Seducing Newly Married Neighbourhood Lady

This story is a true story of how I seduced my neighbor aunty and fucked. I’m 25yr old and looks handsome. I stay with my friends in an apartment. Opposite to our flat a sexy and very hot looking newly married girl is staying with her family. Her name is Sindhu. She is very fair and has very big boobs with perfect shape. She has a daughter of 2yrs named Priyanka.

I fell in love with her beauty when I saw her for the first time in my apartment. Her husband used to go on business trip regularly. So her daughter Priyanka used to come to our flat to play with us. She became very close to me. I also started to go to their home to play with her and to see Sindhu.

One day, I came early from the office and as I was getting bored in my room I went to bring Priyanka to my room to pass the time. I knocked the door and Sindhu opened the door. That was the first time I have seen her in a nighty. That was a light pink colour tight satin nighty. I have seen her from top to bottom. I have seen her cleavage very clearly as I was very near to her.

Her boobs colour is very fair than her face. I could not turn my glance from her. As soon as she noticed me watching her boobs, she immediately covered them with a dupatta. I thought how lucky her husband is, he must be fucking her every day. Then I went in and started playing with her daughter to stay for some more time in her home.

I went to her kitchen to see her bigger sexy boobs, surprisingly this time I got to see her ass… It was a visual treat for me that day. In that satin nighty, the shape of every part of her body was looking very clear. I hardly controlled my tower which became very hard and trying to come out of my pant. I immediately returned to my room and masturbated.

After seeing her milky white skin at her cleavage and her sexy ass, I really felt very excited and decided to seduce her and fuck her very hard. I wanted to suck her boobs like anything. So I started to go to their home whenever I get a chance. I started cool conversations with her. But unfortunately, I did not get a chance to see her in that nighty again.

But I tried very hard to seduce her by staring at her boobs and other body parts while chitchatting with her. We both used to discuss movies and our college life etc… Slowly she also became very close to me. She stopped covering her boobs while I was staring. I was getting some indications that she also interested in me.

So I started touching her body pretending that it happened unknowingly while playing with her daughter. One day while she was standing in her kitchen by carrying her daughter in her hands, I went very near to her and played with her daughter while she was in her hands, Then I touched her boobs and pushed. She did not say anything then I did the same again and again.

And she put her face like she is not noticing that or I am not doing it wanted. But I can see in her eyes that inside she is enjoying that touch and she is allowing me to touch and rub them more. Then I understand she is looking for sex from me. One day when I went to her home to see her, surprisingly she was in a nighty again. I was so much excited and decided to fuck her that day.

I gathered some courage and told her that she was looking very sexy and hot in that nighty. She gave a pleasant smile, and that was a clear indication for me to say anything about her body parts. Then I started explaining how sexy all her body parts are. She did not say anything and went into the kitchen. I also went into the kitchen and hugged her very tightly from behind.

She got shocked and forcefully removed my hands. She turned back and was angrily said how did you get that much courage to hug me…. I said love you so much and your beauty is making me mad. She said ‘I love my husband, I can’t do this’. I said ‘ I love you so much than anyone else in the world. You are the first women I touched. I never saw a girl as much beautiful as you look’.

Somehow I was succeeded in convincing her but she just accepted to suck her boobs nothing more than that. I told her that itself is the biggest gift in my life. Then I slowly put my hand on her boobs, I amazed by the softness of her boobs. She suddenly removed my hand and walked out of the kitchen. I got disappointed.

When I came out of the kitchen and followed her.. Then I saw she was locking the door of the room in which her daughter was sleeping. My heart was pounding again and cock was hard and hot. With a smiling face, she came near to me and stand in front of me. This time I hugged her very tight from the front. I felt the softness of her boobs touching my chest. I was on cloud nine.

I started kissing on her neck and on her ears. She also aroused and hugged me very tightly. Then I touched her soft lips with my tongue and had liplock for almost 15mins. I put my tongue into her mouth and sucked her tongue as well. Then we both were in a great mood. Meanwhile, my hard cock is pressing against her soft pussy.

I slowly tried to put my hand on her pussy and rub it over the nighty. But she already told not to fuck her, she removed my hand from there and kept it on her left boob. I started pressing her soft boob it was so nice feeling. Her boobs are very bigger I could not hold all of that in my hand.

Then I hugged her very tight, I removed her bra hooks by putting my hand in her nighty from the backside and took her to the sofa and make her sit in that. She then laid on the sofa and I started kissing on her entire face, lips, and neck. Then slowly came to boobs. I removed her nighty from upside to taking out the boobs.

I started sucking them like anything. She completely aroused and said ‘come on I can’t control myself now. Please go down and satisfy me completely’. Then I removed her nighty completely. She was laying naked in front of me on the sofa. She was looking very sexy with the naked body. Then she removed my t-shirt to touch my bare body with her body.

I removed my pant and took my 6inch cock out of my jockey. She really got surprised by seeing my cock as her husband’s cock is not that much big. Then I asked her to suck my cock but she refused as she did not do that ever before. I then removed her panty and kissed on her pussy. Her pussy is very clean and hygiene. But she has some hair around her pussy.

I kissed all around her pussy and licked the lips of her pussy and I sucked her vagina with my tongue. She is very much aroused now and asking me to fuck her hard. We both enjoyed the sucking. After that I inserted my fingers into her vagina and finger fucked until juices came out of her vagina.

Her pussy was very wet and then I slowly tried inserting my cock and started fucking her with my cock, in the begining I fucked her slowly and gradually I increased the speed as she was enjoying the pleasure of it. I am pressing her boobs with my hands and kissing on her lips and face. We enjoyed fucking for 10mins after that I cum inside her pussy and she also cummed.

I laid on top of her for some time and I wanted to fuck her again. But my cock need some rest. So I told her I wanted to fuck her again and she immediately accepted as she was enjoyed the last session very much.

This time she took me to her bedroom. We both laying naked on her bed seeing each others bare bodies we smiled and hugged again. I told her that I love her so much and want to continue this hereafter. She smiled and said ‘sindhu now became all yours, you can fuck her when ever you want’.

I felt very happy and then I again started fucking her and we tried many angles this time as it was much comfortable on the bed. After fucking her second time I cummed on her boobs. She then massaged on her boobs with that cum. She then got up and dressed and I too got dressed up. Finally, I hugged her and said the 3 magical words in her ear.

She kissed me on my lips and I kissed her on her forehead. I took a selfie with her, but she asked me to delete it. I then said see u soon again and returned to my room. This is how I fucked my neighbour and made my dream come true..Till date we are enjoying a lot and we fuck often. This is the end of my story.

It will be maintained very secretly feel free to send your valuable feedbacks..See you guys soon with my next and best story.. Thank you, each and everyone for reading my story.

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Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - V

Previously: Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - IV

She was moving her hips easily and rhythmically in a steady up and down motion. Her cunt a hot vortex that engulfed the throbbing mass of my cock-flesh was squeezing and contracting greedily on its thickness. Deepti’s scream to fuck her harder and harder, and by her wanton behavior, I thrust into her harder and faster, deeper and deeper into her ever-willing cunt,

reaching depths that had not been reached in a long time. I started in full throttle and banged her like a cheap whore. My face got wilder and wilder, as if a caged tiger had been released. Every thrust carried her heated body to higher stages of yearning and she wanted me to pump harder and faster. My organ stroked deeper and deeper into her cunt, jerking her head from side to side.

I was ramming my steel gun in and out of her cunt like a machine. She gasped and moaned with every hard stroke I slammed into her willing cunt. She was taking it all and moaning her lusty approval every time a thrust found its target. We fucked for fifteen long minutes and then the sheer novelty and passion of the situation overcame both of them.

I was about to reach climax with a roar and she caught on, as my gun was loaded fully. She was begging for more. I removed the gun slowly and removed the protective cover, without any hint to her before she has any idea, I slowly inserted with hard push. “Sameer ah..ah.ahhh.ahhhh.aaaaa. she screamed loudly.

I smiled, kissed her, and picked up my rhythm and pumped her few more times. Before long I stiffened, and shoot an incredible load of my milks spraying inside her hole, my cum was hitting her strongly like a strong waves after waves inside her. Each corner of her cunt was being milked with my cum.

I shot loads and loads of cum and she might be feeling her whole insides being washed with my hot seed causing her pussy to continue to throb and clutch fiercely. She had never known such a mind-blowing orgasm before, probably because she had never been fucked in such a risky situation before, nor had she been fucked this well by any one.

”Sameer your hot liquid is being felt deep inside, you are so warm. I kissed her…I released her from my grip.. Like a true chauvinistic male, I just released her hips with a grunt, let go of her feet, pulled my shrinking dick out of her pussy and quickly pulled on her saree, before she could move. There she was well fucked. She looked at me and felt like a horny whore.

I disappeared without one word of farewell, leaving her gasping in pleasure in that naked, well-ravished state and absolute wonder that she had cum many time in less than 5 hours. Eventually she rose slowly, picking her sweaty braless blouse still open, but her saree pallu was in her hands and she couldn’t decide whether to put it on or to clean herself up.

Her thighs were sticky and some cum still settled wetly over her puffy pussy lips, as they had not yet begun to dry. She ran her fingers over her cunt lips and felt them tenderly. She scooped some of his cum out of her cunt with her fingers and brought them to her nose to smell the sexy aroma.

She went away with tickling smile and said you just start breakfast, she will clean herself and will join in few minutes. I told her I already had such delicious breakfast, there was killing smile on her face. The quick explosive fuck in the morning was a dream which I had for woman like her.

She went into the bathroom and as she looked in the mirror she saw her hair was disheveled and was probing the marks which I were there due to bite & marks during love making. She took a bath to freshen herself up, then we had breakfast.

I dressed up and went to nearby medical shops to have some birth controls pills and came with half and hours and gave it to her. She told me not to worry, she will have it and then she took it. I took rest the whole day and that day we had two more sessions, where in I screwed her two different position which she wanted.

One position she enjoyed was sitting on my cock and dancing on it which gave tremendous pleasure. She was a really dominant player in this position and I saw her real wild part of her. Again that night was doggy position at night. I rarely thought there might be such ladies who are really sex starved & lust. Its only man who is real lust and sex starved.

With 4 marathon sessions of pounding her she was complaining about soar pussy and weak legs she was unable to walk properly nor was able to move her legs. After that also we had two more encounters wherein we met at his place for an hour and had a nice fuck. We both never wanted to destroy our married life. It was a just discreet encounter to spice up our married life.

Then onwards as an when I visit Mumbai, I avoid informing her. She is irresistible, and I cannot have my control over her. Few times, whenever she came to know that I am in Mumbai, she came to meet me in my office. With her beautiful & lusty looks, I was uncontrollable and she too. But just we ended up kissing and I massaging roughly her boobs and fingering her cunt.

But lastly, as there is no more recruitment activity going out due to slow down we are not having any major assignment with her firm. A few days back only there was a message from her side in my email, she will be visiting Ahmedabad. I have not answered her, I won’t be able to resist her, the scent of her pussy, her aroma, her sleeveless looks, swollen melons, lust in her eyes.

It is understood her cunt is again craving for the cock to milk her pussy. I have broken all the taboos, the hypocrisies and the conservative notions about sex. Am glad I could easily overcome the initial guilt and enjoyed what I did. I am really happy I did it, no regrets it adds spice to your life.

I would in fact definitely, would prefer to have a discrete & wild encounter with any preferably dominant married or working woman to break this routine, without any strings attached, to experiment different sexual pleasure or who can teach me. It is really fun to have sex with another woman, who is open to being explored and sex starved.

I love experimenting lady’s, who can drive me, add spice, thrill, and the excitement in bed. The fun in allowing her to lick her smelling pussy, who can come in my mouth like waves of juices, likes to undress you, who can suck my cock and can spring it to life, teach me different styles about sustaining and having long lasting fucking sessions.

Using different styles or methods to arouse make cock rock and hard like steel. No routine every pussy is different, has a different scent, has a different diameter, has different size of melons. Some women have puffy nipples, some have very sensitive, some less sensitive, some are pink, some are brown, some are small and some have hard pointed nipples.

Every woman have different approach, her style is different, the there appeal is different, some are wild in bed but looks innocent naturally, and some are wild in nature but are boring in bed. Their body heat is different, there under arms smell differently, some smell erotic, some smells wild, her touch is different, their kisses are different,

their lips are soft or some lips makes you aroused instantly, some takes time, the way they kiss, rub their hard lips. The way they kiss the cock, caress the cock, some only chew, where as some of them tease the cock glans with their tongue or through their soft finger touch makes you go wild, some are really experts in managing wild cock, some of them are just dumb.

The way She makes love to you is different, the lust is different,their orgasm is different and the satisfaction they gave you is different, it’s not only men who have to satisfy women, there has to be role played by women dominantly to give and take erotic pleasures. It only needs to be experimented. So never be introvert it should be upfront and demanding and who can satisfy your crave.

The End.

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Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - IV

Previously: Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - III

My warm jet was hitting her womb and it triggered another deep orgasm in her, she screamed and clawed at my back. It felt as if the whole world was whirling round; it was so wonderful. When I finally rolled out of her and pulled my cock out her red and swollen pussy, she slowly sat up on her elbows and looked down at how totally fucked she looked.

She was unable to get up…and walk, due to the rough fuck. There was expression of happiness and satisfaction in her face.. Her dresses were bunched up around the bed and soaked petticoat & panties were lying at corner of bed. I laid there on the bed and wondered if she would be able to walk perfectly by morning. It was 2.00 am in night. She went to her bedroom.

I thought she might have gone for getting shower, and closed the door of her bedroom. I went to sleep and woke up in the morning. It was still raining slowly. I waked up it was 7.00am as there was knock on my door. I was still nude, I got my Bermuda and opened the door. It was Deepti; she was wearing light pink saree with deep neck and exposing large back and pointed melons.

She was ready and had taken bath, her in laws were also in hall room. She told me she had gone to temple with her in laws and had just returned and found that I have not woken up and hence knock the door.

I went for a bath and came out and saw there was message from our company admin person that office is closed for Saturday as it has been declared holiday due to heavy rain. Now I can only go to office on Monday. I came out my room and found that her in laws had already left after having breakfast.

She was in kitchen preparing breakfast, there was a sense of guilt In me in facing her. Though she was talking to me normally as if nothing has happened at night. I can see back of Deepti, I was again getting wild feeling and was unable to control. Deepti told me that she is yet to have breakfast and was waiting for me to have breakfast together after that I can leave for my work.

I told her that it has been declared holiday due to heavy rains. There was small smile in her face. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw me and as she turned towards me, I got hold of her sweet swollen boobs which I was laying last night. I was unable to take my eyes away from them. I told her if she requires any help in kitchen for preparing breakfast, she told me no she will manage.

I was getting hungry might be because of exhaustive session of last night. I wanted to say sorry to her and went to kitchen to say so. As I went near to her, she turned around and we both of got hit and stuck. I just saw in her eyes, there was small smile in her face. I was unable to control.

I got hold her up through her back and pushed her towards me, she trembled and I caught hold her up strongly and put my lips again kissed her passionately & brutally to her neck. I made her speechless, she was pushing me, Sameer you are really still strong. I lifted her and made her sit on kitchen Platform.

I started again caressing that beautiful ripe melons, with rough massages, she was resisting. Sameer not now, its morning my In laws will come any time, I didn’t heed her request. I was just getting mad seeing her in Saree. She was extremely hot and gorgeous. I tore open her blouse and started caressing her boobs with my palms brutally.

”Sameer it’s hurting”…I was unable to control myself “As animal in me had woken up”… I lifted her bra from front, it seems she was wearing costly bra of pink soft material. I can perfectly see red and bite marks of the last night sessions. There were bite marks of mine on her pinks nipples. I started licking her gently and chewing. She was pulling my hair to push me.

Sameer…it’s giggling. Again I took some ice from nearby refrigerator and rubbed on her sweet strawberry pink nipples. She was shivering. My palms began to kneading and slowly squeezing her breasts, bringing them to life and sending waves of pleasure flowing through her lust triggered body.

Sameer slowly please, we are not at right place we shouldn’t do it here, but there wasn’t no patience in me. My rod sprang to life again and It was getting smashed between both of us, it had smelled the scent of pussy and was pushing to come out of the cage.

Slowly I lifted her saree till her thighs and started to caressing her thighs she was getting slowly aroused and tied her legs tightly to me from back. I pushed her saree towards upper till her buttocks…wow great, it was perfect scene I can see her light magenta colored panty fully wet and soaked. I moved my fingers and started caressing the mound from covered panty.

There was wetness on my palms. It was smelling exotically, she had put her exotic deo too, smell emanating from her cunt was making go wild and strong. “”I’m going to fuck you right here and now, whether you like it or not, so you better not to struggle because I’m not going to stop!” She couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth and didn’t say a word.

She was staring like a innocent lady,just standing silently as she could feel her breasts getting crushed against my broad chest. Her excited body started giving in and she wiggled her hips, pushing towards me as if to hit his crotch. I remove her panty and made her sit properly in the platform and started licking the opening of her pussy wildly like a thirsty dog.

She was moaning, Sameer it’s not right place…I was adamant. She was moaning, My wet tongue was hitting her clit, she was going mad, she exploded her hot lava from her tunnel, as wave after wave of pleasure she moaned & screamed with ecstasy.

She had pressed my head strongly, I was breathing heavily as my head was covered with her saree and due to lack of ventilation, she too was breathing heavily. I was licking my favorite health juices. Pressing my mouth close to the opening, I pressed my mouth tightly pressed to her hole and swallowed her hot juices.

As I stand up she caught hold of my Bermuda…and starting caressing my bamboo, which had fully sprang to life. She pushed me and went to her bedroom, I thought she wanted to get fucked in her bedroom; hence she might have gone there. She came and there was something her hand, it was liquid gel which is used to reduce pain and there was pack of ribs & dotted condom.

She said.Sameer please put this gel around my pussy, as it will reduce the pain during entering me, I want to have more fun, hence put on this, they are dotted & ribs condoms, will give me more pleasure. As I see her the previous night, the pain she went through, I thought it I shall heed to her request. She was not on pills hence it was wise to use the protective sheet.

I took some liquid and rubbed around her opening, I can see her pussy was red, due to last night activity and removed the wrapper and she removed my Bermuda and put that peace of protective cover on my Standing Bamboo. I went near her and put my gun near her opening of pussy lips and start rubbing near opening.

My Loaded gun founded the target, slowly I kissed her lips, she was resisting my strength to go wildly inside her, as she had experienced of previous night. But I was clever enough too, I teased her few more times, pretending her that this time I will be going slowly. As I saw she was engrossed in slow pleasure I slowly starting pushing my gun.

Due to its girth it was not easy for her to take it easily, I was adamant this time too, I am going to screw her as per style, as I have accepted her wishes to use the protective cover and the liquid gel to lessen the pain. In one single plunge I entered her roughly deep into her cunt and she screamed in delight as my cock stretched her wet cunt walls which gave it a fully lubricated welcome.

I kept her kissing wildly till my bamboo settles down perfectly. She shrieked in passion and cried out in lust as I began fucking her with long, deep, thrusts, rocking his lean hips steeply and swiftly to and fro, flexing and unflexing his taut buttocks. My cock slammed in and out of her cunt, glistening with juices, piercing deeply with each inward thrust.

Her body jerked back and forth on the kitchen floor and she gasped and cried out in a frenzy of joy, her fingers spread in tension, scrabbling at my arms, the floor or anything she could reach. I was stroking into her sloppy pussy with deliberate motions and her body throbbed with lust as her pussy started leaking its juices.

I pumped my cock into her incessantly and her cunt muscles started clasping my cock in greed, milking it to new heights of passion. It seems, she was getting the perfect pleasure she was expecting. Her cunt was unrelenting on my distended cock, and my body was tense and taut. This was our second session in less than 6 hours.

She was going wild. Her eyes were closed, she had caught hold me strongly with her hands and twisted her leg tightly to my buttocks. My cock with full night sleep was fresh and was charged. I felt wonderful in her slit, my strokes were long, heavy and hard, mashing her engorged clit as it passed to and fro across it.

My bamboo probed the deepest recesses of her cunt, stretching her cunt-lips to their fullest. In her ecstasy she gripped my buttocks, keeping me pinned inside her and began moving her hips deftly in gentle undulating circular motions. She was crying and sobbing out of sheer lust and joy, as I was pounding into her pussy roughly and crushing her body against mine.

My thrusts continued in a steady rhythm, with standing style fucking enabling her to gaze at her new lovers lust aroused, red face. My hands now fully cupped her tits, massaging them roughly, squeezing and kneading the trembling orbs.

Her saree was completely disrobed, and had fallen on floor, I had removed her panty, which was soaked with juices and sweat. Her blouse was some were near wash basin. For the sake of saying I can say she was wearing bra that too was hanging as if they too have lost the battle of covering sweet melons.

To be continued...

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Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - III

Previously: Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - II

Same time she was enjoying my manly rough touches. There was some other thoughts in my mind.. I wanted to play her boobs differently. I asked her, Do you have chocolates? … she answered positively and told me, what you want to do? I told her to keep quite.. now it’s me who owns her for the night, I went to Kitchen and took some chocolates and ice cubes along with me in a bowl.

I opened the wrapper of cold chocolates and ice and started rubbing her in nipples. She was shivering and screaming…. Ooo..ooh..aah..aaaahhh please don’t do that…she was shivering, due to sensation of ice on her nipples.

They seem to be very sensitive, she was going wild…I had held her hands strongly with my one hand and my other hand was rubbing ice cube on her nipples and then I rubbed chocolates on her nipples and melons and started licking slowly. Her nipples were strongly erect and turned red and I again started chewing them.

She was pushing me, but I caught hold strongly and was licking her like a thirsty wild dog. I release her from my hold. Her complexion was completely turn red She removed my t-shirt and was staring at my bare chest and kissed. She says you are really strong…and rough, I want you to plough my womanhood, I lifted her and laid her in bed.

The smell of her sex was thick in the air.She opened her eyes and said you are amazing, you know how to make love to women, I went near to her and was just about kiss her. My bottom touched her bottom..I put my hands on her thighs and lifter her nighty and removed it. She was wearing pink panty and with netted silk around her pussy.

She was completely wet and her soaked pussy was looking for more cunt juices. I stretched the panty for removing, as I wanted to caress her pussy, there was bit resistance, She said wait Slowly!! I was at my peak of passion, I snatched and ripped it, now my eye can see the perfect pink angel which were closed and folded.

Her thighs were also wet; it seems some liquid from her cunt had reached upto thighs. I said, I had never seen such pussy, continuously discharging the milk. She said, she never had such intense orgasm. We again passionately kissed…then she laid back and closed her eyes in ecstasy. I began by slowly kissing the area around tummy and boobs and went down.

She was holding my head….her pussy was radiating aroma which was intoxicating and exotic womanly smell emanating from deep within her core, It was a feeling of inhaling a drug, smell of her pussy was carried by the blood all over my body. She said, her pussy as never been licked or have eaten by her husband, as he fills its unhygienic.

Hers was clean shaven pussy and a beautiful one with Pink lips around and completely drenched in juices. I slowly began kissing and opened her labia and slowly I started teasing her clit, it began to swell and now was swollen like thick bud. I latched on to her stiff clit making her moan with pleasure.

I started munching on her clit while at the same time sticking a finger deep into her pussy to stimulate her g-spot, she was shivering and moaning wildly. She was going to explode, I licked her deep, there was free flow of juices, it was sweet like honey. I was pushing my tongue more deep an deep, pulling more juice, and my nose was rubbing her bud.

It seems a strong orgasm was building in her up, her pussy was on fire. Her body was into a sexual frenzy as my face was buried into her drenched pussy. She was speechless, she was moaning, she exploded her hot lava from her tunnel, as wave after wave of pleasure she moaned & screamed with ecstasy she let the air out of me…

oh no…oh no… God, and there was free flow of juice.. The way a man drinks the water inside a green coconut pressing his mouth close to the opening, I pressed my mouth tightly pressed to her hole and swallowed her hot juices. My whole face was drenched with her juices, her hips involuntarily began to push hard against him,

She said “Sameer, are you really drinking my juices? How nice!” she exclaimed. I said: “Deepti, how I can waste such a precious sweet honey, Do you think I shall waste this precious nectar. I had never found a lady secreting so much of cum. My mouth was filled again and again with the continued flow of her cum. I was also enjoying myself gulping down her thick oily juices greedily.

She was watching me like a helpless powerless woman, towards my hard pillar like pole in my Bermuda. She came near to me and starting touching my bamboo in my Bermuda… she started caressing with her with palms, she was rubbing it. I told her not to rub more else I will finish it early, she said, I will take the charge now and will drive the next part.

She was rubbing my loaded gun roughly; she removed my Bermuda, and rubbed rigorously. She took my gun in her mouth and was sucking like a small child who had been given chocolate. She was teasing my glans with her tongue and was kissing with her rosy lips. It was perfect combination of rose lips and brown cock.

I told her I have never been sucked such wonderfully, she told me Are you enjoying? I told really it feels very good, I was unable to sustain, mine cock was fully erect. I came hard and exploded instantly, some time I ejaculate early and cannot sustain for long. She said, don’t worry Sameer, there is nothing as such, you should know the real art of managing the Loaded Gun,

first it should be discharged completely and cleaned and then to be reloaded again. She started sucking my bamboo… it began to sprang to life again and first time it was getting more thick and hard. Sameer yours is so thick and hard, my husband is much smaller than, I told haven’t got this strong erection any time in past with Neha,

might be because Neha had never sucked my cock. She likes the manly smell coming from my cock. She told even Prashant never allows her to suck his small cock. I again lifted her and laid in bed…and started kissing her on lips, and neck. I was hard like never fully monster and stiff, I wanted to enter her surprisingly; with first jerk.

She may get pained and will scream loud, but I wanted to ram wildly in her pussy crushing her beautifully rosy petals with my monster bamboo, Irrespective of whatever it is that’s my style. Even in my first night too in my first jerk I destroyed virginity of Neha’s pussy. I put a pillow beneath her buttocks and spread her legs, she told me to enter in her pussy slowly,

as it’s too thick and stiff, and initially she may hurt. I told her not to worry. I started kissing her every were with putting her hands above her heads, so I can kiss her underarms. Slowly I put my gun near her pussy lips and started rubbing near pussy her opening. She was screaming as I was kissing in her under arms.

My Loaded gun founded the target, slowly I was kissing her lips and with one strong hard push I entered he. She was tight and was well lubricated, she was unable to scream as I had sealed her mouth with my mouth. I kept her kissing wildly till my bamboo settles down perfectly in the newly founded house.

She was pushing me, but was helpless, I was hard and forcefully pressing my bamboo inside her. I started moving slowly in and out, she was still tight. I lifted my lips from her mouth, she said oh god; you are Real Man.

It was paining her, she was screaming, Sameer please have some pity in my pussy. Its paining, I told it will subsidies slowly, She said I can see real Sameer now in you, this is what I wanted. I know you are real Man, You are hard, your touches are rough, your instincts are like animal, I wanted to see this animal in you.

Her words were making me feel charge and I started moving in an out of her puss. I can see my Monster bamboo was completely inside her, it was an iconic scene, and such a small hole had swallowed the monster thick bamboo inside her. She was slowly moving with my push, I started pumping her pussy with my thick and stiff loaded gun.

She was screaming with pleasure…ah.aha.ahaaa..Sameer….ahhhh..oh go on please more deep and pump it hard. I pushed deeper, I put her legs on my shoulder, and started pumping her hard and wildly, her small buttocks had turned red due to constant hitting by my huge body. I was pressing and massaging roughly her both her boobs with my both hands.

I held her boobs and started pumping her again hard. She said Sameer I haven’t feel such hardness for long time till now. You have tremendous energy and stamina. It was more than 20 minutes I was pumping her with my loaded gun was still going strong. In fact she had given me right treatment my unloading my gun initially. I then turned her around and fucked her in Doggy position.

I wanted to experiment her beautiful body completely, this was the first time I enjoyed this position and felt how wonderful it was. First time, I was able to sustain my erection for such a long time!! It was incredible, something I never knew about such adventurous. Deepti was right, she was really bold lady to teach a man like me how to make real love to lady.

With Neha I never had such long lasting erection or wild sex. I was going to come, she told me to pull out but I increased my rhythm, As my gun was getting loaded fully and was getting fully charged and was ready to shoot bullets, she was begging not to come inside her. I told she can take pills after wards, I told this is my wild side.”

You wanted to see my wild side”, I never leave my predator half eaten, my cock wants to eat your pussy and wants to milk you “Sameer.. I am not protected”…but I Ignored her she was begging, I smiled, kissed her, and picked up my rhythm and pumped her few more times.

Before long, I stiffened and shoot an incredible load of my bullets spraying inside her hole, as I pushed inside her cunt up to meet each thrust.

To be continued...

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Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - II

Previously: Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - I

We both came to hall room which was illuminated with dim lights. We both sat she started the soft music and put on some more light. We just started casual discussion about my family and kid and about her business and about her family and Prashant’s frequent travel and buzzy schedule.

As she was also involved in our recruitment activity our discussion went on too reviewing the current status and then as again it went on to our personal life. She asked me about our married life and I told her, we both are quite compatible and still enjoying, she told me she too is compatible with Prashant.

As she was open and I being introvert, she told men often many a times thinks about other women in their wild thoughts. I told it’s not case with me so. She was adamant on her statement again and told Prashant also thinks such wild fantasies so every man has such fantasies. I was on denying mode.

She told me it’s natural about every men to get attracted to women and every men have in their back of mind to screw some or other lady. She told life should be spicy & exciting as we don’t prefer to eat same food or wear same cloths every day, similarly we should have such open space in personal life.

I was feeling drowsy as I was tired, she bought coffee for both of us and, her statements were very bold, I had known, I cannot win over her, and hence I wanted to withdraw from such debates. She told me to relax and said she knows some therapy wherein she can relieve my headache. I told her, a good sleep will make me completely relax by morning.

She bought some herbal liquid and poured few drops on my head and starting massaging my forehead slowly with only three fingers from both of her palms. Her touch was so smooth, sometimes it was on forehead and sometimes she used to rub my cheeks with her palm. I was feeling relaxed and somewhat charged and music was slowly getting fast.

She told me to got up and hold her both hands and to close my eyes and follow step the way she takes. It was similar to small lap dance. As it was raining lightly outside climate was little cold, and her smooth touch of her palm was having electrifying effect on my body. She told me to open my eyes and asked me how I was feeling I told her it’s quite relaxing.

Distance between both of our body was rarely there. I can smell her aroma, it was also one of the factor for arousal. After very long time I was getting such hard in my shorts, She was very close to me, I can see her rosy lips, it was natural pink. I wanted to avoid her and wanted to go to my room sleeping.

Only once I had fantasied about her, then I had never thought about her in such way. She was beautiful, I sensed she is intentionally doing this, but I was unable to resist her. She made me sit. Now she was massaging my forehead from front facing me in standing mode. I can see her aroused nipples in that nightie. She told me how I am feeling I told I am ok now.

She asked me, have I ever fantasized about her? I was taken back by her bold statement, and was speechless. I told I had never fantasized about any girl/women. She told, she is asking about her, I told I had never fantasized about her, you are lying, she said. She told me she will make me fantasized about her now onwards.

She told she will change my perception and will make me open and extrovert. I resisted her and pushed her back. I can sense she was aroused & wildness in her eye and body language, she was holding my hand strongly, her palms were warm now. I wanted to avoid her and excused myself to go to washroom to answer natures call.

She released my hand, I went to my room and closed the door from inside, as I wanted to maintain distance from her, as we both were married. In washroom I can see my monster bamboo being so hard after so long, probably because of her making me so aroused. I came out of wash room and went to sleep, there was knock on my door.

Deepti told me there is call in my mobile, my wife is calling. I realized I had forgotten my mobile in hall room, I opened the door. I took my mobile from Deepti. She said me sorry and went to her room. After having ended my call I saw there was Deepti standing in front of me. I was shocked… too see her in nightie, as I had never expected, she was not wearing bra inside too.

I really caught my breath to see her the way she was born. No word or adjective was enough to qualify her super sexy body. I could never imagine she had such a really hot and sexy body remained hidden under her dresses. Her entire body was made to perfection in such a sexy contour enough to cause instant erection in any male.

I remained looking and admiring her nude body for a long time. She was very fair, thick pink shining lips and long neck. I guessed her vital statistics might be 36-30-40 with fleshy wave-folds around her hips and waist. Though married for four years, yet her fair fleshy big boobs were erect without any sagging tendency. I was fascinated to see particularly the shape of her boobs.

They were not round but conical in shape tapering towards the nipples. The conical shape helped the boobs to have a straight projection. This ideal shape would present enormous pleasures for any man to suck her boobs. Her nightie which was above thighs and was transparent with huge swollen perfectly shaped balloons, she had perfect dark strawberry colored pinkish nipples.

It was first time I was seeing such nipples. Though I had seen many times in porn sites, but this was real. They were swollen, she was aroused. She was wearing pink panty. I somehow tried to push her away from me, I tried to protest Deepti, and told her to immediately stop all this but she was full of lust.

She pulled me towards him and before I could react, She put her burning lips on mine and kissed me passionately for a long time. Her lips were quite warm and was soft. I was feeling suffocated and just managed to move away my lips… but only for a few seconds.

She again pounded on me like a wild cat with a long passionate kiss, then again and again until I became weak in my knees. I just couldn’t move against her strength. Frankly I enjoyed such a hot passionate suffocating kiss for the first time in my life. She pushed his tongue into my mouth and pulled me close as she began to rub my bottom again. It felt so good She was wild tigress.

Seems she had not been screwed since long or has been deprived of sex since long. She was passionately kissing me, even I had started responding to her moves. She was holding me strongly; her pointed nails were hurting my back. But I knew, I had to stop her. I tried to pull her back but the empowering embrace made it impossible.

Her warm breath and wet tongue was triggering a deep sexual desire inside of me. Somehow I made it to break away from her kiss and muttered to her that we shouldn’t do this and asked her to go away before it was too late. I was beginning to lose control. I passionately licked her tongue back as we started to deeply kiss each other.

She lifted her face from my mouth, she was completely red..and told me..Sameer please make love to me… “I want to see animal in you…I had fantasized about you lot”. She told me though Prashant and she have regular sex, they both enjoy too, but it’s too casual, and he finds me more wild inn her dreams.

She wants to have some intense and hard fun, and she gets wild thoughts many times thinking about me. I told her how come so.. she told had accessed my laptop last time when I came, she had seen some movies which were interracial & wild fun which she also enjoyed. I had become bold enough now and said, I love those women who are straight & bold and dominating in bed, It seems you are.

She said my judgment is perfectly right, she only initiates sex in bed with Prashant. I was just caught in such unwanted situation, there was this wildcat deprived of sex…ready to be screwed, and here my bamboo was getting harder. I just cannot resist such beautiful women who is in front of to be laid.

I pulled her towards to me and made her pressed towards wall and lifted her both hands upwards. I kissed her passionately she was pushing me. She held my back and again kissed me, I slowly went down and kissed her neck and back.. I lift her both hands again and started kissing her under arms,

there was sweat and it was radiating odor of both sweat and perfume which was intoxicating and it was tempting. I love underarm smells it kicks of real man in me and makes me go wild, I bitted her under arm… she was screaming, Sameer slowly!!!. I said, you wanted to see” animal in Me” you have to bear it now. I slowly removed the lace of her nightie from her shoulders and made wild bites.

It were ripe melons, I started caressing her melons, with rough massages, I knelt down and took one of her inflated nipples into my mouth, my tongue licked across her swollen nipples, sending her into a sexual confusion. I sucked her nipples one by one, I bite & chewed her nipples, I was lowing the softness, she was screaming Sameer slowly please.

One nipple was in my mouth and I was chewing and other I was caressing it roughly with occasionally pinching it sometimes twisting it. Her melons turn red as blood rushed to this hot zone and filled her breasts. I licked her both tits up and down and was massaging them hardly & roughly.

They were lovely pointed and perfectly shaped.. she was in pain and lust.. but now I was charged.. and it was she who had awaked animal in me.

To be continued...

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Unusual Sexperience With A Colleague - I

I am married 34 year Man. Though I used to read stories few years back in this site just for pleasure and fun during my marriage years and used to enjoy sex with my wife. Though at those time I was craving for sexual pleasure like any thing and I usually end up some time self-stimulating thrice a days before marriage.

And post marriage it was thrice a week and if it was weekends sometimes thrice a day. But after birth she too lost interest and we used to have sex once in a month and I too got occupied with my buzzy professional life and this bussy scheduled occupied my bedroom also. Sorry, I forgot to mention I am an HR Professional with one of the renowned MNC in Mumbai.

The story I used I am going to tell here is an real life.. which I never thought or any time dream of having any real encounter other than my marriage. I am an introvert personality and at times take time to gel with my surrounding staff or people.

Though I have fantasied about many females during sex with my wife in initial years of marriage but slowly with increase in pleasure and satisfaction with my wife we both used to have lot of erotic fun and use to fulfill each other’s fetishes/fantasies it was she who use to be in mind during the act.

She from being and innocent and decent girl went on to become master and occupied a dominant wild player during the act. It was my rigorous ramming of my hard bamboo which made her go wild and set her on fire. She always asked more of that many a times there were deep nail bite marks on my back and chest. But I was never able to win over her during the act.

Coming to the this incident I can only say it was one of most enjoyable and a memorable one. We used to have few recruitment consultants to support us in carrying out recruitment activities for our company at Mumbai. It was this consultancy firm which had helped me lot during initial days to close on the critical recruitment and our journey was long of 7 years.

Though I used to deal with many female staff and many of them were like friends as it was day to day dealing with them explaining them our manpower requirements in depth discussion one to one meeting. Though most of them were married and were quite beautiful but I never had such thoughts about them.

There was this consultant with whom we were deeply involved and used to handle quite a good number of recruitments from us. The firm was headed by two person and they have supported very well to us in recruitment to our Group and our business in last 7 years. Her name was Deepti. We had very friendly relationship with Ms. Deepti and Mr.Nair.

Though both had established this firm and were proprietor of this firm. Deepti was a Gujarati Jain and was married to Prashant a businessman. Being Jain, business is in their blood. It was she who had grown the recruitment business and was instrumental taking her firm to this level. Recruitment & Talent sourcing was her passion hence she was pursuing her passion.

Her husband being a business man and she from well to do family money was never her need it was her passion. I used to frequently interact with her Deepti in and out, and she had also introduced me to her husband many times. When ever I used to visit Mumbai we all used to have dinner together at restaurants i.e. Deepti & Prashant and Mr. Nair & Ms. Nair.

Many times it happened that Nair’s sometimes were not there, but Deepti & Prashant were always there. It happened to be that our company’s Guest House was at Vile Parle and Deepti also used to stay at Vile Parle.

She was beautiful lady some were around 36 yr old. I have done my Masters Phycology & Behavioural science and hence I sometimes get to sense mind of person and can analyse her/his behavior or personality. Whenever I used to shake her hand, it was she one who used to offer her hand for hand shake first and her touch was strong and shaky.

Though I never had fantasized or had any wild thoughts about Deepti, except only once or twice. Her dressing sense was quite erotic, she mostly used to wear bright colors or light colors Sarees, sometimes transparent ones, with mostly sleeveless blouse with cut less neck, or tight Punjabi salwar with sleeveless and arousal deodorants perfumes.

She was Jain and Jains are very conservative community and are very strict about their life style. At back of my mind, I was apprehensive, what if she comes to know that, I had such thoughts about her in my mind, that too for a married lady in such manner and as our interaction was very frequent and she was too pushy and aggressive.

I used to think that she might be thinking about me in different manner, or might be having some other thoughts about me..because during handshake here grip was strong and she use to keep holding my palm for few seconds maintaining continued eye contact. Prashant was handsome guy with whom she had married and she told me it was her arrange marriage of her choice.

It was her inclination to get married and she wanted go for arranged marriage hence her parents got her married when she was 29yrs. Many a times Prashant was travelling on business tour and she often used to accompany him during his foreign tours. She had travelled across globe and now she felt boredom/tired of travelling.

Jains are very conservative community and follows a stringent life style and are community centric. She was mature lady. She and Prashant regularly used to send birthday gifts and cakes for my 4 year old kid and myself regularly. I told her many times I didn’t like such norms. But she continued such practice.

It was one my regular trip to Mumbai during August. My boss had told me that I shall instantly go to Mumbai the next day and initiate recruitment activity for our upcoming Mumbai Project as soon as possible and manpower should be on board by 1st week of Sept. Hence I had to suddenly rush to Mumbai by Friday Night.

So as I can start the process by Monday and have got two days i.e. Saturday & Sunday for all preparations. Though before starting from Ahmedabad I ensured my Guest House is booked and my admin guy told me it will be booked. But as I reached Mumbai, I came to know Guest House is fully occupied due to an event of our company at Mumbai. My mind totally went blank.

Though I had few good friends at Mumbai but they were at far away places. Hence I tried calling hotels near by my Office and Guest House.. but all hotels too were full. I had informed Deepti too about booking of hotel room. She told me you won’t get one in next three day due to big event in the city where many VVIP are coming from across India to attend this event.

Deepti is a very open personality and her Prashant too. Prashant called me up and insisted me that I stay at their residence. I refused bluntly. But they were pushing me and I didn’t had any choice with. I was about to reach Borivili and then from there I had to go to Vile Parle. Deepti ranged up and told me I have to stay at her place bluntly. I agreed as I didn’t had any option.

Prashant & Deepti came for pick up at Station and from there we went to our favorite restaurant and had spicy dinner, and we reached at their place at 10.00 night. She had wonder full place at 29th Floor overseeing half of the city from their Balcony and cool breeze coming with heavy rainfall across town.

During discussion Prashant told that he is leaving for Sweden for business tour tonight at 1.00am and will be back in 10 days and he will be leaving by 11.00 for Airport. He told me to make myself comfortable and said Deepti would be there to take care me and their parents too below the floor.

Prashant and Deepti took me through their place it was luxurious and spacious; it seems he had spent quite good amount in making this place luxurious. He showed me the room where I would be staying the ambience was good. Deepti was packing the luggage for Prashant. I was tired and hence I went to my Guest room for rest.

While leaving from home, Deepti knocked on my door, I opened the door, as Prashant was about to leave and wanted to say Good bye and his parents were also there. He left and Deepti was bussy with her in-laws. I went to my room and closed the door. It was raining heavily, I was going through my mails, sudden there was knock on my door.

I opened the door, it was Deepti wearing, off light pink thin nightie. I was worn out and tired due to my hectic travel. But seeing her in nightie revealing her vital figure of 35-26-38, she was looking stunning. She asked me, if I am comfortable and if I required anything?? I told her thanks and said I am full with my stomach.

She came inside in my room and just went to cupboard and took out blanket. She was laughing and was frank and told me to settle down. You are too Innocent and introvert, and told me to be open. What were you doing? Were you buzzy with some work?. I said, I was just going through my mails and was listening some soft music to relax.

Oh! you like Music.. I thought you might have slept, She said. She told me to come to hall room so as we can listen music together, as she is also fond of listening to soft music and generally sleeps around 12.00pm.

I told her my head is feeling heavy and stressed due to travel and hence was relaxing by listening to music. She told me to come to hall room and feel relax as it had open balcony where we can breathe fresh & cool breeze.

To be continued...

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Sexciting Moments With Mature Lady Alka

Hello folks, I am back with a yet another sexual experience I had with an older women. Alka is a 63 year old women with a slim body of figure 34-32-36. After her husband’s death she lives alone as her son is away with his wife and respective family.

Alka is my distance relative. It was for a small project that I had to visit the city she resides and since my usual relative was not around my mom asked me to visit her and stay over. She was welcoming and was happy to have a visitor after a while. It was the month of June and was a rainy day. The evening I knocked on her door I was totally drenched.

As soon as I entered her house she offered me a towel and asked me to first get myself cleaned up. I immediately rush to the guest room and starting taking off my wet clothes. As I took off my black colour underwear which was the last thing on my body I was getting a hard on because of building pee pressure, may be because of weather.

It was this moment Alka walked-in and her eyes got stuck on my hard-on. It was tempting no doubt for any women. Alka immediately turned around and went outside while I quickly covered my dick with a towel. We had dinner together and spoke about lot of general things. Alka offered me ice cream and while I was with it a small slice on it fell on my shorts.

Alka instantly rushed and got it cleaned may be the first sight of dick made her crazy. She asked me to get it off and let her wash it while I could wear one of her shorts. I was surprised to know that she wore shorts as well. To this reaction of mine she said she is all alone in this house and could roam around naked as well but it doesn’t suit the social norms.

I told her who cares about society one should do what they feel they are comfortable with. To this she instantly said given a choice would you like to roam naked, and I said,” Off course, I totally love it.” She said, let’s try that ON. And I was like, “ What?”.

It would be inappropriate and to this Alka said, “just right now you said why should one care about society and now you are going against it?” I was left speechless. Alka got up, and said.” Okay, let me try this.” and she instantly removed her T-shirt and was now in white bra and shorts. “Come on Alvin,” she said.

And I took off everything from my body, and was completely naked in front of her. “Now that is the spirit, “ Alka said as she started to take off her bra and pull down her shorts. Alka had slightly saggy and baggy tits but had a big aerola. She was wearing blue colour cotton panties. To my surprise, her vagina was shaven may be she was anticipating my presence.

“How does it feel,” Alka said. “Free at last,” I said. I further elaborated, “Aunty you have a beautiful body for your age.” To this Alka said,” Call me Alka, and I like to stay young and this is all part of that.” As she was talking she started staring at my dick. I realised what she wanted. I instantly said, “ Alka you can touch it if you want.” And I went closer to Alka.

We looked at each other for 10 minutes, and then started kissing passionately. Her one hand was on my dick while I was fondling her breasts. Alka started moaning. She said,” Ummmmm….that feels good, Alwin.” We got into 69 position and started feeling each other. Oh, I must say her cock sucking was at pro level. I was totally enjoying it.

Alka’s Vagina was full of her juices and she had orgasm after years with my licking but was hungry for more. Alka got up and said, “ I can’t wait for more, let’s do it Alwin.” And I laid on top of her and inserted my 5.5 inch dick her vagina. It was painful in the beginning as her vaginal skin was hard but with her vaginal juices it became easy.

Her vagina accepted my dick and we were off to a great start on sex escalade. With each stroke, Alka was moaning louder, “ ohhhh yeeaaaaahhhhhhhh…..;like that…..fuck me hard young boy…..this old body needs it badly….ooooooooo aaahhhhhhhhh…..uuuuuummmmmmmmm.” We fucked in several different positions for 10-12 minutes.

It was my time to release my juices and Alka ordered me to release it in her which I obliged politely. We laid naked on each other and then took a joint shower. We cleaned each other and slept naked in a single cover like a couple.

In the morning, I got up with Alka sucking my dick. Guess we were ready for another sexual expedition. We got started with feeling each other with me filling up Alka with my juices. We laid together and I playing with Alka’s hair. Alka got a little sentimental with her sexual relations and how her husband would play with her.

After this we went for shopping where Alka would some really exotic clothes with bikini strings. We had lunch together and after coming back I laid completely naked while Alka started trying the newly bought clothes teasing me. For an old women she was really looking hot.

While we were at it I shaved the pubic hair on Alka’s vagina so that the intercourse becomes more and more comfortable. As a next step, even she shaved the hair in my groin area so that she could pop my dick easily like a lollipop. After cleaning each other, we had a lengthy shower with hot water. I was pressing her butts and kissing her passionately together.

Well what happened after this you know well, more from that in the next story. Till then, have fun, have safe sex. And please feel free to post your feedback in the comments below.

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