Horny Next Door Aunty Latha Fucked - I

Latha aunty is my neighbor. She is in her early 30's. She is short and dark skinned. Her melons are well raised and ripened; plump and juicy, but yet still compact. Her bottom has a good symmetry, a beautiful round form, firm and well structured. Her ass rounded not only at the bottom but also at the top which is evident over her nighties.

Overall, she is appealing, with a nice Curvature, a Sleek Body, Beautiful Contours, and a Steamy Silhouette.She came to our neighborhood in early 2000'with her husband and kids. She started to come to our home frequently to attend phone calls from our landline. The phone is on the only table in my home, where I can read and write too.

When she is on the call, I used to find each and every excuse to be there, to get a closer look, to bump accidentally. Her husband travels a lot and calls her from out stations (at company's cost - I guess); she never misses the chance to talk to him, and I too never missed a chance to be around her.

One day when her husband called I went to inform her, but she took some time to answer the door. When I was about to leave, she answered the door, just peeping her head out of the door. Though I told her about the call, my eyes were glued to her half drenched petticoat which she was holding with one hand.

She told me to go and tell him that she is coming and hold on for a minute. But I was awestruck at her and stood there. She got me into my senses by saying "Go... I'm coming her in a minute". I walked back in cloud nine, dreaming about her as if she is coming just for me. I informed her husband and moved my chair a bit closer to the wall.

She came in the same semi drenched petticoat and a long tee shirt. It was evident she came half way from her bath, which she confirmed in the call. I started to imagine how she would be bathing. In a while, I felt a wet soggy touch on my hand. She turned away from me and rested her behind on the chair's armrest.

As she didn't notice, she was resting on my hand; I also didn't mind feeling her behind. I gazed her curvature over the tee shirt. Few wet patches sticking the tee to her skin, her shape was much visible. I didn't get to see any glimpse of dusky skin, but the contours were enough. When she was about to finish the call she moved from my arm and turned towards me.

White tee shirt did an honest job to reveal she was not wearing any undergarments. Before I could explore anything further, she finished her call. She saw me studying and asked can I spare free time to teach her kids as she was not much educated and her husband doesn't stay home much. I was delighted and said definitely, I'll let mom know and come someday.

Within a week I was sitting in her living room and teaching her kid algebra. I used to enjoy each and every move she makes, every step she walks.I used to die for a glimpse of her cleavage she sweeps the floor.When she bends down to pick vegetables from the refrigerator I used to get a hard on admiring her sexy ass.

When her son was practicing math problems, I can go to the kitchen and open up with her. She has caught me staring at her melons and ass many times, but never reacted to it. I took the opportunity to express how beautiful she is. She blushed a tiny bit and took control and asked about girls in my school. I rushed out to say they are not subtle and sexy as she is.

One evening she called me to check her light bulb in her kitchen, it was loose contact in the open wiring. Enjoying the good view of her massive cleavage from the top, I took all the time on earth to fix the light. She saw me eyeing at her and cover herself with the pallu. I smiled at her and she returned it with an embarrassment.

As the days on without any amusement, I pulled the light wire when she is not noticing. She called me again to fix it, but this time not much of luck. Next day her son spill some milk. She came with a wet cloth to clean it. As she bent forward, her nightie dropped and gave a nice view of her bosom. I was staring at her continuously and she caught me red-handed a few times.

Then I started to drop something or the other to make her clean, or go to the kitchen when she is cooking and brush her back while having water. One day she saw me dropping some ketchup on the floor. When I thought she will get angry, she smiled and came back with a cloth to clean it. She bent down more than necessary and kept on looking at me.

She began to tease me, with heavy breathing and cleaning deliberately slow and adjusting her nightie intentionally. From then on, she was caring less about her dress and put up some show every now and then. Then on when she came to my home for phone calls, she used to rest her behind much closer to me.

From accidental touches, I gathered the courage to caress her bottom. Whenever I try to grope or squeeze, she will move away and behave as if nothing happened, but won't let me grab her. One day while teaching her kids, there was a flowers vendor on the street. I asked her does she wants some? As I went into the kitchen she was mixing dosa batter with her hands.

She asked for a 100gms of Jasmin flower (which was common in South India). She looked around for money and couldn't find any on top of the refrigerator. She said she'll wash her hands and come. I was generous to say "It's OK aunty, I can fetch it for you, where is it?" She gave a naughty look and eyed at her bosom.

I was blushing like anything and asked: "If you don't mind....???" She smiled with doubt and opened her arms for me to reach. I pulled her pallu to one side and slide two fingers into her blouse to reach for the money. I couldn't get any. Assuming it might be down below, I dug deep. Reaching her nipple, and from her smile, I found out money was not there.

Without pulling out my hands I said: "Couldn't find any". She was teasing with her looks and said: "It's on the other side". As I moved the pallu a bit from the other side, a 10 Rupee note was well visible, just barely tucked in. I smiled with guilt and took the money and went out to buy the flowers. I came back with the flower and change.

Kept the flower in the fridge and watched her sitting her with her pallu fallen and open cleavage. I watched her with lust and asked where to keep the change. She said, "Don't you know?" I jumped and went close to slide the coin into her blouse again. She moved her elbow to block me and "Dei, keep it on top of the fridge" I did so and eyes are back at her cleavage.

She said: "Come on, fix my pallu, I got work to finish". I wanted to say "Carry on as you are, It's pleasing to watch you like this". But without a word, I pulled her pallu over her shoulder and bushed her melons once and went back.

I was dreaming about the incident every day and every night. Almost after a week, I couldn't control my urge anymore. I went and hugged her from behind. She pushed me away and slapped me. Then she threatened me about telling my mom. I apologized till she assured me she won't tell my mom.

Then she asked, "Why I did so?" I said I couldn't forget what happened last week. Her face went a bit sad, knowing she gave that space to play around. Then she said, "It's natural to think about these at this age" and went on and on about being a good guy and wait for a rightful wife.

After a few minutes of silence, I asked her then why she let me do so? She said, she thought I was a kid and what harm might come. Then I asked what happened today, I am still a kid, right? With hesitance, she said when I hugged my hard dick was poking her butt, which made her realize I am not a kid anymore.

Assuming I was a pro already in my teens, I played dumb and asked "So what? what harm will that do?" She said: "It means I am not a kid anymore and I am a big guy". When I said I didn't understand she said, "You grew up physically so that you can be a dad, but mentally you can't understand what is that mean".

Though I pressed How? what are you telling? she managed she will explain some other day and sent me back home. Next time when she was alone, I started asking what she meant that day. She bounced away from my questions. Then I held her hand and asked again with a 'please, friends make fun of me saying I'm a little boy, I want to know what is what'.

Then she asked how long I m getting hard. I said past few months. She asked what happens then. I said after sometimes it goes off by itself. Then she explained with unease about some liquid will come out of it which can make a woman pregnant. When I pressed further for a how, she explained about a hole which a girl will have, where If I enter my dick and it will happen.

I said, "But I never got any liquid". She was clever enough to stop me, it'll come automatically when I do that after marriage, It will not come now. After that, I used to bring all sorts of nasty questions from our boys' gang and she'll turn up with a smart answer to keep me in check. Though we went up in the conversation, her dress never went off guard.

To Be Continued...

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Abhi And Naina Fucking In Heat - II

Previously: Abhi And Naina Fucking In Heat - I

My in laws never liked me because I am a sardarni. To make things worse, we couldn't have a child inspite of trying so hard. I have undergone various tests and visited doctors and they all say that I am normal. I try so hard to make my in laws and my husband happy but nothing ever matters. The reason I was in tears the other day was because he abused me on the phone because I went to a friends birthday party and returned home late.

Ever since I came to mumbai, he has changed. I told him about my friends here including you and how well you have supported me and been there for me. That day he accused me of cheating, called me a whore and has said such horrible things. I have been so lonely. I am scared to go back to bangalore.

Tell me Abhi, where did I go wrong? mujhse kya galti ho gayi? She covered her face with her napkin trying to hide a tear. I turned to her, took her face in my hands and said: Your only mistake is that you are perfect. You are so kind and caring and selfless that you are not even blaming and complaining about your husband and in laws. You dont deserve this.

You are beautiful and you deserve better treatment. She wiped her tears and said: tumhe avoid karne ke liye sorry. Tumhare saath rehkar mera akelapan door ho jata hai. Tum mere saare problems bhula dete ho. Thank you. She looked so beautiful with the moonlight falling on her pretty and innocent face her long dark hair shining in the moonlight.

This girl could make me hard without trying. After listening to her I felt mixture of sadness,respect and guilt for thinking of fucking her. I took her hand in mine and kissed it while saying that I will always be there for you. She said that she wanted to go home now. I guess she too felt the growing sexual tension between us.

Anyway, we were both weren't drunk but we were a little tipsy so I told her that I will walk her to her flat as I dont want her to pass out and sleep on the floor somewhere. She laughed and accepted my offer. On our way to her flat we didn't speak a word. I wished that I had someone like her in my life and that I wished she had met me before she met rohan, her husband.

I wished that she had chosen me, In my tipsy state, I started imagining how we would travel the world together if she had been my girlfriend, how we would laugh together on silly things, how we would make fond memories, how we would love each other, how I would fuck her, how badly I wanted her to suck my cock while looking into my eyes,

how badly I wanted to squeeze that perfect toned ass, how badly I wanted those nipples in my mouth and how badly I wanted her to be mine. These thoughts made my cock rock hard and strong instantly. All I wanted was one indication that she likes me. Some signal that maybe, just maybe she wants me.

I was sexually charged and as the lift stopped, she stepped out first and I saw that ass swaying, I followed her. Upon reaching her apartment she opened the door, turned towards me looking into my eyes and said : Goodnight Abhi and thanks. She paused, thinking about something for a long time, as if deciding wether or not to say what was on her mind.

After a long pause, with a sad look on her face she finally said, Abhi I wish we had met years ago, when I was single and life was different. That was enough for me, I just snapped and I pushed her in the apartment and closed the door. She asked me what I'm doing and what is this but I wasn't going to listen.

I pinned her on the wall crushing her body with mine smelling her sexy scent on the neck and chest. My aggressive behavior surprised her. She tried to push me and asked me to stop but I was totally consumed with passion. She kept saying thats its wrong that its bad and she's married, but I was going to make her mine.

I squeezed her body with mine to stop her movements. I began kissing all over her face cheeks and neck. As I licked and sucked her earlobe I heard her moan softly. She tried to push me with her knees but I crushed her body with mine and rubbed my hard cock on her body.

She continued struggling but she closed her eyes. I held both her wrists with my left hand and I squeezed her sexy ass with my right. By now we were both hot and sweating. I paused to look at her. With her hair slightly on her face and sweat on her chest, she looked like a sexdoll. I wanted to kiss those juicy lips but she kept looking away from me.

I began making circles on her neck with my tongue, making it wet with saliva and when her neck was wet, I blew cool air on her skin. She puffed with pleasure and looked at me for a split second. Thats when I put my lips on hers and began kissing her very gently. My kisses were soft, passionate, caring and loving.

She wasn't expecting gentle kisses and slowly her resistance decreased. She was still struggling though very mildly and she kept her mouth closed. With my right hand I undid the knot of her salwar and it fell till her knees showing her sexy black panty. The touch of her soft milky skin was magical. I squeezed her thighs and pinched her lovely ass.

To stop the salwar from falling further down, she spread her knees. She didn't realize that it would give me direct access to her juicy pussy. In a flash my right hand was in the black panty. I felt a soft and clean shaven cunt. She had shaved her cunt, Why? for whom? Her husband was miles away…I wanted to tease her, toy with her, hence I didn't touch her clit or the walls of her cunt,

but I made circles with my finger touching her pussy lips and the skin around the clit.She became restless and started moving her hips back and forth as if wanting her clit to touch my fingers. I quickly removed her panty while she was lost in pleasure. I felt her resistance was completely eroded and she started puffing and moaning.

With my left hand I undid her kameez and kissed her exposed shoulder and chest. My cock had a raging hard on looking at my sexy Naina standing in her black bra enjoying what I was doing to her. I took off her sexy black bra and threw it to the floor. I went even mad looking at her boobs. Her breasts were perky and pointing outwards as if inviting me to suck them.

The moment I put my lips on the breats and sucked her nipples, her knees got weak. She almost fell to the floor. I lifted her with both my arms and laid her on the carpet. I saw her pussy juice going down her thighs. I sucked both her breasts and licked her areolas as she moaned and made a “ sssssssss” sound.

I badly wanted to suck her tongue and taste her saliva and I held her face firmly with my left hand and and kissed her deeply and passionately with more force this time. She seemed to like my aggression because this time she parted her lips and put her tongue in my mouth and we were kissing like lovers, madly sucking each others tongues. By now even I was getting restless.

I took off my clothes quickly and rubbed my naked body on hers. She was moving her body and hips in all directions. For the first time, she was feeling the pleasure that she deserved. This was a woman who hadn't been fucked nicely in a long time. I was done teasing her and with two fingers I entered her hot and wet pussy. She clutched the carpet and threw her head backwards.

She was breathing heavy, her eyes rolled up and she was biting her lip. I started in and out motion making sure to rub the g spot and feel every inch of her love hole with my finger. She was leaking heavily down her thighs. The whole room smelled of sex. Her hips were moving in waves, breathing got heavier and moans were getting loader.

She was nearing a powerful orgasm. I continued fingering her and with my other hand I opened her pussy lips and pressed her clitoris with my thumb. She exploded and shuddered with a big orgasm. A scream escaped her mouth. Waves after waves of pleasure were moving her body out of control. Juices now all over my hand, almost till my forearm.

I licked all the love juice on my hands till her orgasm subsided. I looked deep into her eyes and said, Naina aajse teri chut sirf meri hai. Mazaa aaya k nahi? Bol Naina, accha laga k nahi? She didn't say a word, just nodded her head saying yes. She had submitted herself to me completely.

I held her ankles, started kissing her from her toes towards her calves, I sucked her soft and smooth thighs making my way upwards. With both my hands I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She was motionless waiting in anticipation of my next move. As my mouth got loser to her pussy she tried to close her legs.

I bought her knees together and raised her legs till her knees were touching her chest. I got a luscious view of that juicy fuck hole and I planted kisses right next to her chut on her thighs. I licked her skin and blew air on her pussy. She puffed again making an “ah” sound and slowly opened her legs. I quickly put my mouth on her wet pussy and began sucking and licking her clit.

It was obvious that she had never experienced oral sex before. Nobody ever had licked and sucked her cunt. As I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and began fucking her with it, she started those waves like movements with her hips,trying to meet my tongue. I was pinching and spanking her ass cheeks with my left hand.

With my other hand I started rubbing over her asshole with my fingers. Clearly nobody had done that to her because she started leaking again moaning loudly, melting with lust. I felt another orgasm building in her. Meanwhile I was also oozing precum. I just couldn't wait any longer and I spread her legs, got on top of her and rubbed my hard cock on her pussy lips,

she made a long aaaaaaaahhhhhh sound. We were both covered in sweat and her pussy juice. I looked at her with lust and said: Naina, IM GOING TO FUCK YOU and with that I pushed my throbbing cock in her warm and wet love hole. We both said AAHH together as my cock stretched her tight pussy. It was a feeling that I will never forget.

She winced as she felt a little discomfort. I sucked her erect perky nipples to easy her pain. I kissed all over her face, neck, ears and chest giving her all my passion. I started fucking her softly.. steady and long strokes reaching to the deepest part of her womanhood. Reaching where her husband couldnt. Slow and steady strokes turned into fast and deep ones.

I started ramming her hard and fast, each stroke taking us closer to heaven. I started fucking her as fast as I could, our bodies making “thap thap thap” sounds, sweat dripping from our bodies, her sexy titts jiggling up and down with my strokes. Her hips were moving up and down furiously trying to meet my strokes.

I felt her pussy gripping my cock and becoming tighter, she locked her legs around me, hugged me tightly while I was pumping her hard and fast. I spanked her ass and rubbed her asshole again and just as I put my little finger slightly in, she screamed: FUCK ME ABHI, FUCK ME HARD.

I fucked her even harder till we both reached the limit and exploded with an orgasm, shuddering in each others arms, feeling waves after waves of lust and pleasure. I came so much that loads of cum started to ooze out. The orgasm continued for a while. It took some time for us to regain our senses.

I looked at the mess we made, crumpled carpet with clothes all over, our sweat, love juices on the floor and the whole room smelling strongly of sex. Naina was finally satisfied and thoroughly fucked, she put her head on my chest and hugged me tight. I hugged her too and gave her one deep kiss and fell beside her, both of us completely tired and exhausted.

We had many such encounters lasting right till her last day in Mumbai. I will share those stories based on the response to this incident. She is now back in Bangalore living the family life. Her husband and in laws still mistreat her.

She finally succeeded in having a child, I wonder sometimes wether its mine. Now that she is gone, im back again on the lookout for sex starved, lonely ladies, waiting for my next Naina. hope you guys like my experience.

The End.

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Abhi And Naina Fucking In Heat - I

The events that I am about to narrate are completely true but I wont use real names of the people involved. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Abhi, I am 26 years old and I reside in the beautiful city of Mumbai. I work as a flight attendant in a reputed airline in India.

I was raised by a religious and conservative family and as a result I have always been very respectful towards women. I have always enjoyed attention from the girls and have had my fair share of experiences. Having said that, I never thought that I would get involved in something like this. Lets jump right into the story.

It was early in the morning around 4 am when I got back from Paris. I opened the gates of my building myself as the watchman was fast asleep as usual. When I got near the lift, I was startled and surprised as I saw a lady dressed in a black dress coming towards the lift. I hadn’t seen her in the building before. I held the door open for her to get in.

As she entered the lift I could smell the sweet seductive perfume that she was wearing and this made me take a look at her. The lift started moving upwards. I looked at her starting from the bottom, she had black high heels on a toned pair of legs exposed by a slit in her dress. She had a narrow waist an a little bit extra flesh on her belly as most Indian women do.

She had long black hair that reached to her ass. Trust me friends, with that perfume and dress and her figure, she was oozing sex appeal. My cock was hard instantly. I wanted her there itself in the lift. I didn't want to make it too obvious that I was staring and hence I waited to see the rest of her beauty.

Unfortunately as I was lost in my thoughts the lift came to a halt and she proceeded to opening the door. As she stepped out, our arms touched and I felt the soft smooth skin for a brief second. As she walked past, I saw the most sexy and arousing ass that I had seen in a long time. In my job, I work with pretty air hostesses everyday and I really don't get impressed easily.

I have dated and been with numerous bombshells before. But she had some quality, something different about her. I knew that I had to see her face somehow so I said good night, hoping that she would turn and show her face, but she didn’t. She reached her apartment and just as the lift started to move, she turned and said good night to me.

What I saw, drove my sleep away for the next two days. She was fair with dreamy eyes and thick lips and a very innocent looking face. What surprised me was that she had tears in her eyes. I had the next day off, so I was hoping to see her, took some walks in the complex but she wasn't to be seen. My mind was racing with thoughts. Why was she crying?

Did something bad happen with her ?? should I ring her bell and talk to her?? what should I do?? I don't know wether I was concerned about her because I was attracted to her or because I'm generally a caring person being a cabin crew but I just knew that I'm not going to get any peace till I see her again and talk to her.

Two days passed and I hadn't seen her.I got back to work and my airline sent me to London for two days. When I landed back and reached my society, I saw that the children in my society were celebrating a kid’s birthday and one of the kids dragged me to their apartment. As I entered, I was once again surprised as I saw her standing right across the room looking at me.

That was the first time I saw her clearly. She had beautiful doe like eyes and a classy aura. I guessed that she must be around 30 around 5 feet 6 with curves. When everyone else was busy with the birthday boy, I went up to her and introduced myself. Me: hello, I am abhi. She : I remember you, you’re the gentleman who held the lift for me the other day. Thank you.

By the way, I am Naina. We shook hands and I held her hand for a bit too long and she gave me a quizzical look. I could tell that she's an introvert and a shy person. I didn't know wether she liked me and hence I thought to go slow. just when I was planning my next move she spoke “ I just moved two months ago in this society. I am from bangalore but I got a temporary job transfer here.

My husband couldn't join me as he’s got his business in bangalore.” And with those words my heart sank and I decided not to speak to her henceforth. I wanted to know more about her, wanted to ask the reason behind her crying, but I knew I had to stop. We had a formal conversation and then we said goodbye.

The next day, just when I had stopped thinking about her, I heard my doorbell ring. Before I even opened the door I got the same intoxicating perfume smell. I knew that its her. I welcomed her in with a smile. She wanted me to help her with flight bookings since I work in an airline and I was happy to help. I offered her some snacks and some coffee which I had bought from paris.

We chatted for hours,we joked and laughed and shared so much. I realized that my previous thoughts were wrong and she is such a respectable sweet and decent woman who madly loves her husband. For the next 2-3 weeks we used to chat about everything possible, hang out together, have lunches and dinners and every time she would be lonely she would text or call me.

Sometimes she would get food for me and I would in return get her things from different countries and cities. I even called in sick to work when she wasn’t feeling well once and took care of her. I became her escape from loneliness and boredom. We had grown quite close to each other.

She asked me about my past and I told her about my experiences with women in different countries. She had started to open up to me, started to trust me. She asked me if I have a gf. I told her about my breakup two months ago. Since we had become friends, I finally asked her. Me: Tum us din ro kyu rahi thi?? She went quiet for a while.

She said that I wont understand but I kept on pleading her to tell me. I wanted to help her and listen to her.. Naina: Distance can be very painful for a couple. Bangalore mein hum roz ghoomne jaaya karte the, sundays ko saath milkar khana banate, movies dekhte, bohot sari baatein karte, raat mein lambi drive par jaate the aur fir…

she suddenly looked down and went quiet. Her face was full of sadness. I was thinking about what she was telling me and suddenly she said that she has some work and she will return later. She picked up her bag and left. Honestly guys I had so many thoughts in my mind like why would any man stay away from a woman like her. Again I didn't know what to do.

She was different from the women I had met before.Days passed by and I didn't hear from her or see her in the society. It was three days before christmas when the residents in the complex created a whats app group and invited members to make suggestions for having a christmas and new year party in the society.

On the morning of christmas, I was chatting with some girl who gave me her number at the airport in Delhi, suddenly I saw a message in our society group by none other that Naina. Thats when I realized how much I missed the smell of her perfume, those eyes, and that innocent face. I decided to act and hence I saved her number and sent her a message-

Me: Hi, this is abhi..Are you alright ? Whats wrong? Its been long since I last saw you and I got worried. Naina: Im sorry for rudely leaving without saying anything. Me: Meet me tonight. Naina: I am a married lady and kisine hum donoko raat mein saath dekh liya toh log galat sochenge.

Me: Hum dost hain aur main apne doston ko museebat mein akela nahi chodta plus its christmas and I want to see you so meet me on the terrace of C wing, I will be waiting. We had a small party in the building which I didn’t attend, I had dinner at my place and went straight to the terrace. I was gazing at the sky and the fireworks when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Naina looked like a princess in that body hugging sleeveless powder blue salwar kameez. Her assets were even more accentuated in that attire. She wished me with a hug and this time I felt she held on for longer than she normally would. We took a seat and I pulled out a classy watch and a bottle of red wine that I had bought for her.

We sat there gazing at the sky, sipping wine taking about life and after a pause she looked at me deeply and said sorry. I again asked her whats wrong. With a little help from the wine she started speaking. Naina: My husband is a very conservative man from a south indian family. He is a good person but because of his ideals, he has never truly supported my wishes.

To Be Continued...

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Rita Enjoying Hot Sexperience With Dentist

I had terrible tooth ache. I was wincing with pain when a fried advised me to go to doctor whom she is consulting for all her tooth problems. I got details of the location of the clinic and went in his airconditioned clinic. It was poorly lit and I sat at the visitors lounge. A young doctor come out and peeped outside to see the patients waiting. I was only one sitting there.

He told me that he wants just five minutes to finish his present work and then he would call me. After three minutes, a beautiful girl shy and smiling, adjusting her dress was going out. Again after two minutes the doctor called me. He extended his hand and told me that his name was Rahul. I told him I am Rita. He asked me to sit in his dental chair.

It is so slanting that I practically lied on it. It was an airconditioned clinic and it was soothing for me for having come in in hot sun. He was a fair and handsome fellow. He had a smiling face which would impress any girl. He bent low and was looking into my eyes. I told him that my tooth is aching very much.

Ok, Ok, Please open your mouth, he said, and instead of looking into the mouth he was looking into my eyes, Then he took his dental instruments and started examining my teeth. His body was pressed against my shoulder and I could feel a bulge developing. He told me that there is a small hole at the root of one of the teeth and it required to be filled up.

But he will do the temporary filling and after two or three day I have to go again to get it filled permanently. You are very beautiful, Rita, what are you doing, studying or working, he asked. I am in the graduate class in the govt. college. He asked where do you stay with your parents or in the hostel. I am in the hostel, my parents are abroad.

Oh, you can jump your classes and nobody will know. I smiled and told him no, no, it is not possible, if the warden comes to know she will report to my parents. She is very strict. Ok, Rita, you have very beautiful eyes and lips. If you were not a patient, I would have kissed you. I dont get such good red lips often. His bulge was clearly visible.

He again came near me and asked me to open my mouth and cleaned the surroundings of the hole which needs to be filled. With the drill he smoothened the hole. He went and came back with the cement mixture to fill my tooth. He bent low and filled the tooth and pressed it with a piece of cotton. He placed the instruments in the tray and came back and asked me to get up.

I had difficulty. He lifted me with his both hands and made me to stand near him. Then he led me to his private room and made me to lie down in his bed for some time and he sat near me. Agood looking doctor sitting nearby and taking care so intimately was nice. He asked me whether it pains, I said no. Does it not pain at all, he asked, I said no no pain at all.

He asked me to get up and go. In the meantime he took down in his register of patients, my name and all other particulars, my cell no. and asked me to come after two days, and reminded that I should call before coming. He game me his card also. When I came out I saw five or six girls all wating to see him. None of them appeared to be suffering from tooth ache.

I called him after 2 days whether I can come. He looked at his diary and asked me to come at 4 pm. I went at 3.30. and sat in his visitors lobby. He peeped out at 4 and saw me and asked me to come in. There was another old man whom he asked to come on the following day. How did you feel Ritaji did it pain. I said it was alright.

He made me to lie down in his dental chair and asked me to open my mouth With a small dental mirror and other tool he removed the previous filling. He pulled it and with a water jet cleaned the area. He said I dont have anybody to assist me, all the work has to be done by me and it takes time.

I asked him shall I come as your assistant, He said ok, the problem is all the time I wll be busy with you and who will take care of the patients. HA ha ha we both laughed. Again he was standing so close that his bulge was pressing against my shoulders. He was looking intently into my eyes that it sent me moisture in my panty. He bent low and planted a kiss on my cheeks.

I could not resist, Rita, how nice your cheeks are. Do you do this to all the girls who come to meet you, I asked. He said no, no, only you He filled my teeth with the mixture of dental cement and put a cotton ball and asked me to clench my teeth for some time. Then he lifted me from the chair and asked me to go to his room.

While lifting me, he made sure that his hand presses my both the boobs. He sat near me in the bed and asked me how are you, how do you feel. I said I am ok. His hand moved over my things and was grazing over the panty area. I was already warm.

His left hand was moving under my t shirt and groping over my boob and his right hand he pulled my panty down and searched over my cleanshaven pussy. Ok Ok doctor, I said, I will meet you next time when I come and I got up and turned to go. How much should I pay you, I asked, he said nothing. I walked off.

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Girls Meet With Old Classmate Ending In Fuck

It was early spring and I was walking in the park in the evening. There was nobody in the room and it was an ideal time to get a boy friend and enjoy the evening in the mall for food and a movie, By the time it will be late, either I can go to his room of call him to mine to spend the night together. What all things we can do alone in his room or in my room.

For a moment I stopped fantacizing. I had a boy friend. But he was a scoundrel. I threw him out when he revealed his true colors. He wanted me to entertain three or four of his friends. I shouted, you rascal, got out, never come again. HE left. I should not have been so harsh with him. He had the nicest of cocks I had seen. HE used to fuck and give me immense pleasure.

Had he not put up his demands about his friends, I woud have continued with him. All his friends had their own girl friends. They used to have jolly time individually and collectively. But I cannot do it. Six boys riding me in one night. I cannot even imagine. Of course I am sexy and wants to be poked everyday. I will search for somebody who will suit to my needs.

Aye, Smitha, somebody called from behind. Usually I dont turn back, but this voice seemed familiar and the person seems to know me. When I turned back, it was Suresh, it was my school mate. After schooling he went to the engg college, whereas I continued in my arts subject for graduation. Once he knew I recognized him, he came running.

He was handsome, tall and with atheletic figure. You look, beautiful and well grown up Smitha he said as we sat in a concrete bench in the park. You too have become tall and handsome, Suresh, I said. Come on let us go to the coffee shop and sit and talk there. Wait, I will go and bring my car, he said aand with in a minute he brought his car and we drove to the nearest mall.

He ordered for coffee and some snacks. Suresh was handsome and his presence and his talk made me horny. But how to tell him and have him fuck me. My parents are abroad and unlike others I have no place to go during holidays. If I get friendly with Suresh I organize periodical fucking by him so that I may not get bored during week ends.

We sat for some time chit chatting and I asked him where does he stay and what he does. He said he is a fashion designer and has a workshop for designing clothes and lot of workers, models for working for him. He says his workshop is in his house in the down stairs and he stays alone upstairs. I told him that I would like to be a trainee under him.

He said come on, see my factory and then decide. We reached his house and saw his factory. It was huge with some sheds and he had lot of sewing machines and drawing equipment, all managed by girls, young girls. He calls the girls by turns to go upstairs and prepare food for him. Sometimes if the work is heavy, some of them may lie upstairs in the spare rooms.

He said if you are interested, come on week ends learn the work and stay here. You can go back to the hostel on working days. After completing your education, you can shift here and manage the affairs. I said ok, agreed, agreed. To start with I am going to stay with you from today. He asked me with a mischievous smile, will you share my bed to day. I looked at and said softly yes.

He put his hand around my shoulder and we walked out with smile on our face. He entered a dress shop and bought a couple pairs of dress, u/garments, nightys to my size and we went to the factory. Went around and saw the work. All the workers were girls and some smiled at him and we walked upstairs to his family quarters.

He kept the dress parcel on the bed and we went around various rooms. All the rooms were tastefully decorated. He asked me to take a room for my use. There was a laptop computer for my use. When I see a laptop, I think of porn only. He asked me to relax and that he will come back shortly. I lied in the bed for some time and came to the window to see the view.

After some time Suresh came in his t shirt and asked me to go with him for a drive. He told me that there was a fashion show and he had procured orders for all the models participating. We went to the mall for dinner. He bought a bottle of wine and he poured a glass for me. I told me I dont drink. He said this is just wine and it will add taste to the food.

I took two glasses along with the fool and returned home. He asked me to change my clothes and freshen myself and come to his room. I changed my dress and u/garments and had a body wash and put on the nighty and oined him in his bed. He asked me whether I am a virgin. I said no. Then we will enjoy our night. He brought his laptop and opened some porn sites.

We both became instantly horny. He had a nice big cock and he hugged me. He removed my nighty and asked me to get on top of him. We hugged and kissed. He squeezed my ass that it made me more horny. He licked my nipples and started to suck them I got down from the top and bent and took his cock in my mouth. It was too big.

He showed me how to give a blowjob andhow to suck it like a candy. He wanted to fuck me in the doggy style. His cock rode into my fuckhole smoothly and he fucked me slowly at first and increased his speed. Within five minutes I cummed, but he was not stopping. By the time he had his orgasm, I cummed thrice. It was months since I had a good fuck. We both enjoyed the day.

Suresh wanted me to stay, but I wanted him to leave me in front of the hostel so that I can carry my things o his house. Within ten minutes we were back in his mansion. We fucked thrice that day. From next day coming back from my college I attended his factory and supervised the work. We had enough of sex every night.

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Hot Sex Encounter In Train To Delhi

Hello Everyone, This is my first story so would appreciate your feedbacks. This is a very simple story wherein I met a lady on a train, had a good time with her there and this lead us to a relationship we still share.

About me, at the time of the story, I was 23 and I am about 6 feet with broad shoulders and a decent physique. I also boast of a decent enough dick and tricks to satisfy anyone and unlike my esteemed writers here won’t go in the elaborate details of the size and length of my tool as it is not required here (will share the details in the further stories).

Now coming back to the story, this happened about 10 yrs back wherein I was returning from my hometown to Delhi.It was the end of Feb and there was a little chill in the air. I had booked a ticket in the chair car of a train. It was a morning 6 hr journey.

Anyways I reached station about 30 mins before the train was supposed to leave and killed my time by having tea and reading the paper at the station. of course, I ogled at the ladies/girls traveling. I had decided to buy a novel thinking like always it’s going to get difficult to kill time on the train and the novel is going to be my only savior.I kept the novel in my bag and waited for my train.

I looked at the chart and found out that nest to my seat there were two other passengers a 40 yr old man and a 26 yr old lady. I was excited and disappointed at the same time. Excited because a young lady was traveling with me and disappointed because she was with a 40 yr old man.

The train came on time and since it was only a 5 min stop I quickly found my coach and went and sat on my designated seat. I was surprised to find that a man was sitting on the aisle seat but there was no lady in the middle one. It came to my mind that maybe they are not traveling together.

As I settled in my seat I heard a voice “aap mere seat pe bathe hai (you are sitting in my seat)”.I looked the source of the voice and saw a beautiful young lady wearing white salwar suit.She had a fair complexion and had a decent pair of tits with the right amount of flesh at the right places and more importantly, she had a disarming smile.

I could have said no that’s my seat, please check your ticket but somehow I didn’t speak and mesmerized by her sight shifted to the middle seat. While moving to her seat her thighs brushed my legs and her beautiful round curvy ass touched my hand. While she was busy settling into her seat I was relishing the ass touch.

The touch gave me an instant hard-on and also ignited the thoughts of touching her. As the train moved so did my mind with the ideas and thought of touching her but I was also scared as it was a train journey and what would happen if she didn’t cooperate. I didn’t want to get a beat down. As I was busy thinking what to do she went to the toilet.

While leaving again her thighs bruised my legs and the person sitting next to me also didn’t get up and as her thighs touch her legs he tried to act smart and touch her ass. The moment this happened she lost it on him and scolded him in public.

“Aap theek se nahin baith sakte hai, apni maa behen ke saath bhi aisa hi karte hai (why can’t you sit properly and do you behave like this with your mother and sister also). I was relieved that this didn’t happen to me and also came to realize that no hanky panky will work with this lady and this journey will end like every other journey.

When she came back both of us gets stood up and stepped aside to allow this lady to sit. I started reading the paper and she was looking out of the window but our thighs touched. My hand touching her ass came back to my head and when she didn’t take away her leg, my mind again started working overtime with the thought whether I can get lucky or not.

Eventually, the lust overpowered my mind and I decided to sit with folded hands and try and touch her. Due to the jerks of the train, my hand touched her many a times but it was just limited to the touch. So I decided to open my fingers a little and target the area just below her armpit.

I thought that if I hit my mark and she doesn’t object I am in for a treat but if she does I can always say it’s because of the jerks and will sit normally. As I was trying this I felt my hand touching the area just below her armpit beneath her hand. I wasn’t sure so I kept on doing it. After a few more touches and a few minutes, I felt my hand touching something soft very soft.

I wasn’t sure whether I have touched her boobs and nailed the mark or not so I decided to let my hand remain there and make no movement. The moment I did that she held my hand and kept it on her lap stating” inko yahan rakho (keep it here)”. I was relieved and knew I’m in for a treat.

Then as I was touching her thighs she asked ‘tum yahi chahte the na(you wanted this only)’ to which I said ‘haan sab kuch (I want everything)’. She again asked ‘tumhe darr nahin laga (weren’t you scared)’ to which I said ‘haan laga toh but jub tumhari thighs touch hui toh main sab bhool gaya( Yes I was but when our thighs touched I forgot everything)’ to which she laughed.

I decided to sit with folded hands and explore her boobs. As I touched her boob I felt something very hard. She told me its her purse. I asked her to take it out. She removed her purse and also decided to put on her shawl. I put my hands inside it over her boobs and started pressing those. My dick made a big tent in my jeans and I had to put a jacket over it.

As I was pushing her boobs she closed her eyes and kept her head back on the headrest and enjoyed as if she was in seventh heaven. After a minute or so she whispered in my ears ‘Andar se (put your hands inside)’ Following her command I decided to take my hand under her kurta and slowly slid the bra strap and freed her boobs.

I put my hands on her naked boobs and started pressing them slowly taking them to her nipples. She was moaning and I had to ask her to control herself as someone might hear us. Her nipples were long and they were like a tent. I played with them, pinched them, pulled them, pressed them as both they and their owner were mine.

As I was playing with them she was nearing her orgasm. She took the shawl and placed it between her lips to stifle her sound. I kept on playing with her nipples as she came and her body relaxed. Then I tried to insert my hand inside her pajama but she held my hand and said somebody might see us and it’s not safe.

Just play with my boobs as they are covered with the shawl and for the pussy, you can touch them over the clothes but don’t go inside. I agreed to it… it was my first time in a train also and I didn’t want to arouse anyone’s suspicion.

Then she put her hand over my tent and played with it a little while. She couldn’t take it out because of space crunch and also we were afraid that someone can catch us in it. She massaged my dick over my trousers and the excitement of her boobs and her hand on my dick made me come in my undies.

It was a little uncomfortable to sit in the wet undies but who cares when the experience is so awesome. I did play with her boobs throughout the journey but didn’t go beyond it. She told me that she is married but was sex starved for last 3 months. She didn’t have a mobile (that time) so I gave her my number. She promised to call when the time is right.

On reaching Delhi I asked her to accompany me to my place and assured her that I will drop her at her place later but she didn’t agree. Her departing words were ‘I will call you’. She did call me a few days later and we had a lot more than just playing with the boobs and touching over the clothes.

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Rajat Fucking Sexy Cricket Mom - II

Previously: Rajat Fucking Sexy Cricket Mom - I

Saying this she pinched the tip of my dick very hardly and I almost let a sigh out. Then, she smooched me and after a few seconds I too responded. I broke the kiss and pulled her towards me and our tongues were playing with each other.I tasted her lipstick then and pulled out her upper lip with my lips.

I inserted my hands from the front side of her saree and she spread her legs until I realised she was cumming inside her pussy. She put hand inside my joggers while kissing and took my 6 ‘ thick cock out of my pants. She bent and rubbed it with her saliva by spitting on my dick. I suggested her to take it in her mouth. She tried sucking my cock for few minutes.

I was almost in heaven and sat still as she sucked my cock. Few minutes later she said she wasn’t comfortable and needs more space. She said we should head towards her house for further action as her son might be playing indoor games in society with her maid. By that time my cock was fully wet with her saliva and I was aroused.

I asked her to stay in same position and she helped me to masturbate. she kept smooching and I told her I was cumming. She bent near my cock and I came straight into her mouth. She ate all my cum and cleaned my cock with her pallu of saree. Then, we drove towards her house. She lived on the 3rd floor near Babulnath temple.

We took stairs instead of lift till her flat arrived. Just as she closed the door, I hugged and bit her from behind on her neck and she was making sounds of “ooohhssss ahhhhs hooooff.” Then, she said she needs to check whether her 5 year son and maid is home or not. She stayed in 6 BHK house, which was made by joining 2 flats of 3BHKs.

She checked whole house as I walked behind her and she said, “My child is playing and my maid has accompanied him. They won’t return before 2:30” Hearing this, I grabbed her from behind and pinned her against the walls biting her back and bare skin inside her blouse. She pushed me aside and now she pinned me to the wall and bit me on my chest.

She raised my hands and removed my t-shirt. She bit me on my chest leaving red marks. then, she held me and bit on my biceps and back leaving hickeys over there. Then she took me on herself and I started tasting her lipstick this time by biting her lower lip. She too bit my lips and our lips had started bleeding. But we didn’t stop there.

Now I made circular rounds from my tongue on her neck and shoulders and I bit her. I removed her pallu and was inserting tongue in her cleavage. She was slowly moaning and was rubbing my penis and it didn’t took long for my penis to get erect. Then I pulled her saree and peti-coat while sucking her cleavage down from her waist and now she was only in her blouse and panties.

Then, I squeezed her pussy from outside the panty and she moaned harder. Sssss aahhhh Ummm she was moaning, the I removed her blouse and went to her navel. I sucked her navel for half a minute and teased her by moving towards her pussy and again went up and kissed her. She held my head and said, “Please eat my pussy. I will do anything you ask.”

I then took her bra straps and removed them. I was watching her melons for first time. They were whitish and had red nipples. I became mad seeing her boobs and first had a look at them. Then I pressed them as I kissed her. I rubbed both her boobs between my fore-finger and thumb with bot hands and she moaned real hard. As she broke the kiss, she panted and moaned.

I continued sucking her boobs and she was pressing my head against her melons. Then I alternatively sucked her boob and rubbed other boob between my forefinger and thumb partly. She was moaning loudly and calling out my name. Then I went towards her opantytried pulling it and then she removed it and pushed me to bedroom.

I lied on bed while she was above on my face. Her pussy was clean shaved and she stayed afloat on my face and made circular motion closing her eyes her pussy touching my mouth. It went on for a minute now she lied on bed. I went on her top and kissed her. I played and fondled her boobs as I was teasing her from navel to boobs and vice-versa but not going to pussy.

Then she finally slid her body above and made me lick her pussy. I spread the walls of pussy and straight away started licking as she was instructing. I then the bit her cunt softly and pinched it. She moaned and lifted her boad. This continued and she moaned “ufff mar gayi. Khaa jaa mari chut ne. I love you. Jo chahiye wo karungi. Aaj meri chut khaa jaa tu. Chod mujhe.”

After few minutes she came. Then she slid her hands inside my joggers and removed them. Now I was in my undies and she grabbed my dick and bit it from above my underwear and said, “Aj to tera lund khaa jaungi main.” Saying this she almost tore my undies while biting my cock and I undid my undies and now we were both naked.

She tried taking my whole 6’ cock in mouth but wasn’t able to. Then I pushed her head on my cock and she was literally in tears. She continued doing for minutes until I came too. We sat and she bought cakes to eat. We ate them just when she rubbed cream on my dick and licked it. This again aroused my Semi erected cock to full size and I pushed her and made her lie on bed.

I rubbed my cock between her thighs to tease her and then she held my cock and put it in her pussy.She let a huge moan as my dick inserted her pussy. She then held my back and made up and down motions. I kissed her while doing so and played with boobs too. She kept moaning and kept saying “chut faad meri. AAj chod de mujhe.”

Now she went on upper side and I was down and she almost jerked every second on my cock and jumped. She kept increasing pace as I was breathing calmly and fondling her boobs. Then she finally came and lied on me. I meanwhile pushed my cock inside her pussy and inserted my short nails in her back and kissed. She kept moaning harder.

Then she lied down me and did same and inserted nails on my back and kissed my shoulders and biceps. It went for few more minutes and we both finally came together. She then immediately took my cock in her mouth stroked it and drank all my cum which was dripping. She watched the clock and it was 1 o’clock. I was already feeling a bit tired by then.

She asked me to wash myself and I washed myself and was still naked. We ate bread and some cakes until she went in bathroom for shower. I grabbed her from behind in my arms inside the shower and rubbed my cock against her buttocks. She then went down and took my cock into her mouth.

Then she pinched my balls as I shouted in pain and then she bit the skin surrounding my balls. Then she sucked my bells. Then I lifted her up, kissed her and went on for 5 mins. Now, I lifted her in my arms, pinned her against wall and made her jump on my cock. She hesitated, but once the grip was set she moaned and I kissed her and we started back and fro motions.

Within 5 minutes I came inside her. Together we both came in the shower. I was very weak by now and could hardly walk. We somehow washed ourselves and she made glucose water for me and I drank, as I was too weak after practice and after almost cumming 5 times.

It was almost 2 pm by now. She then said she would call me tomorrow if possible and she would like to try different positions. She kissed me hard and we both dressed up. She asked me to take her scooty with me which I rejected. She asked me to go by taxi. She booked and paid in my wallet for taxi for which I hesitated too. But she made me keep it as a sign of friendship.

Then just when she was opening door she kissed and hugged me and said thanks to me. I said, “no worries. We’ll meet tomorrow.” She said,”Yes, tomorrow I want to try anal too. Have good rest so we could have fun.” Saying this I went home instead of practice.

The End.

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