo Oper chaltay hain oor maza kartay hain ".

We came into my bed room and she pulled off her Braw and Pantie.. I also take off all my clothes and we both are standing fully nude in front of each other.. She looked at my "8" inch rod and said " Tumhara to apnay DAD say bhi bara hay" and she stard sucking my rod..

Ohhhhhhhh I felt the warm mouth of a lady first time in my life giving me a suck job and I am in heaven.. Then she lay down on my bed and said me to suck her pussy as well as also press her boobs.. I did this like I am a good boy to my mother..

After 5 minuter of sucking and pressing. She asked me to do the real job. I stretched her legs and inserted my rod slowly into her pussy. Ohhhhhh it was so warm and wet that I could not stop my self to strock her like a drill going into ground

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I told her that I want to fuck her ass coz she has a huge round ass which I like. She replied " Mujhay Gand may sex karwana bohat pasand hay per tera bap agay hi thokta rehta hay".... Then I replied that " aaj main teri har khwahish pori karoon ga"

and I inserted my rod in her ass and ahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she start mooning. Her ass was so tight like no one had ever touched or fucked her. I asked her " Apki Gand itni tight kyoun hay"

She replied that " Kabhi kisi na es ko choda jo nahe " and I felt so excited and said " chalo aaj main es ki enogration karta hoon" and I started fucking her ass with my rod fully inserted in it. I fucked her for nearly 7 minutes and I felt that I am going to cum.

I asked her that I am ready to eject... She asked me to eject my sperms in her ass and I did sooo... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was so delicious to eject in some hot ass....I took my rod out of her pussy and it was fully covered with my own sperms...

She got up very quick that even I can't thought that her fat ass could got up this quick and she start sucking my Rod...After this we both took a shower and came down in Tv lounge and start kissing each other....I will nerver forget my first sex experience!!!!

Unbelievable hot sexperience III

Unbelievable hot sexperience

Unbelievable hot sexperience II

As you guys know, that my attitude towards my friend Yasir was quite natural. I was the brother of a prostitute and Yasir knew the fact, so it was difficult for me to look into his eyes, let alone the matter of talking to him.

And to think of having normal relationship with him was only silly and idiotic. So I was constantly avoiding him. But it was not the solution to the problem. I too wanted our relationship to become normal, but to do it, I needed the Alladin’s Lamp. But where it was???

Eventually it was my sweet sister Maheen who came to my help. Maheen proved to be the connection between me and Yasir….!! Before proceeding let me tell you that my relationship with my sister had become quite normal after we fucked again with our own choice.

It is an established principle of sociology and time tested fact of human psychy that too much fear leads to fearlessness. And people in extreme circumstances become better friends. I had grown very good relationship with my sister.

We had always been friends, but we had become better friends during the course of past 3 weeks. You people might get a shock, but it’s a fact that every now and then we would just sit and my sister would tell me the stories of her gang bangs.

She would narrate it with excitement and I would listen to her with excitement and interest. Excitement in my trousers ;) and interest in my mind n heart. And most of those meetings usually ended with some sexual activity between me and my sisters.

We didn’t fuck, except for once, but she would give me a blowjob/handjob and I would finger fuck her CHOOT. So I was telling you that my sister proved to be the missing link between me and Yasir. One day when I was traveling with my sister she came up

with this issue and asked me to permit her in making an attempt to normalize my relationship with Yasir. I had a clue that it would be something exciting/erotic and sexy, yet I permitted her. She had planned to followed the same procedure as she used on me.

She was to bring Yasir into such a shameless situation which could help normalize our relationship. For example if me, my sister and Yasir could be combined in a single bedroom, totally naked and playing with each other’s bodies

then it could extinguish any bit of shyness left in me and Yasir. The phenomenon may be difficult for some of you to conceptualize and I know I’m also not in a position to dwell upon it in a proper manner. But you see I’m not a writer.

So it was left to Baji, to manage all the things and she did it. To cut the details short, She talked to Yasir and told her clearly and unambiguously that she was not in any sort of financial crisis and her choice of being a professional prostitute

was only and only to quench her carnal/sexual desires. She spoke very sexily to Yasir (the same methodology that she adopted on me) and was successful in making his dick stiff. Realising Yasir’s Lust for herself,

she didn’t take much time in telling him that she wanted to see him in his own bedroom, alongwith ME. And to make him more curious and excited she held his LUN for few moments before leaving him (She told it to me afterwards).

And the next day, I was driving my car with shiver in my body. Maheen Baji was with me and our destination was…………….Yasir’s private flat which was occasionally used for Youth Parties. I know many a girls had given their CHOOT and GAAND

to different boys in that flat. Little did I envisaged that some day my own sister will be getting her PHUDDI used by Yasir in the luxury bed placed in his bedroom. Again I’m skipping the unnecessary details. We reached at his flat,

his servant greeted us and took us to the drawing room. Soon Yasir came there. I could sense shyness and bit of embarrassment in his movements and gestures. It was a heartening sign for me. To normalize our relationship I wanted Yasir

who was also shy and who had problem looking into my eyes. I wanted him to be at the same level of shyness as that of mine. Only then we could communicate properly and on equal footings. I didn’t need a confident Yasir. So it was good that he was bit shy.

However he was well prepared for the occasion. Clean shaved dressed in a stylish but casual trouser and t-shirt, neatly trimmed hair and was engulfed in fragrance of some expensive perfume. I was sure at that time that he would have shaved his pubic area as well.

It brought an instant smile to my face, but it confused Yasir who was already bit shy. However it was time when Maheen Baji took command of the situation and asked Yasir about the HAPPENING PLACE. He smiled and escorted us to his bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, we had little drink session. And then came the moment of truth. Yasir was sitting on the sofa when Baji walked very seductively towards him and despite the fact that there was enough room on sofa for two people, she sat on Yasir’s lap.

And started kissing him. Just prior to kissing her back, Yasir sneaked a look at me. It was the look of a person who knew he was doing something wrong. It was like deceiving his friend. I really liked his gesture and in order to encourage him,

I smiled and nodded my head as if asking him to enjoy. But yet he was feeling bit shy. However Maheen Baji was all over him and was kissing him, hugging him and grinding her GAAND on Yasir’s Lap. I was having hard LUN too so I decided to go and guide Yasir’s

hands on my sister. Very taboo but very erotic idea. I took steps towards them and sat beside them. Watched them for few more seconds and then taking Yasir’s hand in my hand I placed it on my sister’s back and guided his hand to rub my sister’s whole back area.

And then I guided his hand to open the Back Zip of my sister’s Qameez (Shirt). His hands were shivering and so were mine. Once the Zip was open, Yasir became bit bold and put his hand into the shirt from back side. All they time they were kissing each other.

Yasir played with my sister’s Bra a bit. Then I again took charge and asked them to stop kissing. They did as said. My sister was still in Yasir’s lap. I then took Yasir’s hand and rubbed it on my baji’s stomach and then proceeded to move it, inch by inch,

towards enormous and sexy breasts of Maheen Baji. And soon his hand was placed fully on her breast. I didn’t let his hand free and after few seconds I pressed his hand hard on Maheen’s breasts. I could see that her other nipple was very hard and very prominent.

Yasir was seeing it too. By that time he had gained enough courage and he leaned forward to kiss my sister on her breast. It’s when I decided, I should now let them play. Yasir was now in full mood, he was playing very frantically with my sister’s boobs.

Then my slut sister suddenly pushed him aside and stood up. Yasir was having hard dick as was evident from his trouser’s TENT. Maheen Baji then stood at some distance from us and started undressing herself. It’s something she could do while being at Sofa,

but she was an experienced slut. She knew that undressing in an important part of sexual activity and she also wanted to enjoy the fact of undressing to total nudity while two guys just watch her with whole concentration.

She slowly removed her shalwar, Qameez and then her bra and underwear. Now my sister was totally NANGI. And she was proudly and indecently flaunting her nakedness. They staying at some distance she asked us to get undressed. We did what she said.

Then she asked us to go to the bed and relax. We moved to the bed and laid their. Baji came between us and placed each of her hand on our LUNs. We both her super hard and super Hot too. As baji started stroking our LUNS,

she smiled at us and said “Yaar mein NANGI bhi tum logon k liye hi howi hoon. Kya Hand Job hi lo ge tum loog? Mujhe maza naheen do ge, aur mere jism ko haath naheen lagao ge?” (Folks, I have got naked only for you. Will you guys only get a handjob from me?

Shall not you guys give pleasure to me as well, and play with my body). We smiled and placed our hands on her breasts and occasionally slipped a hand to her PHUDDI or GAAND. Maheen Baji was not only having very Hard Nipples, but her PHUDDI was also very wet.

Then Baji lowered herself and started teasing Yasir’s LUN with her face. She was not sucking it, but was rubbing it all over her face and rubbing his wetness on her face. Then she started licking his LUN right from its base, upto its top and then downwards. It was very hot.

She continued it for a while, greedily licking and teasing, she soon gave her mouth to his dick. She had her mouth filled with fully grown LUN of my friend. Yasir was larger in girth and length. Baji not only did notice it but also mentioned it jokingly.

My heart raced and my dick twitched a bit more when my real elder sister stroked my best friend’s dick right infront of my eyes and said, “Choote bhayya, Yasir ka (LUN) to tumhare (LUN) se bhi bara hy. Lagta hy mujhy aaj raat bohat maza aane wala hy”.

(Little bro, your friend’s dick is even bigger than that of yours. Seems like I’ll have good time this night). Her two hands were encircled it and playing with it. She was doing it ever so pleasingly and happily as if she was lucky just to get her brother’s friend’s dick in her mouth.

As she readied the man, her own pussy was dripping with her own juices. Baji's PHUDDI lips were full and pouty. While sucking Yasir’s LUN, baji started feeling her PHUDDI with her fingers. Her long, shiny cunt was looking so slippery as if it would accept even an arm in it.

Not wanting to wait longer, Baji let the full Hard LUN of Yasir drop from her mouth and moaned in a very sexy and GASHTI tone, "Come on, show me what you boys can do to me, specially when one is my real brother and the other is his best friend."

My Goodness….My Sister was a slut of extreme quality. Then she laid on the bed. Totally nude, playing with her nipples and spreading her legs as wide as she could, she was flaunting her nudity, her PHOODI to us.

The big luxurious bed of Yasir’s bed room, where he and I had spent uncountable hours watching movies and chatting, was filled by my prostitute baji’s nakedness. Yasir, his cock stiff and already dripping pre-cum, assisted baji in being at a good position facing him.

As they were becoming ready for Chudai, they were almost at the edge of the bed. My sister has had enough dicks in her life that it would have been a foolishness to expect any sort of resistance in her PHOODI.

Also Baji was instigating Yasir to fuck her hard, without any mercy. So Yasir came on top of my sister, spread her legs even further and then asked Baji to hold his dick and place it at the perfect place for sudden entry.

Baji did as ordered and then Yasir jerked forward. His long hard cock impaled my baji with one massive stroke, causing a wave of pleasure to sweep over her. Yasir then started my baji’s CHUDAI at full pace. He surely was not going to enjoy it aesthetically,

rather he really wanted to treat her as a prostitute. He might had other plans too, but for the first fucking of my sister, he was mad as hell. He just wanted to fuck the bitch and cum quick. Yasir’s cock buried to the hilt in Baji’s pussy. I could no longer be a mere spectator.

Afterall she was my real sister and I had more right on her than Yasir ;) So I went towards her face and started playing with her juicy breasts. Now me and Yasir both were fondling her heaving breasts, pinching and tugging the hard nipples.

Yasir was busy in fucking her CHOOT, but I had no other job so I lowered myself and started sucking my sister’s breasts. Yasir then pinched a nipple of my baji and asked, “Yaar apni behen ka nipple chooso” (Dear, suck you sister’s nipple).

And I started sucking the nipple which was in Yasir’s fingers. He then ordered my sister to play with my dick. She happily obeyed the orders. Suddenly Yasir came up with an idea. He said that Khawja brothers had told him that Baji had double penetration experience too,

like one dick in her pussy and other in her ass. (remember I was part of that double penetration). But this time, Yasir suggested, both LUN should be in Baji’s PHOODI only. My Baji, being a true professional prostitute and a real Bitch, readily accepted.

Rather she was bit excited too. So we adjusted the positions a bit. Yasir, being physically strong, laid on bed, baji sat on him facing away in a way that his LUN was buried deep in Baji’s CHOOT and then baji too laid on Yasir. Now they both were facing the ceiling.

Baji’s legs were stretched to the limit and I could see Yasir’s big dick entered in baji’s PHOODI. I stepped forward and bending slightly, placed my dick on Baji’s Phudi. But how to proceed? Baji’s PHUDDI already seemed fully occupied.

But baji knew fully well how stretched it could get. She inserted a finger in her Phoodi and then another finger. And then she stretched her Phuddi using her two fingers. Now there was some room for the head of my penis to rest.

I placed my dick on the entry and with the help of my sister’s guiding hand+fingers I started sliding my cock into her already fully occupied pussy. Although I was slow at first but gradually increased the pressure for full entry of my LUN in her PHOODi.

The intrusion startled and excited her and Baji spread her legs more to accommodate me. Again feeling herself orgasm at the mere feeling of being so completely filled with two wonderfully hard cocks. As a low guttural moan escaped her, both of us began to fuck her rapidly.

As she rocked backward with each stroke, her ample breasts heaved and bounced. We were now fucking her now in a varying rhythm so sometimes one cock would slide out as the other slid in, at other times both pushing in simultaneously,

filling her both breadth and length to over capacity. Her orgasms came in rapid succession now, her juices flowing out and soaking us. As we fucked her, all four of our hands caressed her body, fondling her breasts. touching her throat and lips.

Baji eagerly sucked fingers into her mouth, probably imagining they were additional cocks to satisfy her. Baji's voice now rose to a cry as she was so totally filled. Sometimes I would just close my eyes and enjoyed the hard fucking of a pussy,

irrespective of the fact that it was my sister’s pussy. It was no doubt exciting. But the other scenario was even more exciting. As I would look over, I was further aroused by the sight of the two cocks in my sister's pussy,

specially the feeling that one of the cocks was of my best buddy. We had now counted 4 explosive climaxes from Baji's stretched pussy and she now leaned back on Yasir’s body as if it was a bed. She was enjoying it but not as much as she was enjoying it minutes earlier.

Limply, soft guttural moans continued to escape her. Suddenly Yasir announced "I’m gonna release Now" Yasir moaned and both cocks pushed deep inside Baji and pulsing rapidly. We were releasing almost at the same time. It was a wonderful feeling.

Not only I was ejaculating in my real sister’s Pussy, but also my best friend was ejaculating in her infront of my eyes. We both emptied spurt after hot spurt of silken, sticky cum into Baji’s hot pussy. As we continued to fuck her,

cum jetted out between our cocks onto baji's thighs and ran down her sweet GAAND, dripped onto the blanket below her. As our cocks softened, they eventually slid out of her pussy. Yasir slid from under Baji leaving her limp body on the bed,

fully spread legs were looking too sexy and vulnerable. Cum was streaming from her gaping pussy, drenching the blanket under her. We all then moved to the washroom and washed each other joyfully, carefully and tenderly. We had sex in washroom too.

Baji also gave her GAAND to Yasir. Whole night we fucked my sister many a times but the story of those fucks will be too boring for you so I would not go into the details. After we had first experience of my Baji together, there were many more times of pleasure in store.

Most shameful, or probably most erotic of those was when Yasir took my baji to his home in order to give pleasure to his friends. And it happened many times. Yasir would just call me, or my sister and told that he had some guests at home who need some good time.

My sister would happily prepare herself for heavy fuck sessions. Sometimes even I escorted my sister to the fucking place. It was all too erotic. Specially one time when my sister did a NANGA MUJRA infront of 15 boys. They all eventually fucked her too.

However Yasir did never disclose the fact to his friends that the prostitute was actually my sister. I’ll be telling you the stories of those times. However let me mention one thing…..My sister remained a purely professional prostitute.

She gave some concession to Yasir, but never provided him free service. It’s what we call commitment and professionalism. Plz do comment on my story. Hope you all like it. And plz plz…… post your comments regarding INCEST. And I would like to know whether there are some incest people in Indo-Pak.