Horny Neha Enjoying One Night Stand with Deepak - II

Previously: Horny Neha Enjoying One Night Stand with Deepak - I

Reading his overall gesture I could make out that since I have asked to let me stay at his place sexually Deepak was also bit aroused but as he knew that I already have a boy friend I was sure that he will not approach me and to make it as soon as possible, including my bra after taking off all my clothes I wore just t-shirt which was ending few inches below my thighs and came out of the bedroom.

Deepak was sitting in living room and he was shocked to see me but with amusing smile and I shamelessly told him that today I am in mood, what is his mood “Hum to aaj mood mein hai….aapka kya khayal hai?” and saying he is also in mood he got up “main bhi mood mein hun”.

Now what? Now there was nothing which could stop me and taking few ahead I simply bumped my breasts into his chest and he straightaway grabbed my ass with his both the hands. I puffed in pleasure and wrapped my arms around his neck and clenching flesh of my plump Ass in his fist as he tried to lift me I jumped and locked my legs around his waist.

Deepak took me to his bedroom while kissing my lips and ultimately threw me on the spongy bed. Next just in few seconds he took off all his clothes and I got a goose bump in my spine with a glance of his Cock. He was very hard, though it was not very long but it was too thick and seeing my eyes glued to his Cock he asked me what happened

“Kya hua…?” “Kuch nahin…” means nothing, I replied with tiny smile and lifted my t-shirt and lied down on my back with my melons exposed to his eyes. Yet I was wearing panty and after climbing on bed Deepak took that off and while rubbing my soft swollen fuckhole with his fingers asked me if I do oral sex with my boy friend. “aap apne boy friend ke saath oral sex karte ho…?”

and as I replied in yes he told me that his wife does not like doing oral sex “Meri wife ko oral sex achha nahin lagta…”. No words from my side, hearing that I got up and pushed him on his back and holding his cock in my fist started jerking him hard.

Deepak groaned in intense pleasure and before he would have recovered from that delight I leaned over his crotch and took tip of his thick cock in my mouth. He cried in shock and released his body relaxed and I gave my best to him with my mouth. Not his entire length but just the tip with lot of my warm saliva,

I sucked him consistently for 4-5 minutes and not for a moment Deepak stopped moaning in pleasure. He was getting harder and harder and as I took him little deep in my wet and warm mouth while wiggling my tongue around his length he groaned in delight with significant shiver over his belly and stopped me from sucking his Cock.

Now it was time for me to get oral pleasure and as I lied down on my back without saying a word Deepak opened my thighs and buried his face into my fuckhole. “Ohhh….what was that” his thick and rough tongue sent some sort of electric current in my body;

certainly it was not first time I was feeling tongue over my fuckhole yet I shivered thickly in strange sensation and gripped Deepak from his scalp while grunting erotically. My state aroused him and holding my inner thighs tight and stretching them wider he just continued licking my opening like kids lick ice cream and I felt like going crazy in strange pleasure.

Deepak dug his tongue in my fuckhole with all his passion, he further used his fingers to open my pussy lips and tried getting deep into my thighs and up to an extent explored my entire opening repeatedly with his thick tongue and fingers and holding him from his scalp and moving my fingers in his hairs I just went on getting crazy in lust.

I looked down and tried to see his face and seeing male I am obsessed with buried in my pussy drove me further loud over my pleasure moans. I don’t know it was physiological but as compared to my boy friend Deepak was far good in giving oral pleasure, I was flooding with my thick and sticky love juices since long but no hesitation and he was sucking me consistently.

I did not stop him from licking my cunt until I felt myself rising high and as I asked him to stop he got up and took out Condoms from the side drawer. As I am quite regular with my boy friend I told him that I am already on pills he threw that box away Deepak asked me in which posture I would like to do.

“Kaunsi position mein karna hai….?” and I told him to let me come over his top “mujhe opar aane do”. Deepak agreed without saying a word and lied down on his back and looking at his face with smile I sat round his waist. I was crazy about him since I met him for the first time and while holding his Cock straight for my fuckhole I told him that “Hum pahle din se aap pe marte hain…”

and he replied to that saying that he know that “Mujhe patta hai…” and after a pause spoke that he too likes me a lot “Mujhe bhi aap bahut achhe lagte ho”. By now his Cock tip was touching my opening and finally I squeezed his thick Cock in my fuckhole with my own hands.

“Yesss….” I hissed in pleasure as his Cock sizzled inside me and holding my waist, at the same time Deepak too grunted in delight. As now he was completely inside my fuckhole I got further sure that he is far thicker then my boy friend and just like I was in practice of speaking erotic to my boy friend while having sex I told him that he has very thick Cock.

“Deepak Ji Aapka bahut mota hai” He liked my words and in reply he clenched my ass and told me that my ass is really good “Aapki ye bahut achhi hai”. Certainly his wife was far prettier than me but physically I was more attractive, especially over my ass and hearing his compliment for my ass I got excited and started fucking him with slow and gentle back and forward movements of my bottom.

I drove his length in my fuckhole steadily in my fuckhole and feeling my fuckhole getting stretched to maximum because of his extra ordinary thickness made me shudder in strange sensation. We both were heavily aroused but initially it was me who was seducing him but soon Deepak also came in rhythm and holding my waist he started moving my body to suit his pleasure.

According to my boy friend I am best when I am on top and seeing Deepak’s facial expressions I could make out that my boy friend is absolutely right. Deepak was enjoying, eyes closed mouth open and he was puffing loud in intense pleasure, I was also crying carelessly and seeing his lovely face in deep pleasure I got further aroused and began to fuck myself with deep, skewering thrusts.

“Ohhh…Yes” I whimpered and resting my hands over his chest and started rocking my hips steeply up and down, to and fro and driving his inflamed erection in and out of my wet cunt flesh roughly started banging my heavy ass over his crotch.

Deepak was in bit of pain now, yet he was enjoying and as I continued taking him deep and hard for a minute holding my ass hard he started swinging his crotch upwards to match my rhythm. "Yes,,.yes... oh yes... oh god yes...Deepak ! Ohh uhh ohma uhh yes... c'mon... fuck me!"

I was going crazy in lust, Deepak was nevertheless gone mad but as I was on top I was more aggressive and even after trying hard when Deepak failed to cop up with my pace holding my ass tight with both the hands he stopped me fucking and just turned me around. Now he was on top and after plunging my fuckhole with a sudden jolt he simply crushed me under his massive weight.

My breasts were hot and swollen and nipples were hard under his chest and he started kissing me while screwing me hard. Deepak sucked my lips, invaded his tongue in my mouth and moved it all around but not for a moment slowed down his pace of thrashing my cunt with his massive cock."Hanh uhh ahhhh uhh ohma uhhh hanh uhh OHHHHH" He was amazing!

Simply awesome and holding him hard in my arms and thighs I just went on crying in breathtaking pleasure. I was rising to my climax but Deepak was not ready to stop, my pleasure moans were getting sharper and shriller but Deepak kept on increasing his speed and soon his every thrust inside me made my entire body tremble with strange and husky gasp.

Once, twice, thrice, I was dying and I don’t know how many times Deepak plunged me with that passion. "Yes, yes... oh yes... oh god yes...Neha...I will fuck you baby..." Finally he too started puffing madly, he was also rising to his climax and just in few more seconds we both tightened our bodies and orgasmed hard while screaming in each other’s arms.

What the Hell, weather was not hot but we were sweating like hell and it took us couple of minutes to regain our senses. Eventually we both got up and entered in the washroom together and stood under shower of couple of minutes.

Fever was subsided but not for long, as after coming out of washroom we decided to watch some television in living room but barely after 10-15 minutes of television we were once again in confronting posture. Sitting on couch beside each other we started with a kiss but soon Deepak took out my melons and sucked them nicely for really long.

I am not sure but reading his overall gesture and the way he was making love to me I could feel that he is hungry of sex, maybe sexually he was not satisfied with his wife. Anyhow I was nevertheless hungry for him and after getting my breasts sucked I took off his clothes and sitting on floor took his Cock in my mouth to give him pleasure he does not get from his wife.

Later Deepak also sucked my cunt same way; while he was on floor and me on couch and after that we ended up fucking in doggy style in living room itself. Night did not ended there and till 10 of next morning we had sex two more times but before writing down my successive sessions I want to read views of readers about my write up; whether I should write again or not.

The End.

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Horny Neha Enjoying One Night Stand with Deepak - I

Hello readers, I am Neha, female of 27, living in Delhi NCR but originally belong to Jamshedpur. I am reading stories over this blog from last few years but this is first time I have thought about writing my own sex experience. To describe my looks I won’t say I am sexy and gorgeous but I am fair and average looking female with above average height and attractive body.

As I am fond of eating I do have bit of belly but it is not much evident when I wear western outfits. My thighs and arms are little fleshy and my ass is also bit plump but my breasts are not huge, yet they are big with perfect round shape. I work in export house of particular NCR region which is part of UP but I live 40Km away in the NCR region which comes in Haryana.

Reason of living so far from my work place is that I have a boy friend living in same region. Yes! I am sexually involved with my BF since final year of my graduation but this is not about me and my boy friend, rather sex experience I am trying writing down is about me fucking with a guy I was obsessed with.

His name is Deepak; to describe Deepak in words I would say he is a good looking Punjabi male with specs and thick mustache, somewhat 35 years of age, not only married but he is also a father of one and with this detail in the very beginning I admit that whatever happened between us it happened all because of me.

Certainly he too wanted to fuck me but it was me who gave him hint about my lust for him and he gave me most memorable night of my life till now. Well Deepak is actually chief designer of particular design house and when all this happened between us I knew him from last three years and since I knew him I was so crazy about his casual and jolly nature that whenever I came to

his place with some official work I stayed with him just to chit chat at least for an hour. Not only me, even he has also enjoyed my company and whenever we met we had coffee and just laughter and no wonder with whatever mood or stress I came to him I have always gone back with very pleasant mood.

Anyway without wasting much time in praising Deepak I would say he is kind of a male whom I always needed as my life partner and certainly if he wouldn’t have married I would have ditched my boy friend for him! Anyhow I have ditched my boy friend for one night stand with him and truly speaking I am writing down everything about that night just to relive those wonderful moments.

I remember it was 5 PM of the Wednesday evening and I was about to leave my office for the day when I got call from Madam (my Boss) and she gave me some urgent task to get it done from Deepak’s design house.

I was tired and for an instant I tried to avoid the work saying that by now that design house must be at the verge of closer for the day but Madam called Deepak’s boss and asked him their status and in the end I had to go there. I reached there somewhere around 6 and to my surprise Deepak was moving all around in the office bare foot.

I sarcastically asked him if his wife do not say anything to him for staying so late in the office and he came up saying that today he is thinking about staying in the office. Reason; his wife was gone out of town for a week’s time and as he was all alone he was thinking about staying in the office.

Next I made few more sarcastic statements saying that because his dedicated work attitude I am made to come here at this hour and after that finally we started working on the design. We had Coffee and Samosas along with lot of humor and within an hour my work ended.

Time was almost 7 and I could easily go now but I was so obsessed with this male that I wanted to spend more time with him and reflecting no worry about going back home which is easily more than hour by Delhi metro I stayed with him for another hour.

By now except watchman on the gate everyone was gone and as I got up to go Deepak asked me how would I go and as I replied saying till metro station over public transport he got up and wore his shoes to drop me to metro station. While going towards Metro station I asked him about about his plan, if he will come back to office? He said no.

He changed his mind, now he was thinking about eating out and going back home which is there in the same NCR region. Next as I asked him where he would eat he casually invited me for the dinner saying that if I will accompany him then he go to some good place, else he might end up with burger or pizza sort of thing.

Certainly I wanted to be with him but I was not sure about the timings of my connecting metro train and as I spoke that out he told me that after dinner he will drop me home. I was surprised, I was living at least 45 Km away from that point and for an instant I thought he is kidding but he assured me that he will drop me.

Anyhow I did not accepted his proposal of dropping me home but next called one of my friend who was living in the same region and asked her if I can stay with her in the night. She said yes and I accepted to dine with Deepak and soon we settled down in one of the best Chinese cuisine and started to have dinner.

Everything was casual neither me, nor he was thinking anything like spending night together and suddenly Deepak’s phone rang. It was his wife and he lied to her that he has reached home and thinking about ordering the food.

As he ended the call I smiled over his lie and asked him why he lied and it was a matter of sheer coincidence that before he would have spoke out anything I got a call from my boy friend and this time I lied that I have just came out of the office and now instead of coming back home I am going to my friend to stay in the night.

After I ended the call, no words and we both started laughing while looking at each other. “Are we on Date?” Deepak asked me and I came out saying “I don’t know”. Anyway we spent more than one hour together at dinner and once again started and now Deepak was suppose to drop me at my friend's place but on the way he asked me if I will have coffee?

I am not sure if he was having any such intentions for me but certainly he too wanted to spend time with me as much as possible and as I said yes for coffee he turned the car to take me to the coffee shop but before we would have reached to the cafeteria we were late and he refused to take order.

What to do? We were once again on the way to reach to my friend's place and on the way Deepak showed me particular block of specific sector while telling me that he stay here and hearing that I abruptly came up with a thought of going to his place to have coffee. “To fir aapke ghar chalkar hi coffee pi lete hain” I spoke and Deepak came up saying “Sure”.

Next within five minutes he stopped the car in front of his MIG flat colony. We came out and entered in the house and I must say, apparently it was an ordinary locality of middle income group people but interior of his house was high class.

Apart from good looks and jolly nature Deepak was Rich too, elegant furniture with delicate interior, from the living room itself I could make out the class he posses and I gave him compliment that he has a beautiful house. He took the bow, switched on the television and after asking me to settle down in living room he went into kitchen to make coffee.

I was keen to see his remaining house and by the time he made coffee I took small roam around to his two bedroom house and in the end fluttered within myself over my bad luck of missing a male like him as my life partner.

Anyway Coffee got ready and we started to have and I don’t know it was me or someone else who was continuously feeling like expressing my heartiest feelings to him, I was obsessed with his overall nature since beginning but now I was gone crazy for him and after couple of minutes of dilemma I just came saying what I wanted to speak; that today I am feeling jealous of his wife

“Aaj humen aapki wife se bahut jayada jealous feel kar rahen hain”. Deepak smiled with a tiny surprise over his expressions but did not spoke anything and I spoke again, I somewhat told him that if he wouldn’t have married then I would have married him just now “Agar aapki Shaadi nahin hui hoti to hum apne boy friend ko chhod kar abhi ke abhi aapse Shaadi kar lete”.

Hearing that Deepak blushed with smile and I teased him that he shying like females “Aap to ladkiyon ki tarah sharma rahe hain…” and he replied saying that he is not blushing but he is happy to hear that “Main sharma nahin raha…I am happy to hear that…”

Anyway next we continued having Coffee while watching television with tiny talk about our respective partners and within few minutes I don’t know what happened to me as looking at his body I started fantasizing how would I feel when he will lay over me to fuck me.

Truly speaking friends as such I didn’t had any big problem with my boy friend, he was also a good looking male with good source of income, also with good sex appetite but that instant I was so infatuated with this male that deep inside my heart I was feeling really very disappointed of not being his female.

Really, I was never so slutty, except my boy friend not for a moment I have given any such thought to any other male but Deepak was such an exception that by the time I finished my Coffee I was feeling evident wetness over my fuckhole. I wanted to fuck with him, at least once but how could I express that slutty feeling to him?

I was lost within myself and after putting down his mug and seeing time in his mobile he came up saying that now we should leave as my friend will be waiting for me “I think humen chalna chahiye….aapki friend wait kar rahi hogi” and over that without giving a second thought I told him that I want to stay here only

“Humen yahin Rukna hai…” and in continuation I came out saying that I really liked his house and asked him to give me other bedroom “humen aapka ghar bahut achha lagga…aap humen dusra bedroom de dejiye…” Deepak was surprised and he asked me if I am sure and reflecting full confidence I said yes to it.

Our eyes met, he was shocked but pleasantly and we both smiled, my heart beat was bit high, Deepak was also bit uneasy over his expressions and without saying a word he picked the mug and went into the kitchen. I took the way to the washroom and from inside first called my friend who was waiting for me and spoke lie to her that my boy friend is coming to pick me up

and back to back called my boyfriend too and told him that I have reached to my friend's house safely. Yet for Deepak I was just staying in his house in the other room and sitting in washroom for next 5-6 minutes I thought about the way to approach him.

Certainly I knew what I am thinking to do is wrong, but thought of fucking with a male like Deepak was so attractive that I did not give any consideration to anything else except my desire getting fulfilled.

Once again I would say I was never so bitchy but that instant mentally I was reached to the verge where I was nevertheless than a slut and after coming out of the washroom I asked him if he can give me something to change. He said yes why not? With bit of choked voice and took me to his bedroom and asked me to pick anything from particular portion of the Elmira.

It was a pile of night wears of his wife and as she was quite thinner than me whatever t–shirt I picked it was small for me. I asked him for his t-shirt and he gave me one of his and I took a way to the other bedroom with just t-shirt.

To Be Continued...

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Akash Fucking Widow Aunty - II

Previously: Akash Fucking Widow Aunty - I

She opened her zip to show her boobs and said u always want to see this na see… I was like in shock to see her boobs and I grabbed her boobs squeezed then started to suck she pushed me away and asked what u doing and slapped me…

I was very sad and tears rolled out because of guilty suddenly she pulled me close and kissed my lips saying why couldn’t you be patient I too wanted to do this with u from the day I saw u took my pics…

By hearing that I felt happy and started to kiss her again then press her ass while kissing she was moaning slowly I moved my hand pressed her boobs, she held my dick and started to squeeze it over shorts…

I could not control asked her to remove gown she undressed herself and she was only in panty and I was only in my inner she was little bit shy and she is becoming naked in front of young boy and other than husband first time in her life.. I couldn’t resist pushed her to bed and jumped on her, kissed her lips while picking her nipple in one hand and feeling her thighs ass in other.

She started to moan ahhhh mm… I became very horny hearing her moan and to get her sleep with me, I told her I love u more inserted hand inside her panty and started to play with her trimmed pussy.

I inserted 1 finger inside her pussy slowly and play with her clit using my thumb finger, she was in heaven after 2 years since she didn’t had sex after uncles death… she moved her hand inside my inner and squeeze my ass I got more and more aroused by this foreplay,

slowly I started to kiss her neck and arouse her more while fingering her pussy she was moaning my name akash ahhhhh don’t stop… Sucked her boobs which I wanted from 2 years slowly I gave a light bite to her nipple suddenly her juice flow from her pussy and she cum so hard…

I was happy to see it she thanked me and removed my inner and slowly stroked in her hand and started to lick my dick like ice-cream, wow what a feeling it was first blowjob I m getting, that feeling was mind blowing she was so expert in sucking dick I couldn’t hold any longer and released soon on her bed…

While we rest on bed after foreplay she said that she liked me from the day she saw I took pics of her boobs, thighs and wanted to ask if I like her so that we can have fun but she afraid that it spoil our relation but now happy that she choose to have sex with me and not to tell others.

I said I won’t tell anyone and asked if we can do it more often she smiled and said why not but let’s finish what we started your dick again hard now with naughty smile… I too laughed and said how can it not be hard while sexy women lay on bed beside me that too naked…

I got on top of her, she held my dick and placed near pussy entrance and asked me to push inside slowly as it will hurt since she doing it after long time. I slowly pushed and dick head went inside her pussy she let out moan ahhhhh!!!

I kissed her lips so that she won’t be loud and pushed my dick hard inside her pussy she got hurt even though she smile I see tears flowing from her eyes, I asked sorry for hurting but she said it is ok I enjoy it…

Hearing her supporting words I started to push in and out slowly sometimes fast and hard alternatively which built pressure inside her we did in this position for 10 min and changed our position to her fav position that is doggy style…

I fucked her hard and she moan loud calling my name I felt very happy and started to fuck her juicy pussy fast she begged me to fuck her hard… I started to deep stroke her fast and hard then pinch her nipple too…

She then wanted to ride me so I lay on bed and sat on top of me slowly inserting dick inside her pussy wow so hot pussy she had she started to jump fast up and down I squeeze her boobs hard and got up to bite it and suck it, even she didn’t stop jumping…

She started to jump fast I understood she near to climax I too felt heat building up inside and said aunty I am gonna cum, she replied same that she too will cum and suggested me to cum inside her pussy as she want to feel some inside after long time and its safe not to worry about other matters…

I felt very happy and within few strokes we both cum together and I saw satisfaction on her eyes, she bent down to kiss my lips and said thank you for having sex with older lady. I told her she is very attractive to me and I love her so much if she want to have sex she can call me anytime and come to my house if mom and dad are not at home…

We slept naked feeling each other for 30 min and dressed up and went to home. From next day I used to peep without any fear and she used to show me boobs and bend more so that I can get clear view some time she shows pussy too…

Now I miss her so much as I work in Bangalore and its been more than 3 months I fucked her last.. I often call her and exchange nude pics… she said I will have surprise when we have sex next time… I will share that my experience with you soon…

The End.

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Akash Fucking Widow Aunty - I

Hello, I’m Akash once again.My previous sex story was about how online aunty took my virginity. Thank you guys for liking what I wrote for first time and gave lots of feedback. The one real incident am going to say is not continued part or not with same women. I did fuck that online aunty again and still I do but this story is complete new and about my own aunty (wife of uncle’s father’s brother), who is windowed.

While I was young in college days I used to masturbate thinking of my aunt her sexy body[not 36-24-36 as you guys think of sexy body.. ?? ]. When I was in college ours is joint family and I love our family. This is all began one day when my mom dad are out she is the one in home, after I came from college saturday after I was hungry and my mom was not there to serve lunch.

As I came I saw my aunt and she asked me did I have lunch, I said no so she asked me to freshen up and come for lunch and she will serve me since my mom not there at home. Till that day I never saw her in lust way, I came to lunch I was sitting on floor as we didn’t have dining table to eat.

While serving she has to bend as she bent I saw her round boobs with her bra on was such a turn on and suddenly I saw away since I was afraid that she will notice me looking at her boobs. From that day I think of that and started to masturbate thinking of her in my mind (fyi: this was happened before when my uncle still alive).

But I never got to lucky to see her boobs, sometimes I see her thighs and some time her nipple over night dress which drives me crazy for her. Now coming to story, this is after my uncles death. We had many problems in joint family and broke into pieces my aunt whom am talking about built new house behind our house.

She was alone with her 2 kids girls and leading simple life. She used to clean plates and bowls infront of her house(behind our house) and she used to bend while cleaning and I used to peep her as she bends and see her cleavage, thighs and sometime I even saw boobs without bra. I also clicked some pics using my camera.

One day as I was peeping and taking pics through window she caught me and asked what I was doing, I was afraid and said nothing went inside with nervous, but she never complained to mom or dad I was happy that she didn’t notice camera was in my hand and I took pics.

During exam time I was at home and mom dad was not at home as they went to attend function, when I was reading door bell rang… I went to open the door and saw that my aunt was standing in her saree. She came inside and asked about my mom I said she and dad went out… then directly she asked show me pictures u clicked few days ago…

I said that I didn’t click her pic, she said that she noticed me few times that I click her pics… I thought in mind that I am busted, but didn’t give up and refused… but she said if I not show her she will inform about this with my mom… I was very nervous and gave her my camera which was hidden. She saw all the pics of her which I took her cleavage, thighs, face etc…

Then she asked me why u took pics like this, I took courage and then I confessed her everything when did it start till that time… she warned me and went out… next till exam days I did go to peep… in vacation one day I was so horny and peeping again but not with camera and she didn’t had bra I could see her boobs later I masturbate thinking of her…

Later that noon while my mom was sleeping she called me to her home as nothing had happened I went to her home to ask why did she call me…I rang bell after few minutes she opened her door in here night gown that she wear while at home, then she asked me why did I peep again,

I said sorry and said today I couldn’t control so… she said she is mother of 2 kids and older than me, how come she is sexy for me than the girls of my age… I told her that I love her and love to be with her. She held my hand took me inside her bedroom locked the door…

To Be Continued...

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Wife Swapping Among Childhood Friends Mohit and Ritesh - IV

Previously: Wife Swapping Among Childhood Friends Mohit and Ritesh - III

Next Ridhima lay on her back and Ritesh turned me around and soon lying on our top with their cocks in our fuckholes both the males started kissing us. Really I don’t have words to describe my mood of the moment; Ritesh Ridhima and Mohit were hesitation free since beginning but now I was also fallen into their mind state;

lust was gone so worst in me that I was enjoying fucking with a other male without any guilt and hesitation. Ritesh was kissing me while driving his length in my fuckhole and holding him in my embrace I was kissing him back with all my affection.

Beside me Mohit and Ridhima were also doing same, Ridhima was grabbing my husband in her arms and long legs and Mohit was also pumping her while kissing her deep. “Ridhima…my Doll…I will fuck you baby…I will fuck you hard” next that’s what I heard from Mohit and with that he started fucking her hard and fast. What else?

Seeing him fucking his wife enthusiastically Ritesh also started fucking me same way “Pooja…tu meri Jaan hai…aur ab mein tujhe roz Chodunga…baar baar Chodunga” that’s what Ritesh uttered for me and started grunting loud while screwing me deep and fast.

No wonder I and Ridhima were also panting in pleasure but as few more seconds passed and both the males climbed high in passion we; both the females began shouting loud with brutal fucking.

Certainly while getting fucked vigorously by Ritesh I could not see how hard Mohit is fucking Ridhima but I knew his fervor and energy very well and I must say none among two were less as both the males were thrusting their hips back and forward with uncontrollable pace.

I was crying with woofing gasps, Ridhima was also hissing endlessly but no mercy even for their best friend’s wives and both the males continued thrashing us as if we are cheap sluts and in the end squeezed their entire length in our fuckholes. I orgasmed hard with tremors passing through my body and soon Ridhima’s shattered cries also rang in my ears.

Ritesh and Mohit also grunted loud while releasing their seeds in each other’s wedded wives and in the end rolled away from our top. What a hell! Sweating and puffing in pleasure finally we all were dead and without saying a word somehow we all adjusted ourselves on the bed for few minutes and it was Ridhima who got up first and it was Mohit who broke the silence saying “Mazza aa gaya”.

Ridhima entered in the washroom first and Mohit followed her and as they disappeared from our sight Ritesh came close to me and kissed me. My fucking fever was over and I was feeling really very weird yet I responded back to his kiss. Later, as Mohit and Ridhima came out we;

I and Ritesh entered in the washroom and soon after wearing our clothes we all once again gathered in the living room. No need to say we all were smashed and as both the males were in mood for at least one more session we all had cup of hot tea. Well, what to say, during and also after tea except me everyone was normal.

Flirting and passing nasty comments for each other’s wives both; Mohit and Ritesh were like nothing odd has happened and to my surprise Ridhima was also well indulged with them. Apparently I was also into the talk but deep inside I was feeling guilty over what I have done and after around 15-20 minutes of ending our tea when I denied having sex with Ritesh

both the males picked me and brought me to the bed and fucked me one after another. It was Mohit who plunged me first and fucked me for couple of minutes and later Ritesh fucked me hard and fast until he released his jizz in my fuckhole.

Next after around 10 minutes of my fucking with two, same things happened with Ridhima in the other bedroom and obviously it was Mohit who spewed in her fuckhole. Fucking night ended there, I don’t about Ritesh and Ridhima but Mohit slept soon after falling on the bed and I remained awake in strange depression till I reached back home next day.

Well, in the end I would say initially; for a month I was fallen into intense depression but Ridhima really worked hard to bring me out of it and now I have accepted this swinging as a part of my life.

Actually from last 2-3 years we; I and Mohit were somewhat bored of our regular sex life and we were doing role playing to kill that boredom but now since real swinging has began our sex life has found another peak of excitement and same thing has happened with Ritesh and Ridhima.

I don’t know what we are doing is right or wrong, certainly it is weird and sinning yet it is wonderful and very satisfying. Readers if possible give your feedback; I and Ridhima would love to read your comments.

The End.

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Wife Swapping Among Childhood Friends Mohit and Ritesh - III

Previously: Wife Swapping Among Childhood Friends Mohit and Ritesh - II

Virtually I and Ridhima were nothing more than cars for our husbands and soon both the males took each other’s cars and occupied different couches. Ritesh was crazy about my big breasts, I knew this as I have seen him staring them countless times and after kissing me for a minute he started sucking and squeezing them like hungry animal.

I was moaning and gasping and just like me Ridhima was also panting in same pleasure. Ritesh and I were on three sitter and few feet away Ridhima and Mohit were on kind of divan and while Ritesh was chewing my long and hard nipples I saw Mohit laid Ridhima on her back and buried his face into her thighs.

Ridhima grunted in pleasure and smiled while looking at me and seeing his wife getting sucked Ritesh too asked me to lay down on my back. Eventually I too hissed in pleasure as Ritesh folded my legs inwards and started licking my wet and swollen fuckhole while sitting on floor and just in few more seconds’ room was filled with mine and Ridhima’s pleasure cries.

Holding Mohit’s head with her both the hands Ridhima was enjoying getting licked by my husband but I was yet not completely out of my uneasiness. I can’t say I was not enjoying, wiggling his thick tongue in my fuckhole Ritesh was licking me so good and deep that I could not bear that pleasure but there was something which was holding me to express my enjoyment.

Anyhow I could not throw this fact out from mind that I am getting fucked by somebody other than my husband but on the other couch everything was going good as Ridhima was just not moaning in pleasure but she was asking Mohit to suck her hard.

Anyway things moved further when Mohit stopped sucking Ridhima and addressing Ritesh told him that now he is going to fuck his wife “Ritesh Bus Ab Main Chodne lagga hun teri Biwi ko” and Ritesh replied to him saying same “Main Bhi Chodne Lagga Hun Teri Biwi ko ….”. Eventually both the males stopped sucking fuckholes and got up to plunge them.

As I mentioned Ridhima was on Divan on her back and for an instant Mohit scrolled over her in same posture but three sitter couch on which I was laying was not that wide and Ritesh asked me to get up and come to bedroom and seeing us going in bedroom Mohit and Ridhima also decided to get onto same bed.

Next I don’t know if it was their excitement of that moment that after sucking our fuckholes they straight away thought about fucking but as we all reached to the bed they decided to get their cock sucked. It was Mohit who asked Ridhima to suck his Cock and seeing his wife ready to suck my husband Ritesh too asked me to suck his Cock.

By now mentally I was more than ready to get fucked by him but I was not willing to suck him and as I denied doing that Mohit started requesting me to do it while hugging me and kissing me. What to do? Finally suppressing my hesitation I agreed to suck Ritesh and soon both the males stood on their knees on the bed and I and Ridhima started sucking each other's wedded cocks.

"Ohhh... Yess...! Ridhima... ! yess....yes...ohh...Baby...! Chus mera Lund...achhe se..Chus"
It was my husband Mohit who began speaking erotic as Ridhima took him in her mouth and Ritesh followed him by addressing me "Ohh...Pooja... Meri Jaan...Baby...you are mine...aaj tu Meri Hai...and I will fuck you whole night"

Once started both the males did not stopped moaning while speaking nasty for each other's wives and as it usually happens with me, hearing nonsense erotic Hindi I got further aroused. Not precisely but Ritesh and Mohit were almost same size and initially I was sucking him casually,

just to do it but slowly as got aroused I took almost half of his in my mouth and rubbed my tongue over its tip repeatedly and Ritesh went mad in pleasure. He caressed my hairs while grunting in pleasure and holding them aside saw my face filled with his cock and praised my beauty saying “ohh…Baby you are so good looking”.

On the other side Ridhima was also holding Mohit deep in her mouth while sucking him hard and like Ritesh Mohit was also moaning like crazy. “Ridhima… you are my Doll…I really love you baby” Whatever we both; I and Ridhima sucked each other's cock nicely and felt them growing harder in our mouths until both the males stopped us and took us into their desired postures.

Lying on his back Mohit asked Ridhima to ride on him and I was asked to get on my four. Ritesh was crazy for my bottom too, I didn't know that, he told me as I turned around "Pooja...yaar...I really love your ass..." and saying that he once again burried his mouth in my fuckhole and licked my opening from behind like a real dog.

I groaned in pleasure and unconsciously bent my upper half and lifted my bottom to give him better access of my fuckhole. Ohhh…Wow! Ritesh was really crazy, no hesitation, no pause and he buried his face in my ass and licked my fuckhole so deeply that I really failed to hold myself in that posture and collapsed on bed on my belly.

Ohh God by now I was dying to get fucked and puffed in relief when Ritesh climbed on me after putting pillow under my belly and plunged me while sitting on my ass. On the other side Ridhima took Mohit in her fuckhole while sitting around his waist and just in few seconds’ room was packed with our pleasure moans.

Screaming in intense pleasure I was on my belly with a pillow, my legs stretched in big V and digging my fuckhole with steady pace Ritesh was crushing me under his massive weight and same thing was happening with Mohit on the other side because Ridhima was riding on him like a hungry bitch.

Somewhat killing my husband in pleasure Ridhima was driving his entire length in her fuckhole by moving her bottom up and down, back and forward in circular motion and Mohit was crying ecstasy like I never seen him crying with me.

Anyway they; Ridhima and Ritesh fucked us consistently for a minute or bit less and as Ridhima got tired she broke the posture and seeing her Ritesh also stopped fucking me from behind.

To Be Continued...

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Wife Swapping Among Childhood Friends Mohit and Ritesh - II

Previously: Wife Swapping Among Childhood Friends Mohit and Ritesh - I

I was feeling intoxicated and with whatever Ritesh was doing with me, I was not willing to dance with him but I suppressed my hesitation with a thought that he is drunk and it is a matter of couple of more minutes until clock will reach to mid night and unexpectedly assuming my ignorance as my acceptance Ritesh started playing with my ass mounds freely;

he rubbed his hand all over my bottom and squeezed my ample flesh repeatedly; just like my husband was playing with his wife’s ass mounds and by the time clock reached to mid-night sexually he was so turned on that shouting “Happy New Year” he clenched me hard against his firm chest.

Mohit also screamed same from somewhere behind at the same time and I tried to push Ritesh, mainly to see my husband but he was too powerful and after crushing my breasts with his chest he grabbed both of my ass mounds in his hands and tried to pick me up.

Anyhow that was not possible for him without my consent and soon after getting away from him as I looked back to see my husband I was shocked to see Mohit lifting Ridhima by holding her both the ass mounds and her legs wrapped around his waist.

“Mohit….!!!” Addressing his name I somewhat yelled in shock and next instant releasing Ridhima back on floor he moved to me and hugged me saying Happy New Year. Not just Ritesh but Mohit was also smashed, I could make out from his body language and next as Ridhima also came to me and hugged me I realized that she is also in same state.

“Feeling jealous hmmm…?” looking into my eyes Ridhima asked me with naughty smile and I tried to bring my expressions back to normal and denied for being jealous with tiny smile. I thought that it is just a momentary obsession and now everything will get to normal but next as both the males settled down on different couches

with one more drink in their hands Ridhima came and sat down into my husband’s arm and took sip from his drink. It was unpleasant to see but assuming that she is just trying giving me envy feeling I smiled to suppress my real sentiment and very next instant Ritesh got up from his place and sat beside me and took me in his arms same way.

I looked at Mohit and there were no odd expressions over his face, rather he smiled looking at me and asked Ritesh to give me a sip from his drink. “Thodi pila issko apne glass se” and hearing that from Mohit Ritesh tried doing that.

Obviously I resisted, I was already feeling drunk and I tried a lot to avoid but wrapping his arms around my shoulder Ritesh did not stopped insisting me until I took one sip from his drink. After that I almost released myself from Ritesh’s arm but Ridhima went better into my husband’s embrace and started sharing his drink properly.

“Now you are feeling jealous….” She smiled while asking me again and knobbing my head in no; I continued suppressing my real emotions with casual smile. Ridhima was drunk and I thought she is just trying teasing me; that’s what anyone at my place would have assumed but everything was running planned and after taking couple of more sips from my husband’s

glass Ridhima somewhat challenged me that I will certainly feel jealous if she will kiss Mohit “agar main Mohit ko kiss karungi tab to tum definitely jealous feel karogi”. I got perturbed with what she said but I did not reacted over her words;

anyhow I could not imagine that she could be serious over that but soon after seeing my firm facial expressions she turned her face to Mohit and started sucking his lips. What is that? I was not surprised but I was traumatized; I was jammed at my place with my heart beating high and as I turned my head to look at Ritesh, he moved ahead and planted his over mine.

Now what is that? I was more than shocked and I pushed him and before I would have got up from there, Ridhima got up from her place and sat beside me. “Let’s have group sex…! Mazza aayega” she smiled and while saying that moved her hands on my breasts roughly. That was erotic and her touch stirred me with strange sensation,

yet I was not so intoxicated and as I removed her hands from my breasts in disagreement Ridhima straightaway took off her t-shirt and threw it away. No words; truly speaking friends I really don’t have any words to describe my mind state of that moment, till then for me it was just that Mohit is crazy about Ridhima and he has always ended up fucking me after meeting her

on such drink and dine and with that I knew this fact too that Ritesh is also crazy about me, Ridhima has shared this truth with me but anyhow I could not imagine these two along with Ridhima can think of being so nasty. Whatever Ridhima was wearing white color stylish bra and after looking in my eyes with smile she turned to see my husband.

No wonder seeing her fair and perfect round breasts caged in tight bra Mohit smiled with evident lust in his eyes and seeing his reaction I screamed and got up from my place. Next with me everyone got up and as I moved bit close to Mohit, holding my wrist he pulled me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

No time to think as everything was running fast and I was yet not out of shock of what Ridhima just did and Mohit lifted my t-shirt and somehow managed took it out from my arms even after my opposition. I once again screamed in shock and without looking at Ridhima and Ritesh tried to get my t-shirt back from my husband but he threw it away.

We both the females were topless now but with entirely different mind state, me in shock and Ridhima in pleasure and before I would have thought about rushing towards my t-shirt Ridhima came from behind and bumped into me. “Let’s do it….” she spoke and her hands once again squeezed my breasts rough and hard.

I puffed in low voice but tried to get away from her and Mohit blocked my movement. “Let’s do it…” he too spoke same words and reached to my waist to unbutton my jeans. “Please…Mohit…what are you doing?” saying that I removed his hands from my waist swiftly but before I would have tried getting away from being sandwiched between Ridhima

and my husband Ridhima drifted straps of my bra down from my shoulder. I shouted again and for and instant saved my breasts from getting exposed but next instant Mohit grabbed me from my waist and clenching me hard against his chest and started kissing me.

He was my husband but it was weird, I resisted but really failed to stop him and after a minute or bit less started responding to his kiss. “Aaj hum group sex karenge” after kissing me Mohit did not asked me, he somewhat told me that and with that moved his hands on my back to unhook my bra.

I was yet not prepared and as I tried to stop him he asked me to turn and see Ridhima “Ridhima ko dekho” he spoke and I turned and I was shocked to see her standing just in panty. Next Ridhima smiled and moved ahead and once again clenched my breasts from behind and spoke

“Aaj hum dono Cars hain…aur ye dono ek dusre ki Car chalyenge” (means today we are Cars and they will drive each other’s cars). I was not willing but I was drunk and hearing Ridhima’s words I felt losing control over myself. Ridhima continued squeezing my breasts from behind after removing my bra completely and I did not protest much when my husband unbuttoned my jeans.

I was already topless and soon my jeans also went down to my feet, Ridhima did that and seeing my uneasiness looking into my eyes Mohit smiled a bit and once again kissed me long and deep. Mentally I was yet not completely into the act but I was getting aroused with every passing moment and soon after breaking the Kiss Mohit also started taking off his clothes.

Ritesh was standing somewhere behind me and next as I heard Ridhima asking him to take off his clothes too my heart started beating high. I did not turned around to see him, I did not had courage to see him but soon holding my wrist Ridhima pulled me and asked me to turn around and I saw by now Ridhima was stark naked but Ritesh was yet having his underwear over his body.

I was also just in panty with my breasts exposed to Ritesh and I blushed as he wowed with smile while looking at my sagging melons and took off his underwear in front of my eyes. In the mean time including his underwear Mohit also took off all his clothes and moved forward to me and drifted my panty down to my feet.

No words; once again I don’t have any words to describe the sensation I was going through while standing stark naked with three more ready to get into group action. Certainly by now sexually I was well charged but my heart was still beating in strange fear and my arousal

and uneasiness enhanced when wrapping his arm around my waist my husband brought me close to Ritesh and came out saying “YE LAY….TU MERI CAR CHALA…MAIN TERI CAR CHALATA HUN” (Means; take it…you drive my car… I will drive your car)

To Be Continued...

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