Guy Enjoying Sex Ecounter With Shalini While On Date

This is my first story on this forum. Its about one of my best encounter till date and the most memorable one. Story is of year 2008 when I was on a break from work. This was the time when Orkut used to be the only social networking site and youngsters were quite excited about it as there were more options to make new friends. Likewise, I had friend on Orkut.

Her name was Shalini (name changed). Of course reference was from a common friend. Though we were friend for over a year on Orkut but never interacted. Since, I was on a break I had lot of time to waste on internet and look out for more friends. With the same intention I sent her a message casually. To my surprise she responded immediately.

Then we had casual chat about each other an all. After couple of days I found her online again and this time she pinged me first and we started to chat again. Chat happened for 2-3 times in a span of couple of weeks.

Once she pinged me during morning hours, I was about to leave for out and told her that I am going out towards MG Road and she replied saying even she will be going there for some work in afternoon. Sensing the situation I asked her to meet for a coffee once her work is over and by then I will also be free. She accepted the same. I was happy that I will meet her.

Though we had seen each other in profile pics but real encounter is always better. As decided we met in a coffee shop and as expected she was looking beautiful. Let me explain about her, she was little tan and short in height but had a kickass figure and her dressing sense was classy which made her even more beautiful.

I complimented her for the dressing and she kind of blushed. That meeting was just about knowing each other little more and we left after about an hour. In the night she again pinged me saying she liked the meeting a lot and was impressed with my physique too. (I am about 5.7” slim and workout at home everyday to maintain a fit body) Now, I was on heaven.

She said we should meet again. I - why not meeting again tomorrow. She- I have work tomorrow. I- what time? She- around 1PM in afternoon login. I- Lets meet for breakfast. She- after a pause. OK. We again met in a coffee shop for breakfast. This time she was more casual and comfortable in talking. I could sense her easyness with me.

We were casually talking and she told me about how much she likes bike rides. I instantly offered her to come for along drive. But she said no as she had to go to work and she is not ready for a long ride immediately. Somehow I convinced her and made her call the office and make some excuse for a leave.

Now time was around 1030 AM and we decided to go to Nandi Hills (most famous place in Bangalore). We started our ride and after about 15-20 min she got more comfortable and she came close to me while I was riding. We did not have any shyness and were behaving like close friends. We reached the place after about an hour and started to walk in the garden.

Since, it was a weekday there were hardly any people around. We were walking on a small lane through the bushes around. Then I saw a place which was quite secluded and not everyone could see that corner. I somehow stopped and started to talk some romantic things like how beautiful this place is and how I wish I could hug someone and feel the warmth in this cold weather.

She started blushing, I inched closer to her every second… Then first time I holded her hand with a feeling and she understood and came close to me touching my body. Then as expected we hugged each other and with time our hug got tighter and tighter. I could feel her breast on my lower chest and the feel of round boobs was making me mad.

I kissed on her neck and slowly moved towards her cheek. This was going as expected and we both were feeling each other. Then I made a move and tried to reach her lips, she stopped me without saying anything. I understood she was not ready for it yet. I too dint force. We spent some more time hugging and sitting together. By this time it was late afternoon so we thought of leaving.

We reached parking and picked our bike and started. This time she sat much closer and I could feel her from top to bottom. In fact I could feel little warmth from her crouch area. She even kissed me on my neck area. Her hands were roaming around my body. After riding for 5-10 min I stopped the bike in middle of some ghat section driveway and told her to get down.

I parked my bike in one corner and asked her if we can walk down a little bit for a while. She accepted. We started to walk away from driveway and it was more of a trekking. I found a place which was again secluded and I stopped and pulled her close to me. This time I directly kissed her and she did not stop me either. We kissed for few min and by then we lied down on grass.

We were smooching like hell and caressing each other all over the body. Slowly I moved my hand on her breast and felt the smooth round boobs. I started pressing them slowly and she too started moaning. I reached to top button of shirt and opened it and stated to move my hand near her neck and slowly move my hand down and down until I reached her boobs.

The feel of touching the boobs was heaven. Since she was wearing a tight bra I could not reach her nipples but whatever I could touch it was awesome and that made me go high on my boner. We did not want to take risk so we left the place after 15-20 minutes. But by now we were clear in our mind what we wanted from each other without saying anything.

While going back on the way it started to rain heavily and we stopped in a bus stop. We waited and waited. By now it was dark also. After about 30 minutes of waiting we found ourself alone in the busstop. Since, we were still little away from highway and it was evening in a rain we did not find anyone around us. We did not miss the opportunity and started to kiss again.

Since, this was in standing position I reached out to her ass… I felt her ass while she was hugging me tight. I made a move and slipped my hand in her jeans to feel the naked ass. She got shivered and probably had goosebumps too. We enjoyed in that moment for few minutes kissing each other and feeling the body.

Since, rain didn’t stop we decided to move in rain as it was getting late to reach home. On the way back we got drenched properly and She had a chance to feel my chest and stomach without talking much. We reached her place I dropped her outside her house and left.

In the night she again pinged me saying Thank you for a wonderful day which she will never forget. I replied this is just starting and asked to meet again. She said over weekend we can meet. Now, I did not wanted to miss this opportunity and to utilize it full I arranged a house of a friend. And as decided I picked her up and bought her to my friends place.

We sneaked into the house quietly around 3pm. This is the time when most of the people will be inside the house resting after lunch. We got in and locked the door. Moment we reached bedroom I started to kiss her from back feeling her waistline and navel. She got high too and this time she got more aggressive and took off my tshirt.

She started to kiss my chest and sucked my nipples…Oh my god…what a feel it was. I felt tremors in my pant. Then I took of her shirt as well. Now we lied down on bed and were kissing each other non-stop. Slowly I reached to her jeans button and opened the button to loosen the grip. Now I slided my hand inside her jeans and felt the pussy over her panty.

Panty was already hot and wet. Then I slipped my hand inside her panty and she moaned loud. I could feel the neatly shaved pussy which was licking out juices. Then I moved up and reached to her Bra hook and I made her free from her bra. The view was amazing with just a locket on her chest. She had perfect round boobs and 34 size which is perfect. Not too big and not too small.

I started pressing them one by one and played with her nipples. I started to hold the nipples and pinched them soft. This made her go mad and she started to moan loudly. She arched her self upward making a position for me to suck them. Without wasting anytime I was sucking her boobs and biting her nipples only from my lips.

(I like to hold nipples from my lips and pull them and chew them without touching them from my teeth’s). This made her even more aggressive and she herself took out her jeans and my jeans too. There she was lying in from of me in just a panty. She was looking sexy and beautiful. She reached out to my jockey and pulled it down and started to play with my tool ( 6”).

I gave her a look asking for her to go down. She obliged and went down and took my tool in her mouth. She was not perfect in blowjob but her tongue was enough for me to get a hard boner. She spent few minutes down while I was playing with her boobs and her navel.

After a while I took the position and started to rub my tool on her pussy, she started craving for it and I could feel the liquid flowing out. Without wasting much time I inserted my tool inside her wet pussy. I had not felt this much wetness till date and the feel was just out of the world. I did not give much stoke initially as we both wanted to feel each other inside.

I could feel her depthness and she probably was in cloud nine feeling me inside her. Then after spending some time I slowly started to move and made some light stroke. She could not resist moaning and made the room loud. Then I increased the pace. This was going amazing.

Then after stroking her for some time I stopped and started to move in and out of her slowly, teasing her pussy more and increasing the want in her. I could see in her eyes that she was enjoying my naughtiness of teasing her pussy. I did that for few minutes and then again increased the pace of stroke.

The feel of braking her pussy walls was quite evident on my face and she enjoyed it too… we started to kiss each other again and again and our tongue, chest-breast and dick-pussy all met each other same time. Making the perfect position. Then I got up and made her sit on my laps and again stated stroking her in sitting position.

Since, we were sitting strokes were not too fast which again made her go mad. I could feel the pussy tearing more and more to make space for me to enter from every angle. Then we changed position and she came on top of me and started to jump. this was again a feel and sound of chap-chap jumping was so audible. She was jumping on me and I was playing with her boobs.

Finally I was about to cum hence I pulled out and made her lie down and came in full throttle on her stomach. Hufff…we both were tired and slept for few minutes before we left from the house in dark. Later we had few more encounters in her house and on a holiday before we part our ways. We are now good friends and settled in life separately in different countries.

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Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - III

Previously: Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - II

I pulled her up, lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed. I removed her bra and felt her soft boobs. I started licking her nipples one by one and she again started to moan. I would softly take her nipple in my mouth and suck it like a baby. Pull it softly and occasionally would take the entire boob in my mouth and suck it hard and she would moan and say "sss aah..".

I loved that sound, that would make so horny. I would suck one nipple and play with the other with my hand. I could feel that she was again getting aroused. I sucked her boobs for good 10-15 mins till they became red. She definitely had much better boobs than my wife. They were of appt size and still firm and nipples were soft and silky.

In between she would roll over me and would bring her boob towards my mouth. Would not allow me to touch it with my hand and only suck it. She is would pull it out of my mouth and tease me, I would try to suck it but she would jiggle it away from my mouth and make me to do extra effort to suck it.

All this while my hand was over her ass in her panty and I would push my finger between her things touching her pussy which was already very wet. I slowly lowered her panty and started massaging her pussy while still playing with her boobs with my mouth. She too was enjoying the game.

I pushed her and came over her and after sucking her boobs for some more time I started moving down to her tummy and after licking her tummy for sometime I reached her pussy again and this time it was without any panty. She had a clean hairless pussy and appeared have been shaved or waxed a few days back. It was all drenched in her juices and glittering.

I planted a nice warm kiss over it and parted her legs to have a better view of it, she too obliged by folding her knees and spreading her legs giving me a clear access to her pussy. I ran my tongue over it and inserted it in her hole a little and she moaned. I parted her pussy lips with my hand and again inserted by tongue in it and then licked.

She again gave a loud sensual "ooooohhhh". My wife had never allowed me to do it like this, she doesn't like it slow. Like whenever I have been able to convince her to allow me to suck her she just wants me make her cum quickly. So I was fulfilling all my fantasies with Megha.

I again dug my head in her pussy and started licking and sucking it and was slurping it and she was making all kinds of moans "aaah.. ooohhh.. fuck.. it feels so good ashu... you are too good man... I have never felt like this... ".

I kept doing it slowly and gradually increased my speed. Megha tightened her grip over my head and pushed it to her pussy and with a loud moan she again reached her climax.. I kept sucking her till her body became normal again and she pulled up and we smooched again.

I was now ready to enter her. I was lying over her and were kissing and she caught my dick and guided it to her pussy. My dick just slipped inside as she was totally lubricated by that time but still I could feel some tightness inside her pussy and as I entered her, she released a loud moan "ooooohhhhh".

I was slowly fucking her while smooching and kissing her over neck and boob and occasionally I would lick behind her earlobe and it was very arousing for her. She said her husband has never done that with her and she herself did not know that it is so much pleasurable. We were not having sex, we were making love.

I the last three years of my marriage I had never enjoyed sex so much like I did with her that day. Not even on our honeymoon we made such love. I increased my speed and started ramming her and she started making loud moans "aaah... ooohh.. fuck me ashu.. fuck me hard.. I am all yours.. I your slut... ". I continued to bang her at that speed and we both came at the same time.

I discharged all my load inside her and was just laid over her. She hugged me and kissed my forehead and softly said thanks for making love to me. I looked at her, smiled and gave a peck on her lips. I slid to her side, and she hugged me and we both fell asleep.

I had a conference lined up at 11 next morning and she too had a meeting at 12. I woke up at around 6 to pee and saw her lying naked next to me. She was looking like a angel, so beautiful and sexy. I kissed her and went to the washroom but since I was tired so decided to sleep for some more time. I set the alarm for 9 in my phone and went back to sleep.

My sleep got interrupted when I felt very aroused in my dream and when I open by eyes I saw Megha giving me a blowjob. As I open my eyes she smiled and said good morning baby and again started sucking me. I had never been woken up like this before as I was feeling as if I am still dreaming. She was pro in sucking I tell you.

After sucking me for sometime, before I could cum, she came over me and we started smooching. I was still lying in the bed and she was the one who was taking lead this time. After kissing for some time, she brought her right boob close to my mouth and held it with her hand and offered me to suck it. I obliged and sucked it gently and slowly.

After some time she offered me her left boob and I obeyed her command. She was in absolute command and I allowed her to play it her way. She did not allowed me to touch her boobs just suck them with my mouth. I would jiggle them to tease me and cover them with her hands. She then brought her pussy over my face and placed it over my lips.

I was sucking her and she was moaning like anything. She was rubbing it over my lips and I was playing it with my tongue. She increased her speed and after sometime she came. She then sat over my erect dick and took it inside her pussy and started fucking me. She told me to let her know when I was about to come.

I cupped her boobs and started squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She increased her speed and we both were about to reach our climax and I told her that I am about cum. She stopped and asked me to fuck her in missionary style as it was better for getting pregnant. I came on top of her and started fucking her and came inside her.

We kept lying for some time and it was already 9:30 by that time. We got up and got ready for our respective engagements. I had to return back to chandigarh that evening only but Megha was flying back next morning, so I checked out of my hotel and she took my luggage to her hotel which was also nearby.

We both free around 2:30 and my train was at around 5:30, so we could manage another quick round in before I left for the railway station. I told her to keep me updated and asked her to find someone in Mumbai as well but she refused and told me that she'll wait for the result first and in case it doesn't happen then she might think about having sex with someone else.

She told that although she enjoyed sex with her husband and never felt the need for another man but the last one day with me was memorable. Well thats all folks as far as the present story is concerned. After a month or so I received a message from her "I have got my present Ashu, thank you very much".

She was pregnant with my child and last year September, 2016, she delivered a baby girl. The best part was that she did not forget her promise that I'll get as many blowjobs as I want if she gets pregnant and she did fulfill her promise when she came to Chandigarh to deliver her child but thats a different story and I would write about it late.

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Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - II

Previously: Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - I

After lots of discussion I agreed to the proposal but I told her that I am feeling very uncomfortable with the idea as I never had sex with anybody else except my wife and I was virgin at the time of my marriage and was never in a relationship. she said she'll make me comfortable and that I should think that she is my wife and we are out one honeymoon.

She said nobody knows here that you are not my husband and that we should start behaving like husband and wife here itself and by the time we'll reach the hotel room we would have become comfortable with each other. The idea sounded logical to me but to get confidence I ordered more drinks.

After some time she dragged me to the dance floor and it worked well and within 15-20 mins or so all my inhibitions were gone and we were dancing like a couple. I pulled her towards me and gave a peck on her lips, she smiled at me a gave me a sweet 2 mins kiss on the lips. We had danced for half an hour or so when she whispered in years "shall we go to the hotel?" and I said "lets go".

We took a cab to my hotel in CP and during the ride she kept her head on my chest and hugged me tight. As soon as we entered the hotel room, we removed our jackets and hugged each other and began smooching very passionately. I was excited and the element of fear was overtaken by sexual desires. We were totally into each other totally enjoying the moment.

I was feeling her all over and so was she. She was wearing a tight fit denim and I could feel her ass completely. While pressing her ass hard I would press my hand deep between here thighs and she would moan softly. I kissed her face and sucked her earlobes and she was totally enjoying it.

I would insert my hand in her top and would caress here back and she too would the same to me. I started feeling her boobs from over her top and she started moaning. I inserted my hand in her top and started feeling them over her bra. They were soft and firm. I pulled the bra over right boob and started pressing her nipples softly and she started feeling my dick over my denims.

I pushed her against the wall and removed her top, she was wearing a black and red bra. The boob cup was black with a red strip on the top and she was looking gorgeous in that. She had very fair complexion, short hair upto shoulders and with this combination of black and red bra she was looking nothing less than a lingerie model.

She had a flat tummy and her boob size must be 34. I was totally mesmerized by her beauty. She came closed to me and removed by top and we started kissing again. I kissed on her shoulders and neck and ran my tongue all over her neck and behind her earlobes.

She was standing with her back pushed against the wall. I kissed her neck and started going downwards and kissed her cleavage and upper part of boobs. I pressed her boobs with both my hands and kissed them and kept squeezing them. She was continuously moaning all the time. I kissed her tummy and inserted my tongue in her navel and sucked it hard.

I unbuttoned her denim and slowly pulled it down while continuing to kiss her lower belly. She was wearing a black panty and I could clearly see the wet spot over her pussy. I was on my knees and she was standing before me only in her bra and panty. I took good look at her sexy body. She was perfect. Nice soft but firm round boobs, flat tummy and milky white thighs.

It was a dream come true situation for me. I planted a kiss on her panty just over her pussy and she shuddered and moaned. I could smell her sweet pussy juices and that was driving me crazy. I started licking her panty over her pussy and was thoroughly enjoying it. She too started moaning loudly and pressed my face against her body.

In between I kissed, licked and sucked her beautiful thighs also. She raised her left leg and put it over my shoulder to give me better access to her pussy. I put my left hand over here boob and my right hand was on her ass and I kept sucking her.

She started to moan louder and her body was moving in a rhythmic manner as she started pushing her pussy on my face and with her hands behind my head, she would press my hand hard on her pussy. She reached her climax and came and I could feel that it was a long orgasm. She pulled my face up and gave a long kiss on my lips.

I could see the glow of satisfaction on her face. Now it was her turn to please me and she herself took the lead. She kissed on my chest, sucked my nipples and unbuttoned my denim. She pulled it down and started kissing my underwear over my dick. She sucked from the point where she could feel the tip of my underwear. She would look up at me and suck it at the same time.

Then she pulled my under wear down and kissed the tip of my dick. She kissed it all over and started sucking my balls. Then she put my dick in her mouth and gently started to suck it. It was heavenly. I still get a hard on just by thinking about it. The way she was doing it was amazing, she knew how to please man.

I had never experienced such a pleasure before because my wife never did it like this. Megha was doing it like a pro and seemed to be enjoying it too. She was doing it slowly but was sucking it hard and then would keep the tip of my dick in her mouth and suck it 2-3 times like a lollypop. Actually I am falling short of words to describe it.

She continued for a while till I told her that I am about to cum and she stopped and said "I don't want to waste those precious sperms of yours, I want them inside me". I said "I want you to make me cum sweety, I want you to suck me dry".

She "no not this time baby. I need all of it inside me. Make me pregnant and i'll do whatever u want. I'll give you as many blowjobs as you want. Now come fuck me hard, I so want it inside me". Me "patience baby patience. You'll get what you want but let me first enjoy that hot body of yours".

To Be Continued...

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Ashutosh Helping Megha Get Friend - I

Hi, my name is Ashutosh (name changed). I am married for 4 years and have a 1 years old son. I reside in chandigarh with my family (wife and son). My married life is ok, I mean although we have sex regularly but my wife doesn't like to experiment too much and is not a very big fan of oral sex, which I really enjoy.

So, I get a blowjob once in while like on special occasions, b'days, anniversary or other special occasion or when she gets drunk and most of the times she doesn't allow me to suck her. My wife is short tempered which results in frequent fights but we have survived till now.

If I have to describe myself, I am an average looking guy, 6 feet tall and my sex drive is immense. I feel horny all the time and despite being married I masturbate regularly, firstly because I can't keep asking my wife for sex all the time and secondly, usually after fights me and wife keep distance from each other for days.

I did not have any girlfriends before marriage, so I lost my virginity to my wife only and though the relationship is troubled but I still did not have any extra marital sex before the incident which I am narrating in the story.

Well coming to the story, which happened in December, 2015. I keep travelling to Delhi regularly for my professional engagements and while I was on one such travel during mid December when I bumped into an old friend named Megha (name changed). She was my close friend's girl friend at one time but broke up as his parents were not agreeable to the marriage.

She also belongs to Chandigarh but got married in Mumbai. We are facebook friends but not much in touch with each and were surprised to see each other in Delhi. After having a brief chat we decided to meet over dinner.

I used to find her very sexy but nothing more than that and had no ill intentions towards her so it was just a casual catching up with an old friend but I couldn't help but notice that she still hadn't put on much weight after marriage but only on right spots and looked sexier.

We met at a posh club in Saket and the session started with drinks. As we were meeting after a very long time we chatted our hearts out and discussed everything which happened in the last 3-4 years. I complemented her for keeping herself in shape even after 3 years of marriage as I had gained some weight after my marriage.

We both were 3-4 drinks down and thats when the discussion came about our married lives. I told her about my son who was just 2 months old that time and that how fond I was of him. I told her about my wife and my marriage that I feel frustrated at time with these frequent quarrels and I am unable to concentrate on my work etc. I got emotional and told her everything about my life.

Hearing that, she too shared her story that she and her husband were trying for last more than 1 year to have a child but have failed. She told me that though her husband is otherwise sexually healthy with decent sexual drive but there was some problem with her sperm composition due to which she is unable to conceive.

They had visited many doctors and were advised to use medication which will gradually cure him but the process would take about an year or so. She told me that her husband is not aware of the exact problem and that its because of him they don't have any a child and therefore, she pretends to keep trying for it.

So, they have sex regularly and her husband hopes that she gets pregnant but she knew that nothing is going to happen before the first course of the medicine is complete i.e. before 1 years. I tried to console her that its alright and that its just a matter of 1 year and after that they'll be able to have a child but she was upset and told me that this is all very emotionally taxing

and that she is already 31 and after one year she'll be 32 and with every passing year pregnancy becomes more risky both for the child and the mother. After sometime, she started crying and as I too was very emotional at that time, I asked her "may I suggest you something if u don't mind". She said 'yeah sure".

I told her that she can try having sex with some close friend of hers and can have his child, if she so desperate and after one year if her husband recovers, plan your 2nd child with him. Initially she was taken aback by the suggestion and said what are you saying ashu, this is not right and too risky.

I suggested that she would have lots of male friends in Mumbai and she would be able to easily find a married guy who would be ready to help her. A married person would not share her secret with anybody. The idea put her to thinking and at that time I was genuinely advising her without any hidden motive.

She discussed a few names with me but I of course was not aware about any of them so could not help her much and after some more brain storming she looked me into eyes and asked "Wait a minute, I won't be able to find a better guy than you Ashu". Now, it was my turn to get shocked and I immediately said no, I won't be able to do that.

Whatever may be my equation with my wife but I can't cheat her, I never did. She said "You are not cheating her, you are only helping your friend and if you feel that your wife would understand then you can tell her as well". I told her that my wife will divorce me if she comes to know that I did anything like this.

I tried to reason out with her that she should find someone in Mumbai as she might not be able to conceive the first time and she might have to try again. She said "if I find someone appt in Mumbai i'll try again but since I am with you I would definitely want to give it a try with you.

You are very nice person Ashu, you are intelligent, soft hearted and I would love to have your genes in my child. I can't simply have a child with anybody.". She was very serious about what she was saying and was in no mood to back down and told me that I was the one who suggested her this idea and now I am backing out myself and how do I expect anybody else to accept the same.

To Be Continued...

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Shubham Fucking His Bhabhi Saumya

Hi everyone, this shubham from muzaffarpur bihar. ye story hai mere aur meri bhabhi ki jinko maine choda 1 mahine phele. Bhabhi ka name saumya hai (name changed). Bhabhi ki figuers hai 34-30-36 which I came to know later.Jis tym nere bhaiya ki shadi hui thi uss tym mai 8 saal ka tha aur tab se aaj tak bhabhi bilkul nahi badli balki aur sexy ho gayi hai.

Chalo aur late na karte hue sidhe story pe aata hu. Ye baat january ki hai jab bhaiya bhabhi ghar aaye the tab.(ha bhabhi ka ek beta hai jo ki 8 saal ka hai). Jab mai bhabhi ko station lene gaya tab maine unpe jyda dhyan nahi diya kyuki tab mere mann me unke liye galat feelings nahi thi.

Magar ek din bhabhi subah subah naha ke apne bedroom kapde pehen rahi thi but galti se unhone darwaza band nahi kiya aur jaise hi mai andar gaya mai dekh ke hairan ho gaya. Bhabhi ne bra nahi pehen rakha tha aur mera nazar direct unke boobs pe hi gaya aur mai dekhta hi reh gya fr achanak bhabhi ne jor se bola toh mai bahar gaya.Fr maine 3 baar muth maara.

Pure din mai us scene ke baare me hi sochta raha. Fir jab sham ko hum sab ek saath baithe toh mai sharm se bhabhi ke taraf ek baar bhi nahi dekha. Bhabhi ne fir mujhe bola ki shubham din me tumne jab mujhe dekha toh turant wapis q nahi gaye. Toh mai bhabhi ko sorry bolne laga hath jodne laga coz mujhe laga bhabhi mummy ko bol degi.

But bhabhi ne ek smile diya aur boli li koi nahi ye tumhari galti nahi hai. Iss umar me aksar aisa hota hai. Fr bhabhi ne mujhse achanak pucha ki tumhari koi girlfriend hai toh maine bola ki nahi bhabhi meri aisi kismat kahan.

Toh bhabhi boli isme kismat ki kya baat hai. Fr bhabhi ne pucha ki r u virgin. Mai chup raha fr bhabhi boli ki bolo bhi. Toh maine bola nahi bhabhi but mai chahta hu virginity loose karna aur wo bhi kisi aisi ladki ke saath jo bilkul aapki jaisi ho. Toh bhabhi ne meko bola tum aisa sochte ho mere liye aur maine bola nahi bhabhi.

Mujhe laga bhabhi bura maan gayi magar wo muskura bhi rahi thi aur ye mere liye green signal tha. Maine jhat se bola bhabhi I love you. Bhabhi ne bola ki sorry ab nahi kyuki ab mujhpe kewal tumhare bhaiya ka adhikar hai toh mai udas ho gya. Fir bhabhi ne smile kiya aur mai samjh gaya aur maine soch liya aaj toh ise kaise bhi chod ke rahunga.

Fir maine bhabhi se pucha bhabhi ek baat puchu wo boli ha pucho toh maine bola bhabhi aap kab tak virgin thi toh bhabhi ne kuch nahi bola aur 2 min pause ke baad boli ki shadi se phele maine 2 baar sex kiya hai apne bf k saath. Toh maine bola oooo aap bhi pahuchi hui chiz thi. Bhabhi ne ek aur sexy sa smile kiya.

Bhabhi ko maine bola bhabhi koi apke nazar me ho to batao mai bhi virginity loose karna chahta hu. Fir waha badeapa aa gaye toh bhabhi wahan se uth gyi. Next day ghar me koi nahi tha kwl mai bhabhi aur bhabhi ka beta tha. Din ke 2 baj rahe the. Bhabhi tv dekh rahi thi. Mai waha gaya aur bhabhi boli aao baitho maine bola bhabhi koi mili kya toh boli nahi.

Aur suddenly maine pucha bhabhi aap bhaiya se khush toh ho na toh bhabhi sad si ho gayi aur maine bola bhabhi kya hua toh bhabhi boli aur khush rehti toh ek hi baccha hota kya. Maine bhabhi ka haath pakda aur bhabhi ko hug kiya. Kya feeling thi wo foan jaisa booba. Maine bhabhi ko bola bhabhi I wanna fuck you.

Bhabhi boli ye kya bol rahe ho maine bola sorry but yes this is the truth aur fr bhabhi waha se chali gayi. Fr agle 2 din tak bhabhi me mujhse baat nahi kiya. Tisre din maine bhabhi ko bola bhai I m sorry. Mai apko hurt nahi karna chahta tha bhabhi boli its ok.

Mai samjh gaya aur maine bhabhi ko ek jor se hug liya aur neck pe kiss kiya fr kya mano bhabhie jaise 440v ka current daura ho. Bhabhi madhosh hone lagi aur boli chl bedroom me chalte hai yaha koi dekh lega. Hum jaldi se bedroom me gaye aur andar se lock kiye. Andar jaate hi maine smooch karna shuru kar diya aur bhabhi mera poora saath de rahi thi.

Dhire dhire maine bhabhi ki saari kholi aur wo ab kewal peticoat aur blouse me thi maine ek ek kar ke sab utar diya aur kewal panty rehne diya fir bhabhi ne apne boobe cover kar liye dono haath se aur boli ki nahi ye galat hai fir mai kahan sunne wala tha mai unki panty utara aur ungli karna shuru kar diya fir bhabhi madhosh hone lagi aur mera saath dene lagi aur

ek ek kar ke mera bhi saara kapda utar di. Fr humne karib 5 min. Tak smooch kiya fr maine unke choochiya dabai aur doodh piya aaur fr maine unki g spot ko kis kiya aur bhabhi ko ekdum se current laga aur chillane lagi shubham ‘ha aiseeeeee hiiii aur bol rahi thi aaaaajtaaak tumhaaaree bhaaaiya ne aaiiisse kabhi nhi kiya aur mera matha apne choot ki or daba rahi thi

aur achanak akad se si gayi aur fr unhone apni saarialai mere muh pe chor di. Mai bhi poora pee gaya. Aur fir hum 69 position me aa gaye. Aur wo mera lund choosh rahi thi aaha kya feeling thi I was in cloud9 aur mai unka choot chat raha tha unke choot me halke halke se baal the which I like the most…bhabhi ek baar aur jhad gayi aur fr maine poora ras pee liya…

ab bhabhi jor jor se bolne lagi ab daal do saha nahi ja raha mai turant agyakaari chuderi ki tarah unke hukum ka paalan karne apna lund unke choot pe rakha aur ragadne laga…bhabhi madhosh ho rahi thi aur bol rahi thi saale raannnnd…….chod mujhhhheee faaad daaaaal merrrri choooot kooooo’

maine ek jor ka dhakka maaara aur bhabhi jor se chillayi aur maine jhat se unke muh pe apna muh rakha taaki koi sunn na le……aur fir dhaka dhak gaadi chalne lagi bhabhi chilla rahi thi kahaaaa thaaa itneeee diinnnn se aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh daaaaalllllaaaahhhhh aaauurrr teeeeejjjj aaaauuuurrrr teeeeejjjjjj aur fir bhabhi akad gayi aur tisri

baar jhar gayi aur mai bhi jhadnr wala tha maine pucha bhabhi se bhabhi lahan choru bhabhi boli ‘meeerrreee aaaandaaar hiii chhod de’ …..fir mai bhi jhad gaya…Uss din humne 3 baar sex kiya aur fr jbtk bhabhi thi tabtk maine sex kiya…Ye thi meri aur meri bhabhi ki kahani…

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Nav Enjoying Fuck With IT Recruiter Namitha

Hello Human Digest Readers, This is Nav, a good looking software engineer working in an MNC in Bangalore. This is my first sex story in Human Digest so please overlook the mistakes I did commit while narrating my sex story.

The beauty queen of this sex story is an IT Recruiter and we happened to meet because of a job requirement for her client. To tell about her, her name is Namitha with an awesome n lusty body, just by looking at guys will go weak at their knees.

This incident happened to me very recently. I was looking for a job change and fortunately, she came across my profile which matched her client requirement and we both got in contact. I took the Interview and got selected. But on the day of joining, I got an emergency from my cousin and hurried there. That day I forgot my cell phone at home.

Namitha tried calling me and sending email but I could not reply so she sent me a message on WhatsApp using her personal number. Evening when I reached home saw her message and that is when my sexy princess’ Photo. In her DP she was wearing a pink shirt with black trousers n it was just so awesome. I called her immediately and said will join the next day to Office.

Next day when I joined I messaged her in WhatsApp to confirm that I have joined to which she replied ok and all the best. Next day morning I started sending her some well-wishing forwards message to which she used to reply and we started chatting daily. As days passed we started chatting on various topics and shared personal things with each other.

Now I got to know that she is from Andra and stays with her friends. 1 day I deliberately sent her a nonveg message and was wondering what she would reply. Surprisingly she did not scold me. Just replied as You Naughty. This encouraged me to open the topic of romance and sex with her.

At first, she was shy and was uncomfortable to chat with me on that topic but as kept on sending her nonveg messages she started asking me the meaning of what they meant and I used to explain her with full enthusiasm. With this, we daily started to have sex chat and sometimes we used to share some intimate photos of each other.

Guys, she has a perfect figure and awesome curves. The more we started to have sex chat the more uncontrollable we became and decided to meet. My good fortunate that my birthday was nearing and my family has gone to native (My family contains my elder brother, sister in law and their son). So I was living alone at home.

We both decided that we will celebrate my birthday at my home in the eve after Office. I was desperately waiting for the D-day to arrive. I was making all arrangements for our meeting. I had bought red roses. Decorated the bedroom with petals and balloons. Had bought candles. And wine. It was her request to bring wine as she wanted to taste it.

On the day of my birthday, I did all arrangements and was waiting desperately to meet my Lady love. In Eve when I went to receive her I was shell shocked. She was wearing a red tight top which was exposing her boobs so nicely and the deep neck of the top was showing the cleavage perfectly. The moment she got on the bike I raced it as I was unable to control myself.

On our way to home, we were discussing on what we will be doing in evening and decided that we play a game. On reaching home I took her hand and welcomed her within, the way a guy asks the girl for a dance. I showed her the home and she was like impressed the way I had maintained being alone.

Then we hugged each other and I thanked her for coming to home to which she replied it was her pleasure. We had some soft drinks that I had bought earlier sat down to play the game. We were playing carrom and the rule said that if I put a coin than I can order her to do anything and she has to do it and vice versa.

She knew my lusty intentions and winked at me when I said the rules. We started playing the game she put the first coin and asked me to do 20 push ups. Which I did. Next, when I put the coin I asked her to play her move sitting on a lap. Guys the moment she sat on my lap a 250v current passed from my body.

Her soft and fleshy thighs touched mine and I immediately hugged her from the back. We were in this position for a whole 2 minutes. While hugging I was cupping her breasts on top of her dress to which she let out a small moan as aaahhh. This encouraged me and I lifted her in my arms and took her inside the bedroom.

The moment we entered bedroom she was surprised to see the arrangement made by me and immediately asked if this was the arrangement for a first night. I made her sit on the edge of the bed and I sat on the ground and was lying my head on her lap. She was caressing my hairs so nicely. Guys it was the best feeling of my life.

Slowly I raised my head and kissed on her forehead then I kissed on her 2 soft cheeks. Then planted a kiss on her nose, then I tasted her juicy lips. That moment when our lips touched each other’s it was so awesome. We slowly started to kiss then it turned into smooch and later started exploring each of our tounges. It was so awesome. We were exchanging our saliva.

We kept on kissing each other continuously for 10min. Neither of us was ready to loose the lock. While kissing I slowly started playing with her boobs. The milk factories (the name I gave to her boobs) were totally aroused and the nipples were erect. I slowly was lifting her top and was making circles on her belly button. This was arousing her even more.

The moment we released our lip lock she took my head and placed on her milk factories. I started kissing 1 boob and cupping other. Slowly I removed her top and my God it was such a scene for me. She was wearing a purple colored bra and the boobs were nicely placed inside them. I started licking the bare skin at the cleavage and also unbutton her bra.

I made her sleep on the bed and pounced on her sexy milk factories like a hungry dog. I was kissing them biting the nipples. While I was doing she removed my shirt we both were half naked. When I started to move towards her love hole she said let’s do 69 and we will undress each other. I agreed and immediately we got into 69.

I started kissing her on top of her jeans and she imitated me. I slowly unbuttoned her jeans, she did the same to me. I started pulling her jeans down and she was doing the same thing what I was doing. By this time 6.5-inch rod was rock hard and was ready to tear out my underwear. I started pulling her panty using my teeth I could see her love hole has already poured out some juicy.

I pulled down her panty and she did the same to me. Now we both were completely naked and were breathing heavily. I started smelling her love hole. It was such beautiful smell. Now she was holding my dick and started playing with it. She was cuddling my balls and god it was such an awesome feeling.

I started to lick her cleanly shaved cunt and in turn, she was kissing my dick. Guys, it was a perfect 69 position that we were in. Now I started to bite the lips and she was moaning heavily. She became restless and started to take my dick completely inside. She is soo good in blow job. I was in heaven. This encouraged me to explore the pink love hole even more.

We continued doing this for 20min and both had our first orgasm together. We drank each of our juices and came back to normal position and we were sleeping for some time hugging each other. After 5min she started to go down and once started to give me a blowjob. The moment her lips touched my dick it became erect again and she kissed it for some time.

Now she was unable to control and asked me to fuck her. I slowly kept my dick on her chut and was teasing her. She was unable to control and was pleading me to fuck her. I started to insert slowly. As she was wet completely my dick was going in smoothly. I was slowly inserting and removing my dick and god the heat which was there in her chut was awesome.

After some time I started to increase the pace. She was on cloud nine was moaning heavily. She was scratching my back with her nails. She was telling my sexy boy please fuck me. Fuck me more. Tear of my chut. I was enjoying the scene and increased the pace. In the middle, she started shivering and had her second orgasm. I was still strong and was pounding her heavily.

After a nice fuck of 15min I let out my load inside her chut and we both slept hugging each other. In the middle of nit don’t know who started but we had another nice session and enjoyed a lot. Now, whenever we get some time we make out the best of it.

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Akay Sexually Healing Neighbourhood Lady Savita

Hey, Human Digest story readers, this is Akay from Pune, about myself – I’m a 21year old engineering student with wild desires to satisfy women of all age, I am 5’11 with a muscular physique and a monstrous little friend of 7inches, I took me some courage to approach this woman whom I healed sexually.

Let me first describe the hotness of the sex story, her name I shouldn’t disclose, she was a 24-year-old, height 5’6 with a slim yet bulky figure, by bulky I mean the extra curves of her assets. She didn’t weigh much as I recall picking her up to bed that night. However, we should call her Savita, as we already dream about our very famous beloved Savita bhabhi.

She lived in a society opposite to mine, as I lived on the 6th floor I could monitor the movements in the building. Savita was a housewife who was recently married to a lawyer. They didn’t have a child. She would spend time doing housework, I laid my eyes on her on a Monday afternoon when she had left home to buy some stuff, she had a figure of a goddess, she always whores a dark sari.

I couldn’t stop looking, one fine day I happened to go to the same grocery shop as Savita, after gathering lots of courage, finding her struggle with the grocery I offered to help. She said “I would have dropped the bags and made a mess” I responded by saying “Not today, not when I’m watching”, my naughty smile went right to her brain, I acted as if I didn’t know she was married.

I took the bags and showing off my veins on the arm I offered to help her walk till the lift, she agreed. I asked her about her education, life, family etc. Her response on the family part was a little sadistic, she said she was married for 3 years to Prakash, who often played cricket on Sundays in the hood.

I said I knew Prakash, and he had never said he was married, and his behavior was weird. I said, “Prakash plays like a little baby, he needs to lift some weights” saying this she started to laugh and understood that she had married a jerk. She didn’t approve of the marriage as it was fixed by their parents.

She said “Maybe you should train Prakash in the gym” to which I said, “I wouldn’t mind training you”. She said she didn’t require to exercise as she was fit. I kept her wanting to talk to me more. I didn’t exchange numbers the first time. One day I ran into her, she stopped me while I was on the bike, she said “Prakash is in Singapore okay…. I need some company” I said,

“Savita I’m in a hurry give me ur number”. I saw her missed call after I reached home, I called back. Me: Hi, what’s up? Savi: Kuch Nahi, was bored in afternoon, let’s go for a walk? Me: no, I have to go to the gym, can I meet you later?” Savi: Okay, come to my building after gym. I could feel Savita being attracted to me.

Meeting her in the evening was electric, she was wearing her push-up bra and some tight female clothing which outlined the goddess figure. I went in for a hug when I saw her, as I had a bath after a workout, I smelt just good. She had made some dinner home and was not feeling like eating alone, she invited me up, the house was well furnished.

She arranged the food as I ate my apple while talking to her. Savita kept looking at my pants. I had a hard on ever since she bent down to put the plates. I stopped her my putting force on her hand. Slowly smelling her hair I got close to her face and kissed her cheeks, I said “You needed this” looking at her not get angry I went to her lips and kept kissing till she responded back.

She said “Akay … This is wrong” I said “Maybe, but a beauty like you and a monkey like Prakash is not right either” she giggled and hugged me tightly, I felt her butt and grabbed it, she knew my intentions, she kept breathing heavily, I thought removing the push up bra would reduce the heavy breathing, but it increased.

She pulled my t-shirt out, our naked bodies meet, I got a wave of ecstasy transferred from her to me, we couldn’t stop kissing, our tongues were long lost fighters, I put my hands on her warm pelvic region, almost simultaneously she did the same to me, she like what she had touched. I could notice her begging for the pleasure I could deliver.

I picked her up, with her legs wide open against my chest, as I licked her nipple, she pointed to the door, I took the action there, with her hands around my back I lay down yourself on the bed, I ripped open her pants to reveal her pussy, it was well shaved, she made an expression which signaled me to lick her navel, I headed to do the pleasure, she said

“Just like that…. Keep licking it,……Don’t stop okay…… I need this” I increased the speed I could feel the pussy licking me back, her pussy was dripping with tasty juices. She was in heaven, her eyes were shut. When she opened them she wanted to suck my penis, I wanted that too, she started to lick my shaft with the tip of her tongue,

she took my penis into her mouth and went up and down. She said, “I want to eat this candy every day”. Her every word made me horny. I knew it was time to fuck her silky pussy, I brought my cock to the summit of her pussy and went wild till she actually squirted her juices on her bed, I lay in the bed with her till she woke up, she kissed me again for an endless time.

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