Rohan Enjoying Cheating Sex With Aunty

Hi, my name is Rohan. I lived in Mumbai in PG with my friend when this incident happened. My friend was in different college. He had his exams so his mother came to take care of him. This was my first sex encounter with an elder lady. His mother was around 38 years old. She was fair and had nice pair of breasts. She had a figure of 36-30-38. Her ass and her boobs were best part of her body.

We had a single bathroom so we used to share it. I used to imagine how she would be bathing and masturbated thinking about her. The door of bathroom was in front of me I didn’t close the door of my room which I obviously did not to see her coming out of bathroom. Once, I sniffed her panties and bra when she forgot to put outside to dry. She wore a lacy bra.

She used to wear suits mostly without sleeves. I used to focus on her clear underarms and badly wanted to lick them.. She did not put a dupatta when she was at home. Many times I saw her cleavage. I used to get a hard on. We used to talk on different matters and she also gave me homemade cookies to eat. I wanted to fuck her badly. She did not have any idea what I used to feel about her.

Now coming on to that day when things happened. It was my friend’s last exam. The exam center was a bit far so he used to leave one hour early so he doesn’t get late and come after chatting with his friends. After the last exam he was changing his pg so aunty was packing up. I was helping her. There was a bag on top of the almirah and we had to take it down.

So, I climbed on a chair and she was holding that up. I could see her cleavage from top and was getting a hard on. I was wearing a pajama so she saw that and smiled looking at it. I felt shy. Then we had to roll the beddings and it was not easy to do it alone. So, she held it from one end and I rolled it from the other end. This time I got a more clear view of her boobs.

Her boobs were milky white and quite marvelous. I came near her while rolling the bed and could not control myself and kissed her on lips. It was just a touch of my lips on hers. I said sorry. She got angry and said I should not have done that. I asked her sorry again and said I could not control myself as she was looking really beautiful, at which she smiled.

I again kissed her forcefully. I thought she would respond this time but she threw me and turned her back towards me. She asked, “Why are you doing this?” I said, “Because you are too beautiful to be loved.” She turned face towards me.

I got that as a signal and hugged her and said I want to love you more and without wasting any time I kissed her on neck and put my hands on her navel over her clothes. She said, “You are my son’s friend.” I said, “So what? I won’t tell him about this. “, and kissed her on lips. This time she was also responding to my kiss. We were kissing each other madly.

I was getting her sweet smell. Her lips were really soft. I could not believe I was smooching her. This became a really wet kiss. Our tongues were just slurping each other. My dick was full tight by then and it was touching her private area. I could feel her large boobs over my chest. She was such a good kisser. Her experience as a matured woman was really showing up.

After kissing her she opened her eyes. I started kissing her sexy neck. She moaned. I made her neck wet with my saliva, and was kissing her ferociously. She was moaning badly with my every touch on her neck. I untied her hairs. She was looking really sexy with her cleavage and open hairs. Her boobs were bouncing with her breathe. I turned her back again.

I then put aside her hairs and opened her chain of kurti. Then I kissed on her back. She was getting hornier. She turned and opened my t shirt and started kissing my chest. She sucked on my nipples. I was getting mad when she rolled her tongue on my nipples. I pulled her kurti down and pulled her hands up. I then kissed and licked her underarms. She had clean underarms.

She used veet as I had seen empty sachet in the bathroom. Then I took her to my room, since her bed was already folded. I came over her and started kissing her cleavage. I opened her bra hooks. And she was topless in front of me. She was feeling shy and hiding her boobs. I hold her hands and got a clear view of her delicious melons. I started sucking her boobs.

She was moaning, “aaahhhhhhhhhh… uhhhhhhhhh….. Rohan suck them…” I was feeling hornier listening to her noise. I came to her navel and put my tongue inside her navel. I made it wet and started rolling fingers around it. She was biting her lips and hushing. I opened her salwar. She lowered my pajama. I sniffed her panty. I started fingering it.

She was getting crazier. By now her panty was drench wet. I touched my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it on her pussy. She was getting crazy on this and was pulling my body towards her. My chest was pressing her boobs. Then I pulled her panty down. It was clean and had just little hairs around the pink spot.

I kissed her pussy and started licking it. She again moaned. I then kissed her on lips rigorously. We were kissing and our hands were on each other’s private area. I was fingering her pussy and she was giving me a handjob. We then came in 69 position and she gave me a blowjob. She was really good in giving blowjob.

I was taking full-time since it was still 1 hour for the exam to end. We were both naked in each other’s arms. She said, “fuck me rohan now….” I came on her and slightly pushed my dick inside her pussy. I have an average dick size of 5’5” and she was wet. It did not take much time to get my full dick inside her pussy. I was thrusting her in missionary position.

Her boobs were crushing against my chest. With every push, her boobs were bouncing up. After 5 minutes of thrusting, we shifted position. I came behind her and pushed my dick inside her pussy. I was now fondling her boobs from back and fucking her. After 10 minutes, we shivered, she held me tightly, I put my lips on hers, and I came inside her. We then kissed each other.

And she took my promise to not to tell anyone about this. We wore our clothes. Then, we slept for some time until my friend come. This was my first and only experience with any elder woman till date.

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Praneeth Enjoying Awesome Sex With Shiny

Hi Readers, awesome page to very erotic stories. So thought to share mine after after years of following this page. This is a Real Story and no imagination or story added. My First story so please bear with any mistakes.

This happened three years back. Let me introduce myself.This is Praneeth thirty male from Hyderabad.I am six feet height wheatish and athletic in looks. I maintain well. I lived in US for long years on job. So while staying there I used to get bored as I don’t have much to do. So I used to go into chatting rooms frequently.

So one day I met this gal whose name is Shiny from Hyderabad. So we chatted some time and she said she was in a hurry to go to work and I asked her Skype id. We exchanged and waited for next day. She came back and messaged me and it was night in india. We started talking to each other and I asked her if I can have a video call. She said ok and Started her video.

She is not damn pretty but a sexy bomb shell with a height of 5’6 and stats of 34-30-36. She maintain her physique well and I got hard on looking her on maxi at that time and somehow I managed to talk to her. She said she is widow as she lost her husband two years back. I felt bad and asked her how she is getting on. She said she is ok but missing many things in her age.

She is bold while she speak on call and may be the night time effect is working. I said if I can help her with something. She asked me how can I do it and I said may be for the time being we go for online video sex whenever we both need. She said ok and we started having wild cam sex and we both summed with huge gasps. We continued doing it every day.

As months passed we became thick friends as she introduced me to her family also. Slowly we started sharing our fantasies with each other. She is ready for anything and she opened up with how many guys fucked her till now. I also said to her about my experiences. I had sex but till now Its not complete 100% satisfaction.

So after few months I was supposed to have visit to India and as My family is from Vizag I thought to come to Hyderabad first and travel to Vizag. So I told Shiny about my visit and she is very happy to meet me. So We organised plan and asked her to book good hotel and also arrange transport.

I was eagerly waiting to meet her and feel her tender love feeling first by hugging her tight. As I landed in Hyderabad,I called her and she said she is waiting outside. When I stepped out …Gosh she is in Black Saree with short sleeved blouse with Deep Back (I go mad for it).

So I gave a hug and peck in Airport and asked her if we can go to hotel. She directed cabdriver to hotel and we reached hotel in 30 minutes. As I have Vizag flight in the evening very late.I have lot of time to spend with Shiny.

I was feeling very tired and wanted to have a shower when I reached hotel. We both entered hotel room and I hugged her tight and gave a smooch and said I will be back as I need a shower. So I headed to shower and when I opened wash room and came out, Shiny was waiting and saw me in towel.

I don’t know what came to her mind she immediately came to me and pushed me to wall moving her hands on my chest and started smooching me and our tongues met and had an awesome kiss..I didn’t shag for more than ten days so my dick is very hard (No faking here. My dick is seven inches and good thickness …I don’t want to show mine as over to moon size).

She was still in Saree and I started kissing her neck too and pulled Saree pallu and open her blouse pressing her boobs over bra which is black.She is moaning a lot ( she moans normally a lot with pleasure than others) and I enjoy gals who moan in sex.

She pulled my Towel and hold my dick with her both hands and gave a lusty smile. Am sure she will empty my balls like never.she made me stand to wall and she sat on her knees with half naked blouse and bra and started lick my pink tip with her tongue( I fucked my gfs before but this was my first blow job with a gal and best).

Her licks sent shivers in my spine …Ohhh Gosshhh I can’t explain the pleasure she gave ….So she took my shaft slowly and started sucking to and fro..I ordered her to take my dick completely and she obediently did. She choked because of the size but she didn’t stop sucking. Now I started mouth fucking her with a decent pace.

She and me both increased pace and mine is building up to splash. As speed was max My cum just blasted out….To my Surprise she didn’t stop sucking while I bummed. She took my complete sperm in her mouth and gulped it like thirsty for many years. She drank all of it and made it clean. It was the best awesome blowjob I ever had. I was tired and we both took a nap for sometime.

Suddenly after some time I felt my dick wet and understood she want the game to begin.She got out of her saree and made herself ready for fuck. She sucked for sometime. I kept her to bed and said now its show time. As its second time I have enough stamina to control and fuck her longtime. She place condom on my dick and place it on her pussy walls.

I asked if she want slow push or a fast push. She said she wanted a fast push. So I pushed h into her pussy walls and she screamed as because of my size.Slowly she started to enjoy my pushes and I fucked her in that angle for sometime. As Iam well prepared to fuck her in all angles. I made her stand to wall.

As she is very right figure for my strong body and weight matches me to lift her. I lifted her to wall and put my dick into her pussy. I started ramming into her wildly to wall as my chest pressing her boobs with each push.I started sucking her boobs while fuck her. Its a hard position but I tried my best to give her boob suck while I fuck her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I fuck her.Then I made her bed in doggy to window and I fucked her in doggy while she bend on floor and each angle is giving me the awesome experience. She was screaming and shouting while I fuck her in different angles which is making more mad as I love women screaming.I slapped her hard on her ass while if fucked her from behind.

Now I asked her to go doggy on bed with her ass upward and her body on pillow like an bow.I want tight pussy. So I Started fucking her in that angle for some more time. So now its my turn to ask her to ride me and I laid on bed and my dick in upward position. She came on top of me and she started to push her pussy on mad dick.

I can see my dick entering her pussy while she does it which is a wow moment for me. So she fucked me from top in cowboy and Now I want to finish for final which is missionary again. I kept her to bed and pushed her both legs wide and inserted my dick and Started fucking her in speed pace and changing her leg positions tight.

We are puffing heaving and sweating heavily while we do this as its summer and we are coming to close climax. She screamed…”Yaa…ohhh ahhhhh…..shhhh….fuck me hard….I love this feeling….Your huge dick making hallow space in my pussy ……ahhhhh” and pressure building up in my balls too and we both Cummed at the same time.

Believe me guys I never thought I have stamina to fuck long time…But got confidence on that day…..We are tired and slept for sometime and its already evening. We hugged and smooched before we leave. She dropped me at Airport and bid good bye. Later She got married and we lost our contact.

I too got married ….Its the most memorable Moment till date…I dunno how I narrated my real feelings…Please forgive me if any mistakes. Thank you all for reading.

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Karthik Enjoying Hot Sex With Neighbourhood Lady

I am karthik (pet name) and I am regular reader of Human digests and I want share my first extra martial experience with my neighbour lady. I am 38 yrs old and she is my neighbour lady in her 2nd floor opposite to our 3rd floor.

Flower (name changed) lady is 32 yrs old and she has 2 sons of 8 & 3 yrs old. Her husband is working in manufacturing firm. She is good normal female and her vital size are 34-30-36. I used to peep her home always.

She was born in out of somewhere in south Tamil Nadu and settled in Chennai. Whenever I see her I used to watch her body structure I used to make fantasy and make masturbate as like fucking her.

She was sitting on the sofa and sometime she sits in the floor, I always watch her from our balcony and always smile in daytime and night time also whenever possible time I use to watch her. She also knows that I am watching her bottom and pussy.

One day I went to her home when her kids are playing with my son. I asked she fell down before the day and she can’t able to walk much. I asked can I massage she told do you know massage and I said yes. She allowed inside that was the one evening around 4.30pm, I told her Lady then you should show your knees to do massage.

When started to fold your nighty little up, which she told me to do and do it fast. I fold her nighty up to the upper thigh, my dick was fully up. I was massaging the lady again lied on the sofa. I was massaging and seeing lady and this time I am fully seeing her panty.

Lady was making some sound which initially thought due to the pain she was making. She was getting excitement while I was massaging. After some time lady again sit on the sofa and looking at me. I was looking on her and some time I was looking on her panty. This time she came to sit with me in the floor and gave me a kiss in my lips and hug me told please has me to do full body massage.

She told me that I know you need me and many days you are peeping me and eyeing on me.karthik please make me feel your tool in my pussy, you know my hubby is not satisfying me. Then I told her that we will move to your bed room. She took me in her bedroom and lied in her bed and start to remove her nighty.

She told me karthik don’t make in hurry my sons will come at 7 o clock and we have more time. I then start kiss from her leg and come to top and was kissing her full body. Her boobs were big and I suck and bite there. She had perfect figure which we always hide in her dress. She had the best pair of boobs, milky white and pinky nipples.

Her ass was of the perfect round shape and she was looking stunning. I removed her panty also besides her panty was wet with her juice. I remove that and put my tongue and start licking and she was moaning. I put my tongue in to deep and she was loudly moaning.

She told me karthik please remove your shorts and t-shirt and I want feel your big dick and then she opens her mouth and I put in her mouth. She gave me a good blow job. Again I climb on her body and start sucking her boobs and navel. I went down found her cunt to be wet and dripping her juices and I started licking the vagina and inner thigh.

She very hard and spring and rolls due to hot, she start pushing me more and more towards her pussy by spreading her legs and giving me access to her dripping special cunt.My tongue is playing like anything in her pussy start licking. She started giving a thrust in the upward direction asking me to do more and more. I put my one finger then three and he got pain and cried.

I put my tongue again start licking fast which she gave me her first orgasm. She moaned with pain and pleasure. I licked face and start kissing her thigh and her hot pussy continuously. She was relaxed and ordered her to take my tool in her mouth and make it hard as a rock.

She did the same way and she rolling her tongue over the head licking like ice cream. I was enjoying and my hands were busy to pumping and pressing her breast. She was a master in the art of sucking that was making my rod grow more and more big in size. Then I moved to her pussy and I put my dick in to her pussy and it was too tight and I went and buried deep.

She started pumping and slowly she took my monster inside her. She started moaning with pleasure and I too was enjoying. Her breasts were near my mouth and I didn’t waste any time and took in to mouth and suck them and fuck her all the styles. We went to bathroom together and each other wash out then come to bedroom to put the cloths.

I always enjoyed few session whenever possible I like to know is there any female is interested feel the same. Thank you all reading story of me and hope you all enjoyed.

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Jayet Enjoying Hot Fuck With Unsatisfied Neighbour Purnima

My name is Jayet, I am 28 years old now.This story is 2 years old, how I lost my virginity to my neighbor.Purnima( name changed). I am from Dehradun.With gym type body and my dick size is 6″5′.

Without wasting time, the sex story begins.The heroine of the story my neighbor Purnima. She is married for 7 years and has 2 children, she is 33 now with clear cut white face and fig- 36 32 38. She has very friendly nature and when she walks her moving ass makes me mad. Purnima and our house are on ground floor and our families have good relation with them.

I usually visit their house to teach their kids and play with them. And after finishing her work she use to join us.One day I was sitting in her house and waiting for her children to come, I started rubbing my penis.Suddenly she came there with her children.I think she saw me and sat there in the room with passing me a naughty smile.

I keep porn videos and nude pics in my mobile.Including her photo too. One day she asked me for my phone.I forgot to hide it and gave her. She started scrolling my phone and saw all those pictures. With a naughty smile, she asked me what type of photos do I keep.I was shocked and afraid and with a fumbling voice I said these girls are my friends.

To which she replied ” why she is in so small dresses” and passed me the phone with a naughty wink. Noticing her behavior.I gathered confidence and said that she likes to wear small dresses and asks me to click her photos in private. I got shocked when she said that you didn’t have some more photos of her.

Me: I have them but can’t show it to her. Purnima: why?(with loud naughty smile) is she without clothes in them. She again started scrolling my gallery and the next photo was – a girl with no clothes on. Seeing this she got a little redness in her face.I think she got a little bit shy and said -omg what is this girl.And what type of photo she wants to be clicked.

My heart was already pumping fast.I knew that she knows everything and is showing me her innocence.I didn’t want to miss this opportunity and said her that my friend made me to click this photo.

Next photo was a girl taking a penis in her ass and no faces were in the photo. She was all naughty now and with a winked faced in eyes gesture asked me. I was now fumbling... Bla bla. And she now started to enlarge the penis part in the photograph. And asked me who is this guy in the photograph who is nailing your friend from behind.I played and said.

What is fucking aunty. To which she said do try to be innocent now, I know you have done all this. Next words were like.You look so innocent, in double meaning words she said that she didn’t expect me like this.She was now scrolling some more pics.And her children were now playing on the balcony. I started imagining her fucking.

And I didn’t remember when my hand started rubbing my penis. I got a bulge. The tent was easily visible above my pants. She suddenly sees me rubbing my penis.I was so lost that I think she called my name 2-3 times and gave me my phone back.

Then she naughtily y said I think you have a great stamina.Listening that I was sure that she is now ready to get fucked.But that day nothing more happened.My phone rang and I left. Next day I was all alone in my home.She get to know this.She came with her children to my house and after some time asked her children to play outside.

Know she asked me that she wants to learn computer.I told her that I have only one char.I she is ready to share it, I can teach her.I asked her to sit on my lap if she is ok.(we were indirectly seducing each other).She said k but your thighs will pain.I said let’s try it. She said naughtily that you have a good stamina today it seems.Hearing this I got mad.

Now I could not control myself and holding my dick..Shooting towards her I said.Yes.With a shy laugh keeping her hand on pussy she said she is also ready. I was very happy now. I get hold of her and started kissing her. She was also responding like there is end tomorrow. What a feeling it was. My first kiss to a married lady.

After a 10 min lip lock, she introduced her tongue into my mouth. Then I break the kiss and pushed to the sofa. And now I fell on her and started kissing her. The very horny point. Then her cleavage.And down her pussy above her clothes. She was slight moaning.. Aou..Ahh.Ahh..With both my hands I was squeezing her very soft big boobs. Now I was all mad.

I started taking her clothes off.First thing I could see was her navel.I kissed her on her navel. She somewhat moved her body up. I get to know that she is very horny today. After sucking navel for 3-4 mins I proceeded further towards her boobs I removed her kurti. She was wearing red color net bra. She was looking like nagar khan to me today.

Now I started playing with her boobs. Sucking. Kissing. Biting..To which she said she is all mine today.Be little soft.. I again started kissing her.Now my hands were feeling her ass. Above panty. My penis was rubbing her body.She was super hot now. I removed all my clothes except my boxer. She then kissed my penis from above my boxer and slowly removed my boxer.

1 week before I shaved my dick.She was all shocked to see my 6.5-inch dick. And said her husband’s is a kind in front of me.He is unable to satisfy me. But today she thinks all her dreams are gone fulfilled. Listening to this I inserted my penis in her mouth. She was a very experienced mouth fucker. What a blowjob it was. I don’t have words to express that feeling.

It was 10-12 mins now.I was ready to cum.I told her, she said to fill her mouth.I obeyed her and in next min I relieved myself in her mouth.She swallowed every drop. Now she said it’s my turn with kissing my dick.I immediately proceeded towards her pussy removed her salwar and panty in one go. Her pussy area was well shaved and clean with white skin.And pink clitoris.

I inserted my tongue.And started to suck her deeply.She was heavily moaning.Ohh fuck. Aha ahh.Ahhhh.I t my energizing me more and more.Then I inserted my 1 finger and started finger fucking her.Then with my 2 fingers and within around 8-9 mins she cummed in my hands.It was warm.And there was a shy smile on her face.Now we started kissing each other.

With around 5 mins I again got a hard on.I was ready now to lose my virginity. She guided me with her hands in her pussy.(this all were happening on sofa).I kept mu dick on her clit and started rubbing it up and down.She was biting her lips now.But before this I wore condom. But she said she wants to enjoy the real fun.

So I removed my condom which she brought with her..I pressed my hips towards her pussy and with no time half of my dick was in her.As she was very wet.I again pressed my dick 2-3 time and now my full penis was in her pussy.

She moaned a loud..Aahhh. We were now in pause for 3-4 mins.And I was kissing her.I could feel her warm breaths on my chest. With both my hands squeezing her boobs wildly. Now I was moving up and down on her.She was enjoying and.15 mins later we were about to cum.

I increased my speed. And she came.A was also on the verge to cum.I removed my dick and inserted in her mouth.She swallowed every single drop. Then I kissed her again and we were lying on the sofa.She went to the bathroom to herself and.I also cleaned myself and dressed. This whole session was about 1:30 hr.

She thanked me and said that I was her 1st husband from now.We usually had sex when we got the chance.Tried all steps with her.She loved fantasy sex.( themed).Now her husband got transferred.And m looking for someone to fill the gap.

I would be happy to hear feedback from my friends. Please feel free to post them in the comments below.

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Zoltan Fucking MILF At The Gym - II

Previously: Zoltan Fucking MILF At The Gym

Hi Guys, I am Zoltan and I am back with the sequel to the Milf at the Gym 1. I do hope you all liked it and enjoyed it. Just to put you up to date. I had hit the gym and started working out and I hit the fitness freak chick in the gym She is fit as hell and though the face shows signs of aging, she has a body of a teenager.

Please go through Part I for the most awesome foreplay and oral sex ever. I am sure the experienced readers of this site will agree that a great muscle tone makes up for a lot of things in bed. Now for Part 2.

After the awesome bout of 69 Rupali was playing with my cock to bring it back to life, to drouse the fires between her legs. I was by no means finished and was completely upto the task. My cock was soon pointing hard at the ceiling and was leaking its juices to the tune of Rupali’s hand movements. I was also playing with her tits with one hand and gently rubbing her pussy with the other.

Her pussy was steadily leaking its juices too. Clearly there was no further need for any more foreplay. I turned to kiss my minx hard. We hugged and kissed for a short while and I rolled on to my back pulling Rupali on top. She immediately understood and gently gave me some space to find her pussy hole and position my cock.( Don’t we all love experienced women, virgins are such a bore)

It took me just a moment to align my cock with her pussy and she felt the tip at her entrance. She slowly sat back on in. OHHHHHHHHH the feeling was exquisite. Her liquid warmth engulfed my cock as she gently began rocking her hips. This is the ideal position for any woman as she has all the freedom to movement and it gives max clitoral simulation.

Rupali looked like a brown angel sitting on my cock with her perfect gym toned body. Using her muscles to full use she started rocking her hips gently getting used to the sensations. My hands were free to explore her toned body. Which I did. I had not realised till now that her body was incredibly firm. Not the slightest hint of sag anywhere. I ran my all over her lovely body.

She was smooth as silk. Her deep breathing was signalling that she liked me exploring her body, which I did. Her hips were so firm. I jiggled them in my palms and enjoyed the slow fuck that she was giving me. She soon caught my hands and put them on her breasts to rub in some pleasure into the rubber hard nipples of hers.

I was happy to do so. I used the tits as a grip also as I slowly increased the speed of the fuck. AAAAAAAHHHHHH ! ! !! ! AAAAAHHHHHHH ! ! !! ! were coming from her mouth as she bounced without a care in the world. Her hair was all over the place and she had started to get a sheen of sweat on her body again.

Her firm and flat stomach muscles were driving her hips in a steady speed as she fucked me merrily and lustily. She would slow down the speed as she started coming close to her orgasm and would halt for some time to regain her control and then she would start again. I too was beginning to think that this was the best work out ever.

The sheets below me were soaked wet with our combined juices. But my cock needed more. I wanted more friction on my dick. I let go of her tits and grabbed her by the slim waist just above her hips. So in time to her rhythm I started assisting her by just giving her hips a little extra push as they moved up and down. The effect of this was totally electric.

Her clit was rubbed a little bit more on me and it was a AAHHH ! AAAAA HHHHH !! ! AAAHHHH ! ! ! ! ! YES ! YES !! YES ! ! ! FASTER ! FASTER !! FASTER ! ! ! OOHHH YEESSS ! ! ! CHHHOOOOODDOOOOOO MMMMUUUUJJHHHEEEEE !!!! She switched to Hindi to vent her feelings.

Jaldi, aur Jaldi…… I kept up the pressure and kept moving her hips faster and faster on my cock. I could feel her cunt muscles creaming and gripping my dick hard. It was as if she had fingers inside her cunt. Rupali soon removed my hands from her hips as she was driving herself now. She grabbed my hands and put them back on her tits.

She obviously wanted some more action on top. Me being a complete TITS MAN was happy to oblige. I rubbed those nipples in slow circles and the look on her face was of complete ecstasy. I soon pulled her down a little and grabbed one long nipple in my lips and stated giving a tongue lashing.

While one nipple was in my mouth the other would continue to get its share from my hands. And I switched from one nipple to the other quite frequently. Soon both her tits were wet with my saliva and red with the mauling that they were getting from my hands and lips. Rupali’s Hips and cunt had got a life of their own and she banged me nonstop from the top. My cock was in heaven.

This carried on for some time and I knew that at this speed We will not last for too long. This was pure animal fuck. Just the pleasure for the body and mind was busy looking for more ways to enhance the same. “I am Coming, I am coming, “ Rupali announced as she went stiff in my arms and with a big AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH She let go of her efforts and released all her juices on me.

I was completely soaked but I had still not come. Rupali was flat on my chest now crushing her boobs between us as she enjoyed her release. I was right when I thought that she would fuck me and not the other way around.

But I had been about to come when Rupali had taken off so my release was still pending. I knew that Rupali was now out for some time so I had to take matters into my own hands. I gently let Rupali back on the sheets and turned her over. She was not yet fully out of her orgasm but complied. I pulled her up in doggie style and she understood instantly.

She pushed her ass up into the sky and her head was sunk into the thick pillow. She was offering me her pussy to be used as I liked. She knew I had not cum yet so there was more action in hand. I was not free from supporting her and My cock was raging hard. I wanted to come hard inside her cunt now.

SO without wasting any more time I and with no further preliminaries I shoved my cock full length into her pussy. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH ! ! !! !! ! came from dear rups as her pussy was stretched to the full again. She liked the sensation and immediately pushed her ass to meet my thrusts.

She was supporting herself on her elbows now and her lovey ripe mangoes were hanging and swinging freely being reflected from her dresser table on the side. I caught her by the hips and started banging her like there is no tomorrow. My balls were slapping against her clit and she was pushing her ass hard. There was lot of sound as the hot bodies crashed into each other.

OOOHHH !!! OOOHH - -- - - - OOOOHHHH went Rupali as she again started to heat up. Her juices had again started flown down her legs onto the sheets. This was an amazing woman. I soon grabbed her tits below her and continued banging away. My cock was hitting some spot in her and she was enjoying it.

AAAAHHHH !!!!! OOOOHHHHHHH YES ! YES! YES,!! HARDER !! HARDER !! HARDER … DON’T STOP DON’T STOP SHE STARTED AGAIN. I realised that Rupali is about to come again ! ! ! What a woman ! ! ! I continued banging her hard as I mauled her tits and pulled her nipples.

My juices were beginning to boil up and with a loud AAAAHHHHH OOOOOOOHHHHHH ! ! ! ! YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSS ! ! ! ! ! both of us cam together as I Pushed my cock hard into her and emptied my balls somewhere deep inside that warm pussy. I Collapsed on her back as she collapsed back on the wet and cum soaked bed.

We slowly recovered and kissed our happiness. Rupali – “ You have to come more often to do your exercises properly.” I will train you to be a complete stud. Me – “ Any time” We left only till the next time. Watch this space. Enjoy.

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Sahil Fucking Punjabi MILF Aunty

Hello, everyone, this is Sahil Kumar. I’m 20 years old from Pune. I’m studying second-year B.Com in a well-reputed college of Pune which comes at the 3rd position in the city for commerce. There are a lot of hot and sexy girls at which everyone looks at.

I had a girlfriend but broke up with her because she was double dating me. We had only foreplay that too in theatre, nothing else. I always wanted to have sex because I was a virgin. I have a friend in neighbouring society and we are very close. I always go to his place to chill out. And let me tell you about my childhood fantasy that is his mom. Her name is Vinita Kaur. She is Punjabi woman and a proper milf.

She has 2 kids. One is of my age and other is in 7th std. Her husband is a businessman and always he is in office. She has maintained herself by gymming and yoga. Her stats are 36-32-34. By seeing her, anyone will turn their head. In society, many people want to fuck her badly. During Ganpati festival, she came in society wearing a white shirt I which light blue colour bra was visible and a blue denim.

Coming to the story, my friend was going abroad to pursue higher studies so I went to meet and help him in packing. He was happy to see me as I came to meet him before he goes. Later his mom came in gym vest and her bra straps were visible. She was looking hot as fuck. I wanted to fuck her right away but controlled myself.

After 2 days my friend went abroad and the younger kid went to school and uncle to the office. She was all alone at home. I went and rang the bell, she opened the door and she was very happy to see her son’s friend. She welcomed me inside and she was wearing tight salwar kurta which was deep cut. Her dupatta was near her neck due to which ample cleavage was visible.

I sat on the sofa and she went to the kitchen as she was preparing tea for both of us. I was looking at her big ass swinging here and there. She came and offered me tea by bending down. I saw almost full boobs of her. I was just watching that and she also saw this and gave a naughty smile. Then we chatted for a long time.

She again bent down to take the tea cup and while going to the kitchen she slipped due to water on the floor. There was a loud noise. First thought some vessel might have fallen down, but then I heard a voice. I went running and saw she fell down and was crying. Her back was paining a lot. She told me to help her to get to the bedroom. I helped and lay her on the bed.

I offered a massage to her but she denied. I requested her many time and finally, she agreed. I bought a balm from the shelf and told her to lift her kurta little above. She lifted and her pink bra was coming in middle. I was applying balm that side and she understood that and she told to unhook the bra. I was damn excited.

I unhooked and still I wasn’t able to apply balm properly. So without asking her I removed her kurta and she was just looking me confused. While applying the balm, I pressed her side boobs. She moaned a bit. Again I was doing the same. She said you are my son’s friend but I didn’t give a fuck to her words.

After that, I came down near her ass and she started moaning a lot. I gained some more courage and continued this little harder. I moved her upside down and saw her boobs. It was marvelous. She was looking into my eyes like she wanted it badly. I bent down and kissed her. For 10 mins we were kissing. That was the best kiss ever. Her pink lips were so soft.

She removed my T-shirt and pant. She saw a big tent in my pant and pulled my underwear down. She was amazed to see a 6-inch dick as her husband did not have this thick dick as she stated later. She took my dick in her mouth and was sucking like hell.

After sucking, she gave a condom from the drawer and put it on my dick. I went down and removed her panty. Her pussy was clean shaved and it was pink. I licked it and she was moaning like hell. She was yelling and saying that my husband never did this to her. I opened her Pussy and was slowly entering into it.

She shouted so badly that I had to kiss her again to stop the noise. She was shouting “yeah baby, give it to me. Give it to me harder. After a session of hard fucking for 10 mins, I was about to cum. She told me to cum in her mouth. I removed the condom and came in her mouth. We laid next to each other. She thanked me for this awesome fuck.

Later we laid to each other caressing our bodies. She said that she did an acting of falling down. I was shocked and asked her why she did this, so she said that she was never satisfied by her husband and she always had an eye on me.

I also told her that you have always been my fantasy. She was happy to hear this. At 3:30, her younger son was about to come from school so I had to leave. But we still have healthy fucking sessions whenever we get a chance and we try different positions.

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Ayush Enjoying Sex With Naughty Neighbour Meena

This beautiful memory I am going to share with you all is about me and my beautiful naughty neighbour Meena. She was around 35 years old and me 22 years old when we first made love. Meena was a mother of 3 kids and had beautiful glowing skin naughty smile long black hair till her waist round big ass with 34 bra size.

We were like any other normal neighbors you have in your area. Meena and her kids use to frequently pop in and out of my house so did we as in my family. My name is Ayush from dehi and all the names are changed for maintaining privacy.

I always had a crush on her and always dreamed to get her in bed with me at least once but never got a chance or would say was scared to approach her thinking it would spoil my name and relation. We were like one big family and not even a single day we missed by not greeting or having a small chat between us.

Things started to change for me when I joined College and I had quite a big group in my college life since being arts student the number of female friends was more than compared to male. I use to be full time occupied with my college work or hanging around with my friends and off late was not able to see Meena.

One evening it so happened that I was about to move out to meet my friends,my door bell rang when I opened the door I saw Meena standing in front of me. I pleased to see her after a long time and said Hello to her so did she replied with a Hi but not in a friendly manner and it looked like she was not interested in talking to me.

So I asked her what’s wrong and why she sounding so off mood and she said that since I have been in college life and I have forgotten her and don’t have time to say hi and hello. To which I agreed and said won’t happen again and I told her that I am going out now will talk to her later on.

Next day in noon time I made my point to go and see her. She opened the door for me & had big smile on her face. We were talking causally standing in her kitchen. Meena normally use to wear Salwar kameez, at times she use to be in her gown once she was done with her cooking she made lime juice for me and herself which we had while taking sitting in the living room.

She asked me where I went last evening in a rush. I told her that I was at Hauz Khas. She straight away asked me oh so you were with your Girlfriend huh? looks like you both had good time in this winter ? I told her no nothing like that and first of all I do not have a girlfriend so no question of having fun.

She did not believe me that I had no girlfriend, to this I told her Meena why not you be my girlfriend with a smile and I was lucky that day she said ok let me think over it and gave me naughty smile.I was thing at back of my mind wow I told her to be my girlfriend, what if she really becomes mine. I was getting a hard on but as I was wearing jeans it could not be seen clearly.

I went back home and that I night masturbated thinking of Meena which I use to do quite often like this talks were going on with our day to day life. It was 14th February that I decided to give her valentine gift I bought a red colour small heart for her and wrote her name on it along with mine. She asked me a day earlier that on 14th February you will be busy with your college girls and I said yes.

I did not tell her anything regarding the surprise gift I would give her on 14th February during noon time when everyone sleeps and her kids are in school and hubby at work. I knocked her door Meena came out to open the door for me and she was wearing a white colour salwar kameez with flower prints on it and no dupatta which was her normal style after I entered her house and shut the main door I told her to close her eyes.

Meena smiled and asked why? What am I going to do? I told her do not worry I will not harm you for sure so she closed her eyes then I removed the red hear with her and my name on it and gave in her hands Meena was very happy to see that gift from me and kept holding my hand nicely.

She asked me to sit in her bed room and got coffee for me and she thanked me for the gift and making her feel so special. I told her that since you are my girl friend I had to do it for you. Meena said I did not say yes to you the other day dear but now I am your girl friend.

I asked her where is my gift to which she said sorry I do not have anything to give you now I thought this was my chance to get her close but I wanted to play it safe. I asked her give me permission to call her love when we both are alone to which she agreed.

Days passed by we were getting along good and friendly sometimes even use to talk double meaning thing indirectly which gave me some hope of my dreams coming true. Soon it was Holi time, which we celebrated in our building very well on holiday when I was playing with colours with my friends in our building compound and I saw Meena siting on her window

and I asked her to join us but she refused after sometime I went upstairs to get water luckily Meena opened her house door to give sweets at my place that was my only chance to catch her. She was wearing a navy blue gown and I was wearing shorts and t shirt I was all wet. I asked Meena if I could apply color on her cheeks she said ok but little only.

That was the first time I touched her soft cheeks which gave me a hard on I was quite close to her while putting color on her and guess even she could feel my cock touching her hot spot and she also applied colour on my face and in this exchange of colours I was almost about to hug her and my wet clothes had made her gown wet to and I could see her nipples shooting out.

I asked Meena to join me and play holi with us and she said not all but may be with my husband kids and you. I was happy hearing that I told her to wait for me as I will get terrace keys so that we could play up stairs. I quickly got the keys and went up stairs Meena was waiting for me and had smile on her face as always.

I pulled her cheeks and complimented that she was looking cute with all the colours on her. I applied colours again on her and poured some water on her which made her body more visible. Her gown was sticking to her curves very well and looking at all this and I was going crazy and just wanted to eat her that time and she was shivering as water was bit cold.

I asked her if I could hold her hands so that she would not shiver that much within no time Meena hold both my hands and stood stilling front of me and water was dripping from her head to toe. I could not stop my eyes rolling all over her hot wet body, which she caught me doing and asked what are you looking at? I was to scared that time did not knew what to say.

She smiled and said are you looking at curves? I felt shy and started looking down and she lifted my head up and asked me softly again if I was looking at her curves to which I nodded my head and said yes Meena and said sorry.

She immediately hugged me and said it is fine with her and as now she was my girlfriend she did not mind me looking at her and listing to this gave me relief breath 7 and I looked in her eyes. I don’t know she quickly gave me a kiss on my cheek and asked did I like it? I had no words to say all I could see was Meena in front of me and back of my mind thinking about my dream to fuck her.

My cock was growing big and strong and I looked at Meena and kissed on her cheek to which she hugged me again her hands were around me so where mine. I could feel her wet body and bra line. That feeling was amazing to top this as we were coming out of the hug we looked eye to eye and had a lip lock kiss hmmmm.

A strong current passed from head to toe in my body when our lips met and she had soft lips which were wet and we smooched for about 5 minutes and then stopped readings we were staining in stair case and anyone could come after some time more people came and we played with colors for some time and I and Meena did not speak much when everyone was around

but our eyes were all the time on each other’s move and next day when her hubby was at work and kids at school. She came home just to have casual talk with my mother. She was wearing a yellow colour salwar kameez which was fitting to her body perfectly her as and boobs were looking good in shape felt like grabbing her and but could not as my mother was around.

Meena looked at me and smiled so did I. I purposely got dressed and said I am going out mom hearing to this Meena also said ok I will also go and sleep now for some time and walked out in 5 minutes.

I also left and saw Meena had left her door opened and I closed my door and enter Meena’s house quickly and shut the door and there Meena was standing in her yellow dress as if was waiting for me to come. I went close to her in the living room kissed her and said hi Meena and she said hi and asked where I am going now.

I told her that I was not going anywhere just lied to my mom so that I could come at her place; She gave me a naughty smile and sat bit close to me. I could hear her deep breaths and we were quite for some time now. I asked her if she was disturbed by what we did yesterday.

She said yes and hold my hand tight so did I told Meena that I had never thought we would do that as it happened in no time, to which she agreed and kept her head on my shoulders. I kissed on her forehead to make her feel comfortable and my hands were around waist and feeling her stomach and I was getting a rock solid down as my dream lady was in my arms.

I looked at Meena and kissed her again on her cheeks which she responded back by giving me a kiss too. I wasted no time on this and smooch her she responded back in no time and soon we were smooching deeply and our lips were locked tight and we were hugging each other sitting on the sofa and our eyes were closed we were busy smooching, sucking each others tongue.

Meena was breathing hard which I could feel and her fragrance was good while smooching I pushed her gently backwards so that I could get on top of her. Meena responded to me and pulled me on her and our feet were rubbing each other.

I slowly then moved my hand from back to her ass and then to her waist line to which she moaned a little and I felt she was all set as was I kissed her neck line and then went to her cleavage which glowing in her yellow dress and she hold my head close to her body with her fingers moving in my hair soon her hands were in my t shirt and I kissed her boobs from above which were from now.

I touched her breasts as Meena moaned to this. She pulled out my t shirt and started kissing my chest and she was making me crazy when she licked my nipples. I could no longer wait to make her nude and get my hands on her hot body. I unzipped her dress and pulled it out over her head there I could she her glowing boobs covered in white bra.

I gave Meena a nice wet lick on her cleavage the minute my tongue moved on her boobs she moaned mmmmm aahmmm and hug me tight. I unhooked her bra to see her pulpy mangoes to pop out of her bra. She had hot dark nipples which were stiff I socked them while playing with her boobs.

I quickly removed my pants and was in my boxer’s only she dropped her salwar to show her yellow panties which were bit wet. We hugged and smooched again while standing she remove my underwear and went down kissing my body. I was feeling in heaven Meena was down on her knees holding my hard cock in her soft hands.

She played with it for some time teasing me touching my balls with her boobs. Finally she rolled out her tongue on my dick head which was growing big and was all red to fire out. Meena looked at me while sucking my cock all I was doing was enjoying her.

Meena made me strong that I was about to cum and I told Meena darling I am about to cum but she did not listen and continued to suck my cock deeper and faster. My cock was all wet and in 2 minutes I shot out my hot juice in her mouth.

Meena enjoyed every single drop of my cum in her mouth which was full now. I was in heaven with my cock in Meena’s mouth still and she drank all my juice and felt satisfied now it was my turn to give her back and I pushed back on the floor to remove her panties, there came out her hot mature pussy which was bit hairy.

She already had cum as I could see her cream flowing out. I went down kissing her stomach navel and her cunt which was thick and wet. The aroma of her pussy was amazing and no doubt it tasted well too. I now started to lick her pussy lips, with my hands spreading her legs. Meena moaned loud as I inserted my tongue in her pussy hole sound of ufffff aaahhhh came out frequently,

she was holding my head tight and pushed it more towards her pussy. I sucked her cut for about 10 minutes by now my dick was hard again for the final kill. Meena came in not time. Her juice was all over my lips and tongue. I licked her well just like a dog and I knew she was enjoying it so was I and she pulled me up and asked me to fuck her and I came over body and she hold my dick and guided it to the love hole.

The minute I pushed it in she moaned out loud ahhhhhhh and hugged me tight; her legs were locked behind my back. I slowly started rubbing my hard dick in and out of her pussy hole and her pussy was wet enough to slide my cock freely.

The friction of her pussy skin with my dick was amazing.she bite my lip when I pushed my dick a bit herded. Meena was glowing with every single stroke I gave her and I was on cloud number 9 and my dream had come true here I was on Meena my crush.

I fucked her as hard as good as I could do to please her and finally us both climaxed again together and she took every single drop of my juice in her hot pussy. We smooched again for 5 minutes and then moved in for a shower which we had to quickly finish as it was almost time for her kids to be back from school. This was the start of my sex life with Meena.

Next day also we were all set to fuck each other. Meena had shaved her pussy today which looked hotter. I craved for her ass this time. She was virgin from behind her tight ass hole rubbed hard on my dick which pealed my skin but we both enjoyed that pain to get the pleasure of making love. She also introduces me to one of her friend Anjali.

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