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Temptations daughter

I work for a well known software company as a computer programmer. Usually, my shift is from two in the afternoon until ten at night, but one evening last summer, when the system crashed, we were told to go home early.

I drove the few km to my house in deep contemplation over a problem with a part of the design I was currently working on. I parked the car in the driveway and walked up to my front door. As I was about to open it I heard the loud sounds of whooping

and whistling coming from the living room on the other side. At that moment in time, with other things on my mind, I had completely forgotten that my wife was hosting a kitty party for a bunch of her work colleagues and friends.

Temporarily oblivious of this fact, I opened the front door and stepped into the living room. After the initial silence that my entrance caused I was then bombarded with shouts and screams from the women telling me to get the hell out.

I hardly heard them because my gaze was fixed on the sexiest body I had ever seen standing in the middle of the room. My jaw must have dropped open as I examined the slim figure wearing a flimsy playsuit that comprised three pieces of small triangular material

joined by several thin webs of fine mesh. As I was pushed towards the door by my wife, who also tried to turn my eyes away from the vision before me, it finally dawned upon me that the model making me drool was my very own daughter.

As the cool evening air hit my face I realised that I was sweating. My wife ordered me to go to a bar and not to come back for at least two hours. As I sat down to my fourth beer I still couldn't get the image of my daughter, I'll call her Shivani, out of my head.

I'd always thought of her as a bit of a tomboy. She has thick brown hair which is cut into a bob and is always wearing T-shirts and baggy jeans, the way kids do today; I've never even seen her in a swimsuit. I felt a little guilty about the thoughts I was having

but the more I drank the more I thought about her. When I got home Shivani and my wife had gone to bed. What with the effects of the beer and what I had seen earlier on, I was feeling really horny. I slipped naked into bed next to my wife.

She had her back to me and didn't stir as I lifted the hem of her slip over her hips. I let my hands wander over her butt and slowly move to her pussy. As a tentative finger began to explore I realised that she was quite wet. Encouraged by this I slipped my full length into her.

She made a few disparaging remarks about being asleep and that I should have some consideration for her, but I just thrust away. Anyway, as far as my mind was concerned, I wasn't fucking her, I was fucking Shivani.

Next morning I awoke early, showered, dressed and went downstairs. I was surprised to see that Shivani was already up. She was wearing her normal T-shirt and jeans now and stood at the sink with her back to me washing last night's dishes.

I was a bit nervous about how she might react so I thought a small joke was in order. 'Hey, Shivani, I almost didn't recognise you with your clothes on' 'That's not surprising Daddy', she began, turning her head towards me 'you weren't exactly looking at my face last night,

were you?' I was knocked back on my heels by that remark, so I countered with I didn't notice that she had been in a big hurry to cover herself up while I was looking at her. She had a reply for that as well.

'I'm not ashamed of my body. Didn't you think I looked nice in that playsuit Daddy?' I ignored the question and simply asked her if she had bought the item. 'Don't be silly Daddy. Girls don't buy things like that for themselves. Men buy them as gifts.

If you want to, you can buy it for me and I'll wear it in the house just for you'. I told Shivani that her mother would go crazy if she knew what we were talking about. 'It'll be our secret Daddy, we don't have to tell Mommy anything'.

Shivani turned back towards the sink and carried on washing the pots and pans. It seemed as though the ball was very firmly in my court. I walked up and stood right behind her, having decided to take a chance.

With a tremor in my voice I asked her how much the playsuit was. Calmly, she told me the price. I took my wallet out of the back pocket of my trousers, and held money in front of Shivani's face.

'My hands are all wet Daddy. Put the money in the pocket of my T-shirt and I'll order it after school.' I was a good head and a half taller than Shivani so it was easy to lean over her and place the folded bills in her shirt pocket 'Make sure you put the money well in Daddy'

Shivani began, 'I don't want it falling out'. I placed my left hand on Shivani's back just above her ass whilst my right hand came around front of her to find her pocket. It was exactly over her small right breast. I used the bills to find the opening and began to slide them in.

The pocket was quite deep, and as the money went in so did the tips of my fingers. I gingerly felt the firmness of her hard nipple and wondered if I had already gone too far. My doubts were dispelled when, suddenly, Shivani's head fell back onto my chest and she began to softly groan.

Her eyes closed and her full lips parted so I began to turn and twist my daughter's nipple with enthusiasm. My left hand was now firmly caressing Shivani's butt as her head lolled from side to side. All of a sudden we both heard the bedroom door open upstairs.

As my wife entered the kitchen Shivani and I looked at each other like two kids caught in the candy store. Luckily, any guilt that showed in our expressions was lost on my wife. For the next two weeks Shivani and I hardly spoke.

Maybe she was embarrassed or had had second thoughts. However she felt, my lust was still as high as it had been that morning in the kitchen. On a Friday morning before work, I decided to do some repairs on the exhaust pipe of my car.

It was jacked up at the front and I lay underneath on one of those flatbed trolleys that mechanics use. About ten o'clock I heard the door open that leads into the garage from the kitchen. I heard the familiar clicking of my wife's shoes as she walked across the stone floor

and stood in front of the car. I twisted my head and saw her white stilettos impatiently tapping on the floor. I was surprised that she was home from work three hours early, so I thought it best to just slide out from under the car and find out what the trouble was.

As I pulled myself out, more and more of my wife's legs became visible. When my gaze got to her knees I realised that I hadn't yet seen the bottom of her hemline, which was most unusual for her, especially on a work day. The more I came out the more of her legs I could see.

When I saw that they were bare up to mid thigh I began to think my luck was in and that she'd come home for some mid-morning nookie. It was only when I had fully cleared the car that things became crystal.

They were my wife's high heels alright, but they were being worn by my daughter, Shivani. As I sat up and my eyes adjusted to the light I realised that she was wearing the playsuit I'd asked her to buy. Slowly, I let my eyes wander over Shivani's body.

After a minute or so I ordered her to turn around. Lifting one high heeled foot off the floor, Shivani pirouetted gracefully around on the other and placed her hands on her hips. Her gorgeous back was bare except for the thin straps that joined the three tiny pieces

of white satin covering her breasts and pussy. The high heels accentuated her calf muscles and made her butt stick out like it was begging to be fucked, and from her slim neck down to her ankles, Shivani's milky white skin was covered in a thick, glistening layer of baby oil.

'Well, Daddy', Shivani began, 'Do you like what you see?' I replied that I liked the look of her very much. I asked her to walk around the garage so that I could see her body in motion. Confidently, Shivani began to strut around the car,

her legs made to look even longer by the white heels and the fact that her hips were so slim. At last she came to a stop in front of me. 'I know you paid a lot of money to see me wear this outfit Daddy. But I wonder if I could tempt you to pay twice the price to see me take it off?'

I heard myself agree to the deal and gave Shivani money from my wallet. 'You'd better follow me to the bedroom then. Oh and Daddy, take off your work boots first' she said. Barefooted, I followed Shivani to her bedroom.

By the time I arrived she had pulled the curtains shut and turned on the bedside light. It's glow reflected off Shivani's oiled body as she turned her back to me and faced a full length mirror, enabling me to see all of her at once.

At that point I could hardly believe that I had actually paid my own daughter to strip in front of me like she was a lap dancer in a bar. That thought and the guilt it brought with it soon began to disappear as she slowly slipped the thin strap from her left shoulder.

I watched her reflection in the mirror as she lowered the other strap. At last the two pieces of satin began to fall away, and for the first time I was staring at my daughter's pert, young breasts. Then the flimsy garment was around her boyish hips

and she teasingly wiggled as it fell to the floor. Shivani was now perfectly naked in her bedroom with me, her father. I took a step towards her. I wanted to have her. Shivani told me not to be so fast and I stopped in my tracks.

She turned around and walked towards her bed. 'You can take me today and anytime you like from now on Daddy', she began, 'but first there is a price to pay'. My hand went to my pocket and I pulled out my wallet.

My lust was so great that I was prepared to pay any price to fuck my daughter. She told me to put my wallet away as money could not buy her body, I didn't have enough for that. She said her price would be beyond monetary value.

When I enquired what it would cost me she asked me a curious question. She wanted to know the name of the guy I worked with that I didn't like too much. This was no great clue as I work with quite a few assholes, so I asked her to be more precise.

Shivani answered that the guy she was thinking of was big, older than me and black. That could only be one person, my boss Mr. Verma. To say that I didn't like him is a bit of an understatement. Hate with all my heart would be a better description.

Since he became my boss, about three years ago, he has taken every opportunity to ridicule me in front of colleagues, associates, friends and family. Last year, at the office Diwali party, I caught him with his hands up my wife's short dress, groping her ass.

I was hurt that she didn't seem too upset about it but even more upset when, next day, he began to brag around the office about how nice my wife's ass felt. I would have gladly punched his lights out on many occasions but for the fact that I need the job

and that this guy is so big that he would probably kill me. I wondered how he could possibly be involved with the price I had to pay. The answer came from Shivani soon enough when I identified Verma as the man she had been thinking about.

'If you want me Daddy, the price you have to pay is to sit and watch in silence, as the man you hate most in all the world, your boss Mr Verma, fucks the ass off me, Shivani, your only daughter' When I heard these words I rocked back on my heels and felt a sickness

in the pit of my stomach. This was too high a price and I let Shivani know it. Verma would make my life unbearable if he had his way with Shivani. It would be no secret around the office and he would taunt me with tales of what he did to her and how she loved it.

Shivani picked up the bottle of baby oil and poured some of it onto her breasts. As it dribbled slowly down to her flat belly, she walked up and stood right in front of me. My eyes were locked on her as her hands massaged the oil over her breasts and tummy.

I could see the oil ooze between her fingers and her nipples and then she caught a drop just before it got to her bare pussy. Shivani rubbed it in to her pussy lips and then brought her finger up to her mouth and licked it dry. 'I know it's a high price to pay Daddy.

But all the rare things in life are expensive. This is an opportunity that I'll never make to you again. Agree to pay and you can play with me whenever you like. If you refuse, you'll always be left wondering'

My dick was beginning to stiffen again and Shivani could see that I was close to breaking. She said I looked hot and her hands went up to the top buttons of my coverall and began to undo them to make me more comfortable.

She stopped at my waist and commented that she'd always loved my hairy chest. Shivani began to rub her hands through the mass of tight black hair that covered my torso. Then she undid the final few buttons of the coverall,

exposing not only my shorts but the huge rod that lay inside. Shivani knelt down so that her head was level with my groin. 'You do seem excited Daddy', she teased, 'let me release your big man from his prison'.

With that Shivani slowly lowered my shorts over my dick. When it became free it sprang up to attention. Shivani was wearing some red gloss lipstick and when she licked them my dick quivered. It was just two inches away from her inviting little mouth.

'Are you sure I can't tempt you to pay the price Daddy? I would so like you to play with me till Mommy comes back.' My head was reeling in confusion. I was being offered sex on a plate by my daughter but I'd be paying for the rest of my life.

I knew that there could only be one decision. 'I'll pay, Shivani', I heard myself say, 'Please, put my big man in your mouth' I looked down to see her smiling up at me. Teasingly, Shivani opened her mouth wide.

At last, she took hold of my prick and pulled it down so that she could slide it between her parted lips. That first feeling as I entered the soft, warm mouth of my daughter will never be forgotten. Her petite right hand held on to the base of my dick

as her head moved quickly back and forth along my shaft. Now and then she would look up to me with those dark, smouldering eyes and that would excite me even more. After just two or three minutes of head I could feel my juices beginning to rise.

I told Shivani to stop as I didn't want to come just yet. 'Don't worry Daddy, we've got plenty of time and I'm sure I can get you hard again. Just relax and let yourself come' Listening to my daughter talk to me like that did it. I asked her to blow me real fast and then, suddenly,

I felt myself explode in her mouth. I told her to swallow all of my spunk as it poured out from my knob. Greedily, Shivani obeyed, and even the dribbles that escaped the corner of her mouth got mopped up by her tongue.

I fell back against the bedroom wall and watched my dick as it convulsed in post orgasm. 'I hope you liked that as much as I did Daddy' she said. 'When you're ready, why don't you come and oil me up all over.' Shivani got up from her kneeling position and lay face down on her bed.

It took me a minute or so to recover and then I walked over to the bedside table and picked up the bottle of baby oil. I sat on the side of the bed with my daughter's naked body stretched out in front of me. I poured a good helping of oil onto Shivani's back.

Slowly, I began to rub it into her soft skin. My hands travelled from her beautiful square shoulders down her spine to her ass. They were soft yet firm to the touch, with the texture of velvet. I loved the way the oil made things slippery and I could feel myself

becoming aroused again. As I kneaded at Shivani's butt cheeks I could hear her begin to softly groan. I let my forefinger trace a path to her ass hole and let it gently play around the edge before moving it in. As the tip of my finger disappeared Shivani let out a loud moan

and asked me to go in further. I pushed my finger all the way up Shivani's ass and began to move it back and forth. Her breathing had become heavy and I could see she was gripping the sheets with white knuckles.

All at once her body convulsed in orgasm and then she turned her face to me and begged me to fuck her. I turned Shivani onto her back and sat in between her parted legs. I lifted her legs back and her high heels dug into the mattress as I lowered my face to her tender young pussy.

My tongue flicked out and touched her swollen clit. Shivani jumped and groaned and put her hands on the back of my head to force my mouth in closer. I gently bit and chewed on her pussy lips and let my tongue slide in as far as it would go.

I could feel Shivani wriggling her hips under me and I knew that if I could keep licking at this speed for just another minute she would come again. My tongue and mouth were aching but I managed to do it long enough for Shivani's body to shudder for a second time.

My dick was throbbing for my daughter's snatch so I bent her legs back over her head and positioned my knob at her pussy. Gripping it with my right hand I moved it up and down her swollen lobes.

After a couple of minutes of this Shivani pleaded with me to put it in her. Slowly, I forced it further in. My God she was tight. I'd forgotten just how tight a pussy can be as I let it go right in up to the hilt. Shivani let out a scream as she took in my full length but she soon got used to it.

I could feel her young muscles gripping my prick like a vice as I slid my tool back and forth. On each movement I would almost come out of her before ramming it back in as far as it would go. I took hold of the heels of her white stilettos and pumped away at my daughter furiously.

I moved my hips from side to side to give us both greater sensations. Shivani was moaning and groaning loudly and her rhythm was getting faster. I could feel my balls start to tighten up and I hoped I could hold on so that we both came together.

At last I heard her say 'Yes Daddy, yes Daddy, yes Daddy' and I knew she was close. She arched her back as if to get me in deeper and at last with a loud 'oooooohh' she came again. I was so turned on now that I couldn't hold back any longer.

I let go of her shoes and Shivani's legs fell to the bed. I lay flat on top of her and sought her mouth with mine. She opened it for me and my tongue went in and matched the speed of my dick in her pussy.

She opened her mouth wider as my lips smothered hers and I could feel my saliva mingle with hers. I was right in her now with our oily hips grinding and slapping together. Then, at last, it happened. I felt my balls empty into Shivani for the second time.

Every vein in my body stood out as I let my muck seep into her womb. Our lips parted and we both lay panting on her bed. After five minutes or so Shivani recovered and stood up naked except for those white high heels of her Mom's.

'Well, Daddy that was awesome' she began, ' but now you've got to pay the check. Leave the arrangements to me and I'll let you know when it's time' I got up from my daughter's bed, picked up my clothes and went into the bathroom.

As I looked at myself in the mirror and the realisation of what I had just done sank in, I wondered whether being allowed to fuck Shivani whenever I wanted would be worth the price I was about to pay.

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Unbelievable hot sexperience II

Part 1 - Unbelievable hot sexperience

After having a taboo erotic night where not only did I fuck my own real sister but also saw her getting fucked by two other boys right infront of my eyes, we fell asleep. Little did I know, another problem was to come to me.

At about 9:00 AM, I heard some voices in the room. I was feeling too sleepy so I didn’t wake up. But the continuous conversation was disturbing me. And suddenly I was taken aback with a voice. All my dizziness vanished in a second and my heart started beating 1000 times a minute.

It was Yasir’s. Sleeping tight next to my was my sister, totally naked and exposed. However it was good to know that she was sleeping on her chest. It means although her nakedness, her Gaand and bit of her PHOODI were exposed to Yasir, still he could not see her face.

And I really didn’t want him to see her face. I did not want him to know that it was my real sister who had been fucked all night long by his friends. But then I realized that it was almost impossible for me to hide the fact. I had to think quick.

Then I came up with a plan! This way, although Yasir was to going to know that my sister was a prostitute, yet I could keep it secret from the Khawja brothers. I had to act fast. I woke up and with a “difficult to wear” Smile welcomed Yasir.

He looked vulgarly at my sister’s GAAND and winked and said, “Raat to iss GASHTI k khoob maze kiye honge tum logon ne”. (You guys would definitely have got much pleasure from this slut). I could only manage a smile.

Then I ushered him out of the room, saying that I needed to talk to him in private. Once out of the room, I asked him, what he was doing in the room? He replied that Asghar had called him in the morning and asked him to come and see the slut.

Basically Asghar was quite astonished at the QUALITY of the prostitutes in Karachi. (As I have told in previous part of the story that My sister is very very good looking, she looks very modern, she dresses up very sweetly+sexily,

she is highly educated and that’s too from one of the Top universities of Pakistan, she speaks very fluent and literary English, she owns a Honda Civic and she fucks only the young and smart guys. She would refuse to fuck an aged person even if he pays her much higher than her rate).

So those were the reasons which surprised Asghar and he wanted Yasir to come to the Hotel room and have just one fuck session with the prostitute (my baji), specially after knowing that she had taken whopping Rs. 50,000/- for one night so Asghar

thought that Yasir should and must fuck her so as to justify the heavy payment. But I knew the natural consequences. I knew as soon as Yasir would see my sister, he would be taken aback and would instantly say “Maheen baji, aaaaaap Yahaan???”

(Yasir being my best buddy is very frank with my family, and all my sisters. He knows Maheen Baji very well) I didn’t want it. So when he told me that he had come to fuck the slut, I almost pleaded him to go back. But when he insisted me to tell the reason,

I had no other option than to tell him the truth. And it was like heavens fell on him. He was really surprised to the limit to know that the prostitute was my real sister, the girl to whom he had always called BAJI. But just like a true friend,

he patted on my shoulder and said “Don’t worry dear, I’m going back”. The problem had subsided but only for a while. More difficult times were yet to come. I had uncountable questions in my mind. How could I face Yasir ever again in my life?

How could I have the same old friendship with him? How could I justify my parents for me not being on visiting terms with Yasir, if I decided not to meet him ever again? During the time, I was so mentally disturbed that I didn’t even talk to my sister on this issue.

For the next couple of weeks I did not contact Yasir, nor did he make any contact. But then one day he called me on my cell phone. At first I decided to drop the call, but then I realized I could not hide this way. I had to face him. So I received the call.

After formal questions and answers, he asked me why I was not going to his showroom? I replied that there was no specific reason. He then paused for a while and said in a very friendly tone, “Dear if your family was in some financial crisis you should have asked me straight away.

I’ll help you till the end. Why Maheen Baji had to take such a drastic step to earn money”? I didn’t reply. After sometime the call ended. I didn’t meet him the next week too. My parents had started questioning me, but they thought that there was nothing serious about it.

Then one day, as I was in my bed, Maheen Baji came to me and asked me why I was avoiding Yasir. I looked at her angrily and told her that it’s not easy for brother of a prostitute to face his friends, specially those who know about his sister.

She didn’t mind it and just smiled, rather laughed and tried to comfort me. She said that she was not the only one who was having huge sexual desires. Rather the community she moved in, the neighbouring girls, her university fellows, her colleagues, her cousines etc.

all were in their youth so they had huge sexual desires and those girls used to seize every opportunity that came their way in order to get a dick in their pussies. The conversation of my sister was not only shocking but also arousing a bit.

I started having a stiffness in my dick. But I was not in a mood to fuck her then and there. She started telling me the details of numerous girls I know and told me about their sexual episodes. She even went on to say, “What do you think Yasir’s sister is an angel?

She is sexually frustrated too. I know it because I have met her many a times. She fingers her pussy almost every night thinking about the hunks in the vicinity. She has not told it to me, but she might have fingered her pussy thinking about you, his brother’s best buddy”.

My dick was now in full mood. Although I was in a relatively comfortable and decent pose, but my Hard LUN could not be hidden. Baji saw it and said in a bargaining tone, “Listen, you fucked me that night, there is no harm if you fuck me tonight too”.

Then she smiled and said, “You know, I usually charge atleast 10,000 from a single boy, but I’ll charge nothing from you. Not tonight, not any other day. Afterall you are my brother, you deserve this concession.”

When I resisted (folks, it was very half hearted resistance), baji suddenly became a bit angry and said, “Brother don’t make a mess of it. Do not make it an issue. I have told you the whole truth, I have told you that I have huge sexual desires,

I cann’t remain or become an angel. I’m not virgin, You cannot change anything at this stage. Then why don’t you just be realistic and accept the reality? I have told you that all girls are frustrated in this era of Information Technology and Media Freedom.

Now every girl has access to all sorts of XXX movies which in past even boys had difficulty to see. It’s not a matter of your sister being a slut. The world is full of sluts. Even a conservative society like Pakistan, the sexually frustrated girls are increasing exponentially.

And such frustrated sluts are not always modern extrovert girls like me. They are in all communities and strata. If it includes girls who wear Jeans, it also includes girls who wear Veil. If it includes girls from rich families, it also includes girls from conservative middle class families.

The daughters/sisters of some very famous politicians, daughters/sisters of religious clerics, daughters/sisters of Army officers of all level, daughters/sisters of high ranking bureaucrats, daughters/sisters of sportsmen, public figures,

actors etc You name it and they all fuck any dick that comes their way. So do not bother yourself with the feeling that your sister is the ONLY SLUT in the whole country. Every girl enjoys dicks and I’m no exception.

Just realize the fact that I’m just like any other NORMAL girl of my age. Our other two younger sisters also finger fuck themselves ” She spoke on many other aspects of the issue. And this not only comforted me and pulled me out of the feeling that my sister was a bitchy slut,

it also made my LUN rock hard. Now I was feeling that there was no harm in fucking my sister then and there. Atleast what wrong in getting a quick blow job from my own real sister? And getting a hand to her big bobbies?

The scenes of that night which had become blur after that YASIR’s issue, now freshened in my mind and I started enjoying the feeling of being in company of my slut BAJI. Feeling my willingness, BAJI took hold of my hand and looking directly into my eyes,

she placed her hand FULLY on her right BREAST, she took a deep breath and then pressed my hand hard on her breast and released her grip. My Hand stayed at her breast. All the time we were looking straight into each other’s eyes.

Then after few moments, I increased pressure on my sister’s breast, grabbed it fully and squeezed it. Baji closed her eyes in excitement, released her breath and sighed/moaned in pleasure. I was now fully aroused and ready for a quick fuck.

I kept playing with my Baji’s breasts for few moments, Changing from one breast to the other. Then I leaned forward and made contact of my lips with Baji’s lips. It was not a kiss, just a little brush. She opened her eyes for a brief moment to judge what it was.

And realizing it, she smiled lightly closed her eyes again. I was now kissing her fervently and passionately, all the time while playing with her breasts. Then I put my hand under her T-Shirt and pulled it off in one swift motion with Baji’s help.

She was wearing a maroon color bra. Boys always get hard when they get to see even the strap of a bra of a girl. But I was more hard than normally merely because I was lustfully watching my sister who had nothing but her bra on, on her upper body.

Maheen looked more erotic than any other girl I had ever seen. And her bra had it’s part in it. It was a very very revealing sort of bra. It could hardly cover her nipples and surrounding aerola. I am sure her aerola was quite small,

otherwise her bra was so short/small that for any other girl with slightly bigger aerola, such bra could show lot of it. It was a PUSH UP sort of bra and her already big breasts were looking even bigger. The bra had pushed her two juicy breasts hard into each other.

And it had created a very dark and deep line of cleavage which could be any boy’s dream. And on top of it, the thin material of the bra had made her nipples way too prominent. Too prominent that it had left nothing to imagination.

My goodness it was a sight that worth mentions a lot of praising. We were two hot people who wanted Raw Sex. And infact one of the most Taboo and dirty form of sex … The BROTHER SISTER SEX. You people might think that It’s what we had already done in the Hotel room.

But folks that was out of necessity, when we had no other option. But this was very dirty, very sinful, very intentional and very optional. Now my sister was in her bra and jeans. I massaged her breasts for some time and then put my face between my sister’s breasts.

I pushed my face hard in her cleavage. I licked all the exposed area of baji’s breasts making her hot with desire. She was now moaning lightly. I started pinching her nipples through her bra and then I used my lips and teeth on her still covered nipples.

She was now loving it to the maximum. And then without my insistence, she pushed my face away and again in one swift motion, my sister pulled up her bra to reveal her totally naked breasts to me. She looked into my eyes with a lot of confidence

and authority and said with a naughty smile, “Now It’s the gift of a loving sister for a very understanding brother”. I could now hardly think of anything else. My sister’s AYESHA TAKIA sized breasts were a treat for me. It could be treat for anybody.

At that time, I didn’t know about the sexy, big breasted Ayesha Takia, but now I have someone with whose boobs I can compare my sister’s breasts. I can say that my sister has the same big, juicy breasts as Ayesha Takia does have.

I wonder does her brother lusts for her as well or not?? Any way, I was sucking her nipples and licking her whole upper body part. And it’s when I said, “Maheen I want to have sex with you”. It was a silly statement indeed. What else we were doing there?

We had already gone a long way. Didn’t we? However Maheen didn’t answer it, rather first asked me the question, “You see, you are my real brother and you have made me nude, you have sucked my breasts and bit my nipples, you are having a hard dick on my touch.

So if the sexual desires can make a brother go crazy for her sister, who can blame me for fucking strangers? So do you now realize that no one can curb the sexual desires? Do you exonerate me from the charge of being a bitchy slut?”

She was playing with the words. I had no other option than to accept that she was right in saying it all. I told her that I no longer thought that she was a bitchy slut and that I deemed her a very normal young girl who has normal sexual desires.

So on my question that I wanted to have sex with her she only let me play with herself and her moaning became louder. Then Maheen, moved her hand towards the front of my shorts. My god, I was about to feel the lovely hands of my real sister on my dick.

Again, although it was not the first time my sister was to touch my dick, but at that time I was drunk and secondly at that time it was more a matter of necessity than a matter of choice. But it was intentional and optional.

Now nothing appeared too “OUT OF THE WORLD EXPERIENCE”. I had super hard dick as my sister played with it. I asked Maheen naughtly and sarcastically, “Were you virgin ever in your life”? She just gave me a loving fist. Then I asked bit more seriously,

“When did you lose your virginity and who took it”? I was expecting some hot answer, but not as hot as she replied. It was almost shocking. She told that she lost her virginity to Fahad, one of my ideal in School life. Fahad was few years senior to me and was my sister’s

classmate in the tuition academy. He was an excellent player of cricket and I idealized him. Another reason to like him so much was that he used to give me some good company despite the fact that I was few years younger to him.

But now I realize that his company was solely with my sister and not with me. He used to come to my house, not to give me new cricket bat or ball but to have a look at my slut sister who had an itch in her pussy even at the age of mere 13 years.

(My sister had quite an extraordinary growth of her breasts even at that tender age). I could not believe my ears. My childhood ideal/idol had taken my sister’s virginity when she was only 14. He had been fucking my sister during all the years

and sometimes even in my house while I was still at home. I knew now that my sister was a real bitch from an early age. I then asked her to remove my dress. She made me totally naked in no time. And then I removed my sister’s Jeans and her underwear

to make her totally naked as well. It was hot and erotic. It was so Taboo yet so real. We embrace in a tight hug and we started kissing each other. We both were feeling each other’s ASSES and each other’s backs.

And then Maheen, asked me to lay down and she started giving me a little hand job and then proceeded to suck my dick. I would be a fool to expect any lack of experience from a 26 years old girl who had been fucking since she was only 14 years old.

She surely had learnt a lot over the years while fucking my childhood idol, her classmates, her university fellows, her colleagues and finally her uncountable clients. My sister was an outstanding slut who had hundreds of LUNS in her Bitchy PHUDDI.

After some blow job and hand job, I wanted to pay back the favor. I now asked her to lay on bed and I sat on bed beside her. My sister’s PUSSY looked angelic. She had well swollen lips, her CHOOT was soaking wet. She had trimmed her pubic hair in a very nice manner.

I had always believed that pubic hair add to the charm of a girl. A girl should have NO hair under the area where her pussy lips begin so as to feel clean and hygienic. But on her pubic bone and surrounding area, there should be some hair so that it must look erotic and hot.

And Maheen’s PUSSY and PUBIC AREA was exactly the way I had always liked. Infact most of they boys like it that way, and my Baji being a prostitute knew it fully well. That’s why she kept her pussy hair nicely trimmed yet not clean shaven.

My hand slid down and found a light patch of hair covering a very wet pussy. Her pussy was very warm and also very very wet. THE wetness of Her pussy said it all. SHE was horny to hell. Maheen Baji spread Her legs wider and gave me better access.

She was so horny that she didn’t want it to happen slowly. She wanted the real fun to begin soon. She wanted her real brother to fuck her as soon as possible. SHE let out a loud moan as my fingers began to rub Her clit.

I moved my hand down and began to rub Maheen Baji’s swollen lips, one finger tracing the wetness between Her virgin and inner labia. Baji was feeling warm all over and instinctively began to move against my touch.

I slipped a finger inside her wanting pussy, and began to move it in and out. Baji’s pussy gripped my finger. It’s when she boldly told me something that was not a shock to me. She told that she had been fingering ever since she turned 11. It was exceptional.

My sister had all the ingredients of a prostitute of international quality. Afterall just look around you to see any girl of 11 years. You would me amazed to feel that my sister had started fingering her pussy when she was just a little child.

My sister’s Phuddi being well used, I had no problem in inserting my finger in Her lovely CHOOT. Maheen Baji was getieng sweaty as I was fingering Her pussy. THE feeling of her real brother invading Her pussy was overwhelming.

Here she was having Her wish gratified. Afterall what else a slut can wish than being naked infront of a boy and being enjoyed by him. I slipped another finger in, this time again without any difficulty as she had quite an open pussy.

The I began to move in and out of my sister’s CHOOT in rhythm; and she was thrusting Her hips forward to meet my intruding fingers. I wanted to fuck her in a romantic manner, but she wanted it fast. So I had a plan. I was to finger fuck her to an orgasm,

so as to release the immediate tension building in her body and mind. And then I was to make slow, romantic love to my real sister. I put some of her love juices to her breasts and nipples and licked those from her breasts.

It may seem dirty, but she was so sweet, so clean, so cute smelling that it didn’t seem dirty. And it made her hot to extreme. I began to move my fingers in and out of Maheen Baji’s CHOOT faster, while she began to thrust Her hips with more force,

each thrust grinded Her clit hard into my palm. She could feel the wetness of Her pussy trickling down to Her ass. While fingering I was occasionally licking Her clit with my tongue and every time I did it, she would tense in excitement. I also placed love bites on Her GAAND.

I could feel the beads of sweat popping up over Her body, and the burning and tingling in Her CHOOT became almost unbearable. I knew she was about to explode with a furious orgasm. “Yaar main farigh hone wali hoon”. (Dear I’m about to cum) my Baji murmured.

Maheen Baji’s body flew back and grew tense, Her thighs clamped around my hand. Her pussy clamped down firmly on my fingers and began sending a torrent of her cum shooting from Her pussy, soaking my hand. Maheen Baji’s PHUDDI

continued to spasm around my fingers as an intense orgasm swept over her body. After making her relaxed for a while, now it was my time to enjoy the slow and long love making to my real sister. My sister was there, laying on the bed totally NANGI (nude) for me.

She held out her arms, inviting me to embrace her naked body. I moved into her waiting embrace… I cannot describe the feeling of her naked breasts pressing against my chest or how firm her ass felt as my hands massaged it.

Our hands roamed over each other’s body, caressing and massaging each other. I gently laid her down on to the pillows and laid down aside of her. I took her in my arms and pressed her tight against my body. My hard, erect cock was pressed flat against her stomach,

just above her pubic area. The sensation of her hot flesh pressing against my LUN was unbelievable. I began to place gentle kisses all over her face; first her temple, than her eyes, ears, ear lobes, cheeks, and finally her neck.

When my lips reached her neck, Maheen Baji threw her head back, exposing her neck to my kisses and even light love bites. I left a trail of kisses from her neck to her magnificent breasts. I kissed and nibbled all of her right breast with the exception of the nipple,

and then I moved to the left breast and did the same thing there. After a few minutes of suck stuff, I began to see her expression change. It went from one of bliss and satisfaction to one lust and wanting more. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and my hands went back to her breasts,

where my fingers found her nipples again. In no time, I had reignited the fire within her. Then, I spread my sister’s legs apart and she very shamelessly displayed her most hidden part, her pussy (CHOOT) to her real brother.

I placed just the tip of tongue at the bottom of her pussy and very gently moved up until I touched her clit and then moved down to the bottom of her PHUDDI; all the while savoring the taste of my sister’s juices. I continued doing this,

pushing more and more of my tongue into her pussy; staying longer at her clit. Maheen Baji’s moans became louder and her hips pushed back against my tongue and lips. I reached up and pinched her nipples, while still licking her clit.

Then we decided to do the 69 stuff. We moved each other in position with me laying on bed and she being on top of me. I felt her lips go around the head of cock. What a sensation, my sister’s hot moist lips encircled the head of my cock and the tip of her tongue caressed it.

I placed my head up on a pillow and was able to watch my Baji’s attack on my LUN. It was very erotic to both watch her suck my LUN, no more like making love to my cock, but violently. I was in heaven feeling the sensations her lips, tongue,

teeth and mouth were causing my body to feel. I watched her take as much of my cock in her mouth as she could and then slowly watched my glistening cock emerge from her lips. All the while, she was playing with my balls. Even in normal circumstances,

it could have been a treat, but she was my real sister, my BAJI and it added to the attraction and excitement. She must have sensed I was on the verge of erupting my load of brother juice into her mouth because she stopped.

She looked up at me and suggested that we should fuck now. Before we proceeded Maheen Baji told me that she had always preferred safe sex, that’s why although it’s her demand that her customer’s wear a condom she also uses anti-pregnancy pills

in case something goes wrong. Saying that Maheen said that I could cum in her CHOOT without any fear. That was another treat to me, because I had always believed that ejaculating inside a girl’s pussy is even hotter than pulling your dick out at the last moment

and ejaculating on her breasts. She then lay down on her back and held out her arms inviting me to come and enter her. I moved on top of her, placed my cock in the entrance to my desire and gently began to enter her. Maheen BAJI’s pussy was moist and well lubricated;

it was very open too because of 12 years of handsome fucking and 15 years of continuous assault. I felt very little resistance as I went deeper into her. Soon, I was totally inside of her, my sister, my BAJI; I was actually fucking her in full conscience.

This time it was no necessity, rather my choice to fuck her. It was so bad yet so cool. I was in heaven. I looked down at my sister and the expression on her face told me that the bitch was loving it the the maximum.

I slowly removed my cock from my sister’s pussy, when it was almost out I pushed it back in, filling her completely. I did several times and then I began to fuck her in earnest. Maheen BAJI had her legs wrapped around my waist allowing me to thrust deep into her hot inviting pussy.

I knew I would not last long, the combination of her sucking me and the thrill of finally making love to my sister was more than I could stand. My pace increased, I was pushing as deep and as fast as I could, I was close to coming.

My slut elder sister Maheen BAJI, who was quite experienced in fucking and having her CHOOT pounded by uncountable boys, sensed this; she reached around and fondled my balls. That was all it took. It had happened. I started coming for my sister, inside my BAJI’s CHOOT.

I shot waves after waves of my hot cum deep inside a very forbidden womb, womb of my sister. Maheen BAJI received every drop of my cum in her womb with contracting and relaxing of her pussy muscles. She was experienced to hell, just like porn actresses.

Once I completed the orgasm, I collapsed on top of her. My head rested on her magnificent breasts, my mouth moaning into them. It was spectacular, in the simplest words. My dick was still inside my sister’s CHOOT although it had softened.

We held each other, like lovers on their honeymoon, which was close to the way I felt. We were content to stay that way forever, but unfortunately, we had to get dressed and return to normal brother sister relationship before anyone else got to my room.

However, we had made our bed and were determine to lie in it. The story didn’t end here. There were many many hot and erotic sexual episodes involving incest, as well my sister with other males But the most erotic of those was when Yasir, my best friend also got to fuck my sister.

Infact it was again a threesome, where my friend fucked my BAJI in my presence and I also fucked her. But I won’t go into details so soon. Keep waiting for my series of stories. And I would love to read comments from any INCEST LOVERS on debonair blog.

Common, it is not possible that out of thousands of people who visit Debonairblog daily, there is not even a single one who is into this forbidden land of brother-sister incest??? I don’t believe it folks, so do reply.

Romping with sexy aunty

HI readers of HumanDigest. I am a great fan of this site. Let me reveal out one more experience, it happened to me when I was 20. I am from a small town in tamil nadu. My aunty and uncle was residing next to my house. My aunty is about 6 feet tall, she must be 42-38-42.

She is now aged 33.she is wheatish in colour. Very gigantic figure. She has 3 sons, aged 6,4, and 1. As she is next to my house, I would spend most of my time there. I always keep my eye on her boobs and butt, very big bopps, just cant try to pack and hide it with bra.

For a long long time, I was longing to see her boobs.. One fine day,my mom,dad, and my uncle went to a death of my relative in next town. So my uncle asked me to stay there in his house as a security for my aunty, as she will be alone with 3 kids.

That night around 8 pm I went to her house. She gave me dinner and asked to sleep in the hall. Her two sons slept.She then gave me her third son (1 yr old), and asked me to hold till she finishes her dinner... She was watching TV serial and started to eat.

She was sitting on the floor. I was sitting on the sofa with her last child. To my luck, the child started to weep, it felt hungry it seems. She asked to bring and lay her child on her lap. While I did that, I was eager to see her boops naked.

I was my luck, as her one hand was wet and clumsy with food, she said to lift her pallu and remove lower hooks of her blouse. I was shocked and my hands were shivering, in surprise. I slowly lifted her pallu, and started to remove the hook,

she was interestingly watching the serial, (while removing I slightly touched her boob...dut was very scared to press..)..after removing 3 hooks from the bottom I said to her that I had removed, the child was crying, but aunty was interested more on watching tv serial.

She said plz raj, plz lift this part of blouse, I shocked and very happy doing that, I just lifted her blouse to my surprise she was not wearing bra inside, her boob just fell on my hands, it was so soft, then the child started drinking the milk.

She was watching serial interestingly and I was watching her boobs interestingly. But her one inch nipple was inside her child mouth. After the serial was over, the child slept, she asked to lift the child up, again I got a chance to see the boob close.

Then she stood up, adjusted her blouse, covered her boop..closed her pallu covering the beauty.. I couldnt dick was erect for long time. I laid down the child and went to toilet to masturburate.. Then I returned to hall and slept.

She took her kid to the room and asked me to come inside the room to sleep, and said there might be mosquito in the hall. SO I went inside to sleep. She and her three kids were lying down, and I was lying on the bed.

She was facing me, I was restless, she was sleeping, I went to toilet, masturburated again and returned to bed. I was eager to see her breast again...the dimm light..showed me the way..i went near the child and pinched it slightly...and returned fast to my bed..

the child started to weep.. My aunt just opened her blouse and started she was lying down and facing me...i was able to see the full aunt fell asleep..keeping the boob open... The child too the sexy boob was waiting

and wanting for me to suck...i was some courage and went near her...slowly..took the child off and laid that on my the place next to my aunt was vacant...i just lied slowly and started sucking milk...

I was very cautious to suck it slowly (like a child) so that my aunty doesnt feel the dick started to erect....i was dried up... My aunty just woke and turned to face the fan..but she didnt notice me...still the boob was open....

i slowly lifted the pallu...of her her one side boob was naked and other was inside the blouse...i slowly removed the hooks...and now both boobs was naked hanging in front of hands were ready to squeeze...but I was scared whether she might awake...

i got bit courage and lifted her saree from the bottom..along with pavada.. She justed moved and adjusted for my easyness...i wonder whether she was awake...i turned and saw...but she was still sleeping..i saw her was sexy..

It was cleanly shaved...just inserted my middle finger slowly....she was asleep...slowly slowly I inserted.. It went deep was wet...i started to lick... It was so tasty....she must be feeling that she is in dream..she didnt wake at all....i was about to cum.....

I took her hand slowly and made to touch my rod...which was strong and erect....the moment she touched became more stronger.she holded it tightly...she moved it front and back..she might have thought that she is doing it in dream....

then I closed her saree pallu and went to toilet to masturbate...i took the child and placed it next her..and went to bed...after 3 time masturbating..i was tired..i fell asleep...she might have thought that it had happened in dream...

she must have been aroused.. I was wearing lungi....while sleeping I felt someone holding my rod...i slightly lifted my eyes...and saw aunty..trying to wake my rod...i again closed my eyes...and pretend to sleep...

My rod got erect....aunty started to suck it...vigorously...i didnt open my eyes...i was about to cumm...and I cummed it in aunty's mouth itself... I didnt open my eyes..even after that....aunty felt that I was sleeping...and she again woke my kindling it..

it slowly woke..she lifted her saree from the bottom.. Slightly inserted my cock into her cunt...i was in heaven.. But pretended to sleep...she started to move up and down..vigorously..she was playing with it...i cummed inside her cunt...she was really enjoying it..

i pretended as if I was sleeping...then she went to day morning I woke normaly..and she was looking very normal.... Both of the desires was fulfilled...but none showed that in our face...she gave me coffee...and breakfast...

It was sunday...i went to bath..she came inside to pour hot water..i pretended as if I was shy..and turned towards the wall though wearing the underwear..she smiled and went.. Then that afternoon...all her child went to sleep after lunch...

only we two were awake...she asked whether I had sex before with any woman...i happens only in my dream...she smiled..I got the courage and asked her whether she could fulfill my desire..she smiled and asked me too come...

i removed her saree...she removed my lungi... I was naked now...she was standing with blouse and pavadai...i removed her pavadai..and saw the cunt with bright asked her to sit on the sofa.. I lied on her lap...remove the blouse hook from bottom..

Today she was wearing white coloured bra...slighly lifted it..and started sucking it...i licked the nipple...squeezed with my hand..milked flowed allover my mouth...she gave me other boob...i squeezed both the boop...pressed...milked spilled all over my body....

while I was drinking milk... She slightly bended and started sucking my cock...she did it with utter hunger....she asked to lick her cunt.. She was sitting on the sofa...and open her legs..i kneeled down and started to lick...rounded my tongue all over the cunt...

she was drew me to lick more faster... She asked to insert my rod and pump We mated in doggy position...then we both went to take bath together...again we mated in bathroom...

My horny sister Sharon

I thought I would share my humble experience aswell with you wonderful people. my name is bryan. this story aint about me but about I one day found heaven on earth in my own little sister, sharon just turned 18.

i need to mention here that at this age shes as hot as a full grown woman as she has that perfect body anyone would die for.ive been noticing sharon's beauty for a long time now and whenever I had a chance, would try to feel it.

one day our parents decided to spen some time with our grandparents in chennai.since sharon had her school, mom said that she can leave me and sharon alone for a few days.we had a maid visiting for cooking dinner and day she fell sick

and I knew this was the day ive been waiting for.i waited till sharon returned from school as she goes for a bath as soon as she reaches home from school.I thought that I would enjoy peeping while she bathes.whne sharon returned,

she directly walked towards bathroom for a shower.i tried to find a hole in the door to see her nude, but couldnt.i was all wet by just the thought of seeing my kid sis naked.but since I couldnt find a hole in the door to peep I was very upset.

but then lady luck smilled on me.sharon asked to me hand her the towel which she forgot totske to the bathroom with her.while handing over the towel to her, I could see some parts of boobs ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh man!

i couldnt control the wild dogs barking in me.same night I asked her if she would to sleep with me on the same bed with me to my liking she accepeted the offer in an hour she was sound was the chance.i moved my hands slowy into her t-shirt

and tried to find the nipples.i found them.they were still not fully now I was all hard in my pants.after playing with her soft boobs, I went downwards..the movement I touch her lovebox, she opened her eyes.i was scared that

she would tell this to our parents but found a different look in her eyes it seemed that she was awake all the while and was indeed enjoying what I did.encouraged by this, I moved her and asked her take her tshirt off..she very innocently asked me..

"what you gonna do after that?".i told her that we were gonna make love just like grownups do.MAN...when I saw her boobies hanging in front of my eyes, that very sight could make me cum..i controlled somehow.i started sucking her boobs....

OH GAUDDDDD, BRYAN WHAT ARE YA DOING.........IAM FEELING..... OOOOOOOHHHH... AAAAAAAAAAAAAH.i knew she had started to enjoy this now.i couldnt wait now, I removed my pants and saw the surprise in sharon's eyes when she saw my 7.5Incher.

she asked me very cutely..."now what are you going to do to me...iam feeling kindda strange".i didnt answer.i asked her to grab my cock in her hands and kiss first she was a lil hesitant but when I insisted, she tried.when I felt her soft lips on my shaft.

that was a feeling that cannot be expressed in I asked her to suck it like a baby would suck nipples...she was doing I couldnt stop myself from pulling her pants down.HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!her ass was the best

I had ever seen and her lil love hole had soft tender hair.i directly inserted my lips in her never kissed before hot lovebox.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.....shitttttt ttttttt....and then she pressed my head as if she wanted me to insert my hed in there

now I asked her to turn, I couldnt takemy eyes off her ass.i managed to find her asshole and placed my tongue on it and sharon reacted with a OOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH HHHH OOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF.......these words

encouraging me even more.after licking her asshole for almost 15 minutes, I could see that she was all wet and was dead hungry for ny cock.but since my kiddo is too young and virigin, I didnt ant to directly insert my huge cock in her as

I wanted her to enjoy and not feel pain.i started putting my lil finger in her lil hole and noticed that it slid in with no problems as her pussy was all wet.i fucked her first with my lil finger and then the middle finger and then with two fingers for almmost an hour....

all the time sharon was mourning like mad. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH HHH.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHH........OH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTT.......i realised she had her first ever orgasm after being fucked by my

fingers for an I wanted to enter as I put my cock insided her tiny lovehole she first screamed................OHHH No.....PLEASE DONT..........THAT HURTS......then slowy I fingered her pussy for some more time and finally enetered her hole......

it felt like placing my cock on a hot molten lava......sharon just couldnt help, she gave a loud scream. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH GOD.i placed my lips on hers so that she couldnt make any more noise. I slowly started stroking her like mad...

faster and fasterrrrr........she was enjoying now like I was.she was pulling my hair....slapping my ass as I fucked her real hard...afetr a fucking of some 45 minutes sharon came agin....i asked her to suck my cock again and loaded my mouth

with my love cream and she licked the last drop of we both were tired and sharon slept on my chest naked....while I was still playing with her boobs...after few hours we were ready for a secound round.

Cumming with Sheeja aunty

Hi, I am 20 year old boy. I am going to describe a incident with my aunty. My aunty's name is Sheeja. She is about 45 years old. She has no children. She is little fat but she has big boobs which try to burst out of her blouse. Her house is near to mine.

When her husband is out of station, usually I go and sleep in her house. It was a hot may month. Her husband went to bombay for a 7 day trip. So as usual I went to her home. After having dinner we went to sleep. I didn’t took any night dress with me.

So she offered me a lungi. But I said know. I removed my shirt and climbed into the bed. We were sleeping in the same bed. After sometime I put my hand in her body. I slowly moved my hands into her chest. My heart was beatinng faster.

Then I slowly touched her breast. She didn’t resist it. Then I put my hand over itsqueezed it..she was also enjoying it. I removed my pants and put my leg over her body. She turned towards me and hugged me. She ran her hands across my body

and put her hand in my underwear and she grabbbed my cock began rubbing it. My cock couldn't handle it it masturbated. She removed my underwear and my cock was in a erect position. I slowly removed her sari and I could see her big boobs.

Next I unhooked the blouse and my mouth was watering by the site of those booobs. I squeezed it and unhooked the bra. My tongue was playing with boobs and I sucked it and put my cock between it.

My tongue moved to her waist and removed her panties with my teeth. We both were now naked. My hands began to play with the hairy pussy. I began to lick it. It was so tasty. I began fingering it.

Then she took my cock and put it in her mouth. She rolled her tongue over it. After that we did some doggy style. At last my cock released the cum on her face. That was one of the nights that I could never forget.

Screwed by elder brother

Hi...! I am Yamuna 23 years old and married last year. I am a regular reader of debonairblog but I was always afraid to write my experience as I am afraid of this society rules. Though sex is quite natural and people love it like anything,

still they blame others especially females who are enjoying sex. I am not a story writer and I really do not how to write a story. But here I would like to narrate my first sex experience with none other but my own elder brother who screwed me when I was at 14 and a school girl.

He always call me yammu and once our parents were out of station for a attending the marriage of near relative and they were expected to come back after 10 days. My brother is elder than me by five years. He always used to tickle me and pinch me here

and there in my body and whenever I wear a school unform, he was always pinching my thighs. On those days our exams were going on and hence we were not able to accompany our parents for the marriage. Since we were very good at study,

we had nothing to prepare extra for our study. On the next day of our parents' departure, my bro was watching cricket in TV sitting on sofa and he called me and asked me to be weith him whenever he is at home. I was about to sit near to him

but he suddenly he held my hand pulled me towards him and made me sat on his lap. He was wearing a boxer and a baniyan and I was in my long skirt and shirt which I usually wear at home. He continued watching cricket hugging me tight and caressing my shoulder,

hands, my long hair, my cheek etc and I was enjoying my brother's brotherley love and affection. Caressing my neck, he put his four fingers in my shirt and started caressing upper part of my chest and then he moved his hand on my bra-strip just below the shoulder.

While his left hand was on my waist and he was caressing my waist. I was enjoying his love and affection and closing my eyes, I rested my head back on his shoulder. He continued his work. His hand which was working on my bra strip,

now started going under the strip and he started caeresseing my cleavage. I moaned and he asked me, "Kya huva yammu?" I said, "kuch nahi". He continued his job and now he started rubbing his nose on my cheek.

I was feeling his hot breathing but I too was enjoying closing my eyes. Beelow my ass, I was also feeling a buldge in his boxer. Slowly, his small finger touched my tit and I jerked and I again called him, "Bhaiyya". Pressing his small finger on my tit,

he asked me, "Kya huva yammu?" I again asked him, "Bhaiyya ye aap ky kar reho ho?" Now he pressed my tits and kissing my cheeks said that "mai pyar kar reha hu". "Bhaiyya par hum bhai-behan he". "To kya huva?

Maine to mom ke saath bhi sex enjoy kiya he aur abhi bhi kar reha hu". I just amazed to hear this and I again asked him, "kya mom ke saath?" He replied, "yes mom ke saath bhi" saying it he started squeezing my boobs and also started unbuttoning my shirt.

Then he further told me that dad wanted to break my virginity and my bro took this advantage aes he wanted to avail the privilege of breaking my virginity. I was so astonished and in an awkward situation also. I realised that either dad or my bro will break my virginity.

With no option left for me but with full of wonder, I surrenedered myself and allowed my bro to continue whatever he wanted to do. He then remeoved my shirt and my skirt and started kissing my lips squeezing my boobs over my bra.

He started eating my lips and enterieng his tongue in my mouth and while doing all these, he removed my bra and panty and I was fully nude before him. Then he started sucking, licking, biting my nipples and boobs and caressing my clits.

aaaahhh, uuhhhh, uuhhmmmm. I started moaning like anything. Then he removed boxer and I saw his long thick rod and I was afraid too. He brought my hand on his rod and said me, "jab tak mai tere badan se khelta hu, tu mera Lund pakad ke hilati rehe".

I obeyed him as if I am his personal whore. Then he made me sat down and asked me to lick and suck his rod. I continued licking and sucking his rod for over half an hour and at last he cummed in mouth which I was forced to drink.

Then he made me sat on sofa and spreaded my legs apart and started fingering in my pussy. It was painful and hence I said him, "Bhaiyya, dukhta he mujhee". He then started licking my pussy and entering his tongue in my pussy deeper.

It was worth enjoyable for me and I startede moaning in pleasure. aaaahh.... bhaiyyaaaaaaa...... mere achhe bhaiyyaaaa...uuuuuuuuu..... and just wihtin 15 minutes I came and he drank every drop my juice aend then said, "Mom se bhi tere juice to bahut hi tasty he meri behna.

Aaj se mai tujhe yammu nahi par yammi bulaunga kyonki tu ekdam yummy aur tasty he." The he sat beside me and made my head rest on his lap and I was holding his rod, playing with it by my hand, kissing it, licking it etc. He too was playing with my tits and boobs.

Beating my butts, he told me, "Yummy teri gaand bhi ekedam maeset he". I started sucking his rod again and he lifted my hips and put my legs on two differente sidese of his shoulders and started eating my cunt. uhhhhhhmmmmmm...

moaning I continued to give him blowjob lying upside down from his shoulders. And in that position itself, he stood up and started walking towards bed room. Upon reaching the bed room, he made me slept on my stomach and asked me,

"Yummy, tu aaj tere bhaiyya ki Randi banja aur tere bhaiyya ke Lund ko muh me leke chusti rehe." I obeyed him verbatim and started sucking his rod again. I was feeling difficulty in breathing as my mouth was full of his rod but I enjoyed sucking

it hard moving my mouth to and fro. He holding my hair tight started pumping my mouth and then squeezing my boobs and butts and slapping and beating my butts saying that "aaj se tu meri Randi he, Rakhel he. Meri Kutiya he tu...etc".

Then he took his rod out from my mouth and made me slept on my back and he started giving mouth job on and in my pussy squeezing my boobs and tits. hmmmmmmmm...... aaaaaaaaa...... uuuuuuuuuu........ooooohhhhh....

I started moaning. My pussy had become lubricant now. Then he came over me and started rubbing his dick on my pussy and I was enjoying it. aaaahhhhhhhh.......uuuuuuhhhhhhh..... I continued moaning in enjoyment.

Then slowly his dick found the gap in my lovehole and enterede a bit .....AAAHHH.... BHAIYYAAAA... dukhta he..... He said in love, nothing to worry yummy abhi tujhe bhi maja aayega. Saying this, he entered his dick more inside my pussy

....AAAAHHHH......OH MAAAAAAAA....I started screaming. Ye saali randi aise nahi maanegi, saying it he started squeezing my both the boobs giving nail bites and pushed his dick fully into my virgin pussy and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

with a loud scream, I became unconcious. When I became concious and woke up after a couple of hours, I felt pain in my pussy and asshole and I found my bro was smiling at me and said me that "Yummy, aaj maine teri choot aur gaand dono ka udghatan kiya.

Dad ke liye dono me se ek bhi baki nahi rekha." I said, "Bhaiyya, par mujhe to bahut pain ho reha he aur mai khadi bhi nahi ho pa rehi hu. Aur dekho bhaiyya, ye bed poora blood se bhar gaya he". In reply he said, "tue chinta mat kar,

abhi thhodi der me sab theek ho jayega aur aaj raat tu khud teri marji se mujse firse chudvayegi vo bhi tabiyat se. AEur tu khud jindagi bhar ke liye meri sab se pyari randi ban jayegi." I will tell you later what happened on that night.

But before that I would like to seek for the comments of all the readers and I give all the readers to write anything in their comment on this real incident.

Romping with Aswathy

" Hello & Hai To All The Reders In Human Digest ………… I am A great Fan of Human Digest ………. I ma going to narrate an Experience of mine in my life..... It happened when I was in studying……….. After my Board exams I went to my Ammai's House.

Her Second Daughter was Aswathy.A Good Looking Village Girl.She was also of my same age.Her sister was studying for engineering at TVM.Her sister has very nice Body Figures.I used to masturbate Thinking of her sister.

She was also averagely bult when I saw her last vaccation.This Vaccation I went to their house.I wad totally bored because I has no media to watch porn movies. I got some friends near their House & I felt happy to play cricket with them.

One day my father & Aswathi's Father Decided To Go to Some Worship Places Some 30 - 50 kms Away from their House With Family.They Invited me to go with as I Complained Him I was Totally Bored Here.But today I was Not Able To Go With them

because some of my friends called me for a cricket match. For my Luck Aswathy Was Also Not able to go with them since she has to go to her friend house for a 'Gettogether' of her best friends after exams… They went to Temple's Early Moarning 7:00 AM.

They told us thatthey will be back after Dinner And Food for us is kept in kitchen an take care.Me and Aswathy was alone in their House.We had Our breakfast and keep on watching TV. About 10'o clock She told me that she want to go to her friend's house

which was very nearer to their house.I said ok. After that some of my friends came & told me that the match is going to start. I went to the match.After that when I came back home on 1 pm she was not there.about 1:30 pm she came & told sorry for coming late.

she said that she had lunch but she may give a company to me as a formality.We had Our Lunch. After that she tolde me She want To Take A bath. Then she took her Towel and dresses to be changed.I was coming from the hall to Dinning room

and did'nt saw her coming from the dining room.We collashed each other and she fell down scatterring her towel dresses …. Along that a beutifully desingned bra and a panty.. …. Till then there was no gulity in my mind.she sudennly took everything

and rushed in to the bath room.She was a bit shy because I saw her under garments. Their bathroom and toilet was seperated. Separate Doors was there for Toilet And Bathroom.It was seperated by a small wall almost 80% covering the original walls of batroom.

That means there was a gap at the top of that separated wall. I know that opening.I slowly waited in front of the bathroom to start bath.I Heard the sound of water pumping out from the shower.I was getting more hotter.

I don"t know what to do since I was not Experienced sex before. I decided to watch her naked body.I slowly opened the door of toilet without making noises. I took a small chair and Kept it near that seperating wall and sttod over it.I can'tbeleive my eyes.

First time in my life I was watching a girl fully naked infront of me.She was fully naked infront of me enjoying the showering of water.her eyes were closed.I don't Know what to do.I just keep on watching that beautiful site that I have ever seen in my life.

Suddenly she turned of shower to aplly soap.And opened her eyes.Her soap was kept on the top of that seperating wall.she looked upward to take the soap and got shocked by seeing me there. She suddenly covered her body's upper part (Chest area) with her beautiful hands.

I was enjoying that site which I obviously watch in malayalam movies. She told me in anger that to get down or other wise she will complain to my father & mother.Initially I was shocked because I has no experience in this field.

Then I told her I won't tell to any body about this and what is the problem if I watch her Naked.She don't know what to do.I lost my control seeing such a beautiful girl standing infront of me wet.I suddenly climbed over that wall and jumped into that bathroom.

I get closer to her.She don't know what to do.I slowly moved closer to her & had a tight hug with her.I then opened the door of bathroom and took her to the bedroom.She told me that this is bad.I told her that Old boys and girls in teenage likes to do it for pleasure and enjoyment.

She told me that she is inexperienced in this field.I told that I am also inexperienced but I know how to do it and make it a grand success since I have watched Number of porn movies.She tolde me that if anybody finds it it will be a bad to our family then

I told thatnobody will know since noone was there in our house. I was in such a happy moment.I slowly Touched Her Neck.Made her face closer to me slowly made a sweet kiss on her forehead.Then I started to fully kiss her like a mad man.

when I reached her lips quickly I slowly entered my tongue inside her sweet mouth trough that beautiful lips.My cock got erect and erect.I took my toungue and murmered her to do what I did.she also done the this time dhe was also getting hotter.

I started removing my shirt.she unhooked my trousers hook.I removed my Underwear.My cock came out of under wear she was keep on watching my 7 inches long cock she told me that ths is the first time that she has seen a human cock.

Now Both of us were completely naked by this time.I slowly reached her neck by kissing.She started making moaning sounds.I reached her beautiful BOOBS in notime.I started eating her beautiful nipples.She was in her seventh heaven.

I slowly took my middle finger into her pussy lips and sarted fingering.She was giving me good support by making nice moaning voices. We continued doing this for hours.Then she told me she want to touch my cock.

I took my cock in my hand And gave it to her.she toched it.I showed her how to give me more pleasure.She done it with beauty.After that I started fucking herwith my long cock.She enjoyed it sincerely.we both were enjoying doing it for hours.

After that we had a bath together.While bathing I was not taking my lips from her beautiful Nipples.After a clean bath we changed our cloths.Time was 7pm.We had a hot coffee.After that she came to me with a dull face.I asked her what happened.

She told me that she is ashamed of what has happened and she started crying.I don"t know what to do.I was scared because she may inform this to her mother.I told her that I love her so much Not only because of her body and beauty but also for her good character.

I told her that I likes to marry her since she is my Murapennu [ In kerala a system but not seen now a days ]. She was happy by hearing this and had a tight hug to me.She was actually worried before because she has that guilty concious of doing sex with a strange person.

Now she is alright because I promised her to marry her.I was also happy by getting a positive response from her. After that incident we have done sex whenever we have got oppurtunities. She told to her mother and father that we are in love and she likes to marry me.

Her father informed my parents.They asked me that wheather I have taken it in a serious way. I told ' Yes ' and they were happy.They told both of us to be patient and now it is the time fore studying and you must cocentrate in it.

They promsed us that they will make us marry when the time comes.We both got happy by hearing this. Now during the last vaccation they came to our home.Then also we have done the same in more style,since I have got more time to arrange a sex.

She was also satisfied with it. I am happy to share my experience with all the readers of I am not interested in publishing my name. I will give you my Nickname, JP All experiences and comments are mostly welcome.

Fucking hot Saveetha aunty

Hi guys, galz and aunties…. This site is very helpful and useful in narrating and sharing our experiences with many. I have come across this site many times and really enjoyed many hot stories. I too have desire to narrate my sexual experience with my own name.

But I am fearing it may be dangerous for me… So I am giving here my first experience in some other name… I am from Tirunelvlei, Tamil Nadu. My name is Safeer (name changed)..I am doing BE final year in a reputed institution in Tamil Nadu.

I am having a fair body. I usually do exercises to keep myself fit. This experience happened one month before, when I am returning home after finishing semester exams. It takes nearly 9 hours for me to reach my home from college. (I am studying in hostel).

In most cases, I used to make short stay in my uncle’s home on the way to my native place from college which is about 3 hrs. My uncle is presently in Bangalore with his family and he left the house for some tenants. Upper portion is free and I used to go there only.

Why I am staying there is because of Saveetha aunty (name changed). She is looking superb with perfect boobs and kundi. I was stunned on seeing her first. She was about 30 years of age and with a perfect structure of 36 – 27 – 35.

She was staying with his husband and mother in law. They have no child. I have masturbated many times thinking of sex with her. I want to fuck her at least once, but I didn’t get chance and also fearing. Whenever I go there, I tried to see her bathing and all, but I can’t,

because of her mother in law. On that day, she was wearing a blue saree. She was looking like an angel in that dress. I entered the upstairs room and turned myself in to towel in my hip. I was thinking about her and how to do sex with her.

At that time, there was a knock at the door. It was Saveetha aunty standing there. I was surprised. She came inside. At the same time, my cock started rising to 90 degrees. She also noticed that. And so I changed the topic.

I asked about her family members and she too asked the same. After that she went away. After finishing my bath, I came down to go out. She asked me to come in and have a cup of tea. I let inside her house and sat in the sofa watching the TV.

She gave the cup of tea. We talked generally but my eyes were starring at her perfectly shaped boobs. I controlled myself and finished the tea. She asked me when you will leave. I replied that the same night. She said to me to be there for that night and have dinner there.

I refused at first and then agreed. It is like, she saying, take me as feast today night. Slowly I changed my decision to stay that night and to leave next day. There was no one in home. Her husband and mother in law went for a death mourns

and she said they will return only the next day morning. We finished our dinner. It was nice. After finishing dinner there, I went upstairs to bed. At about 10, as her husband went away, she called me and asked me to spend some time with her.

So I came down and we talked for sometimes but my eyes were starring on her body structure only. On starring her boobs, my cock got erected inside my lungi. I didn’t wear any innerwear. I struggled very much to control myself.

At the same time, she also noticed my cock. So I decided to move from there. But she didn’t let me and asked me to watch some movie. We saw a James bond movie in star movies channel. In that there was a bedroom scene in the starting itself.

She saw it very excitingly. Of course, I too watched it with same feelings. She asked me, “En rumba kastapattu un asaya control panre?”(“Why are you struggling to control yourself?”) She continued, “Enakum un mela asa iruku, Un sunniya veliya vidu.

Athu en koothiyila vilayadattum…” (“I am also very fond of having sex. Let me see the length of your tool”). Her words gave me immense pleasure, encouragement and courage to me. She came nearer to me and took my cock in her hand. It was about 8 inches.

She said that my tool is looking as she like unlike her husband’s one. He is not fond of sexual desires. Before I removed her clothes, she asked me to wait for a while and locked the main gate. She locked the door and said to have sex in that hall itself.

I agreed. She removed her saree and stood in front of me with pavadai and blouse with bra inside. I untied the pavadai knot. She was not wearing any panty inside. Her pussy is full of hair, looking like a dark forest. I rowed my fingers in her pussy

and started fingering its lips and massaged her kundi (buttocks). I said “un koothi vaasam supera iruku” (“your ass smell is killing me”). As I am new to this experience, I was a little bit slow. She asked me to squeeze her boobs.

I removed her blouse and unhooked the bra. I stunned and amazed on seeing her big breasts. I started licking his thick brown colored nipples and massaging her boobs. It’s too hard and hot. It gave immense pleasure for both of us. She was playing with her hands, with my cock.

After licking her boobs for about 5 minutes, I started kissing all parts of her body from top to bottom. Then I moved down, started licking her pussy very exotically. She moaned and slowly juice was coming out. I tasted a woman’s juice for the first time.

I can’t express its taste. Then I turned my face. It was with the traces of her juice. She started licking my face and tasted her own juice. She was slowly attaining climax and moaned and said “un saamana Ulla vittu adi…mm.. Mm…”(“Push your heavy cock in my pussy”)

But I want to have still some more fore play. So I started licking her pussy with my tongue. Rubbing my balls and cock with her hand, she moaned “Aaaaa… aaaaa….. Haaaa…………” and begged me to push mine into her.

But I still continued squeezing her boobs and licking her pussy. After 10 minutes, I put her legs on my shoulder and inserted my 8 inch cock into her pussy. She said, “Seekirama Ulla vidu da… Nalla adi…” (Be fast… fast please…”) It was not fully going inside.

So she spread her legs fully and jumped and got my cock fully. I started moving back and forth firmly and slowly increased the speed. Both of us moaned saying unclear words. She said “nee nalla panre… supera iruku…. Ha…. Mmm…speeda…

Mmm… en koothi kiliyara varai adi… Mm…” After fucking her cock for about 10 minutes, my cock ejected out the thick fluid. I asked her, “don’t you have fear about pregnancy?” she replied, “I’ll manage it”. We both get ready for next round.

At that time, her husband called her and collapsed all our plans. She asked me to go up and sleep as he is nearing house. She cleared all the strains in that sofa. I went upstairs. After a few minutes, he returned.

I feel happy because we both escaped safely…. But in the next day morning, there was a surprise waiting for me. I will tell that in next part. Hope all have enjoyed my narration.

Spicy cousin enjoyed to the hilt

My Name is Rishi.(Name Changed) I am 31 years old now. This happened to me when I was 21. That time I was in Indore and Working in office. I was staying with my cousin sister. My parents are in Chennai. My Cousin sister is 31 years old. She is really beautiful and sexy.

I had come here for Job and I had no one else here so my sister and brother-in-law forced me to stay with them. They had one son (Sanju) who is studying in hostel at Bangalore. She is a perfect combination of 36,30,36 & 5'7".

She is wheatish in color and her boobs drive me mad. Most of the time when she is doing household work her sari cannot cover her boobs as her pallu keeps slipping off. I never had any bad intention for her but I used to enjoy looking

at her boobs as from my child hood I fond playing with them but never got the opportunity. It was Saturday night when my sister went to have her bath and asked me to look after the house as her room was on the first floor next to my room.

When my sister was having her bath the servant at her house use to go upstairs and peep through the bathroom door as it never use to close fully from the upper side. I went upstairs to take some office files to complete my work and when I

went up I saw the servant peeping through the door and when he saw me seeing him he left the house instantly with out even taking his clothes and never returned back and till day no one know why did he do like this and I wanted to look what exactly was he doing there,

when I looked thru the door I found my sister fully naked, clearing the bathroom and I could see her big ass and I could feel hard in my underwear and at the same time I was afraid that some one might not look at me watching all this.

I immediately went down without taking the files and could not sleep that night. That day onwards I used to see her having bath at nights and I even used to look into her bed room changing clothes thru the key hole.

I never missed chances seeing her changing clothes or having bath and she used to iron clothes when she was in her bedroom. she use to lock the door and remove her sari and lift the petticoat up to her sexy and beautiful thighs.

I used to watch here from the key hole and could also see here cleavage. One day I was having high fever and happened to sleep in here room from morning and in evening when she came to have here bath she saw that I was fast asleep she never waked

me up and went to have her bath and I happed to come to know that. I was waiting for her to come out of bathroom so that I could see here and I could not believe it I saw her coming out of bathroom in bra and panty only.

Those huge mangoes were just hanging in the bra and when I moved my site down towards her navel and panty, the moment was awesome and she started wearing blouse and then petticoat and then the sari and then she made here lovely hair

and went down to prepare food for all and me. That night I had to sleep in her room on the cot with my brother-in-law and she was sleeping down on my side and I was not able to sleep the whole night thinking of the evening and

event to bathroom and masturbate thinking of her, but my inner conscious was not happy with what had happened. Few days later my brother-in-law happened to go out to Delhi for marriage and we were left alone at house.

I wanted to confess it to her but was afraid thinking of the result, some how I got the courage and went to her room when she was having her bath. After having her bath she called me to her room and asked me the problem.

I was not able to tell her anything seeing this she came near to me and put her hands around my shoulders and resting her breast on my right arm. she was trying to know the problem of mine and I could not control this feeling of her for me and I just gave

her a tight hug and she just tapped my back and said just tell me whets the problem? I said here everything and she was shocked to know all about this. She left the room after that without saying anything and I was now in a lot of tension

and after a while she called me for dinner and we had it together but we didn’t speak about this. I went to sleep in my room and she went to her room and it was now 10:30pm and I was very much worried what she might me thinking and

I got up and went up to her room and looked thru the key hole what was she doing, I was shocked to see that she was massaging her breast herself above the blouse itself and moaning, now my worries were reduced. I knocked at the door

and she wore a nighty and opened the door and I asked her if we shall talk for a while in her room. She sat near me and I asked why she didn’t say anything to me, she came more nearer to me and hugged me for confessing to her,

she slowly started moving her hand over my back and then she slowly moved it down to my buttocks and now I also got hold of her tightly and gave her a French kiss and we both started kissing each other for nearly 20min.

Later she got up and asked me to give her a nice massage and brought a bottle of coconut oil and removed her nighty and the blouse and petticoat and now she was in black bra and pinky panty. I was waiting to hold her huge boobs,

without wasting anytime I just got up and started pressing her breast madly and she started moaning after a while she stopped me and asked me to take of her bra and give her oil massage on her back. I made here sleep in on stomach

and pour some oil on to her and gave her a nice massage in clock wise direction now she asked to massage her breast and stomach for which I had been waiting, now I could see & feel her boobs so closely. It was very difficult for me to control my penis.

it became very hard, still managed and started giving her a nice massage to her breast for 30min and then moving down to here navel I filled it with oil and started playing with it and slowly slid my hand further down to her pussy inside her panty and it was completely shaved.

Now it was her turn she pushed me back on the floor and slid my shorts & underwear down and got hold of my big and hard penis, she was slowly pressing it harder and harder. she was moving her hands up and down over the penis.

I got hold of her hand before I cum, but she took away my hand and I cumed on her hand and body. After this she called me to have bath with her and was when we went to bathroom she had already kept the geyser on.

We finished having bath and she came out wearing a bath gown and asked me to get ice cream from fridge, when I got it for her she was ready sleeping on the bed without the gown and she asked me to spread it all over her breast / stomach / pussy /thighs and asked me to lick it.

I started licking it from the top, as I was licking ice cream over her breast she started moaning slowly and as I was getting down she started moaning bit lewder and by the time I reached her pinky pussy she was not in her control and saying

me fuck me.... fuck me...I slowly licked her pussy and started my moving me hands from the bottom of her leg to her knees then to her thigh and gradually they reached to her pussy and I inserted my fingers inside it and started screwing it slowly.

now she stopped me and pushed me down on the bed and got hold of my cock and started kissing it and slowly took it in her mouth and gave me a blow job and after some time I cumed in her mouth and she swolled it and we both laid

side by side for few moments and now I asked can I fuck you I mean can I enter my cock into your pussy and give you more enjoyment, she was ready and I got hold my of cock and helped me into getting her as this was my first inter course.

I slowly went sided inside her and she got hold of my waist and stated slowly moving me up and down she was instructing me how to make the most enjoyment. As she said I slowing moving my cock in and out of her pussy, while pumping her I

got hold on her breast her was giving her a great massage and pinching her erected nipples. As I was pumping her according to her instructions I was getting harder and harder inside and she was enjoying at most and as suddenly she screamed fuck

me bit faster and then I got hold of her breast tightly and started pumping harder and harder as and as I was getting the speed she started screaming on top of her voice, I could see the enjoyment on to the face clearly that she had enjoyed

this after a very long time and now it was time to cum. I cumed inside her pussy as she already got operated for family planning. Now lied on her with my cock inside her itself and we enjoyed sex once more in morning also,

she helps me masturbating by holding my cock and pushing it up and down until I cum and she loves getting my cum on to her body and face. I had fucked her in all the possible styles. We always try to do something new every time.