Stella Fucked By Childhood Friend Sameer - II

Hi all Humandigest readers I'm sameer again. I had my first story on 14 Feb 2016 Stella Fucked By Childhood Friend Sameer.

Now here again I'm to narrate how I Fucked the tight ass of stella., as I promised. Let me again tell u something abt me, I'm 24 yrs, 5.8 ht and athletic body guy from Mumbai. My brother down is 7inch long and 3inch thick. My partner Stella is my school friend and she has great ass and figure of 34 30 36 as of typical south Indian girl.

Stella is wirking in one of the leading company in Mumbai. She always wears a tight western dress which makes all men to oogle at her. Now coming to the story, after first time we started to fuck regularly. Sometimes at her home and mostly at her room. We fucked in almost each and every position which include doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, etc.

But she never allowed me to fuck her ass. But I was desperate to fuck her virgin ass. So the luck smiled at me and I had my chance. I still remember, it was august 7 Sunday when we had an steamy and hot sex at her house. After sex we were relaxing and chatting, while chatting she said that she has applied for holiday on 16th august.

I didn't understood anything, she said that 14 being Sunday is holiday and 15 the independence day, 17 pateti so 16 will make my holiday of continue 4 days. We can enjoy this period to fullest. She had already booked an hotel in the outskirts of Pune for the same Period. She said me to be ready so that we can enjoy ourselves without any disturbances or problem.

The d day came and we boarded a train to Pune on 13th night. I made an excuse of going to friends wedding at my home and she also made same excuse. We boarded tirunelveli express and reached at Pune hotel by 2 am in night. We both were exhausted but I was also restless to fuck Stella in the huge king sized bed of hotel.

Until then she was already freshened up and said me to get fresh. After that when I came back to room she was readying herself for sleep. I was disappointed, I asked her whether we are here to sleep? She replied that today she had more work at office, so she was tired. We can have each other from tomorrow and saying this she slept.

I was not at all feeling sleepy, so was lying down at the bed and was watching porn. It got me on fire and I was horny. So I decided that I will fuck her today itself. I started massaging her boobs from above of her night dress, she was telling no not today please. But I was not listening her, I was already hard. K just lifted her nighty and pushed my hard cock in her pussy.

She was almost shocked by my sudden entrance which she was not expecting. She was shouting like hell that our neighbouring room members could have heard her. I quickly tried to close her mouth from my hand. After few seconds I was fucking her vigorously from back side and she also started enjoying it. After sometimes I came in her pussy itself.

Till now she came twice. Now we both got up and tip toed to bathroom and cleaned ourselves. When we returned, sleep was distant from our eyes, we started kissing each other. We almost kissed for 10min. I was continuously fondling her boobs while kissing. After kissing we went in 69 position and sucked each other.

I was continuously sucking her clitoris and fingering her with my one finger. She started to tremble in pleasure and she had an wild orgasm. I drank the love juice which was of great taste. She said me that it was one if best orgasm she had ever. We were kissing each other now. I made her to be in doggy style on the edge of the bed. She obliged and made an entrance to her pussy.

She started moaning 'oh ahh aaaahhh, fuck me fuck me harder fuck me haaarder sameer I want all your baby making cum in my pussy you fucker, make me your bitch fuck me like animal you beast show me how good you can fuck this slutty pussy'. All this talk was making me horny, and I started fucking her more wildly.

She started squeezing her pussy and felt like her pussy walls contracting and she came. She came harder and I stopped my movement and stayed in her pussy. She was lost in passion an ecstasy, I inserted my one finger in her ass and started fingering it. She was still aware of this due to the passionate orgasm. I started to and fro movement of my finger at higher speed.

She came to senses, and just pushed me sohard, that we were separated. She scolded me that she was not ready for ass fucking. So I again went near her and grabbed her by her neck and started kissing her, her anger was subsided. I started fingering her pussy and placed pillow below her ass. This made her pussy and ass more wide open.

I placed myself at her ass and gave a tight push such that it went 2 inch deeper. She started to cry and I kissed her. She was continuously hitting me and trying to get away frome. But I was too strong for her. I remained at that position and kept kissing her and fondling her boobs. I now started sucking her boobs and kneading other at some time.

I gave some love bites on her boobs. After sometime her pain subsidized, and she was kissing me. Then I made an another push and my cock went few inch deeper. Now she was ready for this, she folded her legs and gripped me from her legs on my waist. I understood this is indication. So I started fucking her ass slowly.

She was moaning and uttering naughty and bad words like ohh my god, u hav just teared my ass, u mother fucker please fuck me. Fuck me ohh yaeahhh. Fuck me right there you are so great I love u sameeerrrr...

After sometimes I came in her ass, and fell on her boobs. She also came during our session. She started kissing me and she said that I teared her ass, now she will be not be able to walk properly for few days. On that I said who is asking you to walk, we can enjoy by being on bed only and we laughed loudly on this. Then we had look at watch it was already 5.30 in morning.

We were so tired by the fucking session, that we didn't even know when we fell asleep. This was my story. I will update how I enjoyed the 4 days later. Till then bye and keep fucking because it is best exercise.

Will be waiting for your comments and replies below.

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Zoltan Fucking MILF At The Gym

Hi Folks. I am Zoltan ( My Pen Name). Am back on the site after real long. Had picked up a crappy job in a Lala company for some time and it screwed up my life. Forget about having fun I didn’t even have time to see my own face. So after over an year in the pile of shit I opted out and got me a new job and my life back. The uneventful year fucked up my physique and I had started looking like a toad.

So I hit the gym with a vengeance. I needed to get rid of the tyres that I had put on and also buff up in the way the chicks like. (For my CV of my fucking history search up the site by my pen name – and you will have all you need)

Now as I was sweating it out in the gym trying desperately to get back into a good shape my eye was back to searching for available meat. I was hitting the gym early in the morning most of the women there were senior citizens out for a stroll on the treadmill. I had almost given up on the finding any thing here when she walked in. She must’ve been in her late 30s or early forties.

Face was showing the age but the body was not. In her white T shirt and grey lowers, she could have easily passed off as a teenager. Nice big tits firmly encased in a sports bra. Safe panty lines. And she was FIT. I remember thinking that I couldn’t possibly fuck her ! ! ! !! She will fuck me instead.

Over a month passed in just eye balling her while I worked to get my body in some shape. I missed no opportunity in checking her out in the mirrored Gym. I also noticed that she would stare when she thought I was not looking or busy with something.

She was definitely interested but the question was as to how does one move on from here? So No She didn’t fall or some shit like that. I ran into her at the local shopping complex where she was buying some groceries for her family. She was on the adjoining counter and the guy was not billing her as she did not have any loose change to pay for something small she had picked up.

I instantly recognised the lady and offered to change the ₹ 1000 she was carrying. She also recognised me and said a polite thank you. We were soon out of the store with our purchases and as luck would have it our cars were parked side by side.

She smiled when she saw me again. I walked over and introduced myself to her. Her name is Rupali and she is a homemaker. I complimented her on her fitness levels. And also told her that she was an inspiration for fat slobs like me. “You are not fat” she protested, “just a bad body tone thanks to a sitting job.” “But I see you making a lot of effort so I am sure you will soon be in good shape.”

So that confirmed that she had been checking me out too ! ! !! “ Thanks, I should take some tips from you, Considering your fitness you could be a coach for people like me.” She smiled and said Ok. I think she saw where this was headed as we spoke. Men invariably scan all women in the tits and ass departments. I had already done so in the Gym. So here I was playing the perfect Gentleman.

Next morning when I hit the gym she was already through with the stepper and was just getting off the machine. She walked over and said a Hi. “ You should start with the stepper and then do the treadmill” better for Hips and thighs. “Thanks, I will do just that.”

So as the workout progressed she guided me from step to step and even helped me with the weights. This carried on for around a month and we were soon taking like old buddies. I knew that she had one kid around 14 years old and her hubby was a bigshot in a pvt co.

He was a good looking guy and must have swept her off her feet in the younger days but now with the passage of time, he had lost the physique and the edge. His wife was flirting with strangers.

By now Rupali and I had synchronised our gym timings and were hitting the gym within minutes of each other. On the lucky day it just so happened that there was just the two of us in the gym. Somehow none of the other patrons had come in. Even the Gym caretaker had got bored and went out and sitting in his office going through some paper work.

So we were going through the routine work out when Rupali started touching me at all possible chances. I thought it may be my imagination. I was on the work bench with weights over my head. Rupali was marking the weights for safety. I suddenly felt hand on my cock rubbing it gently.

I almost lost the weights but controlled it. I looked up to see that Rupali had quit on the weights and was concentrating on my now soft cock. “ I want to see how does this Iron work.” She said. I was in a dangerous positon. Rupali knew that and soon helped me put the bar back on the rack overhead but not before snaking hand her through the leg openings and getting a good feel of my now rapidly hardening cock.

I was soon up and on my feet. Rupali was smiling like a minx. I didn’t need any further hints. I soon pulled her to me and we kissed hard. Our hands running over our sweaty bodies. It had an aphrodisiac tinge to it. We were at the far end of the gym shielded from any surprise visitors by a lot of gym equipment.

Hands were frantically going over each other as we tried to make up for short time till someone walks in. I pulled up her T shirt and gave a big kiss on her bulging sweaty tits. Her white jockey bra was giving enough hints of the treasures hidden inside. Rupali in the meanwhile was dry humping me fully clothed. She was rubbing her pussy on my thigh in a crazed manner.

Just then we heard the door creak open and we separated. Rupali whispered to me to meet her at her place, pulled down her shirt and hit the weights and I was back on the rowing machine. Soon Rupali got up to leave and signalled me to follow. A bunch of old ladies had come into the gym and they all knew her. After making some polite noises she left the gym, I followed after 5 minutes.

Her flat was barely 5 minutes’ drive from the gym and I soon parked my car in the parking lot and took the lift to her floor. The door opened even before I could ring the bell and Rupali pulled me in. No words were spoken. We both knew what we wanted and wanted it fast. This was pure lust and sex at its best.

She guided me into a bedroom and we were kissing again. This time with no fear of being interrupted. I soon pulled off her sweaty T shirt and her white sports bra. I pushed her down to the bed and attacked her awesome tits. She encouraged me pushing her nipples into my mouth and holding up her tits to be sucked. Her tits were BIG. Ideal for a tit fuck.

I made a mental note to self to use them accordingly – later….. Her nipples by now were dripping with my saliva and were purple with rigidity. I now decided to go down south and while playing with her succulent breasts I snaked my hands down to her sweaty lowers.

My hand swiftly went through her waistbands and found itself above her sweaty mound of Venus covered by a very wet panty. She parted her legs to give me easy access to all I wanted. After playing with her crotch over the clothes for a while I pulled my hand and pushed down her track pants and her panties in one go.

She was now naked waist below but still had her sports bra bunched above her tits. I soon sent it on its way to the carpet. Rupali was breathing heavy and we were both sweating like hell. She soon turned on the AC to make the heat tolerable. “Not fair” She said. “I am naked and you have all your clothes on.” “ Well’, I Said, “ I have done my job and you haven’t” “Is that so?’ She smiled.

Soon her hands were a blur with complete cooperation from me I was soon as naked as the day I was born. My cock stood out proudly in all its glory. “OOOOOHH” she cried as she dropped on her knees to kiss the object of her lust and affections. Her warm lips and tongue snaked around my throbbing hard cock as she wrapped her hand around my cock and put it deep in her mouth.

She was an accomplished cocksucker. She knew what she was doing. I was thoroughly enjoying the experience. My hands were at the back of her head as she expertly bobbed her head on my cock. She used her hands effectively to hold my balls and massage my cock as well. OOOHHH I love experienced women.

I was not going to last too long with the intense treatment that my cock was getting. So I savoured the feel of an expert blow job for a few more minutes and then gently pulled out of those lovely lips. She looked up with a questioning look as I pushed her to the bed. “ My turn to return the favour.”

She understood and flopped back on the soft bed opening her thighs wide, giving me complete access to her love hole. It was nice and light brown and with all hair shaved. There was just a small strip at the top as if pointing to the gate of all the pleasures. She noticed that I appreciated her efforts, “ I thought you might not like too much hair down there! ! !”

“You are absolutely right.” I replied as I gave a long lick from the bottom to the top of the crack to compliment her efforts. “OOOOHH” She breathed loudly from the sensations that were beginning to invade her body. I licked slowly around the cunt taking my time to savour the salty juices dripping down.

She was squirming on the bed trying her level best to get me to her love button. I knew that and deliberately ignored it for some time. I kept massaging the outer lips for a long while gently tongue fucking her. “ Come oonnn. Don’t tease me sooo much.” She cried, While trying to pull my head to her clit.

I had teased her for a long while now so I relented and suddenly gave a big kiss on her entire pussy. “ OOOHH” was the response as she jerked up and sucked in her breath as I gave her clit an inaugural lick. Her body shuddered as she anticipated what was coming next.

I started to gently lick around the hardened button and with occasional flicks over it. Rupali was now moaning in a steady stream. Her pussy was totally drenched by now and seemed to have a life of its own as it pulsed, opened and closed on its own accord. She was excited as hell.

I now abandoned the other areas and concentrated on her clit completely. “AAAHH OOOHH AAAAHH YES YES YES” was a constant stream of encouragement that I was receiving. I was delighted to see that she was enjoying it so much. It was such a turn on.

I now added one finger inside her hole giving it some steady pumping while continuing to lick her love button. She started humping my finger slowly. Her hips had now started revolving around my finger in order to get some more action from it. I added another finger to her hole and started shagging her in full earnest in addition to sucking on her clit.

AAAAHH AAHHAAH HAAHH were the constant stream from her mouth. She was now squeezing her own tits hard and pulling at the nipples to give herself maximum possible pleasure. I could sense that she was close to tripping over the edge so I slowed down to give her time to enjoy more.

She slowly drifted down from the high that she was in. Her humping hips were now flexing themselves much more slowly and in rhythm to my plunging fingers. “Give me something to suck”, she said. Not the one to be denied her lovely lips around my cock I disengaged myself from her fuck hole just long enough to get into 69 and then started to lick her from top this time.

Now her Clit was the first recipient and my fingers were drilling her again. I could feel her wrapping her arms around my legs as her mouth started to suck my cock again. OOOHHH She Cried as both our speeds picked up I was furiously drilling for her waters and she was sucking away to glory for my sperms.

I knew that she had attached herself to my cock and there will be no let goo this time around, so I concentrated on my job at hand i.e to suck her pussy and drill it nice and hard. This was pure animal sex. Just lust and bodies and nothing else. I felt my orgasm approaching and tried to warn her but she started sucking harder.

I too decided to make her orgasm at the same time and clamped my teeth gently on her clit and started giving it a good tongue lashing. I was by now fucking her mouth like a pussy and she was sucking it as well.

With a big AAAHH HHHHHAA, OOOOHH we both came. I emptied my balls deep inside her throat and she swallowed it completely and her hips had become a blur as she peaked and all hr juices flowed liberally, drenching the sheets below. I let go of her cunt and she let go of my cock as I collapsed on her and we slowly drifted down from the clouds.

I disengaged from her legs and came face to face with her. Her face was clean. She had actually swallowed my entire load and she was happy. As we cuddled I glanced at the wall clock. We had been playing around for over an hour and hadn’t even started fucking yet we had a fantastic orgasm.

We kissed as we recovered our breath in each other’s arms. She still had my cock in her hands as she stroked it gently trying to put life back into it. Not that it needed any encouragement. But a sexy woman on your cock is a huge turn on!!!

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Samar Erotic Journey With Mallu Babe

Hello readers this is Samar from mumbai again first of all thank you very much for your comments for my first story "Samar fucking sexy Bangalore babe Ananya".

Coming to the story. like all other males I also desired to meet stranger female on travel, so whenever possible I try travelling by bus but till now there was no such luck before except once in a short local travel I could enjoy a lady in her thirties but nothing more than rubbing and making her feel my hot breath as it was hardly half and hour standing travel.

my work involves lot of travel to south India.. I use to read stories posted by many guys on humnadigest abt their travel encounters but I never found any such opportunity till I met this lady. i was travelling to Bangalore from Mumbai booked in a sleeper 2+1.. now dont u imagine I had booked one seat of double bed and waited for my luck :) it will b too filmy and unreal.

I booked upper birth of single bed.. as usual boarded bus from Andheri there was no sign of any good girl in the bus.. total disappointment I closed curtains and kept watching movie got bored .. then watched some good porn on laptop which I had already kept ready for journey all of us do that rt ? the bus reached Pune pick up and few passengers got in.

as normal practice I was scanning passengers one couple got in in their 40's and few males.. total disappointment still scanned lady.. to my surprise husband got off the bus as he has just came to drop her off and she was on single lower bed behind me I thought as usual no lady luck 10-12 hrs will b boring now.

After some tine our bus halted for tea and snacks. I was sitting on my birth relaxing my legs before getting off the birth and waiting for passage to get empty as I had to put on shoes this lady from behind walks through passage accidentally or deliberately rubbing her boobs on my toes that gave me some hopes of something is coming my way tonight.

it was moth of October and already evening was chilled outside..My heart beating fast as the thought of having some fun with that lady sent shivers through my spine.. As everyone got off the bus for tea finished toilet and ordered some tea and came out for a smoke.. though my eyes were searching her continuously.. finally I saw her she was short 5.2" little dark complexion.

average looking in green kurta and black leggings. we had eye contact and I gave her a smile.. initially she pretended as if she is not interested but finally she smiled back.. she was not having tea of coffee so by action only I offered her tea she nodded no.

as my tea and smoke was almost over I went to her and started speaking to her on general travel thing she was going to her sisters place in Bangalore from there they were suppose to visit some town kerala their home town. she was talkative like all females are once they trust we don't have to give them topics to speak.

Again we were on the bus.. now I was thinking how can I get closer seat to hers so that I can carry on the conversation make something happen.but upper birth to hers was already occupied by one man and parallel lower double birth was vacant I was praying no one should come on that birth and I can shift there...

I asked cleaner if someone is going to come on that birth he said no bookings but driver will sleep there.. I made some story that upper birth having problem sitting and all that but this cleaner was stubborn man.. finally I gave him 200 and told him to adjust.. so he said post dinner u can go on to that birth...

Around 9 : 30 - 10 pm bus stopped for dinner.. again I waited other people to get off so that I can walk along with her and offer her dinner.. to my suprise she had packed some sandwiches from home but anyway she needed to come down and eat.

I requested her to join same table I had lunch while talking was looking in her eyes she was also maintaining eye contact there was more give and take in eyes than in our talk I told her that upper birth I m not comfortable so changed to lower birth she smiled naughtily that brought smile and truth on my face...

told her get boring sitting alone during journey and all that she was smiling all the time she had read my mind. I told her if anything u need just tell me after dinner we were neighbours so we carried on our conversation the man on upper birth was too tired probably he slept off very soon.. they don't play movies after dinner in bus so I told her I m watching movie on lappy.

for that she said she would love to watch movie as she is not sleepy at al and she doesn't get sleep in bus. told her to join which she rejected saying all people are awake and one more guy is eyeing her.. I laughed loudly.. tonight was my night.

I said u come whenever u want I m awake kept my curtain open but she closed her compartment I was little disappointed because of that but then I continued watching movie on lappy.. after an hour or so almost everyone was sleeping.

here she opens her curtains I could not see anything as it was dark only small passage lights were on but she could see me because of screen light she comes straight into my compartment,, and closes curtains. As I pause movie to talk to her she asks me which movie.. I was watching Hate story 3. almost half the movie was over.

I asked her if she wants to watch any particular movie for that she says we will continue watching same movie I gave her one ear piece of earphone now she has to move closer to watch movie all of u can imagine how we have to sit when we share a earphone with other person.

She was next to me our shoulders touching each other legs stretched laptop on my lap so she has to lean a bit towards me to watch.. we were quietly watching movie. one love scene started my small one started growing I quietly looked at her she was fully into movie...

I pretended as my legs paining and want to change position and shifted laptop in her lap rubbing her soft inner thighs no reaction from her and we continued watching movie now I was leaning towards her as the hot scenes were going on in movies I was getting hard and my breath was becoming warm and heavy...

heart popping out to grab her. my mind was working how to take first step I leaned little more closer to her made sure my breath falls on her neck.. all girls must be knowing what magic a warm breath makes on cold skin.. all guys should try this with their females try touching sensual parts of females just with ur breath and see how much arousal ur partner gets..

she was not showing any reaction... I was loosing on patience and leaning more closer to her almost kissing her neck I could feel the heat emitting from her skin.. her fragrance filling my nostrils.. finally I rub my nose on her neck she just moaned softly aahhh and smiles..

kisses her neck and rubs my cheek on hers she was quietly enjoying without any move softly I bitten her earlobe and pulled it holding in my wet lips and blow hot air in her ear.. that was too sensuous she shuts lid of laptop remover earphone from hers and mine ears.. I lifted laptop and placed it aside she rolls her fingers in my hair..

I held her face in my hands looks deep in her eyes couldn't see much as it was dark starts kissing her softly holding her face and rubbing her cheeks... she has tied her hair in single bun on her head the way these east females tie using some hair stick because of that her sexy neck was looking lovely kisses

her neck bites we again entangled with deep kisses pushing our tongue in each others mouth my hands moving on her body she caressing my body.. though she was not very beautiful but she was full of skills the way her hands exploring my body was Wonderful we totally forgot we were in bus till the bus took a big turn and I rolled over her we both smiled and continued kissing

bites her soft boobs over her kurti fondling her boobs over her clothes she told me not to remove but I unhooked her bra I just love to unhook bras and bite backs of females cupping their boobs from behind.. anyway we were on high I lowered her legging as they were stretchable one rolled my fingers on her thighs

went down bet her legs and lifted her kurti and kisses her naval pushing my tongue in her naval she was not slim type fleshy with 36 boobs and 34 waist.. I bitten sides of her waste kissed her inner thighs she was not open on licking as it will b too much of sensation and she will scream..i just placed kiss on her pussy lips already oozing with fluids...

she pulled me up and kissed me deep now she comes over me I just love to watch female riding gives me instant hardness she leans down and kisses me while kissing I pull her hair stick her typical southindian long silky hair flows my good nesswhen she leaned again to kiss I was like lost in her dense hair she bites on my neck opens few button of my shirt and bites on my chest

my hands exploring her big boobs which were hanging down inside her kurti I crush her nipples with both hands she bites hard in reaction to that.. thes females are really wild in bed.. wilder than males when it comes to biting and scratching.. they really know how and where to use their weapons nails and teeth.. she was killing me with bites and her tongue...

she slowly moves down lifts my shirt up and bites on my naval while she bites she diggs her nails deep in my waist and starts licking my lower waist unbuttons my jeans pulls zip down.. pulls jeans along with undieee little down and kisses that exposed part moves her hands on my back waist and pulls my jeans and undie further down while doing so she uses her nails on my skin

I lift my waist so that she can pull it down and take out what she wanted... aahhh I moan as her cold fingers grip my hard dick she plays with my cock tickles my balls with her tongue. oouucch she pieced her nail in my cock tip... her wet lips wraps my cock tip sending sensations in my body I move in her mouth she was lovely sucker.

I feel females are naturally good at sucking dicks if they do it on their own... she sucked me for some time I lost my hardness.. her sucking made me little soft but when she licked my balls my dick was ready and hard again.. she had those skills.. thats what they call experience and the reason why guys like experience females they know how to take charge and play with their partner.

I'm not a big fan of tight pussy.. I wanted to fuck her deep I pulled her up and kissed her her long thick silky hair rolling over my body while she moved up.. our faces lost in her hair hugged her tightly kisses her loved her bitten her.. whispered in her ear should I enter or u will ride me and gave a bite below her ear she asked me to fuck from behind though she loves missionary position.

in doggy style we dont need to remove clothes fully immediately she was on her fours lovely ass.. gave her a pinch on her ass and appreciated the shape kisses her ass cheeks rolled my nails on ur soft bums played and fondled her bums rubbing my cock in her crack sometimes on het pussy lips felt her juices on my cock tip.

pressed her shoulders down to raise her ass my cock on her soft pussy velvety due to her juices pushed it inside with 2 -3 storkes it was fully in leaned over her and kisses her back and neck took her hair in my hand like pony tail with we both were no moving but the movement of bus was such that my dick was going in and out it was totally diff experience finally I started fucking her with steady moves...

I increased my speed banging her was sweating in cold she was also enjoying we both were on pick tried reaching her boobs in bet... kept on fucking for some time... I was fucking a lady whom I didn't know few hours back that thought only gave me extra hardness and kick.

finally I was abt to cum and she was also cuming could feel her body stiffening and all gave her good strong strokes and came inside her it excitement was so high that I could not control coming inside her I squirted quite a lot of cum into her deep pussy kept my dick inside with slow movement leaned over her hugging her softly I could feel my dick loosing hardness and sliding

out of her pussy I always carry tissue papers during travel.. asked her should I remove tool totally she nodded yes with smile I lied flat by her side giving her tissues she wiped herself and my dick and thighs pulled my jeans up and lied in that position.. she also worn her legging and lied over my chest pushing her hand inside my shirt and gave me a kiss on my cheek I had put

my arm around her and hugged her tightly.. told her I enjoyed a lot thanked her for such thrilling experience... we kept lying for some time may b an hour or so playing with each other and talking abt our families and other general thing.. I came to know she was keralite settled in pune. she never thought it eill b so much trill and excitement to have sex with a total stranger.

I asked her what made her rub her boobs on my toes for that she said the way u scanned me when I got in to the bus and seeing me with husband ur face shown disappointment.. I i thought lets give u some more stress... but while I was thinking of giving u stress u relieved all my stress she kissed my lips softly whispering thanks.. after some time she went on her bed.

I also went off to sleep morning we had tea together as the bus stopped at tumkur.. we were normal as if we are known to each other.. then till bangalore I sat with her discussing general things.. she never asked my number.. so as I didn't ask i.. you people may differ from it but certain short time encounters gives u lovely memories than a long term relation...

I always cherish.. this mallyalam female experience. so guys thanking you all again for reading story patiently.. kik me on samarrr007 awaiting for ur comments good or bad all appreciated because I believe one who read only will comment.

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College Friends Exploring Naked Bodies

My nick name here is ‘J’ and her ‘A’. I can’t disclose any name so sorry. The following story is my real life story of five days me and her stayed together in my rent flat. We’re from same college but our love story started almost one year after I was passed out but as she was a junior, she was still studying. We have been in a relationship since last 17 months.

The story is about three months old. So let’s remember my golden period. Month of June, her last semester exam was over. We had a plan to stay together for 4-5 days after exam. As planned, she came crossing 300KM distance for me. I was waiting for her in the bus stop. Well I was not excited about sex this time. I was just preparing myself to give her the best time.

She came and we took an auto-rickshaw to my rent flat. We arrived and as usual we hugged each other tight and kissed for 5-10 minutes. We really missed each other. Because of the distance we could manage 1 day in 2-3 months for each other. Either I travel to reach her or she travels for me. Normally when she comes, we stay together for at least one night as I have my place.

So after smooching, she went to bathroom, took bath, and got fresh. I too got fresh and started making some foods and tea for her. She asked me not to do sex that night and I agreed. So that night we only did foreplays and all. But no sex. It was still great. Because she was with me.

In the next day in morning we again did foreplays and again no sex. We planned it for the night. We had great day time together watching movies, talking and foods. In the evening I went out to bring wine and whiskey and some medicine for myself as I had cough. After having some food in evening, and taking some rest we started drinking the wine. Me, her and red wine.

This was enough to charge her up. She was in mood. We were drinking wine and kissing each other. As the last drop of wine finishes, definitely there’s no time to waste now. I put off her top and bra and started licking her nipples. With the tip of my tongue, I sometime touch the top of her nipples and she just goes crazy.

I slowly went down; kissing every part I passed by; removing every cloth left. Down there was a wet but thirsty vagina ready to get destroyed by my penis. But certainly I had not done enough yet. I started licking the sensible part, the top portion of the vagina. My one finger was inside and my other hand continued to play with her breasts.

She was just getting mad as the time passes and as I do things faster. It was her turn now to wake up the beast. She couldn’t wait longer. She just pulled off my pants and grabbed my penis. She started to lick my penis and also my testicles. Her tongue started playing with the tip of my penis. She started sucking my dick like a candy stick. She loves it. She was passionate for it.

She just does it best. We were sweating. We could smell each other clearly and we loved those smells. She gave a long 10 minutes blow job. Now she lay down and it was the time we complete everything. I went on her top. She put my penis in proper position and I took no time to thrust it inside her vagina. She grabbed me tight.

My t shirt was still on, so she removed it quickly so that she can touch my whole naked body. Her long nails injured my back and neck. But that made me wilder but I started slowly. I was fully enjoying her body. Her sweats, her lips, her arms, her breasts and everything I could get near me. But she was wilder. She started moving faster. She was not able to control her.

She just said one word entire time. “DO”. We were like mad love birds. We were having sex like our last, like we waited for each other from several births. We exchanged kisses, bites. And it was her time to get the climax. She had to put her hands in her mouth to stop the noise. And finally she was over. Her smile described everything. We kissed. And I said that I was not over.

We did foreplay again for couple of minutes and she again put my penis in her vagina and we started again. This time she was too weak, but definitely she wanted much more. This was a clear sign for me to show the best in me. I positioned myself properly so that I can go on more comfortably. And now it was the time to begin her second journey to heavenly pleasure.

I was like a machine. I was able to do it so well like a pornstar and all men know how that feels like. I grabbed her tight. I saw her in eyes. I could see how much she loves me and wants me. I continued. There was no end for me. Her mild voices easily could tell my how much pleasure she was getting. And finally once again she reached her climax.

She could barely move now and I spread my cum all over her chest. We got fresh again and now she was not strong enough for another round. So I decided to do later next day. We slept naked in each other’s arms and had a great sleep. The next morning was a quite happy morning.

Because of last night, we got attracted to each other much more and couldn’t even thing of living without each other. I was happy because I could satisfy a girl continuously two times and so was she for the same.

We stayed together for five days and we had sex seven times total. I never asked her for sex. I respect her feelings and I know when she’ll be ready, she’ll give the best in her to me. On the sixth day morning, I dropped her to the station and she went home for some days before returning to college for results.

I apologize to you for mixing up the all seven times we had sex in one story. As we have ups and downs in life, so as we had ups and downs in sex life too. But we had overcome the odds and finally had best of our sex life in those five days.

As she’s in home now, we can’t meet like that again. But as soon as we had a chance again like this, I’ll surely write my experience again to share with you people. Till than Take care and stay blessed.

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Hot Sex With Chalu Aunty Shalu

Hai to all readers of Human digest. I must appreciate this site for the content that they provide. This stuff is more sleaze than any xxx movie as one could get bugged watching a movie, but reading stories is such a pleasure that I often cum twice or thrice while reading a good story that’s narrated well with good language.

I would love to give my own input which I had planned from a long time, but actually got the time to put it down now. Hopefully this gets selected to be published here on this Blog ! Thanks in advance to all concerened. I am now very naughty at forty. A resident of Chennai named Atul, a fair Aryan and a Ceo in a Chemical company.

I walk and jog to keep me fit and sexual life is also very active with my pretty wife Seema. This story is though not about Seema, but about a lady called Shalu. Shalu is the youngest of 7 children and her eldest sister is mom. If you have not got it yet, this is a story about me involving my young aunt who is aged the same as I. She is more naughty at forty than me.

Since we both were of the same age we use to share jokes, sms each other and there was nothing taboo between us. Shalu’s husband was a business man and they both had a fantastic life filled with sex. Shalu though at 40, was still the cynosure of all eyes at any gathering. She was slim, svelte and gorgeous. She was fair, tall and beautiful.

She had a 36 sized bosom with a little sag as I later discovered due to the degenerating process. I never had any kind of ill feeling towards her as she was my aunt. I still call her Shalu as we both are of the same age. This particular day, her husband was out on a trip and she was all alone with her two kids, a boy and a girl.

Seema and I have 2 kids as well and both are boys. I was in my office when it started pouring heavily. Since my office is in a bif commercial comples, I was not aware of the quantum of rain. It was when Seema called up at 6 pm and said that our colony is fast filling up with rain water, I became aware of torrential rain.

I live in a low lying area and if I did’nt rush home, I could not drive into my home as the water level will reach neck deep. Neither driving nor wading in such water is possible. But I was in the centre of a meeting and this gorgeous trainee was doing her presentation. I did hurry up matters and was done with it by 7 pm and called up Seema to check the status.

The worst has happened. They are marooned and I could not go home. Usually every year this happens and for about 2-3 days we are stuck in our home and rely on the stored food until the water receeds. I told seema, enjoy your freedom, Your husband is stuck out of house for good and that I would source out a hotel for my nights stay.

As opportunity could have knocked me, I received a sms from Shalu. It was usual stuff, one of her jokes. I called her up and said that im stuck at office and can’t go home. She invited me for dinner. Shalu is also a good cook and makes the most perfect Mixed Fried rice and Chicken Manchurian. It’s a delicacy that I could hardly resist if Shalu makes it.

I jumped at the invitation and drove to her house. She stays in one of those luxurious pent houses and hence she was residing in a posh locality without any water logging problems. I presented myself on time for dinner. The dinner was great, and we sat to talk a lot of things as usual.

The presence or absence of her husband made no difference to me as till then I / we did not have any arousal. At about 11 pm, I got up to go, but she said that she will make a bed for me in the guest room and why waste money on a hotel room. I jokingly said that your husband is not here and I may get some wild ideas.

She laughed at it and said that she will not be a party to my wild ideas and hence I can sleep without any hesitation. My wife knew that im staying at Shalu’s and her husband also knew that im staying overnight, but who can doubt an aunty and a nephew. I was directed to my room and was given a spare pyjama which ofcourse did not fit me well. But I could manage.

At about 11.30 pm Shalu came into my room to check if I was comfortable and did I need anything to drink. She was in her transparent and sleeveless nighty. I saw her first time in her negligee and immediately found my cock saluting her. It was creating a outward dent in my pyjamas.

Being very comfy with her I said, “ Shalu, you look awesome, and your little fellow is lucky to have you.” Shalu is not the kind to just thank and leave as she loves appreciation and she said, “ oh, thanks, but what else ? ” What else ? how can I comment further when you are covered, so saying I burst out in laughter. She too joined me and said that I’m taking the stuff to next level.

I said I would love too, but what about moral inhibitions ? Without answering she turned away to leave. I was looking in despair at a chance being missed but how can I force my aunt. It is morally wrong and she too will think very low about me. Talking is one thing and doing is altogether different and that too when she walks away. Forcing her into it will be wrong.

So trying to console myself with my little fingers I slept on the bed. I was giving a few ups and downs to my pyjama covered dick and was moaning when Shalu entered giggling. She said, “ I never knew you were serious about that thing, I just wanted to see what you would do, and rightly so you started shagging yourself.”

I could not control myself further, as I thought that she had led herself into this and I pulled her towards me giving her a deep kiss for the first time in my life. We met tongue to tongue and were exploring tunnels inside. The lips were real hot, soft and thick. They were perfect to any kissers delight. I also loosened her thick hair and she looked like a devil possessed.

The next stop was ofcouse the neck which aroused Shalu so much that she slid her hand in my pyjama to feel my manhood which was at full flow even at 40. It was erect, circumsized, a pink dickhead and perking 7 inch ahead. The hot shaft was driving her crazy with the pre cum. I then moved further down in search of her melons which were not hard to find.

I caressed them from above the sheer negligee and wanted to free them from bondage. I slid the nighty down to reveal her but was definitely robed in well with a white bra and laced panty, ( don’t wonder why all girls have white, pink or red bra’s /panty’s, I think they have limited choice of colours in undergarments ). The boobies were bursting from all sides to be freed.

But I wanted to go slow and started sucking from atop the bra. I was squeezing them and pressing them. The nipples shaping out could be seen from the bra and the were rock hard. Next to go down was the bra and the globes were right in front of me dangling from one side to another. I lifted Shalu up and put her on bed.

Now the usual sucking started till the boobs turned red. In all this while a little member was attracting attention by constantly poking at her bottom areas and it had now to be see the world outside. I was asked to remove my pyjamas. With one go the pyjamas came out along with my white coloured underwear. (limited choice for men as well)

The male pride was there for her to see. Many aunts would have seen their nephews naked, but when they were kids. But imagine an aunt seeing a full grown 40 + penis of her nephew. This is beyond imagination. I now asked Shalu to get down from the bed and kneel before me so that she can give my member the due respect it demands.

As in all sexual acts, this one has to be chewed and sucked and I was not to let go. Her hesitations changed into pleasure when I started to slowly thrust it inch by inch into her mouth. Shalu smiled and asked if she was going to get to try my meat. I smiled back at her and said that if she really wanted to try it that it would be my pleasure to let her try.

I told her how to give me a blowjob and she took to it like a duck to water, and soon was pumping her head up and down on my shaft. She was now ogling at it and taking it with full flow. I could not control and was moaning loudly, she requested me to go slow as her kids were sleeping the next room.

But damn to all, I was building an orgasm and I was about to explode and so did I partly in her mouth and the rest on her breasts. She was all messed up and sticky and so we tip toed into the bath room and started to shower. Before doing I removed her panty as well giving me my first view of her Pussy.

The treasure hole was well covered with the bush and I could not see the crack too properly as the bush looked well grown and unshaved for a couple of months. I said that let’s shave the bush. I ran some warm water into the tub and started to wash her bush to get it wet. I found that the more I rubbed over her bush the wetter it got from her own juices flowing out of her Pussy.

I rubbed some shave cream into her bush and got it to lather up quickly. I started to shave the Pubic hair from around her Pussy with my Cock growing by the second. This caused her to have a huge Orgasm. With the onset of this Orgasm I couldn't take it anymore and leaned in to suck her juices right out of her Pussy.

Shalu started to moan as I sucked her Clit into my mouth. I slowly inserted a inger inside her Pussy and started to pump it in and out stretching her Cunt lips and Pussy getting them ready for my Cock to enter her. I soon had three fingers going in and out stretching he wide. After I brought her to another huge Orgasm.

I quickly rinsed her off and picked her up out of the tub and carried her to the bed. I moved over the top of her spreading her legs apart so that I could get at her freshly brewed I mean shaved Pussy and lick it. I slowly kissed my way up Shalu's body until I reached her big Tits and then sucked on first the right nipple and then the left.

I alternated causing Shalu to moan with each suck. I moved on up her body until my Cock was nestled against her Not at all Virgin Pussy ( its been loaded many times by her husband ) and this is the first time some one other than her husband was getting in her. I pushed into her until the head popped into her channel.

I waited to let her get used to the new feel and fullness in her Pussy. Shalu stared to push up against me trying to get more of me into her so I pushed another inch into her and waited again. Shalu was no longer moaning as I pushed into her now she was plain crying out in pleasure. I continued into her until I felt her inner bones resist my Cock's intrusion into her Virginal Opening.

I had reached the dark end of her love tunnel. I asked her if she was ready and that it would hurt just a little. Tracy begged me to stop teasing her and to continue to ram my Cock deep into her. I pulled out until just the head was inside her still and rammed back into her with enough force and buried all the way inside of her with the head pushed through her cervix and into her womb.

Shalu hardly let out a cry of pain she just started to pant harder and harder. I started to pump in and out slowly at first and gradually building the pace until we were both moving in unison. I reached between us to rub her Clit as we were pumping away. Shalu started to cry out in pleasure and thrash around.

I let her pleasure build until it was at the peak and then backed off to let her settle down some, then I would start in again raising her sense of pleasure to it peak again. I repeated this process for five or six times and as she neared her peak again I started to pump faster pushing into her womb with each thrust, I was soon ready to shoot my load as well.

I knew that I should pull out but I was too far gone in pleasure for rational/moral thought and just buried my Cock in her womb where it would spray her full of my sperm and risk her getting pregnant. (But who’s worried, she’s already married and one more child in her active sex life will not raise any doubts.)

Shalu exploded in the largest Orgasm yet when the first jet of baby juice hit the back of her womb. I filled her full and stayed hard so I kept right on Fucking my aunt. I was pounding away at her when she came down from her Orgasm.

Shalu matched my pace and we fucked for another forty five minutes or so before we were both ready to Cum again, Shalu said fill me up baby, I want to feel your Cum in me again. I was soon shouting " I'm cummmminggggbbbabbbyyyy" Shalu screamed back " me toooooo Love" " Oh Goddddddddd That feels wonderfullllllllllllll"

"Filllllllllmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeepleaseeeeeeeeee" So I filled her little womb again with spurt after spurt of love juices. We fell asleep with my Cock still buried in her Pussy, the next morning we picked up where we left off the night before and Fucked twice again. I filled Shalu's Pussy four times that night. Bye to all readers of Human digest!

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Hot Mating Experience With Mumbai Lady Babita

Hey chaps… this is me again from Mumbai. I do post here occasionally and have been recipient to responses from both genders, generally kind in nature. But obviously I have tried and made the best of the opportunities I had with my female readers. This is one such incident which is around 6 months old.

Reminding you, I’m 6feet tall, a li’l over mid 30’s and dusky in color. Single out of situation, I’m glad with how I am and my sexual appetite. This experience is about one lady who is from Mumbai. Her name (nick) is Babita and I am putting this up after having told her about it.

Babita reached out to me via email post reading one of my stories and she was amongst a couple of responses that were received to a story on trying out fetishes….of the softer kind. As is usual with the fairer gender, they take time to respond and gather trust and rightfully so, there might be good reason to it.

When we did mail she was pretending as if she has sent me the response unknowingly. Later on she revealed after lotsa play that she is a married woman 28 years old, her hubby was in Doha due to his work and she was staying with her in laws in Mumbai. I thought there is no point in talking to her but somehow I continued. She was very reserved all along.

v with general conversations and over a week of exchanges (all via email) she finally revealed her figure of 32d-30-34. She use to wear saree mostly. She was fair and short. There were no sex talks in this as getting this info from her also was a tough task. We started talking and shared our pics. She was decent looking and seemed like a good bed companion.

Even though we use to chat mostly about our personal lives and it never use to go towards sex. Till my patience paid off and one day she said hubby has gone abroad after 3 months of getting together and she was missing sex. We started sex chats over the mail.

I then approached her to meet up, and she was against the idea as she feared being seen by known people and to which I convinced her to visit me at my home. I stayed alone and could accommodate her visit in a decent society, and a posh locality. I asked her if she’d wanna stay over but that was a clear No, as her in laws would not allow it!

D’day and till now we have seen each others pic and not even spoke to each other as she was not sure…. You all can understand sex desire of a lady who is not getting enough of sex and to top it up in laws are very strict and conservative. She reached the planned location “Bru Café” by 10:30am and I was already there awaiting her…

In a pink saree she was as she promised running her eyes through the seated people to figure me out. Blue tee it was for me as I had promised and as our eyes met we smiled and I waved out. She was much prettier than I had thought and much sexier. We shook hands and smiled at each other. I paid off the bill and escorted her along to my apartment.

As we entered in the flatshe sat on the edge of chir and was looking at the floor. I stood at the corner of the room and was seeing her. She was not able to make an eye contact with me. I could clearly see a feel of guilt and fear in her body movements. She was wearing a pink saree which was nicely done. A matching blouse which was not able to hold her boobs.

Her waist was visible as her saree was tucked below her navel. She was playing with her pallu and not saying anything. I also was quite. Then after about 4-5 minutes she looked at me and I smiled. She immediately got up and came close to me. I took her face in my hands and she closed her eyes.

We had promised each other that the first kiss we will have will be a smooch and a long one. Her pink lips were already shivering with cold and she was ready to kiss. Slowly I placed my lips on hers and started kissing her. We were in that position for few minutes and then started kissing each other deep. She also started responding and was sucking my lips.

She was very sweet just as her name. Our tongues were rolling in each other mouth and we were exploring each other. She was deep in my mouth. Our saliva was mixing in and I can taste her saliva. It was most passionate and embraced kiss I ever had. We were literally eating each other. My hands were on her face and she was playing with my hairs and cheeks.

That kiss lasted for about 15 minutes till the time we became breathless. It was like we are lost lovers and this is last kiss we are getting. Finally she broke the kiss to breath and I hugged her immediately. Slowly I took her to the room and made her lie on the bed and she had closed her eyes. I can see her breathing fast and due to that her boobs were moving up and down.

Wow! What a sight it was. I remove her pallu and here were one of the most beautiful pair of boobs in front of my eyes. They were tucked nicely in her blouse and were popping out. I could clearly see the deep cut of boobs in her blouse. She was still lying with her eyes closed. I gradually bent forward and started kissing her on neck.

She was moaning and her hands were combing me. I kissed her on neck and then went down. Then I licked her upper cleavage and she was already in a world of ecstasy. She was moaning hard. Slowly I inserted my fingers in her deep valley and started exploring her mountains. It was warmth and softness inside. I opened top button of her blouse and she started arching.

Then second, third and then both the flaps of her blouse were wide open. I had an amazing view in front of me. She was wearing a black netted lacy bra. Her milky boobs were matching perfectly. Those mountains were moving up and down with her breath. Then I asked Babita to open her eyes and she was very shy.

After lot of convincing she opened her eyes but was avoiding eye contact. Slowly I took my hands towards her back and lifted her. She came forward to kiss me and I unhooked her bra and took it off. She immediately tried to cover her boobs with her hands. Till now she was not saying any thing and was just moaning.

She was now smiling and trying to cover her boobs with her hands. I started kissing her from her neck to her navel. She was enjoying and moaning aaaahhh baby, this is too good, aaj mujhe nachodo…bhadaasnikal do…I started pressing her boobs and was sucking her tits.. Her tits were erect, pink in color and her areola was dark brownish.

I was sucking her tits and pressing her boobs. In between I was pinching her tit which was adding spice to that. She was pressing my head on her melons and moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! chusozooor se….i kept on playing with her boobs. I made them red and she was crying also due to pain but she never asked me to stop.

Then I moved to her navel and kissed it well. I inserted my tongue in her navel which was very sexy. My tongue was rolling in her navel and she was moaning in very high tone. It was becoming unbearable for her. You all can understand a newly married housewife not had sex for many months. I then made her stand and took off her saree. I asked Babita please say something.

I am dying to listen to you. But she was not saying anything. I dropped her saree and petticoat to floor and there she was standing in front of me only in her panty. Again a black lacy panty which was only covering her hidden treasure. Then I again made her lay on bed and took out her panty. She had again closed her eyes. WOW!!! What a view? She was clean shaved.

Her pussy lips were pinkish attached to each other. I started kissing her from her toe and went upwards. As I moved up she started folding her legs and I had to take help of my hands. I was kissing her thighs and then I digged my head in her pussy. I just blew air from my mouth and she shivered. I was kissing her pussy area and not directly her pussy.

She was moaning with full pleasure. And then I planted my lips on her lower lips. She arched and moaned…I increased my passion and I started licking her pussy deeply. Her fragrance was totally erotic. I was loving it and she was enjoying it hard. I started rolling my tongue inside her and was totally into her. She was pressing me in. I was tasting her and eating her.

I started tasting her salty juices, She was arching her body and moaning in full pleasure….. and I started drinking her juices. She was releasing her juices and I was drinking her and then she relaxed finally. I licked her dry and went up to her. For the first time she was in eye contact with me and we were smiling.

She said mazaaaagaya… kasam se…mere jaankikasam……. I had never experienced this and you have shown me the heaven. I kissed her on lips and we again were engrossed in a deep passionate kiss. Till now I was in my t-shirt and jeans whereas she was completely nude. She took my t- shirt out and started kissing on my chest.

She was sucking and licking my lips and then she bite on my nipples. She placed her hands on my bulge from over the jeans only and was pressing it. I asked her don’t you want to see that. She said I am dying to see it. She opened my jeans button fly and took it off.

Then she took her hand inside my under wear. As soon as she touched my dick it went up again 90 degrees. She was kissing my lips and rolling her hands over my dick. Then she said it’s BIG. Her hubby had a 5 incher but not as broad as mine. Mine is 6.5 inches and 2 inch thick. She liked the dark pink dick head and she was drooling at that.

While chatting with her she had promised me that she will give me blowjob of my life. I asked her do u remember something and she nodded her head in affirmation. I was lying completely on bed and she was sitting beside me. She bent forward and licked my dick top with her tongue. I moaned babyyyyy. And she was blowing me up. Her tongue was rolling over my dick.

She was licking it and sucking hard. When I saw at her she was looking like a kid enjoying his lollipop. She took my whole dick in her mouth and then release with her lips rolling over entire length. I was asking her to do faster.

She was gulping whole and licking harshly. My dick was shining with her saliva and it was making a sound. In between she was looking at me and I can see lust in her eyes. Pressure was building in me and my balls were swelling. I told her baby I am about to cum and she increased her speed. AaahhhhhhhhhBabita and with force I sprayed my cum in her mouth.

She was still sucking me up and drinking my juices. Waves after waves were ejecting my cum in her mouth and she gulped whole. She licked me clean and dried me up. I brought her closer to me and placed my lips on hers and we started kissing. Finally she asked… Kaisa raha?? How was that?) And I hugged her tightly. We started talking and were caressing each other.

She was rolling her hands over my hairy chest and I had placed my right hand on her back and with left I was fondling her neck, boobs and face. We laid there for 15-20 mins and slept. When I woke up she was not there and I heard sound of water from bathroom. I took the blanket on me and tried sleeping. I heard my name after some time and saw her standing near the bed.

She had just taken bath and was looking very fresh. Her hairs were long up to her waist. There was a shine on her whole body. I made her sit on bed and started kissing her from top. My dick was hard by now and she grabbed it. Again she bent down and started sucking. After sucking for 5 minutes I made her lie on bed and spread her legs.

I positioned myself between her thighs and told her to worry about getting home in time so she could repeat this lovely incident more often and maybe more regularly. Meanwhile I needed a quickie and I thought she did too…my dick was staring at her love hole and her breath had become fast. Slowly I applied pressure and she closed her eyes.

I entered her half and she cried. its too big… I replied in yes and caressed her boobs. She regained her breath and looked at me. I could see a nod of yes from her side in her eyes and completely went in. With a grasp of breath she closed her eyes, her teeth crushed with each other and she lifted her bums to close me up. She was tight, soft and very wet from inside.

It was a mixture of warmth, fluid and tightness which I was feeling. I bent forward and kissed her lips. Then I entangled her legs in mine and gave a push and she screamed again. My dick went deep in her pussy and was touching her end. Again a smaller stroke and then some more. I gained my speed and started pushing hard in.

She was in pain in starting but gradually was enjoying it. We were thumping each other hard and fucking vigorously. She was moaning …make me urs… Call me by name..Babiittaaaa……. I continued fucking her in same position for 15 mnts and then just pulled out before I came on her navel and belly….she curled in ecstasy savouring every bit of the orgasm…

So friends this the sexual ecstasy that commenced with her and continued till her hubby got back and found himself a job in Mumbai. They still stay here but its just too risky for regular meets and we continue to be in touch and respect each others privacy!

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Horny Adventure With Mumbai Housewife Shobha

Hello all, this is a real life story and names are morphed to avoid any complications. I am all of 38 yrs now and reside in a posh locality in the western suburbs of Mumbai. It aint easy to like a stranger leave aside have a physical relationship, but despite these, my story is about a sexual affair with one of my readers (of a previous incident).

It commenced with a mail that I received in response to a previous story of mine which was about an extramarital intercourse or may I say extra-course. The mail was curt and to the point ‘praising the story and a quick ask on it’s originality. There was no name to sign it off and neither did the email address have a name to it.

I responded mentioning that all of it was real and I had no reason to bluff about the experience cause it did not expose or harm anyone. I thanked her for her interest and signed off with a “keep in touch xxx”.

Whether it was the sign off or else, I received a response stating that everyone must have something to share and likewise she did too but she never got comfortable to sharing it on a website. Per return I encouraged her to share it with me and who knows it might just help me fantasize her, and signed off this time with a mobile number. Somewhere deep inside I was hoping we’d meet.

Nothing for exactly 2 days and then there was an sms from an unknown number “check your email”. I have 3 email addresses and didn’t know what/which but for some reason I checked this personal address and there was an email from the same address, this time signed off with a name “Shobha” and the content was amply clear and synopsised to “wont email anything, might call and speak if I feel like, smarty pants!”

After about 1 week on Saturday I got a call. I said hello repeatedly but no one responded. I hung up and the call came back again… after 2 hello’s a sweet voice responded… this is Shobha..are you busy? We talked for a while just normally. I asked about her family but she didn’t tell me and said to leave it for the right time.

I respect her caution and told her that I’d leave it to her comfort. We talked on rare occasions but moreso on messenger and this continued for a week and she then told me her real name and that she was married etc… I assured her discretion and that day on we opened up, literally.

One day while we were talking in night she said to me that these days everyone says that she looks brighter than usual and the reason could be me.. and on probing a bit more she revealed a poor sex life with her hubby. For him it’s work, alcohol and clubs and she’s not the type that liked the social “kitty party” circle… I heard her patiently and pacified her, infact I was both sex-xcited and in hope.

One fine day within a fortnight we decided to meet, she readily agreed but she told what will she say to her hubby. I said she can tell him that she is going to some market.. She said that she afraid of her hubby too much. And after some debate and thinking she said why don’t you come over to my place than us meeting outside?

I asked her isn’t it dangerous to meet at home. She said no its safer than Meeting outside because no one will come to their house. And thus we fixed for a Friday afternoon. I prayed to god that I find a bombshell and also get to lay her. I wasn’t making this conversation for finding myself another friend in this world.

I dressed up in jeans and t-shirt. Left for her place, which was few kms away from my house. I reached there and called her & told her that I am near her house, should I ring her bell???? She told me that no need to ring bell as she has left door unlocked. She told me to take care that no one sees me coming inside. I did exactly that and secretly entered into her house.

It was a beautiful house, with expensive tastes. I locked the door from inside and suddenly I felt that there is someone behind me. I turned and found a unique lady… must be around 5’6” tall, dusky, long hair until waist untied, sharp eyes, slightly plump and very homely looking. It was Shobha wearing a saree light blue in color.

My eyes were wide opened seeing Her figure which I later figured was 34 32 34 was simply tantalising. As I moved towards her she said hii to me and surprised me by hugging me tightly. I also did the same. She offered me water and thereafter asked me if I’d like a beverage which I refused and started talking.

We giggled over our exchanges and how we finally meet etc..She sat next to me on the couch and pulled her legs up on the couch and I saw she has lovely toes painted red on her nails and a toe ring too. I just exclaimed saying I love your toes…. She didn’t mind that at all with a smile said ‘thank you’.

Her arms brushed mine as she blushed,talking normally but after some time I asked her, why she always seems to be tense. She smiled looking at me and put her hand on my hand and said that you really know how to read me… and I asked…can I kiss you if you dont mind. She looked at me for a second. Scared by her eyes I said don’t mind it just came to my mind and I asked.

But surprisingly she said ok u can. Now we were just few inches away. She placed her cheek near me so that I can kiss it. But I wanted to kiss her lovely red like rose lips. Soo I first told her to close her eyes coz its not easy for me to kiss her while she is looking. So she closed her eyes. Now I hold her hairs from back and moved her lips towards mine.

Just before our lips could contact she opened her eyes but it was too late now. Within a fraction I put my lips on her and was kissing her gently, she first did nothing but within few seconds she also started responding. Our kissing was getting hotter now. I had left her hairs as there was no need to pull her towards me now. Her hands automatically were now on my back.

After sometime I felt that she is getting wild with this kissing session. I said sorry; she said hey it was so good. Why are you saying sorry. It’s a long time since I kissed like that. I asked why her hubby dosen’t do anything ? She told me in sad voice that he doesn’t have time and they had sex just once in last 2 months.

Suddenly I moved my hand to the bottom of her blouse on the back side For the first time my hands were on her bare back and what a feeling that was. Her skin was smooth. I was sliding my hand all over her back and she just shut her eyes and we lip locked again. And then in a light voice she said to me “let’s go inside”.

Till that time I was also aroused so I just said yes and she guided me to her bedroom. There was dim light in that room and very nice fragrance was also there. I think she had done all that arrangement bcoz she was having prior intentions to enjoy with me as her hubby doesn’t satisfy her.

I was a bit nervous myself and then both hugged tightly and then I pull her in my arms and took her to the bed. Due to my wet kisses she got aroused soo much that when brought my lips close to her lips she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled me towards her and started smooching. I also was going out of control.

Soon I removed my tee and jeans and pulled her pallu off her chest… I went for the blouse and she helped me get it off… her midriff was amazingly smooth with a slight belly and large belly button… I asked her to get her saree off and so she did to now be in her bra and panties… both red and cotton …no lace … just simple…and with my mouth I took her bra off her body.

And what gr8 pair of boobs was in front of me. Her boobs were 34 D cup size. So tight and with light brown nipples and big areola. I started sucking her boobs like a hungry child and she was moaning during this time. Suddenly I felt her hand on my cock. I quickly removed my undies and without any hesitation asked her to do the same thing. And for my surprise she was more than ready to do that.

Then without asking me she took my cock in her hand and started to rub it. My cock was getting hot and bigger in her hand. Her hands were soo soft that I thought if her hands r this much soft then how soft her mouth would be? After messaging my cock for 5 min. she was now ready to take it in her mouth. Till that time I removed her panty. Now we both were fully nude on her bed.

Then I sat on the edge of her bed and she sat on floor in front of me, with her mouth near my cock. And then she first kissed my cock tip lightly. With the touch of her lips my cock became more erect. Then she took about 2 inches of my cock into her mouth. Her lips were wrapped around my cock and in a flash she tools my entire cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollypop.

I was in heaven She was eating it like she had been hungry for sex for so long. It was about 3pm. I tried to take my cock out of her mouth but she didn’t let me take it away. I told her that I am about to cum now. She said so what?? U want to cum? I never stopped u, u r free to cum anytime u want. U want it now so do it right here.

Saying this she again took my cock in her mouth and within few seconds I cummed in her mouth. She tried to drink but was not able to drink it all as some on my cum leaked out of her lips. Now my cock was again normal size. She left it now and we both went to bathroom, there I took some water to clean my cock but she didn’t let me clean it and instead she cleaned it with her tongue and lips.

Then she cleaned my cock and also herself with water as some of my cum was also on her face and her boobs. After cleaning she took my hand to go to bedroom again. But now it was my turn to act and I did it. I pulled her towards me inside the bathroom and closed the door, she understood what I wanted and was ready for that.

Now I first took her my arms and said in her ears that it’s the best time of my life with a girl. She in return whispered in my ear that “I never thought that I cud get a friend like u, who can do anything for friendship “. Then she asked me that can I ask for a promise??? I said ya sure. She said that u promise me that this night will remain in between us only and I will never tell anyone about it.

I said yes, its a promise. And then v hugged tightly with my hands rubbing her tight round butt. Also just then I started shower and now v were under shower totally nude. While rubbing her ass I slid my hand to her pussy and felt it was all wet. When I touched her pussy she pressed my back tightly.

Seeing her reaction I put my one finger into her pussy and played with her pussy. Then I slid my 2nd fingered and with some difficulty it also entered inside. Now I was moving my fingered in and out and Shobha was moaning with pain and pleasure. Her voice was making me even hornier and I started doing that fast and after some time she cummed on my hand.

Then I removed my hand and she took my hand in her hand and licked her own juices from it. Then I stopped the shower and took her to the bedroom. And she sat on the bed. I sat her in doggie style and placed my cock on her love hole that was begging to get fucked. I first rubbed it lightly between her pussy lips which made her scream in pleasure.

Her eyes closed and just one word came out of her mouth, common fuck me now, I need u inside pleassssseee. As she said this I pushed my dick inside her pussy which was quite tight. When half of my cock was entered she was in so much pain. I stopped there for a while soo that her pain becomes less.

After few seconds when I felt that she is now ok, with a forceful jerk I pushed my whole cock inside. Due to this sudden insertion she almost shrieked.. I was not feeling good as she was in pain but this pain she had to bear for sometime if she wants to get satisfied. Soo she did. I kept my cock full inside for some time and slowly I started jerking it in and out.

Gradually I increased my speed and she was also cooperating by pushing her ass towards me. My cock was touching her inner walls and my balls were touching her ass cheeks with every shot. While fucking her I was enjoying her body also. Pressing her boobs, pinching her nipples etc and she loved After some time I lost control and suddenly jacked off in her pussy.

I said sorry to her but she said no worry she has contraceptive pills. Then as v both were exhausted so lay down nude in each others arms. We finally changed back and before leaving she said to me that u are the best friend and the best partner for me. I don’t love u but I do lust you.

I returned home around 6pm and have imagined thereafter about how our next session will be and what all we should try… It’s likely to happen in the next week and I look forward to it…If you like this incident then feels free to tell me in the comments below. After all I’ve chosen an alternate lifestyle and would like to live it fully. I opted not to reveal anymore about her or me as I’d like to keep it confidential that way.

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