Raj Seducing Office Employee Sneha

This incident happened about 2 years back. There was a woman employee in our office named Sneha, she was 26 years old and a figure to envy. Her stats were 32-28-38. The most enviable part of her body was her ass. She used to wear tight jeans and tops to the office and her ass would juggle like anything.

I would ask her to come to my chamber on some pretext or the other just to see her ass juggle. Some info about me. I am raj and from Assam, 48 years old and have a good physique and amply endowed.I go to the gym every day so…So this happened in December 2015.

I had to go to a remote area in Assam for a project that we were executing. Since Sneha was a new recruit and wanted to see the exact way works were executed, she wanted to come. I was a little apprehensive at first, taking along a woman to the work site, but then she assured me that her parents were ok with it, so I allowed her.

We left 2 days later in my car, just me and her alone. Nothing happened on the way. We reached late at night to the work site. We had small brick hutments and for me, there was a lil sort of a suite. Sneha got a small room just beside my suite. We both got fresh and before dinner, as I do usually have a couple of whiskey pegs, we ate dinner and said goodnight and went to bed.

As luck would have it, there was a thunderstorm late at around 12 and it was pouring cats and dogs. Suddenly there was a knock on my wooden door, I opened and there was Sneha, all drenched up, wet and looking highly sexy. She said that I can’t sleep in this storm, can I sleep on your sofa? I said sure but you are all wet and where are your clothes?

She said roof’s leaking and all my clothes are wet. I said ok. I gave her my robe, I forgot that I was in my undies under the robe, and seeing her wet had given me a throbbing hard on…She looked at my crotch and didn’t react and she went to the bathroom. I crept into my bed and didn’t think much about what happened and just lit a smoke and started puffing away.

A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom and started to make her bed on the sofa, from where I was, I could see that underneath that robe she wasn’t wearing anything. Suddenly she turned around and said ” sir do you drink”? I said yes and I just had a couple of pegs! She said ” sir I am feeling cold and can I have a drink???

I said ” help yourself, it’s right there on the table. She got herself two pegs and in moments she was groggy and swaying, so I got up and helped to the sofa and made her comfortable. In minutes she was asleep and that’s the way the night went on.

Next morning. I wake up early,5 pm to be exact, went for my early morning jog and come back to my suite and I see her still sleeping, wake her up, usual sorry and all those stuff etc etc. The day goes along and in the evening she comes to my suite to apologize for what happened last night…blah blah.

I said it’s ok. You want a drink, as I was already on my first, she said yes and also I want that robe. Gave it to her, she changed and sat on the sofa, legs wide apart, I swear I could see her pussy all covered in hairs, I got an instant hardon and thought that she wants to get laid. I said ” you are sexy” she said ” you are a horse” I saw your thing it’s pretty big.

I said ” have you done this before? She said yes once before. Okkkkkk. I went and sat beside her and start to kiss her, she instantly starts to french kiss, I loved it and start to caress her boobs, oooo they are silky smooth and soft,I move down my mouth to her boobs and start to suck each one, they are so taut and the nipples are taut and erect,

I move down to her pussy and part the robe and go wild on her cunt, she just goes wild and starts to thrust her cunt back to my mouth and says ” Khai de moor phuta tu kha sala” ( eat my cunt) I slid down and start to lick her asshole, she goes wilder, starts to buck her ass againsnt my mouth and says”tika tu sudibo niki”?( are you gonna fuck my ass too?)

I said yes, I will fuck all your holes. Sir please your bari( cock) is too thick, I can’t take it my pokor (ass) I said you can have everything. I come up to 69 position now and thrust my lauda in her mouth, she resists initially but starts to suck it ackwardly. I don’t mind. We lay in this position for about 15 mins and by this time my face is all smeared with her juices…

Sneha, by this time was fully aroused, and was shouting like hell’ Sud na raj Muk sudi de, mur bur tu garam hoi goise, Bari daal bhorai de na….( fuck me raj,fuck me, my cunt is all wet now, shove your cock in). But I was in no mood to oblige Sneha,I wanted her to get wilder,,, so I kept on sucking her pussy, she was getting wilder, buckling her hips like a wild horse,

but I still kept on sucking her pussy, licking her clit,,,,I wanted Sneha to be wild and bold. Suddenly Sneha got up and said ” raj I want your cock in my cunt!!!! I said ok but before that you to have the ass treatment. Sneha said”What’s that”? I turned Sneha over and spread her legs and pulled up her ass up above in doggy style and started to lick her asshole,

she jumped at my first lick and moaned mmmmmmmm bodhiya ( nice), her asshole was puckering in and out in anticipation. I inserted one finger in her asshole and she jumped, I caught her by her hips with my other hand and started to finger fuck her ass… it was slowly getting loose so I inserted my second finger and this time it hurt her and she screamed, raj ulai diyok,

beekhai se( pull it out, its paining), unmindful to her I kept on finger fucking her asshole and after about 10 mins I could feel that her hole was quite loose…I took out my fingers and licked her asshole, I could see that her asshole was all red and puckering, I took my position behind her and a aligned my cock with her ass and the tip of my cock was on hole,

Sneha understood what I was planning to do and said” raj pokor’t nusudibo please, bot bikhabo, moi aji loke pokor’t luya nai, please( I have never been fucked in my ass, please don’t fuck me there)

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Guy Fucking Girlfriend In Kinky Adventure

Hey, people, Hot guys and girls and women, this is my sex story. I had already given away a couple of sex stories, hope you liked it.”Stranger fuck in falls”. Introducing myself again, Ram, fair enough and fit, with lots of sexual hunger.A big time porn addict especially porn as they are really hot, wild mating sessions with no inhibitions. A big fan of Indian sex story.

I felt most of the Indian sex story lovemaking were decent and soft.I wanted to pour out my wild incident.But this sex story would not be decent. My sex life started from the third year of college, then I and my chubby horny girlfriend found chances to fuck at her home twice a month.We made real love.

Love making started to get monotonous, we had standard three sex positions, I improved on my timing, fucking seems to get bored day by day. My darling chubby was expecting more, her boobs got firmer.She sounds damn horny while fucking, I fucked her in traditional wear thrice and jeans couple of times.

It was Saturday morning 8 am and college holiday got a message from her. Girlfriend: hey Ram, my mom, and dad going to a wedding this afternoon, will come back tomorrow evening, no one at home, we need to do something, I am getting bored.We have got solid 12 hours.I want it to something memorable, do not disappointment me with same old missionary fuck !!

Me: hey darling sure I will plan something and let you know in an hour. After an hour Me: hey baby, I have planned for the most lovable wildest dirtiest kinkiest night unforgettable wild night. Will you cooperate, you have to do whatever I tell? Girlfriend: hey small bitch!Come on now do not talk too much !!I know you are just words.

I will do anything for you !!Lets you what you gonna do !!Show me if you are a real man. Me: get ready my slutty milf, I will make you exhausted and take u to heaven tonight.Be ready in the dirtiest night and no shave.Love you :) I am getting excited,12 hours with my girlfriend in the night. I had so many plans, I have to impress my girlfriend and take our sex lives to next level.

I am fantasy kind of guy.It becomes evening, I got ready in a white stained inner wear.Did not bath.Scented perfectly and was ready for the bed war to show me a man. It became 8 pm, I knocked the door. My chubby horny babe opened the door, she was in dull nighty, I hugged her.Her eyes were mourning for more.

She pleaded me. Please, Ram! Make this night exciting, fuck me like hell.I am a hungry boy. Me: sure, I will make this 12 hours worth exciting, I pulled off her hair clip and loosened her hair, now I am your husband for tonight and I can do anything with you. Girlfriend: sounds interesting, take me ram, take me now, I am all yours. Show me your dirty side. I will do whatever you tell.

I asked her to wait.Went in and changed to lungi.I was topless and hairy.Came to the hall and asked her to press my legs.Opened whiskey bottle and gave her 2 pegs and I had 3 pegs.All were set for the perfect mating session.I pulled up and started biting her lips, smooched her for 5 minutes non-stop and made her bleed m m m m, I licked her blood in lips,

she was breathing heavily she loved it, she shouted. Come on fucker, I want more !! I slapped her, how dare you call your husband harshly, she said sorry husband, caught her shoulder and patted her bum, took her to toilet, Girlfriend: What are we gonna do husband, shower fuck! Me: Nothing new Come on asshole Watch me pee tonight

I lifted my lungi and started to pee, she was seeing me, I asked her if she is comfortable with my level of dirty stuff.She winked and her eyes were getting filled with lust, anything my law what you wish, I am your slave tonight. I was still peeing, asked her to come near and lifted her nighty and saw her bushy cunt, she started blushing, I slightly fingered her, she started getting wet.

Then took her to the hall.It was 10 already.I blindfolded her, peeped outside no human movement, tied her eyes and hands, took her to terrace.It was chilly and breezy.Took a mat and couple of towels and coconut oil and scissors.Made her lie on the mat and released her hands, weather was damn sexy and breezy, sounds of birds.

She was nervous, I asked her to relax and enjoy this night with no fear with eyes closed.Slowly I started to cut open her nighty from the center, she started to feel it.I bisected her nighty.Poured the full bottle of coconut oil on her naked body.Massaged her hair, nipples, cunt, thighs with oil.She was in height of pleasure mourning.

She: I am impressed already, wait baby. I left my hand into her cunt and massaged it, she was fully oily, turned her, poured oil into her anus and fingered it, she was screaming in pleasure. I bite her nipples and sucked them.I licked her pubic hair and armpits. I lifted my lungi up, my dick was full high ready to mate. Opened her eyes which were blindfolded.

She was in full lust, she said love you ram, she saw my cock and pulled me on her and started biting me, she put my fully dick into her mouth and sucked with wild sounds. She said fuck me ram please, I cannot wait anymore. Made her lie straight, slowly penetrated my wet dick into her pussy, it slid immediately as we were oily. I started fucking her.

Her boobs were jumping up and down, she was biting her lips. She was mourning. I kept fucking her for 10 minutes, I screamed an h h I think I am going to cum. She got up and got the full load into her mouth.She hugged me.And said lovely night to mate in nature.We slept naked in the terrace. I kept alarm at 6 am, woke her up. She smiled and seems she loved the night.

I said get ready for next round baby. Took her to the water tank in the terrace.We got naked into water tank.Washed our body and again I started to fuck her in missionary, holding her hair, our voices were echoing in the tank. Fuck fuck fuck A h h h ram its paining, This time I spilled my cum on her ass, I cleaned her ass with my cum.

Went down and had a shower together, she smooched and said love me like hell. Our experimenting continued Nothing in wrong in love and sex :) Nothing wrong gets dirty people.

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Horny Classmates Shafi And Shaheena Fucking Nicely

Shaffi was a strong built man with the height of 6 ft. broad chest with six packs. But while in the college he was a mean and lean, shy boy and nobody tood care of him. He built up his body subsequently that he looked like a wrestler. After two years of vigorous exercise in the gymnasium,

Shaffi became what he is and he wanted to meet at lease one of the girls who studied with him and show her his chest muscles. It so happened when he was in the mall he met Shaheena, who was teasing him for his slender hands and hungry look. Shaheena a 20 year old beauty, was roaming pushing a trolley, he shouted, hi Shaheena.

She turned back to see the person who called her. Shaheena was a beauty, with slender legs, big boobs, projecting ass, and everything beautiful were with her. She wore a light collered cotron dress which enhanced her fair beauty. She was married at the age of 16, but her busband was working in gulf and visited her once in a year.

When he gets a family visa he promised to take her with him. Having lost hopes of getting family visa in the near future, she joined the college and now she wrote the exam and waits for the results. Shaheena used to like Shaffi in the college for his cool nature. He was shy and was keeping himself away from girls as he knew they dont like him.

Girls want not money alone, they want handsomeness, nice height, nice body and features. Now Shafi is a changed man. His father was in gulf working as a architect consultant. Shaffi studied for architecture and came out with good marks. If we can earn more than what they earn in gulf why go there and get bored.

He designed many projects for his father and father sent his his share for designing, which was many fold of what a local architect earns. He designed and built his own home in the outskirts, by the riverside. It was a small house but well designed. But none of his classmates or other girls knew the potentiality of Shaffi.

Oh Shaffi, you look very fat and well grown up, shouted Shaheena and came near him and patted on his cheeks and chest. Come on, they moved on to a coffee shop and ordered for coffee. Shaheena declined his offer for snacks. He looked at her, a classic beauty. They sat looking at each other in disbelief.

Shaffi did not know that Shaheena s married and is studying only because she could not get a family visa. He invited her to his house and told her he will take her and drop her back in the mall within half an hour. Shaheena came to the mall casually just to spend some time. Her moving with a hand card was only to mislead people that she has some shopping to do.

When Shaffi parked his car in front of his villa, Shaheena was surprised. That lanky boy could become this big an architect. They climbed up the stairs and reached the drawing room, and further to his sitting room. The ventilation and the lighting were superbly done. walking along a long corridor they reached the kitchen and the dining room.

Since Shaffi was not married and there were no ladies in the house, the kitchen was unused and spik and span. Dining room table design was elegant. They moved upstairs and went to one of the bedrooms. With king sized beds, it had its own dressing table and wardrobes. Balcony gave an excellant view of the river. The other bedroom was similar in all facilities.

Shaheena lied in the bed and enjoyed the cool breeze from the riverside. He put on some music and the sound came out of bluetooth speakers concealed in some corner of the room. Shaheena was simply carried away by the engineering marvel. Shaffi explained to her each and every aspect of the technicalities.

He asked her to telephone and inform her people that she will be delayed because she met a old class mate. Shahina said she has nobody to report. Her inlaws who used to stay with her have gone to their daughter's house for her confinement. Shall we have dinner here at my home, or shall we go out to the mall. Choice is yours, she said.

Here I have a good assortment of wine, said Shaffi. After dinner will be leave me at my house or not. Certainly, but let us take dinner first. Shall we eat here or go to the mall. Order for the food, I want to freshen said Shaheena. Shaffi showed her the bathroom and closed the door. Bathroom and bathroom fitting were all luxurious.

Shahina thought at first she will have a body wash, but seeing the facilities she decided to go for a body wash. The swirling hot and cold water in the bath tub gave her a wonderful sensation. One or two powerfull water jets were aimed at her private part and it tickled her whole body. She was more tempted to sit against the water jets and she was getting warm.

Shaheena was in the early stages of arousal. She got up and towelled her body and saw herself in the mirror. She had a fabulous body, but there was nobody to enjoy or to give her enjoyment. Taking a deep sigh, she dressed and came down the dining hall. The food ordered was ready for serving. Shaffi had not arrived.

She took plates from the shelf, placed them on the table, Place two glasses and filled them with water. Shaffi came down in his dressing gown. He served the food on both the plates, took a bottle of wine and poured in two glasses. When she was apprehensive about the wine, he said it is ok. It is just wine. The food was delicious. They discussed various topics while eating.

Taking sip by sip they finished their glass. They went on eating and discussing on various topics. The dinner was over. They had finished all the dishes. He took the emplty places and cup and glasses and left them in the veranda for the cleaning boyto take it away. He took Shaheena by hand to his bedroom.

Sex starved shahina being called and taken to the bedroom by one of the very handsome young man, made her long for his company. Though Shahina had no dress for change, Shaffi took out from the almirah a cotton nighty and gave it to shahina to wear. He changed hs clothes and was having his jockey and bermuda pants.

When she came from the bathroom in her nighty, Shaffi went and held her and hugged her. He wanted to embrace her to revive all old memories of the college. Embracing each other they fell in the bed. They kissed and kissed. He kissed on her cheeks, neck, ears, forehead. She was lying with her eyes closed and enjoying every touch of his.

Shaffi knew she did not wear any undergarments. He ran his hand all over her body. He unhooked the nighty and opened it on both sides. Her erect boobs and nipples indicated that none has used it so far. Her navel and her hairless pussy gave a grand sight. He bent low and kissed and sucked her nipples and squeezed them with both of his hands.

Her right hand was searching for his cock. He went further down and kissed her pussy realising the shock waves it would have produced. He opned the cunt lips and looked at the pink interior. He told Shaheena that he is going to eat her pussy tonight. Already her cunt juices were oozing. Keeping her hands high she closing her eyes, shaheena was waiting for something to happen.

Shafi was searching for a convenient position to lick and suck her clitoris. She cooperated fully and opened her legs to the maximum and with her own finger opened her cunt lips so he may explore the interior. She started to say, enough, enough, Shafi, start to fuck, please ....... fuck me deep.

Taking his 7 inch monster in his hand, Shafi, placed it at the entrance of her fuck hole and pushed it in. It went in and in and reached the end, filling her hole fully. Slowly starting his fuck action he gained speed and fucked her with full force. They both reached their orgasm.

Oh, divine, Shaffi, you have shown me what real sex is. Shall I come daily will you be free, asked Shaheen. Call me before, I may be busy with some meeting with some client. If you and I are free come in the morning.

Otherwise in the evening. I too enjoyed fucking you, Shahina, your cunt was like a virgin cunt, not much used. Wait, I will drop you at the mall, he said. She got dressed up and he left her at the mall and bade her good bye.

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Prem Enjoying Sex As A Call Guy

Hello Friends, my name is prem I m from Bangalore. I am an Average looking guy, with a good endowment which can satisfy any woman. Here is how it started, I placed an add on Locanto saying I was a call guy and some one interested can contact me, with a certain fee applicable.

As usual I didn’t get any for a long time, but one fine day luck shined on me. I got a massage saying “I am interested in your service, please contact me on 98450*****”m first thing that clicked me is this I a very old number so expected a mature lady.

I called the number and was surprised to hear a lot younger voice and said that I got your response for the ad on locanto and she said ok and disconnected the call. I didn’t know what to do, but however didn’t call back and that worked for me. She called me back after an hour and told there was someone around she could not talk and disconnected and appreciated that I did not call and bother her.

I said I guessed something could b wrong and so did not call back, and she said well. Then she introduced herself as Shoba and wanted to meet me, and talk to me. I asked where she stays and she was from Kasturi Nagar which is about 15kms from where I stay. Now starts the conversation:

I – So do u wanna meet me to talk? S – Yes I wanna first talk and see how things goes and then we will decide. I – Ok, that sounds cool, when and where S – 11.30am at Cuppa in asturi Nagar junction, I said ok I just had about an hour to get there, so I immediately rusehed to the bathroom, cleanly shaved and took a shower, sprayed my perfume and took off.

I reached there just about 5 mins and waited outside at a little distance and keeping a watch, and by around 11.45 she came. She mentioned about the dress code and so I could identify here. She called me S – Where are you? I – On my way, will be there in 10 mins S – I reached and waiting I –

I will be there soon I kept watching for her activities for about 10 mins and I found all safe and called her I – Hey I reached, where are you She told me where she was sitting, walked up to her I – Went up to her, and shook hands and said I am Prem S – Shoba, nice meeting you

Our conversation went on, we ordered something to drink and eat and things were just going on casual. Now about her, she was wheatish, just about the height to reach my shoulder, and short hair up to her shoulder, and all in all good package. So we were just having a casual conversation,

all of a sudden she said ‘OK’ I – Ok?, for wa? S – I am ok to go ahead with this and asked me where I wanted to go? I – We can go to my place, as I was alone during the weekend S – I prefer to my place, as I will feel comfortable. I – Ok, will do so We left form there on her bike, and I left my bike there and we reached her house in less than 10 mins, she took a longer route,

through some little streets, may be just to ensure I don’t know her place, but I knew the area pretty well but kept quiet. After reaching her place, we entered and there was no one. She told me stays with her parents and divorced a year back. Her parents were out of town.

I sat on the sofa and she offered me water, I drank half and ave the remaining to her and she happily had the remaining and showed me around her house and finally showed me her bedroom. As we entered her bedroom, I caught her waist and pulled her backwards and kissed her on the neck and she held my hair and turned around and said

S – are you in a hurry I – First things first, and not waste time S – Ah, ah like that We moved in closer and held her cheeks and kissed on her forehead and cheeks and moved to her lips, she responded nicely and we were in a passionate lock for good time.. and removed her top and she was in her bra.. with a nice cleavage.

I started licking and sucking those and she removed my T-shirt and we vest and I removed her bra and were topless. We started with lot of rubbing against our bodies and holding everywhere and feeling the naked skin and she took the initiative and removed my Jean and put her hand inside my underwear.. and slowly started to stroke it…

I – Looks like you are very experienced S – I am married for 4 years and have had my share of fun even before I – I am privileged I removed her full length skirt and her panties and she removed my underwear and we are all naked and rubbing, grabbing each other all this while still standing.

She soflt broke the contact and moved back towards the bed and sat on the edge of the bed and spred her legs.. clean shaven pussy is all I could see and nothing more.. I went close to her and kneeled in front of her and kissed her boobs, cleavage and navel and moved to her pussy and started top lick vigorously from the first instance.

She immediately gasped and a moan escaped her mouth and started to push my head into her pussy and I was more than happy to proceed and slowy made her lie on the bed on her back and continued to lick and started to finger her pussy.

With two fingers she was moaning and gasping and rabbing the sheet with one hand and my hair with her other hand and this went on for 3 to 4 mins and she came… her pussy was oozing. I smeared her juice all over my dick and moved towards her mouth and she held it and knew what was coming.

She took me in her mouth and played with her tongue on my dick initially and started to suck.. Her BJ was typically like the one in porn movies, she was passionate at the beginning and wild as time went on.. and she was gaging.. and made me lie down and got on my dick and still sucking and rubbin my balls..

and I could not take it longer and pushed her aside and said I was gonna cum and did not waste it so soon. She said wants it inside. I took my bag and removed a condom and gave it to her.. and she did the honors.. covered my cock with the condom and spread her legs wide and pulled me in and I went indie swift into her pussy and since she was wet and I was hard it was easy

to access with any paid.. but she was tight… I started to increase the speed and continued in missionary for about 5 – 7 mins and then I lay on the bed and she rode me.. she was riding me like some one possessed. I was impressed with her stamina.. she went on for good 8 to 10 mins without topping.. and I said I was about to cum and she squeezed my balls…

and it stopped and she got on her fours and pulled me closer..but this time I had different plans.. I had seen an oil bottle when I entered her room and straight away removed oil from the bottle and smeared it on my condom covered dick and applied oil on her asshole and started to finger.. and she said this is gonna be her second anal and I was still happy.. so I slowly pushed in.

And noticed I was not hard enough.. she realied it and turned around and started to suck me again and in a while I was hard to the core and turned her around and pushed into her ass. And it went in smoothly, thanks to the oil.

I fucked her as for about 20 mins and was about to cum. I removed the condom and turned her around and made her suck my dick and just when I was about to cum she realized and removed it from her mouth and made me cum on her face and boobs.. and it was a delight to watch and I came lots.

Then I lay down next her.. she and I were cuddling and talking and she was happy and asked me to available when ever she call and also told she can introduce her to her friends. So I told her that if she introduces me to her friends… then my service to her will always be free.

She was happy and finally we fell asleep for about 2 hours and then we woke up and cleaned ourselves and was about to leave.. and I turned back and asked for my charges. She gave me 6000 and I was more than happy and this is how it all started.

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Hot Romance With Private Assistant Riya

When I reached the place, Riya was already present and enjoying the party. She was wearing a navy green sari with a strapless blouse. The blouse narrowly managed to hide her assets. As I approached her, she smiled and lowered her head, shy of her looks as she hasn’t worn saree too many times. Moreover, in this avatar, her navel too was getting exposed through the sheer material.

I complimented her saying she was looking gorgeous too which she blushed and thanked me. As it was a high-level party with too many guests, I asked her to follow me to the balcony where we can talk in private. The place was quite as guests were busy inside and there was a nice breeze blowing, which managed to disturb Riya’s hair much to her annoyance.

She got close to me and asked if I am angry. I told her she is to inform me of everything. Including the type of dress, she is going to wear. She apologized saying she wanted to give me a surprise. In return, I asked why this particular saree. The top part of her body is left almost completely naked save for the tiny blouse.

She responded by saying she thought I will like it, plus I have insisted her on wearing saree multiple times in the past. Especially to give Bollywood diva’s look with bikini blouse and low-rise saree. I knew she was going to respond like this but wanted to make sure to keep her under my control always. Both physically and psychologically.

After a minute of silence which felt like an eternity, I asked her to kiss me. She smiled and looked into the doorway to check if anybody else was there. Once she was sure we were along she reached to touch her lips to mine. Unfortunately, I was a few inch taller and her hill shoes didn’t help much. She tried again and again, afraid of asking me to lower my head.

Finally, when she was about to give up, I forcefully grabbed her open hair and took my lips into her. I was able to feel her passion throughout my entire body despite only her lips touching mine. The kiss lasted only a few seconds as we were in foreign land and kissing my PA in public may raise problems but it felt like a few minutes at the very least.

I asked her if she will be enjoying the party to which she said no. As I too didn’t have too much to do, decided to go home and finish what I started with Riya. But then she softly called out my name and said she is with mom and need to drop her at her place. I was a bit disappointed but said its fine and left to meet some officials from other companies while Riya went to the hall.

After half an hour and a few group discussions and standing meetings, I finally left the party. To my rather surprise, Riya was standing next to my car. When enquired, she informed mom was sent by uber as she didn’t want to leave me alone. I felt bad that an elderly woman was sent alone but I know Riya is a bit stubborn and won’t listen to anyone, not even her boss.

En-route to home none of us uttered a single word. After an hour long drive on an empty highway, we reached our home. She quickly entered her room as I did mine. The kiss was constantly circulating my mind. I called her and she appeared, still in the same saree. She was yet to change. I handed her an envelope and asked to check its content while standing before me.

As soon as she opened, all the glow faded away in the blink of an eye. She looked at me with teary eyes and begged me not to do so. I asked I had no other option. The way she treated her mom goes a long way to show her character. By now tears were already rolling down her cheek. She just looked at the floor and stood like a statue.

I told her she has 1 hour to leave my house. She still couldn’t believe it that the person she worked for the last 8 months will fire her for such a silly reason. I added that she can’t take any of her items as all of those belongs to me except the dress she was wearing, which was bought with her own money. She ran back to her room and started crying.

As the hour came close, the crying stopped and she came to my room. I was still sitting at the edge of the bed facing the door. She tried her best to hide her feeling and thank me for the job opportunity. As she was about to leave, I stopped her. Not sure what she felt, maybe that I had a change of heart. Instead, I asked her to remove the pendant I gave her as a birthday gift a month ago.

She removed and placed it on the table. As she was about to leave, I stopped her for a second time. This time I forwarded an offer to her. She may get a job in my company but for that, she’ll have to do me a favor. She didn’t utter a word. I asked if she is interested. After thinking for a minute she finally nodded her head.

I asked she will have to get fucked. She was shocked. Then I continued by saying, I’ll fuck her. If she can pass, I’ll think about giving her some post in my company. I warned her, it won’t be like last time. No more play and all. This time it’ll be hard and she’ll genuinely suffer a lot. She reluctantly agreed. I reminded her again and she said she is ready to face whatever comes the odd.

I asked her to get on the bed while I bring some equipment. Brought a bunch of ropes and tied her to the bedpost while she was still in the party dress. Maybe that consolidated her that I was going to be easy on her.

After fastening her hands, legs to the point she was hardly able to move, I brought a mouth gag and put it down her mouth, effectively making sure she remains quite throughout the process. She has experienced sex with me multiple times so, one more sex was not going to challenge her in any way. So I showed her something that scared her really bad. A butt plug.

She has never tried anal. The last time I tried to finger her ass she ran out of my room. However this time she was in no position to move, forget running. I showed her the form and quietly told that if she fails to comply, its over to which she tried to stay as calm as possible.

Now as she was in saree, her body was well hidden and I had to tear her entire saree as well as a petticoat to get access to her panty, which was a blue g-string which too got torn and pulled from below her body. As she was tied to the bed, it took me a good amount of poking to find her anal hole and then more than a dozen thrust just to get the plug’s tip inside her.

She was constantly moaning and screaming from inside her gag but without giving much attention, I pressed on. I had to lick her clitoris to loosen her up and when I realised she was relaxed enough, one hard thrust and the plug was placed. She continued her shouting drama. I sat near her and smiled asking if she realised the butt plug had a wire.

She begged me with her eyes but I show her the black box and swiftly turned the dial that read voltage. This time the screams were real. I counted till 30 before turning back off and back on before she can even catch a breath. It was done till she was completely wet both from sweat and cum.

Slowly I went down on her and used the buttplug in her tight ass as a way to finger her which caused her to moan even more loudly. While she was getting excited, I pushed my penis into her pussy. That action caught her completely off guard and swiftly her moans converted into shouts. I was in no mood to let her go easily, thrust into her ever deeper.

Having a metal butt plug and a penis was stretching her to the limit. To add to her growing agony, I started biting her nipple really hard. Slowly her shouts died away and she became completely silent. I pulled my penis off her and removed her gag. She opened her mouth expecting me to dump my load into her.

Instead, I just sat near her while she asked me if she qualified. I gave a smile and asked if she is that silly. Whatever was left of her smile vanished into thin air. She knew she has failed. I asked her if she wants to try again. She just smiled and said she has no life left and I should enjoy her body as I see fit.

She received a tight slap that must have awakened her of her drama as she stared at me with a really bloody angry face. I grabbed the black box and looked at her but there was just one emotion. Anger.

I put the gag down her mouth again, tightening it as best as I can, as I was she’ll scream like never before. Removed the butt plug in 1 swift pull to which she screamed again. Then picked up the form and forcefully show it to her saying this is what you get for showing your attitude, bitch. Slapped one more time, this time tighter.

Riya can’t take anymore broke down and started flooding her eyes. Wiping her tears, turned the form to the 2nd application which she missed, and placing it in front of her so she can have a proper read. Her eyes widened to the maximum and trying to say something from behind her gag. In return, I said “oh so you don’t want the post? Fine by me”.

To which she said something from behind the gag which I figure out was slang, that too for the first time against me. I said sorry but I too like giving surprises sometimes. Just my way of giving surprise isn’t obvious till the very last minute.

The application was the appointment letter for Riya as the Chief of Operations in my company. As soon as I untied her, she took me into bed and got on top of me. I said please be careful, I have been holding my cum for over an hour now to which she replied that she is aware of that and immediately took my penis into her mouth. Failing to hold any longer I burst into her mouth.

I cummed for 10 sec and felt relieved once it’s over. Riya cleaning my penis off cum climbed on my body and planted a kiss on my lips. Suddenly she holds my head really hard and pushed her tongue deep into the mine. Only then I realized, she hasn’t swallowed the cum and put it into my mouth instead.

She kept kissing me for almost 5 min licking every corner of my mouth and sucking the cum off me but the damage was already done. She made me drink my own cum, even if small amount that left a pungent smell for quite some time.

She asked if I like her surprise too. I said “bitch” to which she replied “dog… I love you” and forcefully kissed me as she eloped with me in bed. Though I liked her and took advantage whenever possible, I never thought she’ll have the guts to propose her own boss.

Riya was a very shy kind of girl and had signed NDA to accept whatever I throw at her for a period of 2yrs. She only had sex when I wanted to relieve myself. You know, Love can be found in the craziest corners and among the craziest peoples.

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Amit Enjoying Sex With Cougar Dr Rekha

Hi this is Amit again. I wanna share another interesting encounter of mine which is true and happened 2 years back. I’m 34, 5’10’’, wheatish, athletic built with attractive eyes. I live in the western suburbs of Mumbai in an apartment having plush interiors and cool sea breeze filling the rooms. I’m on the 12th floor and have a few friends and acquaintances in the society.

Amongst them was a woman who was on the 6th floor, called Dr. Rekha, 40, fair, decent looking, average built, doctor by profession, married, but having problems with her husband. We used to greet each other often in the society and became good friends and met in a group for parties etc. We were quite free and did a lot of adult talks and exchanged non-veg jokes in the group.

She was quite free by nature and helpful too. Little did I know about the fire inside her. She was Konkani and friends, Konkani women are damn hot. We used to exchange msgs on the phone too. I never had any sexual intentions for her …never did I ever think on those lines. I learnt later that she always had an eye on me since the time I shifted in that apartment.

One day when I returned from office I found her nervous near the entrance. Her mobile was misplaced and she was very worried and couldn’t recollect where she dropped it. I started searching, first in her house, then around but no luck. Finally I asked her the car keys and searched in the car, although she had done it properly.

However, to my luck I found the phone fallen between the seat and hand brake lever. When I retrieved it she was overjoyed, thanked me and hugged me tight also gave a peck on my cheek. I blushed and said u are welcome. She said ‘how can I thank u as u have helped me even in the past’. I modestly replied that its ok and its my duty as a neighbour and friend.

She said she will treat me someday and winked. I didn’t realize what she meant then as I didn’t know that she was a sex starved cougar. We continued exchanging msgs and bumping into each other when I returned from office. One day while we were talking, she gave me some looks and hinted me on her desires using double meaning.

That evening I masturbated thinking of her for the first time and also had sex with my wife, imagining her. Next day onwards we chatted more and the topic revolved around sex and our preferences. Then she revealed that she always liked me from day one as I was young, friendly, good looking and helpful.

Things moved from one to another and we were chatting real hot stuff, discussing our sex life, positions etc. Then one day, I had taken an off as I had some passport work. She also had come home early and pinged me. She learnt that I was alone at home. We both knew that this is a right time. She sneaked in to my apartment wearing a pyjama and thin top, I closed the door.

We looked at each other like never before. I was in my shorts and a T and I could see loads of lust in her eyes. She came closer and held my hand then kissed me on my lips, I reciprocated and in no time we were hugging and kissing each other deep. She said ‘Oh Amit, I longed for the smell and touch of a man, u are so hot’. These words got me excited and I had an instant hard-on.

I caressed her back and kissed her all over. My hands ran down entering her pyjamas and squeezed her bare ass. She let out a moan, pounced on me and kissed me wildly while running her hands on me and caressing my hard cock. ‘I can’t wait anymore’ she said. We got on the couch and continued licking and kissing each other.

I removed her top and pyjamas n she removed my T. She was in a red bra and a thong…seeing this I got even more excited and thought that she is really a cougar. I removed her bra and saw nice round boobs with dark aerolas and erect nipples. I wasted no time in placing my mouth over them & sucking one by one. She moaned louder and told me to suck them more.

She removed my shorts and I was nude. She pushed me away and observed my cock and exclaimed ‘Oh God, its amazing, suits your personality’ and started caressing it. She held it like a pro and moved it sensuously. I felt so good and was playing with her tits. She touched my balls, cupped them, rimmed my cock and pressed gentle then hard. I was never so hard.

She bent down and took it in her mouth. I let out a big groan ‘AAAAHHHH’. I tell u …I have never experienced such a suck in my life. She was awesome….man, the way she licked and sucked would put most porn starts to shame! She literally sucked all inside stuff of my cock, like an ice cream hungry kid. She said she just loves to give head. I never heard a woman say that before.

She sucked me for 10 mins, rolling her tongue over, taking me deep in till her throat, nibbling on the tip and when I realized I can’t control, I pushed her back. She spread her legs and I saw the cleanest pussy ever. She had done a laser treatment and had a glistening pussy, free from any intrusions. Wow I said to myself and touched it. It was dripping!

I licked her gently which made her wriggle. I kept licking her clit and gradually pushed my mouth onto it and started eating her. She moaned and moaned loud, pulling my hair, scratching my back and said, ‘ yes Amit yes….nobody ate me like this before…do it baby do it… I‘m gonna cum big time’. I kept doing it and also inserted 2 fingers in her and moved them.

She went wild, grabbed my head and screamed loud. I felt her juices exploding out and she rubbed her pussy against my face. She came heavy. She got up, kissed me and again sucked me for a while till I was rock hard again. She said ‘ Amit, baby, I want u to fuck me…and fuck me real hard…I’m dying for it’. I place my cock on her wet pussy and pushed it in.

My my…for a 40 year old, she was tight! She looked into my eyes as I stroked her and she licked her lips, giving me the wildest of expressions that even a pro wouldn’t have. I stroked her deep..she wanted it harder. I obliged her by doing the way she wanted it. I sucked her boobs meanwhile and she licked my ears n neck driving me crazy …

I increased my pace, she placed her palms on my ass.. pushing me deeper and lightly spanking. She went ‘Oh fuck.. Oh fuck.. Oh fuck…Im cumming again!!’….and there she came clenching her teeth and screaming, digging her nails in my back.

I lay on the bed and after a minute she came n sucked me again. She sucked so well that within the next minute I was hard again. She asked to cum while she sucked me. She told me ‘I have yet not seen such a handsome cock… I wanna see it shoot!’ She moved me faster, sucked hard, caressing and playing with my balls, licking my groin.

I couldn’t control longer & shot my load in her mouth, she removed me and placed it on her boobs, where I unloaded the rest of me. She spread it all over her boobs & told me ‘u are so tasty man!’

We cleaned up and got dressed. Rekha kissed me & said ’Your wife must be having a gala time. Thanks for de-stressing me & giving me the fuck of my life’. While leaving, she indicated me of a threesome sometime, with a friend of hers. I’m eagerly awaiting that day…to take on 2 pussies together.

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Gujju College Boy Enjoying Sexual Pleasures - II

Previously: Gujju College Boy Enjoying Sexual Pleasures - I

She literally jumped and arched her back while she scratched her sharp nails on my shoulders and back. She took a strong hold of my collar pushed me a little back and cracks!!! There went all the buttons of my shirt in microseconds. This surprised me and made me furious.

I pulled her close and smooched and bit her lips real hard followed by some other bites on her neck and upper chest sending her strokes of acute pains at certain areas making her hands pull my hair in ecstasy.

I pulled her sleeves off from her shoulders and gave bites after every inch and going real slow. I bit her licked the same place after the skin got sensitive followed by a cold blow of air thru my nose and mouth together making her feel every little touch sending her goose bumps and butterflies all in her belly.

It was literally shivering in excitement reminding me the hot scene of Hindi movie murder. I kissed her on her belly before pulling down her dress off her abdomen and again kissed her exactly above her navel giving a slight touch of my tongue over her navel line. I saw the tattoo she got exactly below her navel.

It was a little devil drawn with a bow and arrow seemed like the little love devil was ready to attack on me. I paused and raised myself up to see those pretty shapely and exactly spherical boobs stuffed in a tight strapless bra. Getting little impatient I inserted my fingers in the gap in her cleavage and tried to pull her brassier down but she firmly took a hold of my hand,

pushed me off her body and raised her butt up to remove the middy out of her sexy long and slender legs I remarked little stars drawn in her inner thighs. What I saw was breathtaking beautiful angel might be born after a decade of god’s hard work over her beauty. I saw a little wet patch between her legs.

Her eyes had become deep red stoned and really very seductive especially because of the dark eye liners she did. Fuck! It was like a cocktail of double drug over my mind she was much more addictive than the weed at that time.

You just want to watch me? Hello? She got me back to senses saying that. I lifted her up in my arms and took her to bedroom and made her stand near the window. Chilling winds were running all thru her back which made her wiggle she got her hands and wrapped them around my neck pulling my head little down and planted a smooch again.

I was playing with her waist sending her goose bumps every time when I caressed her boobs over her bra linings exactly below her armpits she struggled a little to open my belt and removing the broken shirt making me stand in my undies my dick head was out of my little underwear which was trying its best to hide my hard on but all vein in front of the hot little angel.

She touched the head spreading my pre-cum and made the bulbous head wet. Getting on her knees she inserted a few fingers in underwear thru the ass crack of mine making the elastic stretch and pulled my underwear down making the front portion visible. The interesting part was that the tight elastic got scratched all thru my dick and balls making it throb a few times.

Wild huh! She exclaimed looking at that I smiled feeling the soft palms of little angle gripping my dick and started giving me a smooth and slow hand job. She got closer and licked my dick from bottom dragging her tongue towards the head and finally took it in mouth. I felt the rolling tongue over my dick head and her soft inner cheeks all over my dick as she started moving her head.

I grabbed her hair making a pony in my fist and started moving my pelvis fucking her little mouth when she surprised me deep throating it. Fuck Lavina I’m cumming I screamed feeling her mouth literally trying to suck the stuff out of my dick. And I exploded. Like never ever before looking at her widened eyes trying to take all of cum thru her throat.

Yet some of the drops dripped thru her chin and fell on her bra lining. I lifted her up making her stand and made her lick her own boob to clean cum from that. I got down on my knees and looked up. Asked her whether she wants to try something really wild and tease?

Yea she nodded and I instructed or rather warned her to keep her legs straight and tight from knees in any condition she has to keep standing straight or she would get hard punishments. She got a spark in her puzzled eyes unaware of the tough situation coming in front.

I pulled her little panties down and saw her clean shaved fair pussy I should call it a puffy pussy as it was having some good amount of flesh. I got closer and tried to smell her and touched my nose tip at her clit. Due to the weed effect it had become sensitive sending shivers thru her spine and due to same her widened feet trembled a little near knees.

Slap! She got between her legs exactly above pussy. She jumped in pain and pleasure moaning quite loud owwwhhhhh shit u bastard!!! That hurts. You are ought to stand straight without moving your legs I said! And she submitted again.

I attacked her pussy biting her vertical lips she was trying her best not to tremble but as I knew it was impossible getting spanked every time she moved even an inch. I pulled her bra down and opened it started to massage and twist her nipples hard now for punishing her.

This was too much for her to withstand when I inserted my fingers in her pussy and pressing her g spot while licking her clit. Aaahhhhhhhh fuck I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming!! She came with a loud moan throwing all her body weight on my face. I licked her pussy clean and took her to bed we got down and laid ourselves. I started licking her perfect round breast.

They were so tight that even when she was laid on back they stood straight and erect. I nibbled her nipples with tongue making circles around areola and was twisting and pinching another nipple with hand and the other hand was playing with her pussy. She got a little impatient taking hold of my hard again shaft and literally pulling me above her body with force.

I got the gesture and got my body positioned to piston her cylinders now she adjusted my dick on her hole and my dick entered with a little oppose of her pussy I puzzled whether she’s virgin or not, she was tight as hell and my dick entered her with no pains!! I started rocking my ass feeling the texture of her love cylinder around my dick.

She was trying to clutch my dick contracting her pussy every time I pushed my dick in and made it loose when I pulled back. We got in sensuous smooch once again while I fucked her slowly feeling every second of the awesome time. I increased my pace with time and started sucking her breast again increasing the volume and rates of her moans.

Soon I felt pressure building up so I withdrew my dick and told her to come in cowgirl position. We rolled on bed and I got on my back. She got my dick in her hand sucked it for a few strokes cleaning her wetness and lubricating it again with her saliva and positioned her pussy above my dick.

She rubbed my dick head on her slit with her head raised and closed eyes feeling the pleasure before she settled down taking inch by inch my whole dick in herself. Stayed there for a while and started riding slowly. Her boobs were juggling and were so tempting for me to keep my hands off them I cupped her boobs and squeezed them while she started rocking her ass

in circles like she took the dick inside her bending her waist to right and lifted it up bending towards left!. My dick was moving right and left while she massaged it with her tight canal. She grew her moans and increased speed which sent me hint that she’s going to cum soon. I took hold of her shoulders and made her lay on my chest with her boobs pressing over me.

She wasn’t able to rock due to position but still tried best to keep rocking her ass. I bent my knees and got my feet flat on bed and started fucking her real fast and hard with short strokes from bottom…. Ohhhh fuck yeah I love that… Oh my god shit I’m gonna cum keep doing that make me whore for you rest of my life owwwhhhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I was looking at her face deep red in ecstasy and her hair all roughly falling all over her face and sticking to it due to sweat. I grabbed her boobs and raised her a bit higher with tight grips over her boobs squeezing the hell out of them. It was too much for her to hold. I felt familiar pressure in my balls at the same time. And we both came together panting for breath.

She hugged me and stayed there. I woke up with my dick in her pussy in the morning. My chest was somewhat paining due to her weight over me for the whole night and I got morning erection. We had one more session before we got off bed thank god she said looking at her friends still sleeping. They woke and got fresh and left my place at I think 7 o clock.

The End.

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