Heart broken Kabir fucking Aishwarya

Hi my name is Kabir, name changed (Obviously!) and I would like to share a story with you all. I am 6ft tall with an Athletic body that I am trying hard to convert into a ripped one! I am 28 and married for 7 months now but not satisfied with my sex life. It’s no fault of my wife, but I am just not attracted to her. Ours was an arranged marriage.

I believe that Life is short and that we shouldn’t get bogged down with social stigmas but enjoy our lives as much as we can so that when we finally lie in our graves, we can look back and say “What a long, strange journey it has been.”

Firstly, allow me to thank this wonderful site which allows us to post stuff, our darkest and deepest desires and action without suffering from the hypocrisy that is this society. Now, let us start with the meat of the matter.

It all started in Bangalore where I was deputed for 4 months as an intern. I was 20 when this incident took place. I had just broken with my girlfriend to whom I had lost my virginity and was obviously distraught. So, our work started and there were these good looking females who were in the Customer Relations.

Anyways coming to the heroine of the story. Her name was Aishwarya (name changed). She was a foreigner (Please note that I might say “was” but she is very much alive, at least I hope so since I am not in touch with her anymore.)

Let me describe Aishwarya, she was 5 years elder to me and was smoking hot. With stats of 32-30-32, her curvaceous body easily drove all men (staff and customers) crazy. She got proposals for dinner and drinks and even job offers from many staff members and customer, but she always gracefully turned them down.

Initially, I was hesitant to speak to her and just used to smile as a greeting. She also reciprocated my gesture. Neither did I make any pass at her nor did I hit on her since, believe it or not, I am a complete Gentleman.

After a couple of weeks, once I had got to know the staff, customers and the work, I whole heartedly started getting hand dirty (means that I started working in a frontline ) position, u dirty minds!

One day a customer was getting angry at her while she and I were at a workstation and I intervened and solved the Customer’s complaint. The customer went away happily, but not before he told me to make sure that Aishwarya was trained properly.

I looked at her and sure enough, she was a little heartbroken. The same was visible on her face. I gave her an encouraging smile and she smiled back. Finding my courage, I told her “Don’t worry about it. The guy was a jackass!” to which she gave a little chuckle.

Her chuckle definitely made my day. As our reliever came, I asked her if she wants to smoke and se agreed. We went to the smoking area of our workplace and I helped her light her cigarette first and then lit my own. I asked about her and she mentioned that she is from XYZ country and her father was in the Army there.

I told her that my father is also in the Army and we started bonding. She had a sister (Smoking!) and mother and father who stayed in XYZ. I gathered some courage and asked her if I could have her number. She gave a coy smile and asked : “Why?” Me: “So that I could, maybe… I don’t know... ask you out sometime?” Her: “Then why don’t you?” Me: “Why don’t I what?” Her: “Ask me out?”

I was flabbergasted! I never had a woman hit on me. I told her that since we were both off the next day, if she would like to go out for drinks that night to which she agreed. We met in the evening at Cunningham road and went to one of the many pub available there. There was no erotic talk as we spent a quality evening where we got to know each other.

After a couple of hours, I walked her home. Over the next few days, we started getting close to each other and texted and called each other all the time. She told me about her ex and I told her about mine. We were getting emotionally and physically close to each other.

One day, we went for a movie at the Garuda mall. We had corner aisle seats. As the movie started, all the seats were occupied. We had both put our arms at the armrest. We intervened our fingers and I began to caress her hand. Her hand was so soft and her scent was so arousing, that I developed a boner in no time at all!

Instead of watching the movie, I started watching her. I watched her perfect lips. She looked at me and caught me staring at her. We both looked deep into each other eyes, lost in them. I leaned my head forward a bit and she slightly shook her head, indicating that she was not ready. I gave her a small reassuring smile.

Anyways, the movie finished and we walked out, took an auto and headed for her place. She asked me to walk her to her home as it was in a by lane. I paid the autowala and walked her. She told me that she was very impressed as I had not made her to kiss me. I smiled slightly and pulled her close.

Her breathing got heavier as I placed my lips on her ear and blew gently. “Good things are worth waiting for.” We both stared into each other’s eyes for 30 odd seconds and I saw her pupil widening (trust me guys, it’s a scientific fact. If you stare into someone’s eyes and their pupil dilates, it is because their brain has sent their eyes a signal and wants to capture more of you.)

I leaned in and placed my lip on hers. She started responding slowly. All our weeks of friendship was turning into intimacy. I worked on her lips and slowly made her open her mouth. She let out a little mewing noise like a kitten and somehow that aroused me even further. By now, my pole was making a painful tent in my jeans and am sure was poking her too.

I eased myself back but she caught hold of my butt and pulled me in closer. I started working on her lips again, inserting my tongue into her mouth and also sucking on her tongue. After 5 min, we broke our kiss and both of us were flushed and breathless. I looked down on her chest and could make out her nipples being erect.

I slowly caressed her boobs from the side and she let out a small shiver. “Not here. Come up” We both climbed up to her home. My heart was beating so loudly that I am sure that she could hear it. She unlocked the door and went inside. I locked the door and followed her inside. She asked me to wait and come inside her bedroom when she called.

After 5 min I heard her small voice asking me to come in. I walked inside and she had changed into a transparent pink nightie. She looked at me appealingly and came towards me. I grabbed her and again started smooching her delicious lips and she was responding back. This time there was no passion, just a raw, urgent need for physical satisfaction.

I grabbed and kneaded her butt and inserted my finger into her butt hole. She let out a moan so loud that I was worried that she might wake up the neighbours. I broke the kiss and saw the hunger in her eyes. I slowly and very gently started taking off her nightie and she was standing in front of me in her birthday suit.

I pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her again. I went down, kissing and caressing her neck and kissed on the side of the boobs, under them, on her naval. Basically everywhere except her nipples. While I was tickling her naval, she grabbed me by my hair and dragged me upwards and shoved a nipple in my mouth. “Suck it, please! I cannot stop anymore!”

I obliged and gently bit and sucked on her nipples. After 5 min, she shifted me to her other boob and I started again. Meanwhile, my one hand was pinching her other nipple and the other hand was caressing the inside of her thigh. I went down on her again and started with her calves.

I gently kissed them and brushed my tongue and lips over them while at the same time caressing her toes and alternatively, her nipples. I slowly started to kiss and lick the inside of her thigh and she arched her back and went into a spasm.

Her vagina was pink, swollen and glistening with her cum. I licked her and her cum tasted salty and exotic. I continued to suck her pussy and started fingering her. Her moans were filling the room and she was very loud, but we were both past caring, caught in the throes of passion and need.

She started pulling at my hair to pull me up but I didn’t let go and took her clit in my mouth and sucked at it very hard. She let out a loud moan and arched her entire body. I could taste her cum again. I licked it all up. She was flopped in the bed, with a look of pure bliss on her face. I took off my clothes and my shotgun sprang out of my jockey’s all ready to fire.

I went up to her face and started kissing her. I slowly made her open her legs. I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy. She clenched her body and dug her fingers in my back. I stopped and waited for her to relax. As soon as I felt that she had relaxed, I plunged in with full force. She let out a small scream and dug her nails in my butt.

I waited as she relaxed and then slowly started plunging inside her. Soon, we were matching our pace. She caught hold of my butt and started pushing me against her. I also increased my pace. By this time she was screaming. I caught hold of the bedpost and started giving her very hard thrust and she started screaming.

I could feel my cum building and I told her that I was about to come. She didn’t let me go. I came inside her and felt her pussy walls contracting and holding tight to my dick and she was very wet.

Both of us were panting heavily by this time. She took her nightie and wiped clean the cum from her pussy and we both just slept in each other arms. Well, that’s the end. I hoped you liked it. Please be gentle with your comments as this was my first attempt at writing. I live in Pune now.

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South Indian Guy Enjoying Farm House Sex

We had a farm where we had fruit trees and a vegetable garde and some wet land for cultivation of paddy. It was huge area and there was a manager who looked after the works. We had some farm animals, cows and oxen. The manager took care of these animals also. Lot of workers used to work, men and women.

They will come when there is seasonal cultivation takes place. I as a young man was not fully aware of the nature work and hence I used to move around to see how they are doing. Manager Raja told me to go around familiarise with the nature of farming. Our own house was nearby,, and we go to take food from my house and return to the farm house.

It is cool in the farm house were one bedroom is furnished with mattress etc. There is an attached bathroom. There are open halls were harvested grain are to be stored or vegetable are kept before taking it to the market. During vacation I spend my time in the farm house, not out of interest for farming but there will be lot of girls who come to work there.

Only young and able bodied girls come since the work is strenuous. One or two senior women used to make fun of me when I watch the girls. Sab is watching the girls as if he had not seen any before. Another will speak in code words, Sab has no experience and that is why he is so keen, one of us may have to show him how to do it. They all will laugh.

I never knew that they are making fun of my youthfulness. Though I come in Dhothi and shirt from home, I remove the dhothi and go around in half pants when there will always a bulge in my crotch. One day one of the senior woman workers, may be around 30 or 35 came to the farm house and was searching for me and I was lying in the bed reading some book.

She came in muttering something and closed the door behind and came to me and asked me to get up. I was surprised and got up. She quickly inserted her hand in my knicker and took out my cock. Oh, this is already adult size and can be put to use now itself, she said. She kneeled on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously.

My cock grew in size and filled her mouth. She was giving me very high pleasure as I was not never given a blow job by a woman before. When I shot my cum into her mouth, she said it is thick and tasty and she lied on the floor and lifted her saree and asked me to come on her. With her hand she guided my cock into her pussy and asked me fuck her vigorously.

I did and after some time I got my orgasm and she too. She got up and wished me that since she was my first woman I will never run short of females to fuck in my life. I did not take it seriously. She went away to her work looking back and smiling at me. But it was true. My life gave me lot of opportunities to fuck females from quiet unexpected places.

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Priya Fucked By Arjun In Her House - II

Previously: Priya Fucked By Arjun In Her House - I

Hello Readers...this is Arjun again. I'm glad to share my another experience with Priya in HD. And thank you for your valuable comments it means a lot to me. I didn't thought of reposting my next story...but came to know that someone are eagerly waiting for my next story...anyways those who have not read my previous story.. please read it. #priya fucked by Arjun in her home.

Sorry if you find any mistakes in my previous story and this story. Let me give you a quick intro about us.. the queen of this story is priya, she is 5 feet, attractive ass and lips, myself Arjun studying in vizag, both are from Vijayawada location, this story is not a fiction or something else.everything in this story is word to word true believe me guys you'll enjoy it...

Okay let me continue the story. After that I was on.my way to home. She called me and asked me about my status where are you...we spoke for some time. Through out the week we were discussing about the previous experience. And she was repeatedly asking about my next visit to her.. I promised her that I will come.

But thinking about whether go or not..finally gave up to the angel in my heart nd decided to go there... Finally Sunday came I lied to my parents... I'm attending to my friend's reception..I have to go to Rajahmundry for 3 days.they accepted my request.

Then went to pharma house bought 3 packets of condoms (total 8 condoms) called her and informed her the same.. she gave a slow smile nd said I konw do don't do anything with me. I asked her then why you want me to come there? She said I wanna spend my time with you and sleep with you that's it.. I asked her sleeping with clothes off right? She: Che Che no no no.

I said okay I'll not do anything with you..dont worry. She said okay... Then I hung the call.next day is my departure to her home... I asked her to wait for me in the saree.... I like to romance you while being in saree she said okay to it.. next day she me and told me that her were gone...you come by 8.30 pm I will be waiting for you.

I silently sneaked into her house and afraid of being caught by neighbours... When she opened her door....god she is awestruck... She was is full make up nd lipstick, jetting ass, I don't know how to explain her beauty... I just threw my bag on the couch held her from her waist sucked them vigorously...

She was moaning ummmmmm..... Ummmmm...... Arjun you are soo romantic...but stop it now...let me be in saree for some more time it took to one hour to get ready... I smiled and left her sat on the couch..she also came to sit beside me but I held her hand made her to sit in my lap... She sat there... I was kissing her on her neck. Her chest her mangoes above the blouse...

Then she said let's go to bedroom. I said ok. We are in bedroom now.i lied on the bed she came after me. And kept her head on my shoulder. I was enquiring about her parents arrival and vise versa.. then I suddenly told in her ears that I want to remove your saree...she smiled for that and stood silent..I took it as an acceptance.

I slowly raised half removed the pin to her blouse to remove her pallu.... Then beautiful two mangoes were caged in a fabric cage. That was my dream to romance a beauty while being in saree....as I was interested in romance more than fucking... She had her eyes closed. I was looking at her face.... She is waiting for my movement..but I'm waiting for her to open.

The eyes... When she opened her eyes I suddenly took her lips in mine started sucking them. She was trembling like fish out of water.im enjoying every movement of her. Then she raised nd caught hold of my hairs pressed my lips into her started sucking them meanwhile I'm squeezing her beautiful mangoes, she was continuously calling my name..and she was moaning like

ummmmmm........ Ahhhhhhh..... I suddenly raised nd said that I'm going to make you nude I want to fuck you hard today. She said nothing but hummed to me... Then I raised her saree up...when I was raising her saree I was kissing her very slowly... I licking her lips like an ice cream... Now her saree is up to her waist line...

I can see her panty completely drenched with her love juice...I kissed on her panty and smelled it...slowly removed her panty nd started rubbing her pussy.. her pussy was sooo sticky... Then I widened her legs kept my mouth near her pussy.. she was looking at me nd I am looking at her... Then suddenly kept my mouth on her pussy nd started licking her pussy hole more vigorously...

She didn't expect that.... Nd moaning like hell....ahhhhhhh.......Arjunnnn......you are sooo nice romance.... You know how to make a girl cum. Come-on do it .... When she said do it. I stopped the play nd went to her lips... My right hand two fingers were in her pussy.. im chewing her lips nd finger fucking down there... She herself... Squeezing her own breasts.

Then I lied down on the bed she came upon me.... I asked her to give a blowjob.. she didn't said anything but started kissing me... I was slapping on her big ass. Then. She suddenly slides to my banana started shaking it..it was already rocking hard... She took my banana into her mouth started making to and fro motion.

I was building up my orgasm I stopped her nd took one condom packet in my pocket.nd showed it to her... She smiled. I told her the should I use it? She said yes.. then I opened the condom wore it... She was ready to the action... I put on the condom it was soo sticky I tried to insert my banana into her hole but I was not going it.

I tried so hard but she was complaining pain...then I got up and took parachute oil applied to my rod and her hole nd tried the penetration again. It went slowly.. initially I've started making slow movements, she too was making slow hissing sounds like haaaa,,......ssssssss.......ummmmmm mm...... Alane dengu raaa....slow www gaaaaa.....as soon as she said that fuck me very slowly like that...

I got my speed I fucked her like a rabbit... She was shocked by my sudden speed..nd moaning like hell... I was abusing her... I was saying that lanjaaaa....... Ela unde nen denguthunte....? She: lanja kodaka alane dengu ra.....em denguthunnav ra babu.... Haaa aaa......... Inka dengu alane dengu.......haaaa........haaaa aaa........hammmmaaaaaaa...... Swargam chupisthunav ra...

Nayalaaaaaaa...... Nannu Roju ilane dengu raaa...... Me...haaa denguthane.... Ninnu dengatanike nen puttindi.... Like this our conversation went when we are fucking.... She came twice wen I'm fucking her... And finally I too came in the condom. But still my banana is in her cherry... I was sleeping on her mangoes...she was caressing my hairs...

Now she was showing more love on me... And then we romanced for some more time... Then we had another session of fucking. Then we had bath together. After the bath she took charge on me after taking some rest... She said that she likes to fuck..like a cow girl.. I said ok to her.. she fucked me for 15 mins..then we were very tired.. and slept like that only at 2'O' clock...

Thats how our day ended in her home... I still have 2 days with her.. I had 10 sessions with her in that 3 days 8 with condoms and 2 with out condoms... I still want to write all my stories with her..but due to lack of time I'm giving it a end card..now she was not in touch with me.as I was staying in vizag and she was in vijayawada...

Anyways I'll call her once in October as her parents had plans to visit temples in that month...if I'm lucky she'll invite me. Any girls or unsatisfied aunties. Please feel free to post your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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Prince Fucking Narmita On Business Trip To Agra

Hello my all lovely friends. I am Prince from Delhi and work in a MNC company. I also work as a masseur individually. I use to roam in the parts of North like Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Sirsa and the enroute towns. I am 5’11 in height with 70 kg so you can imagine my body structure. By God’s grace my tool is sufficient enough to satisfy any girl or lady.

I am a regular reader of Human Digest and here I would like to share a true sex experience of mine in Agra around 2 month back. I went there for business trip and stayed at R. B. Hotel (5 star).

I checked in at around 2 pm and after placing my bag I took my swim wear and reached to swimming pool as I was exhausted. I changed my dress and wore my swimming costume. I took shower and then jumped in the pool. There were already 2 male and 3 female along with 3 kids and it was looking like they came together.

I started swimming at the other end and after few minutes I was relaxing inside the water. After few minutes I saw that all of them were going except one girl of around 23 years. And now I felt that she was not with them. She was very beautiful having milky white body and her figure must be 34 26 34.

Since she was in her swimming costume so I could easily imagine her figure when she came out of pool and lied on the pool side bed. Oops what a sight and I could not stop myself to stare at her without blinking.

Now I could feel that my animal was already become 9′ and I settled in the costume but very difficult to hide as all of you know that costume is very short and tight. I also came out and lied on the bed next to her. I gave a smile to her as I was wishing hello. I lit my cigarette and offered her Me- Cigerette?? Her- I have my own.

She took a Cigerette from her box and before she could get her lighter I took my lighter near her. Without any expression she lit her Cigerette with my lighter and said thanks. I said welcome and we started smoking. Then I started conversation Me- I thought you were with those people. Her- No! I was just enjoying with their kids. Me- Oh! I see. From which place? Her- Banglore and you.

Me- Delhi. Business trip? Her- No. Personal. Me- Alone. Her- Yes Me- A beautiful girl like you should not sight Taj alone (smile) Her- Smiled and said are you not coming with me to visit Taj. I kept quite for few seconds and then she said what happened. I said I am thinking if your making fun of me or asking me to come on date? She said very smart.

Now you are saying that if we go to visit Taj together it is a date. Then I replied No, I am trying to say if we can plan a date and same time we can visit Taj. She laughed loudly and said you are really smart man. I liked your style of proposing. Without any second I said so should I consider if our date has started or you need time to think. She said you are going very fast.

I said When I know that I am here only till tomorrow afternoon then I have to be fast as I don’t want to miss a single second. She said I will think. I said ok and stood up. While take a move I said I am in room no. 508 till tomorrow 10 am. She smiled and said I have not asked.

I moved from there and reached to my room. I was thinking of her and my mind said that she will not come. I thought it’s fine and gave a jerk to my tool for next 15 minutes while thinking of her. Now I ordered for snacks and opened my bottle and made my drink. I took my sip and my hotel phone rang. I put the receiver and said hello. From the other side someone said hi Narmita this side.

I said yes Mam as I thought she must be from the hotel. She said I am sure your offer was not limited to swimming pool. Now I realized that she was her. Oh my god! I controlled myself and said no rather now I need someone more as I don’t like drink alone. She said you are really very smart. Ok and hung the phone.

After 5 minutes my door bell ring and I opened the door. She was in a black color knee length dress. It was deep necked and her beautiful curves were clearly visible. I got sensation in my short. I asked her to come in and she came inside. She relaxed on sofa. I offered her drink which she took immediately. We said cheers and start drinking.

During our chat I came to know that she has recently broke up an she came here to relax herself. We took 3 drink slowly while discussing our life. Now we were having some impact of alcohol and I asked her so how many times you were physically involved with your ex. She said many times.

Now I saw that she was giving a bit naughty smile. She asked me how many girls??? I said three till date and blinked my one eye. She stood up and asked what next? I also stood up and moved to her and in her ear I whispered whatever you want darling. I heard a very soft moaning voice Mmmmm. I took her brown hairs in my hand and pull her face towards me.

We looked at each other’s eyes for few seconds and then I placed my lips on her lips. We started to smooch very slowly and softly. Gradually our intensity of smooch increased and now we started exploring each other mouth with our tongues and then one by one sucked her upper and lower lip and she also did the same. She was looking expert in smooch.

My hands were moving at her back while we were smooching and slowly I pulled her zip down from the back of her top. I removed her dress from her hands and now it fell down to floor. I was still rubbing her back and also pulling her bra strip. Now I separated her and looked at her body. She was a sex bomb in black bra and panty and there was not any mark on her body.

Her smell was making me horny. I removed my tshirt and short and came in my underwear. She looked at me and said nice body man. I said all yours my sweetheart. Then we came closer and smooched again. This time we were also exploring each other body. I kissed at her neck and she moaned hmm ahhhh ooomm.

Then I kissed at her upper part of breast. Now we laid down on bed and I started fondling her breast. I was sucking one boob while pressing other one. Her nipples were small and pink. Her boobs were very soft and both of her nipples were erected. I pinched her nipples and keep sucking them. I also bite them. She was enjoying and moaning a lot.

Her voice was getting louder and she was massaging my back. I went down and now I inserted my tongue in her navel and then licked her lower abdomen part. I was continuously pressing her boobs while licking her inner thighs. Now I spread her legs and with my hands I opened her both the pussy lips. Ummm.

I can’t tell you friends it was pink, very soft, sticky with its juice and very small hole. Now I could not hold myself and put my tongue on her pussy and sucked the clitoris part. She became horny and hold my hairs very tightly.

I inserted one finger inside her pussy and continued the clitoris sucking and my other hand was fondling her boobs very hardly. She could not resist and with loud noise she oozed out her sweet hole juice. I enjoyed its taste. I still wanted to suck her pussy so I came over her while my legs were at her face side so she can enjoy with my animal which was wild, long and thick now.

She did not waste any minute to remove my boxer and took my cock in her hand and got mad and said oops so big and beautiful. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She was sucking my cock like a sucking expert while I was fucking her pussy with my tongue. Both of us were in heaven and trying to satisfy our hunger of sex with love juice.

Then she said come on prince fuck me now. I can’t hold anymore. I turned and now came over her and placed my tip of cock at her small sweet hole. She was moaning and said come on insert it and fuck me. I pushed my dick inside her and she screamed Mmm. Then I pushed again and my half part was inside her.

I pushed again it harder and the entire 9′ was inside her. She said it’s very thick man and moaned Ahhhhh. I started slowly and then I increased my pace and with every stroke she was making noise Ahhhh, ohhhhh, Yesssss, Oh Yeahhhh, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck and I was continuously fucking her harder and harder.

After 10 minutes I asked her to come on her knees and I fucked her in doggy style and this time penetration was deep and she was making louder noise. OHHHH, YESSS, Comeon tear my pussy, ohhh. While fucking I was also slapping at her butts which she was enjoying a lot. Then I pulled her hair and Fucked her even more faster.

She screamed and also felt pain and said please leave me now I have already come 2 times but I continuously fucked her for next 20 minutes. Then with a heavy voice I came inside her and I unloaded my entire material in her pussy. I removed my cock and her pussy started leaking and mine and her cum was coming out of her pussy.

That night we had sex 4 times in different positions and enjoyed throughout the night. I am sure all pussies are wet now so don’t wait and ask me to satisfy you with absolute privacy. Please post your feedback in the comments below.

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Outstanding Sex With Interior Decorator Girl

My sincere thanks to readers for your time and wonderful feedback. I got many mails for my first sex story and happy to see such good response. Here we go with my second erotic encounter. If you feel story is lengthy please jump to para 5 where action will start.

One my friend’s is searching for interior decors and googled for it. He shortlisted few and we both visited one office on Saturday. In 2 mins one young good looking girl aged around 24 came infront of us and invited us with a handshake… Her hands are so soft like a baby…

She presented herself so nice. She took us to her desk and started showing catalogs as per our requirements meanwhile she is showing her previous assignments too which are quite impressive. While taking catalogs she was bending which gave me a glance of her yummy cleavage which she too noticed…

After 30miutes of discussion she took us to a modal room which has bed and wardrobes to show us lively view. While walking unexpectedly our shoulders rubbed against each other…Her skin is smooth like butter… We came back to her desk and after few mins of discussion we told her we will get back to you in 3 days.. She was bit unhappy and took both of our details.

She called my friend after 3 days to enquire about our decision… My friend gave phone to me for negotiating over price. I told her it’s v good and we are impressed too but it’s out of our budget.. She tried to convince me and at last she gave more discount than what she offered. I said I will let you know in 2 days and cut the call.

As my friend is asking for my suggestions every time she understood that I am deciding factor to close the deal so she called me directly on Friday to enquire about our decision. I came to know from her words that this deal is crucial for her as she has targets to reach. So I thought of negotiating more to get more discount.

At last she asked me to come to her office on Saturday to discuss and finalize the things. As I couldn’t visit her office on Saturday I told her I will come on Sunday. She said Sunday is holiday and asked me to come on Monday. On Saturday evening she again called me and asked to come on Sunday as she is coming to office upon her boss request to collect a cheque from customer.

I told her that I will come by 11.30 and cut the call. Para 5 I visited her office on Sunday around 11.10. The whole office is empty except we both. She welcomed me. She was in jeans and low neck t-shirts which fits her body perfectly and elevating her beauty. I was staring at her and admiring her beauty… We went to her desk and she asked me to close the deal.

As she already lost 3 assignments this has became critical for her. She requested me to somehow close the deal. As I said it’s beyond budget, she said let us close this deal in a win win situation. I asked what was it. She told me to convince my friend to close this deal and in return I can have fun with her. I was shocked by hearing that and told are you mad.

After few sec gap she put her hand over mine and said I observed you staring at me many times so let us win together. I thought for a min and called my friend and convinced him for this deal after talking 10 mins. He got convinced and accepted. I see a huge smile of relief on her face and thanked me… I asked her about my return gift.

She smiled and said sure sir I will give it right away and walked to main door and closed the door. She came towards me and took me to modal room. She came close to me and I put my hands around her waist and pulled her closer to me. We started smooching each other she responded well.. I slowly unbuttoned her jeans and put my hands inside her pant.

I am caressing her butts and slowly started to squeeze them.. She let a soft moan and put her hands around my neck and stood on toes and started smooching wild…I completely pushed her on me and her soft boobs are crushing against my chest.. My dick has become rock hard and poking her flat tummy.. I slowly undressed her and myself too.

She is really amazing with 32 30 32 figure…We both are naked breathing heavily. I slowly pushed her towards the wall and sat on my knees. I started kissing her thighs and rolling my hands over her tummy, waist and squeezing her boobs simultaneously… She is moaning sweetly.

I slowly parted her legs and reached slight hairy pussy… She maintains herself very clean. By my sensual moves she became so wet and I slowly lifted her one leg and put it on my shoulder… Got clear view of her pink pussy and started tickling her pussy walls with my lips by making circular motions and tapping in between… She is really going wild.

A wild thought hit my mind and I slowly lifted her another leg and made her to sit on my shoulders. I put both my hands under her butts and lifted her up very slowly and carefully…Wow what an amazing view it is she is sitting on my shoulders at 6 feet ht in air supporting wall and my face is buried in her pussy… Even I gone crazy and started eating her pussy.

Her moans turned out to go wild and started shouting crazy…I ate her pussy for almost 15 mins and with extreme pleasure she started blabbering… She had strong and heavy orgasm. I carefully put her down on floor… All her juices are flowing over her thighs and down the legs.. She hugged me v tight for few mins and whispered she had v good orgasm and thanked me.

She went to rest room and cleaned herself. I was lying on bed with my erected dick. She came back and took my cock in her hand and started caressing it and took into her mouth. She pulled my foreskin and started circling her tongue around the pink tip of my cock.. I was going mad and couldn’t control myself.

I hold her head and pushed her so that my whole cock entered her mouth. She started sucking soo well she sucked for almost 15 mins.. I said I was about to cum. She made me to stand and she sat at the corner of bed. She quickly took my cock between her 32 boobs and holding her boobs in both hands she started rubbing her boobs in up and down motion with my cock in between them.

After few sec huge load of cum spilled all over her boobs and nose… She said too much of stock… We both laughed and cleaned ourselves..It is 1.30 pm I went and got lunch for both of us and packet of condoms too.. We had biryani and resting in sofa and watching tv. I started playing with her boobs and hair and she started rubbing my cock…

I became hard again I took her to her desk and made her lye on the table..I opened her legs and started teasing her pussy by tapping it with my rock hard dick while my other hand was busy in squeezing her boobs… I slowly pulled her to the corner of the table and inserted my dick in her pussy in one go…

Because of much lubrication I entered completely inside her and she shouted… I slowly started banging her little cute pussy… She lifted her head and started looking down her pussy while I am busy smashing it hard. Another wild thought came to my mind and I made her sit on the corner of the table.

I lifted her legs and put my both hands under her thighs and asked her to hold me tight by wrapping her hands around my neck…I slowly entered my dick in her pussy and positioned it properly. Now I lifted her up in air… She is sitting on my hands by wrapping her legs around my waist and hands around my neck.

I slowly started thrusting her pussy and she applied little bit opposite force… What a fucking position it is … She started laughing at my different positions and enjoying too.. I fucked her for few mins and took her to modal room… I made her to sleep on bed and fucked her in missionary position… We fucked for 20 mins and collapsed on bed…

After 45 mins we had one hornier round on sofa. I made her to kneel on sofa and entered in doggy style.. I fucked there for some time and I brought her boss big revolving chair. I made her sleep on that by lifting her legs up. I pushed the chair against wall so that it will not move.

Then I started ramming her pussy and we both started sweating..She started shouting please fuck me hard don’t stop please go ahead…… After some hard work I once again cummed… In the whole process she cummed for 5 times… After that we got fresh up and left office around 4.30.

Next day I took my friend and closed the deal for which she was happy.. But till the time I was in office the fucking frames are passing across my eyes… I am sorry if you feel it’s a lengthy story… But please bare with me friends… I hope you enjoyed another horny story… Awaiting your feedback in the comments below…

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Raju Enjoying Sex As Service Charge

Women though they appear to be calm and modest, she cannot tolerate her sexual hunger and when in her bedroom she turns into a tigress to satisfy her thirst. All her modesty vanishes. According to their body chemistry, some women get easily satisfied and after begetting two or three children, their hunger for sex vanishes. But some with itchy cunts are just the opposite.

Their urge for sex remains and go on increasing till their middle age. Their libido does not quench so easily. If her man is inadequate, they start to look around to get their quota of satisfaction. I had come across all this kinds of women in my life, mostly from my own close relationship.

I am Raju(name changed) 27 with good physique, I was working in a firm servicing washing machine and hence I get frequent calls from ladies saying that their washing machine is not working and to come immediately and set it right.

Usually when they can the time would be 11 am, their husbands would have gone to office and their children would have gone to their schools/colleges, unless there is a bandh. Usually the ladies are alone and in their nighties before taking bath. The washing machine are kept in the working area beyond the kitchen.

By the time you reach the work area, you get a idea of the geography of the place. I look at the lady and if she is young around late 20 or early 30s. I call her to help me to lift the washing machine and to bring down from the stand. I know she has overloaded the machine and that is why ii is not working. But I do not want to make it appear to be so simple.

I ask about her husband and children. All in the form of formal chat just for familiarizing with the customer. She too asks my marital status and etc. In the meantime I make the machine lie on flat by its one side. In the meantime I remove all the clothes from the machine and fill a bucket. I remove some part from inside and replace it.

When the machine is empty I make it run and it runs smoothly. I stop it and take the wet clothes one by one from the bucket and put it inside the machine. When it is her under garment, I take a closer look and put it in. I reduce load and start the machine and lo, it is working. There is a smile on her face. I tell her that she is so beautiful that if she calls two times a day I will come.

Sometime she answers you are also hand some. I ask her for a cup of tea, in the meantime I prepare a service bill, give to her and and take payment. When she brings the tea, I manage to touch her hands and then ask her her bedroom. She shows me the bedroom and ask her her bathroom, she will take me upto the bathroom.

I may ask her to come with me so that I may plant a kiss on her cheeks. Sometimes, they oblige and accept my kiss as a compliments. sometime, they say no, no, no kiss. Collecting Rs.500 service charges I may leave to go to the next house.Life is enjoyable.

Some lady had allowed me to take rest in her bed room for half an hour, some offered me nice fish curry rice towards lunch. We may get unexpected adventures during our professional calls.

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Horny Man Enjoying Hot Sex In Barn

Women are modest when it comes to the question of sex, they are beasts when their own demands are not met. They to any extreme to have full satisfaction. Once in the bed they dont mind if it were brother they have indulge in sex, or cousin or any close relative, they may cheat her husband once I saw my friend and classmate married to an agriculturist and working in a paddy field.

I sent communication that I want to fuck her immediately. she came to their cattle barn and we hit in the heeps of hay, there was nobody to notice or watch, her husband was in deep sleep at home, we had our sex in the heeps of had totally unmindful of the outside world.

Once, twice and thrice we finished and fully satisfied, I did not know when I will meet her next, we got separated and I went my way, with tears in my eyes. I very much wanted to marry her, but because we belonged to two different communities we cannot do.

We were together in the school days and in college days also, But before anything could be thought of she got married and went away to Dubai. All my plans were shattered. I took to some touring business and then working in hotel industry. My days and years went on and on.

After five years having earned enough she and her husband came back home invested in an agricultural land and and started their work. Their calculation was that they may earn more than what they earned in Dubai. They had some cattle and they yielded to supplement their income. I though she may be happy and not to disturb their life.

But when I men her she said she is not happy and waned to meet me urgently. She was not sexually satisfied. She was not willing discuss in detail Thus I happened to her barn to fuck her. She was as tight as a virgin. Without any inhibition we fucked. She kissed me lavishly. I told her I want to go away. She said no dont go away, come here often and let us fuck.

My husband does not fuck me. He simply cannot. I cannot abandon him and go after somebody. He trusts me so much I have go to be with him. If you can satisfy my minor sexual needs I am quite happy I asked her whether I can come and get introduced to him. Not now. Now be as you are come daily do your duty and go. I left to the fate and went around our routine.

After some days one day, suddenly the husband came to the cattle shed, we did not know. We went around and saw unusual activity in the barn. He came closer and recognized who the players are. Without uttering a word he coolly went away. There is question of hiding it. But how to tell him. She was in terrible dilemma. We sat and thought over for some time.

In the meantime we could hear his voice calling her. She sprang up and gave reply to his call. She had to go to him. I asked what should I do. She said wait. She went in and they were talking in the normal tone. Her voice was not that of submissiveness. I could not get details of their conversation. After some time he called me or sent word through her to go to him.

I was embarrassed. I went to him with my head bowed. He said please sit down. She tell me that you studied together and were together before marriage. My marrying her upset your plans. I say why dont you stay with us. We all will keep our minds open. Be among us. Let us get along. Tears started to run down my eyes.

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