Hot Sex Encounter With Channel Partner Kinjal

This is a story about my sex encounter with company store owner. Her name is Kinjal. As she has been newly opened a new store and needed hand holding for store opened hence I started spending more time and guiding team for getting business. Days are passed and we were in constant touch and we never knew when we started sharing our personal life with each other.

One day she was upset and was not in mood I thought it was due to business not running in track but later on after probing I came to know there is some personal problem which is disturbing her.

It was her boyfriend who every now and then emotionally blackmailing her and asking her to get married and settle down but the point she was thinking about her would be in-laws who are very narrow minded and low profile people. When she shared things with me I suggested her not to marry to that person as she don’t like her would be in law and she cannot ask her boyfriend to leave his parents,

reason behind suggesting her to not to marry with that guy because she don’t have right to part son and mother and she cannot not live in joint family. We started sharing out problems with each other and never knew that we are too close to each other that we cannot live talking with each other.

After so many of years I feeling young and was in love with her, but we never disclosed our feelings with each other as don’t want to lose the friendship. T 20 world cup was going on and we decided to telecast India-Pakistan cricket matches on projector in daman to boost business,

we went to daman and organize the things and at around 2:30 it was done we were relaxing in our respective rooms at around 3:30 I got a call buzz on intercom, it was her asking me to get ready in 10 min as she wants to go to beach and want to do spend some time there.

We both went to beach and were enjoying beach with each other, when we were in beach we were behaving like couple she took my hand and drag me in, water level was till our stomach and we were holding each other hand and splashing water at each other in between that she lost her balance and fell on me and due to that I also lost and fell,

we were in each other arms looking at each other, I wanted to kiss her but something stopped me for few minutes we were looking at each other and then with a laughter we parted. After enjoying for some more time we went to our hotel for the preparation for the match.

It went well and we got a pretty good response. After the match was over we were very tired but were happy that India won hence decided to celebrate the same at our room, we entered into my room and ordered johnny walker.After around 15 min our ordered arrived and she made 2 large pack and we cheered for the Indian team’s victory.

After some time we started discussing our lives and after around 4 pegs when we were high started sharing our feelings with each other.We were in love and it took 4 pegs to share things with each other strange naa.. She was sitting on the chair and went to her and sat on my knees and put my head on her lap for some time, she was roaming her fingers on my hairs,

after some time I sat straight and was looking in her eyes and that’s it. I lose my all control and stood up and pull her up and hug her very tightly and got same response from her, it was like that we both want to melt into each other, our heart beat was running very fast and we both were shivering, it was because of boundaries we broke,

after around 5 – 10 min I took her chin and kiss her on her eyes, cheeks, ear, neck and finally on lips.. Ohhhh what a lovely feeling, after years feelings such things. We suck each other’s tongue for long time, I started roaming my hand on her back from bumps to neck, slowly I shifted my hand on front and explore her thin waist and finally kept my right palm on her left boobs.

Ohhh perfect size and shape,. I push her on bed and was on her and again started kissing her mildly on neck then went down further to her cleavage, she was wearing white shirt and top 2 buttons were already opened,I was so much eager to see her melons that I tear off her shirt and there it was, the perfect size of boobs I ever seen,

I started showering kisses from neck to her belly button, suck her nipple above of bra. I again started my journey from her cleavage to downside, I kissed her belly and waist it was her weak area, she was getting more aroused whenever I was kissing on her waist and on her belly, while kissing on belly I undid her pant and started kissing near her panty lines,

she was now breathing heavy, she took my t-shirt and remove it, I was not wearing anything underneath, as soon as my t-shirt was gone I stood up and remove her pant and mine as well. Now she was in her sky blue color bra and panty and I was on jokey. I again joined her on bed and we were kissing and exploring each other like mad,

I removed her bra and the treasure was in front of me, I started sucking and biting her nipple and pressing other boob very harshly but found that she was enjoying it, suddenly she pushed me and came top of me and sat on my thigh, it was like sex goddess.

Her hairs were messed up and the expression on her face was awesome, she kissed me o lips, then on neck, then on nipple she took one in between her lips and mildly bite it, it took me in heaven, she knows every week point of man, she went down took out my jockey and started kissing my penis and slowly took head, then 1/4, then half and finally almost took full in her mouth,

with her facial expression I found that she was not liking it, swiftly I change my position and now we were in 69 position. I started licking her clitoris and she was mine manhood, we came almost at the same time in each other mouth and collapsed, she ran to bathroom and I followed her and we washed our mouth and sat to have our drink, after 15 min,

I again started playing with her and immediately her nipples got harder, I pulled her and made her sit on my lap and started fondling her, she was very high asked me to complete my peg in one sip, we did it together, now it was time for final thing, I took her to bed and made her sleep in such position that half of her body, i.e., till waist it was in bed and the rest was on floor,

I went in between her legs and put my tool on entrance of vagina and started kissing her till and at the same time pushing my tool deep inside her, she was quite tight, it seems that since many months she was not having sex.

I was not in hurry hence I let her pussy lubricated with her own precum and inch by inch I was pushing my tool in, I made sure that she enjoys every bit of it.. When I was completely in I relaxed my body on top of her and she folded her leg behind me, I started kissing and foundling her boobs, in no time she started moving her buttock asking me to fuck her,

I started moving to and fro motion very mildly and at the same time was kissing her. Biting her nipples, neck, in no time she was very high and want to get fuck deeply, I stood up and hold her waist and started fucking her with full strength.

Then I hold both her boobs and started pressing it hard and pulling her towards me and at the same time I was pushing my thing in.. I was feeling her womb on tips of my penis, after some time she had her orgasm and I was still fucking her like there is no tomorrow, she had her 3 orgasm and her boobs were almost red in color as in between I was slapping on it.

She asked me to lay on be and came on top of me and inserted my penis into her vagina and started moving her ass up and down, I was caressing her boobs, pinching her nipples, with in 5 min she again had her 4th orgasm, I was not near to my climax due to alcohol.

I started ramming her very hardly from down side which took her near to another orgasm which I didn’t allowed, I asked her to be in dogy style as this gives the deeper penetration, I grabbed her ass cheeks and in one shot was in her and started ramming, her, after some time I took her down the bed and bend her and rested her upper body on bed and again inserted my penis from behind,

its my favorite potion to fuck. I don’t know when did I came but when I came it was like volcano,..I was collapse on her and we were sweating like any thing, it was morning 6 am hence we sipped our last peg and went to sleep. Before sleeping I asked her to wake me up in the morning before going to bath as wanted to take bath with her.

At around 10 in morning I was woked by a call from my boss, after reporting I kept mobile on charging and was about to go to bed my attention went to beauty sleeping in bed, her face was glowing and she was looking damn sexy, I drag sofa near her head and sat in front of her and was looking at her innocent face.

She might sense me near her and made a space on bed, I slept on bed facing her and planted kiss on forehead, she took me inside the blanket and hugged me very tightly, temperature of our body were raising and in few minutes v started exploring our private parts. I wanted it to happen in lovely manner.

Hence I parted myself and sat on bed and made her as well to sit beside me and I was about to say something she put her index finger on my lips and said ” don’t say anything except I love you” I repeated her last 3 magical words and started kissing her.

I was so excited that I bit her lips and drop of blood came from her lower lips for which I said sorry and started licking her lips and my hands were busy exploring her body, my left hand was moving her back and right hand was measuring her left blobs.

I made her sleep on the bed and watching her from top to toe her hair are silky and was spread on the bed above her head. Beautiful eyes which were half shut with every breath her boobs were dancing deep naval and thin waist. and lastly partially shaved pussy dripping juice. I was so lost with her beauty.

I put my lips near her naval and was roaming my fingers on partially shaved pussy. After some time she started to move her hips upward as wanted something in her lower lips but I wanted to tease her. I started licking her naval and move downward and reached her pussy.

She put her both hand on my head and forcing me to stick there but I don’t want her to cum so soon so I shifted left side inner thigh and started biting there. She cried in pain again I started licking her pussy and after some time I bite on her right side inner thigh. She shouted at me asked me to lick properly. I was playing with her and she was going crazy.

And started moving her ass upward and I was licking her clitoris. She held my head and was pressing very tightly against her puss and was moving her ass more vigorously. I was paying for my deed. Lol. Finally, she announced with big screamed that she is cumming.. and would appreciate that finally she left me and I was gasping for air.

On the other hand, she was lying still.Controlling her breath. I asked her to return favor to which she denied and ran towards bathroom. I followed her with my erect dick she was sitting on commode I was standing in front of her and my duck new that it’s time for him to get treat. I kept my tool on her mouth.She was not opening it and teasing me by moving her head.

I was going crazy and hold her head by craving her hairs but still she is not opening her mouth. I started smashing it on her face still she kept her mouth shut. With index finger and thumb I squeeze her nipple very harshly which made her screen and as soon as she open her mouth I inserted my duck in her mouth. Now I win with smile she started sucking my cock and testicles.

I was feeling out of the world. and in few minutes.I came in her mouth. She is master in sucking.
We took rest for 15 -20 min and decided to get fresh. She dragged me in the hot shower and started sucking me. Within no time I was ready to fuck. I started tab of the bathtub and interchange the position.

I made her stand and was licking and fingering her. At the same time, she was pressing her boobs. When bathtub started overflowing I sat in and asked her to ride me. She sat and inserted my tool in her pussy and started jumping.Her boobs were dancing.She held my head and poke right nipple on my mouth. Happily, I took and started sucking her nipple.

Beneath I was supporting her to make her jump. Her ass was very soft and smooth. She was murmuring.I love you. Fuck me. I will always want to get fucked by you. Common move your ass and fuck me.Deeper.Ahhh ahh. Love yuùu. Ahhh. I am.Comiinngg. Oh god.What you have made me. In just one night. But truly. Enjoying.

I thanked her for the compliment and reminded her that I am still inside her and yet to be finished. She apologies and asked me on which poisoned you want to finish.I asked her to be in doggy style and kept bath stool in tub between her thigh and switched on the hand shower and gave her and asked to position the shower to hit on her puss.

Now I positioned myself and inserted in her in one shot. Grab her hair and pull towards me. Now she was on her knees holding shower exactly in front of her clitoris and I was fucking her slowly. While fucking I removed bath stool as now it is not making any sense. With other hand, she was taking the support of wall and with pleasure she was asking me from where I am getting new ideas of fucking.

As she is feeling out of the world. She is moving her ass to match my thrust.The pressure started building. and increase my speed and deeper thrust. Our knees were painting but both of us were so highly tucking each other that it was not nattering. In between she came twice and finally I was about to come.

I pulled her more towards me and grab her both boobs and was pressing very harshly. and came in her. I went out and made 2 strong pegs and sat bath tub and drag her between my thighs. After finishing our drink we took bath and came back to our home. Hope you have enjoyed.

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Raj Enjoying Sex Surat Babe Kiran

Hello friends, I am Raj Chaudhari from Jodhpur...I am also inspired from other readers and trying to share one of the incident happened in my life. I am a regular reader of human digest. But never tried to share my experiences on site as I was not so much aware that it could give me more chance. Please forgive me for my mistakes in grammar. Please go through the feelings of this real incident.

I am now settled in Jodhpur. Before one year, I was in Ahmedabad working for a very reputed company of telecom. I was working as a manager in that company. I have done my telecom jobs in various company for 10 years and now after all I have decided settled down in Jodhpur with my family.

Friends this incident happened 8 years back when I was 28. I was working as a technical desk support in my company. Since there was not much regular work, we used to browse social networking sites like orkut, facebook and yahoo messenger regularly.

One fine day, I have received a friend request named Kiran Patel from Surat. I was surprised because I did not have any contacts in surat accept one of my chat friend cum sister and she was very loyal for brother -sister relationship. I understand that she could not be my chat friend. But as per our human nature, I have accepted her request and ask her about request.

She told me that she know me very well. Yet she did not ever seen me, but she is fan of mine. I was surprised....could not understand, who is she?? and how does she know me? I have asked her few questions regarding me and to my surprise she has given all the answers correctly.

Finally, I was being restless. I have clearly asked her about how did she got my id and everything. She told me that she will tell me at a exact point of time and closed her chat and left. She did not come online for next two days. I become anger and tried to search her in any of my contacts in all social media. But I was failed.

Finally after two days, again in evening around 7 PM, she came online. I formally greeted her and started our conversation. She was also chatting very formally. I have again asked her about me to her.. but she denied. But on that day, we have chat on various topic like her studies, family and many other simple topics. No vulgarity was happened.

This type of routine chat started regularly. She often waits for me and I also was waiting for her to be online and chats. We have also exchanged our numbers after few days. We became close but I was still not aware about her that how she know me very well.

After my lot of request, She told me that she wants to meet me. She want me to meet in Surat as she could not leave the city. And if I want to know who is she, and how she know about me very well, I have to visit surat. In my heart, I started liking her. I was also now ready to meet her, but more willingness was about how she knew about me. That made me crazy till now.

One day my boss called me and told me that I have to go for surat for router configuration tomorrow due to some urgency. So I have decided to go surat and meet her finally. So I have applied for leave for one day and planned to go surat. So I told her in the evening that I was coming in surat tomorrow. To my surprise, she was very much happy.

She asked about all my arrangements, transportation mode and everything. I have told her that I will be there by train at 10 am. She was readily agreed and told me to wait on railway station for her. As per plan, I started my journey to surat in the morning at 4 AM so that I can reach on my given timing. I reached there on time. In between she has confirmed me twice at 7 AM and 9 AM.

As soon as I reached on railway station, I have called her and she asked me to come outside of railway station and given her car number. I reached near the car. She opened the door and greeted me to come in. She was stunning beauty. I have not expected so much beauty from her.

She asked me my office address where I have to go for router configuration and we reached there within next 20 minutes. During whole this drive, I was freeze. I was just thinking that how did it happen?? She was like a actress, belong to a very rich family and I was from a simple middle class family. Even my looks was also not so much good.

Not even bad but to as compare to her, I was nothing. She knew me very well then why is she so much fond of me? I came out of her car and told her to wait for one hour so that I can complete my work and will be free to meet her properly. She readily agreed and told me that she is going to one of her friend's house to kill that one hour and will be back whenever I will call her.

As soon as I reached in the office, set up was ready. They simply greeted me and I have started my configuration immediately. I have completed my configuration within 30 minutes and called her. She came in just 10 minutes and as soon as I seat, she asked me for where to go next. I wanted to have coffee first. So she drove to one of the cafe shop and ordered two coffee.

While having coffee, I have requested her to answer that question. She told me that to forget about it. and also promised me that she will reveal everything before I would leave from surat. My return ticket was in the evening at 7 PM. It was only 11:30 while we were having coffee. So she asked me what is my wish for the day. How do I want to enjoy this day?

I have asked her for movie to kill at least 3 hours time. She was ready and we reached in a multiplex. I bought two corner seats tickets and we checked in the cinema hall. Movie was not so much interesting, so we started normal talks in hall in very low voice. I was not able to hear her arguments so went near her and ask her to speak again.

She held my hair with one of her hand, planted a kiss on my lips directly. Before I can react anything, she started to smooch my lips as much as possible. I could not control anymore and I have also started to respond her. That was the first kiss and it was also lasted for more than 10 minutes. She was so much excited that she was not ready to leave my lips.

I also became wild now. I also started smooch her lovely lips and started to press her boobs over her t-shirt. She was getting more and more excited. she wildly kissed me on whole my face and came to my neck and started to bite me there. I was unable to control hence I used some pressure and pushed her back and asked her to stay relaxed for some time.

She obeyed me and rested in her seat. Next 10 minutes, we both were silent. I have several time tried to read her face. She was looking very happy like she has cleared some task or what. I became normal and asked her about her sudden change. She told me that she loves me and this was her wish to kiss me. I was again surprised by hearing this. What was she saying??

I never expected this kind of love from someone to me. She told me do not go in deep right now, till evening before boarding you will know everything. She also told me that she knew I am liking her and came here to meet only. She asked me to keep trust on her and let her enjoy this full day with me. She requested me to be like a lover with her that full day.

I do not why but I agreed with her request and again started to smooch. This time I was more powerful to her. and started to kiss her all over her face and lips. Slowly I came down to her neck and kept my right hand on her left boob and started to massage slowly. she was moaning and liking my whole act. she wanted to enjoy more and more so was giving me full access to her body.

I slowly started to kiss her cleavage and she became more and more horny. She was moaning like hell. Ahh... Aahh... hmmm...... I love you jaanu... I wanted this since a long time... keep it up... please do it... like this she moaned in my ears and it was making me in full mood. I slowly pulled her t-shirt up to her breast and started to enjoy her breast over her bra.

I could not see the exact color of that bra but I was enjoying as well as she. Slowly I have hugged her and unhooked her bra from back. She also co-operated very well so in a single try it was opened. She was now more confident about me. so trying to excite me more and more.

She tried to repeatedly bite me on my neck and then kept her one hand on my jeans's zip and was trying to massage my dick over my jeans. I understood she wants everything today. She was so much aroused that she might have sex in that cinema hall.

So I have again parted and taken rest for next few minutes till interval. I have offered some popcorn and soft drinks to her and she accepted it. Movie started again and lights again switched off. As soon as lighted switched off, she kept popcorn and soft drink on next chair to her and came close to me and kept my left hand with her both hand and rested her head to my shoulder.

Again a romantic song came and she pulled me to her face and we started smooch again. This time even wild than earlier. She was going crazy. she opened my shirt buttons and pushed me on my chair and kissing me on chest very vigorously. I also kissed her and our saliva exchanged to each other's tongue.

She tried to open my belt but I stopped her there and told her that not to do all here. She understood my meaning. She tried to become normal. She again wore her bra properly and fixed her hair with band and asked me to get up. I said what happened?? she said she has some place where nobody will disturb us till evening. I have looked into her eyes.

She was so much aroused. She do not want to leave me at any cost. She again asked me get up and follow her and I did the same. We came in parking and she again started to kiss me. but this time she was normal. I asked her where we are going. She said one of her friend's house. She has given her apartment's key as her parent is out of station and she is alone here.

She was on her job. So apartment is all ours. Nobody is going to disturb us till 7 PM. She stopped the car near a restaurant and asked me to wait 10 minutes. She came with a packed lunch in parcel. We reached to that apartment. She opened the door. It was the noon time so nobody was outside.

We have entered into the apartment very easily and closed the main door and bolted it properly. She has guided me to bedroom. We entered into the bedroom. It was well furnished and very well decorated room. She has switched on the AC and asked me to stay relaxed. She came back with lunch in a single plate. We both had a lunch together in a single plate.

During the lunch, I have so many times observed satisfaction into her eyes. She kept her eyes on me and my movements. I was not hurrying for anything. After lunch she kept plate in kitchen and came back again. I was sitting like resting on wall side with the help of pillow. She came near me on the bed and kept her head on my thighs.

I was getting aroused as her face was near my pant's zip and she was very softly touching it. I have again asked her the same question. Now please tell me, how do you know about me?? Why are you so much crazy about me ??? I am not a rich person. My looks is also not that much good. what have you seen in me?? what made you crazy about me??

She stopped me in between and again planted a kiss on my lips. Again action started with more and more lust. I was also much relaxed on bed. She started open my shirt buttons and I have opened her T-shirt. Her figure was 32-28-34. Looking like a milky white bare skin. She was looking like a sex goddess. I have started her to kiss on her tits and she became restless.

She started to kiss me on my chest and kept her hands on buckle of belt. Opened my belt and straight forward opened my pant as well. She was still in her jeans. I started to kiss again on cleavage and came below to her belly. Kissed there and more moved to downwards to her jeans. She understood and kept her thighs in the air so that I can remove her jeans easily.

She was wearing pink panty. I opened her jeans and trough it on to the floor. Started to stare on her bare body. She was a stunning sex goddess. Perfect figure, nice soft voice, Softest skin. I again came to her lips and kissed her vigorously. Now the moment was that I was not in my control. I wanted to have sex with her right now. So I kissed her boobs and few times also bite on them.

At the same time, I have kept my hand into her panty and reached to her love hole. Suddenly she shivered and asked me to be soft to her as this is her first time. She was virgin. I Slowly started to kiss her belly and again went near her panty. Pulled it down out of her legs and thrown on the floor and looked it properly. She was wet there.

I opened her both legs and went near her pussy and started kissed on her pussy. She pulled my hair and again asked me to be genuine with it. It is all yours today. Please do whatever you want. but be gentle with it for the first time. I planted 5-6 small kisses on her cunt. She started moaning.

Aaah....aaah... plss..... ufff..... pls kiss me there...... and kept my head there only... I have kept my both hands on her tits and was squeezing them and the same time I was now kissing hardly on her cunt. She sprayed her first orgasm on mouth.. she became silent. and relaxed for a while. She has asked me to rest on the bed and she came up on me. She started kissing me everywhere.

She started to pinch my nipples with her teeth and more gone down to my underwear. She pulled it down. And my dick was saluting her. She was surprised by my tool's size but keep it on. She kept it in her hand started to give me handjob. I told her to give me blowjob. and she obeyed. She straightly moved her mouth to dick and started to kiss it from outside first.

She was jerking my road and also kissing from outside.. slowly she kept his mouth on the tip of my road's head.. wow what a feeling was that.. I was in seventh heaven. My eyes automatically closed and she gave me blow job very satisfying way. I have asked her to come near me. And I came over her.... She opened her legs and welcomed me...

I positioned my dick on the entrance of her pussy. and started to rub it on her cunt... She was moaning loudly... pls do not do this.. pls enter into me... I want it since a long time.. please do not tease me. I have positioned my tool and tried to push it but I was not able to enter fully in the first jerk.

She also screamed in that pain.. but she told me not to stop.. push more...tears came out of her eyes.. but she wanted it fully. so I pushed it more and it gone more than half into her.. in next jerk, I was fully in... and she was moaning in pain. I kept silent... and been there as it is with my tool inside her... I kissed her and again started to massage her tits... she was also now relaxed...

I have again started my action. Now I have started to and fro into her.. she was moaning and enjoying me... She was shouting like.. pls fuck me.. ohhh yess...pls... thoda jor se karo... muje aur chahiye....pls jaanu karo na.. thoda fast... ha aur fast... aur....aaah...ohhh...uff..... I love you jaanu....bahot majaa aa raha hai...... bus aise hi karte raho....muje ye chahiye aap se...

pls do..... aur do..... aaah a... ohhh ma... yess.......uffff.......she reached on her climax....and hold me very tightly.. I understood so I have also stopped my moment for a while.. she was relaxed within a minute...again I started to fuck her and she was screaming more loudly now... I also got loaded fully and about to cum. so I have asked her to what to do...

she told me to released my cum into her pussy...she will take pill... but she want real enjoy of the sex with me only....So I did... we were stayed there in that same positioned till next time... she was looking so much relaxed... and totally satisfied with me. I asked her about pain. She said "Ye pain to muje kabse chahiye tha aapse....dont worry I am fine."

Sorry guys,, but I will explain further into my next part... please give me the comments and be in touch with me if you really liked my story.

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Alok Enjoying Fuck With Upstairs Bhabhi Nisha

Hello Friends, first of all, I would like to thank all the ladies and aunties who have read my earlier story and given me an immense pleasure and response which led me to submit my another story. So sit back and be ready for another real-life encounter I had with Nisha (name changed for privacy reasons).

For those who are reading my story for the first time I wanted to tell you briefly about me. I am Alok Saxena, 28 years of age and currently working with a reputed company and residing in Delhi. I have an athletic build and my height is 5’7 inch and my dick size is 7’5 inches.

Nisha came with her husband to live in the house just above ours. She was educated but she don’t work as her husband doesn’t like her working. So she was managing the house and she doesn’t have lot of work so after completing her household chores she come to our house to meet my mother.

My mother and Nisha become a very good friend.I used to call Nisha as bhabhi most of the time. Sorry guys forget to tell you about her. So she is 30 years old and she doesn’t have any kid and her figure is to die for she is 32b-26-32. She has maintained herself after her marriage of 3 years. When anyone see her for the first time nobody can tell that she is married girl.

She mostly wear knee length nighty, tight fitted low waist jeans top and several other western wear. She also wear Patiala suits also with cut sleeves and backless kurti. She used to come to our house whenever she gets time and in little time she became a very good family friend of ours. Nisha use to go for morning walk in her tight leggings and t-shirts.

I have a crush on her from the day I seen her in her morning attire. So I always tried to see her in those clothes and go outside and wait for her to return. When see return from her morning jogging in all her sweat around breast & her armpits.

This incident happened with me when my mother had to travel to Mumbai for some function. She told Nisha bhabhi to take care of me till time she is not here. Next morning I went to her house to give her the key of our house as I was going out. To my surprise when she opened the door Nisha bhabhi was washing the clothes.

She was in white sleeveless top and a black shorts which were all wet from the outside while washing the clothes. After entering the house I realized that her husband is also not at home. After entering the house, she asked me to seat for a while and so she will wind up washing the clothes. After 10 minutes she come out and went to balcony to hang the clothes.

She hangs all her clothes. Then she went inside to change her clothes which were all soaked in water while washing the clothes. As soon as she went inside her bedroom to change her clothes. I went to the balcony and took her one of red thong which was hanging on the rope.

Then I put that sexy panty of her inside my underwear around my dick. After that I came back to the living area. After few minutes Nisha bhabhi come in the tight fitted jeans and a tank top. She was looking so damn sexy. I was continuously watching her and after sometime she replied saying Alok why you had come here.

I didn’t respond to her question, she continued to ask for few more times but when I didn’t responded then she shouted at me. Then I come to my senses and said yes Bhabhi you were saying something, she replied yes I was asking why you come to our house.

I said bhabhi I needed to give you the key of my house. I have some urgent work and need to leave the house and gave her the key of my house. Then she went to balcony to hang her towel and come back in few minutes. She was full of anger and asked me where it is. I said what bhabhi she repeated where is it Alok, I again said what bhabhi.

She said my red thong (panty) I said what bhabhi. She said yes my panty which I hang outside just few minutes back and now it is not there. I said I don’t know Bhabhi what you are talking about, she said I know it’s with you Alok give it back. I said what are you saying bhabhi I don’t have it. She said are you sure you don’t have it.

And suddenly she put her hands inside my jeans, my underwear and touching my dick took out her panty and shown that to me. Then she seat down on the couch near to her. Then I told Bhabhi please don’t tell anyone please.

After this incident Bhabhi got totally changed and become so open. I never thought bhabhi would have such a large urge and so dominating when it comes to sex. Then Bhabhi told me to go back and stand there. I begged in front of bhabhi continuously for some time. After continuously begging she had shown some sympathy towards me.

And told me that she can leave me only on one condition do whatever I say you have to do that. I told Bhabhi I will do whatever you will say without any questions. Then she asked me to take of your clothes. I said what Bhabhi she repeated that take of your clothes. I hesitantly started taking of mine clothes. First I removed my jeans and then t shirts.

Now she told even your underwear also. I said Bhabhi no I can’t, then she picked up her phone to call my mother. I hesitantly said wait bhabhi I will remove it but don’t call my mother. As soon as I removed my underwear my balls got little tight and my dick got semi erected and I tried to cover it with my hand. She was amazed to see my dick and told me I have a nice dick.

After watching my dick she asked me how many girlfriend I have. I replied I don’t have any girlfriend. She further asked me whether your dick is worth anything or it’s just a show piece. Then she asked me whether I am virgin or not. I told bhabhi that I am not virgin.

Then she come near to me and hold my hand and put it behind. She started checking my balls and dick for several minutes by putting her hands around it. Then she started giving me hand job which made my dick hard and started saluting her. After watching my dick saluting her, she started giving me a blowjob.

I said Bhabhi what are you doing. She told me to shut up and just let her do what she is doing. Then she took her clothes too. Then she started giving me very wild hand job which was hurting me and my foreskin round my tip got all red. I said bhabhi it’s hurting. She told me it didn’t hurt you when you were taking my panty and putting it around your dick.

She also told me now onward you will be my personal slave. I was happy to see her fully naked. She was so fair and there were no hair around her pubic area and on her legs, arms and armpits. But at the same time I was little nervous also because I never done a submissive sex ever in my life with any of the girl and ladies I had sex.

So it was my first experience of being a submissive sex male. Then I told bhabhi I have to go to the toilet and she didn’t allowed me to go to. And then she hold my balls and squeezed them hard. Meanwhile the pressure of pee was building inside my bladder. I begged her again and again that I need to go to loo. But she was not wanted to entertain my request this time.

Then I told bhabhi mera nikalne wala hai (bhabhi my pee is going to come out). And then she squeezed my balls and I started peeing in front of her in her living room and somewhat on her. After doing pee I was feeling relaxed has heavy burden has gone from me. Then she asked me how I am feeling now. I told her that I am fine now.

And suddenly she shouted at me saying who will clean your shit. I said bhabhi I will clean it wait for a minute and asked bhabhi for some rough cloth to wipe my pee from her body and from the floor. Then she told me why you need cloth, clean the shit with your tongue.

I had never done this before. But she made me to do it and when I started licking my pee from her body. She asked me to lay down on the floor and she come on top of my mouth. And she sit down on me and started doing her pee on my mouth and asked me drink all.

After she completed her pee I started licking my pee from her body and she was licking her pee from my body. After 20 minutes my pee build up again and I told bhabhi that I need to pee again. She took my dick straight in her mouth asked me to release all my pee in her mouth. To my surprise she drink all my pee and didn’t let any drop came out her mouth.

She hold my dick like a bullock cart and took me with her around every corner of her house and slapping my ass. After showing her whole house she took me to her bathroom. Meanwhile we both were naked all the time. After entering the bathroom she suddenly started the shower. We both got wet now under the shower.

She come closer to me and asked me to fuck her in the standing position. I was little shy to start the first move and suddenly she hold my dick tightly and started sucking my balls and dick. That made my balls and dick both wet with her saliva. Then she continued to give me blow job for quite some time. I was moaning ahahaha ahhahh ahahah aahahahh ahahah uuuumm.

After 15 minutes of sucking my dick and continue playing with my balls. I told bhabhi I am about to cum she told me to cum in her mouth. After all this I forget everything and got totally open with her. I asked her to put per one leg on the seat of commode and started licking her pussy & inner thighs. She was moaning very loud like aahahah.

After sucking for 20 min she started spitting her fluid on my face. She was all wet like a hell. Then she asked me to put dick inside her pussy. Then I said bhabhi I don’t have a condom. She said stupid don’t give me any excuse just put it inside.

Then I started pumping her pussy in and out motion in the standing position. She started moaning Alok ahahahah fuck me harder. I was starving for last 3 month for sex….. ahahah ahhahm hmmm mm mmhhh hhmm hmh mhm I have never had this type of fun before … uuuum yeahaha ahhh aaahahh.

After 30 minutes of pumping her pussy she cummed but I continued to pump her as I didn’t cummed yet. And after 10 minutes I told bhabhi that I am about to cum she told me to cum inside her pussy. This was the first time I had ever cummed inside any female pussy.

Then we both took the bath and come out. As soon as I come out I wanted to wear my clothes and she took my clothes. She told me did I asked you to wear your clothes. She took my dick in her hands and started squeezing it hard with her soft hand. I said sorry bhabhi then she release my dick. She also told me when I asked you to wear then only wear it.

We both were naked in the living room, then suddenly she asked for a lunch. I went to kitchen with my hanging balls and semi hard dick. And started looking around to think what I can make for the lunch. She suddenly come from behind and hold my dick from behind my ass and seat in between my legs.

Then she started giving me a blowjob again but this time she put her one finger in my ass. It was the first time anyone put finger in my ass. But to be honest it was an awesome feeling and I cummed in 10 minutes of sucking. Else I take 30-45 minutes to cum when female give me normal blow job. Then I took a bread and butter from the fridge.

And we both ate it and then started fucking again in the kitchen floor. That very day I was her slave for the full day and fucked her numerous time. We ended up fucking 7-8 times in all the fucking position which are given in the Kama sutra. Further I hardly remember any place where we didn’t had sex in her house.

By the end, she was like a dead women and laying on the floor of her bedroom. After this she ask me to wear my cloth and go but she didn’t wear anything. She asked me to come tomorrow again. After that day we didn’t wear any clothes whenever we meet each other. It was our dress code to not where anything. We started having sex in her house as mostly she live alone.

That day showed me the other side of a women, who is so desperate in the sex. And this incident also give me knowledge about what happens when a married female doesn’t get a proper sex in her life. As you know I had sex with many married female so I know how to make them happy.

After this incident we are more like a husband wife and whenever we get time we start fucking. Now sometimes she dominates me or sometimes I dominates her in the sex.Till today we are fucking each other like there is no tomorrow. Even when I am writing this story while she is reading this and fucked her ass twice.

If you like this story about me and Nisha bhabhi how she made me her sex slave please do tell us about it on my email id. Your appreciation and suggestion would be of high importance. And it will motivate me to tell u about my next encounter with her on the holi. How we made a holi weekend a sex weekend.

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Adil Enjoying Hot Sex With Horny Girlfriend Neha

Hi! Deepavali greetings to everyone out there! I an Adil, I live in Hyderabad, I am a fun guy to hang out with and a lovely personality to share things with, never feel lonely in this whole world, people may come and go, always prioritize yourself!

This story is the closest to me, however, she is not with me, I loved each and every moment with her! The girl whom I am about to talk about,her name was Neha. It all began one fine day, when I saw her in my class, we both used to study in intermediate, Narayana college! She had a charm on her face! But who was looking at her face!

I befriended her, although it took time, she was in the WhatsApp group of my whole class! I used to message her for the notes which were written by her, although I never studied that good! I made her realize that I had a crush on her, she got obvious! She used to give me hints! And I am a shy kind of guy, so I never said anything! She had a figure of 34-28-34!

Her skin was bright as something is revealing from her body her eyes were the epitome of intoxication… Her finger was so delicate… Her hair was silky like some silk cloth…And she used to dress like a model… She made many herds fall in love with her, but she was my destiny…She was a walking supermodel of our college!

One fine day she said that she wanted to meet me, I met her, she herself confessed that she loves me,I also said that I do, but I couldn’t tell! The story starts here now, brace yourselves! She messaged me the other day that she loves me and she wants to become mine, I said yeah I also want the same to happen! I was thinking in my mind what all could happen!

Suddenly the next message she said was ” I wanna have sex with you,so that I become yours ” I was surprised, she didn’t strike the girl who would have made the first move! Anyways I said her that I also want the same but isn’t it too early! She said she couldn’t wait anymore!

I said ok I live in Hyderabad, and my parents used to live abroad, so my home used to be empty, I called her to my home one fine day. She came dressed in a red saree, I was amazed at how awesome she looked! She came in I offered water, coffee, and all the mandatory things!

She looked like an angel, and she was a girl of class, she draped her saree so nicely that it showed her class… Her lips were like strawberry, with red lipstick, I just wanted to chew it! But I knew I had to control. She called me and asked how she was looking and as I said I am a shy guy, I just smiled at her! But believe me, she looked like a bomb…!

After that, I went to my room to speak with my mom. Anyways after about 5 mins, I was speaking on the phone with my parents, my mom used to speak with me every day, so she was on the call, suddenly she came behind me and started kissing my neck, and my boner started to come, my voice started to shiver on call with my mom!

I said her I will speak later and turned towards her, she just started kissing my lips as if she was hungry for it! We kissed almost 15 mins! She was so horny she almost tore my shirt, I just said her once in chatting that I love wild girls! She made my dream come true…

She became naked in a matter of seconds and made me take off my clothes also, I was just enjoying, then she asked me if I like to be sucked, I just nodded, I was into too much pleasure that I could understand what to say!

She started sucking and caressing my balls, uffff, the best feeling ever, I pushed her on the sofa and inserted my middle finger, in her vagina and started rubbing the g spot! She became mad with pleasure… As soon as I took out my finger, to lick her pussy,she started shouting “I can’t wait anymore, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

I just obeyed what the madam said and inserted my 6″ weapon in the bunker… She gave a big moan and grabbed my ball with one hand… And said to make faster… And I fucked her like it’s my last day on planet earth… I made her cum twice before I came! She made me cum inside her she wanted the warm feeling of my cum!

Anyways she was with me for 4 years, we fucked like bunnies, and I got too professional in this art, now I can satisfy any girl in the world! Best time of my life with her! Anyways,this was my first story, I hope you all love it! Please feel free to post your feedback in the comments below.

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Sex With Cute Department Store Girl Rusmita

I am a college student. I live in a flat with two friends. Every now and then we host get-togethers at our apartment – booze is a must, accompanied by music, sometimes it gets loud. Neighbors do complain, but seriously who gives a fuck.

Anyways, this is something that happened last week. We as usual bunked classes and smoked up the whole afternoon. After countless hours everyone started craving for munchies.The three of us decided to visit the department store which is just across the road.

Straightaway we grabbed some chips and started eating them like they were the last few packets left on the planet earth. While we were busy filling our mouths instead of our stomachs, a cute girl ( I mean really cute ) came to us.Her clothes said that she worked in the store and name tag said “Rusmita”. In a very polite way, she asked us not to eat.

My friend asked her the reason, to which she said that we hadn’t yet paid for it. We have been living there for 3 years and we know each and every guy of the store. I asked her whether she was new or what. The answer was affirmative; in fact, she had joined the previous day only.

I tried to explain to her that it was fine and we were not going to run away, but she didn’t seem to understand. In the end, the manager had to intervene. But deep inside I just didn’t want it to end. That girl was all over my mind.

Next day I went there again to buy some stuff. She was there, but now on the counter. Bought something and went to her. She looked at me and then got busy with merrying herself with the beep sound. She wasn’t paying any attention towards what I was doing. That was the time I had some serious look at her body.

Boobs definitely 34, waist – 30 around I guess with the perfect amount of fat, couldn’t reach down to the ass. She must be 5 feet 5 inches tall. In the end, she asked me if I needed a poly bag, she looked at me and I started smiling like a dumbfuck. I have no idea what happened to my lips, they just wouldn’t close. And there she was looking at me in sheer amazement.

She must be thinking ” what’s up with this guy? Is he a fucking retard?”.Anyways, paid my bill and got out. Never mind. Next day was Saturday and friends decided to get wasted as fuck and that too by doing shots. OK. But the problem was that we didn’t have shot glasses. Time to hit the store again.

I and my friend grabbed two glasses and again went to her counter, although her counter had the longest line. She grazed her eyes on us and I could see her lips broaden a bit. :-). Our turn came and I put the glasses on her counter. She beeped them again and asked whether we needed a carry bag.

Me and my friends started laughing and I said ” Itni si chhoti cheez k liye bhi carry bag, kya yaar!!”. She also started giggling. And then to my utter surprise, she asked ” kya piyoge isme? Beer?”. We again started laughing and then I explained her the purpose of those glasses.

Next day was Sunday. Woke up at around 2 in the afternoon. I hardly remember any Sunday without a hangover, so was this one. My head was paining like hell and I needed some coffee. Went to the kitchen to find that there was no coffee left. It was time to hit the store again. I was hoping that she wouldn’t be there, but she was.

Today I wasn’t in the mood of flirting but then suddenly something struck me. I took coffee and also picked two cups. It was Sunday and there were very few people. I went to the counter and kept the coffee and the cups. I was smiling again and so was she. Just looking at her cute smile was so mesmerizing. She broke the silence by saying “Kal vodka aur aaj coffee!”.

I asked her “Do you like the cups”. She said, ” yeah, they are lovely”. Then I said, “So this means that you would like to have a cup of coffee”. She didn’t say anything and just returned to her work. But in the end gave me the cute smile again.

For next three days, I went there just to meet her and buy some useless stuff. On the 4th day i.e. Thursday she agreed to have a cup of coffee and I asked for her phone number. She usually gets free after five in the evening. She also lives nearby and we met at a restaurant. Had coffee and then I asked her if she really didn’t know the difference between vodka and beer.

She said that she really didn’t know but wanted to try vodka once. We then chit-chatted for a while and then decided to leave as it was getting late. While returning I asked her if she wanted some shots. She hesitated but agreed after a while.

We straightaway went to my apartment. I had already texted my friends to go out for few hours. I opened the door and asked her to sit on the mattress. Brought the two glasses and poured some alcohol into them.

With a fair warning about the taste, I asked her to swallow it all in just one go. Hahaha… her face after the first shot, fucking amazing. I asked her to do one more, she resisted but again agreed after a bit persuasion. Again the same face. She started all that bullshit about why people drink if it is so bad in taste. I was waiting for it to kick in.

We were sitting there, talking to each other when she said that she is feeling something. It was something warm and suddenly her shoulders were light. I went close to her and pressed her shoulders from behind. She first looked at me by turning her head and then kept it on my chest.

That was for the first time I smelled her hair. It was so fresh and something like I have never smelled before. I slowly removed my hands from her shoulders and slid them down her hands and held her palm. She was leaning all over me now. I moved my nose to her left ear and started slowly rubbing it. She didn’t resist even a bit. Then I bit it. I heard her moan.

She turned, looked at me and came even closer. Without losing even a moment I kissed her. Those lips were so soft. She is a good kisser, she responded to my each move with a better one. Like when I bit her lower lip, she got on her knees, pressed her boobs against my chest and bit my ears while licking them. God! It was like heaven.

We missed each other for like 10 minutes. Then I guess the alcohol started losing its effect. I took one more shot and gave her too. She took it immediately. I asked her to take off her top. She smiled and asked me to do it. I took it off in no time. Aaahhh those breasts were just waiting for one snap to break free from that tight black bra of hers.

I couldn’t resist and dug my face into her cleavage. I was kissing them like a lion who hadn’t eaten in days. Mmm ….those soft, juicy melons. I could have lived there for eternity. When I got overexcited I just pulled out her right breast and put the nipple in my mouth. She wasn’t resisting at all. I sucked it to my full. She removed her bra.

I was dinned on those perfect tits for like countless minutes. She took off my shirt and kissed me all over my chest and neck. She is a wild tigress, trust me ! While doing so, even gave me some love marks. One is right on my neck. I had one more shot while she was licking my chest. Her firm ass was filling my palms and her nipples were inside my mouth.

Licking, sucking and what not. I moved my hand to hey pussy. She was already dripping. The wet spot was clearly visible. Removed her pants and started rubbing her clitoris. Also, put one finger inside her vagina. Mmmm …it was so warm and wet. I too got completely naked and she started stroking my penis.

She took it inside her mouth and started sucking it. I liked her techniques. She has a special way of rolling the tongue over the glans before giving it a stroke. She even rolls her tongue while stroking and then takes it whole in.Man, it’s awesome!

We got into 69 and I started licking her pussy. She was literally dripping. Her brown pussy is tight, reasonably tight. I felt like she came about 2 times. Her muscles tensed and she moaned loudly. But then the worst thing imaginable happened. She received a phone call from her roommate. She had to leave as it was urgent. I asked her to at least made me cum once.

She started giggling again. I don’t know what happened to me.I pushed her on the mattress. Went to her face and put my cock on her lips. She understood and started sucking it again. I stopped her and began fucking her mouth.

She made me stop in between and asked me not to cum in her mouth. I obliged. After 2-3 minutes of hard mouth fuck which was full of gagging, I finally came. She was again smiling. Her smile is like Mona Lisa’s. The only difference is that I have fucked this ones.

While she was getting dressed I grabbed her pussy and said “ab zindagi me bas yahi chaiye” she laughed and said “next time dear”. We smooched for a while and then I dropped her. We are again meeting tomorrow. I will be sharing my experience soon.

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Kabir Enjoying Blind Date Sex With Natasha

Hello Digesters! Lemme state at the very start that all contents of the story (except for the 2 names) are cent percent accurate. Well to introduce myself, my name is Kabir. I'm a 29 yr old guy with a very good job. Im born and brought up in Mumbai. My job makes me travel a lot and I love it. I like meeting new people and creating new experiences.

Well I have been blessed enough or say lucky enough to have had many encounters with interesting women from various parts of d world, but I would like to share this 1 experience which happened with me in India.

Soo the story begins when I had just come to town 2 yrs back. While catching up with my friends one of them mentioned about Craigslist. I knew well that Craigslist has a decent base in USA and other such countries, bt I wasn't sure how well it worked in India. Soo a curious person as I am I decided to give it a try. Soo I casually posted an ad claiming my availability.

To my surprise in d next 3-4 days I got a few responses. While most of them were from call girls or agents or even gays all of which were not worth replying back to, there was this 1 response from a girl that caught my attention. She had reverted in a simple 2-sentance mail. I felt positive and reverted back to her.

We exchanged a few mails in the next 2 days and eventually I asked for her contact. To my sweet surprise she gave it without any qualms. Even though I was feeling a bit apprehensive of contacting a total stranger off the internet, I decided to take a leap of faith.

I called her up in the afternoon and there she answered in a sweet and soothing voice. We spoke for just about 5 mins. She introduced herself as Natasha and revealed that she's married and if that's not a problem for me. I said I was fine with it and offered us to meet later in the evening to which she obliged. I asked her what was she looking forward to.

She said she was looking for a casual and fun evening. I don't know why but I bizarrely asked her, ' so should I book a room?' I wanted to take back my words as soon as I uttered them but it wasnt necessary. She chuckled and said, ' let's meet and see how the evening goes'. I was now feeling very excited to meet this woman.

I had never been on a blind date and the excitement of meeting her was at my zenith. A small part of me was scared of a fraud too coz she had neither asked for my photograph nor enquired about me personally. But the excitement was too high for the worry.

She stayed in Powai- an area which I wasn't very well familiar with. Soo I asked around and found out a couple of lounges and hotels (incase I get lucky on d very first date). Soo I got ready and left for Powai. I picked up a pack of condoms on the way as I felt I could score big today. I reached our RV point. I had chosen a busy main Street for the meet.

I called her up and she said she's on her way and will b reaching in 5 minutes. My eyes were scanning the street for my potential date. I did not know what to expect of a soft voiced married woman. I was standing by my car as a woman greeted me from behind. 'Hello' she said. I responded likewise and we both smiled at one another.

She was totally the opposite of what I was expecting. She was wearing hot pants, tank top and a poncho kinda jacket. She had a nice hair do, was well groomed and she smelt incredibly nice. I politely opened the door for her and seated her in my car. I then asked her what does she have in mind. She said ' let's go anywhere except powai'. There I was zapped.

I like a fool did not have a backup plan. I decided to take her to a place I know better- bandra. As there are plenty of clubs in bandra, we could hang out at any one of those I figured. She agreed and we left for bandra. Well anyone here who knows Mumbai would know about the terrible rush hour traffic. It took me 2.5 hrs to reach a bandra pub.

On the way though we had a great time. V spoke about each other's interests, our likes and dislikes. I asked her about her husband. She said 'we have gotten into a big fight. He supports his mother all the time on everything. Soo I'm staying at my mom's place for now. N he has not come to talk or apologise to me yet. It has been 2 months.

Soo I figured I needed my share of happiness n fun.' I was eager to knoe why a genuine girl like her agreed to meet me without knowing anything about me or even without asking for my pic. She said ' I contacted a couple of guys from Craigslist and they all turned out to be perverts. They were sending dirty mails from the very beginning. They seemed desperate.

You on the other hand were the only guy who were responding genuinely and I trusted u gauging from ur style of writing'. I was blushing. We then discovered our mutual love for travelling. She like me loves to travel. She started sharing her experience about when she stayed in Sydney for a year for pilot training.

As I myself have stayed in Sydney for 10 days, I knew a lil about the town. We discussed places, food etc etc. I kept d conversation very clean and did not try to creep her out by making sexual advances too soon. As a result we genuinely struck a chord and started enjoying each other's company.

We then reached the club. The place was buzzing energy. We ordered drinks n food and continued our conversation. After her 1st drink, things started taking shape. She started sharing her sexual experiences before her husband most of which were Sydney stories. We both were 3 drinks down and the club was picking pace. She asked me what's my biggest strength.

I said I can woo any girl with my dance and invited her to the floor. We started dancing to the peppy tracks being played. We were both enjoying ourselves to the fullest. She slowly started teasing me with her moves and I responded likewise. I held her hips and swayed her along, played with her beautiful curly hair. I ordered another round of drinks.

I knew she was feeling tipsy and that it was my time to strike. I whispered in her ears ' let's get outta here' with a whimsical smile to which she hugged me. Now, I don't know whether it was a hug or had she lost her balance, lol. Anyways, we came out and the valet got me my car. I had already booked a nearby hotel during my washroom break.

As we sat in the car, she hugged me from sides. I kissed her on her head and said,' hold ur guns for 5 my luv'. She wittily replied ' cannot hold for long. I'm fully loaded n ready to shoot'. Gosh I love drunk women! Anyways, we checked in and went up to our room. As we entered she said ' I wanna give u a lap dance King Street style' (Sydney reference).

I took a seat and allowed her to run her game. She was glaring into my eyes wid deep, sexy and slutty look. She came close to me as I played sum instrumental music off my phone. Teasing me wid her big breasts, I was getting super turned on. She was moving her hips like a professional stripper. She had good moves and was teasing me like crazy.

I finally lost my control and I got up and pinned her to the adjacent wall. I crazily started kissing and licking the back of her neck as I slid my hands to her hips n stomach from behind. She was moaning and enjoying the way I was handling her. I then turned her around and we locked our lips for eternity. We kissed endlessly. Both of us were immersed in lust.

I started cuddling her breasts as we broke the kiss. I reached down to the nape of her neck and that was giving her chills. I pulled her hips towards me and slided to her left ear. As I started licking her ear, she started breathing heavily. I knew I had hit d right spot. She pushed me away in excitement.

Inspired by Hindi movies, I removed my T-shirt in a heroic style as I walked back towards her. She pounced on me and started kissing n licking my chest and neck. I could see d fire in her. She was aggressive and wild. Without me persuading her she herself went down and opened my belt and pulled my denims down. She started rubbing her face on my erect rod over my underwear.

I pulled my dick out and the look on her face was epic. It was that of a villager getting cloud burst rain after a drought. She started kissing my dick head softly. As I was waaay past d sober love making part, I held her head and shoved my dick in her mouth. That was to it as she got into the rhythm and gave me one of the best blowjobs iv ever had.

She moved her mouth like a chicken pecking for seeds. She was mixing it up well between sucking my dick and balls and with the use of her hand. I was sooo high on pleasure that I was about to burst out. I warned her and unloaded myself entirely deep into her throat. She swallowed my entire cum and did not spit even a single drop. I was amazed as I smiled at her.

What she said next looking eye to eye turned me on instantly, 'spitters are quitters'. I could feel the chemical imbalance had started again in my body. I then took her to the bed and undressed her completely. Her peach coloured designer bra n panty were giving me a hard on.

I went down on her and started licking her thighs as I ran my fingers through her body trying to reach to her magnificent breasts. I slowly made my way to her pussy. It was already oozing fluids. I started licking d pussy walls as I caressed her breasts. I wanted to use all my knowledge n experience to give her a best time. I sucked, licked, nibbled her pussy walls n clitoris.

She was screaming in pleasure. I gave her my middle finger to suck on as I ran my magic on her hot n wet pussy. Now all she wanted was my dick inside of her. But I wasn't done teasing her. I inserted my tongue in her pussy n fucked her that way which further made her desire to have my dick greater. By now she had started to yell n pull me towards her.

I though it's right to give her wat she was craving for now. I climbed on her to fuck her in my favorite position (missionary), but she insisted we do it in doggy style. So I turned her around, put on a condom n guided my dick into her wet pussy. It slid in like a skater on an ice turf. I started fucking her hard. I held her hair back as if I were riding her. She felt like my lil bitch.

I then switched her to missionary position and we fucked like there's no tomorrow. She moaned and held me tight giving the best expressions a guy could ask for. We both then orgasmed at the same time. We then cuddled and rested for a while.

That night we did not sleep at all and I fucked her 5 times in various positions at various locations of the room. At 6 am we checked out of the hotel and I went on to drop her to her place. We agreed to not meet each other ever again as it was a one time thing only. V both had a great time and wanted to leave d memories to it.

But as it happens we did meet again when I went to return her favourite jacket she had left in my car. That 2nd meeting was our last as she patched up with her husband after that. But that's a story for some other time.

For now I'm cherishing my blind date n hope to go on another one soon with a lucky lady. A shout to all the female readers! Chao for now!


P.S.: I hope your team and the readers enjoy the story. Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thanks & regards.

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Riya Enjoying Cheating Sex With Office Colleague Sumit

Dear readers, this is my first write up to this blog regarding my “too personal” experience faced recently. Let me introduce myself as Riya (name obviously changed), an educated and open minded Bengali girl married to Ronit (name changed again!), my boyfriend for last 10 years before we actually got married in 2013.

Before I declassify my secret here before the learned strangers, let me tell you that I love my husband since when we met and whatever you may found below is sudden unleashing of certain hormones which pokes in perhaps due to loneliness. Ronit and I were from same college but different department.

After our graduation, we did masters from University of Calcutta (different campus for Arts and Science). Then he left to USA for doctoral programme and I took a job in Delhi-NCR, thus a separation for near about 5 years began. This took me in quiet a few ventures, which is not appropriate, while in a committed relationship.

However, deliberations of those shall be recollection of past, which I may do at later if readers end up liking this story over my present experience. The reason why I referred the past is the mischief has been done with a person whom I knew since that past. I used to hang around with a group comprising of 7 guys and girls of whom both of us were members.

I personally have a turn on height and intellect of the guys. Ronit is the best combination of all I may ever found. However, in absence of him, during parties especially after buzz, I used to feel kinky and used to call Ronit which often ended up in bad fight due to time mismatch. My drinking time was usually his working time, therefore my pending emotions almost always remained unnoticed.

One evening, there was a telephonic fight between us and I ended up crying after hanging up the phone. I did not notice this Assamese guy; Sumit followed me with a glass of liquor. Seeing me crying he held me from back and I broke in his arms.

That was the first time he touched me, which was followed by a little closeness in successive parties wherein he started patting my arse from over my office trouser (parties used to occur after office). Since then until the time when he left Delhi, he used to kinda spank my soft ass and cuddle me sometime, however nothing more happened.

Now, finally before I come to the point, let me describe myself as a sweet faced Bengali lady with 5’2” height, 60 kg weight (a little extra pound) 36-30/32-36 vital stats, convent educated and open minded girl, and Sumit as 6’ tall, well build muscular Assamese guy.

After my marriage, Ronit shifted to Delhi along with me in late 2014. One day, suddenly I got an email from Sumit asking for a suitable person in my domain for a vacant position in his office. I just replied with a formal enquiry of his health and place of staying. The reply revealed that Sumit is staying merely 15 km away from where we are living now.

Seeing my reply, he invited me to come there at his place and mentioned his phone and WhatsApp no. for further contact. Since then whenever we were chatting, it was followed by a gentle invitation, which I could not accept due to office schedule.

However, as I am in a teaching position, finally my little more flexible schedule (than corporate) allowed me a free time and I went his home to see him in an afternoon. Sumit met me near the main road and took me home on his bike. His Enfield was a match with the muscular structure he has. His tee was revealing his muscles more than it hid.

While riding I gently hold him from back and reached his home where he used to stay alone. He arranged food and wine and greeted me with very formal gesture. We kept on talking about our past activities and the likes. That formality stayed intact until we drank the second glass of wine. Then it was all casual, sharing naughty stories of him with his ex and fiance.

While doing so suddenly he started complementing my face, and smile thereof which I enjoyed with a buzz. Then, suddenly he complemented about my boobs and ass, which was very much fine under the influence of alcohol.

He even naughtily complained so as to why I didn’t wear a short tee with my leggings instead of that kurti (as I teach students I wear very decent and covering attires in office) and the likes. On third glass, under a little music, he dragged me softly to sit on his lap, which I actually enjoyed as well.

With a kinky mind I did a little to and fro movement, the effect of which was evidenced on my back. Suddenly I felt a hard rod in between my butt crack, which I could even feel through 3-layers of clothing. I immediately got up, however dragged again by Sumit to the same place. This time he whispered in my ear “awesome”!

I was down with 2 drinks and a half, and kinda swayed with passion. This continued for a while until he took off his tee and revealed his muscles. He grabbed me gently and put me in a supine position after taking the glass from my hand. I was surprised to see his bulged masculine visible even through his denim. Then he jumped on me and started cuddling.

After initial enjoyment suddenly my phone rang. It was Ronit reminding me I was married! Guilt poked in and I just talked to him for 2-3 minutes, meanwhile Sumit unhooked my bra from the back. I hung up the phone and requested hi to stop, to which he replied “just a little look for this time only”.

I somehow murmured that I was on 3rd day of my menstrual cycle, and sex won’t be a possibility. He just smiled back and kissed me passionately, to which I responded by gripping his bare chest. This was followed by continuous removal of my dresses.

First, kurti along with that unhooked bra, thus revealing my melons to his grip and tongue, which was followed by removal of my leggings. I requested not to remove my pad clad panty, which he accepted and began kissing me throughout my body.

First gentle kiss on my neck and earlobe was followed by a long smooch while kneading my boobs. Then directly to my bare feet which he licked lovingly and gradually came up. Again he moved to my throat and gradually started coming down through the straight route bifurcating my boobs.

Continuous yet gentle kneading aroused me to an extent enough to forget my marital status and husband. His kiss and occasional biting along with massage on boobs made me moan like anything, which was covered by a little louder music. However, I was still too reserved to do something to him for which he started complaining in a sweet way.

Seeing still no action, he got up and put down his denim. I was surprised to see his tool which is atleast 1.5 times my hubby’s. Still surprising to understand the reason of his visible bulge, attributed to the absence of a brief! Seeing this, I felt the desire to get fucked however did not reveal said desire.

He now took me on his lap again to find a comforting zone for his erection in my butt crack right on my asshole. While doing so he was working continuously on my breasts and making me moan louder. At this point, he smooched me again and gradually turned me around to face him while kneading my ass and said “forgive me”.

I exclaimed “for what”! He said for the next move which he was going to do. As soon as a finished this sentence, he tried to tear my panty apart which I requested to resist. He listened and made me lie on him. I then requested him to stop in a loving tone, which he listed again.

That brief break was outstanding. It allowed me to go mad again by his stiff muscle and soft odour of sweat. I stated rubbing his chest and sucking his nipples and took his tool in between my legs right underneath my pussy. I started moving my legs gently and the experience was heavenly!

He then responded by kneading my ass again, this time exposing the butt lobes from the panty sides. Suddenly while giving a leg massage to his dick, I felt a strong thing right on my anus. It was his finger doing circular motion right around my anus. I used to hate that part, however that was the very day I felt good and allowed him.

Finally, getting more dominant, he suddenly turned me in 69, and began kissing and biting my buttocks wildly! This was followed by little biting on my inner thighs and even on my pad, to which I responded with bigger moans. I returned him the favour by holding his tool firmly and finally licking his dick and the balls!

Never I thought or even imagined I shall end up doing this with him! After may be half an hour, he discharged his entire load in my mouth which I swallowed in reflex instead of spitting out! Without even any further request, I cleaned his dick through my tongue before settling again on his chest.

Then he whispered a complement, “Riya, I would not hate your ass even if you do potty in front of me”. I shied and responded with a stupid smile. Then when I looked at the watch, the only thing other than almost a dilapidated panty and a ring and bracelet, which was on my body, I was shocked! It was 5.30 and I needed to move.

While I was getting ready, he again grabbed me to repeat all these for another half an hour! This time he shagged inside my panty, thus adding up his semen to the blood and juice secreted already on pad! I said firmly then that “I am married, and we should never repeat these”. To which he showed deep compassion and said that he understands the value of social relations.

He dropped me home with his bike. Throughout the way, I hugged him tightly covering my face in helmet. While dropping me, he invited me for his birthday party which I agreed as there shall be other people. The next scenario I shall share later which was inevitable and happened naturally.

Readers may kindly post feedback in the comments below and even discuss with me as these issues could not be shared in known circles!

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