Sex With Junior Office Colleague Anu

Anu is a pretty girl, about 25 yrs, cute and attractive figure. She has a good reputation about her work. She is smart and sincere. I am management person in the organization and she was transferred to my department about 2-3 months back. She sits nearby my office. She always smiles whenever she passes through me. I am her boss’s boss.

Last month was her birthday and HR team sent an email to staff as usual. I wished her saying, “Anu, many happy returns of the day. Have a lovely year ahead.” I was not even aware that she is a married gal. Later I came to know that she is married and her husband is working in Europe. She is staying alone in Bangalore since she is a working girl.

Once I happened to share a table with her in the cafeteria during office lunch time since there was no other place available. Then the first time I started talking to her in person. I asked her about her family and other general details.She told me that her family is not in Bangalore and she is staying alone now.

After few days, she sent me an email saying she will take 3 weeks of leave to go to Europe to meet her husband sometime in April next year.Since she was asking for long leave, I asked her to meet me in person to know more about the reason.

Then she met me in 1-on-1. During the discussion, she told me that she got married about six months back and now her in-laws want her to go to Europe and plan for a family expansion. I just casually asked her, why so hurry, you just got married, you should not hurry for at least 2-3 years. She said I agree but in-laws are of old thoughts.

I said talk to your husband and let him handle it. She said I am trying. So like this, the discussion became more informal and friendly. I said if you feeling lonely in Bangalore and no one to support you, you can reach out to me as a mentor being senior to you. Then I gave her my person email id too.

After a couple of days, she sent me an email on my person id saying thank you for all the support and guidance. I feel better now etc. Then I replied to her email more friendly. She replied back. Then we started exchanging emails on personal ids.

Later on Sunday morning, I just called her on her mobile. I said, what are you doing etc. She said nothing much, just having breakfast etc. I said I am planning to go for a movie today, the thought of checking with you. She paused and said, hmm let it be. You are my senior, it’s not good that way going out.

I said you don’t have to hang around with me, I will buy two tickets and let you know the ticket details. You can directly come there. She said, I don’t know, I will let you know. Then I went ahead and bought two movie tickets for the afternoon show and sent her the ticket details through SMS. I didn’t get any response back.

Then I called her after one hour and said, anu, there is a surprise for you. Today’s it’s my birthday. Can you please share this moment with me today. I will be very happy. She said, oh wow, why didn’t you tell me earlier. I said I wanted to surprise you, please come to so and so mall and we will watch a movie and small dinner treat from me. She said ok.

Then we met in the mall near movie theater a few minutes earlier to start the movie and then we both went inside.She asked me about my family. I said they have gone out of station for some urgent function, I was alone here this weekend, hence I requested you. She said fine.

This movie was about college gals and their student life and how they enjoy in parties etc. During the movie, I asked her, was your college life similar to this. She said, no, but this is common for most. I said how come you are leaving your husband alone in Europe, what if he finds another white gal there. I was just teasing her.

She said, don’t say like that, I trust him etc. I said, this generation is smarter. She said I know. I asked, don’t you miss him. Because you are married recently and how do you manage. She laughed and said, don’t ask me such questions. I said, I am your mentor, so you can be freer with me so that I can help you. She said I am perfectly alright, nothing to worry.

I also had her hand in mine, she hesitated initially, but later she was ok to touch her hand. After the movie, we had dinner together in a good restaurant and then I dropped her at her apartment. While going home, I told her that my birthday is yet to come, I just wanted your friendship. She said, oh god, you are too much. I said, you are too less, get more. Then I went to my home.

After going home, I sent her a nice email as a friend, thanking her for her company for movie and dinner and also praised her as a nice person and about her beauty. Next day, there was a simple answer, thank you.

Next day she came to office in nice saree, with lipstick etc. I sent her IM message saying you are looking gorgeous today. She sent me smiley as the reply. In the evening I sent her another message on her im, saying I can drop you home today. I will let you know before I leave office. She replied, ok with smiley. Her home was also on my way back home.

Then in the evening, I went to the parking area and sat in my car and sent her im saying, I am in parking, you can come down and told her my car number. She came. It was around 7.45 pm. While going home, I praised her directly, saying you are really cute and gorgeous. Looking hot today. Can I offer you a dinner for this? She said, no no, not daily. I said it’s my pleasure.

Anyways you will go home and cook. You can avoid that trouble. She said no. But still, I stopped near a good restaurant and hold her hand and said, chal yaar, kuch nahi hota. She came with me.

Then while dinner, I asked her, have you ever taken any drinks, she said, only couple of times with hubby. I said, can you please have little with me today as a friend. She said no, but I insisted. Then we both had some drinks together.She wanted vodka but I ordered wine.

Then we had dinner together. While going home, her voice was not stable, maybe due to drinks. She started talking more also. I understood, wine ka nasha hoga. Then when I dropped her near her home, she was not able to walk properly. Then I went with her to drop her to her flat. She said, I think you have given me more drinks, I am little shaky now. I said, don’t worry.

I will wait here some more time and we can talk. Once you feel sleepy, you can tell me, I will go home. She said fine. Then I switched on tv and we both were sitting on the sofa. I got some water for her from kitchen etc. I said, why you stay alone here. You should get your in-laws or someone to take care here. She said, no yaar, I am fine being alone.In-laws, big no no.

They are always scolding people. I hate them etc. Then she said my hubby is a good person but leaving me dry since a long time. Then she suddenly realized what she said. She said, sorry sorry, I take my words back. I said, it’s ok, we are friends, you can share your inner feelings.

During these discussions, her saree pallu was on one side, so I could see her boobs size and stomach etc. I said, if I had a hot wife like you, I wouldn’t have left you alone like this. She said, you are too naughty person, but you are a good person and helping nature. I said yes I like helping needy people like you. She said, chup.

Then I adjusted her saree and tried to cover her body and said, this is your secret, keep it like that. She said, oh ya, I didn’t realize that because now you are my friend also along with being boss’s boss. She slowly said you are too caring. She was almost feeling sleepy. She was closing her eyes in between.

Then I touched her and said, hey shall I take you to your bedroom, you are feeling sleepy now. She said hhmmm in sleep itself. Then I got her up and hold her properly and guided her towards her bed. I felt that wine was too much for her. Then I laid her on the bed and put a bedsheet on her. She said, you also sleep in another room. In next few minutes, she was already in deep sleep.

During my handling her, I felt good. I touched her stomach, hand, and also boobs causally. That generated some desire in my mind. I got one bedsheet from another room and slept on the sofa itself. After one hour or so, I thought of doing something with her, my lust mind.

I went to her room, switched on the light, took out bedsheet from her. Kept watching her sexy cute body. I kept her saree pallu aside and opened blouse buttons. Wow, what sexy boobs. Lifted her saree little up and started seeing her smooth legs.

Finally, I couldn’t control myself. I gave her a nice gentle kiss on her lips and pressed her boobs. She got up suddenly. She said, hey what is this? I trust you as a friend, how can you do this with me? I said I am sorry Anu but you are too sexy to resist. Can you please quick quiet and think logically. If you cooperate then we both can enjoy, even you need this.

She said, no no, I am not that kind of a girl. I said you are a drying girl and I am your trusted friend, please cooperate. She was still in wine influence. She got up and went to the washroom. In the meantime, I prepared coffee for both of us. I said sorry to her again and offered her a coffee. She was trying to cool down.

Then she said, you are a nice person, I like you as a friend. But doing this will be going beyond our boundaries. I said I am also married, still, I want to help you. We both can enjoy secretly. She said I am not comfortable. I said allow me for now, if you don’t like, then I will keep away from you. She kept quiet.

After coffee, she changed her dress (saree) and put on the nice pinkish gown. Then she also gave me her hubby’s night suite. She said, it’s too late now, you can go home tomorrow morning. Her tone was down and getting normal. I changed night suite. I said you can sleep now, I will watch tv until I get to sleep.

She smiled and said, don’t act too much, and silently she went to her bedroom. She kept the light on. After 10-15 min, she called me from the room and said, you are still not sleepy. Then I switched off tv and light and went to her room. She said, other room has some dust there, you can be comfortable here if you don’t mind. That was obviously green signal for me.

I switched off room light and got on her bed and laid down near her. She gave her bedsheet over me too. I got closer to her and almost hugged her and kept one leg on her thighs. She kept quiet. I slowly asked her, when did you hubby go to Europe. She said three months back. I said, night must be difficult for you right? She said hmm.

Then I touched her boobs on the gown and started rubbing gently. She kept quiet. She asked me, did you offer drinks to me for this? I said I am your friend, I want to help you. She gave a lovely and gentle slap on my cheek and said, I know how a man thinks. I said, even gals have similar feelings, don’t know why they hide. She laughed.

Then I gave her a big kiss on her lips this time and said, I love you Anu, you are so sexy. Then I hinted her to take out her gown. She took out her gown and hinted me too to take out my clothes. I switched on lights again. She looked at my hard dick and said, wow you have a big one. I said this is for you, feel free.

She touched my dick and tried to shake it. She said my hubby is religious minded and traditional thinking. It’s an arranged marriage etc. I said if you cooperate, I can give you better bed time. She smiled and said, let’s see. Then I took her in front of dressing mirror, kissed her whole nude body in standing position and praising her beauty etc.

She was getting more and more aroused by that. I also licked her wet pussy. She started moaning almost. Then I told her to suck my hard dick too. She did that. She said we had bedtime only first three months, now he is abroad. I said, don’t worry I will satisfy your needs. Then I lifted her and took her on the dining table and said, can I get inside your hot body now.

She smiled and said, you are my good friend. I took that as yes and opened her legs. I caressed her wet pussy lips and did some fingering to make her too hot. She started enjoying and finally said, sanju, please kuch karo na, I cannot wait now. Then I pointed her hard dick towards her ready hole and inserted inside her love hole.

She moaned, aaahhhh I was waiting for this long, thank you, Sanju. Finally, I gave her a nice hot juicy fuck. I poured all my cum inside her pinkish love hole. Finally, we got separated after full satisfaction. She gave me a nice kiss and said, love you, Sanju, you are too good. Then she took me to her bed. She said, now let take some rest.

Then she said, you wake me up every two hours and do whatever you want. We will take off tomorrow also. Please make me full satisfied. I am really missing all this after my newly marriage. Then I fucked her at last 10 times during those two days. We did all kinds of sex acts, foreplay, porns, etc etc.

After that, she invited me on every weekend for few hours. Later her travel got preponed and she had to go for Europe earlier. But I am quite happy that I could help a really deserving needy gal to get her full satisfaction.

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Arshiya Aunty Seduced And Fucked Nicely

Hi, my name’s is Abdu (name changed) from south Karnataka doing my final year engineering with a 6″ dick. I started reading this Human Digest site 5 years back and I loved it I must have read almost all the stories here.

I’m a great fan of this site. So finally decided to share my experience here. So coming to the story this happened between me and my aunt who is the wife of my dad’s brother. Her name is Arshiya(changed) a short fair woman with the right amount of flesh everywhere and a huge ass which I always dreamt of while shagging. She was in her 40’s she has two kids who are staying in the hostel.

Every vacation I visit her so as usual during my vacation I visited my native. And before I come back I went to stay at my aunt’s house for a couple of days.I was a virgin and had no bad intention then.

When I visited there my uncle was about to leave to Bangalore for some business purpose which left only me and aunt in the house.I was very excited about it since I get a chance to be with her alone.

So he left and we were left alone chatted for a while and continued it work in the night as it was summer and they had only one AC. She advised me to sleep with her in her room.I agreed without hesitation since I was waiting for a chance.

Since I was tired because of traveling I dozed off as soon as I fell on the bed don’t know when she slept beside me. In the middle of the night when I got up to pee I instantly had a hardon by seeing her body above her night dress.

Her night dress was perfectly fitting her body and due to the movement her dress was lifted up to her thigh. The evil inside me started to wake up telling me to do something. I went to washroom masturbated and came back. And I saw that she was not wearing any panty and there was a bush of hair around her pussy. My heart started to beat rapidly.

I laid beside her without sleep whole night thinking of what to do and I slowly touched her bare thighs. It was so soft I slowly moved towards her pussy and try to find the love hole but I couldn’t. But suddenly she moved I removed my hand as I was afraid and didn’t want to get into trouble so I didn’t try anything further that night and slept.

Don’t know when I got up next day but everything went fine that day. She was like nothing had happened last night. At night I acted like I was sleeping early aunt came in and even she slept. After an hour or so I just switched on the light and aunt was in sleeping in the same position as yesterday but to my surprise, her pussy was clean shaved.I found something fishy in it and was happy.

I made sure she was asleep and I slowly touched her pussy. No reaction. I slowly separated her pussy lips and I started to lick it. A slight moan came from her mouth. I did it more and more. Then she slowly held my head with her hand pushed me deep inside my pussy. Then I slowly inserted my finger inside the pussy while licking.

Soon a hell lot of cum was released and I drank it all. Then I got up removed her dress. She got up with a naughty smile her boobs was so big and amazing with brown nipples. I started to squeeze them and bite them meanwhile she was massaging my dick over my boxer.

Then she removed it and was surprised to see it since her husband has a small one and gave me a great blowjob and good she is a pro in it after 10 min of blowjob I released my cum in her mouth and she drank it all just like we see in the porn movies.

She again started to suck my dick until it is hard again. Then we shifted to 69 position and started to lick each other until we both cum again. Still, my dick was hard and wanted more.I slowly placed my dick in entrance of the pussy and gave a small thrust. She screamed because of pain because it was like it has been years she was last fucked.

I slowly entered my dick completely then I increased my speed gradually she was moaning “Mmm yeaahh fuckk yeahhh.Harder harder mmm yeahh fuck my pussy. You like it ahhhh mmmm yeaahh” then we changed into cowboy position I love that position. And fucked her real hard by then she cummed twice and it was amazing to see her boobs bounce.

And I was about to cum and she told me to do it inside since it was her safe period. I cummed lot of milk in her pussy. We relaxed for a while and I asked her can I fuck her ass.She was a virgin there.With a lot of requests, she agreed. I took vaseline and lubricated both my dick and butt hole and slowly entered her butt hole it was so tight and paining.

I slowly entered completely and started fucking her real hard in doggy until. She was in pain in beginning later she enjoyed it. While fucking her ass I kept spanking her ass and it turned hot red color then I cummed again in her ass we were tired and slept naked by hugging each other while night.

The morning we got up got into the bathroom together to fresh up but again I fucked her in the shower later. We had more sessions that whole day. After that whenever I go to native and when we get the chance, we fuck. Once I fucked her in the kitchen when her husband was sleeping in next room.

Now she wants me to fuck her sister who is a divorced lady who wants to have sex desperately but afraid of the society that my aunt have promised me to convince her and trust me she is much much hotter than my aunt so let’s see how it ends I’ll share about it when it happens.

Hope you guys have liked my story. Please do send your feedback in the comments below. Thanks.

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Crazy Sex Story Of Kriti

It was yet another morning I woke up excited to get to office. I had a good job, fun colleagues, a common boss to hate and a new eye candy. I am Kriti and I am narrating an incidence that happened few years back year.

Within my first six months I had become quite popular in office due to my looks and my proximity with a colleague who had a huge crush on me but spread the word around that I was in love with him.

I am 5'7, long hair till my mid back, lean frame and a good dresser. A man would surely give me a second look. The eye candy I earlier mentioned was Abhinav, who had joined our marketing team. He was good looking, brooding, funny and intelligent. He was broad shouldered, good natured, tall and quite hot.

All of us in our team used to have breakfast together and that's the time I used to get to ogle at him and he, to pull my leg. I enjoyed those encounters. I knew he was in a pretty serious relationship and I was single and dating casually back then.

My friend Raavi and I would often discuss Abhinav and she would encourage me to make a move on him as she thought he was attracted to me. I wish he was, as I surely was. I had spent many a lonely night thinking about him. I had seen him and his girl friend together at a party and I loved the cozyness they had and quite liked how he treated her.

She was a good looking girl but obviously I was kind of jealous. A month passed by an Abhinav stopped hanging out, spent awful lot of time on the phone during office hours. I knew something was amiss. I asked Raavi and she mentioned he's going through a break and his girl friend started dating someone else. I felt awful for him.

Raavi asked to comfort him and she said this was my chance with him. Though not convinced I went up to him at the end of the day and asked him what's been bothering him. He tried to avoid and started making silly jokes. I insisted that we go to a coffee shop and talk.

After much convincing, we went to a coffee shop nearby and he told me about his girl friend and how she started dating another guy and cheated on him. He was upset but didn't show much emotion. I really wanted to go out with him for a drink or two. His vulnerability made him even hotter. I had already started feeling tingly.

After we spoke for a while, he got a call and he said he has to go. I told him he should stay and talk more. But he had to go. I guess it was a call from his ex. I left form there kinda dejected that I wasnt able to make a move on him. I was in an auto and had almost reached my place and I got a text from Abhinav saying "sorry. just had to go. my going was a waste though."

I replied saying "Its okay. Lets catch up another time. Soon." He immediately replied saying "Why not now? let's meet at Joe's in an hour." I couldn't believe it. I reached home and changed into a dress, brushed my hair, wore some make up and left. I met him at Joe's and he remarked looking at me, "wow you changed really quickly. and you look hot!" I loved the compliment coming from him.

We took a table, ordered and started talking. Now we were barely talking about his ex. We just spoke about office and random things. While eating chicken wings, it got messy and I got some gravy below my lips. I wiped it with a tissue but then Abhinav came close and touched my lower lip and wiped something off and said "you missed this."

Him just doing that seduced me. I smiled sheepishly and said thanks. While we continued talking, he kept his hand on my hand and caressed it mildly. I knew he was beginning to flirt with me. I had nothing to lose, I went for it. I took my heels off and started touching his legs. He got the hint and came close to me and took the hair falling on my ears and tucked it behind my ears.

It was a beautiful feeling. He whispered in my ears "I've been wanting to spend time with you for too long." Saying so I just turned and kissed him on his cheek and said "me too." The music had got quite loud and all I now wanted to do was be around him. So when he asked me if we should move out and go else where, I was more than ready.

He called for a cab and we headed to his apartment. His flat mates were at home watching something on TV. We directly went into his room. He made me comfortable and went to get some beers. We sat on the bed and he came close and told me, "I've liked you since long but I was in a relationship but now I want something to happen between us.

We won't proceed unless you think its right." His tone and his words were so genuine, I just gave him a peck on his lips and smiled. He knew what I meant by it. He leaned on me and we kissed. Kissed like how I always wanted to. I brought my tongue in and we were into it completely. His hands were already in my hair and caressing it. It was a lovely feeling.

His one hand was playing with my hair and the other was fondling my boobs from above my dress. I wanted him to get bolder with me. I took my hand from the back of his head and kept it on his penis and held it softly, giving it a nice to and fro motion. I could see he loved it. He got the encouragement and he lifted my dress and held my torso and pulled me closer.

He began kissing my neck now and it was turning me on madly. He pushed me apart and took my dress off and remarked "you're gorgeous Kriti". I was in my green bra and matching white panty with green polka dots. And he too took his shirt and pants off. He was just in his underwear. I pulled his underwear down while he unhooked my bra.

He saw my boobs and stood still for a few mins completely dazed. He came closer and started kissing it and kept his one hand on my crotch which was getting wet. I pushed him on the bed, made him sit and took his penis in my mouth. It was of a good size. It wasnt enormous but it wasnt small either. The best part of it was its thickness and how beautifully bulged its top was.

I continued to kiss his penis and it began to grow in size and hardness. He was loving it. When I took it well in my mouth and started giving it strokes, he held my hair and made light moans. He was loving the hell out of this. I blew him for a good 10 minutes when he started to shudder. I moved away just in time and he shot his cum on my shoulder. He was growing wild.

He made me lie down and went down on me. He opened my pussy lips with his two fingers and kissed the walls. I let out a moan. He put his finger in my hole and took it deep inside. It was amazing. I roughly held his hair as he now put two fingers inside me. I was dying in lust. He now put his tongue on the tip of my hole and started tingling it.

He then took his tongue deep inside me. I still remember that amazing feeling. I was in such deep ecstasy that I felt I was going to pass out. I was nearing an amazingly fulfilling orgasm. He came and lied near me and we hugged and kissed for a few mins. His penis touching all over my thighs with precum on it. He reached out to his drawer and took a condom out and put it on.

This was it. I was going to be fucked by a guy I've ogled at for a few months and I think I was majorly attracted to him. He entered my vagina and I was getting out of breath. It was thick and he had guile. His was doing it beautifully. I felt bad for his ex. No I didn't. This guy was now mine. He is fucking me. He is crushing my boobs while his penis is buried deep inside me.

He still wasn't on top of me. We were still lying sideways. This was new for me. He was penetrating me in a style I had never experienced before. He was amazingly flexible. While still deep inside me, he lifted and turned me around on him. I was not sitting on him with his penis inside me. I rode him for a few minutes and I was amazing.

Now still in that position, he started pushing himself up and giving me thrusts. That was incredible. He was fucking strong. He was hitting me with all his might and the lapping noise was now quite evident. I was also panting in exhaustion and ecstasy. Then in a few seconds, he made me lie on him completely and just inverted both of us.

In a second I was under him and he was on me. A position very familiar to me. He now started giving very strong strokes. I knew he was reaching his climax and so was I. He continued to fuck me hard without making much noise. He finally lingered inside me and collapsed on me. He has shot his load in the condom. I pushed him down and climbed on him to complete my business.

He was still hard and active. I rode him for a few minutes and reached an orgasm. We lied down next to each other. Kissed again, despite the cum and sweat on us. We got up and washed up and got dressed. We decided to go out of the room, when we realised Abhinav hadn't locked the room and it was partially open all the while.

When we walked out all his friends were completely silent and were passing sheepish smiles to Abhinav. I was embarrassed but what the hell it was a great experience.

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Old School Friends Enjoying Sex In Shimla

My name is J Thakur & I belong to Shimla, North India, Himachal Pradesh. An engineer by profession, average height & married now.

Incident happened five years back when I finished studies, got a job. I met one of my school mate in Chhota Shimla while waiting for a bus. Her name is K Thakur, average height & she had very arousing bouncy assets 34/30/38, slim & very much fair like me, as people from Shimla known for much fair skin & blushing faces that glows like an apple.

We exchanged our contacts after reminding each others funny moments of school life. After that day our conversation started from SMS to long late night calls & talk was on varoius things/issues around us because she was a journlist. Our talks went on sex also in a general way.

Once she asked me to help her in buying a laptop. Next day I left my office early & went to a computer shop with her in New Shimla (HP World). We selected a laptop that I suggested her, we paid that & she requested me to install various necessary applications. She gave me her laptop & asked to visit her on upcoming sunday after finishing all necessary installations.

I reached her home on sunday, she welcomed me with her mom at home. I had dinner with them & her mom asked me to stay with them because it was already too late. Finally I agreed & they show me my room to sleep. K & her mom went to sleep in their seperate rooms too.

As my room was in ground floor, I was feeling scared because there was some movement outside window & I called K to come on phone. She took her quilt & slept next to me on a double bed. We were talking late night & she told me that shes feeling cold. I asked her to let me warm her quilt & she welcmed me in. It was so cold that we were hugging each others.

I dont know what happnd to me but for the first time I was feeling & getting aroused touching her assets. Even she was also breathing high. Whole night we kept on teasing each others desires. I was holding her ass & kissing her neck all around. She was aroused, breathing high & moaning slowly. My rock hard dick was poking her love hole while hugging.

But she never allowed me further. I masterbate 5 times in morning after this. After that day I asked her that I wont visit her again because we are going far from a good friendship. But after few days she again take me her home & for me situation was same. Finally we kissed on same bed for five minutes. Sexual desire was on the top. But she never resisted this time.

I removed her kurti, sucked & squized her globes. She was kissing like a mad. I untied her pajami thread, my hand went on her completely wet panty. I removed all of it & finally reached her vegina. It was wet like honey streams flooding out of it. I removed my clothes too & her asked her, "should I go ahead?"

She was silent, restless, on the peak of having a verge of sex & dying to burry my monster with closed eyes & green signal. I put my 5" penis on her love entrance, it was rock hard, completely wet with my precum. I smell her love hole & placed it on her honey spot tried hard pushing it in. It never slid inside as she was much tight.

Finally she hold my penis in her hand, placed on hotspot & asked me to push in....ab daalo.. I tried again,...ja nhi rha andar, I replied. It was paining me too like her. I have a very fat penis but its 5". Finally I was in with a single jerk & I hugged her tight...ghus gya andar...she touched down with her hand & said again...ab dhire dhire karo..mza aa rha hai.

It was an awesome feeling. I can feel her pussy walls. She was continuously leaking her honey & I was sliding in n out slowly. She was scraching my conversation..just action was going on...I was stroking long & slow.

Her legs were spread for me & I was inbetween her legs pumping in missionary & it was so much wet & slippry...pachh..pachh...fachh..fachh..sounds were arousing both of us. It was my first time & I was building my load to expload. Within 4 minutes I filled her vegina with my hot sperms & she also exhausted after cumming first orgasm of her life.

That day we both realised why people are mad for sex. My penis was still rock hard inside her wet hot spot, I never pulled out. We were again building desires inside & after five minutes we continued another session. This time I was fucking her hard hitting her hot spot with warm long strokes. We exhausted within another 15 minutes.

After pulling out I was surprised to see amount of my sperms on bed sheet that came out of her vegina. After taking 15 mins rest we went for another session of rock hard 30 minutes. After that day we fucked every where... In washroom, in bus, in a car, in kitchen, in hotel, in hospital, even while watching TV with her Jija was snoring on sofa & once her mom was cooking in kitchen.

We were much frequent for 1 year. Sometimes we make 7-10 fucking sessions in 24 hrs. Never used a condom & always filled her vegina. Always followed women fertility cycle of 28 days. We tried evry position but our favourite position was doggy. Later we broke because of my job location changed & it was difficult for both of us to keep distance relationship alive.

Thanks for reading my real life stuff with all true incidents & sorry for mistakes. Please feel free to give me your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Prashant Enjoying Sex With Bangalore Spa Admin Suman

That meet was an accident but carry forward that relationship is by heart. I never thought that 35-year-old Indian-origin lady, mother of two kids will be part of my life forever.I am Prashant married and father of one kid, age 39, 6ft in height and normal built with 85 kg weight. She is Suman, Gujrathi origin but born and brought up in Africa.

I was working in Bangalore, later posted to Africa for two-year assignment, and Suman is an administrator in a spa in that country.During easter holiday time, I got continues four-day holiday for my office and was thinking how to spend time in these four days, all my friends already planned for going out with family but I didn’t have the intention to go for full day outings.

I was planning to have some body massage which is very famous in the African region and get relaxed at home after the massage. I was not interested with local massage centers run by local people; I was looking for Indian or Thai massage centers nearby.

I started to browse the net and noted few nearby massage center numbers. I called and enquired one by one number, few are closed for easter and few costs were very high. Finally I called this number, from another side there was a lady, she told me her name is Suman and she is an administrator of the particular spa,

she told their spa also closed till Monday for easter and asked me to come on Tuesday. She told please take an appointment in advance to avoid unnecessary waiting outside. Tuesday I was in office and could not go for massage and then I thought of texting her and take an appointment for Saturday.

I was checking her in WhatsApp contacts, her profile picture caught my eyes, she has a very cute face, little fleshy but very beautiful. I texted her about Saturday appointment and she agreed for same.

I was very excited to meet her on Saturday, I reached her spa around 3pm after office hours, and she was busy with some other clients and asked me to sit for 5 minutes. I understood that spa is unisex beauty parlor cum massage center, she handled few customer herself if she gets any beauty parlor related customers and she handover massage related customers to her staff.

After five minutes of wait, finally she came to me and we greeted each other. She asked me what service I am looking for, I said; I just want to get relaxed, sitting in front of computers for long hours made me stress and feel like eyes are burning. She suggested take face massage and then go for body massage.

I was completely impressed the way she handled, I could not say anything, I just said ok, after knowing face massage will be done by Suman herself, I was more excited. She asked me to go the massage room and she followed me with ice water, she did face massage for 20 min, we speak casually during these 20 mins, she asked about me, my family, work etc, I was just answering to her questions.

She finished her face massage and informed me her staff will continue body massage.She also told me she is going early and asked me to text her if I have any issues with massage. Saturday evening after the massage I felt very relaxed and after going home had some beer until late night and slept nicely.

It was a Sunday morning, when I woke up I had a surprise, there was a Whatsapp message alert from Suman. She sent me a message, how was the massage, it was just a customer feedback message but I got excited and replied in the same excitement, “thanks for the early morning surprise message, you made my morning really sweet”.

She took that message sportively and replied “my pleasure”. This was the start for our texting, I was still in bed, and we were chatting. We chat for almost half an hour, we chat about general topics, family, and friends etc. I said I am getting bored in Africa because of all alone at home, she asked don’t you have friends?

I said, I have but all are busy with their family, she asked don’t you go out for party and late night outing (which is common in Africa), I said I don’t like that, and then she said you need a friend who can share your feelings and thoughts. I said, yes I am desperately looking for such friend; if you are also looking for such friend then our search will finish soon.

She just answered hope for good. We about to end our chat for that day, we promised we keep in touch. Before saying goodbye, I thanked her and said you made my day, hug you for that. She replied, you will get it, hug you too. I naughtily replied, when. She replied in the same tone come next Saturday.

From that day onwards we started to chat every day, we started to share our thoughts, about our family etc. Friday she asked, do you coming tomorrow? I replied, I am excited to get my hug, she asked still you remember that? I said how I can miss such a wonderful moment of my life, she said, come tomorrow let us see.

Next day I went again to her spa, she asked me to sit for some time and after 10 min she asked me to go to the massage room, she followed me, once she closed the massage room she just hugged me and said I kept my promise, do you happy? Wow, that was a wonderful hug, I never forget that hug.

I was completely lost in her hug, it was so warmth, I was waiting for such warmth from many years, I hugged her tight and rested my cheeks on her shoulder, I was in the different world, tears was flowing from my eyes and was literally shaking in her arms.

She felt my emotions; she was silently standing in my hug and patting my back like a mother. That hug was last for almost 10 minutes. She asked me to sleep on the table and she did my face massage silently, even I was not in a stage of speaking. Once finished before leaving I asked for a hug again, she hugged me again and I left from there.

After reaching home, I texted her, thanks for the hug, I really felt the warmth first time in my life. She replied, I felt how much pains are there in your heart if you wish to share your pains you can share with me, from that point of time we become more close to each other, we started to chat continuously, we start to meet every week, and we hug whenever we meet.

It was normal until next one month, but that day I crossed my limit, it was a deep hug, I was caressing her back, her body fragrance made me hot, I kissed her neck and it was surprising for her, but she did not say anything. After that, we become more attached and start sharing all our personal things with each other.

Then the day came for my journey back to India on vacation, I was going for one month, I felt she was upset with that, I decided to meet her that day morning before leaving to the airport. The previous day I told her I will come to her spa early morning 8 am before leaving to the airport, she agreed to meet me. I went there in time as promised and she already there before me.

Her staff usually comes after 9 am so we had one hour time without any disturbances. Once I entered inside we hugged there only and she asked me to go to the massage room. Again we hugged each other but this time more emotionally, it was very tight and I started to kiss her on her neck, in reply she also kissed me back this time.

Slowly I come up to her lip and she responded for that, the first time we were kissing passionately like true lovers. I was caressing her back, slowly my hands moved front and started to rub her boobs. My lips in her mouth and she was sucking my mouth deeply, my one hand one her boobs and other on her bum.

We kissed for nearly ten minutes and I was exploring her body with my fingers. I put my hand under her salwar and feeling the softness of her boobs over her bra. We were at the point of no return, we both are very hot that time and privacy around us gave us more chance to involve deeply.

I asked her permission to take out her salwar and removed my t-shirt too, I started to bite her ear lobes and caressed her body all over, I asked her to sleep on the massage table and she obeyed me. I was laid beside her in half valley and took her nipples between my lips and started to suck her. My hand moved over her triangle and started to rub her pussy over her pant.

She was moaning in pleasure, I was sucking her both boobs one by one, she pulled my head and started to suck my mouth again, I inserted my hands inside her pant below her panty and felt the wetness flowing from her pussy. I was rubbing over her wet pussy and slowly inserted one finger inside after few minutes of rubbing, then 2nd finger and started to move up and down.

I asked her, shall I remove your pant, she is not in a condition to say no, she nodded in a positive manner closing her eyes, I untied her pant and pulled down her pant along with panty at once.

Wow…. It was an amazing sight, she had cleanly shaved pussy, and her wet pussy was inviting me for suck… her thunder thighs were very soft and her legs are waxed neatly, I just spread her legs and sat between her legs.

I was caressing her legs and enjoying the touch. She closed her eyes and she was feeling my touch with hard breath, I started to kiss her thighs and bite there softly. Slowly came up to her triangle and put my tongue on her wet pussy. I licked her juices flowing over her pussy, my hand moved again to her boobs and my lips started to suck her pussy.

Slowly I inserted my tongue inside her pussy lips and poke her clitoris. My other hand searching for her butt hole and tried to enter her butt. This act gave her more excitement and she started to moan loudly.

Now one side I was sucking her clitoris, on the other side my finger is inside her butt hole and moving in and out and my other hand rubbing her boobs and pinching her nipples, this made her triple pleasure; she was near to her orgasm and started to stiffen her body.

She crossed her both legs on my head and tightened her grip and within few minutes started to tremble with a lot of juice flowing in my mouth. Once she cooled down she pulled me over her and hugged me tight, again we started to suck each other’s tongue. This time she took control and started to caress my hard penis over my pant.

She gets down from the massage table and unbuttoned my pant pulled down pant and then my underwear. My hard penis sprung out and felt like coming out of prison. She rubbed my balls softly and pulls down the skin of my penis and put it between her lips and starts to lick like candy.

She was enjoying the suck and I was feeling that suck closing my eyes and caressing her body. Her sock was amazing, the first time my life I felt the pleasure of suck. Her fingers playing with my balls and some time she was reaching up to my chest and caressing me with her fingers.

She did more nearly 15 min and I felt to release my load, I told her I am coming, but she increased the speed and I could not control more, I released my load into her mouth and she drunk it fully.

We had another 10 to 15 min time before her staff to come, she came up and slept beside me in arms, and we were caressing each other and feeling the pleasure without saying a single word.

Again our lips met each other and started to suck again, soon we get back to action and I climbed over her and hugged her tight. My cock got hard and was poking her pussy, slowly she guided my cock to her pussy lips and I pushed it down inside. Slowly with small jerks, I get in deep inside her pussy and started to move up and down.

My hands are under the back and my lips on her lips, I was moving my hips up and down and she is moving in right direction. Slowly I increased my speed and we are in top speed. Suman’s fingers nailing my back my hands gripped her back tightly. I moved my hips in rhythm she was taking me full.

In another 5 min she murmured in my ears I will get my orgasm soon, I increased my speed and started to hit her hard, soon her muscles get tightened and my also near to release my load. In another five to six strokes she shouted loudly we get our climax together. We hugged tight slept in each other’s arm for few more minutes caressing each other.

It was just beginning, I don’t want to discuss our families here, but from that day onward till now, we are leaving for each other without bothering our families. Even though we are husband and wife by our heart, we never disturbed or interfered each other’s family matter. Whenever she is difficult she reach me for a solution and whenever I need her support, I go to her.

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Ahmedabad Engineering Guy Enjoying Sex With College Girlfriend

Hello, Everyone! About me, I’m 22 years old guy from Ahmedabad. I’m pursuing my Engineering from reputed college in Ahmedabad and basically, I’m from Ahmedabad itself. So I’m living with my family.

I used to think how can one person have so many encounters after reading stories on HumanDigest. But after having 3 different encounters, now I know life is full of surprises. I had my first encounter at age of 17 with a neighbor lady. It lasted 6-8 months. That time I was pursuing my 11-12th.After that, for a long time, I didn’t have a new experience for 1.5-2 yrs.

So starting with the story, It happened during my second year of engineering. I got in touch with this girl via Whatsapp. We were in common WhatsApp group but never had personal chat. Once during project doubt, I was absent and only she was among the people I know who had attended a college that day.

So I messaged her first time on Whatsapp and she replied after 3 hours.We had a little formal conversation related to studies and all.Slowly it leads to the introduction and more long chats. We started chatting till late night and started sharing our secrets and past relationship.

About her, She was fair, medium height, skinny type but big BOOBS! Initially, we didn’t had any such sexual or love feelings. But due to daily chats and sharing each and everything we got more and more close. It leads to the time when we couldn’t stay without talking with one another.

Later she uses to joke many times that we should talk less because otherwise, I will fall for you. We both knew something is heating up between us. We started flirting daily and got more close.

One day she proposed me and I said yes. It was not the first relationship for both of us. So it was not a problem. Few days it was more like new couples and new relationship.But soon we got more close and open.

We started dating in movies, restaurants, gardens everywhere. As time moved on kissing and hugging and all started taking place between us. Slowly we started sharing double meaning jokes and started talking sex topics. Past experiences, porn, etc etc.

She was not a shy girl. She told her secrets how she started watching porn, how she came to know about sex and all through friends during her school days and how she started masturbating. At first, she said we won’t have sex as she doesn’t want to do it before marriage. I was also in love so I didn’t mind that time.

One day we met at her home when she was alone for the whole day. We hugged and kissed like every time when we meet. We were little more free and open as it was the first time we were meeting like this. After having some general talks and watching tv. She came more close and sat in my lap.

I held her from behind and kissed her neck. It was very different feeling because I was getting close to a female after almost 2 years. I was missing sex after a relationship with neighbor aunty got over.

As soon as I kissed her neck she had ticklish feeling and she turned towards me. After I met and we started smooching. We were smooching badly and she came over me and I lied down on the sofa and smooching and kissed all over face and neck continued. She asked me can she remove my t-shirt? She wants to see my chest and feel it.I said only if you allow me to remove yours too?

We both removed our t-shirts and got involved again in kissing and rubbing each others body. I pressed her boobs which were bigger than normal compared to her slim body. I removed her bra without asking and started pressing both the boobs tightly. She started moaning and closed her. Her seductive looks and expressions excited me more. I started sucking and licking boobs and got on top of her.

She was now totally heated up. She started touching my dick over my jeans and held it and was rubbing it over. She inserted hand inside my pants and started rubbing my dick.She brought it out and started playing with it. It was a great feeling after a long time a female was holding my dick.

I tried to remove her pants. But she said we will only have oral. No fuck as she wants to stay virgin. I agreed. I removed her pants and panty and wow pussy! I was very excited and happy after seeing pussy again after a long time. I rubbed her pussy which was wet and clean shaved. She asked me to rub my dick between her boobs. She lied down and I got the top of her.

I placed my dick between her boobs at cleavage and started pressing and rubbing her boobs on by dick. She was enjoying it a lot and was moving up and down. She couldn’t control anymore and took my dick in her month. I told her for 69. We both got into 69 position and started eating, sucking, licking each other’s private like there is no tomorrow. I was about to ejaculate.

I told her and she said she want me to ejaculate on her boobs as she has seen it in porn many times and always wanted to feel it. I again started rubbing my dick between her boobs and she was dancing up and down and finally, I ejaculated on her boobs. It was great feeling and refreshment after a long time for me.

We immediately cleaned ourselves and wore our clothes as it was now evening time and somebody may come. Now we were totally open and free about sex talks. So we used to meet and have it at every occasion at her home, my home or at OYO ROOMS using Relation Mode.

Our relationship lasted 11 months but still we had sex many times after that as once you experience it. It is difficult to stay without it for long. It becomes a physical need. Later I had another girlfriend in final year and had my 3rd encounter. I will share it someday if possible. Thanks for reading!

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Rajesh Fucking Horny Chennai Neighbourhood Aunty

Hi to all the Human Digest readers. My name is Rajesh (fake name obviously) living in northern part of Chennai. Introducing about myself I am 19 years old with wheatish complexion and a slim body am 6ft tall. Since this is my first post please bare with me for my mistakes. I will try to be short and spicy as possible.

This incident happened to me few days back. There is this aunty in my neighbourhood who regularly passes by my house. I live in a self owned duplex apartment myself in the ground floor and a tenant in the first floor. I often go to the terrace to get some fresh air and be with nature. That's the time I saw this aunty for the first time.

She is not like perfect but typical sexy south Indian aunt that anyone could imagine. From that day I go daily to the terrace to see her cross my house. Initially I did not see her on that time after a while again I saw her and She noticed me starring at her. For my surprise she didn't hesitate to keep looking at me, she was very bold. After that I got busy that I didn't see her for months.

Recently our PM announced about demonetization everyone got fussy about it well that the best thing ever happened to me. On the first day that banks could operate I went to exchange some currency where I my sex bomb again. she was standing in the line two people before me.

While she was checking she spotted me again starring at her relentlessly and gave a smile like she know me. I took this as a chance and went and spoke to her. She introduced herself as Sundari ( name changed ). Commenting on her dress she wore a normal Saree which to me was very provoking by the way she exposed her sexy hips and side boobs.

Those were so large that my could not cover her boob. I helped her with the money exchange process though she knows the process. She thanked me and invited me to her home. As I was doing nothing important I went there.

On going to her home we chatted about general stuffs like basic information about ourselves after which I came to know that she is 34 years old and has a school going kid. Her husband was working as a freelance electrician. That day went smooth but inside my mind she was fully there. She had a tablet in her home which has whatsapp feature installed.

I bravely asked her number for that she questioned me the purpose. I somehow said some lies that I can be helpful to her. After that we texted in WhatsApp and again to my surprise she has a very good language except the fact that her husband is a electrician. She had finished English literature and her family made her to get married to her husband.

We spoke very well after all. She then started to ask me to ask about my personal information which seem awkward to me at first later I told her. Things went on like this for a while. I am in my semester study holidays that she knows and called me to her home to hurry up that she has just fell down and needs help.

I rushed to her house and saw her sitting in pain as her thigh got direct impact on the ground. She asked me to take her and make her sleep in the bed. She was wearing a transparent Saree and see fancied a naughty smile when I entered her house. While I was helping her to get to her room. She took hold me close to her that made my tent raise.

She noticed it and said nothing. after I put her to bed she teased me that " enna da etho etti paakuthu" I blushed at her comment but retaliate with a bold answer that " neenga panra vela thaan" which means she teased me for the raise in tent and I replied her that it was because of her. She held my hand which made currents to pass by and I smiled.

She pulled me onto her and said " enaku theriyum unaku enna venum nu so ipo na ennalam panrano nee ethum thaduka kudathu" " I just want you thats why I made this drama and made you come here" She then went and locked the doors and came lie next to me and hugged me tightly I couldn't control my feelings

I reacted to her and tried to kiss her lips but she stopped and said that she is the boss I liked it very much. She then removed my shirt and kissed all over my body. Each and every move of her made me chills. She removed her pallu and her big boobs were in front of me.

I could not control myself that I dragged her with all force and made her to bed and I went on top of her and kissed her lips this time she allowed me and I sucked her lips for about 10mins in various position in the meantime I removed her blouse and squeezed her boobs softly.. she made soft moans which elevated the mood.

Quickly I unhooked her bra and the boobs popped out.. I circled her nipple and teased her to make her even horny.. She removed all my clothes and held my cock. I said not now then kept my hands on her pussy region. It was so wet the she was dripping over her pantie. I removed her pantie to see her trimmed pussy hairs. It was so sexy and made me so hungry to eat it.

I went down and started to rub her pussy.. she began to moan deeper that she was enjoying my act thoroughly. Then we came to 69 position and the smell of her pussy made me mad and I started to lick her like a dog.. she started to shout a bit and then controlled bcz of neighbourhood is closer.

Then I put my tongue inside her and tongue fucked her for about 10mins. She ejaculated a heavy amount that it was all my face which I licked it off.. In the mean time she played very nicely with my medium sized dick ( I wont lie about that) and made it smooth with her saliva.

I came on top of her in missionary position and entered into her. It was tight as if she was a virgin. She revealed that she didn't had sex for a long time as her hubby lost interest in her. But that never made me feel off. I stroked her hard and it went in one big single stroke. She moaned heavily at that moment.

But I didn't stop that I pumped her in the same position for about 15mins slowly for sometime and deep and fast for the rest of time.. She told me to cum in her and I did it the same way. I shot my whole cum in her which made her feel very much relaxed as if she got something she wanted for years.

We slept like that for sometime and then bathed together where she gave a good blow job and I cummed in her mouth and she drank it. I ate my lunch there and while leaving she gave me the new 2000 note as she was very much satisfied but I denied it. This is my first experience with aunties. Forgive me for the lengthy narration.

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