Ankur Enjoying Awesome Threesome Sex With Ritika And Parmeet - I

Friends I believe threesome is something which is rare of the rarest in anyone’s life, every male fantasize about having sex with two females at the same time; you know Ek Chut se Nikala Doosri Chut mein Daala, but I am among those few lucky guys who have experienced that in real life.

I am Ankur, fair and good looking male of 26 with good height and good physic and Ritika and Parmeet were the females with whom I have spent whole night in fucking. Actually we all were collogues, though initially I was interested in Parmeet but ultimately Ritika became my girl friend and Parmeet was her roommate; who was actually virgin when I fucked her.

Although whatever happened afterwards was really bad for me still I would say pleasure of fucking two females at the same time; one highly experienced other Virgn, was something for which I was ready to face anything.

Anyway like I said although in different departments Ritika and I were working in the same organization; Ritika is around 29 working in HR department couple of years senior than me in the organization and Parmeet 23-24 was her resource for her own assistance and she joined the group after a year of my joining.

I was in designing and since beginning me and HR Ritika was friendly and many times I have dropped her at her accommodation. Whatever, the day Parmeet joined the office Ritika introduced me with her and the moment I saw Parmeet for the first time for me it was Bingo, as a girl friend she was the one I was looking for.

She was from small but renowned city of Punjab, fair and good looking like most Sardarnis are, long hairs, tall almost equaling me, may be 5’8” with balanced flesh all over her body, sexy and slender neither thin nor plump; perfect sized melons with lovely long legs leading to delectable ass mounds and after talking to her for a while I was totally floored because of her bashful nature.

I won’t say I was not attracted to Ritika, rather since beginning I was having dirty intentions for her, in appearance Ritika is dusky in color, though not as good looking as Parmeet still she has lovely features, short and bit overweight for her height, almost flat belly, big boobs, big, round and plump ass with ample thighs but most appealing thing apart from her fleshy,

round and protruding out ass which Ritika is persisting is her friendly way of talking. I often use to stare at her fleshy sexual assets and always desired to have sex with her in doggy style while talking dirty with her but I never thought about approaching her for any such relation.

She was senior and earning a lot higher than me, above that as I could see couple of rings in her fingers I always presumed that she already engaged. Anyway after around one month of Parmeet’s joining I thought about proposing her and I decided to take Ritika as a channel to express my feelings to her and after few days I found an opportunity to talk to Ritika in solitude.

That day time was 7, Parmeet was already gone and Ritika was trying winding up her work to leave as soon as possible. I asked her if we can talk for a while and Ritika denied by saying that she is in hurry and in continuation told me that she has to reach to her flat as Parmeet is shifting down from her PG to her flat and now they both will live together.

That was good for me and now I was more keen to speak to her about my eternal feelings about Parmeet but that instant I could not imagine that their staying together will give me rare experience of my life.

Anyway I casually requested Ritika to spare 20 minutes for me and she once again denied and said that she will take at least an hour to reach at her place on public transport and after that she has to prepare dinner too. I asked her what if I will drop her home with a packed dinner and she looked into my eyes with a question mark and lovely smile and uttered “aesi kya baat hai….?”

I too smiled in response and we came out of the office and settled down in nearby MacD with a cold coffee and I started with “Can you speak to Parmeet on my behalf; actually I really like her very much ”Ritika smiled beautifully while sipping her coffee shake from straw and eventually asked me “You want to marry her?” "May be…filhaal to usse apni girl friend banana chahta hun”

I replied casually and Ritika knobbed her head in no and uttered “she will not accept… actually she is not of that kind…you know small town mentality” "waise bhi uske parents uske liye ladka dekh rahe hain" with a tiny pause Ritika told me that her parents are already looking for her match and I tried insisting her for at least asking her

“try to kar yaar…I am a good looking guy…ho sakta hai maan jaaye” and Ritika replied by saying “that’s true…you are good looking…uski jagah main hoti to haan bol deti…but I am sure wo haan nahi bolegi” her tone was casual and friendly but her words instantly took my attention “what was that…? What do you mean by saying uski jagah main hoti to haan bol deti…?”

I asked her with a smile and in response Ritika also smiled and uttered “nothing… aise hi bol diya…don't take it seriously" I don’t know it was intuition or just my delusion that even I saw strange glare in Ritika ’s eyes when she smiled and looked at me and I followed my gut feeling and spoke to her frankly “tell you frankly mera break up hue bahut din ho gaye hain… now I am seeking a girl friend…”

I paused for a moment and spoke and then spoke again “if you think we can get along....I mean you and me…!” I ended in the middle with bit of fumble; I was feeling really very strange, a moment before I was talking to her about my feeling for her friend and co worker but eventually ended up proposing her.

Ritika once again smiled and passed a comment in sarcastic tone “waah…kya palti maari hai…. jo mil jaaye le low...all men are alike….now you like me… isn’t it?” and her sarcastic words and way of pulling my leg with a smile brought instant giggle over my face and I tried finding way out of it by saying “yes…I like you… you are very special … but for me you were always….!”

With that I moved my hand to reflect hi-fi and next instant spoke again “anyhow I could not think about proposing you….meri itni aukaat nahi hai” (Aukat is status) Ritika was little surprised to hear that word and asked me back “iss mein Aukat kahan se aa gayi” “obviously…I am earning nearly half of your salary…main tumhe kya de sakta hun”

saying that I presented myself somewhat inferior to her and that moved Ritika in my favor and she came up saying “money can never be my concern… “….and after a pause she spoke again “I really like you as a person…and you can give me good company…”. I felt strange; anyhow I could not imagine that a female like Ritika can think about me as her boy friend.

I extended my hand to her and formally asked her "will you be my girl friend?" and Ritika gave me her hand as acceptance. I kissed over her back hand and she smiled beautifully. After that we detailed each other about our past affairs and opened the fact to each other that none among us are Virgin.

Next I came up with an idea of having dinner together in a good restaurant and Ritika denied and instantly got up while saying that Parmeet must me reaching home in next 10-15 minutes with her luggage and few more things and while starting from there I told her that we can take Parmeet along for the dinner and she agreed but told me not to mention this fact to Parmeet; that we are in relation now.

Eventually after reaching at Ritika ’s accommodation also after throwing Parmeet’s stuff in the room I rode triple seat on the bike and took both the females to a good restaurant. We sat there for more than an hour and apparently everything was casual but deep inside I was getting hard like hell.

I was sitting across two females and truly speaking friends while being with both the females at the same time I was so confused that I could not reach to the conclusion if I have took a right decision of proposing Ritika or I have made a mistake by not trying approaching Parmeet.

I must say both Ritika and Parmeet were sexy but in different perspectives; Ritika ’s breasts were big and heavy, equaling good sized musk melons where Parmeet fruits were bit bigger than good sized mangos, Ritika ’s bottom was round and heavy with fleshy thighs and bit of belly but Parmeet was having slender body with balanced flesh over her arms and thighs

leading to sexy jutting out ass mounds with flat belly. Over facial expressions Parmeet was fair and better looking but Ritika was confident and I was sure that after few formal dates I and Ritika will be having regular sex but Parmeet was bashful in nature, though sexually she was appealing me a lot but certainly she was difficult prey to catch on bed.

Anyway I could not do anything in that concern now and mentally I was more diverted to Ritika as she my girl now. After Dinner I dropped them home and came back to my place and like it was expected me and Ritika had long chit chat over phone till late night.

Two weeks passed casually and in the mean we had two formal dates and eventually I asked Ritika for the Kiss and she agreed. Fortunately that day, when we reached to her place Parmeet was gone to the nearby market and apart from having lovely kiss I caressed her big and soft breasts over the cloth and licked her neck in excitement.

With loud and lovely moans Ritika enjoyed whatever I tried doing with her but before we would have gone further door bell rang and Parmeet came back. Our intentions were mutual and I could see evident lust in Ritika 's eyes and just before leaving I asked Ritika when we can get alone in the house and Ritika told me to wait for one more week as Parmeet is going to her native place for 2-3 days.

Throughout these seven days we met daily in the office and had long erotic conversations on phone in the night and slowly and gently we reached at such peak of sexual arousal that by the time Parmeet’s day of exit from the town came we both gone mad in lust.

Eventually most awaited day of my life came, it was a Friday and we both were in very pleasant mood since morning but things changed drastically around 5 in the evening. Everything was set, leaving office before 6; I was supposed to take Parmeet to ISBT to board the deluxe coach for Punjab and after that I was suppose to come back to Ritika ’s accommodation to stay with her for the night,

but suddenly it started raining heavily. Since morning there were light shower and we; I and Ritika were praising our luck for getting a lovely weather on the specific day but in a moment our mood swung to sadness. We all were disappointed, no need to mention, me and Ritika were sad because we were waiting for this day desperately.

Although by now Parmeet was aware of our relation but she was unaware of our fucking plan, she was sad because she wanted to go home and meet her parents. Parmeet was carrying a small bag of her clothes and we had a plan of going from their only but the way it was raining I could see that because of traffic jams it will not be possible for us to reach to the bus terminal even in three hours.

We waited in the office till 7, by now rain was slowed down in our region but like I said there was heavy traffic jam all around because of water logging. Sensibly the plan should be cancelled then and their but keeping my mouth shut I was trying following the schedule.

Taking both the females in triple seat now I was suppose to drop Ritika at her place and go further to drop Parmeet but after reaching to the main road Ritika asked me if I can drive triple seat till bus terminal. Actually there was a hell of traffic jam all around and I was going in opposite direction to drop Ritika,

it seemed as if it will take us at least an hour to reach to their place and then I and Parmeet will start for the bus terminal. No need to say like me Ritika also needed Parmeet’s exit from the town and she told me to take her along and I changed the direction.

Almost half an hour passed, though slowly but we were moving continuously and I was very positive about reaching to destination in an hour but it started raining again. I did not stopped but just in few minutes showers went heavy and traffic conditions worsened. With a hope of having hot night with Ritika ’s luscious body I kept on moving and by the time we reached to the ISBT time was almost 10.

Including me both the females were wet and dripping, Parmeet was wearing jeans and t-shirt and Ritika was wearing Kurta with stretchable leggings, revealing their all body curves their clothes were stuck to their bodies. I was getting clear impression of Parmeet’s bra under her t-shirt and my girl of Ritika was exploding sex from every inch of her body.

Kurta she was wearing was already bit tight over her body and after getting wet her melons were somewhat trying to coming out of their cage. On the lower half because of water her leggings were gone heavy and her Kurta was stuck to her ass and making a huge D her ass was jutting out of her body even more significantly.

No need to mention after getting down from the bike as I saw them I got instant hardness over my Penis and with a recharged hope of fucking Ritika in the night I moved from there to locate Parmeet’s bus.

I saw the section of buses going to Punjab but there was no deluxe coach, only roadways buses were there and there was not even a single man of the staff who could give me hint of their schedule departure. Doing query I roamed for 10-15 minutes all around in the specific bus yard and somebody suggested me to go to the by-pass road and further told me that after leaving

this place deluxe coaches halt their for little long and leave after 11 in the night. Though not very heavily but water was still pouring and I was so desperate to send Parmeet that instead of waiting there with a hope of Deluxe coach coming and going I decided to take chance at that highway.

I spoke to the girls about this, initially they disagreed but somehow I convinced them and we moved further. Eventually we reached to the point where we found one very less occupied deluxe coach, about to leave for Punjab and also to Parmeet’s home town and Parmeet called her parents to inform everything and as she detailed everything to them;

that she is boarding bus from highway which will start around 11:30 and has very less people in it, they told her not to come. Since long I could sense that deep inside Parmeet did not wanted to go in these conditions, no doubt she was absolutely right, it was not safe for a female to travel like this but I was not wrong either,

I was dying to fuck Ritika but after that phone call all my efforts went waste and Ritika and Parmeet mutually decided to go back home. I was disappointed and Ritika was smiling sarcastically over my ruined gesture. Time was almost 11, hungry and tired we all were totally drenched and it was still raining.

We climbed on the bike again and like till now Ritika sat in the middle and Parmeet on the farther end. Until now I was driving with energy and everyone was tensed but now we were going back so I drove calmly slowly Ritika started behaving naughtily.

To Be Continued...

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Bably Enjoying Sex With Mausa And Mausi

This is my first story of exciting life I have been leading from last ten years. I will try my best to cut down the unnecessary details. I am a 30 year old female, happily married with two kids. I cannot ask anything more from the almighty. I am 5'05" with a well toned body, attractive looks anybody would dye for and great appetite for sex.

I would like to start by my first sexual experience which was ten years ago, just before I was turning 20 yrs. I was visiting my maasi, younger to my mother, whose is very attractive lady with two kids studying in boarding and her husband has job which takes him away from home most of the month ( my mother is eldest and has four younger sisters).

One afternoon I was to watch a movie with a friend and spend evening and my maasi was to pick me up later on, but all changed and my friends mother dropped me maasi's house very early. I had the key to flat and entered the house and heard some moans coming from my maasi's room.

I tip toed and entered the lobby and was shocked to see the scene and literally froze at first. It was my youngest maasi's husband ( who normally visited & stayed in Mumbai for work very frequently).

He is six feet tall with extremely fair complexion, with a V shaped body, very small waist and very broad chest. He is a fitness freak and has one of the most disarming smile, he is a thorough gentleman. my Guddu maasi is very soft spoken, docile in nature and very religious type as well.

She is dark complexioned 37 year old at that time and my mausa was 42 years then, I was just about 20 years old. My mausa was fucking her in a missionary position, he was asking her, yeh merri baahon mein kaun hai. maasi was saying terri Guddu hai, terri aadhi biwi hai. he would ask her, yeh kya karva rahei hai. she was saying yeh aapse Chudwa rahi hai, yeh aapki" bemisaal chudai ka maza loot rahi hai.

He said what did you say ki Aadhi biwi hai !!. Par tum Lund tou merra poora hi le rahi hai. They were in their own world and not bothered if anyone was watching them or no. Maasi starting saying I have come once and now am ready to come on top. He changed position and lied on his back, mausi turned quickly and picked a wet towel and wiped his Lund.

I was shocked to see the size of his lund, which I came to know later that it was eight and half inches. and as tick as my wrist, within no time my massi started sucking it slowly, it was surprise to see that how she could open her mouth so wide to let the thick head into her mouth. After some sucking she she croeesd her leg and mausa guided his lund to her clean shaven choot.

though very thick, it slided in quite smooth in her,soon she gained rhythm and speed. mausa was holding her waste and supporting her to ride with least efforts. she was bending in between and letting him suck her medium sized but firm boobs.

And after sometime she started saying ohh my baby am coming again, mausa said come for me my Guddu come for me, and she collapsed on his chest, mausa was stroking gently from below and kissing her very gently by running his hands in hair and hugging her kissing her in such a loving way. I could see that it was not just sex, they were in love with each other.

I had started fantasizing about me being fucked by my mausa in such a passionate way. I quickly walked away before they could gather them selves up. I was all wet and was not sure what to do. I quickly ran down from the house and returned few minutes later, making it look like that I had just returned.

My Arjan mausa met me with a hug and pleasant smile as always, and said its o nice to see you here as well. He said I have few days work in Mumbai so will be staying here as well, he said he will take some rest and then take us both for dinner.

When maasi was taking shower, he sat with me in hall and asked me to come closer to listen to something, He said I want o tell you something listen to me very carefully and whatever you do, please think very very carefully and give some extra time to take any decision. I was not sure how to react and hat he was talking about. I asked him What you talking about mausa.

He said let me come straight to the point. Now you have seen me and your Guddu maasi making out completely. I had seen you in the mirror, even though room was half dark, but you were in lobby which had sunlight. Bt I did not want to stop and get Guddu in panic or spoil such a nice session half way. He said I have no justification for why we doing it, I know its wrong.

But if you tell the family so many members life will get spoiled, I also cannot say that we will not do it again. Me and Guddu will continue to have this relationship. He said, he had seen me standing and that's why when he took her on top he changed her position that her back was towards me, so that she could not see you.

He said bably, please do not call anyone, do not panic give some time and then only decide. And one favour you must do is that please let me know in advance that you going to tell the family, so that I can take Guddu to safe place, most probably abroad.

I just nodded and he held my hand had said do not panic at all, and please help me take care of your Guddu maasi, as I am going to tell her after dinner that you have seen us. I assured him don't worry and I am with you on taking care of maasi,as she is a wonderful human being.

Then we three went out for dinner and he is used to enjoying his drinks, mainly whisky. he offered maasi to order her regular, she was hesitating due to my presence, He said don't worry Bably is grown up now, and understands, he ordered Vodka for her. I gathered courage and asked him that I want o try something as well.

He said you can try Red wine and ordered one glass of red wine for me. Maasi wasn't sure if it was okay, but she seems to have tremendous faith in Arjan mausa's judgement. Once we returned home, maasi got busy over phone with her kids in hostel and her husband who was away on business trip.

Me and Arjan mausa sat together in balcony, he was having another Drink Cognac. he asked me to take a sip of it, its brandy, if she likes. I did take two sips. Then he told me that me and your maasi are going to make love again, and as its whatever decision you take it will not make any difference, as do it once or do it hundred times, the punishment is going to be same, and he laughed.

I somehow eneded up saying to him that I am not going to tell anyone, its okay whatever you plan to do. he thanked me and held my hand and said, I am always there for you, like always. this is a big favour to me and Guddu. then he was smiling to himself and I asked him what !!. He says for helping us out I can allow you to watch us making love from the room itself.

Before I could say anything, he said I lnow you would like to and its perfectly fine. to do so. he said go into your room and change into your night suit and come to our room after fifteen minutes.Meantime I would explain to Guddu.

Whatever he must have explained to Guddu maasi, she was appearing shaken up as I entered the room. And she was looking at my reaction, Arjan mausa said its okay, just relax.He gave her a small drink.

Then he dimmed the lights in room and pulled maasi to him and the lip locked and mausa began to undress her. she was uncomfortable in the beginning but was getting comfortable as mausa started working on her. Aftr kissing and and going around her neck, he had undressed himself and given his lund into masi hand, she was stroking it gently,

she was about to go down on him and suck his lund, he stopped her and lyied her on her back and opened her legs and started licking her pussy, within no time she was moaning. and he was playing with boobs and giving her fingers to lick her as well. Soon she had her Orgasm and she was eagerly wanted to take his lund in her mouth, he gently guided her to his lund, she started licking tip of his unusually big lund.

He was strolling her hair. Here I was right next to mausa's head and was getting wet between my thighs and was getting hornier. But I was not sure how to react. But Arjan muasa being so experienced knew what I would be going through. He just signalled me to come in his arms for a hu, while Guddu mausi was sucking his lund so passionately.

I somehow could not resis and just hugged him he was bare chested and with strong arms and warm body, gave me an unimaginable feeling. He helpd me for couple of minutes like this and then asked me if he could kiss me. I just tuned my lips instantly towards his, he started kissing me gently,, just light kisses, and slowly he moved his tongue into my mouth and started circling in my mouth.

I just clung to tight and he started kissing me so passionately. Then he broke the kiss in between ad smiled and said ohh my God, you are so HOTT. you going to enjoy sex so much that I cant explain to you. Meantime maasi was going at sucking so nice that she wasn't bothered what was happening around.

then the phone rand, and she ignored it twice, then she said she has to take it as it cold be urgent from her husband.she took the phone while trying to use her hands to stroke the lund. It seems he needed some info from ducuments o urgent as he was with lawyer and she got up to go to her cupboard.

Then Arjan kissed me for a while and told me to come to bath room with him. he said just took the telephone shower in his hands and started washing down his lund. He asked if I wanted to wash and feel it, I immediately took the opportunity and started feeling it and I got tempted to bend it, it was so hard and he laughed loud. he said its okay.

Then he suggested if iwas interested to kiss it. I nodded and proceeded to kiss the big bulbous heard of it, I was struggling to copy maasi and take it in moutch, he said do try it, it will take time. Just try to kiss it like a mouth organ.and get the feel of it.

Then he brought me to bed and I had my clothes half wet, he signalled me to removed them and be by his side. I just clung to him from side and started playing with his phenomenally gorgeous lund. I told him tht such a big size may not be for me,as it can hurt me very bad. he gently smiled and and said don't worry too much about it.

Anyways, I will not have penetrative sex with you for next 48 hours at least. just elax and enjoy whatever you can. rest we will see as it comes. I was developing more and more confidence in him. I was completed naked hugging him from side, He asked me on top of him,,and as oon I came on top of him, I jumped to his side as his thick lund touched my pussy,

I was afraid that if he decides to lid it in I will feel the pain. he smiled and ssaid, hey I have promised that no penetration even if you beg, for next 48 hours. so just relax. then he lied me on bad ad stated sucking my small tits and then moved slowly beten my legs on my pussy. he started sucking me very gently I was going crazy with feeling.

Within minutes I had my orgasm, by the time my maasi came back t bed as well. she smiled and stroked my hair gently and ran her hands on my face very caringly. That gave me lots of assurance. The smiled and nodded reassuring me that it was all okay. she said whatever happens, happens fr the Good. I coud not agree more.

Then he took maasi his arms and soon they were fucking like crazy, maasi going on saying Arjan, chod muje, Arjan, please aur jor se chod, I just could not belive that she is my same Guddu maasi who was so docile, polite and God fearing, and she could be so wild in bed and enjoy sex so much, that too with my youngest mausa.

On a second round, Maasi wanted to come on top, her favourite position, controlling positioning. Then maasa was on his back, he signalled me to come to his arms a dn I was kissing him and getting my boobs sucked.

After 48 hours, I had my very first Chudai session with Arjan mausa, in a hotel, I was dressed like a bride and, if my forst story is liked by my frinds then I will write more story about first Chudai, which went on with Maasa for 6 years as I being manglik got married only at 26 and am still enjoying with Rajan and keeping family and married life intact.

Its thanks to Guudu maasi and Arjan mausa. Readers comments will be greatly appreciated in the comments below. Thanks.

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Guy Enjoying Sex With Delhi MILF

This is a real incident which happened couple of weeks back with a beautiful MILF(s) who send me an email after reading my last story. Please excuse my speed of flow, I am super excited while I am writing this sex story. The names are changed for privacy.

Two weeks back I got a message in my inbox appreciating about my previous story. We exchanged numbers and met for a dinner and movie in Saket. Frankly I didn’t know how the movie was as Anna’s hand were all over me especially in between my legs. She was playing with my cock and balls. I was very horny and wanted to explode.

Her hands were having a magical skill. Thank god it was dark and not much of people were there for the movie. At last it was my turn, I slowly lifted her skirt and was shocked to find she came prepared without her panty and well shaved. It was juicy and dripping. Hmmm a real great pussy which was inviting all my attention.

Started rolling my finger slowly and she tightened her grip on my hand. She wanted to moan loud but could feel her holding it. Touched her cunt and she was in seventh heaven. I knew she would start moaning loud if I go any further. I slowed down and softly told in her ears that we will go out.

We took a cab and went to Anna’s home. It was a beautiful home, as beautiful as she is. We started kissing from the moment we enter and slowly sat in the sofa. Hmmm her tongue was playing with mine, it was so juicy and tasty. Kept playing with her hair and slowly started caressing her neck.

She was enjoying it like anything. Slowly reached her honey pot and pushed her to the sofa, spread her legs. Fragrance of her honey pot and dripping pussy was superb I started sucking it like a baby. The more I lick it dry it get more and more wet. She gripped my hair and pushed towards her pussy, I increased my pace and went full throttle.

The room was filled with her moaning. Started kissing her again and Anna pulled down my jeans, started sucking Johnny bravo. Wow, her magical hands were playing with my balls and sucking at the same time. Went on and on for a while and came in her mouth and was surprised to see her swallow it. Wow she is awesome.

Anna offered a beer and we were sipping it and having a smoke. That’s when she told me about her. She is a widow and was craving for sex for almost 6 years. As soon as she finished talking I gave a kiss in the lips. That Kick-started round two in the bed room, told her to begin with a BJ and to make my Johnny ready.

She played with my balls and started sucking it like a lollipop, slurping sound was making me more horny. We went into 69 and enjoyed the taste of her juice. Hmmm made her pleading for my cock in her pussy and started fucking her in doggy. She had a great flexibility.

After sometime we switched to missionary and went on for a while before I unloaded in her pussy. We hugged and kissed each other in the bed. The sweat, fragrance of perfume, room spray and panting sound was so great, we enjoyed it together.

We started talking about our fantasise in sex and I told her I want to see lesbians making love. Of course it would be good to go for a threesome if it is a good company, my fantasy to have sex with me blind folded and sex with a girl with skirt and cloths on except panty and ride my dick.

Anna promised that it will be fulfilled soon with a wink. We went for a third round, this time she wanted me to unload in her tits. After that we had a drink in her drawing room. I asked her what she thought about anal, she agreed to it and told to go slow.

We went back to the bedroom I started with kissing her again from behind. Her sexy ass cheeks was rubbing my dick. I brought my middle finger near her a-hole and inserted it. Anna was doing it for the first time, I insisted on putting some lubricant and played with it before I inserted it slow and nice. I put on a condom as it glides quite well with lube.

She was screaming in pleasure, I went in slow and easy enjoying every bit of it. Her ass was so huge she had to hold it with her both hands. It went on and I climaxed she was screaming for more. Both of us got tired and laid down in the bed and went to sleep. We took a shower together in the morning with some sucking and a session in the bath tub.

Had a cup of refreshing coffee before I left. Almost in during lunch time, I got a call from Anna whether I can make myself free at night. Lack of sleep and energy made me postpone the plan to the long weekend which was hardly two days after, as it will be more fun and can go real slow. She hesitantly agreed for that and told me to come to their farm house near Chattarpur.

I bought a nice kinky school girl skirt for her to fulfil one of my fantasy. Bought some Gin and Tonic for the weekend power packed adventure. Reached her place and knocked the door, instead of me stepping in, she came out and told me there is a surprise and need to blindfold me.

I kept my things down while she blind folded me and tied my hands. She took me to the bedroom and started undressing me. And started sucking my dick, to my surprise the sucking skills were different from last time and put in some lube oil in my balls an massaging. It was her show all together and it was fun.

Once it got really hard, I tried to reach for her tits. She took of her mouth and started riding me like crazy, I love her moaning which was different and intense this time. Went on for a while before I exploded in her pussy.

To my utmost surprise, someone came and took the blindfold and there was someone else over me naked. I was dumbstruck for a moment, Anna introduced me to her close friend Jenny who was having an amazing body. That was the best introduction I have ever had to a beautiful MILF. We kissed each other and I whispered she is having a good hot super hairy pussy.

We enjoyed the weekend full of sex, drinks and food. Tried different places at home and outside at night. By this time, I am already feeling I am a housewife addict and a gigolo kind. Anyways fun is fun and it should remain without any strings attached. Hope you enjoyed story, made your pussy wet and dick hard. Let me know what you feel.

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Pune Office Receptionist Diya Fucked

I accidentally happened to visit this website and over a period of time started liking the sex stories and the experiences out here. Here I am today with my personal encounter with an office colleague of mine.

Let me take all you guys to a few months back when it all started. I have recently joined this company in Pune and There happened to be a really hot and sexy receptionist with great assets, 34B-28-36. Let’s call her Diya. She was the first female you would encounter, the moment you enter the office to start your day. Wow, its like bliss!!

I had an eye on her since the day 1. I often took her help for any matters related to my documentation and she would respond really well. We started cracking jokes and talking a bit more over the next few days.

She became too comfortable with me and shared her personal talks with me. When I got to know that she was married with a little kid. But later on I even came to know that her husband is an alcoholic and doesn’t care about her. She would often visit my desk and we would chat for long every day. We started chatting on hangouts.

One fine day we banged into each other at the exit of the company premises and we both were about to leave for the day. I asked if I could drop her home to which she responded positively. This was step 1 successfully done. The next day, again I dropped her home with a twist, we both went out for a while and then home.

That day onwards, we became more comfortable with each other and In office we started talking about sex and about sex life. She said “I don’t have a sex life as my husband is an alcoholic”. I felt a bit sad then.

The next day She calls me at 3 in the afternoon and we start talking random stuff. Post all the haywire talks she asks if we could go out for sometime today, to which I said yes and I take her for a ride down to local places in pune.

She starts feeling really comfy and sticks to me rather closely. I feel awesome at this moment and I have a hard on then and there. Lately, we ride down to her house. I stop at her residence and see if I get any signal from her. I look into her eyes and I now have a wish.

To my surprise, She then offered me to come up to her flat to which I had only one answer and that was a yes, y not. But then I try to be patient and I asked her about her kid and family members. She said her kid is in the daycare and will be picked by her maid and was not gonna be home before 6. ” I am not gonna miss this chance”. I whispered to myself and followed her.

We went upstairs and sat for a while. Later we started chit chatting about personal stuff and about office and blah blah. Although I could not get my eyes off her awesome round tite ass and her boobs. She then asked me “what are you staring at ? To which I felt embarrassed and took my eyes off her body for a while.

She then whispered in a very seducing voice, ” do you want to feel them ?” I couldn’t wait for even the next second and I went up to her and started feeling her ass and boobs. Omg, it was absolute heaven, I must tell you. We kissed for a good 15-20 mins. We started undressing each other. She got really horny and then I removed her bra. She had amazing cups with pointed nipples.

I started sucking those and then I slowly removed her panties and could see her already wet down there. She had amazing pink pussy which was untouched since long I felt. The lips were soft and juicy. I just couldn’t resist those and started eating it slowly. She moaned in pain,” uuuhh aaahh aahhh hhh and she held my hair tight and screamed “go on, dont stop, ohhh yes”.

She already had 2 orgasms by then. Her pussy was wet like hell. She pulled down my undies and took my shaft out which was hard already and ready for a good blow. She gave me an awesome blow for about 10 mins. Now I just wanted to fuck that bitch.

I then held her legs on my shoulder and slowly started penetrating inside her wet and juicy pussy. She felt like a real virgin to me. Yes, She was so damn tight. Wow.. In the next minute itself she stopped me and guess what, she squirted. For the first time I had encountered someone who could squirt. Crazy feeling.

We then switched to doggy straightaway. I then grabbed her ass with both my hands and started fucking her hard. She was miraculously high by then. We had several other positions for 20 odd mins. And finally I came on her boobs. We both were then on the bed naked for the next couple of mins and kissed each other and felt our body parts.

She then said,”it was really awesome and this is after ages that she had felt good and that we shall meet quite often”. This continued for almost the next couple of months. We met at her place quite often in the afternoons when there was no one at home. We have several good times post that.

Then, I recently switched my job and I met several sexy females and hence we are no longer in touch…. But then the sex saga continues with the other females. It was a discrete relation and no one apart for we two knows about this. Hope you liked my experience.

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Sidharth Fucking Sexy Reader Nisha

This is Sidharth from perusing my Engineering in one of the reputed colleges in Chennai. I’m 19 years old with a small belly and a 6 inch cock very hungry to fuck pussies. This happened 5 months ago. One fine evening I was checking my mail after returning from my college and found this reader Nisha (Name Changed). She said she was really turned on by the story and wished to connect.

Later we chatted for a month through Mail and after that she asked me to connect through Facebook and we did sex chatting on fb and it went on till one day we had this conversation. Me: Hey Nisha I need my dick in your pussy soon!! Nisha : Wait you horny fucker I was sad and went offline. I received a message from her that she would lie to her husband and will come to Bangalore.

Me : You serious babe? Nisha : Yes Sweetheart!! Me : Where would we stay? Nisha : Don’t worry darling I’ve arranged my friend’s Apartment there. Me : I’m Waiting!! Later we fixed a date and where to meet and all. Finally the day arrived. I lied at my home stating that I’m leaving to Bangalore to a college for a presentation and boarded the train at night and reached there by morning 7am.

I met her on Bangalore Railway Station as discussed and then picked by Nisha in her friend’s car and there I saw that woman. She was wearing an black legging and a White top Very beautiful, sexy and slutty. She was driving and I pressed her boobs go turn her on.

Forgot about Nisha. She’s from Mumbai, 28 years old, Married and works as a HR in a private firm. Her figure is 36-38-36. A bit fat with big round boobs and ass. Then we reached the home after an hour’s drive. We both were tired but I was in no mood to waste my time with this beauty. So I pulled her towards me and started to kiss and lick her lips.

Soon the kiss turned to be a smooch and later a French kiss. We both were enjoying and surrendered ourselves to each others tongues. In the same time I was pressing her boobs. Then she slowly started to unzip my pant and took my dick out of my pants and started jerking it off. I was in pleasure of feeling the womanly touch on my dick.

I was moaning slowly in the mean time she was teasing about the size of my dick as it was smaller. I was pissed off to be serious. I removed her tops as she was jerking my dick. She was in her bra and leggings. Then I slowly started to press her boobs. She started moaning I asked her to be quite or someone may hear us.

She said that, “there is no one except us as I said my friend about everything”. I placed my lips on her lips before she could finish and that was one of the best kisses I have ever got. In the meantime time I removed her bra and was feeling her naked boobs and also rubbing her pussy over her pants. I was able to feel the wetness of the pussy.

Then I licked her neck for which she gave out a huge moan and then proceeded to her boobs and started to suck her nipples. I was biting her nipples and she was enjoying the pain and pleasure. Then I started circling her aerola and she was very horny after that and I started to lick her navel and removed her leggings but she stopped me and removed my pants and my jockey!!

There came my 6″ Partner she started jerking him and made it harder and now she started sucking my dick. Wow!! I was feeling heaven on earth that was the best blowjob I’ve ever received. I came in her mouth in 10 mins. She drank it all and licked my dick clean. She asked me, Nisha : How was the BJ? Me : The best I’ve ever received baby!!

Now let me return the favour to you. Saying that I removed her wet panty and threw it away also I removed my shirt and both of were completely nude in front of each others for the first time. Then I placed my tongue on her pussy and removed it then started rubbing her pussy and repeated this process.

She was very much turned on by this and started moaning very loudly and this time I started to lick her and finger her at the same time. She then came in 20 mins with a loud moan. Then she asked me to enter her. I took my dick and placed it at the entrance of her pussy and started to rub her. She was begging me to enter her and was literally crying.

I just rammed her pussy and gave a strong push after 5 mins and she left out a huge moan. Her pussy wasn’t tight it was loose but still a treasure island. Then I fucked her for 5 mins and took my dick out and again started to ram her pussy. She was turned on and came for the second time.

She begged me not to tease her so I entered her as I respected her lust and fucked her for 15 mins in missionary and came in the condom and she had her 3rd orgasm. We both were tired and exhausted. So we laid next to each other and were talking. By the way it was 1 so we ordered our food and we ate naked and got ready for my 2nd session.

This time I licked her pussy again and made her cum. Then I wore a condom and asked her to ride me. She did as I requested and started riding me. Her boobs were shaking while she was riding. I slowly lifted my body and took her left nipple in my mouth and started to suck it. She was in high pleasure as she was given both on ass and boobs.

She was moaning heavily and came in 10 mins and after that she sucked my dick and made me come exactly 5 mins later. By that I was 4 in the evening and I was getting late so I said her and we headed off the the bathroom and turned on the shower and started giving me a blowjob. I was in heaven and came in 7 mins.

Then I made her lean on the wall and placed her one leg on my shoulder and started licking her pussy and biting her pussy lips as she was moaning, she came in 10 mins. After that I wore another condom and started fucking her faster for 10 mins and took my dick out made her kneel and removed my condom and started jerking it finally came on huge amount on her face and mouth.

Later we cleaned ourselves and had bath and changed clothes. She gave me a final blowjob and drank my cum. Then she made me tea, we had it and I gave her a long smooch and asked her to drop me in the bus stand. She agreed and dropped me there. From there I boarded an Air Bus to Chennai and slept in the bus. My dick was paining but surely I enjoyed the day.

Till this day I’m waiting for her pussy which I didn’t get after this chance. We are still in touch with sex chats. I love you Nisha Baby. I wish we would get our wonderful time back. I posted this sex story with the permission of her.

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Jai Enjoying Sex With Neighbourhood Aunty

Hi all readers, I am Jai, 27 stays in Hyderabad. 5.9 tall 72 kg, athletic body. I am great fan of human digest, I regularly visits portal and reads the stories. I enjoy the romance rather than intercourse. Had sexual experience with few gf’s and colleagues. This story is about how I had sex with the neighbor aunty.

First of all let me tell you I am not expert in erotic writings, please ignore if you found any mistakes. Recently I have shifted to a new gated community where I am enjoying lot of hot girls (by seeing their assets) after few days of spending in the shuttle court in the morning a woman became friend with me. Her name is swathi(26 years) got married 2 years back and no children.

She is not so hot by looks and assets(34-30-36). I did not had any intention on her that time. Gradually our friendship became strong. One day she asked my number and I gave it very casually and even I did not asked her number. Till now I am very well behaving gentle man before her.

That day before going to office I got a whatsapp text from her “hi handsome, this is swathi”. I replied her in casual manner and left for office. As usual we are had weekend party with my friends that day and I had a great chat with swathi over whatsapp up to 3 that night. She became very close and I said in the chat that you are very hot (though she is not).

She enquired about my gf’s,romance etc etc. then I decided to fuck her if she gives chance. I and wanna try my luck. Next day I texted her casually and stated that “you should wait for me for marriage, I would have proposed you if u r not married”. What’s the problem if I am married she said. Then convo went on and landed at erotic chat and phone sex.

Finally we decided to have ablast at my flat. On Sunday she stepped in with the red semitransparent saree in my flat at evening 6. I locked the main door and took her to my bedroom. As I am bachelor I did not buy the cot, I am having only mattresses. I felt speechless and she started the conversation. I moved closed to her and kissed back side of her ear.

I love kissing girls there. And kissed up to her neck and bite on her neck. She made a sound “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. It made my cock raising. Then we liplocked her 5 mins. Then I stood up and grabbed in to my hands. I pressed her waist and stated biting her neck slowly. She started making sounds.

Then I removed her saree and my vest and started kissing on her chest area. She started kissing on my chest and pressing her waist against me. I started kissing her from back side. I love kissing woman from back with holding their breasts in hand. From back I managed to remove her jacket and what a beauty she is from back. I bite her very hard with the mood.

I am rubbing my fully erected rod against her ass. Then I removed my total dress and removed her bra and langa. I holded her breast from the front and started pressing and kissing her lips. Then I squeezed her dark brown nipples and started rubbing at her pussy with my hand.

She is moaning like hell. ”aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Then I inserted one finger in her pussy she screaming “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. Then I moved her to bed and started licking her pussy slowly and in circular motion.

She is enjoying my licking and had clit orgasm in 5 min. then I kissed her and tasted her whole body. Then she sucked my cock for 5 min, she is really really good at bed. Then I started to fuck her in missionary position for 15 min. we really had a great sex. After this we had sex two times...

Please tell me your feed back in the comments below.

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Guy Enjoying Hot Sex With Tailor Aunty

“… And don’t forget to bring my blouse back from the tailor aunty” my mom hollered from the other side on the phone. “Ya, ok mom! Bye…” I disconnected the call disgruntled. I hated doing chores, especially during my vacations. “Do the dishes!” “Wash my car!” “Did you iron those clothes yet?”

Sheesh! And to add to that, I had to get my mother’s blouse from the tailor aunty. Her name was radhamma. A telugu lady who had lost her husband in a freak accident long ago. The insurance money along with her income as a tailor and a music teacher was sufficient enough to sail the life boat with her only daughter. She had got her daughter married a year ago and now lived alone.

Although her daughter sent her money every month, radhamma still stitched clothes and took music lessons. “Aunty!” I called out to her, knocking on her door. After a couple of seconds I heard her unlock the latches and opened the door. I was stunned looking at her. She was wearing a light green transparent saree that showed her midriff.

Her deep navel was staring at me. Her matching green blouse was deep cut, giving me a more than generous view of her cleavage. My cock seemed very happy to see her. “Come in” she invited me with a smile, and directed me to her sofa. I was still coming to terms with her transformation.

I only knew her as a pious lady who wore simple sarees that covered her from head to toe, and occasional silk saree. I never imagined she housed such beautiful goods underneath. “You like my dress? I bought it last week” she said, holding it up like a model. I was shamelessly ogling at her navel, so I politely smiled and looked up at her.

“Yes, it’s very nice” I complimented, “Mummy said you’d give me her blouse…” I came right to the point. I was already longing to go home and shag on her. It was like finding a gold mine in a pile of dust! “Oh what’s the hurry? Have some sweets” she said and started walking towards the kitchen. “No, it’s fine aunty…” I protested. I was only getting harder just by looking at her.

“It’s my birthday today. How can I let you go without giving you any sweets?” she responded from the kitchen. “That’s why I bought the new dress” She came back with two cups of gulab jamoons, and handed me one while she settled down on a chair opposite to me. I ate it in silence, occasionally glancing at her.

She wasn’t wearing any jewellery on her, exposing her full arms and neck. And when she crossed her legs, I could see a good part of her ankles. “Hmmm… That’s some good jamoon, don’t you think” she groaned after taking a bite. I don’t know if it was my lust for her or if she actually looked sultry.

My hands had started to shake, and my cock was standing up at it’s full glory disconcerned about my predicament. “Ye… Yes, it’s very good” I mumbled, managing to get out more than just dry air from my parched throat. I looked up at her again, and she was fully absorbed in her wet sweet. The slimy sugar syrup coating her lips made her look sexier than ever.

I cut the jamoon in half, still looking at her I brought the spoon near my mouth when it happened. The pallu drop. She didn’t even seem to notice it happen. Exposing her naked midriff and giving me an unobstructed view of her cleavage. The spoon slipped from my hands and fell on the mosaic floor with a mild clang, the jamoon it held fell right on my crotch.

She looked up at me, and I swear I could see her hide her smile. “Oh! What happened?” she said putting her bowl on a table beside her and rushed to me, haphazardly correcting her pallu. She kneel on the floor and took the bowl from my hand and started cleaning the jamoon from my pants.

“No, it’s ok… I’ll do it…” I protested, sacred that she might discover my hard on. It didn’t help that my dick had started responding with jerks every time she touched me. I tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t give up and somewhere in our fight, her pallu dropped again, making me vulnerable. And her hand brushed my hard dick, and she held on to it.

I looked at her in fear. She had a look of accomplishment on her face. Her pallu was still on the floor. I had stopped protesting long ago. She wiped the residual sugar syrup off my crotch with a her index finger, and started licking it sexily. In no time she put her entire finger in her mouth, sucked it and pulled it out with a pop.

“Hmmm… Tasty. Here you try” she flicked the tip of her finger on my pant again and brought it to my mouth. My hands grabbed her hand and I thrust it into my mouth, tasting her saliva and the sweet sugar syrup, as her free hand worked my hard cock over my pants.

My hands involuntarily lunged forward and grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. She let out a loud moan, arching her head back and bit her lower lip sexily. I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed her on the floor and started kissing her.

“Aaah… No… Not here… Bedroom” she muttered grabbing me. We quickly went into the bedroom, and I removed my shirt along the way, exposing my bare chest. I removed her saree as she kissed my chest. I pushed her on the bed and started squeezing her boobs over her sleeveless blouse, licking her cleavage.

She kept moaning and started running her hands through my hair. I removed her blouse hurriedly and saw her boobs. They were fair with medium sized areolas and tiny nipples. I took one in my mouth and massaged the other with my free hand. “Fuck me!” she screamed removing my pants.

I lay on my back and removed my pants, and my hard dick sprang up. I could see that she was excited. She immediately spit on my cock to lubricate it and took it in her mouth. It was a wonderful sight to see an innocent lady suck my cock. Her head bobbed up and down, up and down. I held her head for support. Soon I cummed deep into her throat.

I was surprised to find that she didn’t gag on it. Instead she swallowed it and sucked me out real good. “Wow, you seem to be a pro bitch” I said when she finished. “Quit talking and eat me out!” she ordered and lied on her back. I went down on her. I first kissed and licked her navel. I removed her petticoat, and she wasn’t wearing any panties. Plus she was fully shaved.

It seemed like she had this pre planned. I licked her bald pussy, and she let out a satisfying moan squeezing her boobs. I put her legs over my shoulders and started sucking on her clit. I spread her pussy lips and put my tongue in it. Sometimes I would suck her clit and finger her simultaneously making her moan even louder.

She finally came after what seemed like ages and my jaws became sore. She pulled me up and licked her juices off my face, lapping it up happily. My dick was already hard by then and it was pushing against her naked pussy. She guided my dick into her pussy while she kissed me.

The presence of a man inside her after all these years was overwhelming for her and her inner walls contracted, choking my penis. “You like this bitch? Do you?” I asked her pumping her “Fuck yeah!” she said, panting “Harder! Harder!” she yelled. She was acting like a bloody nympho under me. Finally I cummed inside her and fell on her exhausted.

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