Hot Sex While On Trek - I

Hey Human Digest friends, this is Rudy with his new story. This one is a fantasy story so all names has no resemblance with reality. The heavy rain was getting stronger with the help of the fast blowing winds. At the campsite everyone was taking cover under the nearest tent they could find. Deepak was nowhere to be found along with Rajwinder.

They have gone on trekking in on their own. In the forest area they both were battling with the rain and winds as they somehow found a small shelter among the mountain. It was an abandoned cave which was used by the trekkers to get some rest. Although the storm was building up so they knew that no one would be coming there till it dies down.

They were lucky enough to find some dry wood in the cave so they immediately started lighting a fire as they were drenched in rain. Rajwinder was wearing a white top which was by now almost transparent and her blue bra was quite visible. She didn’t care as Deepak has seen her like that quite sometimes now.

Deepak – Let’s see what all we have in these bags. They both emptied their bags and luckily found some canned food, water, lighter and one sleeping bag. Then deepak started setting up the sleeping bag around the fire. D – the fire won’t last for long so we need to get our clothes dried up. Rajwinder looked confused at what he said.

Then he elaborated more the storm won’t be stopping for few more hours and if they won’t get out of the wet clothes they might catch hypothermia so it was best that they get their clothes dried up. D – I will turn around so that you can get naked and go inside the sleeping bag. R – No ways !! D – Fine !!

Then you stay in your wet clothes because I’m going to change and get myself warm. So please turn around. Rajwinder didn’t say anything and turn around. On the wall of the cave she could see his shadow. He was actually very serious. He shed his clothes and put them near the fire to dry up and went into the sleeping bag.

D – Raj you seriously has to do it or you won’t survive for long as the storm is getting stronger with each passing hour. Rajwinder didn’t want to but she started to feel the cold. So she asked him to look away. Deepak turned over in the sleeping bag as Raj started to change. Deepak did look back and saw her removing her blue panty.

The light from the fire was casting her shadow on the wall but her wet ass was shining like anything. She was about to turn when deepak looked away. She was completely naked now and she just like him placed her clothes beside the fire.

She went towards the sleeping bag. The shadow of her naked body was casted on the wall. Her big boobs hanging proudly as she bent down to get inside the bag. The space in the bag was not enough for two but they have to adjust somehow. As she entered the bag their naked body finally came in touch.

His already warm body was rubbing against her wet body and they both could feel a little tingling feelings between their legs. His semi erect cock was getting harder with each touch. Their naked backs were against each other as they both settled down in the bag.

She was laying towards the fire and was getting warmer now yet she could feel the rise in his body temperature too. The cold winds started blowing furiously as the fire started getting extinguished. Rajwinder started to panic a bit as the temperature was dipping and the fire dying.

Deepak ensure her that there is more woods for the fire but the strong wind would kill the fire so they have to wait till the wind slows down. Soon the fire died and the cave was engulfed with darkness. The temp started dipping drastically and that made Rajwinder shiver a little. Deepak was noticing every moment if her naked body against his.

D :- Should I hug you ? This way our bodies will create some heat and we can stay warmer. She knew in her guts that this was not the right thing to do as they both have kissed once but nothing more than that had happened in person but she knew he was right so she agreed.

Deepak tired to move inside the bag but there wasn’t much space so he got out of the bag and then started moving inside the bag again, this time with his chest against her bare back. As he was sliding down his cock was getting rubbed against her naked back. She could feel her pussy getting moist again but this time it wasn’t the rain but his cock.

Soon his cock rubbed against the start of her ass crack and deepak stopped there for some moment. Then he went a bit lower and was in perfectly sync with her asshole. He wasn’t comfortable in this position as his cock didn’t have any space and it was hurting him so he gathered all his courage and adjusted his cock in such way that it slided between her ass crack.

As soon as she felt his cock slide between her cracks she let out a short moan unknowingly. His gave him the much needed courage. He started roaming his hands on her outer things. She had closed her eyes and her lust was taking over her body . without much control she moved her ass backwards which made him think that she is enjoying the act.

So slowly he gave her a hump and she let out more moans. This gave him enough courage to attack her neck as he started dry humping her ass. He bit her neck inch by inch making her hands reach backwards onto his hairs encouraging him to take her more nicely as she opened some space for his hands to move and explore her boobs.

He knew her neck was her weak spot and if he wants to get into her warm pussy hole he has work nicely on her neck. So he started licking her neck as his hand grabbed her waist just when his thrusts became more stronger. The cave was filled with their moaning and her ass crashing against his body as his cock was between her warm ass crack.

Then he reached his hands onto her boobs and grabbed a handful of her soft boobs. She moved her hand on to his cock and was playing with it just like he was playing with her boobs. She could feel his pre cum on her hands. He started getting a little aggressive on her neck as he started squeezing her boobs. Her breathing was getting really heavy.

He wanted to taste her boobs but the limited space in the bag didn’t allow it so he was munching on her neck. His squeezing was getting harder as she moaned in a little pain and a lot of pleasure. She then placed his cock between her legs and he like a mad dog started humping again as his cock started rubbing against her wet pussy.

To Be Continued...

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Soumya Cheating On Husband

Hi, this is Soumya, this is my real name. I am 30 years and married have a kid. I was an innocent lady and I never thought I will cheat my husband. This is my real sex story. I am here to tell all guys not to leave your wife alone for years for earning money.

I got married 4 years back, he uses to love me so much, he got a chance in the USA and now he is working in the USA for 2 years. I am working in a private company and taking care of my kid. Before he uses to satisfy me on Skype but now he totally stopped doing that too.

I always use to remember the way we use to have sex. My husband was very rough in the bed, he uses to love me almost 4 times a day. I was into all fantasies like watching porn, he uses to make me read stories while drilling, he uses to love me each day like milk man, delivery boy, uncle, relatives etc. I was into all this and my mind became very open.

He uses to Skype me and uses to talk very open about sex. Hus:- Soumya, I know you want sex but I need to make money for the family. Me:- please, come back it’s very hard for me to control. Hus:- I will send you a gift soon. He sent me a dildo. I use it to satisfy myself.

One day in chatting, he started telling me a sex story and in the sex story, he was telling some one is fucking me very roughly. All these things affected me a lot. Here we start the sex story. I was going to the office and I was late. I asked a lift for an inter college guy and I thanked him.

So, every day he started coming there on the same time and we started talking and exchanged the numbers. I was not having any feelings for him, but you should know how guys will be in the Winter. He uses to call me aunty and we shared everything.

Not bad but a healthy topic, one day in talking he started telling me, “aunty, I have a very bad pain down there when it’s hard.” (It’s because of the skin that young guys have ) I said him to tell this to his dad but he said he can’t. So I asked him to come to my home so that I can take him to a doctor.

He came in the evening and I was in a nighty, looking at me, he became very hard and the pain started. I said him, “what’s wrong?” he said, “the same pain”. I told him to open and looked at his dick. It’s was big and the top is covered with skin, like a Hyman layer.

I understood his problem and hold the dick and pulled the foreskin back and he was in pain and bleeding started. He doesn’t know that he lost his virgin. After 3 months, I met him again and he said, “aunty, I am good now” and directly opens his pants. He was awesome, my pussy started dripping looking at it.

2 years passed have passed without any sex and women can understand my pain inside. I said him to put it in and he did it. All night I was thinking of his dick and used my dildo, the dildo was very small compared to his young dick. I texted him.

So:- hi, dear, had your dinner. V:- yes aunty, long back, on my bed about to sleep. So:- so soon? V:- it’s already 12:00. I need to sleep. So:- how is your **** now? V:- thank you so much and I am enjoying everything now. So:- what are you enjoying? V:- masturbation So:- omg, you do that? V:- every guy does that aunty. So:—- no words… v:- what happened aunty?

Tell me something. So:- nothing you sleep now. V:- how can I sleep? I need to do it now. So:- can you come to my home tomorrow morning. V:- I can come now if you want? So:- ok I kept the door open and he directly came in and locked the door and directly opened my nighty and started looking my vagina. It was wet with all this.

He said, “Randi, why your vagina is wet? do you need this cock?” I said nothing. He started eating my salty vagina. Hmm, Vishal it is so good. He put his cock inside me and was driving me slow, I said him to be rough which I like it. He started calling me, “you bitch, I know you want to be my slave” and he started slapping me and pulling my hair and spit on my face.

I was like what happen to him. He is fucking me very hard and I was in pain and pleasure. Trust me, girls, young guys dicks are awesome because of the heavy flow of blood. I was like hmmm ahhhhhhh ammaaaaaaa come you mother fucker, fuck me hard. I forgot my kid. He woke up and started crying.

He stopped fucking and hold my hair and dragged me near my kid and said me to make him sleep in another room. I fed my kid and he soon he fell asleep and I put him on the sofa in the hall and entered the bedroom. Vishal was smoking and drinking my husband’s whiskey. I was shocked.

The time I entered the room, he slapped me and said, lanja intha sepa. He was really treating me like a slave. He was smoking and put his dick in my mouth and holding my hair and pushing his 6 in dick all the way in, I was about to vomit and I did it in my bedroom. He slapped me. Then, he got a belt and he started hitting me with a belt.

I was telling him Vishal please stop it, the moment I open my mouth he was betting me very badly and held my hair and put me on the bed and started fucking me. I said him, “show me your power in fucking but not in beating me”. “Bitch, you said me to be rough right”, I was like lost and he fucked me very badly and cum in my pussy I was scared.

He put more whiskey and said me to suck his cock, I did it and now he said you are a dead bitch. Once his dick got hard, he put his dick in my ass, oh god, Vishaaalllllll, you mother fucker, what are you doing? Bitch I felt the same pain when you pulled my skin back.

He was fucking me very badly, my ass was bleeding. I thought of no more sex in my life. I was thinking of my husband. In the end, he removed his dick from ass and cum in pussy again. I was in tears and said, “Vishal, please I may get pregnant.”

He said it’s not my problem. I went into the bathroom and took a shower and came back to the bedroom, now he was totally drunk and opened Omegle video chat. He said, “let’s fuck on Omegle”, I said, “it’s not safe”.

He slapped my face very hard and started fucking again, other guys on Omegle was shaking their dicks and I was going wild and had the whiskey glass. Now, I was high and I started slapping him back and biting him hard and thought of biting his dick.

He was” ahhhhhhh Soumya what are you doing? Now you are a dead mother fucker.” I fucked very bad that day. After that, I got an abortion and I lost a lot of blood and became week. All I want to tell is give your wife what she needs. If she sleeps with other guys, they will treat her like a bitch. Understand girls and be happy.

Thanx for reading my sex story. Bye, your Soumya.

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Sidharth Satisfying Best Friends Girl Sexually

This is Sidharth from Chennai pursuing my Engineering in one of the reputed colleges in Chennai. I’m 19 years old with a small belly and a 6-inch cock very hungry to fuck pussies. This sex story is about how I succeeded in getting my bestie and my friend’s girlfriend Monica got laid with me.

Now about Monica. She’s 20 years old and belongs to another department. Her stats are 36-32-34. She’s of darker complexion. May be Ebony. She’s also my best friend’s girlfriend. We both are good friends from the beginning. Both of us has never crossed the limit, yet we speak about dirty stuff. I had also controlled that she’s my friend’s girl and also my friend.

One fine day, my group of friends went to Wonder La and everyone came as a couple except me and another girl. My girl couldn’t make it because she was in her native and couldn’t make it here. My sex life with Monica started at Wonder La.

We reached Bangalore by 7 in the morning and we straight away booked a zooming car and drove it ourselves to Wonder La. There we bought our tickets and finished our breakfast there. I went out to the smoking area for a cig and came back. By that time, my friend and Monica had a fight and she went away in anger. She was not attending anyone’s call.

So everyone insisted me to call her as I was close to her and I did as they said. According to everyone’s assumption, she attended my call and I enquired of her whereabouts and cut the call. I informed my friends that not to worry and resume enjoying the trip and I will go and console her. But I didn’t know that this will change my life.

I went to the place she said on the phone and found her sitting on a chair. I went to her consoled her and we both drank a juice and left for enjoying the rides. We both were in one end while our friends were on the other end, so we thought that we should move alone. We went to some water rides.

Due to the chillness of the water, her nipples got hard and were visible through her tops although she was wearing her bra. I was staring at her boobs and Imagining it’s size, I got an hard-on. She caught me eyeing her nipples but didn’t say anything. She was normal.

Then, while walking, I slowly started touching her hand with mine. She smiled at me to which I too smiled at her. Then, out of my mind, I held her hand with mine. She held it even firmer and gave a sexy smile to me. It gave me even powerful hard-on making a tent on my pant. She saw it and gave me a wink and giggled. From that, she started to touch my body whenever possible.

I was getting hornier as fuck. Then out of control, I placed my hand on her huge ass. My hand slapped her ass. I then started to squeeze her ass. Then, I came to my senses then realized what have I done. I took my hand from her ass. She just gave that same fucking smile and kissed my hand softly.

All these things were happening near the pool and at least 20 people would have watched us. We then got into the pool and suddenly after sometimes, I felt a hand on my dick and for my surprise, it was her. She said that she was turned on by her imagination of me fucking her after she caught me staring at her nipples.

I was very hard by her words and she jerked me off inside the pool with my trousers on. Then, I started to massage her soft big ass. She was breathing heavily and her nipples grew even harder. I inserted my hand into her ass crack over her shorts. She gave a jerk. Then, I suggested her that we should go to the rain disco and she readily accepted it.

Inside the rain disco, we went to the extreme corner of the couple’s cabin. It was dark and there was a rain setup. How romantic. Then, I started kissing her lips harder and sucking it well. She too was responding well and we were playing with our tongues, exchanging our saliva. I later turned her around and started rubbing my dick on her ass over her shorts.

She was moaning slightly and her breaths started to increase even more. The sound of the water and the music made it even comfortable for us. Then I started pressing her boobs and nipples. She started to moan high. Then suddenly, I inserted my hand into her shorts and rub her pussy. She came within 5 mins.

I could feel all her warm juices over my hand. I took my hand out and started to lick it. Her juices tasted awesome. Then we both hugged each other. I caught her boobs and started pressing it and she caught my cock and was caressing it. Then we kissed finally and we left from there. I took her to a restaurant inside Wonder La and we had our lunch there and we started talking.

I kissed her hand and asked her “Shall we proceed further?”. She said “No”. I was sad and my face turned dull. She then said, “Not here”. That made my heartbeat skip. I asked her “Then where?”. She said, “After going to Chennai”.

I was on could nine. Then we spent time in an isolated space where there won’t be any disturbances. We were kissing wildly there. Then we left in the evening and found our friends. We packed our stuff and left to the railway station and came back to Chennai in the morning. I went to my home and started sleeping and woke after 12.00 PM. I saw her message.

She said that she wants me to fuck her cunt. I said ” Yes”. She said that “Her friend has left for her native and she had her apartment’s keys and we can go there tomorrow”. For which I readily accepted.

We exchanged our nude pics and she was amazed to see my 6″ dick and said that her bf’s dick is only 5″ and also said that they were having an active sex life. I was amazed to hear that. Then I went out and bought chocolate flavored condoms as she like chocolates very much.

Then, as planned the next day I went to her friend’s apartment and found her already waiting for me. As soon as I entered she locked the door and started smooching me. It was one hell of a smooch. She was a great kisser. She sucked my tongue and drank my saliva. Man, that girl was wild as fuck!! Then I started to press her boobs over her kurta.

Forgot about her dressing, She was in a metallic red kurta and light blue jeans. The kurta clearly showed the shape of her boobies. Then she took off my shirt and started licking my body and kissing it. Then she went down to my jeans, removed the zip and took my dick in her mouth.

She gave me a great blowjob and made me cum in 15 mins. She used her tongue good and she was a pro in it. When she realized that I was about to cum she started doing it faster and at the end, I tightened her head on my dick and came in her mouth. She drank all of it.

My dick was fully wet with her saliva. Then, I just said it’s my turn to return the favor. I removed her kurta and was awe struck on seeing her boobs popping out of her blue bra. I buried my face in her boobs and just started to kiss and lick it her breaths got heavier and she started to moan slowly.

I removed her bra and started sucking her dark nipples. I started playing with my tongue with her hard nipples and later started biting it. She began to scream in pain and pleasure. Now again we had a smooch in the mean time I was playing with her boobs. Her nipples were very hard and wet with my saliva.

Then, I slowly moved down to her navel and started teasing her by licking. Then I removed her jeans and found her blue panty already wet. I just rubbed her pussy over her panty and removed it off. I found her clean shaved black pussy.

I made her lie on the bed and spread her legs and started eating her pussy. I was licking it very wild. She pushed my head to her pussy and was moaning. I licked her until she came and drank all her juices.

Then, I wore a condom on my dick and rubbed her pussy as she was still lying tired of her orgasm I came on top of her and started entering her in the missionary position. She guided my dick into her pussy with her hands and I slowly started pumping her and increased my speed in correct intervals.

She was moaning loudly and suddenly crossed her legs over my hip and found that she’s gonna cum so I increased my speed further and she came with a loud screaming. I too came in the condom.

Then, I was lying beside her tired. She came on to of me all of a sudden and removed the condom and started sucking my semi erect dick then we both went to clean ourselves and had some snacks sitting naked on the sofa.

After the snacks were over she asked for the second round. I licked her pussy once again and then carried her to the bed room this time she made me lie and she herself wore that condom on my dick and she came on top of me and started to ride me.

We were fucking in that position for 10 mins and I made her sit in doggy position and licked her pussy from behind and started to penetrate her from behind and pumped her harder. Her moans turned into screams and I took my dick out and started to finger her pussy faster and she squirted in 5 mins of fingering.

She was screaming highly when she was squirting. Quickly I again entered her from behind and fucked her fastly for 2 mins, took my dick out, removed the condom and put my dick in her mouth and mouth fucked her till I came in her mouth. She again drank all my cum. We both were exhausted and slept with out our knowledge.

She woke me up at 3 in the evening with a tit job and we both had a quick in the shower and left the flats. I dropped her near her home and then left to my home. This incident was like a dream. I fucked a girl whom I never thought I would.

She said that “This is just the beginning” and also “This is the first time I’m penetrated this deep” when she left to her home.

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Rohan Hot Sex Encounter With Landlady

Hey Human Digest friends, this is khan with a story. I am 27 years from bangalore 5.6 height fair complexion. I am regular reader of Human Digest. Submitting my own story here. This happened during my post graduation days.

When I was 21, due to college was far from my home where I got admission, dad did all calculations about hostel fees. And decided that I stay in a rented house nearby college. The landlord and his family were living on the ground floor and I had rented the 1 bhk house on second floor of the house.

It was a two storey structure along with a small house like guest house at the top as I was alone it was good enough. The houses were block like structures. The land lady was aged about 42 she was a shy person, quite pleasing to look at, but for some reason looked constantly hassled and unhappy.

I later found out her husband passed away about 5 years ago with a road accident. She had a daughter who was married and stayed in other district and visit her occasionally. She had quite a voluptuous body which was always demurely covered up.

Very soon after I shifted to the flat above my landlord’s I realized it was possible to spy on the family living below me from the ventilation shaft. I very soon watched, studied and analyzed the daily routine of landlady. She was always be at home and manage her expenses with the rent getting from houses and she had some shops also rented near by the road.

Days passed by I was trying to get adjusted to college family, and daily chores. I was bad in cooking so I usually use to eat at college canteen as the college had hostel the canteen use to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The college was getting over by afternoon after that I use to be at room. And I made some friends in college who ever from other states staying in hostel.

They use to visit me sometimes. Days were passing by during the post graduation admission the college provided the laptop for project purposes as it was age of addiction I got addicted to watching porn movies and english movies and use to save some sex clips.

One fine day when I was going to college in the morning aunt called me and informed that they have a function on sunday her husband death anniversary. So she invited me for lunch I said ok and went to college the next day I went to pay my room rent.

She was busy on phone I waited meanwhile I understood she was talking to her daughter after the call she came to me and she was like in angry mood, I could notice that I did not dare to ask anything. I asked her permission to leave she did not say anything. I was about to exit the door she called and said can I do a favor I said yes aunt.

She said can you please take me to market need to buy some vegetables and food stuff for Sunday. We went in my pulsar bike. While shopping I noticed she was not buying a large quantity. I asked aunt you invited many peoples. (just curiosity) Aunt: no I don’t call anybody every year, it will be just me, my daughter family.

We prepare some food and donate to poor. Me: so you are donating me (with a smile) Aunt: chee chee why you thought that. I invited you thinking you are my friend. Me: friend???? I am like your son aunt. Aunt: you don’t like friendship with aunties? Me: not like that. Can I ask you something? Aunt: yes Me: morning while on call you were angry.

Aunt: I was talking to my daughter, she informed she cant come on Sunday so got angry. Me: any problem. Aunt: her in laws are troubling her they always do the same they don’t send her to see me and she is also not interested to visit me. I am alone always. Me: oh sorry aunt. We finished shopping and returned home.

Aunt: khan you are very talkative never thought you can talk that much. Me: did I talk too much and bore you? Aunt: no no I enjoyed being with you. It was an evening I wanted to go I was thinking of leaving she asked can you stay here and help her. Me: what help aunt I don’t know cooking I eat at the canteen. Aunt: daily?? Me: yes Aunt: tonight you can eat at my place.

I said but you invited Sunday. She was like you are very smart in catching words that are formal invitation. His is personal invitation for helping me. I said ok and asked her what else help she need. She said just talk me I will finish my work.

I never had any intention but the devil is always devil was thinking how beautiful she was at that age and wrong things, I was talking to myself till I heard my name. I started the conversion. What she does daily. Don’t she get bored at home etc. For about 30 minutes. Then the time was about 6 I said I will leave and come later.

Aunt: going to meet girlfriend. Me: no aunt I don’t have any. Aunt: said ok go. I left the place. Later around 8:30 I went to her home. She opened the door and she had just took bath and tied her hairs with towel and she was looking pretty beautiful I was shocked. But no courage to tell anything.

She asked for water I said no I am fine then we went to dining table and had dinner watching tv after dinner I sat for a while and thinking of going to room and jerk on her name today. She sat watching tv some local series I said aunt I will leave and come tomorrow (Sunday).

She asked why you can sit here and stay here too laughing I said no aunt I will go and watch movie in laptop. She was like I have not watched new movie a while can you bring laptop and watch here. I said ok andbought laptop before putting the movie she started discussion about our lives. We had a discussion for an hour she got very emotional.

She almost started crying and it was my time to console her. So I hugged her and said few words to console. We sat for sometime in a hugged position. She was still very disturbed. So I told her to sleep in same position and we had some more chat. After sometime when I was almost sleeping, I suddenly found warmth on my lips.

I opened my eyes to realize that she was kissing me. Suddenly a lightening passed through my body and I was aroused immediately. I was like its dream. Started kissing her passionately. The kissing went on for 10 minutes and both of us were completely aroused. After that, I came on top of her and kissed her again.

Now I was just uncontrollable. I made her sat and started to play with her body. Suddenly she resisted. Now it was unexpected for her. She thought that it was limited up-to a kiss but I couldn’t resist my self. She kept saying “No its wrong…Its wrong” but I was not in a position to listen. She also didn’t resist against my force as it was in her mind also.

So at-last she gave up & started assisting me. I started removing her saree she said no and said will do it next time tomorrow we didn’t have any protection. I assured her that I will not penetrate her but I want to enjoy the legs.

Now she was only in panties and I was watching a naked milf double my age for the first time in my life I had fucked few girls before that. I started sucking her boobs passionately & she immediately started moaning. She had not experienced sex for a long time as she was a conservative woman.

I was so passionate with the thought that I was riding a woman who was very elder to me.I was happy inside. I made her nude and taken her boobs in my hand. She was pressing my dick and I was playing with her boobs. I pushed her on the sofa and came in 69. She had taken my dick in her mouth. She was licking my dick tip… hmmm… friends, I can’t explain that sexy feeling.

I was just moaning in pleasure ahah ahah ahaha and she was really good in oral sex. There are not many females who like oral sex and be good on oral sex. But, she was so hot. Now, it’s my turn. I started rubbing her clit with my hand and sucking her boobs hard. I had bitten on her boobs and taken her tits between my teeth. I was pulling them hard.

So hard and was fucking wow… it was awesome 69. I never had such hot oral sex before. I started rubbing my dick on her pussy. Her pussy was really wet and I just stroked. My dick was been little inside. Her pussy was bit tight. It was not fucked since long. I felt a little pain on my dick. But, I had pushed more time.

And this time, my dick was more than half of length inside her pussy. She was shouting ahhhhhh but she was enjoying shaking her butts. She knew that this pain is enjoyable she was saying deep.. Fuck me deep… in my final stroke, I had given my entire dick inside and now my butts were moving hard.

We had a nice session. I made sure to remove my dick before cumming and realized all my cum on her stomach. I then slept hugging each other. That night I fucked her another time will continue how I fucked her ass and different experiences with her. I stayed there for 2 years and enjoyed the fullest.

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Rohan Having Sex With Ayesha On Water Tank - III

Previously: Rohan Having Sex With Ayesha On Water Tank - II

She couldn’t move her hands or her legs but only could manage to move her upper body a little with every kiss. I then slowly went down kissing and finally reached the top of her dress which was resting just above her ass.

I took my tongue out and placed it on her spine. With just a millimeter of my tongue moving up on spine she felt the magic flowing within her as she tightened her body with every inch of her back licked.

Finally, reaching her bra strap which was already wet with my saliva, I opened the bra hooks with my teeth which were a little difficult as the bra was tight. I then managed to unhook her bra and turned her around. Her bra still could hold those breast in it and I slowly took the pushed the straps of the bra with my lips.

Now slowly kissing her on her left shoulder I started to move my hand down and pushed her 1 piece down. I could manage to slide it down to her knees with her helping me by raising her ass just a little. I then slowly pushed the 1 piece down with my feet and now my princess was just in her matching black bra and panty.

I slowly took her bra off and placed my lips on her breast. I slowly started to suck on the areas next to her hard pink nipples as I felt them poking on my cheeks. Her breast was now wet with my saliva.

I then started to lick the area just beside the poky nipple teasing her. She began to shiver in ecstasy and grabbed me by my hair. She then pushed me on her nipple and asked me to suck on her nipple in a low voice.

I finally took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck it as if there is no tomorrow. I then licked her nipple while pressing the other breast with my hand. I again took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck it where I could feel her nipple inside my mouth in between my tongue and my upper jaw.

Then, I bit her nipple to which she screamed ouch!!! I did the same with the other breast. And slowly moved down towards her deep navel. I started to fuck her navel with my tongue and now she grabbed my head with her both hands.

I then placed warm kisses on all her tummy and slid my hand inside her panty. Her panty was all wet with love juices oozing out of her love hole and I slowly started to finger her. After fingering her for almost 3 to 4 mins, I slowly started to push her panty down.And in no time I took her panties off and started to kiss her inner thighs.

She loved it as I could feel her legs so tight not moving an inch. I slowly spread her legs even wider and placed her legs on my shoulders and moved close to her clean shaved pussy lips. I first kissed her pussy lips to which she responded with pushing my head closer to her pussy with her legs and I finally inserted my tongue deep in her pussy.

I started to explore her wet inner walls with my tongue and in no time she started squirting when I found her g spot. Then she started to unhook my denim and took my undies off and started to blow me. She was licking the tip of my thing with her tongue and I felt I was about to cum.

I asked her to stop and then spread her legs wide and slowly guided my dick towards her pussy. I slowly pushed my dick into her pussy which was relatively tight and just when I full dick was in her. She left a moan “Oh Rohan!!”. I remained in that position for a while feeling her tightness and skin on my penis. Then slowly started to move my ass to and fro.

I was now making love to her ever so slowly and enjoying the moment with the cool breeze. She had her eyes closed and then bent down and started to kiss her on her lips and increased my pace. The kiss went wild as now we started to have a tongue fight. We exploring every inch of each other’s mouth.

After almost 10 to 15 mins, we broke our kiss. And I took her legs and placed them on my shoulders making her lay in my favorite butter fly pose. Then I again start to pump her pussy, this time really hard. And she started to moan ” Oh yes!!!! Oh yessssssssss!!!! I’m loving it, Rohan!! Fuck me harder!!! Harder!!! Yes, Rohan!!! Harder!!!!

Her moans were driving me crazy, as I started to pump her pussy real hard. And she now started moaning loudly. Oh yeah!!! Come on Rohan!!! Harder!!! And just then I could feel her shiver and I realized that she was about to have her orgasm.

I increased my pace to the best I could and we finally reached the climax and I feel numb in her arms hugging each other tightly. And we then made love in my favorite doggie style once again and lay there for a while with her resting on my shoulder looking at the moon.

It was a night I can’t forget all my life and may be even you could have liked this experience of me and try the same if you get a chance to. I hope all you girls would like to be pampered and loved in this magical way. So ask your partner to try it out or you know, I’m always here to help you out to make your fantasies come true in any way I could.

And I don’t mention the size, complexion and age of my partner coz you don’t need all of the above to make love to a girl or a woman. You better have some feelings deep in your heart and try to make her feel special in any way you could. She would be all yours forever!!!

The End.

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Rohan Having Sex With Ayesha On Water Tank - II

Previously: Rohan Having Sex With Ayesha On Water Tank - I

She was giving me flying kisses and all this was making it so tough for me to stay away from her. It was almost the time and the music had stopped, just then 1 of my friends came up with an idea of a house party and we all were game for it. I was so happy as I would get to spend some more time with my princess.

We reached my friend’s place in about 45 mins and my friend suggested that we would booze in our favorite place. That is the water tank on the terrace of his apartment which was on the 16th floor. The girls were a little confused, so we had to convince them for a while.

We took all our drinks and snacks and started to move to the terrace. And we started to booze on the tank. I sat next to my princess and we started to have a good conversation as slowly 1 by 1 my friends started leaving.

At last, it was 5 of us left. And we had loads of fun talking and dancing together. Just then, 1 of my friends started to feel high and was about to puke. So my other friends started to take him to the house and while going 1 of my friends winked at me as they were now leaving us alone and I managed to give him a smile.

Now it was just the 2 of us on the tank, with the cool breeze flowing, the moon shining brightly. It couldn’t have got better than this. Something which you can’t even plan. It was just too perfect for both of us. And it was so so romantic. I asked her if we can sit on the edge of the tank and now we were sitting at the edge of the tank with our legs swinging in the air.

Can you ever imagine yourself in such a romantic situation? Well it was my lucky day and we started to talk to each other and she placed her palms on the tank on either side and now our fingers were brushing each other.

With all that beer she had and the cool breeze flowing, she found it really tough to sit as I could now her milky white thighs shiver. And her hands tremble, I offered her a hug as I didn’t have any jacket to offer her.

She gave me a smile and started moving closer to me and she was now in arms. I felt so good. I felt as if I had my world in my hands. I loved the posture. And she too hugged me resting her hands on my back.

I just didn’t wish to let her go as I never ever felt so special. I just wanted to hug her like this all my life!!! The fragrance of her hair, her tight hug, romantic weather, the cool breeze. Doesn’t this sound beautiful?

After almost 2 mins, we broke the hug and I could see her blush in that moon light with her watching the road. I then slowly raised her head and I slowly started to move closer to her lips!!! Just then she again closed her eyes and I started to kiss those soft lips again. I started to suck her upper lip this time and she was busy with my lower lip.

My hands started to explore her back in between her hair. I then slowly made her lie down her on her back with her legs still in the air. She looked absolutely gorgeous with the moonlight shining on her. I started to kiss all over her face while I had my hand bear her ear in by her hair again.

I started to give her gentle and warm kisses now as she could feel my warm inner lips on her face. I moved to her left ear now and I slowly started to lick her ear while my hand started to feel her big soft breast!!

And just when my hand touched her breast for the first time, she left a slow moan and her body couldn’t move an inch in the excitement. I was kinda loving this and started to slid my tongue deep in her ear. After almost licking her ear for 2 mins, she couldn’t take it anymore and turned her head.

Then, I slowly made her go up, more towards the center of the tank and now started to kiss her on the neck while my hand was busy feeling her breast and my leg resting in between her. I could now feel her bare legs with my feet and I kinda start to feel her legs with my knee and the fingers of my leg playing with hers.

I started to kiss her neck. I started to lick her neck while I started to press her breast a little harder now and she was now holding me mine by a hair. This kinda turned me on and I started to lick and now I wanted to give her a love bite. So I started to suck her neck now feeling her skin with my tongue for almost 2 to 3 mins.

I then slowly moved down towards her breast and started to kiss them over her dress and slowly took my hand off and started to move it down from near her navel, then on her pussy then finally reached the top of her dress.

I tried to raise it, but it was tight and I couldn’t. So I started to take her dress off and she stopped me. She said in a very low voice, “Koi a gaya to?” I showed her the message I had sent to my friend on WhatsApp where I asked my friend not to send anyone here as I wanted some privacy.

And my friend had replied with a thumbs up. I then again started to kiss her and started to remove the straps of her 1 piece and now I could see her in a black lace bra!!! I loved her black laced bra in which that soft breast could manage to fit.

As you all know. I go crazy for a woman’s breast. I started to kiss her perfectly round breast. I managed to lick every inch of her cleavage and I turned her around. I started to kiss her lower back and feel her ass with my hand. She was feeling ticklish so I soon started to lick her back rather than just kiss it.

She now lay in a very sexy posture where she had folded her hands above her head in different directions and her legs pressing tight against each other to control her wet itching pussy. I then sat on her ass not putting much weight on her. But making sure she could feel my boner on her ass and lay just 2 inches above her.

Now I was on my knees laying above her with my hands on hers and I started to kiss her back wild. With each kiss, I could feel her move as she was too sensitive there and I loved it that I finally found her sensitive area.

To Be Continued...

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Rohan Having Sex With Ayesha On Water Tank - I

Hello, readers!!!! With an overwhelming response to my last sex story, I’m here sharing my another experience with all you guys. But first of all, I would love to thank you guys for more than 6000 likes in less than 3 days and so many emails flooding in the mailbox. Please keep all this love as always.

And remember my stories are very romantic and long. So read it, you will believe in making love rather than just sex or inter course. Trust me, you’d have goosebumps reading it and it would really help you a lot to shag.

For all the new readers, I’m Rohan Sharma, age 28. I’m a sex advisor, a masseur by hobby and I’m here to help you in any way I could. Please feel free to reach me for any doubts or suggestions.

Coming to the sex story, it was 1 of my friend’s birthday and he was throwing a party and we decided to hit the disc. It was 9 of us with 5 guys and 4 girls. We reached the disc around 9 pm and we had our jaws dropped till knees when the girls arrived in their beautiful 1 piece. My friend Ayesha, was looking stunning in her red 1 piece.

And I couldn’t take my eyes off her!! She came to me and said “Kya hua? Aise kyu ghoor raha hai? Ab party karne chale? Ya yahi aise hi ghoorta beta rahega?” I couldn’t utter a word and went in the disc and headed towards the bar. We ordered our drinks and moved to the dance floor. We started dancing and I couldn’t help myself glancing at my gorgeous hot friend Ayesha!!

Our eyes met few times and we exchanged smiles and she winked at me. And she asked me what? With her eyebrows? I moved closer to her and said: “You look fabulous!!” and said “Ab flirt karna bandh bhi karega?” and we laughed.

She set the dance floor on fire with her dance moves. Gosh, that sexy ass moving in the rhythm of the music and her lovely long hair bouncing on the moves and her to adjust them when they were all over her face and just then you see those beautiful lips with red lipstick.

I got goosebumps and I felt like kissing her right away. I loved watching her dance while I had my drink and invited her for a dance. And she joined me and the DJ started to play Bollywood music and she was dancing with me.

I looked into those beautiful eyes and I forgot the world. I couldn’t even blink my eyes and kept looking at those beautiful eyes and I had just realized that I have fallen in love with a girl. I moved a little closer to her and placed my hand on her waist still looking into each other’s eyes.

We were out of this world and now I rested my forehead on hers and could feel each other’s breath on our cheeks. She now held me behind my neck and I was lost in her eyes!!! After almost 2 mins, she felt shy and took her eyes off and started to walk towards the group.

I grabbed her by her hand pulled her towards me and she fell on me. Her body rubbing against me and I could see few sweat drops on her forehead as she too was feeling the heat with her body crushing against mine. Her soft breast pressing against my chest, her cheeks so close to my lips.

I raised her head and started to look into her eyes while I started playing with her hair and we could feel the tension building in each other. I wanted to go slow and enjoy this beautiful moment with her.

We slowly started to dance together and it was all getting too romantic and we could feel the love for each other. Dancing so close to each other, holding each other and looking into each other’s eyes. We didn’t utter a word, but our eyes spoke everything.

We wanted each other so badly, I then slowly placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and she closed her eyes just then hugging me tightly pulling my shirt on my back. This was just the sign I wanted from her side to tell me that she liked it.

And I then started to place small kisses on her faces and I could feel her grip tightening with each kiss. I then kissed her on her eyes and again raised her eyes and asked her to open her eyes.

She refused to open her eyes and I was on cloud 9 seeing her so happy. I could see a smile on her face and then I kissed her just beside her lips. I could feel the tension on her lips as they were trembling with excitement and I slowly placed my lips on hers.

I remained calm this time and didn’t kiss her. My lips were still on her lips and I wanted her to kiss me first. And after almost 15 to 20 seconds, her lips started to kiss mine. Her lips were so soft. We started with small kisses just like we kiss on the cheeks and I kinda love it.

Then, I slowly started to suck her lower lip and got hold off that sexy ass!! I started to feel her ass, I wonder why my hands automatically start feeling my girls ass when I kiss them. But I love to do that and I kept feeling her ass while I kissed her.

Now, she took my lower lip in her mouth and started kissing me wild. We broke the kiss after 2 mins and she now turned into the opposite direction and we again started dancing. With my hand on her tummy and her ass feeling my hardness which couldn’t be hidden now even in my jeans. She then started to grind me.

She started to move her ass in a circular motion making it even tougher for me. My boner being crushed in between her ass cheeks turned me on!! And I pushed her back against me, pushed her hair aside and started to kiss her shoulder.

My left hand was just below her soft breast and just while I was kissing her shoulder, our friends called our names and started teasing us that even they are here. As she blushed, I placed my hand on her shoulder and she rested her head on my shoulder. After a while, we joined our group and started to dance with them. All this while, she was teasing me with those seducing looks and gestures.

To Be Continued...

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