Yash Talking About Oral Sex - II

Previously: Yash Talking About Oral Sex - I

Be constantly aware of her body language. If she lets out a little cry when you first stimulate her clitoris, it’s not necessarily a good sign. It can be a cry of pain. What’s your tongue doing? Really strong licking with a tensed tongue feels bloody awful. Some women like their clitoris sucked, like they do in porn movies, but most hate it! Give it up and try a gentler technique.

While the clitoris is definitely the star of the show, don’t focus exclusively on it, to begin with. Try stiffening your tongue and pushing it inside her like a pretend penis or swirling it in circles just a little way in (most of the nerves are in the first inch anyway).

Take a break to move up and lick her breasts, biting her neck, stroke and lick her thighs, the area between her anus and vagina, or try rimming (licking around her anus). Then get back to work on the little man in the boat, trying any or all of the following: long licks with the flat of your tongue, a fluttering side-to-side motion, circles, and zig-zags.

Mix it up by using combinations of fast, slow, soft, and firmer (note I said “firmer” not hard) techniques. Lick, don’t flick. You’ll probably find she likes licking more than flicking. “I hate it when they flick it” was one of the most common responses I got when asking girls which oral techniques they did and didn’t like.

A really simple way to find her hottest spot is to trace a figure-eight with your tongue or lick all the letters of the alphabet (lower case is better because the letters are curlier). Both techniques stop any one part of the clitoris from being overstimulated. It’s also great tongue-training. Practice on your palm—bet your tongue hurts before you get to mmmmm.

Just like with intercourse, most women end up settling on two or three favorite strokes, with one as the guaranteed-to-get-me-there. The time to find this out is at the beginning, change techniques as she’s about to come and she’ll never, ever (ever) forgive you.

When you know her favorite place to be licked, tease her in another session by going close to it but not quite there. Occasionally move your tongue to where she wants it. It’s cruel—and she’ll get annoyed if you do it too long—but also hot as hell if you want to get her to begging point. (Or want to get out of doing the dishes.)

Starting to wonder if it’s ever going to happen … and it’s only been five minutes? Dear, oh dear, did they teach you nothing in school? (Sorry, I forgot—they don’t! Most countries have an appalling sex education system.) It’s probably going to take a lot longer than that, my lovely, so settle in.

While you might take an average of four minutes to orgasm, she can do the same if she’s super turned-on but might also take up to 15–20 minutes. Help her get there faster by …Adding fingers. Either thrust your fingers inside her or make a “V” with your index and middle finger and slide them back and forth with the clitoris in between, as you continue licking.

Or get her to put her fingers inside herself while you lick. Reach up and squeeze her breasts. Resist the urge to go faster in an attempt to get her to orgasm quicker. If anything, slow down. The gentler and slower and more consistent you are, the quicker she’ll get there. (Though it’s not a race to get to the finish line even if that is where the “intercourse” flag tantalizingly waves.)

If she’s not even close but you’re so tired you’re losing the will to live, do one of two things. Either reach down and grab the small vibe you’ve put beside the bed for that purpose and hold it close to the clitoris as you continue to lick (or kiss her instead and just let the vibe do its stuff). Or simply ask her if she wants to stop and/or move on to something else.

If she seems close but your attention is wavering and your tongue’s tired, the advice is completely different. I don’t care what it takes but do NOT stop! Imagine you’ll win a million dollars if you just keep going that little bit longer. Imagine you’re having a threesome with Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, and the hot girl you see on the train every morning.

Or the hot guy. Do whatever it takes to eke that final little bit more out of that weary, weary tongue. And if you honestly can’t keep moving it, just press it firmly and let her move against you for a few seconds, licking again the second you recover. (Don’t change techniques, go straight back to what you were doing.)

Continue throughout her orgasm (perhaps upping the speed and pressure a little just before it) and— crucially—do not stop until she pushes you away. Her orgasm lasts way, way longer than yours does. Some women love you to immediately penetrate the second it’s over, while they’re still riding the waves.

If you do, you can set off a further set of scrumptious contractions. Others need time to recuperate and want to lie there panting for a bit. The good news is, she won’t do what you do and roll over and go to sleep.

Her body doesn’t release the sleep hormone yours does, to get her ready for another round. Most of us can keep going without a recharge. Though chocolate and a glass of bubbly wouldn’t go amiss in the breaks.

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Yash Talking About Oral Sex - I

Hi, folks. This is Yash again. I am 23 and live in Pune. I am a software engineer by profession. I have a lot of interest and experience in sex. I have been doing sex since I was 18. I also read a lot about sex in my free time. As a result, I have gathered a lot of knowledge about sex, what to do, what not to and how to do everything well.

So, I am starting an informative series on Human Digest. It will have many parts and I will publish them at regular intervals. Don’t worry, it will not be boring, save the story and read it when you are going to have sex. Knowing about proper sex can really improve your sex life. Let’s start with oral sex. How to give a girl oral sex.

Oral sex is up there with life’s greatest pleasures. The secret to making it really good is simple—you have to enjoy both the giving and receiving. Let’s start with the basics: It’s a treat, not a chore. Treat oral sex like it’s a huge favor and the experience will be awful, no matter how practiced your tongue techniques.

Giving your partner pleasure should be almost as fulfilling for you as for them. The best oral sessions are offered enthusiastically, not asked for and delivered begrudgingly. Ignore what they do in porn films. It’s totally misleading. In porn movies, they pull back when he’s giving her oral so you can see what’s going on.

In real life, you can’t normally see what’s happening because his face is pressed against you, and it feels better like that. And in porn movies girls deep-throat everyone—you don’t have to in real life, and guys suck hard on clitorises, pulling them out like they’re made of chewing gum. Do that in real life and you’ll never see her genitals up close and personal again (or her, for that matter).

Give each other guidance. I think a good “let’s learn about each other” session works well about the fifth or sixth time you’ve slept together because you’ve got over that initial shyness. Start by talking about what you like, then demonstrate. He can suck her finger to show what he likes, she can lick his palm to do the same. Then try it out on your actual bits.

Do it with the lights on or in daylight—he, especially, needs to see what he’s doing. Instruct, don’t order, and be tactful. “That feels great,” or “I liked the other way better,” works better than, “Stop now. I hate it.” It’s about connection. Everyone is individual and to be the best your partner ever had, you’ve got to be constantly on the alert for their reaction to whatever you’re trying.

It’s good to use different techniques but the main aim is to give that particular person pleasure. Timing is crucial as well. It’s got to be reciprocal. I’m not saying you both have to do each other in the same session but I am saying it should even up over time. If your partner wants you to do it to them but won’t ever reciprocate, refuse. It’s selfish, unfair, and totally unacceptable.

Giving her oral Pick your position She takes ages. Try her seated, slouched forward in a chair, or sitting on the kitchen worktop. Get her to slide forward, so her crotch is on the edge of the chair or surface. Put pillows under your knees for comfort and to get the height right. This makes it easier on your neck, means you can use your fingers, and see exactly what you’re doing.

Get her to put her feet on your shoulders or something else close by (though preferably not the dinner you’ve just cooked). She’s fussy or you’re unsure what she really wants. Get her to straddle your face. You’re lying on your back, she then climbs on board, facing in both direction (depending on whether you’re a breast or bottom man!)

and balances by putting her hands on the wall or bedhead. She’s got control over everything in this position because she can lift or lower to position herself just so. There’s something fabulously filthy about it as well. Put a pillow under your neck and it’s quite relaxed, though some guys feel a bit suffocated in this position.

If she crouches too low, it can be the female equivalent of you pushing the back of her head. She’s self-conscious. Stick to the traditional pose of her lying on her back, while you lie between her legs. It’s relaxing for her, she doesn’t feel exposed, and she can do whatever it takes to get there—concentrate/ fantasize/recite the alphabet.

To make things comfy, put a pillow under her ass and one under your chest. She’s begging for it. She stands, you kneel in front of her. This is perfect for urgent sex plus it appeals to alpha females who like seeing you shamelessly submissive in front of them. If she goes weak at the knees, literally, and can’t stand any longer—or can’t orgasm standing up (some can’t)—

get her to lean against a wall or pull her to the floor to continue. Another good position for confident girls: get her on all fours on the bed, then simply slide in underneath, putting your head on pillows so you can reach. Take her to heaven Don’t just rip her panties off and bury your face. Instead, lick through her panties. Long, wet, teasing licks.

Then push them to one side, get really close— and simply breathe on her for a second or two, followed by one single, deliciously debilitating lick. Tease further by pushing them back into place and continuing to lick through the fabric. – Peel her knickers off totally and take a moment to just look at her.

Look back at her face, say “God, you’re gorgeous,” and then kiss your way down from her tummy to her thighs. Assuming you’ve done lots of finger foreplay she should be open. If her labia lips are closed, use your nose to do the job. It also lets her know you aren’t put off by her smell or secretions.

Consciously relax your tongue, and your neck and facial muscles. It will stop you getting stiff and will feel better her end. Don’t tense your tongue and make it pointy, relax it so it’s wide and soft and can cover a larger area.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of saliva in your mouth so your tongue’s slippery rather than sandpapery, then lay it flat in between the lips of her labia, swishing it ever-so-gently to provide soft but pulsating pressure. The whole of your mouth will be against her (remember what I said about forgetting what you’ve seen in the porn movies?).

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Rajat Enjoying Hot Sex With HR Professional

Hi, I am Rajat 52years old from Delhi, a professional pharmaceutical executive traveling around India and had many encounters and recently got introduced to Human Digest and now sharing my latest real experience with a gorgeous HR professional from Bangalore. Her name is Ragini 31years old vital stats 36d-32-36 fair widow having a 6year old boy.

On my recent trip to Hyderabad, after completing my meetings for the day came back to my hotel being tired hit the bar to have drinks and relax. Was sitting at the bar counter and saw two ladies Ragini and Neha walked in and sat behind on sofas and were having business discussions.

Ragini was wearing Blue saree and was looking hot and ravishing and her figure was inviting to be explored and Neha(later on Ragini told her name) was a lean and short lady in her business attire wearing shirt and pant.

After finishing their discussions Ragini walked to the bar counter and ordered and Bacardi and sat next to me. After few minutes I initiated conversation and introduced myself and Ragini responded and we both exchanged information regarding our professional life and later on conversation led to discussing personal life and then Ragini informed that she is a widow

as her husband died two years back in a road accident and she has a four-year-old son and she lives in Bangalore with her parents. We sat for an hour but all the time was feasting myself with the beauty and assets.

Almost after an hour we were heading towards our rooms Ragini invited to join for Dinner as she was also alone and so was myself to which I heartily agreed. We returned from our rooms after getting fresh and was excited to see Ragini as she was wearing a tight knee length skirt and T-shirt exposing her curves which made me horny and had immediate hard on.

We headed to the restaurant and had dinners and were cracking jokes and in less than two hours were like buddies. We had another round of drinks with our dinner and came out on the road for an after meal stroll and I started smoking and on our return to the hotel, Ragini said she also felt like smoking but since her room was the non-smoking room I invited her to my room and she immediately agreed.

We went to our room and Ragini was relaxing on the sofa and I offered her Cigarette and asked if she wish to have one more round of drink as normally I carry whisky with me for emergency to which she agreed and requested to have without soda/water.

We started having our after meal liquor and smoke and were sitting on the same sofa as in room it was the only sofa and cracking porn jokes and unknowingly she was laughing and placed her hand on my thighs.

I also gathered courage and placed my hand on her thighs and started massaging her Ragini was enjoying and closed her eyes and enjoying her smoke than suddenly she moved towards me and planted a kiss on my lips and were lip locked for almost ten minutes.

I started exploring her body and moved my hands to her breasts and started pressing her boobs and teasing her hard nipples which were clearly visible from her T shirt and Ragini also started moving her hands on my chest and started removing my shirt and whispered that she has not sex winch her husband died and wanted to enjoy the night.

I started moving my hands to her breasts and lifted her T shirt and removed in one go and unhooked her bra and her melons were hanging ready to be squeezed and molested. Moved to her nipples and started playing with tongue and she started moaning pushing me to eat her melons hard started saying kha jao inhe bahut tung karte hain and my hands moving her skirt up

and reached her panties and started playing with her cunt and realized that panties were completely wet. I started moving my tongue to her bally button started pushing her skirt down and removed her skirt and panties in one go. Her choot was shining and warm juices were flowing.

Moved my tongue to her choot and licking the lips of the choot and parted the lips and started lip fucking her choot. She was on fire moving her hips and pushing her choot in my mouth. and suddenly got up and pulled down my pants and underwear and just started sucking like a hungry tigress and I exploded in her mouth.

She drank all of it and just lied on the bed and was making naughty gestures and asked for her drink and finished in one shot and asked to switch on music loudly and started dancing to which I realized later that dancing is her passion.

Ragini was nude and dancing seductively and than moved towards me and held my lund and started licking and I was back in action and than she pushed me to the bed and started riding on my lund. It was amazing as her boobs were swaying and ragini was in full control of me and bending on me to suck her melons and after about 10 minutes we both had orgasm

and she just lied on me with my lund inside. After about half hour she went to sofa and sat with legs wide open and started smoking and I also joined her between her legs and started playing with her choot and was smoking and licking her choot simultaneously. Ragini was enjoying and wanted to have another round of whiskey and wanted to share the same glass.

We both were enjoying whiskey and suddenly she poured whiskey on her Tits and asked me to lick her tits to which I happily started licking her nipples and sucking her melons and my lund started to rise again and she was playing with my lund with her feet.

Then we moved to a bed in 69position and started sucking each other and I started playing with her ass hole to which she was enjoying. Ragini said she likes to be fucked from behind and assumed doggy position and I positioned my lund and started humping started vigorously and suddenly moved out lund and started pushing in her gaand and she was in pain and asked to

move in slowly but did not pay attention to her request just pushed in two shorts and started fucking her ass and after few strokes she started enjoying and after 15min both had orgasms. Since we both were tired we slept nude cuddling each other.

Around 4 am I realized that Ragini was licking my Lund and wanted me to fuck her in missionary position and we again had another round filled with fun and slept again. We both woke with a phone call from her home around 8 am and she talked to her and son since he was ready to go to kindergarten. We both had another round in the shower and bid goodbye to each other.

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Mumbai Couple Fucking In Local Train

While in Mumbai, I was staying in Malad and going to Marine Lines by Western Rly local train which was always overcrowded. As soon as the train stops at Malad, I jump into the train and stand in a corner for getting my friends from Goregaon and Jogeswari. They all carry food carriers in their bags and I keep them space for standing in a corner.

That is a safe corner, where nobody will disturb. But as the crowd increases we all will be pushed to a corner. Always a girl Sunitha stands near me and as the crowd increases she will turn and stand in front of me and her boobs will press against my chest and my erect cock will push into her pussy.

I put my hand around her to give her protection and she to would put her hand around me. As the train moves at fast speed, she will take my cock in her hand and guide it to her pussy. There used to be an opening in her pyjama through which we reach her panty and by the side of the panty her pussy hair and the pussy hole. But where is time for detailed fucking.

By the jolt of the train my cock will push around her fuckhole and press against her clitoris, closing her eyes she will enjoy, But I will not allow my cock to spill the discharge on her clothes. Either I will pull it out and throw it on the floor. I will zip up and by that time I would have got down at Marine lines with Sunitha.

I got to know her from the platform while waiting for the train and we were deeply in love. But we both wanted to have sex, but where to go. Her house was full of people and so was mine. Or we may have to go to Marine lines beach and wait for the dust. But there used to many couple with the same purpose and none of them mind others seeing them doing.

The girl is shy to get naked, or even semi naked. He will push up her blouse and bra and suck her boobs, when his hand would search for her pussy lifting her saree. She will keep her legs apart to give him more room. Some times they will bring a bedsheet with which they will cover and he will get on top of and unzip his pants and bring out his cock and insert in her cunt.

Or sometimes she will get on top of him. All others will give them protection form on lookers. But for lovers in Delhi, DMRC is heard to be giving lot of other comforts. Small rooms are available for rent on hourly basis. If similar facilities are available in Mumbai, railways can make lot of profit, sex is as important for man or woman as food or water.

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Gigolo Rahul Fucking Client Tanya In Shimla

Hi everyone of Human Digest, this is Rahul verma writing my real time experience which happened about a month ago. I am 22 years old guy living in Chandigarh with 7-inch long tool which can satisfy any female of any age. My services include role play, domination, good at giving a massage, rough and wild sex etc…

This story is of my female customer Tanya living in Chandigarh with stats of 34d-32-36, a body to die for. She was 28 years old with a well-maintained body. She looked like a college student and belonged to a high-class family.

Let’s start with the story. One day I was just looking at my emails when a message from girl name Tanya poked.I sent a reply and we talked for an hour in which we got comfortable and she enquired me about my services. We exchanged our numbers and talked for few more days. Finally, she said that she wants to spend a night with me. We fixed the date and time.

She booked a hotel in Shimla. We met in brew estate. Oh my god! She was sexy as hell wearing a black net dress and black high heels, a girl every guy admire to fuck. Her skin color was fair and looking like an angel. After meeting we said hie and gave a hug to each other. We spend some more time there and had our drinks. She was looking goddess of sex. I was feeling lucky.

There she told me that she wants to be dominated and rest of the things she wanted. She also told me that she belonged to the high-class family and her ex-boyfriend who left her after having sex and now she does not want to be in relationships but only want a casual sex to satisfy her.

I was cursing that idiot for leave such angel but I was also feeling lucky that I will be fucking her tonight. We had few more drinks and left the bar. Around 9 pm we started our journey to Shimla in her car. While I was driving she was talking to me about usual stuff. Me: So have you ever had taken the services of call boy?

Tanya: actually no,but I always wanted to give it a try and reading your stories I thought that you might be perfect for my sexy little desire. Me: yeah darling you will remember this night for your life. Tanya; how many girls have you fucked till now? Me: well the numbers are actually around 7 including you and gave her a wink. Tanya: you are a naughty guy and gave back a wink.

Me: your favorite position? Tanya: cowboy position. yours? Me: doggy style. ( while driving I was watching her boobs at regular intervals,she saw this thing) Tanya: where are you looking at? Me: at those beautiful hills. Tanya: you better focus on road or we will be under the hills. Me: don’t you worry darling. Tanya: do you want to touch them?

(drinks were showing its effect and I straight away grabbed those fine tits and pressed them hard, she was moaning and her expressions were sexy as fuck) Me: they are amazing Tanya: there is a lot more to see yet (placing her hands on my thigh) Me: I am waiting and gave her a wink. Tanya: so tell me about your first sexual experience?

Me: my first sex was with my ex-girlfriend 32-28-34 when I was 18 years old.We lost our virginity together at her home when her family was away for 1 week. We had sex for a full week and she was pretty satisfied.I was then when I found a hidden desire to have a lot of sex inside me.

(while I was narrating my story Tanya got horny and started rubbing her pussy over her sexy black dress, I was loving the way she was giving little moans) Tanya: that was so sexy I became horny. Me: yeah! I can see that ( touched her pussy over the panty and saw that it was wet as fuck) Me: Can you masturbate while sitting over there?

Tanya: anything for you darling and gave me a wink ;) She started fingering her pussy and making sexy noises which were getting me turned on, at last, we reached Shimla and checked in into our hotel room. The weather was cold and it had rained recently which was getting both of us turned on.

Tanya: I will get refreshed till then you can change. Me: ok. She went in the bathroom while I changed into my shorts after a while she came out. Dam! She was wearing a black saree which was transparent with only bra and sexy high heels. My dick got raised and she saw it and gave laugh. She came near me and gave me a push and I fell at the bed.

Meanwhile, she came near me an gave me a kiss. That kiss was amazing which I will not forget lifetime. The kisses went for another 10 minutes and she gave me a push and started giving me a strip tease. Watching her doing that my dick became rock hard and I was in heavens.

Slowly she removed her saree and was now only in black silky bra and panty with her high heels. I took her hand and pushed her towards me in bed. Waoow! She was looking gorgeous. I kissed her for five minutes and slowly went down to her neck and shoulder. She was shaking and getting horny.

I asked her to close her eyes and blind folded her along with it tied her hands and legs to the bed sides. When I came near her boobs and started pressing them hard while kissing her. She was moaning and while kissing I removed her bra. Those 34d pair of tits were amazing having light brown nipples as if they were inviting me for sucking.

While sucking her boobs for 15 minutes she was moaning aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhh! Mmmmmmm! My dick was hard seeing such a beauty getting sucked by me. Then I brought a silk and gave her one piece to eat and while she was eating I was kissing her.That chocolate kiss was amazing she was obeying me like my slave.

While kissing I took an ice cube in my mouth and started touching over her neck shoulder nipples her navel and finally on her belly. Aaaaaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Darling, more I want more aaahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh!. Then I took her black lacy panty in my teeth and removed it. I was happy to see her tight little waxed pussy.

While I was rubbing ice over her pussy she was moaning and shaking her legs. She was getting excited. I started rubbing her pink pussy and spanking her ass. I inserted my one finger inside her little pussy and pushed it deep inside, then my another finger and started rubbing it. Tanya’s pussy was so tight that it was difficult for me to insert my third finger inside.

She started moaning loudly aaaaaah Rahul aaaahhhhh! Rubb it rubb it. Aftter this I started licking her pussy. While I placed my tongue on her pussy she shivered and moaned like hell. Aaah ! Rahul aur karo rahul aaah! Mza a rha hai jaan. Putting some hershey syrup on her pussy I licked her pussy and inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy.

And did it for another 10 minutes and came to 69 position. She was licking me dick and believe me that was the best experience of my life. Her tongue was making my dick harder. She cumed once along. Tanya: mza a rha hai jaan! Chalo an chodo mujhe. Me: jaldi kya hai ( we licked each other for another 5 minutes and I placed my dick on her pussy hole)

Tanya: dheere se karna dard hooga. Me: donot worry I will give you pleasure. Tanya: aaaaaahhhhh! Nikalo nikalo isse dard ho rha hai.(I pushed my dick inside, it was very tight) Me: abhi mza bhi ayega ( I pushed my whole dick inside her and started fucking her.

Tanya: ahhhhh! Ahh! Ahhh! Mmmmmm! Maat dala aapne toh.( I increased my speed and she was feeling in heavens) Me: how are you feeling now? Tanya: bohot mza a rha hai babu ahh ahh ahhhhh ahhhh, aur zor se karo. You gave me all pleasure of my life. Ilove you aah ahha ahhhh ammmm ahhhhh amm ahh ahh ahh ahhhh!

(she was still tied up and could not move herself her ass was getting raised and I was spanking her by which it became red.) Tanya: I am loving it. Faster o yeah! O yeah! Harder baby harder. ( I removed her knots of hands and legs and came into doggy style) We continued to fuck for another 15 minutes till both of us cummed.

She was giving me a blowjob when I came inside her mouth and she drank all of my sperm. Tanya: yumm! It is tasty. Me: thanks. Now she came over me and started licking my dick and made it harder again. My dick rosed up within seconds and was giving salute to her pussy. She wanted more sex and I also wanted to have more of this beauty.

She came over the top and inserted my dick inside her pussy. She rode me in cowboy style and I pressed her boobs harder. She was getting horny and her moans spread across the room. This time I came inside the condom. Both of us were tired and slept nude in each other arms.

My dick was hard when we waked up in the morning. She realized that and gave me morning blowjob and had little shower sex. She gave me money and said, Tanya: this was the best experience I have ever had. I will surely make you meet with my friends as they also want some service.

Me: I would love to serve them. And gave her a kiss which was hot. We left for Chandigarh in the day and said good bye to each other with a little kiss. She was very happy and satisfied.

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Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - IV

Previously: Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - III

As soon as she opened her eyes she giggled like a teen aged girl and leaned back on my chest tightening my hands in her stomach. It may be around 1 am and there was a pin drop silence everywhere. In a husky voice she said “I LOVE YOU ADAM” she turned towards me and put her both palms on my cheeks and kissed my forehead and asked me to wait a minute.

I was confused and thinking what is in her mind. She came in a minute with a small container in her hand and something in her fist of other hand. She came close to me and said “Adam I want to preserve and cherish this day throughout my life and I want you to fulfil my only wish” I said “I’ll definitely fulfil it Neha, What is it?”

She moved her both hands in front of me and showed what she got. “Today I want you to make me your wife,” she said with a very heavy and intense voice. It was ‘sindoor’ and ‘Mangalsutra’. I said “Ohh Neha! Do we really need to do this?” “Please Adam, I don’t want to pretend as your wife I actually want to feel I am your wife like a married woman feels,”

She said with lots of emotions in her eyes. She sighed and slowly opened her eyes. She looked into my eyes with a smile as a newly married girl looks into her husband’s eyes on their first night. I hold her hands as she was again having tears in her eyes and hugged her.

“Thank you, Adam, from today onwards I am your wife and you have all the rights on me. Thank you very much” She said in a husky voice. I released her, looked her in the eyes and kissed her on the lips holding her cheeks in my palms. I moved my hands towards her back and hugged her tight.

She too responded by extending her hands on my back and pulling me towards her and crushing her boobs on my chest. We moved towards the bed and sat. Then I made her lie on her back and was sucking her lips one after other. I moved my hand on her ass and pressed her ass cheeks. She moaned a bit and gave a bite on my lips.

I lifted her nighty and took it away from her head. Now I came over her kissing her neck, she was moving her head from left to right and back and accordingly I was giving passionate and wet kisses while sucking her neck. Meanwhile her left hand was on my head and she was moving her fingers in my hairs and her right hand was pulling my T-shirt.

Soon she removed my T and was moving her hand on my bare back. I came down sucking and kissing her on her chest. I gave a kiss on her cleavage and she arched a bit. I slipped my hand to her back and unhooked her bra. I pulled her bra clutching in my teeth at the centre and threw it on the floor. She was looking at my act and was moaning in a low voice.

I attacked her boobs by trying to take her left boob completely in my mouth but it was big enough to accumulate. I bite her left boob and took her nipple in my teeth and gave an erotic bite. Now she arched her body in the air about 1 ½ ft and banged it back on bed. Meanwhile I was pinching her right nipple and crushing that boob. Then I interchanged my actions with the boobs.

After mauling her breasts enough I moved on her navel and sucked it. She was now moving like a snake as I was sucking and licking her stomach and navel. She was going crazy as I’ve blocked her hands by interlocking her fingers with mine. I went down sucking kissing and licking towards her love hole. It had already soaked the panty in its love juices.

I thought of teasing her and sucked her thighs and went down to her toes kissing and sucking. First I put her left leg on my shoulder and sucked it from toe to thigh. Similarly I took care of her right leg too. She was so excited and moaning my name. Then I spread her legs apart and grabbed her panty near her pussy biting a bit on her pussy and removed the panty with my teeth.

She helped me lifting her ass. I attacked her pussy now and as soon as I took her pussy lips in my lips and sucked, she lifted her ass in the air and came tremendously. She kept vibrating less than a minute and was like unconscious. I tasted her salty cum and then slept besides her moving my hand on her body to overcome from that tremendous orgasm.

After few minutes I started kissing her and she also started responding. We kissed for few minutes and it started going wild from her. So I reciprocated accordingly and we were kissing wildly and passionately. Soon she moved me on bed and came over me. She came over me like a tigress and started sucking and kissing my neck followed by chest.

She gave some love bites on my shoulder and nipples. She went down and removed my shorts and undie in a single go. She hold my penis so delicately as if she’d found a treasure of life. She admired it for few minutes shaking it very slowly and then she started sucking it. Gradually she increased her pace taking its full length in her mouth.

She seemed more effective than previous time. She soaked my penis totally in her saliva making a slurping sound. I asked her to give her pussy to me in 69 position. Without taking my cock from her mouth the turned and put her legs on either side of my head. I also started licking and sucking her pussy. I licked it top to bottom, in and out of her pussy, chewing her clit.

She was trembling as I was playing with her clit. I again licked her pussy from top to bottom but this time I continued to her ass hole. As soon as my tongue touched her ass hole she moaned loudly and trembled a lot, almost lost her balance. I applied lot of saliva and rotated my tongue tip along the opening of her anus.

I sucked it for a while and then I slowly inserted my middle finger in her ass hole. She was moaning as if she was mad about it. She was stroking my penis and was moaning looking at what I was doing lifting her upper body a bit. She enjoyed it heavily and I made a plan to fuck her in ass. I bit her ass cheeks while fingering her ass.

Now she want the real action so she turned, took my penis in her hand, guided it in her cunt and started moving up and down. Her boobs were brushing my face. I grabbed her ass cheeks and was encouraging her. She was moaning and I was trying to grab her nipple in my teeth. I started stroking her from bottom and soon we were in unison. She was moaning loudly now.

As there was no one at home so she knew she can go loud. After fucking like that for few minutes I stopped her. Asked her to blow me a little and she went down and started blowing me.
We switched to missionary and I asked her to do anal.

She said she have heard it is very painful but asked me to be gentle and slow as she was reluctant as she was never fucked her in ass by her husband. I applied a lot of saliva and her love juice to her ass hole and prepared it by fingering it for a while. Then I kept my dick head on her anus and pushed till the dick head goes in.

She was screaming saying “Adam please remove it, It’s paining too much. Aaaaaaaaaaah.” I waited for couple of minutes till her asshole accumulate my penis and her pain subsides and again I gave a hard push. Almost my full length was in but Neha was sreaming like hell. I again waited to reduce her pain and after sometime started giving slow and steady strokes.

I asked “Neha, How are you feeling now?” “I never have this kind of pleasure, it feels so good Adam, you can go a bit fast” she replied. I increased my pace and gave some hard and fast strokes. After few minutes I was about to burst and I informed her. She said “Spill it inside Adam, your wife wants to feel your hot cum in the ass.”

I came inside her with a loud grunt and collapsed on her after releasing all my cum in her ass. We both were so tired and drenched in sweat that we cuddled each other for few minutes we have one more session at night and fall asleep as it is.

In the morning I felt something wet around my penis and when I opened my eyes I realized it was Neha giving a good morning blow job to me. We did have a quickie in the morning as she was having her appointment with the doctor.

I took her to the doctor and then to a movie where we did some wild things in the theatre, we spend the evening together had dinner at a romantic place and at night we again have two amazing fuck sessions. Sunday morning again we did morning sex and she left for her home town.

The End.

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Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - III

Previously: Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - II

Her free long hairs were covering my head and arousing me the same time. I sucked her both boobs and gave some love bite impressions on both of them. Her cum was dripping on my balls but it was less than the night. After around 15 minutes I was near explosion and she sensed it.

She gripped my cock and I understood that she wanted it inside her again and I shot my load inside her. She collapsed on my body and put her head on my shoulder. We slept there for a while. It was 6:15 am when she asked me to get dressed and move on my bed and she started dressing. That day she went to the doctor and in the evening to her native place.

We talk over phone and WhatsApp every day now and do phone sex also. She promised to do it again when she’ll come in the summer vacations of her daughter. After that incident Neha and I used to talk over phone in late nights and used to do phone sex regularly. But we both were starving for another real love making.

One day Neha informed me that she’d taken an appointment with the previous doctor as she had problem with her right foot again. I asked her for what date she had taken the appointment and she said that she’ll let me know. I insisted her to tell the date as I was very excited but she said she’ll let me know.

It was summer time;. My routine was going as it is. Morning 11 to 7 office and at night 11:30 to 1:30 with Neha. There was a marriage at our native village of a relative so my mom and dad planned to attend the marriage and spend few days in the village meeting relatives.

Their plan was for five days and my brother’s vacation was for 8 days. Mom and dad were expecting to leave on Friday morning as the marriage was on Saturday and my bro was leaving on Friday night as there were two holidays coming in a row for him i.e. sat and Sunday so they want to utilize it to save leaves, so as I.

I am a good cook so there was no problem of my food and all as I learn to manage it all in my graduation when I was away from home. And here comes a surprise call to me on Friday afternoon. It was Neha she informed me that she is coming by evening as she is having her appointment with doctor on Saturday morning.

My bhabhi told her that mom and dad are also gone for a marriage to the village but asked her to come as I am here. After their call bhabhi called me and informed me about Neha and I immediately called Neha from the office.

“So this was your plan ha?” I asked her excitedly “Yes this is the plan, I knew that they are going for vacations but I was surprised to know that we’ll be alone as your mom and dad are also gone to village” she replied. “So what are you going to do for me tonight,” she asked in a naughty tone. So why should I stay behind, I replied “Will let you know in the night honey”

“I’ll see” she exclaimed naughtily. We disconnected the call as we both were having work and I thought that she is too a govt servant and was having the same holidays. If she stays till Sunday it will be heaven. I started making plans for the night. While going home I bought some aroma candles and a pack of flavoured condoms.

I thought of buying her a pair of sexy lingerie but dropped the idea coz mow much time she’ll stay in that. So I reached home around 7:30pm and was very happy to see her. But I hide it so did she.

We all have dinner at 9 and were all set to go to the railway station. My brother’s train was in the night at 10:55pm we reached there in our car at 10:30pm, boarded them and soon train left the station. Neha sat beside me in the car holding my arm while we drove back to home. As soon as we reached home and I was locking the door Neha hugged me from behind.

I locked the door and slowly turned towards her and looked into her eyes. They were sparkling with happiness. After all it was a long time and there was no obstruction for us. I hold her cheeks in my palms and kissed her on her forehead. She hugged me very tight putting her head on my chest. I then lifted her in my arms and carried her to my bedroom.

She was so carried away that I can see tears in her eyes. I put her on the bed on her back and sat beside her to her right leaning and moving my right hand on her left cheek and I asked “Hey, what happened? Why are you crying?” She replied “Nothing” “So why you’re having tears in your eyes?” I questioned her again.

“It’s just, I’ve never been so loved, cared and pampered as you do. I always wanted a husband like you but what I’ve got” she answered and started crying. I took her head to my chest and hugged her and was moving my right hand on her head. She was crying grabbing my T-shirt in her left hand.

I consoled her and gave very passionate kisses on her eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and everywhere. I said “If you always like a husband like me then think as if I am your husband” and jokingly said, “but you have to treat me as if I am in real”. We both laughed and I asked her to freshen up and change.

She got up and went into the attached bathroom in my bhabhi’s room, I took out the candles and light them and switched off the remaining lights and I too went in the common bathroom to freshen up and change into my shorts. After that, I went to bhabhi’s room where I found Neha changing.

I stood there admiring her body, she smiled and asked, “Why are you looking at me like this?” I said “Neha you look amazing” She blushed and asked, “Ok ok, so what have you planned for me tonight?” As she finished changing I replied, “Nothing, Am I not special for you tonight?” She came to me, put her arms around my neck and in a sexy voice she said

“You are the most special gift I’ve got in my life” and took my upper lip in her soft and rosy lips. We kissed for few minutes and I asked her “So let’s go in our room honey, but first let me close your eyes” She was surprised and raised her left eyebrow and said “So my dear adam has planned something”

I put my hands on her eyes from behind and asked her that she will not open her eyes till I say. She said ok and we walked towards my room. I pushed the door let us in and closed it back. Now I put my palms on her arms and moved it towards her palms taking it both in my palms and hugging her from behind. I kissed on her right cheek and asked her to open her eyes slowly.

To Be Continued...

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