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Gymnast uncle ji ke saath sex

Hi girls I am Fahmina, My Uncle IRSHAD was a gymnast in high school, and then went out for gymnastics in college. He was really into keeping his body in shape, and I must admit that he looked pretty good.

He was visiting our place for one week, He talked me into going through some gymnastics exercises with him. I enjoyed that. I especially enjoyed the fact that he didn't wear any shorts under his tight-fitting sweats.

Irshd Uncle was married to my Aunt Shahnaz. He had been married for a short time, but his wife, Shahnazaunty, had said that she just didn't like being married to a man who was so sexually active.

I wondered if she just didn't like sex or whether IrshadUncle was insatiable. I was willing to find out, just for my own knowledge, if you get my meaning. I have so many times Irshad uncle touching my mom in kitchen

here and there touching his hardon on my moms ass while talking to her rubbing his dick on my moms ass, I was having dought before my mom Shameem and Irshad uncle having something, when ever dad wasout Irshad uncle always close to my mom one time

I listen uncle telling mom meri jan Shammu sali to adhi ghar wali hoti hai mom laughed. MAIN CHORI CHORI SE UNCLE AUR AMMI KO DEKTHI THI AUR MERA DIL MACHALTA THA IRSHAD KA LUND ON DEKKAR.

First time I exercised with him, he had me lying on the floor, spreading my legs wide as he watched. I looked at the bulge in his tights. It was damned obvious to me that he wasn't wearing anything under those tights but his skin, and he was getting a hard-on from watching me.

I was getting pretty hot myself, watching his cock grow in his tights like that. At first, it just seemed to grow a little, getting a little longer and fatter. Then, it stuck over to the side, the head completely visible and distinct.

I was glad there was no one else at his house. Otherwise, they would have seen the big, juicy wet spot in the crotch of my tights. When his cock made it to the point of being fully erect, which it was as I was spreading my legs wider and wider,

it stuck up to the side, nearly moving the elastic band of his tights away from his body. I had to excuse myself. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my tights and spread my legs wide. I touched my clit once, twice -- and came, my body jerking all over the stool.

I pulled up my tights and went back to the patio, where Uncle was lying on the mat, doing leg rises. With every leg rise, his cock rubbed against his thighs, lifting the band of his tights away from his body.

From my angle, I could see the side of the head of his cock, purple and engorge with blood, nestled among his pubic hairs. There was a wet spot on his gray tights, right where the head of his fat cock had been. I took a deep breath.

I knew that my face was flushed red from my masturbating. "God, what a sight," I whispered. He turned and looked at me. He sighed heavily and moved over on the mat, and I sat beside him. I couldn't stand it anymore.

I reached over and ran my finger down the length of his hard dick, and he closed he eyes briefly and took a deep breath. I pressed harder, and he moaned and looked at me. "If you knew how good that felt, you'd never stop," he moaned,

MERI JAN FAHMU AHISTA AHISTA BABY MAZA LENE DAY, UFF FAHMU MY DREAM NIECE AAJ APNE UNCLE KO KHUSH KARDEJAN MERI. "I think I do," I said. I leaned over as he sat there, and pressed my lips against the bulge in his tights,

moving up and down the hard, hidden shaft of his cock with my lips. I made my own wet spot against his gray tights, and as they became wetter, I could see through the thin material. I tugged at the band to his tights,

and got them part of the way down. It pulled at his dick as I tugged them down, and it pointed straight downward. As he lifted his ass off the mat, I tugged really hard, jerking the tights down to his knees.

His cock shot up and actually made a slapping sound as it hit him in the belly. I wasted no time at all. I pushed him down, to where his back was on the mat. His cock and balls free from the material, I got a good look at what had been causing such an enormous bulge.

His cock was fat -- really fat, but not so enormously long. His balls were what were so large. They had pressed his cock outward the whole time. I reached down and felt of his big, nearly hairless balls, and he moaned in pleasure.

His balls were heavy, and the sac holding them was pulled downward by the weight of them, adding to the wrinkles in the big fleshy sac. I put my head on his stomach, my lips inches from the giant, purple head of his cock.

It throbbed as it lay there, looking like a one-eyed snake, bobbing up and down greeting my lips. I flicked out my tongue, touching the very tip of it, and tasted the glistening drop of cum that lay there.

I moved my mouth down, opening wide, taking the whole thing in my mouth at once, loving the taste and the feel of his hard cock in my mouth. Irshad uncle was shouting uff chosle meri jan meri fahmy peeja uncle karas uff janu suck it suck it like hell meri fahmu.

I then moved my mouth off the head, amidst his protests, and ran my tongue down the shaft to his balls. I licked at his big balls, hefting them with my fingers. I sucked one of them into my mouth and ran my tongue around and around his big orb,

and then did the same to the other one. Then, I was back to the head of his dick again. I moved my mouth down on it, feeling it probe the back of my hungry mouth. I stroked him as I sucked, and his knees began to shake.

I stopped and stood, looking down at him. I pulled my tights off, and he stared wide-eyed at my hairy, wet cunt. I straddled him and lowered myself onto his throbbing cock, and I was so wet, it slid in with ease. Soon, I was resting on his balls, his fat dick all the way in.

I moved up and down once, twice, and came again, just like that. He moaned, and I felt his cock jerk inside me, and my insides were flooded with cum, hot juicy spunk that filled my insides and flowed out around his cock.

He squirted time and again, and I came with the feeling of his jerking, hot dick deep inside me. I sat there atop him, looking down into his eyes. He looked at me, and reached up and touched my tits gently, lovingly,

UNCLE SUCKING MY BREAST AND SHOUTING OH YES FAHMINA JAN SO SWEET BALLS BETTER THAN URMOM UFFF. Uncle put me dowm and start sucking my pussy from the down uff what a taste it was uncle now was on me spread my legs

and Irshad uncle slammed his huge cock into my pussy oh maaaaaaa it was all inside and and huge cum gallons of juices inside me. We tried all kinds of exercises that afternoon, and I wouldn't give up exercising with him for anything.

Not now. I figured out that I would need a lot more information before coming to a conclusion about AUNTY'S complaint. But, I think that, maybe, he is oversexed. But then, what's wrong with that?

Saas ki jamkar chudai

I have heard that a man fantasizes about sex nearly 285 times a day, which is once about very four minutes. Wow, that is a lot of sex, isn't it? That gives me a lot of solace as I fantasize a lot about sex and having sex with different partners in different positions,

from my not-so-good-looking-but-having-a-great-body colleague to my over-friendly and buxom 30-year-old neighbor. I also fantasize about my aunt, my wife, my mother-in-law and so many others.

These fantasies have really helped us both (me and my wife) enjoy our sex life. I used to think that the fantasies never come true. That even though I think about having sex with my mother-in-law or my aunt, amongst others,

I would never really get to sleep with them. Well, not anymore. Now I am a firm believer in luck, destiny, god and dreams coming true. Here is what caused this extraordinary change in my perspective.

We live in New Jersey, USA. My wife is pregnant with our first baby so her mother is nowadays in USA to help her with her first delivery. First I got to tell you about my mother-in-law. The lady was very good looking in her youth (she still is)

and she has managed her aging so skillfully that she still looks very elegant and attractive. What I like most about her is, unlike orthodox Indian old ladies; she is liberal, adventurous, has a very good dressing sense, loves to try out new stuff and is open-minded.

She is a widow and has a very good attitude towards life. Off course my wife's pregnancy means no sex for me for some months. But, I am not the one who will go scouting for sex elsewhere. Whenever I get horny, I often jerk myself up and satisfy myself.

That gives me a little more time to fantasize and get a hard on before masturbating. One night last month, I was watching Sixers vs. Lakers Basketball Finals game on my big screen TV in our recreation room in the basement and was drinking beer.

As is my habit, I was also working on my laptop. I had biked 5 miles that evening so to dry myself up from my sweat, I had taken out my t-shirt and underwear and was wearing just the shorts. My wife was upstairs in her bedroom with her mother.

Around 11.30, when the game was in fourth half and Lakers were winning, my mother-in-law came into the basement recreation room. "Mama, aaiye, baitheeye!" I welcomed her and offered her to have a sit on the couch beside me.

"Kya chal raha hai? Aarti(my wife) so gayee hai. Muze neend nahi aa rahi thee to maine socha TV dekhtee hun." She said. "Kuch nahi, Basketball finals dekh raha tha aur kuch kaam nipta raha tha.

Bas game ab khatam hi hone wala hai to phir jo bhi aapki dekha ho dekhte hai. Mai to itnee jaldi sota hi nahi." I said. She lifted the laptop bag from the couch beside me, placed it on the table near wet bar and came and sat on couch near me.

As Shaq defended another three pointer attempt by Iverson, I finished my third beer and went to the wet bar. I wanted to get myself another beer but was not sure if it would be okay to drink in front of my mother-in-law. Wouldn't that be construed to be disrespect?

I thought myself. What if I offered her a drink? Another thought. I was pretty sure she had not tried alcohol before but she could now. After gathering some courage I asked her "Mama, aap kuch lengi?"

She turned towards me and with her trademark dry smile asked "Kya Kya hai?Coke, Iced Tea." I really did not have any soda but even if I had I would have said no. I wanted to see if she is going to try the alcohol.

"Nahi mama, coke to nahi hai. Ummm. Beer, rum, whiskey, wine, tequila". I listed out all the stock. "Nahi re mai to peeti hi nahi. Kabhi pee hi nahi.". Rahne de." She said. But by now I was pretty fancying my chances of getting her at least try some alcohol or maybe get her drunk.

"Kabhi try nahi kiya to kya. Aaaj kar leejiye. Chalo mai apne dono hi ke liye margarita bana deta hun. That will be easy. Theek Hai?" I offered her a solution, or nearly thrust her with that one. I knew she was going to take it. "Theek hai. Thodisi try kartee hun."

Came her words. As I was blending the drinks, the devil struck me. What if this is the opportunity to make my fantasy about her come true? I thought. May be I would get lucky and have sex with my mother-in-law.

I knew she would get drunk in one or two drinks. If not I would venture her out for some tequila shots and then make her hot. That was a sure fire chance. Margarita was ready, so I poured our drinks in two glasses and walked towards the couch.

I handed one to her and sat with mine. We had not really spent that much of time together with each other, alone. So, I did not know what to talk about. "How is it?" I asked as she gulped down her first sip. "Umm. It is good. I like it." She said in a complementary tone.

As the Lakers won, I handed the remote to her and said "leejeye, kuch bhi laga leejeeye." "Arre, nahi beta, laga do na tumhi." She said as she took the remote. I knew she wanted to watch Jay Leno or Drew Carry.

Since she came to stay with us, my wife and myself had really tuned her in to some of the American shows. "Friends" was her favorite show. As I sipped my drink, She switched some channels and tuned it to some thing interesting on HBO.

That was "Sex and the City". I knew she had never watched it so she had know idea what was the show about. She finished her drink rather fast to my surprise. I was also about to be done. She must have surely liked margarita as when

I offered her one more glass, she readily agreed to. I had figured this before so I had made more margarita earlier. As we sipped our drinks and watched "Sex and the City", I could see Tequila making it's effect on her.

For someone who had never tested any alcohol, Tequila, even if smuggled in the form of margarita, is a powerful drink and sure to have it's effect. She started to miss on her words as we spoke and started loosing control

as she nearly spilled the glass as she was trying to place the glass on the table in front of us. I started sensing my opportunity here. If I played my cards right, I would never going to forget this night.

Luck was also seem to be favoring me, as the "Sex and the City" was also showing some very good sex scenes. I was getting horny now. I was like a cheetah that could not get any food for a fortnight and now had a weak deer in sight and well within it's reach.

"Aap theek to hai?". I asked. "Kuch kuch ho raha hai. Chadh gayee shayad." She stuttered. "Jyada to nahi pee le maine." She continued. "Nahi nahi, yeh to thoda hoga hi. Isiliye to sharaab peete hain." I rushed in with my kind words.

I poured rest of the margarita in our glasses, even though she resisted. "Arre kuch nahi hota. Dekhiye bahut maza aayega." I said like a good host. We kept talking on some inconsequential topics while drinking. By the time we finished our drinks we both were drunk.

Mama was nearly out and was slumping on the couch just staring at the TV.I could see the gap between her boobs as the blouse she wore was not enough to contain the big boobs she has. That was arousing me.

I put my hand on her shoulder and enquired, "Mama, are you okay? Kaisa lag raha hai?" Without even moving any part of her body she stuttered, "Bahut acchha lag raha hai. Main to udd rahi hun."

Seeing that she was still in her senses, I tuned in to one of the spice channels showing explicit sex videos. I do not know if she had seen porn earlier but without showing any emotion, she kept watching the TV.

By this time I had moved closer to her and allowed her head to rest on my left thigh. Now she was lying half way on the couch with her feet folded up at right angle and resting on the couch arm and her head on my lap, on her right ear side.

I think my erect penis was touching her hair. I was slowly moving my right hand through her hairs, slightly messaging her head. My left hand was resting on her heap. She was wearing a sari and her I could see her bare stomach and her bellybutton.

Seeing woman's belly button really does arouse me. I slowly moved my left hand on her bare stomach and started moving my palm on her big stomach, fingering her belly button. My penis was jumping hard. Though my eyes were on TV, my mind was clearly not.

I think she was in that particular area of mind where you kind of know what is going on but you really have no command from the brain to carry out any resistance, or even if you have, your nervous system disobeys the brain.

Seeing no resistance from her, I was getting bolder and more confident. Slowly, I moved my left hand onto her breasts over her blouse and started caressing each of them slowly. My right hand was now pinching and pressing her left earlobe. Her eyes were now closed.

She must be enjoying this, I thought. I was surprised that she did not resist. Getting bolder, I inserted my left hand inside the blouse. She was not wearing any bra. That made my job easier and I started slowly caressing her boobs.

I gently pressed her nipples and she squeezed out a small cry as if it hurt her. But I did not stop. I adjusted my sitting position by slightly lifting her as my erect cock was making me uncomfortable and put mama's head now facing upwards towards my face.

Her eyes were closed and she was looking gorgeous. My left hand was still inside her blouse, caressing her boobs and with my right hand; I was feeling her soft, fair skin on her face. I felt her lips with my fingers and got an urge to kiss her.

I bent down and put my lips against her. As I moved my tongue over her closed lips, I could sense her lips parting away. I slid my tongue inside and started kissing her. I sucked her lower lips first, then upper lips and then tongue.

I could not resist now so I unbuttoned her blouse and freed her boobs from the shackles. Now I was kissing her, was pressing her boobs with my right hand. I moved my left hand towards her feet and pulled over her sari and petticoat upwards.

Her legs and thighs were now visible. Well-shaped legs, I thought. I moved my left hand over her legs and thighs. She parted her legs so as to make a way for me to get near her pussy. I took the hint and moved my hand over her underwear, feeling her vaginal area.

All the time I was kissing her or smooching her on her cheeks. She grunted sometimes, moved her head sideways, but that is it. Not much of problem. Looked like she wanted it and was enjoying it. Fine for me, I thought.

I inserted my left hand inside her underwear and was figuring out her vagina, her mushy hair in that area. I inserted my finger in her vagina and started finger fucking her. She squeezed her eyes, shrunk her eyebrows and moaned silently.

I had to free my penis out of its prison now. I was also feeling uncomfortable in that position. So I lifted her head up, moved out and kept her head on couch. I took out my trunks and now I was naked with my erect penis in my hand.

I moved towards her legs, lifted up her sari and petticoat over her belly, and started taking out her underwear. As it required moving her thighs closer, that must have disturbed her. She opened her eyes and raised her head to see me and seemed astonished.

I order for her not to panic, I went near her face and taking in my both palms, took her in my arms. "Kuch nahi hua, mama. Easy.. Easy." were my words I guess. She also embraced me with her both hand and we sat still for a while in that embrace.

I kissed her again and rested her head on the couch. She closed her eyes again and lay down. I took out her underwear, parted her legs apart and buried my face in her vagina. I rubbed my nose against her bush,

opened her vaginal area with my two fingers and licked her pussy. It was wet. I sucked her majora & minora, her clitoris and gave her a tongue fuck. She put her hand on my head and caressed slowly.

I knew she was co-operating now, which would make my job easier. I wanted to get a blowjob, but was not sure if she could do it; or if she would do it. I wanted to make her naked first. But given her size and her state, that would be a stupendous task, I thought.

But still I wanted to give it a try. I went near her and whispered in her right ear, "Mama". "Ummm." Came the reply. "Sari nikaalni hai. Khadi ho jaao na please" I said slowly. No response. I undid the sari knot but could not take it out.

I helped her on her feet and rolled open the sari. She was standing taking support of the TV cabinet with one hand and watching towards the TV. I undid the petticoat knot, removed it and she was bare naked in front of me.

My mother-in-law, naked with me, was soon to be fucked by her son-in-law. My fantasy would soon come true. I took her in my arms, and we stood there in naked embrace. She must have felt some current going through her body upon

embracing a nude male body after a long time, as she shivered somewhat. I whispered in her ears, "Neeche jao na" I was not expecting her to go down and give me a blow job. But still I had to try. She pushed me out of the embrace,

looked at me, my cock and to my pleasant surprise, bent down on her knees and started fondling my balls and my prick. She slowly licked the area below my balls, then my balls and then my prick. She was handling the prick so carefully and so gently,

as if she had found a lost treasure. Slowly, She took it in her mouth and started moving her lips over my shaft, sucking it hard, pulling the skin off the head, moving her tongue tip over my piss hole and fondling my balls with her other hand.

I started moaning and moving my hand through her hairs. She was doing the act expertly, totally at ease, in her domain. I moved towards the couch, sit on that and she continued her blowjob. She licked my entire chest,

nipples, stomach, arms, armpits, waist and again went down to my penis. Now I was losing control. I wanted to put it in her wet pussy. I moved her head away from my prick, pushed her down on the floor and mounted myself over her.

The feeling of her naked body below me, touching of her breasts to my chest, made me feel very hot. We were breathing very hard now. My penis was touching her vagina. We were both anticipating the moment when the penis will go in her cunt.

And I pushed and put it in. It slid in gently and I felt like I was in heaven. I gently started stroking, holding her boobs, caressing them, and kissing her. I grabbed her ass cheeks from behind, pulled her closer and gave her bibber shots.

We were both moaning with ecstasy. Buried totally in the moment, we were enjoying the act. I think I was spitting out words like "Yes, take it in. Let me fuck you hard.". I also heard "Chod muze, Zor se daal. Aur chod. Tadap gayee thee re main. I love it. Fuck me." And what not.

I wanted to change the pose so I told her to get in the dog pose. I fucked her in dog pose for a while. Then I had her lay down on her back, lift her legs over her head and rest them on the couch so that her bottom was now exposed totally showing her cunt and asshole.

Then I stood so that she was in between the fork of my legs and my back towards the couch and put my penis in her cunt. This is a very hot pose. I was fucking her with long shots now, my penis going in her cunt vertically.

She started yelling " Oh. What are you doing? This is very hot. Main aa jaaungi. Muze nahi aana. Aur chodna hai muze. Please." I was in no hurry either. We switched our pose again, this time having her on top of me. This is one of my favorite poses.

She fucked me with good, hard shots. My penis was touching the entry walls of her cunt. I sucked her nipples, took as much of her boobs in my mouth as I could. Then she sat erect and fucked me. She must have got tired as she slumped on me.

I started stroking from below. I could not stop this time. "I am coming. I can not stop." I told her. "Ok, I am ready too." She agreed. Some more shots, and we both came together. We both shrieked and held together tightly.

I had shot too much of my load in her cunt. We lay there like that for quite some time. I had finally achieved which I had wanted. I had fucked my Mother-In-Law. It was unbelievable. I slowly rolled her away to the side, got up and grabbed some tissue papers,

wiped us, pulled out the comforter from the closet and joined her on the floor to sleep in her arms and under the comforter. More than the warmth of the comforter, I relished the warmth of her fleshy body. I slept very comfortably that night.

Me & my hot chachi

Sorry, first of all bcoz I am not so fine in story writing I have tried to share my feelings to u in bad English. I will also like to share my story with u this entire incident happen between me and my chachi (my uncle wife).we started our relation for last 1.

Yrs back. My uncle is a software engineer and who is working with a his friends who takes projects and these people solve it he is on contract with his friends so many times he is out of India before this incident happen let me tell give u a

small introduction of our family me with my bro sis and mom and dad use to live with my uncle but later my dad purchased a new house for us near by only. After we shifted there my uncle and chachi went abroad and has returned now after 5 yrs with an eight months baby.

We had a great time and were very happy to see my new cou. My uncle stayed next a year or so in India. He was working in hybad on contract for 1.5 yrs and after his contract finished he left again to Japan for his job for 2 yrs.

He left cou and chachi with us and told me to take care of both he told me it is a special duty of mine to take care of both and I accepted it. My coo and chichi use to be in our house during the daytime and in the night after dinner cou and me my chichi use to go to aunt house.

My cou has become so much to use of my bro and sis that he started to spend his night also in our house. My uncle house had 2 bedrooms a hall kitchen. My chachi and cou use to sleep in bedroom and I use to sleep in hall because I use to watch late night movie so.

In India she use to wear saree and some times salwar kameej but many times she use to be in saree only.she use to keep her and cou clothes in a tub and use to wash it in eve so her used bra and panties use to be in tub only whenever

I use to go in house when she was not there I use to sniff her panties and bra and use to masturbate with it. Many times I put my cum on her cups of her bra too. Our incident started last summer. I had my summer vacations so all use to be late.

I use to get up late sleep late all late things I use to do. Due to vacations my cou use to daily sleep with my bro and sis as they all use to enjoy and play games there in the late night. As all know the summer heat of Bombay.

I use to almost sleep in my min clothes I use to daily sleep only in shorts and nothing else. One night I was watching XXX movie on cable in late night. My chachi came out from her bedroom to drink water she came in hall and asked me why am I not sleeping?

I answered due to heat I told that I am feeling very hot so I am not able to sleep. She told me to join her in bedroom where AC was installed. And I agreed it. I off the TV and went to sleep in bedroom. And slept.

Next night before going to sleep she told she has kept the bedroom door open and whenever I finish watching TV sleep in bedroom. And I said ok. And after saying this she went to sleep. I after 2 hrs went to sleep

I saw that chachi saree is almost up till her knee and her blouse to is open from where her cleavage was nicely visible. I went slept beside to her and saw all this and slept. All this happens for a week or so many times I use to see her thighs a fair thighs.

One night I decided to do something else so I quietly slept and after sometime I touched my feet with her feet there was no response from her so I moved up up up till her thighs and touched with my hand and leg but there was no response from her she dint moved a bit.

So I put my leg on her spongy thighs and slept. Next day was nice and that night my cou had came to sleep with us. So for the next 3 days I just saw her and slept. My cou had very bad habit he uses to play with chachi boobs he uses to just put them in mouth.

And sleep. So on the last the when I went to sleep I saw my chachi 1 breast is out and it is in my cou mouth and they mouth where in deep sleep I went lied down and started watching her breast. It use to move when she use to breath after sometime

I just touched her breast and pinched a little and took my hand off. After some time my chachi woke up for water I was woken up but I had shut up my eyes later she came she put her breast in her bra and put the hook and slept. That was the end of that night.

Next night my cou was not there so my chachi went to sleep early. I went and saw she was facing the wall and her ass was towards me I got very much horny so I also slept in same position and after some time I pushed my self a bit front.

Again a bit, again a bit doing like this I pressed my cock in her ass and went to sleep this happened whenever I use to get chance. But at 1 night I thought to something else. As usual in night I watched the movie and went to

sleep that night my cou was not there I saw she was facing me and sleeping I also slept in same position and went to sleep. In between I use to move a bit backward and a stage came when I was almost sleeping in her arm after some time

she woke up and moved a bit back doing this way she almost was locked between me and wall. I did same thing for other 2 days but after that again my cou came to sleep and there was a break for 3 days. I did nothing in those three days to her I dint touched her too,

though her breast was out I dint touched them. But on 4 nights when cou was not there I did the same and locked her between wall and me.she was sleeping quietly. Then suddenly I turned my self I was almost touching her body her

boobs were easily in my mouth then she woke up and started breathing heavily.I put one of her breast in my mouth she started to breath more heavily we were in these position for almost 1 hour then she became normal then again

I took a step forward and started pushing my thigh in her thighs she refused and dint moved I was there in same stage then again I bitted her breast a little and again she started to breath heavily. I moved my face downward and

took the other boobs and started to suck in the mean time she put her hand on my back. I got the green signal and again I pushed my thigh first she refused but later she moved her thigh up now one off my thigh was in her thighs after some time

I also kept my hand on her back and pulled her towards me and she obeyed me we both were hugging tightly each other. After some time I pulled closer to her a bit on her breast she moaned a bit and put her hand in my shorts and started playing with my ass.

I got the positive response from her so I pulled her towards me and I sat on her stomach that day she was sleeping only in petikot and blouse. I took her boobs in my hand and started playing with it I unbuttoned the blouse and unhooked the bra

and opened the knot of her petikot during all this process she was moaning but her eyes where closed. But when I put my hand in her panties she stopped my hand and opened her eyes she saw me and smiled at me I did the same.

She pointed her hand towards AC I went and made the AC more fast then later she told me to remove my shorts I did the same till all this she had took off her blouse, bra & panties and now she was only in petikot pulled up till her breast

I again came near her and sat on her stomach I kissed her while kissing I removed her earrings, and chain (mangalsutra) and kept it aside, made her hair loose. Now I was kissing more hardly, she entered her tongue in my mouth and sends some saliva into my mouth.

Also did the same. After this I kissed on her cheeks and lips and her neck I licked he armpits too, which were having taste of sweat. Hmmmm I really loved it. After all this I sat on her stomach and saw her she was looking really sexy.

I said, " I love u " she said me too, and we both hugged each other. Later I came down to lick her pussy I saw her pussy was wet. Touched her panties too they were also wet she must have cummed more than 3 times. I came down and shifted her in middle.

She opened her legs and invited me I went and started to lick her pussy within some min she cummed twice. I did all tongue fucking, finger fucking I did all.. Now I was veryhorny now. So I again sat on her stomach she holed her

breast on my cock and did breast fucking for some time. I got hotter so I sat on her boobs and put my cock in her mouth she told no I asked why? She told she don’t like it. I said this is not fair and saying this

I entered my whole cock in her mouth my cock was touching her troath. Then she started sucking it I also started pumping from up with some time I cummed in her and forced her to drink my cum she drank and told she liked it.

And made her clean my cock now she guided my hand to her pussy and told she wants here. I said ok and entered my cock in her pussy. But it dint went fully inside I forced but it dint I asked her that my uncle fucked her or no?

She said yup but she said her cock was not so big and thick as I have I said ok and told her to be cool. I placed 2 pillows under her ass and told to enjoy it. I entered my cock again and with some jerks it went deep inside she was crying

she told plz don’t it is paining and after some time I put my mouth in her mouth and started fucking her hardly and after 10 min I cummed in her within this she also chummed and I fall down on her. After some time I saw her and asked how is she feeling?

She grabbed my hair and kissed me and told she loved it later again after some time my cock again got erect I again inserted in her pussy she told no but I continued and again cummed in her pussy and fall on her in 2 mins

I heard the alarm clock of neighbors I saw the clock it was 4: 45 and it was morning I went to slept nude on her body. When I got up it was 11: 15 in the morning. I was nude and bed sheet was not there,

My shorts her bra, panties, blouse, petikot was lying beside me only I sniffed her panties and thought, may be it was a dream. So I wore my shorts and came out side I saw chachi was in kitchen with some vegetables.

I saw her she smiled at me I also smiled and said good morning? She told me it is almost good afternoon. Ohh I said and with that I put my hand in shorts to scratch my butts she saw it and said wait wait wait.

I was amazed to see what she wants to say she said the door is open and somebody is outside and saying that she left I dint understand what she was I saw her and went into the balcony afterwards she came in 10 min with a 2

cup of coffee she gave one to me and she hold the other. I saw some children were playing cricket down. She stood beside me and asked how was the night? I said why? She asked did I enjoy or no?

I was confused that whether all happened in night was truth or a dream I said I enjoyed. She said want some more? Said yes. With this she bent on her knee and pulled my shorts down. Then I realized that all was the truth, and started sucking it.

I got the grip of her hairs and started enjoying it too. With couple of mins I was about to cum she said wait and put my cock in her coffee cup and I loaded my load in her coffee cup. I relaxed and was almost sweating. She saw at me and drank the whole coffee with my cum.

I saw at her, she smiled me too smiled. She asked wants masti? I nodded my head and saying I got her up in my arms and carried her in bedroom. She said she will close the door and come. Till while I put on AC and was arranging clothes she

came and told me no no need to masturbate on my clothes in future I can have her anytime she wants and saying this she pushed me down and climbed on me I licked her pussy, and most important I fucked her ass for first time,

wow what a enjoyment and painful was that for me and she, I shall let u all. Ufffff, ok any way bye folks it’s now my time for masti with chachi and her sis see u all later.

Horny skeletons in the closet

Hello guys n' girls. My name is Dirk Diggler and I'm 23 years old today since its my birthday. So let me give you an idea about myself first. I'm 6'2 with a very good built body and attractive biceps and triceps. I have a fair complexion with black hairs and brown hazel nut eyes.

I'm a sophomore in my college doing my bachelors in business administration. Life has been full of excitement and surprises for me. And as we live our lives, we experience alot of things. Some are good while others are not so pleasant.

However, sometimes you experience things that lives with you for the rest of your life. What I'm going to share with you today is one of those things. It happened six months ago..... My family consists of four members.

My father who is a businessman and has many retail outlets throughout the country. He's mainly into the garment industry. He is 55 years of age. And he's a known and famous figure because of his successful venture in the garment industry.

Then I have an elder sister who is 26 years old. She is currently doing her master in business administration having done her undergraduation couple of years ago. And lastly, my mother. She has been a full time house wife ever since I have grown up.

She is 45 years old. We belong to the higher class society and if I may add, we have been quite affluent all our lives due to gods blessing and my fathers hardwork. I have had a reasonably healthy childhood though I wished I had spend more time with my father.

But he has always been busy with his work for the advancement of his business. My sister has always been busy with her life and her friends. Hence, the only memorable time that I can think of from my childhood were the ones I spend with my mother.

So as I grew up, things have been different in my family. As I went into my late teens, I got somewhat detached from my family for alot of reasons. My sister went abroad for her higher studies. Dad started to travel more due to his busy schedule.

He hardly stayed at home or spend time with mother or me. As this went on, I got busy with my studies and my personal life. I have had a very good acedemic and personal front in my school. I was very popular among peers. I have had a very good sex life aswell.

I had been and slept with the prettiest girls in my school. Hence, everything passed so quick that I didnt even realise alot of things that were going on in my family. Most notably the straining relationship between my father and my mother.

Their relationship got very sore. Above that, my father got into an extramarital affair with one of his business associates and it was the talk of the town. Mother initially dismissed those as rumours till she confronted my father,

when he admitted that there was more to it than just being a rumour. My mother got totally broken and shattered. She had loved my father alot. And she had given up so much in her life and sacrificed because of his family, happiness and convenience.

But this was how things went in her marriage life. Though my father had loved her, I guess different direction of our lives took its toll on him. But I was always convinced that my parents shared a unique bond.

Neverthless, just over six months ago my father decided that he wanted to divorce my mother. And that was when everything hit me. It totally shocked, stunned and broke my mother. Both physically and mentally. And this is where it all starts.

I suddenly realised how lonely and supressed my mother had been for all these years. While we were all busy with our own lives. Even at the age of 45, my mother was very pretty and maintained herself very well through rigorous work out and exercise.

She was still very sexy and had a sultry figure. She's 5'5 with long black hairs and a very fair complexion. Eyes as black as night skies and lips as red as a fresh rose. She had very firm tits with a mysterious curved ass which even I sometimes failed to understand.

But her health was detiorating very quick because of all the family stress that had been going on. I was seeing her totally break down right infront of my eyes. And that was when I started spending more time with her. Giving her emotional and psychological support.

And as I did, for the first time in my life I saw her as closely as I did. I started staying with her 24 hours a day. She was very weak and vulnerable. By this time, my father had moved in with his mistress. Hence, it was only me and my mother who lived in the entire mansion.

I couldnt even live her for a single second as she was in a very unstable mental condition. And had attempted suicide a couple of times already. I used to watch her all night as she used to cry, weep and sob in her bed. It was one of those nights.

There was a lightning thunderstorm that night. Very vicious and alarming. It was as if it was a sign of something that was coming. She hadnt eaten much as she never did during those days. And went to her bed in her silk nighty,

lying in her bedsheet tears flowing down her cheeks like a diamond. Something just told me that I couldnt live her alone that night. So I went and sat beside her in her bed holding her hands while she continued weeping.

As I saw her at that moment, right into her eyes, I realised how hurt and emotionally vulnerable she was. How supressed and sexually frustated she had been all these years. As she stared back at me with her deceptful eyes, a sensation ran through my entire body.

I immediately stopped staring at her eyes and my eyes fell on her tits. As I immediately realised that she wasnt wearing her bra as her pink nipples were visible through her silk nighty which were transparent.

As I kept staring at her tits, she saw me staring at them like a hungry animal, while we still held each others hands. She made her grip tighter. And as she did, I could feel my prick in my pyjamas getting hotter, bigger and erected with every passing second.

My intentions were getting unhonorable with every passing moment as I realised how cheap and filthy thoughts brushed through my mind. Thoughts like, how would it feel like rolling my tongue with her tongue kissing her passionately deep in her throat.

How would it feel like sucking and biting those pink nipples. How would it feel like fucking my own mother in her unseen cunt with my cock. How would it feel like fucking the hole that I came to this world from. How would it feel like fucking her gorgeous ass with my big and fat cock.

How would it feel like filling her vagina with my hot liquid. How would it feel like eating her cunt and tongue fucking it. All these thoughts brushed through my mind in a matter of a second. Thought I knew that this was something that was very unwarranted at this point in time.

And I also knew how dirty and filthy those thoughts were. BUT were they?. I just wasnt sure anymore. Right at that moment, my mother sat in her bed, still holding my hands with her tight grip. And as she sat, my eyes went back to her eyes.

And as our eyes met, for the first time in my life, I saw something in my mothers eyes that I had never seen before. It was full of mystery and lust. I had no idea what was she thinking at that moment.

But then she said in her broken voice, "it has been years since I last had sex with your father and I dont know if I will ever have sex with him again". And as she said it, I had some idea that she knew what was going on. Our eyes were still locked in each others eyes.

And at that moment, I just knew that I should leave otherwise, I would have lost my control. "Mother, I think I should leave now. Because I dont think I can trust myself being with you anymore.

I'm afraid I'll commit a major sin tonight if I keep staring at your eyes the way I am". But she didnt leave my hands. Gripping it even tighter than before. She took my hands and started kissing them with her rosy lips closing her eyes, while I felt her saliva in my hands.

She looked like a nightingle in her silk nighty while she kissed my hands. Her hairs shining like a mirror because of the table lamp. My cock was by now virtually begging me to release it from the prison. My lust for my own mother had reached to an unbelievable proportion.

I just couldn't take it any longer. I pulled my hands back, held her hairs with my right hand and kissed her red rosy lips. That was the first time my lips met with my own mother. As I kissed, she responded with an upright face.

I could feel the hotness in her breath as I rolled my tongue deep in her throat while I pressed her right tit aggressively with my left hand. As we continued with this, she started stroking my cock by releasing it from my pyjamas.

As I realised that I was now naked infront of my own mother, my cock grew even larger with excitement. As we continued, I pushed her in the bed like an animal and started undressing her. I tore her nighty to release her boobs and uncover her bushy cunt.

What I saw was absolutely maginificent. I couldnt believe my eyes. Her tits were as gorgeous as her face and her cunt was as stimulating as an 18 year old. I could see the wetness in her cunt as her precum started flowing out of sheer excitement of being fucked by her own son.

I immediately went round her while burying my cock in her mouth and spreading her legs wide while I started eating her cunt. We were in a 69 position. She was on top of me by now. As she sucked my cock like a thirsty bitch who hadnt been given a cock in years,

I kept eating her cunt fucking it with my tongue deep inside. The fact that her cunt was unshaven and was very bushy, gave me more stimulation and excitement as her pussy hairs touched my cheeks while I tongue fucked her cunt.

As we continued, I was by now fucking her mouth with big jerks while totally being engrossed deep in her pussy with my tongue. The smell of her odor and scent in her cunt was driving me more horny with every passing second.

I could feel her cum coming deep from her cunt. She could no longer hold it as this was the first time in years that she was having an oral sex. She squirted and exploded my whole face with her love juice. Hmmmmm mmmmmm mmmm mmm mmm.

I sucked each and every drop of her juice and rolled my tongue in a circular motion on her cunt lips to drink the last drop of her juice. Meanwhile, she was still sucking my cock like there was no tommorow.

However, I was still to cum as I had alot of sexual stamina and it would take alot more than just a blowjob. I couldnt control myself any longer. I pushed her aside and then I got on top of her while she lied on the bed on her back with her hairs scattered on both the sides.

I started caressing her nipples. I sucked and bit one while pressing the other. Meanwhile, my cock was brushing through her cunt hairs and cunt lips. I sucked and bit her nipples so hard that she started screaming and moaning with extreme pleasure.

"ohhhhhhh my goddddddddd. Harder. oooooooooooooh. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm", sighed my own mother while I sucked and bit her nipples. She was getting restless and impatient.

And then she started begging me to fuck her. "ohhhhh dirk plzzzzz. Fuck me you perverted son of a bitch. I cant take it anymore". I then stopped sucking and biting her nipples. By this time, my cock was at its maximum of 8 inches.

I spread her legs as wide as I could with both my hands. And then put the head of my cock in her cunt lips just outside her love passage. Still brushing it with her cunt lips and hairs teasing her mood and vulgarity.

Right at that moment, she started swearing at me and used abusive language, "you fucking perverted son of a cuntless bitch, fuck me I say, you bastard plz fuck me, oh goddddd, plz, I cant take it anymore, I just cant, you are gonna kill me you asshole,

plz satisfy my desires and fuck the hole you came out from". Her abusive usage of language excited me furthermore as I got ready to fuck her. Her cunt was still slippery with her juice. As I positioned the tip of my cock on her cunt lips, she closed her eyes.

I put her legs on my shoulder, and gave a jerk in her cunt with my cock. "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", she screamed with the top of her voice as she felt her own sons cock enter her vagina. As I took my cock out and gave a second jerk, my cock got buried deep in her vagina.

As I started jerking and getting a rhythm, my cock started getting in and out of her cunt. I started slow and then went on to proceed with medium jerks as she totally got lost in ecstacy closing her eyes and moaning with pleasure,

"ohhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd, yes yes yes yes yes yes, deeper, deeper, harder, harder". As I fucked and ripped her cunt with my cock, I saw her gorgeous tits fluctuating and bumping as the whole bed shook.

The sensation that I was feeling while fucking my own mother was absolutely incredible. I knew in the back of my mind that what I was doing was extremely sinful. However, the thought of commiting such a henous sin at that point

was what increased the pleasure of fucking my own mother by ten folds. As we continued, I increased the pace of my jerk and was by now almost ripping her cunt with my fat cock. I was fucking her like a stallion. In and out...In and out...In and out...Deep in her cunt.

I could feel her g-spot as I jerked in on the tip of my cock. As I reached my climax, I started seeing stars infront of my eyes. I could no longer hold it. I was going to cum. I thought of getting my cock out as I wasnt using protection, but it didnt really matter anymore.

I wanted to jizz inside my own mother. I just didnt care about the consequences anymore. And before I knew it, I cummed and jizzed all my sperms inside her pussy while I felt that she cummed at the same time. "ohhhhhhhhh godddddddddd",

we both cried out together as we cummed together. And fell in each others arms covered with sweat all over our bodies. We had both just been to heaven and it fell like we fell back on earth. We couldnt believe what had just happened as we stared at each others eyes yet again,

holding each others hands, while we kissed passionately lying naked on the bed. It wasn't long before my father had a fight with his mistress and came back to my mother ending speculations about the divorce.

As I had said, my father really did love my mother and they have always had a unique bond. However, the way I connected with my mother on that stormy night was something that was beyond incredible and unique.

It is something neither of us can ever forget. Its been 6 months since that incident. As of now, my family is back to normal with my parents being together again and my sister coming back from abroad within a few weeks time.

However, the big surprise is that as I write about this incident, my mother is expecting her third child in a few months. My father has been absolutely ecstatic about the entire thing and believes that this is exactly what would bring him and mother more closer and sustain their marriage.

As far as I'm concerned, I believe that there are some things in life that are best not talked about or thought of. And this is just one of them. I hope the truth never comes out and the skeletons stay in the closet. Personally, I feel that this is the most precious gift my mother could have ever given me on my 23rd birthday.

Sex with my brother

My name is Hareem. This is the first time I am writing a story. The event described is true and is first of a whole series. I hope you enjoy it. I live in Lahore and belong to a nice family. I was upset. My pubes were grown too long and I had no hair removing cream to remove them.

Suddenly I thought of using my brother's razor. Amir was two years my senior, he was 20, and we shared a common bathroom. We each had a door from our room into the bath. I went outside and made sure that he was not home.

Relaxed I went to the bathroom and opened his cabinet. His Gillette razor was lying next to his shaving foam. After taking off my clothes I inspected my pubes. hey were thick and black and covered my virgin pussy like a blanket. I am a beautiful girl.

I have 34B sized breasts, slender waist and round buttocks. In our religion, girls are not supposed to play with their pussies, but I was finding it hard not to touch the small bud at the top of my pink pussy.

I hadn't played with myself and did not know to do any further so I picked up the razor and carefully began to remove my hair. I was so absorbed in it that I did not hear my brother come inside. "What are you doing with my razor, you idiot?"

"Nothing." That was all I could say. I was so stunned that I could not find an answer. Amir lost all his anger when he saw my beautiful tits and my spread semi hairless pussy. When I realized my nudity, I quickly reached for the towel and covered it.

"Don't." That was all he could say. "Get out or I will tell Mom." "What are you going to tell her that you are using my razor for cleaning your pubes?" "Please.. I am your sister and you are not supposed to see me naked."

"Okay, but on one condition." "What is that?" "You will tell me all about yourself and hear from me about myself, like you being my girl friend." "Okay. But go away know or some one might come looking for us."

"See you in the evening." And Amir went outside with a large bulge in his pants. I could not concentrate all day long. Even the swimming gala could not cheer me up. Every time I thought about what had happened would sent a shiver through my body.

Being seen naked by someone for the first time and that person being my brother was both exiting and repulsive. I did not know what to do. On one hand I wanted to show my body to him and also get a chance of seeing him naked,

but I was afraid that it may lead to other things which I was not prepared to experiment before getting married. At dinner table I saw that Amir was also tense. Our father noticed. "Amir. Did you and Hareem had a quarrel today?"

"No," said amir. "Then why are you both not talking to each other?" He turned to me and asked me the same question. "Oh daddy I am tired after the swimming gala and nothing else." "Ok, its Sunday tomorrow, and you both can sleep without the trouble of going to school."

They said good night and went to their room. After nearly one hour I heard a knock at my bathroom door. With trembling hands I opened it. Amir was standing in his sleeping suite. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," was all that I could say. Amir switched off my lights except those on the bedside table. "What are you doing?" I said. "Every one should get the impression that we are asleep, that's what I am doing." We sat on our bed staring at each other.

"What do you want to know?" "Look Hareem, I am your brother and I will do nothing of the sort that you do not like. So please relax and don't be afraid." He saw me relaxing for the first time. "You look beautiful in your nightdress," he said.

"Thank you, you also look beautiful especially when you are naked. "Please don't talk about it know," I cut him short. "Okay. But can I ask some private questions." I nodded. "What is the size of your boobs?"

"34B" was my reply. "And the color of your nipples?" "You saw them today so why ask?" I was getting bolder now as I saw that it was just boy's talk. "Well, you quickly covered yourself so I just had a glimpse." Light brown," I said with a small laugh.

"Are you wearing a bra know." "No. I do not wear one when I go to bed." "Can I feel them." "Certainly not, that is out of question." While talking I had a strange feeling there and I knew that I was wet.

My nipples were aching and I thanked God that the main lights were off and Amir cannot see them through my nearly transparent cotton qameez (shirt in English). "Please," my brother muttered.

"Okay. I will show you one of my boob but then you have to answer my questions also and promise me that you will not take advantage of me." "I promise." I slowly raised her qameez and took out her left tit. It was amir first time seeing a tit so closely.

He had previously seen our mothers when she was nursing our baby brother. But this was something new. "Is it beautiful?" I asked in a teasing voice. "Yes," was all he could say in a deep voice. "Please. Let me touch them," he pleaded.

"Okay. But just touch it." He extended his hand and touched it. It was so soft. He touched the hard nipple. I gave a small moan. "Does it hurt when I touch it?" "No. Please keep on doing it, it feels wonderful." He took hold of my shirt and in one clean sweep he threw it off my head.

There I was naked from above. "You promised you won't do anything," I said, trembling with desire. "I just want to see them both. I am sorry." "Doesn't matter know any way, and no it all right. I want you to see them."

He brought his mouth closer to them and took the left nipple in his mouth. I jerked and thrust my boob into his hungry mouth. "Oh it feels so good. Please suck them as Atif (our baby brother) sucks Mom." He started with great enthusiasm.

First on the left and then on the right until he felt my body tense and with a slight moan I relaxed. It was my first orgasm of my life and I thought that I had peed in my shalwar (pants in English). Amir realized what had happened. "Did you come?"

"What is that?" I asked in a lower voice. "It means, dummy, that you had an orgasm." I looked down at my shalwar and amir could see a large wet patch. "I thought I peed." "No, you certainly had an orgasm. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes," I said shyly. "I want to see your pussy." He put a hand on my shalwar-covered thighs. I said nothing. Growing bolder I lowered my shalwar slowly until I was completely naked. My glistering shaved pussy, wet from my come, was in front of him.

He touched me there. "No please," I pleaded, "I am not ready for it." With a sigh he removed his hand. "Okay, but promise me that you will show it to me." Alright, and with that I put on my shalwar again. When I reached for my shirt he stopped me.

"I want you like this don't wear your shirt, you look beautiful." I was reluctant but agreed. "OK now you will answer my questions." "Go ahead feel free to ask any thing." "Are you circumsised?"

"Sure dummy, it is in our religion." "What is your size?" "What size?" "You know it what I am talking about" I said. He laughed. "Well I have nearly 7 inches of cock. Do you like to see it?" "Yes," I replied shyly. Amir lowered his pajamas and pulled out his virgin erect cock.

I was stunned at the size of it. I had heard other girls talking about it but haven't seen one before. It looked beautiful and I wanted to touch it but I wanted my brother to ask me. "Well, do you like it." "I don't know." "Haven't you seen a cock before?"

"Do you think I am a whore?" "No. I thought, OK forget about it, will you touch it?" I slowly put my hand on his penis. It was so hot and silky. My small hand was trembling as I felt the length of it. Amir was in paradise. He was also a virgin.

Before today nobody has touched his cock. He was finding it hard to control his passion. He knew that a few more strokes and he would be coming. I was inspecting my brother's cock very minutely.

"These are your balls" aren't they, I pointed to the hairy sack hanging below his cock. "Yes they are. Look Hareem, why don't you keep on rubbing my cock." "What will happen if I do so?" "I will come like you did." I started rubbing vigorously to please my brother.

Amir felt his cock grew and started feeling the sensation building. After few strokes he knew he was ready. "Please faster, I am going to come." I intensified my efforts. Suddenly a load of hot semen erupted from the tip of my brother's cock and landed on my chest.

I didn't know what to do but just kept on pumping. At least Amir sighed and his cook stopped erupting. "Thank you," he said and kissed me on cheeks. "What am I going to do with all this mess on my chest?"

He looked down and saw that his cum was all on my chest and beautiful breasts. He had an idea. He lowered his mouth and took my cum covered nipple in his mouth. I was astonished and at the same time getting aroused again.

Amir looked into my eyes and read the message. "Will you like to taste my cum?" I nodded in affirmative. He took some of his come on his finger and brought it to my mouth. I eagerly opened my mouth and took it and sucked it clean. "You want more," he asked.

"Yes," I said. "Then why don't you taste it on my cock?" "You mean I take your cock in my mouth, isn't it dirty to do such a thing?" "No, nothing is dirty in love. Come take it." I looked down at his semi erect penis and back at him.

"Come on, try it for once." Reluctantly I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in my mouth and instantly felt the remaining of cum on his tip. He thrust and half of his now throbbing cock was in my mouth. "Suck it like a lollipop."

I did so and found it was fun. I could feel his cock increasing in size in my mouth. But then I pulled back. "Look isn't it to much for one day, it is my first experience and I want to go slow." Amir was desperate but he wanted to please his kid sister.

"OK but promise me that we shall do this again." I smiled. "Look, I also liked it but think about one thing and that is I am your sister." "Nobody will know about it I promise you," Amir replied. "It is not about anybody knowing. It is not right both in our religion and in law."

"Look I liked it and so did you so there is nothing bad about it. I want to see you naked, completely, and make love to you." "Hey! aren't you going too fast?" I said. But more came later on which I will tell you guys later.

Fucking luscious Colombo aunty

My dream was to see my luscious aunty naked. Because I have never seen a woman naked with my own eyes. But I never imagined about any of my aunties but she was the youngest of them all and she had it all.

Also she didn't have any children and she cared for me a lot. My mind was wandering through all sorts of thoughts related to her. It was a joy. I masturbated numerous times thinking of her. I'm Jerry, 23 years old, 5" 11' well built and I'm from Colombo.

And finally the day arrived for me to feast on this beautiful creamy treasure. At that time I was just 18 and inexperienced. My aunty Chummy came to our place that evening. And my parents had to go out in the evening for a short while.

And I was supposed to stay back at home with my grand mom and aunty Chummy. We also had plans to go out again for dinner later in the evening when my parents return home. Once my parents left Chummy aunty went and had a small nap.

I just couldn't take my eyes off her. I just wanted to feel her. That was the only thought that followed up in my head. After a short nap she went to have a wash. I knew that this was my opportunity. So I started to lay out a plan.

Once I heard the shower running I gave a call from my mobile to the land line and made sure that the land line rang for a long time and pretended to answer the phone call. And then I went to the bathroom door and told Chummy aunty that her brother is calling for her.

So she came out of the bathroom in a rush just wearing her towel. This barely covered all the curves. I took this opening to slowly slip into the bathroom and stood behind the door. She came back to the bathroom since there was no

one at the other end phone and saying that his brother has hung up on her. She came in and closed the bathroom door and without a second thought she took off the towel. All this while she didn't see or realize that her nephew was standing there dumb folded gazing

at her luscious body. Her skin was creamy and clean without body hair. Her breasts were firm and were just a handful for a hand. Her nipples were light brown and her ass was gloriously shaped. And then I have my first glance at a woman's vagina.

It was cleanly shaved and was beautiful. All these took place in a very short period of time and of course aunty Chummy's sudden reaction was to try to cover her self up. And she wanted to know what on earth I was doing there.

I just told her the truth, saying that I wanted to see her naked and that I wanted to feel her. And that I dream about it all the time. And then she just stood there and gave me a cheeky smile. From there on I knew things are going to be fine.

My dick was throbbing in my pants and I'm sure it was pretty obvious for any one who was standing in front of me. She wore her towel and came close to me. My heart started to beat faster. I just could feel it.

She touched my face and I just grabbed her and kissed her. Well that's all that needed to be done. From there on both of us were just steaming to get things going. We continued kissing and exploring each other.

I was able to get the towel off from her body without much trouble. I thought that she would resist it but my dream was just unfolding in front of my eyes. She took of my t shirt and was feeling me all over my body and her right hand landed

on my dick whish was suffocating all this while. She managed to slide my shorts down and to release my thick 6" throbbing dick from my boxers. I knew she liked what she was seeing form the expression on her pretty face.

She held it and stopped for a moment and said that "we don't have much time now do we?". She held my hand and entered into my room which was just next to the bathroom. She locked the door and held me by the face and kissed me with her eyes closed.

I held my eyes open because I didn't want to miss a thing. I loved her juicy lisps. I took the initiative to grab her pretty breast and cupped them with my hands. They were soft and I just didn't want to let them go.

I squeezed them slightly and I knew she liked it from the slight sound she made. She broke the hold of the tongue and got down on her knees to have a good look at my dick. Instead of looking she held it and swallowed the whole length and

started to circle her moist tongue all around its surface area. Specially around the head. I couldn't stand it. She knew it and made my dick disappear inside her mouth. I had the most powerful orgasm ever and I thought ill drop on my knees.

I just got blown by my dream aunty. I don't think I shoot that much cum when I normally masturbate. I was breathless and speechless and could see her gulping all the cum that I shot into her mouth.

Her cheeky smile retuned to her face so I knew she liked it and now she was cleaning me up. I thought that was the end of the evening when she stood up and asked me if id like to blow her brains out. I didn't know if I could but I said Ill try.

She lied down with her legs wide spread. It was amazing. I just wish I could record it. I kissed her belly and her belly button. Then her thighs and finally to her pretty pussy. It was a treat and it was something that I will never forget. I kissed it.

And licked it. Explored it with my fingers. She placed her fingers on the clitoris and she asked me to lick it there. From the time I placed my tongue she was panting and asking me to continue. Her body was gyrating and I knew she liked it.

She tried her best not to make loud moans because we didn't want grand mom to wonder what's going on. She also asked me to insert a finger but I didn't really now and she guided me. I was digging her pussy and sucking her clit at the same time.

And to my surprise my dick was in its full glory standing and ready for action. My left hand was now searching her boobs which her standing proudly and waiting to seek some attention. I grabbed the left boob and caressed it and then squeezed

it till she started to moan out slightly louder than she used to. She stood up and then looked at my dick and was happy to see it at its full length." Jerry we need to hurry up. I think its time to finish this before your parents come."

She asked me to lie down and she squatted in front facing me. She held my dick and guided it in to her warm inviting pussy. I just had to lie there and everything was served on to me. She slowly lowered her self and I could feel my dick trying to slice its way through her pussy.

She took my throbbing dick out smiled and spat on it and then slid back in. It felt better this time because there was less friction. She started moving up and down slowly and I could see my dick disappearing inside her warm pulsating pussy.

I could feel my orgasm building and aunty Chummy realized it and slowed things down. Then I told her that I want to be on top just as they do it in the movies and then she giggled and lied on her back allowing me to be in charge.

She guided me inside and the treasure was all mine. I wanted her to moan out loudly so I rammed my dick all the way in with all the energy I had left. And she responded with the equal movement and while gyrating her body.

I held her breasts firmly and bent down to taste her lips. Her legs were wide spread and she was caressing my back and actually scraping my skin with her beautifully painted long fingernails. With the slight pain she was causing me

I bent down and bit on her nipples which she really enjoyed. My orgasm was building and at the same time I could hear the garden gate opening. I knew my parents were back and with the sudden excitement and fear I ejaculated my load into her warm pussy.

She grabbed me and gave one wet kiss and then threw me off the bed and ran to the bathroom while locking the door behind her and I was on bed trying to figure out what happened during the past 15minutes inside my room. I fucked my beautiful aunty on my bed. It was amazing.

No one knew what had happened that evening and throughout dinner Aunty Chummy and I were exchanging looks and talking through our eyes. I just wanted to drag her to a near by room and fuck her hard. I knew she would like to do that too.

Licking pussy game with sister

Hi all, I am raja from Tamilnadu. I like sex a lot and when I was 25 I decided to have sex with someone. This incident happened when my parents were out on a day. Once when my parents were out, I just switched on my pc.

she is 4 years younger than me and so she asked me to teach about internet. She is so sexy with big tits. I accepted to teach her internet. She asked me what is the purpose of search engines. then I explained her about it. then she asked me what a "PUSSY" is?

I was shocked on hearing this. I asked her how she knew that word? She said that in chat she met a man with the nick name "pussy lover". Then I told her that I can't explain what that word is, but I can show it, I said. she said "then show"

I asked her not to scold me after showing it. She promised me on the same. I placed my hands on her pants and removed it. She was shocked. she asked what is this? I said her that pussy is inside. Then she became silent.

As I did it, I found her pubic hairs extending out from her pussy. Now mine was at its full length. Then I removed her panty and showed her pussy and told her that it was pussy. She was shocked. but she didn't scold me.

She asked me a surprising question. she asked me if I too have hairs in that area's couldn't believe my ears and said her yes. she then asked me to show it. Suddenly I removed my pants and showed my hairy sunni (dick) to her.

as I was in mood already, the liquid from mine was just on it. She asked me "anna poi bathroomla onnukku irunga.enna juttila irunthu irukkiringa?" I said her that it was not urine but juice. She was surprised.

I then said her that both the male and female body produces juice and it should be tasted. She said me but my body never produces juice. I said her that it will produce. She then asked me which area produces juice?

I pointed to her pussy and said that it will produce juice. She said ok, I want to taste your juice. I said her that it will be a little salty. She said o.k. I asked her to shake it and get more juice. She did so and drank it as a hungry girl.

at last I was cum and she drank all those without spitting out a drop. I asked her how the juice was. she said that it was good. now I said I wanted to drink her juice. she said ok. Now I lay down her on bed and widened her legs.

she did so and I said her that it will pain a little in the beginning. she asked will it be so paining. I said her cunningly that it pained me also a little when she drank mine. she said "ok for u I'll bear the pain". I put my finger first inside her pussy and blood began to come out.

But I didn't show it to her and she was moaning out of pain. Then she cum out. I licked it all around and then I asked her to get up. She asked me if I drank her juice. I said yes. she then dressed up. She went out. Our licking came to an end.

Naughty Daughter Mala

I'm 38 years old tall and handsome man, I got married at the age of 21 when I was graduated from Uni. My wife was 18 years at that time, I have such a beautiful and good wife and we are made for each other.

We got two daughters, both are beautiful, while my wife was busy with younger one I'm more attached to elder one Mala, she too very affectionate with me and it's a good way to relax by spending time with beautiful kids.

Well she is now early sixteen, studying in 10+1 and it happened recently. It's really sexy to see when Mala return from her school, in her short skirts and tight white shirts. I don't know whether I was tempted or not but surely

I started to stare on her beautiful long creamy thighs, exposed from her skirts which hardly covers her ass and I'll often gets the glimpses of her panties at the home. Really Mala is beautiful by all the means, her complexion,

her height, weight, her curves big heavy boobs, butts everything is perfect. I was started think it's wrong to see Mala as a beautiful babe, but I think I was not wrong it's common to attract by any beautiful things and I'm not really aroused with her presence.

My wife was back to my home with her kid after spending summer holidays, Mala and me was alone staying at home. That was Friday afternoon I was back to home as usual, as I got more work so I thought take some rest and work late night.

I stop at the entrance of my room hearing the sounds from bathroom, at instant I got bathroom over-there Mala laid on floor due to slipped on soap-solution. She was now totally nude I getup her and laid on bed of my room.

She hugged me cried "papa...papa", she was still naked and I'm rock hard seeing all the live show. Her bare pussy touching my crouch. I patted her back and told her to take rest, and dress up.

The two days went normally, she slept with me on my bed as usual, I was very disturbed for seeing such a worst situation and I'm normal with her. On Sunday morning while I'm working with my computer she came to me running as she spooked with her mother over telephone.

She was very happy after two days, she sat on my lap telling the conversation. She was wearing a single sleeveless gown and while sitting on my lap it left her butts uncover, I wore boxer throw I can feel slit of her ass/pussy on my dick. I got hard while thinking the incidence.

She lifted her arm to pull some book behind, the smell from her creamy, silky armpits made me mad. Without knowing just I kissed and licked her sexy armpits, she smiled and hugged me hard and pressed my head against her firm soft breasts soon

I pulled her tits out and sucked her tits. She kissed me deeply, our tongue's fight for a while and no time we are on bed naked. She gave wonderful blow job by sucking my cock hardly, her silky pubic hair are just growing I'm really turned on with her smooth tender vaginal lips,

her clit is big and prominent like her mother, I licked her honey clit. For my surprise she said she is on pill, and asked me to break her cherry. Her virgin cunt was really tight I stopped after inserting tip of my dick 1 inch inside her cunt, she opened her thighs as much as she can.

I know it will hurt's her and I don't won't to hurt my lovely kid. But she holed my hips tightly and herself gave a big jerk and she screamed loudly and took the pain under her smile, after breaking her cherry she rode on my top.

I don't want to cum on inside of her I took my prick out and filled her round belly with my sticky cum. She whispered in my ears that she was really dreaming about me, as she saw me many times making love with her mother.

I can't even think what I did, I've never thought about any other women except my wife in whole life. I'm really guilty and trying to avoid her, but she is naughty and some how riding on my dick.

Dream cum true with Chachi

It all started when I was 14 or 15 years old, studying in 8th Standard, when I bunked the school for the first time to see an adult movie. That day has changed my life. I was one of the most sincere and simple guys in the school, for whom almost all the girls were like Sisters.

The movie I don't recall the name was playing on morning show at Ajanta Cinema, Delhi. It was a story about a young boy being taught sex by her elder sister, whom he saw making love with her boy friend.

Since that day, the interest of seeing naked ladies grew in me. The best and easiest source was my own home! We were living like a joint family in a three room rented accommodation. Our family constitute my parents, my grand mother, My Uncle (Chacha) and Chachi (Aunt).

The house was little old construction and ill maintained. My Uncles room was next to ours, with a common door in between. As the house was old, we had only one toilet and bathroom in the back yard of the house.

We used to go school early in the morning as with my Uncle and Auntie, who were working in a Noida. One fine day, I got up for school and rushed to toilet for nature's call, as pressure was building up. The door was shut half way, as there was no electricity.

I just slammed the door and was just begin to enter, I saw my Chachi, shitting on the Indian Style Latrine. She was surprised, so do I was. She stood up, seeing me and trying to cover her up with one hand, slammed the door back.

I was a bit ashamed and did not face her for next two days. But most of the time I was dreaming of here beautiful hairy Cunt and beautiful white waxed legs. She was around 25 years, extremely beautiful 38-28, 38 married for last three years, but without any Kids.

I came to know much later, that she had an abortion earlier. But all these three years of marriage has made her more beautiful. From that day, the insect in me grew more and I was interested in seeing more of her.

I used to get up early in the morning, so that I can see her washing clothes in the bathroom. With its door open, I could see her white cleavage and beautiful legs, which were half-naked till knee, as she used to lift her night gown while washing, so it does not get wet.

I used to stand near to her making any excuse, or some time used to brush my teeth for 10 minutes at the adjacent washbasin. I used to get a hard on, but I never knew the art of Whacking. It was only wet dreams for me.

I insect was growing at a much higher pace in me and I was interested in more. So I used to look for ways where I could see her naked. Finally I found the place. The door between our rooms has one old latch, which was not working,

so I bought certain tools and took out the latch. Instead I managed to put a new one, whose holes does not match with the previous holes, so there I was with the Holes, little bigger than Key Hole, peeking just in there bed room.

On our side of the room, I handed certain clothes on the hander, so that the light is not visible from the other side. The next day as routine, my Chachi got up in the morning, took a bath and was in her fresh gown, which she used to wear till she goes to office.

She went to her room to change her clothes for office. I also waiting for the moment, went directly to me room positioning my self on the hole, which I have created for my way to heaven! I saw through the hole, but I could not saw her inside.

I heard some sound of cupboard. May be she was taking out some office wear clothes from it. I was desperate to see her, so I cling my eye onto the hole. My luck was good; she came with her to be worn clothes to the other side of bed,

just at a perfect angle to see her more than she can see herself in the Mirror. She lifted her night gown and took it off. I was amazed seeing her beautiful body, her perfectly round boobs covered with satin white Bra and Petti Coat down under.

Then She loosened the grip of Petti Coat, and slid it, There she was in her beautiful panties clinging to her Ass Cheeks. Her white legs were long and pink without a single hair on those. I thought If could have a feel of those cheekbones.

I had seen my mom many times in here undergarment while changing, but never had such a feeling for her, as she is little old and does not have good figure. My heart was pumping and I had a good hard on. She quickly changed her dress and came out.

I kept thinking of her for the whole day and making plan to see more of her. Seeing her changing clothes was a ritual for me, at the same time I was looking for some thing better. One fine day, My cousins have come from Punjab

and we were playing Cricket (Bat Ball) in the back yard, when my cousin hit the ball hard and it broke the glass pane of the Bathroom Window. We were fired by my Mom and were told to repair the same.

As we were not very financially sound, I was told by my Mom to put some Gatta (Old cardboard Box to cover the broken portion). While I was on the job, I got the brilliant Idea about making provision for my entertainment.

I put the board in such a fashion, that if some body is standing in the bathroom. The viewer from out side can see the down portion, while person inside can not see the outsider. And the method worked heaven. It was Saturday evening in summers.

My Chachi has Sunday as here weekly off, so she used to do most of the washing on Saturday evening. While she was through with here washing, she was totally drenched with Paseena (sweat) and water.

So she closed the door of the bathroom to have a quick shower and change her clothes. I jumped on to the broken windowpane and took position. She took of here Salwar Kameez. Than she took of her Bra and Panties.

I could see here wild black pubic hairs, covering her slit, just three-foot away from my nose. She sat down to pee and than to have a wash. I could see her back. My dick was so hard that it started paining inside my jeans so I have to open my zippers to give it more space.

I was busy viewing her, taking bath at the same time very conscious, so that I am not caught. Then she got up, looking for some thing. I could not see what she was looking for, but after a while she was back in the panoramic view, with a razor in her hand.

She sat back on the Chonki (Stool) in the bathroom, and started shaving her under armpit hairs. Then she trimmed some of her pubic hairs. After having the shower, she got up, cleaned herself with the silken towel.

Then she lifted her panties from the hook, wore them, while I was hard enough to explode. I was not aware that her periods were on, rather at that time I was a kid to know about period's etc. She took one sanitary napkin kept on one side,

lowering her panties positioned it on her cunt, and lifted her panties again. I rushed from that place so I am not caught, while she came out. The story continue like that, until one fine day I was looking her bathing that she got a glimpse of some body staring at her,

she came closed to the peep hole and saw me running from there. After five minutes after completing her bathe, she came out of the bathroom with her washed undergarments in her hand, to put them for drying under the sun.

I was so afraid that I ran out of the house. I came back at after two hours, thinking she might have left for the day. But she was still there in the house and we were face to face. I could not look in her eyes.

My heart was pounding, I new I am going to get good bashing from every body in my house and I won't be able to lift my head in the house for my whole life. I thought of committing suicide. She said, Ronnie, come to my room. I want to speak to you.

I said, yes Chachi ji. I went straight after her in the room. She said, what you were doing there. I was so ashamed, I couldn't see in her eyes. I told her "Nothing" (Kuch Nahin Chachi Ji). She said, it is not good thing. My eyes were red with water.

I said sorry to her and tried to move so that I can leave the room. While moving out I saw her eyes were filled with water, she was weeping. That night I could not sleep, thinking if ever she tells her husband or my parents, I would be a dead man.

But she didn't told them either. They started taking protection, closing all my doors for heaven. The glass pane was replaced. They started hanging clothes on the door, so that I can not see through the peephole.

My skin was saved, but I was a changed man for the time being, until she gave berth to my beautiful cousin `Priya', six months later. After giving berth to Priya, my Chachi has become even more beautiful and Hari Bhari.

I never used to face her the same way as I always felt guilty. But, she slowly forgot the instant. May be considering me a 15 years old kid. Priya was three months old; My Chachi was in her room, mother-feeding Priya, when I went in her room to take a glimpse of Priya.

I saw my Chachi feeding her, but her boobs with covered with Sari. I told her I would come after some time. She said its O.K; you can come inside and sit next to her. I did the way she wanted me to do. I was trying ignoring the side view of her white boobs, but could not resist my self.

The insect inside me was still there, trying its level best to come out. So I came closer to Priya whose mouth was covered with Sari, I lifted the sari from her face and kissed my cousin, for which my Chachi did not resisted.

My nose was just few millimetres away from my auntie's left boob. I could smell her body; I was getting aroused at the same time. I hold my cousin and pulled her towards me. She left the nipple from her mouth.

Now the dark brown nipple was in front of me after almost nine months. Immediately, my Auntie covered her boob with her bra and blouse. That was the last day, I remember I saw her body in that house. We have to leave that rented accommodation for some reason.

My Uncle and Auntie preferred to stay away from us. They took a separate house and my father bought us a small but our own house. I finished my schooling without seeing my Chachi naked. They do used to come to our house but never stayed with us overnight.

I went to Bangalore for Computer Engineering for four years. During my final year in college, I came to know from my family that my Uncle has expired of Cancer. He was a chain smoker. I was too sad about my Chachi ji.

I came back to attend the rituals etc, but soon left as my exams were on the head. I came back after completing my degree from the college and joined my father who has started some business. My cousin sister Priya was eight years old then.

One fine day, I was summoned by my Chachi ji that she has some urgent work with me, I rushed to her home, so that I can attend to her needs. I had special feeling for her and my cousin.

She prepared some tea for us and we were alone in their house. Priya has gone to her school. My Chachi started the eight years old topic when we were staying together. It was casual talks in the beginning and later she reminded me of the instant,

when she caught me red handed trying to peep. I was once again ashamed of what I have done to her. I apologised to her, saying I was Kid at that time and was not aware of what I was doing. It was just curiosity to know about women's organ.

She took my hands in hers, I saw in her eyes. She wanted to say some thing to me, but words were not coming to her mouth. So I also took her hand in mine and said, I have always appreciated and adored your body. And love you just like my mother.

She hesitantly took her hands from my grip. There was water in her eyes. She told me that life has become extremely difficult without her husband, both economically and physically. She was just beautiful as before, but a little plumper.

I was seeing in her eyes, trying to understand what she wants from me. She told me that Priya is growing up and the need of family is increasing day by day. I told here not to worry as Priya is our responsibility, at that she could not hold here tears.

I changed the topic, by saying " Had she told my parents about my misdeed 9 years back, I would have been a dead man". She said; she had told her husband about the same, who told her not to make the things public, as it will spoil our relations and happy family.

I was also weeping at the same time. She holds me and hugged me. I told her I will do any thing to make her happy and she should not cry any more. Her boobs were pressed against my chest but the feeling was much different.

She kissed me on my cheeks and said, she wants to see me naked. I was amazed by her demand. The same boobs, which were against my chest for last two minutes, suddenly I could feel their softness. I was getting the hard-on.

But trying to control my self, I said are you joking? She said, Why can't she see me if I have seen her naked so many times? Also she told me that she could never think of sleeping with any body else. Now my heart was pumping and I was getting the hard on.

All those years in Bangalore and Delhi, I had lived a life of virgin. I told her I am a totally illiterate man as far as sex in concerned. She said you are a lair. I swear by God and her, at that time she believed me. We were hugging each other now.

My dream of 9 years was gonna come true. I was too shy to touch her body or clothes. She told me not to worry and she started undressing me. I was feeling ashamed and aroused at the same time. My dick was soft, till she unhooked my pants.

I was in my Jockey underwear and polo t- shirt. Then she started feeling my dick from the top of my underwear. My cock was filled with blood in seconds. It was all erect 6" and hard at 120 degrees. She helped me undid her Salwar Kameez.

Then she unhooked her bra from behind, taking them out, leaving me to glare those beautiful Tits in daylight. I could see how happy she was after almost three years. She told me to hold her nipples in my hand.

Then she sat down, taking out my dick from the grip of my underwear. She touched the tip of my dick and squeezed my balls. She told me my dick resembles that of my late uncle in Colour and size.

I was staring at her belly, which has some marks of stitches. I asked her what's that. She told me that my cousin has born by a caesarean operation. She was lying on the bed. I was keen to see where those marks are going.

So I told her, If I can remove her panties. She smiled a little bit and told me to help my self. My hands were shivering while I was removing her panties. I could see the dark black bushes underneath, as if they have not been mowed for last two years.

The pubic hairs were long, curly and dense. I could hardly see her clit. The Stitch marks were going inside her bushes. So I put my finger to find the way. She was lying on the beds with her eyes closed. I pinched my self, to confirm I was not dreaming.

Still shivering with passion and fear, I tried to put my finger in her pussy. I found the way. It was little wet by now. I hold her boobs with one hand, and tried fingering her pussy with other. Then I asked her, if she had ever given a blowjob to any one, especially to my late uncle.

She replied in negative. I asked her if she can do it for me, she was confused and said it's not good thing. I told her forget that and not to worry. I started from her feet caressing, licking moved upward slowly.

I was on her thighs now, she was shivering with the slow tingling effect and slowly I found my way to her clitoris. She was moaning now. I put my mouth between her thighs, putting my tongue deep into her clitoris like a mad dog.

She was too much exited by that. She pressed my head tight between her thighs. It was becoming difficult for me to breathe. I thought what a pleasant death I am going to get, between the thighs of my Chachi.

She was totally wet, cumming almost a gallon of sweat in my mouth. I licked each and every drop of that. By that time, my dick was hard and ready for shooting once again. She held my dick and slowly guided it to her pussy.

Since I had never screwed in my life before, she told me to hold her from her hips, putting her legs wide apart on my shoulder. Now my dick was well inside her. I started stroking as I had seen in some blue films, but my dick came out in just few strokes.

She guided it once again and told me to do it slowly. I did the way; she wanted me to do it. I came once again in five minutes well inside her. It was a climax that came together. We took bath together in her bathroom. I helped her rinsing her body and dressing her up.

After half an hour, the bell rang and my cousin came from school. We greeted her and had Lunch together. It was a dream come true for me. My Chachi has taught me how to make love. I do visit her once in a week and we make love in every position possible.

I am a married man now, but I never get the kind of feeling my Chachi has given to me from my wife. Even when I am screwing my wife, I think of my Chachi underneath.

Didi ke Mumme

Shakshi opened the door without bothering to put on any clothes. She was expecting Chechi. Ayesha and her father, Sarfaraz, had expressed a desire to get together Chechi. An appointment had been made.

The father and the daughter had come early. They already had had their sessions together. Shakshi watched Ayesha fuck her father. Ayesha had developed a liking for her father's kunna (cock). She loved to ride him.

Sarfaraz loved to piss in her daughter's bum hole. Today she had shown the capacity to retain it within herself. When he had exhaust his stream, he lay down and she fit her bum hole on his mouth and let go. It was so erotic that Shakshi came simply by watching her perform.

Before that Sarfaraz had let go his yellow stream on her clit and made Ayesha come just like that. Sarfaraz had asked Shakshi to piss into his mouth at the same time. He liked to drink it. He shouted, "It is Shaksi's yellow sherbet falling on Ayesha's pooru

(cunt) through his kunna (cock). To-day they had planned that they would include Chechi in their games and Shakshi would film it all for their friends Chitra and Girish. Sarfaraz wanted to show it to Ayesha's mother also who was to return from

abroad next week after a prolonged fuck holiday with her nephew, Amjad. Now, when Shakshi opened the door she saw Chitra and Girish. She was surprised. They had not expected that Shakshi would welcome them like this.

They registered shock, amusement, happiness -all together on their faces. But there was some unease also. Chitra seemed to take a quick decision. She pushed Girish inside. Behind him was a chit of a girl. She saw Shakshi now.

Her eyes became wide and she clung to Chitra's saaree. Her eyes were covered with her hand. Chitra said to her lovingly, "Laila mole this is Shakshi auntie. Say hello to her. Kiss her like you kiss me" and she pushed her towards Shakshi.

Laila hesitated for a second and then placed an open mouthed kiss on Shakshi's bush. But Shakshi clearly felt a soft, pointed touch right on the spot! The mole knew how to give pooru a kiss.

This proved to be a good move by Chitra. Shakshi was now at ease. Naila also was not feeling embarrassed. And, when she advanced into the room, she saw that Girish was taking off his clothes in front of another girl, who was later introduced as Ayesha.

Chitra also started disrobing. Sarfaraz was eyeing Chitra. Both got together at once. Shakshi led Naila to the sofa and made her sit by her side. She had her right arm around the cutie. She in turn was feeling comfortable by the side of the fleshy lady named Shakshi.

She did not seem much different from Chitra. When everyone was settled, Nails saw that Girish was with Ayesha, She had his kunna (prick) in her hand and was lovingly playing with it. Sarfaraz was sucking and playing with Chitra's boobs.

Chitra explained that Naila Hussain was their neighbour and had come three days ago, to visit her elder sister, from Kozhikode. Her elder sister had no qualms about privacy. Naila had seen her fucking with her husband.. Next day she was introduced to the neighbours.

Girish was taken in at once. Chitra knew that her elder sister had no narrow ideas. So, she started playing with Naila. Chitra kissed on her lips within five minutes, and progressed to uncovering her boobs. Girish started playing with Chitra's boobs.

Naila was aghast, but excited. She thought that probably this was the life style of a big place like Bombay. Chitra soon discovered that her pooru (cunt) was flowing like a faucet and she was drunk with passion. Her school fantasies were coming true.

She had imagined many a time that her body was being fondled and she was swooning with pleasure. Beyond that she did not know anything. That day they just introduced her to her body. Naila became familiar with a mature pooru (cunt),

a hard kunna (Lund), and the power of the clit in giving pleasure. After she returned home, they decided that they should introduce her to Shakshi's "Academy of fucking". This kochapooru had started to masturbate only a few months ago.

Now she was on the threshold of the full game of kunna-pooru (cock-cunt). She had witnessed everything. She was physically in heat, and must have been yearning mentally. Shakshi took her in her hands literally.

She picked her up and stood her on the floor. With greatly tender and erotic touches she felt her boobs, kundi (buttocks), thighs, arms before starting to peel her clothes. As they came off, she placed kisses on the parts revealed. Naila was feeling intoxicated.

When Shakshi put her tongue on the pink mulai (tits), she closed her eyes and sighed. Now only lacy panties covered her body. Shakshi moved to the floor and started peeling the flimsy, wet garment that was clinging to the slit.

It looked like she was removing it by her lips. She was leaving a trail of saliva. Suddenly Nails jerked open her eyes - Girish was tongue bathing her from behind. Four hands were now tracing, molding her body. The kunju pooru (baby cunt) of the girl was dripping.

There was a large wet patch on the carpet. Shakshi started treating the samanam (cunt), especially the kundh (clit) and Girish took charge of the boobs, kandi (ass), and her little navel. Shakshi started rubbing her pooru (cunt) lips by her feathery palm.

Every time her palm became wet, she would slurp the dew. Now she put her lips on Naila's pooru (cunt). She flicked her clit with her tongue tip. Naila was swooning. Shakshi pushed her backwards. Girish understood.

He lay down on his back, with Naila on top of him. Naila's legs were thrown apart in erotic abandon. There was a silken, Golden Fleece in the center of the body. It was trimmed as frame of the pouting, cute, but closed lips.

A small clit was peeping out at the top. Her navel was indented, fit to be tongue fucked. Above her globes of the size of apples, topped by two rose buds seemed to be excited. Her eyes were now open and were fixed on Shakshi's eyes, askance.

Girish was playing with her mulai (tits). Shakshi said, "Enta mali (What baby)?" and she replied, dreamily, "Kootgari (Friend), do something. I do not know what I want, but do some thing, give me release". Shakshi slid back and took her big toe on her mouth.

She licked it, delicately. Then she flicked her tongue between the toes. Going up, she tongue massaged her calves. Took her kneecaps entirely in her mouth, one after the other. She licked her outer thighs and then turned her attention to the inner junction.

Girish's erect, purple-headed kunna (prick) was pressing on the glistening pooru (cunt). Angled backwards, towards her head, it was pressing on the cunt lips, which had now opened up. In the other corner of the room Ayesha and Chitra were working on Sarfaraz.

Ayesha was saying, " Achan (father), give me your valia kunna (big prick), give it to me, I will take it right down my gullet". Chitra told him, "Koot gari (friend), fuck your daughter's throat, you will forget her Amma (mother)", and she sat down on his mouth, facing Ayesha.

She took Ayesha's hand and put it on her own kandh (clit) telling her to rub it and fuck it with her finger along with her father's tongue. Sarfaraz was roaming in jannat (heaven). Back to Shakshi, she was now massaging Girish's valia kunna (giant prick).

Her strong steady strokes from root to tip pressed it into Naila's pooru. Girish was receiving all the wetness flowing from it on his pubic bush. The intensity of his pleasure was reflected in the movements of his thumb and finger on Naila's mulai (tit).

Now Shakshi deftly tested the young pooru (cunt) with her finger. It slipped right in. It was time for the final stroke. She put stronger pressure on the purple, engorged head of the rammer. Girish understood the signal.

He deftly manipulated his body and Naila's pooru (cunt) angle, and gave a heave upwards. Simultaneously, he pushed Naila's nubile frame downwards, slightly raising the upper part of her body. She also understood it.

As her head rose upwards, Shakshi's lips engulfed her lips. Shakshi swallowed Naila's cry. Hardly had Naila's cry died down that Shakshi felt a hard kunna (cock) entering her. Naila's great sigh of satisfaction, Girish's shout of joy, Sarfaraz's ejaculation into Shakshi,

and Chitra's bite on Ayesha's kundi (buttock), all were perfectly timed. Every one lent a hand in picking up Naila, who was feeling faint with pleasure. Ayesha was quick enough to fit her mouth on Naila's vulva to receive the out flowing mixture of manjuice and cuntsyrup.