Rahul Raj Enjoying Awesome Night Sex With Call Girl

Hi readers, I’m new to Human Digest as an author but a great reader of stories for so many years. I’m Rahul Raj, 6ft and muscular body with a 6-inch cock. Here is the incident which happened some 6 months ago with a call girl named Lal(name shortened). I’m relatively new to sex and only once I had experienced before.

As one of my colleague and a good friend suggested getting a girl as we were talking about this from a long time. So when my roommate was not in town, we planned to do this. I was working from home that day and my friend told he will join after some time. After getting a contact and called them, one girl was selected and I picked her up and came to my home.

Since afternoon I gathered all the things like drinks, stuff, and safety. We got home by 6:30 pm and had started to chit chatting. She was 26 yrs old and came to Bangalore recently. As she is from AP, language isn’t a barrier and we mixed up very well quickly. I gave a boxer of mine and a t-shirt and she looked damn sexy in that.

After some time of chatting and light touchings, we started to drink Blenders pride. I don’t know before but she was a hell of a drinker which made her give me more pleasure in sex. After 3 pegs, I asked shall we go to the bedroom. She said ok and we went and started slowly. She took initiative and kissed me slowly and it got wild after a minute.

I was always curious for a blowjob and asked her the same. She did it with the condom. I asked her to remove the condom and blow me. She hesitated first as she never did that but she liked me a lot in these time and agreed to do blowjob without a condom. It was an amazing and awesome experience. After a couple of minutes, I felt like I’m near to explode.

I stopped her and started to kiss and play with her boobs and pussy. She was in another world with my finger fucking. She asked me to enter my dick as she cannot wait anymore. She put a new condom and guided me. I started slowly and gradually increase the speed. She was enjoying the most and Me too. Her expressions made me mad and started to thump faster.

After 10 minutes, I came and fell on her. She kisses me on my forehead and hugged tightly in pleasure. We laid there for 20 mins cuddling and came back to the hall to resume boozing. She was behaving like she is in love with me. The other thing which she liked is the chicken fry I made which was a hit that day. She praised me for the chicken.

We continued to drink and I called my friend meanwhile to ask when he will come. He said in another 45 min and we finished 3 more pegs. This time, she asked me lets go inside. I happily obliged and went and had an awesome session. I tried doggy and she is enjoying fully as impressing her hips and thumping simultaneously. She is asking for more and not to stop.

I also liked this position and giving hard strokes. Due to alcohol I guess, it is nearly 40 min and I’m still not cumming and by this time she is pleading to finish. Somehow I came to climax in another 10 min and we are fully exhausted and laid there for another 15 min and came back to the hall to booze. After 15 min my friend came and joined us to booze.

I introduced her to him and we started to chat. He had a couple of pegs and took her inside. They came back in 30 min and I can clearly see he was not satisfied and she is also not happy. We boozed some time calmly and she called me inside. I asked what happened and then she started to complain that he smells very bad and also forcing her to do what she didn’t like.

I cannot comment on what happened between them but I consoled her and gave a tight hug. She cooled down and hugged me tightly and put a hand on my dick. It started to rise hard and in no time it became hard. She stroked it for a while and I also fingered her. She took my dick and started to ride on me.

It was again a new position for me and I enjoyed a lot. She rode very hard and I cummed in 15 min she fell on me and kissed my cheeks and chest and licked my nipples. We stayed and spoke sometime and then went to the hall. My friend had another peg and he left home as he did not get satisfied. It was 3:30 am and she also tired and we slept naked till morning.

I woke her up by fingering and had an awesome morning fuck and I dropped her back after exchanging numbers. She went back to AP but still in touch over the phone. She calls me Bava as she liked spending time with me and told me to call her whenever I visit Hyderabad and I also told her to call me when she comes to Bangalore.

A big long sex story, so I skipped some parts, but it was an amazing night for me. Thanks for reading it. Please feel free to drop your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Raj Kumar Enjoying Sexy Fun In Bus With Stranger

Hi guys, I’m Raj Kumar. I’m 5.8, lean guy, kind of nerdy looking with glasses and curly hair. I had just completed my engineering and started working in a software firm. This sex story is about how much fun it was on a crowded public bus in the city of Chennai.

Two years back, I had just started working here and I was just getting used to the roads and routes etc when once I took an AC bus on a crowded evening. So I was being pushed and all and finally ended up standing being this incredibly curvy looking woman, who was wearing a white color top and leggings. She was also wearing heels, which made her height perfect.

Since it was crowded and I was being pushed from multiple sides, no one suspected as I inched closer towards her. So this bus had this place right behind the first set of seats and just before the second set of doors which the driver has the control to open.

So she was holding on to the rod and standing with a handbag that came down up to her waist. She looked like almost about my complexion, not too fair, but like the south Indian brown. She had a short ponytail, which looked very cute. Her ass looked very inviting. So I went close and stood near her.

The bus driver kept putting on a lot of brakes and each time the bus would stop or start again, there were these jerks. And every time her ass would move towards me, I’d move in the opposite direction so that my dick would hit her ass. Oh my, what a feeling it was! My dick was hard even before it started touching her ass. Around the 3rd or 4th time, she felt it I think.

There was one time when my rock hard dick went right between her ass cheeks and then she gave a kind of a jerk, that had nothing to do with the bus movements. She turned back slightly but didn’t do anything to change her angle. So I knew that the game was on and her ass was as inviting as ever.

The leggings were sticking tightly to her legs which made her irresistible. Her height was perfect, her ass placed right at my dick. Then I put my hand beside hers, on the rod, she was holding and got even closer. It was heating up for me because it was a public bus. Then I slowly moved my hand and brushed her waist. She didn’t react and so I went and placed my hand there.

The handbag was the only one that was covering my hand and I used my backpack to cover the other angles that people may see through. And then I moved my hand almost on to her stomach and each time the bus jerks, I would pull her and hump her ass, right in her ass cheeks. That feeling went through the roof and I was getting bolder and bolder with every step.

I moved her hand onto the front side of her stomach and started caressing her slowly at first and then I picked up speed. She would turn back slightly, her eye would meet mine and she would quickly turn the other way. Then as if that was not enough, I started squeezing the flesh out of her stomach and I think I heard a couple of moans escape her mouth.

I tried putting my hand under her top to which she tried taking my hand off. I kind of made her and she ended up resting her arm on mine. Oh man, her bare skin felt so good. I moved my hand around her navel and then stopped at her navel. She tried stopping me again, but I wasn’t gonna listen. I placed a finger inside her navel and she shivered. She arched and now her ass is again on my dick.

The bus lurched again and that time, I humped her so hard, I ended up cumming. Oh man, that had to be the most pleasurable orgasms I’ve ever had. She was breathing heavily too, and I think she felt that I came. Her boobs were bouncing on and on and she breathed. I’m pretty sure she was very wet, but I could never find out.

I was wanted to squeeze her boobs and suck everything out of them, but I think she was scared that people would find out, and even I should have been. But I was having the time of my life. She turned back again and she looked at me. We didn’t talk, but our eyes seemed to communicate!

And then I guess her stop was approaching, I also decided to get down and was walking right behind her, slowly humping her every time the bus lurched. My dick was hard again. I dunno if people saw or if they whispered, I was too aroused to care. It turned out that, it was my stop too and we got down.

I went and asked her for her number, but she declined. She got into a bus and went away. Although I felt bad, I went home and jerked off multiple times to this experience. Although it was a tragedy, I was glad I had my share of fun.

Thanks for reading! Sorry if you were disappointed for not finding sex. But I really wanted to share with you people. Please don’t hesitate to write to me in the comments section below.

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Parth And Keerthi Enjoying Hot Fuck During College Festival

Hello friends, I have been an avid reader of Human Digest stories for a long time. I used to masturbate hard with some of the stories. So I thought I must share few of my experiences here, maybe more depending on the responses. I’m Parth, of course not a real name, man 31 from Gujarat.

About me, I am a businessman based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, doing fine in life. Married with two kids, have a decent tool whose sole aim to is to satisfy women, I’m on the heavier side, funny guy.

This experience goes back in 2005 when I was a student of engineering. It was my second year, and we were on the same campus as nursing colleges. I must say mallu girls are so good in bed, so delicious. There used to be a hottie named Keerthi, man, she was a bomb, 34- 28-36. Every guy must have masturbated once imagining her.

She was least interested in studies, but was more than an expert in organizing events, and used to participate in them. I was introduced to her by one of our teachers as I was good in drama during those days. From there onwards, we used to meet regularly in college.

Our college’s main event was approaching fast, and she was given the responsibility of fashion show, dance, and drama. So we all get busy during those days, and in these days I have observed that she has been showing more interest in me than my work, and I thought this must be my chance.

She used to wear revealing clothes, used to touch me, even I saw her peeing once, and these were the events which were making me excited. She participated in dance unit, and man, she was so seductive, even our teachers were lusting her, and I believe she used to enjoy it, her pelvic movements, swinging of her arse, movement of her breast, yaad he mujhe abhi tak.

Rolling of the tongue over her lips, her deep navel, and her sexy waistline. After completion of drama event, she came close to me and congratulated me saying I was best, and she thinks I will be the winner, and how she loved what I did, I was watching her, holding her hand, I was getting an erection, I asked her to join me.

I take her to back side of the college campus, as it was night and it was paddy fields no one would have bothered to come there. I asked her how she finds me, to which she said she would love to be my girlfriend, this made me excited and I pushed my lips on her, so juicy lips just like strawberries, and she started responding to my kisses.

We were exploring each other’s mouth, and were running our hands over each other’s body; she was rubbing my rock hard dick. She was getting restless, I removed her blouse, and her black laced bra, and man there I was what a sight, a topless goddess with erect nipples inviting to be licked, sucked and pinched.

I didn’t disappoint either, I put my lips on her nipples and started slurping as a dog, rolling tongue in circles, and she was going mad moaning aah, aah, Parth yeah please don’t stop. I started to suck along with licking, and she was rubbing her dripping pussy.

I went further down removed her petticoat and panties, wow brown pussy oozing honey, it resembled as in honey pot, once you dip in there all your sins will be washed out. I placed my lips on her wet pussy, and I was like jannat.

I started licking madly, and she was pushing me deeper and moaning and murmuring in Malayalam which I don’t understand but the words were like an adding ghee to fire, I licked her clit, fucked with my tongue like banana, squeezed her breasts which exploring her pussy, light hit her pussy and again dig her deep, did the same thing for few times which made her mad,

she too scratched my back and hit my dick lightly which made me mad as well, and then pushed my four fingers in her pussy, and started fucking vigorously, this made here explode big. I asked her to lick my dick, she rolled skin back and took it in her mouth, wow what a feeling it seems like I was in heaven,

and gradually I started building up, I let her know and she wanted it and her breasts, so I sprayed it and her. She again started licking my dick, and in no time it erected, I placed dick on pussy opening and pushed it, wow it was s wet, I kissed her again and again, and start fucking her in missionary position, asked her to come in doggy, rammed her pussy as a bitch,

and she was going like aaahh, aaaah, maaaa, it’s so good Parth, fuck me hard you son of a bitch, that added as a fire I started ramming her hard, and she said she is about to cum, and even I was nearing, we changed our positions to 69 and cummed in each other’s mouth. She said that it’s been best fuck she had, and crazy fuck as it was in the field.

We wore our clothes back and get back to function, we then move to my flat, had food, and again we mated like there is no tomorrow. Next day we both bunked college as we were tired, few of her friends asked her whether she is not well and some passing comments as if she got fucked her brains out.

Since then we became girlfriend-boyfriend and enjoyed thoroughly for 3 years. She moved to the UK after her marriage but we still meet when around.

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Rajan Fucking Horny Divorcee Fathima

My name is Rajan 26-year-old, live in a small town near Coorg, Karnataka. From last 8 years, I haven’t been in the home for long.. I was studying away and been working in all major cities. At last this February I came back to my native place and settled happily.

My sex journey started at early 18 and I have been enjoying my sexual pleasure frequently whenever I got a chance.But this time, I was looking for a sex mate in my city it wasn’t that easy. After several months of searching, I decided to try my luck on her.

Her name is Fathima a hot babe she is 29 years old but looks like below 25. Height 5.5 a round ass round cup boobs I don’t know exact her measurements but her boobs must be around 38 to 40 and she had the most attractive ass that could make a 10-80-year-old male turn and look for it.

Divorced her husband just one month after marriage. There are rumors that she had a relationship before her marriage. She always wears salwar kameez. She used to wear a tight yoga pant and churidar top. She is a modern girl and kept her physical fit by exercising every morning. She is a beautician so it’s usual that she looks very attractive.

We are from the same area so her mom used to come our home frequently sometimes Fathima also comes with her mom. But my mom doesn’t like Fathima because of her attitude and behavior. When she comes our home and if at all I was there then Fathima used to tease me by asking about my girlfriend in front of all. When I say I don’t have any.

She told me not to tell lie, and that I am handsome there will be at least one girlfriend. Previously I have noticed her so many times.And had an eye on her.. I was waiting for the opportunity.

And the day came when my parents went to aunts house at morning. Fathima came just after they went. She had a plastic cover in her hand. Asked about my mom. I told her she just left and will be back by evening.

Hearing this she sat in sad. I asked what happened. She told that she came for stitching her new blouse. We had a tailoring machine in our home and my mom taught her stitching. So she used to come home if at all she had something to stitch. I told her no problem she can stitch her cloth I am not going out because I have a headache. I lie to her and thought this will be my opportunity.

The stitching machine was in the corner of the living area and also tv. I switched on the tv and sat on the sofa where she was in her knee length tight pant and in low neck t-shirt. She started to mark the cuttings of cloth in the floor while she was doing it she used to bend I started to enjoy her melons which are milky white.

And I saw her black bra which made her boobs look sexy. Several times I passed her when I went to the kitchen. I saw her t-shirt little short in the back I think it’s because of she bent forward I had seen a glimpse of her ass crack. I went inside my room took off my shorts and underwear and worn just dhoti and came back.

I sat near to her in the chair. I folded my leg so that she can see my dick. She was busy with her work I was enjoying her huge cleavage view. I asked her whether she wants anything to drink. I made tea and gave to her. She appreciated my tea. While she looking at me she found my erect dick inside my dhothi.

Directly she told smiling “Chaddi haaku maraaya, ella kantha untu” means wear underwear everything is visible. For that, I told her let it needs some air so I didn’t wear anything and told her sorry. After that when I saw her cleavage I informed her that her boobs are visible she gave the same reply that her boobs need air too.

We laughed for a second and I continued my staring at her boobs. Now she saw me looking at her boobs vigorously, this time, she adjusted her t-shirt. I took both finished tea cups and went inside. And decided not to stare at her body. I came back and started to talk with her usual things.

And after some times out topic changed to actress gossip, their relationships with the director and their compromises with producers. She was talking so openly about the actress that she used some vulgar words about producers and directors who was taking the opportunity of poor girls and making them sleep with them.

And also she added that in this society all men wanted just one thing from women. Hearing this I felt bad about myself. I asked her about her divorce. For that, she told that her husband was a psycho and doesn’t believe her words and had a doubt on her. I asked her what if she already carrying his child before divorce.

For that she replied smiling..”What child ? He can’t make me pregnant. Not only me he can’t make anyone pregnant.” Now I came to know the real reason behind her divorce. I asked her directly does she ready for 2nd marriage. She replied that she wasn’t ready and don’t know about the future.

I asked her what will she do if she gets a mood to have sex( in low voice and in fear about her reply) She replied in a funny way “the same way how you relieve yourself”. At this time she almost finished her stitching blouse and went inside to room to check if it fits or not. I went after her. She closed the door but didn’t lock it.

I pushed it slightly she was facing me back and doesn’t know that I am behind her watching her. She took off her t-shirt I can see her bare back with only bra strips on it. It was wide and white. Well maintained body, she doesn’t have so much flesh in the belly area. Before she tried to wear her blouse I went inside and hugged her from behind and held her boobs and pressed it hard over the bra.

My dick was hard and pressed directly to her ass. She was surprised, turned around and started to push me. I held her tight and told her “please cooperate with me just for this day. No one will know. I will show you heaven” She replied “please don’t, please leave me I want to go, “I took off my dhoti and stood naked before her and told her look at my dick and tell me it’s not enough to satisfy you.

She sat on the bed and tried not to look at my dick but in between she saw it two times. My erect 7.5” dick which had many previous experiences. I don’t know what she was thinking. She still not seeing me and not even my dick. But I was sure she turned on so I went near her stood opposite her my erect dick was facing real north which was inches away from her face.

I held hand made her hold my dick and started to press her boobs. She looked at me gave me a smile and started to jerk me. I told her to give a blowjob but she refused. Then I made her lie on the bed. Removed her pant and innerwear in rush. I was seeing Fatima’s clean shaved pussy. I never saw a cleaned pussy like that.

I started to finger it she pushed me and took a heavy breath with a moan. I started to lick her pussy and started to insert my tongue. She was moaning heavily and moving her body and hips sideways and upside down. I could taste her precum. She held bed tightly and cummed all over my face and mouth.

I went upside removed her bra I was seeing a pretty good bid boobs which were firm and small black nipples. Wow, I started to bit it slowly and held her both boobs tight and started to fuck her boobs. She laughed and I told her to suck my dick. This time, she held it and started to lick it slowly. Then I told her to open her mouth as soon as she opened I inserted my dick.

She couldn’t take it all in her mouth I kept stroking. She was crying in pain. At last, I loaded my cum in force to her throat and released my urine unaware…She drunk it all. When I took it out she coughed very hard. I came below to her pussy to enjoy my fucking session. I inserted my dick it went directly without any trouble and difficult.

I know she must have been more experience than me. I stroked her hard she was moving upside down her boobs were shaking in motion I held it tight she kept pushing me. I could feel her cum she had several loads before mine finally loaded all inside. I told her to bend I rubbed her asshole. She told not to fuck her ass.

I told her I will just insert once and will take it out. It was very tight she was screaming I closed her mouth with my hand. I saw ass fucking in porn clips. But never thought it would be so nice.Finally, we stopped after 3 positions…

From that day till today we had several sessions. It’s awesome if you got a sex partner in your area. Where we had most sessions in our area’s cremation place which are near to both our home. We had sex in riverside, her home when nobody is watching.

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Kolkata Guy Enjoying Sex Pleasures At Spa

Let me first introduce myself to you. I'm K, a 26 year old guy from Kolkata. Like any other guy of my age, I'm too full of sexually active hormones and think of having sex always. I used to have a girlfriend who was bong but we broke up last year in december so it was all dry for me since last 10 months or so. I had recently learned about the spa thing.

After all the research over the net, I came to know that in almost every spa you can get paid sex by offering extra bucks to the therapist. Although the very famous brothel was just a few mins away from my place, but I never ever think of going there to satisfy my sexual desires. So I was inclined towards this spa setup to ease my sexual tension.

After a lot of research, I zeroed this spa which happens near one of the metro stations which I found safe to visit. I called them and enquired about their charges etc. I also enquired if their therapists are Indian. I was not at all interested in Thai therapists and I have a thing for bong beauties. So the manager's response was in my favour. They did have Bengali therapist.

So withing no time, I was there standing at the counter of that spa. I enquired about a dew therapies just to show the manager that I'm more interested in massage and after paying their counter charges, I was shown my therapy room. The manager requested me to change into the disposable pants provided and wait for my therapist.

I didn't talk to him much as I was all exited for the next an hour & half of my life. I had a mixed feeling of fear and excitement. Fear of doing it at an unknown place and also what if it comes out a total flop plan, and excited about the experience if it comes out as planned.

So in mixed feelings, I was chagimg and just when I was going to put on my dispo pant, a girl, rather a women walked into the door without knocking. I was in an awkward position trying to make way for my foot into the pant when I saw her walking in. She apologised for it and walked out with a smile.

Since this was my first time with with a women after my ex gf so I was feeling shy after the accident. But when she walked back in after a few mins, she behaved as if nothing happened. I could noe take a proper look on my therapist, my sex partner if things go well. She was a women possibly in early 30s. She wasn't slim but had a good figure for her age.

Healthy but no extra belly, the amount of flesh she had on her body suited her. Her skin color was not very fair but can be counted among the fair ones. I could not make much idea about her boobs bcoz of the darkness in the room and her black shirt. I was happy that my therapist was not disappointing. She asked me to lie down on my front on the massage table. I had to oblige her.

Next she started wiping off my foot with a warm wet towel. I started asking her name, where she lives etc. She told me her name is Sharmistha and she was from Barrackpore, a north suburban area near Kolkata and that she was married but separated from her husband. I didn't ask much about her personal life as I was least interested. We started talking and we really hit off very well.

We were pulling each others leg and were having a fun chat but still there was no discussion about sex, or extras as they say in massage business. Meanwhile she completed massaging my legs and back and all of sudden she pulled down my disposable to reveal my bum and pouring some oil she started massaging there. This made me numb and I stopped talking for sometime.

I could make out that this reaction of mine made her smile over my situation. I took it as a hint that extra services are available here and gathered all my courage to ask her sheepishly if extra services are available here but to all my disappointment, I straightaway denied saying all those are not practiced at this spa. I could feel my hopes getting shattered.

All the excitement vapourised in the 20 degrees temperature of the air conditioned therapy room. A big KLPD for me. Anyway ad we werr having a great chat, she stared making fun of me that I won't come back to this spa bcoz my hopes were put down and we laughed about it. I could say that I had a good time with her.

So my 1 and half hour passed with a KLPD and quiet a lot of making fun of each other. I enjoyed my time with her. After the therapy she asked me if I would come back coz I didn't get what I came here for. I didn't answer her and just smiled over her statement.

That was the day I cursed my luck for not being able to get a pussy for my dick, I came back home unsatisfied and had to help myself on my own. Although I had a total KLPD session but yet there was something about her which hit me off.

It was one and a half hour of fun conversation with her which had some kind of inclination and I wanted to visit her again and so, I was there again the very next day. I paid the counter charges and asked for Sharmistha again. The room was allotted to me and I changed into disposable pant. After 5 min she walked in with a surprised smile.

She asked me how did I come back, to which I replied that I came back to see her and continue our fun conversation which we had left incomplete last day. She laughed and asked me to lie down for massage but I denied saying I don't need a massage today and wanted to chat with her, meanwhile I asked her just to massage my back in a way that I could hug her easily like she did last day.

She started massaging my back and after a few strokes I asked her if I could hug her. She gave me the permission with a light humming. This was a start for me. I hugged her tightly and she caressed my back softly. That day we had a soft foreplay and she allowed me to keep my head on her breasts. The left over hour was spent with some cuddling and soft romance.

I did not want to hush anything and let her feel comfortable. That day I could make out that she has a nice pair of tits which is quiet milky. After my time was up, I left the place with a promise to come back soon. While leaving the room I was in two minds whether I should pay her for this or not.

I decided against thinking she might take it in offence as he gestures made me feel that she wanted this to happen between us. I left the place by just giving her a hug. I could not visit the spa for next few days due to my busy work schedules. It took me a week for my next visit and so I was there at the counter asking for her again.

The manager was happy to have a customer who was visiting his place for the 3rd time. He showed me my room.and asked me to change. Inside the room, I did not open my pants this time. I waited for her bare chested. She came with a broad smile and instantly hugged me tight.

She gave me pecks on cheeks and all of sudden I grabbed her hands to forcibly pressed her to the nearest wall and kissed her on lips. I started sucking her upper lips passionately and after a few seconds she started responding. I let her hands free and held both her side waists in my hands and started giving her passionate rubs there and it worked just like I wanted it to, she was getting hot.

Next I pulled her towards the massage table and made her lie down on it and myself came on top of her. I started giving pecks on every visible skin of her above the waist, inch by inch. This was making her hornier and she started giving out moans. Next I went to her right ear and licked her earlobes while my hands were rubbing her side waists.

I asked her permission to let me open her shirt to which she denied the permission. I did not force her again and started squeezing her breasts with her shirt on. This sent her shivers and to move my attention from her breasts, she grabbed my head in her hands and lip locked with me. This time she was leading the kiss and I was following her.

For her next move she inserted her hands under my shirt from my back and started scratching my back with her nails. Yes she was getting hornier. I thought of making use of her condition and inserted my hands under her shirt. She wanted to block my access by shopping holding my hands midway but I took her over by force and pinned down both her hands above her head using my felt hand.

Now she was lying under my weight, with her hands pinned down she was left with nothing to stop me. I looked into her eyes she was breathing heavily. Now to prove my victory over her, I started inserting my hands into her shirt. She tried to stop me but her hands were pinned down so she could not do much but moan in pleasure.

I squeezed her breasts roughly and tweaked her nipples in between. This was going unbearable for her and she started moaning loudly, so loudly that I had to disengage my left hands to cover her mouth. This made her hands free and she started removing my hands from her breasts. I held her left hand with my left hand and twisted it softly and whispered in her ear to let me do what I want to.

I asked her to enjoy whatever is happening and let herself give me access to her body. She didn't say a word and stopped resisted after this. I got an encouragement with this and started opening the buttons of her shirt. She tried to stop me with half of her will but I succeeded in opening her shirt. There they were. Two milk mounds caged in a black bra. Yes they were big.

Big enough for my hands to be incapable of holding them. The excitement rose further in me and I started giving pecks around her breasts and rose further upwards to reach her lips again to thank her in kind. We sucked each other's lips and my hands were squeezing her mounds. For my next move I pulled her up a bit and unhooked her bra to free those jugs.

I wanted to manhandle them. As soon as they were free I jumped to suck them and started sucking them on by one. I sucked one breast and my hand would squeeze the other one. This way my hands and mouth took their turns to feast upon those soft milky jugs. Her nipples were small but aerols were a decent proportion of her breasts.

My actions were making her mad and she was giving loud moans which were making me scared that someone might hear it outside. I asked her not to moan loud but it seemed she seemed in some other world. She was beyond the capabilities of listening or understanding words. She hugged me very tightly and I started kissing her on her neck to make it worst for her.

A kiss followed by another and then another kiss until I reach again to her lips. This time we kissed with our to guess taking the control. They played the touch n win game. Next I rose up from her body to take a clear view of her nudity. She was wonderful. Her big round boobs forming the perfect o on her chest.

Shying away with the way I was looking at her, she tried to cover her breasts with her hands but I stopped her midway. I made her sit down and went behind her to kiss her back. I started liking her back from bottom to top with my tongue. This sent her shivers so strong that she let out a loud moan.

Her moans had started scaring me but at that moment my mind was being controlled by my sexual hornomes so I let it be. Now I wanted to see her completely naked and to do that I reached her jeans button. I started unbuttoning it but she requested me not to do it and I did not force it.

I decided to leave this part for next day. So I was back to my territory for the day and started enjoying my rule over them, her breasts. Our kissing sucking and cuddling went on till my time for the day WS over. We didn't have any idea about the time but someone gave a knock on the door indicating that the time was up. I helped her put back her clothes and then put back mine.

While leaving I requested her to let me have her completely the next day. She told me that she will see to it. I told her next day I will come with a lot of hope and a condom. She smiled and left the room ahead of me. Again, money was not talked about. The wait for my next visit was going to be tough.

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Golu Fucking Sexy Babe Shweta

This was the incident when I was 18 and from age 19 I am visiting this site. My name is Golu real one Akshay.. My dad shifted to Us and later call my mom and due to my studies I wanted to say here as I do not want to leave my friends.. My parents arranged my schooling from delhi and I shifted to delhi at my cousin bua home..

she had 1 daughter and her husband was in abroad.. more or less both are sex bomb.. bua daughter name Shweta.. she was 24 at that time figure u can say 34 dd 30 36 around.. figure u die seeing.. she got really big boobs nd sexy seductive ass.. same her mom but that time I was not so daring and was so coward..

now lets start real part its really erotic, seductive and horniest experience of my life.. she was my good friend and she use to be very bossy nd always black mail me that she will send my bad reports to mom.. so I always obeyed her till now it was going smooth.. but one day I got doubt that why bua use to come in late night at she was working women.

I was smoking terrace par when I saw my cousin coming out of a car as she was coming from her collage party.. she was wearing shot skirt blue one and black top sleeve less. She was high I guess at that time.. I saw hand coming out of the car as that guy was passing him the joint I figured out it might be her bf..

than suddenly he pull her inside.. mirrors up after 15 minutes u saw her coming out in her sexy black gstrings and in top that she was wearing.. she was standing outside the car and smiling talking inside and I saw car started moving and she has to come in her gstring I got really hard when I saw her big fat ass.. bc kya gaand thi uske upar se vo sexy thong uski like in porn..

while coming in she noticed me but somehow did not reacted that she actually saw me.. I went inside act sleeping she came inside wid other key nd bua was not home due to business trip.. she came saw me sleeping in drying room... she knew I am acting sleepy but did showed up nd thn started talking on her phne and was saying to guy that she took her best skirt..

boli Meko panty mai andar aana para nd she started teasing how was it to see her sister fucking wid his friend.. thn after some time said vo Abhi k lund ki deewani hn, thn tune dekha ni kitna mota tha.. thn some time later she disconnect and she went to sleep... I waked up enter her room she was lying on bed wid bet sheet..

I wS so horny nd lusty that time I removed the sheet from her legs to waist slowly and started watch her big ass... watching it I cummed with in seconds heavy load on floor.. I cleaned and left room.. I jerked at least 4 times that day.. but I was too afraid to approach her for fuck so I decide to watch and enjoyed as I was kid that time...

one day I saw her phone with her hot pic some nude, sucking dick and many more.. I manage to steal her phone and sent all files to my phone.. so that I can masturbate... and I was so stupid that in our home they have security cam she had record of my every moment that I come to know later... so one fine day she started playing game on me without letting me no..

she had really big thing to punish me and make his cuckhold.. so one day when I was playing I noticed a girl in the park talking on her phone.. she was wAtching me continuously watching me later I got to that she is my sister frnd as one day she came home.. she was hot as hell like my sis.. fat ass 34 and 32 boobs.. we got mix up nd frndly..

I was getting close to her body nd fragrance getting mad day by day... one day she approached me told me she like me was so happy that I cn get fuck from her she kissed me trained me to be smart as I was young to her she use to teach me about sex lust desires.. one day I told that I want to fuck her.. she said I cn but I need to show me how lusty I am and what I can do to fuck her..

first day she asked me to get my sister panties to which I said no as I was afraid and straight away holding my dick pressing it hard said do you want it to be sucked u knw wat I can say yes md she said toh aapni bhen ki thongs lai k aaio black colour.. I said okay to it nd I got smooch for 2 3 minutes the wildest of my life...

it was eAsy for me to get into her nd her almera nd got her Lingerie basket nd I was shocked there was not normal panties only sexy lacy gstring nd thongs to which I get real hard...i took her black thongs to her nd was excited that I did her task.. she thn wildly pushed me on bed nd pressing my dick hard..

said dekh teri bhen kaise panties daalti hn nd started seducing me for her while pressing me hard... than said she is real bitch like me nd I love her she started dominating me unhook my button holding my dick over my jockey real hard.. playing said teko ni pata tere sath kya kya hoga aab se..

she put her gstring in my mouth so that I cant moan as I was doing loudly ahhhhh ummmm tanya aahhh jerk it fast... nd all of sudden she started licking my ass hole first cleaned wid some jel something like that it was thn licking it jerking my dick slowly.. and took out his dildo I though I am going to play on her with this..

but pushed in my ass hole while jerking my dick I was crying on what she doing.. she said chup kr wRna kabhi chod ni payga mujhe she fucked my ass a bit did not inserted all of the dildo... I cummed heavely next she asked me to put her thongs back to the place without washing it...

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Ram Losing Virginity To Senior Colleague Monika

I think you guys already know about me. I am Ram from Bangalore, working in an IT company (now changed job), 26 yrs, 5.9’, athletic build and quite handsome. This happened between my senior colleague and me recently. I got a good opportunity and changed my job. There new team and new people. Amongst them, there was one beautiful lady by name Monika.

She was very active in her work and everyone used to appreciate her. Since I was new, my manager had assigned me to her so that I get to learn things faster. Though I was equally good to her but wanted to learn about the processes quite faster so that I will be used as a business asset to generate revenue.

Now coming to her description, she is around 5.8” in height and 32yrs age and has a very healthy body. Got to know that she is married and has a kid of age 5 yrs. Wheatish in color and very seductive eyes. Rosy lips and firm boobs of 36”. Has a pear shaped ass of 38” and waist of 32”. She was a treat to everyone to watch for.

Occasionally she wears a sari, the drape is always perfect. She looks like a woman made for saris with a little amount of flesh exposed. Now coming to encounter, it was almost a 3 months since I joined my new company. I and Monika were pretty close now. She stays in a gated community in Bangalore. She had invited me to her place for some work.

On that day she was working from home and so as I. Her hubby had left for the job and so as the kid. We both started to work on the project from 10 am. The flat that she stayed was at 4th floor. There was a honey bee nest in the balcony of their home and the windows in the next room were open but not near the balcony.

It was hot and very sunny day, few bees started to fly to drink water. They were buzzing around the pots that were kept in the balcony. 3-4 bees entered the room lose to that at the same time Monika got a call from her hubby and went to speak to him in that room. She was busy talking him and four bees sat on her body that she dint observe.

She finished the call and came to the work area in the home. I observed two of the bees were sitting on her left boob and told the same to her in a panic voice. She all of a sudden started jumping due to a bite on the back side exactly at the neck portion and due to which other two bees bit her on her left boob.

And the last one was buzzing around her that went inside her t-shirt and bit her kidney waist, just above her bum. I was trying to control her jumping and asked her to relax. She started crying in pain, in the mean time all the bees stuck were squeezed in the hands to death. I told her I shall remove the sting very soon so that it won’t cause severe pain asked her to show me locations that she was bitten.

She is crying intensely and showing the areas that were bitten. She removed her t-shirt and what a sight it was. Two giant gobbles resting in a transparent bra. Nipples are brownish and pointed. I was awestruck by her view. Now she pointed her finger at three locations, neck n waist and left boob.

We went to her room close to the mirror. I slowly removed her sting in the waist and at the neck. Now I asked whether I have to help her with boob. She told no, she would remove it by herself and asked me to go out. I came out, after 5 mins she called me in and told not able to locate the stings, the boob was slightly swollen, and she is struggling to cover in her hands.

She asked me help. She removed her hands and what I can see is left boob was much bigger than her right and stings were submerged in the swollen regions. One sting had bit on the areola and other on the side breast.

I easily located side breast one and removed it. Now I am struggling to locate areola one, I tried to catch nipple and pull here and there to see the sting and finally found sting. Here comes the real twist, the sting is half Brocken, not able to use nails to dig. She is crying continuously due to pain, I put my mouth and swallowed left breast and applied some pressure on the sting region.

Now it looks like it has loosened. And easily came to the nails. I asked for volini pain relief, she directed me ti her cup board and she rested on the bed, with her breast open. My tent was evitable and it was saluting the roof. I sprayed some volini and also bought some eyes cubes started massaging her left breast and also in the mean time I used my other hand to relive her pain in neck and waist region.

I was sitting behind and she was facing wall and was getting her boob a nice massage. I asked her whether to call her hubby, she said no. Her cries were subsidized and I slowly took her on my lap, now by using my right hand I was slowly massing her left boob and by using left hand I was massaging neck and waist region. The most awesome feeling is giving a boob massage, that I gave for 30mins.

She stopped crying and now she was quite ok. But her left boob now become like 40-42’ bbw boob complete swollen. right boob is being pushed to the right, u gotta see the cleavage formation. It was formed as if boobs were in bra. We ate something and got back to the work. And thanked me nice massage. And she noticed my tent and smiled at me.

We worked till 4pm by keeping my hard on and without her top cloths. I was unable to concentrate at all. Even she was feeling restlessness and suddenly she kissed me on my lips. I kissed her and went to washroom by kissing each other. And washed her boobs in water. We came out of wash room. The time was 4.15pm.

She told me her son would come from school by 5pm. I asked her till 5pm can I help relive her pain. She told ok and gave me her boob to lick and suck. She sat on the sofa I was pressing her right boob and licking her left boob by holding in other hand. Dint know how time became 5 pm. She put her bra without hooking and wore t shirt.

And she asked me to come tomorrow as she cannot come office tomo in this pain. I told ok and left for the day. The night got over and I was badly waiting to see her boobs again. I went at 9 am only so that I get more time to eat her boobs. But her hubby had not left, she introduced me to him and we spoke for some time.

And he left for the office along with his son to drop him at school on the way to office. As soon as her hubby left, she opened her bra and t shirt and left huge sigh, she told me she dint say this her hubby that bees bitten her. Asked her why, she told he might get doubt that I might have helped in handling boobs. I was smiling and asked her about the pain, she told there is pain.

As soon as she told there is pain I went near and started massaging her boobs. We both went bedroom and massaged her boobs in tongue for an hour. She started to feel my hard on and held my dick in one hand. I opened my shirt and pant and banian and threw away. Also opened her pant and panty and threw away. She opened my boxer and threw away.

She went on berserk and started sucking my dick. I was gyrating my body according her sucking strokes. I was putting my finger from her back into her pussy and was stroking her. Juices were flowing heavily. She took a condom from her cupboard and put on my dick and asked me to fuck.

We went on to missionary position and started giving wild strokes. Forgot to tell you, here pussy was pink in colour and neatly shaven, the lips were popping out just like lips on the face. On that day we fucked 5 times and took bath together. The swelling had come down now. And even the pain.

This is how I lost my virginity to the most beautiful women. Any comments and feedback, kindly share them below in the comments below.

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