Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - II

Previously: Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - I

I slowly leaned her on bed and came beside her to her right. I kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, her chin and again her lips. Then I moved down to her neck sucking and kissing. Her neck was fairly long making her look even more sexier. She was trembling and moving her left hand on my head and right one on my back.

After 2 long years she was getting what she was starving for. The ultimate pleasure. I started to press her boobs. They were stiff and handful. I thought what a gift I’ve got today. I pulled her night gown up and removed it from her head, she wasn’t wearing an underskirt. As soon as I did that, she too removed my vest and started moving her hand on my chest.

I moved down with my kissing and kissed in between her boobs. She arched her body in pleasure and moaned. Immediately I moved my right hand on her back and unhooked her bra and removed it from her hands. In the dim night light I saw her naked boobs. They really are an amazing part of her body.

I started sucking them. I took her left boob in my mouth and tried to take it full. “Aaaaaaah Suck it hard Adam Aaaaaah” She whispered. I sucked it hard and now started to bite her left boob all over. Meanwhile she moved her right hand towards my short and removed it along with my underwear with the help of her left feet and started stroking my 6” fat penis.

She was moaning in pleasure and murmuring “Adam aaaaaah please put it inside I am starving for it from 2 years, aaaaaah Pleeeeeeease” “Wait for a while Neha, you are about to get lifetime memories” I said. She became so excited hearing her name from my mouth that she pulled my head with both her hands and kissed me wildly. I also started kissing her wildly.

It was so wild that our lips started burning after few minutes. We broke the kiss and I concentrated on her right boob now and she on stroking my penis slowly. I moved down on her navel and started sucking it. She arched her body like a bow and was moaning in pleasure whispering my name. Now I put my tongue in her navel and started moving it.

She was trembling and arching her body so much. I moved down kissing and removed her panty with my teeth. A different kind of smell was coming from her pussy and her panty was totally soaked in her cum. I threw the panty on the floor and slowly started kissing her inner thighs.

As soon as I put my lips on her pussy lips and started sucking them she passed a loud moan and I got scared that somebody might listen to her moans. I told her to keep low. My penis was in her hand and I was in the right angle. She pulled me with my penis towards her and started sucking it. Now it was my time to moan loud but somehow I controlled.

Now we were in 69 Position from sideways. She was a pro in blowjob. Cum was boiling in my balls and I told her that I am about to cum. Listening to this she started taking my penis full and moving her head in full pace. Here I was also sucking her pussy wildly biting her pussy lips and clitoris.

Suddenly I burst and loads of cum were shot in her mouth. In response to this she also burst and her fluid was all over my face. We were so exhausted that both were catching breaths. I turned and kissed her lips and hugged her. “You are an amazing lover Adam, I loved it,” She said with a heavy voice.

“You too Neha, where did you learn to give such an amazing blowjob?” I replied and asked. “I didn’t know it was called blowjob but always wanted to suck a penis. My husband never allowed me to do it.” She replied. We hugged and took some rest.

After about 15-20 minutes she started kissing me and stroking my penis slowly and in couple of minutes it was at its fullest. She came on top of me and guided my penis into her pussy and started moving up and down kissing my lips. I was squeezing her ass cheeks and supporting her movement.

She started gaining speed and I also started moving my hips from below synchronising with her movements. Her pussy was having quite a good grip on my penis. She started moaning like “aaaaaah…….aaaaaaaahh….aaaaaaaah…ashiiiiiiiish I lovvvveee youuuuuuu. You’rrrrre the bessssssst” her juices were flowing along her thighs and my penis towards my balls.

After few minutes I hugged her and moved her below me in missionary position without removing my penis and again started giving long and deep thursts. She was enjoying and asking me to go fast. She was supporting me by wrapping her legs around my ass and pulling me towards her. I gradually increased my speed to the fullest and gave her some hard strokes.

She was smiling in pleasure with her eyes closed. I kissed her and asked her to be in the doggy position. She immediately changed the position and I entered her pussy. I grabbed her hips and started giving hard and fast strokes and she was moaning very fast.

After fucking few minutes I moved her on her back took her silky smooth legs on my shoulders and started stroking her in missionary. After 10 minutes of fucking, she started vibrating like a vibrator and her pussy was pulsating on my cock gripping it tight I waited for couple of minute to let her enjoy her orgasm. Her fluid was all over my penis and also on the bedsheet.

She had grabbed a pillow near her head very hard. I gave few more hard and long strokes and informed her that I am coming. She asked me to come inside her. Her wordings were “Come inside me Adam fill my womb with your seeds. Come inside me pleeeeease”. And I shot my semen inside her vagina. It was a revolver emptying all the bullets at point blank.

We were so tired. She hugged me with her legs around my ass and I slept on her for a while and moved to her right side. “It was a really amazing time I am experiencing this kind of pleasure, thank you very much, Adam, thank you very much” She whispered.

“It was my best experience Neha and You’re amazing Neha, truly amazing” I replied in a whisper. She hugged me and kissed me. When I looked at the clock it showed 2:15 am. We slept as it is on the bed. I felt a hand moving on my penis and my lips were being sucked. I opened my eyes and it was Neha.

She broke the kiss and said, “wake up its 5 in the morning, go and wear the clothes and sleep on your bed”. I was having morning hard on and I pulled her tight. “I didn’t want to waste my morning hard on at least today when you are here with me.” I requested her. “Its 5 am anybody may wake up” She replied with a naughty smile.

“No one will wake up before 6:30. We have one and half hour” I replied. She came over me and was rubbing her pussy on my cock and started teasing me with a naughty and erotic smile on her face. I took my penis and guided it into her love hole. She closed her eyes and moaned crushing her left boob with her left hand.

She started moving up and down and her boobs were jumping along with the mangal sutra. I was a damn erotic and arousing view. Now I also started stroking her from below. She leaned and put her right boob in my mouth and was pressing her left boob.

To Be Continued...

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Fucking Hot Marriage Babe Neha - I

Hi readers of Human Digest, I am adam, from Mumbai, It was my friends brother’s marriage, when I first saw her. She was tall, fair, long black hairs, well build, wearing an sky blue colored netted saree and a some amount of jewellery. I was wondering “who is she?” most of the time standing near the bride. I moved through the crowd towards the stage to get a closer look.

My eyes were sparkling when I saw her. She was looking damn beautiful. I realized she was wearing a Mangalsutra that too was of great designing work but I didn’t see sindoor is her head, which generally an Indian married women use to wear. I was keen to know who she was. But kept some patience and started talking to my friend.

From them I came to know that she was the elder sister of the bride i.e. my bhabhi I also came to know that her name is Neha, she is a clerk in a govt dept and she have a daughter of 8 yrs old and Neha was divorced since 2 years. I figured out she must be in her mid 30s. The marriage ceremonies ended and it was time to take our bhabhi to her new home.

I was wandering if Neha is coming with my bhabhi or not, as in our friends culture brides’ sister used to come with bride as a part of ritual. And soon I saw her and her daughter sitting in the car heading towards friends home.as I was close to his family I was staying with them,his mom and dad take me as their own son.

We reached home and got bit relaxed and had some refreshments. The next day there were some rituals and the whole day I was just observing her. She must be 5’6” and her figure would be around 36-32-38. I was scanning her like X-ray machine. She noticed me looking at her two or three times but she was stone faced.

Finally in the evening they left along with my bhabhi for rituals at their home.Days passed and we got to know each other well as sometimes I used to go drop bhabhi to her native and bring back to home when friend was busy with work. Once she came to our home as she was having an appointment with a reputed ortho. She was having too much of pain in her right toe.

I remember it was Friday and her appointment was on Saturday. Her daughter was with her grandma and uncles as she didn’t want her daughter to miss her school. Finally we had dinner and it was sleeping time. We have a 3 bedroom banglow. Master bed is occupied by uncle and aunty, other by bro n bhabhi. The third was my friends.

First it was decided that both the sisters will sleep in bhabhi’s room and I never expected what happened next. Neha said bhabhi that there’s no need to do this and she’ll sleep in my room on floor. Immediately I offered my bed to her and said I’ll sleep on floor. After bit of persuasion she agreed. I put an extra mattress on floor and make my bed.

Till then she changed into a night gown and took the cot. I was in my shorts and vest. I asked her if I switch off the light and did she need a light lamp and she said yes. It was a decent lamp with a 0 watt bulb. It was 10pm and everyone’s lights were off.

We were quiet for few moments and then she broke the ice by asking “so what are you doing nowadays?” “I am working for XYZ firm ” I replied. “Ohh, I thought you are studying PG” She said surprisingly. “After graduation I prepared for competitive exams and was appointed. I am just 24” I again replied.

She said ok and was silent. Now I took the move. I really want to get close to her and make love to her. “How’s your pain now? I heard your toe is paining” I started. “Yes it’s been a week now. It is swollen and the pain is increasing” She replied. “Ohh, do you mind if I take a look,” I asked. She reluctantly said ok and showed me her toe.

It was swollen and I tried to touch it with my finger. As soon as I touched and pressed a little, she hissed in pain and asked me to be careful. I asked, “Is it paining too much?” “Yes, with a bit of pressure also” she replied. “I’ll get a pain relief ointment, it will subsidise the pain a little bit” I said and got it from the drawer of the cupboard.

When I opened the cap and squeezed it on my palm, she said “There is no need, I can manage” “No formalities please, let me do it or you’ll be struggling with the pain whole night and will be sleepy tomorrow whole day.” I kind of ordered her with authority. She said ok and I started doing the work with my right hand.

Initially she was hissing due to pain but after some time she was smiling and was looking at me. “How are you feeling now?” I asked and looked at her. She blushed and was caught looking at me and smiling. “It’s paining less” she replied. Now it was my time to blush. “Why you were looking continuously at me the other day of marriage?” she asked.

“You were looking so beautiful, that I can’t stop myself staring at you. So you noticed, ha?” I replied immediately. She blushed again. And this time I thought like grab her head and suck her lips. “You too were looking handsome by the way” She surprised me. I moved my right hand little bit up from her ankle moving her night gown and was massaging her lower calf.

She was having goose bumps and was enjoying by closing her eyes. Again I moved my hand up massaging her calf towards her thigh. Her long and slim leg was making me hell horny. She was breathing very heavy and her eyes were closes and when I grabbed her thigh hard in my palm she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes as if saying “please fuck me”.

I moved a bit towards her and brought my face near her face and looked into her eyes very closely. Our breaths were mixing now and I put my left hand on her right cheek. She was moving her head to brush her cheek against my hand. Very delicately I put my lips on her lips and started sucking her upper lip very passionately. Slowly she started responding.

She put her left hand around my neck and started sucking my lower lip. We were so engrossed in our smooching that we both forget her toe was paining. Now I took out my right hand from her night gown and grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me.

Now her both hands were on my back and we were hugging each other. Suddenly I remembered that the door is open. I got up and locked the door and again hugged her.

To Be Continued...

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Runal Getting Fucking Lesson In Tuition - II

She made a slow to and fro motion making my dick getting more hard-on. I released her and lifted her tops from her body. Now she is wearing bra and panty. I sat on the bed and asked her to sit showing her back to me.

I pressed my lips at the base of her back neck. I slowly came down by tasting her back body. She was wearing hook bra type and I released her boobs from the tension. Her boobs are free and her nipples can erect as much as they want now. I cupped her boobs from behind and started to press them.

By holding her boobs and pressing, I slowly moved down by kissing till her waist. Her radiant body tastes like vanilla ice cream. I bit her shoulders and asked her to turn to my side. I looked at her face. Her beautiful face was covered with happiness, unexpectedness, some fear, and more blushes.

I loved it and kissed her for very long time. I looked at her boobs. They were standing like two towers burning in fire. I immediately sucked her boobs, letting my saliva to stop the burning fire. But this just fuelled the fire more and I am not complaining it.

I swirled my tongue around her nipple region which was surrounded by a small dark circle. Her nipples were erected and bit them hard without my teeth touching them. For every action of mine, she gave a loud audible moaning and her hands groped my hairs.

I kissed all over her body and slowly reached her pussy. I removed her underwear and shorts completely from her body. She is naked now. Her pussy looked so beautiful; it was covered with her pubic hair here and there. I saw white color liquid oozing in her pussy. I inserted my finger into her pussy and started to finger fuck her slowly.

Her body shook more rigorously and she couldn’t sit on the bed. She lied down on the bed, giving me more access to her pussy. I finger fucked her tight pussy slowly enabling her to reach orgasm.

Her body was shivering; her middle body was going up and down. All this while, my dick was fighting inside my underwear, waiting to be unleashed. I kissed on her thighs and ankles. I lay down on the bed and asked her to unbutton my shirt. She unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my chest.

She kept some of my chest hairs in between her teeth and tried to pluck it out. It gave me a slight pain but the pleasure was more. She kissed me up to my lower abdomen. I asked her to remove my jeans and she did as told. She looked at my underwear and blushed. I asked her to remove my under wear and suck my dick.

She smiled and said no. I asked the reason and she said that she has never sucked a dick. I told her that there is a first time for everything. It means she has been fucked already and I asked her about it. She confirmed it and said it happened in the dark once with her ex-boyfriend.

She said that her boyfriend just fucked her without any kinda foreplay. She told me that she is enjoying this. I lowered my underwear and shown her my dick. She giggled as she said that this is the first time she is seeing a dick in the bright light.

I took her hand, put it on my dick and rubbed it. I helped her to do this few times and then I lifted my hand from her hand. She continued it and we kissed again. This time both of our kisses were so passionate that our tongues got in to fight.

I asked her to blow me but she had reservation about it. I told her again to do it and she bent her body and put her head closer to my dick. She grabbed my dick and then just kissed on its head. I understood that I have to teach her about this. So I asked her to pull back my foreskin which she did immediately.

She looked like a super nerd who doesn’t want to disappoint her teacher and ready to do anything the teacher asks. I asked her to suck my dick and she started to suck my dick so eagerly. After few sucks, she stopped it and laughed out loud. Then she started to suck my dick again. She sucked my dick slowly in a way I wanted.

Then, I asked her to swirl her tongue around my dick, which she did fantastically and that generated pulsating wave inside my body and spread through all over my body. I grabbed her hairs in my hand and enjoyed the way she is sucking my dick. It always a pleasant sight to watch your dick sucked by a beautiful girl.

Then, I put her on the bed. I asked her if it’s ok for her to get fucked without a condom. She said that she knows where her dad keeps condoms and then she told me the place. I ran there in a flash and took it out. I came to her bedroom and she was waiting for me there with her legs crossed. I spread opened her legs to see her juice-dripping pussy.

Now, it’s ready to be pounded. I stood on the floor, worn condom and I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. I bent forward and inserted my dick into her pussy. It was so tight and I could penetrate through the opening slowly. She let out a huge shout and shook her head.

Her right hand grabbed my forearm and her left hand grabbed the bed sheet. Her lower body automatically came up. Then I tried to penetrate more. She again felt pain and her breath became heavy. Her pussy is tighter than my girlfriend’s pussy. I told her to relax and she told me to do slowly. I was already doing it slowly. My half dick is inside her pussy and it felt absolutely heaven.

I started to fuck her pussy with half penetration. She is relaxed now and started to enjoy the fuck. Her mouth started to mumble something and her moaning was audible. Then, I increased my penetration and she again felt the pulsating wave running through her body.

Her eyes were moist now and I continued to fuck her nicely and slowly. Now, my complete dick is able to go inside her pussy. I looked at her juggling boobs, mumbling mouth, groping hands and looked into her eyes. It was a pretty sight to hold on and those things conveyed to me that she is completely enjoying this session.

After many slow strokes, I was able to increase my pace as her pussy got used to my dick now. I reached climax and came inside her pussy. I kissed her lips again and lay down on her. Our sex lessons continued for many sessions and every time it was amazing as she was more passionate about sex.

The End.

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Runal Getting Fucking Lesson In Tuition - I

This is my real sex story. I am working as a software engineer in a well-known company. My mom asked me to meet her friend, Sonal. I was excited to see Sonal. Sonal is in her late 30s, bit busty, but she puts up lots of makeup to look younger. Her boobs are big but saggy.

But even at this age, Sonal looks beautiful and sexy in her own way. May be it’s her thighs or her big ass or her flirty talks with me, I don’t know but she is sexy. Since she is my mom’s friend, I have seen her from my teenage days.

On those days, I have masturbated by thinking about fucking Sonal. But nothing happened between us because I have never really made a move till that time. Sonal’s husband is a retired military person. That also stopped me from making my move on Sonal.

I reached her home. Sonal was wearing black and yellow mix kurta that nicely covered her busty body. Her beige color pant encircled her big ass. She looked beautiful and I got hard-on slightly. She has invited me to take tuition for her daughter as she wasn’t good in mathematics.

I never was interested in taking tuition but this will help me to see Sonal very often. Moreover, if my luck helps, one day I can fuck her as I have imagined. I never thought that being a nerd will come in handy to fuck Sonal.

She called her daughter, Runal to introduce to me. Runal was a teenager, must be 19 years old. Runal was lean, moderate boobs, nice round ass but more beautiful than Sonal. Runal’s hairs are so straight, thick and some streaks of hairs are dyed in purple color.

She was wearing blue jeans and red color tops. She is in the first year of her engineering course. Every day, I go to their place and take tuition to Runal. Once it’s over, I talk with Sonal for some time and she provides me tea.

Till now, I have seen her cleavage many times as she bends down to pour tea to me. Sometimes, I have wondered that she is doing it intentionally, making me make a move on her. She is a lady; she can’t say it to me directly.

But something held me back and I never really did anything apart from grabbing her ass accidentally which she didn’t mind at all. All these days, I have never noticed how beautiful Runal is.

I usually take tuition in the front hall that leads to their living room. That day, Runal was wearing tight black jegging that covered her legs nice and blue color tops with her boobs standing up. Her hairs were loose and wet.

She must have taken bath now. She smelled really nice. For the first time, I noticed her beauty and how sexy she looks. Now, I was sitting on the couch and Runal sat opposite to me. Her mom was in another room watching serial on TV. Her dad has gone out with his friends. Only we were in the room.

She has asked me one doubt. So, I went closer to her to clear her doubts. The scent came from her body pierced through my nose. I was aroused immediately. I noticed her pink lips moving here and there, twitching a bit. I want to kiss those soft lips. I want to put them into mine. I cleared her doubt. She took out her phone and started to use.

I got irritated by this as I was sitting there waiting for her. I told her to keep her phone away but she just came closer to me and asked me to give a pose for a selfie. She leaned against my shoulder and posed for her selfie. I just stood in the frame without really looking to pose. She got irritated and asked me to pose properly.

Our bodies were rubbing against each other now but it looked like she didn’t notice it at all. Then, she has shown me some of her photos. She has taken many photos of hers in different dresses. She was wearing shorts, single piece dresses and some sexy outfits in those photos. Just like her mom, she loves to put on makeup.

She was literally feasting my eyes with all her pouty selfies and sexy outfits. This naturally led to my dick getting a hard-on. My erected dick is trying to tear my underwear. She was interested in showing her photos to me. I covered my erection with her book. I told her how beautiful she looks in all the photos. In one of the photos, she looked absolutely gorgeous and I told it to her.

She liked my compliments and accepted them with a blush. After showing some photos to me, she stood up and took out the book from me to keep it inside her bag. While doing so, she accidentally touched my erected dick. She noticed a bulge in my pants and she blushed. She laughed hard and I was embarrassed to get up.

I left her home after my dick became flaccid and decided not to go there again as I felt very bad. I didn’t go to her home the next day. Next day, she called me and told she needs my advice as she has some doubts.

I went to her home half-heartedly. She opened the door instead of her mom or dad. She was wearing blue jeans shorts and red sleeveless tops. She looked absolutely stunning in this costume. I could see her long legs, shining like wax applied apple. Her thighs are in good shape.

Her tops length is small as it just touched her shorts. Whenever she lifts her hands, I could see her belly button and that aroused me more. She told me that her mom and dad have gone out and the maid is on leave. Instead of the hall, we were sitting in her room as her room has AC and it was a warm day. She took her book and asked me some doubts.

She was really close to me and I could hear her breathing. I smelled her body and her hair. My dick has erected now and it was poking my underwear. She was asking silly doubts and her words were not in sync. She kept saying something and changing her words.

Accidentally, our fingers touched while explaining one of her silly doubts and I didn’t lift my finger. I looked at her and her face is an inch away from me now. I could smell her hair and it smelled nice. My lips were close to hers and she didn’t move.

The tension was in the air. I really had no idea what to do now. Should I go ahead and spoil the relationship between my mom and her mom or just do nothing? But my lust has won and I kissed on her soft lips. It tasted like strawberry jelly. As if she was waiting for this to happen, she kissed me back.

We kissed again, again, again and again. I kissed on her cheek, lips and her neck. I slowly moved down and kissed on her lower neck. Her hands were wrapped around my head. I licked her neck and came down to kiss on her boobs.

I pressed her boobs very hard, unstrapped her tops from her shoulders. She looked at me with lust burning in her eyes. Her lips were dry, waiting for my lips to make it wet. I obliged it by kissing her lips.

Both my hands were on her tops now. My left hand was on her back, searching for a fastener to remove her bra. My right hand was around her waist, pressing it hard and that made her moan. I bent my body and licked her navel.

At this point, she moaned more, her body has arched back, and she lifted her middle body from the bed, making easy for me to touch her pussy. I touched her pussy with her shorts on. She gave a sudden jerk as if an electric pulse ran through her body. Her moans were more audible now.

Her hands clutched the bed sheet. I rubbed her pussy with my right hand and kissed on her navel, and slowly made my way to her shorts button. I unbuttoned her shorts and lowered it to her knees. She was wearing black color panty. I rubbed her pussy again and she gave a loud moan.

Her body is shaking now, asking me to embrace her. I hugged her very tightly. She put her right leg on my back, wrapping me tightly. Now my erected dick is rubbing against her naked body, in between her lower abdomen and pussy.

I kissed behind her ears as that’s the only accessible place now. I moved aside her hairs and licked her ear lobes. I put my tongue inside her ear and licked the inner part of her ears. Her moaning was louder and her leg tightly wrapped around my butt.

To Be Continued...

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Dwayne Fucking Girlfriend At ECR Beach In Chennai

Hi, everyone, this is Dwayne from Chennai, I am here to give you one hot sex story which happened with my girlfriend a few years ago. Her name is Hema (name changed for privacy) we worked for the same company. Over a period of time, we become so close and started sharing everything between us.

Slowly, we also started to crack adult jokes. We soon moved close, I use to pinch her hip and all. One fine day, I also kissed her in the office premises. All things were going on. Meanwhile, I forgot to describe her. She is little wheatish color. 36d-34-36 are her sizes. By look, you will feel like fucking her right there.

One fine day, we thought we will go watch a movie in some theatre. After a long conversation, we decided to go to Mayajaal because she also wanted a long ride on my bike. While going, she was hugging me tightly and her boobs were hitting my back.

I had a hard on then and there. After reaching Mayajaal, we kissed in the parking for 5 mins. Now, the question is, which movie and I decided to go for an English movie, booked ticket, as it was a mid week, there was not much crowd. We went for a good movie and still, there was no much crowd.

We were given the row number and was with complete AC and the row was empty. I was on cloud nine. Slowly, when the movie started, I started holding her hands, kissed her passionately and lip locked with her for 5 mins. It felt like heaven. I also started smooching. She was wearing a jean and a t-shirt with a black bra and black panty inside.

She was responding well, our legs were playing. I touched her boobs over the tees and squeezed it, touched her navel and fingered it. Now, hot intimate smooching was happening. We almost forgot that we were in the theatre. She is basically active in sex which I came to know later.

I managed to adjust her tees and touched her big boobs and squeeze it. She also came to the flow. Slowly, I unclipped her bra and started touching her naked boobs. She was going high and I was enjoying it. I also guided her to my penis and she was pressing it over the pant. I started sucking her boobs one after the other to the core and almost wetted her complete breasts.

It was so soft and by the same time big. I could not hold it by my one hand fully. I guided my hand towards her pant, removed her pant button and zip. Now, she got little fearful that we are in the theatre. Then, I convinced her and told her that I can manage and proceeded towards her vagina inside her panty. She was almost being deep there.

I started fingering her and she was on cloud nine. I adjusted my hand in between her legs and started fingering her with one finger 1st. Slowly slowly I made 2 gingers and after some time 3 fingers. She was going mad. She was moaning inside her mouth because she can’t be loud as we were in the theatre. I was dominant in fingering her.

The more my pressure, the more mood she had. Finally, she had her orgasm after 30 mins of fingering. Now, it was her turn to reciprocate the pleasure she had. I told her to open my pant and put her hand inside my pant. She obeyed me and did the same. My cock was popping out and it had a little precum in it. She took my cock out and started to stroke. I was going high.

I now told her to bend down and suck my cock. She said no. I said, “come on, please” and made her accept to suck mine. She started to suck my cock. Starting, it was ok but slowly she picked up and sucked like a pro. I was enjoying it to the max and I came in another 10 mins. We adjusted our dress and settled in our seats.I had in mind that I should fuck her 2day.

But I don’t know how to plan for it and tell her as it is already 4o clock. These things were running on my mind. Now finally something struck on my mind about the beach. Gals r generally fond of the beach, so let me give a try with that.

After the movie, I casually asked her shall we go to the beach as it is near by she was ok with it but thinking of time coz when we came out of theatre it was 5 o clock. So I convinced her we were heading towards the beach. Chennaities might be knowing how lonely is the ECR beach. I was slowly driving and looking for a lonely place to execute the plan.

Then, I remembered that there is private society before Mayajaal. When you go there, you will end up on the beach. So, I decided to go to that place and I was heading towards that place. I bribed each man and went in the society and finally, I was on the beach. It was a lonely beach and I was very happy as my plan was in the right flow.

I parked my bike and slowly got inside the beach. She was very happy after seeing the beach water. She hugged me and gave me a deep kiss, I was extremely happy as it was going well. I was doing surveillance of the area and everything was perfect for my idea. Slowly, it was growing darker, no people around.

What happened over there and how I fucked her on the beach, I will tell you in the next part of the sex story. Please post your feedback in your comments below.

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Nandini Enjoying Steamy Fuck In Hyderabad - II

Previously: Nandini Enjoying Steamy Fuck In Hyderabad - I

Me: hey. I am sorry yar, I was just afraid of losing you as a friend. Nandini: we are still friends baby. Friends with benefits as per you ;) Me: Haha. :* That night, we had a long conversation over the phone which ended in phone sex. So like this, we were now enjoying this new level of friendship, having sex chats, exchanging nudes (obviously without faces).

Now, we both were dying to meet each other so that we could eat each other ;) And then our wait was over. Her flatmate was also going home for a week. So we had decided that we would stay together in her flat! So finally, I reached at her place at 9 pm in the night and headed straight to her apartment.

As soon as I knocked the door, she opened. There she stood in a white tank top and black mini. Seeing her like that, I wished to fuck her then and there only. She sensed my wish and whispered. “be a patient baby, you will get more than this” and I entered the flat. 
She had already ordered food for us and told me to get fresh.

As I was getting fresh, I heard a knock on the bathroom door. On opening the door, I saw Nandini. Standing in a black bra and panty. That was a jaw- dropping scene. I was only in my jockey which was obviously wet. Then she entered the bathroom and hugged me passionately. That was so awesome man, her boobs getting crushed on my chest.

I was longing for a woman’s touch since months. We started smooching each other like there is no tomorrow. I started squeezing her butts from over her panty and gradually rubbing her pussy. “Aaah. Ahhhh.” all she was moaning. ” do it like that, my pussy needs more of this baby. Do it. Aaahhh”

Then, I unhooked her bra and two of the sexiest boobs were in front of me. Inviting me for a feast to which I readily agreed and started sucking one and fondling the other. Bavana was constantly moaning in pleasure due to my hand job and sucking. And her fingers nestled in my head and pressed my head more towards her boobs.

Now, I inserted my hand inside her panty and started fingering her already wet pussy, rubbing it. Pressing it and her moaning became heavier. I could easily make out that she was not able to stand properly. So I lowered her panty, took off my jockey and lifted her in my arms and took her to bed. I lied her down, she was completely naked in front of me and so I was.

Her clean shaved pussy inviting me. So, I got on top of her, kissing her legs, licking all the way to the top and reached her pussy. I sensed that she was already shivering, perhaps she knew what was coming (we had already done phone sex and she knew what I could do to her).

I smelled her pussy as per my satisfaction and kissed it intensely and then started to lick her pussy like an ice-cream bar. By this time, she had dug her nails in my hair and pressing my head against her pussy, raising her pussy to give more access. Now as I licked her pussy, my hands were constantly fondling her boobs and rubbing her nipples softly.

I did this for 5-6 minutes and she must have cum 2-3 times in my mouth and was asking me to fuck her hard. So I got up and took a condom that I had bought, wore it and placed my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it. “Please. Don’t tease me yar, I need this thing inside me right now. I can’t control any further” she begged me to fuck her.

“As you wish baby.” saying this I lifted her legs and kept on my shoulder and placed my dick on her pussy and pushed. There I was, all in. Ahhh. She left a huge moan. “after such a long time. It feels so good.” she said in extreme pleasure. “ah ah ah” she cried with every thrust and her hands on my hips pressing it more towards her pussy.

“harder. Harder baby. Ahh ahh oooh yes. ” sounds like this was filling the entire room. I fucked her for more than 5 minutes, after which we relaxed for some time. Later, at around 2 am, she woke me up for another round and this time she rode me. As we had not switched off the light, I could see her facial expressions which were hot as hell.

She rode me like a pornstar, and as she rode my hands were constantly squeezing her ass and rubbing her ass crack. She was licking and biting my lips as she rode me. Trust me guys, nothing can be sexier when a woman gets this wild in bed. She rode me for 10-12 minutes and I could not cum as that position never suited me for cumming.

So, after riding me, she gave me a fabulous blowjob and made me cum in less than a minute. And gulped all my cum. After this tiring session, we decided to sleep as we both had to go to work the next day. There is no need to say that we fucked the hell out of each other in this 1 week, roamed naked in front of each other. Fucked at all places, whenever possible.

Fulfilled all our fantasies. One thing I learned from this is casual sex is seriously better than serious relationships. But yes, you must be sure it is casual and nothing serious and a woman’s consent and comfort should be your top priority as only then she will be able to show you her wild side and believe me, nothing can be better than a wild and beautiful woman.

And as for me and Nandini, we are still in touch and are enjoying our casual relationship and looking for more opportunities like this. Hope you liked my sex story :) Feedback are welcome.

The End.

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Nandini Enjoying Steamy Fuck In Hyderabad - I

I am 5’10”, athletic, fair, fully boosted stamina body, into crossfit training, used to reside in Dubai, UAE. Now, I completed engineering and now pursuing masters in structural engineering here in Hyderabad, and yeah a fun loving guy too! This sex story starts with a simple application called tinder!

It all started 3 months back when I was trying to move on from my ex and had installed a few dating apps on my mobile. Obviously, I was not in need of another relationship and honestly, I had no idea about what I wanted through those dating apps.

Anyway, while I was swiping left and right on tinder, I came across Nandini. She was my coaching friend and we were connected on Facebook too. Seems she was in Hyderabad that time.So, I just swiped up (super-liked her) with no intention other than teasing her in a friendly way.

Now, let me describe her a bit. Nandini is one hell of a cute girl, had a great figure. 36-26-36 to be precise which I came to know later. Now, coming back to the story. Nothing happened in the next 2 days. The third day, I got a ping from her on Facebook. Nandini: super liked me. Hmm? Me: hehe. I really like you :p Nandini: Ohh. Should I tell your GF?? :p

Me: Ya. Go and tell her, she should also know that I am moving on d Nandini: ?? Me: nothing yar, I broke up with her last month. Nandini: Oh sad. I too broke up with my bf 3 months back. Me: so that is why tinder ;) Nandini: no yar, in no mood for getting into a relationship again.

Like this our conversation started. Gradually, we started chatting on WhatsApp, sharing almost everything including our past relationships, our crushes. Day by day, we were becoming free with each other and we started to talk about our sex lives we had with our exes. We talked about how we made out, our fantasies, etc.

Seriously guys, talking to a girl about sex is better than having a sex chat. Her naughtier side is far better than her slutty side I guess. Slowly we started talking over the phone and most of the time, the topic used to be sex. One day, while chatting on WhatsApp, as the topic was sex only, I asked her that does she miss her sex life?

Nandini: obviously yar, you know girls need more sex than boys once they have done it. Me: Hmm. Then you should make a bf as soon as possible :d Nandini: don’t even think about it, it’s better to be single. Me: but then what about sex, you are not getting it anyway.

Nandini: hm. True!! What about you. Are you able to live without sex? You used to do it 3-4 times in a night :d (I had told her this before) Me: Haan yar, I to miss it like hell. But I also don’t want a serious relationship. Nandini: what do you mean by serious relationship ;) Me: What I meant was, a casual relation is always better than serious relation.

Nandini: hmm. True ;) serious relationships bring so much stress in our lives. Me: But you don’t get such girls here in Bangalore. Nandini: you can find some girls here in Bangalore ;) Me: hehe. So are you gonna help me find a girl there? Nandini: hmm. And the conversation ended. On that night, I received a ping from her.

Nandini: so you cannot understand it hmm. A girl talking to you about her sex life, how much she misses it and even ok with the concept of a casual relationship. And still, you can’t figure out. Do I really need to ask you for it? Isn’t this hint enough. Well, honestly speaking I was shocked. I had not expected this from her.

But hey, I am a guy and when a hot girl approaches you for sex, you cannot reject her, especially when you are deprived of sex for a long time.

To Be Continued...

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