Jatin Fucking Sexy Mona Bhabhi - II

Previously: Jatin Fucking Sexy Mona Bhabhi - I

As it was demand of the moment I stayed silent and she spoke again "tune bahut achha kiya jo inse alag ho gaya...nahin to ye tujhe bhi pagal kar dete...." means you did good by going away unless he would made you too crazy and in same temperament she requested me to take her along "tu please mujhe bhi le chal apne saath" and after that she started sniffing.

That was really very surprising for me and moving ahead I embraced her and Bhabhi hugged me tight. Barely one minute and as Bhabhi recovered she realized her mistake and apologized while wiping her tears "I am sorry… maine patta nahin kya kya bol diya..." and spoke that there is no one with whom she can share all this

"Actually mere pass koi bhi nahin hai jiske saath main ye sab share kar sakun..." I stayed silent for another minute and looking at me Bhabhi tried smiling to recover and I asked her very personal question about her sex life; that from how long they haven't done sex "Don't mind... per kitna time ho gaya aap logon ko kiye hue..." and Mona Bhabhi was surprised to hear that.

I was serious and stayed firm over my expressions and Bhabhi replied saying 2-3 months are passed and in addition spoke that it is always she who ask for sex and Bhaiya does not feel like doing on his own "do teen mahine to ho hi gaye hain...aur hamesha main hi hoti hun jo inse maangti hun...inka khud ka kabhi mann nahin karta" hearing that I stayed silent for few seconds,

Looking into her eyes I was thinking about suggesting her that she should take him to the doctor but before I would have came out with that advice Bhabhi told me to leave the subject and forget it "tu chhod ye sab...bhool jaa...you just be happy" and with that she was smiling again.

I was really amazed to see the way she swung her mood and once again before I would have thought about saying anything Bhabhi came out with order that tomorrow I will not go to meet any of my friend and I will stay with her at home till evening. “aur tu kal kisi friend se milne nahin jaayega….shaam tak yahin mere pass hi rahega…”

I smiled and moved my head in acceptance and as I saw Bhabhi have got up to go I asked her for another cup of tea. Tea was my addiction, she knew that and without saying a word she smiled and went to the kitchen to make tea.

I don't remember exactly what all was running in my mind at that particular time but I was badly staggered with whatever she spoke about my brother's attitude and flowing in lust and emotions I was thinking about making love to her.

I gathered some courage and went behind her in the kitchen but as she smiled looking at me I lost the confidence and ended up suggesting her taking Bhaiya to the doctor. Bhabhi did not reply to that, tea was almost ready and as she gave me mug, looking into her eyes I repeated my suggestion and she smiled sarcastically.

"ek baar maine kaha tha...." and she went silent for few seconds, I waited for her to complete her words and in the end Bhabhi revealed the fact that she was slapped by Bhaiya for asking him to meet doctor. After saying that just a fraction and once again her eyes got dewed and she wiped her eyes. "Tu chhod ye sab baaten...main dekh lungi kya karna hai...tu tension matt lay..."

She once again told me leave the matter and with that switched the light off of the kitchen and next instant without giving a second thought I held her wrist and pulled her closer. It was dark but there was some light coming from my bedroom and we looked into each other’s eyes.

I was crystal clear over what I have to do and up to an extent Mona Bhabhi was also sensing my intentions and without giving her any time to speak I planted my lips over her soft lips and sucked them. Though it was a tiny kiss of barely 2-3 seconds but was wonderful and now it was very difficult for me to control myself and after looking into her eyes as I tried to kiss her again Bhabhi pushed me lightly.

"Ye kya kar raha hai...?" she asked in low but intense voice and I replied saying that I love her and looking into my eyes Mona Bhabhi replied to that by saying that I have gone mad "Tu pagal ho gaya hai" for an instant I didn't had anything to say and I repeated that I really love her "main aapse sachmuch bahut pyar karta hun".

Deep inside I was very uneasy but over my expressions I was firm and I continued looking into her eyes without flicking my eyes and Bhabhi blushed and without saying a word knobbed her head in No. "Ok...but please give me a hug" I spoke and Bhabhi moved ahead and embraced me tight. I too wrapped my arms around her back and kissed her on her cheek.

Feminine body was not at all a mystery for me but was feeling strange happiness in holding Mona Bhabhi. No words after that and finally Bhabhi went off and I came to my bed with my tea. Half an hour passed and with no sign of sleep I stayed lost on the bed.

After very long time I was aroused for Mona Bhabhi and fantasizing me making love to her on the same bed I laid over my front and started lurching my bottom to rub my cock tip on the bed to pleasure myself. That is how I use to arouse myself before doing hand job and before I would have reached to that point where I could start masturbating I once again got the knock on my door.

I could guess its Bhabhi, but why I didn’t know. Door was not bolted and I did not bother to get up and open the door, I waited for Bhabhi to come in on her own but she did not come and knocked the door again. Eventually I got and opened the door and wearing long nighty Bhabhi was standing in front of me.

Strange expressions and there was significant sweat over her face and as I asked her what happened she moved ahead and hugged me tight. “Jeetu fuck me…” she puffed intensely with a whisper and I realized that she is not wearing Bra underneath. No words after that and we kissed for really long on the door itself.

Truly speaking friends, deep inside I am not willing to write my very personal moments with Bhabhi but without that description my write up might not get published over this blog. So to begin writing my love making I would say bars were broken now and after a deep long kiss on the door very soon we were on the bed with no clothes over our bodies.

Room was dark still there was enough light for us to see each other naked. I asked Bhabhi about Bhaiya's status and she said he will not get up until she will woke him up in the morning. Next I crawled over her and we once again started with a kiss.

We kissed deep and long, and exploring each other we sucked each other lips until we started puffing and in the end looked in each other's eyes closely. Once again I would say female body was not at all mystery for me but I was thrilled to see Bhabhi lying under me; Bhabhi was also in same mind state as like me she was also staring at my face without flicking her eyes.

As such we didn't have anything to speak and after few seconds of close eye contact we were once again lip locked. While kissing I moved my hand all over her bare body, I squeezed her soft breasts gently, rubbed my hand over her waist and belly and moved further down over her thighs.

Bhabhi caressed my hairs and my back and slowly her hand tried reaching to my crotch. I lifted my bottom to give access of my rod and holding me in her fist Bhabhi opened her thighs for me. "Condom hai...?" I whispered while adjusting crotch over her and saying "nahin....! aise hi daal de." Bhabhi brought me over her opening.

"Bhabhi I love you..." saying that finally I slipped inside her and closing her eyes Bhabhi groaned in pleasure. I lunged deep in her womb and staying still started adoring her breasts. One after another I loved both the mounds and Bhabhi gasped intensely while feeding me and slowly wrapped me in her arms and thighs.

I moved back and forward and gripping me harder Bhabhi puffed in delight. I kissed her while invading her womb with steady pace and just in few seconds Bhabhi started going through tremors. Her moans went little louder in volume and with that my movement of going in and out also went higher.

“Jeetttuuuu……” Hairs spread all over her face and looking at me from array hairs suddenly she murmured my nick name and crushed me in her arms and thighs. Bhabhi went through shattering orgasm, I too was feeling myself going to peak and right after Bhabhi I too groaned and released my love deep inside her womb.

I was spent, Bhabhi was also exhausted and holding each other, without uttering a word we stayed tied with each other for another minutes. “Mujhe nahin rahna yahan...tu mujhe apne saath lekar chal” that’s what first word Bhabhi uttered and without giving it a serious thought I said yes to it, “Haan…aap mere saath chalo…”.

Ultimately Bhabhi pushed me to get up to use the washroom. That night we made love one more time second session was better than first one. I stayed for long in Bhabhi and it was a proper love making while kissing and adoring each other throughout the intercourse.

Certainly whatever we did was pure sin yet it was purest form of love and by the time Bhabhi went back to sleep beside her wedded husband she was calm and satisfied. That was first and last time I had sex with Mona Bhabhi, next day I stayed at home, till evening and we were also alone for really long time but as Bhabhi said we did not had sex.

I wanted to take her along and I was ready to face Bhaiya for that but by now Bhabhi’s mind was changed and before my exit Bhabhi just requested me to make regular visits to the town. In the end would say I know that I have disappointed many readers because of my immature inscription still I would love read true opinion about my write up.

The End

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Jatin Fucking Sexy Mona Bhabhi - I

I am Jatin, north Indian male in my late thirties, settled in one of the Cosmopolitan cities of Maharashtra. I don't know why since beginning I was always crazy about females who were part of my family. Mami, Chachi, Bua, Mausi, Bhabhi and even my real and cousin sister; in my bachelorhood nobody among them was left for whom I did not masturbated.

Among all it was Mona Bhabhi for whom I have masturbated maximum. Good height, fair and pleasant face, physically she is not thin but slender with balanced flesh all over her body. I was 23 and she was 26 when she came in my life as my elder brother's wife and for next one year I did not masturbated for any other female.

Years passed and I was 37 and she was 40 when I confronted with her in real life. Yes, I have cheated my wife and Mona Bhabhi has defrauded her husband but we don't have any regret over our deed.

Truly speaking friends it was not just lust that brought us to bed, more than lust it was love which we had for each other since years and that particular instant there was no other way we could express our feelings.

Anyway going back in time, I was just a graduate when I joined my elder brother in my family business and after around five years; after my father’s sudden demise when I was 26 I had big fight with my brother and I left him.

With one child by then Bhabhi was married to Bhaiya from last three years and as my mother was expired long time back she tried her best to keep us united but it did not happened and I started my carrier all over again.

I worked part time for couple of years in the home town while perusing specific professional course and later as I got opportunity I shifted down to one renowned city of Maharashtra. Virtually I was detached from my brother since I was out of the business but Mona Bhabhi; my first crush never allowed me to go out of her reach.

After fighting with Bhaiya being an immature initially I was angry with Bhabhi too and I behaved reluctant with her but the way Bhabhi took me out of that narrow-mindedness was something which I will never forget. Many times I use to cry in the night while being alone and as she came to know this fact she started sleeping with me.

In short she took my intense care in that span and till I lived in the house while doing my professional course and not only that, even after my migration from the home town she always remained in my touch. Those days this social network was nowhere in our life, STD calls were also expensive but she always remained connected to me; not daily but on weekly bases.

In my professional life initially I went through lot of ups and down and Mona Bhabhi on phone always encouraged me to just keep on going. Ultimately life changed and staying in same town I took couple of good jumps in the span of 5-6 years and earned well. By then I was 32 and it was time for me to get married.

It was a love marriage in the same city and I got face to face with Mona Bhabhi after around six years. Virtually she was as she was six years back; 35 years of age, beautiful, loving and caring but by now my perspective to look at her was entirely changed, I don’t remember from how long I was not masturbating for her; no doubt it was just Love and Respect and I didn’t had any lust for her.

Time went on flying, Bhabhi didn’t have second child but in next five years I was father of two. As by now mobile phones, Facebook and all such things were ruling our daily life Bhabhi was more connected to me and as I could see she is getting older, for me she was getting prettier.

Anyway eventually day came which ultimately bought most beautiful time of my life, it was a weekend and that day instead of Bhabhi it was my brother who called me. He asked me if I can come for a day to sign some important property papers.

My brother was selling our inherited house and I was getting half of the money, still I wanted to say no but just because I wanted to see Bhabhi I said yes. I planned to travel alone and just for overnight stay and my last night stay in my inherited house was my life’s best night ever.

It was second day of the week and I reached to my home town early in the morning, I met Bhabhi, had special breakfast cooked by her and spent almost entire day with Bhaiya in legal formalities. Somewhere in the early evening I met few of my old friends and came back home somewhere around 8.

Dinner was ready and soon it got served, apparently everything was fine but I could feel strange happiness dwelling in Bhabhi and it was all because of my presence. I was also happy to see her but she was far happier than me. Anyway somewhere around 10 every one went to sleep and I too came to the bed and had little chat with my wife.

Somewhere around 11, when I was busy in my mobile I got a knock on the door and it was none other than my Mona Bhabhi "Disturb to nahin kar rahi" she asked me with smile and saying no I knobbed my head. "mann kar raha hai...tere saath baith k bahut saari baaten karun" she spoke and I accepted with pleasure “Haan haan kyun nahin".

She came in, sat down on the bed opposite to me and asked me how in my job going “Job kaisi chal rahi hai..." "achhi chal rahi hai" and saying I am doing well I asked her how is she "Aap kaise ho?" and without saying a word she moved her head to say she is fine.

“You are looking very happy….Naye ghar mein jaa rahe ho iss liye?” I asked “Nahin…main bus tujhe dekh kar khush hun…otherwise I am fed up of my life” not at all serious, rather she was smiling while saying that and I asked her what her daily routine is.

"Waise to sab theek hai per kabhi kabhi man karta hai sab kuch chhod chhad ke kahin bhaag jaaun" means apparently everything is fine but sometimes I feel like running away from all this, she spoke that with relaxed smile and in the same fashion I asked her why is she saying that "kya hua aap aesi baat kyun kar rahe ho?" and I saw suddenly Bhabhi’s eyes got dewed.

Though it was very less but she cleaned that water of her eyes and asking me for the tea told me to leave the subject "chhod ye sab baat...batta chai piyega" I love Tea and I said yes and moved out with Bhabhi to make tea. "Kya problem hai aapko..." facing away she was making tea and I asked what her problem is, "Kuch khas nahin...bus aise hi..."

Bhabhi spoke without looking back at me, I did not spoke anything for next few seconds and suddenly Bhabhi turned to see me, tried to speak something but ultimately changed her mind and stayed silent. "Please tell me...I want to help you" I went close to her, turned her to see her face and pursued her to speak and she told me to come back home and do the job here

"Wapis aa jaa...job hi karni hai yahin par kar lay..." "Ye to possible nahin hai..." I denied and she told me to leave the subject and forget it "To fir chhod de...iss baat ko...! bhool jaa" "Nahin..aapko mujhe batana padega..." I once again pursued her to speak but she stayed silent. By now tea was ready and holding our cups we walked back to my bedroom.

Keen to know her problem I was restless and I once again insisted her to speak "Bhabhi please tell me...Aapko meri kasam hai..." and she told me not to take all this seriously "Arre yaar tu itna seriously mat lay...aesi koi baat nahin hai..." but I stayed firm and saying "Then tell me..." asked her again and finally she opened the matter by saying that Bhaiya has gone mad for money

"Tere Bhaiya pagal ho gaye hain....har time bus paisa…paisa karte rahte hain" I giggled over that and said he is like that from the beginning "wo to shuru se hi aise hain...." she accepted and said that now her patience is at the verge "Haan...! per ab mera patience khatam ho raha hai".

To that I don't know how it came in my mind and I abruptly suggested her for second child "I think you should plan second baby" "Pagal hai kya!...iss age mein?" she exclaimed in surprise and smiled beautifully and next moment unexpectedly came out saying how will it happen "Aur baby hoga kaise...?" "kyun kya problem hai..."

I asked her and her smile disappeared and saying nothing she avoided replying. I insisted her to speak “Tell me..." and after few seconds of stare in my eyes Bhabhi opened her bedroom life to me; that she has to beg beg for sex "mujhe sex ke liye inse litrary bheekh maangi padti hai"

Bhabhi was frustrated and all of a sudden she busted in words and in continuation told me that Bhaiya does not feel like doing it and what he need is just money "inka mann hi nahin karta kuch karne ka...har time bus paisa paisa paisa....".

To be continued...

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Ankit Fucking Busty College Babe Shivi - III

Previously: Ankit Fucking Busty College Babe Shivi - II

Shivi woke up early in morning. While I was still in bed, she went to shower and freshen up. I woke up when she entered the room in just towel, when I looked at her she smiled and started getting ready. I hurriedly put on my clothes and left for my room in order to get ready.

I went inside my washroom, put on the taps and bolted the door and I kept looking in the mirror while doing brush and thinking of what I did last night. I kept on thinking whether I was doing right and how I got swayed in emotions and lust taken over me.

I got deep into thinking and didn’t realise how much time passed, then I heard a gentle knock on door, Shivi said breakfast was ready and I should come quickly till its hot. I freshen up quickly and then went to dining table, she laid out the table for me. I sat and she served, she didn’t look me in the eye and I also avoided talking unless required.

It was little uncomfortable for both of us. I asked her what was the time for exam, she told me 11 so I told that we should leave in an hour to reach, she said ok and went to her room to study. In the mean time I washed the plates and went to my room to get ready. I was still thinking all the time of what all I did last night and whether she was angry, ashamed or liked what we did.

I got ready and called her out to go. When she came out she was locking stunning, she wore a body hugging kurti and payjama. She carried her bag and sat on my bike. While I kept driving I felt her body hugging me and her hand around my waist. I thought it was a good sign and started talking to her and asked her questions on various subjects, she prepared well.

During the ride I felt her breath on my neck and it immediately turned me on. I had a boner when I dropped her to exam center, I intentionally hugged her and told her all the best and that I would come and pick her up in 3 hours since she was not allowed to carry the phone.

I came home and went to toilet to jerk myself while thinking of her, it was the biggest relief I got. I went to a friend’s place to stop myself from masturbating and spend the time. As the time came I went to pick her up, she came smiling from the center and jumped to hug me. We embraced a little and I took her to lunch and she was telling me all about the paper.

She was happy about the exam so we decided to celebrate it with a movie. We went to see some bollywood flick and during the movie she held my hands and kept her head on my shoulder. As soon as we finished the movie we both decided to get home. This time when she sat on my bike she hugged me from behind,

kept both her hands on my thigh and her chin on my shoulders and as I was driving, her boobs were thrusting by back and I was getting hard. She them purposely moved her hand towards my crotch area.

I was getting excited and full of lust, she then placed her right hand over my cock massaging and whispered ”I see you missed me a lot today” in my ears, and I kept my hand over her hand saying “you have no idea how much”. I rushed back home, gave her the keys to open the lock while I parked my bike.

With each moment I was getting high with excitement, I could not contain myself so I rushed upstairs. I locked the doors and went straight to her room, but it was locked and she said from inside to give her 5 minutes. I came to my room, had a light bath and changed into something comfortable.

I went in to check on her, her room, the door was closed so I turned the knob and it opened. The room was dark except the bed lamps were lit. I saw Shivi sitting in the corner on bed wearing a long t-shirt and nothing else. I could see her milky fleshy thighs and her long smooth legs resting on bed. I came inside the room and closed the door behind me.

I sat next to her, her hairs were open and I could smell her perfume, she smiled mischievously looking into my eyes. I was going crazy with each moment, I felt like digging my claws into her body and biting every inch of her. She came closer while still looking into my eyes smiling and I placed my hand behind her head lightly and moved my head to kiss her.

Our lips met and it was soft and tender kiss at first, we nibbled each other’s lips for a while. Then our tongues met and we started vigorously exploring each other’s mouth. I moved my hand from her head to her back and started rubbing it lightly, this encouraged her further so she pressed her lips with more force and started biting my lower lip.

I was going crazy and excited with our liplock, the smell of her, the feel of her body and my erection. With one hand I yanked her hairs back and started biting her neck and my other hand was supporting her back, she left a soft moan aaaaaahhhhh. And then I moved to her earlobe and sucked it. She shivered a little and her moaning went a little deep.

She clenched my hairs and pressed my head. I was now nibbling in her ears which turned her on a lot, and then I started licking her chin and neck, it excited her more and her breathing increased, Shivi suddenly grabbed my t-shit and removed it, she gave quick kisses to my neck and chest and my lips, she was going mad with excitement.

I found this as perfect opportunity to remove her top, I pulled her top and threw it and then I pulled her head aside and dig my teeth into her shoulder. She lied on bed and pulled me on her top, and I moved to her other shoulder and bit it, she scratched my back with a loud moan. The excitement was maddening and I licked her from her shoulder to her left boob.

Shivi had small and pink areola with prominent slightly dark nipples. Her massive boobs were her appeal and I tried to put them in mouth as much as I can. I put her boobs into my mouth and rolled my tongue on her nipples. All this time Shivi was moaning in excitement.

Then I moved to her other boob and did the same, this time she dug her nail into my back, it excited my more so I bit her nipple lightly and began sucking them. I could feel that Shivi was high in excitement as her nipples were jutting out. I kissed her from her cleavage to and licked her to her naval, I used my teeth on her waist and bit lightly and then kissed it.

I moved back to her boobs and stated licking and nibbling on her nipples. After few moments she pulled me up and kissed me passionately, she rammed her tongue inside my mouth and bit hard on my lips. She was madly kissing me everywhere and then she grabbed me by her legs on my waist.

She pulled me further up and kissed my chest and bit them, she started licking my chest and she put hands inside my lower and grabbed my ass. I found her this act quiet amazing. And with help of her hand and legs, she pulled down my lower and grabbed my dick. She started stroking it vigorously.

I let her stroke it coz I wanted to cum so bad, so I moved further up and had her head over my balls. She started sucking my balls laying underneath me and while stroking my dick. She took turns to suck each of my ball and licked the base of my penis. She lubricated my penis with her saliva and started stocking hard and fast.

I felt like cumming I pushed my penis into her mouth and started stroking to myself. I felt Shivi was expert in blow jobs. As soon I put my penis inside her mouth she started sucking the head as well as kept using her tongue while moving her head to and fro on my penis to create suction. I was in seventh heaven.

With right hand I was stroking my penis and with left I kept pressing her boob. And a moment came when Shivi looked directly in my eye while sucking, I lost the little control that I had on myself. She looked deep into my eyes as if she wanted me to relax and reassure me to take my time and cum in her mouth.

The sight of her looking into my eyes made me absolutely mad and I exploded into her mouth with a huge grunt and seeing me in ecstasy she grabbed my dick from me and started stroking it herself and kept on sucking. It was the kind of pleasure that I never felt before, I kept cumming into her mouth and she kept sucking every last drop of it.

Even though I was spent but I was still excited coz Shivi had this unusual effect on me, I did not wanted our session to last so I moved down on her, I could feel her heart racing with our love-making. I kissed Shivi on her lips, we used our tongue for a while and then I moved towards her chin. Then I licked Shivi’s massive boobs and licked all the way to her navel.

Then I kissed on her thighs and used my teeth to touch her inner thighs, they were fleshy and smooth. I licked all the way from her thigh to her knees. Shivi grabbed my hair and directed my head towards her love hole. I touched her labia with my tongue, they were swollen. Shivi had no hair on her pussy and it was fair as her skin.

I kissed her pussy lips and then moved my tongue all around it. This act of mine deeply aroused her, she started moaning. Then I moved further in and used my mouth to such while I touched her clitoris with my wet lips, it sent an electric shock in her whole body. Shivi grabbed the bed sheet in ecstasy, I kept on licking her clitoris alternatively with my lips and tongue.

Shivi started twisting in bed, and at this moment I inserted my middle finger into her pussy while licking the clitoris. This excited her more, she was moaning with deep breath. I put both her legs on my shoulder and used the other hand to pub her pussy lightly. Shivi yanked my hands from her pussy and scratched on them.

Now inserted my index finger along with my middle finger and started fingering her while feeling the inner walls of her pussy. Her pussy was so wet my now that it was literally leaking and my palm was wet with her pussy juices. I kept on fingering her and licking her clitoris while Shivi kept on twisting on bed with moans getting louder and louder.

At one point I felt the inner muscles of her pussy contracting on my fingers and I saw that Shivi’s body went stiff and in the next moment juices came flowing out, she grabbed my hand away from her pussy and started breathing as if she ran a mile. I laid beside her and she indicated me not to touch her at this moment and she kept on breathing heavily.

I got concerned the way she was breathing so I went to pick up a bottle of water, when I came she got little easy and I offered her the bottle. I drank a lot and smiled. She pulled me on bed and laid in between my legs, I asked what happened then she said

“yaar when I get excited a lot, like A LOT and when I orgasm my body becomes too sensitive for touch, aisa lagta hai uss time ke I’ll die with so much excitement and pleasure”. And then she laid beside me smiling. I could feel from her expression that she enjoyed and wanted more…

And then Shivi started kissing me, I responded and moved my hands on her boobs. She took my hands and indicated me to pinch her nipple. I kissed her hard since I was getting arouse. I kept on massaging her boob and she kept on chewing my face. Shivi slid her hand down and grabbed my cock, she started stroking it, and we kept doing that for a while till I got hard enough.

So without wasting more time I got up and sat between her legs, pulled by foreskin and placed my cock head on her pussy. I looked into her eye and saw lust, she wanted me to go in so I pushed my head in. It was slime and slippery so it went in without much resistance. And when I was in it felt heavenly. Shivi bit her lower lip and moved her legs further apart to facilitate me more.

I started pushing myself slowly in and out. I kept a slow pace to excite her more. My penis was covered in her lubricant and she kept leaking. I increased my pace steadily, Shivi grabbed my head and started kissing me wildly while she wrapped her legs around my hips and with her legs she started controlling my pace. I started biting her neck and she started moaning.

As my pace increased to thrusting she began to moan loudly. She ran her hand through my hair and bit her lip all the while I was ramming her cunt. She got so excited that she pushed me beside her and came on top of me without letting me out of her pussy. She sat and me and started moving her hips in rhythmic motion. I grabbed her waist and dug my fingers deep.

She kept moving and riding my cock with increasing her movements. I held both her hands to support her, after few moments she held my shoulders to increase her thrust and stimulate her clitoris and in next moment she left out a cry ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I also wanted to cum so I took Shivi down and started spooning her. She knew that I wanted to relieve myself badly so she raised her leg a little to help me come inside her from behind. I moved my penis inside her and began moving, she moved along with my pace to stimulate me.

We both were profusely sweating, I could feel sweat on Shivi’s neck and forehead, we were drenched in each other’s sweat and we kept going. I kept one hand under her head and used the other to massage her sweaty boob. I kept moving in and out and she started breathing heavily oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This turned me on and now I started pounding her wildly and she closed her legs around my cock to grip it and grabbed my head and pulled my hairs. We both were moving in same rhythm, she was moving to and fro with my thrusts and the whole bed was shaking with our movement.

The sensation was almost killing me and I looked at her sweaty face, her erotic expressions and before I could control any further, I came hard inside her, I kept thrusting and she kept screaming till there was no drop left.

We both were now profusely perspiring, Shivi turned around and kissed me, and she looked me deep in the eyes and locked lipped again. It was such a lovely feeling and I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her neck from back and that night I had the most content sleep of a lifetime.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments so that it will allow me to write the next part.

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Ankit Fucking Busty College Babe Shivi - II

Previously: Ankit Fucking Busty College Babe Shivi - I

Hi friends, this is the second part from where I continue the incident about how I fucked my busty college friend Shivi.

We both were lip locked and embracing the moment, I just couldn’t believe my luck, I had the most voluptuous girl that I ever met in my arms and I was making out with her. Our lips were sealed to one another’s and we were kissing deeply and passionately, we went exploring each other’s tongue now.

I slid my hand gently from her face to her waist and Shivi moved towards me and so I pulled her on me. I was under her and my hands were feeling her body, I pulled her hair gently from my left hand in passion and Shivi bit my lower lip seductively. We kept snogging for a long time and then I pushed her on side and came top of her.

Both of us were burning with passion and were going wild, she started making seductive noises, I broke our lip lock and moved towards her chin and bit it slightly, I licked her from chin to neck and bit her earlobes, biting her earlobes really turned her on further. She was rushing her hands through my hair and pulled my hairs.

She was becoming more and more wild and started twisting as I moved from her neck towards her cleavage. We stopped for a moment to realize what was going. She asked “are you sure we should go there?” and I replied “it just feels right and I can’t stop now”, I asked if she feels uncomfortable then we can stop. She gave a little smile and started kissing me again.

In order to encourage her further I pulled off my t-shirt and again started her kissing. Then I slowly moved both my hands under her t-shirt to which she arched her back signaling me to take it off. I removed her t-shirt and unhooked her bra. She herself removed the bra from her.

I was becoming wilder and I buried my face between her huge boobs, I was licking them, kissing them, slurping them and I buried my teeth roughly onto them. I licked her right nipple and cupped her left boob with my left hand, I pinched her left nipple which made her crazy. I kept on sucking her right boob vigorously and I couldn’t stop myself from biting them.

Shivi seem to enjoy my fascination with her boobs. I again went to kiss her and she pushed her tongue inside my mouth. I rested both my hands beside her so that I do not put my body weight over her. We kept on kissing madly and Shivi slip her hands from my head towards my back and then she very lightly slid her hand inside my short.

I was rock hard by the time Shivi’s hand moved towards my cock. She started massaging it and that made me very erotic. Then she unbuttoned my shorts and used her long waxed legs to take it off from me.

I was fully naked and aroused beyond my imagination. I could feel my cock pulsating and throbbing in her grip. Shivi started stroking it lightly and it made me so erotic that I started kissing her madly, chewing her lips and in turn she started stroking me rapidly and she kept moaning loudly.

The pleasure was beyond any words and I was about to cum, realising that I stopped her and I kept kissing her, then I gradually moved down while kissing her chin, then her neck, then her cleavage, then her stomach and then I unbuttoned her shorts, and with both my hands I removed her shorts and panty together.

As I slid her short I could feel her silk smooth legs, she lifted her feet to help me take them out. I kissed her toe then licked all the way up to her thigh. I used my teeth to bite lightly on her inner thigh and moved my tongue all around her pussy lips.

Shivi’s pussy was all clean with no trace of hair. To tease her further I licked the whole area around her pussy for few minutes. Shivi was moaning like anything. All I could her from her was ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmm…when she couldn’t control herself she grabbed my head and moaned “lick me” and pushed my head towards her pussy.

I started licking the outer wall of her vagina and then slowly moved in. Shivi was getting out of control, she kept on pounding my head towards her pussy with one hand and with other she gripped the bed sheet, I used two of my fingers to part the vagina lips and I moved my tongue further in and I kept sucking as hard as I could.

And then at last I touched her clitoris with my wet lips. I closed by lips on her clitoris and used my tongue to play with it. Her pussy was damp and wet and so I slowly inserted my middle finger into her pussy while I was licking her clitoris simultaneously. She was moaning loudly now aaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,

and so I increased the pace of finger fucking her…she was going crazy ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…after few minutes I also used the index finger with my middle finger and started moving it to and fro in her pussy.

Shivi moved her hips in rhythm with my finger fucking. She was getting louder and louder with two of my finger inside her vagina and my lips on her clitoris. I could feel Shivi’s inner vagina, there was loads and loads cum oozing out of her vagina and she kept on twitching.

I increased the pace of finger fucking and used my mouth to lick her belly button and Shivi was twitching and turning in pleasure….she kept on moaning and her cum was now leaking from her pussy….and then she started breathing heavily and arched her back…she removed my hands from her pussy instantly and made a shrilling sound.

I laid next to her and she kept breathing heavily and her huge boobs kept rising and falling from her breath, and she rubbed her pussy vigorously for a moment and then she kept still. It took a little while before she recovered and I could see her smile from the little light that was coming from corridor.

I embraced her and she hugged me tightly and said that “I have cum this hard after a very long time Ankit and I couldn’t believe you can be such good in fingering” and I said “you still do not know what all I can do” she then smiled and said that “you do know how to please a woman” and then I said “I never knew you could be so passionate yourself” and she said with a naughty smile

“you are about to discover that” and as soon as she said that, she gripped my cock.and started jerking it. We lay facing each other and she kissed me lightly while jerking my cock. I cupped her boobs and started massaging them and we kept on kissing and then she seductively said in my ears “it’s my turn to now” and then she moved down.

I laid on my back and she kept on jerking my cock while she took each on my ball into her mouth turn by turn. It was a different kind of pleasure for me coz my ex-girlfriend never sucked my balls. As soon as I was rock hard she moved to my cock and started sucking it. She rolled her tongue to the tip of my cock and kept on licking it.

It was very pleasant and I was going crazy so I guided her head to suck my cock. She moved her head up and down slowly and she kept on sucking and gradually she increased her pace. I stopped her and got on my knees on the bed and she sat under me. I held her head and guided her mouth to suck…and she started to move her head.

I was moaning with pleasure and was on the verge to cum so I held her head and started to thrust my cock in her mouth, Shivi could feel the throbbing of my cock as I was about to cum so she started to suck harder and used her tongue to lick the tip of my cock and then I came harder in her mouth, I held her head on my cock and I kept leaking in her mouth.

When I was done I came out of her mouth and we both fell on bed. She swallowed my jizz and we laid next to each other sweating. I pulled her head under my arm and she held by her arm…I was still recovering from the orgasmic explosion and she kissing my bear body.

I held her face and kissed her hard and she responded back, there was no guilt or shame in the kiss…and smiling she whispered in my ear “you wanna try the real thing” and I smiled back but it was getting so late and I feared that we both might not wake up in morning if we continued so

I asked her to have a little sleep and we will have the entire next day to us after her exam…she then smiled and I pulled up the sheets, she set up the alarm and we drifted to sleep in each other’s arm.

I’ll continue the incident in the next part.

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Ankit Fucking Busty College Babe Shivi - I

Hi friends I am Ankit, 27 years of age, this is the true incidence that happened when I was studying in college few years back in 2008 and I must warn you that this is not the typical erotic fuck session incident, so I apologize for the inconvenience in advance, I guess true narrations are hardly masala (spicy).

Our class in college consisted few students and girls were more or less equal in number. But there was one particular girl, Shivi who outshined the rest because of her physical attributes. Shivi is 5.6 tall, very fair and little heavy, but due to her height she did not look over-weight, and had fleshy thighs and hips.

She possessed boobs which were more than the average size (I never got the real stats but they are not smaller than 36D), those were so massive that her deep cleavage is always visible in top or kurti she wears, and whenever she wear formal shirt, her massive boobs stretch her shirt to level that buttons are strained to hold her massive juggs.

Every guy in our batch was so fascinated by them that even though all of us guys were courteous and chivalrous in our behavior in class but her boobs were respite to some of us guys in our horny masturbation during college days. Whenever she wears kurti or top, her round shaped boobs are very prominent and so is her deep cleavage.

Shivi and I became good friends in our first year of college and then later we became the best friends. Shivi was not my girlfriend coz I was already committed but She and I use to share a lot and we use to hang out most of the time, she was fun loving, jovial and a great company.

Initially I did not have sexual feeling towards her coz I was in a healthy physical relationship with my girlfriend so I never felt awkward whenever Shivi use to sit hugging me on bike or casually sitting very close to me in college in friendly way.

One of our class mate in a casual conversation told me that Shivi really liked me but I ignored her thinking that she mistook our friendship and I never had any other intention towards her. Various friends who were girl use to come to my house frequently and everyone in my house was well acquainted with every one of them,

so I never had any restrictions about meeting any girls and due to this sometimes Shivi use to stay for longer periods in my house. I also use to go to her house and everyone at her place knew me very well too. Both of us knew each other’s friends so we use to hangout a lot with each other.

Shivi was approached by a guy in our college, he was our mutual friend and over the time he started liking her, so one day this guy proposed her and she accepted it, though deep down I knew that she only did that as every girl in our class was committed and she didn’t wanted to be left alone when everyone shared their stories and adventures.

Well Shivi being committed, broke lot of hearts in my class and mine too coz I could no longer spend time with her as we used to and also my girlfriend too shifted to other city for the new course and long distance was taking its toll on our relationship and I was completely alone with no one to talk to.

With time passing, my girlfriend and I started drifting apart, there was only twice or thrice I could make to her city and little she use to come to my city and things strained further and eventually we decided to go for a breakup. And few months of our breakup; I was depressed for a very long time.

To distract myself I got involved with a college junior Ritika in a casual relationship, mostly it involved hugging, smooching and fondling and occasional oral sex but nothing more which was enough to keep me distracted. Further I traveled to my hometown to have a break from college and routine for two weeks.

I had a house in my hometown which was vacant and I use to make visits to my hometown to keep up with my friends from my school days, one of the prime reason of travel was to get away from everything and everyone so that I could have some alone time.

Shivi called me the very day I came to my hometown saying that she has a competitive exam center in my hometown and she’ll be coming the next day and that I should not in any case tell that to my parents coz that would seem inappropriate and also she told in her home that she is staying at her friend’s place.

I was both surprised and excited to hear that she was coming to my hometown for few days so I stocked my fridge with everything she liked, bought groceries and began cleaning up the place. It took me hours to organise the place and I was dead tired from getting the place in order, so I took a cold bath, rang my folks and I texted Shivi the address before going to sleep.

She arrived next day very early in the morning and I was still sleeping, she rang the bell and I opened the door while I was still half asleep and she hugged me tightly as soon as she saw me. I showed her in, placed her luggage in the guest bedroom room. She told that she was going to take the bath and so I fell on bed and slept off again.

I did not know how much time passed but I got woken up when Shivi came into my room and sat next to me in the bed inorder to wake me up. I stirred a little in the bed but didn’t wake up so she leaned on to me from behind and said in my ears that she was so sorry that she wasn’t there when I was going through my break up ordeal.

That made me wide awake and I turned to face her and saw her newly bathed face, with water trickling down her hairs and sweet odor coming from her body. She laid down beside me. I asked how she knew, then she told as soon as I left for my hometown Ratika asked her as to where I went and why I was not responding to her messages and calls,

and through Ratika she came to know about my breakup, so Shivi called home and mom told her that I left few days back for my hometown. As I was facing her, I saw that the changed into a casual shorts and a beige color top which was hugging her body.

I was getting turned on as it was quite a while since last I had proper sex, and with Shivi lying in a bed so close to me and her hairs still wet, her long fleshy smooth fair legs, and her cleavage visible, also she was smelling very nice, everything about her was turning me on, she was casually caressing my hand in a consoling manner.

I could not stop myself from touching her bare legs with mine, in my mind I was very apprehensive that whether she would get offended but then she moved her legs a little closer towards me in response to mine. My mind slowly started drifting towards her and I had to compel myself from not peeking inside her top coz we were lying very close to each other.

There was so much going inside my mind that I could hardly concentrate on what she was saying, all I was doing was nodding my head and trying to look pitiful. As she was caressing my hand I instinctively held her finger lightly as soon as her finger touched mine. I caught her hand in a loose grip and placed my thumb on her inner palm and started caressing her thumb with mine.

That seem to have a little effect on her coz she slightly increased the pressure on the grip after few minutes. I didn’t plan anything, I was doing things instinctively, we laid face to face and talking and her leg was resting on mine. I was just trying to get her comfortable so that things would not turn awkward,

I started smiling a little to keep things casual so that she wouldn’t get embarrassed if she ever gets conscious at any point of time. I was still playing with her palm and applying pressure evenly. I defiantly felt a surge of current between us, even though I wanted to embrace her then and there but I kept my patience to tease her more.

I suggested that we should have breakfast first before she gets down to her study for the exam that was scheduled the next day. I lightly touched her cheek to remove a strand of hair and got up. I was so turned on by the incident that I had to relieve myself, I quickly went to the washroom and shagged myself with her thoughts in my mind.

Even though I was relieved temporarily but I just couldn’t stop thinking about the chance I could have with Shivi but I was in dilemma coz I did not want to ruin my friendship with her and also she had an exam ahead, so in order to give her time to study which was an excuse to kill my excitement and think things more objectively I went outside the home to meet my friends

and told her that I would have the lunch outside and she could study in peace. The whole time I was out, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her and the way she was touching me and how comfortable she was when I brushed my feet against her bare legs. I came home late in the evening, Shivi was on call talking to her folks about trip and preparation, she signaled me to be quiet,

so I went to the washroom to have a bath and there I noticed her bra hanging on the hook so I picked it up. Her bra had huge cups (compared to my ex-girlfriend who was 32B) and it instantly gave me a hard on, so I turned on the shower and jerked myself. I changed into shorts and t-shirt and I didn’t wear anything underneath it. Shivi asked me for dinner so I said yes.

We had dinner and I started asking about the exam preparation, and then we started talking randomly. We cleaned out the dishes after having dinner and we came to her room, we were talking about my relationship with Ratika and my break up and all the random stuff. Both she and I were in good mood and were happy to be in each other’s company.

Since it was getting late, I told her that I should go to my room so she could revise and sleep early. She insisted that she was all done with the preparation and was free, and it had been a long time since we last met so she wanted to continue the conversation. I went inside her room and laid on by back and she too laid beside me and facing me and we talked a little while.

After some time I checked the watch and realized that it was quiet late in the night so I told that I should leave now to which she said that “yaar light off karke thodi der ke liye aur baith ja plz” and I just couldn’t say no to her. So I switched off the light and came to bed, and as I laid on bed, Shivi came closer to me and put my left hand under her head.

And then she started telling about how she was going through a very rough patch with her boyfriend and she tried to work things between them and it was not happening, she suspects that her boyfriend has started losing interest in her and she is frustrated to be the only one keep trying in her relationship.

After a few moment later she snuggled closer so I put my right hand across her and touched the other side of her face and began stroking her chin line. She didn’t show any sign of resistance or unpleasantness so I turned my face slightly towards her forehead. I was listening to her and was careful not to overdo anything and go with the flow.

She started talking how unhappy she was and how she missed all the time that we had together and I encouraged her to speak more and more while I moved my nose closer to her forehead and gripped her with my right hand in a reassuring manner. She could feel my breath upon herself and so she inched a little closer and then I kissed lightly on her forehead once.

She didn’t seem to mind it and we continued to talk, and with every passing moment I was briefly kissing her forehead and with my fingers I kept brushing her cheek and chin softly. And then I turned sideways a little, facing her, I was burning with the passion and desire, my sexual self seemed to overpower my senses and lust was taking over, everything was driving me crazy for her embrace.

Shivi was comfortable with what I was doing so I continued kissing her forehead in intervals as lust was driving me now. And then she stopped talking and we both were silent but I didn’t stop caressing her cheek with my free hand.

And then in a flow of moment I rested by thumb over her lower lip and she slightly moved her face upward on her own to reach for my lips and our lips touched for the first time. It was the moment I was waiting for, the moment I was getting excited about.

I moved my hand to embrace her face while our lips were locked, I was so excited that I could feel my heartbeat throbbing in my chest. She moved her hand to my shoulder and we kept kissing each other with intensity and time seemed to stood still.

I’ll continue the incident in the next part.

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Masseur Abhi Enjoying Oral Sex With Neighbour Raktima

Hello all, my name is Abhi and this is my second story in Human Digest. I am 30 years old virgin (fact) and as I said in my previous sex story I am a working professional and I do body massage as a hobby in my free time.

For those who want to read my first story time, please check: Masseur Abhi Enjoying Oral Sex With Client Pooja

After I posted my first story abt body massage with a descent client, I received an email from a reader asking for details about my services. Frankly, I do massage for extra bucks and fun only, so I shared a detailed email about my services. To my surprise, she wanted to hire me and told me that she stays at xxxxxx area.

I stay at the same area and I have been living there my entire life and was thinking who this could be. So I told her that there are numerous fake emails off late and asked her to prove that this is a legitimate email. She gave me a lot of details and finally shared a real time pic of her. I was awestruck looking at the pic as she was one of my neighbors.

Coming to her stats she has perfect round boobs with 32c in size and round ass which anyone would like to feel. To say in simple terms she is a sex goddess and a bombshell all of us want to see and feel.

I did not reveal that I know her and asked her what is she interested in, and she said she is looking for cuddling with me as she is starving for some love in bed. She was very clear in her email that she doesn’t want to have sex as she is afraid. I said ok and told her that these things might end up in a long hung sex and she was very clear that she is gonna stick to cuddle.

We exchanged email for about 3 days and she said she wants to know where do I live so that she can fix a date for cuddling. I told her pretty close to where u stay and I am ok with any date she fixes.

We decided its gonna be 17th Nov as her entire family will be out of town. By the way, her name is raktima, yes you are right she is a Bengali and has perfect figure any man would desire. We did exchange our number and she gave me her address and asked me to be there at 7am as she wanted to spend an entire day with me.

As planned I rang the bell at 7 and by seeing me she was confused why am I ringing the bell at 7 in the morning when she was expecting someone else. I acted as if I know nothing and started talking to her casually. I could feel that uncomfortable act in her. I casually told her hey u know what, I saw someone exactly like you.

She got curious and started asking details and then I told her the entire story and convinced her that it was me who was chatting with her. She felt ashamed and shy as we knew each other. I took her to confidence that this will remain our little secret and I proceeded to her place.

We sat on the sofa and had few normal conversation and I could feel the desperation in her. I slowly put my hand on her and told relax babe I will help you get out of your lonesomeness. She was happy and hugged me. And I don’t know what happened we started kissing each other. Our mouth opened and our tongue started exploring each other’s mouth.

We carried ourselves to the next level and started feeling our naked bodies. And we were lost in the world of sex. I started feeling her boobs and she started moaning. We carried ourselves to the bedroom which was well lit for a perfect sexual encounter. As I said she only wanted to cuddle and started the action in full swing.

We removed out clothes and were stark naked in front of each other. We hugged, kissed and cuddled with each other. I kept pressing her beautiful boobs and started playing with her nipples. Wow, they were pink in color and were a perfect beauty. I took it between my thumb and middle finger and started pressing it. She was moaning heavy and wanted me to suck it.

She pushed me on to bed, came over me and she put her boobs in my mouth. I felt what a lucky day and started sucking her nipples. We did that for almost an hour and then she started kissing me all over my body and slowly she put her hand on my already hard dick. She felt the stiffness and slowly started stroking.

I was on cloud nine and then she gave me an awesome blowjob for a while and I cummed in her mouth. She drank it all and I said it’s my turn now and I gave her a lick at all her private parts.

We spent an entire day in each other’s arms but as she was afraid we did not have sex. But we spent an entire day kissing each other. I had the best of the best time with her and I spent hours sucking her juicy boobs and she gave me blowjob at least 6 times.

Later we did have some steaming oral fun in the shower and she was very happy that she got what she wanted and she was sure that she can trust me as she knows me. She gave me a naughty smile and said she can ask me to come over anytime as stay very close to her.

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Masseur Abhi Enjoying Oral Sex With Client Pooja

Hello all, my name is Abhi and I do body massage to females in my free time at an affordable price, as I do it as a hobby for some extra money to spend. Most of my clients are from middle-class descent families and are only interested in massage and I do that very professionally.

Coming to the sex story, once I received an email from a lady named pooja asking details about massage and my authenticity as these days there are a lot of scandals which happen. I gave her my personal details and told her I charge 3000 for a massage for one and half hours. She wanted to know more about massage and started asking details about procedures and how do I do it.

She also wanted me to give her a hot water bath after massage and I agreed. We then fixed a date as 8th Nov and agreed to meet at her place at 11.00 am. She informed me that her family will be out of town and she didn’t want to go anyplace and preferred her house.

I was also concerned about the authenticity of this personal and asked for her details, she sent all her details along with a photo of hers. I was mesmerized seeing the pic, she was looking hot in an orange black mix long skirt and a black tight top. My god she had big melons and a perfect body a man would dream. I was ok with all the details she shared and agreed to meet at her place.

On the 8th Nov, I went to her place 10 mins before 11am and I rang the bell, she opened the door and I was awe struck looking at her. She was gorgeous, dressed in a baby pink saree. I introduced myself and went inside. She asked me for a cup of coffee and I agreed. It was a well-lit house with lots of pic as memories of their family trips.

We had coffee and had a chat about the massage, procedure, and stuff like that. Once done, I asked if she was ready. She said yes and asked me you will be professional right, this is my first time with a male measure. I promised her that I will be professional and asked her to change to inners and cover herself with a towel.

She said the massage will be in the guest room and she will call me inside in a few mins. After about 10 mins she said could you come, I went inside and she was lying with her back facing the sky and she had covered herself with a towel which covered all her private assets.

I asked her would you like me to start with oil or do u need a dry massage first, she said let’s start with dry one. I started rubbing her feet ensuring she is getting some current flowing her body, which will make her relaxed. Slowly I moved from feet to legs to knee and then to her thighs and stopped at a point where her towel ended.

I then started giving a pressure of her upper and lower back and she really liked the massage and wanted me to work on her shoulder. While I was giving her a shoulder massage she complained about upper back pain and I have my own techniques for pain relief. I started working on her back and I could see the sense of relief in her face and vocal tones.

She said, please start with oil from my shoulder as it feels good to be relieved from pain. I took oil, which had the best aroma and started oil massage on her shoulder. I asked her to sit facing her back towards me so that it will be easy to help reduce pain. She agreed, wrapped the towel and sat up.

While massaging, her bra strips were a big discomfort and she understood that without me saying it. She said I know these straps are disturbing, let me lower it. I didn’t say anything as she wanted me to be very professional. She lowered the straps and we continued with massage. As it progressed, I guess she got horny and I could sense it with her low sounding moans.

I could see her melons bulging and she was breathing heavy. I came close to her and was looking at those perfect shaped melons moving up and down while breathing. It gave me a hard on but I wanted to be professional. I controlled and was happily watching those while massaging. After a while, I asked her to sleep back and started oil massage on her back.

I asked her to remove the towel and she removed her towel and took off her bra saying, I don’t want it to obstruct the procedure of massage. I was happy and started with her upper back and sides and whenever I had a chance, I ensure my fingers are rolling on the side of her huge melons.

She was getting aroused with every touch and then I moved to the lower back and I slightly touched her well-shaped butt. She made a hiss sound and I understood she was fully aroused. I started working on her butt cheeks and she asked me to take off her panty. Though I was very happy, I gave a surprised look she winked and said if you could pls take it off and continue.

I took it off within no time and was working her heavy ass. I made sure ti touch or run fingers around her pussy at every opportunity I had. She was getting impatient and asked me if she could turn around. I nodded and she turned around.

To my surprise, she did not cover herself but instead she took my hand and placed it on her blossom and asked me to massage there. I understood her situation and started circling her boobs and gave some nice erotic strokes with 2 fingers. She got completely aroused and asked me to stand behind her head and run my fingers on her erect nipples.

I wanted her to get happier, so I ensured not to touch her nipples. She got impatient and started requesting, pls touch those, it needs oil and moisture it’s getting dry. I teased her for 2 more mins and couldn’t see her struggling and I put my thumb and middle finger on both her nipples and started squeezing it.

She gave loud moans and immediately kissed me on my pants near to tent due to erection. I understood what’s happening and said, that ain’t professional. She immediately said who cares and started creasing my erect dick over my pants. Even I was aroused and started squeezing her boobs hard and she lowered the zipper on my pants and freed my dick.

It was already hard and she suddenly took it near her mouth and gave a good kiss. I understood my luck and gave a soft moan. She got up, took off my pants and undies and started giving me a nice blowjob. She kissed my dick, ensured to lower the foreskin on my dick and she licked the tip and circled it with her tongue. She was looking too sexy and was very horny.

She blew me for almost 15 mins and I couldn’t hold it anymore, I told her I was about to cum and she started deep throat blowjob and I was at the peak. She felt my dicking growing inside her mouth, she took my dick outside and said cum on my face.

After hearing it, I couldn’t hold any longer and released all my cum on her face. She then licked my dick again and cleaned every bit of cum off my dick. She said it tasted good and I could see the satisfaction on her face. I then kept my hand on her boobs and said I’m hungry.

She got up, hugged me and we started lip locking. We kept kissing for a while and our tongue started fighting, she was a very good kisser. I was squeezing her boobs and round ass while kissing and said lemme drink some of our milk. She gave a naughty smile and I took her one boob in my mouth and was playing with other.

While drinking her milk, I slowly moved my fingers to her pussy. She was clean shaved and I liked it. I started inserting my finger and she was all wet down there, I fingered her till she came and then she asked me if I can lick her. I was quiet for some time and she really wanted me ti lick. I went down and was licking and fingering those juicy vertical lips.

Within 10 mins, she came once again and she pulled me up and kissed me. We kissed, hugged and cuddled for a while and she asked me to bath her. We went to the bathroom and while bathing she gave me a nice blowjob and kissed my dick a lot. After the bath, I was ready for a steamy session but she said she doesn’t want to have sex and said I’m sorry I got too involved and lost control.

Though I was disappointed I said its ok and we dressed up. When I said I will leave, she gave me a tight hug and kissed my lips for about 5 mins and said she enjoyed a lot, she gave me 5000 and a small piece of paper which had her phone number. She said let’s be in touch and she will make up for the disappointment which we had today.

Please read and share your comments with me below.

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