Suresh Fucking Neighbourhood Lady In Hyderabad

Hi friends, I am Suresh from Hyderabad. I would like to share my experience with my neighbourhood family lady. This incident and sex story happens in 2014. At that time my daily life went routine by going job, coming to home and cooking food, eat and sleep.

I am rented in a single portion which have four portions 2 in ground floor and 2 in first floor. Usually top portion is empty. I am only the person there living single and all are families. One day I got call from unknown lady asking about our top portion for rent to their relatives. When I enquired I came to know that she is my neighbour hood and she collected my phone number from cable operator.

Since then she use to call me daily 3-4 times. She Is married and have a daughter (one-and-half year). Though she is not fair she is looking sexy with medium size boobs. Her husband working on shifts. Within 2 days of phone chatting she use to give me curries with out seeing any one. Some time she put the curry box on my wall and some time I collected them out of my street ending.

Slowly she started call me night when her husband have night shift. I came to know that her husband most of time spent in the company rather in house and her child still breast feed by her. When we talking these things I fully got aroused. But I am not at all satisfied since it is difficult to us meet in our houses or out side.

Then time came and Rakhi festival came. I suggest here tie Rakhi by coming with her husband. First she got confused and I said that I don’t have any sister feeling to her, but if she do like that from then onwards, she can openly come to my house as her husband or surrounding people wont mind.

She then understood and came with her husband and her daughter to tie Rakhi, and her husband invited me for dinner after my office hours on that day. I happily went that night having dinner. As I have 5 day week working, I am free on Saturday and Sunday.

From then she comes to my house daily along with her daughter. I never miss a chance to touch her in my house by pretext of something. She never mind my occasional touches. We became very close.

One Friday I asked her to come to movies on Saturday with me. She asked me book on Sunday as her husband go to work in day time on Sunday. I happily agreed and booked a corner seats. The day came and I just go to street end and waiting her to pic up.

She came along with her daughter and sat on bike. I ride bike in rough area of road and asked her to hold me. She hesitatingly hold lightly my waist. I am feeling her soft breast on my back occasionally. Slowly I just moved a bit back like I am adjusting on seat now her breast was in continuous contact with me. Her breath got increased.

Then a speed breaker came and due to jerk her grip on waist was tightened. I am chatting with her some nonsense and due to communication she completely bend on me. I am very much happy.

When we go to cinema hall, due to Sunday, it is full rush. Then while entering in to hall I asked her move in front to me as there was hard pushes from back. She come front to me. Then due to heavy crowd, I hold her waist saying that heavy crowd. She didn’t object. So from entrance to seat, I hold her waist. Meanwhile I got aroused and my cock was touching to her buttock.

I know she definitely feels it. When we approaching our seats slowly I touch her sides of breast while removing my hand. After got seat she said that she is feeling nervous as this is first time to come out other than her husband. Then I said, don’t worry as we looking couple with a child no one will observe us and saying that, to reduce her nervousness, I took here hand.

Slowly she increase grip on my hand. Trailers are running. Then I take the baby from her. In the process my hand was touching to her boob. Slowly I push my self towards her now our both shoulders are in tight touch. The baby started to cry. She took the baby open her blouse for breast feed. Slowly I handed my poster so that my elbow touches her side naked boob.

After breast feed I once again took the baby and hold her hand.Now my hand was touching slightly on her thighs. Once movie close we return to our house, she hold me tight and I dropped her at street end I roam for 10 minutes and then I went to home. I asked her how is the movie? She said nice and more than that thanks for caring her.

On Next week I have birthday I intimated her, she told me she want give gift, and asked me which sort like watch, shirt or something like that. I said I will say on my birthday. At night 12’0 clock she messaged birthday wishes.On that day I took leave from office, fortunately her husband was in day shift, so her husband came and wish me and went for office.

Then after some time she came to my house. Then asked me what I want watch or shirt? I said I don’t like them. Then she said ok ask what do you want. I said leave it. I don’t know will you give me or not. Then she said first tell me her if she can give, she will definitely give. Then I said I want to drink her breast milk like her baby. She said no, I cant do that.

Then I said ok leave it I said that you wont give and I am dressing up. She asked where I am going? I said I am going out side and I wont talk with here from onwards. She pleaded me she cant bear with our talking me. Then I didn’t answer and left the house. She also left and came after 30 Min. She saw me and called me I didn’t answer. She SMS me but I didn’t reply.

After 30 Minutes came to my house what she has to do if I want to talk, I didn’t answer and stay calm. Then she close our door come front of me and asked me ok let have my milk. Then I am very much happy. She placed her baby on my cot and stand near me. I slowly put my both hands on her both boobs. She closed her Eyes.

Then I asked her not like this poster and asked her to remove her nighty and lay down. She said she has only panty beneath her nighty and she feels shy to do that. Then I act like Angry and said ok no problem, I wont talk to you. Then after 5 Min She said take off my nighty with your hands and ask me to drink only milk and do nothing other than that.

I said ok I wont do anything against your wish. Slowly I open her Zip of nighty and remove the nighty hands from shoulders, her nighty skipped to her feet. Slowly I laid down on mat. She closes her Eyes. Slowly I touches her nipples with my tip of tongue. She got shivered. Slowly I took cherry (her nipple) in my mouth and started to suck.

Rather than taste of milk I am enjoying her body. Now I gripped her boobs with both hands started to squeeze. Milk is flowing from other breast as one breast is in my mouth. After some time slowly I started to move my mouth down to her navel, while by both hands are squeezing her both boobs.

When put my tongue in her navel, she jerked. I started sucking and tongue fuck of her navel. She is another world. Slowly I moved one of my hand towards her panty and I gripped her naked but in her panty. She is twisting her self. Now I confirm she in great mode. Slowly I removed her panty. No protest form her.

I opened her legs and gripped her pussy tightly in hand. She started moaning. Then took off my lungi and made rub of penis to her pussy. I hold her hand put it on my cock which is rubbing her pussy. She started to rub her pussy with cock. Then she placed my penis at her pussy hole. It is full of juices. I pushed my cock in pussy at once.

She shouted and I stared to fuck her slowly she moaned very well. Then I took her both legs on my shoulder and fucked her hard and after few strokes I cummed in her. After some time we both cleaned ourselves. Mean while the baby awoke and started to cry. Then she started to breast milk her. Then I took her another boob and drank her milk.

From That day onwards we both used fuck in many angels. After 5 months, her husband got job in Vizag and they left. If housewife is crazy about thrilling of part of sex or complete sex please email me. Out secret will be maintained.

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Gigolo Amith Fucking Bangalore IT Girl

Hello all readers. Amith here from Bangalore. Age 23 height 5.9 with athletic body. I’m here to share my first male escort experience. I am a male escort in Bangalore from two yrs. At first I was very disappointed that I dint get any client for 6 months.But after that my time changed. I have many clients who are so good in nature and keeping our relationship in secret.

As I don’t want even my friends to know about the job am doing and my clients as well. They believe me because I kept their secrets with myself only. Alright let’s come to my first sex story here. I posted my add in all possible websites and spent some of my earnings over there. Spending on adds are waste of money which I realised later.

After posting ads, to get my first response I waited for almost 6 months. It was a north Indian girl staying in electronic city.. Lets call her tanya. It was her birthday. She wanted to be crazy for the whole day as she don’t have any friends in bangalore. She was working in a company as software developer. She joined a company just a week ago.

Luckily she saw my Ad and mailed me. Asked for the fee I take for whole day and then fixed the date. She asked my photos on mail and then took my whatsapp num and pinged me. I asked her some questions. Why she wanted a call boy. She said she don’t have any friends in bangalore and she is new to the city.

Also she wanted a temporary boyfriend for her birthday to go pub, for drive and for night fun. I told her to book a room and pick me up in electronic city. She has her own apartment so no issues.

Finally day came. I got ready with blue jeans and pink shirt because her favorite colour. She picked me at 11 am at electronic city in her verna car. She was good looking girl with little tummy.. But her eyes were very good. I fell for her eyes.. She was looking gorgeous in her figures. Perfect curves firm boobs and perfect ass.. Waist was around 30 I think.. 34 boobs and 36 ass…

As I stepped in to her car she gave me a shake hand but I refused it and gave a hug and told “Boyfriend ko shake hand deti ho” and winked. She smiled and said “Are wah itne jaldi on duty” I replied “Ha to girlfriend ko sambhalna toda atha hei”.. Then I took her left hand and kissed on her finger.. and gave her a gift.. She asked me what’s inside.

“Surprise” I told and we went to her flat. It was a 2bhk flat. We entered the flat and sat on sofa. I asked her about the plan she said “Pehle bata coffee ya tea” I asked “Hmmm coffee tea ka kuch maza nahi ata hei. Tum ho na, ajao, bus kafi hei” she hit me on shoulder and “Chal vodka lati hun. Bday to hei mera”

I replied “Isliye toh gift diya hun, vodka se zada tumhari ankhonse hi nasha chad raha hei” then I told her I don’t drink and smoke. She was happy with that and she took a shot of vodka and lit a cigarette and slept on my lap.. She then asked about me.. I told about ma family and my job.. Basically I’m an artist and I showed her some of my artworks.

She was dumbstruck.. She was just like I got !!!!.. And the she told I got an artist in my friend list…I asked about her.. She told she is from Raipur. She is from a class family but the family members are very conservative that she can’t easily adopt their style of living as she did her schooling and engineering from the most fashionable colleges and school.

As her friends were more modern and she was addicted for modern world. So by her job she got an opportunity to settle down here in garden city with a beautiful life..I kept my hand on her head and slightly pressed her head like massaging style.. She was happy with that and asked me “I have nothing in my mind, being my bf you have to plan my birthday, so what have you planned”..

I told her to open my gift she hurriedly did it.. She was surprised to see the gift.. It was pair of bikini.. A blue with black and yellow stripes bikini it was. She kissed ma forehead and thanked for such a sexy gift. I told here to wear it.. She stepped towards her room and suddenly stopped and asked me “Maine hi pehnna hei ya, pehnaoge” and gave a naughty smile and a wink.

I went to her and held her t-shirt and asked “Yeh tera favourite t-shirt hey kya” she said no and in no time I tear it from back and opened her bra hook.. And then I slid my hand onto her boob by pressing her boobs I pulled her t-shirt and bra I one go.. She was looking at my eyes and tried to cover her boobs with her hand to which I stopped and said

“In dono cheez mere mere hei.. Hath math lagao in par”.. She smiled and locked my lips. Meantime I undid her jeans and panties.. She was in her birth-suit now.. She hugged me tight and bit my lips harder.. I pressed her boobs harder. She was very eroded and her nipples stood straight pointing me.. Our tongues fought vigorously and saliva exchanged stupidly.

She took a gap and removed my shirt meanwhile I undid my pant and inner. We both hugged roughly as there was no gap and her boobs pressed so hard to my bare chest and started kissing again.. She guided me to her room and we both fell on her bed.

She came on top of me like a hungry tigress and gave me a wild look as she gonna eat me.. She took my muscular dick in her hand and started to stroke. She gave some strokes and I was in heaven.. The she kissed my dickhead and teased me.. I held her head and pulled near ma lips and kissed her again.. This time wilder than ever… She bit ma lip and we fought with our tongues…

I touched her clean shaved pink pussy lips with ma finger to which she got more wilder and hugged really hard by holding my ass and left scratches with her nails.. Her pussy was super wet and burning hot like hell.. Juice was oozing from her pussy.. I slid ma finger inside her hot burning love hole and started fingering slowly.

She started moaning but dint took lips aside… Moans got heavier as I raised the fingering speed.. She stopped kissing while I raised the speed and instead started to feel and enjoy the fingering with loud moans.

She held my dick with her left hand and tried to give strokes but as I increased speed in her love hole she couldn’t do it but held it tighter as she was squirting.. She had a long and loads if flow from her hot pink love hole. She relaxed for some time on bed by holding ma dick and after a minute or two she started to stroke my dick and told I ll show u the hell get ready.

I ignored her words but meanwhile I took her boobs in two hands and started enjoying. She stroked faster and faster.. I was moaning louder and rested on bed.. As she took it in her mouth I was in lost world.. I felt like lost in heaven with this hot girl by my half closed eyes.. She started to and fro I felt her lips tongue and tooth on my muscular bro.

As she increased the blowjob speed I told I am cumming. She stopped and took some band and tied to my dick just above my balls… And started give blowjob again.. She gave a wild look and told me to cum if I can. I was confused and tried to cum in her mouth but holy shit I couldn’t do it.. As she tied that band like thing I could not cum.. I was in full pain in my balls as I dint able to cum.

She was enjoying her actions with full swing.. I asked her to remove it as I can’t bear and hold my cum inside for long time.. She after sometime undid the band and I came on her boob an belly.. I collapsed on bed as I came my longest time of cum in my life. My little boy turned to red as he held his fluid for such a long time.

We both took some rest on bed.. And then I took my gift and helped her wearing those bikini. She was looking gorgeous in it as she gave some poses to her cam… Then it was already 4 evening, we left flat and moved for Koramangala pub.. We enjoyed pub as never before and also we went for a drive and had a beautiful and romantic session at night.

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Sarath Enjoying Rooftop Sex With Rosy

After finishing my studies I was trying to get a job in the city. I attended several interviews. But I needed a place of stay very badly. I was staying in the college hostel all these days and now stay in the hostel was out of question. I could not afford the rent some lodge owners asked. Finally I found the owner of an apartment complex.

He said he has a room on his terrace, just a room and bathroom. He was using it for dumping some unwanted furniture. He said if you are interested you may occupy and pay me anything by way of rent and electric charges. He took me to the terrace and showed the room. It was too hot. He told me that he will put insulation in the ceiling and remove some unwanted furniture.

Thus I got a hospitable room on the roof top. There are so many water tanks and crisscross of clothlines for the residents to dry their clothes. Sorry about me, I am sharath, 24, did my PG and teaching in a turorial college and getting meagre income. Sometimes I am free in the day time and my class are in the evening. That is how I happened to remain in the room during day time.

Very seldom people come to the roof. Sometimes some maid servants may come and put the clothes for drying and by evening they may come and take them back. One day when I was in the room, a young woman came with a bucket full of wet clothes. She put clothes one by one and I watched her from the corner of the window of my room.

After she put all the clothes in the cloths line from the bucket, she looked around and was satisfied that there is no one watching her, she removed her wet towel wound around her hair in the head and put it in the clothes line. She then removed her wet blouse and put it in the line.

Then she removed her bra, and her saree, her petty coat and then she removed her wet panty and put them in the clothes line. She was totally nude standing in the sun to full gaze. I slowly opened the door of my room and walked to the spot where she was standing. she suddenly turned and saw me and was shocked.

She immediate covered her pussy with one hand and her boobs with the other and sat on the ground. I asked her to come to my room and put on her dry clothes. She saw my open door and walked with me with her plastic carry bag to my room. In the room she placed the bag on the floor and bent to take out her clothes, I said wait, wait, I want to talk to you.

She again covered her pussy and boobs and looked at me. I told her to sit for a while on my bed and allow me to kiss your beautiful pussy. I told her your pussy resembles a lotus flower and I just want to smell it and taste it to see whether it tastes like a lotus flower. She was hesitant. She looked at my bulge. I removed my pyjama and my erect cock was out.

I held her arms and turned her to sit on my bed and made her lie on the bed. There was no resistance. Her body was just beautiful, full boobs, erect nipples, narrow waist, flat belly, nice triangular pussy hair less, and thick stout thighs. I just leaned on her removed her hand from her eyes and kissed her on her cheeks and on her lips.

I deliberately was slow in my movements because I wanted to enjoy her to the maximum. Kneeling on my elbows I kissed her nipples and took them one by one in my mouth and sucked them. I took my tongue around each nipple. She was enjoying my act and was moaning loudly. My cock tip was touching her pussy and she took it in her hand and was rubbing it in the divide of her cunt lips.

I was enjoying the sucking and my cock was in her hands running over her cunt. I made her to widen her legs. She made it wide as much as possible.I bent now and buried my face in her pussy and my open mouth took her whole cunt inside. I sucked her cunt lips and my tongue was licking all over her cunt. I saw her peanut sized clitoris.

My tongue touched it and nudged and my lips got hold of it and pulled it down. The girl was very shaky and was shivering like she got fever. Suddenly she threw her legs over shoulders and her hand was pressing my head into her pussy. My tongue sensed the pulsations of her clitoris and I could understand that she is having a big orgasm.

Suddenly she was down and her hands lay limp by her sides. I opened her cunt with my fingers and found her fuckhole. I put my cock at the entrance and pushed it inside. Her cunt juices were flooding her hole and my cock got good lubrication and the more I pressed it went in slowly. She opened her eyes and hugged me and pressed my waist down so that I will make further entry inside her.

My cock was then fully inside her. I asked her what is her name. She said her name was Rosy and she stayed in the third floor. Her husband was away and may not come for another two days. In the meantime she said she will lie on top of me and asked me to lie down so that she can straddle me. I agreed and lied on the bed.

My cock was standing like a pillar and Rasy took the tip of my cock and inserted inside her cunt. She made some adjusting movements with her hip and my cock fully inside her. She sat on me erect like a statue with magnificent boobs projecting outside. She tilted her hip so that her clitoris may press against cock.

Keeping that position she lied on me pressing her boobs against my chest, she moved her hips slightly up and then down. The action was only in her pussy, my cock was going in and coming out. I enjoyed the best pleasure in sex. I kept my hand on her back and ran it over it and pressed her ass. She again lifted her hip and brought it down and I had another deep fuck.

With my both hands I held her head and kissed her. This movement was going on for a long time. Her body weight is evenly distributed over my body and my cock was fully inside her, and by her tilting her hip the cock comes out and when she tilts up it goes in. Finally the sexual pressure was on her.

She got up and made some quick movements and I was on the verge of my orgasm and I shot my cum into her. Her cunt muscles squeezed my cock and took out the last drop out of it. Rosy got up fully satisfied. I asked who stays with her. My husband said she. Is he there down, I asked. She said no, He has gone to Bangalore and will come after two days.

Tonight you are free. She said yes and told me that she was about to call me. I told her first we will go out for dinner and then to a movie and then come back and sleep. She put on her dry clothes one by one and I watched with grief when she covered her pussy. and her boobs.

By evening I went to her door and called her, she was ready and we both went to the mall and saw a movie and took supper with dishes of her choice. We came back and I spent my night in her bedroom hugging her. It was a memorable day and night.

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Joseph Fucking Lonely Mallu Housewife Vava

Joseph the gas stove mechanic pasted small paper posters in important housing complexes with his telephone number. Many men and women telephoned him to come urgently to fix up their stove. They all liked him for his good behaviour and nature. He gave special consideration to select customers.

Especially he used to help single woman by remitting their electric bills, telephone bills and such other sundry work. He used to buy meat or fish for them or vegetables also. They used to pay him some tips for his services. Very few people knew that he knew driving and he used to help single ladies who go to the club and are not in a position to drive back home.

But the physical requirements of Joseph are taken care of by some. Some feed him, some allow him to use their bedroom. Because they all know that Joseph will keep their secret relationship in tact and will respect their honour. They all treat him as their family member. It so happened he got a new call from a lady called Vava.

The voice appeared to be very sweet from a young person. Joseph went there and she wanted some urgent purchases of medicines, vegetables, meat etc. She gave him money and and the prescription. From the list of medicines he saw birth control pills. He purchased all items and went back to the house of Vava.

She was short statured, young, fair, very good body features and a sweet voice. She wore only a nighty. When he was about to go she said wait I will pay you more and give you breakfast. Joseph was hungry and he thought he would take food. Her servant Mary, brought a plate ful of idlis and sambar etc. The servant seemed very familiar and she was smiling at Joseph.

Although Joseph could not locate her from his memory, she came with a broad smile and asked for his welfare and he too reciprocated. In another house he remembered where the landlady saught his sexual services, he satisfied her and found the servant was observing the whole act. Joseph turned back and handled the maid servant and found her cooperative and fucked her in a side room.

She was a teenager then. The land lady was in early twenty and was a good fuck. She came and saw Joseph fucking the servant and she sat near him and encouraged his fucking. He took two rounds with the land lady and two with the servant and thereafter he continued the relationship for another year. In the meantime the husband of the landlady came from gulf and took her away and the servant was here.

Joseph was happy that theatre is somebody here and his interests would be taken care of. Vava came with some money and gave him and thanked him. She asked him to come next day also. The husband of Vava was in gulf and he left his monther to keep company with Vava.

Mother had to go away urgently since her daughter took ill and Vava asked Mary to stay in the night to keep her company. Mary knew that since last six months Vava is sex starved and her husband had not turned up. Though they talk daily they dont talk about his taking her to the gulf. There was not much age difference between Mary and Vava although they are maid and land lady.

In the evening after taking bath they took their food and lied in the bed and both could not sleep. Vava asked mary how she knew Joseph. Can Mary say tht he is a good fucker and fucked her for more then a year in the previous house where she was employed. Mary invented some story and avoided a direct answer. Vava was rolling in the bed without sleep.

Mary also had similar problem. Especially after seeing Joseph she very much wanted to have a fuck from him. Mary asked Vava whether her pussy aches for sex. Vava looked up at the face of Mary and asked if it is yes, how to find solution. She narrated the incident of her contact with Joseph and told her that he is a good man and would honour the secrecy.

Vava said then call him, but see that the whole this is totally secret. Maria called Joseph and asked him to come. The time was 9.30 pm. He said he will come by 10. Both the woman were thrilled and started to make food for Joseph and a lungi for him to wear and new towel was kept in the bathroom for him to wash etc.

Mary who had spread her bed in the floor of Vava, shifted it to the corridor ready to come in when her turn comes. Joseph came at 10 and rang the door bell. Mary went and opened the door and saw Joseph in his lungi and a shirt. Mary asked him where he has had any supper. Joseph said no. She took him to the kitchen and served rice and fish curry and fish fried.

Joseph had a sumptuous. In the meantime he asked why he was called. Mary called Vava and introduced her and it is more than six months that her husband has not come. He asked for the assistance of Joseph frequently till the husband of Vava comes. Joseph looked at the face of Vava and she was sitting in the dinng room chair with a glass of milk in her hand.

Joseph said he will need a bath since he was working for the whole day. After bath he left his shirt in the bathroom and came back wearing the new lungi. He took Vava to her bedroom and signalled Maria that he will come to her later. Vava had only a silken nighty on her which came off over her head. Underneath she was wearing a bra and a panty.

Joseph sat in the bed and making Vava stand before him, unhooked her bra and found her two erect boobs with erect nipples. They appeared totally untouched by hand and Joseph took one nipple in his mouth and massaged the other boob softly. He knew how to arouse a lady by sucking her boob and Vava was already aroused.

His other hand searched for her pussy and found her pussy without any public hair. When he turned back he found Mary standing at the door and watching the game. He called her come near. He told her to bring the bottle of coconut oil from the kitchen and keep ready. After finishing both of her boobs, he made Vava to ly down on the bed with her legs dangling down.

Joseph observed that Vava was a beautiful dish and it was his fortune that he is able to fuck her. It was like a marble statue. Her hands boobs, flat abdomen, small and beautiful pussy and big thick thighs and creamy white. Joseph made Vava to lift her legs and opened her legs and buried his face into her pussy.

With his tongue he searched for her clitoris, which was like a small grape at the top of the crack of the cunt. Joseph licked her cunt in totality and then dug on the clitoris and pulled it out and licked it with his tongue. Vava was moaning loudly and she placed her hands on his head and pressed it down to her pussy. She said softlly fuck me, fuck me hard, Joseph, dont delay.

Joseph turned back and found Mary standing with the oil bottle. He took some and smeared it around his cock and applied some on the pussy of Vava. With his finger he inserted some oil in her fuckhole. He gave back the oil bottle to Maria and told her to apply some in her fuck hole also. Maria shy said ok and left the room. Joseph inserted his cock into the hole of Vava.

It was a tight hole and he had to make a slight push to make his cock enter the cunt of Vava. Vava remembered her husband had a smaller cock and not this thick. Joseph inserted his cock fully intothe hole of Vava and started to fuck first slowly and then in full speed. Moaning and crying Vava received the thrusts from him in full glory.

It is the first time she is having such great sex. She should have got him to fuck her earlier. her orgasm was building and it came in the form of thick fluid oozing from her hole. But Joseph was pumping relentlessly. After her reaching three orgasms, Joseph came and his fluids shot like gun shots into her pussy. He kissed her cheeks, her boobs and slowly he withdrew.

Vava got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned her cunt with the spray handle to remove his fluids and her own fluids. She had immense satisfaction. she washed the cock of Joseph and dried it with the new towel. When Joseph turned he saw Mary waiting eagerly for him. It was now her turn. She was thrilled to get fucked byJoseph.

Vava was naked and observing the going ons between Mary and Joseph. Mary removed all her clothes and lied inthe mattress. Joseph sucked her boobs and kissed her cheeks. His cock was in full erection. Maria requested him that she will ride on him and asked him to ly in the bed. Joseph agreed and lied in the bed. His seven inch cock was standing like a tower and shaking.

Vava put on the light in the corridor for her to have a full view. Maria put her leg across and sat on the thigh of Joseph. She then took his cock and inserted it in her fuck hole and lifting her bottom with some adjustment she saw his cock is fully inside her. His thick cock tight fitted and she sat with a smiling face and hands free.

Joseph asked Vava to sit on his face so that her clitoris will be in his mouth. Maria started to move up and down, Vava was grinding her cunt into the fact of Joseph. This went on and on. Maria got her orgasm but Joseph did not allow her to get up since he did not get his. Vava had again got her clitoral orgasm and her fluids flown into the mouth of Joseph.

Finally he shot his fluids into Maria and she got three orgasms. She got up and all the three rushed to the bathroom and cleaned themselves. It was a great sex for all of them.Time was twelve. Joseph started to go. But the girls did not allow him. They gave him a glass of milk and asked him to lie with them for the night.

In the early morning he had one more round with both the girls before he left. Both the girls were tired, but very happy. Their fuckholes were bruised. Mary made some hot water and put some salt and dettol and brought it to the bathroom Both girls sitting with their open pussies bathed them with this hot concoction.

There was no shyness between them and they exchanged notes about their experience with Joseph. Mary explained to Vava how he fucked her for full year in her previous employment. They decided that they will call him at least once in three days or four days. They found out that they cannot be without him.

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Sara Enjoying Kitchen Sex With Mechanic

It was 11 am and Sara, 24 was returning from her vegetable shopping. Her home was a little away and in the hot sun she walked. She saw a board on the lamp post informing the public that "gas stoves are repaired at home contact xxxxx" The gas stove of Sara with four burners, had only two working properly. The other two were clogged and were not burning properly.

She asked her husband, Tom to get somebody to repair but he was too busy and he told her to find from neighbours who will service their gas stoves. Sara did not have a piece of paper or pen to take down the telephone number, but she took out her mobile phone and took a snap of the board and saw that it has come out well and walked home.

On reaching home, she took out her phone and called that number. A male voice asked for the location of her house. She told him that the door third floor of the housing complex named xxx. He said he will send the mechanic within half an hour. Her husband had gone to the capital for official work and she was lethargic and was slow in completing her routine.

She had a late breakfast and did all the washing and thought she will go and buy vegetables. She thought she will finishe cooking before going for bath. She wanted to have a detailed oil bath and now since the mechanic said he will come within half an hour, she had to wait for him. If she could get the gas burner repaired before she starts cooking that woud be good.

She can use all the four burners and finish her cooking fast. She was waiting in the sitting room for the mechanic to arrive. At last she heard the door bell. A hefty young fellow in kakhi shirt and half pant with a kit of tools was standing. She moved and allowed him to come and led him to the kitchen. He lit all the four burners and found only two were working.

He asked her for an old newspaper and spread it on the floor and detached the stove from the gas tube and placed it on the floor on the newspaper and squatted near it and started to dismantle the burners. Sara was leaning on the wall and was watching him and the work he did. He looked up at her and smiled and asked for a glass of water, which she gave.

He was sitting in such a way that the bulge was uncomfortable and he nudged the bulge and made it easy to sit. His cock made it appearance in one of the legs of the half pant and its head was visible. Sara who was looking elsewhere suddenly saw the one eyes monster peeping out of the leg of the half pant of the mechanic.

She had never seen a male organ other than that of her husband and it was normal a five incher. The mechanic who said his name was Joseph, moved his seat frequently due to pressure he applied on his work tools on the stove, the cock was more and more visible. He was not conscious of it or at least he pretended so. Sara could not lift her eyes from it.

When Joseph looked up, he found out that the object of interest of Sara was his own cock and she is watching it intently. His work was almost over, but he delayed the work and kept watching her. She was a beautiful lady and her body features were very good. Joseph did not watch her from the begining.

He experienced erection on his cock and it was coming out more and now its head is almost out. Sara was heaving heavily and her heart was beating fast. She wanted to go away from the kitchen and allow him to do the work, but somehow she could not. Joseph looked up and called her to come near and catch the spanner. She over him, but he said sit down.

She kneeled over and looked at his face, he took her hands and took them to his cock and placed his erect cock in her hands. As it by an electric shock, Sara withdrew her hands and looked angrily at him. He laughed and unzipped his half pant and took the whole cock, a seven inch giant and and took her hands and placed on it.

She took it in her hand and pressed it with her fingers, it was like a wooden rod. In the meantime Joseph wiped his dirty hands on a towel and unhooked her blouse and her bra. Sara did not resist. With his both hands he started to press her boobs and pulled her close. Sara did not know what has became of her, she yielded to the entreaties of Joseph.

She was very much aroused. He asked, "where is your bedroom". The got up, without leaving hold of his cock, Sara lead him to her bedroom. Joseph in the meantime removed his half pand and his shirt and her broad hairy chest made her to lean on him. He asked her to lie down. She obeyed, removed her blouse and bra, saree, skirt and the panty. She was nude like him.

Her boobs and erect nipples, clean shaven pussy, thick thighs were a magnificent sight.. But Joseph did not want to waste time just looking at all these things. Making her open her legs wide, he just buried his face into her pussy and his tongue licked her pussy and searched for her clitoris. His tongue licked it and his lips pulled it and he sucked it.

Sara was moaning at the high pitch. Joseph then placed the tip of cock at the entrance of her fuck hole and pushed his cock slowly inside. Her hole was tight and it took lot of time to make an entry. He asked her where is the cooking oil. She said it is in the kitchen.

He went to the kitchen, brought the bottle, smeared the oil on his cock and poured some into her fuck hole and placed the oil on the floor and made an entry inside her fuck hole. It was smoother. Finally his whole cock tight fitted into her cunt like a bottle cork. He looked at her. She was keeping her eyes closed and her head was tilted sideways.

Joseph pulled his cock back and she gave out a cry and again plunged it inside. He gave her a kiss and she opened her eyes and pouted her lips and he bent down and received her kiss. He sucked her nipples and squeezed her boobs. His right hand went in between their bodies and searched for her clitoris and squeezed it. Then he made his second stroke.

The starting slowly he started to fuck her. Her juices flowed and provided adequate lubrication. She her knees with both her hands wide so that he may get maximum room for movement. Joseph slowly increased his speed. But before that Sara reached her orgasm and her cunt muscles squeezed his cock. But Joseph went on his pumping action.

After some time Sara had her second orgasm and she was feeling tired. She asked him to stop. His orgasm had not arrived and hence he went on fucking her at furious speed. Finally he fired his guns and his bullets were straight going into her womb. She had her third orgasm. Finally Joseph slowly pulled his cock out of her fuck hole and got up.

Fluids were flowing out of her cunt.She closed her cunt with her hand and ran to the bathroom before the sticky fluid leaks and falls in the floor. Joseph followed her. Sara put her fingers inside her and pulled out all his white fluids and her own were flowing down. She focused health faucet to her cunt and cleaned it thoroughly.

Joseph also cleaned his cock and wiped it in the towel in the bathroom. Sara got up and looked up at him. and hugged him and kissed him. She has never had so much of sex in one day. They put on their clothes and Joseph refused to accept his repairing charges. He connected the gas stove to the cylinder and lit it and showed her.

He told her to call him whenever she is alone and wanting sex. She agreed and bade goodbye to him smilingly. After he left, he carried the vegetable bag and the oil bottled to the kitchen. So far Sara thought what her husband could give her with his five inch cock was the real sex. But now what she had with Joseph with his seven incher was really great.

She had plenty of bruises in her cunt walls which she washed with salted water with Dettol and it took two days for her to become normal.

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Hyderabad Housewife Enjoying Sex With Loverboy - II

Previously: Hyderabad Housewife Enjoying Sex With Loverboy - I

Its the same lady of my opposite flat whom I had sex with in the previous story,now I am going to explain how we had different mod s of sex,type s of foreplay sex we had,as I mentioned in the previous one,rosy (name changed) my flatmate whom I satisfied 200% that her husband could not do,since that day,we meet every day but we have sex occasionally,

we managed with a hug and smooch, as I have to go to my office,as she is going to America on a weekend we decided to go for a long session, so that I made my tool ready,i got five ice creams,five dairy milk (will get about this later) soon I remove d her saree and started to press her navel from behind,licking her neck from behind, then I started pressing her boobs from behind,

then I bite her curved belly area and then kissed her navel from behind and pressings her ass with my hands and then we started to smooch for time. Then I took dairy milk and we exchanged in our mouth s,we both made ourself naked and I sat on the bed and she stood behind me, placing her left boob in my mouth,

i kept right hand in right boob and left hand on the belly and I started pressing all the three parts simultaneously,she was in cloud 9 with this type of foreplay, she was forcing me to fuck,after that I placed her in the bed and took ice cream and placed the ice cream entirely on her face,breast and in the navel.

I started licking ice cream from the navel and then her nipple s I sucked her nipples for 20 minute s in order to complete every bite of the ice cream and cleared complete ice cream on her face with my tongue and then we exchange d ice cream in our mouths while smooching,we had this for 10 minute s then I started to lick her fingers,then I dont want to wait her.

So I took dairy milk and placed the chocolate cream on her pussy and started to tongue fucking her pussy and then finger fucking her pussy,did this for some time,she was enjoying this and she finally cummed in huge in no time,drank all her juices,then she laid unmoved for some time then.

Finally I started to insert my dick inside her pussy slowly meanwhile I am pressing her nipples with my hands and we started smooching,slowly I increased the speed and she was making romantic sounds and shouting please tear my pussy honey, please tear, she was holding my hair hardly,

it is very hot inside her pussy I can feel that and she was shivering like hell and I told her that I was about to cum,she told me me cum inside her pussy so that she will have pills tomorrow, so we both cum inside her pussy, we laid for sometime hugging each other then I made her face down and I started to finger fuck her ass and poured some cream and honey inside her ass

and sandwiched her with bed down myself above her and I fucked her ass for 15 minutes,she was shouting like hell during this whole course because of pain and then we laid for sometime and then as in the first story I sandwiched her from behind towards the wall,i inserted my hands on her boobs and fucking her ass from behind she was in between wall and myself she hugged me.

Scratched my back…. Pushed me toward her.. I was fucking her madly.. She was moaning. Ahh ahha hh..Honey increase the speed.. Speed. Am all yours.. Take me.. Ahaha.. Fuck me.. I fucked her.. Her boobs were bouncing. We increased the pace.. Ahah.. It was going on a rhythm.. She put her legs hugging my back.

We were fucking like if there is no tomorrow.. After 15, 20 minutes she was moaning highly.. I was fucking with my full energy… she told me that she id about to cum.. She raised her buttocks…i pushed with more power.. She caught my hair. And with high voice she had her 3rd orgasm.. Me too came in same time.. I fall upon her after exhausting inside.

She hugged me and told.. “i love you, I am yours.” and later we both had a bath together and had normal fuck sessions 4 times in different positions among them I asked her to ride me,that was the best view of breast of a women,that a men can get, she was shouting like hell during this course as this position is new to her and for me too,

she don’t like to take my dick to her mouth,so I respected her decision,but she want to taste that too,so I got a idea and placed dairy milk on my dick and inserted in her mouth,she started to feel uncomfort at first,but slowly she started to enjoy that,we placed ourself in 69 position, I cummed in her mouth and she tasted every bit and she was slowly releasing her juices,finally we are done,

we took our dinner and next day while going she hugged me and told me that you made me happy and I will never forget your caring,she told me that her husband is a work alcoholic and he does a casual sex once in a month,that s our last day, we finally she left “us” 1000% satisfied what her husband didn’t do,

in order to meet her husband she left to America probably she will not come back till 6 months, she gave me her number and we are in touch in whatsapp and facebook, we daily have video chats and phone sex,she is missing me badly and I am badly missing rosy, hope you guys enjoyed the story.

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Hyderabad Housewife Enjoying Sex With Loverboy - I

This is loverboy honey from hyderabad working for a level 5 mnc and this is a real story happened 1 month back,i have rented a flat alone in a posh area,every day I go by bike in the morning and return in the evening,one day when I am entering lift in our flat to reach my room,

I found a married women who stopped me to enter the lift she is in her red dress and a nice perfume with right assets at right places,anyone who sees her will definitely raise temperatures around,my flat is in the second floor,to my surprise her flat is in the second floor,i don’t have any intentions on her,i will occasionally see her and one day at 11 in the night suddenly power went off,

she is alone as her husband didn’t come and generator didn’t on in time,she came out and asked me candle and without hesitate I helped her and she asked me to accompany me as she is some what feared,i accompanied her from back and as we both reached hall,she suddenly slipped and fell on me,

as of sudden reaction I held her from behind to my surprise her boobs got pressed on my hand,i was not intentional,to my surprise she said sorry and I clearly saw a naughty smile in her face, I kept the candle at a table and wished her good night and came back to my room,daily we both wish hi byes,one day as I am in a supermarket buying some daily stuff,i saw her and wished her,

she told me that her husband is going to america for a seminar and will return in two weeks so she is buying so maggie like stuff to her husband,as she is holding more baggage,i helped her by taking a baggage and as soon as we reached her house I kept her baggage and was about to leave,she stopped me and asked for a coffee,i smiled and accepted and left the place,

3 days later i.E on sunday,i heard a door knock and opened the door,to my surprise it was rosy(name changed),she told me that she is having some issues with her computer while communicating with her husband, I told her that I will check and in no time I solved the problem,

she brought coffee for me and gave me to my surprise half of her boobs where visible as she is wearing a transparent saree,my eyes automatically turned on that beautiful melons,as she noticed that didn’t say anything but a smile in her face,she let me sit and made me to have lunch,

after that we discussed about our personal life and I told her that I am single and she told about her marriage life,she was married a year back,but I can clearly understand from her words that her husband is not satisfying her,i consoled her and pressed her hand she become emotional and hugged me, i too hugged her and started caressing her, slowly I kissed her and started pressing her belly,

I slowly started foreplay as I am a expert in that,she started to respond,we madly kissed for 20 mins with my pressing her belly and rubbing her back,she directed to her room and I took off her saree and made her to sleep and took some honey and poured in her navel and started licking till last, she was holding my hair.

I did this for 15 min and then I unhooked her blouse and bra and we both turned into nude,we both hugged and kissed each other I took honey and applied on her navel and then messaged her boobs with honey and then into her mouth,we exchanged honey and our saliva from our mouths.

I started licking her neck and then her honey nipples,licking the left nipple and pressing the right boob,i done this for 15 minutes and then removed her panty and started licking her shaved pussy,i am teasing her with licking her at the lips and she was enjoying and pressing my head inside her pussy,i stated licking and fingering her pussy,her body is shivering like hell,

I did it for 15 min where she cum in huge,she is making romantic sounds in mean while,she asked me to fuck directly without condom,i started to insert my dick slowly,to my surprise her pussy is very tight,i started to increase my speed and we both are in flow flow as the rook was surrounded by her romantic sounds,i was her biting her nipples,we both cum after 5 min of fucking,

after some time the I asked her to get up and took her towards the wall and I started pressing her boobs from behind,as I sandwiched her in between wall and my self, I kept on pressing her and her boobs from behind and my head was kicking her neck,my dick was entering into her ass,as I started banging her tight ass by applying honey into her ass,

started banging her ass with my hands pressing her boobs from behind. I did this for 20 minutes she was shouting like hell,then we relaxed for some time and we both had a bath,fucked again in her tub and we entered the room again we had some drinks and again I laid her in bed and applied chocolate cream on her boobs and started licking that we exchanged chocolate from our mouths,

fucked her again and finally we give it,she literally is in heaven,enjoying every moment of my foreplay and she told me that I satisfied her 200%,as her husband didn’t do that this one year, we had our fucking sessions daily as her husband is not there,i will tell u another story with different foreplay, I think you thoroughly enjoyed the story.

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