Rajat Fucking Sexy Cricket Mom - I

I am Rajat from Mumbai. Obviously, it’s not my real name. My age is 24. I am a college student and an amateur sportsman who plays cricket regularly for past 9 years. It was one of those times in early December 2015, when my exams were over and we had an 3 week holiday for the college. I was 23 by then.

It was then when I was referred to another coach for practice sessions at Churchgate by my coach, rather than our regular practice ground. Thus, I was sent for almost four weeks regularly for practice. I normally used to go for practice at 7-10 in morning and sometimes even practiced from 4-6 in evening, making it twice a day.

In the first week, I practiced just in morning except one day. Then, from next week I was asked to practice twice a day. It was Tuesday and after finishing my practice session, I decided to explore Churchgate rather than going home and coming back again. I changed my clothes and kept the kit in the club room and went for a walk.

It was 10:45 when I crossed the flyover bridge (one over the tracks near Churchgate station just ahead of Wankhede stadium). Just after getting down from the bridge, I noticed a small group of children waiting for a bus. There, I noticed several ladies with those kids too.

Most of them were looking as maids who came with the children to drop them, except a few, It was just near to Mumbai University gate. It was not so narrow nor wide lane but wide enough two vehicles could pass at a time.

In that group, there were few ladies who were mothers of children. Just after getting down, my eyes were looking at those all ladies who were present. Suddenly, my eyes met with a lady in tight kurta pyjamas. She was married lady, who was shyly staring towards me as I passed by her. Her breasts were nearly ogling out of her kurtas and she almost had an round shaped ass.

Her colour was very fair and breast size might be 36 as they were fitting to her kurtas and she had measurements of 30′ 26′ 36′. I am not at all good at measuring assets but she looked quite fit or medium rather than bulky. I was confused as why she staring and looked at me like this.

Then I took a u-turn and again went by the side of lady and now we were again facing each other and she looked at me with less hesitation comparatively. Just then the bus arrived, and one of these ladies asked till when would bus return.

The assistant of bus told one of the ladies that bus would arrive by 3:15 or 3:30 at most. The lady took her car and drove away after the bus went. I too went away and wandered near marine drive and had lunch. then, I decided to return to same spot again around quarter to three. The bus was about to arrive and I stood to the nearest spot where bus was standing.

To my surprise the lady arrived at sharp 3 and parked her car just couple of feet away from me. As she walked out of car, I went and stood near her car. The bus arrived at 3:20 and she came with her child and our eyes again met when she was rushing towards her car.

She waited for a moment, looked at me and gave a cheeky smile and excused me, opened doors and sat into her car with her child. This went on for a week, until the next Wednesday. This all was going in my mind and I used to jerk off every day after practice in the night. It had become a routine for both of us to play the stare game.

Someday she wore a saree or some day punjabi dresses. On that day, just as usual after practice, I went there. The lady was in a sleeve less saree. Her navel was almost visible. She dropped her child in the bus and smiled at me as usual while excusing and today I winked at her. She sat in her car and she too winked at me and drove away.

That same day later while picking up her child, she again was in the same saree and this time her navel was clearly visible. She came out of her car and I rushed towards the door of her car from opposite side as she parked her car.

As soon as she saw me, she took a tissue from car and kept it near the dashboard on drivers side by writing something on it and went towards the bunch of ladies waiting. I went near the dashboard and on that paper she had written her name and number. I too went to nearest shop and took a pen and piece of paper and wrote my detail on it.

As soon as she came to excuse me with her child, I purposely dropped paper near her door and indicated her with eyes. She picked up paper and went away. I saved her contact with her name Jalapa on it and later came to know she was Gujju. I had intention of having sex with her, but I didn’t knew from where should I start.

Later that night I got a text from her. We chatted normally for a couple of days about each other and I told her I play cricket and why I was here in Churchgate. She wasn’t surprised me being an athlete and she said that she thought something like too. I told her where I live and she wasn’t amused too as my house wasn’t far away from Churchgate.

She told me she lived near Babulnath. I missed going to the place where we met, on Friday. Then on Friday evening she texted and asked me immediately after my practice, “Why didn’t you come today? I was hoping to see you where we met.”

I conceded that she was showing interest and replied in a flirty manner. She first said flirt with your girlfriend not me. But, then I said I don’t have one jokingly. She said it isn’t possible and then she too flirted in reply and we went on till night. I visited the place we met on Saturday at same time i.e. 10:30 am, but I couldn’t see her.

I texted her and she said I missed her jokingly and kept calling her. After few minutes she answered my call and she asked me to stand outside wankhede stadium, but on opposite side of marine drive kattas (seats). I waited for few minutes there, and there she arrived at about almost 11:00 am.

She stopped her car near me and she came out of her car and removed her glasses. She was wearing a sleeveless saree with a deep navel. She shook hands with me and asked me to sit inside the car. I sat beside her on the front. We were chatting casually as she was driving us towards Worli sea face side.

We chatted casually until we reached there. She was parking car on side of road just when I asked her about her husband and she said, “he is in Gujarat for business and lives with parents there.” I asked her with whom she stays and all and she said, “I stay alone with my child and couple of days of a week with her younger sister, who is studying in nearby college.

Then suddenly she cut and giggled at me by saying, “you really don’t have girlfriend?” I said, “No, how would someone like me could have a one?” Then, she said, “What about me? Ain’t I like a girlfriend to you. You chat and flirt with me too. We are on a date just like a couple only difference being I am married.”

I wondered her about husband and she said while crying, “All he cares about is his business. He hardly comes to Mumbai say for couple of days in 15 days and sometimes not for a month. He might be having affair as I have checked his phone and contacts. He hardly loves me, haves sex with me. I feel very shy and lonely to share these feelings.

And now after my delivery, he hardly had sex with me once in those couple of days when he comes home. Even I am hungry for sex and I am starving. What should I do now? I want to enjoy my life too. I don’t want to cheat but I can’t live like this too.”

Hearing the word hungry SEX drove me crazy as fuck and my tool became erect, forming a bulge in my joggers, which was clearly visible. I knew I had to take advantage of the situation if I was to fuck her. So, I patted on her shoulder and she hugged me tightly removing her seat belt. Just as we completed hug, I raised my lower body in order so my tool brushes her body.

She suddenly went back and looked at me. I thought she might be angry. She looked at my erected tool in joggers and said, “Look what I found!” I tried to hide my bulge but by then she had placed a hand on my thigh and asked me to look her and as I kept looking at her, she said,

“Look, don’t feel ashamed. I am a human and you are too. We do have such feelings. We should help each other in such emotional things by being friends and there is nothing wrong in it.”

To Be Continued...

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Sonal And Ravi Having Sex In Mall Washroom

Hiiii everyone and thank you all for the wonderful feedback for my previous stories. This has made me write more about my experiences. This time it is an incident which happened just last week with my Ex girlfriend’s friend named Sonal. I broke up with my girlfriend a few days back. Talking about Sonal she is an extremely beautiful and nice girl who is very very very pretty.

Wears specs and looks cute. She has always been the studious one in the group. But still, she had a great figure which showed when she wore salwar suit. Being a Bengali girl she had quite big boobs which were in very good shape. Her ass was also quite wide and big. I had a crush on her from beginning.

After my breakup, I received a text from her saying that why did you both breakup. You should be together. I said her no I don’t want to be with her. She said again but said lastly it’s ok it’s your decision. I said let’s meet I want to talk. She said ok in a coffee bar.

We met in a coffee bar next day and she came in her top and jeans. She looked pretty in her specs. She sat and I said thank you for coming. She said its ok Ravi. Her top was deep neck and tight and her boobs were making a beautiful shape and also her cleavage was visible. I kept staring her boobs and she asked What are you seeing Ravi.

I replied hesitantly – You are very hot. She smiled and said what happened to you suddenly such a compliment. I said – I couldn’t take eyes from you. I took her hands in mine and said that I like you since long. She was shocked and said you just had a breakup. I said Yes but it was not that serious. She smiled and said she wants to go to the washroom. She went and I followed her.

As it was afternoon there was no one in the mall and I took this opportunity and went inside the girl’s washroom and seeing me she got shocked. I said calm down there’s no one and I locked the door. I took her in my arms and made her come close to me and looked at her eyes.

I hugged her and said I really love you baby girl. I felt her hand on my back and she said I love you too. I was so happy. I took both my hands hold her cheeks and kept my lips on her lips. Wow, what a feeling it was. We started kissing slowly and eventually started smooching each other. We were so close hugging each other and also were smooching.

Slowly our pace increased and we started sucking each other’s lips like there’s no tomorrow. She inserted her tongue in my mouth and we sucked each other’s tongue which made our lips dripping wet. We again started smooching heavily. I pushed her to the walls, hold both her hands on the wall and started smooching her again. We smooched for 20 sexy minutes.

When we parted we both were out of breath. We both smiled and hugged each other. This made both of us horny. And I being the hornier one started kissing her neck. Wow, she responded and took my hairs and started caressing. I licked her neck and she got seduced. I took it as a positive and inserted my hand inside her top and grabbed her waist and started rolling my hands on her back.

She was ultra smooth. I immediately raised her hands and took off her top. She was wearing a black coloured bra. Jesus those boobs were beautiful. Perfect round shaped and so fair. Looked like milk balls in a black dress. I immediately took both my hands and kept on her boobs.. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm she moaned.

I started pressing her milk balls over her bra and was smooching her. Turned her back and opened her bra hook in a flash and threw her bra on the floor. Wowwwwww she was naked now. Those boobs were amazing.. Big fair round and sexy. Dark coloured nipples adding to its beauty.

I started squeezing her boobs heavily like a sponge and she shouted Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm raviiiiiiiiiio uuuuiihhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I then took my mouth to her boobs and started kissing her boobs. Circled her nipples with my tongue and started sucking her nipples like a baby sucks milk. Ohhhh wow I was hard.

I sucked one nipple and pressed another. Took her nipples in my mouth pressed it with my mouth and pulled it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh she screamed in pain and pleasure. I sucked it again using my tongue.

I started inserting my hands inside her jeans which were tight but somehow I inserted it from back and took hold of her ass. It was fleshy and big. I started pressing her ass while I was sucking her nipples. Soon I opened her buttons and dropped her jeans down. She was shy but I convinced her somehow. She wore a blue coloured panty.

Sonal was only in her panty in front of me. She looked amazingly hot. Her boobs were wet by my fluids. I inserted my hand Inside her panty and reached her pussy. She was so so wet. I started caressing her wet pussy by my fingers. Ohhh god she shivered as I touched her pussy.

I started rubbing her clit and she got an orgasm Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuiiuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh raviiiiiii aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. I rubbed her pussy very hard and dropped her panty down. My baby was now nude.

I made her sit on the basin rack and opened her legs wide. Wow her pussy looked great, wet and hot!!. I kissed her legs her thighs and went between her legs and kissed her inner thighs near her pussy. She was breathing high. And I suddenly kept my tongue on her pussy clit. She immediately raised her ass up in pleasure and I started licking her pussy like mad.

I licked it up and down and made it more wet by spitting and rubbing her pussy. I spread her pussy with my fingers and inserted my finger in her hole. Ohhhh it was tight. It went in but she felt the pain. Uuuuiiuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh she moaned but I inserted my finger in and gave her a long fingering. My finger was completely wet and sticky.

By this time my dick was rock hard. I took it out from my zip it was erect. I asked her to blow me to which she said a no as she has never done it. I said its ok I will not force you so I started licking her pussy again and she really enjoyed that. I asked her that can I fuck you to which she said she wants to enjoy it fully, not in a washroom.

I agreed and took her nipple into my mouth again and started sucking it. Also inserted my finger in her pussy and fingerfucked her. She was enjoying it and was not in a mood to leave. But we had to because it was getting late and people might come. So she wore her clothes and got freshen up. And we left the washroom carefully.

We fucked each other which will be on the other part. Hope you enjoyed this encounter.

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Krishna Fucking MILF Aunty Renuka

Greetings to all, this is Krishna from Hyderabad. I live in a medium phased locality where husbands usually go to work in small companies and aunties used to spend their time chatting with foot goers after sending their husbands.

So, once in a while when I am preparing for my office I noticed this beauty waving her hand to her husband without even noticing that her cleavage was visible so nicely. I got an instant boner and just removed my worn shoe and went to my bathroom and faped imagining her.

Soon, I came outside and headed to my office on my bike. Due to the heavy hectic schedule in the office, I even forgot that the time was 8 in the evening. Soon I packed all my stuff and rode to my apartment which was about 18kms from my office. When I headed to my flat, again I saw that aunty sweeping the floor and to break the ice I just smiled and received the same in return as the gratitude.

Next morning as usually, I was getting ready for my office with the towel around my waist, someone knocked the door. It was she, who was standing with semi water soaked night suit with a bowl in the hand. Sorry for my manners. Her name is Renuka with the milfy structured body. The main asset of her body is her waist and her fucking ass.

So, I was literally shocked by seeing my angel at my doorstep. And the conversation went on in this way; Renuka: – Hello, Good morning Me: – Good Morning :) Renuka: – Sorry for the disturbance. But I am in need of a little amount of salt for cooking as my husband should get his box ready. Me; – Ohh, not a problem. Please come inside. And pls be seated.

I just went into the kitchen to bring salt and meanwhile, she was just scanning all my pics which are hanging on the wall. Me: – Here is your salt. Renuka: – Thank u so much, will catch u later now gotta run bye. I was like in heaven. I just removed my towel and stroking my dick such hard that it pained me like hell.

By hook or crook, I just decided to interact with her today and called my manager for the seeking of leave. I was just done with all my chores and had my breakfast and decided not to wear anything but hang out with a towel. I just passed time by watching my favourite DDF porn by massaging and stroking my 6inches tool. Finally, the moment arrived.

There was another knock on my door. And I just wrapped my towel properly and opened it. And it was she standing with my bowl with a mixture of sweet in it. I invited her in and wore a t-shirt and started to introduce me. She introduced herself and it was just a casual chat and she took my mobile number for any emergency.

At 2 in the afternoon, I received a message in WhatsApp from an unknown number. And after several queries, I noticed that it was she and I just saved her number with the name “Fapping Queen”. After the normal chat, she just moved into personal life about my girlfriends and all.

I just reminded that I was not interested in having girls as friends but I was interested in having call girls as friends :P. She was shocked by my instant reply and replied with the wow emoji. And later on, our conversation went on like this, Renuka: – How many girls u fucked till date? Me: – I think around 11-14 Renuka: – WTF! You are such a creep! Me: – Hehehehe. I am!

Renuka: – So that’s the reason you are erect this morning. So whom do you are thinking about? Me: – It’s obviously you aunty. I am such a big fan of your waist and ass. If u permit me I will just fuck your ass like hell. Renuka: – Mind your language, Krishna. I was not in that way. I just treated u like my son. Please never ever again bring this topic between us.

By saying this, she just went offline and I laughed to the core by re-reading the texts again and again. Late in the night, she again texted me stating that sorry for the rude replies in the afternoon and even I am also interested in getting my ass banged by your monster. But I am only worried about my husband and our neighborhood who constantly peek into others privacy.

I consoled her that ” Don’t worry aunty. If you are ok with everything just come through the back door of my home after your husband goes to the office”. She was like “OK! I will think about it”. Mean while without her permission I just opened Whatsapp video call and stroked my hard dick and came on my mobile screen by her name.

She was spell bounded by my act as she was sleeping beside her husband. Next morning, I just decorated my room with rose petals and all. And took a nice shower for about an hour by removing pubic hair on my dick. At around 10:25 she came through my back door and as soon as she came inside I locked the door and all windows.

We soon locked our lips and soon my hands explored her back through her loose transparent night suit. I just reached her ass and noticed that she was not wearing any inners and inserted a finger in her ass hole. She moaned softly and I made her complete nude. She was in full mood that didn’t even noticed that she was nude and continued to smooch me hardly.

I just wrapped her in my hands and carried her to my bathroom and threw her in the bathtub which was full of rose petals. When she was about to get up from the tub, I just inserted my finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her.

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Sonal Enjoying Hot Sex With Anuj And Tinu Bhaiyya - V

Previously: Sonal Enjoying Hot Sex With Anuj And Tinu Bhaiyya - IV

Tinu Bhaiya was fucking prostitute named Poonam regularly from around two years and I must say he very well knew how to shatter a female sexually. After washing Anuj’s gunk I was on my four in the middle of the bed and to begin while being on his knees he searched my opening with his fingers,

fisted me hard for a minute to make me moan and shudder and then squeezed his thick cock tip in cunt slowly. “Sonal…Baby you have a beautiful ass…” holding my fair and smooth waist he sizzled his enormous length in my womb while saying that and somewhat crushed my thick pussy lips with his balls.

Ufff… what a difference in size of Cock, Anuj was nowhere near Tinu Bhaiya, above that the nasty compliment he gave me, I was delighted to hear that and flowing in lust I turned my head to see him and told him to speak that in Hindi, "Hindi mein bolo" "Teri Gaand bahut sundar hai"

he spoke out same in Hindi and Gaand is the word I wanted to hear and replying back to him in same fashion I told him that he too has very long and very thick cock "Appka Lund bhi bahut lamba aur bahut mota hai". I have always loved Hindi vulgar words and speaking out all this while fucking with my husband was my regular practice,

Tinu Bhaiya also knew this technique of enhancing fucking pleasure and driving his entire length in cunt from behind steadily Bhaiya continued talking to me, he asked me if I am enjoying getting fucked from behind "Mazza aa raha hai peechhe se Chudwane mein" and I said yes to it "haan bahut mazza aa raha hai...Bhaiya aur Chodo mujhe" "Yess baby...Aaj tu Raat bhar Chudegi..."

he spoke again and next he asked Anuj to put his Cock in my mouth "Anuj Didi ke muhn mein apna Lund daal de...". More or less limping; Anuj was laying tired and hearing that he instantly got up and tried putting his cock in my mouth. I took him but just for a minute as soon clenching my plump ass Bhaiya began pumping me hard and I started gasping and panting loud.

Once again I would say Bhaiya was too big and it was really very difficult for me to bear his passion, “Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh!" pulling my ass back over his crotch repeatedly he was piercing my belly roughly and I don’t know I was crying in pleasure or pain or both at the same time.

"Yes... UNhhh... Yes! Unhhh... Yes! Unhhhh... Yes! Sonal Meri Raand…….Mazza aa gaya tujhko Chod ke ohhhhh…" I was suffering but he was panting joyously while enjoying hot clamp of my cunt over his thick cock. “Bhaiya…please thoda dhere karo…mujhe dard ho raha hai…”

Turning my head I asked him to slow down his pace but my words drove him further crazy and grinding his teeth he started drilling me faster and deeper. That was crazy, he was gone too energetic and anyhow I could not bear him and I collapsed on the bed. Ohhhh….What a relief; with me Bhaiya also collapsed and I got relived from his throbbing cock.

He grunted restlessly, I too cried in strange fever but in the end we both survived from hitting our climax. “I am sorry…I was just gone out of control” he appologized and saying its Ok I told him to come over top now “ab oopar aa jaao mere” “Nahi…main Peeche se hi lunga” saying that he will fuck me from behind only Tinu Bhaiya got up and turned me around with two pillow under my belly.

Legs stretched wide, while adjusting my ass up with pillows under my belly I requested Bhaiya to fuck me slow as it pains me “Bhaiya please aaram aaram se karna… mujhe dard hota hai…” “Tu virgin hai kya…jo tujhe dard ho raha hai…” he asked me if I am virgin in sarcastic tone and denying for being virgin I told him that his Cock is too big

“main Virgin Nahin hun…per aapka ye Lund bahut bada hai….”. “Lund bada hai to usske mazze lay…” Bhaiya replied and with that once again started searching my opening with his fingers and closing my eyes buried my face in bed while puffing in delight. “Anuj…ab tune roz raat ko isski leni hai…tune apni Didi ko hamesha sexually satisfied rakhna hai…”

Tinu Bhaiya fisted me for a minute or bit more and spoke to Anuj about fucking me daily in the night and in the end laying over me with the support of his elbow brought his cock tip over my opening. Lust was once again reached to the peak, Bhaiya was puffing and my Cunt was contracting in desire of getting plunged and once again Bhaiya’s hard Cock made his way into my womb.

“Ohhh… Bhaiya …Uhhh…My God…” I grunted while saying that, I was never plunged in this posture and pleasure I went through was entirely different. “Mazza aa gaya…Mast tight Chut hai teri….” Bhaiya spoke while laying over me with his entire length buried in my fuckhole and next kissed me all around my back and neck.

I enjoyed his wet lips over my soft skin but next he chewed my earlobes and with a swirl of his tongue under my ear I started trembling in weird sensation. “Ohhh…mmmm Bhaiya please…” tossing my head left and right I tried preventing him teasing my ear but Bhaiya was in good posture to control me and keeping his Cock buried in my fuckhole he grabbed my head

and took my ear in his mouth and sucked it. “Ohhh…Maa…” I was burried under his massive weight and head to toe my entire body went through unbearable quivering. I started banging my legs while pleading him to stop doing that "Bhaiya please matt karo...hmmm... please..." “Main apni iss Chhoti si Raand ko hamesha aise hi Chodunga”

Bhaiya spoke erotic close to my ear and next instant using his knees he stretched my thighs further wide and started fucking me from behind. “Ohhhhhh uhh yes uhhh ohhh yes oh fuck yes!" Heaven; pure heaven, I gasped and moaned eagerly under him, almost flat over my belly with my ass up;

I was never fucked by my husband in this posture and pleasure I was going through was incredible. “Mazza aa raha hai meri Raand ko..hmmmm…” highly excited Bhaiya continued addressing me Raand and puffing and grunting in intense pleasure I widened my legs on my own to get him better.

“Bol meri Raand mazza aa raha hai ya nahin….?” Raising his pace and pumping me hard with deep screwing thrusts Bhaiya asked me if I am enjoying and I cried saying yes to him “Haan….bahut mazza aa raha hai…fuck me…fuck me…”.

My acceptance; that I am enjoying, aroused Tinu Bhaiya and he tried raising his fucking pace further high but as it was a very odd posture and with that I had a plump ass, he could not fuck me very hard and my bliss continued. Next Bhaiya’s hands slipped up and down on my thighs and breasts and reached around and caught my rigid,

throbbing nipples and he twirled them in his fingers. I cried in pain and pleasure and released my nipples from him and next continuing drilling and pumping me from behind he took his hand under my belly and reached to my opening and I puffed in delight. Bhaiya rubbed my opening while pulsating inside me and finally reached to my clitoris.

“Oh my god…!” what was that? Once again banging my legs on bed I shivered with heaving sobs and before I would have tried removing his hand I went through a violent orgasm. Dam inside me got shattered abruptly and buried under his massive weight I began trembling with sudden jerks.

Tinu Bhaiya once again fucked me right through my orgasm but soon after that he too screamed and exploded with a shudder and once again filled my womb with his white sticky jizz. I regained in a minute or may be bit less but I was still shocked from the way Bhaiya bought me to the orgasm, we both were exhausted like never before,

at least me and for an instant I did not had strength even to get up to clean my gentile and I stayed on the bed buried under Bhaiya until he rolled off from my back. That was end of first session of our incestuous threesome and if I will brief what all happened next I would say by now we all were hungry and after casual drink and dine,

we stayed in front of television some naughty humor and as I was not left with any physical strength for more I came to my child and slept beside her. Hours passed, I don’t know exactly but time was somewhat 4 of the morning, room was more or less dark and I felt hand moving tenderly over my thick bare thighs.

It was Tinu Bhaiya; stark naked and without even asking me he started taking off my clothes. “Bhaiya kya rahe ho…?” I whispered “Tujhe Chodne lagga hun…aur kya…!” he replied and after that no words were spoken and we had lovely intercourse after doing proper oral.

After breakfast while Tinu Bhaiya took my daughter out for casual chocolate purchase I had quick intercourse with my little brother. Later after lunch same way Anuj took my daughter out of the house for the same purpose and I had another casual fuck with Tinu Bhaiya.

Six sessions within 24 hours, moreover sexually I was exhausted after fourth only and last two fucks I did just to satisfy my brothers and soon after fucking with Tinu Bhaiya we all moved out for a movie and reached back home in late evening after our parents were also back.

Well friends this is the end of my first threesome sexperience with my brothers, I am sure many readers will consider this write up as my fantasy, why not? for next couple of days even I was shocked with what all has happened with me, though Anuj was all the available for me in the night but for next three days I didn’t had sex at all,

but slowly once again lust rose its head and I was back on bed with my brothers. Certainly it is weird and very filthy to be on bed with two males at the same time but I am very much engrossed into this threesome fun. Now we do not have to wait for our parents absence,

Anuj has managed making duplicate keys of our vacant flat located in NCR and we do threesome fucking once every month. Otherwise Anuj is the one who fucks me regularly and I always wait for one to one encounter with Tinu Bhaiya. For an instant that’s what all I wanted to share but soon I might have more to share,

actually after threesome fun Tinu Bhaiya has came up with a thought of foursome fucking, YES...he wants to involve Poonam; the real Raand into our group fucking. Recently I and Anuj have been face to face with her and I must say she is a very good looking bitch, tall and far sexier than me. My little Anuj is eager to fuck her but till now I have not said yes to it.

I will write again if we will go for foursome. I hope readers will find my write up aworth commenting.

The End.

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Sonal Enjoying Hot Sex With Anuj And Tinu Bhaiyya - IV

Previously: Sonal Enjoying Hot Sex With Anuj And Tinu Bhaiyya - III

“Anuj shuru kar apni Didi ki Chut ko Chaatna…and don’t hesitate…” Tinu Bhaiya spoke to Anuj while getting up and widened my thighs for him. Anuj; my little brother was laying beside me, over my right and he got to go down over my cunt and waiting for my cunt to get eaten,

with mild sweat I started puffing high and once again caressing my cheek Tinu Bhaiya told me to relax and next instant Anuj folded my legs inwards and finally started licking my cunt. "Ohhhhh uhhh!" I moaned in intense pleasure and looking into my eyes closely Tinu Bhaiya told me that they both love me a lot and with that added that now onwards my cunt will never starve

“Hum dono tujhse bahut pyar karte hain…aur aaj ke baad teri Chut kabhi pyasi nahin rahegi….”. No words to say and I closed my eyes to feel the pleasure Anuj was trying to deliver, as a first timer he was doing good, he was licking my opening with the tip of his tongue and while looking what he is doing Tinu Bhaiya opened my thighs wider for him

and rubbed my opening bit roughly while showing Anuj location of my clitoris “ye dekh…yahan pe teri bahan ka clitoris hai … yahan Chus issko” and as Anuj tried sucking my clitoris Tinu Bhaiya started sucking and squeezing my breasts nicely. I would say that instant mentally was not comfortable with whatever my brothers were doing with me but as I was bit intoxicated

and above that by now lust was gone so high that I was flowing with my consent and with a tongue over my clitoris and at the same time teeth over my rigid nipples I started gasping in pleasure loud. “OHHHHHH uhh OHHHHH uh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhhh...hanh" laying over my back, my hands still tied I went on crying and very soon my pleasure gasps charged my brothers further high.

Anuj started sucking my cunt harder and Tinu Bhaiya got up to plunge my mouth with his Cock. “Baby…Now you have to suck my cock” Bhaiya spoke that in rising excitement and while being over his knees brought his Cock close to my lips. It was weird and filthy and very reprehensible but by now I was well into the act and I opened my mouth for him.

“Ohhh…yesss…Suck it baby…suck it…” Tinu Bhaiya slipped his hard cock slowly in my mouth and groaned in low lust laden voice and I started sucking him. I was always good in giving oral pleasure, taking out my hot saliva I moved my tongue softly around Tinu Bhaiya’s cock and sucked tip of its foreskin and Tinu Bhaiya shuddered erotically.

Clenching his teeth he grunted loud and went further hard in my mouth and very next instant I cried intensely as over my lower half my younger brother was fisting my cunt rapidly with two of his finger.

My belly rippled and my thighs quivered helplessly, I was close to my burst and sensing my state Tinu Bhaiya instantly stopped Anuj from fisting my fuckhole and I cried with a shudder of falling just short of climax. “Fuck me… Bhaiya…please fuck me…” Like a real bitch in heat I cried while lurching my ass in fucking urge and Tinu Bhaiya told Anuj to put in “Anuj Daal de andar…”

I puffed in desire and widened my thighs for Anuj but by now Anuj was limping and he started shaking his cock to make it hard again. “Please Bhaiya aap karo…please fuck me” I was dying and nevertheless than crying I once again begged Tinu Bhaiya and finally Bhaiya granted my wish.

He was sitting close to my face and first he freed my hands and then holding my waist he swiveled me to get my cunt under his cock. Slowly he squeezed his cock-head into me and I gasped as his penis seared into my boiling hot flesh.

“Ohhh…Yes” Finally I got plunged with a real meat almost after a year and sizzling into my fuckhole with his thick monster Tinu Bhaiya crushed my clitoris under his hard crotch and for an instant pierced my belly with an upward jolt he swung his hips forward and shoved deep into me.

“Oh maa unhh” I cried out loudly and grabbed him hard in my arms with an unbearable shiver over my crotch and very next instant gritting his teeth, Tinu Bhaiya started swinging his hips back and forward with deep and long thrusts into my pussy. My breasts were hot and swollen and they jerked and jiggled as he rocked into me repeatedly, eyes shut and mouth tore open,

I cried and cried in real bliss of being a female. Bhaiya sucked my nipples, also kissed me deep while driving his thick length with a steady pace and in rising excitement I wrapped my thighs around pumping ass.

“Sonal tu humari pyari si personal Raand hai…aur ab tu roz raat ko Chud ke soyegi” Bhaiya spoke out while puffing in delight and with that started humping me hard and his words drove me crazy.

I sprawled beneath him, panting and sweating, feeling volcano erupting from the depth of my womb I grabbed him harder in my arms and thighs and next instant Tinu Bhaiya started fucking me further hard. His ass rose and fell over me with incredible pace and he was so big and so thick and I could not bear him with that power and energy and suddenly my cunt convulsed

feverishly on his penis and dam inside me thrashed like never before. I orgasmed violently, shuddering and gasping, heat swamped me with an agonizing quake over my cunt, belly and breasts and nailing his back I cried in extreme pleasure with all my power and passion.

Bhaiya was magnificent, I was clenching him hard in my arms and thighs but he went on fucking me right through my orgasm and while cumming with his every inward thrust I came out with a shudder and strange whimpers in husky voice.

Few more seconds and finally Tinu Bhaiya also lost his battle and arching his back with a loud groan he buried his entire length in my womb and while he spewed out his seed in my depth I felt every tiny shiver of his hard cock.

Hell! Sweating like pigs we both were completely drained and before I would have grabbed my breath from the shattering orgasm I just had Tinu Bhaiya started kissing me “I love you…meri Raand” he spoke that and once again took long and deep kiss before rolling away from my top.

Almost dead, my entire body was gone frail like never before but I was delighed, after a year of endless urge it was a kind of fuck my body actually needed and keeping my eyes shut I relaxed for another minute. Over his back Tinu Bhaiya also stayed beside me and when I opened my eyes I saw my little brother ready with his cock.

Looking at my swollen Pussy oozing out white sticky jizz, Anuj was well hard and seemed very excited, Tinu Bhaiya told him to wait for a while and go and see my child; if she is sleeping sound and next while getting up to go to the washroom asked me to come along. I moved in the washroom with him.

He pee facing away from me and I stood in front of running tap and while I was watering my cunt to clean his sticky gunk Bhaiya grabbed me tenderly from behind and started playing with my sagging melons. “Bhaiya aap ne accha nahin kiya…” means you have not done a right thing, I spoke out in complaining tone,

it was about involvement of Anuj into all this but taking it other way he replied back saying that next time he will do it better “next time tujhe aur achhe se Chodunga” and his reply brought undue smile over my face and saying “I am mean aapne Anuj ko kyun involve kiya…” I rephrased my statement and he came out with same words which he spoke out while fucking me

“taaki tu roz raat ko Chud ke soye” means so that I sleep every night after getting fucked. That was crazy but I could not do anything now and I was about to move back to go out of the washroom but suddenly Tinu Bhaiya turned the shower on and that was forth time I was under flowing water since morning.

My breasts, my cunt, my fleshy thighs, my plump ass, Bhaiya played with my entire body while standing under shower and hearing my pleasure moans Anuj also came into water and sucked my breasts like a hungry child. 5-10 minutes of sex play and we all were turned on and in the end while entering into the room Tinu Bhaiya told me that now I will suck Anuj’s Cock and he will lick my cunt

“Ab tu Anuj ka Lowda chusegi aur mein teri chut chatunga….” and within next couple of minutes we were doing that. Anuj sat down on the bed while resting his back against pillow and Bhaiya told me to suck him in doggy posture. I followed and Tinu Bhaiya went behind me and burying his face under my plump ass and into my fleshy thighs started licking my rear like a dog.

Like I said earlier I am good in giving oral, after hardly one minute of pain Anuj was enjoying his elder sister sucking his cock and at the same time I was enjoying my cunt getting licked and fisted from behind from my elder brother.

5-6 minutes and I was wet and flooding and Anuj was hard like iron rod and we broke our threesome oral posture and Tinu Bhaiya told me to sit over Anuj’s cock as he once again wants to fuck my face. I must say by now I was enjoying being Raand of my brothers and as I took Anuj in my cunt while being on his top Tinu Bhaiya stood on the bed and moving his ass

back and forward started fucking my mouth slowly. It was real threesome but ultimately we did not retained this posture for long because while having a pulsating cock I could not move up and down over Anuj properly and it was just Bhaiya who was enjoying fucking my warm and wet mouth. After breaking threesome posture I fucked Anuj properly.

Moving back and forward, up and down leaning over him and kissing him deep I did my best for my little brother and gasping and moaning in intense pleasure as he seemed rising to his peak we changed the posture and I took him over to give him his first real fucking climax.

Anuj fucked me for barely one minute while being on my top and finally he also filled my cunt with his gunk and rolled off. I did not orgasmed with Anuj, it was evident over my expressions and next while jerking his Cock Tinu Bhaiya told me to wash and take doggy posture. "Wash kar ke aa… aur Ghodi ban jaa".

To Be Continued...

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Sonal Enjoying Hot Sex With Anuj And Tinu Bhaiyya - III

Previously: Sonal Enjoying Hot Sex With Anuj And Tinu Bhaiyya - II

“Bhaiya kyun mujhe tadpa rahe ho…please chalo na bedroom mein…!” Bitch in heat, wet like hell I was desperate to get a fuck and I somewhat begged Tinu Bhaiya to come to the bedroom to fuck me and smiling over my state and leaving his drink in the middle finally Bhaiya got up and we moved into my bedroom.

Room was more or less dark, my child was sleeping on one side and I was thinking about fucking with Bhaiya silently on the other half but Tinu Bhaiya denied and opted for fucking in guestroom with all the lights on. I was restless and I agreed for that instantly and by the time Tinu Bhaiya used the attached washroom I placed lot of pillows around my child;

to prevent her from falling down. We were ready to go to the guestroom and as I walked forward suddenly grabbing me from my waist Tinu Bhaiya pulled me back and bumped my ass over his crotch. “Ahhh….Hmmmm” I hissed in pleasure, I was waiting for this so madly and I started rubbing my ass over his crotch.

“Tujhe mein yahan se Nanga karke le jaaunga” while saying that Tinu Bhaiya grabbed my melons from behind over the cloth and squeezed them softly and I puffed loud. He kissed tenderly over my ear and licked soft skin of my neck and rubbing my ass over his crotch bit faster I started grunting in unbearable sensation.

Slowly Tinu Bhaiya’s hands moved into my top; over my smooth skin and reached to my bare melons and I felt my sagging breasts getting heavier. He twilled my hard nipples between his thumb and finger and I went through electrifying stir.

Next Bhaiya lifted my top and threw it away after pulling it out from my arms and grabbing my soft breasts from behind once again started licking my skin and puffing and gasping intensely I just went on going crazy. Rubbing his wet lips all over back till my ass next he sat down over his knees and drifted my shorts down to my feet and my plump ass was opened to his face.

I was stark naked and next I turned around and started taking off Tinu Bhaiya’s clothes. He was calm but I was madly excited; T-Shirt, undershirt, jeans and in the end jockey; just a flash and Bhaiya was also stark naked. “Aaj se ye mera hai” I grabbed his cock in my fist and looked into his eyes shamelessly while saying that now this is mine.

Real beauty; hard like iron rod his cock was huge and very thick and wheezing in delight I started jerking him hard and fast “Bhaiya daal do issko mere andar….” I spoke out and with that holding his cock I tried pulling him towards bed but Tinu Bhaiya continued behaving tranquil and caressing my cheek told me to relax as we have to do many things

“Relax…abhi humne bahut kuch karna hai…” and with that holding my bare waist he pulled me closer and kissed me deeply. Amazing; after sucking my soft lips for a minute Tinu Bhaiya sucked my tongue and explored my mouth like a true lover and while kissing him back and feeling his hardness over my belly I just melted down in his arms.

“Bhaiya fuck me…please fuck me” as our kiss broke I once again begged him and this time to my request Bhaiya asked me for my stole. After knowing why he needs stole I gave him two of my Dupattas and with one Tinu Bhaiya Blindfolded me and with the other he started tying my hands.

He told me that he has seen this manner of fucking in a particular movie and I am going to like it. By now my excitement was also bit subsided and I was enjoying his idea of making love but I was unaware of what all he is actually thinking to do with me. I stood stark naked with my eyes and hands tied and except my swollen wet fuck opening Tinu Bhaiya rubbed his hands all over my body,

my neck, my breasts, my belly, my thighs, inner thighs, knees toes, my entire back, he caressed every pour of my body to make me shudder in undue pleasure and in the end while sitting on his knees took brutal bite of my fleshy ass mound. "Aaooo...Bhaiya…please…. kya kar rahe ho?…please fuck me now”

I cried in pain and once again pleaded him in desperation and without saying a word, holding my wrist Bhaiya moved to take me to the guest room. Totally black, I was blind and it was barely two minutes walk but by the time I reached to the lightened guest room my excitement was pitched so high

that I could feel significant contraction over my cunt and I once again begged Tinu Bhaiya to fuck me straightaway; this time in hardcore Hindi “Bhaiya please mujhe aur mat tadpaao…ab bus Chodo do Mujhe…” “Yes baby…why not…? Tujhe main bahut Chodunga…per aaram aram se Chodunga…”

Saying that Tinu Bhaiya pushed me abruptly on the soft spongy bed of the guestroom and with tied hands and blind vision I crawled into the middle. After me Tinu Bhaiya also climbed on the bed and lying beside me took me partially under his body. His hands moved softly over my soft and fleshy milk mounds and his lips over my face and after kissing and licking my entire face

Bhaiya started sucking my nipples nicely. He sucked my both the melons one after another and moaning and gasping in intense pleasure, with hands tied and eyes blndfolded I once again requested him to fuck me.“Bhaiya please…do it now….fuck me!” “Baby…please stop behaving like a slut” he caressed my cheek tenderly while saying that and I instantly replied back saying

“I am a ….slut” and to that Tinu Bhaiya asked me what do we call Slut in Hindi “Tujhe patta hai Slut ko Hindi mein kya bolte hain?” “Haan…! Randi…” “Yes….! we call it Raand…Now tell me…tu Raand hai kya?” he asked me if I am a slut.

“Haan main Raand hun…” and inrising lust I accepted that I am a slut and laying beside me in same posture Tinu Bhaiya tried opening my fleshy thighs and asked me if this slut wants to get her cunt sucked “Okk….now tell me… iss Raand ko apni Chut Chuswani hai kya… …hmmmm…?” how could I say no to that and I said yes to it “Haan…please do it”.

Next Tinu Bhaiya got up a bit; over his elbow and opened my thighs further wide, I was expecting that now he will move between my thighs but he stayed there and with his lips close to my ear caressed my inner thighs with his hand and before moment I was about to ask him to suck me now, with a tiny whisper I sensed someone else’s presence in the room and before

I would have reacted to that somebody clenched my thick thighs hard to keep them apart and started sucking my Cunt abruptly. “Kaun hai…?” I was stunned and while trying bringing my thighs together I jumped in shock but Tinu Bhaiya was ready for that and he grabbed me hard to block my movement “...Bhaiya…please leave me…. Please….kaun hai…. tell me kaun hai…”

I was restless and cried loud while continuing struggling with all my strength and up to an extent succeeded in clenching my thighs together and moving away from the person who was trying sucking my cunt and while holding me harder Tinu Bhaiya told me that it’s my younger brother “Tera Chhota bhai hai…jo teri chut chus raha hai…” “Anuj…? Nahi...! wo kahan se aa gaya…?”

Anyhow I could not believe what Tinu Bhaiya told me and I started moving my legs rapidly while asking Tinu Bhaiya to leave me “Bhaiya please chhodo mujhe” “Relax Baby…just relax…” Tinu Bhaiya replied and climbed over me to stop my movement and started untying my eyes and I realized Bhaiya was absolutely right.

It was Anuj; my younger brother and like we two he was also stark naked. Stunned, puffing and breathing short and looking at his smiling face without flick of an eye I still could not believe what I could see and caressing my cheek Tinu Bhaiya took my attention

“Ye mujhe baar baar bol raha tha ki issko Poonam ko Chodna hai...aur maine issko promise kiya tha ki main issko uss se bhi achhi Raand laa ke dunga Chodne ke liye” Tinu Bhaiya smiled while saying that and still stunned instead of Anuj I started looking at him. “Didi I really love you…”

Anuj spoke that and lay beside me and before I would realize anything else Tinu Bhaiya started kissing me. Anyhow in any language I cannot descried my exact mind state of the moment, it was weird; in any circumstances I could even think about having sex with two males at the same time and not at all with my little Anuj but by now sexually I was so charged that

I could do anything and closing my eyes I started responding to Tinu Bhaiya’s in submission. Tinu Bhaiya kissed me long and deep and by the time he broke the kiss I was literary flooding over my cunt. Tinu Bhaiya broke the kiss and as I opened my eyes he asked me if I am fine and I replied to him with just “Fuck me…”

To Be Continued...

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Sonal Enjoying Hot Sex With Anuj And Tinu Bhaiyya - II

Previously: Sonal Enjoying Hot Sex With Anuj And Tinu Bhaiyya - I

Few seconds of silence and Tinu Bhaiya confirmed what he has understood and I said yes to it “You mean…you and me…?" “Haan…” “What are you saying…?” he was still uncertain over what he listened and saying yes again I gave him logic that it will save his money and extinct my loneliness as well “Haan…aapke paise bhi bachenge…aur mera akelapan bhi door ho jaayega…”

“per tu meri bahan hai…” means you are my sister and I was ready for that “So what…waise bhi we are cousins…aap mere real brother to nahin ho na?” “But you know…! I mean” he tried saying something but fumbled and before he would have completed his words I dominated his voice “ab please bahane mat banaao…let’s do it…!"

and after a pause trying gaining sympathy I spoke inferior “In case you don’t like me…then...!” and my tone and words worked instantly and Tinu Bhaiya reacted positive but with a fear of getting caught “nahi…nahi…it’s not that… I really like you...lekin agar Mama (My father) ko patta chal gaya to mera murder ho jaayega…”

and as it can be assumed I comforted him saying that nobody will come to know anything “kisi ko kuch patta nahin chalega…it will be our secret….” and after a pause casually added that anyhow I have to do and for me it is better to do it with him instead of with some stranger “Mujhe karna to he hai…I can’t live like this….main kisi stranger ke saath karun...iss se achha hai aapke saath hi kar lun”

and to that once again Tinu Bhaiya just hummed. Finally I did it! Soon I will be fucking with Tinu Bhaiya and spark of excitement drove me crazy and laying on the bed with my phone over my ear I took off my lower and Panty together and spreading my thighs wide I started rubbing my cunt with the other hand.

“Hmmm….” Almost dripping I was so wet and hearing my pleasure hum Tinu Bhaiya asked me what happened “Kya hua…?” “Nothing…! I have just started rubbing my Pussy….” I replied back and next instant heard mild puff from the other end. Unknowingly I was gone too shameless and I moved further on and requested Tinu Bhaiya to speak something erotic

“Bhaiya please mujhse gandi gandi baaten karo…” and Tinu Bhaiya asked me if I am masturbating “Tu masturbate kar rahi hai….?” “Haan….” I accepted instantly and once again requested him to speak anything Hindi or English “please… Hindi ya English….kuch bhi …just speak” “Ok…” and with that Tinu Bhaiya started and initially it was my favorite Hindi

“Sonal tu bahut badi Chudakkad hai” he somewhat abused me and I accepted while puffing in excitement “Haan main Chudakkad hun…” my fingers moved over my wet cunt rapidly and before Tinu Bhaiya would have said anything else I spoke out whatever came in my mind “Bhaiya main aapse bahut pyar karti hun…. Iss liye main sirf aapki Chudakkad hun…”

“I will fuck you baby…I will fuck you very hard” TInu Bhaiya continued and in rising lust I requested him to speak Hindi and Tinu Bhaiya spoke same thing in Hindi “Main tujhe bahut Chodunga…bahut bahut bahut Chodunga…” “Yesss…yess” my excitement pitched high and hissing in pleasure I started rubbing my cunt harder and faster

“Sonal…main tujhe Poora Nanga karke Chodunga…” and this time his words broke my breath and lifting my bottom bit up and banging it back on the bed I started fisting my cunt with two of my fingers. “Tu dekhna Chod Chod ke main teri Chut faad dunga…” “Yess…Fuck me…fuck me…”

Tinu Bhaiya spoke out whatever he could and I cried while grunting in pleasure and clenching my eyes ragged my cunt vigorously and in the end busted in intense orgasm. Uff…What a discharged it was, easily it was my best release ever with a finger and it took me few seconds to recover from the shivering sensation I went through over my cunt and soon from the other side

Tinu Bhaiya asked me if it is done “Ho gaya” “haan ho gaya” I accepted and asked him if he is also masturbating and he said it is in his hand and he is moving “Aap bhi masturbate kar rahe ho?” “Haath mein hai…hila raha hun…” “I can speak dirty… You also do it…” I replied and he accepted. “Bhaiya I really love you….!” “You are my first love….and now I want to fuck with you”

I was naked over my lower half and while speaking all this I turned around over my belly to rub my sodden cunt over bed for subdued pleasure and started speaking hardcore dirty for Tinu Bhaiya. “You also want to fuck me Hmmm…?” “Yes I want to fuck you….” He replied and I responded saying “Bhaiya you have to fuck me hard….you have to fuck my pussy very hard…”

and while puffing in pleasure Tinu Bhaiya told me to speak Hindi and I rejoined “Aapne mujhe chodna hai…hmmmm….to fir Chodo…abhi aa jaao mujhe Chodne….” “Meri Chut bahut pyasi hai…..issko aapka Mota Lund Chahiye…..” “Bhaiya…meri taange kho ke please achhe se Chodna Mujhe….” So Vulgar; I don’t know it was me or someone else;

it was lust ruling my senses, even after discharging once I was yet not over and I could feel myself flooding thickly again and suddenly Tinu Bhaiya puffed loud and spoke out weird for me “Sonal…! You bitch…Baby you just wait….I will fuck you hard…” “Main teri taange khol ke, apna Mota Lund teri Chut mein Daal ke tujhe itna Chodunga…itna Chodunga ki tu Pagal ho jaayegi…”

and with that his moans went higher in volume and finally he released his phone one the bed and shagged his load while grunting desperately. “Hello…” after few seconds I tried finding his voice and he came back on phone. “Ho gaya…?” this time I asked him if it is done and he accepted and in continuation told me not to mind his words

“Please jo kuch bhi maine bola…wo mind mat karna…” “Kya…wo jo aapne mujhe bitch bola?” and he accepted saying yes. To that I accepted that I am a bitch “I must tell you that I really liked what you said… I am ….a bitch” “No! you are not…! you are my doll” he replied and it brought smile over my face and behaving naughty I asked him when he is he going to fuck his doll

“to fir aap apni iss doll ko kab Chodne waale ho….?” and Tinu Bhaiya said that it may take time as we have to wait for right opportunity “let’s see…humen sahi mauke ka intzaar karna padega…” that was disappointing, I was so much dying to get fucked that I needed him just then and I suggested him to take an off from work tomorrow and book a room in some good hotel

and he denied saying that its very risky and told me to wait till I get home alone. Whatever, eventually with hell of restlessness my night ended and next morning I was aroused since I got up from the bed. Like every morning somewhat around 8 door bell rang and this time I rushed to open the door to see Tinu Bhaiya.

As usual he was there to get the keys of the factory and looking into each other’s eyes we smiled naughtily. Long t-shirt and a Capri, without any bra underneath I was still in my nightwear and as there was nobody around while giving him keys I bumped into his chest to squeeze my melons and moved my hand rapidly over his crotch.

I was gone crazy in lust but Tinu Bhaiya was well in his senses and pushing me away he moved from there quickly. On the same night before getting into dirty chat on the phone he scolded me and told me not to do all this again and like yesterday we once again ended up helping each other in masturbation.

Like this few days passed, size of Tinu Bhaiya’s Cock, our favorite fucking postures, licking and sucking of Cunt and Cock, instead of using Condom we will prefer me taking contraseptive pills; in short as such there was nothing left which we did not chatted about and while waiting for right opportunity we both went on going desperate for real pleasure.

I repeatedly requested Tinu Bhaiya to book a room in a hotel but he remained firm over his decision and finally somewhat after around 10 days from our very first online masturbation we got the opportunity. I remember it was Friday and on breakfast table Dad told me that on Saturday afternoon he and Mom are going out to nearby town which is actually our

Guru Ji’s place and they might come back on Sunday evening. Dad wanted to take Anuj; my younger brother along, so that he can share driving miles with him but Anuj denied going. I perused Anuj; apparently for Dad’s support but virtually for myself but Anuj did not agreed.

I was disappointed and expressing regret over losing good opportunity because of Anuj’s presence in the house as I detailed Dad’s program to Tinu Bhaiya in the night he casually told me to get ready to get fucked “Sonal Ab tu bus Chudne ke liye tyar ho jaa”.

Actually Tinu Bhaiya was already aware of my Dad’s program and in addition to that he told me that like we two Anuj was also waiting for this kind of opportunity and in parent's absence he is going to stay out for entire night with his friends. I was delighted to hear that; as such I didn’t had any reason to doubt Tinu Bhaiya for that,

Anuj could easily share all this to Tinu Bhaiya as while working together Anuj and Tinu Bhaiya were quite friendly with each other but I didn’t knew that by now they have gone so friendly that they can fuck their sister together.

Anyway cutting down next twenty hours in as less possible words I would say like every night that night too we had lovely sex chat over phone for around half an hour and next day by the time Mom and Dad left the house I was gone so wet over my pussy that I had to change my panty twice.

As a preparation for the night, apart from shaving my cunt and making my skin as soft as it can be, I did not let my child sleep in the day time; so that she can get tired and sleep sound for entire night and like I knew somewhere around 6 in the evening Anuj; my real brother came and got ready to go and before leaving requested me not to tell anything about his night out to our parents.

He went off and I called Tinu Bhaiya to tell him that line is clear and Tinu Bhaiya told me that he will be at my place anytime after eight. Next to freshen up my body; specifically my cunt I took third shower of the day and wearing two piece nightwear; cut sleeve top with shorts on lower half, with no under garments underneath I waited for clock to reach eight.

Finally 15 minutes passed to 8 my door bell rang and it was none other than Tinu Bhaiya, he was there with a huge bunch of roses with a bottle of vodka. Roses were fine but I was surprised to see the Vodka, actually we all belong to the religious group in which non-veg and alcohol is a sort of crime and excessive alcohol was one of the reasons why I took divorce from my husband

and that instant I came to knew that both of my brother; Anuj and Tinu Bhaiya also drink secretary. Anyway that time my daughter was yet not slept and sitting in living room while feeding her we casually had Vodka mixed with soft drink. I was not willing to have it but Tinu Bhaiya insisted me and flowing in lustful environment I started to have.

Mixed with Fanta it was still bitter but soon my taste buds adopted that weird flavor and I drank whole glass. Next after 15-20 minutes of double meaning chit chat and alcohol in my child’s presence, leaving Tinu Bhaiya in the living room I brought my daughter to my bedroom and it took me another 20-25 minutes to get assured that my child is gone into deep sleep

and now she will not get up until next morning. By now time was little passed to 9 and I could feel the effect alcohol over my gesture, although over all quantity of alcohol I gulped was very less still I was feeling dozy and flooding at my fuckhole my desire of getting sexual pleasure was pitched really high and I came out to the living room to call Tinu Bhaiya in the room.

I was not at all aware of what all has happened in the house in past 20 minutes; when I was off to put my child in her cot, when I came out even then everything seemed fine to me, legs over central table with evident hardness over his crotch and a refilled glass in his hands Tinu Bhaiya was watching television and as I told him to come to the bedroom he called me beside him.

“Bhaiya please fuck me now” I spoke out while falling on the couch beside him and putting his glass over my lips he replied saying what is the hurry, we have entire night “Jaldi kya hai….? Humare pass poori raat hai…”

I had few sips of his drink and told him that I am feeling drunken “Mujhe chaddh gayi hai” and he came up saying that soon it will be off “thodi der mein saari utarr jaayegi….” and with that he pursued me to drink more and I gulped few more sips.

To Be Continued...

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