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Sunita visits uncle shom again

The flight circled Delhi as it was readying to land. Sunita looked down at the city spread out below. Somewhere down there was the house which she was going to, that of her friend Deepa. Sunita had got up at the crack of dawn to catch this flight

so she could finish her work and return by end of day to home, husband and kids. She yawned as she felt the tiredness from her early morning wake up. And she also felt a little dizzy at the thought of coming face to face with Shom Uncle, Deepa's father.

Uncle, who had seen her grow up over the years, and who, in a moment of sympathy she had chosen to relieve of the sexual tension building up in his loins. She had masturbated him to help him with the release.

The very next day the pleasuring session quickly changed into a mutual pleasuring with Uncle Shom using his years of experience and his overcharged libido to take his daughter's friend to new heights of pleasure.

Sunita felt the tingle in her body as she fought with the confusing feelings rushing through her. On the one hand was the amazingly powerful sexuality of that man. His penis was broad like a blunt club. His hands were strong and his body was sinewy.

The lack of sag belied his age. All those memories of her small hand holding the largeness, of his largeness plundering open her cunt as she slid down on him, of her futile resistance giving way to wild abandon; all those memories made her rub her thighs together.

Her hand wandered lazily to her crotch as she gave it a casual rub. On the other hand was the illicitness of it all. She had known him to be sexually active and had found him masturbating. The sympathy for his loneliness over auntie's death had led to an unexpected unleashing of

sexuality. But he was her friend's father, who had seen her grow over the years. And she was married with two children. He was not supposed to display such lust and she was not supposed to look at a father figure in a sexual way.

He was supposed to past that age of acceptable sexual activity and she was, for heaven's sake, married. And then there was Deepa. Her dear friend Deepa. Who had chanced upon the young woman and the elderly man while Sunita was riding his rampant erection.

She had seen the animal coupling, and she had taken note of her father's need and fulfillment from that encounter and of Sunita's eyes which told Deepa she was doing this for Deepa. Deepa had chosen to remain quiet and Sunita took that to mean that it was okay,

given the circumstances. Her body raged with lust at the thought of Uncle's animal vigor in fucking her. She dozed off to sleep, allowing her juices to flow at the thought of how her ass had thumped on his thighs as she rode him to their mutual ecstasy.

At home Sunita spent the first hour or so of her arrival with Deepa downstairs in the house. Uncle Shom had his room and living space upstairs and he had not come down. While Sunita was getting washed up and changed,

Deepa had gone up and served her father his tea which he usually took while relaxing on his lounging chair in the upstairs hall. "So how is baba?" asked Sunita. "Oh, he is coping well. Your presence last time around this house helped us overcome a lot of things," replied Deepa,

not making any direct reference to the sight she had encountered. She had heard her father sobbing with relief to Sunita as Sunita milked him dry and allowed him to feed on her breasts. The gardener walked in just then, "Memsaab, come and look at the pots I have prepared."

Deepa got up and gestured up the stairs, "Go look him up. I am sure he will be comforted to see you," she said as she walked away, leaving Sunita to wonder on how far that remark was meant to go. Sunita looked up the stairs.

She felt warmth spreading through her breasts as she thought of the manly Uncle Shom waiting up there. Deepa's remarks and gesture of walking out into the gardens suggested that all this was perfectly acceptable to her.

There was innuendo, suggestion, sanction, complicity and gratitude, all at once in Deepa's gesture and words. And up those stairs was the man whose grip on her buttocks the last time, whose probing up and deep into her womb,

and god knows what else in the art of seduction awaited her. Who had seduced whom? She wondered. Surely she had made the first move, but it was he who took as far as it went. Her mind raced over the period she had been with her husband between these two trips.

Her body had ached for the hard hands gripping her buttocks and shoulder. She had longed for her nipples to be suckled while being fucked. She remembered with longing the strong thighs on which she sat between bouts of frenzied fucking.

The insipidness of her encounters with her unskilled husband stood in stark contrast to the wetness just thinking of this man brought upon her. And as she climbed the stairs any doubts or conflicts between lust and illegitimacy vanished.

As usual, he had his back to the stairs and she tip-toed up to him and covered his eyes with her hands and asked him to guess who it was. Shom Uncle felt the hands and could immediately make out they belonged to a woman. Sunita shivered as she felt his touch.

He held her hand and pulled her around to where he could see who it was. The smile on his face softened when he saw it was Sunita, and a spasm of sadness appeared to register on his face. "Oh Sunita Beti? Tum? Kab ayi?," he asked. (Oh Sunita Beti (for daughter).

You? When did you come? "Mai to thodi der se yahin hoon, bas aap mujhe dekhne nahi aye!" replied Sunita complainingly. (I have been here awhile, it is you who didn't come to see me). "After last time I have been wondering how to face you at all," he whispered.

Sunita moved the empty tea cup from the side table next to his lounging chair and sat down on the table next to him. "Kyon?" she asked him with a sparkle in her eyes. (Why?) "Whatever happened was with the consent of both of us, no?" she asked.

"And it was I who started it and you know why. You were just too lonely." "That was true of the first day. But what happened on the second day and the way I forced myself upon you was inexcusable," said Shom Uncle.

"At least, you had only touched me and we were more or less clothed and it happened in the heat of the moment. The next morning was very deliberate and you even asked me not to go so far. I should have behaved with you the way Shom Uncle

should have behaved with his Sunita Beti," he finished sadly, putting his hand over his face. "Oh, uncle!" sighed Sunita as she took his hand and kissed it and held it to her face. She was staring at the floor wondering if the visions of being possessed by the beast in Uncle Shom were going

to evaporate. As she lavished attention on the hand and caressed the arm she could not help turning a bit and looking down his body to his dhoti. And there it was, evidence of her effect on him. His cock had unfurled and was twitching and rising by the second in response to her

contact. She turned and looked up at Uncle Shom smiling with kind eyes and with a sparkle. She was somewhere between feelings for his predicament and her own need, which stood unleashed by their previous sexual encounter.

Shom stared back at Sunita. This girl who grew up before his eyes was now a full-blooded woman and had found him a new outlet for his sexual energy. He could not come to terms with that. Sunita stared back at him, her eyes boring deep into him and her hands wandered down

his chest, to his firm stomach and on below. She encountered the wisps of hair on his abdomen and tugged at them idly and slipped under his dhoti to try find his cock. Her hand closed around the pillar of hard throbbing flesh. She smiled a sweet smile as if to say to him that it was okay,

she was there to take care of him. She stayed sitting on the stool and turned her head to look down at him and see her own hand sliding up and down the cock. She enjoyed that sight of her small hand, his thick cock and the slow flow of precum coating her fingers as she stroked him.

"Perhaps," she thought to herself, "I will stay with this satisfaction if he is not comfortable with more." She was brought out of her mesmerized stated by the sound of a stifled sob. She was startled and looked up and saw Shom Uncle with his head thrown back

and tears were running down his cheeks. "Uncle!" Sunita cried out. She stood up and held his head in her bosom. She kissed him on the top of his head, on his forehead and slowly slid down to sit on him. She rocked him to and fro, "Sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she soothed him.

Sobs wracked Shom Uncle's body. Sunita pressed her breasts to his face, rubbing them against his nose and his lips, wanting him to take the bait, to lip her, to suck at her, to want her. He moaned and sobbed, wiping his tears on her blouse.

"What is the matter?" she asked soothingly. "I need you and its wrong!" he wept. "Nothing is wrong!" she chided him. "We need each other." "Is this wrong?" she asked him, her hand returning to his cock and she gripped it hard.

"Does this feel wrong?" she asked, sliding her hand up and down over the silky smooth skin. He shook his head to say no. "Then – how – can – this – be – wrong?" she asked, with each word, working her fist down the shaft.

His hands came around her back and he pulled her shoulder to raise her off himself. "You are my daughter's friend, like my daughter." She tightened her grip on his cock as she fist-fucked him. "I am a woman who desires a man," she replied.

He twisted his hips to get away from her but her hand would not let go. The movements he made only served to send more waves of pleasure through him as her hand changed its orientation. He brought his leg up and placed it on her thigh and pushed back.

His dhoti fell back and as he did this and the lower part of him was fully exposed to her. She maintained her grip, following the cock through the twists and turns of his body. She pumped his cock in each position his body took following him.

Suddenly they overbalanced and he fell back on the floor, she on top of him. He pushed himself away from her on the floor too. She was kneeling and crawled in his direction never allowing him to escape her pumping fist.

He backed up into the wall below the window and he could move away no more. He was lying on the floor his dhoti in disarray and his huntress was prone over him, his cock in her unrelenting fist. He gasped and shuddered as the different positions made her hand sometimes

stroke him from below, sometimes from top and sometimes so hard that it bordered on pain. She fucked his cock with her fist now hard, since he was against the wall. His hands gripped her wrist trying to stop her. She was determined to overcome his resistance.

She moved over him, her torso on top of his face and chest, her head towards his legs. She placed one hand on the floor next to his hips for support and leaning over his thus, she continued her fucking of his cock with her fist.

Her knees gently pinned down his strong arms and her entire weight was on them to prevent them from reaching for her again. Shom's cock was pulsating wildly. Juices had flowed and Sunita had used them as lubricant to keep the pumping going at a furious pace.

He was conscious of her being tantalizingly poised. Just above his face was her soft tummy and the breasts above that. Her mangalsutra, the symbol of her marriage which he had attended, swung from her neck as she rocked to the rhythm of her fist.

His hands reached for her thighs to see if he could dislodge her, but the tautly stretched leg muscles ended up seducing his hands. Through her saree he caressed the woman's strong thighs. He reached up to grab her ass and try pull her down,

but his fingers detected the edge of her panties. There was no way he could stop her or do anything with her. She was doing all the doing. Her hand on which she was leaning ached and she switched hands. She put her hand now on the window sill above them for support.

She pressed her hips forward and her crotch pressed against the top of his head providing her some relief. She ground herself down as much as she could and continued with the frenzied pumping of his cock. Her thumb swept over the glans causing him to shudder incessantly.

Her lower lip, the symbol of her unbridled lust, was hanging open and wet. Saliva was pooling in mouth which was poised over his cockhead, threatening to drip onto the fist and cock below. Suddenly Shom found a new way to resist this assault.

He raised his knees and tried to close his leg. "Beti!" he called out, his voice muffled by the grinding pussy on his face. "Enough! Let's not make this worse." At that moment Sunita knew in a flash as to what would make him surrender.

She did something she had never done to a man, not even her own husband. She lowered her head and the wet open mouth took in the large wet bulb of his cockhead. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" hissed Shom.

Sunita gripped the window sill even harder to help pull her self up so she could descend on his cock with her mouth. The warm wet mouth mimicked the effect of a cunt but with the added pleasure of her tongue which rotated the cock around.

Shom gave up as the moist warmth took control of his being and pleasure was the only thing he could register. The woman in the girl he knew had conquered the man in the Uncle he was supposed to be to her. His hips starting to fuck her face as he gave in to the oldest of desires.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" replied Sunita, her hips now totally resting on Shom's face. He opened his mouth and kissed through her saree, petticoat, panties, fumbling to gain access and desperate to feel flesh with hands or mouth.

His hands rapidly moved to the waist where her saree was tied. He felt her stomach and tried to pull the garment off. Sunita's mouth was a cunt now. It fucked his cock with the devotion needed to make it cum. Her hand stroked the thickness and fondled the balls.

"Beteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" howled Shom. Deepa heard the noise and looked up and saw a hand at the sill. Gripping the woodwork once, then pressed against the side of the window. Something was happening there she thought.

It was Sunita's hand though Deepa did not know that. Sunita was propping herself up to allow her hand more space to regain its predominant fucking position. Shom's hands were desperate for skin and he grabbed at Sunita's breasts, trying to maul them through the cloth of the blouse.

Sunita's head bobbed up and down. As her fist went down to his abdomen, the mouth covered the bulb. And as the fist came up she moved her head back. And so it was when she moved the fist down that Shom felt the surge of cum.

Her mouth covered his bulb just as he shot a load of his cum. "Sunitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Take, take take! This is what you wanted to see your Shom Uncle do, no?" slobbered Shom as his hips thrashed about.

Sunita choked on the cum and pulled her head back rapidly. This was beyond her own expectation and preparedness. Her hand milked him and he shot more streams which her hair caught. She continued to pump and empty her Shom Uncle who just kept muttering over

and over again, beti, beti, beti... as his balls emptied in several jerks that kept getting shorter. The penis started to recede and Sunita found it hard to keep grip on the flesh, but she was hardly ready to relinquish control.

She covered the shrinking jut of flesh with her mouth and nibbled at the penis. It continued to jerk and twitch and release fluid into her. She allowed it to flow out of her mouth, pooling under Shom. Her hands roamed up to his legs, she gripped his ankles,

felt his toes and pulled at them, making him tingle to his very extremities. And suddenly Sunita felt drowsiness wash over her. Tired from the flight and from the wrestling just now she slumped to the floor next to Shom Uncle, all ready to sleep.

Her one leg was around his head and her head was resting on his thigh. She gently rubbed his torso and felt the hair on his thigh against her soft cheek. Within minutes the couple were snoring gently, exhausted and satiated.

He from the sweet to surrender and the subsequent release. She from having healed his sense of hurt and taken him to his release. Waking up It cannot be said who woke up first. And who started what happened next.

It seemed to them like they had slept for hours but it was probably no more than ten or so intensely deep minutes. What both of them did realize was that each had the attention of the other. Sunita felt hands tug at her saree tucked into her petticoat.

A cool waft caressed her lower body. Clearly her saree was also being pulled up to expose her lower body. She herself felt the rough hair on Uncle Shom's legs as she carelessly stroked his body. "Uncle? Utthen kya?" she asked. (Uncle, shall we get up).

He responded with a long lick on her now exposed thigh, leading up to her crotch, which was still covered in her panties. His hands stroked her from outside of the panties and felt the intense warmth and the dampness that lay within.

His hands stole up her leg to the top of the panty and tried to pull down the fabric. He wanted her, open to his lips, the way he had been open to hers. She stroked his legs. They were bare. A part of his dhoti was under him but the rest was spread across the floor

and she was partly lying on it. They were lying next to each other, each person's head pointing towards the other's foot, side-by-side. Shom raised his upper leg, allowing Sunita all the space she needed to manipulate his cock and balls.

Sunita caressed the sac and felt and weighed his cock. She rubbed her face against his legs as she felt her heat soaring. She needed release. She felt his hands tugging and pulling at her panties, her petticoat and her saree.

She lay on her back and with one swift tug the saree was released. She bunched her petticoat around her hips and pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. She then turned back towards him. Shom had watched the lewdness of her act and felt his loins stirring again.

When she raised her hips he saw her buttocks. When she pulled her panties down he glimpsed the furry patch of regularly trimmed pubic hair. She raise her upper leg, stretching the panties tight. Shom peeled it downward and soon the panties were off

one of the legs and resting around the ankle of the lower leg alone. They were fully turned towards each other. Sunita took the still not full member in her mouth. She brought up enough saliva in her mouth to surround him with fluid and avoid tasting him so fully.

She was so unsure of this. She had never done it before and in the darkness of the room where she and her husband made love there was hardly any occasion when she properly saw what his cock looked like. And here she was, on an early morning,

sprawled on the floor of her friend's house, her mouth closed around her friend's father's cock. She pumped the jut of flesh in and out of her lips as she massaged the rapidly growing member. She took her mouth of his cock for a moment to shake her hair free and he couldn't bear it.

In an instant his hand was at the back of her head pulling her down. He kissed the inside of her thigh. Just as his tongue was tracing the line of her underbelly, he felt her mouth close on his cock and fuck it in and out of her mouth. He frantically grabbed at her pussy with his lips.

His lips brushed the furry patch of hair and he nuzzled her, wanting her fluids to flow. He smelled the pungency of her cunt, followed by the aromas of her flowing juices. His hands, large and rough closed in on her buttocks gripping her and pulling her to his mouth and face.

Sunita gasped. She had rarely if ever been even kissed down there. Uncle Shom was licking her there! It felt wonderful, and she felt her hips move against his face. Shom used his tongue on her with a dexterity born of years.

He remembered how his wife used to holler when he tongued her on the junction of her labial lips, where her clit was. He searched and the tip of his tongue rotated the nub of flesh at Sunita's cunt. She squirmed and squealed onto his cock, "mmmmmmmm!"

When he start to lap at her pussy, she realized his tongue was more dexterous than anything she had ever had touching her. Including the same Uncle Shom's cock. No, this was not enough for her. She needed him to lave her pussy with his supple tongue-cock.

She lifted her upper leg to open her cunt wide as a chasm so he could get deeper into her. Her foot rested on the window side for support as she prepared to offer him extended access to her inner flesh. This made her somewhat lean over him.

And her face now twisted his cock into the recesses of her mouth. Shom's fingers pulled her asscheeks apart and his fingers caressed and teased the insides of her asscheeks bordering her anus. Just as she felt his fingers reach an invading position,

she pulled her head off his cock and screamed, "No! Uncle, not there!" Shom let his fingers move away for he desperately needed her back on his cock. It was now full and engorged. He put his leg around her head and fucked her face with a steady rhythm.

The pleasure on his cock translated to action on her pussy through his lips. Likewise, the waves lashing her pussy caused her to pump his cock with her lips faster and harder. Deepa in the meanwhile continued to potter around in the garden.

From the time she spotted the clenched hands on the window sill she decided to stay out. She looked up towards that window and was startled to see a leg, clearly Sunita's stretched out and resting on the sill. The leg moved every now and then.

Sometimes bent at the knee and at other times outstretched with toes pointing outward. She watched transfixed and wondered. Sunita seemed to be facing the window. Was her father behind Sunita in which case, where was he fucking her, and how?

Or if her father was facing Sunita how had he got trapped between Sunita and the wall and what was Sunita's leg doing on the sill? It was there, of course, to allow Shom to get as much of her cunt as he wanted.

Sunita moved off his cock and allowed herself the luxury of smashing her wide open, wet pouch of flesh on his face. Her stomach heaved and that was the first sign of the earth shattering wave to emanate from her insides.

"Yes, Uncle!" she screamed. "Eat me! Eat me! Feed on me! Take me" she pleaded as her hips thrust against his lashing tongue. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle..........." she shook uncontrollably.

Huge gushes of fluid surprised Shom but he continued to hang on to the bucking and thrashing woman. He was soaked in her and his kurta (shirt top) was stained in her juices. He pulled her buttocks closer to his face and soon his nose and his lips were buried deep between her cunt,

her anus and the strip of flesh in between. Loud slurping noises accompanied the orgasmic flow as Shom ran amok with his lips and tongue. He was enjoying the wild moments of this young woman and his only regret was his cock was throbbing and not receiving any attention.

Sunita had gripped his legs and closed her eyes and given herself up to the nerve wracking pleasure coursing through her body. "Uncle, your Sunita beti. Yes, take her. Yes, you have taught her many things – now pleasure.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she hollered as she allowed herself to go fully. She collapsed on him and lay face down on the floor. Her body was trembling and she quivered as jelly would. His hands stroked her ass and her back and he admired the sexy woman.

His cock was raging and he knew he could sink it in her. Suddenly, he realized the incongruousness of their union, and of how this could affect him. He had barely overcome the intense sense of guilt from having consumed this girl sexually; his daughter's friend.

And now here was again. Compromised! Because of this girl. This wanton slutty woman. He was overcome with an anger in which he felt he should blamer her. He saw her face down prone body. Her hands were clutched under her chin at her chest.

Her body was heaving from the exertions of her orgasm. She too lay there wondering about the acts of lust and lewdness they had performed on each other. The masturbation had a logic to it. The fucking was a logical expression of desire and even affection and as she and Uncle looked

into each other's eyes. But this, burying their faces between each other's thighs? It was something she had seen only in the odd porn movie and had never done, nor had done to her any such sexual acts.

When she felt his hand at her hips, she thought he was asking her to get up. She raised herself on her elbows, her hips still resting on the ground and her ass jutting towards him. She felt his feet between her legs, and then she felt his knees on the ground;

he was kneeling on the ground between her legs behind her. What happened next stunned her. Shom placed his hand on the small of her back and with the other hand guided his cock to caress the entire zone between her two buttocks.

Sunita, shuddered, gasped and twisted and turned towards to take support of the sill and stand up. This she was not going to allow. She was not going to take this illicit relationship to depravity in allowing her Uncle to fuck her in the ass or from behind like a bitch.

All she could manage was a stumble when Uncle Shom caught her at the window. She was leaning on the sill, bent forward trying to get up. He was on top of her, leaning forward, cupping her blouse-encased breasts.

"No, Uncle! If we are lovers there is a way to make love! I care for you, I want to tend to you, see you, love you. I am not a slut, don't treat me like a, like a whore!" she pleaded. His hands went to the inside of her thighs and prised her apart.

"How much I pleaded you to leave it be, that it was a mistake. But no, you insisted on awakening the beast in me. Now you must bear the brunt!" So saying, he thrust in this bludgeoning club of a penis forward.

Sunita tensed and waited. Her anus was open and she worried about lubrication and pain. Her cunt was dripping- torn between the excitement of animal ness and the depravity of the animal ness. Her hands were on the window sill and as she tried to move she felt his hands gripping

her, holding her in place. It was sheer relief for her to feel the cock push past her cuntlips. It was relief to have her anus left alone. She leaned forward, her head down and her eyes closed as she felt the thickness course through her passage.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhh!" she went, as the cock sank in her fully. She opened her eyes and found herself looking out of the window. She was being fucked at the window. "Uncle!" she shouted. His cock pulled out and rammed back in.

"Oh my god! Uncle stop!". "Ah! Ah! Ah! This is no way to treat your beti" sobbed Sunita as she felt herself treated like a slut. Her buttocks tensed and she held herself steady to allow him access and to plunder her steady and regularly.

"And –was – that- the – right- way – for – you – to – fuck- your- Uncle- Shom?" he shouted back at her. Each word was one hard invasive thrust of his cock into her juicy flesh. "I –ah! Am ready-Ah! To –oh-oh-oh-oh! Love, love, love, you –ooooooooooh!

This –aha- this-hunhhh – this --- is de---ha depravity! Uncle! Uncle stop!" she shuddered. "NO! No! No! No! No! If you have made a beast of me, you too are a bitch!" he grunted. Once again, each "no" was a pounding of her now quivering pussy.

"Ui ma! Yah! Yes! Hannh! Make me your slut! Ravage me!" whimpered Sunita, grinding her hips back at the plundering cock in an attempt to tame him. The pleasure ripping through her body was indescribable. She had juices running down the inside of her thigh. And her body was tingling.

Suddenly, Uncle Shom's one hand slid up her back and into her blouse. The material stretched. The other hand went under and he caught the neckline of her blouse. In one swift motion, he ripped the blouse open, buttons popping, seams bursting and breasts now covered only by her bra.

"Hai, Uncle! Ye kya kar rahen hai aap! I am your Sunita beti, treat me like one!" she fucked back at him as her body pulsated under the assault. "I only know the slut who awakened all sorts of wild desires in me" he hissed as he undid the bra clasp at the back.

The bra now hung open. Her breasts hung with the cups just about covering her tits. They thrust and they jiggled as they moved to rhythm of Shom's fucking. And soon his hands covered them. The nipples were in his fingers, pinched and mauled mercilessly.

He pulled at them and gripped the breasts as handles to fuck her. "Aaaah! Uncle! You bastard! Taking me like a bitch!" she sobbed as she felt her body wracked by pleasure. He was everywhere at once, in her cunt, on her breasts, slapping her ass and fucking her like an animal.

Gone was the Shom Uncle for whom she had wanted release and to tenderly mother him out of his gloom. He was a ravaging beast. Large and animal. Fucking this small woman, young as his daughter with a lust half driven by revenge and half driven by his anger at his own self.

The bobbing head of the woman, the looming large man behind her that was her father, and the loud animal noises emanating from the first floor of her house were not lost on Deepa. She stood in the garden watching the silhouettes, in some cases more of the bodies showing,

at sometimes less of it showing. The noises, and the screams and the grunts were unmistakable. It was sex of the most animal kind. What Deepa could not reconcile was the animal vigor this seemed to indicate.

It was at variance to the tender release that Sunita seemed to have engineered in her father the last time around. She watched the fingers white with pressure as they gripped the window sill. She moved back to avoid being seen, especially by her father.

Shom was sweating, drops of it dripping on to Sunita's ass and adding to the pool of juices between them down her ass. He paused in his stroking and fucking. And in that respite Sunita turned around leaning back against the wall next to the window.

As the cock escaped from the cunt they both gasped. Sunita quickly caught his reddened and slick cock in her hand and she clenched her fist lightly, open and close to give him continued pleasure. "Uncle, bas! Enough of this temper!

Let me love and pleasure you the way you should be." whispered Sunita. He reached out for her cunt with his fingers and stroked the soppy wet lips. "Yes beti! Yes!" He opened his mouth and kissed her for the first time. His lips caressed her lips tasting on them himself and her.

Just as she too tasted their combined juices on him. They slid to the floor. Sunita lay back, her legs opened, knees bent, in the classical missionary position. Submitting herself to this man. Shom kneeled in front of her and lifted her body up,

to the level where her cunt was splayed over his cock. He held her hips and thrust her onto his eager bobbing member. Sunita gasped as she felt the cock plumb her depths. Her shoulder blades were resting on the ground and the rest of her was hanging in air and she was impaled on his cock.

He moved his buttocks to piston in and out of her cunt. Sunita thrust back as hard as she could. She had to conquer Shom uncle before he tore her apart today. Her clothes were spread and tangled with his dhoti. Her blouse was torn and hanging back from her arms.

Her bra was open. Her breasts were jiggling in rhythm with the thrusting. And her cunt was pulsating with a rhythm all her own. She reach for his arms and pulled herself up. Her hands went around his neck. Her legs folded around his back.

Shom's hands cupped her buttocks as he supported her easily in his arms. She looked into his eyes. Her eyes were radiating a new kind of love for this man. Affection, sympathy and lust had melted to yield a deep bond of love. She fucked him back, smiling. "Uncle. I love you!

I love you taking me, owning me and making me yours!" she whispered. She moved closer to him snuggling around his neck and used the leverage to slide over his cock in rapid quick thrusts. "Yes my love! I enjoy you for what you are! Thank you!" he replied.

Then there was silence. Just the fucking in rhythm. Him concentrating on her. And she making sure she was pounding onto his cock on the correct spots. The squelching sounds. The moans and the sighs. The sounds of kissing. Then the rising crescendo of oohs and aahs.

As Sunita held him to her and thrust her hips against him, she once again was looking over his shoulder towards the staircase. Once again, she saw Deepa there. Sunita and Shom were more naked than the last time. They were coupled more deeply than ever,

Sunita spread and wrapped around Shom, and Shom buried and thrusting inside her. Deepa shook her head slowly in disbelief. Clearly, her father and her friend were beyond that basic act of sympathetic love which she had witnessed the last time.

Sunita smiled at Deepa and closed her eyes. She felt her orgasm rising and it felt like Shom was rising to cum too. She threw her head back and laughed as she continued to receive and fuck back at Shom. A deep guttural "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh"

emanated from Shom as his cock swelled up to impossibly large proportions. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww yesssssssssssssssssssssss!" responded Sunita, a wide smile spreading across her face.

They held each other and shuddered deeply. Shom laid back Sunita and held her legs over his shoulder. He embedded himself as deeply as he could. Sunita gasped as she felt him deep in her womb, the head reared and warm jets of semen filling her.

She bucked and rocked, taking in as much of it as she could. Deepa's eyes were transfixed on the tensed and rippling muscles of her father's back, from shoulder to buttocks. She noticed the spasms as he released into her friend.

And she noticed Sunita's ass thrusting against her father as she twisted, turned and gave vent to her ogasm. "Sunita beti!" shuddered Shom as the last of his spasms emptied into Sunita. "Yes, Uncle. My dear uncle!" whispered back Sunita.

As he let her legs down, she let her heels beat a mild tattoo on his back all the way down, his buttocks and to the back of his thighs. Shom shuddered at each of those and was completely spent. He lay on her and she hugged him tight.

She held his head in hands and looked into his eyes. "Don't ever complicate this by thinking of what we were for all these years. We just need each other and we will simply take each other. Right?" she asked.

He stroked her face and pushed her hair back. He was breathless. His throat was constricted. All he could do was nod. She patted him on the shoulder, "Uncle move! It is getting late for me." She re-tied her saree, covering her torn blouse with the saree pallo and demurely stepped down the stairs to see if she could find a new set of clothes to wear for her days work.

First incest experience with Mom

I want to share my first experience of lesbianism-cum-incest with my mom (though there are few more in my bag which i'll share later on). We are four family members My father, my mother, my younger brother & my self. We live in a house of 600 sq. yards in posh locality of Rawalpindi

Cantt. My Mom measure 38-24-40 with hazlenut coloured eyes, long blonde hairs is 5'7"woman and no body can say that she has given birth to 2 children. She got married when she was 21 yrs(soon after her intermediate) and only 11 months after of her marriage I was born.

It all started 2 years ago when my father & brother were out of city. One afternoon when I came back from my college bit earlier than usual I opened the door with keys which were kept by me(we have a four pairs of keys each faimly member keep on set)

I thought that there was no body at home coz it there was a pin drop silence in the home. As soon as I entered in the passage which leads to my room(to get in my room I have to pass infront of my parents bed room) I listened to the vocie of my mother saying Oh Shabbo

(this is name of our maid) pls.meri choot ko apni zaban say choddo. I stopped at once coz it made me curious that what is going on.I pushed the door slowly without making nay noise to the extent that I can see inside & what I saw that my mom & maid were lying on the floor carpet

totally nude. Mom was palying with the boobs of our maid & she(maid)was lying on top of her palying with her boobs.I saw 2 nude women first time in my life which was sufficient to drive me sexually crazy.

My mom asked Shabbo to move her head towrds her legs and bring her Chhot towrad her face(a 69 position which was told my mom later on in an encounter with me).Both of them were licking each others CHOOTS.Shabbo making a halt and asked my mom BB Jee kya shahib key Lun

say maza nahi aata, mujey to apney husband kay Lun say to maza aata hay aur aap ki choot say be maza milta hay magar main abb aap kay bina be nahin rah sakti but my mom didnt replied to her as she was buzzy in CAHTTING THE CHOOT of her maid.

All these sexy words & sence made me wet down between my thighs and I took my hand into my shalwar and started to rub my Choot and after few minutes later I went to my bedroom took off my uniform and stood naked in front of full mirror of my dressing room

and looked at my body keeping my both hands on my 36C boobs fondling my nipples slowly and gently.when I felt that my nipples are hard I kept my hand below ny boob lifting it up towards my mouth bringing my tounge out nad start licking my nipple

while doing this I was rubbing my Choot with the other hand till my body relaxed. In the evening I came to my mom we had our evening tea and went out for some shopping after we came back home we sat in our TV Lounge to watch the TV but during this whole time my mind was making

plan to get my mom attract towrad me in the way she can play with me like Shabbo. I asked my mom that I am not feeling easy in the dress which I was wearing so I will be just back in few minutes after getting change.I changed my dress to a short & and a see thru top having a big

neck so my calvage is visible(this kind of dress I use to put on when I am alone my house). When I came back my mom looked at me with broad eyes and told me that I am looking dam good in this dress and that she had never thought that her daughter is so beautiful.

These remraks of her gave me a bit courage to get my plan started.I sat beside her watching the TV.All of a suuden I felt that my mom is rubbing my back very gently.Sensing of goods are being delivered I moved further closeer to her in such a manner that I can feel is hot breath on

my neck.Hand of my mom was now moving up and down on mu back and in the mean time I put my hand no my mamas,lap moving it slowly towrad her choot.She also flet if and opened her thighs a little bit more now it was out of my control and I took the other hand of mom and placed

into the neck of my top slipping directly on to my left boob (as I was without bra) my mom stare at me and jsut gave me a smile and started kissing on my lips.I was also kssing her nad tried to put my tounge into her mouth and got a positive response for her side.

Our tongues met and we tasted each other.Now I was unable to control myself and asked her Pls.let me undress you and she says OK and stood from the sofa.i first took her shirt off & then unhokked her bra and now I bent downwads to take her shalwar off in one go as she was

wearing slawar having an elastic waist.I took off her shalwar and tried to stood up so she can undress me but she asked me not to stood up and I should first give kiss on her choot. Her choot was without any pubic hairs I start licking her till she becom wet the she asked me to

stood up and she undressed me and started fondling my boobs,sucking my nipples and rubbimng mu choot with the pther hand. Both of us were now hot and wet and I asked her to something to get me relaxed.

She asked me that should she do the same which she was doning with Shabbo I innocently replied that I donht konow what she was doing with Shabbo and she said JAAN TUM NEY SUB KUCH DEKA HAY AUR MAIN NEY BE and

I was sure that this will happen positvely today between us.I asked her that did she saw I am when I am watching and she said yes and told me not waste time in these aurguments. Both of us lying on the carpet noe in 69 postion and licking each others cooth.

My mom all of sudden stood up asking me to stay there and she will be back in few minutes.She came back and I saw she was having something in his hand I asked her what is this,she told me that YEH HARD RUBBER KA LUN AHY BILKUL MARD KEY TEHRAY AUR

THUM IS KO MERI GANND MAIN DALNA.After this she gave it to me and I started to push that in her GAND.After 20 minutes she asked me to lick her choot and after 10 munites of licking my face was full of her creamy juice.

Shenstood up & told me JANN AB DEK TERI MAMA KIS TERA TERI CHOOT KO MAZA DAYTE HAI and sarted to licking my choot.I was moaning with pleasure OH MA PLS MERI GAND MAIN LUND DO MAUJHEY BHOAT MAZA MIL RAH AHI and strated fondling my

breast.My mom stood up and asked me to keep wide open my legs and then again she burried her face in my choot she was licking superbly and then she put her Index finger in my choot nad slowly she started rubbing my CHOLA.I screamed with pleasure OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MA

dont leave it pls.mujhhey chaodo and she started his motion faster & faster and all of a suden I had first CUM OF MY LIFE and felt so relaxed which was beyond my imagination. After this we both took shower in the same bath room during which we had iliite session of kissing & fondling

of each others boobs. After shower we came abck to watch the TV but it was of no interest so we started takling of sex. I asked my mom many things about sex during this conversation we once again felt horny and started palying with boobs of my mom.

She took me her arms and kissed me on my lpis again & again.I put my hand on her choot and asked her do the same with this to me and all the fun started again till mid night. Before going to sleep I asked my mom that can I sleep with her tonight but she told me

No and gave me a DVD and ask me to watch this and we will talk about this later tomorrow evening. What I saw on DVD and what I did after watching this is another story which I will give you later on. But is for sure to learn every thing at home mom is best.

Kabadi cousins

This is the story of a friend of mine told to me long back. I happened to meet him recently and suddenly this story came to my memory and I thought I should share it with you all. My friend, we will call him, Shan, for brevity, was then just 15 years old and was very much fondled by his

parents and all relatives. You know boys always get a preferential treatment in the households and they are pampered very much giving them all opportunities to get spoiled. But some boys shun away all the pamperings. My friend, Shan too had his share of pampering,

but he was a sensible fellow and never allowed it to spoil him. All aunties and cousins loved him and they wanted to play with him. He was very handsome with chubby cheeks and creamy colour skin, tall etc. his cousins always wanted his company.

But he was very selective and mixed with only a selected few. Fortunately or unfortunately he had many female cousins than male cousins and hence he was always in the female company. But his parents never allowed him to go to

their houses under the pretext that he is busy with studies etc. But after he finished his school final exam. there cannot be any excuse of his being busy. His uncle and aunt asked him to come to their home and uncle said he is coming to Delhi and would pick him up on his way

home. Shan was also happy since he was getting a chance to get away from home and be a guest of his favorite uncle and aunt. Their two daughters, Susheel, 18 and Sumitra 17 were very fond of him and he also wanted to see them.

It was a Sunday they set out on travel and on Monday morning they reached their home at Lucknow after a hectic train journey.Shan's uncle was a business man and his aunt was a school teacher. His aunt wanted him to take bath and put on fresh clothes before taking

breakfast. But my friend Shan had a difficulty. His mother used to help him while taking bath by soaping his back and here he cannot ask for such things. But aunt was insistant. He went to the bathroom with the towel and poured water all over his body and applied soap

where his hand could reach and then wiped and came to change into fresh clothes. Susheel, his cousin happened to see him wrapped in wet towel coming out of the bath room was aghast to see his hanging of 7 inches. Can it be true, she wondered, this long and that too for a boy of 15.

She could see it clearly sticking to the wet towel against the backdrop of a sunny corridor. She ran and was speaking to a friend of hers about the probable length of the hanging of boys of that age. Sumitra who evesdropped the telephone conversation was also inquisitive

and went straight to the room where Shan was put up and opened the door. Poor Shan does not know that he should have bolted the door before removing the wet towel from his waist otherwise any of these girl cousins would jump in at the most inappropriate time.

Sumitra saw him standing with his wet towel removed, with his hands holding the pyjama to put his legs in. She saw his hanging clearly. Golden coloured, pouted, with thick hair covered, 7 inch cock was there between his legs.

She went forward and as if to help him held the pyjama in her hands and asked him to put his legs safely in. For a moment Shan forgot he was in naked condition and should have hidden his nudity with his hands. He kept his hands on the shoulders of Sumitra and inserted his legs

in the pyjama one by one and in the process, her hands touched his cold cock and she purposely pushed it in to shove it inside the pyjama. There were goose pimpless all over her body..While tying the rope of the pyjama she took another peep at it and was having wetness

in her panty. She made up her mind that she will help him in his bath daily and dress him up. He had no difficulty to put on the kurtha. She helped him to button the kurtha. She helped to comb his hair and he seemed to welcome such small services rendered by others.

Susheel came after a lengthy chat with her friend by which time Sumitra had definite plans for her cousin. Susheel posed as an elder sister and started ordering around although from the bottom of her heart she would like to have another look of his golden 7 inch cock.

Her classmate boy friend, Arun, who used to take her to a distant park and sitting in a corner had shown her 6 inch cock, dark in colour. He once forced her to take it in her mouth and much against her wishes she had to do it to please him.

His cum filled her mouth and she spat the whole thing on the ground. He had squeezed her boobs and even sucked her nipples but could only touch her pussy from out side. They used to talk so much about fucking and she knew everything about fucking.

Sumitra did not have any boy friends but her friend, Anjana used to tell her so much about sex. She was being regularly fucked by her cousin and Anjana used to explain everything in detail. Somehow Sumitra thought she will have ample opportunity to be with Shan, touch his cock,

suck it, and if possible fuck it also. Since her father and mother will be away during the day time and if Susheel also goes away she can have her jolly time with Shan. Once or twice Susheel came to talk to Shan. But her attitude did not suit him.

He gave curt and short replies and she had no further to talk to him. But Sumitra behaved like his own playmate. Sitting together in settee they watched TV. Talked about their school friends, teachers etc. He used to call him Shumi although he is younger to her by 2 years.

Next day, when their parents had gone away and Susheel was also busy in the kitchen, Shumi suggested why not go and and have a bath. Shan looked up at her and nodded his head. They both went to a bathroom attached to Shumi's bedroom.

She asked him to get undressed so that she may help him to soap his body. The suggestion was very innocent and Shan obeyed immediately. He removed his kurtha and pyjama. He had an undy inside. She asked him to remove it also and tried to pull it down.

His cock limp and hung between his thinghs. She looked at it and wanted to hold it for a moment. She poured warm water over his body and started to apply soap on his back and on his chest. Quickly she came down to his cock and applied soap on it and on the balls.

A new light dawned on Shan. He found her touch very pleasing and his cock was getting erect. She also liked to hold an erect cock in her hand and apply soap to it. She pulled the skin back and saw the pink coloured cock head.

Applying soap lavishly she washed it and looked at it near the window. She kneeled on the floor and applied soap on his legs and feet. His erect cock was touching her hair and face. When she looked up, Shan was laughing and again he leaned forward so that his cock may touch her face.

Shumi got her chance. She opened her mouth wide and took his cock in her mouth. Shan was surprised. He pushed his cock again and again into her mouth and it gave him immense pleasure. Sumi held his balls in her hands and sucked his cock with all her strength.

Her panty was already in floods. Suddenly a spring of hot viscous fluid shot into her mouth. She swallowed it and the spurts of it was coming non stop. Shan enjoyed his orgasm closing his eyes. He never knew that this could be this enjoyable.

Both Shan and Shumi closed their eyes and were going into another action. They did not notice the bathroom door being opened and Shusheel looking inside. There was bright light inside the bathroom and she could see the 7 inch wonder doing miracles to Shumi.

Shan was holding the head of Shumi and fucking into her mouth. Shushi watched it for some time and closed the door and came down without mentioning anything. She thought things have gone very far and she should do something immediately otherwise the boy would be lost once

and for all. Shumi and Shan were having happy time. Perhaps they would have even fucked. Shushi regretted she missed a lot of time and chance. She has to adjust with her sister Shumi so that both of them can have a good time with the boy.

There is no point in unnecessarity getting worked up. She thought about it and formulated a plan. She was shocked to see both Shumi and Shan coming from upstairs after finishing their bath. Shumi seemed to have had bath.

Does that mean he was inside the bathroom when they both bathed. He would have applied soap on her boobs and cunt. She would have made him to suck her nipples and even the clit. The mere thought created jealousy in Shusheel.

The all sat in the drawing room and watched TV for some time. She asked Shumi to get cups of tea for all. Shumi went to the kitchen when Sushi came and sat near Shan and was patting his back and was embracing him and saying that he was such a nice boy.

When shumi came with the tea,Shusi took a cup and gave it Shan and took one for herself. Shumi knew that her elder sister wants to push her out out of jealousy. Shushi suggested to Shan why not we go out and play. He asked what play. She said we will play kabadi.

Shan has heard about kabadi but does not know how to play. But she said I will teach you. Shumi was just standing and watching the fun. Both Sushi and Shan went to the front court yard to play. Every time he came near her, she caught hold of him with one hand and her other hand

was on his cock. She will release him quick and ask him to come again shouting kabadi. When he comes near she will go and get hold of him and embrace him tight pressing her boobs on his chest. and her other hand went in search of his cock.

Shushi was not ashamed that her sister is watching. The boy enjoyed the most and his cock with so much of handling was getting erect. Next time when Shushi went shouting kabadi, she caught hold of Shan and pressed his hands on her boobs. Shumi was laughing loudly.

This is a real fun game, I will also join in the game. Shushi asked shan to go and get a bermuda pant instead of a pyjama. Shan went upstairs when both the sisters were laughing loudly about their game. Shusi asked Shumi did you fuck him yet. She said no.

But I saw you sucking his cock. Shumi was taken by surprise. It is alright if you want to suck come down to the bedroom in the night, said Shumi. But papa and mama will be there. That you dont worry, I will take care of them. OK. then, said Shusi. It was her turn to suck his cock.

She cajoled him and put her hand inside his bermuda and got hold of his cock. Pulling it out she leaned on him and took it in her mouth. Shan wondered what it so much tasty in his cock that both the girls want to lick and suck it daily.

Both the sisters came to an understanding to take care of him jointly. Next day they took him to the bathroom and both were trying to bathe him. They took turn to suck his cock. But Sushi undressed and wanted to bathe along with him. She removed her clothes one by one.

and Shan was looking at her revelation in great wonderment. Her boobs erect and round with erect and bulging nipples and her narrow waist and hairy cunt and round ass all were very beautiful. He said he will apply soap. Shushi agreed and he started to pour water and applied

soap on her body. Shumi also started to undress slowly. They boy was greatly excited. He was holding the boobs and twisting the nipples. She asked him to suck them, which he did more enthusiastically. His cock stiff as an iron rod.

Shumi in the meantime undressed sat on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and was sucking vigorously. Shushi wanted to get his cock inside her cunt. The boy does not seem to know anything about fucking at all. He continued to be playing with the boobs.

Slowly she asked him to lie down on the floor and she put her legs across and with her hand took his cock and rubbed its tip on her clit. Shumi also helped her to insert his cock inher cunt. But since both were virgins the cock wont go inside easily.

She lied on the floor and made Shumi to put his cock at the entrance of her cunt and push him forcefully so that it goes inside. It went inside and slowly by further pushes it went inside bit by bit and it went fully in. The whole 7 inches were inside. The Shan boy was very happy.

Both the girls were also happy.Now fuckig started. Both the girls were enjoying their turns immensely. It was a devine moment for all of them since they all had a devine pleasure. Hitherto unknown intensity and magnitude, overwhelming pleasure,

piercing from every nerve points of the body. The boy was able to withstand all the demands on him. It was a continuous affair from morning to evening. One single moment of pleasure stretching to about seven hours everyday.

Not satiating any of them. They wanted it more and more. More thay had it more they wanted. There was no shyness or inhibition. they had it in its full dose, unmitigating intensity.

My hot nephew Syam

I am Sangeetha, 30, housewife, perfect body, fair complexion mother of a two year old son, Ashok, and my husband, Hemant, was in Dubai working in a MNC but comes to india on business tour once in three or four months.

When he comes, we have wild sex for the period of his stay and he and I are craving for sex. Many a times I cannot help mastrubating but it can never be equal to real fucking with a real cock. Hemant had a 7 inch cock always hard and never satiated.

On the day of his arrival I prefer to keep it inside for the whole night, I mean inside my hot cunt. He enjoys my vagaries and obliges me in whatever way I want. He favorites are my nipples and clit. He enjoys licking them and sucking them for any amount of time.

When he goes after his sojourn again there is emptiness till he comes back. My sister, Sarada, lives in Delhi and she had a fifteen year old son, Syam, who is doing his school leaving exam. Her husband is a businessman and travels a lot.

One day Sarada telephoned me and told me that her son Syam would like to spend a few days here with us during his holidays. I told her that I am happy to receive him and would make his holidays as enjoyable as possible. I had a word with Syam and welcomed him to our home.

Syam came directly from the railway station in an auto. When I saw him I was surprised. He is almost an adult. About 6 ft tall, he sported a few hair on his chin, the chubbiness was no more there in his face. He came and touched my feet and took his luggage inside.

He was in a kurtha and pyjama. I asked him to change since he needed a wash after the journey. He came fresh from the bathroom in a new kurtha and pyjama. I asked him to have his lunch since it was lunch time.

He ate well, relishing all the dishes, licking his fingers and I was happy that he enjoyed his food. We sat chatting about his life in Delhi, and his school friends, teachers, his parents etc. I asked him to take rest for a while when I finished my work in the kitchen.

I was wondering how this boy has grown. He was just three or four feet tall when I last saw him. Now he was well over 5.5 ft. Taller than me. But he is very active and I saw him going around from one room to another.

He did not have any friends in the locality and hence he had difficulty in going out and mixing with boys and girls of his age. He just stood and watched other children play. He played with my son, Ashok, and made him giggle.

It is more than 2 months that my husband was away and I was very horny for sex. But what to do. In the evening I arranged the bed in the guest room for Syam and kept his luggage in the guest room. I took out all his dirty clothes and dumped them in the washing machine.

His brief was large and deep impression of his cock in the brief showed that his cock is nothing less then 7 inches. Normally I would not have noticed. Because of my present sex starved condition I just out of curiosity took the brief to my nose.

The smell of a male made me aroused. Afterall he is my son how can I have such thoughts about him. He is the son of my sister and is just like my own son. I felt bad about the evil thoughts which came to my mind. I went to the kitchen and got the supper ready.

I went to the bathroom, had a nice shower and changed my dress into a nightie. I feel very comfortable in the nightie. By about 8 pm I called Syam to come for supper. He came and sat along with me. I took a close look at him. He sported a moustache.

The hair in his chin was thin and brownish in colour.. There was lot of hair in his forearm which gave a good contrast against his fair color. After supper you go and sleep in the guest room upstairs, I said. He nodded his head in agreement.

We were watching TV for while and saw his favourite serials and then mine also. By 9.30 pm, my son Ashok was sleepy and needed to be fondled to put him to sleep. Otherwise he wont sleep nor he would allow me to sleep. I told Syam to go upstairs and sleep in the guest room.

I took Ashok and went to my bedroom. Ashok slept fast and I too dozed off. After about half an hour I heard Syam calling me. I opened my eyes and asked him what is the matter. He said he cannot sleep alone in the guest room. He wanted to sleep in the drawing room on the floor.

I said how can you sleep lying on the floor, you come down and lie down in my bed near me. He was happy and went to the other side of the bed and sat on the bed. I said ok, lie down and sleep. Dont make any noice to wake up Ashok, I said. I observed that he slept within no time.

His breathing was heavy to indicate he was in deep sleep. I looked at his innocent face. I got up and went to his side of he bed and sat near him and ran my hand on his hair. Nice fellow, how handsome he looks. He will certainly be very popular with girls. I ran my hand all over his body.

His youthful body was a pleasure to touch. My hand ran over his crotch. His cock well quite lengthy was not soft. I was surprised. It is not erect. Even in limp condition it was hard. I could not control my cutiosity. I just untied the strings of his pyjama and pulled it down.

He did not wear any undergarments. His creamy coloured cock of about 7 inch in length with silken smooth skin was there between his thighs. I just kept on looking at it. I felt wetness in my cunt. It is sin to have amorous thought over your own son, I thought.

But seeing this beautiful piece of male flesh which woman will not be attracted. I took it in my hands. I just brought my face closer and smelled it. It was so nice. I planted a kiss at the tip of it. My lips opened automatically and I just took the head into my mouth and rolled my tongue

around it. This much provocation was sufficient to make it hard. It was growing in my mouth. Its length increased and its girth also. I looked up and saw Syam was awake and I felt very awkward. He just got up and pulled me over him and kissed me without uttering a word.

My flesh was weak to resist. He was quick. He just got up and made me to lie down and lifted my nightie and pulled down my panty. I was surprised at his speed. He is not innocent as he appears to be. He must have had many girls many times.

He just buried his face in my cunt and was licking my cunt and clit greedily. His strong tongue dug deep inside and was entering inside my vagina. I was afraid that I was on the verge of an orgasm. My month long abstinance from sex made me hotter.

He made me to widen my thighs and got up and took his cock and kept it at the entrance of my cunt. He looked up at me and asked me how was it. I gave out a grunt and a moan. He pushed his tool first slowly and then with all force. and within no time his entire cock was inside my

cunt. It seems to have travelled through several new unexplored areas in my cunt hole. It fitted tightly and he remained as if he has corked my cunt.. Then he started fucking me. Pulling his tool fully out and plunged it inside fully. It sent waves of pleasure all over my body.

Each time he pumped I gave a grunt and a loud moan. He fucked and fucked. He was not tired and seemed like going on like this for ever. My orgasm was building up. My voice changed. My grunt became louder and also my moans.

I took my lower limbs around him and embraced him with my hands. He made a final plunge and his fluids were being felt inside in a powerful spray, never ending spray. But his hardness persisted. He wanted to go again. I allowed to have another go.

This time he fucked more speedily. He went on fucking and fucking. It took more time to come to climax. This time it was full and complete. Both of us were naked below our waist and we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves of all the mess.

He came back and lied down and slept. I too was tired and slept very soon. Next day Syam did not show any sign of the previous nights experience. He was behaving just normal and played with children. In the night again he came and occupied my bed and was pretending to be

sleeping. I was wondering whom I am enjoying with. My own son. He is not a child and he is grown up and appears to be well experienced in sex. If he goes and leaks out that his own aunty seduced him. I called him and talked to him. He was very casual.

He said he wont tell anybody and I should also keep quiet. He was in a hurry for his fuck and was pulling at my dress and asking me to lie down. I requested him to go back to Delhi before my husband comes.

My husband would also be eager for sex and if Syam also pesters me I will be nowhere. He told me he will go away on the previous day of the arrival of my husband. Till then he wanted to fuck me. He said he enjoyed fucking me the most. I asked whom all he has fucked so far.

He smiled cunningly and told me that he was taught sex by their maid servant. That was two years back. His mother went away to the office and the maid servant was there throughout the day. She taught him during the day and since she was married she was not worried about

getting pregnant. He said he tried with his neighbouring girl. She was very small and he enjoyed fucking her and she too. Then another aunty in the nieghbourhood who volunteered to teach him maths. She knew nothing about maths. but she enjoyed his fucking very much.

His adventures were all during day time and hence his parents never suspected him. Once his parents went away on account of a Rotary meeting and he had to stay with the neighbourhood aunty. He husband was also away. He fucked her for the whole night for two days.

She used to climb on him and fuck him. She like that very much. I was shocked to hear all his stories. I however continued fucking with him for another week when he was packed off to Delhi. I will never forget his deep thrusts and the electric effect it made in my body.

Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff 3

Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff 1
Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff 2

After having tasted my sister’s Phuddi, and after having my sister’s mouth on my Lun, I was quite satisfied, content and relaxed. Everytime I got hot/horny, I had a bitch right next to my bedroom. I could avail her at any time I wanted her.

All I needed was to ask her for a favor and the result was always an orgasm. She could use her mouth skills, handjob or “Pussy Massage” to bring me to an orgasm. Just imagine folks, a 14 years old girl rubbing her bald Phuddi on her real brother’s Lun…She was a real slut.

And quite interestingly, there was not even a single time when she refused my idea to come in my bed to have the “Soft Core” sex. It was quite astonishing that my bitchy sister was ready to have sex at any time. Few times it happened that at midnight,

I felt horny and I went to my sleeping sister and rubbed my hand over her boobs or Phuddi or Gaand. Usually a person who is in deep sleep doesn’t welcome such advancement towards him/her. But that slut was so fucking hot that she would get up

and without complaining that I disturbed her in her sleep, she would further my advancements. In the previous part, I have told you, how I managed to seduce my real younger sister into the realm of incest and how I managed to get all the sexual pleasures without breaking the last

barrier i.e the penetration. However it was not easy to curb the desire to put my LUN in some tighter hole than relatively loser hole of her mouth. This is the story where I took my sister’s anal virginity and ripped her gaand apart.

So read it on folks. Hope you’ll like it, even those who are not anal sex lovers. At that age, she had already started having menstruation. Once when she came from her school and went in her room to change her dress, I asked her to leave the connecting door,

between mine and her room, Open so that I could enjoy the scene of her undressing. Always she used to oblige me, but that day she said that it would look dirty. I asked why? She replied that she was having menses and that if I could wait for another couple of days then we could

enjoy our old sex game. I was so horny that I asked her to atleast get undressed. She said Fine, and started removing her dress. When she removed her sports bra, my dick jumped to its length and consequentially I jumped to reach her. While she was removing her Shalwar,

I was already playing with my sister’s breasts and sucking her nipples. I don’t know in what state of mind she was, probably she was also very hot, she suggested something which we had never considered before.

She said that as she was having her menses so she could not give me the “Pussy Massage” because of apprehension of some blood spilling out of her PHUDDI which would look real dirty. Then with some hesitation that 14 years old BITCH said,

“Bhai aur to kuch naheen ho sakta to phir aap mere peeche (Gaand mein) Try kar lo na”. (Brother, we are not left with any proper option so why don’t you try putting your thing in my back)….I thought to myself, why didn’t this idea come to my mind previously.

I wanted to keep my sister’s PHUDDI virgin because a non-virgin girl’s husband can ruin life of his wife if he gets to know that she has already let someone use her Phuddi. But there is no such fear in case of Gaand. I was a stupid not to try it to my sister.

I accepted it happily and with lot of enthusiasm. I was about to Fuck my real sister, my 14 years old sister, in her GAAND. And all on her own request, demand and behest. Although I was not an anal sex lover, even now I hardly fuck girls in their Ass,

but at that time, it seemed pretty decent offer. I had never put my dick in a tight hole, just my sister’s mouth was the only place I had put it in. But now I was getting the chance to fuck my sister’s GAAND.

I asked her once again whether she was sure about it? She was such a brave and courageous girl that despite knowing her limitations, her slim figure, her very tight virgin ass hole, her very tender age and my reasonably sized 6” LUN,

she didn’t even give it a second thought and instantaneously replied that she wanted to try it all by her own will and wish. We decided that it would be appropriate if we do it in the washroom, under the shower. It was the month of May, in Rawalpindi,

and a moderate temperature of water would definitely give our first ever sexual intercourse a pleasant feel. Also it would give us a relatively neat, clean feel coz of her menstruation. We were so hot that we wanted to try this out immediately.

We asked our servants (brother and sister in their mid-teens) to delay our dine, locked the rooms and started kissing madly. I was sucking my sister’s lips while she started playing with my LUN. She was treating the string/cord of my trouser in order to remove my trouser.

She was already in her underwear only and was nude from waist above. My sister was standing only in her black underwear with “Always Ultra” sanitary napkins inside. Then I lifted my half nude sister in my arms and brought her to the washroom.

There I got undressed completely and removed my sister’s remaining cloth. She had grown little hair on her PHUDDI because she could not shave it during her menstruation but still it was quite neatly trimmed. Probably she had shaved her pubic area just a day before her menses started.

Anyway, Once we got nude, we again hugged and played with each other’s bodies. We kissed each other and sucked our tongues into each other’s mouth. My 14 years old BITCH sister was an expert kisser. I wonder from where she had learnt that skill.

Anyway, we then turned the shower ON and jumped under it. However, before that, I didn’t forget to put the bottle of Johnson’s Baby Lotion on the rack. THE SCENE WAS ON…….! ;););) Nadia, my sister was standing under the water stream, her hands covering her tits and pussy.

It was not because she was shy of it, rather only to enhance the hunger in my. She was just acting to be a very noble, shy and decent girl who was about to be fucked for the very first time. The water was running all over her body, from her medium-cropped hair, down her shoulders,

her little but growing breasts, slimmer belly and wide HIPS…The “VENUE” of that day’s TREAT ;) For the first time ever in my life, I noticed that my sister’s GAAND was something to watch for. At the age of 14, she had not developed much breasts,

but for some reasons her GAAND was that of a grown up girl. It definitely was the centre of attention of the boys in the vicinity. Such a nice Gaand and the way she used to do “Latkaa and Jhatkaa” made her a horny Anal SLUT.

My sister was bit nervous, bit confused, bit shy, bit excited….All because of her BUTT. After all letting a boy lick her PHUDDI was something else, but letting him actually enter his LUN in her hole (GAAND) was something else. While the former was pure and mere pleasure,

the later demanded some patience, endurance and determination. She was going to get quite a lot of PAIN and I was determined to give her Maximum pleasure out of this situation. PHUDDI is the natural and proper channel for a boy’s LUN, but GAAND is not the natural way,

so she could let me do it again only if she liked it the first time. I am not a fan of WILD sex. All I love is romantic sex. And it’s the quality which drives most of the girls in their teens crazy. Here too, I wanted to make it memorable for my sister.

I wanted to make slow progress and make it look romantic rather lusty. I acted as if I was approaching her for the first time, and she loved this fantasy. I looked down and saw her little but very firm and round breasts dangling a few centimetres from my chest;

Water was running over them, and between her cleavage making them look like two islands in the middle of a river, her nipples seemed hard. I don’t know whether it was because of the cold water or because of her hotness and anticipation.

My mouth felt dry, and had to swallow some spit. It was not easy at all. I was not an experienced fucker by then. My sister was my first. I was still in my teens. I didn’t know whether or not I would be able to put it properly in her asshole.

I didn’t know how I would manage to keep fucking her while she was shouting with pain. But I wanted to do it. I was so desperate and horny. Everthing felt dreamy. My prime aim was to first make her REAL hot and then proceed further. For this I had to act romantically and slowly,

as if we were two lovers. I lifted my hands and gently touched a breast with each. They were firm and solid, somehow bit different than always. She shuddered, just for a minute. Then I slowly started to climbed up with my fingers and reached her nipples.

My sister was looking at me. Her mouth was half open and her eyes were full of anticipation. I grabbed her nipples between my thumbs and middle fingers and started to rub them. They were hard and pointy, and I loved the rough moaning of my sister.

With my thumbs, I brushed them softly and then flicked them, watching my sister’s boobs bouncing a little. The water from the shower was running over my hands and down my arms, and covered them with a light sheet of water.

“Maza aa raha hy bhai?”….(Brother are you enjoying?), asked my sister. She was sounding like an elder sister, mature and fully grown up, who was just enjoying the pleasure of her younger brother playing with a toy that she had gifted him. I nodded in affirmative.

“Bhai aap to bilkul bachey lag rahe hain”…. "You look like a kid who just got a new toy.", said my sister with a smile. She was trying to ease the tension in the atmosphere and in order to lighten up the mood. We both needed this encouragement because it was going to be our first

actual INTERCOURSE. “Bhai please meri breasts ko choosein”…(Brother please suck my boobies), Nadia said. So I bent, and took her right breast in my mouth. I started by licking her nipple, tasting the water on it and the small bumps on her skin.

Then I put my lips around her nipple and sucked softly, imagining there was milk in there; though all I could taste was water. Nadia moaned briefly and passed her hand through my wet hair. Slowly I took more and more of her breast into my mouth,

sucking in her aureole and as much as he could of the cup. Soon most of her little breast was in my mouth. All this time, my other hand continued to massage her left boob. After playing with her like this for a few moments I moved to the other breast and gave it the same treatment.

This was bliss for her. She was hot and moaning loudly. She reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned and said: You are getting me wet. Ander kab daalna hy? (When will you put it in?) I then asked my sister to bend against the wall so that she could relax while I

played with her GAAND. She did so and I took my position behind my sister. Her wide Ass was looking fantastic with water drops sliding through its sexy curves. I started licking her ass cheeks. She was loving the feeling and was pinching her nipples.

I then put my hands on each of her GAAND’s cheeks and spread them a little and then put my face in my sister’s GAAND. It was a lovely feeling. Her Gaand was so hot, in appearance as well as in physical reality. I spent some time feeling it with my face.

My dick was painfully hard by then. So I asked my sister to use her foot on my dick in order to give it some pleasure. As these were my sister’s last days of menstruation so the blood flow was little. Specially at that particular moment, it was quite neat and clean.

Atleast I could finger fuck her. While I was rubbing my face all over her GAAND, I removed one of my hands from her ass and started penetrating her PHUDDI with my finger. The inside of her pussy was warm and she twitched every time my finger went it.

Slowly and slowly her moans increased, turning deeper; her body shook more. Sexual energy was building hard in her fast, heading towards an orgasm. After all how much could a 14 years old Bitch take? I played with her for a long time, attacking her sensitive parts from different

sides, munching, licking and sucking. The object was only one, plenty of pleasure for her in her first Anal Intercourse, and minimizing the pain. My sister was only 14 by then. And I knew that there will be uncountable episodes of me fucking my real sister before she’ll finally get married.

So I wanted to go in slow so that she loves the sex. I wanted to let the doors open for my future fucking sessions with my sister. I knew if she loved it the first time, she’ll give me immense pleasure in the next 10 years or so, till she will get married.

I was thinking like a pervert and I was loving it. Thinking dirty about me real underage sister gave me a real turn on. It still turns me on, that’s why I’m narrating all it to the world. Believe me I like it when you guys jerk off thinking about my sister.

That slut really needs all the Lun and all the Cum you have ;) I then took the shower head and started washing her ass. Looking at the water streaming down her cheeks and into her ass crack excited me very deeply. I spread her ass with one hand,

and placed the nozzle of the shower head to her butthole. The water current splashed in her ass and Nadia giggled. Anticipating an insertion, my Slut Sister handed me the bottle of Lotion with a smile on her face. I thanked him, looking deep into her eyes and then,

with lot of lotion on my hand I rubbed it on her GAAND, specially in her asscrack. Then I started to penetrate my finger in her Gaand carefully. I slowly pushed my long finger into her Gaand, up until the first joint and pulled it out again.

I lubricated it with some more lotion and then again stuck it in and kept it there, making half turns with my hand like a screwdriver. And with my thumb I started rubbing her pussy. The pressure on her clit, gave her a delicate massage.

It helped me in diverting her attention, from the Pain from Anal penetration, towards pleasure from Vaginal Massage. My little sis moaned softly and shivered a bit. Gradually I increased my pressure, force and length of insertion.

This was clearly giving her some strong sensations, as she arched her back and pressed harder against my hand. "Ohh," she said, "Bohat maza aa raha hy. Bhai bohat maza aa raha hy. Ungli aur ander daal lein….." (Too much pleasure. Brother it’s too much pleasure.

You can put your finger further inside) It was a good sign, she was liking my Assault on her ASS. I was inserting my thumb in her Phuddi at the same time. Soon I had whole of my thumb in my sister’s Phuddi and whole of my middle/long finger in her Gaand.

Feeling an approaching orgasm, I increased my pumping rhythm. The noise of my hand flapping her genitals became louder and louder in the small room, overcoming the running water, and soon mixed with Nadia's increasing moans.

Her body started shaking hard, and she had to support herself on the wall, and started massaging herself. I didn't stop either, and explored deeper and deeper inside her with every gesture. After a few moments my sister was really losing control,

her moans turned into hard uncontrolled sighs; she brought both of her hands to her Phuddi and started rubbing in vigorously (although my hand was already there). As her body was shaking involuntarily I continued to rub her, squeezing all her orgasm out.

"Ah, ah, ahh" she whispered between "Bhai ab ruk jaeen, please ahista ho jaen" (Brother please stop. Please slow it all down). I calmed down the rhythm of jerks and finally took my finger & thumb out of her Gaand & Phuddi. Little Sis was leaning against the wall,

slowly retrieving her breath. You can imagine the scene. A 14 years old, underage slut, standing totally naked right infront of her real brother and spreading her legs to give her real brother access to all the places where even any boy other than her husband should not venture.

Then she put a hand on each butt cheek and pulled them apart, showing me her small hole. And with a naughty smile she said, “Mera idea acha tha na, k gaand mein try krte hain???” (It was a good idea to let you enjoy my Ass, wasn’t it)."

I complained that pleasure is all her’s and what’ll I do with the Hard LUN of mine. I asked her to suck it but she smiled and said, “Bhai, abhi to mein bohat hot hon, 5 minute mein dobara ready ho jaon gi. Aj to peeche le ker hi dekhna hy k kya maza hota hy”(Brother I’m too hot even now.

Within 5 minutes I’ll be ready again for sex. And don’t U worry. I’ll definitely put this ur LUN in my GAAND. I wanna check what pleasure is hidden in penetration). I smiled & my cock made a small leap, getting all of a sudden very hard in the knowledge I’ll soon fuck her ass.

After relaxing a bit I again slowly buried my face between her ass cheeks. It was hot and dark, and water was flowing all over my face. I then slowly stood up, my knees hurt from kneeling so long on the hard tub floor. I looked at my sister,

who was standing with her back to me and smiling over her shoulder. Our bodies joined and I grabbed her tits from behind. We then kissed each other while I massaged her breasts and she started to move her butt in circles, exciting my cock.

I again put a handful of lotion and rubbed it all in her ass crack and on my Lun as well. I put my finger again in her Gaand. This time with relatively lesser effort. And then tried to put some lotion right inside her Gaand. It was tough ask,

but I somehow managed to put some of lotion literally inside her Gaand. Now it could serve the purpose well. Water and lotion when joined together form a very slippery liquid. Suitable for first time Anal Fucking of a 14 years old Bitch.

Then came the real moment. I grabbed my hard Lun and placed it in her crack, exactly between her cheeks. Water flowed down her back and gathered into her ass creek where my Lun was lying. Finally it received the attention I was desperately waiting for.

My Lun was wet from the water and shining with eagerness to pump her behind. I started pushing the head around her ass ring. She helped me by spreading out a cheek while I held the other. My balls were burning and I felt that I had to sodomise her quickly otherwise I'll explode.

So I pushed the tip against her hole; feeling, more than I expected, resistance. "This is probably going to hurt a bit", I told her, "but the water should help". She said, “I know, just be careful." I pushed again, resolved to enter her ass. I managed to force my cock past her ring;

and bit by bit I entered her, struggling through the tight muscles. After a minute I rested, only about half of my head was inside, and I had to hold it there. My sister breathed hard and tried to relax her Gaand. She was surely feeling some pain but was amazingly determined to get fucked

and amazingly silent. She was leaning with her cheek on the wall and her breasts were flattened hard on the tiles. I pushed again, feeling the anus give in and let me pass a bit. A minute later the head was entirely in, held tight in place by her muscles.

I continued slowly pushing deeper inside her. The water was running all over our bodies, and my cock made a bridge between her and me. My sister used her hand to rub her clit, and I had to spread her ass wide with both hands. I clutched the ass cheeks strongly,

feeling the muscles hidden inside them and as I pushed further I looked down: it was a fantastic sight, seeing my cock penetrating the small hole in my Real underage 14 years old bitch sister. A few more centimetres in and then I felt my cock's head no longer pressed by her anus.

I began to very slowly pump in and out of her, penetrating her deeper with every stroke. "You like that? My cock in your ass?" I whispered in her ear. She did not respond. She was just enjoying it but at the same time she was in pain as well.

I reached around and joined her in rubbing her pussy. We were moving together, my cock entering deeper with every gesture. It was not fully in, but every stroke pushed it a bit more. With each little thrust moans of pain and pleasure were emitting from Nadia’s mouth.

It was very tight, and I had to be quite forceful. I could feel my cock surrounded from all sides by her body; it was pushing hard on my cock like a fat man squeezing through a narrow door. Her ass was almost milking me in, like vacuum.

My sister's ass slowly became more accommodating and I could feel my penis sliding more easily inside. I grabbed her waist and started to really pump her. Every time I took it out almost entirely and buried it in up to the hilt.

My balls started to heat, and I could feel drops of cum forming in my cock. Although my speed was not too much, but it was still quite a much for a virgin 14 years old girl. And also I wanted to keep it bit longer so I had to force myself to slow down a bit.

"Yeah, that’s better" whispered My sister, "It’s my first time bro, please keep slow”. And proceeded to ask, “How long will it take? I’m enjoying but still I want to finish it so that I can relax a bit” I said, "I'm almost cumming in your ass."

I was fucking her in erotic slow motion now, amazed that her ass could take it. She moaned harder and rubbed herself faster; I grabbed her tit again and pinched her nipple. Then, I changed my rhythm and fucked her deep and slow, pushing the cock all the way in every time.

I closed my eyes and felt the water all over me. Cum was amassing in my shaft, getting closer and closer to splash out into her butt. Fuck," she said through her clenched teeth," Oh, fuck me...". It was all I could take. My sister actually asking me to fuck her harder.

"I'm cumming in your fucking ass..." I managed to whisper. My balls were on the verge of squeezing and making me cum. Finally I knew that I couldn't hold it longer, I told her that I’m cumming now and grabbed her Tits tight.

Knowing it, my sister pushed herself/her Gaand hard on my LUN and moved it in circular motion. It was too experienced a move from 14 years old Slut. I started cuming in my sister’s Gaand. I gave final jerks to my penis fast, feeling my balls sending spasms through my body.

My cock started to pump out right into my sister’s ass. A great sin was finally accomplished. I had not only fucked a girl’s ASS but it was also my Real Sister’s Gaand. She had lost her anal virginity to her real brother,

someone which is not approved by the society. My legs became soft and I grabbed my sister's head. My own head felt dizzy and mouth felt dry, all seemed turning around me, Nadia, the shower curtain, the water. All were spinning.

After a few moments I stopped pumping out cum. My Lun was dry now from inside but from outside it was glistering with plenty of liquids. I kept my Lun right inside my sister’s Gaand. I was so hot that it did not become flaccid quickly.

It seemed that it’ll take ages before being flaccid. Finally the process began and as it started losing its hardness, it slowly and automatically started coming out of Nadia’s Gaand. As it slipped completely out, few drops of Cum followed the path from my sister’s Gaand

and dropped on the washroom’s tub floor. Some other drops followed their path on Nadia’s legs. I had shot quite a much sperm in her Gaand. We both looked at the lovely site for a while. We had committed a sin, but we both were happy to do it. We took the shower then.

This time it was seriously just a BATH. That day opened the windows of opportunities for us. In the years to come, I participated in numerous and uncountable sexual episodes with my sister. In the later part, I even managed to fuck her pussy as well.

Although I had not planned it, nor did I want her to lose her virginity to anyone other than her husband but circumstances forced us into it. But I’ll narrate that story at some other time. Till now enjoy it, and do comment on the story.

Loving father 2

Loving father

Hi readers. In my last story I shared my experience of witnessing the fucking session in which my loving dad fucked my cousin and I went back to my room thinking that when I will be able to have this fun with him.

I went to my room with heavy heart and tried to sleep but sleep was far away from me. I was lying on the bed thinking of what I watched and slowly rubbing my inner thigh.I stood up from my bed went to my dressing rom unzipped my shirt and took it off.

I unhooked my bra and my boobs sprang out of it.I pulled down my shalwar and looked my naked figure in the full length mirror of my dressing table. I placed my right hand under my boob lifted it up bringin it my mouth and put out my tounge to lick my nipple.

While licking my nipple and making it wet with my slavia I lifetd my leg and placed on dressing table to make my cunt wide open.I put my two fingers inside my cunt and located the spot which was hit by Zubi when he fucked me.

I squeeze it with my fingers OHHHHh what a pleasure it was.I was rubbing that tiny ball with my fingers and my jucies started flowing.I took my fingers out spitted heavily on them and again inserted them in my hot chut.

Now I was miving them in and out faster and faster and after few moments I started shivering with pleasure and shot my cum on my hands feelin easy now I went to the bath room and cleaned myself and fell on bed.

It was about 10 in the morning when Mashall woke me up and told me get ready as all of them are going to RAWAL DAM.I brushed my theeth and came out for a cup of tea when I came to know that Dad is not going out as he is not feeling well so Mom

also want to stay hom eso she can look after him. I looked into the eyes of Mom and gave her a wink and said that Mom its better if you go I will take good care of my Pop.She looked at me and similing said OK my honey.

I went to my room thinking of me and dad alone to get my dream come true. At about 12 noon all of them gone.I took shower and wore my jeans and front open shirt keeping first two buttons open puposely.(I did not wore ant undergarment)

and came to Dads room asking him if he want to have something to eat.He says Yes honey I want to have some soup only and I told him that I will make it within 20 n=minutes and bring for him.I noticed that while he was talking to me his eyes were glued to my boobs and their half

rounds peeping out from the open top buttons of my shirt. I came to the kitchen made soup for him and came to his room.While placing it in the table I leaned forward so much that my boobs are half way out of my shirt and he can have a close look at them.

Then I sat in front of him on easy chair.He was talking to me about my studies and other activities. During our conversation he was constantly watching my boobs and I noticed the bulge was getting bigger and bigger under his payjama of his sleeping suit.

When he fished with his soup I asked him if anything else I can do for him,he yes sweety I am feeling headache so can I rub some balm on his forehead.He took out bottle of Tiger Balm from his drarwer and gave it to me.

I sat beside him took some balm in my fingers and started rubbing it on his fore head. While rubbing I was very close to him and my boobs were brushing his face with my every movement and I felt that he was unable to resist my warmth

as his bulge was quite visible now though he was weraing a light blanket. I kissed on his cheek and at such an angle that my nipple was on his lips.I asked him that can I go now but he siad honey please give me message to my legs as I am feeling pain in my legs.

I smiled and said OK.I put my hands under the blanket and satrted messaging his legs and slowly moving my hand to his crotch.When I neared his crotch I placed my hand on his bulge and pressed it but he said notihg to me.

I slowly opened the buttons of his fly and pulled his cock out of his payjama.He stared at me with surprize but kept quiet.I removed the blanket from him and now his cock was fully exposed. He sat up and held me from mt arm and pulled toward him.

I fell in his lap like a ripe fruit my face was towards him he slowly brought his face down and kissed me on my lips.I held him tightly and said OH DAD please let me kiss you and I moveed my head up and palced my lips on his and start suking them.

I opened my mouth allowing his tounge to enter and now we were sucking tounges. He slowly opened the buttons of my shirt and pulled it away from me and took my nipple between his fingers and rubbing them in between them.

OH pop rub it take all heat out of me and give me pleasure like you gave it to Mashall. Listeneing these words from me he was stunned and I told him that I have seen every thing but I have not told to any one. He smiled and ask me to move away from him.

He stood up with with his 7 inch dick out of his payjama and pulled it down,removed his shirt and bent on me.He took my nipple in his mouth and nibbled it with his theeth.I was jumping under him. He opened the button of my jeans and pulled it down to my waist.

I helped him to remove it by lifting mu GAND up and he removed it. He lied down on bed on his back.I spread my legs across him putting my HOT JUCICE FLOWING CHUT on his face and my mouth on his hard 7" LUND. I took the TOPPI of his LUND in my mouth and sucked it and

then slowly I took its full length.He opened my cunt and nibbled my cilit with his theet. I was moaning OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PAPAJAN MERI CHUT KO ACHI TERAY SAY CAHTO(Oh dad suck my cunt)and he started such=king it harder and my motion also become fast.

We came in each other mouth and never let a single drop wasted. I came of on top of him and start kissing him on lips.My cunt was rubbing against his cock making it ready for action again. He aske to lie on my back and pulled a condom form his drarwer and rolled out on his cock and

asked me if I am virgin or otherwise.I was shy to reply and he thought that I am virgin.He told me that I will feel some pain at first but when he will break my hymen the pain will go off and I will enjoy. Then he spread my legs apart sat in between them and rubbed my THIGHLAND

with his palm.It was flowing with prelubriaction fluid.He put the head of his cock on it and slowly moved it in.when the head was full in he realised that the matter is fishy.He asked me,Zuni to whom I lost my cherry, I smiling answered,to your son Dad.

Zubi was the one who fucked me first and he was an inch smaller than U. I sitll rember that but I also want to make this CHODDAI a memorable event. He slipped his cock inch by inch and then it was full IN.He strated stroking gently and then faster.

I was screaming and moaning with pleasure OH DAD FUCK ME FASTER AHHHHHH its so nice having you in move fast my loving Pop fuck me harder and start moving up and down.His rythm was becoming faster and faster.

HI JAN CHODDO MERI PHUDDI KO BHOAT MAZA AA RAHA HAY. (Fuck me darling, my cunt is enjoying) nad his move become fast. Then I aske him to stop and take out his cock from my cunt as I want to ride on it. He qucikly lied down on his back and I put his cock in my cunt and

start riding it fast up and dowm up and down screming AHH--------UFFFFFFFFFF-----papa I am coming I want this cock so badly today I am happy that I ahve this LUND in my PHUDDI I want this LUND in my GAND will you give me.and I started to cum and I reached orgasm of my life.

He also dischrged his load and we lied beside each other. I thanked to him and asked that can I have his cock in my arse as I want to get him feeling of a tight hole as my cunt was not that much tight as he thought of it.He smiled at me and rolled my on other side.

I was lyinf on my belly he opened my buttocks anf put his tounge in my arse hole. He spitted on his cock head making it wet and asked me to kneel down and then he placed his cock on my hole and tried to shove it in. I cried with pain and said OH dad it is paining,

get it wet by some oil.He took the bottle of oil from the table applied it on his cock and meaasged my arse oil with the remianing oil. I oppend ceeks of my buttock to make the entrance easy. He slowly shoved the head of cock in upto the circle grabbed me from my hips

and pulled me toward him.His full length was in my arse with one jerk and I screamed OH MA MAY MARI HEY PAPA ISA NIKALO but he did not listened to me and started storking his LUND in my GAND with full force and by the passage of time I started enjoying this fucking.

My GAND was tight and he was also enjoying it. PAPA AUR TEZ BARA MAZA AA RAHA HAY (Dad faster I am enjoying it)and he said TUM BICUL APNI MAA KI TERHAH GAND MARWA RAHI HO USAY BE GAND MARANEY MA MAZA ATTA HEY.

(your gjsut enjoying your mother she also enjoying when I fuck her arse) and then he held me tightly from my hips and shot his cum in my arse.I asked him to lick me and make me cum which he did very beautifully and then we lied beside each other totally exahusted.

I told him that I will not forget this but he should not told Mom anything about it. I also told him the fun which we na dmom had earlier and asked him if he can arrange some night with mom & me and then went to my room similingly.

Loving father

Hi all readers.This is Zuni.Today I want to share my experience which I had only due to coutesy of my maternal cousin otherwise I would have not been able to come thru such a nice golden night. My cousin whose name is Mashal went to Zurich with her family when her father was

posted for a deputation for a period of 5 years.Last month my uncle came back along with his family after completion of his deputation and styaed with us as the home was not alloted to him. Evrey body was happy after meeting them after a long time.

Mashal looked after her health and figure very catiuosly as when she went to Zurich she was not as smart as when she came back. She was having beautifuly round boobs (36C), with 24 waist and a pair of good round globe of buttocks.

When I saw her the airport wearing a tight jeans in which her globes of buttocks were prominently displayed I start thinking how can I get her involved in fun which I was having with Zubi & Mom.

While we were coming from airport to home my aunty, Mashal & me were sitting in back seat of our car close to each other. I made my self sat in such a way that my body was in contact with hers and I was feeling her warmth inside me.

Few times I moved myself in such manner that I can brush her boobs feling the softness of her flash. During the drive I placed my hand on her thigh and when she did not remove it I started to move my hand slowly upward to her crotch but she did not move my hand

which gave me a little courage. I just slightly rubbed her crotch and then moved my had off her. When we reached home and luggage of my uncle & aunt was kept in my parents bedroom nad my parents were shifted to the room besides mine and Mashals' luggage was kept in my room

asshe has to sleep in my room with me.There was a common door in between my & my parents bedroom in which they shifted temporarily. I and Mashal were sitting close to each other at dining table having lunch with all our family members when I thougth to check Mashall for my

need. I just placed my hand on her thigh and posed that it is there accindently but to my pleasant surprize I felt her hand rubbing my hand softly and she held my hand and placed right over her cunt rubbed it over her jeans. This signal was enough for me.

I took her hand and placed it on my inner thigh nad with in no time she started stroking my thigh gently. I opened my legs so she can reach at proper place. My jucices were flowing slowly whch she came to know when her hand reached at the "Valley of Pleasure".

I finished my tea and told my Mom that I am going to my room for sleep as I am feeling tired now.I came to my bed room and lied down on the bed. After few minutes I saw Mashal entering the room I closed my eyes pretending that I am at sleep.

I saw Mashal bolted the room from inside and called me Hey Zuni are you sleeping? I moved my face toward her and said yes I am trying to take a nap you also come and take some rest so we will be fresh in the evening and again closed my eyes

but kept them slightly opened so I can see what Mashal is doing. I saw she unbottoned her shirt and took it off then she opened the button of her jeans and pulled it down.Now she was only with charcoal grey bra and pent on her.

She moved towrads me and lied down beside me on the bed with her back toward me(which I thought she was teasing me) I moved a little forwrad toward her in such a manner that my body was touching her and I started rubbing her bare back.

I moved my hand up and unhokked her bra which she removed without wasiting any time.Then I pushed my hand inside her panty and started rubbing her fine globes of her buttock>she lifted her leg up in air so I can reach her cunt easily.

I palced my hand over her cunt and started rubbing it gently and I placed my finger in her cunt.This was irresistable for her and she turned herself towards me and planted her lips on my lips.I opend my mouth and allowed her tounge to enter in my mouth.

She took it in her mouth and sucked it vigrously. I was sucking her lower lip.Our french kiss lasted for 3 minutes in which we sucked each others tounge and tasted each other saliva. Now we were totally aroused.I pulled her panty down,

lowerd my head on her belly button and instred the tip of my tounge in it.She held my buttock cheeks from behind and digged her nails in them.She got hold the elastic of my shalwar and pulled it down upto my knees I lifted myself up so she can remove it.

I stood up,took my shirt off,unhokked my bra and pulled my panty down.Seeing me naked Mashall stood up from bed and came toward me.She bent down and started kissing my feet and slowly moving up licking me allover.

As she kissed and licked my inner thigh a wave of curent ran inside me and I held her head and dug it into my cunt OH Mashall dont stop I have never been licked like this till today. Please shove your tounge inside my cunt and I opened my thighs so she can give me proper suck

which I was needing badly. She licked my cunt up and down, took my cunt lips between her lips nibbled them and then took my clitoris between her lips.Oh Mashal please suck it harder I am dying with pleasure please dont stop AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH----UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF----

HAY MA MARI--------Please dont stop you bitch suck it harder and I started shivering as I was nearing my orgasm.I held her head tight and my fingers were plying with her silky hairs in pleasure.I uloaded my cum into her mouth and she never let any dropt out of her mouth.

I said thanks to her and she stood up gazing me with lustful eyes asking me that this is my turn now. I asked her to lie down on bed.She lied down on bed and I took her round firm nipple in my mouth and start sucking it and rubbing her cunt with palm of my hand.

Her cunt was wet with her juice she opned her legs and made easier for me to enter my finger in her cunt.I entered one fnger first and slowly moved it in and out, her cunt became more wet I placed tow fingers in her cunt.then she asked me not to move my fingers but shove them deep

inside her cunt.She started rotating her hips in a clockwise motion slowly first and then faster.She asked me to move my fingers inside in anti clockwise rotation which I did.The rythm was so sexy that I started getting wet and placed my two fingers inside my cunt and statretd

mastrubating.Mashall started screaming in joy OH Zuni I love you pleas emake me cum faster OH remove your fingers and suck me.I burried my face in her cunt and sallowed her cum. We were exhausted and lied down beside each other.

She asked me if I had been fucked by any man. I said yes and when she came to know that I have been fucked Zubi she was took by surprize and asked how come my youner brother fucked me.I told her the whole story that I seduced him and that Mom is also in our triangle.

She asked me that is it possible if I can arrange some fun with Zubi for her I said OK I will make it and then we pulled a bed sheet on us and tried to sleep. When I woke up I saw Mashall was not in the room.I thought she might have have gone out of the room.

I put on my clothes and stood up from bed.I saw the clothes of Mashall were lying on the floor and the door was bolted from inside which made me curious that where is Mashall.I slowly walked towards dressing room without making any noise and opened the door quietly

but it was empty.I opened the door of bathroom and looked into it but she wasnot there. With farction of seconds my mind thought another thing and I slowly came to the common door my room which opened in my parents room. I slightly opened the door and to my surprizse

I saw Mashall was lying on the bed.Her legs were wide opened my Dads face was burried in her cunt and hands were busy in folding her nipples. I stood there and waited for actual action to start. My Dad removed his face from Mashalls, cunt and asked her to be more parctical with him.

I saw my Dads' cock was full erected OH what a LUND it was.The head of it was pinkish and tail was brown.What a combination it was.I got wet only by seeing it and thinking when Iwill be able to get burried in my CHUT.

Mashall took his cock in her hand and said Uncle Jan its too big it may tear apart my cunt so please let me only suck you and you cum in my mouth I wlii suck you dry its a promise.Dad said to her that she shoud not get afraid of it and he will fuck her very slowly.

She took her tounge out and started encirciling the head of cock and started taking it slowly in her mouth and then her movemnets become faster and faster.OH my neice you are a perfect sucker keep scking me dont stop OHHHHHHHHHHh

my jan your aunt has never given me such a pleasure I want to cum in your mouth.suck me harder AHHHHHHHHHHH---------OHHHHHHHHHHHHH-Iam cumming dont stop but before he came she took it out and placed it in between her boobs and opened her mouth and Dad shot

his load right inside her opened mouth.The sight of his discharge waso good that I put my hand in my shalwar and started rubbing my PHUDDI faster but there was something else in my mind. Now Dad lied down Mashall opend her legs wide upart and gave a long kiss on her cunt.

Then he sat between her legs on his knees placed her legs on her shoulder and then subbed his cock on her cunt till he get an erection and Mashall got wet. Oh Jan now I cannot wait get this hard rocked monster in me. Dad slowly sliding his cock in.

With every thrust it was going inside and with every thrust Mashall was saying UFFJJALDI KARO UNCLE JAN and atlast the whole cock was in.Dad remained in this position and asked her to rotate her hips so his cock can become more wet with her juice

and then he lifted her up and both of them came in a sitting position and now he started moving slowly to and fro and then his motion become fast.MAshall was holding him tightly from waist and responding to his each storke screaming with joy

AHHHHHHHHH------UHIIIII---------UFFFFFFFFFFF fuck me you bastrad,fuck my cunt harder. She held her tight and didnt allowed him to move and glued her lips to his and gave him a long kiss and then again he satrted moving faster and faster and after sometime he said to her my little

cunt I am cumming so hlod me tight but Mashall said please dont come inside me and take itout coz you are not waering any condom and I have just finished with my periods and it may get both of us in trouble.Dad took out his Lund from her cunt and shot his cum all over her

boobs.She took his cock in her mouth and drank the remaing cum and gave himn a big kiss and said thanks uncle for such a pleasent gift on my arrival from Zurich and promised that she will soon give him another gift.

With every motion of theirs I was moving my fingers in and out imagining that my fingers are are my Dads LUND which is coming in and ouit of my PHUDDI and I discharged my cum in my hands and went to the bedroom quiely thinking of a time when I will have this LUND in my CHUT.

My innocent brother 2

My innocent brother

Hi,This is is Zuni. I am here again to share the expreience I had after geeting seduce my younger brother.I will come directly to the sexful experience I had in a TRIPLATE ACTION. It was late in the night of Saturday when due to law & order situation we were not able to go out of the house

to spend our week end. My Dad was out of city and we were three only in the house (Me,my Mom & Zubi my brother). I recalled my memories when I had my first intercourse with Zubi and promised him to pave the way to get in Triple Action. While recalling my memories I opened

front buttons of my night suit shirt and put my hand inside ii as I wanted to squeeze my nipple but the bra was hindrence.I sat on the bed,loosed the bra straps and lie down flat on my bedroom easy chair.Now I can easily touch my breast inside my bra.

I dipped my fingers in olive oil nad circled them aronud my nipple and then Iheld my nipple between my index finger and thum and pulled it gently.Oh what a pleasent sensation it was.I started rubbing it gently and at the same time

I put my other hand iside my pajama to touch my gentail area to locate the spot where Zubis' cock had rubbed to give me an heavenly pleasure.I found it and start rubbing it withh my finger and in few moments I felt thsat I am totally wet down there.

I continued to rub at the same time squeeze my breast with other hand.Wow, it was a wonderful experience and I was squirming in the easy chair thinking of some hard thing to put inside.I got up and went to the toilet and brought a medium size candle and start rubbing it against my cunt,

but it proved to be a futile excercise as my cunt was in need of something bigger and harder than this. I stopped rubbing it and walked out of my room to see what Zubi is doing.I opened the door of his room and saw he was working on computer.

His back was towards the door so he was not able to see me entering his room.I quitely reached behind him,threw my arm around his neck and took his earlobe in my mouth gently sucking it and placed my hand directly on his thigh.

He turned his head towad me and told me thta Ihe will not do anything for me tonight if I did not fulfill my promise as it was the best night to talk with Mom for him.I kissed him and said OK you come to Moms' room after 20 minutes then

I walked awat just giving a slight rub to his bulge under his jeans. I came to my Moms' room and saw her sleeping.I lie down beside her and threw my arms around her kissing her bare back.She turned towrads me with her eyes closed and thre his leg around my hiup murmurring

what do U want my honey.I whispered in her ear your love Mom.She opened her eyes and smiled asking me is it not too late?I told her Mom it is week end and we should enjoy it and I came closer to her placing my lips on hers.

We start kissing and sucking each others tounge and she crept her hand between my thighs. She saw me wet and asked what I was doing.I told her that I was helping my self but I want a partner .She says OK and lifted her nightee and I helped her to get it remove from her body.

She was not wearing any thing under it and I asked her get me undress.She slowly opened the buttons of my shirt and started fondling my boobs then she unhooked my bra and took my nipple in his mouth making it wet and at the same time she placed her hand inside my pajama

tring to reach my cunt.I helpd her by opening my legs.She pulled down my pajama to my knees I lifted myself a liitle up so she can remove it completely.Now both of us are naked in thr dim blue light of night bulb playing with each other.

I asked her if I can tell her something she asys go ahead my baby but dont stop playing with my cunt coz I need U now. I told her about fucking session of me & Zubi and asked her if he can join us.She stare at me with wide eyes saying that

I am a smart fuck as she was also thinking to seduce Zubi but was not having courage. I smilingly asked her to coontinue opur foreplay and Zubi will be here within few moments then we started licking each other.

I put myself in 69 position and ashed her to open his legs so I can suck herShe opened her legs and I put my mouth on her CHOOT.OH what a aroma it was,I start licking her cunt and shoved my tounge inside it biting her cuntlips gently. OOOOOOOOOH----AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh,

dont stop doing this Zuni please make it fast and she started moaning and putting her tounge in my arse. As we were busy in our action the door opened and Zunni came in.As I was facing towrad the door I signalled him with ny hand to go near Mom.

He came to the end where Mom was lying and placed his hands on her well shaped boobs and start fondling her nipples.Mom pulled me away and looked at him and smiled.Oh my baby has grown up,let me see how much you have grown up

and she pulled down his underwear with one stroke as she was horny now. She took his cock in her hand and started massaging it gently and I was looking at both of them rubbing my cunt and waiting to get Zubi fully erected. She (Mom) placed the head of his cock in her mouth

made it wet and then slowly she took the full length and strat sucking it.Oh U are great my Safo(My Moms'nickname) please make it fast AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you are better than Zuni please dont stop.I came opened the legs my Mom wide and pushed my my to fingers in her

cunt and started finger fucking.on the otherhand Zubi was moving madly insied her mouth. OHHHHHH--AHHHH he was monaing with pleasure. As he was about to come he tried to took out his penis from her mouth be she hold he tightly and asked not to take out it out from her

mouth.I was furiously finger fucking her jucies tarted to flow from her CHOOT and Zubi unloded his cum into her mouth which she didnt let any drop out of her mouth.All three of us were heavly breathing and lying motionless for a while.

All of us cleaned ourselves and had a drink of cold Oragne juice.The I asked Zubi to lie down in between us and he did it.He started playing with my boobs with one hand and other hand he palced on Moms'choot rubbing it slowly.I asked him to fuck me first but he says no he will to

have it with Safo fisrt.I was palying with his cock and when the LUN was erected perfectly he came in between the legs of Mom and placed them on his shoulders guiding his LUN towards her CHOOT, I jokingly start saying YEH TO WHOI JAGA HEY NIKLEY THEY THUM JEHAN SAY.

I positioned my self in such a way that my cunt was over my mothers'mouth and face was towards Zubi.He slowly penetrating his cock in her choot like she was a still virgin.I opend my cunt lips and asked mom not to delay further as I cannot resist now and started licking my

cunt.Zubi had his full erection in her and moving slowly and I was being sucked by her very gently.OH Mom please make it fast.Zubi was now fucking her and moving in and out faster and faster and mom was fucking me by her tounge.

I was fondling my boobs with my hands and enjoying TOUNGE FUCKING by my mom.Suddenly Zubi put out his LUN from moms'CHOOT and asked me to take it in my mouth.I put it in my mouth and he started jerking fast as if he was about to come.

I was also about to come and tried to take off my CHOOT from Moms'mouth bet she held my thighs tightly refraining me to get away from her.I unloaded my load in Moms'mouth & my mouth was full of Zubis, load.

We prated ourselves with each other and mom asked Zubi that why he didnt unloded in her.He told her that he was afraid as he was not wearing any condom so he could have made her pregnent. She smiling told him that there is nothing to worry about as she operated herself

and cannot become pregnent any more.She asked both of us to get her cum now. I asked Zubi to fondle her breasts and I sat between her legs as I wanted to taste hewr cum.I started slowly licking her and when I gained the rythm zI made it fast.

OH Zunni dont stop licking please put your tounge deep inside your MA KI CHOOT.AHHHHHHHHHHHHH-----UFFFFFFFFF-and she was throwing her head left and rigth in pleasure.Zunni fuck me harder please.Zubi was again ready and asked her to take his LUN

in her mouth.She start sucking him and the room was full of nosie of AHHHHHHHH---UFFFFFFFFFF and FUCK.While I was tounging her I was rubbing my CHOOT with my palm and then I inserted my fingers inside my CHOOT and started finger fucking.

We three of us discharge our laod at same time and lie beside each other. The whole night we slept nude on one bed locked in each other arms hoping for some another night when I can enjoy with Dad coz he is my dream man.

My innocent brother

Hi, I am Zunaira,recently I visit this blog and read a story under caption WATCHING MY SISTER DOING LESBIAN STUFF which really turned me on and I started to think to have this kind of fun at my own place.

The first encounter I had was with my beautiful Mom who after satisfying herself & me gave me a DVD to watch alone. I watched this kind of movie for the first time in my life which was about HOW TO ENJOY SEX IN DIFFERENT POSITIONS.

During viewing the CD I masturbate and enjoyed my self by fingering my cunt and licking my nipples and start thinking how I can get my younger brother to satisfy me. We live in a posh area of Rawalpindi Cantt and we are four family menbers.

My parents, Me & my younger brother Zubair who is in his X class.One day my parents told us that they are going to Lahore for two days as they have have purchased some property there and papers for registration are to be signed by them.

I was very happy to know this as thought in my mind that it will be a golden chance to get my wish full filled. Next day I did not went to my college and spent whole day at home how to get start with my plan. In the afternoon before my brother return from his school I took a bath,

get my pussy cleaned of pubic hairs and came out having a dark blue shalwar & red shirt with a deep neck enough to make my calvage visible so I can attract him. As soon as Zubair came back from his school I asked him to take his bath quickly so we have lunch as I am feeling

hungry. He says OK and went to the bathroom. I went to the kitchen to make the lunch I heard Zubair asking me to hand him a towel as he forget to take the same in his bathroom. I went to his room and ask him to take towel, he opened the door a little and asked me to give the towel

but within fractions of seconds my mind thought something else and I pushed the door wide open and entered into the bathroom to get have a glimpse of his naked body. I saw him nude for the first time his tool was half erected and he placed his hands over his tool when he saw me

inside and said you idiot what the hell you are up to please get out. I left the bathroom giving him a wicked smile and a wink. We had our lunch and he said that he want to sleep now and went to his room and I went to mine thinking of a proper time to come.

After an hour or so I went to his room and pushed the door slowly to see whether he is sleeping or not. I saw that he was lying in his bed with only an underwear and his dick was in his hand. This sight was enough to get me start my plan.

I undress my self and went into his room with only my bra & panty on me. I came close to her and kissed on her forehead but he was motionless. I went further and started kissing on his cheeks. All of a sudden he opened his eyes and asked Zuni what are you doing I said nothing

but I am just kissing you as you are looking good to me and lied down beside him on his bed throwing my arm around her and turning his face towards me. He looked at me for a while and the came further close to me.

Now I can feel his warm breath on my face and I glued my lips on his lips and start kissing him. He took my lower lip in his mouth and start sucking it. I took his hand to the hook of my bra and he understood it. He opened the hook of bra and pulled it away from me and started fondling

my nipples gently. I placed my hand on the bulge of his LUN beneath the under wear and start rubbing it. He took my hand off it and pulled down his underwear his LUN was fully erect by now. I started rubbing it for sometime and then I stood up pulled down my panties and asked him

Zubi did you ever saw a girl nude like this.H esays yes but only in the movies he watched sometimes when there is nobody at home and the he sat on the bed and asked me to open my legs and started kissing all over my CHOOT.

I was moaning with pleasure and asking him not to stop. I was wet allover andI was thinking to go further. I asked him to lie down on bed and then I put my mouth towards his penis which was about 7 inches and my pussytowars his face and asked him to lick it.

I started slowly taking that stiff cock in my mouth and took it up to the root and the strtaed sucking it.Oh Baji please dont stop it you are very good at it please move faster and he opened my buttocks and put his tounge in my arse hole making it wet by his slavia.

OH Zubi please put it in my GAND Ah its feeling good please dont stop.He was licking it and rubbing my Choot with the palm of his hand and after a short time he strecthed my CHOOT and enetered his toung inside and start putting his touge to & fro into my cunt.

I was moaning ewith pleasure and asking him not stopwhile I was sucking his cock.After few moments I took my mouth from his cock and held his legs tightly as I was about come and soon I ejected my cum into his mouth which he sollowed happily and then I agains started

sucking his cick.He told me take my mouth away from it as he was about to cum but I nodded my head and made my action faster on his LUN and he came and came and came.I sallowed each and every drop of his cum and then left his limped tool.

We lied beside each other helding our bodies tightly foro some time and then I asked him that did he ejoyed he says yes baji I have never thought of it that I can have with this you and he told me that may a times he has fucked me in his dreams and that he was thinking of it but not

feeling courageus to ask me for this fun.I asked him that was this his first time he says yes. I kissed him and said Oh it means thta my brother is still virgin. Then I asked him if he want to fuck me. He was really surprized by this and asked me if I have lost my cherry or not.

His question remind of something and with a wicked smile I told him NO but you know I have read somewhere that CHARITY SATARTS FROM HOME so its better if we do it together but he was afriad that I will get pregnant.

I started rubbing his nipples and palying his hairs on his chest and told him that there his nothing to worry about and glued with my lips to his thinkng of a real pleasure and I asked to wait till I come back.

I want to my Dads room opened his drawer and pulled on ROUGH RIDER from his pack and went back to his room.When I entered in the room I saw he was playing with his LUN rubbing it with his hand up and down.I pushed his hand away saying no way this is my job

I will do it and you do your job.I start sucking it again and after he had full erection I lie down deside him.He started sucking my nipple of one boob and fobndling the other one.Oh please dont stop doing this and I started rubbing my cunt with my had.

I spread my legs and put my Index finger in y Choot to get it wet.When I beome wet I gave him the pack of ROUGH RIDER and I asked him to put it on his cock so there will be no fear of getting me pregnent.He smiled and siad my bitch you know every thing,

from where you came to know all this.I told him that Mom and I are freinds and she told me every thing and if you wont to have a good freindship with Mom also I will pave the way for you but now dont talk any thing except to make this time memorable.

He rooled the condom on his cock nad sat in between my legs spreading my thighs he kissed my choot stretched the lips of it and slowy pushed head of his cock inside.When the head of his cock went fully inside I asked him to give a thrust and he did

I cried with pain of pleasure and said Bahi JALDI SAY POORA UNDER KRO.He shoved slowly the cock inside and when it was in up to the root I asked him not move.I slowly rotate my buttocks feeling his cock inside and then lifted myself a liitle up and down and then the real

TRAIN start.He was moving in and out and I was mooving up and down OH, AH,give fastr strokes you BAHN CHOOD you are so good inside please dont stop.I was screaming with pleasure CHODD AUR TEZ AUR TEZ MARI JAN APNI BAHN KO ACHHI TERY SAY

CHOOD.He started his moves faster and faster sceraming AH MERI JAN TERI CHOOT MAY BHOOT MAZA HAY KAY ATERI GAND BHI ITNI E TIGHT AHY and then I hold his body tightly with my legs as I was near to shot my load and then I screamed in joy and came saying that

BAHI HOY TO TERY JAISA. He also came and gave a kiss and asking me not forget the promise to pave way for him with Mom.I promised him that as soon asom comes bach I will talk to her but he will keep THIS CHOODAI AS A SECRET TILL HE FUCKS ME & MOM TOGTHER.

Perfectly innocent

Charmaine was just eighteen, and very much a virgin. She hated the thought of sex - she thought it was dirty, and although she'd gone out with boys a few times she'd immediately broken it off when they'd tried to kiss her.

The only man she loved was her father, and when her mother died she'd been deliriously happy looking after him. In the evenings she'd often sat on his lap and he'd cuddled her, stroking her hair and kissing her on the forehead.

Sometimes his hand accidentally touched her breast, and she'd hugged him even tighter. But then her father had re-married. Charmaine's step-mother was only a few years older than she was, and she hated the woman.

She couldn't bear thinking about them in the bed they'd so often shared together, and the things she probably did with her father, and soon she moved out into lodgings, sharing a room with another girl, Jhanvi.

Now she worked in an office, and her only relaxation was playing the violin in an amateur orchestra. It was there that she met Pankaj - he, too played the violin, and she took to him immediately. He was an accountant, and well over twenty years older than her - about her

father's age, in fact, and in some ways rather like him, and they soon found they had lots of interests in common. He took her to a couple of concerts, and once to a film they both wanted to see, and it somehow seemed natural when they held hands in the cinema.

Then he suggested that they went for a walk in the park one Sunday afternoon, and go for tea later. Charmaine bought a new frock specially for the occasion - the hem came to well above her knees, showing off her superb legs and slender ankles, and for her it was daringly low-cut,

affording more than just a glimpse of her magnificent breasts. She always wore rather short skirts - it went back to her school days, when the skirt of her school uniform left at least two-thirds of her thighs exposed. She knew that her father admired her legs,

and she liked him to look at them. Most of her friends changed out of their uniforms when they got home from school, but she usually left her short skirt on, so that her father could enjoy seeing her legs. She'd take off her school blouse and her bra,

though, and put on a thin sweater - she liked it when her father glanced at her breasts moving freely beneath her sweater. Often when she sat on his lap he'd rest his warm hand on her bare thigh, and sometimes stroke it gently. She'd feel the lump in his trousers,

but that was because he loved her, and she'd rubbed her bottom against it to show him she didn't mind. She knew that she had a beautiful body, but refused to think about it, although she was aware that she often got admiring looks from men:

she was tall, with dark shoulder-length hair, and thanks to dancing lessons since she was a child she moved gracefully. She didn't know why she'd selected this particular dress, but she knew that Pankaj wouldn't be cross - their relationship was purely platonic.

They met as arranged, and walked hand-in-hand for a while, but then it started to rain. Pankaj's flat wasn't far away, and he suggested that they go back there for tea, and perhaps continue their walk later when the rain stopped. It wasn't raining that heavily, and they started to run,

and they were both laughing, out of breath, when they arrived at the flat. Pankaj gave her towel to dry her hair, and a shirt of his to put on while her dress dried. While she was changing he prepared tea, and found a few stale cakes to go with it,

and then they sat side by side on the sofa after he'd put on a classical record. They drank their tea and listened to the music. Charmaine felt very happy and contented, sitting with him like this. The shirt left most of her thighs bare,

and she liked it when she saw him glancing at her legs - it reminded her of the way her father had looked at her, and it was nice to think that she was pleasing him. Then the record ended - after he'd changed it he sat down again and put his arm round her shoulders. That was nice, too.

Then he tilted her face towards him with his free hand and kissed her on the lips. She hesitated for a moment, then eagerly pressed her lips against his, feeling her breath coming faster, and he took her hand. He smiled and told her to let her lips relax, and open her mouth a little,

and she did as he asked, and soon she felt his tongue probing against her teeth. Then suddenly it was in her mouth, and she'd never realized that kissing could be so pleasant. They kissed like that for several minutes, and then he felt his hand on her bare thigh.

It reminded her of when she'd cuddled with her father, and she covered his hand with her own. It was so nice, being with him like this, and knowing there was nothing sexual about what they were doing. Charmaine had foolishly arranged to go to the cinema that evening with Jhanvi,

her room-mate, and soon it was time for her to leave to catch her train. Pankaj stood watching as she took off his shirt, and she liked him seeing her in just her bra and panties. She deliberately fussed with her hair for a few moments, seeing him stare at her like that,

before she put on her still-damp dress, and then he walked with her to the station. It seemed natural for him to take her in his arms and kiss her goodbye, and she pressed her soft young body against him as once more his tongue insinuated itself into her mouth.

They'd arranged to go to a concert together the following Saturday evening, and afterwards he suggested that they go back to the flat for coffee. Once again they sat on the sofa together, and after they drank their coffee he took her in his arms and kissed her.

She was wearing a crisp white blouse and a slim blue skirt, and after a few moments she felt his fingers fumbling with the buttons of her blouse. It didn't matter - she knew it meant nothing, and then his hand was inside her blouse cupping her breast.

He managed to free it from the cup of her bra, and it felt nice when he fondled her bare breast and played with her nipple. Charmaine didn't notice the time passing as he kissed and caressed her, and then she suddenly realized that she'd missed the last train home.

She didn't really care - she knew that Pankaj would look after her, and that she was safe with him. Eventually he looked at his watch and said it was time for bed. He said he didn't want to sleep on the sofa - it was too uncomfortable, but they could share the bed,

sleeping with a sheet between them. He didn't have any pyjamas - he never wore them, but she could wear one of his shirts again. When she came out of the bathroom, he was already in bed, sitting up and waiting for her, and she saw the mat of hair on his bare chest, just like Daddy's.

She started to undress, knowing that he was watching her, and when she was naked he said that he'd never realized her body was so beautiful. She flushed with pleasure, and pirouetted slowly before him, almost feeling his eyes roaming over her body,

obviously enjoying the sight of her full breasts with their large aureoles and prominent nipples, her slim waist and the thick bush of hair at the base of her tummy, but she knew it was entirely innocent. She put on the shirt and climbed into bed beside him:

it was difficult with the sheet between them, but he kissed her and fondled her naked breast, and it was nice when his hand moved down and squeezed her bare bottom. Then he pushed the sheet down and started to kiss her breasts.

Her nipples stiffened, and he licked and sucked them, and when he gently bit them and tugged at them with his teeth she fainted. She came round to discover that the sheet was even further down, and that he was kissing and nibbling her soft tummy.

Then he kissed her on the lips again, and finally she snuggled against him and fell asleep, safe in his arms. Charmaine woke up first in the morning, and quietly slipped out of bed to make them both a cup of tea. she took the tea back to the bedroom,

and gently shook Pankaj's bare shoulder, telling him it was time to wake up. He opened his eyes and she bent to kiss him, as she had done so often to her father. He struggled to sit up, and she handed him his tea, watching as he drank it.

Then she took the empty cup from him, and felt his hand moving up her thigh. She smiled, happy that he liked to touch her, and she stroked his face. He kissed her and she giggled, saying that he was all bristly, and he laughed and unbuttoned her shirt.

Then he leaned over and rubbed his chin over her naked breasts, and unbidden her nipples stiffened. She held his face to her, crushing her breasts against his mouth, and again she felt him sucking her nipples, and then he nibbled them and tugged them gently with his teeth.

He eventually sat up, and she smiled at him as he took her hand. He squeezed her fingers, and then drew her hand under the sheet, and she felt him wrap her hand round his erect penis. She flushed with pleasure: after her mother had died,

she'd often clambered into her father's bed in the mornings, and she'd felt his stiff penis pressing against her. He'd let her touch him sometimes, but that was all, although once, when she'd taken him a cup of tea in bed, she'd managed to spill some on herself,

and she'd taken off her wet nightie and snuggled up to her father with nothing on. That was one of the times he'd let her hold his penis, and she'd felt it throbbing in her hand, it's head poking against her bare tummy. They'd stayed like that for a long while,

and then he'd made her leave, and she'd heard him locking the bedroom door behind her. Pankaj started to move her hand up and down his shaft, and she asked him if she could look at him. He threw back the sheet, to reveal his long, thick penis, very white, with heavy blue veins,

and a bulbous purple head. She stared at it, enraptured, watching as he guided her eager hand to rub him gently. It was heaven, feeling his gristly penis in her hand, and knowing it was all so innocent, and that she was making him happy, and impulsively she bent to kiss it.

Pankaj groaned, and she kept rubbing him, until he asked her to take her shirt off, and then she sat on the edge of the bed, completely naked, letting him look at her as she rubbed his cock the way he'd showed her. He reached out and fondled her bare breast,

and then pulled her to him as she suddenly felt hot, thick liquid start to spurt from his penis. His mouth covered hers, and his semen jetted over her naked body, from her chin to her tummy, in a seemingly endless stream, as she continued rubbing him while he crushed her breast

and forced his tongue into her mouth. He finally released her, and said he hadn't meant to do that, but it was just that it was a perfectly natural release, and he couldn't help it, but she said she didn't mind, it made her happy, and she liked to make him happy, too.

Afterwards, she'd had a bath, and he'd washed her body, and then he suggested they go out to a pub for lunch. They had drinks and a sandwich, sitting at a table in the corner, and he put his hand on her bare thigh and told her how much he'd liked seeing her naked,

because she was so beautiful, and she said she liked it too, knowing that he liked looking at her. They walked back through the park, and they went behind some bushes and kissed, and he fondled her breasts and she squeezed his penis through his trousers,

and then they made their way back to his flat.. He asked her to undress for him, but keep her high-heeled shoes on, and he put on a record before sitting on the sofa with her and running his hands over her young body.

They kissed and cuddled, and he put one hand between her legs, joking that her thick bush hid a wonderful cave, and that he wanted to explore it. He put his fingers in the cave, feeling his way around, and he discovered her secret places while he kissed her.

Soon she felt a wonderful sensation flooding through her body. She clung to him, feeling wonderfully safe and contented as wave after wave of that marvellous feeling swept over her, and then it seemed natural to rub his penis until the white fluid gushed out.

He kept kissing her, and soon his penis was hard again: She called it her flagpole, and began rubbing it again, until once more the inevitable happened. Charmaine spent more and more evenings at Pankaj's flat, where they'd listen to music, sometimes in bed,

and they'd kiss and cuddle until she experienced that exquisite feeling again and his penis discharged in her hand. Or they take it in turns to play his violin, both with nothing on apart from her wearing her shoes. He fondled her while she played,

and when he took the instrument from her she rubbed her flagpole. Sometimes they met at lunchtime and ate sandwiches in the park. He told her not to wear any knickers when she met him - he liked to know that she had nothing on under her skirt,

and anyway knickers blocked the entrance to her cave when they went behind the bushes, and they kissed while he fondled her and she took his penis out and rubbed it, enjoying the risk they were taking of being seen, and then watching him spurt onto the grass.

She began staying at the flat at weekends, and sometimes they didn't get dressed all day, but just kept kissing and cuddling each other. One Saturday afternoon they were lying on the bed together with nothing on as usual,

and Charmaine started to idly kiss Pankaj's body with her eyes closed. She suddenly realized that her face was brushing against his penis, and she kissed it and then pressed her cheek against it. He said he liked that, and asked her to pretend it was his tongue.

Charmaine giggled and said it was a very big tongue, but dutifully ran her own tongue round it, and then took it in her mouth. He asked her to rub him while she was doing that, and to put her other hand between his legs and squeeze his testicles,

and then he told her to suck him as well, and suddenly his white stuff flooded into her mouth. She choked at first, but then she started swallowing, and found she liked the taste, as well as the feel of his thick penis in her mouth, and it became a regular occurrence.

They went to a rehearsal with the orchestra, and Charmaine whispered to him that she wasn't wearing any knickers, and during the break he put his hand up her skirt and fondled her, and she squeezed him through his trousers,

and afterwards they went back to his flat and finished what they'd begun. One evening she undressed for him as usual, and then he told her that he'd invited a friend of his to dinner. He wanted her to stay naked, although of course to keep her shoes on,

so that his friend could se how beautiful she was, and to cook dinner for them. They kissed for a while, and then the doorbell rang, and Pankaj told her to answer it - it would be his friend. She went to the door, and saw a tall man, perhaps a little older than Pankaj, slim,

with a neatly trimmed mustache. For a moment he just stared at her naked body, and she felt her nipples stiffening involuntarily, and then Pankaj was standing beside her, his arm around her waist. He introduced the visitor as his old friend Himanshu,

moving his hand up to fondle her breast as the man smiled at her, staring at what Pankaj was doing, and then they went into the sitting room, and Pankaj asked Himanshu what he thought of her. Unbidden, she slowly revolved in front of him,

and she felt Pankaj's hand travel down her back to caress her bottom, and then she faced them again, her nipples still jutting. Then she mixed them both a drink and started to prepare dinner. She heard Himanshu say how gorgeous she was, and that Pankaj was very lucky,

and she felt very proud. She cooked an omelette and boiled some carrots and potatoes, and then served the men and sat between them at the dinner table. She was still naked, of course, and Himanshu couldn't keep his eyes off her,

and she felt Pankaj's hand on her thigh beneath the table, stroking her gently. After dinner she played Pankaj's violin for the two men, her bare breasts swaying as she bowed the instrument, and they listened and watched her, entranced.

Then they all moved to the sofa. again she sat between them, but this time with their legs and bodies touching. Pankaj put his arm round her and kissed her, and then she felt Himanshu's hand on her breast. She looked at Pankaj questioningly, and he smiled and nodded,

and she knew that it was all right to let Himanshu fondle her. She leaned her head back on the sofa, with Himanshu caressing one breast and Pankaj the other, and then Himanshu moved his head to kiss her. Once again she looked to Pankaj for his approval,

and once again he nodded, and she turned her face towards the other man. His mustache tickled, but then his tongue was probing inside her mouth, and she put her arm round his neck, feeling Pankaj's - or was it Himanshu's? hand on her body,

and somebody was stroking her silky thigh. They kissed for a while, and then Pankaj suggested that they'd be more comfortable in the bedroom. Charmaine curled up on the bed and watched as the two men undressed, and then they both lay down on the bed beside her,

taking it in turns to kiss and fondle her. One would kiss her on the mouth and other would kiss her body, while their hands roamed over her. Both men sucked her breasts, and then Pankaj took her hand and wrapped her fingers round Himanshu's rigid penis.

She knew what was expected of her, and she started to rub him, happy that she was pleasing Pankaj, and then Pankaj sat on the bed by her head and she took his penis in her mouth. Himanshu ejaculated first, his stuff spurting over her body,

and then Pankaj exploded in her mouth, choking her. After a while she went to the bathroom to clean herself, and then she came back and they started all over again. One evening, as she and Pankaj were sitting on the sofa, idly kissing and fondling each other,

he told her that on the coming Friday he had to go to the annual dinner of an association he belonged to, and Charmaine said that she'd probably spend the evening with Jhanvi, her room-mate. Then she casually mentioned that Jhanvi was very interested in their relationship,

and wanted Charmaine to tell her everything they did. She also mentioned that Jhanvi had tried to kiss her a few times, but that she hadn't let her. Pankaj said that he didn't mind her telling Jhanvi the things they did, and that she should let Jhanvi kiss her,

and maybe do other things as well, and then Charmaine took his penis in her mouth, and the topic was forgotten. But on Friday the two girls decided to go out to a nearby wine bar, and as they sat at a table sipping wine Jhanvi covered her hand with her own.

Charmaine remembered what Pankaj had said, and instead of taking her hand away she turned it over and squeezed Jhanvi's fingers, smiling at her. A few minutes later Jhanvi's hand dropped to Charmaine's thigh, and once again Charmaine smiled as the hand slowly moved up

under her skirt. Jhanvi moved her chair closer, and then she put her arm round Charmaine and kissed her. Charmaine giggled and told Jhanvi not to move her hand any higher up her leg - because Pankaj liked it when she didn't wear any knickers,

she hardly ever put any on these days apart from when she went to the office, and not always then, and she wasn't wearing any tonight. Jhanvi checked for herself, and her finger's brushed Charmaine's sex, and then Charmaine felt the other girl's face soft against hers,

in contrast to Pankaj's stubble and Himanshu's mustache, and it felt nice, and then Jhanvi's tongue was thrusting into her mouth. That felt nice, too, and Charmaine responded eagerly. When they left the wine bar they stopped every few paces to kiss,

and Charmaine felt Jhanvi tenderly fondle her breast. Back at their lodgings they went to Charmaine's room, and then they were kissing again as they undressed each other, and suddenly Jhanvi's face was between her legs,

and the now-familiar wonderful sensation started to flood through her. She knew that Pankaj would be pleased when she told him. A few evenings later that were at Pankaj's flat as usual, and as usual Charmaine was naked.

They'd had dinner, and he was trying to teach her the fingering for a particularly difficult piece on his violin. Time after time she tried to get it right, until finally he smacked her on the bottom and said she deserved a good spanking.

He took her into the bedroom and pulled her across his lap, and then smacked her, hard. Charmaine yelped - it stung, and then he smacked her again. He spanked her until her bottom glowed fiery red, occasionally slipping his hand between her legs to fondle her,

and then smacking again. Suddenly she shuddered and cried out, her body jerking, and then she hungrily took his throbbing penis in her mouth. Afterwards, he said he was pleased she wouldn't be wearing any knickers when she went home, it would be less sore,

and that she should get Jhanvi to rub cream cream on her bottom, and perhaps do other things to her. Then, six or seven months after she'd met him, it was his forty-fifth birthday. It was on a Saturday, and she spent Friday night at his flat. They did their favourite things to each other,

and in the morning she took him tea in bed and gave him her card and his present, a new wristwatch, and then they spent the morning in bed together. In the afternoon they went to a concert, and in the evening he took her to an Italian restaurant to celebrate.

They drank plenty of wine, and he kissed her and put his hand up her skirt in the taxi home - naturally, she wasn't wearing any knickers, and she loved the feel of his hand between her legs. Once in the flat, she undressed for him, and then he, too took his clothes off.

When they were lying on the bed they kissed and fondled each other, but when she reached for his penis he slipped his hand under the pillow and produced a tiny parcel - he said it was a special present he wanted her to give him. Intrigued,

Charmaine unwrapped it, and to her amazement saw that it was a packet of condoms. She watched breathlessly as opened one and then slowly rolled it down over his penis. Then he kissed her again and pushed her down to lie on her back.

He parted her legs and rubbed the head of his penis against the lips of her vulva - she was already very wet, and the head slipped in easily. But then he started to push further into her - she felt a sudden pain, and then his penis was stretching her vagina,

and she felt an overwhelming sensation of joy. She lifted her hips to meet him, but then she felt the room start to spin, and she fainted. When she regained consciousness Pankaj's engorged penis was still embedded deep inside her,

and he was kissing her slack lips and gripping her breasts. She felt herself respond to his kiss, and then he withdrew his penis a few inches before thrusting it into her again. He began to move it and out gently, afraid of hurting her, but her body reacted of its own volition,

and she started to buck against him. He kissed her fiercely, and started to ram his penis into her, and she clung to him as she squirmed beneath him. She felt her passion rising, and soon she was reaching previously unknown heights of ecstasy as he continued to pound into her.

Then he ground himself against her, clutching her tightly, and he erupted violently inside her. She screamed with rapture, and then fainted once again. He was still moving inside her, his penis as hard as ever, when she eventually opened her eyes. 'Darling Daddy,' she whispered.


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