Mira Enjoying Table Corner Sex With Pramod

Aged 20, I am Mira, just graduated and entered as a trainee in one of the trading establishments. I was staying in a WW hostel. My parents were in our village and my sister got married last year. From early days I had a problem. I got an itchy pussy. So also my sister. We both rubbed and found some relief.

My sister warned me not to insert any hard object as it will break the seal and the husband will find it on the first night. Keep the seal intact for him to break, she warned. Mutual rubbing was a pleasurable solution to both. We used hands or turkish towel etc. I used to press, desk corners or table corners into my crotch as it will subside or enhance the problem.

I did it secretly so that nobody would suspect. Only my sister knew. I asked her after her marriage how was it. She said when he rams it in, it is gone for the time being. But it is better than rubbing. I used to wear pyjama kurtha, or saree or jeans to my office. There were lot of men around me and I had to be careful while searching for the table corners.

My supervisor's table corner suited my height and I go to him often to clear my doubts. He asks me to sit but I prefer to stand, you know why. Sometimes I lean over the table to appear to concentrate, but the sweet table corner presses against my clitoris and I enjoy the pressure.

My colleague, Pramod, calls me to chat, I go and stand before him with his table corner safely buried in my crotch. Hello, Mira, sit down, he says. But I say no, I am tired of sitting and keep standing and talking to him. Pramod may be 25 or so, handsome, and jovial way of talk, and looks makes him very attractive.

Sometimes he is naughty and puts obscene comments about others to make me laugh. All double meaning utterances, sometimes sexual comments. I noticed that he makes his comments only for me to hear. I think he also likes me because I was the youngest in the lot. My body shape was good and I was beautiful.

Everyday he will call me three or four times to go to his table for chat. He used to ask me to hold a paper in the hand and a pencil so that it will appear that we are discussing official matters. The moment I stand before him I start laughing expecting him to pass some comments. One day he touched the corner of his table and kissed his hand. I asked him why.

He said this went deep inside you and smells like you. I felt embarassed. He asked me in low tone that he can help me find a solution. He called me to the restaurant nearby and ordered tea for both of us. I have seen your problem for some time, he said. He asked me to cooperate with him so that we can find a solution. I asked how and what solution.

Next weekend we can go to a hillstation for two days stay and enjoy and come. Lot of your problem will be solved. Pramodji, I think you are married. He said no problem. Marriage or no marriage I can help you to get over your problem. Just try once. Next week just for two days. Pramodji, I am a virgin and would like to be so till I marry. You can be a virgin and enjoy.

There are so many methods. Let us try some, he said. I was reluctant, but he made me to say yes. He asked me to carry a woollen shawl and come to the bus stand where he said he will join me. I packed a small bag with essentials and a shawl and went to the bus stand at the appointed time. Mr. Pramod was waiting for me.

He had booked seats in a fast bus to the nearby hill station. Bus was full with tourists and we started in time. We reached the hill station after three hours and went to a hotel by an auto. The boy took us to the room, a cozy double room. The climate was chill and the time was in the afternoon at 5 pm. He asked me to wrap the shawl and we both went out for tea and snacks.

It was mountainous terrain and walking was difficult. Road was full of people. Pramod and I after tea went to a store, he bought some liquor, soda, snacks etc and we hurried back to the room as it was getting dark. After undressing we changed into casuals. Pramod asked me whether I take liquor. I said no. Never. Today we will just taste a little and let us see how it goes.

He opened the snack packets and the bottle and poured a small quantity in one glass and a large quantity in another glass. After cheering each other we took a sip. It was bitter and I kept the glass aside. After couple of sips, Pramod started to talk. He said you are an itchy girl. I have seen you rubbing your pussy at each table corner. I saw change of expression in your face.

I was wondering how to give you relief. You know when I got married, my wife was of the same nature as you. Any sex talk,she starts getting wet and the flow was too much. When she sees a handsome boy she gets itchy and her pussy gets wet. After marriage in the first night I realized her problem. A hard fuck is the only solution. We lied in the bed and I started the foreplay.

She was a beautiful girl with firm boobs and ass. She had a perfect body structure. But the problem was that she was shy. When I touched her body, she felt ticklish. I told her no, no, things will not go like this. You have to come to some terms with me. I have to fuck you today. But I dont want to hurt you. Fucking is for pleasure for both of us.

Control your shyness and ticklish sensation. We have to live like this naked during the nights for the rest of our lives. Come on let me undress you. She came to terms and came near me. I unhooked her blouse and bra. Her beautiful boobs jutting out were immensely nice. I removed her other clothes and pulled her panty down.

She made all attempts to cover her pussy with her both hands. I removed her hands and found a beautifully shaved small cunt. I felt like kissing it. I kissed her cunt before I kissed her cheeks. Then I hugged her and pulled her down to the bed. Similarly let us finish our glasses and make the best of our time. He emptied his glass in one gulp and I too emptied mine.

Pramod suggested that he will undress me and I should undress him. Before I say yes, he pulled me and removed my top and my bra. His fingers when touching my bare skin tickled me. He then removed my pettycoat and was pulling my panty down. I allowed and cooperated with him. I too had removed my hair from my pussy and it looked clean.

He pulled me closer and licked my pussy and kissed it. While kissing he sucked my clitoris into his mouth. This sudden act of his made me shudder and I pushed him aside. Though it gave me a shot of pleasure, my first instinct was to push him away. I was struggling to pull down his boxer. Like spring his rod jumped out and I was taken aback.

He too had shaven his public hair and I was looking at his cock as a strange object. Pramod laughed and asked me to take it in my hand and assured me that it will not bite. His tool was nice, cylindrical and with red head. I just put a kiss on it and wanted to put it in my mouth and suck it. I looked up at him He said go ahead.

I opened my mouth and I could barely take the head in my wide open mouth. He then pushed me aside and open my legs wide and buried his face in my crotch and lick my pussy. His rough tongue sent shock waves throughout my body. With my fingers I opened my cunt further so that he can go deeper into my pussy. There was a flood of cunt juice from my hole.

He stopped and took his cock and rubbed the tip against my projecting clitoris. His mouth was on my boob and his tongue was making circles around my tiny nipples. I was aroused very much and I asked Pramod to fuck me, fuck me soon. He was again laughing and rose and repositioned his cock and inserted it slowly into my hole.

It was not going in. He got up, poured a large peg for himself and a small peg for me and asked me to gulp it in one go. It had its effect and I did not realise the pain and his cock was half way through my hole. In two pushes the whole monster was inside. I felt it tight in my hole.

Keeping me tight against his body, he got up, I was sitting in his lap with my legs on his either side and his cock fully embedded inside me. He got up and sat in the chair and poured liquor for me and him and and we ate snacks and drank the liquor in one gulp. Liquor had its effect on me. I was dizzy.

He again lifted and laid me in the bed and started to fuck me slowly at first and then increased the speed slowly. My whole body was as if set fire, because of the pleasure in my pussy and the liquor in my stomack. Within three minutes I was getting my earth rocking orgasm shaking my body vigorously. It was indeed heaven. I told him I have had it. He said he knew it, but went on fucking.

I was getting ready for my second session. It took another five minutes when my next orgasm also rocked me. The pleasure part of it was similar to the first or even more. I told Pramod that I will have one more peg. He was roaring with laughter. Again he carried me and went to the table and poured equal quantity for me and him. We both gulped and came back to the bed.

Pramod continued his fuck. He reached his orgasm fast and threw his fluids inside me. I enjoiyed when his spray shot into my groins. Slowly he pulled out and we both ran into the bath room and poured some warm water over my pussy and washed off all the fluids, his and mine. Pramod himself was washing my cunt with soap and I felt like kissing him.

This he broke my seal, if at all it was there, he gave me the heavenly pleasure about which my sister has told me so much. I was tired and hungry. Pramod and I hurriedly put on our casuals and called the room boy and asked him to bring chappathis and chicken curry. Pramod asked me whether it was better than pressing against the corner of the table.

I laughed and said it was heavenly. After food I told him I am tired cannot stand another round now. Ok, we will try later, said he and we hugged and wrapped in thick blanket stretched into the bed. We stayed there for three days. we would have fucked at least 10 times. We emptied one bottle and bought another and consumed half of it.

Pramod asked me to take it to my room and said our further sessions will be in my room. I hugged and kissed every inchof his body in gratitude for giving me the pleasure and a new experience. But within three months, my marriage was arranged and my husband was a great fucker than Pramod. Do you want to hear the story.

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Sex Starved Swati Bhabhi Fucked By Horny Saurabh - IV

Previously: Sex Starved Swati Bhabhi Fucked By Horny Saurabh - III

Looking at her lovely face I just went on going going deep into her and suddenly heat erupted from my body and I started sweating, by now Swati Bhabhi was also gone crazy in pleasure, moaning and grunting in low voice, like me was also sweating heavily and within few more seconds I lost control over my fucking pace and started screwing Swati Bhabhi as hard as possible.

Once again leaving my entire weight I lied over and holding her arms tight I continued fucking her in good speedy strokes, faster and faster I went, ramming and reaming my monster deep and hard into her, crazier and crazier Bhabhi went, she lifted her hips to match my rhythm and within few more strokes I felt that I will burst.

I screamed in pleasure, “Bhabhi….. Bhabhi…. Mera Ho jayega… mera ho jayega…” sensing my state Swati Bhabhi embraced me tight and wrapped her big fleshy thighs better, locked my back with her feet and rammed me into her fuckhole with force using her legs and moaned loudly “Tez karo, tez….aur tez… aur tez…yes….yes bhaiya fuck me fuck me”

She wanted to get fucked faster, I was already moaning and puffing like crazy and I tried my best to go further fast, holding her fleshy body tight I started fucking Bhabhi like an animal and in the end busted deep inside her love hole. Ohhh…Hell …what was that? Arching her head up and gripping me tight between her arms and thighs Bhabhi hissed in pleasure erotically,

her eyes were closed, mouth tore open she cried almost without any voice and just then my cock quacked in her fuckhole so devastatingly that for a moment I skipped my beat and eventually with a breathtaking groan I felt my sperm shooting out of my monster and filling her fuckhole.

Bhabhi trembled erotically I too shivered with a strange sensation passing through my spine and collapsed over Bhabhi. Bhabhi was exhausted, so was I and I just keep on lying over Bhabhi’s fleshy body. Wrapping her arms around my back Bhabhi also kept on holding me without a word.

Eventually I got up from her top and lied beside her. I saw Bhabhi's eyes were closed and resting myself with elbow support I just kept on looking at her lovely body; dreanched in sweat, fair and utterly clear Bhabhi's skin was smooth like fresh cream, her breasts and thighs were heavy and fleshier than what they use to appear in clothes.

For an instant I thought about touching soft skin of her thighs but just then Bhabhi tilted her face and saw me staring at her sagging breasts and she turned around in shyness and now for me it was a wonderful view of her thick fleshy and erotically stread bottom.

For few seconds I just kept on looking at her beautiful ass, thick divider of jutting out ass mounds and suddenly I extended my hand to touch them. Ohhh... wow it was so fleshy and I was about to get closer to her to fondle her ass properly when without looking back Bhabhi removed my hand stopped me caressing her.

I tried again and this time Bhabhi got up and told me to leave her alone and without even looking at me straightaway went to the bathroom. I was disappointed and I got up and started wearing my clothes and wearing undergarments entered in the bathroom after Bhabhi's exit.

By the time I came out after pissing and washing my monster Bhabhi was into a long nighty and looking at her lovely face with a smile I started wearing my remaing clothes and in a timid voice Bhabhi requested me not to tell all this to anybody "Bhaiya aapse request hai aap ye sab kisi ko batana mat" "I promise nahi bataunga" I replied back softly and wore my clothes

"achha main chalta hun...aap please koi tenstion mat lena" I spoke again while looking into her eyes and Bhabhi moved her head in acceptance. I wanted to ask her when will we fuck again or wheather we will fuck again or not but that instant nothing came out if me and we walked till main door.

Anyhow I did not want to go from there but sensing Bhabhi's delicate mood I was hesitant to say anything but somehow before unlocking the main door I asked Bhabhi for a hug and she granted my wish with a very mild smile. I embraced her tight and as Bhabhi was not wearing any bra underneath I felt her soft melons and rigid nipples over my chest.

After hugg I looked at her face and somewhat failed to stop myself and kissed her lightly on her lips and Bhabhi smiled bit more with a blush. I unlocked the door silently and suddenly from behind I heard "Bhaiya ruk jaao thodi der aur". Voice was timid and somewhat choked, I turned to see Bhabhi and Bhabhi blushed with a strange uneasyness.

That moment I needed her more than my life and Bhabhi needed me even more desperately and I once again locked the door and smiled while looking at her. Eventually we came back in the bedroom and first thing I did was holding her face in my hands I kissed her deeply and Bhabhi responded to my kiss equally well.

“Bhabhi I really love you…” Bhabhi looked at my face with zero expressions and in the end uttered “Thank you” with a tight hug. Next Holding Bhabhi’s waist I moved towards bed and ultimately we were lying on the bed in each other’s arms. Bhabhi pulled the sheet over and asked if we can talk for a while casually “thodi der aise hi baaten karten hain…”

and with a kiss over her cheek I accepted “Bhaiya aaj maine bahut galat kiya…” Bhabhi spoke while expressing regret over her deed of having sex with me and pretending unknown I asked her back “kya galat kiya…” Bhabhi looked at my face for few seconds and uttered “Maine Sharad ke saath cheating ki hai” and after a pause she spoke again

“but main kya karti…I was dying” before I would have thought of saying anything Bhabhi spoke again in continuation “Sharad loves me…but don’t know why he does not have sex?” “Bhabhi main bhi aapse bahut pyar karta hun…” that’s what I could say that instant and Bhabhi came up saying “I know you are attracted to me from long time…” and I came up saying

“I am not attracted to you…I am in love with you” and Bhabhi smiled beautifully over my reply and came up saying “thode din mein jab aapki shaadi ho jaayegi…then I will ask you” lying on the same pillow, under same sheet, somewhat tied in each other’s arms by now Bhabhi was speaking with me without much hesitation and I replied back with

“No…! nothing will change…moreover agar aap bologe to main Shaadi hi nahi karunga…” and Bhabhi replied back with “nahi…main aisa kabhi nahi bolungi…Aunty (my mom) is desperately waiting for your yes for marriage” “I want to marry you…mummy ko aapse achhi bahu kahan milegi” I spoke while looking into deep dark brown eyes and Bhabhi was surprised

“what do you mean…main Sharad ko chhod ke aapse Shaadi kar lun?” “I am ready…” “Bhaiya aap pagal ho gaye ho” anyhow she could not win from me in wittiness and I came up saying “yes I am mad about you” and before Swati Bhabhi would have thought about replying me I embraced her and once again planted my lips over her juicy lips.

That was exactly beginning of our second session which was no doubt far-far better than the first one. We kissed deeply, and while we explored each other’s mouth I massaged Bhabhi’s luscious fruits over the cloth. Soon after breaking the kiss I removed the sheet from our top, got up and tried lifting Bhabhi’s nighty and Bhabhi lifted her bottom to get out of that.

Bhabhi was not wearing any bra underneath but she was having a fresh Panty over her lower half and I took that out too and saw her fuckhole for the first time, though not wet and dripping but it was soft and swollen. I asked Bhabhi if I can suck her pussy, “Bhabhi can I suck your pussy…..” Bhabhi gave me permission but with a doubt “haan…kar low suck…but you will not like it…”

“You don’t know how many times I have sucked your pussy in my dreams…” I replied with a smile and Bhabhi accepted with just “Ok” and got up and took off my clothes with her hands. Next making a big M from her wide open legs Bhabhi moved to the middle of the bed and holding her inner thighs with both the hands I simply dived into her fleshy thighs.

I licked her pussy lips with a flat tongue and tried opening them with the tender thrusts of my tongue and Bhabhi started puffing in low voice. Although it was my first ever encounter with any female on the bed but I was experienced because regular watching of porn movies and reading of sex articles on the web,

I knew that if I have to pleasure her I do not have to hurry and I just continued licking her opening tenderly and waited for Bhabhi to get further excited and like I was expecting within couple of minutes I Bhabhi started moaning bit louder and next instant I felt thick stream of her sticky juices coming out of her fuckhole.

Bhabhi was right, as Bhabhi started oozing out her love juices I felt strange filthiness and for an instant thought about stop sucking her but Bhabhi was moaning in pleasure and to see her getting further excited I continued licking her and I licked her bit roughly.

I tried inserting my tongue into her fuckhole and like we see in porn movies I rubbed her opening with the tip of my finger and like I never saw in porn movies Bhabhi jumped in sexual ecstasy and stopped me from sucking her love hole. “Kya hua?” I asked her while looking into her eyes with a smile and Bhabhi replied back with “kuch nahi…! bus ab daal do andar”

“aap nahi suck karoge mera…?” I asked her if she will not suck mine and Bhabhi moved her head in acceptance while revealing a fact that it will pain me a bit “karungi…but aapko thoda sa pain hoga” “Ok”. This time I lied down on my back and Bhabhi scrolled over my crotch and slowly took me in her mouth.

She sucked tip of my cock tenderly and suddenly I exclaimed in strange pleasure. It was divine and I felt Bhabhi was wrong that it will pain but she was right, after sucking tip for a minute slowly Bhabhi took me further in her warm mouth and I felt strange uneasiness and puffed in pain and pleasure.

Bhabhi continued moving nearly half of my length in her mouth and slowly foreskin of my monster went off with the rub of her tongue and I cried in pain. Swati Bhabhi did not stopped sucking me even after my painful cry, she just went on going tenderly and suddenly I felt her mouth getting wetter and hotter and I once again puffed in pleasure instead of pain.

Slowly I overcame from painful feeling and saw Bhabhi’s beautiful face filled with my monster and I went harder in her warm mouth. Bhabhi did not stopped sucking me until I stopped her and before I would have thought anything about our fucking posture Bhabhi came up saying “main oopar aa jaati hun” I accepted without giving a second thought and Bhabhi climbed over me.

Holding my Penis straight before Bhabhi would have guided it in her hole I grabbed her sagging melons and tried crushing them her hard and Bhabhi groaned while looking at me. Next instant I felt myself going into hot tunnel and we both gasped in pleasure of fusion of our fucking gentiles.

Bhabhi rode over me slowly; back and forward up and down and I continued squeezing her melons with both the hands. Bhabhi gasped and groaned in rising lust and she rose pace of fucking herself. I too cried in pleasure unintentionally my hands went to her waist, possibly to control her pace but Bhabhi did not raced down, she was steady but in to and fro motion,

she was rubbing her crotch over my crotch and eventually she stopped suddenly. Possibly she was reaching to her climax but she retained and told me to come over her top “Ab aap oopar aa jaao” and I asked her if I can plunge her from behind “Bhabhi peeche se daalun” and before she would have said yes I told her that it is my dream position with her

“main masturbate karte hue hamesha aapke peeche se daalne ki sochta tha” and Bhabhi smiled while looking at my face. Eventually Swati Bhabhi turned around and went on her four and like I always desired holding her ass with both the hands I clenched her fleshy mounds together.

Bhabhi enjoyed that and extending my hand under her belly I rubbed her opening while kissing her fair ass mounds and tried putting my monster in her fuckhole after that. I would say it was not an easy posture for an amateur like me, especially if female ass is so big and fleshy,

certainly if Bhabhi wouldn’t have plunged my rod in her fuckhole with her own hand then I would have failed in attaining my dream posture. Whatever I moved in when Bhabhi placed my cock tip over her opening and told me to put by saying “Haan…ab daalo” and we both groaned in pleasure at the same time.

Anyhow I cannot describe what kind of posture doggy is, it always looks attractive and easy to fuck with in porn movies but it is breathtaking for the first timers. Holding Bhabhi’s waist as I moved out and went in Bhabhi again I felt as if I will blow, though Bhabhi also puffed in pleasure but as compared I was gone far higher in pleasure and with a second in and out from her fuckhole

I felt like fucking her hard and I banged myself back into her faster and Bhabhi moaned louder and next I did not fucked her, I just withdrew myself from her fuckhole and lied down on the bed. I wanted to fuck her for long and in that posture but I was almost gone out of control within few seconds.

Fortunately I did not discharged my load but I was at the verge of it, “kya hua…” this time Bhabhi asked me with a smile and I just smiled over her expressions and Bhabhi asked me again “chhutne wala tha?” I accepted with “Haan” “iss position me ladkon ka jaldi ho jaata hai” and Bhabhi spoke again while lying beside me. “ab do minute baad daalna”.

Anyhow I was not the one who would have just lied beside her and I started playing with Bhabhi’s breasts and took her long erect nipples in my mouth to suck and Bhabhi enjoyed feeding me. After sucking both the milks I was ready to plunge her but Bhabhi stopped me when I asked her and told me to fist her with my finger for a while.

I asked her reason and she came up saying “Bhaiya aapka ho jaayega…lekin mera nahi hoga…aap thodi der meri pussy ko finger se fuck karoge…to mera bhi aapke saath hi ho jaayega”. That’s what the experience is, Swati Bhabhi could see that that I am over excited and she might not climax before me.

Anyway I simply obeyed my loving Bhabhi, giving me her fleshy thigh to caress with my hand and lips Bhabhi rested her one leg over my shoulder and other folded and wide apart and I rubbed her opening and fisted her fuckhole tenderly in the beginning and as she guided increased number of fingers and fisting pace slowly.

Soon with erotic moan and lifting her bottom up and putting it back Bhabhi started enjoying getting finger fucked and while invading her hot and wet fuckhole freely I just kept on looking at her erotic facial expressions. Her eyes were closed; mouth was open as she was puffing continuously,

her fleshy milk mounds were sagging and moving lightly with her body movements and I just went on going harder and harder while looking at her lovely face filled with lust. Eventually Bhabhi stopped me and told me to put my monster in her fuckhole “Bhaiya daal do ab…” “ab ho jaayega aapka bhi?”

I asked her while leaning over her and with “haan ho jaayega” Bhabhi guided me in her fuckhole and once again fucking her with all my passion I was beautifully crumpled in her fleshy arms and thighs. Unfortunately our fucking did not last for long, though I started slowly and lunged deep into Bhabhi but looking at Bhabhi’s face suddenly my excitement pitched high and I picked undue pace.

Screwing Bhabhi deep in her fuckhole my hips rose and fell madly up and down and once again Bhabhi locked her feet around my back while crushing me in her arms and enjoyed getting fucked with silent intense pleasure puffs.

Altogether it was a fucking of hardly couple of minutes or not even that but the best part was that Bhabhi also climaxed with me and we enjoyed getting exhausted while tied with each other. Once again we were sweating like hell and didn’t have strength to get up instantly and clean the mess.

We remained on bed, beside each other for few minutes and after cleaning our bodies we changed the bed sheet. So in the end I would say that’s what all I had to share, going through enthralling twists and turns that was the first and last night I spent with my loving Swati Bhabhi.

Yes that is the irony of my life, after second fucking session and 10-15 minutes of casual conversation Bhabhi told me to go from there, I asked her if we will fuck again tomorrow and Bhabhi came up with diplomatic reply “let’s see…main sochungi” means I will think.

Next day in the night when we met on the terrace again Bhabhi did not allowed me to even touch her, she was feeling guilty over her deed and wanted to delete entire chapter of her fucking night with me. At present I and Bhabhi are best friends and we sit on the terrace almost every night, sometimes with bear and as it is winters,

most of the time we sit with hot tea or coffee and Bhabhi share her heartiest feelings with me. Since then adequate time has passed and her life is still unchanged. According to her Sharad Bhaiya has admitted that because of work stress he has lost his masculinity; means he has lost interest in sex, though he love her but he does not get attracted to her or any other female sexually.

They have visited doctor for this but medicines are not working on him because he is never relaxed. Doctor is suggesting him to go out of town on holiday for few days but he is rigid and not ready to leave his factory even for a day.

Anyhow Swati Bhabhi does not want to get indulge into extra marital affair and she has told me not to peruse her for that or she will stop meeting me, though we don’t have any bars of speaking anything but she always sit with me with a reasonably distance.

At my end apart from masturbating with Bhabhi’s one night fucking memories I provide Swati Bhabhi various porn movies with a hope that after watching them she might get over excited and change her mind and call me to tranquilize her urge. I would be waiting for reader’s comments to know their views about my life experience.

The End.

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Sex Starved Swati Bhabhi Fucked By Horny Saurabh - III

Previously: Sex Starved Swati Bhabhi Fucked By Horny Saurabh - II

By now our Beer was reached to almost half and next I gulped adequate amount to make it further half, so that I can give her remaining to finish it. "low finish kar do" I spoke that while giving her last few sips and Bhabhi denied to accept by saying that she is drunk "nahi bus... mujhe chadd gayi hai..." "aapko Beer chadd gayi hai?"

I asked back in amusing tone and with no expressions Bhabhi spoke back with a tiny yes "haan". Though I was little uneasy because of my act getting caught but overcoming my hesitation I responded back in a friendly tone "Koi baat nahi...chaddne do..." and with that I took opening of the Can to her lips and poured good quantity in her mouth.

Bhabhi gulped that and told me have remaining. I finished the Can in one go and rolled it towards remaining two empty can and came up saying “Ho gayi party”. Although I was forgiven by her, still I was bit uneasy and not looking at her face directly, I continued playing with the Cans and suddenly I heard something from Bhabhi which was out of the world “Bhaiya I want to hug you”.

Turning my head I looked at her instantly and saw strange expressions over her face, Bhabhi was sweating a bit over her forehead and before I would have thought about saying anything, Bhabhi spoke again in a soft voice “I want to thank you”. I smiled a bit and in response Bhabhi too smiled.

She moved forward and hugged me lightly and for me it was sheer delight to feel Bhabhi’s soft melons over my chest. “Bhaiya I am sorry…that day I slapped you… mujhe aapko maarna nahi chahiye tha”. Looking into my eyes in the dim light Bhabhi spoke that after hug and as I was yet not over with feeling of strange sensation passing through my body I remained silent.

Bhabhi was calm over her facial expressions and anyhow I could not read what all is running in her mind but my heart was beating bit high, my sex hormones were aggravated and I was thinking about hugging her again, her hug was very light and tender and I wanted to hug her hard,

I wanted to squeeze her luscious melons against my chest properly and without giving a second thought I tried doing that. This time I moved forward and I hugged her and after few seconds as Bhabhi wrapped her arms around my back, I just went mad and I squeezed her in my arms hard, I crushed her big fleshy milk mounds against my torso like I desired and Bhabhi puffed in pain.

She pushed me to get away and as I released her she looked into my eyes for few seconds and asked me “ye kya kar rahe ho?” she was not angry but you can say her gesture was bit serious, for a moment I skipped my heart beat, once again I was about to say “I am sorry” but overcoming my fear I came up saying “Bhabhi I love you”.

Bhabhi looked into my eyes without a flick and for few seconds, I somewhat waited for another slap over my face but ultimately Bhabhi’s facial expressions softened, she moved her vision from my face and that encouraged me a bit and I spoke again “Bhabhi main Pagal ho chukka hun” Bhabhi looked up,

tried to speak something while looking into my eyes but ultimately uttered after moving her vision down “Bhaiya main bhi Pagal ho chuki hun…" I sensed suddenly Bhabhi has lost confidence of her voice and she looked bit nervous too and before I would have taken out any conclusion from her spoken words and low voice Bhabhi looked up and this time she spoke while looking into my eyes

"Bhaiya main bahut koshish kar rahi hun khud ko control karne ki...par mujhse control nahi ho raha" she paused for a fraction and spoke again "I can’t handle this loneliness anymore”. Her voice was gone more timid and there was significant sweat over her forehead.

For me it was a sort of surprise, I was looking at her lovely face while trying reading her mind and suddenly Bhabhi blushed and once again uttered, this time while looking down “Bhaiya I want to touch your body”.

Ohh…wow! Bhabhi is also attracted to me, and with a fraction of this thought, I clearly saw that Bhabhi is trying overcoming her fear of speaking out her desire "Bhabhi mat karo control khud ko...jo karna hai kar low" suddenly my mood my gesture was changed drastically and I uttered while feeling strange wave of rapture passing through my spine and Bhabhi looked up with mixed expressions of glee and hesitation.

Bit away from the wall we were sitting on the floor almost face to face and before I would have thought what next, Swati Bhabhi extended her hand touched her palm tenderly over my chest over the cloth. It was amazing, a blissful sensation passed through my soul but I remained unmoved and Bhabhi moved bit ahead and hugged me again.

“Bhaiya I need you…Sharad ko pata nahi kya ho gaya hai….wo bilkul sex nahi karte….” and after that Bhabhi opened her heart further while hugging me, "uss din maine aapko thappad maar diya tha...dekho aaj main khud hi Pagal ho gayi hun" (that day I slapped you… see today I have gone mad).

Possibly fire of lust was ignited inside her week ago, when she was touched by me with those intentions but somehow Bhabhi was holding her nerves with a hope of getting physical love from her husband at least on her birthday but Sharad Bhaiya was not bothered about her emotional and physical need; I was feeling happy over his attitude towards his wife but Bhabhi was helpless;

by now her craving for manly love was reached to such peak that she could not hold her desire and wanted to get physical love from any male and nobody except me she could think about for this. Certainly she was restless and bit distressing over her helplessness and somewhere intoxication of beer was playing good role in overcoming her hesitation.

Anyway when she said that she has gone mad I did not uttered anything in reply and just kept on holding her in my embrace and Swati Bhabhi once again moved her hand over my chest to feel my body and spoke again in low voice “Bhaiya aap bhi touch karo mujhe”.

Can’t tell you friends, as those words touched my ears my heart pounded and in choked voice I came up asking her "aapki Breast touch kar lun?" “haan kar low...” lifting her face up and looking at me Bhabhi gave me permission in low timid voice and I moved my hand to touch her milk mounds. Wow…I was touching Swati Bhabhi’s breasts and it was a dream comes true.

I rubbed my hand tenderly over her soft mound over the blouse and Swati Bhabhi uttered again “thoda thoda dabaao inko” with that Bhabhi buried her face more into my chest in shyness and to attain comfortable posture we rested our back against wall and sat down at the place where our body was touching properly.

I wrapped my left arm around her back to get her better and cupped Bhabhi’s luscious mound in my hand properly. Next instant while I was trying playing with her luscious mound resting her face over my chest Bhabhi inserted her hand under my t-shirt to touch my bare skin and I shivered erotically with the first ever touch of any female over my skin.

Bhabhi moved her soft hand delicately all over my chest and slowly my hand also reached behind her Pallu; over her neck and I too touched her soft skin. Like me Bhabhi also puffed in pleasure and came further close to me. Slowly I unpinned her Pallu which was tucked over her shoulder with a safety pin and as it went down my eyes got stuck to her deep cleavage.

For an instant Bhabhi saw her cleavage and then me, looking at her breasts caged in tight blouse and started unhooking her blouse. I was amazed to see her doing that, I don’t know it was effect of alcohol or alcohol mixed with long absence of physical love which brought simple and homely housewife like Swati Bhabhi up to this extent of shamelessness

that she was opening her blouse with her own hands for someone who was not her husband. Whatever eventually Bhabhi opened 3-4 hooks of her blouse and uttered in low voice “Bra ke andar Haath dall low aur dabao inko dheere dheere”. Wow...her words, bashful tone with blushing eyes was so breathtaking that it doubled my erection.

Light was dim but I could see my dream breasts clearly, they were huge, fair round and soft and like Bhabhi said I inserted my hand in her bra and slowly reached to her nipples, Ohhh they were so good, so thick and big, hard and erect and with the tender rub of my finger over her nipple Bhabhi puffed in pleasure nicely.

Next I leaned a bit and kissed her cleavage and Bhabhi moved her fingers softly in my hairs. Slowly I unhooked remaining two hooks of her blouse and drifting down strap of her bra from her shoulder I somehow took out one of her milk mound out of her bra and reached to her long erect nipple with my mouth.

"hmmm..." Bhabhi moaned in delight and lifting my t-shirt from behind rubbed her hand over my bare back. Holding her heavy milk mound in my hand I sucked Swati Bhabhi’s nipple tenderly for a minute and my sight went to her beautiful feet.

“Bhabhi I want to touch your thighs” I asked her while looking at face closely and Bhabhi permitted in soft voice “Haath daal low saari mein...” Resting her back against wall, with unhooked blouse and one melon hanging out of bra, Bhabhi was sitting on floor while folding her legs inwards and next instant she stretched her legs bit straight so that I can insert my hand into her sari.

Ohhh…Wow it was heaven, I started from few inches above her ankles and going beneath rubbing soft skin of her leg reached to Bhabhi’s knees under her sari and Bhabhi started breathing heavy. Next as I moved bit ahead to reach to her fleshy thighs Bhabhi once again folded her legs inwards.

Keeping my hand under her sari I moved bit closer to Bhabhi and she herself came more in my embrace. My hand moved further in Ohhh…..feeling was so wonderful, soft and fat, clenched together Swati Bhabhi’s thighs were so smooth, I moved my hand softly over her ample flesh and gripping me tighter and burring her face in my chest Bhabhi puffed erotically.

Holding my bare body beneath t-shirt Bhabhi was enjoying getting touched by me over her thighs and burring her face in my chest with shyness she told me to touch her further deep in her sari and touch her there “aur andar daalo... touch karo mujhe wahan pe...” “kahan?”

I asked her and keeping her eyes closed and face buried in my chest Bhabhi once again uttered same “Wahan...par” “Pussy par?” “haan wahin” and my hand moved further in. I touched Bhabhi’s panty near her waist and tried moving between her thighs, her thighs were still clenched together, I tied to part them but Bhabhi did not allowed me.

She clenched her thighs hard in undue hesitation and I told her to open her thighs, “Bhabhi thighs open karo…touch karne do apni pussy ko” I was also getting excited and slowly Bhabhi opened her thighs and I touched my Bhabhi’s damp fuckhole over her Panty. Ohhh…She was so wet and unintentionally my fingers over her vertical slit and Bhabhi groaned loud while shivering.

I asked her if I can take off her panty “Bhabhi panty nikal lun...?” Bhabhi did not replied, she just kept on holding me and assuming her silence her acceptance I moved on. Releasing her from my embrace I inserted my both the hands in her sari and reached to her waist to take out her panty and Bhabhi shivered erotically.

She stopped me and looked at my face for few seconds and suddenly came back in her senses and knobbing her head in no she stood up from her place instantly and uttered “nahi Bhaiya….mujhe nahi karna ye sab…this is wrong” and before I would have got up from the floor to try talking to her Bhabhi organised her sari, wrapped her pallu over her opened blouse and ran downstairs with a speed of light.

My hope, my desire, everything except my erection was shattered in a moment, anyhow I can’t explain what an embarrassing moment that was; after squeezing and sucking Swati Bhabhi’s luscious milks and touching her fleshy thighs and damp fuckhole over the panty I was hard like iron rod and after reaching to that extent mentally I was not in state to accept my bad luck

and I stayed at terrace for 10 minutes with a hope that Bhabhi might come back. Bhabhi did not turned back and eventually I came back to my house and crushing my erect rod under my weight lied down over my front. Now what I could do was again masturbation and deep inside I did not wanted to do that.

I was dying to fuck Swati Bhabhi; I wanted to feel her hot and wet fuckhole around my thick monster, but how? Should I blackmail her for what she has done with mejust now? Or I should attempt fucking her forcibly. I think another 5 minutes passed in this mental evolution and suddenly my mobile phone rang.

It was none other than Swati Bhabhi, I took that call and simple question in soft voice came from other side “Bhaiya…sow gaye….?” “nahi…Masturbate karne ki soch raha tha” by now I was frank enough to speak all that and Bhabhi did not reacted over that and requested me not to tell anything to anybody “Bhaiya please jo kuch bhi abhi hua aap wo sab kisi ko mat batana”

I accepted in flat tone “Nahi bataunga...” and Bhabhi spoke again, she somewhat tried to justify herself for whatever she did “I don't know mujhe kya ho gaya tha...main bahak gayi thi” and I came up saying “I wish aap thodi der aur Bahke rahte and I would have fucked you” in response Bhabhi did not spoke anything; there was a silence of 5-10 seconds, and I realized my mistake,

I thought I have embarrassed her and now she will disconnect the line and I uttered “hello” to check her presence on the other side and Bhabhi did not uttered anything for few more seconds and I was about to say sorry when suddenly Bhabhi straightway told me to come to her “Bhaiya aa jaao mere pass…I need you”. That was something I was ready to die for.

Disconnecting the phone call I simply jumped from my bed and rushed to the roof and there was no body. I called her number and Bhabhi told me to come down stairs into her house. Holding the line I moved down on her stairs and I saw a shadow on the entrance and just then over the phone Bhabhi told me to come to her bedroom after locking the main door from inside,

“main door andar se lock karke mere bedroom mein aa jaao”. I did that and eventually entered in her bedroom; very dim, light in the room was of yellow in color; looking at me with a significant nervousness over her face Bhabhi was standing almost in the middle of the room with clenched fist, Ohhh… Wow by now her sari was off from her body,

she was standing wearing just blouse and petticoat and suddenly my sight went to her feet and I saw her panty on the floor. That meant she was not wearing anything underneath her petticoat and that conclusion made me further hard.

“Bhaiya fuck me…” Bhabhi spoke out in low but desperate voice and with a pounding heart I locked the bedroom door from inside and went close to Bhabhi and she hugged me tight. "Bhaiya ab nahi raha jaa raha.... fuck me" with that Bhabhi inserted her both the hands in my T-shirt and rubbed her hands over my bare back.

I too quickly started unhooking her blouse and just in one minute I exposed her luscious melons by opening her blouse and drifting down straps of her bra from her shoulder. Ohhhh….I grabbed them roughly and squeezed them hard and Bhabhi groaned in pleasure.

Next Bhabhi took out her blouse and bra completely from her arms and lifted my t-shirt, moving her hand over my bare skin she kissed me over my chest and I too puffed in pleasure. I took off my t-shirt completely and suddenly Swati Bhabhi’s excitement enhanced significantly and she started kissed me rapidly over my chest and somewhat started licking my skin.

She was starved for sex since long but I was nevertheless restless for her and I started finding cord of her petticoat around her waist and with in next few seconds her petticoat raced down to her feet. Bhabhi was standing stark naked in front of me, I was still having my lower over my body and Bhabhi started taking off that.

Ohhh…My god before my lower would have reached to my feet Bhabhi held my monster and started jerking it back and forward and I moaned in a bliss with an intense puff. That was first time I was getting into sexual touch with any female and before I would have recovered from that pleasure Swati Bhabhi caressed my swollen balls with the other hand

and for a moment I failed to resist myself from groaning loud. Hmmm…..while Bhabhi was handling my rod I reached to her love hole and like me. Bhabhi also puffed in delight. Clean shaven, she was wet and dripping and just in few seconds of rubbing I was sticky all over my hand.

Next while jerking my monster Bhabhi told me to put it into her in low sensual voice, “Bhaiya daal do issko mere andar…fuck me now” and with that she moved me to the bed and in a moment Bhabhi was lying on her back in the middle of the bed and widened her thighs,

lifted them bit up and held them apart by holding her knee joints with both the hands and holding my monster in my hand, leaning over her I touched to her love opening with my cock-tip. Bhabhi puffed while closing her eyes and took my cock to her exact opening and told me to put in "haan...Daalo" and I just bumped into her.

Aaahhh…..It was just a fraction of pain of peeling off foreskin of the cock and I was deep inside her wet womb. Ohhh… Bhabhi gasped in low voice with the incredible pleasure, I too grunted with strange feeling and finally burring my entire length in her womd and leaving my entire weight I was lying over Bhabhi.

Bhabhi grabbed me in her arms and told me to fuck her, “fuck me Bhaiya…fuck me” and I started pulsating in her wet fuckhole. I lifted my bottom up and moved in her fuckhole again and once again we both puffed in pleasure at the same time. I was hard like iron rod and Swati Bhabhi was amazingly wet, as a first timer it was altogether a different feeling for me, weird, filthy but wonderful.

Bhabhi was looking beautiful lying under me like that for a moment our eyes met and I smiled a bit while fucking her with deep screwing thrust, Bhabhi looked at me for a moment and then closed her eyes while moaning. Looking at her lovely face I realized that I haven’t kissed her yet and next instant I placed my lips over her juicy wet lips after wishing her happy birthday again “Happy Birthday Bhabhi”.

Kiss over her lips with a wish stirred her lightly and Bhabhi responded to my kiss tenderly. Holding my rod deep in her fuckhole we explored each other mouth for a minute and after breaking the kiss Bhabhi caressed my hairs with affection and once again told me to fuck her.

"Bhaiya fuck me" and I started again, clenching her both the melons in my both hands I moved back and forward in her fuckhole and Bhabhi gasped in pleasure with tore open mouth. Driving my entire length in her soft swollen flesh I fucked Bhabhi with a steady pace for hardly a minute and as her fucking expressions and pleasure moans went better and I got further excited,

I rose up with a support of my elbows started fucking her faster. Bhabhi’s sagging jugs jiggled, grip of her arms over my back went tighter and she wrapped her thighs around my pumping ass.

To Be Continued...

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Sex Starved Swati Bhabhi Fucked By Horny Saurabh - II

Previously: Sex Starved Swati Bhabhi Fucked By Horny Saurabh - I

Anyway after that we did not had much conversation and Bhabhi went down soon after that as Sharad Bhaiya was about to reach back home. At my end that night I masturbated three times till morning and still my restlessness did not seemed ending.

In office entire day I waited for day to end, I reached back home early and stood in balcony for entire evening; till darkness fell, just to see Swati Bhabhi and couple of times saw her in her veranda, unfortunately she did not noticed me looking at her but in the end once again I met her in the night on terrace.

She was back in regular outfit, Kurta, tight leggings on lower half with a stole over her shoulder and over the wall I could stare just her breasts, and truly speaking looking at her big, round and luscious fruits tightly packed in bra I felt regret over trying touching her thighs that night, certainly by now I was not at all feeling guilty over what I did;

rather I wished I would have tried squeezing her breasts and with that mind state I just went on going harder and harder. Like always time was bit passed to ten and she had nearly an hour to pass.

I sat down over the wall of partition of two roofs and while she walked to and fro on her roof we spoke about upcoming Hindi movies and over few other subjects and while she walked away from me I stared at her lovely, jutting out and erotically spread ass mounds and kept on adjusting my Penis in my underwear throughout the time we stayed.

In the end, when Bhabhi got confirmation from Sharad Bhaiya that he has left his work place and she was about to go back I asked her if we will have Beer on Saturday night and she readily said no to it. I was disappointed but before I would have asked her reason of saying no;

with a sparkling smile Bhabhi told me that Saturday is her birthday and in continuation added that they are going out for a movie and Dinner “Saturday ko mera Birthday hai aur hum Movie aur Dinner pe jaa rahe hain…” apparently I responded back with one word “Cool” with a smile but deep inside, within myself I came up thinking “That means Bhaiya will fuck you hard on Saturday night”.

Anyway it was a Monday night and Saturday was four days away and we met all four days. Swati Bhabhi was happy and excited for Saturday’s plan, why not she was going out with her husband alone for the movie and dinner after around two years and she not only asked my suggestion for which movie to watch but it was me only who bought tickets for her for Saturday’s evening show.

Eventually Saturday came and unaware of my destiny of that day I was feeling bit sad since morning. It was just not that I was not suppose to meet Swati Bhabhi in the night, my actual uneasiness was that I knew that today Bhabhi will dress up sexily and I won’t be able to see her, moreover again and again I was thinking that after coming back home from the Dinner Sharad Bhaiya will definitely fuck her.

I was jealous of Sharad Bhaiya, it was foolish but in last few days I was gone so crazy for Swati Bhabhi that I did not wanted her to get touched by Sharad Bhaiya. I was in regular touch with Bhabhi from last seven years;

since she was here after getting married but I was never so desperate for her and I don’t know if in that mind state in subconscious mind I would have prayed to God about their entire plan getting cancelled but in the end it happened. Time was barely 4 when I got a call from Swati Bhabhi’s mobile and she asked me if I would like to watch that movie.

I asked her reason for that, she said that their plan has changed and now they are not going for the movie. Assuming Sharad Bhaiya is getting late for the movie I asked her if they are going at least for the dinner and she avoided replying back clearly and ended up saying “let’s see”.

Next I met her after bit passed to 5 in the evening; to get the movie tickets and I must say she was looking Wow in Magenta color sari. Certainly she was not ready for the dinner, I think she was in sari since morning and that time she was just back from the nearby temple and after wishing her happy birthday one more time I gave her compliment that she is looking amazing in this color.

Anyway since then Sahrad Bhaiya was not reached back home, I asked her when will he come to go for the dinner and once again Swati Bhabhi avoided getting into the detail and handed me those tickets. I offered her money for the tickets but Bhabhi denied accepting money by saying it is her birthdays treat to me.

As I was getting late for the movie I did not argued with her for money and left with casual promise that if it is a birthday treat then I will get her a birthday gift too. Like it can be assumed I with one of my friend saw the movie and for a while looked for the gift in the same mall but in the end came back home with a birthday cake with “Happy Birthday Bhabhi” written on that.

By the time I reached back Sharad Bhaiya was back home, I saw his car parked in the porch and assuming that they both must be ready to leave for the dinner I ranged the door bell to get the cake cut from Bhabhi before they leave and found Bhabhi standing alone on the door in the same outfit.

I asked her about Bhaiya and her dinner plan and she revealed the fact that Bhaiya has gone out city because of some business urgency. Bhabhi was casual in telling me all that but I could see disappointment on her face and I cheered her up by showing her a birthday cake.

Her MIL or you can say Sharad Bhaiya’s mother was watching television in her room and it was me and her child who clapped when she blew the candle. Next after eating piece cake I silently asked her for the Beer party on the roof. For an instant Bhabhi said no to it but as deep inside she was sad and lonely and over her expressions I could see that she need somebody to talk,

I insisted her to come to the roof and she agreed to come after putting her child in the cot with her MIL. Time was hardly few minutes passed to 11 when I got a missed call from Swati Bhabhi, by now I was back home after buying three cans of beers; 2 for me and one for her and my parents were also gone to bed to sleep.

I tiptoed and reached to the terrace and Bhabhi was already waiting for me and like last time we both sat on the floor of her roof while resting our backs and started sipping our beers. Although apparently Swati Bhabhi was normal and talking to me casually but it was me who was doing maximum talking and most of the time she was just listening me.

She was sad and I wanted to see her smiling face and something playful came in my mind to change her mood; we had cake to eat and while talking to her about movie I offered her bite of cake from my piece with my hand and as she opened her mouth to get it I slammed it over her nose and rubbed it all around her fair and beautiful face and uttered “Happy Birthday”.

What a moment that was? Drenched with chocolate cream all over her fair and lovely face Swati Bhabhi was utterly shocked and looking at me with serious gesture. I giggled a bit but as I saw her in serious mood for long I came up saying sorry and with a speed of light she revolted back in same fashion,

she slammed piece of cake over my face which she was holding in her hand and in a moment we both were laughing while looking at each other’s face. Eventually leaving our Beer in the middle we both went down to our respective houses and washed our faces properly and came back.

We once again settled down in same posture but by now Bhabhi was bit pleasant and nearly at the end of her Can she uttered what all was running in her heart “Bhaiya aaj main Bahut udaas Hun…” (Today I am very sad) and I took it casually “Hmmm… I know….” And she uttered again “Maine aaj ke liye bahut kuch soch rakha tha…” “Kya soch rakha tha…?”

I asked her back while sipping and Bhabhi replied back with “Dinner, movie aur bahut kuch…” and without giving much thought I came up saying “Dinner and Movie I know…but ye aur bahut kuch kya tha…?” And listening that Bhabhi smiled a bit and spoke “wo main aapko nahi bata sakti…” (That I can’t tell you).

I too smiled and uttered that I have understood “main samajh gaya…” and with a continued smile Bhabhi slapped me lightly over my shoulder. Then there was a silence of few seconds and I won’t say I was getting hard over my Penis, Swati Bhabhi’s presence was enough to aggravate my sex hormones and my cock was reasonably hard since I was sitting beside her

and with that naughty note and a thought that tonight Swati Bhabhi was desiring to get fucked by Sharad Bhaiya I felt further movement in my underwear. “Bhaiya I can’t live like this….” I looked at her and Bhabhi looked serious and before I would have thought anything she spoke again “Bhaiya… Sharad has gone mad over his work…”

In response I don’t know if unintentionally I was once again trying making platform for myself, I accepted her statement with “Haan….this is wrong” and after a pause took her favor “Money is not everything….he should also think about your feelings….” Once again there was a silence of few seconds and once again it was Bhabhi who broke that

“Bhaiya… You are my best friend…aaj agar app nahi aate to iss time main bedroom mein akeli row rahi hoti” and she looked bit intoxicated with the tone and while resting my back with the wall and looking at her beautiful face I came up saying “I am honored”. She smiled back lightly while looking into my eyes in the dim light and her eyes blinked sexily with an affect of alcohol.

By now our Beer Cans were empty and there was one Bear left which was still unopened. As I was feeling heavy and also I was holding my urine from long time, I did not wanted to have more but Swati Bhabhi seemed interested in that, she asked me if I am going to have it. I denied and she asked me reason for that, I said I am full and she came up saying that she can have half of it.

I gave her that Can and she once again said that she will have half of it and insisted me to have remaining half. I agreed but before that I wanted to pass the urine and I told her that I am going downstairs for that purpose and she said she also wants to use the washroom.

We both got up and before I would have tried climbing the middle wall to go to my roof to go down in my house Bhabhi stopped me and told me to come along with her to her house to use the washroom. She was casual in her tone and without showing any gesture I too accepted and followed her to her house.

I used the toilet and next before entering Swati Bhabhi told me to wait for her on the main door. For an instant I walked few steps towards the entranced of the house but as she locked the door from inside my dirty mind brought me to the bathroom door again and heard voice of her pissing.

Wow…what an arousing voice that was, I was already hard and with that voice my erection went just double and I failed to resist myself from trying peeping inside. Unfortunately they was no hole in the door through which I could see anything and I simply bent down over my knees and tried looking in the bathroom from the bottom of the door.

There was very less gap at the bottom for me to see, still I managed to see an amazing view, drifting her panty down and lifting her sari up Swati Bhabhi was sitting on the seat and I saw Bhabhi’s Panty around at her feet and her milky while leg exposed few inches above her ankles.

Eventually she ended pissing and stood from the seat, bent down and pulled her panty up and I immediately backed off and reached to the main door. Time was almost 12 and we once again reached to the roof and opened the third Can and started sipping one by one silently.

I didn’t know what was running in Bhabhi’s mind but I was lost in the view I just got; specifically her Printed Panty at her fair feet and suddenly Bhabhi came up saying “Bhaiya you are shameless”…and before I would have properly heard what she has said Bhabhi spoke again

“ek baar thappad khane ke baad bhi aap nahi sudhre” her voice was not loud but tone was bit serious “kya hua…?” I asked back in reflex and Bhabhi revealed everything by asking me simple question what I was trying to see from the bottom of the bathroom door “bathroom ke darwaze ke niche se kya dekhne ki koshish kar rahe the?”

I was stunned and what I could say that instant was again sorry “I am sorry…” but Bhabhi continued “Apni mummy ko bolo ki aapki Shaadi kara den” bit intoxicated she was looking at my face with serious gesture, it was embarrassing and I went silent and moved my sight from her face and Bhabhi spoke again “App bolo to main bol deti hun Aunty ko”

I did not responded back and she asked me again “tell me….main baat karun Aunty se?” I looked up at her face and came up saying “mujhe nahi karni abhi Shaadi…” Beer Can was in my hand and next she took that to take a sip and once again there was a long silence. Bhabhi took couple of sips and offered me back, I looked at her face and Bhabhi tried to end the subject by saying “It’s ok….forget it”.

To Be Continued...

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Sex Starved Swati Bhabhi Fucked By Horny Saurabh - I

It was a kind of end of summers or you can say beginning of winters and a weekend night, to be more precise Saturday night and time was bit passed to 10. My parents were sleeping sound in their bedroom and with a cool breeze I was on the terrace with couple of Beer cans.

I was sitting on a broad wall which was common with our neighbor and suddenly I heard some footsteps from behind. Before I would have reacted to the noise and would have tried hiding my Beer cans Swati Bhabhi was standing behind me. I jumped on my side and just then she spoke “Bhaiya Beer pee rahe ho?”

I was caught red handed and I didn’t have any option except surrendering myself and I accepted with hesitation “Haan…bus aise hi…” “aapki mummy ko pata hai ki aap Beer pite ho?” that’s what she asked me next and I denied and requested her not to tell anything to mom and she spoke out casually “nahi…please aap batana matt” “nahi battaungi… take it easy”.

She was smiling while looking at me and I was blushing a bit and suddenly she spoke out something which for a moment I failed to believe and it was “ye Beer main peeyungi”. For a moment I thought that she is kidding and I just smiled a bit over that but Swati Bhabhi was serious and she picked the sealed can and asked me again “pee lun naa?....” “haan…haan… pee low”

reflecting no surprise I replied back casually and she opened it and had a sip. From the expression she made with first sip I could make out that she was not regular drinker of Beer but it was not her first time either. We had casual chit chat, Swati Bhabhi started with a tease that my mom thinks I am very simple and restrained child but now she has seen the truth.

I was surprised to see the way Swati Bhabhi was gulping Beer, after couple of sips she was up with taste and she just continued sipping and talking to me and told me that she is waiting for her husband to come and she was feeling bit suffocated in the house and she just came up on the terrace to get a fresh air.

Even after trying hard I could not stop staring at her face with a surprise and she was somewhat aware of my mind state and finally she spoke out in that concern and told me that she use to have beer with her friends in her collage days and after getting married to a pure vegetarian and non alcoholic husband she had a beer just twice;

precisely when she was gone to her mother’s town to live there for few days and from there she further went to one of her friend’s house. To my surprise later when we both finished our beers she asked me when will have beer next? I said next Saturday and she said that she will also have it and also said that it will be from her side and she will pay for it.

That night ended there but in way it was a beginning of my life’s most fascinating adventure of fucking unsatisfied homely wife Swati Bhabhi. For an intro I would say I am Saurabh, age almost 28, I am good looking male with average health and height and now if I will try briefing this female Swati Bhabhi then I will say first word which comes in my mind when I see her is nothing but just fucking.

She was barley 23 when she got married to Sharad Bhaiya and came in my neighborhood. I was 20 at that time and since then I am masturbating while looking at her luscious body and in last seven-eight years I have shagged my load at least thousand times on her name. She is fair and good looking with a sparkling smile, confident, down to earth and very free in talking, at least with me.

By book at present Swati Bhabhi is not in very good shape, after marriage and one baby she had put on significant weight, along with her thighs and ass her breasts are also fleshier than what they use to be seven years back, in short she has a sort of fleshy body with a prominent belly but in my perspective she is succulent exploding sex from every inch.

She often wear tight leggings with a Kurta on top and looking at her fleshy thighs and jutting out ass I get hard in my lower just in a fraction. Above that I get aroused from the way she speak to me while addressing me Bhaiya. You can say my attraction for her body is high possibly because I know her very well and we are in touch with each other from years.

Actually our families are neighbors since I was just a kid and in a way her husband Sharad Bhaiya who is actually reaching to his forties at present is like my elder brother; I have literary grew up in front of him. He has taught me science and mathematics for years and at present after losing his job of senior merchandiser from a reputed export house,

from last three-four years he is trying to grow up with his own export business and he is over busy in that. He has a huge stitching unit with lot of people working round the clock, he come home late and go back very early, he hardly stays at home, not even on Sundays and that was the core reason why Swati Bhabhi got sexually involved with me.

Anyway while moving back to the sequence of the incident I will say in next seven days I met Swati Bhabhi many times, couple of time on the street while coming from or going to nearby market and couple of times when I was sent to her place by my mom for some purpose but we did not had any conversation about the plan of having Beer on Saturday night,

but we always smiled while looking into each other’s eyes and that was enough for me to continue masturbating day and night on her name. Although I was regular in masturbating on her name but now I was getting mad in lust of her body and desperately wanted to fuck her.

Since long I was aware of this fact that Sharad Bhaiya is spending days and nights in his factory and hardly comes back home but don’t know why now I was feeling that Swati Bhabhi will get involved with me sexually instantly if I will try and to do that.

I rehearsed many statements in solitude which I could try speaking to her to reveal my desire to her on Saturday night but ultimately when I met her I failed to speak anything like that. Though I spent wonderful time with her on the terrace while having Beer but initially it looked totally uneventful in sexual concern.

That day just to avoid getting noticed by any other neighbor, Swati Bhabhi told me to come over at her terrace and we sat beside each other on the floor while resting our back on the wall and had our Beer with lot of chit chatting. She asked me lot about my work and later asked me how many females work around me and ultimately asked me what I was expecting her to ask;

which lot of people are asking me repeatedly since long, that what is my plan of getting married. I casually said no for marriage for couple of years and to make platform myself to have sex with her casually asked her when does Sharad Bhaiya come back home in the night.

Swati Bhabhi told me that usually her husband comes back home after eleven but as some urgent work is going on, that night he was not suppose to come and he will come back next day in the afternoon. I realized that it is a golden chance for me, Sharad Bhaiya’s mother or you can say her MIL was gone to bed with her child and she was alone,

somehow I wanted to speak out my desire and use this opportunity but I failed to utter anything and she just went on talking to me on various subjects and I just went on getting aroused with the way she was sitting with me and talking. Like always Swati Bhabhi was wearing a simple Kurta with a stole over her shoulder and tight leggings on her lower half.

But neither her stole nor her Kurta could hide her luscious body from my lustful eyes. It was dark but there was sufficient light for me to see her beautiful face, juicy lips along with luscious sexual assets. Again and again I was looking at her big and heavy breasts and fleshy thighs packed in stretchable leggings.

Thankfully I was wearing jeans and because it was tight I do not have to adjust my erection in front of her. Anyway time passed casually, I had two beers and she had one and over the period of more or less one hour we both were feeling dozy and now sexually Swati Bhabhi was appealing me even more.

Her eyes were blinking because of effect of alcohol and she was talking to me with more relaxed gesture. I was restless, anyhow I did not wanted to lose this opportunity of Sharad Bhaiya’s absence for entire night and overcoming my fear I decided to go for it.

I assumed that because Sharad Bhaiya hardly stays at home, she must be starved for sex, above that at present she is also drunk, so she would easily get carried away and I will be able to fuck her but I was wrong. Bhabhi was talking to me more or less without looking at me and for an instant I touched her over her thigh, she did not reacted to it,

that encouraged me a bit but she possibly thought that I have touched her unintentionally and continued saying what she was telling me and I tried again and this time I touched my whole palm over soft flesh of her thigh and tried rubbing it while moving into her legs; towards her love opening and she instantly reacted to that.

Swati Bhabhi held my wrist and looked sideways into my eyes with a shock. My heart was pounding, that was first time I was trying touching a female with that intentions and for me it went totally wrong “Bhaiya kya kar rahe hain?” she asked me while looking into my eyes and I was speechless.

Next Swati Bhabhi got up stood beside me, I too got up and said sorry to her “Bhabhi I am sorry…mujhse galti ho gayi”. Swati Bhabhi did not uttered anything in reply, she kept on looking at my face for few seconds and then suddenly slapped me hard on my face and eventually walked down to stairs and went into her house.

Suddenly including my mood everything turned around, apart from feeling ashamed of getting slapped I was sad, scared and could not think what to do now, I was sure that if anyhow this matter will reach to my parents then it will be blunder all around. I stayed at terrace with a hope that Bhabhi might come back but she did not came and I came down to my room.

Next day was Sunday and just to avoid being at home I planned whole day with my friend and left my house in the morning itself. Apparently I was normal but deep inside I was scared and very depressed over my deed. Couple of times my mom called me for casual reason but every time I took her call I was scared of this that last night’s matter might have reached to her.

Apart from feeling scared of my mom this fact was pinching me hard that my friendly relation with my loving Bhabhi is over now. Slowly day came to and end and in the evening I went more restless, that was time when mostly ladies of our colony use to meet with each other and in that fear I switched off my mobile.

I stayed at my friends place till late; till dinner and by the time I reached back time was well passed to 10. Fortunetly everything was fine, mom was unaware of my deed and she scolded me for coming back home late and keeping my phone off. After spending some time in house I climbed the stairs and reached to the terrace and luckily found Swati Bhabhi walking on her roof.

She was somewhat regular in walking over the roof and as she saw me and she turned to get down and expressing apology I called her from behind "Bhabhi....I am sorry...”. She stopped and turned around...looked at me for few seconds and then spoke "Bhaiya main aapko bahut achha samajhti thi..." "Main aapse thoda sa friendly kya hui aapne uska ye matlab nikal liya"

Standing hardly six feet away on her roof she spoke all that in sarcastic tone and I once again apologized "Bhabhi I am sorry... mujhse galti ho gayi...". I touched my ears, just like children do while saying sorry to elders and that softened her facial expressions.

Eventually after few seconds of stare into my eyes she forgave me with one word "ok" but after few seconds spoke again in scolding fashion "Why you came so late....? and why you switched off your mobile?....Aunty was so worried " she asked me all that in Hindi and I spoke the truth that I was scared "mujhe darr lagg raha tha…” hearing that Swati Bhabhi moved bit forward,

once again looked into my eyes for few seconds and spoke again but this time in soft voice "Bhaiya jo kuch bhi hua…forget everything…right now I need a friend...and you just be that". Standing with a four feet wall in the middle I moved my head in yes lightly and she spoke again “Sharad is too busy in establishing his business and there is nobody of my age with whom I can even talk”.

I Thanked God! We were friendly again; I was looking at her beautiful face with a great relief and suddenly my sight touched her breasts from the side and I started getting hard again, I did not noticed Bhabhi was wearing Sari that time. Though she is nearly thirty, hardly three years elder than me but in sari she was looking typical Indian MILF (Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck) for whom any bachelor like me can go mad.

To Be Continued...

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Bangalore College Guy Enjoying Sex On An Outing

Well before starting let me tell you this is my first experience with my friend which made me realize how good I really can be. So here me and my friends had plan of going outings, we had gone for a trip or an outing basically out Bangalore, I was little drunk, so it was already 11:30 pm, we do always carry tents which would be easier for us to camp any place,

we ended up camping in a place, which was too dark we had girls with us too, as we were drunk so, in hurry we slept.My friend was sleeping beside me. It was almost 2 in the night, I felt like someone touching my dick. I ignored it as I thought it was a dream but I was wearing a blanket in which my friend was there too.

As time passed, I felt for real that some hand is inside my pants. I didn’t want to interrupt and stop having some fun, so I slept enjoying it. Later I noticed that she was giving me a BJ. I could feel that her tongue was licking my head of my dick, I couldn’t control myself I turned towards her and held my hands on her as she felt that I was sleeping and shaking my hand but I wanted to touch her boobs, which were really big and juicy.

Then suddenly I woke up to drink water and she was pretending that she is sleeping and then I slept beside put on blanket and slowly held my hand towards her boobs I could hear her breathe then now she came to know that I m awake and really wanted to do that then she turned towards me and we started kissing and

I swear she was best she was moving her tongue in my mouth like I had never kissed anyone before and it was so passionate that we kissed each other for 30 minutes. Then I thought I can undress her and suck her boobs but it was a tent where my friends were along with us so she didn’t give me that chance as she took me out and it looked like a forest and so dark out

where we found a tree full of bushes as we went there I started kissing her neck and slowly licking her neck and ears, she was really horny and I sense her thrust for my dick. So I had taken a blanket and we went to 69 position her pussy was so juicy and she already had an orgasm she was licking my dick with so passion I felt like she is going to eat it,

as I was about to cum, she was taking my dick too deep her mouth was full of my cum, and it didn’t take much time to cum, as we were naked there, until my dick gets harder I was licking her pussy, and fingering her pussy so she had orgasm again before my dick got harder.

Then I started fucking her pussy where my dick would be more than 5 inches and it was a bit tight to go in later it managed to go in and banged her like a gun, without reloading as I fucked in a missionary position then I fucked her in doggy style which makes me so happy to fuck and I made her sit on my dick which went around 30-45 minutes,

finally I was about to cum I stopped because I didn’t want it to end really so soon, so then I kissed her and started licking her pussy this time I fucked her very hard in doggy style where she had her orgasm once and again I was about to cum and told her she was like cum inside me, I was really happy after that she gave me a final blow job, which could be a happy ending where again I came in her mouth.

It was a fantastic experience, and I really feel like experiencing it with someone else with a bhabhi or nice lady, who really wants to spend a nice time, having a glass of whiskey. And wild one. As the day passed and the other day we had to stay in a hotel and I am not comfortable sharing my bed with a guy so I had to take a different room just for myself,

we had a nice visit in goa and the place was so cool as we visited tourist places and after that night,we reached goa and went to beaches and party booze,but I was in my limits and my friends were heavily boozed so I took them back to hotel and ended up dumping in their rooms,as the girl (my friend -neha) had boozed lightly.

And the rooms we had were 2,1 for boys and 1 for girls. Each room was not sufficient for them but they were too high didn’t find any difference. That night Neha came to my room to sleep and now the real fun started she locked the door as she entered in and started undressing herself until she came to me she was nude,

my dick was getting too harder as the last night it was night and I could not see anything except having fun,now her juicy boobs was so sexy where it was huge and the brown nipple is out and wanting someone to bite it.As she came near we started kissing my hands were on her boob and pussy.

I was pressing her boobs so harder and rubbing her pussy so soft and started to lick her pussy it was clean shaved pink and tastes great, she had an orgasm when I was licking her pussy. She started licking my dick and my dick got too hard which was waiting to enter into her pussy.

I tried out different styles by giving gap as it could last longer and she will be satisfied it went for more than 40 mins finally she wanted me to mouth fuck and took all the cum in her mouth.I see she holding my dick and sleeping.It was fun.

If you like my story you can give comments below. Thanks.

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Naveen Enjoying Oral Sex Pleasures In Bus

Thanks for writing my story here. I am habituated to see this website since 2010. I am naveen 22 years and still virgin from Vijayawada. This is happened 3 months back. I am not good in English please forgive me. Her name is geetha(names changed). I booked the ticket for Hyderabad.

It was weekday so no rush in the bus it was window seat after 10 min one girl came she sits beside me. Her name is geetha she is very beautiful and perfect body. She has 36 size of boobs by looking I found it. The journey has started I introduced myself to her she is going to Hyderabad for a job. we started speaking about college and career.

I have so many mutual friends from her college. Then I asked about her do u have any boyfriend? She told yeah I had we broke up recently. Me: I asked what the reason is?she: he is not good guy while she is crying me: don’t worry then touched her eyes. After 10 min I started touching her hands she responded and then I stared at her she gave a smile on me.

I kissed on her cheek to lips. This is a first time to kissing a girl I told to her. Then I moved into her lips OMG!! It’s very sweetylips for 20 min we kissed. My hands are searching for her boobs she has white bra her inside it. I pressed her left boob and she has pink nipple I sucked for 10 min then I moved to right boob she is moaning like “cheekuraabbhainkabaagacheekura” suck it very hard.

She is searching for my dick meanwhile I am sucking her boobs. She put her hand inside my Jockey then she opened it. She shocked for some time because of my dick. She started sucking my penis Oh My God!!! It’s very good “abha bale cheekutunavaneeku award ivachu“ your sucking like hell and can give award also I told to her.

She gave a good blowjob and then I started searching for pussy she has pink panty and hairy pussy, it’s already wet slowly I rubbed she moaning “abbhaammachalabagundi“ then I put a finger inside she couldn’t tolerate the pain I started playing with her pussy she is moaning “please dengudengubaagakasitheeradenguabbhaammaareyrara” please fuck me very hard baby.

Then she told to me near to my cum I told her I’ll lick it and then she smiled at me. I licked it. After that again we kissed for 20 mins. We exchanged our numbers we chatted for 2 weeks we planning to meet in Hyderabad. She has changed her phone number so I felt very bad. Now I am free bird I don’t have girlfriend.

Please give your comments below. I am very happy to share my experience here. I am waiting for your comments. Thanks.

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