Assam Doctor Enjoying Road Side Fuck

Hey hi, friends, this is my 1st story here. I’m taking Human Digest as a platform to share my sex escapades. Dr Rohit here I am a very lusty person, among many of the fetish I have I have this, that whenever I see a girl a complete stranger to me in a new city I get attracted and straight away go to her and hit. This is what happened to me just today.

I am basically a doctor in central government posted to the northeast in Assam. Soo today I was actually strolling around the market in this new place I have come. I saw hot lady must b in mid-30s a little dusky with curvy features but hot lips and sexy eyes. Big boobs must be 38 waists coming down to 30 and butt raised to 40 walking towards me.

I went to her, her smell was intoxicating Me: Hi mam, do you live here She: (startled) yes Me:(smiling) I am actually new to this place, can you show me where do I get handbook stuff She:(spark in her eyes) there’s a place near by down that corner Me: (with that lusty smile) can you show me, mam She: come I will show u

I was following her just to check her ass where her top was lifted up and her legging going inside her ass crack, felt like pulling down the legging and force my face into that ass and suffocate myself. I went beside her silently we were walking, I suddenly made a move and touched my back of the wrist to hers she might think it was unintentional.

Next, I tried touching her finger tips wid mine. She looked at me and gave strange look. I asked if I cud know her name, she was yaniva. I said your name is as sexy as u. She blushed, then I thought I had a chance. Me:u have great taste of perfume Her: is it? I’m actually tired working all day Me: so it’s your body’s scent, which is no less a perfume den Her:(blushed red) giggles

Me:u must have someone out there waiting for fr you to smell it Her: I wish, I’m a divorcee Me:(cloud9) if you don’t mind, can I smell you more She:Oh really here, on the road By then there came a dark corner with no one around.I went to that corner and asked her to come. She followed me, I was thrilled with my adrenaline pumping.

As soon as she came we both were soo close panting each other on faces. She kept quiet, I lifted her arm put my face in her armpit, aaaaahh took a deep inhale. She was wearing a sleeveless top, the roughness of the little hair sweat mixed with her deo was soo sexy. I licked the armpit, she let out a moan.

I just hugged her tight crushing her massive boobs on to my muscly chest. My hands caressing her hair dug my lips into hers. Chewing her lips, tongue fighting with hers my tongue circling around her waist gums teeth palate above. My hands already inside her legging and middle finger cleaning her ass crack. My bulge crushing her crotch.

I looked around no one was coming I lifted her top, clicked open her bra behind, let free her boobs. Omg, her smell between the boobs where her sweat accumulated parted her boobs squeezing them hard nd licking crazy up and down.

Tongue rolling on her boobs nipples tracing to armpits. There was no much time but I took out my 7″ Inch throbbing engorged dick with loads of slimy precum and hard glans and put it in her hands. She was going mad and squeezed my dick harder her dusky soft fingers with sexy nails around my dick.

Went down smelled and moaning, she teased her tongue around my glans taking away the slimy precum in her mouth.She gulped whole of my dick, oh my god. I was gasping for breath. She took complete dick into her, I screamed aaaaaaaaahhhhh . Was vigorously shaking her head moaning like bitch and making sounds and slurpy noises along with playing my balls.

I turned around and stuck her face into my ass. She was getting very wild she actually licked crazy my asshole, I could not stop moaning loud but had to shut my mouth, here is a sexy hot lady I met just a few minutes back to a complete stranger licking wild my asshole. The sense of pride and achievement. I was whispering lick it harder bitch harder.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh, she did something unexpected she inserted her index finger into my asshole I bent a bit she took the dick from the front like a milking cow. Instead deep into my asshole her finger and sucking my dick. I was like going crazy. Fuck the world I was shouting madly. I made her stand up. This was payback time, stripped her leggings until her calves.

Put my face on her panty, wowwww sooooooper good the smell was… Felt her inner thighs on my face, slid her panty from the groins and was licking the groins. Licking away the sweat.Then I pulled her panties down, panties joined the leggings fate. There it was a shiny bushy smelly pussy, I immediately put my face on it feeling her bush on my cheeks, played her clitoris wid the tip of my tongue.

She was like aaaargghhhhh,,, oiiiii…. She was bending her head back and arching bending her hip. I traced her outer pussy lips all along then slid my tongue in her inner lips. Tongue going inside and out her pussy. She was like ouuuuiiiiiiiii,,,,, awwwwwww… Ufffffff, I turned her around bent her doggy, wow my best part. Parting her ass cheeks.

Licking all the way from anal cleft to asshole. She was literally shouting, I asked her to control her moans. Then entered my tongue hard inside her asshole. Spit on her asshole and thrust my finger into it.Fucking her asshole was also licking her pussy and tongue fucking her pussy.

Then I got up turned her around, I always keep a condom in my wallet, put on my dick wid one jerk all my man hood was inside her pussy… I grabbed her hair biting her neck savagely was fucking her pussy deep and hard wild. To control her screams I put my mouth on hers, then turned her around bent her, with great difficulty went inside her asshole.

Omg, it was so tight and the grip was amazing. Held her hair pulled them back and was ramming her deep. I had to shut her mouth with my palm on her face. In between, I was choking her neck while fucking her asshole. The I turned around pulled out my condom and loaded my cum spurts large thick on her face she hungrily devoured it.

We got dressed, kissed her goodbye. Didn’t want her number too.

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Story of Priyanka Getting Fucked While On Train Journey

Hello readers, I Am here sharing my real experience which took place three years’ back, once I met this girl priyanka [name changed] from a dating site, we chatted there and exchanged our mobile no.

Priyanka was then doing her pg course in one of the reputed colleges in coimbatore itself, fun loving, jovial, very fair in complexation, average height, 34b 28 34 her structure. We spoke a lot and got to know each other in the first weeks, then later our chat got spicy, guys her voice was very sweet the way speaks will give any guy boner.

Spicy chat made me very eager, want to meet her and fuck her like there is no tomorrow, I asked her if we can meet, she agreed to meet on a friday as she was going home from her college and I could drop her.

I went near her college and waited 5mins earlier, I was watching every girl passing me, there came the goddess, she came in legging and tops, exposing her curves, as she was walking her free hairs was flying in the air, her 34b boobs bouncing for her each step, I was scanning her top to bottom.

We moved from the place as soon as she entered the car, I love long drive and driving, I touched her hand and started scanning her top to bottom and often glancing her boobs, she noticed and winked, soon she removed her dupatta, I could see her cleavage and her bra from top, she was wearing black bra and her white boobs was poping out and want to get free, I felt urge inside my pants, mouth was watering.

I pulled the car off the road and parked in a deserted and well covered place from where no one could see us, I rushed towards her, pushed the seat back and went on top and hugged her tight and crushed her top against my top, pulled her tops up and kissed her stomach then cupped her boobs, when on top to kiss her pink lips,

continued kissing those pink lips for about 10mins and then we broke to catch some air, and again landed up eating her lips which tasted like honey, this time I moved away from lips and started to lick her neck holding her face, moved to her ear, chewed her earlobes and again kissed her shoulder gave a love mark and came to her neck and sucked and licked her neck like hell,

my hand started exploring her boobs, pulled her bra and freed her melons I started to squeeze them hard she left out a huge moan as I touched her boobs, I groped her boobs and enjoyed her lips and neck for about 10mins then I took her lovely brown nipple in my mouth started to suck one after the other and move my hand to her leg,

she was shouting like ummmm ufff uhaaa suck itttttttttt, I loveeeeeeeeee it, ur awessommmme, I love it, she was on her high, dint notice I removed her bottom knot and I started massaging her pussy over her black panties. Removed my lips from her nipple and moved towards her stomach, traced her body with my tongue tip and started to lick her deep naval,

moved her both hands up and started to lick her armpits, chewed her armpits, licked her arms, chewed her fingers one after the other. She moved her hand towards my pant, I removed my belt and freed my pant for her, let her feel the bulge and feel the fight of my cock which was trying to come out, I opened my zipper and my boxer, she got hold of my rock hard dick,

my dick had few pre-cum because of the kissing and fondling act, she bend down as I rested on the seat rest, she reached to my dick and started to stroke it gently and made up and down movement I was in heaven and pulled her head towards my dick and made her suck it, she started to lick my dick and tasted the pre-cum and came up and kissed my lips and gave me

the taste of my own pre-cum, then I again pushed her down and stroked my dick and she started to roll her tongue on my pink head which was awesome and I was in cloud9 she was a master in that made me moan and I was enjoying her tongue, was enjoying the way she licking my dick, she held my cock and went to my balls and sucked them both, she came up to suck my hard nipples,

again I pushed her to my dick and this time she licked my rock hard shaft and took my dick fully into her mouth and started to suck like a pro, she showed the slut inside her, she sucked for 6mins and I shot my cum inside her mouth.

We were there in the hideout for nearly abt more than and hours lucky no one caught us there, it was getting dark outside and we started to move from there after catching up some free air,
On way, I kept fondling her boobs.

Obviously, we dint stop there, we continue, will tell in the next part of the story how and where I explored her pussy, on the way I stopped and asked her to suck my dick.

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Horny Couple Having Wild Sex In Pools Changeroom

Hi, everybody! I’m 26 years old now and this story is about a year old with my then girlfriends who was of my age. I’m 5.10 with an athletic physique with a well-endowed penis and my girlfriends was 5.6 in height toned body, long hair, innocent eyes, flawless skin, 34c bust, 29 waists and ass must be 32.

She was perfect with long legs and nice feet and more importantly extremely passionate about sex. I am a swimmer and used to regular my club for practice and one day she decided to join me and it was the first time we were going to swim together.

Both of us went into change and she came out once I already was in the pool wearing a towel on her waist above the costume and she took it off to reveal a sexy one piece which cut deep into her cleavage with her boobs packed in tightly and a v cut below that came till above her hips giving a sneak peek of her wait bone and her camel toe pussy just managed to hide itself.

My jaws dropped and she dived in on one side and swam up to me looking right into my eyes and she came close and grabbed my crotch and whispered:” control your horses”. We swam for a while with a lot of intimacy as there weren’t too many people in the pool. It was almost 7.00pm and was time for us to leave.

Even though we had our hands on each other throughout we were just starting. Both of us so badly wanted to finish our business. I called her up to confirm if there was anyone in the ladies room she said that the room next to her was occupied by another lady.

I slowly climbed up on the boy’s urinals and hopped onto the wall which was 12 feet high and jumped to the girl’s loo as it was just a wall with a very high sealing between the boys and girls changing room. From there I sneaked into her cubical and the minute I entered she was just in her towel and I already had a boner.

She just dropped her towel and lowered my costume and took my erect dick into her mouth after spitting on it first. She played with only her tongue and the tip of my dick and I held her face gently and she took my entire dick inside and gagged on it for 5 minutes. She used to look at me full of lust while blowing me into my eyes.

It was such a pleasure to see her saliva dripping off my cock and her mouth. I held her up started kissing her putting her against the wall and started going down to her ears using my tongue and lips…Moved to her neck went down her cleavage circled my tongue on her brown perfectly sized nipple,,, laid a kiss on her navel,,,

moved further and smelt her freshly showered vagina which was trimmed perfectly and I sunk my face in with all her juices and she was controlling her moans.Pulled my hair rough and said “Just fuck me” and I stood up widened her legs put my dick in all the way up lifted her put her against the wall and started pumping her…

She moaned aaaaahhh aaarrgghhhh “Fuck me you bastard…Fuck me hard…!! Her favourite was doggy. I pulled my dick out she bent over and I inserted my dick which was throbbing hard and dripping with her love juices after spitting on her asshole to lubricate it into her anal hole. She felt the pain with pleasure and I slowly pushed my way through.

My dick was half way in and I started playing with her clit using my fingers which stimulated and even wild side of her and continue my journey of the dick all the way in.. I slowly started to pump her and increased my pace gradually. I could see the excitement and joy on her face while I was fucking her.

After a few minutes I pulled my dick out and her expanded asshole tightened after pleasuring both of us and now she sat on the chair inside and spread her legs. She put her fingers deep inside the pussy and ask me to fuck her there. I put the head of my dick to her pussy and her walls looked so good around my dick.

I kissed her and slowly sunk in my entire dick into her tight pussy once fully own I slowly started to pump her and increased my pace. My ball sack would hit her butt and make a noise and she spoke so dirty” fuck me you bastard” “Fuck me like I’m your whore” these words turned me on…

I pulled my dick out went down on her put my tongue sucked on her clit gently bit her pussy lips the taste was so good I could have spent a whole night with her pussy in my mouth. Now I caught the back of her hair and she held my back and vigorously fucked her so hard and fast for a few minutes and during this, I pulled her hair making it look all messy and what a hottie she looked like…

Uff!! She dug her nails deep into my back in the pleasure of which the marks are still there. I was about to cum and I told her she pushed me back and knelt down and closed her eyes signaled me to cum on her face.

My cum jet across her face hitting her hair and followed by jets on her closed eyes and lips. It was extremely satisfying. We cleaned up and it was already late and no one was around so I walked out like a boss holding her hand out of the dressing room.

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Kiran Having Hardcore Sex With Neighbourhood Aunty

Hi everyone, I am kiran 25 years old today I am going to confess my sexual encounter with my neighborhood aunty her name is virginia sadly she is married and she has a kid rikku studying in 5th.

So coming to the story my aunties husband is abroad, her house is also in our colony. Rikku and I are good friends, in my free time … We play video games in his house regularly. The video game console is located upstairs, one fine day during visiting aunty’s house rikku told me to go upstairs and start playing and that he will use the bathroom and come.

So I climbed up and went to rikku’s room adjacent to rikku’s room is aunties room her room was not properly locked so through the gap I saw aunty sitting applying some body lotion and she is wearing only a towel her skin was glowing it was so milky suddenly she noticed me watching her she ran and shut the door that day started my sexual arousal to aunty.

Another fine day rikku bought his mom’s smartphone to play games, I was curious to see the browsing history unexpectedly there were a lot of porn …..Rikku is a kid so it was the aunt. So this was an eye opener, so then whenever I went to rikku’s house I started staring at her, this continued for a lot of time.

One fine day rikku’s had gone to school aunty called me over from the balcony so I went to her home. She asked me “Kevin I’ve noticed you staring at me what do you want from me”. I replied, “Aunty you look attractive that’s why I couldn’t control “, for that she said blushingly said….. ” do you find aged ladies like me attractive seriously”.

For that, I bent before she took her hand kissed and said “You are a very beautiful aunty and every day I regret your marriage has happened “, at that moment aunty hugged me with tears she whispered, ” kevin I love you even my own husband doesn’t love me “. She told, ” my husband won’t be in the home for most of the time I want all that love I missed from you, satisfy me“.

We r still hugging I suddenly grabbed her buns for that she blushed and said: ” naughty satisfy me every day “. We started smooching she started licking me her saliva was all around my face I loved it I also started pressing her 34 b boobs by that time rikku came the small villain of our lust life I left.

Another day me and rikku were playing aunt came in the room rikku was busy playing……. Aunt winked and called me down stairs somehow I managed rikku and went down she was in the kitchen in her nighties I slowly caught her buttocks and we started smooching I carried her made her sit near the fireplace and started squeezing her vaginal area she was going mad

I lifted her nightie and removed her black panties and started licking her hairy pussy she was moaning . Her pre-cum was flowing to my mouth then I started fingering and licking I knew how to hit the g spot in the vagina she squirted on my face …. Wow the expressions on her face was priceless she was so satisfied and she told

”enough enough this is the first time I am experiencing orgasm” what a dick husband she had … She told that well have protected sex some other day, my lovely aunt planned one day when rikku had full days school.

I went a bought a special dotted super thin condom and massage oil. On my special day as planned I went to her home we went to the bedroom. She was looking so hot in her red sari. First, we smooched then she was like opening my shirt I put my hand inside her blouse piece and started squeezing her boobs, she is moaning.

I slowly removed her blouse and sari and forcefully put her in the bed then slowly I removed her underskirt then I started kissing her thighs she was moaning slowly. I removed her panties then I took off my clothes she was impressed by my erected cock and I started pouring oil on her boobs, pussy, and legs. I started massaging from her leg slowly sucking her toes.

Squeezing her thighs she was going on moaning. I massaged her pussy then slowly to the belly button her cute tummy. Then I started to play with her boobs squeezed both the boobs together …I started even sucking on her brown tits ….It was heaven.

I then made her give me a tit fuck rubbed my penis against it too and forth and I ejected cum on her boobs she was so impressed by the amount of cum. After that, she told ” darling come and take it from my body ” so we started rolling on the bed together and we went to the 69 position I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my cock her pre-cum was flowing through my mouth.

She couldn’t control as I licked her pussy drastically she told she couldn’t control and she said ” baby now I want your thick cock up my pussy”. I took the condom and wore then she told me to do the doggy style I inserted my penis I started ramming her.

I was slapping her buttock, her bumps turned red also she was moaning I was again ramming her in increased pace I wanted to see her face and she told me that she was going to cum so I stopped and I wanted her to ride me so l slept and made her sit on me with my cock in her pussy it was very new to her I told her to move up and down she was moaning

and even I gradually gave sudden jerks to her and finally even I was ready and I increased the speed by this time she was shouting and she squirted and after a few ramming in her pussy even I ejected my cum ……. And we both slept for an hour and I went to my home she told me

”I have never experienced such good sex and I am cumming for the first time during sex so she begged me for more sex” and left to my home.

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Prakash Having Sex With Friends Wife Geetha

Hi, I am Prakash (fake name) 26 years old 5’ 6’’, 72kgs, strong built man. This is a true story I am telling you. I have a friend by name Jatin (not true name). He is very thin and not very much athletic. We used to drink together many times after work and he used to go home drunk. One day he was too much high after a party and I took him to his home.

His wife opened the door and all the effect of alcohol I had was gone in a second the moment I saw her. She was like an angel. Very smooth skin, big boobs, long hairs and sexy smile. Since Jatin was fully out, I was holding him and taking him inside his bedroom. She was not surprised at the scene since she was used to it. That was the day I decided to fuck her.

While I was going back after leaving him inside the bedroom I gave his wife a naughty smile which she responded very positively. After that day I talk to her couple of times over phone but never got any indications that she ever told about my phone calls to her to Jatin.

To cut the story short I made Jatin plan one drinking session at his home and he agreed. This was that fortunate Saturday when I reached his place and he was ready with a lot of drinks. There was a live NBA basketball match that day. We kept chatting and drinking. I drink only beer and he was on whiskey.

His wife Geetha was giving constant indications that she wanted something. After some time he went to the toilet and I went straight to Geetha. She was smelling great. Our eyes met and I caught her by her neck and kissed her passionately on her lips and licked her entire mouth. One of my hands was touching her tight firm boobs.

She wanted all of me inside her but was afraid her hubby will be back. She pushed me back and said – “not right now … wait a while”. I went out of the kitchen and sat in front of the TV as if nothing happened. After some time we 3 were sitting on the dining table in such a way that Jatin and Geetha were sitting facing each other and I was sitting on the side.

My legs were in between both of them. Suddenly I felt Geetha’s legs touching mine. I was excited. I too started responding. I took my foot and placed on top of her foot and started moving upward. She was wearing a cotton sari and I kept moving my feet slowly up inside her sari. After a while, I reached her ankle. My tool was very uncomfortable at this time.

Suddenly Kumar went to the toilet again since he was drinking a lot. I took this as a golden opportunity and inserted my hand inside her sari and started feeling her soft inner thighs. Oh, she started moaning… Ah aha … and started pulling my hand deeper inside. I made her stand and I went down on my knees.

I inserted both my hands inside her sari from down and took them right to her ass cheeks. I kissed and licked her naval and in one stretch I pulled her panties from inside her petticoat to her knees. She resisted saying – not right now. But I pulled them all together and took them out of her legs. I then stood up and raised the t-shirt I was wearing and put the panties inside my pants.

I had a huge bulge in my pants. I made her to sit down on the chair and took my bulge in front of her face and pulled her face near my throbbing tool from inside my pants and made her to feel it all over her cheeks. She was aroused to the core, did not have panties inside her sari and had my tool right near her lips.

Suddenly her husband came out of the toilet and we sat back in the same position he left us. Not knowing that his wife’s panties are now inside my underwear, he started talking and drinking more alcohol. After some time and couple of more drinks he was not in condition to stand up by his own. I offered to give him help to get to the sofa where he wanted to lay down.

But he refused and fell down on the floor after taking 3-4 steps. I took him to the sofa and made him to sleep there. Geetha was standing behind the sofa and watching everything. I came behind sofa and touched her on her ass. She smiled and bent down to see how Jatin was feeling from the back of the sofa.

I immediately sat down on the floor so that Jatin could not see me and inserted my hand inside Geetha’s saari from the bottom and started feeling her soft legs. She widened her legs in response and bent some more forward so that I could touch her clean shaven pussy from behind. Now I did the most daring things of all.

I raised her petticoat and sari and inserted my face right inside them. The smell of her cunt was making me mad and I wanted to eat it all. After a while I stood up and she asked me to help her taking Kumar to the bed room which I did. I went outside the bedroom and waited for her to come out. My tool was throbbing by this time.

She came out and I hugged her and touched my bulge on her body. She told me to wait until she confirms that her husband is deep asleep and went inside the bedroom again. This time she switched off all the lights in the living hall and kitchen. The only light on was night lamp in her bedroom. I was waiting outside the bedroom and watching her from outside.

She opened the closet and took out her nighty. She started removing her sari and I was thrilled to watch her go naked. She removed her petticoat and blouse too. Now she was only in bra since I had her panties in my pants. To my surprise she removed her bra too and was completely nude standing just steps away from me. Her tits were dark and round.

She was kind of teasing me raising her hands, touching her breasts, showing all her curves and peeping towards bed to see her husband sleep. After 5-7 minutes of show she put only one cotton nighty and came out of the bedroom after confirming that her husband was fast asleep. Now it was my turn to tease her and take revenge.

I took her to the living hall in a dark corner and lifted her nighty and took it out of her body. Now I was very softly and gently touching her all over her body. She said – “jor se Karo … ah” and pressed my hand on her boobs. But I touched her very softly to tease her more. I made her sit on the sofa and I sat down on my knees.

I started licking her one leg starting from her ankle and moved towards her pussy. Kept licking her thighs and took my mouth very near to her cunt lips but skipping only the cunt I moved over to the other leg. This made her go wild and she started begging me to lick her. She said her husband never does this. But I wanted to tease her some more.

I first took my tongue out to the fullest extent and placed it on her cunt. She started jumping in pleasure. She raised her hips and arched her body to offer me more of her cunt but I kept moving my head away in such a way as to just touch her cunt lips with my tongue. She was making all kind of faces but could not make noise.

Now I started sucking her clit and watched her facial expressions of lust, pleasure, and desire. She caught my hairs and pressed it very closed to her pussy. I inserted my tongue deep inside her hole and started making horizontal vibrations with my tongue inside her pussy lips.

After sucking her cunt for 15-20 minutes and drinking her cum twice, I stood up and opened my pant buttons. She sat and pulled my pants and underwear down together. My cock sprang in open right in front of her lips. She removed her soft silky panty which was still hanging from my erect pole. She wrapped both her hands around my dick and started staring each inch it.

She took the whole 6 inch in her wet and warm mouth which gave me intense pleasure. I put one of my legs on the sofa where she was sitting and held her head very tight with both my hands and started thrusting my cock deep into her throat. She was almost choking but she liked the wildness. I kept hitting her throat deep with my shaft.

I took my cock out of her mouth since I wanted it to last longer. I caught her by her hairs and made her to sit on the floor and took my balls right in front of her face. I still had one leg on the sofa which gave enough space between my legs for her face to fit and lick my balls. I was doing very wild acts which she seemed to enjoy.

I started taking my shaft down her body and touching each part of her body with it. I touched it on her neck, on her boobs and finally I pointed it to where it was craving to go. Her pussy was so wet that it took just one thrust for the whole length of it to go inside. Once it was inside I started fucking like an animal. I kept digging her cunt till it started watering and became loose.

When I realized I was about to cum, I stood up and again asked her to take it in her mouth. This time I held her head even tighter and penetrated the whole length of my shaft deep inside her throat and exploded deep into her mouth.

She was shocked at the wildness and enjoyed each moment of it. We just laid there on the floor for some time and then she asked me to go. While going I took her panties with me. And I still have them. After that day we met many times and had very wild sex.

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Fucking Lonely Girlfriend in Pokhara

I was travelling during my business deal from Kathmandu to Pokhara. In pokhara, I stayed in Hotel Noor. I had the A/C room at the top floor of the building. Just opposite to my room was another room whose door was slightly open while I entered to my room. I could see a lady sitting in a chair and exploring the mobile. She was with a tshirt and miniskirt and slippers on.

I entered to my room but the view of her was striking me hard. It was already 6:00pm when I checked in. I heard from my room that someone was talking outside my door. I went closer to door to listen. A lady voice was saying, “ Come fast yaar, I am at noor and waiting, it was your fault to take a bus at such late hour and could have taken motorbike yourself”.

I peeked through the key hole and saw that same lady was talking over the phone. I heard her talkings and could make out that the guy was over the phone and he was late to board the bus and will be in pokhara in the morning and she was upset. As she was closing the conversation with him. I opened the door and stepped outside the room playing with my mobile.

I then smiled at her. She was in the varanda in a chair. I asked “Shall I sit”, I was pointing to the chair opposite to her. She smiled and said sure. I then initiated the conversation and found that she was a nice talk. We enjoyed the conversation. She was working with some NGO and was on a weekend, she had called her bf who worked in butwal to pokhara so that they could meet and enjoy the weekend.

I proposed if she would have drink with me, she agreed to it. Then we called waiter to bring beer. We sat in the lobby of each other room and drank beer. At 7th bottle, she was bit tipsy but I was fine. I was planning to hit hard on her.

She was wearing a skirt and that was giving me a hard on. It was 9 when we decided to go to the room. I took the courage to say you can come to my room and we can watch TV together. She agreed.

As I took her in, My heart began to race faster because her body was quite visible in the white tshirt. But she turned and said I would come in a while, have to take a bath. I said you can use my bathroom. She took the towel went inside the bathroom, I couldn’t control my temptation & peeped through the keyhole.

I saw her taking off her dress & what a beauty she was! She made me hard & also wet,same time. Her white slim legs made me sick. She took a bath and after sometime she came out & sat in the bedroom watching the tv. I was at back. I hugged her from behind. She responded by saying “I knew it”. It made me happy knowing she was ready for it too.

My heart was beating faster. I nodded to her & took off my clothes. She was quite amused to see my cock. She asked me if she can touch it & I said yes. She took it in her hand & watched it closely. The warm feeling of her soft hand made my cock go hard & it got erected.

I said, “Look u have made it hard now & you are a horny bitch”. She smiled & took off her clothes. Seeing her hairy pussy I lost my control & grabbed her started kissing her. She didn’t hesitate & soon we were lip-locked.

We started playing with our tongues. My hand reached her boobs & I squeezed them gently& we kissed more passionately. I holded her in my arms & laid her on the floor & started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were hard & quite longer.

I sucked them & bit them & my hands reached inside her panty. Her pussy was already wet. She started moaning as I gently fingered her. I took my finger out & gave her & she licked the pre-cum of hers from my fingers.

I started going down kissing her. I kissed her navel & tickled her belly button with my tongue. She enjoyed it. I moved down further and pulled off the panty. Her pussy was fresh, tight & bushy. With my finger I moved the bush so that I could see her pussy clearly.

I kissed the lips of her pussy. Her lips were quite outward and mucus was continuously coming out. I played with her lips. Fingered them hard. When it was wet enough, I started licking her pussy. I spread her lips & inserted my tongue inside & wriggled it faster.

She was moaning loudly and was begging to be slow. My mouth was full of her mucus & I gave her by kissing. She hurriedly licked all my mouth. Now I took her both legs & spread them apart. My cock already very wet & hard was raring to go inside her. I put my cock over her pussy & first rubbed over it with the tip.

I gently put my cock inside her and gave a powerful blow in her pussy & there she cried loudly & I started fucking gently. I felt the inside heat of hers. She was hot as hell. She was sweating & moaning loudly. Fuck me harder!!!!!!. I started deep thrusting & did it harder. She was enjoying a lot. After some time I told her to change the position.

I told her to bend over so that we could do doggy style. As she bended the view of her cute little ass made me more hard. I slapped her ass & spread her legs & started banging hard from behind. Her boobs were juggling to and fro.

I holded her boobs & fucked her harder & much faster. It was raining outside& we both were sweating inside. Then she decided to take charge. I laid down on the floor & she came & sat over me. First she rubbed her wet pussy with my cock & when it was wet enough then she gently inserted my cock inside her & started riding me.

She started riding fast, up & down up & down just like professional. My cock very hard & now much longer got deep inside her pussy such that I felt touching erectile parts of inside her. I was panting. Just then I realized climax is nearer so I took her off & gave my cock to her to suck. She hurriedly started sucking & giving it deep throat.

The warmth of her mouth got me going & suddenly I realized the climax point & took out it out & blew the cum all over her body. Her face, boobs & navel were wet my cum. She then licked all the cum of my cock & cleaned my cock. I then rubbed her clitoris with my fingers and she was panting and gave a strong thrust of orgasm.

We wrapped each other by hugging. During the night we had three more sessions. Then she got call from her boyfriend that he has reached pokhara and will reach hotel in another 30 minutes. I wrote in a paper my email id and handed to her the paper. I was thinking to let her go after a smooch.

But I felt her boobs against my bare chest very sensational and then fucked one more session. She was just damn fucking horny. And at the end she sneaked to her room.

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Guy Enjoying Sex Ecounter With Shalini While On Date

This is my first story on this forum. Its about one of my best encounter till date and the most memorable one. Story is of year 2008 when I was on a break from work. This was the time when Orkut used to be the only social networking site and youngsters were quite excited about it as there were more options to make new friends. Likewise, I had friend on Orkut.

Her name was Shalini (name changed). Of course reference was from a common friend. Though we were friend for over a year on Orkut but never interacted. Since, I was on a break I had lot of time to waste on internet and look out for more friends. With the same intention I sent her a message casually. To my surprise she responded immediately.

Then we had casual chat about each other an all. After couple of days I found her online again and this time she pinged me first and we started to chat again. Chat happened for 2-3 times in a span of couple of weeks.

Once she pinged me during morning hours, I was about to leave for out and told her that I am going out towards MG Road and she replied saying even she will be going there for some work in afternoon. Sensing the situation I asked her to meet for a coffee once her work is over and by then I will also be free. She accepted the same. I was happy that I will meet her.

Though we had seen each other in profile pics but real encounter is always better. As decided we met in a coffee shop and as expected she was looking beautiful. Let me explain about her, she was little tan and short in height but had a kickass figure and her dressing sense was classy which made her even more beautiful.

I complimented her for the dressing and she kind of blushed. That meeting was just about knowing each other little more and we left after about an hour. In the night she again pinged me saying she liked the meeting a lot and was impressed with my physique too. (I am about 5.7” slim and workout at home everyday to maintain a fit body) Now, I was on heaven.

She said we should meet again. I - why not meeting again tomorrow. She- I have work tomorrow. I- what time? She- around 1PM in afternoon login. I- Lets meet for breakfast. She- after a pause. OK. We again met in a coffee shop for breakfast. This time she was more casual and comfortable in talking. I could sense her easyness with me.

We were casually talking and she told me about how much she likes bike rides. I instantly offered her to come for along drive. But she said no as she had to go to work and she is not ready for a long ride immediately. Somehow I convinced her and made her call the office and make some excuse for a leave.

Now time was around 1030 AM and we decided to go to Nandi Hills (most famous place in Bangalore). We started our ride and after about 15-20 min she got more comfortable and she came close to me while I was riding. We did not have any shyness and were behaving like close friends. We reached the place after about an hour and started to walk in the garden.

Since, it was a weekday there were hardly any people around. We were walking on a small lane through the bushes around. Then I saw a place which was quite secluded and not everyone could see that corner. I somehow stopped and started to talk some romantic things like how beautiful this place is and how I wish I could hug someone and feel the warmth in this cold weather.

She started blushing, I inched closer to her every second… Then first time I holded her hand with a feeling and she understood and came close to me touching my body. Then as expected we hugged each other and with time our hug got tighter and tighter. I could feel her breast on my lower chest and the feel of round boobs was making me mad.

I kissed on her neck and slowly moved towards her cheek. This was going as expected and we both were feeling each other. Then I made a move and tried to reach her lips, she stopped me without saying anything. I understood she was not ready for it yet. I too dint force. We spent some more time hugging and sitting together. By this time it was late afternoon so we thought of leaving.

We reached parking and picked our bike and started. This time she sat much closer and I could feel her from top to bottom. In fact I could feel little warmth from her crouch area. She even kissed me on my neck area. Her hands were roaming around my body. After riding for 5-10 min I stopped the bike in middle of some ghat section driveway and told her to get down.

I parked my bike in one corner and asked her if we can walk down a little bit for a while. She accepted. We started to walk away from driveway and it was more of a trekking. I found a place which was again secluded and I stopped and pulled her close to me. This time I directly kissed her and she did not stop me either. We kissed for few min and by then we lied down on grass.

We were smooching like hell and caressing each other all over the body. Slowly I moved my hand on her breast and felt the smooth round boobs. I started pressing them slowly and she too started moaning. I reached to top button of shirt and opened it and stated to move my hand near her neck and slowly move my hand down and down until I reached her boobs.

The feel of touching the boobs was heaven. Since she was wearing a tight bra I could not reach her nipples but whatever I could touch it was awesome and that made me go high on my boner. We did not want to take risk so we left the place after 15-20 minutes. But by now we were clear in our mind what we wanted from each other without saying anything.

While going back on the way it started to rain heavily and we stopped in a bus stop. We waited and waited. By now it was dark also. After about 30 minutes of waiting we found ourself alone in the busstop. Since, we were still little away from highway and it was evening in a rain we did not find anyone around us. We did not miss the opportunity and started to kiss again.

Since, this was in standing position I reached out to her ass… I felt her ass while she was hugging me tight. I made a move and slipped my hand in her jeans to feel the naked ass. She got shivered and probably had goosebumps too. We enjoyed in that moment for few minutes kissing each other and feeling the body.

Since, rain didn’t stop we decided to move in rain as it was getting late to reach home. On the way back we got drenched properly and She had a chance to feel my chest and stomach without talking much. We reached her place I dropped her outside her house and left.

In the night she again pinged me saying Thank you for a wonderful day which she will never forget. I replied this is just starting and asked to meet again. She said over weekend we can meet. Now, I did not wanted to miss this opportunity and to utilize it full I arranged a house of a friend. And as decided I picked her up and bought her to my friends place.

We sneaked into the house quietly around 3pm. This is the time when most of the people will be inside the house resting after lunch. We got in and locked the door. Moment we reached bedroom I started to kiss her from back feeling her waistline and navel. She got high too and this time she got more aggressive and took off my tshirt.

She started to kiss my chest and sucked my nipples…Oh my god…what a feel it was. I felt tremors in my pant. Then I took of her shirt as well. Now we lied down on bed and were kissing each other non-stop. Slowly I reached to her jeans button and opened the button to loosen the grip. Now I slided my hand inside her jeans and felt the pussy over her panty.

Panty was already hot and wet. Then I slipped my hand inside her panty and she moaned loud. I could feel the neatly shaved pussy which was licking out juices. Then I moved up and reached to her Bra hook and I made her free from her bra. The view was amazing with just a locket on her chest. She had perfect round boobs and 34 size which is perfect. Not too big and not too small.

I started pressing them one by one and played with her nipples. I started to hold the nipples and pinched them soft. This made her go mad and she started to moan loudly. She arched her self upward making a position for me to suck them. Without wasting anytime I was sucking her boobs and biting her nipples only from my lips.

(I like to hold nipples from my lips and pull them and chew them without touching them from my teeth’s). This made her even more aggressive and she herself took out her jeans and my jeans too. There she was lying in from of me in just a panty. She was looking sexy and beautiful. She reached out to my jockey and pulled it down and started to play with my tool ( 6”).

I gave her a look asking for her to go down. She obliged and went down and took my tool in her mouth. She was not perfect in blowjob but her tongue was enough for me to get a hard boner. She spent few minutes down while I was playing with her boobs and her navel.

After a while I took the position and started to rub my tool on her pussy, she started craving for it and I could feel the liquid flowing out. Without wasting much time I inserted my tool inside her wet pussy. I had not felt this much wetness till date and the feel was just out of the world. I did not give much stoke initially as we both wanted to feel each other inside.

I could feel her depthness and she probably was in cloud nine feeling me inside her. Then after spending some time I slowly started to move and made some light stroke. She could not resist moaning and made the room loud. Then I increased the pace. This was going amazing.

Then after stroking her for some time I stopped and started to move in and out of her slowly, teasing her pussy more and increasing the want in her. I could see in her eyes that she was enjoying my naughtiness of teasing her pussy. I did that for few minutes and then again increased the pace of stroke.

The feel of braking her pussy walls was quite evident on my face and she enjoyed it too… we started to kiss each other again and again and our tongue, chest-breast and dick-pussy all met each other same time. Making the perfect position. Then I got up and made her sit on my laps and again stated stroking her in sitting position.

Since, we were sitting strokes were not too fast which again made her go mad. I could feel the pussy tearing more and more to make space for me to enter from every angle. Then we changed position and she came on top of me and started to jump. this was again a feel and sound of chap-chap jumping was so audible. She was jumping on me and I was playing with her boobs.

Finally I was about to cum hence I pulled out and made her lie down and came in full throttle on her stomach. Hufff…we both were tired and slept for few minutes before we left from the house in dark. Later we had few more encounters in her house and on a holiday before we part our ways. We are now good friends and settled in life separately in different countries.

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