Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - I

Hello readers I am Mohit; resident of NCR, at present 28, single, tall, bit dusky but good looking male with very good sex appetite. I don’t know if I am abnormal but instead of sexy slender virgins I am always more attracted to married Bhabhies; not fat but with bit of fleshy assets.

For me fantasizing married female was always better because for unmarried girl you have to assume that she get fucked but married female surely gets fucked, School aur college days, mein jab bhi main kisi Bhabhi ko dekhta tha to ye hi sochta tha ki roz raat ko iska pati issko nanga karke kitne mazze se iski leta hoga.

I mean since my teenage, awareness of this fact that this particular female get fucked regularly by her husband use to drive me crazy. Anyway till date I have been on bed with two females. The one who took my virginity was Shikha; sexy slender, tall, dusky and average looking unmarried female Shikha was actually my collogue; around 5-6 years older and also seiner to me,

Shikha not only gave me taste of real pussy, not only taught me how to blow a female on bed with both; Cock and tongue but also boosted my over all interacting confidence with females in all concerns including flirting.

Anyway I will write about Shikha and me some other day, at present what I am trying writing down is about my very interesting sex experience with the second female Jyoti Bhabhi. As I am not very good in English, few readers; especially who belong to southern India, may find my narration bit irritating,

but if they are willing to read real fascinating sex experiencing of a typical delhite they can use Google as their assistant. Now if I will introduce Jyoti Bhabhi to readers, I would say Jyoti Bhabhi is a female living in my neighborhood; on the same street around 10-12 houses away from mine, mother of one 8-9 year old boy and her husband owns a chemist shop in our locality’s market.

Physical appearance; she has a body structure of typical MILF with you know, bhare-bhare Mummy, Moti moti Jhanghe, Chowdi aur bahar nikli hui Gand. In English round ripe melons, thick fleshy thighs and erotically spread, jutting out plump ass; must be 40 or bit less, hairs ending well below shoulders, expressive eyes, prominent belly, standing 5’6”, fair, though not beautiful,

rather average looking female with tiny stains over her cheeks but she is a perfect female in all other aspects to get on bed with an obsessive male like me. Now to begin the story I would say Jyoti Bhabhi was the one for whom I had dirty perspective since I was 16.

Initially I was never in her good touch and I got connected with her when after spending 3 years in Mumbai and experiencing real sex with my colleague Shikha I came back to my home town. It was a weekend of summers and somewhat 7 of the morning when I saw Jyoti Bhabhi after really long.

Wearing tight slacks and a t-shirt ending hardly an inch below her waist Jyoti Bhabhi was going back home along with two more females after a morning walk and I ogled at her swinging ass from my balcony till she disappeared into her house.

As compared to past she was dam attractive now and in a first glance I got so obsessed with her body that from very next morning my dirty brain woke me up for early morning jogging. No need to say suddenly why I got so conscious about my health; it was just Jyoti Bhabhi and mainly her beautiful ass for whom I was running every morning and this schedule went on going for couple of weeks.

Whenever we met first time in the morning I wished her good morning and later we smiled whenever our eyes met across the Park. In the mean time at home my mom asked me for my marriage plan; if I have any love affair? And saying no for any such affair I said yes to Mom to look for my match.

I was totally unaware of what my mom has done in concern of my marriage and on one fine day I came to knew when somewhere in the evening I went to the Chemist Shop for specific purpose. Wearing Jeans and Kurti it was Jyoti Bhabhi who was sitting on cash counter and after stealing a glance of her lovely bottom and ample thighs in sitting posture I wished her casual Namastey.

Bhabhi smiled back and wished me good evening and I gave her doctor's prescription. She forwarded that paper to the guy who gives medicine and I detailed him what all I need from the list. Next that guy went busy in finding medicines and Jyoti Bhabhi casually asked me if I joined my new job and with a smile I accepted in yes.

I was following Jyoti regularly from last 12-15 days without much talking to her and gradually I was getting so desperate to get close to her that I could not masturbate thinking for any other female and with clear intentions for better fantasy I started talking to her and gave her little details of my work and she listened me reflecting lot of interest.

Eventually I got the medicine for which I was there and I was about to say bye to her when suddenly she opened the fact that my mom has told her to find a match for me “Aapki mummy ne mujhe aapke liye ladki dhundhane ke liye kaha hai” and in response reflecting mild eagerness I told her to find the girl quickly “haan..Please jaldi Dhundho na…”

and Jyoti Bhabhi giggled over my fervor and ended with just ok. Eventually I moved from their with lot things to fantasize about her while masturbating and like so many days I ended up masturbating on her name in the night.

Eventually night ended and once again we got face to face in the morning in the park, like always I wished her good morning and kept an eye on her ass throughout my jogging. Everything was as it use to happen every morning but in the end after her scheduled walk instead of going back home with two other females Jyoti Bhabhi stayed in the park

and I saw her sitting alone on the bench. I was also up with my jogging and I reached to her and asked the reason of not going home and she instantly got up while saying that she was waiting for me to end my jog. That was pleasant surprise for me and we started to walk together.

Ohhh…God I can’t tell you guys what a bomb she was looking! Bhabhi was wearing red t-shirt with tight black leggings, she was wet at arm pits and back because of sweat and aroma of her deodorant mixed with sweat was so arousing that I could not hold my erection in my underwear, throughout the jogging I was hard because of her swinging ass

and now gradually I was reaching to the state jahan mera Lund kapde faad ke bahar aana chahhta tha…, I mean I was reaching to the state my monster wanted to tore of my clothes to come out. Anyway soon I came to knew why Bhabhi was waiting for me to go home as after hardly few steps she asked me what sort girl I would like to marry.

“So…kaisi ladki se shaadi karni hai aapko?” and using all my wit and confidence and recalling basic tip to start flirting given by Shikha, I told Bhabhi to find someone like her and after a pause added that it will be fine even if she will be older than me, “koi apne jaisi hi dhoondh do….thodi badi bhi hogi to bhi chalegi… age no bars!”

and like I was expecting it amazed Jyoti Bhabhi a lot and she giggled over my reply with a tiny blush, “Bhabhi I am serious….” I continued and asked her if she has any younger sister “agar aapki koi chhoti sister hai to main bina usko dekhe hi haan kar sakta hun…”

For few seconds Jyoti Bhabhi looked into my eyes without a flick; obviously with a smile and in the end knobbed her head and denied for having any younger sister “nahi...meri koi chhoti sister nahi hai….” and as she denied I expressed disappointment on my face with a smile.

For an instant I felt that substance will end here but after few seconds Jyoti Bhabhi came up saying that she is surprised to know that I don't have any girl friend, "waise I am surprised ki aapki koi girl friend nahi hai" and I came up saying that I never dared to propose any girl "kabhi kisi ladki ko propose karne ki... himmat hi nahi hui"

"you are lying...I can see aap itne innocent nahi ho" looking into my eyes with a smile Bhabhi confidently said that I am lying, possibly she sensed that from my confidence of flirting with her and I went speechless.

“So you have a girl friend….?” Looking at my face while walking beside Jyoti Bhabhi asked me reflecting surety in her voice and as according to Shikha it is sometimes good to admit the truth to impress the female, in low voice I accepted that I had in past and in continuation told her not to tell that to my mom.

“Haan ek thi…per ab nahi hai…lekin aap please Mom ko matt batana…” “Obviously….!” Jyoti Bhabhi replied back and after few seconds of silence with bit of hesitation she indirectly asked me if I have ever done anything with my girl friend “ab ye bhi batta do ki aap apni girl friend ke saath kahan tak gaye ho…?” and I lied by saying “sirf kissing takk…”.

Rest of the way we walked back almost without talking anything in this concern and after reaching back home I instantly went under shower to shag my load on her name. “Ye Jyoti Bhabhi… shaadi se pahle hi mere Lund ka sara tel nikal degi….” Feeling exhausted I murmured after spewing out my cum and started my day as usual.

To Be Continued...

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Poonam Getting Sex Life Recharged By Akshay

Hi I m Poonam from Mumbai. I came to Mumbai after my marriage with Anupam 3 years ago. My parents Place is at Indore where I stayed for 24 years of my life & enjoyed a lot during School and college days.

After my graduation my parent found my match in Anupam & like obedient Girl I got married although I had no any crush during my college days so there was no question of resistance to pass Anupam. He is a Good Man with Handsome hunk look having 5'11" height and well built with Dark complexion & broad shoulders.

He can impress any beautiful Girl So I m quite lucky to get him as my life partner. Even I was also tall 5'9" and with curly hair & dimpled chicks with a fair complexion with 38-26-34 stats. During my college days many boys were liking me but nobody dared as my Father was the Army Officer.

Initially for 2 years we enjoyed a very happy & healthy married life and he used to fulfill all my wishes like his ambitions but the problem started when he joined a New IT company for better Post & remuneration & after that his late sitting in office & frequent Overseas tour to sort out the client's issues have irritated me

as My majority of the time was passed loading & unloading his travel baggage & when he is not here, keep waiting for him to come. Suddenly My thrilling life got converted into a boring life. And I was helpless.

Even when he is in Mumbai he used to attend his offices till late evenings & he used to come at around 10-10.30 in drunken position as against earlier time when he was regularly coming at around 7.30. I tried to solve this problem with him thro' discussion but for him his career was more important than his married life.

In Mumbai people are so practical & isolated that they don't bother what is happening in the next door. So I was also alone & it was difficult to kill the time & watching TV was not a good option all the time So I started searching something thrilling & exciting & thus I found & after initial hesitation I started liking to read the stories

& I realized that there are many people suffering from situation like me & few even worse. Honestly I was sexually starved for last 1 year & emotionally to a great extent & I found here majority of the extra marital affairs are the result of the situation like I was going thro'. Thus I attracted to this website & slowly become addicted to read on regular basis.

Today I thought I should also express & contribute my feelings for relieving the load from heart. After couple of months reading this site, I was fantasizing some muscular & romantic hunk in my life & that was giving me a strange pleasure. Meanwhile One day I found that the flat opposite to our is being vacated as the people who were staying there have sold this flat.

After another few days One Gujarati Family of 6 Person came to stay there It was a joint family consisting of Elderly Parents with Two son (one is married) & a small kid. They were so social that They invited us for their House arming Parties along with Other neighbors but only few attended including me & my hubby.

We got. introduced & I found that The elder son is Shailesh & Younger one is Akshay & shailesh's wife name is Nikita. (rest are irrelevant). Gradually after few days I used to frequently go to their house as Nikita was almost of my age & we got mixed up quite easily. We used to go together for Vegetable Market, D-mart & also for Morning walk.

Even I used to watch TV serials at their home as while watching TV we used to chit chat on various subjects. Her husband was reserve but his younger brother Akshay was very frank ( may be due to he was bachelor) & whenever he is available he used to crack some naughty comment & jokes on serials & their characters to entertain us & we were enjoying his act.

Sometimes we were waiting for his comment only to laugh. He was more liking the Cricket matches & not serials so used to argue for asking remote & sweet nok-jok with his Bhabhi for remote. I was also liking Cricket very much as I was quite active in Women's Cricket during my College days & still have maintained the athlete like body.

Sometimes I caught Akshay starring at my curves but with a sweet smile I used to ignore it & kept healthy relation with that family as I started liking the changes in my hitherto boring life. One Day There was important Match between India & Australia & Akshay had already taken remote in his custody since afternoon (Day Night Match).

At around 4 I went there & found All the family members were watching the match So I was reluctant but Nikita immediately saw me & welcomed to join them. All the 3 chairs were occupied by Gents So we all seated on the floor ahead of them & doing petty house work like vegetable cutting etc. We were enjoying the match.

Slowly the darkness increased & due to interesting match nobody thought of switch on the light. I found something is touching near my right leg & touching my bear skin as I was wearing Saree. I tried to make out its a thumb figure of leg & I know it is none other than Akshay. My heartbeat started fastened & I thought of moving my leg away but by god I was feeling it nice.

And I don't know why but I kept as it is & on the contrary adjusted my saree for his easy secret entrance. he was so brave he went deeper till my knee & was exploring my soft skin thro' his rough thumb & I was liking it too much as He was the first person after my hubby who reached my bare legs till my thigh. Sensation started inside me & I felt wetness.

This was continued till 10.30 when India Beat Australia & I was by Akshay. Yesss......he won me & I was blushed so much that my face was reddish & Adding to that he passed a comment that See Poonam Bhabhi kitni khush ho gayee India jeet gayi to. Laaaal laaaal ho gayee. & I slapped on his shoulder & ran away to my home.

Oh Myyy goddd. I immediately rushed to the washroom & checked my wetness..........ohhhhh sheeeet..........I was leaking like a hell....... After very long time I discharged so much water....& don't know why I started rubbing my pussy keeping my eyes closed & immediately fantasizing about Akshay.

I re-collect his body.....Bare chest with lots of hair & broad shoulder with strong muscles & he was only in shorts what a height almost around 6". & his hair was like Dhoni of earlier time when he used to keep long hair. & My finger was acting smart over my clitoris & unknowingly I started chanting his name

"Ohhhh Akshay......please......slowly....araam se...hmmmmm...aaaahhhh...eeeeeyyy........yeaah... & my magical figure was creating thrilling sensation inside my pusssy & My dream man was fucking me hard depth till my womb & I was enjoying each n every pulsations it was creating inside me.

Slowly slowly I felt I m cumming.....I increased the speed & the Liquid was about to ooze from womb & suddenly Door Bell ring ( Ohhhh sheet.......I think Anupam has come) that fear created magic as my speed furether increased & I end up with lots of flooding.........& my mind got relaxed..........I was tired too.....but satisfied. relaxed....& quickly got ready to come out & open the door.

Anupam was tired like hell & Saying "Good Night Dear.......I m badly tired it was a long working day" See u 2morrow. ". went to his bedroom & quickly changed his cloths & slept. Today I was also tired but was feeling fresh with new thrill in my life.

It seems My life is about to change in the coming days & the reason is none other than.......Akki. (I have kept akki as his nickname for my fantasy for him)

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Arifa Enjoying Sex With Tina And Tinku

Arifa a blooming girl of 18 was fond of sex. Girls of that age will be more interested in sex. But Arifa wanted to get the taste of the cock of the boy. She had a itchy cunt. She used to try to push her finger into her hole, but it did not go. She wanted to try the cock. But how she will get a cock. Her friend Tina told her that she had seen her brother's cock and it is big.

How big asked Arifa. She further she asked how did you see, did he show you, or did you see when he was sleeping. Tine said that he showed it to her. Arifa asked when and how did you show. Tina was hesitant to reply. But Arifa asked her again and again. Finally Tina said we used to sleep together in the same bed and when the lights were put out she showed it to me.

Oh, tell me in detail, Tina, what did you do on seeing it. and how big it was, asked Arifa. Tina said it is my younger brother Tinku, who is 19 years old. His thing is of the size of 5 inches and it was hard and stiff. He pushed it into my mouth and I took it into my mouth, said Tina. Then what happened, asked Arifa. Tina said he licked my pussy. He licked it hard and it was very nice.

Arifa said please Tina I will come to your house, please ask your brother to show me his cock. I will suck his cock as much as he wants. If he wants he may lick my pussy. Wait, wait, Arifa, let me find a way. said Tina. Tina said then Arifa come to my house tomorrow. I will ask Tinku to stay back. After your coming I will ask him to show his thing to you.

Thank you Tina, I will come at 2 pm tomorrow. Ok. said Tina. Next day Arifa went to the house of Tina, wearing a pink long skirt and a red shirt and a scarf around her head. She carried two notebooks in her hand so that she can say that she had come for combined studies. Tina introduced her to her mother and brother. Arifa saw Tinku and cute boy.

She was nervous and her mouth went dry. Tina's mother went out to meet her friend. Tina and Arifa went to Tina's room. Tina called Tinku to come to her room. As soon as Tinku entered, Tina closed the door and bolted it and told Tinku. Ahe Tinku show your cock to Arifa. Arifa has not seen the cock of any boy. She just wants to see it and taste it. Tinku looked at Arifa.

Arifa was shy and was booking down. Tnku went near Arifa and put his hand on her boobs. Arifa looked up and looked into his eyes. Tinku pulled his zip down and pulled out his cock which was as big as 5 inches banana. Arifa was happy to see a real cock.

She kneeled before him, put her both hands on his cock, pressed it softly softly to test how hard it was, planted a kiss at the tip of the cock, opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth. Tinku moved his cock in and out of her mouth. Tina was watching the whole performance.

Tina told Tinku, if you want you can taste her pussy. He asked Arifa to lie down on the bed, pulled her skirt up to reveal her leg and stout thighs, asked her to remove her panty. Arifa pulled her panty down. Tinku got on top of Arifa in the position 69, and put his cock in the mouth of Arifa, widened her legs and her pussy was revealed. It had some brown hair on it.

Tinku buried his face inside the pussy and licked it hard. Arifa opened her legs wider so that Tinku may have more space for his job. Tina sat nearby and helped Arifa by opening her cunt lips to show the tiny clitoris. Tinku licked the clitoris and Arifa gave out a gurgling sound and was enjoying very much. Finally she and Tinku had their orgasm.

Fluids flowed from the cunt of Arifa and her mouth was full of the cum of Tinku. Arifa wiped her mouth and the cock of Tinku with her skirt and got up. Tina said, wait, wait, it is my turn now. do the same thing to me and asked Arifa to widen her cunt lips. The cock of Tnku was in full erection. Tina lied in the bed after removing her panty and lifted her skirt.

Arifa widened the legs of Tina. Tinku in the meantime, removed his pant and his cock was hard and erect. He lied on Tina in 69 position, fed his cock in her mouth. Tina pussy was having some hair like that of Arifa. It was fully wet. Arifa wiped Tina's pussy of the fluids and before Tinku starts tasting it, Arifa licked the pussy of Tina just to know how it tastes.

She gave a lick to the clit of Tina just to it a start. In the meantime, the cock of Tinku was well placed in the mouth of Tina and Tinku started to lick the pussy of Tina. Arofa kept its lips wide open, so that Tinku may lick the clit of Tina. Tina was moaning and grunting and Tinku was also giving sounds. The action took more time andfinally they exploded into orgasm.

Actually Arifa was hot and was aroused. She would have wanted one more session with Tinku. But Tina said her mother may come asked Arifa to go so that her mother may not doubt. Tinku put on his pants gave a parting kiss to Arifa and his sister Tina. He said next time he would like to break the seals of both the girls. He told the girls that his friend Ali wanted to fuck a girl.

Should he bring him. Both girls vehemently said no. They wanted to keep it secret and if the news goes out it will give them a bad name. Tinku agreed. Arifa departed to her house, thanking Tina profusely.

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Kerala Lady Shamla Enjoying Cheating Sex With Basheer

Shamla was married at the age of 16 and her husband promising to get a family visa, spent about 15 days with her soon after marriage. At the age of 16, the prime of her youth, she was in full bloom, with all her curves well developed.

Her huband promised to send money either to repair her present house where she and her mother stayed, or built a new house of go to the town and buy a new flat and stay there. He asked Shamla to pursue her studies, she was just in Xth standard at the time of marriage. Learn computer science etc where there are chances to get good jobs.

Her husband Iqbal, did not study much. If she studied computer science there will be lot of chances to get jobs. Poor Shamla worked to pass her school exams. and joined a computer institute who taught her basics. Many boys studying with her evinced interest in her. Some tried to talk to her, some invited her to go to the cinema.

She was skilfully managed to keep all such boys away and was concentrating in her studies. By the time she was 18 and developed into a full bloomed woman. They she talked to her husband almost daily all her sexual urges were satisfied in that ten minutes talk. Iqbal cannot get leave to go home annually. He can go once in two years or sometimes once in three years.

His boss was satisfied with him and gave him substantial rise and Iqbal could save quite a lot of money. He bought a flat in the city, Otherwise how long he and his family can stay in the village where there no facilties are available. He called Shamla and told her to shift with all her luggage to the town to flat No. 313 in an apartment complex in the residential area of the town.

She was surprised. When she was returning from the computer class she went and saw the flat. It was closed and she could not go inside. In the evening she asked Iqbal how did be manage to get such a beautiful flat while working in Dubai. He said his friend Basheer only helped him.

He said that the shopping mall is close by and there is a doctor in the neighbourhood who can treat his mother. Shamla was very happy for the foresight of Iqbal. She telephoned Bhasheer and asked him to help her to see the flat purchased by her busband. Basher promised to pick her up in the evening when she comes out of the comp. class.

He came a handsome, tall youngman, with a broad smile on his face. Iqbal and Basheer studied together and when Iqbal went to gulf, Basheer tried his luck locally to do broking of real estate and flats. Shamla sat with him in the front seat. They reached the flat. Bhasheer had the key to the flat. He opened and took Shamla inside. Basheer was stunned at the beauty of Shamla.

He thought Iqbal should be a lucky man to have got a such a beautiful wife. Shamla saw the whole flat was well furnished with sofa settee in the sitting room with TV, master bedroom with a huge cot and mattress, two other rooms also with beautiful double cots, all rooms well ventilated. all rooms with attached bathrooms. Basheer was explaining to her each part of the flat.

Going around and around varius room, she was filled with satis faction and it so happened in one room when she took a sudden turn she dashed against Bhasheer. Basheer held her in his two arms and held her to prevent her from falling. She looked up and saw his smiling face and she did not try to wriggle away from his grip.

Lack sex and lack of masculine company for a long time made Shamla crazy and she seemed to have lost her senses. Basheer took advantage of her position and embraced and kissed her on her cheeks. His hands were swift to run over her, he squeezed her boobs, and then her asses, her narrow waist was just within his arm. He lowered his mouth and kissed her on her mouth.

Shamla meekly succumbed to all his advances, because the touch of his hand was sending a shiver in her body. Shamla was led to her bedroom and Basheer gently pushed her on the bed. He again embraced her and started to unhook her blouse and removed her saree. Shamla asked Basheer to remove his shirt and other pieces of clothing.

Basheer and Shamla were not lovers. But instinctively they both were attracted to each other and in her a sense of gratitude was there for having helped them to get a flat. Basheer was fascinated by her beauty and she was thrilled by his handsomeness. But her lack of sex for such a long time made her to forget reason. She for a moment for got that she was betraying her husband.

Basheer kissed her cheeks and sucked her lips, while both were lying in the bed. She had her panty on and he was in his boxer. The bulge of his boxer made Shamla more hornier. She remembered that her mother had gone to visit her sister and hence there wont be anybody in her house during the night.

It would be better to spend the night in this new flat hugged and fucked by Basheer. Basheer was sucking her nipples while his other hand was squeezing her other boob. He thanked his stars this opportunity of fucking a beautiful girl, who came just to see her flat. If she had turned down his advances, he would have gone home leaving her at her home.

She too was horny and was ready to get fucked. Basheer saw Shamla moaning softly closing her eyes enjoying his onslaughts on her boobs. His hands were big and when he squeezed it pained, but there was pleasure in that pain. After finishing his job with her boobs, Basheer just moved his lips down to her navel. He was attracted by her flawless skin, and the navel.

He planted a kiss on her navel and then his hand pulled her panty down. Shamla lifted her hip and helped him to pull down the panty. She just caught his bulge in his boxer. Basheer inserted his both thumbs on either side of his boxer and pulled it down. His cock sprang out and was oscillating in the air. Shamla caught the cock with her hand and took a closer view of it.

It was of the same size as that of her husband. She put it against her cheeks and then licked the emerging drop of precum. She had taken the cock of her husband in her mouth once or twice, which he enjoyed immensely. She thought Basheer also would enjoy if she gives him a blow job. Since there was no intimacy between them they were not talking, except some cries of joy or pain.

Bhasheer was rubbing his fingers on her mat of hair covering her cunt. He got up and had a close look at hr cunt. He could not get a clearer view as the hair was fully covering her cunt. He saw a tiny projection of her clitoris and dampness spread all over the hair. With both his fingers he opened the cunt lips and saw the red interior.

He opened her ligs wide and kneeling between her legs he bowed down and licked her cunt and licked her clitoris lightly. Suddenly Shamla trembled and her whole body shook. Basheer looked up at her face and she was asking him to continue to do it with her clit. Basheer got up and looked at her face and asked her whether he may fuck her. She said yes.

She opened her cunt lips wide and placed his cock head at the entrance of her lovehole and pushed it in. Her cunt muscles yielded slowly and he could push in very slowly. He know because of non use, her hole would have become smaller. It took some time for him to make a full entry and she was giving out cry of pain often.

She could feel his body touching the top of her cunt, that means his whole cock has gone in. She removed her hands expecting his pumping action to start any moment. Basheer did not want to place his body on her so she may have to bear his weight. Balancing his body on his hands and legs Basheer plunged his cock in. Pulling out almost entirely and again pushed it in.

As all the sensitive nerves in her cunt are rubbed vigorously she gave out a big moan and lifted her hip up to support him. Basheer increased his speed and was fucking her very fast and deep. Shamla lifted hands to embrace him. He lowered his body and his chest crushed her boobs. But he did not reduce his fucking speed.

Her cry in high pitched voice indicated that she had reached her orgasm. He asked her whether it is safe to leave his cum inside, she said she had her periods just two days back. Another six or seven shots made him to reach his orgasm and she could feel his cum shots inside her womb. The spurts were going on for a long time. He slowly lifted her body up and lied beside her.

Shamla turned to his side and gave him a kiss of gratitude. She got up and went to the bathroom, which had all modern fittings. When she sat on the floor, his fluids and hers were flowing out. She washed her cunt, got up and dried it with the towel, and turned back. She saw him standing with his cock in full erection.

She smiled as she knew that he was ready for the next session. Next session started immediately and Basheer was glowing. He has a cock which never humbles. With so much of stamina he can fuck for the whole night. shamla thought her relationship with him is not good. He has to be kept at a distance. Before that I should prove that I am not his sex slave any more.

If future when he brings his family here, if he comes and toubles asking for sex, what will she do. The possibility cannot be ruled out. She saw that the time was 2 am. Why not pretend and play a drama, thought Shamla. She came and told some story and wanted to go back to her home immediately. Basheer was surprised.

They had planned sex for the whole night, now she wants to go early. Of course they have had plenty of sex. Ok, if you want to go let us go. She packed all her clothes in one bag and the clothes purchased by him in another bag. Why so much in a hurry, Shamla, asked Basheer. She told him that her in laws are expected to come early morning to take me to see the new house.

When she we meet next, Shamla asked Basheer. I will call you, certainly I will call you when everything is normal. Shamla locked the door and kept the keys in her bag. They got into the car and started home. I wanted one more session shamla, said basheer, Shamla did not reply. They reached her home at 3 am.

Shamla hurriedly opened the door of her house, took all her baggage, and her used clothes and bid farewell to Basheer. It was a great disappointment for him. He gave a kiss on his cheeks and left. She did not know he had arranged two of his friends to come at 5 am to enjoy with the girl. All his plans went avry.

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Ryhan Enjoying Sex With Filipino Babe Nancy

Hi readers, as many of you I am also a regular reader on HumanDigest. So I thought I would also share some of my experiences with all of you and comments are most welcome. My Name is Ryhan, aged 34 and based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and work for an IT company in a senior post.

This is one of my first encounter in office which still hold a special place in my memories. This happened in 2015. We were hiring for our back office operations, and was looking for female staffs to fill the position. Lot of candidates has applied and were screened for interview with me. And in comes our girl, her name is nancy and she is a Filipino aged 23 and was beautiful.

Milky skin, cute face, chubby and most interesting part was she has huge boobs and that is one of my weaknesses. She was fresher in UAE, but had 3 -4 yrs experience in her country. She was one of the short listed candidates for 5 days training period and she was asked to come the next day to start the training.

To my surprise, she didn’t showup for the training next day and I was bit disappointed. The rest 3 girls started training. After a week, our receptionist informed me that nancy has come to start training, I was surprised again, but I told our receptionist to tell nancy that we cannot give her the chance as she has not shown up for the training days which were assigned to her.

The receptionist went out and informed her and came back and said that nancy wants to see me and she is requesting for a change. I told to send her in. After a min nancy came in and she was looking beautiful as always and her huge boobs were projected and I felt they were inviting me.

I asked her what she wants and she said she wanted to start the training if the position is still available, I told her the position is still open but we cannot allow her as she didn’t show up for the training. She apologized and said that she went with her cousin to Dubai, and as she was new she doesn’t know how to come back alone and her cousin returned only after a week and she was helpless.

I told her that she could have informed us & she admitted that she was afraid to ask and thought she can come back and explain directly. She was requesting again and again. After a while I said ok, that I will give her a chance and this will be the last. She was so happy and thanked me and said “sir you will never regret this favor “and smiled. She said she will be back tomorrow to start.

A week passed after that and she was very good at the training so was selected and all her visa process started. During that time she used to come to me to get instructions and submit reports. Most of the time I stare at her lovely boobs and she notices that and give me a smile.

One day she came to me with some reports and we were discussing on it, she was standing beside me and I was asking her the clarifications on the output. At one point while she leaned forward to mark one line in the report, her breast brushed my shoulders and I felt so good and I commented “it’s so soft, I thought it might be bit harder”.

She asked me “about what sir”, I said “nothing”, she asked again “what are you referring to sir”, I asked her “how is it so big”, she blushed and said “ genetic sir”, I took courage and asked her “ can I touch it”, she just smiled, and I took it as an YES and I place my hand on her lovely boobs. Ohh man, it was so soft and big. I started to squeeze them slowly, and she was smiling.

I got up from my chair and we started to kiss, her lips were so soft & juicy. And the smooch was soo good that my dick started to feel it. We were kissing and I was playing with her boobs. We broke the kiss and I started to kiss her neck. I was keeping a watch on the CCTV monitor to make sure no one was coming towards my room.

She was wearing a white shirt with jacket and jeans on that day. While kissing her neck I started to unbutton her shirt and she was already enjoying it. 3 were unbuttons and I saw her milky boobs struggling in her designer bra. I squeezed her naked boobs and took one out of her bra.

She had small brown nipples and was so sexy, I kissed her nipples and started to lick them in circle. She was feeling so good and started playing with my hair.. I started to suck her nipples and she was pressing my head hard towards her breast. I was squeezing the other breast as I was sucking the other.

My dick was hard already and was struggling inside my pants. I stood up and she saw my tent and started to run her hands over my pants, we started to kiss again. Then she kneeled down and opened my zipper and took my dick out. My dick is a little above 5” and she kissed the tip.

And then she started to take it slowly in her mouth..her mouth was so warm and she was sucking my dick like a candy. I was in heaven, and she was licking my tip and sucking my cock as she hadn’t had any for long time. I was playing with her hair and bend a bit to reach her boobs and started to squeeze them.

After sometime I was about to cum and I told her to stop, but she objected with her hand was sucking me harder and faster. I was at the verge of cumming and I hold her head hard and she understood and increased her speed, within minutes I shot my cum in her mouth and she swallowed it full and then she licked my tip and cleaned my dick.

She got up and said, “I wanted to taste you cum, so didn’t stop and I liked it very much”. I said thank you and kissed her. And I felt her pussy over her jeans. She told me that’s for next time as it has been a while and someone might come. She said she needs to go to washroom as she is already wet down there and need to relax.

We kissed again and she left.

To be continued…

Hope everyone like my experience, this is an actual incident and not a made up story. Will share more of my experience based on the feedback to this.

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Ramesh Fucking Wife Raji And Her Friend Suni

I am Raji and I had a friend Suni from my college days who was close to me. She was staying in the hostel and I was a day scholar. But in spare time we talked for hours about many things including sex. She knew about sex and she used to tell me that it is enjoyable stuff. She had subsequently a boy friend who used to fuck her.

I was jealous of her for all the pleasures she enjoyed. But I knew that I may get married as soon as my studies are over. In the meantime Suni used to come to home and stay overnight. She share my bed and we enjoyed lesbian sex. She had a great hunger for sex. Her boy friend went away after his studies and she was very depressed.

In the meantime she told me that if I get married I should ask my husband to fuck her. I laughed alound and told her certainly, but you should agree to get fucked by him. In the meantime she got employed in a big company after her studies and I got married to Ramesh, who was an executive in a MNC. Ramesh was tall, handsome and with broad shoulders.

He used to dress attractively that any girl who sees him would love him. I loved him very much. After marriage Ramesh took me around Europe for honeymoon. He had a long stout cock which gave me great enjoyment everytime he fucked me. I told him about Suni and the agreement we had in our student days. He laughed and said I will honour your commitment.

My father had bought a huge bunglaw for me at the outskirts of the city where we stayed. I met Suni after a long time and she congratulated me to have got a handsome husband. I told her that I have told my husband about your request and I had agree to that. She laughed aloud. She was too busy that she could not come to my house to meet my husband.

In the meantime a friend of mine threw a grand party to which Ramesh and I were invited. Suni also came to the party and I introduced her to Ramesh. While shaking hands with her Ramesh told her that I had told him about your agreement. We all had a hearty laugh. We went to take our drinks.

I and Suni took large doses of wine, whereas Ramesh took very little as he had to drive the car back home. I observed that Suni was staring at Ramesh and was talking to him in a friendly way. We sat around a table and had our dinner. In the meantime Ramesh got up to meet a friend of his.

Suni and I finished our dinner and Ramesh came and he too finished his food and we bade good bye to the host and came out to get a taxi for Suni. But for a long time no taxi came our way and I asked Suni to come to my house and she can go next day to her home.

She agreed and telephone her mother and told her that she is staying with me overnight and will reach home next day morning. Ramesh brought the car from the parking lot and we both girls got into the rear seat. I asked Suni in a low tone whether she would like to get fucked by Ramesh tonight. She said no, not tonight, but she would like to watch us fucking.

I told my husband Ramesh that Suni would like to watch you fucking me and she does not want get fucked. We reached home and Ramesh went to park the car. We went up to our bedroom in the first floor. Ramesh came in following us. I saw a bulge in the crotch of Ramesh which I felt with my hand and found him in semi erect condition. I removed his coat and shirt.

He undid his pant and I with the help of Suni pulled his jocky down his cock sprang up at ninety degrees. While he came sat down on the sofa, I asked Suni to help me to lick his cock. Suni was looking at this cock with great admiration and the moment I said this she came to me to go to Ramesh. Ramesh said you ladies are fully dressed, whereas you removed my dress.

Ramesh got up and removed my saree and blouse. he was standing behind me to unhook my bra when Suni also came to help him. In the meantime Suni removed her jeans and shirt and was in her bra and panty. When Ramesh was unhooking my bra, I unhooked the bra of Suni. Her boobs were well shaped and nipples protruding. I felt like kissing and sucking them.

When unhooking my bra, Ramesh was sucking my left nipple, when Suni took my right nipple into her mouth. When my both boobs were being sucked by two people I was in great pleasure. In the meantime I took hold of the cock of Ramesh and asked him to lie down so that I may suck his cock. I asked Suni to help me by sucking one side of his cock.

Ramesh sat in the sofa with outstretched legs widened. We both the ladies sat between his legs and took his huge cock in our hands and started to lick from its bottom to the top. Ramesh with both of his hands was fondling our boobs. The boobs of Suni were also hard and her nipple were well projected and she was enjoying his touch.

Ramesh got up and asked me to lie down on the couch so that he may fuck me. Suni came forward to press my legs sufficiently so that Ramesh could perform well. Her fingers were working on my cunt. Her finger ran along my cunt lips and opened them widely so that the cock of Ramesh may enter. She saw the cock of Ramesh descending.

She wanted to take it in her mouth. She just leaned forward turned her face and took the cock of Ramesh in her mouth. Ramesh was surprised at the new entrance to his cock. He slowly sent it down till the throat of Suni. I knew what is happening. I was pressing the boobs of Suni. Ramesh pulled out his cock and placed it at my fuck hole. Suni guided it to enter the hole.

But Ramesh took time to make it enter. Suni was keeping watch over the slow entry of his cock into my fuck hole. It was a beautiful sight. Suni with one hand was stimulating my clitoris and she placed her mouth on the cock of Ramesh and drained a stream of her spittle.

Although Suni refused to be fucked by Ramesh, she was doing everything to help his cock enter my fuck hole fully. When she saw that our full fucking session is on, she moved away and started to put her finger inher cunt and was working vigorously. It was a new sight for Ramesh. Suni was moaning and working with her finger.

Ramesh told her why worry, Suni, I will help you reach orgasm. Suni looked at him and at me. I also told her to wait for me to finish. She stopped and was waiting for me to finish. Suni was lying on the other side of the couch. Ramesh as soon as he finished with me, went to her and his erect cock with my cunt juice smeared on it.

I got up and widened her legs and helped Ramesh to locate her hole. Her hole was not much used and hence I told Ramesh that it may be very tight for him and not to cause pain to Suni. I licked and sucked her boobs to bring her back to the mood. Ramesh also licked and sucked one of her boobs and squeezed it softly.

Suni with her hands took his cock and placed it at the entrance of the hole. I stimulated her tiny clitoris and Ramesh slowly pushed his cylinder down. Inch by inch it went in and when the whole thing went in Suni opened her eyes wide and lifted my face and kissed. Ramesh asked why not a kiss fo rme. She kissed him also. Please be very slow, Ramesh, it is very tight.

Ramesh said I know, wait I will pull back and push it in, by that time more cunt juice will come and lubricate. He was right. His further fucking was easier. Suni asked me to continue to stimulate her clitoris. It took about 5 to 7 minutes for her to reach orgasm and Ramesh too worked up so that his orgasm will merge with hers.

He shot his fluids into her and her face showed the full satisfaction of the orgasm. Ramesh lied in that position for some time and we all three went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves, drying ourselves with towel. We had one more round and then all three of us slept in our bed.

Suni got up in the morning, took a body wash and bade me and Ramesh farewell, she did not forget to thank us for givng her such a nice experience and went to her home.

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Sneha Enjoying Crazy Sex With Prasad - II

Previously: Sneha Enjoying Crazy Sex With Prasad - I

Sneha put her hand on the bulge and pulled down his boxer and up came his cock Poor Sneha after departure of her husband dreamt of a cock many nights when she was lying in the bed. She felt an imaginary cock entering her hole, she put her finger and jerked it vigorously but it cannot replace a cock. But here is a real cock large, long, and round and fatty.

Prasad said he will go use the bathroom and come. Sneha said she will also come. Both naked ran to the bathroom, she sat in the commode and passed urine and he standing at the far corner and urinated. With a mug ful of water he washed his cock and throw water so that the smell of urine may not linger.

She washed her cunt with the hand shower, and the both got up and hugged each other and Prasad kissed her on her lips. Their tongues touched each other and Sneha said let us go the bed. Prasad looked at body. So beautiful and elegant. Her boobs, thighs the whole body was beautiful. He cannot think of his ever getting a girl like this to ly with.

Sneha extended her hand pulled him closer and took his cock in her hand. It was above 6 inches in size. of the same size of her husband. He saw the precum drop at the end of the cock. She extended her tongue and tasted it. It was salty, just like that of her husband. Soon after marriage her husband fucked her several times. He just ignited her sex fire, but with no means to quench.

When he will come next nobody knows. Her lonliness was killing her. She had no interest to go for shopping or for movies. Who will take her. Now Prasad had come into her life. She reminded herself that Prasad cannot replace her husband. She asked Prasad whether he has ever had sex with any female. He said No. You had mastrubated, of course. He smiled a shy smile.

She told him, that they can have occasional sex. Never to get pregnant. They have to take all precautions. Your goings and comings should not be noticeable. Initially you may have to give lift to me to go to office. I may get a car from the company. Thereafter we will enjoy life. We will go for outing.

She got on top of him and lying on him pressed her boobs against his chest and held his head by his hand and kissed him. They both because very much aroused and she lied down on the bed and asked him to climb up and inserted his cock in her fuck hole, but it was not going. She rubbed his tip on her clitoris and then widened her hole and put it there.

Now Prasad had an idea. He took his cock and tried to place it at the entrance of the fuck hole and pressed it down. Due to non use her hole had narrowed. His cock made way into her hole and slowly entered and fnally entered fully. She asked him to move his cock in and out briskly. Prasad did so. It gave great pleasure to Sneha.

She had never experienced so much of pleasure. To Prasad also this was a stange experience. He said he had not fucked any female before. She asked him kiss and lick her boobs while fucking. He did so. Within five minutes both Sneha and Prasad were nearing their orgasm. Sneha was moaning heavily. Prasad also was giving out some sound.

A massive orgasm came on both of them. Without asking her whether he can discharge his fluids into her he shot his cum deeply into her. She twisted her legs with his and her hands were wound around him and even after two minutes his cock was spitting his sperm into her. But he was not losing his erection. She asked him to get up and move to the side.

Her cunt was leaking with his fluids and hers. Her bedsheets were soaked. She got up and took a towel and wiped his cock and put it against her pussy to absorb the flow of the fluids. She went to the bathroom and took another towel and came back to the bed. She saw Prasad ready for the next session.

She made him to lie on his back and she climbed on him with her legs on his either side and sat on him and took his cock and put it at the entrance of her hole and sat on it.It went cooly inside. Her cunt muscles were relaxed and the lubrication was great and therefore it went smoothly inside. Sneha lifted her hip and brought down.

She just laid on him and started to move forward and backwards. Her boobs were pressed against his chest and his cock was rubbing her clitoris and was going in and coming out of her fuck hole. Within five minutes they both got their second orgasm. His cum shot into her cunt went deep into her.

She lied on him hugging him and he also put his hands round her and lied for some time. She kissed him on his cheeks for giving her so much of pleasure. She got up and wiped his cock and her pussy with the towel. She looked at his cock with so much of fondness that she bowed down and took it into her mouth and gave it a blowjob.

After two more rounds, one in doggy style and another in standing pose they fucked to their heart's content. She took full advantage of him for her lack of sex for the past six months. They both went to the bathroom, had a body wash and came out and dressed and went out and ate in a restaurant. Prasad wanted to go hom to inform his mother of his getting a job.

Sneha went home and she was too tired and her cunt was aching. Prasad came the next day with his bike. He came inside the house and kissed her. He saw her fully dressed to go to office. They fucked and fucked every moment they could get alone. They were never exhaused. She took pills as a precaution.

This went on for two months when her husband informed that he is coming with her visa. They fucked vigorously till the day of his coming. He came, she resigned her job and they both went away and Prasad was very much unhappy for losing a fuck companion.

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